Star Dust by loubug

Star Dust
by loubug

Summary: Commander Robin Sword and her soul mate Sarah embark on a journey that will test their love and their courage and their commitment to creating a galaxy free of war. Along the way they will encounter mystical beings, hidden lands and an unraveling prophecy that will change their lives forever.



Part 1
Giving Thanks


“You absolutely fuss way too much Commander Sword.”

Sarah tugged on the collar of her lover’s uniform, expertly disarming any sarcastic comeback with the sexiest grin Robin had ever seen.

“I can’t help it. This thing itches me to death.”

Sarah chuckled as she watched Robin readjust her uniform for the hundredth time. She couldn’t help but get lost in the sight of her lover. Robin stood before her, long black hair flowing freely while her hands tugged on sleeves and tails and flattened pockets. Her white commander’s uniform had been pressed to perfection, yet Robin ran her hands down the front of her jacket once again.

Sarah reached out and took the commander’s hands in her own.

“It’s a celebration. You shouldn’t get so nervous.”

Robin gave a weak smile and allowed her lover to pull her closer. She instantly felt her nerves begin to calm as she stepped into Sarah’s embrace.

“I know but….”

Sarah quickly pressed two fingers against Robin’s lips.

“No buts. We are going to be together for eternity and tonight we are honoring the very two men who have given us the opportunity to do so.”

Robin smiled then bent her head and captured two lips that appeared to her, to be begging for a kiss. Her heart raced again but this time the cause was the warm tongue she felt glide against her lips. Before she could deepen the kiss, that warm tongue was gone and she stood staring into laughing green eyes.

“You are an evil woman Sarah.”

The grinning blonde ran her hands down the front of Robin’s jacket. Slowly she slipped her arms around Robin’s waist and cupped a nice handful of the commander’s behind.

“What can I say….you bring out the best in me.”

Sarah gave a little squeeze to Robin’s backside before turning toward the changing room to dress. She barely made it to the door before Robin reached out and grabbed the towel Sarah had wrapped around her. The commander laughed as Sarah yelped in surprise while disappearing through the door.

“Teach you to tease me.”

Robin spoke to the white door now separating her from her lover. She smiled as she walked over to their window. The smile remained on her face as her thoughts lingered on why they were celebrating tonight.

Indeed Tom and Monroe had offered Sarah the gift of immortality, which she accepted without delay. ‘She really loves me’. The smile grew bigger as those thoughts echoed in Robin’s mind.

Sarah did love her and she loved Sarah, more than she dreamed possible. Now she would have eternity to show Sarah just how deep that love ran. A rustling from behind her made Robin turn around. Her breath caught at the sight before her.

“Sarah…you look…”

Words failed the commander as she blinked silently, absorbing the woman standing in front of her. The small blonde had pulled her hair up, leaving only a few strands to dance around her face. Her dress equaled the green of her eyes and was held up by two thin straps over her shoulders while wrapping nicely around her small body. She blushed under the appraising eye of her lover.

“Don’t look away…love.”

Robin stepped closer, slowly as if at any moment the vision before her would disappear.
“You look amazing.”

Sarah looked up at her lover and felt overwhelmed by the love shining down at her from blue eyes.

“Thank you.”

Robin nodded her head. She stood speechless. Sarah had one last accessory to put on and she would be finished. Before her fingers could wrap around the thin gold necklace lying on top of her changing table, Robin’s fingers plucked it from it’s resting spot.

“Let me.” she whispered.


Robin placed a gentle hand on her lover’s shoulder.

“Turn around.”

Sarah did as she was asked and felt Robin’s arms wrap around her. She could feel the heat radiating off of Robin’s body. Slowly she tilted her head to the left and allowed her lover all the room she needed to clasp the necklace together. Warm lips brushed her neck, causing a delicious shiver to run down her spine.

“I love you Sarah.”

“Love you too Robin.”

Robin wrapped the small blonde up in her arms and pulled her against her. For a brief moment in time the two women stood swaying back and forth. Lost in the moment and each other. Sarah placed her hands over the commander’s arms.

“I could stay like this forever.”

Robin nuzzled the tender neck in front of her. “Me too.”

Sarah felt her body stir with desire. If they didn’t get going soon, they may not show up at all.

“Love…as much as I would enjoy staying in tonight….we do have a celebration to attend to.”

Robin continued exploring the inviting flesh.

“Do you really think they would miss us?’

“Well…let’s see…you are the Commander of the ship…and..hmmm….. I was the recipient of Monroe’s immortality…so….I would say definitely yes.”

Robin gave one last playful nip to Sarah’s neck.

“I guess you’re right. We better get going.”

The two lovers headed out the door and down the corridor. They stepped into the elevator and headed for the rink. Their arrival traveled quickly through the large community room as Commander Sword and her soul mate joined Tom and Monroe on the dais.
Both men stood as the two women stepped up to the table. First Tom then Monroe clasped arms with the commander before turning and gracing Sarah with a soft kiss to her hand, a much more appropriate greeting for such a fine lady. Commander Sword and the two men remained standing until Sarah took her seat.

Soft music filled the rink as servers brought out the first course of dinner. Friendly conversation drifted across the table and before long it was time for Tom to take the stand and begin his speech. All eyes focused on the young man and the low murmur of voices quickly faded away as Tom began to speak.

“I would like to thank everyone for joining us in this celebration tonight. Some of you may not be aware of the changes that have taken place recently, but judging on my appearance alone, the changes have been drastic.”

A soft ripple of laughter filled the rink as Tom continued on. He explained the exchange of immortality for a second lifetime with his soul mate. He briefly spoke of the events that had led up to the opportunity to make the exchange. The people gathered in the rink were hanging on every word coming from Tom’s mouth.

Finally, he made the formal announcement of his decision to completely step down as commander. He had spent a lifetime making the Phoenix a priority. Now, Monroe would be his priority for as long as Tom drew breath in his body.

As he stepped down from the microphone, Robin stood and pulled the young man into a friendly embrace. She would never be able to give words to the feelings in her heart. But she vowed to try as she released Tom and stepped to the microphone.

“I hadn’t planned on getting so emotional tonight…but I just can’t help it.”

Sarah felt her heart fill with love and pride for the woman who now stood, addressing the resident’s and crew of the Phoenix. She watched as Robin wiped away a lone tear.
Robin explained to everyone that she would remain as Commander of the Phoenix with Sarah at her side.

Momentarily her mind filled with visions of the young girl who had saved her life by accelerating her healing process. Robin gave thanks to the little girl even though Angel had remained in the meditating chamber for the evening. It was all part of her growing phase. Robin also gave special recognition to Capt. Baker who had volunteered to stay behind in Thrace with his family. He would head up the flight department and help in rebuilding their military. He had truly saved the commander’s life.

Sarah watched as her soul mate seem to drift away, deep in thought and then snap back to the present. She smiled as Robin continued to address the crowd. Robin had them fully captivated.

Sarah knew that the days to come would take some getting used to. Robin would be needed on the command deck every day. Her duties as commander had just increased with Tom’s full resignation. Also Angel needed special attention. The young girl’s powers were growing faster and she needed teachings that neither her mother nor Robin could help her with.

The sound of applause brought Sarah back to the moment. She looked up to see Robin stepping down from the speaker’s box and heading in her direction. She couldn’t hide the desire in her eyes and she knew that Robin felt it to. It was that glorious connection they had. It still amazed Sarah how from moment to moment she could feel something so profound when she locked eyes with Robin.

As the night carried on, people began to move toward the dance floor and the music shifted from light and easy to faster and more danceable. Tables were cleared and the rink filled with laughter and merriment.

Tom stood and looked down at his partner. “May I have this dance sir?”

Monroe smiled and stood “This one and all the ones to come.”

Robin and Sarah watched as the two men walked to the dance floor. The warm soft glow immediately surrounding them. Sarah felt her heart fill with happiness for the two men. There were still questions she had about what had happened but for the moment she was content in the knowledge that everyone made the right decision.

“They’re beautiful together aren’t they?”

Sarah closed her eyes as the sound of Robin’s voice filled her very soul.

“Mmmm..very. But nothing is as beautiful as you.”

“Funny…..I was just thinking the same thing about you.”

“Oh really.”

Robin wiggled her eyebrows at her lover.

“Yes oh really.”

Robin leaned over and placed a tender kiss on Sarah’s lips. Her young lover’s eyes answering her question before she even spoke.

“Why don’t we go back to our chambers for a more…private…celebration.”

Sarah felt her breath catch. Her body filled with passion for the woman in front of her.
“Lead the way…great lover of mine”

As the two women stood to make their retreat, they waved goodbye to the two men who had given them a chance at eternal happiness. Monroe and Tom smiled at the departing women and continued dancing. The night had barely begun…

Robin and Sarah entered their chambers and left a slow trail of clothes from the main door to the bedroom. Each step closer to their bed left them delirious with passion. Finally, Robin lifted Sarah into her arms and carried her the remaining steps to the bed.

“I want to love you like this every night for the rest of our lives.”

Sarah grinned as her fingertips traced her lover’s jaw.

“Don’t you think you might get tired love?”

Robin began kissing Sarah softly.

“If there is one thing I know to be certain….it is that I will never grow tired of loving you.”

Both women surrendered to the other, as desire claimed the need for words. Soft kisses and tender caresses was the language spoken. The stars continued to drift by as all the heavens in the universe were serenaded by the sounds of love…
Part 2
Faces from The Past
Sarah rolled onto her back and stretched her lean body as she slowly woke up from a deep sleep. She hadn’t felt this rested in a long time. She arched her back and let out a deep sigh. Robin had long ago left their bed and joined the rest of the crew on the command deck.

Slowly Sarah crawled across the bed, smiling as she wondered what had possessed her lover to create a bed so large. Of course when images of their lovemaking drifted into her mind she realized how a bed of such a large size had its advantages.

Sarah lazily walked into their bathing room, yawning as her robe fell to the floor. She stepped into the steam chamber and felt her muscles relax as the warm vapor began to penetrate her skin. Water was a limited commodity on any star ship, but Robin had seen to it that extra had been loaded and that a separate supply for the command deck and its officers was made available. Sarah smiled as the steam slowly turned to warm water.

The young blonde’s thoughts were running wild. She never dreamed she would be living as a free civilian, let alone fall in love with the very woman who rescued her; plus give birth to the chosen one. But here she stood, warm water caressing her skin living in a reality she never thought could be hers.

Her mind drifted back to a time before she knew Robin. A time before she gave birth to her daughter. A time she would rather have forgotten altogether, but she felt her thoughts spiraling out of control. Her heart broke as visions of her parents flooded her mind. The slavers weren’t interested in old men and women. They had come for the young and innocent.

She remembered being led to the center of her city, bound with chains and an electrical neck brace. There was no chance at escaping. Still, Sarah felt responsible for not being able to save her family. She felt the heavy weight of her helplessness and guilt wash over her as her mind filled with the sights and sounds of her family and friends being massacred.

She could no longer hold back the emotions flooding her body. Her small frame fell against the wall of the steam chamber and slowly she sank to her knees. Hot tears streaked down her face as she tried to push the memories out of her mind. She willed the water to wash away the hideous visions in her mind’s eye but they kept coming.

She remembered being dragged to the slave ship and thrown into a holding cell. Two guards came and stripped her of her clothes and her humanity. After they had satisfied their lust for the young blonde, they scrubbed her and presented her to their commander. Who, once again, took her against her will. It seemed to never end.

After months of being beaten and brutally raped, Sarah had finally come to realize she would be nothing more than a slave. Her entire life would be spent giving in to the will of her owner. She felt her spirit break, and so she believed she had nothing left to lose. That very belief set her on a path that would eventually lead her to her soul mate.

Sarah set out on a mission to gain the favor of the commander, and that’s exactly what she did. Soon the young blonde was allowed to wander the halls of the slave ship. It was the opening she had waited for. Her walks became longer and she lingered in the halls as if amazed at the inter-workings of the ship, mentally she began mapping out her road to freedom. The night she planned to make her escape, a surprise visit by another slave ship derailed her plans.

Memories of that night were bittersweet. She recalled being presented as a gift to the visiting commander. Commander Silos. It was the very night Angel was conceived. She knew that now without a doubt. After being subjected to the Commanders sadistic treatment, the young woman had to be carried back to her quarters where she remained unattended for weeks. By the time the healers were allowed to check on the girl, her injuries had been healed and there was no doubt she was with child. The healers never spoke of the miraculous healing. They only hoped that the prophecy was coming true.

Sobs wracked Sarah’s body as she recalled the brutal treatment she had undergone. For some reason the commander allowed her to stay aboard his ship until the child was born. However, Sarah was moved to a small holding cell below deck, with little food and water.

She knew now that Angel had saved her life even then. The chosen one growing inside of her. Nourishing her body. More tears fell as Sarah realized that such an act of cruelty and hatred had given her the most precious gift imaginable, her daughter.

The cruel memories began to fade as visions of her daughter’s face danced in her mind. She had felt no pain during the birth, just a wonderful feeling of completeness. When Sarah took the small child in her arms, she knew her daughter would be special. She just didn’t know how special. She named her newborn Angel, because to Sarah that’s what she was, her guardian angel.

Mother and daughter remained on the ship for a couple of years. Sarah continued to serve the commander, hoping that her obedience would keep her daughter from harms way. And it did until the fateful day the commander ordered the child to be brought to him for inspection. Sarah knew being inspected meant you were on the market for being sold. She wouldn’t allow that to happen to Angel.

Without thinking twice she lashed out at the commander, instantly feeling the sting in her knuckles as they connected with his jaw. She landed a couple solid blows, that for a split second stunned the commander. Soon, he overpowered the young woman. His fists landed solidly on her face, knocking Sarah to her feet. The commander kicked and stomped on her legs, breaking them in several pieces. He dragged the woman and child to beneath the landing deck, throwing them in without a second glance back. He would sell them both as soon as he had the chance. Little did he know, that chance would never come…

The commander felt the first hit to his ship on his way back up to the main deck. By the time the commander had returned, his ship had suffered fatal hits. His last vision was that of Commander Silos’ ship, along with two smaller ships from the Altis. He knew Commander Silo’s had bargained with Magna. He also knew he would not survive.

Being the man that he was, he refused to be taken alive. As the small fighter ships continued to attack, the Commander ran to his quarters. He looked around the room one last time, unable to accept the sound of explosions and screams of his crew; he pulled his laser gun and killed himself. Within minutes the ship was nothing but smoldering debris, everyone aboard the ship had been taken captive to be sold as slaves. Everyone but the four hid below deck that would soon be found by Commander Sword.

Sarah remained in the floor, curled up and trembling in the corner of the steam chamber, warm water beating down on her. With memories of the attack still ringing in her ear, she never heard the front door open, or the frantic voice of her lover calling out for her. She was consumed by the haunting visions of her past.

Robin ran through the door like a mad woman. She had been standing on the command deck, when a vision of Sarah’s body bruised and battered flashed in her mind. She could hear her lover’s sweet voice scream out in pain. She had to get to her.

When Robin spotted the small woman curled up in the floor, her heart sank. She knelt down and reached out her hand. Sarah quickly pulled away, screaming in response to Robin’s hand.

“Sarah…’s me Robin. It’s okay sweetheart.”

Sarah looked up as the sound of a familiar voice filled her ears and silenced the screams in her head. Robin’s sweet face over shadowed those in her memories.


The tall commander held her arms open and watched as her lover crawled on her hands and knees towards her. Sarah couldn’t hold back the tears as Robin cradled her in her arms.

“It’s okay Sarah….I’ve got you now. I’m here.”

Robin didn’t know what to do for the crying woman except hold on for dear life. She would be her strength. She would carry her through whatever hell she was walking in. She would protect this woman with every drop of blood in her body.

Robin rocked back and forth, whispering words of love and soothing her lover the best she knew how. Slowly stroking Sarah’s skin with the tips of her fingers.

“Shhhh….I’ve got ya now. No one is going to hurt you. I promise.”

Sarah clung to her tall lover, absorbing the love and strength she felt pouring out of Robin’s body.

“Love you.” Sarah choked out before crying herself to sleep.

Sarah’s pain was so great Robin felt her own heart breaking. A single tear escaped her blue eyes as she tightened her hold on the woman in her arms. Wondering what had caused such a reaction from Sarah.

“Love you too.” Robin whispered as she continued to rock back and forth, feeling the body in her arms beginning to relax. “Love you too.”


Several hours later Sarah drifted awake. Memories of earlier flashed through her mind and she cringed. She could still see Commander Silos’ scare covered face, laughing down at her, then in an instant the vision was gone.


“I’m right here love.”

The tall commander stepped closer to the bed and knelt down before her lover. She reached out and pushed a strand of blonde hair behind Sarah’s ear. Her body torn between comforting Sarah and battling whatever had caused her lover so much pain. She wouldn’t force Sarah to tell her what happened, she would just have to wait patiently.

Sarah looked up into deep blue eyes and instantly felt her wounded spirit start to heal.

“Do you…” Sarah took a deep breath, trying to find the courage to continue on. She felt embarrassed and afraid that Robin would no longer love or want her after she told Robin what had happened to her.

“Have you heard of Commander Silos?”

Robin instantly bristled at the mention of the commander’s name. Silos had the reputation of being a cruel and evil man. He raped women, men and children. Usually mutilating them in the process. Robin swallowed hard, preparing for the worse.


Robin watched as Sarah closed her eyes. Tears slipping out beneath tightly shut eyelids. Sarah felt her body being taken over by uncontrollable emotions once again. Suddenly, Robin realized what had happened. She watched as Sarah’s body convulsed as the small woman cried.

Sarah tried to speak, but couldn’t get the words out. Robin nervously spoke up.

“He hurt you.”

Sarah nodded her head. Robin closed her eyes as the hate for Silos entered her body, causing a dangerous calmness to take over Robin’s system. It was all she could do, not to order a seek and destroy mission. She took a deep breath to keep herself under control. Revenge would have to wait; Sarah needed her right now more than anything. But Robin knew she would find him, and then she would kill him.


Sarah couldn’t speak for the flood of emotion running through her. Robin began shaking; suspecting that Silos had also raped Angel. Finally, the commander forced herself to speak.

“Did he hurt Angel too?”

Sarah shook her head no. Robin stared at her lover. Confusion written all over her face, still she waited for Sarah to continue.

“He’s…..he’s her father.”

All expression drained from Robin’s face. She felt her inside’s rip in half, and her plans to kill him falter. Would Sarah want her to kill him…does Angel know who her father is?

“Are you sure?”

Sarah nodded her head in silence, fearing that Robin would be disgusted with her and probably send her away. The thought of hearing words of goodbye coming from Robin made it difficult for Sarah to breath, so she decided to say them first.

“Don’t worry…..I’ll gather my things and you can send Angel and me back to Thrace. Then you…”

Robin interrupted.

“What are you talking about?” Fear gripped Robin’s heart at the thought of Sarah leaving her.

“I don’t want to be a burden to you…”

“Sarah….let me tell you again. You, nor Angel, will ever be a burden to me. Do you understand that?

“I just thought you wouldn’t want me anymore.”

Robin gently pulled the crying woman into her arms.

“There is nothing you could ever do, to make me not want you.”

Sarah dissolved in the strong arms holding her. Robin held her tighter, rubbing tiny circles on her lover’s back.

“We’ll get through this…I promise….”

The evening turned to night and the two women lay entwined together. A flicker of light outside the window went unnoticed by them both. Another flicker, then another.

Before long a dazzling display of light began to dance inside the commanders room. It seemed to take shape, and yet have no shape at all. It moved through the room and wrapped around the two sleeping women. Twinkling in the dark, as if it were happy to be in the presence of these two women… fact it was….
Part 3
Seeing is Believing
“Are you sure these are the two?”

The tiny winged specs hovered over the sleeping women, watching them closely. The soft fluttering of little wings filling the silence.

“Of course I’m sure. Do you think I’m stupid or something?”

Abigail refused to answer her partner. Instead she purposely ignored him as she continued to inspect the sleeping women. Otis smirked at her silence.

“Just so you know I’m taking that as a no.”

Abigail narrowed her golden eyes as she pinned her assigned partner with a glare. “Take it however you want…I’m not the one that got us lost…”

“I didn’t get us lost”

“Did too.”

“Did not.”

“Did….Ohhhh just forget it.”

Abigail smacked Otis in the stomach, causing a puff of star dust to fill the air around them, which in turn caused Otis to cough. Rookies thought Abigail I’m either gonna train him or kill him….

Movement from below caught Abigail’s attention. She watched as Robin tightened her hold on Sarah. With a soft moan the blonde instantly snuggled closer to her lover. Abigail leaned over to whisper to Otis.

“Lower your voice or you’ll wake them up.”

“I can’t help it if I have a powerful voice.”

A bright spark of light darted across the room as the two specs began another verbal battle. The more heated the conversation got the brighter the sparks became. Suddenly both specs were silenced by the sound of a loud buzzer.

“What in the name of Orion is that?” Otis cried out, his hands instantly covering his pointed little ears. Before Abigail could answer, Robin was leaping out of bed and grabbing her commander’s jump suit. The air from her body sent the tiny, floating specs rolling out of control across the room. Robin never noticed the tiny little yelps of surprise. She did however notice the sleepy voice of her lover.


Both specs, somewhat dazed and confused, watched as the tall woman dressed and leaned down to the blonde.

“Don’t worry Sarah…it’s not the main alarm.” Robin placed a gentle kiss on her soul mate’s cheek.

“I’ll be back in no time. Go back to sleep.” For a second Robin became lost in the vision before her, amazed at the love she felt for Sarah. “When I get back we’ll pick up where we left off…..I promise.” Robin quickly exited their chamber before passion got the better of her. The specs observed the exchange between the soul mates and realized what an honor it was to be assigned to these two women.

Sarah snuggled under the covers, while wrapping her arms around the pillow that held Robin’s scent. She returned to the land of dreams and the specs smiled at the peaceful look on the woman’s face.

“Ahhh…the look of love.” Abigail melted as her little eyes took in the sight of the young woman. She felt her tiny heart flutter as thoughts of someday finding her own true love crossed her mind. However, her happy thoughts were interrupted by the most obnoxious voice she had ever heard.

“Love…shnove….she’s probably thrilled to have the bed to herself.”

“I can’t believe you Otis. You don’t have one ounce of romance in your entire body.” She quickly gave him the once over before adding. “And that ain’t saying much.”

Abigail huffed as she flew off, leaving a trail of star dust behind her. She hovered above the little blonde and wondered how she was going to introduce herself. Her worry would soon be over.

“You know…just because you’ve had your wings longer than me, doesn’t mean I’m not as good as you are.”

Abigail rolled her eyes as she contemplated the pros and con’s on killing her partner. She was sure Luna would not be happy, and truth be known Abigail didn’t have a mean bone in her little spec body.

“Otis…why don’t we just agree to be equals while on this assignment…then when we get back to Orion you can go back to being your usual over-bearing, all-knowing, no-one-can-do-it-as-good-as-I-can-self…Okay?”

Abigail had just about all she could take from Otis. He was a rookie spec and she already felt his young know-it-all attitude giving her a major spark-ache and that was not good news.

“Fine. I know when I’m out ranked…but remember this..little miss I’m-older-and-wiser-so-follow-my-orders-spec, you’re gonna need me sooner or later and I just might not be there for you.””

Otis crossed his arms and ruffled his little wings as if he had just declared peace throughout the known universe. Star dust fell down on the sleeping blonde.

Abigail shook her head. “Whatever.”

Sarah felt something tickle her nose. For a moment she thought it was Robin, but she didn’t feel the bed move. Voices. Sarah’s brow knotted together as she tried to identify the voices in her dream. They didn’t sound familiar; as a matter of fact they didn’t sound human.

As Sarah started to slip out of her dream, she could see little flashes of light beyond her closed eyes. Slowly green eyes fluttered awake. Sarah blinked rapidly trying to clear her eyes of the two little sparkling lights in front of her. Finally she realized she wasn’t seeing things. Two tiny winged creatures were floating before her very eyes.

“Here goes nothing,” thought Abigail.

“Hello Sarah, my name is Abigail and this is…Otis. We’ve been sent to help you.”

Sarah stared in shocked silence, at the tiny sparkling creatures in front of her. Their eyes were golden and their wings shimmered. They both had pointy little ears and quite unruly white hair. They were beautiful and even though she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she didn’t fear them.

“Sarah…..Sarah…..” Abigail waved her hands in front of the speechless blonde. She was starting to get concerned.

“Well…well…..well….Oh great wise one. You’ve scared her mute.”

“Otis..would you shut up!” Star dust scattered all around as Abigail hissed at her companion. Her little wings were beginning to frazzle from having to endure Otis’ smart mouth. She crossed her arms and tapped her foot against the cool air of the commander’s chambers. “Come on….one more word….Otis…one more word…and I’ll …..I’ll”

“You’ll what?”

Sarah blinked as the tiny little specs twinkled brighter as their voices grew louder and more agitated.

“Who….what…..are you?” Sarah finally spoke up.

Both specs froze as Sarah’s voice filled the large chamber.

Otis bowed and then stood as tall as he could for a spec, puffing his little chest out. “We are specs from Orion. We have been sent to guide you and protect you while you journey towards Inca.”

“Oh brother…”

Abigail rolled her eyes as she listened to the ‘great one’ speak. She tried to muffle her giggles when Otis lowered his voice. The tiny spec looked over at his giggling partner and wondered what his punishment would be if he ripped her wings off.

Sarah shook her head as she looked between the two little specs. “Specs? From Orion?”

Otis smiled until he realized Sarah was not in awe but instead seemed somewhat confused. He would try again.

“Some call us fairies of the star dust…” Sarah stared on. Still showing no signs of recognition. Otis continued on, a bit miffed at not being recognized. “Keepers of Orion?” Finally recognition sparked on the blondes face. “We prefer to be called specs.”

“I thought you were just a myth…a story for children.”

Otis smiled evilly. “Nope. We’re the real deal see…..”

He quickly reached over and grabbed Abigail by her wings and began shaking her furiously. Star dust filled the air in front of Sarah until the golden haze surrounding them hid both specs. Sarah tried not to laugh at the shrill scream coming from Abigail’s mouth.

Otis quickly released his partner and went flying across the room. Abigail hot on his wings.

Sarah’s eyes widened in amazement as she watched the tiny specs flying around the large chamber, star dust flying everywhere. Her blond hair whipped around her face as she tried to keep up with the tiny specs. They were just to fast. Finally she just gave up.

“Stop.” Her voice immediately registered with the specs.

Otis put on the breaks and skidded to a stop right in front of Sarah’s eyes. He opened his mouth to speak just as Abigail slammed into him. Sending him tumbling through the air with a grunt.

“Yes dear?”

Sarah covered her mouth trying to hide the grin that spread across her face. Abigail adjusted her wings and ran her hands down the front of the toga like gown she had on. Sarah couldn’t help but giggle at the specs’ behavior. Her eyes widened with surprise then quickly narrowed as her curiosity took over.

“Why are you here?”

“Like Otis said, we are here to guide you and protect you.”

Sarah nodded her head. Wondering why she would need any protection with Robin around.

Otis waited until the room stopped spinning then made his way over to Abigail and Sarah. He would get revenge later. Right now it was time to earn his wings.

“Sweet Sarah, we are on a mission.”

Sarah smiled at Otis as Abigail smiled in satisfaction at the tiny feet prints in the front of Otis’ clothes. The red sash he wore, marking him as a rookie, was wrapped around his neck and he looked a little out of breath. Teach you to grab my wings.

“We must accompany you to Inca then back to Thrace.”


“It is our duty…”

“You are in danger…”

Sarah looked confused as the two specs spoke at the same time. Abigail frowned at Otis for mentioning possible danger.

“I see…I think.” Sarah shook her head trying to clear it.

“My dear, forgive Otis for his..”

“Forgive me for nothing…I”

Abigail clamped her hand down over the little spec’s mouth that was still moving. She thought she heard something that sounded on the verge of rude and obscene.

“Could you excuse us for a moment Sarah?”

“Of course.”

Abigail made a dash for the farthest corner away from Sarah…hoping that Luna would give her strength not to kill Otis before this mission was over.

“May I remind you Otis, that you are still working to keep those wings permanently. You are under my authority and this IS the mother of the chosen one, or is your ROOKIE sash wrapped to tight around your neck?

Otis wanted to come back with a snappy remark but he knew Abigail was right. He straightened his sash and tried to smooth back his hair no to know avail.

“I’m sorry.”

Abigail studied her partner closely. Otis tried very hard…sometimes too hard, but she had to keep him focused. This was his last chance to earn his wings permanently. And deep down inside she kind of had a soft spot for the infuriating little spec. Abigail took a deep breath and continued.

“We have a very important mission here Otis. Let’s put our differences aside and get down to business. The chosen one will need us and if we are at odds we won’t be able to help her. Do I make myself clear?”

Otis hung his head in defeat. “Yes Abigail.”

Sarah watched as one light faded while the other grew brighter. She could only guess that Otis was being reprimanded. “Poor thing” she thought. “They’re so cute.”

Finally Abigail and Otis returned to Sarah.

“Sarah…we must speak to you and your mate.”

“Robin” Sarah stated quietly.

Abigail could feel the gentle vibes coming off the small woman as thoughts of her mate brought a smile to the blonde’s face. Quickly Sarah swung her legs off the side of the bed.

“Oh no.”

“What is it child?” asked Abigail.

“The alarm. Something must have happened.”

Just as Sarah reached for her robe, she heard the familiar click of the chamber door. Abigail and Otis quickly hid beneath the large bed.


The tall commander stepped into their sleeping chamber, surprised to hear her lover’s voice.

“Sweetheart…are you okay? Why are you awake…and why is there glowing sand in our room?

Robin’s eyes quickly scanned their sleeping chamber. There were piles of the glowing sand all over the room and in the sheets. Surely she would have noticed that before she left.

“Well first thing first…” Sarah thought. “Is everything okay out there?”

Robin nodded her head.

“I just had to verify some coordinates and a deck attendant was ill. I had to wait until a replacement came…are you okay?”

Robin began to unzip her flight suit as she walked toward the bed.

“I’ve had company.”

Robin stopped in her tracks.

“Did someone interrupt your sleep?”

Sarah was momentarily stunned as the zipper of Robin’s jump suit stopped mid way down, exposing the sexiest flesh Sarah had ever seen. But that had to wait.

“Actually two someones…well….I guess I should say some things…”

Robin eyed her lover carefully, feeling a familiar tingle at the look she received from the small blonde. Still, Robin knew Sarah had undergone some traumatic flashbacks the day before. She only hoped they had not caused serious damaged.

“What kind of company did you have love?”

Sarah smiled at her lover who was approaching the bed slowly.

“Have you ever heard of the “fairies of the star dust?”


“Keepers of Orion?”

“That’s a children’s story.”

Sarah patted the spot next to her, motioning for Robin to sit down. She just knew her lover would take this better sitting down….
Part 4
Small Talk
“And so Luna chose us to travel with you to Inca then back to Thrace.”

Abigail finished her story and wondered if the stunned commander heard anything that she just said.

Robin slowly nodded her head as she bit her bottom lip. She shifted her blue eyes to look at Sarah. The commander seemed certain that Sarah was trying her best not to laugh out loud at the dazed looked on her face.

“Soooo…” Robin couldn’t think of anything to say. Her eyes moved back to the specs and she couldn’t help but think they were cute.

They hovered in the air just in front of Robin and Sarah. Their tiny little bodies shimmering from the light that the star dust produced. They were only about an inch tall and when they darted around the room they appeared to be no more than a reflection of light from outside.

The specs waited to see what would happen next. Abigail had been sent on enough mission’s that the reactions from Sarah and Robin were nothing new to her, but this was the first for Otis and he was starting to get nervous. He crossed his arms and let out a loud sigh. Abigail hoped he would keep his mouth shut…her hopes were dashed out quickly.

“Look…there is a chance of danger and we need to…”

“Danger? What kind of danger?”

The piercing blue eyes that bored into Otis, made him even more nervous than the silence. Abigail just hung her head; there would be no way around it now.

Otis swallowed hard. His wings were visibly trembling. He took a deep breath before explaining what could possibly be waiting for them.

“Before we left Orion, we were informed that you had possession of the Blade of Spearos.”

Robin and Sarah nodded their heads as they listened closely to Otis.

“It must be returned to Orion…and only the chosen one can do that.”

Robin felt her patience getting pushed to the edge of no return.

“I’m assuming you’re getting to the dangerous part soon.”

Otis nodded his head quickly. “What is it with these commander types?” He wondered.

“As you know the blade is capable of killing immortals…it is also capable of many other things…if you know how to call forth its powers. I can only assume that the chosen one knew how to call forth those powers…otherwise you would not have gained your immortality Sarah.”

Sarah felt her breath catch. “How did you know…?”

Abigail looked to the blonde. “Luna knows all things Sarah. We had to wait until the exchange of immortality was made between you and Monroe before we could come to you.”

Sarah shook her head in disbelief as Robin stared intently at the small specs. The small blonde’s voice filled the quiet. “You mean my daughter was responsible for making the exchange happen?”

Both specs nodded their heads, as Abigail spoke up. “She could not have done it without the blade. Magna knew the power it possessed, she wanted to become immortal, but she did not know how to use it. Truth is she would never have been able to.”

Sarah and Robin looked questionably toward the shimmering spec.

Abigail didn’t know how much to tell the two women, but she felt it was her duty to make sure they were informed of everything that would take place while on board the Phoenix.

“Sarah…your daughter is the chosen one. When she awakens from her sleep…” Abigail grew very silent. Sarah felt her heart rate quicken. Robin could feel the nervousness coming from her soul mate.

“What….what happens when she wakes?” Robin was trying her best to remain patient.

Abigail looked up to the women before her. Yes…they were strong when together. They would be a force to reckon with.

“Sarah your daughter will no longer be a child.”

The look of confusion on both women’s faces encouraged her to continue. Otis wisely remained quiet.

“She is growing rapidly while she sleeps. Her powers will be fully developed and she will emerge as a new person. She will be given a new name and she will fulfill the prophecy of the Oracle.”

Sarah reached to her source of strength. Robin instantly grabbed her lover’s hand.

“What is the prophecy Abigail?”

The tiny spec took a deep breath. She didn’t know if she should proceed or not, then she felt the command from Luna. “It’s all right Abigail…tell them.” The tiny spec felt the calming presence of her divine mentor and nodded her head. Softly she began.

“It was prophesied that the Blade of Spearos would be taken from the realm of Orion. And that the evil that possessed it, would try to claim it’s powers. And indeed Magna took it. However, she could not call forth the power. Only love can call it forth, and even if Magna would have known that love was the key to unlocking the blades power, she would never have been capable of doing it. She had no love inside her.”

Abigail paused for a moment, deep in thought.

“Some how Magna knew that the power that lives inside the blade would lead it back to the chosen one. I imagine she planned on forcing the chosen one to call forth the power…I’m not sure.”

Robin held Sarah’s shaking hand in her own, trying to give all the comfort she could to her soul mate.

“What else Abigail…what kind of danger are we facing?” Robin asked.

“It is said that the chosen one will return the Blade of Spearos to Orion where it will be placed in its intended resting-place. Then the chosen one will reign as the high priestess for one hundred years. After that she will make her spiritual transition and become the new oracle. There is a brief period of adjustment for her, when she will be learning what she is truly capable of. During this time she is extremely vulnerable.”

Abigail waited so that her words would sink in. “There are those who would not shed tears over the death of the chosen one.”

Robin nodded her head in silent understanding. She knew her job was to protect the chosen one and Sarah.

A deafening silence filled the chamber as realization sank in on Sarah. Her little girl had gone into the healing chamber to meditate, but she would not be coming out. The prophecy had started to unravel the moment Angel was conceived.

Robin searched Sarah’s face for a sign of what the young woman was thinking. The slow tears falling from Sarah’ eyes gave Robin all the answers she needed.

“When will all the tears stop for you love?” Robin pulled her lover to her. Abigail and Otis stared at the two women, as the familiar warm glow surrounded the soul mates. The two specs could see how much Luna favored them. It was indeed an honor to escort them.

“I’ve lost my daughter.”

Warm tears flowed freely now. Sarah’s pain was almost unbearable and the two specs could feel the weight of it. Silently they hovered above the illuminated women and softly sprinkled their star dust all around them.

The tears began to subside as a deeper understanding flooded Sarah. Her daughter would always live inside her. The chosen one was needed to ensure the well being of every living creature in the universe.

Robin pressed her lips to Sarah’s forehead. “I love you…we can always have another child Sarah….if that’s what you want.”

Sarah smiled into the eyes of her future. “You always know just what to say to me.”

Robin felt relief flood her body at the gentle smile Sarah gifted her with. The commander knew everything would be all right. No matter what happened.

The tiny specs smiled as the two women seemed to get lost in each other. Quietly they made their way to some far corner and left the soul mates to bask in the healing power of the love they shared.

Otis smiled as he felt the vibrations coming across the room. “They sure can put out a lot of energy.”

Abigail nodded her head, as she too, felt the vibrations carry across the room. “Indeed they can Otis.”

Otis swallowed hard as he looked over at his commander. “Abigail….I’m….”

The tiny spec looked over at her stammering partner. “Yes Otis….what is it?”

“I’m….just sorry for earlier….you know….I didn’t really mean to shake you so hard.”

Abigail was shocked at the apology. That was the last thing she expected from him. He was just so obnoxious…so quick to jump…so fast to dismiss the rules….so….so….cute when he blushed.

“It’s okay Otis…..I’m sorry for slamming into you.”

The little spec looked up. “Really…you mean it?”

“Yeah….I mean it.”

For the moment peace had been established between the two specs, but Abigail didn’t look for it to last for long. She knew Otis was a wild card and she just hoped he didn’t do anything to jeopardize this mission.

“Well what do we do now Abigail?”

“We wait for them….” Abigail nodded her head in the direction of the two women and quickly turned away, feeling the blush sweep over her features, “to…you know….finish.”

In the time it took Abigail to gain her composure, Otis had stopped breathing. In his mind the mission was a success. He felt something hit him in the back of the head and realized it was a ball of star dust.

“Would you quit staring….it’s impolite.”

He shook his head to clear out the visions that would be forever imprinted on his tiny little brain.

“What were you saying?”

Abigail mumbled under her breath “men”

“We need to have Robin set a course to Inca. Once we get there we will pick up the priestess that Luna has selected to instruct the chosen one, then we will head back to Thrace.”

Otis shrugged his little shoulders and stretched his wings allowing a little bit of dust to fall around them. “Sounds simple enough.”

“Otis, it is two more days before the chosen one will awaken. We must land in Inca before that happens. Her powers will be so great that she will need immediate attention that only the priestess can give her. Without it she may accidentally hurt someone or herself.”

Otis nodded his head in understanding. The vibes he felt coming from the two women across the room were so great, it was all he could do to not look over. However, fear of Abigail’s discipline kept him facing the opposite direction. He decided that was his best option. If he couldn’t see them, surely he would be able to get some sleep.

Just as both specs folded their wings around them to sleep, Sarah let out a cry of passion that shook the air with its intensity.

“So much for sleep” thought Otis.

He tightened his wings around him and hoped sleep would claim him soon. Abigail just smiled as the sounds of love filled the air before quickly being replaced by the deep sound of Otis humming. “poor thing…” she couldn’t help but laugh a little at his discomfort before joining in with a sweet hum of her own.
Part 5
The Sound of Goodbye
Sarah looked through the large window of the healing chamber that was currently home to her daughter. She closed her eyes to fight off the tears so eager to fall as she mentally corrected herself. The person inside this chamber was the chosen one, no longer her daughter Angel.

She swallowed hard before opening her eyes again. The light that filled the sleeping unit blinded her from seeing the miraculous speed at which the chosen one was growing. Sarah thought about all the things she would miss out on. Angel’s first crush, first date. She wondered what Angel would have become, had she not been the chosen one. Without a doubt she would have been great no matter what path she followed.

“It’s never easy.”

Sarah didn’t have to turn around to see who was speaking to her. She would recognize Monroe’s voice anywhere.

“What’s that Monroe?”

The dark haired man stepped closer to his friend and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Saying goodbye.”

Sarah lowered her head quickly, fighting desperately to hold back the tears that longed to fall. She placed her trembling hand over Monroe’s.

“I feel such a sense of loss….and yet at the same time…..I feel content. Knowing that she is my daughter….I gave birth to her Monroe. How can I not look at her and think of her as my daughter?”

“I don’t know what to tell you Sarah. Other than your daughter will always live inside your heart. You will always have the memories of Angel and you will always love her. This” Monroe motioned to the healing chamber, “doesn’t change that fact.”

Sarah looked at the bright tank before her. Wishing she could find some remedy to heal the hurt in her heart.

“I just wish it were easier.”

“I know Sarah….I know.”

Monroe squeezed the shoulder underneath his hand. He wished that he could say something magical to help his friend, but he knew words were not what Sarah needed. She needed to see her little girl.

“Robin has set a course to Inca and we should be arriving there tomorrow. It will be a short stay, but try to get some rest okay?”

Sarah turned and smiled at the concern in Monroe’s voice.

“Thank you Monroe. You have been a good friend to me. Say hello to Tom for me. We should have dinner some time soon.”

Monroed nodded his head. “If you need anything….”

“Thank you.”

Monroe stood at attention before turning and making his way back to the command deck. He knew Sarah’s heart was heavy. He would try to get Robin to coax her out of their chamber. Maybe give Sarah a night out at the rink, or even a night out while on Inca. He would mention it to his commander. He knew Robin would do anything if she believed it would bring a smile to her soul mate’s face. With that thought he doubled his steps.


“She is growing so quickly isn’t she?”

Sarah jumped at the voice in her ear.

“Yes Abigail she is.”

“It was almost a full day, after she was placed in the chamber before sleep fell upon her. She will definitely be a fierce and powerful leader Sarah.”

Sarah continued to stare inside the large room, allowing Abigail’s words to sink into her mind.

“How do you know that Abigail?”

The tiny spec perched on Sarah’s shoulder contemplated how to answer.

“I am given insight to the things I need to know.”

Sarah wiped a lone tear from her eye as she swallowed hard.

“And why would you need to know that Abigail….why were you sent here….why my daughter?”

Sarah felt guilty for acting so selfishly, but there were so many questions that seemed to be left unanswered. She wondered why all these things had happened to her. Before her thoughts could drift any further, or Abigail could answer her questions, a voice interrupted them.

“Lady Sarah…please come in.”

Sarah looked to the small medical assistant who had spoken. The young nurse had opened the door to the large chamber and motioned for Sarah to enter. The blonde gave a weak smile and walked toward the open door. Abigail hid behind a long strand of blonde hair.

As soon as Sarah stepped into the large chamber she could feel the energy in the room. There was a low rumble that continuously filled the air and the smell of something sweet drifted across the room to tickle her nose.

“My lady…the child asked me to give these things to you.”

Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise as the nurse handed her a small bundle of papers that had been wrapped and tied together. Sarah reached out and took them in her trembling hands.

“They are no more than a few drawings and jumbled words of a small child my lady…but she insisted we give them to you.”

Sarah instantly felt a jolt of energy pass through her. She looked to the large chamber and then back to the nurse.

“Of course…thank you. Was there anything else?”

The nurse shook her head no. “I’m sorry my lady…that was all.”

Sarah took one last look at the unit that her daughter had fallen asleep in so many days ago. She turned to walk out the door when a soft voice made her freeze in her tracks.


Abigail heard it too. She waited to see what Sarah would do.

The young blonde turned toward the nurse. “Could you give me a few moments alone with my daughter….to say goodbye.”

The nurse bowed her head and quickly made her way out of the chamber, leaving a very nervous Sarah behind. Abigail just sat back and waited.


Sarah watched as the light around the unit began to swirl and rise above the chamber in a funnel like shape. Slowly she took a step back, not in fear but total amazement at what was happening before her very eyes.

She looked closer and inside the funnel she saw the outline of a woman. She watched as the shadowed sillouhette came into view. There was no mistaking the figure.


Sarah wanted to run to her daughter, but she couldn’t move. She stood frozen in place, trying to memorize the face before her.

Angel held her arms out to her side. The brilliant light that swirled around her reached out and protectively wrapped around the woman who had given birth to her. Sarah closed her eyes as she felt the arms of her little girl envelop her.

“Don’t weep for me dear Mother. I will always be with you.”

Sarah couldn’t stop the tears now. They streaked down her face and she was unaware of Abigail drying them with her wings as the spec cried with the blonde woman.

Sarah, overtaken with emotion, could barely choke out her words. “I’ve lost you.”

“You will never lose me Mother, but there is danger waiting for us.”

Sarah thought her body should tense at the mention of danger, but the strong sensation of love and safety surrounding her made it impossible.


“Yes mother. As you know, Robin is my protector. I will be very vulnerable until I learn to harness my powers. You will need to guide Robin. Abigail and Otis will help you.”

Sarah stood listening. Her eyes had now closed as if she were in a trance. Hypnotized by the sound of Angel’s voice. If she listened close enough, it almost sounded like water: soothing and tranquil yet, powerful and mighty.

“Mother is Abigail with you?”

Sarah nodded her head and felt the spec move outside of her hiding place.

“I am here your highness.”

“Good. Abigail, you must seek out the priestess of the temple of the three moons. Her name is Trinity. I will need her wisdom and guidance.”

Abigail knelt on one knee and bowed her head in a show of honor. “It will be done.”

“Make sure Otis stays with Robin…she will need him before we leave Inca.”

“I will see to it your highness.”

Abigail waited for further instructions, but none were forthcoming.

Sarah opened her eyes and smiled at the vision before her. It was her little girl….but it wasn’t. She couldn’t describe it. Yes I can. She is the Chosen One. Her mind and heart finally connected and she realized the importance of what had to be done.

Sarah felt her eyes becoming heavy. And as hard as she tried to fight it, they softly closed and the vision of her daughter faded as childish laughter echoed in her ears. Suddenly a strong gust of wind swirled around Sarah, almost knocking her down. When she opened her eyes she was sitting inside her chamber. The small bundle of papers the nurse had given her, were now lying spread out in front of her.

Sarah looked at the scribbled lines. For a moment she felt herself slipping back into the sadness she had felt earlier. But then something happened. Her eyes raked over the papers in front of her, studying them with interest.

“Abigail….do you see that?’

“What dear?”

“It looks like a map of some kind.”

Sarah pushed the papers together. Slowly, the lines took shape and sure enough a map appeared.

Abigail’s golden eyes widened in surprise. She knew the road to the gateway would be shown to them. She just didn’t know how. This had to be it.

“Sarah, Robin and Otis need to see this.”

“Of course….I will call up to the command deck and…”

The front door opened and the object of Sarah’s affection walked in. Grinning from ear to ear.

“You were about to call…?”

Sarah stood with her mouth moving, but a sentence would just not form.

“How did you… knew I….did you…”

Robin wrapped her arms around the small blonde and pulled her into a warm embrace.

“Never doubt the power of love Sarah.”

Before the blonde could respond, warm lips fell upon her making her speechless. However, she was not complaining one bit. She melted into the kiss and was soon giving back as much as she was taking.

“Never” she whispered breathlessly.

Robin continued to place tiny kisses along Sarah’s jaw line. Soon she made her way to Sarah’s neck. Causing a tremor of passion to shake the young blonde’s body to the core. The map could wait.

“We’re never gonna get anything accomplished if they keep this up.”

Otis just smiled as he watched the tall commander pick the blonde up and sling her over her shoulder. He couldn’t decide who the luckier of the two was, as Robin and Sarah disappeared around the corner to their sleeping chambers.

His eyes glanced to the papers on the floor then to Abigail.

“The map?”

“Yes. The chosen one has shown us the path to the gateway.”

Otis smiled at his superior as Abigail studied the map in detail.

“You know you really should tell Sarah that we can communicate telepathically. She may need to know that.” Otis tried not to sound to condescending.

“I will. I can only assume you’ve already told Robin?” Abigail knew that the minute the two of them walked in.

“Of course. She is the commander of this ship…and the chosen one’s protector. I felt she needed to know. And when you informed me of the map…well….I knew it would be a matter of time…”

Abigail just shook her head and grinned. He was doing pretty good.

“Let’s take a look at the map….I think they’ll be a while.”

Both specs agreed and smiled at the vibes of energy pulsating through the chamber. Slowly they started to shuffle through the papers and set a course for the gateway.

The gateway would take them back to Orion when the time came. The portal was never in the same place for fear of attack. As soon as they found Trinity and departed from Inca they would head back to Thrace to complete their mission. From there they would enter the gateway and return to Orion.

Papers continued to shuffle as soft moans carried through the chamber…


Sarah’s body fell forward as Robin’s fingers thrust inside her one last time. Sarah loved straddling her lover like this. Looking down into Robin’s blue eyes at the intense look of love and desire as she rode out the pleasure those long fingers so easily brought forth in her.

Robin wrapped her arms around the trembling woman on top of her. All the while, loving the feisty way Sarah pinned her to the bed, touching herself then begging for Robin to take her to the edge and back: which the commander did so willingly.

“I’ve never known love like this.”

Robin kissed the top of Sarah’s blonde head. “Neither have I Sarah.”

Sarah felt desire stirring inside her. Her hunger for Robin never fulfilled. She raised herself up on her hands to look down at blue eyes glowing with passion. She let her tongue glide across Robin’s lips slowly. Just barely grazing Robin’s tongue.

“I want more.”

The tone in Sarah’s voice made Robin’s heart pound in her chest.

“Everything…I will give you everything I’ve got.”

And so Robin proceeded to make good on her word. She took Sarah to heights the young woman had never experienced. And cried when….. Sarah did the same for her.

Their chamber filled with the glow of love. Inca was still a day away and the night was young….
Part 6
Divine Intervention
“Inca 7 this is Lt. Bailus of the star ship Phoenix requesting permission to land.”

“This is Inca 7. Permission granted Phoenix. Approach bay 4 and land with caution. Welcome to Inca.”

The large ship maneuvered its way to the empty bay and commenced landing. The ground shook as the Phoenix touched down. It had been an uneventful flight and the landing went smooth. Now Commander Sword prayed that their stay on Inca would be just as easy. Her gut told her it wouldn’t.

“Lt. Bailus, I want the shields up at all times and I want every available officer on duty. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. And if someone coughs wrong I wanna know about it.”

“Aye Commander.” Bailus stood at attention as Commander Sword walked across the command deck double-checking every setting and every officer on deck. She would not take chances on Sarah and Angel’s safety.

“All right listen up.”

Robin stood at the top of the command deck looking over her crew.

“I’m not sure how long are stay here will be, but I’m hoping it will be brief. I want you all to be on your toes. There will be time for relaxing and mingling once we are away from here and land on Thrace. What time I’m off this ship Monroe will be acting commander.”

Robin’s blue eyes scanned her crew. She made sure to make eye contact with each one. She depended on them and she wanted them to know she had confidence in their abilities.

“This is the best crew I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I don’t want to lose any of you…so keep your heads up.”

Robin stepped down from the command deck and made her way to Monroe. She hoped her trust in him would go unblemished once she gave him his orders.

“Monroe…I need to speak to you in private.”

Monroe nodded his head and followed Robin to the conference room. Hoping she would not ask him for what he felt would be an unthinkable task. The door closed behind them and Monroe could feel the energy coming from Robin’s body.

“Monroe…there is great danger here. I need you to keep Sarah on board this ship at all costs. Do you understand?”

Monroe nodded his head and waited for Robin to continue.

“I want two guards posted at the foot of the entry ramp after I leave. I want them in civilian clothing. If something should happen while I’m down there…make sure the priestess gets on board this ship…”

“And what about you Robin…”

Robin paused for a moment. “Leave me behind if you have to.”

Monroe stared hard at the commander. He knew her immortality would keep her from death…but that didn’t mean if she were captured her captor wouldn’t make her wish for death.

“I can’t leave you behind….”

“Monroe…I’m not asking you to…I’m ordering you to. If it comes to that.”

Robin never blinked her eyes as she felt the familiar adrenaline rush begin to sweep through her.

“Can I count on you Monroe?”

The former everlast bowed his head and took a deep breath. His mind flashed back to a time when he interviewed Robin for this very position. He knew she would become a strong and competent commander. In the blink of an eye he stood at attention and gave a crisp nod to his commander.

“Aye Commander. You can count on me.”

“Thank you Monroe. Now…get our guards ready. I’ve got to go speak with Sarah.”

Robin exited the conference room and walked to the chamber she shared with her soul mate. Every step that she took, Robin found herself praying that Sarah would be okay and the events about to unfold would not be as tragic as she felt they would be.

Robin opened the door to her chamber and found Sarah staring out the window. She approached her lover slowly. As she walked closer she could see the tension in Sarah’s body. She was about to speak when Sarah turned to face her. The look on her face was that of pure determination.

“I’m going out there with you.”

Robin felt a sharp pain cut through her very soul. She had hoped that Sarah would not be filled with sadness. She never dreamed the young blonde would be so anxious to step into the path of danger. Robin would not have it.

“You can’t.”

“What do you mean I can’t?” Sarah felt her temper flare. “I can and I will.”

The tall commander had yet to see this side of her lover. It made her both proud and fearful at the same time.

“I don’t want you to get hurt….or worse.”

Sarah felt the anger that had started to build inside her subside. The concern in Robin’s voice brought the reality of the situation into focus. Robin caught the slight hesitation and quickly jumped in.

“I’m Angel’s protector love. I will go and I will find the priestess. Please…”

Robin knew she wouldn’t be able to concentrate with Sarah out there. She reached out and pulled Sarah against her. The commander spoke softly as her fingers played with the long blonde strands of her lover’s hair.

“What if she needs you?”

Robin hoped that her words would sway her lover to stay. Sarah looked up into blue eyes that she would never grow tired of.

“What if you need me?”

Robin smiled down at her lover and placed a soft kiss on softer lips.

“I will always need you…so please…stay here. We don’t know what we are up against. And immortal or not…I’m not taking a chance on losing you.”

“She’s right Sarah…you need to stay here.”

Both heads turned to see Abigail and Otis a short distance away.

“Otis must accompany Robin. He knows the way to the temple and he will guide her to Trinity.”

Robin kissed Sarah one last time before turning to go. “I’ll see you soon.”

Sarah walked her lover and Otis to the door and reluctantly released Robin’s hand. “Soon” she whispered.

As the door closed Robin gave Sarah that lopsided grin that sent tingles all over the petite blonde. Sarah closed her eyes, memorizing the beautiful face of her lover. She hoped how soon they would find Trinity and return to the Phoenix.


Otis sat on the shoulder of the tall commander, enjoying the view her height afforded him.

“Commander Sword…welcome to Inca. We hope your stay will be a pleasant one.”

Robin politely nodded to the short round man who was now standing in her way. She was on a mission and didn’t have time for formalities.

“Thank you…but if you’ll excuse me I need to find someone. I’m sure my stay will be very pleasant.”

Robin stepped around the man and focused on the direction she needed to be going.

“We shall see Commander Sword…”

The small man nodded his head toward an unseen figure lurking in the shadows. He turned on his heel and disappeared into the crowd. His work here was done. Now he could relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Otis called out the directions to the temple and Robin’s long strides were eating up the distance. She had one ear open to the spec and the other open for danger.

“To the right” Otis pointed even though Robin could not see him.

“Not much further Robin…the temple should be coming into sight.”

Robin quickened her steps. She felt eyes upon her and she suspected they were being followed. She only hoped they could get Trinity back on board the Phoenix.

Trinity smiled as she felt the presence of the chosen one. She knew the moment they had landed. It would soon be time to go. She closed her eyes and waited for the protector to arrive.

Her head slowly tilted to the left, allowing her long red hair to flow over her shoulder. Yes…they are close.

She held her arms out to her sides, her long robe flowing in the air around her. She could feel their presence. Yes.. very close.

Trinity opened her eyes as she heard the voice of the chosen one echo in her mind “keep her safe.”

Footsteps drew the priestess head around to the front of the temple. She smiled at the woman in her sanctuary. The power she felt flowing from the tall woman left no doubt as to her identity. Ahhhh….the protector.

Robin eyed the woman closely. Her red hair hung far below her waist but could be pulled back and out of the way. The priestess eyes appeared to be black as the space around them. Her gown flowed around her and flared out at the bottom. Robin mentally noted that the length of the gown would not be very functional and she would probably need to be disguised.

Trinity smirked at the commander and the fast appraisal. “I can fix that.”

Robin felt her cheeks grow red as the priestess replied to her unspoken thoughts.

“I’m sorry…I meant no disrespect. It’s just that….”

“I know. You are a very functional person Robin Sword. And you are right. I must change before we leave. We will need to make a quick return to the Phoenix. You have been followed.”

Without saying another word the priestess raised her hands into the air and disappeared into a cloud of smoke. When she reappeared she wore a flight suit of the phoenix; her eyes were now a warm brown. Only her flaming hair remained the same. But now it was pulled back into a long braid.

“We must go quickly.”

Trinity stepped across the large temple and handed Robin a small metal object.

“Take this and keep it with you at all times.”

Robin glanced at the object, not quite knowing what to do with it. But she didn’t question the priestess. She tucked it away in the top of her boot and nodded quickly to the priestess.

“Let’s go.”

The trio stepped out of the temple and began the treacherous walk back to the Phoenix.

“Robin something is not right.”

“I know Otis…I know.”

The trio walked on. They appeared to most onlookers as the Commander of a star ship and her first captain: the small spec unseen by all. But to some eyes they appeared much more like a moving target.

Trinity could feel the adrenaline that was pumping through the protector’s body. She also could feel the eyes of merciless killers. She knew mere thugs for hire could not defeat them. The eyes that followed them belong to a species designed to kill and inflict pain. The Dyonites.

The Dyonites are half man, half lizard beasts that track their prey by becoming invisible. Inflicting pain on their victims is what they are known best for. A creature from the farthest reaches of the universe: they know no mercy.

“Robin we must move quicker…”

The commander reached out and grabbed the hand of the priestess. Robin instantly felt a strong sense of peace and protection flowing from the priestess into her. She picked up her steps and soon they were in a light run back to the Phoenix.

Just as the large ship came into view, two blasts of a laser gun exploded inches from the commander’s head. Splitting a large column straight down the middle. Robin was practically dragging the priestess toward the large ship when several other blasts came at them.

A blast that should have made contact with the commander ricocheted off her body. She watched as the laser made contact with her, but she felt no pain. A firm squeeze of her hand told her, that Trinity would not allow harm to come to her.

Finally the ship was only a few hundred feet away. The two civilian guards stepped out of the shadows and surrounded the priestess and the commander.

They quickly ushered the women aboard the ship, against the protest of the priestess the two women lost physical contact and in the next instant a laser gun was fired and made solid contact with the commander.

Robin fell to her knees in pain.

“Nooooo” Trinity called out in near hysterics.

Robin looked up at her guards.

“Get her on board…”she commanded through gritted teeth.

The two guards ran with the priestess the remaining distance to the ship. As they made their way up the entrance ramp, several other guards who had been ordered to attend to the priestess and secure her immediately greeted them.

The priestess grabbed the arm of one of the guards. “Help her” she demanded.

The two guards stepped back down the landing ramp and commenced firing at the unseen enemies.

Robin lay face down on the ground. She could feel the blows of unseen hands striking her over and over. Her thoughts were of Sarah and Angel.

Her blues eyes looked up in time to see her two guards fall to the ground in defeat. The bay door of the Phoenix closed and the engines roared to life. “They’re safe…” was her last thought before she finally surrendered to the darkness.
Part 7
Divine Intervention
Otis hid beneath the collar of Robin’s uniform. He could feel the commander’s unconscious body give way to each blow she received. He knew she would feel the after effects of such treatment for quite a while. But what scared Otis the most was that he could not see who or what was striking the blows.


A loud voice filled the padded cell in which Robin had been taken to. The assault on the commander’s body ceased immediately.

“Leave us.”

Otis listened as heavy footfalls exited the room. Whatever had been in here may have been invisible but someone could see them. And someone commanded them.

“Commander Sword…we meet again.”

The voice spoke to the unconscious form, unaware of the spec’s presence.

“This time I will have the chosen one and you….Commander…will help me.”

Otis listened as the warm voice turned to laughter and filled the cell. He could feel the chills running down him as the laugh grew bolder and more hysterical before fading into the distance.

The tiny spec rested his head against the back of the commander’s shoulder. He could hear the steady rhythm of her heart. “Hang in there Robin…you’re gonna make it…I promise..”

Otis listened closely to his surroundings. Finally, satisfied that they were indeed alone, he closed his eyes and thought of Abigail. Soon he felt her mind open to him.

“Otis….where are you…what happened?”

“Abigail…we are aboard a ship of some sort. I’m not sure the name of it. I haven’t had time to maneuver. What ever it was that attacked us we couldn’t see it. It was invisible.”

“Are you going to be able to search the ship Otis?”

“Yes soon I believe. We are alone now…but I’m not sure when our friends will be back….Abigail….Robin is hurt. She is unconscious and wounded badly….what can I do?”

“Otis…listen to me. You need to stay calm and observe everything you can. Have you ever encircled someone before Otis?”

The small spec took a deep breath as he felt his hands begin to tremble.

“No Abigail I haven’t….but I’m willing to try.”

“Good….you need to make sure the cell is empty. When you are certain….make a circle of star dust around Robin. Make sure it connects completely together. This will protect her from any further harm. Do you understand Otis?”

“Yes Abigail…I will do as you say.”

“Good. I must go to Sarah and speak with her. Monroe is waiting for instructions from Sarah. You must find out the name of that ship Otis.”

“It will be done Abigail.”

A soft moan filled Otis ears and he said his goodbye to Abigail. The commander was waking up and he needed to make sure she didn’t move.

“Robin…don’t move. You are hurt very badly.”

The commander could barely nod her head in understanding. Pain ripped through her body. She tried to breathe deeply but the pull on her lungs told her that her ribs were broken.

Otis peeked out from under the black strands of hair that belonged to the protector.

‘Otis….look with the eyes of love.’

The voice filled the small spec’s mind. It was Luna. He could feel the warm feeling of love engulf him and as soon as he accepted it he could see the outline of a figure standing outside the door.

It looked like nothing he had ever seen before: half human and half beast. The creature stood at least seven feet tall and had the arms and body of a man and the head of a dragon.

Otis gulped loudly at the sight. He was determined that fear would not stop him from his duty. Slowly he crawled out from beneath the blood soaked collar of Robin’s uniform. One look at her battered face and he was more determined than ever to protect her.

He began a slow flight around the woman in the cell. Her crumpled body still convulsing from the assault she endured earlier. Quickly Otis flew out around her, giving her plenty room to move about.

The star dust fell around the commander and as Otis connected the ring together a shimmering force field appeared around Robin. He smiled in satisfaction at his work.

No one would be able to touch the commander again. Now he had to find out the name of the ship they were on and who was commanding the ugly beasts that were swarming about the ship.

“We wait.”

Monroe nodded his head toward Sarah. He was acting commander of the Phoenix but he would not disobey a direct order from the Commander’s mate. He knew the bond they shared, for he shared a similar bond with Tom. There was a reason Sarah was so intent on waiting and he would do as she said. Until the safety of the ship and its passengers were at an ultimate risk.

Sarah turned and began walking back to her chamber. Monroe was about to stop her when Tom’s voice halted his movement.

“Let her go love…she needs to be alone right now.”

Monroe looked to his soul mate. “I’m worried for her.” His brown eyes looked out the large window of the Phoenix. “For both of them.”

“I know you are. I am too. But with the priestess here…she may be able to help us all.”

Tom wrapped his arms around his lover and pulled him close. He placed a gentle kiss on Monroe’s cheek and smiled as he felt his lover’s body relax against him. Softly he whispered in Monroe’s ear.

“We can only do so much. We must let Sarah try to communicate with Robin. If she can get through we will have a better chance at rescuing the commander.”

Monroe closed his eyes as Tom’s words soothed his weary soul. “I know love. I just feel so helpless.”

Tom tightened his grip around Monroe, trying to comfort his lover the best way he knew how. Slowly the ex-commander began to hum and soon the warm glow of love surrounded the two men. They would wait as long as they could, taking comfort in each other.

“Sarah listen to me….”

Sarah picked up another object and slung it across the chamber. She didn’t want to listen to Abigail. She didn’t want to calm down. She wanted her soul mate back in her presence safe and unharmed.

“Sarah please…”

The blonde walked over to the large window and stared out into the blackness. ‘I know you’re out there Robin….and I’m gonna make sure you come back to me.’

“Teach me to fight.”

Abigail’s eye’s widened in surprise. Those were the last words she had expected to hear from the small blonde.

“I can’t do that Sarah.”

“Yes you can…I know you can.”

Sarah looked over at the spec, her gaze unnerving Abigail.

“I’ve heard the stories Abigail….the stories of the ‘Keeper’s of Orion’. How they turn men and women into great warriors to protect the gateway of the portal.”

Abigail swallowed hard. She did not want to do this. And she wouldn’t unless Luna told her too.

“DO IT!!” Sarah shouted toward the spec.

“I can’t without Luna’s blessing Sarah. And I’m not sure you really want to chose that path.”

Sarah felt her anger growing. She closed her eyes and bit off a short retort to Abigail’s words. She tried to calm herself, but she still felt herself speaking through clenched teeth.

“I’ll tell you what I want Abigail….I want to become a warrior. I want to go out there and bring Robin home. I want…” Sarah took a deep breath as she heard her voice rising in anger.

“I want…you…to help me become that warrior Abigail.”

Abigail was again ready to tell Sarah all the reasons why she shouldn’t do this when she felt Luna’s presence.

“Abigail…. It must come to pass that Sarah walk the path of the warrior.

“But Luna…why must she become a warrior at all?”

“Robin’s life depends on it. But listen to me Abigail…Sarah can not become a warrior in anger.”

Abigail waited for further instructions, but none were forthcoming. Luna was gone and the tiny spec was left to instruct Sarah on the ways of being a warrior. She drew a deep breath, and saw the determination in Sarah’s eyes. It would be a long night.

“I will teach you Sarah. And I will give you the strengths you need…but you can not become a warrior while you are angered.”

Sarah took a deep breath. She felt in heart that this was what was needed to bring Robin home. And she would do as Abigail instructed.

Sarah’s mind flooded with all the decisions that lay ahead for her. Would she need to pick a weapon of choice? What type of moves would she need to learn….how would she be able to make her first kill. She could feel her blood starting to pump and the adrenaline in her body fueled her desire to learn all the combat skills required to safely bring Robin home.

Sarah took a deep breath, mentally gearing herself for the first lethal skill she would learn. She looked toward Abigail.

“What do I need to do first? Hand to hand…weapons…interrogation?”

Abigail smiled at the innocent blonde. It would be a bittersweet transformation.

“First you meditate.”


The tiny spec laughed out loud at the look on Sarah’s face.

“We meditate Sarah. You must not be angry when you transition. You must clear yourself of all emotion.”

Sarah hung her head in defeat. How could she clear herself of emotion when the person she loved more than anything was out there…..hurting.

Abigail sensed the turmoil inside Sarah.

“You can do it Sarah. It will be your greatest challenge and your sweetest victory.”

Sarah looked up at the spec. Her emotions were running wild, but they all centered on one thing.

“For Robin.”

Abigail nodded her head.

“Yes….for Robin.”

In that moment, Sarah focused on what had to be done in order to bring Robin back home to her.

“I’m ready Abigail. Tell me what to do.”

“Very well Sarah…let’s begin…”
Part 8
Birth of a Warrior

Sarah positioned herself and waited for her enemy to charge her. She felt her breath coming in short pants as the three soldiers came at her. She quickly dropped to one knee and used the blunt end of her practice staff to drop the first of her opponents to the ground.

Swiftly she spun around and leaped over the head of the second unsuspecting enemy. Sarah tagged him in the back of the head. Technically he was out of the practice. Sarah had effectively knocked him unconscious.

The last opponent circled the young blonde. He carried two short blades and was considered to be at a master’s level of skill.

Sarah watched him closely. Her mind focused on his every move. Since Abigail had enhanced her senses, Sarah could see further and hear the simplest of sounds. Her smelling had increased as well. She could almost see her opponent move before he made the decision to move.

Sarah concentrated on her final opponent. Her thoughts telling her that this could be the last obstacle between her and Robin.

The man taunted her. Easily side stepping her strikes. Sarah wisely kept her cool and waited for an opening. Abigail watched as the young woman transformed before her very eyes. It appeared as though Sarah was born to be a warrior.

The spec saw the change come over Sarah before the young slave turned warrior even knew what had happened. Confidence quickly replaced uncertainty and hesitation faded away to skillful patience. Luna favored the young woman. That much was evident.

Abigail watched as Sarah executed a perfect flip and expertly disabled her opponent.

“Very good Sarah.”

The lady of the ship smiled in satisfaction at the spec. But before Sarah could respond to Abigail, movement from behind her caught her attention. She smoothly fell to one knee and brought her staff above her head blocking the deadly blow from her last opponent.

Before he could react the young blonde had knocked his legs out from beneath him and stood over him. The blade of her staff pointing against his neck.

The man looked up in awe at the woman who had so easily defeated him. He felt it an honor to spar with her.

“Very good lady Sarah. You fight as if you have been a warrior your entire life.”

Sarah stepped back and removed the blade from her weapon of choice. She pushed an unseen button in the middle of the staff, causing the weapon to compact immediately. Then she concealed the weapon in the leather holster attached to her right thigh. The blade fit nicely in the top of her boot.

“Thank you Devon. I may call on you to spar with in the future.”

“It would be my greatest honor my lady.”

The three officers stood at attention and then left the large arena. Sarah pulled her long hair up off her neck as she let out a deep breath.

“Abigail…how did I do. And you better answer me truthfully.”

Abigail smiled at the sweating young woman.

“Sarah you are magnificent. Luna favors you. I have never seen anyone transform so quickly or smoothly. You are a natural.”

Sarah felt herself fill with pride. She never would have guessed her life to turn out this way. But here she stood in the training arena of the Phoenix, getting ready to rescue the woman who rescued her.

“Only one more thing to take care of Abigail.”

“What’s that Sarah?”

The blonde smiled as she walked out of the arena with Abigail perched on her shoulder.

“You’ll see…”

Sarah instructed the small spec to wait on her in their quarters. Abigail did not protest as she felt it would give her a moment to try and contact Otis. She hoped he had figured out the name of the ship. Or at least who commanded it.

Sarah watched as the older man stepped behind her. She could see his reflection in the mirror. She let out a deep sigh as he reached into a well-worn apron and pulled out a shiny object. She closed her eyes and refused to watch any further. The sound alone was enough to make her cringe. But this needed to be done. She was a warrior now and didn’t want anything to distract her or get in her way.

“Okay…you’re all finished Sarah.”

Slowly, green eyes came open and the finished product wasn’t as bad as she had suspected. She smiled at her reflection before letting her eyes drift up to the slayer of tangles.

“Thank you Malcolm. It feels much better.”

The older man reached for a small vacuum device on the wall and began cleaning up all of the blonde hair lying at his feet.

“You’re welcome Sarah….you look great.”

Sarah stood and ran her fingers through the short blonde locks of her hair. She couldn’t remember a time her hair had been this short. But none the less, she loved it. She just hoped Robin would like it.

As her thoughts turned toward her captured soul mate, the smile on her face faded away. It was now time to head back to their chamber and fall onto a plan. Robin needed her and Sarah vowed she would not fail.
Part 9
Soul to Soul
Otis stayed close to the wall as he ventured further down the long corridor of the ship. Even though his small size kept him from being detected, he realized that the creatures on board this ship had an incredible sense of smell and he had narrowly missed being seen a couple times.

The tiny spec hoped that his exploration of the ship would give him the name of the ship commander. He knew he was pushing his luck…but he would do whatever was needed to keep Robin alive and safe.

Otis continued down the corridor, keeping his eyes and ears open. It didn’t take him long to find out that he and Robin were being held captive on board the Togan. Straight ahead appeared to be a large control room. From his viewpoint he could see several members of the crew maintaining the ship. Now if he could just get a little closer…


“Sarah…you must try to communicate with Robin. We need all the information we can get before we jump into an attack that could be the death of so many.”

“I will try Abigail…but my heart is so heavy. I am so focused on getting Robin back, I can hardly concentrate on anything else.”

Abigail nodded her head in understanding. Most warriors required weeks of adjustment and training to harness their new abilities. Sarah was planning a rescue mission within hours of her transformation.

Before Abigail could comment, a soft knock on the door drew their attention.

“Who is it?”

“Sarah….it’s me. Monroe.”

A warm smile spread across the young blonde’s face as she opened the door.

“Wow…I like the hair.”


Sarah motioned for Monroe to enter and she closed the door behind him.

“What brings you this way my friend?”

Monroe was smiling from ear to ear. And despite the dark mood Sarah had been falling into, she found a spark of hope in Monroe’s smile.

“The priestess has exited the chamber. The chosen one has asked for you.”

Both Sarah and Abigail stood frozen in place. Monroe continued.

“She says that it is urgent…you must come right away.”

Sarah nodded “Of course.”

Abigail remained behind and watched as Sarah turned and followed Monroe out the door. The tiny spec decided to work on targeting the exact location of the portal. That would be enough to keep her mind busy, while she sat patiently waiting to hear from Otis.

As Monroe and Sarah stepped to the door to the chamber Sarah reached out and placed her hand on Monroe’s shoulder.

“Thank you….for everything. I haven’t told you or Tom enough, but I appreciate all that you’ve done for me and Robin.”

Monroe felt his eyes fill with tears at the sincerity in the young woman’s voice.

“Believe me…it has been a mutual gift for us all Sarah. Tom and I are happier than we have ever been…and I know that once Robin is safely back in your arms…she may never break free from them again.”

Sarah smiled at Monroe’s attempt at humor.

“You are very right my friend.”

Sarah took a deep breath and stepped up to the door. She took one last glance at Monroe who smiled and nodded his head in encouragement. Sarah turned and walked into the chamber. Her life about to change forever.

Warmth was the first thing Sarah felt as she walked through the door. She stepped further inside, allowing the door to close softly behind her. Her green eyes lingered on the candles that bounced golden light off the white walls of the chamber. The room was alive with flickering light. A cool breeze ruffled the short blonde strands of her hair. Slowly, a smile formed on Sarah’s lips as she closed her eyes and got lost in the familiar scent that floated on the breeze.

“Robin…” she whispered.

“She is ready.”

Green eyes instantly opened at the soft voice that interrupted her thoughts. Sarah stood facing the chosen one. Her heart swelled with pride, knowing that before her stood her daughter.

The two women stood silent for a moment. Both absorbed in feelings that words would never explain. Sarah accepting that her daughter would become the next Oracle. And the chosen one lingering on the woman who gave her life. Sarah finally broke the silence..

“You are talking about Robin?”

“Yes. She is ready to communicate with you. But you must do it quickly.”

The chosen one motioned to a chair and Sarah wasted no time in taking a seat. The chair slowly reclined back and the soft flickering of the candlelight seem to mesmerize Sarah.

“That’s it Sarah…relax.”

Sarah closed her eyes as the faint scent of her lover tickled her nose once more. The chosen one stepped away from the chair and began meditating. Her meditation would bridge the gap between Sarah and Robin more quickly.


The young blonde felt her heart leap in her chest at the sound of Robin’s voice.

“Sarah…open your eyes.”

The young blonde did as she was told. There before her, with outstretched arms stood the love of her life.

“Robin” she barely choked out as she sprang from the chair and ran into the arms of her soulmate.

“You know being soulmates really has its perks.”

Sarah smiled against her lover’s chest as the deep tone of Robin’s voice washed over her. She felt afraid to let go and afraid not to. Her dilemma was settled when she felt long arms gently pull her in tighter.

“I’m so worried for you…are you okay?”

Robin took a step back and looked at Sarah. This was not the innocent looking girl she had left behind. Robin felt her breath catch and for a moment there was no danger, no worry, no fear. Just Sarah and this moment.

“You’re beautiful.”

Sarah blushed as Robin’s long fingers gently glided through her now short blonde hair. She was worried Robin would not like it and felt compelled to explain why she had cut it.

“It was getting in my way…I just had to…”

“It looks great love.”

Sarah’s words died in her throat as she watched Robin lean down. Warm lips pressed against hers and she savored the softness that was her lover. When they pulled apart the warning voice of the chosen one echoed in their world.

“You must hurry.”

The reality of the situation hit Robin and Sarah hard. They were in a special place that only soulmates could tread. Both women longed to be face to face in the flesh with each other.

“Sarah the ship we are on is the Togan. I fear that Magna is the leader.”


Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I thought she was dead.”

“So did I.” Robin ran her fingers once again through the short blonde strands of Sarah’s hair. Her fingers playing idly with a soft earlobe. “I’m afraid that her soul escaped her body before she was destroyed. If that is the case she will come looking for the chosen one. She wants the power of the Blade of Spearos.”

“That has to be it” Sarah exclaimed.

“When we return to Thrace and the chosen one takes her place as Oracle…the portal to Orion will open. She must plan on attacking at that moment.”

Sarah felt the blood drain from her face. “If she gets inside the portal…”

“She won’t” the chosen one interrupted. “But we must act quickly. Robin are you still encircled in the star dust?”


“Good. Do you remember the metal object that Trinity gave to you? Do you still have it?”

Robin reached down to her boot and retrieved the metal object. “Yeah…I got it.”

“Good. Now open it.”

Robin studied the object in her hand. Carefully she squeezed her fingers around the metal object and the middle of it snapped open.

“Keep it with you Robin.”

Robin couldn’t respond as her eyes witnessed the soft warm glow coming from inside the metal object. Slowly, all of the star dust that surrounded her disappeared into the small object. Robin opened her eyes and found herself lying on the cold floor of her holding cell, her hand clutching the small metal object.

“Sarah…Sarah?” There was no answer.

Sarah turned toward the chosen one. “What happened? Where did she go?”

“Calm down Sarah. Robin will be fine. She is not the one who is in danger at this moment.”

“What do you mean?”


Otis couldn’t help but grin at his good fortune. He had found the commanders room and knew that she planned on stopping the chosen one from entering the portal. He watched as the dark headed commander motioned for her guards to leave. He was about to make a quick retreat when the large glass doors to the commander’s room slid shut.

“Did you really think…that just because you’re so tiny I wouldn’t notice you?”

Otis didn’t move. He couldn’t figure out how she had detected him.

“Oh don’t worry how I figured you out little one. You should worry more about living.”

Before the small spec could react, a large container trapped him against the wall. There was no chance at escape and Otis decided to save his strength and his air.

“Such a brave little creature. Maybe I should keep you hmmmm?”

Otis cringed as the lifeless eyes of the commander bore into him. There was no way he could escape the glass container and he knew his air would run out before long. He had to contact Abigail…if it was the last thing he did.
Part 10
Abigail tilted her head to the side; her pointy little ear focused on the air around her. At first she thought someone entered Sarah and Robin’s room, but that was not the case. She listened closely. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Shrugging her shoulders her attention moved back to coordinates and maps, she was close to pinpointing the portal to Orion. Suddenly, she felt a stabbing pain in her chest. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Something was wrong with Otis.

She decided she would no longer wait for him to communicate with her. Abigail concentrated hard on Otis, and before long she had tapped into his thoughts.

“Otis…what is wrong?”

The tiny spec felt relief flood through him, even though he knew his time was almost up. He didn’t have the energy to initiate contact with his superior…his friend. A weak smile crossed the spec’s face.

Otis closed his eyes blocking out the image before him. He would not let his dying vision be a woman with eyes filled with hate. He concentrated hard on Abigail…her smile, her eyes, the way she constantly scolded him for his antics. A tear slid from beneath closed lids.

“Abigail…I have failed. I did my best. And I failed.”

Abigail could hear the weakness in Otis’ voice. She could feel the energy of his life force deteriorating. She knew her emotions were so powerful that Otis could feel them, still she wanted to be strong for him.

“Otis you have not failed…do you hear me? You were sent on this mission to protect Robin and guide her to the priestess of the chosen one. You accomplished all that and more.”

Abigail paused. She hoped her thoughts would help soothe Otis.

“I am so sorry Otis…”

The tiny spec smiled as Abigail’s thoughts filled his being. His breathing was becoming more and more labored. The warm feelings that saturated his being were much more comforting than the cold eyes that had been staring at him through thick glass.


Abigail could barely pick up on the tiny spec’s thoughts. He was growing so weak.

“Don’t let her…enter the portal…”

Tears streamed down Abigail’s face. She nodded her head and assured Otis that they would stop the evil woman. She wanted his last thoughts to be certain. Magna would not enter Orion. Abigail could feel the struggle her partner was having with each breath. She knew his time was nearly over. She summoned the strength she needed to let go…

“Rest now Otis…”

Otis slumped against the glass, as if waiting for the command from Abigail. Finally, he gave up the fight to breathe. Abigail felt the connection to Otis break and she knew he was gone. Her thoughts were silent as tears slipped from her eyes.

“Goodbye Otis.”

The door to the chamber opened and Sarah stepped in. Her eyes were swollen and Abigail realized that the chosen one must have told Sarah about Otis’ passing.

“Abigail I’m so sorry.”

The tiny spec flew to Sarah and landed in the waiting palm that the blonde had turned up. Sarah cupped her other hand around Abigail as she pulled the spec to her chest. Offering privacy and closeness. It was the best comfort Sarah knew to give.

The next hour was spent in silent mourning for their fallen comrade. The only sound to fill the chamber was that of crying and sniffling. Time dragged on slowly. Abigail and Sarah knew they had to act soon. Magna would not waste a moment in getting to them.

The tiny spec dried her eyes and thanked Sarah for all she had done. She would find a way to repay the woman later. Right now they had to finish pinpointing where the portal would open and how to stop Magna from entering Orion.

Sarah waited until she knew Abigail’s tears had subsided. It was going to be a long night and they needed to be as relaxed as possible. Sarah had no doubt in her abilities to perform what the chosen one had instructed her to do.

“Abigail…we must go to the Chosen one’s chamber. I am going to bring Robin back here and I need your help.”

The tiny spec’s red eyes widened in understanding.

“You’re going to merge with Robin?”

Sarah nodded her head.

“It’s the only way.”

Abigail knew Sarah could not be persuaded otherwise. Merging was always a risk. But, if any two people could do it, Abigail knew in her heart that Sarah and Robin were the ones.

“Very well Sarah…you know I will help you. We need to begin soon.”

“The Chosen one is ready…and so am I.”

Abigail smiled up at her friend.

“Well then…let’s go get your soulmate.”

The two females walked out of the chamber, leaving behind a dark room filled with countless emotions. It was a silent walk to their destination. Both lost in their own thoughts. Sarah filled with the love she had for Robin and Abigail tending a broken heart. Otis had become a dear friend to her, despite his childish antics. He had helped Abigail rediscover the playfulness of her youth and for that she would be forever grateful. A feeling of peace settled over the small spec, almost as if she knew she would see him again…someday. Regardless, Otis would not be forgotten…
Part 10
Under My Skin
Robin gripped the metal object in her hand. She had never seen anything quite like it, and the energy radiating from it pulsated through her. She felt it’s power seep into her mind and was helpless to stop her body from responding to it. She closed her eyes as wave after wave of energy jolted her to the core. She felt her muscles clenching from the invasion into her body: it felt exhilarating. Her entire being seemed to be throbbing with adrenaline then she felt something else…something more sensual, like a lover’s caress…

She shivered in anticipation, delirious with passion. Long black hair cascaded down her back as she raised her closed eyes to the ceiling. Her lips parted…however, she did not know if it was to breath or accept her lover’s kiss… Her tongue snaked out to wet dry lips, hoping to sample the familiar taste of her soulmate. Robin, so completely lost in emotion, never knew when her feet left the ground. She was consumed by total ecstasy.

Her thoughts were trying to keep up with the endless emotions sweeping through her being. But there were too many. She tried telling herself this wasn’t happening, but it felt so real. Finally, the tall commander silenced her mind and let her body be swept away with desire. She felt her lover all around her, her body begged for the soft touch of familiar fingertips. Then without warning her body convulsed with such force that she fell to the floor with a hard thud.

Slowly she opened her eyes. Confused and still thrumming with passion, blue eyes shifted all around the room. Robin couldn’t figure out what just happened. The room still looked the same, but something was different…very different. She could feel it: a deep warm burning in the pit of her belly…the feeling of total contentment along with a touch of arousal. There was no mistaking that feeling…


As soon as the name of her lover escaped her lips, her body erupted with love. The warm feeling inside her boiling over and filling her veins; giving life to her.

Robin slowly lifted her hands to inspect them. It was only a blur, almost an illusion, but she saw it. There before her she saw a hand much smaller than her own, under her skin. Then it disappeared.

Another rush of emotion swept through Robin’s body as she felt Sarah’s thoughts.

“I’m here Robin…inside you.”

Those words along with the overwhelming sensations coursing through her, drove Robin’s body up another notch on the arousal scale. She was powerless to stop it.

Sarah felt it too. Her body instantly responding to her soulmate’s needs and desires. She knew they didn’t have long and there would be plenty of time together once they returned to the Phoenix…it was just so hard not to give in. Both women’s need for the other began growing quickly. It was the most sensual experience either woman had ever had. Truly and completely filled by the other…feeling all the emotions they shared for each other…


The chosen one stood over Sarah’s body. She looked over at the tiny spec that hovered above the young blonde’s face then began to speak.

“I was afraid this might happen…”

Abigail looked up; concern written all over her face.

“What is wrong?”

Her tension faded when she saw a smirk cross the chosen one’s face. She had heard the tales of soulmates using the power to merge in order to experience the ultimate in intimacy and pleasure. That must be what was happening. Her small brow’s knitted together as she remembered some of the other tales. Soul’s merging and getting lost in the powerful emotions and never returning.

“Can we get them back?”

The chosen one stepped closer to Sarah. A warm smile and nod of her head assured Abigail that all would be fine. The chosen one placed her hand on the top of Sarah’s head. She felt the powerful emotions flooding both women. She closed her eyes and filled Sarah’s being with the strength to calm the raging sensations. It didn’t take long but it did take longer than she expected. Sarah and Robin’s desire for each other was genuine and mutual. They were truly soulmates. Finally, she stepped back and waited.

Abigail felt as if she would burst from curiosity.


“They will be home soon little one.”

Abigail smiled in relief. She did not mind to wait as long as she knew they would be home safe and sound. She settled down on the warm bed next to Sarah’s empty body. Her mind racing with the events of the day.

Abigail’s job was to ensure that no one touch Sarah while her soul merged with Robin’s. The little spec had encircled the new warrior in stardust and began a vigilant keep over Sarah. If this would be the only way she could re-pay the woman for her friendship then so be it.

The chosen one studied the tiny spec carefully. She felt conflicting emotions from the small being. Of course there was relief and contentment, but she also felt sadness and great longing.

“Do not be troubled Abigail…you will see your friend again.”

“I know Sarah will return shortly…I will wait by her side until then.”

The chosen one looked at the spec in confusion. Abigail had misinterpreted her words. But the contented look on Abigail’s face, silenced further explanation. The small spec would understand soon enough.


Magna grinned at the lifeless little creature in front of her. She felt it had been a miserable and lonely death, which was exactly what she wanted it to experience. She was ready to step away from the lifeless creature when she noticed a small glow filling the glass, then it began to swirl. She looked closer and realized it was as if trying to look through the sand dunes of Miridian. No matter how hard she tried to focus, she could not see the small creature.

She stepped closer to the glass, trying to make out what was happening. To her misfortune, the glass broke sending shards of crystal into the woman’s face and eyes. She quickly stepped back, flinching from the pain she felt. She blinked her eyes rapidly trying to clear them.

Once she opened her eyes she couldn’t believe what she saw. It was like a great typhoon of stardust…swirling in front of her. She tried to call out to her guards but her voice had been silenced. She watched as the whirlwind of stardust disappeared down the corridor of her ship, as if it had been sucked out of her chamber. Without delay she ran after the funnel.

She followed it to her captive’s cell and waited to see what would happen. Several of her guards followed her and stood waiting for her command, unaware of her inability to speak.

Robin sat in the floor, her eyes closed and her thoughts filled with Sarah. The young blonde had informed her lover of all that had happened and what needed to be done to make sure the chosen one entered the portal to Orion.

The tall commander focused hard on Sarah’s words, trying her best to keep from giving in to her body’s need to consume her lover completely. Suddenly, blue eyes snapped open and Robin watched wide-eyed as a large funnel of stardust entered her cell and wrapped around her. Robin stood up within the funnel, her eyes locked on Magna as the evil woman stepped through the door to her cell.

Sarah felt her soulmate’s body prepare to fight. The adrenaline was powerful and intoxicating, but she had to keep Robin within the stardust.

“Robin…she can’t hurt you now. If you step outside the stardust you will be unprotected…please let me take care of this.”

Magna stood frozen in place. She looked at Robin and watched, as her body seemed to be a constant wave of movement. Then she noticed it. The outline of a smaller body standing within the commander. Before her mind could register what was happening, Sarah stepped outside Robin’s body and through the stardust. Both women felt the loss immediately.

Sarah tried to control the anger in her body. Her green eye’s looked Magna over. The woman was armed to the teeth. Sarah could feel the hatred and cruelty that filled the woman in front of her. She briefly wondered what could drive a person to such degrees of evilness, but quickly dismissed the thought. She had no desire to walk down that road of darkness.

“You will not win Magna…take your ship and your crew and depart from here.”

Sarah stood her ground and knew that Magna would strike out at her. She was prepared for that. She wasn’t prepared for Robin to ignore her plea and step beyond the stardust.

Magna’s fist swung with such force, that once she realized her hand went through the woman standing in front of her it was too late to stop. The momentum from her swing twirled her around and Sarah kicked her foot out, connecting solidly with the side of Magna’s head. The evil woman fell to the ground in pain.

Robin stood in stunned silence at what began to unfold in front of her. Her Sarah…fighting Magna and sending the woman to the floor. Sarah knew the instant Robin stepped out of her protective shield.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I thought you were going to get hurt…”

No more words could be spoken. Guards rushed the two women. Robin fought off two attackers as Sarah gave a quick blow to the back of Magna’s head, rendering her unconscious.

Robin was torn between fighting and watching her lover in action. Sarah moved with a speed Robin had never seen before. Her eyes could not focus on the young woman who was taking down every opponent that challenged her. A slice of pain quickly brought Robin back to the here and now as a short blade cut across her arm. The creature standing in front of the tall commander watched as blue eyes turned almost silver. His time was over and he knew it.

Robin took out the Dyonite in one swift move, then quickly turned to the next beast that ran through the cell door.

“Bring her back Sarah…you’re running out of time.” The chosen one’s voice commanded the young blonde.

Sarah looked back to the funnel of stardust, it was beginning to fade and she knew they had to leave now. She looked to Robin and then to the number of guards running toward them. She didn’t have time to warn Robin of the invasion.

Sarah ran across the room and straight into Robin’s body. With all the strength she had, Sarah carried her soulmate into the fading stardust. Magna’s eyes opened in time to see the two women leap into the funnel and disappear.

She looked at her fallen guards, her body filling with rage. “I want them dead.” Her voice was back and her ego was hurting. She would find them and she would kill them.
Part XII
Within You All The Time
“Abigail…move quickly.”

The tiny spec looked up at the chosen one who had been silent for what seemed like hours. She fluttered her little wings and obeyed, flying towards the chosen one. A bright flash of light filled the chamber and Abigail covered her eyes quickly.

The chosen one watched as Sarah’s body jolted from the impact of her spiritual return. A cloud of stardust swirled and settled beside Sarah. Abigail watched as the chosen one stepped closer and laid her hand in the stardust.

The dust settled and began moving like water. Tiny eyes watched as the figure of a body formed in the liquid dust.

The chosen one smiled as she spoke. “Robin you must…”

Another jolt and Robin’s body was complete. Blue eyes fluttered open…then green. Sarah quickly reached out and grabbed Robin’s hand. They had made it back.

The two women looked at each other in silence. Words would never be able to express what they had just experienced.

“Welcome back.”

Robin smiled as the sound of her lover’s voice filled her body.

“It’s good to be back.”

The chosen one stood at the foot of each woman. Something had changed. The merging of their bodies and souls had caused a profound energy to radiate from both women. An energy greater than either could produce alone. She looked closer and with divine vision saw what the normal eye would never see. Robin’s features were a little softer. Sarah’s a little sharper. Their eyes seem to shine with equal brightness. Their separation had returned them to their own bodies. But they were forever changed. The Chosen One knew they had been smiled upon, but she had no time to explain to the unknowing soul mates.

“We must move quickly. I fear great danger is upon us.”

The Chosen One watched as Sarah and Robin moved in perfect timing. They were up and on their feet in the blink of an eye. The movement was unnoticed by the two women but forever implanted in the mind of the tiny spec who had come to cherish both of the women now standing in front of her.

“We are in danger.” Robin stated flatly. “Magna will not wait. I can only guess that she is organizing her army as we speak.”

Sarah felt her lover tense. She couldn’t put it into words but she knew something had changed. She reached out and placed her hand against Robin’s arm. ” I will go and inform Monroe. We must get to Thrace as soon as possible.”

Sarah ran to the command deck, causing heads to turn at her sudden return and the urgency in her voice. “Where is Monroe?”


The small blonde looked in the direction of the familiar voice.

“Monroe…we need to speak.”

Sarah ushered Monroe to the conference room. He followed quickly and shut the door behind them. He stood alert and ready to execute any command Sarah may have.

“Monroe we need to go on full alert. Inform the crew that we may have a confrontation with Magna again. Soon.”

Monroe nodded his head as an uneasy feeling washed over him, but just as quickly he felt it replaced by an even more intense feeling of anticipation as adrenaline began pumping through his veins. He listened as Sarah continued.

“We need to get to Thrace as soon as we can. Put every officer we have on standby and wait until Robin gives the order.

“Robin.” Monroe interrupted. “Is she back?”

The smile that crossed the blonde’s face was his answer.

“Good to hear.” He reached out and gave a quick squeeze to Sarah’s arm. “I will prepare the crew.” With that Monroe was gone and Sarah headed back in the direction that led to her soul mate. Her thoughts were torn between the ugliness that lay ahead and the beauty of what she and Robin had just shared.

Her new found skills would be put to the test and she felt confident that she would not let Robin down. With that thought her steps became quicker. She needed to get back to the woman who shared her soul.

Monroe carried out his orders and the crew of the Phoenix stood ready for battle. Thrace would be coming into sight soon. Fighter jets were on stand-by and every member of the Phoenix guard waited in anticipation of the battle to come. And what a battle it would be…
The Chosen One watched as Robin paced around the chamber waiting on Sarah to return. Her impatience was strong but the Chosen One feared that her physical strength might still be low after the merge.

“You are a powerful woman Robin. Luna chose wisely to put me in your care.”

The tall commander nodded her head towards the Chosen One and continued pacing. She felt proud to have been chosen as the protector but at this moment her worry for Sarah out weighed her need to show manners to the Chosen One.

Abigail flipped her wings and rested on the metal table in the chamber. Her thoughts momentarily filled with Otis. Before her thoughts could spiral out of control the door to the chamber opened and Sarah walked in.

“I have given the orders to Monroe. We are on full alert and headed straight to Thrace.”

“Excellent.” The Chosen One looked to Abigail.

“Did you decipher the map to Orion little one?”

Abigail swallowed hard. They had deciphered the map but their calculations did not seem to be correct to the spec.

“According to my results the portal to Orion will open while we are on Thrace.”

The Chosen One smiled. “Very Good Abigail. You have served me well. I will be sure to let Luna know of your superior leadership.”

Abigail blushed and felt her wings start to shimmer with pride at the compliment. She only wished that Otis could have been the recipient of such praise.

The Chosen One looked to Sarah and Robin.

“I need the Blade of Spearos.”

Robin nodded her head and then smiled at Sarah. “Let’s go get it.”

As the soulmates walked down the corridor of the Phoenix, Robin gently reached out and grabbed Sarah’s hand. She just needed to feel the softness of her lover’s touch.
Despite the seriousness of the situation and what was about to unfold, Robin could not help but let a small laugh escape.

Sarah looked to the tall woman walking at her side. “Yes…?”

Blue eyes met green and the enormity of it all disappeared for a moment.

“When this is all over…why don’t we take a journey to Miridian?

Sarah looked at Robin questioningly.

“Miridian…isn’t that just desert?”

Robin squeezed the hand she was holding as they reached their destination.

“That is what it is known for…but it is a very…” Robin tried to find the right words as she knocked on the door in front of them. “Romantic…place.”

Sarah grinned at her lover. “Fine by me.”

The door opened and Tom smiled at his visitors. “Please come in.”

The two women entered the quarters and Robin began to inform Tom of what was going on. It didn’t take long for him to realize they had come for the blade. He made his way to his security unit and punched in a numerical code. A holographic screen appeared before him and he typed in the coordinates that would unveil the blade.

The three of them stood in silence as four beams of light radiated out of each corner of the chamber. They met in the center of the room and another beam stretched from the floor to the ceiling. In a matter of seconds the entire room was a grid map. Finally a small spec of light flickered toward the center of the room.

Three sets of eyes watched as the Blade of Spearos materialized in front of them. Sarah stepped up to the blade and grabbed the hilt. She felt a knot in her stomach that faded as quickly as it had came. Once she pulled the blade from its resting spot the grid disappeared and they were on their way back to the Chosen One.


Magna felt her blood run cold. She would not let this chance pass her by again. She had tracked the Phoenix and determined its destination. She would attack as soon as they reached Thrace. She would have the Blade and find immortality. She would conquer civilizations and make them bow down to her leadership. She could taste her victory.


“Yes Lord Magna.”

The Dyonites were a mighty people and did not cower to anyone. But this beast that stood before Magna trembled in her presence.

“I want you to contact Commander Silos. Let him know I have an offer that he can not refuse.” “Yes Lord Magna.”

The half beast-half human turned on his heal and headed for the command deck. Magna closed her eyes and listened to the beasts footsteps fade out of hearing. She could envision her triumph and it made her anxious for battle.


Trinity appeared in the chamber as soon as Robin and Sarah had left. The Chosen One had summoned her and the priestess knew it would soon be time to enter Orion. She would give the Chosen One her new name upon Robin and Sarah’s return.

“You know what must be done Trinity.”

The priestess nodded her head in understanding. Luna had given The Chosen One a vision of things to come and things that would need to be done. The Chosen One had shared this with the priestess and they had been preparing for days. The priestess looked toward the door.

“They are back.”

Robin and Sarah walked into the chamber. Sarah held the blade in her hand and walked towards the Chosen One. Acknowledging the priestess on her way by.

“What must I do with this?”

Sarah looked to the blade then back to the Chosen One.

“Lay it on the table Sarah.”

The blonde did as she was told and watched as the priestess reached and picked it up. Sarah stepped back and stood beside Robin. They both remained silent.

The priestess held the blade with both hands above her head.

“This is the Blade of Spearos. The keeper of truth and unequaled power. The foundation of Orion and the protector of the Oracle. The Chosen One who will from this moment on be known as Alero.”

The Blade shimmered and glowed a deep blue. Everyone in the room felt the heat that radiated off the Blade. Sarah and Robin squinted their eyes as a flash of light filled the chamber. The light was so blinding that both women had to close their eyes before it began to fade.

Once it had disappeared both women stood in stunned silence. The room was empty. There was no priestess, no Alero and no Abigail. They were gone.


“I don’t know Sarah…I don’t know.”

Both women jumped as the door to the chamber flew open. Monroe stood in the door out of breath.

“Commander Sword…Thrace is within site and Magna is right behind us. I have alerted the military on Thrace and they are standing ready. We will touch down in less than five minutes.”

Robin did not have time to contemplate what just took place in the chamber. She only hoped that all was well and they would see Alero, the priestess and Abigail again.

“Very good Monroe. Have the pilots on the flight deck posted to follow the Phoenix at half the distance of the ship. I don’t want to engage Magna, but I also don’t want to give her any advantages.”

“Right Away Robin.”

Monroe went back to the command deck to give out his commander’s orders. Robin grabbed Sarah and pressed her lips against her lover as if it would be the last kiss they ever shared.

“Are you ready love?”

Sarah smiled up at her lover.

“Ready as I’ll ever be Robin Sword.”

The two turned and headed toward the command deck. Once they were on Thrace it would be a full-blown war. They both felt that the battle would come down to all or nothing. It would be long and hard and many would die. But the two women’s hearts reassured them that it was all for the greater good.

With that thought they watched as the Phoenix broke through the atmosphere of Thrace and found its landing deck. Military were in place and so far there was no sign of Alero or the spec who had come to mean so much to both women.

“Commander Sword…there is a second ship approaching the boundaries of Thrace.”

Robin looked to the scanner and saw the presence of another ship.

“Contact flight Captain Baker and alert him of the second ship.”

Robin glanced over to Monroe. “I don’t like the looks of this my friend.”

Monroe nodded his head in agreement.

Sarah watched out of the command deck as the Phoenix touched down. Heavily armed hovercrafts were positioned around the landing deck and guards stood ready to defend.

“We’re on the ground.”

Robin gave orders for her crew to ground the ship and use it as headquarters. She motioned to Sarah and the two were on their way to the landing bay. In a matter of seconds the doors came open and Robin and Sarah stepped onto Thrace.
Part XIV
“I want the Phoenix destroyed along with everyone on board.”

Magna grinned as she watched the targets lock on the Phoenix. She knew Commander Sword had no doubt already exited the ship but that did not matter. The thought of fighting the commander face to face made her blood boil even more.

“Lord Magna…requesting permission to accept communication link from Commander Silos..”


The communication port opened and Magna spoke.

“Commander Silos…such a beautiful day for a bloodshed…wouldn’t you agree?

Silos regarded the woman carefully. He had dealt with her before and the results of their partnering had been less than pleasing.

“I don’t presume there is any method to your madness Magna…so if you would kindly inform me of your plan I would be most appreciative.”

The woman snarled at the smugness in Silos’ voice.

‘My plan…you want to know my plan…”

Magna closed her eyes and smiled. Slowly she inhaled a deep breath.

“My plan, Commander Silos is to stop at nothing before holding the Blade of Spearos in my hand so that I may call forth its powers so that we may savor the sweet taste of immortality.”

Commander Silos tried to hide the excitement that coursed through him at the thought of becoming immortal. He had dreamt of one day having this opportunity. Now, here he stood so close to immortality he could taste it. However, he knew that Magna only looked out for herself. Silos wasn’t a stupid man, he knew his life meant nothing to her…there had to be a catch.

“You are not one to be easily trusted Magna.”

The woman slowly opened her eyes and Silos stood frozen in place by the icy glare he received.

“No…I guess my reputation for being trustworthy is a bit…tarnished…but your reputation Commander…well…let’s just say you are a man who enjoys the spoils of war far greater than I do.”

Silos regarded the woman carefully as she continued.

“I only want the Blade Silos. And if you can get it for me while I take care of a tall, dark problem I assure you that you will have all the spoils of war you can handle…for an eternity.”

A slow smile spread across the man’s face. He knew not to turn his back on Magna but the idea of immortality left him feeling indestructible.

“Very well Magna…I will do all that I can.”

“Excellent…this is what I need you to do…”


“Commander Sword…Lady Sarah….quickly…this way.”

The two women were ushered into a small armored hovercraft. Both women listened intently as the officer updated them on the two ships moving into Thrace’s atmosphere.

“We’ve identified both ships.”

Robin knew Magna had been directly behind them, still she wondered about the second ship. She knew if the Dyonites had agreed to follow Magna into battle their fight would be even harder. Unseen enemies were the worst.

“Who commands the second ship?”

The officer maneuvered the hovercraft through the bay window of the military headquarters. As quickly and gently as possible he landed the vehicle and began ushering the two women out.

“A man by the name of Silos…not a very…”

The officer did not have time to finish as both women bolted to the security door that would lead them to the main war room. Robin felt her blood begin to boil at the mention of the man’s name. Still, deeper within her soul she felt the fear and apprehension that clutched her soulmates heart. Slowly, she turned to her beloved and gave a heartfelt smile.

“Why don’t you go underground with the civilians…help with the information system…”

Sarah locked eyes with her lover and Robin knew she would not be able to sway her partner.

“I’m not leaving you…no matter what you say…I will fight by your side…so please…Robin…don’t ask me to leave you. I won’t lose you again to anyone.”

The tall commander silently nodded in surrender to her lover’s plea as the doors to the war room opened. Quickly, Robin and Sarah walked to the holographic panel and watched as the two ships made their way closer.

“Commander Sword…..

“General Rankin.”

The two war veterans gave a silent nod of greeting before getting down to business.

“The Altis seems to have locked onto your ship Commander…”

“They can lock on all they want to…I have confidence that my ship will deflect any fire power they have.”

Sarah watched as the second ship slowed its descent.

“What about that one?”

The General looked to Robin and waited for her to give the word.

“Keep an eye on it…have a flight crew ready and waiting. If he makes a move…”

Blue eyes bore into the general.

“Shoot him down.”
Part XV
Once More
As Robin continued to watch the screen a thundering explosion signaled the beginning of the fight. Sarah stepped close to the large window of the war room and looked out over the battlefield. She knew that today would be the last that some of these soldiers drew breath. She fought back the urge to cry and slowly started to turn towards her lover.

“Sarah…this day will not be in vain…”

A small voice echoed in her head as her heart swelled with emotion.

“Commander Sword…something is happening…”

Robin waited for the officer to continue.

“I’m receiving strange atmospheric readings on the radar.”

“Sarah…they know not what is to come…but they will see…as will you…”

The familiar voice rang inside the blonde’s mind. Her body tensed as she called out to her lover.

“Robin…The portal…it’s about to open…”

All eyes were quickly on the blonde. They watched helplessly as she sank to her knees and cried out. Robin ran to her lover but could not reach her in time. A bright swirling mass of energy had engulfed the blonde and in the blink of an eye she was gone.


Robin yelled for her soulmate but it was too late. The tall woman did not have time to process what had just happened as a voice shouted from behind her.

“Commander…Silos is pulling away from the Altis…”

Robin barked at the small man.

“Get on him…don’t let him move another inch…”

“Aye Commander.”

Robin turned to make her way to the security door.

“Robin…where are you going?”

The commander turned on her heel, her black hair flying around her face giving her the appearance of a wild animal gone mad. The general swallowed hard as ice blue eyes pinned him where he stood.

“To find Sarah…”


Slowly, the blonde opened her eyes. As she regained focus her body tensed. Though she knew in her heart she was not in danger.

“Where am I…Robin…?”

Green eyes lifted to behold a sight like none she had seen before. The air around her was thick log fog. And she found herself in the midst of several winged creatures. They had the body of a man though they stood taller and much broader.

Sarah noticed the hilt of a sword on each creature’s back resting safely between two giant wings. Their white unruly hair made the gold of their eyes stand out. And though their eyes were gentle and warm, they were dressed for battle.

“Who are you?”

She watched as one of the creatures stepped closer and bowed on one knee. He lowered his head and spoke softly.

“You know who we are Lady Sarah…”

The blonde felt the tears welling up in her eyes.

“Yes…yes I do…”

The creature slowly looked up and smiled at the teary eyed woman.

“And you know who I am…”

Sarah studied the creature carefully. His golden eyes twinkled with familiarity. She had never seen anything like him…except…

“It can’t be…”

The creature nodded his head, assuring her of who he was.


Sarah launched herself into the former spec’s arms.

“But how…you…how…?”

Otis smiled as he embraced the young woman. She had changed so much and he could feel the energy she possessed. He held onto her until he felt her loosen her hold. Slowly, he stepped back.

“This was my destiny Sarah…”

The blonde smiled as tears slid down her face.

“And Abigail?”

Sarah felt her heart over-flowing with love as she heard the familiar voice echo around her.

“I am here child…”

Green eyes scanned her surroundings trying to find the spec.

“Where are we…are we inside the portal…where is Angel?”

Abigail smiled before answering. It felt good to be in the blonde’s presence again.

“Sarah…you are not in the portal, but you are standing outside the gate. You are in the realm of the warriors…the protectors of the gate. When the portal opens there will be many who will try to enter. Their lust for immortality will blind them to the fate that awaits them.”

“Why am I here Abigail?”

“Sarah…the chosen one must wait for the portal to open before she can enter.”

The blonde listened as Abigail continued to explain.

“There will be a brief moment once the portal opens that the chosen one will be transfigured back to a child like form. She will not be aware of what is going on…she will however, know who her mother is…”

Understanding dawned on the petite blonde.

“You want me to lead her into the portal?”

“The innocence of a child is the key that opens the gate Sarah. It will be up to you to make sure she crosses over safely.”

Otis watched as a range of emotions washed over the blonde’s face. He could feel her inner turmoil and it saddened him that he could not ease her heart.

“And what if I fail?”

Otis quickly spoke up.

“You will not fail…we will be here to protect both you and the child…and make sure you reach the portal…”

“The child…” Sarah whispered.

Quickly, she reminded herself that Angel was the chosen one and not a child any longer. She didn’t understand why it had to be this way, but she accepted it nonetheless. She nodded towards Otis and he watched as a look of determination erased the confusion once written on the blonde’s face.

“I will do it…”

Otis smiled as he nodded.

“Very well then…” Quickly, he stepped back into place with the other creatures. “We wait for your command…”

Sarah took a deep breath.

It’s now or never…

The blonde nodded her head. Otis and the other protectors drew their swords as a low hum filled the air. Sarah listened as a deep chant filled her ears. A warm breeze caressed her skin. She tried hard to commit every second to memory. She never wanted to forget this.

Within seconds, the space around her began to change. Giant walls of water rose around her. Swirling and crashing but she felt no mist…no water kissed her skin. It was beautiful and the waves seemed to reach on forever…higher and higher until she could no longer seem them.

Slowly, the wall of water began to part and the sights and sounds of combat filled her senses. Her green eyes peered out across the battlefield. It seemed odd to her. Amongst all the bombs and gunfire and the screams of war, she heard a tiny voice calling out to her.

Part XVI
Endings and Beginnings
Robin ran across the landing deck and jumped into the first empty fighter she came to. As soon as she was clear for take-off the commander exited the deck and found herself instantly engaged in battle. She quickly took out 3 smaller fighters that belong to Magna’s crew. Now, she was on to bigger problems. Silos’ ship.

The general huffed as he watched the commander’s fighter head towards the large ship.

“Get all available soldiers on her tail…I don’t want a speck of dust off a stray piece of debris to touch her…”

“Aye General.”

Robin felt her blood boiling. It had been a long time she had tasted such battle lust. Her lip twitched as she got closer to the large ship. All missiles were locked on as she did a quick fly. She found herself doing a roll and dodge between enemy fire. Her fighter dipped and pulled up fast barely escaping another onslaught of fire. As fast as she could, she turned back and began firing on the ship.

She watched as sparks flew from the impact of her missiles. She had made contact but not enough. One more sharp turn and she headed back towards the ship. Just as she locked on, two fighters came up on each side of her.

“Want some company Commander Sword…”

Blue eyes looked over to see Captain Baker giving her a thumbs up.

“Let’s do this…”

The Commander and her entourage fired on the ship. Debris began to fall to the ground and smoke poured from the large vessel.

“He’s going down sir….”

Captain Baker signaled for his crew to follow the ship to the ground.

“No prisoners…”


Captain Baker was shocked at the order.

“Did I stutter…”

” No Commander.”

Captain Baker signaled for his crew to follow the ship down. He ordered a ground crew to seize anyone on board the ship. However, he did not give the no prisoner command. He felt certain that Commander Sword would agree with his decision after the battle was over.

“Engage…but do not fire on those surrendering…”


Sarah quickly called out to her daughter.


The small child looked in the direction of the familiar voice. As their eyes met the blonde choked back the tears that threatened to take over her body. The innocent face smiling before her giving her a strength she knew not that she possessed.

“Mommy’s here sweetheart….mommy’s here…”

Sarah stepped further into the portal. The sounds of war became muffled and all movement around seemed to slow to an almost crawl. It amazed her as she watched bullets and missiles fly through the air slower than a feather falling from the sky.

“Mommy…where’s Robin?”

The blonde smiled at the mention of her soulmates name.

“She’s close by baby…”

“Is she safe?”

Green eyes tried to find her lover amidst the storm of soldiers. Though her eyes could not find Robin, her heart told her she was alive and well.

“Yes Angel. She is safe…”

Sarah watched as the young child seemed to get lost in the battle that surrounded them.

“Why don’t you come over here with mommy?”

The blonde held out her hand and waited for the child to walk towards her. Slowly, Angel took a step towards her mother. As the child got closer the events around them sped up. Sarah could see the intensity of the battle.

“Hurry baby girl.”

Just as Angel latched onto her mothers hand a large blast sounded in their ears. The portal had been struck. Sarah picked up her daughter and began running towards the gate.

Otis and the other protectors of the gate, quickly surrounded Sarah and Angel.

“Do not worry little one…no harm will come to you.”

Sarah watched as ship after ship tried to enter the portal only to combust upon impact. Abigail’s words echoed in her ear…”there will be many who will try to enter… their lust for immortality will blind them to the fate that awaits them.” Sarah cringed as another explosion rang out. She knew their fate. Death.

Otis sighed in relief as the mother and child stepped out of the portal entrance and stood facing the gate. He bent down slowly coming eye level with the chosen one.

“Soon this battle will end and all will be well again.”

The young child hugged her mother’s neck and buried her face in short blonde locks.


The blonde looked to Otis and smiled. She didn’t know if this would be goodbye but her heart felt heavy.

“Sarah…I must leave you now. There are things I need to attend to….Abigail will be on the other side…waiting for you both.”

“Thank you so much Otis…I can never…”

“You already have…now go. And remember…there is nothing to fear…”

The blonde nodded her head as she watched Otis vanish from her sight.



The woman snarled as she heard her name called out. She spun around and smiled a sickening smile towards the tall commander. The bursting bombs and falling debris would not stop her from this fighting this woman.

“Ahhh…Commander Sword…I knew we would meet again…I just didn’t realize it would be under such…happy conditions.”

Robin watched as Magna slowly reached for her weapon. The woman was teasing the commander and Robin knew it.

“Well I hope you enjoy our time together…because it will be our last….”

Magna shook her head as she tsked the commander.

“A little dramatic don’t ya think?”

Robin simply shrugged her shoulders and arched an eyebrow as she waited on the woman to make a move. Magna let out a long sigh as she pushed the release button on her staff, producing two long blades on either side.

“So eager to fight…”

Robin retrieved a small shiny object from her boot and smiled as it pulsed to life. Magna laughed at the hand held weapon.

“Surely you don’t think you can beat me with that….?”

Robin pulled her arm back and stared ice blue eyes into Magna.

“You’re right…….I know I can…”

Quickly and smoothly, Robin slung the object at Magna. The round pulsing blade easily sliced through the staff and returned to Robin’s hand. The fight was on.

Magna rushed the commander and the two women fought without restraint. Robin took several hard blows to her ribs and jaw. The pain reminding her of every second of torment her soulmate had gone through. Sarah’s face flashed in Robins mind and the tall commander found strength like none she had ever known.

Magna continued thrusting towards the commander. Blue eyes darted towards something shiny coming towards her but it was too late. She felt the slicing pain as Magna tore into her flesh with a blade hidden beneath her cloak.

Just as Magna began to smile a victorious smile she felt the wind leave her lungs. She swore she saw a twinkle in those ice blue eyes as her knees gave out and she fell to the cold hard ground.

She looked down but saw no weapon. Her eyes looked back up to the commander.


A familiar voice from behind her made her realize the pain in her body signaled her end. She fell to the ground as her eyes locked onto the golden orbs of the winged creature above her.

“It’s you…”

Robin watched as the final breath left the woman’s body. Relief flooded her senses as she took in the sight before her. This creature was familiar. Before she could speak Otis stepped towards the woman and engulfed her in his wings.

“We must go…”

The next thing Robin knew she was standing outside the portal gate. She could see Sarah on the other side holding an all too familiar child.


Both Angel and her mother turned at the familiar voice. A warm golden glow surrounding the three of them.


The child wiggled herself free from her mother’s embrace and ran to the outstretched arms of her protector.

“You’re hurt…”

Robin just smiled as she held the young girl.

“It’s nothing that won’t heal.”

All eyes watched as Angel placed her hand on the blood stained arm of her protector. The golden glow surrounding them brightened and Robin felt a deep heat penetrate her arm. When the light subsided to its normal brightness she was not surprised to find her arm completely healed.

“Thank you baby girl…”

Angel hugged the tall woman and placed a quick kiss on her cheek.

“I love you Robin…”

“Love you too…”

All too soon, the tender moment gave way to the sound of Abigail’s voice.

“My child…it is time.”

Angel nodded her head as Robin released her hold on the girl. Sarah knelt down for one last hug.

“I love you so much Angel…”

“I love you to mommy…”

Abigail nodded her head towards Robin and the commander returned the gesture. Sadly, two sets of tear filled eyes watched as the young child took Abigail’s hand. Slowly, the two turned and disappeared into the mist of Orion.

Silence hung in the air as the mist swirled and then settled. Robin looked to her lover and smiled through the tears.

“Well…I guess our work is done here….”

Otis stepped towards the two women.

“Not exactly….
Part 17: Possibilities
The corridor appeared endless. A simple straight path of white stone that disappeared into a mist of fog. However, as footsteps fell…the warmth that spread throughout Robin and Sarah made it clear that they were walking on sacred ground.

Their eyes met briefly. Robin smiled at the look of wonder and excitement that danced in her soul mates eyes. They reached out and laced their fingers together as they continued down the hall. The connection they shared flowed freely. There was no fear of battle or danger waiting to engulf them. It felt wonderful.

“Not much further.”

Both women instantly felt a ripple of pride and love for the warm voice that came from behind them. Otis had been a friend and lifesaver to them both. His devotion and commitment had earned him the highest honor a spec could receive…Protector of the realm.

He walked proudly down the corridor, his winged body filled with the love and respect that he had for the two women in front of him. The assignment had not been an easy one…but it had been one that he knew he would do again in a heartbeat.

Slowly, there appeared two large pillars in the distance. Sarah squeezed the larger hand in hers as she felt it tremble. Nerves were something Robin did not give way to and knowing her lover was nervous somehow made Sarah want to be strong and steady. A rock for Robin to stand on.

“I’ll be your rock…your shelter…your everything”

The tall commander felt a surge of confidence that she knew stemmed from her lover. She knew she was in no state to bring forth such feelings…plus the tingles gave away its source.

“Love you…”

“Love you too…”

The declarations may have come out as whispers but the depth of truth that they held could have…if it were possible…shaken the very foundation of time itself.

As they approached the columns, they could see the large assembly of people and creatures gathered. They stopped at the edge of the stone as another guardian greeted them. His voice was strong and clear.

“Who comes before the throne of the oracle?”

“I bring to you the Protector of the chosen one and Deliverer of the chosen one.”

The winged creature standing in front of the two women bowed his head and stepped to the side. His deep voice rumbled.


Robin and Sarah stepped off the stone of the corridor onto the white marble of the round coliseum. They could see the Oracle’s throne sitting just beyond them and began walking toward it. As they did, the gathering began to stand.

Both took this as a sign to stop their approach. They knew they were not seen as a threat, but that did not stop them from wanting to make sure they followed the rules of engagement when it came to approaching the Oracle. Especially, since no one had instructed them on what to do.

“Do not worry…it is simply an act of their honoring you…”

The familiar voice echoed inside their minds. Abigail was near.

“If you wish to return that honor…you must now kneel on your left knee…”

Without delay, both women knelt before the assembled congregation. A chorus of shouts signaled the giving and receiving of honor. The voices were loud yet soft.

“You may stand now.”

The two honored women obeyed the voice and watched as the oracle stood and stepped down from her throne. She held her hand out and began to address those present.

“Let it be known…that the Protector and the Deliverer of the Chosen One are favored among all who have crossed into our realm.”

All the creatures in the room fluttered their wings in agreement.

“Robin…Sarah…please step closer.”

Slowly, the women stepped closer to the Oracle who smiled at their questioning thoughts. Her glowing eyes looked to Sarah. The blonde-haired woman’s thoughts were deep and carried such heaviness about them. Slowly, she rested her hand on Sarah’s shoulder.

“Yes…I do remember everything. Thank you. And yes…you will be with child again.”

The petite blonde smiled and felt her heart leap with joy. However, this declaration prompted a raised eyebrow from Robin. The oracle simply smiled as her eyes turned towards the…confused…jealous…dumbfounded…there were so many emotions coming from the tall commander that the oracle could not hold back a chuckle.

Her fingers reached out and came to rest on the tall commander’s cheek.

“No need for such racing thoughts Robin…you will be the one responsible.”

Sarah looked to her lover wide-eyed. Neither would ever be able to explain it, but they were not about to question it. The oracle dropped her hand as she stepped back from the couple.

“You both have many questions…this I know.”

Robin and Sarah nodded simultaneously.

“All will be revealed to you in time. Abigail will accompany you after you leave here. She has been appointed to remain with you as long as you have need of her. She will be a direct link to this realm for you…and she will answer all your questions.”

The oracle closed her eyes as she raised her arms. She could feel the warm and anxious vibes rippling from Robin and Sarah.

“I will tell you this…”

Her eyes opened slowly and held captive the women standing in front of her.

“Bringing a child into existence will only be possible if you both want it…you must agree…completely.”

Her words sparked a new light inside the heart of both women as thoughts of children and family filled their minds.

“If you do…well…as with most others…a child will be conceived only when love is made.”

The meaning of the oracles words penetrated both women to the core. All they had to do was make love to conceive a child…and of course agree one hundred percent that that is what they wanted.

“Your time here is almost over.”

The oracle stepped back onto her Dias, turned and looked at both women again and smiled.

“May peace be upon you as your journey from here begins…”

With that, the Oracle took her seat. The mist began to swirl around her until she was barely visible. Both women squinted to see her…then in an instant, she was gone.

Robin looked to Sarah. The smile on her face reflected back at her by her soul mate. There were so many things she wanted to say…questions she had for Sarah…a myriad of desires in her heart she wanted to voice…but before she could speak, the assembly of creatures began to hum. There was no melody…just a simple warm hum.

Both women allowed their eyes to wander around the large coliseum. Light began to fill the room. The ground began to shake and Sarah instinctively stepped back until she felt her lover.

“What’s happening…?”

Otis smiled as he stepped up to them.

“Have no fear.”

Both women watched as the gathered inhabitants of this realm stood once more. Their humming getting louder. It did not go unnoticed by either woman that the louder the humming got the brighter the light got.

Sarah felt Robin’s arms encircle her. There were no feelings of fear…only uncertainty. Her arms came to rest on top of Robins as the commander pulled the blonde even closer.

The ground shook so hard that it caused both women to drop to their knees. They closed their eyes against the blinding light that now filled the coliseum. Soon after, they covered their ears to try to drown out the humming that had turned into a loud roar.

The last thing either of them remembered was being enveloped in darkness and silence as Otis once again wrapped his wings around them…


Five months later…
Robin stood tall as her blue eyes scanned the darkness that lay just beyond the large bay window of the Phoenix.

“All looks good commander…we are cruising at normal speed and should reach sector 7 in approximately 12 hours and 13 minutes.”

The commander smiled as her eyes drifted toward her crew.

“Very good Lieutenant.”

Robin stepped down from the command deck and turned to leave. Her voice carried over her shoulder as she instructed her crew to contact her only if trouble were to arise. Her steps didn’t seem to be carrying her fast enough toward her chamber.

She smiled when she thought of how Sarah had quickly added a much-needed womanly touch to their living quarters. Of course, in Robins mind the small blonde could do no wrong and anything she came in contact with benefited from her touch.

“Including myself…” thought Robin as her steps quickened.

It had been months since the couple had found themselves back onboard the Phoenix and neither were willing to be out of each other’s company for long. Today was no exception.

Robin reached the outside of her chamber and before she could open the door…to her delight, it slid open. The tall commander smiled as she walked inside the chamber. The door closed behind her as her blue eyes danced across the candlelit room. Finally, they landed on the most beautiful site the commander had ever seen.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be gone long…”

Sarah stood in the center of the room dressed only in a shear, knee-length midnight blue colored gown that left very little for the imagination. Robin swallowed hard as she spoke.

“I promised I wouldn’t be…”

The blonde walked toward her lover…a slow smile played across her lips as she began to undo the all ready lose ties of her gown. She could see the effect she was having on Robin and it made her smile even more.

“So…commander Sword…do you have any pressing plans you need to attend to this afternoon…”

Sarah ran her hands up the front of Robin’s uniform. Her fingers swirled around buttons that she longed to slip free.

“Only one pressing matter…”

Robin shivered as she felt fingertips slide up her neck and into her hair. Her lover wanted a kiss…and she had no problem with giving her lover anything she wanted…anything.

A soft kissed barely brushed the tall woman’s lips.

“And what pressing matter might that be…”

Sarah felt strong arms reach around her. Hands that belonged to those arms caressed her softly. Robin pulled the blonde close. Her lips seeking out the soft skin of her lover’s neck. A trail of wet kisses led Robin’s lips to a delectable ear… Warm breathe tickled Sarah’s ear.

“you…and only you…”

The sound of Robin’s voice was the sexiest sound that Sarah had ever heard. Whether she was talking…whispering…or…moaning. It didn’t matter…it turned the blonde inside out.

“What if it wasn’t just me…?”

Sarah felt her lover stop all motion. Robin pulled back and just looked into the green eyes that held her soul. Surely, she doesn’t want to invite another…
The blonde could feel the confusion and turmoil coming from her lover…she knew that her words had been misinterpreted.

“No…no…never that.”

Sarah cupped her lovers face…slowly she leaned into Robin. The kiss that the taller woman received left nothing to doubt about that particular subject.

Then who…

Suddenly a light went off in the commander’s brain. Sarah felt it as she pulled away from the most delicious lips in the known galaxy.

Small hands slipped free from long black tresses and reached for one large hand. Robin waited as she stared down at her lover. Sarah turned Robins hand and guided it until the commander’s palm came to rest on her trembling belly.


“Robin…I want to…”

Before the blonde could finish she found herself scooped up off the floor and being swung around in circles. Evidently, Robin had the same idea…, which only meant one thing…

The swirling stopped and lips found lips. The kiss was one of promise. Robin allowed the muscled body of her lover to slip slowly from her arms. She did not let go until she was certain Sarah’s feet were steady on the floor. Green eyes starred up into blue.

“Let’s make love…make a baby…start a family…”

Sarah’s words sounded more like a question and Robin smiled as she began to speak.




Another kiss

“And yes”

The two sat quietly starring at one another…their foreheads resting against each other. It felt as though an eternity had passed before either one moved. In reality it was only a few seconds…however, time was simply a trivial matter of the moment.

“I love you Robin.”

“And I love you Sarah.”

The warm glow of love shined around both women as lips parted and kisses began. Hands reached and bodies came together. Soon, the tender sounds of passion and desire filled the chamber.

Of course, life would be forever changed…but the bonds of love that knit these two souls together were only being made stronger…if that were even possible…
The end

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