Another Time by LB Anderson

DISCLAIMER: Parental Guidance is suggested. Same sex relation is in the works. Xena and Gabrielle are not mine. They belong to MCA, and no copyright infringements are intended.

P.S. Other Characters are mine, such as: Mayo, Slade, Shane, and Lieutenant Marks, which will be described in detail with following parts. Provided my sponsors approve. Xena (Xora – Xor), Gabrielle (Brie) names were changed to unfold the tale.

Note: This was my first attempt at Uber fiction. It was Linda that suggested I try. So whatthe heck, I tried. I hope it’s acceptable. Thanks for the challenge Linda. A few alterations have been made from the original posting.  I hope they are acceptable and the story reads more smoothly.

Summary: A new commander is assigned to a Women’s training command. She’s never had the pleasure of working with a battalion complete with women.  But hay, there’s a first time for everything.  The first day she is there she instantly lay eyes upon the most fascinating creature around.  A strawberry blonde, medium build, immaculate dressed Gunnery Sergeant.  From that moment on the commander is driven…driven to make that woman her own.


by LB Anderson

“So Brie.” Slade started.

“I heard we have a new commander coming on board Monday. Some say she’s a tough cookie.  Her past command cheered when she left. I’m thinking about leaving the drill field. What about you?”

Gabrielle tosses Slade a beer and fell down beside her on the crushed designed carpet of her indoor patio.

“Well, all I can say is bring it on. I’ve been under worst commands. I’m not afraid of a little challenge. In fact, I welcome it.”

“Well, I heard not only is she a stickler for the rules, she is also a woman’s lady.  She likes women.” Mayo finished.

“You are lying girl. We’re bringing on board a commander that like dipping in wet playgrounds?” Shane questioned with hoisted eyebrows.

“Hell yeah! And I heard she is a defiler at it too.” Mayo drawled with a mischievous smile upon her face.

“Shit, it won’t bother me. I’ve never been with a woman anyway.” Gabrielle stated weakly, almost embarrassed by the confession.

“Brie, you don’t know what you’re missing. Some women can be quite satisfying in the bedroom. I know I’ve tried a few. And…uh, to be honest, I wanted more and more. You haven’t live until you’ve had a woman popped your top.” Mayo panted. “It’s pure heaven.”

“You know Mayo, you are so nasty, but that’s why I hang around you. You’re so invigorating.” Gabrielle completed with a smile for her stout muscular friend.

“Just wait Brie. There will be someone that come along and popped that clit. And when she does, I’m going to get up in your face and say, Whoop!” Mayo mimicked a person watching a shooting star falling to the earth, “There it goes.” The whole room erupted in laughter.

“I could do it, but I don’t want too.” Mayo added with a wink. Gabrielle threw a pillow at her teasing friend and snorted. “You don’t do it because I won’t let you.”

“Sometimes Brie, I almost believe that you think that you are better than us, almost.” Mayo mocked just to see if she could get a rise out of her little friend.

“Mayo I think you are experiencing some form of inadequacy. Beside,” Gabrielle paused briefly to give her contender a playful glare. “I don’t let just any hot,” Gabrielle’s ran her fingers tips suggestively down her enticing pale neck, over her revealing collar bone and down over her breast, caressing and fondling it as Mayo watched on licking her lips.

“Wet, oral member dip into this sultriest bowl of ambrosia. Not everyone can handle it.”

“Ha, Ha, Ha Brie. That is EXACTLY why I won’t touch you, because you make me sick with your prehistoric pledge for innocence and irreproachable attics.” Mayo returned wiping the moisture from her quivering lips.

Gabrielle smiled at her angered friend and blew her a kiss.

“Let’s get the hell out of here.” Gabrielle shouted while springing to her feet.

“I wanna shake this base down.” Everyone laughed at their little structured friend. Knowing full well that she, just like the commander, was a stickler for the rules, and on top of it all, she was a goody two shoes.

The Commander’s First day…

Monday morning each drill instructor was ordered to report to the courtyard. Everyone was apprehensive about the meeting. Since no one had ever met her and the rumors were frightening to say the least, each of the drill instructors began to question if they were properly dressed.  Did they have any Irish pendants hanging from their uniform and…what if she really was a hard ass?

“At-ten-tion,” The platoon CO ordered as she brought her thumbs sharply back alone the seams of her pants, and straightened her body, while squaring her shoulders.

“Battalion Commander on board.”

The tall dark statuesque woman stepped out on to the catwalk and examined her company’s drill instructors. Her presentation was nothing more than eminent. She looked powerful and military.

Her uniform was definitely happy thread, because they appeared to embrace and caress every dip and curve of her body. She was impeccable in every way. Not a hair was out of place, which was a lustrous cold black pinned back into a braided honey roll.

“Good morning ladies. My name is Captain Black. But you may call me Commander Xor. I have heard so many impressive things about this training command and I am very excited about getting started. I know you all have heard rumors and most of them may probably be true. Yet, I am willing to take it one day at a time. That way we all can learn from each other.”

As she spoke, the new commander casually strolled among her instructors. She was quite impressed with their appearance. They looked every bit of the Elite Devil Dog Unit.  Shirts and skirts were stiffly pressed, sleeves sharply creased, brass gleaming brightly and oxfords shining all aglow.

“Lieutenant Marks, I’d like a brief introduction of all my DI’s.” Captain Black ordered.

Whilst viewing the team, her eyes fell upon the most radiant little creature she had ever seen.

She continued to examine the young lady as her company commander gave the dress right dress command. The women’s arms and heads snapped sharply to their left and aligned themselves accordingly.

After they achieved the desired positions, they were called to attention again. The battalion commander then pivoted on the balls of her feet and returned to the head of the rank.

Every move she made was graceful and exact. Lieutenant Marks lead the new Company Commander down the rank announcing each one of the ladies name clearly so that New CO could become familiar with their identities.

Finally it was Gabrielle’s turn, who was the highest-ranking Non-commissioned officer upon the field. Yet she looked as if she was right out of high school.

“Gunnery Sergeant Smith is it?” The new commander asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” Gabrielle responded promptly.

“I’m curious Gunny, how is it that you appear to be the youngest member out here, yet you are the highest ranking official among your comrades. Were you the commander’s pet at the other commands?” The new commander implied. Hoping she would get a conviction as to why the smallest one of the group, carried the highest rank.

Most likely if she was out ranking every one there, she was a passionate achiever. And wouldn’t stop at nothing until her goal was accomplished or firmly in her grasp.

“No ma’am, Captain Black.” Gabrielle’s voice almost resembled that of a growl. But everyone knew she wasn’t being belligerent, not sweet Gabrielle.

“I achieved this rank with hard work, meritorious promotions and no brown nosing. I believe that no reward should be given if an individual doesn’t deserve it. And that sentiment applies double for me. Serving as anyone’s pet is definitely a discredit to me.” Gabrielle said in a tone that could almost be considered cutting.

“My, aren’t you a little fire cracker.” The new Commander purred.

“I am infatuated by your remarks, Gunny. Nothing stirs me more than an impeccable looking Marine, like yourself with exemplary drive. I am honored to meet you, and I hope it’s vice versa.” Captain Black compliment before stepping around Gabrielle and instructing her company commander to prepare her instructors for a brief inspection.

After the detail had adjusted their positions accordingly. Xora circled around the detail and viewed the rank from the back. Just as she passed Gabrielle, she murmured, “Nice.”

The words didn’t quite register in the little reddish blonde’s head until the detail was dismissed.

“Ooh Brie, I think our new commander has found something she likes.” Mayo joked.

“Shut up, you rodent.” Gabrielle huffed. “You really make me sick at times.”

“My, not the words of a woman that can take a compliment about how good her bootie looks in a skirt.” Mayo popped before jogging back to the barracks. Gabrielle snorted and headed off in the same direction that her friend. However, she wasn’t running.

Back in the Commander’s Office:

“I think I’m going to like this command. There is one good thing about this command and that is that I don’t have to command male Jarheads. Women however, are very receptive and loyal. I enjoy working with women and what better command than one that actually turn civilians into fighting machines.” The new Battalion leader said with a smile.

“You know Xora, I’m glad you were assigned this command. The other commander was an old stick in the mud. So…what are you doing this weekend, want to come over to my place?  We can get cozy.”

“Sylvia,” Xora said calmly.  “As tempting as that sounds, I still have some unpacking to do. However,” Xora engaged while gazing over the obviously brown nosing minx’s body. “I will take a rain check on your invitation. Now tell me about my Instructors. Afterwards, you can bring me their SRB’s (Service Record Books) before I interview them individually.”

Lieutenant Marks pulled up a chair and began her brief examination of all the women.

“Uh, that Gunnery Sergeant Smith is extremely delightful. Tell me about her.”

“Ah, she’s okay I guess. She’s a little too perfect for me. She loves training new Marines. Hell one would think that she lives to mold and shape raw recruits. They offered the little vagrant a promotion previously, but she declined it. Saying something about being out there among the new candidates and helping them to become the best that they could be. Doesn’t that sound like someone that’s missing a couple of steps upstairs?” Lieutenant Marks finished shaking her head in disgust.

The new commander narrowed her eyes and coldly stated, “Not at all, I think she is an asset to this command. And I will not tolerate that kind of talk about any member of this team.  We are all here to form a unit and putting out the best young Marines that we can should be everyone’s goal. If at any time you feel you don’t want to be a part of that, you just let me know. I’ll see to your reassignment personally.” She finished menacingly, while bending down over her desk and glaring distastefully into the brown noser’s face.

“I’m going to chow.”

The lieutenant was stunned by the new commander’s reaction to her examination of the Gunny. As she watched Xora walk out the door, a spark of jealousy rose in her heart.

<No Gabrielle, I won’t let you stand between myself and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I’ll fight you if I have to. She’s mine.>

From that moment on, the gunny cumulated a hostile opponent. One who was willing to do just about anything to lay claim to the new commander?

Lieutenant Marks quickly shove the brief thought from her mind before dashing off behind the new Commander.

At the Chow Hall…

“Single file ladies. Single file,” Gabrielle coached as she observed her recruits entering the dining facility.

“Hello Gunny,” Captain Black retorted while approaching.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am,” Gunnery Sergeant Smith replied, while readily regaining her rigor attention position.

“At ease Gunny. How are the troops today?”

“Just fine, Ma’am.”

“And you?” The Captain inquired with concern in her voice.

“I’m doing fine, Ma’am,” Gabrielle retorted with a friendly smile.

“That’s good, we’ll talk later. I’m interested in getting to know you better.” The captain finalized as she walked past Gabrielle.

Lieutenant Marks watched the brief conversation with contempt. She paused briefly in front of the Gunny, awaiting her to assume attention. Gabrielle knew what she was expecting and quickly executed the formal position accompanied by a professional salute.

“Stand at ease, Gunny.” She spat while continuing into the chow hall.

Gabrielle glared at the arrogant ass wondering what the hell crawled up in her butt today.

The day went off as expected, except for a few unscheduled visits by the new Commander.

“Well Brie, the babies are waiting for mommy to put them to bed.” Sgt. Slade reported as she took her seat inside the instructor’s hut.

Gabrielle rose with an irritating sigh and slapped her friend on the arm as she passed her.

“Thank you, my honorable comrade.”

“Any time, your majesty,” Slade said playfully.

“Are you ladies ready to hit the sack?” Gabrielle said audibly.

“Yes Ma’am,” the platoon screamed. Just then Captain Black stepped into the recruits quarters.

“Attention on Deck,” Gabrielle said strongly while briskly bringing her own body to attention.

“At ease ladies, I’m just here to wish you a good night.”

“What do you say to your Captain?” The senior drill instructor asked as she relaxed her body.

“Thank you Ma’am,” the privates screamed.

“Alright ladies, let’s hit it.” Gabrielle ordered. The women quickly climbed into their bunks, pulled up their covers and awaited that head instructor to lead them into their nightly prayer.

Gabrielle turned and clicked the lights off before continuing the platoon’s closing rituals for the evening.

The Captain and Slade watched on as Gabrielle’s voice took on a soothing bewildering tone.

“I want you to know thirteen <A>, that I am very proud of your performance today. You always manage to make me proud of you each and every day.” Gabrielle humbly informed her platoon.

“Thank you ma’am.” her privates yelled. Captain Black watched on with nothing, but admiration for the petite leader. The commander was certainly impressed with Gabrielle’s concern for the troops. There is no greater leader than one that values the emotions of those that they lead.

<You are definitely invaluable, aren’t you Gabrielle?> The new commander thought. <And you’re cute too, real cute>.

Xora listened as Gabrielle’s voice rose elegantly, leading her troops into the Father’s Prayer.

The commander could feel the sincerity in the lyrics as the recruits followed their small leader in perfect harmony. Not only was the little firecracker a competent leader, she was talented as well. As the song continued, Xora observed her senior drill instructor stroll casually down one isle of the squad bay and up the other. Her movements were alluring and captivating.

<Damn, what a fine specimen of a woman you are.> The new Captain thought as a warmth moved through her body that was alien to her.

Once Gabrielle was finished the song, she faintly wished her little Recruits goodnight.

“GOOD NIGHT GUNNERY SERGEANT SMITH, MA’AM.” Her recruits replied loudly.

When the troops seemed to settle in for the night, the gunny invited the new commander to her hut. Captain Black entered first briskly followed by Gabrielle.

Sergeant Slade quickly grounded her feet and regained her stance of attention. Not wanting to appear belligerent in the Captain’s eyes.

“At ease Sergeant Slade, I’m just visiting.” The new Captain retorted. Wondering if any of her other drill instructors were interested in Gabrielle, because getting to know her better was definitely at the top of the Commander’s list.

“So,” The new captain began.

“When will the troops began their PT (Physical Training)?”

Sgt. Slade stood by observing. She was also checking out the new commander’s physique.

<Good Lord this woman is fine. Wonder if she eats Wheaties?> The Sergeant thought to herself.

“They will began their PT segments next week, Ma’am.” Gabrielle stated with every inch of professionalism.

“Good,” the new Captain said while turning slightly to look at Slade.

“Sergeant Slade, maybe you could give me a tour of the base this weekend?”

Slade gasped as her eyes met the new Commander’s. Her breath appeared to stagger from her view. <Damn could her eyes be any bluer?>

“Uh, well, sure any time you like.”

<WHY did you have to pick this weekend. Arrrgh! Now, I’m not going to be able to hand out with the girls?>

The Captain knew exactly what she was asking. She knew that Slade was one of Gabrielle’s friends and they would probably be congregating together Friday evening. Maybe while giving the commander a tour of the base, the Sergeant will invite her to join them.

That way she could meet Gabrielle on a social basis and find out if her little firecracker was involved with anyone.

“Great,” the commander responded, “And I’ll see you on the PT field Gunny.” She then said her good nights and left.

“Damn, can you believe she picked the weekend we were intending to wreck this town? I’m going to miss all the festivities and it is all because of you Brie. Why couldn’t you have asked Mayo to help you put the babies to bed tonight? She would’ve probably enjoyed the new commander’s company.”

“Ah Slade, don’t be such a grouch. If you thought about it, you may want to invite her over.

It could be a welcome aboard weekend.”

“Brie!” Slade exclaimed after giving the brief statement consideration. “You are a genius! That is exactly what I’ll do. Wait till the kittens get a load of the panther I’m about to invite to our bunking party.” Slade said, thoroughly amused with the idea. Totally ignoring her catatonic friend that was unconsciously staring at the hatch that the new commander exited through.

<I wonder? Nah, as good-looking as she is she would never be interested in someone as common looking as me.> Gabrielle thought with a shrug. <Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.>

The gunny concluded, not giving her analysis another thought.

The week passed quickly. The new Commander had conducted several interviews, but none of them was with Gabrielle. She seemed to be picking the women at random. As usual, some of the women had expressed their immediate attraction to the goddess. Hell, they had even started a pool, betting on whom she would bed first. But the small gunny didn’t take part in it. She simply smirked at their promiscuous thoughts, already excluding her self from the prospects.

Slade picked up the new commander around 0900 Saturday morning. She drove up extremely fast, coming to a screeching halt right in front of the Captain in her sunroof Z28.

“Good morning ma’am. Sorry ’bout the screeching thing. I’m really a safe driver.”

“Yes,” the Captain said giving the car a look before gazing over at Slade. That was now standing right out front of her.

“Well, I’m already taken with your promptness, Sergeant. Please, enthrall me some more.” Captain Black said while walking to the other side of the car.

Slade slid into her seat rolling her eyes while opening the door for the stern commander.

<Dang, why me lord? Couldn’t you have picked someone else to chaperone our new master? Geesh what a day this is going to be.>

“You’re quiet. Are you usually like this?”

“No ma’am, I’m not.” Slade retorted.

Captain Black tilted her head slightly and turned her sky blue gazed toward Slade.

“Ma’am is so formal. Why don’t you call me Xora? We’re just two girls out for a little exploring.” Slade gazed briefly over at the commander just in time to notice her eyes examining her body.

“Yes Ma’, uh I mean Xora.” <Oh shit.>

“Where would you like to go first?”

“Oh, I don’t know. What would you be doing if I hadn’t asked you to show me the base?”

“Ah huh,” Slade grunted.

“I…well…we’ve planned an all girls weekend over Brie’s. Uh-huh, I mean Gunnery Sergeant Smith’s.” Xora held the woman’s gaze as if examining the clarity in her statement.

“Well,” the new Commander said while taking a deep breath and directing her gaze back out her window.

“After you have shown me the base, we can head over there.”

“Ma’am?” Slade questioned. Feeling rather relieved that she didn’t have to inquire about the party in the middle of their tour.

“You don’t think they’ll mind, do you?” Xora asked coyly while seizing Slade’s glance again.

Slade stared back as if she was being hypnotized.

“Uh, what did you say?”

“I said,” the Captain grumbled, “You don’t think they’ll mind do you?”

“Sssh, no Ma’, I mean no Xora.”

“Good, shall we complete the tour then and head over there?”

“Uh-huh,” Slade replied nervously.

Slade gave her new commander a rapid tour of the base and headed out the gate on the way to Gabrielle’s.

“The Gunny lives off base?” the commander inquiry quizzically.

“Yeah, she does. She likes fixing up old cars, so that’s mainly the reason why she lives off base and she’s rather good at it too.”

Xora listened to Slade brief statement of admiration for the gunny before speaking again.

“Are you and Gabrielle close?” She asked while gazing blankly out the window.

<What are you asking me? Am I Gabrielle’s lover?> Slade thought while glancing over at the new commander confused.

“Gabrielle and I grew up together. We even joined the Corps together. We’ve just been lucky to still be stationed at the same place and time. Brie is like my sister. Many of the drill instructors on the field admire Gabrielle, but that is as far as it goes. Everyone basically knows that Gabrielle is special and one night stands just isn’t her bag.” Slade paused in her narration just brief enough to see if the commander was following her. She’d hoped that from her short declaration that the commander would know that Gabrielle wasn’t interested in getting involved with anyone on the drill field.

“Does she have a boyfriend?” Xora asked while continuing to look out her window.


“Why not, she is a very attractive young woman?”

“Well Xora, Brie doesn’t think like others. She is modest when it comes to her looks. She’d rather compliment a featherless chicken than herself. Her father is a farmer and her mother a part time seamstress. So you see to a farmer’s daughter, vain thoughts are scarce and distant.  Brie is very beautiful, but to her, her merits weigh so much more. And as for your answer to does she have a boyfriend the answer is, no.”

“I see you are protective of her, that’s good, but I’d like to be the first to inform you that my intentions are sincere. I have no desire to hurt her. And hopefully I never will. All I want is a chance at making her happy. If she will allow it.” Xora confessed hoping that Slade wouldn’t be disgusted or she would try to alter her pursuit in courting Gabrielle.

Slade looked over at her new Commander with a different expression on her face. It wasn’t one of disgust, nor was it one of surprise. It was one of caution.

“Brie can do whatever she wish with her life, with whomever she chooses. If you should achieve your goal of winning Brie, I hope you remember that I’m not far away, and I certainly don’t take kindly to anyone harming her in any way. Brie is pure and untouched by the cruelties of society and with the help of all our friends, we intend to keep her that way. Get my drift commander?”

Xora arched her eyebrow and retorted, “Why of course Slade. Your words couldn’t be more plainer.”

The rest of the trip was quiet. Both women were lost in their own thoughts. About twenty minutes later Slade brought her car to a gentle stop.

“See, I told you I was a safe driver Commander. We are here.”

“Hay, what did I tell you about that Commander stuff. Knock it off, people are going to feel uncomfortable with my presence.” The Captain said with a wink. Secretly telling Brie’s friend that she was glad they had their talk.

“As you wish, Xooorrra.”

The minute they got out of the car, they could hear the loud music bumping.

“Ah, Brie’s going all out for this one. The house is rocking.” She stepped closer to the Captain and whispered, “Maybe she has some idea you might come, ya think?”

Suddenly the Commander’s nerves began to play tricks on her.

“Slade, uh, am I dressed appropriate for this shin dig?”

Slade stepped back from the commander and lifted her shades up over her eyes..

“Xora, you are lucky there isn’t a police around because they way your body is treating those clothes are definitely a crime. HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP THIS WOMAN’S CLOTHES BECAUSE WHAT THEY ARE CONFINING SOMETHING EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.” Slade screamed playfully. The captain still looked bewildered. Slade paused in her steps and set out to reassure their commander that she was in fact, kosher for the meeting going on in the house.

“You look great, Xor. Gabrielle will like it. Now let’s get in the house before all the drinks are gone.”

Xora ran her hands over her attire once more before following Slade into the house. Although she wasn’t dressed formal, she still felt awkward. She wore black name brand jeans and tennis shoes, a commander’s T-shirt, and her hair was now wildly hanging over her bosom and shoulders after her ride with Slade.

Once they entered the front door, Slade disappeared in between the dancing pairs, losing herself among the crowd. Xora stood there wondering if Gabrielle really was expecting her.

Her thoughts didn’t linger long before the petite gunny was at her side.


Xora looked down and smiled. “PLEASE CALL ME XORA, AND HELLO.”

The music died down as Gabrielle lead Xora into the kitchen.

“Are you hungry Xora?” The little mechanic asked, just to make conversation.

“Why, yes what ever do you have for me to eat?” Xora asked sarcastically as she gazed around the kitchen at hundreds of food trays.

Gabrielle laughed and Xora felt her heart stall. <Could you be any prettier? Maybe you were expecting me?> The commander silently pondered gazing once more over the kitchen.

“Do you always have so much to eat on your weekend extravaganzas?”

“No, but I wanted to make sure everything was right for the ladies, you know.”  Gabrielle replied fidgety.

Xora examined the little instructor’s apprehension and smirked. <Yeah, you were expecting me weren’t you. Ah, buckle up baby, because I am about to make you mine.>

The Captain slowly approached her intended and snaked her arm around her waist. She then leaned in close to the little woman’s ear and whispered, “Everything looks beautiful. And I DO, mean everything.”

“Thank…thank you,” Gabrielle stuttered faintly. <Was she giving me a compliment? Nah, she was talking about the food that’s all.>

“Your home is lovely. Why don’t you show me around?”

“Okay,” Gabrielle said gleefully while reaching for the new commander’s hand. Xora didn’t need another invitation. She quickly entwined their fingers and signaled Gabrielle to lead on.

After the tour, the pair headed back downstairs. Music was playing and the girls were watching a very entertaining film.



MOVEMENTS.” Gabrielle yelled back.

The new commander’s mouth formed an “O” and rolled her eyes. Gabrielle yanked on the Commander’s hand whom fingers was still threaded among hers and then pointed outside.

Xora accepted the suggestion willingly.

“Shush, please tell me you all aren’t going to do this all weekend. Because if you are, I may have to take you home with me just to ensure you are in tip top shape Tuesday morning.”

“So you’re not staying the weekend?” Gabrielle asked curiously and wondering what the hell went wrong with Slade’s invitation to stay the weekend.

“Nah, I’m going to head on back. Besides,” Xora stood back and looked over her attire, “I didn’t bring a thing to wear.”

“Well, that isn’t hard to fix. We can always charge you something.” The little gunny returned mirthful.

“That sure sounds like an interesting option, but I really must finish unpacking. Would you like to come over and help?” Xora was hoping against everything that the gunny would accept her offer.

“Since you asked so nicely, why not.” Both women were enjoying the others company immensely. They walked out to the swimming pool and took seats.

“So Xora, why does your old command’s consider you a hard ass?” Gabrielle asked while looking over the lighted pool.

“I am a hard ass, particularly when it comes to slackers wanting to shrug their responsibilities. I believe in an individual giving a hundred percent and sometimes more if demands call for it.  I don’t expect any more or any less from any Marine.”

Xora looked over at the object of her eye and stated, “Yet I’m almost sure you wouldn’t have a problem with that. Especially with that little eloquent speech you gave me the first day.” Gabrielle issued an apologetic smile and returned her gazed toward the pool.

“What about the other rumors?”

“Which ones? There seemed to be various tales of me running around.” Xora asked mockingly.

“Well,” the petite Marine was contemplating the question since it could be embarrassing for each of them if it wasn’t true.

“Ah, now Gabrielle, I know your tongue couldn’t be tied. And you definitely don’t have a problem expressing your concerns. Ask me. What is the worst I can say?”

Gabrielle smiled sweetly and lowered her head. <What if she isn’t like that? No I’m not going to ask her that.>

“You know we better head back before Slade gets completely ripped and won’t be able to even point you home.”

Gabrielle then rose and held out her hand for Xora to take. She didn’t know why she wanted to hold her hand, all she knew was that it felt so natural. She was simply captivated by the warmth of her new Commander’s hand within her own.

Xora rose and took her hand. She then pulled back gently on Gabrielle’s until she was standing directly in front of her. Xora lifted Gabrielle’s chin until their eyes met.

“I like you Gabrielle and all I want to do is get to know you and maybe form a relationship with you. Now of course, you know we will always have to be truthful with one another, and I don’t think you are being quite honest with me right now. I want you to ask me the question you started to ask before you so tactfully change the subject, inserting Slade into it.”

Gabrielle’s enticingly emerald orbs bored into Xora’s as her mouth fell open. The tall woman’s glare was so stirring that Gabrielle could feel her mouth grow dry.

“Is it true about the women?” She spat mindlessly. “Is the rumor of you being the defiler of women a fact?”

“Well, of course it is little one. When I was younger there weren’t a woman around that I couldn’t get to share my bed. So yes, I like women. Hell, I adore them. But since I’ve grown older I’ve set my sights on something more permanent. I’m hoping to find a woman that would sustain me, that will be loyal to me. I’m looking for a woman that loves me for me.  I’m looking for some one like you little one. Would you be interested?”

“Oh I don’t know.” Gabrielle said, while narrowing her eyes.

“It sound as if your expectations might be too constrictive.” Xora smiled and gently placed her hands on each side of her senior drill instructors head and tilted her head. “Oh, I know without a doubt you will meet and exceed all of my expectancies.” The pair stood gazing illicitly into each other’s mysterious orbs. The stare was so full of imaginative implications that they each became flushed and weak at the knees.

“Hay, Gabrielle,” Slade and Mayo yelled in unison as they watched the pair from the indoor patio. “You know you are loosing points for being a gracious hostess, don’t you? Get your ass back in here.”

“We’d better get back, because they will stand there and haggle me until I do.”

“Wait!” Xora snapped more curtly than intended. “When will I get to see you again?”

“Name a day.” Gabrielle said curiously.

“How about tomorrow, you can come over and I can cook you something.”

“Really, can you cook?”

“No, but right now I will say just about anything to be near you again.”

Gabrielle threw her head back and laughed.

“No need to try so hard, my mighty one. I am already fascinated, but I can’t do tomorrow.

How about next week?”

“Okay, even though I don’t want to be without your company that long. We’ll discuss what day when I interview you Tuesday. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds like a date. Let’s go.” The pair joined hands and ran for the house.

On the Way home…

“So Xora, did you enjoy your little outing?” Slade asked curiously wondering if her and Gabrielle had indulged in more than just a hand holding and lustful stares, which was by the way real peculiar behavior for Gabrielle. How could Gabrielle take to this stranger so fast?

She could be some deranged lunatic.

“This evening has been one of the most exhilarating times I have had in a long time. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone as I did with Gabrielle tonight. She is so precious. That girl makes my heart skips beats.” Xora said closing her eyes and letting out a lingering moan.

“That girl moves my soul like I’ve never felt before. How old is Gabrielle?”  Xora ask while directing her gaze to an already staring over protective friend.

“What did you do to Brie while you were upstairs and in that back yard.”

“I don’t think that is any of your business.” The new commander bluntly returned.

“Gabrielle is a pillar of virtue and you better not had done anything to devour that.”

“Are you threatening me Slade?”

“Oh no Ma’am, I would never pose a threat to my Commanding Officer. I will, however sternly warn the defiler of women that she’d better not be toying with my friend’s emotions.”

Xora’s stare singed into Slade’s adamant gaze before turning to look out her window.

“We did nothing, but hold hands. And I enjoyed it abundantly. When I do feel that Gabrielle is ready to love me like I need it, you or no one else will be able to prevent it. And I’m not issuing a warning to one of my outstanding drill instructions, but I am demanding that an over protective friend heed my words and appropriate accordingly.” The two women’s eyes met again to reveal their sincerity.

Just like this morning, Slade came to a screeching halt in front of the new Commander’s quarters. Both women sat there in silence until Xora looked over at Slade and decided to try one more time to salvage the civil relationship they had developed earlier today.

“Slade,” she began quietly. “It doesn’t have to be like this between us. I rather like the adventurous side of you. I don’t want us to be adversaries I want to try and be friends. If not for our sake, for Gabrielle’s.”

Slade looked over at the new commander and let out a trembling sigh.

“I don’t want us to be at odds with each other either. I just want you to know that Gabrielle’s welfare is very important to me. She’s not like other women. She’s gullible to a lot of things that happens in real life. And I don’t want to soil her innocence and good nature by getting involved with someone that is only interested in taking her to bed. I just can’t let that happen to Brie. What kind of friend would I be otherwise?”

“A pretty sorry one to say the least, but I’ve explained my intentions earlier about Gabrielle.  But I see you need insurance. I am no longer the defiler of women, and like I explained to the Gunny, I’m looking for more out of life. I’m looking for a mate, not a quick lay and definitely not with Gabrielle. I want her to be the woman that I wake up with every morning. And just to ensure you of this, we are going to take things slow and allow ourselves to become familiar with the other’s do’s and don’ts before indulging in a physical relationship.”

“Take your time,” Slade almost screamed. “Xora, I seen that stare of submission you both were distributing. Hell! If the stare was any more intense, your clothes would have fallen off.”

The new commander laughed and assured the gunny’s friend that an external enraptures between the two of them will be further down the road.

“Brie has never taken to anyone like she has you.” Slade’s tone was much calmer now, almost fascinated that her friend found this woman appealing.

“Did she tell you it was her that suggested I bring you to our little get together?”

“No, but she did offer to buy me changing clothes,” Xora laughed.

“It was then that I realized it was in fact Gabrielle’s idea.” Both women laughed again.

“Well, I’ll see ya Tuesday and my girl better be in tip top shape when she reports to work. I don’t want any excuses about this weekend’s rendezvous.”

“Aye, Aye Ma’am,” Slade teased.

“So, are we friends again?” She inquired with a humble gaze.

Xora gave her a raised eyebrow expression before retorting, “You bet.” She then closed the door and slid across the hood of Slade’s car repelling over the side.

“Hay, watch it! I just had my baby waxed.”

Slade then revved up her motor and told the commander good night. Xora nodded her head and told Slade to be careful, because there were sure to be women and children present wherever she went.

Slade revved up her engine again and slowly crept away from the curb.


Part II


“Com’on Joy you’re burning daylight.” Xora called back to her friend. Each morning they would start out the day with a nice three mile run, and each morning Joy managed to be the last one to finish.

“Let’s go back and haggle her. You know she just doing this to twist our nipples. If she can run a mile and a half under twelve minutes she can definitely finish three miles way within the forty minutes she ALWAYS takes.” Troy snapped.

“Troy, I know what she’s doing and as long as she does this every morning I know I can keep her PFT (physical fitness test) under that twelve minutes. If she can run three to five miles daily, I’m sure a mile and a half will be no problem for her.” Xora stated looking over at her friend with a crooked grin and raised eyebrow.

“Alright, but she’s your baby I’ll meet you back at the barracks, then we can chat about new acquaintances and new friends.” Troy winked and bolted away from her friend like a streak of lightning.

Xora smiled as she watched her friend disappear like a puff of smoke. Troy was a head shorter than Xor, muscular yet femininely proportioned. She was a perfect prospect for the U.S. Women Weight Lifting Competition. Her complexion was a shimmering gold. She had firm perky breasts that stood at attention even in her sleep.  Actually Troy was quite stunning, yet she was also a little vixen and untouchable to many.

“Joy, everyone is leaving us.” Xor shouted as her other comrade’s Rayan and Sharonda ran by and tapped her on her backside. Joy was slightly taller than Xora. She stood about six two, but she would probably be taller if she didn’t slump when she walked. She was scraggly in form. All her uniforms had to be tailored to fit her unusual shape. Joy had a slim torso, medium ice cream scoop size breasts, and an eye-catching backside. Of course, her slacks had to be altered to accommodate that well endowed rear asset of hers and her eighteen-inch waist. And she was nearly all legs, over three fourths of her body were those long lanky limbs. Although she didn’t have the posture of Ms. America, she was still pleasant to look at.

“Joy.” Xor called out before dropping back to run along side her friend.

“Joy, I’m going to kick your ass if I get back to the barracks and they have drank all the beer. Do you get my drift.” Joy looked down into Xora’s stern features and gulped.

“Alright, Alright,” She muttered while gradually widening her strides. As soon as the others took a seat on the stairs of the barracks they caught sight of Xora and Joy.

Rayan laughed. “Y’all know Xora probably threatened to beat the slop out of her if she didn’t get here in time to get a beer, don’t cha.” “Uh-huh,” they all responded with a smirk. “Look at how fast they’re approaching. “Yeah, Xora’s got her pumping it out.” Sharonda retorted engulfed by the intense work out Xora was issuing on their sometimes slothful friend.

“Com’on Joy,” Troy shouted as she leaped off the stairs. They were still about a half a mile out. The rest of them joined in. Cheering their friends in. Knowing the last five blocks were going to be the most vigorous part of the exercise for Joy. But with encouragement, she wouldn’t even feel what Xora mental tactics were doing to her body till later.

The women were clapping and screaming continuously now. “Com’on Joy, push it.”

Troy shouted. “I think we might have one more beer here for Xora if you hurry.”

“Ah, look at her pump it now.” Sharonda said giggling. Joy leaned forward against the gentle breeze and her strides became more confident and fluent. Her body glistened from the thin sheet of perspiration appearing on her skin now.

Sharonda crouched down into a squatting position, supporting herself by an outstretched arm and watched Xora coach their friend to the finish. No one was worried about Xora completing the run. They knew their Martial Arts Expert could match any pace. Yet, every one was simply infatuated with Joy’s performance. Xora seemed to always persuade her to give her best, and she does each and every time.

As they pulled up into the driveway, the women continued to praise Joy. The tall lieutenant ran past her cheering section and collapsed on the steps, which she always does, and Xora would go over, pull her up, and tell her to walk it off.

Just like she did today and every day.

“J-o-y,” walk it off,” Xor chastised as Troy handed her a beer. Everyone watched Joy cool down, which was usually entertaining since she always whimpered, muttered and staggered around like a drunken chicken. She hated anything physically challenging, but was extremely good at it given the right incentive.

“So,” Troy began, bringing everyone’s attention back to her and Xora. “Tell us.  Have you found a new plaything yet?”

“Troy, you are sooo damn nosy.” Xora quipped.

“I know, but it’s never bothered you in the past. Ah, we do have a new interest. Only this time, you seem kind of defensive with my questioning.  Now…let me guess, why is that?” Troy asked comically.

“She must really like her,” Joy panted. Troy snapped her head around and blankly stared at Joy before slowly turning her focus back around to her old time friend.

Troy and Xora had been stationed together from their very first assignment overseas. She watched Xora grow from an unemotional Medusa to the woman she sees before her today. Yeah, Xora had definitely changed and it was for the best. There were times that Troy had threatened to kill Xor herself, because of the reckless way she was living. She would be from one woman to the other. Only using them for her pleasure. And she obviously wasn’t concerned with neither of the women she was with, or their welfare. She didn’t care rather they lived or died after she was through with them. Except this one young lady that Xora pretended to court and finally swindle her virginity from her.

Troy thought that it was then that Xora had a change of heart. Shortly after that supposedly courtship, Xora modified her entire disposition. That was when Troy noticed the transition. She had always wished Xor would one day see the error of her ways and revamp her life style. Troy was relieved when she did. Xora was so much more than the uncouth harlot others thought of her as.

“Ah, I think you are right Joy. She must like her a lot. I haven’t ever known you to be so remote with your new girl friends. Is she pretty?” Troy asked, really examining her friend’s facial features now. If anyone knew Xora was lying it would be her. Captain Black, soon to be Major Black, sighed heavily and tilted her head.

“You are not going to leave me alone about this are you?”

“Hell Nah,” Rayan returned curtly.

“Spit it out, what does she look like?”

“She is pretty right?” Sharonda implied as she nudged through the lofty figures standing before her. She was the most compact of them all, medium built, well equipped on the female parts, dark curly hair and dark eyes.

“She is more than pretty. She must be spellbinding. Look at how her eyes are glowing. This woman must be an answer to her prayers. She’s blushing.” Joy stated as she stood back from everyone observing her friend.

“Shut up Joy, I may still kick your ass.” Joy snorted while heading over to the steps to sit down.

“Com’on over and tell us about your new lady love.” Joy encouraged, patting the space next to her.

Xora plopped down among her inquisitive friends and described Gabrielle and her friends to hers. She described to them how the small gunny made her feel when they were together. She explained her encounter with Slade and how she admired her for being such a loyal friend and she explained the party and how nervous she was at first. Her infatuation with the little drill instructor was so descriptive that it left her friends in utter surprised. Once she finished, their mouths were still open. Xora had never taken to anyone like this. She was so artistic with her examination of her new intended and her feelings that another rounds of drinks were required to stomach the contents.

“Wow, you are really taken with her. She HAS to be something special. I wish you luck girl, because the good ones are hard to fine and even more difficult to hold on to. But if it is growing into love, for which I’m seeing right now.  It’ll weather the storm. Of course, you know you will certainly have to hold tight and fight for it.” Troy coached. Staring sincerely into Xora’s eyes.

Xora took in a shaky breath and nodded her head in acknowledgement.  Gabrielle was special and Xor was willing to do whatever was necessary to win her love.

“Damn Troy, that struck me right here,” Sharonda said, laying her hand over her heart and bowing her head.

“Hay Joy, toss me another.” She screamed after giving her friend that brief sign of respect. Everyone laughed mentally drifting back into the jovial bonding they usually shared after PT (Physical Training).

“Whew,” Rayan gasped after taking a whiffed of her underarms.

“We better get in the showers soon before The MP’s (Military Police) arrest us for indecent assault on the public.”

“She’s right,” Xora stated while reclaiming her original height.

“Afterwards we can discuss what we are going to do this evening.”

“Hay, what about your little ladylove. What is she doing tonight? You’re not going out with her?” Sharonda questioned.

“No I’m not. Her and her drill instructor pals are having a sleep over this weekend.” Xora replied.

“What, and you’re alright with that? Usually you are jealous as hell, and don’t trust any one you’re interested in around others. Boy this IS a new you.” Joy paused in her questioning just long enough to shoot her friend a playful glare from under her crinkled nose.

“J-o-y,” Xora announced loudly over the cat purrs she was currently receiving. Joy broke away from the whirring huddle and sprinted toward her quarters. Xora and the others quickly followed.

Later in the evening, the opinionated friends finally decided where to go. They all piled into Troy’s 1966-pointed tail, Candy Apple Red convertible Cadillac and headed toward the base theater. Once there they all decided to go see Bram Stoker’s Vampire movie.

They huddled outside right in front of the entrance waiting for Sharonda to get their tickets. Meanwhile, another group of ladies was waiting for one of their friends to purchase their tickets.

“Wow would you look at that. Uh, all the finest women alive must be stationed on this base.” Troy drawled as her gaze fell upon a tantalizing delight.

Xora turned and looked right into Slade’s face. Xora returned her approval of her friend’s statement and headed over to the group.

“Well, commander I see SOMEONE persuaded you to get out.”

“Ah Slade, tactful as usual, huh? These are my friends, Joy, Rayan, and Troy. Guys, this is Gabrielle’s friends, which by the way where is she?”

“She’s getting the tickets,” Slade returned unconsciously. Her and Troy had a silent form of communication going on with their eyes.

“Well, just in case you all are interested, this is Slade, Shane, and Mayo. See ya.” Xora said while heading over to the line.

Gabrielle was standing behind Sharonda and didn’t noticed when Xora stepped quietly in the line.  Hands quickly yet gently covered her eyes. The gesture was done so calmly that Gabrielle wasn’t startled at all.

“Guess who?” Xor whispered.

Gabrielle lifted her chin slightly and tilted her head appearing puzzled by the intruder.

“Well,” she began softly.

“Your hands are gentle, yet strong. Your perfume is Poison and I literally mean that and your palms are sweaty. Kind of like mine is right now. And only one person at this point and time can have that effect on me. So I’m going to guess it’s <Gabrielle wanted to toy with the commander a little. So she decided to call one of the commander’s other friends’ name that she over heard when the commander was introducing them to Slade and the others.>


Xora whirled Gabrielle around so fast that she didn’t see the amusing smile that was on her friend’s face.

“What did you say?” Xora inquired sternly.

“Xora,” Gabrielle muffled while trying to keep from laughing in the new commander’s face.

“It’s you.” Xora gazed at her little drill instructor and snorted. Gabrielle’s head fell back as her intoxicating laughter instantly drew stares.

“You little trickster, you knew it was me all along, didn’t you?”

“Of course, I did. There is only one woman that can make my temperature rise, and that’s you.”

Xora smiled and whispered, “Ah, my little charming appetizer, you do know that I am going to get you back for this, don’t you?”

“I’ll look forward to it Commander.” The little gunny chirped sportingly.

Each set of friends stood staring over at the Commander and her Senior Instructor as they stood cackling at something that they found funny.

“So who’s the strawberry blonde Xora’s chatting with?” Troy asked while leaning into Slade.

“That’s my friend Brie.”

“She wouldn’t be the Brie that Xora was taking about this morning is she?”

“Well, I don’t know if she was talking about her, but that is what we call her.” Slade finalized.

Troy turned and gazed seductively into Slade’s eyes before saying, “You all are stunning beauties aren’t you? I know I am really taken with what I see right now.”

Slade licked her lips invitingly and whispered, “Not as much as I am.” She then stepped around Troy and headed over to Brie.

Sharonda and Gabrielle gave each associate their tickets before heading toward the entrance.

“Brie,” Xora called. “What are you all going to see?”

“Bram Stoker’s Vampire movie.” Gabrielle answered.

“We are too. Let’s sit together.”

“Okay,” Gabrielle said, while offering Xora her hand. Xora quickly latched on and followed her little intended into the theatre.

“Well hell, I guess we all should sit together too, huh?” Troy inquired as she grabbed Slade’s hand and pulled her in behind her.

The others followed in sequence like falling dominoes. Once the group was seated, Xora and Brie continued to chat after the movie had begun.

“Sssh, you two. Go outside if you want to talk.” Mayo snapped quietly.

“Give my your hand,” Xora asked Brie softly. The little mechanic swiftly complied. Xora crossed her legs while turning slightly and placed Brie’s hand gently upon her thigh. She then draped her arm around the back of the little gunny’s chair and pulled her close.

“Well,” Brie hissed almost seductively, “Isn’t this comfy?”

“Only the best for you little one, only the best,” Xora bragged while directing her attention back to the movie. Within minutes Brie’s head tipped back and rolled unto Xora’s shoulder. Xora lifted Brie’s head just enough to notice that the gunny was in fact asleep.

The new commander sat examining her friend’s usually radiant features and gasped from the accruing dark circles forming around her eyes. Brie was exhausted. Xora glared down the row at Slade who was presently preoccupied with Troy.

“Oh Ms. Slade you are going to pay for this, all you creatures are. I bet she has been staying up every night with you hooligans. Well, this night your fun is about to come to an abrupt end. She will be spending the rest of y’all hump feast sleeping.” The commander whispered to herself while shifting a little to allow Brie’s head to rest easier upon her shoulder.

As the movie credits began to run Xora gently shook Brie awake.

“Have you been getting any sleep?” She asked sternly.

“Uh, well ah…it’s only been two nights. I’ll get some rest tonight, I promise.” Brie finished, hoping that would be the end of it. But judging by the grave glance Xora was issuing, it certainly wasn’t.

“I know you will, even if I have to see to it personally.” The commander stated helping Brie up and out to the car.

“Brie I want you to call me when you get home okay. Call the base operator and she will give you my phone number. I’m in cottage #205, Okay.”

Brie nodded her head and leaned back into the seat.

Xora stepped away from the car and scanned the area for Slade, which was by the way still flirting with Troy. Xora walked over to Slade and spun her around.

“I suppose you girls are having a gay old time over at the Gunny’s huh?” Xora asked sarcastically.

“We sure are…Hay!” Slade screeched as Xora snatched her away from Troy, whom she was still trying to make goo goo eyes at.

“Now you listen to me, you horny little slug, if Brie doesn’t get some rest tonight I will become like that pimple that is growing up on your forehead, your worst nightmare. You got that?”

Slade’s hand immediately snapped up over the spot the Commander was insinuating.

<Damn did Troy notice it>? Slade thought before glancing back up into Xor’s stern features.  She could swear, if only for a moment, she noticed steam coming out of her ears.

“Uh…yeah…sure, I thought she was getting enough rest. I…don’t.”

“Shut up, you ninny. I don’t want to hear any of your puny excuses. If she was getting the rest she needed, why would she pass out in a crowded theatre, where people are ranting and screaming?”

“I’m sor…”

“Don’t apologize just take her home and put her to bed. And, she is to call me when she gets there. So YOU make sure that she does.” The new commander ordered before whirling away from Gabrielle’s childhood friend leaving her totally stunned.

<Psst, she don’t scare me. Hell, I do what I want. Beside, I was going to suggest she go straight to bed any way>. She finalized before realizing Xora was dragging away her soon to be woman.

“Hay, Troy call me okay,” she yelled hoping like hell she could see her again.

As soon as they were home Slade informed them that Brie had to go to bed. “Ah, was mommy not happy that her baby fell asleep in her lap?” Mayo teased while snagging her a beer out the air that Shane had tossed in her direction.

“Shut up Mayo and it wasn’t her lap.” Brie yawned placing her hand over her mouth.

“But you would like that wouldn’t you, ya sleazy tramp. You are fortunate that I like you, otherwise I would have Shane to bludgeon you to death, you uncivilized strumpet.”

Shane was the shy one of the bunch, but definitely dangerous. Her and Brie took kickboxing classes together upon their enlistment, and won several championship matches. She was Brie’s height, ebony skin, dark brown eyes, and a body to die for.

“Oh, my Gosh, Somebody stop her…I think…I think she just insulted me.” Mayo joked, placing the palms of her hands upon her cheeks and relaying a surprised look.

“You are lucky I’m tired, you slug. I’m going to bed.” Brie announced while heading upstairs.

“Oh and don’t forget to call your mommy. She’ll be waiting.” Mayo mocked.

“One of these days Mayo, she is going to beat up on you like your mother that ain’t had none.” Slade joked while reaching for her drink.

Brie immediately headed for the phone once she was in her room. Actually, she was quite anxious. Although her and Xora hadn’t known each other long, she found herself oddly missing her. She talked to the base operator and received her new commander’s number. After dialing the number, she placed her cordless Garfield phone back on it’s stand and replaced it with her headphone.

“Hello,” Xora answered.

“Hello yourself, just checking in as you requested, satisfied.”

Xor chortled and said, “Maybe not completely satisfied, but I am really glad you called. I sure would like to be there with you.”

“Well, my guard dogs are positively immobilized at the moment, you could probably slip through my window.” Gabrielle returned fondly.

“Um, not a bad idea. So are you prepared to go to bed?”

“Nah, not yet, I’m going to take a shower first, then turn in.”

As soon as Gabrielle finished Xora heard uncontainable laughter in the background.

“Where is Slade?” She snapped. “Ah…she’s,” the little gunny tried to muffle the audible chuckles with her hand. “She’s uh downstairs.”

“Don’t try to stifle the sounds Gabrielle, I can hear them. And if I can hear them, you certainly can. That means you won’t be able to rest like you should. I think I’ll just come over for a bit.”

“Geesh, Xora there’s really no need to do that, I’ll be fine.

Brie’s tone revealed her apprehension. She wanted Xora to spend time with her; she just didn’t want it to be under these circumstances.

“Listen, in a couple of hours they’ll be so drunk they won’t be able to sit up straight, even less to chatter.” Brie reasoned.

Xora let out an inpatient sigh. She really didn’t like the idea that Brie’s friends seemed to be taking advantage of her. Sure Gabrielle was angelic, but Xora was really unsure if her friends viewed it as a weakness or for what it really was. Either way, tonight if Brie allowed her, she was going to find out.

“No need to fret, I’m not coming over to bust heads. I just want to spend some time with you and ensure you rest comfortably.” Xora was trying to appear pleasant and ease her new friend’s anxiety. Yet she knew once she was there the crunch bunch would instantly behave.

“So you just want to come over and keep me company for a little bit, right.” Brie asked quizzically.

“Oh, I don’t know why limit my visit. I may feel up to staying all night if that’s all right with you. You know, since I wasn’t able to stay Friday. I promise not to cause any commotion. You have my word.”

Gabrielle’s heart leaped. Just the thought of Xor staying all night had her giddy. “All night huh.” The gunny was mentally examining the prospects of that idea.

“Ah what t’a heck why not, I would love your company, com’on over.” Brie approved.

“Be there in a shake,” Xora confirmed before ending the called with a suggestive Bye-bye. Within an hour the rowdy instructor crew heard the doorbell ring.

“Who in the hell could that be at this hour?” Mayo slurred loud enough for Xora to hear it on the other side of the door.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to kick their ass if they don’t have some food.” Shane kids while staggering to the door.

“Hay Shane, the door you see in the middle is the right one,” Mayo yelled out as the whole bunch cackled like laying hen.

Shane finally made it over to the door and slumped against it. All the girls jumped onto the couch and prepared for the entertaining welcome Shane had promised if the person didn’t have food.

“Who is it?” She cooed before muffling her beer induced laughter.

“It’s a friend of Brie’s.” Xora returned sweetly.

“Well hell,” Shane began as she struggled to hold back her laughter. “Any friend of Brie’s is a friend of ours. Just let me get this door opened for you.” Shane reached out for the doorknob and stumbled into the window. The too live crew crooned and clapped at her staggering performance. Shane steadied herself against the window and gave her comrades a finger sign.

“Alright now, don’t make promises you can’t keep.” Mayo announced sternly. Shane snorted and reached for the doorknob again. This time she was able to grab hold to it and turn.

As the door slowly eased open, Shane spat in her hands and prepared for the attack. The crew eyes viewed the statuesque figure with questioning stares. They still couldn’t quite place the person, but they knew their intoxicated friend might be in a little danger.

“Uh Shane, I think you better sit this one out. She looks as if she might be more than you can handle right now.” Shane ignored her friend’s uncertain pleas and lounged at the stranger. Xora immediately counteracted the swirling kick and issued a powerful two-fisted blow to Shane’s chest sending her hurling to the floor.

The room was in awe as a startling shush fell over the room. Xora stepped inside and revealed who she was.

“Commander,” Mayo said quietly. Shane scrambled to her feet and came to attention.

“My, My, My, Shane I didn’t know you had it in you. If you weren’t drunk off your ass you may have landed that impressive unbalanced round house kick.” Even though Shane was obviously drunk as hell, she was still able to bring her body to attention. (Talk about impeccable discipline…Can I get a devil dog bark from the WM’s.)

“Rest Marine, I’m sure you need it after such a stunning performance.” The commander ordered with a crooked grin. Shane slumped over and fell to her knees. The commander had knocked the breath completely out. She was folded over like a three-sided box.

“And as for the rest of you ladies, I’m going to take this time and apologize for not bringing you anything to eat. But you understand how things are when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. Especially, when you feel that something just isn’t right with an intended love one. Isn’t that right Slade?” The commander’s eyes bored into the Sergeant’s demanding an answer.

Slade rose from the sofa and prepared to explain her self.

“Xor, I asked them to be quiet, but they just wouldn’t listen.” She added defensively. Separating herself from her comrades, who sat stunned by her traitorous and conniving remarks.

Xora gazed from one woman to the other. Mentally displaying her disappointment. Some avoided her glance by lowering their heads and some slid down onto the sofa and turned their backs to her. Xora scowled at their disdainful responses and headed upstairs.

Right before reaching the top she turned around and said, “Oh, by the way girls, I will be staying the night per Brie’s request. I trust that I won’t have to leave the comforts of her bed to come and chastise you for not being considerate of others.” The new commander informed.

“Are you saying that you will be sleeping with Brie?” Slade inquired while approaching Xora.

“Yes I am, but don’t worry. I’ll make sure she doesn’t cry out too loudly.” She bluffed while stepping up on the final tread.

“I told Brie sooner or later someone was going to come along and pop that slit.” Mayo stated factually while nodding her head in a told you so manner.

“Shut up Mayo,” Slade snapped, directing her frighten gaze back toward the commander.

“You said there wouldn’t be any physical confrontations until you felt she was ready.” Slade’s voice was low and distressful. “You implicated that you were willing to wait for her.”

Xora whirled around and looked down into Slade’s melancholy eyes. She then narrowed her eyes and faintly growled. “I am not in the practice of lying. I keep my word. I am only here to ensure that the woman I intend to make mines get some sleep and only that. In the future, don’t ever question my integrity Slade. I don’t like it.” The new commander turned and resumed her track to the Gunny’s room.

“Ooh, I guess she told you,” Mayo mumbled while easing out of range of Slade’s angered stare.

Xora entered Brie’s room and sat her night bag down. She then poked her head into the bathroom and informed the gunny of her presence. “Hay, I’ll be out in a few minutes, wait for me.”

“Okay,” Xora returned.

Xora was already wearing what she was going to sleep in for the night. So she ease into Brie’s bed and laid flat onto her stomach. Although she seemed calm, she wasn’t. Her stomach was all knotted up and her palms were sweating profusely. She had never been so nervous about sharing a bed with any one. Yet, Gabrielle was different. She was the most innocent person she had ever met, outside of a long ago acquaintance that in the end she resented her thoughtless actions. Setting aside her earlier confrontations with the gunny’s friends she was feeling quite warm inside. She was simply ecstatic when Brie invited her over. She was as giddy as a girl was on her first time.

Brie interrupted the new commander’s thoughts as she leapt onto the bed. Xora vaulted off the side of the bed and stared wildly at the now cautious Gunny.

“Ease down Marine, I only meant to get your attention, not for you to kill me.” Gabrielle then gave the commander a smile that could launch a million ships. Xora returned the sentiment and crawled back up into the bed.

“Watch it Gunny. In case you didn’t know, I’m shell shocked,” she jokes while playfully whacking the gunny with her pillow.

“So you didn’t injure any of my intoxicated friends when you came in, did you?” Brie inquired while stretching out onto the huge king size bed.

“No, I did not, but the thought did cross my mind.” The commander retorted before they each leaned back laughing.

“I’m glad you came.” Gabrielle said shyly.

“I’m glad I did too. Come here.”

Gabrielle crawled curiously to her new friend wondering if she was going to whack her again with the pillow she was cradling in the arms. Once Gabrielle was beside her, Xora rose and placed both pillows beside each other.

“I don’t want you to get lost in this huge bed of yours. You know I don’t remember it being so enormous.”

“Well, that’s because you didn’t lay in it.” Xora tilted her head and smiled amusingly at the little mechanics pleasant demeanor.

“You are so adorable. You leave me speechless.”

“Ah, I don’t know you seem to be articulating pretty well to me.” Xora reached down and tweaked Brie’s nose before pulling her down unto the joining pillows with her.

“Come here beautiful. It’s beddy bye time for you.”

The commander then wrapped her arm around Brie’s shoulders and pulled her closer while she laid comfortably upon her back.

“Um, this is sooo cozy,” Brie yawned while rubbing her body unconsciously against Xor’s.

Xora closed her eyes and suppressed the moan that rose in her throat. She could feel Brie’s warmth and something all too familiar began to ignite in her most sensitive spots. <Lord, please help me through this night>. She prayed as the talented woman to her side breathing deepened and her leg rose to lie across her.

“Gabrielle,” Xor whispered into the petite woman’s golden tinged locks

“Hmm,” the gunny drawled sleepily.

“Would you be my girlfriend?”

Brie rocked drowsily against the commander cresting her warm lips ever so closely to Xor’s neck. “I’d be honored,” She whispered while wrapping her arm around Xor’s waist and drifting back off to sleep. The new commander threaded her fingers into her new girlfriend’s hair and planted a tender kiss upon her forehead.

“Good night, my Angel,” She whispered as she followed the little Gunny off into the dream world.


Part III

“So Xora, you DO know that Valentine’s Day is coming up right?” Troy asked wondering if her friend had even given it a thought. Xora wasn’t much on shopping. Actually she down right hated it. Back in the past her concubines didn’t mind if she hadn’t purchased them anything. They were just honored to be the object of her desire that day. But this Valentine’s Day was different. She gets to share it with a woman she really loved.

Troy sat and observed her friend’s panicky expression. “Shiiizz,” Xora returned. This year was certainly going to be different. She absolutely adored Gabrielle, and she wanted to give her something to bestow that fact. “You know Troy, I haven’t thought much about it. I’ve been so wrapped up in spending time with Brie that it slipped my mind. Oh lord what am I going to do? I’ve never had to do this before, never. Yet, Brie is definitely worth it. What do you think I should get her?”

“Ah no you don’t. This is your baby. Xora, you have to be creative. You have to give her something that will symbolize your love for her and on top of that make her speechless. Think about what she means to you. How she makes you feel? Or better yet, how she’s going to make you feel.” Troy joked while nudging Xora. “Com’on Xora give it a shot. As artistic as you are I know you won’t have a problem.”

Xor looked over at her friend curiously and asked her what had she bought Slade for Valentines. The funniest thing happened once the ladies met up at the movies; they hadn’t been apart since. Troy paired up with Slade. Sharonda took a liking to Shane, and Joy had been spotted around base with Mayo. And they were actually enjoying each other’s company. Xor would’ve never imagined all of her friends coupling with each of Gabrielle’s friends, but they did. And now the groups were inseparable.

“Joy, what do you have planned for you and Mayo on Valentines?” Xor inquired, hoping her sometimes-distant friend wouldn’t pick up on what she was doing.

“Well, ow…” Joy screeched from the back slap Troy had given her.

“Hay, Frost bite. Didn’t you just hear me tell this woman she had to come up with her own ideas for her special lady on that night? Get out of the TV and pay attention.” Troy then gazed up and down her friend’s somewhat appealing lounging body and said, “I bet Mayo can make love to you and you wouldn’t even know it, you lanky space cadet.”

Joy squint her eyes and returned, “Just because I don’t find ANYTHING you say important doesn’t mean I’m not an attentive lover. You yodeling, boot wearing door mat.” Troy smiled at Joy and said, “Too-shay, you dizzy, slit whacker.”

“I’ve got your slit whacker, you shiny face cunt cover.”

“Cunt cover, Cunt cov…” Troy repeated shocked by Joy’s ability to articulate insults, especially since she’s usually the most intellectual one of them all.

“Alright, guys let’s call it a truce before your nipples get hard.” Xora interrupted; still frustrated with the fact that her friends were at ease about their gifts, yet she still had no idea what she should get for Brie. Maybe I can get some ideas from her later. But, it will have to be subtle so she won’t notice it. Pleased with her thought, Xora smile down at Troy and said, “My Valentine’s evening is going to be fantastic. Hell, I might come up with something so extravagant that it would make you three stooges look like tainted candy.”

“Ah girls, I think our Karate Master just issued us a challenge. What’ll you say, shall we take her up on it?” Troy eyes glowed with excitement. She relished challenges.

“I say let’s take that Dojo, pajama wearing hussy up on it, because mine is the bomb.” Joy said. Rather proud of her Valentine’s evening she had planned.

“Then it’s a bet,” Xora announced, “Whomever wins get a free night for her and her

lady any where in town.” The ladies raised up their various drinks and toasted in agreement. Damn I either have to find out what they all have planned or get to cracking on one Hell of a brilliant ass idea. If Rayan was here I know she would help me. Xora thought.
The Monday after the bet…
“Good morning Captain Black,” Lieutenant Marks said cheerfully while placing the CO’s coffee down on her desk.

“Good morning Lieutenant Marks,” The Captain retorted. She was reviewing a few floor

Plans for the new Women’s Command Barracks. So she didn’t notice the lustful gleam in Sylvia’s eyes.

“You know Captain they are having a Sweet Heart Dance at the officer’s club Valentine’s night. Would you be interested in going with me?” Sylvia asked sexily. She then leaned down over the plans until her and the commander’s eyes met.

“Commander Xor,” She began seductively while adjusting her arms so that her bust line peaked enticingly over the lapels of her crispy pressed shirt. “I have been asking you out for seem like forever and you constantly refuse me. Her eyes then widen to reveal her enlarged passion filled pupils. “Do you not find me attractive?”

Xora straighten to her original height and said, “Of course, I find you attractive. Why would you think otherwise?”

The commander stated placing a much-needed distance between her and her

Company’s C.O. She knew in her heart she loved Gabrielle to death and would definitely go to great lengths to prove it. But she also knew she was human and if Sylvia continued to offer her self so willingly she might just take her up on her offer.

Her and Brie’s relationship was blossoming quite nicely, but as of this very day they still hadn’t slept together and frankly the commander was growing pretty tired of pleasing herself. In her heart she was willing to wait for Gabrielle, but each time her promiscuous lieutenant leaned against her or caressed her so lewdly she felt a pulling in her loins.

“Well,” The lieutenant drawled while rising slowly to her original height, then striding over to where the Captain was and stood directly behind her. She was so close that Xora could feel her nipples harden through her crisply ironed shirt. “Because, as of today you still refuse to go out with me. Am I not pleasing to you?”

“Oh yes lord,” Xora gasped while moving away from the persistent officer.

Sylvia smirked from Xora’s discomfort and decided to take off the gloves. Ah, your little gunny doesn’t have what it takes to please a woman of your statue, huh? Well I guess she’ll just have to leave the heavy work for us big girls. The lieutenant decided then and there to double her efforts.

“You know Xor,” Sylvia began while closing the door. Oh No she’s closing the door Xora’s thought with furrowed brows. The Captain that was now sitting behind her desk and holding her legs tightly closed. This did not deter the lieutenant though. Sylvia sauntered over to the Captain and pulled back on the rolling chair before gracefully sitting down in the Captain’s lap. Oh lord please help me. Damn she smells sooo good.

“I’ve been wanting to bed you since the first day we met. But you continue to allude me, why?”

Xora could feel Sylvia’s warm breath caress her face with a soothing elegance. The Captain said nothing. She was free falling in to the widow’s web without a parachute.

Sylvia leaned into Xor and gently seized her lips. The commander moaned as her hands began to cascade over her lieutenant’s firm buttocks and thighs. Images of Brie inhabited her mind as the kiss quickly deepened. Sylvia manipulation was ever so patient and capturing. Xor found herself panting and reaching for more. Her center was now grinding against her lieutenant’s pressing backside and her hands fondling her breasts. Her groping was hungry and feverish. She threw the Lieutenant’s left leg completely off her lap and thrust her hands roughly under her skirt. The Lieutenant whimpers and spread her legs wider. The Captain growled with an uncapped need as her hand raked forcefully across the seat of the Lieutenant’s soak panties. Xora jerked her skirt up and opened her legs. Allowing more of the Lieutenant’s firm rear to push against her pulsating clit. The Lieutenant smiled into the kiss and continued her staggering tactics by running her

thumbs over Xor’s rising nipples. Stimulating the Captain even more. Both women were so enthralled with each other’s administration that they didn’t hear the Gunny come in.

“Xora,” Gabrielle gasped. Her tone revealed her surprise as well as her disbelief.

Xora stood abruptly spilling Sylvia onto the floor. The partner’s eyes met. Xora’s pounding heart fell as she watched the tears fill Gabrielle darkened green orbs.

Brie shook her head mindlessly from side to side; unable to comprehend what she just saw. “Continue what you were doing Xora, Don’t mind me. I’ll just see my self out.” Gabrielle covered her quivering lips with a shaky hand and ran from the room.

“Gabrielle,” Xora yelled. “Please, let me explain.” The little mechanic didn’t look back. Her heart was hurting, and she definitely didn’t want Xora to know it.

Xora stood at the door to her office for the longest replaying what just happened. Sylvia rose from her position on the floor and said, “Well, that went better than I expected. I thought the little gunny would go into a ranting rage. I’m glad she didn’t. It wouldn’t have set well with our superior’s knowing that one of their commanding officers had been keeping company an with enlisted personnel.”

“Get out of my office. Get out now before I do something I will regret later.”

“Xora be reason…” GET OUT NOW!” Xora yelled. Not caring who heard her. How stupid could I have been? I’m going to lose the woman I love, because of one stupid, insignificant altercation. I swear I will make Sylvia pay if I loose Gabrielle.

Xora walked back over to her chair and fell helplessly into it. “If you should need me Commander, I’ll be right next door.” Sylvia reported proudly. She was feeling pretty spry right about now. Especially after the little gunny stormed out with her eyes full of tears.

“Just get out of here. I don’t want to lay eyes on you for the rest of the week.” Xora faintly said as obvious disappointment ruled her vocal tone.

Lieutenant Marks turned and strolled casually out the door with a chipper smirk upon her face. Now she’ll have no other choice, but to be with me. She thought triumphantly as she closed the door and headed into her office.
Later on that evening in the Captain’s Cottage…
“What in the Hell is wrong with you Xora?” Troy screamed unable to mentally justify why her friend would do something so stupid. “How could you allow that bitch to get you so wound up as to not hear the door to your own office open? And what was the harlot doing in your office and in your lap any way? Say something Xor. You couldn’t possibly be in that much of a need. Especially, at the cost of losing the one woman that could make a difference in your life.”

Xora sat across from the bar gulping down her drink. She couldn’t believe it herself. One minute she was thinking of what to do for the woman she love and the next she was squeezing her lieutenant’s tits and ass.

Xora sat quietly listening to Troy’s babbling, not really hearing the words at all. She was stunned and the stiff drink was immobilizing her even more.

“So you’re not going to say anything in your defense Xor?” The captain said nothing.

Instead, she rose sluggishly from her chair and staggered over to the bar to fix her another drink.

“Got damn it Xor, please say something.” Troy was openly pleading with Xora to face what had happen. She knew Xor all too well that right now was the perfect opportunity for the old Xor to rear her ugly head. “Xora, Gabrielle is an understanding person. Why don’t you try talking to her?” Troy reasoned, hoping she would come up with an idea that would be acceptable to her distressed friend at this time.

Xora plopped two chunks of ice into her almost filled to the brim drink and staggered back over to the chair she was sitting in. Since Troy stormed in and began to chastise her Xor had said nothing.

Troy knew all to well that this was not a good sign. Xor was plotting her revenge. “Xora,” Troy said quietly while taking her friend’s hand and easing down onto the love seat next to her. “Don’t let what happen today cause you to do something you might not normally do. It was just an unfortunate situation, but it can be fixed. You just can’t give up. We’ll find a way to resolve this, we just have to.” Troy didn’t know what else she could say to comfort her friend. Gabrielle meant the world to Xora that was an obvious fact.

Xora took a big swig of her drink and looked solemnly over at her friend. “An un-fortu-nate sit-u-ation you call it. Shit Troy, when Ga-bri-elle walked in I had one hand rubbing her pussy and the other squeezing her ass while hunching against her like a bitch in heat.” Xora snorted distastefully before turning her slightly bobbing head away for her friend’s hopeless gaze. “So tell me my friend,” Xora stammered, “Does that sound like an slight al-ter-ca-tion to you. It was a fucking disaster. And I am probably the only fool that was stupid enough to get my hands caught in that cookie jar.” Xora took another gulp of her drink and growled. “I’m going to make that malicious wench pay for what she’s done to me. I’m going to make her regret the day she ever met me.”

“Xora you need to focus on Gabrielle right now. The damage has been done and only you can fix it.” Troy finished hoping her friend will see the logic in her suggestion.

Xora gazed unsteadily into her friend’s eyes before her brow frown into a despairing scowl. “Troy,” Xora’s voice reveals a hurt that she had never seen before. “You didn’t see Brie’s face. You didn’t see the tears swelling in her eyes. You didn’t see…the contempt she had for me at that instant. It was almost as if she hated being in my presence.”

Xora turned her head away from her friend again and took one last drink. “Tee,” the tears were openly running down Xora’s cheeks now. “You didn’t see her trust for me drain

from her face and spill onto the floor.” Xora snorted and wiped her eyes. “But I did…and it felt like a sweltering knife piercing my soul. Nah, Lieutenant Marks owes me. And I’m going to turn her ass upside down and drain it out her eye sockets if I have to.”

Xora rose from her chair, slammed her glass down on the bar and told Troy to lock up when she leaves. She was going to bed, alone.

Troy watched Xora stagger up the stairs and stumbled into her room. How can I help her out of this? I have to find a way. She can’t lose the best thing in her life when she was oh so close. I won’t let her. Maybe in the morning she’ll be more receptive to my ideas and change her already strategic retaliation she has in mind.

Troy cut off the lights downstairs, locked the door and lay back on the sofa trying to

figure out how to help Xora rid her self of this catastrophe.
Meanwhile out side of the base…
“It’s going to be okay Brie. Please, please stop crying. All you have to do is allow her to explain. We all make mistakes. We just have…”

“Shut up, just shut up you Mary Popping wanna be.” Slade snapped at Shane. “I told that Hollywood tramp not to hurt her and now I have to…to…I have to kill her.” Slade

stated firmly before the room echoed with laughter. Even Gabrielle had to laugh at her protective companion. “I’m not kidding,”

Slade growled while roughly putting her coat on. She looked down at Brie’s swollen face lying in Shane’s lap and her soul ached. No one, she had never allowed anyone to hurt Brie. Then up walks this tall, dark and definitely conceiving hoe and rips her heart right out her chest.

Brie looked up at her friend and reached for her hand. Slade knelt in front of Shane’s knees as the gunny began to talk. Although her face was wracked with pain, her heart unleashed a boundless volume of understanding. “Slade, please stay here. There has been enough embarrassment for everyone today. We don’t need any more. I’ll just give it some time, then if Xora is willing, we shall try it again.”


Once outside Slade slammed the door violently behind her. Her anger had hit a new high as she paced back and forth on the porch. She was still trying to figure out after all that has happened, how could Brie still be so passive toward her. Slade was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn’t hear Mayo slip out the door.

“Let’s go for a ride.” Mayo suggested quietly as she headed for the car. Slade watched her friend walk calmly to the car and waited.

Slade finally obeyed her friend’s silent command and walked over to the car. They rode around for what seem like hours. Neither of the women said anything. Both obviously upset by what Brie had witnessed and her state of mind.

Even though Brie and Mayo seemed to be at each other’s throat all the time, she still cared for the little career-oriented pistol. Xora always, every since she laid eyes on Brie, appeared to be taken with her. What prompt her to openly grope her sleazy Lieutenant? Hell everyone on base, including Mayo, has had her. There had to be some reason for her behavior. Shit even if she were in dire need of a quick release that in itself would be a logical explanation. Yet, this strange turn about still wasn’t enough evidence to eradicate the love Mayo knew the Captain had for her little friend Brie.

“Slade, you know Brie is right. Shit the woman is so horny right now she’d probably jump a priest if he shook in front of her.” Mayo sat across from Slade observing her reactions. Yet, Slade said nothing.

She kept her eyes in front of her pretending that her comrade’s words just bounced off of her. She wasn’t about to outwardly agree with Mayo or Brie, but even she questioned the Commander’s motives.

Several hours later the pair pulled back up in front of Gabrielle’s house. They sat silently staring up at the two-story cottage from the street.

“I guess we’re not going to kill the commander tonight huh?” Mayo asked as she turned her inquiring gaze over at her friend. A slow smile rose on her friend’s face before she retorted, “Nah, we’re just going to pull the domino effect on her.”

“YEAH,” Mayo screamed. “I like playing that role. It makes me feel like a detective.”

“Tell the others,” Slade directed. Just as Mayo was about to step out of the car Slade grabbed a firm hold of her arm. “Listen, Brie is not to know about any of this, understood?”

Mayo smirked and mimicked a mime throwing away the key to her mouth. Slade

tapped her on the shoulder and told her when they were to put the plan in action.

“Slade, where have you been?” Brie asked concerned. “Oh, we just went riding. And no, I did not ride by your Captain’s crib and throw a kerosene bomb in her window. Although that thought is sort of appealing. You were right, maybe we should just give it some time and if it works for you two, it does. I won’t go into a rage and stalk your shoddy honey love.” Slade joke while pulling Brie into a bear hug and making her squeal like a pig.

She then released the hold and eased Brie away from her. “Are you okay?” She asked cordially.

The little gunny looked up into her comrade’s relaxed gaze and smiled before telling her, “yes.” “Good, I’ll see you in the morning. Boy am I tired. Did you know Mayo could talk holes in your clothes? Why didn’t you tell me she talked so much? Geez…I’ll probably have to take a couple of Alka Seltzers before going to sleep.” Slade kissed Brie lightly on her forehead and headed upstairs.

After closing her mouth from the initial shock of Slade’s words, Mayo bid Shane and Gabrielle goodnight as well. Shane and Gabrielle just looked at each other; both of them knowing full well that Slade had something up her sleeve. They just didn’t have any idea what.
A moment to reflect…
Xora lay upon the bed staring at the phone, secretly praying for courage. She needed to talk to Gabrielle. Hell she would beg, plead and grovel if that would persuade Brie to forgive her. She would do anything to get the woman she cared for back into her arms.

Tears ran religiously down her face onto the pillow Brie uses when she was there. The sweet strawberry scent of her golden red hair and body still linger in the fabric of the pillowcase. Xora pulled the pillow between her arms and legs and inhaled the intoxicating fragrance. She loved the way Brie smells it made her mouth water. Xora’s moans of agony and despair roamed among the walls of her room and seeped out into the hallway. No word in the English language could explain the desolate heartache she was experiencing right now. She just wanted to fade away like the withering petals of a dying rose.

Brie stood staring at the phone wishing against all hope that it would ring and Xora would be on the other end. She longed to hear the sensual rumble of Xora’s voice. It made her heart slow a taste from the hypnotic octave tone. She longed to have Xora hold her and tell her every thing was going to be all right. She longed to feel the softness of her lips as she planted sweet gentle kisses all about her face and neck. Xora could be so delicate when she held her. It simply made Brie dizzy and her body warm all over.

Gabrielle sighed and pulled the phone down into the bed with her. She again began to cry. Mayo, Shane and Slade listened as their friend’s whimpers of hopelessness drifted out into the hallways and throughout the silent rooms of the house.
Back at the Commander’s Cottage…
“So how is she doing?” Joy inquired quietly. Her and Sharonda had heard about the calamity over the discreet hot line. Troy pulled her self up on the couch and shook her head. “I’ve never seen Xora so depressed. When I got here, she had drunk half of the Jack Daniel’s over there. AND she was drinking it straight.”

“Gosh, she must really be grief stricken.” Sharonda said faintly. “She really cares for Brie

doesn’t she. Shit, I remembered a time when she didn’t give a damn about losing a woman. Psst, she’d say there was plenty of catfish in the sea. I guess this proves her wrong, huh?” Sharonda plopped down on the couch and allowed her friend’s misery to become her own.

Joy walked despairingly over to the bar and began fixing herself a drink. She wasn’t much for brandy, but tonight she decided to give it a try. Maybe it would rid her of the yucky feeling she was presently harboring.

Sharonda looked over at Joy and thought, Now that’s a good idea. I need a drink too. She rose and headed for the kitchen. Just as she passed the phone it rang. She jumped in surprise before answering. The cottage was filled with melancholy. No one felt like talking. No one felt like doing anything. They all were experiencing a dose of their friend’s pain in one-way or another.

“Hello,” Shay answered feebly. “Hello Shay, this is Slade. May I speak to Troy please?”

Sharonda was really shocked by the pleasant tone Slade was using. Sharonda pretty much figured Slade would be in an animalistic rage by now, Xora hurting her friend and all.

“Hi Slade, just a minute.” Sharonda handed Troy the phone and continued to the kitchen.

“Hi baby, what’s up?” Troy said calmly. “Well, she’s been up in her room every since I arrived. Of course, she had been drinking heavily since the moment she got home. And it was my pleasure to watch my despondent friend stagger aimlessly to her room. To be honest with you honey, I have no idea what Xora was thinking or if she was thinking at all. Yeah, well that might be a good idea, because she’s definitely going to need some time to regroup. I’ve never seen her so down in the dumps.”

Sharonda and Joy sat listening to Troy one-sided conversation wondering if Slade would suggest something to help their friends. Each one of their friends knew they were perfect for each other. Their relationship was like bringing night and day together. They complimented each other so well.

“So what’s the plan?” Troy listened as Slade took control of the conversation, relaying the plan her and the girls had come up with. “And that gold digging trollop that started all this shit.” Troy said pulling up a chair. “Ooh ba-by…I like that. When are we going to put out little scenario into action? Awe, tomorrow’s not good, I’ve already chatted with my friend at sickbay. She’s preparing us a sick chit to be out, how about Wednesday? Great see ya then lover. Give Brie an extra hug from us tonight okay? What she’s in the bed too. Well, give it to her in the morning, Bye-bye.”

“Don’t hold back Troy, we know Slade and them have a plan. We want to help.” Joy replied anxiously.

Troy tilted her head, smiled and let out an encouraging sigh. “I knew I could depend on you two, so here’s the plan. Troy joined her friends on the couch and revealed what Slade told her.

Tuesday passed oh too quickly. Xora was dreading going back to work. Of course, the girls crocheted a charismatic mat of persuasion and drew her in. By nightfall Xora was feeling efficient enough to face the day. Although the memories of Brie leaving her office in a huff still weighed heavy on her soul, she was willing to get back in the game.

When did I fall in love with her? She questioned, as she lay sleepless in her bed. She thought back to the first time they met. She recalled her little firecracker immediately correcting her devious implications by sternly, yet professionally issuing a rebuttal.

Xora felt her self began to smile. She then sorted through her thoughts to the first time they held hands. She felt her own heart jerk from the memory. She visualized the warm clamminess of Brie’s palm as she held it tightly within her own. Xora closed her eyes as she remembered the first time they watched the sun set. They stood on the shore of the island with her standing behind Gabrielle. Her arms were wrapped securely around Brie’s

shoulders, pulling her closer to her. She recalled the fires of desire sizzle through her body as Brie’s hand’s cupped her thighs and pulled her in closer. She remembered fighting the urge of hunching against Gabrielle’s pliant sweet smelling flesh. How her clit throbbed for relief. And last of all she longed to look upon Brie’s captivating smile. Sweet Buddha, how she needed Brie right now.

The new commander let out a discouraging sigh, rolled over, yanked Brie’s pillow to her and drifted into a troubled sleep.
Wednesday morning…
“Good morning Captain Black. How are you feeling today?” Lieutenant Marks asked skittishly.

“Fine,” Xora snit as she continued past her.

No sooner had the Captain sat down at her desk than Lieutenant Marks was there with her coffee.

“Didn’t I tell you I didn’t want to lay eyes upon you for the rest of the week.” Xora growled.

“Well, I can hardly see how that could possibly be. We work in the same area.” She smirked jubilantly.

“You listen to me, you two bit whore. Don’t you come near me. We might work in the same area, but you don’t have to occupy my private space. Now get away from me.” Xora finished while rising to head over to the chow hall.

“Do you think you frighten me Xora?” She mocked quietly, ensuring that she wouldn’t draw attention to herself or the commander.

Xor whirled around and threaten, “You should be, because I’m not one to be toyed with, Lieutenant.” She then grabbed her cover (hat) and left the office.

Just as she stepped onto the catwalk in front of the chow hall she heard Gabrielle’s voice calling cadence. She also noticed the musical two steps melody Brie’s platoon were laying down as their heels dug into the pavement. They were about to go into their second phase of training and their marching skills were quite proficient now.

She listened as Gabrielle issued a column left command leading her platoon straight for her. She waited until the platoon was right up on her before she stepped to the side. Not one of the recruits acknowledged her presence, but that was their job. They were only to focus on their instructor’s voice and her commands.

Finally, the senior drill instructor came into sight. For a split second her and Gabrielle’s eyes met. But it ended just as fast as it began. The little gunny continued to call cadence

while issuing a rigid and powerful hand salute.

The commander blankly returned the greeting as the gunny strolled casually by. The new commander fell into her girlfriend’s sensual, yet valiant movements. She was hooked and she knew it. She just HAD to get the gunny back, no matter what it took.

After breakfast the Captain headed back to her office. No sooner had she settled in that she heard her Lieutenant reprimanding voice. She had no idea what it was about, and she wasn’t really interested. She continued reviewing the new Battalion Orders when Mayo walked past the scowling Lieutenant into Xor’s office.

“Commander, may I speak with you for a minute?” She tactfully demanded.

The Lieutenant darted to the side of the Sergeant and ease into Xor’s office. “I told her she would need to make an appointment to see you,” Sylvia spat while turning to glare at Sergeant Mayo.

Xora stared vilely up and down her bossy company commander and rolled her eyes in disgust. “Come in Sergeant Mayo. Close the door behind you Lieutenant.”

The Lieutenant whirled around as her mouth fell open in shock. “Commander, she has to abide…”

“LEAVE US LIEUTENANT.” Xora shouted as she stood up boorishly.

Sylvia let out a frustrated sough and stormed from the room.

Once the Lieutenant closed the door Xora and Mayo eyes met. Both women were curious as to what was about to take place.

“Please,” Xora began, “have a seat.” “No thank you, Commander, I’d rather stand.”

Captain Black nodded her head and lowered herself patiently into her chair.

“I’ll be brief, Commander. I am sure you have some idea as to why I am here.”

Xora didn’t speak, she only nodded her head.

“Can you tell me why? Can you tell me why my friend caught the woman she

loves groping the base whore? Can you tell me why Xora?”

Captain Black avoided Mayo’s gaze as she shook her head from side to side. “Were you so caught up in your own needs that you forgot that you were suppose to be in love with Brie?”

Xora didn’t respond.

Mayo snorted and turned to leave. “Your ass wasn’t in love with Brie, you just wanted to know how long it would take before you could fuck her. Just like I suspected.” Mayo continued toward the door. Wondering if Xora had it in her to stop her and give her some reason, any reason as to why she did it.

“How dare you come into my office and question my motives. I love Gabrielle with every inch of my being. But just in case this is a surprise to you, I am human and I have needs. I have not slept with Gabrielle, and I promised Slade I wouldn’t until she’s ready. And I stand by my word. Lieutenant Marks has been dragging her slit across my desk every since I’ve arrived. The minute my mind blanks and my body response to her, the woman I love walks into my office. I can no more turn back time than you can. By the Angels above, I wish I could, but I can’t. So I will humbly apologize for my behavior and

plead for Gabrielle to forgive me if necessary. But don’t you ever feel you know me, because you don’t.” The Captain closed her confession with a desperate shrug, leaned back in her chair and awaited Mayo’s response.

The Sergeant turned around with the biggest smile the Captain had ever seen upon her face. “Now that is exactly how you will put it to Brie when you see her. My session is done Commander. You have a nice day now, you hear?” Mayo gave the Captain a wink and exited the office.

Xora was totally confused. What the hell just happen? What…was she testing me? What does she mean her session was done with? Oh shit, what are Brie friends up to? The new commander continued to go over in her mind her and Mayo’s conversation, when she heard a ruckus going on outside of the office again.

“What in blazes is going on here?” Xora whispered to herself. “You can not go in there, Sergeant. That is an order.” Lieutenant Marks yelled, bringing Shane to an instant halt.

Shane turned slowly around and threw the lieutenant a defiant gaze. “Fine, CAPTAIN BLACK, MA’AM I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU,” The Sergeant yelled, as she stood steadfast.

The new commander quickly rose and came to the door. “Well, come right in then Sergeant. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.” Xora stated calmly.

Shane rolled her eyes at the Lieutenant and headed into Xora’s office.

“Sergeant Shane, please…” The Captain motioned for her to sit. “Tell me what brings you by my office at this time of day?”

“Well, Ma’am I’m just here to have a girl to girl chat with you.”

“Uh huh,” Xora retorted as she pulled her chair back and sat in it.

Shane settled in and crossed her legs. “My, you do have a lovely office. Decorated it yourself?”

“Yes I did,” Xora returned while issuing a single raised eyebrow expression. “You know Xora, some women are as delicate as that fine vase you have on your desk there. They require hands on love and attention. As long as you clean that vase, admire that vase and occasionally caress that vase, it will continue to beautify your office. Sure, there may be incidents where you will almost knock it off and even at times come close to breaking it. But amazingly your instincts kick in, and you plunge for it. Cradling it into your hands and ever so gently placing it back on the desk. Yet, the next time you replace it you will

move it further back onto the desk and closer to you. Always shielding it for all harms. Yep, China and women, incredible creations aren’t they?” Shane finished before rising and asking the Commander if she had any questions.

Xora raised both of her eyebrows and unconsciously rubbed her chin. “Ugh, no I

sure don’t. Is this the end of your session?”

“Funny you should ask that commander. It certainly is. I’ll catch on the rebound okay.” Shane turned and gracefully left the room.

Xora snorted and whispered, “By gosh, I think there is a lesson to be learned here. And soon as I put it together, it will surely show me how to get my woman back.”

As soon as Shane stepped threw the door, Slade walked in. “Commander, may I have a word with you?”

Xora examined the Sergeant’s hospitable attitude before returning, “Of course Sergeant Slade. Please, have a seat.”

Slade pulled the chair to her and straddle it while leaning against its back. “Xora, first of all there is something I need to tell you.”

Xora nodded her head encouraging Slade to continue. “Well, Brie and I aren’t just real close friends.”

“I know that Adrienne.” Xor said quietly.

“How did you know my name?” Slade engaged surprised.

“Your SRB, you know I did review them before meeting with each instructor, right?”

Slade’s mouth fell open.

“I also know that you are Brie’s older sister.”

Slade was flabbergasted by the Captain thoroughness.

“So you were just prodding me when you asked were we close, weren’t you?”

Xora didn’t answer, but her amusing smiled revealed the answer.

“Arrrgh,” Slade growled. Obviously frustrated by the commander cockiness. “Anyway back to business, we have declared that you do in fact love Brie. We have also given you a floor plan on getting her back. Can you tell me what my segment of training will contain, Miss smarty-pants?” Slade chimed as the Captain’s brows furrow in bewilderment.

Reluctantly, the Captain relinquished her control and indicated she didn’t know why Slade was there.

Slade rose triumphantly and said, “I am going to give you the perfect place to achieve your forgiveness. The Sergeant’s voice dropped a couple of notches lower. Releasing a tone of Mystery and Suspense. “Xora, You have gazed into Brie’s eyes. Yet can you tell me what you saw? You have touched her heart. But, can you tell me how she felt? You have caressed the warmth of skin; tell me what is it that she desires. She has gazed into your eyes Xora. Tell me, what did she see? She has touched your heart. Tell me, how did it feel? She’s caressed the warmth of your body. Tell me, what is it that you desire? Both

your desires coincide and meet in a mutual place, can you tell me where that is? Answer my questions, Xora. There, shall you find the place.”

Slade turned to leave allowing no room for questioning or retreat. “Oh yeah, before you get all wrapped up in retrieving your little goddess, we all owe your Company Commander a little something, something for her troubles. Care to join us?” Slade recruited mischievously.

“Sure, I’m always up for a little extra curriculum.”

“Good, because we’ve pencil you in as the lead character.” Slade issued a thumbs up and returned to the drill field.


Part IV


“UH, GUNNY…WOULD YOU COME IN HERE PLEASE,” Mayo shouted. Her, Gabrielle, Slade and Shane had just marched the girls back from their morning PT session. All of the troops, plus their insistent instructors were settling down from the thorough work out received on the training field.

Gabrielle walked past the hatch holders (two privates holding the doors opened) and returned. “What is it, Sergeant Mayo?”

“I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU PRIVATELY PLEASE.” The Sergeant yelled back. Gabrielle was standing at the back of the squad bay, so she had no inclination as to why her assistant drill instructor was insisting on her immediate presence.

Brie took off into a run, fearing that something could be wrong. When she reached Mayo’s side, she asked her comrade what was the problem. The senior drill instructor wasn’t concerned with her surroundings at the moment, only her friend. “What is it Mayo? Are you alright?” Gabrielle placed a gentle hand upon Mayo’s shoulder and observed her friend’s facial expression.

“You know Brie, sometimes I wonder how is it that you’ve managed to excel in so many demanding areas and ignore things that are happening around you.” Mayo couldn’t put it together. Her friend was a remarkable genius at times and of course there were those times, like now, when she unconsciously bear witness to the jovial statements made about blondes. “Look you twit.” Mayo directed inside the instructor’s hut.

Brie gasped from the view. The office was filled with roses. “God, they are beautiful.” The little mechanic’s eyes began to swell with tears. All she could picture was Xora’s spellbinding smile. <They have to be from her> Brie thought.

Mayo stomped her feet out of frustration purging her friend’s mind of all thoughts. “Gosh Brie, the only way your dumb ass is going to find out whom they’re from, is to read the cards. Gee, how do you get to work by your self? Ow,” Mayo scowled quietly as Slade walked up behind her and elbowed her.

“Oh Brie,” Shane embellished while gazing over her friend’s shoulder. “They are beautiful.”

As the last private positioned herself in front of her bunk, Shane turned and addressed the entire platoon.

“WELL THIRTEEN B,” She began, “I’M FEELING PRETTY GOOD AFTER THAT ENERGIZING WORK OUT, WHAT ABOUT YOU?” The recruits returned, “YES MA’AM.” Shane smiled while propping her self casually against the conference table in front of the hut.


“WHAT’LL YOU SAY THIRTEEN (B),” The Sergeant paused just long enough to grasp their full attention. “SHALL WE SEE WHO WILL FINISH FIRST?” “MA’AM,” the recruits questioned audibly. Each one leaned forward slightly to observe their instructor’s expression for clarity of the challenge. Not quite believing Sergeant Shane was offering playtime.

Slade and Mayo were amused by the Shane’s challenge. They left Brie’s side and employed their selves on each side of the Shane. There was no sense in trying to pull the little surprised gunny from her state of shock at the moment. She was in her own world and it didn’t include them.

“Sergeant Shane,” Slade harped. “I find that challenge quite invigorating. What about you Sergeant Mayo?” “I like it. What do you think squad leaders?” Mayo chimed encouragingly. “You think you could get your squads into those showers, cleaned up and back out here in ten minutes like Sergeant Shane implied?”

By this time, Brie conjured up enough courage to go into her own office. Although she was still reluctant to venture off into the cards, she did.

“Ma’am,” Private Base retorted. She was thirteen A’s first squad leader and every bit bossy. The privates in her squad hated her. “There are only fifteen showers available and fifty-six women that need showers.” She stated factually.

Slade rose from her lounging position and pondered the equation in her head. “You know Private Base, you’re right. You know we only have one shower in the drill instructor’s hut, and there are four of us. But I believe we could somehow shower, dress and be back out here before YOU, YOUR SELF can.” Slade allowed the private to gaze into her eyes, which is hardly ever done, before turning to walk away.

“Now if you think you can’t do it…then…we won’t.” Slade’s voice revealed a pretense disappointment. <I love this. I know she’s too arrogant to turn it down. I’ll just wait her out>.

“Ma’am,” Slade turned around briskly as her counterparts smirked from the sovereign move. “Yes, Private Base,” she baited. “I think we can do this.” “Think,” Slade spat. “You either do it or you don’t, which is it?”

The sergeant’s voice was stern and forceful. Private Base took a deep breath and answered, “Yes Ma’am, we’ll accept the challenge.” The privates of her detail gasped from her cocky acceptance. She never at any time considered if they would even come close to meeting the challenge. Or if they even wanted to do it.

Slade sauntered by her A squad observing their frozen expressions. “Good,” she said. Visually informing her troops that their cooperation wasn’t an option, it was mandatory. “Sergeant Shane count it down,” She ordered.

“Ladies, see you in fifteen minutes or maybe less.” Shane bragged as she counted back from five and gave the signal to begin.

Shane, Mayo and Slade dashed for the office. They each orchestrated individual duties. Mayo grabbed their essentials (bra and panties); Shane turned on the shower and adjusted the water. Slade grabbed the towels, soap and lethargic Brie.

“Here Brie, snap out of it,” she said while removing the gunny’s clothes. “We have less that five minutes to get in the shower and take care of our PST’s (Pits, Snatch and tush) before that Private Base get her troops to cooperate. “BRIE,” She shouted while issuing a slight tap to the Gunny’s cheek.

Gabrielle looked up with tears in her eyes and whispered, “She sent me roses Slade. That mean she still wants me right?” “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, tell me bout it after we shower.”

All the instructors gathered into the shower and within five minutes they had taken care of their vital parts. Within the next two minutes they were assisting each other with their hair and fastening bras. For the remaining three minutes, they each clipped the Irish pennants (strings) from their uniforms and ensured their attire was immaculate as usual.

Private Base could still be heard yelling at her detail trying to rouse them into completing their shower. “She’s lucky they are here and not out in the real world. Talking to people like that could get your ass kicked.” Shane said while unconsciously rocking her head from side to side and staring back at Slade.

Just as their eyes met Slade said, “Let’s go help the others get ready faster.” Shane broke from the instructor’s hut giggling while audibly saying, “You are a bad girl.” Slade smirked and took off in the other direction to help the privates on the opposite side of the squad bay get ready.

By the time Private Base and her squad made it out of the shower every other private in the platoon was ready, along with all the instructors.

Private Base sighed heavily and continued slowly up the living quarters. She no longer possessed the desire to finish with the wager.


“I suppose we should feel sorry for you huh?” Slade said sympathetically. Private Base didn’t look up finally realizing this was just a plot to exploit her inability to lead troops.

“Maybe we should have given you and your detail extra time huh?” She asked artificially. Private Base began to cry, obviously overcome with her inadequacy to relate effectively with others and her evident defeat.

Gabrielle rose from her chair and walked over to the private. By now all the recruits on her detail had finished dressing and were standing in front of their bunks.

“Well, isn’t this special Private Base?” Gabrielle said with her hands on her hips. “Everyone in your squad seemed to think that your detail has finished.”

Slade, Mayo and Shane stood off from their senior drill instructor observing her valor temperament. <Oh, Oh> Mayo thought. <Uh, I think the First squad, maybe in a little of trouble for their careless performance>. The sergeant continued to watch Gabrielle’s seemingly pleasant outlook. <Ah, Damn that, y’all ass is in some deep shit>.

The little Gunny stepped back from the now hysterical weeping private, and her whole demeanor changed. Her voice rumble with sovereign authority. The other instructors moved closer together trying to shield themselves from the forceful blow the unsuspecting squad was about to get.

“LISTEN UP, YOU SORRY PRIVATES IN MY FIRST SQUAD. YOU HAVE ONE HEART BEAT TO GET EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERY-ONE, IN YOUR SQUAD PREPARED FOR CHOW.” Gabrielle lowered her head and tilted it slightly. <Oh Shit> Slade thought fearing the worst for squad “A” today. “AND HALF OF THAT IS ALREADY GONE.” She growled in a tone so heart wrenching that the privates outwardly tremble. ”


Gabrielle’s gaze of utter disgust caused the squad to move about frightfully in a fatal attempt to regain her praise as well as help their bawling squad leader prepared for breakfast.

“Sergeant Shane,” Gabrielle snapped while turning to go back into the hut to retrieve her cover (hat). “Muster my Class “A,” privates out onto the catwalk would you please.” “Aye, Aye ma’am,” Shane retorted with sincere servility.

The rest of the day was a tiring one for the first squad. Every spare minute they had was spent doing incentive PT (extra exercising segments issued as a punishment). And the Mentor, for the little inquisition was none other than the head mother of the house, Gunnery Sergeant Smith. The lesson to be learned, a mission is only completed when the last man of the original detail is accounted for, and failure was not an option.


Happenings in the Commander’s Hut…

“How are you feeling today Commander?” Lieutenant Marks asked cautiously. “Just fine Lieutenant and you?” Captain Black inquired friendly. “Oh…I’m just fine,” Sylvia stated with reluctance. She didn’t know what to think of the Captain’s new attitude. Last time they spoke she sounded as if she wanted to kill her.

“Would you like me to bring you your morning coffee?” “Yes please,” Xora finished pleasantly.

Lieutenant Marks walked blindly over to the coffeepot and poured up the Captain’s coffee. She was really baffled by the commander’s accessible attitude.

“Here’s your coffee.” Sylvia said cordially. “Thank you.” “Do you know if the thirteen series have headed over to the chow hall yet?” She inquired while sipping at her beverage. “Uh, yes ma’am they just left.” “Good.” The Captain said with a smirk. Ascertain that her humble display of affection will place her at the thrush hole of forgiveness.

“Are you up for some breakfast today Captain?” The Lieutenant suggested luring the Captain’s thoughts back from where they were.

“Nah,” The Captain paused and allowed her eyes to comb invitingly over her company commander’s body. “But if you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind having lunch with you. Are you game?” Her voice purred with lustful acidity.

“Uh,” Sylvia began thanking whomever she could for her succession. <I knew it would only be a matter of time before you were mine>. “Yesss Ma’am, I’d love that.” <Yes>, the Lieutenant’s mind bellowed. <Ah bring it on baby>.

The Captain smiled as the Lieutenant practically waltzes out the hatch. <It’s working like a charm>. She thought.

Lunch went off without a hitch. The Lieutenant was left speechless by the Captain’s honorable charm and gallant protocol. She was every bit the officer. Sylvia was beside her self when the Captain asked her out again. She quickly accepted the arrangement hoping this dream would never end.
Later that night…

Slade lay on the huge sleeping sofa wondering how did Xora and Sylvia’s afternoon go. The curiosity was killing her. She pulled out her cellular phone and dialed up the Captain.

“Hello,” The Captain answered cordially, unsure of who was on the line. “Hello, Captain,” Slade returned. “Did our princess take the bait.” “Psst, allow me to introduce myself, because you obviously don’t know who I am?” The Captain returned sportingly. “Sergeant, there are times that I can be as charming as a Cobra.”

“Oh, don’t I know it. I had to slap Brie around after the six dozen roses bit. She was truly misplaced by your outlandish display of emotions, let me tell ya.” Slade finished out of breath.

“She liked it.” Xora asked. Slade could feel the smile rising on the Captain’s face from the tone of her voice. “Liked it is an understatement girlfriend. We’re still leading her around from your stifling disport. Oh…and the cards weren’t bad either.”

Slade’s voice rose to a suggestive singeing pitch. “I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I can’t live with out it. I will do anything you ask if that is what it will take for you to pardon me. I…love…you…Brie. And I won’t stop until I’ve made you mine…Please.”

The Sergeant took a deep breath after reciting the words and said, “Hey, do you think you could fix me up a little something, something for Troy. Damn, I’m sure to get up on a little booty with a few lines from the master.”

The Captain laughed before replying. “Slade, I’m not concerned with what you thought. What did Brie think?” “She loves you, Xora and with each enticing strategy you implement, you reel her in closer and closer to your heart. Hang in there girl, that booty’s acomin’, trust me.”

“Why are you and Brie like night and day. Hell if you didn’t favor and the fact of you being kin is on paper, I’d say you was total strangers.” The Captain concluded hoping she didn’t say anything to offend Slade. Slade sighed and said, “And, your point is?” Xora chortled and said goodnight. Slade closed her phone and thought, <On to phase two>.


Operation Hoe…

The Captain arrived at Lieutenant’s Marks cottage promptly at seven, just as she promised. They headed to the officer’s club for a couple of drinks and later took on the town. Round about midnight the Lieutenant was so liquor up that she was stumbling. She was also becoming quite friendly, caressing and rubbing her self suggestively against the Captain.

Xora act as if she was thoroughly enthrall as she leaned over and whispered to Sylvia, “Let’s get out of here.” The Lieutenant practically screamed, “Check please.” The Captain smirked and finished her drink.
Preparing to snag the Hoe…

“Where is my paint?” Slade asked while throwing pillows and blankets off her bed. No one answered, yet their gaze fell upon Joy who was drawing pretty smiling faces all about hers. Slade narrowed her eyes and raised her hands into the perfect choking position. She moved with impeccable stealth skills toward Joy. The Lieutenant didn’t notice anything as she continued to hum to herself. Just as Slade was about to grab Joy, Mayo intervenes.

“Baby,” She chimed bending over Joy’s shoulder. “Didn’t you hear Slade ask for her camouflage mix?” Joy looked up at Mayo and chuckled giddily. “I just heard a lot of talking. Not really zoning in on any one conversation. I’m sorry Slade, here you go.”

Joy handed the canister over to Mayo. Slade snatched her paint away from her friend and said, “You keep that away from me or I will be force to defend myself.” The room echoed with laughter. Slade patted her hands in the air and said, “Sssh, Brie will hear us.”

The team adorned their finishing touches to their “Operation Hoe” disguises. They were all dressed in black scull caps, black tee shirts, matching jackets, black sweat pants and corresponding socks and shoes. Of course Mayo had to redo Joy’s face, but the war paint and voice-altering devices concealed everyone’s identity.

“Are we ready ladies?” Slade asked observing the temperament of each of her comrades. Each woman raised their weapons and answered the question with a silent nod. “Well, then let’s go get us a hoe.” The women scaled down the ladder Brie had installed in Slade’s room in case of a fire and headed over to the club.

They arrived just in time to see Xora struggling with an intoxicated Sylvia. (Did I say struggling? I meant beating her off). The Lieutenant was all over Xora, wanting to take her right there in the parking lot.

Slade lifted her arm and twirled her finger in the air. Signaling for them to take their positions. The women quickly dropped to the ground. At least, that was what was supposed to have happened.

Shane elbowed Mayo and widened her eyes while gazing up at the Sergeant’s dizzy girlfriend. Mayo jumped to her feet, placed her hand around Joy’s mouth and dragged her quietly to the ground. Everyone watched the improvising move of the experience Sergeant wondering how did the confused Lieutenant, now being cradled in Mayo’s arms, get through officer’s school.

Within seconds the entire detail was well hidden. Some had rolled into positions under parked cars while others took refuge behind or on the sides of other cars, adequately disguising their presence.

Xora reached the car and propped an obviously horny Lieutenant, who was still trying to grind against the Captain, while she opened the door. “Sylvia, if you don’t behave, I’m going to hog tie you.” Xora chastised. “Um…that sounds good, can we do it now?” The Lieutenant provoked.

“Hay,” Slade interrupted. “That’s my Benz. What are you doing to it?” “Uh, I think you need to explain to the street hoodlum whose car this is.” Lieutenant Marks slurred while tapping the Captain on the shoulder to get her attention.

Slade stood several steps away from the couple, glaring imminently at them. The minute Xora laid eyes on her, her cheeks swelled with a rising cackle. She was familiar with tonight’s plan. She just didn’t expect Adrienne to look, to look, as if she was a professional smuggler.

“Xo-ra?” Slade pronounced curiously. Instantly portraying the role of a familiar acquaintance. “Is that you?” Sylvia’s head wobbled from Slade to the Captain, wondering just how she knew that gutter rat. “Cap-tain, surely you share no attachment with this, this, this…woman do you?” Lieutenant Marks drooled (literally).

Xora turned to the Lieutenant and quietly asked her to get into the car. “Uh-uh, who does that bitch think she is, intruding on our evening. I want YOU to go over there and kick her ass Xo, Xo…” “Xora, you drunken sofa cover. And Xora is not going to do no such thing. Isn’t that right hunny?” Slade stated with an unnoticed wink to the Captain.

Xora turned to close the door to the car. She was fighting extremely hard not to display any kind of emotions, but Slade looked so cute in that outfit. Good looks must definitely run in their family.

“Camille, we can talk about this later. I have to see her back home first.” The Captain paused in her statement in order to reveal a submissive reluctance, “Is that alright?” The Captain asked, almost sincerely.

Slade took a couple of steps closer and said, “Hell, nah it ain’t alright. I’m out here supposedly to robe a rich undercover tycoon, and by my eyes, what do I find.” Slade wiped her nose across her sleeve while accompanying it with a funky snort. She then lowered her hands expressively over her crouch and cupped it. <And some people say body language doesn’t have an appealing influence on people> Xora thought as she observed Slade’s street prowess.

“Hay you automatic snatch warmer, didn’t you know that this woman belonged to someone. Didn’t you receive any kind of resistance?” Adrienne’s voice dropped several octaves lowered before, removing her hands and taking a step closer. As she approached her arms went up in the air while artistically bobbing her head. “OR did you give her an offer she couldn’t refuse?”

“Camille,” The Captain tactfully intervened. Appearing to draw the Sergeant’s sniper attack to herself. “Shut up you up-town trollop.” Slade growled.

“You can’t…uh, talk to my date like…like…like that,” Lieutenant Marks stuttered. “She is a Master in the Martial Arts, isn’t that right, uh?” <WHAT is her name>? The Lieutenant thought in vain. “XOOO-RA, you alcohol disbursement bank.”

Slade rocked back a couple of paces and reached behind her back to remove her forty-five automatic from her trousers. (NOTE: All weapons used in this exercise are only props, yet each drill instructor and officer of this operation are thoroughly trained on the safety features of handling a fire arm. Now, back to the story).

“You know,” Slade said while sharply pulling back on the loading chamber of her revolver. “I came out here to rob some rich bitch, but…Xora, you cheating bed jumper, I think we’ll just proceed with that plan.

“Wait, Wait,” Sylvia pleaded while weaving over in front of Xora. “You said we.” She then looked around and cackled sinisterly. “I don’t see anyone, but us and you. And whether you have a gun or not, we could easily contain you and kick your little sadistic ass.” The Lieutenant pointed out.

“Besides we are women, commissioned officer’s mind you, in the Marine Corps and ba-by we know of no fear. Now pack away your little toy and be on your way. We have pressing matters to discuss.”

Slade smiled cunningly and complimented Xora on her selection of women. “You right,” Slade pondered while looking around. “We do appear to be alone, you two and I.” Slade confirmed while waving the gun in their general direction. Lieutenant Marks fell against Xora and swirled the Captain back in front of her. <If anyone should be shot it should be your cheating ass>. The Lieutenant thought.

“But Xora knows I never travel without my patches. Isn’t that right Xor?” Slade brought her hands up to her hips and nodded her head in an upward motion. Members of Operation Hoe made their presence known.

Mayo rolled forward out of her hidden position until she was at Slade’s side. She then repelled into an elegant handstand before artfully arranging her limbs to regain her posture. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Slade noticed a somersaulting figure approaching them. Slade couldn’t help, but be frightened. The height of the skillful tumbler kind of put her in the mind of Joy. But Lord knows this couldn’t be the same person that trips over her double-knotted shoestrings.

Joy estimated her distance from herself and Slade so that her high forward handsprings, double-back tucked somersault placed her right at the Sergeant’s side. Slade stumbled into Mayo as she watched Joy conclude her routine. Every pair of eyes in the parking lot was on Joy as she nailed her routine without so much as a glitch. Xora watched as everyone’s mouth fell open. Clearly overwhelmed with the Lieutenant’s tumbling abilities.

Mayo’s applauding brought everyone’s attention back to the situation at hand. “Stop that,” Slade mumbled while slapping her partner’s hands. She then looked over at Joy again. <The prospects of this woman’s capabilities are endless. All we have to do is get her through…everything else>. Slade thought to herself.

“Anyway, now you see I am not alone, And because you are out with my cousin’s woman. I think we should punish you for the crime.” “What crime?” Sylvia yelled. “I don’t see a ring on this woman finger.” “Ah you think because she isn’t wearing a ring that she doesn’t belong to any one. HELLO! Scarlet O’Hara, this is America and WE ARE in the 90’s.”

Slade glared at the Captain with hostile contempt on her face. “Xora get your ass in that car and go home. We have to discuss with your friend here the repercussions of being DOWN,” Slade dipped slightly before returning to her full height, “with OPP (Other People’s Property).”

“Camille please, we were just out for a bite to eat and a few drinks, nothing happened.” Xora falsely pleaded. “You lying cunt. I saw you leaning against that rabid wench as she humped your leg like an ape during mating season.” Slade spat while aiming her weapon at the Lieutenant. “Step away from my cousin’s woman, hoe.” The disguised Sergeant growled.

“XO-RA,” the Lieutenant cried out as the Captain stood glaring helplessly at her. “Surely you aren’t just going to leave me here with these vandals are you?” Her gaze harbored a stifling uncertainty accompanied by caged fear. The Captain turned away trying to keep from chortling in the Lieutenant’s face.

“I’m sorry Sylvia, but I can’t allow Carmen to find out about this. I really do love her and I definitely don’t want to lose her.” Xora opened the car door and slid in. “To be frank Lieutenant, as much as I would like to fuck you, being with you is not worth loosing the best lover I have ever known.” The Captain turned and put her car in gear.

“XORA,” the lieutenant howled. “Please don’t leave me here alone.” Xora sighed and tilted her head as if contemplating the situation. She then looked up at her date and said, “Good luck Sylvia. I think you are going to need it.”

Xora then looked over at Slade and gave her an unnoticeable thumb up while pulling slowly away. It took every technique known to man to keep her from laughing uncontrollably. Especially after gazing into Sylvia’s panicky features when she realized she was in fact going to leave her.
The Lieutenant stood there in total shock. <I can’t believe that bitch left me. How could she do that? Any woman that can drive off and leave you in the midst of trouble is certainly not worth your time>. Sylvia looked over at Slade fearing the worst. The Sergeant brought the revolver up leveled with her chest again and said, “Now…where were we?” The Lieutenant secretly prayed as Joy placed a blindfold upon her eyes and everything faded to blackness.
Back at Home…

“Slade,” Brie called from the darkness as her sister headed upstairs. Slade’s hand immediately caressed her face ensuring all the paint had been removed.

“Hay Brie, what’s up?” Slade returned, trying to draw her sister’s attention to the question instead of her unusual attire.

“Where have you been?” Gabrielle asked while examining her sister from head to toe. “You promised to help me adjust the muffler on my 1966 Corvette. You do remember that, don’t you?”

“Gosh Brie, I’m sorry it completely slipped my mind. The girls and I spent the evening,” she looked over her outfit trying to come up with an idea for it. “We…uh spent the evening bowling.”

“Well, that would explained why you look like an assassin and why you chose to totally ignore your sister tonight.” Gabrielle was now walking past Slade with the longest pout she had ever seen.

Slade pulled her pouting sister to her and whispered, “Sorry Brie, I promise I’ll make it up to you okay?”

Brie returned the embrace and said; “You know I’ll hold you to that big sis.” The little gunny tilted her head and looked over her sister’s out fit again. “Did y’all win?” She asked curiously, wondering if Slade even went into a bowling alley. “Oh boy did we ever,” Slade said with a triumphant smile on her face. The sisters walked arm in arm to the top of the stairs and bid each other a good night.

Once in her room Slade heard her personal phone ring. She picked it up and cordially greeted who ever were on the line. It was Xora. “So how did it go?” She asked curiously. “It went perfectly. By the time we were finished she was promising never to speak to you again.” “Good, now I can direct my attention back to the business at hand, getting my woman back.”

Just as Xora finished her statement Slade heard a faint knock on her door. “Hay Xor I have to go. Brie’s at the door, see ya tomorrow okay.” Xora said good night and hung up.

Slade sat up and beckoned Brie to come in. “Slade, I’ve been thinking. I want to give Xora something special.” The little gunny looked up just in time to see a puzzling expression on her sister’s face. “Get up off the Doe. I just want to give her a pre-Valentines gift, geesh.”

Slade began to relax again. “What do you think about this?” Brie showed her some glamour poses she picked up from the mall’s photography shops. “Damn Brie I think this is a great idea. If they can make you look as half as good as these women, you will have Xora driveling all day.” <Ah, I think my baby sister may be getting the hang of this love thing>. Slade thought with a proud smile.

“You go girl. And who said you didn’t have a wild side.” Gabrielle chuckled and leaned into her big sister. “Will you go with me? I mean I’m not afraid to go by myself.” “Oh of course not,” Slade returned with a raised eyebrow before agreeing to go with Brie.

“Good, and don’t make any plans for tomorrow evening. That is when I made the appointment.” “I won’t,” Slade completed. The sisters bid each other goodnight again as Gabrielle left the room.

Slade smiled at her ambitious sister and prepared for bed. <Xora, strap down girl friend. As soon as Gabrielle picks up on the pros and cons of this game you might find yourself being reeled in>.

Slade laid in her bed reminiscing over recent events the two sets of friends have engaged in. She thought of their first meeting and how well they all seem to blend together. <Hell if we all were to resign from the Marine Corps we could all bond together and open a business of some sort>.

Slade then thought of Joy’s exemplary tumbling skills. Her performance tonight was definitely a foreign characteristic that people aren’t use to seeing. <Yep> she brainstormed. <We could become quite an enterprise. Even Joy would prove to be an invaluable asset. We just have to figure out just what. Slade smiled as images of an enticingly nude Troy drifted in her mind. The Sergeant picked up the phone and dialed her number.

“Hello,” Troy answered sleepily. “Hay baby,” Slade slurred sexily. “What’cha got on? A T-shirt and some pan’ies?” The sergeant finished quizzically.

“Why yes…yes I do,” Troy drawled enticingly, “but their edibles, wanna bite?” Slade wiped the drool from the corners of her mouth and said, “Don’t…you…move my little temptress. I’m already in the car.”


Part V


“Oh my God, Sylvia what happened to you?” Karlena asked. Her and Sylvia had been roommates every since she was assigned to the base. She was considered a base hoe too. But her specialty was banging men. She didn’t care if they were married, courting or single. It didn’t matter; all she wanted was a thorough pumping.

“That whore Xora is what happened.” Sylvia returned vilely. The Lieutenant was dripping from head to toe with tar and feathers. By the time they released her, the mixture had begun to harden.

“So, Uh what are you going to do?” Karlena inquired while blocking the entrance to their apartment. “What the fuck you mean what am I going to do? I have to get this shit off of me. Now let me in.” Sylvia tried to step into the room, but Karlena continued to block her path.

“Uh, uh, you’re not bringing your ass in here dripping all over my mother’s Persian rug.”

Sylvia looked up into her friends drilling gaze and said, “Well, just what in the hell am I suppose to do Karlena? I need to get this goo off of me and quick?”

“Isn’t there a water hose around the side somewhere?” Karlena suggested while pointing around the corner of the building.

“Karlena, just put some paper down. I HAVE TO GET THIS SHIT OFF OF ME.” The Lieutenant screamed. She was now frustrated to the point of committing physical violence if she had to.

“Alright, Alright. Lower your voice before you draw attention to us.” Karlena left to get the paper spread out so the Lieutenant could enter her quarters.

<Xora, you low class ass humper. You are going to pay for this>. The Lieutenant thought while watching her roommate lay out the paper so that she could come in.

The pair scrubbed, chiseled, scraped and soaked every part of the Lieutenant’s body until the remnants of the mixture were removed.

“You know Sylvia, you have never tangled with anyone this resistant. Maybe you should just leave well enough alone.” Karlena said while helping her roommate dry her hair.

“Naw, that traitorous Captain has it coming. You know that tramp drove off and left me with a street gang. I have never felt so betrayed in my life.”

Frustrated as all get out, Sylvia snatched the towel from her much shorter comrade and finished drying the remaining water from her hair. She then dropped down on the side of her bed and narrowed her eyes. “You know the Marine Corps doesn’t take too kindly to Officers fraternizing with enlisted personnel, especially if they are the same sex.”

“Sylvia,” Her friend hissed with fear. “Don’t do this. Why don’t you just brush this off as a learning experience? You don’t want to delve into something you are just as much a part of as well as that Captain. Just cut your losses and pull out. There is no need to venture off into something that will be just as damaging to you as well so as her.”

The Lieutenant ignored her friend’s pleas of sanity. She wanted revenge and she wanted it now. If Xora wasn’t going to be with her, she definitely wasn’t going to be with that little tinted head gunny either. “I think I’ll go to the base Legal office tomorrow and file a sexual harassment complaint.” “No,” Karlena gasped. “Don’t do this Sylvia. You don’t know what kind of trouble you can bring upon yourself for doing this. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? THIS WOMAN IS NOT WORTH IT. YOU’VE WORK TO HARD TO GET WHERE YOU ARE NOW. JUST LET THIS GO AND LEAVE THIS…THIS WOMAN ALONE. DO YOU HEAR ME? GET OVER THIS AND GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE. DON’T MAKE IT WORST.”

“Oh, I think I do want to make it worst, at least for her. She should have never denied me and on top of it, refused my advances. No one does that to me. No, if the Captain wants to play, I’m just the person to give her a run for her money.”

Karlena launched herself off the side of the Lieutenant’s bed and shouted, “YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL. WHAT’S EVEN SADDER IS THAT YOU AREN’T EVEN AWARE OF IT. YOU GO ON WITH YOUR LITTLE CHARADE, BUT I ASSURE YOU, YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER THE GREATEST LOSS. THAT CAPTAIN IS CUNNING AND RESOURCEFUL. SHE’LL LAND ON HER FEET. I JUST HOPE YOU CAN.” Karlena then stormed from the room and slammed the door behind her. She didn’t even bother to look back. She didn’t care. The Lieutenant was about to bestow upon herself the same damnation she was wishing for the resilient Captain.


Part VI


“Excuse me Miss, but do you have something a little less revealing than this. Frankly I can see her nipples. Is that the sort of impression we want to give?” Gabrielle’s mouth fell open in complete shock. As she watched her sister badger the photographer about the slinky negligee she had been given.

“Ma’am, these are glamour poses, not church pictures. Ms. Smith has imposed an interest in sensual shots and that is what I intend to help her with.”

“Well Miss, whomever you are. Look at her.” Slade’s voice was beginning to carry out into the studio. “Why don’t we just remove her clothes and do her nude?”

The little red head, photographer looked up and down Gabrielle’s firm body as Slade gazed on. “Damn, what the Hell, why not, Brie take off that teddy. I’m sure your friend would like these even better.”

“WHAT!” Slade screamed. The teasing camerawoman turned and said, “Gotcha. Gabrielle is a very beautiful young woman. There is nothing wrong with putting it on displays every once in a while. It solicits prospective mates if done correctly.”

The photographer walked up to the torpid sister and directed her over to a nearby chair. “Why don’t you just take a seat and enjoy the show?” She then turned and approached Gabrielle, “Girl, do something with your sister before I have her arrested. Are you sure she’s not your mother?” The photographer glared once more at the little mechanic ‘s sister and took her position.

The session went well. They were even able to view and purchase the pictures before they left. Slade was quite impressed with the finished product. Gabrielle was very photogenic and cute too. “Hay, I wonder if I could persuade Troy to do this for me? What a turn on that would be? Especially,” Slade paused and tilted her head as well so as the photo she was looking at. “If she could do this.” Gabrielle slapped her arm and told the photographer that she would take all of them. The little energetic red head nodded at the little gunny and informed her that she would fix ’em up real nice for her perspective intended.
The Next Morning…

“Ma’am, I have a package for you.” The other company commander said while placing the parcel on Xora’s desk. “Thank you Lieutenant Burke.” Xora then proceeded to open the box.

It was a photo album. “Huh, I wonder what is in you?” She thought as she opened it up to the front page. She spews the coffee she was drinking all over the desk as her hands began to shake nervously. “Oh my God.”

She turned through the pages slowly. With every turn of the books contents the Captain found herself thoroughly aroused. Her body ignited like a blazing fire. “Lord have mercy, this little woman is hot.” She heard herself say while continuing through the pages.

Gabrielle was absolutely stunning. She wore a lacy see through black teddy with matching thigh high sheer stockings. Her poses ranged from sitting up to lying down with her legs elevated or spread. There was one in particular that Xora really enjoyed. The little mechanic was leaning up against a velvet-covered prop with her legs open and a snow-white teddy bear lounging suggestively between her legs.

Out of all the photos, Xor found this one the most sensual. All kinds of thoughts came to mind as she laid her forehead down against the photo and eased her shaking hand between her own legs. Her power knob was throbbing like crazy. She needed release. Her fingertips began to caress the offending mass skillfully as she imagines stroking Brie’s silky love chamber. The Captain panted quietly as her method intensified. Flashes of Brie’s head falling back and releasing brought about her own. “Damn,” She gasped. “I have got to get laid and soon or I am going to go crazy.”

After several cleansing breaths the Captain returned to her original upright position and caressed the final photo of Brie sitting up in a wicker chair with her legs crossed, looking ever so enticing. “I love you.” The Captain whispered as she closed the book.
Later that evening in the Captain’s cottage…

“Oh my God,” Troy cooed. “She is simply bewitching.” Troy looked up with envy in her eyes before looking back down upon the images of Brie. “Why in the hell didn’t I think of this? Dag, Xora if this doesn’t say I forgive you.” She tilted one particular photo while gazing at Gabrielle in a back-bending pose. “It definitely say I’m available, and only for you. Damn she is so pretty in these photos. So what’s your next move?” Troy asked while still flipping through the photos.

“To be honest Troy, I don’t know. After looking at those I had to take a well needed release break.” Troy cackled and said, “Yeah, I see what you mean.” She was now looking at the photo that Xora was partial to. “I’d have to whack the spot to after this. My, My, My, aren’t we a naughty little girl.” Troy chirped.

“Xora, you may need to pump up on your iron supplement after gazing at these pictures. If she is anything like the pictures portray, you maybe in a little trouble.” Xora snorted and said, “Allow me to introduce my self.” Everyone joined in while chanting Xora’s well-known phrase. “I have many skills.”

“Well I guess after this symbol of elegant persuasion, the gesture will have to be just as provocative. Anyone care to assist me?” Troy, Joy and Sharonda looked up at her and said, “Nice try cave woman, but you are still on your own.” Xora shook her head and rose to put her precious memories up.

“So Xora,” Joy began. “How is your new Lieutenant Marks working out?” Xora laughed audibly. “Whatever you degenerates did to her was certainly feasible. She doesn’t even come within two feet of me.” “Well, you better watch her. Mayo says she’s getting a bad premonition about this whole thing. Just be careful.”

“It’s just like you Joy to rain on someone’s parade. Nothing is going to happen.” Sharonda snapped. “Especially if the trick is smart. She is about as deep in this shit as we are.”

“Well, I’m certainly not going to linger on thoughts of her. I have a Valentine evening to plan.” Xora said while rising to get the phone.

The gang chatted among themselves as Xora placed a call to her trusted sister-in-law. Xora informed Slade that the pictures were inspiring, to say the least. She loved them. She also inquired about Gabrielle’s favorite cuisine, and what else did the little gunny consider a fabulous evening. Slade gratefully filled her in on her sister’s like and dislikes before bringing the conversation to a close. Xora hung up the phone and smirked. Troy could see the ideas floating through the love struck Captain’s mind. <Yeah, she’s about to blow>. She thought wickedly.
Valentines evening…

“Joy, where is my make up, you blubbering little thief?” Sharonda growled while pushing her way into Xora’s guest room. “It’s over there, you uncouth squatter.” Joy retorted angrily. Sharonda walked over to the dresser and snatched up her stuff. “Don’t get smart brain dead. I’m about two inches off your ass if you make me late for my date with Shane.” She said while leaving. “I don’t see what she see in you anyway.” Joy muttered as she put the finishing touches on her outfit.

Just about all of the ladies were dressed alike. That is everyone except Joy, who wore a trim form fitting short black dress with her golden hair hanging precariously about her breasts and shoulders. She wore long length black gloves, black velvet choker, and stilt heel pumps. Actually she was quite vivacious. “Damn Joy, did your mommy dress you?” Sharonda joked while straightening her long tail jacket. “No, did yours?” Sharonda narrowed her eyes and avoided a well deserve return.

“Xora com’on, we want to get a gawk at you before we all leave.” Troy shouted. Xora walked out of her room and stopped just short of the first step leading down to the group. “Damn,” Joy hissed. Xora wore a leather two-piece. The jacket had a drop box neckline that easily revealed her golden ample peeks, long tails and golden buttons running down the short waist front. It also came with matching rider pants and gloves to match. To finish off the ensemble she wore a leather black braided heifer (hat) and matching pointed toe high thigh boots.

“Xor, you look mag-ni-fi-cent.” Sharonda said faintly. Troy gazed proudly at her friend with nothing, but boundless admiration for her. “You are going to bring Brie to her knees.” She said honestly. Xora sauntered down the stairs and said, “I was hoping maybe to open them.” The group evaluated her words a little longer before falling out laughing. “Well girlfriend, you definitely have the outfit for it.” Sharonda said while leaning in and kissing her friend lightly on the cheek. “Good luck Xora. I’m out of here. Shane is waiting for me.”

“Oh my gosh, would you look at that.” Joy said peeping out the door. Troy stepped to the door and almost fell back in surprise. “Who in the hell requested a limo?” “Oh, that’s just a little something I thought up,” Xora said with a raised eyebrow and smirk on her face. She then walked past her nostalgia friends and walked up to an already awaiting chauffeur. “Good evening ma’am,” the driver said with a wink. Xora returned the gesture and got in. The driver for tonight’s suave was one of Xora’s long time friend that was also in the Marine Corps before she was forced to resign for personal reasons.

“Ready,” she called back to an obviously nervous customer. “Yeah,” Xora returned while gazing frightfully out the window. Her friend smiled at her discomfort and slowly pulled away.
I’m Off to Get My Date…

“Get out here Brie. I want to see you before Troy gets here.” Slade yelled. Mayo and Shane were indulging in one last drink before their dates arrived.

Gabrielle stepped out onto the staircase and looked down on her sister, who was now mute to everything around her. “So what do you think?” She asked mischievously. Slade gazed up and down her sister’s petite muscular form and stuttered. “I think…I think…I think you should go back to your room young lady. You are grounded.” Slade’s tone was bland and emptied of all substance. Gabrielle’s appearance left her completely drained.

“Oh Brie, you look divine.” Shane said while gazing over Slade’s shoulder. Mayo yelled, “Now I know you are about to give up that snatch. You little closet hopping play mate.” Gabrielle smirked shyly. Slade still hadn’t said anything. Mayo elbows her hard to get her attention. “Say something, tell her you like it.” Yet all Slade could picture was her virginal sister rolling around in the bed with Xora. She didn’t want that to happen. No matter how much they loved each other. She didn’t want it.

“You look heavenly Brie,” She finally said quietly. Mayo and Shane observed the shaky Sergeant and whispered, “Don’t worry Slade. She’ll be all right. You know Xora loves her. Let her have some fun. She’s damn sure old enough.” Mayo snapped. “She’s a radiant young woman with lots of love in her heart. Allow her to share it with someone. If Xora is her choice, then my friend please be happy for her.” Shane finished while wrapping her arms around their frightened friend and whispering encouragement to the reluctant sister.

Slade stared up at Brie with unbridled fear in her eyes. “She better not take advantage of her or I will make her life a living hell. I swear to that.” Her words were low enough for only the pair hugging her to hear. They knew Slade was still not taken with the idea of Brie being with anyone, especially with a woman of experience like the Commander.

“Got damn, check this shit out!” Mayo exclaimed while watching a snow-white Limousine pull up out front. “Slade, Shane get over here. You have got to see this.” The pair joined their friend at the door. Almost knocking her over.

“Oh my God, girl, its Xora.” Mayo whispered. “And lord, does she look dangerous.” Gabrielle stood at the stairs listening to her friend’s trade comments about her sultriest date. It brought a smile to her face.

Xora stepped up on the porch and said good evening. The trio stood staring at the powerful woman as she returned their gaze. “Hello, yoo-hoo, is Gabrielle here?” The triads, still unable to speak from gazing at the Captain, parted.

Xora’s mouth went dry as her eyes fell upon her spellbinding date. Brie wore a long form fitting sleeveless black gown, stilt patent leather pumps, long black satin silk gloves, a complementing baby link necklace adorned with a shiny onyx stone, and her mother’s marble base black hair comb, that glorified the glistening hues of her honey rolled style strawberry blonde hair.

Xora stumbled into the front door in profound wonder. Gabrielle’s appearance unnerved her the moment she laid eyes on her. Gabrielle swayed slowly down the steps, seizing everyone’s attention. Her movements were every bit suggestive and singeing. She then stopped in front of Xora and said good evening.

Slade had to nudge the Captain to get a coherent response from her. “Ah, good evening.” The Captain mumbled, still a prisoner of the vision in front of her. “Tell her how she looks,” Slade coached the hypnotized Captain. “I am lost in your spell little one. You are simply extraordinary.” Xora blindly took Gabrielle’s wrap and draped it tenderly around her shoulders.

“Shall we?” she asked her lovely date while extending an offered arm. Gabrielle slipped her arm artfully within the Captain’s and whispered, “Yes, we shall.” Xora had to smile at the gunny’s fascinating persona as she led her to the car. “Good night ladies,” she called back. “Oh, and don’t wait up Slade. She’s mine for a long as she allows it.” Gabrielle giggles sweetly and slid into the limo. Xora quickly followed.


Part VII


As Gabrielle slid into the roomy limousine, her body began to tremble tautly. It had been two weeks since she’d even talk to Xora, and she was definitely feeling uncomfortable. Although she trusted Xor completely, they still had matters to discuss and she was dreading it.

Xora slid in behind Brie. She had never felt so nervous in her life. She simply worshiped Gabrielle, but she also knew it there were something she had to get off her chest before their relationship could continue to flourish and grow.

“I’m glad you decide to come with me tonight. I had my doubts after what happened. Yet, I prayed you would.” Xora whispered while taking Brie’s smaller hand into hers and caressing it. She then crossed her legs just as she did in the movies and laid the gunny’s hand politely upon her thigh.

“I know there are some things we need to discuss, but before we begin I want to apologize for what you witness in my office that day. I don’t know where it began, and what’s worst, I can’t even begin to explain why. All I know Brie, is that I don’t want to be without you. I hope you can find it in your heart to pardon me, because frankly I wouldn’t know how to proceed if you didn’t. I just…” Xora paused in the middle of her statement looking for the right words.

Brie applied a gentle squeezed to the commander’s thigh and let out a satisfying sigh. “Xora,” she stated quietly. “Do you remember the first time we went out? I mean, the very first night you and I were alone, all to ourselves?”

Xora looked disconcertingly down into the gunny’s face and replied, “Yes.” She then laid her hand upon Brie’s and squeezed lovingly.

“Do you remember what we did?” The commander let out a shaky breath and whispered, “Yes,” again.

“What did we do Xora.” Xor pulled slightly away from Gabrielle and stared into her eyes. Silently trying to figure out the significance of the Gunny’s questioning.

The commander straightened in the seat and gazed up into the ceiling of the car. “Well, we took a long relaxing walk along the river front admiring the decorative sail boats. We then laid a hand knitted blanket down near the weeping willow just a ways off from the ice cream stand, and we ate those messy foot long hot dogs.” Xora stifled a chuckle. “I had the damnedest time wiping those chilly stains away from your already flushed cheeks.” Xora smiled and redirected her gaze back toward Gabrielle. “I then moved you into my lap and we quietly watched the sun set. I’ve never taken an interest in the beauty of such infinite creations until I met you. We were left speechless from the sun’s golden rays as they turned rosy and she dipped her lower half down into the water’s coolness. It was breathtaking…and so were you.”

Gabrielle moan comfortingly before adding, “Yeah, I’ll never forget that statement you made about the hues of my hair and how it reminded you of the setting sun. “Do you remember that Z?”

Xora didn’t reply just then, she simply lifted Brie’s hand and moved her between her legs and wrapped her arms around her. “Yes I do.” She uttered.

“Go on love, finish telling me what we did.” Brie encouraged.

Xora tightened her grip and hummed pleasingly from the contact. It had been seem like forever since she held Brie like this. “I then said just listen to the sweeping of the gentle tides. Allow its peacefulness to carry you away as I hold you safely in my arms.” The commander found herself captured by the gunny’s meekness. She was heading somewhere, yet her direction, Xor was unsure of. All she was sure of was that she would follow the gunny to the ends of the world if that were what it would take to hold on to her.

“You then quietly offered me a proposition.” Gabrielle interrupted. “Do you remember that?” “Yes,” Xora retorted while pulling Gabrielle closer. Brie smiled at her friend’s humble tone. “You said, Brie, I can’t promise you the world. I can’t promise you that I will never hurt you, but I can promise…to love you…always.” Xora found herself joining in and finishing the statement with the Gunny. “All you have to say is yes, and I will become yours forever. Say it Brie. Make me yours…Please.” Xora whimpered as finally the gravity of the Gunny’s questioning began to dawn on her.

Gabrielle leaned back against Xora and buried her hands under her leather-covered thighs. “Tell me Xora, what did I say?” “You said it is I that should be pleading for your love. You had never met anyone that you felt so safe and content with. You then took a deep breath and leaned further into me and said, “Every morning that I awake I see images of those big baby blues and I smile.” Gabrielle intervened. “Each morning I visualize you coming into the bathroom with a smile upon your face and a hug just for me. Those memories make my heart sing Xor, and my soul soar. I could never despise you, and can you tell me why?”

Xor tightened her embrace and took in a trembling breath. “Yes, I do.” Xora thought back to when Mayo, Shane and finally Slade offered their insight on how she could get Gabrielle back. She also recalled Slade’s mind-boggling poem while reciting its pertinence out loud.

“I have gazed into your eyes and witness the boundless love you have for me. I have touched your heart and branded it mine.” Xora inhaled deeply and ran just her fingertips across Brie’s sweet scented shoulders, while issuing gentle spoofs of air upon the exposed area. “I have caressed the warmth of your skin and know that it is only I that you desire.” Xor pulled Gabrielle back into her arms and slid further down into the seat. She then took another deep breath and continued. “The same goes for you. You have gazed into my eyes and uncovered a love I’ve never known. You have touched my soul,” Xora laid her hand gently upon Brie’s heart. “And filled it with immeasurable happiness. You have caressed the warmth of my skin, and made me long for your touch alone.” Xora paused and planted a succulent kiss upon the valley of Brie’s neck and shoulder. “Brie, you can’t despise me, because it isn’t in you and you can’t hate me else you hate yourself.”

Gabrielle gasped and turned slightly to look into the Commander’s teary eyes. “You had help with this.” Xora smiled and nodded her head proudly. “Yes, and I thank the Lord above for it.” Brie returned the smile and wiped the running tears from Xora’s eyes.

“You are mine Xora. I laid claim to you the moment I saw you. Though I didn’t know it then, my heart did. Xora, I have never been happier than when I am with you. Though YOU have faltered, our love shan’t. Though you are unsure of our path, allow me to enlighten you. I forgive you and I still want you. So…com’on girl,” Gabrielle whirred to lighten the mood. “Won’t you be my Valentine?” Brie then crinkled her nose and rubbed it against the commander’s. Xora cackled loudly and pulled her girlfriend in for a vicious hug. “You are priceless little one. Of course I’ll be your Valentine, but you must promise to be mine as well.” “It’s a deal then,” the gunny whispered while planting a tender kiss upon her valentine’s luscious lips.

“So ladies, where shall it be?” The chauffeur for the night asked. Brie slid back down between Xora’s legs and wrapped the commander’s arms snuggly around her shoulders. “The riverfront,” They both answered concurrently. The driver smiled at the contrasting pair and pulled onto the park’s pavement. While the pair was engaged in other matters, they hardly noticed that the driver was hanging on their every word. The minute she heard of their first date, she immediately adjusted the night’s field trip. As she brought the vehicle to a stop, she immediately donned her hat and assisted the couple out.

“I will be at your disposal whenever you are ready, ma’am.” She informed Xor. “Sam,” Xora stated with a glimmering smile, “Excuse my rudeness. I don’t think I’ve introduced you to my lady.” Sam instantly brought her body to attention and reached for the gunny’s hand. “Gabrielle, this is Samantha. I call her Sam for short. She is an old friend of mine. Sam owns her own limousine fleet.” Sam smiled, and planted a very professional kiss upon the back of the Gunny’s hand. “It is an honor to meet you Gabrielle. It’s not everyday I meet a woman with such power.” Xora elbowed her and ordered her out the way. “Don’t be rude Xora,” Gabrielle asked as her eyes twinkle brightly. Xora stood rigid from the coy look Brie was giving her. <By the Angels in Heaven, do you know what you do to me woman? > “As you wish my love,” Xora chirped while walking past Sam. “Page me when you are ready Xor.” Sam called out while observing Xora’s wave of approval.

The couple walked along the shore arm and arm watching the peaceful ripples of the river slap upon the rocks. “Are you hungry?” Xor asked. “I sure am. How about a hot dog from the ice cream stand?” “A lovely choice, my little strawberry.” The commander returned sweetly. After the couple ate, Xora purchased a blanket from the tapestry stand and laid it down in front of the tree they sat at on their first date. Together they watched the sun set. Xora closed her eyes and allowed the gentle breeze to sweep graciously upon the contours of her face and imprison her soul. “Can you feel it Gabrielle? Can you feel the aura tonight?” Brie cooed, and pushed further back into Xor. “You swoon me woman. I am helpless against your spell, Please,” she hissed, “don’t let go.” “I won’t,” Xor promised while issuing a gentle kiss upon the gunny’s shoulder.

As the upper rim of the sun ducked under the silent waves, Xora suggested they return to the car. Brie nodded her consent and allowed the commander to pull her to her feet. “Brie, I never imagined this day ending like this. I had a beautiful dinner planned with all the trimmings, but after holding you the entire evening I realize material things will never come close to what I feel right now. I feel so light, so free, so captured by your love. Stay with me tonight. I don’t want to stop holding you, not just yet please.” Gabrielle gazed up into her love’s face and said; “Now how could I refuse those seething puppy dog eyes. I can’t.” Brie confirmed while shaking her head. “I can only grant my Valentine her wish. Besides, I don’t have a curfew tonight.” Both women cackled heartily while heading for the car.

The couple retired for the night in one of Xora’s friend’s log cabin overlooking the shore. They watched the stars rise and twinkle among the darkness from the cozy king size bed housed in the glassed in patio.

Note: The couple didn’t engage in any hanky panky on this night. They simply indulged in some old-fashioned cuddling and bountiful bonding.




“So Brie, did you do it? Did you do the wild thing?” Mayo asked while straddling one of the logs of the survival course.

“Mayo, your mind stays in the trenches doesn’t it?” Brie returned narrowing her glance. “Well, what can I say, I am a Marine.”

“So,” Brie pondered while straddling the other side of the log. “What did you and Joy do? Or do you mind me asking?” “Hell no, shit my baby picked me up in a monster truck. You know the one’s that wheels are bigger than a house.” “Wait, Wait,” Brie interrupted as Slade and Shane joined them. “She picked you up in a big-foot truck?” “Uh huh.” “Gosh, I would love to get my hands on one of those trucks. You know, just to get in there and caress the engine, fondle the pistons and stimulate the carburetor. Jeez, what I wouldn’t do to…” “Okay, you under privileged grease monkey.” Mayo shouted. “I think I’m getting excited here. Lay off the caresses, fondling and stimulating. Gosh, I think my nipples are hard.” Mayo huffed while adjusting her seating.

“Anyway as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. She picked me up in a big-foot truck.” Mayo stopped briefly and shot a <don’t you dare interrupt me look> at Brie before continuing. “I thought my baby had really lost it. She was wearing a formal gown, matching wrap and stilt heels when she came running around to the front of the truck. I quickly ran to the truck praying no one seen us, especially y’all. God I could just see you all laughing us out of the neighborhood. After clawing and panting trying to pull myself into the truck I said, “Joy baby, we can’t have a cozy evening in a crush rider.”

By this time Gabrielle, Slade and Shane were leaning into each other holding their breath, trying to keep from laughing hysterically. Just picturing them climbing up into that truck took every inch of strength they possessed to not loose it. “See,” Mayo gruff. “I knew you would laugh.” “No…We’re not…going to laugh,” Gabrielle stammered. “Go on with your story.” She instructed as her body outwardly jerked from suppressed laughter.

“That’s why your little oil drinking ass didn’t get any.” Mayo spat while rolling her eyes. “Com’on Mayo, what did y’all finally wind up doing?” Slade said while pushing a silent giggling Brie off the log onto the ground. Mayo glared at Brie and continued. “As I was saying before that little skag interrupted. “Joy said I thought we would have some good clean fun tonight.” Gabrielle squawked out loud holding her stomach. “Well Mayo that pretty much wrapped up your perverted wishes for the night huh. Thought you were going to pop the top on that mountain dew huh?” Slade observed Mayo’s impatience demeanor and ordered Brie to stop mocking their friend.

“Any how, we wound up in Atlanta at Six Flags. Jumping every ride they had. I hadn’t had so much fun in my life. Of course I didn’t like the idea at first, but once we changed clothes and hit the rides, I was a goner. Jeez, Joy is so special. She makes me feel like a giant kid in a candy store. Every time I’m near her, I just want to grab her and squeeze her. With each minute I’m with her, I feel whole.” Mayo stared into the setting sun and let out an inspiring sigh.

“Thank the Lord above,” Brie said as she pulled herself up off the ground and walked slowly up to Mayo. “You are in love, you virgin stealer.” Gabrielle then nudges a blushing Mayo in the side. “Well I guess you won’t be caught robbing any more unsuspecting women of their virtues huh, Mayonnaise? I am really proud of you Mayo. Joy is one lucky woman.” Brie finished smiling proudly at her friend.

“Slade and Shane, what did y’all do on your steamy dates?” Mayo inquired while they headed back to the car. “Well Troy and I had a romantic dinner, adorned with chilled wine and dancing. And at the close of the evening we played scavenger hunt.” “Scavenger hunt, I don’t get it.” Brie said. “Well, I sure did.” Slade returned while giving Shane and Mayo an artful hi-five. “Slade there is no such game. You made that up.” “Brie, that’s the whole idea. Troy and I took turns blindfolding one another and seek out our partner’s most enriching part or parts. But we couldn’t use our hands, and boy was that fun. The restraint alone drives you crazy. Gosh when I heard Troy scream my name I…” Slade looked down into Brie’s quizzical gaze and finished, “I was so happy. Let’s go.” Shane and Mayo smirked at their friend’s discomfort. <What older sister relish the idea of discussing Lovemaking with their inexperienced younger sibling? >

The quartet piled into the Slade’s ranger and headed off base to Brie’s house.

“So Shane, did ya get a little freaky with Sharonda?” Mayo asked opening a beer. “Boy did I. Once we got to our room at the Marriott Hotel. I excused myself and changed into something more fitting for the evening. I wore a white leather slave-taming outfit groomed with fitting studs and whip. Girls I flung that bathroom door opened, whirled that whip a couple of times before popping it sharply against the bed frame, and Sharonda crumbled. Shane giggles amusingly. “You should have seen the expression on her face. It was between being gravely terrified and highly aroused. I smirked from the blank submission. I ordered her to her knees. She did it. I knew then, this girl is mine. And not just for tonight. When I’m with Sharonda, I count the minutes I am with her. When I hold her hand, my heart stills and my body heat up. When she holds me, my knees buckle. I feel anew when I’m with her. Dag she slays me.”

As Slade pull up to the red light her and Brie turned patiently around and gaze into the shy and usually quiet Shane’s features. She was simply glowing. “Shane you are really taken with Sharonda huh?” Slade asked mockingly. Shane lowered her head effectively hiding her blushing smile. “Leave Shane alone, I think its sweet. She’s in love.” Brie coached.

“Damn Shane did you take any pictures?” Mayo asked before Brie slapped her sharply on the thigh. “Ow, I was just wondering what does that little tight ebony frame of hers look like in leather?” Mayo stated while sliding closer to Shane.

“So…” Mayo said with a teasing smirk. “Did you humble your slave, my little Ebony queen?” Shane tilted her downward turned head and glared up at Mayo’s quickly dwindling smile. “I have you to know that I possess the charm of an voodoo goddess. No one in which I desire can deny me. My love is like an immobilizing poison oozing through one’s body. My eyes command submission and my prey meekly complies. Need I say more?” Mayo unconsciously shook her head without verbally replying. She had never seen that side of Shane. Actually she was rather frightened.

<The quiet ones>, Mayo thought. <It’s always the quiet ones>. Gabrielle and Slade looked over at each other and smiled. Both realizing they all have met women that bring out a side of them they’ve never known. They’ve all met their soul mates.

“Well, Brie once again you went for the gold. Every one here indulged in a little extra curriculum activity accepts you. Are you working toward a Pulitzer?” Mayo joked as Shane elbowed her.

“Since you didn’t get any, what did you do?” Mayo inquired resting her arms against the back of Brie’s seat. Gabrielle explained to the gang what her and Xora did. Every one sat stunned. Each was thinking out of all nights, they really expected Xor to persuade Brie into spreading those cheeks, but she didn’t. Gabrielle’s tale of their feelings and their bonding was so moving that the women were quiet for the rest of the ride. Secretly recalling their most memorable evenings with their partners.

“Brie, that was romantic. I predict a long and exciting future for you and Xor. You go girl. Let love be your guide. That way you shall never loose your way. Follow the beacon Brie. It will always be there if you nurture it. I guarantee it.” Shane finished with an appraising smile.

“I know you’re not spouting poetry you wicked temptress.” Mayo spat as they pulled up into Brie’s parkway. “Back up you sinister enchantress.” Shane growled scarily. Mayo jerked her gaze from the little hoodoo priestess, and visualized the house for the first time.

“Good we’re here. Brie, give me the keys. I’m about to spring a leak.” She stated while snatching the keys and dashing for the house.

“Boy Sylvia, I am glad you didn’t pursue that sexual harassment thing. Those proceedings could be devastating for all parties.” Karlena stated while plopping down on the sofa near the Lieutenant.

“So, what did you do for Valentines? Girl, Jack and I…I think that’s his name, went to the Motel 6 and fucked all night long.” She enunciated. “Damn he was good too. Girl, my slit is still throbbing from the feeling. Hell Sylvia you should let one of those Masculine Marines hit it. You sure as heck wouldn’t be here brooding for a woman YOU can’t have if you did. Shit girl, you would be out there right now getting that ass spanked and pumped unmercifully. Girl there is nothing like a good fuck. Shit I’m going out tomorrow night with Bob. Tonight I have to let it rest. Tom put a hurting on it.”

The lieutenant turned and sneered at her roommate. “You yuck mouth I thought you said his name was Jack.” Karlena giggled stupidly and said, “I did, didn’t I. Well it doesn’t matter. He wasn’t that good looking anyway, but he sure could lay some pipe.”

“That is exactly why your whorish ass is not in a meaningful relationship. No one will have your sluttish ass.” The lieutenant spat.

“I know you didn’t, you bouncing cunt eater. Your ass is about as loyal as I am. And no one would have your ass either. There’s not that many women around here that would even spare you the time of day, less known let you eat their pussy. So don’t chastise me you desolate piece of ass. You’re a whore just like I am.” Karlena huffed while snagging the popcorn bowl and heading back into the kitchen.

Sylvia watched her friend storm from the room as images of Xora and Gabrielle at the waterfront flashed in her mind. The couple was so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t even notice the Lieutenant. She cringed from the view of them walking arm and arm and occasionally leaning into each other laughing. <Yeah Xora you’re happy now, but what if something was to happen to your little red head bitch. I bet you wouldn’t be smiling then. I would have given you the world if you’d ask. What can that little enlisted scantch give you, nothing? She can’t give you anything, but grief and a weak piece of ass. I’m going to make you hurt Xora and I know just where to hit’cha>.

Shortly after the Lieutenant’s incriminating thoughts, her roommate reappeared. “I’m sorry Syl.” Karlena said as she plopped back down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. “I didn’t mean to be so brash. It’s just you sound so self-righteous at times, when we both know we’re in the same boat. I don’t like saying things to hurt you and I don’t like it when you do it to me. Why don’t we call a truce and work on making you happy, deal?” The Lieutenant looked at her friend, pulled her into a fierce one-arm hug and said, “Deal.”

“Say why don’t you hook me up with one of your male friends?” Karlena gasped with surprise. “Gosh Syl, do you mean it?” “Sure why not, it’s not like I haven’t done it before.” “Okay then,” Karlena pondered on all the men she’s been with. “Well, it will have to be someone caring and patient. I don’t want to scare you away from men all together. I want your first experience to be kind and slow.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that.” Sylvia rocked her friend back and forth against her. “I want a rough neck.” The Lieutenant whispered in her friend’s ear. Karlena outwardly trembled from the gentle caress of her roommate’s warm breath against her neck. “What…Look Syl some of these guys can be dangerous. I have met some that wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I just gave ’em some just to get away from them.” Karlena gazed into her friend’s darken eyes and gulped nervously. <Damn is it hot in here>? She thought.

“Why don’t you turn me on to one of them? I don’t want a peaceful evening. I want it rough and exhilarating.” Karlena continued to gaze into her friend’s wooing eyes. “Okay, but I’m warning you get some pepper spray before going out with this guy. Paul is very persistent when it comes to getting him a piece. And he won’t, under any circumstances take no for an answer.” “I’ll be careful,” Sylvia cooed while easing her tongue into her roommate’s ear. <Damn Karl, smells kind of good>. The Lieutenant thought while sucking her roommate’s earlobe into her steaming wet mouth.

<Oh Lord> Karlena’s mind screamed. <I better get out of here before I start saying Ooh…yes>. Karlena practically leaped off the couch and informed her roommate she would get back with her tomorrow on that date thing. “Alright,” Syl purred while observing her roommate’s zealous demeanor.

Karlena flew to her room and slammed the door. She then fell against it, closed her eyes and patted her left breast. <Damn, if I had stayed in there a few minutes more, she would have had me open like a seven eleven>. After taking several deep breaths Karlena directed her attention down at her erect nipples. <Naw, I’m dreaming. A woman couldn’t possibly turn me on>. Yet she couldn’t deny her body was perspiring profusely and her heart rate had increased. “Cold shower, that’s what I need, a cold shower.” Karlena bolted for the bathroom dropping her robe along the way.

The Lieutenant sat wondering about her roommate’s almost spooked response to her unintentional advancement. It had been quite a while since she’d engaged in any physical exertion and Karlena was quite attractive. The Lieutenant just never considered the possibility of being with her roommate. But tonight’s performance may prove promising. The Lieutenant rose and headed toward her room. On the way she thought again about Xora, Gabrielle, and her soon to be accomplice (Paul) for her next exercise. “Well Captain Black, you left me at the mercy of street hoodlums and you didn’t even look back. Let’s see how you feel when your little Gunny is put in the same situation.” Sylvia mumbled bitterly while entering her room.
Back at the Gunny’s…

Gabrielle ran upstairs behind Mayo. “Hay what are you doing? I’ve got first tips on the head. Go use the one in your bedroom.” Her friend said while stopping in her tracks and nudging the gunny back.

“Get out the way, you back cover. I’m spending the night with Xora. She’ll be here in ten minutes. I should have been packed. I thought I’d be back in time.” Brie said while darting around Mayo and dashing for her room.

“Alright, you keep going into that lioness den and she’s going to eat you.” Mayo joked. “And I mean that literally.” “Shut up you tainted woman. I have no time for you.” Gabrielle returned soundly.
Promptly at seven Xora pulled up in front of Brie’s house and honked. “What, your majesty can’t come to the door and escort you to the car?” “Mayo loose the intellectual kick, it’s not you.” The little gunny stated while bending to kiss Slade on the jaw and hurrying out the door.

“You know Slade, Brie’s in love. Look at the way she’s running to get to her. It won’t be far away now. There’s no where else to go, but into Xora’s arms.” Shane said pulling a sofa cushion up into her arms and squeezing it. “It’s so romantic, Brie’s is about to take her first lap in the love pool.”

“Shane shut up. You know I’m already on edge. What if Xora turn her out then dumps her? You know she’s done it before. Troy told me. I just pray that she doesn’t take Brie for a ride. I’ll have to kill her if she hurts my sister.” Slade paused as if frightened by that admission. She gazed nervously from Mayo to Shane, but neither of them seems to pay her no mine. They knew the minute that Mayo hit on Brie that there was more between them than friendship.

Slade rose cautiously and moved to the bar. “So, I guess you two knew all alone huh?” “Hell, I knew when you threatened to put your foot in my ass for approaching her. No one could be that protective of just a friend. At first we had you figured for her lover, but we quickly doused that when Shane called for help one day with a private and both you and Brie turned around together. The family resemblance screamed in your surprised gazes. You and Brie favor. You may have different mothers, but you definitely have the same father, and it shows.

Slade snorted and said, “That isn’t enough proof. Any two people can share a resemblance.” “You’re right they can, but it’s not every day that someone’s lover apologizes for her partner’s behavior.” Mayo confessed while rising to get her a beer from the refrigerator.

“Brie told you. I asked her not to, damn baby sisters. She’s obvious proof that they don’t listen well.”

“So…Slade is it true.” Shane asked reluctantly. Slade turned to her friend and gazed into her eyes. “What Shane?” Slade paused briefly to give her a beer Mayo was passing around. “Is it true that I almost beat my senior instructor to death for trying to rape Brie?” Slade’s glance took on a coldness that made Shane shiver from its directness. “Yes, it’s true. Brie and I was once the same rank, but after my little sinful act, I was demoted and reassigned to another drill class. I became a drill instructor about a month after Brie. They took my rank because I physically assaulted a superior. Yet they also realized I was protecting a fellow Marine who just happened to be my sister. My sentencing only included taking my rank and recycling. (Sent back to do additional training. It’s like adding time to your original training period).”

Slade brought her statement to a close as she poured a shot of Jack Daniel’s and gulped it down. “Well,” Shane retorted while walking over to her friend and pulling her into a rocking hug. “That is another reason why we knew you were more than friends. It was all over the drill field by the time you did check in for your new assignment. Brie is a lucky woman. I have never known of many half sisters that care for one another like you two do. I envy your love, yet I relish it. I am honored to be a part of this group. I love all of you, oh yeah even you Mayo. Boy, am I lucky or what.” Shane finished while grabbing Slade’s rising drink and gulping it down. Slade growled playfully and shoved Shane away from her.

“Guys,” Mayo said solemnly, immediately changing the playful mood. “I’ve been having some eerie feelings about the Lieutenant.” She confessed. “She’s sitting too quiet and I don’t like it.” “Mayo please, please don’t bring bad luck down on us.” Slade said horrifying. “Maybe she’s accepted the fact that Xora doesn’t want her and she should try her hand at something else.” Slade finalized. She then poured her self-a larger drink and gulped it down.

Slade was curious as to what the Lieutenant might be up to herself. She had heard that Sylvia wanted the position of company commander, but was passed over for it. Mysteriously the other commander was attacked in the mall one day and was unable to returned to the drill field. Some said that it was the Lieutenant that hired a commoner to cripple Lieutenant Crush so that she wouldn’t be able to command any longer.

Although Sylvia was passed over, she was declared the second elected for the position. And after the involuntary retirement of the old company commander, Sylvia gladly took her place. Everyone was curious, but no one has ever verbally questioned the Lieutenant about it. One day Lieutenant Crush was there and then the next day she was involved in an unfortunate accident and had to retire. Yeah Lieutenant Marks was mysterious and SHOULD be observed.

“Well, I still think we should watch her Slade, Mayo is right, she is a dangerous adversary for Brie. And, we don’t know to what lengths this woman will go to have her revenge. You know they say no one has ever slighted her advances like Xora. She’s always been able to get what she wants. We still have to be leery of her, she almost disappeared off the face of the earth after we tarred and feathered her.” Shane finalized slowly returning to the couch.

Slade took one more drink and told her friends they were right. “We’ll, tell Xora our concerns in the morning. Then maybe Monday we all can try to figure out if she indeed have something in store for Brie and Xor.” Slade slammed down her glass and dropped back down on the couch by Shane. “I hate this shit, being on the defense all the time. It is so confining. Sometimes I just wished we weren’t in the Corps any longer. If we bind together, we could probably get our own business started. And have the free will to do whatever we desire with our lives.” Mayo and Shane looked over at Slade with contemplating glances, as an overwhelming quietness fell upon the room.

Cottage 205…
“Xooo-ra…stop…it.” (Giggles and Panting). “Stop it…Stop it…please. I…won’t do…it again. (Caged scream). “I…promise.” (Exhausting Gasp).

“Alright my little wench, but you BETTER NOT do it again.” Xora ordered as she brought her wiggling fingers up from the gunny’s side.

You might be wondering what brought this on…

While Xora was taking a shower Brie crept into the bathroom, yanked the shower curtains back and hurled a bucket of ice cold water upon her love’s body. This of course caused Xora to shriek loudly and trill uncontrollably. Xora leaped out the shower, drenched from head to toe and pursued her assailant. She then pinned the gunny to the floor and commenced tickling her without mercy.
Once Xora was satisfied with Brie’s breathless defeat she re-coiled her vicious attack. “I love you Brie, do you know that?” The gunny took a couple of deep breaths and returned. “Not as much as I love you.” Both women stilled from their heart-felt confessions. Then unexpectedly Xora lay down fully upon the gunny’s body and wrapped her securely in her arms.

“You make me so happy. I knew the moment I saw you I wanted to share the rest of my life with you.” Brie cooed and wrapped her arms around Xora’s naked waist. She then slid her hands down over Xora’s full backside and issued a stinging slap to her left cheek. Xora jerked from the lick and clamped her teeth down onto Brie’s shoulder. The gunny screamed and arched her back. Writhing invitingly under Xora’s body. “Watch it little one. They don’t call me defiler for my tender nature.” Brie giggles cutely and ordered Xora off of her so they could get ready for bed. Xora pulled herself up and retrieved two towels from the bathroom so that they may dry off.
Retiring for the evening…

The pair laid snuggled against each other reveling in their closeness. “Brie,” the commander began. “Hmm,” the gunny mumbled sleepily. “Next week I’m going to Washington for a meeting with other Battalion Commanders. So I want to ask something of you.”

Brie’s head popped up from Xora’s shoulder as she gazed questioning into her friend’s eyes. “You’re going to be gone all week?” She asked meekly. “Yes,” Xora whispered while running her fingers casually through Gabrielle’s tinted locks. “But I’ll be back early Saturday morning. That way we can spend the entire weekend together.” Brie briefly held Xora’s glance, before returning her head to the warm cradle of Xora’s shoulder.

“What is it you want to ask me?” Brie returned weakly. She was imagining what it would be like to not see Xora for the whole week. Depression immediately began to set in. Xor broke the ungraceful silence.

“I want you to always be with someone while I’m not here.” Xora was having these questionable feelings herself. Something wasn’t right with the Lieutenant, but she didn’t want to frighten Brie. The Lieutenant was avoiding her true enough, but every once in a while she would find her staring at her. Her glare was unemotional and wicked. Yet, the commander dare not tell her partner from fear of Gabrielle panicking.

“Why?” Brie said while softly caressing the commander’s clothed stomach. “I’m capable of taking care of myself you know. No matter what Slade may think.”

“I’m not questioning that. I simply don’t want you to be alone. I know it is going to be hard on both of us. By all the stars in the sky,” Xora groaned while kissing Brie lovingly on the forehead. “I don’t want to be without you, but I have orders.”

Xora pulled Gabrielle on top of her and tenderly caressed her moistens cheeks. “This is one reason why I’ve been thinking about resigning my commission. I can’t live my life as I want in the Corps, and I hate it. I’m close to saying to hell with it all if I knew you would be at my side.” Xora gave Gabrielle a weak smile and pulled her down for a reassuring kiss. Brie pulled back from the kiss sooner than Xor intended, leaving her gasping. Brie then wrapped her arms around Xora’s neck and slowly lowered her cheek against the commander’s.

“I’ve never thought about leaving the Corps. Heck, I always thought I would make a career of it. But, since I’ve met you, I can’t dream of anything else. I just want to be with you, without restrictions. And if leaving the Corps is our only alternative,” Gabrielle paused and took a deep breath, “Then so be it. I just want to make you mine Xora…forever…and freely.” She whispered humbly.

Xora gracefully slid her hands down Brie’s sides until her hands rested fully upon her firm behind. She then clasped hands full of her love’s backside.

“You better ease up off of that kind of talk, or I’ll be forced to take you, right here and right now.” Brie chuckled and slid back down against Xora’s side and said, “Goodnight.” Xora returned the sentiment and listened to Brie’s breathing as she drifted off to sleep.

<I’ve never felt like this about anyone>. Xora confessed in her rambling thoughts. Although she harbored worries of Sylvia’s retaliation, she couldn’t tear herself away from her future possibilities with Brie. <I seek to claim you completely Gabrielle, and I will not cease my chase until that goal is achieved>. “I love you,” she whispered in her snoring girlfriend’s bangs while tighten her embrace.

Xora smiled really puzzled as to how she was able to sleep from Brie’s unconscious racket. Yet, within seconds she found herself-drifting to sleep and her young lover to be in her arms. Images of leaving Gabrielle plagued her mind, as well so as Lieutenant Mark’s approaching plans.


Part IX


“Ah, Xora may I have a word with you.” Slade asked quietly. All the gang was over at the Commander’s cottage for a barbecue.  (Of course Xora was not the chef for this banquet. No one wanted to leave crying). “Sure,” Xora replied, while snagging a beer out the air meant for Slade. Slade rolled her eyes and headed back into the cottage. “So,” Xora said while plopping onto the bar seat in the kitchen. “What’s up?” Slade sat across from her contemplating what she was about to say.

“Mayo, Shane and I have some concerns regarding Lieutenant Marks. Mayo feels that she might be planning to retaliate and it may be directed towards Brie. She’s frightened of crossing you again, but Brie would be easy pickings for her. Especially since Brie is not conscious of the evils that people do. Plus Brie doesn’t know about that night. Neither of us have told her, so to her, everything is back to normal.” Slade paused and gave the commander a questioning gaze before continuing. “Have you heard how Sylvia came by that position?” She inquired as Xora indicated a negative response with her head. Slade sighed loudly and revealed the tale traveling around the drill field.

Xora’s face went pale after Slade told her of the drill instructors’ suspicion. “Surely she can’t be that vindictive?” The Captain inquired faintly. “Oh my God,” she uttered, while rising to go stand at the back door. She stood staring at Brie, Mayo, Joy and Troy as they sat playing spades. Shane was the appointed chef for the night, since barbecuing was her specialty. Gabrielle gave Mayo and Joy one of her mischievous smirks and Xora’s heart jerked from the view.

“I want her watched at all times. Do you understand me? If Sylvia is behind any plot to harm Gabrielle, I swear there’s not a Battalion Order (Military Regulations regarding a specific subject) or MP (Military Police) that will keep me from her.” Xora whirled around and glared at Slade. “I want someone with her at all times. I don’t want her to ever be left alone, especially when she’s off duty.” Xora walked back over to the bar and slid mindlessly back onto the stool. She snatched her beer up and chugged at it several times before slamming it back down.

“You know Slade I’ve been seriously thinking about getting out of the Corps. I hate not living my life the way I want too. I have to be discreet with my love for Brie. I am forbidden to love her. And, I have to refrain from touching her when we’re on base. I’m always considered her superior and not the woman she loves. Damn Slade,” Xora huffed while harboring watery eyes, “I HATE THIS SHIT.”  Just then Gabrielle stepped inside. “Xora,” the Gunny heard the frustrated tone in her love’s voice and immediately became concerned.

“Is Slade upsetting you?” She asked, while positioning herself between the commander’s strong thighs facing her. “No love,” the Captain replied. She then wrapped her arms around the Gunny and pulled her close. Slade sat silently looking into Xora’s fearful gaze. Realizing for the first time that even the eminent commander could be frightened. Gabrielle cooed as she returned the embrace, burying her face in Xora’s violet scented shoulder.

“Do ya wanna come play with me?” She asked adoringly. Xora moaned and retorted, “I sure do.” Brie lifted her head and issued a playful peck upon her chosen’s lips. “Then I’ll be waiting for you outside.” “Aw, sookie sookie now, ya wanna do it outside?” Brie tapped the commander firmly on the thigh. “I told you not to purr at me like that. You know it makes me wanna take you, right here and right now.” Gabrielle stated, while joining in on the commander’s acting skit.

“BRIE, UH BRIE, YOUR OLDER SISTER IS SITTING IN THE SAME ROOM.” Slade whispered audibly. The pair looked over at a very speculating sibling and fell back laughing. “Aw, Slade lighten up. Xora and I haven’t done it…at least not yet.” Brie winked at Xora and headed out the door.  The pair watched Gabrielle until she was out the door before continuing. “Slade, I’ll be in Washington, D.C. all next week at a conference. Please promise me you will keep an eye on her at all times.” Xora asked, while directing her attention to the now empty can upon the counter.

“Xora you know I can’t promise that. Brie has…” “DON’T,” Xora snapped curtly. She took a couple of deep breaths and tried again. “Don’t tell me you can’t do it. I don’t want to hear that, because if you won’t, I’ll find someone who will.” Xora’s angry stare didn’t leave room for any second thoughts. Slade gulped uncertainly and initiated a silent agreement. Xora, satisfied with the reply, bent the can in her hand and tossed it over her shoulder into the garbage can. “We better get back outside before they become suspicious.” Slade followed Xora out, wondering how in the hell she was going to keep her defiant sister in her sights.
Down the road a ways at Motel 6…
“Oh yes…Yeah baby give it to me,” Paul panted as he drove his swollen organ deep into Lieutenant Marks’s clasping depths. She raised her hips more out of routine. Allowing his erection to move in and out of her pliant opening easily. Sylvia laid there under him consumed with disgusting thoughts of his very presence. He was pumping and sweating like a blank minded neanderthal. (Damn, how long is this monkey going to take to cum. He’s beginning to sweat all over me, AAARRRGGGHHH. I can’t take much more of this, he’s beginning to smell). The Lieutenant thought, as a sour taste formed in her mouth. “Oh…Oh yeah baby fuck me. Oh…Oh…it’s so good.” Lieutenant Marks gasped in her most fictitious, enthralled tone. Paul’s efforts intensified and within seconds his body went rigid while his rear end muscles spasmed from his consuming ejaculation, then stilled.

“Damn, baby you’ve got some good pussy,” He complimented, while dropping limply to her side. Sylvia glanced down at his body allowing her attention to be drawn to his now limp stem of life. (You are a detestable creature. You may be appealing to the sight, but you definitely know nothing of pleasing a woman). The Lieutenant thought.

The minute they were in the room he began to take off his clothes, verbally urging her to get rid of hers as well. As Sylvia lowered herself onto the bed he pulled her into a vicious hug and began savagely kissing her. From that moment her stimulation meter hit rock bottom. That was the extent of his foreplay before he effectively rolled her onto her back and plunged into her. The whole encounter took twenty minutes. (Oops did I say twenty minutes, five of that was spent taking off their clothes).

“So Miss hot twat, when do I get to see you again?” He asked while yawning and scratching. “The name is Sylvia, soft peter, Sylvia.” The Lieutenant growled while wiping the remnants of his ejaculation from her body before dressing. “Oh, please forgive me Miss yodeler. I meant no disrespect.” He chuckled. “When are you going to let me hit it again.”

“Soon, probably next week. I’m going to try and recruit one of my new girlfriends into a threesome. How would you like that?” (Actually it was a matter of time before Brie would be quite vulnerable and the Lieutenant knew it. As soon as Xora was on the plane her plan of revenge would began). “Hey I like that idea. Watching two girls get it on. Hell, count me there.” Sylvia smiled at the brain dead jock still lying lazily in the bed.

Sylvia finished dressing, picked up her purse and headed for the door. “Say don’t I even get a goodbye kiss?” He asked, scratching his buttocks. The Lieutenant glared at the repulsive form on the bed, tilted her head and threw up her left hand in a warning gesture. “NAAAHHH, I don’t think so brain failure. I’ll call you when I’m ready for you.” “Okay sweet cheeks, I’ll be waiting,” He yelled back while sprawling out fully upon the bed for some much needed rest.
Back to the cottage…
“Dag, Shay-Shay where did you learn to cook like that?” Mayo asked, while nudging their talented, quiet friend. Sharonda pulled Shane back into her arms and bragged, “My baby has many talents, cooking is just one of them.”  “Yeah,” Mayo chirped, “I’ve heard of those other special endeavors.” Sharonda chuckled while burying her face in Shane’s wind blown hair. “Shay-Shay, I told you ’bout telling your friends of our private time.” “Aw baby that trollop is just talking. She can’t even recall what happened this morning, much less Valentines Day.”

“Is that right you leather wearing, whip carrying, temptress?” Sharonda gasped and pinched Shane on her muscular, creamy thighs. Shane yelped and kicked Mayo in her shin. “You running mouth yack, I’m going to get you later for that.” Mayo smiled triumphantly, and leaned back into Joy’s arms. “Xora is it true you’re not going to be here all next week?” Shane inquired. The Captain looked up from her cards and nodded her head slightly. “Well, Brie I guess we’ll be able to see ya then, huh?” Shane stated while smiling cutely. “Shane stop fabricating. I always set aside time for y’all.” “Yeah she sure does.” Mayo tossed falsely. “Shucks, why just last night, oops, did I say last night. Damn, my bad Brie, that must’ve not been our time.”

Gabrielle threw one of her rib bones at Mayo but missed the dodging form by a long shot. “I spend time with you guys and you know it.” Xora cleared her throat and informed Gabrielle of the arrangement they made. Brie avoided Xora’s serious gaze by looking down upon her cards. “I remember,” Brie huffed, while slamming down an Ace of Spade’s on top of Slade’s King. “Damn Brie, I’m your sister. You could at least act like it.” Slade snapped distastefully. Brie didn’t even look up. (It’s not fair, not only am I not going to see her. I have to be monitored like a teenager on house arrest). The little Gunny thought discouragingly.

“What agreement?” Mayo asked, rising to get a beer for Joy. “Brie is to be with someone at all times.” Xora stated, while delivering an adamant stare to all of their friends. Every one went silent. Each realizing full well why Xor was being so protective. All except the Gunny. The group had already discussed Mayo’s concerns among themselves.

Gabrielle shot Xora a downward turned glare and spat, “Now isn’t that stupid. I have to be watched twenty-fours hours a day until she returns. Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?” Gabrielle asked quizzically as she looked upon her friends for a reply. No one uttered a word. They totally agreed with Xora and weren’t going to outwardly dispute it.” “Oh so no one here thinks that Xora isn’t being a little bit over protective.” No one replied. Brie stomped her feet and said, “Fine, don’t say anything. But, rest secure in this, I am a grown woman and I will do as I wish!” “NO YOU WILL NOT,” Xora spat angrily. Redirecting everyone’s attention to her. “YOU WILL DO WHAT YOU PROMISE AND NOTHING ELSE.” Gabrielle’s response was frozen by Xora’s forceful reaction to her statement. Brie then gazed over at Slade for a little back up, but received none. Gabrielle instantly picked up on her sister’s allegiance to the Captain from her clouded glance. She held Brie’s gaze while taking a drink from her cup. “Great, just great! I’ll do as we agreed, but…THIS IS THE LAST TIME AND I MEAN IT.” Gabrielle shouted back at Xora.

She tossed her cards down upon the table and stormed from the table. Xora watched her love’s hasty retreat. Of course, Gabrielle’s reaction wasn’t a surprise. Xora was expecting it way before this. “Damn,” she spat, while slamming her hand down and sweeping the cards onto the ground. Joy, Sharonda and Troy sit idly by observing Xora’s patience dwindle. This was certainly a different response for Xora. In the past, if one of her women were displeased with her and stormed off, Xora would be relieved. It simply opened the door for other opportunities. Every one was secretly wondering how in the hell they were going to contain that little bobcat long enough for the commander to return. Slade let out a defeated sigh. Since no one bother to volunteer to go talk to her, she went after Brie.

Back in the cottage…

“Brie,” Slade began calmly. “What was that all about? Has Xora been mistreating you?” She asked, knowing full well the Captain wasn’t. Yet her sister had to realize that Xora was only thinking of her and her safety. (Plus), Slade strategically thought, (If I had to leave Troy for a week I definitely wouldn’t want her to be alone). So Slade imagined that right about now the commander was probably thinking the same thing. “Does she always boss you around like that. Is she too domineering? Would you like me to speak to her? Aw nah, if she is abusing my sister I think Mayo and I may have to beat the sister down. What do you think, Brie?”

“Stop it,” Brie snapped, needing her sister to understand the nature of her and Xora’s relationship. “Xora loves me. She just doesn’t want me to be alone while she’s gone. Also she doesn’t want me to be involved in any unfortunate situations.””Remember that day we went to the mall, Xora and I? Well this guy came up to me and asked me for a quarter to make phone call. I didn’t think anything of it he looked so desperate. Well just as I put down my bags and opened my purse he snatched it and took off. Little did he know that Xora was heading back towards me in the same direction he was running, and she had seen the whole scenario. As soon as he ran up on her, Xora’s arm shot out, flooring him.” Gabrielle tried to contain her amused giggle as she recalled Xora straddling the stunned figure in an open stance and snatching her purse away from him. I ran up just in time to hear Xora chastise him on his treatment of women. She then looked up at me with those baby blues and said, “Ga-bri-elle, I can’t leave you for two minutes before something happens, can I? Well this is obvious proof that I can’t ever leave you alone.”

She then gave me the cutest smile, stood the guy up and turned him over to the mall’s security.” Brie turned and looked at a smiling Slade. “Aw,” Gabrielle choked, as it finally dawned on her what Slade was doing. “Dag Slade I hate when you do that. Why don’t you just make your point and stop the invisible pop quiz procedure.” “Well, baby sister it’s probably because you comprehend so much quicker when I do it that way. Sometimes Brie, if the sun doesn’t shine on your head a certain way your (I get it meter) lies dormant to the significance of the situation.” “Are you trying to call me a rock?” “Now would I do that? I’m your sister Brie, or should I say Cosmo-not.” Slade giggled, pushed Brie over onto the couch and took off out the back door.

“Stop her, Stop her,” Brie shouted chasing Slade. Slade cackled and popped everyone she passed in some offending way. Before they knew it they were all chasing Slade, finally ending in a huddle with the instigating traitoress at the bottom of the pile. “I give. I give,” she called out, finally admitting defeat. Everyone slowly rolled off of her, each taking a turn slapping her upside her head. “Cunts,” she muttered, as her love, Troy, pulled her up smiling.

“Let’s go watch some movies,” Xora suggested while wrapping Brie up in her arms. “I’m sorry Z. I’ll try to honor your wish while you’re away. But, you better hurry back. Who knows I may meet another goddess such as your self.” Xora nuzzled Brie’s neck and whispered, “You better not because if you do I’ll have no problem jumping deep in her ass.” Both women chortled and headed into the house.

Monday morning came quickly as all the friends congregated at the airport to bid Xora a safe trip. Once again everyone was instructed to keep an eye on their youngest comrade until the commander was back. Xora gave Brie a peck on the cheek and a suffocating hug. Everyone else issued soft purring calls, which got louder the closer she got to the boarding door. Xora turned around and narrowed her eyes menacingly at the group, but then the cries became hysterical in nature. Encouraging the Captain to scurry into an embarrassing retreat.

“You know she’s going to kill us when she returns.” Joy chuckled turning to leave. “Yep, but I’d pay a million dollars to see that flushed expression adorned with a pleading glance on her face again. I always thought with a tan like Xora’s you didn’t turn red.” Slade laughed draping her arm around Troy and heading out of the airport. Brie stood staring at the door Xora had disappeared through, issuing a silent prayer for the master to keep her safe until she was in her arms again.

Mayo and Joy turned back gazing solemnly at their friend. They knew, even if they stayed with her night and day, they still couldn’t fill the void she was experiencing right now. “Brie,” Mayo said softly, “C’mon, it’s time to go.” Gabrielle turned around slowly with her head hanging low, avoiding her friend’s gazes. Mayo and Joy looked at each other and separated as she reached them and wrapped their arms around her offering their silent support. Once they were in the airport parking lot, the pairs separated into groups and headed to the base. “So who gets to babysit first?” Mayo popped. Slade growled, “I do.” Brie gazed dully out the window, praying for Xora’s safe return.


Part X


“Brie, I am not going to stand here and argue with you. You are spending the evening with Troy and I, and I don’t want to hear anything else about it.” Slade snarled rudely.  “Adrienne, you better watch how you talk to me. I am not your bitch, nor are you fucking me.” Gabrielle snapped back. Slade whirled around and gave Gabrielle a ghastly glare before approaching her in haste. It irritated the hell out of Slade when Gabrielle verbally challenged her and belittled her at the same time.

“On the contrary LITTLE SISTER, you better watch how you talk to me. And it is definitely a misfortune for you that you aren’t my BITCH, because now I won’t have any problem beating the taste out your trifling, little smart ass mouth! Capice? ” Gabrielle returned her sibling’s hostile glare, but she didn’t utter a peep. “May I go now your majesty?” Gabrielle huffed testily. The sergeant gazed menacingly down into her sister’s face and growled, “Get out of my sight before I knock your teeth in.” Gabrielle snickered childishly, and stepped around Slade. Once Gabrielle was well out of sight Slade raised her hands and head toward the colorful dawn sky and implored, “Why me Lord? Did I do something really bad in my previous life and now I’m getting paid back for it. Or did you give her to me on purpose?” Slade finished picking up her traveling bag and headed over to the Drill Hut.

(So), Sylvia thought entertainingly. “I detect a disagreement among the hens. Whatever should I do?” The Lieutenant’s eyes watched the Gunny cross the courtyard heading to her platoon’s barracks. Slade followed, but not too close. It was obvious the siblings didn’t want to be in the same sector as the other. Sylvia leaned forward, dropping her elbows upon her knee to cast a devouring glance upon the Gunny. Her mind was already initiating a rather sporting exercise for the spirited little red head. (The Lieutenant was aware of the Gunny’s constant battle for independence and of her overbearing sister that took pleasure in harnessing it).

“Now what has mother always told her girls about fighting among each other?” The Lieutenant inquired diabolically. “Oops, my bad…mommie isn’t here is she…but I am.” She mumbled. “And I’m going to do my damnedest to make you hate each other by this evening. Ooh, oh, ho, ho, but Sylvie is in no hurry. I’ve got all week to play. “I think I’ll take in the sights today. Befriend the little, low class, trollop, and become understanding to her needs.” Pleased with her conniving plan Sylvia fell back into her chair and slammed the pencil she held in her hand against the desk, snapping it in two. “Then, I will remove what you and Xora find so priceless. You little, stripe wearing bitch.”
Back to the Barracks…
The day was full of surprises, at least for the privates. Gabrielle seemed more on edge than Shane or Mayo had ever seen. Every thing the privates did was wrong. There was nothing they could do to satisfy their senior drill instructor. From the moment they rose Gabrielle was on them. She accused them of being slothful, inconsiderate and under achievers. She told them that, “If they didn’t shape up they all would be recycled and she was going to ask to be their personal instructor as an incentive to finish what they’ve started.

Mayo pulled Slade discreetly over to the side. Slade knew what was coming so she avoided her friend’s distraught glance. “I don’t know what’s going on between you two, but you better de-claw that little tigress, or we won’t have any recruits. She is out of control. I’ve never seen Brie so vicious toward the privates.” Mayo pulled back on Slade’s shoulder in order to redirect her attention. “Get Brie under control before the privates write their moms and beg them to talk to their representatives about their senior drill instructor’s behavior.”

“Alright, but you stay close. The way I feel right now, I’m liable to bash her brains in if she shoots off at me again.” “Oh, so we’re going through the “you can’t tell me what to do” phase, huh?” “Yes, and I swear I am about three quick hunches off her ass.” “Well, Slade maybe we should ask Shane to talk to her.” Slade’s voice rose defensively. “Mayo, she is my sister. So I will talk to her.” Mayo threw her hands up as an indication of surrender and followed the dismissed troops out onto the catwalk. The day was spent pretty much like Slade had predicted. Brie was being completely irrational. She wouldn’t listen to recommendations. She wouldn’t even come near her, and snapped at anyone that tried to relay any messages from her.

Chow time…

“Column…leeeft…arch,” Gabrielle ordered as the Assistant Drill instructors watched on. She insisted on taking control of the platoon for the entire day since she wasn’t scheduled to stay with them for the night. “Uh left, right-left; Uh left-right-left…Left right, left right, left right left…eft right eft, Plaatooon, Halt.” The platoon leaned back and planted their feet firmly upon the pavement ceasing all activities. “Hatch Holders out.” Gabrielle commanded, while walking up the right side of the platoon. She took a stationary position in front of the platoon. “Paaaraade Rest,” she finalized, turning to step through the open hatches with not so much as a “good job,” for the dedicated privates on the doors.

“I bet they’re wondering why your majesty is being such a bitch.” Mayo mumbled to Shane and Slade. The Lieutenant smirked at the last comment finding the situation quite comical. “Afternoon ladies,” She said while stepping around them. Each woman snapped to attention, executed the proper hand salute, and called their troops to attention. “Carry on ladies,” The Lieutenant returned sweetly. “I’m just passing through.” Slade narrowed her eyes and glared over at Shane and Mayo.

Once inside she scoped the room for Gabrielle. (Ah, there’s my little bird of prey). “Hello Gunny, how are things today?” The Lieutenant asked, supposedly concerned. Gabrielle instinctively retrieved the attention stance and awaited further word from the company commander before relaxing again. “Ah do rest Gunny, I just wanted to know how were things going. You know Commander Xor asked me to ensure that you were comfortable while she wasn’t here. If you should have any problems…please let me know, and I will correct it immediately.” The Lieutenant then gave Gabrielle the biggest and brightest smile she had ever seen.

“Uh-huh,” Gabrielle grunted while clearing her throat. She watched her troops move through the line and Slade walk in behind them. Their contempt for each other was obvious as they exchanged hostile looks. This did not go unnoticed by the Company Commander, who was willing to take advantage of the situation as it presented itself. “You know Gunny it seems as if you may need a relaxing drink after work. Would you mind if I treat?” “Well, ma’am I…” “Please, please don’t tell me that your friends don’t allow you to have other friends. I really want to try and make up to you for my behavior in the Captain’s office. I was way out of line. I didn’t know that you and her were getting close. Please, I was hoping in her absence that we could set things straight. But…” The lieutenant paused briefly as if to reflect on her actions “If you CAN’T I’ll understand. Some friends can be so protective at times. If one isn’t careful they could cause you to miss out on a great opportunity to make other friends.”

Gabrielle thought about the Lieutenant’s last statement. Just the response the Lieutenant was expecting. Gabrielle was so trustworthy, and the company commander knew this. If she could persuade Gabrielle to strike out on her own she would have her right where she wanted her. The Gunny looked up into the Lieutenant’s supposedly sincere gaze and agreed to have one drink with her at the Staff NCO (Non-commissioned Officer’s) Club. “Great! I’ll meet you there.” The lieutenant said with an encouraging smile. “I have some things I have to tidy up, but I’ll get there as soon as I can. Now don’t have too many before I arrive okay?” She chirped playfully, as she gave Gabrielle’s shoulder a gentle squeeze before stepping around her to return to her office.
Back in the D.I.’s Hut…
“Brie,” Slade inquired cautiously, “What were you and the Lieutenant talking about?” “None of your business,” Gabrielle popped back. Slade rose from her desk instantly, drawing Gabrielle’s attention to her stance. “I’ve had about enough of your…” Slade then looked out the window at the privates, bringing her verbal retaliation to a curving halt.

“You know Brie, I don’t have to take this shit from you.” Slade stated while snatching her night bag up and plopping her cover onto her head. “I have one earth shattering woman waiting for my presence, and if you do not wish to have my company for tonight consider it a done deal. Because I surely don’t want to be within five blocks of your trifling ass right now. And to be frank with ya, you can kiss my; what I just finished with.” Slade brushed against Mayo as she briskly exited the hut.

“Where is she going? I thought you two were hanging out tonight?” She asked, watching Slade’s hasty retreat. “Aw to hell with her, I didn’t want to be with her and Troy anyway.” Gabrielle stated, closing her field manual. “Brie you promised Xora that you would be with one of us at all times.” Mayo whirled around, allowing the move to make her outstretched arms flap carelessly. She stood, staring at the now closed door that Slade stormed out of. “It is Slade’s night. Sharonda, Shane and Joy are gone to Atlanta.” “Ease up Mayo, I can be by myself for a couple of hours.” “No! No that is not what we agreed.” Mayo replied harshly. “You PROMISED Xora that you would stick to the agreement until she gets back, and now you’re whelching on it. You promised Brie!”

“Well,” Gabrielle growled, rising and placing her cover patiently upon her head. “I guess that makes me a liar, huh Mayo?” The Gunny stepped out from around her desk and headed toward the door. Just as she reached the hatch Mayo reached out and snatched her to her. “Brie I can’t let you go. You promised.” Gabrielle turned her back toward the hatch so that the recruits wouldn’t pick up on their conversation. “Get your hands off of me Mayo before I break your fucking nose.”

Mayo’s mouth fell open. Shocked by Gabrielle’s forcefulness. “What is wrong…” Brie snatched away from her reluctant friend and walked out. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” She called back without turning to gaze upon her friend’s panicked features. (Dear God Brie, don’t do this. You promised). Mayo ran behind the desk searching for the phone to call Slade.
Later at the Staff NCO Club…

“Ah Gunny, I’m glad you made it.” Lieutenant Marks said, indicating where Brie should sat. Brie took the seat to the left of the Lieutenant. Sylvia observed the people in the club. None of them seemed familiar to her, and if she had never made their acquaintance that meant none of them knew her as well.

“What would you like to drink Gabrielle?” The Lieutenant asked casually. “I’ll take a coke. I don’t feel up to drinking any intoxicates tonight.” Sylvia smirked and retorted, “As you wish, goldie.” Brie gave the Lieutenant a friendly smile before calling the waitress over. The Lieutenant watched the waitress approach with an expectant smile.

“What may I get you ladies?” She asked kindly. “I’ll have a double Johnnie Walker Red on the rocks and my friend will have a coke.” “The waitress wrote down the orders and informed the pair she would be back in two shakes. The Lieutenant smiled and nodded her acceptance.

The couple made small talk until their drinks arrived. “So Gunny do you come here often?” “No ma’am, I don’t. As a matter of fact I don’t know anyone in here.” Sylvia chuckled to herself silently. The Gunny had just revealed to her what she needed to know. Neither of them having had the pleasure of meeting anyone in the club. (This may prove to be a very adventurous night for me). The lieutenant thought, while slipping a Roofie ( Rohypnol) into Brie’s drink unnoticed.


Part XI


Mayo searched frantically for the phone. Her mind was on overload. She was unable to focus on anything except Brie. (This was not how it is supposed to happen). She thought. (Troy and Shane swore they would take the first watch. Slade has got to get back here). Mayo finalized without even bothering to review further avenues.

Slade sat singing, “We’re Women in the Marine Corps,” and enjoying the gentle breeze coursing through her hair when her phone rang. “Talk to me,” Slade said in her sultriest baritone pitch. “Slade, get your ass back here and see to your sister. I can’t talk to her because she’s made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want to hear anything I have to say. Slade,” Mayo paused to inhale. “You have got to get back here and get Brie. If anything should happen to that girl while Xora is not here. It is going to be hell to tell the Captain, if you know what I mean Sergeant.”  “And, to be totally honest with you Slade, I am definitely not the one that will be explaining to a woman that could snap all of us in two that we’ve misplaced her girlfriend. No…it will be your turn in front of Xora’s firing squad because I love life too damn much.”

Slade sighed nonchalantly and said, “Lighten up Sergeant Strong. Little Miss Penelope is going to have to apologize to me first, before I even consider being subjected to her smart-ass mouth again. Now,” Slade paused long enough to pick an imaginary food particle out of her teeth. “When that little slug is ready to apologize TO ME, have her page me. BUT until then, little Miss Loose lips is going to be flying So-Lone.”

“How can you say that Slade?” Mayo’s tone was questioning, but every bit somber. “You know it’s not safe for her out there alone. If that crazy bitch Sylvia harms Gabrielle in any way there will be no way in hell that you could forgive yourself.” Mayo sighed heavily and finished, “I know…and YOU know that Brie has a way of getting on everyone’s nerves…but we still love her. Don’t we?” Mayo asked, knowing her final statement would be the whip that humbled this mare’s reckless will.  Slade brought the car to a screeching halt. She sat there evaluating Mayo’s words. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loved Brie unconditionally and surely wouldn’t want her harmed in any way.

“Alright, but if she says one word out of line to me I am going to beat the shit out of her. Now, do you comprehend that you wicked, wicked step Sergeant?” Slade asked, not really expecting an answer as she hung up, whirled the car around and headed back to base. More than anything, she hated it when her friends knew her better than she did. It really pissed her off when she knew they were right.


Back at the Club…

“Woo,” Gabrielle said while resting her head in the palms of her hands. “I must be really tired because I couldn’t possibly be drunk from drinking a soda?” The Gunny said, wondering what could she have possibly done that day to make her feel so drained. “Maybe some fresh air will make you feel better.” The Lieutenant suggested in a friendly tone. Yet her eyes flashed alarmingly. She still couldn’t imagine why Xora was so in love with her except for her oh so buoyant manner. Yet it really didn’t matter to Sylvia, nothing mattered any more. The Gunny was about to feel the stinging wrath of an angry, discarded woman.

“Here let me help you.” The Lieutenant said, rising to help a scrambling Gunny to her feet. “Oh my,” the passing waitress said, while stopping to place a kind-hearted hand upon Brie’s shoulder. “Will your friend be alright?” She asked while lowering herself slightly to looking into Brie’s barely perspiring face. “She appears to be inebriated.” The waitress said. The Lieutenant quickly switched sides, nudging the curious waitress out of the way. “My friend is fine. She just had a little too much to drink. I’ll take care of her.” Sylvia then led Gabrielle outside and contemplated her next move.

“What shall it be Gretel? Shall I take you home OR…” The Lieutenant paused as she noticed a patch of secluded trees just off from the back of the club. She then narrowed her eyes and glanced down at a disoriented Gunny. “I’ve heard your field experience is impeccable Red. Why don’t we find out just how good you are, shall we?” The Lieutenant led Gabrielle as far back into the patch of wooded area as she possibly could before shoving her roughly to the ground. She then walked over to the Gunny and crouched down at her side. The Gunny’s eyes rolled aimlessly in her head, desperately fighting unconsciousness.

“Now, you see Gunny.” Sylvia said scornfully. “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” The Lieutenant then snatched Gabrielle’s head up so that she could view the scolding glare Sylvia was giving her. “All you had to do was walk away from the Captain and ignore her advances. But no you couldn’t do that. You had to come across charming and desirable.” Sylvia’s voice boiled with immeasurable contempt.

“Bitches like you make me sick. You’re always strolling around acting as if you are “Miss It”. When all you really are, are whores such as myself trying to achieve acceptance. I was going to use Paul in our unscheduled exercise, but I believe I can handle this without his help, wouldn’t you say, little Miss Sweetness.” Sylvia dropped to her knees and slammed the side of Gabrielle’s head against the hard, rock filled soil until the stones were stained with the Gunny’s blood. She then commenced to punching Gabrielle in her face repeatedly, utilizing sharp, loose fist jabs. She didn’t want to break any of the Gunny’s facial structure, but she definitely wanted Brie to know of her anger and resentment when she awoke.

Sylvia slammed Gabrielle’s bleeding head once more against the stony soil and abruptly regained her original height, panting. Her breathing was shallow but her anger still hadn’t dissipated. “Xora was mine,” She spat, kicking contents of earth upon Brie’s body. “And, then you came along with your pancake and waffle cooking ass and stole my woman.” The Lieutenant hurled another patch of dirt into the Gunny’s face before releasing a series of sharp kicks upon the Gunny’s chest and sides. She really wanted to hurt Gabrielle for her uncanny ability to make everyone around her adore her. But, more than anything in the world, she wanted, no had to, alert Xora to the consequences of opposing her.

“Get up you Betty Boo wanna be. I’m still not through with you.” She lifted Gabrielle to her feet and hurled her face first into the nearest tree. She watched as Gabrielle’s head banged against the tree’s trunk like a rubbery pretzel and her body fall to the ground like a wounded bird. “Damn,” she cackled. “I kinda like this shit. Let’s do it again.” The Lieutenant skipped up to a semi-unconscious Brie, lifted her to her feet again and proceeded to run Brie into another tree.


Slade eased down on the accelerator and allowed the engine to come to a purring rumble awaiting the base MP to approve her approach. The sentry walked up to her car and smiled. “Slade, Slade, Slade,” She said with a glimmering smile. She was tall, Native American, pleasant disposition and the dreamiest eyes you ever laid eyes on. You could almost feel the serenity that illuminated from her soul. Slade returned the Lance Corporal’s grin and eased down on the break. “Did you forget something?” She said playfully. She hardly ever, noticed the dynamic duo apart. They were either carpooling or tailing each other. “Yeah I have to pick up my Bullet casing Jar Head sister of mine.” Slade snapped, trying to be as cordial as possible. The MP chuckled and said, “Get out of here girl. You know if something happened to her, we’d have to lock you up to keep you from killing someone.”

Slade smiled and said, “You know me don’t ‘cha.” “I sure do. I was the one that had to peel you off of that instructor back then, remember?” Lance Corporal War Cloud said, while turning to go back into the duty hut and ordering Slade to get out of her sight. Slade revved her engine and shot through the gate. War Cloud shouted for her to halt, but the engine was idling at a deafening roar. The Lance Corporal drew her 9mm revolver and fired it up into the air. Slade looked back in her rear view mirror just in time to see LCpl (Lance Corporal) leveling her pistol upon the Sergeant’s car. Slade immediately brought the car to a stop. War Cloud pulled her aiming arm back up against her and advanced the car.

“Slade you know I adore both you and Brie. But if your ass try my patience again, I will pull you over, make your ass assume the position and shoot you in the foot. That way I know you wouldn’t hesitate to do the speed limit.” War Cloud quickly brought her body to attention and cracked very sternly. “Do you understand me Sergeant?” Slade gazed up into War Cloud’s serious glance and apologized for jeopardizing her and the Lance Corporal’s positions and safety. “Shit,” War Cloud popped, “Get the fuck out of here, and slow your ass down. Before I have to be scraping your ass up off the pavement.” Slade blew War Cloud a mischievous kiss and proceeded cautiously onto the base.


Back to the Patch…

The Lieutenant was now quite pleased with her retaliation against the Captain as she stood panting and cackling down at unconscious Brie and her extensive injuries. “Well, my work is done here, wouldn’t you say so Gunny?” She sniggered. “DAMN, I feel good.” The Lieutenant crouched down near Gabrielle’s still form once more, and swept the protruding hair from the Gunny’s face. “I am sorry I won’t be here to see the Captain’s face when she comes home. But I wish you and her all the happiness in the world. Oops, she probably won’t be so happy after she see this mess, huh?” The Lieutenant chortled entertainingly, feeling very powerful at that moment.

“Well, I’ll check you later Gunny. I received orders a week ago sending me half way around the world. No one will actually know it was me that did this to you, just like I did with the Lieutenant that held my position before I so graciously filled it. She was a do-gooder like you, but I showed her. When my guys got through with her, her own mother didn’t recognize her. Sylvia then brought her first two fingers up to her lips and scooped up a healthy helping of spittle and wiped it onto the Gunny’s face. “Rest well, sweet cakes. It has really been a pleasure visiting with you this evening.” The Lieutenant giggled heartlessly and strolled contently back out to her car and gazed back into the wooded area before finally pulling off.


Slade had searched every place on base for Brie. Just as she was about to give up the hunt she spotted Brie’s car. “Now what in the hell is she doing there. She knows DAMN well that she isn’t supposed to drink without one of us being present. She couldn’t hold warm water without appearing drunk.” Slade put the car in reverse and whipped into the parking lot, pulling right up behind Brie’s car. “Just wait till I get my hands on her. I’m going to beat her all the way home.” Slade spat turning the car off and heading into the club. Within a few minutes she was back out in the parking lot screaming the Gunny’s name.

Suddenly, an eerie feeling came over Slade. It made the hairs on her entire body stand on end. Slade’s voice faltered as her body began to sluggishly turn on it’s own. About three blocks away she watched a struggling figure wrap her arms around the nearest tree and attempt to scramble to her knees. But each time she tried, her weakened limbs would buckle under her. Slade found herself drawn to the image. Although she couldn’t actually distinguish if the battered woman was Brie or not, something deep inside told the Sergeant that it was. Slade’s feet began to move involuntarily, as the shock of seeing her sister struggling to obtain her footing plagued her soul. Slade found her eyes swelling with tears as her legs sprinted involuntarily toward the figure. Slade called out Brie’s name and Gabrielle seemed to struggle more, as her unfocused eyes looked in the direction from which the voice came. Yet, the person’s identity still was a mystery to her.

Washington D.C.

“Look girl,” Shana, one of Xora’s old road dogs whispered. “What,” Cameo returned faintly. Shana, a Native American, sported a short, bobbed haircut, mischievous, dark alluring eyes and the body of an evil temptress. (One look at her and you would pray for guidance). She pointed over at Xora, who was talking to a couple of other Captains at her table. Cameo, Xora’s other former partner, was about Xora’s height. She had smoky brown skin, was naturally playful, and “spank (whip) that ass” gorgeous. She gazed over at Xora and almost passed out. “DAMN, that BITCH still looks good. Let’s go over there.” The pair skillfully maneuvered a path over to Xora’s table and shooed off the more high falooting (high society) officers that were currently keeping the Captain company.

“Oh no she didn’t,” Cameo harped in a neck twisting, back bending, attitude suggestion while placing her hands upon her well sculptured hips. “What,” Shana asked curiously, while taking a seat. Xora gave the pair a crooked half smile as she mentally recalled all of the trouble they had caused together.

“That wanch rolled her eyes at me.” Shana looked over at Xora with mock anger in her face. “Bump that, do you wanna go over there and kick her ass?” She chuckled, not even bothering to gaze up at her supposedly pissed friend. “Nah, she’d probably whine like a wounded skank (whore, bitch) and I’d wind up in the brig. Then on the other hand, she might let me win in here and then when I get outside her ass kissing partners will jump me.” Cameo said, while snatching out her chair and plopping into it.  “Well, Miss Slickness,” Shana began. “Do you still keep it wet?” Xora smiled, and lowered her head in an intrigued manner.

“Now you know I always keep it ready Shana! Why in the world would you ask me such a question?” The trio chortled wickedly like they usually did before Cameo joined in on the assault.  “C’mon Xora you know we have heard about the little kitten that has wiggled up against your warm belly and latched on. Word is, you are afraid to look at other women.” Xor narrowed her eyes, acknowledging that her friend was indeed baiting her, and stated reassuringly, “Now Cameo, how true can that be? Especially when I can point out about eighty percent of the women in here that aren’t wearing panties.” Both Shana and Cameo looked at each other in utter surprise before falling back laughing.

“Aw shit Xora, you still got the gift girl. C’mon, give me my shit off the top.” Cameo stated, as they all rose together, like they used to in the old days, and gave each other a stinging double handed high five before dropping back down into their seats. “So seriously Xora,” Shana initiated. “Tell us about your little kitten. We’ve heard she is just as charming as she is beautiful.” Xora gave the pair a blushing grin and gave her friends a brief summary of the woman that had claimed her heart.

“Surely, we will have to meet this girl wouldn’t you say my little slackers?” A familiar voice retorted from behind Xora. Within a heartbeat all three women were on their feet bringing their bodies to an automatic stance of attention. “Afternoon Ma’am,” the trio sang audibly, as the convention’s commanding General moved to the unoccupied side of the table. “At ease ladies.” She commanded softly, not believing her eyes. “I thought I would never see you bush whackers, and I mean that literally, together again. My, what time won’t reveal, huh?” The General touched one of the officers at the neighboring table upon her shoulder to get her attention. The woman immediately jumped out of her seat and went to attention. “Oh,” the General said, while looking down at the open seat. “I see no one is sitting here. Do you mind if I have it?” The butter scotch Lieutenant yelled out, “No Ma’am, please sit. It is an honor to serve you.” Cameo brought both of her hands out from under the table formed the perfect booty shape with her hands and rubbed her nose up the middle of the imaginary model. Xora and Shana leaned into each other, attempting to muffle the laughter rising in their throats.

“Thank you,” The General returned stepping away from the table and the chair. The boot (young) Lieutenant gazed down at the empty chair, then back up at the General. The General never looked up from the table, but she hoped the inexperienced officer would catch on that she wasn’t about to reposition that chair. “Oh, where are my manners?” The Lieutenant asked, feeling quite awkward now that everyone’s eyes were on her. She then turned the chair around and slid it over to Xora’s table. The General positioned herself in front of the seat and prepared to sit. The Lieutenant was still confused. Why was the General taking so long to sit down? Xora quickly darted behind the chair and scooted it gracefully under the General’s gradually folding form. “Thank you Captain,” the General expressed, not even looking back at the foolish looking second Lieutenant.

Xora artfully returned to her seat and began to discuss old times with her friends. The General, although about ten years older than the women she was sitting with, was cool. She was a Hispanic American with sassy brown eyes, sizzling form, and a ravaging personality. All the women at the table respected her to the fullest. She didn’t know them from Rosemary, Sueann, or Michelle the first time the trio was standing before her at a pre-trial proceeding, but she immediately took to them. And during their entire tour overseas she managed to get them out of trouble no matter what they did. The triad thought of her as a miracle worker and a surrogate mother.

“She must be quite a woman to get you to turn your head twice “Z?” The General inquired, wanting to know more of the lady in Xor’s life. “She is,” Xora said while taking a sip of her drink. “From the moment I saw her standing on the steps of my command office, I felt my heart flutter. Not only was she the youngest of all of her comrades, she out ranked them as well. The red hues of her hair gleamed in the sunlight and her entire appearance was mouth watering. I’ve never met anyone that possessed the soul and disposition of an angel, but she does. She makes my heart beat overtime when she smiles. My body ignites when she holds my hand, and my mind floats into a peaceful oblivion when our lips meet.”

Xora’s comrades sat there gazing for the first time in their life at a woman of extreme integrity and truly in love to boot.  “Dag Xora, can I get a lick of that lollipop?” Cameo asked with an admiring smile. “Girl, I am proud of you! Out of all the bagger’s in the Corps I never thought you would be dropped into one. You go girl. Momma’s got a brand new snatch. By the way, you’re sporting all this poetry and shit, have you hit it yet?” Xora smirked and said, “That’s my Cammie. Always thinking about the finer things in life.”

Shana and Cameo’s mouths fell open as they stared inquisitively at each other. They then turned their stunned gaze back to their old friend. “Xora…” Shana whizzed. “Is she?” Shana couldn’t even say the word as she lowered her head and rocked it confusingly. The General silently laughed at the Captain’s bewildered friends and filled in the words for her. “A virgin.” Xora took another sip from her drink while giving her friend’s a raised eyebrow as an answer. “Damn,” Cameo said with an appealing smile. “Well ain’t (isn’t) that some shit. Reel her in girl, she is definitely a keeper in this world…Congratulations Captain.” They all raised their drinks; the General included and gave Xora and her ladylove a secret salute of honor.
Back at the base…

“OH MY GOD,” the waitress that inquired about Gabrielle lissome state earlier screamed. Slade had made it to Brie and was trying to calm her enough so she could get to her. Gabrielle couldn’t recall where she was or whom she had been with. All she did know was that someone was trying to approach her and her body ached with incredible pain. Slade called back to the woman that was screaming and asked her to call the Medics. She quickly made it back into the club and did what the Sergeant asked. By this time people were filtering out into the parking lot, observing the pair.

Gabrielle continued to scream and grip the tree as if her life depended on it. Slade dropped to her knees and lowered her voice to a soothing and comforting tone. Soon Gabrielle was calmed enough to listen, yet she still hadn’t released the tree. Slade told her that she was her sister and she was there to help. Gabrielle shook her head, “no.” She was still suffering from the drugs and the vicious beating she had received. It was hard for her to recall anything. It was as if her mind had blanked out all her memories of anyone or anything.

Slade remained patient in her presentation as she drifted back to events that both she and Brie attended and mentioned some of the funnier things they did to their friends and loved ones. Suddenly, Brie began to remember some of the things. She smiled briefly and called her sister’s name. “Yes Brie, that’s right,” Slade said softly. “It’s me baby.” Gabrielle shakily called her sister’s name again before bursting into tears. It didn’t take a second for Slade to reach her side and pull her protectively into her arms. Gabrielle’s weaken arms wrapped around Slade so tightly she swore the life was being squeezed out of her. But she dare not say anything. Brie needed this and secretly she did to.

“I…want to…go (hiccup) home…Slade.” Gabrielle strained through gasps of evident fear. “I’ll take you home Brie, as soon as the doctor has a look at you. Gabrielle protested. She screamed, “No,” seemingly a thousand times. And each time she said it, it echoed in Slade’s ears. Slade couldn’t hold back the tears as she tightened her hold upon her hysterical sister and cooed words of endearment.

Once again Gabrielle calmed down. Slade stayed with her the entire time. Gabrielle allowed the corpsman to begin examining her in the privacy of the ambulance, but she refused to allow them to place her on a stretcher. Slade informed the medics that she would carry her. Brie’s arms wrapped around Slade’s neck as she easily lifted her beaten sister up into her arms and headed over to the ambulance.

The whole ordeal was alarming. Brie was kicking, screaming and fighting frantically trying to ward off their touch. Slade simply didn’t know how or what to do to help Brie. She knew Gabrielle needed examining so she gave the corpsman leverage to do their job. Only when they went to sedate Brie did Slade stand between them. Slade didn’t know what kind of drug had been given to Brie, but she knew for sure a drug had to be involved for Brie to have been beaten up the way she had been.

Brie was quite formidable in a fight and it would almost take a train killer to keep the little blond off of ’em.” All of the medics jumped from Slade’s hissing attitude when they decided Brie should be drugged so that they could conduct the examination without dealing with her resistance. Slade then tried to talk the medics into releasing Gabrielle into her care and in a couple of days she would have another physician to have a look at the little Gunny. They instantly refused that proposal. Slade glared at the persistent male corpsman and placed a call to Troy. She explained to Troy what had happened and asked her to call the female physician she knew that worked at the infirmary.

It wasn’t fifteen minutes before she was there. She was slightly shorter than Brie. She had dark hair, a stern disposition and a grave glare. She ordered all of the men out, took a seat across from Gabrielle and began to talk to her. Both of Gabrielle’s eyes were swollen shut so all she could rely on were her remaining sense, which had been heighten by the fierce beating.

Gabrielle didn’t see the Major’s analytical gaze as she spoke gently to the Gunny, but Slade did. (She’s good) The sergeant thought as she watched a miracle happen before her eyes. Gabrielle laid back and allowed the female physician to examine her without any rebuttal. After the evaluation she informed Slade of Brie’s injuries. The assault upon Gabrielle’s body made her look worse than it actually was. The doctor told Slade that she had four bruised ribs, two on each side, a battered face, and a real ugly gash where her head was banged against a blunt object. The doctor told Slade that Brie must be hard headed because her skull didn’t receive any damage. Yet she would be experiencing a serious headache for about a week.

Slade told the doctor that she had to talk to Gabrielle for about ten minutes in an attempt to get her to recognize her, and she was wondering if Brie, had in fact, lost a portion of her memory. The doctor told Slade that Brie hadn’t lost her memory, but the shock of the drubbing caused her mind to bring up a protective mechanism which was usually present in attack victims.

She instructed the Sergeant that she would have to be very patient with Brie at this time and only show her love and support. If she were given these things, along with food and rest, the doctor stated with a smile, the Gunny would be back on her feet within two months. The doctor issued a sick chit for Brie, and who ever would be responsible for taking care of her. Without further delay, Slade loaded her sister into the car, after the doctor placed twelve stitches in her scalp, and headed home.

Once they were home, Slade told Troy that she would explain later what she thought had happened and took Brie up to her room. Slade helped Brie to shower, gave her some medicine and tucked her in. The Sergeant still didn’t know what to feel as she stood staring down at the sleeping form. She knew she should be angry, but at whom? They all could have contributed toward what Sylvia had done to her. Slade just didn’t think the Lieutenant would’ve taken it this far just to hurt Xora. Slade sat quietly down on the end of the bed and just held herself. Troy watched from the opening of Brie’s room as her lover began to cry. She, herself, didn’t know what to do or think. All she did know was that it was going to take all of them awhile to get through this.
Back at the conference…  

“Well, girls I think I’m going to retire for the night. If you should need me I will be in suite A352.” The General reported. “Excuse me ma’am but you are staying in a suite?” Cameo asked while fanning her fingers open, indicating boundless expense as far as the General’s living arrangements. The General chuckled regally and said, “Did I say suite. I meant to say condo in the “A” wing.” She then gave the stunned Captain a wink and bid the trio good night. The trio watched the General saunter out of the convention room periodically stopping and conversing with other officers before walking again.

“Damn, I have to get that Generals spot. That juicy burrito is living large.” Cameo observed the General as she spoke with one more officer before walking out the door. “And home girl is DEFINITELY in charge.”  “Sho’ ya right,” Shana retorted, taking a healthy gulp for her mug. The group then moaned suggestively before Xora said, “Now top that shit.” The three women drove their right arms into the middle of the table, wiggled their fingers and flung their arms over their shoulders.

“Ladies,” Xora began. “I going to head up to my room for the night. See you in the morning.” Shana looked over at Cameo and gave her a smirk. “Sure, we understand. Peep you later.” They all three stood simultaneously, blew each other a kiss and purred like kittens. “Go on Xora,” Cameo said, sliding her chair back up under the table. “I don’t care what Shana thinks. You got it going on girl.” Shana popped Cameo on her forearm and bid Xora good night.
The Commander’s hotel room…  

Just as Xora made it into the room her pager went off. She stopped, turned on the lights and looked down at the device display. It was Troy. (I wonder what she wants? I was about to call Brie). Xora thought, walking over to the phone. “Troy,” Xora inquired. “What’s up? Is Brie there? I was just about to call her. How is she doing?” Xora finished. Troy didn’t speak right away. She was trying to figure out how she was going to tell Xora what happened.

After a couple moments of silence Xora screamed, “WHERE IS BRIE? WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TROY? WHAT THE FUCK’S GOING ON? SAY SOMETHING?” Xora spat, breathless now. Troy took in a deep breath and calmly revealed to Xora the events of the evening.  Xora slowly stood up, unable to feel anything. When she did finally speak, her voice rumbled with a dangerous growl. “How could this have transpired if you and Slade was supposed to be watching her?” Troy tried to explain, but Xora cut her off.


Xora then slammed down the phone and dropped back down on the bed. Something inside her broke as she slid down off the bed onto her knees. She then lowered her head upon the plush carpet and stretched her arms as far as they would go. Her fingers clawed at the floor covering as her mind went blank and her heart sank. (Why did this happen? Why did she do this to her? What have I done so wrong to make this happen to Gabrielle)? In one last desperate silent plea Xora wondered, (How are we going to get through this)?
Back at Brie’s…

Troy laid the phone back in its cradle and slowly walked over to the couch and sat down. She didn’t notice the tears that began to swell in her eyes. All she could think about was her friends. Will Brie ever be the same? Would Slade ever be able to cope with what happened, and if she did, would she be able to ever allow Brie out of her sight again. And finally, Xora, would she ever be able to trust any of them again? All her best friend had, was their word. And they even failed her in that.

As the weight of all her silent questions began to afflict her every thought, the tears poured from her eyes. She too had to ask her self, (How could this have happened)? A couple of hours later, the rest of the gang tore into the house, but it didn’t take long for them to pick up the dejected aura in the air.  Shane walked slowly over to a backward turned Troy and softly asked her what was going on. Soon the whole gang was kneeling in front of their friend, all except Mayo who stood quietly inside the hatch, waiting on an explanation.

After Troy explained to their friends for what seemed like the thousandth time what had taken place, the room fell still. No one spoke a word, that is, except for Shane who jumped to her feet and just went to screaming. “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING…AND WHY TO BRIE. IT WAS THAT FUCKING XORA THAT BROUGHT THIS ON HER. WHY ISN’T SHE HERE? WHY TROY, WHY?” Shane was pleading for something. She just didn’t know what. Mayo quickly moved to her usually passive and quiet friend and pulled her into her arms. Shane wept like a baby as she clung to what appeared to be the strongest of the group. Troy, Sharonda and Joy sat staring up at the pair as tears dripped from their eyes. No one had any idea what to say or do. All they felt comfortable with was the silence.

Mayo pulled a sobbing Shane further into her body and began caressing her hair. “Shane you know Xora isn’t to blame for this. If anything, we all could have brought this on. None of us here is responsible for what Brie endured. Yet we are all here now except Xora. We need to bond together so that we can all get through this. You know that is what Brie would want us to do. If it was one of us that had been violated, she would strive for the same thing and we all know this. We all need each other right now, and placing blame with anyone is simply going to weaken our resolve. And you know if we are at odds with each other how in the hell are we going to help Brie? I want you to pull it together my little voodoo priestess and cast a spell of love and understanding like you usually do.” Shane raised her teary eyes up and gazed in to her friend’s strong demeanor and issued her a weak smile. “There she is,” Mayo said with her traditional mischievous grin. “I thought I’d lost you there for a minute.” Shane dropped her head and wiped the remnants of her crying face onto Mayo’s uniform. “Hey, get up off me.” Mayo shouted, pushing a now smirking Shane away from her. The rest of the gang chuckled from the stern look the Sergeant was giving her friend at that moment. Mayo was always serious when it came to her uniform. She always had to be immaculate in every way, but right now she looked as if someone had doused her with a drink.

“I’m hungry,” Shane said rubbing her stomach. “Why don’t I go get everyone something to eat, then we can check in on Brie.” Troy explained to the group how disoriented Brie was when Slade brought her home and that she probably wouldn’t be able to talk to any of them for a while. “Why don’t we go to the store instead. We could cook us all a dinner and fix Brie something.” Joy suggested. “Shane you know you can step down in those soups, girl. Maybe that will help build Brie’s strength.” Everyone chimed in their agreement and soon the pair was off to the store. They still hadn’t seen Slade but that was expected. Maybe she would be down to sit with them later.

After they all ate, Troy took a tray up to Brie’s room. Slade still hadn’t left Brie’s side. She sat in an old wicker rocking chair that their father made as a gift to Brie for her new house. “Slade,” She said quietly. “I brought you and Brie some soup. Shane made it, so it may have some bird feathers in it.” She said jokingly, hoping to at least get a smile from her lover. Slade just looked up at her with tear stained eyes and said, “Thank you.” She then redirected her gaze back to her sleeping sister. Troy walked slowly back to the door still uncomfortable with the whole situation. Slade had never been this distant with her. “Slade,” she called softly. The Sergeant tilted her head so Troy could see that she had her attention. “I love you.” Troy meekly said, revealing remorse and sorrow in her tone. Before she could take another breath Slade rose from her chair and headed over to her. She then pulled Troy into her arms and whispered the same sentiment.

“I love you too Troy. I just don’t know what to think anymore. I feel I should be angry, but right now all I want is to see Brie smile again.” Slade then pushed slightly away from Troy and caressed her cheeks with the thumbs of her hands that were now cradling her lover’s face.  “Do you understand?” The tears began to run from Troy’s eyes as she indicated with a nod of her head that she understood. Slade reached down and swept her lips gently across her crying lover’s lips and whispered an apology for her behavior. Troy pulled Slade closer and claimed her lips with a hunger that only the both of them could perceive. Troy needed her partner to know that whatever befell them she would be there, always.

Once Troy was back down stairs she called the airport and inquired when the next flight from Washington D.C. would arrive in Atlanta through Delta Airlines. She retrieved the information she inquired about and prepared to camp out downstairs with the rest of the gang.

The ride from Atlanta was a quiet one. Neither Xora nor Troy had said anything, not even when they met at the departure gate. Xora didn’t want to talk to anyone. All she wanted right now was to hold Gabrielle and make her well.

After Xora heard the news and was finally able to pull herself together, she went to the General’s quarters and explained to her what had come about with Gabrielle and how she needed to go home. The General wasted no time having orders cut for Xora and a sick chit issued so that she could be with Brie through her healing process. Before Xora left the General’s chambers she handed Xora her Major’s oak leaves and told her the Lieutenant was her problem now and not to worry. She would settle everything. Xora remembered hugging the General so hard she had to pinch the Captain, now Major, to get her to release the bear hug. She wiped away Xora’s tears and affirmed that everything would be all right. Xora didn’t know how she could repay the General, so she just thanked her and left with her head held high.

“We’re just about there,” Troy said quietly, not wanting to upset Xora. “Good, I want to see Gabrielle.” Xora’s mind drifted back to the first time she rode in Slade’s car and the first time she went to Brie’s house. Xora could feel the tears pushing against her eyelids, threatening to spill at anytime. Troy remained quiet. Xora remembered the shower scene before she left and how playful Brie was that day. She couldn’t hold back the tears as a misdirected chuckle tore from her throat. Troy immediately pulled over and pulled Xora into her arms.

“Troy”…sniffles…”why is it…that some kind of tragedy…befalls everyone… I love? Is it me? Am I not supposed to be happy? Why Troy…Tell me why?” Xora drummed her fist mindlessly upon Troy’s thigh as if trying to ward off what had happened. Troy pulled Xora closer and tried to shush her with gentle coos rumbling in her throat as well as her soul. “In life Xora we know of no reason for misfortunes. All we can do is gather strength from he that brings up the sun and settles it in its cradle at night and trust that those who love us issue the support we need to carry us through life’s pitfalls.”

Troy paused just long enough to tighten her hold on her distraught friend. “We can do this Xora. We can get through this, but we will have to do it together. We all love Brie and we want her back. Are you ready to fight for her?” Troy asked, prompting a response from a now settled Xora. Xora regained her original sitting position and returned gallantly, “You bet.”

Troy saw the fire of a determined gleam in her mighty friend’s eyes and smiled. “Then let’s get busy. We have a very stubborn and defiant Gunnery Sergeant that is going to need some tough love. Slade can’t do it and we won’t. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can pull her out of the grave of depression she is slipping deeper and deeper into. We can’t get her to eat. She won’t speak. She even fights Slade when she tries to clean her up.” Troy pulled up into the yard and inhaled once more before looking over at her friend. “We need the Captain right now Xora, not the woman that loves Brie. We need the hammer, do you think you can handle that Captain Black?” Xora cleared her throat and said, “That’s Major now to you Captain.” She then showed Troy her golden oak leaves embedded in a velvet covered casing. Troy smiled, gave her friend a hug and said, “Ah’ight (alright) Major Black. The target you are to defuse is inside.” Xora swung her door open and stepped out of the car. Just as the pair reached the front door they heard screaming and things shattering. They rushed into the house to see Joy, Mayo, Shane and Sharonda standing at the staircase looking up.

“What’s going on?” Xora inquired, while stepping between them. “It’s Brie. The minute her medicine wore off she went into a rage. Xora could hear Slade pleading with her to stop and calm down. But Gabrielle wasn’t paying that any heed. “I’m going up.” Xora stated while striding up the stairs. Xora opened the door just in time to catch a bowl of soup, which splattered all over the door. “Slade, get out.” Xora ordered, stepping into the room. Although Gabrielle’s face was still swollen, she was able to see now. Slade gazed once more at her panting sister and complied with the commander’s request.

“Was there something wrong with the soup?” Xora asked with a raised eyebrow while tilting her head waiting for the answer. Brie didn’t speak. Instead she dove back into the bed and covered herself with the blankets. Xora moved to the bed, snatched the covering off and slung it to the floor.

“I asked you a question. Don’t keep me waiting for an answer Gabrielle you know I don’t like that.” Gabrielle folded herself into the fetal position and shouted, “Leave me alone Xora. I don’t want you here, get out.” Xora narrowed her eyes and gazed over the dirty, terrycloth housecoat Brie wore and her stained clothes that looked as if someone had tried to feed her a week ago. Xora grabbed a hand full of Brie’s hair and dragged her from the bed. Gabrielle clawed at Xora’s hand trying to loosen her grip. Xora pulled Brie to her, kicking and screaming. She then wrapped her left arm around her waist, straightening her somewhat.

“Stop it,” she demanded. Gabrielle ignored her and continued to struggle. Xora snatched her head back and forced her down, face first onto the floor while wrapping her legs around Brie and pressing her upper body against the little Gunny, suspending all movement. Gabrielle whimpered and finally began crying. Xora pressed her face into Brie’s hair and allowed Brie to cry, screaming and shouting “Why,” repeatedly as she held her love pinned to the floor.

Brie cried for about twenty minutes before she finally quieted down. Xora shifted slightly and brought most of her weight up onto her elbows. She then lowered her lips to Brie’s ear and said, “Baby we’re all here because we love you and we want to help you through this. Please, let us do this. We are all hurting right now and you need us just as much as we need you. We can’t take back what has happened. If we could you know everyone of us would. All we can do is look toward tomorrow with a new mind and hopefully new hearts. Please don’t lock us out. If it was one of us in the same situation, would you want us to act as you are right now?” Xora asked resting her chin on Gabrielle’s shoulder waiting for the Gunny to say something, anything.

“Xora,” Gabrielle issued weakly. “Why do we trust people?” Xora rubbed her face in her love’s hair and retorted; “To be honest Brie I don’t know. But I do know that it is a part of being human. When I heard what had happened to you I wanted to hate all of our friends down stairs. Yet then I felt content with knowing that if we issue trust willingly we reap it back. I know now it wasn’t my friends, that have been here with you every since this happened, I should be angry with. But rather the liberty that an individual took to interfere and disrupt other’s lives. That is what we should be angry with, not our friends. Not the one’s that love us and would willingly take our place whenever bad things occur just to shield us from harm.” Xora paused and ran her fingers through Gabrielle’s matted hair. “Does that make sense?” Gabrielle looked up into Xora’s sparkling blue eyes and smiled. “Of course it makes sense. It came from the woman I’m in love with.” The Major smiled and kissed Brie softly on her swollen lips. “Now, are you ready to get into some clean clothes and take in a bite to eat?” Gabrielle chuckled and nodded her approval.


“Ssssh,” Joy said. Everyone quieted down and listened to the running of the shower. “Well I’ll be damned. She did it.” Troy said gleefully. Slade pulled her hair back from her worn face and replied, “Shit, I’m glad. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me, how was I going to get that wild cat into that shower.” Everyone laughed, and for the first time since the incident, they felt relieved. Finally, they could look forward to tomorrow and know everything was going to be all right.

Xora came running down the steps two at a time. “Shane,” She said, looking toward the kitchen. You think you could fix me up some of that soup? Gabrielle like the portion she did eat.” “Sure,” Shane returned. In a flash she was back with an excellently decorated food platter. “Damn Shane, you are good.” Shane smiled and asked the question each one of them had wanted to ask, but were afraid to. “Xora, do you think we could come up and see Brie for a few minutes?” Xora looked down into her friend’s dreamy eyes and said, “Let me feed her first and then I’ll have everyone come up for a little bit.”

Within an hour Xora asked everyone to come up. Brie’s face was still swollen but she was the prettiest thing the gang had ever seen. Xora plopped back behind her and hoisted her closer. Brie leaned into Xora and gave the group a pleasant grin.  “Hi Brie,” Shane said shyly. Brie chuckled and quipped, “Hi Shane.” Everyone laughed and gathered around the bed. The group talked for another hour before Xora shooed them out to allow Brie some time to rest.

As soon as they were all out, Brie turned in her love’s embrace and laid her head gently upon Xora’s breasts. It didn’t take a heartbeat for Gabrielle to drift into the land of dreams. Xora allowed her fingers to sift through her sleeping loved one’s hair and silently thank who ever was responsible for returning her good natured partner to her.

The next few days were growing more and more entertaining and Brie…well Brie was getting back to her old self. Yet Xora noticed she was becoming increasingly interested in caressing her body. It wasn’t enough that Gabrielle drove her need through the roof when she sat between her legs, but the tummy strokes were driving Xora to drink heavily at night. She wanted Gabrielle so bad that she couldn’t see straight at times. Especially during those nights that Gabrielle would lull herself to sleep by massaging Xora’s stomach, occasionally grazing her breasts with the tips of her fingers. Each night after Gabrielle fell asleep, Xora wondered what would happen if she slipped Brie’s hand down into her PT gear (Nylon Physical training shorts), which came with built in underwear. Would Brie want to caress her then? Xora grinned to herself and laid her head against Brie’s and fell asleep.

The next week was even more trying. Gabrielle was inquiring about how many women Xora had slept with. She wanted to know if Xora enjoyed the experiences? And, she wanted to know how Xora liked it done to her. Xora was unraveling like the wrapper on a piece of gum. Each day Gabrielle’s appearance was returning and she was looking more and more delightful by the minute. Xora would go out for long runs or make excuses to return to the base just to relieve herself. If things kept going this way, it was going to take the entire Marine Corps to keep Xora from claiming Brie and the commander knew it.

When Xora ran up into the yard one evening from one of her long runs Gabrielle was waiting for her. (Oh Lord). Xora thought (Please not another series of questions. I’m not able to take anymore). The Major finalized in her head. Gabrielle ran up to her and grabbed her into a fierce hug. Xora wrapped her arms around Brie and buried her face in her strawberry scented neck. “Hey, how was your run?” Gabrielle inquired while adjusting her position so that they could walk into the house arm in arm. “It was fine. So what have you been doing since I’ve been gone?” Xora asked, opening the door for Brie, who was now wearing the same type of P.T. gear Xora had been wearing. Xora stared hypnotically at Brie’s swaying form as she moved in front of her and sauntered sensually up the stairs. <This have got to be the Twilight Zone. Why else would I be afraid to tell the woman that I love that I want her and…right damn now>. Xora wondered, while following Brie in.

“Xora would you mind if I hang out in Slade’s room tonight. Troy has already agreed to sleep in my room with you tonight. I really need to talk to Slade about something.” Xora’s mouth fell open from shock. She didn’t know if she should be offended or pray a silent thank you for at least one night away from temptation. “No, I don’t mind.” Xora responded, more out of curiosity. She couldn’t compute what in the world Gabrielle needed to discuss with her sister that she couldn’t talk to her about, but she would yield for one night if that was Brie’s desire.

“Great,” Brie said, stuffing her mouth with some “Q” (barbeque) Shane had prepared for the night. “Are you hungry?” Xora didn’t even realize she was staring. She was wondering what would it be like to feel those soft lips suck her nipple inside Brie’s warm mouth. “Xooorrra,” Gabrielle sang. “Baby are you hungry?” Xora shook her head to rid her mind of those explicit thoughts and said, “Sure, give me some.” Gabrielle brows furrowed in confusion. Xora noticed the significance of THAT particular statement and retracted what she just said. “Oh jeez, yes Brie, I would like something to eat.” She corrected. Brie giggled and rose to fix her a plate.

The gang ate together. Shane, Sharonda and Mayo talked about the recruits and how they missed Gabrielle. They also told her that the recruits were making up their own get well cards for the Gunny and they would bring them home Friday. Gabrielle’s eyes shined with anticipation. Troy described her day and it’s fumbles as well as Joy’s. Laughter rang out all the round the table, except for one person Xora noticed. Slade was as quiet as a mouse. She hadn’t lifted her head from her plate since they sat down to eat. Xora took a drink of her wine and observed everyone’s temperament at the table. But, each of their friends seemed upbeat and cheerful. <What is worrying you Slade>? Xora questioned in her musing.

Soon the meal was over, dishes were clean and everyone was turning in. Slade seemed to drag to her room as if the weight of the world was on her shoulders. Xora observed her from upstairs as she was lounging in a bent position on the hall rail. “Hey Slade,” She called just loud enough for just them to hear. “Is something bothering you? Can I help you with it?” Slade growled at Xora and snapped her teeth in a biting manner. She then turned her back and mouthed something before entering her room and slamming the door. Xora jumped from the sound and her interest bumped up a notch. (What the hell is going on)? She wondered, as she watched Gabrielle practically skip up to Slade’s door and enter.

Xora let out a deep sigh and went into her room and closed the door. Troy was reading a trilogy of sex stories so she wasn’t paying attention when she came in. “Troy,” Xora snapped. “Why this new arrangement? Why is Gabrielle happy as a lark? And Slade is walking around as if she had lost her dearest friend?” Troy chuckled and laid down her book. She then patted the space behind her as she turned to face Xora. Xora eased down into the position and stared into Troy’s ecstatic features.

“Haven’t you noticed that Gabrielle is becoming more curious about your body. She’s now noticing that your nipples harden at certain times. And your pupils dilate when you talk about certain things. Haven’t you noticed that each and every day that you look at her she’s changing? C’mon Xora, tell the truth. Don’t you desire Gabrielle more now than you did three months ago?” Xora didn’t know what to say as her eye color darkened. Troy just laughed and continued. “Well, I’ll tell you this my friend Gabrielle is about to take a crash course on pleasing a woman and your unhappy friend Slade has been chosen to instruct that class.”

Xora’s mouth fell open in awe. “Slade is giving Gabrielle a sex talk?” Troy smiled and hopped onto her back. “Yep Xora, your woman is about to find out what makes your nipples hard and why you pant when she eases her leg in between yours.” Troy laughed a while longer before she retrieved her book and began reading again. Xora snatched the book away and glared sternly in her friend’s entertaining face. “Are you saying Brie is interested in getting physical with me?” “Uh-huh,” Troy returned with dancing eyebrows. “Then why didn’t she ask me about that?” “Xora did you walked up to your first girl friend and say “show me how to screw you?” Xora thumped Troy on her forehead and sat up. “Ouch,” Troy chirped rubbing her head. “Aw Xora lighten up. You know how close they are. Maybe she feels more comfortable talking to her big sister about making love. Especially making love to you. She probably thinks she could never please you sexually.”

“Troy Xora popped. “That is ridiculous. I practically climax when she looks at me, much less having her touch me.” Troy sighed and said, “Xora, let Gabrielle do this the way she wants. Otherwise she’s going to build up an insecurity complex and you won’t be getting any.” Xora whirled around and pinched Troy hard on her thigh. “This shit is not funny Troy. I hear that girl’s voice and I want her. I smell her scent in a passing breeze and I want to taste her. So if you think my abstinence is funny, I’m here to tell you right here and now that it isn’t. Shit,” Xora spat before dropping face first into the pillow beside Troy.

“Calm down, Xena Warrior Princess,” Troy joked. “The queen will stop at nothing to please her partner.” Xora frowned and looked over at Troy. “What the hell are you talking about? I’m thinking of real life here, HELLO!” Xora almost screeched. “Jeez I was just trying to ease your anxiety Xora. Anyhow you should watch the show sometime, it’s good.” Troy looked over at a still confused Xora before ordering her to go to sleep. Xora growled and slammed her face back into the pillow.

Slade quickly jumped in the shower in an attempt to prolong the inevitable. Brie was more curious now than ever before. Slade had never seen her so determined to talk about sex. (It’s all Xora’s fault). She thought. (She’s awakened hormones in Brie she never knew she had. Now I have to give her a girl sex talk. Boy this really chaps my ass). Gabrielle skipped into the shower with a bowl of grapes and snatched the curtain open. “Slade, hurry up, I’m beginning to think you don’t want to talk to me.” (Oh, good Gabrielle now run with that). Slade thought, grabbing the curtain and snatching it shut. “Brie you can at least wait until I get out the shower.

“Oh,” Gabrielle began in a solemn tone. (Shit, Shit, Shit) Slade thought. (She’s doing it again. Making me feel bad because I’m not reacting as she thinks I should). Slade dipped her head under the showerhead and allowed the water to rain freely down upon her head. “Give me a few more minutes Brie. I’ll be right out.” “Okay,” Brie chirped and ran into the other room.

Slade dragged out of the bathroom in her silk bathroom. Brie’s smacking drew her attention to her. (What in the world does Xora see in her any way)? Brie tilted her head and tweaked her nose at Slade. Slade couldn’t help but to laugh.  The Sergeant climbed into the huge bed and plopped down beside her sister. “So where do you wanna start?” Slade asked, hoping she would fall asleep in the middle of it. “Tell me what do I do to please her.” Slade fell face first into the pillow, mimicking a bored person.

Slade rolled on to her back and folded her arms behind her head. She then looked up at the ceiling and said, “Tell me what to you like to look at when you see Xora. Let’s take Valentine night for an example. When you laid eyes on Xora, what part of her held your attention?”  Gabrielle laid back and copied Slade’s position. Gabrielle thought for a minute then said, “Her walk.” Slade rolled her eyes shut. (Good lord most people would say a woman’s tits grabbed their attention).

“Her walk,” Slade repeated in a dry tone. “Uh-huh,” Gabrielle chirped playfully. Slade turned her head and looked over at her sister. “Why her walk Brie?” Gabrielle took a deep breath and replied. “When I see Xora walk its like she’s moving to music. Her hips stirs sensually as she sways from side to side. And if she’s wearing leather, gosh Slade, it appears as if her hips are going to RIP,” Gabrielle said that in a strained tone hyphenating her meaning, “right through the seams.” Xora’s walks seduces me. Sometimes I imagined what it would be like to be her underwear. Hugging that full ass and…” “Well, OKAY THEN,” Slade shouted with a taut smile.

“So you like her walk. Tell me what else did you notice about Xora on that night. “Her tits,” Brie said quickly but she didn’t elaborate. Slade rolled over looked upside Brie’s head and coached, “Tell me about her tits Brie. What fascinates you about them?” Brie laughed nervously and remained quiet for a few minutes.

“They’re perky, well tanned, voluptuous and sweet smelling. When I lay my head on her breast the scent alone makes my mouth water. I wonder if she tastes as good as she…” “WELL OKAY THEN,” Slade almost shouted again. Slade was getting hyped. She couldn’t believe it. Her woman abandoned her so she could give her baby sister a sex talk. Slade crossed her legs at the ankle and squeezed tightly, trying to stifle the heat that was beginning to brew in between her limbs.

“What else about Xora draws your attention?” Slade asked with a yawn. Brie looked over at Slade and for a minute Slade could have sworn Brie’s eyes coloring changed. I like it when she pulls me up close between her legs. Gosh Slade I swear I have never felt such intense heat and I like it. At times I wondered what it would feel like to dip my hand…” “WELL, would you look at the time.” Slade interrupted once more.

“SLADE,” Brie shouted. “I could just as easily go up stairs and send Troy back down stairs and just tell Xora to take me. Would that be easier for you? That way you won’t have to talk to your sister about something as natural as your period.” Brie took her pillow and slammed it up against her sister’s head. She then rolled out of the bed and headed for the door. “Brie,” Gabrielle continued out the door. “Brie, come on, come on back. We’ll talk like you want to, Okay?” Xora stood in the shadows listening to Slade plead for Gabrielle to come back into the room. She initially planned on eavesdropping, but her stomach began to growl so she went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

“You promise?” Brie cracked. “I want to shoot some ideas about pleasing Xora by you and…” “Shush,” Slade interrupted, trying to pull Brie into the room. “No Slade you’re doing it again. Why won’t you listen to me?” “Okay Brie, Okay,” Slade whispered looking over Brie’s shoulder to make sure no one was sleeping on the sofa. Xora moved further back into the shadows so that she wouldn’t be detected.

“I love Xora and I want to be with her. I want to feel her, touch her, kiss her, taste her.” Slade closed her eyes tightly not quite ready to serve as a witness to her sister’s sexual awakening. “See you can’t even listen without panicking. How is it all right for you to bang Troy’s brains out and I’m suppose to stay a nun. Oh shit did I say nun? WELL I MEANT TO SAY NONE…N-O-N-E.” Brie placed her hands on her hips and took several deep breaths. “Okay Brie, you’re right I don’t want to hear YOU talk about sex, but I’d rather give it a shot than have you go into something blindly. Now…get back in here and this time I will try harder to listen. Brie tilted her head and pulled her hair over her left shoulder. Xora gasped quietly in the shadows. She loved it when Brie did that. It was so stimulating. “You didn’t say the magic words.” Brie harped. Slade shifted her weight onto her left leg and placed HER hands upon her hips. “All right, I promise. Are you happy now?” Gabrielle folded her arms across her chest and walked back into the room. Slade growled dishearteningly and followed her sister in.

Brie plunked back down on her side of the bed and patted the place where Slade should lay. Slade crawled in and prepared to listen. But this time Brie had questions of her own.  “Slade tell me what does Troy taste like?” Slade jerked up into a sitting position fighting for air. (Remember you promised) The Sergeant had to remind herself several times more before laying back down. “Do you really want to know?” Brie popped up on her elbows and shook her head vigorously. “Troy tastes like a honeysuckle. And the further down her body I move, the richer she becomes. When I dip my tongue inside her, spurts of her sweetness pour into my mouth. The hotter she becomes the sweeter she gets. And what turns me on more than anything is when she arches her back, moans my name and spreads those sugary thighs further apart. I almost lose it, but I know I have to keep a grip because I’m there to bring her pleasure and that is what I set out to do.” Slade dabbed her forehead with the back of her hand. “So how did I do?” She asked quizzically. Brie smiled and said, “you did real well Sergeant. I think you are going to get through this with rave reviews.” “Great, that’s what I want,” Slade retorted with a fake smile.

Xora stayed back into the shadows for about as long as she could. She stealthily moved to the stairs and began to head up when she heard her name. She stopped in her tracks. She wanted to know just how well the sex talk was going. More than that she wanted to know just how anxious Brie was to be with her. Xora moved over against the wall of Slade’s room and crouched down. “Slade, remember that day we were talking about our valentine night and you mentioned something about being creative? What did you mean about that? Could I do that with Xora?”

Slade clenched her eyes tight again and inhaled slowly. “What I meant by that Gabrielle is that Xora is already in love with you so if you got into a little role playing it would probably heighten her desire for you.” Gabrielle still looked confused. “Okay I’m going to tell you this, but I better not hear this ever again do you hear me?” Gabrielle shook her head up and down signaling her agreement. “Nah Brie this is serious. You have to do the naked swear.” Gabrielle stood up in the bed opened her robe and began their secret ritual for promising not to tell a soul. “I swear by my bowl to never tell a soul.” Brie then closed her robe and fell back to the bed.

“Okay,” Slade stated. “One night Troy and I pretended I was a cop and she was my prisoner. Girl, I had the works. I had the gun, the nightstick, the flashlight and the cuffs. I took her up to our hotel room and ordered her to remove her clothes.” Brie moved in closer, highly absorbed. “Brie, Troy is good looking anyway, but without her clothes she becomes a statuesque of beauty. I had to push my urges down to get through the charade. I then ordered her to lie on the bed. She did it, but she did it with such grace that my cunt began to burn.” Gabrielle giggled girlishly and continued listening. “I hand cuffed her to the bed and tied a blindfold over her eyes. From that moment Brie, I knew my goal was to please her yet I wanted the experience to be unique. I eased down on the bed and removed my nightstick. I then began to move it suggestively over her body. First I ran just the tip of the handle around her nipples. She whimpered for more. I then dragged the handle gently, ever so gently down her stomach across her navel and softly over her clit. Troy moaned and started to rock her hips. Pushing her cunt harder against the stick. I continued to rock the pole patiently against her hot spot making her growl for more. Then suddenly I stopped. She cried out and pleaded for me to take her, but I didn’t want it to end that soon. I moved to the end of the bed and I began to taunt her with very provocative sayings while slamming the stick against the brass bed frame.”

Slade chuckled and fell back. “Brie, she was squirming like a worm on a hook. I jumped up on the bed pull out my flashlight that must have had a hundred-watt bulb in it. I snatched her legs open.” “You didn’t stick it in her did you?” Brie interrupted. Slade slapped Brie up side the head and snarled, “Would you let me finish?” “Okay,” Gabrielle retorted, while becoming attentive again. “I then placed the light as close to her clit as I dared and just let the rays of the light shine against her power knob. Brie,” Slade laughed. “Troy was so hot that she was screaming for me to fuck her.” The confused look seized Gabrielle’s face again.

“You don’t have a penis so how did you do that?” Slade slapped Brie up side the head again. “Hello,” Slade spat while wiggling her fingers. Reality jumped Brie as she rolled over laughing. “Of course you would think for someone like me that masturbates every night, I would realize that was the way to satisfy another woman. Thanks Slade I think I have it now.” Brie kissed Slade on the jaw and rolled onto her side. “Slade,” “Yeah Brie.” “I like Popsicle’s. Do you think Xora would let me try that on her?” “Damn Brie, I like that idea myself.” Gabrielle snickered and bid Slade good night. Slade rolled onto her stomach and drove her head down in to her pillow. (Great, just great, my sex talk with my sister has got me worked up and where is my woman? Sharing a bed with her best friend. Tell me I don’t have bad luck). Slade smiled to herself and quietly said good night to her now more knowledgeable sister.

Just outside Slade’s door…

Xora rose to her original height and whispered, “Popsicle’s, damn I’m going to have quite a little demon on my hands.” She chuckled, while leaping up the stairs two at a time.


Part XII


Gabrielle couldn’t wait to see Xora. As soon as the sun started to rise she jumped out of bed and dashed upstairs. Once there, she didn’t want to wake Troy or Xora so she crept into the room. She moved over to Xora’s side of the bed, which she was partially hanging out of, and knelt. Xora looked so majestic that Gabrielle couldn’t keep from touching her. Gabrielle gently swept her hair softly off her face and cupped it behind her ear. Out of no where Troy’s arm plopped across Xora’s neck. (Good Lord my sister is tougher than I thought). Gabrielle thought with a frown. (She has to be to live through a night of sleeping with her). Xora shifted and nudged Troy onto the other side of the bed. “Stop it Slade,” Troy growled, rolling onto her stomach.

“Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to kiss me?” Xora asked with her eyes closed. She knew the instant the bedroom door eased open it was Brie. Gabrielle smiled and jumped up into the bed on top of Xora. “Hi ba-by,” She hyphenated while moving fully unto Xora’s body and teasingly sweeping her lips over Xor’s. Xora growled and reached up into Gabrielle’s hair and forced her lips down upon hers. She didn’t ask for entry into the Gunny’s mouth like she usually did. No she wanted to relay to her little mechanic that the time had come for her to claim her.

Xora’s tongue pushed its way into Brie’s warm mouth and swirled over the slick surfaces with a blistering passion. Gabrielle moaned and sucked voraciously on Xora’s verbal articulator intensifying the Major’s desires. Xora rolled Gabrielle roughly onto her back shoving Troy completely out of the bed. After that, It didn’t take any time for Xora to top Gabrielle and intensify the kiss. Gabrielle welcomed Xora’s unusual ascent. She felt her self-growing hotter and hotter by the minute. They each slipped a firm thigh between the other’s leg and unconsciously began to grind against the other. Xora didn’t know why but for some reason she wanted Gabrielle even more after fantasizing about how Gabrielle was going to seduce her with popsicles.

The pair’s hips rolled in a lazy, grinding motion. Sweeping each of their scorching clits graciously against the other’s upper thigh. Brie gasped and panted while clawing at Xora’s ass trying to pull her more firmly against her. She didn’t have any idea what they were doing, but what she did know was that she was burning in places she never knew of. She whimpered and hunched vigorously against Xora wondering if her partner was as heated as she was. She didn’t have to ponder long. Xora’s pumping increased while she openly groped at her partner’s flexing buttocks.

In spite of the fact that they were both clothed. Xora had never felt anything like it. The kiss ended a while ago but their faces remained close listening to each other’s heaves of desire. “Xora,” Gabrielle whined breathlessly as her grinding becoming frantic and her breathing shallower. She was gyrating against Xora like crazy. Everything below her waist was on fire. “Sssh baby,” Xora panted. “We’re…(gasps and growls)(hunching and tugging)…” Xora’s eyes tightened. She was losing it, and for once, in her entire life, it felt so right. Gabrielle’s body stiffened, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she began to scream.

“XOOOR…” She started to screech, but Xora clamped her mouth over Brie’s, muffling her cry. The Major wasn’t far behind Gabrielle with her own release as she tightened her grip on Brie’s firm ass and drove her hips down hard several times more, growling into Brie’s mouth. As the spasms of their bodies ceased, Xora’s head dropped down against Brie’s, and her body went limp.

“What…(pants and gasps)…did…(more gasps and panting)…we just do?” Brie asked. Xora chuckled and returned sporadically. “What…Slade…didn’t mention…doing it…with your clothes on?” Gabrielle snickered and said, “No, I’m afraid she left that out.” Both women laughed while moving their arms back to their favorite places. Xora wrapped her arms around Brie’s neck while Gabrielle’s arms went back around Xora’s waist. “Hey, what were you saying right before we kinda got lost?” Xora laughed again. “I was saying we were almost there.” Both she and Gabrielle chortled again.

“Well, I’m glad someone is having a very fruitful morning!” Troy snapped, shoving herself up off the floor. “Xora you didn’t have to throw me out of the bed. All you had to do was ask me to leave. While you lay there humping, away with your groove thang, I’m down there getting turned on like a Muther (blankety, blank, blank, blank).” Troy puffed. “And Gabrielle,” Troy huffed, while aggressively folding the blanket that fell on the floor with her. “Don’t you ever ask me to sleep with that woman. She was all over me.” Xora’s head popped up. “Troy, you lie like a rug. If Gabrielle wouldn’t have came in when she did, you would have choked me to death in your sleep.” “Well,” Troy tiff. “If that’s the gratitude I’m going to receive in this rump, humping play pen then I’m leaving.” Gabrielle’s giggle prompted Troy to do just that.

“So,” Xora said, rolling onto the side of Gabrielle. “Did you miss me?” “Aw ba-by, you know I did. Why else would I be DOING IT with my clothes on?.” Xora reached out and tickled Brie, causing both of them to laugh. “C’mon, let’s get cleaned up. There’s somebody I want to take you guys to meet.” “Okay,” Gabrielle said, pushing Xora down on the bed and running toward the shower, “Race ya.”

“Come here guys,” Sharonda called out. “Isn’t that Lieutenant Marks?” She asked turning up the TV. “Well I be damned,” Shane returned. “It sure is. XORA AND GABRIELLE GET DOWN HERE.” She yelled.

“Hello America, I am Konnie Kwan reporting live from the Marine Corps Air Station in Okinawa. Authorities have arrested Lieutenant Sylvia Marks this morning for conspiracy to aid a nonmilitary official in retrieving secret information about our government in an effort to enhance the Okinawa dominion.” “Lieutenant Marks has denied these charges and will undergo a thorough investigation before a court martial date is set. The investigators stated that Lieutenant Marks have been manipulative and disloyal to all of her fellow Marines during her entire career. Lieutenant Marks maybe undergoing an extensive inquest, but what seems to be the question of the day is her integrity. Is this the kind of officer YOU want SHARING your foxhole? I know I wouldn’t. I am Konnie Kwan and this is CNH News.”

Everyone sat quietly submerged in their own thoughts. No one would have ever predicted an ending such as this for the Lieutenant. They all thought she was too cunning and agile, but the broadcast today proved differently. A mist of relief drifted over the room and its occupants as Xora pulled Gabrielle closer to her, and buried her face in her sweet scented hair. Flashes of what the General promised before she left, kept replaying in her head. Xora couldn’t control the tears of joy as they ran from her eyes. She had no idea what she’d done to deserve such loyal friends but she was thankful that they were.

 We’re off to see the Wizard…

“JOY,” Xora yelled from down stairs. “Bring your ass on. You know you are going to make me angry IF YOU DON’T C’MON.” Xora’s voice rose mid sentence to reveal to her friend the severity of her command.  Joy still wasn’t ready, but she damn sure didn’t want to upset Xora so she finished dressing herself on the way to the staircase. By the time she reached the stairs she was completely dressed. “Xora you know I am particular about what I wear. It takes time to…” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell me about it when we get there.” Xora snapped, pushing her friend out the door.

Once outside, Xora asked everyone if they were ready. Each of the drivers revved their engines signifying that they were. Xora smiled and headed over to her Mercedes where Brie was already waiting. Gabrielle couldn’t wait to find out where they were headed. Xora wasn’t even in the car yet before Gabrielle began to pester her about where they were going.  “Baby,” Xora said courteously. “You are going to have to wait on this one. I am not telling you.” Gabrielle plopped back in the seat and pouted. Xora looked over at her and smiled. Gabrielle looked so adorable when she did that.

Xora reached over and slid her hand down between Gabrielle’s legs. Gabrielle shoved her hand away and crossed her legs. Still acting as if she was angry. Xora then reached over and cupped her left breast. Gabrielle shoved the Major’s hand down again and crossed her arms covering her breasts. Xora sighed and ran her fingers through Brie’s hair. Brie snatched her head out of Xora’s reach and leaned closer to the window. Turning her back to Xora.

The couple had been on the road for about twenty minutes and Brie still hadn’t spoken. This was Xora’s punishment for not telling her where they were going. “So I guess you’re not going to talk, huh?” Xora inquired. Brie didn’t say anything. She just turned herself further into the seat so that all Xora saw was her back. Xora chuckled, reached over the armrest and pinched Gabrielle on the butt. Brie yelped and sat upright in the seat like she should have been.

“Xora this is so not fair.” She popped. “We could at least play the twenty questions game?” Xora sighed and returned. “Will that make you happy?” Before she could look over at the little mechanic good she saw her smile. Xora smirked and said, “fine, but I’m only doing this because I love to hear you talk. Not because I am giving in.” Brie smiled, hopped around in the seat until she was facing Xora and began her series of questions.

Pit Stop…

By the time Xora pulled into the Gas station in Charleston, Brie was asleep. Xora had to admit she was rather amused with the questioning, but Gabrielle didn’t know any more about where they were going than she did before they started. So after quizzing Xora for about forty-five minutes she fell asleep.

“Damn Xora,” Mayo shouted, running past them. “I was wondering when the hell you were going to stop. I’m about to blow a gasket (Piss all over myself). Mayo ducked and dodged the patrons tending to their cars as she dashed for the bathroom. “Hey,” Troy said with an entertaining grin on her face. “Let’s go catch her and keep her from using the bathroom until we all have used it.” Shane looked over at Troy with a mischievous gleam in her eyes and said, “Hot dang Troy, I knew there was a reason why I liked you. Let’s go get her ass.” The pair broke for the relieving chamber with Sharonda and Joy following. After waking Brie, coaching her into relieving herself, and buying them all something to eat, the gang was back on the road. It took another hour and thirty minutes to finally get to where they were going.

“Baby, how much longer?” Brie asked, laying her head back and taking deep breath. Xora almost skidded off the path as her eyes caught a sidelong glance of Brie’s rising breasts. (Stay focused girl, do you want to kill her before she lay eyes on it?) Xora chastised.  “We’re almost there Brie.” Xora stated. It’s just over that hill.” Just as Xora made it up to the top of the bluff, she asked Brie to close her eyes. Brie gave Xora an adoring gaze before doing exactly what her love instructed while reaching for Xora’s hand for security measures.

Xora took her hand and started her descent down on the other side of the mountain. The sight brought another smile to her face. She hadn’t been to see her grandfather in about two months now and he was sure to remind her of that. Nor had she’d talked to Maryah, the superintendent of the house crew. (Ah, I am definitely in some deep shit). Xora thought comically. But, It really didn’t matter, because she was with her lover girl. And with Brie at her side, Xora felt she could endure anything. Mayo, Slade and Shane’s eyes practically jumped out of their heads at the view. It was as if they had stepped into the movie Gone with the Wind. It was the biggest house they had ever seen, at least in their lifetime.

“I must be dreaming,” Mayo hissed. “But I can’t be because y’all ugly asses here too.  “Still pissed about the bathroom thang huh Mayo?” Shane said with a frolicsome smirk. “Shut up you…you,” Shane threw up her hand halting Mayo’s speech. “Direct it to the door, because I don’t wanna hear any mo’e. Mayo stared at Shane menacingly before thumping her briskly on her forehead. “Skanch,” Shane muttered, rubbing her head.

Xora brought the car to a halt just a little ways up the driveway so that Brie could see the entire setting. “Are you ready?” She asked, knowing Brie was about to scream from anticipation. “Xooorrraaa,” she spanned out while squeezing Xora’s hand. “Pleeaassee, you know how I hate surprises. Now…get me out of the car woman and show me what’cha (what do ya) got.”  Xora popped, “Okay,” while shoving her door open and jumping from the car. She then helped Brie out and guided her over to a patch of evergreen grass before stepping back. “Ready?” Xora said again. Realizing this is always the best part. Gabrielle would shake, whine and stomp to shake off the jitters of her anxiety. And just as Xora asked that, she did exactly what Xora expected.

Xora covered her mouth to muffle her laughter. Brie always had a way of making her smile. Shortly, after they started dating, Xora wound up with poison oak from head to toe. And boy, the things Brie would do to make her laugh.  Like, one day, Brie bought some boxing gloves to cover Xora’s hands. She had been telling Xora all along she was going to do it, but Xora ignored her lectures. So one day while she was asleep, Gabrielle put those giant boxing gloves on her and waited for Xora to awake.

The minute Xora went to scratch her nose she bopped herself in the face with on of those huge ass gloves. Xora couldn’t believe her eyes. Ever so slowly she sat up and just stared at the offending masses before screaming and yelling for Brie to take ’em off. But Brie continued to move about the room so serenely, that one would have thought an angel had touched her. Xora continued to yell obscenities and beat the bed. Demanding Gabrielle comply with her demands.

Once Brie was fed up with it she stepped up onto Xora’s bed and straddled her. Xora watched her with evident anger. Gabrielle dropped to her knees, snatched Xora’s gloved hands up and dropped them intentionally upon her beautifully firm breasts. She then ordered Xora to squeeze them. Xora didn’t know what to think. She was angry that was for sure, but as odd as it sound she was kinda amused by the encouraging look the Gunny was giving her. After contemplating her little love’s request, she couldn’t help but to grin. (How in the hell am I going to squeeze her titties with these fucking things on)? Xora thought before falling back upon the bed cackling. Gabrielle dropped down on top of her and gave her a well deserves kiss. “I love to hear you laugh Xora,” She urged. “There’s just something about it that make me want to imprison it and keep it for my self.”

Xora past thoughts were quickly doused by a screaming Brie who was still holding her eyes closed and the gang had encircled her, toying with her. They were barking, purring, dragging switch tips all over her body and pulling at her hair. Xora quickly stepped back up to her and shove them away. “Open up baby,” Xora whirred, pulling Brie back up into her.

Gabrielle opened her eyes and grabbed both of Xora’s thighs pulling her closer. “Oh my Gosh, have we died and gone to Heaven?” she uttered in a panicked shriek. Xora chortled and said, “Do you like it?” Gabrielle felt herself grow weak in the knees as she fell to the ground with Xora attached to her. Her eyes filled with tears. “Xora it is mag-ni-fi-cent. Is…it…yours?”  Xora tightened her embrace and whispered, “Yes strawberry it’s mine. Ours if you’d like.” She petitioned silently, hoping the Gunny would accept her plea to be with her always.

“My aunt and uncle left me the entire ranch. They’d always had a passion for raising racehorses and they didn’t want to sell it. And that is how I wound up with this legacy. Xora paused and laid her head next to Gabrielle’s, allowing the Gunny to absorb what she was seeing.

“I want you to run it with me lover!” Gabrielle whirled around in Xora’s arms and glanced up into her questioning orbs. Gabrielle then smiled reassuringly and said, “If that is what you wish, then so be it. I want to be with you always Xora, and if I have to become a cowgirl to do it. Then so be it.” She then gave Xora the brightest smile known to man. Xora seized the Gunny’s lips with a hunger that only lover’s share. “I love you.” She whispered, squeezing Gabrielle so tight that she squeaked.

“Hay, let go of that little wench and take us horse back riding.” Mayo tiff, as she eyed the prettiest snow-white mare she had ever seen. Xora laughed, still unable to deal with the joy she was feeling at that moment. “First I want y’all to meet someone, then after showing you the house, we’ll go riding. I know Joy, Sharonda and Troy can ride. Can the rest of you do the same?” Shane gave Xora a “how dare you ask me that” look before responding.

“Just because our parents doesn’t own a dynasty doesn’t mean us country girl’s haven’t ridden a horse. Hell I’ve won trophies riding my uncle’s mare in tournaments. Shit I groomed her so well her coat glowed like the setting sun and when we strutted past the judges panel they couldn’t help but to give up. (standing ovation). I was looking good and she definitely had it going on (she looked eminent).” The whole gang stood speechless from Shane’s little declaration of pride.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Mayo started. “Not only are you a voodoo priestess you’re a cowgirl too. Everybody, GIVE that girl a cunt cry.” Everybody, including Gabrielle and Xora, moaned suggestively and rubbed their crotches. Shane snorted and said, “Kiss my ass,” while heading over to the front door of the main house. The gang gathered at the front door, waiting for Xora to let someone know they were there. Xora pushed her way to the front holding Brie’s hand and turned around to face the group.

“First of all, I wanted to tell y’all I am glad you are here with me. There are very few people that have seen this place, but I feel as if you are more to me than just friends. I trust every one of you like kin. I’ve brought you here to meet my Grandfather. Now be advised, do not be caught in a room with him by yourself because he’s kind of frisky and he LOVES young girls. So watch out for him okay?” Xora warned, before ringing the doorbell. The thing chimed so loudly it sounded like a church bell. “Damn Xora, all your modern day castle need now is a moat.” Slade harped, holding her ears. Xora laughed and turned just in time to look into Maryah’s face.

“Miss Xora, it is good to see you. Your grandfather was just talking about you.” Maryah said with a smile, and or course a hug. She noticed that Xora was holding hands with the cutest little blonde she had ever seen. It wasn’t so much that she was a Miss America, but she had this certain tranquil look about her. “And who might this be?” Maryah asked, pulling Xora away from Gabrielle and taking the hand Xora was holding into both of hers. “Hi,” Gabrielle said with an infectious smile. “My name is Gabrielle.” “That you are,” Maryah said, stepping back and allowing her eyes to move over Brie’s body with an appreciative gaze. “You are a little jewel aren’t you. Not only are you pretty, but you have the body of a Greek Goddess as well. Do come in little one.” She said cordially, pulling Gabrielle into a loose embrace. Maryah then looked back at the rest of the gang and urged them to do the same.  “Gosh from the way she was looking at her, I thought she was going to keep Brie for herself.” Mayo mumbled jokingly in Slade’s ear, causing her to laugh out loud.

“Maryah, where is Paw-Paw?” Xora asked, looking over the huge welcoming chamber. It must have been two trailers long. “Shit Xora, your ass is packing aren’t you? Shane inquired, moving slightly away from the group, admiring the huge arrival chamber adorned with three giant chandeliers hanging from the giant European style, sculptured ceiling.

As the group talked among themselves, an elderly man with salt and pepper hair, slightly slumped posture, pretty descent physique, and well-groomed beard and mustache, approached them. Though his stride was gradual, his desire wasn’t. “Ah, look at all the hunny bunnies. However can I choose?” He studied, as his dark glittering eyes darted from one woman’s bosom to the other. “Get over here and leave Xora’s friends alone.” Maryah ordered, pulling him over to Xora.

“W’ats up Snapper?” He said, drifting gracefully into Xora’s outstretched arms. “Hi Paw-Paw,” she said, pulling him into a generic, tight hug. She didn’t want to injure the old man, but she wanted him to think that she was giving him a bear grip.  He pulled away from Xora and said, “Do your friends know why I call you that?” “No, Paw-Paw but we can save that for later. I want you to help me show them the house first. “Hee, hee, hee, He cackled. “Snapper you know every passage in this house. You don’t need me. He then looked back at the group of women Xora had brought with her and finished. “Yeah, I’ll help ya. Besides I bet I have more fun following y’all than anything. Good lord these girls are stacked.”

“Paw-Paw,” Xora said, rolling her eyes. She knew her grandfather was about to try and fondle all of her friends. “Z, I’m going out to the kitchen to fix you and your friends something to snack on after the tour, okay.” Maryah informed her Mistress. “Y’all enjoy yourselves now. Especially, you little one, you are just a doll. Xora is lucky.” Gabrielle looked over at Xora with dancing eyebrows and said, “I like her.” Xora yanked Brie to her and returned, “She likes you too. C’mon, let me show y’all the house.

The group was amazed by the decor of the house. Every room seemed to have a chandelier in it, even the bedroom. The entire home was painted snow white, and antique pictures of Xora’s ancestors hung everywhere. “Xora, we are going to have to take a break, there is no way in hell we can see all of Miss Xora’s house in one days.” Shane said with a mischievous smile. “Hush up gal,” Xora quipped, “We’re almost through. “Paw-Paw, what’s in this room?” Xora asked. Xora knew the contents of every room except the one they were standing in front of now. Ever since she was a child, she thought about that room. Her aunt and uncle always kept it locked.

Her grandfather scooted up to the door and pulled out a chain of keys. Your aunt and uncle kept memorabilia of all the children born into this family. It’s just a lot of old photos, toys, stuff they bought in auctions and old cribs. Although the pair didn’t have kids of their own, they did allow their sibling’s children to spend the summers, before they began to smell themselves (became too big for their britches).

He opened the door for Xora and her friends and stepped back. The whole group, including Xora, stood in awe. It was splendid. It was painted sky blue with matching children’s designed borders. It gave the room a playful aura. The women took off into different directions. Grabbing up photos, playing with toys and admiring the hand crafted baby cribs. “Xora this place is a wonder,” Gabrielle uttered, releasing her love’s hand and heading over to a giant picture in the corner hidden by a cloth hanging over it.

“What’s under here?” She asked, moving slowly toward it. Xora didn’t answer, instead her eyes zoned in on her first tricycle completely restored with a shiny new bell. She knelt beside it and caressed the unbent frame. She and that bike had been through a lot of times. She remembered riding it out to the stables and ringing her bell. The sound of its chime spooked one of the new horses, which caused it to break away from its trainer and trample the three wheeler under it’s feet. Her grandfather managed to pull her away just in time, as the trainer ran to the horse and pulled the panting mare back. The bike however was bent all up and the spokes of the wheels were stomped out. Xora found herself smiling at the image of her riding that trike.

“Oh my God,” she heard Gabrielle screech. “Xora, come look at this.” Xora looked up from the trike and all she could see was the Gunny’s back. She quickly moved up behind Gabrielle and gasped. She wrapped her arms around Gabrielle’s shoulders to keep from falling back with shock. “What the fuck,” Slade voice, unconscious of the selection of words she just uttered. The whole group, including Paw-Paw surrounded the pair.

“What the hell is that Xora? And where did it come? And…who in the hell are they?” Slade couldn’t believe what she was looking at. Xora’s grandfather moved to the head of the bunch and cackled. “Haven’t you heard of Xena and Gabrielle?” He then looked over at the pair and said, “The Jihn said your paths will always be entwined. Xora and Gabrielle’s mouths remained open. Awaiting further explanation from the old man.  The old man patted his hands down in front of him wordlessly asking the group to sit down. Everyone except Xora and Gabrielle complied. They still couldn’t fathom that right before their eyes stood a picture of them embraced as they were right now. Sure, the pair had on different clothes and looked more rugged but still, it was them.

“Legend has it,” He began. “That these two ladies were soul mates. Xena, a warlord with astounding abilities, decided after the gauntlet (a vicious beating issued to departing warriors from a particular army), to change her life. After ridding Greece of the murderous mercenaries with Hercules’ help.” “Stop,” Gabrielle shouted. “Are you telling me that these two women hung out with the legendary son of Zeus, THE KING OF THE GODS?” Paw-paw smiled and nodded his head in approval. Gabrielle fell up against Xora, who toppled helplessly back onto her tush cradling Gabrielle from the fall.

“Yep, sweetums that’s what I’m telling you.” His eyes twinkled as he continued. “Xena came across this village that was being corralled by a slaver named Draco. Xena was just about to lay her weapons down for good; that is until she laid eyes upon an angel. Who was at the time trying to bargain with the men to take her and spare the others. She was untouched, unsoiled and the most courageous thing Xena had ever seen.” Everyone looked over at Brie and smiled, already realizing whom the little angel Xena met was Brie’s double. Slade pulled Troy closer to her and smiled over at her sister.

“It didn’t take Xena ten minutes to whip up on the entire gang before encountering the leader. He had a smart mouth, but his battle skills couldn’t compare to Xena’s. She quickly disarmed him and sent him back with a message for Draco that she was in town. The story has it that Xena defeated Draco, that is of course, after the very talented and cunning Gabrielle, who had run away from home with the desire to join with Xena, saved the warrior’s life from the residents in her home town who were about to stone her. Aw, Gabrielle was far from being a warrior, but within her, she possessed the ability to disarm even the mightiest of warrior’s ever in Greece by just using the art of persuasion. As you see before your very eyes, the proof.” “Bards told the story for years about the pair being lover’s. Xena, a well known lover of women, had conquered the soul of the little Amazon Queen.”

“Wait a minute Paw-Paw, you seemed to have left out a lot of things. Now how did a peasant farm girl become the Queen of the Amazons?” Gabrielle asked quizzically.

Xora’s grandfather smiled down at Brie and said, “My you are quick aren’t you butterfly?” Gabrielle gave him a blushing smile and dropped her head onto Xora’s arms. Who, by the way, hadn’t said anything in a while. She just sat there, staring at the portrait of past lover’s and wondered if what her grandfather said before he start telling the tale about their paths being entwined, was true. But once again, the fates had proven true, as she sat behind the model of a present day Gabrielle stationed in her arms.

Xora’s grandfather picked up the story from when Xena and Gabrielle were crossing Amazon land and how coming across the Amazon’s princess prompted the change in Gabrielle and Xena’s life. Who from the first day they appointed Gabrielle as their princess, became Gabrielle’s champion, and later her lover.

He told the gang of Xena and Gabrielle’s rift, which brought tears of anger to their faces. He told them of how Xena fought an entire army just to keep an ailing Gabrielle safe. He told them of how Xena and Gabrielle help free Prometheus and help restore Hercules’s powers. He told them of how Gabrielle helped bring back Xena after dying in a terrible accident. He told them just about everything he knew about the pair, ending it with a description of the love affair that was unrivalled to this day, and finally the pair’s death, in the same battle. Both refused to give up their last ounce of life until they were in each other’s arms for one final time.

“So you see girls, it is not luck that brought you two together. It was fate. Together you two possess immense powers and if you hold tight to that and your love for each other, nothing can prevail against you.” Paw-Paw’s eyes glared down at the pair before he shuffled over to them and raised Gabrielle’s chin.

“My granddaughter didn’t have to tell me which of you she was in love with. I knew it from the very moment I saw you, and I bet she did too.” He then looked back at Xora and asked, “Didn’t you?” Xora pulled Gabrielle closer and buried her face in her scented hair and rocked her head in agreement. Once again, the other women left them alone. This was definitely an emotional time even they could feel. Their friends could be the reincarnation of the legendary pair. If they weren’t, they damn sure did looked like it.

Once everyone had left, Gabrielle turned slowly around in Xora’s arms and gazed intensely into her eyes. Xora could hardly contain herself as she watched the waves of passion and wonder toss in the little beauty’s crisp, green eyes. “Xora,” she said in an almost scared tone. “Do you believe in fate?” Her voice revealed an honesty Xora had never known. “Yes,” She gulped. “After this week’s events,” she continued, dragging her fingers threw Gabrielle’s long, shiny curls. “I know there is someone that watches over us and helps us along the way. From the moment I looked down in your eyes as we watched the sun set for the very first time, I saw love like I had never before seen and I knew I wanted that. I wanted you Brie. Hell,” Xora paused, staring at Gabrielle as if looking into her very soul. “I want you right now.”

Gabrielle felt something snap inside her and before Xora knew it, she slammed her lips down hard upon Xora’s and shoved her tongue deep into the commander’s waiting mouth. Xora growled and shoved Gabrielle to the floor. Both women clawed at each other’s clothes, ripping all of the buttons off their partner’s shirt, groping each other’s breasts almost violently. “Oh gosh,” Gabrielle panted. She was aroused beyond belief. “Oh Gosh, Xora…Xora,” she called weakly. Trying to halt Xora’s advances upon her neck. Xora’s head popped up, abruptly pulling her lips from the already darkening, passion mark on Brie’s neck.

“We…have to…stop.” Gabrielle said in a trembling voice. “I don’t want it to happen here and not this way. I want you all to myself. No memories, no photo, no nothing, just you and I.” Xora could feel the emergency brakes bare down in an attempt to shut down her urges. The moment she’d been waiting for, and Gabrielle was still asking for a stay. She pushed herself off of Gabrielle and rolled a couple of steps away from her before even attempting to speak. “I have waited for nearly a year to get to this moment, and yet I am STILL met with resistance.”

Xora closed her eyes and took some deep breaths. “I’m going crazy with desire for you. I want you so bad Gabrielle that I am burning the seats out of my underwear.” Xora dropped her left arm across her eyes and continued. “I’ll show you the receipt for the new underwear I bought later.” Gabrielle couldn’t help it she had to laugh. She knew Xora desired her, but she also knew that if Xora felt she wasn’t ready, she wouldn’t pressure her into making love.

Gabrielle moved into Xora’s outstretched arm and curled up next to her. “Patience my love. I promise tonight is the night that you shall come away with it all.” Xora’s eyes popped open under her arm. She felt ecstatic and at the same time…frightened. Xora silently prayed that she wouldn’t lose control of her urges and hurt Gabrielle, but deep inside she knew that once they’d entered that room, Gabrielle would have no doubts as to whom she belonged to…and that was a fact not a theory.

Xora looked down at their ripped opened tops and laughed. “C’mon I think I have something in my closet that will fit you.” “Okay,” Gabrielle returned, standing up. The pair walked down the hall to Xora’s room hand in hand. Once inside the commander’s room, Gabrielle marveled at its size. “Lord, Xora this room is like a stadium,” She said reverently, while moving cautiously inside. Xora chuckled and moved over to her walk-in closet. Gabrielle gasped. Xora had outfits and matching shoes that seemed to go on for days stored there. She picked out a Marine T-shirt from one of the many drawers built into the wall behind her suits. “Hey Xora with all these clothes you have, we can have a dress up dinner tonight.” Gabrielle smiled and moved into the closet.

“Gabrielle these clothes will only fit me.” Xora indicated the truth of the statement by giving her partner a raised eyebrow look while gazing at the huge t-shirt Gabrielle was now wearing. Gabrielle grinned and said, “Alright, alright so why don’t we go shopping and buy everyone a outfit for a formal dinner. Gabrielle wanted this night to be extra special and out of the ordinary. “Ga-bri-elle,” Xora drawled, curious as to what her new love had in mind. “Aw, com’on Xora, I want this night to be special.” Gabrielle then wrapped her arms around Xora’s waist and yanked her to her. “This will be our first night together as partners and I want everything to be memorable, even our dinner.” Xora sighed, knowing full well that she couldn’t deny Gabrielle this one thing. “Alright,” she quirked, “But you better make sure you put it on me (make her crazy with pleasure).” Gabrielle chuckled and broke for the kitchen.

Lunch Time…

“Hay),” Slade said with a quizzical look on her face. “Where is the shirt you had on?” Xora ran into the kitchen and snatched Gabrielle up and twirled her around. “You are a cheat and a little tease. Now I want you to say it.” Gabrielle laughed breathlessly and threw her hand back onto Xora’s shoulder. “O…o…kay, I’m a cheat and a tease. Now…stop it…before…I throw up.” She yelled out in defeat. Xora immediately stopped and put Gabrielle down. Of course she didn’t move because Gabrielle couldn’t stand up on her own now even if someone paid her too.

“BRIE,” Slade shouted. Louder than she herself expected. Everyone jumped and looked at her. Troy eased over into her lap and told her to calm down. Xora gazed over at Slade with a concerned expression before answering for Gabrielle.  “We had a little accident so we had to change shirts.” “Well what could have possibly happened to ruin two perfectly new shirts?” Slade asked with anger in her voice. “Slade what’s bothering you?” Gabrielle asked, moving over to her sister. Slade lifted Troy up out of her lap and bolted for the back door. Gabrielle gazed back at everyone before following Slade.

“Slade,” She screamed over and over. “Slade, please stop.” Slade brought her retreat to a halt at the breaking point. Gabrielle ran up beside her and took several cleansing breaths. “Slade what in the world is wrong?” Slade shook her head looking blindly around. “Look at this Brie. What in the world could you possibly know about this woman if she can hide something of this magnitude from you?” “What are you saying Slade?” Gabrielle snapped back. “Are you telling me you know everything about Troy and if you do then you tell me why didn’t she, Sharonda and Joy looked shocked when we arrived here? It seem as if YOU don’t know everything about your woman as well.”

“Slade, I know what’s bothering you but you knew this time was coming. Why else would I be asking MY BIG SISTER about making love to another woman. You know I love Xora. And I think you knew that from the first moment she came to the house. Yet for some reason you must have been wishing that some other woman snagged her up and pulled her away from me. Was that what you wanted Slade? Her to disappear so she couldn’t claim YOUR sister.”

Gabrielle paused and brought her finger up to her lips as if searching for something else to say. “Slade I can’t live according to what you think my life should be any more. I want to be with Xora and I want her to be there for me. You’ve had and continue to have an influence in my life, but I won’t walk away from a woman that makes me happy beyond belief because you can’t accept our love. I want you to always be a part of my life but I can’t deal with your resistance and try to be happy at the same time because it won’t work. I can’t do this Slade. I need both of you, but if you are not willing to be a part of this then I give up.” Brie turned away and began to walk back to the house. Slade still hadn’t said anything and she was so angry that she was seeing spots. Well if Brie thinks she can get alone without me then so be it.

“Why don’t you do one more thing for me little sister.” Slade called out while taking out her keys and jiggled them in the air. “Tell Troy I’m leaving.” Slade then walked off in the opposite direction. Brie began to cry but she didn’t falter in her steps back to the house.  The gang was standing outside when they saw her walking toward them with tears running down her face. Xora sprinted out to her and pulled Brie to her. Brie wrapped her arms around Xora and was crying uncontrollably and chanting that she had lost her sister. Slade hates her and something about her life.

(Got damn her, who in the fuck does she think she is)? Xora shouted in her mind. She then kissed Brie on the cap of her head and asked Troy to take care of her. Xora tore back into the house and grabbed her keys. By the time she made it to the door, Slade peeled out of the driveway throwing rocks and gravel everywhere. (Crazy bitch) she thought, running to her car and getting in. It didn’t take a minute for her to run right up on Slade’s bumper honking. Slade ignored her and peeled away. Xora hit down on the accelerator and quickly gained ground on her target again. This time she pulled over on the side and yelled for Slade to pull over. Slade rolled up her window and ignored her once again. Xora swirled, causing Slade to swirl and run off the road into an opened field.

“What the FUCK is your problem?” Slade screamed, stepping away from her car and glaring at Xora. Xora slammed her door and tried to calm herself before approaching Brie’s sister.  “No! Instead, YOU tell me what YOUR problem is? I left your sister at the house crying like a baby because she thinks she’s lost your love AND YOU, her big sister, Or should I call you that? Right now you’re acting as if you are the only child.”

“Shut up Xora, you can’t tell me anything about my sister, AND SHE IS MY SISTER?” Slade screamed, kicking one of the four tires that were stuck in murk.

“No I don’t know all that I need to know about Gabrielle but I do know she loves you unconditionally. I do know that when she says her prayers at night she always includes you. And, I do know that whenever WE go somewhere together she is always thinking of YOU. So don’t snap at me about knowing your sister, because that isn’t the problem. The problem is you can’t stand for Brie to be happy unless you are handing it to her yourself. YOU can’t stand for her to love another, because you are afraid it will intrude on your love. YOU are more afraid of losing Gabrielle than she is of you, and today proves it. Gabrielle never imagined you walking out on her and telling her to forget you. She never thought you would do that. But I guess you fooled her huh Slade? You see, innocent little Gabrielle loves you endlessly but you have stipulations for issuing her love don’t you?”

“Shut up Xora.” Slade’s glance was full of loathing. Xora wasn’t the only one who could turn words and thoughts around. “Why couldn’t you have stayed in the gutter with the rest of the trash.” Slade hissed, coming closer to Xora. “You knew you wanted to fuck Sylvia. Why didn’t you just do it? What,” Slade said rocking her head and plopping her hands onto her hips. “Speechless now Commander? Nah, what you wanted was to get up in some fresh stuff didn’t you? And the moment your eyes met Gabrielle’s you knew you wanted to fu…” Xora slapped the word right out of Slade’s mouth.

“YOU BITCH,” Slade screamed, as she set off a series of punches directed at Xora’s chest. Xora counteracted each move, prompting Slade to inaugurate a series of kicks, which Xora also blocked. Angry with herself and Xora for loving her sister, Slade slammed her head against Xora’s staggering her periodically while she delivered an open hand blow to Xora’s chest.

Xora stumbled back and brushed her chest down. She then tilted her head and smiled. “Now I’m fixin’ to open up a can of whoop ass on ya. You selfish cunt.” Xora growled, setting off a series of punches herself, landing an open palmed blow to Slade’s forehead, which made her stumble back. But Xora didn’t stop, she then swiveled and kicked Slade in the stomach. Slade fell up against her car panting. Xora rushed her and pinned her to the car with her elbow against her throat. “Now you are going to take your cocky ass back to that house and apologize to your sister. Do you fab my meaning Miss selfish?” Xora asked, panting in Slade’s face.

Slade brought her knee up hard between Xora’s legs prompting an immediate release. But she didn’t stop there. She then delivered a right punch to the side of Xora’s head knocking her to her knees. Just as she was about to kick Xora, the commander grabbed her upraised leg and slung mud up into her face. Xora then snatched Slade’s legs out from up under her and topped her. Both women scrambled and punched at each other until they were out of breath. Just as Xora was about to deliver a series of bitch slaps to Slade’s face the gang pulled up.

“YAHOO,” Mayo screamed. “Look at what we have here, two girlies full of mud. I’ll put twenty dollars on…” Mayo narrowed her eyes as if trying to figure out what the woman looked like on the top. “Ah, hell I don’t know which is which so I’ll pick the one on the top to bet on.”  “Shut up Mayo and tell Joy to release the crane so that we can get these cars out of here.” Gabrielle commanded. Mayo rolled her eyes and got back up in the truck and yelled over the roaring motor to Joy what Brie wanted. Gabrielle then proceeded out into the field where her lover to be and sister were buried from head to toe with mud.

“I don’t know what is going on here…” Slade went to say something but Brie screamed over her. “AND I DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. I love you both and I won’t have you scrapping every time I do something you both think I shouldn’t do. Slade I love Xora and I AM going to be with her. YOU however are going to accept that fact as of today and always. Xora, Slade is my sister and if she needs to be put in her place I will DO IT. I will never bear witness to something like this again and if I do I will have all of our friends to over power you both, take you back to the house, tie you to a whipping pole and BEAT YOUR ASSES MYSELF. NOW GET UP OUT THAT SHIT AND LET’S GO BACK TO THE HOUSE.” Both women jumped and looked at each other in shock before sitting up in the mud and watching Gabrielle’s hasty retreat.

“Well you sure did fuck that up,” Slade said, regaining her height. “Me, it was your ass that started this shit.” “Yeah it was, wasn’t it. But, I have to look at the bright side. We are both now talking to each other AND…it is you that has to sleep with that Tasmania Devil.” Xora’s mouth fell open with definite regret. (Damn, that cunt is right. Shit…what am I going to do)? Xora wondered, while looking down at her mud covered body and growled, “Well I can’t do shit now but shower.” She said out loud, following Slade out of the murky patch and they headed for their cars.

“Both of you, give me your keys.” Gabrielle ordered, extending her opened palms to both women. “Uh baby, how are we going to get back to the house?” Xora asked, almost frightened to look into Gabrielle’s eyes. Gabrielle sighed and gave each of the women a civilized smile. “Well, since you girls seem to be so full of energy, I thought a three mile run would cool you down. So what do you think, isn’t that a great idea?” Slade and Xora glance at each other and then back to Brie. They then laid their keys gently in the palm of her hand and watched her crawl up into the monster that was now towing both their cars.

“Damn, she is actually going to leave us out here.” Slade said in a shrieking tone. Gabrielle stood up in the cab looking down on the two most important women in her life before speaking. “I love you both and I need you both. While you are on this run you discuss that between each other and come up with a solution that is beneficial for all of us, and I mean that.” Brie then sat down on the bench behind the cab window and order Joy to leave. Mayo moved to the back of the truck and waved sadly at the pair that was still standing there with their mouths opened and covered from head to toe in earthly goo.

“Shit, what the hell are we going to do now?” Slade asked Xora. Xora allowed her eyes to move speculative over Slade’s body and asked her what size she wore. “I wear a size eleven, Why?” Xora looked down the road in the opposite direction and said, “We’re going shopping. My woman wants a formal dinner and that is what she is going to have.” Slade stood staring at Xora with confusion. “Come on,” Xora said with a nudge of her head towards town. “I have a friend that owns a formal attire shop in town. We can shower and buy the clothes there. “You do know Shane and Mayo’s dress sizes, right?” “Yes,” Slade huffed, “but?” “Then let’s go.” The pair broke into a casual run as they discussed what they would get for the gang to wear for the dinner.
At the Shop…

The pair finally reached the store after a five mile run that left them a little winded. “For the Girls,” Slade panted, looking up at the sign. “Yeah,” Xora returned. “Let’s go get cleaned up and do some shopping.

“Xora,” an elderly lady with snow-white hair and corpulent grandmother figure called from behind the counter. “Hi Auntie Lean,” Everyone called her that because of her essence for style in female clothing designs. “Have you two been fighting?” She asked with furrowed brows. Xora looked down over her body and then Slade’s and answered obediently, “Yes Ma’am.” “Now is that the way friends are suppose to behave?” Slade sighed and said, “Oh God.” “DON’T YOU SWEAR IN HERE YOUNG LADY. YOU WILL NOT USE THE LORD’S NAME IN VAIN IN HERE. NOW YOU TWO GET UP THOSE STAIRS AND GET CLEANED UP. XORA, TALK TO YOUR FRIEND BEFORE I HAVE TO GIVE HER A WHIPPING HER MOTHER SHOULD HAVE GIVEN HER. Who does she think she is, using the lord’s name in vain, what is this world coming too?” Auntie Lean moaned, while continuing to fold underwear.

Slade jumped from the brash reprimand she just received. “Oops, I forgot to tell you,” Xora whispered. “Auntie Lean is real religious and she doesn’t like for anyone to use the eminent hierarchies in any kind of conversation unless you are praying. So stay away from using that kind of slang until after we leave.” Slade nodded her head approvingly with enlarged eyes. Xora placed a couple of calls while Slade showered in order to get transportation back home and dinner ready by the time they got back.

Slade was putting on her clothes when Xora walked in the room to get cleaned up. “Xora,” she said softly. “I want my sister to be happy and if you are what she wants…” Slade inhaled and dropped her head. “Then that is what I want as well.” Xora went to say something but was quickly interrupted by Slade again. “I was afraid Xora. I didn’t want what you did to that girl overseas to happen to Brie! And the closer the moment came to you two getting intimate the more I dreaded it. Brie means the world to me and I do occasionally keep her kind of boxed in, but I’ve never rationed my love out to her like you insinuated. I love her unconditionally and I always will.”

Xora smiled and said, “I accept your apology Slade. Now get your ass downstairs and get to picking out clothes for Troy, Shane and Mayo. I’ll take Brie, Sharonda, Joy and myself. I’ll meet you down there in about twenty minutes.” Slade finished dressing and headed downstairs as Xora bid.

By the time Xora finished and came downstairs Slade was dressed in a long tail tux, top hat, white Stacys and a matching cane. “Wow,” Xora said, moving towards her. Slade tapped the bottom of her cane on the floor, propelling it into the air, caught it in mid flight and tilted her hat slightly back with the other end. She then brought the cane back down to her side and crossed her right leg over her left.

“I look bad don’t I?” She said, while looking cool. “Oh yeah,” Xora returned. “Auntie Lean,” she shouted. “Where is mine?” It didn’t take a heartbeat for Xora to get dressed down.

“Dag, Xora that’s got “give me some” all over it. How did you know Brie liked you in leather?” Xora had to think fast. She couldn’t tell the sister of her lover to be that she was eavesdropping on their sex talk. “Oh does she? I picked this because I like the feel of it against my skin.” (Shuh, good save girl). Xora thought, turning back to look into the mirror.

She was wearing an all leather, two piece, long tailed, outfit. It was similar to her Valentine outfit except for the long tails and the ponytail. “Xora you look seething. Brie is going to tear you up.” “Well,” Xora buzzed checking her makeup once more. “I most certainly hope so.” She finished with a wink. “Did you pick out Troy, Mayo, and Shane’s outfit?” “Yes, I did your highness.” “Good,” Xora said gathering up Brie’s and the others outfit. “Our ride should be here now.” Just as they stepped out the door Sam pulled up in an all white limo.

“Damn Xora, you know you be on it (keep organized).” “Why thank you sis?” Slade laughed and placed her outfits in the trunk like Xora just did and got into the car. Xora thanked Auntie Lean and told her to charge the clothes to her account and she would take care of it later. Auntie Lean gave her a kiss and yelled out to the car for Slade to come do the same. Slade growled as she got back out of the car and walked up to Auntie Lean.

“You don’t have to mean it, but you most definitely have to do it. Plant it right here,” she said sternly. Slade looked up at Xora and smiled and did just that. She then thanked Auntie Lean for the use of her shower and everything. “You’re welcome sweetheart and you and Xora stop that tussling around. Girls don’t do that unless it is for other reasons.” She concluded, while winking her eye and going back into the store. “She’s a frisky old bat ain’t she?” Slade analyzed, while watching her change the open sign to closed. “Yep, and she don’t take any shit from anybody either.” Xora stated while sliding into the car. Slade smirked and followed.

Within fifteen minutes the trio pulled up in front of a now lit up mansion. Gabrielle and the gang quickly made it outside, curious as to who it was pulling up in a limousine. Samantha quickly opened the door and out stepped Xora. Gabrielle smiled. Amazed that Xora remembered how special she wanted this evening to be.

“Hi baby,” Xora popped gleefully. “Look who I brought with me?” Slade slid out the car and stepped elegantly around Xora and tilted her hat. Brie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so she did both. Sam called Mayo and the gang over to help with the packages as Gabrielle and Xora stood staring into each other’s devoted gaze.

“You didn’t forget,” Gabrielle spoke but only to the woman she loved. “How could I? Everything that you ask of me I shall fulfill. And if I don’t, I will die trying.” The tears ran slowly down Gabrielle’s cheeks as she blew Xora a kiss. Xora reached up and snagged the imaginary kiss and pocketed it before mouthing, “I love you.” She then joined Brie on the steps and bid Sam a good night before leading her new love into the house.

The dinner was a gala occasion. Xora called Maryah from Auntie Lean’s shop and ordered a smoked steak dinner prepared with all the trimmings. The entire banquet hall and yard long cherry wood table was decorated with a white tablecloth, red dinner napkins, rose decorated centerpieces and candles. The whole room glowed of passion.

The scene was so beautiful the gang didn’t know whether to eat or just marvel in its beauty. Everyone was dressed formally. Gabrielle wore a strapless black satin silk long gown with matching long gloves and a split up her left side. Her body screamed “take me,” as the dress hugged each of her curves and dips. She was magic in an angelic package.

Shane wore a long leather, white dress that split up the middle, matching finger less gloves. Her skin seemed to glow with the eminence of an African queen. Her eyes glistened among the darkness. She was simply mystical. Joy wore a short, spaghetti string, mini with matching nylon sash that definitely magnified the magnificence of her long tanned legs. Mayo couldn’t keep her hands off the voluptuous limbs. Troy’s silk, long, white gown matched Slade’s suit perfectly. Her sleeveless ensemble dipped down in a V shape that softly ended at the edge of her cleavage. The bottom bore two slits easily displaying the soft sheer panty hose with miniature flowers running up and down her powerful legs. To finished the outfit off, she had elbow length satins gloves and satin pumps. Both Mayo’s suit and Xora’s nearly matched in design, except for the buttons. Mayo’s were golden and Xora’s were shiny black roses. Slade and Sharonda both wore white tuxes designed by Auntie Lean for the more enterprising female. Xora’s, of course was her own design. Auntie Lean was very aware of Xora’s particular taste so every now and then she just sat and designed clothes for her.

After eating, the group sat and conversed a little longer. Xora was curious about the group’s plans after their time in the Corps had ended. No one uttered a word. Realizing the subject that they all dreaded had reared its ugly head again.

“Well,” Mayo began, clearing her throat. “I personally hadn’t thought much about it. But I do know I don’t want to be away from Joy. She means everything to me, and if she’ll have me I want to spend the rest of my life waking up in her arms.” Joy practically leaped over the table, falling into Mayo’s arms. Their kiss was so needful that the entire group shifted in their seats as their loins ignited.

Troy gazed from one friend to another before speaking. “I know I don’t want to be without Slade and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we probably may need to consider what kind of options we have. Especially…if we want to all be together.” Everyone nodded their head in agreement, silently wishing that they all could stay together and with their perspective partners. “Well, I’m gathering that we all want to continue on together?” Xora questioned with a raised eyebrow. The room burst with different forms of agreement.

“Well, then ladies, tomorrow we’ll go horse back riding and see if we can come up with a plan that is suitable for us all. I know if Gabrielle will have me, that I’m not going to be without her. Yet I also want to hold on to the friendships that I have developed with all of you as well. Maybe, after discussing each of our financial statuses, we could probably try to make a go of this place, as equal partners, or try our hand at some other kind of business. How does that sound?” The room roared with different forms of agreement again.

“Good,” Maryah shouted over the audible mutters. “Now why don’t y’all call it a night and let me get this mess you all made cleaned up.” Everyone laughed, grabbed their partners and took off in different directions. Leaving Xora and Gabrielle sitting at each ends of the table.  “Uh Maryah,” Gabrielle called softly. “Did you set back those things I asked you for earlier?” Maryah looked up for her duties and gave the little Gunny a wink. “You bet’cha. The package you asked for is waiting for you on Xora’s nightstand. Gabrielle smiled and chirped, “Thanks Maryah you’re the greatest.” Xora could hardly contain herself. The moment had come and now she was as nervous as a blushing bride. “Why don’t we go up to the room and check out the scene from the terrace. I’m sure the setting sun and rising stars are exquisite tonight, wouldn’t you say my champion.” Gabrielle rumbled sexily.

(What the hell…did she just call me)? Xora thought, as her memories drifted back to the picture of Gabrielle and Xena standing as one, with Xena’s arms wrapped protectively around her bard’s shoulders. Xora began to feel a carnal desire rise in her she had never felt before. It lingered as if it had existed for centuries yet it felt new as well. Xora had to mentally tell her body to move as Gabrielle sauntered ahead of her moving as if she was a model on the runway. Xora gulped and prayed a silent prayer for endurance as her urges magnified as Gabrielle coasted up the whirling stair case like the rays of the setting sun. Xora found herself panting, needing and wanting more.

As they entered the candle lit room, the vista cause Xora to pant harder. Gabrielle moved gracefully across the room as if she were a mirage. Xora looked down at the leathers that were now becoming extremely uncomfortable. (Jeez, I have to get out of these before I die of spontaneous combustion). Just as the thought came to a close. Gabrielle open up the patio’s doors, let her hair down and sensually tossed it from side to side pulling a wanton growl from her partner’s dry throat. Brie then stepped out onto the patio and moved to the exquisitely decorated railing. Xora still hadn’t moved from the door. Her body wouldn’t permit her to move. Gabrielle tossed her hair from side to side once more before slowly turning around and gazing back into the glowing room at Xora. Her eyes glowed as if she was possessed as they traveled endlessly over her love’s sculptured body. Xora gasped as her hands began to move suggestively over her leather cover flesh.

“Xora,” Gabrielle hissed with caged hunger. “Every night that I laid beside you I wondered what it would feel like to caress your entire body.” (I’m going to die). Xora thought, as her shallow breathing paused briefly. “Every night I wondered what the sweet oils of your secreting body would taste like as my tongue wiped it from you body and allowed it to melt into a delicacy and flow down my throat. Tonight I shall find out Xora, and you will yield…to my desire.” Gabrielle leaned back against the artistic banister and artfully lifted her sleek, covered limbs and propped into a bending posture. “Remove your clothes Xora. I want to see your body glow among the candlelight.” Brie commanded adoringly. Xora could do nothing but comply as Gabrielle held her gaze. “Now,” She said saucily. “Come to me.”

Xora finished undressing and just as Gabrielle thought, the commander’s essence blended with the room’s mystifying aura. “You are so wicked (dazzling). Come here and let my touch you.” Gabrielle issued confidently. Laughter of the other’s playing around outside played in the distance as the pair’s mind focused on only them and that very moment. Xora sensually strolled toward Gabrielle causing the little Gunny to moan audibly with anticipation. “I love the way you move. It makes me ache in places that only my mother is permitted to nick name (Pocket book/cunt and bubbles/tits). Bring it on baby, I can’t wait much longer.” As she closed, Xora took several steps more placing her right in front of the Gunny bridled in only her birthday suit. Gabrielle gracefully slid to her knees in her long formal and laid her head gently on Xora’s love chamber. Her hands then began to softly caress both of Xora’s legs ever so slowly. She then lifted her head slightly and lowered her tongue against the commander’s hidden clit. Xora’s head fell back as a groan ripped from her throat. All of those nights she laid wondering what would it feel like to have Gabrielle taste her never amounted to the actual act. Xora was fuming with lust.

“Hay,” Mayo said, grabbing the attention of everyone that was outside twirling and playing around. “Look up there,” she said quietly, pointing toward the balcony Xora and Gabrielle was standing on. Just as they all took a seat and began watching, Xora reached both of her hands down into Gabrielle’s silky golden hair and moaned again. “Damn Slade,” Mayo whispered as the gang looked up with high amusement. “I guess that sex talk paid off huh? Listen to the way Xora is moaning. Gabrielle must be whacking that clit silly.” Everyone chuckled quietly as they continued to discreetly watch the pair.

They watched as Gabrielle softly kissed her way up Xora’s body and patiently sucked at each of her erect nipples before Xora pulled her up further for a hungry kiss.  “Shit! Xora’s got some nice tits doesn’t she?” Mayo popped, getting turned on more and more by the minute. Joy elbowed her to get her attention. Mayo gazed up into Joy’s jealous features and laughed softly. She then leaned into Joy while running her palms over her partner’s tasty breasts. “Aw baby you know I love my honkers. Don’t you go to sleep every night with my hand clutching them?” Joy giggled shyly while placing her hand upon Mayo’s fondling hand. “And don’t you wake up every morning with my hand still on them?” Joy moaned urgently and pulled Mayo down into the grass and claimed her talkative lips. Mayo groaned and gave her pots (partners, friends) the thumbs up. She knew her night was set, right in her baby’s arms.

The gang watched as Gabrielle pulled away from the kiss and seductively moved behind a torpid Xora. At least one of her hands continued to caress Xora’s body at all times. They then watched as Gabrielle stood directly behind Xora and eased her hands under the commander’s arms and filled her hands with her partner’s ample bosom. Xora’s head fell back again as her hands instinctively joined her partner’s. As one hand continued to fondle Xora’s left breast the other traveled gradually down her body until it reached Xora’s hot spot. The group watched as Xora became a willing prisoner of the little tigress behind her as her legs slid open and Gabrielle began to tenderly massage her pumping clit. Gabrielle strokes were so rousing that the group felt their hands move into their perspectives partner’s laps. Seeking the same warmth Gabrielle was playing in right now.

“You know our friends are watching don’t you?” Gabrielle murmured while dragging her wet fingers over Xora’s hip, down her buttocks and entered her from the back. Xora cried out as she indicated her answer with a jerking bob of her head. Gabrielle smiled and peeped around her love and observed their friends as their hands began to play in their partner’s slippery cunts. “Ooh,” she hissed intoxicated by the love oils that pooled into her hand. “Your pussy is so wet Xora. I think I want some more.” Xora eyes fluttered as Gabrielle coiled her fingers inside her and slipped in and out of her with a teasing rhythm. Xora reached behind her and grabbed Gabrielle’s thighs and pulled her closer. “Gabrielle,” she gasped through shallow breathing. “I need you right now. I can’t take much more of this.” Gabrielle pulled her fingers smoothly out of Xora, took her by the hand and led her back into the bedroom.

Gabrielle then removed her dress and dropped it right where she stood. She then allowed Xora to pull her into a searing kiss while backing up to the bed’s edge. Xora released Gabrielle, sat down on the edge of the bed, and slid dreamily back onto the bed. Gabrielle crawled up behind her, straddling Xora’s body all the way. Just as Gabrielle was about to claim her lips, Xora slid back further until her back rested against the Mahogany headboard. Gabrielle gave her a mischievous smile and looked over at the golden ice pail Maryah had sent up for her. Xora followed her gaze to the ice bucket. The commander felt her body tingle with impatience. (This is it) her mind shouted. (I’m about to get hooked up (taken) with some popsicles).

Gabrielle crawled casually from the bed and walked over to the pail. She then reached in and pulled out her favorite, strawberry. She then pushed it as far back in her mouth as it allowed and dragged her tongue erotically up each side before offering Xora some. Xora was eager to help moisten the cool pop for further exploration. She felt her cunt drip with her excitement as she coached Gabrielle to move between her legs. Gabrielle withdrew the sicle from Xora’s juicy, reddened lips and dragged it down over her chin. She continued down Xora’s neck, over her chest and on to her breasts where she circled her peaks.

Gabrielle then growled and tore into Xora. She was sucking, nipping and gnawing at the spots leaving red patches of passion marks around Xora’s throat and down her chest. Xora screamed, as her body jerked from chilling and heating effects of the elements being applied to her body.

Gabrielle smiled as Xora’s body trembled beneath her assault. Gabrielle, not wanting the popsicle to melt too fast before she reached where she wanted to be, smeared it all over Xora torso and breasts and tore into her again. Xora didn’t know what to think. She never imagined their night would be like this. She pretty much figured that Gabrielle would be sort of reluctant and she would have to guide her through this, but she never expected this. Gabrielle was eating her alive and she loved it. She felt exhilarated beyond belief.

She couldn’t wait till Gabrielle was inside her with her cool wand. And just as she thought that, Gabrielle’s tongue began to lick hungrily at her clit like a nursing pup. She then let out a scream as Gabrielle pushed the coolness into her depths making her shake uncontrollably. She was hunching against Gabrielle’s sugared lips like crazy.

Gabrielle then jerked away from her power beacon and shoved her tongue deep down into Xora’s waiting opening. Xora slid down into the bed and grabbed a hold of Gabrielle’s bobbing head and yelled out the Gunny’s name repeatedly as her climax jumped her and her body went rigid.

Gabrielle continued to suck and plunge into her sole until every ounce of the popsicle juices mixed with Xora’s essence ran dry. Gabrielle then kissed her way softly back up Xora’s heaving body and claimed her lips. “Man, you sure taste good,” Gabrielle said, while pulling her now tearful mate up into her arms and comforting her. Xora had never had it so good. She was ecstatic with boundless pleasure.

“This definitely measures as a ten on my weird shit-o-meter!” Xora chuckled, winded. Gabrielle laughed with astonished pride. Xora was pleased and that meant everything in the world to the little Gunny. Never again would she doubt that she could please her woman.

Xora rolled over to her side and pulled out a blind fold from under her pillow. “Now, my little adventurous one. It is my turn.” Gabrielle smiled, dropped back onto her back and closed her eyes. Xora straddled her magnificent little frame and proceeded to blindfold her as well as handcuff her to the bed.

“Now you are going to find out just how dope (good, inventing, straight up tight) I can be. Open your legs.” Xora stated enticingly. Gabrielle did as she was instructed. Xora moved to her nightstand and removed the toy she picked out months ago for this little exercise. She then turned it on (electric vibrator about the size of two of her fingers) and moved to the bed. “Gabrielle,” She hissed with a staggering rumble. “You are about to enter the school of passion…and tonight I will be the instructor.”

Xora crouched over Gabrielle’s feet and blew soft spoofs of air upon the Gunny’s feet. Gabrielle stirred and pulled at the handcuffs. Xora smirked as her love’s skin took on a pinkish tint of longing. She then redirected her attention back to the Gunny’s feet. She angled her little toy so that only the tip of it would graze Gabrielle’s feet as her tongue lashed feverishly all over them both. Gabrielle whimpered and screamed. Her body wiggled as if trying to dodge the heat that was building in her.

“Oh lord Xora, what are you doing to me?” Xora didn’t reply, she just simply continued her quest up the stirring Gunny’s body. By the time she reached Gabrielle’s breasts the little mechanic was crying for completion. Xora nudged Gabrielle’s legs wider and eased her vibrating toy down over the Gunny’s clit.

Gabrielle screamed and bucked as if she were out of her mind. Xora chortled and shifted so that her tongue moved artfully in and out of her new lover. She continued to drive her tongue deep inside Gabrielle until the little instructor began to growl out her need to be taken.

Xora shifted to her knees and pressed the palm of her hand kindly up against the gyrating vibrator and plunged into the Gunny’s tight, pulsating cunt. Gabrielle screamed out Xora’s name, stiffened, wiggled her toes and dropped limply to the bed. Xora continued to ease in and out of Brie, not really ready to withdraw yet, but she did after several more plunges. Xora smiled and removed her concealing and disabling devices. There was no need to talk because Gabrielle was quite incapacitated at the moment. Xora smiled again and moved gently to Gabrielle’s side while rolling her onto hers and pulled her back into her body before drifting off to sleep.

Meanwhile out in the hallway…

“Joy,” Mayo said supposedly quietly. “I think I have grass in my pants. How did that happen?” “Well if you would have waited and allowed me to take you in the bed, you wouldn’t have grasshoppers jumping around your cunt.” Mayo snatched her pants open to see if that was true before snapping. “Well next time you need to tell you friend to make love to her girl in her room instead of outside and getting everybody stirred up.”

“Slade I think I have a leaf in my draws (panties). See if you can reach it.” Slade chuckled at the grass stains both she and Troy had on their all white outfits before reaching in her love’s underclothes and removing the offender. “Well, Brie really had her screaming huh? I guess my sex talk was very informative huh?” Troy whirled around and whispered, “It sure was baby. I could have never imagined myself being taken by you up against a tree.” The pair grinned at the oddly stimulating situation and continued on to their rooms.

“Shane, wait baby I think you still have hay sticking out of your gloves.” Sharonda said faintly. “Boy, wait till I tell Brie how hot she and Xora made us as we watched them do it on the balcony.” “Shay Shay,” Sharonda started, while whirling her partner around. “What have I told you about telling your friends what we do?” Shane snatched Sharonda to her and purred, “Girl as good as you put it on me, I don’t mind telling the world, you crazed minx you.” Sharonda placed a vicious, growling kiss upon her chocolate love’s lips and stumbles back into their bedroom door.

Xora listened to her friends and their partners discreetly revealing their inventive lovemaking charades as they weaseled into their rooms. (So they were watching) She thought with a sinister grin. (Well it serves them right for acting like peeping Toms). She then smiled once more, quite pleased with tonight’s events, and drifted back off to sleep.

“So Brie,” Mayo uttered from across the huge round table in the kitchen, which was usually utilized by the servants on their breaks.”Didn’t I tell you if you kept going into that lioness’s den she was going to eat you? What’cha have to say for yourself now, you little happy meal?” Mayo chirped, jesting. Gabrielle crinkled her nose and said in a purring, singing tone, “Oh no Mr. Gate keeper please don’t let me out yet. There’s a spot she missed.” The whole room, including Maryah, echoed with laughter. “See that’s exactly why I didn’t get up in it (try to sleep with you). I never did like you any way.” Mayo finished, cutting a piece of the huge southern pancakes Maryah had prepared for them.

“Now Mayo, we all know that you love me.” Mayo gazed into Brie’s eyes as her voice turned serious. “Had it not been for you demanding that Slade come back to that base and get me, there would be no telling what would have befallen me. It was YOU, along with Troy’s help that held our seams of friendship together and for that…I thank you.” Both women continued to stare at each other, silently revealing what they really meant to the other.

“I still think that you’re a trick and a skeeze, but you’re still my girl.” Gabrielle then jumped up out of her chair, spread her legs and pumped her hips in a thrusting manner. “Bank it,” she said, while placing her hands upon her hips. Mayo smiled and rose from her seat. Just as she stood. Shane and Slade followed. All together that lifted their left leg pumped twice and hissed, “Cha-ching,” like the ring of a cash register. “Considered it banked girl,” she said giving Brie a wink as they all took their seats again.

“Well, I’m highly aroused now,” Xora said, with amusement in her eyes. “Now let’s get down to a little business. Have any of you considered the offers I issued last night? Everyone began to speak all at once.” Xora looked on as her friends began to spat off ways of helping to run the ranch. “So I gather we’re about to become business partners.” Xora said with a smile. “So let’s talk finances.”

Each one of the ladies had saved a substantial amount of money during their enlistment. Plus some of the women, Shane, Sharonda, Brie, and Slade had invested money in several lucrative stocks such as Computers, Amusement parks and Computer software. Troy, Xora, Mayo and Joy had all been bequeathed land or large amounts of monies from settlements through their families. So the women agreed that once they were out, they would help Xora run the ranch and maybe later open a video store or a health center. What better trainers can you get than Ex-Marines (Somebody say ooh-rah)?

The girls spent the weekend at Xora’s huge mansion doing girl things and learning more about each other before returning to the base. Brie was ready for work now and her recruits were wrapping up their training. They were now able to take periodic liberty breaks learning how to adjust to the civilian life and maintain the conduct of young Women Marines. Since Slade, Mayo and Sharonda had been pulling the bulk of the day and night shifts, Brie informed them that she would wake the babies up Monday morning.

“Baby, are you sure you’re ready?” Xora asked, partly because she’d been with Brie during this whole ordeal and she was feeling kind of wary about letting the little Gunny out of her sight. “Xora you all have nursed me back to health, now its time to see just how well you’ve done. Besides, you just don’t want to go back to work commander.” Xora smiled, dropped her elbows on the table and leaning on them. “You’re right Gunny.” “Ooh, we’re pulling rank now.” Mayo said with a twisted mouth. “I don’t want to go back to work. I’d rather stay home and cuddle with you.” Brie smiled and gazed into her partner’s eyes. Each knowing they could give a damn about ridding horse right now. They wanted each other. “Race ya,” Brie said, breaking from the table. Xora lit out behind her, trailing her all the way up the stairs.

“Hay,” Mayo shouted. “What about the horse ride?” Shane retorted. “Girl after they had each other screaming like they did last night do you think they are going to stop now? You are sadly mistaken. They are going to break that stuff in just like they want it before giving it a breather.” She said while finishing her pancakes.

“Well, we can meet up with them later,” Mayo stated, shoving the last of her pancakes in her mouth. “I want to go riding. Who’s going with me?” “Shane took a couple of final bites before returning, “I guess I’ll go with your arrogant ass, that way you won’t get lost or thrown.” Joy chuckled as she watched the two friends glare menacingly at each other. “Ah hell why don’t we all go. Y’all know you’re are curious as to how the place is run and what kind of stock we are investing in.” “Damn Joy, that is the smartest thing I’ve heard you say since I’ve met you. Outside of the tumbling thing, you are just chock full of surprises huh?” Slade poked with a smile.

“Ease up off my baby now or else I’ll be forced to write a short story, place it on flyers and distribute it around town, on how you had Troy was jacked up against that tree out yonder. That’s how that leaf got stuck in her draws.” Everyone chuckled as Slade threw up her hands in defeat.

“Let’s go riding,” Sharonda popped, breaking out the back door. Shane and the rest of the gang quickly followed. “And NO ONE look up at Xora’s room, no telling what else they’d have us doing next.” Mayo said jokingly, following the gang flapping her arms.
Monday Morning…

Gabrielle eased into the squad bay. The neighboring drill instructor smiled up at her as she stealthily moved into the DI hut. “Well, good morning Gunny.” Gabrielle smiled and gave the OOD (Officer of the day) a friendly wave before pulling the Sergeant up for a hug.

“I’m glad you’re back and I hate your recruits.” Sergeant Macky whispered. Whenever anything arose during the night and Gabrielle or any of her staff would have to leave Sergeant Macky stood in. She was about Gabrielle’s height, scrawny in form and loved her job. Whenever Gabrielle needed a little additional hazing done on a defiant private, Sergeant Macky was called in. There were times when Gabrielle thought she really hated the Privates, but in reality, she just LOVED her job.

“So the Gunny is back in the house,” She said cordially, while placing her hands upon her hips. “Yeah, I’ve decided to give the girls a break and wake my own babies up today.” “Well Gunny,” Sergeant Macky sighed in relief. “I ask that you relieve me of this post and your horrible little gremlins. They’re so good it makes me sick to look at ’em.” Gabrielle chuckled softly and gave the Sergeant permission to stand down and log out.

She then removed her cover, took a deep breath and stepped back out the hatch. Gabrielle stood gazing into the darkness with her hands clenched behind her back, and the slumbering bodies that occasionally tossed and turned, still trying to hang on if only for a second more of sleep.

Gabrielle then grabbed the huge dictionary off the corner of the banquet table the instructors used to take a breather and moved toward the light switch. Unbeknownst to her, all of her friends had followed her and was prepared for the day as well. Slade, Mayo and Shane watched as she moved gracefully up and down the privates resting quarters before waking the platoon. “She looks good,” Mayo whispered softly as all three of them stood in the shadows of their neighboring DI hut. “She does doesn’t she.” Slade said proudly while finally exhaling.

Xora had also made it to the base. She stood outside of her office waiting for the lights to come on in Gabrielle’s squad bay before moving. She still hadn’t told Gabrielle that she had been promoted. So her appearance on top of her advancement was sure to surprise the Gunny and earn her a stiff reprimand later. Just what she wanted, Gabrielle always managed to apologize for being so brash which always led to making up. (Damn, I have to stop that here. I’ll damn sure to get court martialed if I take Gabrielle on my desk). Xora thought with a smile.

Just as she was about to head over to the girl’s barracks, she heard someone come up behind her. “Look Cameo, what do we have here?” Shana asked playfully. Xora smiled, recognizing her friends immediately from a single voice. Xora whirled around revealing a huge smile and said, “What are you two tricks doing here?” They both chuckled and Cameo said, “Well Xora, our surrogate mother thought that you may need a little looking after and that is where we come in. Besides you needed two new company commanders. You had one that got locked up for some reason.” Cameo paused place her point finger over her lips and pretended as if she didn’t quite know the reason, before bursting out laughing.  “Ssssh,” Xora said quickly. “We are in the middle of the court yard, every sound imagined carries here. So be quiet.” “And the other one retired while you were on leave with Brie.” Shana finished faintly.

“She doesn’t know that you are here does she?” Shana asked, peeking over Xora’s shoulder at the dark squad bay. “No,” Xora said rolling her eyes. “And, I want to keep it that way. This is her first day back and I just wanted to make sure everything goes okay.” Cameo smirked and said, “Uh-huh, sounds like you don’t want to let this sweet honey dip out of your sight. You done hit it haven’t you?” Cameo continued playfully. “Cammie, Cammie I can always depend on you to organize my perspectives.” Xora said, turning back toward the steps leading to Gabrielle’s side of the barracks. Shana and Cameo watched Xora as she moved up the stairs and stood just a ways off from thirteen A’s sleeping quarters. “Yep, she done popped it.” They said concurrently and followed behind her. “I guess this would be as good a time as any to meet the tasty croissant.” Cameo stated while easing up to Xora’s right side and Shana on the other. “You two,” Xora began with her most serious expression. “Do not embarrass me. Gabrielle knows very little about my past and I kinda want to keep it that way.” “Now Xora, you know we have your back.” Shana stated, gazing vapidly into Xora’s eyes. “Lord help me.” Just as she said that, she heard a big clash drop to the floor of the squad bay and the lights go on.

“GET UUUUP OUT OF THE RACKS,” Gabrielle sang out audibly. “Damn she certainly has a pair of lungs on her?” Cameo shot, before even giving her words a second thought. Xora elbowed her, drawing a yelp from her old friend, and moved to the door leading to the Drill instructors office. The goof troop followed.

“The recruits jumped straight up in the bed, rubbed their eyes and gazed down at the senior drill instructor. They then quickly move to the head of their bunks and began the count off. Gabrielle watch as her babies couldn’t contain their joy of seeing her. They were all smiling. She was ecstatic too, but she wouldn’t reveal that to them. Xora and her old partners in crime eased up behind Gabrielle’s Assistant Drill instructors and watched the Gunny work. “How’s it going so far?” Xora asked Slade. Slade never looked up, but the evidence of pride was definitely in her face. “She’s doing great.” Slade said quietly.

Gabrielle drifted gracefully down the right side of the squad bay looking as immaculate as ever. “WELL THIRTEEN-A, I SEE THAT YOU ARE STILL HERE, AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO GRADUATE.” “YES MA’AM,” the platoon screamed louder than they ever had. Gabrielle smirked, quite pleased with her recruits. “WELL YOU DO REALIZE THIS IS MY HOUSE? EVERYBODY REPEAT IT.” “THIS IS GUNNERY SERGEANT SMITH’S HOUSE.” “That’s right,” Gabrielle purred. “And if I am not ready to let you go you won’t go. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?” Gabrielle finished screaming. “YES MA’AM,” the recruits retorted.

“Now,” She whirred, moving once again to the middle of the squad bay. The young ladies stood obediently at attention still in their sleep wear. “Tell me,” She inquired while standing in front of Private Base. “Who will be my Honor Graduate?” The platoon started to answer but Gabrielle brought that to a halt by screaming out, “Shut up.”

She then moved to the end of the first rank to one her tearful recruit and asked the question again. Private Bennitt was the shortest in the platoon and always had considerable trouble with every thing except drill. She seemed quiet, withdrawn and she never socialized with the other Privates. Gabrielle was wondering if Mayo and Shane had helped her out with that.

Private Bennitt snapped to attention, stepped out as each Private is instructed to do when addressing a drill instructor and shouted. “GUNNERY SERGEANT SMITH MA’AM,” she prompted. “THE HONOR GRADUATE FOR THIS PLATOON IS PVT BASE.” “PVT BASE,” Gabrielle chuckled sarcastically. “HOW IN THE WORLD DID MISS SELFISH WIND UP WITH THAT POSITION?” Gabrielle already knew of Pvt. Base high scores in just about everything she did, and she also listened to Mayo and the gang brag about how giving she had become regarding others. Private Bennitt never faltered in her presentation nor did she fold like a fetus and cry. Gabrielle stood watching her as she continued to articulate everything Pvt. Base had surpassed during training and the admirable adjustment she had implemented in her life regarding her fellow platoons men. (Uh…women, I mean). Gabrielle smiled and yelled, “GET OUT OF MY WAY.” She was still testing Private Bennitt’s will to withstand intimidation. Private Bennitt efficiently stepped back and yelled, “YES MA’AM.”

Gabrielle smiled as she sauntered back up the squad bay and ordered the women to give her twenty push ups for missing her. The platoon screamed as loud as they ever had and broke down in a team format and pumped out the exercise while counting audibly.  Once they were finished they regained the attention position before the Gunny ordered them to get dressed. As soon as the women went about preparing for their morning chow, Major Black and her Assistant Drill instructors stepped out into the squad bay. Gabrielle saw movement and thought it was just Slade, Shane and Mayo. That is until she took a second look at Xora who seemed to glow like a Greek goddess as her golden oak leaves beamed upon her shoulders.

“ATTENTION ON DECK,” Gabrielle yelled while pulling her body into the sharpest attention position Xora had ever seen her execute. Xora smiled and walked past Gabrielle to stand to the right of her. “Good morning thirteen -A,” Major Black said, just loud enough for each of the privates to hear. They responded in kind. “I see you are HAPPY by your Senior Drill Instructor’s presence,” Xora implied looking back at her lover. “I am too.” She said, moving to the hatch. “I didn’t come to stay long. I just wanted to congratulate you on your graduation and to welcome the Gunny back. Please…carry on with what you were doing.” Cameo and Shana moved to Xora’s side as she bid the Gunny and her crew a good-bye. Gabrielle fell against the table and glared at her three companions once Xora departed. “You three have some explaining to do when we get to the chow hall.” The trio looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. The platoon quickly dressed and mustered out onto the catwalk.

“Cover and align seniors,” Gabrielle ordered, while moving to the left side of the platoon. “Since I haven’t had the privilege of drilling you ladies in a while I think I’ll do it now.” Gabrielle said, while professionally stepping into her command position. “Forrrr-ward Arch,” Gabrielle sang out in a tone so familiar to the platoon. They each smiled and stepped off on the left. No sooner had they started than Gabrielle stopped them. “Plaaatoon halt,” She called, just as they were about to prepare for the next command to pivot around their usual right turn.

Gabrielle went to the head of the platoon and spun artfully around and sung out. “Baccckward Arch,” The platoon efficiently executed the command. “Plaaatoon halt,” she called again. She then marched back to the side and administered an about face again.

“What the hell is she doing?” Mayo asked, watching Gabrielle move the platoon backwards and forwards. “She’s just trying to get the feel back,” Slade said observing the Gunny’s demeanor. Gabrielle did this several times more before leaning back and doing her traditional bob before letting it rip.” “Yooorward Arch,” her voice rose with power and ending in a thunderous rumble. “Left, wrrrite (right), left. Cooolumn wrrriiit Arch (column right March),” she called out, causing the squad leaders to lean into the request, pivot on the balls of their feet to their left and stepping off into a casual stroll as their heels sat down a rhythm of power.

(God I love my job) she thought with a smile as her seniors set down a stroll that made the juniors envious of them. Gabrielle decided to taunt them some more she led her platoon out into the middle of the court- yard and gave them and in-place march. The platoon leaned into the command bringing about a powerful shush of their boot heels before bring  their left legs up sharply in unison and prompting a stationary march. Seemed as if everyone in the command was watching as Gabrielle moved to the side of her platoon again. Only this time she was facing them.

Gabrielle timed their steps before issuing her next command. “Yooorward Arch,” She watched as the entire platoon stepped off. Gabrielle wanted to slow the pace a little bit so she went to singing with the marching cadence. Lean…back…settle…down…set that…rhythm…on the ground. “Ain’t…no…sense…in looking…down…Ain’t…no…six pack…on…the…ground; left…right…left…left…right…left.” 13A leaned back and allowed their Senior Drill Instructor’s voice to soothe them as they dropped down a beat onto the pavement only they could do.

Xora watched as Gabrielle took a deep breath and ordered her flanking ranks one by one to the rear. “First squad to the reeear…Arch, Second squad to the reeear…Arch, Third squad to the reeear…Arch, Fourth squad to the reeear…Arch, Left, riiite (right), let.” Gabrielle was working on this move before the incident. They were still juniors then so it didn’t look nearly as good as it did now.

Gabrielle smiled and Xora knew their performance was acceptable. Gabrielle gave the command again. The first squad hit down on the pavement with the balls of their feet, executed a hundred-degree turn and immediately went down in a ssshushing half step cadence. Awaiting the other squads to carry out the same command so they could cover and align.

Gabrielle observed as her girls demonstrated skills of excellence just before giving the entire platoon the command to do a forward march then an about face to come back to her. She watched as they leaned into the command once more before heading back to her. Gabrielle was very pleased with their performance and it showed as her smirk of pride ruled her face. Gabrielle called out several more commands before finally taking the ladies to chow.

“Damn,” Cameo began, mesmerized by Gabrielle’s elegance. “Now that’s alright. She’s a bad little pastry ain’t she? And…look at those little hips beat down (sway to the beat) of the rhythm her platoon is slamming (making).” Shana moved to the window and panted, “Everybody say I love the Corps.”

Xora watched as both of her old war hogs began to fantasize about her woman. “Get back to work,” she ordered sternly, pulling them from their daydream with Gabrielle. “Oh, Oh, yeah…I knew something completely slipped my mind.” Shana popped, moving back into the office. Then Xora allowed her own mind to wander as Gabrielle strolled up the stairs toward the chow hall. (Damn, I want her. I love watching her move in that form fitting uniform. How much longer till we’re off)? She thought while looking down at her watch. (Shit it’s just eight thirty, Maybe…I can persuade her to come over to my cottage for a quickie)? Xora thought with an encouraging grin.

The day seemed to end as soon as it began. Xora brought Cameo and Shana out to the ranch to meet her new friends. Although they were friends of the past, Gabrielle and the gang treated them as if they had been acquainted for years. Cameo and Shana revealed to the gang how they met Xora AND Troy overseas, and some the altercations they were in and how the General pulled them out. There were still some things Xora wasn’t quite ready to reveal to Brie, but it didn’t matter, because Gabrielle wasn’t interested in her past, only the woman that she fell in love with today.

Xora eyes darted from one friend to the other as they carried on several group conversations. Just as she was about to ask Maryah for some more wine she felt her partner staring at her from over the lid of the cup. Gabrielle nudged her head indicating she wanted to go out side. Xora quickly got up from the table and followed Gabrielle out. Once they were outside, Gabrielle took Xora’s hand and led her out into an open field and pointed up into the sky as the moon soft beams glowed down upon them.

Brie then looked up into Xora’s glistening orbs and whispered, “Thanks for loving me. I can’t imagine a moment in my life that I have been more happier, than I am right now.” She confessed as Xora reached down into her hair and pulled her head further back and gently claimed her lips. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xora’s waist and floated into the kiss like a butterfly. Xora pulled back from the kiss and asked Gabrielle if she wanted to go for a ride. Gabrielle smiled and indicated her answer with an agreeable nod of her head.

Xora then turned toward the barn and whistled. Gabrielle gasped as a golden mare much like the one Xena the Warrior Princess had grazing in the photo behind the embracing pair, broke from the stable. She was already saddled and ready for a ride. Xora helped Gabrielle up and she mounted right behind her. The gang watched as the pair galloped toward the rising moon and disappeared among the bleakness of the night.

“Now there goes an interesting pair,” Cameo stated. “When Xora was much younger, people would have sworn on their lives that she was the wicked temptress of Satan. But then alone came Saint Gabriel’s niece and pulled her out of the darkness. And now they are joined in more ways than one.”

“Wow,” Mayo tiff. “Did you figure that out all by your self.” Cameo looked over at Shane with a smirk and said, “Hip her up sister, children shouldn’t play with grown ups and kittens shouldn’t play with cats.” Mayo went to return something sarcastic like she usually did, but Shane stopped her. “Don’t mind her, some people are not even worth listening to.” Cameo looked back at Shane as the whole group leaned back laughing.

On a hill about a mile away from the house…

“Xora, why didn’t you tell me you had been promoted?” Gabrielle asked. Xora pulled her closer and whispered, “I did it on purpose, are you going to punish me now?” Gabrielle smiled realizing that Xora had in fact forgotten about the advancement. Yet the opportunity to reap additional attention had presented itself and Xora wanted it. Gabrielle allowed her right hand to float down behind her and over Xora’s burning crotch. Xora moaned and slid closer to Gabrielle, shifting enough so that the Gunny’s hand could cup her hot box and her thumb could continued to wag against her throbbing clit.

“Isn’t tonight beautiful?” Gabrielle asked, as she continued to stroke Xora’s love knot poetically. Xora wrapped the reins around her saddle horn and pressed down on Gabrielle’s hand, rocking her hips and pulling her closer, “Oh yessss,” The commander hissed, burying her face in her little lover’s sweet scented hair.
Three years later…

“Shane, what I tell you about preparing this spicy meal for Brie. She cannot eat this.” As Xora spoke, Gabrielle continued to shove the fragrant southern cuisine in her mouth. Xora popped her lightly on the back of the head and ordered her to spit it out. Gabrielle rolled her eyes and Xora popped her again. Gabrielle did as Xora asked under protest.

A couple of months after they were all discharged Xora notified the General, Cameo and Shana of a private wedding ceremony they were having within the next two weeks for friends and family members. And just like she promised, the General was there. She informed Xora that Sylvia was doing a twenty years sentence without possible parole. Frick and Frack, Cameo and Shana were going to hang out with her after she retired and open up a health center much like Xora and the gang had done, except they would offer additional services much like a bathhouses.

After careful planning, the group finally opened the first Women’s All Treatment Center. They offered various form of dance, martial arts and aerobics along with staffing an official nutritionist and physical trainers to help potential customers and their regular customers with a feasible diet combined with a selected physical fitness program.

Xora, Slade, Mayo and Sharonda were usually the ones to approve the physical part of the training since Brie, Troy, Joy and Shane had been artificially inseminated to bear off-springs for the joined pairs. Lucky for each of the pairs they had willing brothers to contribute toward their sisters and mate’s expectant families.

Slade, Mayo and Sharonda joined Xora downstairs already in their work uniforms for the day. Mayo had leaned over to kiss Joy goodbye when she smelled the onions on her breath.

“Shane if you don’t stop feeding her this shit I’m going to kick your ass.” Mayo growled, wagging her finger at her best friend. “Hey, hey, hey lay off my baby now. She’s not forcing your chunky wives to eat what she cooks. They could easily eat something else.” Sharonda mumbled with a mouth full of Shane’s spicy meal dripping from her mouth.

“Sharonda,” Slade directed, while eating some of Troy’s morning meal. “Stop taking up for Shane. She knows she gives our wives indigestion with that hot ass shit and on top of it Shane knows she shouldn’t be eating this as well. Now tell your woman to stop cooking this slop.” “Good isn’t it?” Troy whispered, as Slade bent down to suck her sweet lips into her warm mouth. “Yep, but you stay away from it. You’ll be up tonight and I will to, mainly because you won’t let me sleep.”

Xora kissed Brie bye and repeated the same thing Slade just said to Troy. Gabrielle smiled and said, “I’m full anyway. I’m not going to eat anymore.” Xora gave her a raised eyebrow expression, immediately questioning her wife’s agreeable tone. Xora, Sharonda, Slade and Mayo ran out the front door and closed it. Xora held the knob in her hand and pointed to Mayo to count down from five. As soon as she got to one Xora slung the door open and there all their plump wives were, dipping in that pot.

“Mayo,” Xora sighed disappointing. “Go get it.” This was now becoming a routine. Brie, Shane, Troy and Joy were found each day eating something they shouldn’t have. Mayo ran into the house, popped Shane playfully on the forehead, forcing her to relinquish her hold on the pot and took it back out with her. “Good morning Ladies Xora said with a wink, closing the door behind Mayo. “Hey,” she shouted, just as Mayo was about to empty the contents of the pot into the yard. “Don’t throw that away. We’re going to eat that.” Xora said, smiling and waving at Gabrielle and the others through the opened window.



Of course the girls had their bouts, but they always managed to pull the group back together just like they did after their first calamity. Women can indeed stay together, but you damn sure have to work at it, trust, honesty and respect promotes an invaluable element, and it is called friendship.



This is the end of Another Time. I like to thank the Man up top, the patient Web Mistresses and the fans for wanting to Keep “Another Time,” alive.  Hay, check out my award on my trophy page that I won for Another Time.  It would appear that to be able to TELL a good story it does not require you be an English expert…hence, d’is ‘ere story. (Smile) Writing is an expression of one self, their experiences and that person’s own creativity…let no one tell you, because your articulation is different from desirables, that you are illiterate and you have to do it like everyone else to be accepted, because you don’t. Peace out readers and thanks again for letting me know w’at’cha wanted. I have fulfilled my part of your request.

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