The Sith Empress by AJ Marks

The Sith Empress
by AJ Marks

Part 1

Jessica sat in the back of the transport as it bounded along through hyperspace towards a location that was unknown to all of
them. She did not have to look around to know that there were about one hundred Imperial stormtroopers on board. They had
been specially picked for a special assignment. No one in the main hold had any idea as to what the mission was, or why.

Glancing around the hold she could see that most of the men and women were the elite soldier of the Imperial Army under
General Garret. They all knew that he was now a rogue Imperial general who wanted to bring back the glory of the Empire.

Jessica had joined the Imperial Army to help quell her soul’s seemingly endless need for blood and violence. She had risen quickly
in the ranks of the army as she performed her missions quickly and efficiently. No one on board made any attempts to talk to the
tall dark haired woman. That was fine with Jessica as he hated talking. Action was the only think that mattered to her now.

She stretched out her long legs as much as the cramped space would allow to try and relieve some of the cramping. Her one point
eight meter frame did not leave much space especially when the cargo hold was filled with other solders. She could tell that they
were in the same predicament that she was in.

Jessica felt the bump through the ship’s hull as it encountered the atmosphere. She watched as several of the others heads bobbed
along with the jerking of the ship. They would soon know where they were and what their mission was.

Everyone on board the ship felt the touchdown as the ship landed on the surface of the planet. Jessica figured that there no
threats on the planet because they had not been briefed about a potential enemy that they might be engaging.

The doors to the shuttle opened and Jessica watched as everyone walked off in the order that they had come in. She walked off
the ship and glanced around the area. She noticed that there was a small cave that was heavily guarded at the moment. There was
a lizard looking person standing in front of the cave. She could tell by the way he was standing that he was the one in charge.

Jessica lined up with the rest of her squad as they waited for the word of what was going to happen to them. She could feel an
odd presence in the air almost as if it was swirling around her as a brush of wind, but somehow seemed like more.

“Welcome, my troopers,” the lizard looking person said as he glanced out at the group. “My name is Desann and you will be my
reborn troopers and new shadow troopers. Together we will destroy the Jedi and the Empire under me will be reborn.”

Jessica had an idea of what Desann was saying but figured that he would clarify what he was saying a bit later. She figured that
they would probably be given special weapons for attacking the Jedi as normal weapons would usually not be too effective.

“I know that many of you are thinking what we can do against the Jedi. We are not Force users. That is why you are here, here in
the Valley of the Jedi,” Desann said to each of them. “Each of you will walk through the fountain inside of the cave. Through this
it will intensify your capabilities to use the Force. With this ability you will be strong enough to destroy the weaker Jedi.”

Jessica was not sure about what she had just heard. This was the fabled Valley of the Jedi. She had always thought that it was a
myth to cover the disappearance of the Sith. Jessica was not sure about the place’s ability to help a person use the Force.
Whatever power the place had she would find out shortly.

Jessica watched as the group slowly began to walk into the cave one at a time. When they exited the cave they were given a
lightsaber and their skills were tested. After watching a few of the others she realized that this place really did have the abilities
that Desann was saying it did. Jessica also realized that some appeared to be stronger than other. Desann seemed to separate
those and they were shown a different area to head off to. She figured that they would be part of an elite troop.

The line in front of her slowly shrunk until she was next in line. She stepped into the cave and was told only to walk through the
emanating light in front of her. She walked towards the light not sure what she was going to expect as she stepped into the light.

The world around her faded out as a voice called out to her. It was an evil voice that she seemed to somehow recognize but she
was sure she had never heard it. She tried to ignore the voice for as long as she could but it seemed to draw her in. All she wanted
to do was be in the middle of the action.

If its action you desire, then follow me, Jessica heard the voice say. She turned around to see if she could see where the voice
was coming from but still saw nothing.

“Who are you,” Jessica asked feeling herself go into a fighting stance over something she could not see.

Your true Lord and Master, I am Darth Zaris, the voice replied as a dark cloaked figure emerged right in front of her. She stepped
back for a second as the figure became clearer to her. When the time is right you will go to Ouspent. There you find me and your

Jessica wondered about the figure and the name Darth Zaris. His figure faded as she felt the power around her surged through
her. The last thing she remembered before blacking out was a strange sensation of someone else very important to her nearby.


A group of four students were facing off against several training droids in order to gain experience in lightsaber dueling. It was a
training that all students went through and it was deliberately tough to master.

Several of the students had noticed that the Jedi Masters and a couple of the Jedi Knights had looked worried lately. It was almost
as if they had felt something in the Force. Rumors had been going around about a new group of Dark Jedi in alliance with the
Imperial forces.

Jedi Master Fie-Tel looked over to where his students were practicing with a bit of pride. They were learning quickly, at all of
them with the exception of one student. He glanced over to where she was standing. Her green lightsaber was on and she doing
all right, but he noticed that she lacked something for this part of the training. She needed to be able to put an opponent down in
case there was a situation that required it.

Fie-Tel watched as she stood there in a defensive position blocking the droids blows. She did not go on the offensive at all. He
had tried and tried again to get her to attack and his patience was about at an end with the student. He figured that he would have
to talk with Master Skywalker again about her.

He was still watching when she suddenly froze in place and then collapsed to her knees. The training droid did not stop however
as time slowed down. He called out to her but she did not respond at all.

A nearby student called Pacy was attacking his droid when he heard his master call out. A quick glance over he noticed what his
master was yelling about. One of his fellow students was in trouble. Not realizing what he was really doing he used the Force to
rush over to where she was and was just able to block the droid’s blade. The only problem was now there were two droids
attacking him.

Pacy was worried for a second as he blocked first one then two blows from the droids. He knew that he did not have the skill or
training to take on two droids. He was relieved when he saw a familiar yellow blade blocking the next blow. He knew it was his
teacher who had joined him.

Fie-Tel made quick work of the training droids that were attacking them then turned to his stunned student. She had passed out
and he quickly checked her vital signs. He was relieved when he realized she was still breathing and her heart rate appeared to be

“Pacy, take her to the med lab, I’ll join you shortly. The rest of you go back to your studies,” he told the group and then went to
find Master Skywalker.

Fie-Tel did not have to wait long as he quickly went to find Master Skywalker. He passed Kyle Katarn on his was into Master
Skywalker’s office. Fie-Tel noticed that Kyle seemed a bit determined about something.

“Master Fie-Tel, what can I do for you this day,” Luke asked the man as he came into the room.

“Master Skywalker, I’m having a problem with one of my students. She collapsed during the training,” Fie-Tel replied.

“Gaia, right,” Luke said. Gaia was the only one of Fie-Tel students who gave him trouble. He had talked with him over the
student. Luke had also wanted to talk with Gaia about her training but things had kept coming up lately.

“Yes, she just fell down during the training sessions today. If Pacy had not stepped in Gaia would have been injured for sure by
the training droid,” Fie-Tel replied.

“Then perhaps its time I talked with her. I’ll meet you in the med lab shortly. I just have to report some information to the New
Republic Intelligence Agency,” Luke told Fie-Tel.

“Yes Master Skywalker,” Fie-Tel said then left the room.

Luke finished up his report and felt something strange in the Force. He turned around and noticed Master Yoda standing just
behind him. He wondered what was so important for the old Jedi Master to appear before him now.

“Master Yoda,” Luke said a bit surprised at the appearance of the great Jedi Master. Luke was still not sure what to make about
it. The last time he had seen Obi-Wan-Kanobi he had said that it was getting to hard to bridge the gap between the two worlds.

“Great disturbance in the Force there is,” Yoda said in his usual way of speaking. “New Sith Lord there is. To defeat need more
than the Force you will.”

Luke was about to respond when the great Jedi Master disappeared. Luke was left trying to figure out what Yoda meant in his
cryptic message. He also wondered if Yoda was talking about the current disturbance in the Force or if there was something else
that was going to happen. He knew that Yoda had spent a great deal of time and training with looking into the future with the
Force. Many times he knew what was going to happen and Luke wondered if this was one of those times.

Luke decided not to worry about it right now. He made his way to the med lab to see what had happened to Gaia. He also hoped
that he would be able to talk with the young padawan.


Jessica slowly became aware of her surrounding again as consciousness came back to her. She had a bit of a headache that was
beginning to ease up but she had a feeling that the headache would last the rest of the day.

A voice above her snapped her back to the present as she regained her senses. She opened her eyes and had to wait a few
seconds as her eyes adjusted to the light. She made out a figure that was standing above her.

“Are you all right,” the man asked as he noticed her opening her eyes.

Jessica heard the man talking to her and stretched out her muscles. She felt nothing out of place and knew that she was all right.
The man was still waiting for her to answer him and she glanced around the room. She could feel a strange power coursing
through her even though her head hurt.

“I’m fine,” Jessica replied as she stood up to stand beside the man. Her headache was slowly fading away and she went back to
the cave entrance. She walked out into the sunshine. She could feel everything now with an intoxicating feeling. The raw power
she had made her feel like she was invincible. She glanced over at Desann and realized that he would not last long, but she could

Desann walked up to where she was standing. He had felt something while she was in the cave and briefly wondered if she had
been the cause of it all. He looked her over and noticed that she was a bit taller than Tavion was. There also seemed to be power
flowing from her. He thought that this woman might be able to replace Tavion at his side.

“Shadow,” he said to her and she was led off to where a group was receiving black armor and other equipment.

Jessica walked towards the area and picked up her armor and a lightsaber. She noted that the material that made up the armor
might be lightsaber resistant. Jessica could already tell that Desann was careless if he believed that everyone in his army followed
him. She already had another master and smiled at that thought.

She looked over the rest of her squad as she walked back to the shuttle. They would be boarding General Garret’s command ship.
He and Desann had joined together to make a partnership to overthrow the New Republic. Jessica had already foreseen that the
partnership was doomed as they would both be killed by the New Jedi Order.

Once back on board the ship Jessica went to find a place to meditate. Sitting down she allowed the Force to flow through her as
she listened to it. The ‘Dark Side’ of the Force called strongly to her. She felt a part of her reply just as strongly to it. She knew
through the Force where they were headed, Yavin IV, and the home of the Jedi Academy.

Jessica realized that their plan was a bold move, stupid, but bold. Garret and Desann were not yet powerful enough for such a
frontal attack on the Jedi yet the group was going to anyway. She knew that Jedi Master Skywalker had done a good job in
teaching his new Jedi, but she would be a different story. She also realized that the person that would bring about the defeat of
Desann was already on board the ship. A Jedi called Kyle Katarn.


Luke Skywalker walked into the med lab looking around for Fie-Tel. The Jedi was sitting down next to Gaia who was now wide
awake. Gaia looked around in a bit of confusion about something she was not even sure she could express. Luke could feel that
something was going on in the padawan.

“Master Skywalker, Gaia has just been telling me about a strange dream that she had,” Fie-Tel said seeing the Jedi Master walk
into the room.

“Perhaps if you tell me we can figure it out together,” Luke said gently as he sat down on the other side of the bed.

Gaia pushed a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear as she thought about were to begin. There were so many things to talk
about and even more that she did not want to talk about. She finally decided to begin while she was on the training field.

“I was on the training field with the training droid,” Gaia began. “I remember feeling something strong inside of me. I’m not sure
what it was. It might have been the Force but I’m not sure.”

Luke nodded his head in understanding of what Gaia had said. Gaia might have some other talent in the Force. In his travels in
the universe he had encountered all types of Force users and Gaia might have some sort of similar abilities.

“I felt this great sorrow, and then a burst of only what I could describe as pure evil,” Gaia hesitated here for a second then
decided to continue her description. “I saw two robed figures, one tall the other short. I thought that the two were women but I
was not sure. Then one told me that I’m the key, but I have no idea as to what I’m the key for. There are many more here that are
more powerful than I am.”

“Remember that size does not matter. Master Yoda was one of the smallest Jedi ever, yet he was one of the most powerful Jedi’s
ever. Each of us is powerful in our own ways. We must use the strength we have to win out battles,” Luke said remembering the
lessens he had learned so long ago.

Gaia let that sink in before saying thing more. “The strange thing was is that I somehow felt like I knew them,” Gaia told them.
She was still trying to understand why she had felt that way and had come up empty.

“We’ll look into this later, but right now I have to be somewhere else,” Luke said getting up and motioning for Fie-Tel to follow
him. “Allow her some rest before restarting her training,” Luke told him as they exited the room.

“Is that all Master Skywalker,” Fie-Tel asked not sure if that was the only reason why Luke has asked him out of the room.

“No, I also had a visit from Master Yoda after you left,” Luke said startling Fie-Tel with what he had just said. “He told me that
there is a disturbance in the Force that deals with more than the Force. I’m not sure if he was talking about Desann or not, but let
me know if anything else happens to her.”

“I will Master Skywalker,” Fie-Tel said. He was impressed that Master Skywalker had received a visit from one of the most
powerful Jedi ever. Although something like that usually meant bad things for them all. He would keep a close eye on his young


Jessica felt the ship come out of hyperspace and knew that the ship had arrived in the Yavin system. A few minutes earlier they
had received their orders and she was told to help take the base. She knew that in all of the confusion that she would be able to
slip away easily. Getting a ride off Yavin was the only thing that might be difficult, but she had confidence that she would be able
to do it.

The troopers began loading on board the shuttle for the descent towards the planet’s surface. There was already heavy resistance
to the landing as several fighters from the planet’s surface had come up to challenge the attack. Jessica knew that things would
only get worse for Desann and his army.

Jessica felt the shuttle that she was in land on the planet’s surface with a slight bump. The door opened up and the ground
troopers that she was with quickly ran out of the shuttle. There was an immediate barrage of fire from the defenders. Jessica
wasted no time in igniting her lightsaber and deflected any attacks that came her way.

A couple of quick blocks sent the shots right back at her attackers. She looked around knowing that now was the right time for
her to try and get to Ouspent. She glanced around and noticed an empty fighter. It already had an R2 droid and was just waiting
to lift off.

Ducking some defending fire she quickly jumped into a fighter. Flicking the few switches she ignited the engine. She glanced
around as she had felt something strange during her run to the fighter. It was something she had never encountered before.
Dismissing it she gunned the engines and took off.

Jessica quickly set the coordinates of her destination and made the jump to light speed and left behind the battle that she knew
Desann and Garret would lose.


Gaia fought hard as the stormtroopers and some others wielding lightsabers came charging into the Jedi training academy. They
hardly had any warning as to the suddenness of the attack. The ship had appeared near space near the moon.

During the fight she had noticed a tall person in black armor that had sliced through several of the guards. Gaia watched as the
figure took off towards an unguarded fighter. There was something about the way the person moved that made her watch. The
person jumped into the fighter and took off.

Gaia did not have much time to think about it as two others jumped her. She was suddenly defending them off when another man
came running in. He had beard and brown hair with a blue lightsaber. With the two that she was fighting focused on her he made
quick work of the two men.

Gaia had to regroup as she watched the two men in front of her die. Part of her thought she had seen the man who had come in
and thought that his name was Kyle Katarn. He obviously knew his way about the Force.

Gaia went with him a little bit as the fought their way through a few more attackers. She tried her best but she still could not bring
herself to kill anyone. She was able to knock out a few attackers that she had to confront.

Kyle disappeared under some stairs and she waited on the surface. Glancing around she noticed that for the moment things were
quiet where she was. The sounds of battle were growing faint and she realized that the battle was winding down fast.

Gaia made her way back to the main hanger and help out with the cleanup. The mysterious stranger made its way back into her
mind. Gaia did not understand why she felt something at the person dressed in black armor and tried to rationalize what had

The cleanup went very well and everyone was in a good mood. They had beaten back the attack and everyone felt good about
the effort in their defense. Luke Skywalker came walking into the area along with Kyle Katarn and a woman Gaia had never
seen. They talked for a minute before Luke walked over to where Gaia was standing.

“Kyle tells me that you did a remarkable job out there with him,” Luke said to Gaia. She was not sure what to say so she told him
thanks as Kyle and the other woman came walking up to them.

“You fight pretty well,” Kyle said to her. “It’s a defensive style but it appears to suit you.”

Gaia was again taken by surprise. Two people praising her made her blush and she tried to recover enough to say something back.
If Kyle and Luke were both impressed then perhaps she was stronger than she thought she was.

“Yes, she uses her wits and skill first, then her lightsaber,” Luke said. “I have a feeling that you will become a great Jedi

“I’m not that strong in the Force,” Gaia replied knowing that all of the great Jedi like Yoda had been strong in the Force.

“If you are wise, then you will grow in how to use the Force and allow it to flow through you,” Luke said gently. It was something
that he still had to work on. He had great potential and was still learning everything he could without falling to the Dark Side.

Gaia understood what Master Skywalker was saying but she did not feel like she would be a great Jedi. She would have to work
on that to live up to the potential that Luke said he saw in her.

Gaia wondered if she should say anything about what had happened during the battle. The strange person had felt different unlike
anything she had ever felt before. She was still inexperienced in such matters but there was something about it. She rationalized
that it was probably just a person who was strong in the ‘Dark Side’ of the Force.

As Gaia was thinking about what Luke had told her the thought of the two strange women she had seen during her training
incident came to her mind. There was something about them that was pushing her forward to leave, but where seemed to be the
question right now.

After finishing her talk with Master Skywalker she left and headed towards her quarters. She wanted to check to make sure that
nothing had been damaged during the fighting. She really did not have much as her family had been poor. That was the real
reason she had decided to train to become a Jedi, there would be a life worth living and not on the streets.

Gaia had parted with her family with a heartfelt good-bye. She had promised to return home to tell them how she was doing. Her
dad had tried to remain stoic but she had seen the tears in his eyes when she had given him a hug. Her mother had very proud of
what she was going to do and her sister hoped that Gaia found her happiness.

Before Gaia left her mother took her aside and gave her a package that was sealed. Her mother did not know what was inside. It
had been passed down from mother to daughter for generations with a promise that when the time was right the package would
be opened. So far no one had been able to open it.

Gaia walked into the room and looked around. She was glad to see that the package was still there. She had tried a few times to
open it but all to no avail. It had some sort of protection around it that prevented anyone from opening it early.

She settled on the bed after cleaning her room from the small mess that had been made during the attack. She then went back out
and helped out as much as she could to clean up the temple. She returned hours later tired and weary and ready to rest. Quickly
stripping out of her clothing she went to bed and fell asleep just as quickly.


The ship settled in the landing bay of the only city on the planet. Most of the people in the city were either thieves or mercenaries
who were looking for jobs. The ship that landed attracted some attention only because it was not a normal ship for people visiting
the city.

A few of the mechanics around the landing bay watched to see what type of person would emerge from the ship. They were not
surprised when a dark clad person came walking out of the ship. They could not tell what species or gender the person was
because of the clothing and mask that the person wore.

The figure walked up to the closest mechanic in the landing bay. The man felt his hair on the back of his neck stand up as the
black clad figure made its way toward him. He could feel the fear seeping into his soul even though the figure had yet to say
anything to him.

“You,” the figure finally said as the man almost fainted at the sound of the voice.

“Y-y-yes,” he finally managed to squeak out.

“Watch my ship,” the figure said then moved quicker than anyone thought he could and grabbed the man by the throat. “If
anything happens to it, you’ll die very slowly,” the voice said drawing out the last part as the man shuddered at the sound.

He nodded his head so hard that the others thought it might fall off but no one dared to make a single move. The figure released
the man and then walked into the city. The others around the area quickly scrambled to get out of the person’s way leaving the
lone man still quaking in fear.

The figure made its way down the corridor and was about to walk out when a burly man walked up to the figure. He stood in
front of the black clad figure for a second.

“Wait just a second. I don’t care who you are, but you will pay the docking fee,” the man said as he stood in the doorway.

“I’ll spare you life, how’s that,” the figure calmly replied.

“A joker, pretty funny mister, I’ve seen you’re types before now pay the 200 credits and nothing will happen to your ship,” the
man said as a smile came to his lips.

Before the man could move a red lightsaber flashed to life and his belt buckle was cut off. His pants fell down and pooled around
his ankles. He looked from the lightsaber back to his pants and back again. This person was not the normal type and he had the
feeling that he should back off.

“All right, I’ll let it go this time,” the man said backing up and letting the figure go. They both knew that the black figure could kill
him in an instant. He pulled up his pants and walked back to where his office was.

“Well, you sure told him,” one person said who had watched the entire scene.

“Shut up Tyi,” the man said trying to regain his composure. “I’ve seen just about all types and I’ve never felt such power come
from one person before. Mark my words Tyi, don’t mess with that person.”

“Whatever,” Tyi replied watching as the figure walked down the street. He decided to silently follow the figure, not that it was
that hard.


Jessica made her way down the street amused as she watched people almost run to get out of her way. She had no intention of
killing anyone, yet. It would just draw attention to herself and that was something she did not want just yet. On her way out,
maybe she would kill that person just for the fun of it.

Jessica had spent several minutes wondering what she would do with that person. Several ideas had come to her mind and each
had involved killing him. She finally decided that she would not do anything rash until she had completed her work first.

The figure that had told her to come here never told her where to go. Jessica figured that she should inquire about a Darth Zarius
and looked around to see where she should go first.

She noticed a small bar that appeared to be out of the way. That was probably just the place she needed to go, but first she
needed a place to stay while she was here. Looking further down the way she noticed a small sign that indicated that it was a
hotel. It would provide just what she was looking for.

Walking into the hotel everyone stopped talking as the noticed her in her black armor outfit. She could feel their fear as it excited
her in a way she had never felt before. She did not raise her helmet as it seemed to contribute to their fear. She swept her gaze
across the entire area until she was sure there was no threat.

Her footsteps echoed louder than normal as she made her way to the front desk. She smiled behind her mask as she saw the man
behind the counter shaking a bit as she approached him.

“A room,” she said to the man with disdain in her voice.

“Uh, yes sir,” the man stammered confusing Jessica for a man. She really did not care nor try and correct the man. It would serve
her purpose later. He handed her a key card with shaking hands.

Jessica held out her hand amused as the man placed the key in her hand. He tried his best to not touch the dark figure afraid that
if he did his life would be over.

“This is a good room, right,” she purred watching the man as his eyes grew wide at what she asked.

“H-h-h-how g-good,” he stammered now really fearing that he had angered the stranger in front of him.

“Your best room,” Jessica said watching as eh now really began to shake.

“It’s o-occupied,” the man squeaked out nervously.

“Really, what number is it,” Jessica said using the Force so the man would not lie to her.

“Number four zero one,” the man replied evenly which surprised him considering how afraid he was at the moment.

Without a word Jessica went to the elevator as the room was on the fourth floor. She knew that something was up with that room
by how the man acted. She wanted the room for her self and nothing was going to stop her from taking something she wanted.

The elevator chimed that it had reached the right floor and the doors opened up to reveal an empty hallway. Jessica glanced at
the doors until she saw the one she wanted. With a knock on the door she waited until someone answered the door.

A large Twi’lick answered the door and looked down at her. His scowled turned the moment he saw who it was.

“What do you want,” he said trying to sound tough.

“This room, now,” Jessica said walking into the room as she pushed the man out of the way surprising him with her strength.

“Hey,” he yelled as he was pushed aside by the stranger.

Jessica looked around at eh room and noticed that it was currently being used as a headquarters by some local gang. There were
several members lying around on the sofa while a few others were at a table doing some gambling. A large screen had on the local
sports that a few had been watching. There were three doors, one probably went to the bathroom and one of the other two had to
be a bedroom.

“I’m only going to say this once, get out of my room now,” Jessica growled. Her words were met with an uneasy laughter which
she allowed for a few seconds before hurling the nearest person through the door to the bedroom. He landed on some people in
the other room.

“What’s going on in here,” a blonde haired man said walking out of the bedroom and through the damaged door. He stopped in
the doorway when he noticed the tall black armored figured standing in the middle of his room. “Get out.”

Jessica realized that this man was the one in power here. Using the Force she began to choke the man. He gasped then grasped at
his throat as if there were hands there choking him. The others slowly stood up and backed away from the black figure. Jessica
released the man as he began to turn blue and slumped to the floor.

“What do you want,” the blonde haired man wheezed out still clutching his throat.

“This room,” Jessica said calmly to him. “And I don’t want bloodstains on the carpet.”

Jessica felt the movement occurring behind her and realized that a few of the people were drawing their blasters. She spun around
as her lightsaber sprung to life. With ease she deflected the few shots back at those who had fired at her. Three of the men
slumped to the ground, one clutching his arm the other two dead.

Anyone else who was gong to jump into the fray stopped the moment that the lightsaber came to life. Normally they would not
have cared, but this person knew how to effectively use the Force. Whoever this person they were not a Jedi. That meant that
this person is very dangerous.

“Leave my room now, and take your trash with you,” Jessica said pointing the tip of the lightsaber at the leader’s throat.

“Fine we’ll leave,” the leader said motioning for a couple of guys to pick up the others.

“If I see any of you near me again I won’t hesitate to kill you,” Jessica said using the Force to intensify their fear of her.

Several heads nodded in agreement as they rushed out of the room. The leader looked back into the room before leaving. Jessica
figured that she would be seeing him again, but it really did not matter much to her.

Jessica walked back down to the main office to inform the man at the front desk that the room was now free and she would be
taking it.


Tyi watched as the black clad figure made its way into a local hotel. It was one that he was familiar with as the local gang had
been using it for their headquarters. In exchange for their use they did not ask for protection money from the owner.

He waited for a while until he noticed the leader of the gang along with a lot of the other members came walking out of the
building. They appeared to be carrying two others and another one looked like he had been shot in the arm.

The group walked by him and he was able to catch bits and pieces of their conversations. It seemed like the black clad figure had
stormed into the room and had demanded that they all leave. Tyi was not surprised to hear that the mysterious stranger was
responsible for their being booted from the room. The leader was ranting about revenge against the black clad figure.

“Hey you,” the blonde man said walking up to Tyi. “I know that you hang around the space docks. Did you see a black clad
figure land there recently?”

Tyi thought about what he was going to say for a few seconds before opening his mouth. “Yeah, and whoever it is scared the
mechanics and the other dock workers. This person is not to be trifled with Blondie,” Tyi said referring to the leader’s name.

“It doesn’t matter, no one kicks me out of my room,” Blondie snarled at Tyi. Tyi noticed that the others did not share his view.

“That person is more powerful than you can realize,” Tyi said noticing that Blondie was no longer paying any attention to him.
Tyi shrugged and watched as Blondie and the rest of the group made their way down to the loading docks.

Tyi settled back down waiting to see who else would come out of the hotel. This mysterious person could be anyone under that
armor. This person could be male of female and the species could be anything that walks on two legs.

“Find me yet,” a smooth voice purred into Tyi’s ear a short time later. He jumped and turned around staring into ice blue eyes that
sent a shiver through his spine. This was the person behind the black armor.

Jessica chuckled inwardly at the man’s reaction as she smoothly sat down not waiting to be invited. She had thought about what
to about this man. She had been watching him for a while and realized that he might be the one to help her out. He was the type
that hung around those with power, not wanting it, but wanting to be associated with it. He would serve her purpose.

“I need information,” Jessica said to him. “I’m looking for something.”
Part 2
Gaia went through her training exercises again. Ever since the attack on the Jedi Academy Master Skywalker had intensified the
training for the padawans. He also increased the defenses of Yavin IV. Several Jedi had died during the attack against Desann
soldiers called Reborns and Shadowtroopers. Gaia only knew that they had been trained enough in the Force to be dangerous.

Gaia felt a few strands of her hair fall out of her ponytail but was not able to lose her concentration of the droid in front of her. It
was using two lightsabers to her one. She was having some trouble keeping the droid at a distance. She looked for some sort of
weakness in the attack that it was using against her.

The droid attacked again not giving Gaia any time to formulate her defense. She used the Force to speed her blocks against the
droid. Quickly realizing that she had to disarm the droid she put in a few feints to throw the droid off. Then she saw an opening in
the droids attack and a chance to even the odds against her. With a quick strike one of the lightsabers the droid was using was cut
in half.

Now the odds had even up against her. The droid no longer had two lightsabers which would allow her some time to formulate a
plan of attack her way. The droid attacked again this time she was ready. She retreated for a few feet towards a cliff allowing the
droid to make a wide slash that missed her. She spun around the droid and used a quick Force push and the droid went off the
edge and into the river below.

Jedi Master Fie-Tel shook his head as he watched Gaia go through her training. She still refused to use deadly force even when
pushed. He thought he finally had a situation where she would have to use it. Instead she had foiled him again and pushed the
droid off the edge of the river bank.

“I see that she’s being stubborn,” Luke said as he walked up to Fie-Tel who.

“Yes she is Master Skywalker,” Fie-Tel replied not taking his eyes off the young woman.

“I admire the fact that she’s so ingenious in her reactions to her plans,” Luke said smiling at the fact.

“She’s definitely giving me a challenge unlike any other padawan,” Fie-Tel replied. “I know that we should not change her, but I
want her to be able to use force if she ever had to.”

“I know, and you know that she knows. Perhaps it is time for the next part of her training,” Luke replied as he thought about it.

“Do you really think so master,” Fie-Tel said.

“Yes, and call me Luke,” Luke replied knowing that Fie-Tel used the term ‘master’ as the old Jedi did with the Jedi Masters of
their era. It was a sign of respect, but it was something that Luke was not sure he wanted.

“Of course,” Fie-Tel replied as they both knew that he would not.


Jessica paced around the room waiting for the time that she would meet up with the man called Tyi. She had gotten some
information from the man yesterday and now she had an idea of where she needed to go. Now all she had to do was meet up with
the mysterious Darth Zarius who had contacted her at the Valley of the Jedi.

A knock on her door and she figured who it was. She opened the door and saw Tyi was indeed standing there waiting for her. She
noticed that he had made good time which pleased her.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m early,” Tyi said hoping that she would be angry at him for being early.

“No, this is just right. I hate to wait,” Jessica said putting on a black cloak. Tyi marvel at the transformation of the woman in front
of him. She seemed to be much more menacing than she had been before. She turned to him and told him to lead on.

He swallowed a bit at the presence the woman had then turned and then went to lead her out to the area they had discussed
earlier. She had asked him about some tombs that were in the area for some reason. Now he found himself leading the woman out
there. He had heard the local legends that said there was great power out there for those who were invited. Many had tried and so
far none had ever returned.

Tyi did not put much into legends that he had heard. He did stay away from the area because no one had ever come back. Now
here he was leading a mysterious stranger out there. She did not seem to be the type to wonder into strange lands just by the
power he could feel coming off her.

“You there,” a voice said as they walked along the street. Tyi turned around to see several men walking towards them. Tyi
recognized the leader as Blondie. He mentally sighed at what was about to happen and knew that it was not going to be pleasant.

Jessica glanced at the man who she recognized as the man she had evicted from her room earlier in the day. She saw that he had a
few more friends and laughed a bit. This might turn out to be interesting and be a way to relieve tension. After all she was not
sure what to expect later in the day.

“In the alleyway, now,” Blondie said producing a blaster and pointing it at them. “And don’t try any funny business. Tyi get out of
here now,” the leader ordered.

“Wait here Tyi,” Jessica calmly said to him as she walked unafraid into the alleyway where even more gang members were
waiting. She could see that some of them were already afraid of her. That would be useful indeed.

“Now, I know that you were the one that kicked me out of my place and no one does that to me,” Blondie said with rage as he
thumped his chest.

Jessica scanned the group and an idea came to her. “You are nothing but space slime,” Jessica said to the group. “Now if you
want to be more than that, then join me. Attack me and you’ll die. That simple,” she said looking at everyone in the group.

“That won’t work with my men,” Blondie said. “Attack,” he ordered rushing the woman in their midst.

Jessica reacted with the rage she felt at the man. Her lightsaber came to life with a soft click-hiss. She Force pushed a few of the
gang members off their feet and easily deflected the few shots that were fired at her.

Jessica’s red blade became a blur as she suddenly ran through the men. She cut through several men with ease before turning back
to the leader. All of the others had stopped attacking and a few had even run away in fear of her.

“You will pay for that,” Blondie said getting back up as he raised his blaster at the woman.

“I thought you might be intelligent, but I was wrong,” Jessica said raising her hand. Lightning shot out from her hand impacting
Blondie causing him to convulse in pain as the dark Force energy surged through him. The last thing the dying man saw was the
tall dark haired woman’s smile.

The group was stunned into silence at the violence that they just saw. This woman was not anything like they had ever
encountered before. The ease at which she had defeated their leader and her calm almost gleeful appearance made them step
back a bit.

“Well, that was fun, anyone else,” Jessica said with a cruel smile on her face. The men around her quickly shook their heads no as
they glanced at the dead bodies around them. “Good, now if any of you want more out of life than this petty life, meet me here
tomorrow night, spread the word.”

Jessica did not wait for any replies as she walked out of the alleyway to where Tyi was sitting there waiting for her. He got up the
moment he saw her coming. She noticed that he did not seem surprised that she was still alive.

“Let’s go,” Jessica told him.

Tyi nodded his head and lead her to the location of the tombs outside the city. He only knew where they were, not who was
buried where. As he entered the valley where the tombs were located he marveled at the scale of the tombs. There were statues
and doors that had to be at least twenty feet tall. The energy surrounding the area made his hair stand on end and slightly shiver.

He glanced back to where his silent companion was standing. She seemed to be taking it all in almost as if she belonged there
somehow. He realized that it was eerie to watch. He really wanted to step back away from her and run screaming from her but
another part of him wanted to be near the power she possessed.

“Stay here, I’ll be back,” Jessica told the man watching as he almost ran back to the entrance of the valley. She chuckled at the
man’s antics as she walked towards the tombs. She noticed a couple of tombs where one strongly called out to her. It must be the
tomb of Darth Zarius Jessica thought.

The wind picked up as she walked down the valley of the tombs toward the one. Each was dedicated to an ancient Sith Lord.
Most of the tombs looked like they had been here for hundred, even thousands of years just waiting for something. Walking up to
the tomb doors she briefly wondered how to open them up as the size of the doors loomed over her.

Jessica first wondered which way the door would open and studied it carefully. Deducing that the doors opened out she gathered
her strength and used the Force to pull the doors open. The massive doors creaked and groaned as they were forced open by
Jessica’s will. The wind whipped up as the doors opened and Jessica could feel the crackle of power come from inside the tomb

Taking out a light from her pocket she used it to illuminate the dark hallway in front of her. Inside she passed several skeletons
that appeared to be beheaded. Knowing that danger might be in front of her she tuned her senses to anything that might be
moving around her. There was no sound coming at all from the hallway as even her footsteps made no noise.

Then Jessica felt something move and a glance in the direction she noticed a droid. It quickly fired a couple of shots at her. She
activated her lightsaber and managed to deflect the blaster shots back at the droid. A few shots hit the droid causing some
damage but not enough to slow it down. Jessica decided that she could not allow the droid time to regroup and launched her own

The droid was equipped with an old bladed weapon. A vibroblade which would allow it combat someone with a lightsaber. The
droid was good that much Jessica had to admit. She figured that it was probably some sort of guard droid.

The droid suddenly ceased its attack and shut down. Jessica looked at it warily as she expected it to come to life at any second.
Walking around the droid she made her way to the central tomb and stepped inside.

The tomb area had several large statues placed around a raised platform that made up the center of the tomb. Jessica assumed
that it was the tomb of Darth Zarius. Walking up to the tomb she briefly wondered what was going to happen next.

“Welcome,” a voice said as an apparition appeared in front of her. It was dressed in dark clothes and an evil glare at her.


Gaia walked into the large area that made up the top of the temple where Luke Skywalker’s office, meditation and one of his
living quarters was located. She pushed a lock of her hair behind her ear and continued toward the two figures standing in the
room. She recognized both of them. One was her mentor, Master Fie-Tel, the other Master Skywalker.

“Welcome padawan,” Luke said as she entered the room. “Fie-Tel was telling me about your progress in your training. I have
decided that you are ready for the next level of training,” he told her.

“I await your wisdom,” Gaia replied.

“We feel that you would do better in the next phase of training. Your lightsaber skills are quite good. This next phase of training
will be more mental than it is physical. You will be meditating most of the day as you concentrate on the living Force,” Fie-Tel
said watching Gaia’s reaction. He thought that she seemed to be glad that her lightsaber training was over.

Gaia was led to the meditation rooms were most students were trained on how to meditate but anyone could use the room. She
got herself comfortable and concentrated on the Force as it flowed through and around her. This was something she actually
enjoyed doing. There was no pass or failure in this training. She only had to learn to concentrate of the Force.

Fie-Tel walked back to Luke’s room with the Jedi Master. He was sure that Master Luke knew that Gaia was comfortable in her
meditation and wondered what she was supposed to learn from this new training.

“Master Skywalker, I do not fully understand why you are taking this path with Gaia,” Fie-Tel said when he was certain they
were alone.

“Fie-Tel, I have felt some sort of disturbance in the Force. I do not think that other have felt it yet. Before the Jedi Purge I read
what few texts have survived from Master Yoda. He states that there were too few who looked beyond the here and now. I feel
that we should learn from the past’s mistakes. Gaia could be the Jedi for the job,” Luke told Fie-Tel. “And I think we’ll need
someone like her.”

Fie-Tel thought about what Luke had just said before replying. “You said that you felt a disturbance in the Force. Do you have
any idea as to what is causing it,” Fie-Tel asked a bit curious as to what Luke was feeling.

“I’m not sure, only that it seems to be coming from the Dark Side of the Force. Whoever it is they are subtle yet very strong,”
Luke told him.

“Gaia is not that strong in the Force master,” Fie-Tel said still curious about what was going on.

“We both know that the Force works in mysterious ways Fie-Tel, but we must also remember that there are other forces at work
in the universe,” Luke said.

Their conversation was cut short by a young padawan who came running into the room.

“Master Skywalker, come quickly there’s something wrong with Gaia,” the young boy said in a breathless voice.

Luke and Fie-Tel quickly ran to the meditation room. Everyone was crowded around Gaia who appeared to be still awake as her
eyes were open and her mouth was slightly open. The only problem was she did not appear to be noticing anything going on
around her and she was shaking slightly.

“Gaia, can you hear me,” Fie-Tel said rushing to his padawan’s side as he tried to find out what was going on. The longer she did
not say anything Fie-Tel become more worried about her. “Master Skywalker can you do anything for her,” he asked Luke as he
was not able to think of anything to help out Gaia.

After a few more seconds Gaia closed her eyes and slumped forward. Fie-Tel rushed to catch her before she fell to the ground. A
few seconds later her eyes opened up and she glanced around to see where she was.

“Are you all right,” Fie-Tel asked his student after he realized Gaia knew where she was.

“I’m not too sure,” Gaia replied with a bit of a shaky voice. She was trying to figure out what she had seen.

“What happened,” Luke asked stepping forward and looking right at Gaia hoping that she would have an answer for him.

“I was doing my medications as you and Master Fie-Tel had requested when a feeling I had never encountered came over me. I
have never felt anything so strong or like it before,” Gaia replied trying to sort out her feelings from what she had felt just
moments earlier.

Gaia got back up into a sitting position and thought about how to tell Master Fie-Tel and Luke Skywalker what had happened.
She was not sure about everything. Ever since she had seen the mysterious black clad attacker she had been having strange
feelings. Gaia tried to figure out if she should tell them about that and decided not to just yet before continuing.

“I was caught in a swirl of mist, or fog, I’m not sure, and an overwhelming sense of evil,” Gaia said shuddering in the memory of
it. “The mist parted and I saw a tall person. I think that it was a female, but I’m not sure about that. She was dressed in black with
a deep red cloak. There was something else in the area but I could not see it only feel it.”

Luke sat down and pondered on what Gaia had just told him. He knew in his heart that what Gaia was saying was true, but he did
not want to believe it. Finally after thinking for a few minutes Luke realized that everyone was looking at him. “I have a feeling
that we are dealing with a new Sith Lord, one that is chosen by the ancient Sith Lords themselves.”

“But what about the dark Jedi and their academy that they have,” Fie-Tel said to Luke.

“This new Sith Lord is as powerful as my father or even the Emperor. We might have another Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, Exar
Kun or Darth Raven. This Sith Lord will be powerful,” Luke told the group.

No one in the room liked anything that Luke had just said. The names he had mentioned were powerful ancient Sith Lords who
were capable of doing a lot of damage on their own.

“We’ve defeated ones like Desann and their types before and the Emperor twice,” Fie-Tel said hoping to place some spark of
hope in the group.

“Yes, we knew what to expect from the Emperor and compared to Desann this person is much more powerful,” Luke replied to
him. “”I have been feeling a slight disturbance in the Force for a while now. I think I now know what it is.”

“This woman,” Gaia said not saying that she had felt an attraction to the woman.

“Yes,” Luke said glancing at Gaia. “I can’t go to the Republic Council without proof about what I feel. But I can warn those who
will listen.”

Gaia watched as Luke got up and walked out of the room. There was something about that act that disturbed her. At the end of
her latest ‘vision’ another two people had appeared to her. They were both dressed as Jedi would have about six hundred years
ago. The pair had looked at her and then to each other. With a deliberate action she had watched as the taller one had pulled the
smaller one to her into a protective embrace.

Fie-Tel watched as Gaia’s face got a look of determination on it. He wondered what else had happened during her vision. He
knew enough that if he asked his padawan would not say anything right now.

Gaia got up quietly and walked out of the room. She had questions in her mind. She also knew that there were not many places
that she could go to find her answers. Perhaps she could go to Coruscant and see if any records of the Jedi Library had survived.

Gaia walked towards the hanger area hoping that she could catch a flight to Coruscant. She saw that Master Skywalker was
readying a ship for takeoff. It was a small ship but if he was willing to allow her to come along she might be able to find some
answers. It was worth a try.

“Master Skywalker,” Gaia asked shyly as Luke was talking with a droid.

Luke turned around at the sound of someone addressing him. He was not really surprised to see Gaia’s small form standing there.
He already knew what she wanted before she asked. He was just waiting for her to ask to come along with him.

“Yes, Gaia,” he asked prodding her along.

“You are headed to Coruscant, right,” Gaia asked hoping that she was not out of her place. She watched as Master Skywalker
nodded his head yes. “I would like to come along please,” she asked boldly.

Luke looked down at R2-D2 and then up to the ship that he was flying. There would be room in the ship for both of them
especially seeing how Gaia was not that big. He also had a feeling that she would be important with what was going on in the
Force. Yoda had appeared to him right as he was thinking about her. He decided that it could not be an accident.

“Tell Master Fie-Tel that you are going to be going with me. Then meet me back here as soon as you can,” he told her watching
as the young woman went off to find Fie-Tel. He then thought about what he would have to tell his sister. Another challenge to
the New Republic was not something that anyone needed right now. The people had just survived through several Imperial
resurrections of the Emperor and Grand Admiral Thrawn. There had also been a few outside attacks that they had managed to
beat off.

Luke did realize that it would be good to see his niece and nephews again though. They were getting bigger each time he saw
them. That was something the new Jedi Order had changed. Jedi were now allowed to marry if they wanted. Luke realized that
Jedi were people as well and to ignore feelings for others could lead to disaster.

Leia had grown in her power of the Force and now had her own lightsaber as well. She could not use it as well as Luke but she
was still getting good at using it. He had a feeling that if his father had survived his last encountered against the Emperor he
would have been proud of them. Luke had a feeling though that it was for the best that Darth Vader had been killed on the
second Death Star.

The sound of footsteps announced the presence of Gaia behind him. She had a small bag which held a change of clothing which
Luke put in the cargo bay of the ship. Luke then connected R2-D2 to the ship and they both climbed aboard the ship. Within
minutes they had left Yavin IV for Coruscant.


Tyi waited nervously at the edge of the valley jumping each time a loud sound came out of the valley. A large thunderstorm had
come up suddenly even though the forecast this morning had been for clear skies. The wind whipped around the valley and
several dust devils had sprung up making him keep a close eye on it.

Tyi could see that a couple of the dust devils were quite large yet they appeared to be staying in the same place. The entire visual
was quite stunning if he had not been so terrified of everything. He wished that the woman would appear again and soon. He had
already decided to give her until sundown before he left the valley.

He watched as a bolt of lightning struck one of the large boulders in the middle of the valley and split it in two. He huddled closer
to the rocks he was sitting next to even though he knew they would offer no protection.

Tyi nervously chewed on a piece of candy that he had while waiting for the woman. He then saw a figure dressed in black as it
made its way through the valley. Even he could feel the power crackling through the valley as the figure made its way towards

He was just about to run away when he was able to make out some features on the figure. It was the woman he was waiting for.
She had on black clothing and a deep red cloak. Her black hair was whipping around her by the wind as her cloak rode the wind
behind her. She never broke stride even when she walked through one of the dust devils. She did not even flinch when a large
bolt of lightning struck another boulder a few feet from her.

Tyi wondered what he had gotten himself into as he noticed the grin on the woman’s face. She continued to walk towards him
without breaking stride. He then noticed that her eyes had changed color a bit. Their color had changed from a deep blue to what
was now a clear ice blue color. It unnerved him as it seemed as if she could see right through him. Then he thought that perhaps
she could.

Jessica walked up to the man who had been waiting for her at the edge of the valley. She could feel the power of the Dark Side
flowing through her as she walked unlike what it had been just a few hours before. There were things that she had to do and Jedi
to destroy. She knew that she would succeed where the other Dark Lords had failed. She also knew where to look to find what
she was looking for. The only thing she needed now was to have some loyal followers. The gang member would be a good place
to start.

“Come on Tyi, we have a meeting to attend,” Jessica said as she walked past the man without giving him a spare glance.

As they walked towards the city Tyi wondered what had happened to the woman he was following. She seemed more capable
than when they had left. Now she seemed to radiate with power unlike anyone he had ever seen before. He wondered how to
approach the woman on the subject.

“You have a question Tyi,” Jessica asked feeling the man’s thoughts about her.

“Ah,” he stammered for a second while trying to come up with a proper reply. He had a feeling that she knew he was curious
about her but she might not like having such a direct question. After a few more seconds he settled on one question. “What’s your

“You can call me Darth Rizon,” she replied with a smile on her face.

Tyi stopped dead in his tracks at hearing the woman’s name. He glanced up at the woman who wore a smile on her face. He had
heard the name ‘Darth’ before from others who walked about Darth Vader. He had later learned that the name Darth was given to
Sith Lords.

Are you a Sith Lord,” he asked nervously.

“Yes,” Jessica replied coolly to his question.

Tyi gulped as the woman, or Darth Rizon, as she called herself answered his question. Tyi also wondered if he should even ask
his next question.

“What is your next move, my Lord,” Tyi finally asked. “Are you going to try and resurrect the Empire again?”

“The Imperial Empire, no, I’m going to do even better than that. I’m going to resurrect the Sith and once again the universe shall
tremble at the might of the reborn Sith Empire,” Jessica said with a smile.

“The Sith,” Tyi said in disbelief. “The Jedi destroyed them eons ago,” Tyi replied to her.

“You know your history, but only partly. After the Jedi had defeated them the Sith went into hiding,” Jessica told him. “Have you
ever heard of two Sith Lords called Darth Malick or Raven?”

Tyi thought about the two names that Rizon had just given him. He had heard of the two names before but could not remember
where he had heard them. Finally after a few seconds of thinking he shrugged his shoulders and told her that he did not know.

“They were once Jedi who were largely responsible for the Mandalorian defeat thousand of years ago. They then found an
ancient artifact called the Star Forge and built up a huge fleet. The Republic with the help of the Jedi eventually defeated the fleet
but not all of the fleet was destroyed. I know where it is, and it is just waiting for me,” Rizon said knowing that this was part of
her grand plan.

“How many ships my lord,” Tyi asked knowing that it would take an extremely large fleet to even begin to take on the Republic

“Hundreds of ships,” Jessica replied as they reached the city limits. It was time to begin her plan.

They walked to the place where Jessica had arranged to meet with the gang members. Tyi was feeling a bit apprehensive about
the meeting. As they walked into the alleyway he noticed that there were quite a few gang members who were eyeing them with
curious stares.

“So this is the bitch who took out Blondie,” one man said as he looked at the woman in their midst with disdain which Jessica
gladly returned.

Tyi was not sure what was going to happen but he was positive that it would not be good. If this man continued to push Darth
Rizon as Blondie had, then Tyi was sure that he would also end up dead.

“Jonn, you can attack her but I feel like living today,” one person said backing away from the man leaving him isolated.

The man who had wanted to attack the woman in their midst looked around to see if there were any others who would be with
him. He noticed that they all appeared to be backing away from a confrontation with the woman. With a snort of disapproval he
turned and walked away from the group.

Jessica watched as the man left with a bit of interest. With some help from the Force she knew that the man would not be a
problem and if he ever did she knew how to take care of him. She turned to the rest of the group that had gathered and noticed
that they were now waiting for her to tell them why there were all there.

“I have a proposal for all of you. It is one that holds many trails and dangers, but the rewards are great. If any of you feel like
leaving then now is the time to do so,” Jessica said to the group watching as the group looked around then back at her. “Good,”
she said with a smile.

Tyi wondered if he should have taken the opportunity to leave but realized that he was already in too deep to leave now. He also
was not sure that he could leave. He listened to Darth Rizon as she spoke again about what she needed to have to carry out her

“Now my name is Darth Rizon,” Jessica said to the group watching as shock appeared on their faces at the name. She was sure
that they had all heard of the ‘Darth’ names. “Welcome to the new Sith.”

“You’re not from the Empire are you,” one of them asked having heard the name and figured like many others that she was Darth
Vader’s replacement.

“No, the Empire is weak and clueless,” Darth Rizon replied to the group. “It is time for the Sith to rise once again like it had been
in the days of the glory of the Sith.”

The group murmured a bit at the news. A few were a bit unsure about this, but most wanted off the planet and were willing to do
anything. After a few minutes of debate they all agreed to join the woman.

Jessica smiled to herself at the result. She had been right about the gang members. Most were considered to be the trash of the
city. To Jessica they would be the perfect members to begin her rebuilding efforts as these men would not appreciate what she
was doing. They would kill and destroy without remorse for her.

“Now then, we will need a good ship. We will be leaving this planet for our new headquarters,” Jessica said watching as they
talked amongst themselves. One of them mentioned that a wealthy merchant had a fast freighter that he might be willing to let
them use.

Jessica thought about the news for a second. She realized that she would also need money and this merchant just might be a
perfect source. With some money she could use it to fund her start up group until she found all she needed.

“Take me to this merchant,” Jessica said to the man who had spoken.

“Of course,” the man replied.

“Tyi,” Jessica said turning to the man who had been her guide so far.

“Yes my lord,” Tyi replied nervously swallowing as he hoped that Darth Rizon was not about to kill him.

“You will be my contact with the rest of the group,” she said to him the turned to the rest of the men. “He will tell you when we
are ready to move out,” she then turned to the man who would lead her to the merchant and followed him out of the alley.

Jessica followed silently as the man led her to the house of a wealthy man. Climbing up to the door she knocked and waited until
it was answered by a large Twi-lek. She wondered why everyone used Twi-leks for security these days.

“I’m sorry, but Mr. Handan is not seeing anyone today,” the Twi-lek said.

“I have a business proposition for Mr. Handan,” Jessica said with a slight wave of her hand.

The Twi-lek stood there for a second before responding. “A business proposition, of course,” he said then led the two of them

Jessica glanced around quickly as they were led to study. The Twi-lek opened the doors to the study revealing a large room with a
spacious desk that was very orderly. Behind the desk sat a skinny Skulst. Jessica thought it was strange to see a Skulst as their
species usually did not leave their own world. Perhaps she could use this to her advantage.

“Petrat, I said no visitors,” Handan said as he looked up to see a dark clad woman standing in his study.

“I have a business proposition for you,” Jessica said to the man.
Part 3
The small ship made its way down through the atmosphere and towards a small landing area that was rarely used. Today the
landing area had several speeders parked next to it and several people stood on the platform waiting for the ship to touchdown.

The small ship made a perfect touchdown on the platform. Two figures went to help lock down the ship while a tall man with
brown hair, a white shirt and blue pants waiting for the passengers to disembark the ship.

“Hey Luke,” the man said greeting the Jedi Master with a welcoming smile.

“Hey Han,” Luke said with an answering smile on his face for an old buddy and brother-in-law.

Gaia climbed out of the ship and watched as Master Skywalker greeted the other man who he called Han warmly. Gaia could
only figure out that the man in front of her was none other then the legendary General Han Solo from the war against the Empire.

“Who do you have here,” Han said with his customary rakish grin.

“One of my students from the academy,” Luke replied to Han. “Gaia, this is my brother-in-law Han Solo, Han this is Gaia.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” Han said as he greeted the small woman.

“Careful Han, if Leia sees this,” Luke said getting Han’s attention who turned his attention back to Luke.

“She’d whack me over the head with her lightsaber,” Han said with a laugh as he completed Luke’s thought. “She says that she’s
sorry about not being able to meet you here, but she’s in a meeting with the council this morning.”

“That’s all right. It will allow me to get Gaia settled and show her the New Republic Library,” Luke said as they gathered their
packs and made their way towards the waiting speeder.

Really, what are you researching,” Han asked as the group got into the speeder.

“I’m not really sure at the moment,” Gaia said honestly. “I’m sure the Force will help out.”

“Well then, good luck in finding it,” Han told her. He knew that his wife was much more knowledgeable in the Force then he was
and he also had three children who also had abilities in the Force. Sometimes he felt left out in his own family. “So Luke what’s so
important that you’ve come to Coruscant? I heard that you just recently defeated a rogue Jedi Descann and Admiral Feyrer.”

“It’s a feeling that I have, but whatever Desann was doing woke something up,” Luke replied. “I’m not sure as to what it is, but
I’ve felt a disturbance in the Force. Whatever is going to happen we need to be on our guard.”

“Sounds like the Empire is involved in this,” Han stated.

“I thought so at first as well, but the more I thought about it the more this feels like an ancient use in the Force,” Luke said as
they finally got settled into the speeder.

“How ancient are we talking about here Luke,” Han asked starting to get worried about what Luke had said. They had already
dealt with a resurrected Emperor and now Luke was talking about ancient beings.

“I’m not sure how old, but ones that are strong enough to warrant a visit from Master Yoda,” Luke said to him.

“Oh boy, did he give you any clues,” Han asked not liking this conversation anymore. It seemed like the more he knew the less he
liked what was going on.

“Not much. Only that a new Sith Lord was rising up,” Luke replied to Han as the speeder made its way to the Solo residence.

“No names or identities that we could use to help us,” Han probed and watched as Luke shook his head no.

“He only said that in order to defeat him we would need more than the Force this time. It’s the more part that worries me about
this situation,” Luke told Han truthfully.

Gaia glanced back and forth between the two men as she tried to listen to the ongoing conversation. She had heard the genuine
concern in Master Skywalker’s voice as he was talking. Part of her felt that she was on a collision course and the key was her
mysterious dreams she had been having lately. That was the real reason she had come to Coruscant. She had to know more about
those two Jedi that she was seeing. Perhaps they had fought the Sith Lord that was the disturbance in the Force they had been

Gaia was pulled from her thinking by a questioning voice as she realized that Han was addressing her.

“I’m sorry, I was thinking,” Gaia said apologetically.

“That’s all right. I was just wondering if you had a direction of your research beside the Force will guide you,” Han asked her.

“A couple of Jedi Knights and I’m not even really sure if I’m on the right direction or not,” Gaia said truthfully.

“I guess it has nothing to do with this new threat,” Han said.

Luke opened his mouth to say something but then changed his mind. “I don’t think so, but one can never be too sure about the
Force,” he finally said.

Han acknowledged what Luke was saying without words. Something was going on with Luke’s student that they were not saying.
He would have to wait until Leia talked with Luke until he found out any more.

“Ah, here we are,” Han said as they pulled up to the Solo residence. Gaia glanced around and could not help but be impressed
with the size of the house. She guessed that it was good to be in the government.


Gaia walked out of her room the next morning. She had found the Solo residence to be quite friendly to others. She still had yet to
see the legendary Princess Leia, but she had caught glimpses of the children.

The twins already had an affinity for the Force, especially the youngest at such a young age. Gaia had a feeling that they all
would be strong Jedi for the next generation of Jedi. She wondered when they would be heading to the Jedi Academy.

Walking down the hallway she thought she heard voices coming from the room just in front of her. She walked into the room and
saw Master Skywalker along with two other people. One she recognized was Han Solo who was sitting listening to the other two

“So you really have nothing to on except for a feeling in the Force,” the woman was saying to Luke who was leaning against the
counter top with his arms crossed.

“That’s right Leia,” Luke replied and was about to say more when he noticed Gaia walked into the room. “Hello Gaia.”

“Sorry, I’m not interrupting anything am I,” Gaia asked feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation.

“No, not at all,” the woman who was sitting at the table said as she turned around to look at Gaia.

“Have you figured out where you need to go,” Luke asked Gaia. He secretly hoped that she would find something that would
help his cause with Leia. So far his sister had refused to go to the council about his concerns.

“Yes I think so,” Gaia said. “I think that I should start with the Republic Library and then see what comes up from there.”

“I was headed back over to the Council building. You’re welcome to come along if you want,” Leia said to Gaia.

Gaia accepted the offer and the two of them walked out of the room with Leia telling Gaia where there was a good place to pick
up breakfast. Han and Leia watched as the two woman walked out of the room. Han waited a few minutes before saying

“What’s the story with the kid,” Han said with a knowing gaze at Luke.

Luke sighed as he heard the tone in Han’s voice. He hoped that Gaia would find something that he would be able to bring up with
the council that could convince everyone that there was a threat. He could understand his sister’s reluctance to appear before the
council without proof.

“I guess that I’m really hoping that she does find something out about this threat. I have a real bad feeling about this,” Luke
finally said.

“This is really serious,” Han replied as he thought that he finally understood what Luke was thinking. “I’ll try and talk with Leia
some more. I’m not sure if it will do any good. You know how she gets when her mind is made up kid.”

“I know Han,” Luke said with a knowing grin that he and Han shared.


Gaia knew that Leia was right when she took her first bite of breakfast that they had gotten. The pastry was just right and Gaia
could not help but be impressed. She was surprised that there was not a larger line up at the small cafeteria.

Now as the two of them continued to head to the capital that she could make out the building. This was something that she
figured she would never see when she was younger. When she had left her family to head to the Jedi Academy she thought that
she might someday see the famous building. Today, however, she was headed into it.

“Don’t let the size of it overwhelm you. If you do you might never get over it,” Leia said from where she was sitting finishing up
her meal.

Gaia nodded her head wondering if she would get over the size of the building. The entire Galactic Senate was housed in it. It was
amazing that so many different species were in one place that she was amazed there were not more fights among the different

The speeder pulled up in the special slot for the president of the senate to allow the two passengers off. Leia glanced over to see
how Gaia was handling it and noticed that the small Jedi was still looking overwhelmed.

“Follow me and I’ll show you where the library is,” Leis said calmly. “If you want a tour I can arrange one for you.”

“Oh, no thanks,” Gaia replied as she glanced around the area that they had been let off in. She followed Leia as they made their
way to the library and walked inside.

“Hello madam President,” a voice said as they entered the library. Gaia turned around and saw a tall skinny figure make its way
towards them.

“Hello Ysonne,” Leia replied as she greeted the head librarian. “Ysonne, this is Gaia. She’s from the Jedi Academy.”

“A Jedi, I’m honored to be in your presence,” Ysonne said as she turned to talk to Gaia.

“Oh, I’m not a full Jedi yet,” Gaia said quickly clarifying her position within the Jedi Order.

“Nevertheless, you are in training to be a Jedi yes,” Ysonne said watching as Gaia nodded her head yes. “I don’t get many from
the Jedi Order who come in here. Now tell me how I can help you?”

“Ysonne know the library inside and out Gaia. I will leave you in her capable hands. If you get tired and want to head back to the
house just go back to where we were dropped off and they’ll take you back. If they give you any trouble just give them this,” Leia
said handing Gaia a small card that identified her as Leia’s guest.

“I will,” Gaia replied to Leia who with a quick good-bye hurried off to a council meeting.

“Poor girl, she always heading off to a meeting for this or that,” Ysonne said as she watched Leia walk out of the library. “Now
what can I do for you?”

“Well, I’m looking for information about some Jedi, before the purge,” Gaia said hoping that she was on the right track.

“Hmm, that might be difficult. The Emperor destroyed most of the archives, but I know that some pieces of information survived.
Perhaps what you seek might still be in there,” Ysonne said leading Gaia to a small area of the library that had been dedicated to
the ancient Jedi. “Do you know what time period of name of the Jedi that you are looking for?”

“I’m afraid not, only that they were two women and I think that they were Jedi within the last millennia,” Gaia replied.

“That covers a lot of time, but most of that is when Yoda was alive,” Ysonne said as she thought about it. “You might be
fortunate in that the Chu’unthor has been recovered and had many files. But if what you’re looking for is more recent then you
might not find it.”

“I understand,” Gaia said as they approached the area where the files were located. Gaia looked around that thought that the
librarian said there were not many files on the Jedi.

“There is so much missing. The old Jedi Library took up an entire building to hold it all,” Ysonne explained.

“I can only hope that what I need is here,” Gaia said.

“I hope so to. I must go but if you need any assistance don’t hesitate to call on one of us. The library is open all day,” Ysonne said
then left the room.

Gaia sat down at one of the computers and began to search for what she hoped she was looking for. With a sigh she realized that
looking for two Jedi woman might take a while, she could only hope that they were somewhere in the files.


The wind whistled around the empty desert terrain blowing the tiny sand particles into the small group that was slowly trudging
towards a destination that only one person knew. There were only three people in the group all were dressed in black. The lead
figure also wore a black cape that fluttered in wind. Her black hair whipped around her head not fazing her at all.

The other two men would occasionally glance at each other then the woman and shook their heads in wonder. This woman could
not be human. The two men both knew that they were miserable but they were not able to judge the woman in front of them. In
fact she seemed to take pleasure in it.

The two guards also wished that they knew where they were going. They had been walking for a couple of hours now. The one
thing that they were grateful was the temperature. It was comfortable and not hot like on other planets that were deserts.

The woman suddenly stopped in front of them. The two men suddenly were not sure about everything as they glanced back and
forth between each other and the woman.

“We’re here,” she said to them not bothering to look around. The men looked around and did not see anything around that would
indicate a building or anything else.

The woman then closed her eyes and concentrated on the Force. The wind picked up and the two men had to shut their eyes and
tried to shield their faces with their arms and clothing. They thought that they might be picked up and blown away with the force
of the wind. It finally died down enough where they could see an entrance had been revealed in the sand.

“Stay here,” she said to the men as she descended into the entrance. Neither man argued with her on this. They both knew that
she was more than capable of taking care of herself.

“What do you think she’s after down there,” one man said to the other.

“I don’t know. I just wonder how long it will take for her to get back,” the other one said.

“Probably another Sith artifact,” the first man said.

“And we’ll probably have to carry it back,” the second one said.

“I’ll take it. It means prestige man,” the first on said and the other man nodded his agreement with the statement. The entire group
had been working to impress the woman who they called Darth Rizon. They could all feel the power she commanded and was not
like their last leader, Blondie. Each man had the feeling that they would be part of something big.

They heard a noise and watched as Rizon walked out of the cave with something in her hands. It was a black metal looking
device that she handed to one of the men then turned and walked back into the entrance.

“Are you all right,” the one man asked to the other one who was holding the strange object.

“It’s strange, I can feel its pulsing power coursing through it and into me,” he answered a bit strangely.

The other man swallowed at the description of the object. These objects were definitely Sith in origin. He wondered what they
would be used for once Rizon had finished collecting all of them.

Again the woman walked up with another object and handed it to the other man. She then disappeared one more time without
saying a word. The two men stood there looking at each other wondering what was going on.

A few minutes later she returned. “We’re done here,” she simply said to them. She closed her eyes and with the power of the
Force covered the entrance once more. They began their trek back to the ship they had used to get there.


Luke was sitting down meditating on the Force trying to figure out what was going to happen. He could feel something else
beginning to stir in the Force. He and Gaia had been on Coruscant now for a week and a half and she was nowhere closer to
solving her puzzle. He wondered if this new event was connected with what he had been feeling and warned about from Yoda.
As he wondered about it his comm link buzzed.

“Luke here,” he answered watching as the head of the academy came up.

“Sorry to bother you Master Skywalker, but you wanted to know when the next batch of students were going to arrive,” the man

“Yes I did,” Luke replied.

“They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning,” the man told him.

“I’ll be leaving now then,” Luke replied.

“Kyle Katarn has also just arrived back here as well,” the man said.

“Hmm, his vacation did not last very long, hopefully nothing happened between him and Jan Ors,” Luke said knowing that Kyle
was a talented Jedi and hoped that the man would eventually come to the academy full time.

“She was with him when they landed. They appeared to be happy,” the man replied making Luke feel a bit better.

“I’ll talk to you when I return,” Luke said signing off.

Luke got up and grabbed his bag and went in search of Han. He found him out by the pool along with his children.

“Hey Uncle Luke,” three voices rang out as the children spotted him making Luke smile.

“What’s up Luke,” Han asked seeing Luke’s face.

“I’m headed back to the academy. We have some new recruits that are about to arrive and I want to be there,” Luke told him.

“What about Gaia,” Han asked wondering about the blonde haired Jedi who he had barely seen since the two of them had

“Do you think you could bring her back,” Luke asked hoping that he was not putting any pressure on Han.

“Well, the Falcon is almost done with her overhaul and I have been meaning to take the kids out to see you, so yeah,” Han said
with a grin on his face. His comment was met with sounds of joy from the three kids.

“I’m going to leave Gaia a message and if you can tell Leia where I’m going,” Luke asked him.

“No problem kid,” Han said as he got out of the pool to get dressed to take Luke to his ship.

A couple of minutes later they got into the speeder and made their way to the landing pad where Luke’s ship was docked. Han
was glad that it was just the two of them so he could ask Luke about the current situation.

“Tell me kid, is there ever a time when there is nothing going on around here,” Han asked.

“Yeah, but that’s when I begin to worry,” Luke replied. “It usually means that something is being planned.”

“I see, the calm before the storm type thing,” Han said with understanding. Leia had said the same thing several times and he
could understand. He would rather know what was coming than have the unknown.

They arrived quickly at the landing pad and Luke packed up his stuff. With a quick good-bye Luke blasted off heading towards
the academy.


Leia arrived back home to see her husband waiting up for her. She had heard from some others that her brother had left but she
had seen Gaia in the cafeteria after she heard the news. She was not sure what was going on and had decided to wait until she got
home and could talk with Han.

“Are the kids in bed already,” she asked him as she walked into the room.

“Yeap, and hopefully asleep as well,” Han replied not surprised when he did not see Gaia with her. They had finally given the
young woman they keys to one of her speeders so she could come and go as she pleased.

“So I heard that Luke has already gone back to the academy,” Leia said confirming what she had heard from her friends.

“He said that he had some new trainees coming into the academy and that he felt he should be there when they arrived,” Han

“That makes sense, but what about Gaia,” Leia asked as she sat down next to her husband.

“Well, Luke asked if I could bring her back with me,” Han said hoping that she would not get upset about a trip. “The falcon is
almost ready and the kids have wanted to see the academy,” he told her hoping to make a convincing argument

“Well then, I guess I can allow that as long as it does not interfere with the twin’s studies,” Leia replied after a few seconds of
thinking about it.

“Chewie is going to be arriving tomorrow,” Han told her. “He had a good visit with his family and ready to see his other family as

“And he’ll probably want to go with you,” Leia said knowing that Chewbacca would go with Han unless her husband said

“I don’t see why not, I just wish you would go with us as well,” Han said.

“Hmm, perhaps I could. I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to the Jedi Academy for the senate and this could be a good time,” Leia
said thinking about the situation. The senate was still suspicious of the new Jedi Academy and what it was doing. This would
provide a good opportunity to calm some senators’ fears.

“You know that some of the senators will want to come with you,” Han told her.

“I know, how many could the Falcon hold reasonably,” Leia asked.

“Let’s see,” Han said as he calculated the distance in his head and the time it would take to get there in a conventional hyperdrive
ship compared to the Falcon. He already had Chewbacca, his kids, Leia and Gaia that were going along. “Probably another two,
but no more.”

“I’ll let the senate know that two other senators can come with me to the Academy. I’ll let them decide who will go,” Leia said
knowing that the flight there with two senators would be a bit more uncomfortable.

Leia woke up the next morning early knowing that she had some things to do. Han was still half asleep when she got up but still
managed a good morning kiss. She quickly dressed and made her way to the speeder that was waiting for her. Walking by she
noticed that the room Gaia was using was open. She peaked inside and was not surprised when she did not see the young Jedi.

Leia wondered if Gaia had heard the recent news as she continued on her way to the speeder. She allowed the driver to head to
the cafeteria that she enjoyed in the morning as she went over everything she had to do.

Leia walked down the corridor that even in the early morning was full of activity. She briefly wondered if any of them ever went
to sleep. She knew that some races could go long amounts of time without rest but she did not know of a single race that did not
require some sort of rest. Turning into the library she sought out Ysonne.

“Hello Leia,” Ysonne said as she came walking up to Leia.

“Just the person I was looking for,” Leia said. “I’m looking for the young Jedi, Gaia.”

“Ah yes, she’s in the Jedi records, follow me,” Ysonne said as she led Leia to the place where Gaia had been spending a lot of

Leia was a bit surprised at the sight of the room. There were books all over the place and Gaia was flipping though one of the
larger books completely oblivious to their entrance into the room. Ysonne bowed to Leia and left the room quietly to continue her

Leia gently cleared her throat to gain Gaia’s attention and not startle the young woman. Gaia looked up at the noise and was a bit
surprised to see Leia standing there.

“Oh, hello Leia,” Gaia replied giving her eyes a gentle rub to relieve the strain of reading so much. “What time is it?”

“About six,” Leia said watching as Gaia frowned for a second.

“Well then I guess I should get some supper then,” Gaia said as she got up from where she had been sitting.

“It’s actually six in the morning Gaia,” Leia said watching as the younger woman stared at her in disbelief then shook her head at
what she had heard. “Have you found anything that you can use,” she asked wondering how long the woman had been in the
library this time.

“No,” Gaia said sighing in frustration at the lack of research she had been able to find. “It seems like everything has been a dead
end,” she clarified wondering about some sort of missing link that she was missing.

“How about getting something to eat, sometimes things look better when you’re not hungry,” Leia said.

Gaia figured that Leia’s suggestion was a good one as her stomach choose that moment to growl its displeasure at being ignored.
Getting up she stretched out her leg and back muscles which had been in the same position for too long. She left the books where
they were and followed Leia out of the library.

“Are you not afraid that the library staff will put up your work,” Leia said as they walked down the hallway towards the cafeteria.

“No, I talked with Ysonne and she said that I could leave it out until I’m done and the staff would not touch it,” Gaia replied.

Leia nodded her head knowing that Ysonne would do such a thing for a friend. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Luke has
returned to the academy. There were some new recruits coming in today and he wanted to be there when they arrived,” Leia told

“I guess then I need to figure out a way to get back to the academy soon then,” Gaia replied going some of her options that she
might have.

“We have that covered. We’ll take you back in the Falcon,” Leia told her. “That is if you don’t mind sharing the ride with a
wookie, three kids, my husband, me and two other council members.”

“Sounds intimidating,” Gaia replied as she thought about it. She had never been that close to so many high powered people in her
life. She had come from a poor family and now she was hanging around with heroes of the rebellion and other high powered
political figures. A couple of years ago she would have never imagined it.

“Don’t let it get to you. We’re just people as well,” Leia replied. “Given time and your status as a Jedi you’ll begin to be looked at
the same way when a group of people are around you.”

“I guess, but I somehow doubt that,” Gaia replied pushing a lock of blonde hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear. The
two of them reached the cafeteria and parted ways. Gaia wanted to get something to eat and a bit more research before heading
back to the Solo residence.


Gaia stared at the books in front of her. It seemed to go one for quite a while. She had read about some great exploits of several
Jedi. She could only hope that someday she might be worthy of such tales herself one day. The only problem was she still had not
found what she was looking for. She wondered if what she was looking for had been destroyed some time ago.

Gaia sighed at that thought. She had been at this now for over two weeks since Luke had left to head back to the academy. She
had heard that the Falcon had made a test run to Tatoonie and that Chewbacca had run into some trouble with some mercenaries.

Gaia had also heard that with the help of Kyle Katarn and someone called Jaden that Chewbacca had made it out unscathed. She
had also heard whispers in the hallways of conflicts involving the Jedi and a new dark Jedi. Part of her did not know if this had
anything to do with what she was researching or not.

Gaia closed the book in frustration. She had gone through everything that she had thought of without success. She decided that
she would call it quits at the moment at head back to the academy so she could talk with Master Skywalker and Fie-Tel. They
might be able to think of a different direction to go that she could not think of.

She turned to put the book up even though she knew that he librarians would do it for her. She stacked the books in her arms and
went around putting them up. She had to reach up to put one of the book up when the others fell out of her arm. With another
sigh she put the book up she had in her hand and bent down to pick up the fallen books.

As Gaia was about to close on e of the books that had opened she noticed something strange she had missed before. Putting
everything down she picked up the book and read the entire passage. It was not very long and came from a doctor describing an

The doctor had served aboard the Chu’unther and in a couple of paragraphs told about a Jedi Master who had been injured during
an explosion on board the ship. The Jedi had been rendered unconscious and the doctor had thought that her injuries were severe.

What had really caught her eye was how the Jedi had been healed. The doctor described it as a healing sleep but not connected
with the Force. Gaia knew that a Jedi could heal themselves and sometimes other if they had trained for it. She had no dealing
with a healing sleep like this one and the only thing she could figure out was something else was involved in it.

Gaia skimmed through the article again looking for a name or anything else that she might be able to use. Disappointed that there
was no name she felt sure that she was on the right track with this Jedi Master.

She went over to the computer and looked up anything on any explosion that had occurred on the Chu’unthor. The search called
up a few related articles with most of them involving some sort of combat. There was one that caught her eye. It involved the
sabotage of the ship and resulted in a trial.

Gaia bought up the listing and quickly read through the names of the parties that were involved. There were several Jedi Masters
involved including Jedi Master Yoda along with a couple of other called Knit and Lightner. A quick look indicated that Kint was
a male but there was nothing much on Jedi Master Lightner except she was a female and her full name was Bri Lightner.

Armed with some new information she went to the main library to do a different search. She asked the computer to search for a
Jedi Master Bri Lightner and anything on healing sleep. Gaia thought the search took longer than usual before the results came up
with an error and nothing was found.

Frowning she tried again and used a couple of different combinations of her search but each gave her the same result. She would
have talk with Master Skywalker and see if he had anywhere else she could look.


A figure hunched over their computer and glanced at the screen. A search had just been made that triggered his defense program.
He looked at the words on the screen before telling the computer to reject the search and any others that would involve those
combinations of words for today.

Getting up he knew that he had to contact the others to warn them. Someone was trying to find them for some reason and that
could not be allowed.

On the screen a small line of words blinked.

Jedi Master Bri Lightner healing sleep
Part 4
A young man came walking up the corridor of the ship towards the bridge to where he knew their leader was. He had in his hands
the responses that were better than he had hoped for. Their leader knew how to negotiate with other leaders and crime lords and
their numbers had climbed in the past couple of weeks.

He came up to the door and waited to be let in. The guard on duty acknowledged him and went in to inform their leader of his
arrival. The man looked on at the guard who he had known just about all his life with a bit of jealousy. The man was part of Lord
Rizon’s personal guard and although he held the position of overseeing recruitment it still seemed to be more of an honor to be
part of her personal guard.

The guard came back and told him that Lord Rison was waiting for him. He walked onto the bridge of the ship and glanced
around. Darth Rizon was standing with her back to him. He saw her wearing her familiar dark red cloak that everyone else had
seen her in. Her long black was free and flowed around her shoulders and he knew that even though her back was turned she
knew everything he was doing.

Standing next to her was the familiar sight of Tyi. The small man had become her second-in-command and his orders were to be
regarded as coming from Rizon herself. Only Rizon could counter his orders. The man wondered how such a sniveling coward
had become so powerful. He then realized that Tyi would be too weak to rise up against Rizon and that was part of the plan.

“Report,” Darth Rizon said as she gracefully turned around to face the man.

“Our numbers are continuing to rise my lord,” the man said watching her cloak flutter back into stillness around her. “Our agents
report higher than expected recruits from the Core Worlds my lord.”

A smile slowly broke out on Rizon’s face as she heard the news. This was far better than what she had expected at this time. The
Core Worlds would soon fall to her war fleet. “And what of our spies,” she asked.

“We have found several willing recruits among the New Republic’s fleet that wish to join us my lord,” the man replied hoping that
his response would please her.

“Good, very good, but we must be sure not to let any of them know the true purpose of their missions. That will be you job, don’t
disappoint me,” Rizon said pinning the man with a glare that he was sure went right through him. With a quick nod of his head
and a reply he left after he had been dismissed.

Rizon turned back around to look back out into the vastness of space. Her plans were coming along just as she knew they would.
The Republic and the so called Jedi had no idea what was about to come. She would be swift and deadly.

“How does the training come along,” she asked Tyi not bothering to look at the man.

Tyi glanced down at his notepad to check on the numbers. “The reports state that it is coming along quite well. The men are
getting used to the organization and true leaders are emerging just like you said they would.”

“Excellent,” Rizon replied. She had felt that a few of the individuals had the ability to use the Force. They would make up a new
group of Sith Jedi that she would begin to train herself. She had spent the last couple of weeks training just like the ancient Sith
lords did. The only thing she didn’t do was tattoo herself. She did her meditations according to Sith records and she could feel
herself growing stronger each day.

Rizon felt that she was not strong enough to have a few apprentices. She knew that Darth Bane had been wrong to limit the Sith
to just one master and one student. It might have been the right idea at the time, but now it was time for the Sith to be reborn to
take over the universe.

As she was looking a couple of fighters flew by on their training flights. She would soon have everything ready, now she just
needed on last thing.


Gaia walked into the Solo residence and looked around for anyone that she knew. She had realized that she had found out
everything that she could at the Republic’s library and had come up with very little. She had the strongest feeling that somehow
the Jedi Master Bri was important to this research. The only problem was everything she had thought of had come up a blank. It
was probably due to the Jedi Purge that no records existed for her to find.

She made her way through the house to the living room. There she saw Han Solo sitting in a chair reading. The sight was
something she would not have expected from his reputation.

“Hey, you look like you’re looking for someone,” Han said with his normal grin on his face.

“I was looking for either you or your wife,” Gaia responded. “I just wanted to tell you that I will be ready to leave whenever you

“I’ll let Leia know when she gets back with the kids,” Han said to her. “She likes to get away with them every once in a while.
That and it allows me to do whatever I want without feeling guilty about it,” they both smiled at that.

“Did you get your research done,” Han asked watching as Gaia sat down across from him.

“Yes and no,” Gaia replied with a bit of a sigh. “I thought it would be easy, but finding two Jedi in a pile of incomplete records is
proving more difficult than I thought. I did come up with a name though, Jedi Master Bri Lightner.”

“Hmm, Bri Lightner, never heard of her before,” Han said after a couple of seconds of thinking about the name.

“Neither had I, but then again I wonder how many Jedi Masters’ names have been erased from history,” Gaia mused out loud as
she thought about it. “She could have been a great Jedi but thanks to the Emperor most of the information is lost. We know about
a few of the great Jedi, like Lord Hoth, Yoda and Mace Windu.”

“True, we have lost a lot of information. I wonder what else the Emperor destroyed that we still have to find out about,” Han said
wondering about the situation.

“I guess we’ll never know for sure then,” Gaia replied.

“Why are you trying to find out so much about this Jedi Master,” Han asked as his curiosity got the better of him.

“I’m not sure, but I’ve had some visions of two Jedi. They seemed real close to me,” Gaia replied trying to recall the vision as best
as she could.

“Could it have been a master and her padawan,” Han asked trying to come up with some clues as to who the other Jedi might be.

“That’s what I thought at first, but I didn’t get a sense that they were like that, there was more to it, but I just don’t know,” Gaia
said trying to answer Han’s question.

“I don’t know much more about the Jedi than that,” Han told her. “I guess I should considering that my wife is a Jedi and my kids
will probably be as well. I do know that Luke is trying some different things that the Jedi did not do before the purge, like

Gaia looked up at that comment. The mention of marriage seemed like something that she should research. Gaia shook her head
though with the knowledge that before the great purge by the Emperor that the Jedi were forbidden to marry except for special
reasons. Ki-Adi-Mundi had been one of the special exceptions because of his species low rate of reproduction he was allowed.
He was the only one that Gaia knew that had that exception.

Gaia figured that Master Skywalker had decided to ease up on the requirements partly because it was those same requirements
that played a part of his father becoming Darth Vader. There were several students who were now Jedi Knights were already
married before coming to the academy. Gaia felt that it would not be changed.

The both looked up as the door opened and four people came walking, or running, into the house. Gaia watched as the twins
came running into the room followed by Leia and their youngest child.

“Hello,” Leia said as she noticed Gaia sitting there. “How is your research going,” she asked.

“I think I’ve done all I can here on Coruscant,” Gaia replied.

“Then I guess that you’re ready to head back to the academy,” Leia stated as she saw the young woman nod her head. “I just
need to talk with a couple of senators that will be going along with us, but we should be ready in a day or two.”

“That should allow me to wrap up my research,” Gaia replied.


“Have you found out anything that is useful,” the man behind the desk said to the man who had walked into the room. There was
hope that he would be able to have more information because it was critical to determine their course of action against such a
new threat.

“Yes I did, and I do not believe that we are in much danger. In fact I believe that the opposite is true this time unlike the past,”
the man replied handing over the data crystal to the man behind the desk.

“Really, hmm, that’s interesting. Let’s see,” the man said taking the crystal and plugging it in. He quickly glanced through the data
knowing what he was looking for. He raised his eyebrows a couple of times before raising his head. “A Jedi?”

“That is correct,” he said with a slight bow of his head. “But that was not the part that I was referring to,” the man said motioning
for him to continue his reading.

“The last Jedi who knew about us was the Jedi Master Yoda and he took that secret to the grave,” the man said not looking up.

“I think that you will find that last page very interesting,” the man said pointing out what he thought was the most interesting part.

“Very well,” the man said as he skipped to the last part of the report. His eyes froze when he saw what the other man was talking
about. “Are you sure about this,” he said quickly looking up.

“The pictures don’t lie my friend,” the reply came.

The man behind the desk sighed then leaned back in his chair while he pondered what he was going to do. There was too much at
stake to foolishly rush into a decision. The wrong decision could kill all of them.

“If I may say, I don’t think that it was an accident in us finding her,” the one standing said. “We must help.”

“You may think so, but if we do it must be cautiously. If this turns into a trap then our lifestyle could be destroyed,” the sitting
man said thinking about the path that was before them.

“It’s them, I know it,” the other man said.

“All right, you may approach them, but be careful about what you bring up. Make sure it is only what is needed at the time and
not before that,” the sitting man said.

“I will,” the man said before walking out of the room.

“I hope that you are right my friend, I really do,” the man said to the retreating form.


“My Lord, we have arrived,” Tyi said as he walked up to the tall dark figure standing silently in the middle of the room.

“Good, have a shuttle prepared for me right away,” the woman replied as she did not even bother to turn around. Tyi simply
nodded his head and carried out her orders. He never had to remind himself of the danger surrounding her as she seemed to
exude it. Ever since he had seen her on Ouspent he had a strange feeling about her. She had changed along the way as well,
becoming even more fearsome in his opinion.

She had managed to procure a good ship, not really combat vessel but it could hold a few fighters. It currently had a couple of
leftover Y-Wing fighters from the war against the Empire. They would hold up against a pirate attack, but against anything
stronger they would need better equipment.

Tyi also wondered when they would begin to acquire more ships. They had more men then anyone knew what to do with and he
knew that without anything to do they would become bored and dangerous. There had been some discipline problems early on
but Darth Rizon had stopped that very quickly. She had been brutal in her punishments and the men were slowly working into a
function force.

He finished his orders and received a reply from the hanger that everything was ready. He walked back over to Darth Rizon who
had not moved. She was still looking at the window at something that only she could see.

“My lord, the hanger reports that your shuttle is ready,” Tyi told her somehow feeling that she already knew about it.

“Excellent,” Rizon said. “Do you see it Tyi, it’s calling for us, waiting for us, ready for us and all we have to do is reach out and
take it,” she said with a smile on her face.

Tyi was not sure how to respond to what she had just said as he did not have a clue as to what she had just said. He did not ask
though not waning to risk angering her in any way. He just stood silently beside her waiting for her next command.

“It’s all right Tyi, I know that can’t see it,” Rizon said knowing that no one else could see what she saw. She turned around making
her red cloak swirl around her making her seem a bit more menacing. “Wait for me here,” she said then walked out of the room.

Tyi could only nod his head as she walked out of the room. He wondered how long she would be down on the planet’s surface
this time. They had done this several time before and each time she had been gone anywhere from an hour to almost a day. The
only think that bothered him was each time she returned she seemed to be stronger than before.


Jessica made her way to the hanger where the shuttle was. She noticed that everyone around her seemed to stiffen to attention.
The pilot seemed nervous at her approach which made her happy at that. Entering the shuttle she quickly told the pilot what
course to set. The pilot nearly jumped when she spoke even though he knew she would say something. She watched the man and
decided that he would carry out his orders well, but was not officer material.

Jessica watched as the planet’s surface came into view. She quickly directed the pilot to a small area on the surface that appeared
to be deserted. That was where she needed to go.

The pilot quickly landed the shuttle as quickly as he could hoping that Lord Rizon did not decide to vaporize him like his
predecessor. The rumor was that he had spoken back to her.

“Wait for me here,” Jessica told the pilot. She went towards the area that she knew would hold the last Sith Lord Tomb that she
would have to visit. Using the Force she blasted the debris away from the entrance. This tomb was an unknown one to others but
held the last piece she needed to begin her plan.

The entrance was exposed under her power as the wind whipped around her. The entrance had not seen the light of day in over
two thousand years. The doors opened with a heavy protest but her will was stronger than the doors were. As if understanding her
intent to enter the tomb the wind whipped up even more making her cloak flutter in the wind along with her hair. Through it all
she ignored it and continued with her task.

With the entrance opened now she made her way inside the tomb. Dark power flowed all around her as she walked through the
catacombs. There would be traps, which she was counting on. She listened to the flow of the Force as it told her which way she
needed to go. Turning around a corner she ran into what she was expecting.

Two Sith assassin droids were waiting for her. Both droids opened fire at the same time as they went about their mission of
destroying anything that came into the tomb. Jessica simply used the Force pushing the droids against the wall destroying them.

With the droids taken care of she continued on her way to the tomb. She was not disappointed as she waited once she entered the
tomb. A figure appeared in front of her. She knew that it was the spirit of the dead Sith Lord protecting his tomb.

“You know why I’m here,” Jessica said simply as she looked at the spirit.

“Then you know what you have to do,” the spirit replied. Both of them regarded each other for a moment as they knew what was
about to happen.


Gaia walked into the library to check out one last piece of research before heading back to Yavin IV. Han had come up with a
good idea and she was not on her way to check out for any married Jedi. She hoped with this search she would have more luck.

Gaia decided she could really only do her searching in the morning as she needed some time to prepare herself to head back to
the academy. She also had to go over what had been going on lately. Master Fie-Tel had kept her mostly up to date with events
back at the academy.

She had learned that the shuttle that had been headed to Yavin had crashed on route. There were also reports of a new group of
Dark Jedi under the command of Tavion. Tavion had been Desann’s student who had been defeated by Kyle Katarn. Fie-Tel and
Luke Skywalker along with the help of another recruit, Jaden, had been investing the reports.

Fie-Tel had mentioned that Tavion had sent her loyal troops to areas that were know to have an affinity for the Force and
draining them. Gaia had reported that she did not feel that her mystery would be uncovered once she had figure out more about
the Jedi Master Bri. Fie-Tel had given the name to Master Skywalker and any information he uncovered would be waiting for her.

After two hours of searching the archives for any listing of the Jedi Master Bri and marriage Gaia finally conceded defeat. She
was about to head out of the library when she began to feel something familiar to her. It was not something from the Force or at
least she did not think it was. The ferocity of it took her breath away as she began to feel dizzy.

She barely was aware that there was a hand on her shoulder gently guiding her to a sitting position. She was concentrating on
something that was slipping away from her. Something that was important to her.

“No,” Gaia whispered only loud enough for someone standing next to her to hear.

“Relax little one, concentrate,” a calm voice said near her. It seemed to help ground her in what she was feeling even though she
could feel it slipping away and despair began in her chest. “Ask it not to leave,” the voice said again to her.

Gaia was not sure what the calm voice was asking of her. She was not even sure what she would be asking to now leave but there
was a part of her that knew exactly what to do. It was the strangest thing that she had ever been through. Gaia seemed to know
that she had to do something and with the advice of the calm voice she mentally tried to keep whatever it was here.

A moment later a rush of dark energy swept over and through her leaving her feeling quite weak after it was all over. Gaia finally
opened her eyes and glanced around. Sitting next to her was an older man who appeared to be keeping an eye on her. Part of her
wondered is he was the one who had been talking to her just a few minutes ago.

“How do you feel little one,” the man finally asked.

“Like a whole herd of nerfs ran over me,” Gaia finally replied as she regained her senses. “Who are you?”

“My name is Percy,” the man replied with a smile.

“What just happened, you seemed to know what was going on,” Gaia asked a bit confused by what had happened. She was sure
that it had just felt the Force but there was something else with it that she could not figure out. It had been happening more
frequently lately and it was beginning to scare her. Each time she felt it the energy seemed to be gaining in strength.

“I don’t know,” Percy replied but he seemed to be hiding something.

Gaia frowned in thought for a bit as she went over what had just happened. “I think that we both know that you know what’s
going on here,” Gaia told him looking right in the eye.

Percy glanced to the floor for a second as he thought about what had just happened. His talk with their leader earlier had resulted
in a strong warning that caution might be the best course of action. What had happened earlier was proof to him. He had to
somehow tell her what was going on without telling her what was going on, but how.

“I can’t tell you much I’m afraid,” Percy said hoping that she would not use any Jedi powers on him.

“What can you tell me,” Gaia asked wondering what he would tell her.

Percy opened his mouth to reply when an idea suddenly came to him. “I have an idea of what to tell you, but I need to talk with
someone first. Will you be around later today,” he asked her.

Gaia was quiet for a few seconds while she thought about it. She still had to pack which was not much and any reports she had to
read she could do on the way back. She figured that she had did have the time and gave Percy a number where he could reach
her. He nodded his head then walked out of the room.

Gaia wondered what type of secret organization Percy was a part of. She knew that there were other secret groups out there that
worked in the background of the Republic, the Empire and even the New Republic. She wondered which one was working in the
background this time. Hearing her stomach growl she decided that something to eat would be just what she needed and headed to
the cafeteria.


Jessica dodged the first couple of Force blows that the spirit of the Sith Lord sent her way. She then sent her own attack which
the spirit easily blocked. Seeing that from the spirit Jessica knew that she had her work cut out for her. This spirit would prove
more formidable than some of the others.

The two combatants attacked and countered attacked at will. Jessica was trying to find a weakness in the Spirit’s attack. She tried
a couple of combination moves which the Sith Lord spirit easily dodged again. This just made her concentrate even more as she
doubled her efforts.

“Not bad little girl,” the spirit said after blocking her last attack. “But you’re not good enough,” it told her as it gathered more
energy and attacked with speed that Jessica had never seen before.

Blue lightning bolts of pure Force energy crackled around Jessica before sending her to the ground in pain. The spirit’s Force
energy had burned right past her defenses like they were not even there.

“So you thought you could challenge me did you,” the spirit said in a mocking tone. “I have defeated many like you. None of
which are worthy of the title Sith Lord.”

The spirit took that moment to renew its attack on Jessica. The spirit was actually silently amazed at the amount of punishment
this woman was taking. It had never seen anyone take so much before without succumbing.

Jessica could feel the Force energy cursing through her body as the spirit began to overwhelm her. She could feel herself begin to
slip away when something strange happened to her. There seemed to be another voice in her head. Someone she had never heard
before asking her to stay.

For reasons that Jessica could not understand she could not ignore the request that was being made of her. She fought to stand up
in the face of the Force energy that the spirit was punishing her with. Finally she was able to stand up to counter attack with
energy that she was not even aware that she possessed.

“Impressive little girl,” the spirit said as it began to gear up for another attack. Force energy from both combatants pulsed
throughout the tomb making the ground vibrate. Noticing that the woman that it was facing seemed to be getting stronger it
decided that it was time to end this. The spirit attacked again but this time was amazed as Jessica quickly dodged it.

The spirit was caught off guard by the speed and power of Jessica’s attack. The spirit tried to fight the power from the woman but
she seemed to be getting stronger with each second that passed. Its Force shield finally gave way to Jessica’s power. She pushed
her last attack with all the energy that she was able to muster.

The spirit shrieked as the Force energy defeated it. It began to fade under the attack that Jessica was throwing at the spirit. She
was beginning to get the feeling that she was going to win this battle.

“Welcome Sith Lord Rizon,” the spirit said just before it faded into nothingness.

Jessica stood in the center of a Force storm as the last energy of the spirit disappeared leaving her alone in the tomb. When it
finally died down she looked around a bit for something that would lead her in the right direction. It did not take long for her to
find what she was looking for. A small icon carved on the wall in the small corner of the tomb.

Using the Force she opened the secret panel and pulled out the box that was inside. Taking a few things out of her pocket she put
them together with the object and waited a few seconds.

The object began to float in the air as it hummed with an ancient power. It grew brighter as it continued to power up until the
entire tomb was filled with a blinding light. Jessica remained looking into the light as anyone else would have been blinded by it.

Raw power shook the room as white streaks of light shot out towards Jessica who stood unfazed by it all. The light finally died
down and the object came to rest silently on a rock. Jessica bent down to pick it up before walking out of the tomb.

Jessica boarded the shuttle where a nervous, pale and quiet pilot waited. She glanced at him before saying anything.

“Back to the ship,” she ordered then went back and sat down.

“Y-yes my lord,” the pilot replied more than anxious to leave the planet’s surface. He had felt the surface of the planet trembling
violently for a while with only a few moments of silence. Then there had been an intense beam of light that had shot up into the
sky which had scared him even more.

Then Lord Rizon had returned and he thought that he could see energy coming off her in waves as she had walked out of the
tomb. He briefly wondered what had happened down in the tomb then decided that he did not want to know.

Jessica sat back in her seat as the shuttle began its ascent to the ship. Soon she would have a warfleet of her own. The Republic
and the Jedi had been foolish to allow such things to pass into legend and fade away. It did not take long until the ship docked
and she made her way to the bridge.

“Head here,” she said to the captain pointing out where she wanted to go.

“My lord, that’s uncharted space. We don’t have maps to safely navigate there,” he told her honestly.

Rizon merely pulled a data crystal out of her sleeve pocket and placed it in the computer console. “You do now captain,” she
coldly replied. “We head there now.”

The captain merely nodded his head as he looked at the data on the crystal. There would be no arguments from him at the
moment that was for sure.

“Tyi, let me know when we are about to arrive,” Jessica said then turned and began to walk off the bridge.

“Yes my lord. Ah, there is one thing I’d like to discuss with you,” Tyi said having received a report when she was on the planet.

“Very well, what is it,” Jessica said implying that her patience was not something to be tried right now.

“Our spies report that Tavion, Desann’s student, has regrouped with the remains of Desann’s followers. She has started her own
attack. Would it not be best if we joined with her,” Tyi asked cautiously.

“Tavion is a weak fool,” Jessica replied. “Have our spies begin recruiting from her group as well. When she falls they’ll come
willingly to me. It will be just as I have seen it,” she told him then walked out of the room.

Tyi wondered what else she had seen that she would not tell him. He walked across the bridge to inform the spies before they
went into hyperspace towards an unknown part of space. He and the captain exchanged glances as he went about his work.

“Do you think she really knows what she is doing,” the captain asked him.

“I think she does,” Tyi replied slightly afraid that she would hear this conversation. “I think she has all the pieces that she was
looking for. It’s just a matter of time now.”

“I don’t care what she does with the New Republic as long as she crushes the remains of the Imperial forces,” the captain said
with malice in his voice.

Tyi looked on thoughtfully at the captain. Most of the crew did not care for either the Republic or the remains of the Empire.
That would probably be to their advantage, that and the fact that they had managed to nab a few officers from both sides that
were disillusioned by their superiors. That is where they had found their current captain. He had been a captain the New Republic
but had been dishonorably discharged for wanting to do more against the former Empire forces.

Tyi finished his work and nodded again to the captain. The crew had finished imputing the data from the crystal and now only
needed the captain’s orders to execute the command. The captain gave it and the ship’s hyperspace engines sprang to life.

“What do you think will be waiting for us,” the captain asked Tyi.

“I don’t have a clue captain,” Tyi replied.


Percy walked back into the office where his leader was with more news. The man behind the desk glanced up and wondered
what had happened in the short time since Percy had been gone.

“What happened Percy,” the man asked.

“She’s one,” Percy replied.

“Convinced me then,” the man replied along with a wave of hand for Percy to sit down.

Percy sat down and went on to tell him all about what had happened in the library. He had spotted the woman and was trying to
figure out a way to introduce himself with arousing any suspicion from her. The woman had been walking when she suddenly
stopped and her eyes had gone wide.

“She was getting something very strong from her connection. Whatever had happened she almost lost her other half,” Percy told
the man.

“Are you sure about that,” he asked wanting to make sure that Percy was right about what he saw.

“Yes, she looked just like you did last year in the hospital,” Percy replied bring up the fact that the man’s wife had been very ill
last year and had gone to the hospital.

The man sat back and pondered this new information. Whatever was going on a connection was already strong, like it had been
with the other ones. He closed his eyes before finally making up his mind.

“Bring her, we will tell her a bit of what is going on,” he finally said to Percy.

“You won’t regret it,” Percy replied.

“I hope not Percy, for all of our sakes. If not we will have to relocate again,” the man said as Percy nodded and left the room.

He did not have to wait too long before Percy came back with the woman in question. Gaia walked into the office wondering
what Percy and whoever he had talked with had to say to her.

“Welcome, please have a seat,” the man behind the desk said with a smile as he motioned to a nearby chair. Gaia replied with a
thank you and sat down waiting for what he had to say to her. “Only a few select people are allowed inside our society. We have
learned from experience that exposing ourselves to the outside world can have dire consequences.”

Gaia wondered what type of secret society she was about to be introduced into or if she even wanted access to it. Gaia could feel
that the man had some sort of hidden agenda behind all of his words and decided to wait to see what else he had to say.

“We only allow those like us to have access to our group,” the man told her.

“Who are you,” Gaia asked not sure what the man was going to say.

“Before I go any further I need you to understand that what I tell you must be held in the strictest silence. It could mean the death
for a lot of people,” the man told her.

“I will,” Gaia said without hesitation. She would never do anything to risk the lives of others.

“Why were you looking for Jedi Master Bri Lighter,” the man asked her.

“I had a vision of her and another woman, who I thought was also a Jedi. I think it might be important to whatever is happening,”
Gaia replied.

“Yes there was another woman with her. They shared a special connection to the point that they were connected by more than
love,” he told her.

Gaia was not sure to think about this. It meant that the two women were connected by something stronger than love. She was not
sure what that could be. “So they were a couple,” she finally asked.

“Yes, but also so much more,” the man said to her.

“Then do you have any information about her,” Gaia asked with hope that he might be able to help her out.

“The man sat back in her chair as he debated what to do next. “There really is not much information on them, but we do know
where they were buried,” he finally told her.

“Perhaps there is something there that can help me out,” Gaia said wondering if the academy would allow her another trip.

“Perhaps,” the man replied slowly. He handed her a data crystal that contained the information.

“I need to get back. I’m headed back to the academy soon,” Gaia said standing up and thanking him again for the information. It
was not much but it was more than she had hoped for.

“I understand,” the man said rising with her. “Oh yes, please come back and see me when the time is right.”

Gaia looked back at him not sure what to make of that comment but nodded her head and walked out of the room. His statement
confused her a bit and figured that she would have to come back to ask what he meant.

“You didn’t tell her,” Percy said as he walked up.

“No, with Jedi it’s dangerous, she will have to find out for herself,” the man replied.

“But she’s already connected,” Percy told him.

“f she was then she would have already understood Bri and Xara’s connection,” the man said putting the file away.

“Do you think that she will find what she is looking for,” Percy asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Yes, and if the files are right the sooner the better, for all of us,” the man told Percy.


Tyi watched the streaks of light go by as the ships sped through hyperspace towards an unknown sector of space. He and the
captain had been wondering about what they could find once they got there. Darth Rizon had given them an order to head there
and then let her know when they arrived.

“Tyi, we’re about to arrive at our destination,” the captain said to Tyi.

“I’ll let Darth Rizon know,” Tyi said as he went over to the intercom system to relay the message to Darth Rizon. She told him
that she would be on the bridge shortly.

Tyi watched as the ship came out of hyperspace. Glancing around he did not see much around until he saw a ship floating silently
in space. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before. The ship looked like a cross of an Imperial star destroyers and a large
claw. There were two halves of the ship that were shaped about the same but with a space in the middle of the ship giving it a
claw shape. As he looked on he noticed more and more ships.

“There must be hundreds of ships out there,” Tyi stated in shock.

It was at that moment that Darth Rizon entered the room finding everyone looking out the windows. She turned to see the fleet
that she knew would be there after hearing Tyi comment.

“A thousand ships, my ships.”
Part 5
Gaia stretched out her legs from where she was sitting on board the Millennium Falcon as it was about to reach the Academy on
Yavin IV. Glancing around her looked at her fellow passengers. There was the president, Leia Solo and her three children along
with two other senators.

Gaia had not really talked with either of them. One of them she did not like but the other from what he had said was guanine
about his concerns about the academy. Chewbacca and Han Solo were still up in the cockpit as the ship was about to come out of

Gaia wondered what her master, Fie-Tel had in store for her once she had landed at the academy. She had not found out that
much during her time away other than a little about the Jedi Master Bri and a few visions of two Jedi, or she had thought they
were two Jedi but now was not sure about that.

Glancing back down at the report on her lap there were reports of disturbances in the Force that might endanger the academy.
From what the Jedi could find out it seemed that Tavion was gathering the remaining forces that Desann. Tavion was visiting
Force sensitive areas draining them of Force. The only problem was there was not any information as to what she was planning to
do with all of the stored Force power.

Gaia had the feeling that everything she had been reading about did not have anything to do with her visions. There was
something inside her that just did not feel right about it. With that thought she realized that there was something else going on that
no one knew about.

“So how far along are you in your training,” one of the senators called Ollo asked Gaia.

Gaia looked up at the question not having expecting it. “Not long, I’m not as strong as many of the others,” Gaia answered

“Our philosophy is that even the weakest can defeat the strongest,” Ollo replied.

“Which is why your people fell so easily to the Empire when the Emperor took over,” the other senator said making Ollo bristle

“That allowed them to gather so much intelligence for the rebellion. The Emperor did not view his race as a threat Ulti,” Leia
replied having heard the conversation between the two senators.

“When it comes to the Force, it always works in mysterious ways,” Gaia replied. “I’m better off now than I was before I joined
the order,” Gaia said as she now looked at Ulti.

“Really, that’s interesting,” Ollo said. “How are you better now?”

“My family is poor and father and mother had a hard time providing for the three of us,” Gaia replied.

“They should work then,” Ulti said with a bit of a snort in his voice.

“They did,” Gaia said looking him right in his eyes. “At least they had a job before a high corporate bigwig decided to downsize.”

“Then they should have just looked for another job,” Ulti replied a bit uncomfortable with the way that Gaia was looking at him.

“They would have if the business had not controlled everything,” Gaia told him.

“Then they should have just left for something new,” Ulti said regaining some of his smugness.

“Well, they might have if the company had paid the severance pay they promised everyone, but you should know about that,”
Gaia said evenly knowing that what she was about to say would shock them all. “After all my parents worked for Intergalac.”

Ulti suddenly stiffened at that comment. Everyone knew that he was the majority owner of Intergalac. At the moment the
company had been under investigation for several wrongful business dealings that many said it was doing both to other companies
and its employees.

“Really,” Leia said with interest at what Gaia had just said. “I think that the investigating council would like to hear that.”

“They can’t prove anything,” Ulti said but without his smug tone that he had earlier in the conversation.

Gaia felt the ship land and got up and was about to turn around when she stopped and looked back at Ulti. “You may try and
deny it, but you’ve destroyed just as many lives as the Emperor did. Excuse me Madam President, Senator Ollo,” she said with a
nod of her head to the other two then left the ship. She could hear an argument start as she walked out but really did not care at
the moment.

Gaia wondered if anything she had said would make a difference. She was not sure but either way it had felt good telling the man
what she thought even though it went against her Jedi training. Looking around she saw Master Fie-Tel standing there waiting for

“Gaia, how are you doing,” he asked glancing at her. He could feel that something had changed but could not see it. He would
have to wait to see if she would tell him.

“I’m doing fine Master Fie-Tel,” Gaia replied to him.

“And how did your research go,” he asked her wondering if she had found anything.

“Very little survived the war but I was able to find a name,” Gaia replied. “A Jedi by the name of Bri Lighter.”

“I am not familiar with that name,” Fie-Tel said after thinking about it for a second.

They both turned around that the yells of Uncle Luke and watched as Han and Leia’s kids ran to their uncle. Luke gave each of
the kids a hug before also giving his sister and Han a warm greeting as well.

“I see that a couple of council members are here as well,” Fie-Tel said noticing the two men.

“Yes, Senators Ollo and Ulti,” Gaia replied. Fie-Tel could tell by the way that Gaia had said Ulti’s name that the young woman did
not like the senator. He quickly made a mental note to see if he could find out what had happened between the two of them. It
was not like Gaia to not like someone.

“Have you been keeping up with the reports I’ve sent you,” he asked changing the subject of the conversation.

“I was reading them on the way over here. Does Tavion pose that much of a threat to the Jedi,” Gaia asked her master.

“We believe so,” Fie-Tel replied to her question. “Do you think that your research is connected with it?”

“My feelings on the subject tell me no but that also scares me a lot. Whatever it is the pull of the Dark Side is very strong,” Gaia

“Then we’ll have to keep our guard up,” Fie-Tel said not sure if they could guard against two threats.


“Thousands,” Tyi and the captain whispered together. They could not believe that so many ships existed in one place.

“It is the remnants of the Sith fleet that Darth Malak used and then hid,” Rizon said as she glanced out at the fleet in pure joy.
“Soon it will be alive again,” she said.

“I thought that it was all destroyed by the Republic fleet at the end of that war and the Jedi Civil war,” the captain asked as he
recalled his history.

Rizon turned to look at the captain. ‘At least this one knows his history,’ she thought to herself. “You are only half correct. Darth
Malak hid this part of the fleet in case of an emergency. Anyone who knew about was killed,” Rizon said.

Tyi and the captain exchanged glances with each other at her statement. They each wanted to know how she knew about it if no
one else did.

“I am a true Sith Lord, that is how I know,” Rizon stated knowing that they would wonder about how she knew. She would not
embellish any more though.

“Of course my lord,” Tyi replied with a slight bow not wanting to anger her at all.

“Prepare a landing part captain. We’re going over to one of the ship,” Rizon said picking out the ship that would serve as her
flagship. She glanced out at the fleet until she found the one that she wanted. She then told the captain to make his way to that

“Of course,” the captain replied as he went to carry out his orders.

A few minutes later they were on their way to the ship that Rizon had selected. She watched as the ship grew larger though the
shuttles window. The pilot followed the directions that Rizon gave as if his life depended on it. He was able to land on the ship
without any problems.

Getting off the shuttle the men noticed that while the air seemed a bit stale it was at least breathable without any equipment.
Most of the group was heavily armed and they wondered what was on board that would require such heavy weapons. They
quickly started to make their way to the bridge.

The group rounded a corner and saw a droid unlike anything they had ever seen before. It reminded them of a giant spider. When
it noticed them the droid immediately began to screech and beep at them. They all readied their weapons not sure what the droid
was going to do next.

The droid stopped its noises and opened fire on the group with a deadly accuracy. One man quickly went down before anyone
could return fire. When they recovered enough to open fire they noticed that the droid was protected by an unknown type of

Another man went down to the droid and the group was wondering what type of droid they had just encountered. The droid
suddenly seemed to freeze for a few seconds before finally exploding. The men looked around wondering what had happened
when they noticed that Darth Rizon was now standing behind them.

Rizon had silently watched the encounter with the droid and realized that her men were not equipped with the right weapons for
this mission. They would need ion weapons against these droids. Deciding to end the confrontation she used the Force to destroy
the droid. She then walked past the group of men and continued on her way to the bridge.

The men glanced at awe at the woman who passed them. She had power that most of them could only imagine. The ease at which
she had destroyed the droid had left the men with their mouths open. They quickly hurried to catch up to their leader not knowing
if other droids were on the ship.

The men’s thoughts were confirmed as another droid was encountered. Rizon quickly destroyed that droid as well as they finally
made their way to the bride of the ship. Everyone was silently amazed at the room that the bridge had.

“Reminds me of an Imperial class star destroyer,” one man said. Rizon glanced at the man and realized that he had experience
from the Imperial Navy.

“The droids can be disabled from here,” Rizon said walking over to where a console was. After a few moments of hacking into
the system she had access and had the droids disabled.

The men looked around the ship wondering if everything was still working. The one man who had served in the Imperial Navy
quickly walked over to the console and brought up the power levels of the ship.

“What’s the reading,” Rizon asked the man hoping that it was still good.

“Everything’s normal. It just requires the starting of the main engines. Everything has been on auxiliaries at the moment,” the man
replied looking at the screen.

“Perfect, take teams of three and explore the ship. Make sure that there are no other visitors on my ship,” Rizon said watching as
the men slowly split up into groups. “The droid’s security features have been disabled,” she told them watching as they relaxed a
bit at that.

A few of the men remained on the bridge a bit longer. Rizon realized that one of them was the man who had served in the
Imperial Navy and a thought came to her.

“Do you know how to bring the main engines on line,” she asked the man who nodded his head yes. “Good, go and activate the
main engines,” she told him as he left the bridge with two other men and went in search of the engine room.

“Tyi,” she said activating the communicator. “What’s the count?”

“Two thousand and twenty-three ship my lord,” Tyi replied.

“Excellent, the Republic and Empire won’t know what hit them,” Rizon said pleased that things were going so well and smiled at
that thought of being the Empress of the universe and the heart of a new Sith Empire.

The others looked at her wondering if she had gone mad. She was going to take on both the Imperial and New Republic.


Gaia walked up to the main meeting area of the temple. Master Skywalker had called for a meeting of all the Jedi in the area. She
thought she had an idea of what was going on. Tavion had been stirring up trouble for a while now and it appeared that
everything was about to reach the climax.

“Thank you for coming so quickly,” Luke said as he glanced around at all the Jedi who had shown up. “Jaden has come across
some information that Tavion has been influenced by an Ancient Sith Lord. Right now she is currently on her way to resurrect
this Sith Lord. We must stop her at all costs. I won’t lie to you though we will be up against other Force users who can handle a
lightsaber just as well as any of us so be careful out there.”

Gaia suddenly felt unsure if she should have even shown up for this meeting. She was not much of a swordswoman with the
lightsaber. She decided to approach Master Fie-Tel about her going on this mission.

Luke finished telling everyone what to expect and Gaia went in search of Fir-Tel. She spotted him standing beside Luke and Kyle
Katarn. She wondered what they were talking about as they quieted down as she approached.

“Gaia, what can I do for your,” Fie-Tel asked the young woman. He already had an idea about what she wanted but wanted to
hear her ask it.

“I don’t feel like I should participate in this mission Master Fie-Tel. My skills are not as good as the others,” Gaia said wondering
what their reaction would be.

“Gaia, I need all available Jedi to help combat this threat,” Luke said quite seriously.

“Then I will do my best,” Gaia replied hoping that she would be able to live up to her mentor’s expectations.

“I have a feeling that you will do just fine,” Luke replied as the group began to head for the ships. Luke had felt that something
inside the young Jedi stirring but was not sure what it was. He would have to talk with Fie-Tel and see if he knew anything about
it. That would happen when they returned back to Yavin.


Tyi listened to the report that was coming in from one of his spies that he had in the New Republic government. The report listed
that a couple of senators were visiting the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV and noticed something strange going on.

The Jedi were concerned with a group of rebels who might be working with remnants of the Imperial military. The group was
being led by Tavion who had been a pupil of Desann. Tyi figured that his master would want to know about this. He activated the
communicator and waited for her to answer.

“Yes Tyi,” Lord Rizon said over the communicator.

“My lord, I have received come news that the Jedi are moving against Tavion and her forces,” Tyi told her.

“Yes, I know that already. The Jedi will win this battle,” Rizon said not really concerned with the outcome of the battle.

“This might be a way to boost our forces my lord,” Tyi said carefully not wanting to anger her. There was a moment of silence
and Tyi was a bit concerned about his safety.

“So be it,” Rizon finally said to Tyi who let out a sigh of relief. “Just be sure to remain in the shadows.”

“Yes my lord,” Tyi replied as Rizon signed off. He would have to gather a small group of loyal people to act as recruiters. They
would have to remain hidden to avoid detection from the Jedi and the Imperials.

Tyi quickly gave out the orders to the group that he had assembled. There was a bit of silence when he realized that someone else
had come into the room. He turned around and was shocked to see Lord Rizon standing there.

“I’ve changed my mind,” she stated walking up to him. He was a bit nervous that she had changed her mind about the mission. “I
will be going with them. Captain Pietete will be in charge until my return. I wish for you to continue on your current mission,” she
said then walked out of the room. Tyi looked at the others who were in the room and each of them had faces of both awe and
fear in their eyes. He did not have to tell them that she was going only for them to be careful.


Gaia checked out the equipment that she was issued on the way to their destination. She was feeling nervous about what was sure
to be a fight. She did not want to hurt anyone during the fight that she was sure would occur.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out she tried to concentrate on something else other than fighting. It was hard for her to as she
could feel that there was something about this mission.

“Everything all right,” another Jedi asked who was sitting next to her.

“I don’t know. I just feel that something is going to happen during the battle but I can’t pinpoint it,” Gaia said not sure how to
explain her uneasiness that she felt.

“Prebattle jitters, we all get it,” the other Jedi replied. He had been in battle before as a rebel pilot years ago during the last part of
the war against the Empire. “I remember the first time I went into battle. I thought for sure that I was going to throw up,” he said
to her.

“I guess so,” Gaia replied hoping that the other Jedi was right.

They felt the ship touchdown on the planet’s surface and the door opened. Gaia went to her assigned area and waited to see what
was going to happen. They were there to stop Tavion’s forces from trying to resurrect a dead Sith Lord. Gaia waited to see if
anyone came near her area while she could hear the fight all around her.

A flash off to her right caught her attention. She noticed that it was a Jedi facing off with an attacker. She turned and headed in
their direction. She engaged the opponent and together they overwhelmed the attacker.

The Jedi muttered thanks before heading back into the fray. Gaia was about to follow when she felt something strange. It was
much different than what she had been feeling earlier. This felt more like the strange attacker she had seen back at the academy
when it had been attacked earlier in the year.

Gaia quickly made up her mind and decided to see if she could follow the source of what she have been feeling. She quietly made
her way around the ruins avoiding others. Right now she wanted to be hidden.

Gaia could hear the fighting begin to die down as the report of Tavion’s defeat came down though the ruins. She could still hear
the occasional fight going on but as she turned the corner she could hear voices. Trying to be as quiet as she could she glanced
around the corner. She could see that many of Tavion’s forces were leaving the ruins heading up a secret exit that she was sure no
one knew about.

Gaia was about to head back to tell the others what she saw when she noticed the person who appeared to be in charge. It was a
woman who was dressed in black with a deep crimson cape that seemed to flow around her. The woman had long black hair that
shimmered and caught Gaia’s attention. The thought that the woman was beautiful entered her mind.

‘What am I thinking,” Gaia thought to herself as she regained her senses and looked around for any signs of trouble. She could tell
that there were quite a few that were leaving using this tunnel as an exit. Gaia realized that she had to tell someone and was about
to leave when the woman turned around and look in her direction.

Gaia felt caught as deep blue eyes seemed to penetrate her being. Her rational mind tried to tell her that she should leave as she
was in danger but her soul was telling her something else. Something deeper inside her was speaking louder than her mind was.
The deep blue of the woman’s eyes seemed to draw her in with a strange feeling of belonging that she had never felt before.

One of the men headed down the tunnel dropped his lightsaber startled her and realizing that she had been discovered turned and
fled the scene. She ran as fast as she could to where she knew the others would be. Her heart was pounding erratically from her
encounter as she finally made her way to a small place where Luke, Kyle Katarn and other Jedi named Jaden were standing.

“Gaia, I’m glad to see that you made it,” Luke said knowing that he had lost some good Jedi in the fight. They would have to step
up their training later.

“I think we have more trouble in the future,” Gaia replied catching her breath from her run.

“What do you mean,” Kyle asked pretty sure that he was not going to like what Gaia was going to tell him.

Gaia waited a few seconds before replying to fully catch her breath. “I had a feeling of something different so I went searching. I
saw a group of the survivors heading out of a secret exit. They also appeared to have a woman leader who was not Tavion,” Gaia
told them.

“So someone took some of the survivors,” Luke replied as he thought about the ramifications of what he had just heard. “Do you
know how many,” he asked her trying to gage the threat they might pose.

“From what I saw over twenty,” Gaia replied honestly. “I was only there a few minutes before leaving.”

“They’ll have a hard time leaving the planet. We’ve got a Republic cruiser patrolling the planet to prevent any ship from leaving.
We’ll be able to find out who they are shortly,” Luke said as he recalled the cruiser.


Jessica waited in the shadows as her men did their job. She could feel that something else was going on inside the tomb. She
figured that it was Tavion trying to resurrect the ancient Sith Lord but there was also something else there. She would keep a
close eye out for anything was out of the ordinary.

Jessica also silently counted the number of people that her recruiters were able to gather from Tavion’s forces. The woman was
not very competent if so many of her people were leaving their ranks for her. A few of them stopped to look at her and a few she
recognized but she now had the persona of Darth Rizon. Many looked at her with a bit of fear and awe in their eyes. That was
good for her as it meant there would be fewer who would challenge her in her attempt to take her title of Sith Lord.

She noticed that most of them were Force users and already had their own lightsabers. That would be a great head start in training
for her. The training that she had in mind for these people would be different as they would make up her elite troops that she
would use against the Jedi.

The news had come though the hallways that Tavion had fallen to a Jedi called Jaden. The news was no surprise to Jessica. She
had already seen Tavion’s failure and was using it to strengthen her own forces.

The last of the group was heading though when she became aware of someone watching her. She turned around and scanned the
area for whoever it was. She saw the person almost right away almost as if she had been guided right to the person by some
unknown force.

Jessica locked onto green eyes that were looking right back at her. She could feel the intensity and it caught her off guard for
several seconds. She almost felt lost in the depths of the mysterious green eyes of the stranger.

One of the men walking past her made a slight noise breaking the contact with the woman. Jessica turned to see what the noise
had been. She noticed that one of the men had dropped his weapon as anger flashed though her.

“If you can’t hold onto your weapon then don’t carry one,” Jessica said slipping into the role of Darth Rizon very easily.

The men stopped as they watched what was going on between the two. The man seemed to not even have heard the woman and
his reply reinforced that face as several suddenly backed away.

“Whatever,” the man said as he retrieved his lightsaber. He was annoyed at having this woman play like she was something
special. He had worked for several others and would wait for the next big person.

The man suddenly found himself hurled off his feet and thrown up against the wall. The force that was used was tremendous and
he had to work to see who it was who had attacked him. Turning his head he noticed the woman who he had just passed.

“I will tolerate no disrespect among my troops,” Rizon said as she now approached the man who was struggling to get back up.

“I don’t care who you are. I was the commander of Tavion’s forces and soon I will be the new commander once I talk with
whoever is in charge of this,” he thought activating his lightsaber to take care of this woman.

“That was a mistake,” Rizon said as she activated her own. The other men watched from a distance as the tall woman quickly
struck down their former leader. “Anyone else who wants to challenge Darth Rizon?

The men looked at each other each knowing that they would not be able to defeat the woman. The power she gave off made most
of them almost giddy at the thought of someone who seemed to be so powerful. Tavion never was able to give off this much

“Us excuse me Darth Rizon,” one man said trying not to flinch when the blue eyes pinned him. “Do you want us to go after the
woman who was watching us,” he asked her having seen her look at the woman.

“No, we are leaving this place,” Rizon said to the group. “She will already be with the rest of the Jedi by now and there is no
reason for a confrontation now.”

“But there’s a Republic cruiser orbiting the planet. How are we going to get off now,” another man said as they began to walk
thought the secret passage.

“Let me worry about that,” Rizon stated as they walked though the hallway.

The men walked along a bit skeptical about what the woman had just told them. She was obviously not worried about the
Republic cruiser making them wonder what she had planned.

They quickly boarded the shuttle and waited to take off. Rizon went to the front of the shuttle and quickly barked out several
commands. They left the shuttle life off along with two other shuttles.


“Captain, we have three shuttles lifting off from Korriban’s surface. What are you orders,” the scanner operator said looking up
from his position.

The captain turned to his own console and brought up his communicator to contact Luke Skywalker. This was the Jedi’s mission
not the Republic’s so he would ask them what to do. Luke quickly told him that he wanted the shuttles captured. The captain
relayed the message back to the crew.

“Battlestations, we are to disable the shuttles and take the crew and any passengers as prisoners,” the captain ordered.

The Republic cruiser went to full alert and began to close in on the three fleeing shuttles. Orders for the shuttles to stand down
and be boarded went unheeded. The cruiser had just come within firing range of the shuttles when another ship arrived.

“Captain we have a new contact just coming out of hyperspace,” the scanner operator said. “Computer says it’s a Sith battleship,”
the man said with a bit of wonder in his voice.

“A what,” the captain asked not sure what he had just heard.

“A Sith battleship,” the scanner operator repeated.

The operator barely had time to tell the captain that the battleship had them targeted when it opened fire. The firepower on board
the Sith battleship might have been old, but it was still enough to take out the cruiser’s shields. Within a few minutes the cruiser
was destroyed leaving the battleship to take on the three shuttles. A few minutes later the battleship entered hyperspace and left
the planet.


Luke was walking back to the shuttles to head back to Yevin when he felt something was wrong. Kyle and Gaia looked at him
when he suddenly glanced up at the sky.

“Skywalker to Captain Yept,” Luke said into his communicator. He was greeted with nothing but silence. The longer the silence
went the more concerned he became about what my have happened.

“What’s wrong,” Kyle asked breaking the silence.

“I have a bad feeling about the cruiser,” Luke replied.

“Great, when you have a bad feeling about something the entire universe trembles,” Kyle said half joking half serious.

Gaia remained quiet even though there was a comfortable banter going on between Luke and Kyle. There was something about
the mysterious woman who had seemed to be in charge of the group. The woman seemed to be familiar to her somehow. She
turned her attention back to the other two who were now standing there looking at her.

“Are you all right,” Luke asked her a bit concerned when Gaia was not paying any attention to them.

“Yes Master Luke, I was just thinking about something,” Gaia replied.

Suddenly another Jedi came running up to them. He appeared to be a bit shaken up by the news he had just be told.

“Master Skywalker, I’m afraid that we’ve just received news that the cruiser was destroyed,” he told the group.

The news shocked everyone that was standing there. A New Republic cruiser was not something that was easily destroyed by a
group of shuttles.

“Any clues as to what happened,” Luke asked wondering what had happened.

“Not at the moment Master,” the man replied. “The fleet is sending out a recovery team to sift though the wreckage to see if they
can find out what happened.”

“It seems that we have another mystery on our hands,” Kyle said more to himself than anyone else.

Gaia wondered if the woman she had seen earlier had anything to do with the attack on the cruiser. A part of her hoped that she
was not but her more rational side figured she was. She also wondered as to why she did not say anything about the person being
a woman to Luke.

Gaia walked to the shuttle lost in her own thoughts as she tried to sort out what was going on with her. She should not have kept
any information away from the others but she was. There must be a reason for her behavior and she was determined to find out
what it was before telling Master Skywalker.


Gaia went though her training even though she was still wondering about what her next step would be for the mysterious blue-
eyed woman. She was meditating when Master Fie-Tel came walking into the room.

“Gaia, you’re wanted in Master Skywalker’s office,” he told her and waited for her to get up from her meditating position.

Gaia was a bit surprised about being summoned to Master Skywalker’s office. She wondered what he could want with her. She
walked along with Fie-Tel who did not offer any clues as to why she had been summoned. Luke was waiting for her in his office
and turned around when they walked into the room.

“Gaia, come in,” Luke said. “Master Fie-Tel and I have been going over your record lately. You’ve demonstrated that your
abilities are that of a full Jedi Knight. So as of right now we are promoting you to the rank of Jedi Knight.”

“Jedi Knight,” Gaia replied in a bit of a stunned voice. She did not feel like she deserved such a promotion.

“Yes, your actions at Korriban and the previous attack here at the academy have proven that you are ready for the next step,”
Fie-Tel said to her. “Just remember that a Jedi never stops learning or being tested.”

“I won’t master,” Gaia replied to Fie-Tel.

“Then I have a mission for you Jedi Knight Gaia,” Luke said to her. “Lately I have been feeling a disturbance in the force. I think
that it might be related to what happened to the cruiser at Korriban and what you were researching earlier. I want you to fine out
what is happening and report back to me.”

“I will,” Gaia replied then walked out of the room and headed back to her mediation. She needed to see if she could find
something in the Force that might guide her. She had reached the end of what she knew for the next step for the mission. She was
missing something and she was nut sure what it was.

As she sat down she decided to try another approach. This time she would concentrate on the dark haired blue-eyed woman she
had seen. Perhaps she might be able to see something about her in her visions.

Gaia had been at it for several days without having anything and was about to give up when something came to her. The name of
a planet that she felt was important. She quickly looked it up and noticed that it was just outside Republic space.

She told Luke and Fie-Tel where she was going and that she might be out of touch but would try to remain in contact with them.
She just hoped that that she would find something that she was looking for. She climbed into the ship and punched in the
coordinates for the planet.


“My lord,” a man said as he bowed to the tall dark clothed woman standing on the bridge of the ship.

“Report,” she replied curtly.

“The attack fleet is ready to strike,” he reported to the woman. She scared him and he was not afraid for other to know it. He had
seen her kill a person just last week just because they said something wrong to her. He was not going to let that happen to him.

“Excellent, tell Admiral Pietete to have everything ready to go when I say so,” the woman told him. She then turned and walked
off the bridge and headed towards one of the hangers.

Several people were training with lightsabers inside the spacious area of the hanger. A few of the people were acting instructors.
They wore a dark cape and grey clothing to make them stand out from the others. The door opened up and a tall woman wearing
a dark red cloak walked into the room.

“Darth Rizon,” a woman said along with a bow as Rizon walked into the room. She surveyed the room to see how everything was
coming along.

“Katie,” Rizon said to the woman who was standing in front of her. “How are the recruits doing?”

“We have a great group that was mostly trained already,” Katie replied.

“Then they’ll be ready for our next attack,” Rizon said.

“See for yourself,” Katie replied.

Rizon said that she wanted to and walked further into the hanger. She motioned for one of the students in the room to attack her.
He glanced over at Katie who nodded her head and he recovered from the shock and ignited his lightsaber. He attacked her with
a fury of strikes.

Rizon easily blocked the man’s attack but that was not what she was looking for. Her continuing blocking added to his frustration
as his anger got the better of him. He growled and put his anger behind his attack.

Rizon threw him back easily with a quick Force push and called the session to a halt. “Excellent work, you are ready. Get
everyone ready for a planetside attack,” she said to the group then walked out of the hanger.

When she arrived back on the bridge she told Admiral Pietete to head to the planet she told him to. She then went over to Tyi to
discuss her plans once the planet was hers.


Gaia arrived at the planet and landed on the surface with out a problem. The population there at first greeted her with a bit of
hostility. Then they realized that she was a Jedi and they seemed to be a bit more at ease with her.

Gaia could only figure out that the people must have had a previous encounter with a Jedi Knight somewhere in their past. She
still did not know what she was looking for. She had no idea that it was about to find her.
Part 6
Above the planet six large warships that had not been seen in over a thousand years suddenly appeared out of hyperspace. The
planet did not have much in the way of defense against such large ships.

Rizon looked on from the bridge as the planet came into sight. This planet would be where she would begin her conquest of the
galaxy. She would be swift and merciless in her destruction of anyone who stood in her way.

A familiar feeling swept over her as she looked at the planet. She thought about where she had felt this before and realized that
she had felt it on Korriban. More specifically she had felt it while looking at a green eyed blonde Jedi.

“Get me Katie,” Rizon said sternly and waited until the woman appeared on the communicator. “Be careful, there is a Jedi on that
planet, and I want her alive.”

“Of course my lord,” Katie replied not really caring why Darth Rizon wanted the woman alive, just the fact that there were Jedi
on the planet meant that the action could be intense.

Rizon ordered the attack to begin. Fighters came out of the ships and headed toward the planet.


Gaia was just trying to find a place to sleep when she heard the sirens yell. The planet was under attack. Gaia thought that the
planet had been at peace with all of their neighbors for years. She wondered who was attacking.

Gaia glanced up to see a group of fighters come sweeping into the city blasting away destroying buildings and streets. The fighters
were not like anything she had ever seen before. They were more round shaped than anything the Imperials had.

The air attack lasted for a while until the shuttles began to land. Inside were groups of troops unlike any she had ever seen. The
troopers were clothed in metallic armor and the leaders wore dark robes. Gaia felt her blood run cold as she saw lightsabers ignite
as the group ran around attacking anyone in sight.

A few began to run towards her and she turned and ran. Using her training she was able to stay ahead of her pursuers. She ran
around trying her best to stay hidden until she ran around one corner too many. Now there was a group in front of her and behind

Without a choice she took out her lightsaber and readied herself for combat. A few of the troopers opened fire as she blocked it.
She felt herself get hit in the back and darkness overtook her. She wondered if this was what death felt like as her body slumped
to the ground.


Darth Rizon waited impatiently as the reports came in from the planet. The entire attack had only lasted a few hours but she now
had the planet trembling under her hand. The government had surrendered to her demands spoiling her fun.

She now controlled everything on the planet. The one thing she was waiting for was word of any Jedi on the planet. She had given
strict orders as to the treatment of the Jedi.

“My lord,” Tyi said interrupting her thoughts. She turned to him to see what he wanted. “Pitpis’ group ran into a Jedi and as your
orders they stunned her. They are asking what to do with her now.”

“Bring her to me,” Rizon said as a spark lit up her eyes at the thought. It was going to be a fun day after all.


Leia walked into the council chamber with a grim look on her face. This was not something she had wished to have happen. It
seemed like ever since the Empire had been defeated there had been on crisis after another. This one seemed to be shaping up
slowly which meant that someone was being very careful in their planning.

“All right Leia what is so important that you had to wake us up and call a special council meeting,” one of her aides said.

“I’ll tell you in the council chambers,” Leia said as she continued to walk into the council. The large room was full of people
talking and clamoring but quieted down as Leia took her position.

“I want to thank all of you for coming on such short notice,” Leia said to all of them. “Recently we lost the cruiser New Hope
during a Jedi operation on Korriban. Our techs were able to retrieve some information from the ships computers.”

The council waited until the screen came to life and they could see what had happened. Everything seemed normal in the video
as a shuttle approached. The cruiser was attempting to capture an escaping shuttle when another ship appeared. This one seemed
to look like a warship.

There were a few people in the council room that had seen the type of ship before and never more than on a holodisc. They
waited for conformation on what they saw before making any judgments.

“What your seeing is a Sith battleship. Our intelligence officers have confirmed that the ship is either a replica or a remnant of
that fleet,” Leia said to the group.

“I’m sorry, but what is it again,” one of the council members asked.

“A Sith battleship of a design that is almost three thousand years old,” Leia replied.

“Are you saying that this warship is three thousand years old,” the council member asked not believing what she was saying.

“I don’t know, but about an hour ago we received a report of another sighting of these ships. They attacked and conquered a
planet just on the rim of the Republic,” Leia said.

“And what should we do about that. We can’t continue to try and help out every planet that is involved in a war. We don’t have
the resources to do that and continue to keep a watch out for the remnants of the Empire,” the council man said.

“I called this meeting because it appears that there is another power out there beside the Empire that we know nothing about.
Whoever it is might have a large fleet and be dangerous. I would like everyone to exercise caution if these ships are encountered
and to let us know,” Leia told them.

“This is a wasted meeting,” said a senator from Kababi as he got up and walked out of the room. A couple of others agreed with
him but there were a few near the rim that took heed of the warning. They went to warn their governments about a possible third
power in that was trying to take over planets.

“That went about as well as I thought it would,” Leia said to her aide.

“There will always be those who do not wish for war. They will look away until it is too late,” her aide replied.

“I know, but they are also the same ones who when it does happen ask why nothing was done to prevent it,” Leia said with a sigh.
She had a bad feeling about the ships and what the ultimate mission was of whoever was behind it all.

“That’s why there must be a balance between the two, you are cautious, but know when force is demanded,” her aide said. “That
is why so many look up to you and so many despise you.”

“Gee, thanks, I think,” Leia said glancing over to her aide.


Gaia slowly came to consciousness as she tried to feel what was going on around her without opening her eyes. She could hear
some voices in the background but could not make out what they were saying. Her head hurt but she was able to ignore the pain
for the moment as she extended her senses.

Gaia could feel the table she was lying on. Her arms were tied above her head and her legs were also tied at the end of the table
keeping her in place. The table felt like wood under her and she wondered where she was. She listened some more and knew that
she was on a ship by the rumble of the engines. That meant she could be anywhere in the universe. A rescue would be out of the

Having gained everything she could from her senses she opened her eyes to survey her surroundings. The room was medium size
and there was not much in it except for the table she was lying on. There were a couple of chairs in the room and one other small
table. There was one door which was open and that was where the voices were coming from.

Gaia could make out one male and another female voice. The male voice she had never heard before. As for the female voice
Gaia knew that she had never met the person yet the voice sounded so familiar to her. It was odd for her to think that way and
knew that she would have to wait to see the person’s face.

“I see that our ‘guest’ is awake now,” the woman’s voice said even though Gaia still could not see her. “So this is one of the great
Jedi Knights that the Republic has restored, pathetic,” Gaia heard the woman say. There was something about the woman’s tone
of voice that made her shudder anyways. She had a vague idea of what the woman wanted from her.

The door opened then closed as Gaia had the feeling that she was now alone in the room. The only thing she had was her own
thoughts. She was not that powerful of a Jedi even though Master Skywalker had promoted her to the rank of Jedi Knight. She
felt like she was out of her league here and did not know what to do even if an opportunity came up.

The one thing that she was sure about was the feeling of the Dark Force that was present all around the ship. The feeling seemed
to permeate throughout the air as if it was trying to seep into her skin. That was a bit uncomfortable for her. She had never been
this close to the dark side as she was right now.


“Are you sure this is a wise thing to do my lord,” Tyi asked a bit concerned about the fact that a Jedi was on board the ship. He
had heard many things about how powerful the Jedi could be. The legends made them seem invincible to others.

“The Jedi will be show the true way to power and how to use it,” Rizon replied with a hard edge in her voice. Tyi was not as sure
at Rizon was but he would follow her. She had made him richer than he would have become if he had stayed at the landing docks
where he did hang out.

“Do you have any instructions by lord,” he asked hoping that she would provide him with some task that would not involve the
Jedi in the other room.

Rizon thought about it for a few seconds. Her plan was slowly coming together. She still had to gather more strength so that she
could combat the Republic. The Empire would either follow or die she had decided. If the group did decide to follow her the first
thing she would have to do would be kill their leaders. They were weak and the reason for the fall of the Empire. The Emperor
was foolish in putting weak leader in the ranks.

Rizon knew that the reason the Emperor did practice that trait was because he was afraid of a group overthrowing him. If he was
really that powerful then he would not have had anything to fear. She felt like she had nothing to fear from anyone especially the
Jedi that she had caught earlier.

Realizing that Tyi was still waiting for a response she finally figured out something that he would do. “I need for you to take the
cruiser Hyper and head back to the main fleet and see if the second attack fleet is ready for combat,” she told him. “When it is
contact me?”

“As you wish my lord,” he said then with a slight bow he walked out of the room to the hanger. Rizon knew that he was glad to
be out of the room where the Jedi was. Most of her crew had an impression about the Jedi. They thought that they were
invincible and because of that she was going to use this Jedi as a tool to show them that the Jedi were no match for them, by
turning the Jedi to the dark side.

Jessica then turned back towards the table where the small Jedi was tied up in. There were many ways she could use to turn the
Jedi to the dark side. Jessica had to admit that the Jedi in front of her was also quite attractive. A smile graced her lips again as
she thought of ways she could convince the small Jedi to turn.

Jessica took a moment to really study the Jedi. She was small, probably at least a head smaller than Jessica was however what she
was able to see of the Jedi’s body she knew that the Jedi kept in shape. She could see the rise and fall of the Jedi’s chest as her
arms were tied above her head. Jessica could imagine the small Jedi naked while she teased and tasted the Jedi’s breasts, first one
then the other.

Jessica snapped herself out of the trance she had been in. There had been an incredible pull towards the girl. The door opened
and in walked Katie, a tall blonde haired woman who Jessica knew had ambitions. For know she was an aspiring Sith trainee with

“So that’s the Jedi we captured, kinda puny if you ask me,” Katie said glancing at the blonde on the table.

“What are you doing here,” Jessica said slipping into her Rizon mode.

“Just came to see if you needed any help,” Katie said watching as Darth Rizon’s eyes narrowed at her. “And to tell you that we
have some interesting recruits. A few even have Force potential,” she said with a grin.

“Very well, let’s have a look at these potential recruits,” Rizon said with a sneer as she walked towards the door but stopped when
Katie had not moved. “Is there something wrong,” she growled.”

“I thought I could begin the poor Jedi’s training,” Katie said but barely got the words out of her mouth when she found herself
slammed against the wall. She almost blacked out by the force of the blow. Looking up she noticed that two ice blue eyes were
staring right through her.

“I ordered no such thing,” Rizon said as she flung Katie to the other side of the room.

Katie realized her mistake almost right away by the look she had received from Darth Rizon. Now she was feeling the power of
the Sith Lord and realized that she was no where near powerful enough yet to challenge the dark haired Sith for control of the
Empire yet.

“I said that we would look at the recruits,” Rizon said. “I expect you to catch up with me,” Rizon said as she walked out of the

Katie heard the words that Rizon had said, but more importantly she had heard the tone behind the words. She quickly shook her
head and got up to follow Rizon.


Luke sat in his office meditating as he listened to the Force. It was a lost art form that he was attempting to recover. The secrets
of how to do it had been lost during the great Jedi Purge of the Empire. It was a way of becoming one with the Force.

Luke figured that Yoda had used this method several times during his lifetime to figure out what was going on in the universe. If
one became silent enough to listen to the Force many doors were opened up to the user.

Luke had been at it for a long time now and so far there had been no ripples in the Force or clues as to what was going on. He
could feel a flow of the Force like the wind on his face in an open field, but that was all. Suddenly there was a rush of hot wind,
almost as if it was angry at something. The wind seemed to whip him around in his meditation.

Opening his eyes a few seconds later he noticed that he was still in his office. He recalled the feelings that had come with the rush
of wind. There was anger along with the visions that he had never seen before. There were strange ships in his vision.

Luke recalled that there was one disturbing part, almost as if he was receiving two visions. Both had Gaia in it. In one the small
woman was dressed in black and green standing behind a tall dark haired woman as they watched an entire planet destroyed
without emotion. In another Gaia seemed to be victorious over the tall woman as she stood over the prone figure of the dark
haired woman.

Luke rubbed his eyes and tried to make sense of what he had just seen. Perhaps it was two visions of what might be. Gaia, it
seemed, would either destroy, or join the dark haired woman. The tall woman Luke was the one behind everything, of that Luke
was sure.


The senator walked into his office after a long day. The chancellor had wanted everyone to be careful of a new threat to the
universe. He had openly questioned what threat a bunch of old outdated Sith warships would pose to a modern navy like the New

That had sparked a debate as to how much was spent on defense and that it really should be brought down. The senator had to
laugh at that thought though. It seemed like every time that conversation came up something happened. He really did not care; if
war came it would profit his company.

“Hello senator,” a voice said from inside his room making the senator jump a bit. He quickly tried the light switch only to notice
that it was not working.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my office,” the senator replied trying to put as much authority in his voice as he could.

“My name’s not important,” the voice said again. “I’m just here to remind you that we can find you at any time if you try to back
out of the deal, or tell anyone.”

“Why would I do that,” the man said trying to stay calm.

“Do not cross the Sith Empress senator, she will destroy you,” the voice said. He felt a wind blow by him and he glanced at the
door and noticed a figure walk out. He quickly rushed to the doorway and looked up and down the hallway only to find it empty.

The lights came on making him jump again and he looked around at his office. There on his desk was a small dagger stuck in his
desk. He wondered for the first time if he had really made the wisest decision to help Darth Rizon.


Darth Rizon stood on the bridge as she looked out over her war fleet. There was now over fifteen ships fully armed and
operational. That would begin her mission to take over the universe. She knew that as she won victories then people would begin
coming to her and her fleet would swell in numbers. People were like sheep, always flocking to those who won.

Of course those who stood against her would suffer a terrible fate. She would destroy anyone who dared stand in her way. The
Jedi would have to be the first to go. The Jedi had the annoying ability to rouse the people around them to rise up against a
conqueror like she was.

The only problem was by the time the Jedi knew much about her she would be too powerful to stop. Even their collective force
would not be enough to stop her. She heard a sound and she new that Admiral Pietete had come into the room.

“Report admiral,” she said.

“My lord, the training goes well. I can assure you that we will have another ten ships operational by the end of tomorrow and a
dozen more approaching operational status,” Pietete replied not sure he really wanted to be in the presence of this woman. He
had served on board Darth Vader’s flagship for a year and could remember the fear the Dark Lord could put into people. Darth
Rizon was just as capable of it.

“Excellent,” Rizon replied as she turned to look at the admiral. She enjoyed the small flinch the man gave as she turned. It was
fear, fear of her that rushed through her like a river of power and she enjoyed the feeling.

Admiral Pietete quickly walked out of the room knowing that she had dismissed him. He was not about to make a mistake and
stay when he was not wanted.

Rizon watched the man walk away and knew why. It was her concern about what others thought, as long as they feared her. She
enjoyed the fear that others had in her. Like a drug that once a person became addicted to a person could not stop. Deciding she
was in the mood for some fun she decided to visit her Jedi prisoner.

Walking into the room where the Jedi was being held she noticed that the blonde haired woman was just like she remembered.
The woman glanced over to her as she heard Rizon walk into the room.

“Well, you are a pretty one,” Rizon said looking the Jedi over. Gaia was not sure what to make of this woman who had walked
into the room. She did recognize the tall dark haired woman from the planet that Tavion was defeated. Now seeing the woman up
close she noticed the deep blue eyes that seemed to call out to her. Gaia was not sure what was going on at the moment.

Rizon continued to look at the small Jedi in front of her. The Jedi’s eyes had found her own and for a second she felt a slight pull
much like she had the last time they had met. Breaking her contact with the woman Rizon felt unsure suddenly about what she
was doing. She pulled her resolve and circled the small Jedi.

“What were you doing on the planet’s surface Jedi,” Rizon asked hoping that the small Jedi would say something.

Gaia thought as quickly as she could with this woman’s presence in the room. What could she say that would satisfy her when
Gaia was not sure why she had gone in the first place. She finally thought she would try the truth with the woman and see what

“I don’t know,” Gaia finally said.

Rizon’s temper flared a bit at the statement from the Jedi. She was not sure if she really believed it or not. Most of her did not
believe the Jedi but there was a small part of her that seemed to believe it. It was that small part that hesitated long enough for
Rizon not to hit the Jedi for her statement.

“Let’s try this again. What were you doing on that planet,” Rizon asked again. “I know that Jedi just don’t go somewhere without
knowing what they are doing.”

Gaia’s breathing hitched a bit. This woman knew that she was in the Jedi Order, but she was not sure what else she could say. She
had come to the planet on a feeling and still was not sure why she had done it. How could she explain that in a way that this
woman would believe her if the truth had not worked?

“If you are the best the Jedi can throw at me then you are weak and pathetic,” Rizon said with a bit of spite in her voice.
Watching the Jedi she noticed that her eyes flinched a bit at that. A very small part of her scolded her for her tone but she
managed to ignore her. “Perhaps you will join me,” she said as she used her finger to trace the Jedi’s cheek.

Gaia felt her stomach turn at the tall woman’s words. She would not turn to the ‘Dark Side’ of the Force. She turned her head to
meet the woman’s gaze and communicated silently with her. Deep down however there was a part of her that just wanted to be
with the woman and launched a war inside her mind.

Rizon watched slightly amused as the Jedi turned her head and met her gaze. It was clear what the Jedi was communicating to
her. She would never join her ranks as a Sith. Rizon was determined to show the Jedi that anyone could turn.

“We shall see how long you keep that attitude with me,” Rizon said with a smile. She enjoyed some challenges, and this would
definitely be one of them. “I would stay but I have a planet to conqueror.”

“The Republic will stop you,” Gaia said as she watched the dark figure turn.

“The Republic is weak, and so it the remains of the Imperial Forces. They will fall to me,” Rizon told the Jedi with a casual look
over her shoulder before walking out of the room leaving Gaia alone again.


Rizon walked onto the bridge of her flagship to see how things were going. She had a small fleet already along with a group of
trained Sith. She had a target planet for her next attack. It would be a few days away but her forces were growing each day.

Turning around she noticed that Katie was on the bridge of the ship as well. Rizon narrowed her eyes at the tall blonde woman.
She knew that the woman had ambitions and would probably be the one to challenge her power. The one thing that Rizon knew
was the fact she was holding back more than anyone thought she was.

Katie walked over to where Rizon was with purpose in her steps. Rizon wondered what the woman needed this time.

“My Lord, I was waiting for you,” Katie said as she approached Darth Rizon.

“You’ve found me, now what is it that you want,” Rizon asked not really caring what the woman wanted.

“I wanted to inform you that several trainees have competed the training that you required,” the blonde said to Rizon.

“Good. I’ll be there shortly,” Rizon replied watching as the woman walked off the bridge. She turned to look back out at her
growing fleet. She had been amazed at how quickly it was growing. People were flocking to join her as part of her army. Now she
had a planet and would soon conqueror another one.

Things were looking up for her. It would only be a matter of time before she attacked the remnants of the Imperial forces
themselves, then it would be the New Republic. And after the fighting had stopped she would be the ruler of everything. There
was only one thing that she wanted along with everything else. A queen to sit with her and she had that queen.


Gaia still was tied up on the table waiting for her capture to come back into the room. She wondered how long it had been now.
As she thought about that her stomach growled its displeasure at being empty. It had been a while since she had last eaten and
she could now feel the hunger start to grow.

Gaia also wondered about her capture and who she was. There had only been a brief interaction between her and the woman but
Gaia was sure that she had felt something. That had scared and excited her all at the same time.

Gaia was going to ponder about what was going on when a strange feeling overcame her. She could feel the darkness starting to
surround her. With a quick glance around she noticed the door open and in walked the same tall dark haired woman.

“Thought you had a planet to conqueror,” Gaia said as she remembered what the woman had said last time they had talked.

“I do, but I thought you would find my skills as a hostess lacking if I didn’t offer you something to eat or drink,” Jessica said to the
woman with a quick smile.

Gaia found it hard to look away from the tall dark woman even though almost all of her inner voices were telling her that this
woman was trouble. There was something there that Gaia found intriguing and irresistible. The tall woman produced a small plate
of food as its aroma filled the small room.

“Now, a simple question. What’s your name,” the tall woman asked patiently waiting for the answer to her question. “You may
me Darth Rizon.”

“A lord of the Sith you mean,” Gaia replied back not able to see the woman. She braced herself for some sort of slap but it never
came. Instead she felt a hand stroking the top of her head.

“You have lovely hair, why do you put it up like this,” Rizon said as she caressed the small Jedi’s hair. She had intended to slap
the woman when another instinct took over. She then undid the Jedi’s hair allowing it to flow freely and Rizon found some
comfort in caressing the hair.

The tall woman did not say anything more as she started to circle the young woman trailing her hand down her cheek and neck.
Her hand continued down the Jedi’s chest on down as she began to walk around the table. The more she looked at the young Jedi
the more she wanted her to be her queen beside her.

Gaia felt the Dark Lord trace her hand down her leg. She switched to the other leg and the woman began her walk back up. It
was a strange sensation as part of her wanted very much to lean into the woman’s touch even though her mind was telling her that
they should be enemies. Why was she feeling this way and what did it mean? Gaia felt she needed to find out soon.

Rizon was enjoying the feel of the blonde under her hand as she walked around the table where the blonde was strapped to. It
was then she realized that she had brought in some food for her to eat.

“Here,” Rizon said with a wave her hand the straps were gone and Gaia felt her freedom for right now. “Eat now.”

With that Rizon left her in the room as the door shut closed.
Part 7
Gaia sat there in the room for a few minutes while she eyed the food. She was hungry but she was not sure if there was anything
that she could do. The smell seemed to permeate through the room and she could hear her stomach growling.

Carefully walking over to the tray she sniffed the food cautiously to see if she could smell anything that might be in the food. Not
smelling anything she decided to give the food a try. Taking the first bit she did not detect anything, but she was sure that even if
it was drugged she would not be able to tell.

She began to eat a bit more and before she had realized it she had eaten all of the food that had been brought in to her. With a
mental shrug she realized that if the food was drugged then she would find out soon and worry about it at that time. At the
moment it felt good but she was still hungry. She could eat a bit and had been teased a bit at the academy about how much she
could eat.

Looking around the room she found there was not much that would allow her a place to sit for a while. There was a chair, but it
did not look that comfortable but it seemed to be better than sitting on the table. She decided that instead she would meditate for
a while to help take her mind off what was happening to her and reconnect to the Force. She only hoped that it would take her
mind off her current situation.


Jessica walked back onto the bridge where the captain was waiting for her. He looked over at her as she walked onto the bridge.
He had some good news for her this time and he smiled at her.

“Captain,” Jessica said wondering what the smile was for. She hoped it was good news otherwise the man would be dead at her

“My lord, I have good news,” the captain said. “Admiral qwert has reported that recruiting is up beyond expectations and another
two ships came be ready shortly. I have also received word that the planet Halos has surrendered to us.”

Jessica did smile at that. She had sent one ship to that planet to test its defenses but they had managed to capture the planet. Her
next step for Halos would be putting up a government that supported her. The current one was too weak in her mind. With her
mind made up she turned back to the captain.

“Take us to Halos. We have an appointment with their government. Also have the rest of the fleet convene here,” She said
pointing to a spot on the map. The captain glanced at it and nodded his head and left to carry out his orders.

“It will be done my lord,” the captain said as he went about his duties.

Jessica could feel the fear in the man which felt good to her. It was a feeling that she got from everyone on board the ship. They
all knew not to cross her. She also knew that most of them were expecting her to appoint a second in command to her, her
apprentice. She really did not have anyone in mind just yet as she went over the list of possible candidates. One came to her mind
which she was sure the others would not like. But if trained right she thought that person would be just right. A slow smile came
to her lips as she thought about the possibilities.

In the meantime she would wait until they arrived at Halos. There she would announce to the universe that she had arrived. She
watched as the ship made its jump to light speed and headed towards the meeting point for her fleet. She thought about the power
she would enjoy when the planet of Halos was hers. It was the first stepping stone for her eventual taking on the remnants of the
old Empire. Then after she had taken over them it would be the weak New Republic.

The Republic had the largest fleet at the moment which meant that she would need a fleet as well. She was still in the process of
building of up her fleet. Right now it was not strong enough to take on either the Republic or the Empire but after taking Halos
her recruitment would soar. That and her new growing element of Sith warriors would also tip the scales of battle much the Jedi
had done so many times in the past. It would be quite a welcome site to see the great Jedi finally be eliminated once and for all.


Luke sat in his chambers still trying to figure out what it was about his last visions of Gaia that disturbed him so much. Perhaps it
was the fact that Gaia seemed to be such a peaceful young woman who had an enthusiasm for life that one rarely saw in others.
She was alive with life and it flowed out from her as much as the Force flowed out from him. He could only hope that she was not
corrupted by the ‘dark’ side of the Force.

“Master Skywalker,” a voice said interrupting his thoughts. He looked up to see an older man walking towards him.

Luke looked at the man for a second before realizing that he had not felt the man approach. That was unusual he thought to
himself. There seemed to be a block that the man had that allowed him to mask himself.

“Yes,” Luke replied not giving any indication that he was surprised by the man’s appearance.

“Pardon my interruption, I hope that I’m not interrupting anything important,” the man said with a small smile.

“Nothing at the moment,” Luke replied wondering what the man’s game was.

“I was sent by some,” he paused a bit to find the right words. “Interested members about the whereabouts of a certain Jedi,” he
said as his eyes never left Luke’s.

“Let me guess, Gaia,” Luke replied not surprised when the man answered yes to the question. “I’m afraid that I don’t know.”

The man digested that information for a second. He had been sent because there had been rumors that the young Jedi had
disappeared recently. Now they had conformation about it. He nodded his head as he realized what was happening.

“I see,” the man said then said something that made no sense to Luke. “It appears then everything is out of our hands now.”

Luke raised his eyebrows at that comment before saying anything. “What does that mean,” he asked the man.

“I’m afraid that I cannot say anything about that, it would be damaging to us,” the man said then just as quickly left the room
leaving Luke to wonder what the man was talking about.

Luke got up and walked out after the man hoping to gain some more information about everything. Walking outside the room he
noticed that the corridor was empty and he continued on until he found a young Jedi padawan.

“Excuse me, but have you seen anyone walk by you,” Luke asked the youngster.

“No Master Skywalker,” the youth replied. “Why?”

“Oh, no reason,” Luke said wondering who the man was and what group he represented. He hoped that it was not another group
out there to complicate everything because it was complex enough.


Jessica walked into the small room that held her Jedi captive. The small Jedi was sitting crossed legged meditating quietly. Jessica
knew that the small Jedi did not poise a threat to her power, yet could not help but think that there as another struggle going on
within her.

Quickly dismissing the thought she walked over to where the Jedi was. The young woman opened her eyes to look at her. The
deep green pools of her eyes seemed to draw Jessica in. With a mental shake she refocused her mind.

“You are about to be my new project little one,” she said not realizing she had said that last part. “You will become a Sith and you
will join me.”

Gaia watched as the blue eyes in front of her grew ice cold, yet there was something in there that would not be scared of her. She
wanted to run and leave this woman and ship anyway that she could but found herself drawn to the woman for some reason.

“No,” Gaia finally replied gaining the courage from somewhere inside her to say that to this powerful person.

Jessica had watched the green eyes as they were fastened on her own blue eyes. She knew what the small Jedi would say and was
not disappointed when the woman told her no. She was surprised at her own reaction at that. The woman seemed to almost
radiate light that was something that would have to be corrected.

“No,” Jessica replied pretending to be shocked. “Perhaps you should feel the power of the Force.”

With that Force lightning went out from Jessica’s hands throwing the smaller woman across the room. She watched as the smaller
woman writhed in agony by what she was doing. Finally after a few seconds Jessica stopped and approached the woman now
lying on the ground not able to move.

“That is but a taste of what I can do,” Jessica said her eyes hard and cold.

Gaia could not feel any part of body after the lightning had coursed through her. She had heard of this happening to Luke
Skywalker and now knew why he did not talk about it. It took away any ability to move by the pain and numbness it created.

“Can’t have you lying down,” Jessica said and Gaia found herself pulled up and chained against the wall. The woman had used
the Force to do that as well. “Much better,” Jessica said taking into account the woman in front of her. She could see there was
not a small amount of fear in her eyes.

Gaia watched as the woman walked up to her. There was very little she could do about her current situation. The woman seemed
to study her carefully and Gaia found herself blushing under the woman’s stare.

“Interesting little one,” Jessica said as she noticed the blush work its way up the woman’s neck and into her cheeks.

Without her conscious thought Jessica had brought up one hand and caressed the young Jedi’s cheek. She could feel the softness
of the younger woman’s skin as she made her way along the cheek and traced her lips. Following the jawbone until her fingers
caressed a small ear then finally feeling the silky strands of her hair. There was something in this small woman that made her
want to touch her all over.

Jessica mentally shook herself as she realized that they were no longer alone in the room. Turning around she noticed that Katie
was standing there watching them. Anger flared in her at the thought that one of her own soldiers had not knocked before

“What do you want,” she asked in a growl as she advanced on the tall blonde woman.

“I was to inform you that we’ve arrived at the fleet my Lord,” Katie replied with a quick glance at the young Jedi who was tied up
along the wall.

“Tell the admiral to gather five ships, and then head to Frasis,” Jessica said. She saw Katie take a glance at the Jedi and before
she knew it had used the Force to push the woman against the wall.

Katie realized she had made a mistake right away as she felt the power of the Dark Lord. She could barely breathe because of the
force that was being applied to keep her against the wall. She found herself face to face with a pair of ice blue eyes staring right
into her own and she mentally shivered.

“Next time, you knock,” Jessica growled at the woman. “And you wait until I’ve answered or we will not be having another
conversation, do I made my self clear.”

“Yes my lord,” Katie choked out as the pressure was released and she managed to catch herself just before she crumpled to the
ground. With a salute she turned and quickly left the room to carry out the order that she had been given. She did not want to
anger the Sith Lord any more than she had.

Jessica watched in full Darth Rizon mode as Katie walked out of the room. Things were moving along quite well and soon the
next planet would be under her domain or be destroyed. She would rule with an iron fist and no one would dare try oppose her or
face her wrath. Turning back around she looked at the young Jedi who was still against the wall. She would have to thing of
something for the woman to bring her around. She had plans for them.

Gaia watched as the Sith Lord had attacked one of her own people. It was something that made her a bit sick to her stomach that
someone could treat others so brutally. Of course the woman had already turned her attention back on her. This made her feel
two things at once. The first was a bit of fear that she was not sure she should even try to hide. The other was something deeper
within herself that she did not understand.

Gaia could still feel the trail that the taller woman’s hand had taken when it traced her face and the feeling of her caressing her
hair. Part of her wanted to feel that touch again, almost as if it craved it more than life itself. With an inner shake she glanced
back at the woman and realized that she was looking at her again. There was a look in the woman’s eyes that Gaia both feared yet
warmed her.

“Well it seems that I’m going to be needed elsewhere little one,” Jessica said to the younger woman. “But don’t you worry, I won’t
forget about you. In fact I just might have use for you on this mission after all,” Jessica said as a smile came to her face. A small
plan had formed in her mind to help her turn the Jedi.

Gaia was not sure she like the tone in the other woman’s voice. There was something about the way she said it that Gaia knew it
was not good news. She almost did not want to know what the woman had in plan for her. The one thing that did seem to stand
out in her mind was the fact that she called her ‘little one’ almost as a term of endearment. She was not sure if she should be
flattered or not.

Jessica let the woman’s hair run through her fingers one last time before turning away and headed out of the room. Gaia was glad
when the woman left. For some reason her touch was electric even though she knew in her mind that this woman was the enemy
of the Jedi. She could only hope that she could hold on until she was rescued by some of the others. In the meantime she tried to
think of ways she could help the others out.

Looking around she realized that she could get out of the chains that held her easily; it was once she was out them that she did
not know what she would do. There was no where she could go as she was on a ship and her powers were not great enough to
escape. She resigned herself to wait until an opportunity to escape presented itself.


Jessica strode onto the bridge in full Darth Rizon mode. She was thrilled at the way the others seemed to cower before her.
Perhaps that is what made her think of the small Jedi as a challenge. There was something in the Jedi that did not seem to be
afraid of her.

“Lord Rizon,” the newly appointed admiral of the attack fleet said as he walked towards the tall woman. She could feel that he
was a bit afraid of approaching the woman because of her temper. No one seemed to know when they might find themselves the
focus of it. She had purposefully been random with that just for that reason.

“Admiral, what is the situation,” she asked.

“I’ve gathered the Rixis, Yunis, Terrible, Purge, and Rage to form up with us to head to Frasis,” the admiral said.

“Excellent,” Rizon said knowing that it would be the next planet to feel her wrath. “Engage,” she said.

“Yes Lord Rizon,” the admiral said turning to the crew to carry out his orders.

The six ships of the fleet quickly entered hyperspace. Even though the engines of the ships were old, almost a thousand years and
slow the trip to Frasis did not take very long due to its close proximity to her fleet.

Rizon walked over and inspected the plan that the admiral had put together for the invasion of the planet. It was a simple plan
and straight forward. The plan would not work against a heavily defended world but against this one it would be more than
adequate. She watched out the window at the openness of space. There was a lot of it out there yet there were also so many
places that could hide potential threats as well. Much like she was against the New Republic and the former Empire forces.

Jessica stood there for a while until she saw the ships come out of hyperspace. Now she would crush the resistance of these
people and make them hers. Frasis stood before her that would create her leap into the world of universal politics. Once she was
done here they would be speaking her name across the galaxy. Not that it mattered to her at all as long as they feared her that
was what counted.

“Launch the fighters at once,” she ordered. Squadrons of Sith fighters poured out of the six ships.

Jessica watched as the fighters quickly overpowered the systems defenses. She would be victorious soon enough.


Leia Solo sighed as she sat down behind her desk. The week had not progressed as well as she had hoped. There were some tense
council members in the Republic chambers and she felt some had the right to be. Others did not seem to care as much.

Rubbing her eyes she realized it was the classic case of that if it did not affect you then why should I care about it. Leia had the
feeling that by the time it was done it just might involve everyone. She had to get the others on board.

“Madam President,” one of her aide said walking into the room quickly. She had a feeling that it was bad news as she could feel it
in him.

“Yes,” she said with a smile on her face.

“This report just came in,” he said handing her a piece of paper. She scanned it and the dread she had been sensing doubled.

“Assemble the council,” Leia replied not really sure that it would do much. Perhaps this might push a few others to get the
Republic involved in what was going on.

“Yes madam president,” he said with a salute then left the office.

Leia rested her head on her hands as she sighed about it all. It was in this position that Han found her.

“Hey honey, what’s the matter,” eh asked her.

“This,” she said not raising her head but handing the paper to Han.

“Frasis,” he said after reading the paper quickly.

“Yes,” the mumbled replied came.

“It looks like they are under attack by the same people who are spreading their influence. I take it the Republic will probably not
want to get involved again,” Han said watching as the head of his wife nodded. Han shook his head in disgust. The Republic did it
seemed did not want to get involved in outside affairs, especially if it did not involve them, which this did not.

“Have you talked with the council about this,” Han asked.

“About to,” Leia mumbled before finally raising her head. “The council members are worst then a herd of nerfs.”

“They would be easier to control, but the smell would be worse,” Han replied with a grin that earned a grin from his wife.

“Thanks,” she said seeing that an aide was standing by the door indicating that the council was ready to meet with her. That was
too quick for her tastes and she wondered what was going on now. With a sigh and a good luck kiss from Han she squared her
shoulders and walked out of the office towards the council chambers.

Han watched her go and did not envy her. He would rather face an entire squad of storm troopers than the Republic council. Still
he was proud of the way his wife handled them knowing that if he was there he would probably pull out his blaster and start

“Roaorror,” he heard Chewie say as the wookie walked into the office.

“Yeah,, more trouble buddy,” Han said as he walked out of the office with Chewbacca right behind him.


Leia walked into the council chambers and knew that something else was up besides what she had to say. Several senators were
already arguing with each other. Standing on the raised platform in the middle of the large room she waited a few seconds to see
what was going on and who quiet down.

“Quiet,” her aide’s voice rang out though the air of the room. “Can we have quite please,” he shouted and gradually the voices

“We have two agendas before us right now,” the floor leader said. “One brought before us by the senator of Korrabas, the other
from the President of the Republic. We shall hear from the senator of Korrabas first.”

“Thank you,” the Korrabas senator said. Leia was really sure that she was not going to like this but she would wait. “Fellow
senators, we have before us a moment of greatness, an opportunity that may not come along again for a long time to come.”

Leia’s eyes narrowed at the senator. She was sure that he knew much more than what he was saying. Her Jedi senses were
tingling on overload telling her that something was wrong. The only problem was she could not confront someone on the basis of
the Force. Many people, especially the senators, viewed the new Jedi with some mistrust and as too reclusive.

“We have a chance to greet a new ally,” the senator said. “Our government has been contacted by a new powerful group that is
looking for an ally, one like us. We have before us the final ability to join forces with another powerful ally and finally rid
ourselves of the threat of the Empire.”

There was a murmur and Leia knew that with the mention of the Empire many people would sway to back the senator. She was
filled with doubt about this new ‘ally’ that the senator had spoken of. She also was not sure that she should announce what had
happened as it might push some senators to want to accept this new alliance with a foreign group.

“They called themselves the Rizians and they are a humanoid group, and wish an audience with the senate of the Republic,” the
senator said.

Leia knew that there was little she could do to try and decline opening an invitation to this new group. If she tried to decline it
other senators might view it as an elitist view and it would not help her standing in the senate. Opening up talks with the group
thought might prove to be worse but she had no way to tell others what she felt. Everyone was waiting for her to say something
and she thought of something to say so as to not seem against it.

“A council should be formed to begin looking into the possibility of conducting talks with this new group and how to best
proceed,” Leia replied watching as the senator did not disagree or agree with her statement. “That is if it agreeable with the

“I await the formation of the council to be formed so my government can introduce them,” the senator replied.

“Does anyone have a problem with the formation of a council to greet the Rizians,” the floor leader said and after waiting the
appropriate time switched to the next subject. “Madam President, you had some news that you wanted to share with the council.”

Leia took the floor with a nod to the floor leader. “Members of the galactic senate, we have a problem on the boarders of the
Republic. I have just received word that the world of Frasis has been attacked by an unknown force. This makes the third planet
that has been conquered along the rim of the Republic,” Leia said noting the reaction of the crowd. “I am asking that the senate
vote to increase our military forces stationed along the area to protect member worlds from what might be a hostile attack.”

“I object to such an action,” the Korrabas senator replied leading to an outburst by other senators.

Leia sighed knowing that it would be a long day ahead of her.


Darth Rizon watched impassionedly as the defenses of Frasis were swept aside with relative ease. She was sure that news of this
attack would have made it back to the Republic and perhaps even to the remnants of the Empire. That did not matter to her. She
had contacts in both governments that would delay any retaliation. It was only a matter of time before she had to deal with one or
the other.

With the way that she was gaining reinforcements for her army she was not worried. That and she was sure that her contacts
would provide her with plenty of advanced warning.

“Any reply from Frasis’ leaders about my demands,” Rizon asked to the communications officer. The man shook his head no.

Rizon thought that perhaps it was time that they truly understood who they were dealing with now. She was not the weak Empire
and she was not the cowardly Republic. She would show them exactly who she was. A sudden thought came to her though.

“Keep trying to get in touch with them. When I come back I want a progress report and I’ll decide what to do then,” Rizon said
and with that she walked off the bridge.

Jessica walked towards the elevator and to where her captive was being held. She made a quick side trip over to another room
and picked up something clothing. With a bit of a smile on her face she entered the room where the Jedi was being held. The
small Jedi had not moved that much and was meditating again. They both knew that she was aware when Jessica walked into the

“Put these on,” Jessica said to her throwing the clothing which the smaller woman caught. “I have a mission for you,” she said

Gaia was not sure that she liked this turn of events. She looked at the clothing that had been thrown at her. It was a robe and
clothing. The clothing was various shades of green and the robe was black. Looking at the clothing then at the woman standing in
the room she waited for a few seconds to see if she would turn away.

“Go ahead and change, I’m not going anywhere,” Jessica said a bit proud of herself for thinking about having the smaller woman
change clothing. She knew the real reason for staying in the room which had nothing to do with training her. Jessica just wanted
to see the smaller woman nude. Seeing the small shoulders drop in defeat Jessica almost turned around but her desire to look
upon the small Jedi was too great.

The clothing that the woman was wearing almost seemed to peel away until she was left in her underwear which did not leave
much to the imagination. Jessica studied the small form in front of her from the feet up the lovely smooth thighs, the small panties
that covered the woman’s sex which her eyes lingered on. Up the taunt stomach which proved the woman was in shape to the
covered small breasts. She watched as they rose and fell with each breath the Jedi took and finally up to the face of the Jedi.

There was a strange look in the Jedi’s eyes. Part of it was revolting and another part seemed to be aroused at the same time. The
woman quickly put on the clothing that Jessica had provided then turned to face her.

Gaia was struggling within herself as a battle from wanting the tall woman to just take her right there to wanting to be revolted for
what she had to do. She had felt the woman’s eyes almost as if they were caressing her skin. Realizing that she was becoming
aroused she quickly put on the clothes and robe that the woman had provided then turned to face her.

“Follow me, any attempt to flee and I’ll kill you myself,” Jessica said with a slight growl.

Gaia followed until they were on the bridge of the ship. Looking around she noticed that everyone was staring at her for some
reason. Shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other she tried to rely on her Jedi training to remain calm.

“Now,” Jessica said taking the persona of Darth Rizon again. “Has there been any response to our message.”

Tyi looked over to Rizon and was a bit struck by what he saw but quickly shook himself out of his stupor to answer her question.
“No my lord,” he said though he still was not quite over the picture that the two woman made. The smaller woman was dressed in
green with a black robe wrapped around her that contrasted with Rizon’s dark clothing with a deep red robe.

“Very well, then perhaps we teach them a lesson not to ignore us,” Rizon said with a bit of a smile.

Gaia watched not sure what part she was to play in all of this. The tall woman had said that she had a mission for her but could
not think of what that mission was going to be. The one thing that she could think of was that this Sith Lord was going to kill her
as an example to the government of the planet below. It came as a shock when the next orders were given.

“Target the largest city besides the capital and destroy it,” Rizon said without any hesitation in her voice. The calmness almost
made Gaia cringe but she hung onto her Jedi training. Now was not the time to do something rash. It would only get her killed.


Two Sith battleships lined up in orbit of the planet Frasis. They were above one of the largest cities on the planet. There were no
defenses on the planet having been swept away by the onslaught by these new Sith forces. Suddenly the orbiting ships opened

On the planet it was like the sky had opened up and was raining down on them. The only problem was it was raining lasers from
the orbital bombardment of the Sith battleships. Millions of people who lived in the city were killed as the buildings they were in
were destroyed. Within minutes the entire town had been reduced to rubble. The survivors were left to fend for themselves in the
aftermath as the government of Frasis sat stunned by the turn of events.
Part 8
Luke was sitting in his meditation room when he suddenly felt the loss in the force. It was something that he could only remember
back when he was on board the Millennium Falcon before he was really trained in the Force. Then it was the destruction of
Alderaan that he had felt. This time he was not sure what it was.

Getting up Luke walked out of the room in search of others to see if they had felt it as well. He needed to know how much it
effected there Force and how many other felt it. If it was something that had been felt allover then it might be the destruction of
an entire planet. If that was the case then there was definitely a new evil out there that would need to be addressed.

“Master Skywalker, some students were wondering if you felt something in the Force. Several of us thought we felt something but
are not sure what it was,” Fie-Tel asked coming up to Luke.

“Yes, I did. I fear that something dreadful has happened,” Luke replied. “I need to speak to my sister.”

He sighed a few minutes later when he was not able to get in touch with her. She was apparently in council with the senate. He
could only hope that she was aware of what was going on.


The council was full of trouble this time. No one seemed to want to listen to anyone else. People were complaining why they
should have to help defend against a threat while others were saying that Leia was trying to take after the Senator Palpantine who
turned into the Emperor. The senator of Korraban was still trying to gather support for his council and the meeting of this group
called Rizians.

Leia was about to intervene when she felt something very strong in the Force. At that moment she knew that something had gone
wrong. She quickly wondered what could have caused such a disturbance and what it was. She needed to talk with her brother to
see if he had any idea as to what it was.

“I move for a brief recess so that tempers may cool down and then we can look at this with cooler heads,” Leia said to the
council. Several others agreed with her and the council recess until later in the day to discuss the agenda that had been brought up

Leia quickly went to her desk and was informed by her secretary that Luke had indeed tried to call her not that long ago. Hoping
that she could still catch him she called him back. It took a few moments but his face appeared on the screen.

“Leia,” Luke said. “I’m glad that you called me back.”

“Does this have anything to do with what I felt just a few minutes ago,” Leia asked.

“Yes, something terrible has happened Leia. I was wondering if the Republic intelligence had discovered anything out of the
ordinary lately that might account for what we felt here,” Luke asked hoping that they had found something.

“Not that I’m aware of, but I’ll keep you informed of anything that the intelligence picks up,” Leia replied.

“Thanks,” Luke said as he signed off.

Leia quickly called for the intelligence reports to see if there was anything in there that she might have missed or if there was
something new. Her aide quickly went and gathered the reports and returned with them for her to read.


Darth Rizon stood there waiting for the government of Farsis to respond to her demands. She had ordered the leveling of one city
already and had no remorse about having a second city leveled if her demands were not met.

“Anything yet,” she asked Tyi who was standing nearby on the deck.

“Nothing yet my Lord,” he replied. “Perhaps they are still stunned and are working out everything.”

“Perhaps, or they are too stupid to know when to surrender,” Rizon replied as she continued to look at the planet. “Tell them they
have ten minutes to reply, or another city is destroyed.”

“Yes my Lord,” Tyi replied then went to relay the message. It left Rizon with Gaia by her side.

“You don’t approve,” Rizon whispered to the smaller woman beside her.

“No,” Gaia whispered back. “I don’t like seeing anyone hurt.”

“Is that so,” Rizon replied as an idea went through her mind. “We shall see then.”

Gaia was not sure what the tall woman meant by what she had just said. The one thing she was sure of though was it would mean
bad news for her. She would have to be on guard against everything that the woman threw at her. Somehow she also had the
feeling that she would need more than her Jedi training to survive this and that more was at stake then the universe for her.


“I can’t believe that she has that tiny weak Jedi standing by her,” one of the trainees was saying as they stood in the training

“Be quite you fool, you’ll get us all killed,” another one said as he eyed a tall blonde who walked into the room. She was Rizon’s
right hand when it came to training.

“I don’t care, its a sure sign of weakness for her to have that Jedi,” he said spitting out the last word as if it might contaminate
him. He was suddenly very still as the hum of a lightsaber sliced though the air. He could almost feel it as the blade hovered right
at his throat and he had to fight the urge to swallow.

“I suggest you be careful of where you say that. Darth Rizon has spies everywhere,” the tall woman said. None of them had seen
her move on over and now she looked like she was about to kill one of them.

All movement in the room stopped as they looked at what was going on. They were all waiting to see what their instructor was
going to do. If she was going to kill him or not. Finally the lightsaber was clicked off and the man let out an audible gasp of relief.

“Everyone back to your practice,” she said in a growl. “You come with me,” she said pointing to the man.

“Yes ma’am,” he replied hoping that he would live though the meeting with her.

She led him to a small secluded area away from the others where she had a feeling that they would be able to talk in private. This
might be just the man to help her in her own plans.

“Tell me, what do you know of Sith doctrine,” she asked him.

“The strong survive,” the man answered.

“Right, and part of the Sith way is to overthrow their masters,” she said watching as realization sunk in. “I think together we can
overthrow Darth Rizon and become Sith lords ourselves.”

“Is that possible,” the man asked not sure about what she had just said. He had seen the power that Darth Rizon was capable of.

“Yes, that puny Jedi is the key,” she said. “What do you say?”

“I think that you can count me in, my lord,” the man said.

“Excellent,” she replied. “For now continue to train and keep you mouth shut.”

“Of course,” he said and walked out.

“The fool doesn’t know what he’s in for,” another figure said emerging from the shadows.

“No he doesn’t my master,” the woman said to him.

“Soon they will all know,” he said then left again.


“Darth Rizon, we have received word from the surface,” Tyi said sure that Rizon would not like what they had said. He handed
her the message and watched as she scanned the reply.

“Do they take me for a fool,” she finally said her eyes darkening with anger. “They will feel the power of the Sith.”

Rizon turned to the captain and paused before saying anything. She thought about what she had been thinking about earlier. Now
was the time to implement her plan. She turned to where Gaia was standing. She could almost feel the younger woman’s fear as
Rizon walked up to where she was.

“I have a proposition for you,” Rizon said. “I’ll spare the planet if you order the destruction of one of the cities.”

“What,” Gaia exclaimed not sure she had heard the taller woman correctly.

“Its quite simple really. Either you order my captain to destroy one city, which you choose, or I order the entire planet’s surface
destroyed,” Rizon said.

Gaia’s heart constricted in her throat at what this tall woman had just said. Either she would order innocent lives to be killed or
more would be killed. Gaia was also not sure if she did do this the planet would not be destroyed anyways.

“And how do I know that you won’t go ahead and destroy the planet’s surface anyways,” Gaia finally said.

“You don’t,” Rizon said bluntly. “It depends on their answer again. Pick a good target and they just might come around. If not
then,” Rizon left the rest unsaid with a small shrug like it was nothing.

Gaia really felt sick as she heard what the woman in front of her wanted her to do. She would condemn several thousand
innocent people to death all because she wanted it.

“Why don’t you just threaten them again,” Gaia said wondering if the woman in front of her really was the monster that several
others on board thought she was.

“That already didn’t work,” Rizon said with a smile. This game was fun. “Pick a target. I don’t have a lot of patience.”

Gaia stood still as she listened to what Rizon was saying. She wanted to flee the room and wished that none of this had ever
happened. Her mind was already reeling with the endless possibilities. If she did not pick a target then millions, even billions of
lives were at stake. But if she did then lives would be lost. She could see no real way out of her predicament.

“Hurry up,” Rizon said looking at Gaia.

Gaia quickly made up her mind. She would pick a target hoping that they would understand, and maybe one day forgive her for
what she had done. With a shaking finger she pointed to a place on the map. “Here,” Gaia said.

“Fine, you heard the lady, open fire,” Rizon said pulling Gaia along with her. The small reddish-blonde hair woman did not offer
much resistance. Rizon looked out the window as the turbolasers opened fire along with Gaia beside her.

The turbolasers rained down on the planet’s surface towards the unsuspecting city. Within a few moments the city was lying in
ruins as death and destruction visited it. The thought of what she had done finally caught up with Gaia.

“I despise you,” Gaia finally said and quicker than anyone thought she slapped Rizon across the face leaving a red imprint of her
small hand on the cheek of Rizon’s face. Before Rizon could recover the small woman was already walking towards the door with
tears forming in her eyes.

Rizon then quickly closed the distance before the smaller woman had a chance to leave the bridge. A large part of her wanted to
hurt the woman but another smaller part of her did not. In a strange war the smaller part of her won. Rizon did not have time to
dwell on it as she spun the smaller woman around so she could see her anger.

“I don’t think that your leaving so soon little one,” Rizon said as she held the smaller woman close to her. There for a second
Rizon watched as the green eyes in front of her changed from the hatred that she had seen to something else. For a second Rizon
wanted to do nothing else but kiss the smaller woman then the look was gone replaced by anger again.

Rizon turned and motioned for the guards to come. “Take her back to her room,” Rizon ordered then turned and walked back to
the window of the bridge. Glancing out at the planet below she should have felt powerful but instead there was a part of her that
hurt. It was a strange feeling and one that she was not used to. It did not matter as long as the planet surrendered to her.

“My lord,” Tyi said walking up to the dark lord.

“Yes,” Rizon said turning to look at Tyi.

“We’ve just received word from the planet. They accept your terms for surrender,” Tyi said.

“Excellent,” Rizon said. “See to it immediately. I’m going to be concentrating on our next move,” she said then walked out the
door not waiting for a reply.

Rizon walked out not really sure where she was going. Part of her though already knew where she was going. She was headed to
see about her prisoner/student. She knew that the blonde would be standing at her side sooner or later it was only a matter of


Gaia had left the bridge feeling a mixture of emotions. Part of her wanted to just go ahead and kill the tall dark woman for what
she had done. Another part of her wanted the woman in a way that went against everything she had been trained for. Gaia was a
Jedi Knight and a defender of the people, not a bringer of destruction.

She realized that she was letting her emotions get the best of her, especially her anger. That was a path that she did not want to
follow, it was one that was not her. Inside the room she then realized that she had just walked back to where she was a prisoner
by herself. A Jedi Knight was loose on the ship and no one seemed to mind. With a sigh she sat down. It was not like she could do
much anyways. There were supposed to be guards but she had lost them easily.

If she made it to the hanger and managed to get an escape craft she had no idea as to where she was now. That and they would
probably bow her up before she even got away from the ship.

With a sigh she decided that she would try meditation. Perhaps that would allow her a bit of calm to figure out what to do. Setting
down she relaxed herself mentally and physically and concentrated on the Force and how it flowed through her.


Rizon knew where the blonde was going to go. She was walking along when she heard talking. She decided that she would stop
for a moment to see what was going on. She could hear the whispered voice quite well.

“I tell ya Gohn, it’s perfect,” a male voice said. “We let that damn psycho bitch take care of this Lord Rizon, then we take care of
her and viola, we have ourselves an Empire.”

“I don’t know Oary, she’s pretty powerful,” the one Rizon assumed was Gohn said.

“Its perfect, even if the bitch wins Lord Rizon won’t know that we’re part of it,” Oary replied.

At first the Dark Side flared in her for a moment until she realized that she needed more information about what was going on.
She settled herself then quickly ducked into an open door and watched as the two men walked down the hallway. Her eyes
narrowed at the thought of someone trying to take away what was hers.

She knew that her empire was still too weak to take on the Republic just yet. There was still a lot to do before that happens. She
already had people who wanted to overthrow her. She however had the advantage here, not them. They would pay fro wanting to
overthrow her.


Luke had just received word about what had happened on the distant planet. An entire town had been destroyed. It was then that
he recalled his vision. It was one of Gaia along with another woman standing on a bridge watching as the planet below them was

Luke was sure now that Gaia was there. He almost felt saddened by what he had seen. It was something that he was not used to
feeling. He was losing one of his own Jedi again. There must be something wrong with his training techniques if so many were
leaving and joining the Dark Side.

Gaia was one Jedi that he was sure would never join the dark side of the Force. Her morals just did not seem like they would
allow for such a thing to happen. Perhaps he needed more information before saying anything else. The other possibility would be
very grave for all Jedi involved and he was not sure that he wanted to think about such a thing.

Luke decided that about the only course of action that he could undertake was patience. Things had a way of working out and
balance would eventually be achieved even if it took a bit of time to do.


Jessica stood outside the door looking at her two guards who were standing there. She could feel them sweating as she looked at
them. There was fear there, but it was fear of her and what she could do.

“I take it my guest made it back to her room,” Jessica said slipping into the role of Darth Rizon.

“Yes my Lord,” both guards said at almost the same time.

“Good,” Rizon said as she let the door slid open and walked into he room. She saw the small Jedi still in the green and black robe
sitting in the middle of the room. It was obvious she was meditating. “I see you made it back, did you wait for my escort,” Jessica
said with a smile.

“Two guards, you mean they made it back here,” Gaia finally said not bothering to open her eyes. She had felt the tall woman’s
approach before the door opened.

Jessica thought about that for a second. She then realized that the small Jedi was probably right. She had been off the bridge
before the guards could even move. The other thing was she had not asked the guards if they had escorted the Jedi personally all
the way down to the room. A slight error on her part but she would not do anything this time.

“They are standing outside your room, you didn’t notice them,” Jessica asked.

“Didn’t look,” Gaia replied still not having opened her eyes. She could feel the other woman walking around the room.

Jessica circled around the room looking at the small blonde. There was something about the small blonde that attracted Jessica.
At the moment her blonde hair was loose framing her face. The face did not show any tension but was instead relaxed. Her hand
reached out and gently touched the blonde hair slowly caressing it. A slight smile appeared on Jessica’s lips when she felt the
small Jedi lean slightly into the touch.

Gaia had to mentally slap herself when she felt herself beginning to lean into the tall woman’s touch. It was something that had
just happened without her even being aware of it. She did have to admit that the touch felt good. Her heart and soul were trying
to reach out to this tall woman surrounded by the Dark Side. Her rational mind however was having none it especially after what

“Did I tell you,” Jessica said still slowly caressing the blonde’s hair. “The government surrendered. You picked a good target.”

Gaia sucked in a breath at that. There was a pain in her chest at the thought that she had ordered the deaths of so many people.
Jessica felt a wall go up between them again. In a small part of her heart she felt the pain the smaller woman was in. Deciding to
shrug it off Jessica decided to switch tactics on the smaller woman.

“You know that you could be a queen among everyone right,” Jessica said as she walked up behind the smaller woman leaning to
whisper into a small ear. Jessica thought that she felt a small shudder run though the woman’s frame and smiled to herself. “All
you have to do is be mine.”

“I will never be yours,” Gaia said as forcefully as she could. “You bring pain to people, I can’t do that.”

“I can teach you,” Jessica said wrapping an arm around the woman’s stomach.

“Then you would destroy who I am. I can’t allow that,” Gaia said.

“Then you will be destroyed one way or the other,” Jessica said abruptly standing up. She glanced at the blonde one last time
before walking out of the room. Gaia was not sure how much longer she would be able to resist the taller woman. There was
something there that was drawing her in.

Gaia took a deep breath and slowly let it out. There was a lot to think about and she needed to clear her mind. It was something
that she hoped would provide her a path that she could head down that might help her out.

She had not been doing it very long when she became aware of another presence. Gaia opened her eyes and noticed that there
were two women in the room. One was surrounded by a soft blue light the other had a reddish light around her. The smaller one
looked like her and the other looked like her capture.

“Who are you,” Gaia finally said. “What are you trying to tell me.”

“You already have all the power you need,” the taller one said to Gaia.

“I’m not very strong in the Force, not like Master Luke or this Sith Lord that has me prisoner,” Gaia replied.

“You are using the wrong power the smaller one said taking her arms and wrapping them around the taller woman. “You already
hold more power than you think, use it.”

Gaia was still puzzled but they disappeared leaving her alone again.

“Great, I’ve already got the power,” Gaia said muttering what the vision had said to her. “What power. I’ll always be just a
mediocre Jedi with a low Force power.”


The senator sat down at his desk. He checked his messages and one stood out from all the rest. It was a voice that he had heard
before. Only this time he was scared of what the message was about. It seemed that the person was not happy with the way things
were going.

The senator took a calming breath as the message switched off. He had to meet with the president now to see if he could force
the issue. His life would be forfeit if he could not.


Leia sat at her desk the next day wondering if things could possibly get any worse. It was then that the senator from Korrabas
walked into her office.

“Madam President may I have a word with you,” he asked her not bothering to ask if he could have a seat.

“Make it quick, there is a lot of pressing matters to attend to,” Leia said.

“Has the committee agreed to meet with the Rizonians yet,” he finally asked.

“Well, they’ve been meeting for the past couple of hours. I hope to have a decision soon, why,” Leia asked looking up at the man
from what she was doing.

“Its just that I don’t know how long the Rizonians will be interested in meeting with us. There is some rumor that they are also
interested in meeting with the remnants of the Imperial forces,” the senator said.

Leia could feel that something had happened to the man and wondered what it was. She thought about it for a few seconds before
giving her reply.

“I can’t rush the committee, that would make it look like I’m pushing my policies on the council,” Leia said. “Well just have to
trust the committee to make the right decision.”

“I hope they do,” the senator said then left the room leaving Leia alone.

“This is getting strange,” she said to herself. Something was going on and the sooner she found out about it the better she would


Gaia was still wondering what the visions had meant when they had come to her telling her that she had the power. She was
trying to think about what power she had that the Sith Lord did not have. Gaia was pretty sure that no matter what she tried the
other woman would be more powerful than she was. She had to be missing something but she was just not able to see whatever it
was for some reason.

The door opened to reveal the tall dark haired woman walking into the room. There was an air of power that seemed to come off
her in waves unlike anyone else Gaia had ever seen. Then she also could feel something else that she again clamped down on.
There was an attraction to the tall powerful woman that for some reason Gaia just could not understand.

“And how are you today,” Rizon asked the smaller Jedi.

“I’m still a prisoner if that’s what you mean,” Gaia replied.

“You know you don’t have to be,” Rizon said walking over to where the woman was taking a hand and brushing a lock of blond
hair back behind a small ear.

Gaia had to resist the urge to lean into the touch. Gaia had to keep repeating to herself that this woman was evil and had done
terrible things both to others and what she had made her do.

“I will never be with you,” Gaia managed to spit out. He mind firmly believed that but deep inside her soul something laughed at
her all the while was dancing around that the tall woman was touching her and craved more contact.

“Never say never,” Rizon said letting her voice go to a low timbre watching the smaller woman. Rizon was quite sure that she had
the smaller woman right where she wanted her.

“Lord Rizon, there is a message for you,” the intercom buzzed causing the tall woman to turn her head.

“Well, looks like I have to cut our time together short this time little one,” Rizon said before turning to answer the intercom. She
told the bridge that she would be right there. She had a feeling that she knew who was calling and why. The man had better have
good information for her this time.


Rizon entered the bridge and waited a second until the image of the man appeared on her screen. She waited with what looked
like patience for the man to speak. On the inside however she was waiting to see if she would kill the man or not.

“Darth Rizon,” the man said respectively.

“Report,” Rizon said making the man shiver with just a word.

“I hope to have the results in a few hours. The council is being most difficult. Some do not want to meet with you others are more
than eager,” the man replied.

“And what do you think their decision will be,” Rizon said getting to the point of the conversation. She did not care how long it
too as long as they agreed to meet with her.

“I think the advantages of meeting with you outweigh any concerns,” the man said.

“Excellent, make sure that is the direction the council goes,” Rizon said disconnecting the conversation before the man could say
anything else. The one thing that she did not want to do was give the man time to anger her. She still needed the man for now.
But he was a politician which would have to be dealt with after all of this.

“Tell our operative on Coruscant to make sure that everything is in position. I will be making another visit to our friend there,”
Rizon said to Tyi who went to carry out her order. Rizon watched as the man walked away. She wondered if he was involved in
the rebellion that was being planned against her. That was the problem with being on top that someone always wanted your

Then there was the Jedi that she had her forces captured. At first she wanted to make the small Jedi a lesson to the rest of the Jedi
who she knew were going to oppose her. Now however she had changed her mind. She wanted the Jedi to join her, be with her
for some reason. Sure the reddish blonde haired Jedi was cute, actually really cute, but it was not often that Jessica was attracted
to anyone.

Rizon turned her attention back to the task at hand. She had to meet with the council of the New Republic. Her plan was to have
them believe that she and her ‘people’ were the ones under attack. If she could confuse them enough then when she did attack
they would not know where the attacks were coming from until it was too late. Then the Republic would be hers followed by the
remnants of the Imperial forces.
Part 9
Rizon walked off the bridge of her ship headed to the hanger of the ship. She was meeting with the remaining representatives of
the planet below which she had just conquered. Once they realized that she really did mean business they had caved in to her
quiet easily. Of course she had also begun the training of her Jedi prisoner.

With the thought of the small reddish blonde haired Jedi Rizon felt a smile start to come to her face. She quickly wiped it off and
wondered where that had come from. It would not be good to have the rest of the crew seeing her smile about such a thing. Now
if she was smiling about some other things then it would not matter, but this was too important to smile about.

She walked up to the shuttle and ordered the pilot who was standing there that she was ready to go. The pilot nearly jumped and
went to the cockpit. The engines were already warmed up in anticipation of Darth Rizon’s arrival on the hanger. The other pilots
were both envious and relieved that it was not them taking Rizon down. There was a lot of honor and prestige that went with such
a position. It was, however, offset with the fact that the pilot could lose his or her life if they made Rizon mad.

The shuttle made its way down to the planet’s surface. Beside the shuttle were three fighters as well just in case something
happened. Rizon was sure that nothing was going to happen. She had beaten these people in to submission. Now that she had
their submission she would have no problem controlling them. They would remain in line though fear of her.

The shuttle landed on the planet’s surface. A few seconds later the door opened and Rizon walked out of the shuttle and into the
winds of the planet’s surface. He blood red cloak fluttered in the wind along with her black hair. She made an imposing figure as
she walked towards the small group that was waiting for her.

Rizon recognized the leader of the group almost right away. He was the one who was standing in the middle and looking at her
with hatred in his eyes. Rizon approached the group unafraid of what they might do to her. Instead she walked straight up to the
group. She could feel that several of the others were afraid of her. The feeling that they gave her was intoxicating and seemed to
give her strength.

In one swift move she ignited her lightsaber and before anyone could move the person in the middle had been beheaded. It was
something that shocked all of the delegates. In face one fainted dead away at the sight of the headless body falling to the ground.
The others standing nearby stared wide eyed at her half expecting her to strike out at another person.

“There, now that I have you complete attention, here are the terms of surrender, total surrender to me,” Rizon said her voice as
cold as ice.

Several members of the group were still too terrified to even move even though they had heard what she had said. Rizon stood
there a bit longer and stared at them until they began to fidget a little. One finally realized that she was waiting for an answer
from them.

“Total surrender,” he said to her making nod her head. “I-I don’t know,” he stammered.

“It’s simple, either total surrender to me or I destroy the entire surface of this planet,” Rizon said her voice without any emotion.

The group looked among themselves for a second before finally agreeing to the total surrender to her. Rizon glanced around in
satisfaction. The first order of business was to establish a government under her. That usually did not take that long. Either the
person when with it or they died. Sometimes she realized it really was easier to be a Sith over the Republic and their bulky

“Good, the new governor will be down shortly,” Rizon said then turned and walked back to the shuttle but stopped just a few
paces away. “If you try to rebel I won’t stop the bombardment next time,” she said over her shoulder.

The group shuddered at her words but Rizon continued up into her shuttle. With a brief word to the pilot the shuttle went back to
her command ship. She knew that she had their complete attention now. She also knew that they would not be stupid enough to
try something right now. She also knew that they would try something in the future but by then she would be too powerful to
stop. With a grin she thought about what was waiting for her on board her ship. Her next course was the next planet along with a
meeting with the New Republic. This meeting would keep the Republic off guard until it was too late.


Luke Skywalker walked back into his home. It had been a long day so far and little had been achieved. There were more
questions now then when he had started the day. The mysterious visit had also startled him. The fact that someone could get in
and out without anyone noticing was not a comforting thought. He also understood that there were many secret organizations in
the universe. Many required special skills or special event to occur before they were accepted.

Then there were the reports on the rim that a new Sith Lord had risen. This was along with the fact that the Republic was already
dealing with some Sith Lords. The only problem was that this new Sith Lord appeared to be different than the others. There was a
true sense of power from this one.

“Master Skywalker,” a young Jedi said approaching him.

“Yes young Tries,” Luke said turning tot he young Jedi.

“We just received a report that the Republic has accepted a meeting with the Rizonians. The President asked if one of us would
go,” the young Jedi said.

Luke thought about that. Leia was a Jedi in training and had the abilities, but if a Jedi was there then she would be free to
concentrate on her job. But there was also the fact that Luke did not want to make it seem like the Jedi were trying to be too
close to the Republic. He wanted the Jedi to remain independent.

It was a tough decision to make. He wanted someone to be there yet he knew how that would be viewed if he accepted. Luke
finally made a decision based on what his instinct was telling him to do.

“Our reply is we will send one to go to these meetings, but only as an observer and nothing more. Tell Fie-Tel to pack and head to
Coruscant,” Luke said.

“Yes Master Skywalker,” Treis said then quickly left to carry out what Master Skywalker had asked him to do.

Luke turned to head back to where he was going. He was unsure if this was the correct path to take. Perhaps it was time to
reinstate the Jedi Council to help govern the Jedi and make decisions. It was something that had worked in the past for hundreds
of years. One person having so much power was not wise either. He would have to consider it all before doing anything else.


Gaia could not really believe that she had been left alone for so long. There was really nothing much for her to do except
meditate. She had not seen much of the dark hair woman lately. Gaia was not sure if she was disappointed or happy about that.
Part of her wanted to see the woman again soon. Another part of wished she would never see her again.

The door opened and the woman walked into the room. Gaia thought it was a bit strange that her heart would be pounding so
erratically at just seeing the woman, and it was not from fear.

“Well you’re precious republic has agreed to meet with me. Of course they don’t know its me, yet,” Jessica said to the small Jedi.
“Do you want to hear more of all of this?”

“Not that it matters, you’ll tell me anyways,” Gaia said.

“I’ll tell them that I’ve been attacked by some unknown force outside the known universe. The New Republic fools will think that
it’s the same force that is attacking them. By the time they realize who is really attacking them I will be unstoppable with a force
a Sith warriors,” Jessica said.

“The Jedi will stop you again,” Gaia said.

“The Jedi are weak. Their numbers have been hurt by the recent attacks against them. Those forces were nothing compared to
what my forces are. They are true Sith warriors,” Jessica said to Gaia. “These new Jedi are nothing like the Jedi that fought
against us back then.”

“Then what, you’ll have the universe to yourself,” Gaia asked.

“With you as my queen,” Jessica said.

“I don’t want to be queen,” Gaia said.

“But you will be,” Jessica said.

“Highly doubtful,” Gaia said but as she said it Jessica had come on around beside her and cupped her cheek.

The intercom chimed interrupting Jessica. She turned to the intercom to answer and see what was going on.

“Lord Rizon, we’re approaching the meeting point with the Republic,” the captain said.

“Very good, I’ll be right there,” Jessica said then turned to Gaia. “Well I must go for now, but I’ll be back little one.”

Gaia held back a comment as she watched the tall dark haired woman walk out of the room. Gaia was not sure what was going
on. Part of her really liked the woman for some reason. She would have to think about that some more before she came to a
conclusion on what she was going to do.


Fie-Tel waited with the President as the meeting was about to begin. He glanced at the woman who was Master Skywalker’s
sister. She could be a powerful Jedi as well if she put her mind to it like her brother. He could feel the Force from her even if she
did not feel it. He wondered if she carried a lightsaber as well. He knew that she had constructed one but had never seen it.

It was probably a lot like the Emperor. He had a lightsaber but had rarely used it. The man was a manipulating person who used
his wits before anything else. He had heard that the diplomat from the Rizonian delegation had landed and was now just waiting
for the person to appear.

The door opened and a tall powerful looking woman walked into the room. She had long dark hair and ice blue eyes. There was
also something about her that made Fie-Tel uneasy in her presence. He was not sure what it was but would be sure to mention it
to Master Skywalker later on.

“Hello, I’m am Chancellor Rizon,” Jessica said to the people in the room.

“Chancellor, I’m the President of the New Republic Leia Solo,” Leia said greeting the woman in front of her.

“I thank you for meeting with me,” Jessica said with a smile on her face.

“Well the Republic tries to keep an interest in what is going on near the boarders,” Leia said.

“Yes it is always good to know what is going on,” Jessica said. “We’ve been keeping an eye on an aggressive group that has
recently appeared.”

“So I’ve been hearing,” Leia said. “Our spies report that there have been several attacks along our boarder.”

“Then they are bothering you as well,” Jessica said.

“Yes, do you have any information about them,” Leia asked.

“No, they just recently appeared and attack without warning,” Jessica said. “They appear to be using old Sith Empire weapons.”

“That is news,” Leia said. “Perhaps it is the new Sith Lord we’ve been hearing things about.”

“That is possible, some remnants of the old Sith Empire that has been lost until now,” Jessica said.

“Some group of the old Army of Darkness which was finally defeated by Lord Hoth,” Leia said thinking about the possibilities
that this could open.

“I was under the impression that they were all killed,” Jessica said.

“So the stories go,” Leia said. “But the stories and the truth sometimes are very different.”

“Indeed,” Jessica said.

“Rizon, an interesting name for a group calling themselves to be Rizonians,” Leia finally asked having been thinking about the

“It is the custom for the chancellor to take up the name Rizon, so we are all called Rizon,” Jessica said.

“I see,” Leia said thinking that it was a bit of a strange custom. But she had seen some strange customs in her travels so it really
did not make much difference to her. “Do you have any indication as to where this group of invaders is from,” she asked looking
at a nearby map.

“No, our empire is right here and the attacks have occurred at these planets,” Jessica said pointing a spot at the egged of her
empire that correlated with a group of New Republic planets that have been attacked.

“What type of ships do you use,” Leia asked.

“Sith Empire inspired designs. Our empire discovered a group of ships that had been built during Darth Revan’s rise to Sith power
several thousand years ago,” Jessica said.

Leia was not sure about that statement. The last time Darth Revan’s fleet had been seen it had been assumed that the entire fleet
had been destroyed. Now she was being told that this empire used Sith battleships from a thousand years ago.

“What about their teachings,” Leia asked. “I assume that they brought their teachings to you as well.”

“Yes they did bring their teachings, but there were no Dark Jedi, or Sith as you call them so the teachings lacked that part,”
Jessica said. “This group attacking us could be a remnant of that group though,” she said to Leia.

“A splinter group of your empire,” Leia said.

“Quite possible,” Jessica said. “They could also be a splinter group of the Old Republic as well.”

Leia was about to argue that when she realized that they did not know anything about their attacker. The only thing she had
heard was that a Sith Lord was in charge but no idea as to what type of troops the Sith Lord was leading.

“It’s possible,” Leia finally said not wanting to say too much.


Leia walked out of the meeting with the Empress Rizon with the Jedi Master Fie-Tel right beside her. The Jedi had been silent
during the entire meeting and now she was wondering what he thought.

“What do you think Master Fie-Tel,” Leia asked.

“I don’t know madam President,” he replied as he thought about it some more. There was a lot that he wanted to discuss with
Master Skywalker before saying anything to anyone else.

“I thought that she was for the most part truthful, but it can be hard to tell with career politicians,” Leia said. “I guess I should
know, I am one,” she said with a laugh.

“If that is the case then the Empress thinks the same thing about you,” Fie-Tel replied.

“Ah, it’s all just politics in the first few meetings. It takes a while to fully understand the other side,” Leia said.

“Of course Madam President,” Fie-Tel said. “If you’ll excuse me I have to report in to Master Luke.”

“Of course, I’m sure he is waiting for your report,” Leia said. Maybe she would get something from her brother about what the
Jedi thought about the Rizonian Empress.


“Master Fie-Tel what did you find out,” Luke asked the Jedi Master as the man reported in.

“I don’t know Master,” Fie-Tel said thinking about the meeting. “The Empress Rizon has a strange aura around her that is for

“The Force,” Luke asked wondering if it was that or something else. He had learned that there were many forces at work in the
universe which must be approached with both caution and open arms.

“I don’t know master,” Fie-Tel replied. “There was something to the Empress though. She held herself with great poise and

“Someone to keep an eye on then,” Luke asked.

“Quite possibly,” Fie-Tel replied.

“All right, stay there and work with the Republic on this. I’ll work here to see if I can uncover anything about her and this
Rizonian Empire. If it exists then there should be something in the Jedi archive then,” Luke said.

“Very well, I’ll stay in touch Master Skywalker,” Fie-Tel replied.


Jessica walked onto the bridge of the fleet flagship of her fleet. The latest report was that she had ten operational ships that were
manned. Then there was also the problem that she already had a revolt on her hands. She knew who it was so she was not that
worried but it would have to be crushed quickly.

Then her thoughts came to green eyes which seemed to almost float in front of her. It was a good thing that no one was looking at
her to see her smile. It was a genuine smile that she could not have stopped if she had wanted to.

Turning a corner she ran into a group of people. It seemed a bit strange to her but then her senses went into overload. The person
in the lead she recognized as the one who was to be the leader of the attempted coup.

“If it isn’t Lord Rizon,” the woman said to her.

“Katie,” Rizon said waiting for what she knew was going to be a fight. “I see that you have been working quickly beside the
scenes lately. It does not matter though,” Rizon said as she stood calmly before them.

“Its twenty against one,” Katie said.

“Actually its twenty-two against one against one,” Rizon said to Katie knowing that she did not know what the Sith Lord was
talking about.

“Trying to trick me Lord Rizon, I don’t think it will work this time,” Katie said.

“Doesn’t matter,” Rizon said lifting her hands. Before anyone could even do anything Force lightning streaked from her fingers
striking those in front of her. Several were thrown against the walls and slumped down while others writhed in agony.

Katie was thrown backwards landing on her back. Her entire body felt numb from the attack as she glanced around. She noticed
that several others were also lying down and that several were already dead.

Those who were either ran or opened fire with their weapons. Once again the Dark Lord was one step ahead of them. Her
lightsaber was already lit and spinning into action as the laser shots were deflected back to those who opened fire.

Finally the only noise in the hallway was the humm of Rizon’s lightsaber as she looked over those who had attempted the coup.
She snorted in disguise at their pathetic attempt.

“You really are pathetic aren’t you,” Jessica said to Katie as she walked towards the blonde haired woman. “Understand this, you
are facing a true Sith Lord,” she said as she swung the lightsaber down.

The others looked on in fear as Darth Rizon quickly launched an offensive against the group in front of her. The men that had
plotted against her really stood no chance. The commotion though did bring several guards that were nearby in to the hallway.
They skidded to a stop as they watched some of the horror that was in front of them.

Get a clean up crew here now,” Rizon said. “And remember that this is what happens when you go against me.”

Several of the guards dumbly nodded their heads as they just stood there. A few shook of their shock and quickly went to work to
call up a cleaning crew.

Jessica walked away knowing that she had set an example. It was something that she had been expecting and was the Sith way.
She had put it down with force just as the Sith way had instructed. Now all she had to do was wait for the major strike to occur
now that the minor one was over.


Gaia had felt the sudden Dark Force eruption on board the ship and wondered what had happened. She figured that someone had
probably challenged the tall woman. At the thought that the woman might be dead there was an unexpected pain in her chest.

“This is silly,” Gaia mumbled to herself as she thought about this. “She is a Sith Lord, an enemy of the Jedi,” she tried to tell
herself. But even as she said that her soul would not allow herself to believe that.

“I’m acting like a schoolgirl with her first crush with this woman,” Gaia said trying to scold her self. The only problem was that it
was not working too well. “I might as well be in love with her or something,” she said but a part of her opened up as she said it.
“Oh boy this is ridiculous,” she said more to herself.

As she looked around she thought about how she was a prisoner. She had been forced by her to make a terrible choice and now
she was sitting here talking about the woman as if she was her wife or something.

“Well, mom always said that I would be unusual,” Gaia said to herself. She calmed down for a second and allowed herself to
think about everything that had happened lately.

The woman that had captured her was very powerful in the Force. Gaia was sure that she would not be able to defeat this person
in combat. Then there were the mysterious visits from the two ‘ghosts’ that looked like her and her captor. They had acted like
two lovers to Gaia. Then there was the strange group that she had met while searching for information about Jedi Master Bri
Lightner and someone called Xara.

This was getting complex Gaia thought to herself. There was something going on that she was sure of. Then there was the way
that the woman was acting toward her. As she thought about it she thought it was almost protective.

“Nah, that’s just my imagination,” Gaia thought as she thought about it some more. “Though there does seem to be some
attraction that’s for sure,” as she thought about the events that she had felt and witnessed.

That train of though made her wonder about everything. Had she been going about all of this the wrong way? Her heart and mind
were constantly at war with each other. But she had usually relied on her heart not her mind. That was what had made Fie-Tel so
frustrated when he tried to train her.

Her mind was finally made up then. She would follow her heart and see where it led. She felt more at peace than she had for
along time now. Now all she had to do was wait for her target to appear again.


Fie-Tel was listening to the President talking when he suddenly felt a disturbance in the Force. It was nothing like he had ever felt
before. This was the Dark Side and to him it felt real close.

“Fie-Tel, are you all right,” Leia asked having felt something as well and wondering if he had felt it as well.

“Ah, just something strange in the Force,” Fie-Tel said.

“Then you felt it as well,” Leia asked.

“Yes, it was strong and close,” Fie-Tel said.

“Our new Rizonian friend,” Leia asked.

“Maybe or maybe not. Remember that the Emperor worked right under the Jedi’s noses. This could be something similar,” Fie-Tel

“Then Empress Rizon could be a threat,” Leia asked wondering about all of this.

“Madam President, everyone can be an enemy and everyone can be a friend. They might have a different take on the Force than
we do. The Dark Side and Light Side might exist side by side in their society,” Fie-Tel replied.

“Maybe but there is also a new Sith Lord out there somewhere. We could be sitting right next to him,” Leia replied.

“You mean on board that ship,” Fie-Tel said.

“Yep,” Leia said. “We need to proceed very carefully.”


Jessica walked back to the bridge not in a good mood. Several who saw her quickly moved out of her way. Word about the
attempted coupe was already spreading though out the ship. She did not care as long as it put the fear back into their eyes. She
could feel their fear right now which made her feel even stronger.

Tyi was standing on the bridge carrying out his latest orders as Jessica’s eyes swept over the room. There was something else
going on as well. She could feel it right now.

“What’s the situation,” she asked the captain.

“We’ve received news that the fleet is ready to go,” the captain replied.

“Good, prepare the next phase of the plan then at once,” Jessica said. A part of her fleet would head off and attack another
nearby world to add to her growing Empire. That would mean more people which meant more ships could be manned which
would grow her power.

“How are the local governors doing establishing their power,” Jessica said looking right at Tyi.

“They are not having much trouble my lord,” Tyi said looking at her then went back to work.

“Good, see to it that nothing goes wrong,” Jessica said. “I’ll be having another meeting with the President of the New Republic
soon. I’m sure that she’ll have some questions for me,” she said with a smile. “Let me know the moment everything is ready.”

“Yes my lord,” Tyi replied once more. He watched as Darth Rizon walked off the bridge of the ship and looked around at the
others who were on the bridge. He could tell that they were truly frightened of her. He was frightened of her as well. The woman
was powerful and he had heard that Katie had tried her revolt and failed. The tall blonde woman was now dead as he had

Anyone who overthrew Lord Rizon would be powerful indeed.


Jessica walked along not really sure where she was going. She glanced up and noticed that she was standing outside the room
where the Jedi was being kept. A slight smile came to her face and she decided to head inside.

Walking inside she noticed something strangely different about the woman in front of her. She was meditating again which did
not surprise her.

“I felt you coming,” Gaia said without looking up or opening her eyes.

“You are a Jedi, I would think that you would be able to feel a Fore user approaching,” Jessica said.

“No, I didn’t say I felt your presence though the Force,” Gaia said opening her eyes for the first time. “I said I felt you.”

The look in the young Jedi’s eyes almost made Jessica stumble. It was something she had never seen before. It was not hatred or
even distain in the young woman’s eyes.

“Who are you,” Jessica said as her red lightsaber snapped to life and she pointed it at the young Jedi.

“Not a threat to you,” Gaia said not breaking eye contact with her capture’s blue eyes. She was looking for something in the
woman in front of her. Gaia had the feeling that the eyes would lead the way.

Jessica broke contact and turned away. Putting her lightsaber back she walked out of the room feeling more confused now than
she ever had been in her entire life.

Gaia’s shoulders slumped. It would be a strong show of wills that was for sure. She wondered what else was to happen in the near
Part 10
Jessica waited as the next meeting with the President of the Republic was about to begin. Again she could tell that a Jedi was
standing next to them. She briefly wondered if he had felt her earlier when she had put down the rebellion against her rule.

The meetings so far had been a bit boring in her opinion. If her forces were stronger she would not even be doing this. But she
needed time to prepare her forces to attack the Republic. So far she had word that recruitment was up and with the capture of
several planets she began to have a base of power in the universe. She was sure that it would only be a matter of time.

Then there was the small Jedi that she had captured. There was definitely something about the way she had looked at her last
time she had gone in to talk with her. Her thought were interrupted as Leia walked into the room with the Jedi that had not talked
during their last encounter.

The meeting took a while to go though but once they were done Jessica was feeling that things had gone her way. Towards the
end of the meeting was when the Jedi had spoken up for the first time.

“Are you aware of the Force,” the man asked.

“Yes, we have even had encounters with Jedi in our past,” Jessica said. “But there are still many mysteries in the universe.”

“True, its just we don’t have any records of you’re empire,” the man asked.

“The last encounter was a long time ago, I think you called them Sith when we encountered Force users,” Jessica said wondering
how that would effect the man.

“But you haven’t had any contact in a while,” he asked.

“Nope,” Jessica said.

“That is good,” the man said. “The Sith use the Force for their own reasons at the expense of others. It is not a teaching that
should be used to govern people.”

“I will keep that in mind,” Jessica said while hiding an internal smile. He did not know that he was dealing with a Sith Lord. She
briefly wondered what he would have though had he knew who she really was.

“Good, there is a powerful Sith Lord out there. After the last powerful Sith Lord, the Emperor, I’m not sure the universe is ready
for that,” the man told her.

“I will tell my people to keep an eye out,” Jessica told them.

The two said their good-byes with an exchange of information. There was an offer to come to Coruscant to see the Republic at
work and perhaps join the Republic. There was also a warning about the remnants of the Imperial Empire that was still out there.

“Tell the captain to head for the fleet,” Jessica said when she boarded her ship.

“Yes ma’am,” the young man said turning to carry out her orders.

Jessica turned and headed down the corridor to where her quarters were. She was feeling a bit tired and wanted to sleep a bit
before the ship arrived back at the fleet for the next phase of her plan.

“How is everything going,” Luke asked as his sister appeared on the communicator.

“We’ve met with the leader of the Rizonians and they are a bit strange,” Leia replied. “Master Fie-Tel agrees with me that we
should continue talks with this group. There is something there that I am not quite able to grasp though.”

“What do you mean,” Luke asked her.

“I just think that they know more than what they saying about this new Sith Lord,” Leia said.

“Interesting,” Luke said. “Is there anything that they said that makes you think so?”

“They have ships that date back to when Darth Raven and Malak had turned to the Dark said during the Mandalorian Wars,”
Leia said.

“The Mandalorian Wars, interesting,” Luke said. “I know that the ship that destroyed the Republic cruiser was a ship of a design
that dated back to that date.”

“I know, that’s why I’m cautious. Then there was the fact that I thought I felt some energy of the Force after the first meeting,”
Leia said.

“Be careful Leia,” Luke said. “The Sith lord could be near much like how Palpatine was when he became Emperor.”

“I know, that’s what I was thinking. We didn’t meet many of the other advisors though so it was hard to find out anything else,”
Leia said. “The Sith Lord could be part of this Rizonian group keeping the main government blind to what was going on until it
was too late.”

“Could be,” Luke said. “I’ll have my people keep an eye out.”

“All right,” Leia said as she ended the communications.

Luke was not sure he liked that idea that someone was working in the shadows like Palpatine did with the Republic. That had
almost eliminated the Jedi except for a scattered few. This was something he would keep an eye on for sure.

“Is everything ready,” the voice said.

“Yes,” came the reply.

“All right, the she-demon is unaware of the plan,” the voice said. “We will execute it when I return.”

“As you wish,” the other person replied.

Jessica woke to find herself in a strange place. The last thing she remembered was being on board the ship. Now here she was in
some forest lying on the ground. She could hear a campfire going nearby but there was something else that startled her. She could
feel someone lying on top of her. Slowly peeling away the blanket it revealed reddish-blonde hair which was the last thing she
expected to see.

The movement woke the person up and Jessica was surprised to see the face of the small Jedi staring back at her. The next part
shocked her even more.

“Morning Xena,” she said giving her a quick kiss.

Before Jessica could figure out what was going on she found herself replying to the woman.

“Morning to you too Gabrielle,” Jessica said even though she was not sure it was her.

“Its too early to get up,” the woman called ‘Gabrielle’ said as she snuggled closer to her.

“You just need to start getting up earlier that’s all,” Xena laughed.

“Oh, you are going to get it for that warrior princess,” Gabrielle said as her hands began to move.

“Oh no you don’t bard,” Xena said as a tickle fight broke out.

Jessica was not sure what was going on but finally decided to put a stop to it.

“What’s going on here,” she finally said making the other woman stop as well.

“I don’t know,” the blonde woman ‘Gabrielle’ said. “You look like someone I know, actually I should say captured me.”

“Gaia,” Jessica said.

“Rizon,” Gaia said. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know. What magic are you using,” Jessica demanded.

“I don’t know either,” Gaia said. “But it is kinda nice here,” she said looking around.

“Nice, you kidnapped me,” Jessica said.

“No, it think this is for something else,” Gaia said. “We’re connected and this is a result of it.”

“Ha,” Jessica said.

“Okay, then you explain it,” Gaia said walking up to Jessica. “Besides I like how you’re dressed.”

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Jessica said grabbing the smaller woman’s hands but was surprised at how strong the smaller
woman was.

“I like this outfit,” Gaia said with a smile looking very much like a predator at the moment and Jessica was the prey.

“You should talk shortie,” Jessica said trying to turn the tables. “This outfit leaves almost nothing to the imagination,” she said
noting the short skirt, green bra thing that she was wearing.

“You like,” Gaia said twirling a bit in her outfit to give Jessica the best look.

“Look, we should be thinking about how to get out of here,” Jessica said trying to turn the conversation back on what she thought
was an important point.

“Why, I like what we were talking about,” Gaia said.

Jessica just growled at that thought. She was off balance here and something was going on. She was sure of it. Now all she had to
do was figure out what it was and she could fight it.

“I think we should take advantage of the silence,” Gaia said watching as Jessica pulled back. “You know, a girl could get a
complex with the way you’re treating me,” Gaia said with a pout. “And here I thought that you were trying to seduce me.”

Jessica’s eyes narrowed at that. Now she was sure that a game was being played but she was not sure of the rules in this one. Sure
she had wanted the small Jedi, but the way she was acting was really strange.

“We will definitely discuss this later,” Jessica said.

“You bet we will,” Gaia said. “Will you wear something like this as well,” she said letting her eyes roam over the figure in front of

“Arrrghh,” Jessica said walking off from the campsite wondering just where she had lost control.

Jessica woke up feeling disorientated from the dream that she had been having. She glanced down at what she was wearing and
with a sigh realized it was what she had put on last night and not the leathers she had been dressed in. She would have to have a
talk with this Jedi and see what type of spell the small woman had put on her.

Quickly dressing Jessica made her way out of her room and down the hallway towards the prisoner’s room. The guards were still
on duty and Jessica dismissed them. This was something between her and the Jedi.

The small Jedi was still where Jessica had left her. She walked right on over to where the Jedi was. She noticed that the Jedi was
looking at her with a strange look in her eyes. It was not fear but almost like the dream she had earlier.

“What type of trickery have you done to me,” Jessica asked the Jedi.

“Trickery, what are you talking about. You interrupted a great dream of mine,” Gaia said remembering the dream. The woman in
front of her had been dressed in leather and was looking real good.

“What were you doing in my dreams,” Jessica asked taking a more direct approach. “And don’t lie to me little girl!”

“Little,” Gaia said narrowing her eyes. “You are infuriating,” Gaia replied to her. “I have a great dream and you interrupt it by
coming here to tell me about yours.”

“Yes, because mine matters more than yours,” Jessica said in a no nonsense tone.

“Speaks the person who has held me prisoner,” Gaia replied. “Didn’t know that I was that big of a threat to you.”

“You are impossible, you know that right,” Jessica said.

Gaia thought for a second at everything that had been going on. At first she was sure that this woman had been trying to seduce
her. Then when she turned the tables and tried the seducing the other woman ran. Now she was in here demanding why she was
in her dreams.

“This is getting confusing,” Gaia said finally. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had a great dream where you were
dressed quite nicely, you still had the attitude but you looked nice.”

“I don’t do leather,” Jessica growled.

Gaia’s eyes widened at that. “I didn’t say anything about leather,” she said. “How were you in my dream?”

“I wasn’t, you were in mine,” Jessica said.

“Impossible, I don’t know how to do that. I’m not that strong, but you could be,” Gaia said.

“Enough, I’ll figure out how you did that later,” Jessica said. “For now I have something to take care of.”

“Are you sure now is the time,” a voice said.

“Yes, she is thinking that her recent defeat of the uprising will make others back down. She will be at her weakest,” the man said.

“All right,” the voice said. “We’ll do it.”

“Good,” the man said as the communications went dead. He got up and walked out of the room smiling to himself. This was going
to be a good day after all. He would have an empire all to himself to rule.

“Tyi, what’s the status,” Jessica said pulling herself into full Darth Rizon mode.

“We will be arriving any minute now,” Tyi replied.

“Good,” Jessica replied wanting to get back to what she knew her destiny was going to be. “When we arrive head to the planet’s
surface to prepare my arrival on the planet.”

“Yes my lord,” Tyi replied wondering what else the woman had planned.

“Excellent,” Jessica said. “Soon it will be time to hit the Republic itself. And they won’t even know what hit them,” she said with
a laugh.

The flagship for Darth Rizon’s fleet arrived at the planet. It did not take long before a shuttle departed the ship with Tyi on board.
His mission was to be preparing for the arrival of Darth Rizon. He sat in the shuttle looking out at the ship. A small smile came to
his lips as he thought about what was about to happen. He wondered if the Sith Empress had any idea as to what was about to

He turned to his console and opened the panel. Activating the communicator he waited until the face came into view.

“What,” the man asked.

“Its time,” Tyi replied. “Open fire.”

“With pleasure,” the man replied.

Tyi turned to the view port to watch. He was sure that no one on board the ship would have a clue as to what was about to
happen. The nearest ship turned slightly to the flagship. Without warning he watched as turbo lasers began firing on the ship.
Without its shields up the ship would be a sitting target and would quickly be destroyed.

Jessica was feeling restless about something. She had found her way back to the room where the Jedi was. She walked into the
room where the small blonde woman was still.

“Find anything out,” Gaia asked.

“Not,” Jessica started then stopped. Something was very wrong. She walked over to where the communicator was. “Captain, is
everything all right up there,” Rizon asked.

“Yes my lord, why,” the captain asked wondering about this.

“Just a feeling, keep a sharp eye out for trouble,” Jessica told him.

“Expecting trouble,” Gaia said.

“Always,” Jessica replied. She was about to say more when the ship suddenly lurched almost throwing her off her feet. “By the
Force what is going on,” she just about yelled out.

“My lord, we’re being attack by the escorts,” the captain replied.

“Traitors,” Jessica replied as the ship shuddered again.

“Shield generators are damaged, we won’t be able to bring up the shields and engines are also reporting damage,” the captain said.

“Return fire if you can,” Jessica said.

“Yes my lord,” the captain said signing off.

Jessica turned in time as another hit rocked the ship. This one caused Gaia to fall. Jessica watched in horror as the small blonde
struck the table then was just lying there. Before she knew what she was doing Jessica was beside the small blonde checking her
for injuries. A cut above her eye was bleeding.

A groan from the ship indicated to her that the ship’s hull was failing. With little regard to what was going on she picked up the
small blonde and headed to the escape pods.

“Captain, the ship won’t hold together, get to the escape pods,” she said over the communicator.

The captain readily agreed with her and ordered the abandon ship call. She passed several crewmembers who were also on their
way to the escape pods. She found the closest one and placed Gaia into it. The woman regained consciousness just as the door

“What,” Gaia said a bit disoriented by what was going on. She saw the blue eyes lock with hers as suddenly the escape pod

Once in space she noticed that a battle was going on between two ships that looked very much alike. Now she was really
confused at everything. The ship she had just been on was taking a lot of damage she noticed. She could see escape pods being
launched all over the place when suddenly the ship seemed to roll a bit then exploded.

“NO,” Gaia said placing her face almost right against the window. “No,” she whispered again. She slumped back into the chair not
sure what to do now. Her heart felt heavy and she was not sure what she wanted to do.

Luke sat watching as another shuttle landed on the pad near the Jedi academy. He had heard that there was a surprise waiting for
him on board. He was not sure what that surprise would be. He knew that several recruits were on board but aside from that
nothing else.

The door opened and the first of the recruits walked out of the shuttle. It was not until the last person walked out that he
understood what the surprise was. Gaia walked out of the shuttle. He looked at her and noticed that she appeared different

“Gaia,” Luke said as the woman walked over to where he was. “Thank the Force you survived, what happened,” he asked her.

“I was captured by the new Sith Empress,” Gaia said. “You don’t have to worry about her anymore. She’s dead.”

Luke was about to ask for more details when Gaia walked off. Something had happened to the small Jedi that was for sure. He
wondered if she had been forced to kill the Sith Empress. He looked at the data pad that he had in his hands.

“The latest report of the mysterious Sith group,” Kyle said to him as he walked up to Luke.

“Anything good,” Luke asked.

“Yeah, it seems like a new person is not as good as the previous person. A civil war has broken out,” Kyle said. “They are making
mistakes that they did not make in the beginning. We have a few spies in the network now. That and one of the senators stepped
forward with information.”

“Information,” Luke asked wondering about this.

“It appears that the Rizonians were the Sith invaders,” Fie-Tel said coming into the conversation. “The woman that we met with,
Rizon was actually the Sith Empress herself.”

“Yeah,” Kyle said. “Apparently she blackmailed the senator into getting the Republic to meet with them. Once the Republic’s
attention was focused on finding a ghost group she would attack with ships from the Darth Raven’s fleet from over four thousand
years ago.”

“So what are we doing now,” Luke asked.

“Well, we’re preparing our forces for the upcoming battle that is sure to happen,” Kyle said. “Leia also asked if the Jedi would
help in this. She thinks that Sith Force users will be part of the battle.”

“If they are then we will help,” Luke replied. “Now we have another problem, Gaia returned but won’t say anything other than
the Sith Empress is dead.”

“Hmm, if the empress is dead then that would explain the sudden civil war that they are having,” Fie-Tel said.

“Yes, let’s hope that it continues until we are ready to strike back,” Kyle said. “The Republic is gathering forces to strike back at
the taken worlds.”

“Alright then, Kyle I want you to form up a group of Jedi who will go with them just in case,” Luke said.

“All right Luke,” Kyle said as he walked away.

Luke turned his thoughts back to Gaia as he wondered what had happened. He would keep a close eye on her.

Gaia walked into her small quarters with a heavy heart. There was little that she really wanted to do anymore. The knowledge of
Rizon’s death seemed effect her greatly. It was almost as if she was no longer there. She wanted to just curl up and sleep for a
long time.

Glancing around her she noticed the small box that was sitting there. She walked over to it and wondered about it. Her mother
had given it to her but now she never wanted to see it again for some reason. She placed it in the drawer where it was out of sight.
Her door chime sounded and she wondered who it was.

“Open,” Gaia said only half surprised when Luke Skywalker walked into the room.

“Gaia,” Luke said as he walked into the room. “I’m sensing a great disturbance from you. Are you all right?”

Gaia sat down frustrated by everything. The last thing she really wanted to do was talk about it.

“Its nothing really, Master Skywalker,” Gaia replied to him.

“Does it involved the Sith empress’ death,” Luke said feeling a sudden surge in the Force coming from Gaia. He had found the
answer before she even replied and wondered if Gaia had been forced to kill the woman.

“Yes,” Gaia replied not looking at Luke. “But I would rather not talk about it.”

“Talking about it might help you get past it,” Luke said gently.

“I would just rather not talk about it that’s all,” Gaia said looking down at her hands.

“You really would feel better if you told someone,” Luke said to her getting up. “Perhaps you will feel like talking later on then.”

Gaia really did not say anything but just watched as Luke walked out of her room. With a sigh she settled back down into her bed
not wanting to leave for along time.

Leia listened as her intelligence officer reported in on what had been happening on the edge of the Republic. So far there had not
been any unusual occurrences. The group had just finished fighting but so far the group that had won had not done anything. She
listened as the man told her about the takeover attempt by one of the higher ups in the Sith organization. She knew that was what
would happen to the Sith.

“Does there appear to be any threat at the moment of attack by them,” Leia asked.

“No madam,” the man replied. “But we should continue to monitor the situation very closely.”

“Very good, we’ll keep the sixth fleet stationed there just in case,” Leia said. “Is there anything else that is urgent about this?”

“No madam president,” the man said.

“Good, then that’s enough for today. Let me know if anything else comes up,” Leia said.

The man got up and walked out of the room leaving Leia sitting there wondering about everything that he had told her. She hoped
that they would be able to move on past what had happened. Something inside her told her that this current problem was not yet

Tyi stood on the bridge of the ship that was his new flagship of his empire. So far everything had worked out according to his
plans. The Sith lord never even knew what happened when he ordered the attack. Now all he was doing was consolidating his
power. There were a few who dared to challenge him but now he had finally eliminated the last of those who he knew were
against Darth Rizon.

“Captain Draco, I think it’s time that we move on to demonstrate our power to those worlds who think they are now free,” Tyi
said to him.

“Good idea,” Draco replied turning to his crew he shouted out the orders that would take them to the closest world that was under
their control.

“What about the New Republic,” one man said. “They will not be content to sit idly by watching us.”

“I know,” Tyi said. “I have a plan for them as well.”

“Good, I would hate to think that we’re doing all of this only to have it taken away by some peace loving freaks,” Draco said.

“And we can expect the Jedi to also interfere as well when the New Republic does. They will be the targets of our Sith warriors,”
Tyi said. “With the Jedi gone the Republic will be weak and ready to fall.”

“Are you suggesting what I think you are,” Draco said not sure he wanted to know.

“Our next attack will be Yavin IV,” Tyi said. “We’ll kill two enemies with one strike.”

“Two,” Draco asked a bit confused.

“Yes, two,” Tyi replied with a smile. “The Republic will be lost without their precious Jedi and in the fight against the Jedi the
Sith should be weakened. In their weakened state they will be easy to control.”

“Sounds like you have all this planned,” Draco said.

“I’ve been planning this ever since I meet that Darth Rizon or whatever her real name was,” Tyi said. “It was easy to play the
weak fool around her.”

“I just hope that she is dead,” Draco said.

“Don’t worry about her. She was on board that ship when it exploded,” Tyi said. “And now she has no support which means no
power either.”

Draco was about to reply but decided not to. He was not sure about what Tyi had just said. If Darth Rizon had survived then she
would be powerful enough to destroy even this fleet. He had read enough history to know that one Force wielding person could
change the destiny of the universe. He hoped that Darth Rizon was dead like Tyi had said.

Luke walked though the compound wondering where Kyle had gone. The Jedi had been helping with the new recruits so he had
walked over there. The trainer on the field had told Luke that Kyle had gone back to the academy to look for something but did
not say what. Now Luke was headed back to the academy wondering if he had missed him on the way over to the training

“Master Skywalker,” a voice said making him turn to see Master Fie-Tel walking towards him.

“Fie-Tel, what can I do for you,” Luke replied.

“Well, I was wondering if you have seen Gaia lately,” he asked Luke.

“No, cannot say that I have,” Luke replied. He knew that the small Jedi was keeping to herself but had not heard anything else.

“I went by her quarters only to discover that she was not there,” Fie-Tel said. “I thought that maybe she had finally snapped out
of the mood she was in.”

“Hmm, she was really depressed,” Luke said thinking about Gaia. “I’ll keep my eyes open for her.”

“Thank you Master Skywalker,” Fie-Tel replied before heading back off on his quest.

Luke continued on his way to see about Kyle. He finally found the man sitting down with several records around him.

“Find anything,” Luke asked.

“No, not really,” Kyle replied not looking up.

“So what are you looking for,” Luke asked.

“I’m not sure,” Kyle replied. “I’ve just had a feeling that something is going to happen.”

“A calm before the storm,” Luke asked.

“Something like that,” Kyle replied. “I just think that we haven’t heard the last from that group in the rim.”

“But it does seem that the Sith lord that was leading them is no longer there,” Luke said.

“Yeah, but the person who took over could be just as bad,” Kyle said. “Remember Tavion collected her own group after we beat

“That’s true,” Luke said. “But there was no person in training with this Dark Lord. From what I’ve heard there were several
training in the Sith arts but that usually spreads power though several people.”

“Exactly, what if they are all working together,” Kyle said.

“Well, that would be bad but it works against the Sith doctrine as well,” Luke said.

“But a Sith doctrine can evolve,” Kyle said.

Luke was about to say something else when the alarms went off. Both of them looked around to see what was going on. Luke
then raced to the control room oft he academy to see what was causing the alert. Kyle meanwhile headed to the training
compound to see what was going on out there.
Part 11
Tyi watched from his flagship as drop ships began heading to the surface. They would destroy the academy on Yavin IV. He did
not want to wait too long to attack just in case the Jedi were more prepared. He was hoping to catch them off guard.

“Well, it looks like you’ve done it,” Draco said.

“Yes, it does,” Tyi said with a smile. “I know that Darth Rizon would never had tried such a thing.”

Draco did not say anything. He still was not sure if this was such a good idea. Their troops were still largely untrained compared
to the Jedi and the forces of the New Republic. There was little he could do now however as the attack was now fully underway.

“It will be a glorious day Admiral,” Tyi said watching as another drop ship headed on down to the planet’s surface.

“I hope so,” Draco replied. “I really do.”

A dark figure crouched in the hidden parts of the hanger waiting until the time was right. Slowly with precision it slowly made its
way out of the area. It was heading to the bridge to see for sure what was going on.

“It’s an attack,” the officer in charge said when Luke came into the command room.

“From where,” Luke asked.

“Ten ships just dropped out of hyperspace. Within moments they were launching ships. The first ship should be arriving any
moment now,” the man said.

“What about fighters,” Luke said.

“Silver and gold squadrons are already launched and engaged with the enemy fighters,” the officer said. “We count ten drop ships
right now.”

“Hm, with each ship having between ten and fifty men we’re looking at an invasion of a hundred to five hundred right now,”
Luke said.

“As a first wave,” the officer said. “You can bet credits on it that this is only the first wave.”

“All right, sound the invasion alert,” Luke said leaving the room to get ready for a fight again.

Kyle watched as the first ship landed not that far away from where the training grounds were. He had instructed the group in the
way they should fight. Many had blasters drawn ready for the upcoming fight. Lightsabers were also nearby just in case they
were needed as well.

Troops raced out of the ship with a mixture of weapons. About half had blasters while the other half had lightsabers. Kyle knew
that was not good as he fired off a couple of shots with his blaster while ignited his lightsaber in his other hand. Several others
followed suit as well.

The soldiers noticing that there were lightsabers in the mix backed off a bit allowing the Jedi room to fight while they could take
care of their opposite numbers.

Another ship dropped down and more enemies added to the numbers that were near the field. Kyle estimated that the ships were
carrying about thirty troops in each one. As it was they were outnumbered on the field by almost two to one at the moment.

Kyle used his lightsaber to block an opponent’s lightsaber then with a twirl sliced though the enemy defenses. The enemy dropped
as Kyle turned to the next person. He could see out of the corner of his eye others doing the same thing. He saw two students fall
in the attack but more attackers were falling right now. He could only hope that the battle did not last too long.

Luke noticed the group on the training field. Kyle was leading them but they were going to be overrun by sheer numbers as
another ship dropped nearby. Jumping off the ledge using the Force to help him he dropped lightly to the ground. Then he was
running towards the battle.

He arrived just as the third group of soldiers were arriving as well. Luke used his incredible skill as a Jedi to quickly slice though
the invaders.

Kyle sensed when Luke arrived and was glad. With him there he felt a bit better about their chances. The ordinary soldiers he did
not think too much about, it was the Force users that he had needed a bit of help with.

Tyi continued to listen to the reports. They were losing men but that was to be expected. He wanted to know that the Jedi were
also falling. There was a report that two of the better Jedi were fighting in the training fields. It was reported that one of the Jedi
was the legendary Luke Skywalker.

“Send two more to that location,” Tyi said. “If we can kill Skywalker then the battle will be much easier.”

“Of course,” Draco said relaying the information. That would be another sixty men to that location. He knew that they already
had ninety men there against perhaps thirty. He hoped that the odds would be in their favor.

“Perhaps you should send some up here. After all you’re going to need them,” a voice said from behind them.

Draco’s blood went ice cold as he heard the voice. He did not want to turn around but knew that he had to. He did not even
bother looking at Tyi as he slowly turned around. He hoped that he was mistaken somehow but the figure that was standing in the
middle of the bridge and he knew that there was no mistake.

The figure was dressed in black with a hood on. He could not see the face but already knew that there were ice blue eyes looking
at him.

“My lord, you’re alive, that’s good news. Admiral Draco planned all of this and used me to get to you,” Tyi said suddenly causing
Draco’s mouth to drop open.

“Silence fool,” the figure said as Force lightning suddenly burst forth catching Tyi and sending him into the wall.

“Lord Rizon,” Draco finally managed to say. He finally managed to shake his stupor off as she looked right at him. He knew that
he was dead anyways so he raised his pistol. He would not go down without a fight.

Two shots rang out but both were effectively blocked by a red lightsaber. Two guards slumped down as the laser shots were
deflected to them. They had a stunned expression in their face as the life faded from their eyes.

“I don’t like revolutions,” Rizon said suddenly moving with speed that Draco was sure no mortal could process. Then she was
standing in front of him with a smile on her face. It took him a moment to realize that he was sliced in two. He slumped to the
floor in two pieces as she turned to look at Tyi.

“My lord, I only wanted to serve you,” he said.

“So you had me killed, how obedient of you,” Rizon said attacking the man who had been one of her most trusted. “I should have
watched you more carefully,” Rizon admitted.

“Well, get her,” Tyi said suddenly.

Rizon watched as the guards seemed a bit hesitant. She decided to make the decision for them. She attacked with the same speed
she had Draco. Within moments the only person still alive on the bridge was Tyi. Rizon walked up to him with a calm walk. With
a quick slash she had ended this rebellion.

There was no telling how many were against her in this group now. She looked down at the planet’s surface as she thought about
why she was doing what she was. There was only one thought on her mind. She grinned a bit as she realized there had been only
one thing on her mind now for while. It just took losing it to realize it. She turned to the control center making one adjustment she
then calmly walked off the bridge.

Gaia had watched as the ships had landed from where she was sitting. She knew what they were even before the attackers came
rushing out of the landing craft and quickly rushed towards the group in the field. She could see laser fire and the clash of
lightsabers as well.

There was a part of her that was aware that she should be helping out with the battle. Another part of her just could not muster
the effort or the emotion to really care about what was going on. That part really just wanted one of those bolts to hit her and end
what she was feeling. At least in her mind that would be better than what she was going through right now.

Master Skywalker had jumped into the battle now and was wielding his lightsaber with skill and precision that she had seen so
often in training. He was working with Kyle as the two twirled their lightsabers in a deadly duel that made sure nothing came near
them. They seemed unstoppable in the face of the overwhelming odds.

Gaia was not too surprised when another couple of landing craft made their way down to the field area. She was still watching
when she heard sounds coming from nearby. Turning she noticed a group of invaders heading around the area she was in.

It was strange she thought as she watched the group enter the area firing all around. There was a large part of her that just did not
want to live anymore. She never raised her defenses or tried to stop the figures that were coming. It was almost surreal as she
watched a pistol aimed at her as the finger squeezed the trigger. It was slow motion as the laser was fired and went straight for

Gaia slumped down not even felling any pain at all. The world slowly faded out as she lost consciousness.

Luke knew that the ships coming down held more men in their holds. They were already fighting odds about three to one, the two
landing craft would tilt the odds to probably around five to one. The doors to the ships opened and men rushed out of one but out
of the other only one figure stepped out. Eh could see the power this one was radiating and could only hope that he and Kyle had
whittled down the odds enough for one of them to face off against this person.

In a strange twist however he noticed that several of the attackers that were armed with lightsabers suddenly stopped their attack.
They were looking at the figure in a way that was strange to Luke.

It seemed to be strange as the fighting died down a bit as the figure approached. A dark red cape flowed behind the figure. As the
figure approached Luke was able to tell that it was a woman that was approaching. The hood was thrown back to revel a
beautiful woman with blue eyes and black hair. She looked at the attackers who all seemed to flinch when her eyes met theirs.

A red lightsaber came to life as Luke and Kyle looked at each other.

“Any idea as to who this is,” Kyle asked not taking his eyes off the woman.

“She must be the Sith Lord that I thought Gaia had defeated,” Luke replied back.

“Great,” Kyle replied as they both kept a defense up against the woman not sure what to expect. What happened next however
did shock them.

The woman suddenly attacked the ones who had attacked her. The battle suddenly started up again this time they had a demon
on their side. Her red lightsaber slashed her way though any obstacle that prevented her from what she wanted.

The officer watching the sky noticed with astonishment that suddenly one of the ships made a strange erratic turn. It was heading
right into one of the other ships. He knew that they had not damaged the ship to that point so he wondered what had happened.

A flash appeared in the sky to indicate that the two ships had destroyed each other causing mass confusion in the fleet above the
planet. The remaining ships were not sure what to do as the command structure had been destroyed. The main commanders of the
fleet had died on board the two ships.

Then suddenly the appearance of several New Republic warships caused even more panic. The individual captains of the ships
lost their nerve and turned the ships. There were no indictor ships in the area yet to prevent the ships escape.

The ground personal were suddenly without any support. It would take them a while to learn that their air support was gone

Jessica strode though the ranks of her former army slashing at anyone who dared come near her. She had a gut feeling that she
was needed close by. Part of her mind wondered why she was doing this, helping the Jedi in this battle. Another part of her
realized that she was not doing this for the Jedi, but for one Jedi. She had to know what happened to the small Jedi.

Luke watched as the woman wielding the red lightsaber continued walking though the training field. He was still in battle but
there was not as many. He could only hope that he would get to where the woman was going before heavy damage began.

Jessica twirled her lightsaber as another person blocked her path. She really did not care if it was Jedi or Sith at this moment. She
was on a mission and nothing would stop her. The person who blocked her path right now was a Sith who had witnessed the
destruction the former Sith Lord had caused. They had been told that Darth Rizon’s ship had been sabotaged and she had been
killed by the New Republic.

The look in Darth Rizon’s eyes however told another story. The eyes were ice cold as she looked at him. He swallowed a bit but
knew that he was engaged in combat with her. There was nothing that he could do to stop this battle.

Her attacks were swift and deadly as the man found himself falling to the ground in just seconds. He barely had time to think
about death when it occurred.

As Jessica strode into the temple she noticed that the Sith army was beginning to become disoriented. She figured that had to do
with the fact that she had destroyed two of the ships in orbit. The ship she had targeted had held the second in commands of the
ground troops. Without the commanders they men in the army would dissolve into the thugs they had been.

She continued to stride along the corridors making her way along until she felt that she was near. She was not able to explain it
but she knew she was near. Taking a deep breath she looked around taking everything in. There had been a battle here as well.
That was when she spotted the blonde hair by a wall. Quickly running over to the wall she spotted the form that she was looking
for only now she was not sure she wanted to find it.

With shaking hands she bent down to find out the truth. She turned the body over to see that she had been struck in the chest.
The features were pale but the skin was still warm to the touch.

“My lord,” a voice said causing her to turn. She looked to see a group of Sith standing there looking at her.

“The ships had left what should we do,” the one asked looking around nervously.

Rage filled Jessica as her vision washed in red as she looked on. Her lightsaber sprung to life as she charged the group. They were
caught off guard by everything that was going on. The last thing they expected was to have the Sith Lord attack them. It would
not have mattered if they had been prepared as Jessica’s attacks were raw power and unstoppable.

Jessica stood in the middle of the room as the last one fell to her attack. Glancing back over at the form she walked back on over.
Placing a hand on the cheek she was surprised when the lips of the small Jedi parted a bit. Hope sprung into her heart as she
quickly checked the woman out. She was alive, but barely.

Luke had finished off the last of the group and was headed into the temple when he felt the wash of the Force. It was the Dark
side that was for sure and the power of it surprised him. He glanced at Kyle who looked back at him.

“I think we should be careful,” Luke suggested.

“Right, I haven’t felt such raw power in a long time,” Kyle said.

“I haven’t since the Emperor was destroyed,” Luke said and even then he was not sure if this new power was not more powerful
than the Emperor.

They approached with caution as they walked down the corridor. They were joined by Master Fie-Tel who was wielding his own
lightsaber. He told them that they had backed the remainder of the attackers into that area. Luke nodded his head as they
prepared to storm the area. It was then that a figure appeared in the doorway. It was holding another figure and Luke could see
that it was the woman he had seen earlier in the battle.

She continued to walk forward without fear as she approached the group of Jedi.

“Where are your healers,” the woman asked in a tone that seemed rough with emotion.

Luke looked on until he realized that it was Gaia in the woman’s arms. He quickly motioned for the medical teams to come
forward. It seemed strange but the woman was not about to let Gaia go for some reason.

As the tall woman passed Luke he suddenly realized where he had seen the woman. He had a vision of her and Gaia and
wondered why she was there. He was sure that this woman was the Sith Lord that they had been after. He would keep a close eye
on her.

Luke walked into the med lab a short time later after organizing the clean up from the attack. The doctor came over to him to
report on the injuries. He came to Gaia last.

“I’m afraid that the news is not good. She has suffered severe trauma to her system. We’ve done all we can but we are still losing
her. She just doesn’t have the energy to heal,” the doctor said.

“Nonsense,” a voice said from behind them. They both turned to see a man standing there. Luke recognized the man right away
but wondered what the man meant.

“I am a doctor sir, I know my job,” the doctor said slightly miffed at being countered from his expert opinion.

“For a normal human, and perhaps even a Jedi yes, but she is more than just a human or a Jedi,” the man said looking around.
“Ah, there is her savior,” he said walking over to where the tall woman was standing just holding Gaia’s hand.

The doctor and Luke exchanged a glance then walked with him.

Jessica did not care who was approaching as her entire focus was the pale face she was looking at. She was holding the hand of
the small Jedi even thought it was slowly becoming more cold indicating that they were losing her.

“You want her to live,” the man asked suddenly causing Jessica to look up at the man. “Lie down with her, hold her.”

Jessica looked at the man like he was crazy. What would that do to help. She wanted to spend as much time remaining with the
small Jedi as she could.

“Do it and she will live,” the man said. “She needs your help.”

Jessica was not sure what the man meant. She was hesitant to do anything that could mean she would miss something with the
small Jedi.

The man sighed then walked up to Jessica as he could see the look in her eyes. “Look, you two have a special bond,” he
whispered in her ear. “Doing this will trigger what is known as a healing sleep,” he told her.

“And how will that help,” Jessica said not sure about this bond that he was talking about.

“She is using all of her energy just to remain alive but it is not enough. A healing sleep combines two people’s energy,” the man
said. “Trust me on this one.”

“All right,” Jessica said. “But if she dies, so do you.”

The man was not phased by the threat to his life but merely looked on in what appeared to be amusement. Jessica took off her
cape and her boots then carefully slipped onto the bed with Luke and the doctor looking on. With one last look at the man Jessica
carefully held onto Gaia.

The doctor, Luke and the strange man walked out of the room that Gaia and the strange woman were in.

“Now what’s going on,” the doctor asked wanting to know the truth.

“It’s complicated,” the man replied.

“Who are you,” Luke asked.

“My name is Trona,” the man said. “And those two women have something special.”

“Special,” Luke asked not sure what that was.

“Yes, it is something rare and not spoken of outside those who are part of it,” Trona said. “Their bond allows one to help the other
in a healing sleep when either is hurt.”

“A healing sleep,” the doctor asked.

“Yes, in this case the Jedi, I believe her name is Gaia requires more energy than her body can deliver. In this case the other
woman can help provide the energy the body needs to both remain alive and heal,” Trona said. “They will be hungry and thirsty
when they wake up.”

“You were the one who spoke to me earlier,” Luke said.

“Yes,” Trona said. “I cannot say any more about who, or what, we are without endangering us. We were hunted at one time for
our abilities and killed.”

“I understand,” Luke said thinking about how the Jedi had been hunted down and killed by the Emperor and his father. “It’s been
a long day, I suggest we all return to normal hopefully that will last a while.”

“No kidding,” Kyle Katarn said having heard that last part. “Any idea as to who our visitor is?”

“Nope, but it will wait until later,” Luke said.

Gaia felt herself being pulled into reality from the warm comfortable place that she was in. She felt surrounded by warmth that
she just had not intention of leaving but something else was calling her. With a slight groan she opened her eyes as she recalled
everything that had gone on. She realized that she was on a bed in what appeared to be the med lab.

Strangely enough the warm feeling did not disappear as she had thought it would. She was not sure that this made much sense to
her as she moved a bit. Feeling arms around her she turned her head to see something she was sure she would never see again.

Laying beside her was the Sith Lord that had captured her, and helped free her. There was also the fact that she was sure that she
had fallen in love with the woman as well. This line of thought was becoming complicated rather quickly Gaia thought to herself.

“Its good to see you’re awake,” the voice said as she looked into blue eyes.

“Am I dead,” Gaia finally asked.

“Nope,” the woman said with a smile. “And I can say I’m glad.”

“This is going to require a explanation,” Gaia finally decided.

“Later, when you’re better,” Jessica said not wanting to go into everything right now. Now that the smaller woman was awake
there would be time for explanations later.

“All right, but I’m going to hold you to that,” Gaia said as she looked around to see more of what was going on. “How did you
survive,” Gaia finally asked.

“That is part of the story,” Jessica said with a gentle smile. “Right now I think that your masters are wanting to talk with me.”

“Then the academy did not fall,” Gaia asked wondering about that as we’ll. If Darth Rizon was here, but they had failed then
what was going on.

“No,” Jessica replied to the smaller woman. “I promise to tell you everything.”

“All right,” Gaia said as her stomach chose that moment to rumble.

“First off I think we should get you something to eat,” Jessica said with a smile.

“Haha,” Gaia said as she blushed a bit knowing that it was the truth.

Jessica got up to see about getting something to eat for Gaia when she realized that she was also a bit hungry as well. She walked
out to see what was going on and noticed when everyone outside the room stopped when she appeared.

“Can I get something to eat for two,” Jessica said her voice rumbling across the silence.

Two people jumped before they even knew what they were doing to carry out the woman’s request. The doctor snapped out from
his stupor and walked over to where the tall woman was standing.

“Is everything all right,” he asked.

“She’s awake and is a bit hungry,” Jessica said.

“Hmm,” the doctor said walking past her to see his patient. Gaia was sitting up a bit having propped some pillows behind her and
was looking at him with a question in her eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” Gaia answered knowing that it was the truth. There was still a lot to do but the path was there standing by the doorway.

“All right, I’ll send in some food that you should be able to handle. You got hit in the gut so we want to be careful with what you
eat,” he said to her then turned to walk out to order her food.

“I should probably go and talk to these Jedi,” Jessica said speaking the word very hesitantly.

“They are nice people usually with open minds,” Gaia said.

“Then I won’t try and scare them too badly,” Jessica said with a smile.

AS the food came up Jessica decided that it was time to go and get this talk over with. With one last look at Gaia she walked to
get the meeting over with.

Gaia watched the woman walk out of the room then realized that she really did not know the woman’s name. That would have to
change that was for sure. She made a mental note to herself that she would ask that question the next time they were going.
Part 12
Jessica made her way down to where she knew that several Jedi would be waiting for her. She wondered about how much they
knew and if they knew that she was the Sith Lord Darth Rizon. There was still that one man, Trona to talk with as well. It seemed
that he knew more of what was going on then he had told everyone.

Walking into the office she spotted Luke right away. There was another man next to him with dark hair and a beard. There was
also another Jedi who had been in the med lab when Jessica had been as well.

“You wanted to talk with me,” Jessica asked.

“Yes, I was wondering what you know about the current Sith uprising,” Luke asked. “And what you might know of the current
Sith Lord that is leading them.”

“Not much, I was kicked out,” Jessica said calmly. She knew that it was not exactly the truth but it was close.

“Then you do not know who was leading them or what their intentions are,” Luke asked.

“Not really,” Jessica said. “Last I heard was that they were still trying to build up their forces.”

“Okay, but where are they getting their ships, where are the ship yards,” Luke asked hoping that if they could get the location of
the yard then the Republic could deal this group a decisive blow.

“Isn’t one,” Jessica said. “The ships are left over from Darth Raven’s fleet.”

“But that fleet was destroyed thousands of years ago,” the dark haired man said.

“True Kyle, but when it comes to the mysteries of the universe one can never be too sure,” Luke said. “It is possible that a few

“But they would have to have been maintained for such use over several thousand years.,” Kyle said.

“Not if they were not being used and just sitting there,” Luke said remembering a fleet of Dreadnaughts that Grand Admiral
Thrawn had gotten a hold of. “How many ships?”

“Several hundred,” Jessica told him watching as their mouths dropped open.

“We need to notify the Republic about this,” Kyle said.

“Do you know where they are,” Luke asked.

“Yes,” Jessica said wondering about what she was doing. Part of her was saying she was a Sith Lord. Another part of her just
wanted to be with Gaia that is if the small Jedi would allow her to stay.

“Then we need to get there to make sure that the ships don’t fall into the wrong hands,” Kyle said looking like he was ready to
leave the room.

“No need,” Jessica said. “The ships have already been destroyed.”

“What, how,” Kyle asked not sure he understood what was going on.

“A self destruct mechanism that they all have,” Jessica said. It was the one thing that she had kept quiet from Tyi and the others.
Each ship was embedded with a bit of the Dark Side, it would lay dormant until a Sith lord activated it. It would activate the self
-destruct on the ship. It was something that Darth Malak had put on the ships to prevent the ships from rebelling against him.

“How many are left then,” Luke asked.

“Only what attacked this planet,” Jessica said. “They are probably no matter to anyone anymore. The crews probably scattered
by now. They will probably appear as parts of pirate fleets later on.”

“Right,” Luke said thinking about what that might do. In the long run it really did not matter too much. It might mean some
increase in piracy but with knowledge they should be able to defeat the ships.

“Is that all,” Jessica asked.

“For now,” Luke replied.

Jessica nodded her head then walked out of the room. She wanted to get back to Gaia. There was a lot still left to do and talk


Gaia was laying on her back staring at the ceiling. The ceiling was actually quite boring to look at but it was about the only thing
she wanted to see.

“How’s my patient doing,” the doctor said walking into the room.

“Bored,” Gaia said honestly.

“Well, after what happened to you I am still amazed to see you alive,” the doctor replied. Gaia could hear the honesty in the
man’s voice.

“I guess, I don’t remember that much,” Gaia confessed.

“It is remarkable even though Trona won’t say much more about what happened. It could save lives,” the doctor said.

Gaia was not sure exactly what the doctor was talking about. The last thing she really remembered was the fight. The next thing
was waking up in this bed with the Sith Lord next to her. That brought another thought to her, how had she survived the ship’s
explosion? That and several other questions were rolling around in her mind.


Jessica was walking down the corridor when she spotted Trona coming towards her. She stopped when it looked like he was going
to talk to her.

“Who are you really,” Jessica asked.

“I am like you,” Trona replied.

“Not much of a reply,” Jessica said. She wondered what the man’s real purpose was. She would keep on guard until she found out.

“We must be careful these days,” Trona replied. “We can never be too careful otherwise it could be a disaster for all of us.”

“There are more of you,” Jessica asked.

“In a way, all like me and you and the small Jedi,” Trona replied.

“What do we have to do with you,” Jessica asked.

Trona looked around quickly then turned back to Jessica. “You two are soul mates,” he told her.

“And,” Jessica asked looking for more.

“When you two are ready to travel, look this man up,” Trona said handing Jessica a card. It had only one name on it, Percy.

“All right, now I’m going to check on her and see what her condition is,” Jessica told him. He merely nodded his head then
continued on his way.


Jessica walked into the med lab where Gaia was still being held for observation.

“Well, it’s about time you returned,” Gaia said. “I have a few questions for you.”

“I know,” Jessica said. “But perhaps they should wait until you’re out of here.”

“Not this question,” Gaia said. “You know my name but what is you name?”

“It’s Jessica,” she replied.

“Jessica,” Gaia said. “I like it.”

“Good, its my name,” Jessica said. She looked around to see if the doctor was nearby. “Can you get out of here yet,” she asked.

“The doctor was by and before he left I could take small trips just as long as I don’t over do it,” Gaia said.

“Come on then, let’s go for a walk,” Jessica said.


Jessica and Gaia made their way to a small area outside the temple. It was secluded enough to make sure that a conversation
would be private. This was what Jessica wanted a private place to tell Gaia what happened.

“So what happened,” Gaia finally asked. They had been sitting there for a few minutes and she was beginning to wonder if Jessica
would tell her what happened.

“It seemed that my trusted second betrayed me. He had been the one who was with me the longest,” Jessica said. “He planned a
revolt against me and did it quite well. He also did it the Sith way.”

“Sith way,” Gaia repeated not sure she completely understood that.

“Well, its like this, the strongest are not always on top, but the one who has the best combination. Tyi is actually quite weak, but
he wanted power. He hid that part very well from me. He was shuttling from one ship to another when he ordered the other ships
on his side to attack,” Jessica said. “It worked, our shields were down and they had caused massive damage to the ship before
anyone could even reply.”

“All those people,” Gaia said. “They were killed just to get on top.”

“Its the Sith way,” Jessica said. “We find a person’s weakness and use that against them.”

“And me,” Gaia asked wanting to know the truth. She knew that some sort of bond had formed between them and needed to
know that there was more between them.

“Its strange,” Jessica said with a slight shake of her head. “I ordered the evacuation of the ship. I knew that no one would concern
themselves with a prisoner. I had to make sure that you were safe.”

“Is this when I was knocked unconscious,” Gaia asked not really remembering much about this battle.

“Yes,” Jessica said. “I carried you to the escape pods and put you in one and launched it.”

“Why didn’t you come with me,” Gaia asked.

“I just couldn’t abandon my men. The Sith are ruthless but they also don’t throw away lives either,” Jessica said.

“That’s now what we’re taught about the Sith,” Gaia said.

“We don’t throw away lives but it is also survival of the strongest. If someone dies so be it,” Jessica said.

“How did you get out of the ship, I saw it explode,” Gaia said remembering the explosion of the ship from the view that the
escape pod had.

“After I pushed the ejection for your ship I started to head back to the bridge,” Jessica said. “But then there was a large explosion
on board. I could feel the ship breaking up and knew that there was no more time. Dragging a crewman with me I jumped into the
nearest escape pod and escaped from the ship.”

“Then what happened,” Gaia said.

“I landed on a nearby planet, probably the same one as you. I gathered up the men who had survived from the ship,” Jessica said.
“The men knew that whoever had taken over did not care about them as well. I had a very loyal following although it is smaller
than before. We vowed revenge against those who tried to kill us. So a few of the survivors reported back to the fleet in order to
gain information about who was now in charge. It was then that I found out who was being the attack.”

Gaia listened to Jessica tell her what had happened. It all seemed so quick in her mind. She guessed that she was expecting more
to be said about what happened. Really what was she expecting to hear, that Jessica was on board the ship and survived in the
vacuum of space by using the Force. It was unrealistic but one that would be written down for sure.

“So you infiltrated the enemy to gain information, what happened next,” Gaia asked.

“It was then that I discovered that he decided to attack the Jedi academy here on Yavin. I also knew that you had come back
here after landing on the planet,” Jessica said. “My second in command was not that smart in letting you go.”

“It was,” Gaia said a bit surprised by that.

“Yeah, you knew more about what was going on than just about any one else. You could have said where they were, what was
going on along with a bit about military strength,” Jessica said. “So why didn’t you?”

“I’m not sure,” Gaia replied after a few seconds of silence. She thought about it for a while before finally just giving a sigh. “I
think I was morning you.”

“Me, but I haven’t given you any reason to morn me,” Jessica said finally. “I would have thought you would have been glad to get
rid of me.”

“Not true,” Gaia replied. “I think I fell for you somewhere along the way.”

“You mean that you’re willing to forgive me then,” Jessica said hope filling her voice. “I did some awful things to you.”

“I know, and that does still hurt me,” Gaia said truthfully. “But I also cannot let you go again, does that make sense?”

“I think so, but I cannot become a Jedi, the Sith part of me runs too deep for that,” Jessica replied. “Its part of who I am, what I
am and where my strength is.”

Gaia opened her mouth to reply then shut it again. What Jessica had just said was the truth, but she wanted to be a Jedi still.

“This is not going to be easy I see,” Gaia said finally.

“With us, I guess it never is,” Jessica said. “Come on, your friends are dying with curiosity about what is going on.”

“Then they can wait,” Gaia said. She got up with Jessica’s help and they made their way back to the temple. Gaia knew that not
everything had been settled but she felt that her life was on the right path standing next to Jessica.


“Well, they’re coming back,” Fie-Tel said noticing that Gaia and the tall dark haired woman were walking back to the temple.
“Any new clues as to exactly who or what she is?”

“Nope, but I fear that we are about to lose a Jedi for now,” Luke said.

“What do you mean,” Fie-Tel asked. He was not sure about what Luke was talking about.

“He means that Gaia will be going with her when she leaves,” Kyle stated from where he was sitting.

“Yes, much like you,” Luke said looking at Kyle.

“You think that she will leave the Jedi Order,” Fie-Tel asked not sure about that. His honor would not let him think about leaving
such a profession until he died. Thinking that was something he could not really comprehend that well.

“Yes, sometimes things happen that require people to leave the order, but I feel that she will be back one day,” Luke said. “I have
a feeling about Gaia.”

“Like you did with me,” Kyle said. “You never gave up on me even when I did.”

“I had a feeling that you would come back. You had to come to terms with who you were, and your feeling with Jan,” Luke said.
“Once everything had settled I knew you would be back. I just thought you would come back in time to train again to learn the

“Not like how I did,” Kyle replied. He had used the Valley of the Jedi to regain his Force powers.

“Well if you’re sure Master Skywalker,” Fie-Tel said. He was not sure about it but he would not go against Luke in this.

“I’m sure,” Luke said.


Gaia walked with Jessica to see Master Skywalker. She was going to ask for some time away from the academy to sort out her
life. There were things that she needed to do and one person who she needed to be with.

Jessica walked along beside her as they entered Luke’s office, a large room which was mostly barren. Luke was there along with
two other men who Gaia recognized as Masters Kyle Katarn and Fie-Tel. The three men seemed to be waiting to see what for
either Jessica or Gaia to say something first.

“Master Skywalker, there is something that I need to talk with you,” Gaia said finally.

“You know that you can discuss anything with me Master Gaia,” Luke replied using her formal title. Gaia was a Jedi Knight and
had earned the title.

“I need to leave the Jedi for now,” Gaia said slightly hoping that she was hurting anyone’s feelings.

“I understand,” Luke said shocking Gaia. This was not what she had expected. The Jedi Order was strict in that few leave. “Not
what you were expecting to hear, the Jedi Order at one time would have frowned upon what you were doing, but since the
reformation of the Jedi Order some changes have been made. I have come to understand that even Jedi require time away, many
come back better than when they left,” Luke said his eyes turning to Kyle.

“Its true, up until a short time ago I had turned my back on the Jedi. It wasn’t until Desann that I really came back to stay,” Kyle
said. “I have a feeling that our paths will cross again.”

“So do I,” Jessica said. Gaia and Jessica both left the room leaving the three men in there.

“Come on, I’ve got to pick something up from my room,” Gaia said taking Jessica by the hand and leading her there.


Fie-Tel watched as the two woman walked out of the room. He was not sure about what Luke was doing. To him a Jedi pledge
their lives to the Jedi Order thenn they should not turn their back on it.

“You disagree Master Fie-Tel,” Luke said.

“Yes, I think we should respect the way of the Jedi Order and the traditions of the Jedi way,” Fie-Tel said.

“We should, but as a Jedi we also have to look at learn from the past. Those same traditions and ways led to the purge. Now we
are rebuilding and must take those lessons along with the traditions and build a new foundation,” Luke said. “This is my way of
merging the two.”

“If you say so,” Fie-Tel replied not sure about that.

“I’m sure it will work out Luke,” Kyle said from where he was. He had been given the chance twice. He would not look back on
the Jedi Order again but he also knew that without that path away from the Order he would not be where he was now.


Jessica walked behind Gaia into her room. It had a few items in it that she could tell belonged to the smaller Jedi. What intrigued
her the most was a small box on one of the shelves.

“What’s this,” Jessica asked.

“Oh, that, I’m not sure,” Gaia said halfway turning to see what had caught Jessica’s eye.

“You mean you’ve never opened it,” Jessica asked. “I’m surprised.”

“Its not that I haven’t tried, but my mother said it would only open when the time was right. Its been in our family for generations
now,” Gaia said.

“Has anyone ever opened it,” Jessica asked.

“Nope, not that I’m aware of,” Gaia said placing some clothing in a small bag then turned to see Jessica studying the small box.

“It looks like it should open right here,” Jessica said trying to open it. The small box refused to budge though.

“I’ll leave it here for safe-keeping,” Gaia said reaching up to take it out of Jessica’s hands. The box suddenly opened as she
touched it. “What did you do?”

“Nothing,” Jessica replied not sure why the box had just opened. They both looked inside the box wondering what could have
been in there. Inside were two gold rings.

“Huh,” Gaia said as she picked them up. One was smaller than the other. Each had two gems on it, one was blue the other was
green. The strange thing about the gems was the fact that the gems seemed to be merged together. “Pretty,” Gaia finally said
holding one up. The smaller one seemed to fit her finger perfectly. The other she wondered about and went to place it on Jessica’s
finger. “Well how about that,” she said not really thinking about what she had just done.

Jessica was actually a bit stunned by what had just happened. The rings were indeed beautiful. Somehow the gems seemed to
represent them. She was about to say something when a foggy mist enveloped the room. Jessica and Gaia turned to see the
strange figures that Gaia had seen so many times before.

“Its you,” Gaia finally said looking up to Jessica. Feeling a bit bold Gaia placed her hand into Jessica’s larger one giving it a gentle

“Hah,” the shorter figure said giving the larger one a bump. “See I told you so.”

“Hurmph,” the taller one said.

“Yes, it is me,” the shorter figure said to Gaia. “And you have figured this out as well.”

“Who are you,” Jessica said not wanting to be left in the dark for much longer.

“I am Jedi Master Bri Lighter, and this is my soulmate, Xara Darhart,” the shorter one called Bri said.

“Then I was researching the right path,” Gaia said. “Is Xara a Jedi as well?”

“No, I was taught by the Sith, but never became a Sith Lord,” Xara replied looking at Jessica. “The Sith power runs strong in

“I know,” Jessica said. “But there is something else in my heart,” she said looking at Gaia.

“Then our work is done, but yours is just beginning,” Bri said as they faded away.

“Well, that was unusual. Happen to you often,” Jessica asked looking down into green eyes.

“Not until I saw a black clad figure attacking us a while ago,” Gaia said. “Was that you?”

“Yes, I was part of Desann’s original Shadow troopers,” Jessica said.

“Then you know where the Valley of the Jedi is,” Gaia said suddenly.

“Yes and no,” Jessica replied. “I’ve been there, but I do not know the location. But you were there at the defeat of Tavion.”

“Yes, my second experience in combat. But I think I somehow felt you there,” Gaia said as she thought about that.

“Yes, I think you did,” Jessica said. “As much as I probably felt you. I was just so focused on what I was doing to notice it.”

“You felt me as well,” Gaia asked partly hoping that what she felt worked both ways.

“I don’t normally stare at a place that I don’t see people at first. But I do remember thinking that a pair of green eyes were looking
at me,” Jessica said.

“I think we should talk with someone,” Gaia said remembering her time on Coruscant.

“Sounds like an idea,” Jessica said as they walked out of the small room.


Percy sat at the small desk that he worked at. He heard the door open and looked up. He was slightly surprised to see the blonde
Jedi that he had helped not that long ago. He was however surprised at the taller dark haired figure that was beside her. She
radiated a power that few people ever do which sent chills down his spine.

“Hello Percy,” Gaia said to the man.

“Gaia,” Percy replied not sure if he should take his eyes off Jessica. Perhaps he had been wrong.

“This is Jessica,” Gaia said. “I think its time we had a talk with someone who can explain everything.”

Percy was about to try and make something up when something caught his eye. He smiled and nodded telling them follow him.
They were lead to another room which was occupied by a man who Gaia had seen only once before.

“Percy, what are you doing,” the man said then saw who it was. “Ah, I see, have a seat.”

Jessica and Gaia shared a look but sat down. They waited for him to begin.

“My name is Frank and I am the high priest of the organization,” Frank said.

“What organization,” Jessica said speaking for the first time.

“We do not have an official name,” Frank said leaning back in his chair. “Members know what they are part of.”

“And are we members,” Gaia asked. She was not aware that she had taken Jessica’s hand while they were sitting there.

“Yes, you are,” Frank said. “Its not one that anyone can join, but I think you already know that.”

“So what type of organization is this,” Gaia asked.

“Everyone who is a member has a soulmate, or had one,” he said.

“Soulmate,” Gaia said saying the word then looking at Jessica. “I like it.”

“You would,” Jessica said. “How do you know that I didn’t force Gaia here to find out about this?”

“Easy, you wear the rings,” Frank said looking at the rings that were on their hands.

“We could have stolen them,” Jessica said.

“No, the rings are special,” Frank said holding his up. “Here, put mine on,” he said to them.

Jessica shrugged then looked at the ring. It was similar to the one they had but the color was brown and blue. Jessica took the ring
and placed it on her finger. She noticed that the ring seemed to separate the colors.

“The colors join only by the soulmates of the rings,” Frank said. “Each one is specially made.”

“But these are not ours,” Gaia said.

“Yes, you are of an old soul. The older the soul the more vibrate the color of the rings,” Frank said. “The same rings can be used
for the same souls. You two are of the Warrior and Bard. Much like Bri and Xara. You are the Warrior,” he said looking at
Jessica. “And you are the Bard. Usually the Warrior has a dark past, and the Bard one of light. It is the dark part that we worry
about and keep a close eye on.”

“But if we’re soulmates and we got the rings why are you trusting me with this information,” Jessica said. “You know what I’m
capable of.”

“Yes, but the darkness must be there, otherwise a strength of the Warrior is not as strong. The darkness gives you the strength,
but the Bard is your source,” Frank said.

“I doubt that,” Gaia said.

“I don’t,” Jessica said. “When I fought one of the Sith Lords I was losing” Jessica said remembering the last Sith Lord Spirit she
fought. “I heard you somehow and thought that I found the strength to defeat him.”

“Yes, and I’m sure you felt it as well. It would have felt like something was slipping away and there was nothing you could do,”
Frank said.

Gaia nodded remembering a time when she was in the library and she had that feeling. “Is that when you became a Sith Lord,”
Gaia asked.

“Yes,” Jessica said.

“I felt that,” Gaia said. “But why do you live in secret?”

“When Bri and Xara were alive a threat arose against us, if it wasn’t for Bri and Xara we would have been exterminated. During
their trial they had a vision. It was then that they constructed the box,” Frank said. “They said that only the next reincarnation of
their souls would be able to open it, but they had to be together to do it.”

“That would explain why it opened when we both touched it,” Jessica said.

“So what are your plans,” Frank asked.

“A vacation,” Jessica said looking at Gaia. “Then we’ll figure it out.”

“There’s a nice place on Naboo,” Frank said. “I think you would enjoy it.”

“Sounds good,” Gaia said. She looked up at Jessica who seemed to agree.


Luke looked out from his office down at the recruits that were on the training ground. Master Fie-Tel was down there instructing
a new recruit. He wondered what would be next. There had been several months of peace and quiet. The remaining ships from
Darth Rizon’s fleet had been captured or destroyed but there was no word as to what happened to Darth Rizon. It was if the Dark
Lord had just disappeared. A few rumors stated that she had died on the attack on the Jedi Academy. Luke knew the truth, but
did nothing to counter the rumors.

Glancing down again he spotted two forms coming towards the temple. He was a bit shocked to see them. Even at this distance
he could see the way the smaller blonde held onto the taller form. It was obvious to him that they were in love, and that his Jedi
was coming home. That just left the thought about the taller darker woman. She had been a Sith Lord, Darth Rizon, but now, he
hoped that one day she might join them, but he also knew that the two of them would make a great team.

“Kyle, let’s go down and meet our returning Jedi Master,” Luke said.

“Returning, Luke what do you mean,” Kyle said a bit lost by Luke’s words then saw who was coming. “Ah, I see. Wonder if Jan
would let me do that to her,” he asked seeing the taller woman kiss the smaller one while spinning her around.

“You already do that,” Luke said from where he was standing.

“I meant today,” Kyle said.

“You two could get a contest going,” Luke said with a chuckle as they walked out the door.

“Haha,” Kyle replied as he followed Luke out the door and down to where the two women were waiting.

The End

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