The White One by Lace Priest

the white one

The White One

by Lace Priest

Summary: In this supernatural tale, secrets sometimes can be a good thing.



Kelly grabbed a warm hand, always marveling at how much larger than hers it was. Pulling on it gently, she guided the tall woman out to the balcony. She spent a few minutes looking out into the dark sky, gathering up her courage. She took a deep breath of the night air, taking a moment to notice how pretty the sky looked. There were only a few clouds and the moon was a fat crescent. She closed her eyes when the breeze brushed her blond hair back.

She’d decided to confront the woman earlier that evening and her stomach had been tied up in knots ever since.

“I know you’re keeping a secret from me, Adal. And I think that’s the reason you can’t let yourself go, can’t open up to me.” The blond turned to face the other woman, though the brunette was still looking out into the night, her arms now folded. She bit her lip for a moment before continuing. “We’ve been together for six months. You don’t do anything or say anything to let me know I’m someone special in your life, that I mean something. Am I just a vessel you use, to fuck?”

She watched as the dark woman flinched and took a deep breath, jaw clenching. But no words came out.

“I barely know anything about your life except you’re some kind of business woman that is obviously doing well.” She tapped the expensive watch that was next to her to make a the point. “With four constant people shadowing everywhere like an entourage or something, saying they’re just friends. And I suppose this is your place because you bring me here, but to be honest, it’s not you. In fact, the first time you brought me here, it looked like it hadn’t been used in a long time. I’m so crazy and madly in love with you and I don’t even know why.”

Blue eyes widened at the proclamation.

“Yeah, I know. I finally said it, said the L word on what is probably our last time together.”

Kelly watched as Adal left her side and entered back into the living room of the condo. “You’re going to break up with me, right. Is that why you’ve been acting so weird for the last two weeks? Or should I say even weirder.” Kelly watched the tall woman now sitting on the couch, elbows on knees and her head down, just facing the rug. A long sigh was heard.

“No, I don’t want to break up.” She replied in that low, husky voice that always made her toes curl. The executive looked up. “But what do you want from me?” There was sadness and resignation, behind the blue eyes.

“What do I want? Look at you! I’m confronting you about your behavior and you’re not even denying it! I want more. If you don’t love me then let me go! I need to be with someone who loves me enough to share themselves with me. I know you’re hiding something. Something big!”

Silence. The blond personal trainer tried to calm herself since she was close to tears. Yelling wasn’t the answer.

“You’re still not denying it so something is going on. Just say it so we can move on from this. I can’t take this churning in my stomach anymore.”

Another sigh came from the dark haired woman. “I don’t want to break up with you.” Adal repeated. But she said nothing else. She was so damn tongue-tied it frustrated her.

‘Oh god! Fuck fuck fuck!’ Kelly had chosen to sit across her lover, not wanting to be next to her just yet.

Anguished blue eyes looked up and seeing just how far away her love was, just grabbed her wrist and sat her across her lap. She hugged her fiercely, sniffing, trying to memorize her scent.

The intensity of the moment shocked the small blond. Adal had never shown this much emotion outside of the bedroom.

She felt like Adal was clinging to her as if she was her lifeline. She racked her brain trying to figure out if what she suspected could be true. Was it so awful that this secret was tearing her lover apart?

“You know…I can only think of a few reasons for leaving you.” Kelly whispered.

The brunette laughed bitterly. “I can imagine what those reasons are and I can assure you, it’s not any of those.”

“Well then, why are you so sure I’m going to leave?” She asked, intrigued.

Adal didn’t answer her. Her now pale eyes hooded, as she remained silent. She felt bile at the back of her throat. This wasn’t going to end well.

Kelly tried to figure out how to approach this. She searched the beautiful face with the high cheekbones and sensual lips, intently.

“What if I guess, will you answer me truthfully?”

Once again, Adal laughed without humor. “There’s no way you’d guess, Kelly. Just no way.”

“Look, just promise me that you’ll answer me. I’m going to be running a huge risk just by guessing.”

“Risk! at are you risking? You’re going to leave me either way!” Adal was now angry.

Kelly got off the woman’s lap and sat back down on the coffee table. “If I guess wrong, you’re going to think I’m certifiable and you’ll be the one leaving, right after you dump me somewhere where they have padded rooms.”

Adal stared into green eyes.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen, because I know you’re frightened too, love. I’m going to guess. You’re going to say I’m right, then we’re going to go upstairs and make love. This should show you that I’m ok with it. Then, when we’re basking in the afterglow, you’re going to tell me you love me.”


“Or, before we go any further, you tell me right here, right now, that you don’t love me, you don’t have to admit that you do, just tell me that you don’t, and then guessing will be a moot point and we go our separate ways before this conversation goes any further.”

“You are so sure of yourself, Kelly. So sure you know, and yet you say you’re going to just accept and make love to a monster, a nightmare!” She vehemently protested. Anger, now turned to rage, filled the room.

It was the first time Kelly had heard her lover raise her voice or seen her this angry. “Do you mean like Dexter monster, or Hannibal Lecter monster.” She tried to joke.

Adal looked away.

“Is that how you see yourself, Adal?” She asked softly, sensing the woman was hurting more than she let on. Hands then cupped the face in front. The kiss that followed left little room for doubt.

Kelly softly caressed the soft skin then reached down and grabbed both hands, kissed them and then brought them to her lap. Her heart was beating frantically.

“If what I think is true, I don’t see you as a monster.” She took a deep breath. “Adal, I’m guessing that…” She tried to read the blue eyes and was surprised by what she saw. There was fear, love, and desperation. “You’re not human, are you Adal.”

Faster than she thought possible, the business woman took a flying leap up off the black leather couch. “What!”

Kelly smiled. She hadn’t laughed at her. Hadn’t denied it. And whether the other woman knew it or not, the speed and height of the jump more or less confirmed her suspicions.

She got up and walked over to the now pacing bewildered woman, and using muscles gained from both her job as a personal trainer and her own workout regimen, forcefully pushed the larger heavier woman up against the wooden bookcase. “You heard. And based on subtle clues here and there, like that leap you just did, an overactive imagination and Hollywood, I’m guessing a… a…werewolf?”

Trusting green eyes gazed quietly at Adal.

The tall woman was shaking like a leaf and she instinctively wrapped her arms around Adal, stroked her in comfort, trying to sooth as best she could. She rocked her gently.

Slowly, she felt strong arms wrap around her and squeeze her tight. “I don’t understand why you’re still here. I can’t find a good reason for you to stay.”

“So did I guess right? You still haven’t said yes.”

The words were stuck in her throat. Adal just hugged her tighter. Now that the moment was here Adal couldn’t blurt it out. “I can’t believe you had the guts to say that. You have so much courage.”

“I had nothing to lose either way.”

“How…what did I…did your guess have anything to do with my friends or was it something else?”

Kelly nodded her head. “Some. They don’t act like anybody I’ve ever known and you all are built like linebackers or wrestlers or whatever. They treat you as if you were royalty, or their leader, or something. Then there’s how fast and graceful you move. How strong you are. How heavy…”

“Heavy?” She smirked, lifting one eyebrow.

Kelly laughed nervously. “Why do you think I usually like you on top?”

Adal blushed. Truth was, while she always made sure to keep her weight off her previous lovers, Kelly was the only one that asked for it. Even with other weres she tried since she always ended up being heavier.

The wolf gathered her courage and leaned back to look into the prettiest green eyes she’d ever seen.

Kelly grabbed Adal’s hand and pulled her back to the couch. They spent a few moments enjoying the closeness, just holding each other and breathing one another’s scent. Happy that a breakup was no longer imminent.

“Do you know my friends really really like you, especially Tatiana?”

She wondered at the significance once again. “Yeah. You’ve mentioned it a couple of times how surprised you are since they’ve rejected or ignored every other person you’ve been with.”

“My “entourage” as you call them, have approved of you since the very beginning. It’s not their place to tell me either way, but they’ve each gone out of their way to let me know. And I see how they treat you with respect and honor. That behavior pretty much has only been directed at me and my parents.”

They took a moment more just basking when Adal just couldn’t hold it anymore and picked up the small blond, twirling her around and around. Both women laughed giddily.

“I’m glad you had the guts to finally say something, glad you’re so fucking smart to notice things, happy because…because I’m getting to the point of no return and because… I can’t believe you’re still here.”

Adal casually picked up Kelly, no longer afraid of showing her superior strength and settled them back down on the couch.

“It was getting harder and harder to maintain my secret because every minute I’m with you, I feel like I fall in love with you all over again.”

They spent long moments tasting each other, both thinking no one else in the world could have yummier kisses.

“My parents have already asked about you and are extremely curious. They’ve heard many things about you from my crew and they’ve observed the changes in me. Seems Tracy and Lauren rave about you constantly and they say they’ve noticed I’ve become a much happier person.”

“Well, let’s see if I can make you even happier. I think I promised you some lovin’, did I not?”

Adal laughed and it filled Kelly with joy. She leaned down to touch a pair of warm lips. The kiss was slow and passionate. Her tongue met the blond’s, and the desire and love that only Kelly seemed to be able to awaken, surged through her.

Kelly traced her hands up Adal’s back, drawing her closer needing to fully taste her lover’s mouth. The kiss only broke when Kelly pulled the werewolf up the stairs and into the bedroom. “Ad.” She breathed out, as she littered impossibly light kisses down a long elegant neck. She reached up and began to open the other woman’s shirt making sure kisses trailed her hands. Once she slipped off the long sleeved shirt, she caught one of Adal’s hands and kissed her way along her inner arm. She nipped lightly as she reached the top of her shoulder.

Adal growled. Really growled, feeling a sincere and thorough sense of relief that she no longer had to hide and could let loose some of the tight reins she was forced to have. She watched Kelly step back and wondered what her reaction would be.

“God, that was fucking sexy. I can’t wait to hear what you sound like when I make you cum.”

It was too much for the dark haired woman. Before Kelly knew what was happening, they were both in bed and naked, with one hungry were completely ravishing her.


“My ancestry, my kind can be traced back to before humans, however the exact origin of our existence was lost somewhere.” She picked up the small blond and gently placed her to the side. She needed to stand up if she was going to get all of this part out. There were still too many things that had to be said, too many things that could still make Kelly leave.

Kelly nodded to show that she was still listening, however… “Love, you’re going to have to at least put on a t-shirt or something. You can’t really expect me to concentrate on what you’re saying when I have to look at you naked.”

Adal grinned. “Fine, but you too. At least use the sheets, please.”

Kelly chose instead to grab one of Adal’s shirt, also stealing a pair of shorts in the process. “So, you were saying, before humans?”

She went on, her stomach jumping at the question. “My family’s bloodline is only one of three that can be traced back that far, as such, my family is known as the Royal ruling clan on this side of the hemisphere. I am the first born to the Head Alpha for all packs in our territory, hence the entourage. When it’s time, my father will step down as Alpha and I will take his place.

“Having pure Royal blood I have abilities that others of my kind don’t.”
Adal stopped pacing around the large bedroom room and took a quick peek at her girlfriend. Her expression was completely unreadable. Shit! She didn’t know if that was a good or bad sign. She continued.

“We hardly ever take humans as lovers for many reasons. Mainly because we run the risk of discovery and humans can be extremely intolerant and violent. It’s been 1000 years since any were has taken one as a mate.”

“What’s the difference?”

This time the question startled her. Out of everything she had revealed, this was the question she was asked?

“A lover never gets told anything, the relationship remains casual and never lasts long. A mate…a mate is forever. It’s a bond that only death can break.”

“Am I your first human girlfriend?”


She thought about things for a few moments. Should she assume she was more than a lover? After all, she hadn’t been told, she had guessed.

A blond head nodded and she signaled with her hand to go on.

She took that as a good sign. Kelly was willing to listen and learn rather than just… “It’s been 3000 years since a Royal has taken a human for a mate and… it’s never been seen with… a Head Alpha.”

Alpha. She knew she had started this, but if she was to believe this tale… “So I really did guess right? You really are a werewolf?”

Adal didn’t know what to say. Feeling almost faint, she just nodded. Up until now, she hadn’t really admitted it. She just hadn’t denied it. Her urbara too was uncomfortable. It felt real fear of possibly losing its potential mate. The bond was already almost too strong. The loss would be devastating.

Several minutes ticked by and no one said a word. Green stared into blue.

“Can you show me?” She asked softly.

‘What!’ She couldn’t have heard right. Adal was sure her face had a comical look of disbelief.

“I know I’m the one that guessed, and I said I based my guess on clues but…I’m sorry I’m asking for proof, love, but for some reason, I seem to attract psychos. I care more about you being a deranged person than I do anything else.”

The gorgeous woman seemed like she was permanently rooted to the floor. “Come here, love.”

Adal broke out of her daze and walked over, slowly sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I don’t know how I don’t frighten you.”

She reached over and pushed a lock of dark hair out of her eyes. “You’re way too hot to frighten me, gorgeous.”

Adal looked away, looking almost bashful.

“So ease my mind and do something cool?”

She looked up again and momentarily got lost in twinkling green eyes. Her mind would be eased by seeing a beast? “You like…really want me to change?”

“Sure, if it’s not like a painful process! Or do something else if you want. You said as a Royal, you had other abilities so if you don’t want to change, then use whatever other powers you have.”

They were now sitting cross-legged in front of each other. The casualness of the request, the absurdity of it all completely baffled her. ‘She doesn’t care?’

She clearly must not understand the magnitude of what she’s saying. Trying to get to the painful part where the love of her life left her, over as quickly as possible, she decided she was going to completely transform. She knew, as soon as she was done shifting, it would only be a matter of minutes before she’d be sitting alone, having just the lingering scent of Kelly as a small consolation.

Kelly was shocked when in what seemed like less than a minute, there before her was a huge muscular werewolf. And within seconds, it was in front of her face growling fiercely. The wolf bared her teeth and sharp looking canines protruded from its jaw. She couldn’t help but think it was the most beautiful magnificent creature she’d ever seen. It was too majestic to be afraid of it.

It let out a loud deafening sound that sounded like a roar and a growl and Kelly laughed. Adal was amazing! She reached out a hand and the growling got louder, more ferocious. Instead of being afraid, she reached out farther until she was petting darker than black fur that was much softer than she’d imagined. “Can you still understand me, love?” She looked at the intelligent blue eyes that were at the same height as her head.

After hearing the term of endearment, the werewolf gave up and accepted this remarkable unimaginable gift. Clearly her human girlfriend was not going to run off screaming into the night. She answered her in the sweetest way she could by nodding and placed her head on the lap in front of her.

Kelly figured the whine she heard meant a yes and she melted when her leg felt the warmth of the large head settling there. She hugged the creature tight to her. “You’re nothing but an overgrown puppy, aren’t you.” The werewolf growled and softly nipped her. She laughed.

“Oooh, you don’t like that do you,” and then she playfully grabbed the were around the neck and tugged and wrestled the beast around making it growl. “I can call you puppy if I want and you can’t do a thing about it!”

The werewolf struggled and they both ended up on the floor playing together, tussling around the floor, knocking things over. But neither cared, each enjoying the growling and the laughter coming from the other.

Adal transformed again and shifted over to her side, head on her hand, staring at the panting blond. “You’re a nut! No wonder you attract the psychos. How come you didn’t run or scream or something! How did you even know you could play with me and not get hurt or bitten?” The wonder in her voice was plainly heard.

“I love you, that’s how. I stayed because I never saw a monster, I just saw the woman I’m in love with.”

“Just like that? You had an eight foot tall growling beast in front of you and just like that, you trusted it not to hurt you!”

“I couldn’t help it, it was the most amazing beautiful eight foot tall growling beast I could possibly imagine.” Kelly finished with a smile.

After getting over the fact that Kelly wasn’t running, the enormity of its possible significance hit her and her wolf and she started crying. She pulled Kelly tightly to her, always aware of her greater strength, and just kept on crying into the sweet smelling blond hair.

Kelly understood the tears and wanted to further cement her acceptance. She rolled them over and hovered over Adal, and then leaned down to kiss salty wet lips. “I love you, Adal, and I’m going to try and show you just how much.” She whispered into her ear.

Kelly gently kissed and explored the curve of her neck, taking tiny nips along the way.

Adal felt both their hearts start racing. She met the slim hips that arched towards her as she felt nipples tightening against her chest.

Kelly suddenly sat up. “When you changed, you didn’t have any clothes on, but when you turned back you did. How did you do that?”

It took Adal a few seconds to get her brain to focus. Then she laughed. She tilted the blond chin up and kissed her. “Royal blood gives you the ability to cast spells and do magic. When I’m turning back to human form, I bring them back to shape and on me all at once.”

Kelly grinned. “Can you do that to me too?”

With a wave of the hand, they were both naked.

“Oooh, I can have sooo much fun with this.” And dove right to the target that had made her ask the question. She responded by first rubbing her thumb over a nipple.

Adal groaned at the wet warmth now surrounding her nipple. ‘She still loves me…and wants me, and…’ It was a marvelous thought, but she soon lost the ability to think.

Adal felt Kelly’s tongue curl its way around and around the tip, just how she liked it, felt the gentle raking of teeth getting harder and stronger.

She pulled Kelly’s head, signaling her breasts were ready for rougher treatment. It was something none of her other lovers had been able to do. Kelly was a master at it.

Kelly moved to the other breast, nibbling and teasing, making Adal wait longer, wanting the hunger to build.

Adal looked down and watched the blond thoroughly enjoy herself. Kelly looked up and couldn’t resist. She slid her body up and covered the juicy looking lips with her own. After briefly getting her fill, she moved down her throat. “You smell and taste so good. But it’s different, now.”

Adal wanted to ask different how but coherent words just wouldn’t come out. The nips turned to bites. She didn’t know where this aggression was coming from, but she was loving it. The bites got closer to the curve of her shoulder, a trigger spot for most of her kind. It was the spot an urbara would bite only their mate during lovemaking, or a human to turn them.

Both women gasped as Kelly’s fingers slipped into the werewolf’s wetness. They looked at each other as the tall woman wrapped impossibly long legs around Kelly, who hadn’t yet begun to move her hand. Slowly and carefully, the delicious friction began as those fingers and hips started to thrust.

Without warning, her lips were attacked and the hips between her legs moved faster. She was climbing quicker than ever before. The joy of finally having shared her secret, of being accepted, of having her girl make love to her so passionately…

Hovering briefly, in that incredible place right before… “Oh God, Kelly!” Teeth clamped tightly to her shoulder and she came with an intensity she’d never ever experienced before.


“I know you have questions and I will try and answer them if I can. There will be some that can only be answered with time. Is that okay?” Adal softly sifted through the silky blond strands that splayed across her chest, relishing the skin on skin contact. The hardest part was over, but the rest wouldn’t be a piece of cake either.

She felt her lover sigh, the soft breath tickling her chest.

The trainer shifted her head onto her chin, and looked into the blue eyes of her…werewolf. ‘Good Lord, she had a werewolf for a girlfriend!’

“Your parents accept me being human?”

“I don’t think I’d call it acceptance just yet. My clan is collectively mystified by your existence in my world. For obvious reasons, we don’t allow humans to know of us so we try to steer clear of them. Up until I met you, I’ve never done anything untraditional or controversial. The fact that a human has my Allegiants behind her, has given you credibility beyond measure. You must be some kind of witch. You’ve put a spell on us all.” She said this with a smile to show she wasn’t serious.

Kelly absorbed the information and smiled. “What special powers come from being a Royal?” Chastely but affectionately, she caressed the soft mound underneath her left hand.

“We have a considerably longer lifespan than our brothers. In a well run reservation where power struggles are few and humans remain unaware of us, a regular urbara lives to about 130 to 150 years. My lifespan is roughly double that and can be longer if I acquire lifetime Allegiants. As I get closer to obtaining leadership, the numbers will increase. The four that I have now I’ve had since I was young. Tatiana was my first.”

“Would that be your entourage?” Was asked with a muffled giggle.

“Yes, they are there to protect me at all costs. They’re bonded to me even though I’m not Alpha yet. Their acceptance of you is something that is rare in Allegiants since everyone is always seen as an automatic threat. Even potential mates.”

“Do they follow you everywhere?” A kiss and a nuzzle followed.

“Hey, that kinda tickles.” The wolf chuckled. “They do. When they are not with me, they can actually feel kinda sick and it hurts them emotionally and mentally. When I send them on errands, it’s only the joy that they’re serving me that keeps the pain from being debilitating.”

“The regular urbaras, do they have any magic?”

“Some do but it’s very limited and nothing that can cause any harm. If a regular werewolf wanted to do harm, they’d have to either go to someone with Royal blood or find a mage.

Silence ensued for a long time while soft comforting touches were traded.

“Would you like to visit my forest?”

Kelly looked up into blue hopeful eyes.

Both Adal and her wolf wanted to share her private world with her.

“Does that explain why this place,” she used her hand to circle the room, “looks so impersonal?”

The urbara nodded. “I mostly use this condo when I interact with humans.”

“This forest of yours, is this what would be known as your den?”

“Yes. It’s on a reservation we call Sumersis. Though many of our kind live among humans, there are some that feel safe and more at home away from humanity, surrounded by our natural environment. We have several of these compounds all over, heavily guarded and magically protected.”

Kelly gave her lover a huge smile. “I’d absolutely love to!”

Just when Adal thought, she couldn’t be happier, Kelly once again lifted her spirits above and beyond. She rolled them over so that she was now on top. “More questions later. It’s my turn now.”


They arrived at the reservation a week later. The SUV door was opened by Bruce and out stepped her lover who then reached out a hand for her. Kelly squinted a bit in the early morning light and curiously looked around. Nothing stood out that would indicate the occupant was not human.

She briefly closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the sounds of nature around her. Letting the smell of grass and trees fill her lungs. She felt comfortable and accepted by the forest if that were possible. She opened her eyes to find Adal looking at her.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just soaking in the peacefulness of your forest. I feel like it’s almost talking to me.” She grew a bit concerned when blue eyes opened wide.

“You hear the forest speaking to you?”

She hesitated. “Well, not so much words. It’s a bit hard to describe. It’s like I’m being welcomed, maybe? I don’t know.”

Adal stood there looking at the trainer, barely able to believe what she was hearing. As a human, Kelly should not be able to “hear” anything nor should the forest be saying anything either. She’d have to think about that later.

The were moved closer and put her arm around the blond, driven by the need to touch her, especially now. They entered the large house and Adal gave Kelly a tour of her place. It was of the utmost importance to have Kelly’s approval.

The front door opened into a large great room with a cathedral type ceiling. The living room, complete with a ceiling fan, had on the side wall, a 48” flat screen TV and a wall-mounted stereo speaker system off to the other side.

Kelly thoroughly enjoyed the tour, listening to her lover go on about the cabin’s merits in that sexy voice of hers. Adal took them back out the front to the outside where they walked around the covered porch that ran the length of the cabin and was cooled by three ceiling fans bringing in the mountain breeze. She could easily picture them enjoying the quiet woods while resting in what looked like handmade rockers.

Going back inside, they climbed above the living room to a loft where the master bedroom was. It was furnished with the largest bed she had ever seen. Silently, she chuckled. Considering how large and heavy her partner was, she could understand the necessity. Adal’s large frame dwarfed the one from the condo. She was then pulled outside where they had access to the screened section of a balcony through lovely French doors complete with shades for privacy.

Walking back inside, Adal released the smaller woman, then she moved towards the seating area in the bedroom, Adal anxiously turning to Kelly, trying to gauge her reaction. This was the first time she’d ever shown her den to a would-be mate. “Tell me, my love, do you like it?”

Though the question seemed innocent enough, the pressure her hands were getting from the much larger pair gave her an idea of how important her answer was.

If Adal was thinking of making her her mate, if this was to be their den, nothing could be more important to a were, especially one destined to be Alpha.

Before she even had the chance to answer, Adal continued. “There’s also a basement, too. It has a full-size regulation pool table, a 37-inch HDTV with a built-in DVD player as well as a full bath.”

Kelly grabbed the tall woman and tried to convey as much as she could in the kiss that followed. “Relax, love. This place is absolutely amazing. I can’t possibly imagine wanting more.”


She barely heard the whisper, but the fast pounding of the heart underneath her hand was unmistakable.

“Really. After the weekend is over, you might have to drag me outta here kicking and screaming.”

“Glad to hear that, but just so you know, uhm…we can change anything you want, beloved.”

“Well, I wouldn’t change things, but how about maybe… adding a hot tub? Or a gym? Or do werewolves not have to workout?”

The brunette laughed and she picked up Kelly in a big bear hug, squeezing her tight. “You are too cute for words.” She kissed her for long minutes. “The hot tub is an awesome idea and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.”

“Really? Cuz I’m thinking us, naked, some wine, basking underneath the moon…”

“Sounds absolutely romantic, beautiful. I’ll get someone to start working on it as soon as we leave. However, as far as the gym goes, we don’t workout in the way you’re thinking like with weights or machines. We spar with each or we let loose and run.”

“Oh, I guess that make sense.” Kelly turned her sights inward, thinking. ‘What about my career? What am I gonna do for a job if she makes me her mate?’ Well, she wasn’t going to dwell on it. She’d cross that bridge whenever.

“I’m a bit parched, do you have any beer?” Kelly walked down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen. She felt a large body lean against her back when she opened the door to the refrigerator.

She spotted the bottles right away. “You even have my brand!” She peered over her shoulder and smiled her appreciation.

They spent some time settling in for the weekend where they were going to play house. ‘Or is it play den?’ Kelly mused, as she unpacked their stuff from the duffel bags. She couldn’t help herself, but she sniffed at every piece of clothing that belonged to Adal, liking that somewhat spicy musky scent she had. Which turned muskier and earthy, right after a transformation. ‘Yum!’

The only plan for the day was dinner with her family. Adal was only slightly nervous about the introductions. Even though she was bringing home a human, she was sure Kelly’s obvious uniqueness would charm her parents and siblings.

Done unpacking, the small woman went searching for the source of her favorite scent. “Puuuppy! Come out, come out wherever you are…” Kelly taunted as she backed up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Adal growled deeply. A sound that would have had many a soul running for their lives. “I should rip you to shreds for calling me a puppy.” It came out all gravelly.

The blond woman laughed. “Oh! I’m so scared of the big bad wolf! Who, who will save me?” She finished with a dramatic flair, bringing her forearm to her head.

The brunette just lunged up and grabbed the small woman by the waist, taking a few leaps and landing with a big bounce onto the iron bed. “There’s no one here to save you!” She sat up, straddling the woman and let out of long howl of conquer. “I’m going to ravish you mercilessly, little girl. There is no escaping me.”

The trainer just reached up to hook her hand behind Adal’s neck and roughly brought her down. “Then shut your howling, puppy, and get started.” Kelly kissed her werewolf with absolute abandon. Then she slowed things down and softly rubbed her face against a smooth cheek.

“I love you, Adal. I love everything about you.” She pulled away and stared into eyes so dilated, the blue barely showed. “I will be with you for as long as you’ll let me and I’ll stand by you, whatever you do.”

Kelly saw tears start to form. “You will be Head Alpha one day and I can only imagine what that means. But when we’re alone, just you and me, you don’t have to be one too. I’ll treasure your soft and vulnerable side and I’ll protect it, protect you. Here, in our space, we can just be lovers.”

It went against everything she had been taught, how she’d been trained, but Adal, looking into such loving green eyes, felt herself crumble and simply believed. She felt comfortable and safe, and felt her wolf accept, so she let the tears fall. “You are my Alpha, Kelly.” She whispered.

Again, with the flick of her hand and mumbled words, their clothes were off and she opened herself up to her blond protector. She let go and felt her wolf follow, trusting, accepting, and wanting Kelly’s close presence.

Kelly watched Adal become open and exposed, and vowed never ever to do anything to jeopardize that. She watched blue eyes darken and she felt something foreign but loving reach out to her senses and briefly wondered if it was coming from the tall woman’s inner being. She reverently began to touch the vast expanse of skin. It was careful and gentle. She wanted to fully pay attention to all the spots that made her partner feel really good based on the quickening of her breath, the shudders and the quakes.

She kept going further down, using fingertips to trace trails down a long and muscled tummy. Feeling it contracting, her lips against the curve of a soft full breast, down, down, ‘til she found that beautiful flower all juicy and open just for her. She felt mesmerized by the sight. The caress on her head was soft and undemanding, but the signal was clear.

She heard a small cry escape went she made contact, a slight teasing pressure. Right then she resolved to make that small cry into a loud and strong shout of release.


“I’m gonna go shower, love.” Kelly said as she got up and started searching for clothes to wear.

“Don’t. I want to smell me, us, on you.”

The human stopped what she was doing and quirked an eyebrow in the were’s direction. “Uhm, okay. But only for now. I’m not meeting your family smelling like god knows what.”

Adal only laughed while she got dressed.

They made their way to the fully equipped kitchen complete with a dishwasher for a bite to eat, Adal making sure she’d stop every so often and take a very obvious whiff in her girlfriend’s direction, always claiming how yummy the air was.

Kelly was delighted when she discovered the panini grill and set upon to use it immediately. They sat in the center where a farmhouse table that could seat six people comfortably was predominantly located, to eat a simple meal of paninis, chips, and protein shakes, a staple for both of them.

“All of this looks so new and shiny, love. Have they even been used much?” She took a sip of her shake.

The urbara shook her head as she stretched out her long legs. “I’ve spent several years designing and building this place but no, much of this stuff was done in an effort to please my future mate.” She looked unsure for a moment and bowed her head, concentrating on finishing her food.

Kelly knew where they were headed and she felt more special and more loved than she thought possible. She figured Adal was trying to downplay everything that had happened so far so as to not frighten her away. But she was more than ready to take whatever road was necessary to stay by her side. She decided it was time to inject some levity. “So, gorgeous, now that every werewolf and woodland creature in the forest has probably gotten a whiff of our activities, am I allowed to shower now?”

Adal looked adorable as she pouted. “You don’t like the way I smell on you?”

“Are you kidding me? Smell, taste… Did you not notice how often I’ve licked my fingers, or did you just think I was just really enjoying lunch?” The blond smirked.


Kelly closed her eyes and she felt herself twitch. It was impossible not to be in a constant state of arousal, especially when the werewolf showed itself.

She felt a subtle whoosh around her, and when she opened her eyes, she found herself naked and in the shower already. ‘What just happened? Did we just…?’ But she soon found herself not really caring about the answer.

She watched as a very muscled body went and turned the shower on. Expecting cold water, she yelped in advance and squirmed around ‘til she hid behind the tall frame in front of her. She was doubly surprised when not only was the water a perfect temperature, but she was hit by a shower spray from behind her.

The warm water hit her unexpectedly from behind and it felt absolutely fantastic. “Oooh, double shower heads and instant warm water. I’m so totally loving this.”

“Pah! Double nothing.” Adal pressed a button, and four more shower heads emerged to hit them from all angles.

“Oh!” The blond exclaimed, now even more surprised. “Please tell me you have a humongous water heater. Please!”

“Why, you have something in mind, beloved?”

“Come ‘ere.”


Kelly finished dressing and walked down the stairs where she found her love looking at some papers. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was that she had found such an extraordinary creature that actually loved her. To think that it was only a short time ago she had been sure their relationship was ending.

Wanting to learn more about what made her urbara happy, she playfully took the papers out of her hands and asked Adal if she had liked the mini rough housing that they’d done several days before.

“Honestly, I loved it! Very few things in life are as pleasurable as romping around carefree with your m…er the one you love.”

Kelly saw her lover uncharacteristically blush. She wondered if the slip up meant what she thought it did.

“Great! Come on, let’s go roll around in some leaves. Kelly jumped and headed for the front door. “Last one out is nothing but a puppy!” She called out over her shoulder.

Adal briefly thought about beating Kelly by going out the back door but at the last minute, chose instead to make a dramatic exit by using the window. With a giant leap, she changed in mid air and was flying through the open frame before Kelly had a chance to even turn the doorknob.

Kelly laughed when she witnessed a huge creature sailing past her and through the window. ‘Damn dog!’ She physically flung her body at the huge growling beast now in front of her, knowing Adal could easily take her weight.

They chased each other around kicking up leaves and using the trees to escape capture. Laughter, yelps, and grunts filled the air like a symphony. Adal’s spirit was close to bursting with joy. She had, for so long, thought that the only one who had captured her heart would never accept what she was.

Adrian distractedly hummed as he approached his sister’s house, too curious about the human to let Adal know he was coming ahead of time. He walked in through the front door and stopped suddenly, afraid of catching them having sex or something. He then heard and sensed his sister to be somewhere outside, probably in the back of the house and rather than circling the place, decided to finish entering the cabin and cut across straight to the back.

He opened the back door and the remarkable sight instantly brought a smile to his face. A small blond woman had the werewolf’s neck in a headlock and was laughing and growling herself. It was truly an unbelievable spectacle! This tiny slip of a human was wrestling an eight-foot beast as if it was the most natural thing in the word. It appeared his sister had chosen well.

He crossed the threshold, anxious to meet the human when he felt a vibration go through him starting at his feet. He blinked several times and shook his head to get rid of the weird feeling, not recognizing the sensation. However, before he could fully gather himself and think about what happened, he looked up when he heard screams of pain and agony and was horrified. His sister was being attacked!

It never occurred to him to change, something that was as second nature to him as breathing. Never occurred to him to wonder why the Allegiants weren’t running to her rescue. Instead, he frantically looked around, searching for a weapon, not even wondering why he would need one since he was a weapon himself. Spying a fallen branch long enough and thick enough, he grabbed it and ran towards the scuffling figures.

He only had one thought on his mind, protect his sister, protect the future Head Alpha.

Adal’s werewolf recognized its sibling, therefore it had no reason to feel too threatened, only feeling slightly alarmed as it sensed Adrian’s rapid approach. Too late, however, the beast within realized there was something really wrong with the presence heading towards them. It was confused, sensing evil and familiarity at the same time. Adal, felt the rippling darkness heading her way and glanced at the blur speeding towards her, eyes opening wide as she spotted the swinging wood. She tried, but it was too late.

The branch was swung around like a bat, connecting with Kelly’s torso. Adrian’s were strength caused her to go flying, bouncing off a tree to lie in a mangled heap. Adal’s distressed and angry roar was heard for miles around and it instantly brought the Allegiants, who were never far away even if they weren’t visible.

Four werewolves arrived and immediately attacked Adrian, changing to human form once they felt they had neutralized the threat. Family or not, their first priority would always be Adal.

The danger diffused, Adal ignored her brother and immediately turned to the deathly still form. Her acute hearing assured her the blond was still alive but was horrifically afraid of finding out how bad the injuries were. She’d seen the harsh impact and knew how fragile humans could be.

She picked up the tiny body cursing at not having healing powers and started walking towards the house. She passed by her crying brother, unable to even look at him for the moment lest she ripped him apart.

“I’m sorry, oh god, please forgive me! I don’t know what happened! One minute I saw you two playing with each other and the next, I swear I thought she was attacking you.” He cried harder at the stony cold stare he received.

Upon hearing this, Tatiana, the commander of the Allegiants stood up and stopped the raging woman from going further, flinching and whimpering at the anger that radiated around Adal that was so strong it was almost taking on a physical form.

The woman whined and gently bumped her forehead against her future Alpha’s shoulder in a soft nuzzle. “Wait Adal, that doesn’t sound right.” Seeing that Adrian wasn’t going anywhere, she issued orders to Tracy and Lauren. “Go get the healer.” The two women nodded and morphed to reach their destination quickly.

Before Tatiana could continue, bounding out of the woods, eight huge urbaras emerged and changed into human form when they reached the others, six of them immediately spreading out, weapons drawn.

“What’s going on!” A loud male voice boomed as the tall muscular Head Alpha with silver hair took in the scene; his son was crying and being pinned to the ground and his daughter was carrying a bloody small body in her arms. His presence carried terrifying power and authority exuded from him.

“Mom!” Adal cried out to her mother. “Kelly’s been seriously hurt. Adrian…” She was too choked up to finish.

Deeanna’s heart clenched at the anguish she heard in her daughter’s voice and the tears that ran freely. The bloody female who looked impossibly tiny in her daughter’s arms stirred her maternal feelings. “The healer’s on the way, sweetheart. Come, let’s go inside and wait for Cynthia.”

“Alpha, everyone, please, no one move, I think we have a problem.” Tatiana spoke to Seth. “I think what happened is the result of a spell placed somewhere around here.”

Everyone gasped.

“Dad, I didn’t know, I didn’t notice! I was just so happy to see my sister having fun, I never sensed anything.” Adrian finished dejectedly.

The healer finally showed up and without hesitation, Cynthia strove over to the injured human who was still being cradled by Adal.

Seth walked over to his son who even though he was now standing was still being guarded by his daughter’s Allegiant, Bruce. “Alpha, I think whatever it is, is by the door. Everything was fine until I stepped outside.”

Seth looked at Tatiana, and they both carefully walked over to investigate.

Seth felt it immediately. It was like a dark cloud that hovered right above the doorway. When Tatiana reached it a second later, now that it had been triggered, it felt so evil, it almost brought her to her knees.

Once everyone knew where the danger was, Adal and Cynthia quickly went around the front. Adal gently placed her lover on the bed. Kelly, by then, had started to come around and sounded like she was in a lot of pain.

When she first opened her green eyes, Adal’s large frame was the first thing her body recognized. “Adal, are you alright?” Kelly groaned when she suddenly jerked upright.

“I’m fine, love. You’re the one that’s hurt.” She grabbed a small hand, not knowing whom it brought more comfort. “Shhh, just lie back down and let Cynthia take care of you. She’s our healer,” she stated while she fussed over her, whimpering sub vocally.

It was then that Kelly had the presence of mind to notice the other two women in the room.

Kind brown eyes eased her nerves. “This might hurt a bit because I need to clean the wounds. There’s a lot of dirt and pieces of wood embedded in your skin, but I’ll try to be as gentle and careful as I can, okay?”

Kelly nodded, feeling the reassuring touch of her lover on her forehead. With effort, she tried to relax as the healer did her thing, who was already murmuring healing words as she went along. Her eyes then tracked to the other woman in the back of the room.

“I’m Deeanna, Adal’s mother. I was really looking forward to meeting you tonight, although definitely not under these circumstances.” She tried joking.

Kelly smiled. “Yeah, the bloody beat up look wasn’t scheduled as part of my wardrobe either.” She looked back to Adal. “So what happened?” She watched as the blue-eyed woman partially transformed, growling and snarling.

The others growled in reaction. “Magic.”

Kelly’s eyes opened wide.

“Either from a mage or one of the Royals. Someone placed a spell on the back door. My guess is it was set to be triggered the minute someone walked through it.” Deeanna answered.

“Do you know what this means?” Adal stood up so angry she almost fully transformed, her face and arms rippling. “Someone knew I was bringing my girlfriend up here this weekend and wanted me to harm her!”

Seth came in at that moment and confirmed his daughter’s statement. “She’s right. The spell is specifically designed to make any human seen as a threat. Luckily, it wasn’t cast correctly which is why Adrian never transformed.”

Everyone in the room pondered the last statement. If he had attacked Kelly as an urbara, she probably would have received fatal wounds.

“There are some that object you taking a human as a…”

“Dad!” Adal interrupted. Kelly knew what a mate was and Adal hadn’t gotten the courage to asking yet.

Seth quickly realized his faux pas, gave her a wink, and smoothly continued. “A girlfriend.” Internally, he grinned. Apparently, Adal hadn’t gotten to that point of telling her girlfriend what her intentions were. Interesting. However, by everything he’d heard so far, he didn’t know why his daughter would be afraid of saying anything. Showing someone your den was a really big step even if the Kelly wasn’t fully aware of the meaning. Especially if that someone was a human. Not to mention, that in all his years, he had yet to hear of a human play wrestling with one of their kind. When his daughter had told him of the encounter, he had been rendered speechless for several minutes.

Deeanna spoke. “Actually it could be more than just that. It could be an objection to a future Alpha mingling with a human. But the bigger questions are, I think, who knew you were bringing her here and was this done by a mage or family?”

“I’m sorry I’m causing you problems, my love.”

Before Adal could even answer, Seth beat her to it. “No Kelly, don’t think that way. Nothing is more important to our kind than when we fall in love. Adal chose you for a reason, and I trust her. She’s never given me a reason not to.”

“Why don’t you bring her back to our place, dear. They’ll be more people around for protection.”

“Good idea, mom. That is, if it’s okay with you?” She turned to the injured human.

Kelly looked up at the older weres while reaching for her girlfriend’s hand. “As long as I’m not going to be in the way or something.” She felt her hand gently squeezed.

“Honestly, I think my mom’s just being slick about this. What better way to get to know the woman that has captured my heart than to trap her er, I mean keep her nearby?”

The laughter released the tension everyone had been feeling since the beginning.

At everyone’s urging, Kelly took a nap. Being a hearty and muscled person, even though she was a small woman, her injuries had been mostly superficial and no bones had been broken so Cynthia’s healing abilities had been enough. It was late evening when she woke up and was pleasantly surprised to see Adal next to her.

“Before you ask, yes, I was watching you sleep.” Her excellent night vision caught the cute blush on the human’s face. “How are you feeling?” She observed worriedly, glancing at the various scrapes and bruises that liberally covered her skin as Kelly appeared to be evaluating. “Are you hurting anywhere?”

Kelly exhaled. “Honestly, I don’t hurt as much as I thought I would. Cynthia did a great job.” She turned and snuggled closer. “Hungry…and a bit restless. You let me sleep too long.” She pouted when she noticed it was late already.

The were studied her a bit longer before she let a smile cross her face. “Come on, then. Let’s go grab a bite and then we can walk a bit outside.”

Kelly stretched out stiffened muscles as she got out of bed and joined Adal, to walk down the stairs.

“I’m going to order from the 24 hour restaurant, sound okay?”

“Perfect. And go ahead and order for me, I trust you, gorgeous.”

One eyebrow lifted to her hairline. The affectionate response reached deep inside and touched the beast within. It felt more settled and more content than ever.

After a meal of open-faced steak sandwiches and a fruit smoothie, both women ventured out to walk the lands of the estate. Adal couldn’t help but notice how natural Kelly looked walking around in nature.

The night air was crisp, and the moon looked larger than life above them.

They stopped by a great big tree, Kelly grabbing Adal and pulling her toward her while she leaned against it. She was surprised when the bark behind her didn’t hurt and attributed that to the denim shirt she was wearing.

“The moon looks full, is it? Is that something you can tell or am I thinking too Hollywood?” She absorbed Adal’s scent that now surrounded her.

The tall woman turned her face towards the moon and smiled, briefly closing her eyes. “The moon is very special to us. We use it for many special occasions including the ritual of turning a human and for casting certain spells as well.” She turned her head back placing her hands on either side of Kelly’s head. Her eyes, though her face was now in the shadows, were still brightly blue.

The admiring glance she got from head to toe caused butterflies to take flight in her belly. Adal took a sharp breath, unable to keep from responding to the blatant lust.

She cleared her throat a little, almost embarrassed by the perusal.“But we don’t become uncontrollable and automatically change when it’s full. That is Hollywood. And yes, it is full, actually.” The brightness of the moon was doing amazing things to the green eyes that held her heart.

The blond took a moment to considered that.“Come ‘ere, then. Kiss me, puppy.”

A dark brow lifted then Adal laughed and did as commanded. She felt hands curling around her a little harder but she resisted, afraid of hurting Kelly on the rough tree surface. “Kelly,” she gasped, lips never leaving lips, “I don’t want to hurt your back.”

“Shhh. I’m fine. The shirt is thick enough.” She could feel that the tree was cold and a little damp but it didn’t bother her that much.

She mumbled a few words then flicked her hand.

“What did you do?” Butterfly kisses being given muffled the question.

The moon, the night, and the taste of Kelly’s lips was making the werewolf lose control. “Blanket…tree…” She could barely think.

“Please, love, I need to feel your body pressing into me.” Craving the warmth, anticipating touching silky skin.

It was too much for Adal and she gave in. She used her full body to pin the blond to the tree, grinding her hips.

The heavy solid weight settled deliciously against her. “Oh oh… my god, are you… packing? We’re at your parent’s house!” Small hands reached down to investigate, anyway.

Adal felt her jeans being opened. She moaned when she felt the black leather harness moving as she was released and being stroked. “God, Kelly. That feels so good!” She murmured as she nibbled Kelly’s ear. She reached up and started opening buttons. She briefly wondered why her love wasn’t wearing a bra before she dove in.

She felt fingers wrap around her hair, her head pulled tighter against the breast she was worshipping. Their moans filled the air. Adal morphed her left hand and ripped right through shorts and underwear, incapable of putting together the simple words needed to have made them disappear instead.

Upstairs, in their bedroom, Seth and Deanna heard them. They walked to the balcony, being called by the full moon and the joy of having a happy daughter.

“I think we’re about to get a new daughter.” Though the couple was relatively far away, their enhanced vision enabled them to catch brief glimpses through the leaves. Seth stepped up behind his mate and wrapped an arm around her, gently nuzzling.

Deanna reached up behind to hook her hand around his neck. “I really like her.”

Then, they started a dance of their own.

Adal lifted Kelly up and was instantly further aroused when she felt those athletic legs wrap around her, the warmth of the body pressing against her. She looked into the green eyes now at her level and watched as the blond reached down between them. She felt herself grabbed and being guided to Kelly’s entrance.

When Kelly brought her hand back up signaling she was in place, Adal whimpered when drove in. ‘Yes!’ Finally able to thrust and be inside Kelly felt incredible. The vision before her would be forever etched in her mind. Kelly, with her shirt open, her breasts bouncing as she grinded against her, head tilted back, moans coming out of an open mouth. The moonlight creating such interesting shadows.

She suddenly was pierced by green eyes, the moonlight’s beam of light being reflected making them glow. She couldn’t speak.

Nails were digging into her shoulders, gripping her tighter and tighter. ‘God, how she loved that!’ She wish she could see, could only imagine how powerfully sexy those long red nails would look as they scratched and pierced her skin. ‘Kelly!’ She called out with her mind, wishing at that moment more than anything that her mate was a true blood werewolf so that they could connect their minds.


Adal jerked and growled when she felt the sudden presence in her mind. ‘How was this possible?’ But further thought became impossible when the connection became solid and true. Both women started moaning louder as they each felt the other’s pleasure. It was such a selfless give and take.

It’s wonderful to see your love come, awesome to hear her yell out your name, but nothing compares to actually sharing and experiencing exactly what she’s feeling, the wondrous moment when her body climaxes from your touch, when the depth of her love for you is known and confirmed.

The pleasure was too much, was indescribable and Adal lost complete control of her were, biting into the curve of Kelly’s shoulder.

Kelly felt sharp teeth pierce her skin and the intensity of her orgasm increased almost infinitely. It should’ve hurt, but she felt nothing but delirious pleasure as it rippled over her entire body. She never knew her vocals could sound so guttural.

“Oh my fucking God, Adal! How did you do that!” Kelly panted, trying to get her breath back from the most incredible sexual experience she thought could be humanly possible.

Adal carefully lowered Kelly’s legs, too astonished to answer right away, both because of the mind connection and inadvertently giving Kelly First Bite without consent. Even though Kelly seemed accepting of everything so far, she was required to ask. It was the first of three bites; she’d have to be really careful from then on out. Kelly needed to say yes to both being her mate and losing her humanity as well.

“It’s…it shouldn’t be possible.” She leaned against the woman, her legs barely able to hold her up. “Even when a human’s turned, they never have that capability. Mumirs don’t have any powers or abilities at all.” Adal managed to rasp out. Her wolf missed the connection with the other woman and it was howling and snarling in reaction. She’d have to speak to her parents, maybe even the Loremaster.

“I’m going to pull out now.” She felt the head still buried in her neck nod.

Minutes passed as they both recuperated. “You feel okay to walk?” Adal pulled back and started fixing herself. She watched as the other woman buttoned her shirt back up.

“Yeah, I’m a little wobbly, but I’ll manage.” She picked up her shredded clothing. “I hope we don’t run into anyone.” She grinned back, face still glowing and flushed. But the smile slowly faded when she noticed the were’s troubled look. She lowered her eyes, thoughtfully.

“What’s wrong?”

She smiled faintly then Adal took Kelly’s hand and started walking back. “We need to talk about what just happened, what I did.

“What you did?”

“Yeah. There are things I should have talked about first…especially before losing control like that and…biting you. Questions. I… had wanted to do this in a more romantic memorable way but…” She stopped when she was pulled back.

“I can’t imagine what could be more romantic than now. We just shared something you yourself said was impossible. We shared our bodies, our love, our pleasure…and under a full moon in a place that for some reason touches me.” Kelly placed her hands on Adal’s face. “This will be remembered ‘til I’m taking my last breath on this earth.”

The urbara slowly walked them back to the house to the outdoor bench. Placing Kelly on it, she got down onto her knee, reaching into her pocket. “I was supposed to ask you first before…”

Trusting green eyes looked back at her. “You don’t have to give me an answer right now because I know you will have to think about it.” She opened the box.

“Kelly, will you be my mate and make a den with me? Will you give up your humanity and become my were so that we may spend our forever days running together? I promise to always love and protect you and never leave your side.” She offered her beloved the velvet box where a beautiful platinum ring was encased. The words weren’t quite right but for a spur of the moment declaration, it would have to do.

Kelly picked up the ring. It had a small werewolf’s head and on either side, two hands cradling it.

“Think about it. Take as long as…”

Adal stumbled over the rest of her words as 120lbs of blond was suddenly hugging her. “Yes, yes yes!”

“Are you sure you want be a werewolf? The process can’t be reversed.”

Kelly kissed the tall brunette with all the passion she could muster. “I am completely sure, love. Completely.”
Adal let out a howl in joy. She heard her Allegiants return the calling. Bursting with happiness, she scooped up her mate. “We’ll talk more about this, but right now, all I want to do is go upstairs and continue making love to my girl.”

“Good, ‘cuz there are certain places my body is craving your so very talented tongue.”

Adal almost stumbled and she felt her wolf wake up again. Things with Kelly got better and better by the second!


Between being banged up a bit and the loving long into the night, Kelly slept soundly. Adal softly kissed her before she left, wanting to speak to either of her parents. She had questions.

After she showered and left Kelly’s breakfast prepared, she went in search of Deeanna. She found her mother in her study getting ready for Monday’s work, as was her usual. If all went well, it would be the same thing Kelly would be doing as the mate of a Head Alpha.

“Mom, can I talk to you?”

The older woman smiled at her daughter. “Of course, dear. How’s Kelly?” She asked with a smirk.

Adal sat in front of the large desk and chuckled. “She’s fine. Thanks for asking.”

Deeanna saw her struggling and started getting concerned.

“Something amazing and wonderful happened last night, mom. Something impossible and I…I don’t know what it means.”

The Beta studied her daughter. She got up and walked around to sit on the edge of her desk. “What happened?” Now focusing on her daughter, she could sense First Bite had been given. Was it possibly done without consent and now Kelly was freaking out?

“Last night, when we were…outside…” Strangely, she started blushing. Coupling, among their kind, was not seen the same way as humans saw it. Yet, here she was acting all bashful, staring into her hands.

“Kelly and I…connected…mind melded.”

She heard her mother gasp. “What? But she’s human!” There was a long pause. “Oh dear god, Adal!”

Her mother tone brought her head up sharply. “What! Is that really bad?”

“I…I thought you came here to tell me Kelly was angry about… well that she wasn’t ready…I don’t know what I thought.” She paced back and forth a few times. “We need to go to the Loremaster. She needs to hear this.” She scrambled a bit, completely uncharacteristic for a seasoned leader. “Seth!” She then bellowed both verbally and mentally, knowing he had to be informed as well.

The large man appeared almost instantly, eyes darting everywhere looking for danger. “What’s going on?” Several of his Allegiants showed up as well, looking like they were ready for combat.

“Adal, go wake Kelly up so we can get going.”

The urbara quickly rose, realizing that the situation was even more important than she thought. Her mom rarely lost her cool like that.


Kelly woke up and immediately frowned when she found herself alone. ‘Nice, my first day engaged to a werewolf and I wake up alone.’ She tried listening for sounds of her lover. ‘I don’t think she’s even here!’

Grudgingly, she trudged over to the bathroom, turning on the shower. Remembering the bite, she looked in the mirror. Four small punctures could barely be seen. She could have sworn they were larger last night. She touched them gingerly, surprised when instead of pain, arousal shot straight to her groin. ‘Ooh boy!’

She wondered what the bite meant. Adal had been so spooked by it, upset at the loss of control. She knew that’s how humans were turned, but obviously, something else was needed since she was still human.

Once she was clean and dressed, she made her way to the kitchen, wondering what to eat. She found a post it note on the table saying breakfast was in the fridge. Opening up the appliance, she found a tray covered in saran wrap with her name on it. ‘She’s so sweet!’

She drank the greens drink completely before she started peeling the large banana. Kelly leaned back and happily munched on that while taking sips of the protein shake, wondering where to start looking for Adal. That whole mind connection thing was really cool and she briefly tried doing it again to see if she could find or call her lover. She finished the last of the almonds and was throwing out the banana peel when Adal came in like a whirlwind.

“Kelly! I don’t mean to frighten you but I told mom about some of what happened last night. It’s just as I thought. Mind melding as we did really IS a big deal and she wants to see the Loremaster.”

“Are we in trouble?”

“No, love. I’ll let them explain, okay.? Everything is perfect, actually. More than perfect. We’re just going to let some people know what I’ve known from the beginning. Know what an amazing human being, you are.” She leaned down and kissed Kelly, hoping to show how true her words were.


“Seth, Adal has just informed me that the impossible has just happened. We need to go consult the Loremaster about it because I don’t remember much about the stories I heard whispered as a young urtur.”

“What happened and stories about what?”

“A foretelling, stories, rumors perhaps, surrounding a war that could potentially wipe out our bloodline, maybe even our species.”

Adal and Kelly showed up to just barely catch the end.

“You mean like a prophecy type thing?” The future Head Alpha asked.

“Let’s just all go so we can do this all together.”

The Navigator was already waiting for them outside and they were quickly taken towards the other side of the reservation.

Only Kelly was surprised when the old urbara dressed casually in jeans and a sweater, greeted them outside, already knowing they were coming. She was further surprised when the old woman gently grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes.

The woman was really old and soon would have to pass down her gifts. She no longer was able to transform, therefore she was aging almost as fast as a human. Her mind as well as her powers was still sharp, though. Of that, there was no question.

“You love Adal very much.” It was a statement.

“The blond nodded. “I do. And I was very glad I was able to show her just how much.”

The Loremaster smiled and studied the petite blond. Never had she been so impressed by a human. “You are a human with a kind and gentle soul, but I sense a strength in you that surpasses that. You are an Alpha within your right.” She turned to Adal. “Were you troubled by the irresistible pull you had to her because she was not an urbara?”

She paused to think back to that fateful day.” Yes. It was like some kind of primal instinct I’ve never experienced. Everything in me screamed she was my soulmate but I didn’t understand how that could be. But I followed along and hoped the gifts I have as a pure Royal wouldn’t lead me astray.”

“Come, let’s all go inside. I’ve got a story to tell that starts at the very beginning.”

They all entered the Loremaster’s home almost reverently since it was a first for all. As Loremaster, she was the oldest living were and not only was she full of wisdom gained from all that she had seen and experienced, she was also gifted with a sixth sense that enabled her to see things as they happened.

Kelly was in complete awe as she looked around studying the architecture, just totally amazed. From the outside, it had looked like a regular multi-level brown building with a large oversized door, but inside, it had huge huge walls that seemed to go up forever, full of books, manuscripts, and ancient looking scrolls. She felt like she was inside a cathedral. She imagined it could put the Library of Congress to shame.

The Loremaster escorted them through many halls, all filled with books and other types of written materials. Several were encased behind glass, probably controlling temperature and moisture.

“Unfortunately, there are countless parts of our history that has been lost, mostly at the hands of humans. Every time we were discovered, fire was set to our villages. Even as we ran and defended, we tried to save as many as we could.

“For many centuries, before we were able to convince mankind that our existence was nothing but a product of tales from creative writers, many of our stories were destroyed and many Loremasters were killed.”

“I’m so sorry! The urbaras have shown me nothing but kindness since the beginning long before I even knew your kind existed.” Then she turned to Adal. “Falling in love with a werewolf is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

They reached the large dark wooden paneled sitting room, where the fireplace was already lit. A spiral staircase graced the corner, and Kelly swore she could see a hint of more bookcases.

The Loremaster invited everyone to sit. The two Allegiants that had accompanied them stood out of sight. “Adal feels the same, for sure. Since being in the womb, she’s been taught how to have extreme control over her were and has surpassed many of the harsh tests and trials designed to reinforce that. As future Head Alpha, it is a must. Yet around you, the depth of her love is stronger than I’ve ever seen, especially with a human. It’s why she’s already lost control and given you First Bite.”

The small blond instinctively reached up to her neck. With all of the excitement, she had completely forgotten about it. She still only felt a slight tingle in the area.

“Actually, when you came into my office, that’s what I thought you were going to tell me. I thought Kelly had rejected becoming your mate.”

“First Bite?” The sudden sharp crackle of the burning logs punctuated the statement.

“She doesn’t know!” Deeanna exclaimed.

“Mother…everything is just going crazy and been so fast paced. I haven’t been able to keep up with it all.” Adal rubbed her forehead in frustration. She felt a soothing touch on her thigh. Looking into beautiful green eyes, she spoke from the heart. “Long before I even told her anything, I should say before she guessed, I knew I wanted her for a mate. I was pretty much gone when I went through a complete transformation and she still loved me. Then, last night, when we connected, I…I was beyond overwhelmed. That was like the tipping point and honestly, I was so euphoric…I admit, I lost control of my urbara.”

Kelly kissed her softly, showing everyone, especially Adal, that she was okay with everything that had happened.

“I had accepted, since I fell in love with a human, that I would be missing out on that connection, of being able to communicate with her that way.

“Last night, underneath the moonlight, mom, she agreed, understanding what saying yes meant.” The blond nodded her head, unshed tears in her eyes from just remembering the tender moment.

Adal turned back to the people in the room. “I hadn’t gotten to the explaining specifics of the transformation process. When I woke up and thought about our connection, I was still reeling from experiencing something so incredible and unexpected. I knew even once she became a mumir, we’d still never be able to bond that way.”

Now that it was out for discussion, everyone turned their attentions to Kelly. Feeling completely in the spotlight, she didn’t know what to do or say. “Uhm, I’m okay with all of it, if that’s what everyone is wondering…”

Seth observed the young woman closely. Even though it was very obvious she had been bitten, she was displaying none of the symptoms that came with someone who had received First Bite. Strange. He was the first to speak since he was Alpha and this was someone that would soon be part of his clan and his family.

He smiled to ease the nervous woman. “Kelly, we are all just a bit amazed at many things, beginning with how well your body is handling the first of three bites. Are you feeling anything unusual?”

“First of three? Wow. But no, not at all. Except for maybe a slight tingling.”

Everyone was silent, absorbing the magnitude of her statement.

“May I see, Kelly?” The Loremaster asked kindly.

The eldest were approached and studied her neck. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her, waiting. “It looks almost healed. Did you put something on it, dear?”

“No, Loremaster. I looked at it right before I showered. And since it wasn’t hurting and it didn’t look bad, I just left it alone.”

The old woman nodded and walked back to her chair. “I think this is where I should begin this. Seth, Deeanna, I’m sure you’ll agree that Adal has excelled in all of her training.”

They nodded. “She’s gotten higher scores and has shown greater powers than any ever recorded. Though I am Alpha, and my Beta is always around,” Seth acknowledged his mate, “there are many, both young and old that seek her counsel. Quite honestly, I’m in awe of my own daughter.” He gave her an affectionate look.

“Someone that strong needs an equally strong mate.”

“We thought about that. We’ve been concerned that she set her sights on a human. No offense to you, Kelly.”

“None taken, Deeanna.” And the blond smiled to show it was true.

“As we all know, an urbara’s soulmate can only be another urbara. But there is a rarely known legend, that in the old days would only get whispered as myths and tales to some children. I remember so many of my friends hoping they were the chosen one. I think I’m the last to know the story in our clan.”

Everyone in the room was now sitting at the edge of their seat, knowing a great revelation was about to heard.

“It goes something like this if I remember correctly. One day, there will be a great and powerful urbara, the likes not seen since our creation. She will find her soulmate not in another urbara, but in a very special human. When the time comes and these souls meet and re-join, the signs will be clear. Thunder and quakes between Royals would already have started. Together, the Alpha and her Beta shall reign and bring peace back to the Royals and save our species.”

Once the Loremaster stopped talking, everyone waited for more.

“That’s it?” Adal asked.

“Unfortunately, this dates back to the beginning and very little is known other than our Mother Arsena, was a white urbara with powers beyond imagination. It is said she was able to stop the first war among our kind and with the “dark forces”. We don’t have any of the details about who these “dark forces” were, how it was stopped, or even why it started.”

Tatiana, who up until that moment had been standing in the dark edges of the room, broke the silence. “Seems to me this story isn’t as unknown as you might think, Loremaster. I think the reason the spell was created is because someone else has pieced it together. Adal’s immeasurable powers are widely known and probably envied even among the other Royal families and so is the precedence she’s setting by being the first Head Alpha to mate with a human.”

Adal let out a growl, clearly coming from beast within as her anger caused her to partially morph. “I will rip anyone to shreds if anybody dares to get close. She was hurt once on my watch, it will not happen again!” Her lips pulled back, snarling. Her dark energy filled the room, causing her Allegiant to growl in reaction.

Adal calmed herself back to human shape when she felt a small hand rubbing her back. She whined when the blond head leaned against her shoulder. The touch, the gesture, grounded her in ways she never thought possible.

“She is ours now to protect, Adal.” Tatiana walked over to the couple, kneeling and lowered her gaze in respect. Adal gently nuzzled her bowed head showing gratitude and affection. “Now that we know magic is being used, I will personally inspect everything wherever we may be even if it’s familiar and on friendly territory.”

Kelly felt compelled to reach out to the woman. “Tatiana,” she touched her shoulder, “I truly thank you.”

The Allegiant stared intensely at the smaller woman, feeling the slight link becoming stronger. “You must be special, human, truly destined to my future Alpha. I should not feel a bond until much time has passed in your transformation to a mumir. Yet I can sense you, even if it’s faint.”

The small hand moved from the shoulder to gently cup her face. Tatiana closed her eyes, feeling content and at ease in the presence of the human. The others watched in awe. Tatiana had been Adal’s first Allegiant and had bonded to her almost immediately. She had never accepted anyone else. She had belonged to Adal since they had been urturs.

The gathering was briefly interrupted by the Loremaster’s apprentice coming in with refreshments for everyone.

Tatiana moved away quickly lest Adal’s wolf complain about the prolonged contact. Touching pure Royals’ mates was only briefly allowed and under direct supervision. Their mate should not have anyone else’s scent on them regardless of the reason.

“Thank you, Amy.” The apprentice clearly was intimidated by so many important people in the room, but was especially fascinated by the human.

“Will there be anything else?”

The Loremaster regarded the apprentice, amused at the wide-eyed attention she was giving Kelly. “Please get in touch with my assistant. I think she needs to be here rather than continuing her research based on recent developments.”

“As you wish, Loremaster.”

“So what happens now?” Adal asked, head reeling from the information overload.

“I will need help researching more about this prophecy if you want to call it that. I’ll bring in reserves from the surrounding packs while trying to keep this as quiet as possible. Alpha, maybe you can get the assistance from those you trust in other clans, perhaps?”

Seth nodded. Aside from many depending on his leadership for safety, he would do anything to help his daughter and her intended mate.

“I guess this explains all the noise lately that I’ve been hearing regarding trouble with the mages. Something’s got them all riled up but we haven’t been able to figure it out. We’ll need to set up a meeting with the other pack Alphas. Many have already expressed an interest in meeting the human my daughter is courting. When word gets around that she has consented to mating, that interest will only become stronger.”

“Adal, why don’t you and your lady go on home. We’ll all meet up again later and have the dinner that we were supposed to have yesterday. Your sister is dying to meet Kelly and Adrian feels the need to redeem himself.” Deeanna spoke as she walked over to them.

The young women stood up. Kelly was engulfed in warm strong arms. “Welcome to the family, little one. I’m pleased to have another daughter.”

“Thank you, Deeanna, for welcoming me so warmly.” She stood on her tippy toes and kissed her cheek.” The moved totally charmed the Beta.

The meeting over, they all walked out of the Loremaster’s dwelling.


It was now twilight. They were sitting high up on a tree, Kelly enjoying the warmth of being in between her lover’s legs and having long arms wrapped around her waist.

“There’s a lot to process…are…do…” Adal fought off the feeling of fear. Even though it seemed like all of this was being researched, and Kelly had already said yes, she still had the choice to walk away and Adal didn’t know how she would handle it if it happened. The mating process had already begun once First Bite had been given. If she left, she’d be unable to mate with anyone again, and the heartache would eventually drive her insane.

Kelly reached up her left hand to wrap around the smooth neck behind her. “I’m not going anywhere, love. In fact, I was going to ask you if you had a date in mind.” She snuggled deeper in the body behind her as she tipped her head back and looked up to see clear skies, the stars starting to peek through.

“How did you know…” The were chuckled. “Never mind. Anyway, this is a big event. My parents were the last pure Alpha Royals to be wed. And though I am not yet Head Alpha, it is still a big deal.”

“Oh my God, it sounds like we are going to have to wait so long! I don’t suppose we could elope?”

“Sorry, beautiful, but you’re marrying one of the Royals.”

A long sigh was heard. “That’s way more frightening than everything else so far, puppy.”

Kelly felt her hair parted and soft nibbles on her neck that slowly ended up by her ear. “Grrrrl.”

Hearing the beastly growl, Kelly felt herself start to throb. She grabbed one of the hands resting on her waist and slowly slid it down, firmly pushing long fingers hard against her, surrendering to the intense craving she had for her lover’s touch. “When do I get the second bite?”

Adal felt she was losing control of her wolf again. Never had she had this problem before. But after hearing the question and feeling Kelly’s warmth coming through her pants…

Kelly let herself relax and sink deeper into the seductive air they were creating. ‘Adal?’

‘Fuck, yes, Kelly!’ Echoed back.

The mental connection was easier this time. Quicker. The buildup intensified instantly. It took them by surprise, neither having the experience yet of being able to prolong and enjoy the pleasurable merging.

‘I’m gonna try something, love.’ Kelly used their melding and her pleasure and knowledge of Adal’s body to see if she could get Adal to feel as if…

Adal jerked as she felt the sensation of being entered. ‘Kelly!’ Her mind shouted. ‘How was she doing that?’

When it was over, Adal just wanted to howl long and loud. Her urbara, now knowing Kelly desired it too, wanted its mate now!

Still panting, trying to recover from what Kelly had done, Adal spoke. “I think we’re going to have to have the mumir ceremony as soon as possible. My wolf is demanding its mate and it’s not going to wait months and months for this.”

She turned slightly, tilted her head up, and lovingly gazed at her future mate, feeling a deep surge of emotion that was probably a residual from the connection they’d just shared. “Ad, as far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better. I’m ready, love.”

“We’ll talk to my mom. Let her know. We’ll have to prep some stuff and I’d like her to explain to you what the process will be like.” She felt a bit awkward saying the rest so soon after they had… “I hate to say this but it’s going to be…hard.”

Sensing her partner was hurting for her and the sudden mood change, she rotated away from her to give her some space, facing the darkening skies. After a long period of silence went by, Kelly asked. “How about after dinner? Do you know if she has plans?”

Adal paused. “Wow, you really are ready?” Her voice sounded full of wonder.

She tipped her head to the side and turned her body around so that they were now looking at one another and cupped the smooth face before her. “Adal, I’m not scared. I’m ready to be claimed as your mate.”

The kiss was long and passionate as the wolf circled her arms around to play, as usual, with the groove at the small of her back. For some reason she found it sexy and was fascinated by it.

“After dinner it is.” Adal panted out, still out of breath, and leaned her forehead against Kelly’s.


Dinner had turned out to be a lively affair with lots of loud conversation and laughter. It had been funny to see Adrian wait on Kelly, hand and foot, even going so far as to make sure she got her favorite dessert the second she had told him what it was. Adal took it in stride even though her wolf was a bit unhappy and wanted to visibly claim Kelly.

Adal and Kelly were now in the medium sized reading room that had been specifically designed for Deeanna. It had a cozy feeling to it with comfortable chairs around the room, perfect for following the afternoon light. The blond felt honored at being allowed into what was obviously the Beta’s sanctuary.

The older were was sitting next to Kelly holding the woman’s petite hand. “What I’m about to say may sound very frightening, but please know, that we all will do everything we can to help you.” Deeanna felt her hand squeezed followed by a nodding of the head.

“After you receive the third bite, the process takes five days where you will be unconscious for most of the time. Your body will slowly lose its humanity and it will be very painful. On the last day, you’ll wake up completely disoriented and extremely hungry. You will, quite violently, attempt to look for food in your human form. Transforming will take a very long time to master, sometimes even up to a year. You also won’t have any special powers, not even the basics. Once you learn to shift, you will need to keep clothes with you at all times since you won’t have the magical ability to take them with you like we do. Those are pretty much the crucial parts for now. We’ll teach you the rest as time goes by. Now, do you have any questions?”

“No.” She reached back and grabbed her girlfriend’s hand. “I trust her and love her. I’m ready. What do I need to do now?”

“You and Adal just need to determine when it will happen. I think it should be done here so that if something happens, help is just around the corner.”

“We’ll talk it over mom, and let you know.”

“I know I haven’t yet discussed this with Adal, but super moon is coming up. I’m thinking the third bite should happen then?”

The soon to be Alpha smiled brightly. “That would be perfect, love.”

“Oh how wonderful! It truly will be special.” The older woman gushed, smiling widely. “I will make sure everything works out for you girls.”


The day for the second bite had arrived. The blond had planned on delightfully tormenting her lover the whole day, beginning before they even got out of bed.

She rubbed her body alongside the brunette’s making the other woman moan and revel in the feel of skin on skin. The first words Adal heard before opening her eyes on the day when the second bite was scheduled was supposed to be only the beginning of the many sexual tortures Kelly had in mind. “I can’t wait ‘til tonight when I can feel both your fingers thrusting inside me and your teeth piercing my skin.”

Adal felt her urbara emerge and an inhuman growl was heard as the smaller body pressed against her. Still in semi form, her response was all gravelly. “You’re wrong. You only have to wait for one of those things tonight.” And proceeded to make love to the blond. Nothing turned her on more than the lingering scent of their loving from the night before. It was rich and musky. It was absolutely intoxicating!

Her head was roughly nudged downwards. She smiled wide as she slithered her way down Kelly’s body. Firm thighs opened up for her. Their combined scent almost overwhelmed her, making her want to hurry, but instead, she opened up her mind, looking for her mate.

That sudden rush of pleasure as the connection was made, made her whimper. The desire, the need to bite was indescribable. They had planned it for that night to make it special and romantic. But here and now…she felt her teeth elongate just thinking about it.

Kelly literally felt the werewolf’s struggle, her hunger. ‘It’s okay, Adal. Do it!’

Adal lifted her head and let out a mix between a grunt and a howl. ‘Why do you make me lose control like this? Nothing, and I mean nothing has ever come close to making me lose it.’

‘I’m your mate, Adal, that’s why. Do it, my love. I don’t want to wait.’

“No, this is wrong! How can I do something that special just so that you can go off and work and go about your regular day?”

‘Look at the time.’

The were looked over and saw that it was almost noon. If Kelly were going to work at the gym, her first client would have been at nine in the morning.

‘I was planning on spending the day with you. Surprise!’ Kelly felt Adal’s genuine joy coming through.

‘Sweet!’ But first things first. She would get to the second bite soon, but for now…being so close to her treat anyway, Adal felt no more words were needed and brought her lips down to the warm wet offering.

Kelly’s cry of pleasure was vocal as highly sensitized skin was consumed.

Night had come early.


Kelly woke up slowly, taking in the warmth behind her, feeling closer to Adal than she thought possible. She turned her head to the side to look at the window. It was dark out. The were’s breathing was steady and deep. “I love you.” She whispered, just to see what would happen. It was fascinating, really. She heard a sub vocal rumbling and the tall woman burrowed deeper into her.

The bonding was almost complete. Her head told her that she should be terrorized that she was willingly giving up her humanity to become a beast. A beast of which she knew nothing about. Do they eat or kill people? Need blood? Adal was always conscious of how much protein she ate and dinner always meant huge steaks. That had been perfect for the muscled personal trainer since it had always been such an important part of her own diet. Adal had told her that after a transformation, the need would be triple as a new mumir.

She idly wondered how things would be different if Adal had been a vampire. ‘Oh god, they must also exist too, right? She’d have to remember to ask. Maybe that’s what this war was about? She hoped not, it seemed too much like a typical Hollywood movie. No, didn’t Seth say the war was with the mages? What did they want?’

Too many thoughts.

Kelly reached up to her neck. It still didn’t hurt, only tingled. Their loving had been ferocious and wild, full of giving and taking. When she had felt those sharp teeth sink in, it had been instant ecstasy and she had struggled to concentrate on sending that back to Adal. She had wanted the bonding to be experienced by both. For a few brief moments, she got to touched the wolf, to be in its glorious presence. She had wanted so much more.


The day was finally here and there was excitement all over the reservation. The packs further away would eventually be informed for the more formal wedding but for the moment, the locals were restless. There had been no further attempts on the human’s life but no one was taking chances.

A few of the urbaras were ambivalent about the soon to be mumir. But she had won many of them over, the times she had been around interacting and befriending them. Specially the younger ones who had never had to experience the hatred humans had for them when people found out about their existence.

The older ones were not too happy, but since she seemed harmless… They would feel better once she became one of them.

Kelly felt weird knowing that Adal’s mom knew for a fact that they were going to be making love that day. A mom should assume stuff like that, not know it. Adal had tried to tell her that weres didn’t view sex same way humans did. That had made it better, but not by much.

She was downstairs waiting for Adal to finish some last minute romantic touches as she had called them. She sensed her love coming down and automatically turned. She almost fainted at the exquisite sight as she watched Adal approach her.

Slowly down the stairs, came Adal, completely naked, her blue eyes blazing brightly with raw lust.

Kelly wanted to speak but only squeaks came out. Adal said nothing, just started undressing her, slowly. As each piece of flesh appeared, it was worshipped. They spent a few minutes unhurriedly exchanging kisses.
They were slow and sweet and so unlike the usual, it made her heart thunder inside.

It seemed like suddenly she was in bed with a gorgeous were above her. One of these days, she hoped she could remember to ask about that. But for right now… The heat of their combined skin on skin felt beyond amazing. Slow and sweet kisses turned to hungry lips feasting on her breast. They connected, something that now was like second nature to them, and it felt like suddenly being showered in love as if it had a physical form.

Kelly could feel the barely restrained beast, aching to come out, to claim. She wanted to feel that muscled body moving against her, feel it slick with sweat moving against her flesh. To have those amazing blue eyes looking at her in love and in passion.

Adal slid her thigh between Kelly’s, fingers tracing teasing tickling paths from top to bottom. There…they had barely just begun and she could see those teeth becoming longer, sharper. On impulse, she grabbed Adal’s head and pulled her down. Without thought to the possible consequence, Kelly ran her tongue across her fangs.

Adal nearly fainted when she experienced the strange sensation on her teeth. No one had ever done that! The pleasure rippled through her body all the way down to her toes, bringing out a deep groan. The urge to bite was the strongest it had ever been. She wondered, for a split second, if the urges would go away after the final bite.

Kelly celebrated the pair of skillful lips that worshipped her. She breathed out when that knowing intimate touch reached and touched the inside of her leg, slowly, much too slowly moving up. She heard Adal’s beast growl. God, that was such an erotic sound! It made her nipples ache and tighten and…

Everything about their lovemaking was so much more intense for both of them. The ability to not just give your partner pleasure but to know and experience it elevated the bonding to epic levels. Adal’s lycanthropic senses, not limited to human levels, made every touch, every lick, every…

Adal salivated almost literally. Her nose, which wanted to dive in to where that distinct scent was, so uniquely Kelly, was warring with the urge to finally sink her teeth in, to claim that which was hers. But her wolf had to be patient tonight, for once that was done, Kelly would be out for the count. Adal felt Kelly’s heart rate pick up even more.

Kelly felt her butt squeezed. Hard. ‘Adal!’ She grunted, transmitting her pleasure, mentally asking for more and harder. She craved everything the tall woman could give her. She felt damp heat as teeth closed around her nipple and wondered if they were still elongated so she looked. ‘Yes!’

The tall woman started to work her way down Kelly’s body, nibbling and smelling her skin as she reached her navel, taking a few moments to spend some time tasting and teasing the skin around it.

The body beneath her tensed as she moved lower, opening wide for her. She breathed in deeper.

Small hands pulled at her and she followed. Sea green eyes full of passion and love peered back at her. Adal closed her eyes when she felt herself touched so very intimately, her body instantly turning to fire. She returned the touch.

Kelly felt the pressure build, their mind connection allowing them to match each other’s rhythm. She felt the escalating tension and welcomed it, shared it, desperately wanting Adal to know how good she made her feel.

She felt the sentiment returned and it filled her heart with joy that she could bring so much pleasure to this wonderful magical creature. ‘I love you’ echoed strongly around her mind. And that tipped the scales, her body contracting, feeling, knowing Adal’s release matched hers. Her body shivered when Adal let go a strong animalistic growl from where her head was buried next to her neck.

Their rocking slowed and the touching eased gently. But they were not done. Not by a long shot.

The loving and worshipping managed to go on into the night until the wolf would wait for its mate no more and Adal finally lost control and surrendered her wolf up to the night.

The were, losing her patience, firmly gripped the sweet fragrant blond hair and hurriedly pulled her head to the left, exposing the creamy vulnerable curve of Kelly’s neck. Without further waiting, she sank her teeth in. Her wolf howled in joy and she projected that to her lover.

The orgasm, more intense than any had experienced so far, left them depleted.


Adal let in her parents, who had shown up to see how everything had gone and to bring over steak and eggs.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be without her for five days! I’m going to go mad for sure.”

“That’s why we’re here, sweetheart. We know it’s going to be tough for you and we want to try and make it as easy as possible. Breakfast will only take a few more minutes in the oven and then we’ll talk some more, okay?”

Seth pulled his daughter and they both sat on the couch. “Come Let your mother do her thing.”


Kelly opened eyes disoriented for a minute, and found herself in a beautiful forest, full of large trees all lush and green, some bursting with fruit. ‘Figs maybe?’ She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the smell of the rich and fertile earth. Slowly, she became aware of a presence and when she turned to focused on it, she found the largest urbara she had seen yet and it was completely bleach white. It stood on its hind legs and walked slowly towards her.

“We are one.” Then it kept going and she closed her eyes, letting her body absorb it. She could feel her. She was her.

This time, Kelly opened her eyes for real and sat up in bed abruptly, looking around her seeing she was out of the forest and back in the bedroom. Though she was alone, her new heightened senses could still catch her mate’s scent. Adal was near.

Scenes of her vision faded in and out of her consciousness, as the union between the white were and herself meshed tighter. She felt her beast within, and it wanted out.

She grinned. She opened herself up to the power she felt inside, her eyes seeing the particles of her clothing vaporize, subconsciously wondering where the knowledge came from. She focused more on her wolf, and slowly, easily, painlessly, she transformed. She felt her body broadening, arms and legs thickening, her muscles rippling as she changed and shifted. A pleasurable hot sensation burned through her as the process completed. The new mumir cocked its head and listened, sniffed.

Adal tuned the others out, her wolf stirring anxiously. She felt a pulling, a familiar calling.

Everyone else in the house, occupied in conversation regarding the planning of the official ceremony, stood up in shock when they all heard a growl that turned into a long howl coming from upstairs.

They ran.

Upon opening the bedroom door, the sight that greeted them brought them all down to their knees, except for Adal.

It was a white urbara! How could it be? There hadn’t been a white were since the origin of their kind, since their mother.

The large white urbara with legs thick and powerful looking, approached Adal and whimpered while gently nuzzling her. “Kelly.” Adal felt something familiar and loving touch her mind, immediately recognizing her new mate. She opened herself up completely, her wolf rejoicing and transformed. The two urbaras howled loudly and triumphantly. Adal’s were celebrated. It was now complete.

‘I love you!’

‘I love you too, Adal.’

The two women, completely oblivious to everything, came together. Adal’s dark fur contrasting sharply against the white as she draped her head over Kelly’s. It was such an intense merging of weres, such an ecstatic greeting, the force of it drove all urbaras in the nearby area to their knees, whimpering.

Kelly mentally gathered her clothes to her, reforming them as she went back to her human self. The process easy and instinctual.

They pulled apart and shyly grinned at each other. “I can’t believe it’s been five days! I thought you said it was going to hurt. I don’t remember feeling a thing. I’m starving, what’s there to eat?”

Adal just cupped Kelly’s face and kissed her passionately as an answer.

Seth and Deeanna remained quiet, speechless really, still trying to process everything as they rose. They waited until the lovers stopped kissing. “Actually, it’s only the morning after.”

The male voice finally got Kelly and Adal to notice the other occupants. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to ignore you, Alpha.”

Downplaying history being made so as to keep Kelly from being alarmed, Deeanna calmly answered. “That’s quite all right, we just finished breakfast. How about I go and fix you up a plate?”

“By the looks on everyone’s face, something happened, right?” She felt an uneasy tension in her guts. She felt her mate’s wolf reach out to her.

“Many somethings, dear, many impossible things as a matter of fact. But we’ll talk more once you’ve eaten, Kelly.” Deeanna winked, her blue eyes twinkling.

She looked to Adal, but the look of pure happiness and love showing there and the strong calming presence of her mate’s urbara eased her wolf. Her hand taken, she curled her fingers around her lover’s. They walked together, falling behind the others, down the stairs.

“I’m not in trouble, am I?”

“No love. But I’m thinking we’re going to get a visit from the Loremaster any second now.”

“We are? I thought you said she never left her place, too afraid of leaving the artifacts and books in the care of others?”

“True, but it’s not every day a mumir defies all laws known to us. Not to mention,” Adal turned to Kelly mid step and gave her a soft kiss. “It seems like my soulmate is the essence of Arsena herself.”

Kelly took a minute to digest what she was told. “The white wolf!”

They had reached the kitchen and on the table were a couple of plates with large steaks already served.

“Yes. In all of the thousands of years of our existence, there has never been another white urbara since our mother.

As predicted, the Loremaster appeared, slightly out of breath as if she had run all the way.

“The new soulmates need a honeymoon, now, as in right now!” Were the first words out of her mouth. “They need time alone to cement the reunion and complete the merging. Not to mention, they need to learn to reign in and shield the force of their weres. Now that they’ve reunited, any intense emotions felt will bring most of the urbaras to their….”

Just the thought of spending time alone increased the mates’ were essence again. The intensity was too much to bear for the Allegiants, both inside and outside the house, and they dropped to their knees. Seth and Deeanna’s wolves, being Alphas and recognizing the force of their offspring were better able to handle it. However, handling Kelly’s was proving to be a challenge even for them.

The Loremaster, even though still standing, had to take several steps back and brace herself.

“Knees.” She finished, holding on to the wall and looking at the others on the ground. ‘Good lord, they were strong.’

Once Kelly and Adal took their eyes off each other, they realized that the Loremaster was correct. They needed to be alone together and learn to control the power and force of their mating. They couldn’t go around bringing people to their knees wherever they went.

One by one those on their knees stood.

“Love, we have a special place soulmates are allowed to go. We’ll go there tonight, yes?”

Kelly stepped forward into the embrace and rose up on her tippy toes to lightly kiss her were, keeping it as chaste as possible in deference to the others in the room. ‘I can’t wait.’ She mentally sent the message.

Adal smiled widely, both at how the message was sent as well as what it said. Things were rapidly changing, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. She knew, together with her mate, they could handle whatever troubles waited for them in the future.
The end.

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