Vampires and Angels by Alex Tryst

Vampires and Angels
by Alex Tryst



Torrance desperately tried to keep her eyes on the road, but the rain was coming down so hard she could barely see the car in front of her. Even though it was only eight in the evening, the ominous sky made it seem like midnight. The photographer rubbed her eyes with her free hand as she tried to stay awake. The trips from New York to Philadelphia to see her beloved seemed to get longer every time she drove, but she was determined to see Helen. It had been almost a month apart, and the brunette was anxious to have the little blonde in her arms again. It was Friday night, and they had all weekend to spend together, much to the older woman’s happiness.

Finally getting to the apartment complex where Helen lived with her two roommates, Kelly and Mark, she parked her Cadillac Escalade into one of the few available spaces and made a dash for the building. However, she was drenched by the time she made it to their door. Nevertheless, she gave a strong knock and waited for an answer. It was only a moment before Helen’s auburn-haired roommate came to the door.

“Torrance, hi. What are you doing here?” Kelly inquired. “You’re soaked.”

“Yeah. It’s coming down there pretty bad. Look at you. Where are you off to in such an outfit?” the photographer questioned, looking over the smaller woman dressed as a Playboy Bunny.

“A costume party. It is Halloween after all. Come in.”

“Thanks. Where’s Helen? I would have thought she would be home by now. We were supposed to do something tonight.”

“Didn’t she tell you? She got caught up at school. They are having a Halloween dance, and she got bugged into chaperoning. She wasn’t going to, but somehow she got talked into it today, because there was a shortage of teachers.”

“Oh, she didn’t call me. That’s okay. We have all weekend I suppose. I guess I can just hang out here until she gets back.”

Kelly nodded. “Or you could go up there. She asked me to invite you for her.”

Torrance shrugged. “I guess I could do that.”

“You have to be in costume though. That’s the only requirement. You don’t happen to have anything to wear, do you?” Kelly inquired as Mark made his way from the bedroom.

“Hey, Torrance. How’s it going?” he asked.

“It’s going well, Sherlock. Nice outfit but I think I like your lady’s better,” she teased, taking in his brown suit and pipe.

“That makes two of us,” he joked in return.

“Hey, honey, do you still have that Count Dracula costume? Torrance wants to go up to the school, but she needs something to wear,” Kelly asked her boyfriend.

“Yeah, help yourself to it, Torrance. It’s in the closet.”

“Thanks. I’ll do that.”

“Well, we have to get going. I’ll leave you some directions on the table for you though,” Kelly stated as Mark helped her into her raincoat.

“Thanks. You two have fun. Be careful out there. Don’t let any vampires or werewolves get you,” the photographer jested.

“And you don’t let any teenagers get you,” Mark responded with a laugh.

Torrance stepped into Mark and Kelly’s room to get Mark’s costume. Making her way into Helen’s room, she dropped her bag for her stay and then proceeded to strip off her wet clothes. Carefully she dressed in the Count Dracula costume. Being that she and Mark were almost the same size, it was a perfect fit for her. Straightening the medallion that hung from her neck, she looked herself over in the mirror. She laughed at the transformation in front of her. She actually made a decent-looking Count, her majestic height and broad shoulders adding to the allure. Slipping the faux teeth into place, she checked herself one last time before heading out into the possible adventures of the night.

It was still pouring when she got back into her SUV, but she didn’t mind. All that mattered was that she was out to have some fun this hallowed night. Turning on her stereo, she cranked up the Halloween songs to get her in the spirit and was quickly singing along to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as she drove over to the high school where her girlfriend worked.

When she arrived she was surprised to see so many cars in the parking lot. She figured most kids would want to skip a Halloween dance in favor for some old-fashioned mischief, like she would have done when she was their age. Nevertheless, she decided she would try salvage what was supposed to be intimate evening with Helen.

Following a crowd of kids inside the gym, Torrance took a moment to look at her surroundings. It was easy to tell the students from the teachers, because most of the teenagers had refused to come in costume, but all the adults were dressed for the event. Across the floor the brunette saw what she had come for and smiled. Helen dressed in a white sheet with a halo gracing her fair head. She was leaning against some gym mats, overlooking the crowd with bored disinterest. The photographer straightened her cape and stealthfully moved across the room out of her girlfriend’s line of sight. She got within a few feet before stopping. Helen still hadn’t noticed her.

Going for a funny opening line, the taller woman greeted, “Heaven must be missing an angel tonight.”

When the blonde heard the melodious familiar voice, she turned. There stood the woman she loved dressed like something out of a movie. Her dark hair had been gelled away from her face, showing off the small widow’s peak she naturally had, which coincided perfectly with Hollywood’s perception of the infamous Dracula. Green eyes flashed dangerously as she gave a sexy grin. Helen could see the fangs extending down from her lover’s top teeth. Torrance wore a pressed white tuxedo shirt, black slacks, and black shoes. Around her neck on a red ribbon hung a golden medallion resembling Dracula’s family crest, and the outfit was rounded out by a heavy, long, black cape. Helen felt her heart jumpstart at the sight of her. Her lover looked so sexy and mysterious. “Torrance, what are you doing here? I didn’t think Kelly could actually get you to agree to come,” she mentioned as the brunette stepped closer.

“Well, I couldn’t leave you without a date, could I?” she queried, coming into the blonde’s personal space. However, she refrained from touching her, unsure of what some of the other teachers might think. Nevertheless, Helen moved in for a hug and snuck a kiss on the brunette’s check.

“I’m glad you’re here. I’m sorry our evening was ruined. I just got cornered in the teacher’s lounge today, and I couldn’t get out of it.”

“It’s all right. At least now I can see where you work. Maybe you can give me a tour of the place,” she suggested.

“Well, everything is locked, so the kids don’t go wandering too far, but I do have a key,” Helen stated, casting a mischievous look Torrance’s way. “How about a tour of my classroom?”

“Sounds good. Lead on, my sweet angel.”

The teacher looked around to see where the other chaperons were, noting that they had ample coverage to be gone a few minutes, so she quietly motioned for the photographer to follow her out of the gym. A few kids lingered in the hallway, but they didn’t even bother to look up as the two adults passed them. Slipping her key into the glass door that separated them from the classrooms, Helen looked over her shoulder. Torrance was smiling knowingly in her direction. “I sure hope they haven’t turned on the alarm yet,” the teacher mentioned, pulling open the door. Both of them slipped through it undetected, and then Helen locked it behind them.

The hallway was dark being that there were no windows on the interior of the building. Neither woman talked as they walked leisurely, leaving footfall and music from the gym as the only sounds permeating the tile floor. Torrance walked a step just behind the blonde. As Helen led them toward a stairwell leading up to the second floor, she could sense a change in the woman with her. She heard the photographer’s breathing at her ear and the heat of the larger woman’s body near her back. Looking up at the stairs into the darkness, the blonde momentarily wondered if it was a good idea to continue. However, the photographer obviously had other plans.

Torrance took the first few stairs into the darkness before turning back. The smaller woman was still on the landing looking up at her. Giving a fang-bearing grin, Torrance crouched down toward her, whispering in best affected Transylvanian accent, “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of the dark.” Just then a crash of thunder could be heard outside as lighting lit up the stairwell through a window on the exterior wall.

The angel looked up at the vampire. The cloak kept Torrance mostly in shadow, but Helen could see those green eyes boring into hers. They were magnetic, and she felt pulled toward the woman’s sensual power. A fair hand extended toward her, and she had no choice but to take it. Helen let herself be led up the stairs to the second floor. It was even darker, and the rain could be heard clearly on the roof. Silently they moved through the corridor to the teacher’s classroom. Helen paused a moment as she put the key in the lock. She sensed something was about to happen if she opened the door, but when she heard the sultry request to proceed, she complied despite her inner voice telling her something was evolving.

Helen walked into her classroom with Torrance right behind her. She immediately moved toward the large windows looking out over one of the parking lots to watch the rain cascade down the panes of glass. She heard the lock click back into place before heavy footsteps came to her. However, she didn’t dare turn to those green eyes again. Neither woman spoke, but the younger woman could feel Torrance’s body hovering dangerously close to hers and hear the photographer’s labored breathing. The sound made her own catch. There was something so torrid about the way the photographer was acting that it made the blonde weak with desire. Feeling a hand cupping the back of her fair locks, she trembled in fervor.

Torrance pushed herself up against her girlfriend from behind and snaked one arm around her waist. She let her mouth close over the teacher’s porcelain neck. Helen moaned as fangs scraped over her pounding pulse. Another flash of lighting filled the sky, letting the blonde catch a glimpse of them in the window. What she saw made her tremor even more in ardor. Her lover’s green eyes captured her own, and she saw the shimmering desire in them.

“Torrance,” she whispered, her right hand finding the back of her lover’s head as the other gripped at the photographer’s thigh.

“Count Dracula,” the brunette corrected playfully.

“Count,” the teacher repeated with rising passion as she joined the game. “Please.”

“Please vhat?” the vampire inquired as her hands quickly found the ties of her girlfriend’s white robe.

Within moments it was pooled around Helen on the floor, leaving her in only matching white undergarments. Torrance moved them from the window over to the teacher’s large desk. Pushing papers to the floor, she lay Helen on her back and quickly covered the smaller body with her own. The angel moaned as their mouths came together roughly. Dracula’s medallion dropped against her cleavage, causing her to gasp at the chill of the metal against her heated skin.

Torrance growled with growing need as her right hand trailed down her lover’s body between her thighs. The blonde’s hips instinctively rose to meet her. Bypassing the satin material that separated her from her goal, the photographer sunk into the heat awaiting her. Helen cried out in relief and mounting want as experienced hands moved her. They began to grind together at a fevered ferocity as the black cloak covered them like a blanket. Helen gripped it tightly with one hand, trying to ground herself to the animal that was now unceremoniously starting to ravage her.

Gathering enough of her bearings though, the blonde decided to reciprocate for her lover. With her right hand she trailed down the vampire’s side and between their bodies. Finding the zipper on the slacks, she worked it open as fast as she could. Her hand dove between the folds of cotton. Torrance grunted as Helen entered her and began to thrust in time with the photographer’s hips. Neither said anything as they simply rode each other wildly.

However, the older woman could feel her peak fast approaching under her girlfriend’s ministration. Torrance tried to postpone it by focusing on her lover’s delight, but it was impossible. Helen was hitting just the right stride to make her quake. Unable to delay the inevitable, Torrance groaned as she shuddered and in her delirium of pleasure bit the blonde’s neck as she climaxed. Instantly the metallic taste of blood flowed into her mouth.

When Helen felt fangs pierce her skin, it sent a jolt of pain skittering through her that mixed with the overwhelming pleasure of her beloved inside her. Crying out loudly she gripped the back of the brunette’s head, pushing it even closer and forcing the fangs in deeper into her neck before an orgasm ripped through her body.

Both of them shook uncontrollably for a few moments, but finally both bodies stilled, leaving them a heap of unmoving mass hidden under the wool cape. Finally, when Torrance came back to the present and realized she was attached to her girlfriend’s neck by her teeth, she tried to ease them out of Helen’s skin. The blonde whimpered even after they were completely removed. Meeting the photographer’s gaze, Helen saw a drop of her own blood drip from the plastic fangs and splash against her chest. However, the beast that had temporarily consumed the brunette seemed to be gone as loving eyes studied her.

“I’m so sorry, Helen. Are you all right?” Torrance inquired gently, instinctively touching the bite marks with her free hand.

Helen nodded. “It just stung for a second. I’m okay,” she assured her.

Leaning down to the blonde, Torrance kissed the slope of her left breast gently. “Trick or treat?” she questioned softly as she once again started to move inside of the teacher.

Helen moaned at the gentle pace. “Treat, definitely treat,” she mumbled, running her hands through dark hair.

The photographer smiled and kissed Helen’s ear. Playfully she whispered, “I am Count Dracula, and I vant to suck your blood.”

“You’ve already done that, Count,” Helen reminded teasingly. “Try sucking something else.” The blonde thrust her breasts up toward her lover in hopes she would get the hint.

“Avec plaisir,” the brunette mumbled, leaning down to circle the pale tip of the blonde’s breasts with her tongue. Within minutes Helen was riding a second tide of ecstasy as Torrance guided her gently toward the summit of release. When it claimed her, she opened her green eyes to meet the ones she adored.

“I love you, Torrance,” she confessed.

“I love you too, Helen. Perhaps we should go back. Do you think people are wondering where you are?”

The teacher shook her head. “I have a better idea. Let’s get out of here. I want to go home right now.” Helen’s eyes left no room for discussion.

“Vhatever you vant, Ms. Melbourne,” the vampire replied. “Come. I vill take you to my castle.” Helping Helen off the desk, Torrance went to retrieve the papers she had knocked to the ground earlier as the blonde dressed again. The brunette smiled at the woman she loved and handed her the halo that had gotten lost somewhere in their carnal activities. “Here. You lost your halo.”

“I think I lost more than that,” the teacher teased, leaning up to kiss her girlfriend’s mouth softly. “Come on. Let’s go home.”

The End

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