Fusion by J. A. Zollicoffer


by  J. A. Zollicoffer

Summary: Cameron and Antoinette are both loners, with very big secrets. But when they meet, they finally understand what making a supernatural connection with another person can mean.




Part 1


Cameron Ribaldi sat in the low light of her lab, observing the changes in the cell structure of a blood sample she was viewing through a microscope. Her office was located on the lower level of the world renowned National Research Hospital in Crystal City Virginia. At thirty-two, she had been a research scientist, specializing in blood abnormalities for the past eight years, but so far she wasn’t having much luck.

The blonde scientist sat back from the slide she was studying and rubbed her tired green eyes. She had been working on a chemical compound, that when added to the unstable blood cells of a patient suffering from photosensitivity would make it possible for them to stay out in the sun. Unfortunately, the results had been disappointing. Every time she tried a new variation of the components the cells would continue to boil off when UV lights were introduced.

The doctor was very passionate about this research because she suffered from the same disorder that she was searching for a cure for. The gene had been passed down through her family line, generation after generation. Because the research was so personal to her she didn’t mind working the night shift in what was basically the basement.

Cameron’s disorder wasn’t as severe as many of her other relatives, so she had been able to attend college, not without a few challenges. Finding a way to get around the campus without exposing her skin to the sun light for long periods of time had been a real challenge.

She was relieved when she reached the point in her education where she could take her classes over the internet. She had made finding a cure for the abnormality her life’s work and she was determined to succeed.


Antoinette Dubois was mindlessly emptying a trash can in one of the offices located in the research hospital. Her earphones were wedged deeply into her ears allowing her dark head to bop freely to the song blasting through her MP3 player. To be such a tall woman, she moved gracefully around the small office, never disturbing anything while going about her duties.

The dark woman had never really held down a job for any length of time. At thirty-four, she didn’t feel the need to live a regimented life.

She had left New Orleans ten years before, deciding that she wanted to go on a road trip. If you asked her, she would tell you that the trip hadn’t ended yet.

The woman had been many places and had seen many things, but she was still a loner. Over the years the one thing that had always sadden her was the violence that people never seemed to grow tired of committing against one another, leaving her unimpressed with mankind, so when the mood hit her, she wasn’t about to let something as trivial as friendship or a job stop here from hitting the road.

This was her first evening working the night shift. For the past five months she worked mornings, but she had eventually grown weary of the same conversations and petty problems that people complained about from day to day.

The janitor held the belief that if you didn’t like where you were, move on. Her blue eyes looked around the room one last time to make sure that she hadn’t missed anything and then she moved to the next office.


Cameron was lying on the sofa in her office trying to take a short nap before she started on a new round of variables, when she heard someone out in the lab. The small woman sat up and slid her feet back into her white Reeboks, then stood and walked to the closed door.

She put her ear to the door and heard the sound again. Now she was sure that someone was in the next room. Just before she opened the door she heard what sounded like metal striking metal.

When she opened the door, the person that was there had just put the trashcan down and was still leaned over after emptying it. Now that the empty receptical was placed back on the floor, the person stood up.

Cameron’s green eyes watched until the person finally stopped rising. When she lifted her head to take in the full view of who was in her lab, she was met by blue orbs that were as clear as a mountain spring.


Antoinette had gone to the lab on the lower level because she knew that the previous night shift janitor never emptied the cans on this level, so she made a mental note to check the area before she headed back up to the main floors.

She didn’t know that anyone was down there until she heard the adjacent office door open. After she placed the can back in the corner, she stood and mentally prepared herself to have to speak to another person.

When the small blonde raised her head to look in Antoinette’s face the tall woman was greeted by sparkling, emerald colored eyes that were so vivid, you just knew they had a story to tell.

It was strange…but, without knowing it, the women had the exact same reaction to each other. Both sets of nostrils flared and inhaled a lung full of air, their gums itched and a low growl emitted from their chest.

The primal reaction that they had to one another, left them feeling exposed and embarrassed after the intensity of the sensations calmed and then subsided.

Antoinette recovered first and removed her headphones while extending her hand. “I’m Antoinette Dubois, the night janitor.”

Cameron regained some of her composure and returned the greeting. “I’m Cameron Ribaldi, research scientist.” The blonde noticed right away, how large the other woman’s hand was and how warm it felt.

After she released the tall woman’s hand, she continued the conversation. “I’ve never seen anyone down her at night before.”

Antoinette smiled shyly. “The guy that worked this shift before it was assigned to me never came down here. He would leave this level for the day shift.”

Cameron moved around the dark woman and sat on one of the high stools that were scattered throughout the lab. “So, does this mean that you’ll be checking the cans down here every night?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot of trash to dump.”

The scientist decided then and there that she would ball up wads of paper to fill up every can in the office and lab if she needed to.

“Oh, you’d be surprised by the amount of paper that I can accumulate in one night.”

The open smile that the blonde projected was contagious and Antoinette found herself smiling back.

She shook herself out of the comfort zone that she had relaxed into and picked up the industrial size trash bag that she was using as a lightweight carrier for the smaller jobs.

“I’d better get back to work. Unlike down her, the people upstairs make complaints when they arrive for the day shift and there is just one piece of trash visible.”

As the tall woman approach the door that would take her back into the corridor, Cameron spoke again. “I hope the rest of your shift is pleasant, Toni.”

The janitor smiled and reached for the doorknob. “You too, Cam.”

They both stopped and went stiff. Antoinette looked over her shoulder as a blush crept up her neck, turning her ears red.

Cameron wasn’t any better off, her pale features had flushed so badly that her fair brows stood out in contrast. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “I can’t tell you why I shortened your name like that.”

Antoinette tried to look as unconcerned as the other woman did. “I don’t know why I did it either, but I like it. Call me Antoinette anytime.”

The blonde woman’s heart started pounding in her chest. “Yeah, I like it too. Cameron it is from now on.”

Antoinette turned the knob and left Cameron in the lab, wondering what was going on.


Cameron was in the middle of adding a synthetic binding agent to a sample when one of the day shift crew arrived.

“Good morning, Dr. Ribaldi, how was your night?”

Cameron turned to glare at the new arrival. “Ben, you know how much I hate that doctor crap.”

Her fellow scientist placed a cup of coffee in front of her and took a seat.

“That’s exactly why I do it. It’s not necessary for anyone to address me that way, but I must admit to getting a small thrill when someone calls me Dr. O’Shea.”

Cameron took a sip of the hot liquid and moaned with pleasure. “Thanks for the java. The swill that I get out of the machines cannot be meant for drinking.”

Ben added a few sugars to his cup and stirred the contents with a plastic straw. “No problem, Cameron. So how did it go, have you made any progress?”

Before she answered the question the blonde couldn’t help but notice that he used her full name, come to think of it, everyone did. Even when she was a child, she didn’t like it when anyone shortened her name, but she had allowed Antoinette to do it without a thought.

She let her mind drift for a moment and pictured the woman in her mind. She was tall, probably six feet at least, her black hair was glossy like raven’s wings, with a thin white streak on one side, that had been pulled back in a ponytail that hung down between her shoulder blades.

Her facial features were well defined, the high cheekbones, straight nose and strong jaw line were a necessary balance so that those incredibly blue eyes didn’t dominate the woman’s beautiful face.

Before her thoughts could progress Ben’s voice brought her back. “Did you hear me?”

Green eyes focused on her colleague. “I’m sorry, I’m just a little tired.”

Ben stood and headed for the storage closet. “That’s alright.”

He looked at his watch and saw that it was eight thirty. “It’s half an hour pass your quitting time. Don’t tell me that twelve hours a night isn’t long enough for you.”

Cameron gathered up her memory sticks and research notes, and stuck them in her briefcase. “No, twelve is plenty. I’m going to go home and climb into my nice warm bed. I’ll see you tomorrow, Ben.”

Before the burley man knew it, she was gone. Just like that, she had picked up her belongings and left. He scratched the top of his baldhead and smiled. “When she’s ready to go, she’s ready to go.”
Part 2
Antoinette was restless. Her body hadn’t adjusted to the time change after only one night. She laid in her bed watching Rachel Ray cooking something that looked real tasty.

Blue eyes observed the cook. ‘She’s cute. I wonder why she keeps that jacket on when she cooks? It looks a little uncomfortable to me.’ Then she shrugged her shoulders. ‘Whatever works for her.’

She muted the television and slid down lower in the bed, hoping that she would be able to drift off into sleep. ‘Speaking of cute, that little scientist was gorgeous.’

Even in the dim light of the lab, her golden hair looked like moon beams were reflecting off of it. It looked like it was soft and silky. Antoinette remembered how it hung down the front of her lab coat, stopping to rest over her breast.

Antoinette could clearly see the blonde woman’s full pink lips and cute little nose, and when her mind’s eye got to those mesmerizing green eyes, she exhaled.

She turned on her side and pressed her cheek into the soft pillow. Her last thought before sleep finally came was, ‘Cameron Ribaldi, I am so out of my league with that one.’


Cameron lived in a small two bedroom house in Fairfax, Virginia. The windows were covered with heavy drapery to keep the sunlight out, and low wattage light bulbs rested in the lamps and ceiling fixtures.

She tried to make little changes throughout the house to bring in the illusion of the sun. Her walls were painted with bright vibrant colors, and the paintings on the walls depicted the sun in different stages of its journey across the sky. She had even purchased those lights that were used for people that suffered from depression because they lived in areas where the sun didn’t shine for months at a time.

But, because she believed in balance, she also hung pictures of the moon, and the night sky filled with bright stars, but at the moment she didn’t need to look at pictures of the moon because it was already high in the sky… it was time to go to work.

She quickly dressed in a pair of khakis and a blue polo shirt, and after she finished tying the laces on her sneakers she grabbed her worn leather briefcase and headed out of the door.


Blue eyes closed with pleasure as the hot liquid slid down Antoinette’s throat. Unlike most people, she preferred hot chocolate when she first woke up.

She had admitted to herself years ago that she had a bit of a sweet tooth. Her kitchen cabinets were filled with boxes of snack cakes and juice boxes, and candy bars.

She never cooked, everything she ate was usually take out or microwaved. The only dinner type food she kept in the refridgirater was cold cuts, eggs, and frozen dinners.

She leaned back in the chair that she was sitting in and took a bite of the choclate Tasty Cake she was eating, and thought. ‘All things considered, this ain’t a bad set up.’ She had lived in her apartment for quite a while, but had never gotten around to unpacking the moving boxes. This didn’t bother her at all, she looked around her cramped living space and felt content.

When she finished her “breakfast” she went into the bedroom and got dressed for work. The standard jeans, t shirt and sneakers were an easy choice.

Because she moved around so much, she thought that it only made good sense to put out a few dollars for a vehicle that she sometimes slept in that’s why there was a huge Chevy Suburban waiting for her out front.

She tucked her hot chocolate filled thermos under her arm, and left the tiny apartment, headed for work. After buckling herself in the Suburban, she started it up and pulled away.

She drove the truck out of her Arlington neighborhood, going a little over the speed limit, headed for the research hospital.


Antoinette had been on duty for two hours when her supervisor told her the floor in the cafeteria needed to be waxed. The janitor headed for the supply cabinet and retrieved the items that were needed for the job. She leisurly made her way down to the first floor and entered the large quiet room.

Because of the late hour, there were only a few employees occupying the space, some were drinking cups of hot coffee, staring off into nothingness, while others were reading medical reports, or the latest bestseller. Paying no attention to any of them, Antoinette inserted her ever present earplugs and turned on her MP3 player.

She meticulously buffed each section of floor until it gleamed, and as she moved towards the coffee machines she saw a familiar blonde head sitting at a nearby table with her back facing her.

Antoinette hesitated, she wasn’t sure if she should approach the scientist or not, but finally after going back and forth in a mental debate, she decided that the other woman had probably already heard the buffer, so she moved forward.

When the machine was pushed past the seated woman, she looked up. “Hey!”

But the tall woman couldn’t hear her because of the music.

Cameron noticed the earphones and realized the problem, so she reached out and touched the woman’s arm.

Antoinette jumped when she felt the touch, and when she turned around, she was once again overcome by a wash of primal lust, but quickly regained her focus in order to settle herself.

She removed the earplugs and smiled. “Hi.”

Looking into the very blue eyes of the other woman, made Cameron feel like she was running through a dark forest at full speed, with the wind blowing through her hair. The adrenalin started pumping and her heart started beating faster. She felt like she was going to start panting, but instead she forced herself to speak. When her voice didn’t sound out of breath, she was thankful.
“How’s your night going?”

Antoinette turned off the buffer. “It’s going pretty good, how about yours?”

“Not too bad, I’m just taking a break.”

She looked down at her coffee. “This is the worse stuff ever. I wish this place had better hot beverages.”

“I always bring my own.”

“Regular or decaffeinated?”

The tall woman blushed. “Umm, I don’t drink coffee, I drink hot chocolate.”

The blonde woman was surprised. “Even in the summertime?”

“Yeah, people drink hot coffee in the summertime, so I don’t really see a difference”

The scientist thought for a second. “You’re right about that.”

There were a few moments of silence before Cameron spoke again. “Why don’t you have a seat for a few minutes?”

“Can’t.” Antoinette pointed to the buffer.

“I gotta finish up in here, and then start on the offices upstairs.”

Cameron was surprised at how disappointed she was that the tall woman couldn’t join her.

“Well, I guess I should be getting back downstairs myself.”

She stood and went to drop her half full cup into the trash can, as she passed the janitor, she wished her a good evening.

Antoinette didn’t want the small woman to leave, and before she could stop herself, she blurted out. “Would you like to meet me for lunch?”

Cameron stopped in her tracks, then turned back around with a wide smile on her face. “Sure, what time.”

Antoinette could only stare at the handle of the buffer as she spoke. “How about four o’clock?”

The doctor thought that the tall woman’s sudden attack of shyness was adorable.

“That’ll be fine. Would you mind if we took our meal to the lab?”

Antoinette didn’t have a problem with the request, she would prefer the privacy of the lab. “Sounds like a plan, I’ll meet you downstairs at four.”

She turned the machine back on, put her plugs back in, and went back to waxing the floor.

The doctor headed back to her lab with a little bounce in her step.


Antoinette was pacing back and forth in the locker room talking to herself. “What am I doing? I shouldn’t have asked her to have lunch. I can’t start anything with her. Hell, I don’t even know how long I’ll be around here.

She stopped and sat on the bench in front of the row of lockers. “Maybe I just won’t show up. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll pretend like I got busy and…”

That line of thinking was cut short when the image of the blonde woman’s smile entered her mind. Then she felt a pang of regret in her chest.

“Who am I kidding, that would be a temporary solution to what is quickly becoming an all consuming situation.”

She opened her locker and pulled out her thermos and Tasty Cakes, after closing the door and making sure that it was locked, she headed for the lower level.


Cameron felt her palm’s get sweaty when the tall woman entered the lab. She was already seated at one of the tables waiting for her lunch date to arrive.

The hours that she spent waiting for four o’clock to come where not very productive at all. Every time she tried to concentrate on an experiment her mind would be consumed with the feeling of lounging in the depths of clear blue pools. The scientist didn’t understand her visceral reaction to the tall janitor, but it was a feeling that she was starting to crave.

Cameron never dated, it was too hard to explain all of her limitations to a perspective suitor. After all, who wanted to date someone that could only come out at night, but for some reason, with Toni, there was hope. She felt like a kindred sprit lived within the dark beauty, and she hoped that over time they could build a solid friendship.

So, when the door to the lab opened, and Antoinette walked over to the table, Cameron couldn’t stop the smile from appearing on her face.

“Well, I see that you’re punctual.”

Antoinette took a seat across from the blonde. “Yeah, I’ve always been that way. I sorta have an internal clock.”

This peaked the scientist’s curiosity. “Do you ever use an alarm clock?”

The tall woman sat her items on the table before answering. “Nope, before I fall asleep. I tell myself what time I want to get up, and my eyes will open very close to, if not exactly on the preset time.”

Cameron was skeptical. “No matter whether its day or night, you can decided when to wake up?”

Antoinette’s clear blue gaze held Cameron for a second before she answered. “Yes, all of my life I’ve been this way. My mom said that as a child I would wake up before everyone, and be ready for school when they finally drug themselves out of bed.

If I had to take a test and there was a time limit, I always knew when the time was close to the end. My grandmother said that I was a true child of the moon, and that I rode the waves of her cycle.”

The blonde tilted her head in question.

“She used to call me moon child. Granny said that even though you can’t see the moon in the daytime, it’s always there, and her influence never leaves the earth.

She said that the moon did to me, the same thing it did to the ocean, the same way that it regulated its flow, was the same way that it regulated my inner clock. I guess it kinda keeps me in sync”

Cameron took a bite of her salad. “Have you ever been late for anything?”

Antoinette wiped off the chocolate frosting that her cup cake left on the corner of her mouth.

“No, I haven’t. I’m usually within five minutes in either direction.”

“And it really doesn’t matter if it’s day or night?”

“Not so far. For instance, the past five months I have been working the day shift, I had my internal clock set for seven a.m., then last night was my first night shift, so I had to set it for eleven p.m. My body has to adjust to the change, but my mind seems to do what it needs to do.”

Cameron decided to put this information away for further contemplation later, and she changed the subject.

She couldn’t help but notice the sugar fest that was Antoinette’s lunch. “Do you always eat like that, or are you just trying to stay awake?”

The janitor blushed a little. “Yeah, this is pretty much it. Well, this and take out…or microwave food.”

“How on earth do stay so slim?”

The tall woman shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I have a fast metabolism.”

The blonde rested her chin in her palm and thought. ‘This woman becomes more and more interesting with each new revelation.’

Antoinette looked across the table and saw what the scientist was eating. She pointed a long finger at the plastic container.

“Is that all that you eat.”

Cameron exhaled and sat back. “Just lately, it’s part of an experiment I’m doing.”

The janitor looked as if she was going to say something, and then she changed her mind, choosing instead to focus on the barely touched cup of coffee.

“If you don’t like that stuff, why do you keep drinking it?”

Cameron stared at the oily liquid. “I don’t know…habit I guess.”

Antoinette stood and grabbed the other woman’s cup, she poured the contents into the sink and then rinsed it out.

When she returned to the table, she refilled the cup with some of her hot chocolate.

“Here, try some of this, I think that it might be a little better.”

Green eyes that reminded Antoinette of a lush forest with rays of sunlight shining through the leaves searched her face. She knew that if she didn’t turn away soon, all that she was, would be revealed to this woman whose eyes seemed to speak to her very essence.

Thankfully, Cameron lowered her gaze to look at the beverage, thereby releasing the dark woman from her hold. She pick up the cup, and after her first sip, she ran her tongue across her top lip and hummed her pleasure.

“Mmmm…this is delicious. Did you do something special to it? I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that tasted like this, are you sure this is just hot chocolate?”

The questions were asked in rapid succession, as if the sugar and caffeine had assaulted the small woman’s body immediately. Antoinette reached over and put her hand over the smaller woman’s, in an effort to ground her.

She didn’t know that the gesture would send ripples of passion through both of them and as soon as she felt the waves start to crash against her, she removed her hand.

When she looked to see what the other woman’s reaction was, she saw that the green eyes had closed, and the perfect nose was flaring, seeking more oxygen.

In that moment, she knew… she knew that this was her life partner. Never in her thirty-four years did she think that there was someone out there for her.

And never had she allowed another person to fulfill her desires. Every time that she had been close, she started to feel out of control and pulled back, now, she felt the stirrings of real longing, and didn’t know what to do about it.

“I think, maybe, the sugar rush is a little too much for a salad eater.” Antoinette smiled, hoping that her need didn’t show in her eyes.

But when Cameron opened her eyes saw not only the desire, but something else…it was, right in front of her… her destiny, but now was not the time to express that revelation, instead, she pulled herself together and agreed with her lunch companion’s assesment.

“You could be right. I’ve been eating vegetables for so long, that my body is probably in shock.”

Neither woman cared that the logic made no sense, the caffeine in the coffee the doctor usually drank was probably stronger than what was in the hot chocolate. They just needed to put words into the air until they could work past this one, life defining moment.

Antoinette felt that it was getting close to the end of her lunch break, so she balled up the cellophane cupcake wrapper and stood to throw it away.

When she returned to the table she saw that there was only a little of the hot chocolate left and screwed the top back on her thermos, leaving it for the scientist.

“You might as well finish it, I’ll probably be too busy to get around to it myself. I’ll get the thermos later…if that’s alright with you.”

Cameron was happy to have a reason to see Antoinette again. “Of course it’s fine. What time do you get off, I’ll bring this to you.”

I’ll be done by eight. Do you know where the employee’s locker room is on the third floor?”

After six years of working at the hospital, Cameron knew just about every nook and cranny in the building.

“Yes, I know exactly where it is.”

“If you meet me there after your shift, I’ll get it from you then.”

Antoinette walked towards the lab entrance, and felt the smaller woman’s presence behind her.

When she turned to say goodbye, she almost knocked the blonde over. She reached out to stop the smaller woman from stumbling backwards and found her arms wrapped around a soft, but deceptively strong body. The closeness felt too good, and she immediately stepped back, losing contact with the firm body.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you were right behind me.”

The thoroughly flushed woman waved off the apology. “No problem, there was no harm done.”

The janitor cleared her throat, and turned again to leave. Before she could open the door, she felt a small hand grab her bicep. She turned and looked into nervous green eyes and before Cameron lost her courage, she pulled the tall woman into a quick embrace and released her.

“I’ll see you at about five after eight.”

Because she was looking down, Cameron didn’t see the bright smile that crossed Antoinette’s face.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then.”


Antoinette was waiting outside of the locker room for the blonde scientist. The back of her dark head was leaning against the wall, and her right knee was bent, leaving the bottom of her foot to rest against the wall also. When Cameron arrived she didn’t have to look to know that the doctor was coming towards her, she sensed her, she could practically smell her.

The janitor didn’t turn in the other woman’s direction until she was an arms length away.

“Hey, am I late?”

A set of perfect white teeth appeared when the tall woman smiled. Nah, I got done early and decided to wait for you out here.

Cameron handed her the thermos. “Thanks for the hot chocolate, it was delicious, I um…I cleaned out the thermos, so you don’t need to worry about doing it.”

“That was really nice of you, Cam, thanks.”

Antoinette tucked the thermos under her arm and shoved her hands in her pockets, she looked down at the floor before she spoke.

“Um, Cam…I was wondering if I could walk you to your car.”

Cameron didn’t know what to do, she wasn’t ready for Antoinette to see her in all of the gear she wore to get from the building to her car, so she invented an excuse.

“I’m not leaving yet, I have a few more things to do downstairs.”

Antoinette knew immediately that it was a lie. ‘Maybe I’m reading her wrong.’ But she refused to believe that, the vibes that came off of Cameron were very clear, but the small woman obviously had her reasons, so Antoinette let her be.

“Okay then….maybe I’ll see you later.”

Cameron didn’t care for the uncertainty of the response, and wanted the tall woman to regain some of her confidence. “How about we have lunch again?”

The brunette liked the sound of that. “What’s a good time for you?”

The doctor was relieved. “Four is fine.”

“Great, I’ll meet you then, um Cam….what time do you get here?”


“You work from eight to eight?”

“Yeah, what’s your schedule?”

“I don’t come in until midnight.”

“Wow, lucky you.”

“Do you work alone every night.”

“That’s it, just me, myself and I.”

Seeing that the conversation was lagging Antoinette turned to leave. “I’ll see you tonight, Cam.”

The janitor walked away smiling, she had a plan, she just hoped that the blonde woman would be okay with it.
Part 3
Cameron had spent the last two hours staring at a sample, looking for the slightest change in it’s make up. So far nothing had happened, and just as she was about to remove the slide from under the microscope, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up.

She looked at her watch, she knew her body was reacting the way it did when the tall woman was around. She noted that it was only ten o’clock, the janitor’s shift didn’t start for another two hours.

So she wiggled her shoulders in an effort to shake off the feeling and dropped a new blood sample on a glass slide. When she heard the door open she turned around and was met with a most welcome sight.

Antoinette stood there, holding a large paper bag that was emitting the most delicious smells Cameron had experienced in a while, she stopped what she was doing and walked over to greet her guest.

“Aren’t you here kinda early?”

Antoinette looked down and stubbed the toe of her black high-top Converse All-Stars on the floor. “I thought that I should bring you something to eat early.” Then she shyly looked into smiling green eyes. “I mean by the time four a.m. rolls around, you’ve already been here eight hours.”

The janitor stared at her shoes again. “So I figured that I would bring you something now, and if you still want to meet at four… well…Um…we can do that too.”

Cameron took the bag from the nervous woman’s hands and placed it on one of the high tables.

Then she turned back to her guest and stepped into her personal space. She hesitated only a moment before she rested the side of her face on a broad chest and hugged the tall woman tightly to her.

“Thanks, Toni, that’s the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.”

Long arms slowly wrapped themselves around the blonde woman’s body, and without thought, she laid her cheek on top of the soft golden hair, then spoke in a whispered voice. “I didn’t want you to have to wait for me.”

Cameron pulled back a little and looked up into the most beautiful blue she had ever seen.

“I don’t mind waiting for you.”

Both women felt that there was another meaning behind those words, but neither addressed it.

The scientist broke the hug and pulled the janitor over to the table. “Let’s see what cha got here.”

“I saw that you were eating a salad last night, so I got you some stir fried veggies, rice and a couple of egg rolls. I hope it’s okay.”

Cameron was thrilled. “It’s perfect.”

They quickly unloaded the bag and prepared to share the meal, then Antoinette pulled out two thermos’ and gave one to Cameron.

“I bought this one for you.”

The small woman excepted the metal cylinder and unscrewed the top. While she poured the hot silky liquid into her cup, she asked her dinning partner a question.

“Are you always this considerate of everyone?”

Antoinette dropped her fork full of chicken chow mien back into the carton before she answered.

“No, never, I’ve never wanted to do any thing for any body.” She paused and then looked deeply into the other woman’s emerald eyes. “Until you.”

Cameron had to make a quick decision, she wanted a chance, a chance for a relationship, a chance at happiness, a chance to live a normal life and she knew that to have those things, she had to tell Antoinette about her disorder. She reached over and held the larger hands between her own, and started to speak before she could back out.

“Toni, there’s something that I need to tell you.”

She felt the warm hands that she was holding tighten, so she spoke quickly. “I want to tell you about my research. For the past eight years I have been looking for a way to reverse the symptoms of photosensitivity.”

Patient blue eyes stared at her, waiting for her to continue.

“So far every additive that I’ve used in combination with the blood samples continue to have a negative reaction to UV rays.”

Antoinette looked confused. “Okay, I’m guessing there’s more to this.”

Cameron exhaled and made herself keep talking. “I’m telling you this because…well…see…I suffer from the disorder.”

Antoinette raised a dark brow before she spoke. “I thought that was a skin problem, I didn’t know that it affected the blood.”

Cameron was surprised at the other woman’s knowledge. “Yeah, well, I’m that one in a million that you hear about, the enzyme that attacked my melanin has also somehow entered my bloodstream.”

A light came on for the janitor. “That’s why you didn’t want me to walk you to your car.”

The blonde head nodded in the affirmative. “I have to wear so much crap just to go outside, that I was too embarrassed to have you see me in it.”

Antoinette switched hand positions with the scientist and she was now holding Cameron’s hands. “Why are you telling me this now?”

Cameron felt the heat start to rise from her neck and knew that it was just a matter of time before her cheeks would be aflame.

“Because, I think that we are heading somewhere and I wanted to tell you before we got there.”

Then the blonde head dropped. “And…I…I wanted to give you the opportunity to stop before you invested too much into this…into me.”

A long finger slide under the nervous woman’s chin and raised her head so that they were looking into each other’s eyes.

“Cam, I was deeply invested the moment that you opened your office door and found me in the lab.”

Antoinette rubbed her thumb across the soft pale skin of Cameron’s jaw before she released her hold on the woman.

“Drink your hot chocolate before it gets cold…cause I’m not sharing.”


They finished the rest of their meal, while sharing information about each other. They discovered that they were both from New Orleans, but had left several years ago.

They were only two years apart in age, and both liked to travel. At least Cameron liked to travel as much as she could considering her condition. She was fascinated by the tales the other woman told her about the places she had been and the things that she had seen.

All of a sudden Antoinette stood and stretched out her long body to get the kinks out, in that moment, she looked every inch the dark predator. When she straightened out, she looked at her dinner companion and smiled.

“I gotta get going, I have about ten minutes to get upstairs and punch in.”

Cameron glanced at her watch and saw that it was indeed ten till twelve. They had spent two hours together, but it seemed like two minutes. She knew that Antoinette had to go and start her shift, but she hated to lose the woman’s company. She walked her to the door and looked up at her with pleading eyes.

“Are we still gonna meet at four?”

Antoinette knew that Cameron felt a little timid after telling her about the blood disorder, and she wanted to put her at ease. Two large hands rested on Cameron’s slender shoulders and then slowly slid up the sides of her neck until callused thumb pads gently brushed her cheeks.

“I can’t wait until I can see you again, Cam.”

Antoinette took a chance and leaned in initiating the sweetest kiss that Cameron had ever had. When they pulled apart, they still rested their foreheads together. The tall woman broke the silence first.

“Was it okay that I did that?”

Cameron’s arms encircled the taller woman’s strong neck.. “That was very okay, as a matter of fact, I’d like to try it again.”

She pulled the dark woman’s lips back to hers and this time, they explored a little deeper. Both women felt themselves spiraling out of control and had to force some distance between them. They pulled apart for a second time, and the blonde rested her head under the taller woman’s chin and spoke into her neck. “Oh my, Toni, that was incredible.”

Large hands rubbed up and down Cameron’s back. “I’ve never felt anything like it before.”

Cameron placed a light kiss on the skin that her lips rested against, and stepped back from the other woman’s embrace.

“I know that you have to get upstairs.”

She moved to the side to allow Antoinette access to the door. Before she left the room the janitor ran her hand through long blonde tresses.

“I’ll see you at four.”


The women spent their nights at work getting to know one other better, and then they would go home and take turns calling each another every morning after their shift.

After three weeks of doing all of their socializing at work, one Saturday morning after their shift was over, Cameron asked Antoinette if she wanted to come over for dinner and watch a couple of movies.

The two women were standing inside a storage closet where they could privately confirm their plans for the evening. This was one of the many places they would meet each morning to get and give their daily goodbye kisses.

Their faces were so close that they were breathing the same air. They spoke to each other between quick pecks to the lip.

“So are you coming over tonight?” Kiss.

“Yeah, what time?” Kiss.

“Whenever you think that you’ve hade enough sleep.” Kiss.

“I’ll probably be too keyed up to sleep.” Kiss, kiss.

Cameron leaned in and kissed Antoinette long and slow. “Come over at seven, okay?”

Antoinette hugged Cameron close, well as close as she could with all the layers of clothing the smaller woman wore. She kinda looked like the little brother did in A Christmas Story, when his mother bundled him up to go out in the snow.

“Seven it is then, can I bring anything?”

“Yeah, that hot chocolate recipe.”

Antoinette kissed her again. “You got it.” Then she thought with a chuckle. ‘I can’t believe she doesn’t taste the banana extract.’

The dark head peeked out of the storage room first, then she ducked back in and told Cameron that the coast was clear. As the small blonde passed Antoinette she couldn’t resist indulging in one more kiss and raised up on her toes to capture the tall woman’s lips one last time.

“I’ll see you later.” And then she was gone.

When Antoinette checked the hallway again, there was no sign of the other woman.

“Damn, she’s fast.”
Part 4
Cameron prepared a paella, but did it Cajun style with shrimp, crawdads, sausage, chicken and hot spices. She had just turned the pot down to simmer when the knock came to the door.

The little blonde rushed to the door and opened it so fast she nearly lost her grip on the knob.

“Well, someone’s excited,” Antoinette teased.

Refusing to let her embaressment show, Cameron ignored the comment and invited her guest inside. Even though it was the first week of March the weather was fairly warm, so Antoinette only had a light jacket on. Cameron took it and hung it up in the hall closet.

The blonde had already described her home to her guest, so when Antoinette saw the bright colors and paintings on the walls, she felt like she had seen them before. She pulled her hostess into her arms.

“It’s as lovely as you said it was, Cam.”

The small woman smiled, showing strong white teeth. “Do you really like it, Toni?” she asked as she guided the taller woman to the sofa.

They sat down together, and Toni drapped her arm over Cameron’s shoulder. “Yes, it feels real homey.”

“Good, cause I want you to feel comfortable here,” Cameron added.

Antoinette couldn’t stop the amused look that spread across her features. “Oh really, why is that?”

Cameron was suddenly shy. “Because I want you to spend time here, and if you are comfortable, maybe you’ll come over often.”

Antoinette felt bad for teasing the small blonde and wanted to let her know that she liked the idea. “I’m sure that can be arranged. I want to come over as often as you will allow.”

Nothing more needed to be said, they just sat and stared at each other, a deep understanding passing between them, until what was cooking on the stove got Toni’s attention.

“What smells so good?”

Cameron got excited. “What I hope will remind you just a little bit of home. I made a paella…Cajun style.”

Antoinette stood up and enthusiastically pulled Cameron with her. “Show me.”

The closer they got to the kitchen, the stronger the aromas became. When Cameron lifted the lid off of the pot the smoke wafted under the tall woman’s nose and her eyes closed in pleasure.

“That smells delicious.”

The cook picked up the spoon up from it’s holder, and started to stir the pot. She lifted a partially filled spoon out of the pot and started to blow on its contents, then she pressed it to the other woman’s lips.

“Try this and tell me what you think.”

Antoinette opened her mouth and accepted the offering. “Mmm, that is fantastic.”

She took the spoon out of the smaller woman’s hands and placed it back on the holder before pulling Cameron close.

“I would change only one thing.”

Cameron leaned back a little. “Oh, really, what would that be.”

Blue eyes twinkled. “I’d call it gumbo.”

The blonde smacked the tall woman in her stomach, with the back of her hand.

“You are such a brat, Dubois.”

Antoinette pulled her tight again. “I’m just trying to keep you on your toes, Ribaldi.”

The shorter woman wrapped her arms around Toni’s neck and raised up on her toes. “No, this will keep me on my toes.”

She kissed her companion until she felt the need for air. After they separated long fingers sunk deeper into blonde locks. “I could kiss you for hours, Cam.”

Delicate fingers traced the dark woman’s strong pectoral muscles. “Well let’s eat first, and then we’ll see about doing more the kissing later.”


Cameron was resting her back against Toni’s chest, while sitting between her long legs as they lounged on the sofa. The latest X-Men movie was on the screen, but the women weren’t paying much attention.

The blonde woman’s hands were rubbing gently up and down strong forearms, and Toni’s face was nestled in a soft neck, kissing the pale skin and nibbling on a pink earlobe. Their eyes were closed, each only aware of the other’s closeness.

Cameron removed two large hands from around her waist and turned to face the brunette, the change in position made the blonde have to straddle long powerful thighs.

The scientist cupped the other woman’s cheeks with both of her hands and leaned in to capture her lips. The kiss started out slow, and then it began to build. Tongues wrapped around each other and took turns sharing space, in first one mouth, and then in the other. Cameron’s hands slid from Antoinette’s cheeks into her hair. Her fingers gripped the dark glossy locks and held the tall woman to her.

Strong fingers firmly massaged the smaller woman’s back, as an involuntary moan escaped both women’s throats.

The wetness that flowed from the women’s centers was a new sensation for both of them. Neither one had ever been this turned on.

They broke their kiss and moved their mouths down to taste each other’s necks. A primal urge hit them at the same time and they had to clamp down on it tight.

Both women felt the need to bite down on the other’s neck, but instead two pink tongues snaked out and licked the delicate flesh that they found.

That action just seemed to heighten their arousal. Antoinette raised her mouth to Cam’s ear.

“We better stop Cam, this may get out of hand if we don’t.”

The blonde sighed into the dark woman’s neck. “I don’t want to stop Toni.”

Then she raised her fair head and looked into uncertain blue eyes. “But I guess we should.”

She removed herself from Toni’s lap and then sat next to her.

Cameron laid her hand on the tall woman’s thigh. “I gotta tell ya Dubois, I don’t want to stop, I want to be with you in every way.”

Antoinette covered the hand that rested on her leg with her own. “Me too Cam, I just…I…would hate to disappoint you.”

The shorter woman turned and faced her companion with worry showing in her green eyes. “How could you disappoint me Toni.”

The dark head bowed and two hands started rubbing denim covered thighs. Antoinette never raised her head as she spoke in an almost whisper.

“I’ve…I’ve never been with anyone before.”

Cameron stopped the other woman’s movements and picked up both of the large hands.

As she pulled them towards her she couldn’t help but think that they reminded her of the paws on a playful puppy.

She raised them to her lips and kissed the palm of each one. “Look at me Antoinette.”

Blue eyes slowly rose to meet green. “You could never disappoint me.”

She held the hands more firmly, and looked deeply into Toni’s eyes. “I’ve never been with anyone either.”

She turned red immediately. “I’ve come close, but things happened and I couldn’t continue.”

Antoinette laughed softly. “Same here. I would start to feel a little overwhelmed and have to stop.”

Antoinette shook her head. “Let me tell you, over the years I have left quite a few frustrated women in my wake.”

Cameron joined in the laughter. “Ditto, I can’t tell you the number of women that hoped I’d dry up and blow away.”

“Well, Ribaldi, aren’t we a pair….two virgins, over thirty.”

Cameron leaned forward and laid her head against Toni’s chest. “When you’re ready to change that state of being, let me know.”

Antoinette kissed the blonde head that rested under her chin. “You’ll be the first to know.”


Cameron hit the off button on the remote and stood up. She looked behind her and stood there, watching the dark beauty sleep.

She went around the house and turned off all of the lights, except for the ones in the guestroom and the hallway bathroom.

When she walked back to the couch, she called the sleeping woman’s name. “Toni, Toni, wake up.”

The other woman mumbled a little.

This made Cameron smile. “Come on Dubois, get up and let me put you in the guestroom.”

Tired blue eyes slowly opened, then she sat up while rubbing them. “Oh wow.”

She stopped for a second as if she was listening for something. “I’m sorry Cam, not only did I fall asleep on you, I’ve stayed until, two a.m.”

Cameron didn’t even bother to check her watch, over the past few weeks she discovered that Antoinette was always in the ballpark when it came to the time.

“Don’t be silly, come on. I’ve turned down the bed in the guestroom for you.”

Antoinette hesitated. “I don’t want to put you out like that Cam, I’m sure I can make it home.”

“Stop it Toni, I’m not letting you drive all the out to Arlington at this time of the morning.”

She pulled the taller woman off of the sofa and started pushing her towards the extra room.

I don’t think that I have anything that will fit you, but I put the largest shirt that own on the bed for you. It’s a tank top, I hope that’s okay.”

As they reached the door to the guestroom, Antoinette hugged Cameron goodnight. “I’m sure it’ll be fine…I …I guess I’ll see you in morning.”

Cameron spoke softly. “Yeah…in the morning.”

They came together in kiss that left them both wanting.

Cameron stepped away and whispered. “Goodnight Toni.”


Both women laid in their beds tossing and turning, they knew what they wanted, what they needed….each other.

Finally, Antoinette couldn’t take it any longer. She tossed the covers off of her and headed towards her destiny.


Cameron just stared up at the ceiling, she didn’t see anything, her mind was dwelling in the room two doors away.

She wanted to feel the other woman against her, taking her to places she had never been before, there was no doubt in her mind that Antoinette was the one, the one she had been waiting for.

Just as she was about to get out of her bed, the bedroom door opened.


They silently looked at each other for a few seconds before Cameron spoke. “Is everything okay Toni.”

The question came out in a choked whisper. The air was filled with sexual tension and she could feel her hands tremble a little.

The tall woman stepped closer. “I told you that you would be the first to know.”

No further explanation was necessary. Cameron raised the covers up and invited the other woman to join her.

The long body slid across the still cool sheets and settled beside the blonde woman.

Cameron moved over and snuggled closer to the warm body that she came in contact with.

Antoinette turned on her side and rested her weight on her elbow. She used her free hand to move blonde bangs off of a smooth forehead.

She looked into open green eyes and spoke in a soft voice. “Cameron, I want to make love with you.”

Cameron mirrored the other woman’s posture and turned on her side facing her. She ran her hand along the tall woman’s side where the skin was exposed.

“I want that more than anything.”

Antoinette ducked her head and was immediately met by moist soft lips. She pressed her tongue against those same lips and was granted entrance.

Their hands started to roam and hearts started to pound. The moans were a constant and the passion started to over take them.

They both felt the sensation of drowning start deep in the back of their mind, this was usually where they would stop with past partners, the feeling of going under too frightening to experience with another.

But this time was different…it was the right place, at the right time, with the right person.

Antoinette was on her back with Cameron laying on top of her. She had worked her hands under the smaller woman’s nightshirt, and was kneading the firm breast that she discovered.

They fit perfectly in her large hands and every time she brushed her thumbs across the erect nipples, the blonde pressed her hips tighter against Toni’s.

Cameron tore her mouth away from Toni’s and panted. “Clothes off…now.”

It took only a few seconds, and then they were able to come together, skin to skin. Neither woman had ever experienced the feel of another’s skin against their own… that alone almost sent them over.

They started to unconsciously writhe against each other. “Oh, Toni, this feels too good.”

Toni’s hand reached down and grabbed Cam’s behind, pressing them closer together, she raised her hips into the smaller woman’s and slid slowly against her.

The tall woman flipped them over and she was now on top. She looked into passion filled green eyes, and couldn’t help herself.

She spoke the words that she had not spoken to another person, other than family. “I love you Cameron.”

The revelation didn’t shock the blonde, she saw Toni’s love for her weeks ago, shining brightly in those oh so blue eyes.

She ran her hands through raven tresses. “I love you too Antoinette. I think that I have loved you from the very beginning.”

Antoinette took possession of the other woman’s lips again, then she slowly kissed her way down the ivory neck, when her mouth reached the full breast, she circled the areola with her tongue, and then used just the tip to slowly swipe the hard pink tip.

Cameron was so aroused that there was a flood running down her inner thighs. Antoinette reached down and ran one finger through wet blonde curls.

When she felt how wet her partner was she felt the sudden release of her own juices “Is all of this for me?”

Cameron couldn’t answer, when Antoinette slid the same finger between soaked neither lips, the small woman moaned from deep in her chest.

Antoinette moved up to cam’s ear and pleaded. “Please Cam…touch me.”

Long legs opened and straddled the blonde’s thigh. The contact sent jolts through Toni’s entire body.

Cameron didn’t have to be asked twice. Her small hand snaked down between the two body’s and when it made contact with the taller woman’s slick need, she mimicked the other woman’s actions and started teasing the entrance to Toni’s opening with her fingers.

As they rocked against the hands that were bring them so much pleasure, their tongues were involved in a dance just as sensuous as their hips.

Each time their hips pressed into one another, their fingers would slip into their openings a little. When Antoinette rubbed her thumb against Cam’s swollen nub, green eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Cameron had to take a moment to focus before she added her thumb to Toni’s sensitive bundle.

The dark woman grunted and started rocking her hips faster, they could both feel themselves rising, and they knew that the orgasm was close.

Cameron turned her head from the kiss and whispered in Toni’s ear. “I want you to go inside Toni, I want you to be my first, and my last.”

Antoinette rested her left forearm on the bed and raised up a little. She stared at Cameron before she spoke. “And I want you to be mine.”

She kissed the smaller woman as they resumed their previous actions. Their hips moved faster and they felt an energy start to build deep in their centers.

When they reached the peak of their arousal, they started to enter one another.

When they met with a little resistance, each woman hesitated, but they were flying too high to stop.

Antoinette spoke between pants and thrusts. “Do it baby, do it now.”

As they fell over, fingers slid all the way in, touching places that no one had ever been before, both sets of hips stopped for just a moment and tensed up before they relaxed, then pick up speed again as they continued to fall.

When their velvety soft muscles tightened around the fingers that were deep within each woman, they screamed out their release.

As they went over something started to rise from deep within both of them, it was something that felt like it should stay where it was for now.

It made them feel like they were running wild and free and soaring high above the earth all at the same time.

They were in a struggled between passion and power, power fought to dominate their release, but finally passion won out and they screamed out again when their desire reached its pinnacle.

When they came down, Antoinette rolled on to her back trying to catch her breath, she pulled Cameron close to her side and kissed her damp forehead..

“Cam, that was the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced.”

The blonde traced her finger around the other woman’s dark nipple. “I had no idea that it would be like that, for a few seconds, I thought that I was going to spiral out of control, but it didn’t happen.”

Antoinette pulled Cameron on top of her. “Me too, it was scary and exciting all at once.”

“That’s exactly what it felt like.” Cameron leaned forward and kissed Antoinette as she rolled on top of her, she deepened the kiss and sucked on Toni’s tongue.

Their mounds were pressed together and they moved against each other. They felt their passion start to rise again.

The blonde raised her head and looked into blue eyes gone dark with passion. “I love you.”

Toni’s large hands reached down and captured Cam’s rear, she held the other woman against her as they rocked together.

She kissed Cam’s soft neck. “I love you so much baby. I can’t get enough of you.”

Cameron pulled one of Toni’s hands around and pressed it to her center. “Then don’t try.”

The rest of the early morning was spent exploring a love that still had many aspects to be revealed.


Cameron woke up Sunday morning alone in bed. As she sat up, she heard her back door open, when her tall lover entered her bedroom, she couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face.

Antoinette was dripping with sweat and was puling of her clothes off with each step that she made.

Cameron pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped the sheet around her. “I guess you went for a run huh?”

Antoinette stood in the middle of the room, wearing only her boxers. “Yeah, it’s about the only thing that I do to stay in shape.”

“You go ahead and shower, and I’ll get these damp clothes into the wash.”

Cameron pulled on her robe and then found one for Toni. She held it up and thought. ‘This should hit her above the knees, but the sleeves are going to be way short on those long arms.’

She opened the bathroom door and laid the robe across the closed toilet lid, then she pulled out a new toothbrush and sat it on the sink.

“Sweetheart, I left some things out for you.” She bent over and picked up the discarded boxers before she left the room.

As she closed the door, she heard a muffled. “Thanks baby.”


The scientist was loading the washer with Toni’s wet clothes, as she put each piece in a scent filled the air, it was intoxicated to the blonde woman.

She held the damp shirt to her nose and inhaled. The smell was a mixture of something flowery and something wild.

Cameron had to force herself to throw the garment into the machine. She needed to take a moment and pull herself back from the lust that was beginning to rise in her. She threw in the last article of clothing and went to start breakfast.

The small woman walked to the refrigerator and pulled out a few breakfast items. She found a half used package of bacon and smelled it after checking the expiration date for freshness, after determining that it was safe, she laid the strips out on a baking pan and place it in the oven.

She had a pot of unused cooked rice in the fridge so she placed it on top of the stove and started heating it, as the starch loosened up, she added sugar, milk and cinnamon.

She was buttering the toast and turning the eggs as her tall mate entered the kitchen.

Antoinette wrapped her arms around the small woman while she finished the meal and kissed her neck.

“The food smells great baby.”

Cameron removed the eggs from the heat and turned in Toni’s arms. “Good, I hope you’re hungry.”


Cameron sat and watched as Antoinette piled her plate high with everything that the other woman had cooked. Cameron couldn’t believe her eyes. There was no way that this trim woman was going to consume all of the food that was in front of her.

The scientist stayed silent and ate her own food, until Toni’s plate was nearly empty. She put her fork down and addressed her partner.

“I guess you were hungry.”

Antoinette nodded her head as she stood and walked over to the stove. Cam’s eyes almost fell out of her head, when the janitor spooned more rice onto her plate.

When she sat back down, she looked into amused green eyes. “I guess I worked up an apatite last night.”

Cameron rested her chin in her palm. “I can’t believe that you were able to get up and run after last night…or should I saw this morning.”

Antoinette shrugged her shoulders. “I still had some pent up energy that I needed to work off.”

The blonde started to gather the breakfast dishes and place them in the dishwasher. Green eyes sparkled when they looked into blue.

Cameron finished her task and then walked over to stand behind Toni’s seated form and rested her chin on the other woman’s shoulder. “You know you could have woke me up.”

Antoinette pulled the smaller woman around and place her in her lap. She nuzzled her lover’s warm neck as she slipped her hand into the partially opened robe.

“I thought that I should let you rest, I did keep you occupied pretty late.”

“We both…..” Cameron had to stop when Toni’s talented fingers made a trail down to the top of her blonde curls.

She cleared her throat. “We both were occupied last night.”

Antoinette nibbled her partner’s ear. “Have I told you how much I love you my little Cammy?”

The blonde leaned back and looked at her mate with a fair brow raised.

The tall woman stood up with the blonde still in her arms as she walked towards the bedroom. “I know, don’t say it…rest assured, I’ll never say it again.


It was just a typical Wednesday night. Antoinette and Cameron had been together for two months and they had never been happier.

The scientist checked her watch and started to finish up her latest rounds of experiments. Her partner would be coming any minute and she was ready for lunch.

The last two months had showed the scientist how wonderful love could feel.

The two women spent as much time together as they could. Cameron had stayed at Toni’s place a couple of times, but the lack of protection against the sun, made it uncomfortable for the blonde.

After the second try, they agreed to spend their time in Fairfax. They would go out to dinner and movies, and one night Antoinette took her to a playground and they played on all of the equipment like they were still in the third grade.

Cameron looked over at the Bunsen burner that was heating a beaker that was holding her latest compound, she hoped that heating it and then adding it to the blood sample would give her the results she desired.

Now more than ever, she wanted a cure, she yearned to spend time in the sun with her well traveled lover. She wanted to lay out on a beach and finally get a tan.

Whenever Cameron looked at her skin next to her lover’s, she cringed, Antoinette had what appeared to be a permanent tan, and when put against Cam’s, the scientist looked almost ghost like.

She checked the burner one more time and then went into the back office and brought out a picnic basket. It took a well thought out plan to make it possible for Cameron to pack the food and get it out to her car without Antoinette seeing it, but the blonde had accomplished it.

She was laying a checkered cloth across one of the tables when the love of her life entered the lab. She stopped what she was doing and ran to jump into wide open arms.

She kissed the tall woman all over her face. “I missed you, I missed you, I missed you.”

Antoinette returned the kisses. “I missed you too baby.”

She walked them over to the tall table and deposited the scientist on top of it. She started fingering the basket and looked at her partner.

“What’s all this?”

Cameron reached in and pulled out all the goodies. She had discovered that the phrase ‘too much sugar’ didn’t exist for her mate, once she sat and watched Antoinette pour packets of sugar into her mouth because she craved it.

Keeping that in mind, she made sure to add a couple of packs of tasty cakes and a candy bar. There were two large Deli sandwiches, potato salad and a thermos full of hot chocolate, for Toni.

And a dish of left over vegetable lasagna, a small green salad and another thermos of hot chocolate for Cam, the janitors influence was obvious in her switch to the smooth drink.

They sat across from each other and talked about how their shifts were going. Antoinette told her partner that she should be finished early, the day shift had taken care of a lot of the areas that they usually left for the night janitor.

In the middle of their conversation Cameron suddenly jumped up, remembering that the beaker was still over the heat.

As she approached the work station, she saw that the liquid had burned out and the glass was over heating.

She rushed towards the impending disaster, but stopped short when a large hand clamped around her waist and spun her around.


Antoinette sat at the table and watched her lover jump up to turn the burner off. She saw what Cameron didn’t…it was already too late, the glass was going to explode.

She ran towards her lover and grabbed her around the waist, she also held a hand in front of Cam’s face to protect it from the flying glass.

The blonde felt a few shards, but she didn’t suffer any damage. When she turned back around to check on her mate, she was greeted by the sight of Antoinette holding a bloody hand.

She acted on pure instinct and pulled off her lab coat and wrapped it around her mate’s injured hand. After she covered the injury, she needed to turn away for a second and breath deeply so that she could rein in her emotions.

When she turned back around she walked Antoinette over to a table and slowly unwrapped her hand, what she saw made her knees weak.

The pinky finger of the tall woman’s left hand had been severed. It was laying in the lab coat as the blood coming from the stump started to slow its flow.

She was about to run to the phone and call for help, when something extraordinary happened, the missing digit started to grow back.

Green looked into blue and Cameron opened her mouth and asked. “What’s going on Toni?”

Antoinette stared at the woman that she loved, and was terrified, the only thing that helped her to remain calm, was the fact that the scientist wasn’t panicking.

“Baby there is something that I need to tell you.”

She sat on a stool and motioned for Cameron to do the same.

“I’m not sure where to start really.”

Cameron looked at her with unwavering green eyes. “How about starting with why I just saw you grow a replacement finger.”

“Okay, I guess the best way to start that is by saying that I am a daughter of Lycos…”

The scientist held up her hand to stop her partner from speaking. “Are you telling me that you are a lycanthrope?”

Antoinette bowed her head. “Yes…I know that people don’t believe that we exist, but….”

What happened next shocked the dark woman. Cameron stood up and waved her hands in the air and started talking to herself.

“Well if this isn’t the damnedest thing, I have fallen in love with a lycan…me of all people, this is too bizarre to be true, but they always say that truth is stranger than fiction.”

Antoinette was starting to worry, it looked as if Cameron was going to snap and she didn’t know how to prevent it.

The small scientist walked over and stood in front of Toni. “You know what’s so funny about all of this?”

Antoinette shook her head no.

Cameron dropped her blonde head and when she lifted it she curled the corners of her mouth, revealing two very sharp extended incisors. “You see my love, I am a daughter of Vlad.”

They just stared at each other, now it all made sense, they finally understood their initial reaction to each other.

Their other natures were trying to come out.

As if remembering that moment, once again their nostrils flared, their gums itched and a low growl emitted from their chest.

But this time, they did something about it. Their lips came together in a flash of heat. They opened their mouths upon contact and tried to devour each other.

Antoinette stood up and cupped the smaller woman’s rear, she pressed their hips together and started rubbing with a purpose.
Cameron tore her mouth away from the kiss. “Quick, take me to the office.”

Antoinette had them there in four long strides. Cameron slid out of her embrace and opened the door, after they entered she closed and locked it.

They came back together without hesitation, Cameron pulled Toni’s shirt out her pants and ripped it open, sending buttons flying across the room.

The tall woman was already stepping on the heels of her shoes, trying to pry them off, as she pulled Cam’s shirt over her head.

In no time, they were both naked, Cameron moved into Toni’s personal space and latched on to a dark nipple.

Her hot mouth sucked on the firm flesh, trying to get the whole thing in her mouth, Toni’s large hand cupped the back of the blonde head and held her in place.

“Oh yeah baby, that feels so good, don’t stop.”

When Cam’s hand moved down and she ran her fingers through wet folds, Toni’s head dropped back and she started to pant as she rocked her hips to the motion.

Cameron changed the position of hand and entered her mate with two fingers while she frantically rode a hard thigh, trying to relieve her arousal by painting it with her passion.

Antoinette moved them over to the couch with jerky movements, when reached the furniture she sat down with Cameron straddling her lap, still inside of her.

She maneuvered her hand and slide first one, then two fingers into her blonde love. Cameron moan loudly. “Oh yes!”

The smaller woman rested her forehead on her partner’s broad shoulder and impaled herself on long strong fingers.

Sweat was pouring off of their bodies as they started to peak. When they were about to go over, they stared into each other’s eyes and for a brief moment, both sets of teeth made an appearance.

They quickly disappeared and their shared climax crashed through them. They rocked their hips harder into the fingers that were buried deep within as they continued to ride out their orgasm.

After coming down, they pulled out of each other and Antoinette laid back on the sofa while Cameron stretched out on top of her.

Antoinette ran her fingers through shiny blonde hair. “I love you baby.”

Cameron snuggled deeper into the strong body that she rested on and kissed her lover’s throat. “I love you too sweetheart.”

She yawned and started to feel sleepy. Before she drifted off she gave her mate instructions. “Wake us up in half an hour love… We have a few things to talk about.”


Thirty five minutes later, they were dressed and sitting on the sofa. Antoinette was on one end and Cameron was on the other.

Cameron looked at Toni’s shirt hanging open, exposing her t shirt and felt bad. “Honey, I’m really sorry about your shirt, I just…I don’t know, I guess I lost control.”

The janitor gave her companion a lopsided grin. “Don’t worry about it… it was exciting…I kinda liked it.”

Cameron exhaled and reached over to rub her lover’s hand. As she did, she thought to herself. ‘Well now I know why I thought they looked like puppy paws.’

She ran her thumb over the skin on the back of Toni’s hand. “It seems we have a few things to discuss.”

Antoinette grunted. “That’s an understatement.”

She looked into her mate’s green eyes. “Is there anything that you want to know…. any questions?”

“Oh I have plenty of questions, just as you do. But I’ll start with, how come you can be out when there is a full moon and not turn?”

Antoinette scooted closer to the scientist. “Because I’m not insane.”

The blonde head tilted in question.

“Only a lycanthrope that has gone mad is affected negatively by a full moon. They have usually contracted something…I guess the best way to describe it is saying it’s kinda like rabies.”

Cameron laughed softly. “That’s one of the good things about being a vampire… we don’t contract diseases.”

Antoinette stretched out both of her long hands and looked at the perfectly formed pinky finger. “And we can regenerate.”

Cameron crawled over and sat in Toni’s lap, she rested her head on the tall woman’s shoulder and examined the new digit.

“Look at us, you can grow new parts and I don’t get sick…what a pair we make.”

Antoinette leaned back and raised Cam’s chin so that they were looking into each other’s eyes.

“That’s right Cam…what a pair we make, we make a great team, and I’ll never feel any differently. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t care what we are, if that was the only way for us to be together…then so be it.”

Cameron pulled Antoinette down for a gentle kiss. “I agree sweetheart.”

She buried her hand in Toni’s glossy black hair and looked her deep in her eyes. “You are the love of my life Antoinette and I don’t regret a thing.”

Antoinette smiled and a bit of mischief entered her brilliant blue eyes. “I guess this means you’re not trying to cure photosensitivity.”

Cameron had to laugh. “I guess not.”


After arriving at Cam’s house that morning, they undressed and got into bed. They were snuggled together when a thought came to Toni.

“Baby, how is it that you can be out in the sun at all?”

Cameron tightened her hold on Toni’s waist. “Well, it’s like this, my father is a full vampire and my mother is half vampire half human.”

“So can she walk around in the daytime without protection?”

Cameron smiled before she answered. “I never thought in a million years that I would be able to talk to someone about the real me.”

Antoinette kissed her golden head. “Me either baby.”

Cameron exhaled before she answered. “My mother needs a little more protection than I do, but if she wanted to, she could go out in the day light.”

“What about that sleeping in coffins, drinking human blood thing.”

Cameron raised up on her forearm and looked at her partner very seriously. “Those things are very true sweetheart, there are plenty of vampires out there that look at the human race as nothing more than a huge buffet or slave labor.”

“So how is it that you are different?”

“There have been so many stories told about vampires that the truth was lost to humans centuries ago. We have been here since the beginning, just like the trees, the birds and all of nature.

We held dominion over the night, and we built our dwellings below ground to stay out of the sight of humans.

From what I’ve been told, it wasn’t a bad existence, humans ruled the day and we ruled the night.

Well, to make a long story short, I’m sure you remember that whole problem with Lucifer trying to take over and the followers he gathered.

There were a few vampires that joined him, they wanted to reign in the day as well as the night. They wanted to destroy mankind, so that the earth would be theirs and Lucifer told them that he could deliver that desire.

The only problem was that the vampire forgot one very important detail while devising their plan, they overlooked the fact that mankind was God’s most favored and it wasn’t going to be an easy task to destroy them.

When God discovered the plot, he cursed the vampire’s blood, making it boil in the sunlight, thereby turning the being into dust, with that one act of condemnation the vampire was damned to walk only in the dark.

But Lucifer was not going to give up easily, he knew that his plan to erase humans had taken a blow, but him being who he was, he decided to add to us his own touch, he made us crave human blood.

He said that if we drained them and replace our tainted blood with their’s, we could walk in the daylight again.

That of course was a lie. That was his way of making vampires carry out his plan to rid the world or mankind, if it couldn’t be a war fought out in the open, then he would use his soldiers to take them in the night.

But Lucifer left out one little detail when he riled up the ancients to go out and take human blood….you see, although there was a craving, you still had a choice, if you didn’t give in, you could still be redeemed.

Lucifer knew that God was a forgiving God and if the vampire changed his allegiance, he could once again, hold dominion over the night and dwell in the sunlight.

They didn’t know that once you fed on a human, you were damned for eternity. When they did discover their fatal error, it wasn’t Lucifer that they were angry with, it was men.

So, it has been this way, century, upon century, upon century, vampires come out at night and feed on humans…they have been doing it for so long, that it is the only nourishment that their systems can tolerate.

If they tried to stop, it would kill them, so they feed, maim and murder until the sun starts to rise and then they scurry off to their coffins, waiting for night again.”

And although there are those of us that have never fed on a human, we still carry the tainted blood of our ancestors in our veins.

Cameron looked into open and understanding blue eyes. “Did you know that vampires didn’t start sleeping in coffins until humans started to erect buildings, then the grounds had to be dug up.

There have been so many underground caves found that were homes to a whole clan of vampires. With the modern age, came the necessity for the vampire to become mobile.”

Antoinette rubbed Cam’s pale cheek. “Do you crave blood?”

The scientist hung her head in shame. “I don’t crave it, but if I see a lot of it all at once, I have to center myself and force down the urge to taste it.”

Antoinette raised Cam’s head kissed her moist lips. “Is that why you had to turn away when I cut my hand.”

The blonde head nodded.

“Never hang your head in shame my love, you are a brave and noble being, your strength and courage should fill you with pride. I love you Cameron and I love who you are.”

The warmth that flooded the scientist was all consuming. She was indeed with her life mate as odd as it was, a vampire and a lycanthrope were fated to be together.


On Friday morning Cameron was packing her briefcase preparing to leave when Ben came in. “Well looky here, if it isn’t the elusive Cameron Ribaldi.”

The blonde woman had to smile, because she was spending so much time with Toni, the scientist would be gone by the time Ben got in.

“I know, I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy Ben I’m sorry we’ve been missing each other.”

The bald man’s face lit up with a bright smile. “It’s okay Cameron, I’m sure there’s a good reason.”

At that moment Antoinette entered the lab looking for her always punctual lover. When she saw the other person in the room, she stopped.

Cameron looked over her shoulder and smiled at the stunned look on the dark beauty’s face.

Ben looked at the tall beautiful woman and whistled through his teeth. “Now that’s what I call statuesque. I haven’t seem a combination of black hair and blues that stunning since Liz Taylor.”

Cam’s chest swelled with pride. “That’s also the reason.”

Ben was confused. “What reason?”

“You said there must be a good reason why I’m always gone when you get here.”

The blonde held out her hand and motioned for Antoinette to come over. “And here she is. Sweetheart I want you to meet someone.”

When Antoinette reached Cam’s side, the smaller woman wrapped her arm around Toni’s trim waist. “Dr. Ben O’Shea, I’d like for you to meet the love of my life, Antoinette Dubois.”

Antoinette blushed a little at Cam’s profession of love, but was filled with pride that this beautiful little woman didn’t have a problem letting people know that they were together.

She reached out and shook Ben’s hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Dr. O’Shea.”

Ben looked at Cameron and rolled his eyes. “Please, call me Ben.”

“Alright, Ben it is. Cameron has told me a lot about you Ben, I’m glad that we could finally meet.”

Ben looked at how his co worker gazed at the tall woman as if the sun rose and sat on her and knew that Cameron was deeply in love.”

Ben raised and eyebrow. “She allows you to call her Cam?”

Antoinette looked shocked. “Yeah.”

She looked down into dancing green eyes. “Is that a problem?”

Cameron reached up and ran her finger tips over Toni’s high cheekbone. “Nope, it’s not a problem at all.”

Ben decided to tease his friend a little, he caught Toni’s eye before he spoke. “Wow, she must really be smitten with you, I’ve known her for six years, and she has always corrected anyone that tried to shorten her name.”

When Antoinette smiled, a row of straight white teeth were revealed. “Ben, she is no more smitten than I am.”

When the tall woman looked down at the small scientist Ben saw all that he needed to see. The dark haired woman was just as in love as his friend was.

It was something that he was glad to see, as far as he knew Cameron had been alone since he met her, he was happy that she finally had someone.

Cameron grabbed her briefcase and outdoor gear off of the table and headed to the office. She pulled Antoinette by the hand as she walked away.

“Come on Dubois, I may need a little help.”

Ben had to laugh out loud at the picture they made. It looked like a parent leading away a reluctant child.


A week had gone by since the women had revealed themselves to each other. One morning after work, Cameron was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher and Antoinette had finished wiping off the table and counters, and was now sweeping the floor.

Cameron closed the dishwasher and started it. She hopped up on the counter and watched her lover execute a very basic domestic chore.

When Antoinette was finished with her task, she put the broom and dust pan back in the storage closet. On her way back to the table, Cameron called her over and positioned the tall woman between her legs.

She ran her hands through black silk. “You know Dubois, you looked mighty cute acting like a domestic.”

Antoinette rested her hands on Cam’s slim hips. “Is that why you fell in love with a janitor, so you could get me to keep your house clean?”

Cameron kissed Antoinette sweetly. “I didn’t care what you did, I fell in love with my life mate, your job didn’t factor into it.”

Antoinette ran her large hands under Cam’s shirt and made contact with the warm skin on her back. “Aren’t you the little sweet talker?”

Cameron ran her tongue across Toni’s moist lips. “Do you think that I could sweet talk you into moving in here with me?”

Antoinette opened her mouth and sucked in Cam’s tongue. “You think you can put up with me living here?”

Cameron Leaned back and looked at her lover. “Sweetheart, when was the last time you stayed at your place?”

Antoinette thought for a second. “I was there last week.”

The triumphant look on her face only lasted a moment. “You went there to pick up more clothes, then you came back over here.”

‘Oh yeah, I guess I forgot about that part.”

Cameron cupped both of Toni’s cheeks in her hands and looked her in the eyes. “Is there something wrong, am I asking you to do something that you don’t want to do?”

Antoinette removed Cam’s soft hands from her face and kissed the palms. “No baby, I would love to move in here with you, it’s just… are you going to be okay with me having to go out and….run?”

Run was a code word for the couple, there were times when the dark woman had to go out and run while in the form of a lycan, and she always wondered if it truly bothered her lover.

Cameron smacked the other woman in her middle. “Are you seriously asking a vampire if I mind that you have to change form an go run free sometime?”

Antoinette smiled shyly. “Kinda silly huh?”

Cameron kissed the tip of her nose. “Yes, very silly, besides, I have a secret… when you come back and your clothes are all sweaty, the smell turns me on so much, that I have to do deep breathing exercising to keep control of myself.”

“Oh really, well I guess my plan to take a towel and wipe myself down before I put my clothes back on is now void?”

The scientist grabbed the taller woman by the collar. “You better believe it’s void, don’t you dare try and take away one of guilty little pleasures Dubois.”

Antoinette wrapped the blonde’s legs around her waist and pulled her off of the counter. As she walked them towards the bedroom, she nuzzled sweet smelling golden hair.

“When we reach the bed, I want you to show me a few of those guilty pleasures of yours Ribaldi.”


Even though it was their night off, both women were awake at seven o’clock in the evening just like they were on work nights.

They were still in bed, the television was on and they were watching a rerun of the new show Heroes on the sci fi channel.

Cameron was sitting with her back against the headboard and Toni’s head rested in her lap. “Honey, who is your favorite hero?”

Antoinette turned over and looked at her lover. “I like Hiro. When he squeezes his eyes tight, trying to bend time, he looks like a little kid.”

“Wow that’s surprising, I thought you would like that dual personality chick with the skills of an assassin.”

Antoinette turned back over to focus on the screen again. “Nah, I’m not into psycho chicks, besides, being able to bend time, is much cooler than shooting a gun.”

Cameron slowly massaged the dark scalp. “Sweetheart, there is something that I’ve been very curious about.”

Antoinette was in heaven, falling deeper into the massage. “What’s that baby?”

“Can you tell me the story of the lycanthrope?”

Antoinette turned back over and looked up at her heart, she reached up and feathered her fingers through the silky blonde tresses.

“Well, the way the story goes is that back when people still believed in the Olympian gods, the moon goddess Artemis wanted a race created that was part human and part wolf.

She wanted the being to be a companion to her followers in the day and their protectors at night. She sought out the alchemist Lycos and commissioned his help.

Lycos, through trial and error, found a compound, that when ingested would forever change the cell structure of a human and all of their descendants.

The elixir worked with the rising of the moon. When Artemis reveled the moon after Apollo sat the sun, the lycanthrope would walk with his human companion.

When Apollo rode his chariot across the sky and brought the sun, Artemis concealed the moon, and then the human walked with the goddess’ followers.

There was a lycan by the name of Mysia, it was said that her hair was the color of wheat fields in the midday sun, that her eyes were as blue as the Aegean and her skin as soft as a rose petal.

Soon, Artemis found favor with her and she became not only a companion of a follower, but she also became the companion of the moon goddess.

Before Mysia, the lycan had no choice as to whether it wanted to change or not, when the moon rose, we went down on all fours.

After Artemis fell in love, she wanted her companion in human form unless she was protecting her charge, so the moon goddess manipulated the energy of the moon so that a lycanthrope could call to it, instead of it calling to the lycan.

And as it goes for one, it goes for all, that’s when we stopped being slaves to the light that illuminates the night sky and became free to use it as a tool.

One night while protecting her charge, Mysia was wounded, the attacker had used a farming tool on the lycan, some say it was a sickle, others say it was just a plain ole chopping axe.

Either way, she had suffered many deep wounds, damage to her organs, lost a limb and was bleeding to death.

Artemis appeared and cradled her love in her arms, and as she wept and pleaded with Mysia not to give in to death, Athena heard her sister’s anguished cries, and came down from Mount Olympus to sooth her.

It was breaking the goddess of wisdom’s heart to see her sister so distraught, so she asked her what she could do to ease her pain.

Artemis begged her sister to heal her love, but not just heal her, make it so that if something like this were to ever happen again, she could heal herself.

The goddess didn’t like the idea of giving humans the ability to heal themselves, but Artemis reminded her that the lycanthrope wasn’t only human.

So with a wave of her hand, Athena healed Mysia and bestowed her with regenerative abilities…and as it goes for one, it goes for all.

Cameron was fascinated by the story. “Wow, so any part of your body that’s damaged can be replaced?”

“Yep, except for our heads, but we are still susceptible to diseases, that’s why there are insane lycans running around at night.”

“Why did Artemis change the energy of the moon instead of just changing the lycanthrope?”

“Ahh, because, Lycos’ elixir had already been infused into our very being, lycans had been around for centuries by then, and it was actually easier to change the moon, than for the moon goddess to find another alchemist that could create another compound to counteract the first one.

And as an added bonus, when Artemis changed the energy of the moon, it allowed us to change in the daytime if we so desired.”

“You know, it doesn’t surprise me that the lycanthrope is a protector, that is totally your persona.”

Antoinette pulled soft pink lips down to meet her own. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, I always feel safe with you around.”

“Hey baby, why are you called sons and daughters of Vlad?”

“Because he was the first to embrace the belief totally and then build an army to act on it.”

Cameron looked around like she was about to share a secret.

“What’s really funny, is that Vlad wasn’t even a vampire, he was a wanna be, he was the lover of a vampire and thought that if he proved his devotion by bleeding humans in the daylight that he would be turned, of course he never was, his lover just used him to do his dirty work in the light of day, because he couldn’t”

Cameron sighed. “I guess it just comes down to the fact that he is the most famous of our associates. And believe me, his lover was none too happy that the slave received more recognition than the master.”

Antoinette asked in a teasing voice. “So there is no Count Dracula?”

Cameron tugged on the black hair that her fingers were wrapped in. “Is there a Wolfman?”

Antoinette laughed. “Point taken.”


Three months after Antoinette moved into Cam’s house, the scientist was finally able to talk Antoinette into taking her with her when she ran.

It was a warm August night as they were packing a backpack with a towel, bottled water, a package of cup cakes and a candy bar.

Cameron laughed to herself. ‘Well at least now I know why she craves sugar the way that she does and has an apatite that rivals any hungry man.’

Antoinette was having an inner struggle, she wanted to share all that she was with Cam, but the blonde knowing that she turned and seeing her turn, were two different things.

Cameron sensed her lover’s discomfort and came up behind her to rub her back. “Sweetheart, if this is going to be too hard for you, I don’t have to go.

But I want you to know that, I will love you no matter what, nothing can change that, not even you changing forms right before my eyes.”

Antoinette placed her hands palm down on the counter top and hung her dark head. “You don’t know what you’re asking baby, I become another species.”

Cameron rested her head between her lover’s broad shoulders. “When you change, are you still in there….what I mean is, are you still thinking with your own mind, or does a wild animal take over your thoughts?”

The tall woman still wouldn’t turn around. “It’s me, it’s always me, from beginning to end.”

“Then I want to see it, I want to see you be the other part of yourself.”

Antoinette knew that she couldn’t deny her mate this request. “Okay my love, lets load up the car and head out.”


The couple drove down to Manassas Virginia to a wooded area that spanned over five square miles, it was well past one a.m. when they parked on the side of the road.

Both women remained silent as Cameron grabbed the backpack and followed Antoinette into the woods. After they had gone in about a half mile Antoinette stopped.

Nervous blue eyes looked down into understanding green. “I’m gonna strip and leave my clothes with you…here… okay?”

Cameron nodded her head, as Antoinette started to undress, she fold her clothes as she went along.

“Sweetheart, do you always fold your clothes?”

“Yeah, I hate to come back and they’re just laying randomly around the area, when I fold them I feel more… I don’t know, I guess I feel more civilized.”

Cameron was at her breaking point. She grabbed the half naked woman by the arm and spun her around.

“What the hell do you mean more civilized! Do think that just because you change form that makes you some kind of monster?”

The blonde woman was breathing hard. “Let me tell you what an uncivilized monster is, that’s a creature that stalks human beings in the dead of night, latches on to their jugular and drains them of their life’s blood, THAT is a monster!”

Antoinette stood and stared, shocked and wide eyed at her lover. “Your lineage is one of honor and protection and I refuse to watch you be ashamed for another second.”

She moved forward and caressed her partner’s high cheekbone. “You once told me that I was brave and noble, that I should be proud of who and what I am, well, I am giving those words back to you my love, embrace who you are and run free.”

Her mate’s heartfelt words filled the tall woman with courage, she looked into adoring green eyes and removed her final piece of clothing.

She kissed Cameron softly on her lips and then turned and took off running at full speed. The energy that she left behind was intoxicating.

Cameron watched as her lover’s body changed with each stride. It was like watching a movie frame by frame.

One second she was a naked six foot tall woman with long black hair flying behind her in the wind, then the next she was a beautiful sleek wolf with a glossy black coat and bulging muscles.

It looked as if her size had doubled if the amount of bulk she now carried was accurate. Just as Cameron lost sight of her in the trees, she yelled at the top of her lungs. “I LOVE YOU ANTOINETTE!”

In response she heard a long loud howl.


After waiting only fifteen minutes Cameron couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to join her mate, she wanted to be free in the moonlight with her love.

She closed her eyes and waited until she could feel which direction the light breeze was blowing from, when she zeroed in on it she took a few steps and then took flight.

As she felt herself soar higher and higher the anticipation of catching up with her mate was exhilarating, the higher she climbed the more of a breeze she could ride.

As she scanned the ground below, she finally saw her love running full speed through a clearing. She used the wind to carry her voice down to her partner.

“Antoinette look into the sky.”

The wolf slowed it’s stride and turned its huge head skyward. The beautiful lycan stopped running and stood still, waiting for her mate to come down and join her.

Cameron guided her body towards the earth and glided to the ground, when she landed, it was the most graceful thing that Antoinette had ever seen.

The small woman landed, and she hit the ground walking, it seemed like it was the most natural thing in the world, she never stumbled or missed a step, she continued her stride until she reached her mate.

She couldn’t help herself, the first thing she did was wrap her fingers into the thick black fur and then she hugged the huge lycan close to her.
She whispered into a sensitive ear. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

The large animal whimpered and nuzzled its huge head against the blonde vampire. “I’ll take that as an I love you too.”

A long wet tongue snaked out and licked Cam’s cheek. “Well I see some things never change, no matter what form you take, that tongue is always deadly.”

The large animal growled and bumped the smaller woman, almost knocking her over.

“Oh so you do like it ruff, I thought you said you weren’t into the kinky stuff. Cameron wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw the crystal clear blue eyes roll in response to her comment.

Cameron rubbed her nose against the wet muzzle of the huge lycan. Even with her standing at her full five five, the wolf’s long nose was even with her mouth.

“Damn baby, can’t I ever just tower over you?”

The wolf snorted like it was laughing at her. Cameron kissed the nose that was right in front of her, then she released the beautiful creature.

“I guess I should be happy that you chose not to stand up, I know you would dwarf me then.”

She stepped back and stretched her arms wide open and tilted her head back, absorbing the energy around her, when she brought her head back down, she focused on her mate again and smiled. “Come on baby, let’s run with the wind.”

Antoinette didn’t hesitate, she took off like a rocket and Cameron was right behind her. They stayed out for hours, both women enjoying this feeling of freedom for the first time with another, it was like a drug that they couldn’t get enough of.


They were both laying on their stomachs panting, trying to pull air into their lungs. As soon as they got home, they had to have each other.

The energy was too strong to ignore the feelings that had risen in them. They were on their stomachs because their backs were covered in scratches.

For the first time during their love making, they had allowed some of their other selves to emerge. There were also small nips along their necks and upper bodies.

There was a moment when both women let their teeth descend and their claws appear, but just a little, they knew if they let go totally that they would fully change and their lovemaking would be over.

They finally understood why they could never share their passion with any one in the past, it called to their other nature, and there was a possibility that they might have revealed themselves and that wasn’t safe.

Cameron recovered first. “I don’t think that I can do that very often.”

Antoinette grunted. “Me either baby, but I’ll tell you this… that was fucking incredible.”

The scientist laughed softly. “My sentiments exactly.”

The blonde raised her head and looked at her partner’s back. “Baby, I’m gonna have to clean your back and put some first aid cream on it.”

Antoinette slowly sat up and evaluated her lover’s smooth back. “Well my love, I hate to tell you this, but it’s not my back that’s going to need attention, it’s yours.”

Cameron opened her mouth to protest, but stopped short when Antoinette turned around. “Damn Dubois, that’s just not fair, how can your back be healed already.”

Antoinette raised a dark brow at her mate, but said nothing. Cameron hung her head and laughed. “I guess I forgot.”

“You stay there and I’ll go and get the first aid kit.”

When Antoinette returned, she cleaned out Cam’s scratches and covered them in the medicated cream.

Antoinette scooted down in the bed, so that she was eye to eye with her mate. “Tonight was the most liberating experience of my existence.”

Cameron brushed her hand through damp black strands. “I want you to know that you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, no matter what form you take.”

Antoinette snuggled her body closer to the small woman. “You make me feel that way Cam, before you, I only saw the animal, I never recognized the majestic protector that you showed me.”

Cameron kissed her lover’s moist red lips. “That’s who I see sweetheart, you are the most magnificent being I have ever encountered.”

Antoinette couldn’t believe that she was blushing. Then playful blue eyes started to twinkle. “Ahh sucks Cam, you say the sweetest things.”

Cameron laughed at her mate’s attempt at humor, then she caressed a strong shoulder and looked deep into Toni’s blue eyes. “I love you more than I can say and together, we can do anything.”

Antoinette lost herself in the lush green of Cam’s eyes. “For some reason, when you say it, I believe it.”


The women were sitting in Cam’s lab sharing their nightly lunch break. Between bites of fried chicken Antoinette would ask Cameron questions.

“So, all the blood samples that you use come from you?”

The blonde nodded. “Yeah, I have been trying to find a stabilizing agent for years, I think I’ve come close, but the additives will not bind.”

“No one knows that your not researching photosensitivity?”

“Nope, as long as I submit a monthly report on my findings it’s okay.”

Antoinette wiped a few crumbs from her mouth. “Baby, how long have you been a vegetarian?”

Cameron blushed. “I’m not a vegetarian, I stopped eating meat eight months ago to see if ingesting meat that had blood flowing through it, could be a contributing factor in the cravings that vampires suffer from.”

The janitor looked confused. “What?”

“Although most meats, other than beef aren’t usually sold bloody, it comes from animals that circulate blood, I am trying to see if eating meat from those animals can somehow trigger or maintain some level of blood cravings.”

“I think I understand….do you plan on ever eating meat again, cause I gotta tell ya, you are one hell of a cook, I mean this fried chicken is great.”

Cameron ate a spoonful of her beans and rice before she answered. “Oh yeah, I plan on going back to meat very soon.”

Antoinette had a curious look on her face. “Baby, how come you can fly, I mean I thought vampires grew wings or needed a cape.”

Cameron understood the misconception. “It’s like this, we are creatures of nature, so there are certain things that we can manipulated and use to or benefit.

The wind is one of them even when you can’t feel it or see leaves blowing, there is usually a mild breeze blowing, that’s all it takes.

I can’t explain it, but the vampire is… I don’t know kinda aerodynamic, I guess riding the wind is one of the gifts we were given.”

“This ability to manipulate the wind, is that why it sounded like you were whispering in my ear when you called me from the sky?”

“Yep, that’s why humans think that vampires can hypnotize them, the ability to speak into a person’s ear, without being next to them is something that people can’t comprehend.”

There was a question that Cameron wanted to ask, but she was afraid of the answer. She picked over her lunch for a few seconds to build up her courage.

“Sweetheart, I need to know something.”

Antoinette heard the nervousness in Cam’s voice, so she stopped eating an gave her partner her full attention.

Fearful green eyes looked into bewildered blue. “How…how long does a lycanthrope live?”

This issue had been on Toni’s mind for a while, she knew that they would eventually get around to it, and here it was, she clasped her hands together and rested them on top of the table.

‘Well baby, lycans have a life span of about three hundred and fifty years.” She cleared her throat and asked the question she already knew the answer to.

“Umm, how long does a vampire live?”

Pain filled green eyes looked back at the janitor, and in a strained whisper, Cameron said. “Forever.”

Antoinette exhaled. “That’s what I thought you would say.”

She saw how distraught her lover was and wanted to help if she could.

“Cameron don’t worry, we have a long time to figure something out.”

She smiled and reached over to hold Cam’s small hands.

“Believe me, I’m not worried, you see I have a secret weapon.”

The corner of Cam’s mouth turned up a little. “Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“My partner is a brilliant scientist and I have a feeling that she’s going to do a little research over the years and figure something out.”

Cameron leaned across the table and kissed Toni’s waiting lips. “You better believe it baby, as a matter of fact, I’m going to take a blood sample from you before you go back to work, because you need to know, I will not be here without you.”

Antoinette returned the kiss. “That’s what I’m banking on my love.”


It was close to midnight and Cameron and Antoinette were walking hand in hand through Rock Creek Park. It was one of there favorite things to do.

Walking through the woods at night was somehow comforting to the women. Cameron looked up at the bright light of the full moon and remembered a question that she wanted to ask.

“Sweetheart, does the full moon affect lycans differently than the other phases?”

Antoinette draped her arm over her mate’s shoulder and held her closer. “Yeah, it does.”

Cameron reached up and laced her fingers with the long ones that were hanging over her shoulder. “How so?”

“Umm, how do I put this… it’s kinda like when two people are drag racing at the track and one pushes his nitrous oxide button to give the engine a super boost.”

Antoinette looked down into her partner’s open face. “You understand?”

Cameron nodded her blonde head. “I think so, it’s like the full moon is rocket fuel and the other phases are regular gas.”

The tall woman laughed and stopped walking, when she turned the smaller woman around, she ducked her head and kissed her.

“That’s a great way to….”

Antoinette stopped all movement and went completely still.

Cameron heard Antoinette growl deep in her chest and when she looked into her face she saw her nostrils flaring rapidly and fur started to appear on the tips of her ears.

Before she could ask what was going on, she was thrown to the ground. When she looked up she saw that her lover had fully changed and was now engaged in a battle with a large gray wolf.

Cameron got up and approached the fighting lycans, hoping to find a way to help her mate, but the bodies continuously changed positions and she couldn’t see an opening.

The night was filled with the sounds of a struggle, growls and snarls echoed through the trees. The violent force that was used to roll the two large bodies around, shook the ground.

The black lycan finally got the upper hand and was on top of the gray beast. Before Antoinette could deliver the final blow, the nocturnal attacker made its move.

Cameron backed away in horror, when she saw the gray wolf raise its back off of the ground and sink its teeth into Toni’s throat, the anger immediately rolled off of the black lycan in waves.

The dark wolf raised her razor sharp talons high and then plunged them in, ripping their attackers side open, when the animal released its hold on Antoinette she pulled herself away and settled on a small slope while she changed back.

The gray beast laid on its side panting trying to regain its strength, Antoinette was breathing deeply trying to evaluate her injury.

The lycan had infected her, she could feel the poison start to flow through her bloodstream, with the moon being full, she didn’t know how long she had.

Cameron ran over to her and dropped down beside her injured partner. The dark woman was covered in blood, sweat and dirt.

She pulled off her shirt and pressed it against Toni’s neck, trying to stop the bleeding. It didn’t dawn on her that the blood wasn’t tempting her.

She was on the verge of panicking and doing everything that she could not to fall apart, she knew Antoinette needed her.

Antoinette spoke to Cameron between pants. “Baby…you’ve got to…finish him…off.”

Green eyes went wide with fear. “W…w…what do you mean?”

The dark woman was struggling to stay coherent. “He infected …me… can feel the…sickness….you…need to…hurry …separate his head…from his…body.”

Cameron became frightened. “I don’t think I can do that….can’t I just put a stake in his heart?”

Antoinette grimaced in pain while sweat poured down her face. “Only…works…for…vampires, lycan… will repair… the damage.”

Cameron saw that there was no time for debating, she had to pull herself together and act quickly.

The blonde stood and slowly walked towards the injured animal. She turned and looked at Toni, her head was bent and her damp hair was hanging down over her face, while her chin rested on her heaving chest.

Cameron saw her future turning black, she felt the pain of her short lived happiness being taken away from her, then she focused her anger on the cause of the dark future that she now faced.

She approach the huge gray wolf and threw her head back screaming out her heartache to the night sky, her teeth descended and her nails extended, this was the most powerful she had ever felt as a vampire.

The gold flecks that surrounded her pupil, had taken over most of her usually green orbs, her nails were long and as sharp as surgical steel.

This fact became evident when she placed the backs of her hands together with her elbows pointing outward and drove her nails through the animals throat like she was cutting through soft butter.

With one final yell she pulled her hands apart while they were still embedded in the beast neck and swiftly separated its head from its body.

As quickly as it was done, was as quickly as it was forgotten, Cameron made her way back to her injured mate and raised her damp head so that she could look into her eyes.

The blue eyes looked fevered and a red rim was starting to outline her black pupils, Cameron had to think quick, there had to be something that she could do.

She refused to believe that they were brought together, just to be torn apart, suddenly an idea came to her, but she knew that she had to act quickly, Antoinette was starting to give in to the sickness.

Vampires are deceptively strong, so when Cameron picked Antoinette up to carry her deeper into the woods, it was with little effort.

She walked down to a small creek that ran trough the park and walked into the gentle current, while holding her lover.

When the cold water made contact with Toni’s over heated skin, the tall woman started to shiver. Cameron quickly cleaned them both off and exited the creek walking further into the woods.

When she felt like they were far enough in, she propped her lover against a tree trunk. She knelt down and straddled the sick woman’s thighs.

She cupped Toni’s hot cheeks and forced her to look at her. “Sweetheart, I need you to focus for me.”

Antoinette growled and tried to shake her head free from the small hands that were holding it in place.

The blonde could see her mate’s struggle, small changes were trying to happen to her lover’s body, her nose would lengthen slightly, then go back to normal, fur would appear in patches on her cheeks or on her forehead, then disappear.

Cameron didn’t know how much time she had, so she held her even tighter and spoke to her in a sharp tone.

“Antoinette, I need you to dig down deep into that arsenal of strength that you have and focus on what I’m saying to you.”

The injured woman closed her eyes and went completely still, when she opened them again, there was a little more sanity shining through.

“Baby, I want you to listen very carefully to me, I’m going to try and suck the tainted blood out of you, while I’m doing that. I want you to take in my blood.”

Antoinette moaned in pain and shook her head no. “I… won’t.”

Cameron was in no mood for arguing. “Yes, you will, I’m hoping that the antibodies in my blood, will fight the infection in yours.”

Antoinette mumbled again before she spoke clearly. “Can’t… you’ll be….damned.”

Cameron raised the other woman’s head, so that she could look into her sickly blue eyes. “If you are going to walk this earth out of your mind, then I’ll be damned anyway.”

Then she smiled a little. “And you’re only half human, maybe the big guy will give me a break on this one.”

It nearly broke her heart when her lover tried to laugh, but all that came out was odd sounding gurgle.

Cameron removed her shirt from Toni’s neck and looked at her lover one last time. “Baby, I need you to focus real hard, be careful when you bite me because your teeth are for ripping and I can’t grow new neck skin if you get over zealous.”

The other woman’s dark head barely nodded. Cameron leaned in and placed her mouth over her lover’s wound, before she proceeded, she reached up and placed her hand on the back of Toni’s head and pulled the weak woman to her neck.

When Cameron started to gently suck the blood from Toni’s wound, it was very bitter at first and she had to fight to stop herself from pulling away, but when the sick blood gave away to Toni’s blood, it became pure nectar to the small blonde.

As ill as she was, Antoinette took great care in breaking her lover’s skin, as she slowly took in the blood that she hoped would heal her, she was suddenly over come with the feeling that she was drinking from the blossoms on a honeysuckle vine, her mate’s blood was thick and sweet like honey.

They soon lost control of their actions and Antoinette wrapped her arms around Cameron and pulled her tighter to her, they were slowly bobbing on the waves of a sexual haze that came over them totally unexpected.

It was the most intense and the most erotic feeling either woman had ever experienced, although there were no movements involved in the way that they felt, they still felt like their bodies were crashing against each other.

The longer they stayed connected through blood, the higher their desire rose until they felt like they would explode into particles of pure pleasure.

Cameron pressed herself closer to her mate as darkness started to move in from their periphery, just before their consciousness was pulled into the abyss, they both shuddered with an orgasm.


When Cameron opened her eyes, she realized that her face still rested in the crook of Toni’s neck, she also noticed that she was still sitting on her lover’s lap.

She raised her head and looked at her lover sleep, her dark head was laid back against the tree and her mouth was hanging open.

Cameron knew that she had to wake her partner up so that she could check on her, but she was afraid, suppose Antoinette was still sick, what would she do.

Cameron laughed to herself. ‘I would insist that we figure out a way to infect me too, so that we could be insane together.’ She brushed the tips of her fingers along her partner’s cheek, ‘always together’ she thought.

Cameron continued to brush Toni’s face while she whispered to her. “Baby, wake up… come on sweetheart, open those eyes for me.”

Antoinette groaned a little and then slowly opened two very tired blue eyes, when she saw the blonde woman in such close proximity, the corner of her mouth raised a little in a crooked smile.

Cameron leaned in and kissed her lover softly. “Now that’s what I like to see.”

The scientist cupped her mate’s face with both hands so that she could look into her eyes, from what Cameron could see, the blue eyes looked clear.

Small hands raised Toni’s head and turned it from side to side trying to get a better view of her partner. She was squinting, trying to focus, her eyes were aching and she couldn’t see very clearly because of the spots that would randomly appear before her eyes.

“Well honey, from what I can tell, you seem to be alright, when we get home and out of the sunlight I’ll be able to see a little….”

They both went still, Toni’s eyes grew wide with fear, without thinking, Antoinette went to pull her clothes off to cover her mate, then she realized that she was naked.

Changing course, she quickly threw herself on top of her partner and shielded her against the sun.

She chanted over and over. “Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay.”

“Baby what are you doing?”

“I’m keeping the sun off of you.”

Cam’s hands were pinned between their bodies, so she couldn’t move, all that she could do was stroke her lover’s chest where her fingers were trapped.

“Honey if I ask you to do something for me, will you?”

“I’ll do anything that you want me to do except get off of you.”

“Okay, I just need you to tell me what time it is.”

Antoinette stopped for a moment and then looked into her lover’s eyes.

“It’s ten in the morning.”

“Alright, that means that the sun has been up for three and a half, maybe four hours.”

Antoinette agreed with the assessment.

“So, I think that it’s safe to assume that I’ll be okay, or you would have woken up with a pile of dust in your lap.”

Just the thought of that happening, terrified the tall woman. But she thought about it for a second, then she looked into twinkling green eyes.

“You think it’s okay then?”

Cameron looked into blue eyes that seemed to glow within the curtain of black hair that surrounded them. “Yeah, I think it’s okay, you go ahead and get up and we’ll see.”

The tall woman raised her long body onto her knees, and then she stood and straightened to her full height, before the smaller woman knew what was happening, she was being pulled up and pressed tight against a naked torso.”

Small arms wrapped around a strong neck and pulled the taller woman’s head down to her.

When their lips met it immediately ignited a flame, Cameron pulled back from the kiss and started to breath heavily.

“I’d better run to the truck and get your spare set of clothes before we shame the squirrels.”

Cameron was surprised to see a pout on her lover’s face. “She reached up and ran her hands through tangled black tresses.

“What’s wrong my love?”

Antoinette dropped her head because she felt silly. “I want to be with you the first time that walk in the sun without protection.”

Cameron laughed in total understanding. “And I want you with me.”

She stood in front of her naked lover and thought for a moment. “Well, let’s see, we didn’t park out in the open, and we aren’t in a well traveled area.”

Blue eyes looked anxious, hoping that her partner had a plan.

“We can most likely get back without being seen.”

Cameron grabbed Toni’s large hand and pulled her in the direction of the truck, Cameron kept her eyes wide open, just in case they saw someone.

When they reached the area where the confrontation took place, there was no sign of the other lycan, as Cameron picked up the remaining shreds of Toni’s tattered clothes, she looked around in confusion and fright, wondering if the sick animal was still roaming around somewhere.

“Where did he go?”

Antoinette sensed her mate’s concern. “Don’t worry baby, he’s long gone, when a lycan dies, he is…for lack of a better word, absorbed into the earth.”

The smaller woman laughed. “Yeah, right, at least we turn to dust and blow away.”

Antoinette raised an eyebrow. “You think only vampires can have a dramatic exit?”

Cameron started walking again. “I see your point.”

Both women continued to look around as they talked. “Baby, are you okay, is there any discomfort to your skin?”

They ducked behind an out cropping of rocks when two joggers ran by, after the pair passed by their hiding place, the women reemerged and continued their trek to the truck.

The ridicules picture that they painted, didn’t escape them, they both had slight smiles on their faces.

“No, I’m fine.”

She rubbed her eyes. “My eyes ache a little and I occasionally see spots, but other than that…I feel pretty good.”

Antoinette became worried. “Should I try to carry you?”

Cameron thought for a second. “Nah, but if you can keep up with me, we could run to the car.”

Antoinette raised both of her brows. “What do you mean keep up with you, if you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty fast.”

The blonde stopped walking and patted her partner’s hard stomach. “That’s as a lycan sweetheart.”

“You don’t think that I can keep up with you on two legs?”

Cameron could swear there was a bit of a challenge in Toni’s voice.

Small hands were placed on slim hips and Cameron stepped closer to the naked woman.

“Well… I don’t know love, you must remember that I flow with the wind, that’s why I move so quickly.”

Antoinette grabbed the smaller woman by her biceps and picked her up. “On the count of three…we take off.”

She kissed the soft pink lips before she put the woman down, she was willing to try anything in order to get Cameron out of the sun.

Cameron looked into Toni’s very blue eyes and smiled. “You’re on.”

They stood side by side and Antoinette started her count.

They took off like…well like a bat out of hell.

At first they were neck and neck and then Cameron started to pull ahead, she was shocked when she looked behind her and Antoinette was on her heels.

They reached the truck very quickly and jumped in immediately, Cameron crawled in the back and grabbed one of the duffle bags they kept in both cars.

Cameron had suggested that they keep spare clothes for Toni… just in case.

After receiving the bag, Antoinette reached into the glove box and handed Cameron the sunglasses that she kept there.

When the tinted plastic slid over the blonde woman’s green eyes, the relief was immediate.

While watching her mate get dressed, Cameron asked a question. “How did you keep up with me baby?”

Antoinette pulled the t shirt over her disheveled head and started to pull on her jeans. “I’m guessing the same reason that you can be out in the sun.”

That spoke at the same time. “Transference.”


When the women returned home, they showered together and pulled on terrycloth robes and socks.

They each had a cup of hot chocolate and Antoinette was unwrapping a cup cake.

Cameron tucked her feet under her and exhaled. “Sweetheart, I don’t know what I’m going do.”

Antoinette sipped her drink. “About what?”

Cameron looked at her like she was dense. “How do I explain to my colleagues that I can be out in the sun unprotected, but I don’t have any scientific data to explain why?”

Antoinette winced. “Oooh, that’s a tough one.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well baby, I guess you can’t tell them.”

Cameron leaned over and placed her cup on the coffee table. “That’s gonna be hard, now that I don’t have to wear all those layers of clothes, it’s not going to be easy putting them on.”

Antoinette reached over and pulled her lover close to her. “I know it’s going to be a pain, but there’s really no choice until we can think of something.”

Cameron rested her head on her mate’s shoulder. “I knew you were going to say that.”


Antoinette narrowed her eyes as small fingers stole a piece of bacon off of her plate. “You know, you can order another side of bacon baby.”

The blonde woman savored the smoky taste of the salty meat. “I think I might.”

She licked her fingers and sat back in the booth that she shared with her partner.

Cameron looked out of the large window in the diner and focused her green eyes on the sidewalk, she was fascinated by the people that walked by.

Being able to observe people’s daytime habits was new to her, it had been a month since she and Antoinette had been attacked in the park and a lot had changed.

She got their waitress’ attention and ordered another serving of bacon, that was one of the things that had changed, she now enjoyed meat on a daily basis.

They were both excited the first time they watched a sunrise, the emotions that they experienced were overwhelming and they found themselves crying when the light of day had fully taken its place in the sky.

Cameron was thrilled when she started getting color to her skin, she had to admit, it was scary at first, to just lay there and let the sun….have its way with her.

But once she got used to the heat on her sensitive skin, she purchased four bottles of sun tan lotion and laid out in the backyard when ever the feeling hit her.

Antoinette looked across the table at the woman she loved and smiled, Cameron had changed so much over the past month.

She was filled with so much energy, that when they got off of work, she didn’t want to go home and go to sleep.

That was why they were sitting in a diner at nine thirty in the morning having breakfast, Antoinette understood her partner’s desire, she knew that Cameron had thirty two years of days to make up for.

The small blonde finished her second plate of bacon and they paid the bill and headed for the truck.

Every so often Cameron would slow her pace and sniff the air, she could swear that since their exchange, her sense of smell had been heightened.

And at this moment, she was picking up something that was threatening, she grabbed Toni’s forearm and stopped their progress.
“Baby, do you smell that?”

Antoinette raised her head and inhaled deeply. “I don’t smell anything out of the ordinary, why?”

They started walking again. “I don’t know, I thought I smelled something odd.”

She shrugged her shoulders and laughed a little. “I guess I just need to get used to daytime smells.”


It was three a.m. and a dark menace was sitting behind his desk listening to his flunky’s report. In mid speech, he held his hand up to stop the man’s progress.

“You’re positive, Cameron Ribaldi is walking around in the daylight?”

“Yes sir, I’ve been following her for the past week and she wears no protection.”

He had always hated the fact that the small blonde had just enough human blood to walk in the sunlight while covered.

Her research was only a mild annoyance to him, because he knew that there was nothing that she could do to reverse what they had become, but if she has found a way, it could be a big problem for them.

The angry man slammed his large hand down hard on the desk. “So after all of these years the little scientist has finally found a cure.”

He leaned back in the black leather chair and steepled his long fingers together, the anger leaving as quickly as it came.

“Well, we can’t have that bit of news get out, now can we?”

The flunky stood very still, whenever the boss got calm, it was never a good thing.

The deceptively relaxed looking man stared right through the other man. “I want to know every move she makes and every person that she comes into contact with.”

“I’ll get right on it.” He beat a hasty retreat, he couldn’t wait to get away from the intimidating man.


Cameron was sitting in front of the computer entering her latest data, when the door opened, when she saw Ben, her heart jumped a little and she looked at her watch.

She had made it a point to have most of her outdoor wear on before eight o’clock, just in case she ran into Ben, it had been a month since she saw him last.

It was only seven thirty, and she was still in her lab coat. She took a deep breath and turned to greet her friend.

She planted a smile on her face and stood up. “Hey Ben, good morning.”

The bald scientist met Cameron half way and hugged her. “”Good morning Cameron.”

Cameron tried not to let her nervousness show. “It’s only seven thirty, what brings you her this early?”

He opened the bag he was carrying and pulled out two styrofoam cups, he handed her the one with HC written on the lid.

He laughed to himself when he thought about how his friend had dropped coffee completely when she fell in love with the tall dark woman.

“It seems that every so often I have to come in early and remind you that there is someone one the day shift that would like to see you on occasion.”

Cameron stepped back and leaned against the high table that she encountered. “You seem to have to give me this speech every three months…I’m really sorry Ben, I’ve just been so busy.”

Ben pulled up a stool and sat down. “I can see that.”

He took a sip of his coffee and really took a look at Cameron, her hair was lighter, like the sun had bleached it, her skin carried a golden hue and her eyes sparkled.

Then it hit him. “Oh my God! You have a suntan and your hair is lighter from exposure…and that’s why your eyes look greener, the contrast from your tan brings them out!”

He quickly got up and stood in front of her, when he placed his hands on her upper arms he looked her deeply in her eyes.

“Did you find a cure Cameron?”

Panic sat in, she didn’t know how much she could tell Ben, she wanted to trust him, but she just wasn’t sure.

“Well….umm…it’s like this Ben.”

The balding blonde man was so anxious, he was rocking from side to side.

She couldn’t think of a way out of the situation, there was no way to explain any of this, except to tell him the truth.


After spending thirty minutes explaining to Ben what she was and what she was really researching, she finished her story and waited for his reaction.

The stocky man paced back and forth in front of her trying to let everything that she had said settle in his mind.

When he finally spoke it was in a tone of disbelief. “So you’re a vampire?”

Before Cameron could answer Antoinette came in, ready to walk her out, but she heard Ben’s question and walked further into the room to stand beside her partner, when she looked down at Cameron she raised an eyebrow in question.

Cameron spoke in a hushed tone. “He noticed the changes that the sun has made and wanted to know if I had found a cure.”

Antoinette exhaled deeply and ran her fingers through her hair. “Oh boy.”

When the dark haired woman made the motion, Cameron noticed that the white hairs on the side of her head were fading, then she turned her attention back to her co worker.

“Yes Ben, that’s what I’m saying…I’m a vampire.”

When the man laughed, it bordered on hysteria. “Okay, so you’re a vampire.”

He looked at Toni. “I guess you’re gonna tell me that she’s a vampire too.”

Cameron looked into her lover’s blue eyes with a question.

Antoinette shrugged her shoulders, she wasn’t going to let her mate be out there all alone.

Cameron reached down and squeezed Toni’s hand. “Well, actually….she’s a lycanthrope.”

They both winced when Ben threw his arms into the air. “Oh wonderful, I have Count Dracula and the Wolfman standing in front of me.”

Antoinette took offence to the statement and growled, Cameron held her hand tighter, hoping it would calm her.

“No Ben, they don’t exist.”

The bewildered scientist raised his voice. “That’s my point exactly.”

Cameron looked at her watch and knew that they didn’t have much time before her other colleagues showed up.

The blonde woman exhaled before she spoke. “Look Ben, I don’t know how I can make you believe me.”

Ben just stood there staring at them, he was convinced that Cameron had lost her mind and she had the misfortune of finding someone just as crazy.

“Cameron, I think you need help.”

He looked between the two women. “I think you both need help.

Antoinette knew that time was short, so she cut to the chase. “If we showed you, would you believe us then?”

Ben dropped his head and shook it from side to side, it was worse than he thought, he looked at them with sympathetic eyes and nodded his head.

“Okay…show me.”

Blue spoke to green and agreed.

In a matter of moments, the man had standing before him, two women with fangs, and one with tufts of hair growing out of her cheeks.

The shocked man stumbled back a few steps and his eyes bulged in shock.

As fast as the transformation started, it ended.

“H….h …how did you do that?”

Cameron took a step towards the man. “I told you Ben, I’m a vampire and she’s a lycanthrope.”

Ben gathered up his courage and tried to think logically. “This can’t be true, those are just stories.”

Antoinette moved forward to stand beside her partner. “Yes Ben, the tales that you’ve heard all of your life are stories, but we are real.”

The shock was finally starting to wear off. “So your species does exist?”

Cameron started to feel some relief. “Yes, we do.”

The scientist in Ben started to take over. “Do you know what this means, the discoveries we could make, the science world will be turned on its head!”

The small blonde held up her hand. “No Ben, no one can know about us.”

“But Cameron, this is the most incredible discovery since…since…the first dinosaur bone was found.”

Cameron was getting a little nervous, fear, she was ready to deal with, but a curious scientist was not what she expected.

“We can’t do that Ben, can you imagine what will happen, it will be like the witch hunts all over again and I guarantee… the results will not be the same.”

The bald man took a minute and saw the validity of the statement, he turned off his work self and turned on the friend.

“I’m sorry Cameron.”

He looked into the blue of Toni’s eyes and smiled. “Toni.”

Both women breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s okay Ben, we understand, I told you this, because I trust you.”

The fact that Cameron had shared this information out of trust had escaped him. “Oh, of course Cameron, you can trust me, I won’t share this information with anyone.”

Finally the blonde woman smiled. “That’s what I wanted to hear…look Ben, I know that you have a ton of questions, but it’s getting late and I need to get out of here.”


Ben walked the women out to their truck. Antoinette didn’t like being away from Cam, so she rode in with her every night and stayed in the lab until it was time for her to punch in.

He gave both women a hug and was left with the promise that more information was forthcoming.

As they pulled out of the parking lot, they never noticed the small in distinctive car following them.


“Boss, after following Dr. Ribaldi, my men and I have discovered that she has only two associates, one, a short balding blonde man at the hospital and two a tall dark haired woman.

It appears that the woman is her mate, they live together and are very rarely apart, they get off of work and go out to breakfast, sometimes they visit different shops and make purchases.

After they arrive home, I don’t know what goes on, the yard is fenced in and she has those heavy curtains at the windows, although she does leave them open more often, there doesn’t seem to be any activity until they leave the residence.”

The informant was nervous, he could see that the information didn’t please his boss.

“That’s not good enough Miles, I want to know what they talk about, get someone in close enough to hear their conversations.”

“Yes sir, We’ll get on it right away.”

After Miles closed the door a sinister smile broke out across the man’s pale face. “It won’t be long now Ms. Ribaldi, I will see an end to this very soon.”


The sun was still shining when Cameron and Antoinette woke up Saturday afternoon and decided to walk around downtown D.C. and check out what the outdoor vendors were selling.

It seemed like Cameron had to stop and touch everything that was being sold, she picked up a purse with a famous designer’s name on it and held it up.

“Baby, do you think this is real?”

Antoinette rolled her eyes. “Come on Cam, I know that you haven’t been out much, but do really think that you can buy a real designer bag off of the streets?”

She noticed the logo on the side and laughed. “He would higher security to stake out every vender in town before he would lose those big bucks.”

Cameron rubbed her jaw in thought. “Or, the designer makes a cheaper version, sneaks the delivery to the back
door of every street vendor and makes money across the board ”

Cameron returned the item to the table and waited for a response.

Antoinette laughed at her lover’s theory. “You may have a point.”

As they made their way down the crowded street, a man pushed past the women and disappeared into a sea of pedestrians.

Cameron stopped and stood like a stone, Antoinette noticed her partner’s odd behavior and whispered in her ear.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“We were being followed by a vampire’s minion.”

Antoinette looked shocked. “A what.”

“Vampires have lackeys that do their bidding in the daylight, one just passed by us.”

“How do you know one was just here?”

Cameron looked at her mate and smiled. “I smelled him.”

“Have you ever smelled one before?”

They continued walking. “Nope, but ever since… you know… that night, my sense of smell has become more sensitive.”

“If this is something new, how do you know that it was a minion?”

Cameron pulled her lover over to a table that was outside of a café. “Because, I’ve been around the ancients and their play things tend to carry their scent.”

“The what?”

“The ancients, there are several very old vampires that still dwell in the night, over the millenniums the majority of the first vampires have chosen their own… I guess way to die, but there are still a few around.”

“And you have met them?”

“Not all of them, just the one that was in New Orleans, her name was Sasha, when young vampires reach the age of twelve, their parents take them to stand before an ancient.

The child must swear an oath, if they are not going to feed on humans, then they must never do anything to harm a vampire that does.”

“You took that oath?”

Cameron nodded her blonde head. “Yes, I didn’t really understand what it meant, but then, just like now, I never thought about it, the point is, what I just smelled was what it smelled like when I met Sasha.”

“You can remember the odor?”

“Believe me, when you are in the presence of a being that has been alive for over two thousand years, there is most definitely a scent, and I just got a nose full.”

Blue eyes started to look worried. “What do you think it means Cam?”

“I think that the local head honcho knows that I am out in the sun and wants to know why.”

Antoinette looked around the area and back to her mate. “Do you think that’s going to be a problem?”

Cameron rested her hand on top of Toni’s. “I don’t know sweetheart, I hope not.”

A low growl vibrated in the tall woman’s chest. “If anyone tries to hurt you Cam, I’ll wipe every last one of them from the face of the earth.”

The small woman’s heart started to beat faster with a mixture of fear and excitement, the menace that was rolling off of her lover was causing her body to have some very primal urges.

“I have no doubt about that my love, but let’s see what’s going on before you think about becoming a vampire hunter.”

Antoinette took a calming breath and smiled at her partner. “I’m sorry baby, but just the thought makes my blood boil.”

Cameron stood up and pulled Antoinette up with her, she wanted to get from under the cloud that had come over them.

“Come on baby, let’s go to the Museum of Art, I’m in the mood for some tranquility.”


“I’m sorry boss, all they ever talk about is what places they want to visit next, where they want to eat or….how much they love each other.”

The dark man curled his lip and snarled, he was losing his patience. “You have been absolutely no help.”

He reached into his desk drawer. “You no longer serve a purpose.”

In the blink of an eye, there was a dagger sticking out of the man’s chest, before he hit the floor, a button on the thrower’s desk was pressed and Miles entered without knocking.

“Get this worthless human out of my sight.”

Miles never uttered a word, he bent over and grabbed the dead man under his arms and pulled him out of the room.

His anger was still not satisfied, the dark man bellowed for Miles again.

The frightened man entered the office for a second time, he didn’t know what to expect when he saw that the fangs had appeared.

“Y… y… yes sir?”

“Find someone that is more reliable than your previous choice and have them bring the young scientist to me.”

Miles didn’t want to ask the next question, but he had no choice. “What about her constant companion?”

The man raised his face to the ceiling and yelled, when his out burst was over he leveled his heated gaze on the terrified man.

“Bring her too.”

Before Miles could respond, the man was gone, and he was left in a silent room…he pitied the people that were out on this night, they had no idea what was walking among them.


Antoinette was blow dying her hair after sharing a shower with her lover, when a towel wrapped Cameron appeared beside her, she turned the dryer on the long blonde hair.

“Oh my, salon treatment, to what do I owe this pampering?”

The tall woman ducked her head and kissed the side of the shorter woman’s smooth neck and whispered in her ear.

“I love you, that’s all the reason necessary.”

Blue and green eyes met in the mirror and Antoinette smiled before she spoke in a hesitant voice.

“What do you think would happen if a vampire and a lycanthrope got married?”

Green eyes widened in shock, Cameron licked her lips and tried to stay calm, she dared not hope beyond hope.

“Why, are you asking?”

Antoinette placed the hair dryer on the counter and left the bathroom, when she returned, she stood behind her partner and wrapped her arms around her.

Cameron reached up and ran her fingers through the all black hair on the side of Toni’s head.

“Have you noticed that the white hair is totally gone from your head?”

Antoinette nuzzled Cam’s damp hair. “Yep, I think you had something to do with that.”

“Ahh, like you having something to do with my newly sensitive nose.”

Soft lips traced a path down Cam’s neck. “Yeah, I think we are now three species instead of two.”

Cameron reclined further into her partner’s chest. “I agree, when we shared our blood, it caused a…a…a fusion of some sort.”

Antoinette liked the sound of that…yeah, they were fused together by blood.

She brought her right hand up and revealed a velvet covered box, she raised her left hand and opened the hinged top, inside were two identical gold bands.

Antoinette spoke softly into a delicate ear. “From one part human, part lycan, part vampire to another… will you marry me?”

Cam’s now tan face became flushed and she smiled. “I bet no one has ever been proposed to like that.”

Antoinette pressed her cheek next to Cam’s and looked her in the eyes. “Will you please, please be my life mate?”

Cameron turned in the circle of Toni’s arms and faced her. “This part human, part vampire, part lycan would be honored to be your life mate.”

Antoinette reached into the box that was now behind Cam’s back, pulled out the smaller of the two rings and held Cam’s left hand as she slipped it on her finger.

The smaller woman turned a little to her left and removed the blue box from Toni’s hand and then removed the remaining ring, she slid it down her mate’s long finger and then raised her head to look her in the eyes.

Their lips met in a mutual kiss, when they separated Cameron rested her head on Toni’s chest.

A thought occurred to the small woman. “What’s gonna happen to the ring if you…you know…if you need to change?”

Antoinette pulled up the cardboard insert that was in the box and pulled out a chain. “I’ll wear the ring on this.”

Cameron took the gold links from Toni’s hand and opened the clasp, then she removed the ring from Toni’s finger and slipped it on the chain.

She held the chain up to her partner’s neck and waited for Antoinette to lean forward, after she did, Cameron placed it around the long strong neck and then closed the clasp and stepped back to take a look.

“It’s perfect baby.”

Antoinette pulled her in close and hooked her thumb in the chain. “No, this is nice…you’re perfect.”


Cameron was standing by the car in the driveway waiting for her partner to lock the front door of the house and join her.

The blonde was going to drive tonight and she was excited to get started, Antoinette was rarely capable of sitting on the passenger side and calmly ride while her mate drove the big truck.

She approached the smiling woman and rested her hands on the cotton covered shoulders. “Umm, baby you sure you feel like driving tonight?”

Cameron cocked her blonde head. “Why wouldn’t I?”

Antoinette leaned down and captured the other woman’s soft lips, when she pulled back, she looked into dazed green eyes.

“Because you might be too dizzy.”

Cameron smacked Antoinette in her stomach with the back of her hand. “You’ll do anything not give up the driver’s seat won’t you?”

Antoinette stepped away from the scientist and hung her head. “Kinda pathetic, huh?”

Before Cameron could answer, they were both trapped in the embrace of powerful arms, and judging from how fast they were upon them, it had to be vampires.

The last thing either woman remembered was a cloth being placed over their faces and a strong chemical smell.


The first thing that Cameron noticed when consciousness tried to resurface was that her head hurt, then when she tried to rub her temple her movement was halted, that’s when she became fully awake.

She took a mental inventory of her body and realized that her wrist and ankles were bound somehow, she slowly opened her eyes and instinctively looked to her left, she groaned when she saw her lover beside her, the dark head hanging, still unconscious, shackled to the wall.

Cameron tried to pull free of the metal bracelets, but couldn’t, so she called out to her mate, hoping to awaken her.

“Pssst, Toni…baby, wake up….wake up…come on sweetheart, it’s time to wake up.”

The tall woman started to moan deep in her chest, when she opened her eyes and finally got them to focus, she turned in the direction of her lover’s voice.

She started rattling the chains that were holding them prisoner and became angry.

“What the hell is this?!”

Cameron tried to shush her mate. “I think we have been kidnapped by vampires.”

This information didn’t calm Antoinette at all. “What the hell for?”

Antoinette looked around the room and noticed that the only thing in the space was a few weapons hanging on the walls and a single chair, she started yelling in the empty room.

“Hey, who ever is running this Mickey Mouse operation needs to come front and center and answer some questions!”

Half a minute after the outburst, the door to the room they were in opened, and in walked a line of five people, well, not really people.

It was plain to see that they were all vampires, each one moved like they were gliding just above the floor, they all had that almost too thin look and their skin was paler than Cam’s had ever been.

They positioned themselves around the room and just as Antoinette was about to target her anger at them, the room filled with an odor that could only be described as primeval.

And was immediately followed by a tall man with wet looking black hair that was parted on the side and cut close to his scalp.

His eyes were dark brown and they held the passage of time in them, his lips were thin and had an odd red shading, blue veins stood out against the very pale skin and you could almost see the blood running through them.

As Antoinette took stock of the new arrival, she knew that she would never again have to ask her partner what an ancient smelled like.

The man paced back and forth in front of the women with his hands behind his back, he eventually came to a stop in front of Cam.

She looked into the man’s emotionless eyes and asked the first question that came to her mind. “Who are you?”

The man chuckled softly. “Oh Dr. Ribaldi, I think you know what I am.”

“Yes, I do know what you are, I just don’t know who you are.”

‘Ahh.’ He thought to himself. ‘A fearless one.’

He bent deeply at his waist, bowed his head and extended his right arm out to the side.

“I am the….local representative, you may call me Bruce.”

A smile tugged at Cam’s lips as she turned to look at her mate, she then had to bite the inside of her mouth to stop a full out laugh when Antoinette mouthed. “BRUCE?”

She turned back to their….host, just as he was straightening up. “Why have you brought us here….Bruce?”

He walked away from the women and sat in the chair that had been placed in the room just for him, he crossed his long elegant legs and picked a piece of imaginary lint off of the material.

“You have been brought here because it has come to my attention that you may have found a … cure for our daytime problem.”

Cameron couldn’t help but notice that this false hospitality was absurd, considering the fact that they were chained to a wall.

She rattled her bonds and glared at their captor. “And you couldn’t just request my presence and ask me, you had to grab me and my partner, render us unconscious and drag us here?”

“Well Dr. Ribaldi, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Cameron was confused. “I don’t follow.”

Bruce laced his long fingers together on his lap. “If you have found a way to walk in the daylight, how do I know that you didn’t also find a way to destroy us?”

Cam’s patience was quickly leaving her. “Are you insane, that has never crossed my mind, I took an oath just like all of the rest, I’ve never even thought about something like that.”

A wicked glint entered Bruce’s eyes. “I’ll believe that if you tell me how it is that you can walk in the light.”

The blonde looked over at her lover, Antoinette nodded her head yes, but Cameron returned a barely visible head shake from side to side.

Antoinette looked at her in bewilderment. What Antoinette didn’t realize, but Cameron did, was if she told Bruce that the cause of her day walking was because her blood was mixed with her lover’s, they would bleed the lycan until there was nothing left.

She turned pleading green eyes to the ancient hoping that he would believe her.

“I have not come up with a cure, I can only guess that after all of the experiments I’ve done over the years that some combination that I’m not aware of took hold in my system.”

Bruce stood and slowly approached the blonde woman, when he was less than an arms length away, with lightning quick speed, he backhanded the scientist.

The blow turned Cam’s head to one side, and she felt a trickle of blood trying to escape the corner of her mouth, she quickly snaked out her tongue to stop it from being seen.

She knew that she had just enough human blood, that if it made an appearance in this room, it would be the beginning of a frenzy, she heard Antoinette yelling and trying to free herself from her chains, so she tuned to her.

“Sweetheart, I’m okay.” She was hoping that she could communicate with her mate through her eyes. ‘Please, please calm down.’

The last thing that she wanted was for the room full of vampires to focus on her lover. Antoinette must have gotten the message, because she calmed down.

Bruce’s next words dripped with sarcasm. “Isn’t that lovely, such…commitment.”

He wasn’t known to have any patience at all, so he was ready to get answers, or end this, he leaned in so close to Cam, that she felt his oddly dry breath on her ear.

“Tell me what I want to know, or I will end your life this very moment and then let them loose on your partner.”

Cameron was searching her brain, trying desperately to think of a way to stall. “Why are you going to such lengths to get this information?”

The pale man stepped back and stared at the green eyed woman. “Come now Dr. Ribaldi, you have to know that giving new generations of vampires the ability to walk in the day again, will put an end to those of us who no longer have a choice.”

Cameron didn’t understand, so she said it. “I don’t understand.”

Bruce returned to his seat and wondered why he was wasting time talking to this woman, the sooner he killed her, the sooner they could enjoy her mate, he could tell by the dark woman’s actions that her blood would be intoxicating, the strong will and the power that she exuded, made the waiting almost unbearable.
But first he had to end the only life that knew the secret of day walking. The tall man exhaled and looked at Cameron as if she were a three year old.

“If the vampires that have never fed on humans found out that their cursed blood could be changed, we would be no more, if they thought that they could live a normal life, more and more of them would turn from the old ways, they would leave the fight, they would try to assimilate with humans and forget our hatred of them.”

Bruce looked at the blonde vampire with disgust. “There will be more and more vampires like you and your mother, then how long do you think it will be before they come for us?”

Cameron was very frightened now, she realized that it didn’t matter what she told him, they were going to die, he could not risk letting her walk around with the knowledge that he thought she had.

Cameron looked over at Antoinette and tears started to roll down her cheeks. “Sweetheart I am so, so sorry.”

Toni’s heart was pounding furiously in her chest, she didn’t understand what was going on, it looked like Cameron was giving up.

She pulled on her restraints and yelled at her lover. “Cam, don’t you do it, don’t you give up…do you hear me Cameron?!”

The little blonde gave her partner a small sad smile. “I love you baby, so very much.”

When she turned back to face the arrogant nightwalker, her face held no fear, just defiance. “I have nothing to tell you Bruce, there is no cure.”

Antoinette was becoming more frantic, she was pulling at the steel with all that she had. “Cam, look at me, look at me baby.” She could feel the hot tears on her face, but she didn’t care, all she wanted was for Cameron to look at her.

Bruce stood up and straightened his jacket, and before Antoinette could take her next breath, the ancient held out his hand and a silver spike with a sharp point was placed in it and with hardly any movement, the metal pole pierced the blonde woman’s chest.

It all happened so fast, that the only thing that Antoinette saw was her partner’s body hanging limp over a pole that was sticking out of her chest.

The picture hit her full force and all reason left her mind, the scream that she released was mixed with a howl and before anyone in the room knew what was happening, the beast was loose.

She changed in an instant and her powerful limbs broke the bands of steel like they were made of plastic, when she was free she was on the first vampire before he knew what was attacking them, she pulled his heart out with little effort.

The other four recovered and circled the lycan hoping to use their superior speed to get behind the animal that towered over them as she stood erect and decapitate it.

None of them knew that the beautiful black wolf had vampire blood in her veins, so they were shocked when she followed their every move, taking them down one by one.

Then suddenly, Bruce and the last vampire were standing in front of her. “Well, well, well dark one, it seems that you have a little secret of your own.”

Bruce wanted to keep Toni’s attention on him so that the female vampire could get behind her. “Did the late Dr. Ribaldi know about your…condition?”

He thought that if he mentioned her dead lover, that the rage would be focused on him and that would give them the upper hand.

When he heard the deep menacing growl and saw her step forward, he gave the okay.

Bruce watched it unfold in slow motion, the vampire moved swiftly behind the lycan and pulled the sharp sword off of the wall, all in one fluid motion.

She raised the blade high above her head and braced herself for the downward thrust that would separate the lycan’s head from her shoulders.

That never happened, Bruce watched with mild fascination as the lycan quickly thrust her arm out behind her with out turning around and sunk her claws into the woman’s chest, removing her heart just as she had done to the others.

Her blue eyes never left those of the ancient and when she heard the lifeless body drop to the floor behind her, she growled in triumph.

The thin man knew that he was dealing with something a little different then he was used to, so before Antoinette could get him in her grasp, he was gone.

The lycan turned to her partner and pulled the pole from Cam’s chest, then she removed the metal from her body, Antoinette cradled her love in her arms as she slowly returned to her human form.

The now naked woman slid down the wall and sat on the floor cradling the small body in her arms as she rocked back and forth sobbing.

She rocked and whispered into the blonde head. “Please don’t leave me baby, please don’t go, I can’t be here without you.”

She was starting to feel her tenuous grip on reality start to slip and detachment was settling in.

She leaned against the wall holding her unmoving lover, repeating one thing over and over as she rocked. “Cam…Cam…Cam….”

The small woman suddenly inhaled sharply and started to cough, when the spasms stopped she took note of the tan skin that she rested against and the polished gold chain with a ring hanging from it and knew that something very bad had happened.

She pulled away from her lover’s body and gazed up at her, Antoinette didn’t seem to be …aware, Cameron became very worried when she realized that Antoinette was rocking back and forth repeating her name.

She raised her hand to her lover’s cheek and gently caressed it as she spoke softly. “Toni, baby… can you look at me my love?”

Emotionless blue eyes slowly looked down at her. “Are you going to haunt me Cam?”

The dark woman’s tears flowed faster. “Because it’s alright if you do, just don’t leave me …okay?”

Cameron didn’t know what had happened, but whatever it was had left her mate in a fragile state. She continued to caress Toni’s face.

“Baby, I want you to listen to me, I am fine, I am not haunting you, I’m really here.”

Antoinette still wouldn’t respond, so Cameron untangled herself from her lover’s arms and straddled her lap so that they were face to face.

“Look at me sweetheart, come on, look at me.”

Pained blue eyes finally made contact with compassionate green, Cameron leaned in and kissed Antoinette softly, when she pulled back she whispered. “I love you Toni, I’m right here, I haven’t left you.”

The dark woman’s beautiful face started to crumble and she slowly raised her blood stained finger tips to Cam’s face and lightly touched her jaw, afraid to make full contact.

She spoke in a horse voice. “Are you really alive, are you really okay?”

Cameron kissed her again and pulled the dark head to her chest. “Yes my love, I am alive.”

Sobs of a different kind started to rack the tall body and long arms wrapped around the small scientist’s waist, Toni’s face was buried in Cam’s chest so her words were muffled.

“He threw a metal stake into your chest baby and, and you were dead.”

Cameron took a moment to look down at her shirt and saw the blood that stained it, she was confused for a minute and then a bright smile spread across her face.

She cupped Toni’s tear stained face and raised her mate’s head so that she could look at her in the eyes.

“You did it my love, you gave me the ability to regenerate.”

She kissed her mate’s damp forehead. “You saved my life sweetheart, and I’ll spend the rest of our lives showing you how much I love you.”

Cameron shared a loving embrace with her partner for a few more minutes, then she turned around and scanned the room.

The five piles of dust that were scattered around the room gave her an indication as to what had happened.

“By any chance, is one of them Bruce?”

Antoinette shook her head no. “The bastard ran before I could get to him…chicken shit.”

This made Cameron laugh softly as she stood up. Come on Buffy, let’s find something for you to wear and get out of here.”


The women waited until it was nearly time for the sun to rise before they left the building where they had been held.

Cameron located a pair of pants and a shirt to cover her lover’s body, but the clothes were a little small on the tall woman.

The pants never reached her ankles and the sleeves on the shirt rested just below her elbow, the buttons were straining against the woman’s full breast and left small peep holes down the front.

They needed to leave while it was still dark so that they wouldn’t be seen by anyone, but they also wanted to cut down their chances of being attacked again.

When they left the building they stepped out into an alley, to their right was a brick wall and to the left was a two hundred yard walk to the street.

The taunts started almost immediately. A sinister voice filled the night air.

“Oh my, is that Dr. Ribaldi, alive and well?” A deep hollow laugh followed.

The two women stayed close together as they maneuvered their way down the alley, they weren’t sure if Bruce was alone.

He was somewhere above them, shadowing them from the roof tops, occasionally, Cameron would get a faint hint of his scent and have an idea where he was.

Because Antoinette now knew what the ancient smelled like, she could also follow his movements.

Antoinette stopped and called up to their would be captor. “Why don’t cha come on down and talk to us face to face Brucie.”

She hoped that he would take her up on the offer, she wanted nothing more than to get her hands on the creature.

The invitation amused the vampire. “Not yet, lycan, but soon enough, first I have to unravel the mystery of the lycanthrope and the vampire.”

As the two women exited the alley, they heard the deep evil voice whisper. “Soon…don’t get too comfortable, because soon me and mine will be paying you two a very personal visit.


Cameron and Antoinette practically flew through the streets of D.C. and returned home without incidence.

After they showered they sat on the sofa in the living room and started brain storming, they needed a plan, something that was going to keep Bruce and his minions away from them.

Cameron took a sip of her hot chocolate and looked in her partner’s direction. “I don’t know what to do baby.”

Antoinette gave her mate a feral smile. “I do.”

The scientist was immediately intrigued. “Oooh, what a wicked look, what do you have in mind love?”

Antoinette sat her mug on the coffee table and turned sideways so that she could face the small blonde.

“How about, we make the hunters…the hunted?”

Cameron mirrored Toni’s posture. “You mean we go after them, before they come after us?”

“That’s exactly what I mean, that bastard thinks he put fear in our hearts, but I plan on showing him and his what fear is.”

The scientist had to think for a moment, after all she had taken an oath not to harm the feeders.

“Sweetheart, you know I vowed not to harm the blood suckers.”

Antoinette saw red and spoke with anger. “Did those predatory bastards take an oath not to harm none feeders!?”

Her chest was heaving and her heart was beating rapidly. “I saw that piece of shit put a stake through your heart without blinking an eye, then he tried to insight me by throwing it in my face.”

She pulled her lover close to her and spoke into her blonde hair. “I will never let that happen again baby, I will kill every one of them that comes near you and seeing what a coward Bruce really is, I think I’ll have to go through quite a few of them before I get to him.”

Cameron thought about what Antoinette had said, she didn’t think that she nor her parents had ever thought about the fact that the ancients demand that you be presented to them and then extract an oath from a child, but never vowing to do none feeders any harm.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. “Who in the hell do they think they are?”

Antoinette pulled back and looked into green eyes that burned with fire.

“If Bruce thinks that I’m gonna sit around and wait for him to come for us, he is mistaken.”

Cameron spoke directly to her partner. “If we do this, we are going to have to go on the road and seek them out, are you ready for that?”

Toni’s body was humming with the energy that was coursing through her. “I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life, I’m used to traveling and sleeping in the truck, do you think that you can adjust?”

Cameron was swept into the waves that rolled off of her lover. “Yes, I’m ready, first I’ll have to give notice to my supervisor, but after that, I say let’s hit the road.”

Then she thought for a second. “I guess we’ll have to live off of our savings then, huh?”

Antoinette caressed the other woman’s soft cheek. “I am used to living like that, but if you don’t think that you’ll be comfortable, we don’t have to do this, I am willing to wait for dirt breath to make a move and get him then.”

“No, no, I’m fine, I’m actually looking forward to being out there with you and standing by you in battle.”

Antoinette pulled Cameron into her lap. “Me too baby.”

She looked deep into her mate’s green eyes and spoke what she knew was the truth. “We were born for this Cam, this is our calling.”

Cameron felt the same way. “I know sweetheart, it’s time to rid the earth of those parasites.”

She leaned in and kissed Toni’s sweet lips. “It’s time for us to go and fulfill our destiny.”



Antoinette was putting the last of their travel gear in the back of the Suburban when Ben pulled in behind her.

They had put in their notices at work and sold Cam’s car, the house was now on the market and Ben had volunteered to take care of the sell and let them know what was going on.

Two failed attacks had already been made on the women and they were ready to get some get back, they had a pretty good idea where to start their search and destroy mission.

Their first stop was going to be, the under ground catacombs near Lafont Plaza metro rail stop.

Ben reached Antoinette just as Cameron was bringing a cooler packed with food and drinks out to the truck.

“Hey Ben, I’m glad we are getting to see you before we leave.”

He hugged his small colleague. “You didn’t think that I was going to let you get away that easily did you?”

“I should have known better.”

Antoinette took the cooler from her partner and put it on the floor behind the front seat.

After she was done, she came back and stood beside her mate with one arm draped across her shoulders.

She extended her free arm and shook Ben’s hand. “Thank you for everything that you’re doing for us Ben, you don’t know how much we appreciate it.”

Ben returned the hand shake with enthusiasm. “It’s no problem Toni, I’ll do everything that I can on my end, you get me a blood sample as soon as you can and I’ll start working on some kind of defense against your enemies.”

Over the past weeks they had been discussing the possibility of finding some type of weapon that can stop a vampire without having to be close to it, as soon as they could figure out a way to get a stable sample to Ben they would.

Ben stood and looked at the two women, it was still hard for him to believe what laid beneath their beautiful exteriors.

“I’m gonna miss you guys.”

Then he puffed out his chest. “But I’m proud to be involved in this battle that the two of you are waging against the dark lord.”

They climbed into the truck and Antoinette started the engine, after Ben backed out and cleared the driveway they pulled out into the street and started on their journey.

As they drove into the bright sunlight of an unusually warm October afternoon Antoinette took Cam’s hand into her own and raised it to her mouth, gently kissing the small knuckles.

“When we are finished here how do you feel about going to New Orleans and meeting my family?”

Cameron smiled brightly. “I would love that, how do you feel about meeting mine?”

“I look forward to meeting the people that gave me the love of my life.”

Cameron leaned over and kissed Toni’s cheek. “And who knows, while we’re there, maybe I’ll give Sasha a visit.”

Antoinette looked over and saw the wicked gleam in the green eyes that she loved, then she laughed out loud. “That’s a reunion I can’t wait to attend.”

They headed down the road to begin a journey that would take them all over the world, and send them on many adventures over the years.



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