A New Goal in Life by Ri

A New Goal in Life
by Ri

She was waiting in the arena for the game. It was the third week in a row and she just shook her head in disbelief at her own actions. The first time she had been taken to the game by her brother kicking and screaming. She went with her brother because the kid wanted to spend some time with his older sister. He rarely saw her since he lived and worked in a suburb at least a half-hour away from the artsy downtown community that she lived in. So she came with a really preconceived notion of a violent game without any redeeming features but all she had known was what she saw on TV and movies. She knew nothing of hockey itself.

Then she saw her, tall and beautiful and Candice couldn’t take her eyes off of her. The woman was skating around the rink with such grace she looked like a dark swan to the befuddled blonde observer.
She had a uniform on so Candice knew she had to be apart of the team somehow. Candice just stared point blank as the beautiful woman glided angelically across the ice. It was hypnotizing to the young woman so much so that when she skated off Candice realized she was holding her breath.

She watched the game totally fascinated by the organized chaos she witnessed. There was a grace to the game the artist never suspected. It was obvious there was a rhyme and reason to every move so she kept bugging her brother for an explanation.

“Come on, Tom, What is she doing now?”

“Yeash, Candy since when do you care about this?”

“Since now. Now give little brother.” He gave her a condensed explanation since he wanted to enjoy the game and not explain every move of its goalie. Candy shook her head, she would go to the library to get a better idea of the game. The goalie was obviously the star. The beautiful woman that Candice had seen at the beginning of the game was the goalie so she basically watched just her the whole time.

Now for the third week in a row here she was in the same seat waiting for the goalie to appear for her warm up.


Rosalie, or Roxie as she was known by in the rink looked up at the stands and smiled. There she is again. That beautiful blonde was in the exact same seat for the third week in a row. God, She is waiting for me again. She thought with a smirk and shook her head. Roxie had noticed her the first time she appeared with the young blonde man by her side. She just stood out. She was so classy. The people in this part of town just weren’t like her certainly not as …. beautiful, She with a sigh.

Roxie was happily employed by the first mixed hockey league ever. This organization believed in talent and she relished after 10 long years in the woman’s league.


The action was in center court right below Candy. Two of the players were grappling after the puck; suddenly one of the players got a clear shot and hit the puck toward the goal. The puck hit the edge of post and ricocheted right toward Candy. She looked in terror as the flying disc headed right toward her head and then nothing….


She reovered staring into concerned blue eyes, “Um…Did it hit me?” She asked in a scratchy voice she barely recognized as her own. Roxie smiled and shook her head, “No, you fainted. Probably scared the hell out of you. Can’t blame you. I’ve been hit by the damn things and believe me you were better off keeling over.” She said kindly gently helping the younger woman to sit all the way up.

“Where am I?”

Roxie’s smile broadened, “Traditionally your suppose to ask that first. You’re in the players infirmary.”

“Well I’ve never been traditional. You’re the goalie…Roxie right?”

“Roxie nodded, “And you’re the pretty lady who’s been here three weeks in a row?” Replied Roxie with a smirk.

Green eyes widened in shock, “You….um…noticed?”

“Because of this neighborhood only our…shall we say our more raunchy fans seem to attend the games. The others prefer to watch on cable TV. Some one as classy as you stands out, I’m afraid. So to answer your question, yes I most definitely noticed you. Um…Who was the young man with you the first night? Your husband?”

Candy was very pleased and surprised by the questions, “This neiborhood is stones throw from where I live. The young man was my little brother….”

“Chronologically I presume?” Roxie asked with a huge beautiful smile.

Well there goes the stereo type of the goalie with no teeth, “Yep, he’s younger. I’m obviously the height deprived one in our family. Everyone in the world is taller then me,” She complained in a good-natured teasing way. “Your obviously college educated… Why do you…I mean I…” Suddenly embarrassed she turned slightly away afraid of Roxie’s reaction to what she was trying to ask her.

Roxie’s reaction was amazement and she gently shifted the girl to face her. “You are something else, Yes I am college educated. I have a masters degree in History and my teaching creditionals. So when I retire from hockey I have a profession to fall back on. Why I do this I enjoy it. I love the grace and physical action. I’m very good at it.” She replied with lopsided grin that made Candy smile back inspite of her embarrassment.

“Yes, you are good at it, ” She replied admiringly.

Roxie smiled and asked, “What do you do for a living….I’m sorry its non of my business. I’m really here to keep an eye on you till the Doc comes back with your x-rays…”

“Its ok, I’m an artist. I have a studio in my apartment, and I work in paint and tapestry. Why would a player keep an eye on me? You’re the star of the team and I’m just some idiot fan…”

“Your not an idiot!!” Roxie yelled, she was stunned by her own forceful reaction. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself, “I’m sorry I…um…I think you’re a nice girl….”

“How could you know that?” Asked Candy confused by all the emotion swirling around the room. “Did I fall on my head or something?”

Roxie laughed and replied sweetly, “No you stayed firmly in seat…I um…I kind of hopped over the wall and picked you up and brought you here to the doc…I haven’t ….I…” Roxie turned around and walked to the other side of the room looking out a window. She had never acted like this in her life. She felt so drawn to this young woman, so connected that she couldn’t let her out of her sight till she knew that she was ok.

“That was so kind of you. I’m kind of shocked, I mean have you done this for any other fan?”Candy was stunned that the tall beauty seemed caught by the same grip as she was,Maybe she feels this connection too?

Roxie turned back toward the young woman and shook her head, “No, I’m really a very private person. I come to work and go home. I just feel…a…I don’t know….something.” She stuttered and her tone was harsher then she wanted but she didn’t seem to have much control over her vocal cords at the moment.


Shocked blue eyes widened and the dark head nodded slowly. Candy smiled and said,
“I feel the same way.”

“You do?”

“Um…well, I have never been to a hockey game in my life till I saw you that first time. I never thought I’d go more then once to please my brother. I kept coming back because I couldn’t get you out of my head, I was so drawn to you.”


It was the blondes turn to nod.

“Wow, that’s wild, “Said Roxie with a shake of her mane of black hair. Just then the door opened and the doctor came in with her x-rays.

“Miss Madden, Your up. Good. Did she have any problems knowing where she was, Roxie?”

The brunette shook her head.

The doctor smiled, “Very good, your fine you can go home.”

Candy nodded and hopped off the examination table. She was about to ask where her clothes were when Roxie asked the doctor, “Shouldn’t some one take Miss Madden home?”

“Sure, but who has the time for…”

“I do, Doc….I’ll take her home.”

Green eyes met blue and there were no arguments from the patient.


They were in Roxie’s red mustang convertible heading toward the beach. Candy realized they were heading in the opposite direction of her apartment, ” Either my brains are really scrambled or were in going in the wrong direction…”

“No were not…”

“But my place is that way…”

We’re going to my place. I said I was taking you home I never said your home, did I?” She replied with a smirk glancing over a dark raybans at the pretty blonde.

Candy’s face registered shock and then a slow delighted smile appeared as she asked quietly,”Really?”

Roxie’s face now held a beautiful smile and she said, “Yep, I thought that I should keep an eye on you for a few days and….I thought it would be a good opportunity to get to know each other a bit better and …well…I’d like to do that. Would it be something you’d…”

“Absolutely,” Said Candy now relaxing in her seat prepared to enjoy the rest of the drive.

Roxie’s smile broadened, “Good, me too.”


Roxie’s apartment was on the second floor of a converted Victorian home right across the street from the beach. The large loft apartment had a beautiful view of the ocean from large terrace window. Looking at the ocean marveling at the fact that she was there and that she was alone with a person she had admired for weeks. She took a deep breath and leaned her against the cool glass.

A hand gently landed on her shoulder and a thumb stroked the shoulder blade sending a shiver through the young blonde. Candy turned her head and looked up into concerned blue eyes and smiled shyly, “Hi.”

Roxie smiled sweetly, “Hi…Are you ok?”

Candy nodded, ” I just…I can’t believe I’m here…I….um…I dreamt about this,” Her eyes lowered shyly embarrassed by what had just coming out of her mouth.

Roxie was astonished since she felt the same way. She gently lifted the smaller woman’s chin and looked into shy green eyes. “I feel the same way, Candice…I can’t believe you’re here. When I saw you up there tonight I thought you were way out of my league, but….I hoped…I….?”

Candy’s eyes widened and she said sweetly, “You did?”

Roxie nodded and slowly lowered her head as their lips sunk into each other bringing joy and bliss to both women. Candy’s small arms went around Roxie’s waist and Roxie’s went around Candy’s shoulders bringing her as close as physically possible. When they pulled back to look at each other breathing in ragged gulps their expressions were of two sleepwalkers who just woke up.

Roxie felt like she was going to faint and by Candy’s expression she felt the same way. “Come on lets sit down before we fall down,” She whispered into the silky blonde hair by the little ear she loved. Candy merely nodded and allowed herself to be led to Roxie’s couch. They sat side by side both unsure of what to do next.

“Candice I…”She stuttered and fidgeted with a little hand, she wanted to say so much but nothing came out.

“Roxie, your so….I’m so…Oh God,” She leaned her head back against the couch tongue tied as well.

They looked at each other and laughed till they settled with their heads against each other, “I’m glad we both have this great ability to express ourselves.” Roxie said to Candice with a smirk.

“Yea, it would be horrid if we just stuttered at each other.” Replied Candy in mirth filled voice. That set of another period of laughter with them holding each other and till they were tangled into each other exhausted from pure laughter. “Not quite better then sex but I like how we ended up,”Said Roxie looking deeply into beautiful green eyes.

“Mmmm, me too,’ Said Candy as their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Their connection deepened. Roxie gently angled their bodies in a more comfortable position on the couch as they continued to explore and map each other’s bodies till they fell over the edge together…

Roxie felt so comfortable nestled on the couch with the smaller woman that she didn’t want to open her eyes. Then she thought of that woman and seeing her peacefully sleeping for the first time made her smile happily and her eyes slowly flutter open. A blonde head was resting comfortably just below her chin. Roxie’s eyes continued down to look at the pretty peaceful face that the older woman was already beginning to cherish. Then they continued down to the beautiful body her hand automatically followed her blue eyes and she caressed the lovely stomach, the naked flesh felt soft and inviting. She heard a little squeak and her smile widened as she went down to the inviting breast gently cupping it.

Two aroused bright green eyes suddenly opened, Candy smiled happily and mumbled, “What a lovely way to wake up.” Candy slowly and gently began to respond on the beautiful body beside her. The tall woman had so much to offer her Candy didn’t know where to begin, She decided to begin with the beautiful sweet neck. Roxie stretched her neck back as she continued to give loving attention to the soft sensual breast she gently stroking and squeezing. The phone began ringing interrupting her as she decided to ignore it deciding it was more important to continue loving the woman beside her and let the answerphone pick up.

“Hello Rosalie, honey. Its Mom, I’m afraid I have bad news sweetheart your brother is much worse. Could you possibly get a leave of absence and come home? Call me honey. I love you. Bye”

Two stunned faces looked at each other. Tears came suddenly to Roxie’s eyes, Candy embraced her, stroking her back, saying anything soothing that came into her head. Roxie pulled back and looked searchingly into Candy’s eyes. Very quietly she asked, “Candice…would you come with me? He has Pelvic Cancer…I need you….Um….”

“Its ok, I want to…”


Candy nodded her head and brought her beloved as close as she could, “I’d do anything for you.”
Part 2
Candy was seated in a row reserved for player’s friends and family. She watched with awe as Roxie glided effortlessly across the ice to the goal post, she looked every inch a goddess. Roxie glanced up at the stands and found the warm green eyes she was seeking she winked and waived at the smaller woman. Candy responded by smiling and waiving back.

The game was very exciting but it was hard for Candy to enjoy it knowing that the center of attention was playing under more pressure then anyone should. This was the final game of the season and Roxie had to play her contract was very specific. Candy watched, as the woman she loved seemed to be completely focused on the game and the action around her. That action was suddenly at her feet, as three player’s two men from the opposing team and one woman from Roxie’s were grappling with the puck practically at Roxie’s feet. Suddenly a woman from the opposing team came barreling down and hit the puck hard right toward Roxie’s head. She easily deflects the shot with her hockey stick but the puck ricocheted off the post and hit Roxie right on her ankle. This caused such searing pain that Roxie collapsed onto the ice.

Candy screamed and jumped out of her seat and ran to the fallen player. Roxie was on a gurney being taken to the players infirmary when the determined blonde rushed to her side, “Roxie?” She said anxiously taking a shaky hand from the woman’s stomach.

“I’m ok it was just such a shock is all…”

“We’ll let the doctor make the diagnosis,” Said Candy as she walked with the medics and the player to the infirmary.

Roxie couldn’t help but smile and say in a still shaky voice, “Yes Ma’am.”

*** *** *** ***

Cursing could be clearly heard from the bedroom at the beach house. Candy with the help of a medic from the stadium had just deposited one angry tall woman into her bed. After escorting the understanding man out and getting a glass of water so her miserable partner could take the pain medicine that she so badly needed. The puck had hit her ankle so sharply it had actually broken the bone luckily for the athlete it was a clean break that would heal completely.

She came back to the bedroom with the medicine in one hand and a glass of water in the other to be confronted with very angry blue eyes. Those eyes softened and tears began to fall as she asked in pure frustration, “How am I suppose to help my brother with this stupid broken ankle?”

“I don’t think your Mom intended for you to do manual labor. You are a very loving presence when your not glowering at people. Love equals healing it’s as simple as that,” Said Candy as she handed Roxie the glass of water.

Roxie smiled and put the glass down patting the bed next to her with her now free hand, “Come here, please?”

Candy smiled and sat down next to the other woman with worried green eyes she said, “Take your medicine please.”

Roxie bent down and kissed Candy on the cheek then she obediently took the pain pills, “Better?”

Candy smiled and caressed a soft cheek, “Yes, that’s much better.”

“Now move closer please I want to hold you so badly I may cry.”

Carefully avoiding putting any pressure on the injured ankle Candy sat in the lap to be captured by eager arms embracing her close to the older woman. She leaned into her causing Roxie to move back onto her pillows and lie flat. Still with in the circle of her loves arms, Candy stroked her hair and whispered, “Now relax and let the medicine work.”

Roxie wasn’t sure if it was the tender loving care she was receiving or the medicine but she found herself helplessly falling deeply asleep into the pillows behind her. Candy disentangled herself gently, and covered Roxie with a sheet and a blanket, then she kissed her forehead saying quietly, “Sleep well my love.”

*** *** *** ***

Roxie was alone in bed when she woke up several hours later. She opened her eyes and looked down toward her ankle and scowled, “Traitor, “She growled at it with a sneer.

“Now is that anyway to talk to a helpless appendage?” Asked Candy as she entered the room with a breakfast tray filled to capacity.

“Did you slip me a Mickey?” Asked Roxie with a smirk.

Candy actually snorted as she laughed in reply. She gently placed the tray at the edge of the bed. “Your medicine came with sedatives so your doctor slipped you a Mickey. I just made sure you followed his instructions so I aided and abetted. How do you feel?”

“Pissed off….The ankle is throbbing.” She looked into sympathetic green eyes as she asked quietly, “How am I suppose to drive to San Diego with this stupid ankle like this?”

“I’ll drive.”

“Honey, It’s a long drive…”

“No its not. I drove to Phoenix all the way by myself and that’s a hell of lot longer. So I’ll drive and no arguments. Do you think your family will mind my coming with you? I don’t want to intrude.”

Roxie smiled at the shy woman and caressed her cheek, “I have no doubt that they will love having you and they will go banana’s over you. They won’t be able to resist you, your so adorable.” Said the tall dark woman as she bit into a piece of toast. She looked into the eyes she loved more then anything on the planet and asked sweetly, “Share?”

“I never thought you’d ask, “Replied the blonde as she took a bit of the toast being offered to her.
They shared the meal in silence till they were both quite content. Then Roxie put the tray aside and brought the smaller woman in her arms saying, “Don’t worry Candy its just my Mom and Brother and I know they will love you.”

“How do you know?” Asked Candy snuggling close to the comforting woman.

“Because I love you,” Said Roxie kissing Candy on the top of her head.

“Is it that simple?”

“Yes, its that simple,” Replied Roxie into a little ear as she slowly began to unbutton the tigger night shirt that Candy was wearing and kissed her way down the beautiful neck toward the area she wanted to devour with all of her heart and soul. Candy gave up on the worries of the impending visit as she felt the gifts of pleasure the other woman was giving her so generously. She felt her self responding and soon they were beyond any rational thought as they both fell over the edge together.

** *** *** ***

The drive was not eventful except that Candy discovered that Roxie hated not being in control and was driving her crazy with her tendency to be a side seat driver. So Candy began to distract her with a series of stories meant to shift Roxie’s focus from the road to the tales of adventure that she was filling her ears and imagination with.

Roxie knew she was being manipulated, but it was done with such sweetness that she didn’t mind it in the least. She was really enjoying all the myths that that the blonde was telling her. Roxie knew several of them but the way Candy told it she felt she was there and not just reading some fairy tale.

“Who did you learn all those old myths so well from?”

“When I was little my Mom had a huge book of Greek Myths rewritten for children. I used to constantly ask her for it and tell her which stories I wanted her to read till I knew them better then she did. As I grew older I read all the originals and I still collect Greek Myths and I even use it in my art work.”

“Well they’re wonderful. I love the way you tell them even though I knew some of them it was as if I heard it for the first time and I was there. You are a wonderful story teller.”

“Thanks, That means a lot coming from you.”

“Its just the truth,” Said Roxies as she briefly met green eyes that swiftly looked at her then back to the road. “Your beautiful when you blush.” Teased Roxie relaxing in her seat.


Roxie giggled then sighed as she saw her Mom’s exit. She was happy and anxious to get home but she was just scared about what she would find when she got there. “This is Mom’s exit coming up, love.”

Candy nodded and readied herself for the impending visit.

*** *** *** ***

Candy got out of the car slowly and walked to the other side to help Roxie out. She brought the injured woman to the front door and turned to get the luggage. Roxie caught her arm and asked, “Where do you think your going young lady?”

“Um…To get the luggage…”

“Nuhuh, first introductions then luggage.”

“Don’t you want some privacy…”

“Nope, you are now the center of my existence. There is no privacy where your concerned, “Said Roxie sweetly as she rang the door with one hand keeping her arm around nervous shoulders with the other.


It was too late the door opened and a tall attractive older woman opened the door with very familiar blue eyes. “Sweetheart I heard on the radio about your accident and I thought…”

“I couldn’t have been stop by one little puck, Ma.”

“No, I don’t suppose you could of you little rascal. Who is this pretty little girl?” Asked the older woman affectionately with mischief twinkling in her eyes.

Roxie sudden smile was blinding as she replied, “Ma, This is Candice. She is the love of my life. Candy this is my Mother, Kate.” Said Roxie proudly gently rubbing the shoulder she was leaning on.

Shy green eyes looked up through blonde bangs as she mumbled, “Nice to meet you, Ma’am.”

“Who the hell is Ma’am? If you’re the love my daughter’s life I’m Ma to you, got me?” She smiled just as wide and beautifully as her daughter as she embraced both women in a bear hug.

As Roxie dragged an astonished Candy into the house she said with a tiny jab in the stomach, ”I told you so.”
Part 3
The Girls followed Kate into the house and were greeted by a man in jeans and a T-shirt sitting in a big comfortable easy chair of dark brown leather. A huge smile broke out across the young man’s face as he held out both arms to hug his big sister. With a matching smile Roxie limped over to her brother and threw her arms around his neck hugging him tightly to her.

“Hey baby, “She cooed into his ear.

He pulled her into his lap and kissed her on the nose saying, “Hey Shrimp,” It was a joke between the siblings. He pulled back and rubbed noses with her saying, “You look beautiful despite being a gimp.” He said jokingly.

“Thanks, You look good too for a lazy old bum,” She said pulling back and winking at him as she tousled his shaggy black hair.

He did look good but she could see that he was thinner and his eyes looked older some how. They were showing all the pain he’d been suffering. She gave him another bear hug and willed herself not to cry in front of him.

Candy watched beside Kate, She felt herself tear up at the obvious love and affection between the two. Kate was teary eyed as well she knew she would lose her baby soon and she saw that her eldest knew it too.

“Ok you two brats, we do have a guest you know. I would like you to show her that I did teach you both some manners.” Kate said with a voice full of affection as she put an arm around Candy’s shoulders.

Candy didn’t think it was possible for Roxie’s smile to get any bigger but it did. She looked at Candy and her eyes sparkled at her as she waived her over, “Love, come here and meet this big lug.”

Candy looked down at the ground and quietly walked over toward Roxie and her brother. Roxie met her brother’s eyes and she saw his approval as he winked at her. She smiled, kissed his cheek and winked back.

When Candy was next to the chair Roxie in one fluid motioned pulled the small blonde on top of her lap, Candy was startled and cried out, “But your brother…”

“I’m fine, Kiddo. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the family, “ He said as his arms pulled both women into a bear hug.

Candy looked from one sibling to the other, they looked so alike with their striking blue eyes and black hair and yet they were so different. “Thanks, “She replied shyly.

Roxie kissed her brother’s cheek and said, “Thanks baby. I appreciate that so much. Isn’t she the most beautiful woman you have ever seen?”



“I think your embarrassing her, Sis.” Said the sensitive young man with an indulgent smile.

Roxie caressed Candy’s cheek and said, “Well she is part of our family so she needs to be exposed to how we are.” Roxie kissed Candy deeply with love and passion drawing approving looks from her family and then she pulled back and brought the green eyes up to meet her own, “Besides I’m only stating obvious facts.”

Kate came over, “Ok girls, Get off Jimmy’s lap. He needs to take a nap now, “ She said as she gently pulled a flabbergasted Candy off. Then she gave a gentle tug to her daughter putting her arm around her shoulders and helping her out of the easy chair.

Jimmy smiled at the two women next to him and said, “Good night my beauties. I will see you both at dinner,’ He said jokingly with a wink and strolled out of the living room.

Roxie suddenly had tears falling from her eyes, “Mom?” She squeaked.

“Sweetheart, He has just come out of remission. The doctor doesn’t know. We have to go day by day. He is very weak but he is not in any pain right now. The medicine is helping but…but….”Kate suddenly burst into tears.

Candy helped an anxious Roxie to her Mother’s side. The older woman hugged both of them tightly to her. “Thank you for coming girls. I’m so glad your both here I’m really going to need the two of you…”

“Um…I…” Candy was crying she wanted to help but felt like she was intruding into something very personal.

“What’s wrong, Sweetie?” Asked Roxie instantly alert to her loves discomfort.

“Why…I mean…I feel…” She stuttered between bouts of tears.

Kate understood and brought the small blonde closer to her, “Your not intruding. Believe me Candy, I am so glad that Rosalie brought you. Your important to her which means your important to all of us.”

“Oh Sweetie, Please don’t feel like that. I told you before, I need you. You could never be intruding on my life. You are my life I love you so…” Roxie was crying again she sat back down dragging Candy with her onto her lap on the couch. She hugged her tightly to her and cried her eyes out. Kate sat down next to them and put her arms around the two girls and they were all crying.

Kate then realized how this must look and started to laugh. The two girls were drying each other’s tears and looking at Kate like she just went over the rainbow.


“You know if anyone saw us they would think we were all stark raving mad. Crying and hugging each other in a big group hug. It s not time for that now. Ok, lets get some stuff straight here,” She stood up and started pacing in front of the younger women. “First Candy, You are more welcome in our family then I can express. You are not intruding. Rosalie loves you and that’s enough. We need all the love in this house that we can get.” Then she looked at her daughter with eyes full of love and pride, “Rosalie, You are so special. We all love you so. Thank you for dropping everything and coming to help. I think the first piece of business is that we need to get you two settled. “ Kate helped her daughter up and hugged the stuffing out of her. They smiled and hugged each other in understanding then turned as one each offering Candy a hand to get up with. Candy smiled up at the two women putting a hand in each of theirs she allowed herself to be pulled up into another group hug. Then Kate put an arm around each girl and showed them to their room.

*** *** *** ***

Jimmy was on a large swing on the back patio. Roxie leaned against the door and watched him unobserved. His cheeks were a bit sunken and his eyes now showed some pain as he stared out toward the meadow behind the house. He was a big broad shouldered strapping young man but to her sensitive eyes she could see that he lost about 20 pounds since her last visit.

She took a deep breath and stepped out onto the patio, her brother look up at her and smiled. When he smiled at her his pain seemed to disappear and his cheeks glowed. She was very glad that she came because she could see that she was indeed needed by her baby brother. “Hey baby.”

“Hey Beauty, I like her.”

Roxie smiled sweetly, “I knew that you would.”

He patted the swing and Roxie limped over and sat next to him putting her head on his broad shoulder like when they were little kids.

“She is very sweet and shy, I do like that in a girl…”

“Hey, no poaching she’s mine” Said Roxie with a smile as she poked him gently in the ribs.

“Oh I see that every time she looks at you.”


Jimmy chuckled, “Like you don’t know it. Its simple Sis, She loves you and you love her. It is really obvious by the way you look and touch each other. At dinner I felt a little jealous, I will never have that…”

“Sure you will. When you get better….”

“Rox, I’m not going to get better. This kind of cancer doesn’t have a second remission.”

“Jimmy please…”Her tough-teasing demeanor vanished. She had tears well up in her eyes. She was his sister and she wanted him to believe that he was going to get better.

“Honey, Come on be sensible. I’m not going to get well. I love you dearly but you have to see things as they are. If you don’t see reality how will Mom. I’m dying and I’m really glad your here because I know I will need you. I am so very happy you finally found your special someone I was really worried about you…”

Roxie sat up and looked her brother in his kind blue eyes so like her own she felt like she was looking into her own soul. “Why on Earth would you be worried about me?”

“Because you have always been so alone. You never had anyone other then Ma and me. I… worried that when I pass on that you would turn more inward then you already were. I am so pleased that you found Candy, Rox. Let her help you….Let her love you…”

Roxie was now sobbing into his chest. Jimmy understood and just kept stroking her beautiful long hair. He waited for her to calm down. When she did she looked up into loving blue eyes and smiled
slightly, “You always take care of everyone around you. Why? Here you are in need of being looked after and your worrying about me. Why?”

“Sweetie, that’s just the way I am. You should know me pretty well by now.”

“Oh I do….Um, I couldn’t help falling in love with Candy. I fell in love with her at first sight. She was in the stands with some guy and I fell. Luckily it was her brother…She’s very good at taking care of me. You should have seen how she got around my grumps about this stupid ankle. I love her with my whole heart. Jimmy, Please I can’t lose you. Isn’t there a chance…?”

“Hey, you never know there is always a chance. I would love to get another remission but it’s against the odds. You, Ma and now little Candy have got to prepare your selves for the worst. I have to make sure your all ok before I go. I love you all very much.” He then hugged her close to him kissed the crown of her head and leaned his head on top of hers.

She hugged him back fiercely crying again, “I love too with all my heart and soul. I will always. Forever.”

*** *** *** ***

Candy was sitting on the bed sketching carefully from memory when a red eyed Roxie limped in. Roxie smiled slightly and asked quietly, “Whatcha doing little one?”

Seeing the red eyes and pale face Candy put down her sketchpad and immediately ran into the tall woman’s arms. She held her in a tight embrace against her body and led her to the bed; Roxie couldn’t help it she suddenly released all the pain she felt at losing her baby brother. She was sobbing into Candy’s shoulder then she pulled the smaller woman into her lap hand held her fiercely to her.

“Oh Little one I am going to lose him…I am going to lose him forever…” She cried as she held on to her love with all her might.

Candy didn’t know what to say so she merely hugged her closer and stroked her back.

Roxie pulled back to find teary green eyes looking searchingly at her, Roxie gently dried the tears on Candy’s cheek and said, “I’m so glad you came my love, I’m going to need you so much.”

Candy cleared her throat and replied, “I don’t think I could have not come. I love you so much I know you need some comfort and support.”

“My baby brother is dying, Candy and all he can do is think of about me. Isn’t that incredible?” Asked Roxie shaking her head in wonder.

Candy shook her head against Roxie’s chest, “Yes, I can see him doing that. He’s very special and he loves you. I think he’s wonderful and I love him already…”

“He love you too. So does Ma,” Roxie brought her head up by gently lifting her chin and said with sparkling blue eyes, ”I told you so.”

Candy smiled at her loves attempt to tease her, “Yeah, you did.”

“So what were you working so hard on?”

Candy looked over at her sketchpad and swallowed her bottom lip.

Roxie chuckled, “It’s not another one of me is it? You’ve already done three.” She said, as she slowly became herself again.

Candy shook her head and said, “No,…I thought I do something special for your family…I…” She got up and walked over to sketch pad. She picked it up and walked back toward Roxie handing it to her.

Roxie’s eyebrows were in her bangs her face full of curiosity till she took the pad from Candy. When she saw what was drawn tears stung her eyes again and she grabbed the smaller woman and hugged her close. “Thank you little one, Thank you…” She said as the sketchpad gently fell out of her hands onto the floor. She devoured the blonde with deep passionate kiss and then went on to area’s south.

On the floor, sketched on the pad was a half done perfect sketch of Jimmy on the chair in the living room. The face was about done and it reflected both good looks and love he had sparkling out of his eyes for his family. His smile was so blinding that it looked like he was really there.
Part 4
Roxie was in the garage she was feeling restless and needed to do something to take her mind off her troubles for a little while. She decided to set up a game that shouldn’t hurt her ankle but give her some activity for a little while. It was a hockey game her Mom gave her and Jimmy when they were kids. There were two goal posts, two hockey sticks, a white plastic puck weirdly shaped with bearing on it so it would slide around a floor. She limped around setting up the goal posts at each end of the garage. She smiled reflecting as she stood in the middle of the garage with the small hockey stick in her hands about all the good times she and her brother had playing with the silly game.

It was an innocent start to her career though no one could have predicted that. She loved the game she had made up her mind that this was what she was going to do. Of course it wasn’t till she was 10years old and her mother took her and Jimmy to a real game that she found out she had to learn to skate first. After much begging her mom set up lessons for both her and brother at an indoor rink that was near her home. She was a natural on skates and was soon skating circles around the other 10 years old and her big brother. When she was 12years old she was the captain of the girl’s Hockey team at the rink. Her life had begun and she didn’t even realize it.

She laughed and shook her head at the memory. She would have to remember to tell her love about that; She would enjoy that early story. She took aim and easily slid the plastic puck into the tiny goal post.

“Its really easy to do that if there is no one there to block it, huh?” Asked Jimmy leaning against the garage door.

“I was just fooling around remembering when I was foolish child thinking that I was the queen of the court.” She replied with an embarrassed grin.

Jimmy laughed and walked lazily over to pick up the other hockey puck. “Which you were and are.”

Roxie shrugged and then asked quietly, “And just what do you think your doing?”

“I’m going to pretend to be you and be goalie to liven up your game.”

“Uh Jimmy, I don’t think that’s a very good idea…I…”

“Well I could snitch to Candy about your running around on that ankle and watch the fireworks begin,” He threatened chuckling.

“Hey you wouldn’t do that….Would you?”

An evil grin came to his face and she rolled he eyes, “Well then you hit the ball and I’ll be goalie. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

Now Jimmy rolled his eyes but he complied. He walked to where she was and she limped to the goal post.

The first four balls Roxie let go right into the net. Her mind was made up that he was not going to hurt himself on her watch. When she stood up from picking up the pucks he was standing there with his hands on hips glaring at her.


“Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Rox, I don’t need you protecting me. It’s a child’s game for God’s sake. I am a grown man I can handle figuring out when I’m tired all by myself!”


“Just play for real damn it! Your professional if you ever did that in reality you would be suspended so fast your head would spin. Just play the damn game! Now slide the damn pucks over here.”

She looked at him shocked she took a deep breath and released it. She slid the pucks toward him and readied herself in a defensive stance. He hit the puck toward her and she deflected it but she easily made sure it went right back toward him.

He threw the stick down and yelled, “Damn it Rox, Stop that! If you don’t block the next ball like I know you can I will take this puck and stick and stuff it down your damn throat! Maybe that will convince you I’m not helpless.”

Forgetting for the minute he was sick and suddenly acting exactly like the sister he knew so well she spit out, “Oh yeah, you and what army!?!”

“Just you try me big sister.” He growled, inwardly he was delighted this was the Roxie he needed right now.

“Ok Little brother come at me with your best shot,” She growled reading herself like she would for a game. For 15 minutes they played hockey like they did when they were kids. Intense and competitive. Then laughing and trying to catch his breath at the same time Jimmy held up his hand and said, “Ok that was a great game but I’m pooped. Let’s rest my body and your ankle.”

“Oh God, Jimmy I’m so sorry you made me so mad I totally forgot…”

“Please don’t be sorry Rox. It was great fun. I enjoyed it. I don’t want you to
baby me. I want to live my life to the fullest no matter how short it is. I really loved playing against you full force it just has to be for a shorter period then it use to be.”

Roxie nodded, She felt her eyes sting but kept them in check he didn’t want that. She took his stick and the pucks and put the game away. Then arm in arm they went into the house.


Roxie flopped on her bed fighting with her emotions. She had so many hitting her at once right now she just didn’t know how to deal with it.

Candy came into their room and found Roxie looking like she was about to burst into tears, “Roxie?”

Roxie’s head came up and tried to smile but she just couldn’t manage it, “Hi Love,” She replied very quietly.

Candy sat down on the bed and brought the other woman into her lap, she gently ran her fingers through her long tangled hair and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“How is it possible to mad as hell at someone and want to kiss him at the same exact moment?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“My brother goaded me into playing an old kids hockey game with him full force. He couldn’t keep that up but he had a huge smile on his stupid face. He actually bullied me into forgetting he was sick so I wouldn’t hold back. Why would he do that? I don’t understand him.”

“I think its because he loves you and wants you to act like you always do around him. He wants you to act like his big sister not another mother. He already has a great mom. He needs his sister who teases and is competitive. I think I understand both of you. Do you know what the common factor is here?”

Roxie met wise green eyes with tear filled blue and shook her head, “No.” She said to upset to really think it though.

Candy shook her head and kissed her on the nose, “Yes you do. It’s love. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Stop trying to fix everything, They want you to be yourself. That’s what both your brother and mom want from you. They just want your love and your presence.”

Roxie leaned her head against Candy’s shoulder and sobbed her eyes out. She then pulled back and took a deep breath looking into the smaller woman’s loving gaze, “Oh God Candy, I don’t even know who I am anymore. Am I still me? Can I still be his big sister when he is so terribly sick? I am utterly confused.” She crawled closer till she was tangled around the smaller woman who was stroking her hair and nuzzling her cheek against Roxie’s.

Candy marveled at how vulnerable Roxie allowed herself to be around her. She was so special and all she wanted to do was love and comfort her. “I think you know exactly who you are and how to be. You just have to relax. If wants to play like you use to you should. He knows what his limits are and maybe this is his way of being your little brother as long as possible. After all who else would know the right buttons to push to get you that pissed?” She asked with sweet smile gently pulling Roxie’s face up to look into red rimmed blue eyes.

Roxie nodded and said, “Your right…Its just so hard…”

“I know it is. I love you, Roxie,” Candy said as she kissed her deeply.

Roxie returned the kissed and rolled them so that she was now on top of the smaller woman. Slowly lovingly they were kissing and removing each other’s clothes till two naked bodies were caressing and tasting each other’s sweetness. Roxie was working her way to Candy’s apex when she felt her small ones fingers caressing her breasts causing her to almost forget what she was doing.

When they fell over the edge at the same time and they screamed each other’s names Jimmy was leaning against his head board smiling whispering, “Give her a flourish for me Sis.”
Part 5
Roxie was sitting on an exam table in an olive green hospital gown. She was cold, cranky and miserable.

“Hey Rox, How’s it going?” Asked her doctor Carol Ryan with a huge grin.

Roxie glared at her with a baleful look.

“Not too good, huh?”

“I’m freezing can’t you at least keep these rooms warm if we have to wear these God awful gowns?”

“It stimulates your blood system to fight all the bad old germs you may have.” She answered her with an amused smirk as she grabbed her wrists and took her pulse.

Roxie snorted and pulled the gown tighter around her.

“Well calm down, you look like your in great shape. Your ankle has almost completely healed. You should still be cautious with it but I think you’ll be 100 percent soon.”


“I know you want me to say yesterday but in a couple of days it should be all knitted. I think you can survive that.”

“More like last week but yeah I guess I can.” Roxie looked suddenly uncomfortable and looked Carol right in the eyes as she asked, “Um Carol, I need to ask you a very important question.”

Carol looked surprised at how much tension was on the beautiful face, “What is the question?”

“What is the prognosis on my baby brother? Honestly? No sugar coating I need to know.”

“Rox that’s privileged…”

Roxie’s eyes suddenly flooded and she squeaked, “Carol please? You know Jimmy won’t be mad.”

Carol walked across the room and leaned on the door. She sighed and said, “I’m sure he has already told you everything. He always has.”

“He told me enough to tear me up into little pieces. What I want to know is if there is any chance for his survival? Is there anything I can do? I’ll spend every cent I have earned to save him.” Roxie was now leaning against the wall crying hard.

Carol walked back to her old friend and embraced her comfortingly. “Rox. It’s not good. He’s refused any more chemo and I don’t know if the alternate that he is doing any good at all…”

“What do you mean refused Chemo?”

“Rox, his last treatment was two weeks ago and that was his last treatment. He started a series of vitamin therapy shots through a very good holistic healer that I recommended after he refused Chemo.”

“Why the hell didn’t he tell me?”

“Rox, you do have a bit of a temper.”

“Yeah….I know I do….But is this vitamin thing good?”

“Yes, it’s had some very good results.”

“Does he have a chance?”

“Rox my friend, There is always a chance.”


Roxie came into the house very quietly her Mom saw her expression from the chair in the living room.

“Sweetheart, are you all right?”

Roxie nodded.

“Come here,” Roxie reluctantly walked to her mother’s side looking devastated. The older woman took her child’s hand and brought her closer to her. “Sit on the arm of the chair please.”

Roxie sat leaning her head on her mother’s shoulder. Tears started to pour from her eyes again which she quickly tried to wipe away.

“Damn,” She said very faintly her mother who was right next to her had to lean closer to hear her.

“Roxie Darling, Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Momma, I am so scared,” She then broke down sobbing onto her mother’s shoulder.

“What happened? What did Carol tell you?”

“I’m fine and my bone is healing very fast I should be able to walk with out a limp soon.”


Roxie bowed her head and said softly, “She said that Jimmy stopped his Chemo. He’s taking some sort of vitamin therapy. Did you know about this?”


“Why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

“It was really up to your brother to tell you. I think that you need to talk to him.”


“It will be better if you talk to him directly.”

“I really want to and I’m scared to…”

“You have to let him tell you…”



“Because Why?…Ma if I talk to him I will tell him I want him to take the Chemo because if he doesn’t he has no chance at all.”

“Rox, It’s my decision, ” Said a quiet voice from behind them.

Roxie lifted her head and her red rimmed eyes met her brother’s clear ones. He walked over and kneeled next to them.

“Sis, You can’t fix this one. It’s not a boo-boo that just needs a bandage and kiss. Could you please stop trying?”

“Jimmy I…”

“I know you love me Sweetheart. You want and need me to live. You know I would like to live too. I want to see you grow old but Rox I just can’t take the side effects of that shit anymore. Carol was sympathetic and recommended a holistic doctor for me. She is giving me a series of shots to help me with this and she has gotten some really good results.”

“Is it good enough though? Can it give you another remission?”

“The doc has said it’s happened. I’ve started a new diet that is supposed to help me too. Also a light exercise program and meditation. It’s a good shot. Don’t you trust me to take care of myself?”

Roxie nodded.

“Come here Sweetheart, ” He held out his arms and she hugged him bringing him up from his knees into a bear hug.

“I love you brat.”

“I love you too, you pain in the ass.”


Candy was sleeping in their room when a still despondent Roxie quietly entered. She took off her clothes and crawled into bed with the sleeping woman. She cuddled her head against the soft breast beneath her.

Slowly in the arms of the woman she loved Candy began to wake up. She felt the soft skin of her beloved tall body and pulled her into a tight embrace. Roxie felt herself sinking into that loving embrace gently kissing the sweet neck beneath her. Sleepy eyes opened and looked at the dark head beneath her. She ran her fingers through the soft hair. Roxie lifted her head slightly till her eyes met Candy’s. As soon as Candy saw the red eyes she brought the other woman even closer kissing her forehead.

“What’s wrong love?”

“I’ll tell you later right now I just want to hold you.” Roxie pulled Candy’s lips down to her own and she kissed her with more and more passion. Her hands slipped under Candy’s T-shirt till she reached her fully erect breasts. She was kneading them then she pulled back and pulled Candy’s nightshirt off.

She lowered her head to the beautiful nipple and suckled it hungrily. She made love to each breast and then worked her way down the squirming woman’s apex. Each moan was gift to her ears as she brought her love to a wild climax then she kissed her way up the beautiful body as Candy fell back against the pillows breathing heavily. Once she worked her way back up to her loves face she kissed her sweetly on the soft tender lips pulling her close in her arms. Candy slowly came back from the orbit that Roxie had sent her into and hugged her love back.

She whispered into her ear, “That was wonderful but you can’t distract me that long, What is wrong?”

Roxie smiled kissing her chin and caressing a soft cheek; “My family doctor is also Jimmy’s. She told me that he stopped his Chemo and Mom knew all about it. He has started some kind of alternative therapy but his chances are not as good for remission. I am going to lose my baby brother.” She broke down sobbing into Candy’s reassuring arms. Candy murmured sweet soft words into her ear till she settled her down.

“It’ll be ok, I’ve heard about those shots. Is he going on the macro biotic diet?”

Roxie nodded against Candy’s soft breast.

“It might be ok, People have survived with this therapy like Dirk Benedict.”

“He did?”


“Well Jimmy is tougher then him so maybe it will be ok.”

That’s right, Sweetheart. Jimmy is your brother so he’s tougher then anyone but you.”

Roxie smiled and kissed her tenderly. “Thank you my love.”

“Your welcome.”


Roxie was pacing in the living room as she listened and responded to her coach on the other end of the phone.

“No!…I can’t….How many games? Bob please??? Yes, I do know that. Can I bring my family? Bob; please give me a break! Oh…Oh good…Thanks Bob. Yeah, I’ll be there.”

She plopped onto a chair to be faced with her family slowly entering the room with questioning looks on they’re faces. Candy went right to her. Roxie pulled her into her lap and held her close. She rubbed her cheek against Candy’s and looked into concerned faces of her mother and brother.

I have to go to Vancouver for an expedition game. I’m obligated by my contract to go and they won’t release me since…well I’m well…”

“Your healed?”

“Yeah, Carol gave me the green light and Bob called her. I tried to get a release but they won’t budge since I’m the star of the stupid team,” She said looking very sheepish.

Jimmy laughed, “Why are you acting so coy we all knew that you’re the star of your team, and I know you don’t think its stupid. When do you have to go?”

“Next week, Have you ever seen Vancouver this time of year?”

“What? Why?”

Roxie smiled at her family and said, “Bob has sanctioned money for me to bring my family. It was my bargaining chip and he took it. You both and my Candy are going or I don’t.”

“But Sweetheart, would team actually pay for us?” Asked her mother very surprised.

Roxie shrugged and said, “Yep, I checked with Carol and she said it was no problem for Jimmy to fly. I told Bob I won’t go unless my loved ones are with me.”

Jimmy shook his head and laughed long and hard. When he caught his breath he said affectionately, “That’s my tough big sister. So when do we leave?”

“Saturday, pack for three weeks. Pack warm troops its going to be cold over there.” She said with a huge grin as Candy hugged and kissed her cheek.
Part 6
The game was just finishing up as Roxie saw a man from the opposing team trying for a last ditch effort to make a score. She was ready for him. He drove down the court his feet flying behind him as he brought the puck toward the goal post. She noted through her sharp blue eyes how good he was as he tried to get around her by aiming for an angled shot against the corner of the post. It hit perfectly and was heading toward the back of post till Roxie blocked it by flinging her body across the air knocking the puck out of the goal post with her hip. The whistle signaled the end of the game and her team had won.

Roxie’s face broke into a huge smile it was nice that they had won but she was looking forward to going on a side trip with her family. They were going to a fishing hole there in Vancouver that one of the guys on her team had highly recommended. She planned a nice quiet family vacation away from the city with out any obligations or problems. Just the peace of the woods and the lake. They all needed the respite to gain some strength after what they had all been through and for what Roxie knew was ahead of them.

She glided effortlessly off the ice right into the arms of one anxious blonde. “Are you ok?” Cried Candy hugging the tall woman close to her.

“I’m much better now. I’m fine Love, Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I saw that thing hit you on your side,” said Candy anxiously searching the blue eyes for any sign of pain.

Roxie laughed and kissed her love on the cheek, “Sweetheart, feel the padding I’m wearing. I didn’t even feel it. Do you have my blade shields?”

Candy nodded and handed her the shields; Roxie leaned on her shoulder as she slipped them on. Then she pulled the small woman into a tight hug. She pulled back looked into still concerned green eyes and said quietly; “I’m really ok. Where’s the family, Love?”

“They’re in your dressing room relaxing on your couch. I kind of escorted them and then raced over here to make sure…um….”

“That I was still in one piece?”

Candy nodded lowering her head.

Roxie smiled lovingly and lifted the little chin; “Well don’t I seem ok to you?”

Candy nodded and said quietly, “I guess I overreacted…”

“I think your soooo cute….”


“No, the woman behind you….”

“Where? I’ll kill her…” she was interrupted by a flood kisses all over her face.

“Your so weird…” She whispered as she seductively licked the little ear along its rim.

Candy shuddered and whispered back, “Um I think we should get of the public eye…”

“Your every wish is my command,” Said Roxie as she scooped the smaller woman up and carried her toward her dressing room.


“Shh, people will think I did something to you….”

“Roxie…” Candy growled hiding her face in warm shoulder.

The musical laugh was heard floating over the tall woman’s shoulder as she walked with her precious cargo down the hall.


Roxie and Jimmy were sitting across from each other in the small motor boat fishing in the middle of the placid lake. It was a very quiet day they hadn’t even had a nibble on the line. It was just a nice peaceful time for them alone together. They were both enjoying the solitude.



“I’m glad you found Candy,” He said quietly not looking at his sister but the shoreline.

Roxie turned her head from the middle of the lake and looked at her brother and replied quietly, “She found me…well I guess we found each other…”

“Sweetheart as long as you found her. She’s so good for you. She brings out the best in you and its really lovely to see. You are so lucky. Hold on to her tight Sis, Ok?”

“Oh I intend to, forever. She has brought happiness to my life. I really never had that before. She seems to see through me even when I’m not sure I want her to.”

“That’s love.” Said Jimmy meeting his sister’s sparkling eyes.

“Yes, forever I promise you that.”

“And you’d never break a promise to me.”

“Never….Um, Jimmy I’m glad you’re my baby brother.”

Jimmy smiled and caressed his sister’s cheek tenderly, “I’m glad you’re my tough big sister too. You have always been there for me even if you disagree with me.”

Suddenly Roxie’s line started to jerk, “Shit Jimmy! I’ve got a damn bite!”

“Hold on Sis,” said Jimmy as he repositioned himself so he could help her. He got a net and readied it, “Ok, come on land the sucker I’ve got the net ready for you.”

After a brief struggle they got the fish into the bucket in the back of the boat. Then they looked at each other and burst out laughing. Holding their sides with tears pouring out of their eyes as they laughed over the absurdity of life.

The laughter rang all over the lake, out into the woods reaching the ears of Candy who was sitting on a swing on the front porch of the lodge they were staying in. She smiled as she listened to the wonderful sound of laughter her eyes filling with tears in pure reaction.


Roxie and Candy were curled around each other in bed. They were catching their breath as they recovered from some incredible lovemaking as they exchanged soft touches.

“Did you have fun with Jimmy this afternoon, Love?” Asked Candy sweetly.

“Yes, we did. It was like were kids again. It was all-playful and teasing…just a tiny touch of seriousness. Not anything to ruin the peace of the day but to add texture to it….it was nice.” Said Roxie with a dreamy expression.

“Your Mom and I could hear your antics all the way from the lake.”

“Yeah Ma told me. She said that you kept smiling at each other every time you heard a chuckle,” said Roxie as she gently kissed the small woman’s soft neck.

Candy stretched out her neck to give her love more room; “It was nice to hear.”

“It was a nice experience,” said Roxie she kissed the smaller woman deeply soon all was heard were moans as other urgings took the forefront as their bodies merged together once again.


Candy and Jimmy were in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone. They had some music going as they playfully passed stuff back and forth between them. Candy’s back was turned toward Jimmy as she was buttering the toast and he was setting the table.

Suddenly Jimmy had a horrible headache and felt funny all over, “Candy…honey I…” He collapsed the dishes falling onto the hard kitchen surface.

Candy swirled toward him and she cried out, “Jimmy! Oh My God, Jimmy! Roxie! Come here hurry! Roxie!” Cried the terrified woman as she ran to him pushing the shattered plate away sitting on the floor and gathering the fallen man into her lap.

Roxie and her mother came running in, “Candy!” She called as she ran through the door. “Shit! Ma call 911!” She ran to her brother, checking his pulse and looking into the tear filled eyes of her beloved with blue eyes full of fear.
Part 7
Roxie had driven Candy to the hospital at break neck speed following the ambulance with Jimmy and her mother. They arrived within minutes of the ambulance and watched them take Jimmy right away. Roxie saw her mother crying in one of the waiting rooms by herself. She rushed to her side followed closely by Candy.

“Ma!” Cried Roxie as she was embraced immediately by her mother.

“Shh, I’m here baby. I’m here.”

Mother and daughter were hugging tightly so Candy gave them their space. She was about to sit down when Roxie asked, “Where’s my Candy?”

“I’m right here love,” said the gentle voice beside them.

“Come here please, we need you very much,” Said Roxie gesturing with her hand.

“Um, I’m not sure…”

Kate looked over Roxie’s shoulder and understood how the small woman felt. “Come here please Candy, your Jimmy’s sister now. We do need you too.”

Roxie nodded anxiously and held out her arm for her love. Candy rushed to them embracing them both and kissing each woman’s cheek gently. They all held onto each other tightly as Roxie tearfully asked, “Ma what happened in the ambulance?”

“He was unconscious and unresponsive. That’s really all I could understand.”

“Unresponsive?” Roxie asked her voice showing her fears clearly.

“Yes Sweetheart, I’m afraid they put him on life support as soon as we got here.”

“Shit! Then where is the damn doctor?” Asked the tall woman angrily looking around for someone in a white coat. She pulled out of her family’s arms and was about to go on search and destroy mission when Candy came up behind her and grabbed her arm. “Roxie…Roxie wait, please!”

Roxie turned and saw the anxious green eyes looking up at her. “Sweetheart I have to find a…”

“Shh, come back into the waiting room. The doctors are all trying to help Jimmy. They’ll come when they can.”

“I don’t want to wait for their damn time tables! He’s our family and I want to know right now!” Her face was a mask of anger and pain.

“I know you do. So does your mother and I but please come back Rox, your mother needs you right now.”

Roxie looked over Candy’s shoulder at her Mother who was watching her through the doorway with worried blue eyes. Roxie suddenly felt this great heavy weight in her heart and burst into her tears nodding. She was embraced by Candy and held close. Candy whispered, “Shh, I’ll stick by you. I love you.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry I…”

“Shh, its ok. You’re upset about your younger brother but I think we should go back and comfort your Mother, don’t you?”

Roxie nodded and allowed the smaller woman to lead her back to her mother.


An hour later, the three women were huddled together sipping coffee and eating hostess cupcakes that Candy had gotten from the machines. A tall woman in a doctor’s smock came up to them and with a compassionate expression on her face asking quietly, “Are you James Plummer’s family?”

Roxie popped up immediately and said, “Yes, can we please see him now….”

“You will be able to in a bit but first I need a word with you. Are you all his family…”

“Yes we are,” growled Roxie protectively close to Candy daring the doctor to try and separate them.

The doctor’s eyes widened and she swallowed. “Ok. Um, if you would all follow me then,” she led them down a corridor to a room marked Doctor’s Lounge. Once inside the three women pushed their chairs very close. The tall dangerous woman was in the middle with a comforting arm around each member of her family. The doctor could see how close they were to each other and she was very glad of that. The man down the hall was going to need all the love he could get.

“I’m Dr. Ferguson, the Chief Surgeon here at the hospital. We had a full team working on Mr. Plummer for quite some time. I am afraid there is no easy way to tell you this, Mr. Plummer is in a coma.”

“A coma!” cried Roxie stunned. “How could he…” Roxie was struggling to control her anger. She had no idea why she was so enraged just that it was boiling inside her.

“Shh, let the doctor finish,” said Candy quietly.

Roxie nodded and said gently to Chief Surgeon, “I’m sorry doctor but he’s my baby brother and I…”

“Its’ all right Miss Plummer I completely understand. Unfortunately his Cancer weakened his body so much that he has had a minor stroke. He should be able to recover if we can revive him out of this coma as quickly as possible. This is going to be very difficult for you but…”

“Wait…I don’t understand. My brother is not even 30 years old yet how could he have a stroke? He was setting the table with some plates not lifting something heavy…”

Her mother pulled her close and said into her ear, “Please love be still. Let the doctor explain. I think she was about to tell us what we need to do.” The kind blue eyes of the older women met the doctor’s compassionately.

The doctor smiled slightly and nodded, “Yes, I was. He is very young but his Cancer is very aggressive. It has weakened his body tremendously. This could have happened at anytime. While watching TV even while he was asleep. He is in what is commonly known as a Twilight Coma. He knows what is going on but simply can’t get his body to respond. He needs to be stimulated. Jolted by memories and loved ones voices. It could take a day, a week, a month or years for him to recover. It’s really up to him. What I need from you is to be there to reach his mind and make his body react to what he is trying react to. Loved ones talking to a victim in shifts have achieved that. He might not recover but if he does it will be up to you really. If we can penetrate his coma I can help him heal from the stroke and then we would go from there.”

Three tear-filled sets of eyes met the doctor’s. She could see they were determined to do anything for the man lying helpless down the hall. She was very hopeful that it would work and the young man would recover.


Roxie and Candy were sitting with Jimmy. Roxie had Candy in her lap as she told about the time she and Jimmy decided to steal a chick from a farm down the block from them.

“Remember Kiddo, you thought we’d get shot. We some how managed to get into the hen house unnoticed. There were all these baby chicks in these hutches and…um they were so…cute…”Tears were pouring down Roxie’s cheeks as she started to lose control.

Candy hugged her tightly and asked sweetly, “Did you take one?”

Roxie kissed Candy tenderly and then said, “Not exactly. We really wanted to play with them cause they were so adorable. So we let them all go. We were sitting on the floor surrounded by them when Mr. Perkins, the owner came in anxiously with his shotgun. I was about 8 years old and Jimmy was barely 6 years old and there we were with all these baby chicks all over us. They were even on our heads. We were having a wonderful time cooing at them and the chicks were cooing at us. Mr. Perkins just burst into laughter at how silly we looked. He shook his head and said we should put them all back in their hutches….it was…so…” Roxie now completely broke down and burst into tears against her loves warm shoulder.

Candy hugged her close and kissed the crown of her head lovingly. She looked over at Jimmy’s monitor and saw that it was a bit more active then it was before. Oh Jimmy my friend I hope you did hear that cute little story. She thought with a tiny glimmer of hope.


“Sweetheart I bought this at the store last night. I remembered it was the first novel you ever read all the way through by yourself. I remember how you came running into me all excited saying “Ma, I read it all by myself. It was really easy!!” Then you sheepishly bowed your head and admitted that Rosalie helped you with some of the big words. You were so adorable.” Said Kate with tears pouring down her cheeks a slight smile formed on her lips.

Roxie stood behind her leaning on the doorpost with a cup of hot coffee for her mother. She had a tiny smile of memory as well. She remembered how proud he was of his first accomplishment and she was so proud of herself for helping him with out any urgings from their doting parent. She walked over handed her Mother the cup of coffee and said; “I didn’t help that much.”

“Thank you darling. Where’s Candy?”

Roxie smirked and said, “She’s out bargain hunting for some clothes for us.”

“She’s incredible. She has been such a rock for us.”

Roxie nodded and smiled proudly saying quietly as she sat in the other chair, “Yes she has. I am so lucky.”

“Sweetheart you both are. Jimmy told me he thought she was the best thing that ever happened to you. I must say I completely agree with his judgment.”

Roxie kissed her Mother on the cheek and said, “Thanks Ma. I love her so I’m glad you both feel the same way. Jimmy told me that too. I made a promise to him and I’m going to keep it.”

“Which was?”

“That I would hold on to her and never, ever let her go.”

Kate smiled and nodded, “Yes I agree with him on that too.” She paused as they both studied the young man they both loved so much. Then she looked at her daughter and asked quietly, “Would you like to help me read this to him?”

“Sure.” Chirped Roxie her voice rough from the pain of the pending loss.

The two women began reading the story of the beautiful black horse that changed the lives of all the humans it came in contact with.


Roxie was alone with Jimmy. Candy and her Mother had finally gone to the motel for a little sleep. Candy had tried to talk Roxie into letting her stay but the girl hadn’t slept in 48 hours she was so busy running errands for Roxie and her mother that Roxie was afraid she’d get sick. So Roxie insisted by saying that her Mother would need her help in the morning. Roxie intended to stay all night with Jimmy then her Mother and Candy could take over in the morning.

“Jimmy, Until Candy came along you were the only one I ever told everything to. I never even told Ma some of the things I tell you. The only time we ever fought was when we were teens and those were silly. I mean bathroom time for God’s sake!” She exclaimed with a smile. “I trust you and love you so much. I simply can’t imagine my life with out you. Please don’t leave us yet…um…Candy’s just getting to know you. I want you to know and love each other as much as I love you two. Please stay….please…”

Roxie lowered her eyes for a minute to wipe them on a Kleenex that she now always had in her pocket. She lifted her eyes and they widened in shock. “Jimmy?” She saw something she thought she’d never see again. Smiling slightly through her tears she said, “Keep it up Kiddo, I’ll get the Doc!”

She got up and excitedly ran through the halls in search of the tall doctor who had slowly started to become their friend. When Roxie saw her at a nurse’s station she barreled over to her and said breathlessly. “Doc come quick!”

“What is it?” Asked Dr. Ferguson her face reflecting her concern.

“He moved his hand! Several times…I’m sure it was deliberate!!!!”
Part 8
The doctor examined Jimmy as Roxie paced in the waiting room. She tried to strong arm the doctor into letting her stay but the older woman knew that Roxie’s bark was much worse then her bite. She told her to be a good girl and wait. Roxie tried to argue that she wanted to be with him but finally accepted that it would be better for both her and Jimmy in long run if she gave Jimmy his privacy.

She called the motel and had gotten a very sleepy Candy. She smiled as she heard her love wake up instantly when she heard Roxie’s news.

“We’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting, Love. Hurry.”

“We will,” said the breathless voice in reply.

If Roxie knew her Little One, she would be there any second. Sure enough, minutes later two women in sweats came running into the waiting room.

“Any word?” Asked Candy anxiously.

Roxie looked at her beloved in sweats that appeared to be at least 6 sizes to big and tried to keep herself from laughing. It was the first time she felt like smiling really since all this happened, let alone laugh. Candy stood there with an annoyed expression wearing a huge sweatshirt with folded over sleeves hanging over her hands, which were on her hips.

“Is…is that…mine…?” She finally couldn’t hold it back and laughed her head off at how silly her Little One looked.

Candy answered with a pleased smile, “Yes, It is. I was in a hurry.” Candy felt like laughing too it was the first time she heard her love laugh since Jimmy fell down at the cabin. She knew it was a small respite she was happy that she was able to give Roxie even that.

“You look so adorable. Like a tiny kid trying to wear an adult’s clothes.” Said the tall woman holding her side and leaning on a chair still chuckling.

Kate was standing behind them. She was dressed the same way as Candy but her sweats fit. She walked up to the girls and put an arm around each shoulder saying quietly, “Ok, my children. Enough.”

Roxie looked into her Mother’s amused eyes and said, “Sorry, she did look awfully cute though, didn’t she?”

“Yes Sweetheart, she did.”


“Ok, um…I was…I was just talking to him about…well stuff. I was crying and I lowered my eyes so I could wipe them. When I looked up I saw his hand move. Wave really. I mean it was the only part of him that did but…I hope….”

Suddenly the tall doctor appeared before them with a professional smile on her face. “Oh good your all here. Well there is some good news this time. He is reacting to the stimulus but he is still not conscious….Roxie don’t look like that, this is good…”

“But I thought…”

“Your right he is better. We just have a long way to go before he is recovered…”

“No Doc, he moved. I saw him he responded and moved. He can’t still be in a coma,” said Roxie stubbornly.

“Yes, he did move and it was voluntary but he is not functioning as if he was fully awake yet. Please calm down Roxie, let me explain what we need to do next…”

Roxie bowed her head heart broken and burst into tears. Candy pulled her close hugging her tight stroking her back trying to soothe the upset woman. Roxie hugged her back tucking her head into the crook of her loves warm neck looking for any comfort she could find from her beloved.

The doctor looked at the women sympathetically and said, “The next step is to get him moving. You will not only talk to him but get his circulation going as well. Moving his arms and legs in rhythmic patterns I will give you. This is rather…um; well a different procedure but I have had several successes with it. He has a very good musculature so it should work…I…”

Roxie’s eyes slowly lifted up to look at the woman speaking, she said quietly, “Doc, I do trust you. I’m sorry I broke down. It’s just that…well, when I saw that movement I…I hoped…”

“He was recovered. That he would open his eyes and speak to you?”

Roxie nodded her head.

“Have faith Roxie, he may still do just that. We will just have to wait and see.”

“I’m not great at waiting, Doc…”

Kate hugged her daughter and said quietly, “Honey, the doctor is right we have to have faith…”

Roxie looked over her mother shoulder into compassionate green eyes. She saw faith and love in those beloved eyes and it made her realize that she had to try to do her best. “Ok, Mom I’ll try.” She whispered back. Candy reached up and caressed Roxie’s cheek and Roxie leaned into it and nodded.


Roxie was finally convinced to go to the motel and get some sleep. Candy went with her, Kate knew that her upset child needed her soulmate at this crucial time. Kate was sitting with Tommy watching the nurse start the new therapy with confusion. The strong male nurse was lifting her son’s leg up and down while counting out loud. She wasn’t sure how this would bring her baby back to her but she had faith in the doctor so she just kept praying that her son would respond.

*** ***

Roxie was lying on her back in bed at the motel. She wasn’t able to relax enough to sleep. Candy said she wanted to go pick something up from the drug store. So she was all alone staring at the ceiling and counting the tiny holes in it. She wanted her brother back now. She was sick of waiting for it. She just wanted the doctor to give him a shot and he’d wake up. That is so stupid Rox! You know damn well it doesn’t work like that. She thought to herself and groaned. She grabbed Candy’s pillow and buried her face in it. The scent of her loves hair eased a bit of her pain. Where is she? I’d rather have her here, then some treat. She thought as she crushed the pillow to her face.


Candy had gone to the drug store to pick up her love’s favorite treat she was hoping it would cheer up her up. She let herself into their room and from the light shining through the slats of the blinds she could see that Roxie was not asleep. She had a pillow crushed tightly in her arms and she was staring at the ceiling.

“Hi Sweetheart, Still can’t sleep?”

Roxie turned till she was facing the small woman. She tried to smile but couldn’t quite make herself, “No, I…I can’t seem to…” she burst into tears crying into the pillow unable to control the grief.

Candy put her package on the dresser by the door and then ran to her love. She kicked off her sneakers and crawled into the bed pulling Roxie to her.

“Shh, it’s going to be all right. He is getting better.”

Red rimmed blue eyes looked into beloved green and she replied very quietly, “You mean when and if, My Love. There is no guarantee he will get better and…even…even if he recovers from this…he’s still dying…” she pulled Candy closer holding onto her tight. “I am so scared, Candy. I have never been this scared my whole life.”

“I know,” replied Candy quietly. She gently kissed the tears trying to pour all the love she felt into the miserable woman in her arms. She wanted to let her know that she loved her.

Every kiss, every touch and caress was healing to the aching woman. Roxie just sunk into the loving attention. Allowing the beautiful woman to take care of her.

Candy held the tall woman close and kept kissing her. She whispered, “I love you. Everything will be ok. You can’t loose faith, My Love. You have to just keep believing. Your love brought that movement and now your faith will bring him all the way back to us.”

Roxie pulled back slightly and looked deeply into the green eyes as she asked, “You really believe that don’t you?”


Roxie shook her head and said softly, “How did I ever get so lucky as to have you enter my life. You are the light of my existence,” Suddenly Roxie was enflamed with an overwhelming need to love the woman in her arms. She had to show Candy how much she loved her.

She kissed her passionately and her hands deftly removed the sweats that the small woman was wearing. She quickly removed her own. She pulled back in need of air but it was just for an instant. She had an intense desire to touch and taste every inch of the woman she loved. As she kissed her way to the tantalizing breasts her arms stroked the warm back. Candy was simply responding to every loving touch the tall woman made. A warm mouth was suckling her breasts as soft hands were caressing her derriere. She knew that this sudden need was all a part of Roxie’s grief. Roxie had needed her several times likes this since Jimmy had gone into the hospital. The intensity this time was surprising though. Roxie was always gentle and loving in her movement during these times of passion but they were different from times past. As much as Roxie needed her it was almost like she wasn’t there. Roxie always came back to her though, so she loved her back with kisses and soft touches waiting till her love did come back to her in full.

Roxie was now at her loves apex. She was lovingly kissing around and above it. Slowly she lapped up her loves juises as if it was a great gift. Making her way inside she added one then two fingers making a rhythm that she knew would bring results till Candy stiffened and cried out her name. As soon as Candy fell over Roxie gently pulled out and kissed her way back up her loves body. Once beside her she pulled her into her arms and held her close. She softly kissed her face and neck till the smaller woman recovered.

When Candy felt the loving arms holding her and the gentle kisses on her face and neck she knew that it was her Roxie again. She held her close and kissed her back. She ran her fingers through the tangled dark hair and murmured, “I love you.”

“I love you too…Candy are you ok? Did I…um, hurt you at all?” Roxie asked in a strained voice.

“I’m fine. You were very gentle…”

“Why do I keep doing this? I seem to step away from myself and I can’t control my body. I just…I need to love you so much…I…”

“Shhh, stop.” Candy put her hand over Roxie’s mouth. Roxie looked like she was about to burst into tears again. “Stop beating yourself up. You needed me and I do understand. Its part of what’s happening. You need me. You love me. ” Roxie was about to interrupt. Green eyes threatened blue and Roxie remained silent. “I know you love me. I do understand why you needed to make love to me like that and…Oh Rox please stop looking like your going to cry. Your breaking my heart…”

“I am? I…Oh…I’m so sorry…shit, I…”

“Rox, stop. I love you. I’m not blaming you. I really am fine. Now please stop this guilt before you make yourself sick…”

“But I love you so much. I don’t want you to ever feel like I make love to you for any other reason then that…”

“I don’t. I know that you make love to me because you love me. Your control is a bit off because of grief but I understand why you want me and why…”

“My control? Oh you mean…Yes, I do understand that.” Roxie lay back on her own pillow and shook her head. “Candy, I am so messed up. Maybe you should go home…”

“NO!” Candy cried as she pulled the tall woman back into her arms. She hugged her tight and said passionately, “I will not leave you when you need me most. In case you haven’t figured it out yet I need you as much as you need me.”

Nestled safely against her loves soft shoulder Roxie said very softly, “Yes, I do know that.” She pulled back and looked into the upset green eyes. She nodded and said, “I don’t want you to go. I was thinking of you. I just don’t want you to ever think that I ever touch you for any reason other then love.”

“I know that. I love you Rox. I trust you.”

Roxie shook her head and smiled at the strong woman in her arms. “I love you too. More then I could ever express.”

Candy kissed her love on the nose and asked, “How do you feel?”

“A bit better, not much though. Having you here means everything to me.”

“Good, so no more talk of my leaving?”

Roxie held her hands in the Girl Scout salute, “I promise.”

“Good, would you like something that might make you feel better?”

An elegant eyebrow lifted as Roxie looked into the twinkling green eyes. “What are you up to?”

“Would you like to see?”

“Sure,” Roxie said with a tiny smile.

With a happy squeak Candy jumped from the bed naked causing the tall woman’s smile to broaden. She brought back the bag and climbed back up onto the bed. “Here open it.”

Roxie opened the bag and her smile became blinding. “A whole bag full of Butterfingers. I can’t believe you even thought…You are so…” she choked up then she cleared her throat about three times before she could ask, “Would you like to share one with me, Love?”

“Yes, I’d love to.”

Sitting cross-legged on the bed the two woman split a bar in half. Then Candy took her piece bit into it and held the other half of her piece close to Roxie’s mouth. Roxie put down her piece on the bag smiling and bit into the other side. They munched till they reached the other’s lips and kissed each other almost forgetting about the candy still in their mouths.


Roxie woke up first the next morning. She yawned and realized that she did feel better. More like herself thanks to beautiful woman lying on top of her. Candy had a way of calming her down faster then anyone else in her life. She glanced at the sleeping woman with a face of pure love. She kissed the top of the blonde head very glad she hadn’t chased her Little One away with her behavior the night before.

Roxie had taken all the classes in psychology at school. She knew the stages of grief as well as anyone else. She knew it affected people deeply and that what she was going through was normal. She just hated that she was putting her brave sweet love through it. She sighed, pulling the smaller woman closer. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to survive all this if she didn’t have her Candy with her. She knew and she knew that Candy knew it too.

Candy knows it. So I think it’s about time you just accept the fact that you need her, Old Girl, she thought to herself as she gently started to play with the blonde hair that was spread across her chest.

Green eyes fluttered opened and met blue. Roxie smiled down at the sleepy woman in her arms.


“Hi,” Candy whispered back, “What time is it?”


“Lord Rox! We were up till 2 am. Don’t you think we could get a little more then 4 hours sleep before we go back to the hospital?”

Roxie shrugged and kissed the crown of Candy’s head, “You know I can’t help it. It’s my natural wake up time.”

“Yes Sweetheart, but you do need to sleep. It’s the best healer there is.”

Roxie nodded. She lay her head back on a pillow but her eyes remained open. In a very quiet voice she said, “Candy?”

“Yes Love.”

“Do you think Jimmy will wake up?”


Roxie pulled the smaller woman up till they were even. She looked deeply into the green eyes and asked, “You do, why?”

“Because he loves you and your mother so very much. I know he is feeling your love and your need. It’s pulling him back to you. I guess I just also have faith.”

Roxie tilted her head and asked completely unsure, “How do you do that?”

“What? Have faith.”

Roxie nodded her head now nestled on Candy’s shoulder her big blue eyes searching Candy’s for the answer she needed.

“I don’t know I just know what I believe in. I try to focus on that and hope it will happen. Um, do you remember the old movie “Miracle on 34th Street”?”

“Sure, I love that movie.”

Candy smiled and nodded; “Yeah so do I. Do you remember how Natalie Wood wasn’t sure if Chris was really Santa? What Maureen O’Hare told her about Faith.”

Roxie nodded again and said quietly, “Yes, she said that “Faith is believing in something even when common sense told you not to”…Oh?” Roxie smiled sweetly and bent so she could kiss her love tenderly. Then she said softly just a breath apart, “Sneak. Did you know you’re a big sneak?”

“Yep, Do you still love me, despite that flaw?”

“Actually I love you because of it. With all my heart and soul. Forever.”

“And ever?”

Roxie nodded and then she kissed her love tenderly again. The kiss deepened and when they made love this time it was pure.
Part 9
Roxie was trying to keep from crying as she watched the intern push and pull her baby brother’s limbs like some kind of bizarre torture. It was so painful she could hardly talk but she was determined that he heard her telling him anything that might stir him awake.

“When you’re better Kiddo, Candy and I want to go back to that cabin so the three of us can go fishing. We can…um, have so much fun…just playing…cards. Or maybe we can just sit and…uh, talk…on…the front porch…”She took a couple of deep breaths to stop herself from bursting into tears. “I can’t wait for us all…to be…out…on…the boat….”

Her voice trailed off as she hid her face behind her hands crying trying to keep from sobbing. She raised her eyes and met the intern’s eyes; he nodded that he understood. She quickly got up and stepped out of the room. She leaned against a corridor wall her eyes were shut tight her fists clenched trying to get her emotions back under control.

Soft gentle hands rubbed her arm and she felt a warm caress against her cheek as someone slipped into the room. She opened her eyes meeting warm green eyes looking up at her.

“Who went in?”

“Your Mother.”

“Good,” Candy pulled the taller woman close hugging her tightly. Roxie buried her face against the warm neck as the smaller woman gently guided her toward the waiting room. They sat down on a couch together. Candy was cuddling the crying woman softly reassuring her with loving words. She gently ran her fingers through the thick dark hair as she felt the tall woman crying her eyes out.

Slowly Roxie calmed down and pulled slightly back so she could look at Candy.

“Thanks Love.”

“Shhh, its ok. I love you and I love Tommy too.”

Roxie nodded and said, “We love you too. I love you so much it just fills my heart with strength knowing you’re in my life. You don’t know what a God send you’ve been to me through all this. I don’t think most people would have stuck around like you have…”

“Then they wouldn’t have loved you, now could they? I never even thought of leaving you. Roxie, all I wanted to do was stay here and help you and your family.”

“Our family…you’re something else you know.” She bent down and gently kissed her love tenderly they were all alone so they didn’t have to worry about what anyone thought for a change. “Thank you for coming to that game and changing my life for the better.”

“Thank my brother…”

“I’d like to. When can I meet him?”

“Um, anytime really. He’s wanted to meet you for a while…but I wasn’t sure how you would feel about it.”

Roxie smiled sweetly and met shy green eyes. She shook her head and said softly, “Darling, he’s welcome anytime but I hope he understands that I’m not at my best…”

“He does…he was a big fan before but now he’s crazy about you because you love me. He is really bursting to meet you but I kind of …”


“I know what you’re going through with your brother and I didn’t want my healthy one to show up and make you feel bad…”

“It wouldn’t…Is that why he hasn’t come before? Oh Sweetheart if I knew that I would have invited him fishing. I want all of us together. Please call him later and ask him to come. I’ll pay for his plane ticket…”

“No, I will…”

“Candy, Please?” Pleading blue eyes met unsure green. Candy nodded her head and Roxie smiled and kissed her love tenderly. “Good girl.” She murmured next to her ear.

“Um, what happened in there?”

“It was just too much! It was like some weird form of torture and I had to sit there and watch and talk of pleasant things. It got to me…it tore me into tiny little pieces…I…” She burst into tears again.

“I know, but try and think of it as trying to get him back to us. That’s what the Doc is working toward. I know it hurts to watch it but think of how you will feel if it works! Think about him opening his big blue eyes and smiling at you.”

Red rimmed blue eyes rose to meet the sweet green ones above her, “That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Its just harder to do in practice then theory… I just wish I’d see some movement. Some kind of reaction. He’s just sleeping.”

Candy nodded and rubbed her cheek against Roxie’s warm one, “Please have faith.”

Roxie nodded and started to mumble something over and over under breath.

“What are you mumbling?”

Roxie looked sheepish then she looked about five years old as she said, “I believe, I believe, Make my little Candy be right dear God, I believe.”

Tears filled Candy’s eyes as she joined Roxie in their little ritual of faith.


The crying woman had finally fallen asleep in Candy’s arms. Candy gently ran her fingers through the long dark hair and rubbed her cheek against Roxie’s. She pulled back and gazed at the relaxed face sleeping against her shoulder. She could see the lines etched by deep worry around her eyes and on her forehead. She gently ran her finger across them wishing them away.

She lay her head against Roxie’s cheek feeling the warmth penetrate her own skin she sighed and thought, What ever creative entity controls destiny, who ever you are and if you exist please help us! We are in need of a true miracle here. I don’t ask the impossible. I would just like for my love to have more time with her baby brother. She needs him so. This sickness is killing her too and without her I will die. Please just have him wake up. She just needs to be with him longer. Please. She wiped the tears pouring from her eyes onto Roxie’s cheek; she didn’t want to wake her up. She was just hoping that it worked. She was scared that Rox wouldn’t last through much more of this constant strain and torture. She was worried about the damage to her beloved’s soul.


Candy snapped awake as a loud ringing sounded next to her ear. She sighed and glanced over at the clock. She reached over for the phone realizing that she had only had an hour of sleep. Instead of saying hello she yawned. The voice on the other end said, “Candy?”

“Sorry…um, is something wrong?”

“No Sweetheart, You and my Rosalie have to get down here now. Jimmy opened those big beautiful eyes and he wants his big sister!!”

Candy squealed waking Roxie as she answered with a voice full of joy, “Thank God! Ok we will be there in shake!” She looked into confused blue eyes and said happily, “Sweetheart, Jimmy opened his eyes!!!”

Roxie squealed in delight and hugged and kissed Candy then when they ran out of breath she looked deeply into green eyes saying. “Thank you My Darling, Thank you for being here! Thank you for helping me. I love you.” Then before the smaller woman could reply she kissed her passionately.
Part 10
The two women rushed into the hospital as fast as their feet would carry them. As they reached Jimmy’s door his doctor opened it and closed it quickly behind her. She stood there waiting to intercept the two women before they saw her patient.

“Slow down you two, I need to speak with you before you see Jimmy.”

Roxie looked at her with a very angry expression, “Mom says he wants to see me that’s all I need to know. Let me by so I can see my baby brother.”

“Roxie calm down I will, I just want to prepare you first…”

“For what?” Roxie was sick of medical jargon and conditions; she just wanted to see her brother awake.

“He is awake…but there is some paralysis. He can speak but it’s very slow and it’s bothering him that he can’t communicate normally. I just don’t want you to react too much to it. I was trying to warn you first…”

“Oh.” Said Roxie very embarrassed. She felt two inches tall. Candy was gently rubbing her arm and looking up at her compassionately. Upset blue eyes met the doctor’s compassionate eyes as she said in a whisper, “I’m sorry Doc. I just…”

“I know Roxie, I understand. Go on in but please just don’t react when he talks. He gets really upset at himself and I want this to be a happy reunion.”

Roxie nodded, she took Candy’s hand and brought it tightly her chest to give her strength. Then she took a deep breath bringing it to her mouth to gently kiss the open palm. She looked into the loving green eyes and nodded slightly. Candy smiled encouragingly as Roxie held her hand tightly and entered her brother’s room. A lot of apparatus had been moved out since the day before. Jimmy still had a breathing tube but he no longer was under the oxygen tent. He was leaning against a stack of pillows sitting straight up.

At first he looked ok to the anxious women but then they could see his left side was slightly slacked when he smiled.

“Hi Sis,” He said in a slow slightly slurred voice.

Roxie’s eyes suddenly filled with tears of relief and joy. “Hi Brat!” She then ran over pulling Candy with her. She let go of Candy threw her arms around his neck and hugged him gently. She looked up at him and kissed his cheek and gently pushed back a lock of hair. Then Candy went to the other side and kissed his other cheek saying softly, “Welcome back.”

“Thanks Little Sis the second.”

Candy smiled and blushed. She looked at Roxie who waived for the smaller women to come over to her side of the bed. Candy came over beside Roxie who pulled her over as close as she could. Then she looked at her brother with her eyes full of joy, “Well brat, you scared the hell out of all of us. I…”

“Don’t please…you want me to make me cry too?”

“No…” She sat on the edge of his bed and took his hand staring at him with utter relieve and joy in her tear filled eyes. Then her eyes flicked toward Candy and back to him as she said quietly, “I really want you to walk me down the aisle…”

“What?” Candy couldn’t say anything else she was flabbergasted.

Jimmy laughed and said, “Look at the beet red shocked face. Can’t say I blame you Sis.”

“Isn’t she beautiful when she blushes like that,” Roxie said as she pulled her startled love back into her arms kissing the warm red cheek.

“Yep, Um, I don’t know about me walking…”

“One thing at a time,” Said the doctor leaning against the door with a big smile on her face. “Let just get you stable first, ok?”

“Torturer,” He replied with a smirk. “So Candy when is your brother coming to town?”

“My brother? How did you know about that?”

“That’s easy, Rox told Mama and she told me.”

“Mother!” Scolded Roxie shocked.

Their mother shrugged not looking at all upset and said sweetly, “It just slipped out when I was babbling to him about everything.”

“Can you ask him down soon, Candy?” Asked Jimmy sweetly.

Candy looked at the three people looking back at her lovingly and nodded, “Um, ok if you want me to.”

Roxie nuzzled her head against her loves shoulder and said softly, “Of course we do.”

“Ok, I’ll call him tonight.”

Jimmy looked very happy and winked at his mother, “Great!”


Roxie and Candy were cuddled in bed they were both exhausted but relieved and happy.

Roxie was gently kissing the smaller woman along her neckline as she asked softly, “So when is he coming in?”

“Mmm, tomorrow afternoon,” Muttered Candy her eyes closed enjoying the attention. “Is that ok?”

“Sure, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Candy chuckled, “Well he is really, really looking forward to meeting you too. You should have heard him cheer when I invited him. He thinks your pretty remarkable anyway but since you fell for me well you’ve been elevated to Goddess status…I mean…I…” She pulled back a bit worried by what fell out of her lips.

Roxie looked deeply into her loves eyes and rubbed her nose with the smaller woman. Then she whispered, “It was really easy to fall in love with you, my Darling. It happened so fast it took my breath away.”

“Me too. I am sooo lucky…”

“I am too…” Roxie kissed the small woman with all the passion that was building inside till it exploded when they both touched each other’s souls. Roxie’s loving hands caressed the soft skin as she began to tenderly make love to her one true love.

Candy closed her eyes and held her love close as her hands stroked the strong back her body shivering in reaction to what Roxie was doing to her breasts with her hot mouth. Soon dark blue eyes met dark green and Roxie pulled back to come back up to soft lips again. After kissing her passionately again Roxie pulled back and whispered in a rough voice, “I love you so much. I am so blessed that I found you…” she was over come with need and started on her way down the beautiful body again knowing that she wanted to show her love just how much she loved her in the gentlest softest and most passionate way she knew how.

Panting her head thrown back in reaction to the electric shocks going through her Candy whispered back, “ I love you with my whole soul…”

After tasting and teasing her way down the beautiful body beneath her Roxie at last reached her goal. It was calling for her and she gladly answered it hungrily. She breathed in the scent of her beloved moaning in pleasure as she tasted her wanting to indulge in more, the more she touched, it was intoxicating.


“Mmm, soon Sweetheart. Almost there…”mumbled Roxie. She was determined that though her drives were making her want to go faster, this time would be slowly, gently and tenderly. None of that manic need would service this time. She wanted Candy to know how much she loved and appreciated her.

She slowly entered her love and then all thought ceased only feeling soared. When she heard her name tear from her loves lips rattling the panes of motel room she did stop and pull back. She crawled up the body of the still reacting woman pulling her close and holding her like the most cherished thing in her life which she was, “Love you…”whispered Candy softly as she drifted into a deep sleep.

Roxie kissed her on the forehead and whispered to sleeping woman cradled in her arms, “I love you too. You are my very heart.”

****** ******

Roxie was fast asleep in bed while Candy drove to the airport to pick up her brother. The phone rang and one blue eye popped open. When it rang again she scowled at it but knowing it could be her Mom she picked it up and said politely, “Hello?”


Roxie growled and rolled her eyes, “Oh hi.”

“I know your going through a really tough time but…”


“But Rox…”

“No, I don’t care why or what. No. I am not doing any promotion right now. I am going to stay right here till my brother gets stable. We have six months before we even start the season, Joey and I will not bullied!”

“Ok, ok calm down,” The press agent said trying to get his star to at least listen to his plan. “Rox, come on just calm down. I have a great idea and I don’t want you to leave there. Not at all. You don’t have to open anything or go to an expedition. Nothing like that. I promise. I wouldn’t dream of separating you from your family right now.”

Roxie’s eyes narrowed, “What are you plotting in that bizarre little mind?”

“Um not much really. Would consider going on a local talk show, its on cable, to talk about your ordeal. Think of the millions…”

“No!!!!!!!!!!” Roxie sat straight up in bed screaming at the top of her lungs. She looked at the phone with such a lethal stare that she knew if the press agent were there she would have attempted to strangle him with the cord.

“Shh, calm down would you. We don’t want everyone to know our plans do we?”

“No, I don’t want anyone to ever hear this plan Joey. I am not doing it. How dare you even suggest it.” Roxie said in a calm voice but it sounded like she was about to pull the trigger and if Joey had any sense he would have backed off.

He didn’t have any sense, “But Rox, you’d be a sensation…”

“That’s exactly what I would be afraid of…”

“No, I mean you will touch their hearts. You left your fabulous career to care for your ailing brother…”

“I didn’t leave anything it was already the end of the season.”

“And you stayed by his side night and day…”

“No I didn’t…”

“Praying for his recover with the local clergy…”

“I did pray but all myself or with my family…Joey would you get a grip! This is the dumbest idea you have ever had. Anyone who has a brother that they love would do just what I did if they became sick. Why are you making such a big deal of it?”

“Because you’re a star and they aren’t.”

“Not at the moment all I am is Jimmy’s sister.”

“That what I mean. Oh Rox, that’s a perfect quote.”

“Shit Joey, shut the fuck up ok!” Roxie threw the phone across the room in pure disgust. She could hear the drone of his voice from the phone across the room.

Candy came in with her brother. She took one look at her face and could see someone had pissed the dark woman off.


“Hi…just a sec, ok?” She pulled the phone back to her and said very loudly. “Shut up Joey. I said…Shit…” She growled and put the phone in a drawer.

Candy sat down next to her pulling her into a hug, “Who was that?”

“The press agent from my team. He wants me to go on TV and pretend I’m some kind of hero just for loving Jimmy. Jerk!”

“You’re kidding?” Candy asked tenderly stroking the tall woman’s back instantly calming her down. She also was hiding her loves assets since her brother was right there.

“I wish I were…He thinks it would be great for the team. Well I could give damn!” Then realizing that Candy’s brother was in the room she looked sheepishly over Candy’s shoulder and said softly, “Sorry. That wasn’t how I wanted to meet you for the first time. It wasn’t the nicest introduction was it?”

“Hey its ok,” Said the blonde haired blue eyed man sweetly with a wink. “I think that you are a hero and you don’t have to proof it to anyone.”

Roxie blushed and looked at Candy who smiled cupping the soft red cheek. “I did tell you he was already a fan didn’t I?”

“Hey rug rat, you’re a nice kid but to capture your heart is really hard. It took a really brave soul and that’s who got you. A brave soul with the heart of a hero.”


“Sweetheart, don’t you think…?” She pointed the phone in the drawer and shrugged.

“Oh?” she pulled it out and listened. She looked at the two other people in the room and smirked. “Good, he hung up. The idiot!” She pulled on her T-shirt and then stretched out hand toward the young man looking at her affectionately.

“Hi, I’m Roxie.”

“I’m Mark. Nice to meet you finally.”

“It’s great to meet you too. Why don’t you get settled in your room and then we can all go to the hospital. I can’t wait to introduce to the rest of the family. OK?” She asked with a sweet smile.

“I’m looking forward to it. How did you talk miss stubborn into it?”

Roxie winked at her love and said with a wicked smile shrugging, “I just asked her.”

“Really? Please believe me that is something else. She is the most stubborn person on the planet.”

“Oh, I already know that. Actually I am very grateful to it. It helped me survive all this.”

Candy shook her head as if unsure she heard Roxie correctly, “It did? How?”

“Yeah, if you weren’t stubborn you’d have believed me the first time I told you to go home. I now know that I would have shriveled and died if you had done what I so stupidly had told you to. I am soooo very grateful to your blessed stubbornness.”

Tears suddenly came to the green eyes as Candy asked quietly, “Really love?”

Roxie nodded.

“Oh…I…Oh” She hugged Roxie even tighter. “I am glad I’m stubborn then too.”

Roxie smiled pulling the small woman onto her lap and cradling her like a child. She kissed the top of her head and whispered softly against the little ear, “There are no words that can really express how I feel except three. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Candy reached up and kissed the other woman tenderly her love pouring from her right to Roxie’s soul.

“Um I think I’ll take a walk while you two get ready.” Mark said softly and quickly left feeling like it was rather warm in there.

Roxie pulled back and looked into Candy’s eyes, “Your brother is a nice man.”

“Yes he is.”

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much.”

“You didn’t…he really is sweet and he’s happy for us.”

“Good, lets do what he said let’s get ready,” said Roxie with an impish grin while she bent down and kissed her beloved passionately.


Jimmy had finished his physical therapy for the day and he had rested per the doctor’s instructions afterward. He was allowed several visitors since his doctor was very pleased with his progress.

Kate was in the lobby reading when Mark and the girls appeared. The older woman smiled and hugged both the girls happily. She then turned toward Mark giving Candy an expectant look.

Candy smiled shyly and said, “Mama, this is my brother Mark. Mark this wonderful woman is Roxie’s mother Kate.”

Kate smiled at her new daughter’s use of her children’s name for her. She loved it and gave Candy a gentle kiss on the cheek, which caused the young woman to blush. That caused Roxie to chuckle behind her hand of course.

“Hi Mark, its great to finally meet you. Welcome to our little family.”

“Nice to meet you finally too. I have wanting to for a very long time. My sister is very protective of you all…”


“Well come off it Candy, your like a lioness protecting her cubs. It took you how long to pick up the phone…”

“I had to be sure and…”

Roxie pulled the angry woman into her arms and kissed her passionately. When they pulled back she asked Candy in sexy purr, “Now what were you saying?”

“Saying?” Repeat the thoroughly bewitched woman who pulled Roxie back for more.

“Should we go out and rent a movie,” Mark whispered to Kate with a huge smile.

“Well at least I have my book…”

“What are you reading?”

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

“Cool, can I read it when you’re done?”

“Sure, come on Mark, I’ll introduce you to your new brother in law.”

“Fantastic! Finally at last.”


Jimmy had been transported by special hospital plane home. The owners of the team did it for Roxie. She was happy to get Jimmy home so she accepted it even though she knew some kind of payment would be due them for their kindness to her brother.

The girls just got back to Roxie’s after dark. They walked to the door and Candy asked, “Rox, would you mind if we got a dog?”


Candy shrugged looking at her shoes as they stood just inside the now closed front door. “I’d like a pet.”

Roxie put down their bags and shook her head smiling. “Sure, I don’t see why not. I adore dogs. Love really…”She gently lifted Candy’s head, “Not as much as I love you of course.”

Green eyes now filled with tears and love met Roxie’s eyes. Candy said softly, “Thank you.”

Roxie pulled the small woman into a loving hug and whispered into her ear, “I’d do anything that would make you happy.”

“Really? Um…How about a baby?”


“I think you’d make a sensational mother…”

“Sweetheart, I’m a hockey player…”


“I’m just…Do you really think we could?” Her face reflected interest fighting visibly with a deep uncertainty.

“I know we can do it. We have so much love to give why couldn’t we?”

“Oh my love with you I could do anything.” She picked up the smaller woman and carried her to their room. They had a lot of planning for the future amongst other things to do.



The End

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