Cops by LB Anderson

DISCLAIMER: X&G’s look a likes are not mine. I’m just playing with them. They belong to RenPic (MCA). However, I did make up their names and…the rest of the characters BELONG TO ME. No copyright infringements are intended. If you are not big enough to read this (18 or older) and you are offended by girly play then, DON’T STOP HERE! THIS ISN’T 4U. Try General Fan Fiction.

SUMMARY: This is a story of two female cops that have been partners for nearly four years. During this time they have developed a relationship that bonds them closer than sisters and standing on the brink of lovers. However, life views and past incidents keeps them from being true to themselves as well as each other. In an attempt, to help the couple realize their true feelings, their Captain assign them to an unusual murder case. Will the Captain’s persistence along with curious family members and co-workers be able to bring about the love that they have seen in each of their eyes? Curious…



by L.B. Anderson


Both women pulled back on the loading chambers of their guns before checking the alignment once more prior to replacing them back into their holsters and going over their plan again.

“Okay…So today I’m the good cop and you’re the bad one, right?” The shorter of the partner’s asked. She was known for her ability to persuade a criminal to give up with nothing more than a speech in the format of one a mother would give. She stood about 5’6″. She had sparkling green eyes, blonde hair and a Barbie doll figure dipped in smelting iron. Meaning, she was fine as hell and definitely firm all around.

“That’s right…Like always I get to slap ’em around and make them call my name while you extract the information from them.” The tallest of the couple said while looking up from under her eyebrows and giving her little doting partner a wicked smile.

She unlike the smaller of the two, stood nearly six feet tall. She had cold black hair, sparkling blue eyes, a gleaming smile (that is for only those that was fortunate enough to see it), and the body of a Roman Goddess. Though she was supple to the sight she definitely was a bite of steel, and certainly one, a person wouldn’t want to contend with. The girl was bad. Her name, Inspector Xinnora Hammer. And…her partner, Inspector Gabryon Shavers…Xinn and Gabe for short.

Their mission was to apprehend a supposedly purse clipper by day and con artist at night that. During the night he usually targeted rich lonely women in bars. And during the day he robbed old women. They were easy pickings.

“Why don’t we take a ride partner?” The taller of the two suggested with a smile while snatching her partner over to her in a vice grip and holstering her weapon.

“Wow Xinn, now how can I resist your irresistible charm?” The smaller one chirped while slipping her left arm under her partner’s leather coat and around her waist.

“Ya can’t, ba-bay,” Xinn returned with a roll of her tongue.

“Oh no guys,” one of the pair’s rival investigators shouted as the pair walked arm and arm into the roomy admin area.

“Look…it’s Cagney and Lacy. Everyone give the dynamic duo a hand.” She mocked tauntingly, while standing and looking over the room clapping her hands.

Like in all police stations there are rivalry allies…and Xinn and Gabe were no different. Rachel and Amber were always pestering the pair. Hell, they even spread a rumor about them being lovers, which came hard for Xinn to explain to her stepmother who wondered how in the hell that came to be. At least, without her knowing it.

Rachel was about Xinn’s height. She had blonde hair, hazel eyes and a body that could make a person bid their weekly earnings on. Amber, was about Gabe’s height, honeyed brown skin, wet cocoa brown eyes, swaying eyelashes, ace symmetric hair cut, petite medium built frame and pleasant disposition. She could almost be considered a tanned counterpart to Gabe because of their understanding nature. She however was her partner’s sidekick. Teasing Xinn and Gabe made her day as well.

“Oh my gosh,” she said bringing her hands up in wonder before laying them gently against her cheeks. She then tilted her head, moved her cupped trembling hands from her cheeks to her chest and panted.

“I’m…y’alls…biggest fan.” Everyone in the room went over the edge with laughter. It was the facial expression that led the crowd over. The brown beauty face was so distorted in painful admiration that people were beginning to think she was holding back a serious bathroom run.

“Leave me you wench.” Gabe spat in a superior scoff while waving her hand in a sweeping gesture upon the still air. “I have no use for you OR your large Angelica doll.”

“Yeah…” Rachel rumbled. “I got something large for ya alright.” She then yanked open her jacket, revealing her shield and piece, and gave her left tit a squeeze while suggestively running her tongue over her perfect teeth.

“Rachel…” Xinn said gathering her things while preparing to leave.

“There’s no need to play with yourself out in public. We’ve all known for quite some time now that you like playing with yourself.”

“You know Xinn…You always have to have the last word.” Rachel said reaching back and rolling her chair up to her to desk.

“Especially, when it come to that little blonde at your side. She must be really whacking that ass.”

Xinn brought her strides to a halt right before exiting the room and turned around to look at the still talking woman. Rachel continued to jive and joke with Amber totally unaware about the wrath that was about to befall her. Xinn stood staring at the back of the woman’s head just pondering what her next action should be or should she retaliate at all.

“Let’s go Xinn.” Gabe said softly while giving her arm a slight yank.

“We have a thief to catch.”

Xinn looked down into her partner’s nonresistant gaze and after a few seconds gave her a nod. But Xinn was far from through with the gee-chy and Gabe knew it from the far away look in her eyes.

“You know Gabe, I can’t figure out for the life of me why she continues to taunt us with this Lesbian shit. Doesn’t it bother you that she’s calling you a dyke?” Xinn asked as they both slid into the car and buckled their seat belts.

Gabe didn’t say anything. Instead, she just looked up into her friends slightly angered eyes and shook her head.

“Rachel just does that because she knows it pisses you off. We are both presently in relationships with men and the hussy knows that. She’s just yanking your chain. If you stop playing with her she’ll loose her appetite for pestering us. Besides, didn’t you know that most of the female public servants in a capacity such as ours are considered lesbians any way?”

“Yeah…but doesn’t that piss you off?” Xinn asked curiously.

“Actually…no. If I did like girls, I definitely wouldn’t mind it being you. You are one fine dark witch.” Gabe said allowing her eyes to run over her partner’s long leather trench coat before looking in her eyes once more and crinkling her nose.

Xinn found herself smiling despite the uncomfortable situation. Gabryon was surely an attractive woman but Xinn never thought of her as a lover. At least not prior to the stigma that was attached to them and their new assignments with the department. However, she had noticed how comfortable and free spirited she felt around Gabe. Yeah…friends feel like that with one another, but Xinn couldn’t deny that Gabe made her feel totally different from what she’s ever felt any of her other girlfriends.

Gabe was funny, creative, understanding, loyal, patient and good looking…lord was she good looking. Xinn didn’t know if it was her personality or the way she carried herself, but whatever it was the lieutenant was hooked on it like a favorite fragrance.

“Does it bother you that they poke fun of us like that?” Gabe asked while giving her partner a smug look and adjusting her seat to lay back.

Xinn thought about the question for a while, not quite sure how to answer that. She was certainly attracted to Gabe, but she didn’t know if Gabe found her attractive, chiefly in that way.

“Well…I guess it doesn’t matter. It just infuriates me that she does that. Knowing that neither of us have ever been with a woman.”

“Hmmm.” Gabe groaned.

“Do you not think I’m good looking?” She popped just as Xinn looked over at her to notice the mimicking raised eyebrow expression she was famous for giving. She couldn’t keep from laughing.

“Why of course I think you are attracted, my nipples are hardening as I speak.” Xinn returned jokingly while gazing out the side of her eyes at her friend.

Gabe practically rolled out her tilted seat laughing. Once she settled down and composed her self she looked over at partner of three years now and gave her an air smooch.

“Now that’s what I like to hear. I don’t even have to touch ya to make ya mine.” She then closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before snuggling further back against the seat.

“So where are we headed?” Gabe asked while shifting onto her side away from her partner and facing the window.

“I thought maybe we’d take a stroll around the park for a couple of hours. Then we’ll head over to Big Momma’s and find out when Roxanne is throwing the party for her.”

“Oh no…not the park. I don’t know why you want to go to that park. They surely think we are a couple there. Every time we walk past Bob’s refreshment stand he always hisses for you to buy your little lady an ice cream. Arrggghh! He knows that chaps my hide.” Gabe spat sitting up abruptly in her seat.

“Hahahahaha…now tell me who’s in a tiff now. And you know something Gabe, he knows it crawls your back, that is exactly why he does it.” Xinn said with a smile.

“Yeah, but you make it worst by looking me up and down and saying,” Gabe started while sitting up again in the seat and mimicking her partner’s poise of pride while throwing back her jacket.

“Well, you know Bob…she has really been a good girl to me today.” Gabe mocked while rocking her head up and down and putting her hands on her hips.

“So, why don’t you fix her up with whatever she wants.”

“Aw, now Gabe you know you enjoy that as well. Because, after you pout for a few seconds and I pull out the money, you practically rush the cart to pick out the flavors that you want. So don’t act as if you are not a willing partner in the play.” Xinn stated as she swirl sharply around in front of the slow oncoming traffic putting them right at the old man’s cart that Gabe just finished complaining about.

Gabe slowly turned and scowled at her smirking partner before lowering her head to straightened her clothing and getting out.


Xinn laid her head on the steering wheel of the car and chuckled to herself before joining her little juvenile acting partner.



“HAY! Look’ah here at what I got?” the little malt stand attendant sung while giving the pair his most toothless smile.

“W’at’cha g’wonna buy yo gal tah-day Officer Ham-mah?” He asked, looking directly over at Gabe.

“You know what old man…” Gabe growled before snatching her jacket open and reaching inside. Like a bolt of lightning Xinn was on her. Holding both her arms tightly to her body from behind.

“I am not her girlfriend.” Gabe paused for a minute and thought about what she said before retracting what she did just say.

“Okay…well…yeah, I am her girlfriend. Her best friend to be exact. But I ain’t her woman. And if you say that again, in front of anybody out side of us, I am going to shoot your old ass in the foot.”


“And…stop calling me that, Xinn. Do you want people to think I’m fucking you?”

“Why don’t we just head over to that bench right across the way and give you some cool off time…Shall we?” Xinn said, roughly whirling her partner around so that she could view the piercing gaze she was issuing. She then released the hold that she had on her friend’s shoulders and permitted her to take the lead to their seat.

Once seated, Gabe gazed back at the old man whom was now winking at her and wagging his tongue at her very suggestively.

“That little dirty ass bastard.” Gabe said reaching in again to pull her gun out.

“BOB!” Xinn screamed.

“Knock that shit off, before I let her go.”

Bob snorted and licked his tongue out one more time before directing his attention to his approaching customers.

The pair sat quietly for a while. Neither of them saying a word but instead engulfed in their thoughts and the possibilities of them actually being lovers. It was frightening yet at the same time, secretively intriguing for both women.

“So what was all that about. Wasn’t it just you back there that said It didn’t matter if people thought that of us?”

“You know Xinn, she only does that because she knows it irritates you?” Officer hammer repeated in a jeering tone while snatching her jacket closed with alternate jerks to each side.

“Now you can understand why it pissed me off?” Xinn huffed.

Gabe didn’t say a word. Instead, she glanced over at her pretending partner and asked her when was she going to buy her, her ice cream.

“No…No, you did not. Not after you just threaten to kill the old man.” Xinn urged in disbelief.

“Hay…I didn’t say I was going to kill him. I just said I was going to shoot him.”

“Well, what difference does it make. If you shoot someone as old as him, his ass is going to die any way.” Xinn spat as both girls sit glaring competitively into each other’s eyes.

“HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME! PLEASE, HE’S TAKEN MY PURSE!” An elderly lady shrieked as her arms flayed up, around and all about the air.

Both women quickly gaze up and with the sight of a bald eagle immediately spied the perpetrator. Like volts surging from a newly purchased battery each woman lit out after him. The pursuit ranged from leaping over bushes to jumping over wandering children.

Neither woman suspected that the chase would last no longer than a few minutes. However, their slick daddy willie was faster and smarter than they projected. Soon they were out on the street yelling and screaming for the partons to get out of the way, while at the same time keeping an eye on their purse hustler.

The purse snatcher was nervous. Not only was her being chase by the police, but they were both women. He recalled a male interrogator confessing to him, that if he believed he was the devil then he certainly better look out for the Female Cops. If there ever, was anyone that could scorch Satan on the ass, it would be his wife.

Meaning…that if anyone was more intimidating than he was during an interrogation it would be female cops. He told the runner that he remembered a couple of female cops entering the questioning room with a walking suspect, but when he came out he was on a stretcher. And where his legs use to be were mere stumps now. This inspired the purse snatcher to run harder.

His breathing became labored as he darted into a car washing parking lot.

“OH…SHIT!” Gabe shouted while panting for breath.


“Yeah…” Xinn puffed. “And there is where we are going to get his ass.”

The offender’s manner was frantic now. Not only did the women have a determined look on their faces, but also, they were still on his ass.

“SHIIIIITTTT!” He screamed just as he turned his face back around into the direction his feet were going. Unable to stop at the speed he was maintaining without seriously pulling a groin muscle, he ran straight up into the showers of the carwash.

“Arrrggghhhh! What…a fuck head.” Gabe gasped as both officers ran right straight up to the entrance of the shower in full force. Just as Gabe darted inside Xinn brought her pursuit to an abrupt halt.

Gabe grumbled after pausing briefly to look back at her waving partner.

“Aw…that dirty skank is going to pay for that.” Just then the cold sprinklers came on and drenched her.

Xinn couldn’t hold back the laughter. As soon as she broke into a hearty chuckle she instinctively brought her hand up to muffle it’s humorous echo. She knew that Gabe was not going to be happy when she emerged from her watery grave. Xinn dispensed of the laughter and quickly positioned herself between the entrance and the exit of the automated car wash.

It didn’t take two minutes before the runner appeared at the exit with the most horrifying expression Xinn had ever seen on a prisoner’s face.

“I AM GOING TO KICK YOU IN YOUR ASS SO FUCKING HARD THAT YOUR MOMMA IS GOING TO SAY OUCH…YOU PURSE SNATCHING PUNK. OWWWWCH.” Gabe screeched right before running through the already activated wax session.

The guy was horrified. He stumbled and tumbled several times while trying to get to his feet while watching his back at the same time. While he was busying doing that, Xinn was preparing her self for the take down. At least that was what she was thinking before she saw her twirling acrobat of a partner exited the wash executing a series of back springs.

The purse thief squealed like a pig as he struggled to his feet. The moment he regained his footing was when Gabe rappelled up into the air, tucked her body and did a few rolls before planting her firm thighs down on each side of his head causing his legs to buckle. She then clunked him in the head with the butt of her pistol and shouted, “don’t choo ever make me chase you as long as you live. Do you hear me…you fucking punk.” The offender fell to the ground like a crashing domino.

Gabe took several cleansing breaths before roughly regaining her height and instructed her partner to read him his rights. She was so drenched that the water was dripping off her in puddles. The guy panted and gasped for air as the water ran abundantly down her pant’s legs upon him.

Xinn was about to pass out from laughter. And for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why…oh why did she look into those blistering angered eyes before going into their usual arrest procedure. She couldn’t take it. She swiftly turned away from her drenched partner and stumped her feet a couple of times while clinching her lips tightly closed.

“Xinn, the quicker you steady your epileptic seizure of laughter. The quicker I can take…Na-uh…don’t choo move Senor. I’m liable to shoot you and have my partner there lie and say it was self defense.” Gabe said while looking down at her previously squirming partner with a tilted head.

“Besides you made me fuck up my clothes. You must know I don’t like your ass right now.” Xinn went into a series of muffled laughter again.

After taking a few cleansing breaths Xinn turned back around rocking her head in total agreement of what her partner just said. As she looked once more at Gabe she fought back the rising laughter so that they could get down to business. Besides, Momma and the girls would love to hear this story today.

“You have the right to…uh.”

“Remain silent,” Gabe injected.

“Yeah…Oh yeah,” Xinn said right before wiping a health snort from her nostrils.

“Well skank, in between your laughter and shit, maybe you can get the rest of this banger’s rights out while I go back in to dry my hair.

Xinn grabbed her stomach and closed her eyes. The sight of watching her sloshing friend hobble back into the exiting end of the washing cycle was too hilarious.

Meanwhile, as she getting off on her partner’s unfortunate position, the purse snatcher was crawling to his feet. Little did he know, but officer Xinn had immaculate hearing.

“If you move another inch,” She said opening her eyes to permit the thief to examine the poisoned glare in her darkening eyes.

“I will shoot’cho ass in both your fucking knee caps.”

She then quickly moved over to the criminal and shoved his face back to the pavement while handcuffing him.

“Hay…what kind of cops are you. All you and that green eyed demon back there have done is threaten me. READ ME MY RIGHTS AND GET ME A LAWYER.” The thief shouted as she hauled him over to the car.

“Aw,” she purred. But even the purse snatcher could feel the life gripping chill in that supposedly sexy tone.

“Ouch…those cuffs are too tight. Unhand me…HELP…SOMEBODY HELP ME. THIS WOMAN HAS THREATHEN TO KILL ME.” He screamed toward the attendants of the car wash.

Xinn shoved him up against a waiting car and threw back her jacket to reveal her badge. The would be protesters quickly regained their spectator’s mode as her magnetic piercing gaze moved from one set of eyes to another.

“Wow,” Gabe said coming out of the dryer area looking very dapper and dry.

“Now that’s a car. W’at’ll ya say we use this to take him back to the station?” She asked with pleading eyes.

Xinn leaned back while her left hand held the criminal’s face pinned against the hood of the car and took a look at their new ride. She then looked over at her partner with granting eyes and lifted her left eyebrow in approval.

Gabe smiled and went to work on the crowd. By the time she was through she not only had the keys to the pitch black Mercedes, but everyone else’s keys too. Hell, the people that washed the cars were giving her their keys. Though she had no need for all of them, she did however keep the keys to the Mercedes.

“W’at in the hell did you tell those people?” Xinn asked while watching the people shout good-bye to her partner.

Gabe walked up to the car jiggling the keys with her head down. As she stepped up to the car she finally raised her head to look at her partner.

“I told them that I was having lunch with my grandmother and while we were in the restaurant she’d left her scarf inside and asked me to go back in and get it for her.”


“And…I told them as soon as I turn to go get it, this JERK came by and snatched my feeble old grandmother’s purse.”

“So…where did I come in at.” Xinn asked shoving a reluctant criminal into the back seat after banging his head a few times for good measure.

“I told them you were my partner and you were responsible from bringing Mee Maw to the restaurant since you didn’t have to come into work until the afternoon.”

“Partner…and they bought that huh?”

“Yeah…because they assumed that you were my PARTNER, partner.” Gabe said with a chuckle while skipping around to the driver’s side of the car. Xinn stood outside of the passenger side still confused about her partner’s last statement.

<What did she mean about PARTNER, partner?> She whispered while easing into the Mercedes they just hocked from the nerdy looking lawyer who was giving Xinn a ridiculous grin while waving good-bye to her.

“W’at do you mean by that…Partner, partner?” Xinn asked reaching for the seat belt.

“Are you that big of a Jock you mindless cop abuser.” The back seat passenger said with a funky snort.

“That trick on the other side of you Just told that crowd that you were her love toy…dumb Rock.” He muttered turning his head to look out the window.

Before he could take another breath Xinn had jumped up to her knees in the seat, grabbed a hand full of his hair and slammed him face squarely against the window.

“Did you hear A&B here,” she said waving her finger back and forth from her and Gabe, “Ask for a “C,” note?”

“I am going to…” BANG! Went the retaliating criminal’s head against the window again.

“Now would you like for me to repeat the question.” Xinn asked leaning a tad over the seat so that the offender could see her dangerous glare.


“Good…now sit back and be a good boy. If you do that I may even have the coroner take a look at that broken nose you got while resisting arrest.”

The criminal’s mouth fell open in shock but he dare not speak. Xinn slid back down into the seat, straighten her jacket and took a couple of deep breaths. She then calmly looked over at Gabe and said, “Is what he says is true? Those people thought I was your lover.”

Gabe pulled up to the red light and looked away from her partner and slightly shook her head in an acknowledging manner.

“Aw…that’s just great. Miss it doesn’t matter. Now people think we are misfits of nature.”

“You…” the prisoner started but quickly decided to hold his tongue after gazing into Xinn’s warning eyes.

“Lighten up Ba-bay.” Gabe said with smooching lips. Xinn couldn’t keep from chuckling. If there was anything that she adored about her partner, it was that. Gabe had the ability to make her smile even when she was at her lowest or…in this case seriously puzzled.

The entire station rejoiced as the pair made their way inside and over to their desk, and no doubt, with the prisoner they had been chasing for nearly three weeks now.

“Oh my Gosh,” Amber panted leaping from her chair with playful admiration on her face.

“They’ve returned…and with Jeraldo, the harden purse snatcher by day and at night, the infamous pocket pimp.”

Her head jerked about in scornful pride as she poked fun of the legendary pair. Sparking rounds of laughter from their comrades all over again. Whatever case they were assigned you can bet a full check that they will come up with the violator. It was as if the fates of ancient times had poured the characteristics of ancient warriors into their luscious bodies. They were an unbeatable pair and perfectly matched.

“Beat it…rift,” Gabe growled while shoving Amber back a tad.

“You’ve left the rest of your raft over there.” Gabe pointed before taking her seat.

“HAY,” Amber screamed. “I’m a citizen…aren’t you suppose to be kissing my ass or kneeling at my feet.” She chirped playfully while turning her full backside around and giving it a pat.

“Amber…drag that trunk of Junk back over to your desk and leave Rhin and Stympy alone. They have loads of paper work to do.” The Captain shouted from her office. She didn’t even bother to look up. She already knew who was badgering the pair. It was almost like chastising kids when it came to her department. They were always pestering each other.

After finishing up their paper work, fingerprinting, and formally booking their prisoner the pair decided to call it a day.

“You know Roxanne is expecting us down at the club.” Gabe stated grabbing her coat on the way out.

“Yep, it’s miller time.” Xinn stated pushing both their chairs up.

“Wellll…alright then, you read my mind partner.” Gabe said not even bothering to look around at her trailing co-worker.

They pulled up outside of the club in their still borrowed Mercedes.

“When do you think we should return the car?” Gabe asked while caressing the finely engineered steering wheel.

Xinn watched her partner’s fingertips dance across the outer ridge of the steering wheel and wondered how would it feel to receive the same strokes all over her body. She then shook her head to steady her thoughts before returning, “We’ll do it in the morning. I rather like how you finger that wheel.” She retorted with a mischievous smirk.

“Aw…be nice to me now. I may even give you a back rub after we leave here with the same finesse.” Gabe popped reaching for the door handle.

“Damn cuz, where did y’all hock the car at. That is a bad MF.” Xinn’s adopted sister said swiftly moving around the car and caressing it from time to time.

Roxanne couldn’t be considered anything else but an adopted sister. Her and Xinn didn’t favor at all. They stood about the same height, but no one could picture them being real sister. However, their closeness couldn’t be mistaken for anything less.

Roxanne was nearly six feet tall. She had creamy buttered skin, smoky brown eyes, her hair was cut into a high and tight and her body was a spitting likeness to Naomi Campbell’s.

“We picked it up on a bust.” Xinn stated while observing her otherwise enthrall partner saunter over to some more of their friends.

“Damn Xinn…I swear Gabe is getting finer by the minute. Why haven’t you hit that yet?” Roxanne inquired while coming along her adopted sister side and wrapping her arms around her shoulder.

“Anne, you know I’m not gay.”

“Aw…yeah that’s right, you don’t find Gabe attractive. You prefer a behemoth’s touch. So how is that weak boyfriend of yours anyway.” She said walking away.

“Who only comes in town to fuck ya. I bet that’s how you like it, isn’t it.” She spat bitterly before catching up to Gabe and wrapping her long golden arms around her waist and pulling her close.

Xinn swiftly moved over to the group and skillfully maneuvered herself up between Gabe and Roxanne.

“You don’t find her attractive, but you don’t have any problem snatch blocking others from having fun with her…do you.” Roxanne whispered softly enough, where only her and Xinn could hear it.

Xinn bobbed her head mainly out of routine before taking her partner’s hand and leading her into the club past their admirers.

“There goes my baby,” Big momma shouted from behind the bar. Xinn immediately began to smile.

Big Momma and Xinn’s real mother combined their money together after winning two separate lotteries and bought the night club/pool hall that they stood in now. Big Momma was Roxanne’s real mother. They both had compatible skin tone but Myrian (Big Momma) was much shorter and heavier in statue. She had starry brown eyes, a baby doll face and a cheery disposition. Xinn could count the times on a single hand as to when Big Momma wasn’t pleased with something.

Xinn’s mother was shorter in statue too, but was slightly taller than big momma. She has blonde hair, brown eyes, and not a bad figure for a mother. Xinn never speaks of her because they parted on rather unsatisfactory terms. After Xinn’s father’s death her mother’s only companion was big momma.

Yet after several years of being alone Cy thought it was about time that she get back into the game of life. It didn’t take long after that for someone to swoop in and capture her heart.

Xinn couldn’t imagine her mother wanting to share her life with any one outside of their adoptive family when she reached her late teens. So, her mother spent days upon days trying to explain to Xinn that she needed more.

After drilling that fact in her daughter’s head Xinn finally accepted it. However what she didn’t willingly accept was when Cy came into the club one night with her female lover.

The mother daughter relationship quickly dwindled from there. At first Xinn just resolved to not speaking to her mother or her lover…and then finally she totally withdrew altogether.

Cy was devastated. And through it all her lover stayed right at her side, comforting her and patiently waiting for Cy to realize that she couldn’t live her life according to her daughter’s wishes but of her own.

Cy’s attempts to join with her daughter failed. Xinn went to the police academy at the ripe age of eighteen, got her own place and broke off all contact to anyone she considered her family.

It hurt too much to know that out of all the men in the world her mother had to select a woman to be the one she desire to close this life with. What Xinn also neglected to see was how happy her mother was.

To this very day Cy craves to hold her daughter. Yet because of her selection her daughter avoids her like the plague.

Cy finally came to terms with Xinn resistance and decided a year later after trying to convince her daughter that she meant everything to her, that is was time to go on with her life.

Although, Big Momma was the physical owner of the Club she still kept the business contracts and other transactions in both their names. Cy offered to sell her half to her, but Big Momma told her, “No.” she then went on to say that if she had anything to do with it that her and Cy will be the proprietor’s of The Cy-Rian until they both died.” And so far Momma has kept her word.

Cy relinquished her responsibilities to the club, but she kept in constant contact with Big Momma and her girls. Inquiring all the time about her baby. Unbeknownst to Xinn she didn’t move far away. She and her partner agreed that Cy should be near Xinn even though she wasn’t speaking to her. So they moved to the outskirts of the suburban area in a little cottage they designed themselves.

Big momma was definitely not pleased with Xinn’s treatment of her mother and she’d let her know that every chance she got. Every one knew that Xinn was always partial to Big Momma because if any one else outside of her mother talked to her the way big momma did, it would be their ass.
Part 2
“W’at’s up Momma?” Xinn returned dragging a waving and chattering Gabe behind her.

“How are my girls doing?”

“We’re fine.”

“W’at’ll ya have.” Momma asked polishing up one of her shot glasses.

“I’ll have a Bud Dry and…”

“Gabe,” Xinn paused momentarily to look around at her still talking friend.


“W’at do you want to drink?”

“Uhhh, I don’t know?” She said sliding up to the bar then over between Xinn’s long legs.

“W’at do you suggest momma?”

Big Momma chuckled and said, “Chil, a’vry time you come in here you asked that question. Why don’t I make you a Shirley temple?”


“How about a Sex on the beach?”

Big Momma let out an audible cackle before returning, “Aw-right shuggah, but Xinn is going to be the appointed driver for the night…okay?” Myrian watched as Gabe leaned back into Xinn and mumbled, “you hear that…You are my selected date for tonight.”

“Okay Momma,” she said leaning back into the bar and dropping her elbows down upon it. “Set ‘em up.”

Myrian cackled again. She knew that after a few drinks Gabe would be so lit that she’ll forget that she’s a police officer and Xinn would have to take her weapon.

“Here it comes baby.” Momma said sliding the prepared drink down in front of her patron. When Gabe picked up the glass and began to drink out of it, Big momma felt her view pulled to another figure. As her eyes unconsciously slid up on her god daughter Xinn didn’t notice. Instead, Big momma watched Xinn as her sky lit orbs caressed Gabe from behind with the tenderness of that of an evaluating lover.

“Hay Gabe!” Roxanne exclaimed from across the dimly lit dance floor.

“Come on out here and dance with me.” Gabe nodded her head and turned her drink up to finish it. Right before leaving she patted Xinn on her thigh and ordered another drink.

Big Momma continued to watch Xinn’s demeanor as her partner bee-bopped out to the dance floor yelling, “Gabe’s in the house.”

Xinn’s eyes followed her partner’s sashaying body as she sauntered out on to the floor and took her step-sister’s hand. Xinn seemed oblivious to the amusing gaze that Big Momma was dispensing. Her mind and thoughts were on one person at that moment. And if anyone in that club were observing the same thing that Big Momma was, they’d know just who that person was. And what she saw that truly amazed her was how affectionate and full or warmth Xinn’s eyes were. Although, she outwardly denied to all, that she wasn’t physically attracted to her partner, big momma knew otherwise…her and Xinn’s stepsister Roxanne. With every twirl and dip that Gabe made on the floor Xinn’s eyes never deterred from watching her.

“Gabe is growing more radiant by the day isn’t she?” Big momma initiated, drawing Xinn’s attention once more to her.

“Yeah,” Xinn returned flatly not wanting to let on that her heart was beating as fast as a breeding rabbit in the midst of the act. Xinn then gave Big Momma a rather disturbed glance before giving the counter several taps. Signaling that she was ready for another brewsky.

“I bet the men are lining up at the station to date her huh?”

Xinn looked over into Big Momma’s questioning gaze and pondered her answer.

“I haven’t pay that too much attention.” She retorted dryly.

“Is she currently dating anyone right now?” Myrian inquired as she watched a young man step into the establishment adorned in a tan trench coat and searching eyes.

Finally his eyes fell upon Gabe which prompt him to smile. She was cackling and dropping down into the doggy style hump as Roxanne reciprocated ever move she made from close behind.

Xinn had been staring at her drink trying very hard to keep from looking over at Gabe. So she didn’t see the young man when he came in and quickly made his way over to the little blonde. For some reason, every move that Gabe made, Xinn was picturing herself clinging to Gabe’s body and mimicking all of her moves while riding out the electrified feeling she imagine rising within her as her partner’s body moved sensually against hers. Odd…Xinn couldn’t explain why an urge for Gabe to touch her was brewing in her like it was. AND, in ways that supposedly taboo for another woman to do to another.

“Say Xinn, do you know who that is?” Momma asked, really curious as to how Xinn would respond to a Gabe’s gentlemen caller.

Xinn whirled around on her bar seat and stared out onto the dance floor again. Roxanne stood nearby as the guy stood facing Gabe and they seem to be having some kind of disagreement. That was…until Gabe covered her mouth with her left hand to smother her laughter. She then patted the guy on his cloaked chest and through up a finger. Informing him that she would be right back.

Xinn quickly turned on her seat to face the bar again. Not wanting to be caught staring at the pair.

Gabe trotted up to Xinn panting. “Boy, Roxanne…is about…to wear me out, out there.”

Xinn smirked and looked over at her friend realizing that this is her way of grabbing her attention.

“Well, it looked as if it didn’t seem to bother you at all.” Xinn returned while looking over at her partner’s approaching date. He was smiling. Rather, sure of his self about tonight’s events.

“Who’s that?”

“Oh, that’s just Raymond. I promised him that I would go out with him about a month ago. I forgot that this was the night. Sorry…but I’m going to cut out and make him feed me before I decide if I want to give him some or not.” She finished with an uncertain chuckle.

Xinn didn’t bother to join in on her partner’s amusement. Her attention seemed to be elsewhere. Even though they were eye to eye Xinn appeared to be looking right through Gabe.

As Gabe’s date came along beside them. Xinn reached down in the front of her partner’s pants and yanked her closer to her.

“I thought I was the designated driver for you tonight?” She rumble stirringly wanted to spark curiosity in Gabe’s date.

And just like clockwork it did.

“Xinn, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to take my date.”

“Ooh,” Momma instigated quite audibly while observing the threesome with hoisted eyebrows.

“Haven’t your mother ever taught you that is was rude to interrupt when grown folks are talking.” Xinn growled gazing over at Gabe’s date as her partner’s now rising arms wrapped around her neck.

“Hay,” Gabe said nudging Xinn’s chin so that she would look at her.

“Never mind him…Now, I’m going to leave but MOMMA I want you to make sure that Roxanne takes Xinn home. I know she is going to be here for a while because Roxanne wants to talk to her about some things we’re trying to set up.”

Gabe then leaned in and rested her forehead up against Xinn’s. Making it awfully damn tempting for each of them to steal a kiss from the other.

“I’ll see you in the morning okay?” Gabe whispered while sliding her cheek up against Xinn’s and tightening her hold on her neck. Xinn’s arms slipped easily around Gabe’s slender waist and she could have sworn if only for a few seconds that her lungs collapsed. It was painful yet at the same time Xinn couldn’t slight the feeling of wanting so much more from Gabe.

Gabe pulled back just short of a nose length and gave Xinn the prettiest smile the lieutenant had ever seen on her partner’s face. It took every ounce of control Xinn could muster to keep her self from claiming those sweet scented strawberry flavored lips. Gabe wasn’t into lipstick, but she loved those lips flavoring lip glosses and sticks.

“I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning partner?” she concluded with a wink while pulling away.

“Don’t be late.” Xinn shouted after her.

“Now am I usually late.” Gabe answered pausing briefly to look back at her partner. Xinn gave her melancholy wave before Gabe issued her an air smooch and reached for her date’s hand. She couldn’t remember feeling so lonely except the time when her mother announced she was moving in with her lover.

“Xinn…” Roxanne panted dropping on the stool next to her relative and whirling around so that she could also watch the departing pair.

“How are you just going to let some dorky looking guy walk up in here and leave with yo’r girl?” She asked with furrow brows.

“She’s NOT my girl. I told you I don’t go that way.”

“Uh…huh,” Roxanne said rising.

“Well, maybe you ought’ah stop drinking that damn beer and give your self a sniff. That way you can testify as to just how wet and scented that girl can get’cho ass when she’s around you. Miss I don’t go that way?”

“Fuck you Roxanne…You always think you know everything.” Xinn spat rising to her feet as well.

“Knock that shit off…both of you.” Momma cracked in a threatening tone.

“Now Gabe said something about you two having to discuss something now what is it?” Momma asked, curious as if they were both drunk enough to tell her.

Both women gazed over their shoulders at the little hefty bartender and snorted.

“We ain’t that drunk momma. So far I’ve only had three beers.” Xinn said with a smirk. Roxanne leaned back cackling before wrapping her left arm around Xinn’s shoulder and turning her away from momma and toward a table a little ways off from the bar.

By the time they were through discussing the party for Big Momma, which just happen to be on Mother’s day, they were both ripped.

“Xinn,” Roxanne slurred while falling back in the seat beside her sister.

“Tell me the truth. “Don’t being around Gabe make you,” Roxanne paused briefly and waved her hands limply in the air searching for the right word.

“Warm…that’s it…doesn’t she make you warm Xinn?”

Xinn leaned back and rested her beer on her thigh contemplating her answer.

“I’d be lying Anne if I said, “No.”

Xinn shifted in her seat so that she was facing Roxanne before continuing.

“Anne, remembered when mother marched up in here and introduced that thing as her partner. I was angry as hell with her. One of the reasons was because I didn’t think that she had grieved father enough and I wanted it to just be me and momma and us,” she said waving her hand back and forth between them. And the second reason was I didn’t want them together. I guess back then…I found the thought of two women together disgusting. But when I’m with Gabe those feelings I felt back then seem so distant. It’s almost as if I have to keep reminding myself mentally and physically that I don’t like women. Yet, when I with Gabe all I want is to hold her, to feel her, touch her…to make her mine. Crazy huh?”

“I bitched constantly about my mother being a dyke and now I think I’m learning the hard way how she felt when she told that woman that she was in love with her.”

Xinn sighed, lowered her head and shook it a couple of times in desperation. She then looked up into Roxanne’s understanding brown orbs and whispered, “What am I going to do?”

Roxanne raised up her glass initiating a toast. Xinn smirked and brought her glass up as well. “You’re going to do what every other hot blooded girl in America has done. Decide, truly in your heart what you want, accept it and then go for it.”

“Besides, I ain’t yo’r kin for nothing. I’ve had the same conversation with Gabe.” She said chuckling and leaning into Xinn.

“She’s just as confused as you are right now. But once you both decide how you want to live. Despite of what other’s believe, y’all can get busy making this work.”

“ROXXXXANNE!” This gorgeous blonde screamed over the dying music from across the room. “I’M WAITING.”

“Yep,” Roxanne said straightening her clothes with a staggering amount of confidence all about her.

“See what I mean…She wants me.” Roxanne purred with a roll of her tongue.

“And I definitely want her.” She said with a wink in Xinn’s direction before regaining her footing.

“Hay…where are you going?”

Roxanne whirled around and glared disbelieving at Xinn.

“After what I said, you are still asking me where I’m headed?” She asked with bulging eyes.

Xinn put on her evil twisted smile and thought, <well it’s about time for her to take me home isn’t it?>

“Momma said for you to take me home.” Xinn said crossing her legs and swigging down the last of her drink.

“I’ll kill you.” Roxanne growled lowly while crouching in her stance and heading swiftly back over to Xinn.

“Please don’t do this…not now…I’ll take you home in the morning…just name the time.”

Xinn’s smile widened.

“Momma said…”

“AWRIGHT…AWRIGHT, I’ll take your ass home…trick. Just let me tell Shelly, I’ll be back.”

Xinn snorted and nodded her head in approval before standing to weave a path to the door.

Once at her apartment Xinn stood outside her door trying to get her key to fit in to the lock. When suddenly she noticed someone approaching. She continued to fiddle with her keys as she reached inside her jacket and removed her 9mm from the holster. As soon as he was close she reached out and snatched the figure to her. Pressing the muzzle of her gun up between his legs.

“Woe baby,” he gasped looking down at the metal intruder pressed up against his jimmy.

“It’s me.”

Xinn’s eyes narrowed as a slow smile crept over her face. This is just what she needed, some quick relief.

Xinn twisted the key in the lock and shove her boyfriend inside. To many women he was considered a looker. But Xinn wasn’t much concerned with that. He was rather gifted with his tongue and willy and that was why she kept in touch.

The night was rather eventful for Xinn. Five times she took him and each time she hit her Zenith she created a picture in her head of how Gabe would look when she came. And, of course it would be her that aided her with it.

Xinn didn’t know exactly how to deal with her thoughts because each time she took him it would mainly stem from images of her and Gabe making love to one another. And to her that just didn’t make any sense. Though she didn’t quite know how she was able to pleasure Gabe since she wasn’t a man. Yet never the less Gabe was climaxing in her mind and it was because it was her that was doing it.

“Wake up sleepy head.” Gabe’s cheery voice rang out over Xinn’s bedroom while opening the curtains. Xinn’s eyes slid open and she felt her body ignite again. Just the sight of Gabe made her burn inside.

Xinn rolled away from the light and sleepily ordered Gabe over to her.

“Well, I guess I can witness that only you got’choo some last night. That boot head I left with was a total shit.” She confessed as she plopped down beside Xinn in the bed after removing her jacket.

Xinn reached out and pulled Gabe closer.

“Ummm,” She moaned while turning to her side to face her partner.

“Rodger came into town last night. And boy did I put it on him.” Xinn bragged pulling the covers back off her leg and slipping it down between Gabe’s before moving closer.

“Uh…uh, don’t you be rubbing up on me.” Gabe said wiggling out of the grasp.

“Aw com’on you know we do this ever morning.” Xinn said tightening her hold and placing half of her weight on Gabe’s left side.

“Yeah…that’s true. But it isn’t every morning that I wake you up and you have his and yours secretions on you.” Gabe confirmed while issuing a stinging whack to Xinn’s backside.

“Now get up and get in the shower while I get your tea and toast ready.”

Xinn moaned and rolled back onto her back. Reluctantly releasing her shapely prey.

“Oh by the way…lover boy left you a note by the lamp there.” Gabe said heading over to the kitchen.

Xinn grumbled something again and rolled over on her side to reach for it.

“Dear Xinn,

I just wanted to write this letter to let you know that this will be our last

Time together. I met this wonderful girl on one of my many trips a year ago

And I’ve asked her to marry me.”

“After last night, if ever I had a doubt as to will we always be together, I discovered

my answer. I don’t know whom this guy Gabe is. But each time you released,

You whispered his name. I didn’t draw any attention to it, because I knew then, we each craved and longed for another. You are a wonderful woman Xinn, and who ever this guy Gabe is he is a lucky man. Keep well, and from here on out I want you to remember…we will always be


“So, what does it say?” Gabe asked heading back over to the bed with concern in her eyes. She noticed that Xinn had gotten exceptionally quiet and she was frowning as if she was the recipient of distressing news.

“Nothing…he just left me a, “Dear John,” letter.” She then threw back the covers to reveal her temple of grace in all its glory.

<Good Lord.> Gabe thought.

<Keep your mouth close and get back to the kitchen…damn I think I’m having a heart attack. Gosh…could she be any finer>? Gabe thought as she briskly whirled back around to return to the kitchen.

“Oh…yeah,” She said turning to briefly gaze back into her partner’s eyes.

“The Captain said that we are to get down there ASAP.” She reported with a mischievous smirk on her face.

“Do you want some bacon and eggs with our toast.” She chuckled. Silently telling her partner that this is the opportune time to piss the Captain off if they were later than usual.

“Umph,” Xinn grunted gathering her shower essentials. “I think I love you.”

Gabe gasped from the implications of that statement. If only she could count on her hands just how many times she her self had had that very thought.

“Xinn…Gabe, get’cho asses in here. I know both your trifling asses are late because you wanted to get on my fucking nerves. WELL! You’ve succeeded, clits.” The Captain shouted just as the pair made it over to their desks.

Xinn and Gabe looked over at each other and shared a well-deserved laugh before straightening up and reporting to the Captain’s office.

“Have a seat ladies.” She said pleasantly, which was certainly out of character for her. The Captain was a very attractive woman. She was of the Mexican nationality. She had wavy brunette hair, about the same height as Gabe, golden tanned skin, and was mean as hell when she wanted to be.

That was exactly why her demeanor was a shock to the pair as she went out of her way to pull the chairs out for the ladies and closed the door behind them. The Captain was only nice when she wanted to assign them a new case. Xinn and Gabe gave each other a disturbing glance before directing their attention back to the Captain.

“Good morning girls.”

<Aw…this can not be good>. They thought simultaneously.

“I’ve received a new case I like to assign the both of you too. There have been several murders down in “Gay Town,” that a few of our loyal officials want investigated. So…I’ve taken the liberty of choosing the best in my department to assign this one to. And that…is you ladies.”

<No…No…No.> Xinn thought.

<Please…not us…and not now>. Gabe thought.

Both women feared the worst. Yes they had desires for one another. But if they are to hang out in “Gay Town,” DAILY they were sure to surface and…no doubt with the force of a raging river.

“Uh…Captain,” Xinn started. Glancing over at Gabe nervously before looking back toward the Captain.

“We appreciate you considering us the best and everything, but wouldn’t Amber and Rachel be better suited for this since they are lovers.”

“HELL NAH.” The Captain shouted. Both Xinn and Gabe jumped in their seats and looked over at each other again before dropping back in their seats and throwing their hands up in defeat.

“I don’t give a damn who’s fucking who in this department. And Horris and Bullwinkle out there will get too wound up in the girly girly setting and forget why the hell they are there. No…I need you and Robin here to go in and solve this case. Besides…” She said leaning back in her chair and checking out the shaken pair.

“Everyone here knows how much you desire each other.”

Both women at the same time went to try and defend their honor by saying they weren’t gay and they are both currently dating men.

“Yeah…Yeah…Yeah,” the Captain mocked.

“Now where have I heard that shit before…Oh yeah, from old Frik and Frak out there.”

Xinn and Gabe jerked forward in their seats in utter surprise.

“Yeah that’s right…they said the same shit and now they’re sucking each other’s tits. Now stop with the bullshit and look over these packets I have for you.”

The Captain tossed each of the women a packet before explaining each of their identities and what they will be doing during their stay there.

“Hold up,” Xinn said throwing both her hands up in a stay. “Are you saying we will be staying there…in a house or apartment…TWO-GETHER?”

The Captain sat up in her chair and rested her elbows upon the desk and gave the couple a sinister smile.

“How else do two joined women live. You and Gabrielle there, that’s your name by the way,”

the captain said pausing briefly to point at Gabe.

“Are married. So that mean, that you two,” she said pointing to each of them. “Will be living in the same house, sleeping in the same bed and taking a lot of niiiccce cooool showers.”

“You can’t do this to us,” Gabe said faintly. Almost as if she was frighten.

“And tell me why not?” The Captain popped, extremely proud of her selection. This has been edge in stone for a long time now, but Xinn and Gabe have fought it all the way. They were perfect for each other…and with a little shove through this assignment it was sure to bring that fact to the light.

“I and everyone in this precinct have seen how you both look at each other. Everyone here knows how Miss Goldie locks over there comes to your apartment every morning and cook you breakfast. And…everyone knows that you both are hanging on to this boy friend shit so tough because you can’t deal with the fact that you are attracted to one another. So…let’s cut the shit shall we, and let’s get down to business.” The Captain commanded in one of her more penetrating tones.

Both women sat fingering the leaves of their packet not even bothering to dispute what the Captain had just said. Instead they remained silent and blindly looking down at the papers they held in their laps.

<Has it been that transparent>? Xinn thought while shifting mindlessly through the pages of her new identity.

<Oh gods what am I going to do? This is so not fair. I need more time. She is sure to find out how I feel about her if we are locked up in the same house for any length of time. Aw…where does the flight from the twilight Zone land. I want to get off>. Gabe thought, still not ready to gaze into either woman’s eyes yet.

<I knew it…I knew something like this would happen. It’s my mother’s fault that I’m attracted to Gabe…her fault…I could turn in my badge and just quit. But then…I wouldn’t be able to see Gabe. Arrrgggghh…see that’s what I mean. I’m thinking about her all the time. Why didn’t I just kill myself when I was a baby>? Xinn thought, inwardly embarrassed by her feelings for Gabe. But she felt even worst about how she joned (taunted) her mother about being a dyke. And now she was about to embark on the same thing.

“Okay, now that we’ve had a moment of silence let’s discuss this case. There have been several members of the “Gay Town” community that were discovered about a week later after being reported missing just on the outskirts of the local town of their community dead. Who ever this person is, they are really sick in the head. Each one of the bodies had been mutilated after repeatedly being raped. The department coroner made a statement to the effect that the person seemed to hate what had transpired between the victim and themselves before finally killing them. And, he felt that the reason why the bodies were so damaged was because the person in a way regretted having such desires.”

Xinn and Gabe didn’t bother to interrupt. But they each were wondering how could one’s desires lead a person to murder another in such a vicious way?

“I know you girls are uncomfortable with this, but in all reality you both know that if I am to assign officers that had the capabilities to do this, we all know that it is you two.

“Gabe, like I said, you will be Gabrielle. Xinn, you will be Xinnora. It is you that will be the breadwinner of the home, doing carpentry work. Gabe you will take on the role of the loving house wife.”

“Hay, that’s not fair. Why can’t I be the breadwinner.”

“Shut up you little dumb blonde.” The captain snapped.

“Now look over at Xinn. Now…doesn’t she personify the image of the breadwinner? And you, the Betty Crocker look.”

Gabe didn’t answer. But she did mumble that she wasn’t a, “dumb blonde.”

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. Xinn, we are going to open up a very healthy bank account in you and your pookie’s name. We are going to give you a car and funds for a home. You will be issued several credit cards to suit the needs of your lifestyle and house hold. Oh and by the way…remember that Mercedes y’all were so partial too. Well we bought it for you two. I saw how happy Gabe was when she jumped in on the driver’s side. However, I really don’t think it was the car that had her so happy.” The captain joked while giving the little blonde a wink. Gabe gave the Captain a slight smile before turning her head off from both women.

“Just what kind of Carpenter is she?” Gabe said scoffing over at Xinn.

“She is a very prestigious one and highly respected. The folder will show that. She is well known with all of the renowned contractors throughout the city. Isn’t that right Xinn?”

Xinn looked slowly over at her partner, but she didn’t acknowledge if any of it was true or not. She just sat staring in Gabe’s eyes, afraid if she heard she had the skills of a carpenter that she wouldn’t respect her as much.

“And Gabe is not without her secrets either are you Gabe?” the Captain said directing everyone’s attention over to the lieutenant.

“You see Xinn, Gabe is so wicked with a needle that all through high school her personal designed clothes that she made for her friends and a local retail shop carries her very name.” Gabe gasped in shock with bulging eyes at the Captain.

“One of my cousins bought one of your dresses for her prom, and I must say you are talented in so many ways aren’t you Gabe?”

Gabe glanced down once more at the envelope in her lap before slowly looking over at Xinn. After a few moments of contemplating what they were going to say to one another, Xinn fell back laughing.

“Aren’t we a pair. I say we take the assignment and find out who this whacko is? What’ll ya say partner?”

The Captain watched as both women reached out and tweaked the others pinky with her own before giving each other a smile.

“Let’s do dis.” Xinn said prompting Gabe to giggle.

The Captain rolled her eyes and instructed the pair to familiarize them selves with the packets thoroughly before meeting with the realtor Monday. She then ordered them out of her office. Right before leaving though, the Captain wanted to have a little fun. The commander cleared her throat to get the girl’s attention.

Both women broke off their conversations and looked back.

The Captain lowered her elbows upon her desk once more and gave the couple a smile.

“I just wanted to tell you one last thing.”

“Well.” Xinn snapped impatiently.

“Maybe you two ought’ah practice on your kissing. No one is going to believe that you are a loving couple if you don’t kiss from time to time.” She said with a wicked smile.

Both Xinn and Gabe’s eyes narrowed before they both stepped out of the Captain’s office and gave the door a banging slam.

“Bitch,” the both spat quietly, prompting another series of cackles to rip from the Captain’s throat.
Part 3
Gabe and Xinn moved over to their desk in a very peculiar manner. Usually, after meeting with the Captain, their manner was playful. They would be either throwing playful licks at one another or Xinn would have Gabe in a headlock, and wouldn’t let her go until they were at their desk.

But today things were different. It was almost as if they were frightened of being close to each other. And it was mainly Xinn who initiated it. Gabe noticed but tried to dismiss it as a usual projection.

Amber and Rachel sat watching the pair, realizing that they were probably the ones that lucked out with investigating the murders up at “Gay Town.”

Just once maybe she and Amber could get a case that would set them up on the poll of the Captain’s favorites. Cases similar to what Xinn and Gabe solved yesterday were the usual cases the captain assigned to them. And the only reason the Captain assigned it to the dynamic duo then was because she was getting heat from the brass and the publicity was becoming constant. So to eradicate any more unwanted visits by the press, she assigned the case to Xinn and Gabe. And the royal high-asses weren’t even out in the field two hours before they apprehended the asshole. On top of that, they came back to the station in a Mercedes that a willing spectator happily volunteered for the purse-snatcher’s transport.

As Rachel watched them slide into their seats without a word envy grew in her like a wild fire. She contemplated confronting the pair and telling them just what she thought about their lucky asses. That was, until her observation of their solemn behavior made her more aware of just how uncomfortable they were with the Captain’s new assignment.

Gabe casually laid the packet that the Captain had given to her upon the desk. Xinn did the same thing trying hard as hell to not acknowledge Gabe’s presence…or anyone’s for that matter. It was as if once she was outside of the Captain’s office her whole train of thought changed.

“Am, what’ll ya say we find out what our two chums are so glum about?” Rachel suggested while turning back around to look at her partner before nudging her head over in the pair’s direction.

Amber leaned over on her desk with questioning eyes. All night Rachel talked about their case which Xinn and Gabe solved within three hours. Her voice was full of bitterness. Amber couldn’t deny that she loved Rachel with all her heart but at times Rachel’s anger was hard to contain, especially when jealousy was a primary motive for vengeance.

“I don’t know baby.”

“Aw, C’mon shuugah,” Rachel said with softening eyes while stretching her arms across the desk to take her partner’s hands into hers.

“We’re just going to find out why they look so down…right?” Amber asked with questioning eyes.

“Pssst,” Rachel gestured while shrugging her shoulders and giving her partner a twisted grin. “The least we can do is find out why our friends are so down.”

“Alright…” Amber retorted, but she thought, <did she just refer to them as friends? Aw…she’s up to something. Thing is…OUR friends don’ t look as if they are in a festive mood>. “Okay, but let’s let them settle in for a bit.”

“K.” Rachel replied simply.

Gabe rested her forehead in the palms of her uplifted hands tuning out everything including Xinn’s mummified behavior. She tried concentrating on the information in the packet, yet found herself distracted by her partner’s almost torpid demeanor.

Meanwhile, Xinn slanted her chair so that she could rest her legs upon the desk as she reviewed the contents of her packet. Although she appeared to be reading she was also keeping an eye on Gabe. Only she and the creator knew how she really felt about Gabe, but right now she just couldn’t afford for it to surface like this. Not now and definitely not during this investigation. It should be done in private when no one was around and surely not an entire precinct.

It’s one thing for them to think that they are a couple, but when it’s true it tends to change the outlook on how people viewed you. And sure she and Gabe were respected as top-notch officers, but what would people think of them then if they decided next week to be gay.

Xinn felt her attention redirect itself as Gabe sighed out of frustration and fell back in her chair. For the first time since they’d left the Captain’s office their eyes met.

Their blank stares revealed what lay on the surface of their hearts. Confusion, uncertainty, fear and most of all panic; they were frightened. Frightened by the prospect of sharing their lives in such a special way. Frightened by the desire that rose within each of them even as they held each other’s gaze. And frightened by the quintessence of the love they knew they had managed so far to hold dormant.

The unscheduled visit of their unwanted allies broke the pair’s silence as their heads slowly turned to look up at Rachel and Amber. Amber was somewhat reluctant about addressing them. So Rachel took the initiative and spoke up.

“So,” She said grabbing a nearby chair and twisting it so that the front was facing her.

“I guess you two won out on the “Gay Town” case, huh?” She quipped while glancing back and forth from Gabe and Xinn. Neither of the women said a word, and Amber stood off to the side observing everything.

“Jeez Xinn, this should be right up your alley. You’ve already got the butch role down, now all you have to do now is learn how to keep your woman satisfied.” She joked while regaining her feet.

“But that shouldn’t pose a problem for you. All you have to do is find your DYKE ASS MOM…”

<BAAAMMMM> went the back of Xinn’s keyboard right across Rachel’s face, smashing her nose and the statement she was about to make altogether. Blood splattered all about Xinn’s neck and clothing as she started toward Rachel.

“RAAACCCHHHEEELLL,” Amber screamed as she tried to move over to her fallen lover. But Xinn was on her. After she broke her nose with a backhand swing of the keyboard, Xinn brought the keyboard up in an uppercut fashion. Causing Rachel’s entire body to rappel backward into the air across a nearby desk.

Gabe screamed out Xinn’s name as she watched her partner in slow motion move toward Rachel and applied her life-stealing pinch upon the woman’s neck.

“REMOVE IT NOOOWWW!” Gabe screamed moving up along side Xinn and Rachel.

“You are not my bitch and even if you were you wouldn’t tell me what to do or how to do it.” Xinn growled in a chilling tone while stepping back a tad.

Gabe brows furrowed from the implications of her partner’s statement. Quickly she moved to Rachel’s side as she laid gasping and panting for air. Gabe looked once more at her casually composed partner and removed the pinch with simultaneously sharp jabs to her comrade’s throat.

Without saying a word Gabe pushed passed Xinn, grabbed her things and left. Her abrupt departure alone was enough for her partner to know that what she’d just said was really over the top.

The Captain stood outside her door watching the whole thing. She didn’t bother to interfere. Instead she watched her police officers interaction. Some were shocked beyond belief and then there were some that were disgusted by the entire scene.

Amber was crying now and checking her partner’s body for any other injuries. As her crying subsided she pulled Rachel close and glared hatefully at Xinn.

“What is your fucking problem?” She started in a stern but controlled tone.

“She wasn’t doing anything but poking fun as usual. Did she deserve to have her nose broken for it and her life stilled because of it? When are you going to realize that all of us here are not your enemy? You are. And until you come to terms with what really makes you happy you are going to be a very bitter woman Xinn. My heart goes out to you. Because you can run from love, but you certainly can’t hide from it. And until you come to terms with that you are going to be a very miserable person.”

Amber soon afterward pulled her whimpering partner closer to her and guided her over to their desk to gather their things.

The Captain continued to observe the precinct’s atmosphere as she slowly made her way over to a very frustrated Xinn. It was like watching a caged animal searching for a way out and growing more irritable by the second.

“Well Officer Hammer,” She began calmly. “You certainly have outdone yourself today haven’t you? You’ve managed to first of all embarrass yourself.” The captain watched Xinn’s nostrils flare as she attempted to calm her breathing.

“Secondly, you’ve managed to single-handedly silence everyone in the precinct by your juvenile and out of control behavior.”

“Thirdly, you have broken the nose of one of my officers. Then caused further harm to her by applying your pinch, which your partner so artfully removed. I guess we should be thankful that you taught her how to do that. Otherwise you may have killed someone who as usual was just joking around.”

“And fourthly you’ve managed to embarrass and alienate the only person in this office that would stand by you in the situation you have created for yourself now. Whatever shall become of you Xinn? Or better yet, maybe my question should be, “how shall you begin to replace the pieces of the puzzle you just tore out?” The captain didn’t bother to wait for an answer as she turned around and headed back to her office.

“Get this shit fixed Xinn. You and Gabe be back in my office Monday.” She then stepped inside her office and quietly closed the door behind her.

Gabe couldn’t contain the tears that somehow continued to drain from her eyes even though she had promised herself that she wasn’t going to cry. She kept trying to tell herself that what went on in the office wasn’t her fault. But for some reason she couldn’t fathom being happy when she knew that inside Xinn was full of turmoil and indecisiveness.

She drove for what seemed like hours. The city faded behind her as she headed for the border and hopefully some peace. She had to figure out how she and Xinn could rid themselves of this mess and start over again. It wasn’t a secret how she felt about Xinn. She knew that from the moment the Captain introduced them what kind of affect her partner had on her. Even then, as a new acquaintance, Xinn’s presentation was powerful and completely absorbing. Gabe remembered her inability to focus on anything but the statuesque beauty that stood before her, all gallant and every bit breathtaking.

Maybe if she got away for a while she could collect her thoughts and view what had just happened between she and Xinn in a clearer light. Never before had Xinn been so heartless and never in her presence. Gabe found herself shaking her head in utter confusion.

“Momma always said that you never fully know a person or what they are capable of even though you find yourself loving them to the end of time.” Gabe said out loud. She could still picture in her mind the indifferent gaze Xinn gave her as she moved past her to help Rachel. Xinn looked at her as if she hated her. Just the thought alone spurred Gabe into crying again.

Gabe continued to drive into the rising darkness seeking a place that always seemed to calm her when she was upset. Some called it, “Make Out Mountain.” But from there you could view the entire city as the sun set behind it like a huge cooling sphere. Gabe smiled when she recalled telling Xinn, as they sat watching cop movies, about the place and how she one day was going to take her favorite girl to her favorite place.

“Fuck this,” Xinn muttered as she snatched her jacket off the back of her chair and stood up abruptly. “Fuck ‘em all. I don’t need ‘em. Xinn don’t need anyone.” She continued to mumble while heading for the door.

Minute’s later Xinn found herself standing at the bar of the Cy-Rian. Waiting impatiently for Momma to finish waiting on other customers before she ordered a drink.

“Stop pecking at my counter.” Momma ordered while throwing her bar towel over her shoulder.

“And where is my little busy body that is usually hanging on you?” Momma asked looking around Xinn as if searching for Gabe.

The Captain had already informed Momma of Xinn’s behavior. Whenever there was trouble down at the station regarding the pair the Captain would always give Momma a call. Sometimes it would be just to get insight on how to deal with Xinn’s behavior. And then there were times when the Captain would plead for Myrian to talk to Xinn about her outright disrespect of their superiors.

“I don’t know where Gabe is at. Now, may I have a beer?” Xinn was still pissed about the morning’s events but even she knew not to rub Momma the wrong way with a “smart mouth,” as Momma would say.


“No?” Xinn exclaimed in shock. She then lowered her eyes and stared menacingly across the bar at Momma.

Momma stepped closer to the bar and urged Xinn to come closer with sideways nudges of her head. Xinn leaned over still holding Momma’s stare.

“That piercing stare you have may scare others, but if I see it again they are going to be pulling my big ass up off of you. Now you went down to that station today and acted a flat out fool. The Captain said you busted Rachel’s nose, frightened Amber to death by putting the pinch on her girl friend, and ran Gabe off. Surely you know that she called me after you acted the way you did. Now I want you to fix this Xinn. You may have an evil streak in you, but you have never behaved like that with the ones you love. AND, I thought Gabe was one of them. Now,” Momma said pulling away and wiping her still damp hands on her bar towel.

“You aren’t getting a drink here, but what I will give you is some advice. There aren’t too many people that can stomach you or your strong will. Yet that little blonde that you shushed off early today was willing to take you as you are. So my advice to you is to find her and beg her to forgive you. From there all the other pieces of this mangled puzzle you’ve violated already will come back together. Now get out of here.”

“Fine…” Xinn said in a huff. She then whirled around toward the door and shouted, “There are plenty of bars in this city. If you won’t serve me, some one else will!”

As she stepped out onto the pavement right outside of the club she heard Momma cackle. <Aw shit…I am in for it>. Xinn thought as she jumped into the Mercedes and headed over to another bar she and Gabe sometimes went to.

Xinn went from bar to bar hoping to get a drink and maybe a little conversation with the bartender, but to no avail. Momma had more influence in other clubs than she thought. No one would sell her anything. And they made it known that Momma had called way before she had gotten there and told them she was not to have any drinks until she found her missing partner. Xinn left the final club hurling obscenities as she went over to the car and screeched off.

“I don’t need you to sell me anything.” She said out loud in a defiant tone while pulling up into the seven eleven right up the street from her apartment.

“I can always buy my juice at my local seven eleven…and they don’t know Momma.” She spat slinging the door of the car open.

On the way to her apartment Xinn reached inside the bag and popped the top on one of the beers. Just as she did that a siren came on behind her accompanied by a flashing blue light.

“Shit…could my fucking day get any worse?” She growled lowly while pulling over.

Xinn watched the young officer as he placed a call to the station requesting a make on her tags before getting out. Finally he made it over to the car after fumbling and checking all of his gear. Ensuring that every thing was where it was supposed to be. Once he was along side the car he tapped on the window for her to let it down.

Xinn let down the window and in the process she moved her jacket back to reveal her badge. Just then the make on her tags came through and the rookie cop broke wind as his body went rigid and his eyes began to bulge.

“Lieutenant Ha…ha…Hammer,” he stuttered while joining Xinn in flagging away the offending aroma. “I’m…I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you.”

He then bent down level with the window so that Xinn could look into his panicky face as he looked back down the road from where she had just came.

“I clocked you going 50 in a 35 mile zone. I’m going to have to ask you to slow down…please.” He said in a humbling tone. Xinn snorted and rolled her window back up before screeching off again. Xinn watched the young officer in her rear view mirror as he just stood there shocked and totally confused about what he should do now.

Once home and about a six pack down, Xinn began to regret what had happened today. Not so much about Rachel because she knew she would heal. But it was Gabe that monopolized her thoughts. Right up to this moment Xinn couldn’t figure out why she’d behaved that way.

Sure she resented Rachel and Amber sometimes for questioning her sexuality, but Gabe, Gabe had never done anything to cause her to act as she did toward her. She was the one woman that made her heart pitter-patter with just one glance, her palms sweat upon contact, and her skin burn whenever she touched her. If ever there was a time that she was ashamed it was now.

Xinn felt her eyes water as they slid closed and the image of her kissing Gabe took over. The dream was so vivid that Xinn could actually taste the strawberry fragrance of Gabe’s soft lips. Xinn’s mouth slid open as pictured herself alternating from the bottom to the top of Gabe’s lips. Pulling them into her mouth one at a time. Drinking of their sweetness and moaning out her pleasure.

The half drank beer that she held in her hand quietly rolled over the tips of her relaxed fingers onto the floor as her mind continued to drift into the fantasy.

Xinn’s kisses didn’t stop at Gabe’s lips. As Xinn pictured herself lowering Gabe onto the bed, she saw her lips softly glide over Gabe’s jaw and latch gently onto her neck. Xinn groaned as her body slid down onto the couch back first. Her body was burning like never before in the dream and the more Gabe moaned and rocked against her the hotter she got.

Xinn felt her gentle nipping grow more and more intense as she felt herself rocking harder against Gabe. Her clit was throbbing like crazy and her body was trembling. Xinn groaned in her alcohol-induced sleep as Gabe’s gentle fingers slid over her backside and gave her buttocks a gentle squeeze. Xinn’s body went rigid as she bit down on the smooth flesh of Gabe’s neck in the dream and her back arched.

Xinn watched her body convulse in the dream like she’s ever witnessed before. Her climax was out of this world. It was so intense that when she did wake up she was on the floor with her legs wide open and her hand buried deep inside her lounging shorts. Xinn moaned from the intense headache she was experiencing and the usual disappointment at only having a good climax when she’s picturing Gabe doing it with her.

“What am I going to do?” She asked quietly while closing her legs, rolling to her side and drifting back off to sleep.


The sun rose with a mission in mind. As its rays surged through Xinn’s partially opened curtains it flared straight in her face.

“GABE!” She exclaimed pulling a pillow down from the sofa over her head.

“Please close the curtains.” Xinn’s senses hadn’t returned fully yet, so the memories of the previous day’s events between she and Gabe still hadn’t registered.

“PLEASE!” She exclaimed again.

“GABE…GABE PLEASE CLOSE THE GAD DAMN CURTAINS!” Still there was no response.

Xinn slid further back behind the sofa and slowly lifted the pillow. Her eyes were blurry and her head was pounding like crazy. But it didn’t take her long to realize that there was no Gabe and she was all alone.

Xinn pulled the pillow down upon her breasts and slowly rolled into a fetal position and cried. The problem that she tried to wash away with beer was still there and the woman that she longed to hold wasn’t around for her to tell her that she was sorry.

Xinn cried for what seemed like a lifetime. Her eyes were red and puffy when she did finally decide that sitting and crying about her problems wasn’t going to get Gabe back. She dragged herself up to the couch and laid her head upon the sofa’s cushion praying that just this once she could come up with a full proof way of making this all go away.

Not the fact that she loved and wanted to be with Gabe. But the fact that if she openly loved Gabe the way a man did she would be labeled as a dyke. The one word she continually used to badger her very own mother. The one word she knew, for a while, DID make her mother feel ashamed of herself and her supposedly unnatural desires. Yet…Xinn knew in her heart she couldn’t fight the force of love. She not only loved Gabe, but she was in love with her. That, along with picking up a new label, frightened her.

She couldn’t recall a morning that she woke up and Gabe was not there laying beside her telling her to get up. Usually she was up at the crack of dawn, but once she became partners with the little tenacious one, and since Gabe enjoyed waking her up, she start making it a point to sleep in.

This morning though it was different. Never in her life had she felt so empty…so lost…so lonely.

“I’ve got to get her back…Fuck what the world thinks. It doesn’t seem to bother Roxanne or Amber and Rachel. And it shouldn’t matter to me either. I want to be happy. I deserve it. And Gabe is what will make me happy. I’m going to tell her that too when I see her down at the station.” Xinn stated purposely while crawling over to the bed and pulling herself up to sit on it.

“Just as soon as my fucking head stops throbbing and I can drag my ass into that damn shower.” She said right before passing out again.

About three hours later Xinn regained consciousness. Although her headache wasn’t as painful as before it was still there. All the way to the shower she stumbled and mumbled incoherent things. Strange, it was obvious that she was in great pain, but Xinn never anticipated the emptiness that was in her heart as well.

After taking a much-needed shower Xinn dragged herself back into the bedroom and got dressed for work. Her arrival at the station was unexpected and definitely not welcomed. Unlike the usual mornings full of play and teasing, everyone remained silent and some even turned away so that they didn’t have to look at her. Her appearance wasn’t shocking seeing as she was dressed in her usual leather. But the uplifted collar on her granny leather jacket and black shades she bought did set if off from usual style. Her eyes were hidden. Her hair was disheveled. And her entire demeanor was sluggish. Certainly abnormal behavior even for Xinn. But then again, the little blonde wasn’t at her side today.

“What are you doing here?” The captain asked as Xinn dragged past her door.

Xinn halted in her steps and reviewed her thoughts before answering.

“I’m here for work.” She returned not bothering to turn and look inside at the Captain. It was apparent that Xinn wasn’t herself today. But the Captain was definitely thrown off balance when she saw the shades. That meant that Xinn was still suffering from a hang over and probably had been drinking all night.

“Come here.” The captain commanded quietly.

Xinn sighed and threw back her coat on both sides and rested her palms upon each hip before fulfilling the Captain’s wish.

“How does it feel Xinn to not have Gabe wake you up in the morning? How does it feel to not be able to pull her close to you and smell the elegance of her clean body? How does it feel to not have someone to tell you, even though you’ve fucked up major, that everything is going to be alright? Gabe did that for you…willingly. And you spoke to her like a common whore. Was that what you wanted Xinn, to make Gabe feel like trash? Well…” the Captain uttered while sitting back in her seat.

“Let me be the first to congratulate you. You’ve succeeded. I must commend you again, because at least you made it to work.”

“I beg your pardon?” Xinn asked as her head tilted downward to look at the Captain. She heard the statement. She just wasn’t clear as to what the captain meant be saying it that way.

“What I’m saying is, is that Gabe isn’t at work…and she didn’t call in.”

Xinn whirled around faster than she desired, and stumbled in her stance a tad before straightening and searching from desk to desk for her little blonde friend.

“That’s impossible…Gabe always calls in before she takes off. She’s here somewhere.” Xinn stated starting back toward the door.

“No,” the Captain said sternly.

“No, Xinn SHE isn’t here. I know how particular Gabe is about her vacation time, that’s why I’m thinking of sending someone over to her place. It is not like her to miss work…I just pray our little, “Gay Town,” Murderer didn’t run across her on such a day as she had yesterday.”

“Awright Captain,” Xinn snarled while looking over her shoulder at the Captain.

“I fucked up…Is that what you want to hear? I fucked up. I didn’t mean for any of this shit to happen. Instead of just letting nature take it’s course you decide to give it a boost by trying to make a couple out of us before we are ready.”

“Aw Xinn, I think you’ve undershot that estimate a little. You see Gabe luuuuvvvs you,” the Captain drawled as she rested her elbows on top of the desk.

“And she will tell the world that. You see she’s not frightened by the prospect of being in love with you. It’s you that’s still dealing with the same taunting ghost that you sent after your mother. If you think life is a bitch…you ought’ah try the truth, especially with someone like you Xinn. Miss ‘I prefer men’. Keep holding onto that! It’s sure to set you free…Or, bury you deep, deep, deep in a hole.”

Xinn continued to stare into the Captain’s direction before responding. However just like always it wasn’t what the Captain expected.

“Don’t bother to send ANYONE out for Gabe. I’ll find her. ” She said while turning to step into the huge squad room of desks and chairs. The Captain leaned back in her chair once more while watching Xinn leave. Unlike how she dragged in this morning, there was a little more pep in her step and a little more glide in her stride.

The Captain didn’t need to look into Xinn’s eyes to know that the last statement she made about the, “Gay Town Murderer” had the lieutenant on pins and needles now. The Captain knew if she didn’t find Gabe before nightfall the entire city would be in fear of Xinn. Xinn’s more passive and sound judgement came from Gabe and when she was not in Xinn’s corner, Xinn was liable to do anything.

“Keep an eye on her,” The Captain said with a nudge of her head toward Amber and a bandaged nosed Rachel.

“When Gabe is not with her Xinn can be rather intimidating to our private citizens. Don’t want her to kill anyone while looking for her POT-ner.”

Xinn started her investigation at her partner’s apartment, which Gabe herself had decorated. It was rare that Xinn went into Gabe’s bedroom, but as she stepped inside the apartment, that was the first place she thought of looking.

Gabe had changed it again. The room carried a dark decor to it. If anyone tried to imagine how Gabe’s home would look they probably would picture it being embellished with all kinds of pastel colors and colors of the rainbow since her persona was the majority of the time pleasant and friendly.

But as Xinn’s eyes moved observantly around the room she determined that there was so much more to her partner that many didn’t know. She’d always heard of the old saying that even the sweetest child in the class has an evil streak. And in Gabe’s case that fact was surely true. No one would ever picture any of her rooms being black and certainly not her bedroom.

Everything in Gabe’s room was either black or laced in animal prints. She had two large black bear skin rugs lying on each side of her bed and one right down front of the small fireplace in the corner of her room.

As Xinn quietly sat down on the firm waterbed her eyes fell upon a picture of her and Gabe when they were on vacation together in Jamaica. It brought a smile to her face. The island boys were rather disappointed, but Xinn couldn’t think of a more eventful time. She and Gabe were so snug with one another’s company that there wasn’t a need for the island boys.

<As a matter of fact…> Xinn thought with a snort. <I didn’t get laid the entire week>.

Events of the vacation from beginning to end prompted Xinn to smile even though things weren’t at their best right now. Yet deep in her heart she knew that if she had to crawl on her hands and knees to receive forgiveness from Gabe she would do it. Nothing was worth losing Gabe’s friendship, especially her own stupidity.

Xinn gathered the picture up into her hands before resting it gently upon her legs.

“I love you Gabe,” She whispered to no one in particular. “I always have. And I always will. I won’t let my insecurities keep me from loving you. Nor will I permit them to cause me to lose you.”

Xinn placed the picture back on the nightstand by the bed and wiped away the tears that had spilled from her swollen eyelids. She then stood and checked the place once more before heading over to Momma’s. If anyone could help steady her thoughts and emotions now it would be Momma and Roxanne.

The ride to the Cy-Rian’s was a quiet one. Xinn didn’t bother to turn on the radio like she usually did so that Gabe could play around with the stations until she found one that she enjoyed. Instead she concentrated on where Gabe could be. Every place she thought of was a dead end. She thought of the clubs that she and Gabe occasionally attended when Momma’s became too ordinary for them. But then she was also reminded of images of Gabe saying, “The only way she would come to a coochie hunting dive like that would be with her.” That statement made Xinn smile despite her panic of not knowing where Gabe could be.

“Well Xinn,” Roxanne said with furrowed brows before taking a swig of the beer.

“The only places I know that Gabe could be are the ones you and her have gone to or…Oh shit, snap.” Roxanne spat whirling around on her bar seat with bulging eyes.

“What about that place that Gabe always bragged about taking you? You were too skeptical about going because legend has it that although it is a place of serenity, couples went there to make out.”

Roxanne snapped her fingers a few times while encouraging Xinn and Mom to jump in at anytime with the name of the place by waving her hand wildly up and down. Xinn and Mom concentrated on the place while tapping their fingers and feet upon the counter and floor trying to think of the place themselves.

After several seconds of finger snapping and foot tapping Momma lifted her head and cautiously said, “Is that Make Out Mountain y’all talk about?”

“YEESSSS!” Roxanne exclaimed jumping from her seat and pointing zealously at Momma as if she had answered the bonus question on the million-dollar pyramid.

“THAT’S IT MOMMA. C’mon Xinn, I bet that’s where she’s at.”

“But Anne that is across the state line, surely she wouldn’t go that far. On a good day it will take us almost two hours to get there.”

“Shut up Xinn. That is exactly where she will go.” Roxanne ticked while snatching her stepsister up off the seat.

“That is exactly where a troubled woman in love would go. She would go to a place that relaxes her and gives her a benevolent location to think over her problems, now c’mon.”

It did take the pair nearly two hours to get there. So to pass the time they talked a little about women.

“Xinn,” Roxanne began while weaving artfully through traffic over the river bypass.

“Answer me something.”


“Do you love Gabe…you know…like girls in love do?”

Xinn stayed quiet and contemplated her answer before speaking.

“All I know is Roxanne, is that I have never been happier with anyone than I am as when I am with Gabe.”

The girls went quiet again. That wasn’t the answer that Roxanne wanted so she had to come up with another question that would aid her in getting at the truth. Xinn was smart as hell when it came to interrogation. As a matter of fact she took pride in it. If her subtle questions didn’t get you her physical techniques certainly would.

“She kinda makes you feel complete doesn’t she?”

“Yes.” Was all of a response that Roxanne got from Xinn.

“W’at would you do if someone harmed Gabe?”

“Kill ‘em.”

“Damn…you didn’t have to think about that huh?” Roxanne said with a chuckle.

The car went quiet again. Only the noise of the busy traffic around them could be heard.

“What does it feel like to kiss a woman?” Xinn asked faintly.

Roxanne pulled up slowly to the stop sign light off the bridge and patiently gazed over at Xinn who was staring out her window avoiding her sister’s gaze. Xinn wanted to conversate about being with women. That was a sign that maybe there was hope for her and Gabe to develop a relationship. But Xinn would have to make the first step. It had been her all along that had resisted her feelings for the little blonde, not Gabe.

“Well it all depends on who you are with. What you feel for that person, and…Are you just wanting to get laid or do you want to be loved?”

“Hmmmmm.” Xinn moaned.

Roxanne didn’t want her to lose interest so she proceeded to create a scenario.

“Say for example you and Gabe kissed. First of all you know this person means more than the world to you and you want to show her that. So all of the emotions that you feel inside you relay through your kiss.”

“Xinn do you remember my first girlfriend?”

Xinn gave the question some thought before leaning back laughing.

“Are you talking about that little gutter rat that always wore baggy clothes and wore her hat turned backwards?”

“Yeah, that’s her. And she wasn’t a fucking gutter rat either, so stop calling her that!”

“Oh my…am I to take it that you still have feelings for her?” Xinn returned sarcastically, still chuckling.

“See?” Roxanne snapped. “I was about to tell you about our first kiss, but now I’m not.”

“Okay…Okay, don’t get so sensitive. I’m just kidding.” Xinn said with a sisterly pat to Roxanne’s hand.

“Awright…but don’t choo talk about my first love anymore…wench.” Xinn laid her head against the cool window and muffled her laughter while signaling with her other hand for Roxanne to continue.

“Anyhow,” Roxanne said rolling her eyes. “The first time I kissed her, her breath sifted warmly over my face as we pulled one another close and our lips met. I couldn’t contain the moan that floated through my mouth into hers. Not only did it make my body go rigid, it made my hair stand on ends and my breath grew short. By the time we pulled apart, we were dizzy. And boy I was hotter than I’d ever been. In other words I was ready to get it on, but we were young and we didn’t exactly know how to go any further.”

“So what did you do after the kiss?” Roxanne smiled to herself. Xinn was interested. That was another sign that Xinn was on the road to accepting her true feelings toward the one woman that held her heart.

“We touched each other…We became acquainted with each other’s bodies, and with nothing more than a touch.”

“Physical bonding Xinn, is the most important thing any couple will share. Now I know you are not going to believe this coming from my mouth, but I think it is the essence of nature that helps fuse your souls into one.”

“Even though, Rhonda and I aren’t together now I can still say that I love her and will always be in love with her. If she was to walk into my life today and say she wanted me back, I would tear up my little black book and leap into her arms.”

Xinn sat staring at Roxanne as she pulled off onto the road leading to “Make out Mountain.” Roxanne didn’t elaborate on her last statement. She simply closed it by going silent.

Xinn took several deep breaths before stepping out of the car. She was preparing herself for the talk her and Gabe had needed to have for some time now.

“Oh and Xinn…If this gets out…What I just told you that is, we are going out to the whipping shed. Get my meaning sistah?”

Xinn chuckled and reassured her adopted sister that her secret was safe. Besides no one would believe her playa ass would be loyal to anyone anyway. If Xinn did mention it to anyone, SHE would become the laughing stock of the town. Who would believe what Roxanne just said…Not even her own Momma.

“Ready?” Roxanne asked moving over to Xinn’s side of the car and holding it open for her. Xinn took several more deep breaths and nodded her head.

“Good…I’ll go this way and you go in the direction the sun just set in.”

Xinn looked into Roxanne’s eyes and instantly knew she was trying to make herself scarce. Everyone knew how Gabe loved to watch the sunset, and if she were anywhere in that park it would be there. Watching the sun melt into the edges of the earth as the stars rose with the songs of the night.

Xinn straightened her long over-coat and started her journey toward the peak of the mountain and the other part of her heart.

As they had predicted…Gabe was there. Her golden hair swept graciously about her shoulders, with the night’s gentle breeze giving her otherwise still form motion. Xinn halted her forward strides and just listened to the peacefulness of the night.

The stars seemed to welcome Gabe’s company as they twinkled all about her. Xinn’s breath caught as Gabe tilted her head back and beckoned the night breeze to caress her. It did. Xinn watched as Gabe’s breasts rose indescribably and her lungs filled with the crisp coolness of one of the earth’s life giving substances. The cherished scene made her heart ached for Gabe.

Xinn couldn’t wait any longer. She had to get closer. Close enough to touch her.

Xinn moved up to Gabe’s side and ran her fingers symmetrically through her waving, golden locks. Gabe didn’t speak. She simply closed her eyes and lifted her hand to press Xinn’s palm more firmly against her cheek. She too, longed for her Xinn’s touch.

“I knew you would come for me.” She said softly before turning her head slightly and kissing Xinn lovingly inside her palm.

“Come…sit with me.” It was a command that Xinn wouldn’t deny herself the luxury of disobeying. She quickly moved to the other side of Gabe and pulled her tightly into her arms. Gabe hummed her approval while laying her head back on Xinn’s powerful shoulder.

There was no speaking. The couple simply basked in the comfort of each other’s arms. The breeze swept their hair all about the other’s merging them as one. Xinn closed her eyes and inhaled the pleasant scent of Gabe’s hair that had calmed her oh so many times in the past. Gabe’s right hand slid under Xinn’s jacket and over her firm thigh while closing her eyes as well. Xinn’s leather pants were chilling to the touch but surely a welcoming presence. Gabe had prayed for this moment over and over again as she sat on that bench wondering if she would every experience the thrill of Xinn’s arms around her again. Her wish had come true.

Gabe felt her eyes water as her fingers clenched at Xinn’s cloaked thigh. Xinn tightened her hold and hid her face in Gabe’s sweetly fragrant hair. She was home…and no one could tell her differently.

“I love you Gabe.” Xinn whispered so only Gabe and she could witness the confession. “Not only do I love you but…I’m in love with you.”

Gabe turned around slowly in Xinn’s arms and gazed patiently into her eyes. Passion filled them and her sincerity caused the hues in Xinn’s eyes to turn hazel.

“I don’t know where to go from here, but what I do know is that I can’t do it without you. And I don’t want too. This love is all new to me. I’ve never felt like this with anyone. You bring me joy when everything seems hopeless. You make me feel alive, even when things grow bleak. And most of all…You love me even when I’ve managed to fuck up everything.”

Gabe muffled her giggle while tenderly caressing Xinn upon her left cheek.

“I do that because I’m in love with you as well. I do that because I can’t imagine spending a morning or evening without you. I do it because there is no other that I can imagine loving more than I do you. Xinn, you fill my soul and when you are angry with me it tears me up inside. I only want to make you happy and I always…want to keep it that way.”

Xinn gave Gabe a chaste smile before taking her smaller hand into hers, turning it and kissing lightly upon each of her knuckles. She thought back to Roxanne’s conversation about her first kiss, but for some reason she still couldn’t bring herself to do that just now. But she agreed with Roxanne a hundred percent about the physical bonding. Holding Gabe in her arms was like capturing the sunlight and resting it upon her breast while allowing its rays to warm her heart.

“Well,” Amber said quietly from their perch several meters away from the couple.

“What’ll ya say we call it a night? Xinn should be fine now.”

“Yeah, sounds good to me.” Rachel returned rubbing her swollen nose. “I’m tired of looking at her ass anyway.” Both women chuckled quietly before stealthily backing away from the couple undetected.
Part 4
The sun rose with a mission in mind. As its rays surged through Xinn’s partially opened curtains it glared straight in her face.

“GABE!” She exclaimed pulling a pillow down from the sofa over her head. “Please close the curtains.” Xinn senses hadn’t returned fully to her as of yet. So the memories of the previous event between her and Gabe still hadn’t registered.

“PLEASE!” She exclaimed again. “GABE…GABE PLEASE CLOSE THE GAD DAMN CURTAINS.” Still there was no response.

Xinn slid further back behind the sofa and slowly lifted the pillow. Her eyes were blurry and her head was pounding like crazy. But it didn’t take her long to realize that there was no Gabe and she was all alone.

Xinn pulled the pillow down upon her breasts and slowly rolled into a fetal position and cried. The problem that she try to wash away with beer was still there and the woman that she longed to hold wasn’t around for her to tell her she was sorry.

Xinn cried for what seemed like a lifetime. Her eyes were red and puffy when she did finally decide that sitting and crying about her problems wasn’t going to get Gabe back. She then dragged her self up to the couch and laid her head upon the sofa’s cushion praying that just this once she could come up with a full proof way of making this all go away.

Not the fact that she loved and wanted to be with Gabe. But the fact that if she openly loved Gabe the way a man did she would be labeled as a dyke. The one word she continually used to badger her very own mother. The one word she knew, for a while, DID make her mother feel ashamed of herself and her supposedly unnatural desires. Yet…Xinn knew in her heart she couldn’t fight the force of love. She not only loved Gabe, but she was in love with her. That, along with picking up a new label, once it was known that she loved Gabe, frightened her.

She couldn’t recall a morning that she did not wake up and Gabe was there laying beside her telling her to get up. Usually she was up at the crack of dawn, but once she became partners with the little tenacious one, and since Gabe enjoyed waking her up, she start making it a point to sleep in.

This morning though it was different. Never in her life did she feel so empty…so lost…so lonely.

“I’ve got to get her back…Fuck what the world thinks. It doesn’t seem to bother Roxanne or Amber and Rachel. And it shouldn’t matter to me either. I want to be happy. I deserve it. And Gabe is what will make me happy. I’m going to tell her that too when I see her down at the station.” Xinn stated purposely while crawling over to the bed and pulling her self up to sit on it.

“Just as soon as my fucking head stop throbbing and I can drag my ass into that damn shower.” She said right before passing out again.


About three hours later Xinn regain conciousness. Although her headache wasn’t as painful as before it was still there. All the way to the shower she stumbled and mumbled incoherent things. Strange, it was obvious that she was in great pain, but Xinn never anticipated the emptiness that was in her heart as well.


After taking a long needed shower Xinn dragged herself back into the bed room and got dress from work. Her arrival at the station wasn’t expected and definitely not welcomed. Unlike the usual mornings full of play and teasing, everyone remained silent and some even turned away so that they didn’t have to look at her. Her appearance wasn’t shocking seeing as she was dressed in her usual leather. But the uplifted collar on her granny leather jacket and black shades she bought did set if off from usual style. Her eyes were hidden. Her hair was disheveled. And her entire demeanor was sluggish. Certainly an abnormal behavior even for Xinn. But then again, the little blonde wasn’t at her side today.

“What are you doing here?” The captain asked as Xinn drug past her door.

Xinn halted in her steps and review her thoughts before answering.

“I’m here for work.” She returned not bothering to turn and look inside at the Captain. It was apparent that Xinn wasn’t herself today. But the Captain was definitely thrown off balance when she saw the shades. That meant that Xinn was still suffering from a hang over and probably had been drinking all night.

“Come here.” The captain commanded quietly.

Xinn sighed and threw back her coat on both sides of her and rested her palms upon each hip before fulfilling the Captain’s wish.

“How does it feel Xinn to not have Gabe wake you up in the morning? How does it feel to not be able to pull her body close to yours and smell the elegance of her clean body? How does it feel to not have someone to tell you, even though you’ve fucked up major, that everything is going to be alright? Gabe did that for you…willingly. And you spoke to her like a common whore. Was that what you wanted Xinn, to make Gabe feel like trash. Well…” the Captain uttered while sitting back in her seat.

“Let me be the first to congratulate you. You’ve succeeded. I must commend you again, because at least you made it to work.”

“What are you saying.” Xinn said as her head tilted downward to look at the Captain.

“What I’m saying is, is that Gabe isn’t at work…and she didn’t call in.”

Xinn whirled around faster than she desire, and stumbled in her stance a tad before straightening and searching from desk to desk for her little blonde friend.

“That’s impossible…Gabe always calls in before she takes off. She’s here somewhere.” Xinn stated starting back toward the door.

“No,” the Captain said sternly. “No, Xinn SHE’S not here. I know how particular Gabe is about her leave, that’s why I’m thinking of sending someone over to her place. It is not like her to miss work…I just pray our little, “Gay Town,” Murderer didn’t run across her on such a day as she had yesterday.”

“Awright Captain,” Xinn snarled while looking over her shoulder at the Captain. “I fucked up…Is that what you want to hear. I fucked up. I didn’t mean for none of this shit to happen. Instead of just letting nature take it’s course you decide to give it a boost by trying to make a couple out of us before we are ready.”

“Aw Xinn, I think you’ve under shot that estimate a little. You see Gabe luuuuvvvs you,” the Captain drawled as she rested her elbows on top of the desk.

“And she will tell the world that. You see she’s not frightened by the prospect of being in love with you. It is you that is still dealing with the same taunting ghost that you sent after your mother. If you think Life is a bitch…you ought’ah try the truth, especially with some one like you Xinn. Miss I prefer men. Keep holding onto that it’s surely to set you free…Or, bury you deep, deep, deep in a hole.”

Xinn continued to stare into the Captain’s direction before responding. However, just like always it wasn’t what the Captain expected.

“Don’t bother to send ANYONE out for Gabe. I’ll find her. ” Xinn said while turning to step into the huge squadbay of desk and chairs. The Captain leaned back in her chair once more while watching Xinn leave. Unlike how she drug in this morning. There was a little more pep in her step and a little more dip in her hip.

The Captain didn’t need to look into Xinn’s eyes to know that the last statement she made about the, “Gay Town Murderer,” had the lieutenant on pins and needles now. The Captain knew If she didn’t find Gabe before night fall the entire city will be in fear of Xinn. Xinn’s more passive and sound judgement came from Gabe and when she’s not in Xinn’s corner. Xinn is liable to do anything.

“Keep an eye on her,” The Captain said to Amber and a bandage nosed Rachel with a nudge of her head. “When Gabe is not with her Xinn can be rather intimidating to our private citizens.”

Xinn started her investigation at her partner’s apartment, in which Gabe her self decorated. It was rare that Xinn went into Gabe’s bedroom, but as she stepped inside and removed the key from the lock that was the first place she thought of looking.

Gabe had changed the room again. The room carried a dark decorum to it. If anyone would judge how Gabe’s home would look they probably would imagine it being embellished with all kinds of pastel colors and colors of the rainbow since her persona was the majority of the time pleasant and friendly.

But as Xinn’s eyes moved observantly around the room she determined that there was so much more to her partner that many didn’t know. She’d always heard of the old saying that even the sweetest child in the class has an evil streak. And in Gabe’s case the fact was surely to be true. No one would ever picture any of her rooms being black and certainly not her bedroom.

Everything in Gabe’s room was either black or laced in animal prints. She had two large black bear skin rugs laying on each side of her bed and one right down front of the small fireplace in the corner of her room.

As Xinn quietly sat down on the firm water bed her eyes fell upon a picture of her and Gabe when they went on vacation together in Jamacia. It brought a smile to her face. The island boys were rather disappointed, but Xinn couldn’t think of a more eventful time. Her and Gabe were so snug with one another’s company that there wasn’t a need for the island boys.

<As a matter of fact…> Xinn thought with a snort. <I didn’t get laid the entire week.>

Events of the vacation from beginning to ending prompt Xinn to smile even though things weren’t at their best right now. Yet deep in her heart she knew that if she had to crawl on her hands and knees to receive forgiveness from Gabe she would do it. Nothing was worth loosing Gabe’s friendship, especially her stupidity.

Xinn gathered the picture up into her hands before resting it gently upon her legs.

“I love you Gabe,” She whispered to no one in particular. “I always have. And I always will. I won’t let my insecurities keep me from loving you. Nor will I permit it to loose you.”

Xinn placed the picture back on the night stand by the bed and wiped away the tears that had spill from her swollen eyelids. She then stood and checked the place once more before heading over to Momma’s. If anyone could help steady her thoughts and emotions now it would be Momma and Roxanne.

The ride to the Cy-Rian’s was a quiet one. Xinn didn’t bother to turn on the radio like she usually do so that Gabe could play around with the stations until she found one that she enjoyed. Instead she concentrated on where Gabe could be. Every place she thought of was a dead end. She thought of the clubs that her and Gabe occasionally attended when Momma’s became too routine for them. But then she was also reminded of images of Gabe saying, “The only way she would come to a coochie hunting dive like that would be with her.” That statement made Xinn smile despite her panic of not knowing where Gabe could be.

“Well Xinn,” Roxanne said with furrowed brows before taking a swig of the beer Momma had given bot of them to calm their nerves.

“The only place I know that Gabe could be is the ones you and her have went to or…Oh shit, snap. Xinn,” Roxanne spat whirling around on her bar seat with bulging eyes.

“What about that place that Gabe always bragged about taking you. But you were too skeptic about going because legend has it that although it is a peaceful and serene place, couples go there to make out.” Roxanne snapped her fingers a few times while encouraging Xinn and Mom to jump in anytime with the name of the place by waving her hand fiercely up and down. Xinn and Mom concentrated on the place while tapping their fingers and foot upon the counter and floor trying to think of the place them selves.

After several seconds of finger snapping and foot tapping Momma lifted her head and cautiously said, “Is that Make Out Mountain you’re talking about?”

“YEESSSS!” Roxanne exclaimed jumping from her seat and pointing zealously at Momma as if she had answered the bonus question of the million dollar pyramid correctly. “THAT’S IT MOMMA. Com’on Xinn, I bet there is where she’s at.”

“But Anne that is across the state line, surely she wouldn’t go that far. On a good day it will take us almost five hours to get there.”

“Shut up Xinn. That is exactly where she will go.” Roxanne ticked while snatching her step sister up off the seat.

“That is exactly where a troubled woman in love would go. She would go to a place that relax her and gave her a benevolent place to think over her problems, now com’on.”

It did take the pair nearly five hours to get there. So to pass the time they talked a little about women.

“Xinn,” Roxanne begin while weaving artfully through traffic over the river bypass.

“Answer me something.”


“Do you love Gabe…you know…like girls in love do?”

Xinn stayed quiet and contemplated her answer before speaking.

“All I know is Roxanne, is that I have never been happier with anyone than I am as when I am with Gabe.”

The girls went quiet again. That wasn’t the answer that Roxanne wanted so she had to come up with another question that will aid her in getting at the truth. Xinn was smart as hell when it came to interrogation. As a matter of fact she take pride in it. If her subtle questions didn’t get you her physical technics certainly would.

“She kinda makes you feel complete doesn’t she?”

“Yes.” Was all of a response that Roxanne got from Xinn.

“W’at would you do if someone harmed Gabe.”

“Kill ‘em.”

“Damn…you didn’t have to think about that huh?” Roxanne said with a chuckle.

The car went quiet again. Only the noise of the busy traffic around them could be heard.

“What does it feel like to kiss a woman?” Xinn asked faintly.

Roxanne pulled up slowly to the stop sign right off the bridge and patiently gazed over a Xinn who was staring out her window avoiding her sister’s gaze. Xinn wanted to conversate about being with women. That was a sign that maybe there was hope for her and Gabe to develop a relationship. But Xinn would have to make the first step. It has been her all along that have resisted her feelings for the little blonde. Not Gabe.

“Well it all depends on who you are with? What you feel for that person? And…Are you just wanting to get laid or do you want to be loved?”

“Hmmmmm.” Xinn moaned.

Roxanne didn’t want her to loose interest so she proceeded to create a scenario.

“Say for example you and Gabe kissed. First of all you know this person means more than the world to you and you want to show her that. So all of the emotions that you feel in side you relay that in your kiss.”

“Xinn do you remember my first girl friend?”

Xinn gave the question a thought before leaning back laughing.

“Are you talking about that little gutter rat that always wore baggy clothes and her hat turned backwards?”

“Yeah, that’s her. And she wasn’t a fucking gutter rat, so stop calling her that?”

“Oh my…am I to take it that you still have feelings for her?” Xinn returned sarcastically, still chuckling.

“See,” Roxanne tiff. “I was about to tell you about our first kiss, but now I’m not.”

“Okay…Okay, don’t get so sensitive. I’m just kidding.” Xinn said with a sisterly pat to Roxanne’s hand that was hanging limply over the arm rest between their seats.

“Awright…but don’t talk about my first love anymore…wanch.” Xinn laid her head against the cool window and muffled her laughter while signaling with her other hand for Roxanne to continue.

“Anyhow,” Roxanne said rolling her eyes. “The first time I kissed her, her breath sifted warmly over my face as we pulled one another close and our lips met. I couldn’t contain the moan that floated through my mouth into hers. Not only did it make my body go rigid, but it made my hair stand on ends and my breath grew short. By the time we pulled apart from thoroughly tasting each other’s lips and tongues, we were dizzy. And boy I was hotter than I’d ever been. In other words I was ready to get it on, but we were young and we didn’t exactly know how to go further.”

“So what did you do after the kiss?” Roxanne smiled to herself. Xinn was interested. That was another sign that Xinn was on the road to accepting her real feelings toward the one woman that held her joy.

“We touched each other…We became acquainted with each other’s bodies, and with nothing more than a touch.”

“Physical Bonding Xinn, is the most important thing any couple will share. Now I know you are not going to believe this coming from my mouth, but I think it is the essence of nature that helps blend your souls into one.”

“Even though, Rhonda and I aren’t together now I can still say that I love her and will always be in love with her. If she was to walk into my life today and say she wanted me back. I would tear up my little black book and leap into her arms.”

Xinn sat staring at Roxanne as she pulled off onto the road leading to “Make out Mountain.” Roxanne didn’t elaborate on her last statement. She just simply closed it by going silent.

Xinn took several deep breaths before stepping out of the car. She was preparing herself for the talk her and Gabe have been needing to address for some time now.

“Oh and Xinn…If this gets out what I just told you that is, we are going out to the whipping shed. Get my meaning sistah?”

Xinn chuckle and reassured her adopted sister that her secret was safe with her. Beside no one would believe her playa ass would be loyal to any one any way. If Xinn did mention it to any one SHE would become the laughing stock of the town. Who would believe what Roxanne just said…Not even her own Momma.

“Ready?” Roxanne asked moving over to Xinn’s side of the car and holding it open for her. Xinn took several more deep breaths and nodded her head.

“Good…I’ll go this way and you go in the direction the sun just set in.”

Xinn looked into Roxanne’s eyes and instantly knew she was trying to make her self scarce. Every one knew how Gabe loved to watch the sunset, and if she was any where in that park it would be there. Watching the sun melt into the edges of the earth as the night rose with songs of the night.

Xinn straightened her long over coat and started her journey toward the peak of the mountain and the other part of her heart.

As they had predicted…Gabe was there. Her golden hair swept graciously about her shoulders with the night’s gentle breeze. Giving her still form motion. Xinn halted her pursuit and just listen to the peacefulness of the night.

The stars seemed to welcome Gabe’s company as they twinkled all about her. Xinn breath caught as Gabe tilted her head back and beckoned the night air to caress her. It did. Xinn watched as Gabe’s breasts rose indescribably and her lungs filled with the crisp coolness of one of the earth’s life giving substance. The cherished scene made her heart ached for Gabe.

Xinn couldn’t wait any longer. She had to get closer. Close enough to touch her.

Xinn moved up to Gabe’s side and ran her fingers symmetrically through her waving golden locks. Gabe didn’t speak. She simply closed her eyes and lifted her hand to press Xinn’s palm more firmly against her cheek. She too, longed for her love’s touch…Xinn’s touch.

“I knew you would come for me.” She said softly before turning her head slightly and kissing Xinn lovingly inside her palm.

“Come…sit with me.” It was a command that Xinn wouldn’t deny her self the luxury. She quickly moved to the other side of Gabe and pulled her tightly into her arms. Gabe hummed her approval while laying her head back on Xinn’s powerful shoulder.

There was no speaking. The couple simply basked in the comfort of each other’s arms. The stoical breeze swept their hair all about the others merging them as one. Xinn closed her eyes and inhaled the pleasant scent of Gabe’s hair that calmed her oh so many times. Gabe’s right hand slid under Xinn’s jacket and over her firm thigh while closing her eyes as well. Xinn leather pants was chilling to the touch but surely a welcoming presence. Gabe had prayed for this moment over and over again as she sat on that bench wondering if she would every experience the frill of Xinn’s arms around her again. Her wish had come true.

Gabe felt her eyes water as her fingers clinch at Xinn’s cloaked thigh. Xinn tightened her hold and hid her face among Gabe’s sweet fragrance hair. She was home…and no one could tell her differently.

“I love you Gabe.” Xinn whispered so only Gabe and her could witness the confession.

“Not only that…I’m, in love with you.”

Gabe turned around slowly in Xinn’s arms and gazed patiently into her eyes. Passion filled them and her sincerity cause the hues in Xinn’s eyes to turn hazel.

“I don’t know where to go from here, but what I do know is that I can’t do it without you. And I don’t want too. This love is all new to me. I’ve never felt like this with anyone. You bring me joy when everything seem hopeless. You make me feel alive, even when things grow bleak. And most of all…You love me even when I’ve managed to fuck up everything.”

Gabe muffled her giggle while tenderly caressing Xinn upon her left cheek.

“I do that because I’m in love with you as well. I do that because I can’t imagine not sharing a morning or evening without you. I do it because there is no other that I can imagine loving more than I do you. You, Xinn fill my soul and when you are angry with me it tears me up inside. I only want to make you happy and I always…want to keep it that way.”

Xinn gave Gabe a chaste smile before taking her smaller hands into hers, turning it and kissing it lightly upon each of her knuckles. She thought about her and Roxanne’s conversation about her first kiss, but for some reason she still couldn’t bring herself to do that just now. But she agreed with Roxanne a hundred percent about the physical bonding. Holding Gabe in her arms was like capturing the sunlight and resting it upon her breast while allowing its rays to warm her heart.


“Well,” Amber said quietly from their perch several meters away from the couple. “What’ll ya say we call it a night. Xinn should be fine now.”

“Yeah, sounds good to me.” Rachel returned rubbing her swollen nose. “I’m tired of looking at her ass anyway.” Both women chuckled before stealthily backing away from the couple undetected.
Part 5
“W’at’ll ya say we call it a night.” Xinn said softly in Gabe’s ear. “You look tired and I know I am.”

Gabe smiled and consented with a nod of her head.

“AAAHHHH! GET OUT OF HERE!” Someone screamed. Just as Xinn and Gabe cleared one of many bushes. Crouched near a parked car they saw Roxanne shining a bright light (Xinn’s police flash light) in on a snuggling couple and cackling like a hyena.

“Get it girl…smack that ass.” She cheered while bobbing up and down outside of the couple’s car.

Xinn ran up behind her and grabbed her by the neck and pulled her away from the car.

“OWWWUCH!” She shrieked.

W’at in the hell do you think you are doing.”

“Xinn…girl, Home girl was whacking that ass so serious that they didn’t even know I was there until I turned on the light. Man…sistah girl had her humping and screaming like she was a mad dog.

“Uuuhhh…uuuhhh,” She mimicked while grinding her hips.

Gabe couldn’t keep from laughing as Xinn drug her, still hyped sistah, back to their own car.

“Get in and turn off that flashlight.”

“Skank…all I was trying to do was have a little fun.”

“Yeah right,” Xinn said shutting the door behind Gabe. “And if they wanted to press charges on your peeping tom ass I’d have to arrest ya, li’l sister.”

“This is the appreciation I get after bringing her up here to get HER girl. I can’t even have a little fun.” Roxanne mumbled before jumping into a conversation with Gabe.

Xinn dropped Roxanne off and bid her a good night before they headed over to Gabe’s place.

“Ummmm,” Gabe moaned vainly while attempting to massage the stiffness out of her neck.

“I’m going to take a shower. Then I’m going to bed. Look through my dresser over there and see if there’s anything in there that you can wear tonight.”

Xinn snorted and said, “That’s alright…I don’t wear anything to bed.”

Gabe whirled around in shock and stared at Xinn.


“You mean you are going to sleep beside me totally naked.” Gabe asked before thinking, <Good gosh woman, what are you trying to do to me, kill me. Lord, I’m only human.>

“Is there a problem with that?” Xinn asked with playful eyes. While throwing her coat back and grinding her hips.

“Uh,” Gabe could feel the beads of perspiration form on her forehead, and her hands began to sweat.

“Nah…nah…noooo…Psssst,” she whiff heading for the shower.

<I am going to die. This is it. It’s official, the woman I love is going to bear all in my bed. Help me Jesus…help me>. Gabe thought closing the door behind her trembling body. <Cold shower, that’s what I need, a nice cold shower>.

After both women had finished their showers they crept into the bed while holding each other’s gaze. Still uncertain about being with one another and no doubt sleeping in the same bed.

As they slid under the covers anxiety build like never before. Yes, they’ve woken up plenty of days before and stared into the others face. But this was different. Now that they’ve confessed a love for one another they felt their emotions were surely on end now.

“Uh Xinn, honey, I can feel your breath on the back of my neck honey. Back it up a tad.”

“W’at…you don’t want me to hold you?” Xinn asked with a smirk on her face, rather taken with how little it took for her to excite Gabe.

“Hell no I don’t want you to hold me. As a matter of fact I don’t want you near me. My breath is short, my body is heated and…and…and, oh lord, I think my nipples are hardening. GET OVER…NOW!” Gabe exclaimed with waving hands.

Xinn chuckled and rolled over a tad.

“Good…I don’t even have to touch you to make you mine?” Gabe giggled at the recollection before taking a couple of deep breaths and nodding her head up and down.

Xinn smiled and rolled away from Gabe as her partner pulled the covers up about both their bodies.

“Good night Gabe.” Xinn purred in a flesh caressing tone.

“Stop that…Just stop it. Gosh, I think I’m feeling faint.”

Xinn chuckled again before settling down for sleep. Gabe turned her back to Xinn and tried to steady her breathing.

<This is it. I am going to die in my sleep without even kissing her. Damn I’ve never been so turned on in my life… Uh, one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi, four…> Gabe chanted trying to force her self to sleep.

“Uh Gabe honey,” Xinn said rolling over to stare upon her apprehensive partner’s back.

“Could you do that quietly please…It’s hard enough for me trying to go to sleep in this dark forest of wild life. But on top of it you won’t let me cuddle with ya.”

“Stop it Xinn. Stop it…I’m about to have an emotional overload here. And you are finding it amusing. Just don’t speak and I won’t either.” Gabe then slugged her pillow a few times before thrusting the side of her head down upon it…really hard.

Somehow during the night the women got tangle up in each other’s arms. Xinn woke up first like she usually does. Around about an hour before Gabe arrives. (But Gabe doesn’t know that.) And checked out the surroundings.

Her eyes floated over the darkened room until something else grabbed her attention. Gabe arms were wrapped tightly around Xinn’s waist and her legs were coiled around Xinn’s in a vice grip. But what gain Xinn’s utmost attention was where gabe’s lips were.

The gentle flow of Gabe’s warm breath cascade over her tanned left nipple prompting it to throb like crazy. And each time Gabe exhaled her nipple grew resistant. Plus, Xinn was amazed by the significant amount of wetness that was accumulating down at her center.

She was so wired that she couldn’t keep her hips from rocking against Gabe’s buried thigh. She could almost feel Gabe’s tongue circle her tit’s love knot and spoofs of her heated breath filtering all around it. Just then Gabe’s head rocked and her lips brushed against Xinn’s taunt nipple. Xinn shrieked. Instantly awaking Gabe out of her sound sleep.

“W’at’s wrong Gabe said skillfully fondling and caressing Xinn’s body searching blindly for injuries.

“Hay stop that…stop that.” Xinn said slapping Gabe’s hands. Warding off any further stimulation of her already overheated body.

Gabe snatched her hands back and rubbed her eyes. She still hadn’t woken up fully.

“I was just checking to see if you were alright. It sounded like you screamed.”

“For someone to not want me to touch them, you were all over me.” Xinn said gazing up at Gabe with a mischievous smirk on her face.

“Aw…don’t play like you didn’t like it Ms. Rock hard nipples.” Gabe said tossing the cover back off her short flushed thighs.

Her sleeping shirt had road up around her hips. Giving Xinn a full picture of her appetizing hips and partial view of her plump back side as she rolled to the other side of the bed and sat up.

Xinn had to close her eyes to steady her desires. She could just feel her scorching clit sliding gently over Gabe’s healthy rear end and her body exploding from the feeling.

“So Gabe,” Xinn started rolling over to prop her self up on her side to face her partner.

“Just how many men have you let hit it?”

“Hay,” Gabe said spinning around pretending to be upset by the provocation of her partner’s question.

“I don’t kiss and tell,” She said quickly turning away avoiding Xinn’s gaze.

“Ooh…Ooh…Ooh wee,” Xinn gasped in shock while springing to a sitting position.

You see Gabe may be able to lie to others. But Xinn knew, for a fact, that if Gabe avoided eye contact she was about to change or alter the truth. She was about lie…okay.

“You’ve been lying all this time. You haven’t been with any of those men have you?” Xinn asked crawling down to the foot of the bed to check out her now dressing partner. Gabe didn’t say anything.

She didn’t know what to say but she knew that there was no need of lying because Xinn was already on her. Xinn had the instinct of an ancient warrior. Once she got a whiff of blood or in this case the truth, she’d latch on like a pit bull in a serious fight and hang on until the person was screaming out the truth. And she wasn’t far from doing that with Gabe and they both knew it.

“I’m going to go and fix us some breakfast,” Gabe said slipping out of her night shirt and changing the subject.

Xinn observed her partner’s body like she’d never done before. Gabe was perfect in every dimension. Her back was like a well-structured plain. It thinned out at her waist and fanned out into a shapely rising of proportionate beauty. Gabe had the kind of ass that you could just imagine your self fanning open and nipping at its supple boundaries. Xinn couldn’t keep from licking her lips.

“Com’on Gabe,” Xinn said watching Gabe step behind the large black poppa sung chair sitting just right side of the door and traded her underwear for some daisy dukes she always wore around the house.

“No, I’m not telling.” She said licking out her tongue and leaving the room.

Xinn decided that it was best that she just linger back for a while and check out Gabe’s deportment…and those nasty daisy dukes that displayed a right smart amount of Gabe’s fine sized ass, that swayed invitingly from side to side as she walked. She could just feel her self slowly grinding her Suzy against it. Streaking Gabe’s backside with her silky love oils.

Gabe’s first stop was the kitchen. She popped a wet one out of it’s casing on the counter and wiped the sleep from her face. She then headed over to the sink and proceeded to wash her hands before starting breakfast.

Xinn laid back thinking to her self. <Now I can get use to this. Not only is she so cute, but she’s enterprising, and filled with mother wit (explicit homemaker abilities and common sense)>.

Living with Big Momma could definitely enhance one’s ability in southern language and meanings. If anyone should know that it would be Xinn and Roxanne.

Momma was always telling them that cleanliness was next to Godliness, which was definitely a priceless quality for any woman to have. And common sense, well common sense was just another term for Experience is a good teacher.

Gabe had all of those qualities and so much, much more. As Xinn watched Gabe stooped and bend to pick up armrest coverings and small rugs she noticed that she had a clear view of even more spectacular qualities. And on top of that Xinn would swear on her life that Gabe was a virgin.

The smell of breakfast and the enticing view made Xinn hotter and hungrier by the minute. Yet, eating breakfast was far from her mind. As she slid from the bed and sauntered stealthily up behind Gabe she couldn’t keep from wrapping her arms around her and pulling her close.

“Xinn, uh…honey what are you doing?” Gabe asked with a questioning look on her face.

“You’ve never made it with any of those men did you Gabe?” Xinn spurred while sweeping Gabe’s hair off her left shoulder and planting a soft kiss upon it.

“Uh…Oh lord…Xiiiiinnnn,” Gabe seeped while rolling her head more to the side allowing Xinn more access to her soft pale neck.

Gabe couldn’t keep from loosing her grip on the handle of the small portable vaccum cleaner she was using to tidy up. It glided to the floor in a soft thud. Freeing her hands for other possibilities.

“You’re a virgin…arn’tchoo Gabe?”

Gabe whimpered as Xinn left hand slid up under the thin tank top and caressed Gabe’s firm stomach.

“What…are…you…doing Xinn?” Gabe panted while reaching back and clasping Xinn lengthy thighs and pulling her closer.

“Touch’in you…” Xinn traced as her left hand slip up over Gabe’s left breast. Gabe’s body went rigid from the motion. Xinn’s touch was not only electrifying, but chilling too.

Gabe felt her body tremble from no other apparent reason, but her partner’s caress.

“No man has ever touch you like I am now…Have they Gabe?” Xinn questioned while reaching for the ends of Gabes blouse and bringing up over her head.

“Xinn,” Gabe panted while slowly turning to look up into her Adonis’ eyes.

“Don’t you think we may be going a little too fast.” She said with her arms now criss cross over her breasts.

Xinn caressed both of Gabe’s flushed cheeks and gave her an adventurous smile as her hands cascaded over her shoulder’s, down the outside of her arms, and over the waist of the daisy dukes. She then stared into Gabe’s eyes and whispered, “All I want, is touch you…to feel what I have in my dreams…to sample the fire of your body as it float into mine.” She then dropped down into an open legged squat. Dragging Gabes unlatched shorts with her.

Without messing up the tempo Xinn urged Gabe to step out of them as her eyes comb over her partner’s entire body in amazement. Time stood still as Xinn caressed the in and outs of Gabe’s thighs. Prompting the little blonde’s essence to flow with ease and her excitement to mount like incense. Xinn closed her eyes and inhaled. Again, she licked her lips. Why…she had no idea, why?

Xinn’s hair flowed mystically over her shoulders as she tilted her head back and looked up into Gabe’s loving gaze. The feeling that came over Gabe was capturing. She got to see something in Xinn’s face that she’s never had the pleasure of viewing before…it was passion.

The petite blonde braided her fingers softly through the shapely beauty’s hair and silently beckoned her to her. And for the first time the desire to kiss Xinn was overwhelming.

Slowly Xinn regained her stance and pulled Gabe close. Their warm bodies melted into the others. Hands cascaded over heated bodies causing flames of desire to rage within. Breathing stalled as they stared into each other’s eyes and their lips sought closure.

Finally…their lips met. Ever so tenderly they each sample the sweetness of the other’s. The kiss was slow, consuming and examining. Neither of them had ever felt such a longing. Gradually the kiss intensify to raw sucking and nibbling as their bodies stirred and started to grind against the other.

Xinn pulled back from the kiss and gently turned Gabe around so that her back was to her.

“I’m going to touch you now Gabe. I want to know what your entire body feels like when it ignites from my touch.”

Gabe’s head fell back onto Xinn’s strong shoulder as her legs instinctively opened. Xinn didn’t waste any time caressing Gabe’s temple of desire.

Xinn closed her eyes as her traveling hands drifted up to Gabe’s breasts gently cupping them and pressing them to her body in a firm squeeze.

Gabe whimpered and closed her eyes as well, while elegantly arching her back. Xinn could swear she was growing light headed as she dipped in her opened legs stance and drug her scorching clit upward over Gabe’s full backside.

Xinn growled from the drawn out motion as her left hand drifted down Gabe’s body down into her singeing pool of love. Gabe whimpered again. She couldn’t shake the urge to pull Xinn in closer as her head bobbed back and forth on her mighty partner’s shoulder.

As Xinn wetness filtered out onto her grinding buttocks Gabe’s love began to pool out into the still air all over Xinn’s long stroking fingers. Releasing the staggering musk of both their excitements.

Over and over again Xinn drug her pulsating power beacon over Gabe’s ass. Instinctively creating the mathematics of lover’s long gone.

Gabe clawed at Xinn’s flexing thighs as her partner’s hand swept repeatedly over her throbbing clit. Secretly pleading for the feeling to not end.

“Oh…Xinn,” (whimpering) “Harder…” she panted as her hips jerked. Plowing her drenched cherry patch up against Xinn tucked thumb.

Xinn complied and so did her grind. Xinn’s other hand dropped down around Gabe’s waist and pulled her closer as her eyes slammed shut and her motions became more powerful.

Gabe was finding it hard to breathe as her hips took on a demanding grind of their own. Shoving her aching clit forcefully against Xinn’s buried hand and fingers. Xinn was in the zone now. Nothing mattered to her now but their satisfaction.

Her legs began to tremble as her forceful grinding pounded her blazing clit against Gabe ass commanding release. Gabe cried out and Xinn lost it. Harder and harder her hand and ass worked. Hurling them breathlessly into a release that forced them both to their knees and into a soul snatching release.

“Dear Lord,” Gabe panted as both women slid down onto the floor wrapped closely to each other’s body.

“That,” (pants and gasp), “was out of this world. Let’s do it again.” She heaved before chuckling. Xinn couldn’t keep from laughing either. She’d never felt a climax quite like that before. Even after fucking Raymond for hours. She’d never felt so filled.

“I concur with that.” She replied with laughter while rolling onto her back and for the first time opening her eyes since their touching began.

“Gabe,” she choked while fanning about the clouds of smoke that was filling the room.

“Is that our breakfast?”

Gabe rolled toward Xinn and opened her eyes.

“Shiiiiiittt!” She exclaimed bolting to her feet and over to the stove.

After removing the pots and skillet from the flames she looked over at a now standing Xinn, with a coy smile and said, “How about we go out for breakfast?” Xinn leaned back chortling while lifting her arms to summoning her little blonde lover to her.

“And here I was lusting for some of your home cooked vittles.” She gasped spurring both women into laughter again while heading back into the bedroom to get cleaned up and dressed.

“Hay! Hay! Hay! Here come my bay-by.” Momma yelled out over the club from her usual place. Smiling over at Gabe.

Xinn sauntered in holding a talking Gabe’s hand, as usual, and smiling brightly like she was when her mother handed her the keys to her very first car.

“Momma,” she started over the loud music roaring in the background.

“I thought I was your baby.” She said with mischievous eyes. Just like she did that Halloween when her and Roxanne went down to the club on the corner from the Cy-Rian and egg bomb the club and their customers.

“Xinn, I haven’t seen my MEAN baby smile like that since before I had to tan you and Roxanne’s hide for egg shelling Ray’s customer’s down there on the corner.”

Momma stopped what she was doing, regained her full height, and gazed adoringly into Xinn’s eyes before releasing a drawn out sigh before continuing.

“It was the prettiest thing I ever seen then…and it is the prettiest thing that I’ve seen right now.”

Xinn couldn’t keep from blushing as she lowered her head and snorted heartily.

“When you’re smiling like that, it means you are happy.”

Momma then looked over at Gabe and motioned her to her so that she could kiss her on the cheek.

“You are my sweet baby,” she said sitting Gabe an orange juice up on the counter.

“I know because outside of Roxy, only YOU can make my MEAN baby here smile, over there.” She then sat Xinn a glass of orange juice down in front of her before asking them what they wanted to eat.

Roxanne came down the rounding staircase loud as usual. “W’at’s up re-la-tives,” She said audibly while leaping over the last stair and thrusting her hands up in the air as if she had just kicked a field goal.

“Oh lord, here comes my loud mouth baby.” Momma said turning to head back to the kitchen.

“Roxy, you need to get that big mouth girl up that stayed all night with’cha. I never heard so much racket.

“Oh…Oh…Oh Roxy baby. I…I…I think I’m in love,” Momma mimicked while laying her backward turned hand over her forehead and pumping her wide hips.

She looked as if she was scooting instead of grinding. Xinn, Gabe and Roxanne couldn’t keep from laughing. Who could ever picture their own mothers and fathers, for that matter…getting busy? This threesome certainly couldn’t.

“Xinn you’re smiling like you were when we jumped out that trash can and beat the shit out of the neighborhood bully. You must’ve…” Roxanne jerked in her stance as Xinn swirled around on her bar seat and shot her a daring look. Informing her sister that she better be careful with her selection of words.

“You…uh…must’ve tried out that exercise I told you about.” Xinn posture and facial expressions relaxed as she gave Roxanne a smile and reached for Gabe’s hand.

“Gabe, I am glaaaaad you are back. Xinn was so fucking grouchy that the bars she went into to get a drink refused to serve her.”

“That is not true, and…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Roxanne interrupted while wrapping her arm around Xinn’s neck and pulling her from her seat.

“We’ll be back Gabe,” She said giving her sister’s partner a wink.

“So,” Roxanne began once they were some distance away from Gabe. “How did last night go?” Roxanne asked leading Xinn over to the door.

Xinn paused and looked back over at Gabe who was now engaged in a conversation with one of mom’s morning customer.

“Last night went great.” She returned looking back toward Roxanne.

“For the first time I was able to sleep the entire night and not feel jittery. And for the first time, ever, I got to wake up with Gabe sleeping peacefully in my arms.”

“And the Dyke shit…What do you feel about that now Xinn?”

Xinn thought for a minute before moving to a nearby chair and taking a seat.

“Come…sit by me,” She requested pulling a chair over from the table nearest her. Roxanne took a seat by her step sister and followed the path of her eyes. It didn’t surprise her when they landed on Gabe.

“Last night when I fell asleep, I felt serene.” Xinn turned in her chair and laid her elbows down upon her knees and stared into Roxanne’s eyes.

“I could have died the happiest woman in the world last night and it would have been because of that little blonde across this room. But…it was this morning when I woke up with her in my arms that I realized that people can call me what they want but as long as she is with me, I will still be the happiest person in this world.”

Roxanne lounged back in her chair and gave her sister a winsome smile.

“You are learning…my little grass hopper. I see great promise in you. So…have ya tasted her yet?”

“Yeah…I’ve kissed her and I have never felt so wholesome in my life.”

Roxanne rolled her eyes and sighed in frustration.

“You idiot…” She began staring into Xinn’s dancing blue eyes.

“I mean…” She said dropping her eyes down between Xinn’s legs.

“Have you tasted her yet?”

Xinn followed the path of her sister’s commanding gaze before jerking rigid in her seat and letting her sight drop between her legs.

“You mean…” She started while looking over her shoulder and leaning closer to Roxanne. “You mean to put my mouth there?” She said is shock.

“Aw,” Roxanne growled falling back in her seat.

“Yes, you twit.”

“No…No…hell no.”

“I know beyond a doubt that she is a virgin, but…”

“GABE IS A VIRGIN,” Roxanne yelled out.

Everyone in the club turned around in their seats and looked at the pair. Gabe was the last one to notice that every one’s attention was redirected toward the pair.

Xinn quickly slid to the edge of her seat and cupped Roxanne’s mouth. She then turned around and gave an out of character chuckle before saying, “Gas…she’s burping like crazy.”

Gabe observed Roxanne’s surprised gaze directed at her and frown. Wondering what the hell they were talking about since she didn’t hear or acknowledge anything that Roxanne yelled out. She then shook her head and continued talking to the man that had moved right up beside her now.

“If I wanted to tell everyone you ninny, I would have announced it when I came into the club.” Xinn growled before removing her hand.

Roxanne took a few cleansing breaths before quietly drifting back into the conversation.

“Do you realize how special it is to have a woman like Gabe. Shit the last virgin I met was Rhonda. And we were about fourteen years old then. I would definitely be slurping on that every night.”

“You mean licking her…down there?” Xinn drawled with puzzled eyes.

Roxanne grabbed hands full of her own hair and shook her head.

“This is going to be harder than I thought.” She said releasing the hold on her hair and staring disbelieving at Xinn.

“So did you do the touching exercise I told you about?”


“And all the time you were touching her, you never felt the desire to lick her all over?”

Xinn gave the questions some thought before reluctantly returning, “Yeah.”

“So, why didn’t you?”

“I did kiss her every where. Every where I thought was normal. I kissed her lips, her neck, her shoulders, and her breasts. But that was it. I didn’t go down there.” She said with upraised hands…as if warding off spooks.

Roxanne decided to use another approach since Xinn seemed detested by the thought of going down town.

“Well, Xinn I hate to tell you this but you haven’t made love until you can taste your partner’s excitement. Roxanne then closed her eyes and moaned while slowly…ever so slowly licking her lips.

Xinn observed her sister’s sensual prowess and felt her mouth grow dry.

“W’ats it like?”

“Girl…I can’t explain it. You’ll have to try it for yourself. For every one the experience is different. And by you being in love, it is bound to be the most exhilarating thing you’ll ever experience.”

“You should try it,” Roxanne said before patting Xinn on the thigh and getting up from her chair.

“Wait,” Xinn said reaching and grabbing Roxanne’s arm. Roxanne couldn’t keep for smiling. She knew Xinn was hooked. Gabe had given her a new perspective on life and it excited Xinn. Roxanne could tell by how inquisitive Xinn was.

“What Xinn…What else do you want.” She asked stumbling back to her seat again.

“Well…Uh, this morning when we touched I had this hankering desire to feel Gabe inside me. Is there…uh…you know, anyway two women could do that?”

Roxanne smiled and brought up her hand and wagged her fingers.

“There are several hundred ways to give penetration. But my favorite are these.” She said looking down at her waving fingers.

“You mean,” Xinn said sliding closer to Roxanne and looked out over the club again before finishing what she started.

“I should stick my fingers in her.”

“Not fingers you numb skull.” Roxanne said pecking her knuckles acknowledging on Xinn’s forehead.

“If Gabe is a virgin you will need to be gentle and you should start out with your tongue and then later on maybe a finger. And as her passion build and her mind looses control it is then you possess the price that every man and woman crave…the woman’s mind, body…and soul, all in one.”

Roxanne stood again and started back over to where a pre-occupied Gabe was eating her bountiful breakfast.

“Oh yeah,” Roxanne contemplated while turning around to face Xinn.

“That is if YOU are the person she want to have her virginity and…her soul.” Roxanne stated with a wicked cackle before continuing across the floor to where breakfast awaited them.

<Aw…what the fuck is she talking about? I hate it when she talks in riddles. All she had to tell me was how women made love…uh, stupid cow>. Xinn thought with furrowed brows before popping up from her seat and following Roxanne over to the tables where momma had breakfast sat up.

“Hay baby…W’at’cha been talking about?”

“The Gay town Murders…” Roxanne chirped while popping a piece of bacon into her mouth.

“W’aaaaat,” Momma seeped breathlessly.

Xinn kicked Roxanne’s feet out from under her causing her lanky ass to drop heavy into the chair behind her.

“W’at the fuck you do that for?” She snapped in utter shock. Still not realizing her insensitivity to Momma’s concern about this case.

Gabe cleared her throat and lowered her head while discreetly pointing with her pinky over at momma.

Roxanne followed the path of the pointing finger down to a lulling parent. Momma just sat there staring at Xinn. Frightened by the prospect of loosing her stepdaughter to police work. And to no doubt a sadistic killer that violated it’s victims once their sexual needs are met.

“I want you,” Momma said in a wan tone. Shushing, all of her girls and a few of the patrons that were considered family friends at the table.

“To call that Captain of yor’n (yours) and tell her you cannot take this case.”

Xinn thought about issuing a rebuttal until she noticed momma’s nose widened and her breathing grew more frequent.

“Momma,” Xinn started unwillingly.

“The Captain assigned Gabe and I this case, because she knows we can solve it.”

“But at what cost?” Momma jumped up and yelled.

“For just how much Xinn? Am I going to have to loose two more of my children to the streets and the evil that people do?” She asked bitterly while abruptly leaving the table.

Xinn, Gabe, Roxanne and the rest of the crew sat staring at a wrathful retreating mother. Mindless of any thing they could say to ease her fears.

“Roxanne…there are some times when I feel like just slamming your stupid ass into a block of ice and freeze your fucking thoughts. I don’t even think you stop to think should I say this in front of momma.” Xinn spat in a threatening tone.

“Or have you forgotten how depressed Momma became after RoeAnne ( Roxanne’s twin sister) was gunned down at your local grocery store trying to prevent a robbery.”

RoeAnne entered the academy shortly after Xinn. And to Xinn’s surprise, because she was as spirited as Roxanne, she graduated with honors. On the eve of her almost first month with the precinct, RoeAnne and her partner received a 940 from the dispatcher, requesting immediate assistance.

Being the hot head that she was RoeAnne was raring to go. She accepted the call. And her and her partner headed over to the store anxious about the night’s events.

While trying to negotiate the release of the hostages neither of the officers that had accepted the call, including RoeAnne and her partner, ever noticed that one of the violators had gotten out of the store and made their way up behind the detail covering the front entrance.

RoeAnne, began to feel something wasn’t right and as soon as she turned to confirm her suspicion. The offender pulled the trigger. Shooting her point blank in the chest.

The offender’s weapon had been patterned to host armor piercing bullets. So it tore right through her. As her partner yelled out RoeAnne’s name her lifeless body fell fully upon the screaming woman…dead to the world.

For nearly two months after the shooting, the reporters kept referring back to the brutal killing of the female officer that hadn’t been out in the field for a full month upon her death.

Momma was devastated. She cut off all contact with any one for nearly a week. Roxanne and Xinn didn’t know what to do. That was, until Xinn’s mother got wind of their inability to handle momma after she’d left them in charge of the club and Momma’s welfare.

Xinn had never been prouder of her mother, than that day she came down to the club and straightened momma out.

Xinn’s mother stepped UP in the club handing out orders. The entire room, full of mourners was dismissed with nothing more than a look. Cy then told Roxanne and Xinn to either cook momma something to eat, since she hadn’t eaten in three days, or call out. She then patiently took the stairs one at a time. Masking her fear with immaculate poise and an invincible manner.

Once she was at the door she knocked twice before audibly ordering Momma to open the door. There was no answer. Cy’s voice rose to screeching growl.

All this time now her lover stood at the foot of the staircase observing Xinn’s mother’s manner. Realizing that Cy, once instigated into retribution, wasn’t one to be reckoned with.

“Myrian open this door NOW! Or, I will have Xinn to come up here and kick it down.”

Cy lover turned around and looked back at Xinn and Roxanne with raised eyebrows before staring back up at her.

Shortly, very shortly afterwards the door slid open and Cy went in.

Momma still hurt for a long time after Roeanne’s death, but never again did it become an attempt to take her own life.

“Don’t be calling me stupid. I’m not stupid.” Roxanne snapped.

“Well…you could have fooled me with your kindergarten sluh…sluh….slurrrr.” Xinn drug, while glaring hateful at Roxanne.

“Aw, I see you wanna take it to the shed.” Roxanne snapped jumping up from her chair and flailing her arms open in a welcoming invitation.

“Don’t mind if we do.” Xinn said slowly standing.

“KNOCK IT OFF.” Gabe ordered while getting to her feet and standing between the two larger women.

“Now…one of us has to go in there a talk with her.” She suggested while looking up at Xinn and Roxanne.

It was obvious that they had been raised together. Both women sighed, propped their hands upon their hips and looked down on Gabe with synchronize hoisted eyebrows.

“Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhh, No. I didn’t start this. You two did…Now,” Gabe said plopping her little hands firmly down on her waist.

“Get in there and fix this.”

Xinn and Roxanne sighed in defeat and through up their hands in surrender.

“You’re right,” Xinn said coming along side Gabe and wrapping her arm around her little lover’s shoulders.

“We did start this mess…Actually, it was Roxanne that did it.” Xinn said looking back over her shoulder. Silently telling Roxanne to follow her lead.

“That’s right…Xinn is right Gabe and I feeeeeel sooooo terrible.” She admitted while Xinn guided her partner over to the door of the kitchen that momma disappear behind.

“I just wish I had the ability to go in there and talk to her like you can honey.” Xinn said looking down at Gabe with pouting eyes.

“Aw baby,” Gabe cooed while lifting her hand to caress Xinn’s adorable chiseled cheeks.

“Maybe I should go in there and talk to her for you, huh?” She asked with sincerity in her eyes.

“GOOD!” Both Roxanne and Xinn shouted while roughly shoving Gabe into the kitchen with Momma.

Gabe could hear the two evil pair laughing and giving each other a high five before peeping over the top of the doors and giving her a wink.

“I’ll wait for you out here…Okay baby,” Xinn said giving Gabe an air smooch.

Gabe rolled her eyes and gave the pair the finger sign before moving over to momma and slipping down beside her.

“I think I’m in Trouble.” Xinn stated moving away from the door with a fearful expression upon her face.

“Girl!” Roxanne exclaimed while leaning back in her stance with her hands on her hips and her head tilted.

“I know you did not just say that…And you said it as if you were really frightened. You are the woman of YO’ house…now let me hear you say it.”

“I am the woman of my house.” Xinn said really fast while looking away from Roxanne.

Roxanne shifted her weight unto her left leg and allowed her mouth to slide open with disappointment.

“That was so fucking sad.” She said lowly.

“Now let me hear you put some uh-thor-ray-tie (authority) in your voice.”

Xinn straightened in her stance and gave her sister a piercing glare while putting her hand upon her hips and said confidently, “I…am the woman…of this house.”

“There you go girl…say it again.”

“I,” Xinn said laying her right hand on her chest and leaning forward a tad with a meaningful stare in her eyes.

“Am…the…woman…of…this house.”

“T’at a girl…say it again with power.”

“LISTEN HERE GABBY…I…AM THE WOMAN…OF…THIS HERE HOUSE.” Xinn said audibly while shoving her jacket back and rolling her neck in a daring manner. Just then Gabe exited the kitchen in a huff.

“XINN…LET’S GO.” She ordered while nudging past Roxanne almost knocking her over on a table.

“See ya later sis,” Xinn said softly before briskly turning to follow her little blonde out.

“Wimp,” Roxanne chortled before standing up again.
Part 6
“So,” Xinn started reaching around Gabe to unlock her door.

“Did you get momma to calm down.”


<Oh Shit…she’s not talking. That means she’s pissed at me>.


“Stop saying that.” Gabe snapped with glaring eyes.

“You know, you and your misfit sister started that entire thing…with your inconsiderate asses. We weren’t there ten minutes before Roxanne comes down and tactlessly pull you away from me. You’ve spent more time with her than you did with me. Then your big mouth sibling mentioned the “Gay Town Murders,” Upset momma and then both of y’all shove me in to fix you all’s mess. Is that all I am to you a fix it lady.”

“Well Gabe.”

“Shut up,” Gabe growled with fire blazing eyes.

“One would think after this morning that we would some how,” Gabe started, but then paused looking for the right words to say.

“Be closer. But right now I am feeling unappreciated and taken for granted.”

Xinn didn’t say anything. She was unsure if Gabe was making a statement or looking for reassurance.

“WELL!” Gabe exclaimed audibly.

“Aw baby, I didn’t know if you were ready for me to talk yet. I was just letting you vent a little bit.”

“My,” Gabe purred slipping her hand down and Xinn’s thigh. Causing her lover to sporadically look down from time to time.

“Aren’t you being so considerate now.”

Xinn gulped and clinched her eyes tightly shut while catching her breath. After this morning, it seemed that each time Gabe touched her it ignited fires all over her. Ever so slowly Gabe’s little warm hand inched down Xinn’s powerful thigh causing it to flex from her touch and Xinn to wheeze.

“I guess you want to make it up to me now?”

“Uh…” Xinn panted while stilling Gabe’s hand.

“I’d love to, but if you pursue this matter now. We won’t live long enough for me to do that.” Xinn said with a smile. She then lovingly removed her partner’s hand while giving it gentle squeezes.

“Gabe you know I love you. I’m in love with you, and I will always love you. Roxanne is helping me through some things. After all, this is a new experience for both of us. And she’s guiding me through some things I’m not quite clear on. If you want to know about pleasuring a woman, who would you talk to?”

Simultaneously they both answered, “A woman who has done it.”

“Exactly…So, back to Momma. Was she pleased after you’d talk to her?”

“Yeah…I had to make you seem invincible. I told her that there was no one better in our department that could put together evidence and create a suspect list other than you.”

“That grabbed her attention. And from the first time since I went or rather was shoved in there Momma looked up at me.”

“I explained to momma that the killings had been going on for nearly six months now and if we were to ever solve it, it would require prevailing investigation and that’s where we come in at.”

“I then told momma that we have the fastest turn around in our entire department and it was mainly because of you. I told her that you have the instinct of an ancient warrior. You are alert, observing, lively, strategic and always examining things. I told her there is no one in this field that could out do you. And if anyone is going to solve this case it would be YOU.” Gabe said with stationary eyes.

“I then picked up momma’s hand and held it gentle in mine and told her that you can’t fail, because I’m going to be at your side every step of the way. Warding off anyone that may come between you and the truth.”

“She then laughed and said, “Chil’ if anyone could solve this case, it would be you and my stubborn ruffy’in out there. I just don’t want either of you to get hurt. And if you do, I’m going to come to that hospital and whip both your ass on top of that. Just like I did when Roxanne and Xinn were younger and I would tell them not to get into trouble and they went ahead and did it anyway. After putting medicine on their wounds from fighting and comforting them, I’d jump dead in those little backsides. Physically as well as verbally informing them of the ass whipping I promised if they got into trouble. So if you and Xinn are going to do this it better be together and you best not to get hurt.”

“I shot her a frown and said, “but momma you just call Xinn your MEAN baby?”

“Momma laughed and said, “I did. My description changes from time to time. I watch Xinn’s demeanor and if she’s snapping at everyone then she’s my grouchy or mean baby that day. But just between you and I, Xinn is always my baby…and you too.” She then gave me a kiss on my cheek and told me, “That I will always be her sweet baby…because I am just that, Sweet. And you know what…” Gabe said blowing against her outstretched hands and sweeping an invisible shine on them while rubbing them briskly against her clothes.

“Momma always knows what she’s talking about.” She concluded proudly.

Xinn rolled her eyes and shook her head. “The things people tell their love ones.”

“Hay, I’m sweet or rather…I can be.”

Xinn shot Gabe a furrowed brow expression before they both shared a laughed while moving effectively through traffic in route to the station. Xinn wanted to let the Captain know that she had found Gabe and that they should be on schedule to start the case Monday.



“Do you remember me asking you if you this morning if you were a virgin or not?”

The car went quiet again. Up to now Gabe was still keeping that a secret. If Xinn weren’t so positive that Gabe had been lying about those guys, she’d think that Gabe had been desiring HER all along, and could have very well had lesbian tendencies all alone.

“Is it important that you know that?” Gabe said staring out her window. Avoiding Xinn’s examining gaze.

“Would you think that I was just some little DYKE all along?”

Xinn slammed down on the brakes bringing the car to a screeching hault. Causing the other cars behind them to quickly divert to an alternate route or to do the same.

“DON’T you ever label yourself like that. If you are going to use a label then it is best that you address your self as my lover, my woman OR my BITCH.” Xinn growled. “But don’t you ever let me hear you use it like that and in that kind of format.” Xinn pulled over to the curb and allowed the stalled vehicles behind her to continue on their way. She then gently lifted Gabe’s chin until their eyes met.

“People are always putting negative labels on things in which they don’t understand. That included me. But the way I feel for you Gabe even I can’t describe with a title. It’s immeasurable. It has no restrictions. And no man or woman can adequately label it. Love is what human’s use, but it even exceeds that. I was wrong for the way I viewed those that loved that way. I was wrong for the way I treated my mother. But I am proud as hell to be able to experience what she did so many years ago…and no doubt with you. I will love you Gabe no matter what. So pick your lip up and give me some shuuugggah bay-bay.”

Gabe chuckled and leaned in to claim Xinn’s hot lips.

“Attention all cars…we have a 980 at 5510 Glover’s Avenue. Assistance is requested.”

Gabe pulled away from the kissed and looked at the radio before turning to shoot Xinn an excited look.

“Oh no…no Gabe. That is a jumper trying to commit suicide. And that building is taller than the ancient temple of Babylon. No.” Xinn said putting the car in drive and pulling away from the curb.

“Please,” Gabe whined, over…and over…and over, again. By the fifteenth time Xinn was so sick of it that she was about to puke.


“But Gabe I am not sitting up tonight trying to get you calmed for bed. You know after doing these suicidal jumper situations you are so hyperactive that I’ve thought about taken you to the Asylum and getting you some medicine a few times.”

“That’s not going to happen today. I am going to be fine.” Gabe then brought up her right hand and said, “I promise.”

Xinn rolled her eyes again and prayed for endurance. She was in for it and she knew it.

“Now Gabe if you assist in this you know you are going to have to go in disguise right.”

“Aw,” Gabe whined again. Their other car was at the station. And in the trunk of it is where they kept their disguises.

“Okay, I’ll think of something when I get there. No one, not even the media will know who I am.” The partner’s eyes met again before she said, “I promise.”

Xinn shook her head again.

Gabe checked out the road and spotted what she wanted. She put the cop light in the window and turned on the siren.

“Pull that pizza car over.”

“W’at you are going to pull the pizza man over and get his outfit?” Xinn snapped

“Yeah…it will be a great disguise.” Gabe retorted with a wink.

“Oh Lord, help me.” Xinn said as the Pizza Car pulled over and Gabe jumped out.

It took a little work but Gabe achieved what she sat out for. She confiscated the guy’s clothes and skipped happily back to their car.

“So what he’s going incognito now to deliver his pizzas?” Xinn asked as her partner jumped back into the car with the delivery garment and his street shades.

“I paid him triple for the pizza. So, he was happy when I left. And now…we all are happy. Now step on it.” She ordered with her eyes straight in front of her.

Xinn sighed again and pulled off.

“You know that is truly unethical and definitely against police procedure.”

“Are you disappointed with me?” Gabe asked in a concerned tone.

Xinn couldn’t keep from laughing. Maybe it was the hat, because it certainly looked as if Gabe had gotten it from her older brother.

“No…I think it’s great improvising. My talented one.”

“Why, thank you My Warrior Princess.” Gabe returned bobbing back and forth in her seat.

The crowd had already grew five times the normal size by the time they got there. So they had to fin their way to the front.

“Gabe showed the Sergeant her badge and walked under the crime tape and proceeded into the building.

Gabe informed the officer’s right outside of the room that she was there to see if she could talk the jumper down. Neither of them had any ideas about how to get the woman down from the window and back inside. But they were all familiar with this lieutenant’s verbal abilities so they consented for her to proceed.

With pizza in hand and her shades in place, the pizza girl made it over to the window and popped out it backward in a sitting position. Ensuring that her strong legs had a good lock on the window seal before looking up at the rigid, crying jumper.


The jumper’s head whirled around to look at Gabe with a frantic look on her face.


“Okay, I just thought,” Gabe said opening up the pizza top and taking a slice out.

“I just thought…Um, this shit is good.” Gabe said smacking her lips.

“I just thought you may want to buy this. It really is a good pizza.”

The jumper’s brows furrowed as her head slowly turned back around to look at the pizza girl.

“Are you crazy? Did yo’ momma drop you on your head? I’m talking about jumping here and you want to sell me a pizza. Where in the fuck are you from…Smack that ass, Arkansas?”

“Hmmmm,” Gabe hummed shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly.

“Is there such a place. Nah…I just thought since that cheap bastard down the hall didn’t want it after ordering it that whomever was in the next room would buy it.”

The woman tried to look over her shoulder through the window wondering how this fucking pot head got past the officers.

“So,” Gabe said while twisting to look down at the crowd.

“W’at’cha jumping for? Are you some kind of broker that lost all of your client’s money from a stupid investment and now you want to end your life.”

The woman looked down at Gabe again with a disbelieving scowl on her face.

“No little girl…and YOU wouldn’t understand.”

“Hmmm, I probably wouldn’t, because someone as fine as you…”Gabe said stopping to lick her lips.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the jumper.

“Have a whole damn lot to live for. Damn, you are fine.”

“You…You…You uh…you think I’m fine?” The woman stuttered edging down the window to sit on the wide ledge.

“Hell yeah, and if my old lady weren’t down there I’d be pushing up on you.” Gabe then allowed her eyes to move over the woman’s body in the most lustful way possible before finishing her statement.

“And pushing up on you is what I would be doing and in soooo many ways.”

“W’ats your name honey love?” Gabe continued offering the woman some pizza.

“My name is Rhonda.” The woman returned shyly while reaching for the piece.

Gabe laid the pizza box down on the opposite side of her and lounged back on her outstretched arms. Just in case she may need to rely on evasive maneuvers to save the woman’s life.

“Tell me Rhonda, what could make a beautiful woman such as your self want to end your life.”

The woman sighed while thoroughly chewing the piece of pizza in her mouth before answering.

“My girlfriend is a cheating, Lying whore. After telling me over and over again that she loved me, I find that bitch in the bed with none other than my cousin. Now…tell me if that ain’t some shit. I bust my ass every day at work so that she doesn’t have to work and I walk in on her burying her pussy in that low down cousin of mines face. Tell me if life isn’t fucked up?” She questioned while taking another bite off the pizza.

“What do you do Rhonda?” Gabe asked trying to steer the woman’s mind away from her troubles. Another strategic method she usually utilized that always worked favorably.

The lady smiled and chirped, “Well I’m not a stock broker.” Both her and Gabe laughed before things went quiet again.

“I am the CEO of the Dillard’s Corporation down town.”

“Wow, you work for them. When I was in high school I marketed a few clothes I designed my self for sales in their Market Street store.”

The woman frowned and said, “Is that right? What was the clothesline title?”

“Peaches.” Gabe answered.

Recognition instantly hit the woman.

“No…you aren’t her are you?”

Gabe nodded her head and said, “I am none other.”

The woman looked over the pizza outfit and said, “surely you don’t deliver pizza now…do you? Why didn’t you continue to design. You were so promising. It was I that pushed for your line to be placed in that store. And if I’m not mistaken, everyone in that area wouldn’t buy anything from that store if it weren’t “Peaches.” She said with a chuckle. Gabe leaned back laughing.

“Well…you will be glad to know that I’m thinking of starting it up again. My old lady and I are going to buy a house soon so I’m going to need some more funds to help pay for it.”

“I must say that YOUR old lady has fell upon a gold mine. You are simply priceless and…an entrepreneur to boot.”

“Yeah, well Rhonda I’m going to need your help again and if you’re splatter all over the street down there I’m afraid I won’t have anyone to bat for me when I bring my new clothes line in.”

Rhonda pondered the statement while taking another bite of her pizza.

“You’re right…My former bitch and cousin may not need me, but there are others that do. So…” Rhonda said pausing to look over at Gabe. “Are you here to arrest me officer?” Gabe gasped in surprise while pulling down her shades a tad.

“How did you know I was a police officer?”

“Well, there is only few people that are allowed into this room, especially since I am supposedly upset enough to take my life. And as I figure it you would either have to be an talker or an investigator.” Gabe smiled and returned, “You are absolutely correct.”

“So are you going to arrest me?”

“Well, let me see what I can do. But you know your crazy ass is going to have to undergo some psych test because you got me out here on this damn hard ass ledge. Trying to talk your ass into viewing life in a positive way.” The woman cackled and apologized for her new friend’s inconvenience.

Gabe slid back through the window and open up the one directly behind her jumper and helped her back into the room.

“I’m going to try and do what I can. Hopefully, when I get through all you have to do is pick up trash around the precinct.” Gabe said with a wink guiding her jumper past the officer and down stairs to their car.

When the pair emerged, the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Gabe waved her hand like the princess she was and gazed over at her proud partner. Xinn gave her a smooch and beckon her to her while turning to thread a path through the spectators.

Once everyone was in the car Gabe introduced Rhonda to Xinn. Xinn whirled around in her seat and gazed into the woman’s eyes. Xinn didn’t recognize her at first. She wasn’t wearing baggy clothes and a backward turned hat like she usually did. As a matter of fact…there was no way in hell she was that scraggly girl that Roxanne was in love with. Xinn’s eyes traveled up and down the woman’s body trying to find something to verify her suspicions.

Gabe turned around in the seat and looked over the woman too before asking Xinn what was the problem. Xinn threw up her hand, instantly shushing Gabe.

“Do you know someone by the name of Roxanne?” The woman’s eyes narrowed and she leaned forward a tad before falling back surprised.

“There was only one woman that I know of that could seize a person’s breath with a single look and her name was Xinnora. Is that you Xinn?” Xinn smiled and slapped Gabe on the back.

“Baby, do you know who this is?”

“Uh yeah,” Gabe said with furrowed brows and a confused look.

“Her name is Rhonda…remember, I told you that when I introduced you.”

“Aw,” Xinn returned while ruffling Gabe’s hair and redirecting her attention back to the Roxanne’s first love.

“This is Roxanne’s first lover. I think y’all were about fourteen or fifteen…or something like that weren’t you. Wow! You don’t look like gutter trash anymore.”

“Uh baby,” Gabe said tapping Xinn lightly on the ass.

“She’s the CEO of Dillards. She was the one that sold the idea of retailing my clothesline in their Market Street store.”

Xinn turned and looked at her partner with a silly grin on her face before realizing what her partner was insinuating. If Gabe was to be a designing homemaker, she was certainly going to need someone to market her clothes again.

“Man,” Xinn started gleefully.

“If this don’t beat all. My girl rescue’s my sister’s first lover and on top of it she could help us out with our new case. If that don’t cut the cake.” Xinn finished plopping back down into the seat.

“Let’s go back to Momma’s.”

“Uh, baby contrary to sharing a tender moment with an old acquaintance we have to remember that she is an offender right now. She tried to take her life. So we have to take her to the station and have her examined.”

Xinn looked back at Rhonda through the rear view mirror and snapped, “Are you crazy? Do you need medicine to control your depression?”

“No…but I wouldn’t mind getting a prescription from Roxanne. Is she still Dark and Lovely?”

“Well, let’s put it this way. I was certainly shock to see how you turned out. So I know damn well when you see Roxanne your are going to pass out?”

“Oh my Gosh…Is she a dog now? Whenever people hide descriptions about past lovers they are usual Misfits of society. Please tell me she is not a dog Xinn…Please.”

“Let’s put it this way.” Xinn stated. “Roxanne has got women crawling all over her. I’m going to show you.” Xinn finished making a U-Turn in the street.

“Xinn, what about the station?” Gabe asked wanted to follow procedure.

“Baby…believe me Rhonda is not crazy and once Roxanne get a look at her. It is going to be even better…and the meeting will give them both a new lease on life. You’ll see.” Xinn said confidently.

Xinn practically dragged the two women into the club after closing the car doors behind both of them.

“Uh, baby do you think you could pull just a little bit harder.” Gabe jest looking over at Rhonda and giving her a wink.

“harty, Har, har…Keep getting smart and I won’t feed you to night.” Xinn stated audibly over her shoulder.

Once inside, both Gabe and Rhonda moved along side Xinn panting and looking over the club just as she was.

Xinn didn’t see Roxanne so she did the next best thing.


Gabe and Rhonda both jerked rigid totally in shock before covering their ears and glaring up at Xinn.

Roxanne popped up from her cubby hole in the booth that her and several other women were sharing.

“What in the Frigg er you screaming for?” She asked shooing the girls to the right of her out so that she could get up.

“I brought some one to meet ya.”

“Lookah here sis,” Roxanne said snatching the last girl standing to her and planted a juicy wet one on her.

“I have more Jips than I need right now.” She said looking down as she started toward Xinn straightening her clothes.

“So baby girl had better have serious back (ass) or her telephone number for me to…” Roxanne froze when she did lift her eyes. She looked like a golden retriever pointing it’s tail at retreating game. For a while Xinn thought she was going to start drooling. Her eyes glassed over, her mouth dropped open and for a brief moment Xinn contemplated should she go over there and bitch slap her.

“Rohhhhnnny.” Roxanne wheezed faintly. Not quite believing her eyes.

Rhonda smiled and started toward Roxanne.

“Yeah baby…it’s me,” she confirmed as her steps grew faster.”

Roxanne etched in steps still now believing her eyes. Yes she told her sister that she would tear up her little black book if Rhonda came into the club and told her she wanted her back. But she never figured Xinn would ever run across her.

<I guess there’s something to be said for having the best damn investigator in town for a sister.> Roxanne thought as she slowly lowered her lips down over Roxanne’s.

When they both pulled back from the kiss both women were laughing and crying at the same time.

Xinn reached over and took Gabe’s hand in hers and pulled her close. Wrapping her long arms easily around her petite one.

“Now…we can go to the station.” She said slowly turning Gabe back towards the door. Right before stepping out Gabe whirled around in front of her love and yanked down on her collar to cement their lips.

“You are an old romantic aren’t choo Xinn?” She asked with cheery green eyes.

“Well,” Xinn said pulling Gabe tighter and dipping to scoop her baby’s bottom lips into her thirsting mouth.

“I try.”

Gabe chuckled in the kiss almost choking both of ‘em.

“Com’on let’s go…we have work to do.” Gabe was referring to the packets they’d both left on their desk. By Monday morning they had to be fluent in each set of identities.

“Awright,” Xinn returned releasing her partner and following her out.

“XIIIINNNN!” Roxanne exclaimed before reassuring Rhonda she would return. Roxy trotted up to Xinn with her black book in hand.

“She want to give us another shot.” She said giving Xinn a wink. “So…I’m passing down my legacy. Here ya go little sis.”

“Oh…Ohhhhh, no you don’t. This sis is taken too.” Gabe said snatching the book from Xinn’s hands and tossing it into the trash.

“Hay, watch it blondie that has vital info in it. And if you won’t let her have it then, I’ll just hang on to it.”

“Ohhhhh, no you won’t.” Rhonda said taking the book from Roxanne’s caressing hands.

“I’ll keep it.” Rhonda then turned away from the trio and sauntered back into the club hollering for momma.

“Thanks Xinn…” Roxanne said giving her sister an arm-clasping handshake. She then followed her past lover back into the club. Happy as a well-fed pup that mouth had just popped away from its mother’s tit.

“Hay, you know I was the one that told Gabe and Xinn to keep an eye out for you, don’t cha.” Roxy shouted disappearing in to the dimly lit Jut joint.

“Why that lying skank,” Gabe started heading back into the club.

“Woe, hold it up baby. We may need a real good mechanic where we are going. So outside of my sister being the second top carpenter, she is voluble in supping (magnifying the efficiency) up an engine.”

“Yeah,” Gabe said struggling to get loose. “But ours is an imported car.” She debated weakly while struggling against Xinn’s hold. Knowing that there wasn’t a vehicle on today’s roads that Roxy couldn’t fix or make run better.

“Gabe,” Xinn said smacking her partner sharply on the backside, causing her to yelp out in pain.

“We don’t have time for this.” She then whirled Gabe around and guided her over to the car.

“Alright…Okay…sure.” Gabe retorted as Xinn opened and closed the door for her. Xinn rolled her eyes and trotted over to the other side to get in. She knew Gabe’s little sick mind was weaving a web of revenge. She could tell from the looking in those little green spheres.

“You can’t protect your sister all the time. But I’m going to let it go this time, because now…” She paused to lick her lips. “I get to study with you…allllll…niiiiiiight…looooong.” She purred. Stretching the words on her rolling tongue.

“Oh, be still my heart.” Xinn said tossing her head back uncharacteristically and patting her chest. Gabe couldn’t keep from laughing.

“Let’s get this over with so we can get home.” Gabe said buckling in.

The trip down to the station started out a very entertaining one. But the closer they got to the club Xinn’s apprehension build. The last time she was there she was met with less favorable results. As a matter of fact even she couldn’t deny the desolate feeling of a dishonored soldier as his stripes were torn off.

She probably would never live that day down if it weren’t for the woman at her side now. She could just see her self getting slowly and intentionally closed off from the other members of their precinct simply because of some unwarranted actions she didn’t think twice about doing.

“Okay, w’ats wrong?” Gabe asked noticing the sudden quietness.

Xinn grunted and just shook her head.

“Xinn…” Gabe said with a tiring sigh.

“I know when something is bothering you. And right now something is. So tell me what is it.”

Xinn shifted in her seat uncomfortable while pulling up to the light that had just turned red.

“Gabe, the last time I was in there no one wanted to speak to me. No one wanted to have anything to do with me. And no one wanted to even come near me. I really acted a fool that day. And now every time I come in there our loyal comrades are going to remember that day. An they will probably never speak to me again.”

Gabe sat back and thought about that day. Yes, Xinn was certainly out of character that day. But no more unusual than any other day she brings havoc to the station. Xinn was not feeling at her best about going down there. Yet what Gabe found disturbing was that she was behaving as if she’d rather be anywhere right now than heading down to the precinct. Gabe had to think how could she get Xinn to relax and think of it as any other fucked up day they go in there and everyone is cursing them out for one reason or another.

“Xinn,” she began turning sideways in the seat.

“Do you remember when we arrested that thieving chicken herder. That was stealing his stock from the local farmers. Do you remember how the evidence got loose in the department and people hurl obscenities at us for days about how the chickens had ruined their desk because of the constant shitting.”

Gabe continued to watch her partner until she saw a slow smile rise on her partner’s face. <Here come my baby>. Gabe thought before continuing.

“Do you remember how pissed the captain was because everyone was tripping and sliding over desk tops trying to catch the damn things?” Xinn’s head rocked back in laughter.

“Yeah, and I remembered it was that day that the captain threaten to kill us both and hide the remains under the very site we worked in. Hahahahaha, she was not a happy woman that day. How were we suppose to know that the man had the chicken cage closed with nothing more than bubble gum and a rubber band that were older than both our parents put together.”

“Yep…Gabe chimed satisfied that her mission was complete. “Do you remember how embarrassed you were about going to work afterwards?” Xinn laughed again.

“Yeah… But that was before you showed up looking like the farmer’s daughter.”

Xinn laughed out loud again. “Boy even in that stupid worn overalls and that straw ass hat you still looked beautiful.”

“Yeah, I did look sexy didn’t I?”

“Naw, correction baby…I said looked beautiful. I didn’t say your ass looked sexy.” Xinn returned with her traditional raised eyebrow look.

Both women stared the other down before they both fell back laughing again.

“Yes, You did.”

“So how do my champion feel now?”

Xinn took a deep breath and looked over at Gabe and said, “I always feel invincible when you are at my side.”

“Good, now lets go in there, get our asses chew, and go home and wrap this day up. ARE WE READY?” She yelled out in an initiating tone.

Xinn turned the car off, undid her belt and said, “Let’s do dis.” Gabe smiled and tapped Xinn encouraging upon the thigh before they both got out.

Like they expected it didn’t take long for everyone to tear into that ass. The Captain was first. Amber and Rachel were second. And the rest of precinct members selected their own private bitching time. But all in all it was a very promising day and even though they had their ass jumped all kinds of ways, by the end of their visit every one was smiling and joking around again. Although, Rachel did say something about, “Revenge being sweet.” Xinn and Gabe didn’t take it as a threat but rather a challenge.

“Well, I’d say that went well.” Gabe started looking over at Xinn as they headed back over to Xinn’s place for the night.

Xinn looked over at her partner in a speculative expression and returned.

“The only reason it turned out like that is because you were with me. Gabe you can make my arch enemy respect me to a point of almost loving me. You just have that manner about you. And I’m so glad that you’re… Xinn stopped in mid sentence out of panick. She was just about to tell Gabe that she was glad that she was hers. But quickly deviated from that out of fear of how it would be taken.

“I’m you’re w’at?” Gabe asked with a mocking raised eyebrow. Automatically realizing that Xinn was about to make a possessive, but failed to speak further.

“That you’re…uh…you’re my partner.”

“Hmmmm.” Gabe moaned and turned her gaze back toward the window.

“For a while there, I thought after this morning, that you would at least consider me your girlfriend.”

“Oh gosh Gabe” Xinn retorted quickly. “Of course I was thinking that way. I just didn’t feel that I should refer to you as that, because I didn’t want you to jump me if you weren’t in agreement with that.”

“Of course, I’m in agreement with that Xinn. I love you and I want to be always, for the rest of my life even, B yo’ bitch.”

Xinn jumped and look at Gabe’s playful expression and chuckled. Gabe, at times, could resemble one of those priceless porcelain dolls.

That was exactly what Xinn started thinking at that moment. How badly she wanted her porcelain doll. But this type of relationship was certainly unique for her. Usually she’d just tell Raymond that she’s ready to fuck again or mount him without approval. But somehow that didn’t seem appropriate behavior when it came to Gabe. So approaching her and telling Gabe she wanted some luvin’ and now was hard to put in words. Her approach had to be tactful and definitely in a manner that wouldn’t get her ass slapped or worst.

As Gabe sat reviewing the info of her packet Xinn permitted her eyes to wonder over Gabe’s firm features while forming images of her self actually tasting Gabe. Even though she seemed on the verge of being disgusted by it, at first, now she really wanted to know what it would be like to share something so beloved with Gabe. And what kind of response would Gabe issue. Would it be moans of pleasure or a stinging slap to her forehead stopping her in her damn tracks? Xinn wasn’t sure. But what she was sure of was that she were wanting to feel Gabe’s naked skin and body up against hers again.

<Damn…> Gabe thought while appearing to study the information before her. <This morning was really hot…her touch, her kiss, her hands…all of it. Just all of it was so hyped that I couldn’t keep from wanting more. But by the intense look on her face right now, I just don’t know if she’d be interested in doing it again though>.

Gabe glanced briefly up from the papers in her lap and over at Xinn. She didn’t want to be caught staring so she redirected her attention blindly back to the papers she was studying.

<Well if I can make her enemies almost love her. I definitely can come up with a few ideas to make that ass wanna get busy too. I got from now to bedtime to come up with an idea. And I will come up with one…damn it.> Gabe concluded with a hidden smile.

“What are you thinking about? Or should I say whom?” Xinn asked noticing Gabe attempting to smile.

“Oh…I was just thinking…wouldn’t it be fun to create a game out of this to help us to remember all’dis?”

“Just what kind of Game?” Xinn asked. Hoping like hell it included getting Gabe out of her clothes and into her arms.

“Can’t tell you right now, cuz I haven’t come up with one yet.” Gabe returned as her eyes moved noticeably over her partner’s statuesque body. Xinn could feel a pant coming on as Gabe’s lustful gaze made her home pocket purr.

“But…I’m sure I can create something to hold your interest…Mighty one.” Gabe concluded with a wink before continuing to study the material.

<Hay…wait a minute>, Xinn thought. <If I want to have an upper hand in the Game. I have to get most of the questions right and…she…well, she has to get the majority of hers wrong>.

With that final analysis, Xinn reached over and snatched the envelope and it’s contents out of Gabe’s lap and told her that they will begin studying together minus…that is the thirty minutes from her head start that she will receive because Gabe started reading before her. Xinn also suggested that they swap packets, if this game go well, they could play the game again tomorrow. Gabe agreed.

Once they were home the girls took turns taking showers, dressed in some comfortable clothes and started studying. With, of course, Xinn having a thirty minutes lead off.

A few hours later and a lot of brief glances in each other’s direction Gabe looked over at Xinn and asked her if she thought she was ready to test her knowledge.

Xinn patiently feathered through the information once more before giving Gabe a nod.

“Okay” Gabe said moving onto her knees across from Xinn.

“It took me a while to come up with a game that will test what we know of these packets and something that would make us feel comfortable with each other. Especially after the wonderful morning we share together. I don’t know about you, but I rather liked the touching game and I was hoping that maybe we could experience the same thing to night…that is,” Gabe tested briefly by pausing.

“If you don’t mind.”

“Gabe’s tone was almost humble in a nature and Xinn couldn’t help from feeling excited. She couldn’t explain it, but what ever her little talented one came up with she was willing to participate.

“Girrrrl you don’t have to worry any longer. Let’s get dis party started,” Xinn returned with a raised eyebrow.

“You set up the rules and lets get started. After all you know it is me who will win. I always beat you. Even,” Xinn contemplated with a hoisted Left eyebrow, “at your own game.”

“We’ll see then Missy.” Gabe stated tossing her packet to Xinn. Xinn then slid hers over and prepared for the Game.

“Okay” Gabe started thumbing through the packet Xinn had just given her.

“The name of this game is called, GABE’S STRIP TRIVIA.” Xinn watched as Gabe’s smile grew and her eyes twinkled. <Oh…yes lord>. Xinn’s mind hummed.

“I will ask you a question. If you get it Correct, I will decide if I want to kiss you, caress you or whisper exotic nothings in your ear. For an example,” she said lying down Xinn’s packet and crawling over to her. She then slipped through Xinn’s up lifted legs, dropped to all fours until her lips grazed Xinn’s earlobe and her warm breath filtered across it like a warm gentle breeze. Finally she compiled some sample words and released them stirringly in her partner’s ear.

“You smell, sooooo nice that all I want to do is lick you alllll uuup and dowwwn. Rolling my tongue in swirling patters in and about your body like I do with my favorite lolli-POP.” Gabe said with a click. Making that “Pop,” louder that the rest of the sentence.

Xinn had to grab a hold of both her knees to prevent them from slamming shut around Gabe. If her pootie wasn’t throbbing fiercely in the car it certainly was now.

“Okay.” Xinn gulped as Gabe backed away from her.

“Now the kissing, caressing and whispering can be applied to different areas of the body. But they cannot exceed seven seconds.” Gabe then pulled out a timer they used in Chest from time to time.

Xinn eyes examined the numbers wondering just arousing would a seven second kiss be.

“Just to familiarize you in what I mean I will give you another example.” Gabe set the clock and place it right by Xinn’s leg before beginning.

With gentle hands she spread Xinn’s thighs and began planting tender succulent nips patiently down the inside them.

The kisses continued to a point where Xinn was about to slip her fingers in Gabe’s hair and guide her to where she wanted those sweet lips to go. But the timer went off.

Xinn was on the verge of slinging that clock to kingdom come as she watched Gabe’s head lift and love pressure mount.

<Oh man she is so ready. Look at how possessed she look>. Gabe thought while giggling to her self.

“Are you following me so far?” Gabe asked trying to break the mesmerizing spell she’d just created in Xinn.

Xinn suddenly realized she was staring. She then snatched her eyes away from her prey, nodded her head and cleared her throat.

“Good” Gabe chirped returning to her perch across from Xinn.

“Now, you will have only Three seconds to start your answer and five to complete it. If within that time you do not answer correctly or within the maximum allowed time. I get to choose what piece of clothing I wish for you to take off.” Gabe instructed, hoping like hell Xinn wore underwear. It would make the game more suspenseful and definitely inspiring. And certainly not without thorough teasing. It makes the meal all the more better to enjoy if it’s fragrance is allowed to taunt you for a while before tearing in to it.

<Well, I’m happy to say on this night that I am glad I wore underwear>. Xinn thought with a smile. Hoping to drive Gabe insane.

“Are there any questions?” Gabe asked looking out from under her disheveled bangs.

“Yeah, how do you determine the winner.”

“Gabe licked her lips and drug her eyes lustful over the figure in front of her before retorting.

“The one left with any clothes on.”

“And what do we get?” Xinn asked mimicking her partner’s mesmerizing stare.

“To do what ever you want with your naked figure.” Gabe whirred with blazing eyes and rumbling tone.

Xinn gulped before saying, “Then set the timer girl. I know exactly what I am going to do to you.”

Gabe picked up the packet and the game began. In about another hour the game was over and XINN was completely naked.

“Well,” Gabe said with a triumphant smile, rising to go get her a beer.

She then popped off the top took her a swallow and headed back over to a rather surprised but naked as the day she was born partner.

“Stand up.” She commanded. Almost as if she was some sort of princess or something.

Xinn did as she was told.

Gabe stared into her beauty’s eyes and stepped away from her.

“I want to just look at you Xinn.” Gabe said as her eyes oscillated all about Xinn’s body. Sweeping over it like a summer breeze. Xinn hadn’t planned on loosing this game but she was awfully damn glad she did right about now. She was burning for Gabe’s touch. And touching was just what she was about to receive as Gabe knelt down behind her and planted two tender kisses on the back of her fleshy behind.
Part 7
“Gaaabriiiielllle,” Xinn purred pulling Gabe in closer while wrapping her right leg around her.

“Leave me alone woman. You’ve worn me out.” Gabe mumbled while rocking sensually against Xinn.

Xinn whimpered in defiance while pulling her partner in just that much closer. Gabe really sat it down last night. Just the thought of what her little partner did to her was driving her need through the ozone layer…again.

She can still feel her Suzy quiver as Gabe’s warm breath caressed her heated center and her strong tongue dipping deeper and deeper into her. Aw…the pleasures of tasting. Not only did Gabe claim her with praising finesse, Xinn found that it wasn’t as disgusting as she imagined it being.

As a matter of fact Xinn couldn’t keep from wanting more. Although, the touching and tasting sessions have been out of this world Xinn was still curious as to how it would be to feel Gabe inside her.

“Gabe, please…I want some more.” Xinn whined while rolling Gabe gently onto her back and slithering in to kiss her upon the valley of her neck and shoulder.

“Oh Xinn…Xinn baby,” Gabe panted.

“This is so not fair. You know that’s my spot.”

<Yes, I’m aware of that. Why do you think I’m kissing it>? Xinn thought with an evil smirk.

Gabe couldn’t keep from leaning into Xinn and rubbing her warm body up against hers. It didn’t take much on Xinn’s part to make Gabe want to do it again. Most of the times, they’ve made love, it was merely initiated by a certain look of Xinn’s.

“Tell me how you want it baby.” Gabe whispered just about willing to do anything now.

Xinn’s moan was like the fading rumble of drums as her head dipped sideways and slid her lips down on Gabe’s while sliding atop of her little one. With the grace of a floating Swan Xinn’s lips glided over Gabe’s. Alternating from nipping to sucking at Gabe’s lips as if it was laced with the sweetest honey in the world.

“I want…to…feel…you…inside me,” Xinn panted as her legs opened and her kisses grew more needy. She then guided Gabe’s right hand down over her piping need and grind forcefully against it. Spreading her love all over Gabe’s palms and fingers.

“My…” Gabe blurred. “Now that is what I call some hot stuff.” Gabe joked wiggling her fingers against Xinn’s throbbing growth.

“No,” Xinn panted, opening her legs wider and guiding Gabe’s first two fingers up inside her.

“WOE!” Gabe exclaimed briskly pulling out.

Xinn lifted her head and looked into Gabe’s spooked eyes. Gabe didn’t know what to think, but what she did know was that she didn’t want to hurt Xinn in any way, especially that way.

“It’s okay baby.” Xinn assured her while moving up to her knees and pulling Gabe up into a sitting position with her.

“Gabe, it’s okay…Roxanne’s ensured me that this is perfectly safe. We’ll start off slow if you like.” Xinn said softly while wrapping her arms gently around Gabe’s neck.

Xinn then dipped her head down and began kissing Gabe again. Encouraging Gabe to start gently with one finger and they will progress from there.

Gabe pulled back from the kiss and stare into Xinn’s reassuring eyes before looking down once more at Xinn’s glistening prism.

“If it hurts at anytime, let me know and I will immediately stop…agreed.”

Xinn smiled and bobbed her head up and down. Sealing their now present fate with a tender kiss.

With the curiousity of a child Gabe laid the back of her thumb up against Xinn’s clit and twirled it tenderly while slowly sliding her middle finger inside.

Xinn closed her eyes and gasped from the tentative touch. It was something about Gabe’s touch that made her poppy burn like crazy. <Roxanne was right Gabe feel wonderful inside me>.

“Oh baby, you are sooooo hot.” Gabe praised while slipping her other hand back to Xinn’s clinching backside and snagging Xinn’s left nipple in between her teeth.

Every since her and Xinn had become lovers their bodies always managed to rise to a mutual longing no matter who was taking the lead. Already, she could feel her inner walls vibrate each time her pleasure seekers dipped into Xinn’s molten opening.

Xinn whimpered and cupped Gabe’s mouth as her need grew.

“Don’t talk…Oh…Please don’t talk. You’ll make me cum before I’m ready.” She gasped riding Gabe’s oscillating silky fingers. “It’s something about your voice that drives me fucking crazy when we’re luvin’.”

Xinn couldn’t keep from grinding her hips. Exploding fireworks were breaking out all over her body. Provoking her hunching to become more powerful by the second. Banking those sculpted hips in the ancient humping dance.

“Ooh baby,” Gabe purred. “I love the way you work those hips.”

Any other time Xinn would have been enthralled by her partner’s comments but at the moment she was otherwise occupied, as her pants grew and her pumping got nastier.

“Oh…Ohhhhh…Oh baby.” Xinn moaned as her ass rose and fell. Sliding her silky love chamber back and forth over Gabe’s plunging fingers.

Gabe couldn’t keep from staring into her partner’s passion ridden face. It was the most glorious thing she had seen in her life. She hadn’t had any kind of experience in this method of loving but she could tell by the way Xinn’s hunching grew that she was needing more and definitely wanted it faster.

Without missing a stroke Gabe rolled Xinn to her side then onto her back before sliding down Xinn’s body and locking those sweet lips around Xinn’s engorge clit. Inspiring her partner to cry out for more. And…that was exactly what Xinn got.

Gabe wrapped her left arm around Xinn’s waist and got busy. She swirled her head in an exotic kissing format. Busying her lips and tongue with compliant strokes and pressure while dropping down in that Slippery cunt of Xinn’s. Whacking that ass, like a true bushwacker.

Xinn couldn’t keep from reveling in the sweetness of her pleasure as she spread those long legs and bucked those hips like a laid back bull rider. Up and down, in and out, around and about. Meeting Gabe’s juiced fingers with warm acceptance. Hitting that pussy with the fieceness of an ancient queen.

“Oh…Oh YEAH…BABY…Oh Gabe, FUCK ME!” Xinn screamed as fingers clinched in gabe’s golden hair and those rising hips began to tremble from her rising climax. Xinn could feel the bolts on her heated hatch prepare to blow.

“OH YEAH,” Xinn yelled as her hunching became aimless and untamed. Rocking her sizzling pocket meaningfully against Gabe’s wagging tongue and driving pleasure rods.

“Ohhhhhhh Gaaaaabbbeee…” Xinn panted rolling her hips feverishly against Gabe’s slurping lips and pumping fingers.

“Good Lord, this is soooo incredible,” Xinn whimpered as her hunching lost ground and her sight began to waver.

“Oh…Oh…Ohhhh…Gabe ba-byyyy, Ohhhhhh, YEEEESSSS.” Xinn hissed as her back locked and her climax struck her in the base of her center and filtered out all over her body in electrifying currents.

“Fuck meeee.” Xinn hissed hoarsely once more before floating off into a zone that only Gabe has been able to reel her.

“Welllcuummmm…to the Love Zone.” An echoing voice in Xinn’s head chimed in a magical tone.

“By the gods Gabe…I’m seeing stars,” Xinn gasped as her hips dropped back down upon the bed and her grip on Gabe’s hair lessen.

Gabe crawled up Xinn’s moist body planting kisses as she went.

“I love you Xinn.” She said wrapping her arms around her lover’s neck and resting her face upon her neck.

“I love you too.” Xinn returned breathlessly.

“I’ve never had climaxes like that before I met you. What have you done to me woman? And to think, you were afraid to do it.” She said with a chuckle.

“Imagine that,” Gabe giggled extremely satisfied with the outcome.

The couple basked in their love. Highly pleased with their togetherness. That was…before Xinn heard a snore seep from Gabe’s lips.

“Good Lord, how do I ever get to sleep with all that racket.” Xinn mumbled quietly with a smile. She then kissed Gabe upon her shoulder and drifted off as well.
“XINN, WAKE YO’ ASS UP.” Roxanne yelled past the Telephone recording.

“Get up and pick up the phone. We got some clubbing to do. If you are going to play head bitch of your house you got’tah be able to walk the walk. So get up and get ready. You’re going to hang with my girls and me tonight. Meet me at the Cy-Rian at ten o’clock tonight. This is Momma’s idea. She said she want you to be the baddest ho’ in Gay Town. So you know your ass is in for it right.”

Xinn rolled a still sleeping Gabe over and reached back behind her and picked up the phone.

“W’at do you mean the baddest ho’?” Xinn asked while yawning and stretching her long legs outward. Trying to rid her muscles of the aches of being twisted around Gabe for hours.

“Momma said for me to give you lessons on being head bitch. She said, “My baby is fresh to this game and I don’t want her to be looking like a newby when she goes down there.” “So have your ass ready. And tell Gabe this is big girl’s night out. So she can’t come.”

“I can’t tell her that. She’ll want to be with…”

“HAY!” Roxanne interrupted.

“SHE CAN’T COME. Now…” Roxy said lowering her voice. Supposedly calming herself. “Repeat what I told you in the club.”

“Uh…I am the woman of dis house.”

“Dats right, now say it again. And next time, for gods sake. Say it like you mean it.”

“I…am…da…woman of this house.”

“Dat’s right…now be ready and down here at ten…Okay?”

“K.” Xinn said in a whisper.

“Good Lord Rhonda, my sistah is pussy whipped. I just can’t believe…” “Click,” went the phone as Roxanne continued to talk before hanging up.

“I’m not pussy whipped.”

“Who was that?” Gabe asked sleepily.

“The wrong number.” Xinn lied. Not wanting to address the issue until she was nearly ready to go.
Xinn and Gabe nearly slept the entire day. When they did wake up it was eight thirty…an hour and a half before Xinn had to meet Roxanne.

<Gosh, I’ve got to think fast. What am I going to tell her? She is going to kill me.>

“Baby,” Xinn began cautiously.

“Hmmm,” Gabe hummed scooting back up against Xinn.

“Would you be upset if I…”

“If you what?” Gabe interrupted a little bit quicker than Xinn expected.

“If I go out with Roxanne tonight?” Xinn proceeded almost choking on her own spit.

Gabe gave it some thought before answering, “Sure I don’t mind. Where are we going?”

<Oh gods no…I knew it…I knew this was going to happen. What am I going to say?>

“Well uh…uh…she uh…”

Gabe rolled over in Xinn’s arms and looked up into Xinn’s face with an expectant gaze.

“Well uh what?” she asked.

“She said that this is the big girls night out.”

Gabe’s neck jerked up off the pillow and swirled around like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist.

“What did you say to me?”

“It wasn’t me that said that baby. I wanted you to go. It was Roxanne. And she said that it was momma that told her to take me out. She said that momma wanted her to give me lessons on being the woman of my household.”

“WOMAN,” Gabe almost shouted. Rolling out of Xinn’s arms and out of the bed.

“Woman of YOUR house is it? Oh so It’s YOUR house now.” Gabe asked with her hands upon her hips and as naked as the day she popped out.

“Well now Gabe,” Xinn said faintly while sliding over to Gabe.

“But baby,” Xinn said pulling Gabe up between her legs and resting her cheek upon her stomach.

“Momma doesn’t want us to be unprepared for living in that kind of environment. She know this is a beginning for us and she want us to be able to deal with it from day to day. Without looking like two stooges.”

“It’s the THREE, three stooges…and how come momma didn’t include me on your BIG girls night. I need training too.”

“Alright Gabe,” Xinn said dropping her arms off of Gabe’s hips and standing.

“The reason why I am going with Roxy and her girls is because they are suppose to teach me about being the head of our house hold.”

Gabe rolled her tongue over to her left cheek while holding her mouth tightly shut. In an attempt to try and keep from laughing.

<Oh, so now she’s HEAD BITCH is she>? Gabe thought giving her partner a thorough examination before attempting to speak.

There were times when she had seen people tremble from the way Xinn looked at them. But right now Xinn was looking like an abandon puppy in the back of a dog catcher’s truck. And SHE, Gabe, was the dogcatcher.

Xinn didn’t want Gabe to go ballistic so she was trying to be stern yet cautious at the same time. So Gabe decided to make it easy on her and let her feel as if she is in agreement with her hanging with the big girls.

“Awright breadwinner, Go ahead. Go out whoring with your sister and her slutty clan. I’ll just wash your draws and tidy up a bit whilst you are out. And whilst I’m doing that I will fix you something to eat too. And have it all warm and toasty for when you get back home. How does that sound?”

Xinn dipped in her knees and gave Gabe a quick kiss to the Jaw and said, “That’s my girl,” before dashing to the shower.

Gabe’s mouth fell open in shock. <Could she be any dumber? I was fucking being sarcastic and her ass trots off like she really in the lord of this here court. Aw…I’m going to get her back for that, her and her whoring sister>. Gabe thought dropping down upon the bed in defeat.

About fifteen minutes later Xinn exited the shower in a full gallop. Running back and forth from her underwear drawer to the closet. Five minutes later she was completely dressed. By this time Gabe had slipped into something less tempting. Didn’t want to distract the head of the house from her mission.

<I can’t believe she is actually going without me. Damn she looks good in that leather, don’t she? It’s just something about her and leather. She looks so sexy…so hot…so. Aw shit I better stops this before I get all bothered again>.

Xinn dropped down on the bed near Gabe a little winded from the rush. Yet she still had ten minutes to spare.

“Well, w’ataya think?”

Gabe looked her partner up and down and turned her head away as if she was unconcerned with her appearance.

“You look okay?”

Xinn snorted and gave her a rough kiss before rising.

“Is there anything you want me to get you while I’m out?” She asked straightening her clothes.

“Yeah…could you get me a big mac, large fries and a chocolate shake?”

“Sure,” Xinn popped.

“I’ll get it on my way back home.”

Gabe slammed her fist down upon the bed before shouting.


“I know,” Xinn interrupted with a wink while opening the door.

“That’s why I didn’t bitch slap you for being a smart ass.”

Gabe narrowed her eyes and gave Xinn a finger right before she stepped out the door.

<Head of Households…are about as ignorant as men sometimes.> she thought standing.

“Well, I guess I go check out the movie selections. They’re probably all action filled. Damn, If I was going to stay at home I could at least curl up to a good horror movie.” She said talking to herself.

As soon as she was about to sit down and check out the movie the phone rang


“Hay Peaches, w’ats going on?”


“Yeah…it’s me baby.”

“To what do I owe this honor to?” Gabe asked.

“Well, I thought since Roxanne and Xinn are gone why don’t we do some exploring as well. W’ataya say we go out and cause some havoc? Are you up for it?”

Gabe’s mouth fell open in amazement.

“Are you suggesting WE go out?”


“W’atcha say…wanna hang out with the other girlfriends for a while.”

“HELL YEAH.” Gabe practically shouted.

“Good…we’ll pick you up around about eleven, Okay?” Gabe looked over at the clock and saw it was only fifteen after ten.

“Okay, see ya then.”

“Take off those clothes.” Roxanne ordered dragging Xinn into her room. Xinn eyes moved from one set of eyes to another. Her and Roxy weren’t going out alone. Roxanne had invited some of their childhood friends to hang with them.

“So all of us are going to hang tonight huh?” Xinn asked as Roxy and another one of their friends began undressing her.

“That’s right hunnay…and damn am I glad.” Rayna said lying back on the bed.

Rayna had been acquainted with Roxanne and Xinn every since they were in the third grade. She went to college for four years but returned after she graduated. She majored in Human Arts. So upon her return home Rayna decided to serve as a volunteer down at the Community center for the neighborhood kids.

As Xinn looked over her lounging body she thought, <The years have certainly been a wonder to her. She wasn’t that snotty nose, freckle face red head that they always turned upside down and shove her face in the toilet. She was actually rather attractive now. She still had that red ass hair and bright freckles, but her body had waves and curves that even an evil alchemist would appreciate.

“That damned Sophie was driving me crazy. Always wanting to screw.”

“AND YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT?” Macy shouted popping up onto her elbow near the front of the bed.

“Girl as fine as Sophie is I’d be tagging that ass every night…Shit, once I get through puttin’ it on’er she’d think I was an generic heavy weight champion of the world.”

“Oops.” Stacy hoop while leaning over in her chair to give Macy a high five.

Now Macy and Stacy were identical twins. Their mother was an African American and their father was Puerta Rican. So they were double scoops of finest. The twins met Xinn one day when they were in Junior high school. The pair decided one day to double team Roxanne while Roeanne was out sick with the chicken pox.

They still, up to this day, talk about how Xinn somersaulted up into the crowd and broke out in to Bruce Li, Chinese Connection moves.

She was round housing their asses to death. By the time Roxanne got up the twins had turned on the crowd trying to get the fuck up out of that circle their friends had built around them.

They were clawing and scratching any one that was blocking their path on their way out of there. Never had Roxanne heard teenage girl’s scream for their mother, like they were. Xinn was getting in that ass so bad that someone had to go to the club and get Cy to get her off of ‘em. For a while Roxanne thought Xinn was going to kill them. But Cy and Big Momma finally got there and pulled her or…rather dragged her off their asses. They were all bloody and whimpering like dying kittens.

Both twins had long wavy coal black hair, tasty bustline, hazel eyes, bulging muscles, which they achieved by being professional weight lifters, and they stood about five seven.

They were both in relationships with out of towners. So on a night like tonight it was certainly chick hunting time.

“Why am I changing clothes?” Xinn asked as Roxanne hook the last latch on the long leather pantsuit overcoat.

“Coz, you don’t want to go home smelling like a brothel. Partners don’t take too well to their lover’s smelling like another trick.” Rayna said looking up from her perch on the bed.

“Oh.” Was all Xinn said.

“Jeez, we are in for it…baby girl doesn’t know anything.”

“HAY! Lay off my sister. That’s why we are here to help her.” Roxanne defended.

“So,” Stacy began looking over the banging statue of loveliness before her.”

“How does it feel Xinn? How does it feel to be a DYKE?”

“Well, I don’t like to brag, but when I left Gabe she was on her knees begging me to stay.” The whole room went completely quiet for a few seconds, before every one fell back laughing.

“So I reckon this DYKE shit is alright with you?” Macy said rolling from the bed laughing.

Xinn tilted her hat downward a tad making her eyes look even more darker before giving her pots a wink and throwing her jacket back.

“Am I ready?” she asked.

Roxanne, Stacy, Macy, and Rayna all slid onto the bed and permitted their eyes to roam silently over Xinn’s magnificence.

“Damn Xinn, the years have certainly been kind to you. There really is a God, because she spread her eminence allll…upppp…and dowwwwn U. Every bo-day say, “thank you Jeeeezus.” Stacy sung in a spiritual tone before licking her lips. The room echoed in laughter again.

“Back up trollop, I’m taken.” Xinn retorted before opening the door.

“Let’s hit the streets.” She ordered looking back over her left shoulder.

“Uh…shouldn’t some one tell her she ain’t the one running thing to night?” Stacy said faintly while reaching over and snatching Roxanne to her.

“Relax girl…we gwong (going) handle this.” Roxanne reaffirmed as the girls jumped to their feet and followed their current leader.

“Dag Peaches, that shimming two piece is hot.” Rhonda said as Gabe opened the door wider and let her and the rest of the girls in.

“Guys this is Gabe.” Rhonda said over her shoulder before stating Gabe was Xinn’s woman.

“Uh…girl Xinn is one fine scoop of shuggah. But then again…” Sophie said pausing to toss her long black hair over her shoulders while arching her back to hoist her bust line.

“I can see you being her woman…You have that angelic look bout’cha. Shit Xinn can look tougher than the Warrior Princess on a bad ass war day.” Everyone laughed at the gesture since they were all familiar with Xinn’s stoic manner.

“Hay lay off my sister-in-law. Gabe ain’t no pantsy either. Besides she has strong verbal skills. Maybe with that outfit and that magical story telling ability we can get into the club free.”

“Hahahaha, if baby girl is that good then I will spot the first two drinks for the table.” Sophie said taking a seat.

She was actually attractive too. Culturally oriental, dark eyes, long pretty black hair, sun tinged skin and great ass legs. As she laid back on the couch Gabe and the others watched as the little minx silk skirt road up on that hitting ass of hers.

“Gabe, check this out…identical twins, Angel and Angela.” Rhonda said with a giggle. They were just as equally attractive. Mexican descendents tanned skinned, stood about 5’5, brown eyes, full lips and shoulder length coiling dark hair.

“They are managers in my Sales and Advertising Departments.” Rhonda bragged while pulling Gabe close.

“My…aren’t we a pair,” Gabe said mimicking her lover’s raised eyebrow expression. Both girls giggle and snapped out the “Z,” insignia girlfriends usually give each other when they’ve made a valid point.

“Gabe, I must say this outfit is…is.” Rhonda said gently twirling Gabe around so all the other’s could view it.

“Oh, I’m not through…I have a few things to add to it.”

The girls watched as the many little tassles on Gabe’s outfit swung from side to side from the sensual stirring her hips were creating. Whipping those little shingles happily back and forth over her firm ass.

“Good Lord…Xinn isn’t going to kill us for taking her out with us is she. I didn’t know she was that fine.” Sophie asked as Rhonda handed her and the twins their drinks.

“Look…they want to play that, “I am THEE WOMAN shit,” we are going to show them we can play it too.”

“Okkkkaay,” Angela sung while rocking her neck in a circular motion and bringing her drink up for a toast.

“Hay…you shut up.” Sophie snapped a little bit brasher than she intended.

“You don’t know Xinn. That bitch can be deadlier than a grizzly in heat. If anything happens to that girl while we are out with her we are going to have to move out of the country and change our fucking names. That bitch does not play.”

“Well…W’ataya think?” Gabe interrupted while stepping into the room. She had on body glitter. Making that body look even more firmer than it originally did, matching cowboy hat and boots, supporting cow girl holster…and to complete the ensemble ivory handle pistols.”

“Good Lord,” Sophie drool. “You better make damn sure we don’t bump into Xinn and them. Otherwise it’s going to be our asses. Now I see why she’s at home. She has blonde hair, green eyes and a coot that will sale even if flies were mounting it. Oh Lord forgive us for what is about to befall us…if we take this girl out. We are going to die…Xinn is going…”

“KNOCK IT OFF.” Rhonda shouted. “That’s why Rayna is always leaving you at home. You’re always whining and nagging.”

“Nuh uh,” Sophie said rather confident of her answer.

“She leaves me at home because I be wearing that ass out.” The whole room roared with echoes. Including Gabe.

“I heard that too girl…Got a high Libido huh?” Angel asked with a chuckle.

“Well what can I say? When ya got it…Ya got it.”

“We best to be outta of here,” Rhonda said grabbing Gabe’s hand and heading for the door.”

“Is my outfit okay.” Gabe asked while being drug out the door.

“Girl you are bewitching, now come on.” Rhonda said heading down the stairs with Gabe behind her.

“XINN,” Roxanne shouted, turning her sister away from the woman falling to her knees behind them.

“Take it off…Take it off now.” Roxanne said nervously not wanting to draw any more attention to their group.

Who would have figured that her crazy ass sister would put the pinch on a woman that didn’t do anything but grabbed her ass.

<Great just great, I’m going to wind up somebody’s bitch in jail name Tiny. She’ll probably weigh five hundred pounds>. Roxanne thought while pleading with Xinn to take the pinch off.

“If you touch me again with out asking,” Xinn said bending over to glare into the woman’s panicked eyes. “I’m going to make things far worst than they are now…understand?”

The woman blinked her eyes in agreement before Xinn agreed to remove the hold.

“Xinn,” Roxanne said finally taking a deep breath.

“If you do that again, I promise you we will call this little educational field trip off.”

Xinn rolled her eyes and lead the pack back out of the Sparkling’s bathroom. A club the twins picked. The club was known for its crowd pleasing entertainment. Tonight, they had the Shetlin Riders (Female Strippers). It was sure to be fun, especially since the twins were regulars and they have asked for special attention for Xinn.

“Oo-ooeeeeiiiii,” Sophie hollered while sashaying into the club past the female bouncers.

“Gabe, you are a wicked woman. Damn, just think after that brilliant performance of you being an investigator you could go into acting.”

Gabe looked over at Rhonda, which was smiling, and gave her a wink.

“We have free drinks for the rest of the night. So where do we start.” Sophie asked dancing around the group.

“Why don’ we check out the entertainment first. Then we can come back and dance a little.” Rhonda suggested.

The group made their way back to the theater part of the club and had a couple of drinks before approached by one of the bouncers. She informed the ladies that one of their friends had been selected to volunteer in the performance tonight.

“WOW!” Sophie shouted.

“So which one of us do they want.’ She asked lifting her chest a little higher than it already was.

“Her…” The brunette bouncer said looking over at Gabe.

“Oh…Oh no, I couldn’t.” Gabe opposed, rocking her head from side to side.

“Yes, you can…remember our Lordships aren’t here. So kick up your heels girl…Kick ‘em up.” Rhonda said bouncing to the thumbing bass playing right down on them.

“Well,” Gabe said unsure of her self.

“Do it girl…gone. We are out here to have fun. I know Xinn and them are.”

Gabe thought about what she said about getting Xinn back. And well…doesn’t this present the precise time.

“YEAH,” she said audibly before guzzling down her drink and bobbing her head.

“I think I’ll do just that.”

“Good…” the bouncer said with a smile.

“I’ve been instructed to bring you whatever drink you’d like to help you relax. Now what will you like?”

“Uh…” Gabe said looking around at her new friends for suggestions.

They each suggested a Long Island Tea. So by the time Gabe was summoned to the back she was a rocking and a reeling, feelin’ kindah chill-in, and singin’ with a ringin’.

“Girl she is so loose that the Shetlin Riders may probably recruit her for future engagements.” Angela joked while pulling Angel up to go to the bar with her.

The pair asked if the remaining girls wanted anything before heading out, but Rhonda and Sophie shook their heads and carried on the conversation they started before Gabe left.

Unknown to any of the girls they were all at the same club. Xinn and her crew headed over to their seats right down front. Allowing them to get a perfect view of every girl’s body when she came down the ramp. However she didn’t know that Gabe was going to be one of the bodies the world was about to see.

“Hay Stacy,” Macy said jabbing her sister in the side.

“Lay your eyes on that up yonder.” She prod pointing up toward the bar at Angel and Angela.

“HO!” They both screamed tearing out of their seats and toward the bar.

Roxanne was checking out another kind a prey. A tall brunette in the far corner that had been checking Xinn out every since they’d come into the club. She was gorgeous and by the look on her face she was hungry for some new prey. Perfect practice for Xinn.

After observing Xinn from a far the woman decided to make her move. She slowly sauntered over behind Xinn. Taking one final look before moving around to the front of the woman she’d been admiring most of the evening to address her.

Xinn could feel the woman’s presence but Roxanne’s sultriest gaze was a dead ringer that someone was standing behind her.

Roxanne could see the tension rise in Xinn’s face, but she simply leaned back in her chair and allowed her eyes to float over the woman’s figure down into her sister’s face. The stare told Xinn that if she didn’t remain calm they were going to the shed when they got home.

The woman finally decided to make her presence known as she stepped around Xinn and greeted her properly.

Roxanne was rather pleased with Xinn’s demeanor. Xinn’s permitted her eyes to check out the woman’s figure before she finally gripped her with her magnetic gaze.

The woman gasped the moment their eyes met. But Xinn was steadfast and ever so cool with her disarming gaze.

“Good evening,” Xinn said ever so silkily. The woman giggle stupidly before covering her mouth.

Roxanne almost screamed as Xinn dropped down the raised eyebrow expression while patiently tilting her head.

“May I help you.” Xinn asked, picking up her drink and taking a sip out of it.

“Uh…” The lady started while nervously smoothing her Gathering dress down and looking over at the dance floor across from the stage.

“Would you mind dancing with me?”

Xinn gave the blushing woman a crooked smile and retorted. “Why how can I refuse such an intriguing woman.” The girl’s legs nearly gave and would have if it wasn’t for Xinn’s quick reflexes. Roxanne fought back the laughter that threatened to burst loose at anytime now, as Xinn pulled the weak woman into her arms and guided her to the dance floor.

After the dance the lights in the club dropped down and the show began. They introduced the specialty act that was coming up first with one of the very women from the audience serving as one of the dancers.

Rhonda and her gang cheer for the performance from the corner of the club, which made Roxanne sit straight up in her seat.

“Did y’all hear that…It…It almost sounded like my boo? Did y’all hear it?” She asked again really wondering if any of them heard what she did.

“No we didn’t hear it.” They said simultaneously. Wanting her to shut up so they wouldn’t miss any of the performance. Roxanne looked around the club once more before redirecting her attention back to the stage.

BVD’s hit, “I thought it was me,” Dropped down. And out came the dancers one by one. They each did a little twirl out to end of the stage shook it a little bit and headed back in.

The audience volunteer was the last to strut out to the end of the stage, which brought another bout of cheers from the corner that Roxanne swore sounded like her lover.
A mask hid the girl’s identity so all the audience knew was that she had strawberry blonde hair.

The blonde strolled out to the end of the stage with the beat of the music twirling her barely cover backside to the audience.

Just then the music changed again to a slower beat by BVD, entitled “Do Me.” And boy did she do it. The audience jerked in their seats as her legs snapped together and she bent over revealing those nice cheeks of hers while working it in a gentle hump.

Xinn’s drink froze in mid air as she swore to her self silently that she had seen that woman before. After giving them just a little the introducer escorted the little blonde back where the rest of the dancers were waiting.

“And that ladies was our audience volunteer.” The announcer said smiling, as the crowd went wild. Everyone wanted to know right away who the dancer was.

“Man, I don’t have any idea who she is. But I do know she’s got a nice ass. And I think she’s got a strawberry or something on it. It’s either that or she’s getting the chicken pox.” Angel said prompting the table to laugh out at what she just said. Everyone except Xinn that is, for some reason her mind was else where.

<Where have I seen that woman before>? Xinn pondered as she prepared to get up from her seat.

“Roxy,” She said getting up. “I’ll be right back.” Roxanne nodded her head in acknowledgement while rocking to the music.

She wasn’t sure at first, but if Angel saw the little strawberry on the woman’s backside she definitely wasn’t dreaming. Something wasn’t quite right. Xinn headed out to the phone and called home.

“Xinn and Gabe ain’t here right now. But if you want us to call you back, peel off your name and number and we’ll get right back with you.” Xinn’s mind was reeling as she blindly hung up the phone and walked aimlessly back into the club.

<No, that’s not Gabe. She’s at home asleep…right>? Xinn questioned as she walked back over to the table with an almost stun look on her face.

“Xinn,” Roxy inquired while sitting up in her chair and looking up into her sister’s face.

“Is everything Okay?”

“Gabe…” Xinn said taking her seat. She then looked back up onto the stage with a panicked look.

The gang waited for a few minutes. Trying to give Xinn ample time to gather her thoughts before they had to coach her into speaking.

“Gabe what Xinn?”

Xinn looked over at her sister completely stunned and not quite sure of what to say.

The lights dropped down low again and the Master of Ceremony ran out onto the stage to announce the first act.

“Ladies and…ladies.” The audience roared with laughter.

“We asked this young lady if she would serve as our volunteer dancer tonight and she not only said, “Yeah,” but she said, “HELL YEAH.” The audience fell back laughing. “And ladies that Tall, tall glass of Long Island Tea had nothing to do with it.” The announcer said with a chuckle. Xinn continued to stare up on the stage frighten of her suspicion.

“I asked her what would she like her stage name to be tonight and do you know what she said, “Luuuvvvah girl. So let’s give it up for the luvvvaaahh girl.”

The stage lights came on and biker dress strippers stroll out onto the stage in a criss crossing formation to Bvd hit, “Poison.” They had on waist length jackets and leather bathing suit bottoms.

Another curtain behind the dancing women opened and another hit by BVD began unveiling a very curvy figure at the center of the stage.

As the music started the women’s heads tilted downward and their identity remained hidden. Simultaneously they all began to do the running man while changing their angle and letting the blonde saunter straight up the middle.

The blonde swayed to the end of the stage and sensually shed her coat. Allowing it to cascade from her body down upon the floor in the audience.

The noisy crowd over in the corner howled out again as she broke down in a spread leg hump while rubbing her rippling stomach and tossing her gloves into the audience.

“Yeah…get it Gabe.” Xinn’s entire table including her self slowly turned toward the figures that were screaming at the blonde.

Roxanne gasped and jerked her head back around to look up at the dancer who was presently undoing the snaps on her bra. But right at the last snap her hands clinched into a fist and held it close. The crowd went wild.

“TAKE IT OFF BAAABBBYY!” A customer sitting close to the stage screamed.

Meanwhile now that little hot body of hers is still sending out a lot of sensual signals with her erotic grinding. The moment she removed her hat and tossed her hair back everyone at Xinn’s table jumped their feet.

“OH MY GOD…THAT REALLY IS GABE,” Stacy screamed. Just as Gabe was about to let go of her top Xinn somersaulted up onto the stage and shield Gabe’s body from view.

It took a few seconds more before Gabe realized that someone was standing in front of her. So instead of looking up she decided to back up and go around her.

“Oh…my…God…It’s Xinn.” Sophie drawled while slowly looking over the club and finally spotting their partners.

“We are in so much trouble.” She mumbled as she watched Xinn snatch Gabe to her and yanked back hard of her hair.

Gabe screamed out like a wounded banshee as her eyes met the blazing glare of her lover.

“Xinn…baby.” She panted nervously.

“Shut up…shut up…shut up before I kill you.”

Gabe closed her mouth and did her partner’s bidding.

“I can not believe what I have seen here tonight.” Xinn said shoving Gabe off the stage. The crowd was rather stunned by the intrusion, but they could see that the dark one that somersaulted onto the stage was not in a receptive mood. So they didn’t bother to boo her for interrupting the act.

“You see the strawberry on your ass was a good clue. But then you took off your hat and I really knew it was you.” Xinn said talking to no one in particular while dragging Gabe off stage behind her.

The announcer didn’t bother to confront Xinn because when she somersaulted on to the stage it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this tall Dark warrior knew the little princess.

“I can’t believe you are here and on top of it you are out here trying to show your ass.” Xinn said whirling around to look at Gabe. Gabe didn’t bother to speak. Instead she just lowered her head and crossed her arms around her ample glittering bosom.

It didn’t take a minute after Xinn had shoved Gabe off stage for Rhonda, Sophie and the twins to try and come to her aide. But, Rayan, Roxanne and the other set of twins, headed them off.

“Look girls what doooo we have here?” Roxanne asked circling Rhonda. No one spoke. It’s You, Mine and My sister’s ladies out having the times of their lives. What do you think we should do with them?” Roxanne asked looking over at Xinn.

“I don’t know what you are going to do with them, but Ms. Take it the fuck off is going to take it off for me at home and I am going to tan that ass. Do you have any objections?” Xinn asked stepping in Gabe.

Gabe had never seen Xinn like this and especially toward her. Maybe she should have stayed at home, However Gabe was getting rather turned on by Xinn’s authoritative nature. Boy, was she hot looking.

Gabe took a step back and shook her head. She knew for sure now she was in trouble. But for some reason she was rather excited.

“Say good night to your trashy friends Gabe.” Xinn ordered snatching back on Gabe’s hair and turning her head in the direction of her very quiet friends.

“Bye guys,” She said with a weak wave.

“Bye Gabe,” The rest of the ladies returned, just about as weak as Gabe did.

“Next time I leave my lover at home you all best to leave her there unless you have my approval. If you have her taking her fucking clothes off in front of a room FULL of strangers what else would you have her doing?”

“We were…just,” Gabe started before the words faded completely out. Xinn’s glare down was filled with reproach.

Roxanne snorted silently in amusement. Xinn was definitely going to be alright. She wasn’t acting as if she was whipped now. As a matter of fact she…was being…the woman…of her house.

“Handle your business Sis.” Roxanne said giving Xinn a wink before Xinn shoved Gabe out of the exit doors of the dressing rooms.

Every one stood quiet for a moment not quite sure of what to say. They then looked around at each other and gave one another a smile.

“So how do you think their night will go?” Rhonda asked with a giggle.

“Do you think Xinn will actually spank her?” Sophie asked with a chuckle.

“Well if she does…I’m sure Gabe won’t mind. Did you see how flush she became when Xinn yanked back on her hair? I promise you I saw Gabe’s nipples stand up from here.” Roxy said turning to give Rayan a high five.

“You don’t think they will find out about this plan do you?” Rhonda asked as her partner wrapped her arm around her shoulder and guided her back into the club.

“Nah…and if they do. They will probably thank us for it.”

“Yeah, I think so too Roxy.” Rayan said pulling Sophie to her.

“Besides, Xinn is going to get the best piece of ass she’s had since they started this thang.”

“Yep there’s nothing like being head trick of your house.” Roxanne joked pleased with how their planned turned out. And the night’s announcer was extremely happy. He’d made more money tonight than he has in a long time.

“Xinn did look really sexy and forceful when she yanked back on Gabe’s hair didn’t she baby?”

Roxanne leaned back chuckling. “Yeah, now my li’l sis is about to reap the harvest of being…THEE…WOMAN OF HER…FUCKING HOUSE.”

The whole gang fell back laughing as they made it back into the club and sat down at the joining tables the announcer had set up for them.
Part 8
The ride home was extremely quiet. Xinn didn’t bother to say anything. She was unusually aloof tonight.

<I wonder if she’s really pissed. I was only having a little fun. After all, that was what she, and her girls were doing right? Maybe I’ll ask her>.


Xinn threw up her hand in a stay. Immediately shushing Gabe.

“I was only…”

“Only showing your ass. That was what your were doing.”

“I was just trying to…”

“Shut up.” Xinn growled. “Don’t talk to me right now Gabe because I not in the mood. When I left, you didn’t say anything about going out and twirling your naked ass all around the world. You didn’t say anything about showing your tits to a club full of strangers. You didn’t say…”

“Xinn…YOU…are not my mother. I’m a grown woman and I…” SCREEECCCHH! went the car as Xinn slammed down really hard on the brake.

“You say what?” Xinn snarled in a menacing tone. Gabe found her self suddenly drained of the spite she’d just spoken with. If only for a second Gabe could have sworn she seen blazes behind those baby blues.

“Is there something you want to share with me Gabe? Huh, coz I sure as hell want to hear it now.” Xinn snapped putting the car in park.

“Can you tell me why MY girlfriend, out of all the women in America, was on the stage of a very prestigious club SHOWING HER ASS? CAN YOU TELL ME THAT GABE?”

Gabe shrunk from the offended tone in Xinn’s voice. It was pretty clear that Xinn wasn’t in for any shit. Gabe knew it would probably be more lethal for her to reciprocate at that time. So she decided not to.

“I didn’t think so. Now shut up.”

<You don’t tell me what the fuck to do. I’m my own woman and no one is going to tell me differently>.

“And don’t go to thinking up some witty thought up in that brain of yours, because I am well aware of when you are doing that.” Xinn stated, almost as if she had read her partner’s mind.

<Yeah…well what am I thinking now>? Gabe thought while rolling her eyes and turning her head away from Xinn.

Xinn’s mind drifted back to the club and Gabe’s performance. Although she wanted to be mad as hell at Gabe she knew her anger wouldn’t last long. To be truthful she loved her too much to even think of holding this against her. Alongside that, she did if only for a second, imagine her little lioness pouring all that creativity out on her.

“Uh…Xinn,” Gabe said with a rising hand as she watched Xinn go past the condo.

“We uh…we just past the apartments.”

“I knew that. I just couldn’t get over right then.”

<A likely damn story>. Gabe thought while nodding her head in acceptance.

The quiet pair made it up to the condo and entered without a word.

“Now can we talk?” Gabe asked turning to look up at Xinn.

Xinn remained quiet while stepping around her and heading into the bedroom.

“Why don’t we just try to put this behind us and go to bed?” Xinn suggested removing her clothes.

<Hay wait a minute wasn’t she dressed in something else when she left here>? Gabe thought while removing her clothing.

Both women slipped under the cool sheets on opposite sides afraid to say anything to the other, from fear that it would come out wrong. Xinn didn’t want Gabe to think that she was angry because she went out. But it was rather unexpected to look up on the stage to see her girlfriend twirling her ass in front of an entire club.

Gabe didn’t know what to think. Once they were in bed Xinn turned her back to her.

<I’ve really messed up this time.> She thought. <There had never been a time when she didn’t want to talk to me. Oh lord what am I going to do>?

“Xinn, I’m sorry.” She said softly.

“It wasn’t my intent to embarrass you or make you feel as if I was doing something unethical behind your back. I just thought that it would be okay since Rhonda called me shortly after you had left and assure me that we were just going out to socialize with some other friends.”

“I never expected for the bouncer to come up to us and specifically ask for me to participate in the entertainment. It was a shocker. And the girls…well the girls encouraged me figuring it would do any harm to any one.”

Gabe went quiet for a second just to see if Xinn was actually still awake and listening. A slight shift of her partner’s body confirmed that. So Gabe continued.

“Upon asking me if I would participate she offered me whatever drink I like. And it was the girl’s idea for me to drink this Long Island something. I’ve never had it before, but I thought what’s the harm. By the time I was finished I could barely see straight. So Rhonda and the girls helped me back to the back and helped dress me. Angela kept saying, “Aw boy is this going to be good.” And the other’s kind of muffled their giggles, but they were certainly amused by the fact that I was truly going to do this. It was as if…nah.”

“Nah…It’s silly.” Gabe said pondering her suspicion but quickly dismissing it as soon as it popped in to her mind.

“No, go ahead Gabe tell me. I’m sure if it surfed through your mind it may be a reasonable cause to think that it may be true.” Xinn suggested rolling over and for the first time looking into her lover’s face.

“Well, it was as if it had been planned all along or something. The girls were so helpful and they even showed me some suggestive steps while we were waiting for the stage manager to ask everyone outside of the performers to leave. And…then, Sophie seemed to be praying to herself as Angel and Angela taught me some moves. And Rhonda…well, Rhonda was smiling and ordering me more drinks as we went along.”

“I asked Sophie what was she doing and Rhonda quickly jumped in while moving to her side and said something about her say nothing and she talks to her self from time to time. I thought it was odd. But didn’t give it a second notion as Angela drug my attention back to what they were wanting me to do during my routine.”

“So You see I don’t really know if this is worth mentioning, but before they left Sophie, I guess talking to herself again, said something like, “If I get killed behind this shit because of your ill-advised lessons, I’m going to haunt all of your asses.”

“Hmmm.” Xinn hummed.

“You know I thought it was odd that they suggested we sat down front. And they were all looking at me as if I was the fox about to get chased by hounds. But what set it off from the rest was when Roxanne saying something about her hearing her, “Boo.” The other’s quickly rejected the idea. Thinking it was absurd and that she should be quiet so that they could enjoy the performance. However, when Roxy thought any one was looking she smiled to herself. Amused with some kind of thought or another. Just like she did when we were in high school and she had come up with an idea about how she was going to cleverly slip us into the movie or something without payingl She also didn’t realize that I was watching her when the announcer, who came out promptly to start the show, gave her a wink.”

Gabe rolled good-naturedly on to her back and just stared up at the ceiling fan. Comparing what she just heard against their friend’s behavior tonight. The more she thought the more things fit together. What Sophie said? Rhonda’s reaction to their friend’s mindless muttering. Angel and Angela’s willingness to aid her in being nasty in her routine and everyone’s misguided comments. Although the statements weren’t directed at anything in particular, they still served a relevant pieces of this puzzle her and her partner was mentally putting together.

Xinn watched as her little lover inhaled deeply. She was way ahead of Gabe. Everything just fitted so perfectly, except changing them damn clothes. She just wanted to give Gabe a little more time to put things together. Besides, she looked oh so sexy when she was examining evidence.

“You know what baby,” Gabe said turning to look once more into Xinn’s settled eyes.

“I think we’ve been played. I think those heifers had this shit planned all along. And I think I’m about to open up a can of whip ass out on ‘em.” She said tearing from the bed to get dress.

Xinn chuckled and tore from the bed as well. Xinn couldn’t wait to get back there and see the expression on Rhonda’s face when they stepped back up into that club. How in the hell could she have thought that she could con people that investigate people’s behavior and motives every day?

<Somebody should have told home girl just whom in the hell she was playing with>. Xinn thought while stumbling over the thresh hold of the door way while placing her weapons in their holsters.


On their way to the club Gabe decided that she was thirsty so Xinn pulled over to her favorite seven-eleven to take care of her baby’s needs. What the couple didn’t expect was for it to be robbed while they were in it.

“W’ats going on Murry-ah,” Xinn said jokingly while greeting her transvestite friend that was currently living as a female a few condo’s down from Xinn. Her name was Murray/Mariah and she was sweeter than a caramel centered chocolate bar. But she had the personality of a saint. She was passive, outgoing, helpful and certainly witty. And on top of it she was really rather attractive. She had long beautiful fire red hair. That she always kept immaculate. Appeasing bazooms, full perfectly shaped red lips, long silky eyelashes, tall physique, that was wavy and curvy in all the right places and a wicked, wicked smile.

“Xinn, just give me six more months. Then I’m going to tell you, instead of sucking my plank, to lick my oils from my juicy cavern…wanch.”

HAY GABE GIRL! How are you doing shuggah. You still hanging out with the Adam’s Family cousin, IT here.” She said cheerily with a dismissive wave of her hand toward Xinn.

“Yeah,” Gabe said with a tiring sigh. “Every one has a soul mate and I guess…I lucked up with her.” Gabe returned while playfully tapping Xinn on her shoulder as she dash off toward the bathroom.


“Xinn girl, I hope you are keeping house with that little one there, because she it truly an enriching fine. And she’s cute too.” Mariah said crinkling her nose and rolling her neck in an “Okay,” manner.

Meanwhile a couple of corpulent women along with a rather scraggly looking one, made their way in to the store and headed to the back. Xinn cast a look over her shoulder just as the women entered, but didn’t think anything of it as her and Murry-ah (Mariah) continued talking.

Shortly afterwards one of them made her way back up to the front adorned with her colors about her face and a hidden 9mm.

“STEP AWAY FROM THE COUNTER BITCH WITH YOUR HAND UP OVER YOUR HEAD.” The masked woman yelled as she held the cashier a gunpoint from where she stood.

Xinn turned around cautiously to look upon the offender before slowly regaining her height.

“Damn,” the woman said in bewilderment while staring up and down Xinn’s body.

“You…are…a…big…bitch.” She said mindless of what she actually came in there for. However the wonder didn’t last long as she reached up under her big jersey and pulled out another weapon.

She then pointed it at Xinn, while the other remained on Mariah.

“Now…I want’cho big ass to back up.” She commanded Xinn as she waved the gun supposedly pointing at Xinn, in no certain direction.

“I don’t want you no where near me. You might be some kind of Kung-fu expert or some shit. And if you big ass try anything,” She jest with hoisted eyebrows and a leaning stance. “You will be at a distance where I can shoot’chu without me getting my fucking teeth kicked out.”

“Now take out the money big tits, and put it in a bag for me.”

“I don’t have.”

“HAY!” The robber shouted rocking nervously back and forth in her intended steps.

“Don’t choo give me no shit. I know you have some money in there and I want it now.”

“Ooh look…Micky,” The scrawny one said raising from the back of the store with two deuces (pints) of wine.

“Thay (they) got that Boone’s Farm Apple Wine you like, LOOK!” She exclaimed proudly while holding them up in the air while still approaching the girl hold Xinn and Mariah at gunpoint.

“Com’ere,” The leader growled while looking over her shoulder at the girl. The girl was somewhat proud of her self for finding it so she never saw the blow that broke her nose coming.

The second the lighter girl hit the floor Xinn stepped forward, more out of routine than anything else. It was apparent that the heavier woman, which was oppositely flanked now by the other masked corpulent woman, was the brains of the operation.

“Back it up, Xena Warrior Princess…” she then paused briefly and gave Xinn a thorough look.

“Hay you do look that warrior bitch. Hay, Nay-Nay…come check out this shit.” She said waving her friend over with the gun that was supposedly on Xinn.

He friend jogged over to Micky’s side and gave Xinn a look.

“You better quicken your steps with the money, twosome…One of dis and one of ‘dat.” Micky said with a snort whilst giving her friend a toying elbow to her stomach.

“Damn you do look like Xena.” Her friend said faintly, really taken with the similarities.

“Can I have your autograph?” (I know it’s “may,” but how often do homey’s worry about proper English). She said looking at Xinn as if she was in a trance or something.

“Nay-Nay, that ain’t no Xena. So get your tongue back in and get over there and get our money twosome is packing.”

The woman continued to watch Xinn as she scooted blindly over to the counter for the loot.

Gabe had been observing the threesome from her little perch behind the door. But she thought it wise to observe the two corpulent women further before making her move. The skinny one wasn’t a threat since it was apparent that she wasn’t as aggressive as the other’s, especially the one with the gun on Xinn and nor was she taking the robbery as serious as the other two.

Micky looked over her shoulders and down the first Isle before spotting her lover crouched in a corner at the end of the first isle cradling her nose.

“Girl are you…get up here…I can’t believe you are still crying about getting hit in the nose. It ain’t like it hasn’t happened to you before. Now get’cho ass up here and search this big bitch. She don’t look scared and I don’t like that.”

The girl struggled to her feet and shuffled up to Xinn.

“Raise your hands please.” She asked as cordial as she could with tears of pain still dripping fluently upon the scarf that shield her bloody nose.

Xinn dipped in her stance to look into the girl’s eyes while doing what she was told. Finally recognition leaked into each women eyes as Xinn called the girl’s name.


The girl’s head bobbed in no set direction as the tears tore from her eyes now. She was also a neighbor hood friend of Xinn and Roxy’s. It appears that her scrawny built followed her clean up into her adult hood. She still had those starry brown eyes, long eyelashes, coiling shoulder length hair and pleasant disposition. Yet she was traveling with the wrong crowd and on top of it she had an abusive friend/lover.

When they were kids Xinn and Roxy used her as their instigator. Whenever they wanted to confront a group of kids they didn’t rightly favor they’d have Mookie to deliver a message of challenge to them. Now, Mookie never got jumped because she was consider the neighborhood tattler and her enforcers were none other than Xinn, Roxanne and Roeanne. So no one bothered her. However when they all parted ways after high school they never kept in touch. Thereby ending with the situation they had before them now. A friend…that needed a helping hand but didn’t know how to ask for it. So instead of doing that Mookie conveniently stayed in a situation that was at times unbearable.

“Hi Xinn,” she uttered, truly embarrassed now. Out of all people she had to come face to face with one of the women that she admired most in life.

“Mookie…all you have to say is that you’ve had enough and I will handle it from there.” Xinn whispered not wanting to draw any attention to them, as the others taunted Mariah with degrading jokes.

Mookie reached in under Xinn’s overcoat, not wanting to appear as if she wasn’t trying to do what her friend asked of her, and ran her hands over both Xinn’s peacemakers. Mookie just looked up into Xinn’s eyes, silently drawing strength from an old friend and continued her sweep of her body.

“Hay bitch, is she clean?” Micky asked stepping more to the side of her still giggling friend and giving Xinn a curious look

“Yes,” Mookie said regaining her stance and stepping back from Xinn.

“I don’t want to do this anymore Xinn,” She said in a pleading tone as the tears filled her eyes again. Xinn could tell by the look in her friends eyes that she was trying to be brave, but at the same time there was still something for her to fear. It isn’t everyday that a gang lord’s woman walks out on her.

“I’ll take it from here then.” Xinn said giving her friend a crooked smile.

“W’at’ch’all talking about over there?” Micky asked curiously.

Mookie quickly moved back to her friend’s side and quietly said, “Nuthin’.”

Micky shove Mookie forcefully away from her and began verbally revealing her examination of what she thought the two women were doing.

“Nah…don’t tell me ya what’tun (wasn’t) doing nothing.” Micky said narrowing her eyes.

“Are you trying to hit on my woman, bitch. I should kill your ass right now.”

Just then Gabe made her way to the front with a six pack of Heinekens and Pepsi in each hand. Pretending as if she was ignorant of the robbery that was currently taking place.

Once she was along side of Xinn she looked up and gasped in shock. She then looked over at Micky and shrieked out in fear. Xinn closed her eyes and clinched her lips tight to keep from laughing out. She knew from the way Gabe screamed that they were all in for the performance of her life.

“OH GOD…IT’S A ROBBERY. OH PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME.” She yelled out while dropping the six packs and falling to her knees.

Micky’s eyes widen from surprise as she watched Gabe crawl over to her wailing of panick and fear.

“Oh please don’t shoot me.” Gabe said wrapping her arms around the gang leader’s legs.

“Hay get off of me woman.” Micky said reaching down with both hands in an attempt to dislodge Gabe. But Gabe held on tighter.

“No please…please don’t hurt me. I was only here to pick up my mother some beer and soda. She a fucking Slush you know.” Gabe said changing her tone from fear to disgust as she lift her head briefly to look into the robber’s confused eyes.

“I hate her.” Gabe said resting her head back on the woman’s thighs. “She always drinking with her pudgy ass.”

Micky didn’t know what to think. Here it is the store was supposed to be empty of customers and now she was knee deep in unwanted people. One was kneeling at her legs and the other looking like Xena warrior princess was standing across from her fighting back laughter.

Suddenly Micky shrieked out in pain as Gabe’s teeth latch down on her fleshy thigh. Prompting the corpulent woman to loose a hold of her guns while trying to push her away.


Just as her partner moved to help out with removing Gabe Xinn reached in and unsnapped both of her holstered weapons like in the old, old west, throwing back her long leather over coat, and laid the nuzzle of each of ‘em up against both women’s forehead.

“Now…I want you two chunky chunks to join hands. Like they do in revival and thank the Lord for me not shooting you. Can…I get a witness?” Xinn said with a smile as she gave Mariah a wink.

“Amen sistah,” Gabe said reaching in back of her and removing her cuffs she had been carrying incognito. She then snapped the cuffs closed and regained her height.

“Mookie! Mookie…baby, get the gun and get us out of this.” Micky called back over her shoulders.

Xinn looked over at Mookie as she maintain her sprawled position on the floor pretending she’d been knocked out from the shove she got earlier.

“Aw,” Xinn whined regretfully.

“Mookie can’t help ya coz she’s still out from that shove you gave her. She must have bumped her head on the way down. And plus that broken nose may be a big factor in that too. If she can’t breathe right it’s hard to stay conscious.

“Shut up tramp…who in the hell do you think you are anyway? Ain’t no cops around for miles.”

Gabe reached into her secret compartment down front of her and pulled out her badge.

“Well…w’at’ll you know. It’s a badge. No doubt that I and my partner here,” Gabe said reaching over to slip her hand graciously under Xinn’s over coat to reveal Xinn’s holster and shield. “Are no doubt cops. But you…can consider us your friendly neighborhood watch. Watching to make sure that home girls like you don’t bother the other good citizens in this town.”

Gabe then reached in and took Xinn’s cuffs for her waist to place it on the women’s opposite arms.

“I wonder,” She started while giving the girls cuffed hands a shake.

“Who was that that said cops are never around when you need ‘em, hmmm?” See how people can lie.” Xinn chuckle while stepping up to the women and giving them a shove toward the door.

She then nudged her head in Mookie’s direction for Gabe to give her a hand. Gabe helped her up off the floor and Mariah aid Gabe in creating a cold compressor for her swollen nose.

After shoving her prisoner’s into the back seat of their car Xinn called for back up. But there was one more person that she had to call that she hadn’t spoken to for a least ten years now.

She was of course the neighborhood bully at that time. Nevertheless, her Roxanne, and Roeanne caught her ass out by herself one day and tore her from ass hole to the pookie hole. Following that intense exercise she didn’t give either of them, even if they were alone, any shit. As a matter of fact she became another one of their best friends.

Xinn took a few breaths and started dialing.

“Sasha…get that hun,” a lounging figure said from her onyx tiled finished Jacuzzi. That was swamped by so many beautiful women that you couldn’t count. And each dying to serve or pleasure her in any way she desired.

The naked glistening figure sleeked from the pool like a grazing panther. Water cascading off of her like she was a water fountain. (Author’s note: May I have just…just a sip of that. I’m suddenly thirsty.)

The woman moved over to the phone and did what she was asked. Slowly she turned to look at her boss before sensually striding over to her. She then took the phone away from her ear while stepping back down into the huge pool like jacuzzi and whispered, “It’s Xinn.” The girl seemed confused by the officer’s tone as she handing her employer the phone and slid back down beside her.

“What can I do for you Xinn?” she asked rising from the waters. Preparing to leave. Several of the women followed her to ensure that everything she needed once she was out was taken care of. Yet the boss never underestimated her ladies. They worked perfectly as a team. When she stepped out of the tube one lady wrapped her bathrobe around her. Another towel dried her hair. Another tied off her robe, while another handed her a refreshed drink. She thanked the women with a nod of her head and moved into her magnificent penthouse bedroom that gave her an overview of the entire city.

“How are you doing Norma Ray?” Xinn returned.

“Xinn…you know you are the only slit I let call me that. You know people call me NR.”

Xinn remained quiet. She didn’t issue a rebuttal nor did she seem as if she wanted to. NR pondered her last comment and her curiosity grew. It wasn’t like Xinn to not give her a two for one because of her lashing tongue.

“What is it Xinn?” She asked but this time with a little more concern.

“I have Mookie down here. Her old lady came into a store, in which I just happen to be in and tried to rob it. In return I found out, that Mookie was in fact with her and that the woman was abusive to her. Did you know that?”

“NR, took a deep breath and uttered, “Yes,” quietly. Both women went quiet again.

“I want you to come down here and get her.” Xinn said calmly.

“I’ll send someone to get her.”

“NO! She needs you right now. It has to be you that tell her that everything is going to be alright. You, Norma Ray…no one else. What transpired between you and Mookie years ago is no reason for you to not love your sister. Now…I’m going back in here and fix her broken nose. But I’m not leaving here until you have come and gotten her…follow me?” Xinn concluded questioningly. NR sat quiet for a while before finally saying, “I’m with ya.”

“Good,” Xinn rebut. “I’ll be waiting.”

It didn’t take long for back up to obtain the current E-Z mart robbers. They were whining and screaming about being poison by some kind of bite they received during the robbery. But their blabbing didn’t seem to bother the officers that shoved ‘em in the squad car. It was more of a routine to hear criminal’s complaints about how they’d be wrong. Xinn waved to the girls and wish them luck with an evil cackle.

Shortly afterwards a cold black limousine pulled up and stopped right in front of Xinn. Xinn put her hands on her hips and watched the two escorts exited the limousine and opened the back doors.

NR and her bodyguard exited on opposite sides dressed down complete with matching hats and boots.

“Xinn…what a pleasure to see you.” NR said mockingly as her girls huddled around behind her and her guard moved to her side.

“Likewise,” Xinn answered.

“I see you brought the Lizzies with ya. Are they here to ensure I don’t harm their master?” Xinn joked with a crooked smile and raised eyebrow.

“Hold up now don’t ride my girls maybe if you tried it you wouldn’t knock it. P-Control, that’s what I like to call it. Now…where is my wayward sister.” (P-Control means Pussy Control for those that don’t listen to, “Prince.”)

“She’s inside,” Xinn said stepping closer. The bodyguard moved to intercede but NR waved her off.

“Xinn is a friend. She’s no threat. She can kick my ass, dats no doubt but she’s cool. I trust her with my life. Let’s talk.”

Xinn and NR turned to go inside side by side. Her luscious girls followed behind. All draped in leather and looking extremely dangerous.

“Norma, I want you to take this time now to talk to your sister. Not order her around but simply be the big sister that she want and need right now. Every since you and her got into it about her going to college and YOU kicking her out she has been going from one bad relationship to the other. Let her know you love her and whatever she decides to do with her life you will be there supporting her. She needs this bad right now. And I know even with your glamorous lifestyle you still love her…let her know that.”

Norma Ray looked up into her longtime friend’s eyes and gave her a nod. She was no fool. Xinn was right and whatever she needed to say to get her sister back in her arms that was what she was prepared to do.

When Xinn stepped through the door Gabe looked up from her duties of trying to stop the swelling in Mookie’s nose.

“Xinn,” she started. “Something has got to be done. It needs resetting and she won’t let either of us help. Maybe she’ll let you do.” Gabe finished moving up to her lover’s side.

Xinn agreed and moved over to reset Mookie’s nose.

Gabe observed from where she stood, that is until she felt an intense stared directed at her. She slowly turned and looked into Norma Ray’s inquisitive eyes. She was actually kind of cute. She had curly tendrils hanging all about her head, brown eyes and a piercing stare. If she didn’t have this invincible persona going on people wouldn’t mind talking to her.

Finally she spoke. “W’ats your name, blonde, shapely and absolutely sexy looking?” She asked while licking her lips and giving Gabe’s two piece white outfit another lusty look before obtaining her glance again.

“My name is Gabe…and yours.” Gabe returned while tilting her head and rubbing her chin in curiosity.

Norma Ray removed her jacket and instantly a girl was at her side to take it.

“My girls call me NR. So you can call me that. Are you interested in a lucrative employment?” She asked while continuing to stare at Gabe’s revealing features.

“No thank you.” Gabe said moving to Xinn’s side and slipping her arm up under her statuesque partner’s coat.

“XINN!” Norma Ray exclaimed with bulging eyes.

“Dats you in dat house?” She inquired with a chuckle. Xinn just gave her a crooked smile and pulled Gabe in closer.

“Well that’s alright…she’s fine as hell. Give me my shit up top.” Xinn and NR shared a stinging hi-five before Norma Ray moved over to her sister and began examining her broken nose.

“Norma, I’m okay.” Mookie snapped before lowering her head. Not wanting to look upon her sister’s scrutinizing glare. Although, she knew it was there she still hoped her sister understood that she still needed her…more now, than she’d ever did. She realized she’d disappointed her sister in so many ways, but what she needed right now was her sister’s strength and concern.

Norma gently lifted Mookie’s chin and softly gazed into her teary eyes. “Mookie I don’t want to spend another five years not hearing from my sister. I want you to come home with me. I want you to be happy Mook and if doing hair is what makes you happy then by god do it. Just…please don’t walk out of my life again. I need you Mook. I need you to be my baby sister again.” Norma uttered carefully. And there was no shame in her execution, because out of everything that existed around her no one could replace the love she shared with and for her sister. Anger is a dangerous element. It makes love ones hate when there is no reason to and it make friend’s distant when all is needed is understanding and a desire to strengthen a relationship.

Mookie jumped from her perch on the counter straight down into her sister’s arms.

“You really mean that Ray-Ray?”

“I wouldn’t have said it baby if I didn’t. An old wise friend just reminded me just what was important in my life and Mookie I can’t think of nothing else of greater value to me, than you.” Mookie squealed with joy and hung on to her big sister for dear life.

Xinn looked down into Gabe’s praising eyes and felt joy burst from her heart and manifest itself throughout her entire body.

“I love you.” She mouthed with a toothy grin. Xinn tweaked her baby’s nose and pulled her closer.

There was no need for NR’s body guards so they made themselves scarce by quietly exiting the building. One by one they each slipped from the store and with no doubt a smile of pride upon their faces. The sisters were reunited and that within itself was definitely worth the trip.

“Thanks Xinn, thanks for giving me another chance.” Mookie said snapping Xinn up in a rocking bear hug. Gabe couldn’t keep from smiling. Just when she thought she couldn’t be any more disdainful of Xinn. Her impervious partner does something as touching as this…reuniting sisters. It was obvious that it was nothing more than a misunderstanding that separated them. And their steadfast pride that kept them apart. But that was before her baby sauntered in and became the savior of the day.

<Damn…I am so hot for this woman>. Gabe thought as Xinn chuckled and returned Mookie’s bear hug.

“Xinn, I owe you one.” Norma Ray said tossing Xinn a pure golden coin.

“You know what to do wid’it.”

“And you,” She said directing her attention over to a mesmerized Gabe. That was still secretly admiring her partner while standing slightly away from her.

“Gabe,” NR said a little more audibly than before. Gabe turned and looked at her.

“I’ve never met this Xinn. And I can only believe that it is the lady in her life that keeps her smiling and giddy like that. You are a hell of a woman Gabe. You have a tough one on your hands. But then again…I know you are definitely familiar with that.” She then tossed Gabe a golden coin as well.

“Since you are my girl’s lady. I’ll give you one too. Whenever you need me you just drop this in the hands of the nearest bartender, Big Momma’s included, and I’ll immediately get with you.” Norma then gave her lady holding her coat a nod signaling for her to return her garment. She then touched Mookie on the back, which was now talking about the many styles she could put Xinn’s hair in, and told her it was time for them to leave. Mookie kissed Xinn and Gabe on the cheek before she let Norma Ray drag her from the premise waving.

Xinn and Gabe watched the couple leave truly satisfied with what took place tonight. It was evident that there was nothing that they couldn’t do when they worked together.

Gabe inhaled and crossed her arms before looking over at her partner…her beautiful, talented, witty and extremely sexy partner.

“You know Xinn…just when I think I couldn’t love you anymore you do something as righteous as this. It was you that brought them back together. True they had to make up in their minds to do it. But I bet they are truly thankful that a friend like you was there when they were at the ends of their ropes. I love you woman. I love you to forever and infinite on the way back. And I’m going to show you just how much when I get you home.”

Xinn gave Gabe an air smooch and lifted her arms. Beckoning Gabe to step into the space and eradicate the void between them.

“Get out…get out my store now. You two are always bringing trouble wherever you are. My shift is about to end. Maybe if you two leave now it will be a quiet night from here on out.” Mariah started seriously, but couldn’t keep the smile from gradually seizing her features. She like every other proprietor on the street respected the pair immensely. Nothing the couple asked would be ignored. They were a positive influence in that neighborhood. And for anyone to support brotherhood in that area was surely God sent.

“Sure,” Gabe said stepping away from Xinn and leaning against the counter with her arms crossed. Pondering on what else she was about to say. And it was no doubt she was about to barter Mariah for something.

“You know, my lady and I are going to need to wind down from all this extracurricular activities that has taken place in YOUR store. And I was wondering by any chance would you miss a couple bottles of that dew dripping Arbor Mist wine that you have in the far box over there. Do you mind if I…you know…just go back there and get us a few bottles of it.”
Mariah narrowed her eyes at the little rogue before graciously returning, “Oh no Officer…after all, I appreciate your help. Please, choose whatever flavor you like.”

Gabe gave Mariah a wink and tore back toward the refrigerator.

“You know Xinn, if you and Gabe decided to take on a life of crime y’all would be like a modern day Thelma and Louise. Only you two would be a lot more dangerous.” Mariah said stashing the monies that Xinn returned to her back in the register.

“Yeah…but my baby is into love and human compassion. Can you believe that?” Xinn asked with a big smile. As she watched Gabe ponder which wine should she pick.

“You no Roxy,” Macy slurred leaning in to Roxanne as they made their way out the club’s door and toward the parking lot.

“If Xinn finds out what we were up to she may put her loving sister in cuffs and send her up the river for a spell.” She joked prompting her and Angel to lean over even further against their friends laughing.

“YOU KNOW MACY THAT’S MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY.” Xinn stated through the police speaker she was holding.

Just then the parking lot got as bright as day as a swat team of officers popped on night lights all about them.

“W’at da fuck?” Roxy screamed shoving a drunken ass Macy to the pavement and Angel down on top of her.

“XINN…XINN, IS THAT YOU.” Gabe leaned into Xinn muffling her laughter.

“XINN…XINN COM’ON NOW…STOP PLAYING.” Xinn lowered her head and tried really hard not to laugh out loud. Every one in the group was so drunk that they were running into each other as the police told them that it was a crime to be drunk while driving and that they were there to escort them safely home.

“XIIIIIINNNNN,” Roxy screamed with panic in her eyes. “Xinn call off your dogs.” She yelled as a female officer stepped in front of her and Rhonda and handcuffed them before shoving them toward the cattle car her sister ordered for just such an occasion.

“XINN…STOP PLAYING NOW…DON’T LET THEM TAKE ME IN…WE WERE JUST JOKING…CAN’T YOU TAKE A JOKE?” Roxy yelled as the officer drug her to the cattle wagon.

“XINN PLEASE…PLEASE TELL THEM TO STOP…COM’ON XIIIINNNN.” She screamed wedging her body at the door with raised arms and outstretched legs.

“XINN…XINN…XINN, I’M GOING TO TELL MOMMA ON UUUUUUU.” She yelled out one more time before the officer finally pried her away from the door and pushed her inside.

Screams of confusion filtered out the barred window as the officer made her way back over to Xinn laughing.

“Okay it’s your call officer Hammer. What do ya want us to do with them.”

Xinn rose from the hood of their Mercedes laughing. “Am I good or am I good?” she invited looking back at Gabe. Which was hanging off the side of the car laughing at the whimpering and swearing the gang was doing. It didn’t take much for the officers to know that they had turned on each other now.






There was a loud scream, some scuffling, loud thuds and cries for help. But that was before the trailer shifting to the left then back to the right. Gabe couldn’t keep from laughing. Xinn expected them to be screaming for her help. But Gabe never anticipated that they would turn against each other. Who said revenge isn’t sweet?

“Why don’t you give them a tour of the city, and a view of the station before taking them home.”

Xinn instructed while pulling her gasping partner up off the ground and giving her keys a toss.

“Ah’ight Lieutenant,” the officer said with a smile while tipping her hat at the pair. Right before taking off she pounded on the sides of the cattle car and order the group quiet.

“YOU CAN’T ORDER ME ABOUT,” Roxy panted…out from under the bottom of the pile.


Xinn and Gabe couldn’t keep from laughing.

“Let’s go home baby. This has truly been a night.” Xinn said with a hearty chuckle while picking up a still giggling Gabe.

“Did I tell you that I love you today?” Gabe queried with starlit eyes. Xinn pulled up to the stoplight not even a block from her apartment and ponder the question with squinting eyes.

“No…Oh yeah…in the E-Z mart after the robbery.”

“Ummmm.” Gabe returned.

“Well that is not nearly enough.” She retorted slithering up out of her seat to capture her love’s lips.

The kiss was so consuming that the cars behind them began to honk after missing the light the second time.

“Oh babay,” Xinn choked blinking her eyes a couple of times in an attempt to refocus her eyes.

“Take me home Xinn…there’s something else I’d like to show you outside of my strawberry. And I’d give you a clue as to what it is. Do you remember the question you have been asking me every since we’ve become intimate?”

Xinn slammed on the brakes so hard that both women, even with the seatbelts on went hurling toward the window shield.

“Are you…” Xinn panted after falling back up against her seat breathless.

“Are you…” Xinn’s mouth suddenly went dry as Gabe’s bobbing head and girlish smile confirmed her skepticism.

“You are…aren’t you?” Xinn asked with a puzzling look on her face. Hoping like hell that this would be the time that Gabe would offer her what she’s been praying for…and that was everything her partner possessed.

“Yesssss,” Gabe uttered meekly with a smile so benevolent that Xinn began to hyperventilate.

“Uh…Uh…Uh gods…I…can’t…breathe.”

Xinn still heaved for breath as she put the car in park and laid her head back upon the seat.

Gabe undid her belt and slid into Xinn’s seat atop of her. She then leaned in and kiss Xinn gently on each shoulder before whispering, “I want to be yours forever Xinn. Take me please.”

Xinn lifted her head and issued her partner a singeing stare. It was so full of hunger that Gabe eyes started to water just from looking into them. It was evident what Xinn wanted. And now that Gabe had offered herself completely to her the only thing that could stop her now would be divine intervention.

Xinn wrapped her little package up in her arms and tore from the car.

“Uh baby,” Gabe wheezed from Xinn holding her so tightly.

“Shouldn’t you lock the car?”

Xinn whirled around with the car remote in her hand so fast that Gabe heaved from the motion and her now churning stomach.

“There it’s locked,” Xinn said wildly looking over at the still occupied elevator.

“Why don’t we take the stairs,” She said bolting toward them with renewed strength and Gabe wrapped around her like a pretzel.

“Do…you…want…me to…walk.” Gabe stammered. Bouncing up and down on Xinn’s hip.

“Nah…this way is quicker.” Xinn panted, still not winded after running up five flights of stairs. Once the couple was in front of the apartment Xinn allowed Gabe to slide from her hip, before opening the door for her.

“Gabe,” Xinn started humbly. Spurring her partner to turn and look at her before they each stepped into the apartment and closed the door behind them.

“Are you sure?” She asked with pleading eyes.

Gabe whirled around and grabbed the remote to the CD surround sound system and keyed in the selected song she wanted.

The soothing melody of “Joe,” dropped down. A serenade truly made for the ladies. Gabe then reached for Xinn’s hands while slowly rolling her hips from side in a bump and grind fashion.

Xinn crept up to Gabe in a similar fashion and melted into her lover’s moves. She moaned as Gabe’s hip pressed invitingly up against her Suzy. Commanding its surrender with nothing more than a sensual grind.

Gabe’s tenderly clawed at Xinn’s leather covered body. Making it scream frenetically for her lover’s touch.

“Close the door baby,” Gabe whispers after noticing Xinn’s first attempt to close the door didn’t work. Xinn moaned against Gabe’s neck not quite willing to let go yet. So she continued to rock against Gabe before giving her a twirl and they both headed over to the door. Swaying back to front and definitely close enough to feel the heat rising from the other’s skin.

With that done Gabe turned to face Xinn again. But this time it was to undress her. Gracefully Gabe hands traveled seductively up Xinn’s torso as they continued to sway to “Joe’s,” lyrics of enchantment. Removing her baby’s clothes piece by piece.

Xinn couldn’t stifle her urges nor the moans that strained from her barely parted lips as Gabe’s electric fingertips skidded all over her body. If ever her Martha was pleading for release it was certainly doing it now. The inside of her thighs was soaked and her mind couldn’t hold a single thought. Gabe had bewitched her. And the only antidote she wanted was Gabe’s absolute love.

The music continued to filter through out the apartment inspiring both women’s movements to become even more created as Xinn slither down upon the couch and beckon Gabe to her with a curling forefinger.

Gabe sauntered over and allowed Xinn to remove her gun belt and skirt in on fluid move. Revealing her honeyed patch of sweetness in a matter of seconds.

“Oh gods…I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.” Xinn rumbled contently. Xinn couldn’t keep from running her fingers through it. Gabe’s misted musk floated across Xinn’s nose making it hard for her to stay on task. All she could think about was sinking her tongue deep inside Gabe.

Xinn went in. She couldn’t pull back if a bull dozer was latched on to her. She growled as her tongue slipped in between Gabe’s folds and sampled her smoothness. Gabe whimpered and spread her legs wider inviting Xinn to take her fill. Xinn was much obliged as the tip of her tongue skipped over Gabe’s tavern of completion in slow lissome strokes.

Gabe’s legs grew wobbly as she stumbled in her stance. But there was no need for her to fear Xinn simply slid from the couch, dipped in her knees and guided Gabe’s legs over each of her shoulders before regaining her full stance. Xinn continued to flick that clit while moving into the bedroom. The music had just bout all but faded now as the couple waltz to another beat now…the one that played in each of their hearts.

“Gabe,” Xinn panted stretching out fully upon her partner. “If you are having second thoughts, pleeeasssse let me know now. Because once I’ve had you there won’t be any going back. You will be mine forever. And I will go to great lengths to keep it just that way.”

Gabe could tell by the haunting passion swirling in Xinn’s eyes that it was taking everything she had to keep her from proceeding. But Gabe also knew that only the person that loved her boundlessly would even bother to ensure that this was in fact what she wanted.

“I don’t think you understand me Xinn. I not only want this. I need it. Every morning my first thought is of the Master and you. I thank him for waking me so I can spend at least one more day with you. And this…my mighty one has been going on from the very first moment that I met you. I want to be yours completely. And I can’t think of no other way that I haven’t become yours outside of this. Please…” Gabe whispered while lifting her lips up to Xinn’s and claiming them. “Make me yours Xinn.” Gabe uttered with eyes of a princess.

Xinn slid down between Gabe’s legs and patiently fanned them open. Her fingers sorted through Gabe’s moisten plains with easy strokes. Hocking her engorged clit into a sputtering mass of willingness.

“Oh…baby,” Gabe seeped while clawing unconsciously at the sheets. “Take me.”

Xinn smiled from the view. <Could she be any more radiant than she was right now>? She thought while swooping down to drink of her princess love chamber.

<Yeah, she can. The most beautiful sight in the world is watching my baby’s eyes open after sleeping all night in my arms. That is when she’s most exquisite>. Xinn finalized. Sending her tongue deep inside Gabe and revealing her pleasure with a rumbling growl. Gabe’s back arch and Xinn knew she was close. Ever so gently Xinn slid her middle finger inside Gabe while sending her tongue on another mission…whacking that clit with heated strokes. Gabe cried out and grabbed hand fulls of Xinn’s hair while rubbing her heated hive mindlessly against Xinn’s juicy lips, tongue and fingers.

Gabe was so capture by her present bout of rapture that she didn’t realize that Xinn’s plunging had intensified and efforts to claim what was hers was rightly at hand. Gabe hips snapped in the upright position as her release shut down all functions of her body except the scream that tore from her lips. As the final quakes of her release struck Xinn exclusively claimed her soulmate…and partner for the rest of her life.

“I love you,” Gabe whispered as her eyes closed and her breathing slowed.

“I love you too Strawberry,” Xinn replied while rolling onto her side and pulling Gabe up into her arms.
Part 9
The sun rose with a benevolent pliancy about her. Her rays crept through the partially opened drapes spreading her joy all about.

Xinn welcomed her sweetness with a hearty moan.

Ever so slowly Xinn’s head rolled to the side so that she could look upon her peacefully napping partner. There was something speechless about Gabe when she was sleeping. Only the angels above knew how her serenity made Xinn’s heart gush with immeasurable bliss.

With a loving sweep of her fingertips Xinn brushed away Gabe’s bangs and gently stole a kiss. Gabe moaned from the sentiment and rocked ever so sensually against Xinn. Reveling in the softness of her partner’s body.

Xinn sighed, pulled her closer and stared up into the ceiling. She never thought she’d be in love with anyone. Luv ‘em and leave ‘em was always her motto. Yet as she lay there next to Gabe, cradled in her arms, she knew that there was no force on this earth that she’d allow to come between them.

When she gazed into Gabe’s eyes she could see the windows to her heart swing open and its richness spew from them. Parting the darkness in Xinn’s heart and creating beauty as it spread throughout her entire being.

Gabe gave her life and it couldn’t be described as anything less than it was. Gabe gave her purpose and her love was a commodity that only the creator himself could manufacture. It was limitless, raw, surging and penetrating.

Gabe was self-sacrificing. She’d put everything that she was on the line so that others would be safe.

Before Gabe came into her life, Xinn simply existed. She was going out every night, socializing instead of prioritizing. Taking love whenever the desire rose. Discarding others when her cravings were fulfilled. Mindless of how her stoic behavior affected others and she had only sought out things that made her happy.

But from the moment she had stepped into that office and for the first time laid eyes on Gabe she knew those games were over. Not because of one person, on the contrary, but because that one person brought about a turnabout in her life. Somewhere, in someplace someone created a goddess just for her and it rose up in her partner that now laid at her side cooing heavenly in her sleep.

Xinn decided then and there that she wasn’t going to give that up. She was going to talk to Gabe, then the Captain about pulling them from this case. This was too dangerous and she wasn’t about to risk losing the love of her life for any reason.

“Gabe,” Xinn called out softly in a story book chord.

“Wake up baby. I want to talk to ya.”

“Awwww…can’t it wait.” Gabe grumbled

“Gabe please…this is important. I really need to get this off my chest.”

Gabe groaned again before permitting her pretty green eyes to flutter open and look up at Xinn.

“What is it baby?” Gabe asked with furrowed brows. Immediately she could see the concern in her lover’s face.

“I want to…well, I want to talk about this investigation.”

Gabe rolled over onto her back pulling Xinn on top of her. Something was bothering Xinn. That part was obvious. Since they’d become lovers Xinn usually woke her up with some kind of erotic technique but this morning her baby’s attitude was all business like and THAT had her worried.

“W’ats wrong honey?”

Xinn dipped her head and stole another kiss from Gabe’s soft lips before gaining the strength she needed to tell Gabe exactly what she was thinking. Never had she feared anything, even when Roxy, Roe and she were outnumbered three to one during fights. But this case was unlike any others. They were putting them selves in a very dangerous situation. Xinn wasn’t about to sacrifice what they had at the present for just anything.

“I’ve been thinking…maybe we should…well you know.”

“Xinn baby,” Gabe whispered in a vexed tone.

“What is it? W’ats bothering you? Please…tell me what’s wrong.” Gabe inquired with watery eyes. Xinn cleared her throat and went about trying to explain herself. She knew that if she were any longer trying to reveal her feelings they would both be crying.

“I think we should pull out of this case.” <There I said>. Xinn thought while wrapping her arms around Gabe’s neck and resting her cheek tenderly against it.

With the touch of a comforting lover, Gabe’s hand floated up Xinn’s sides, down upon her back and over her curvy backside in smooth repetitious waves. Soothing her partner in the only possible way she presently could.


Minutes passed and neither woman had said a word. Instead they permitted their bonding to reassure the other that mountains may rumble and winds may blow but nothing would or could separate their souls. They were bondmates and as they lay there, speaking only through touch, that consoled them.

“Is it because of what we shared last night Xinn?” Gabe paused briefly to allow the effects of the question to sink in.

“Is it because you fear losing me? Or, is this one of your usual ways to try and keep me from harms way?”

Xinn didn’t speak. Instead she simply rocked her head up and down.

“Xinn…I want to share something with you and I want you to stay with me…Okay?” Xinn nodded her head in agreement.

“I’m going to build a scenario and I want you to tell me what would you do if you were put in this same situation.”

Xinn rocked her head again.

“Alright…then let’s began.” Gabe said as her voice dropped down to a soothing chime and her story began. Xinn pulled her closer as their breathing matched frequency and their hearts began to beat as one.

“There was this old man that simply loved making strawberry jam. Whenever strawberries were in season he would visit the patch right down the road from him.

On one particular day he’d made his way down there and along came this gang of boys. He didn’t pay ‘em any attention because they weren’t bothering him. Naw…they just kept pestering other people. Whilst the leader continued to taunt his choice of people. Suddenly his interest fell upon this humble looking woman and her cute little red headed, freckled face three years old daughter.

The old man not knowing what it was like to be protective of any one other than himself finished picking his strawberries and later, prepared to leave. But before he left he had the pleasure of looking into that little girl’s eyes as they overflowed with spilling tears. The once verbally abusive` boy were now dragging her mother up and over rows of strawberries all about them.”

Her little piercing wails of fear and helplessness rang out all over the field. Pleading for someone, anyone to stop that boy from treating her mother the way that he was. However, everyone in the field didn’t heed her cries, on account of not wanting to draw any negative attention to their own families. Instead they kept to themselves and quickly went about their business of finishing as fast as they could.

The old man looked out about the field at everyone that was there and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Not one person, out of all those people that were in that field, came forth and said, “Hay leave the woman and child alone.” They just continued with their picking hoping that whatever was about to transpire would end soon.

Being the age that the old man was he pretty much figured that he wouldn’t be much help. Yet as he observed the inhumane way that the mother was being treated and the child’s cry for help. He began to think that even though he was old and may get killed along with it. At least someone would have stood up and demanded human kindness. At least someone would have spoken out for justice. At least someone would have stepped up and said, “that’s enough.

Women are being killed Xinn, and no doubt inhumanely. Wouldn’t you say that now is the time for someone to stand up and say, “That’s enough?”

You are a powerful voice in your community. And you know that…people believe in you because they know there isn’t anyone better. What we share Xinn…no one is going to be able to take that away from you, because it has been woven into your soul, and mine too.

Since we’ve been in this game of investigation, we’ve always run across something odd. But it has never been anything that we haven’t made it through, together.”

Gabe took both of her hands and put them gently against each side of Xinn’s head and raised it.

“I want you to be that old man that turned around in that field and said, “That’s enough,” Xinn, I want you to know that not even in death would situations such as this keep me from standing at your side. I love you and I’m not going to lose you now or ever.” Gabe, at that point, swept her hands once more over her partner’s body before lovingly wrapping her arms around her and kissing her tenderly upon her lips.

Xinn couldn’t keep from smiling and nor could she keep from becoming a prisoner of Gabe’s unbiased love. She not only needed it. She expected it.

“Just when the sharks thought it was safe to go back into the water, Gabe’s head emerges.” Xinn joked while popping up on her elbow and stealing another quick kiss.

“How is it that you know how I’m feeling and when I’m feeling it?”

“Coz I’m your bond mate ba-bay.” Gabe said with a crinkling nose and rolling her hips under Xinn.

“Now…bid me a proper good morning woman.” She said lifting her chin to steal her a prolonging kiss.

<Driiiiinnnnggg> went the phone for about the sixth time before the answering machine came on.

“XINN, YOU PUNK…I’M GOING TO GET YOU FOR LAST NIGHT, OUWWWCH!” Roxy yelled out while jerking around to glare at momma for delivering a stinging slap to the base of her neck.

“I told you to apologize to her and Gabe. Not give her a hard time because your plan to play her went sour. Now apologize and get off that phone and help me.”


Gabe giggled and popped Xinn on her backside. “Looks like someone is still pissed for somebody having her carted around in a police wagon for nearly two hours last night…hahahahaha.”

Xinn purred right before swooping down to claim her love’s lips again. Moans of gratitude filled the air as hands began to travel to favorite parts and hips set down a slow sensual luv grind.

“Well it looks as if someone is a little frisky this morning. I guess breakfast is out.” Gabe said wrapping her arms tightly around Xinn and rolling her over.

<Driiiinnnng> the phone rang out again.

“Get the phone baby,” Gabe said with a wink while holding Xinn’s gaze and dragging her tongue down Xinn’s long torso and dipping her tongue down into Xinn’s tummy button.

“No,” Xinn said giving Gabe’s shoulders a nudge. Desperately wanting Gabe’s tongue inside her.

“You want this don’t you?” Gabe’s said rolling her tongue in and about Xinn’s curly dome.

“Stop toying with me wench,” Xinn panted while trying to stir her Martha against Gabe’s dancing lips.

“You know you want it too.”

“Yeah, I do. But I want to take you while you are on the phone. So pick it up.” Gabe whirred slowly pressing her twisting tongue deep inside Xinn.

“Oh gods,” Xinn whined before closing her eyes and arching back to reach for the phone.

“Xinn, good you picked up the phone.” The voice gasped. “I hate talking to answering machines.”

“Uuuuh huuuh,” Xinn rumbled rocking her Suzy up and down on Gabe’s plunging lingua.

“Xinn,” the voice spiked trying to speculate the Lieutenant’s manner before continuing.

“Are you okay?”

“Ohhhhh godddds yessss.”

“Uh huh.”

“Is Gabe there?”

“Yessss, oh baby yessss.”

The line went quiet for about a few heartbeats as Xinn continued to moan and Gabe kept laying down the loving.

“Uh well…Uh, the captain wanted me to call you.”

“Ohhhh baby, a little to the right.”

“Gad dammit Xinn, stop with the damn moaning. MY shits beginning to throb.”

Xinn chuckled right before releasing another series of, “Oh baby, yes’.”

“The Captain wanted me to tell you that she wants you and Gabe to meet us at the Excelsior down town at 2:00 p.m. so that we can get the ball rolling on Monday…are you following me?”

“Ohhhhh…baby…harder,” Xinn hissed.

“XINN! Do you hear me.”

“Ohhhh Gabe,” Xinn whimpered several pitches higher than her normal voice.

“Harder baby.”

“Uh…Xinn, hello, are you still with me?” The voice said sounding rather irritated now.

“Ohhhh yeah…Oh baby please…downtown…excelsior…OH YEAH, THAT’S IT…THAT’S IT GABE…right there…oh…yeah…2 o’clock…WHAT…O’ baby…suite?”

“W’at…what did you say Xinn?” The caller asked. Getting a notion that Xinn was asking something during her series of incoherent babbling.

“Did you ask what suite will it be in?”


Xinn’s squeal of release was so piercing that the caller fumble a few times trying to keep the phone up to her ear.

“Damn Xinn…did you have to get you a piece, while I was talking to you. And did I hear you correctly. Did you just shout out Gabe’s name? The only Gabe I have knowledge of we both know. And last time I look she had tits. Aw…we have some talking to do. Coz, you never said anything about crossing over.” The voice snapped certainly perturbed.

“Silia?” Xinn panted as Gabe slid up on her and lay down.

“Hell yeah this is Silia. And the last time I talked to you, you were into sticks and not licks. Damn Xinn…You should have told me. Now, I’m probably the last person in homicide that didn’t know about it. And, on top of it, me, your friend for over a year now, had to hear it as she’s fucking you…OVER THE PHONE.”

The line went quiet again. Right before Xinn tried to reply Silia jumped in impatiently and said, “You should have told me Xinn. The captain said to meet them in suite 550…goodbye.” <Click> went the phone and probably a real good friend.


“So, who got the pleasure of hearing our love song?” Gabe asked rocking against Xinn and smiling.

Xinn sighed and slowly hung up the phone. Gabe slid completely atop of Xinn again and looked into her troubled eyes.

“Who was it?”

“It was Silia.” Xinn said reaching up and pulling Gabe down for a hug.

Xinn wasn’t embarrassed about her love for Gabe. Her thoughts were far from that. But she was flabbergasted by the fact that her road dog, who just happened to be straight, or so she claimed, had to hear about her involvement with Gabe over the phone and to add insult to injury whilst she was making love to her.

Surely that wouldn’t bring about extra points for her when she did try to explain how she and Gabe suddenly came about. Nor would those vivid images of her persecuting women for loving other women either.

She could still see Silia leaning into her and cackling like a hyena whenever they intentionally drifted into the local lesbian club and called them every degrading name under the sun before being thrown out.

“It’ll be okay baby.” Gabe said lifting herself slightly to kiss each of Xinn’s eyelids.

“You and Silia have been friends for a while. She’ll understand. Just explain the situation to her and tell her you didn’t mean to offend her by not informing her of our involvement. After all she is your friend and she does deserve some kind of explanation. Transitions will come in everyone lives. But if you wish to keep an up front, honest and loyal friend you both certainly have to work at it……Or…I can always kick her ass for making you feel bad.” Gabe finished by hopping up onto her knees and patting her chest like Tarzan. Xinn couldn’t keep from laughing. Gabe always had a way of bringing her out of her trivial states.

“You’re right as usual. Now…what’ll you say we go down to that private Rifle Gallery and shoot some targets.” Xinn suggested rolling Gabe over.

“Well, alright then. My cousin that owns this masseuse parlor, actually she owns a lot of ‘em, sent me this great toy. I can’t wait to use it. But we’ll have to go by my place to get it.” Gabe said rolling out of the bed and following Xinn to the shower.

“Alright…but you can’t shoot any of the tourists my little hunter.” Xinn joked while snatching a giggling Gabe into the shower with her.



“Alright…alright, you don’t have to shove. Com’on Gabe.”

“Hay buddy, I am a police officer and I am welcomed in any shooting gallery simply because of that.” Gabe reported with a little dip in her pip (step).

“Well News Flash, Officer Shavers, you ain’t welcome here any longer. Now…get out.” The man sneered with a hateful expression on his face.

“Why you old bastard.” Gabe said reaching into her pocket. Xinn quickly snatched her to her and pulled her hand away from her firearm.

“Never in a million years would I have believed that my lover would get me kick out of a joint, and certainly not a target range. What kind of fruitcake is your cousin?”

“Xinn! My cousin isn’t a fruitcake. She knows I like collecting guns. So when she getsa chance to have a special one forged for me she does. Isn’t it beautiful?” Gabe said caressing the double barrel freaky looking handgun. It was the weirdest thing Xinn had ever seen and on top of it, it certainly wasn’t a regulation firearm

“Did you hear how loud it was? Man I thought after firing it that it would tear my arm off. But it didn’t. It has a gentle pull. Oh it’s magnificent.” Gabe said with praising eyes while staring hypnotically at the glimmering piece.

“Gabe…hand it over. I think I’m getting excited watching you caress and play with that thang. And yes I heard it. It blew a hole about the sides of a honda in the figure you were shooting at and on top of it, it took out the entire shed that stood behind the figure. And not only did every one else hear it, the old deaf man that hands…”

“He’s not deaf.” Gabe interrupted offering a quick rebuttal in her defense.

“Yes…He is deaf. And he’s been deaf all his life Gabe and you know it.” Gabe worked her head in a mimicking bob while working her lips in protest.

“And don’t be giving me any lip.”

“Gabe…people turned on us. And I really believed he was prepared to take you and I both out. Everyone on the range was paranoid of us Gabe. Once they heard that thing go off they dropped to the ground as if we were being bombed. You can’t play with that thing anymore. So momma’s going to put away now…Okay.” Xinn said with questioning eyes and raised eyebrows. Gabe slid down into her seat and gave Xinn the sulkiest pout she’d ever seen on her baby’s face.

“Now don’t be like that Gabby…if you’ll be a good girl for the rest of the day I’ll take you to the Paint range.” Gabe looked up and smiled.

“There’s my girl. That way you can even shoot innocent bystanders, huh…huh…huh. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” Gabe’s head bobbed up and down eagerly.

“Momma’s good girl,” Xinn said patting Gabe on the crown of her head and chuckling.

The pair made it down town ten minutes before hand. So to pass the time they stopped at the bar.

“You know the Captain is not going to like the idea of us drinking before a meeting.” Gabe stated right before ordering a Long Island Tea. Xinn looked over at her with furrow brows, wondering if she was going to start taking her clothes off in the middle of that damn meeting.

Xinn hated meetings. All it was was a bunch of assholes trying to look more important than they usually were. And on top of it they were boring as hell and someone always wound up tearing into another.

<Maybe this one won’t be so bad. Oh God, please don’t let this be a long meeting>. Xinn prayed while snagging the Long Island tea out of Gabe’s hand and giving her the Bud Dry she ordered.


The pair made their way upstairs right at the time that they were supposed to be there. However the meeting still hadn’t started. Xinn’s eyes moved from one group to another. There were contractor’s there, realtors, bank officials, Rhonda and her girls Angel and Angela was there, and other investigators…namely Silia. Silia was the top inspector of her division…homicide.

Xinn and her together had shaken down the town from time to time…shit just about every night. She met Silia over a year ago, but somehow they just clicked. They had a lot of similarities. Namely gay sisters, same appetite in men, that is at least how they would tell it. And they were about the same age. Silia was a few months older than Xinn. But no one could tell. They both acted like adolescents when they were together. Fun was what they were into and that was what they did…to the fullest.

They were both hot and heavy about the thought of them not being gay or drifting that way. Xinn remembered leaving the club with two men one night. Yelling back about how she was going to wear their asses out. Well…that part wasn’t a lie but as oddly as it sounded the only way she would reach her Zenith was imagining Gabe giving her one of those mischievous smiles of hers. She looked so sexy when she did that lip-restraining smile thingy. Even then her heart was telling her that she was in love with Gabe and she fought it. Fought it clean up to a few weeks ago. And never again would she pretend to be something that she wasn’t just to be accepted by other people. Silia was going to accept her choice…or she’d beat the shit out of her.

“My if it isn’t the blonde queen and her dark champion?” The Captain said sarcastically while rolling her eyes and turning to head back into the suite.

Gabe regally bowed her head and laid her hand upon her chest. Everyone laughed once the Captain was out of earshot, everyone, except Silia that is who quietly dismissed herself from her group and headed down to the restroom. Xinn laid her hand gently upon Gabe’s shoulder letting her know that it was time for her to talk to Silia. Gabe reached up and gave her partner’s hand a squeeze and a smooch before Xinn left to talk to her friend.

Yes Xinn’s life style had changed but it hadn’t made her love Silia any less. Even if she wasn’t acting like the price-winning friend she usually was. There are no perfect friends but when it came to being honest and straightforward Silia was as good as they come.

Xinn stepped reluctantly into the bathroom after taking several deep breaths before confronting Silia. She prayed that things would be fine between them. But how do you tell a straight friend that you’d been faking all along and that you really were gay. The words escaped Xinn and she had no idea what she was going to say to Silia. But what she did know was that she was willing to do whatever was needed to keep Silia as a friend. Silia was a good friend, even if her ways were crazy at times. She had a good heart and Xinn wasn’t about to look over that.

“How long have you been standing d’ere Xinn?” Silia asked heading over to the face bowl to wash her hands.

“Not long…I…I was just thinking of how to tell you…”

“That you are a dyke…a cunt licker…a fake. Which one you want to choose Xinn. Pick one. You see I’m not pissed about you wanting to eat pussy. What I’m fucked up about, is that everyone at the station knew about it and I had to find out when you’re getting your binky off. W’at was it Xinn…were you afraid to tell your straight friend that you wanted pussy or do you not considered me a friend because I don’t eat pussy?”

“You know that’s not it?”

“Then what is it? Why didn’t you tell me that you were in love with Gabe and that you wanted her to be your bed warmer?”

“Sil…I fought the truth for as long as I could. When Gabe walked out on me that night I broke Rachel’s nose. I couldn’t think straight. All I wanted was to be with her again. And it didn’t matter what it took for me to get her back. I love her and to be honest Sil…I was in love with Gabe from the moment I met her.

You are my friend and I love you dearly, but you don’t make my heart flutter when you’re in my presence. Gabe does. When I lose hope on anything Gabe jumps in with that winning smile and promises me that things may not be what I expect but she will be there with me until I’m ready to stand up on my own again. You have been there for me too. But…”

Xinn ponder her thoughts while shaking her head and giving Sil a gaze of wonder in her eyes. “When Gabe tells me things are going to be alright I just lay back in her arms and wait for the rainbow to rise. I believe her and inside that is what I need. I can’t help it Silia I love her. I never meant to hurt you, you know that. But this broke through at once and I’m hooked. You can call me Pussy Licker, Dyke and a farce, but that won’t keep me from loving Gabe any less. And it won’t keep me from caring for you any less.” Xinn said closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Hoping like hell that this would be enough of an apology for a friend she’d apparently appeared to of dismissed when Gabe and her hooked up.

“Is she any good?” Silia asked throwing the towel away and propping her hands upon her hips.

“W’at,” Xinn stammered almost as in disbelief.

“I said, is she any good?”

“Yessss,” Xinn asked not quite sure if she knew what Silia was hinting at.

“Uh,” Xinn said pinching her nose and moving closer to Silia.

“Are you asking me is she any good in bed?”

“Yesssss,” Silia chimed lowly with raised eyebrows.

“Oh well yeah, pssst, hell yeah she is.” Xinn said proudly.

Silia gave her smiling friend an evaluating look and knew that she was in fact happy. And it was Gabe that brought her that. You see Silia knew she was one of those friends that merely touched Xinn’s heart. But it was Gabe that opened it and made it a receptacle of love. When it all boiled down to it, it didn’t matter how Xinn wanted to live her life. Xinn was her friend and since she did attempt to apologize Silia decided that she was going to love Xinn anyway. It didn’t matter who she was with and wanted to love. Just so long as she still wanted Silia to be a part of life as well.

“Well, alright then…As long as she keeps your ass happy. But you better not ever hold out on me again. I don’t want to hear about your kids when they get to be teenagers and I haven’t had the time to at least buy their first birthday present.

Xinn snatched Silia to her and gave her a hug.

“Hay…hay…hay now, don’t be trying to feel me up…I’m straight.” Xinn jerked back and looked at her friend thinking, <Is this bitch serious?> At least that was her thought before looking into her friend’s playful eyes.

“If I wanted to get in that ass, you’d be giving it to me on a platter.”

“Ooh…it sounds like you’re pretty sure of your self now Xinn. You may have an ebony flavored sister, but’choo don’t want to get up on no brown stuff that ain’t kin to you. It’ll drive your ass mad.” Both women shared a hearty laugh, as Xinn gave Silia the lead while stinging her sharply on the ass with a forceful swat.

“Ah…right now, I told you I like that freaky shit.” Both women chuckled again before linking their arms together and Silia started in on the questioning.


“So Xinn…now that you are gay and every thing. Tell me w’ats it like to eat pussy.”

“Sil you are as raunchy as ever aren’t you.

“Yeah…that didn’t seem to bother you before. Why now?”

“It doesn’t bother me now. It just let me know that we are still going to talk about sex like we always did…all nasty and detailed.”


“So…w’ats it like.”

“Well, I’ma tell ya like ‘dis. I heard it from a very experienced woman. She told me that for each person it is different. Now, if you want me to hook you up so that you can find out for yourself I can do that.”

“Ummmm…maybe, but if I eat pussy I have got to have my sticks included.” Both women shared another cackle before heading over to the meeting.


“Sharing a precious moment ladies.” The captain said leaning back in her chair and slowly crossing those incredible luscious thighs.

“Did Xinn tell ya she crossed over Silia? How does that make you feel?”

It was something about the Captain’s tone that sorta unnerved both women. Xinn’s arm that lay across Silia shoulders slowly drifted back down to her side. Silia felt Xinn take a deep breath, but she also knew that this was a sure sign that Xinn was preparing herself for a confrontation.

The captain had a taunting look on her face. It was almost scrutinizing. It appeared as if she couldn’t stand the sight of Xinn. Yet…her eyes were stained with something else that Xinn and Silia couldn’t quite put their finger on. As she continued to stare at Xinn as if she was an enemy.

Gabe quickly moved to Xinn’s side and pulled her away from the Captain’s stare and Silia’s embrace.

Silia gazed around the room after watching Gabe take her seat beside Xinn. Silia stood there interpreting the feel of the room. Nearly everyone in there was either Gay or Bi, that is everyone except, the bank merchant, her…and the Captain. Or was the Captain? What was that look she was giving Xinn.

<The captain got some fucking nerve trying to up my girls like that…Oh, but I got something fo’ yo’ ass.> Silia thought.

“You know Captain,” Silia began while twirling the back of the chair sitting near the commander around so that the back of it would lean against the table. She soon afterwards plopped down into it and finished what she started.

“At first I was frigged up about it. Dats fucked up about for you executives that don’t know what I’m talking about.” Silia said with explaining eyes while leaning against the chair and staring dead into their eyes.

“My…you are an intelligent woman after all, huh?” The bank’s area manager said with a serious tone while crossing her legs.

Silia gave her a flirtatious smile before looking back at the Captain and continuing.

“You see I was messed up about it at first because my girl didn’t tell me she was hitting it like that. For you bankers and realtors dats…”

“No need to explain…” the area manager interrupted again. “We may not be homies or down wid’it, as you consider it. But we follow you just fine.”

“2shay…that’s another one for you.” Silia said laying her elbows onto the table and leaning into it. The slender, immaculate dressed, auburn hair woman intrigued her. Not only was she quick as a whip she was fine to boot.

“Should we leave you two alone?” The Captain snapped while slamming her folder upon the table and sitting up right in her seat.

“Hold up Captain…do you have a problem with me, or any of us here? I was just trying to tell you that I kinda envy Xinn and Gabe.” Silia said looking down at the pair and giving them a wink. She then looked back over at the bank manager and gave her a crooked smile.

“Not everyone that are gay have the nerve to stand up and say I like to eat pussy. Can you say that Captain? Can you say I like to eat…”

“SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP…you trash mouth,” The captain halted her assault on Silia and just stared at the bewildered glances about the room. She was enraged. But never had she responded in such an uncontrolled manner. Surely everyone would start thinking odd things about her.

The Captain glared once more at a smirking Silia and took several breaths before calling the meeting to order.

The realtor showed Gabe and Xinn a two-storey house that was centered smack dab in the middle of Gay town, with four bedrooms, three and a half bathroom and a breath taking view of the beach.

“Uh…excuse me but is it possible to get a jacuzzi installed on the balcony viewing the beach?” Gabe asked while looking over the floor plan of the house.

“Good question officer Hammer,”

“Oh, I’m not officer Hammer. Xinn is.” Gabe said pointing back over her shoulder not giving it a second thought

“Oh,” the manager returned with raised eyebrows before looking back at the Captain.

“I thought you said they were married?”

“They are…they’re just newlyweds. Isn’t that right Gabe?” the Captain asked with badgering eyes.

“Oh,” Gabe said as Xinn leaned over her and whispered something in her ear.

“Oh yeah…pssst, we’ve only been married for a few days. It hasn’t quite caught up with me yet.” Gabe said hoping the woman wouldn’t ponder her reply beyond that.

“That’s Okay…I’d probably forget my married name too. Had I been married for ONLY a few days.” The bank manager said with a teasing smile and a wink. Gabe’s camouflaged cackled shield her brief embarrassment as she quickly jumped into another question. Suddenly changing their current subject.

The meeting seemed to go on forever, but this one Xinn didn’t mind. She was somewhat amused about how Silia was taking to the bank manager. They were laughing and talking as if they’d known each other for ages. However, Xinn knew what it was. They were attracted to each other.

“Okay…now that we’ve covered your financial status, your home, Gabe’s wishes, Your mock businesses and contracts, we’ll bring in your staff that will be working for you.” The Captain said giving Rachel a nod to open the door.

First one into the room was Roxanne. Xinn jumped clean up out of her chair and asked the Captain just what was the meaning of this. There was no way in hell Roxy was going to be included in anything as dangerous as this.

“Well…Officer Hammer, Ms. Grace here is going to be YOUR right hand man. You see I did research too. I know your sister is also respected in the carpentry industry as well as the automotive field. She will be an asset to your team, wouldn’t you say?”

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to say,” Xinn said tossing her chair away from her and heading for Roxy.

“You are going home right now.” Xinn said grabbing Roxy by the neck and roughly shoving her back toward the door. It wasn’t enough that she and Gabe were going into a dangerous situation. But this was not Roxy’s job and there was definitely no need for her to be endangering her life too.

“Stop it Xinn,” Roxanne shouted while whirling out of Xinn’s grip and taking a defensive stance.

“I called the Captain and asked her if there was a way that I can help out. I volunteered for this.”

“Well now you are withdrawing your request.” Xinn said starting towards her again.

Gabe quickly made it over to Xinn and began trying to get her to calm down. Everyone was staring. But Xinn didn’t give a damn. Both Xinn and Roxanne was highly strung when they’d made their mind up and Gabe knew if she didn’t try to intercede they were going to take the whole damn floor apart.

“Xinn, please we can talk about this later.” Gabe said tugging on Xinn’s arm. Hoping to prevent a family feud.

“No baby…there’s nothing to talk about,” Xinn said gently removing Gabe’s hand from her arm.

“Roxy is going home and she’s leaving now.”

Xinn grabbed Roxy again and just like the first time Roxy slipped away from her.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not.”

Roxy’s face tuned up as if she was about to cry. Xinn stopped her assault and took a good look at her retreating sister. She wasn’t being defiant she was frightened.

“I’m not…I’m not going anywhere.” She kept saying as the tears began to drip from eyes onto her cheeks and she began to pace.

Xinn moved towards her again but Gabe threw her hand up in a stay motion. Halting her lover’s steps.

“No,” She said quietly. “Let me.”

Gabe moved around the table on the opposite side. Roxanne’s eyes darted from Gabe to Xinn as her tears continued to fall.

“I’m not going Gabe. I won’t…I won’t leave you two alone in this. I’m not going to let what happened to Roeanne happen to you two.” She shouted before looking nervously over at Xinn. Verifying that she still was holding her position.

“Why don’t we call a recess?” Silia said looking around the table at confused spectators. Everyone immediately picked up on the hint and quickly moved to their feet and out of the room. Xinn, Gabe and Roxy needed some quiet time. It was obvious that the closer they came to actually going undercover some uncertainties were surfacing.


“Okay,” Gabe said calmly reaching out toward Roxy.

“Everyone is gone…tell us what’s bothering you Roxy?”

Roxanne’s eyes rolled from Xinn to Gabe, then back to Xinn and over to Gabe again. She continued to glance from one to the other until her eyes were so full of tears that she couldn’t hold the figures in sight any longer. The tears broke free and she openly began to cry.

Gabe went to move toward her, but Xinn stopped her with one word. It didn’t take Xinn two seconds to make it around the table and pull Roxanne into her arms.

“Please Xinn…I…want…to be…with y’all.” She cried clinching tightly at Xinn’s leather overcoat.

“Once…Once…y’all go…undercover…I won’t…see you till it’s all over. I don’t want to be waiting at home not knowing what is going on. That’s what happen with Roeanne.” Xinn clinched her eyes tightly shut and pushed back the pain that threaten to break through with her tears.

“You see I brushed it off and said to myself she’s going to be alright. BUT THAT WAS BEFORE SOME FOOL WALK UP BEHIND HER AND GUNNED HER DOWN.” Roxanne screamed shoving Xinn away from her.

“Dat’s not going to happen to either of y’all because Roxy is going to be there,” she stated, wiping her nose with the back of her hand and patting herself on the chest.

“I’m not going to loose y’all like I did Roeanne. Out side of our mothers we’re all we have here and I’m not losing it because some psycho bitch is pissed at lesbians. It ain’t happening Xinn. You either hire me on like you did Rhonda as a part of your staff, or I will sign up with the sanitation department as a garbage person to pick up your trash every day. Either way I will know of your whereabouts and what’s going on with ya. I’m not kidding Xinn…I mean it…I’ll sign up tomorrow…I’m.”

“Alright.” Xinn said plainly. Bringing a halt to her sister’s next statement.

“I ain’t jiving here…Uh…w’at did you say?” Roxanne asked. Not quite sure she was hearing Xinn correctly.

“I said alright.”

“I know what you are feeling. I felt the same way this morning. But my baby there told me a very patriotic story about an old man that stood up and said, “That’s enough.”

Xinn opened her arms and beckoned Gabe to her. Gabe eagerly complied with her partner’s silent request.

Xinn pulled them both in close and said, “We’ll do this together…You, Gabe and me. What happened to Roeanne affected all of us Roxy. Everyday, I wonder would she be alive today if Gabe and I would have left the islands just an hour earlier. I know you are experiencing uncertainty. But this time we have an antidote for that…and it is unity. Not only are you going to be aware of what we are doing you will be there daily. And you can forget about the trash job. I’m going to make you my foreman.” Roxy squealed and snagged both of them up into a fierce hug.

“YES!” She shouted out in victory.

“I won’t let you two down. I promise.”

Silia peeped back in and said, “Is all cleared. I heard your jock mouth sister hollering as if she was having a climax. So I figured I’d look in on ya and make sure you didn’t throw her ass out the window.”

“No…I haven’t tossed her out the window. But you need to have everyone come back in so that we can iron out the rest of this before calling the meeting quits for the day.” Xinn stated, moving her, Gabe and Roxy over to the side of the table her and Gabe were sitting at from the start.

“Oh yeah…afterwards I’d like to talk to you two alone.” She said pulling the chair out for Gabe and looking up at Silia then back to Roxy.

“Awright…” They both answered.


After several more hours of negotiating and a lot of screaming the meeting ended and the couple headed back to Xinn’s apartment.

“Once again you turn out to be our knight in shining armor Xinn.” Gabe said laying her head back on the seat and dispensing her lover a winning smile.

“Well, I did what I thought was best for all of us. Besides, the only time I’ve ever seen Roxy cry is when she is really serious about something or she couldn’t have her way. In this case I think we were experiencing both of those aspects. This morning when I woke up that was exactly how I felt. So if I stood to lose you or her or our mothers I sure as hell will be hanging around you like flies on shit. I wasn’t about to fight the issue. I don’t like the feeling of helplessness. I know she can’t stand it either. Plus if I’m going to have a killer chasing me for a piece of ass, I want either you or Roxy right behind him or her.”

“You know…HAY! Pull over, that’s old lady Williams. She looks upset something must be wrong.”

“Oh com’on Gabe,” Xinn said pulling over.

“I’m cranky, exhausted, and horny. All I want to do is go home, take a shower and let’choo seduce me.”

“Later baby,” Gabe said focussing only on the little frail gray head lady that was standing outside of her yard trying to flag anyone down that would stop.

“Hi Mrs. Williams, w’at’cha doing out here?” Gabe asked stepping up to the frantically babbling elderly woman and wrapped her arms around her.

“Great…just great…out of all women I could have. I had to pick one with a golden heart.” Xinn scratched her head and snorted at the idiotic statement she just said. Gabe was irritating at times, but even she knew she wouldn’t trade her for the world. Xinn sighed out of frustration and eased out of the car. She stood over at the driver’s side with her hands on her hips watching Gabe as she and the elderly woman kept looking up in this huge ass tree that looked as if it had been here during the time of the dinosaur.

Xinn couldn’t hear what they were saying because of the constant ongoing traffic. Although she wasn’t part of the conversation she did know that Gabrielle was saying something about her cause she kept looking back over her shoulder at her.

“Please baby…please help my cat down.” Xinn heard as she moved closer.

“Well Mrs Williams, I can’t climb trees worth a lick. But my partner can get your cat.”

“W’at?” Xinn asked stepping around in front of Gabe with bulging eyes.

<How is she just going to volunteer me to climb a frigging tree?> Xinn thought as the old woman adjusted her bifocals and gave Xinn a thorough look.

“Well…babay your partner is a girl. Well, at least that is what she looks like to me. And girls aren’t supposed to climb trees. Why don’t you call a man cop and have him go get my cat.”

“Mrs. Williams, my partner is not your typical woman isn’t that right Xinn. You see my girl friend here is a master of acrobatics. She can have that cat down in no time.”

Xinn whirled around and stared up into the tree that was as least as tall as Mount Sinai. She then snapped back around and glared at Gabe.

“Aw nah baby…just call a man cop. I’m sure he’ll help to get her down.” The old lady repeated.

“That’s won’t be necessary Mrs. Williams. Xinn will get it for you.”

Gabe then stepped away from the old woman and ordered Xinn to get the cat.

“Excuse me,” Xinn said with raised eyebrows.

“Xinn…” Gabe said while placing one hand upon her hip and the other pointed up into the tree.

“G’wan up there and get Mrs. Williams cat.”

Before Gabe could speak another word Xinn had grabbed her and whirled her away from the old woman.

“Look there’s no need for me to climb this tree all we have to do is shoot the limb out from under the cat and it’ll fall down.”

Gabe nodded her head in agreement before looking up into her partner’s eyes. Contemplating the truth of the statement. They then moved over to the old woman’s side and leaned over a tad to look at the limb that the cat was on. They then looked at the old woman again, gave her a smile and moved a few steps away from her again.

The statement wasn’t true. The damn tree limb was thicker than a fire truck.

“I thought cats were supposed to be intelligent, and nature driven,” Xinn snapped. “Somebody cheated her. They sold her a dub and on top of it it’s an ugly ass cat.”


Gabe held back her laughter. Xinn was so sexy when she was irritated about something.

“Now Xinn, you know you wouldn’t have a problem getting her cat down. Now show her that invincible persona of yours and rappel up in that tree and get that cat.”

Xinn narrowed her eyes and growled. There was no doubt that she wasn’t happy with this but Gabe also knew that Xinn loved a challenge.


Xinn walked back over to the old woman, gave her a mock smile and gazed up into the tree again. She then took a few steps back from the old lady and lit up the tree as if she was walking it.

“My God…who taught her to do that?” The old woman inquired while giving her bifocals a jolt.

“Oh…no one taught her,” Gabe said proudly while moving over to the old woman with pride written all over her face.

“She’s as agile as any man and definitely stronger than any woman I know alive.” <Damn my baby is fine>. Gabe thought as Xinn gave the cat a swift kick. Sending the squealing cat out the tree clawing at the air before somersaulting out behind him.

Gabe quickly moved into position to catch the squeamish cat. By the time she caught it she was trembling and panting for air as if she had been in a blizzard. Xinn had scared her when she kicked her out of the tree. <That mean ol’ Officer Hammer.> Gabe thought with a smile while handing it over to Ms. Williams.

<I’ll have to talk to her about her cruelty to animals when we are alone>. Gabe thought stroking the shaking kitty’s fur and listening to the old woman babble about her baby being safe.

“There’s my baby…” the old woman cooed heading back into the house.

“Thank you officer Shavers. And thank your big friend over there too. I ain’t never seen no girl do that. I bet she’s a tiger in bed.”

Gabe whirled around and gave Xinn a lopsided surprised look. Her mouth was hanging open like an opened gate without a latch.

<Old folks don’t care what they say now days>. Gabe thought with a smile as she headed back to the car. Xinn continued to chuckle at Gabe’s puzzled expression as she slid back into the car and locked her seat belt.

“Well…are you ready for some fun now?” Xinn asked putting the car in drive and pulling away.

“Just what do you have in mind lover girl.” Gabe queried while slipping her left hand down between Xinn’s thighs.

“Later baby…I have a promise to fulfill.” Xinn said cupping her hands and resting it on her thigh. It didn’t take Xinn twenty minutes to get where she was going.

“Oh my gosh!” Gabe exclaimed happily.

“We’re here.”

“Oh baby thanks,” Gabe stated tearing out of the car and running over to the entrance of the Paint Range. Xinn smiled and followed her in. What Gabe didn’t expect was for all of their friends to be there.

“Surprise,” they all shouted jumping out from behind and within their hiding places. Gabe squealed with excitement.

“Oh Xinn, this is going to be so much fun.”

Just then the music started. Gabe glanced over in the far corner of the range and saw an entire setup of entertainment. They had music, drinks, food and momma serving as the mistress of ceremony for tonight’s game.

“Gather round girls. Momma’s going to give you the rules of this exercise.”

Everyone climbed from their hiding places and headed over to the bar momma and her staff had set up.

“Each of you are to have three wallbangers before the exercise. I’ll give you a couple of minutes to allow the bangers to do their job, which by the way will make you as disoriented as you can possibly get without causing you to fall flat on your ass. There are going to be two teams selected for this exercise. Xinn you and your teammates will wear the blue uniforms.” One of Momma’s assistants opened up the box and revealed the sky blue clear view jumpers.

“Hay…wait a minute Momma,” Gabe interrupted moving over to the uniforms and pulling them out to take a closer look. She then turned and looked up and down Xinn’s body before whirling around to address momma again.

“We can see through these.”

Momma moved over to Gabe and took the outfit into her hands and held it up to the sky. “You know baby I think you are right. Which one of y’all out here haven’t seen tits, bush and ass?”

“Damn Roxy now we know where you get that flip mouth from.” Macy said turning her head away from the stunned pack and laughing.

“Gabe baby, no one responded so I guess everyone is used to seeing those things. And I saw Xinn and Roxy’s ass before they knew they had one.” Momma stated turning to resume her instructions and tossing the outfit back over to the box.”

“Uh momma…”Gabe began again guiding Myrian a few steps away from the crowd.

“I don’t want everyone looking at my Xinn like that. Xinn is very alluring when she’s…well, you know naked and I don’t want to have to really kill someone out here for touching her.”

“Chil’,” momma said leaning back. “You know Xinn don’t want anyone out here but you. So stop trying to be jealous and have some fun. Besides, I heard you were no short stopper either.” Momma said with a wink, while taking Gabe’s hand and guiding her back over to the pack.

“Listen up…Gabe don’t want anyone touching Xinn. So y’all play like nice girls.” Momma informed the already giggling crew. They’d heard the entire conversation. Gabe dipped her head so that her hair hid her blushing features. Kitty purrs rang out all over the field.

Xinn jogged up behind Gabe and snatched her up off her feet in a breath stealing spin. She didn’t stop until Gabe shrieked out in defeat.

“I got a whole lot of loving baby and it’s all just for you.” Xinn purred setting Gabe back down on the ground and whirling her around for a slow, body-grinding kiss.

“Alright…enough of that. The sun is going down and I’ll have to help my staff to light the torches. So get back over here so I can finish the rules.” Momma ordered while opening up the other box of uniforms.

“Okay Gabe…You are going to be Captain over the green team. Your team members have already been selected. Each of your uniforms contains the names of them.

Your weapons for this exercise are the usual models however your ammunition will correspond with your uniforms and it glows in the dark. You will use any means necessary to eradicate your opponent. And Gabe baby, you have to use only these guns. No shooting your friends, okay,” Momma said in a motherly coo causing Gabe to blush again.

“Aw…sounds like momma has a favorite here.”

“Shut up Stacy, you’re my baby too.” Momma stated making Stacy blush now.

“Now my staff is going to set up the bar. You will drink three, I repeat three wall bangers.”

“Uh…Momma, not to interrupt you or anything,” Angela called out a little shyer than usual.

“I’m allergic to the barley in the beer is there something else I could drink that will be equal to their wall bangers?”

“Why babay…there sho’ is. And momma’s going to make it herself.” Momma shoved one of her helpers to the side and pulling out the 151 rum.

“Three shots of this and I guarantee you’ll not only be equal you will feel as if there ain’t no mountain high enough…to keep you from getting to them.”

Everybody fell back laughing. Knowing after the first drink she was going to have a hard time focusing.

Meanwhile Gabe was handing out her uniforms to her girls. So far she’d gotten all the girlfriends and not any of the “Per say Women of the House.”

<I bet Xinn has chosen them for her team. That is so unfair, but that’s okay. Now they are about to learn just exactly what Pussy control is all about.> Gabe thought pulling out the last uniform and noticing it was Angela’s.

“Shit…” she said breaking through the crowd of observers as they cheered Angela on as she chugged her shots like a pro.

“That’s enough?” Gabe shouted taking the glass from Angela’s hand.

“Momma…don’t be trying to get my kitties drunk so Xinn and her Cave women can take advantage of us. You know half a pint of 151 rum can make a frigging bull stumble to his knees. Much less make Angela drool, bark and piss against the nearest fire hydrant. She’s had enough.”

“Hay,” Roxy said nudging Xinn.

“Make your woman obey the rules. That little pretty thang ain’t had enough shots yet.” Roxy said giving a glassy eyed Angela a cordial smirk.

“Gabe…baby we have to abide by the rules. As it stands Angela owes everyone one more.” Xinn said with an incorrigible smile while glancing over her shoulders at her cheering cave women.

“Xinn it is beyond me that when you are with your girls y’all all want to see who can piss the furthest by ordering people around. I said she’s had enough.”

By this time the one fifty one has begun to settle in and Angela was singing to herself and ordering more booze. Xinn and her girls laughed. Gabe even heard a lowly chuckle from momma.

“Fine…just fine, she’s already fucked up…Assholes.” Gabe growled pushing her way back out of the chortling crowd with Angela in tow. And it was no doubt now that she was completely ripped. She was stumbling over her shoestrings.

“Ladies you have ten minutes to change into your uniforms behind each of your color oriented drapes sat up on both sides of the court. Do it now.” Momma ordered gathering the used glasses up to wash them.

The ladies were rather taken with the outfits. They weren’t as transparent as Gabe thought. But they certainly made their opponents appeasing to the sight.

“Are we all ready?” momma shouted from her section.

Everyone replied, “Yes.”

“Captain of the blue team account for your members.” Momma called out.

“Once I call your name, I want you to sound off.” Xinn ordered looking back over her shoulder.













“Blue team accounted for Momma.” Xinn returned from her corner of the court.

“Captain of the Green team, sound off.”

“Let’s do it loud enough so momma can here it girls.”


“Meow!” The blue team dropped to the ground laughing.

“Hay, we’re not gladiators so you wouldn’t expect us to scratch ourselves and yell out, “Yeah,” Gabe said mimicking some of Xinn’s team member’s reply. This caused Xinn’s girls to hoot out another reel of laughter.

“Xinn!” Roxy screeched with bulging eyes.

“Get yo’ woman under control…People are going to start calling you hen pecked.”

Xinn gazed over at Roxy’s over exaggerated expression and gave her sister a smirk.

“Why would I want to do that. She looks kind of sexy scratching her kitty. Doesn’t she girls?” The blue team let out another hearty fit of laughter.

“Awright, Awright…blue team, leave my green peas alone. It’s not MIGHT that will give you a stimulating fight. It’s the sensual whirls that’ll throw you a curb. Isn’t that right my little kittens?” Momma asked giving the green team a wink.

“Woo-Hoo, Yeah!” Gabe’s team shouted out in a domino affect.

Xinn twirled her finger nonchalantly into the air and rolled her eyes. Bringing about another fit of laughter from her corner of the court.

“Finish counting off babies,” Momma instructed Gabe’s team.





“Odyssey!” Gabe called out to the bank area manager they just met. She was more than happy to stand in as an alternate for Silia…Uh, I mean Sophie, since she had to work late.



“Ruufff,” Angela returned scratching her ear and shaking the opposite leg. She was still fucked up and had it not been for the Captain and Amber holding her up she’d be on the ground. The blue team celebrated with another hearty round of laughter. Gabe glared across the field at Xinn. Outwardly informing her that she was not going to be a happy camper throughout this exercise. As a matter of fact she looked rather vengeful.

“Captain, sound off,” Gabe stated firmly while alternating from tapping one of Angela’s cheeks to the other. Trying desperately to get her to focus.

“Meow! That is so stupid. But if I’m to be a team member I guess I have to reply like everyone else.” She snapped.

Gabe looked over at her with raised eyebrows and a warning glare.

“That’s the right sentiment Captain. You see, I’m in charge of this ‘ere team and if I say shoot that old man out there walking by. You will do it. And do you know why? Coz Gabe is in running d’is. Now give me another meow for good measure.” Gabe ordered sternly.

“Xinn couldn’t hear exactly what Gabe was saying, but she could tell that the Captain was not happy. And everyone else was avoiding the blonde’s authentic stare.

“Well…with everyone accounted for, I will allow the Captains of each team thirty minutes planning time. Once you hear this horn,” Momma said signaling one of her helpers to give them a brief sample of what to expect. “The game will begin. Does everyone understand?” Everyone acknowledged they understood with a nod of their heads.

“Then let’s get this thang started.” Momma instructed as all of the lights in the park went off and the only thing that could be seen were their glowing body suits.

“MOMMA!” Gabe shrieked while reaching for her teammates that quickly latched on to her like leeches. Happily discarding Angela’s drunken ass upon the ground as if she was a dirty dishtowel.

“I thought you said you were going to light torches.”

“Aw…I did say that didn’t I. I just forgot to say that we were going to do it after the games. There…was that more clearer.”

The blue team was beside themselves with laughter.

“W’at’s the matter green team. Need momma to leave on a night light for ya.” Xinn joked while giving her teammates a stinging high five.

“Xinn…you didn’t say anything about playing in the dark,” Angel spat, certainly pissed by the occurring events of the night.

“Aw…pssst, I’m sorry. It completely slipped my mind.” Waves of laughter rang out all over the park again.

“You…You…You WITCH!”

“WE ARE GOING TO GET YOU!” Angel shouted with a trembling voice while secretly gripping tightly at Gabe’s arm.”

“Aren’t we?” She asked quietly, not wanting the blue team to get a whiff of her evident fear.

“Of course we will.” Gabe said with a gentle pat to Angel’s clinching fingers.

<I think she really is afraid of the dark. She’s cutting off my damn circulation. How am I going to win this stupid game with a bunch of wimps? Fine, Xinn wants tah play dirty huh? Well that’s all right. I’m about to get in these scary asses of theirs, just as soon as I can get my damn eyes to frigging focus>. Gabe thought while rolling her eyes a few times and shuffling through the dark with her teammates attached to her like flies to honey. Angela followed rather closely behind…panting and from time to time hoisting her left leg.
Part 10
“Okay ladies…” Gabe said rubbing her eyes vigorously, trying to eradicate the impaired vision of seeing two of everything.

“Our enemy…is that blue team over there. Forget that they are our lovers and bedmates at the present and imagine them as women that are trying to take our freedom. They’ve manipulated a senior citizen into trying to poison our minds and abilities with her wicked witches brew. Now how low can you get? Well ladies,” Gabe said sitting down a stroll of determination.

“Tonight we are going to show them just how low we can go. We are going to utilize the oldest persuasion since time began. And do you know what that is?” She asked pausing just long enough to see if any one was paying attention or for that matter, even coherent enough to know what in the hell she was talking about.

“We’re going to sleep with the enemy!” Rhonda exclaimed proudly while drawing a few snorts and high five from the rest of the girls.

“Hay! Listen up you nynwit, if that is what you want to refer to it, as then that is what it is. I want to win this game and you and your overdose friends are going to help me…get it?”

“Well, looks like someone’s getting high off the power switch.” Rhonda grumbled while shifting a tad out of Gabe’s piercing eyeshot.

Gabe sighed and took a seat beside Rhonda. She then wrapped her right arm around her friend’s shoulder and snatched her friend to her.

“Rhonda…remember when you came to the apartment and insisted that I go out with y’all. Do you remember that?”


“And do you remember just exactly why we were supposedly going out?”

Rhonda chuckled and said, “Yeah…we were going to show up the women of the house by having a little fun ourselves.”

“And did we do that…no.” Gabe said rising to the occasion…or rather scenario she was building to make her girls turn on the blue team.

“No…we didn’t get to have a good time because our so called lovers interfered. Why can’t we just all be girls and go out on our own and have a good time. Why can’t we bond in the special way that friends usually do. Why can’t we just all be together and have a little fun?” Gabe asked spinning sharply around to glare meaningfully at her friends.

“I’ll tell you why, “BECAUSE OF THEM.” Gabe said audibly while closing the distance between her and her confused bunch.

< Well, I’ve got’em stunned…now all I need to do now is…reel ‘em in.> Gabe thought lowering herself in a crouching position.

“Don’t y’all think that it is funny that the teams consist of all of us and all of them? They think because we AREN’T the women of the house that we are weak, that we can’t beat them. They think we are incapable of coming up with a plan to kick their ass. Do you all agree? Do you think because we are not the warrior types in the family that we can’t out smart them or bring them to their knees? Do you all think that we are the helpless ones in our relationships?”

“Well…no,” Rhonda answered solemnly almost as if it was a question from a game show and she was confused about her own reply.

“Look around,” Gabe instructed while glancing around at her team members.

“Why didn’t we get Roxy, Macy, Stacy or even XINN for that matter. It’s simple ladies. It’s because Xinn and her cave women think they are better than us. They think that there isn’t a game around that they can’t beat us in. Do you all agree?” Gabe asked bringing her evaluation down to such a humble level that the girls were on the verge of feeling sorry for themselves.

“We aren’t useless,” Angel said with raised eyebrows and a meek manner. Her eyes were glassy and on the brink of filling with tears.

<Oh…I got that ass now> Gabe praised silently, while sitting back down beside Rhonda and looking over the rest of the girl’s unmoving glances.

“They don’t think we are smart enough. They don’t respect us as equal partners. They think we are just pussies that are simply there for their pleasure. Well, ladies I’m saying right here and now that that shit ain’t so. And I say we can take them on our heaviest menstrual day. And do you know why? Because WE are the women of our house, and if WE aren’t happy?” Gabe said pausing briefly to wait from a reply from the girls.

“Then they ain’t happy,” Angela said wobbling to her knees then her feet.

“Gabe is right. They think coz they can make us scream out their names that we are weak. They think because,” Angela started while leaning over a tad to face her comrades. “Coz they can whack these asses and make us sing out the battle hymn of republic that that is all we are good for. Well, babies I think it’s about time to show them why they know our pussies are good. It’s because WE will them. And tonight WE are going to will their asses. Can I…getta…witness.” Angela asked before her stomach did a backward flip and she whirled around puking. Each of the girl’s jumped to their feet extremely wired and definitely ignoring their friend’s present situation. Minus Gabe that is, which was proudly monitoring the effects of her ‘we’re so useless speech’.

“I say we get in dat ass.” Angel yelled.

“YEAH!” the group screamed.

“I say we make ‘em eat it.” Rhonda said with a muffled giggle.

“Yeah!” the group screamed out again.

“I say let’s make ‘em holler.” Odyssey said audibly with a hoot.

“Yeah!” the group shouted leaning in to each other laughing.

“I say we pinch those nipples and spank that ass and make them…I SAID MAKE THEM,” Gabe yelled out jumping to her feet. “Call us Momma.”

“YEAH!” the girls screamed once more.

“Ladies let’s work these pussies.” Gabe instructed, drawing shrieks of excitement from her group.



“What the hell is going on over there?” Roxy said gradually rising to her feet and staring over at the glowing green suits across the field.

“Gabe,” Xinn said turning around to look upon her comrades with a challenging raised eyebrow.

“Gabe is giving her girls a little motivational chat:”

“Pssst…they are going to need more than motivation to beat us.” Macy stated giving Stacy a high five.

“No…” Xinn said turning around with a welcoming smirk on her face. She knew now it was about to be on. “All they really need is the right person…and trust me girls Gabe can make a blind man believe that he can see.” Xinn confessed before gazing back across the field. “And if she can do that she can definitely make bank tellers believe they are hunters.”

“How clever can she be? She’s a blonde.” Silia joked spurring everyone into a hearty laugh.

“Gabe is a strawberry blonde you ignoramus.” Xinn said whirling back around to glare at her giggling friends. “And if we don’t make up a plan on how to take out that green team quickly they are going to kick our asses.”

“Yeah right, everyone knows that you are the brains of y’alls operation.” Roxy said with a cackle.

“Listen up you shit.” Xinn snapped rather irritated by her sister’s last insult, “Gabe was the one that figured out that you and your posse here were trying to pull a fast one on us. It was her that talked your dumb ass girlfriend down off that ledge. So I don’t want to hear any more jokes about my woman. What I want to hear is how in the hell we are going to beat those hyped up cunts over there.”

“Well…it seems that someone got a foul attitude suddenly.” Silia mumbled spurring more laughter among the group.

“Shut up,” Xinn snapped. “Before I put your lips to a better use skank. “Now, let me hear some suggestions on how to beat them before the horn goes off.”

“We can use the direct approach. Hunt ‘em down and pop ‘em.” Silia suggested.

“Yeah…yeah,” Rhonda returned zealously with a wagging finger. “That’s a great idea.”

“No…that’s not a good idea.” Xinn said turning away from the group and looking back over the field. Searching for the green team.

“Gabe’s been thinking and by the looks of it even hunting them down is going to be hard. Take a look. You don’t see any members of the green team, and the horn hasn’t even sounded. What are you thinking baby?” Xinn inquired to no one in particular. She then narrowed her eyes and smoothly dropped down into a squatting position.

“I know you are up to something.” She continued while periodically gazing over at where the green team originally was.

“What is the oldest and simplest form of persuasion…used by women?” Xinn questioned again. Not really expecting an answer from her teammates.

“Whoring?” Roxy retorted with a snort.

Xinn whirled around and stared at her sister with an intriguing smile, “As dumb as your ass sounds, that’s right. Soliciting the twat is one of women’s most powerful assets. If the desire to have it can persuade a king to have a woman’s husband killed and the strongest man in the world to get his hair cut off. Knowing that that is his source of strength. Then that is some powerful shit. THAT’S W’AT SHE HAS PLANNED.”

<UMMMMOOONNNK> went the horn signifying that the game was to begin.

“Quickly,” Xinn snapped pulling everyone into a huddle.

“Once you have spotted your enemy I want you to eradicate them immediately. Do not…I repeat, DO NOT, take the time to talk to them. Is that understood?” Xinn ordered with unyielding eyes.

Each of the blue team members glanced from one set of eyes to the other before reluctantly agreeing.

“I mean it,” Xinn snapped sensing her team’s hesitation.

“If you do not waste them right then and there that’s going to be your ass. They’re going on the prowl and what they are soliciting may be the death of you. STAY AWAY from the pussy and shoot their ass.” Xinn commanded once more before having everyone in the group to repeat it.

“Now let’s get that ass.” She ordered initiating the huddle break with wolf howls.



Gabe made sure that each of her team members was in place before stealing away into the shallow foxhole her team had constructed for their captain. From there Gabe was able to observe each of the hiding places her team members occupied.

“You go that way and I’ll go this way.” Silia said softly to Raylan while nudging her head to the right from her crouching position. Raylan nodded her head in agreement and dropped down upon her belly in a low crawl.

Silia crawled up to what look like an outhouse before regaining her stance and sliding up to the side of it with her back against it. Ever so patiently she reached around to the front of it and effortlessly opened the door. Once it was open she hopped out in front of it with her weapon aimed to fire but no one was there. She quickly closed the door and fell back up against the hut.

“Shit,” she muttered trying to figure out now where was she going to go. Just as she was about to step off Odyssey rappelled off the roof of the hut right down in front of her.

“Hi there,” Odyssey said with mesmerizing eyes and a sensual prowess.

Raylan watched her friend from her perch inside a sewer drain pipe as a blank look came over Silia’s face.

“Aw…she’s a gonner.” She said faintly muffling her giggle. She didn’t notice Angela crawling up to the other end of the draining pipe and peeping in at her.

Suddenly Silia was finding it hard to talk or do anything for that matter. Much less shoot the marvel in front of her.

Odyssey really was an attractive woman. Her eyes sparkled in the night like the stars in the pitch-black sky. Her lips glistened with a dewy gloss that smelt of strawberries. Odyssey was a silhouette and Silia found it harder than hell to move. With the grace of a floating swan Odyssey into Silia and gently seized her lips. Silia could think of nothing else at that moment but the need to pull her enemy closer.


Both Raylan and Angela giggled from their spots. Raylan’s breath caught. She finally noticed that she wasn’t laughing anymore but the chortles continued. Raylan whirled around so fast that the rubble in the pipe ripped the entire front of her outfit open. It really didn’t matter though because the area was instantly splattered with green paint the moment it was in view.

“PUNK!” Raylan screamed fingering the paint as Angela disappeared under the drainpipe giggling.

<Umph>. Silia grunted as her eyes popped opened, about the same time her teammate screamed.

“Surprise,” Odyssey purred while stepping away from her opponent and thrusting her hand down in the front of her. She then pulled out her business card and hand it to Silia.

“Don’t take this personal baby.” She said with a wink. “It’s just business, call me later we’ll do lunch.” Like a puff of smoke Odyssey disappeared into the bleakness…chuckling.

“ARRRUUUGGHHH!” Silia shrieked among the darkness thoroughly pissed from her dumbfounded state of mind that seized her just long enough for her enemy to defeat her.

Xinn heard her friend’s wails of anguish from her perch in a nearby tree. Although she was high above the park and normally during the daylight would have had an ample view of everything at present she couldn’t see shit unless the person walked right up under her. It wasn’t her intention to hunt anyone down; instead she wanted to find a safe place for her to hide until everyone had been annihilated except Gabe. Gabe was hers and hopefully her teammates wouldn’t run across her while the game was in full effect



“Give it here.”

“No…it’s mine you twit.”

“Don’t choo call me a twit, you hick.” Angel said pretending to kick at Angela as they bickered over whom the gun they presently fought over belonged to.


“Aw, this is toooo easy,” Macy whispered to Stacy before they fanned out and decided to come up behind the pair and shoot them.

“Hi girls,” Stacy said in a confident tone certain of her and Macy’s quick and easy defeat over their opponents. However, they never saw the Captain and Rhonda as they rolled out from under nearby drainpipes and stood up behind them.

“Hello yourselves.” The Captain purred while dragging a gasp from the pair and unleashing her paint pellet from her gun. Rhonda wasted no time doing the same to Stacy from behind.

<ARRRGGGUUHHHH! > Both blue members howled into the night as the four green team members disappeared into the night giggling.

“Hee, hee, hee…” Momma giggled from her lamp lit corner of the court.

“Sounds like the blue team members are having a little trouble, huh?” She speculated looking over at Silia.

<Shut you old hag. > Silia thought while rolling her eyes and turning to look at her approaching team members. Glowing as loud with green paint as she was when she trudged to the base, utterly defeated.

<Four down, two more left>, Xinn thought from her hiding place.

“Pssssst,” Roxanne heard from her perch under another drainpipe across from the paint hut that looked like an outhouse.

“Psssst,” she heard again while maintaining her post.

“Have you seen her yet?” she heard a voice asking as two of the green team members moved closer to one another.

“Naw…but she has to be around here some where. I saw her from the top of the hut over there.”

The figures slowly twirled in their stance turning their backs away from where Roxy was hiding. With the stealth ability of a ninja Roxanne rolled from her hiding place and released her pellets. To her surprise she only hit one of the members though. The other one was quick and strategic. She quickly tucked and rolled away from the flying pellet before rolling onto her stomach and hitting Roxanne squarely in the chest.

<Fuuuuucccck>! Roxy screamed as Rhonda lifted her firearms to her lips and blew the pretense smoke away from the nuzzle.

“Sorry baby, but this is a game of wit. And right now, our team just happens to have it.” She then blew her partner a kiss and disappeared into a nearby drain tube.

<I’M GOING TO KICK YO’ ASS RHONDA. NAW…NAW…BETTER YET I WON’T GIVE YOU ANY FOR A WEEK>.” Cackles rang out over the field in mockery as Roxanne jumped to her feet and stumped off toward the base.

<Five down, and one of them a green team member. Things are looking up>. Xinn thought checking to ensure that she had enough ammo in her gun to take out the other five members of the green team.


Gabe made a head count from her foxhole. There were six members, including herself, left on her team. Hopefully, they could work together and take out Rachel. There was one quirk though Rachel was just about as competitive as Xinn was. They would have to really use favorable tactics to get her. She was an expert shooter at the range and the highest marksman in the precinct outside of Xinn and herself.


Amber gave out an owl call bringing all of her team members back to the corner of their side of the court to rethink a strategy to get rid of Rachel. She knew Rachel was a natural hunter at heart and if they were going to out think her they would have to work together. There were going to be sacrifices and she knew that but if that was what had to happen so be it. This was Xinn and Gabe’s game and they should be the only opponents left.


“Okay…the only one we have left is Rachel. She is tough, quick and most of all straight as hell with her shot. Someone is going to have to lure her out and draw her attention away from the others. So, I’ll do that. She’s not like the rest of the blue team we just killed. She won’t listen to reason and if she spots me out in the open she’ll know that it is a set up. I suggest you reload your weapons and follow my lead. There’s no one left but her and Xinn. And if I’m thinking right Xinn will wait till all of her team members have been eliminated before she starts out on us. So far, my theory has been correct. Now..” she said standing as a pellet shot by narrowly missing chest.

The green team took various methods of retreating by rolling away, somersaulting out of range and low crawling. However, that wasn’t enough. Rachel dropped down on her left knee and commenced the slaughtering of the green team like game in traps. Gabe crawled out from her position and circled around behind Rachel.

Just as her opponent was about to gloat about wiping out the entire green team Gabe discharged three pellets from her gun. One hit Rachel in the head, the other in the center of her back and the last one tagged that ass. Rachel turned around ever so slowly in complete shock. <Where in the fuck did her little stanking ass come from>? She thought as her eyes drifted up to Gabe’s smiling face.

“Go tell your Captain that it’s her turn now.” Gabe said diving into a nearby draining tube and disappearing into the murkiness.

“Shit…XIIINNNNN!” Rachel yelled out before yanking her partner up into her arms and planting a real juicy one upon her lips.

Xinn slithered out the tree and dropped down onto her right knee. She then gave the court an evaluating glance before spotting her little partner darting into a foxhole directly under the out house hut.

Xinn smirked. She knew Gabe was baiting her. Instead of heading in that direction she decided to bide her time.

Xinn stealthily moved over to where the bar was and fixed herself a drink. Meanwhile Gabe was in a stupor. She had no idea how she was going to get Xinn. It wasn’t like she could anticipate her every move. Even when they were making love Gabe felt as if Xinn could read her mind.

“I’ll just give up. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll pretend like I’m giving up and when she turns to walk away from me I can shoot her in the back.” Gabe whined in desperation from inside the tube. She knew her ass was in trouble. Why did she have to fall in love with the smartest woman she’d ever known?

Xinn continued to chug at her drink trying to figure out just what Gabe was thinking. Her glass dropped from her hand as Gabe came rolling into the camp; it looked as if she didn’t have any clothes on. Xinn quickly moved around to the front of the bar still watching the image roll towards her in awe.

<Surely she isn’t naked. Oh gods if she is I’m going to kill her>. Xinn thought as Gabe rolled and tucked one more time before walking out of the move stark naked and weapon pointing at Xinn. She wasted no time to examine her lover’s disbelieving gaze as she discharged her weapon thrice. Xinn dropped into a roll of her own before launching up onto the bar and rappelling off of it into a series of backward flips landing artfully behind Gabe. She then shoved her partner to the ground face down shielding her nakedness.

“I cannot believe this shit. What is it with you and clothes whenever we are around our friends? Oh Gabe this is the LOWEST of all the things you’ve done even this little tactic is not going to help you win this game.” Xinn spat rather sure of herself.

Gabe chuckled while gathering her strength and briskly rolling her and Xinn over so that her partner was on her back. She then broke away from Xinn and rolled away still giggling.

“On the contrary baby, I’ve won the game and I’ve outsmarted you.” Gabe returned giggling and looking down at Xinn’s heaving bosom. Xinn followed her partner’s glance and nearly passed out from what she saw. Gabe had taken some of her pellets and tied them to her back, which would explain the thin rope around her waist. But all Xinn could focus on then was her partner and her bare ass. So when Xinn shoved Gabe to the ground, supposedly covering her partner’s nakedness, the weight of her body forced the pellets to burst from the fall. Spilling lime green paint all about the front of her.

“AW…I DON’T BELIEVE THIS SHIT.” Xinn screamed out while regaining her stance and drawing laughter from everyone that was a witness to the entire thing.

“Gabe girl,” Silia started with an entertaining chuckle.

“I take back that blonde joke. That would have been the last thing in the world I would have thought of and I won’t even ask where you got the string because the tube I peaked in was so trashy that I’d rather get shot than to crawl into one of them. You…you,” she said wagging her finger in the Lieutenant’s direction, “are a genius. You’ve outwitted Xinn and there can’t be too many muthers do that shit. Girl, give me my shit up top.” Silia said stepping up to Gabe and giving her a stinging hi-five.

“Hay Xinn…Watch out for the pussy…It will certainly be your death.” Silia joked twirling a pointed finger in the air prompting all the players of the night’s game to unleash a series of wicked cackles.

“Hahaha,” Xinn said moving over to Gabe and popping her sharply on the backside.

“Hay Silia, do you still have that econo van.” Xinn inquired as her mind began to think all kinds of naughty thoughts.

“Sure do,” Silia said taking the keys off the bar and tossing them to Xinn.

“Now don’t mess up my place now,” Silia ordered while looking over at Odyssey. “I want it straight for my date I’m going on Sunday night at eight thirty SHARP.” She hyphenated as Odyssey and her stared into the other’s eyes.

“No problem,” Xinn said turning to snap Gabe up into her arms before heading over to her friend’s vehicle.

“Are you proposing that I drop my drawers for you?” Gabe asked with an analytical gaze on her face.

Xinn looked over her partner’s body with a heated glance and returned. “No…all I need you to do is open your legs.” She then crinkled her nose and said, “I’ll do all the work.” Gabe cackled and stepped down into their portable hump nest.


Moments went by as moans of passion grew louder and louder in the cramped space. It didn’t seem to bother Xinn as she had only one thing on her mind. However from time to time Gabe kept getting this notion that something or someone was brushing against her feet.

“Wait…Wait…Wait Xinn,” Something is nipping at me.” Gabe panted while trying to lift up enough to look over her partner’s body

“I know it’s me.” Xinn said with a chuckle as her hips dropped down in a dipping roll against Gabe’s thigh pressing her love zone firmly against it.

Gabe giggled again as Xinn tongue slid up her neck and plunged into her ear.

“Ooh…oh yes baby…Ouuwwch,” Gabe shouted bringing her leg up sharply. Kneeing Xinn straight up in her hooch. It didn’t take a heartbeat for Xinn to roll away from Gabe cupping her Suzy and cursing under her breath.

“W’at’cha do that for?” She shouted right before she heard a growl nearby. Ever so cautiously both women moved into a sitting position and gazed over at the area that the growl came from. All they could see were glowing eyes that gradually got taller and taller until it was standing nearly two feet taller than the let out bed they were on.

“OH GOD…HELP US PLEASE,” Gabe squealed shoving Xinn toward the danger and crawling toward the door.

“Shiiiiitt!” Xinn exclaimed while scrambling from the snapping figure and ramming against the door with all of her weight.

The van door burst open and two bodies tumbled to the ground. The yellow-eyed monster jumped atop of the bed and straight out the door behind them. Gabe and Xinn took off running. The black figure followed close behind while the pair screamed obscenities back at the giggling group.

“Silia…you wanch (wench), I’m going to pay you back for this.” Xinn yelled while running over to the Mercedes and quickly jumping in. Gabe struggled with the door latch just as the Rotweiller snagged a hold of the sheet and began to angrily tug at it. Gabe screamed and clawed at the door for her dear life. Xinn shoved the door open from the inside not wanting to take a chance of getting her ass back out and getting bit. Gabe dove into the car so forcefully that she nearly knocked Xinn back out the other side before slamming her own door. The pair didn’t quite know what to say as they sat up erect in opposite seats and took several deep breaths. The cackles in the background echoed out over the field as Silia whistled for her dog to come back.

“Hay Xinn com’on back to the party girl. Midnight likes the blonde.” Roxanne yelled out leaning into Rhonda and laughing.

“That’ll fix that ass for having me put under a mock arrest and drove all over this funky town for two hours.” Roxanne said before pulling Rhonda over into her lap.

“Silia did you do that on purpose?” Momma asked with a chuckle. “Now momma…” Silia said imitating Xinn’s raised eyebrow expression. “You know me.”

“You’re right,” Momma said setting up the bar again. “That’s why I asked.”



“I guess finishing what we started is out of the question at the moment.” Gabe said slowly turning her head to look over at her mind blown partner.

“Well, uh…” Xinn began rubbing her sandy. “I guess you can say that. I’m burning in the seat right now. But I can assure you that it isn’t desire.”

Gabe looked down at her partner’s grazing hand and back up into her painful eyes before bursting into laughter.

“Let’s go home baby. Momma will put some ice on it when we get home.”

“My hero,” Xinn growled while putting the car in gear.

“But trust me when I say this. I’m going to make Silia pay for not telling me that mad dog of hers was in the fucking van. She wouldn’t have thought it so funny if I’da turn around and shot that bitch would she?” Xinn huffed pulling off.

“Uh baby…we are going to have to talk about your treatment of animals, okay? You can’t just go around kicking cats out of trees and shooting dogs.” Gabe said looking over at Xinn with fluttering eyes. Xinn rolled her eyes and thumped her little flirting partner on her naked thigh with the back of her hand.



Xinn never figured that the night would be any more prosperous after the dog thing. But just as Gabe promised, she gave Xinn’s love mount special attention. For the life of her, Xinn still couldn’t figure out how Gabe was able to control that ice in her mouth as her tongue did things she couldn’t pay a professional to do.

After several exhilarating love matches with Gabe, Xinn still found herself unable to sleep. Her mind drifted back over the case. Flashes of the crime scene and various clues had her mind in a jumble.

Whilst stealing away from her partner’s limp grasp, Xinn turned and gazed upon her partner as she slept. Gabe was truly a marvel. Xinn snorted as she watched a sleeping pout come over Gabe’s face and her hands search for her partner’s body. Without opening her eyes Gabe whimpered with disappointment and dragged down Xinn’s pillow, wrapping her arms tightly around it. Xinn smiled as she watched Gabe rock her head dreamily against it and drift back off into a deep sleep.

Xinn looked back once more at Gabe before slipping quietly from the room. It was something that Roxanne had said that had Xinn pondering the criteria of her list of suspects.

At first she thought it was some angry man whose wife had probably left him for another woman and that prompted him to hate all gay women. So instead of focusing his attack on that one woman he decided to take it out on a community of gay women and “Gay Town,” would be the perfect place to start. The majority of the tenants were women, there were very few male couples there but even in the real world they wouldn’t be considered real men. (Author’s note: No offense intended to the male readers. If you came into this world with the tree of life and its matching fruit…then you are a man in my book. Now back to the story).

Xinn moved behind her desk and just sat there. Listening to Roxanne’s voice as it repeated the statement she made earlier about losing both of them because a “bitch,” was pissed off at lesbians.

Was it possible? Could the murderer be a woman? Images of the four women that had been killed earlier roamed through Xinn’s mind as she pulled up her chair and turned on her computer.

The first murder was more eccentric than the rest of them. It was almost as if the killer didn’t believe that the person was actually dead. The corpse had been tucked in as if the person had bid the woman goodnight and had just stepped out for the moment. The body’s clothing was fresh and clean and the woman’s dark hair had been brushed and draped about her shoulders.

The room showed no evidence of a struggle but it was apparent that the woman had just had sex. The coroner confirmed that yet, there ARE many methods of penetration. What if Roxy was correct and the killer was a woman.

Xinn sat staring at the computer screen not even realizing that the investigators program had automatically come up.

Xinn slid into position and entered the first victim’s name. She then sat back in the chair and waited for the computer to bring up the data.

A picture of the woman from the computerized ID database came up, along with the woman’s address, occupation, social security number, etc. etc.

Xinn pondered if the woman, although the records indicated that she was not married, had a boyfriend or even a girlfriend for that matter. What was her social life like?

There were bruises around her neck and other faint ones all about her body. However the bruises around the neck, which were made by human hands, showed evidence of present abuse. Xinn wondered if she was into the Sexual Sadism method of lovemaking. That was where either of the persons involved, or one of them, utilized physical or psychological suffering inflicted upon the other as a method of stimulating erotic excitement and/or orgasm. Maybe the victim herself was into that. The bruises upon her body were faint, but evident. The coroner was able to distinguish just how the injuries occurred. Some were from cigarette burns; others were from cuffs, probably purchased at a toy store, which would explain the fading rings around her wrist and of course the prints around her neck. There were also welts upon her back that had completely healed but the traces of the encounter still lingered there.

Xinn gazed at the photo of the woman once more before sliding back from the desk and walking over to the glass doors that led out onto the balcony.

Xinn’s mind continued to process the data she’s been studying off and on for nearly two weeks now. It wasn’t Gabe’s or her case but like all the police personnel in the department they were following it probably closer than they thought. The stakes had changed now and she definitely didn’t want her partner to become this wacko’s next victim.

If the person is a woman that meant she could be one of their friends. One of their friends that could possibly be suffering from some kind of personality disorder and they did not know it. It would have to be a disorder that alters a person’s characteristics. One minute the person is alert and informative and during those times when things are not just going as they expect they lose it. Unconsciously becoming a threat to themselves and others.

Xinn found herself staring off towards the moon, its rays seized her gaze and appeased her mind. For the first time since she’d begun to think about this case she felt peacefulness move all about her. The moon’s rays became brighter as the glow seemingly drained the worry from her tense frame and calmed her soul.

Xinn couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was something odd about the case. You see the first killing was almost depicted as if it wasn’t intentional whereas the following ones were as if the person had become angered with the world and everything that existed in it. The victims were either subjects of a vicious beating before the fatal blow was issued or they were choked to death. But what Xinn found puzzling was the mutilation. It was as if the person hated women and no doubt a certain type of women.

Xinn sighed despairingly and reached out to close the curtains back when she heard Gabe gasp in shock.


“They all favor you Xinn,” She whispered thumbing over and over again through the pictures by hitting the enter key. “They all have long black hair, reportedly hazel or blue eyes and their pigmentation were of a darker nature indicating that they tan very easily or they are mixed with something. Just…like you Xinn.” Gabe whispered in a frightened tone.

Xinn finished pulling the curtains closed and silently moved to her partner’s side before pulling up a chair to set beside her.

“Those women are not me, Gabe. They are simply women that unfortunately have some of my features.”

“BUT…” Gabe snapped a little louder than she intended.

“But they all have your features. YOU have night black hair. YOU have sky blue eyes, sometimes hazel looking. YOU have dark skin that you inherited for your Indian ancestors. YOU, Xinn could be the killer’s next victim.” Gabe finished in a trembling voice and teary eyes.

Xinn opened her legs and pulled the chair Gabe was sitting in closer to her.

“Don’t do this Gabe. You’re getting worked up over something that is almost unlikely to happen. I need you to be strong for me right now. I’ve looked over those pictures over and over again and yes they have similar features to mine even down to the height. But if we freeze up now and don’t put our best foot forward things are going to get worse and we are going to begin fearing our own shadows. I don’t want that and I know you don’t. Now what we know about this case and the victim’s so far I want kept away from momma…Okay?” Xinn asked ducking her head and tilting it a tad so that she could examine her partner’s downward turned expression.

“I don’t know,” Gabe said raising her head and staring into the darkness that filled the apartment. Gabe wasn’t quite ready to look into Xinn’s eyes for fear of her crying even more freely.

Yes Xinn and her were keeping abreast of the case off and on but it had never dawned on Gabe that each of the killer’s victims was almost a carbon copy of her partner.

“I don’t know if I can do that Xinn. You…They…I didn’t know that these women shared similar features to yours. Did you know that?” Gabe asked finally looking into Xinn’s eyes as if searching for the truth.

“I knew the women had dark hair but that was just about the extent of it.” Xinn returned in a disquieting tone. Xinn was regretting ever going to the computer now and pulling up those files.

She watched as her partner’s shaking hand fumbled clumsily over the keys in an attempt to move from the present file to another. Yet her eyes were filling with tears faster than she expected. Out of anger she began to bang at the keyboard unable to hold back the tears or the cries that tore from her throat.

“I want…you…to call…the lieutenant tom…orrow and tell her…we ain’t doing this. You tell her Xinn…You tell her we won’t do this. SAY IT,” Gabe screamed while jumping to her feet. “SAY IT XINN…SAY WE AREN’T DOING THIS!” Gabe was hysterical now. She was almost on the verge of going berserk.

Xinn quickly followed Gabe up and snatched her screaming partner up in her arms.

“Calm down Baby,” She said softly.

Gabe kept babbling and at times yanking and clawing at Xinn’s nightshirt. Trying to make some sense out of all this and of what she herself was talking about.

The Captain gave them packets on whom they were to portray but she never indulged to the couple any hard evidence present in the case. Such as Xinn possessing similar features to the victims. It was as if she’d assume that because they periodically mentioned the case that they knew more about the case than they actually let on. If that was the case the Captain definitely made a bad call on this one. Tomorrow Xinn was going to call Silia and have her bring down everything she could come up with about the “Gay town murders.”



“You know Silia,” I thought you were a stuck up asshole. But now I see you can stomp with the big dogs.” Roxanne said appraisingly while gazing at how much drink she had left in her glass.

“W’at’choo mean stuck up? Naw,” Silia said with a snort. “You ain’t never thought that of me. Now you may have been pissed because you couldn’t bang me. But I don’t come across as if I’m better than anyone.”

Roxanne wobbled to an upright position while trying to steady her bobbing head.

“See that’s what I’m talking about. You always want to have the last word. Just like Candy. Your sister and I were always arguing…that’s why I didn’t give her any.” Roxy stated waiting for Silia to respond.

Silia whirled around on her bar seat and started laughing.

“Y’all were always fussing over women that’s why you couldn’t stand her.” Silia retorted with another hearty giggle.

“Yeah…you’re right,” Roxanne said dropping her elbows back down upon the bar.

“So…what you think about the case?” She inquired while twirling her glass around in a circle.

“I think we are about to embark in some shit that is going to take all of us pulling together to get out of it.”

“Did Xinn know that each of the victims favored her in some way or another?” Silia inquired while beckoning the bartender to hit her again.

“What did you say?” Roxy spat while sitting up abruptly.

“Um hmmm, all of the victims had dark hair, dark features and nearly the same height as Xinn if not slightly taller.”

“The fuck you say.” Roxy retorted shoving her glass away from her.

“Yep…and with each killing the mutilation gets more violent. It is almost as if the person hated the site of the person they raped.”


“Yeah…the sexual encounter was so brutal that the coroner said that the person could be harboring some kind of personality disorder.”

Roxy whirled around on her seat and stared off into the dark field they’d just played in. Fear was setting in fast and not even she could deny that.

“I bet Gabe doesn’t know about this does she?”

“Xinn was telling me how she gave her a patriotic chat about standing up and saying that, “that was enough.”

“She is probably gong to freak once she finds out. Dear God what have we gotten into.” She muttered as her eyes darted over to momma happily chatting with Stacy, Macy and the other girls and wondering if momma knew of what her new friend just told her. Obviously not…because she would have called the Captain herself and ordered her to take Xinn off this case.


“Well ladies I’m going to call it a night.” The Captain said standing. I’ll see all of y’all come Monday. Have a good weekend. It will be the last one as yourselves.” She tried joking with her dry sense of humor. Everyone bid her a good night except Roxy and Silia. Their thoughts consumed them both and worry was evident. What if Xinn became the killer’s next target?

“W’atcha doing tomorrow?” Roxanne asked turning back around to look at Silia.

“I’ll probably examine the evidence again and probably make some suggestion to Xinn about reediting the suspect list.”

“Um…want to go horse back riding? Xinn’s uncle on her daddy’s side owns a horse-breeding farm. We can go out there and just chill for a bit before we start the case Monday.” Roxanne suggested.

“Hmmm…yeah, I’ll hang out for a bit after examining the evidence some more.”

“Good. Rhonda and I will meet you out there about two o’clock.”


“Okay guys, lets call it a night.” Roxy ordered hopping from her stool in front of the bar.


It took Xinn about an hour to calm Gabe down. And when she did she fell right to sleep. However, sleep still eluded Xinn. Not only did she have to watch her back but also she had to also keep Gabe in a sound mind and she had no idea how was she going to do that. Everyday that they were on the case she knew that Gabe would be wondering where she was and if she was safe.



Meanwhile at the Gay Town Mansion…


“Mistress you have a…”

“No need to introduce me. I need no introduction.” The visitor said moving past the Mistress’s full time hostess.

The Mistress whirled around in her chair after hearing the person’s voice and waved her hostess out.

“Oh…it’s you. What do you want? I don’t need a shared servant at this time.”

“I’m not here on official business. I’m here for a little entertainment.” The visitor then took a seat right down front of the Mistress’s desk while straightening her clothes.

The Mistress’s glared at the visitor. Fully disgusted by her appearance.

“What kind of entertainment are you talking about?”

“Strange that you should ask that. Come here.” The other woman ordered.

“You don’t give orders here. I am…OWWUCH!” The Mistress yelped as the visitor jumped from her chair and grabbed a hand full of her hair and slammed her face firmly against the desk.

“Last time a bitch mouthed off at me I nearly kicked her fucking brains out.” The visitor snarled while lowering her lips down near the Mistress ear. She then patiently moved around the desk still maintaining her hold on the woman’s head.

“Let me go.” The Mistress struggled to say as the visitor yanked her head back and shoved up her night coat. Still holding her prisoner firmly against the desk.

“Now see what you need is to learn a little respect for me. I don’t take kindly to disobedient bitches.” The visitor growled before roughly nudging the Mistress’s legs opened and ramming her manicured digits up in her.

“No please,” the mistress pleaded while trying to wriggle out the woman’s strong hold.

“Shut up, you know you want this.” The visitor said while twirling her fingers in the juicy opening and burying her fingers deeper into the Mistress portal.

“Oh gods please…”

“Please what?” The visitor asked shoving her fingers in and out of the mistress in a forceful method.

“Oh…Oh yesss. Please…take me…take me harder.” The mistress gasped while spreading her legs further apart.

The visitor changed the position of her hand and clasped it tightly around her prisoner’s neck. Harder and harder she worked her fingers. Gripping her capture’s neck tighter and tighter. Spawning her open gates to flood with oozing oils. Smearing on her plunging fingers as her method became relentless and every bit powerful.

The Mistress wheezed in excitement as her pussy ached and burned with a vibrating grip.

“Oh…oh….ohhhhh.” She heaved fighting for her breath and silently praying for the powerful release she knew was coming.

“Fuck me bitch.” The Mistress labored while shoving the papers mindlessly off her desk and clawing at the surface. Her lungs were burning and her climax was approaching. A smile of pleasure moved across her face as her vision began to fade from the constricting hold upon her neck and the fingers that were ruling her depths drove her to an insane release.

“OH BABY,” she croaked hoarsely as her body went rigid and her arms flailed all about fighting and enjoying her breathless release at the same time.

The visitor slammed her head back down to the desk and snatched her fingers out of its present warmth. Very enthralled by her performance and the limp appearance of the wheezing mistress.

“Now…let’s talk business.” The woman said moving back around to the seat on the opposite side of the desk.

The mistress whimpered and slid from the desktop and flaccidly fell back into her chair.

“Only my bitches know how you make me feel when you take me like that. I love you more with each passing day.” The mistress croaked still trying to regain her normal breathing pattern.

“You don’t love me. You just love the way I fuck you.” The visitor said crossing her legs and issuing the mistress a heartless smirk.

“I understand that some new tenants are moving into the neighborhood Monday.” The visitor started.

“So what kind of Gala do we have planned for them?”

The mistress wiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand before sitting up in her chair and describing what kind of festivities she had scheduled for the new couple. After describing the night’s event the visitor purred her approval and moved to her feet.

“Sounds like a good plan. I’ll see you then.” The visitor said turning to leave.

“What…you’re not spending the night?” The mistress asked still partially in a daze and definitely hoping to get some more freaky sex like she’d just had.

“Psssst,” the visitor said with a distasteful scowl.

“You remind me of a female bitch when she’s in heat. You always want to be fucked. No, I’m not spending the night. I loathe the sight of you. AND, you’re not my type. I just enjoy watching you fight for air as I fuck you.” The visitor returned with a wicked cackle.

“Make sure everything is ready to welcome our new lessee’s. I’m anxious to see how they look in costume.” The visitor said shoving the door open with a bang and walking out.

<You’ll be back. No one else has the same appetite for fucking like we do>. The mistress thought silently while rising from her chair and cutting the lamps off.



Xinn slipped away from the warmth of her partner’s body and the bed and headed for the phone in the front room. She had to talk to Silia and she couldn’t wait until the morning. There were too many things her and Gabe have very little knowledge of. And it was mainly the vast amount of evidence that Xinn felt wasn’t divulged to her and her partner.



<Driiiiiinnng. > Went Silia’s phone.

“Shit, this had better be good,” She mumbled rolling over on her let down bed in the van blindly digging in her purse for her phone.

“HELLO,” she snapped. Really pissed off by the audacity of being summoned at three o’clock in the morning.

“Silia, this is Xinn.”

“Aw Xinn…let me guess. You’ve been thinking about the case. What can I do you for?” Silia asked slinging her body back fully onto the bed while holding the phone up to her ear.

“I don’t have to tell you. You know what I want.”

Silia’s eyes slid open and for the first time since Xinn called she began to take matters seriously.

“You want the files don’t you.”

“Yes…and I want them here in the morning. There were a lot of things that weren’t revealed upon our agreeing to take this case and I don’t like it. I want every thing you can come up with from the initial report filed to the coroner’s report. And if possible I want the newsreels. We are going into this case blind and I won’t have that kind of discrepancies serving as a lien against us. All of our lives are on the line. Maybe even mine. Be here at six sharp, understand me.” Xinn ordered. Leaving no room for contemplation or rebuttal.

“I’ll be there in the morning.” Silia returned. Realizing that if it took the entire day for Xinn to become familiar with the case that was exactly what she was going to do. And not only were Xinn and Gabe going to know everything about the murders but the rest of the crew was as well, right down to the maid.

Silia closed the phone and placed the necessary calls to obtain what her friend just requested. She called the desk Sergeant for the initial report, which should enclose a name or possible witness as to who found the body. She called the evidence room and instructed them that Xinn had requested that all material, clothing or tangible evidence be ready for her to pick up in the morning. And she called the coroner’s office to ensure that all of the reports of the autopsy were copied and ready for her when she arrived at five in the morning for pick up.

After placing the calls Silia closed up the phone again letting her arm fall limply to the bed while closing her eyes. She knew sleep wouldn’t come to her again tonight. There was too much rambling of thoughts at play and a boiling anxiety rumbling in her stomach.

Xinn was correct about requesting this information. Whoever this person was, it was a mystery to all of them. And being a mystery was fine. But not when the killer could be as close as a neighbor or friend. All the evidence had to be examined.

One last time she opened the phone. But this time it was to call everyone that was involve in this case and tell them to meet her at Xinn’s place at six o’clock sharp. If thorough investigation was what the Captain wanted then that was what she was going to get.
Part 11
Warning: There is a mild mention of rape in this chapter, if you find this offensive please divert from reading that particular part.


Gabe felt the bed weave as Xinn slipped back in behind her while sliding up to her. Her embrace was firmer than usual which led Gabe to believe that Xinn was seriously thinking about something or someone.

“Who were you just talking to?” Gabe asked quietly while threading her fingers within Xinn’s before resting her lover’s hands back down around her waist.

“It was Silia.”

“Hmmmm.” Gabe hummed. Not wanting to push the issue of having Xinn to explain. She knew when Xinn was ready, she’d tell her what she was thinking.

“Gabe,” Xinn started cautiously. “There are a lot of things that we aren’t sure of about this case and I’ve asked Silia to bring everything she could on it. I guess with all the excitement of us becoming lover’s, disgruntle friends and having a good time, we’ve lost focus on our primary duties. And that is to use every resource necessary to bring us closer to this maniac that is killing these women.”

Gabe rocked her head gently on her lover’s strong arm and moaned her agreement. Xinn slid in closer and buried her face within her love’s hair and moaned from the softness. Not only was her hair soft, but everything about her was soft. And come hell or high water, Xinn would just about do anything to keep her safe from harm.

“You’re trembling.” Gabe whispered pulling her partner’s arms just that much tighter around her waist.

“It’s this case Gabe. You know how I hate being unprepared. We’ve done nothing, but goof off, played with each other, socialize with all of our friends, and tried not to offend others when we should have been thinking about this case. I can’t believe we’ve been so careless and better yet, I can’t believe that being with you have distracted me even more. It will be a wonder if we even come close to solving this case. And it will be exactly what we deserved for getting more personal than we should when we’re working.” Xinn said in a fading tone while pulling her fingers from Gabe’s and rolling on to her back.

She couldn’t deny that Gabe was one of the most important people in her life. As she lay there, just staring up into the ceiling. Xinn knew there was nothing she wouldn’t do to keep Gabe at her side. But their nonchalant manner, the closer they’ve got to the case, has brought them to the borderline of incompetence. Never with previous investigations, had they allowed their lifestyles to become so lax that it hindered them with familiarizing themselves with a case.

They’ve always had the legal secretaries reproduce the necessary copies needed for them to become acquainted with the case at their perspective apartments. Yet since they’ve been together they haven’t been doing pretty much of anything, but evaluating each other and their bodies.

If anything, Xinn was upset with herself. Right up to the assignment of this case, she was able to withstand her desires while working with Gabe. But the minute they were put in a room together…ALONE…all she wanted was to have all of Gabe. Yes, she was weak when it came to Gabe and she wouldn’t deny that. As she turn onto her side facing away from Gabe, she did however blame her self for allowing her mind and body to stray away from their primary objective. And that is to be police officers twenty-four seven.

Gabe rolled onto her back just as Xinn moved onto her side, and just stared at her partner’s night black hair while listening to her sigh of disappointment. She knew Xinn wasn’t pleased with their overall behavior or their lack of professionalism while supposedly ironing out the pertinent quirks of this case. But what she couldn’t shuck was the idea of Xinn thinking that everything they have accomplished so far with one another and with their friends was a waste of time.

Gabe released a sigh of her own while reluctantly rolling onto her side facing away from Xinn. Several times she fought back saying something from fear of frustrating Xinn even more. Instead she decided against it. It didn’t take a scientist to know with a moment like this that quietness would serve as an adequate answer for a troubled mind

It was true that Xinn was an eccentric person and she was selective when it came to the people she socialized with. However, Gabe was taken aback when her partner seemed sadden and even weak by the idea that she was in love. And that it certainly should have not taken priority over her duties as a police officer.

Instead of revealing to Xinn an alternate way of looking at the situation, Gabe decided to just let things be for a while. While Xinn was asleep Gabe decide that she should return to her own apartment and allow Xinn some time alone. After all, she was use to being alone…and Gabe knew that for certain. Round about the time that Silia gets there she would return and obtain the necessary information she needed for the case and excuse herself again.

Gabe felt the tears slowly drip over her eyelids and silently spill over her cheeks. As hard as she tried to fight it, she couldn’t help from feeling as if SHE was the cause of Xinn not being prepared. It was her that kept her from concentrating like she should. And even if the case wasn’t Xinn’s main reason for making Gabe feel foolish, it certainly felt that way. Gabe bid her time and listened to Xinn’s breathing before slipping away into the darkness. If being with her was distracting Xinn to the point of feeling inept, then she would just remedy that by giving her, her space.


“So, how is my dark lover tonight,” a voice purred from the darkness prompting the tied up woman to whimper and murmur against the gag that had been tied securely in place.

She didn’t quite know where she was, but what she did know what she’d just left her friend’s house right at the outskirts of Gay Town. She’d figured since the area was heavily lit that it should be all right for her to make it safely to her car without incident. Next thing she experienced was a gun being placed at her back and the voice of someone ordering her to open the door and slide over once she was in.

It seemed easy enough. The woman thought that while the offender was getting into the car she would slip out the other side and run for help. She didn’t remember ever making it to the other seat. The minute she opened the door and bent down to back in something hit her sharply against her temple. All she was able to do after that was to watch the light she thought would be safe fade into a cover of doom.

The following night, she remembered being awakened by water splashing in her face. She still was unsure as to why she had been abducted or why this person chose to tie her up and treat her as if she was scum of the earth.

All she recall doing was visiting with a friend, actually an ex-lover and her new girlfriend. She’d never imagined even socializing with her past lover anymore. But after all it was her that was always conducting business and staying mostly to herself when she was at home. Which left her previous partner with no other choice, but to find some one else.

It wasn’t public knowledge that she was gay. But when your partner forgets what their lover looks like from them being gone all the time that was a bad sign. So it was a mutual agreement that they should seek other avenues of companionship and resolve what they currently thought they had. Nevertheless, they both agreed to ended it on a friendly note. Prior to this little set back, they were best friends. So why not end it like that.

Now come the alternate reason as to why she was visiting her friend. Her ex-lover had set her up on a date. The woman was supposedly hot and an energetic career woman such as herself. Yet even that outlet had its drawbacks. She was even busier than the abductee. She had to leave in the middle of dinner on an emergency take over that her company had been talking about for nearly two months.

“Do you know why you are here?” The voice said in a curdling tone. The chained woman whimpered as tears of fear filled her eyes and her head bobbed aimlessly in no set direction, trying desperately to make sense of her present situation. By her spending more time in foreign countries instead of her own, she had no idea that there was a serial killer roaming around and no doubt only abducting women of the same features that she has.

“Well I’ll tell you why you are here. You have long black hair, tall, nice figure, blue eyes and…YOU ARE A FUCKING DYKE. That’s why you’re here.” The person in the shadows shouted.

“Haven’t cho momma ever told you that little girls aren’t suppose to play with other little girls pocket books. I know that’s what my momma always told me. Yeah, my mother taught me a lot of things after my father left her and she started hating men. Tell me, do you like eating other women’s pussy? Huh, do you find that shit pleasurable? I know a lot of women that do. And they stay in this cunt-infested area called Gay Town. That is exactly why you are here. For me to show you the error of your ways.”

The figure then regained its stance and cut the light off that had been shining brightly in the prisoner’s face from the moment she woke up. Making a shield out of the Darkness as it approach the woman telling her that she was about to receive a valuable lesson on just what the ancient ones intended for every woman on this earth to like. The woman screamed as her captor mounted her with an angered vengeance.



Xinn rolled over to wrap herself around her lover and to her amazement Gabe wasn’t there. She quickly jumped from the bed and searched the apartment, no Gabe.

“Where in the fuck is she?” Xinn questioned while turning on all the lights and looking for something to put on. Just then the doorbell rang.

“If this is her, we are going to exchange some rough words.” Xinn stated tossing on an oversized shirt and heading for the door.

“What in the hell?” Xinn started as she snatched the door open and glared squarely into Silia’s face. Not bothering to speak she shoved pass her friend and stepped out into the hallway. The whole gang was there. That is everyone, except Gabe.

“Where is she? Where is Gabe?” Xinn asked as her eyes darted from one person to the other. Everyone was in a daze. After all weren’t her and Gabe lover’s and didn’t they occasionally sleep together.

“What are you talking about Xinn?” Roxy asked with a chuckle.

“I’M TALKING ABOUT GABE.” Xinn shouted really frustrated now.

“WHERE IS SHE? SHE ISN’T IN THERE?” She continued to shout while stepping past every one to look down the hallway.

“Uh…Xinn,” Rhonda started softly not wanting to upset Xinn any more than she already was.

“We just got here and we didn’t see any Gabe.”

“SHE’S GOT TO BE HERE.” Xinn shouted obviously anger beyond comprehension. Her partner was gone and none of these idiots seemed to know where.

“FAN OUT,” Xinn instructed heading for the elevator. “WE ARE GOING TO FIND HER IF WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS PLACE APART.

“Ooh,” Angel whined.

“Do something with your sister, Roxanne. I think she’s lost it.” Angel whispered not wanting Xinn to hear her speculate that she had lost her mind.

“NOOUUUWWW!” Xinn exclaimed slamming her palm against the elevator button. Just as the gang was about to disburse the elevator rang and the doors opened. Xinn gasped in shock. She then retch into the elevator and snatched Gabe out by the arm and practically drug her back to the room while shoving through their group of friends.

“Just what in the hell do you think you were doing.” Xinn began while shoving Gabe into the bedroom and slamming the door behind them.

“Well…from the way.” Gabe started but was instantly shushed by Xinn abruptly raised hand.

“First of all,” Xinn said trying to stay calm. Her nerves were on end. All kinds of thoughts were roaming through her head and none of them were positive as to what had happened to her partner.

“Do you know how crazy I was Gabe, when I awoke and you weren’t here with me. Do you know how my heart fibrillated at the thought that you had been harmed in some kind of way? DO YOU KNOW HOW FRIGHTEN YOU’VE JUST MADE ME. I WAS READY TO TAKE THIS FUCKING PLACE APART IF I HAD TO, TO FIND YOU. DON’T YOU EVER…AND I MEAN EVER LEAVE LIKE YOU SUDDENLY DID. IT WAS NO REASON FOR THAT, NONE WHATSOEVER. Don’t you ever do that again.” Xinn finished panting as her nose flared continuously trying to pull an adequate amount of oxygen back into her system.

Gabe just stood there, feeling really stupid. The words that Xinn said earlier weren’t directed at her, yet she took it that way and made a grave error in her final decision. She’d never seen Xinn afraid of anything. But if ever she doubted Xinn loved her it certainly wasn’t at that moment. She felt stupid. And what was even worse was that she didn’t even have the nerve to look into Xinn’s panicked eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“Sorry…Sorry,” Xinn chuckled sarcastically while scratching her head and beginning to pace. She still couldn’t figure out what brought this on. What made Gabe want to leave her?

“What have I done Gabe? Are you not happy with me? Whatever it is just tell me and we can fix it.” Xinn said in a pleading tone while moving over to her partner and wrapping her arms around her neck to pull her close.

Gabe’s arms reached out on both sides of Xinn and yanked her partner in closer.

“YOU are my happiness Xinn. Without you I would go crazy. I just thought from the way you were talking about the case that by my being here it was keeping you from doing your best, that’s all. I swear to you that was all I was thinking. I didn’t think you would go on a rampage because I wasn’t here. You are so use to being alone and I just figured if I gave you space everything will go back to what you wanted it to be. I didn’t mean to hurt or scare you. I just wanted you to feel as if you had control of things again like you usually have. That was my main purpose for leaving. It wasn’t because I didn’t love you or you didn’t make me happy because you do…I,”

“Stop Gabe…just stop right there.” Xinn interrupted her partner’s desperate babbling.

“I love you and if need be, I will tell you that every morning that we rise. But I don’t want you to ever think that police work takes priority over you. If you feel that, if that is the case, I will march into the Captain’s office right now and tell her I quit. You are my life Gabe and my sole reason for wanting to see another day. And it’s all because of you, baby,” Xinn said pausing to raise her little lover’s chin so that she could look into her weeping eyes.

“YOU make my life worth living. If you were ever to walk out on me, there would be no reason for me to go on. I’m sorry, I got so angry with you. Instead I should have done this.” Xinn said right before her lips swept down over her lover’s teary eyes and tenderly claimed her lips.

Gabe moaned and opened her mouth wider inviting Xinn inside. Xinn tilted her head while pulling Gabe closer and patiently whirling her tongue inward. Brushing it sweetly over the heated surface of her love’s mouth while fulfilling her partner’s desire.

Gabe’s legs buckled causing her to drop to her knees. Without relinquishing the kiss Xinn followed her down. Steady stroking and sucking her partner verbal member with the precision of a love goddess.

Both women were moaning now as Xinn took the lead and stretch her body out fully upon Gabe’s. Gabe’s fingers began to travel up and down Xinn’s body. Setting off fires everywhere in her long golden frame.

“Gods,” Xinn panted pulling away from the kiss and resting her cheek against Gabe’s.

“I’ve got to have you…now,” Xinn stated, finishing the statement in a whisper.

Gabe helped Xinn off with her nightshirt before they both disrobed her. Xinn straddled Gabe’s body just taking the time to stencil her motionless beauty within her mind for safe keeping.

Gabe’s bosom heaved with anticipation. Needing, oh so badly, for Xinn to show her that she still loved her.

Xinn moved out from over Gabe and lifted her legs into a bending position.

“Lay back Gabe,” She ordered softly.

“I’m going to lick you from your toes up. I want to taste all of you.” She said right before Gabe gracefully lowered herself to floor and closed her eyes. Yielding her entire body along with her soul to her partner…and her every wish.

Xinn lifted Gabe’s foot and sat down a slow tantalizing tongue-dragging stroke upon the bottom of Gabe’s foot while tenderly running just her fingertips back and forth up her calf. Gabe began to cry. How could she have ever thought that Xinn preferred her work above her? But, Xinn’s seduction didn’t end there. She then began to nibble and suck at each individual toe. After whirling her tongue mystically around the community member she then slipped her moistened lips over the top of it and ever so gradually sucked the entire toe into her mouth. Gabe continue to whimper from the thrill of Xinn’s talented tongue as Xinn lowered her foot and traced each visible bone on the top of her foot with the tip of her tongue.



“Hay Roxy…” Silia called out pouring coffee up for everyone.

“They’re quiet now. Why don’t you see if they are ready to work?”

Everybody in the room looked over at Silia as if she was a plague or something.

“Are you really that dense?” Macy said with a disgusted scowl on her face.

“What?” Silia asked placing the cups on the tray so that she could take them over to the gang.

“If they are quiet, you shit, that means that they are making up.” Roxy said sharply. Wondering if Silia has ever been in any kind of relationship worth anything.

Silia’s mouth fell open. “Are y’all saying that they are in there doing it. Doing the wild thing?”

The gang all took the time to look from one to the other before staring back up at their straight friend.

“By the gods, I think the solstice tree lights are coming on now.” Angela joked before giving her twin some dab. (Author’s note: This is when friend’s ball up their fist and move it in a cordial up and down motion against the other friend’s hand to acknowledge a point was well taken. Just in case I lost ya.)

“Hay!” Silia exclaimed handing the last cup out.

“Hay…I knew that I just wanted to make sure that y’all all knew it.”

“Aw…shut up woman and fix us some vittles to go with this draino you call coffee.” Stacy ordered before taking another swig from the burning beverage.

“You people do not appreciate talent when you see it…Observe.” Silia said sashaying over to the door and opening it. Caterers came flooding in with dishes of all kinds.

“Say…those people look familiar. Have you been talking to my momma?” Roxy said jumping to her feet.

“I sure did,” Silia said changing her confident expression to one of a sad pout.

“Momma…this is Silia…Boo-hoo,” Silia said balling up her fist and pretending to rub her eyes. Prompting everyone to lean back in laughter.

“Xinn is making us work all day tomorrow and we won’t be able to get out and get something to eat. Do you think you could send us some peanut butter sandwiches?” Silia said in a whining tone before outright cackling.

“Chil’ when I got through, momma was asking me what kind of steak I wanted for dinner. She must know Xinn is a slave driver.” Roxy couldn’t disagree with that. She remembered the long nights Xinn tutored her ass on criminal justice while she was attending the local college in pursuit of her bachelors.

“Yeah…Xinn is a slave driver. And I’da never thought I’d be caught in a situation again where I’d have to be studying under her command.” Roxy said shoving Silia out the way as she headed over to the food.


“One down…one more to go.” Roxy said taking a bite off her Danish.

“Why don’t you start giving us a copy of the police report.” Roxy asked while looking over at Silia that was preparing to refill everyone’s coffee.

“It’ll be another hour or so before Xinn yells out.” Roxy stated as the gang nodded their agreement. Making up took a while and no one knew that better than their friends…uh that is except Silia, which kept watching the phone expecting it to ring.



Several hours later…

“OH GODS GABE FASTER…HARDER…OH YEESSSS, THAT’S IT BABY…OHHHHHHH, YEEEAAHHH! FUCK ME.” Xinn screamed while slapping both of her hands down upon Gabe’s bucking backside as she shoved her new toy proficiently in and out of Xinn’s oozing hot spot.

“OH GODS THIS FEELS GOOOOD!” Xinn sung as she rolled Gabe over and took control of the Rump. She wrapped her left arm under Gabe’s neck and shove the other down over Gabe’s ass to hold it still as she drove her seething love opening up and down on the filling phallus commanding a release. Since there was no need for Gabe to pump, it was her time to play with the ass. Gabe slid her fingertips over Xinn’s arching back and grabbed hands full of her partner’s ass.

She then began to knead its firmness like a pile of dough while opening and closing Xinn’s oozing love gate from the back. Intensifying the moment by prompting Xinn’s pussy to open wider upon the plunge and closing it tighter upon descend. Xinn howled as the walls of her sookie cheered with smoldering quakes of appreciation. She was gone now. Xinn rocked that pussy uncontrollably up and down, around and about, back and forth over their stiff toy as Gabe continue to will that pussy from the back with the stretching and clinching effect. Spurring her lover’s Vah-gena to inhale and locked down on that good fucking, Gabe was shoving up her drenched pocket book accompanied by a howl.


Gabe dropped down on the lift control while spreading her legs and bringing that back up in an upright tilted position. Drill instructor’s called it old-fashioned hip raise ladies. She then began setting it up right by adding more pressure to her lover’s vigorous pumping ass while still stretching Xinn’s honeyed pouch wider from behind on each plunge. Popping that slit like an automatic popcorn popper.

“FUUUUUCCCKKK!” Xinn screamed as her eyes rolled back in her head and her love chamber locked down on her partner’s sampson spilling her love oils all about it. Gabe continued to command that ass from the back as her partner’s hips jerked forward and swallow the toy completely with one final thrust. Xinn’s release was so powerful that she began to stutter and drool. Gabe smiled and eased back on the lift lever like a deflating floatation device. Gabe’s hips began its descend slowly back down to the carpeted floor before she gently pulled her partner down on top of her.

“I love you Xinn Hammer. I love you more than the number of stars that twinkle’s in the night sky. And I will kill to keep you.” Gabe confessed with soothing strokes to her partner’s body. Carefully guiding her lover back to the world of the living with nothing more, but the sounds of her voice.



Another hour later…


“Coffee…I need coffee.” Xinn ordered from the caterer after coming out of the bedroom with her hair still in disarray. Gabe ran out tying off her shirt that covered the tube top underneath.

“Yeah…me too.” She ordered. Instead of looking up once she was finished, she brushed past her partner and snapped up a coffee mug and took a quick sip from it.


“Wow, guys look,” Roxy started looking around at the other team members.

“It’s the screaming couple from the other room. Give ‘em a hand girls for such a ear throbbing performance.” Purrs of praise rang out over the apartment as their friends mocked their bedroom talk. Xinn and Gabe didn’t bother to turn around instead they just gave their friends an over the shoulder finger sign…fucking ‘em all. Their friends cackled again before informing their friends that it was time to get down to business.

When Xinn and Gabe did turn around to address their friends they nearly fell over in shock. They were all wearing these weird ass hats. No doubt they were thinking aids. But Gabe and certainly Xinn couldn’t fathom how could any one think with those kinds of hats on.

Rhonda had a regular baseball hat on…that is until your eyes dropped down to the tit earmuffs that tied off under her chin. Roxy had one on that started off looking like a regular cap…that is until your eyes fell upon the protruding dildo the was sticking out of the bib of the hat. And all through the room each of their friends were wearing something weird like that.

“W’at the hell is this?” Xinn asked not sure if she should be pissed or intrigued.

“Hay, you study the way you want and we’ll do it our way. We just as well be comfortable if we are going to be here all day reviewing files.” Rhonda said moving onto the patio and straddling the threshold. Drinking in the sunshine while welcoming the coolness of the apartment at the same time.

“Fine,” Xinn said leaving the room. She returned shortly afterwards in a chain mail warrior outfit complete with sword, scabbard and a matching thigh dagger. Gabe exited the room dressed like a cute little play boy bunny.

Every one in the room popped to their feet in utter surprise.

“Damn Xinn…I think I’m oddly turn on by this display of intellectual stimulant,” Stacy said rocking in her stance.

“Me 2.” The other’s muttered shifting their hats a tad on their heads.

“Wow…how are WE suppose to study if y’all are looking all sexy and shit.” Rhonda inquired undoing her top button on her oversized camp shirt.

“Easy…even up the odds,” Xinn suggested with bouncing eyebrows. “Take off your clothes. Or which ever parts of them that keeps you from relaxing.” She said with a smirk. It didn’t take long for the room to be filled with half dressed women. The caterers cheered the women on as tops and bottoms fell to the floor before the occupant bent over to pick the following clothes up.

“Ooh wee…can we stay.” One of the caterers asked while giving his neighbor a high five.

“Sure, if you want to hang out with a bunch of Lesbians.”

“Lesbians?” The smallest one asked while staring at Rhonda’s bazooms.

“Uh huh.” Roxy said stepping up behind her partner and gently cupping her tits.

The little caterer moaned while reaching to shift his package a little.

“Gosh, what am I thinking? I left my wife at home calling my name. Wrap it up guys, we’re not needed here.” He said giving Roxy a wink of respect.

Roxy chuckled and gave the little one a nod of acceptance before moving back down onto the floor in front of the couch where she was studying.

“Damn, did you see how fine those women were? Shame all that pussy going to waste.” One of the guys said while heading for the door.

“Naw…those pussies aren’t going to waste. Did you hear that screaming in that room a while ago.” The small caterer said following his friends out.

“Yeah…Home girl must have been layeth the smacketh down on that ass.” He said leaning back cackling.”

“I’d say…I thought the woman was going to drop down a sermon on how good it was to the gods as many times as she yelled it out.” The gang all chuckled heartily as the last caterer waved at the girls and closed the door behind him.

“Xinn…he must’ve been talking about you. Oh gods…Oh gods…Ohhhh Goooods,” Roxanne said pumping her hips.

“Hay, if Rhonda was putting it on you like Gabe was on me you’d be hollering too. Toys…best inventions ever.” Xinn said with a wink prompting everyone’s mouths to fall open in shock before she ordered them back to work. <Have they’ve gotten that advance already>? They each questioned silently while watching the pair prepare to discuss business.


The dream…

“No…No please, please don’t. I haven’t been bad. Why are you punishing me?” The adolescent cried trying to wiggle away from the strong hand that held the small one down.

“I have needs like every other person. And YOU are going to learn to fulfill them.”


“NO!” The abductor screamed sitting up abruptly. The nightmares were coming back again. The stranger looked upon the darkness feeling empty and needing something, but what. It wasn’t so long ago that there was someone there to hold the kidnapper whenever the dreams came. But now…while sitting among the darkness the person realized that those times wouldn’t be any more. There has been no one to come close to the wholesomeness that the person’s lover brought. Yet the dreams returned one unexpected night and with nothing more than the person’s hands did they put a hasty end to that kind of comfort.

The stranger shoved the covers away from their body and rolled from the bed. The darkness unnerved the troubled one. The darkness was usually when their duties were required. At first it was painful, but as the assaults became regular it became more routine than pain or pleasure.

The abductor tapped its fist violently upon its forehead trying to get rid of the nightmare. But the visions kept coming like a movie reel.

“FUUUCCCKK.” The stranger screamed while tearing from the room.


“Who’s there,” The woman whimpered, shaken by every sound her heightened hearing picked up on. Her body was still wracked with an escalating pain from the previous encounter from the abductor’s invasion. Her mind searched for a way out of this, but whatever forms of containment the stranger was using must have been made of pure steel. The harder she tugged at the binds the more it tore into her flesh.

“Please…Please just let me go. I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be like this never happened. I’ll keep my mouth close. No one will know of this.” The kidnapped woman uttered. Babbling fruitlessly for something she knew wouldn’t happen soon.

“I know you won’t talk, because your mouth will be too busy giving me head.” The voice rumbled right before proceeding to muffle the woman’s cries with their body while pressing her head down to where the stranger wanted it.


“Oh yesssss, that was what I needed.” The abductor growled in a baritone chord.

“Suck it bitch…Suck it just like my wife did. Harder…harder.” The stranger ordered while punching the woman up side the head.

“Harder…you fucking dyke…harder.”

The woman tears fell upon the abductor’s body as she struggle to comply with the request. The assault became more painful as the person continued to punch her about the head and shoulders while shoving their private parts deeper and deeper into the crying woman’s face.

“Oh yeeahhhh…that’s it you stupid bitch. That’s it…” the abductor growled through clinch teeth as their body began to tremble and the release spew about the woman’s lips and chin.

“That’s it, you fucking whore.” The captor snarled while shoving its nature several times more into the woman’s mouth and riding out their climax. After that the woman wasn’t sure what was about to happen. The captor seemed please by her performance. But she knew that wouldn’t be the end of it.

The stranger stumbled back from the woman panting.

“You’re not her, you know…You’re not my WIFE. You’re nothing more than a whore that I took off the street. Who’s going to miss another whore? No one.” The abductor finished before taking a bat and bashing it against the woman’s calves as hard as she could.

The woman yelled out in pain. It was something about the abducted cries of pain that excited the abductor even more. As she screamed helplessly against her binds during the first assault, the attacker ripped it from her face and told her to scream as much as she like. No one would hear her. And the more she yelled, the more horrible the abductor’s molestation became.

Once more the abductor stumbled away from the whimpering battered woman and appraised her violation. The woman’s upper body tremble from the assault, threatening to send the woman into shock.

“Hurt’s huh?” The abductor asked moving over to the woman in an examining manner. The Captor then gently reached out and brushed the woman’s hair away from her face. The woman’s trembles became more intense now almost as if she was about to have seizure.

“I told you that I would kill you if you kept doing that to me. Now I guess you believe me huh?” The stranger said moving once more to the front of the woman and observing the blood seeping out the thin openings in the flesh all about the battered woman’s legs. The abductor then raised the bat one more time and gave it back wrenching swing before tossing it into the fireplace and starting a fire.

“I warned you, but you didn’t listen…Now you’re dead.” The abductor said not even bothering to turn and look at the woman that the Captor had just bludgeon to death while heading back up the stairs.




Mothers chat….


“Myrian, what case did you say Xinn and her partner were investigating?” Cy asked while breezing through some old papers.

“Oh…I didn’t tell you that?”

“No…you didn’t.” Cy returned playfully.

“They are suppose to be working on some Gay thang or uther (another)?”

Xinn’s mother sat up abruptly in bed and stared down at an old newspaper clipping about the case.

“Is it the Gay Town Murders?” Xinn’s mother asked as if she was almost scared to pronounce the words clearly.

“Yeah…that’s what it’s called.”

“What?” Cy said audibly jumping out of the bed and staring over at her lover.

“Did you say my child is investigating the Gay Town Murders.”

“Yeah, her and Gabe…”

“Is Roxy going to be working with them as well?” Cy interrupted, not really concerned with any other details.

“Yes…the Captain called one day and asked Roxanne if she would like to help Xinn with this case. You see they are…”

“Did that Captain fail to tell you and everyone that is working with Xinn that nearly every woman that has been murder so far is almost a duplicate of my daughter? Did she tell you that?” Cy’s voice was growing angrier and rushed by the second.

“That each of those women had long black hair, hazel to sky blue eyes, dark tanned skinned (as if they were mixed), and stood nearly six feet tall. Just like Xinn does. Did she tell you that?” Cy’s sharp words pierced momma’s heart as if she had just walked up to the heavyset woman and drove the knife into her heart herself.

“What did you say to me?” Momma said in a whisper while blindly sliding down onto the bench that she was about to walk by while heading back over to the bar.

“I’m saying that someone fail to reveal just exactly how much danger our daughters could be in. Someone hasn’t been straight up and Xinn could very well be the next candidate for this freaking murderer.”

“Noooo,” Momma said allowing her eyes to move sporadically about the club, but not copying any of the vision to memory. All she could see was Roeanne being gun down from the back and no one was able to help her.

“Noooo,” She said again. Cy could pick on the disturbed tone now. Momma was going back there. Back to that night when Roeanne was shot.

“I’m sure…” Cy said trying to steady momma’s nerves

“Noooo, that’s not true…that’s not the case Xinn is assigned to. That can’t be it.”

Momma started saying things like, “no, she would have told me. Xinn, nor Roxanne has ever lied to me. That’s not the case that they are on. And I’ll prove it. I’m going over to Xinn’s where they are now and get to the bottom of this.”

“MYRIAN!” Cy exclaimed, trying to keep momma on the phone. Maybe she should have just kept that information to herself. Cy thought as she shot a worried look over toward her lover.

“What is it Cy?” her lover asked moving to pull her into her arms.

“She’s going over there. Over to Xinn’s, this cannot be good.” Cy said resting her head on her love’s shoulder while wrapping her arms around her waist.

Her lover sighed as she shifted her head a bit and rested her chin upon Cy’s head while gently caressing her graying golden locks.

“You and Momma both know that Xinn is the best at what she does. She maybe a prime candidate for the killer, but Xinn is also a master at ninjitsu, and an expert at all kinds of firearms. She has the blood on an Apache Indian in her and graduated number one in her academy class.

She can handle this baby. You and Momma will just have to sit back and trust that the Master will bring ‘em through. I know they definitely have enough talent to certainly solve this case. But they are not going to be at their best if they know that you and Momma are worried.

Keep the home fires burning baby…so that the children can find their way home when everything is said and done. That is all that you and Momma need to do. And let Xinn and her partner along with all of the other Hell-yons get this bastard. So that he can’t hurt women again.” She said closing her statement and kissing Cy upon her brows.

“I love you, you know that.” Cy said standing on her tiptoes to kiss her partner.

“Yeah, I know…I got a long tongue.” Both women cackle at Cy’s partner’s silly sense of humor while returning to their snuggling.



Back at the apartment…

“Okay girls…and girls,” Xinn said rising with the police report along with the statements from supposedly witnesses.

“It’s test time. Send your test papers to the front and let’s get started.”

Just as Xinn was about to start the questioning the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Rhonda asked rolling onto her stomach while still straddling the threshold she originally laid across.

“I don’t know.” Xinn said laying down the other’s copy of the report and looking over at Gabe.

“Baby…check it out.” She said nudging her head toward the door.

Gabe opened the door and instantly began to smile.

“Momma,” she said opening the door and allowing Myrian to come in.

“Where’s Xinn?” She asked, not bothering to return Gabe’s cordiality while stepping past her.”

“She’s inside,” Gabe said puzzled. It wasn’t like momma to act in such a cold manner.

The moment everyone laid eyes on momma, they knew that this visit was not going to be a good one. Roxanne moved to her feet and went to stand beside Xinn.

“Momma,” Xinn started, but was instantly shushed by that “Don’t tell me no lie,” glare on momma’s face.

“Is something wrong?” Xinn ask calmly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?”

<Smack> went momma’s hand across Xinn’s face.

“Momma what are you…”

<Smack> went momma’s hand across Roxanne’s face too.

“Does any one else want to get what they just got?” Momma stated turning to look around at the rest of the gang. Ever so slowly heads began to lower. Not wanting to feed the fire that was already brewing behind momma’s wood chip eyes.

“I didn’t think so.” She said turning to redirect her attention toward Xinn and Roxanne.

“Why didn’t you tell me about you favoring all the murder victims and this case Xinn?”

Xinn didn’t know what to say. What she did want to say was definitely inappropriate for this situation. And never had anyone had the fucking balls to walk up to her and slap her, much less stand there after doing it.

“And don’t either of you give me that I don’t know what Momma’s talking about look. I talked to Cy and SHE was the one that told me about you and those women that have already been killed by this manic favoring.” Momma looked once more over the room before ordering Xinn to withdraw from the case. And told her to get on the phone right then and call the Captain and tell her that she wasn’t going to take this case.

Xinn and Roxanne stood steadfast. Not heeding to momma’s request. She always hated it when they side together. Both of ‘em were about as stubborn her and Cy. They would stay in their rooms for days on end. Just to keep from telling momma exactly what happen with a fight or an altercation in school. Instead they kept their alliance to one another deciding that when their punishment was over, they’d straightened the mess out on their own.

“NOW XINN.” Momma screamed.

Xinn turned her head away and began to move away from momma. Not wanting to get slapped again for something she knew she wasn’t pulling back from.

Momma put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot.

“Oh, so you think it’s best to disobey me.”

“Momma…I’m grown. I’ve been grown for years. You can’t just barge in here and tell me what to do any more.”

“Fine…get yourself killed. Let’s go Roxy and Rhonda.”

The room went quiet. Only thing could be heard was momma’s labor breathing as she briskly whirled around and headed for the door.

“Com’on Roxy.” She yelled.

“Momma,” Roxy started calmly.

“I…I…I can’t leave Xinn and Gabe in this by themselves. I promised to be there for them.”

Momma looked back over her shoulder with her famous, “I can’t believe this shit,” look.

“So you are defying me too, huh? Fine…stay here and watch her die in your arms.”

Nothing else was left to say as momma headed back out the door with tears in her eyes. Everyone held their breaths and their seats. Knowing damn well that this wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

Gabe continued to hold the door opening watching Momma, Xinn and Roxanne. Momma stood at the elevator wiping the tears from her eyes and slamming her hand against the down button. Gabe’s heart ached for her. She knew momma was hurting. Yet her approach should have been different. After all Xinn and Roxanne were grown and they were capable of making decisions on their own. It would be nice if their parents were in compliance with that decision. But what it all boiled down to was it was them that had to live by their choices.

“Momma may have been wrong approaching you both like that, but you both know her reason for that. If you both care for her, then I suggest you not let her leave this building without trying to console her the best way you both know how. She’s frightened and she has every right to be.” Gabe said as her eyes began to fill and her voice began to shake.

“I can’t stand it here right now…nor can I stand you two.” She confessed while slinging the door all the way open and leaving the room.

“Shit,” Roxanne said heading for the door.

“Hold’on, I’ll go with you.” Xinn said stepping off to join Roxanne.

“No…just stay here, she’s my mother. I’ll talk to her.”

“Stop this…Stop it, right now Roxanne. Momma is just as much Xinn’s mother as she is yours. You both know she is upset. And all you could do was stand there and stare at her as if she was some kind of alien. Neither of you tried to just slow things down a tad by being a little bit understanding. You just wanted to see whose head was the hardest. Well, we all know that you and Roxy are the strongest. But to what expense…hurting an old woman’s feelings? Slighting her? Or let me guess, just having her crawl back to her home hurt and feeling that she was of no use to her children. Was that the best part ladies?”

“Why don’t you just knock it off, Rhonda?” Roxy said trying to redirect some of her partner’s anger toward her instead of Xinn.

“Don’t you tell me to knock it off. Why didn’t you both just kick her ass up in here?”


“Fine, I’m going to find Gabe. She seem to be the only sensible one here so far.” Roxy ran her hand over her low cut hair and sighed with frustration.

“Let’s go find Momma, Xinn.” Roxy said leaving the apartment.


“How do you think all this will turn out?” Angela said snuggling up to Stacy.

“They’ll pull it together. They have too.” Stacy returned kissing her love upon her cheek.



“MOMMA,” Roxy shouted as her and Xinn broke into a run behind Myrian’s Fleetwood. Myrian looked out the rear view mirror and peeled out of the parking lot. Lucky for Xinn and Roxy, that the parking meter attendant parking arm was still down. Just as momma reached the booth, her and Xinn were up on the car screaming for the attendant to not let momma out.

Roxy snatched the driver’s door opened and quickly reached in and grabbed the keys.

“Momma…please,” She started a little winded.

“We have to talk.”

“Aw…so now you both want to talk?” Momma said sarcastically while reaching for the keys. Roxy pulled them back over her shoulder and Xinn reached in and took ‘em. Xinn then proceeded to move in on the driver’s side while nudging momma over. Roxy slid over the hood of the car and slipped in on the other side.

“We know you are upset momma, but things doesn’t have to go like this.” Xinn said closing the door and putting the car in reverse.

Momma didn’t say anything. She realized that this was a time for listening and not challenging her daughters like she did earlier when she came into the apartment.

It took some time, but after Xinn explained that she wasn’t that familiar with the case or the women that had been killed, momma settled down a little more. Roxy then told her that she only learned about the victims last night at the paint court and that she wasn’t about to tell her mother what she’d just discovered out of fear that she would act the way she did.

They both explained to her that their silence was not to hurt her, but to merely protect her. They didn’t want her worrying and if they had told her what they did know, she would be sitting up every night wondering if they were safe.

“Momma, you know none of this was done to defy you. We love you and just like with all our partner’s and friends, we want to protect you. If keeping the truth from you will keep you from flying off the hinges, then I will do it again. What we need now is for you to give us your blessings. It is going to take all of us…and I do mean all of us momma to get through this and if you are not behind us, things are going to be unbearable for us.” Xinn said with sincere eyes.

“Momma, we need you to be strong for us now. Just like you were when we were children and later became adults. We are only as strong as the tree that brought us forth. And if you bend when uncertain winds come, what do you think we are going to do? We know that you and Cy both will be thinking about us. But we need y’all to believe in us just like you’ve always had. And if it is the creator’s will, we all will come out of this fine. Don’t turn your back on us now momma. We need you…please.” Roxy pleaded while taking momma’s hand within hers and laid it upon her breasts.

“You…You and my other girl here are definitely more trouble than I bargained for. Alright…but y’all better not get your asses killed. And whenever you need me…give me a call. Y’all know I don’t play that shit about ANY ONE messing with my babies.” She said with a chuckle while yanking Roxy and Xinn up against those soft pillows of hers and kissing both of them upon the crowns of their heads.

“Now get out my car and get back to that studying. I’ll send your lunch and dinner up so don’t worry about going out. Y’all just study up on this case and be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning when y’all head down to Gay town…You hear me.”

“Yesss ma’am.” They both retorted while rolling their eyes and Xinn handed momma the keys.

“Good…now go find Gabe and Rhonda and give ‘em a big kiss for me.” Momma said giving the girls one final wave before peeling out again.

“Hay,” they both shouted. Wanting momma to slow her roll.

“Awright…Awright,” she shouted back at the pair. “I’ll slow down.” Xinn and Roxy sighed and headed back to the elevator.

“Old People.” They both said as Xinn rang for the up elevator.

“Ya can’t just kick their ass.” Xinn said with a crooked smile.

“Yeah…and ya damn sho’ can’t do it in front of your woman. You won’t get any nookie for weeks.” Roxy chuckled while stepping into the elevator.


Xinn found Gabe down in the arcade lobby begging the bartender for quarters for the machine. Xinn tilted her head and watch her partner work. It didn’t take long for the bartender to throw up her hands in surrender and pour out all the change that was in her tip vase into Gabe’s hand. Happy with her bounty, Gabe turned around and headed toward the machine counting the quarters in her hand without looking up.

“Ma’am,” Xinn started stepping up in front of Gabe. Instantly catching the little strawberry’s attention by the revealing outfit that the woman had on.

“Yes…”Gabe said not looking up.

“What you just did could be considered border line soliciting, disturbing the peace or verbal assault because of the coercion you used to rid that bartender of her earnings. What do you think I should do to you?” Xinn asked holding back her laughter.

“Well,” Gabe said still not looking up. She knew only an officer of the law would be able to examine her action and select the corresponding offense to the tee. So that lead her to believe it would either have to be her self or Xinn that could do that.

“I’d like to call my old lady because you have just accused me of doing something immoral and she doesn’t like people that offend me.”

“My…I have a little strawberry with spirit. Whatever should I do with you?”

“Well you could take me up to room and show me a good time.” Gabe said running her fingers over the coins in her hand.

“But what of your girlfriend?” Xinn said truly intrigued by the role-playing. And the chain mail was getting rather hot right about now, or was that her.

“She’s a hot head sometimes, but I can see you seem to be a woman with a level head. Maybe I’ll leave the hot head and stay with you.”

“My,” Xinn said bringing her hands up to her hips and shifting all of her weight to her left leg.

“I am so taken with your verbal skills that I think I’m going to take you up on that. And if that hot head girlfriend of yours shows up, I’m just going to have to beat some sense into her head. Better yet, why don’t I watch you do it…and I’ll dare her to put her hands on you.”

“Okay,” Gabe popped looking up into Xinn’s face smiling, oh so cutely right before springing up into her lover’s arms.

“Gabe,” Xinn almost shouted as she spread her legs and planted her feet firmly on the ground to compensate for the unexpected weight that just jumped up on her.

“What? Am I too heavy for you?”

“No…but baby people are staring.”

Both Xinn and Gabe looked around the room at smiling faces including the bartender, then back at each other.

“She’s my partner.” Gabe said audibly while wrapping her left arm around Xinn’s neck and pointing down at her.

“Good for ya, girl. Com’on out that closet and claim your woman?” Gabe’s mouth fell open from the open acceptance of her and Xinn’s relationship.

“Thank you…I think,” Gabe said jumping out of Xinn’s arms and grabbing her hand to leave.

“Wooiiieeee…go get it girl. Did you see that woman holding her?” the spectator asked her friend as Xinn and Gabe stepped out the door.

“Shit…that bitch is fine.”

Her friend cackled and retorted “Well actually I think the little blonde is a fox. You see that healthy chest of hers?”

“Naw, I was checking out her golden skin partner. Damn, I’d sell my parents yacht to get up on that.” She confessed before joining her friend in a muffled laugh.

“Yeah…I’d sell your parents yacht to, just for a little time with the blonde.” Both women leaned back laughing again before returning their attention back to their game.


“Can I have a sip of that?” Roxy asked sitting down on the end of the sofa Rhonda was sitting on down in the lobby.

Rhonda looked down the long sofa at her partner and snorted before looking back down at her glass, then back over to Roxy.

“I don’t know…Can you?
“I could if you’d be willing to offer me some.”

“Some what?” Rhonda popped back.

“Some of whatever you want.”

Rhonda turned her head and looked back at the drink once more before picking it up off the table and holding it directly in front of her face.

“You know,” Rhonda started while dipping her finger down into the glass. She then opened her mouth and slid the contents inside.

“My girlfriend is a certified bitch sometimes, and if you’d be able to give me what I want, such as an apology when you’ve fucked up from time to time. Then I’d leave her…and fix you drinks like this everyday of the week if you like. Would you be able to do that for me?” Rhonda asked dipping her finger into the drink again and running it across her appetizing lips.

Roxy licked her lips and nodded her head in agreement as her partner’s fingers continued to dip in and out or her visible cleavage.

“Good girl…now come get some of this drink.”

Roxy practically dove on top of her partner. Lapping feverishly about Rhonda’s bosom making her laugh.

“Oh baby…I’m so sorry,” Roxy said showering kisses all about Rhonda’s boobs, shoulders and neck.

“Uh…looks like someone need to take it up to the room.” Xinn said as her and Gabe stood behind the couch quietly laughing.

Rhonda cackled louder before Roxy smothered her lips with a quick kiss.

“Ladies, we got to get back to business.” Roxy said pulling up her partner and directing her back toward the elevator.

“But remember the name of that drink, because I am going to buy a gallon of it and pour it all over you. By the time I get through licking it off you, both of us will be hysterical with ecstasy.” Roxy said watching Rhonda’s full backside as it swayed from side to side.

“My…My…My,” She said looking over at Xinn and giving her a wink. Xinn shoved her sister on the elevator and pulled Gabe in behind her.

“Well we’ve burned precious time. That mean we’ll have to pull an all nighter.” Xinn stated as a matter of fact.

“Yeah…we know.” They all grumble not happy with the studying, but definitely pleased with everyone working as a team again.




Back on the outskirts of Gay Town…


“That other girl didn’t work out. You need to find me someone else.” The stranger said coasting alone side a regular of the strip.

“Look…I’ve been hooking you up for about three months now. I ain’t doing it any more.” The driver cut the wheel sharp pinning the woman up against the corner of the building.

“Don’t get fresh with me bitch. I just assume kill you now than later. You are in this just as much as me. And if I go down…you go down. So you better get into the groove of things and get me another bitch.” The stranger said hitting down on the accelerator a taste. Squeezing the hooker’s body a little closer against the building.

“Oh Lord…Please…please stop. You’re going to kill me.” The hooker squeaked unable to take in a full breath because of the car side mirror pressing into her stomach.

“Naw…I don’t have any plans of killing you. You’re too good of a whore for that.” The hooker didn’t speak. She just simply kept her mouth closed.

“Now that we are in agreement…meet me back here at midnight with the information on my next bed mate.” The driver said cutting the wheel back to the right and chuckling as the side mirror tore the blouse from the whore’s shoulders.

“Oops…my bag. But then again what do you need clothes for…you’re a whore.” The driver said before peeling away from the hooker.



“Xinn! You’re back. Thank God. Did y’all talk to momma?” Angel asked really curious as to how that went.

“Yes we did. And she said for us to find our girls, kiss ‘em and get our asses back to studying. Basically, she gave us her blessings and threaten to kick our asses if any of us gets hurt.”

“That sounds like y’all momma.” Macy said with a chuckle inciting everyone else to do the same.

“Well, let’s get down to business.” Angel stated before setting up right and preparing to ask a question.

“Now I’ve practically memorized everything the supposedly witnesses had to say about the bodies or whatever. But what I’m confused about, is not the first murder, because frankly I think that one was a mistake. What I am thinking is there is more than one person in this operation.

Like for an example.” Angel said rising.

“I noticed that all of the women that were brutally killed are big time executives. They were big time executives that TRAVELED all lot. They also don’t reside in the same state that any of their family members do. They are single, they look like you,” She said pointing to Xinn. “And unless you do a thorough investigation on them, you wouldn’t hear hair or trace of them. These women are between relationships, or either looking, or nor do they have time to indulge into things such as a descent bonding.

Now if everyone is following me. Then tell me how in the hell is this person picking or rather choosing these types of women. They have to have a look out or something. Or they have access to a computer that run these types of reports ON this certain category of women.

As I see it Xinn, there is no immediate threat to you unless the killer sees you and instantly become fascinated with you. You see you don’t meet any of those criteria’s. Yes, you favor the women. But you have everyone in the world some kin to ya. You have a vast count of friends and associates. And,” She said whirling around to look at Xinn with a single finger pointing up in the air as a matter of fact statement. “You don’t travel a lot.”

“How am I doing so far?” Angel asked with a proud smile.

“My dear Watson,” Xinn started while tweaking her pretense mustache.

“I think you may have something there.”

“Bravo,” Gabe said clapping her hands. Inspiring everyone to join her in praising their insightful friend.

“Not bad baby,” Macy said popping up behind Angel and snapping her up in her arms.

“Awright…Awright,” Xinn said calming down the roaring room.

“Angel has made a valid point. Now can any of you give me some ideas of who this person or persons could be?” Xinn asked moving behind the bar and removing a tablet and a pin.

“Well, first of all, I think this person has an inside track. I think someone in Gay town is letting the killer know of the happenings. They maybe informing the Killer of new residents and their social status.” Roxy said with furrowed brows as if she was still pondering some other suggestions. Xinn could see this in her sister’s face. So she encouraged her to go on.

“Secondly, I know all of y’all are hip to this one. There may be a person that informs the killer on the street of new people that have moved into gay town. Y’all remember one leg Jack?” She asked looking about the room at the bobbing heads that could recall the old drunk that hung out around the local jut joints and liquor stores.

“Well, remember if anyone wanted to know what was the happening on the streets who they would go to?”

“Yeah. They go to Jack. All you had to do was give him a pint and you can find out all about your auntie’s broke leg lover’s cousin that…Jack saw fucking your auntie too.” The entire room fell out laughing. Xinn couldn’t help it; Jack was as noisy as a bitch during menopause.

“ANYWAY.” Roxy shouted.

“My point is, if Jack can lay down that kind of information on anyone that inquired. Why can’t someone else do the same?”

“Hmmmm.” Xinn moaned pondering the question. Xinn then looked over at Gabe who just happened to look up at her lover right about the same time before she, her self started to speak.

“I think she may be on to something. And I think since all of these witnessed have already been question then we can create another list of possible witnesses after questioning the original ones a few times more.

“I agree.” Xinn said lowering her gaze upon the tablet and tapping the pencil point against it.

“Roxy since you came up with that idea.” Xinn began still not looking up.

“Why don’t you tell me just who, outside of the supposedly mistress of Gay town, do you think fit that type of criteria you just describe. You know Jack…died about three years ago.”

“A whore…” Angela retorted not even giving the answer much thought.

“Or, hired escorts. Just about everyone that is in the private entertaining business that associates with anyone from Gay town could probably give you the scoop on strange things that they’ve noticed in that community.”

Xinn observed Angela’s nonchalant attitude about her answer. It was as if it just popped in there without her really trying.

“Macy, Stacy, Angela, Angel, and let’s not forget…my dear sister Roxy. You all are all twins, right?” Xinn asked waiting for a response.

“Yes…Yeah…Yep…Uh huh, so why?” they all asked in a domino effect, without so much as noticing that their responses were at some point identical.

“Studies have shone that some twins possess this ESP or psychic abilities. Do any one you have that capability?” Xinn asked while observing the cautious deportment in all of them.

“You do don’t you?” Xinn inquired with a raised eyebrow. No one answered.

Xinn looked over at Roxy, which just happen to be heading back over to the couch to sit down. Xinn knew she didn’t have the ability to touch things and see what the person see or does. But she was able to pull the vision from Roeanne whenever she touched her.

“Roxy, I know you have the receptacle ability. It’s like you can almost pulled what a person is thinking from their mind. Are you still able to do that if you had to?”

“I don’t know.” Roxy returned quickly not wanting to dwell on the thought any longer. All it did was brought back memories of when her and Roeanne would bond that way. That was a special time…just for them. Although she could touch Xinn sometime and know what she was thinking and feeling. It didn’t seem as intense as it was when her and Roxanne shared.

Xinn continued to stare at Roxy taking a mental note of her reluctant manner. There was something still there and Xinn knew it. She could, even now today, feel things when she touched her sister. But for now she will let it go.

“What about the rest of you twins?”

Xinn asked closely observing the hidden glances Angela would be giving Angel when they thought no one was watching.

Angel cleared her throat and gazed frightfully over at Xinn before returning an answer.

“Angela could do it if she had to but she doesn’t like using it because it causes serious side effects. What I mean is, if she was to touch a body she could envision what happen to that person and experience the pain that person felt before dying. We uh, just like Roxy and Roxanne have, been doing it since we were kids. But we never learned to professionally harness it. So when we attended our grandmother’s funeral that died from the complications of cancer, and Angela touched her, she fell into a coma and remained there for a week. After that we decided to not use it. It’s just too dangerous.” Angel said snuggling up closer to Macy.

Xinn was almost sorry that she brought the idea up. Sure it was almost exciting to think that their little psychics could help her and Gabe solve the case within less than a month. But as she looked around the room at the solemn pouts upon her friend’s and sister’s face she knew that using psychic perception was not the way to go if it was going to cause pain for everyone.

“Well,” Xinn said taking a deep breath. “We’ll just have to solve this the old fashion way. And that is with bonafide teamwork. No matter what happens remember…we are all in this together. And together is how we ALL are going to come out of it.”

“Good…” Gabe said popping up and rubbing her stomach. “Can we eat now.” Silia pulled out her phone and gave momma a call. She then said her good byes and pointed at the door for Gabe to open it. Just as the little hungry one did, the caterers burst back up into the room with a new banquet.

“Wow…Tell me Momma ain’t got some serious pull.” Gabe said with a chuckle while closing the door.
Part 12
True to her word Xinn had the gang studying for the entire day. The only true break that they did have was to go to the gym for a work out. It wasn’t quite the kind of recreation the gang thought of engaging in, but they certainly didn’t want to upset Xinn, especially after that workout. At one point she looked as if she was possessed.

Gabe took it upon herself to spar with the Captain, during the little outing, which turned disastrous. Gabe got in a few well-directed punches and the woman went ballistic. At least that was what it looked like before Xinn got in her ass and Roxy along with the rest of the Gang had to pull Xinn up off of her.

Xinn had flogged the Captain so bad that she stayed unconscious for nearly an hour. The coroner, who was the only doctor on duty at two o’clock in the morning, tried several medical techniques to wake the Captain. Hell, at one point he thought about giving up on her ass. But Roxy insisted that he stay. And if push came to shove, he was going to mount the Captain if that was what it would take to wake her.

After a grueling task of slapping the Captain around and trying different kinds of awful scents, the coroner was successful in bringing the Captain back around. However when she woke up, she was trying to get some more of Xinn. Roxy, unexpectedly took control of the situation by snatching the Captain to her and sternly sitting her down.

Roxy had sent Xinn out of the gym nearly an hour ago. Before she did it though, Xinn was pacing around the training mats like an panther just waiting for the right time to pounce. However, Roxy knew Xinn was reacting that way because the Captain had crossed some boundaries that Xinn never expected. Yes, The Captain talked to the whole gang as if they were crap, but having a physical confrontation with Xinn’s partner was a bit much.

Even after beating the Captain unconscious, Xinn still wasn’t through. Xinn was telling the gang to stand the bitch up. She was going to beat the Captain some more, whether her eyes were open or not. Roxy realized that Xinn was feeling some deep insecurities about not being able to sense that something wasn’t right, especially as far as the safety of her partner was concerned. The minute Xinn laid eyes on what was going on across that room Roxy know it was going to be HELL for the Captain.

The entire gang was quite taken with the usually jovial Roxy as she carefully grabbed the Captain after her return to earth and placed her sternly down so that they could talk. Protecting Xinn was what she was doing. Which was certainly out of character according to some of the rumors some of their friends had heard about Roxy. However Roxy was well aware that Xinn was way out of line assaulting a superior officer. So her first task was to try and get the Captain calmed enough to listen to reason.

Roxy started out by apologizing to the Captain for Xinn’s and all of their behaviors. She then worked it down into a family issue and how family members occasionally fought against each other. She mentioned a time when her, Roeanne and Xinn got into it. Of course, one would imagine the twins setting up against Xinn. And it was all because Xinn was playing GI-Joe with Roeanne’s sexy black Barbie and wouldn’t give it back when Roeanne started crying.

Roxy told the Captain before they knew it, all of them were wailing away at each other. Their anger was so unfocused, that all they could think about was how angry they were at each other. Roeanne was whining like a little bitch because she thought crying was going to make Xinn give her back the doll, that was presently tied firmly to a stake in the yard with a rocket tied to the other side of the stick. When Xinn’s response wasn’t as Roeanne wanted, it angered Roxanne. So thinking that since she was the oldest of them all, she would just go out there and untie the doll herself. Still up to this day, Roxy asks herself ‘what in the fuck did she do that for?’

The moment she put her hands on that chocolate Barbie, Xinn grabbed a hand full of her hair and commenced to dragging her around the yard. Roeanne screamed even louder, but her ass wasn’t helping. Roxanne had no choice, but to let Xinn drag her through mud puddles, over dog crap and her screaming sister. That was at least until she was able to place her hands on something. And when she brought her hands up to whack Xinn, she found it was the very stick that Xinn had sticking up in the yard, with that damn black barbie and that funky ass rocket she was trying to save earlier.

The minute she turned and cracked Xinn it was on. However Roxy hadn’t anticipated how strong Xinn would be when angered. It didn’t take two minutes for her ass to wailing and crying like her stupid twin was. Roxy told the Captain she was still trying to figure out how SHE got into this shit and how SHE was going to get out of it.

Xinn was bouncing her around the yard like a ball. Figuring that the both of them could probably take Xinn, she called over to Roeanne for help. Roeanne jumped in the fight, but it wasn’t to help either of them. Roxy told the Captain that her TWIN sister picked up the umbrella that Aunt Cy had bought her and went to hitting both her and Xinn about the head and shoulders.

Well, needless to say her and Xinn had to end up working together to get this even angrier ass sister off them. She was kicking, clawing and screaming about US braking her frigging doll that Aunt Cy had given her.

Roxy then told the Captain that by the time they were through, all of their asses were exhausted. And was feeling rather sad after the confrontation, because the doll that was fully intact before they started out was now in bits and pieces. Her clothes were torn off, Roxy was scratched up and Xinn had a big gash in her leg from where Roxanne whacked her.

Moral to the story…Family no matter if you are blood or not, fights for vengeance, which could end in disaster. Roxanne further explained that the captain offended Xinn by assaulting what was hers and no doubt without establishing borders as to how far her and Gabe could go in their little unscheduled bout.

She also informed the Captain that when a woman is in love, she will do anything and everything to protect what’s hers. Xinn respected the Captain and had for years. Sure when the Captain pissed her off, Xinn always referred to her as the wicked bitch of the precinct. But that was always the extent of her assault of the Captain. However the Captain had Xinn’s doll tied down and was about to attempt to send her to the underworld. That threw Xinn’s senses off line. And from the moment she looked across the room and saw what was going on, she went into the protective mode.

To clarify her example, which started out making headway until Roxy, went to talking about Roeanne’s doll. That was when she saw the Captain’s eyes cloud up again.

Roxy ducked back in to her sale pitch, but this time she used the precinct and the Captain’s personnel as an example. She asked the Captain to forget that she was pissed at Xinn for a moment and asked what would she do if they called her one night and said that the Killer was holding Xinn hostage? What would she do if she was in the middle of getting herself a piece and she was so wired, that what they were trying to say to her was coming across as Morse code? Roxy paused briefly to make sure that she had the Captain’s undivided attention before asking the Captain again, “What would she do?”

Finally, the Captain grasped the significance of the questioning. As she prepared to answer Roxy observed the commander’s eyes as they narrowed and her nostrils flared.

“I don’ t like you or your heathen ass sister, but no one and I MEAN NO ONE is to fuck with my people. I’d have to get me a piece some other time. I wouldn’t won’t ANY of my men hurt or wounded at any time of situation and if my presence is needed to avoid that then it wouldn’t take me a heartbeat to get there.”

“DAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT,” Roxy yelled while panting with relief. For the life of her she couldn’t figure out why the kids story didn’t get through. <Aw so Bleeps are retarded> Roxy thought looking across at the Captain.

“Now that is what I’m talking about. I know Xinn went a little far about putting her hands on you.”

“Yes, she did.” The Captain snapped with dimming eyes.

“But tell the truth Captain, if any of them were to enter a situation that was unexpected and you could protect them from harm, would you do it?”

The Captain just sat there staring at Roxy. She was in fact hating her right now, but she also knew she was correct in assuming she would protect her men, no matter what kind of disagreement they were experiencing. Even if it cost her, her life. Roxy squatted down in front of the Captain and held her breath. The Captain was a shit most of the time, but one thing Xinn admired about her. And that was…she was a JUST shit.

“Get Xinn away from me. I’m not going to press charges, but if she put her hands on me again, I am going to hire an assassin to do her psychotic ass in. Do you hear me missy? You get Xinn and Gabe away from me. And since you are acting as their loyal spokesperson You tell them that I better not have to come down to Gay town to save their asses…or you either.”

The captain snapped before gathering her things and heading for the door. Right before leaving she turned around and looked over at a silently praying Roxy. That had to be what she was doing because she was cupping her face in her hands and breathing slower than usual.

“Y’all make sure that you all take care of each other while you are down there. And get this case solved quickly. I don’t want any casualties on my team.” The Captain instructed with concerned eyes. Roxy smiled and gave the Captain a nod before watching her disappear into the darkness.

Roxy stayed in the building a little while longer. Taking the opportunity to say a few words to a friend she hadn’t talked to in years. She reminded him of her love and her desperate need to shield and protect all of the them while they were on a journey to bring about justice. She also asked if it was his will that he drop down some much added strength, guidance, endurance and unity needed to bring their journey to a successful end.

Little did she know that Xinn had come into the building and had been watching her from the moment that Roxy had started praying. However, Xinn didn’t feel the need to interrupt Roxy with her quiet time.

Living with Momma and her uncle had taught her the importance of having faith in things that are positive. To Roxy, Momma and Roeanne it was the God above all gods. And in their hearts and minds, their faith was solid. A little wavy in Roxy’s case, but none the less her love for her positive leader was eminent and Xinn respected that.

Her Uncle taught her the bountifulness of Mother earth. He would tell her stories of how in winter they would wind up just short of having enough food. He told her of the ceremonies the warriors partook of in order to instill strength and endurance before heading out into the bitter snowstorms to hunt whatever was feasible to eat.

Xinn felt herself smiling as she recalled hearing her uncle testify about they sometimes hadn’t even made it out of the village good before they spotted three buffalos on the nearest boundaries of their camps, which could feed the entire nation for a month.

So it was apparent that these people and their beliefs were true and if a little rubbed off on her, she just considered herself even that much luckier. It’s better to believe in something positive than to emptily say you don’t believe in anything. Yet one can say they know love. How can one know love if you were never taught that it is suppose to be love? Yes Love hurts from time to time, but it doesn’t destroy one’s soul.

Xinn believed in Gaia and God. Not because of the tales of losing your soul or in Gaia’s case your soul wouldn’t be allow to soar over the world after you died, but because faith in something gave her comfort.

So as she stood there watching her sister pray to her God, she did in fact believe from that moment on that everything was going to be all right. They may come out of it with scrapes and bruises just like her, Roeanne and Roxy did that day they were fighting over that stupid doll. Yet they would in fact end this case in victory.

“Hay…Ready to go?” Xinn asked cordially walking up behind her sister and securely latching her arms around her shoulders and pulling her close.

“How long have you been there?” Roxy asked wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Long enough to know that you need a drink.” Xinn said spinning Roxy around to look into her eyes.

“Thanks for being my big sis’ today.” Xinn stated while helping Roxy to wipe the tears away.

“The Captain is still pissed and a little confused (supposedly),” Xinn said pausing just long enough to give her sister her speculative eye brow expression.

“She’s confused as to why people love me. She said she don’t even like me.” Xinn finished spurring a hearty chuckle in both of them. Xinn then pulled Roxy to her and gave her sister a big powerful hug.

“Through thick and thin?” Xinn started with their little child hood oath.

“Right down to the very end.” Roxy finished laying her head on Xinn right shoulder and tightening her embrace around her sister’s waist.

Gabe and Rhonda had come into the building now. Both women glanced over at each other with a smile. It was one of reassurance and love. They were a family and now they were bonding like they had never had the need to before.

“Alright guys, let’s make it over to Mommas for one last drink as ourselves.” Gabe said, bringing the sisters out of their precious moment. Xinn and Roxy both quickly relinquished their hold on each other and began picking lent off of their PT gear …DUH! <The things people do to avoid looking weak or sentimental>. Gabe thought instructing the cave women to go get in the car. Once Xinn and Roxy were outside, her and Rhonda leaned into each other laughing.

“Can you believe them, always trying to look tough. Gosh, I wonder what they look like using the bathroom.” Both women shared another healthy chuckle before straightening their PT gear and heading outside.

Momma was glad that everyone stopped by to get her well wishes and those sloppy kisses upon the forehead.

“Arrggghh,” Stacy said quietly.

“Why y’all Momma got to kiss us all the time? And she makes it sloppy on purpose.” She said reaching for a napkin to wipe it off.

“You know Momma love you girl.” Roxy joked with glowing eyes. She was coming up on the ridge now and her slurring speech confirmed that. However, she knew that there were some unfinished details about the questioning that she needed to ask before they all turned in.

“Xinn you said something about us questioning some of the witnesses, are we still going to do that?” Roxy asked turning to get one of the waitresses’ attention.

“Yeah…” Xinn returned before taking another gulp of her drink.

“What I propose is that we split up early in tomorrow morning after meeting at my place and take the different sectors.

“Gabe and Rhonda will take the maid that found the body. The addresses to all the witnesses are in the packets that I gave each of you. Roxy and I will take the guard that was supposedly on duty that night. The rest of you I want y’all to case the area. You’re hunting for anyone that loves to gossip, pass on street information and anyone that appears to be edgy about being there. I want you to question the store managers to find out if there are people that possessed the knowledge of things that happens in the neighborhood. I want you to check out the ladies of the night and see if they heard anything. If necessary, I want you to pay a visit to their madam or escort manager. Find me the talker. I need to know how information about gay town and their occupants are getting out on the street. Rachel, you and Amber are to check the crime scenes again. You are looking for something, any clue that the investigators looked over. Oh and Rachel,” Xinn said waving her hand to get her friends attention. “Don’t kill anyone while you are down there.” Rachel snorted and gave Xinn a nod.

Xinn was recalling their little adventure after leaving the Gym and Roxy took the darkest abandon road in the entire fucking town. Not only was it dark, but it was said to be the territory of the Queens. Which Xinn and her crew got a chance to meet first hand. Xinn allowed the whole scenario to breeze through her mind again, AND how Rachel and her bazooka had everyone scrambling for their damned lives.

“What the hell is she doing?” Xinn snapped while trying to control her little zealous one’s wandering hands. Xinn couldn’t exactly explain what happened to her partner in that gym, but what she did know was that Gabe was wired. The moment they came out of the gym she was after Xinn trying to paw her. Actually Xinn thought it was kinda cute, though she was rather wanting to get busy herself it was so precious looking at Gabe’s variety of expressions as she struggled against Xinn’s hold. Trying to get to her.

“I don’t know…Com’on, open those legs for me.” Gabe said struggling to get her hands loose from Xinn’s grasp.

“Gabe you are being a bad girl. And do you know what happens with bad girls when they are told to be nice and they don’t listen.” Xinn asked looking over at Gabe with a mysterious look. Or had her bangs slid down in her face a little. Gabe didn’t know for sure. All she knew was that she wanted Xinn and she wanted her now.

“Naw,” Gabe panted with lustful eyes.

“What do bad girls get when they’re naughty?”

“Well,” Xinn purred dangerously. “They get a spanking.”

“Ooh…” Gabe purred wiggling in her seat.

“Spank me Momma, I’ve been bad.” Xinn couldn’t keep from laughing. In spite of her crazy sister taking a wrong turn and leading the convoy into the most dangerous part of the state. She was feeling rather confident about fulfilling her little anxious one wishes.

“Alright then…just wait till we get home.” Xinn then stared out her window at the dark streets that Roxy was leading them down and retorted.

“Let me rephrase that. That’s if we get home. Why does Roxy always do this? She’s always trying to find a shortcut home. This time we’ll be lucky if we make it home… alive.” Xinn stated with furrow brows as Rachel and Amber’s car in front of them came to a stop.

“Shit.” Xinn spat while checking out the empty buildings they’d stopped in front of. All of the buildings were at least six stories high. They appeared to be abandoned; yet that wasn’t what had Xinn on edge. What had Xinn spooked was that each of the buildings gave off a ghastly, gothic look. The kind with the broken windows, creeping doors, with sounds you knew you heard, but when you turned around to look nothing there was nothing there. It was a like a ghost town and by the looks of it not even the ghost could be happy in a place such as this.

“Set it up baby.” Xinn instructed Gabe while reaching under the seat and pulling out her dual shoulder holster.

Gabe mimicked her partner’s movements while retrieving her weapon as well. She then reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a double barrel derringer. Xinn looked over at her with a puzzled look as Gabe opened up her training shorts and slid the weapon inside.

“Just what in the hell are you doing?” She asked as Gabe jumped to her knees and reached over her seat to slide her hand into the pocket behind it.

“I’m getting my weapons. At least that’s what you told me to do.” Gabe returned while pulling out the twenty-two automatic with a matching thigh holster.

“A thigh holster Gabe?” Xinn asked while reaching over to finger the artistry of the holster about her baby’s thighs.

Gabe popped her hand and gave Xinn a wink. “Business first baby. We’ll play later after we get out of this mess your sister has gotten us into. This is the most dangerous part of town and your Puppet Master sister had the nerve to bring us into this rattrap.

Xinn wagged her finger at Gabe with an disappointing look upon her face. Surely stressing that they would in fact discuss the weapons later. She then checked hers again before getting out of the car.

“I don’t believe this shit,” Stacy stomped as Roxy made it over to her car and raised the hood. Roxy checked all of her fluids and the cables on the battery before telling her friend that it may be the alternator. Roxy then scramble to her knees and slid up under the car. Just as she had predicted, the twin’s alternator on their vehicle was dead.

“What are we going to do now? There isn’t exactly a parts store nearby.” Stacy said kicking the front tire.

“What are we going to do NOW?” She screamed really agitated by their vehicle stopping and no doubt in the sticks, which no sane person goes, especially at night.

“I tell ya what’cha going to do Missy.” The leader of the Queens said.

“Everyone whirled around to looked up at a woman that definitely stood an easy seven feet. She was wearing a yellow bandana, with matching jersey, shorts and sneakers. Which made her look at least several shades darker than her true mocha colored skin.

“You are going to charitably hand over your keys to all of these beautiful vehicles as an offer of good faith and safe exportation out of our lawn. Can I get an Amen?” she asked placing her hands up on her high ass hips. Silently giving the rest of the gang a sign to show themselves.

“Oh my gods,” Stacy whimpered stepping up behind Roxy. “We are going to die.”

“I’m sorry, we can’t do that.” Xinn said walking up to Stacy and Macy’s Jeep and giving the motor a look.

“Instead, I am going to need your assistance in fixing this car.”

“Uh-hah, Now I like this bitch here. She’s got some damn balls in those cute little shorts.” The leader chuckled while bringing her arms up and wiggling her fingers. Another sign to the key members of the gang to join her.

“What’did’jooh, say your name was?” She asked folding her arms across her chest.

“I didn’t say my name. Did any of y’all hear me say my name?” Xinn questioned with raised hands.

“Aw…and you’re a smart bitch at that. Rub her down.” The leader instructed as two of the key members stepped out from each side of her and prepared to do just that. All of a sudden Xinn reached up under her over shirt and pulled out both of her weapons and laid it right up against each gang member’s head as soon as they were close enough. Gabe then slid up between her legs on her back and aimed her weapon right at the gang leader.

“You think that shit scares me?” The Queen’s leader retorted, rather tickled with the fact that Xinn was threatening to shoot her gang sisters. Not aware that Gabe was lying between her partner’s legs with a nine millimeter aimed straight at her head. Just to make her aware of her presence. Gabe clicked her scope light on while rolling on to her stomach.

“Aw…partners, I like that. However, that is not going to save your ass.” She then snapped her finger and heads popped up out the windows of the dark abandon windows. They seemed to go on for days and they all had automatic firearms.

“Now what’cha going to do?” She asked with dancing eyebrows. Certainly intrigue by the misfortune of the now flabbergasted officers.

“We are going to up the anty a little bit,” Rachel said dropping to one knee and hauling a bazooka out the back of her seat of her car unto her shoulder.

“Load me baby,” She instructed Amber while looking through the site hole. Just like Marine Corps Grunts on a destroyer mission, the pair had each of their functions down to a science. Within seconds Amber had loaded the weapon and slid over the hood of the car to find a safe place. Rachel checked her aim and shifted a few crawling steps to the side before the Weapon discharged.

“Shiiiiiiittttt,” you could hear voices echoed out in slow motion as each side began to scatter. Xinn skillfully reached down, snatched Gabe up into her arms and somersaulted back behind the cars just in time to avoid flying debris and windowpanes from hitting them square on. Roxy snatched a baffled Rhonda into her arms and mimicked every move that Xinn made. Safely tucking them as close to their car as possible while sliding partially up on Rhonda to shield her further from debris.

Broken brick, glass, shred of wooden doors and discarded furniture in the building all came flying out into the streets and some over behind the cars. Burying the covered bodies with broken sheet rock and other rubbish.

After it was all over with each of their friends shoved the rubble away from them and their partners and just stared over at one proud officer. Who was standing completely up right now with one hand holding the weapon up on her shoulder and the other on her hip.

“Are you crazy?” Xinn grumbled stumbling over debris and glaring unforgivably at her friend.

“You could have killed us, you mindless robot. I think you sleep with those weapons don’t you?” Xinn ask still trying to make her way over to a smirking Rachel. Particles of the explosion were still floating about. Landing on everyone’s clothes, hair, bodies and cars.

Rachel was about to pop back at Xinn, but was instantly stopped by an overhead chopper light that was beaming down in the center of the street. It was a police chopper and where one is there is sure to be a ground crew to quickly follow. And just as Xinn suspected, spotlights began to pop on everywhere.

“Good evening ladies,” the captain said cordially through a bullhorn. “This is your local police department. An unexplained explosion was picked up on our monitors in this area and I am afraid that everyone would have to report back to the station with me for further questioning.”

“Hay, we ain’t going anywhere,” the leader of the Queens screamed still having difficulty regaining her stance. Even with the help of her friends.

“I’m sorry, you must have misunderstood me. That wasn’t a request…it was a demand.” The captain finished in a baritone cord.

“Uh Captain,” Xinn said stepping around Rachel with her right hand up in the air. Silently informing the Captain that there maybe no need for multiple arrest.

“Why don’t you let me try and handle the questioning from here.” The captain lowered her bullhorn and just shook her head before waving Xinn off with her silent approval.

Xinn snatched the weapon out of Rachel’s hand and asked Amber to come get it before turning to jog over to the Leader of the Queens.

“Are you and your friends some kind of crazies out on a loony pass. That crazy Rambo thinking hoe’ took out half my crib. How am I going to replace that?” The leader asked with inquiring eyes. Xinn looked over the building with a pondering glance before looking up at the leader.

“Let’s talk,” Xinn said stepping off the curb. Giving the leader time to make up in her mind if she wanted to hear what this dark haired woman had to say, Xinn had taken quite a few steps before the Queen’s leader broke into a trot after her.

“Okay…I’m here. What’cha want to talk about?”

Xinn gave the leader a smile and lowered her head again. Shielding her face and random thoughts with her sheet black hair.

“Aw…don’t drop down the shy shit on me now, because I know you are not like that. We are not living the same lives, but even I know your friend’s respect you like my gang member’s respect me. So I know your ass is got the juice. Wanna tell me now what your name is?”

“My name is Xinn and I am an…”

“Uh, wait a minute…hold up. Are you that tool girl that is famous for laying up souped up cribs?” Xinn stopped and looked up into eyes of wonder. Strange the girl was fascinated about her.

“Yeah…that’s me.”

“Whoa…shit, right in my back yard. I get to meet the golden wrench girl. Hay, I heard your Momma and a black woman brought’choo up. Is that true.”

Xinn snorted and stated, “A lot of people have had a little stake in my upbringing. So I can communicate in a variety of ways.” It was now the girl’s time to issue a snort of her own.

“Yeah…I heard that. I know Mookie and NR. They both think the world of you and some Gabe girl. T’at your lady?” The leader asked turning around to glance at Gabe.

Xinn smiled and gazed over at Gabe that was standing in the middle of the street watching her partner as she conversed with the leader of supposedly the worst women gang around. Excluding NR’s women now, which was a legitimate group of women that sold pool tables now.

“Damn, Is that your house?” The girl asked looking back at Gabe.

“Yeah…She’s cute isn’t she.”

“Damn that cute shit…home baby is fiiiinne. So what is it you wanted to holler at me about?” The girl asked in a more willing attitude now.

Xinn brought one hand up to her hip and the other to her chin. Giving what she was about to suggest further thought.

“You seem to be an honorable woman. Am I correct in determining that?” Xinn asked observing the leaders reactions with an evaluating glance. The girl looked straight into Xinn’s eyes and said, “I may be a street person, but I am straight up when I make a pact. And you can believe that.” She closed standing a little bit taller that she was and cupping her suzy with both hands.

“I figured as much.” Xinn said before hurrying on about her business.

“My friend’s car quit over there and she is needing an alternator. If you can maybe somehow come up with a alternator that can fit the make of her Jeep, then I’ll help you out with rebuilding your crib.”

“Really…Really you would do that?” The girl asked as if she was in a house of mirrors and she didn’t believe what she was presently witnessing..

“You mean you would really do that for me, us…even after what we tried to do. You would still help us?” She asked with an astonished glance.

“Well, that’s how friendships come about. We step up on a mutual ground and go from there. If you can help my friends…then I will help you, provided,” Xinn said pausing briefly while bringing her finger up to make a point. “You and your girls and my crew work together. I may even pose to the city that You and I, along with our workers and gang sisters fix up this part of town for the city and offer it as a hostess house for parents who kids are hospitalized and they need lodging.”

“For real…Are you shitting me.” The girl asked turning around to look at the buildings. The one reason why they were there was because this place was where most of them grew up.
“Funny…I never imagined seeing this place lit up with kids laughter and parents again. Screaming from the windows for you to get’cho ass inside again. Most of us grew up here, Xinn,” She admitted turning around to allow Xinn to view the tears that were building in her eyes.

“We all thought of it as home, but back when we were growing up, they were owned by slum Lords. Do you know what a slum lord is Xinn? He’s nothing more that a greedy Muther Fucker that live well off the misery of those less fortunate than they were.

They don’t care if your kids can’t see to do their homework at night. They don’t care if your children grow cold in the winter and the thermostats are locked down so you can’t turn the heat up. They don’t care if you spent a few dollars extra trying to make your kid happy, just for one single moment and the rent is due. They didn’t care about that Xinn. And when it all panned out, families lost their homes and the city condemned the buildings. Robbing any of us out of a chance to have descent homes of our own. If you could help us bring back the laughter and the lights, then you got your self a deal.” The leader of the Queen’s said reaching for Xinn’s hand in honor.

Xinn gave her new friend a reassuring smile and shook her hand to seal the agreement.

“Bet on it, because our deal is as solid as gold.”

“Oh by the way, my members call me Jonah. My real name is Joanie, but I hate it. So you can call me what my girls do.”

“Good,” Xinn said allowing her eyes to move up from the sole of Jonah’s feet to the crown of her head before speaking again.

“Because you damn sure don’t look like a Joanie.” Xinn said with a chuckle. Prompting both women to share in the laughter.

“Roach,” Jonah called out.

“Spread out and find Officer Xinn,”

“Uh Xinn,” Hammer interrupted.

“We’re partners here and that is what I want you to think of our agreement.” Xinn said looking over at Roach. Who was rather cute, if she didn’t have on all that bulking junk they called clothing. She could very well be considered a goddess.

“Well Xinn, This is my lady and she can find a needle in a hay storm.” The girl was petite in shape, light skinned, and the grayest eyes Xinn had ever seen on any black person.

“Now that is quite a nice bounty there, Jonah.” Xinn said with a smile offering Roach her hand. Roach gave Xinn a powerful slap to her hand before briskly pulling her hand back.

“Uh that’s how we shake hands down here,” The leader offered, not quite sure if her partner had offended Xinn by doing that or…were they about to get their butts kick for her girlfriend being so aggressive. Xinn gave her new friend one of her raised eyebrow expressions before giving roach a nod of respect.

“Baby, she need a jolter.”

“Alternator dead?” The small one asked looking up at her partner.

“Yeah…can you find one to fit that Jeep.” The girl gave her partner a funky snort before standing on her tiptoes reaching for a kiss and departing.

“Be back in five.” She said trotting off behind the building that Rachel had just blew a huge ass hole in.

Like she promised she was back in five minutes. Hell in ten, her and Roxy had dropped the alternator and replaced it with the new one. Her and Roxy was tit for tat, they both were grease monkeys.

Xinn found herself smiling despite of the shit they had been through this night. They gained more friends that were even more talented that some people give ‘em credit for. After visiting with them for a bit, Xinn found out that the place looked like a haven for Death outside. But when her and the girls went inside it was another story.

The place was varnished with waxed hard wood floors, paneled walls, several furnished bathrooms, a Jacuzzi big enough to be considered a lake, chandeliers hanging from the ceilings in every room and a visiting room. At least that was what Jonah called it. It had four sixty-two inch color TV’s in each corner, three huge pool tables and four drop down beds that were hidden behind fashionably black paintings that Roach did herself.

To finish off their tour, Xinn and the girls were lead a floor down to a huge carpeted bedroom area that contained each of the gang members own bedroom partitions. During their unscheduled visit Xinn managed to offer jobs to Jonah and some of her members.

Yes…the night started out disastrous. But the gangs were able to pull it together and settle up on common ground. Just, like Xinn suggested from the start.

The captain was skeptical so she issued her own warnings to the Queens. Yet when Jonah got through laying down the loyalty stats of her group, the captain felt she should go to church and say a prayer. Either she was finally going crazy or someone about was trying to tell her something.

“Ooooookay,” Rachel sung, bringing Xinn’s attention abruptly back to the plan on the table.

“Along with not killing anyone, we are just to check the scenes and see if the inspectors missed something, right? What are we going to do after that?” She asked before bringing up her mug and draining the remainder of her drink from it.

“Well Rachel if you do it right, you will be able to report back to me about an hour before we are schedule to meet the head lady of Gay town with some evidence that the officer’s did miss. Follow me.” Rachel glared at Xinn angry at the thought that she and Amber had been giving the shitty detail once again.

“Xinn, why you always assign Amber and I the shit detail. It’s boring as hell looking for evidence and you don’t get no action by being secluded at a murder scene all day.” Rachel stated while sitting her mug down in front of Amber, signaling she wanted another drink.

“Rachel, tell me who is the best blood hounds we have in the department?”

Rachel growled in defiance before answering that her and Amber were the best in the business.

“That’s right and if those sloppy pencil pushers that were there that night calling themselves investigators missed something, who would the Captain send in behind them to check the area again?”

Rachel growled again and answered just like everyone expected…her and Amber.

“Then I rest my case. Y’all are my best and that is exactly what we ALL are needing here. Follow me comrade?” Xinn asked leveling her eyes to meet Rachel’s.

“Awright…awright, but nothing weird better not happen at the scenes. Otherwise I’m going to shoot first and ask questions last. I’m not going to let anyone hurt Amber or me? Whoever this weirdo is, they are giving me the fucking creeps.”

“It’s giving us all the creeps.” Momma admitted while setting the table up once more.

“Alright ladies, this is the last round for all of you. You all have to be up early to take care of what each of you have been assigned. Three hours of sleep should be enough for all of you. You’re still young yet. Now drink up and be out in thirty minutes.” Momma finished going around the table smooching everyone on the forehead again.

“And don’t you wipe that one off this time Stacy.” She said back over her shoulder while heading back to the bar. Stacy shook her fist a Roxy. Silently promising to get even with her for her mother slobbering on her forehead. Roxy cackled and pulled Rhonda over into her lap. By the final drink, everyone was feeling frisky. Hands were traveling and heated kisses were surfacing all about the table.

“Damn the last drink.” Rachel said hopping to her feet. Drawing every one’s attention to her as she wrapped her right arm around Amber’s waist and lifted her up from the chair in a very elegant sweeping motion.

“Damn Eddie was right…lack of pussy do make you brave.” Roxy chuckled while standing up with her baby nestling safely in her arms.

“See y’all later…we got three hours before seeing you all again. And frankly speaking, I ain’t going to be getting any sleeping this night.” Roxy confessed reaching in to claim Rhonda’s lips.

Gabe slid her hand down between Xinn’s legs and gave her partner a nudge toward the door. She then gave Xinn’s kitty a jingle before breaking from the table. Xinn took one more drink, bid her friend’s good bye and broke for the door as well. All of their friends cackle as Gabe looked back in shock and let out a pig’s squeal.

“Hay Roxy, I think they are about to set down some of that animalistic love tonight.” Rhonda said watching the couple pick up the speed on the chase.

“I believe you are right baby.” Roxy said with a chuckle before bidding everyone good night. It didn’t take long for the entire club to go quiet leaving only Momma alone. As she cut off the last light she whispered a silent prayer to the Master to take care of ALL of her children.

By the time Xinn and Gabe had reached their apartment, their desire was in full bloom. Hands were traveling and their kisses landed wherever an opening presented it self. (Get backup here…I’m talking about the face and neck, Okay!).

Once inside the apartment, Xinn allowed Gabe to saunter a few steps away from her just relishing in her partner’s every move. At least that was her thoughts before Gabe spent around and ripped her tearaway T-shirt completely away from her body. Xinn couldn’t keep from growling as she tackled Gabe to the couch and began to uncontrollably grope any part of her partner’s body that her hand could reach. Gabe let out a back-popping squeal as Xinn possessively tore away her bra.

Everything suddenly ceased as the partner’s held the other’s lustful gaze. Pants of the desire filtered through the moment heightening each of the other’s desires for their partner.

“Take me woman,” Gabe ordered while grabbing hands full of Xinn’s hair and snatching her to her. Banging their lips so hard that it made both of the women shriek from the painful, yet stimulating contact.

“Aw…Now I’m fixin’ get deep up in,” Xinn growled tearing away the rest of Gabe’s clothes. Gabe was so hyped that she was helping her partner rid her body of clothes. And that wild look on Xinn’s face wasn’t a vibrant stimulate at all.

In a matter of seconds things shifted and Xinn found herself screaming as Gabe leaped from the sofa, tackled her to the floor and began tearing her clothes away.

<Oh Lord this is fun. > Xinn thought as she watched Gabe locked her teeth down upon her training shorts and began to yank on it from side to side like an over eagerly puppy. It was so funny that Xinn couldn’t keep from laughing as her little partner concentrated on getting at just what she wanted.

By the time it was all over with both Xinn and Gabe were totally exhausted and they had carpet burns all about their entire body. Not to mention several sore areas that was still throbbing for the deep ministrations they each were throwing down.

“Wow!” Gabe panted dragging herself up onto her partner’s limp body.

“I think I lost a tooth.”

Xinn started to chuckle, but she thought it was best that she took several deep breaths instead before she died. Gabe really had put a hurting on her. And she had never been this exhausted in her life.

“I think I chipped a nail,” Xinn said falling off to sleep.

“Don’t worry baby,” Gabe said with a yawn and resting her head gently upon Xinn’s left shoulder.

“I’ll buy you some more tomorrow.” Xinn smiled and gathered all the strength she could muster up to pop Gabe firmly on her backside. Gabe mumbled something before reaching over to pinch Xinn’s right nipple in defiance. She then dropped her limp hand back down to her love’s waist and drifting off to sleep.

“Com’on Marian, you have got to do this favor for me. That crazy fucker is probably out right now looking for me. You’ve got to give me a place to hang out for a while.

“No, I do not. I have told you repeatedly that I will not have any shit around me. Now when you get rid of that extra baggage we can talk. But until then, pssst…I can’t believe you have the audacity to even come to me with trouble.” Marian said shutting the door up on her long time friend.

The street trick backed away from the door checking out the hallway, not knowing what to do. Everyone she’d ever socialized with or paired up with for business didn’t want her around. Surely, they didn’t know of her involvement with the night stalker.

The hooker rummaged nervously in her purse looking for numbers…any kind of telephone numbers of anyone that could help her.

All night she had been avoiding her regular turf in hopes of deluding the stalker. But even she realized that you can run, but you certain won’t be able to hide for long. She had gotten into some real fucked up shit and if she didn’t get in contact with someone that had some kind of pull, she was going to wind up in the gutter just like they were finding those other women bodies.

“You know Candy, you are gonna make me think that you’re hiding from me. You weren’t at the usual places, so I thought about your male friend that’s trying so hard to live as a woman so I came here. Hmmm, I’ve seen better.” The stalker said looking around before glancing back over at their informant.

“So what did you find out. Any new girlfriends in town for me to hook up with?” the stalker asked right before the hooker tried to run past the person as fast as she could. The offender simply swept the hooker up into its strong arms and clamped its hand over the hooker’s mouth before dragging her out back.

Once the stalker was at a secluded location, isolated from the activities on the street or any other living thing, it let the hooker go.

“Do you think I’m playing with you? Do you think I’m not serious about finding a new girlfriend? Do you think that if I kill you would anyone notice you’re missing?”

“Fuck you…I don’t give a damn anymore. Kill me if you want. I’m sick of this cat and mouse game you’re playing with me.” The night woman panted while trying to stand.

Before she realize what had happened the night stalker had kneed her in the ribs several times before hurling her to the ground.

“You think I am one of those two timing whores you deal with from day to day?” the stalker asked while dispensing a couple of well placed kicks to the hooker’s side.

“You think because things didn’t turn out how you expected them to that now you can pick up and run.” The stalker asked kicking her several times more. The trick rolled over into a tight fetal position before resting her head in a shallow water puddle around her head.

“It was our agreement for me to find you a single, gay woman that didn’t lived in this state to party with. Not for you to have your fun with her then kill her.” The hooker mumbled fighting hard to maintain consciousness.

“We didn’t have an agreement. I told you to find me a bitch and you did. And that was all it was. So don’t try to pop off at me otherwise I won’t kill you, but I will make you wish and pray for it.” The stalker admitted snatching the girl up out the puddle and straightening her clothes.

” Now…let’s be friends. See, look at’cha you, you have gone and got all wet trying to be tough. You know I’m much stronger so why do you always try to make me angry. So let’s call a truce and please stop upsetting me. You know I hate it when we have fights like this.”

<This bitch really is crazy? > The hooker thought while watching the stalker dust her clothes off before straightening them up. The minute their eyes met again the hooker felt her stomach do a backward flip and her mouth swell from the bile taste on her tongue. The stalker’s eyes were colder than she’s ever seen on a living person. It was unnatural and definitely deleterious. There was no reflection in them and no hint of warmth at all. The stalker was an evil spawn of the Lord of Darkness and Candy was highly convinced of that.

“So what did you find out?” the stalker asked stepping back from the hooker. Candy looked down at her soil clothes and mumbled something.

“What? What did you say?” The stalker asked stepping back up to the hooker causing her to cringe from the sudden move.

“They have a new couple moving in tomorrow about two o’clock.”

“A couple…” the stalker said slapping the girl. The hooker fell to her knees cradling her face.

“Did I ask you for a couple or DID I ASK FOR A SINGLE WOMAN?” The stalker screamed kicking water upon the cringing girl’s body.

“I’m sorry,” the girl whimpered.

“But that is the current update about Gay town. And…” the hooker paused. Not really wanting to reveal to the stalker that one of the women bore the exact physical features that she was looking for in its partner.

“And what?”


“Well what…spit it out bitch?” the stalker said kicking more water up on the hooker.

“One of the women bare the same resemblance that the other women did. Word is she is a prominent carpenter with contracts ranging from the state to the most prestigious bank in the city.”

“Hmmm…maybe this might be worth checking out. What about her partner?”

“Her partner is a clothing designer. So most likely her career will be keeping her from home for unreasonable time frames. Basically, it’s just like being alone if your partner is out of town all the time.” Candy said feeling quite competent about the information she’d just given the stalker.

“Aw…that is quite an impressive observation,” the stalker said pulling the girl back up on her feet.

“I think a reward should be given for your untiring efforts don’t you?” The stalker said shoving the hooker up against the wall and lifting her mini skirt.

“No please,” She pleaded trying to struggling out of her captor’s hold.

“Aw, Com’on,” the stalker said yanking the hookers legs open and entering her. There was nothing passionate about the encounter. Candy never felt as humiliated as she did with this encounter. None of her johns ever disgraced her like the stalker was presently doing. She felt helpless and alone in this game others called a wonderful life. The attacker’s intent was to hurt her as badly as it could without doing any serious damage. Over and over the stalker continued to ram its weapon of punishment in and out of the hooker until she was screaming for mercy.

The stalker relished the screams as it continued to physically torture the hooker before her passing out. After several more thrust the stalker release with an evil cackle. Once the stranger was through with the hooker, the person carelessly toss the hooker’s body into some discarded boxes and left just like they appeared…silently and stealthily into the night.

“Gabe,” Xinn grumble trying to regain her equilibrium. It was still dark yet the clock indicated that it was six am and it was definitely time for them to get going.

“What?” Gabe mumbled wrapping her arms tighter around Xinn.

“It’s time to get up baby. We have to do a little investigating before report to Gay town at two o’clock today.

“Uh uh,” Gabe whimpered wanting to sleep in a little longer.

“Gabe…now you don’t want me to get mad now do you. You wouldn’t like that.” Xinn stated with a raised eyebrow.

Gabe popped one of her eyes opened and looked up at her partner’s challenging glare. Xinn had been known to douse her with ice cold water after being told several times to rise. So the little blonde thought it was best that she didn’t defy her lover.

“Alright,” she growled shoving herself off of Xinn and heading for the bathroom.

“And stop walking like that.” Xinn snapped with a playful smirk on her face.

“I think I’m getting turned on again.” Gabe threw up her middle finger and disappeared into the bathroom. Xinn chortled and rose from her position on the floor and headed into the bedroom to get their clothes ready for the day.

“Rhonda…” Roxy called out from the bathroom. Starting their shower up.

“Get up baby. You don’t want Xinn to come down here and get in our shit, because if she does, it is not going to be a pretty picture.”

“Forget Xinn…She don’t scare me.” Rhonda snapped tossing the covers up over her head.

Roxy sighed and jumped up in the bed and snatched the cover off her lover. “Look you might not be afraid of Xinn, but I am. And rising in the morning is not one of her sociable times. And when I say sociable I mean it. She doesn’t have a problem getting up, but she sure as hell has a problem with others that do. I have the knocks on my skull to prove it still. Now get up.”

“Oh Alright…maybe I wouldn’t have such a problem getting up if you hadn’t rode me most of the time we were suppose to be sleeping.” Rhonda complained sliding from the bed.

“Yeah…Yeah…Yeah,” Roxy said with a cackle.

“Why don’t you fax me from your office later to tell me what a sorry, inconsiderate lover I am.” Roxy said leaping from the bed and chasing her love into the shower.

By six thirty everyone met up to Xinn’s place. While discussing their duties for the day, they enjoyed the catered meal that Momma had sent to the room for them. Although there was plenty of laughter and jokes traveling around the table, the gang was all about business by seven o’clock. Five minutes after seven they were all on the road heading toward their assignment.

“Who’s there,” the old woman called from behind her locked door. It was only seven thirty, but just as Xinn had predicted the maid at the hotel was up and preparing for her day.

“Mrs. House, My name is Lieutenant Gabe and my partner and I are here to ask you a few questions about the murder down at the hotel you work at.”

“Well baby,” the old woman started while unlatching the million of locks on her door. “I’ve told the policemen all I knew about the woman.”

It took nearly fifteen minutes for the old crone to open the door. And when she did a whole slew of cats burst through the door right up on Gabe and Rhonda. Rhonda screamed as if bees were attacking her. She was so frantic in her attack to get the cats off of her that she turned facing Gabe and literally commenced to kicking the shit out her. She was screaming, clawing and kicking so viciously that the cats hanging from her clothes was enjoying the ride of their life.

Meanwhile the little old lady was trying to shew the rest of the vault of cats back into the house. Minus the ones that were enjoying the spin that Rhonda was giving them.

“HAY!” Gabe screamed while grabbing a firm hold on Rhonda and slapping her.

“Get a hold of yourself, baby Huey. You’ve nearly torn my clothes off with your misguided aims on these frigging cats.” Gabe said panting while grabbing hands full of the cats and slinging them back into the house.

“Now calm down.” Gabe said reassuringly.

But Rhonda was past being hysterical. She was still clawing at her hair and trotting in her stance as if ticks were on her. Gabe slapped her again and again. Just as Gabe was about to slap Rhonda for the third time the executive grabbed her hand and halted it in mid-air.

“I may be a little frantic here, but I ain’t fucking mental. You hit me again and I’m going to ram one of those ugly ass mangy cats up you backside. Now…lets go ask this old bitty the questions we need and blow this cat hole. I think the fuckers have fleas.” Rhonda said calmly while stepping into the house scratching her ass. Gabe slapped her hand across her mouth to keep from laughing out loud before following Rhonda inside.

“My…My…My,” the night guardsman said while taking off his glasses and wiping them before putting them back on.

“Good lord,” Roxy mumbled. “He is blinder than little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother and she was dying.”

“Roxy we are here to discover new facts, not hurt an old mans feelings. If we play this right we may come out of it with all of his credit cards.” Xinn said faintly giving Roxy time to figure out just exactly what she was hinting at. Just as they reach the old man, Roxy began to laugh. But Xinn quickly remedied that by firmly elbowing Roxy in the side.

“How are you doing Mr. Hunter?”

“Hay, hi (how) you doing baby. How you know my name?” the old man asked giving the top of his well hidden pants a jerk and leaning back proudly in his stance.

“You can yank all day long and I promise you those pants still will not come up over that big ass stomach of yours.” Rhonda mumbled earning herself another nudge to the side.

“Urgh,” She grumbled stepping slightly away from Xinn.

“Well, I know your name,” Xinn started cordially while laying her hands upon the top of the hotel desk. “Because I am one of the officers that are investigating the murder that took place here a few months ago.”

“You mean they have girl cops as pretty as you down there at that station. Why I may just have to change my profession.” He said with a cheerful chuckle.

“Why,” Roxy muttered. “If the job don’t kill yo’ old ass, the women certainly will.” She finished hopping over a little bit further from Xinn and her punches.

“Well, my eyes ain’t that good hunnay, but you can sho’ly come on back here and let old Jack show you his tapes. See we have cameras all over this place. And people don’t knows that they are being watched unless I tell ‘em or they’ve luck up on spying one.

That night I remembered seeing someone leave about three in the morning, but I can’t quite witness to when and if I’ve seen that person come into the hotel that night. So if you want to view the tapes, then come with me shuggah hips. You too, creamy malt.” He said looking back at Roxy. “I bet’cho boy friend love licking you up and down doesn’t he?” He asked watching Roxy’s hips sway from side to side while approaching him.

“You are a dirty oldman, aren’t cha?” Roxy ask giving the old man a mischievous smile.”

“Which would you rather be hunnay?” He said licking his lips. “A rich man’s bitch or an old man’s kitten.” He finished in a rumbling, coughing purr of his own.

“My and you’re witty on top of that. Wow!” Roxy said with a wink and a smile before jerking the old man to her and instructing him to show her and Xinn where the tapes were.

“Alright baby, but if you keep holding me tight like that I’m either going to piss or myself or my Mr. Jeeper is going to take on a rising.” He said jokingly while fiddling with the keys that opened the door to the viewing room.

At first Rhonda thought, <This old fucker ain’t seen shit>. But the more he fumbled with those keys Rhonda wondered, as close as he was watching her and Xinn, he could have very well seen the killer from behind. And if she was a woman, she just knew the old man would be able to identify her even if they only showed him a shot of her ass. He was a pervert all right, one that would certainly be a favorable asset to them. He likes ass too much.

“So…we’re out here on the street, now what are we suppose to do now?” Angela asked feeling rather uncomfortable with their present surroundings.

“Well first of all, we are going to split up.” Silia said turning to look over at Angela and Angel.

“You two will come with me. Y’all can be my hoe’s.” Silia said jokingly. Realizing that the only reason someone hadn’t attacked them already was because of her, Stacy and Macy. So as a precautionary measure Silia decided to keep the executive twins with her. Stacy and Macy were pretty solid looking all to themselves so she knew not just anyone would be fool enough to address the pair in a threatening manner.

“Your whores,” Angela pronounced ever so properly.

“No, not my whores. My hoe’s.” Silia corrected.

“Down here people don’t practice proper English. Instead they practice effective hood pronunciation. Now we are like five miles from Gay town so there has to be someone down here that knows some gossip about the place. So we are going to walk casually down the street with you all directly behind me and just follow my cue.

If I say bitch come here, both of you move ever so sensually up to my side and wrap your arms around me. The objective here is to act as if I am the head bitch and we’re just checking out the area around the place we will be staying.”

“And where is that?” Angela asked curiously while watching several call girls slide into a low riding Chevrolet with a drop top.

Silia plucked her on the back of the head and told her to pay attention.

“We are down here to ensure that our safe haven, Gay Town, is located in an area that crime isn’t runamuck. Follow me.”

“Aw yeah…I got it now.”

“Good Lord tell me again how did you get your job?” Silia said moving out in front of the twins and setting down her mean street strut.

“I graduated top of my class Miss hot pussy.” Angela said proudly sticking very close to Silia. So close as a matter of fact that Silia found it hard to breathe with her right up on her heels.

“Back up you book worm and act like you relish being my bitch.” Silia warned looking back over her shoulder.

“Hay, Hay, Hay,” A street drunk hollered out to Silia and the girls while stumbling to his feet.

“Are you girls new here?”

“Yes we are. I’m just acquainting my girls with the area around our new home we are presently purchasing.”

“And where is your new home at?” The drunk asked bringing his bottle up to his mouth and pouring it everywhere except into it.

“Why Gay town of course.” Silia stated as a matter of fact while pausing to give the man a stern look.

The drunk nearly fell over again spitting his drink everywhere.

“What are you crazy or just looking to get killed? Don’t you know that some of those gays women are being kidnapped from their homes and taken away to be killed?” He asked reaching up to wiped the spit from his mouth with his dirt-tinged hand.

“Ugh…that is disgusting.” Angela mumbled suddenly feeling sick of the stomach.

“Well no, we didn’t know that? Tell us more.” Silia said reaching into her pocket and pulling out a wad of money.

The drunk licked his lips and gazed up and down the street before he told Silia and the girls to follow him to his office. Silia nodded her head and followed.

“Well here we are staring down the gutters of Gay town.” Rachel said sarcastically while giving the area a brief examination before moving behind the Police “Do not enter,” tape that was still up.

“Let’s just get this over with. I hate ghoulish scenes such as this.” Amber said shaking the icky feeling that was coming up on her suddenly.

“What kind of person would do those women like that?” Amber asked hooking her arm around Rachel’s as they moved down into the sewer area the second body was found at.

“One I’m afraid baby that hasn’t had a good life growing up. This person probably seeks happiness that they once had and it was unexplainably taken away from them. Yeah this person is unhappy…unhappy at life as a whole.” Rachel finished heading down into the sewer leading under a bridge way about a mile out of Gay town.

“Do you think the killer could be a woman?” Amber asked moving over to the opposite of the pipe and across from her partner.

“It could very well be baby. But don’t worry, Momma’s here to protect you.” Rachel said blowing Amber a kiss. Amber reached up into the air and snatched down the invisible kiss and placed it upon her heart.

“Com’on let’s get this over with. I don’t want you to be down here any longer than you have to.” Rachel said in a protective tone.

“Alright,” Amber agreed before starting to examine the area more thoroughly.

“Good Lord Xinn, Police should be issued hazardous pay along with your normal pay. I swear if I would have stayed there any longer with that fart bag I promise you I would have passed out. From the moment we went into that room that asshole starting breaking wind. How do you do it? And on top of that each time he did it, he looked at me. But what disgust me most is that he was scratching his ass and blowing me kisses.” Roxy complain while giving her body small sporadic shakes.

“Well one good thing about it, we did find out that your suspicion was correct. It was a woman and on top of that she was a badly dressed woman. Now let us head back to the apartment so we can meet up with the others before heading up to Gay town.” Xinn stated while moving over to the other side of the car and getting in.

“Bet…because if I had to stay in there with the fart bag any longer I would have taken matters into my own hands…funky, dirty ass man.” Roxy said with a chuckle before hoping in the car and closing her door.

“Oh God thank you…thank you…thank you,” Rhonda chanted while breaking from the old woman’s house and taking several deep breaths.

“Not only do she have a whole heirloom of cats. Her whole damn house reeked it. I almost puked while you were questioning her because of the foul stench of piss all about the place. How does she live in that?”

Gabe chuckled and pushed her breathless friend to the car. “For one thing she is old. That means that her smelling, hearing, sight or taste doesn’t work like it use to.”

“Well mighty funny, she saw me drop kick that little pestering cat that had been circling my feet from the time that we went in there. So don’t tell me the old crone can’t see.”

“I have to hand it to you Rhonda. You are right about her sight. After all it was her that found the Polybius square cube and the key to it jammed inside the lining of the trash basket that was in the bathroom. She has definitely served as a valuable asset. Xinn will be pleased with what we’d found.

“Thank you God,” Angela prayed breaking out of the rat-infested alley heading toward the car. “Yes we can certainly be thankful. Xinn is going to freak when she finds out that a whore name Candy made regular trips up to the Mistress of Gay town’s mansion. She could very well be the main lead to the person that are committing these heinous crimes.” Silia said truly satisfied with the answers they received from the drunk, which was now plowing a beeline to the nearest liquor store.

“Wait a minute, how do we know that his word is worth a damn?” Angel said opening her door to the car.

“Well do you remember when I conveniently excused my self?”

“Yes.” Both twins answered simultaneously.

“While you two continued to keep him busy, with your bodies.” Silia joked before going on.

“I went in to the nearest grocery store and do you know what I found out. That drunk use to be the head maintenance man for Gay town and the local cat house several blocks from here. So he is familiar with the ends and out of both places. He made a few friends in both houses and every once and a while the local grocery manager notices that a few of the call girls come by to visit him and some of the servants of the Mistress’ main house drops by. Hadn’t either of you noticed how fat he was? You see most street bums look as if they are suffering from malnutrition, or a dreadful disease. But not him…he is dirty, but did you observe the attire that he was wearing. All of his shit was name brand, which lead me to believe that the storeowner was correct about people visiting him. Are you two following me so far?” Silia asked looking back at the twins as recognition lit up in their faces.

“Good…now let’s get back to Xinn’s and find out what the rest of the gang discovered.”

“Rachel look!” Amber called from the her side of the sewer pipe. Amber then knelt down and ran her fingers over an object, which just happen to be slightly uncovered by the continuous currents of the water running through the pipe. It was merged with the soil and trash that had backed up onto the side.

“It a locket.” Amber said reaching up to Rachel to hand her the twizzers.

“Baby that could belong to anyone. People are always tossing trash over the sides from the walk way over there.” Rachel stated reaching into her back pocket and handing her partner what she was asking for.

Amber fell onto her backside in shock after opening the locket. “Yes that’s true,” She said as her mouth dropped open and she stared at the photo in the locket.

“But not everyone has a picture of the first woman murdered hanging around their neck.” Amber said reaching in and attempting to push away the mud and grit that was shielding the other picture with the tweezers.

“Look there’s another picture in here, but it’s distorted.” Amber then reached the locket up to her partner so that she could place in into the plastic evidence bag she was holding.

“Oh…This is so spooky. Xinn is going to be ecstatic when she lays her eyes on this. Wow, this is big, really bit.” Amber panted jumping to her foot and scaling back up the side of the small hill that sloped down into the groove leading into the pipe. Rachel followed her babbling partner up the hill staring at the pictures in the locket.

Just as they planned the group met back up at Xinn’s place and informed her of what they each had uncovered. Like Amber predicted Xinn was over joyed about the new evidence that her team had seized. There was no doubt in her mind now that the close of this case was at hand. Xinn commended each of her team members before contacting the one person down at the precinct she knew she could trust to handle the new evidence. And that was none other than the Captain.
Part 13
“Are you telling me that you have solid evidence proving that the killer could possibly be a woman?” The Captain asked, sitting upright in her office chair.

“Yes…Roxy and I saw the tapes ourselves. Gabe discovered a polybrius box and the key to it jammed down in the lining of the trash basket in the hotel room. Amber and Rachel found a locket where the second body was discovered in the sewer pipe about a mile away from Gay town. It had a picture of the first victim and a neighboring photo inside the locket, but it was too distorted to identify the person. All in all, my team had a very favorable outcome in our brief questioning periods. We also may have a lead on a prostitute named Candy that could very well be acquainted with the killer. But we need to find out her whereabouts.”

“No problem, I’ll have some of my under cover girls keep an eye out for her. If she’s out there we will find her.” The Captain said reassuringly.

“So that would explain why there were never traces of ejaculation or semen on the bodies. At first, the coroner just figured that the killer was very clever and purposely misleading us. However, we now know that, that wasn’t the case.” The Captain said faintly. Consciously trying to figure out what could have possibly happen to this woman to make her go off like a time bomb.

“Any way we’ll find this girl if she’s out there. Most likely she’s trying to find a place to hide. There is still no word about the woman that was kidnapped from Gay town nearly two weeks ago. But I’m getting the feeling that something is about to surface. I can just feel it.” The Captain stated in a strained cord. She could feel her body tense from the incertitude of this case. The prospect of this case alone was making her hair stand on end.

“Gods, I was hoping that that would be a simple case of robbery or something. Since we’ve been having a rush of them lately. But it’s strange Captain…ever since this morning, I’ve been experiencing the same feelings. And usually when one in the group has eerie feelings, everyone in the group picks up on them. Whatever is about to happen…it can not be good.” Xinn said looking over her shoulder at Gabe. Who had just slipped into the bedroom to listen to Xinn’s conversation.

“Okay…you’re going to setup for the girl right?” Xinn asked preparing to close her and the Captain’s conversation.

“Yeah…I’m going to handle that. You all keep a close eye on each other. I DON’T want any of my people hurt down there. Do you hear me?”

“We’re going to take care Captain.” Xinn reassured her before continuing on with revealing to the Captain further details about the new evidence.

“I’ve asked Odyssey to drop by my place before we head over to Gay town and pick these things up. I told her that she was only to give it to you. I am trusting you to keep it safe for the time being.”

“Fine…I’ll be here when she gets here. I’ll make sure that no one handles it except me.” The Captain then told Xinn that she would keep it in her safe and she would send the exact location and combination to the safe in case she was out of pocket or something happened to her.

Xinn gave the Captian a doubtless snort and told her that the only thing that could kill her was a stake through the heart. Both women chuckled at Xinn dry sense of humor and said their goodbyes.
Half an hour later…

“Gabe, are you ready?” Xinn said putting on her over coat.

“Yeah, what’ll ya think? Gabe asked stepping out of the bathroom in a psychedelic, sleeveless, body fitting mini dress and knee high white boots with sparkling silver makeup all about her face.

Xinn scramble dramatically over to the nightstand. Even faking a few stumbles before snatching the top drawer opened and plopping on her sunglasses.

“Good lord Gabe! What are you trying to do render me unconscious with those heat seeking colors?” Xinn asked with a crooked smirk on her face.

Gabe looked over the outfit again before looking back as Xinn. Who was, by the way, fighting desperately not to cackle out loud.

“Xinn,” Gabe started cautiously while heading over to her partner. Xinn stumbled to her feet and plastered her self up against the wall with her arms over her eyes.

“Please…Please don’t come any closer,” Xinn whimpered helplessly.

“My eyes are very sensitive to bliiiinding colors.” Xinn confessed lowering her arms slightly and gaze over at her pouting partner.

Her first instinct was to rush to her partner’s side and give her a big hug. But then again, it would defeat the whole purpose of her acting like she was. Xinn didn’t want to be caught dead with Gabe while she was wearing that. And she definitely didn’t want Roxy and the rest of the girls to see it. She would be the laughing stock of the whole town and not just Gay Town. She could hear the people talking now about how a famous Carpenter couldn’t dress her woman properly.

“I guess I’ll take it off then,” Gabe said turning slowly around. Definitely acting as if her feelings had been hurt.

“Wait…Wait,” Xinn said taking off her glasses and honestly looking at her partner.

“The outfit is perfect for around here, but it absolutely stink for our present intentions. Please don’t be mad at me baby…but I hate it.”

Xinn watched her partner’s eyes narrowed and her cute little nostril flare. Aw…she knew something was coming, Xinn just didn’t know what. But she damned well know that something was a’comin’.

“You don’t like this outfit, fine…I’ll take it off.” Gabe said calmly. She then went back into the bathroom and slammed the door so hard that everything in the bedroom rattled.

“Women.” Xinn mumbled before replacing the glasses and shutting the drawer back.

Minutes later Gabe emerged from the bathroom and Boy!!! Was she looking hot. She was wearing a sleeveless black mini that looked as if the master himself had pour her into it and added the firm limbs, head and shoulders just for accessories. Along with that she was wearing long leather black gloves with small feathered ruffles flowing around the top of them and leather pointed toed anklet boots that zipped up the sides at an angle.

But what took Xinn’s breath away were the sheer knit stockings that were laced with a gold lioness lolling up her baby’s legs. It seemed as if the lioness was liking it too.

Yet Xinn’s amazement didn’t stop there. Gabe was also wearing a hat. The braided heifer street fashioned hair dipped slightly over Gabe’s eyes giving them a greenish golden tone. And the gold feather the peaked slightly over the silk hat band that ran around the hat wasn’t bad either. Gabe was nothing less than magnificent and her hair glowed like the sun right at the height of all her power. Xinn fell to her knees in Awe.

“Could I have that wrapped to go please?” Xinn asked like a little girl admiring the biggest jawbreaker that she’s ever seen in a candy store.

Gabe cackled and reached out for her bewildered partner’s hand. “Com’on baby, we’ll get that wrapping once we settle in our new home. Remember, business first.”

“Okay,” Xinn popped with a child like innocence tone.

“But can we get it in strawberry? I’m dying to see what you taste like with it on.” Xinn said with a smile while threading her fingers within Gabe’s and allowing her to take the lead. Gabe giggled and promised Xinn whatever flavor she wanted.

After raving about the wonderful job Xinn had done on their car or rather Roach and the Gang the pair was on their way to Gay Town.

The ride, just like all their other missions was perplexed. Both Xinn and Gabe were sorting back over the case they’ve ever been involved. And none of them has ever caused them to feel as vexed as they were right now.

“What’cha thinking about?” Gabe asked reaching in and pulling the back of Xinn’s right hand up to her lips and kissing it.

“I’m building up a little anxiety about this case, that’s all. But YOU, haven’t been very talkative this morning either.” Xinn said turning their hands and bringing the back of Gabe’s up to her lips.

“Xinn do you remember when we became partners. Everyone in homicide had something to say about you. They talked about how you didn’t give a damn about others. How you used and manipulated people to get what you want? And they talked about how I was going to wind up like all of the rest of your partners. I was either going to beg for reassignment or I was going to get killed. But one way or another I was going out in one of those ways.”

“But the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted our partnership to work. I knew that I would go to any length to win your friendship and even your love. And do you know why Xinn?” Gabe asked with a far away look in her eyes. It was the most distant gaze Xinn had ever seen in her lover’s eyes before. That frightened her even more. When Gabe became philosophical it meant that she was indecisive about how she should handle certain situations.

“No Gabe,” Xinn returned earnestly. “Why?”

“Because I knew that if people were referring to you in such a negative manner that you were a person that was in need of something. You didn’t know exactly what. So at that moment I took it upon myself to serve as your protector until you did realized what it was that you needed. Just like this case. I know you are unsure of the outcome and you are even a little skeptical about engaging something that you are unsure about. But I want you to know just like back then when we became partners, I am willing to stand between you and the world until you come up with a solid plan of approach.”

Xinn realized then where Gabe was headed. And it was true, she couldn’t asked for a more loyal, dedicated, and trustworthy partner. Gabe has always been there for her, no matter how Xinn pushed her around, snapped at her and on occasional left her little opinionated self on the side of the road. She was always there.

Each morning, no matter what transpired between them, Xinn would find a hot cup of steaming black coffee on her desk and cherry filled donut, which is her favorite, and a warm smile from Gabe. Xinn couldn’t explain it then, but Gabe was offering her exactly what she needed…Love and compassion. It wasn’t until Gabe stepped into the middle of an out of control bar fight that gave her a concussion and more broken ribs than she care to think about…that, that was exactly what Gabe was offering her.

Xinn remembered that night like the photos in her favorite album. She recalled Staggering in and out of bars on the “Get It,” Strip. Gabe followed pleading with her to go home and sleep it off, but no. Xinn knew what was best for her. So she continued to do what she wanted and intentionally ignoring Gabe’s pleads to go home so that they would BOTH be safe.

Well, Xinn’s last club that she staggered into was a biker club that was in full roar from the minute she stumbled up on the premises. Xinn made it up to the bar and ordered a drink. Then she did something really stupid. She insulted a biker that was making out with his girl right up against the bar. She told him that he was a lousy lover and that the woman was faking the moans. The guy roared in a violent tone that she was a DYKE and DYKES wasn’t welcomed there. Xinn in returned smash the man upside the head with the fifth of Jack Daniel’s she ordered and commence to kicking his ass.

Well, this quickly gain the attention of the other gang members, who didn’t want to be considered weaklings since Xinn was dispensing an ass whipping so tough on this guy that it would have made his worst enemy feel sorry for his ass.

Anyway in a matter of seconds the whole gang was on her and Xinn would have probably kicked all of their asses hadn’t she been so drunk. However one lucky punch put Xinn on her back and after that they all pounce on her. Gabe tried fighting her way into the huddle, but each time she was met with a very forceful punch and much resistance.

In a weak attempt to quiet the natives, Gabe pulled her badge and when she did that, the women and male lover’s of the brutes that were clocking Xinn jumped her. Xinn could see Gabe go down and the arms and bottles of the gang members go down with her. Xinn fought harder to clear her huddle, but then again she was drunk and with each burst of energy she gained it was easily snuffed by the might of the group.

Although both women were getting the royal beating of their lives and Xinn didn’t anticipate they would be leaving there alive or conscious, something almost impossible happened. The huddle that took Gabe to the floor rose again like the decorative folds of a waterspout before bodies went hurling about in the air. Gabe then whirled around with the most ghastly glare Xinn had ever seen on her usual jovial face. Gabe then quickly reached into her pockets and began assembled something. What Xinn had no idea until Gabe capped off a few rounds into the ceiling before speaking.

“Tonight has certainly been an adventure for my partner and my self And I must say that biker’s live up to their reputation. My partner and I are having an ASS of a time up in ‘ere. And I want to thank you for it. But…what I need for you to do now is back up off of my partner and say good night.”

“Fuck you bitch,” one of the bikers that was in Xinn’s huddle said before heading toward Gabe with the intent of whipping her up some more.

Gabe let off a few rounds in both his legs taking him to the floor. She then turned pointed her weapon briskly toward one of the biker’s girls and released a couple of more shots. Taking the girl to the floor after catching the rounds in both of her feet.

“Now if I keep shooting your bitches like this, ya ain’t going to be getting any pussy for a while. I suggest we all play nice and let’s call it a night. I may look like Little Red Riding Hood, but I assure you, I love shooting muther fuckers. Are there any more takers?” Gabe asked spraying the room, forcing everyone to the floor.

“No…Please,” the leader of the biker group uttered, hiding under the table that Xinn was laying limply upon.

“Just take your bitch and get out of here.”

“Hay,” Gabe snapped.

“She ain’t my bitch…She’s my POTNER, and I’m just seeing her home.” Gabe poked forcefully while slinging her weapon around causing everyone in the club to coward to the floor again.

“Whatever she is to you. It is obvious you will go to great lengths to protect her. So just take her and leave. I don’t want you to shoot my partner next.”

Gabe looked over at the cute little male blonde that certainly gave a new look to leather and pointed her weapon at him.

“That yours?” Gabe asked with a crooked smile.

The leader glided out from the table and brought up his hand for his partner to join him. And just as Gabe predicted his partner was the little blonde with colorful spiked hair, blue eyes and some very well worn leathers. (Can we say does that pita come with good sauce?)

“So you see, you may call this beauty your Potner. But no one would stand against an army for anyone unless they loved them.” The guy then pulled his little blue eyed partner closer and snapped his finger. Silently instructing his gang members to help Xinn to her feet.

“You are a brave woman, little one,” the leader praised with a spacious smile (spaces between every teeth).

“Whenever you and your girl wanna hang out, drop by again. But next time tell your woman that biker’s got a jimmy about their willie. Don’t tell a man he ain’t hitting it right…it ain’t proper.” He said giving Gabe a wink and instructing his men to help Xinn out. Gabe gave him a thumb’s up and winced from the pain wracking through her body as she stumbled out the door behind Xinn.

After the gang members stationed them on the main flats and called the precinct, they tied a bandana around Xinn and Gabe’s arms silently pledging an allegiance to the pair and making them honorary sisters of the gang. Gabe thanked them, but Xinn will never forget how Gabe was willing to sacrifice her own life to save hers. Gabe has always been like that so Xinn knew that there was no use in trying to change it. However redirecting her focus right now was certainly necessary. Xinn didn’t want to make it over to Gay Town and Gabe just out of the blue go to shooting up people. So another reassuring chat was necessary.

Xinn pulled over to the side of the curb and rested her hand gently upon Gabe’s hips. Which had now turned her back to Xinn and was staring out the window while lying on her side.

“Baby, I don’t want you to go into this in a defensive mode. We have to be objective enough to seize our goal. We are all feeling a little apprehension about this case and I’m sure we’re going to approach this very carefully. But I need you to be the pleasant and outgoing person that you always are, to make this work. We have very competent people working on this case with us and we ARE going to come out of this just fine. Now,” Xinn paused pulling Gabe to her and kissing her sweetly upon her forehead before continuing.

“Promise me you won’t shoot anyone until it is absolutely necessary,” Xinn joked finished with a crooked grin. Gabe pulled her partner in for a meaningful kiss before retorting.

“Well, they better not mess with my woman. Then I won’t have to shoot their asses.” She said with a chuckle before bringing her seat back up right.

“Promise Gabe,” Xinn ordered sternly. Realizing Gabe was carrying it off as a joke, but she was still harboring wicked feelings.

“Alright, I promise.” Gabe said, leaning in to taste Xinn dark lips again.

“Xinn, Gabe come in,” the Captain called out over the cop radio disguised as a CD player.

“I need you to meet me down at the peer about a mile south of Gay town. Follow Harbor Avenue out to the beach. I’ll meet you there. We may have found our missing woman.”

Gabe hooked in the speaker and returned a 10-4 on the order. She then looked over at Xinn with her game face and gave her partner a nod. Signifying that she was ready to play ball. Xinn pulled slowly back into traffic and proceeded to the site requested.

Once they arrived at the site, they noticed that the police tape had already been put in place. That was evidence enough to know that a body had been found. If it was the abductee, they weren’t sure of it yet.

The pair made it to the edge of the peer and climb down the little incline where the bridge connected with the dock. The Captain called to them from a car she was peeping into. Sure enough it was a battered body of a woman. But unlike the others, her body hadn’t been sodomized in a sinister way. However her neck had been broken and her body showed signs of decomposing from the waters of the rising tide that had seeped into the car through the vents and cracked windows.

“Some teenagers found her while out skinny dipping.” The Captain said looking in at the body.

Gabe moved to the other side to peep in.

“How long do you think she’s been here?” She asked the Captain while placing on gloves so that she could open the door.

“I’d say about two to three days. But we won’t be sure until we get the coroner’s report.” The Captain retorted while stepping away from the vehicle and allowing Xinn to open the door opposite her partner’s and mimicking her partners every move.

The second the doors opened everyone that was near enough to smell the stench of the body backed up a tad. However Xinn and Gabe continued to examine the body and the car for any evidence that may be used in the case.

“Oh my God,” Gabe said faintly while looking over at her partner. “Look at her legs and neck. The bones are literally sticking out of them.” Xinn looked up at Gabe and nodded her head before stepping back from the car and letting the crime lab attendants tend to the body. Gabe stared at the body a few minutes more before silently moving away as well.

The crime scene wasn’t as gruesome as it’s usually been. Yet it was evident that the killer was aware that the police was getting closer. They/She didn’t take the time to mutilate the body. Indicating she was edgy and definitely alert about watching her back and trail. Sitting the car down under the bride of the bay was evidence of that. After being submerged in one tide could simply wipe away all evidence of anyone ever being near the car…less known in it.

“Well, I’d say that someone knows that we are getting close.” Xinn said to the Captain while turning away from the car.

The Captain stood staring at Gabe as the pleasant breeze swept strains of her hair up over her face. It was obvious that Gabe was thinking, but of what the Captain had no idea. She seemed unemotional and empty.

“How is she handling this?” the Captain asked keeping an eye on a lethargic Gabe.

“Not well,” Xinn mumbled stepping further away from the car.

“The most upsetting thing about this case is that the victims all have similar features as me. Which is putting Gabe in a very uncomfortable position and frame of mind. So far I’ve had to talk to her twice in an attempt to calm her down. Jeez, I hope we can get in, solve the case and get out, because as it stands right now Captain, I don’t know what Gabe is capable of if faced with…”

Xinn held back her statement and just stared into the Captain’s eyes as if her commander would be able to read what she was formulating in her mind.

“If faced with losing you, is that what you were about to say Lieutenant?”

Xinn lowered her eyes and just shook her head in affirmation before turning to leave the Captain to the investigating.

“Take care Xinn.” The Captain said calmly. Prompting Xinn to stop in her tracks and just listen.

“Because if anything happens to either of you, neither of ya will be worth a damn any more. Find out who this bitch is. Arrest her or kill her, whatever the fuck you want to do. But don’t let her bring an end to You, Gabe or anyone on your team. Do you hear me Lieutenant Hammer?” Xinn nodded her head in compromise before looking up at Gabe standing near the car. Once more she turned and looked at the Captain relaying to her a silent oath to do exactly what is needed to keep them all safe.

The pair made it to Gay Town like scheduled. And Odyssey was there with the keys to their two-story condo. The realtor usually did this sort of thing, but Odyssey wanted to wish the couple luck. So she volunteer to show Xinn and Gabe the house and give them a tour of the neighborhood.

At least that was what she intended until this long stretched black limousine pulled up to the front of them and stopped.

A heavy set blonde with a short hair cut and rather sharp looking chauffeur long tail ensemble stepped from the car heading to the opposite side to open the door for the other occupants. Out stepped Wonder Woman. At least that was the first thing Odyssey thought of as she watch the statuesque beauty step past her driver up on to the curb and began addressing the trio.

“Welcome to Gay Town,” she said cheerfully. However Xinn, Gabe and Odyssey were instantly silenced by the out fit the woman was wearing. It was an exact duplicate of Gabe’s ensemble that she was going to wear earlier in the day, right down to the white boots. Xinn mumbled, “Oh God, I think I am going to be sick.”

“You sick…I’m going to see those fucking spots for a damn week.” Odyssey grumbled before her face and expression changed to one of extreme acceptance.

“Good Afternoon,” Odyssey said in a friendly cord.

“My name is Odyssey and I was just about to show the Hammers their little love nest. Is there something we can do for you?” Odyssey finished with watery eyes. <If she gets any closer I am going to scream>. She thought while maintaining her infectious smile.

“No, I won’t intrude much longer. I just wanted to stop by,” She said stepping up to Xinn and offering the Lieutenant the back of her hand while staring into Xinn discerning eyes.

“I just stopped by to welcome,” Suddenly her eyebrows went up and her head tilted while continuing to stare at Xinn. Now Xinn was wondering what was the woman malfunction. Was she trying to hit on her whilst her wife was standing there, OR did she have gas.

“Xenora,” Gabe interrupted taking the catatonic woman’s hand and redirecting her attention to her.

“My WIFE’S name is Xeeeenooora,” Gabe drawled out.

“And mine is Gabrielle.”

The woman glanced down briefly at Gabe before staring back over at Xinn.

“Xenora,” The woman purred.

“That’s a very forceful name. It certainly compliments you well,” She whirred with a roll of her tongue.

“Mine is Mistress Dawn,” she offered releasing Gabe’s hand and reaching back over to Xinn again.

<Damn, why don’t you just say I wanna fuck you?> Odyssey thought while checking out Mistress Dawn’s lustful stare and willing approach to Xinn.

Xinn reached out her hand appearing to take the Mistress’s, but avoided the woman’s approach by diverting hers to Gabe. Like the swirls of marble ice cream the silent gesture for Gabe’s attention was met with record timing. Gabe slipped her hand into her partner’s grasp and allowed Xinn to pull her over to the front of her. Xinn then wrapped her arms around Gabe’s waist and pulled her even closer while dipping in her stance and dragging her love chamber slowly up her lover’s backside.

“I only have one Mistress and this is her right here, Mistress Gabrielle. Now I can call you MD, or Dawn. But I will not be openly addressing you as Mistress. Follow me?” Xinn finished with spiritless eyes.

<Way to tell her Xinn. Who in the hell does she think she is anyway?> Odyssey thought still maintaining her affable demeanor.

“What ever you wish to call me, Xenora,” the mistress paused briefly while allowing her eyes to scale down to Xinn’s strong arms that was holding Gabe snuggly to her.

“Is fine with me.” She then took the time to acknowledge Gabe and Odyssey’s presence and extend an invitation to a party that she planned to throw in the couple’s honor.

“Wow, that sounds like fun.” Odyssey chirped with ardent eyes.

“Do anyone get to attend this Gala or only the residents of Gay Town?”

“Well, I usually RESTRICT my parties to the residents of Gay Town and a few prominent people of our particular taste in town. Now, I am being lenient for this particular event so that Xenora and Gabrielle can invite a few of their friends. So if you are one of their friends Ms.”


“My name is Odyssey.”

“Odyssey, hmmmm.”

“Well Ms. Odyssey, if you are one of their friends. Consider yourself invited. However if you attend, you will have to dress up as a crime-fighting hero, rather it be a comic hero of a real live hero. For an example, I will elaborate a little for you. I am going as Wonder Woman, which started off as a TV series, understand?” Mistress Dawn finished elegantly.

<I hate this bitch uh-ready.> Odyssey thought with a smile.

“Well at first I didn’t understand, but now I think I do. So I can show up dressed like the Toxic Avenger, provided Xenora and Gabrielle here invites me, with a big dick hanging down my leg. Am I grasping the concept of your elaboration’s? After all the Toxic Avenger was a crime fighter and it was speculated that he had a big dick. So I could come as him correct?” Odyssey finished with laser eyes and a very misleading cheerful smile.

The mistress looked her up and down before returning. “My,” she sneered. “Aren’t you a whip?”

“Thank ya,” Odyssey panted while patting her self proudly upon the chest.

“What can I say? I graduated top of my class in , “Get the Bitch Straight.”

Gabe hollered. She couldn’t hold back the laughter. She knew Ms. Hot Mistress, if she kept poking like she was Miss Infinite, that she was about to get popped. Same thing happened to Silia when she was trying to belittle Odyssey.

“How amusing…you really must bring your wittiness to the party. I’m sure we’ll have a GAY time.” Dawn rebuttal. She then informed Gabe that she would be calling them to inquire about further arrangements about the party soon, because it was scheduled to take place Friday at ten o’clock. With that finished, the Mistress slipped back into her limo, gave Xinn a wink before allowing her driver to close the door behind her.

“Jeez, she’s a bitch.” Odyssey said with a smile waving at the departing Limo.

“Yeah…but I bet at this huge Gala she will avoid your ass, because she’s probably thinking the same about you.” Gabe said with a chuckle.

Odyssey gasped and briskly brought her hands up to her bosom in shock.

“Whatever do you mean, Mistress Gabrielle,” Odyssey said sarcastically, while still relaying a shock expression on her face.

“I gave her exactly what she gave you and I. The only one she liked around here was Xinn. Coz she looked oh so…so…so powerful.” Odyssey said with narrowing eyes and opened palms, while flexing all of her muscles in her neck. The trio shared their first laugh together since their arrival in Gay Town before checking out house.

“So now that the tour is finished Are you two going to invite me to the shindig Friday?” Odyssey asked with curious eyes.

“Sure.” Gabe returned more quickly than Xinn intended.

“That is provided that you don’t come as the Toxic Avenger.” Xinn stated with a raised finger. “And definitely not the Toxic Avenger with a BIG DICK.” The Lieutenant finished spurring every one into another hearty laugh.

“Okay, I won’t wear the Dick.” Odyssey returned with a wink.

“So,” Xinn started showing Odyssey to the door.

“How are you and Silia doing?”

“I guess as well as to be expected. We have to remember now that she is use to being a straight woman. So a relationship of this type is foreign to her. It’s something she’s never launched into before so she’s a little cautious.”

“However, we did have a nice time visiting in her van. We ate tuna fish sandwiches, potato chips and get this. We drank Kool-Aid. And man…um, was it good. It wasn’t your usual elegant dinner, but it was lots of fun. After playing a few hands of spade, which I played terribly, we went for a walk along the pier. Just watching the boats come in and float about. Finally she bought me an ice cream cone for dessert and took me home. Instead of getting the kiss that I wanted, she gave me a handshake.”

“Are all officers so stoic or rather withholding with their feelings. She did tell me that she had had the best date she’s ever had in the entire time that she’s been dating. If you want to call whatever she’s been doing that. But we’re moving along gradually. I’m afraid her involvement in the case will not give us much time together. Yet we are scheduled to do it again in the near future. Next time the date is on me. So do you have any ideas on what I should do? I figure since you are her friend and is about as stoic as she if not more, maybe you could give me a few pointers.” Odyssey inquired with dancing eyebrows.

“Well,” Xinn sighed stepping out onto the porch behind Odyssey and looking out into the road. “It’s been a while since she and I hung out, but she is partial to horror movies. A good relaxing evening for her would be to eat lots of popcorn, buttered mind you, lots of chocolate covered almonds and a huge cup of sprite while checking out the movies. She says it helps to deviate her mind from the serious horrors of life.”

Xinn sighed again before looking down at Odyssey and asking her if she felt that Silia was worth spending time trying to convince that living as a gay couple was a feasible decision for her.

“Are you asking me Xinn, in your roundabout way that do I think that Silia is attractive to me enough to make the effort of selecting her as a girlfriend or lover?” Odyssey asked while stepping away from Xinn a few steps and turning to look at her new friend.

Xinn snorted and plainly returned, “Yes.”

“Well, we did share some tender moments. Enough to know for a fact that she is interested in me. But I know it’s just the old taboo of girls loving girls that plagues her mind. Each time she reached to brush my hair back off my face, she always gave me this blank stare before briskly pulling her hand back. At one time down at the pier we both said something, I don’t know quite exactly what it was, but when we leaned into each other to share the laugh she put her arms around me. But then that blank stare came across her face and she quickly removed her arms. I think she’s interested. She just need to come to grips as to what SHE wants out of life. Not what I nor any of her friends are telling her is best for her. I am nevertheless intrigued by giving this friendship a gallant try.” Odyssey said gazing into Xinn’s eyes with nothing less than solid determination.

“Silia is bright, intelligent, resourceful, strong, giving and attractive. And if I could possess that along with her willingness to be with me, I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep it.” Odyssey said finishing her statement with a smile. Xinn stared into Odyssey’s courtly eyes and gave her a reluctant nod.

“Patience is a virtue, huh?” Xinn asked walking Odyssey to her car.

“Yes…and I have lots of it Lieutenant Hammer.”

“Oh yeah…by the way, I took the initiative to call the movers myself.” She then looked down the street at the huge moving truck approaching and said, “Well, what’ll ya know. They’re here.” She said jumping into the car and waving goodbye.

“Oh and don’t forget my invitation. I can’t wait to try out that Avenger outfit.” She said with a chuckle while pulling off.

The afternoon was truly a busy one. Yet, there was one good thing about it. Gabe seemed to be taking this matrimonial thing pretty well. She was ordering the movers about. Halting them when moving an object from one area to another, to ponder the new location. And she was looking extremely sexy doing it. She was incredible. She oversaw the placement of all the furniture, phones and she even took time to visit with the neighbors whenever they dropped in. Xinn spent most of her time setting up her utensils and drinking some of that smack ‘dat ass Iced cold lemonade that Gabe made. Xinn thought that was one of the main reasons why the movers didn’t stuff her little ass in one of those damn boxes after making their lives almost an unbearable hell. All in all Xinn thought Gabe loved acting as her wife…and boy, was she reaping the benefits. All She had to do now was come up with a plan that would get her right up on the spot she wanted to be on.

It was a sound proof plan to begin with. The movers had been long gone, telephone installers had high tailed it out of the area and the neighbors got the hint after a few of Xinn’s growls that company was alright sometimes, but not when her love was coming down.

To set up the mood, Xinn clapped her hands twice and the lights dropped down to a simmering glow. She then sauntered over to the sound system remote and ever so alluringly pointed it at the stereo and gave it a sharp click. The Three O’clock Blues melody by BB King and Eric Clapton skid up under the needle. Xinn then sauntered to the center of the room while slowly removing her jacket and tossing it carelessly to the sofa. This earned a giggle from her baby. Xinn then tilted her head and gave it a nudge for Gabe to come to her. Gabe leveled her gaze like a panther in heat and slowly started toward her, sensually rocking those hips to the soul wrenching cords of the guitar that was screeching out among the gloomy setting. Making Xinn want that ass even more.

Once she was up on Xinn, baby girl slid up close and rested her head down upon Xinn’s bosom and melted into her like those leathers were on her. Xinn thought when you move to the blues, it ain’t dancing. It’s an artful form of saying, “Baby I want some luv’in.” It’s a act of sexual grace. Xinn pulled Gabe even closer, dipped in my knees and poetically rolled my hips. Xinn thought oh lord, and nearly passed out as Gabe’s hands slid down on her ass like melting ice and she rocked her hips in a corresponding manner. Hitting it just where she wanted it.

Xinn pulled her in closer and buried her face against her neck while shielding my gratifying face behind her glowing hair. And let the music guide her into the pulsing love brigade. Hands began to float over dimensions that were o’ so familiar and definitely appreciated. Lips swooped and tongues grazed. Dipping slowly into the warmth of the other’s mouths. Pushing their love meters through the roof. Hips grind even more profoundly as they lost themselves in the moment and sensual purrs filtered through the air. Xinn was ohhhh soooo ready. And had it not been for her fucking sister’s aggravating clapping she da been up in some heated flesh.

“Whewwww! Now that’s what I call some heated coochie calls. Ooh, stir it girl. Wrap it all up.” She yelled out still clapping and stomping her feet.

Gabe and Xinn stop suddenly and her anger level shot straight up to a new high.

“Can’t you fucking knock? If not knock, the fucking doorbell works.” Xinn growled angrily.

“Well it seems like some one is a little frustrated.” She joked, paying me no damn mind while looking over the place.

“Nice job.” Rhonda said with a giggle and moving past Roxy to check out the entire room.

“Hay, w’ats up guys?” Gabe asked straightening her clothes and hair.

“Don’t do that,” Xinn said herding Rhonda and her lover up and ushering them to the door while looking back at Gabe.

“They are leaving NOW!” Xinn snarled shoving them back out the door.

“Is that anyway to treat your love ones that only came over to give you a house warming party,” Rhonda said looking out over the lawn. Xinn followed her gaze and nearly passed out. The yard was full of friends, caterers and Momma standing behind a cart of liquor filled to the brim.

<No…this can’t be happening. I’ve got to be in the twilight zone>. Xinn thought stumbling to her full height and staring out over the crowd. It was gay heaven and much, much more. The Queens gang was there. NR and her girls plus Mookie were there. And, some of their friends from the club came. <Aw…> Xinn thought. <Gabe and I aren’t going to christen our love pad until way up into the midnight hour>. This was disheartening to say the least. Xinn sighed in despair and tossed her arms to the wind…Utterly defeated in getting me some pie.

Friends and family members pushed past Xinn in a hurry, heading into the house. Thy where anxious to check out the scene. Xinn on the other hand, was trying to figure out how was she going to slip downers into all of their drinks and render them unconscious. Most of them were druggies anyway, all except momma. But she was angry enough now to simply clunk Gabe in the head and throw her woman across her shoulders and head upstairs.

It didn’t take long for her to take notice of the frantic motion in the house. People were peeling off clothes and revealing some of the most outrageous bathing suits she had ever seen. Ass was out for days. Suddenly she found herself smiling. If pushy family and friends were going to monopolize her evening with sinful fun, then she thought what the hell. Xinn ordered a drink and dashed upstairs to change her clothes.

Gabe had already beaten Xinn upstairs though. As the door closed behind Xinn her breath caught. Gabe was completely naked and lounging back upon her elbows with the bathing suits lying out beside her.

“I figure,” She started sliding up into a sitting position and opening her legs so Xinn could view her in all her glory.

“That it will take Momma and her caterers a few minutes to set up and a few more to get the drinks flowing feasibly. So while they are doing that I thought that maybe,” she said pausing to wet her middle finger before sliding it in a weaving motion down over her torso, down over her love chamber and gently inside her.

“That we could take this opportunity to at least start christening our new home as newlyweds,” she purred sliding her finger in and almost out of her saucy opening. Whilst staring wantonly at Xinn through murky eyes.

“Shit girl,” Xinn said tearing her clothes from her body.

“All you have to do is set it up for me.” Xinn said pouncing onto the bed and over Gabe.

Gabe cackled and gracefully rolled Xinn over to start handling her business. By the time they were finished Xinn was winded and her hooch was smokin’. Xinn couldn’t figure out why people knocked quickies. Because what her baby just laid down on hr, she wouldn’t be ready for another bout for another few hours anyway.

“Ready to go party?” Gabe asked sliding from the bed looking refreshed.

“Gabe, how do you do it?. You bang your woman nearly to death and she does the same for you, yet you still manage to keep that forever lively sheen in that blonde beautiful hair of yours.” Xinn said jokingly. Earning herself a bad girl slap on the forearm.

“Well…It’s because when my girl has me riding her in the cowboy style,” Gabe said slithering from the bed and breaking into a smooth cowpoke ride while.

“I simply arch my back and let my hair flap about in the breeze,” She then gave her head a jerk causing it to fall precariously about her face and shoulders. So that it would serve as a shield for those darken green eyes of hers, which made her look even sexier.

“There by giving me the…Did you just get fucked look.” Spurring both women in to a hearty laugh.

“Get up woman so we can get cleaned up and down to our own house warming party.” Gabe ordered giving Xinn a jerk.

By the time they reached the festivities nearly everyone was in the pool and had eaten a right smart (meaning reasonable portion) of the meal. Momma was talking on the phone while filling up the drink platters. Rhonda and Roxy were over by the gift table shaking the gifts. Trying to figure out what Xinn and Gabe had gotten by abusing the package. And the gangs had sat up a volleyball net and had a stimulating game going on.

“Bout time you two got out of that bed,” Gabe briskly jumped and looked up at Xinn with her mouth opened thoroughly shocked by Momma insinuating exactly what they were doing. <Yeah they were getting busy, but it somehow doesn’t sound right coming from your mother.>

“Com’on over and get these plates I’ve put back for y’all,” She called out mounting the phone upon her shoulder with her chin.

“Who you talking to?” Xinn asked looking down at her plate.

“This ain’t ‘cho business is it? I could be talking to my woman on one line and my man on the other.” Momma said ending in a chuckle.

“Ooh Momma…getting freakier with age huh?” Gabe asked taking the plate offered her and giving Momma a wink.

“Chil’ I can’t help, but be a freak with y’all. And I’m loving every minute of it. Huh?” Momma jest trying to figure out where she got lost in her conversation. “Aw, that’s just my chillin’ trying to be nosy. Now what’s that you were saying?” Momma inquired again. Leaving Xinn and Gabe to fend for themselves.

“No. Stop it Roxy,” Rhonda chuckled running toward Gabe and Xinn which was now sitting at the table.

“Hay Gabe,” Rhonda panted darting for side to side trying to stay ahead of Roxy.

“Are you ready to do some traveling? We need…stop it…Rah, Rah,” She shouted at Roxy that was slinging her arms about in a playful attempt to grab Rhonda.

“I have to talk to Gabe for a moment.” Xinn gave her sister’s lover a puzzled gaze while taking a swing from the beer she snatched from the truck size beer chest in the middle of the yard. What was so important that she had to talk to Gabe about and WHY now?

Rhonda dropped down in the seat right across from Gabe, while shooing Roxy away with weaving fingers. Roxy left swinging her arms about and acting like a curious chimp, complete with the scratching, farts and all.

“Good Lord, what are you feeding that woman?” Gabe asked with a disgusting scowl on her face. Wondering where in the hell did that she-demon get her manners from. Surely Momma has taught her better than that.

“Hunnay, it’s not what I’m feeding her. It’s all this shit she’s eating and drinking now.” Rhonda said turning to watch Roxy chase Mookie back into the pool. Anyone that attempted to get out, she’d chase ‘em back in.

She looked back at Gabe with a cute crinkle expression on her face and said, “She may be a cave woman, but she’s mine. Mother nature sure as hell put her together well.”

“Oh yeah…back to what I was saying. We are scheduled to meet with the Executive Management staff Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. They want to see some of your ideas for a new marketing line. So have you sketch up anything yet?” Rhonda asks with corporate eyes.

“Excuse me,” Xinn said after clearing her voice. So that it will carry more clearly.

“Are you saying that Gabe will have to leave, NOW. We haven’t even come close to thinking about unpacking and now you are saying that Gabe’s input in establishing a marketable clothes line is one of her responsibilities?” Xinn asked with frozen eyes.

Rhonda gulped and looked over at Gabe as if she was confused. Rhonda has been traveling and serving as Advertising and Manager Coordinator for the organization every since she joined the work force. So she wasn’t understanding why Xinn was coming across as if she was thrown by the idea of Gabe traveling to sell her ideas.

“Well I thought…” She said pausing briefly to glance at Xinn. It had been years since she’d seen any of the gang and to be honest, she wasn’t familiar with Xinn reactions to certain things. Gabe gazed over at her partner then back to Rhonda before returning to her food.

“You thought what?” Xinn asked slowly lowering her drink while keeping an eagle’s glare on their friend.

“I thought you and Gabe understood that traveling would be involved while trying to settle her into the business.”

“No, I don’t recall perceiving it like that. I thought you would do all the selling and all Gabe had to do was come up with the designs and periodically created visible images of the drawings so that your marketing department could look at the finished product. I didn’t know that selling Gabe’s clothing IN this state would take her to other states just to get it set up.”

By this time Xinn’s voice was beginning to carry and Gabe along with Rhonda was unconsciously shrinking from Xinn’s strong tone.

Roxy ran back up to the table panting. Exhausted from chasing every bootie she could smack or shove back into the pool.

“Shew…baby those women hurt me.” She whined breathlessly while dropping down into the chair near her lover. She then leaned back in her chair, popped the seal on her beer and took a swig. The party was in full bloom, but even she could tell over the shrieking screams that something wasn’t quite right in this corner. Roxy lowered her drink after taking a swig and glance from one set of eyes to the other. Returning her gaze to her lover, she asked what was going on.

“What’s going on is that your woman thinks that Gabe is going to be running all over this country selling clothes.”

Not a squeak floated over the table. It was obvious in Xinn’s voice that she wasn’t in for no shit. And everyone had to be careful in what they were going to say in regards to that statement.

“Well, Xinn you did know that Gabe was going to have to travel right?”

Xinn narrowed her eyes and growled, “Had I’da known that this thing with the clothes was going world wide instead of being handle locally like it should be intended, I’da suggested Gabe be a house wife.

Again the table went silent. This time both Rhonda and Roxy looked over at Gabe for some kind of support. Gabe glanced cautiously over at the pair before lowering her head again. Once again she chose not to speak. She knew for a fact what Xinn was getting at. She didn’t expect to be traveling either. She didn’t want to leave Xinn any more than Xinn wanted her too.

Roxy sighed and fell back in her chair after she realized that Gabe wasn’t going to be much help. It was obvious now that neither of them wanted to leave the other’s side.

“Xinn,”Roxy started calmly.

“In order for this thing to work, Gabe is going to have to go somewhere. And if you think that this killer has not received the information about you and Gabe and what you both do, then you are sadly mistaken.

I know you don’t want to be without Gabe and it is obviously that the sentiment is the same with Gabe, but guys in order to make this thing real we all have to deal with the separation. Rhonda is running this marketing thing and I’m sure she can narrow their traveling down to as few days as possible. Can you do that baby?” Roxy asked with steady eyes. Needing badly for each of them to remember the agenda and how they all had to stick to it.

“Sure…I won’t keep her out of town no more than two days. Nor are we traveling alone. Angel and Angela will be traveling with us just about every place we go.” While Rhonda was talking Xinn and Gabe’s eyes met. Neither of them was happy about the transition, but each of them realized that it was necessary for all of it to work. Just like Roxy predicted. If they continued to gather together all the time and Xinn was never alone, the killer would have second thoughts about pursuing her object. It wasn’t a pleasant destination. Yet is was one that would in fact entice the killer to look their way.

Roxy noticed Gabe’s eyes filling and quickly dove in to douse her insecurities of Xinn being alone. Roxy knew that was exactly what Gabe was thinking because she was looking as if she was on the verge of crying and scared as hell.

“And Gabe,” Roxy interceded gently.

“I’m not going to let Xinn out of my sight. If I’m not with her, one of our other friends are going to be with her.” Gabe blinked and quickly lowered her head. Yet it wasn’t fast enough for Roxy to noticed that she was in fact frightened to leave Xinn to the grim reaper’s daughter that was out there lurking about.

Xinn slid her chair back and stood. She then reached for Gabe’s hand and helped her out of her seat.

“We’re going to take a ride for a bit.” Xinn said pulling Gabe close to her and wrapping her up securely in her arms. Gabe sighed and buried her face in Xinn’s bosom, seeking the comfort she knew she’d find in her love’s arms.

“When we get back, we can maybe discuss the plans about the trip.” Xinn then dipped in her knees and looked into her partner’s watery eyes.

“Hay hoodrat girl, wanna take a ride with me?” Gabe chuckled, stepped out of Xinn’s embrace and nodded her head in acceptance. Xinn reached for both of her hands and snatched Gabe to her. “Kiss me woman.” She purred ordered before swooping in and locking down on Gabe’s seasoned lips.

Meanwhile…several Hills away.
“Aw…there you are,” the stranger chimed seductively watching the whole house warming party through binoculars.

“You are even finer than any of the rest of the rift raft that whore has led me too.” The stranger praise licking her lips.

Just then, a flash from the past jumped into the stranger’s mind. Prompting the abductor to scream out and drop the binoculars while cradling her head in her hands.

“No…No please.” She pleaded falling to her knees and clawing madly at scalp. For some reason whenever the dreams resurface it was as if the stranger was that little girl again. That same little girl that wasn’t given a chance to play or grow up like normal children. Every day after school she became daddy’s little girl. Along with the responsibilities of a good little wife and compliant lover. Right up till today, the stranger could still hear her whimpers of helplessness as if she was right back in the basement. Taking care of the offender wicked cravings.

“NOOOOOO!” She screamed dropping onto all fours, but the image kept coming.

“GET UP BABY,” the vision sung out from amongst the darkness of the room. Only the light in the hallway glowed around the creases of the door. Making it hard for the young girl to focus on the image approaching her.

“I’m really sleepy. Please just let me sleep.” The young girl pleaded just as the image reached the bed and snatched the cover back off her.

“You can sleep later. Right now I want you to keep me company. Here taste this,” the voice said softly. Trying to sound as sexy as the self induced drugs and alcohol would allow. While the girl drank from the huge cup, the shadow’s hands began to crawl up her thighs. Squeezing and groped her as if she was day old bread.

“You are growing up so fine. I never thought you’d be so good looking.” The shadow said, sliding in a little closer. The girl tilted the mug back and sucked hungriedly at its remnants as the dark image roughly squeezed her breasts. The girl figured by quickly gulping the drink that the effects of the alcohol would dull her senses, however that didn’t happen. What she did discover that no matter how rough she was being handled, the alcohol made her crave more of it.

“Please,” the stranger whispered watching the girl slide back on to her back. Strange…it wasn’t her words. It was the words of the teenager as she pleaded for the offender to squeeze harder. From forces unbeknownst to her, she was finding the confrontation more stimulating each time she was assaulted that way.

“Please what?” the offender said topping the young lady and biting hard into her neck while still squeezing her firm tits.

“Please,” the young girl begged while sliding her hands up on the dark figure’s hands and tightening their grasps upon her breasts.


The watcher fell to the ground and curled into a fetal position. Every smell, every gasp, every grind made her dizzy. Each time the image came back it was more vivid and more authentic.

“A,B,C,D,E,F,G…” The folded woman began to sing. Whenever the nightmare arose, singing the Alphabet song that her mother taught her before starting pre-school always helped the dream go away.

Tears came to the woman’s eyes as she began to rock, sing and recall images of her mother when she picked her up from the day care. Her mother was a beautiful woman. The most beautiful woman she’d ever laid eyes on. And she cherished the memories of her mother in their happier days. The woman recollected her screams of joy as she broke toward her mother and leaped into her arms. When she picked her up from the day care. Her mother had the type of embrace made you feel all warm inside. Her mother had the type of embrace that made you never want to let go. At least, that was how it felt before her father left them.

“Calling all cars…Calling all cars.” The dispatcher called out, causing the suspect to abruptly come to her senses and jumped to her knees. Quickly she reached for the binoculars and just barely caught the taillights of the Mercedes that Xinn and Gabe were driving.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll catch up with you later…I promise.” The suspect said rising to her feet and straightening her clothes.

“We are going to have a good time, dark one.” She said faintly dashing over to the car and heading down the hill the back way.

“So where are we headed?” Gabe asked not really feeling up to riding, but it really didn’t matter as long as she could be with Xinn.

“Oh…I’m taking you somewhere I think you will like.” Xinn said with a sweet smile and a wink.

“Well, as long as I can be with you, I don’t care where we go.” Gabe mumbled with her head down. Xinn sighed and slid her right hand down off the armrest and in between her partner partially opened thighs. Gabe looked over at her partner and pulled her hand further down between her legs before crossing them. Silently they each allowed their thoughts to consumed them. Xinn recalled that morning when she got ripped and woke up screaming Gabe’s name. That was the emptiest time in her life. It was then that she decided that she didn’t ever want Gabe to leave her. The concept was different…then, yet the leaving part was kinda the same. Gabe WAS leaving her and no matter how insecure she was with it, she did realized it was for the greater good.

Gabe’s thoughts were a little bit more solemn. She recalled the entire scene of Xinn breaking Rachel’s nose and how guarded Xinn’s gaze was afterwards. She could still feel the pain of the stare. But the feeling wasn’t as pronounced as the pain she felt that night she left and sat out on that park bench for nearly two days.

The separation was unbearable. At one point she thought what was the use of living if you couldn’t have at least that spark of life that made you happy. Xinn made her happy and if she could keep her at her side for always, nothing that rose in her life from now on could prevail against her. However, the present situation had changed that sentiment. Gabe realizing, even through her reluctance that the separation was necessary and pertinent to bring about the end of this case. She didn’t like the idea of Xinn being home alone. When it was obvious from the moment they set foot in Gay Town that the killer could be watching them and was already inaugurating a plan in her sick mind to get at Xinn.

“I want someone with you at all times Xinn.” Gabe started emotionless. Xinn noticed the tone for what it was and comprehended its meaning. Gabe was laying down her role as wife for a bit. And began thinking like a protective partner.

“If I have to, I will have Roxy sleep in the same bed with you…God Forbid. But I don’t want you alone Xinn, while I am away.” Gabe said looking up from their entwined fingers planted firmly between her legs.

Xinn stare into Gabe’s void gaze and felt her heart ache. Gabe was frightened. Yet she was giving it every effort possible to not appear that way. Xinn had never seen Gabe look so vulnerable. She was always this little tough cookie that was always ready to take on the world. But being in love makes you see, taste, smell, react and ponder things totally different. Xinn herself had her skepticism. Yet she wasn’t about to display it in fear that Gabe would succumb to her uncertainties and refuse to handle this case like they should.

Xinn crinkled her nose and gave Gabe a crooked smile. “Anything you wish baby. I’ll even have Roxy to follow me into the bathroom if that’s what ya want.”

“Uuuuh…” Gabe said with a disgusting scowl on her face. “It will serve no purpose for her to watch you if take her in the bathroom with you, and no doubt without a mask. Com’on Xinn, I love you from head to toe, but you know I break from the shower in the middle of it if you come in the bathroom when I’m in there to crap.”

Both Xinn and Gabe leaned back cackling.

“It’s all that spicy food you feed me.” Xinn said with a chuckle cutting the wheel sharp.

“AAAAHHHH!” Gabe screamed as the sudden moved forced her up against the door.


The Benz slammed up against the curb. Parked, exactly how Xinn wanted it.

“We’re here…” Xinn said with a chuckle while watching Gabe peeled the side of her face off of the window.

“Funny,” Gabe snarled cutting her eyes at Xinn.

“Where are we anyway?” she asked straightened the thigh length crochet net shift her and Xinn had on covering their bathing suits. Xinn reached and turned Gabe’s head toward the window.

“Oh no,”

“Why Xinn…Why?”

“I hate him.” Gabe said turning her head back around to glare at her partner.

“He’s always fucking with me. And you ALWAYS let him do it.” Gabe spat shoving her self roughly back onto the seat.

“Okay…We’ll go. I just thought you’d like an ice cream.”

The angry scowl quickly changes to an innocent pout. Xinn held her lips tightly shut. The look on Gabes face was just priceless.

“Well,” Gabe started slowly.

“It doesn’t make sense to at least not get one. Since we did come all this way.” She said looking over at Xinn with childlike eyes.

“So you want an ice-cream?
“Yeah.” Gabe returned so cutely. Xinn closed hers eyes and fought back the laughter she was holding back so valiantly. Gabe was just too darling. Enacting her innocent bit.

“Hay there Xinn. Bring your little lady down for an ice cream?.” Bob said audibly pecking at the window.

“That’s it,” Gabe said reaching for the glove compartment.

“I’m going to shoot his old ass.”

“Whoa…Whoa…Whoa,” Xinn coached gathering the little clawing hands into one of hers.

“What are you going to shoot him for now? You ARE my WOMAN now?” Xinn asked highlighting the possessive words in the sentence with a change in cord.

“Aw…well,” Gabe started looking out the window and nodding her head up and down.

“Yeah, that part is true. But now I want to shoot him, because…” Gabe stopped and thought about what she wanted to say. Whatever she did say, it wouldn’t matter. She just wanted to shoot him because she wanted too.

“Because.” She finished pulling her hands away from Xinn’s grasped and getting out the car.

“Well hi ya doing there Xinn? Gwong buy yo’ girl an ice cream today?” He asked with playful eyes. Wanting badly for Gabe to get after him. Her response was silence. The last thing he’d expected out of her. Something was wrong.

“Yeah, why don’t you give her the usual?” Xinn said reaching down into her bathing top.”

“Naw, don’t worry bout ‘dis un officer Hammer. It’s on the house.” All the while he was making up the cone, he kept an eye on Gabe. She still hadn’t spoke and she was sporadically looking out over the park avoiding his stare.

“Here ya go Lieutenant Gabe,” he said tenderly while walking around the cart and handing Gabe the ice cream personally.

“You call me Lieutenant.” Gabe whispered with solemn eyes.

He patted Gabe tenderly on the cheek and headed back to his spot. He knew them well enough to know that this wasn’t their normal behavior. They were both worried about something and he wondered if it was the new case that they were on.

“None for me, Bob.” Xinn said giving the old ice cream man a dismissive wave.

“Wutz da matter girls? Old Bob may be just an ice cream man. But I know when something is bothering my favorite officers.” He said, toying with his utensils and looking out from under his eyes at the girls. Waiting for an explanation.

“We uh,” Gabe started still avoiding his gaze.

“We uh, started this new case and it may separate us for a bit.” Gabe said, almost as if she was embarrassed by the discomfort.

“Chil’, don’t choo know that those miles ain’t gwong keep you from loving yo’ woman. And nor is it gwong keep her from loving you. Sometimes distance makes the heart grow funner (fonder). Yeah, you gwong miss her and she you. But baby, all that does is make you realize that TRUE LOVE is eternal and will exceed any amount of miles that are put between you. Handle yo business, cause ain’t nothing gwong happen to dis right here.” He said pointing to Xinn. “She’s as meaner than a cobra with it’s tail cut off and Just about every hoodlum in the county is her friend. They’ll keep an eye out for her. Heck, if ya want me to. I’ll check in on her. Of course,” he paused just long enough to receive a curious look from Gabe.

“You have to pay me back when you get home with a big juicy kiss.” He said swirling his hips playfully and lapping at his lips.

Gabe growled and switched her ice cream over to their other hand and unconsciously reached at her side for her gun.

“Hee, hee, hee.”

“You ain’t got no clothes on hardly so I know you don’t have yo gun. Now gwong on over there and finish ya ice cream…enjoy this prettay evening.” He said busying himself with upcoming customers.

Xinn and Gabe followed his advice and took a perch on a bench down from the stand, facing the road and sitting between to huge trees. The breeze that floated between the trees was cool and soothing. The couple took several deep breaths of the cool fresh air and felt each of their tense bodies began to relax. At first they were sitting side by side. But Xinn felt that she wanted Gabe a little closer so she pulled her over into her lap and raised one of her legs to accommodate her lover’s seating a little better.

“Comfy.” She asked softly burying her face in Gabe’s sweet scented hair while wrapping her arms around her partner’s waist.

“Um hmmm,” Gabe hummed leaning further back into Xinn. Xinn opened her legs more and pulled Gabe closer.

“Gabe,” Xinn started with a shaky voice. Thoroughly aroused by their present sitting position. Gabe’s pressing backside was making her e-z bakr oven heat up to just the right temperament. As a matter of fact it was making her want to get busy right then and there.

“You are going to call me right?” Xinn asked curiously. She didn’t want to sound stupid. But they were just starting out as new lover’s and she was feeling a little uncomfortable with her girlfriend going out of town without her.

“Every minute of the day when I’m not meeting, I’m going to call you.” Gabe returned in a promising chord.

“And you,”

“Are you going to call me?”

Xinn rocked her hips in a slow stir. Growling out the move before answering.

“Morning, Noon and Night,” She hummed reaching for Gabe’s free hand and slipping it gently behind her so that it would rest directly upon her hot pocket.

“Are you going to make love to me before you leave?” Xinn asked wondering to herself, “Does that go without saying?”

Gabe slipped her fingers under the inseam of Xinn’s bathing suit and swept her fingers slowly over her partner’s juicy love opening.

“Every minute that my eyes are open.” Gabe returned taking one last lick of her ice cream before chunking it.

“Com’on woman,” Gabe ordered jumping to her feet and mimicking her partner’s raised eyebrow expression.

“I got a Suzy to spank.”

Xinn snatched the car remote out of her bathing top, hit the lock switch and bolted to the car. Within record time they were back at the house and Xinn was shouting, “Yo’ ass ain’t gotta go home, but you definitely got to get the fuck up out of here.” It was mainly said to the stragglers. Since Momma, Silia, Odyssey and NR and her gang had already left.

“But I haven’t finished my drink?” One of the Queen members whined as Xinn grabbed her up by her arm and lifted her out of the seat.
“Here,” Xinn said snatching the can from her hand and ordering the girl to open up her mouth. Xinn then commenced to pour the drink into the girls mouth, over her chin and neck after tilting her head back and commanding that she swallow.

“Damn…Pussy do make you do crazy things.” The leader of the Queen’s said with a chuckle. Watching Xinn shove pass her gang sister.

“Naw…that’s what love make you do,” Roach said smacking her lover sharply on the ass while passing.

“If you say so ba-bay,” Jonah said in a sexy rumble.

“Queens head out…Xinn brought back some candy she can’t wait to taste.” She said with a smile giving Gabe a wink. Gabe lowered her head blushing profusely.

“Xinn,” Rhonda started while getting up out of Roxy’s lap.

“I thought you wanted to talk about the trip…

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…” Xinn interrupted. Grabbing them just like the first time she attempted to throw them out.

“Fax me,” Xinn said giving them a hard shove.


“But, my ass…Tell somebody that cares.” Xinn said slamming the door behind them.

A few minutes later the house was empty and the couple had the house all to themselves.

“My, you certainly have the gift for clearing a room,” Gabe started sliding past Xinn heading to the bedroom.

“Let’s see what you do in this one.” Gabe said pushing the bedroom door opened wider and stepping inside.

Xinn STEPPED into the room, removing clothes. Wanting oh so bad to feel Gabe touch her. Once her clothes were completely off, Gabe sashayed over to her, took her hand and led her over to the bed.

“Tonight we are going to play, ‘what you don’t see can give you pleasure’.” Gabe then patted the bed and reached into the top drawer of the nightstand.

“Close your eyes baby.” She commanded.

Xinn allowed her eyes to flutter close after taking a few breaths. And allowed her baby to lead her into her world of mystery.

Gabe slid up behind Xinn and tied the blind fold around her eyes. She then lowered Xinn to the bed and asked her to relax.

Gabe then cut the light off and her fantasy play commenced.

Gabe walked casually over to the patio doors and opened them. Permitting the night sounds and gentle breeze to sweep into the room to serve as a silent serenade for both their souls. She then moved over to the dresser and removed some handcuffs she’d purchase a while ago just for such an occasion. The cuffs were covered with tiger spots fir. Giving her willing prisoner a comfortable grasp around the wrist and feet as she chained her to the head and foot of the bed. Gabe then stood back and admired her handiwork.

Xinn was even more magnificent sprawled out and helplessly vulnerable.

“They say that losing your sight heightens you senses. Tonight you will tell me after this exercise is that true.” Gabe uttered with a mystic tone to her voice.

Seconds later Xinn felt the bed weave about as Gabe crawled quietly up into the bed between her legs.

She felt her smaller lover’s hair sweep down upon her flexing thighs right before her tongue dipped down into her belly button in curling swirls. The touch was so gentle that it made Xinn’s whole body flex and tighten. Gabe’s warm breath floated over her stomach making Xinn squirm and pant for more. To Xinn’s surprise, she suddenly felt a tightening in her nipples that was odd. It wasn’t natural, she was sure of that. But whatever it was its grip became tighter when Gabe thumped her fingers against it. Gabe then gave the object a twist and Xinn screamed as her love sensors in her center burst into flames.

“Good Lord Gabe! What is that?” Xinn exclaimed pulling at her restraints.

“Interesting.” Gabe said opening Xinn drenched love chamber and gently fastened another clamp right down on Xinn’s power knob.

“Amazing, soft edge hair clamps are not just for the hair, huh Xinn?” Gabe asked giving the latest clamp on Xinn’s hooch a flick. Prompting Xinn’s hips to jerk and swirl.

“Aw shit Gabe…my pussy…is burning like crazy.” Xinn panted rolling her hips all about. Gabe gave the clamp another flick for good measure. Xinn squealed out is sweet agony whilst changing up the direction of her hunching.

“Good lord Gabe…enough of the foreplay…just…fuck me.” Xinn gasped growing more exhausted by the minute. Her sexual drive was more intense that she ever imagined. Her hooch was aching as if she had red ants all about it and they were eating her alive. And her love halls were rumbling for penetration…rumbling, pleading throbbing for some powerful thrusting.

“W’at does it feel like baby?” Gabe asked darting down between Xinn’s legs and sending her articulator straight up into Xinn’s love tavern in a weaving motion.

“Ohhhh,” Xinn cried out arching her back and yanking at her restraints. Her hooch was burning like crazy now. Damn the fire department she just needed the hose.

“It feels…like foreplay…is over…and it’s time…to get down…to business.” Xinn panted.

Gabe pulled her tongue out moaning. “This is Gabe’s midnight train to the Love Tunnel and only I will add the coal. Understand me woman?” The little one stated reaching out and grabbing the chamber clamp and giving it a squeeze.

Xinn cried out and jerked her hips again.

“Oh, you are going to pay for this Gabe.” Xinn growled between clinched teeth.

Gabe dropped down fully beside her lover with a giggle.

“Sounds like someone is a little frustrated.” Gabe then brought up her love toy and clicked the switch. Xinn could hear the different degrees of humming, which made her hooch throb even more.

Gabe chuckled evilly and ran her vibrating toy all about her partner’s body making her squeal and plead for relief. But she had no intention of penetrating the grounds that needed it the most. Gabe was teasing…and was having a good ass time at it.

“Tell me what I wanna hear, woman.” Gabe said smacking Xinn sharply upon the thigh.

“Fuck me, you irritating little twit.” Xinn said weakly. This foreplay shit was taking her down faster than she’d ever pictured. The statement was true about loosing your sight and how the other senses magnified with the loss. Everything that Gabe did made her crazy, and definitely ready to be fucked.

Gabe didn’t bother to undo the restraints, instead she strapped on her Sampson. Undid the tit and clit clamps and mounted her wench.

Xinn fought against the cuffs wanting and needing so badly to hold Gabe. Who was hitting down in that stinging love chamber with long, even coochie strokes. Still teasing her little ass off. Xinn was crazy for fulfillment. Yet it didn’t take a scientist to know that Gabe was enjoying her playtime. Her hips stirred and dipped in a slow plunging method. Driving Xinn completely mad with the thought of being fucked hard and fast.

“Like that?” Gabe slurred extending her arms. Pushing her body up so that she could watch her slippery staff slide in and out of Xinn’s sopping pussy.

“Gods baby, you are super wet,” Gabe purred giving her hips a hard jerk, burying her joy pole deep inside Xinn. Xinn had temporarily lost her ability to speak so she concentrated on breathing and figuring out how she was going to pay Gabe back for her inhuman pestering.

After that, shit kind of went to the wind. Gabe didn’t know where the hell things went wrong, but Xinn got strength from somewhere and broke the hand cuffs in half like they were icicles.

“Oh shit,” Gabe said attempting to pull up out of Xinn and jump off the bed. But that thought was a thing of the past. Soon as Xinn’s hands were loose, she grabbed a hand full of Gabe’s hair.
“Xinn,” Gabe panted stilling all movement. Xinn’s demeanor was nothing more eminent than the three C’s…cool, calm and collected.

“Take this blindfold off.”

“Oh, oh, okay baby…but remember…I love you.” Xinn couldn’t keep from smiling. Gabe’s humble manner made her want her little blonde even more.

Once the blind fold was off, Xinn dragged Gabe all over the bed by her hair commanding her to undo the remaining restraints before lying back and demanding that Gabe finished what she started.

Gabe’s expression was so priceless. It was in between petrified and utterly aroused by Xinn’s dominant manner.

“Yes, my mistress,” Gabe said gracefully lowering her head and latching her sweet lips upon Xinn’s pleasure capital. Lashing its peaks with energized strokes

Xinn growled and brought those hips up in a twenty-five degrees swirling angle. Rubbing her hot spot forcefully against Gabe’s slippery lips. Round and around, her hips whirled and ascended. Pounding her throbbing clit meaningfully against Gabe’s thrashing tongue and succulent lips. Suddenly she felt it. It was coming. Creeping up on her like a thief in the night. Her pumping grew harder and aimless, her hair stood on end, her body began to tremble and her mind lost focus on everything except, the fire blazing in her pussy.

“Oh yeah…Oh yes…Oh Ohhhh GODS…INSIDE ME GABE…NOW!!!!” Xinn shrieked. Gabe locked down on her salty range and pulled out a new friend. Her loving entry made Xinn sputter and jerk about as if she was having a fit..

“Ohhhh godddds,” Xinn screamed as her back snapped and her body went rigid. Gabe eased back on the pussy licking Giving Xinn extra time to collect her self. Gabe watched as Xinn’s eyes closed and she slowly pulled her new friend from her love oozing depths.
“Xinn,” She called out softly. Checking out the flushed void of her partner’s face.

“Xinn,” she called out again. Still there was no answer.

“DAMN,” Gabe shouted moving up to stare in Xinn’s face. “NOW…WHO’S THE WOMAN.”

“GABE IS…” the little one said proudly deactivating her wand.


“I know I’m bad, I’m bad, chom’on,” Gabe sang happily jumping from the bed and putting up her toys.

Little did she know that their suspect had changed hills and was now checking out the dark images of the room through the opened patio doors.

“Soon,” she said in a chilling tone. “Soon, you will be mine to toy with…just as I wish.” The suspect mumbled to her self. Laying the binoculars, she just used to spy on the couple with, patiently upon her chest and taking a deep breath.
Part 14
After a long grueling night of tender and sometimes-beastly lovemaking, Xinn was awakened by the smell of bacon. However, home girl wasn’t thinking about eating. At least, not in that way. She wrapped her statuesque body in her terry cloth house robe and made her way to the kitchen. Gabe was busy with her duties so she didn’t notice her partner come in. That is until she felt her robe come up in the back. Revealing her flush buns.

“Good morning lover,” Xinn purred sliding in and rubbing her throbbing nature against Gabe’s firm backside.

“Aw…My night hawk has arisen.” Gabe stated trying to stay focus on flipping the bacon. But Xinn’s warm chamber was otherwise distracting her. She’d never told her partner how she loved it when she cuddled with her in this way. It absolutely drove her mad. To feel her love’s desires spill onto her buttocks in healthy pools. Each time Xinn got up on her like that, her nipples jumped harder than a squirrel’s buried nuts.

“I’m trying to fix us breakfast here.” Gabe said giggling. Xinn moaned huskily right before cupping Gabe’s full bosom with both hands. She then whispered, “Oh, I want breakfast alright. But right now, you are all I’m wanting.” Xinn then swept her warm lips over Gabe’s earlobe before dipping her tongue inside.

“Oh gods Xinn,” Gabe purred letting her hands mindlessly float up from their duties while laying her head back upon her lover’s shoulder. Gabe was captured. Captured by her woman’s gentle touch.

“Xinn,” She hissed hoarsely.

“What are you doing?”

“I just wanna touch you baby,” Xinn whirred, dragging her warm lips down to Gabe’s neck and planting heated nips all up and down her jugular.

“Good Lord Xinn,” Gabe grumbled as her hands glided down over her partner’s powerful thighs and pulled her closer.

“I’m trying…to…cook, oh gods, breakfast…here,” She panted sliding over a tad and leaning against the counter.

“Do you want what happen last time to happen again?” Gabe panted spreading her legs and allowing Xinn’s fingers to graze through her nether lips and toy with her clit. Xinn didn’t bother to answer. She wanted Gabe as many times as she could have her before her trip.

“I wanna touch you and that is all I care about right now.” Xinn retorted in a clenching drawl, while reaching for Gabe’s right hand to guide it down between her own legs.

“I want you to fuck me…right her…and right now.” Xinn whispered while slipping her fingers up inside Gabe’s smoldering cunt about the same time that Gabe entered her.

“Oh gods, Yesssss,” Xinn hissed while moving in closer to roll her scorching pussy gradually up and down Gabe’s trio intruders.

“Oh baby please,” Gabe muttered feeling her eyelids grow heavier and her pussy hotter.

“Pleeeease what?” Xinn asked in a straining tone. Knowing damn well both of their love pockets where stinging for completion. Hips hunched harder and their thrusting became more frequent against the others buried love digits.

“Don’t toy with me wo-man,” Gabe panted through dry lips.

“Fuck me like you knew you wanted to before you came in here. I…want…it…quick…hard…and fast.” Gabe stated breathlessly. Shoving her pulsating need aimlessly against Xinn’s long digits. Swallowing them whole.

“As you wish,” Xinn grumbled in a lioness growled, while shoving Gabe’s upper body further down onto the counter and quickening her pace and sinking her love sticks deeper inside Gabe. Xinn then lifted her left leg and propped it against the counter and gave Gabe’s fingers full reign of her drenched pussy.

“Oh gods,” they both heaved as their asses pumped harder and their pussies got juicer.

“Oh…Yessss…Ohhhh yessss…OHHH YESSSS…OHHH YEAAAH. THAT’S IT…RIGHT THERE OH XINN…O’.” Gabe sung out right before her last “Oh,” hit and the sound of her voice was snuffed, by her sudden climax.

“Ohhhhh yesssss!” Xinn exclaimed as she felt her pussy burst into flames and its singeing affects broke out right in her “G” Spot. Fanning out all over her body.

“Fuuuuuuuucccck,” She screamed as she rode the climax out for all it was worth. Violent rocking her blazing cunt up and down, around and about Gabe’s embedded fingers with three more powerful straining thrusts before collapsing smoothly atop her.

“Now…that’s…what…I…call…breakfast…fit…for a queen.” Xinn gasped resting her entire body up against Gabe’s.

“Damn,” Gabe started shifting a little to turn her head to a more comfortable position.

“Maybe I should cook you breakfast every morning.”

Xinn thought about the statement a little before breaking out laughing. Both women chuckle clean up till the time they both noticed that the entire room was engulfed in smoke again. Just like the first time they made love.

” Shit,” Xinn said with a hearty chuckle and jumping off Gabe to take care of their little catastrophe. After turning on the vent and fanning a few times she looked down at Gabe that was still half way laying on the counter mind you, and said, “Shall we call Momma, because you are going to starve me with this type of cooking.”

“Oh,” Gabe said finally rising and turning to face Xinn with her hands on her hips.

“Don’t you eeeeven try that. And it was your fault anyway. I can just see Momma now. Chil’ Xinn said you ain’t feeding her. W’at’choo trying to do staaaarve my baby.” Gabe mocked while rolling her neck and bringing her finger up as a matter of fact gesture.

Xinn stared at Gabe for a few seconds before falling back in laughter again.

“Just wait until I tell Momma who does a great impression of her.” Xinn said discreetly moving around Gabe and heading for the bedroom.

“Oh gods, you wouldn’t,” Gabe said frightfully before spinning around to watch her partner’s hasty retreat.

Xinn yelled over her shoulders, “Oh I will and I am.” She then took off toward the bedroom.

Gabe tilted her head and issued no one in particular one of her challenging smiles before lighting out behind her.

“I guess I just have to make you too damn tired to tell it then.” She yelled dashing for the bedroom. Little did she know that their visitor was back.

“Um…You liked being fucked hard huh long tall and absolutely tantalizing. That’s good,” The stranger whirred pulling her fingers out of her own squeezing snatch and sucking the remnants from it.

“Coz that’s all I want to do to you is fuck you just that way. But…I don’t think I’ll be that quick. I’m going to stay in your pussy as long as I can. Just fucking you just to hear you howl.” The woman said before turning to stare over at the car as the dispatcher gave a call out to all the cars in the area.

“Shit.” The woman spat letting the binoculars drop out of her right hand onto her bosom. “I’ll be back beautiful. I’ll be back.” She then got into the car and answered the call before speeding off.
Hours later…
“Two days Gabe,” Xinn said handing her lover her makeup case before walking her over to the departure gate.

“Baby,” Gabe said looking into Xinn’s fearful eyes.

“I will be back before you know it, Okay?” Gabe promised with reassuring eyes and a silent smooch for her partner. Xinn smiled and returned the smooch, but Gabe could tell that Xinn was only going through the motions.

“You’re going to call me when you get there right?” Xinn inquired audibly just before Gabe reached the final turn in the terminal’s hallway.

“As soon as the plane hit down in Chicago. Hell, I may even call you before then. To check and see if Roxy and your goofy friends are keeping their word.” Gabe returned with a big smile and another air kiss. Just for Xinn. Xinn reached up into the air and pulled down the kiss and rested in right above her heart. Gabe mouthed, “I love you.” And it took nearly all of their friends to hold Xinn back from barreling down that hall behind Gabe.

“Whoa, Hold up d’ere Tex.” Roxy said stepping to the front of Xinn as Stacy and Macy each grabbed an arm and stationed her.

“I think a beer is in order for such an occasion like this.” Roxy suggested looking into Xinn’s solemn eyes.

“I wanna go home.” Xinn said snatching away from the twins and heading over to the window to watch the plane ascend.

Xinn stood there for a while in silence just staring out the window. She was wondering since Roxy, Stacy and Macy loved their women why weren’t they feeling like she was?

“Aren’t you going to miss Rhonda?” Xinn asked almost as if she was lost or something.

Rhonda stepped up behind Xinn and wrapped her arms around her heartbroken sister. Xinn had always been a loner. Yes, she had associates and yes she had Roxy, but even Roxy knew when her company wasn’t welcomed. Unless Xinn came over to the club and asked her to hang with her, they were just like sisters that owned two entirely different businesses. And at the close of the day they may or may not see each other. Of course they were always talking on phone. But Xinn cherished her own space and would become a bear if anyone invaded it without asking. Except for Gabe that is. Gabe was always able to enter Xinn’s void when she wanted to. She may get royally cursed out, but to the little blonde it didn’t matter. In her head Xinn needed someone and she wasn’t going to let her be alone anymore. At least not as long as Officer Gabe was around.

“Yes Xinn, I am going to miss my wife.” Roxanne said plainly. Wondering if Xinn would pick up on just what she had said. And just as she suspected Xinn was slow at understanding it but she did hear it.

“Your Wife?”

Xinn asked turning puzzling around to glare at Roxy.

“Yes…Rhonda is my wife now.”

“H…h….how?” Xinn stuttered. Wanting to know how was it possible for two women to get married, especially in the backwater times they were living in.

“We flew up to Atlanta last night. She is now Mrs. Rhonda Johnson, my legal partner and spouse.”

“Wh…Wh…Why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t you tell me?” Xinn said staring into Roxy’s eyes as if she had been betrayed.

“Oh no you don’t Xinn. Don’t look as if I did this to hurt you. I just figured that you and Gabe would want to spend as much time as possible together. So we decided to just let you both be until Gabe got back. We’ve plan on having the vows done again after this thing is over with. But I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing Rhonda again like I did so many years ago. So when we left you two last night I popped the question and she said, “Yes.” So we did it.” Roxy said pausing briefly to see if anything was going to become of Xinn’s incoherent stare.

Xinn didn’t bother to reply instead she just turned back toward the window and watch the plane back up out of it’s spot.

“She’s going to be alright Xinn.” Roxy said wrapping her arm around Xinn’s shoulders and laying her head against her sister’s.

“Do you think Gabe would want to marry me if I asked her?” Xinn asked softly, so that only she and Roxy could hear it. Almost as if was afraid of her sister’s reply.

Roxy giggled and said, “HELL YEAH, You’re good looking, you’re smart, you got a whole bunch of money now. Annnnnd…ya got some good pussay.” Roxy joked trying to lift her sister’s gloomy spirit. Xinn turned back around and looked at Roxy with furrowed brows before returning. “Are you always this one sided or…do you practice this shit?”

“Hay…I ain’t just say something.” Roxy said stepping away from Xinn and picking her teeth. “I heard it myself when you two went upstairs to supposedly change clothing.

“You were eavesdropping?” Xinn asked in shocked while Stacy and Macy gave her a twirl toward the exit.

“Eavesdropping is such a ancient term.” Roxy said taking a big lead in head of the threesome. “I like to call it initiative investigation.”

“You trifling skank.” Xinn said snatching her arms away from the twins.

“You were spying.” Xinn the broke out after a squealing Roxy as the twins followed giggling.
On the Plane…

Gabe along with Rhonda waved out at their partners clean up till the time that the lost view. Gabe sighed in despair. She knew the ride was going to be long, depression and lonely. Her eyes roamed around the airplane and although it was full the quantity still didn’t ease her mind. She wanted Xinn and no amount of miles or courtesy of the friendly skies was going to keep her from desiring that.

Gabe had been quiet far too long for Rhonda. This was definitely a sign that Miss talkative Gabe was going into a solemn mode. Rhonda quickly dove in to try and reassure her friend that the time they spend away from their mates wouldn’t be as long if they enjoyed one another’s company.

Gently Rhonda laid her hand over on top of Gabe’s and gave it a squeeze. It was then that Gabe noticed it.

“Oh my gosh, Rhonda this is beautiful…and damn it’s fucking big. Did Roxy give this to you before you left? Gabe asked still admiring the high mounted silver and gold 2-karat diamond ring her friend was wearing.

“You could sorta say that?” Rhonda said in a spacious return.

Gabe turned and looked over her friend rather confused by her response.

“What’ll you mean SORTA?”

“Well…” Rhonda began looking over at Angel and Angela. Who returned the wayward expression, but did not bother to respond. Gabe looked over at their friends as well and wondered why were they looking as if they had swallowed the canary.

“What the hell is going on Rhonda?” Gabe said redirecting her attention back to her friend.

“And why would that rock head Roxy be giving you a diamond this size?” Gabe said sounding a little perturbed now and pondering why in the hell did Xinn not give her one.

“Don’t call my baby names, you know she’s…”

Before she could finished the sentence Gabe grabbed her friend up into the collar and snatched her so close to her that they were nose to nose.

“If you do not tell me what in the hell is going on. I’m am going to monkey kick your fucking brains out right here…in your stanking friendly skies.”

Rhonda pulled back slowly from Gabe while gently loosening her grab on her newly dry cleaned silk blouse that she had tangle all in and about her frigging fingers.

“Take away the girl’s love toy and she gets all butch on your ass.” She mumbled straightening her clothes.

“Rhonda.” Gabrielle drawled.

“Oh alright.” She huffed fluffing her collar back to its original position.

“Roxy didn’t give this to me as a present. She gave it to me because it’s a symbol of our love and vows that we took the other night after leaving you and Xinn.” Gabe’s mouth fell open wordless.

“You and Rhonda are married?” She asked in awe.

“Yes, I am Mrs. Roxanne Johnson…too?” She said with a chuckle. First thing Gabe thought was why Xinn didn’t ask her to marry her before they left. YEEEESSS, they were playing the role as a married couple, but that was far from the truth. Gabe already knew that she’d never love another like Xinn and Xinn BETTER feel the same doggone way. So how come she didn’t ask her to really marry her. <And on top of that>, Gabe thought with a disgusted expression on her face while staring at Rhonda’s finger adorned by the biggest frigging diamond she’s ever seen up close. <Why did her dumb sister have to think of getting married before her wonderful Xinn did>? Gabe finished right after thinking as soon as she was given permission to call Xinn, she was going to do just that. Because Xinn was going to explain to her why in the heck she hadn’t ask Gabe to marry her. Or, better yet how come the thought never came to mind. (Author’s note: Now…she’s not thinking that her ass didn’t think of it either. All she thinking is that Xinn hadn’t asked her to marry her. As if she couldn’t do the same for Xinn.)
Back at the club…
“Hi Momma,” Xinn said in a lowly tone.

“Awwwww.” Momma crooned looking over at Xinn’s murky blue pools. “Chil’ I have to go. My baby has come in and she’s got the saddest face I ever did see. I’ll talk to you later.” Momma said hanging up the phone and heading over to Xinn.

“W’ats the matter Pooh-Pooh? Are you missing Gabe uh-ready? Well, let Momma see if I can give you something to make you a little bit more happy.” Momma said turning to disappear behind the saloon doors to the rear the bar.

“Aw, isn’t that sweet,” Stacy chimed with a taunting woo-woo look on her face. “Momma’s little.”

It only took her a second to notice that Xinn had the muzzle of her piece lying up against HER article and the shit wasn’t feeling good. Xinn then leaned in close to her friend and glared into her eyes.

“If you repeat what Momma just said I’m going to ventilate your clit cap. Follow me skank.” Xinn growled menacingly. Stacy slowly lifted her hands up in the air and said, “Look ‘ere sheriff I didn’t mean any harm. All’s I was doing was making conversation.”

Xinn chuckled and gave her friends cheek a couple of taps before telling her that because she seemed to be a good girl she’d let her off with a warning this time. But next time she’s going to need a gynecologist to sew her shit back up.

Momma tore back into the bar panting and with something that looked as if it had been buried for years.

“Momma,” Xinn started.

“What is that and where did you get it?”

“This here,” Momma panted tapping the bottle upon it’s crown.

“Is one of the first bottle of Scotch your mother and I first purchased to stock our new club.”

“But Momma it looked as if it’s been buried.”

“Well if you and your sisters would have cleaned up the basement like I told you to, instead of y’all taking your behinds down there and playing. Then it wouldn’t look as if it was. This here bottle of Johnnie Walker Red is nearly older than you and the twins.”

“Ooh,” Roxy chimed shoving Stacy away from Xinn and taking her seat.

“Let’s taste it Momma.”

Momma looked up at Xinn and gave her a smile. “It’s up to you Baby. Do you wanna try it?”

<What a dumb ass Question? > Xinn and Roxy thought simultaneously. Xinn gave Momma a crooked grin and started in on breaking the seal.

Xinn twisted, knocked and initiated some of her cheering sections weird ass methods to try and open the bottle. Finally, after what seemed like forever Xinn was able to open the bottle. And nearly all of the gang passed out from the smell. It was indeed aged, and became more tempting by the second to Xinn and the girls.

“Set us up Momma,” Xinn said licking her lips and chiseling the dust from the bottle.

“We’re about to find out what Johnnie was thinking about when he was making this.” She joked inciting everyone into laughter. It didn’t take them thirty minutes to get lit. Speech was slurred, eyes were glassy and they were drooling every which way, but loose. Momma giggled to herself as she kept the glasses filled with ice and the thoughts of their journeying love one’s in the distance.

“Damn d’is is some gooood shit. I’ve never drank scotch before.” Stacy said with a bobbing head and crossed eyes. She was fucked up. There was no delicate way of saying it and she loved every bit of it. Xinn giggle cutely. Roxy snorted heartily and Macy…well Macy was out there. She was quoting Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and getting it more and more fucked up each time she did it. Suddenly Xinn’s phone buzzed. Xinn snapped it out of her pocket and fumble stupidly to open it. As a matter of fact it took all of them to open it. Xinn forgot how too. Momma couldn’t keep from laughing. The group had lost their ability to talk coherently or to do anything intelligently.

“Tell me w’at’cha need,” Xinn purred sexily gathering laughter from each of her girls.

“Hi baby,” Gabe said curiously. She’d never heard Xinn answer her phone like that.

“Hi baby,” Xinn repeated nearly falling off her bar stool while trying to stand up. Roxy laughed and sat her sister back up on her feet after she stumbled into her.

“Xinn?” Gabe started questioningly.

“W’at are you doing?”

“Drinking (hiccup)…and missing you. Are you in Chicago yet?”

“No…we’re still on the way there. What are you drinking?” Gabe knew it wasn’t beer. Xinn was sounding like a cuddle bear. And the only thing that could put her in a state like that was Scotch.

“Oh…” Xinn said making her way over to a secluded side of the club.

“Momma gave us some JW.”

“Scotch…You’re drinking scotch Xinn.”

“Uuuuh-huuuh,” Xinn sung lyrically.

“Baby…You know you are only allow to drink that when I’m there. Now you’re going to be all charming and sexy and I won’t get to see it…” Gabe said despairingly.

“Tell the driver to turnaround. That way, you can be here with me when my love really comes down.” Xinn said with a rumbling giggle.

Gabe closed her eyes and leaned up against the bathroom mirror. Xinn drove her crazy when she sounded like that. Damn, she was wishing she was home right about now.

“Xinn,” Gabe started pushing down her urges and getting to the question that’s been burning in her mind every since she found out that Roxy and Rhonda were joined.

“Did you know that Roxanne and Rhonda are married now?”

The line went quiet for a few seconds before Xinn responded.

“Gabe…I really love you. Will you be my wife.” Xinn asked speedily. Not sure if she could remember all the words if she didn’t hurry up and say it.

Gabe didn’t know what to think. She knew alcohol could be the major factor as to why her partner was proposing. But she also knew everything Xinn said was true. The timing was just all wrong. So at the moment she had to steer Xinn away from the subject. Or she was really going to be crazy by the time she got to Chicago.

“I love you too boo. But right now I think you need a shower, or bath and a nice warm bed. How much of the Scotch have you had so far?”

“Oh…three or four double shots.” Xinn said chuckling. Yesss, she was indeed fucked up. But Gabe couldn’t figure out why it was having this effect on Xinn. It nearly took a half of a fifth to get her like this.

“Baby you only had Four DOUBLE shots and it’s got you like this.”

“Yep,” Xinn returned not bothering to tell her partner that this particular bottle was nearly thirty years old and had never been opened.

“Xinn…is Roxy, Stacy and Macy drinking the same thing?”

“Yep,” Xinn retorted with another chortle.

<Okay…having Roxy to take her home NOW is out of the fucking question. > Gabe thought before speaking again.

“Okay…baby, I want you to stay over Momma’s house tonight okay?”

“K?” Xinn returned with a yawn.

“Now what about my proposal. Don’t’choo want to marry me?” Xinn asked waving at Roxy to bring her another drink.

“Yes…Yes you know I do. But right now I just need you to…uh…uh, get some rest. You’re tired.”

“Gabe,” Xinn darted in.

“You do love me right?”

“Baby, you know I do.”

“Well, I haven’t heard your answer yet. After I hear it, I’ll go upstairs take a shower and go to bed.”

Gabe sighed and shook her head as a smile slowly crept up on her face. She knew Xinn was no where near ready to go to bed. Whenever she drank scotch she became a night owl. And wanting to get into everything she could before sleep overtook her.

“Okay, I wanna hear you promise me first.”

“I promise.” Xinn returned quickly. This was another sign. Xinn would agree with anything and consent to nothing.

“Baby, where is Roxy?”


Gabe’s eyes widened. They all agreed to watch Xinn. She had better not be gone Gabe thought.

“Gone where baby?”

It was time for Xinn to sigh now. Gabe hadn’t answered her question and she was getting a little frustrated because of it.

“I’m not telling you until you say “Yes,” to my question. You’re not acting like you love me.” Xinn whined. Another sign that she has had enough for the night.


“No,” Xinn interrupted.

“I wanna hear you say it. Say you’ll marry me.” Xinn whimpered.


“You love me enough to marry me, don’t you Gabe? Don’t you want to be with me forever?”

“Yes Xinn,” Gabe said realizing that she was in fact fighting a losing battle. Another one of Xinn’s dormant characteristics that only rears it’s head when she’s drinking Scotch. She whimpers, whines and constantly pushes her issue until she heard what SHE wanted too.

“You will…You’re going to marry me?” Xinn asked stumbling to her feet.


“Provided what?” Xinn asked turning up her drink and finishing it.

“Provided that you propose again when you are in your right frame of mind. I want this to be romantic. I don’t want to feel as if the only thing that persuaded you to want to marry me is JW.” Gabe said with a cute chuckle.

“Okay,” Xinn returned with a crooked smile on her face. The wheels were a turning now.

“Now…where is Roxy baby?” Gabe inquired calmly.

“Ah, she’s across the room.” Xinn said flatly stumbling back over to the gang.

“Would you let me speak to her sweetie?” Xinn paused in her steps and Gabe’s tone finally registered in her head. Whenever Gabe used the word sweetie in regards to Xinn, someone’s ass was in trouble. Xinn looked over at her sister and began to grin. She was just glad it wasn’t her.

“Oh Roxy,” Xinn chimed stumbling the rest of the way to the bar.

“Gabe wants to speak to you.”

Roxy saw the smile on Xinn’s face and she just knew she was in for it. Roxy snatched the phone from Xinn and shoved past her inebriated sister so that she could take her verbal ass whipping in private.

“Listen to me you vile creature, if anything happens to Xinn, I am going to make you pray for death while all your friends stand around gawking at you. How can you be watching her when you’re just about as fucked up as she is?”


“Uh Uh, did you hear me say that you could speak? Fuck no, so don’t. I want you to take Xinn upstairs. Put her into the bathtub and get her into bed. NOW! You shit for Brains. When I call back within the hour, she had better be on her way to sleep. Now…is the question and answer period. Do you have any?” Gabe asked not really expecting any kind of reply from her soon to be sister in law.

“Good. Now go take care of my woman.” Gabe ordered before hanging up.

Roxy sighed, slammed the phone closed and gaze over at Xinn who was harassing just about every waitress that was in the bar. She was following them around, toying with their skirts and taking drinks from the tray and sipping from it whenever the waitress wasn’t paying attention.

Roxy quickly made it over to Xinn, along with Stacy and Macy at her side and confiscated her drunken sibling before heading up stairs.
The visitor sat quietly in the darkest corner of club watching the interactions of the friends. At one point or another, she found herself smiling. They were getting blitz and it had her wondering just what in the hell they were drinking. So when the waitress came over she inquired about it.

“Good evening, what may I get you to drink?”

“Oh…I don’t know. What would you suggest?” the woman asked fully disguised by the low worn hunter’s hat and oversized hunting jacket and pants to match. “Well, we have all sorts of mixed drinks. Then of course, you know we have just about ever beer you could think of drinking. We also have various Schnapps, Liqueurs, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin & Scotch. We have just about anything you would like to drink.”

The stranger snorted from the cheery reply of the waitress before inquiring about the women at the bar and what they were drinking.

The waitress looked over a Xinn and her giggling friends and smiled to herself.

“Well, those ladies are drinking scotch, some very old scotch at that. Their mother had been saving it for a long time. They haven’t even got mid way it and they are out of their heads drunk.

The stranger chuckled lowly and informed the waitress that she would have the same as they were drinking. The waitress giggled and trotted off to fill the ladies order.

The stranger continued to watch Xinn. The woman was finding her more and more fascinating by the second. She was tall, powerful, spirited and most of all extremely attractive. She was a woman that knew what she wanted and how to go bout getting it. And the stranger did too. Soon they would be face to face. And the stranger will hold back nothing. She will tell her dark lover every thing she wanted and desired to know about her. All she had to do now was set back a date for her and her ladylove to meet.

Just as she came she went. No one outside of the waitress had ever noticed her. So her identity was still a secret and that was exactly how she wanted it. Or…was it.

“Com’on Xinn, let go of the waitress’s dress and come with me.”

“Now why would I want to do that when I can follow Sandy around and play with her skirt?”

Roxy snatched her sister’s hand from the waitress’s skirt, turned her toward the stairs before stepping in behind her and guiding Xinn up to her room.

“Because your woman has ordered me to make your ass behave and to get you ready for bed.”

“Hay,” Xinn said whirling out of Roxy’s grasp and throwing her hands up in the air.

“Now, w’ats up with that. I thought you were the one that told me to be the woman of MY HOUSE.” Xinn said with a chuckle before darting behind a table and scoping out another waitress to harass. Just as Roxy’s eyes darted over to the woman Xinn was on her way over to her. By the time Roxy reached Xinn she was playing in the girls hair, rummaging through her pockets trying to take her tips.

“Xinn, stop it. We’re already in trouble so don’t make it worst. Gabe hears about you trying to get into other women’s draws and she’s going to be pissed.”

Xinn whirled around and stared at her sister as if she was a mirage. “I would never cheat on Gabe. She’s going to be my wife like Rhonda is yours.” Xinn finished setting her eyes on another waitress.

In the end it only took one person to get Xinn upstairs and that…was Momma. Roxy of course, had to take over from there. It took all three of the girls to get Xinn into the tube. She was talking about anything and everything and none of it was fitting it together. At one point she was talking about a hero party they were invited to and then she was talking about what would be a romantic way to propose to Gabe. Along with her thinking that Silia and Odyssey would make a good couple, but she didn’t think they would work out because Silia wasn’t quite ready to give up real dick.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Xinn,” Roxy said looking over her shoulder at Stacy and Macy who were finding the whole situation hilarious. All of a sudden Roxy’s attention, along with the twins, was drawn to Xinn. All three women mouths fell open in utter shock. Here her intoxicated sister was talking their frigging ears off about something only a few seconds ago and now…now.

“XINN,” Roxy exclaimed moving backup towards Xinn head and blocking the view from the giggling twins.

“What do you think you are doing?” Roxy said looking into Xinn partially closed eyes.

“It’s burning and I’m rubbing it.”

Roxy discreetly glance over her shoulder again at Stacy and Macy before leaning in and telling Xinn to stop that.

“Well, I’m horny Roxy. Do you want to rub it for me?” The twins fell to their knees laughing.

“Knock it off you shits. She’s fucked up and don’t know what she’s doing.” Roxy spat. Trying to pull Xinn’s hands way from herself.

“Well…the way she’s breathing,” Macy said breathlessly while leaning into Stacy. “She seemed to be rubbing the burning spot. Yahahahaha,” both twins cackled falling forward onto their hands saying, “Oh please stop it from burning Roxy…please. Hahhahaha.”

“Shut up you play girl trollops and help me with her.”

“Uh, I don’t know Roxy. Gabe might get pissed if we go to rubbing her burning spot.” Stacy said falling up against Macy chortling again.

“Please guys, I’m having a hard enough time trying to get her clean. Please just help get her clothes together while I bathe her.

“Oh…alright, but I’d rather finished watching her rub the burning place.” Macy said turning simultaneously with Stacy and leaning into her trying to smother their giggle.

Roxy sighed and looked down into Xinn’s distorted face as she continued to relieve herself of the inner fires that rose between her legs. It had been a long time since either of them had seen each other masturbate and just as stirring as it was then it was having the same effect now.

<Good lord, I have to hurry up. > Roxy thought while wrapping the soap in the towel and rubbing it briskly within its fold. <She’s making me horny now. > Roxy pondered while sitting back on her heels and waiting for Xinn to finish. If ever her resolve was being tested it, certainly was now. All she could think about was running her fingers through her drench folds and massaging her stinging clit in slow circular swirls. She could see herself spreading her legs further apart and allowing her fingers to slip into her pleasure entrance. Stroking it slow at first as the palm of her hand grazed in an up and down motion over her quivering clit. As her tunnel began to pool with her excitement she could picture her thrusts become more frequent and their depths magnified. She could even fill her muscles tighten as the fire become more intense within her core until nothing else mattered anymore but the violent fuck she was delivering to her self. She could see her ass rise and fall forcing her pussy violently onto her fingers. With one final lingering groan Roxy could feel her body go rigid and her cunt oozing with her love juices and her pussy walls tighten around them. Just as she imagined herself climaxing, Xinn shouted out Gabe’s name before her body relaxed from the strenuous exercise.

It didn’t take long after that for Roxy to bathe Xinn and put her down for the night. She was quite the cooperative one following her little interlude with herself. However Stacy, Roxy and Macy were needing a little “ME.” time now. Xinn’s water splashing and throaty groans had all their cunts throbbing.

“Uh, I think I’m going to turn in now.” Roxy said clearing her throat. The twins brought their hands up to their mouths and smothered their laughter before agreeing.

After receiving their carpentry license/bonding Xinn and Roxy made a point every year to add a floor onto the club. As of now there was six bedrooms on the second floor, three baths and a huge din where they would watch movies or played games with friends whenever they were over. The third floor consisted of a huge training room complete with hard wood floors and several court dimensions for basketball, volleyball and other sports drawn upon it. Their next floor would be strictly for entertainment. So all that was left to do was for Stacy and Macy to pick a room. Within another hour, they were all snuggle in their rooms taking care of their personal time.

Candy peeped through the pawn shop window out onto the main strip of Ho’s row checking out the regulars. Nothing seemed out of place or suspicious, so she decided that a few tricks for the night wouldn’t hurt. In the long run it would probably take her mind off of her present situation. One never knows, maybe she’d meet her Prince or Princess tonight.

She hadn’t been out on the corner ten minutes when a white limousine pulled up along side her and rolled down the window.

“How much?” A voice said firmly from the darkness.

“One hundred for the lollipop deluxe, two hundred for the LD twice sided. Some call it the six-nine and three hundred for the LD and mounting.”

“Hmmmm,” the person hummed from the back of the car.

“You’re kinda pretty…What’s your name honey?”

Candy dipped her head and blushed before revealing her name to the potential hidden customer.

“Well Candy…I think that is what you said.” The shadow pondered.

The girl nodded her head in agreement before the person continued.

“I think I’d like the LD and mounting. Do you think that you can handle that?” The girl giggled again before telling the inquirer that that was what she lived to do. Meet challenges. The customer chuckled and started out in her own little inquiry.

“Candy, I am a well-respected person in this city. I occasionally come down here if the urge hits me and buy me a little entertainment from time to time. You are a very attractive woman and there is nothing more than I’d like to do, but take you to the nearest hotel and fuck you like my cellmate. Yet there is some things I need to be sure of before I do that.

“Now tell me when was the last time you’ve had a checkup?” It didn’t take Candy five seconds to answer. Somehow it’s become part of the routine of selection by the customers of the 21st century. No one wanted to be slipping in bed with an Herpes infested, Aids carrying Ho’ that they were only going to spend an hour with, at the most.

“Do you have a copy of the exam and the number to your physician’s office?” Candy reached into her purse and pulled out the results of her recent Dr.’s appointment, along with all of her lab results.

“Hand it to my driver please.” The figure ordered not wanting to engage the call girl until absolutely necessary.

Candy handed over the papers to the driver and step back onto the curb. She watched as the driver, ran the papers through what looked like a huge fax machine. It was doing a lot of wheezing and beeping before what looked like a miniature screen popped on and her Dr.’s face appeared on the screen. Following that another sheet printed out of the machine. The driver took it from the tray and handed it to the inquisitive customer in the back seat. The person read over the report thoroughly before giving the girl the okay to get in. Candy wasted no time doing that. This could very well be her ticket to getting out of this place and away from that fucking lunatic that’s killing those women.

Once the door was closed the driver pulled slowly away from the curb and clicked the lights on in the rear of the car.

“Oh, oh my,” Candy stammered looking over at the dark hair, extremely attractive Hispanic woman that was now staring at her with a sensual grin.

“I am truly impressed. You’ve done your homework. One wouldn’t expect a hooker to be so knowledgeable in this neighborhood full of drunks, homeless and drug fins all about. Just then the car passed by the same drunk that Silia, Angel and Angela talked to about the very girl that was sitting in the car now.

“Just look at that,” the woman said in disgust pointing over at the man. Candy looked over at her long time friend and said, “Oh, he’s a nice man. We’ve been acquainted for years. Not everything that you see down here is as it seems.”

The Hispanic woman tilted her head in awe. The statement was oh so very true. And for the life of her she couldn’t figure out how this young lady had gotten herself in such a predicament.

“I am rather impressed with how you carry yourself Candy and even more astounded by your knowledge of the streets. Is it customary for you not to inquire about your customer’s names? You’ve never even thought about asking me mine, have you? Is that a normal practice for you?” the Hispanic woman asked.

“Now that I think about it. I never ask the customer what their names are. Some are very uncomfortable with that. But to make you feel at ease, because it seems as if you want me to inquire so I will. Just what is your name?” Candy asked with a cute giggle.

The woman reached into the inside pocket of her jacket and pulled out a leather wallet. She then flipped it opened and to reveal her badge.

“Well, what’ll ya know. You were right…not everything that you see is as it seems.” The Captain said before giving the woman a closer view of her badge. Candy just stared into the Captain’s dark eyes. In a way this was fitting for her. She had been the cause of nearly five women’s lives. And to be honest…she herself was tired. Tired of the running and hiding. What the captain didn’t realized was that she was actually an answer to the woman’s silent prayer. Thought the arrest was on the borderline of being entrapment, Candy really didn’t care. She was free now. Free from the worries of being hunted.

“Fine, take me in.” Candy said with almost relieved eyes. Only thing strange about the entire thing was the defeated tone that rang out in the girl’s voice. The Captain slid over into the seat right next to Candy and told her that as soon as they were at the station, she would make sure that she was assigned an attorney. Candy looked up into the Captain’s concerned eyes and gave her a weak smile before simply nodding her head in acceptance.
The following morning…

“Aw…the great warrior has arrived.” The Captain joked as she watched a shaded-eyed Xinn slowly turn to close the door behind her.

“I would come back with some fucked up line, but I’m too fucked up to do that.” Xinn returned walking over to stand beside the Captain as she stood looking in on Candy through the view window of the interrogation room.

“Hmmm,” Xinn hummed.

“She’s not bad to look at is she?” Xinn asked

The Captain didn’t answer. She herself was wondering why the girl didn’t spit out a whole bunch of shit about her using entrapment or fight her in some kind of way because of her technique used to bring her in. But the streetwalker said nothing. Instead she almost looked as if she was relieved because of her arrest. This puzzled the Captain. There was a reason for the girl’s acceptance of her fate and the Captain was going to find out why.

“Morning Ladies,” Silia mumbled entering the room.

Both the Captain and Xinn turned around and greeted their friend before gazing back into the room at the girl.

“Strange,” Xinn started.

“She almost seem calm about being arrested. W’ats up with that?” Xinn asked pulling her shades down and giving the girl a clear look before replacing them.

“I don’t know,” The Captain said faintly. “But I intend to find out. When I finally did reveal myself, she looked relieved. She didn’t try to quote any violations of laws or accuse me of being a sadistic bureaucrat or nothing. She just sit there staring at me…with this…almost exhausted expression. It was like I arrested her at just the right time. She looked worn and utterly defeated.” The Captain said still staring at the girl.

<Interesting>. Xinn thought as she looked around the Captain at Silia. Which was by the way checking out the Captain too. Their commander wasn’t much for interrogation. She’d usually assign either Gabe or Xinn to monitor the progression of the questioning and have one of them to report to her after the proceedings. The Captain had an interest in this girl. Xinn and Silia just couldn’t figure out just what.

Xinn was about to ask the Captain who she’d selected to question the woman when her phone rang. Xinn quickly reached into her pocket and drug it out so that she could answer it. Since she was out cold most of the night she was hoping like hell that it was Gabe.


“Hi baby,” Gabe returned cheerfully.

“Are you wearing your shades? Because I know after last night, you should certainly have a hell-atious headache.”

Xinn moaned in utter pain. She was in fact suffering. Momma had prepared her and Roxy something for the effects, but it hadn’t kicked in.

“Aw, my poor baby.”

“Are you coming home tomorrow?” Xinn asked, more than ready for Gabe to get back to her.

“Baby, you know I have one more day. Are you missing me that bad?”

“Yes, and I miss you even more than that. Gabe,” Xinn said pausing to make sure that she had her partner’s attention before going on.

“Yeah, what’s up baby.”

“We’ve had a break in the case. The Captain picked up the hooker last night while posing as a heiress.”

“GREAT!” Gabe exclaimed almost on the verge of screaming.

“Has she said anything yet?”

“No, we were just about to send someone in.”

“Oh.” Gabe said flatly. Xinn knew Gabe was wishing like hell she was there. Gabe loved to interrogate people. However her methods were always understanding and compassionate. Xinn on the other hand loved mopping up the floor with the suspect. The good and the bad was definitely a good phrase for them. And no one would imagine that with both those elements together the repercussions were nothing less than UGLY.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Xinn said with a chuckle. “We’re sending in Amber or maybe…Rachel.” Xinn joked. Realizing that Gabe simply hated Rachel’s form of questioning. She was worst than Xinn.

Shortly after being assigned to their department, the Captain asked Rachel to do an interrogation on a milkman that they suspected of seeing the killer slipping from an open window of one of his customer’s home. By the time Rachel finished with him, Rachel had convince him that he was the killer and that he really didn’t take that job to deliver milk, but to kill old people. The man was so fucked up after that that he had to be admitted to the State Hospital for close observation and treatment. He left with an irritating eye twitch, vigorously scratching his ass, and chanting, “I am the killer. I hate old people.” So Rachel was definitely not Gabe’s choice of the day for the interrogation.

“Xinn, don’t joke like that. You know I hate her methods. And sometimes I hate her even more. So…” Gabe stated before pausing and letting the line go quiet.

“Do you still want to marry me?” She asked fearfully.

“You bet Strawberry. I got something special in mind for you. That’s why I’m in a hurry for you to come home. Have you all met with the executive committee yet?”

“No…Rhonda’s having me to dress in my power suit. I think she just likes leather.” Gabe joked. Xinn smiled along with her lover’s giggle, but what she was really wanting right now was to see it for herself.

“Gabe, do you think y’all are going to need all of the two days?”

“Xinn…Baby I know this is hard. But we are going to get through this. As soon as they say, “Yes, my line is a go.” I am going to get on that plane as fast as I can. Just so’s I can get back to you quicker. I miss you something terrible. Everything is going to be okay Xinn. You know that. Now give me some smooches before I go.” Gabe said waiting for Xinn to do as she asked.

Xinn looked discreetly over her shoulder at the Captain, Silia and now Amber before whispering, “Gabe, I can’t do that. Everyone’s listening.”

“Oh…so you’re too embarrass to give me a smooch in public, but you’re certainly not shy behind closed doors.”

“Ah Gabe, you are so not fair. That’s different and you know it.”

“What’s different about it? I thought you loved me all the time.” Xinn rolled her eyes and consented to doing what Gabe had commanded. Reluctantly, mind you. However she did love her and she wasn’t letting her off the phone before reaffirming it.

“That’s my girl,” Gabe purred before giving Xinn a smooch and hanging up.

Amber, the Captain and Silia quickly turned back toward the viewing window. Not wanting Xinn to catch them eavesdropping and giggling at how cute she looked when she gave Gabe a kiss over the phone.

“Alright, so who’s going to do the questioning?” Xinn asked turning about. Trying to look as stoic as she possibly could with sunshades on.

“Well,” Amber started still trying to muffle her laughter by clinching her mouth tightly closed. Silia elbowed her in the side in hopes that the pain would direct her friend’s current focus.

Xinn looked around the Captain just in time to see Silia telling their friend to knock it off because she was listening.

Amber straightened her face as best she could and told Xinn that Rachel was going to take the first watch. Just to see if she could persuade the girl into giving them a little something before legal representation arrived. The Captain glared around Silia and said, “What.”

“The girl is already shaken up and you want to send Jack the Ripper in there with her. Go and pull her out.” The Captain ordered. But it was too late. Rachel had just stepped into the room. Everyone jumped from the echo of the slamming door as well as the girl that was slumped against the table. At first when she looked up at Rachel, she looked as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. But as her face became more and more distorted with fear it raised everyone’s curiosity in the viewing room. The Captain along with Xinn, Amber and Silia took a step closer to the window.

“What…What…What are you doing here?” the girl asked quickly jumping to her feet and looking frantically around the room. She stood up with so much force that the chair went hurling backwards up against the wall.

“I am Lieutenant…”

“No, this can’t be. How did you get inside the police station? HELP ME PLEASE! SOMEBODY…HELP ME!” The girl shrieked scrambling over to the opposite side of the room and instinctively folding herself up into the corner like a terrified child.

“W’at the fuck is going on?” Amber asked raising her hands to lay them calmly up against the window.

“I don’t know,” the Captain said staring in at Rachel. <What was it about her that the girl feared? > Xinn pulled her shades away from her eyes and observed the entire scene again in her mind. She watched an eerie recognition move across the girl’s face the moment Rachel came into the room. Yet when Rachel moved closed the girl went berserk. What could have possibly brought that on?

“I’m getting her out of there.” The captain said before attempting to step around Xinn.

“Hold up Captain.” Xinn said reaching out to take the Captain’s arm to pull her back.

“Something is going on here and I think we should just let Rachel stay in there for a little longer. Maybe the girl will start talking without Rachel saying a word. Let’s just give ‘em a few more seconds before pulling the girl out.” Xinn finished while keeping an eye on the pair. She couldn’t explain it, but she was finding the entire scenario fascinating. It’s possible that the girl was closer to the killer than they thought.

The Captain was reluctant at first, but she agreed with Xinn. Something strange was going on here and she was curious as to exactly what it was.

Rachel moved to the other side of the table a few feet away from the now mumbling folded girl and just watched her. She’s been through something more dramatic. Rachel was certain of that, but what? She had no clue.

Rachel was about to head over to the girl when she started screaming while clawing at her clothes and hair.

“Please,” The girl whimpered.

“I can’t do this any more. I can’t. Just leave me alone.”

“Leave you alone for what. We’ve just becoming acquainted. What, ho’s can’t talk to officers.” Rachel said taking another step closer to Candy.

“You’re not an officer and I’m not going to help you any more. I thought you were just looking for a good time. But all you wanted to do was torture hard working women to death. I’m not helping you anymore. So you can just kill me now. If you can disguise yourself as an officer of the law there’s no telling what else you can do. Go away or kill me now, but I’m not talking to you anymore.” The prostitute said turning to bury her face in the corner. Silently revealing to the offender that she wasn’t taking part of whatever kind of arrangement she had with the suspect any longer.

“Oh my God.” Amber panted staring in at her lover then back at the woman.

“She knows the killer. And…” Amber said slowly turning her head to look over at Rachel.

“The woman looks like Rachel.” By the tone of her voice, no one could avoid the ghastly tingling feeling that they each felt running up their spine as they all gradually and sequentially stared over at Rachel.

“Get her out of there.” The Captain said pulling her arm away from Xinn’s grasp and heading for the door.

Xinn looked over at a motionless Amber and decided she was in no condition to it and she was still undercover.

“Silia, get Rachel out of there.”

Somehow Rachel was having the same thoughts as her colleagues as she slowly began to back away from the girl. <By the stars in the sky…THE FUCKING KILLER LOOKS LIKE ME>. Rachel’s mind bellowed as she looked toward the viewing mirror with an intense glower. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how and why the girl became involved. And by her demeanor, the woman was abusive. The girl feared for her life. That was why the Captain didn’t have a problem with bringing her in. She was drained of running and hiding.

“Rachel, the Captain wants to speak with you.” Silia stated after opening the door and drawing both of the women’s attention to her.

Rachel didn’t bother to look back at the petrified woman. It was just to damn spooky. It had her frighten now. If the killer looked like her, everything in the precinct is going to change until they find the killer. And her own lover will probably start looking at her as if she had a tail. “Who is this bitch that is about to ruin my life?” Rachel growled pushing past Silia and heading to the viewing room. She had to talk to Xinn and definitely her lover.

“Rachel, w’ats going on?” Amber asked with a panic expression on her face.

“I don’t know baby. Come here.” Rachel returned bringing her arms up. Silently beckoning Amber to her. Needing desperately to reassure her partner that they were going to figure out what the hell was going on.

“What I do know is that we have to talk. Xinn, Silia we have to come up with a plan. That woman is freaking out just from the sight of me. That within itself makes me the twin to the suspect and I don’t want to get my ass shot off because I look like her.” Rachel said calmly before ducking her head down to rest it along side Amber’s. Which, just now, jumped to the number one confidant to the killer without her even knowing it. If the woman was identical to her how would Amber recognize the real Rachel versus the killer.

“RACHEL!” The Captain yelled out.

“You and the rest of the rift raft get in here.” She said flipping through leaflets of paper she just received from her personal fax machine.

Each of them quickly made it over to the Captain’s office and quietly closed the door behind them.

The Captain took a seat behind her desk while offering the rest of her team chairs she had brought into her office directly after leaving the interrogation area.

“Rachel, if I’m not mistaken you are adopted right?” the Captain inquired flipping through the papers on her desk.

“Yes…” Rachel answered helping Amber into her seat and scooting hers up close to her partner’s.

“Well…did you know that you were originally part of duo birth?” The captain asked staring at her.

“No.” Rachel returned with furrowed brows.

“Well, you are.” The captain stated coldly before addressing everyone.

“Ladies, things have gotten a little bit more complex than we thought. Our potential informant has identified one of our family members as the killer. That is not good for us. It is however shining more and more light onto the case. Now…” the captain said pausing to look over the papers again.

“According to this, the other one looks exactly like you. Except she has an eagle birthmark on the left buttock and you have one on the right.” The captain said looking over at Rachel out from under her eyebrows.

“Oh great,” Xinn snapped.

“Captain, we can’t damned well walk up to the woman and say let me see yo’ ass. We’ve got to find a better way of distinguishing Rachel from her. Although…”Xinn said with a raised eyebrow turning to look at Rachel.

“I would like to check the wing span on that eagle.” She finished spurring everyone into laughter.

“I would shoot yo’ ass, but you’d probably like that. Captain,” Rachel huffed. “What are we going to do?”

“Yo’ hold up a minute.” Silia interrupted.

“How do we know that you aren’t the killer. Yo’ ass looks like her and you probably talk like her. How can you prove to us that you aren’t the offender.” The room went quiet as all eyes fell on Rachel.

“Every day of the week I have been at work. There are even times that I have worked late with the Captain. Also I’ve been attending parties and reviewing periods with my colleagues and friends which should recall that most of the killings have taken place when I was either at work or with the group.”

“Well hold up now…that’s true. But there are some of us here that can witness that you have left those Gatherings in a reasonable time. You could have dumped Amber at home like the good wife that she is and go on a killing spree.” Silia said with questioning eyes.

“Yeah…Well, I could say it’s the captain in that case because she’s been leaving the parties early as well.”

“Yeah,” Silia said with a bobbing head.

“You could say that. But the girl didn’t freak the fuck out when she looked at the Captain. SHE FREAKED OUT WHEN SHE SAW YOU.” Silia said jumping to her feet screaming. Trying to intimidate Rachel.

“I did not kill anyone,” Rachel said calmly.

“If you do not believe me, then give me a lie detector test.” Rachel suggested confidently. Xinn has seen that look before. Rachel was telling the truth. Or at least she believed it.

“What if you have split personalities?” Silia badger.

“Knock it off Silia.” Xinn said reaching over and taking Amber’s hand gently within hers.

“We all know Rachel is capable of killing. Hell every kindergartner in this state is aware of that. But we all have to endure that six months Psych eval and if the department psychiatrist hasn’t stressed a concern for any of our behavior, especially Rachel’s. Then that mean she’s mentally fit.”

“No Xinn, all that prove is that the department psychiatrist is a drunk.”

“Silia, did you notice Rachel’s face when that woman asked why was she there. First of all, if you were then you can fairly say that Rachel had never seen that woman before. That within itself confirms that she couldn’t have had any contact with this woman. Secondly, were you aware of the various expression that skipped across Rachel’s face when she was inside. If you were, you should have seen curiosity at first, then puzzlement, odd was the third expression. She was observing the woman’s behavior.” Xinn then turned and looked into Amber’s dumbfounded eyes before asking her if Rachel has ever hit her.

“Noooo…Lord no.” Amber answered sincerely.

“Beside she knows I don’t play that shit. Nowwww,” Amber purred. “She may give me a love tap while hitting it. Nevertheless, I don’t know of too many sistah’s that’s going to sit by and take an ass whipping. And even if I couldn’t whip Rachel. Baby girl has gotta sleep and SHE’S DEFINITELY gotta eat. Is everyone here following me?” Amber asked drawing a chuckle from Silia.

“Alright then sister. Give me five uptop. I thought your ass was pussy whipped at one time.” Silia said bringing her hand up.

“Oh no, no…ain’t no trainable shit here. I’m no dog, or kitty for that matter. But I will treat people in the way that I want to be treated. If I frigg up, that’s life. An apology should fix it, but an ass whipping don’t run in that description for this brown skin girl.” Amber said squeezing Rachel’s hand and giving Silia a high five with the other.

“I love Rachel and I will do anything for her. But if she did not feel the same, I would not be with her.” Amber confessed. Right before the Captain cleared her voiced. So that she could have control of the room again.

“Thank you Miss BROWN SKIN GIRL,” The Captain said rolling her eyes in frustration. Prompting everyone to muffled their chortles.

“The fact remains, like Xinn pointed out, before everyone was dragged into this cultural diversity thing. That the woman seems to recognize Rachel, but Rachel has no idea who in the hell she is. We have to believe that this is the case here. Otherwise we are going to wind up making some serious mistakes. Now is everyone following me?” Xinn and the rest of the clan nodded their heads in agreement.

“If I may finish Captain, I wanted to point to Silia that round bout the time Rachel was called out of the room. She was mortified. And it was then that she realized that she could very well be accused of killing all those women. Now it’s up to us to prove that our Rachel is not the killer. Whilst keeping her safe at the same time. So are we all in this together or what?” Xinn stated with serious eyes.

“Yeah…I just thought I’d play the Devil’s advocate for a while. I know Rachel didn’t do it. She want’s people to praise and respect her because she has an invincible ego about her abilities. But our Rachel doesn’t want people scoffing her in disgust. It defeats the purpose of her knowing that she is better than everyone around her. Isn’t that right Queen Rachel?”

Rachel ignored the question with a roll of her eyes before addressing the Captain. This shit was getting way too far out of hand and now she was really freaking.

“Captain, What about me?”

The Captain thought for a bit and said, “We’ll cut your hair.”

“Yeah, that’s a great idea Captain.” Silia and everyone else agreed everyone except Rachel that is.

“Hay, she’s not talking about cutting off your hair. She’s talking about whacking off mine. And right now I think I have a say in this since it’s mine.”

“Baby,” Amber started softly. “What about a tattoo? If you get one, I will too.”

“Tattoo now that is good.” Xinn said with sparkling eyes. “I wonder if Gabe will get into that? What kind are you talking about.” Xinn asked really curious about it’s design and where would she put it.

“Where will I put it?” Rachel inquired with wide eyes. Amber hadn’t thought of that.

“How about a watch then?”

“That’s a good idea.” Silia said.

“Wait baby, I have one more idea.” Amber said looking over at the Captain.

“Captain, she somewhat trust you maybe you can get her to tell you just exactly what is the difference between my Rachel and the killer Rachel. She said rising and pulling her wallet out of her pocket and retrieve a picture of Rachel.”

The Captain told Amber that that was in fact a great idea. Within thirty minutes the Captain had found out that the woman was an absolute copy, but the other Rachel’s hair was hanging just below her shoulders. The lieutenant’s hair was much longer. It hung mid ways her back. So…after all the bickering and suggestions Rachel was glad that she didn’t have to change anything. But she was seriously thinking about getting a tattoo.
Part 15
“W’ats up, li’l sis’? You’re being rather quiet.” Roxy asked plopping down beside a solemn Xinn. The girls decided after Xinn returned from the station, that they’d go check out Jonah’s pad for future renovations. Basically Roxy, Rachel and the rest of the gang were willing to do just about anything to keep Xinn from drifting into a major depression stemming from missing Gabe. So while out hanging in the hood, they managed to bring back home a few strays. Momma wasn’t happy and everyone could tell because every now and then they all could hear Momma rapping on the ceiling and shouting, “Shut Up.”

“Rachel, Xinn…You two have got to find someone to hit that. Momma is getting grouchier by the days. Maybe if she got laid she wouldn’t be such a…” Macy said, pausing briefly before continuing with her examination. She needed to observe what kind of mood her friends were in before finishing her statement. After all, Myrian was in a way, both their mothers. And if she said the wrong thing, she knew that would be her ass.

“Ponder your thoughts my friend,” Roxy said mimicking Xinn’s raised eyebrow expression. “My Momma may need to get laid, But It’s HER thang…” Roxy song out. Remembering one of momma’s favorite songs that she played every damn time she turned around.

“She do what she wanna do. I can’t tell huh…who to sock it too.” By the time she’d finished everyone was singing it. It was apparent that the song was not only a favorite of HER momma’s, but each of her friend’s mother as well. Everyone just fell back, cackling from the shared memory before turning their attention back to where it laid at first…Xinn.

“So tell us sis,” Roxy started again. “W’ats bothering you?”

“Oh, It’s this thing with Rachel. I can just see us bursting into a room with the both of them and not knowing which one to shoot. Silia is quiet and staying at a distance, so that means that she either has something on her mind that is upsetting her or she’s undecided on a certain situation. I think she’s kinda freaked with this thing her and Odyssey is trying to stroke up.”

Roxy just shook her head and sighed impatiently. She knew that wasn’t what was bothering Xinn. However if Xinn wanted to beat around the bush, she could cruise right along with her. Shit, it was her that taught Xinn HOW to Bullshit the Bull-shit-ur.

“Xinn, I pride you on reading people, even when they don’t speak. Strange I never figure you for being a people person. However I know that is not your problem right now. I think you are observant. And you are always feeling things. Must be that Indian blood in ya. However, I’ve bathe with ya, slept with ya, eaten with ya, played with ya….On and On and On. And I’ve picked up on a few observant traits myself. I know you are thinking of your friends but I also know you are thinking of something else. So cut the shit, and tell big sis w’at it is.” Roxy said leaning back onto her elbows and propping her legs up on Xinn.

“Roxy,” Xinn started with her head down.

“Gabe and the girls heads back here tomorrow.”

“OOH YEAH!” Roxy screamed prompting everyone to jump around and look at her before directing their attention back to the pool game they were having.

“Yes My baby’s coming home. I can’t wait. I’m going to pull over at the first motel I see. Rent me a room and get busy.” Roxy said rolling her hips.

Xinn permitted her eyes to slowly run up her sister’s body until their eyes met. Her brows were furrowed in disgust.

“What?” Roxy asked gesturing the question with her hands.

“Yo’r shit cannot be that hot. Maybe you’ve sustained some kind of frigging melt down in your central brain sensors or something. Because I know that your tail cannot be that hot.”

“Yes it can. Wanna feel it?” Roxy asked wrestling with the button on her jeans.

“NO!” Xinn shrieked. Popping Roxy upside the side of her head to get her focused again.

“Hay, just because I didn’t graduate at the top of my class miss high frigging mighty, does not mean that I do not possess the ability to think soundly while laying FLLLLAT OF MY BAAAAAACK.” Roxy pronounced loudly with a hearty chuckle, pretty fascinated by her own warped sense of humor.

“Always thinking of your twat.” Xinn said chuckling. Thinking back when they were children and how Roxy would tell each of the children they were about to fight how they were going to kick their asses. And when they were finished she was going to make ‘em eat her Pocket Book. Xinn could see her sister clearly. Standing there with those long cold black ponytails, hanging on each side of her head and her patting her nasty.

Xinn found herself laughing out loud while recalling the memory. Even then Roxy was trying to get people to feel her twinky.

“Now Xinn,” Stacy said interrupting the giggling sisters.

“I know what you are thinking about. Everybody here remembers that. Roxy was always trying to solicit the cootie. At least, that was before she met that little scraggly ass looking Rhonda. She QUICKLY stopped offering her love pocket then. Rhonda must have stood straight up in it. Coz after that oh Roxy kept her pants zipped.” Stacy said with a chuckle and a funky smirk on her face.

“Lick me Stacy…Okay, just lick me.” Roxy said rolling her eyes, and directing her attention once more toward Xinn.

“Sounds like someone is trying to solicit the rank stuff again huh…Love toy not in town I guess.” Stacy mumbled staring down at the floor and drawing muffled giggles from her friends around the pool table.

“LISTEN…UP HOOCHIE.” Roxy popped gritting her teeth.

“I would love to hear your ENTERTAINING TALES, but…” she said swinging her arms back over in Xinn’s direction.

“We have a sister here that is in despair. So let’s snap down the pocket books and see what we can do to help her.”

“Now,” Roxy said rolling her eyes and refocusing on her sister again.

“Back to you Xinn. Don’t think we hadn’t noticed that you’ve been sitting quiet.”

“So. What’s the deal?”

“So…what’s wrong. Our baby’s are coming home. You should be happy. You’re masturbating everywhere, but the bus stop.” Roxy said leaning back cackling. Drawing a few muffled giggles from their other friends as well. However she didn’t expect Xinn to grab each of her visible nipples and give them a painful twist through her thin shirt.

“Owwwwuch, you crazy wanch. That shit hurts.” Roxy said popping back up into a sitting position on the couch and rubbing her tits with her opened palms.

“I should kick your ass, but my tits are really hurting right now. I’m ovulating, you mean clit.”

“So that’s why they were standing up?” Xinn said with a crooked smile.

“I thought you were horny…like you’re always bragging about. You open cunt factory.”

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…and Nefertiti knew Cleopatra.” Roxy snapped nudging Xinn with her heel.

“Now tell us what’s wrong with ya.”

Xinn sighed and sat out to explain to her friends what was really bothering her.

“All right, you guys know that Gabe and the girls are coming home tomorrow. While we were having our drinking bash, I proposed to Gabe.” Praises raised from around the room.

“ZZZZZZZZZIP,” Xinn said clinching her fingers together and briskly dragging then across an invisible mouth. All she was concerned with now was how in the hell was she going propose again. And how in the hell was she going to make it romantic.

“Anyhow she said, “yes.” Praises raised from the room again. Xinn waved her hands about in an infuriated gesture.

“Would you Shits let me finish?” She said giving each of her friends a menacing glare.

“Lack of pussy make you…”

“I promise you Macy,” Xinn interjected.

“It is soooo detrimental to your health that you don’t finish that phrase. Else I’ll be forced to tie your tongue around your neck.” Xinn finished with a meaningful growl.

“Uh…Uh…Uh…KISSMYASS,” Macy said enacting a well needed sneeze, before respectfully turning the floor back over to Xinn.

“Any way,” Xinn said rolling her eyes. “She wants me to do it again. Only this time I have to be romantic. The thing is that I can’t come up with anything that isn’t flashy.”

“Xinn, romance within itself is flashy.” Amber said with sparkling eyes.

“Romance is the shutters to a person’s heart. And behind it cradles the light that lies within. “Love is a scent, an emotion, a tear, a touch. It is the very thing that prompts the stars to twinkle at night. It is the very core of how and why we exist. In romancing your wife. There is no difference. You want her to smell, feel, embrace and sample what your love should mean to her. You want it to manifest inside her and BREAK free like a rainbow that appears after a long hard rain. You want her emotions to pour over her face like the quenching showers of a summer’s downpour. You want your love to flow in and about her soul like the gentle ties of the ocean’s waters. You want that woman to continuously say, even in her sleep…give it to one more time.”

“Uh…Excuse me Amber, but uh.. I think I’m getting rather excited here,” Stacy interrupted casually. “Could you just get to the point.”

“Hay…speak for yourself,” Roxy popped. “I kinda like that poetic shit. Go on Amber. Do it to me one more time. That’s where you were.”

Amber chuckled cutely and promised Roxy that if it was okay with Rachel, she would share some more of her thoughts later. But right now they had to help Xinn kick these Love Jones. So that she could finesse her woman.

“Now Xinn,” Amber coached softly. “I want you to close your eyes and vision Gabe in the one place, in this whole world, that she’d rather be…and only with you.”

“Xinn sat staring into Amber’s eyes.” Now she knew exactly why Rachel would kill for her. Amber was full of love…just like her Gabe.

“Well…what’s the problem?” Amber asked popping her fingers to get Xinn’s attention.

“Rachel,” Xinn uttered looking over at her friend. “Now I see why you were so desperate to get back to her after questioning Candy. If there were another Copy of me out there I’d want to make damn sure that I’d keep her close to me. Amber compliments you. More than your dumb ass will ever know. You are truly a lucky woman.” Xinn finished glancing back over at Amber with a smile.

“Why, Damn Xinn I think that is the first compliment you have ever paid me. I’m rather fucking touched. Thank you.”

Xinn growled, gave Rachel da finger and did as Amber asked. Immediately her mind took her to Gabe’s favorite place. As the sun set in the corner of her eyes she saw it’s greatness pour out over the gentle waves of the sea. Xinn eyes popped opened and she leaped to her feet yelling.

“I GOT IT. I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING TO PROPOSE.” She shouted before revealing to her friends the place. Rachel and Amber recalled the place very well. Amber silently chuckled to herself as she remembered picking the thistles out of Rachel’s backside. On their way back to the car, Rachel had missed her footing and fell ass first in a briar patch full of thistles. She wasn’t a happy person and all night long Amber found herself having to coach Rachel back to sleep with supportive coos after her waking up abruptly during the night and cursing Xinn’s name.

The meetings with the executives were more than successful. They were so impressed by Gabe’s presentation and designs that they immediately ordered aggressive marketing and manufacturing for the merchandise. The girls were ecstatic about the news so all the way home, they were drinking every margarita they could name. Needless, to say when the plane landed, they were so ripped that they had to lean up against each other to hold their balance. Good thing a driver was already in place, otherwise they would have to have an airport attendant to call home for ‘em.

“Miss Smith,” the chauffeur called out to the disoriented group. Heads turned and brows furrowed, and everyone in the group looked totally confused.

“Oh Gabe, Gabe…that’s you.” Rhonda said patting Gabe on her head.

“Yeah, yeah, YEAH! That’s me,” She said pausing to check out the woman’s attire a little bit closer.

“Are you a driver or something?”

The driver smiled and offered Gabe her hand.

“My name is Koronah. And I have been asked to escort you and your friends to a very special spot. I have the car right out side. Shall we get started?” She retorted elegantly while turning to face the exit. She then thread Gabe’s arm around hers and waited till the others followed suit.

<Miss Xinn is going to be more than surprised to know that her wife to be got off the plane blasted as hell. > The driver thought looking down at Gabe and giving her a courteous smile. Gabe gave the woman a curious glance before nudging her head for the woman to proceed.
Exiting the Airport…

“GADDAMN,” Rhonda said with a gasped while staring out at the snow white Rolls Royce Limousine parked just outside the doors.

“Hold up…Hold up.” Gabe said, squinting her eyes a few times trying to get them to focus.

“Did you order that?” She asked looking dumbfounded over at Rhonda. “Hay…our company is into style. Just not that kind of style.”

“Well, that’s not your ordinary limousine. Who ordered it? I want to know who has that kind of money and how much is she paying you.” Gabe spat glancing up at the driver with frowning.

As of right now, she hadn’t told Xinn about the success of her clothesline. So the ordering of a very expensive car to cart her and her blasted friends into town was not warranted.

“Miss Smith,” the driver said opening the door and assisting each of the ladies inside.

“Some times having things of luxury is not about money. It’s whom you know. It is a pleasure meeting you ladies and certainly an honor to escort you to your partners, which we will arrive very shortly. I have prepared the bar and drinks. You have a TV, CD Player, Cassette Player and Cellular phone all at your convenience. Please feel free to look around, check out what you are curious about and enjoy the ride. If you should need anything, please contact me on the intercom outlets on both sides of the back seat. Once again I will encourage you ladies to enjoy yourselves.” With that final word the driver casually closed the door and reclaimed her position in the driver’s seat.

“Who in the hell do OUR women know that can give you services like this?” Rhonda whispered fiddling with the intercom button.

“I don’t know, but I am sure going to ask when we see them. But right now…psssst, I’m fixin’ to shake down this bar.” Angela said reaching in and pulling out some Chivas Regal and a few glasses.

“Well,” Gabe started with mischievous dancing eyebrows.

“She did say enjoy yourselves…Ladies,” Gabe said pointing her nose and acting like a woman of high Society.

“Gabe,” Giggles and snorts for every one in the group…”You are one in a million. I have got to give ya that.” Angel said with a chuckle.

“Yeah…Yeah, now give me some of that drink. OH MY GOSH…SHE HAS COGNAC IN THERE. GIVE ME SOME OF THAT.” Gabe ordered rocking her glass about.

“Coming up, Boss Lady.”

“Aw…you don’t have to call me boss lady.” Gabe said tossing her hair back off her shoulders and crossing her legs.

“Call me…HBIC…Or in layman terms, Head Bitch in Charge.”

The Car roared with laughter. Gabe was playing the part to the hilt. (Can we say don’t touch her…she’s hot.)

“You see I found out after talking with some of Jonah’s girls that bitch doesn’t mean you’re a skank any more. In this Generation, it NOW means that you are the Ho’ who has all the props.” Gabe said with a giggle and taking a sip of her Cognac.

“Well, I believe the ho’ part is right.” Angela said muffling her giggle. She never expected that hard ass kick to the Shin that Gabe gave her after making that little grumbling statement.

“Ouch…You bitch.” Angela whined with a smile and rubbing her injured leg.

After dispensing her rather satisfying chastisement Gabe turned slowly in the seat and stared hypnotically out the window. The driver was taking the scenic route. Everything was so healthy, so green, and so…breathtaking.

“Look guys. Check this out. Everything is so beautiful.”

Everyone slid right up under her and stared out at what she was looking at.

“It is beautiful,” Rhonda said pulling her friends close and reveling in the comfort of sisterhood they were sharing at that moment.

“Do y’all think we should stop drinking now?” Rhonda asked still staring out the window. Waiting to hear her friends’ response. She knew she was way beyond the stage of Mellow. And she was hoping like hell that someone would say let’s stop. Otherwise, she could be considered an alcoholic. She would drink, drink, drink until she passed out.

“Yeah,” Gabe sighed guzzling the remainder of her drink down.

“If wherever we are heading, I get out of this car drunk as a skunk, Xinn will instantly get on my ass. And I don’ t want that. Well, I do.” She said with a chuckle. “But not that way. I haven’t seen my baby in two days so all I want is some powerful loving. Not my fiancé going berserk because I drank too much.”

“Good idea.” Rhonda said finishing off her drink and giving Angela back her glass.

“Yeah, that goes for me too.” Angel said taking her final drink and handing her sister the glass.

“So we’re all in agreement.” Angela said tidying up the area and leaning back to chill.

“Lets get a few winks in before we get to our final destination.” The chauffeur smiled at the huddling women. They were all leaning against each other so cutely. And they were all propped up on Gabe in the corner. Little did she know, but they were all in for a big surprise when they did show up at the shore.

Quietly the chauffeur picked up her cellular phone and paged Xinn. Within seconds Xinn returned the driver’s page.

“Koronah…w’ats up?”

“Hay Xinn…I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be about an hour off schedule.


“Calm down the ladies are fine. They’re just a little bit more than tipsy. I’m going to give them another hour to sleep it off before heading toward you guys.”

Xinn turned slowly around to look at Roxy with a raised eyebrow.

“So…you are telling me that MY SOON to be WIFE…ALONG WITH HER FRIENDS ARE DRUNK?”

“I wouldn’t say drunk. But I would say that they are waaay too happy to stand up on their own.” The driver said with a chuckle.

“Alright Koronah, an hour it is. It will give us more time to get comfortable with what we have to do. Oh yeah…and thanks for this bit of information. My wife and I will discuss the do’s and don’ts of drinking while on airplanes and in strange limo’s later.” The driver chuckled and bid Xinn goodbye.
A little over an hour later…

As promised the driver drove around for another hour. Allowing the ladies time to at least sleep off some of the alcohol they’d consumed. Before pulling up to their final destination, the driver woke the women and suggested that they tidied up a bit before coming to their final stop.

“Oh…My…God,” Gabe panted while laying her hands up against the window.

It donned on her right then what was the reason why they were riding in the best car ever made. Xinn was going to do it again.

“OH MY GOD,” She screamed jumping up and down in her seat. Rhonda, Angel and Angela didn’t know if they should be happy or should they check the nearest exit.


“Oh my gosh,” Angela gasped while looking down at her caressing hands there was drifting unconsciously over the crush upholstery of the limo.

“Xinn’s going to do it.”

“Oh my gosh…GABE…DO YOU THINK SHE’S GOING TO PROPOSE AGAIN.” The girls asked with a scream.

Gabe heartily shook her head up and down as tears build in her eyes and her trembling hands came up to her face to cover her quivering lips.

“Awwwww Gabe.” The girls said softly with joyous smiles while sliding in closer to Gabe.

“Oh my gosh,” Gabe mumbled as she started to cry and rock.

“It’s okay Gabe. This is going to be great. Now I want you to straightened up girl.” Rhonda said pushing Gabe slightly back and wiping the tears from her eyes.

“She’s going to do it.” Gabe whispered, amazed by the mere thought.

“Yes…and you, Miss Bitch,” Rhonda said getting giggles from all around.

“You are going to be ready. Girls let’s fix her up.”

Koronah circled around the block again to give ‘em a little more time before stopping at their final destination…Gabe’s secret spot on the other side of Make Out Mountain. The chauffeur slid gracefully from her seat and quickly made it over to Gabe’s side of the car and opened the door.

“Oh…Oh…” Gabe said flagging her hands about as if they were on fire.

“How do I look? Am I okay? My eyes aren’t red are they?” She asked with a worried look on her face.

“You look beautiful,” Rhonda returned with a smile.

“Now let’s get out of here and see what your woman has in store for you.”

Gabe allowed Koronah to help her out of the limo and the minute both of her feet hit the ground soft music dropped down on the turntable. Gabe looked around at Jonah as she gave her an honorable nod before turning her attention back to her skillets. As Gabe stepped off onto a carpet runway, the songwriter and composer TYRESE stepped out from behind the tree. Singing his famous love ballad, “Sweet Lady.”

With the slickness of a mack daddy, he walked up to Gabe and held out his hand.

“Oh my God, You’re Tyrese.” Gabe panted in amazement.

Tyrese gave Xinn’s baby a wink before offering her his arm. Setting down a casual love stroll, Tyrese led the misses to be further up the carpeted isle. Serenading her with the sweetness.

As the sun started her descent, Xinn stepped right out onto her path with an outfit Gabe designed for her long time ago, but Xinn refused to wear it. Her reason was it looked like a store bought whore jumper. Gabe felt faint when she laid eyes on her soon to be wife. The sun embraced her image in a softness Gabe loved to watch. The rays seem to hyphenate Xinn’s magnificence. And the body fitting leather-jumped suit with laced sidings wasn’t bad either. Xinn was showing more skin than a meat market. (Can we say, how much for the whole thing? Author’s bid up:)

Gabe smiled at the marvel of greatness her baby was. The V shaped laced collar compliment her bulging torso with style and poise. As Xinn sauntered to the end of the runway Gabe had to think that Roxy had a hand in her dressing. The Granny pointed toes ankle boots complimented the entire outfit. And her hair, oh lord Xinn’s hair was the shiniest Gabe had ever seen it. The gentle winds played in and about it. Sweeping it, oh so sexily about her shoulders and bustline. Gabe couldn’t keep from thanking the creator for giving her a partner with a body like that. She was nothing short of perfect.

Tyrese led Gabe up to her partner and as Xinn took Gabe’s hand he broke down in to his “Do it hit…” “Com’on and taste my love.”

Xinn pulled Gabe close and led her to the edge of where they sat for the first time watching the sunset. Ever so tenderly Xinn slid Gabe down to the front of her and wrapped her arms cozily around her shoulders. It was then that she began to speak.

“This was the first place Gabe that I realized that I never wanted to be without you. This was the first place that I realized that I love you more than the sun, moon and stars. When I proposed to you that night, I felt the same that I am feeling now…A lingering burning in the center of my heart. I don’t want to ever lose that. And I don’t want to ever lose you.” Elegantly Xinn slid out from around Gabe and knelt down in front of her on both knees. She then stared into Gabe’s eyes with the most humble and sincere gaze Gabe had ever known. Gracefully Xinn reached up and took both of Gabe’s in to hers and softly kissed the back of each of them. Once more she looked up and with stars in her eyes and bared her soul.

“I don’t want to live another day with out you Gabe. Will you be my wife?” At least that was what Gabe thought she heard before she passed out cold.

“HAHAHAHAHA,” Roxy cackled before rushing over and placing a chair right down in front of Xinn and Gabe.

“Damn baby girl…You have some powerful shit. Now, I’ve seen women pass out at their wedding, but never at their engagement fling.” Roxy said still chuckling. It didn’t take any time for Xinn to wake Gabe up and when she did, Gabe was screaming, “YES, YES, YES,” over and over again. After Xinn placed the diamond on her finger that made others flinch from the size, she cried for a solid hour.

Unbeknownst to Xinn, her real mother was there. Momma had invited her. Feeling that this would be the perfect time for mother and daughter to bond again. It was time. It took some selling, but Momma and Cy were like sisters and it wasn’t anything that Momma didn’t ask of Cy that she wouldn’t try to do. As the shindig progressed Cy finally revealed herself. Right in the middle of Xinn and Gabe’s dance. Xinn spun Gabe out and Cy jumped in and caught her. At first Xinn was blindly surprised. But as she watched her mother dance away with her wife to be, she placed her hands on her hips and just smiled.

“She’s beautiful Xinn.” Cy’s partner said stepping up beside Xinn.

“Yessss,” Xinn returned softly.

“And she means the world to me.”

“I know what you mean. I feel the same way about Cy.”

For the first time since Xinn embarrassed them all at her mother’s Engagement party the two women’s eyes met.

“Thank you.” Xinn said gulping hard. Memories of all the times she fought with her mother came back all at once. And she could feel her eyes filling with tears. What a fool she was.

“No need for you to thank me. She’s my wife and I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and happy.” Cy partner said pulling Xinn into a powerful one-arm hug.

“No…I wanted to thank you for forgiving me.” Xinn whispered in her other mother’s ear.

“No problem, after all I have brats of my own. However they aren’t as stubborn as you. You’re bull headed just like your mother.” Xinn couldn’t keep from laughing. She was bull headed, but what she didn’t realize was that her mother’s partner seemed a lot like Cy. She was caring, calm and controlled. Xinn got a feeling that they were simply letting her mature to the fact that things were going to happen in each of their lives. Some good some seemingly bad, but we all get over unfavorable incidents by realizing just how important those friends and relatives are to us all.

“Xinn,” Cy started heading over to the huddled pair with Gabe in tow.

“You have got to be the second luckiest woman on earth.” Cy said giving her partner a wink.

“Gabe is a lovely girl and she’s cute on top of it.” Gabe couldn’t keep from blushing. Instead she lowered her head until the coy smile left her face.

“Hello mother,” Xinn greeted pleasantly while wiping away possible tears.

“Hi baby girl,” Cy returned cheerily. Prompting the whole group to fall back cackling.

“Marty would you like to dance.” Gabe asked being cordial. Feeling the need for her partner and mother-in-law to share a little quiet time.

“Sure…Since you are the second prettiest girl here, with my wife being the first of course. I would be honored.” Cy’s partner stated giving Cy a double wink while taking Gabe’s hand.

Xinn watched as Gabe grabbed Marty’s hand and skipped off with her. Cy was feeling all emotional inside, not the kind that stemmed for anger or judgement. But rather the kind that made her heart swell with that motherly love. Her little girl was finally able to admit her love for someone other than her self. And it was beautiful to see.

She knew without a doubt that Xinn loved Roeanne and Roxy. But anyone outside of that was merely sport. Although Cy knew of Xinn’s rendezvous with supposedly the opposite sex, she knew inside Xinn wasn’t happy. Both her and her newly acquire lover’s were just out for temporary pleasure. Yet she never came home bragging about how wonderful they were. Cy did know however, that Gabe, as rotten as Xinn was to her at times, moved her daughter’s heart. Although Cy wasn’t physically there, Myrian was constantly giving her updates on Xinn’s life and what was going on in it. She predicted this would happen long time ago. Cy was just wondering how long it would take for Xinn to wake up and realize that there wasn’t going to be anyone else that would love her and treat her as Gabe did. They were soul mates and Cy knew it the moment she heard of their meeting.

“I can’t believe you are here.” Xinn whispered staring over at her mother. That was, by the way, still staring out over the huge bash Xinn, Roxy and all of their hoodlum friends had set up.

“What part do you not believe Xinn? That I still love you? Or that I would support any decision that you make in your life, especially if the change is good for you.” Xinn didn’t bother to return an answer. She knew Cy had a ways to go before concluding.

“You are my only daughter and if you think that I was going to run off and leave you then you thought wrong. Yes…I’ve always been here. And I am aware of everything that goes on with you. A good mother always is. I was reluctant at first, about coming here today, but you know Myrian. If I’da told her, “no,” she’d threatened to come over to the house and sleep with Marty and Me. And she promised to do this every night.”

“Can you imagine that. She sleeps like a psycho and she snores even worst.” Cy said with a chuckle. Xinn couldn’t keep from laughing either. They were both familiar with what it was like to sleep with Momma…hell, Roxy and Roeanne Cried whenever they had to sleep with her.

As the laughter died down, mother and daughter, for the first time since Cy’s engagement party…eyes met. Xinn couldn’t explained what came over her but what she did know was that she needed a hug from her mother. Slowly, ever so slowly, Xinn’s hands rose. Silently, beckoning her mother to her. Now what mother would give up the opportunity to hug her baby? Not Cy.

Over by the bar…
“Aw, that is soooo special,” Rachel slurred, while gazing over at Xinn and her mother embracing.

“I think I’m going to be sick with all this loving trash.”

“Hay…knock it off. You know you love that kind of stuff. You just don’t want people to think that you are sensitive. So don’t act like you ain’t.” Amber said opening Rachel’s thighs and backing her story rider up between them. Rachel wrapped her arms around Amber and made little cooing sounds as she gently rubbed her suzy up against her baby, “Back d’at thang up,” backside.
Several hills away from the gathering…
Unbeknownst by any of the occupants they were being watched…by whom other than Xinn’s secret admirer. Although she wasn’t a secret any longer, she’d speculated, since Candy was missing, that someone would know of her. Silently her lengthy probe of Xinn spanned out over the crowd. Suddenly the binoculars fell from her hands and a surprised squeak tore from her lips. Quickly she pulled up the binoculars again and took another look. She stood staring at the figure. Still not believing what her eyes were seeing.

The stranger watched as Rachel smooched and discreetly fondled Amber, mindless of anything that may have seemed suspicious. She’d hadn’t noticed this woman during the whole time she’d been tracking Xinn. Nor, did she even realize that the woman looked exactly like her.

“What the fuck?” The stranger said in a huffed before snatching the binoculars from her eyes once more. She then set off an agitated pace. All sorts of thoughts roamed through her mind. Where in the fuck did she come from and why hadn’t she noticed her before? She really had to get her shit together now. Candy was gone. Supposedly she was picked up in a limousine and no one has heard from her again. If she wasn’t dead, that meant she was probably somewhere, even with the police, singing to anyone that would listen about their involvement.

There was no way she was going to be able to take Xinn like she did the rest of the victims. The word was sure to get out to the police and they would certainly be casing out the parking lots and dark areas around Gay Town now. No…What she would have to do is take Xinn where no one would expect it to take place. Meanwhile the killer picked the binoculars back up and directed her attention back toward Rachel.

<Who is this bitch and why does she look like me? > The suspect thought. Finally, the stalker decided that she had to get a closer look. She had to find out if this woman wasn’t in fact a figment of her imagination or she was made up to look like that.

Back at the Shin dig…

“Uh…Oh shit…I gotta piss.” Rachel stated before nudging Amber out of her lap.

“I’ll be right back.”

Rachel stumbled from the seat in an attempt to stand up.

“Baby, are you alright?” Amber asked with concerned eyes. Rachel yanked her to her and gave her a rough kiss before ensuring her partner that she would be fine. She was just going to the outdoor potty. If anything scared her, she would scream. Amber whacked Rachel on her firm buttocks and shoved her on her way.

“HAY, where are you going Missy?” Xinn asked holding her mother under her arm and staring over at her friend.

“I’m going to the piss house. Do you want to go with me? I don’ t think Gabe would like that.” Rachel joked stumbling over an invisible tree stump.

“Well you better hurry back or I’m going to come in there and get you.” Xinn returned sternly before dismissing her friend with a wave.

“I didn’t think so.” Rachel mumbled continuing on her way.

After taking care of her business Rachel opened the door and what did she see? A woodsman style copy of her self. Rachel briskly rubbed her eyes. But the image didn’t disappear. Fear instantly gripped her. <What the fuck was she doing here? > Rachel thought reaching for her piece. The suspect anticipated her mood. Stealthily she grabbed both of Rachel’s hands and yanked them forcefully out over her sides before boorishly head butting her. Rachel fought against the affects of the blow as long as she could. But in the end the thump proved harder and more exact than she calculated. Rachel’s eyes reluctantly fluttered shut and her body fell limply to the ground without so much as a whimper.
Back at the party…

“Bartender, make me another Zombie.” Amber ordered knocking on the counter of the portable bar they had set up.

“Just sit it right there when you’re through. I’m going to check on Rachel.”

What she didn’t expect was that their suspect was in the middle of undressing her partner. Examining her body thoroughly for identical markings. There was no way in hell that she could have a sister. She had brothers and sisters, but none of them looked like this woman…or her. The stranger heard Amber approach but she was coming too fast for her to break and run. The sudden dash would surely draw others attention to her. So she had to come up with some kind of distraction.

Amber yelled something over her shoulder to a few of her opinionated friend’s before turning her head back around to catch the disrobing at hand. Unsure of what she should do, Amber broke out running back toward the party. Just as she started to scream, a dagger caught her right above her left shoulder blade.

Gabe turned around while still talking to Marty just in time to see Amber tumble to the ground. Not knowing what to do, Gabe screamed. Xinn instantly heard it and looked into the direction that Gabe was. Quickly she made it over to Amber. Right about the same time that Gabe got there. With the eyes of an eagle, they both scanned the area but all they saw was a partially naked disoriented Rachel, who was still trying to sit up.

“I’m going in for a closer look.” Gabe said, moving from her kneeling position and pulling up her skirt to reveal her piece.

“No…You’re not.” Xinn said reaching and snatching Gabe back down over Amber.

“You stay here and apply pressure to her wound.” Xinn then pulled a handkerchief from Jonah’s pocket to remove the dagger in Amber’s back. Gently Xinn took a hold of the handle and as painless as possible pulled the knife out. Amber body went rigid as groans of anguished filtered from her clinched lips. She could feel the blood ooze from the wound, which brought more tears to her eyes. .


“But nothing,” Xinn said to Gabe with fixed eyes.

“Stay here.”

“Give me a piece,” Xinn ordered looking around at Jonah and NR’s gang members. Guns popped out from everywhere.

“Damn,” Roxy said pulling Rhonda close.

“Think we have enough toys to play with?”

“You can never have enough, sistah girl.” NR returned with a wink while pulling out her piece and handing it to Xinn. Xinn took it and ordered the others to put theirs back while she went in closer to check Rachel. Meanwhile, Momma had called the Ambulance for Amber and quiet things down further.

Rachel seemed to be all right when Xinn got up on her except for that third eye that was forming right in the middle of her head. <Damn she must’ve tried to knock her brains out. > Xinn thought as she observed the misplacement of Rachel’s clothing.

What she also noticed was that the suspect had started cutting Rachel’s hair. <Now why…would she do that? Aw…trying to make things a little harder for people to distinguish the difference between Rachel and yourself huh? > Xinn thought with furrowed brows.

Rachel’s blouse had been cut opened and her pants had been slit down the back. What the Captain didn’t tell them was that Rachel had a strawberry birthmark right above her right nipple. The killer was looking for identical marks on Rachel’s body to compare to her own. Now that she knew of Rachel’s existence, they were all edging toward the seat of danger. If she was there that means that she was aware of all of Xinn’s friends now.

“Is she okay?” Silia asked looking over the wooded area again before looking down at Rachel.

“Oh shit…she’s cut her hair and…And she knows that Rachel is identical to her in every way except the misplaced birthmarks. What the fuck are we getting into Xinn? This bitch is going to focus on probably rubbing Rachel out now. So that she could take her place. We have to get this bitch…What the fuck are you thinking whore?” Silia rumbled casing the area again, but this time with urgency in her gaze. Xinn could hear the apprehension rise in her friend’s voice. Silia feared for them all now, and Xinn recognized it.

“Calm down Silia.” Xinn said reaching up to give her friend’s hand a yank.

“We have to keep focused. If we go off in left field, she is going to run circles around us. Now I want you to take a few of Jonah’s and NR’s girls and searched this whole area. They are looking for any thing that she may have dropped on her abrupt departure. By now she probably knows that the police will be looking for her. Her usual contact has been taken off the street so there’s no one remaining, out here in her little sick orgy of death, but her. And it is there where we will confiscate her crazy ass. Now go.” Xinn said slapping Silia on the thigh before helping Rachel up.

“No…No…NOOOO!” The stalker exclaimed banging her hand against the steering wheel while speeding back into town.

“You are not going to mess up my plans to have my lover once again. I won’t let you. That bitch Candy…I’ll kill her.” Suddenly, the stranger had a thought. The mistress of Gay town was at her disposal as well. Maybe that party she talked about the last time she was there banging her brains out, would be the place that she could finally lay hands on her vision of loveliness.

Strange, the suspect always wondered why the Mistress of gay town acted as if she knew her. The stranger never met the woman before that night she was out driving and trying to hold back the dreams. She often wondered why the Ho’ always act as if she knew all about her. Where did she get such an idea? The suspect was sure that prior to meeting the woman that night in front of a liquor store in town she’d never seen her before.

The offender remembered exactly what occurred on that very night. She was sitting right at the corner by the store counting her fares for the night. When she saw a limousine pull up to a Liquor store. The second she laid eyes on the woman, she knew she wanted to check her out. So as soon as the woman stepped into the store, the suspect tore from the car. Whilst in the store she began to check out the honey a little closer. She was fine and extremely scrumptious to the eyes. So in a final act of desperation for companionship, she confronted the woman. As she stood in front of one of the many stands of liquor in the back of the store.

“I never figured a girl like you to be in this neighborhood less known come into one of these stores.” The suspect remembered stated with a crooked smile.

The Mistress turned and gazed disgustedly at the suspect. As if she was smelling of shit or something much worst.

“Do you know me…If not beat it.” She stated as if her ass ruled the world. The suspect remembered grabbing the mistress by her hair and dragging her down to the floor with her hand over her mouth.

“You’re a smart bitch huh? Let’s see how smart you are when I get through with you.” The stalker remembered it as if it was yesterday. As she forced the mistress down upon the floor onto her stomach, while still clamping her mouth shut and forcing her legs open from behind. The mistress seemed to struggle at first. But the stalker quickly remedied that when she grabbed both of her hands and forced each of them down under their bodies. From there on her assault upon the mistress was rather enjoyable. A smile came to the offender’s face as she recalled how wet the mistress was when she took her. Odd, during the entire thing no customers managed to drift that far back in the store. Which made it even more convenient for the stalker. At least that was what she was thinking of herself until she heard the Mistress screams of pleasure seep through her fingers. From that moment on she was able to pay the Mistress a visit whenever she desired. And each time she did, the sex got better.

Yet…She was still confused about as to why the Mistress seemed to have served her acquaintance, somewhere. Maybe it was possible that she’d seen this other duplicate and thought it was her. Either way the suspect was going to find out, just where did this woman come from.

<It is possible that the woman that looked so much like her has been in the bordello as well. Probably not…She probably messed up the Mistresses paper work at the registration office. Since the stalker did recall the mistress referring to her and something about her being a public servant. Maybe that was why the madam made a comment about a public employment.

The stalker made it back to her place…far out, by the airport in a scarce suburban area. She liked the location because even then the houses were nearly ten miles apart. No one knew of her dealings. Not even when she brought the women home and dragged them down to the basement. As appealing as it was to finally achieve her goal of capturing her love, the suspect couldn’t keep from wondering about the woman that looked exactly like her. She even had the same birthmarks in opposing areas, but no doubt in the same location as hers. No, there was something more pressing than her love life and that was to find out more about the woman that was her exact twin. And that was exactly what she intended to do.

Back at Make Out Mountain…

“Oh my God…” Rachel said finally spotting Amber. Her lover was still lying on the ground in the midst of a huge huddle that was still growing. Still throughout all the commotion Xinn and Silia were able to scrounge up some more clothes for Rachel.

“AMBER!…Oh My God…AMBER!” She screamed breaking away from Xinn’s grasp and dashing over to the forming crowd.

“GET OUT THE WAY.” She growled shoving through the faceless bodies. All she was thinking about was getting to Amber. Their friends simply ignored her panicked demeanor. Realizing that they would act to the same way if it would have happen to their partners, friends or loved ones.

“Amber…baby,” She said softly while quickly lying down beside Amber so that it would put them face to face. She immediately began to shed tears as she stared into her partner’s pain ridden eyes.

“Ra…a…Rachel,” Amber hissed in sparing pants.

“Sssssh…Don’t talk baby. I’m right here. I’m not going to leave your side again.” Rachel promised resting the palm of her hand comfortingly against Amber’s soaked cheek.

Amber continued to stare into Rachel’s eyes. Wanting to say something, but couldn’t muster up the strength to do it. Even as she stared into her partner’s tear filled eyes, she could sense the anger building up behind them. Ever so slowly she gave Rachel a weak smile. Rachel quickly returned the sentiment while scooting in closer to her lover.

“I…love…you.” Amber wheeze and then coughed.”

Rachel observed her partner closely while repeating the phrase in a loving tone. She was watching to see if Amber would spit up blood. However, she didn’t. That meant that the dagger didn’t hit anything vital.

“How is she doing?” Xinn asked sliding up behind Gabe.

“Well…I’ve slowed the bleeding down a lot. But she’s in awful pain.” Gabe returned looking over her shoulder at Xinn.

Xinn stood up and called NR and Jonah over to the side. A pretty descent ways off from the group before she started talking.

“I need to get something for her pain.”

“Xinn…are you asking us if we?”

“No…I’m asking a couple of friends to help me out. That is what I’m asking.” It was taking the ambulance a while to get there since they were way off from civilization. And Amber did seem to be in unbearable pain. NR looked around Xinn at Jonah. Who was probably thinking the same thing she was thinking. They were definitely wanting to help out but…The little stuff they did have on them was for their own personal use. They weren’t dealing…like they promised Xinn. But what would she think of them if they suddenly produced some shit that they’d promised her long ago that they wouldn’t have any more dealings with.

“Look,” Xinn said wrapping her arms around both of their necks and yanking them closer.

“I know you’re holding some stuff. Trust me. And I also know that you’re not selling it on the streets. So, I’m not going to suddenly arrest you for having your own personal stash. But we have a friend right now that needs it a lot more than you both do. So I’m asking you nicely to hand the shit over before I have to get ethnic and turn both your asses upside down and take it. Now, which way do you two prefer?” Xinn asked with a hoisted eyebrow.

“Aw…you ain’t got to get all cultural. We’ll help out. But if the shit comes up again, we won’t know what the hell you are taking about…understand?” They retorted almost simultaneously.

“Good…now hand it over.” Xinn ordered before both her hands were filled with small vials of Morphine capsules.

The ambulance arrived nearly thirty minutes later, but by that time Amber was so relaxed that she didn’t even know what day of the month it was…less known the day.

Rachel watched as the paramedics strapped a singing Amber in. She never wanted to lose Amber and she wasn’t about to do it now. Rachel ran over to the ambulance attendants and instructed them to do something before making her way back over to Xinn. There was something on her heart that she wanted to share with Xinn and now…was as good a time as any.

“Xinn,” She panted coming to a brisk halt in front of her friend.

“I want to thank you and Gabe for assessing the situation with Amber and helping her through this. But I want to tell you right here and now that we…Amber and I are not going to work on this case any longer. I won’t risk losing Amber Xinn. All this shit is just not worth it.” Rachel then turned to head back over to the Ambulance where the attendants were waiting for her.

“It’s not Amber that is persuading you to pull back from this case. You’re scared, and you just don’t want to admit it.” Xinn said calmly.

“Well GAD DAMN MY ASS,” Rachel started sarcastically.

“Behold the great Xinn has shared her wholesome wisdom with me. Well here is a news flash Xinn. You’re right, I am afraid. I’m afraid for Amber, You, Gabe, Silia and all the rest of our friends. But Amber IS my primary responsibility and I won’t fancy foot around when it comes to keeping her safe. So you think what you want. I’m out of here.”

“You know you will have to receive an official okay from the Captain to be able to withdraw from the case.” Xinn stated holding her position.

“You’re so calm, aren’t you Xinn? Well…” Rachel said with furrow brows and shifting her weight onto her left leg while resting her hands upon her hips.

“Let’s say we switch the roles a little bit. You see the Captain left way too early to experience what we all are dealing with right now. But if she was here I’m sure she would have to call in a swat team of highly qualified ninja’s to keep your ass in check if it was Gabe that was laying on that ground whimpering in pain, WITH NO DOUBT A KNIFE STUCK OUT HER BACK. There wouldn’t be a fucking punk around that couldn’t keep you from going off. I think I’m handling it pretty well. And if the Captain, after I get a chance to talk to her, refuses my request to withdraw from this case then she can have her my badge. Now…are you following me so far friend. I’m leaving now…I need to get Amber taken care of.”

Meanwhile at the Birth/Death certificate office…

“May I help you ma’am,” The desk attendant asked staring up at a nicely dressed red head.


“My twin sister and I recently found each other and…I know this sound silly, but I was wondering how would we go by getting our original birth Certificates. Obviously this one has been altered…because my sister’s record of birth isn’t on it.”

“Just a minute ma’am.” the representative said while picking up the phone and dialing her supervisor to inform the manager of the customer’s request.

The suspect observed the receptionist as her expression went from curiosity to a blank stare. She then nodded her head that she understood and said good bye.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” She said reluctantly before clearing her throat.

“I am told that if your sister’s birth is not recorded on the certificate, most likely either one of you or both of you were adopted. We would need an approval from the courts to research your request. Will there be any thing else I may help you with?” She said softly. It was obvious that the woman didn’t want any trouble.

The suspect’s first impulse was to snatch the woman up from behind her desk and choke her slowly to death. But no…there was another way. Maybe that party would be just the place to find out what she wanted to know about this duplicate of her. As a matter of fact, she would ask her, herself. She just had to know…if this woman was truly her sister.
Back to the party…
Xinn watched as Rachel jumped up in the ambulance highly upset and running her fingers through her hair. Pieces of it were still coming out from where the stranger had tried to cut it.

“Mookie,” Xinn called out to her friend.

“Do you have something that can hold Rachel hair back till she gets back from the hospital. Hopefully they won’t keep Amber long. And then you could show us what you’re learning in school.” Xinn coached with a concerned smile.

Mookie nodded her head and took off screaming after the ambulance driver. It didn’t take him long to see her. She may have been scrawny, but she was indeed fast. She was up on that ambulance before he could pull out of the area good.

“Yes Ma’am” The driver said with a quizzical frown. Probably wondering how did he get this assignment. Make out mountain was a place of chillin’ not attempted killin’s.

“Open up, I have to give my friend something.” Mookie said removing something from around her wrist that looked like a bracelet at first glance. It didn’t take her a second after that to do as Xinn had instructed. Rachel thanked her and just stared out at Xinn, which was by the way, still watching her.

They’d been through a lot together. Rachel even remembered minus the bombing, broken nose and thistles in her ass Times that her, Amber, Gabe and Xinn stood together, or rather her and Xinn, in an unsuspected stand off.

The first one was back when her sister got killed. Xinn wouldn’t eat, she wouldn’t sleep and she damn sure wasn’t listening to reasoning. All she wanted was to catch the mother frigget that shot her sister and literally kill him. Hell…but when they did find his ass he wasn’t alone. As a matter a fact he was the head delivery boy for the worst male gang in the entire city. But…Xinn didn’t give a fuck. She was wired. She chased that coward clean up into the midst of his territory, along with Gabe, Rachel and Amber, all behind her.

All the way Rachel recalls screaming, “Xinn you…are…going…to…get us…killed heifer.” As she chased behind Xinn. Xinn never turned around to look at her. Instead it made her run harder.

Just as she was close enough to the suspect, she launched at him almost knocking him down. Suddenly out of nowhere the lookouts for the gang yelled for Xinn to back up. Xinn whirled around with the struggling figure still trying to get a loose from her and growled, “Kiss…my…ass.”

Rachel recalled closing her eyes and saying, “Please God tell me she did not just say that.” After that brief prayer Rachel remembered gang members popping up from everywhere along with a swarm of firearms. Rachel yelled for Gabe and Amber to get behind an old abandoned car on bricks a ways from them. They were reluctant at first so she had to yell again. They finally complied. She then dashed over to Xinn and grabbed her from behind. Her intentions were to pull Xinn lose from the guy. But that shit didn’t work. She tugged yanked and screamed.

“Let go, you crazy heifer. If I so much as get a flesh wound, I’m going to kill yo’ ass. Let him go Xinn.” Unexpectedly Xinn gasped out in shock. Throughout their struggle one of the snipers thought he had a clear shot at the woman holding his comrade. He was wrong. The bullet caught the gang member in the chest. Each of the Gang members froze as their brother’s body went limp in Xinn’s arms. Rachel’s mouth fell open in shock after looking over Xinn’s shoulder and taking in the sight.

The guardsman threw up his hands warning the others to hold their positions. He then looked over at Xinn and Rachel, which as still by the way twisted up around each other and holding on to the dead body of their friend. Out of nowhere Xinn started chuckling. It was the most ghastly laugh she’d ever heard coming from Xinn. Then Xinn did something Rachel was sure would cause them both their lives. She heartlessly shoved the dead body onto the ground, and gave it a swift kick.

“Fuck…now look what you’ve done.” Xinn said with a snort and wiping her nose with the back of her hand. “I came…down here to kill this fucker. And look what happen. YOU fucking shot him. NOW!” Xinn yelled tossing the sides of her coat back to reveal her pieces.

Rachel remembered closing her eyes again, and praying. “Oh God, scuse me, but am I to live out my life with this crazy heifer at my side. She’s completely lost it now. But if you just get us out of this, I promise to cut down on shooting people.”

Rachel opened her eyes just in time to see the panic look on the gang member’s face. After that all hell broke loose. That crazy wanch snatched both pieces from their places and set it the fuck off. She was screaming, “Come Get some of d’is. I’m going to kill everyone of you muthers…and when I get through I going to find your momma’s and kill them too.”

Rachel smiled to herself, she just knew that that was the day they would die. But if she was going to die, she might as well have fun at it. Rachel recollects whirling around and forcing her back up against Xinn and dropping a few asses of her own. They moved around in a circle dropping ass holes like they were at the OK Corral. And they were laughing all the time they were doing it. It didn’t take them fifteen minutes to kill all of those that were brave enough to come get some of what they were handing out. And all together, neither her nor Xinn got a scratch on them.

“Bitch,” Rachel remembered saying while spinning back around to glare at Xinn.

“Are you fucking crazy?” Xinn just gave Rachel a crooked smile and said, “So how many did you get?” Rachel remembered staring a little bit longer at Xinn trying to relay her true anger. But that was before she proudly answered, “About fif-deen.”

Rachel found that when she did return from the memory that she was laughing so loud that the ambulance attendant had moved from next to her to across from her. And he was staring at her as if she had suddenly gone mad.

“You’re thinking about that night huh?” Amber said sluggishly.


“Hmmmm.” Amber cooed while closing her eyes.

“It’s good to have true friends huh?”

“Yes baby, it is.” Rachel thought pulling her cell phone from her pocket and calling Xinn.

“Yeah,” Xinn answered, knowing exactly who it was.

“Have that crazy ass Mookie meet me over to your place after the doctor fixes Amber up. I don’t want to walk around looking like a fucked up Lizzie Borden.”

“Will Do?” Xinn returned with a chuckle.

“See you in a few.” Rachel said softly.

“Bet on it.” Xinn retorted, before telling her friend every thing was going to be all right.

“Yeah…” Rachel returned.

“You just better make sure of it, because if she attempts to cut something else off my body, I’m going to kill her first, then look for you. I’m outty.” The last thing Rachel heard was Xinn cackling.

“Crazy bitch…she makes me sick.”

“Yeah,” Amber mumbled with a yawn.

“You hate her like your favorite side arm.”

Rachel rolled her eyes at her drowsy partner and thought, <You are lucky that I love you. Else, I’d throw your whining drugged up ass out of this ambulance…ass first.> With the thought finished Rachel smiled and leaned over to give her partner a tender kiss upon her lips.

“Ummm,” Amber purred.

“Hold that thought baby.” With that said it didn’t take Amber one second to fall back off to sleep and start snoring. The Ambulance attendant fell back laughing. He also told Rachel that she was a lucky woman. He assured Rachel that the wound wasn’t as bad as it looked and that Amber was going to be fine. The person that did that could have easily killed her by moving their aim down a little lower than where the dagger hit Amber. These words started Rachel to thinking. She had been in law enforcement for a long time and she came to the conclusion that the attendant was right. Her intentions weren’t to kill Amber, but to quiet her down as she made her escape. She could have easily killed Rachel too, but she didn’t…Why? The killer’s objective had changed, and Rachel knew it. Opening her phone again she dialed up her friend again.


“We have a change in plans.”

“Yeah…I was just thinking the same thing. Our suspect has a new objective.” Xinn returned.

“My sentiments exactly.” Rachel retorted. “We need to check out those files again that the Captain has been sharing with us. I’m almost sure they were sealed upon our births and if she can’t have access to them. She will go to the nearest place that she feel she can gain access to the information…and that will be…me.” Rachel said vacantly.

Xinn didn’t speak. She could hear the stifled fear in her friend’s voice. They’d seen murder every other day. But it isn’t every other day that you know that the suspect is watching you now.

“We’ll talk when you get here. Go to your place and pack some clothes for Amber and yourself. You all are going to be staying with us for the duration of this investigation.”

“You don’t have to…”

“Just do what I say and we’ll be fine.” Xinn interrupted. Stopping her friend’s statement before she could get it all out.

“I don’t care for you much, but you’re a good shot. So I need you there with me.” Xinn said with laughter in her voice. Rachel dropped down a silent grin before telling Xinn she didn’t like her much either and her and Amber are going to take her up on her offer. They may even stay after the case, just to get on her frigging nerves. Xinn chortle and told her friend she’d see her later. Rachel returned the sentiment before hanging up.
Part 16
“Finally,” Xinn said closing the door behind the couple’s last friend.

“So…I see my boo has missed me.” Gabe purred sitting back on the sofa. “But first why don’t you tell me how you came up with my enchanting engagement party, celebrities and that very expensive ride from the airport.”

“Later kitten.” Xinn said heading back over to the sofa where Gabe sat.

“First I want you to tell me how you woo-ed that executive team. Did they give you a raise right off?” Xinn asked sliding up against the arm of the sofa and patting the spot down in front of her spread legs.

Gabe smiled and quickly turned about to fit in.

“Ummm…” She moaned as Xinn arms wrapped tenderly around her and gradually squeeze. Everything that Gabe had been missing was right there in her baby’s arms. And every breath that Xinn took was like a sonnet in flight. It was love, peace, and Joy all rolled up into one.

“This feels sooo good.” Gabe mumbled contently. She then slid as far back against her partner’s body as she could. It was something about the warmth of Xinn’s body that made her feel safe…that was one of the many things that Gabe loved about Xinn…the comfort that she received when she was cradled in those mighty arms.

”I know,” Xinn whispered sweeping Gabe’s hair tenderly off her shoulder and kissing her lightly upon it. “I feel the same way.” It was strange, but Xinn noticed right away how her and Gabe were able to share synchronize thinking from the start.

“So are you going to tell me how you managed to get Tyrese to sing at our engagement party and where the Rolls Royce came from?”

“Well, Momma knew Tyrese’s mother from way back and we were talking about giving you a special entrance and momma suggested him. I didn’t know that all she had to do was put in a call and he would show up. But he did and that is how we got him. The Rolls was Roxy’s idea. She called one of her friends that owns a limousine business, told them the ride was all in the name of luvvvv,” Xinn song rocking her and Gabe from side to side briefly. “And they jumped on it. It wasn’t a publicity stunt, it was merely done out of friendship.”

“So you and your gringy hands sister didn’t spend a dime for that extravaganza?” Gabe said with a giggle.

“No…we simply have good friends. Speaking of Friends, I heard you and the girls tied one on before arriving. Just what exactly were you all celebrating?” Xinn asked curiously.

Gabe turned slowly around in Xinn’s arms and slid patiently up her body to wrap her arms around her neck. “At first we were celebrating our victory, but afterwards we just decided to enjoy the best while we had it. Our ladies sat it up for us and WE were the Bitches to be at that time.” Gabe said with a chuckle. “You see the word Bitch means I am a top notch woman these days. But you know, moments like this, me in your arms, and you holding me Tight. Is when I really feel like DA BITCH. You complete me woman.” Gabe confessed before swooping in and gently nibbling at Xinn’s lips.

The kiss bloomed slowly. Gabe moaned from the warmth and wetness of Xinn’s mouth. Unable to control the desire to have more Gabe’s tongue dipped inside. Swirling and caressing the surfaces of Xinn’s mouth with heated pants. It didn’t take much longer after that for her need to grow more audacious. Her mini hands traveled over Xinn’s body in soothing strokes. Caressing and fondling as she went. Xinn moaned and spread her legs. Needing oh so badly for Gabrielle’s touch to reach her brush fire.

“I can’t wait,” Xinn wheezed pulling back from the kiss. “I want you inside me.” With that said clothes shed and joined bodies slid down onto the carpeted in an heated embrace.

“I’ve been waiting for two days to have you.” Gabe panted. And I’m going to take more than the usual time to do it…roll over.” She whispered.

Xinn smiled and did her baby’s bidding. Gabe slithered up onto Xinn’s back and gingerly swept her golden locks slowly up and down it. Periodically she would dip in and place a series of sweet hot kisses. Ranging from Xinn’s back, thighs and wonderful ass. (Author’s note: May I have just a small bowl of w’at’cha got d’ere girl.)

Xinn was with her until her fingertips skipped past where she wanted them most. “Gabe,” Xinn panted spreading her legs further apart.

“I need you to feel me. Don’t go playing around the good stuff. I want you to rub it…Now.”

Gabe smiled triumphantly and slid down between her partner’s parted thighs and lifted up on her hips. Xinn moved up onto her all fours. Showing all that good scented stuff for her partner to see. Gabe swooped her hair onto her right shoulder, so that her hair wouldn’t serve as a distraction whilst she’s handling her business.

With slow trails of wetness, her tongue explored Xinn’s buttocks and anus. Weaving a web of uncontrollable desire and lust in both women. <Author’s note: Wonder how would that taste with a chocolate coating? Cool…Hershey’s syrup just got added to LB’s Grocery List.>

“You are driving me crazy Gabe…Please,” Xinn panted reaching for Gabe’s hand to try and force it down between her legs.

“Powwwww,” went Gabe’s hand across Xinn’s golden backside, delivering a stinging repercussion. Xinn’s first instinct was to whirl around and slam Gabe to the floor and take her shit. But in the height of her desire, she thought it best to see where this was going. Plus that slap made her hooch snap, w’it the quickness. Clit was burning like an over heated engine. She wasn’t sure if she wanted more because the shit hurt, but what she did know was that her body was blazing now and all she could think about now, was Gabe fucking her.

“I’m going to take you when I’m good and frigging ready and YOU…are going to let me, understand?” Gabe ordered slipping her fingers down through Xinn’s nether lands to rub its pulsating surface.

“Ooh,” Gabe purred, “Nice and wet.” She then dropped down onto her back and slid up in it. No instructions were given as she reached up on each side of Xinn’s body and pulled her honeysuckled patch right down onto her tongue. Nor, were they needed. Gabe knew what she want and nigh (now) she was about to get square deep in it. Xinn cried out in a longing, “Ohhhhh,” as she set her blazing bush down onto Gabe’s rigid Wine Cork and gave it a stir.

“Ooh gods…Oh baby, yesssss.” Xinn muttered while spreading her legs wider and rocking her hips in a slow circular dance. Cloaking Gabe’s face with the love honey.

Gabe slurped and plunged. Guiding Xinn’s hips like a plow over slick ice. Her tongue was working and filling Xinn’s quivering orifice with slow leisure strokes. Make that silky dome fair deed nasty and Gabe…light headed. Juices were everywhere…on her chin, nose, cheeks, lips and even her eyebrows. She was rubbing her face all in that funky stuff. <Pussy…pussy…pussy> was all she could think of as she motion for Xinn to move onto her back. She then pulled away and told Xinn she’d be right back.

Seconds later she returned wearing a sweet surprise.

“Come here,” Gabe whispered, moving a chair onto the patio where the full moon was giving off it’s peaceful light.

“I wanna watch you cum. Embraced by the moonlight.” Gabe said taking a seat and raising her right hand for Xinn to join her. Xinn sauntered over to her inventive lover and straddled her lap. She then slowly lowered her body unto her partner’s rigid member, guided by Gabe of course, until the warm vibrating tool was emerged deep inside her. Xinn growled and pushed further up against Gabe. Indicating what else she needed. Gabe’s head dipped down and locked her wet lips around Xinn’s erect captail. Sucking and Nibbling at it like a hungry babe. Xinn whimpered from the motion as Gabe’s hands grabbed a hand full of her backside and gently spread it open.

Xinn’s head fell back and she began to tremble. Each time Xinn hips rose and fell Gabe added pressure to her descending hips. Making her plunge that much gratifying. Xinn felt as if she was going out of her mind. Gabe fucking her was one thing, but her method was slow and maddening, which excited Xinn even more. She was panting and heaving as if she’d been running for days.

<It wasn’t much longer now. > Gabe thought as she increased the pressure on Xinn’s ass and deepened her plunges. She was fighting like hell to keep her sanity about her. Xinn looked beautiful in the moonlight. Her skin glistened like a silver sheet as the beads of persperation emerged over her exerting body in a mist. But as the intense hit of her clit began to sting she realized it wouldn’t be much longer before she would give up da ghost.

“You like this don’t you?” She asked in between nibbling at each of Xinn’s throbbing pleasure peaks. “You like how I my skin feels against you when I’m fucking you, don’t you?” She teased, stilling her hips. Xinn growled and forced both her hands back around the chair and pulled back hard. Gabe yelp out in a gritting shriek. “Don’t toy with me you little teasing bitch. I’ve waited for two days to be fucked by you. And now,” Xinn snarled with darken eyes. “You are going to give it to me. Do you hear me?”

“Is that right?” Gabe growled back before breaking Xinn’s hold and wrapping her arms tightly around Xinn’s waist.

“You want me to fuck you huh?” She snapped yanking down on Xinn’s hips, burying her toy deep inside her.

“Yeah, you want Gabe to whack that pussy like you’re my bitch, don’t’cha?” Gabe’s heaved shoving her wet toy deep inside Xinn again. “Well, here it is.” Gabe snapped working d’at ass like a whacked out addict. In and almost out, she drove her toy while spreading her legs so that it would open Xinn up just that much more.

“Yeah, you want me to plow that ass don’t’cha? Well here it is take it…take it…take it. Yeah…Yeah…Uh huh…what’s my name? W’ats my name?” Gabe growled violently pumping those hips and popping Xinn on her thigh while letting down some serious loving on that oozing cooch. Xinn was panting, clawing and fucking down right out of her mind.

“Oh baby…Oh baby…Ohhhhhhhhh baby…fuck me,” Xinn wheezed right before her release jumped her and sent her screaming Gabe’s name up toward the moon. It didn’t take even a second for Gabe to follow Xinn into the abyss of fulfillment. With Xinn’s tit still submerged in her mouth.

“Wow…” Xinn panted. “Now d’at was the shit.”

“Yeah,” Gabe returned unable to lift her head. Xinn’s nipple plopped out of Gabe’s mouth with her drool. “I was hitting it so hard I think my back slip.” Both women fell back laughing.

“Ummm…I have a remedy for that.” Xinn purred wrapping her arms around her soon to be wife’s neck. “Let’s do it again.”

“Okay…but next time you are doing the plowing. I rather liked it when you yanked my arms back. Wanna use the cuffs next time. We can play cops and robbers.” Gabe suggested with a chuckle.

Back in the dining room…concealed so no one could see ’em.

“Why you don’t do me like that?” Rachel murmured under her breath. “It took them two hours to do that. You never take that long. I want to be wooed before you rape me…Cave woman.”

“Ah, you wanna be wooed huh?” Amber retorted quietly.

“Com’on then…I have just the thing for you. I bought the new issue of LB’s Rhump Stories.”

“You are lying,” Rachel returned with a hunger glitter in her eyes.

“No…and if you’re a good girl, I’ll yank back on your hair real hard while popping your juicy slit.” Amber said licking her lips and wiggling her fingers.

“Girl…I can’t wait, let’s go.” Rachel said snatching a hold of Amber’s hand and tearing up the stairs.

“Get the book…get the book.” Rachel ordered, shooing Amber in the direction of the book while she closed the door. Amber tore off across the room to get the book before Rachel was through. She wanted to start reading a sample to her love before they got started.
Book Reading…
“I lead her out into the darkness,” Amber started. Her voice was low and lace with ancient passion. “Everything was quiet. Only the moon above knew of my thoughts and even then I didn’t care. I wanted to show my best friend what I really felt for her. Once she was close I grabbed her and press my body up against her while pinning her. Patiently I lowered my lips upon hers and started kissing her. I don’t know if it was the daiquiris we’d been drinking or the fact that she was married that made me so hot for her. And I probably never will know…nor did I care. All I did know was that I was so ready to fuck her.

I nudged her legs open with my feet as I continued to kiss her. My hands although trembling, found their mark. Her nice plump bulging tits. I began to fondle them. Gentle as first, but once her hands cupped my ass, my urges grew and my kneading became harder. I wanted inside her now. I slipped my right hand (coz, I’m right handed) down into her fragrant scented drawers. Aw…I can smell the scent of her wet pussy as the night breeze swooped down into her panties when I opened them and swept the aroma across and up into my nostrils.

I was three sheets to the wind and going for the gusto…deep inside my married best friend’s pussy I went. She moaned and grind against my stroking hand. Silently begging me to fuck her. I jacked her up against the tree so that her legs had no other choice but wrap around me and when they did I surged deeper inside her. She broke away from the kiss and yelled out into the night. No one heard her but me. The party was still bumping.

I’d never felt so hot in my life. My pussy was throbbing for her touch. I made up in my mind right then that we weren’t going back inside until she did. Over and over again I impel her squeezing lubricant hole. Harder and harder my thrusts began. Oh but she welcomed it. She kept whimpering, “Oh Susan…Susan…Susan…you feel sooooo good inside me. It took everything I had to not go ballistic up in it. She was hot, oily and definitely welcoming. Her hips pumped like a gyp (Female dog) in heat. Inviting the vicious fuck I was laying down on her soaked pussy.

“OHHHH…FUCK ME SUSAN…FUCK ME,” she screamed again as her back locked and her pussy gripped my fingers tightly. She trembled violently as her eyes rolled back in her head and her mind drifted into a pleasure she’d never experienced before.

“Oh my gods…I’ve never in…my life…felt like that.” She admitted, staring lustfully into my eyes.

“What does pussy taste like Susan? Let me taste you.” I had to stop what I was doing and question myself on that. The pussy-eating question that is. Was my best friend actually asking me if she could eat my pussy? Shit…it didn’t take me a heart beat to move further back in the yard where no one would see us before I shed my pants.”

“So…” Amber began placing her fingers in between the pages and closing the book. “Are you ready yet.”

“Are you crazy?” Rachel screamed. “Keep reading…I wanna hear how the house wife deals with eating pussy for the first time.”

“Oh…so that means you’re still wanting to hear more of the story.”

“Girl…don’t make me get ethnic on ya. Get’tah reading…my twat is beginning to rocking to the LB Beat.” Amber cackled and moved into the center of the bed before continuing to read. For some reason it made Rachel mad for some loving after watching her boobs bounce up and down a few times. By the time she gets to the middle of the plot, Rachel would be on her. <Let the bouncing began. > Amber thought before springing up into the air.

“After I shed my pants, I lay back in the cool grass behind the pool house and opened my legs. “Damn Susan, it’s soaked. That means it’s juicy.” She said dropping to her knees and crawling over to me. The first time her tongue stroked my clit I threatened to climax. But I held back. If my best friend wanted to eat my pussy, I wanted it to last more than a few minutes.

“Ummmm,” She purred. “This is just as good as giving head.” She then dipped her head and set down the lover’s lap. Opening my lips up and merrily sucking. “Inside,” I tell her. She followed my instructions by plowing her tongue deep inside me. I let out a most deserve scream while opening my legs wider. Her tongue plunged and dipped inside me over and over again until I yelled out her name in utter fulfillment. Gods she was good. My pussy throbbed for her to touch it. But I didn’t know how to ask her too. Without me saying a word, she dips one of her fingers inside me while latching on to my clit. Gently sucking and swirling her mouth in circular motions. Giving my pussy the ride of its life. <Oh Gods> My mind screamed. This is the best lickin’ I’ve had the entire time of my coming out. She was good and she knew it. I think she was enjoying it more than I was. A couple minutes later I cried out again. My hips rose to accept her joyful plunges as my climax seized me. I was in Heaven. If this never happen again, I at least know what it is like to be in love. I had to grab her hand and stop her. She was going in for more. <Married Women…Add to da LB List. Everybody want luvin’ like d’at>.

“Whoa baby, that’s enough.” I said with a giggle. She crouched down over me and seized my lips in a passionate kiss. It was official…I was in love with my married best friend.” Amber concluded. The minute the book hit the bed Rachel had tackled her and topped her.

“Can you eat my pussy like that?” She asked with a wanton stare.

“Open up baby, Amber’s going snorkeling.” I said with a giggle. Happily burying my tongue deep inside my baby.

The stalkers on the prowl…
“How much?” she asked the brown skinned hooker that was crouched down in the corner. Hiding from the bitter coldness of the night.

“Two hundred…” She said in a trembling voice. The killer never had any interest in being with a woman outside of her race, but after noticing her twin feeling up on her girl she thought she’d give it a try.

“Alright, let’s go.” The killer said waiting for the woman to rise to her original height. Actually, once in the light she was sorta attractive. She followed the girl into a nearby motel and the manager handed the girl the key. Noting that this was the girl’s residence as well as place of business.

Once inside the girl asked the stalker what did she want…the lube (head), the johnny (sex with a dildo), and matrimonial (one on one).

“Is the matrimonial more than two hundred?” The stalker asked with dead eyes.

The hooker tilted her head after removing her coat and just stood staring at the woman. She looked so sad, so lonely, and so empty. What could she do to change that?

“Are you always this serious. How about I fix us some drinks? What would you like?” She asked opening a hidden cabinet within the wall to reveal her little unconventional bar.

“Scotch.” The stalker returned plainly.

“Make yourself comfortable. My place isn’t much, but while you’re here you can relax. Rosie is not going to hurt you.”

The first words that came to the killer’s mind was, <I know you’re not going to hurt me. It is you that should be worried about me. > Yet for some reason the killer had no desire to harm the girl. What? Was she having a change of heart? Or was she just tired of the shadows of the pass plaguing her life. Just then flashes of her offender tore at the seams of her mind. She grabbed her head, fell to her knees and screamed.

The hooker dropped what she was doing and dashed to her side. With a concerned look upon her face, she pulled the killer up into her arms and began humming something. “Hush, little baby…don’t you cry…Sweet li’l old Rosie is standing by your side.” The killer yelled out again and clinched to the only thing that seemed to be an anchor in her mental storm…the dark skinned savior, with a soft voice of love and understanding.

Rachel’s double began to cry. Her heart hurt like she’s never known. Night after night she was abuse by the one person she thought she could trust and now here she was in some funky dive clinching for a spark of hope in the arms of a woman she knew nothing of.

“Shush…” the hooker whispered as she tightened her hold on her customer and rested her head on top of the killer’s.

“Shadows of the dark…go away. Rosie is here today. Lashes of your claws are not needed here. Bring down the light oh Lord as Rosie holds you near. A warrior of peace I am. Sworn to protect one of God’s lambs. Rest soul rest…it is simply the Lord permitting this test. A test of your faith has brought about this wraith. But you shan’t fail, Rosie will keep you upright. Shush…close your eyes and hold me tight. Listen to my heartbeat it is there to guide you back to the light.”

Violence has been a part of her from as far back as she could remember. How could one woman change the horror of her past years in one embrace? The killer couldn’t explain it but what she did know was that Rosie seemed to have a motherly touch. Something she should have been given, way back, when she was a child.

For some reason the murderer felt compelled to feel the hooker touch her. She roughly broke Rosie’s hold and violently seized her lips in a painful kiss. The call girl squealed from the brashness. Her client obviously didn’t grow up in a convent. And her desire for gentle love was foreign as well.

“Ease up baby,” the hooker said breaking the woman’s powerful hold. “You don’t have to lame me to get some tenderness.” The murderer growled and broke the woman’s hold before trying to kiss her again. The hooker tucked and rolled away from her before swiftly regaining her footing.

“There is certainly something troubling you, but Rosie didn’t do it. All I want to do is be with you. To show you that there can be pleasure in patience and gentleness. Somewhere in a dark time, someone touch you in a way that they shouldn’t have. But I promise you…tonight will not be like that. Where there is pain Rosie wants to wipe it away with a gentle caress, where there is anger I want to place peace. Where there is…”

“Stall it with the preaching and let’s get down to the fucking. Do you think I came in here to find religion? HELL NO…All I want is for you to fuck my brains out. And if you do not do a reasonable job then…I’ll kill your happy go lucky ass. Do you hear me bitch?” the killer panted with a stir of emotions written all over her face.

“Then take your clothes off.” The hooker said turning to the dresser and removing her love gadget.

“Get up on the bed and spread your legs.” The killer tilted her head and pondered on just what the heck just happen. One minute the hooker is the Almighty’s number one Arc Angel and now she’s a straight up business. <What happen to the honorable warrior that prayed for strength to protect me? What happen(happened) to the compassion? > The stalker thought.

“Aw…so now you’re just going to fuck me. What happen to that Rosie, who chased away the evil with the chant you did earlier. You’re just like every other whore that fucks for money. And I really thought all that shit you were saying was true. Keep the money…I’m leaving.”

“So full of anger. What happen to you to make you so bitter?”

“I’LL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED. THE ONE WOMAN THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO LOVE ME ABOVE ALL EARTHLY THINGS USED ME AS HER S&M TOY…OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. YES I’M FILLED WITH ANGER AND I HAVE EVERY REASON TO BE.” The murderer shouted. The hooker watched as she gathered her clothes and prepared to leave. She among every one else sure needed some kindness. Satan had singed her heart and Rosie wasn’t about to let her leave thinking that everyone was just out to abuse her.

“Stay with me tonight.” Rosie said softly.

“What…so that you too can fuck me and have an ulterior motive behind it. <Author’s note: Say it ain’t so. Do people really do that? I’m a witness.>

“I have no ulterior motive.” <Author’s note: No, say it ain’t so. Are there really people in this world that feels that way? I’m a witness.>

“I want you to stay because everyone needs somebody and right now…I think we both need each other. You are not the only one that was abused as a child. One of the main reasons why I took to hooking was to get enough money together to leave the very people that hurt me. I was abuse by my father and brothers. Can you imagine being a sex toy for your father and brothers when they couldn’t get women to give them what they desired? You aren’t a loner in the world of abuse. Many women have experienced it. There are some that cried out, then there are some, like us, that kept it hidden. But with the help and emotional warmth of others, we slowly began to break that cycle of wickedness. Tonight I want to share a little tenderness with you. Please…stay with me. And if only for once in your life, I want you to feel as if you belong.” Rosie stated with tear filled eyes. Silently they each knew that somewhere in her little speech she was right. They both needed compassion, and what better person to receive it from than a willing partner.

The stalker lowered her head along with the things that were bundled tightly in her arm and whispered she would stay. Even she needed love. What she had with her first partner, she thought was love. But all it was was a repeat of the roughness she’d experienced while growing up. Surely if only for this moment, she could experience what true tenderness was all about. All she needed was the courage to try it.

Rosie took the stalker’s jacket and the few belongings that she had and placed them on the other side of the room. She then went about fixing their drinks and preparing a warm bath.

“Take off your clothes.” She said softly, stepping up to her new acquaintance and helping her to remove her shirt.

Shortly afterwards they were completely undressed and sipping their drinks in the warm bath.

“What’s your name Red?” The hooker asked skipping her fingers tips across the bubbles on her end of the tub.


“Ronnie…that’s a fitting name for you. It depicts strength and power in women. That’s cool.”

“And your name…is it really Rosie.”

“Yeah…that was what my mother named me before she died following my birth. I thought of changing it, but I wanted…no needed something to remind me of her. My street name is Sexy. Do you think I’m sexy?” She asked with sparkling eyes.

The stalker stared at her with empty eyes before answering.

“I think Rosie fits you. You are friendly, chirpy and adventurous. You don’t know me from Adam. I could be a killer. Yet here you are trying to make me comfortable. And as for you being sexy…I think you are extremely attractive. My sister…well someone that looks a lot like me has a beautiful girlfriend too. Her skin is a pretty shade too.”

The hooker practically jumped out of the tub in shock.

“Hold up, are you telling me that you’ve never been with a black woman?”

“No,” the woman returned with blank eyes.

“Well, that would explained why you pick me.”

“No…That doesn’t. I picked you because I thought you were cute, trying to hide from the night’s cold breeze. There were other black women that I could have chosen. But for some reason I felt drawn to you. Now, I think I know why.” The hooker took another sip from her glass before crawling to her knees and moving down to the end of the tub.

“I wanna kiss you,” she whispered lowering her full lips upon the stranger’s. The kiss was patient and soft. Ever so slowly her lips swept over Ronnie’s. Sucking and nipping at its borders while whirling her warm tongue over and in the stalker’s mouth.

“Gods this feel good,” the stranger whispered. Tilting her head slightly she opened her mouth wider. Inviting Rosie to dip deeper inside.

“You are a good kisser.” Rosie said closing her eyes and slowly inserting her tongue into her customer’s panting mouth.

Ronnie’s knuckles turned white as she clinched tightly at the tub, harnessing her usual urge to dominate her partner. Rosie was right…there was so much more to relations than agonizing pain.

With the grace of a floating feather, Rosie rained kisses all about Ronnie’s neck, shoulder and peaking nipples. It was Heaven. Urges surged through Ronnie’s body like she never felt before. Rosie’s touches were heated and gentle. Warming the cooling waters with nothing more than her expert touch and the stalker’s scorching body.

“Please,” the stalker panted in between kisses. “Touch me.”

Rosie right hand cascaded over Ronnie’s trembling body. Seeking the hive that controlled her passion. Once her fingers were there, they slipped through the ripples of the waters and over her throbbing need.

“Oh baby yes…touch me…just…like that.” Ronnie panted as her eyes closed and her head drifted back. Rosie kissed her once more on the lips before taking a deep breath and submerging the waters. Her lips closed tenderly around Ronnie’s capital as her tongue caressed it’s rigid form from below.

Ronnie’s first instinct was to grab a hold of Rosie’s head and hold it in place until she got off. But that would be barbaric and for this night, she didn’t want to be that. She wanted to feel what true affection was like.

Time went by and hours of passion ticked with the hands of time as both Ronnie and Rosie took turns making love to each other. When they were finally too exhausted to go on, Rosie pulled a weeping Ronnie into her arms and sang her to sleep. It was one of the most precious of moments the stalker had ever had. Before closing her eyes to finally go to sleep, she told Rosie that she was the devil and that she had done bad things. Things that others would never find forgiveness for in their hearts. Once again Rosie shushed her and told her tonight was a time for reflections of peace. They weren’t going to end their wonderful evening with negative thoughts. What will be…will be. Neither of them would ever be able to control fate.
Cell Block nine…
The Captain quietly made her way down to Candy’s cell. She didn’t know why, but for some reason she was attracted to the girl. And after observing her behavior in the interrogation room, the Captain felt the hooker could use a friend right about now.

“Open.” She instructed the guard on duty. A click of the button opened the cell.

“Aw Captain, You’re back. What kind of information are you wanting to extract from me now?” The girl asked with candid eyes.

“I didn’t come to interrogate you. I came…because I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

The girl leaned back chuckling. “The Captain over the investigation department in the 52nd precinct want to see how Candy, a prisoner in her jail cell, was doing. Com’on Captain even I find that difficult to stomach. You’re attracted to me aren’t you?”

“I think you are a very intelligent woman. And I think your involvement in this case was simply a bad call on your part. I’ve been checking your record and what you try so hard to conceal is that you are a very bright woman…Miss Howell.”

Candy’s eyes searched nervously from cell to cell, secretly asking herself, had anyone noticed the Captain calling her by her true name.

“Yes, I know quite a bit about you, Katrina Howell. That was your name before you got hooked on drugs and prostitution wasn’t it? AND, you were one of the most well known kindergarten teachers in Nebraska. You’re a long way from home Candy. What happened? The friends leave after they got you hooked and ruin your career? Showing up to school stoned could and did wind up a disaster for you, didn’t it? What went wrong Candy? Couldn’t take the pressure of popularity? Or did you find after a while, that your promiscuous ways wasn’t quite becoming of a lady and teacher? Or maybe it was that gang rape that your so-called friends pulled on you? You remember that night, don’t you, that night the janitor saw them toss you out of a speeding car right outside of the school? So that the world could gawk upon one of the finest teachers, that ever receive an award for her exemplary endeavors, in disgust.”

“Stop it…please…stop it,” Candy pleaded softly.

“I am no longer Miss Howell and nor could I ever go back to that life again.”

“Yes…you can.” The Captain said, taking a seat on the girl’s cot and patting the place beside her.

“I can help you if you let me. No…You won’t go back to teaching kindergarten, but I can put in a good word at the local University about you receiving an opportunity at your Masters in teaching. All I ask is that you give me a chance. Just give me a chance to try and help you. Whoring is not for you. You and I both know that. You are so much more than you reveal Candy and I want to help you be that person you used to be.” The Captain said in a concerned cord.

Candy lowered her head and began to cry. The past, her past was so full of misery and regret. How could anyone help her get back what she lost? That night when she was violently raped changed her life forever. She figured if everyone in Nebraska thought of her as a whore, why not be one.

“I’ve been through a lot. More than YOU or anyone can imagine. I can’t go back to what I use to be. Times change and people do too.”

“Yes they do.” The captain admitted honestly. “But even when times change, most of us don’t give up. We find another way to get by. You are a survivor Candy. Living on the streets as long as you have is a sign of that. All I’m offering is a little assistance…as a friend.”

“Pssssst…Even you know how bad I am at selecting friends. What makes you so different?”

“My presence here now is a start. You’re right about me supervising one of the most talked about and awarded departments in town. But being prominent in something I am passionate about doesn’t make me any less human than anyone else that strives to right what has been wronged. Give me a chance, and if I fail you, I’ll let you walk away gracefully, without any stipulations. Do we have an agreement?” Candy stood staring at the Captain for a long time. Mentally trying to figure out why she had such an interest in her. After a while though it didn’t matter. Once again someone was offering her their hand in friendship and she wasn’t about to turn that down.

“I wanna know that you will be there with me every step of the way. I wanna know that you won’t abandon me whenever the feeling hits you. I wanna know if YOU are a woman…of your word.”

The Captain smiled and rose to her feet. “Hunnay there isn’t a guard, Sergeant, Lieutenant or prisoner for that matter in this place that can tell you that I’m not. I have offered you my friendship and all I ask is that you put forth a gallant effort. I already know that you’ve been clean of drugs for five years now. That within itself states that you are a woman of impeccable drive. Now…with the help of a few friends and YOU, we can restore the woman you once knew. If you accept my offer then we can begin on placing you back on the right path.”

“How can you do that? I’ve been fingered as an accomplice to this fruitcake of a murderer that’s loose. How can you get me out of that?”

“You’ve stated, on record that you knew nothing of this woman’s motives. Did you not? You have also stated following the first murder that she threaten your life if you didn’t continued to aid her, did you not?”


“Well even if you do get sentenced. It won’t be near bout the punishment that she will receive. Plus…with a few words from me, the court might be a little lenient. Either way…I’ll be there. I’ll even come visit you in jail until you are released. Like I said, I don’t make light of my promises and together we will see this through. Are we in agreement?”

Candy stared at the Captain for a few minutes longer before nodding her head in acceptance. “Good, I’ll see you tomorrow…with a lawyer I’ve already picked out to assist you in your defense.” The Captain said before ordering the guard to open the cell again.

“Why are you doing this?” Candy asked softly. The Captain turned slowly around and stared into the girl eyes. The stare was firm yet caring at the same time.

“I am intrigue by you Candy. I won’t lie about that. But along with that, the fact that I think you need to start trusting in others again, is what really drives me. People do care Candy and I am one of them. Consider me one of those that looked back, after discovering that you’ve lost your place and offered you her hand. There are people in this world that are concerned for those that others blindly discarded, step on or used to get where they want…and I’m one of them. Those are my reasons for helping you. None other than for you to regain what you’ve lost and for me I…get to share something very special with someone I hope will be come more than just a friend to me.

“Thank you.” Candy said softly. The Captain gave her a wink and concluded their visit.



Preparing for the costume ball…


“Gabe…” Xinn started looking down at the ruffled collared sequined gown Gabe started on before leaving Chicago. “You aren’t serious about me wearing this are you? And what kind of a super hero that you know of wears stuff like this.”

“The good witch of the North in “the Wizard of Oz,” Gabe said with furrowed brows. Sounding rather proud of her little project.

“You…have…got…to be kidding. You think I’m going as the Good Witch of the North,” Xinn quirked while placing a dainty hand on her chest. “NOT! Pull your thimble out and add some leather to this because unless it’s made of something more suitable for uno, I’m not wearing it.”

“For someone that can’t sew…you’re sho’ being cocky aren’t CHA!” Gabe huff sarcastically.

“Oh, I’m sorry baby,” Xinn said handing Gabe a glass of orange juice. “I don’t mean to be cocky. Let me try to phrase it a little bit better. Unless…it’s…made of leather…suede…eel skin, or mink…I ain’t wearing it. Now was there clear enough for you baby.”

“Ooh,” Gabe purred licking around the rim of her glass. “I love it when you are forceful. Wanna make love now?”

“Now baby…do you have to ask, com’on back to bed,” Xinn whirred sliding into place and patting the spot beside her.

Gabe sauntered over to the bed and slowly began to remove her gown when a thought came to mind. “Oh shoot, sorry baby…I can’t right now. I have to spend my, “Getting busy time,” thinking of a costume worthy of my lovely wife. I wouldn’t want her to NOTTT, wear something, that I thought of, but…she found repulsive.” Gabe stated calmly while turning to her best side and sensually bending in her knees and blowing her disappointed lover a kiss.

“Oh…you little tease, you are going to pay for that.” Xinn snapped, watching Gabe prepare to leave the room. And the outfit you make me had better be perfect. Other wise I’m never giving you any…any more.” Xinn stopped and reviewed what she just said before her head snapped up and she said. “I was just kidding on the last part, “G.” You know I’m just shittin’ you girl. Okay, Gabe…hunnay…shuggah pie. I’m just say stuff, “K,” Boo. Huh Gabe.”

Gabe didn’t bother to answer, she knew when she was ready she’d have Xinn open like a lemonade stand.


Over at Roxy’s Place…

“What’s this…I’m not going as no toxic avenger? I want to be sexy, alluring beautiful. Com’on, let’s go over to Xinn’s and have Gabe to whip us up something.”

“I can’t believe I went through the trouble of picking us out costumes and you don’t appreciate it.” Rhonda said snatching up the outfit and looking over it again.

“Well believe it Mrs. Cone head. I’m not about to wear something that makes me look like the hunch back of Notre Dame…and I still…can’t believe that people, even till this day consider him a hero…now com’on.

It wasn’t an hour later before the entire gang was over to Xinn’s house, pleading for Gabe to make them all outfits.

“Okay, if you want my baby to make you outfits?” Xinn said instantly quieting the room. “It’s going to cost ya. Cough up the green.”

“Hay…I’m your sister. I should have special priviledges. Are you going to make me pay too?”

“Make you pay, Pssssst…you are going to be the first one that I get money from. Now give it up Mrs. Sweet Pussy.” Xinn said holding out her hand.

“I’ma tell Momma and Aunt Cy on you…ya greedy bitch.”

“Wipe my ass and see if riches or shit comes out of it.” Xinn returned with a crooked grin on her face.

“Here wench…and she better have our shit ready by this evening…or else I’m going to kick your conniving little wives ass.”

“Watch it Roxy…I love you and everything, but if you fuck with my wife, it’s going to take more than a rescue unit to get my foot out of your trifling ass.” Xinn joked while finishing collecting the money from all their friends.


The fitting…

“All right, I think I have everyone’s outfit ready. Now I just need for you to try it on. Rhonda…up on the block.” Gabe instructed after issuing everyone their outfits.

“Ooh Gabe, this is sooo wicked. I’m going to be Cat Woman from the bat man movie.” Rhonda said cheerily while dancing around on the podium.

“Ouch,” she yelled. “What the fuck did you stick me for?”

“I said this is a fitting you twirling hoochie. Not show yo’ ass time.” Gabe said giving her friend a mischievous smile.


“Yo’ daddy.”

“Next.” Gabe called out.

Roxy took the stand. She was still fingering and gazing down at the outfit. Probably wondering who in the hell she was.

“Gabe…I just have to ask. Who in the hell am I?”

Gabe stepped back from her sister-in-law and smiled. “I made you, Storrrrrrm, she so sexy. And she’s a sistah,” Gabe said giving Roxy the black power sign before continuing. “Which is a highflying bonus for you, SIS-STAH.” Gabe chuckled. You said you wanted to be sexy. Well now you are.

“Oh,” Roxy said with her smiling getting bigger by the second.

“That’s a whole lot better than, THE TOXIC AVENGER.” She said audibly in Rhonda’s direction, which was falling over giggling by the way. She had hope after showing Roxy that outfit that she would suggest that Gabe make their suits. She hated shopping and what was worse, she hated shopping for costumes.


“Aw…you knew I would hate that outfit that’s why you bought it. Isn’t that right, momma’s little skanch?” Rhonda smiled ever so beautifully and fluttered her eyebrows.

“Women,” Xinn grumbled patting Roxy on the backside. “You can’t shoot ’em and you can’t kick their ass out of bed when they’re keeping you up with their loud ass snoring.”

“Hahaha.” Rhonda chuckled. “That shit is so true Xinn…so true.”

“Watch it baby, remember what’cha said this morning. Keep making remarks like that and I won’t touch ya.”

“Aw…baby,” Xinn said moving in real close to Gabe and wrapping her arms tightly around her. “You know…you…like…touching…me.” Xinn returned bending her legs and hunching against Gabe with each word. The room roared with laughter. Xinn seem to be getting into it too.

“Get…get…get away from me gladiator.” Gabe said tapping Xinn a couple of times on her bent thighs. “I’ll test your strength later. Next…”

Rayna stepped up to the stand; she was the Marvel comic hero Firestarter. She uses radiation to fly and create her fire blast from pure energy. Sophie, Rayna’s partner (the little nymphomaniac), was Rogue. She didn’t have red and white hair, but per her and other’s stories she did have the stamina to drain her partner of all her strength.

“Now Gabe, you made a good selection with Sophie’s character.” Rhonda said with a grin. “Word is she leaves Rayna drained of all her powers.” The room roared with laughter.

“Hay…I can hang you cackling trolls. My baby knows I’m the love goddess. Ain’t that right baby?” Rayna questioned with raised eyebrows.

“You sure are baby.” Sophie said lowering her head to mumble something. “And I won’t even tell them how your ass went to sleep on me only after two times this morning.” Everyone fell back laughing.

“She lying…she knows I got the shit.”

“Step back, you little coochie whipping trollop,” Macy said drowning out the cackling and shoving her way up to the podium. Gabe made her a very revealing outfit that showed every thing except her nipples, bush and tush.

“Say Gabe, why she looking all…all…all nasty?” Roxanne asked with a distorted face.

“She’s supposed to look nasty…she is the Mantra, an ancient warrior that was transported during a fight to the modern world. When he awoke, he discovered that he was in the body of a woman. And boy, was she hot…big tits, powerful thighs, long black hair and a string-line waist. What you don’t like it?” Gabe asked patting Macy on the thigh. Indicating that she was finished.

Roxy sulked for a few minutes before turning her head away from Gabe and said, “Yeah…I like it. I thought I was going to be the sexiest one out of the group. With everything showing on her body, who will look at me.”

“Awww,” Stacy sung. “It seem like somebody sucked to much titty today. You’re whining like a baby. Come here honey, let T/T Stacy burp you.”

“Burp this you twat.” Roxanne said giving her chortling friend the finger sign.

Stacy was Shadowcat, slick, black, shiny and tight in her outfit. Shadowcat mutant abilities allowed her to change the chemical makeup of her body so that she could walk through walls.

“Gabe,” Xinn said in a questioning tone, and holding up the biggest wings she’d ever seen.

“What the hell am I going to be?”

“Aw baby,” Gabe cooed sauntering over to Xinn and wrapping her arms around her waist. “You are going to be the best comic hero of all.”

“Well…Gabe,” Xinn whined. “Why couldn’t I just be Xena or Callisto or something that wears leather?”

“Because everyone in the world wants to be Xena. Dawn Star,” Gabe said pulling up a shining yellow leather ensemble that resembled nothing more than a body shirt. “Is the most Alluring DC Comic Hero I know of. She has long black hair, just like yours, strong body and wings that enables her to fly. According to the comic description, she is the fastest being alive. Now…doesn’t that sound wicked?” Gabe asked placing the outfit up against Xinn’s body and fingering it. Xinn watched the wonder in her baby’s eyes and thought, <Aw…what the hell. So the chick has wings. The glimmer in my baby’s eyes is far more valuable than looking like a complete frigging idiot. >

“Yesssss,” Xinn purred sexily…that sounds reeeeally wicked.” Everyone fell back laughing again. It wasn’t so much as how Xinn said it. It was that goofy look she had on her face while agreeing with her lover (Author’s note: Strange, everyone had been drinking since they got there. Think all of them were tilted…ninety-six degrees into the wind. I do.)

“You know what baby…I pretty much saw my self as a Wonder Woman. I thought she was sooo sexy and powerful…didn’t you?” Xinn asked sensually sauntering around Gabe while hungrily holding her gaze.

“HELL YEAH…THAT’S WHO YOU FAVOR XINN.” Stacy shouted. “I didn’t like watching TV much during my play time, but when Momma came to that door and shouted that Wonder Woman was on, I cut a bee-line through the baseball diamond heading home. I kicked a many people ass that I didn’t care for like that. When I passed them, I intentionally elbowed their asses as hard as I could. Now, I luvvved me some Wonder Woman. And whilst I was watching it. No one fucked with me. Hay Gabe, go ahead and make Xinn Wonder Woman. She’s already got the “I AM THE SHIT,” attitude.”

“Be silent, you sludge mouth wench,” Xinn said spreading her legs apart and mimicking Wonder Woman’s invincible stance. “I am da shit…and you

tunnel dweller is just jealous.””Oh,” Stacy gasped in utter shock while falling to her knees. “Please…please forgive me your high-ass.” The room echoed with laughter as Xinn scowled at her friend while heading over to the bar to set up another round of drinks.”Gabe.” Amber said looking around at everyone’s costume.

“What am I going to be?”

“Christy Love’s kid sister.” Macy joked staring up and down her friend. “That way anyone that want to could kick yo’ ass whenever they felt liked. You know the girl that’s always getting her ass tossed out a window or shoved down an elevator shaft in the show. That’ll be you.”

“Macy if you weren’t my girl’s lady, I’d hire a street roller to roll over your ass. Still your tongue, that shouldn’t be hard for you. It’s just like when you’re making love…dead.”Macy jumped to her feet with the intent of slowly choking her friend, but Rachel quickly slid up behind her lover and wrapped her arms around her. Silently telling Macy that her ass didn’t want any of that.

“Get out of my face you little pantha. Hay Gabe!” Macy shrieked, “That’s what you can make her. The DC heroine Panther like character. She destroyed an entire society with those sharp ass claws of hers.” Macy said with squint eyes.

“What do you think Amber?” Gabe asked.

“Do I get to wear a sexy outfit too?”

“Yesssss, of course you will. All of our outfits are going to be sexy. I’m going as the Banshee. I can destroy things just by screaming.”

“That’s true Gabe, but’cho ass ain’t going to be hairy like a frigging werewolf, Hahaha…but the Pantha is.” Macy said falling back onto the couch, and clawing in the air cackling.Amber quickly made it over to Gabe and slid up really, really close to her friend before inquiring if she’d have to wear fangs, a tail or anything else that was too weird to imagine on a person. Gabe told her to not listen to Macy. Even though she’d have to wear hair, it wouldn’t be that noticeable.”Noticeable,” Macy cackled. “You are going to have so much hair on yo’ ass that people are going to think that you stepped out of a time portal from the 70’s. Somebody give that girl a pick, she’s going to need it once in costume…Afro city.” The room echoed with laughter again.”Shuuuuut Up Macy.” Gabe drawled. “Next.”

Back at the Motel… “Hay, what’cha doing?” Rosie asked coming out of the bathroom. She was preparing for a day of shopping.

“Oh, just listening to a few friends as they prepare for some party.”

“Really! Let me listen.” Rosie said plopping on the bed beside her new lover and reaching for the ear piece. Rosie listened to Xinn and her friend’s joke about their outfits and other things about each other they thought were entertaining.

“Wow! How did you do this?”

“I’m a woman of many mysteries.” Ronnie said with a crooked smile. “And…I’m a woman that is capable of anything.” Rosie just tilted her head and gave her lover a confused smile before affectionately running her fingers through her hair.”I’m going to a costume party tonight at Gay Town. Would you like to come with me?” She asked Ronnie, hopping up off the bed to tidy up her clothes and gather her things.

“Uh…hold on.” She said placing the earpiece back in her ear right at the precise time.Back at Xinn’s…”Okay Gabe, we know what I’m going as. What is my sweetness going as?” Amber asked with a crinkled nose and sinful smile.”Sweetness…you’ve got to be kidding.” Macy started in again. “The woman is a Menace to Society. You should make her The Problem Child Grownup. Or Juggernaut, with the big red steal ass head.””Gabe,” Rachel started turning around to look at her friend.

“Can you make me a Callisto outfit?”

“Callisto is not a hero, she’s a terrorist.” Stacy spat.

“Exactly,” Rachel retorted with a sadistic grin. “Can you make me an outfit like hers, Gabe?” Gabe cackled and said, “Sure…one Callisto outfit coming up.”

Back at the motel…”Sure…I’ll go to the party with you.” Ronnie retorted. “Do you think we can find a Callisto suit?””Callisto…hmmm, you wanna be dangerous. I like that. Sure.” Rosie answered cheerily.”Then let’s go shopping.”

“One thing though, while we’re out we’d have to get some dye. Callisto is blonde.”

“Oh,” Ronnie paused to give the statement some thought. “Okay.” If her twin was going as Callisto she might as well get into the groove of things and look the part as well.

“Back at Xinn’s…”Hey Xinn, is Odyssey and Silia going? We haven’t heard from them?” Rhonda asked while popping appetizers into her mouth from the tray that Gabe prepared.”I don’t know. I’ll give them a call and see. Last I talked to Silia, she wasn’t quite sure as to where their relationship was headed.”

“What’ll you mean she wasn’t sure? Hell, Odyssey is fine…not fine as my baby mind you.” Stacy said smiling over at a chewing Angela. Angela rocked her head up and down acknowledging the statement before blowing her lover a kiss.”Well I’m not sure what all happen that night they were suppose to have a private dinner at Odyssey’s home, but what I do know was that Odyssey kissed her for the first time. And after that someone from the biker club called me round about three in the morning to tell me that our friend was down there and she was stoned out of her head. Plus, the regular attendees were getting kind of uncomfortable with her ranting and raving.”“I went and picked her up and she went on about she don’t know if this gay thing was for her. Further on down in the conversation she told me that Odyssey kissed her. That was how I found out what set her off. She didn’t deny that she like it, but she continued on about her not being brought up this way.”“I told her that Odyssey was an intelligent and generous woman and if she’d take the time to realize those qualities and not linger on what she think her parents and society thought, that Odyssey would probably make her happy. I also told her that it was time for her to stop playing these fucked up games and decide what she really want out of life. Did she want happiness with a partner that adored her or did she want to continued fucking men that she didn’t even know their last names, and they could care less about her? She didn’t say much after that, but she did tell me to take her back over to Odyssey’s house and that they had a lot of things to discuss.”“I called Odyssey right before pulling up in front of her place and told her that Silia wanted to come over and that she was tore up from the floor up. She wasn’t even bother bout that, all she was concerned about was were she alright. I told her yes…she was just drunk as hell. She told me to bring her home and I did. So the last thing I saw of them was Odyssey helping Silia into the house and her waving at me before she closed the door. Let me call them and see what’s up.” Xinn said turning to get the phone.”No need to call BIG SISTER, we’re here.” Silia said clearing the door with a smiling Odyssey in tow.

“My…sounding kinda bold there Sistah,” Stacy intoned with a southern slur. “You’re looking rather nimble. What’choo do, earn your fur wings.” Xinn and all their friends fell back laughing.”As a matter of fact you hunch back of skid row…I did. See the bush up over my lips?” Silia retorted with a wide smile while tweaking the imaginary hairs up over her lips.”I knew you were into unlimited sex.” Stacy said with a wink. “Congratulations you two.”

“So Gabe,” Silia said smiling down at her friend while guiding Odyssey through the mob by the hand.

“Can you make me an old fashioned Cat Woman outfit? I loved Eartha Kitts in the batman series. You know the one where they showed the printed Pows and Umph’s when they were fighting. I always wanted to play her. She was sooo sleek.””Sure…one cat woman outfit coming up.””And Odyssey what do you want to be?” Gabe asked looking around Silia to eye her friend.

“Aphrodite…The Goddess of Love.””Ooh…that sounds nasty,” Angel whirred running her tongue around the outer edges of the strawberry she was about to eat.”Uh Uh baby,” Don’t waste your time stroking that. Momma’s got something for ya to stroke.” Macy said with darting eyes, glancing sexily over at her partner then back at her crotch.

The afternoon was filled with give me this and you took my…all through the house. Several minutes before they were to be at the party, the group did their last check on their out fits. They were all looking super. (Author’s note: Can we all shout, “Help Me Super heroes…I’ve fallen and can’t get up.) Right as they were about to depart, NR and Jolan showed up ready for the party and dressed as themselves.”NR…Jolan,” Xinn began with scrutinizing eyes. “You know this is a costume party and we’re all suppose to dress up as heroes.”NR and Jolan glanced over at each other and their gang members before turning back to their friend and stating that they were dressed as heroes. They contribute most of their time to the community and not all heroes were born with super powers. Gabe wiggled out from behind her partner with a cute smile and totally agreed. Plus…they were looking sharp as hell too.”Well,” Xinn sighed shaking her head and watching Gabe move from one friend to the other. Admiring their outfits.

“I guess we are ready. But remember, this is not just a party. I want all of you to keep your eyes open. Our killer has another interest in the midst and I want all of us to watch the other’s back. If she shows up there, I don’t want anyone to take any chances. Is everyone strapped?” Coats fell back, thighs lifted and hands went behind backs, indicating that they were all packing. Good…if.””Why do we have to shoot on sight?” Rachel asked almost hesitantly.

“Surely you’re not implying that we don’t protect ourselves.” Xinn snapped turning around to glare at her friend.

“She may look like you Rachel, but something is very disturbing about this woman. She has killed people. Shall I pull out the pictures and show you those pain-ridden faces again? Shall I?” Xinn spat. Within just a few seconds Xinn’s voice had risen and her cautious demeanor changed drastically.

“No…but.””There are no buts. I understand she is your sister. But what I also understand is that she had rid families of love ones, brutally killed people and is far worse than letting off a nuclear bomb in the middle of this city. That is exactly what we should consider her as. If you see any resemblance of her, let someone know so that we can investigate it. If she shows up at that party…she’s not leaving like she came. I promise you that.” Xinn coldly stated, pushing her way through the crowd of friends that stood silently in the doorway.No one bothered to put their two cents in. Xinn wasn’t bothered with the fact that she was Rachel’s sister. Her instincts for upholding the law were now in place. And everyone knew if Rachel’s twin DID show up tonight, at THAT party, it would definitely mean her life.”Com’on let’s go.” NR said staring over at a blonde Rachel. “Hopefully, we’ll just have a good time and come home smiling…or should I say tipsy.”Rachel gave her friend a forced smile and led the rest of the Cape Crusaders out of the room in a single file. It was clear that her and Xinn was not thinking on the same level. As she followed the path created by Xinn and Gabe out of the house and into the yard, her only thoughts were…it didn’t have to necessarily end like Xinn wished it too.At the party…”Ooh…Ooh wee,” Amber sung out stomping to the beat of the music filtering out through the room.”Com’on baby let’s daaannnnce.” She said reaching for Rachel’s hand.

“Am you know I have two left feet. Ask someone else to dance.” Amber looked over her choice of friends and asked Xinn to dance with her.

“You picked Xinn to dance?” Jolan said with a chuckle. “Xinn is…” She started before looking up at her friend’s daring expression.”Xinn…Can U tap it like we do it?” She asked with a tilted head and raised arms.”I don’t know baby,” her little partner stated sliding up close to Jolan and wrapping her arms around her waist.

“You know Xinn was raised with two sistahs. She may be able to drop’it like its hot.””Hahaha…yeah, well if she can hang with…whatever the hell are you are suppose to be? It looks like a cat, but with all that fur,” Jolan said, pausing just long enough to look her friend over again before revealing what she was thinking. “You look like a werewolf or…””I’m Pantha, you slum lord renter.” The group cackled at the glaring friends.

“I told you that you were going to look lika a brown version of the coca cola bear in a bathing suit.” Macy said bending over laughing.

“Com’on Xinn, Let’s leave these rejects…uncouth ass scratchers.””Hay,” Jolan yelled out scratching her ass. “If you’ll wait, I’ll scratch yours next.” The group burst out into laughter again. Xinn turned around as Amber was dragging her to the dance floor to warn the others to keep their eyes opened as planned. Before turning back around she glance once more at Rachel. Silently issuing her a separate warning.

Rachel rolled her eyes and found other things to look upon outside of her friend’s adamant gaze.

“You know she’s not doing this to spite you.” Gabe said softly, stepping up beside her friend and looking out over the droves of people that were there.

“All I know is that it doesn’t have to end with US killing anyone. It’s true we are supposed to uphold the law. But killing someone should be our last result.” Rachel spat looking in an opposite direction of her partner and Xinn.

“I agree…but Rachel, your twin is a very agitated woman. Do you actually believe that she would allow herself to be captured? She’s been captured too long. Trapped in a darkness that she could ever and can’t control. Even if they could give her something to settle her mind now, we all know that mental illness is forever and that there is no cure for it. She will be a prisoner for the rest of her life. Placing her in a mental institution may be worst than death. I don’t agree with Xinn’s idea of wanting to kill her, but you do know that all Xinn wants is to protect us. What I want you to realize is that she’s gone beyond what society will accept. And she’s not only a first time offender she has announced to the world that she has the potential of becoming a very formidable serial killer. If it was anyone else and they’d done the things that your sister has done to her victims I’m sure that you would want that person institutionalized, freed or…dead.” Gabe said softly.”I don’t think that there would be any doubt in your mind that you would want them dead. Now let’s switch the roles a little bit. What if it was you that was the killer and you had done these terrible things. But suddenly into your life walks this twin. She’s clean cut, part of a life that has been hidden from you since you were born and she seems happy. Would you want to get to know more about her? Or better yet; would you want to seize the life and happiness, you’d been cheated out of, Ohhhh so long ago. Yet.” Gabe said pausing to move around to the other side of her friend.

“You’ve done the unspeakable and you know that society will not rest until you’ve atoned for your transgressions. Which would you prefer? A moment of happiness with that sister or a life of haunting figures that medicine could suppress for a while, but then they start coming back. Your sister had a lover that she appears to be in love with. But she even killed her. Wouldn’t you want this spiritual torment to end at all cost Rachel? Wouldn’t you want your sister to know, before the inevitable happens, that had things been different she would be your best friend? Think about it Rachel. Your sister shares over half of your biological make up and even though you weren’t raised together, this situation alone will bring about compatible thinking. There is no place for her to go Rachel. She is alone, hunted and will soon be cornered. What does a cat do when she’s cornered by a pack of dogs? She fights her way out and sometimes such a reaction ends in death. What would you choose Rachel…What would you choose?” Gabe asked stepping in front of Rachel and staring up at her with distant eyes.The pair stood there staring into each other eyes. Each realizing that Gabe was right. Rachel did switch places with her sister and as she broke off the stare and lowered her eyes to the floor, she outwardly admitted that she would prefer death to causing her sister or her friends any more harm or despair.

“I’ll be back,” she said wiping the back of her hand across the front of her nose.

“I’m going to go to the head.” (That’s bathroom for my non-militant sisters…not the other thing we all…Uh huh. Back to the story.) Gabe watched as Rachel weaved through the crowd of people with a solemn look upon her face. She would try to save her sister at all cost if she could. Gabe and all the rest of her friend’s knew it. Rachel also knew that if she were in the same situation, she’d want to be dead. And with that resolution in mind, she accepted that that was possibly what her sister would prefer too. It sadden her, but none the less, it was a road she would choose for herself so that she would not bring harm unto others that she cared for or was a part of.

In the Bathroom…”Awww…com’on you’re shitting me.” Rachel said jerking at the locked door. “I have to pay to get out too. This is a crock of shit. She thought of scaling over the wall, but if she fell she was sure to break something. She also had an idea of crawling under too, but the frigging outside doors were only a few inches off the floor and there were solid brick walls on each side of the first and last stalls.”Shiiiiiit!” she screamed plopping back down on the toilet seat. “That money grubbing whore. Fucking charge you to take a shit…then charge your ass to get back out into the real world.” Rachel continued talking to herself until suddenly she heard someone drop a coin down into the stall slot and the lever popped opened.Fear gripped her. The same feeling she felt when she reached for her piece up on Make Out Mountain came over her again.

“Who’s there?” she asked reaching behind her and removing her gun. There was no answer, but she really didn’t expect one. Some how, in her heart she knew who it was.Rachel slid up beside the door and peeped out of both sides of the cracked door before easing it open. Stealthily she moved out of the stall holding her piece up right. Without questioning her thoughts, she slowly turned to her right. And just like when she was on Make out mountain she looked up into her twin’s eyes.”What do you want with me?” Rachel asked holding her place.

“I wanna know your name. I wanna know your birthday. I wanna know if what my eyes are viewing is true. Are you my sister…twin sister?” Ronnie asked with inquisitive eyes. Rachel slowly ran her eyes over her sister’s body. She was an exact duplicate of her even in the Callisto ensemble.”My name is Rachel. Your name is Ronnie. I was born on July the 3rd at 10:20 p.m., Ronnie, my sister was born on July the 3rd at 10:35 p.m. 1960. The same day as I.” The killer gasped in shock as she continued to stare up and down Rachel.

“I am your twin sister. The copy of the sealed records that my Captain had faxed to her office confirms it. Our Mother is Bobbie Joe Leverman, which is now a resident of Willow Pines Nursing home. Our father left her when WE were ten. Never to be heard from again.”

“What of you…why?” The killer started, but couldn’t finish it because she was overwhelmed by the information.”Why I didn’t grow up with you? One reason was because our parents were in their early twenties and were poor. Secondly, was because our loving father only one child, if any so they put me up for adoption. Now…” Rachel started moving over to the face bowl and turning her back to her sister. “I want to ask you something…why?””Why did I kill those women? There’s no excuse for what I’ve done. I could witness to you all day long as to the things that happen to me when I was growing up, the nightmares that I contend with each time I close my eyes, the loneliness I can’t seem to tear away from my soul even when I’m with someone. But I won’t. I’ve done terrible things, some I could control and then there was an instant that I couldn’t control it. After that, I just didn’t care. If I couldn’t have what I needed, there was no reason for me to live. That day I saw you on that Mountain…I knew that the time that has been wouldn’t be any longer. I wanted to know you. I wanted to touch you. I wanted to see for myself if you were in fact true. And you are. You do realize how this is going to end don’t you.” Rachel’s twin asked stepping up behind her. She was so close that Rachel could feel the hairs on her neck sway for the caress of her sister’s calm breathing.”I can’t live behind this Rachel. Either I die now, by the hands of you and your friends. Or, I die in the electric chair. Either way…I will find peace. All I want from you is your forgiveness and just an ounce of your love…pleeease.” She whispered gently wrapping her arms around her hidden’s twin’s waist.Rachel couldn’t contain the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. So instead she let them fall. Gracefully she turned in her sister’s arms and embraced her. Each coming to terms at what must happen. For a long time they stood holding each other, silently pledging an oath to forever love one another.

“You know when I killed those bitches, I made them all squeal and plead for their lives while cutting them from here to there. It was actually fun. Kinda like this,” Ronnie said raising her leg and removing the dagger from her boot and plunging it into Rachel’s shoulder from the back. Rachel cried out in her mind as well as out loud. She then shoved her sister away from her and fell to her knees. Crawling to the piece that she’d knocked off the face bowl when her sister made her sudden move.The party roared outside as Rachel continued to scream. Her sister took out after her to finish the job. Rachel analysis couldn’t fathom her sister wanting to kill her yet as she grabbed her piece and rolled onto her back she realized that that tender moment that Gabe implied in her synopsis just happened. It was that spark of happiness that Gabe predicted her sister wanted and needed before she died. And it was SHE, her sister wanted to give her peace.

“Noooo!” Rachel screamed tucking and rolling away from her sister. Ronnie’s blade caught Rachel in the calf. Tearing into her skin and ripping it as she yanked it. “Noooo!” Rachel shrieked, “Don’t make me do this.” Rachel panted with tears streaming down her face.”It has to be this way. I want you to deliver me from this nightmare. It has to be YOU.” She screamed lunging at Rachel with her knife pointing at her heart. Rachel released the safety on her gun and pulled back on the trigger. The piercing sound of her automatic echoed among the bathroom walls and empty stalls. Rachel closed her eyes as she stood face to face with the inevitable. Ronnie grumbled as the bullets tore into her body. Rachel screamed as her sister’s limp body stumbled up against her sending them both to the floor.

“Gods, nooooo!” Rachel screamed cradling her dying sister in her arms.

“I love you…and…thank you.” Her sister said before the life drained from her body. Rachel cried out again in anguish while tightening her hold on her dead sister.”No…no…no,” she cried with drenched eyes and a laden heart. The one part of her that she’d didn’t get time to really know lay dead in her arms. “No…no…no.” Rachel kept singing while jerking angrily at the corpse that lay upon her.

Out in the Party hall…”What was that?” Xinn asked after hearing the sounds of gunfire and looking around the room. Trying to spot Rachel.”Fan out and find her.” Xinn shouted as her, Amber and Gabe tore out toward the bathroom. Once there, Xinn pulled her piece while looking back at Gabe and Am and proceeded cautiously in the bathroom.

Amber screamed and tore past Xinn as she spotted her lover on the floor proned in puddles of blood.

“Rachel…Rachel,” She whimpered staring down into her partner’s soaked eyes.”Oh Rachel,” She muttered sitting back on her heels; finally realizing what had just taken place. Blood continued to drip everywhere from both women. Xinn tried rolling the body from Rachel, but her friend screamed for her to leave them alone. It was what she wanted and now…her sister was dead. Outwardly blaming her friend for her sister’s death.Xinn backed away and just stood staring down at her friend as she wept like she’s never saw her do before. Sadden by the reality that her friend wasn’t going to get over this easily, Xinn let her gun drop to her side and quietly left the bathroom.

Gabe moved to Amber’s side and touched her lightly on the shoulder. Humbly asking her to give Rachel time to make peace with what she had done. Listening to the door as Gabe pulled it open, Rachel called out to her friend. Gabe saw Amber out and returned to her friend’s side. Allowing her time to compose herself, Gabe knelt quietly beside the two figures.

“You were right Gabe…Sometimes when a cat is cornered they will fight, even if it means their death.” Rachel witnessed despondently while staring up into the lights that lit the room. “She wanted me to set her free…So, she forced me to do just that.” Rachel’s watery eyes slowly scaled over the light fixtures, down the wall and finally over to Gabe before speaking again. “She wanted peace and she wanted her older sister to give it to her. So I did. I…” “Sssssssh,” Gabe said, affectionately caressing her friend’s blood drenched hair. “It’s going to be okay.” “Will it?” Rachel asked softly. Staring blankly into Gabe’s eyes.

“Yes…it will.”
Part 17
“Yes…It Will.”

“Yes…It will.”

“Yes…It will.”

Kept echoing in Rachel’s head. She’d done the unthinkable. She’d killed her own kin. No doubt her sister. Though she knew she had no choice. She still felt as if the weight of the world laid upon her shoulders. Gabrielle stayed at her side until the coroners arrived. During that time, Rachel remained in deep thought. She remembered growing up with three horrible brothers. Actually, they weren’t horrible. But they did teach her what she needed to know about life. Sometimes the lessons were harsh and sometimes they were meaningful. Yet none of them had prepared her for this.

“Rachel,” Gabe said softly.

“The coroner is here now. You’ll have to let go now.”

Once more Rachel stared up into the ceiling. She still as of yet wasn’t ready to release her sister. Yet she knew the time had come. With one final sigh, Rachel allowed Gabe to pull her arms out from around her sister and help her to her feet.

“You see that hooker that Xinn dragged out of here?” Rachel asked lightly.

“Yes.” Gabe returned softly.

“I think my sister touched her heart. I think she loves her.”

“Yes…she probably did Rachel. A person’s soul can be full of hate and their mind distorted by anger. But I believe that if someone wishes repentance, deep inside, it is then that their forgiveness become affixed and the brighter day that they seek is guaranteed. Your sister had already made her peace before she came here otherwise she wouldn’t have come. And maybe she shared something special with the lady Xinn escorted out. If she hadn’t I don’t think Xinn would have had to drag her away like she did. Your sister is at peace now and it was her sister that gave her rest.”

“You mean killed her don’t you.” Rachel asked with dead eyes.

“No,” Gabe said wrapping her arm around Rachel’s waist and guiding her toward the door.

“I meant exactly what I said. You gave her rest from a life she found no peace. You gave her what she wanted. And she only wanted you to give it to her.” Quietly the pair continued toward the door.

“You know she thanked me.” Rachel said meekly as Gabe opened the door for her and guided her out.

“I know she did.”

“How did you know that?” Rachel asked spinning about to stare into Gabe’s eyes.

“Because while you were busy holding her, you never noticed that her arms were embracing you too. And her face looked as if she felt no pain. That…is how I know.” Rachel’s stare softened again. She then lowered her head and told Gabe that she needed time alone and would she and Xinn mind looking after Amber until she was better.

“Rachel, I don’t think…”

“Rachel,” Amber called softly. Interrupting the statement that Gabe was about to make. Amber couldn’t wait to pull Rachel close. She was worried about her.

“Are you okay baby?” She asked wrapping her arms around Rachel’s neck. Xinn could see the concerned on Gabe’s face even before she got to her. What was wrong?

“Are you alright?”

“No…I’ll tell you later. Right now, we need to get someone over here to take a look at Rachel’s shoulder.” Gabe said. Sliding out from under Xinn’s hand. (What the hell is going on?) Xinn thought staring at her departing lover.

The party had ended long time ago. The minute Xinn drug Rosie out of the bathroom screaming the attendees decided to find a better place to roost. Most of the people stood outside. Separated into different groups. No one was quite sure just what had taken place. But the rumors were certainly spreading.

“Amber I want you to stay at Xinn’s for a while.” Rachel mumbled against her lover’s neck.

“What are you talking about?” Amber asked pulling back a tad.

“We’re both staying there…remember.”

“No…after I get my shoulder fixed, I’m going home. I need time to myself.”

“What do you mean time to yourself. Rachel…”

“Don’t Am. When I’m feeling better we’ll talk, but not now. I just can’t right now.”


“No Amber. I’ve already discussed it with Gabe about you staying. And she’s alright with it.” Rachel said stepping away from Amber while holding her gaze. “This is something I need to do alone. Please understand that I…I just need to be by myself.” Amber didn’t bother to say anything more. In her heart she knew that Rachel loved her. But she just didn’t understand why was she pushing her away.

Xinn stood staring at Rachel as she gave her friend one last glance before permitting the paramedics to lead her away.

“Xinn,” Amber started with raised hands and tears in her eyes.

“What have I done. What did I do wrong? What…”

“Ssssh.” Xinn said pulling her crying friend into her arms.

“Let’s just give her time. When she’s better we’ll all sit down and talk. Right now she just needs some time alone…like she said.” Amber tightened her grip on Xinn and cried hard. Why was this happening?
Down at the Cyrian…
“This is KTHV Evening News. I am Janice Joplin and I am reporting to you live from “Gay Town.” We have received word that the serial killer. That had managed to allude the local police department for over six months have finally been silenced. Several undercover officers from the 53rd precinct where able to apprehend the Gay Town Murderer at 95 Oaklawn. Where a huge gathering for the locals took place. The detainment however didn’t end in favorable mention. The murderer was killed during the procedure. It is sad to say, but the residents of Gay Town can now rest easy once again. More will be discussed about the case at our ten o’clock broadcasting. Tune in later for a full coverage. I am Janice Joplin and you have been listening to KTHV…good evening.”

“Oh my God…Please let my babies be alright.” Momma said rushing to the phone.
Back at Gay Town…
Rachel watched as the multitude of people gathering outside of the Mistress estate moved busily about the front lawn. Trying to find out just what happened inside. To her nothing mattered anymore. She just wanted out.

After the paramedic patched up her shoulder she asked one of their fellow officers to take her home. She didn’t bother to look back. Instead she tried to focus on what would she do now.

“She’s gone. I can’t believe it. She just left me.” Amber said faintly. Watching the squad car pull slowly away from the curb.

“She has a lot on her mind Amber. Just let her…”

“I don’t want to hear that again Gabe. Once we are back at your place I’m going to pack my things and go home.”

“Home Amber…but Rachel…”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to bother the precious Rachel. I want you to take me home…to my mother’s.”

“Am…please, stay with us. We can…”

“Gabe.” Am said bringing her fingers up to Gabe’s lips. Hushing her friend with a gentle touch. “I know you are only concerned. But there really is no need to be. If Rachel wants space, Amber will give it to her. One thing Rachel doesn’t control is how I think. I feel we both need space. My lover rejects me at the time she and I both know she needs me most. If that isn’t a slap in the face then what is it?”

“Am…I just think,”

“Gabe,” Amber said with a gentle smile. Trying very hard to hold back the hurt in her heart.

“It’s okay. Am and Rachel are big girls. If we are to be together then so be it. But Rachel just can’t sit me down in a chair and say stay there till I’m good and ready to come back to you. If she wants me, she’ll know where I’ll be. Okay?” Amber said tilting her head and gazing into Gabe’s eyes. She really needed Gabe to understand her reasoning for wanting to be with family just now. Xinn and Gabe were her friends that were true. But sometimes a girl just needed her mother. No matter how old she gets. And Amber needed hers now.

“Alright…” Gabe sighed.

“But if you need anything, call us. And we’ll be there in a heartbeat.”

“I know you will,” Amber said pulling Gabe into her arms. “And I believe that with all my heart. Now…let’s go get me packed.” Together the two friends threaded through the multitude of people hand and hand. Xinn stood watching. Still not understanding just where in the hell did everyone go wrong? What could she do to make things right again? Seconds later Xinn’s beeper went off. Both mothers were paging her.

“Is it momma?” Roxy asked coming along side of Xinn with Rhonda in tow.

“Yeah…and my mother too. I’m going to give ‘em a call. Keep an eye on Gabe for me. Rachel’s going home, ALONE. And I don’t know what Amber has decided. Whatever it is Gabe is not happy.” Xinn said reaching in her pocket to pull out her phone. She then scanned the area for a quieter place to talk before informing Roxy she’d be back in a few minutes.”

“Xinn,” Roxy called out as she watched Xinn walk away.


“The Mistress is sort of confused. Had Rachel ever had any contact with her?”

“Yeah…she did. But that was before Amber.” Xinn said staring down at the phone.

“Rachel, Silia, and I were wild and full of life when we joined the department. Rachel always preferred women. Silia and I would try to persuade her to try men.” Xinn said pausing to give Roxy a weak smile.

“But she was adamant about her preference. She picked up the Mistress one day after observing her speeding. She was drunk so Rachel brought her in. From there she started seeing her. There were things that she would tell Silia and I, about their relationship, that would make us sick. Mistress Shay, as she calls herself,” Xinn said turning away. “Is more than any woman can handle at one time.”

Roxy watched Xinn as she continued on her way back, into the dark of the night. Something wasn’t right. She’d hadn’t seen Xinn this solemn since Roeanne died.

Roxy scanned the crowded area again. She noticed that Gabe was standing off alone too. And she got a glimpse of Rachel as the squad car pulled away from the curb, with her in it. Amber stood watching. Tears slowly running down her cheeks. It was then that Roxy realized that the chain of friendship, they had going into this fiasco had been broken. And Xinn was probably trying to figure out how to forge the links back together.

Roxy looked down at Rhonda and gave her a weak smile while grazing her fingers softly through her hair. “We’ve got work to do baby. A wolf has gotten into the pin and we’re going to have to fight like hell to get him out.”

“You know I hate those confusion quotes you make. What are you talking about?” Rhonda said gazing attentively into her partner’s eyes.

“We thought we’d have this case lick after catching the killer. But what we didn’t suspect was that the very one that held some form of ties with the offender would be the one to kill her.”

“Ohhhh,” Rhonda said softly. Immediately scanning the area for Rachel and Amber. All she saw was Amber, standing quietly off by her self weeping. And Rachel…well Rachel was no where in sight.

“Oh I see. The wolf is despair and regret. Hmmmm, Yes we do have work to do.”
Momma, I’m home…
Gabe accompanied Amber up to the front porch of her mother’s home and gave her one more hug. Amber kissed her friend and held her tightly.

“Remember…to call me if you need anything.” Amber shook her head that was resting beside Gabe’s to indicate that she would.

“See you tomorrow?” Gabe asked. Still holding Amber.

“Yeah,” Amber sighed, pulling away. “I reckon.” She then gave Gabe a short smile and stepped up onto her mother’s porch and rang the doorbell.

“Who is it.” Gabe heard someone call out from the living room.

“It’s me…momma.” Amber returned in a trembling voice. Shortly afterwards the door gradually slid open and a short cute little woman with a long salt and pepper wavy black hair opened the door.

“Awwwww,” She song in a taunting manner.

“What’s wrong, need me again.” She said sarcastically. Amber couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. Her body trembled from the sudden out burst.

Oh, she showed her ass royally the last time that she was home. Visions of her telling her mother that she was grown and that she made her own decisions floated across her memories. And, If she wanted to be with Rachel that was her choice. And fuck anyone that didn’t understand that, which included her mother. (Author’s note: Ladies, this is a frigged up mistake, especially if you have a mother that loves and care for ya. I’m not familiar with any other way. My mother was the meanest person in the world…at least that was what I thought. But I am thankful that she was.)

Gabe moved to comfort her, but there was no need. Before she could bat an eye Amber’s mother swung the door open and pulled her weeping daughter into her arms. Without saying a word, Gabe smiled and made her way back to the car.

Xinn sat watching the interaction between mother and daughter. She expected Amber’s mother to receive her with opened arms and right now…that was exactly what she needed. Silently her and Gabe pulled away. Submerged in their thoughts and remedies for a more favorable outcome for their friends.
The next morning…
“Well the hearing is over and Candy got off with a five year probation. It took some doing but I got her out of a jail sentence the judge was adamant about giving her.” The Captain said. Laying the investigation folder down on Xinn’s desk.

“That’s good,” Was all Xinn said Gabe didn’t bother to comment. Her mind was drawn to a more urgent need.

The Captain watched both women before looking over at the neighboring desk next to them. For three days now neither Rachel nor Amber had been to work.

“So,” the Captain began. Looking over the office.

“Still haven’t heard head or hair from our girls over there huh?” Xinn and Gabe simultaneously glanced over at their rival’s desk before indicating with their heads that they hadn’t.

“Well Xinn,” The Captain said with a sigh. “Since you and Rachel are such good buddies I nominate you along with Silia, to go check on her.”

“I don’t think…”

“Uh Uh, see there you go again thinking again. Did I ask for an opinion?”

Xinn looked up into the captain’s face with an evil scowl on her face. Her first thought was, (Am I wearing ponytails here or did she mistake me for a little girl.)

“I know what you’re thinking Xinn and it is neither. Rachel needs some tough love right now and I think you are just the person to give it to her. You’re so witty,” the Captain said cringing a little. “And at times you are thoughtless. You kind of put me in the mind of a Destroyer. At the present those are good qualities to have. I won’t send Gabe with ya because she’s understanding and nice. Like a bard or something. I’ll send her over to Amber’s house later. Their personalities are somewhat alike. Maybe Gabe can say something to get Amber out of this blue funk yo’ friend put her in. Are there any questions?” The Captain asked. Staring down at the pair.

“No.” Xinn returned while standing and putting on her jacket.

“Good. I want to see both of them at work sometime this week. Until that happens you both will be with them. Am I coming in loud and clear.”

“Yesss,” Xinn hissed.


“I love it when we have these conversations…now get going. As for you Gabe, I want you to check on Amber this afternoon.”
Amber’s mom house…
“Take this up to your sister.”

“I don’t want to talk to her. She doesn’t neeeeed any of us.” Amber’s sister returned. Calmly as hell, Amber’s mother put down the tray and snatched her defiant daughter to her by the ear.


“Listen up and listen good. WE,” she said pausing to wave her finger back and forth between the two of them. “Are her family and we are going to be here for her until she is able to stand on her own again. Are you following me.”

“Ow, Ow, Owwww, momma…Yes momma. I’m following you.”

“Good now get that tray and take it to her.”

Moments later…

***Boom, boom, boom…knocking at the door.

“Amber, get up. Momma’s sent you something to eat.”

“Go away…I’m not hungry.”

Ashley shoved the door open and went on in any way.

“I didn’t ask you if you were hungry. I’m just bringing the tray like momma told me too.” Ashley said slamming the tray down onto the bedside table before turning to walk away.

“I guess every one still hates me huh?” Amber said softly. It wasn’t so much as how she said it, but that she was crying when she did. Ashley sighed and halted her steps.

“It was you Am that chose to be with that woman. That would have been fine, but to push your family to the side as if we were nothing just to have her love was wrong.” Ashley then slowly turned around and glared at her sister.

“When you got the measles, who shared them with you? When you got into plenty of fights at school who was there for you. When you studied for test whom was there with you. When you wanted to try out your new skates at the skating rink, who was it that went with you. It was I Amber. Me and all the rest of your sisters…Me, Arian and Alecia. There was no Rachel. There weren’t any gay police friends then Amber. It was just we. The people that share the same blood that you have in your very veins. We were the ones that loved you before you decided to pick up this life style and began to thank that you were a happening bitch. To love some one more than us is beyond me Am. And personally I think what you did and said to us was fucked up. Yeah…it’s your life, but did you turn around to think would I need their love forever? Fuck no. You just strolled on out of here ever so comforting holding Rachel’s hand. And here’s the kicker…You tossed us to the side like we weren’t shit. All for her, where is she now Am. Where is she now. You may have a lover for a day, but family is eternal. Even in death. Wallow in your self-pity. Your ass certainly deserves it.”

“You know I love you Ashley.” Amber said slowly sitting up in the bed. “I never said that and you know it.”

“I love Rachel with every ounce of my being. But I never left here saying I didn’t need my sister’s love. I pleaded for you all to understand. Alecia and Arian did. Yet you and Momma kept popping off to me that living with Rachel was a sin. And I shouldn’t be doing this and I shouldn’t be doing that. You had already passed judgement on me before I left here. And if I’ve learned anything with us going to church and growing up here is that it is up to the man upstairs to judge us on earth. You never gave Rachel a chance all you thought was that she was taking my sister’s love from me. And that could never happen Ashley…never.” Amber said allowing the tears once again to slowly leak down over her cheeks and face.

Ashley held her place. She didn’t quite know what to say. What Amber said was true. They did pass judgement on her. Without giving any regards to her being happy and safe. Rachel did take her sister from her…from them and Ashley resented that. If she’s learned anything it was hurt. And Ashley knew what that felt like to love and suddenly have it snatched from you. Ashley knew, explicitly what is was like to love some one so much and to have them turn their back on you. It was unbearable. Hence, you reap what you sow.

It was coming back around now. And Amber was experiencing what Ashley felt that day when she walked out of their lives, to be with her lover. Only her feelings of loss had been magnified four folds the measure that they all felt as they watch her go. She was feeling rejected, unloved by her lover, sisters and mother. You can’t get any lower than that. The dark wraps around Ashley’s heart began to unravel. She’d stand in the line of fire just to keep Amber safe and now it was time to show her that.

“Stop your wailing,” she said walking over to the bed.

“Ya fucked up. Now say it with me.” Together the sister’s repeated the phrase as Amber wiped the tears from her eyes.

“D’aaaaats right. But what do family members do when each other fuck up?” Ashley asked reaching to wipe some more falling tears from her baby sister’s eyes.

“We forgive them.”

“That’s right. Or in your case kick yo’ ass.” Amber chuckled and opened her arms for her sister to come closer.

“Ahhhh Am, you know I’m not into this mushy shit.” Ashley said sliding closer to Amber and wrapping her arms around her.

“I love you baby sis…I love you soooo much.”

“I love you too Ash.”

Just outside the door, mom stood. She wasn’t one to ease drop. But she was glad she did. Both her and Ashley stayed angry with Amber for a long time. Her reasoning was that Amber’s love for Rachel was immoral. Ashley’s reason was that she was losing her sister and things would never be the same. Instead they should have took the time to view it from Amber’s point of view. Would she in fact be happy, safe and content? Obviously she was. Amber’s mother smiled at her two younger daughter’s giggles before turning to leave. She had her baby back and this time she wasn’t letting her go. Her views were different but she wasn’t going to love her any less because of it.
Over at Rachel’s…
“Rachel,” Xinn called out knocking on the door.

“You know,” Silia started with a chuckle. “We should break it down.”

“You know I thought of that.” Xinn returned with an evil smirk on her face.

“But let’s see if she’ll open it on her own first.”

Xinn and Silia waited, but there was no answer.

“Rachel, open this door. If you don’t open it we are going to kick it in.”

“Go awaaaay,” Rachel shouted. Wrapping herself more snuggly up in the blanket where she laid on the living room floor.

“Open up Rachel, Xinn doesn’t look happy.” Silia joked. Thinking that they were in fact bluffing about kicking her door in. Again the pair waited…no answer.

“Back up.” Xinn instructed while doing the same.

“Wait a minute. Hold up, are we really going to kick the door down. Can you do that.” Silia asked with her hands raised and a frightful look on her face.

Xinn stopped and gave it some thought before placing her hands upon her hips and shifting her weight onto her left leg.

“You don’t think we should do that huh?”

“Psssst, welllll…no. We’ll draw attention to ourselves.” Xinn looked over Silia’s shoulder just in time to see this pretty little blonde guy locking his door and pressing his clothes neatly into place before strolling toward them.

As he passed he bid the ladies hello…in such a lovely cord too. Both Xinn and Silia gaze confusingly into each other’s eyes then looked back at him. The pair stood watching the long man as he primp and shifted in his stance while checking his clothes again before getting on the elevator. The young man felt as if he was being watched and he was. Xinn and Silia were taken aback. They didn’t check themselves that much before leaving the house.

“You’re right,” Xinn agreed. Regaining their original thoughts and attention.

“Let’s shoot it in.” She said snatching her nine-millimeter from her holster and releasing three rounds into the doors lock.

The little blonde shrieked, dove to the floor and covered his head. Once again Silia and Xinn stood staring at the shaken boy.

“Oh god please don’t kill me. I swear he’s my uncle.”

Xinn and Silia glanced at each other again with furrowed brows. Surely he wasn’t a boy toy…or was he. Xinn nudged her head toward the boy and smiled. Indicating it was playtime.

“Hay wait,” Silia gestured softly.

“Shouldn’t we take care of Rachel first.” Xinn looked over her friend’s shoulder at the slightly opened door and said, “Hell no…let’s have some fun first.” She then headed over to the boy.

“What’s your uncle’s name?” She asked standing over the cringing figure.

“My uncle’s name.”

“Yeah…” Silia cooed.

“What’s your uncle’s name?”

“Well…it’s uh.”

“Uh what, you’d better not be lying to us. We are officers of the law buddy. We were just about to pick up E-zzzy Rachel for soliciting. We can just as easily take you in too. So, WHAT’S YOUR UNCLE’S NAME?”

“E-zzzy Rachel?” Silia mouthed before covering her giggle.

“Look officer I was just delivering something. I didn’t engage in a personal transaction.”

“So, he’s not your uncle.”

“No…he orders, uh shall I say special items from the W’at Not and I simply deliver them. He has tried to proposition me but I’m not into biker’s. So there you have it. I’m just a delivery boy.”

“Delivery boy, Delivery boy…” Silia roared as if she was utterly pissed.

“You are lying,” she THEN pulled her piece and cocked it.

“Just for lying, I’m going to shoot you. Unlessssss…You sing the coca-cola song. You know the one where it says I like to teach the world to sing.”

“Sing it?” The boy asked turning his head.

“YEAH…and don’t you look at me. SING IT!” Silia shouted dancing and jerking around in her stance as if the was frustrated.

“I…liike…to…teach…” the body started before Rachel interrupted.

“JUST WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU TWO IDIOTS THINK YOU ARE DOING?” She asked standing at the door with disheveled hair, lopsided clothes and day old pizza stains about her mouth.

“Oh him,” Silia said turning about to smile at Xinn. “We were just questioning him. He look like a drug trafficker.”

“Oh no please…I haven’t did that in a…”

“YOU WHAT?” Xinn shouted while squatting down to look into the boys frightened eyes.

“You sell drugs.” She then narrowed her eyes and tapped her piece on her bent knee.

“Get in here…NOW!” Rachel ordered. She’d seen enough. Xinn would do just about anything to make her point.

“I’m up so what do you want?”

“Sorry for the inconvenience.” Xinn said moving to help the young man up.

“I get the faces mixed up from time to time. You’re not the guy we’re looking for. Carry on.”

“Oh thank you officer,” the boy returned in a shaky voice.

“No problem,” Xinn said spinning around and waving her gun aimlessly around in the air. Spooking the shrieking boy again.

“You know, I bet he’ll never come up here again.” Silia said with a cackle.

“Me too.” Xinn said with a smile walking past her friend.

“Good lord…did a tornado come through here and we didn’t know it?” Silia asked stepping over and around discarded clothes, blankets bottles, cans and partially emptied pizza boxes.

“I didn’t ask you to come here?” Rachel growled. “So why are you here.”

“We’re here,” Xinn said shoving clothes out of a nearby chair and taking a seat.

“Because everyone is worried about you. You won’t call in to work and the Captain isn’t happy.”

“Fuck her…tell her to fire me if she wants.”

Silia found her a clean corner and copped a seat. It was Xinn’s time to handle her business.

“Well she sent us over here so we could avoid all that.”

Rachel snatched the Jack Daniels bottle off the end table she had been sleeping by for three nights and took a huge swig. Alcohol leaked from each sides of her mouth as she gulped greedily at it’s firing contents.

“Well, go back and tell her that I quit.” Rachel then slammed the bottle back down on the table, wrapped herself back up in her blanket and curled back up into her usual position on the floor. Silia and Xinn both watched their friend as she stared off to only God knows where and went silent.

Xinn’s first impulse was to jerk her ass up off the floor and beat the shit out of her. But the direct approach wasn’t needed.

“I’m not going to tell her anything. Instead I’m going to stay here and take care of you. After all,” Xinn said standing. “You are a friend in some kind of psychotic way.”

“I DON’T WANT YOU HERE DO YOU HEAR ME,” Rachel shouted jumping to her feet.

“Well, tough. I wanna be making love to my woman right now but I’m not. So that proves we can’t have everything that we want now doesn’t it.” Rachel whirled around and snatched the pillow off the couch and grabbed her piece. Before she could turn around good Xinn had the cask of her gun pressing against her forehead.

“It would give me great pleasure if ya tried it. That way I could tell the captain, your woman and mine, that you tried to shoot me. So go ahead. Everyone has been worried sick about you. No one has heard from Amber. And you’re crawling around in this funky ass apartment trying to find your brain. It’s over with Rachel. Get on with your life and put this shit behind you.”

“That’s so like you Xinn.” Rachel growled standing to her feet.

“It’s just like you to not give a damn about anyone. You wanna shoot me, then do it. I have nothing to live for anyway.” Just as she finished her sentence Xinn caught her in the throat. She then pulled Rachel to her and stared into her eyes.

“If I did not care I would not be here. And it’s in your mind that you have nothing to live for. What of Amber… What of all of us…What of the rest of your family? You remember them don’t you. The knuckle head brothers you grew up with. You have everything in the world to live for. You’ve just closed your eyes to it because you whacked some crazy bitch that was fucking psycho and couldn’t find a descent fuck.”

Rachel screamed and tore into Xinn. Silia started to intercede then she thought against it. Rachel was angry. Angry beyond reasoning and they had to get past that before she could go on with her life.

Xinn pimped slapped her and removed the piece from her hand. After taking Rachel’s gun she slammed her screaming friend to the floor. Rachel struggled to her feet and took after Xinn again. Xinn slapped her again, knocking her over a nearby chair. With all of Rachel’s panting and clawing Xinn still looked as fresh as she did than when she came into the apartment. Rachel continued to go after Xinn and after several more slaps she fell for the last time, screaming and clawing at the rug.

Xinn stood watching her. Allowing her to expel her anger however she chose. Finally, Rachel began to whimper and her clawing turn into aimless grazes over the carpet. Xinn let her cry until she couldn’t cry any more. Silia was so out done that she didn’t know what to do. And what ever Xinn’s plan was it managed to take the sting out of Rachel’s bite and left her whining.

“Rachel,” Xinn said softly while squatting down near her friend.

“You have to let it go. You have so many people that love you and they don’t want to loose you to circumstances none of us could control. You’ve done what you could and now it’s time to let it go. Get your self together and bring back the old Rachel. You know…the one that didn’t know the word, “No.” That’s the one we want. Bring her back to us Rachel. We need her.”

Rachel began to cry all over again, but somehow Silia knew the wailing was different. Rachel was lost and it was up to her friends to guide her back. Xinn slid to her knees and slid up close to her crying friend.

“Get it all out Rachel, because we still have work to do. We have a house to clean up and we have a woman to see. So get it all out.” Rachel cried for another hour before going completely silent. Silia moved to a nearby sofa and slid down beside her friend on the floor. Rachel started to cry again, but she didn’t have the strength. Xinn slid down on the other side of Rachel and Silia down to the front of her. Together they pulled their friend close and just held her.

“I’ve killed people in the line of duty before, but this one was different. They never wanted to be killed. She did. She wanted me to kill her.” Rachel tuned up to cry again. Xinn could feel her body tremble from behind.

“Let it go Rachel…Let it go.”

Rachel pulled both of her friends close and closed her eyes. “Thank you.” She whispered.

“You’re welcome. But if we hear of this shit again, about us hugging you and all, we are going to shoot yo ass.” Xinn rumbled in her friend’s hair.

“I guess Amber hates me huh?”

“No, but she’s just as lost without you. She hasn’t been at work for three full days now. Her mother keeps calling saying she’s sick.”

“MOTHER!” Rachel yelled popping up between her friends.

“Yeah mother,” Xinn returned looking curiously into her friend’s eyes.

“Oh no…Oh God…please tell me that you didn’t take her to that barracuda’s house.”

“That’s where she wanted to go. She didn’t want too…”

“She hates me. Amber’s mother hates me. Arrrrrghhh.” Rachel growled jumping to her feet. Silia and Xinn observed their friend’s antsy behavior from their seating on the floor. Rachel couldn’t keep from pacing. She act as if she’d seen a ghost.

“Why did she go there. She knows her mother hates me. She did this to get back at me. All I needed was a little time alone that’s all. All she had to do was wait for me. Oh Lord what am I going to do? She…She did this on purpose.” She said glaring over at Xinn.

“What am I going to do. I can’t go there. That little old Sister Teresa will be gunning for me. And it will be even worse if Amber was upset when she got there.”

“Well she was crying pretty hard.” Xinn said with a crooked smile. Rachel paid her no mind. She was trying to format a plan of getting Amber back without getting her ass torn to shreads.

“GREAT JUST GREAT…You two have got to help me.” She said staring at Xinn and Silia.

“Uh, just how dangerous is this old ba…OUCH XINN!” Silia screamed from Xinn’s jarring elbow to her stomach.

“Sure we’ll help ya. Go get dressed. Get real clean…so clean that she can’t deny you entry. Go girl, get ready so we can get yo’ woman back.”

“You’re going to help me right?” Rachel asked with raised eyebrows and hands.

“Yeah sure…that’s what friends are for.” Xinn said with a grand smile. Rachel narrowed her eyes and tilted her head.

“Don’t do that. You’re kind of scary when you’re trying to be charming. Alright…”Rachel said clapping her hands together and rubbing them briskly against each other. Mentally trying to come up with a plan to get Amber back. She missed her like hell and the house was just…”

“Oh my gosh the house, I need you guys to clean this up for me. Amber can’t see it like this. She’ll hurt me.”

“Oh no honey…OUCH! Xinn if your ass elbow me once more it’s going to be on up in here.” Silia said scooting away from her friend. Xinn gave her this wide stare and nudge her head in Rachel’s direction. Panic had spread all over their comrade’s face and her body was absolutely rigid.

“Oh sure,” Silia said mimicking Xinn’s nodding head. We’ll help you clean up.” She were saying the words as if Xinn was silently coaching her in what to say.

“Great,” Rachel said clapping her hands again and dashing up the stairs.

“Xinn what do you mean we are going to clean up. I hate cleaning up. Let’s call Odyssey and Gabe, they’re good at that kind of stuff.”

“Quiet down lazy ass. We can clean this up, but first let me place a few calls. We’ll take Rachel down to momma’s first to have a few drinks and get her relaxed. While she’s doing that Gabe and the girls will pay Amber and her Devil Dog mother a visit. If anyone can talk the devil out of someone’s soul, it is my baby Gabe.” Xinn said with a bright smile.

“Good idea Xinn.” Silia said standing. “I’ll get started on this monstrosity.” Cautiously Silia began stepping over piles and formatting in her head how she was going to get rid of them.

An hour later…
“Who is it?” Amber’s mother yelled out on her way upstairs.

“Uh Mrs. Homes, my name is Gabryon Shavers. I work down at the precinct with Amber. I’d like to speak to you for a minute, If I may?” Gabe said flanked by Odyssey, Angel, Angela, and Rhonda.

The door slid slowly open and Gabe nearly fell back in shock. Xinn’s descriptions came no where close to what Amber’s mother really looked like. She was simply this cute little old lady with beautiful hair and a halo hanging above her head.

“You work with Am.”

“Yes ma’am I do.” The old woman then looked around at the rest of the clan and asked them if they worked with Am as well. All at once everyone tried to explain to Am’s mother just what their associations were with her daughter was.

“Aw…Alright girls. Stop your babbling. You all can sing together but you can’t all talk together. Com’on in ‘ere.” One by one the ladies stepped into the house.

“Have a seat.” She said standing and directing the gang to the sofa.

“Now what is it that you want to talk to me about?” She asked taking a seat in a nearby chair. Gabe cleared her voice and went for it. She explained to Amber’s mother how they were all concerned about her. She hadn’t been to work and they all knew well enough that that wasn’t like Amber. She told Amber’s mother how important Amber and Rachel both were to every one and how they would do anything to bring back their happiness. Oh but Gabe didn’t stop there. She talked about the many times they stood side by side with her and her partner, Xinn. And how they came out of many scrapes without not so much as a scratch on them. She talked about the silly and fun times they had together and how they were somewhat of a surrogate family to Amber. By the time Gabe was through everyone were falling out of their chairs laughing. Oh there were a many events that Gabe discussed, but what Amber’s mother saw invaluable was how much they each cared for Amber and her partner.

“Are all of you girls gay?” Amber’s mother asked with examining eyes. Once again they all went to talking.

“Hush up d’at racket. I told’jah ya all can’t talk together. I take it that that is a yes.” No one bothered to speak. Instead they just nodded their heads up and down.

“Huh? Strange, you all look like nice girls. And what I like most about this whole charade is that you all truly do care for Amber and Rachel. Maybe Rachel isn’t as bad as I predicted. Are you girls hungry?”

Just as before they all tried to talk at the same time. Amber’s mother clapped her hands to silence them.

“I usually don’t do this but, nod your head if you’d like something to eat.” Everyone did as they were told. Amber’s mother chuckled and called Am down so that she could tend to her company.


“Get down here you have some friends here d’ats come to visit ya.” Both Amber and her sisters broke to the stair case just outside her door.

“Hay Gabe…hay guys.” She said smiling and waving. Gabe and the girls waved back.

“These are my sisters, Arian, Alecia, and Ashley. I’m the baby.” She stated hugging Ashley and smiling.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet everyone.” Gabe returned waving again.

“Give me a few minutes guys I’ll be right down. Go keep my friends company.” She ordered shoving Ashley toward the stairs.

“What do I talk to gay women about?” She asked trying to keep the question quiet.

“Well first off you can show us some embarrassing pictures of Amber. Do you have a family album? After that we can talk about why you are so cute.” Gabe said smiling.

“OH MY GOSH AM,” Arian squawked, laughing and shouting at the same time. “ASHLEY’S BLUSHING.”

“Nice move Gabe. I surely would have told her off.” Odyssey confessed quietly through grinding teeth.

“We’re not here to grudge up a fight. They love Amber and so do we. We are here to offer our friendship. ” Gabe returned in a lowly mumble. Within the hour everyone was sitting down at Momma’s huge dining room table eating some serious down home southern vittles and getting along as if they were raised together.

Down at the Cyrian…
“Straighten your clothes baby. You are looking so sharp.” Momma said helping Rachel with her clothes.

“Nigh remember, we old women don’t liked to be sassed. So don’t go up in d’ere demanding thangs. You go in there humble and sincere. And put this gun in a place where she won’t see it. You are not going in there to shoot anyone you’re going to get yo’ woman. By the way,” Momma said popping her hands on her hips and leaning back in her stance.

“When are you going to make an innocent woman of Amber. She’s a nice girl and she’s definitely the one for you. Y’all kind’ah remind me of Xinn and Gabe. One is mean as hell and the other is sweet as pie.”

Rachel reached into her pocket and pulled out a velvet ring case. She then opened it to give everyone a peak. Xinn, Roxy and Silia rushed to momma’s side. All together the trio stared down at the glistening rock that the case held.

“Wow.” They all whirred in three different cords.

“I’ve had this for a while now, but I never had the nerve to ask her. But I’m ready now momma. I miss her sooo much. So much that it hurts. You’ve ever been like that momma.” Momma just smiled and nodded her head.

“Go get yo’ woman, girl. YOU are ready. You girls get on out of here nigh. I have business to attend too.” Momma said waving the women off and heading back around to the other side of the counter.
At Amber’s mom’s house…

“Are you sure I look okay?” Rachel asked standing right outside the door.

“You look fine girl. You are sporting that long tail tuxs and the slick daddy willy hat. You are ready.” Roxy said ringing the doorbell.

“What’cha do that for. I’m…You didn’t give me.”

“Yessss,” Am’s mother said opening the door.

“Hi Mrs. Homes. I like to speak to Am if I may.” Rachel said softly. The flowers in her hands were shaking so bad that the paper around them began to wrinkle.

Amber’s sisters came up along side their mother and towered over her. And they weren’t looking the least bit happy. Their stares bore into Rachel’s frantic gaze. Causing her to hold her breath. Amber’s older sister reached out and took the flowers from her trembling hands and smelled them.

“Well Roses are a nice gesture maybe we’ll let you talk to her.”

“Aw wait a minute now. Our baby sister came home crying. W’ats up with that?” Ashley asked folding her arms across her chest.

“I…I…I messed up.” Rachel stuttered. “I made a stupid call and I’m sorry for it. I love Amber. I never want to hurt her. I was faced with something that I’ve never had to deal with before and I choked. I can’t say that it won’t happen again. But what I can promise you is that I will love her forever. I can’t live with out Amber. And if you consent Mrs. Homes I’d…I’d like to marry her.”

“Ugh Ugh, hold up, you.” Ashley started but was immediately halted by her mother’s raised hand.

“So you are saying that you’d want to make an honest woman out of my baby? Is that what you are saying?” Rachel thought about the statement before answering. Strange she could have sworn she’d heard those words before.

“Well yes ma’am. That is what I’m saying…WITH, your blessings of course.” Rachel said raising the ring so that Am’s mother could see it.

“WOW!” Each of her sisters exclaimed gazing down at it. Amber’s mother took the ring from Rachel’s hand and examined it closer. Xinn and the rest of the gang watched on. None of them felt the need to interrupt. Rachel was doing a splendid job all by her self. Momma was right. Old buzzards did like it when you’re respectful. Then again, Amber’s mother was very understanding. Maybe she was coming to terms with her daughter having an alternate life. And that she was happy with it.

“Nice…it’s an heirloom isn’t it. It looks as if it’s been passed down through the generations. Is it?” Rachel smiled. Amber’s mom knew her shit. It was passed down to her from her grandmother.

“Yes Ma’am it is. My great great grandmother passed it down to the first granddaughter that was born into my family. I was adopted, but I was also THE first girl in the entire two generations of Grand kids to be raised in the lineage.” Rachel said still smiling.

“You listen to me,” Amber’s mother said quickly changing her pleasant demeanor into one of a protective mother. “You keep my daughter happy. If she comes back her balling again, like she just did, I’m going to be all up in you. All your friends standing around you now, are going to have to help you get me out of you. Follow what I’m saying Red?” Amber’s momma said reaching and pulling Rachel up to her so that she could see the seriousness of her seasoned gaze.

“Yes…yes…yes ma’am.” Rachel stuttered again.

“Good…Nigh, com’on in. It’s getting chilly out ‘ere.” Rachel nervously wiped the sweat from her brow and stepped into Amber’s family home, for the second time.

“AMMMMBER,” her mother yelled from her leaning perch against the stair case rail. Amber stepped out of her room dressed like a goddess. She wore a long white form fitting sleeveless sequenced gown. Her hair feathered back in soft shiny waves. Accentuating her lovely face and sculptured cheek bones. Pearls decorated her tantalizing neck and her golden shoulder’s glittered from the scented oils she wore. To finish off the ensemble she wore long white gloves and three inch snow white pumps.

“Gad damn,” Roxy mumbled. “You are a lucky ass woman, girl. D’at brown skin girl is smokin’.” Amber descended the stairs like a princess in waiting.

“Amber,” Amber’s mother said raising her hand and beckoning her daughter to her. Amber stopped and rested her hand atop of her mother’s and paused in her steps, before staring over at her gasping lover.

“Rachel has something she wants to ask you. Don’t you Rachel?” Rachel forgot where she was. She’d never seen Amber look like that before. She…she looked like an Egyptian queen. Xinn had to elbow Rachel to jolt her from her inward fantasy.

“Uh, oh yes ma’am.” Rachel returned watching Amber’s mother escorted Amber over to her as if she was strolling to the tempting cords of southern blues.

“You are soooo beautiful.” Rach