Strangers When We Meet by Ri

Strangers When We Meet
by Ri

There was silence in the dark bar as she entered. She was tall and dressed in basic black. She strode to the bar and ordered her drink. Her voice was strong and yet quite femine. As she took a shot of her straight whiskey she glanced around the bar. There was the usual bunch of low lifes she had come to expect. They slowly began to speak and move about the place once again.

She took her drink and moved with cat like grace to her booth. She sat down on one side and put her long legs up settling her feet on the other. She leaned back and nursed her drink as she watched the activity around the bar with bored amusement sparkling in her bright blue eyes.

Then those eyes caught golden hair at a booth across the bar. The first thought that crossed her mind was. ‘That kid doesn’t belong in this joint.’

Her sharp eyes took the young woman in considered perusal. She was petite 5’4 with short golden hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. Right now those eyes flashed in anger at the guy in the booth with her as he tried to get closer to the young beauty. What ever the guy was whispering to her seemed to make the young woman even more outraged.

For some strange reason watching the young woman’s pretty face redden in anger started to feed a rage of her own. Suddenly she stood up and stormed over to the table where the small war was taking place.

She towered over both the occupants and she couldn’t decide if the man was drunk or just crazy. For some unknown reason he looked up at the tall dangerous looking woman with contempt and said. “Get lost.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said get lost. I know the rest of these wimps are scared of you for some reason. But I sure as hell aint!”

A feral grin crossed her face and she bent down till their eyes were with in inches of each other. “The reason the other patrons are not antagonistic toward me is that they know by experience my strength and capabilities far out weigh their own.”

“What?” He replied stupidly.

She noticed the blonde smile at her and she winked back at the pretty woman. Turning back to the idiot she said. “They know I can whip their ass. Dog breath.”

Her voice was low and calm. There was no movement in the room once again. They were all watching the confrontation with intense interest. It appeared they all knew a fight was about to begin. One that the pretty blonde had a front row seat for whether she wanted one or not.

“What did you call me?”

“Dog breath.”


Suddenly the tall beauty had the man by the collar and was dragging him to the door of the bar. Ignoring his gibberish she briskly threw him out and nodded to the bouncer. She knew he would not let the little man back in. She then headed back to the booth with the beautiful blonde and smiled at the girl. “How did that idiot get you out alone? And how on earth did he talk you into coming in here?

The blonde smiled back at the tall beauty and replied quietly. “I work with him. He’s been begging me for months and I finally agreed to a drink. I never expected him to take me here. I also stupidly thought I could handle the little twerp.”

The tall woman’s mouth curled into an appreciative smile. She held out her hand and in a friendly voice said. “My name is Randy.”

The blonde’s smile brightened and she gently took the offered hand and shook it. “Brittany.”

For some reason Randy couldn’t bring herself to release the little hand. So she asked with an unaccustomed shyness. “May I sit down?”

Brittany still holding Randy’s hand nodded and replied quietly. “Please.”

Randy gracefully sat down beside her. She realized she still held Brittany’s hand and tried to release it but found that she really didn’t want to. She swallowed a couple of times and said. “Can I buy you some dinner? I mean… someplace where they didn’t catch the food in the kitchen?”

Brittany really didn’t want to let go of Randy’s hand and was glad that Randy let her keep the elegant appendage in her own. “I’d be happy to. Where would you like to go?”

** ** ** **

They sat across from each other in the nice restaurant not really able to do more at the moment then smile and stare at each other.

Brittany’s heart was flip flopping but she knew she had break the ice or they would never get off the ground. “You didn’t really seem to fit in with that crowd either. What were you doing there?”

Randy raised an eyebrow and said quietly. “Its a motorcycle bar and I drive a motorcycle. One plus one equals two. Pretty simple really. huh?”She asked with lopsided grin.

Brittany returned the grin. She was ready for the challenge. “Yes. that makes sense. But why would you go there. Your way too smart for those people. Your beautiful and…well they were scared of you… your not a scary person. so… I…”

Brittany was shocked by Randy’s next reaction. Laughter. “To answer your questions in sequence. A. I hate regular bars. B. I like being the smartest C. Thanks D. They’re scared of me because one of them put their slimy hand on my ass and I lost it. I beat the crap out of him. so suddenly I was feared and respected with out being lethal. I liked that… I was… I was in the army and I was lethal… Brittany. I don’t want to be scary… especially to you…” Her voice trailed off and her head dropped her face had reflected her mood change from amusement to worry and deep shame.

A small finger gently lifted the head till their eyes met. “I’m absolutely not scared of you. Randy. What do you do for a living now?”

A tiny ironic smile crossed Randy’s lips. She loved the feel of those fingers against her skin. “Graphic design. I do cover art for magazines under the Imperial publications label.”

Brittany’s face reflected the surprise she felt. “Wow. Thats weird I work for Imperial as a columnist. I freelance mostly, but thats one of my regular gigs. I write for their computer geek magazine.”

A huge smile crossed Randy’s face and she caressed the hand still resting on her cheek. “I design all their covers and some of the graphics inside. What do you cover?”

“I write how to fix problems on line…”

“Your Tech chick?”

Brittany nodded. Randy smile grew even broader. “I do all your graphics. Your a very good writer.”

Brittany blushed and smiled back. “Your art work is magnificent. Randy, we work together…”

“And yet we never met…”

“Till now.” They were staring at each other their food forgotten.

“Uh… Brittany, are you still hungry?”

“Not for food.”

“Funny. I’m not either… Check”
Part 2
Randy entered Brittany’s condo with butterflies the size of B2 Bombers buzzing around her stomach. Why this was so important she couldn’t put her finger on. She just knew that it was very, very important.

Brittany led Randy into her home and she felt like she was shaking all over.

She was not shaking with fear it was just pure nerves of the unknown. She wanted everything to be just right. She gazed quickly around her to make sure there was nothing out of place. Suddenly she saw her laundry and her eyes widened as she remembered what her bathroom look like. She muttered a quick. “Excuse me…” and she shot out of the room very quickly.

Randy was stunned as Brittany suddenly ran out of the room. She followed her concerned that something was very wrong. What she saw as she entered the beautiful blondes bathroom made her smile at her new friend with affection.

Scattered about the room was bits of white silk; The room was literally an explosion of underwear. The blonde looked up through her bangs at the tall brunette her face beat red. “Uh… I…”

Randy laughed. She couldn’t help it. Brittany just looked so damn cute. She leaned against the doorway of the bathroom laughing gently and asked good naturally. “Can I help?”

Brittany seeing the humor glittering in the beautiful blue eyes smiled and shrugged her shoulders replying. “I could use a little help, yes.”

Randy nodded and with utter delight started to fold the pretty bits of silk and placing them in a neat pile on the side of the tub. With that task complete, Brittany picked up a pile and then held out her hand for Randy’s. Randy’s smile brightened and her cheeks turned a shade of red that deepened her tan.

She picked up her pile and took the little hand as she was led out of the bathroom.


They entered a bright and cheerful sky blue bedroom, with white lace curtains and beautiful antique furniture. Randy found that she was immediately comfortable. She found the pretty room soothing since it was so much like it’s owner.

Brittany placed her underwear in the appropriate drawer and then nervously sat down next to Randy on the large four poster bed.

Randy seeing how tense the young woman was quietly said. “We could just talk.”

“No… I mean, yes… God, Randy I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I mean. Its just… I… I.”

She suddenly got up to leave the room when a gentle hand grasped her arm. “Shhh. Its ok. Come on, sit down we can just get to know each other. We don’t need to do a damn thing. I…Uh… I really like you and…”

Brittany had stopped her departure at the light touch. She was facing her friend and several emotions were reflected on her pretty face. Relief, graditude, affection. She smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you. I’m never… I’m kind of new at this sort of thing…”

Randy’s eyebrows shot up. “New?”

Brittany nodded her head slowly.

Randy got up gently taking a small hand in hers she led Brittany back to the girls living room. She took her to the couch and sat down bringing the stunned blonde beside her.

“If this is the first time it has to be right… um… especially if it is going to be with me.”

Tears formed in Brittany’s eyes. “God. You are so sweet, so patient… I… you… its… I…” She bent her head down as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

Randy embraced her and stroked her back in soothing circles. She whispered gently into a little ear. “It not sweet, its selfish. I’m a perfectionist. If this is your first time; and that special time is going to be with me; then it must be perfect. And I… I uh… I’m already crazy about you. So I…”

Green eyes locked with blue. “Really?”

“Yes. I’m overwhelmed by this thing. I want you to be happy. I want you to be comfortable with me. So we go very slow. Ok?”

Brittany nodded. “Thank you.” She replied still crying gently on Randy’s strong shoulder.

“Shhh. Its ok. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait for you to be ready. I’ll wait forever.”

“You will?”

“Yes. I’m here for the long haul. I think… I… I think… I’m in love with you.”
Part 3
“What?” Brittany replied stunned by the statement.

Randy nodded. and said very quietly. “I have been attracted to many woman in my life but this is the first time…Well… I really need for this to work, Little one.”

Brittany’s face reflected both surprise and joy. “I feel the exact same way. Its just… I don’t have any… well I can’t compare and… I just…” She stuttered uncomfortable till a hand covered her mouth.

“I understand.”

She put her arms around the smaller woman in a warm embrace and held her close. She put her head on top of the blondes and breathed in her intoxicating scent. ‘This is just fine for right now. I just want to hold her forever,’ she thought as she smiled sweetly to her little one.


The next morning the two woman found themselves tangled around each other. They were both so comfortable in each others arms they simply fell asleep. Two sets of sleepy eyes met and shy smiles were exchanged.

Randy stretched and said. “I can’t believe I fell asleep on you last night. I’m very sorry Brittany.”

“Hey, I fell asleep too.” Brittany said with a shy smile.

They were sitting side by side on the couch. Randy put her arm gently around the pretty blondes shoulders and said regretfully. “I guess I should go…”

“No please, don’t. I really want you here… unless of course you need to…”

“No. I just don’t want to out stay my welcome.”

“That’s not possible.”

“Well, do you have any plans today? I mean it is Saturday…?”

“Just working on my article… Um… Would you like to read what I have so far?” She asked the beautiful woman hopefully.

“Are you kidding? I’d love to read your stuff.” Replied Randy with a huge smile.

So Brittany took Randy’s hand and lead her to her tiny office in the back of her tiny apartment. She went to her computer and gestured toward the comfortable looking computer chair and said. “Please have a seat.”

Randy smiled and kissed her cheek and then gracefully sat in the chair. Brittany blushed beat red. “Um…Uh… here.” She muttered and then she giggled nervously.

Randy smiled up at her and caressed her cheek. “Your very pretty when you blush like that.” Then she winked at her which made Brittany relax and laugh. Randy chuckled and looked at the screen. She read the article posted there then her eyes met nervous green ones and she winked again.

“Its great! In fact I have an idea.” Randy grabbed a pad and pencil from the desk and started to work a sketch inspired by what she had just read. When she finished she looked up at Brittany who was leaning on the chair looking over her shoulder. “What do you think?”

“Wow! Its remarkable.”

“Its good, not remarkable. You my friend are remarkable.” She suddenly made two swift movements and the smaller woman was in cuddled in her lap.

“Now that I have you in my clutches. What am I going to do with you?”

Brittany blushed a deep shade of red and hid her face on Randy’s shoulder. Her answer was barely audible but it delighted the tall brunette who heard it clearly none the less. “Anything you want to do to me.”

Randy face lit up and she bent down so that her lips met the love of her life with all the passion and love her soul possessed.
Part 4
Randy pulled back slowly from the intense kiss and softly caressed a still red cheek. “Are you sure about this?”

The blonde nodded.

“I’ll tell you what we’ll go really slowly and we’ll just go with the flow. If you feel at all uncomfortable you tell me. ok?” She asked the woman cradled in her arms gently.

Again her companion nodded.

“Hey.” Randy gently tapped her on the chin. “I’d really like to hear your voice.”She said gently with a big smile at the blushing young woman.

Choked with emotion Brittany replied very quietly. “Ok…What do I have to do?”

Randy chuckled. “You don’t have to do anything, Little one. I’ll do it if you want. I’ll lead and as long as you’re enjoying it I’ll just keep going. If you get scared or uncomfortable just open those pretty lips and say something. Is that a deal?”

Brittany nodded and then stiffened up as if readying herself for a blow.

Randy shook her head and said quietly. “Relax, Little one. I want to bring you pleasure not hurt you. Let start nice and slow. We’ll just neck for a while. Ok? Then if you get really into that we’ll go from there.” She gently brought Brittany even closer to her.

Brittany loved the closeness. She didn’t fear Randy at all. It was the unknown she feared. She did trust Randy so she snuggled into the taller woman’s neck and said a barely audible. “Ok.”

Randy smiled and tilted the little chin so she could reach those luscious red lips. She gently kissed Brittany then deepened the kiss as she felt the other woman timidly explore her mouth. She allowed herself the pleasure of enjoying their connection. As she felt her love becoming excited she slowly lowered her hands to the lovely breasts she was dying to touch. She gently caressed the breast when she felt no resistance she opened the blouse and caressed the breast through Brittany’s lacy bra. When she heard a moan she parted their lips and slowly kissed her way to a lovely neck sucking gently and her love’s jugular.

Her hands then went behind her loves back to undo her bra and then stroked a heaving breast under the lacy cup. She felt Brittany become more and more excited as her hands tangled in Randy’s long hair. Randy pulled back slightly to look at Brittany’s face.

Brittany’s eyes were closed and her face was flushed in excitement as Randy started to slowly caress the other breast she saw that the smaller woman was becoming inflamed with passion. She brought her mouth to a small ear and licked along the rim then she whispered. “Are you all right?”

Brittany could barely respond she never in her life felt anything this intense she said a breathy barely audible. “Yes.”

Randy’s smile broadened as she sucked gently on the small tasty earlobe. Her hands busily removing the shirt. releasing the bra and going for full access to the lovely breasts. Then slowly she kissed her way down to the aching breast as the little one squirmed in pleasure. Randy licked a nipple and blew on it till it was perfect for her next step sucking on the lovely piece of the anatomy. Over whelmed by the pleasure this brought out in her Brittany went over the edge.

Two shocked green eyes slowly fluttered open and looked into a pair of utterly pleased blue ones. “Did I just…”


“But you didn’t even get to…”

“Nope, not yet it wasn’t necessary. One step at a time, Little one.” Randy was very pleased she knew if the first step went well the next would go even smoother. Brittany was very scared and now that she saw that she could enjoy this she would relax more when they got to the intense feelings of what’s to come.

“But… I… Um you didn’t…”Brittany was confused, happy, excited, pleased. She was so many things she couldn’t even construct a simple sentence.

”Don’t worry about me, Love. To tell you a little secret I got off on watching you go over. I feel great!”

It was the truth she had an orgasm just watching Brittany enjoy her first. It was a high knowing that she brought the love of her life to her very first climax. She was more then pleased she was elated. She bent down and softly kissed the waiting lips of her little love. Then she cradled her close and pulled the blanket over them and said as she enfolded the smaller woman in a warm embrace. “Nap time. We can get a little sleep then eat dinner and do some more exploring later.”

*** *** *** ***

Three hours later Brittany woke all alone in her bed. She looked but saw no sign of Randy. Fear gripped her heart till she heard singing coming from the next room. She knew it wasn’t the radio. The cool clear beautiful voice delighted her. She realized with utter relief and joy that she wasn’t alone.

Brittany got up and saw the beautiful brunette in the kitchen busy making sandwiches and singing an old song from a Rogers and Hamerstien musical. She was singing with her whole heart though her concentration seemed to be on the sandwiches. It sounded professional and beautiful.

“Hi,” Said Brittany quietly.

Randy stopped singing and smiled brightly as she turned to the disheveled looking blonde. “Well hi yourself, Beautiful. I thought I’d make myself useful and make us some lunch. We have a selection of peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese. It’s all I could find. I hope it’s ok?”

“Its great! Wow, you sing beautifully. Did you ever do it professionally?”

Randy actually felt herself blush. “Thanks and no I did sing at some parties when I was in the service. I never did it for a living though. I just enjoy it. I’m glad you think its good too.”

“I loved it. It was wonderful to wake up to something so beautiful.”

“Yea it was. Come here you…” She said putting her arms out for a hug.

Brittany immediately filled those arms and they kissed deeply. She was dressed just in her T-shirt and panties and Brittany pulled on an oversized Jersey so they’re bodies connected against the thin fabric of their clothes. Randy took a deep breath and thought. First things first, as she pulled back and mussed Brittany’s already mussed hair. “Are you hungry, Little one?”


“Good. Let’s eat up then… We have a lot more exploring to do…”

Randy and Brittany decided to talk after lunch and really get to know each other. They figured that would lead to more “exploring.”

They both realized that they had the rest of their lives so they wanted to learn every nook and cranny of the others mind, heart and soul. They were both relishing every detail they had learned about each other so far.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.” Replied Randy with a sweet smile. “You can ask me anything.”

She loved just talking with this woman, hearing her voice. It was so different from every other woman she had been with and she just felt joy in being with the holder of her heart. Randy was amazed at that realization. She never in her whole life thought she’d ever feel so connected to another human being, especially not so quickly.

“Um…You said in the army you… well that you hurt… I mean…” She didn’t know how to put the questions plaguing her mind.

For the first time since Randy rescued her from the lout in the bar her expression became grim. Randy swallowed and thought. Here goes. Damn. I hope I don’t lose her. I want and need her to know the whole truth. She has to know who she’s in love with… She took a deep breath and walked to the window and said very quietly. “I had to kill for Uncle Sam. I’m not proud of it but it was part of my job and unfortunately I was very good at it… I’m very sorry” She felt her tear ducts fill up as she turned fully to the window. She was sure of the rejection that was going to come from the sweet and sensitive woman she was already in love with.

Brittany’s eyes filled with tears just seeing the tears begin to form as Randy turned away. “Why are you crying? Did I hurt your feelings?”

“No!” Yelled Randy turning back and rushing to Brittany on the sofa. She went down on her knees in front of the other woman and said. “I’m sorry. You did nothing wrong. I’m crying because… I… I better go…”

“No, please…” Said Brittany reaching out with both arms to hold the woman’s arms and keep her by her. Randy was already half way across the room so Brittany had to get up and reach around the taller woman’s waist to stop her. “Please don’t leave me.”

Randy relished the words and the embrace which followed and she returned it with equal passion.

“You don’t hate me?”

“Hate you? Why would I hate you?”

“Because now you know I am a killer.”

“You were a killer. You did what you were ordered to do. Now your not…”

“Its not that simple. The problem is Brittany I liked it at the time. I did burn out when I realized how wrong it was but I was really messed up back then. I was wild and I enjoyed all the excitement and the strategy…. till… till I… till I was ordered to kill a whole village of innocents for nothing but strategy. I mean men, woman and children even their animals were to be destroyed. This sick general wanted the village taken as a buffer between us and the enemy and they were pawns in his ultimate goal. I was too.

I was his deadly pawn… I… broke down. I couldn’t do it. Brit… I fell apart. I almost killed my commanding officer that gave me the orders and he was just the middleman. I was lucky though, he saw what was happening to me and stopped me. He got me out of the unit to a good hospital. Once I was treated I was given an honorable discharge.

The two women had now sunk to the floor still attached to each other as if giving each other a lifeline. Randy was crying full force now and so was Brittany. Brittany was soothing her with kind words whispered in her ear and Randy was breathing heavily trying to get control so she could continue. She needed to keep talking. She needed her love to know what she was and did. Randy also needed to get it all out for the first time to someone she trusted.

“Once out I was staying at the VA hospital and I was what could only be called a functioning vegetable. I didn’t know how to live outside of the damn army. I started to fix motorcycles and since it seemed to relax me and my shrink thought it was good therapy. I did it as a kid with my brother before he was killed in a car accident and it was really my only way of functioning. One of my doctors at the VA got me a job at a local garage.

During my breaks I would sketch. Anything that caught my fancy. It was another thing from my childhood that relaxed me and kept me sane. The editor from our publishing company came to pick up her car and saw me sitting by it sketching away completely lost in my work. She loved it and hired me on the spot. We had a brief affair but once I got out of army life… well I really lived again and I realized she was a good friend but not someone I wanted in that way. I began to live a real life, a quiet life. I had a few affairs. I worked on my art and still worked at the garage once a week. Until recently I really felt I was meant to be alone, that there would never be someone special to settle down with…”

“Until recently?”

Randy smiled slightly and rubbed noses with the love of her life and said quietly. “Very recently. I love you, Brittany… I know I’m not worthy…”

Little fingers covered her mouth. “Shhh. I love you too. That’s all that matters, Randy. That’s all that matters…
Part 5
Randy was leaning against a wall in Brittany’s office at the publishing company they worked at. She had a huge smile on her face because her love looked so cute when she worked. She had a cute little wrinkle between her eyebrows that the tall artist was very tempted to kiss but thinking that discretion was the better part of valor at work she decided to wait till they got home. Brittany suddenly looked up and said. “Ok I put it to bed.”

Randy’s eyebrow shot up and she had an amused expression on her face. Brittany rolled her pretty green eyes and said. “You know what I mean. Your art work looks great come look.” She said signaling with her arm for her love to look at the finished product.

Randy looked over her shoulder and nodded. “Yes, it looks great. Ok Sweetheart. Lets go.” She said holding out her hand.
Brittany smiled and placed her small hand in Randy’s larger one. Randy smiled and winked leading Brittany out of her office.

They had started to walk down the hall when they heard some one calling. “Hey Beautiful.”

Randy recognizing the voice tensed and kept walking pulling Brittany quickly with her. Randy felt their precious new relationship didn’t need Jessie’s jealously.

“Come On, Randy. Stop!” Yelled Jessica hurrying to catch up with them.

“Were in a hurry. See you.” Called Randy over her shoulder as she pulled a confused Brittany safely into the elevator.

Randy’s eyes met Jessie’s and she knew the other graphic designer was going to cause them trouble.

*** *** *** ***

Randy hadn’t uttered a word till she got Brittany safely to her car. Then she turned in her seat and took her hand saying. “Jessie and I had an affair about 6 months ago. To me it was just another fling. A release to take my mind off my troubles. I was very open with her; I wasn’t capable of being anything other then a physical partner. I told her I thought the service had knocked out my ability to care about anything in an intimate way. At the time she said she understood and really wanted to do the same thing. just have some sexual fun.” Randy took a deep breath at this point; She was staring into her own lap because she just couldn’t face disappointment in Brittany’s eyes.

“She became obsessive after only one weekend. She was clinging to me like I was the love of her life. It turned me off so I stopped seeing her right then. She then started to stalk me. She followed me around like a puppy dog at the office and she followed me to my job at the garage. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I told her to leave me alone. We had a really bad fight. I told her that I only wanted sex and to leave me alone. I didn’t need or want her. I told her the truth I wasn’t attracted to her like that. She wasn’t what I wanted and that I thought I would never find that. She laughed at me and said that I was blind and stupid. She said that she was the best thing that ever happened to me…” Randy’s eyes finally came up and met Brittany’s there were tears pouring out of the beautiful green orbs. “Oh Baby. My little one. I won’t say any more…”

“No. Please. I want to know what happened. I want us to be completely open with each other. Please, go on.” She said kissing their joined hands and nodding her head encouraging her love to continue with the horrible tale.

“God, I love you. ” Said Randy pulling Brittany closer and drying her tears gently. She then saw an observing face and said. “Oh shit! Lets go love. I’ll talk as we drive.”

Brittany looked out the window and saw Jessica watching them with a face of fury. She nodded started the car and carefully went into traffic. “Go on Randy. I’m listening.”

Randy nodded and grimly replied. “Yes, I know.” She sighed and looked out the window as she continued her tale. “Um… Ok. She said that I loved her and I didn’t have the sense to know it. Then she started to beat the crap out of me…”

Randy heard the gasp and turned to see a surprised look on Brittany’s face. She shrugged and said. “Since I left the service, Brit I really try not to lift my hand in violence. I have broken that. I can still fight quite well and have done so when I felt I had to or when I lost it like that one night at the motorcycle bar. Most of the time though I prefer to talk my self out of scrapes. I don’t want to revert to the monster I was.” Randy took a deep breath and slowly let it out as she once again looked out the window; “I let her do it because in some way I felt I deserved it. That I just wasn’t worth fighting back for…”

“That’s not true!” Interrupted Brittany passionately.

Randy smiled at her little one and gently caressed a cheek as she replied. ” I didn’t realize that my love till I laid eyes on you. I knew if you loved me as I did you, then I was wrong. I was a worthy person. I didn’t know it then; I really didn’t care if Jessie hurt me. It didn’t matter… Anyway I went to the hospital because the bitch broke a rib. I was bed ridden for a month so our publisher Elaine said I could work at home…”

“Um… Isn’t that the lady you…”

Randy nodded still looking out the window. “Yes, we did have a very brief affair a long time ago but we are friends, platonic friends. She helped me put a restraining order on the bitch. Which the idiot is constantly breaking like today. You don’t know how many times I’ve had to call the police. That’s why we left so quickly I was trying to avoid doing that again.”

Brittany silently absorbed this and as they drove Randy became more and more nervous from that silence. “Are you disappointed in me Hon?” She asked her in a very timid voice. She almost didn’t recognize it as her own but she was very scared.

Brittany had just pulled into her driveway. Tomorrow they were going to help Randy move into her house, making it theirs so Randy was going to spend the night. Brittany turned toward the frightened woman and smiled caressing a cheek. “No love. I’m mad at this woman who can’t take no as an answer. I could never be disappointed in you. I love you so much and I know you love me. That’s all that matters. I’m just worried that’s all.”

“Why?” Asked Randy moving closer and pulling Brittany into a close embrace. Randy hated to be separated from her she craved the closeness and love that Brittany gave her. She had lacked it all her life and was so happy to be receiving it from her special love.

Brittany rubbed her cheek against Randy’s she loved the closeness too. “You said that you won’t defend your self. What if she attacks you? Or if she comes after me…”

“I’d kill her if she hurts you!” Said Randy a little louder then she meant to she was now in full protective mode and was fiercely holding Brittany to her. “She will not hurt one hair on you head as long as I am capable of protecting you…”

Brittany was stroking Randy’s back and crying. “Please don’t say that. I will not be responsible for you doing something that you’ve work so hard to over come. If something happens to me I want you to do something legally not…”

“Kill?” Randy said pulling back she nodded and dried her loves tears. “Your right of course.” They looked long and hard into each others eyes and a descion was made with out a word spoken. There was no need they could feel each other’s thoughts. They would use persuasion and legal means of prosecution but Randy’s lethal skills would not be used. With out uttering anything else Randy whispered into a little ear. “I promise. Little one, I promise.”

*** *** *** ***

They were settled in the living room cuddled together on the big comfortable sofa. Brittany was lying on top of Randy with her head against a strong shoulder. Randy was gently stroking her fingers through Brittany’s hair. They were finally at peace again after the events of the afternoon. Randy heard Brittany’s voice float up to her as she gently caressed a soft arm; “I love you so much. I’m so proud of you for surviving all the terrible things you have gone through to become the wonderful woman I love. I will fight to help you keep it. I am so happy you’re in my life. Thank you.”

Randy was astonished by the sweet words. “Thank you for your love and your faith. I promise I will keep on the path I’m on now. I will not go all-lethal… But Sweetheart, we need to figure out what to do about Jessie. Do you have any suggestions?” She asked as she gently kissed a sweet neck and was delighted by the soft groan that greeted the gesture.

“Yes. How about we throw her off track?” She said with a squeak as Randy nibbled her ear.

Randy smiled and said. “Oooo. I think I see my brilliant writer’s mind at work. What are you hatching in that great brain of yours? I can’ t wait to hear your plan….” Suddenly the little body was right over her, lips attached firmly to her own, their hands started to stroke and caress of their own accord. In Randy’s hazy mind she thought. I guess I’ll hear her plan… ahhhh… Um, later. Yessssss…
Part 6
The protective arms of her little one surrounded Randy. She blinked open her eyes and realized that those strong little arms completely encircled her stomach and she smiled. She brought Brittany even closer to her with her long arms and snuggled her head against her neck. She was loved. Truly loved. It was the first time in a long time, since she lost her family as young girl.

The army had been her home and she had many friends. She didn’t feel loved from anyone in the army though, she was only respected and feared. You can not love someone you fear. That was something she never wanted in her life again, the fear of those around her. All she wanted was to have the love of this special woman. She wanted a long and happy life with her. I’ll be damned if I’ll let you touch a hair on this precious head, Jessie. I’ll protect her by any means nesscary. Thought Randy fiercely as she tenderly stroked the soft skin of her little ones back. Brittany leaned into Randy’s head with her neck making the tall woman feel slightly woozy in reaction.

Randy raised her head and met sleepy green eyes. “Good Morning, Sweetheart. “ She said caressing a soft cheek.

A small hand covered the larger one on Brittany’s cheek. She smiled up at her and answered in a still sleep filled voice. “Morning love. Do you feel better this morning?”

Randy nodded. “Yes. Um…What brilliant scheme did you come up with, Sweetheart?” She asked the smaller woman anxiously.

“Well its not quite up to par yet, it needs some fuel. Can we talk over breakfast? I need coffee.”

Randy laughed delightfully and scattered the already mussed blonde hair. “Sure, I’ll even make it for you. You can sleep on the table while I prepare our breakfast.”

“Hardy. Har. Har. Smart Alec.”

“Hey, I learned that skill from the best.” She said with a twinkle in her eyes as she kissed her so called teacher deeply and passionately.

Brittany enjoyed both kiss and the fact that she cheered up her moody love from that spiraling sadness that she distracted her from last night. As they parted she said, “Yeah, sure you did. That’s a skill you had in abundance before you ever met me. Show me more of your other skills, please?”

Randy chuckled as she kissed her love again with even more passion.

*** *** *** *** ***

Now comfortably seated at the kitchen table each holding a large mug of freshly brewed coffee. Brittany told Randy her plan and was waiting for the verdict.

“It’s a tiny bit ambitious, Isn’t it Hon?”

“Well you’re the strategist in the family couldn’t it work?”

Randy lifted an eyebrow and smirked at the remark. “Oh yeah. It could work. There are about a thousand variables though. The plan has definite merits, who do you have in mind for our player?”

“My friend Margie is a homicide cop but I know she’d be willing to help if it would prevent her from getting another case.” Said Brittany with a determined lilt to her voice delivering her meaning loud and clear to the woman across the table.

Randy shook her head and rolled her eyes. “I promised didn’t I?”

“Yes. I’m going to hold you to that. A police sting is so much more sophisticated then breaking every bone in her body.”

“Oh, but its so much less satisfying. I can just hear each of the bitch’s bones breaking and…” Randy met the worried green eyes and the smile disappeared from her face as she lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head. “I was just kidding, Love. It’s a very good plan and I promise to be a good little girl and follow your rules. OK?”

“You better, you promised.”

“I know. Now that we settled that little problem do you want to get started on merging our lives?”

“Randy, our lives are all ready merged we’re just merging our stuff. “Replied Brittany quietly her head down her fingers playing with a spoon.

Tears suddenly sprang into Randy’s eyes and she jumped out of the chair and embraced the smaller woman. “Thank you, my little one. Thank you.”

She then picked her up and kissed her deeply carrying her back to their bedroom. There will be a slight delay in my move. She thought as she settled her precious one on the bed with a determination to show her gratitude.

*** *** *** ***

Brittany had stopped working on Randy’s move when an idea flooded into her mind and she had to sit down and work it out. She was sitting, deep in thought on the tailgate of the truck as Randy passed her twice carrying her stuff into the house. Finally Randy stood in front of the other woman hands on hips and a big indulgent smile on her face as she purred into her ear. “Working hard, Hon?”

If Randy hadn’t already thought of bracing the smaller woman. Brittany would of fallen face first onto the driveway because she jumped straight up from the shock. “Shit, you scared me!”

Randy smiled and with her free hand gently pushed some hair out of the pretty green eyes as she replied quietly. “I whispered.”

Brittany’s face suddenly broke out into a grin as she said. “Yes, you did. I was thinking about our problem. I had several ideas running through my mind and I had to sit down and think to straighten it all out.”

“Well Hon. First why don’t you help me get the rest of this stuff in so I can return the truck on time. Once we get back you can think all you want as you stumble over my piles of junk since there was no one to tell me where to put it all.” She said with a huge lopsided grin.

Brittany laughed and leaned into the hand caressing her cheek; “I haven’t really been too helpful have I?”

“Nope. Just wait till you see the mine field of living room. I kind of plopped things everywhere. You had agreed to guide me on where to put everything. Since I didn’t know where you wanted it I just left it all in the middle of the room for you to make your decorative choices later.” Said Randy her eyes bubbling with merriment at the horrified expression on the pretty blonde’s face.

“Oh boy. Ok lets get everything moved in and then we can settle all the stuff.” She picked up a box and headed for the house saying over her shoulder. “Come on, what are you sitting around for?”

Randy laughed, rolled her eyes and picked up two boxes following the little brat into the house.

*** *** *** ***

Across the street a very angry woman watched the couple move from a red SUV. You love me you bitch! How dare you touch that harpy in public. I will get you both I swear I will. Thought Jessie as she watched the pair across the street with blazing anger filled her eyes.

**** *** *** ***

Randy and Brittany were in the rental truck heading out the driveway and through the gate when Randy spotted the SUV. The hairs on the back of her neck raised as she passed it. She couldn’t see any driver but she could feel her enemy’s presence.

“Hon, we’re being watched. I think you need to call your friend on the cell and have her meet us somewhere.”

Wide green eyes met narrowed blue and Brittany nodded her agreement. Pulling out her cell she called her friend telling her to meet them at the motorcycle bar where she and Randy met.

*** *** *** ***

Sergeant Margie Grayson looked like a typical biker as she strode into the bar. She appeared to be a regular customer as she calmly waited for her friend sipping a beer. She was a tall red head who had many of the same qualities that Randy did. She was smart and tough and very beautiful. She was the perfect bait for the woman who was threatening her sweet friend’s happiness with her new love.

Brittany and Randy entered the bar and Brittany led her tall love to her friend’s table. She had Randy’s hand firmly in hers as she gracefully crossed the room to the booth the homicide cop had chosen. She had met Margie while researching an article on woman in the police force and had remained friends ever since.

“Hey Margie.”

“Hey Brit.” Said the beautiful cop whose eyes strayed to the taller figure of Randy behind her friend. Margie instantly liked the dark woman who had a protective arm around the diminutive blonde’s shoulders.

Noticing where Margie’s attention was Brittany smiled and said. ”Margie. This is the love of my life. Randy, Sweetheart. This is my old friend Margie.”

Randy blinked at the description and sent the look toward Brittany who smirked and shrugged. Randy shook her head and smiled back. She held out her hand to the detective and said. “It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for helping us.”

“It’s my pleasure, Randy. It really is wonderful to meet the person who finally captured this ones heart.” Said the amused detective she loved the embarrassed shy looks that Randy was sending toward her friend. It was very becoming on the tough looking raven-haired beauty.

“Thank you. She captured my heart the second I laid eyes on her.” Said a brightly blushing Randy, as she sat down next to Brittany in the booth the detective had chosen.

Brittany was beat red herself as she looked up at Randy replying, “Ditto.”

This caused the detective to smile since she seemed to be forgotten at the moment. “Ahem.” Said Margie gently tapping a spoon to her glass.

“Oh sorry,” Said Brittany. “We’re…we’re… um… still well….”

“We’re in love and we can’t seem to get enough of each other I’m afraid.” Randy said quietly interrupting her loves stuttering.

“Why would you be want to? I think it’s beautiful.”

Oh, I like her; she is a good one. Thought Randy approvingly as she said quietly. “Thank you for understanding. Margie, Brittany now means everything to me I don’t think I could live without her.”

“Me too,” Said Brittany quietly looking deeply into blue eyes and falling under their spell once more.

Margie smiled and cleared her throat again. “Hey everyone loves lovers.” She said with a comical face making the other two woman laugh and feel comfortable around her at the same time. “Now, shall we get to the business at hand? What exactly do you want me to do?”

*** *** *** ***

The tall red head strode into the leather bar and looked for her target. Randy told her she usually came here looking for action especially if she was upset. Margie spotted the target nursing a drink at private booth off the pool table.

Jessica was brooding into her third drink because Randy had some how lost her in traffic. She knew where she now lived of course but the damn place had security gates and an alarm system. She knew nothing of breaking and entering she had to find another way to get at them.

The red head approached and asked in sexy, throaty voice. “Is this seat free?”

Jessica looked up and up, the angry eyes suddenly widened at the site of the auburn haired beauty. She looked into the cat green eyes that twinkled with amusement. Jessica nodded, swallowed and tried to breathe normally.

“Good. May I buy you a drink, Sweets?”

Jessica nodded again she felt her heart pounding and for the first time it wasn’t for Randy.

Margie smiled and signaled the bartender. Now this is one sick little puppy I feel like taking a shower from the look she is giving me. Well, step one is complete now all we have to do is take this to the next level. I hope Brit knows what she is doing. Thought Margie as she smiled seductively and took a sip of the drink the bartender placed in front of her. She reached out and gently caressed Jessica’s cheek asking. “Are you a top or bottom, Sweets?”
Part 7
Margie followed Jessica into her apartment and looked it carefully over. If it was well cared for it would have been a charming apartment. The living room was a mess. Its walls were white and clean but there was stuff all over the floor. It looked like there was a thousand stains on the rug. The couch and tables were scarred like she had a battle with them. There were empty booze bottles in a pile by the couch and easy chair.

Margie blinked her eyes and shook her head. How does she live like this? I understand little messes I’m the queen of those but this is frankly disgusting. She thought to herself as she watched the other woman make a beeline for the kitchen. Margie glanced through the door and decided to stay in the relatively clean living room. The kitchen looked like someone had a food fight a week ago and still didn’t clean it up.

“Is there anywhere I can relieve myself, Honey” She called into the kitchen.

“Relieve yourself?” Asked Jessica from the doorway with a confused look on her face.


“Oh yeah. Just go down that hall it’s the last door on your right.”

“Thanks, Honey I will be right back.”

Margie went in the direction she was pointed toward but stopped dead in her tracks one door before the bathroom. It was suppose to be a small bedroom or a den. It was bare of all furniture except a small altar and an eternal flame. What had caught the policewoman’s attention was what Jessica had plastered all over the walls of the room. She took a step in to look closer at the subject of the all the pictures.

“Oh shit.” She said under her breath.

The room was plastered with pictures of Randy. It was obviously done with a long-range lens. They were taken everywhere. The motorcycle bar, work, home, Brit’s, even the motorcycle shop where Randy still worked from time to time. Oh my God. She stalking her. This changes things both of them are in danger from this loony. I have to warn them and protect them. She thought to herself as she carefully examined the pictures noticing some were done very recently. Fresh tape held them up where others were held up with worn out tape several months old.

Margie peeked out the door and down the hall. She briskly headed down the hall muttering under her breath. “Time for the games to begin.”

*** *** *** ***

Randy had just put the last empty box in the garage and tomorrow she would throw them all away before work. She went into the living room to find a very contemplative girlfriend sitting on their couch staring off into space.

“What’s wrong Brit?”

Brittany’s head shot up and she looked at Randy with worried green eyes. “I’m a little worried about Margie. She hasn’t called yet and I wonder if something happened.”

“I’m sure she’s fine you told me she is a very competent and talented officer so I trust your judgment.” Randy answered with a smile as she walked over to sit beside Brittany.

“She is, very, but this is a very dangerous job. That woman is a bit… well… crazy…”

“No. Not just a bit sweetheart. She is whacko. I do think Margie can handle her though she is in very good shape and I think whacko has already focused her beady little eyes toward her so she won’t hurt her.” She brought Brittany close to her in a tight embrace and whispered. “Would you like to watch some TV till she calls?” Brittany nodded so Randy surfed the channels while Brittany made herself comfortable cuddled against Randy’s side.

Brittany fell asleep against Randy’s shoulder while Randy absentmindedly stroked Brittany’s back. She watched a repeat of the show Providence that she had never seen and was enjoying it when the phone suddenly rang almost causing Randy to jump straight up in the air. She cursed silently to herself as she very quietly answered the phone she didn’t want to wake Brittany.


“Randy its Margie. I knocked the nut out with the herbs we discussed I gave her the strongest dosage possible because I need you to get over here.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Just get over here and don’t bring Brit. This will really get her upset. Alone ok?”

“Ok. She is asleep so I’ll tuck her into bed and leave her a note. I’ll be there in about 10 minutes, ok?”

“Good. Get here quickly. Bye.”


Randy stared at the phone for about 5 seconds trying to figure out what was wrong. She looked down at her sleeping partner and gently pulled her into her arms to carry to bed. After going into the bedroom and gently tucking Brittany under the covers she kissed her on the forehead and scribbled a note leaving it where she knew she would see it. She took a last look at the peacefully sleeping little one and then she quickly left the house.

*** **** ***

Randy approached a familiar door that she wished she had never crossed and knocked gently. Margie answered the door on the first knock. She looked past Randy to make sure Brittany didn’t come and then she dragged the tall brunette into the apartment. Margie led Randy to the altar room and just let it sink into the tall brunette’s brain what this meant to her and Brittany. Randy was speechless as she looked around the small room in circle and saw thousands of pictures of herself. They were pasted on every inch of wall space some taken just the day before when they were moving. Finally finding her voice she said in disbelieve. “Margie… I can’t believe this. Oh my God!”

“I know this is really creepy isn’t it?”

“Very…Where is the whacko?”

“Knocked out cold in the bedroom.”

“Did you remember to tie her up?”

“Oh yeah! As soon as she slipped into oblivion.”

“This is worse then I ever imagined. Brit and I are in real danger as long as she is free to continue this stalking. Margie, this could escalate and she could threaten my little one… We have to do something. What can we do legally?”

“Not a thing yet. It’s not against the law to take someone’s picture.”

“Not even with a restraining order?”

“I’ll need to read yours but usually no it is not standard to have a restraining order mention taking pictures unless you’re a celebrity against a photographer that’s harassing you. That’s not happening here.”

“So what do we do?”

Margie shrugged. “Phase two.”

“Phase two it is then. “ Said Randy with a determined look as she headed out of the room.

I’m glad she isn’t my enemy. Thought Margie as she followed her out of the eerie room.
*** *** *** ***

Randy arrived home more then a little upset. She parked her car and went through the garage into the family room She called out from there. “Sweetheart I’m home.”

“Good! I’m in the livingroom trying to sort through all of our stuff.” Came a muffled voice.

Randy’s face broke into a small smile she needed a distraction from what she had just seen a few minutes a go and Brittany was always very distracting. She stood in the doorway and the smile broadened. there was a sea of books stacked waist high. They were both big readers and they both collected a lot of books that needed to be sorted. Randy couldn’t even see Brittany in the room. “Brit where are you?”

A blonde head popped out from behind a huge stack and she said “Here.” With a huge smile on her face. That smile vanished as soon as she looked into upset blue eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I really don’t think you want to know…”

“Oh yes I do. What?”

Randy leaned against the door and took a deep breath. “It seems that Margie made a very disturbing discovery at Jessica’s house that makes it crucial that our plan does work and she goes to jail and stays there.”

“Wh…what discovery?” Was the whispered question.

“She’s been stalking me. Taking my picture through a long-range lens. She has them plastered all over one of her spare rooms. I almost threw up when I saw it; I wanted to break every bone in her body. The only thing that stopped me was my promise to you…”

Brittany saw how upset Randy was and rushed to her bringing her into her arms and kissing her all over her face in sweet little butterfly kisses. Randy fell into those arms and allowed Brittany to take care of her. She didn’t want to resist her so she allowed herself to be led to the couch by the smaller woman who then sat down on her lap and kissed and hugged and nuzzled the taller woman till she slowly felt herself relax and enjoy the attention.

She pulled back and kissed this sweet woman with all the love, passion and devotion in her heart. When they came up for air she said, “Brit, I love you so I need to protect you from her. You wouldn’t believe how sick that was she actually has an eternal flame on an alter with my picture plastered all over like I was some sort of Goddess. If I hadn’t promised you and Margie wasn’t there I would of…Well I would of…”

“Well you didn’t. So what did Margie say?”

“All she said was Phase 2. She allowed me to check the ropes and then she kicked me out.”

“Well Phase 2 it is then.” Said Brittany as she brought the trembling woman close to her and soothed her till she fell asleep.

*** *** *** ***

Margie walked slowly into the master bedroom and carefully studied her handiwork. She had Jessica tied up in the manner of an S and M Mistress. She was now wearing the appropriate clothes including a whip she had borrowed from a friend who went to South America every year to study ruins it was her form of protection. She felt the long piece of leather in her hand and smiled, she knew she wouldn’t use it but it made an excellent prop.

Jessica was tied spread eagle and upright against the bed. She had her head on a pillow for comfort but she was tied securely so she couldn’t move a single limb. A silk scarf was in her mouth to keep her silent in case she wanted to scream her head off when she woke up.

Margie smiled as she thought of the shock on Randy’s face when she walked into the bedroom to check the knots for the officer. She walked briskly into the room and stopped dead center staring at a stark naked Jessica tied to the bed.

“Why on Earth did you strip her?”

“For realism. You don’t tie someone up for S and M games if the person isn’t naked. It doesn’t make sense.”

Randy shook her head and cleared her throat as she replied quietly. “Guess not.” Then she checked each knot carefully to make sure that it was secure while trying to focus only on the rope and not the naked woman beneath. This amused Margie greatly. Some tough warrior. She’s a pussycat. Thought the redhead as she watched Randy from the end of the bed.

When Randy was convinced that Margie would be safe she looked up with concern still in her eyes and she bore them into Margie’s as she asked. “Do you want me to stay out of sight here in the apartment? I really don’t like the idea of you being here alone with this lunatic.”

“Randy I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. You have your own responsibilities at home, so go home.”

Randy had her head tilted to one side and she studied the strong officer and saw she was in complete control. “Yes I do have responsibilities at home but Margie. Um…What …?”

“You and Brit said Carte’ Blanche.”

Randy nodded and smiled at the policewoman. Margie smiled back grabbed her by the hand and pulled toward the door and gently shoved her out. Then she went to the bathroom to change to her current outfit.

She took the glass of water that she had in her hand and threw it in Jessica’s sleeping face. Jessica spluttered awake and tried to speak but found that she was bound and gagged. Angry eyes looked up at a smirking Margie who said quietly. “As a mistress I really don’t like my slaves to pass out during foreplay. Don’t worry, Sweets I am the forgiving type.” She took the whip and swatted the end just above Jessica’s head. Jessica now looked terrified. “Now that I have your attention. Shall we begin?”

*** *** *** ***

Randy woke up and searched the house for her missing girlfriend. She found her sorting stuff in the bedroom. All the drawers were open and the closet doors were wide open and all their combined clothes were piled on the bed.

“May one inquire what you are doing?”

Brittany was on the floor pulling sweaters out of a drawer and making a neat pile of them beside Randy’s sweaters on a bench by the dressing table. “I’m sorting all our clothes so we can keep them in the same drawers but separated by size.”

Randy’s face broke into a huge smile. “Oh I see. “ She said as she walked over and sat down next to her on the floor. “Um. Where will be sleeping in the meantime? Down here?”

Brittany slapped her gently on the arm and said. “Don’t be silly it will all be sorted long before we go to bed.”

“Yep. Well it’s already 10 o’clock I know I fell asleep but…”

Brittany met Randy’s eyes with horrified green ones. “Oh Shit. I didn’t realize it’s so late… I…”

Randy couldn’t help it she found herself laughing helplessly causing Brittany to laugh too. Once she got a hold of herself she said. “It’s ok, Hon. We can sleep in your spare room.”

“Our spare room.”

Randy smiled and brushed some stray hairs out of her eyes.” Our spare room. Come on lets get ready for bed I’m still very tired.”

Randy helped Brittany up and put her arm around the smaller woman’s shoulder as they headed for the spare room. “Is Margie ok?”


“Is everything going ok despite the altar room thing?”

“Its not exactly going according to your carefully worked out plan but yes its going fine…”

“What do you mean?”

“I think I will tell you in the morning you won’t be able to sleep if I tell I you now. I’ll just say that Margie is perfectly all right and in complete control.”

Brittany sat down on the bed and looked up at Randy with a confused expression. “Well as long as Margie’s ok, that’s all that matters. You have me dying of curiosity though.”

“Well don’t die I promise to tell you absolutely everything in the morning.”

“Ok I won’t die.”

“Good girl now it’s time for all good little moving bees to get some well deserved rest.”

“Ok. But you promise to tell me everything right?”

“Yeash. I said I would, didn’t I?” She asked the smaller woman with a smirk as she picked her up and carried her to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

“Yes you did… Um. Where are you taking me?”

“The shower that’s also where good little moving bees go after a long day of unpacking…”

“Mmmm, I think I like being a bee.”

“Yep, so do I?” She said as she kissed her deeply after closing the door to the bathroom with her hip.
Part 8
Randy could feel the gentle stroking across her lower stomach. She kept her eyes closed and silently enjoyed the soft caresses. Randy knew that Brittany was trying to wake her up to get the information on how Margie had altered her plans. Randy decided to wait and see what the little minx was up to knowing she would enjoy every minute of it.

Brittany smiled at her stubborn love knowing full well that the tall woman was awake she could tell by the change in her breathing. She started to gently kiss the perfect stomach then she slid her tongue into the bellybutton causing the tall woman to sit straight up in pure reaction to the sensation. Brittany pulled away and looked into aroused blue eyes that captured her own. Randy pulled her into her arms kissing her with a wild abandon that almost made Brittany forget her plan. When they finally pulled back from the passionate kiss she felt strong hand caress her skin as she said in a raspy voice. “That didn’t go as expected.”

The hand slowly moved up her back to caress her neck and then her cheek then she found herself in the tall woman’s lap as Randy purred into her ear. “Oh?”

Brittany swallowed leaning into the touches and returning them with soft caresses of her own, her eyes fully aroused as she said, “I wanted to slowly torture you awake so I could get the info on Margie out of you.”

Randy’s cheek was against Brittany’s and she was rubbing them softly together as she said. “My love I told you…”

“I know, I… I just thought your stomach looked delectable and I couldn’t resist tasting it.”

Randy chuckled as she nibbled a sweet ear and asked. “How did it taste?”

“What…Oh… um delicious…” Not fully knowing what she was saying because Randy was leading her into far more interesting waters as she traveled down her throat to parts south.

“Mmm… So do you…”Randy replied as she was about to taste her way to heaven.

*** *** ***

Brittany was now snuggled into long loving arms. She looked up with a contented smile and happily shining eyes. Randy smiled brightly as she kissed her little nose. “God, I love it when your happy and pleased by me. It makes me feel so complete.”

“Well since I feel that way all the time you must be positively blissful.” Brittany purred back.

“Yep.” Said Randy as she kissed the sweet mouth and she put her fingers through the beautiful blonde hair.

“So I do believe that now is the time to tell me.” Stated Brittany as she kissed the tall woman’s neck.

Randy gently pulled back and looked into disappointed green eyes replying with a smirk. “Your every wish is my command.” She pulled the smaller woman into her lap and brought her as close as possible. “Comfy?”

“Oh yeah, very.” Said Brittany kissing Randy on the cheek.

“Good.” She took a deep breath and leaned her weight against the headboard. “Ok. It seems that Margie went from tying her up and telling her it’s a part of a sex game to tying her up naked and creating the illusion that they were going to… well they were about to…. um… well…”

“Do S and M?” Asked Brittany in tiny chirpy voice.

Randy nodded. “I almost fainted when I saw her tied up prone and naked. I think I amused Margie. Seeing how uncomfortable I was made her eyes light up. I mean I’m suppose to be this tough broad and I couldn’t bring myself to look at this woman I loathe so much. I guess what she didn’t understand was that I wanted to break every bone in her unconscience body. Instead I checked the knots carefully remembering the promise I made to you. After I made sure the bitch was secure I tried to convince Margie to let me stay. She told me I had obligations and that I should go home. She was right I did. You are the sum total of my obligations.”

Randy was upset because she was so close to killing Jessica that she had to use her promise to Brittany as a mantra. She had tears flowing down her cheeks as she held the woman she loved closer trying to collect herself and go on with what happened. Brittany looked up into the teary eyes and she pulled sad lips to her own and kissed Randy tenderly. When they pulled apart they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and Randy said. “Brit I love you more then life itself.”


Randy dried the tears on her cheeks with the back of her hand as she cleared her throat and quietly said. “Brit, I am really scared about Jessica. I want to protect you so much… I want to… I need to…”

“Shhh, Randy I know you want to protect me I think we should let Margie take care of this because it’s her job.”

Randy nodded and kissed Brittany on the top of her head saying quietly. “Your right of course. I know that it is her job. I’m just used to taking care of my own problems. I’ve never had anyone to help me before. I’m grateful she is helping us.” She kissed Brittany deeply on the soft sweet lips when they parted she put her hands on each warm cheek and said; “You make me feel so loved. So very soft. So incredibly special. It’s truly amazing.”

“Ditto.” Said Brittany with a huge smile as she kissed Randy passionately her hands wandering down to Randy’s aching breasts. She gently caressed the soft warm skin causing the tall woman to moan and arch under her in ecstasy. Brittany kissed her way down till she reached the now erect breasts causing Randy to let go of Brittany and grab the edge of the bed to keep from throwing the beautiful woman to the floor from her own erotic reaction to gentle suckling. Brittany continued fully delve into the passion till they were both beyond thought of anything till ecstasy took them both over the edge.

*** *** *** ***

Margie woke up in the comfortable little nest she had made on the couch in the living room of Jessica’s apartment. She sat up and shook her head at how easily she had gotten the strange girl to confess what she had been doing to her friends. She broke down so easily it was like she wanted to talk someone. Ever hear of therapist? She thought to herself with a smirk as she got out of bed and stretch out the kinks in her body. Then she walked to the guest bathroom and began washed up thinking about last night.

After a couple of flicks of the whip over Jessica’s head she started to scream. “Please. Please Don’t hit me!!! I… I want someone to love me…. I need her… I want her… I can’t take…. Oh God. She hates me…”

Margie walked over to her putting the whip out of reach. She gently touched her arm. “Jessica. Why do chase after someone who doesn’t want you? Why have you put her picture all over that room by the bathroom? If she doesn’t like you then find someone who does…”

“No! She loves me… She just doesn’t know it. She can’t feel it because of what she did in the stupid army…”

“Hon, She doesn’t love you because your not her soul mate. She found her soul mate so why don’t you find yours?”


“Yes. It is time to let go of this woman. Find someone who can really love you.”


“Just let go and open your heart. You can’t find the right person if your going after the wrong one. You certainly can’t find someone to love if your full of hate.”

Margie looked in the mirror and shook her head at how the poor girl who had fallen apart after that. Jessica had sobbed and sobbed in her arms till she fell asleep. She untied her covered her with a blanket and then went down the hall to change into some sweats that she had in her bag. She cleaned most of the apartment till she couldn’t do another thing and then made her bed on the couch and crashed.

She walked to Jessica’s room to find her just waking up. She looked at Margie surprised that she was still there.

“Um. Hi.”

Margie tilted her head and smiled gently saying. “Hi.”

“Do you think you could be… well… my… um…” Jessica stuttered trying to get what she wanted out but afraid to at the same time.

Margie shook her head no. “No. I’m afraid it isn’t me.”

“Bbbuttt???” Jessica’s bottom lip trembled she looked heart broken.

“Jessica. There is someone out there for you. You can’t make someone love you. You need to be a loving person and someone will love you back.”

“I don’t know how to do that.” Jessica said crying.

Margie went against her own sense of logic and took the crying woman in her arms and hugged her. “Shhh. You can do that. Stop worrying about looks or your idea of who is right for you and just maybe you will meet the right person. You need to be yourself and not try to be this tough mean bitch. You have a heart Jessica. find it and then the person who is your soul mate will come to you.”



*** *** *** ***

Randy was working in the motorcycle shop she had just finished reconstructing a Harley. She was deeply into the Zen of motorcycle repair as she stood up and smiled brightly at her handy work. She put her greasy hands on her hips and tilted her head as she studied it saying. “Beautiful.”

“More beautiful then I am?” asked the quiet voice from behind her.

Randy turned and lifted an amused eyebrow. “No. You are the most beautiful person in the whole universe. This machine is the most beautiful mechanical entity on the planet.”

Brittany shook her head and laughed. “You just saved yourself but barely by an inch.”

Randy calmly started toward her with her hands outstretched toward the smaller woman’s clean skin and an evil gleam twinkling in those pretty blue eyes. “Come here my love. I will show you just how beautiful you are.”

Margie found her two friends squealing and laughing chasing each other around the garage. Randy jumped over a rack of tires and grabbed Brittany around the waist pulling the smaller woman into her arms then she smeared the grease on her hands onto Brittany’s face. The small blonde was screeching and laughing as she wiggled to get away.

“Excuse me children.” Said Margie with huge smile on her face.

Two greasy faces looked at their friend laughing. “Hi.” They said simultaneously laughing till they fell down to the floor of the garage.

Margie shook her head in amusement. “Hi right back at you.”

Randy finally caught her breath and asked. “So?”

“She won’t bother you ever again.”

Randy’s smile brightened. “So she’s in jail? Good…”

“Um. not exactly…”

Brittany and Randy suddenly became serious and stood up in shock. Randy walked over to the policewoman trying to remain calm. “Then what exactly did you do. Margie?”

“Well she had an epiphany…”

Randy’s face suddenly became very red with anger. her eyes narrowed and the blue cooled to become icy glaciers; “How the hell does a crazy woman have a God damn epiphany?”

Margie sat down on a motorcycle and said quietly. “She broke down in my arms and I… well I convinced her to change…”

“How?” Interrupted Brittany who was standing beside Randy trying to calm her down.

“I like her. I think under all that weird stuff is a very wounded woman. She needed friendship and guidance. We talked all morning and I convinced her that you are not an option and that she needs to stop being a psycho and to show that she has a heart to…”

“A heart?!” Randy was so angry that her hands were bleeding from her nails.

“Randy. She does have a heart. She just had it broken so many times that she has become obsessive over someone she thought she could love. She decided that was you because you were nice to her. Then you turned her down and she felt like she was condemned to be alone forever. I took some time and convinced her that there was hope…”

“How did you do that?” Brittany had gently gotten Randy away from Margie and they were now cuddled together on the hood of Randy’s car.

“Never mind how I did it. Just believe me it is done. She will not be bothering you anymore. I will keep a close eye on her but you are both out of danger.”

Randy’s eyebrows shot up under her bangs. “Margie, I really can’t believe she will all of the sudden stop this so damn easily. I’m scared…”

“I understand your doubt but I will keep an eye on her. I will monitor to make sure she leaves you alone. She is trying Randy. She quit her job at the publishing company and she will find a new job so she won’t even see you any more and…”

“Margie, I really like and respect you… but are you out of your mind?!?” She gently disengaged herself from Brittany’s arms and jumped off the car. She started to pace in front of the policewoman trying to calm down.

Brittany watched Randy then glanced at Margie who looked like she was about to break down. “Margie, What’s going on?”

Margie’s lips trembled she was so unprepared for the angry reaction. “I think I… she really needs… I’m… I….” She got up and ran to the bathroom.

Randy walked over to Brittany she was shaking because she was so angry. “I think she has flipped out!”

“Shhh.” Said Brittany getting up and putting her arms around the angry woman bringing her close to her as she could. Randy’s arms went automatically around Brittany and she put her head on top of the smaller woman’s.

“What are we going to do?” Randy asked quietly.

“We need to calm Margie down and find out exactly what happened. Then we will know where to go from there but first I think we need to clean up. I really want to get out of these filthy clothes do you have anything I can borrow?”

Randy’s head nodded against her own and she answered quietly. “Yes. I have an extra T-shirt that should make a perfect dress on you.”

Brittany pulled back and looked up into a slightly smiling face she burst into giggles gently slapping her in the stomach. “Gee thanks. Come on sexy lets shower and change. Margie should be calmed down by the time we get out of the locker room.” She said leading the tall woman toward the locker room. Randy followed shaking her head with an amused expression on her face.

*** *** *** ***

Margie was sitting on the hood of Randy’s car when the two women came out of the locker room. Margie’s eyes were very red but she was now calm. The girls walked over toward her Brittany in the lead; She went to the distraught woman and hugged her sympathetically. Randy hung back and let Brittany handle this first part of their plan.

“Margie I really care about you. You are my friend but I must admit I am worried about what you said earlier. I don’t understand what you mean that Jessica is just going to stop. Its been almost a whole year of this obsessing how does someone just stop that?”

Randy quietly observed their conversation leaning against her newly finished Harley. They had discussed how they would handle Margie while they cleaned up and decided that this was the best course of action. Randy smiled inwardly and thought. She is so damn good at handling people. She is a wonder. As the smaller woman calmed and charmed the policewoman at the same time.

Margie pulled back and looked into understanding green eyes as she swallowed and tried to pull her thoughts together. “What she told me was that she was sad and desperate. She couldn’t understand how Randy who was her ideal could reject her like that. She was so angry that she twisted her need for Randy into an obsession. I convinced her how wrong she was and that she would never meet her true soul mate if she were full of hate. After we talked for a while she agreed to go to rehab and then a friend of mine who is a therapist. Once she is through with all her counseling she should forget about Randy and concentrate on her own life.”
She pulled away and looked at the tall quiet woman saying. “I’m sorry Randy. I guess I should have explained all that. I wasn’t expecting you to get so angry before I finished telling you what I planned and I’m really tired and…”

“Shhh. No I’m sorry it’s my fault.” Said Randy walking toward the policewoman with a sheepish look. She stuck her hand out asked. “Forgive me?”

Margie’s eyes met Randy’s blue eyes and she stared into them for a moment then nodded grasping the offered hand and shaking it. It was over.

**** *** *** ****

Randy and Brittany were home sitting on the back patio swing staring up at the stars. Randy had been very quiet all day and Brittany had allowed her space but now decided to try to get her moody love to open up to her.


“Mmm?” Randy’s arms tightened around Brittany’s waist. the smaller woman was sitting in the taller one’s lap. She enjoyed the loving squeeze but she continued undaunted.

“Are you ok?”

“Sure… Um. I guess so… I… Brit am I an unfeeling bitch?”

“Of course not!” She looked up into upset blue eyes surprised by the question.

“Then why do I always react with anger and you always react with compassion?”

“Because you worry about me and that’s the way your use to reacting when someone you care about is in danger. You are a trained warrior yet you have changed from destroying life to preserving it. Your remarkable and a good person and I love you.” She kissed the cheek next to her and continued. “I don’t have all that training to react to. I just see a problem and I try to fix it. We have the same wish for a better world and to keep each other safe. I think that’s pretty damn good don’t you?”

Randy shook her head in wonder then leaned down to kiss the sweet lips she loved so much. “I love you too more then anything and most of what you said was true but that’s not why I got so mad at Margie.”

Brittany tilted her head to the side and asked. “Why did you?”

Randy took a deep breath and leaned back into the swing. “Yes I did feel protective of you. That is always my main concern but I was also feeling betrayed by Margie. She was suppose to get her to confess and then arrest her and keep her far away from you. When she said she let her go all I could think of was that she was on the loose still and could hurt you. I felt like Margie let us down. I guess I should have known that she wouldn’t have let Jessica hurt you but I…”

“Oh Sweetie. How could you know that? Oh my God. I never even thought of that. I see exactly why you were so mad at her. If I thought of all that I would have been mad as hell too.”

Randy smiled and gently tucked some blonde hair behind a pretty little ear. “No. you wouldn’t have because you are so damn smart and considerate. You would of let Margie have a chance to explain the rest before flying off the handle. I get so mad so easily its like I said I’m just a bitch…”

“No, you are not Randy. You care. You reacted that way because you were worried about our safety. That’s good and I’d expect nothing less from you. You are the sweetest and most loving person I have ever known and I love you so…” She never finished because her lips were captured by Randy’s in a searing kiss. They explored each other’s mouths till they ran out of air and then Randy said quietly. “I guess I should just be pleased to have a happy ending. huh?”

Brittany nodded and saying “Yes” as she slid out of the taller woman’s lap and grasped a hand leading the tall woman toward the door of the house.

“Come on love. I want to show you what I did to the bathroom.”

“Are we going to initiate it?”


“Brit my love I will follow you anywhere but for a treat like that I do not need any prompting.” She said as she picked up the smaller woman and ran up toward the bathroom to see what her love had in mind and their future.
The End

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