One Day The Heavens Opened And Sent Me An Angel by J.S. Connolly

One Day The Heavens Opened And Sent Me An Angel
by J.S. Connolly

“I’ve just got to get out of
this prison cell. One day I’m
going to be free. Oh somebody,
Oh somebody, can anybody find
Me somebody to love.”-Queen

Part 1

Riley watched as the last truck in her pile to be checked left the warehouse grounds as she let out a heavy sigh of relief. It had been non stop all day, and she thought she’d go mental if one more driver gave her an attitude about her not working fast enough or the fact that their trailer wasn’t ready for delivery. They seemed to think she should have eight arms and do everyone else’s job as well as her own so they wouldn’t have to wait. They didn’t care or understand that she was out there by herself trying to get a few dozen trailers in and out of the yard as it was and she was literally running her ass off just to make sure they all stayed on schedule. It’s a good thing they didn’t give me a gun for this job or I’d be making tomorrow’s headlines.

She went back inside the small guard shack and tried to find something good on the radio. She stopped when she heard a familiar song she’d always liked. The song playing had always evoked strong emotions in her as it was about trying to find your true love. She wished she could find that special someone who would make her melt with just one look. She was a die hard, hopeless romantic and she’d paid the price for it as many of the women she’d met who had claimed that they were as well told her so just to get her into bed. She turned the music up and closed her eyes as she sang every line straight from her heart along with the singer. She was so immersed in the song that she didn’t hear the sound of a truck pulling up to the gate.

Cass pulled her rig to the gate and opening the door let out a nervous breath, as this was her first day on the job. Shaking her head she wondered to herself, My word, what was I thinking moving all the way up here, and what demon possessed me to land in this line of work where women are the objects of smarmy and lewd comments.

She had come up from the South, and was the daughter of very wealthy parents so it wasn’t as if she lacked for anything well almost anything. The life she led there was stifling with many rules about what a proper lady was supposed to act like and although she wasn’t by any means a wild woman she resented the restrictions all the same. Also, everyone was very religious, so the fact that she’d never had or wanted a relationship with a man was something that would never be allowed in that life, so she had decided that she needed a change and chuckling ruefully she realized she’d found it in spades.

She found the people up north she to be cool and unfriendly when compared to those back home, at least those outside her family’s circle, and that was if they acknowledged her at all. “What I wouldn’t give to meet one genuinely warm and friendly person,” she said to herself with a heavy sigh.

As her feet hit the ground she heard a voice singing along with the music on a radio, and she cocked her head looking for the source. Blue eyes widened at the sight she saw through the window of the tiny shack. She watched a small blonde who had her eyes closed pour her heart out as she sang in a strong lilting voice. She stepped closer to try to make out the words and bit her lower lip as the blonde sang pleadingly the final lines of the song. Cass could hear the pain in the small blonde’s beautiful voice, and held back a gasp as she moved closer to see sea green eyes open as a tear slid down each pale cheek. Cass had an overwhelming desire to wipe the small woman’s tears away and take her into her arms.

Riley wiped the tears from her eyes only to have them widen as she saw the truck, ‘Shit, just what I need some asshole driver teasing me,’ she thought. Her light eyebrows furrowed as she found she couldn’t remember ever seeing this truck before, and wondered where the driver was as she didn’t see anyone sitting in the cab. Cass took it all in and approached slowly as she didn’t want to startle the smaller woman She cleared her throat to get the blonde’s attention. Riley having turned the music down heard a sound coming from her right and clenched her fists. She turned slowly ready to send back any snide comments the driver might throw at her, and swallowed as she fell into a pair of warm blue eyes framed by long raven hair. Cass wasn’t prepared for the luminescent eyes that fell upon hers and felt her throat constrict as she lost herself in sea green for a moment before forcibly yanking her mind back to reality.

“I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t startle you, but I heard you singing and couldn’t help but listen,” she said hoping her voice didn’t sound as shaky as she felt.

Riley’s eyes widened and her face became flushed with heat. Cass groaned internally, Nice move now you’ve embarrassed her, she thought mentally kicking herself.

“Please don’t be embarrassed you have such a beautiful voice.” The sincerity in her voice and the soft southern lilt washed over Riley like a soothing balm and she managed a small smile,

“Um, thanks I normally don’t do that here, but there’s just something about that song you know?” Cass nodded in understanding and Riley’s smile grew larger. “So, are you new? I don’t remember seeing you here before unless you usually come during one of the other shifts.”

Cass shuffled her feet a bit, “Yes, actually this is my first day on the job.”

Riley could see and feel the other woman’s nervousness and remembering how overwhelmed she’d felt when she’d first started wanted to put her mind at ease. “Hey, I know you must be nervous. It’s understandable. I was a wreck myself for awhile when I first started here. Everything was so new to me as I’m guessing this job is to you, but you’ll get the hang of it in time so try not to worry too much, and if there’s anything you need to know don’t be afraid to ask me. If I have the answer it’s yours, okay?”

Green eyes shined with such genuine warmth Cass held them as if they were a beacon leading her safely back to shore. “In fact, why don’t you come inside and I’ll answer any questions you have you while I get your paperwork together.” Cass nodded and smiled gratefully as she headed for the door.

Once inside she took in all of her small blonde savior, who was smiling shyly. She took everything in from the tight uniform, which showed off very nicely the blonde’s lean muscular body to the short wispy hair, which framed a cherubic face. She was tempted to lick her lips, as one thought flashed across her mind, ” Sweet lord help me she’s adorable, and that body how I’d love to kiss and lick every inch of it.

Meanwhile Riley’s eyes took a similar journey as her eyes took in legs that seemed to go on forever up to slender hips, full breasts encased in a tight T-shirt, full sensuous lips, and baby blue eyes that held her own with a warmth that suffused her entire body. She swallowed and thought She’s an angel with the body of a goddess. I’d love to worship at her altar. Oh boy I am in so much trouble.

For a few minutes which seemed to last an eternity to each of them blue and green met unwaveringly. Connor was the first to break the gaze feeling hot and exposed by the piercing blue eyes of the southerner. She drew a breath before speaking and hoped to keep the quiver out of her voice,

“Why don’t you grab the chair behind you and pull it over here, and I’ll get you all set up.”

Cass kicked herself mentally hoping she hadn’t given away too much, Yeah right! You only looked at her like she was a seven-course meal. It’s a good thing you didn’t get to desert or she’d be running for the hills. Relax and don’t be stupid. She’s the first genuinely nice person you’ve met since you moved her so don’t blow it.

“Okay, I really appreciate this it hasn’t been easy with me being from the south. I feel so out of place,” she smiled nervously.

Riley smiled warmly at her,”I can only imagine, but like I said don’t worry too much I’ll help you anyway I can. Now scoot over here.”

Cass smiled appreciatively at the cute blonde and Riley got the information she need and put together her paperwork telling her what she needed to do going in and coming out of the site for each type of drop and pickup. Cass took notes, as she knew she might get flustered and forget. The blonde had been so nice she didn’t want to have to bother her too much. Both reveled in the ease in which they talked as they got to know each other a bit as the warmth generating between them grew.

They both looked up at the sound of engines and Riley knowing what some of the drivers might try to make of the southerner being inside with her wanted to spare gentle woman from their crudeness. “Cass, you should probably go get started.”

Cass was a bit taken back by the abruptness of Riley’s words and her heart sank at the idea that the connection they’d been feeling was a fleeting one for the blonde. She sighed and looking at Riley with sad eyes said forlornly, “Alright, I guess I’ll see you around. Thanks, bye.”

Riley could see and hear the hurt and felt like a complete ass for being the cause so she called to Cass as she turned toward the door. “Cass, wait a minute please. I’m sorry I didn’t mean for that to come out the way it did it’s just that I couldn’t stand it if they,’ she pointed to the trucks coming down the road, ‘tried to make something crass out of my helping you or you needing my help. I don’t want you to have to deal with that you don’t deserve to be subjected to that kind of behavior. I really wish I could talk to you more, but unfortunately duty calls for both of us, and for me that means the pig brigade headed this way,” she said with a smirk and a gleam in her eyes.

Cass smiled at her sincerity, and then began laughing at Riley’s description of the other drivers. “Are they all that bad?”

“No, not all of them. Some are really nice, sweet guys but it fits for the rest of them.”

After she’d gotten down to a slight chuckle she wiped her eyes and spying a grinning Riley she motioned her over. She then took her small hand in her own larger one and squeezed it gently, “Thank you Riley, you’re a life saver darlin.” Riley tried but couldn’t keep the blush from her face and suddenly found her work boots very interesting. Cass internally sighed, Oh yes, she’s absolutely, unequivocally adorable. Lord help me!’

Even as she thought this she couldn’t stop herself from reaching out to bring her hand to caress a soft pink cheek. The touch took Riley by surprise and she lifted her head just as a pair of soft lips brushed the opposite cheek. Cass was sorely tempted to linger and nibble on a delicate earlobe, while Riley bit her lip to stifle a moan at the delicious feel of Cass’s soft lips. A loud honk broke the moment, and moving away Cass waved as she headed out the door leaving behind a very flustered Riley who now with great difficulty had to somehow find a way to focus on her job.

Part 2

“Your kiss filled with tenderness. I want all I can
get of your sexiness. Showers your love comes in
showers and every hour on the hour you let me
feel your loving power. There’s a rainbow over my
shoulder when you came my cup runeth over. You
gave me your heavenly love and if one night you
hear crying from above it’s cause heaven must be
missing an angel. Missing one angel child cause you’re
here with me right now.”-Tavares

Over the coming weeks they would talk as much as they could either at the warehouse or on the phone if Cass was on the road. Cass would bring Riley coffee before her last stop every night to make sure the small woman was alert enough to drive home safely. Cass’s concern as well as the sweetness of the gesture touched Riley who gratefully consumed the much need caffeine. Riley helped her as much as she could but could only console the sweet southerner when the other drivers became too much for her friend. She knew that as much as she’d like to tell them all off it wouldn’t help Cass in the long run as they’d have one more thing to tease her about and she wouldn’t give them the ammunition. Little by little they exposed more of themselves to each other and the initial attraction each felt grew into much more, but neither was willing to risk the special bond they’d formed over what each felt was unrequited love.

Nonetheless, Cass’s initial kiss on the cheek became a common way for them to part, which in both of their minds was the only good thing about separating from the other, and terms of endearment like sweetheart and darlin were spoken often. During one particular period they didn’t see on another for two weeks as Cass had a few long distance deliveries to make. Despite the many phone calls made both were still miserable and aching inside for the mere sight of the other.

On the day that Cass finally made it back she smiled for the first time in two weeks as she checked the time. She knew that Riley was on duty and she was only minutes away from seeing the adorable blonde with her own eyes. “God I’ve missed her so much I just hope I don’t do anything crazy because of it like kissing her senseless. Although god knows I’d love to kiss her everywhere,” she said to herself wickedly as she pictured the blonde in her head. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped as she thought of doing just that as she used her hands to caress a firm delectable ass. She reached over to the other seat and finding her water bottle poured some down her shirt hoping to cool herself off. “Oh god, she makes me so crazy,” she thought aloud as she headed down the road to the warehouse.

Meanwhile Riley was as usual listening to the radio as it had been a slow day and between that and waiting for Cass to get back she was going insane as each minute seemed to last hours. She put a tape into her boom box and began to sing and dance to an old 80’s song, which made her think of a tall sexy southerner.

Cass chose that moment to pull up to the gate and just as it was on the day they’d met found an oblivious Riley singing and this time dancing as well to the music. Cass watched the seductive swaying of Riley’s hips with hungry eyes and a pounding heart. She could feel the fire inside her growing beyond her control, so she was thankful when the song ended along with the movements of the lean body that was tormenting her. A slow song came on as she watched Riley still singing sit up on the wood railing of the small stoop outside the shack. She recognized the song as she’d heard it on the radio, and remembered it was by a new singer. She smiled as she watched and listened to Riley sing the beautiful song about finding true love and realizing it’s worth for she’d thought of the small blonde when she’d first heard it and had every time since.

Suddenly just watching wasn’t enough so she moved toward the small blonde who had stolen her heart until she was close enough to see the tears slide down her cheeks. She knew the song must be touching something deep inside to cause her to cry just like it did the day they’d met, but today she did what she was afraid to then and cupping the small face in her hands she gently brushed the tears away. Riley felt the soft touch and knew who it was instantly, but felt a bit impish, “Unless you are a tall sexy southern drink of water I’m calling the cops,” she said hearing a soft chuckle.

She opened her eyes to be met by a pair of baby blues inches away. She gave Cass a brilliant smile as she spoke, “I guess I don’t need to call the cops,” and as large hands left her face she jumped into Cass’s arms wrapping her own around the tall woman’s neck and her legs around her waist. Cass was a bit startled at first by Riley’s actions but then closed her eyes and buried her face in the small woman’s neck and breathed in her sweet scent as she held her tightly and with a contented sigh knew that she truly was home.

They held each other for long moments until Riley lifted her head from Cass’s shoulder. She brushed raven hair from her eyes and caressed her cheeks as she placed soft kisses on her forehead, nose, eyelids and then both cheeks as blue eyes watched with wonder and adoration. She settled Riley back onto the railing and looked at her with watery eyes

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” asked a concerned Riley who continued to brush her cheeks with gentle fingers. Cass was so overwhelmed she buried her face in Riley’s neck and kissed her there tenderly as she felt the tears fall. Riley felt the wetness on her neck and her heart broke for whatever was hurting her beautiful friend, “Baby what is it? Please tell me.”

The concern in Riley’s sweet, gentle words were her undoing and she sobbed loudly as she spoke with a shaky voice, “I’m?I’m sorry I don’t mean to cry all over you. It’s just you ?you make me feel so special, so wanted and loved. The beauty of it is just so overpowering it takes my breath away,” she finished with a shaky breath and kissed her neck again as she trembled in Riley’s arms that held her tighter. Riley’s eyes filled with tears from the sound of Cass’s sweet words and the gentle kiss for she’d never had someone appreciate her love like the woman wrapped in her arms.

After a few minutes Cass began to feel a bit embarrassed and lifting her head tried to pull away but was stopped by the strong legs that wrapped around her and the gentle hands that held her face, “No, don’t pull away from me please Cass. That was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me,’ she said as Cass looked up to see teary eyes,’ I can’t tell you how much it means to know that my caring effects you so deeply. But I can tell you that to me you are very special and wanted and loved more than I can express, so please don’t be embarrassed.”

Cass’s heart was overflowing with love for Riley and she ached to show her just how much she adored and cherished her but knew she couldn’t and wouldn’t risk their friendship. However, her emotions took over and cupping Riley’s face she kissed it as the blonde had done to her except that temptation got the better of her and she placed a short sweet kiss on her lips. She had to restrain herself from going back for more as she stifled a groan at the delicious softness of them. Riley felt like she was being worshipped and could understand why it had such an effect on Cass. And when she kissed her lips she felt as if she’d gone to heaven and had to grip the railing to keep from burying her hands in raven hair and devouring the sensuous lips that touched her so tenderly.

They held each other close and talked softly telling each other how much they were missed as well as what had happened in each of their lives for the last two weeks. All the while adjusting to their friendships new found intimacy as Cass nuzzled Riley’s neck while Riley caressed her back and shoulders causing Cass to sigh in contentment.

They were talking with their foreheads touching and their arms still wrapped around each other when they heard the unmistakable sound of a truck coming up the road. Both were reluctant to let go especially Cass who was rested her head against Riley’s chest and listened to her heartbeat. “Cass come on you know we can’t let them see us like this they’ll try to make something out of it.”

Cass lifted her head look at Riley, “Why, what’s wrong with what we’re doing. We’re two friends who haven’t seen each other in two weeks, so what’s the big deal if we’re hugging. Friends do that all the time.”

Riley smirked at her as she drew her closer with her legs, “Sweetheart, friends do hug but I don’t know of any that tend to wrap themselves around each other like we are right now. Think about it. If you came in her and saw someone standing where you are with my legs wrapped around their waist what would you think?”

Cass swallowed wondering how to answer without saying that they would be road kill when she got through with them. “Um, I’d think they were very, very lucky,” she said wiggling her eyebrows while moving back to avoid the hand aimed at her stomach.

“Jeez Cass when did you suddenly turn into such a smartass.”

Cass smirked and winked, “It must be your influence darlin. You do have quite the mouth on you when someone gets you irate.”

“Yeah well you can blame that on the Irish in me I know I do. Anyway, I guess its back to business,” Riley finished with a sighed.

“Maybe for you, but I’m not working today.”

“What? Then why do you have the truck and what are you doing here and not at home sleeping you must be exhausted.”

Cass blushed slightly and kicked a rock near her foot, “Um, yea I am. I have the truck cause I haven’t been home yet I came straight here, and I’m here because well I missed you and didn’t want to wait till Monday to see you.”

Riley felt like she might cry,” And you say I make you feel special.”

“You are very special, and I’m very tired so I’m going to go but I’ll be back later with your usual.”

“Cass you don’t have to do that if you don’t have to be here.”

“Hey, I haven’t done it in two weeks, and you know I worry about you being alert enough to drive home so humor me and let me bring you a coffee later, okay?”

Riley smiled, “Okay,” she said as both saw the truck getting closer. “Good I’m glad that’s settled. I’ll see you later, she said and gave Riley a soft kiss before heading to her truck. Riley licked her lips as she watched the sexy sway of her hips and moaned when Cass turned to wink at her before getting into the cab.

True to her word Cass was back later with Riley’s coffee and that day was to become the beginning of a new ritual of quick kisses and long hugs that had both in a constant state of frustration. Each retired alone to their beds at night to erotic dreams that only made their love and longing intensify.

Part 3

“Come and take me where I long to be.
Take me in your arms. Roll me through the night.
Take me to your heart. Rock me tonight.”-Billy Squier
Riley was on her way out the door one night when the phone rang and was picked up by her relief only to be handed to her as she was told it was a friend. “Hello”

“Ry..Riley,” a teary voice called out.

This caused Riley’s heart to ache as it always did when her friend was upset; “Yeah sweetheart it’s me. Are you okay?”

Cass began to sob, as she said, “No.”

“Cass, honey where are you? I’m going to come get you.”

“I’m?I’m at the company lot I just brought the truck in and was about to go home, but it seems I don’t have one anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it seems my roommates decided they want a friend of theirs to live with them and since there are only three rooms and they rented the room to me they want me out.”

“Come on they can’t do that they have to at least give you time to find another place.”

“Well they’re not. They told me their friend is moving in right away so I have to go get my things by tomorrow.”

Riley couldn’t believe the audacity of these people and cursed under her breath as she felt her temper rising which only intensified with the sound of her friends sobbing,

“Riley, what am I gonna do.”

“I’m coming to pick you up, and your coming home with me, okay? I have an extra bedroom you can use, all right? she said as her heart broke from the sadness in Cass’s voice.

“Alright, thank you darlin you’re an angel.”

Riley was glad Cass couldn’t see her blush, “Well I wouldn’t go that far, but anyway just stay in the car and wait for me I’m on my way and if you need to talk to me before I get there just call me on my cell phone.”

“Alright darlin see you soon.”

“Count on it sweetheart” Riley turned away from the eyes of her relief as Cass made kissing sounds causing her to blush profusely. She hung up the phone and quickly left to get Cass.

The tall woman ran to her and then fell into her arms and kissed her on the neck when she climbed out of her car at the company lot. She sat on the hood of her car and stroked her back and kissed her head until her crying quieted down and then brushing away the tears on her cheeks kissed her softly and then taking her hand brought her to the car and took her home.

When they arrived at her apartment she drew Cass a bath to help her relax and mentally told her downstairs neighbors to screw off if they didn’t like it, as the slightest noise at night seemed to piss them off. She had someone to take care of and she would do just that no matter what it took, so they could bang on the ceiling for all she cared her only concern was for one tall southerner.

Cass was very appreciative of her thoughtfulness and after soaking in the tub for awhile dried herself and put on a soft blue terry robe. She then went looking for Riley who she found upstairs in the large attic working out. From the sweat clinging to her body it was easy to see she’d been at it for awhile, and Cass watched as the sweat flew from her hair and the muscles flexed in her arms and legs as she pummeled a large punching bag with her fists and feet. She couldn’t recall ever seeing anything so sexy before as the sight of Riley in tight shorts and a half T-shirt that showed off her toned abdominal muscles which were slick with sweat. Cass wanted nothing more than to crawl over there and taste those muscles with her mouth and tongue, and knew she’d end up doing just that if she didn’t leave right away so she made her way downstairs and into Riley’s room where she fell on the bed and groaned.

A few minutes later she heard Riley come down and go into the bathroom to clean up and dozing for a few minutes woke to see Riley walk into the room in a towel with her hair still wet. She almost groaned again as she wished for gravity to cause the towel to fall. She watched as Riley put on a pair of boxers under the towel and a tank for which she discarded it causing Cass to bite her lip as she gazed upon a strong back. Riley turned to see Cass watching her and swallowed at the sight of the gorgeous woman lying almost naked on her bed in nothing but a robe.

She mentally shook herself, “Um hi, you feeling better? Can I get you anything?”

“Hi, I do feel a little better Thanks, and the only thing you can get for me is you because that’s all I need, so come on over here and get into bed,” she purred.

Riley swallowed at the husky sound of her friend’s voice. It seemed to beckon her and she couldn’t help but followed as she climbed onto bed and slid under the covers. She stared at the ceiling while her heart pounded at the close proximity of an almost naked Cass. Cass sighed thinking she was making Riley uncomfortable and wondered if she should just get up and go to the other room when she looked over and noticed the sweat on Riley’s upper lip and saw her swallowing hard. She moved closer and raised herself so that Riley would have to look at her. Cass could see the love and fear in her eyes and realized she wasn’t the only one who’d been holding back because of their friendship.

She caressed trembling lips with her fingertips as she spoke softly, “It’s okay baby you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Neither of us do,’ she said as she leaned down to a delicate ear and kissed it to feel the lips under her fingers let out a trembling breath, ‘ I love you Riley so very much, and I need and want you so badly that I ache. I want so much to make love to you right now, but only if that’s what you want too. If you want us to just be friends that’s what we’ll be because more than anything else I just want you in my life. I couldn’t bear to be without you.”

She lifted her head to see watery eyes looking at her with so much love she thought she’d burst. “I love you too beyond words,’ Riley said as she reached up to kiss full lips, ‘love me Cass please love me.”

Cass didn’t wait for her to ask again as she moved to lie on top of the woman she loved and craved and began nibbling on her lips until they opened for her hungry mouth as small hands buried themselves in her hair and pulled her closer. Neither could stop moaning as their mouths came together over and over while small hand untied her robe and slid inside to cup a firm ass. Cass moaned into Riley’s mouth as she reached down to pull her shirt off and began to lick a nipple with her hot tongue before taking a breast into her mouth.

Riley groaned and arched into the delicious mouth gently sucking her breast as her small fingers entwined themselves in dark hair. “God baby that feels so good.”

Cass raised her head from the succulent breast and caressing it gave Riley a tender kiss, “Good because all I want is to make you feel good and show you just how much I love you, and I plan on loving every inch of you sexy little body.” The hunger in Cass’s eyes feed Riley’s own passion and she kissed her deeply while pushing the robe from her shoulders to be thrown across the room.

The sight of Cass’s body made her groan as her hands began to map a scorching path over the soft warm flesh. “You’re a goddess,’ she said as she flipped Cass onto her back. “My sweet, sexy goddess,” she growled into her ear before taking it into her mouth as she kissed her way back to full lips, which she captured hungrily. Cass moaned deeply into her mouth as large hands traced their way down the blonde’s strong back and slipped beneath her boxer’s to cup a tight ass. She had never been so turned on before, and although she had previously known that Riley had this effect upon her seeing the passionate side of the little blonde increased this fact to the point that she felt like she would burst into flames from the slightest touch.

She flipped Riley back over so she was above her again, “God baby, you make me so crazy. I just want to devour you.’ she purred as she looked down to see a muscled stomach glistening and slide down to kiss and lick the quivering muscles,’ Mmm, so good. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time. When I saw you working out earlier I wanted so badly to lick the sweat from your sexy little stomach.”

The words and the feel of Cass’s mouth sent flames to her center for she never thought the sweet, soft spoken southerner could be so erotic, “Oh God Cass, where did you learn to talk like that?”

“I wouldn’t know since I’ve never said anything like it before. I guess you just inspire me,’ she said as she sucked on the soft flesh, ‘Do you like it?”

“Oh god yes, can’t you tell?” Cass slipped a hand inside Riley’s boxers and groaned at the wetness that met her fingers. She had to taste it now and so slide the boxers down the blonde’s thighs and threw them to the side.

The sight and smell of her love’s passion was too much and she began licking the insides of her thighs, “Oh Riley your so delicious baby, she groaned as she licked her slick folds while small hands kept her close, ‘ I love you so much.”

Riley couldn’t stop moaning as she caressed the hair beneath her fingers and groaned loudly when a hot tongue entered her, “Oh yeah, love me baby. Love me with that luscious mouth.” Cass continued to spear her tongue deep into the warm wetness until Riley arched and climaxed, and after lapping up every drop she could find placed a soft kiss on the outer lips before moving up to hold her. Riley nuzzled into a warm neck as large hands caressed her back and sighed contentedly while placing kisses on a warm neck.

Cass sighed and then moaned as the kisses turned into sucking. Riley slid a thigh between Cass’s legs and kissed her sweetly on the lips before working her way down to take a breast into her mouth while she teased the other with her fingers. Cass groaned and knew it wouldn’t take much before she went over so she gently nudged Riley down as she said, “Baby please I’m so close.”

Riley could see she was by the way she was biting her lip and moving up kissed her tenderly, “I want to see you when you go over. I want to see your beautiful face as you give yourself to me. Please let me see you.” Cass was touched and turned on at the same time as no one before had cared enough to ask such a question. She wrapped her arms around the woman in her arms and kissed her deeply hoping to convey all her love in it.

Riley began moving a strong thigh against her swollen center causing her to moan while Riley watched her intently. They exchanged soft kisses, which turned into heated ones as Riley quickened the thrusting of her thigh. When Cass arched her back while releasing a long breathy moan from sensuously parted lips Riley gasped, as she’d never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in her entire life. She pushed dark sweaty hair from Cass’s flushed face and kissed her softly, “Thank you so much. You’re so beautiful. I love you so very much”

Cass looked into loving green eyes and her heart overflowed with love for the adorable blonde, “I should thank you. No one’s ever cared so much before, and loving you defies description. All I can say is that I feel as if I have heaven lying in my arms.”

Riley couldn’t stop the tear that slid down her cheek, “I know what you mean, but you never have to thank me for loving you. Although you should know I plan on doing just that for a very long time” she said as she kissed full lips and looked into baby blue eyes that gazed at her with pure adoration.

“Really, you think you can deal with me for that long,” Cass said with a smirk. Riley chuckled,

“Absolutely, so get used to having me around.”

Cass sighed and kissed her softly, “Oh, I think I can get used to that very easily,” she said smiling at Riley who kissed her back, and then snuggled into long arms that held her close.

The End

Story #2: Our Love Is Written On The Wind

“I shake all over and you know why
I’m sure it’s love honey that’s no lie
Cause when you call my name
You know I burn like a wooden flame
You leave me, breathless, ahhh.
– Jerry Lee Lewis

Cass climbed into the cab of her truck and smiled. She had just finished her last drop of the day. The smile widened as she remembered that Riley had the night off from work, so they’d have the whole evening together. Her thoughts turned
wicked as she considered all the possibilities. They’d been together for two years now and her love for the small blonde had grown with each new day and discovery about the woman who’d stolen her heart. Along with her appetite for the blonde’s taut and toned little body. She knew these things were rare and her heart overflowed with thankfulness for the precious gift she’d received that day when she was captured by a lilting voice, shy smile, and lush green eyes.

Riley’s mere presence fueled a fire in Cass’s heart. A fire that spread to her entire being and left her aching with need for the blonde’s touch. She bit her lip and tried to steady her hands on the wheel as images of Riley in the throes of passion filled her mind and her internal temperature rose.

“Oh sweet lord, what that woman does to me.”

She pulled into the parking lot of their favorite Chinese restaurant as she’d told
Riley she’d bring in some take-out for dinner. She grinned.’ Thing is I’m not hungry. Well not for food anyway.’ She was tempted to just pull back out and head home to fill her voracious appetite, but she had promised the green-eyed woman food so she went in and ordered some egg rolls, schezuan beef, and a serving of general tao’s chicken. After a 20-minute wait she left with her booty and climbed back in the truck. She then placed the bag on the passenger seat and pulled back out into traffic to continue her journey home.

Thankfully, their apartment was only a ten minute drive from the restaurant as her need to be with the small woman had turned into a steady ache. She knew it might seem silly to some people. After all she’d just seen Riley this morning before heading to work but she was always on Cass’s mind no matter what she did or where she went. As she pulled into the driveway tears pricked her eyes as she thought of how lucky she was to have the love of such a sweet, beautiful soul. It had been a long time since she’d felt truly accepted and loved after being disowned by her parents when she’d told them she couldn’t be what they wanted; a prim and proper southern belle. She now knew it had to be fate that brought her here to this place and to this job, which led her to her Riley who was the keeper of her heart and soul.

Getting out of her car she walked to entrance and unlocked the door. As she entered she stopped as she heard a pulsing rhythm which floated down from
the attic. A laviscious grin came to her face as she thought of Riley working out in her tight short and cut off shirt only feet away from where she now stood. She dropped the bag on the table, took off her jacket and went to the attic door. She opened it just enough to get in and climbed up the stairs. When she reached the top she groaned deeply and fell to her knees at the sight of the lithe, sweat glistened body and the muscles that flexed with each kick and punch. A single word escaped her lips as she moved closer, “Mine”

Riley stopped and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Suddenly she felt the hairs on her neck and arms tingle. She didn’t need to turn around to know that Cass had entered the room. Her body slowly turned and as she looked around she whimpered as she saw the dark haired southerner on her hands and knees crawling towards her like a large panther. She saw her mouth moving but couldn’t make out the word she kept repeating. However, the hungry look in stormy blue eyes gave the intent behind it away. Feeling a bit weak in the knees as Cass drew within a foot of her she moved her hands back to clutch the sides of the bag. She groaned as Cass rose up to her knees directly in front of her and looking into captive green eyes repeated what she’d said in a deep lecherous tone, “MINE!” She took a deep breath letting Riley’s scent fill her and didn’t bother to hide the wantonness in her voice as she spoke,

“So sweet, so sexy. Oh Riley, you make me so hungry baby. I could just eat you up, and that’s just what I intend to do.”

“Oh gods Cass you know what it does to me when you talk like that. If you don’t stop I’m going to come right here.”

Cass chuckled wickedly as she caressed a tight abdomen. “Oh No darlin that simply won’t do. I want?I need to take you there with my lips and tongue. And when you come I want to drink from you. I’m so very thirsty and only you can give me what I need. And I plan to take you right here so you best hold onto that bag”

Riley’s whimpers turned into soft moans as Cass licked and kissed quivering muscles. Normally she’d take her time to cover every inch of the body before her, but the sight of her mixed with the smell of sweat and the scent of her arousal went straight to the southerner’s sex. She needed to have her?to take her?to taste her now. As she continued her sensual assault on Riley’s firm abdomen she let the hand that had been at her waist move down to the red cotton shorts that kept her from her goal. Moving her tongue down to tease an adorable navel she began to pull the shorts down lean muscular thighs and growled,

“Forget something little one?” she said as she stared brazenly at fair curls and licked her lips.

“I couldn’t find any?Ohhh!”

Her words were cut off as Cass having discarded the final barrier lifted her
left leg. She briefly kissed the inside of her thigh before pulling it over her
shoulder. Riley groaned as she felt the other woman’s hot breath on her aching center.

“God you smell so good,” she said and then began feasting on the blonde’s wet, swollen flesh. Riley’s head hit the bag and she moaned deeply. It wasn’t often that Cass was quite this carnal. The experience never failed to heighten her arousal and shake her to her very core. Her lover normally a sweet yet passionate woman would turn into a preditorial animal who only wanted to devour, to satiate her need to take the small blonde, and her words usually erotic became down-right raunchy.

“Mmmm, you taste so good. You’re so wet, so open, and so eager for me. Do you like what I’m doing? Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Gods yes, please”

“What do you want me to fuck you with, baby?”

“Your tongue. Fuck me with your tongue. Oh gods Cass, please!”

” Oh don’t you worry I’m going to fuck you long and deep baby. I’m going to make you come all over me.”

Cass speared her tongue deep inside the blonde’s aching center. Riley tightened her grip on the bag and moaned as Cass with long deep thrusts ravaged her. The sounds of pleasure that left the brunette’s mouth coupled with the feel of the woman’s tongue inside her inflamed her body and increased her arousal to the point that it was almost painful. Cass noticed the shaking of the blonde’s body and knew that she might lose her balance so she placed a hand at the small of her back to steady her. Tempted as she was to draw out the meal she making of Riley’s delectable sex she could feel the strain becoming too much for her lover so with a few extra deep spears or her tongue she sent the blonde over the edge and proceeded to lick her clean. When she was finished she placed one last kiss on her lips and pulled the shaking woman down into her arms.

“You okay darlin?” She said as she kissed her forehead.

“I?Um?Oh?Wow?Mercy,” was all Riley could say before she buried her head in Cass’s neck.

Cass chuckled and kissed her cheek. She loved that she had such an overpowering effect on the small woman cradled in her arms.

“Sorry sugar, I just couldn’t help myself. You know what happens to me when I see you all sleek with you muscles flexing.”

“Believe me I’m not complaining. I love it when you get like this just like I love it when you take your time, but it’s not something that would be good on a regular basis. At least not when I have to go to work afterwards. I’d be a permanent puddle and you’d be taking me there in a bucket.”

Blue eyes looked at her with love and a touch of mischief. “Well then aren’t you glad you don’t have to work tonight. I know I am,” as she caressed her bare buttocks.

Riley noticed her eyes growing dark again and pulled away slightly. “Oh No, I’m still recovering besides I need a shower and you need to eat!’ A dark eyebrow rose as a wicked grin covered Cass’s face. ‘ Food sweetie food. You need to eat food. Gods Cass don’t look at me like that. You know I love your passion but have mercy baby. Let me catch my breath.”

Cass smiled. “Well alright, but maybe you should put your shorts back on before temptation gets the better of me again, sugar” as she lightly slapped a cheek.

Riley’s eyebrows shot up, “My, My you’re in quite the mood tonight aren’t you?”

“Yes I am so hurry up and put them on before I change my mind.”

Riley smirked and nodded as she looked around for them and spied them on the banister. Fair brows furrowed. “How the heck did you do that? I know you weren’t looking.”

Cass just shrugged. “What can I say I guess I have more skills than I realized cause you’re right I was very much distracted by other things, she replied as she perused the body before her.

Riley quickly grabbed her shorts and slid them over her hips. She chuckled at the pout now adorning Cass’s face. “Later sweetheart if you’re a good girl. Right now I need to clean up and eat and so do you. Speaking of which, did you remember to stop and get the food?”

“Alright, I can be good. Yes, I picked it up. It’s downstairs. So you need any help cleaning up?”

Two sets of eyebrows rose for different reasons. ” Cass you’re being bad. You know I just may have to pull out my thermals. It is supposed to get very cold tonight,” she replied as she crossed her arms and pursed her lips.

Cass rose and placing her hands on slim hips pulled the blonde close. “Oh you won’t be needing those. I’ll keep you very warm.”

“Cass you’re doing it again.”

The tall woman sighed, “Ok, fine I’ll behave?for now,” she finished with a soft kiss and headed downstairs.

Riley followed and watched the sexy sway of her hips. She spoke softly to herself,
“Hmmm, do I really need a shower? Stop it. Stop looking. Jeez woman you
know it’s only going to make you think about??Heh,Heh,Heh.”

As they reached the bottom the dark haired woman turned with a smirk, “I heard that Riley Quinn, and before this night is over I will know what exactly is going on in that mind of yours, darlin.”

Riley, eyes widened and she slapped a hand over her mouth afraid of what else might come out. She nodded and pointed to the bathroom before slipping around the randy southerner. Cass laughed and grabbed the food. She emptied the containers and puts the contents in plastic bowls, which she then placed in the oven to keep them warm. Tempted as she was to join the blonde she resisted. She smiled as she thought about the surprise she had in store for her for the Valentine’s weekend.


“Look into my eyes and you’ll see
I’m the only one. You’ve captured
my love and stolen my heart?And
the way you touch. I lose control and
shiver deep inside.” – Queen

They had a quiet dinner and caught up on what they each did that day. Riley tried to keep the conversation light and away from anything that the other woman could find even remotely suggestive. The way Cass was eating her food and eyeing her was distracting enough. As it was the woman had tried to grab the towel right off of her when she’d left the bathroom. Unfortunately for her Riley was too quick and ran into the bedroom locking the door behind her. “So much for her being good.’ She laughed as she heard a frustrated growl come from outside the room. ‘ Well, if it was her in the towel with that wet silky hair falling on her shoulders I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to do the same, so I’ll let that one go.”

She broke out of her thoughts as she saw Cass suck on a snap pea before taking it into her mouth. ‘Jesus, she’s going to kill me.’


“Yes, sugar” A small piece of beef was taken slowly off her fork before disappearing between full lips.

She bit her lip “Um, Nothing,” and stared at her own food.

“I know. I know. I’m doing it again for the?hmm, let’s see I think we’re on the fourth time now or is it the sixth. I don’t know, I just can’t seem to help it tonight, and your just too much fun to tease but I will stop for now’ she reached over and squeezed the small woman’s hands. “How about we talk about the weekend.”

“I thought you said it was a surprise. You mean you’re actually going to tell me?”

“Nope. I thought maybe you could tell me what you were up to.”

Riley coughed and tried to look innocent which wasn’t much of a stretch “I’m not up to anything.”

But Cass knew better. “Mhmm, so why is it every time I catch you on the phone lately you blush and ended it so quickly.”

“Well, ok maybe I have a surprise too. Maybe I have a few, and since you won’t tell me yours well?” she said with a smirk.

They got up to clear the dishes and after finishing Cass turned to Riley,

An eyebrow arched “Are you saying you’d tell me yours if I told you mine?

“Nope,” she snickered and turned to run. She wasn’t fast enough this time and Cass scooped her up into strong arms and carried her toward the bedroom.

“Hey let me down you amazon.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. Not until you tell me what you’re up to.”

“Oh the torture”, she laughed

Cass laid her on the bed. “Alright well then how about if I tickle you”, she said and began her assault on sensitive sides.

“Cass, Ha, Ha, Ha. Please stop.”

“Tell me and I will.”

“I can’t,” she got out between giggles

Cass stopped her movements. “Why not?” she asked curiously as she rolled off of Riley and stretched out on the bed.

“Well first thing. It is supposed to be a surprise. Second, it’s not the kind of surprise where you can say I’m taking you somewhere and you’ll find out where when you get there. If I told you the whole point of it would be ruined.”

“Oh, all right, she said and pulled Riley over to her resting her cheek on fair hair ‘ can I ask if I’ll like it?”

“I?I?I hope so.”

Cass felt Riley shiver and her breathing became a bit erratic. ‘Why would she be so nervous about me not liking it. She wasn’t like this last year.’ She pulled the small blonde closer and stroked her arm.

“Hey I’m sure whatever it is I’ll love it since it came from your heart.”

She was answered with a kiss on her neck and a soft “Thank you”

They lay there a few minutes before Riley heard a rumbling come from Cass’s chest as if she were trying to suppress a scream. She looked up to see that her jaw was clenched. Riley knew of only one person who caused such a reaction in her gentle partner: Tony D’angelo. The man had always teased Riley even before Cass came to work there. He’d always call her Jane and make crass comments about her swinging from a certain kind of vine. She always did her best to avoid him or if she couldn’t she got his work done and sent him off as quickly as possible. It took a lot for her to truly dislike someone but he made it a point to push all the wrong buttons with her, and now he’d added Cass to his list of victims. Since they were both drivers it was harder for the southerner to avoid him in the yards and at the local stops. Ever since he’d caught them in a kiss he was relentless in giving his opinion on their relationship, and unfortunately all she could do was comfort Cass afterwards.

“Hey, is that asshole Tony still bothering you? What did he say now? Perverted scumbag gets his kicks out of making other peoples’ love something dirty and crass.
I’ll break his goddamn nose. I’m so tired of his shit. It was one thing when it was just me but I won’t stand by and watch him insult you.”

Cass looked down and saw the angry fire in green eyes. She knew that if she didn’t say something Riley would make good on what she said. She cupped the other woman’s face and with one hand stroked the soft skin. “Riley, I love that you want to defend me, to defend us, but he’s not worth the trouble it would cause.”

Riley sighed knowing she was right. If she so much as tapped the jerk he’d probably call management and then they’d both be out of a job. “Alright, but when I get out of there I may just have to pay him a visit.”

Cass grinned and kissed her forehead. ” Well my beautiful little hero we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

Riley laughed ruefully and sighed deeply.

“What is it darlin?”

“Oh sometimes I just wonder if I’ll ever get out of there. Do what I feel I was meant to do. Work for an organization like the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center. You know.”

“Yeah I know, but you will. I know you will.”

Green eyes filled with unshed tears looked into warm, loving blue. “How do you know? How can you be so sure?”

Cass smiled and kissed her softly, “Because I know you. A lot of people would have given up their dreams by now, but you have a fire, a determination that they don’t. You have the heart of a lion and the soul of an angel, darlin that’s why. And when it does happen they’ll be very lucky to have you. Your passion to help those less fortunate than yourself. Your genuine warmth and purity of heart. These are things they’ll treasure just like I do. And all the volunteer work you do at the shelter and for the homeless will only help them to see how lucky they’d be to have you fighting beside them for the rights of others. I know I feel very lucky that you came into my life and I thank whoever made that possible.”

Riley couldn’t help the twin tears that slid down pale cheeks and gave her a tender kiss. “Oh Cass, you truly are my light. I’d be lost in the dark without you. I’m the one who’s lucky. Nothing compares to loving you.”

Cass smiled and returned the kiss as she wiped the woman’s tears away. “Or you, my sweet angel. Besides look at me I’m in my 30’s and I’m still not sure what I was mean to do. As you know, after my parents kicked me out I had to work as a waitress in that wretched diner for almost 2 years before I had enough money to move. Now that I think of it maybe I should thank that idiot who groped me. If he hadn’t I’d still be there and I never would have found you.”

Riley guffawed.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“Ha! I still can’t believe you; someone so soft and gentle in nature dumped a whole carafe of coffee in the man’s lap. I’m surprised he didn’t call the cops on you.”

“Frankly I think he might’ve but he was too embarrassed and was grateful I hadn’t burned his goods in the process.”

“And he should’ve been. You know that story alone shows that you Miss Cassandra have a decidedly aggressive side to you when you are pushed to far.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I can think of a certain someone who’s mere presence can bring that out, or have you forgotten already,” she whispered in a delicate ear.
“No?No, how could I. I mean my god you were an animal, and so possessive.”

“Well you are mine. Did you like it?”

“Completely. You mean you couldn’t tell?”

“Oh I could tell. I just wanted to hear you say it.”

Riley turned and kissed her passionately, “Yes I liked it very much.”



“It’s later”

“Yes, Yes it is”

The smaller woman moved, settled herself between long legs and kissed Cass deeply. Long delicate fingers made a path down her back and over her backside.
Riley groaned and kissed her neck and collarbone as large hands worked their way under her boxers and caressed her cheeks.

“So nice. I love the way your feel under my hands. I want to feel those muscles flexing, thrusting between my legs.”

Riley let go of the ear she was sucking. “You mean you want me to?”

The tall woman squeezed the flesh beneath her hands, “Oh gods, yes.”

Riley groaned, “Oh baby, you really are a wild cat tonight aren’t you?”

“Only for you. Images of you, of us have been flashing through my mind all day.”

” Jesus! No wonder you’re so pent up. Don’t worry I’ll take care of you.”

“I know you will,’ she reluctantly let go of the firm flesh. ‘Now go put it on baby. I need you to fill me. I need to feel you sliding deep inside me. Please baby.”

Riley was off the bed, removing her clothes and putting the harness and attachment on in record time. She turned to see that Cass had already removed her own clothing. She loved doing this herself but the sight of long legs, full breasts and slightly parted red lips filled her heart and body with love, desire and awe at the sheer magnificence of the woman’s beauty. She made her way to the bed and brushed her hands up along the insides of soft, warm thighs, which parted eagerly and crawled between them. She then moved her body up being sure to touch every inch of skin along the way until she met and fell into darkened blue eyes that seemed to consume her with their gaze.

“You are sublime and the feel of you is positively addictive.”

“And you my little one are absolutely adorable, and unequivocally delectable.”

Hungry mouths found each other. Cass placed a hand at the back of her head
and crushed their mouths together. Lustfully she ravaged the sweet mouth above hers delighting in the moans of the small woman, which also fueled the fire in her own body. With her other hand she positioned Riley’s hips so that the dildo was at her entrance. Breaking from the kiss for air Riley asked a silent question.

“I’m sorry baby, but I need you inside me now. Please.” The answer she received was a kiss full of love and longing. Riley adjusted her hips and slowly slid inside, but Cass wouldn’t have any of that. She grabbed the blonde’s succulent ass and pulled her in deep.

“Oh yeah!”

Riley realizing her lovers’ desperation moved faster. She groaned at the feel of Cass’ hands on her backside and the moans and whimpers that left the beautiful womanize’ lips. She needed to taste them again and lowering herself began to suck on them while she thrusted long and deep between her lovers’ slick thighs. Cass wrapped her legs around Riley’s behind and pushed her even closer. Riley quickened her pace and kissed her neck and shoulder before moving on to suckle and aroused nipple. She then lifted up to watch Cass’s face. She loved watching her as she climbed to the highest peak. Seeing the way her bangs dampened, the sensuous parting of her lips, the fluttering of her eyes. Nothing though compared to seeing her go over the edge. It was the most beautifully erotic, sensual sight Riley knew she had or would ever see in this world and it was all for her.

“Mine!” she growled.

“Oh yes, yours. Always yours. Feels so good. You deep inside me. Oh yeah baby right there. Oh gods the way you move that gorgeous ass makes me so hot, so wet!
Oh god. Oh god!”

With one last thrust Cass arched her back off the bed and called out Riley’s name in a low seductive purr that always took her breath away, sent shivers up her spine, and infused her body with heat. She brushed a few stray hairs from parted lips and lingered there until blue eyes now pale from the recently spent passion opened.

Riley kissed her softly, “So magnificent. Watching you is more beautiful than anything else that is or could ever exist.” Giving her another kiss she slowly slid out of her and Cass’s head dropped back to the pillow as one last tremor ran through her body.

She knew she should be sated but as she looked at Riley removing the harness and saw that firm ass heat flooded her again. Riley turned and felt like tinder as hooded blue eyes penetrated her own. Cass rose to her knees and with a finger beckoned the small woman. Riley moved back onto the bed and kneeled in front
of her lover. Cass took her face in both hands and kissed her sensually. Riley was so overpowered by the sheer eroticism of it that she didn’t hear the request at first.

“Turn around baby”

Riley’s eyes darkened as she realized what her lover had in mind. She turned and immediately felt Cass behind her. The next things he knew she was in Cass’s lap with her legs straddling the other woman’s thighs. She moaned as she felt Cass’s wetness against her backside and dropped her head back onto a strong shoulder. Warm lips kissed her neck as a breathless voice spoke into her ear.

“I’m going to ride you baby. I’m going to ride your sweet, delicious ass, and then I’m going to come all over you but I won’t be going alone you’ll be coming with me.”

Elegant hands slide down and a lone finger teased Riley’s sex as Cass began to thrust her hips forward. Riley growled in frustration. “Don’t tease me Cass. I gave you what you needed so either you get those fingers inside of me now or I’ll get up and take care of it myself.”

Cass groaned. She secretly loved the little growl Riley would make when she was in need of her touch. “Yes, you did. You always do, but as much as I like seeing you touch yourself,’ she plunged two fingers into Riley’s heat, ‘No one will be touching you here tonight other than me.”

“Oh Cass. Oh yeah baby go deeper.’ She reached back and caressed strong thighs
‘ and push into me more. Gods you’re so wet. Feels so damn good I might pass out.”

Cass was only too happy to do both and moaned deep and long at the feeling of wet heat around her fingers and the firm muscles against her center. It was a very heady sensation feeling both at the same time. She moved Riley’s head backed and kissed her hungrily. Riley pushed back into her hard causing Cass to moan into the smaller woman’s mouth before breathlessly breaking the kiss.

“Don’t worry baby. I’ll catch you. Mmmm, if I don’t pass out myself. Gods you make me so hot. I love being inside of you, tasting you, and feeling you pressed against me. No one’s ever excited me?Ohhh?the way that you do and in so many ways,” she groaned as she felt Riley’s body begin to shake. The feel of the woman behind her, inside of her and the words she spoke in that soft, sensual tone were too much and she pushed back and forward again before lights exploded behind her eyes. Cass followed right behind and turning the small woman around pulled her into her arms before burying her head in Riley’s neck.


“Yes it was,’ small hands caressed silky raven hair ‘so should I prepare myself for round three or?.” She said with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

Cass chuckled and kissed a warm shoulder before resting her forehead against Riley’s. “As tempting as it is?I’m wiped out darlin, but thank you.”

Fair brows furrowed, “For what?”

“For giving yourself to me so freely and completely. I love you Riley.”

“I love you too baby.”

They shared a long lingering kiss. Cass held her precious love close as she fell back against the bed. After a few soft kisses they pulled the sheet up over themselves and within the comfort and warmth of the love that held them they fell asleep.


” You’re the reason I believe in love
And you’re the answer to my prayers
from up above. All we need is just
the two of us. My dreams came true
because of you.” – Shania Twain

” I can’t believe I let you talk me into this. Are you kidnapping me?”

Cass laughed. “No Riley, why on earth would you say that?”

“Gee, that sounds an awful lot like sarcasm, ”

“Cause it is. You know you’re adorable when you get that little scowl on your face.”

“So glad you like it. Who the heck have you been hanging around that you’ve become such a wiseass? Just tell me why I have to wear this blasted blindfold? Is that too much to ask?’ She paused ‘Are you Catwoman or something and you’re taking me to the secret lair?” she said with a half smirk.

Cass roared with laughter. “Hey, if you want to blame someone then blame yourself. This is what happens when one spends a lot of time with the Queen of the Smartasses. And you’re blind folded because I don’t want you to see where we’re going till we get there.”

“Hmph, well then maybe I’ll have to do the same later. Yeah I think I will. That’ll work really nice, but at least you won’t need to have it on in the middle of traffic.”

Dark eyebrows shot up and she rolled her eyes. “Are you driving?”


“Then what does it matter baby. You’re so silly sometimes. Just relax, we’ll be there soon.”

“Fine. You do know that if it were anyone else I would’ve torn the thing off by now. Cass you know how I hate not knowing where I am.”

“Yes, I do and I appreciate your trust in me,” she said squeezing a small hand.

“Sigh! I know you do. I know.” Her lips quirked playfully, So are you Catwoman? You know how I love leather.”

They both laughed

Cass had kept the blindfold on until they reached the room, so all Riley knew was that they were at some hotel. A hotel, which it turned out was very high class as she took in the plush furniture and the silk sheets on the bed. She tried to argue with Cass that it was too much. But the woman had smiled so sweetly and looked at her with such pure adoration when she asked Riley to let her do this for her that she gave up the fight and kissed the southerner soundly. While Cass unpacked she quickly went down to the lobby to make a call, There was a phone in the room but she didn’t want to take the chance that Cass would overhear and spoil her surprise. She blew out a sigh of relief as she hung up that part of her surprise would be able to get up to the hotel in time for dinner. She then asked around about a private dinning room and a few things that she wanted brought to the room later. After that was taken care of she headed back to the room.

“I can’t believe you’re really going to make me wear this thing.”

Riley smirked, “Hey now you’ll know how I felt. It won’t be for more than a few minutes. Humor me alright.”

“Fine, put it on, go ahead.”

Riley hesitated and looked at the woman before her who was dressed in a black satin dress that hugged every curve, showed of her long legs to great advantage and was cut just low enough to see a hint of what lay beneath. She returned to baby blue eyes and simply gazed into them.

“What are you doing? I thought you wanted to put that thing on me. You know retribution and all.”

Riley snickered and then sobered, “Nothing. It’s silly.”

Baby blue eyes took in the tailored blue striped suit and thought how amazing she looked in it with the cut showing off every curve and muscle in the blonde’s body. She looked up to find green eyes still gazing at her.

“No tell me. I want to know. Please,” she said softly.

Riley blushed and looked down at her black leather shoes, “It’s silly. I just?well I knew I wouldn’t be able to look into them for the next few minutes so well?I wanted to see them one more time before I covered them up. Like I said silly.”

Warm hands rested on her shoulders and moved up her neck to cup her face.
“That’s not silly at all. It’s very sweet.”

Riley smiled and kissed each palm. “Have I told you how incredible you look tonight?”

Cass brushed a stray hair behind the small woman’s ear. “Yes, but I can’t say I mind hearing it again. So are you going to put that thing on me now?”

“I suppose I should’ she said and moved to go behind the tall woman. She stopped in front of her and ran a finger along her jawline, kissed her softly and then did the same to each eyelid.

Blue eyes opened and looked at her in wonder. “So beautiful in so many ways. How did I get so lucky?”

“I could ask you the same thing. You know I never believed in fate before you. I suppose I was too scared because it was something so far out of my control, but I can’t think of any other explanation for you coming into my life when you did. I don’t really want to anymore. All I want to do now is make sure everyday I do all I can to earn this precious gift that’s been given to me.”

Cass placed her hands on Riley’s hips and kissed her tenderly. “You are too sweet for words. The things you say make me want to cry.”

Riley caressed a cheek, moved behind her and placed the blindfold over her eyes.
“Alright, there we go.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t let me bump into any walls, ok”

Riley chuckled, “You know baby you’re pout rivals my scowl, very cute. Don’t worry, I’ll look out for you, ” she said as she took a warm hand and rested it upon her arm.

Riley took her down to the lobby and into the private dinning room she’d rented for the next two hours. It was the best she could do on such short notice. She settled Cass into a chair at one of the tables and after making sure everything was in place went behind her and removed the blindfold. Cass gasped as she saw the nicely decorated table, which had two plates filled with one of her favorite dishes, filet mignon with steamed vegetables, and an ice bucket with a chilled bottle of Chianti. Riley poured them both a glass, and sitting down raised hers, “Happy Valentines’ sweetheart.”

“Riley, this is very sweet but you shouldn’t have. You don’t?”

“Cass, I know. But like you said to me. Let me do this for you, please.”

“Ok fair enough. Happy Valentine’s darlin, Thank you.”

“Well don’t thank me yet. The evening isn’t over,” she said with a wink and began to eat.

“Ok, now I know you’re up to something. Riley really you don’t have to do so much for me.”

“You’re right, I don’t have to?I want to. If I could, I’d give you the moon and stars but since I can’t this is all I can give you. Sorry baby doll, but I won’t apologize for wanting to give you the world and I won’t take back the small piece of it that I’m able to give you.”

Cass just sighed and gazed lovingly at the beautiful woman who had left her speechless with her gentle, heartfelt entreaty.

When they finished dinner Riley excused herself saying she’d be back in a moment. Cass looked around the room and seeing what appeared to be a small stage with a curtain surrounding it wondered what kind of entertainment they displayed here. Suddenly, the curtain began to open and she saw what looked to be a small orchestra. As she wondered where the blonde had gone to and if this was part of her surprise singer Riley came out and crossed the stage. Cass gasped as the blonde went to the microphone and gave her a smile and a wink before the band started to play an old standard and her heart felt like it would burst as Riley started to sing.

“At last. My love has come along
My lonely nights are over
And life is like a song

At last the skies above are blue.
My heart was wrapped up in clover
the night I looked at you

I found a dream that can speak to
A dream that I could call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I’ve never known

You smiled, and then the spell was cast
And here we are now in heaven
And you are mine at last’

Cass couldn’t stop the tears as they rolled down her cheeks as the words and the voice of the beautiful woman who sang them made her heart overflow with love.

‘I found a dream that I can speak to
A dream that I could call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I’ve never known

You smiled, you smiled and
then the spell was cast
And here we are now in heaven
Cause you are mine at last”

When the music ended Riley walked over to her source, her inspiration, the love of her life, and bending down kissed away her tears.

“Oh Riley, that was so beautiful. I can’t believe you did that for me. I love you so much,” and placed a sweet, gentle kiss on her angels’ lips.

Riley smiled at the loving gesture and reaching into her suit pocket grasped the small box inside. She bent down on one knee and took a deep breath knowing she would be devastated if the gift was refused. “I have one more thing for you,’ she said as shaky hands opened the small jewelers’ box to reveal a gold ring adorned with small diamond chips. Cass gasped and new tears formed. ‘ Cassandra Lyons your smile is warmer and more radiant than the sun itself. Your gentleness is a comfort and a balm to this soul who is older than her years. Your laughter is the sweetest song that was ever written. Your love and adoration are so pure and beautiful that it makes me cry. And your passion ignites a fire that I’d thought had died inside of me. I could never love, want, or need anyone as completely as I do you. You alone have the key to my heart, and all that is within me?all that I am is yours for the taking. I entrust to you my heart, body and soul for with all you’ve given me how could I do any less. Cassandra, my one and only true love will you marry me and make me the luckiest girl to have ever lived?”

Cass tried to control her emotions enough to speak, which wasn’t easy between the song and now this unexpectedly wonderful surprise. She brushed the tears from her eyes as the words coupled with soft green eyes left her speechless and in awe of how easily the small blonde could take her breath away. As she took in the woman who’d just poured out her heart so eloquently she noticed her bottom lip quivered as she waited for Cass’ answer. So with a look of love and adoration that was so powerful Riley had to steady herself to keep from swooning the tall southerner answered

“Oh Riley. I wish I were as good with words as you are, but then I’m not sure there are enough words that exist that could express all that you make me feel. That could encompass all the ways you touch my heart and soul with just the mere presence of you in my life. The only thing I know for sure is that with you I know that heaven can exist here on earth. You’re my angel and I love you so much it makes me ache. Yes, Riley Quinn I will marry you. Always and forever the answer will be yes. Now please come up here I need to hold you baby.”

Riley felt like dancing out into the streets, or climbing the highest mountain to shout her joy to the world, but that would have to wait for what Cass needed was paramount above all else in her heart and mind. She rose slightly but then stopped, took Cass’ hand gently into her own and removing the ring from the box slipped it on her finger. Once finished she placed a soft kiss on her knuckles, which Cass found utterly charming. Not wanting to wait any longer she brought her hands to Riley’s waist and brought her to sit in the southerners’ lap. Blue and green met and moving one hand behind the blonde’s neck Cass pulled her forward and poured every ounce of love and devotion into a long lingering kiss.

Breaking the kiss Riley sighed dreamily “Wow, you do that so very well. Have I ever told you that?”

“Yes, my love you have, but if you feel inspired to repeat it please don’t let me stop you.”

“Oh you inspire many things in me. Speaking of which I almost forgot I have one more little thing for you upstairs.”

Riley, honey you’re going to spoil me.”

” Well my blue-eyed goddess that is my prerogative. Honestly it’s nothing huge just something I thought would be a nice touch for the first time I make love to my fiancée. But hey if that doesn’t interest you I’ll just have to roll around in it myself. BUTT NAKED,” she said and smiled like a Cheshire cat.

Cass’s eyes widened and she groaned. Even if she didn’t know what Riley would be rolling in just the thought of her rolling around naked in anything, anywhere started a fire within her. “Oh I’m interested. So can we go see this now?”

Riley laughed at Cass’s wiggling eyebrows and kissed smirking lips amazed how something could be so funny and arousing at the same time. “Yes baby we can go now.” Riley lifted herself up and backing up a bit bowed slightly and held out her hand. “Whenever your ready my lady.”

“You’re so sweet. You’re going to make me cry again.” Cass took the offered hand and raising it to her lips kissed the palm before taking it gently into her own as they made their way out of the dinning room. When they reached the room Riley went to put the blindfold back on her.

“Is that really necessary?”

“Fine, I won’t use it but you have to close your eyes until I’m done making sure everything is where it should be.”

“And how will I know when you’re done”

Riley smirked, “Well I could tell you or I could find a more interesting way if that’s what you’d like.”

Cass grinned, “Oh that’s a tough decision. I think I’ll leave it up to you to find a way to let me know.”

Riley smiled saucily, “Oh I will. I know a way that you’ll find very stimulating.”

Cass bit her lip as Riley put the key in the door. “Okay, eyes shut as of now, and no peeking, or I’ll have to punish you.”

Cass’s curiosity was piqued “Hmm, and how exactly would you punish me?”
Riley leaned up and whispered into her ear, “Let’s just say you’ll be a spectator and not a participant in the evenings events and that’s if you’re lucky. I may not even let you watch.”

Cass gulped as her fingers began to itch to touch the other woman. She wouldn’t be able to stand being denied this, so she waved her hands and stated emphatically “Ok, Ok my eyes are shut. See completely closed. No light is getting in these babies. Now take me inside love before I start the festivities out here in the hall.”

Unlocking the door she grasped Cass’s hand, brought her inside and led her back to the bedroom. She looked around to see if everything she’d asked for was there.
Letting go of the warm hand she lit the candles and poured the contents of a small satchel on the bed.

Cass’s senses picked up the smell of lavender and the sound of rustling. The tone of the rustling changed and then stopped to be replaced by the sound of a zipper opening. Her breath grew short as images of Riley undressing infused her body with heat. She wanted so badly to open her eyes but didn’t want to take the chance that the sexy little blonde would make good on her word and punish her. So she bit her lip and waited eagerly for Riley to give her permission.

Checking on last time to make sure everything was in place Riley smiled. “Okay love, you can open your eyes now.”

Blue eyes opened and Cass found herself bathed in the light of the candles that surrounded the room. As her eyes searched the room she growled as they came upon Riley who was bare except for the rose petals strewn across her body. Her eyes never left the small blonde as she kicked off her shoes and slowly removed her dress while Riley took in every movement. Riley watched and whimpered as firm breasts were revealed to her eyes. Her hands clutched the pillows and she moaned softly as sheer stockings and silk panties slid down long shapely legs. Cass moved to the front of the bed and with hooded eyes licked her lips at the gorgeous sight before her. The knowledge that the woman before her was all hers fueled the fire in her heart and body. She slowly ran her hands along her own body starting with her hips and moved up to touch her aching nipples until Riley groaned deeply.

She smiled lavisciously and crawled onto the bed. With her hands she took in every inch of the soft skin traveling from calves up to strong thighs which she gently parted. She settled herself between them and pulled herself up along the contours of the body below her. Warm skin meshed with her own and her bare breasts brushed and teased Riley’s. She placed one hand on the side of pillow where Riley’s head rested and with the other traced the sweet lips she loved to kiss while she gazed into soft green eyes that promised eternal love and desire. Riley’s hand stroked the back of her neck while the other gently pressed on her hip to bring her body closer. Long fingers teased her lips and she took one into her mouth and sucked on it causing Cass to moan. She watched as the blonde took the digit into her mouth over and over until she couldn’t take it anymore and removing her finger captured Riley’s lips passionately.

The hand that rested on Cass’s neck pulled her forward and the blonde hungrily took her mouth. Moans were swallowed and both women tried to press the skin that was already so enmeshed even closer. As close as they were both just wanted more and in the process embedded their hearts and souls to one another even more completely than either knew was possible. Legs intertwined and Cass’s hips began to move sensuously as Riley hands left a blazing trail over a strong back, down shapely hips and back up over a firm ass. Cass broke the kiss and groaned before kissing and licking her way from Riley’s neck down to her heaving breasts where she teasingly licked an aroused nipple before taking it into her mouth. Riley moaned and Cass answered by sucking her nipple like a newborn. Riley arched to get more of Cass’s mouth on her aching breast.

“Oh gods, I love your mouth. The things those lips do to me. There should be a law against them. One I’d gladly break every chance I got.”

Cass chuckled and moved back up to tease Riley’s lips with her tongue as her hands moved to cradle her head and her hips ground deeper into the thigh pressed against her center. “Oh sweet lord you feel so good. I love the way you taste, so sweet. I never thought I could crave someone so much. I just can’t get enough of you,” she said as she quickened the movements of her hips causing Riley to dig her fingers into back and push up against her. Foreheads touched and blue and green eyes met. The air crackled with an electricity that was almost palpable as their bodies began to shake. Hands traversed the warm, slick skin beneath them as lips met in a sensual exploration which intensified as they were engulfed in waves of climax that washed over them like tendrils of fire. Long languid moans were torn from them as they arched into one another. Breathlessly they fell into each other’s arms. Cass kissed a warm neck while Riley tenderly stroked her back. When Cass had finally caught her breath she moved up to look into green eyes and she trembled at the heat of the fire within them. “What?What’s on you mind baby?”

Riley gazed at her longingly as she replied, “Move up baby,’ as she pulled gently at the other woman’s hips letting her intentions be known, Riley slid down and waited as Cass moved up her body and with a whimper hovered over her face. Riley took in the scent of the tall woman’s aroma. ” Oh you smell so damn good. I can’t wait to taste you,” she said as she kissed the insides of Cass’s thighs and then languidly licked the tender, swollen folds of her sex. Riley, didn’t want to consume her just yet she wanted to show her love and devotion. She wanted to worship the gorgeous woman above her with every kiss and lick to show her how much she treasured all that she was, and all that she’d given her. Cass moaned softly as she looked down and stared in awe at the tenderness that left her feeling revered by the small blonde. An overpowering wave of love seized her heart at the beauty of this woman’s soul and she had to choke back a sob as she reached down to run her fingers through fair hair.

The gentle exploration lasted for long minutes until Riley noticed Cass had become quite swollen under her gentle ministrations. She smiled wickedly. “Looks like you need some more intensive care from what I can see down here, so hold on baby cause I’m going to take you to the highest mountain my tall, sexy, southerner. And I want to feel that luscious ass bucking against my face.” Cass groaned and held the headboard more firmly as Riley began to thrust her tongue inside of her.

“Ohhh Gods, and you talk about my mouth. Oh Riley that tongue of yours, dear god. It feels so good inside me, so deep inside me, she said as she started to buck her hips ‘ Is this what you want? Baby, please, go faster. Ohhhh yeah just like that.”
Riley groaned deeply as Cass bucked against her and moved her hands to the woman’s backside to take more of her into her mouth. Cass moaned loudly and speeded up her hips as she looked down to see Riley feasting upon her while green eyes stared up at her watching every move she made. She didn’t know how long she could hold on under this exquisite assault as her thighs began to tremble and the heat in her belly spread to every limb. Riley sped up her actions as she felt the trembling in Cass’s body and saw the quivering of her lips. With a groan that rose from deep within her chest Cass slipped over the edge. Riley greedily drank her fill and then pulled the tall woman down and into her arms. Cass wrapped her arms around Riley and laid her head on her chest as she tried to catch her breath. Once she had she raised her head and kissed Riley softly as the small woman brushed damp bangs from her forehead.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For making me feel like a queen,” she said softly and kissed the small woman soundly.

“Well you are a queen, my queen. I love you Cassandra.”

“I love you too my angel. More than I thought I could love anyone or anything, and every day I fall in love with you all over again.”

Riley kissed her sweetly, “And you say you don’t have a way with words.”
I know what you mean cause I feel the same. Everyday I find out something that makes me love you even more. And now I’ll be able to fall in love with you over and over again for forever.”

Cass returned the kiss and raising her hand looked at the diamond ring adorning her finger, “Forever, I like the sound of that,” before turning to place her head back on Riley’s chest. Riley smiled and stroked the silky hair under her chin, kissed her forehead and wrapped her arms tightly around Cass as she followed her into a blissful slumber.

The end

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