To Conquer The Heart And Capture My Soul by T. Stratton

To Conquer The Heart And Capture My Soul
by T. Stratton

Part One

“You stupid asshole. Look what you have done to my new dress.” The tall dark haired woman yelled as she grabbed a napkin and dabbed at her white dress. “I want you out of my home now.”

The soldier snapped to attention after he picked himself up off the floor. “Right away your Highness.” He turned and waited for the door to slide open so he may leave. “I am so glad I am getting out of this duty. Spoiled brat needs to be spanked until her butt is so red she can’t sit for a week.”

“Tell your commanding officer I want him here in five minutes.” The Princess ordered as she left the room to change her dress.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered as he walked through the now open door and down the hallway. “I feel so sorry for the next guard who has to become her guardian.”


“Captain Cooper front and center.” Bellowed Major Cochran. He rolled his eyes when he heard the sound of cursing and trays crashing to the ground from behind the wall that led to the kitchen area. “Now Cooper.”

“I’m coming.” The Captain screamed back. “If you hadn’t scared the crap out of me Major I wouldn’t have dumped the entire container of pudding all over the place.”

The Major tried as hard as he could to keep from laughing when the small Captain walked through the door covered in the yellow dessert. “That color suits you small bit.”

“Don’t call me that or I will tell Lisa how you got that scar on your butt.” Bailey Cooper winked as she licked her fingers clean. “Now what do you want?”

“General Denon wants you in his office, now.” The Major replied as he ran a finger across Bailey’s cheek. “How much was in that container?”

“It was five gallons. I was getting it ready for lunch tomorrow.” Bailey slapped his hand away when he went to wipe some off her chest. “You are such a perv.”

“Yep,” he smiled. “I would hurry up if I was you. The General is hot about something.”

“I didn’t do anything this time. I have been in the kitchen everyday for the past three weeks since I got caught sneaking out to that party off base.” Bailey headed toward the door. “Do you have any clue what it might be about?” She asked her long time friend.

“Well, I think it might have something to do with Private Baker.” Cochran mumbled softly.

Bailey stopped in her tracks and whipped around. “You don’t think?”

Cochran nodded his head.

“No fucking way. I will not be guardian for some snot nose selfish princess.” Bailey stomped her feet hard on the floor. “I would rather work in that kitchen twelve hours a day for life than do that.”

“The only way you are gonna really find out what is going on is to get your ass cleaned up and get to the General’s office.” Cochran grabbed Bailey by the shoulders and turned her around then gave her a shove. “Get going.”

“Yes, sir.” Bailey gave Cochran a one-finger salute.


“Come,” General Denon, yelled not lifting his eyes off the paper that he was reading.

Bailey opened the door and stood at attention in front of his desk. “You asked to see me sir?”

“Yes, I did.” He looked up at the newly showered woman before him. “You had time to shower before you came. How nice for me.”

“Had to sir. Had an accident with some pudding.” Bailey stated still looking straight ahead.

“I will let you explain that a little later on. As for right now you have a new assignment.” The General stood up and stretched his back. “Last night Private Baker was let go of his duties watching the Princess. I want you to take his place.” “Sorry sir I can’t do that.” Bailey replied. General Denon raised an eyebrow at the small soldier. “Care to explain to me why you can’t do what I am ordering you to do.” “I am currently assigned to the kitchen, because of some trouble I am in sir. I wish to stay and carry out my punishment.” Bailey said in a calm voice. Which surprised her since her insides were jumping around like twenty jackrabbits.

“Well I have talked to your supervisors and they have agreed to let you go. You will show up at the palace tomorrow morning at six am.” He stated matter of fact. “Got that soldier?”

“Yes sir,” Bailey mumbled as she lowered her head.


“So what time does your new guardian get here?” Lynne asked as she took a swallow of her drink. “I hope they send someone with a better attitude than the last guy.”

“Me too, and the newbie will be here bright and early tomorrow morning.” Parker wiggled her eyebrows as she sucked a grape into her mouth. “What do you think we should do this time?”

Lynne rolled over onto her back and crossed her feet at the ankle. Her long blonde hair surrounded her head like a golden halo. A wicked look crossed her facial features. “How about we see who can get the new guard into bed?”

“What?” Parker coughed. “You can’t be serious?”

“Why not. Even though Private Baker was a twit he had one hell of a great body. I would have slept with him in a heart beat.” Lynne grinned, as she thought about the perfectly round butt in those tight green pants. “In a freaking heart beat.” She repeated with a moan.

“You are sick.” Parker slapped at her friend’s foot as she walked by to get something more to drink.

“Just because I like my partners to have a little extra between their legs doesn’t mean it is gross.” The beautiful blonde shot back as she leaned her head up to finish her drink. “Get me another one will ya?”

Parker sat her cup down and walked over to grab Lynne’s glass. She bent over the back of the couch. “I think it is gross to have some smelly gross man bouncing inside you. Grunting and moaning. The worst thing is all the hair…everywhere.” Parker shivered at the thought.

“You just never tried it before so you don’t know.” Lynne smiled.

Parker leaned closer to Lynne’s face. “I will never try it either so the getting the guard in bed thing is off.”

Lynne grabbed Parker’s face. “What if the guard is a woman?”

Parker stood up and thought for a second. “Sure why not it might be fun.”


“God damn it I hate mornings.” Bailey tossed a pillow at the wall alarm clock that was buzzing. “Shut the fuck up will ya.”

Knowing that the alarm wouldn’t stop until she got out of bed she rolled onto the floor and crawled over to the little instrument panel and slapped her hand across the off switch. “This is so not gonna be my day.”

She slowly stood up and stretched her body out. Several vertebrae popped back into place and she groaned in pure pleasure. “I love that feeling.” She shuffled her feet as she headed towards the bathroom. “Better get my ass in gear. I have a feeling that this is gonna be one hell of a day.”

A couple of hours later Bailey stood outside one of the palace doors. She took a deep breath before she knocked.

“What do you want?” A big round woman in her late fifties asked when she opened the door.

“Well hello to you too.” Bailey replied back. “I am the new guardian for the princess. I was told to enter through this door.”

“You’re kinda small to be any good at protecting the princess aren’t ya?” The round woman asked, as she looked Bailey up and down. “You look like a baby could take you down.”

“You want me to show you what exactly I can do?” Bailey stepped closer to the stout woman. “I know several different ways to kill someone with one hand tied behind my back.” She brought her hand up and made a tight fist, which caused her knuckles to pop.

“Damn you are sure fun to get riled up. My name is Ann and if you need anything just call on me.” Ann smiled as she stepped into the palace kitchen. “Let me show you where you need to go.”

Bailey shook her head as she followed the older woman. “Working at the palace is sure gonna be an experience.”


“What times does the princess usually wake up?” Bailey asked as she walked next to Ann who had a try loaded down with food.

Ann shrugged her shoulders. “Around ten or so. If she has an early morning engagement just leave her alone until she has had her second cup of coffee.” The older woman stopped and looked at Bailey. “Why am I carrying this heavy tray when you should be.” She held out the tray until Bailey took it.

“So sorry ma’am, please let me help you.” Bailey smirked as she took the tray from Ann’s hands. “Which way are we going?”

“Down the hall. Third door on the right.” Ann pointed. “Just give it a little knock the temporary guard will let ya in.”

“Thanks,” Bailey started to walk down the hall but was stopped by Ann’s voice. She turned around and looked at the woman. “Yes?”

“Watch yourself. Her highness isn’t the nicest person in the world and neither are her friends.” Ann said softly. “I like ya and kinda want to keep you around for a bit.”

“Thanks for the warning and I will watch my back.” Bailey turned back around and walked towards the door to the princess’s rooms.


“Where is my breakfast?” Parker yelled as she walked into her living room. “Damn it, Ann knows I hate to be kept waiting.”

“Sorry your Highness. Ann should be here any second now.” The soldier answered.

“She better be.” Parker slumped down on the couch and closed her eyes. She heard the slight knock at the door and opened one eye. “About damn time. Go open the door for Ann before my coffee gets cold.”

“Yes your Highness.” The soldier bowed before he quickly hurried to the door. The sight of Bailey standing there nearly had the man doing cartwheels. “Hello Captain.”

“Hello, Private and how are you this morning?” Bailey asked as she stood there.

The Private took a deep breath. “I am so happy to see you.”

“Well I can’t say the same about you, but will you step aside so I can bring in the heavy tray.” Bailey smiled.

“Sorry Captain.” The Private stepped back and took the tray from her hands. “The Princess is waiting on the couch he whispered.”

“Great, I was hoping that I would have a few minutes to look around before her brattyness woke up.” She whispered back.

“No such luck Captain.” The Private let Bailey walk in front of him.

Bailey stood in front of the table and waited until the princess acknowledged her presence. As she waited she got a good look at the young royal. Long dark hair that shined from endless brushing. Skin that looked soft to the touch, full lips that would begged to be kissed and kissed often. “Damn, she looks better in real life.” She thought as she continued her inspection down the woman’s body and back up again to curious blue eyes that were now open.

“See anything you like?” The Princess asked with a husky voice.

“Not particularly.” Bailey smirked.

“I bet,” Parker sat up and stretched letting the front of her robe open a bit to show a great amount of cleavage.

Bailey rolled her eyes; “your breakfast is here.”

Parker giggled softly, “you can be my breakfast.”

“Sorry your highness. I am not on the menu.” Bailey pushed the tray closer to the seated woman. “By the way I am Captain Bailey Cooper. I am your new guardian.”

“You can guard any part of my body you want and any time you want.” Parker grabbed a grape and sucked it into her mouth. “We are gonna have so much fun.”

Bailey looked over at the Private who had his eyes closed. “Private you may leave now. The Princess is in capable hands now.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The Private saluted Bailey and walked out of the room.

“Your Highness?” Bailey turned back to the princess who was drinking from her juice glass. “I am here to protect you with my life and that is all. I will not be part of anything else you may have running through that head of yours.”

“Oh my dear Captain. Just think of all the fun we can have.” Princess Parker stood up as she bit on the tip of her little finger. “I can make you feel so many things that you will never want to leave my side.”

“Well, since this is my new assignment I have no choice but to never leave your side. So why don’t you just go make yourself feel all those feelings you are talking about. I will wait here.” Bailey looked at her watch. “It should take you what…five minutes?”

Parker smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow. “Oh believe me. I can last a lot longer than five minutes.”

“Good for you then I’ll give ya seven.” Bailey crossed her arms over her chest and waited to see what would happen with that comment.

“You are a little bitch.” Parker growled as she stormed around the coffee table to stand right in front of Bailey. She poked the smaller woman in the chest several times. “You better watch what you say and do or I will have you shipped to the farthest galaxy for the rest of your time in the military.”

Bailey grabbed the princess’s finger. “Please do me the favor and make that call. I would rather be there than babysitting some spoiled brat who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself.”

“Fuck you,” Parker yelled and stomped into her bedroom and slammed the door closed.

“Not if you were the last woman on earth.” Bailey yelled at the closed door. She walked around the table and slumped onto the couch. “Bitch.”


“I’m impressed. You were in your room for a whole two hours.” Bailey said when Parker stepped out of her room dressed and ready for the day.

Parker just glared at her and walked to the front door. “You are a little troll.”

Bailey smiled big and nodded her head. “Then my job here is done.” She stepped closer to Parker and stopped her from opening the door. “Where ya going?”

“Where I go is no concern of yours.” Parker used the heel of her shoes to step on Bailey’s polished black boots.

“Ouch,” Bailey grabbed at her foot as she jumped up and down on one leg. “That hurt.”

“Good, now if you will excuse me I have an appointment in an hour.” Parker grinned as she opened the door and walked through slamming the large door.

Bailey quickly grasped the door handle and swung the door open. “You get your ass back here.” She yelled at the figure down the hall.

Parker lifted her hand up and flipped the Captain off.

“I am so gonna kill her.” Bailey mumbled as she limped after the tall princess. “I’m gonna wrap my hands around that long neck of hers and watch as her face turns purple.”

A man stepped out in front of Bailey as she was heading down the hallway. She almost grabbed the man by the collar to get him out of her way, but she noticed who he was and she bowed her head. “Your Highness.”

“Hello Captain. I take it you are her new guardian?” King Lakewood asked as he watched his daughter disappear from sight.

“Yes you Highness. I started this morning.” Bailey replied as she looked at her boots.

“You will have your hands full I am afraid.” The King stated as he shook his head. “Just watch over her.”

“With my life.” Bailey answered.

King Lakewood looked Bailey over and smiled to himself. “I know you will and I thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome.” Bailey looked up into soft blue eyes that reminded her so much of the princesses but hers were so deranged compared to his. “I must really be going your Highness.”

The King looked in the direction his daughter just went and nodded his head. “You better hurry. She won’t be able to leave unless you are with her.”

“Then I better go before she blows her top.” Bailey bowed slightly before she started to walk away.

“Watch yourself,” the King said. “My daughter doesn’t like it when things don’t go her way.”

Bailey stopped at turned back towards the tall king. “I have already figured that out your Highness.”

“I figured you might have.” The King laughed. “Go on now.”

“Good day your Highness.” Bailey bowed once again before she jogged down the hall.


“It’s about damn time. If you are gonna keep me from my appointments then maybe you should get another assignment.” Parker snapped when Bailey walked through the transporter door.

Bailey took a seat and buckled herself in. “I was talking to your father.”

“Right,” Parker rolled her eyes. “I think you can come up with a better lie than that.”

“Whatever your bitchiness.” Bailey leaned her head back against the wall as the transporter swooshed up onto the air. “And for your knowledge. I was taken out of the kitchen to come here and watch your ass.”

“What?” Parker sat up as far as she could with the restraints holding her into her seat. “What do you mean you were brought out of the kitchen?”

“What part of I was working in the kitchen don’t you get?” Bailey asked.

Parker stared at Bailey. “You can’t be serious.”

Bailey smiled and nodded her head. “You bet I am.”

“I’m dead.” Parker mumbled as she undid her buckles and walked over to the communication desk. “If what you said is true I so don’t want you to watch over me.”

“Sorry what you see is what you get.” Bailey crossed her arms over her chest and winked.

Parker ignored Bailey and started to punch in some information. When what she wanted finally scrolled up she read. “Oh man you were telling the truth.”

“One thing you will find out about me. I don’t lie.” Bailey unbuckled her own restraints and walked over to Parker who held her head in her hand. “Just so you don’t think kitchen duty is all I can do let me show you my record.”

Parker looked in between her fingers as Bailey typed. As the words scrolled up she read all about Bailey’s achievement and accomplishments. The awards she had won in the line of duty and the numerous injuries she had sustained while fighting against the Borealis.

“Is that better Princess?” Bailey asked as she went back to her seat.

Parker didn’t answer as she kept on reading and getting some insight on her new guardian. She was impressed to say the least, but she still didn’t like Bailey very much. The mouthy little blonde needed to learn her place in the system.

“Well I will say that you have been busy, but apparently it wasn’t enough to get you out of the kitchen.” Parker swiveled in her chair and rested her hands on her knees. “What did you do? Piss off your commanding officer and get sent to the kitchen as punishment?”

Bailey’s eyes grew cold. “Something like that.”

Parker felt an instant regret for what she had said. She turned towards the computer screen and hit off before she saw the last box pop up.

“So where are we going?” Bailey asked softly as she looked out the little window by her seat.

Parker walked over to her seat and buckled herself in. “We are going to the children’s hospital.”

“Okay, I would like to know your schedule in advance.” Bailey told Parker as the tall princess leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

“Why? All you have to do is follow me around like a dog. You don’t need to know my schedule.” Parker replied coldly.

“I need to know your schedule because it might save your ass.” Bailey spat. “If I can get a lay out of the places you are gonna go I will be able to be better to get you out of a dangerous situation.”

“Whatever,” Parker sighed knowing that Bailey was right.

Bailey crossed her legs at her ankles. “Good come back. I will have to write that one down in my book to use later on.”

“Do whatever you want.” Parker replied, as she looked at Bailey though half-closed eyelids.

“I will, thanks.” Bailey smiled.


Bailey couldn’t believe her eyes. Princess Parker Lakewood was a totally different person when she was around the children at the hospital. She really liked the person she saw and wished that the princess would be like that all the time, but as soon as they were out of sight and in the transporter she reverted back into the spoiled bitch.

Now here she was siting in the Princesses living room knowing the tall woman was up to something. She looked around the room and really looked at the decorum. Soft browns and tans covered the walls with dark brown couch and chair. Shelves full of micro book and movies. Pictures of Parker shaking hands with a various assortment of people’s hands. She had a fake smile in all of them except the ones she was in with her family. There the smile was bright and loving.
Bailey stepped closer the Lakewood family was a gorgeous looking family. All tall with dark hair. Each one had a set of blue eyes that rivaled the oceans across the world of Vashon. Plus a strong looking body and presence.

A knock on the door broke Bailey’s concentration. She walled over to the door pushing the button to see who was standing on the other side. A long legged blonde stood there twirling her hair with one hand and looked at her perfect manicured nails of the other one. “Wonder who this could be?”

Bailey stepped back and opened the door with a swoosh. “Can I help you?”

Lynne grinned as she checked out Bailey. She sauntered up close and ran one of her manicured fingernails along Bailey’s jaw. “Hello, who are you?”

Bailey smiled as she grabbed the roaming finger. “I’m Captain Bailey Cooper and I believe I asked you the same question.”

Lynne bent closer to Bailey and licked her lips. “I am your new best friend.”

Bailey kissed Lynne’s finger before she let in drop. Then she put her own finger right in the middle of Lynne’s forehead and pushed her back. “I don’t think you qualify as a person who could be anyone’s best friend.”

“You have got some nerve.” Lynne stood back and put her hands on her hips. “You need to learn your place little girl.”

“If you think you are woman enough to teach me bring it on.” Bailey crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot.

“You two knock it off.” Parker ordered as she entered the room. “Captain Cooper go see if my transport is ready.”

“I am not your servant.” Bailey shot back not taking her eyes off of Lynne.

Parker stormed over to Bailey. “You listen to me. I am your Princess and you will do as I say.”

Bailey glared deep into Parker’s blue eyes. She wanted to just smack the attitude right out of her. Wanting to just get the hell out of the room Bailey nodded. “Fine, I will go check on the car, but I am only going so I don’t have to look at that snatch anymore.”

Lynne moved so fast that neither Bailey nor Parker saw the slap coming. The sound of palm on face vibrated around the room.

“Lynne!” Parker yelled as she caught her friend’s hand before she could get in another slap. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Do you think I am just going to sit back and let this low life military bum insult me like that?” Lynne shouted as she tried to get out of Parker’s grasp.

Bailey just stood there. She couldn’t believe that Lynne had gotten that slap in without her noticing her move at all. Not wanting to get into it anymore with the tall blonde she started towards the door. “I will go check on the your transport now.” She wanted to rub the now sore cheek but didn’t want to give Lynne the satisfaction that she was in pain.

“Bailey, wait.” Parker moved away from Lynne. “You don’t have to do that. I will call down.”

“No, you are the Princess and you ordered me to do something and I will do it.” Bailey left the room and headed down the hall.

“Boy what a bitch,” Lynne seethed as she tossed her purse to the couch. “You need to get a new guardian.”

Parker nodded her head. “Tell me about it.”

Lynne watched as Parker kept her eyes on the closed door. She raised an eyebrow. “So do you want to keep the bet going?”

“Do you really think you have a chance after what you just did to her?” Parker turned to look at her friend. “If you really think you have a shot at her, sure.”

“I think I can get her to see me in a new light.” Lynne smiled brightly as a plan formed in her head.

“Okay then, lets head out and have some fun.” Parker clapped her hands and walked towards the door.

“Lets see what kind of trouble we can get into.” Lynne ran around the coffee table and grabbed her purse.


“How in the world can anyone have fun in a place like this?” Bailey asked herself as she followed Parker and Lynne into the crowded dance club. “This is a security nightmare.”

“Look there is Eddie.” Lynne shouted as she grabbed ahold of Parker’s hand and pulled her through the crowd.

“I don’t want to see Eddie.” Parker yelled. “He’s a jerk.”

Lynne stopped and looked at her best friend. “You’re just pissed because he set you up with that thing he calls a cousin.”

“That girl thought that I would give her an island of her own if I slept with her.” Parker laughed as she looked at the crowd to see if anyone caught her eye. The only thing that did was Bailey scouting around to make sure she was safe.

The hair on the back of Bailey’s neck stood up. She knew someone was watching her and she slowly looked around. Soft blue eyes made her stop breathing. The intensity of the emotions she saw in them surprised her.

Bailey didn’t have time to question what she saw as a commotion caught her attention to the left of her. Four big men shoving and pushing their way through the crowd. They laughed as they drank other people’s drinks and joked about the people that tripped to get out of their way.

Bailey groaned when one of the men noticed Parker standing off to the side. “Please can’t we just have a nice quiet night?” She recognized the big dark haired man as a mercenary who helped out the Borealis. They were just unable to prove any of it.

Parker blinked when the connection she had just had with Bailey broke and she turned to look to see what caught Bailey’s attention. “Damn they look scary.”

Lynne heard her friend mumble something and turned too look over at the small group of outlaws. “Wow check out the muscles on that one.”

“I think maybe we should go.” Parker grabbed Lynne’s hand and started towards Bailey who was making her way through the crowd.

“I want you out of here now.” Bailey wrapped her fingers around Parker’s forearm and guided her towards the entrance. Hoping that she could get the princess past the group without any trouble.

“Where do you think you are going?” The leader asked as he stepped in front of Bailey stopping her cold in her tracks.

“Move now,” Bailey glared up at the man. Even though he stood several inches and outweighed her by a good hundred pounds of muscles she knew she could take him down. It would be hard but she could do it.

“You don’t scare me little lady. I just want to have a conversation with the tall drink of water you have your hands on.” Toby said as he adjusted himself with one hand and reached for Parker with the other.

Bailey grabbed ahold of Toby’s wrist. “I said move, now.”

“You are a pushy little thing.” Toby looked down at Bailey. “Why don’t you let go before I let my friends here take you out back and teach you a lesson.”

Bailey smiled as she let go of Parker’s arm but not Toby’s. “Are you too afraid to come out and teach me yourself?” She squeezed his wrist tighter. “I dare you.”

Toby’s eyes turned completely black. “You want it you got it.” He turned and headed for the front door with his friends following him.

“Are you nuts?” Parker asked as she grabbed ahold of Bailey’s shoulders. “They are going to kick your ass.”

Bailey shook her head. “You really have faith in your guardian don’t you.”

Lynne started to laugh. “You are so stupid if you think you can handle those four.”

Bailey glared at Lynne. She so did not want to deal with the snotty bitch right now. “Listen, I am only going to say this once.” She pointed at Lynne. “You shut your god damn mouth. I have had enough of you.” She then pointed at Parker. “You take your loud mouth friend and go to the transport. Lock the doors and don’t let anyone in except for me.”

“Where are you going to go?” Parker questioned as they made their way through the crowd. “You honestly don’t think you can handle those four on your own do you?”

“Honestly, yes I could, but I will call for back up. The leader is a mercenary that we have been trying to get charges on, but he is a sneaky sucker. I think failure to listen to the guardian of the Royal Princess is a nice charge that will keep.” Bailey opened the door as the cool night air hit her face and she took a deep breath. “Now you to go to the transport. I will be there in a few minutes.”

“I really don’t want to leave you.” Parker said softly.

Bailey shrugged. “This is what I do. I am here to protect you and this country and that man is a risk that needs to be taken out.”

“Let the little bitch go and get her brains smashed in.” Lynne stated as she checked her watch. “This night is lost and it would be great to see you get your face smashed in.”

“The only reason I didn’t break your arm when you hit me earlier was because you too are under my protection since you are with the princess.” Bailey stepped so close to Lynne that she could smell her expensive perfume. “Just so you know. It won’t happen again. I will take you down.”

“Bitch,” Lynne spat before she turned towards the transport.

“Go to the transport Princess Parker. I will only be a few minutes.” Bailey waited until the Princess and her annoying friend was safe inside. “Okay now to call some back up.” She lifted the small communication device and talked briefly. “Okay now to take care of some trash.”

Parker stood and looked out one of the windows of the transport. She watched Bailey talk into her communicator and then walk to the alley that the four men were waiting. “I can’t let her go in there by herself.”

“You aren’t going out there.” Lynne stopped Parker from opening up the door. “She told you that this is her job. So let her do it.”

Parker tugged her hand out of Lynne’s grasp. “It maybe her job, but damn it she doesn’t have to get her assed kicked.”

“Maybe it will teach her a lesson.” Lynne stated coldly.

Parker’s insides were jumping. She knew that her and Bailey hadn’t gotten along and knew that it was mostly due to her attitude towards having to be watched every second. “You can stay here if you want. I am going out there and see if I can help.”

“Fine,” Lynne stomped over to a seat and sat down. “I’ll just wait here.”

Parker hit the button to get the transporter door to swoosh open. She slowly made her way over to the alley where Bailey walked to just a few minutes ago.

Bailey stood there with her hands on her hips waiting for the first one to make his move. She didn’t have to wait long as a scuff of a heel caught her attention and she ducked a fist. She brought her leg up and out and caught the leader Toby in the stomach and then used her fist to break the man’s nose. She followed up with her elbow breaking the man’s jaw.

“You fucking cunt. That is my brother.” One of the other men yelled as he bent over picking up a piece of board that had nails sticking out at one end. “I am going to ram this up your ass.”

“You can sure try, but I doubt you will.” Bailey replied as she blocked the swinging board with her right arm and grabbed the man’s wrist with the left.

The man dropped the board as his entire hand went numb. The intense pain that shot up his arm dropped him to his knees. He looked at his two friends that stood there. “Will you two help me.”

The two didn’t wait long. They both went at Bailey and tackled her and their friend hoping that would break the small woman’s grip on their friend’s wrist.

“Let him go you bitch.” One yelled as his fist connected with the side of Bailey’s face.

Bailey used her feet and kicked one of the men off her; he went flying against the wall landing on a box filled with now broken bottles.

“This will do,” the man mumbled as he picked up a large piece of glass and stumbled to Bailey who now had her back towards him fighting the other two.

Bailey swung at Toby clipping him in the chin as she felt a searing in her side. She flipped around and stopped another swipe of the glass. “You asshole.” She yelled as she grabbed the man’s wrist and flipped him into the others. She stood there on wobbly legs holding her hand to her side. She could feel the warm trickle of blood ooze between her fingers.

She looked up when a bright light lit up the area. “This is the Police. Stay where you are and don’t move.”

Bailey took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. She was getting light headed and was glad she didn’t have to fight these guys anymore. It wasn’t a long fight but since she hasn’t been out in battle she lost some of her stamina. “Gonna have to work out more.” She muttered out loud as she watched several armed men slip down ropes to take the four mercenaries into custody.

“You okay Captain?” One of them men asked as he walked closer to Bailey.

“I am alright private. Go on and take those men out of here and make sure you let the General know that one is Toby the mercenary.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The Private saluted her.

“Bullshit, you are not alright.” Parker said through clenched teeth. “I saw you get cut by that one guy.”

Bailey lowered her head and turned towards the Princess. “I told you to go to the transport.”

“I don’t give a shit what you told me.” Parker replied as she walked closer to Bailey. “Let me see.” She pointed toward Bailey’s side.

“No need. I am fine.” Bailey started to walk past Parker but was stopped by Parker’s hand on her shoulder. She looked down at the hand then turned cold green eyes to stare at Parker’s soft blue. “Get your hands off of me.”

Parker quickly moved her hand as if it was burnt. “You really are a bitch aren’t you. I just want to help you.”

“I don’t need your help or anyone else’s help. I can take care of myself.” Bailey spat out as she stormed past the tall woman. She made it around the corner of the building before she collapsed to her knees. The blood from her cut seeped through her shirt and now covered her entire hand. “Damn it.” She pushed herself up as she took a deep breath. She looked around and caught a glimpse of Parker watching the commotion with the mercenaries. “You coming Princess.”

Parker heard Bailey and turned her head slightly but didn’t take her eyes off of the men. One looked right at her and smiled then winked. “Animals.”

“Princess now would be a great time to leave.” Bailey shouted as she stood there watching Parker.

Parker turned quickly and headed towards the transporter. She didn’t notice the way Bailey stumbled after her or the small trail of blood.

The landing of the transporter wasn’t the easiest landing Bailey felt. She cringed when the landing equipment bounced a couple of times before it came to a stop.

Parker watched as Bailey’s face twisted in pain. She knew that the guardian was hurt worse than she was letting on and planned on getting Ann. “If anyone can get someone to sit still and get checked out that would be her.”

Lynne smiled at the hurt guardian. “Looks like you bit off more than you could chew.”

Bailey opened her eyes and glared at the woman. She didn’t have the breath or the strength to give a reply.

“You are so full of shit. Why don’t you go back to where you came from and get a real guardian to protect the Princess.” Lynne unbuckled her belt and stood up she walked over to Bailey and looked down at her. “You’re so not cut out for this kind of work.”

Bailey used both her hands to unbuckle the buckle smearing blood all over the silver metal. “You know what? Someone needs to teach you to keep your big mouth shut.”

“Like you could little girl.” Lynne shoved Bailey back in her chair.

Bailey kicked Lynne in the crotch. When the tall woman bent over Bailey’s bloody fist connected with her jaw sending the blonde sprawling back against the hull of the transporter. “Don’t call me little girl.”

“Would you two stop it.” Parker yelled as she squatted next to her friend. “Did you have to hit her?”

“No, but it sure in the hell felt good to shut her fucking mouth.” Bailey stood on wobbly legs and walked to the door. She pushed the button and waited for the door to swoosh open. “Just wave some smelling salts under her nose and she will be fine. I am going back to your apartment so I can get ready for bed.”

“What do you mean my apartment?” Parker asked as she lightly slapped Lynne on the check.

“I guess I forgot to tell you I will be staying in your apartment or rooms or whatever you want to call it.” Bailey informed the kneeling woman before she turned around and headed down the hall.

Parker stared at Bailey’s retreating back. “If she thinks she is staying at my place she is nuts.”


Parker waited until she knew Lynne was okay before she headed towards her own home. She was exhausted from the evening’s events and just wanted to crawl in her bed and forget everything. The sight of a small trail of blood made her groan. “How could I have forgotten she was hurt.”

The tall brunette followed the red stains to the bathroom. The tan door was closed but she could see the light was on. She knocked and waited a few minutes. When she didn’t hear a reply she slowly opened the door and peered inside. The sight of the small blonde guardian sitting on the toilet lid sound asleep broke Parker’s heart.

Parker turned quickly and walked over to the intercom. She buzzed Ann’s room and asked her to come to her room that she needed help. As she waited she gathered some towels and a large bowl of warm water and set them in the extra bedroom where Bailey would be staying. She looked in on Bailey every time she passed the opened bathroom door. The swooshing of the door made her turn around and head down the hall.

“Ann?” Parker called out.

“Yes, Princess it is me.” Ann stood by the door. “What do you need?”

“It’s Bailey she got hurt tonight and I need your help.” Parker guided Ann down the hall and pointed at the still sleeping guardian. “She got cut during a fight. She said it wasn’t that bad, but I know it is.”

“My goodness look at all that blood. You should have called a doctor.” Ann stormed into the bathroom and tried to look at Bailey’s side. “I can’t do it in here. We need to move her to a bed.”

“I have set up the extra bedroom for her.” Parker replied as she helped Ann pick up Bailey’s limp body.

“What was she cut with?” Ann asked as the three stumbled down the hall.

Parker sighed. “She was cut by a large piece of glass.”

Ann nodded her head and waited for Parker to fill her in on what had happened.

“You know Princess you should have listen to her. She is here to protect to and keep you out of harms way.” Ann stated as they laid Bailey down on the bed. “What would you have done if those men had caught you as she was fighting them?”

“They didn’t even know I was there or who I was.” Parker grabbed ahold of Bailey’s legs and put them up in the bed. She untied the black boots and slid them off. Next she removed the white socks and started to undo the belt buckle and finish pulling Bailey’s shirt off..

“Let me do that. I don’t think she would want you to see her.” Ann said as she stopped Parker’s hands from progressing any further. “It doesn’t matter if those men knew who you were. They could have used you against her. You may not really care about anyone but yourself and your family, but I have heard a lot about this woman lying here.”

“I care about others besides my family and myself.” Parker sat on the edge of the bed. “It’s just she pisses me off so much.”

“Do you have any idea who this really is?” Ann asked as she picked up Bailey’s shirt but not taking it off.

“It’s Captain Bailey Cooper. She has all kinds of awards and medals. And for some reason she was sent to work in the kitchen because she was being punished.” Parker answered as she looked away from the nasty cut Ann was cleaning.

“Well you have got the basics.” Ann looked closer at the cut. “Damn it, a large piece of glass is still in there.”

“I know. Tried to get it out but hurt too bad.” Bailey mumbled as her eyes fluttered open.

“I want you to lay still. I am going to call the doctor.” Ann stood up as she dropped the wet bloody towel away.

“No, I don’t want to go to the hospital.” Bailey said as she tried to sit up.

Hush,” Ann put her hands on Bailey’s shoulders and held her down. “I’m just going to call the doctor not the hospital.” She looked into scared green eyes and smiled. “I promise no hospitals.”

Bailey relaxed a little. “Promise?”

“Yes, I promise.” Ann caressed Bailey’s cheek before she headed out of the room.

Parker stood there wondering what was going on and why Bailey panicked when she thought she was going to the hospital.


Parker paced her living room. She would take fives steps one way and five steps the other way. She wondered what was going on in her guest bedroom since Bailey had asked that she leave when the doctor arrived. Plus she wondered why Bailey was scared of the hospital and what Ann meant about just having the basics about Bailey.

“What more do I need to know. I saw her record and all the awards and whatever she has won.” Parker said out loud.

“It’s the medals that she has won that haunt her still and will more than likely haunt her until she dies.” Ann stated as she walked into the room and sat on the couch. “She is going to be fine the doctor is putting the finishing touches on her wound.”

“What do you mean haunt her?” Parker sat next to the older woman. “Please tell me what is going on.”

“Okay, but you have to promise that you won’t use what I am about to give you against her. She has been through enough in her life that she doesn’t need you on her back.” Ann leaned back and took in a deep breath.

“I guess I deserve that. I am not the most trusted person.” Parker rubbed her face with her hands. “I swear not to do or say anything that would hurt her.”

“I believe you.” Ann patted the Princess’s strong back. “Okay about two years ago when the war with the Borealis really started to kick in a group of our military were captured. They were tortured and killed.”

“I remember that. We had a ceremony for the ones that returned.” Parker nodded her head.

“We did, but one person wasn’t there to enjoy it.” Ann turned her head and looked towards the hallway. “Bailey was hurt so bad that they weren’t sure she would survive. The Borealis beat her worse than any other member in her group.”

“How do you know this?” Parker asked shocked at what she was hearing.

“My sister is a nurse at the hospital. She would tell me about her progress.” Ann confessed. “You know the picture of the soldier that was put up on all the news.”

“Which one?” Parker asked. “There had been so many since this war had begun.”

“The one of the captive one their knees with their arms spread out and tied to a board. The face unrecognizable.” Ann answered.

Parker remembered that scene. She thought it was the most horrendous sight she had ever seen. She remembered the way the sun hit the head full of dirty blonde hair. She looked over at Ann with tears running down her face. “No.”

“Yes,” Ann nodded slowly. “That was Bailey.”

“How did she survive?” Parker asked as she wiped the tears off her face with her fingers. “No one could have survived that.”

“It takes someone with a strong will to survive.” Ann laughed. “Plus she is a very stubborn woman.”

Parker laughed out loud. “Yes she is that.”

The two looked up as the doctor walked into the room.

“How is she Doctor?” Parker asked as she walked to the man.

The doctor bowed slightly. “She will be fine. Just have her rest tomorrow and the bandage I put on should dissolve and bind the skin nicely.”

“Thank you for coming out this late at night Doctor.” Ann showed the tired man to the door.

“Please call if the wound looks infected, but I doubt it will. I cleaned it really well.” He said as he stepped out of the room.

“We will thank you again.” Ann waited until the man started to head down the hall before she closed the door. She took a long tired breath and looked at the princess. “Why don’t you go to bed. I will stay up with Bailey to make sure she is alright.”

“No, I really want to stay with her. Why don’t you take my bed and get some sleep. I will let the kitchen know that you will not be in, in the morning.” Parker wrapped her arm around the woman’s shoulder. “Thank you for all your help.”

Ann stopped and looked deep into the Princesses eyes. “Something has changed in you.”

“What do you mean?” Parker asked confused.

Ann cupped the side of Parker’s face with one hand. “Since I saw you yesterday morning and to now you are a little bit different.”

“You are just tired.” Parker patted the hand on her face.

Ann shook her head. “No, something has happened here.” She pointed to Parker’s heart.

“Go to bed you are talking rubbish.” Parker gave Ann a gentle shove.

Ann laughed softly. “For some reason the woman in there has gotten to you.”

“Bull, the only thing that woman has done is piss me off and slug my best friend.” Parker stated as she put her hands on her hips.

“Sure she might have done all that, but I saw how concerned you were for her when I came in. You usually only save that side of yourself for your family.” Ann remarked before she walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

“She is nuts.” Parker shook her head and headed for the spare room where Bailey laid sleeping.


The smell of blood and decay filled Bailey senses. The groans and moans of men she thought of as family filled her head. Screams of terror made her sit up and look around into the vast darkness of the room she was held in.

Parker nearly fell on the floor when Bailey sat up looking around. She quickly turned on the bedside lamp. The sight of Bailey looking around not really seeing anything caused a shiver to run down her spine. She stepped closer to calm the frightened woman down, but arms flung out and kept her away.

Bailey saw some sort of movement when a light flickered on. Not seeing who it was but knowing that is couldn’t be anything good she fought the touch that she knew was coming. She didn’t want to go back to the chamber and it’s horrid images.

Parker stepped back and waited until Bailey put her arms down. Not really knowing how to proceed she started to talk. “Bailey, you need to calm down. No one is going to hurt you here. You are safe and protected. Let me help you.”

Bailey heard a soft voice just at the edge of her conscious mind. She tried to fight her way towards the sounds but the dark forces of evil fought her and kept her where she didn’t want to be. She wanted to be with the voice.

Parker notice that Bailey calmed down for a second but it didn’t last. She wrapped her arms around Bailey’s arms and held on as she whispered. “You are safe.”

Bailey trashed and fought her captors with all she had. She didn’t want to go through the torture again and would die trying to escape. The sweet sound of the voice filled her head once again. She stopped to try to figure out where it was coming from so she could run to it when she escaped.

“Listen, you need to calm down. You are safe.” Parker whispered to the now quiet woman. “Just open your eyes and look around.”

Bailey didn’t want to but the voice was kind and soft so she slowly opened her eyes. The soft light from the lamp on the table made her blink and refocus. The slight movement of something dark caught her attention and nearly made her jump back until she realized it was dark silky hair. She took a deep breath and entwined the dark strands around her finger.

Parker felt the soft touch but just sat there to give Bailey a chance to get herself back to where she felt comfortable.

Several minutes passed with not one movement other than the breathing of two bodies.


Ann opened the door and stuck her head in. The sight of the two figures huddled together made the older woman smile. She knew that she wasn’t seeing things when it came to the slight difference in the actions of the Princess. She could also see a spark of something. What exactly that was she wasn’t totally sure of, but she had a suspicion.


Bailey gasped when she tried to roll over. The pain in her side was bearable, but the needle pricking feeling in her arm hurt. She tried to move her arm, but a solid weight kept it pinned to the mattress. She opened her eyes and the sight of the princess so close to her made her heart do double time.

Bailey brought her free hand up and moved the soft shiny hair away from the sleeping angelic face. She traced the sleeping beauties face with her eyes. Flawless skin that looked like it would feel like silk. Unable to resist she ran a finger across Parker’s cheek and over dark eyebrows.

Soft pink lips parted ever so slightly as a small breath of air rushed out and then back in. A small smile formed as Bailey continued her soft caress. Knowing what she was doing was not right she dropped her hand on her side, but she didn’t take her eyes off the Princess.


Parker could feel someone watching her as she slowly woke up. Not sure who it was she cautiously opened one eye just enough to peek through her lashes. The bright green eyes that stared at her face took her breath away. She opened both her eyes all they way and waited to see what would happen next.

Bailey didn’t stop to think what she was doing as she moved the few inches and placed her lips against Parker’s. The both felt the shock and pulled back.

“What are you doing?” Parker asked as she sat up running her fingers over her lips.

Bailey blinked her eyes; “I have no clue.”

“Well I could tell that.” Parker shot out trying to get her heart calmed down. “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Don’t worry I won’t. Must have mistaken you for someone else.” Bailey tossed the covers off her body and stood up on wobbly legs.

“Where do you think you are going?” Parker asked as she got up off the bed.

Bailey closed her eyes and hoped that the room would stop spinning.

Parker waited for an answer. When wasn’t given she stormed over to the door. “I can’t believe I sat up with you to make sure you were okay.”

“Hey, I didn’t need your help.” Bailey shouted at the princess. “I can take care of myself thank you very much.” She grabbed her clothes off the end of the bed and dressed quickly.

“Right, that is why you were bleeding all over my bathroom when you were out cold.” Parker snapped. “Next time make sure you bleed where I can’t see it. I have better things to do with my time than deal with you.”

“Well, fuck you too. Maybe I should let some asshole get a hold of you and see how you like it.” Bailey stormed past Parker and down the hall.

“You’d like that too much.” Parker followed Bailey to the front room. “You would get your freaking jollies seeing me used like that.”

Bailey turned to face Parker with tears running down her face. “No I wouldn’t and I am sorry I said that. No one should ever have to deal with that.”

Parker gasped at the lost look in Bailey’s eyes as she spoke. Then she remembered what Ann told her about Bailey’s experiences and knew she had stepped over a line that should never have been crossed.

“Do you have any plans for this morning?” Bailey asked softly.

Parker shook her head.

“If something comes up and you need to go. Call the General and let him know that I can’t go with you. Otherwise I will be back this afternoon.” Bailey turned and walked out. Leaving a stunned Parker standing there with her mouth open.

“Well maybe you haven’t changed.” Ann stated as she walked out of the kitchen.

Parker didn’t answer. She turned and headed back to her room.


“You look like shit.” Cochran said after Bailey walked into his office.

Bailey took a seat in the corner of the room and sat there staring at the floor. She knew that Chris wouldn’t bug her too much until she was ready to talk.

Chris Cochran watched his friend sit silently in the corner. She looked like a small-lost child looking for answers. He knew that those answers he couldn’t give to her. They were locked in the darkness of her own soul.


After a few hours of silence Chris almost forgot Bailey was there. The sound of the chair she sat in scraping across the floor brought his eyes up to the now coherent woman. “So you want to tell me what is going on?”

“Just had a bad morning.” Bailey answered as she rested her elbows on the edge of his desk. “The Princess and I so aren’t getting along. She is a snotty bitch that needs to get a spanking.”

“Well that is an image.” Chris smirked.

Bailey rested her head in her palm and looked over at her friend. “Have you ever wanted to hurt someone so bad one minute and then in the next want to kiss her?”

“Yes,” Chris replied as he grabbed a photograph of him and a woman. “Her.”

Bailey nodded as she looked at the photo of Chris and his wife Lisa. “Well, I should be going now. The princess might need someone to hold her hand while she walks across the street.”

“Bailey.” Chris stood up and stepped around his desk to stand next to his friend. “Remember Lisa and I are here for you if you need to talk.”

“I know.” Bailey lowered her head. “I just need to do this on my own.”

“That’s just it. You aren’t alone. You have us.” Chris wrapped his arms around Bailey and gave her a hug. “We love you.”

“Same goes for me.” Bailey took a deep breath. “I really need to go.”

“Okay, how about you come over for dinner real soon.” Chris stepped back from the friendly embrace. “I know Lisa would love to see you.”

“Sounds good. Let me see what her bitchiness has planned and I will call you.” Bailey slapped Chris on the arm and headed for the door. “Thanks buddy.”

“Welcome,” Chris waved. “Anytime.”


“How are you today sweetheart?” Aaron asked when he saw his daughter walking down the hallway towards her transport.

“Hi, Dad. I am good.” Parker stopped in front of her father and gave him a hug. “What are you doing today?”

“Well you know the usual.” King Lakewood kissed his daughter on each cheek. “Where is your shadow?”

“My shadow?” Parker asked confused.

Aaron looked back towards Parker’s apartment. “The little blonde Captain.”

“Oh, her. She went somewhere.” The Princess sighed. “She said she would be back later.”

Aaron tried to read the emotions that ran across his eldest daughter’s face. “What’s going on? And why are you leaving without an escort?”

“I can go out without a guardian once in awhile.” Parker mumbled. “I’m an adult.”

“You may be an adult, but you are still the Princess of this country that just happens to be at war with a very ruthless enemy. If they get their hands on you or your sister….” The King stopped talking and looked into his daughter misty eyes. “I couldn’t bare losing you.”

“I know Dad. I am sorry.” Parker hugged her father. She relished in the strong arms that surrounded her body. “I will wait for Captain Cooper to get back.”

“Thank you, dear.” Aaron whispered before he kissed his daughter’s dark crown of hair. “How about dinner with your Mom and me tonight?”

“Sure,” Parker kissed Aaron’s cheek before she stepped back. “I will be there around seven.”

“Great, your mother will be so happy.” The king smiled as he brushed a strand of hair out of eyes that matched his own.


Bailey took a deep breath and swiped her card key to let herself in the Princess’s apartment.

“How did you get in here without anyone opening the door?” Lynne asked as she sat up from the couch. A deep purple bruise across her face stood out against her fair skin.

Bailey ignored her and walked to her room. She passed Parker who walked out of her bedroom.

“Captain Cooper,” Parker called to Bailey before she closed the door.

“What?” Bailey sighed as she looked into concerned blue eyes.

Parker stepped closer to the half way closed door. “I wanted to say I was sorry for the way I acted this morning.”

“It’s in the past.” Bailey said as she shut the door a little bit more.

“Wait, I am going over to my parents for dinner.” Parker rushed out hoping that Bailey would open the door wider so she could get a good look at Bailey’s face.

Bailey straightened her shoulders. “What time are you supposed to be there?”

“Seven is when dinner is, but I would like to get there a little bit earlier.” The princess looked at her fingernails. “We plan on leaving around five thirty.”

“Okay, I will be ready.” Bailey answered and shut the door.

Parker stared at the grain in the door unsure of why her heart broke at the lost look in Bailey’s eyes she caught as the door shut.


Lynne watched as Parker silently walked into the living room and sat on the couch. “What’s going on?”

Parker looked up at her. “What do you mean?”

“Ever since that bitch has been here you have been acting different.” Lynne stated as she pointed towards the hallway.

“You’re nuts.” Parker crossed her feet at the ankles as she leaned back and placed her hands on her stomach.

“Am I?” Lynne asked. “You would have never cared if one of your guardians went out to bash someone’s head in. In fact you would have continued partying without a care in the world.”

“That’s bull,” Parker snorted with amusement hoping she could fool her friend. “I was just curious what would happen to the little Captain against those four rather large men.”

Lynne looked past the front Parker had tossed up and stared at her for several quiet minutes. “She has some how gotten to you. You just don’t realize it yet.”

“What have you been drinking? Bailey has not gotten to me. I barely know her.” Parker laughed. “She is just some military guardian, who means absolutely nothing to me what so ever.”

“Keep on trying to convince yourself and one day you might believe that. You feel something for her and you may not realize it yet, but she will be your downfall. Her type doesn’t belong with our type.” Lynne stood up. “I really don’t feel like going to dinner anymore. I will call you tomorrow.”

“You are wrong.” Parker replied softly.

“I don’t think I am. I just hope you come to your senses before you lower yourself to a level that you are not accustomed too.”

Parker sat there as her friend closed the door. The room was completely silent except for the ticking of the clock on the wall. Unable to stop her mind from replaying over and over what Lynne had said she sat up and groaned as she rubbed both her hands over her face. “She is so wrong and I will show her.”


“Hello, honey.” Queen Victoria Lakewood smiled as she hugged her daughter close to her. “It has been way too long since you have come to visit.”

“I am sorry Mom, but I have been busy.” Parker gave her mom a kiss on the cheek and stepped back. “Where is Dad?”

“Right here.” Aaron said as he walked into the hallway. “Look who I found.”

Parker turned and a big smile formed across her face. “Grandma, when did you get home from your vacation?”

The Queen Mother let go of her son’s arm and waddled over to give Parker a hug. Even though she was eighty-seven years old she didn’t let that stop her from doing the things she loved to do. “Look at you. I swear you get prettier and prettier ever time I see you.”

“You are a nut Grandma. I look the same way I did when you left.” Parker shook her head. “When did you get back?”

Grandma Rose looked up into clear blue eyes. She saw a spark that wasn’t there when she left. Knowing now wasn’t the time to bring it up she took a deep breath and started her tale of her month long vacation chasing young men around in small swimming suits.

Bailey stood back and let the family get acquainted again. She saw the love and devotion in each person’s face as they talked and laughed. The scene made her miss her family and it reminded her that when she had a chance she needed to call them.

“Why don’t we take this into the family room. That way we can all sit down and talk.” Aaron held out his hand for his wife to take and Parker held onto her Grandma who was still telling her tale.

Bailey followed silently hoping she could continue to be invisible to the royal family, but that wasn’t to be as she stepped into the family room and the Queen Mother spotted her.

“Who are you dear?” Rose knew that the young lady was a guardian, but always liked to tease the young military escorts that were constantly around.

“Your Majesty I am your Granddaughter Guardian, Captain Bailey Cooper.” Bailey bowed respectably to the older woman.

Rose walked over to her and circled her. “You are kinda small to be protecting my Granddaughter.” She teased.

Bailey knew about the older woman’s antic to tease soldiers when she got the chance, but wanting to make sure that she was not here to be teased she replied seriously. “I assure you, she is in the best capable hands. Nothing will ever happen to her as long as I am around.” Bailey looked straight at Rose, then lowered her head. “I swear on my life, that I will die first.”

Rose knew that the guardians were trained to put their lives in danger for the royal family and their country, but the look she got from Bailey when she made her statement went deeper than even Bailey knew. “Let’s just hope you never get into a situation where you have to test that.”

“I hope as well, Your Highness.” Bailey continued to have her head lowered.

The older Royal looked at Bailey for a few silent seconds before she walked over to Parker. She wrapped her arm around her tall granddaughter’s waist. “I like her, don’t be a pain in the butt to this one like you are to all the rest of them.”

“I am not a pain in the butt.” Parker stopped and looked down at her Grandmother. “How could you say that?”

“Cause it is true and you know it.” Rose patted Parker’s stomach. “I totally understand honey. No need to get all huffy about it. You just don’t want anyone close to you.”

“What do you mean?” Parker asked getting a little upset with her Grandmother.

“Dear, ever since you and what’s her name broke up you have been…how do I say this…a bitch.” Rose looked up into her granddaughter’s face. She knew that she hit a sore spot, but it was about time that everyone stopped pussy footing around her. It was time to get the sweet granddaughter she knew and loved back.

“I have not been a bitch.” Parker whispered softly. She was not about to yell at her favorite person in the whole world.

“Not directly to your family, no, but to others you have and I know that is not like you.” Rose took a deep breath. “But my dear, think of how you have treated people since the break up and how you treated them before she even entered the picture.”

Parker closed her eyes. She wanted to run and hide, but she would never do that to her Grandmother. She slowly opened them and looked down into concerned grayish old eyes that knew her since the time she took her first breath.

Rose saw the battle of emotions as Parker tried to calm herself down. She knew that the bitch had done something to cause her beloved Granddaughter to become who she was. Rose just hoped it wasn’t too late to change her back to the carefree loving person she knew and cherished.

The oldest Royal noticed a slight movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head just enough to get a glimpse of Bailey watching with concern written all over her face. When green eyes looked at her she gave Bailey a small smile. She caught Bailey’s little nod before she returned her gaze to Parker. “Why don’t you and I talk some more after dinner.”

Parker nodded her head and headed towards the dinning room. “I would like that Grandmother.”


After dinner everyone sat around the table talking. Bailey who declined a seat at the table stood by the door watching and listening. The laughter made her miss her family even more than usual. The smiles and love they all shared warmed her heart though and she was glad they had a kind and loving Royal family.

“Captain Cooper?” Rose stood up and looked over at the guardian.

Bailey bowed her head. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“I would like to talk with my Granddaughter alone for awhile. Why don’t you go into the kitchen and get something to eat.”

“Thank you Ma’am. I would like that.” Bailey waited until the family left the room before she headed towards the door that the kitchen staff would enter and leave through.


“What can I get for you Guardian?” A tall man that looked like he would fall over if a big gust of wind hit him just right asked.

“I was sent to get something to eat.” Bailey replied as she watched all the people doing various things in the huge kitchen.

“Something to eat. For who? The Royal family just ate.” The man stated as he wiped his hands on a white towel he plucked from his back pocket.

“It’s not for them it’s for me.” Bailey stepped out of the way of a teenager who rushed by with arms loaded with dishes. “Just a sandwich would be good. Just point me in the direction where you keep the stuff and I will handle it myself.”

“Do you really think I would let just anyone muck around my kitchen?” The man put his hands on his hips. “I will show you where everything is, but I will make it for you.”

“You don’t need to do that. I can do it on my own.” Bailey replied.

“Follow me,” He walked through a door that Bailey didn’t notice. He pointed to a chair and table. “Sit, I will get you something to eat.”

“But…” Bailey mumbled, but knew it was no use to go on as the man was already digging in one of the huge refrigerators that lined a wall. “Okay, thanks.”

“By the way my name is Ralph,” The man stated as he continued to look for something to make Bailey.

“I’m Bailey.” She answered.

Ralph stood up with his arms loaded with an assortment of food. “You said a sandwich right?”

“Yes, but you don’t have to go through any trouble.” Bailey stood up and helped Ralph unload his arms.

“No trouble. Just sit.” Ralph motioned with his head. “Now, what kind of bread do you want?”

“White is good.” Bailey pointed to a loaf of bread on the counter. “Let me get it.” She said as she stood up and walked over before Ralph could argue with her.

“You don’t listen very well do you?” Ralph pointed at Bailey with a knife.

Bailey walked over to her seat and shook her head. “Nope.”

“Good, I like people like that.” Ralph slapped Bailey on the back. “Now tell me who are the guardian for?”

“Princess Parker.” Bailey sighed.

Ralph put the knife down and looked at Bailey. “I know you have a tough assignment, but trust this old cook.”

“Trust you with what?” Bailey asked as she swiped a piece of meat off the counter.

“Princess Parker may not be the nicest person in the world, but she used to be. Her kindness was used against her and she now hides behind that cruel exterior she puts off.” Ralph grabbed a plate that was sitting on the table and placed the large sandwich on it. “Here eat up.”

“Thanks, and what do you mean her kindness was used against her?” Bailey asked before she took a bite.

Ralph looked into Bailey’s eyes. He knew that Bailey wouldn’t use what he was about to tell her against the princess. “She had a girlfriend that she was totally devoted too. She treated her like a queen. Gave her everything and anything she wanted. Christine was and still is the biggest bitch around.”

“What happened?” Bailey questioned as she continued to eat.

Ralph went on to tell her how Christine used Parker’s statues to get other people to sleep with her. Plus she would degrade Parker behind her back and spend money like crazy. Parker was oblivious of this fact until she caught Christine in bed with two other women in their bed. Parker’s attitude changed from that moment on. The only people she was ever nice to was her family and the children she would go visit at the hospital.

Bailey sat there and listened to Ralph go on and on. The news brought the Princess into a different light. Her bitchy and mean attitude now had a reason. She would try not to be so mouthy and obnoxious with the Princess and maybe they could get along better. It would be better for her and Parker since they would be spending so much time together.

Bailey was just about done with her sandwich when a large explosion rocked the entire Palace.

“What in the hell was that?” Ralph asked as he followed Bailey who was already moving towards the door.

“No, clue.” Bailey yelled as she ran through the kitchen pushing people out of her way.


Parker looked over at her Grandmother who was sipping a glass of cold water. She felt bad cause she knew everything her Grandmother has said since they started talking was true. Her attitude towards people was atrocious.

“Grandma what should I do?” Parker asked with concern in her voice. “I don’t like feeling this way and having you point it out makes me feel even worse.”

“Well my dear, I would try my best to give every single person on this planet the respect they need and deserve. You want the people to look up to you and cherish you. Not despise you and hate the fact that one day you will rule this land.” Rose sat her cup down. “Sweetheart, you need to listen to your heart.”

“My heart is what got me into this mess.” Parker wiped off a tear that escaped her closed eyelids.

“I know, but it is time to heal and bring a new love into your heart. Just remember that you should listen to your heart and also your head. Together they will not lead you the wrong way.” Rose cupped the beautiful face in front of her. “Sure they will fight every once in awhile, but when the right one appears, and she will. Your heart will sing and your mind will melt.”

Parker opened her eyes at the truth she was hearing. She gave a slight nod and smiled. “I will do my best.”

“Good that is all I ask for.” Rose leaned back against the couch cushion. “So tell me about your new guardian.”

“Not much to tell. She is rude, obnoxious and I can’t stand her being around.” Parker crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. “What more is there to say?”

“What more is there to say indeed.” Rose mumbled as she caught the twinkle return just for a second when Parker spoke of the small military woman.

Parker was just about to question her Grandmother when all hell broke loose. The two large windows at the other side of the room shattered into millions of glass shards. A burst of flames engulfed the room as dark smoke danced up to the ceiling.

The couch Parker and Rose were sitting on flipped over from the force of the explosion tossing the two women up and over onto the floor.

“Grandma?” Parker yelled after she caught her breath. She started to crawl on her knees using her hands as a guide. She bumped into a still figure that she knew was her Grandmother since they were the only two in the room. “Grandma, can you hear me?”

“I hear you.” Rose replied with a cough. “What in the hell happened?”

“Explosion just outside. We need to get out of here before the smoke gets too thick.” Parker stood up then reached down and grabbed the older woman’s hand helping her to stand up.

“We better hurry, cause I don’t think it is the smoke that is gonna get us.” Rose said as she stood up. “Look.”

Parker turned her head and squinted her eyes. When what her Grandmother had seen appeared the breath left Parker’s lungs.

“Move it,” Rose tugged on Parker’s hand.

Parker quickly followed. They both stumbled and tripped out of the room. The sounds of fighting reached their ears as the closed the door.

“I cannot believe the Borealis have the nerve to attack us here.” Rose shouted as the noise grew.

The two made their way down the hallway towards the back of the palace.

“I hope Mom and Dad are okay.” Parker yelled as another explosion rocked the foundation of the building.

“I bet they are already safe.” Rose said as she rounded a corner running right into a solid body. “Damn.”

“Sorry, thank God you are safe. This way.” Bailey grabbed hold of Parker’s loose hand. “An escape transport is waiting out back. I ran into the King and Queen. They are waiting for you two.”

“Let’s go then.” Rose motioned with her free hand down towards the way Bailey had come.

The three were just about half way to the kitchen door when all hell broke loose. The three hit the floor with Bailey laying her body over as much of the two women as she could. Laser fire filled the hallway as the Borealis fired their weapon as they ran down the hall towards the three women.

“When I tell you two get up. I want you to get up as fast as you can and run to the door. The transport is waiting.” Bailey yelled as she looked down the hall and watched it fill up with ugly lizard looking men. “Damn, they are still as ugly as I remember them.”

“What?” Parker looked up and past Bailey. “Oh fuck.”

“You two get ready.” Bailey waited as she reached into her holster and pulled out her own laser gun. “On the count of three you two move it. Don’t turn back. Just go.”

“What about you?” Parker asked as she grabbed a hold of her Grandmother’s arm.

Bailey looked directly into. “Who cares as long as you two are safe.”

Parker wasn’t going to take that as an answer. “Either you come with us or we stay with you.”

“Damn it, I don’t have time to argue with you.” Bailey stated as she fired several times at the enemy.

Parker sat up and helped her Grandmother up. “That’s right so shut up and get us out of here.”

Bailey stood up and used her free hand to help Parker with Rose. She never stopped firing down the hall as she held onto Parker’s hand making sure that she never lost contact with the tall Princess. She took a quick glance over her shoulder and smiled when Rose passed through the kitchen door. “Hurry, they are getting way too close.”

“I’m going as fast as I can.” Parker yelled as she ran following her Grandma.

Bailey nodded as she fired several shots and hurriedly closed the door. “That door over there.” She pointed to a back door where yelling could be heard. “Come on your Highness, your chariot awaits.”

“You don’t need to tell me twice.” Rose moved as fast as her old body would allow. The sound of pounding on the door as she reached the back door made her stop. “Is that door going to hold?”

“Not for long.” Bailey shoved the two out the door and into the lights of a transporter’s spotlight. “Get in there.” She ordered when the door slid open and a Royal guard rushed out to help.

Bailey watched for a few seconds as she watched Parker and her Grandmother run up the small ramp and through the doorway. She heard the door in the kitchen shatter as the Borealis broke through the wooden obstacle. “Shit, someone needs to stop them.”

“Captain Cooper get your ass in here now.” Parker shouted when she stuck her head out the door. “You can’t do anything against that many.”

“Damn it,” Bailey shouted at the night sky before she ran up the ramp and into the transporter. She gave one last look as the door closed. “One day I will get even with them.” She mumbled softly to herself.

“One day you will, but not today.” Parker said as she put a hand on Bailey’s shoulder. “Their time to fall will come and I have a good feeling that you will be at the head of that.”

Bailey turned to look into sincere blue eyes. She didn’t see anger or hatred. Just honesty and friendship. “Thanks.”
Part 2
“I want to know how in the hell the Borealis were able to get this close and bomb my home?” King Lakewood yelled as he walked into the room that was now his study. “Do you know how many people have been killed or captured?”

“No, your Highness.” A General bowed. “We are doing everything we can to get those figures for you and getting a retaliation attack plan formed.”

“This war must stop. Some how we need to figure out a way that stops them damn lizards from taking over our world.” King Lakewood stated as he looked at maps that adorn the wall. He noticed how everything in blue seemed to have shrunk and everything in green grew from the last time he saw these maps. “We are losing.”

“It looks like that sir, but we will come back and win.” The General replied. “We have a new machine we call the Whisper.”

“The Whisper?” The king asked as he turned away from the depressing maps and looked at the General.

“Yes, that is what we call it. It is a magnificent machine. It fits one fighter in a long tub like cockpit. The pilot lies on his stomach and uses their feet to press on pedals that control their turns and amount of speed. Their hands are free to fire an assortment of weapons that are specifically designed for this machine.”

“Does this thing called a Whisper have any trouble skimming through water?” King Lakewood asked knowing this was their one big major hurdle in this war. The Borealis lived in the water, but could come up onto land and reek havoc then return to the water knowing they would not be followed.

“That is what it was designed for. It is so fast we have trouble clocking it.” The General smiled as he rubbed his hand together. “I think these little fighting machines will be the deciding factor in this war. The Borealis can’t hide in the water any more.”

“It’s that good?” The King questioned feeling a bit better than he did when he walked in.

“Better,” The General bowed.


“How are you doing Dear?” Victoria asked her daughter as she sat down on the couch by Parker’s head.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Parker mumbled as she turned to look up at her mom. “What are we going to do now that the Borealis have the Palace.”

“We will go on and fight to get back what is ours.” Victoria stated. “They will not win, we won’t let them.”

“Well it looks like they won today, Mom.” Parker closed her eyes as the sensation of her mom running her fingers through her hair calmed her insides.

“They just won this battle, we will win the war.” Victoria acknowledged with conviction. “We will, we won’t let those slimy green bastards win.”

Parker and Victoria both looked up when the door opened and Bailey walked in. “Your Highnesses,” she bowed slightly. “I was asked to let you know that your rooms where you will be spending the night are all set up.”

“Thank you, Captain Cooper.” Victoria smiled as she stood up. “I am very tired and will be heading off to bed. See you both tomorrow.” She bent down and kissed her daughter cheek. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Mom,” Parker kissed her Mom back as she sat up.

Bailey bowed again, “goodnight, my Queen.”

Parker and Bailey each tried not to look at each other after Victoria left. The sounds of the evening trickled in from the open window, as did a small breeze that held the different fragrances for the night.

“Thank you,” Parker said softly.

Bailey turned her head. “Why are you thanking me?”

“Cause you saved my Grandmother and me.” Parker replied as her nervous hands played with the end of her shirt.

“It is my job to keep you safe. So no need to thank me.” Bailey bowed. “I will just be outside if you need me for anything.”

“Please don’t leave me alone.” Parker whispered as she wiped a tear off her face. “I don’t think I can be alone right now.”

Bailey took in a deep breath and walked over to the couch Parker was sitting on. She noticed several wet spots on Parker’s pant legs and the tall woman’s shoulders shook. Not really knowing what to do she did what her mother would do for her when she would be sitting there crying. She sat down and wrapped her strong arms around Parker and held her tight against her body.

Parker grabbed a hold of Bailey’s uniform. She held on and let her body cry out for what had almost happened. Never in her life had she come that close to getting killed. She prayed that she would never get that close again, but she knew that since the war was still going on that is was likely to happen again.

“You are okay and your Grandmother is okay.” Bailey ran her fingers through the long dark hair. She liked the silky feeling of it as it fell through her fingers.

“We could have been taken prisoner or worse killed.” Parker cried.

Bailey nodded her head. “I know, but you weren’t. You are safe.”

“I thought I was safe there, but I wasn’t.” Parker mumbled.

Bailey held on to Parker not knowing what to say. She rested her cheek against the top of Parker’s head and waited until the Princess calm down.

Several minutes later Parker tried to move but the arms around her wouldn’t let her up. “Bailey?” Not getting an answer she carefully moved her body so she could look up at the Guardian. The sight of Bailey sound asleep brought a smile to Parker’s face. She couldn’t stop herself even if she wanted to as she leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Bailey’s slightly parted lips. “Thank you for saving my life and that of my Grandmothers.” She whispered before she rested her head on the sleeping woman’s shoulders and fell asleep feeling safe and protected.


Bailey laid still as her mind woke up. She felt someone watching her. Knowing deep inside that the person meant no harm to her or the woman who was sleeping in her arms she opened her eyes.

“You two look very comfortable,” Rose smiled down at the Guardian. “She always did like to snuggle.”

“It’s not what it looks like.” Bailey tried to move, but the arms around her tightened. “Princess, I….you need to let go.” She stuttered as she tried to wiggle free.

Rose stood back and tried not to laugh. The look on Bailey’s face was priceless. The content look on her still sleeping granddaughter’s face made her heart smile. “Now why don’t you just stay where you are.”

“No,” Bailey practically yelled.

Parker’s mind began to register that the bed she was lying on was moving. She opened her eyes to see Bailey in a near panic. “Would you please stop moving. I was asleep.”

“Move,” Bailey ordered as she finally got her other arm free of the Princess’s grasp. “I need…you shouldn’t….damn it.” She rolled herself between Parker and the couch and landed on her butt on the floor.

“Are you okay?” Rose stepped closer to Bailey.

Bailey quickly stood up and stepped back. “I’m fine.” She scooted around to the back of the couch knowing that two sets of eyes followed her every move. “If you will excuse me. I have things I need to attend to.”

Parker and Rose watched Bailey run from the room. Then they both looked at each other and started to laugh.

“That was mean.” Rose stated as she sat down next to her Granddaughter.

Parker nodded, “I know, but it was funny to watch her scramble out of here like her pants were on fire.”

“I think they were with the way she was holding on to you as you two slept.” Rose winked at Parker.

“Grandmother, why would you say something like that?” Parker stretched her arms over her head. “We just happened to fall asleep here.”

“Well, that maybe true about you two falling asleep here, but trust your Grandmother when I say that Bailey is wound for sound and you got her that way with the way you were snuggling up to her.” Rose patted Parker on her knee.

“I doubt that Grandma.” Parker kissed her Grandmother. “I am going to get cleaned up and get some breakfast.”

“I’ll be right behind you dear.” Rose kissed Parker back. “Go get cleaned up.”

“Love you Grandma.” Parker stood up and walked out of the room.

Rose closed her eyes and remembered the two very content smiles on the faces of the young women who had shared the couch she was sitting on just a few minutes before. “I bet myself that we won’t run out of hot water this morning.”


“I want to go too.” Parker said as she walked into her father’s office.

King Aaron stood up to greet his daughter. “I don’t think that is such a god idea dear. We still aren’t certain if the Borealis are still around.”

Parker kissed her father and sat next to the General who bowed slightly. “Your Father is right. I think it is to dangerous for you to come.”

“Well, I don’t. I want to see for myself the damage they caused.” Parker stated as she crossed her arms across her chest.

Aaron stared down at his daughter. He knew that no matter what they said it wouldn’t change her mind. “Okay, we will be leaving in an hour.”

“Thank you,” Parker smiled at her father and the frowning General. “I will be ready.”


Bailey watched the princess as they walked through the once majestic palace. It was now nothing more than a pile of ruble. She shook her head at the needless destruction. “I hope one day those assholes get theirs.” She mumbled as she picked up pieces of a shattered vase.

“You and me both.” Parker turned with a picture of her family in her hands. “Looks like they missed one.”

Bailey only nodded at the lost look in Parker’s eyes.

Parker took in a deep breath and squared her shoulders. “We have to stop them.”

“We will.” Bailey dropped the glass pieces and walked over to Parker. “We won’t let them take over our world. Sure we invited them to come, but not take over. They said that they were peaceful, and they lied.” She stopped walking right in front of the princess. “I won’t let them get that close to you again.”

Parker saw the truth staring straight into her heart. She reached up and ran a finger across Bailey’s eyebrow down her check and to her mouth.

Bailey’s insides jumped at the sensation the Princess’s simple touch caused deep inside her. Not knowing what to do she closed her eyes and cherished the feeling.

“Captain Bailey?” The General yelled as he rounded a still standing pillar.

Bailey snapped her eyes open as she stepped back away from Parker. Her skin still tingled from the simple touch. “Yes, General?”

“Oh, there you are. I have been looking for you.” The General replied. “Hello, Princess.”

“General,” Parker nodded slightly.

Bailey gulped in a few short breaths to calm her down.

“Would you excuse us Princess?” The General asked as he looked over to Bailey.

“I am sorry Sir, but I cannot leave the Princess unattended.” Bailey stated looking at Parker.

The General nodded. “Yes, of course.”

“I will be fine. You can go.” Parker smiled softly. “I will be just fine.”

Bailey shook her head. “No, I am to keep you within my sights at all times while we are here. Whatever you need to talk to me about General will have to wait until we get back or now.”

“Okay, I have done some thinking and you would be a perfect candidate to become one of the new pilots for the new military machine called the Whisper.” The General patted Bailey on the shoulder. “You know everything there is to know about flying the SL-52. The only difference between the two is that the Whisper can enter the water and follow the Borealis and defeat them in their own terrain.”

“Wow, that is so great Bailey.” Parker smiled at the stunned blonde.

Bailey looked from the smiling General to the smiling Parker. She never expected this kind of offer to be handed to her just like that. “Are you sure, Sir?”

“Yes, I am. You and eleven others will be trained under General Denon. We have figured that two months of training should be enough of a time period for the trainees to learn the differences between the SL-52 and the Whisper. Then we will send you out in sets of two and when they hit we will follow and destroy them.” The General slapped his fist into his open palm. “So what do you say?”

Bailey thought for a few seconds. “General, as much as I would like to I have other obligations to attend to.”

“Like what?” Parker asked before the General could. “This is a perfect opportunity to get those asshole back for what they did here and for what they did to you.”

“I have been assigned to keep you safe.” Bailey glared at Parker. “I will not leave my post.”

“We will get a new Guardian to keep watch over the Princess.” The General replied. “I would think you would jump at this.”

“Why? Cause they nearly killed me and several of my friends?” Bailey asked getting madder by the minute. “Sure I would like nothing better than to shove my fist down their ugly green throats, but I won’t cause I am not leaving.”

“You will if I order you too.” Parker shot back.

“No I won’t.” Bailey replied angrily stepping up Parker. “You know as much as I do that you cannot order me away from you no matter what. I feel that your life is in danger so you will just have to deal with me being around.”

The General looked at the two. He could see the sparks flying from each set of eyes. He knew at that moment no matter what he said he couldn’t change Bailey’s mind at all. “I will be going now. If you happen to change your mind you know where to find General Denon.”

“Yes, Sir I do.” Bailey saluted, but never took her eyes off of Parker.


“I don’t understand her.” Parker yelled when she closed the door to her room. “Why in the world would she miss a great opportunity like that to stay and watch over me?” She asked the silent room as she paced. “I just don’t understand it.”

A soft knock on the door stopped Parker in her tracks. “What?” She asked as she opened the door. Her Grandmother stood there with a bemused smile on her face.

“What has you in such a fuss?” Rose asked as she stepped into the room and closed the door.

“Bailey, has a great opportunity to drive or fly this new fighter thing and she won’t do it. She wants to stay here and watch over me.” Parker slumped on her bed. “Why would she want to waste her time doing that when she could be out there fighting those creepy creatures?”

Rose nodded slightly knowing why those questions ran through her Granddaughter’s head. “Why would someone who had the chance to get even with the enemy that caused her so much pain and torment?”

“Exactly, why?” Parker ran her hands through her long dark hair. “Why?”

“Why don’t you ask her. The answer might surprise you.” Rose replied. “I think the answer will surprise Bailey as well.”

“No, she won’t even talk to me about it right now. I tried when we were on our way back here. She just sat there. Ignoring me.” Parker sighed.

Rose sat next to the confused woman. She scratched her fingernails up and down Parker’s slouched back. “Why don’t you go and talk with her.” She held up her hands when Parker was about to say something. “I mean talk to her not at her. She might surprise you and open up.”

“Doubtful,” Parker shook her head. “We don’t talk. We either argue or we don’t say a word.”

“If you go in and be her friend and not her Princess I bet she will.” The older woman stated softly.

“I will try.” Parker hugged her Grandmother before she stood up and walked out of the room.

“I know the next time I see those two they will have bought a clue.” Rose laughed to herself.


Bailey sat under the starry night. Staring at the orange half moon as ships flew by. The smells of the flowers that surrounded her filtered around her creating a serene place where Bailey could get her thoughts in order.

“Why didn’t I take that new assignment? Ever since I was captured and rescued I have dreamt of going after those lizards. They have ruined our once quiet world and turned it into a war zone.” Bailey closed her eyes and listen to the various sounds of the night. “What was I thinking?”

“This spot taken?” A voice asked from the darkness.

Bailey smiled. “Nope.”

Parker stepped forward and sat cross legged on the grass next to Bailey. She looked up at all the stars then turned slightly to look at Bailey. “Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.” Bailey replied back. “But you can ask another if you like.”

“You are so funny.” Parker nudged the small woman with her elbow.

“I do my best.” Bailey laughed as she turned to look at Parker. “This is why I am staying. I have to protect her. She holds my heart.”

“What?” Parker questioned as Bailey continued to look at her. “Do I have something on my face?”

Shocked by what she thought Bailey shook her head and stared off into the darkness.

“Why didn’t you go?” Parker asked after a few seconds of silence.

Bailey sighed and lowered her head. “Cause.”

“Do you think you could be a little bit more informative?” Parker elbowed Bailey once again. “I would really like to know.”

“You want me to be honest or make something up?” Bailey mumbled already knowing the answer to her question.

“Honesty is always best.” Parker answered.

Bailey stood up and walked to a bush that had several little yellow flowers growing on it. She picked a small bud off and twirled it in her fingers. “Most people would think that someone who lived through what I did would want to jump on board and get revenge. Well, sometimes there is something more important than that.”

“What is more important then you getting your revenge?” Parker leaned back on her hand crossing her ankles.

Bailey brought the flower up to her nose and sniffed it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “You.” She whispered into the night.

Parker wasn’t sure if she heard the small blonde right. “Me?”

Bailey could only nod.

Parker’s heart jumped a beat as she watched Bailey’s head move. “I don’t understand. Why me?”

“I just figured it out as I was sitting here. You drive me crazy and get me so mad, but when you walk into a room my heart stops.” Bailey dropped the flower bud she had in her hand. “You have become the most important thing to me. More important than anything.” She turned to look straight at the sitting brunette. “No clue how it happened, but I I know I love you.”

“I am speechless.” Parker muttered as she tried to breathe.

Bailey tried to lighten the mood. “I guess that is better than storming out of here screaming.”

Parker didn’t make a sound. The rushing of all the blood out of her head kept her quiet.

Bailey felt like her world had crashed around her as the silence continued. She knew that deep down there was no chance that Parker could or would even return the new feelings she had just discovered having herself.

“I am such an idiot for saying anything. I should have kept my big mouth shut.” Bailey berated herself. “I’m getting kind of cold so I am going to head on in.” She mumbled as she walked past Parker.

“Did I just hear that right? Did she just say she loved me?” Parker thought as her mind wrapped around the idea that the blonde Guardian loved her. “What do I feel for her?” She asked herself as memories of Bailey’s protective presence at the club that first night and the way she felt when she went to fight those guys all by herself. Then the way she felt when the Borealis attacked and the relief of running into Bailey, knowing that she was protected. “I just feel this way cause she has been there to protect me.”

Then the memories of the first time she saw Bailey. Her insides jumped with excitement. The way she felt when she thought Lynne had hurt her when she slapped her. The way her heart broke when she came back that day before they went to have dinner with her parents. “Do I love her?”

The slight smile she would see on Bailey’s face when she found something funny. The way bailey always was near her just to let her know that she wasn’t alone. The way she had kissed her after she had fallen asleep and the intense happiness she felt when Bailey’s arms held her through the night. “I do.”


Bailey laid on her bed with her hands folded on her stomach. “What should I do now?” She asked herself as she remembered the look of shock on Parker’s face. “I guess I can just pretend that I didn’t say anything.”

A soft knock broke Bailey from her thoughts. “Go away.” She yelled as she turned on her side.

“Bailey, may I please come in?” Parker’s soft voice filtered through the door.

Bailey closed her eyes and hoped that the tall Princess would jus t leave.

“Please?” Parker begged as she rested her head against the cold steel door.

Knowing that Parker wasn’t going to do as she hoped she crawled off the bed and hit the button to open the door. “Yes, Princess?” Bailey took one look into soft blue eyes and was totally lost. The love that shone back at her made her heart soar.

Parker did what her body and heart told her to do. She stepped closer to Bailey and bent her head down and placed a soft kiss on waiting lips. “I love you too.”

Bailey couldn’t believe it. “No way.” She whispered after her mind registered what Parker had said and done.

“Yes way.” Parker leaned in for another kiss.

Bailey’s body shivered as she felt hands softly caress her arms and neck.

“You’re good at that.” Parker mumbled before she kissed Bailey again, but this time asking for entrance to the smaller woman’s mouth with her tongue.

Bailey groaned when Parker’s tongue swiped against her own.

Parker grinned to herself as she moved inside the room and closed the door. She cupped Bailey’s face as she deepened the kiss.

Bailey wrapped her arms around the tall woman who was giving her the best kiss she had ever gotten in her life. She loved the way Parker’s tongue tasted and felt deep in her mouth.

Parker moaned as she felt Bailey reach down and grab her butt bringing her body even closer. She broke the kiss. “We need to sit down.” She gasped as her body yelled for more.

“Yes,” Bailey agreed. She took a seat on the edge of the bed and guided the Princess onto her lap. “Much better.”

Parker lost her breath as Bailey attacked her neck. The small nips and licks made Parker’s body grow with excitement. She felt the wetness of her center increase and soak her underwear. “Oh Bailey. This feels wonderful.”

“It gets better.” Bailey stated as she sucked on Parker’s neck leaving a small red mark. “This is just the beginning.”

“I can’t wait.” Parker pushed Bailey back onto the bed and unbuttoned her shirt.

Bailey raised her hands to help Parker with her shirt. She didn’t like the slow process of button by button so she grabbed the material and yanked. Buttons flew everywhere. “Much better.” She smiled as she spotted Parker’s perfect round breasts being held by Parker’s white bra.

Parker tossed her shirt onto the floor. “I take it you like what you see?”

“I love what I see. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.” Bailey caressed Parker’s exposed stomach. “I want to touch every single part of your body. I want to taste every essence you have to offer me.”

“You will get the chance, but I want to touch you and taste you first.” Parker grinned as she pulled Bailey’s t-shirt out of her pants and tugged it up over her head. “No bra, I like that.”

“Me too.” Bailey closed her eyes as Parker squeezed her breast and pinched her nipples. “I like it a lot.” She moaned with pleasure.

Parker leaned down and traced a now pert nipple with her tongue. Then she sucked it in letting the taste of Bailey’s skin fill her mouth. She flicked the nipple in her mouth with her tongue causing the woman below her to arch her back. She slid her hands down Bailey’s taut stomach. Her finger made short work of the snap and zipper of the pants. The tall Princess detached her mouth from her treat as she moved off the highly aroused Guardian.

“What…where are you going?” Bailey asked as she tried to get her breathing under control.

“Need to get your pants off you.” Parker tugged on the mentioned material and tossed them on the floor with the shirts. “No underwear either.”

“What can I say. Sometimes I like to live dangerously.” Bailey winked up at Parker who noticed for the first time the many scars on Bailey’s body.

Parker ran the tips of her finger over several of the larger scars that ran up along side Bailey’s stomach. “Do they bother you at all?”

“No.” Bailey answered as she closed her eyes. “Just sensitive.”

“Really?” Parker whispered as a small smile formed on her face. “So if I do this,” she asked as she bent over and traced a scar with her tongue. “What does it do to you?”

Bailey’s body shivered. “It sends millions of lightening bolts to my center.”

“Nice,” Parker used her legs to spread Bailey’s thighs apart. She could feel the small blonde’s excitement on her stomach as she slid down. “You are so wet.”

When Bailey felt Parker’s body slide across her already enlarged clit she moaned out loud. “You have no idea how much I want you to fuck me right now.”

“I bet I do.” Parker sucked one of Bailey’s nipples into her mouth as her other hand trailed down the flat stomach under her. Her fingers met wet curly hair at Bailey’s center.

Bailey arched her back as she was filled with Parker’s fingers. The friction of those long strong fingers caused her body to shake. “OH MY.”

Parker kissed her way down Bailey’s stomach. When she reached the quivering woman’s belly button she circled it with her tongue. Then she trailed nips down to where her fingers were plunging in and out at a steady pace.

Bailey grabbed a hold of Parker’s long black hair as she felt her clit get sucked into a warm mouth. “Yes, Parker.”

Parker smiled when she heard her name being called by her lover. She flicked around the clit in her mouth enjoying the texture of the small organ. She quickened her pace of her fingers to that of her tongue.

“OH GOD,” Bailey moaned as her body stiffened and million of stars shot out from behind her closed eyelids.

Parker stopped her tongue’s movements but not her fingers. She looked up and watched the body under her still with pleasure. “I have never seen anything more beautiful in my whole life.”

Bailey’s body softened as she felt the orgasm leave her body. Small quakes ran through her body as she lay there with a content smile on her face.

“How do you feel?” Parker asked softly as she removed her fingers from their warm nest.

Bailey’s smile grew. “I have never felt that good.”

Parker leaned down and kissed Bailey with all the love she had in her. “I love you.”

“And I love you and it is time I show you just how much.” Bailey grabbed a hold of Parker’s waist and turned so they both were on their sides. “We need to get these off.” Bailey unbuttoned Parker’s pant button and slid her hand in between the soft material of the pants and the silky underwear. She slid her fingers inside the underwear to feel the soft skin of Parker’s butt.

“”You are driving me insane.” Parker gasped as she felt Bailey fondle her butt.

Bailey removed her hand and with the help from Parker the clothes were soon on the floor. The sight of Parker totally naked laying in bed next to her made Bailey’s heart cry out with joy. “You are breath taking.” She stated as she ran a finger down the middle of Parker’s breast.

Parker replied by grabbing Bailey by the back of the head and bringing her closer for a kiss.

Bailey groaned as the kiss continued. She cupped one of the hand sized breasts. She pinched the nipple in between her thumb and pointer finger making it stand at attention. Her other hand found the very wet center of the Princess. She circled the enlarged clit a few times enjoying the body next to her jerk when a certain spot was touched.

“I am going to make you see all the stars.” Bailey whispered after they broke from the kiss. “Just like you made me.” With that said Bailey entered her lover.

Parker tossed her head back and closed her eyes.

Bailey moved her fingers deep inside her lover as she kissed the long neck in front of her. She nipped the sensitive skin and left little red marks.

Parker held Bailey’s head so she would continue to feast on her neck. “Yes that’s it.”

“You feel so wonderful.” Bailey mumbled as she moved their entwined bodies so she was on top. “I can feel your juices coating my fingers.”

“Oh, yes.” Parker moaned.

“I want a taste.” Bailey said before she gave Parker a kiss and started down the quivering body under her.

“Yes, taste.” Parker’s replied, lost in the feelings her body was going through.

Bailey reached her goal and didn’t hesitate. She used her free hand and spread open Parker’s wet lips and licked away the moisture. Humming as she enjoyed every tangy taste.

The friction of Bailey’s tongue and the ever moving fingers sent Parker over the edge into oblivion.

“OH GOD BAILEY! YES…YES…YES!” Parker’s screamed out.

Bailey’s finger slowed, but she continued to lick around her finger not wanting to waste any of her lovers special treat for her.

“Please, Bailey. I can’t take anymore. Please stop.” Parker begged as her hands gripped at the bed sheets.

Bailey stopped and moved up along side Parker who was still trying to catch her breath. She kissed the shoulder before she laid her head down and snuggled as close as she could get to Parker. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Parker smiled. “I think we should do that again as soon as possible.”

“I totally agree, but right now I am really tired.” Bailey yawned loudly.

“Me too.” Parker entwined her fingers with the hand that laid on her stomach. “Let’s get some sleep and we can continue this in the morning.”

“Sounds like a great plan.” Bailey muttered quietly as sleep was taking its hold on her.

Parker watched as Bailey succumbed to their activities and fell asleep. “I cannot believe that I fell in love with this awesome creature. I am the luckiest woman in the world.”


Bailey smiled as she woke up. The light caresses on her back made her shiver. “Good morning.”

“Morning. How did you sleep?” Parker kissed the top of the head that rested under her chin.

“Haven’t slept that good in ages.” Bailey replied softly. “How about you?”

“Same as you.” Parker agreed. “How about we go get some breakfast and then go find something to do.”

Bailey didn’t want to move from her spot but the loud gurgle of her stomach changed her mind. “I guess I should feed the beast.”

“Sounds like it. What do you have in there a small animal?” Parker teased as she poked at the noisy stomach.

“Very funny,” Bailey faked laughed as she sat up and stretched.

Parker grabbed Bailey around the waist and tugged her to lay on top of her. “First how about a proper morning kiss?”

“Shame on me.” Bailey leaned down and gave Parker a kiss that she would not soon forget.

“Wow. You know how to knock a girls socks off.” Parker sighed contently.

Bailey looked down at the bare feet of the Princess. “I guess I do.” She leaned down for another kiss but her stomach made itself known again. “How about we finish this after we eat breakfast.”

“Yes, we will.” Parker swatted at the naked butt on top of her. “Lets go.”


Just as the two were about to walk out the door Bailey’s communicator went off. “Why don’t you go on ahead and I will join you.”

“Okay, I will get your plate ready.” Parker kissed Bailey softly and headed to the make shift dinning room.

“Thank, love you.” Bailey waited until the door before she answered the device in her hand. “Hello.”

“Bailey honey how are you?” The rough voice asked.

Bailey smiled as she heard her fathers voice. “I am doing good Dad. How is everyone there?”

“Everyone here is fine. Just haven’t heard from you in awhile so I thought I’d give you a buzz.” Barry Cooper replied. “You know how your Mom gets.”

Bailey nodded her head. “Yes, I do and I am sorry for not calling sooner. I have a new assignment and I have been busy.”

“New assignment? What new assignment?” The elder Cooper asked with concern. “You aren’t going to go fight again are you?”

“No, I am the new Guardian for Princess Parker.” Bailey informed her Dad. “It’s been a whole new experience for me.”

“Wait a minute. Were you at the Palace when it was attacked by the Borealis?” Bailey’s Dad asked.

Bailey knew she would get into a little bit of trouble for not informing her parents that she was there the night the Palace was attacked. “Yes, Dad. I was there.”

“Oh my, why didn’t you call us? Do you have idea what could have happened if they got a hold of you again? They would kill you.” Barry stated as his emotions built up at the thought of loosing his daughter. “It nearly killed your mother and me the last time we watched them parade you around all beat up.”

“I know Dad, but I had no clue they were going to be there. My new assignment calls for me to be in the situation where I might be caught, but that is better than having Parker being caught by them. It is my job and you and Mom know how much my job means to me.” Bailey leaned up against the wall and covered her eyes with her free hand. “Please Dad, I really don’t want to go through this with you now.”

After a few minutes of silence Barry sighed. “You are right. Nothing we can do about it, but accept your decision. We just worry about you. We almost lost you once.”

“I know Dad, and I love you and Mom. I just have to do what I am meant to do and right now it is to protect Parker and keep her safe.” Bailey stated knowing it was hard on her parents. “I need to get going. How about I call you tomorrow?”

“Okay, sounds good. You can talk with your Mom. Maybe soon you can get some time off and come for a visit?” Barry asked hoping his daughter would come and see him and his wife.

“I would like that very much.” Bailey smiled at the though of being home with all the familiar smells and sounds. “I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye Dad tell Mom I love her.”

“I will and I love you.” Barry acknowledged before he hung up.

Bailey closed the communicator and took a deep breath. She looked down at the small machine before she dropped it on the small table by the door. Then she hurried out the door and down the hallway to the dinning area.


“That was good.” Bailey groaned as she sat back and patted her stomach. “I haven’t eaten that good since I left home.”

“Glad you enjoyed it.” Rose smiled over at the happy blonde. “So what do you two have planned?”

Parker noticed the glimmer in her Grandmother’s eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Well, your Mom and Dad left early this morning to see about better accommodation for us since we cannot stay here.” Rose took a sip of her coffee. “And I was just wondering what you two would be doing?”

“Why can’t we stay here? It is far safer than anyplace you could go.” Bailey asked a little confused as to why the Royal family would want to leave.

“Cause we will not hide from those bastards.” Parker growled as she sat her fork down on her plate. “We have to show the people that we will not hide and run even if we are in danger.”

The hairs on the back of Bailey’s head stood on end. The thought of Parker deliberately putting herself in danger scared the crap out of her. “I don’t like it.”

“Doesn’t mater what you like.” Parker tossed her napkin onto the table. “Do you think the Guardian’s are the only ones who can stand in front of danger?”

“No, but why put yourself in needless danger? The people of this world would understand.” Bailey stated getting madder by the second.

Parker clenched her fingers together. “You have no idea what you are talking about. The people out there.” She pointed to an open window that held a perfect view of the city in which the Royal family has lived in for centuries. “Would rather see a leader standing up and not running than cowering and being scared.”

“Well I don’t care what they want. I want you to stay here where it is relatively safe.” Bailey stood up sending the chair back against the wall.

“Oh, don’t you start pulling this crap on me. We may have spent the night together making love, but that doesn’t mean you rule my life.” Parker stood up as well and glared at Bailey. “Maybe we should just forget about what happened last night.”

“Maybe we should.” Jumped out of Bailey’s mouth before she could stop it.

Parker looked at Bailey for several seconds before she stormed out of the room.

Bailey watched the person she loved walk out of the room as she tried to replay what just happened. “Damn it.”

Rose couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed. One minute they were laughing and joking and then the next yelling and storming off. She looked at the lost look Bailey wore as she stood there staring at the door Parker used to leave the room. “Damn I wish this war was over with.”


“I cannot believe she would do that.” Parker mumbled as she walked down the hallway not even noticing her friend heading towards her. “She will not tell me what to.”

“Who are you talking too?” Lynne asked as Parker got closer.

Parker stopped and looked at her friend. “Hey, Lynne what are you doing?”

“Just came over to see how you are since you haven’t called me.” Lynne replied.

Parker put her hands on her hips. “If I remember correctly we had a disagreement and you left.”

“True, but aren’t best friends suppose to forgive each other?” Lynne asked with a fake pout on her face. “You know I am a snob.”

Parker tried not to laugh but the look on Lynne’s face and the comment hit the right spot and she double over with laughter. “Oh, man I needed that.”

Lynne walked up and wrapped her arm around Parker shaking shoulders. “So what have you been up too? I mean besides the almost getting killed during the attack on the Palace and all.”

“Well, not too much more has been going on.” Parker lied as her face turned a lovely shade of red.

“Now that color is new. What brought that on?” Lynne questioned as she walked with Parker to the sitting room across the hall.


“Bailey?” Rose stood up and walked over to the silent woman. “Honey are you okay?”

Bailey shook her head. “I think I just made the biggest mistake of my life.”

Rose wrapped an arm around Bailey’s waist. “No, you two just had a disagreement that is all. Let her cool down and everything will be fine.”

“I hope you are right.” Bailey mumbled. “I just don’t want her to be put in danger.”

“Understandable, since you love her.” Rose peeked up at the now smiling face.

“Yes, I do. With everything that I am. I do.” Bailey acknowledged with a growing smile. “She makes my heart sing when ever I see her look at me.”

“That is wonderful. I felt the same way when I met Parker’s Grandfather. He was the most charming man I had ever seen. I fell for him hook line and sinker.” Rose rubbed a necklace she had on.

“That is beautiful.” Bailey gestured towards the piece of jewelry. “Did your husband give that to you?”

A single tear fell down Rose’s face. She simply wiped it off with the back of her hand. “Yes, he did. The day before he died. It will always be my last memory of him and the love we shared.”

“I don’t think it will be your last memory.” Bailey grabbed her seat and had the Queen mother sit. “Look at the King and Queen and the love they have. Plus look at Parker and her sister. If not for your love for the late King they would not be here. So the love you two have goes on and on. From one generation to the next.”

“I think you are right.” Rose nodded. She cupped the younger woman’s face in front of her. “I think enough time has passed and you should go find your love.”

“Yes, I agree. Will you be okay?” Bailey asked as she stood up.

Rose smiled at the caring woman. “Yes, I will be just fine.” She patted the leg next to her. “Go on now.”

“Yes, your Highness.” Bailey slightly bowed before she rushed out of the room.


“So what have you been up to?” Parker asked Lynne when the sat down.

Lynne shook her head. “Oh no you don’t. Tell me what made you turn bright red.”

“I can’t.” Parker stated looking everywhere but into her friends eyes

Lynne watched Parker for a few seconds. Then it hit her. “You slept with her didn’t you?” She asked as she started to bounce up and down on the couch.

Parker covered her face with her hands and nodded her head.

“Damn girl, I guess you won the bet.” Lynne sat back. “What do you want?”

Bailey walked into the room just as Lynne spoke, but the two seated woman didn’t see her.

“What do you mean what do I want?” Parker slapped Lynne on the arm.

“You got Bailey to sleep with you and that was the bet.” Lynne refreshed her friends memory. “What was it like?”

Parker laughed and shook her head. “You are such a bitch.”

“Yes,” Lynne agreed.

Bailey felt her heart break and her soul drown in misery. The only reason Parker had slept with her was cause of a petty bet, not love like she had said. She slowly walked out of the room and towards her bedroom. She knew from this minute on she couldn’t stay here and be a joke to the Princess and her snobby friends.


“You know if you don’t believe me, then that is fine. I know what Bailey and I have is real and not just a fling.” Parker stood up and looked down at Lynne. “I need to get going.”

“Spend to much time away from your little love slave she will find someone new?” Lynne asked sarcastically .

Parker pinned Lynne with one hand on her shoulder. “I better never hear you say anything about Bailey again or you will be very sorry.”

Lynne had never seen Parker react that way towards anyone but someone in her family. She knew at that moment that Parker’s feelings for Bailey were true of heart and it made her mad. “Do you understand that by being with her it will bring down the entire structure that has been built.”

“What in the hell does that mean?” Parker glared at Lynne.

Lynne shoved Parker’s hand off her shoulder. “Like I said the other night. She is below you and by being with her she lowers your standing.” Lynne stood up. “The people of this planet will not like the fact that the Princess is in love with a Guardian.”

“Why would you even say that. Never has there been a standard of higher or lower class people. Each one of us is not more important than the other. We are equal.”

“That is why you lived in a well furnished apartment while some live in a run down room with five other people.” Lynne stated as she began to pace. “You just don’t wish to see it.”

“I agree that there are some people that live like that, but there are programs out there that are set up to help those people. My mother makes sure that they are run right and no one is turned down. No matter the situation.” Parker stepped in front of her friend. “So the help is there and we do what we can. Shit we have people that go around to make sure that everyone is taken care of.”

“This is a pretty big world. Don’t you think some could be missed if they don’t want to be found?” Lynne stepped even closer to Parker.

“Then that there is the problem. They don’t want to be found then we can not help them.” The Princess growled. “Now if you would excuse me I have to go and talk with the woman I love.” She turned quickly and left the room.


“Is General Denon in?” Bailey asked the receptionist sitting behind a metal brown desk.

“Yes, Captain he is. Do you have an appointment?” She asked as she looked at her little appointment book.

“No, ma’am. But I need to see him about something important.” Bailey stated calmly even though her insides were jumping around.

The receptionist nodded and pressed a button on the intercom. “General, there is a Captain….” She looked at Bailey.

“Cooper.” Bailey answered the silent question.

“Cooper here to see you.” She smiled.

“Let her in.” General Denon replied.

“Yes, sir.” The receptionist pointed to the door. “You may go in.”

“Thank you.” Bailey grabbed her duffel bag and walked to the closed door. She knocked before she entered.

“Well Captain Cooper what brings you down here?” The General asked as he shuffled papers around on his desk.

“I am here to sign up for the new pilot position.” Bailey stood straight as she saluted the older man.

General Denon looked up at her and frowned. “Did you not refuse this assignment yesterday? What has changed in such a short amount of time?”

“Well sir, I figure that I will be a great addition to the team. Plus my view from yesterday has drastically changed.” Bailey answered trying not to let the feeling of her broken heart break through. “I want to go out there and fight.”

“Well I would love to have you on our team.” The General tossed the papers he had in his hand down on his messy desk. “Can you tell me what the drastic change is?”

Bailey took in a deep breath before she answered. “I thought my presence here was more important, but I was wrong.” She pinched the bridge of her noise to stop the tears. “I let my heart make the decision yesterday. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“So you are telling me that your heart has come up with a different answer today? General Denon asked softly. “Can you tell me who and what happened?”

“Sir, I would like to keep that to myself if you please. She doesn’t even realize what she has done to me. So I think it is best that I just leave.” Bailey explained truthfully.

“If you’re absolutely sure?” The General watched the slight nod from Bailey. “Okay then. We leave tomorrow at dawn to an undisclosed training facility. You will not have any contact with the outside world until after the training is finished. So I suggest you make whatever you need to get done get it done tonight.”

“Yes, Sir.” Bailey saluted the man.

“Have my receptionist give you all the details of where to be at tomorrow morning.” General Denon ordered. “Now get going.”

Thank you Sir,” Bailey saluted the man again before she turned around and walked out of the office.


Parker walked into the silent room and looked around. Seeing no sign of her lover she walked into the bedroom. The first thing she noticed was that the bed was made and an envelope sat on top of the pillows.

She walked over and sat down grabbing the off white envelope that had her name written across the front. She flipped it open wondering who it was from. “Guess I won’t find out unless I open it.”

Slowly she pulled back the tucked in flap and pulled out the single piece of paper.

Princess Parker,

I over heard your conversation with Lynne this morning. I didn’t mean to, but I am glad I did. I thought you loved me, but instead I was made a fool of. Never in my life have I ever felt more used and abused. Did you and you dear friend Lynne had a good laugh at my expense since it will be the last. I just hope that someday you will come around and figure out what love is and not how to use it to win a bet.

I want to thank you for one thing. I will never trust anyone again and I owe that all to you. My heart was crushed and my soul is drowning and you’re the cause of it.

So now you better go and gather what winnings you have accumulated from your win.


“Oh my god,” Parker gasped as tears fell down her face. She carefully held the note in between her finger looking it over and over again hoping that the words written would change. Yet they didn’t change. They stayed the same broken words that ripped out her heart and tore her soul in two.


“Good morning Captain.” A soldier saluted Bailey as she walked into the waiting area.

“Morning, Corporal.” Bailey saluted him back. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone so she found a seat in the corner of the room and sat down. She looked out at the dark sky as it waited for the sun to pop up and brighten everything up, but one thing wasn’t going to be bright for a long time. Her insides felt like some sort of darkness had settled where her heart once was and an empty shell where her soul once lived.

Several minutes passed and several other military personnel entered the room. Bailey watched as the nine men and two women talked amongst themselves quietly. Every so often one of her new team members would glance over at her then quickly look away when they would see that intense green eyes staring back at them.

Finally General Denon arrived. He gave each member a small packet that contained their secret training grounds. Bailey was happy to see that it would take her further away from the Princess. In fact it would take her to a new planet so that they could train without fear of the Borealis some how finding them.

“We leave in twenty minutes. If you need to make a call do so now. It will be your absolute last chance.” General Denon stated as he looked from one person to the next.

Bailey went and sat back down in her chair. The room grew silent as all the other quickly made their way to the communication area.

“Captain Cooper, may I sit?” General Denon asked as he pointed to the empty chair across from Bailey.

“Please, sir.” Bailey gestured for the man to sit. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, I had a late night visitor last night.” The man looked over at Bailey.

Bailey shrugged her shoulders. “And that concerns me how?”

“It was Princess Parker.” Denon answered softly. “She wanted to know if you had come by to see me.”

Bailey’s grip on the chairs armrest tightened. “Did you tell her?”

“No,” The General shook his head. “Let me tell you why she tried.”

Bailey closed her eyes. “Why?”

“She said that you and her had a very big misunderstanding.” The General reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a white envelope. “She asked me to give this to you.”

Bailey opened her eyes and stared at the object in the General’s hand. Thousands of reason’s passed through her head as to why she should just have the General toss it into the garbage, but only one thought as to why she should read it. “Cause I do love her no matter what she did.”

“Than you, Sir.” She held onto the envelope like it would dissolve from the sweaty touch of her fingers.

“Do what you have to do Captain.” The general said as he stood up and walked out of the room.

“What should I do?” Bailey asked herself out loud before she opened the letter.

My Dearest Bailey,

I know you don’t want to hear from me now, but I need to explain.

Yes, Lynne and I had a bet going, but that was before I fell in love with you. No I am not lying when I tell you that. You own my heart and soul. My body has never known love like you before.

I have told Lynne that you were not a bet. She disagrees and thinks I will come around. I told her to leave and to never come back. I don’t want friends like her around me. She doesn’t see the love I have for you as a strength but only a weakness.

How can love be a weakness? It is the strongest emotion we feel.

I know I am rambling and all, but my mind is so muddled. All I think of is you and your touch. The way you smelled after we made love. I just want to never forget.

If you believe on thing I say in this letter, please let it be this.

I met you and you Conquered my heart and made it yours…your love for me captured my soul and it will never let go.



Parker paced in front of her father’s desk. “I need to know where she is.”

King Aaron nodded his head. “I know you do. You have said that several times in two minutes.” He stood up and walked over to his daughter. “Like I said. I have no clue where they are at.”

“You are the King and you could find out.” Parker yelled as she grabbed a hold of her father’s shoulders. “I have to talk with Bailey. I love her and she needs to know that.”

Aaron stepped closer to Parker and wrapped his arms around Parker. “I know you do, but you know I cannot find this out just because I am the king. Some things are just better left to a few people to know.”

“But you are the King.” Parker mumbled into her father’s shoulder as fresh tears ran down her checks. “You’re the King.” She repeated.

A small woman opened the door and knocked softly. “Excuse me, Your Highnesses, but Princess Parker you have a transmission coming.”

“I really don’t want to talk with anyone. Could you please take a message?” Parker asked as she wiped the tears off her face.

“I tried to tell the person that you asked not to be disturbed, but she said it was urgent and this was her last chance to be able to talk to you.” The secretary stated.

“Maybe you better find out who it is.” King Aaron suggested. “Would you please have it transferred into here, Ezra.”

“Yes, your Highness.” Ezra bowed slightly and backed out of the room.

“Now come over here and see whoever this is. I am not going to promise anything, but I might be able to find out if you can write to Bailey.” Aaron kissed the top of his daughter’s head. “I will leave you be.”

“Thank Dad. If I can just write to her again and let her know how much she means to me she may one day believe me again.” Parker smiled up at her Dad. “I will never stop until she believes me.”

“I have no doubt that you will succeed. After all you are my daughter.” Aaron squeezed Parker’s shoulder. “Now get to whoever wants to talk with you.”

“Yes, Dad.” Parker took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she reached over at activated the screen and waited for the figure to become clearer.


Bailey stood there waiting. General Denon had informed everyone that it was about time to load up and head out. She had tried every single number she had on the Princess and none had brought her the face she wanted to see. She figured that she would try the King’s number as a long shot.

“Please hold as your transmission is being redirected to the King.” The voice said before the screen went black

Bailey sighed and closed her eyes. Knowing she would have to leave and could only leave a message she lowered her head in defeat. “Damn it.”

“Bailey?” Parker whispered as her face materialized on the screen and she saw Bailey sitting there with her eyes closed.

Bailey’s head snapped up and she looked into the blue eye she loved. “I got your note.”

Parker smiled as fresh tears ran down her face. “I am so sorry. Lynne is a bitch and I should have never even made a stupid bet like that.” She ran a shaky hand through her hair. “Please forgive me?”

Bailey placed her hand flat on the screen. “I do forgive you and I am sorry I didn’t stick around and confront you face to face, but I was so mad and hurt that I couldn’t face you.”

Parker held her hand up to her screen and placed it over Bailey’s. “I understand and will forever hate myself for hurting you so. Please come back.”

Bailey shook her head. “I can’t, because you were right. I need to finish this fight with the Borealis. They need to be stopped and I am going to be on the team that will do just that.”

Parker understood what Bailey was saying. She didn’t really like it, but she wasn’t going to try and stop the small blonde from doing what she felt she had to do. “You follow your heart and do what you must.”

“My heart will always lead to you.” Bailey stated matter of fact.

Parker covered her mouth and cried. “I love you and will be here waiting for you when you return.”

“I love you too.” Bailey replied softly.

“Captain Cooper? We need to leave.” General Denon yelled into the now empty room.

“Coming sir,” Bailey answered. “Time for me to go.”

“Looks like it.” Parker nodded. “Come home soon.”

“I will, I promise.” Bailey stood up and bowed. “You are my Princess after all and I must follow your orders.”

“It’s not an order from your Princess, but one from the woman who’s heart you hold.” Parker kissed the screen. “Love you.”

Bailey kissed her fingers and placed them on her heart and walked out of the room knowing Parker was watching her every step of the way.
Part 3
“Have you heard from Bailey?” Rose asked her Granddaughter.

Parker shook her head. “No, but she is very busy training. Just as long as she gets my letters that is all I care about.”

Rose ran old fingers through Parker’s dark hair. “I don’t believe that.”

Parker played with a small piece of thread that hung from the bottom of her shirt. “Got me, I have not heard from her in three months. I can understand maybe two weeks, but three months. Just a small note saying hi and I love you would be something.”

“Understandable,” Rose walked around the couch and sat down next to Parker. “How about we go for a nice walk and see what kind of mischief we can get into?”

“No, I just want to stay here and mope.” Parker leaned back and closed her eyes. “You go on and let me know what trouble you find.”

“If you are sure?” Rose stood up. “You know I have so much more fun when it’s you and I getting into trouble then when it is just me.”

“Yes, Grandma. I know, maybe later.” Parker opened one eye and made brushing movement with a hand. “Go, get.”

“You are a pushy lady.” Rose laughed as she headed to the door. “If I find trouble you want me to send it to you?”

“Go ahead. I will be waiting.” Parker mumbled.

Rose laughed to herself as she closed the door and walked down the hallway. “Looks like trouble is gonna be sent in instead of found out in the garden.”


Bailey slowly opened the door to the room Rose had told her Parker was in. She saw the top of Parker’s head sticking out from the top of the couch. Without making a sound she closed the door and carefully made her way around to stand in front of the beautiful Princess.

She noticed the deep even breathes and knew Parker was sleeping. Not wanting to wake her up Bailey decided to sit across from her and just watch the scene before her. Her eyes followed the gentle curves that formed Parker’s body. Bailey smiled as she remembered the way her hands felt on the soft skin. The way Parker whimpered when she followed her hands with her mouth and sucked and nipped with her teeth.

“Damn I am getting hot.” Bailey groaned as she ran a hand through her hair. “Should I wake her?” She glanced over at the sleeping woman. “Yes, I think I should.”

Slowly she crawled on her hands and knees until her face was at Parker’s knees. She positioned herself so that she had her arms crossed on top of the sleeping woman knees. With a smile whispered. “Parker, wake up.”

When Bailey didn’t see any signs that Parker was waking she raised her body up and wiggled in between Parker’s legs. She placed a hand on each side of Parker’s thighs and lifted herself up so that she was face to face with the Princess. Knowing this would defiantly do the trick she started to places delicate kisses on Parker’s lips.

Parker mind began to register that someone was kissing her. Knowing that the only person she wanted to be kissed by was no where near her she did what any woman would do in that situation. She brought her head back slightly and rammed it forward against the person’s face in front of her. Then before she opened her eyes she brought her fist up and punch the body in the stomach. With her eyes now open she stood up over the moaning figure and yelled. “Guards!”

Within seconds the whole room was filled with guards. They moved Parker to a corner away from the unmoving person.

“This intruder was assaulting me.” Parker said as she pointed over to where Bailey laid on the floor. “I want to know how a person I don’t know could walk in here and do that to me? Where is my guardian? He should have been here.”

“I told him he could leave.” Bailey gasped out. “I didn’t think you were in any danger from me.”

“Bailey?” Parker mumbled as she tried to move closer.

“That is some right hook you have there Princess.” Bailey tried to stand up but the guards held her down. “Could you please tell them to let me up?”

“Oh, let her go and leave at once.” Parker rushed through the leaving guards over to Bailey who still held her face in her hands. “I am so sorry.” She said as she straddled Bailey’s body.

Bailey felt Parker move her hands away from her face. “What does it look like?”

“Nothing is broken, but you might end up with two black eyes.” Parker replied before she started to kiss all over Bailey’s face. “I am sorry, but this is your fault you know?”

Bailey opened her eyes. “How is this my fault?”

“You my love have not written or anything for three months and then you just show up here without somehow letting me know.” Parker rested her hands on either side of Bailey’s head letting her dark hair float down circling their faces. “I have missed you so much.”

Bailey wrapped her arms around Parker’s waist. “I have missed you as well. The reason why I have not written was because I was very busy. I know that is no excuse and I am sorry. I will do better I swear, but all I have done for the last three month is study and practice. By the time I got back to my room I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.”

“I understand, but even a small note or transmission would have been great. Just to hear your voice say, ‘I love you.’ Was all I needed.” Parker lowered her head and brought the two sets of lips together.

“These next three month won’t be as bad. So I swear I will do more.” Bailey stated when the kiss ended.

Parker’s head shot up. “What are you doing here? You still have three months to go.”

“Yes, but they gave us each a three day pass. They didn’t want to over do it with all the training.” Bailey laughed at the way that sounded. “Imagine that. The military not wanting to over do it.”

“I am so happy to see you.” Parker jumped up and reached for Bailey’s hand. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“Where are we going?” Bailey asked as she was pulled up off the floor. “Somewhere private I hope.”

Parker wiggled her eyebrows. “You will just have to wait and find out.” She tugged on the hands she held. “Let’s go.”

Bailey followed willingly with a bright smile on her face.


“Oh My God. I cannot believe it.” Bailey gasped out in wonder.

Parker looked at the outline of her lovers face. “What?” She asked as she waited until her heart slowed down to its normal beat.

“My body has never felt such an intense feeling.” Bailey rolled over onto her side. “You have truly conquered my heart,” she leaned over and placed a deep kiss on already swollen lips, “and captured my soul.”

“You are my life. My heart beats for no one but you. Forever and eternity.” Parker replied with all her heart.

Bailey moved her head back and looked deep into Parker’s eyes. “Will you marry me?”

Parker was speechless. She stared up at Bailey totally shocked by the question.

Bailey waited a few moments unsure if the silence was good or bad. Then she smiled as she saw Parker’s head slowly begin to nod. “Is that a yes?” She asked as her own head started to move up and down.

Parker latched onto Bailey’s lips and kissed her with all the love she held inside her. “Does that answer your question?”

Bailey stayed silent for a few seconds pretending to ponder the question. “I don’t know.”

Parker growled. “You don’t know? Well I’ll just have to figure out how to get it through your thick skull that my answer is and always will be, YES.” She then proceed to ravish the small blond woman.


Parker woke up with Bailey’s arm wrapped tight around her waist. She could feel the whisper of touch from the sleeping woman’s breathing against the back of her neck. She smiled as she grasped the strong hand on her stomach. She brought it up to her lips and placed gentle kisses on each finger and then one that lingered just a bit on the open palm.

The feeling of her bladder yelling to be set free broke her from her silent musing. Parker carefully extracted herself from her very warm cocoon. She rushed to the bathroom because the chill of the room made the need to go even worse. Coming out after she was done her feet stopped on the threshold of the bedroom.

“I am going to marry Captain Bailey Cooper.” Parker mumbled as it hit her that her life was going to change.

The rustle of the bed covers caused the Princess to look at the naked body of Bailey moving around looking for the soft body she had snuggled up to. Quietly she walked around the bed and sat in the chair.

Staring at the now still body a wave of ever-lasting love and devotion hit Parker right in the middle of the chest. “Yes, I am going to marry Bailey and my life will change, but it will be the best change.”

Parker continued to stare at the sleeping woman for quite a long time. Taking in every single feature that was not hidden by the blankets. She cringed slightly as she noticed the bruising around Bailey’s eyes. “Sorry baby.” Then she let her eyes trail down the now marked neck. “Guess you could call me a dog for marking my territory.” Then her imagination took over for her eyes as the blanket covered most of the better parts. She could tell exactly where Bailey’s pert nipples stood out against the fabric that rubbed against them. Her eyes followed down the blue blanket that went in between Bailey’s legs.

“Lucky blanket.” Parker growled wishing she was there covering Bailey’s womanhood. Yet for some reason she decided not to move. She did not want to wake Bailey up because she knew that the guardian needed to get some rest on her leave from training. “I think I will go get some breakfast and surprise her.”

“Good morning Parker.” Rose smirked up as she grabbed her coffee cup.

Parker smiled big at her Grandmother. “Good morning. How are you this fine day?”

“Well I am just great. Mind telling me why you have such a smile on your face this early?” Rose took a small sip from her cup.

Parker stopped and put her hands on her hips. “I think I should be the one who should ask you why you have such a smirk on your face.” She pointed an accusing finger. “You knew Bailey was here last night and you knew she wanted to surprise me.”

Rose only nodded her head.

“You know I should be upset with you for not telling me.” Parker walked around the table to stand next to Rose. She bent over and placed a kiss on the top of the older woman’s head. “I love you.”

“Love you too dear. Now you better get your girl some food.” Rose patted the hand on her shoulder. “Bailey I bet is famished after last night.”

Parker felt her face redden in embarrassment.

Rose chuckled softly. “No reason to turn red dear. I know what two people who love each other do when they are alone.”

“That maybe true, Grandma, but I don’t need to know that you know these things.” Parker replied as she spotted her Mom and Dad enter the room. “Hello, Mom and Dad.”

“Hello Parker,” King Aaron headed straight for the coffee. “Good morning Mom.”

“What is on everybody’ agenda today?” Victoria asked as she sat down and waited for her husband to get her a cup of coffee.

“Before anyone answers that I have an announcement to make.” Parker winked at her Grandma.

Aaron walked up to his chair and took a seat as he handed Victoria her morning coffee. “What kind of announcement?”

“Well, last night I was surprised by a visitor. Bailey came home and well to make a long story short. She asked me to marry her.” Parker stated really fast as her excitement grew with every word she spoke.

“Oh my,” Victoria gasped as tears ran down her face. “You are getting married.”

“Yes, Mom. When Bailey is done with her assignment we will have a ceremony.” Parker nodded her head as she looked over at her Dad. “Dad are you okay?”

Aaron just looked at his daughter as he slowly stood up and walked around the table to stand next to Parker. He knelt down on one knee and held her hand. “Are you sure? Is Bailey the one?”

Parker knew what her Dad meant when he asked if Bailey was the one. Was she the one who could take your breath away with just one look, one touch. Did she capture your soul and intertwine it with her own.

With her free hand she laid it on top of her Dad’s. “Yes, she is part of me cause I am part of her. Our souls are one.”

“That’s all I wanted to know. When she gets home a royal wedding will be held.” Aaron stood up and scooped his daughter into a big hug. “I am so happy for you and Bailey.”

“Yes, we all are.” Rose nodded at the two.


Parker carried in the tray of breakfast food and sat it down on the dresser across from the bed. She walked over to the bed and knelt down by the sleeping form. With a careful touch she brushed back the tousled blonde hair that fell across her lover’s face.

“Bailey.” Parker whispered softly. “It’s time to get up.”

“Five more minutes mom.” Bailey mumbled.

Parker brushed her finger over Bailey’s pink lips. “Baby, it’s not your mom.”

“Then if it’s not my Mom leave me alone.” Bailey scrunched up her body into a tight ball.

The Princess shook her head as she slipped her hands in between the sheets. Her finger found their mark of curly hair. “I would really rather you be awake for the mornings activities.”

Bailey stretched her body as finger skillfully circled her clit. “I think these are the best morning calisthenics I have ever been a part of.”

“Good morning love.” Parker kissed Bailey along the neck as she crawled on top of the smaller woman.

Bailey only moaned as Parker took her to the highest of heights.


“So what are our plans for the day?” Parker asked as she snuggled up against Bailey’s back.

“Well,” Bailey chewed on a piece of fruit. “We could go for a ride or go somewhere for a nice walk.” She placed her now empty plate on the floor next to the bed. “What do you want to do?”

“I would like to just lounge around with you. Do absolutely nothing.” Parker kissed the soft skin next to her face. “Just you and me. No one else.”

“I like the sound of that, but won’t your family wonder what has happened to you and come looking for you?” Bailey questioned as she moved so she could hold Parker against her chest. “This is not really the situation I would like them to find us in.”

“I suppose I should tell you.” Parker looked up into soft green eyes. “I sort of told them that you asked me to marry you.”

“Oh did you now? When did you have the time to spill the beans?” Bailey poked Parker on the side.

“This morning when I went to get the tray of food for us.” Parker jumped around trying to stop Bailey’s finger. “I couldn’t hold it in and had to tell. It is the best news I will ever have to tell.”

“The best news ever?” Bailey grinned. “I like the sound of that.” She bent down and placed a kiss on waiting lips. “Love you, my princess.”


Bailey’s leave time went way to fast for Parker and Bailey. They spent most of the time in Parker’s bedroom getting to know one another and one another’s body. The only time they did come out was when Rose knocked on the door and told them they were invited to dinner.

Bailey nearly tripped over her own two feet when she saw her family sitting around the table with Parker’s parents and Grandma. She quickly went up to her Mom and Dad and gave them each a hug. Then she introduced them to their soon to be daughter-in-law.

The night went smoothly as both families got along well. They all stayed up late talking and getting to know one another. The two women who sat cuddled up next to each other couldn’t have been happier.

Now it was an hour before Bailey had to leave and the two were wrapped around each other. You couldn’t tell where one body began and the other ended.

“I really should get up and in the shower.” Bailey mumbled from under the blanket.

The blankets rustled a bit as Parker tightened her grasp. “Don’t want you to leave. You need to stay right here.” She kissed the skin next to her lips. “Right where you belong.”

“I do belong here, but I have to finish this. We have three more month of training and then we can be put out there making a difference. The capabilities of these machines is so great that the war will be over before you know it.” Bailey moved the blanket off their heads. She looked down at the blue eyes that stared up at her. “While I am gone you can get all the wedding preparations ready.”

“Trust me when I say this. Between my Mom, Grandma and your Mom things are probably done already. They are just waiting for us to set a date.”

Bailey laid her head back. “You are so right. So what day is good for you?”

“Let me think.” Parker tapped a finger on the side of her face. “How about in an hour?”

Bailey giggled. “As much as I like the sound of that. Not gonna happen.” She sat up.

“I know,” Parker grinned. “But a girl does have to try.”

“You have tried several ways to get me unable to move this morning. So far all of them have worked, but I need to get going or I will get into trouble.” Bailey swung her legs over the side of the bed and sighed.

Parker closed her eyes and forced the tears away. She didn’t want to make it harder for Bailey to leave than it already was. “Promise me you will write more.”

Bailey nodded her head.

“Promise me you will call when you can. No matter the time.” Parker asked.

Bailey nodded again.

Parker turned on her side and rested her head on her hand. “Promise me you will come home in one piece. Promise me you will come home alive.”

Bailey turned her head and looked at the person that meant more to her than her own life. “I swear on our love that I will return to you.”

No matter how hard Parker tried the tears fell.


“Damn you all the way to hell. You promised me that you would return to me.” Parker tossed the glass she had in her hand across the room. She watched as it shattered into tiny shards of glass all over the floor. “You swore on our love.” She sank down to her knees. “You swore on our love.” She repeated as sobs took control of her body as flashes of the news film raced through her mind.

The room was filled with voices from the pilots and the command center. Everyone tried to make out what was happening up on the big screen up in front of them. They watched as missiles flew everywhere. Some hitting their targets and some just going off hitting the water and exploding. Then suddenly they were taken underwater to a view they have never seen before. No one had dared go into the oceans and seas of the world since the Borealis took them over.

The water was clear and vibrant with underwater life living its own life. Orange and blue fish swimming in schools as a turtle waded its way to the bottom of the corral reef looking for a some vegetation to munch on. They did not know that their world was about to change. Then in an instant the scene was filled with fast moving projectiles as bubbles shot up to the surface. The fish darting off to safety.

Several crafts whizzed in front of the camera dodging the missiles. The picture would suddenly shake as one of the missiles would explode close to the craft carrying it. Everyone watching the battle knew that this was the deciding factor. The Borealis had been defeated in every other battle since the Whisper crafts had been put to use. This was the last ditch effort and General Denon wanted every single Whisper craft to advance on the last strong hold of the enemy.

The whole thing was being filmed for prosperity sake. As they were getting their world back.

Parker held her breath every time she saw Bailey’s craft zoom in and around the highly explosives missiles being shot out at the force. The only reason she knew which one was Bailey was because Bailey had named it after her ‘Princess’.

Everyone in the viewing room knew that soon the battle would be over with and freedom would be theirs. In one last ditch effort the Borealis sent out their last battle squadrons with an unexpected weapon.

The weapon sent out a shock wave disabling all electronics in the Whispers. Making them sitting ducks in the water. Not knowing how to handle the new device the pilots of the still functioning Whispers scattered.

Knowing deep in her gut that Bailey was not about to retreat she held her breath when out of no where one of the small ships zipped from off the side of the camera and slammed into the ship responsible for the shock wave causing an explosion breaking the camera.

They room waited to see if they could get their picture and sound back up. With no success the room filled with soft murmurs. Wondering who had given up their life for the whole world.

Parker sat there. Knowing without a doubt who the pilot was. Her heart crumbled as her soul died. The voices were shut out as her world changed forever. The love of her life was gone forever even before they had started a life together.

“How am I supposed to go on without you here? How am I to live?” Parker crawled to her bed. She forced herself up on top the covers that were tossed all over the top of the bed. She reached under her pillow and brought out the picture Bailey had sent her. It was of her with a big smile and paint all over her face and hands. She pointed to her Whisper craft that bore the name she had chosen.

“Oh baby,” Parker traced a finger over Bailey’s glowing face. “I know why you did what you did, but I wish you could have thought of a different way to handle the situation.”

A knock made Parker stop her conversation with the picture. She didn’t bother turning around when she heard the hiss of her door opening and closing or when the soft sound of foot stops entered her room.

“Parker?” Rose whispered softly. “How are you doing?”

Parker’s shoulders started to shake and tears soaked her pillow. “I feel so lost Grandma. My life has no direction what so ever. My life was her and now it is gone.”

“That maybe how you feel now, but you know that your life was not all about her. She never would let that happen and you know it.” Rose moved to the side of the bed and sat down. She ran a hand through her granddaughter hair. “You need to turn this sorrow into something positive.”

“How in the world do you think I can do that. It takes every ounce of my being to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.” Parker spat out. “I feel empty.”

“I know exactly how you feel. When your Grandfather died I knew from that moment on that my life would be forever different.” Rose sighed. “I decided one night as I sat alone talking to him that I needed to do something for myself but yet at the same time for him as well.”

“What did you do Grandma?” Parker snuggled up next to the older woman.

Rose smiled, “I started charities in his name and went to see the people that he loved so much.” She looked down at the picture in Parker’s hand. “I think Bailey would love it if you went and saw the people that she has just given freedom too.”

“Where do I even start?” Parker wrapped her arms around her Grandma leg. “She freed every single person on the planet.”

“Well where was the first place Bailey saw you as you and not that snobby Princess?” Rose asked.

Parker laughed. “It was when I went to the hospital to see the children.”

“Well then. I would say that would be a good start.” Rose nodded. “How about you come with me to get some dinner?”

“No, but I will meet you for breakfast.” Parker sat up. “I need to get my head in order before I leave this room.”

“Understandable, plus my dear.” Rose pinched her nose. “You need a shower.”


“Who is this little angel?” Parker asked as she stepped up to the bed of a little boy who laid there with bandages all over his body.

“This young man is Simon.” The Doctor who was walking around with Parker answered with a smile. “He is our resident comedian.”

“Hello Simon,” Parker grabbed the chair next to the wall. “Would you mind if I sat here with you for a bit. Maybe you could tell me some jokes?”

“No Princess,” Simon replied with a smile.

“If you don’t mind Princess I need to check on a few other patients?” The Doctor bowed slightly.

“Please, call me Parker and go ahead.” Parker nodded towards the small boy. “I will stay here with Simon.”

“Okay, Parker.” The Doctor bowed again and walked out of the room.

“So Simon do you have a few jokes you could tell me?” Parker asked as she sat back.

For the next hour Parker sat with Simon until the small boy feel asleep. She sat there for a few minutes and watched the boy breath. The white bandages didn’t hide all the burn or cut. She was just glad that because of Bailey no other child would be harmed by the war with the Borealis.

Parker took in a deep breath to keep herself from crying. She knew that she had to get on with her life. A life without Bailey in it, but it was still very hard for her to even get out of bed in the morning.

“I am sorry it took so long. We have a patient who is normally quiet and still most of the time get totally out of hand. It took several of people to hold her down.” The Doctor stated after she stepped into the room. “Is there some other place you would like to see?”

“No, maybe I will just walked around.” Parker stood up and put the chair back where she had gotten it from. “There is no need for you to follow me around. I know you have more important things to do.”

“Well to tell you the truth I have some charts that I need to go over.” The Doctor replied as she played with the stethoscope around her neck.

“Then please go. I will be just fine on my own.” Parker waved the woman out the door. She took one last look at Simon. “You saved a lot of people love. I am so proud of you, but I will miss you until the day I die.”

“Sorry are you talking to me?” An old woman asked who was sitting in a wheel chair rolling down the hall.

“No, sorry I was just talking to myself.” Parker smiled.

The old woman stopped and looked up at the princess. She cocked her head to the side. “You look familiar to me. Do I know you? Do you work here at the hospital?”

“No, I don’t work here and I think I would remember you if we had ever met.” Parker said as she looked at the blue hair and thick glasses.

The woman scratched her head as she stared into Parker’s eyes. “It will come to me. It usually does.”

“I’m sure it will.” Parker patted the woman on the back. “Where are you headed?”

“Just to see a friend. I heard she had some trouble a little bit ago and I want to make sure she is okay.” The woman replied as she started down the hallway. “See you around.”

“See you around.” Parker laughed to herself and started down the corridor.


“Hey sleeping beauty. I heard you had some kind of trouble.” The blue haired woman said as she wheeled in the room up next to the small body in the bed. “Why would you go and do that?”

Not receiving any answer, but not really expecting to since the person in the bed was in a coma.

“I think you gave the nurses a little excitement. You should see them. They all are out of sorts. They are saying that they have never seen anyone in your condition react that way. Ever.” She laughed. “So what are you going to do next? Do a set of jumping jacks in the nude and give the orderlies a show?”

The woman looked down and saw a piece of paper on the ground. “You dropped your picture. Let me see if I can get it.” She bent over but was unable to reach it since it was way under the hospital bed. “Hold up and I will get a nurse to get it. I know how you get without it.”

A few minutes later the woman and a nurse came into the room.

“It’s under there,” the older woman pointed with her crooked finger. “I couldn’t reach it.”

“I see it.” The nurse bent over and grabbed the paper with her finger tips. “I’ll go get some tape and tape it up good so it won’t fall down any more.” She handed the woman the photo. “Now Ezra don’t stay to long.”

“Oh I won’t. I just wanted to check up on her.” Ezra moved closer to the bed so she could put the picture in the small hand. She flipped it over so the picture side would face up. The sight of happy blue eyes stared back at her, but nothing else. The rest of the picture was ruined because at some pint it had gotten wet.

Ezra opened the hand slowly but never stopped looking at those eyes.

“Oh my,” Ezra gasped. “I know those eyes.”

The nurse came back in with some tape. She saw the shocked expression on the elderly woman’s face. “What’s wrong Ezra? Do you feel alright?”

“I know who this is. I saw her just a little while ago.” Ezra put the picture in her breast pocket. “I will bring back your picture sleeping beauty.” She said to the woman in the bed.

The nurse followed the woman out of the room. “What can I do to help?”

“This woman I saw. Is tall with long dark hair. She had on a blue t-shirt with a gray coat and light blue jeans. I saw her stepping out of little Simon’s room.” Ezra stated as she continued down the hall.

“The only person I know that has visited Simon today is Princess Parker.” The nurse acknowledged as she tried to keep up with the fast moving woman. “How about we split up. You go that way and I will go that way.” She pointed down two different hallways.

“Sounds good. Let’s go.” Ezra slowed down some so she could look into rooms as she rolled by.


The exotic smell that wafted through the slight breeze brought a small smile to the Princess’s face. Parker had decided to take a quiet walk through the hospital’s garden. It was one of the largest and most exquisite sights she had ever seen. The colors ranged from vibrant reds to soft yellows and pinks. Bees buzzed past her as they flew from one flower to the next. She spotted a bench in the corner under a tree. Knowing she had time to really enjoy the solitude she took in a deep breath and walked over to take a seat.

Parker closed her eyes and leaned back against the wooden backrest. Everything seemed to fade away. Just the sound of her beating heart broke through her silence.

“This is when I miss you most of all. When I am totally by myself.” Parker thought. “It was supposed to be me and you for always. Never to be alone even if we were apart. Cause we would still be with one another in heart and mind.”

Parker opened her eyes and looked up into the bright blue sky. She watched as a single cloud float by with out a care in the world. “I love you forever Bailey. I will miss you until I die and we are together again.”

“Oh, thank god I found you.” Ezra yelled.

Parker jumped up off the bench and looked around. She noticed the blue haired old lady that nearly ran her over. “You scared me.”

“Damn I am so sorry. I am just so glad I found you.” Ezra wheeled closer. “I figured out who you are.”

“Did you?” Parker smiled. “Who am I?”

“You are the person in this picture.” Ezra stated as she pulled out the picture from her pocket.

“What?” Parker was not ready for that answer. She thought the woman had figured out that she was the Princess. “Picture?”

“Yes,” Ezra wiggled the paper in her hand towards the stunned Princess.

Parker reached for the object. Her hands shook slightly as she flipped it around. She brought it closer to get a better look at it since it was water stained and bent. The eyes looking back at her she knew instantly were hers. “Where did you get this?”

“From my friend.” Ezra proclaimed with a sad smile.

Parker scooted closer to the woman. “Who is your friend?”

“Well, I don’t know her name.” Ezra grinned. “I call her sleeping beauty.”

Parker stared at the woman then looked down at the picture she had in her hand. She flipped it over and noticed that at one point something was written on the back. Only a couple of letter were visible. Parker’s heart jumped. “How? Where?”

“Follow me I will take you to see my friend.” Ezra turned the wheel chair around and headed back towards the hospital. When she noticed she wasn’t being followed she stopped and looked over her shoulder. “You coming?”

Parker ran her finger across the letter B in the top left hand corner of the picture. Then her eyes trailed down over the swirls of pen to where she could see a fading heart and the letter P stood out.

Ezra pushed herself back to the seated woman. “You coming?”

Parker lifted her head to look straight at the woman. “This belongs to the woman I love and the woman who I lost. She is dead. I watched her die.”

“Well I don’t know anything about that, but if that is you in that picture then who ever is up in that bed had it.” Ezra patted Parker’s hand. “How about we go and find out?”

“Okay,” Parker nodded.


“In there,” Ezra pointed to the closed door.

Parker stood in the middle of the hallway unable to move her feet. Not twenty feet away could be her hearts deepest desire or it could be nothing.

“Dear, you’re not going to find out until you step up and see.” Ezra nudged Parker towards the door.

“What if it is not her?” Parker asked softly.

Ezra smiled, “what if it is?”

“I’m scared.” Parker mumbled as tears started down her cheeks.

“Sometimes it is the scariest moment in a day that turn out to be the most important moments of your life.” The old woman stated.

Parker took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. As she let the breath out slowly she opened her eyes and stepped towards the closed hospital door. With a shaky hand she pushed open the door and walked in.

The room was dark and silent. The blinds that held out the sun cast shadows across the still form in the bed. Unable to get a glimpse of the face Parker stepped closer. The huge bandage over the head didn’t stop her from recognizing the face of her lost love.

“Oh God,” Parker gasped out as she ran the last few steps to the bed. She cautiously touched the still face so she would know that Bailey was real and not an illusion.

The warm touch of flesh made the tears flow faster down Parker’s cheek. She lowered her head and rested it on the still shoulder. “What happened to you? I thought you were dead. How did you get here?”

“Excuse me, but do you know this person?” A nurse asked from the door.

Parker turned her head never taking her hands off the silent woman in bed. “Yes, she is my partner. Can you explain to me how she got here. I watched how she died and now she is here in front of me.”

“All I know is someone found her on some beach somewhere. No way to tell who she was, all she had in her possession was a picture.” The nurse replied. “I will go get the doctor for you. Maybe she has more answers than I do.”

“Thank you,” Parker used her shoulder to wipe her face off before she dragged the chair next to the bed and sat down.

Ezra watched from the hallway with a big smile.


“I’ll meet you at the hospital.” King Aaron said before he switched off his communicator. “Well this is great news.”

“What is your Majesty?” General Denon asked from across the room.

The king looked up and smiled. “Bailey, has been found.”

“What?” The General dropped the paper he had in his hands and walked over to the King. “How is that possible we all say her get blown up.”

“Well actually we saw her Whisper craft get blown up. She must have some how got out before it blew up.” King Aaron shrugged. “We will find all that out after she wakes.”

“Wakes?” The General was still trying to figure out what was going on.

“Yes it seems she is a coma.” The King grabbed his coat. “I will tell you more when I know more.”

“I think I should go with you.” General Denon grabbed his hat and started to follow the King.

“No,” King Aaron stopped and turned around. “Right now it is about seeing what we can do to get Bailey awake and not some military invasion.”

“But sir, I just want to know what happened.” The General replied.

The King nodded, “I do just as much as you do, but what can you get out of someone who cannot answer your questions?”

“True,” General Denon acknowledged with a nod.


“When do you think she will wake?” Parker asked the Doctor.

The Doctor sighed. “No one knows. She may stay that way for the rest of her life or she could come out of it tomorrow.”

“What do you mean never? In this day and age with all the technology we can’t do anything for her but wait.” Parker stood and began to pace. “I want the best Doctor’s in the world here to look at her. I know there has to be a way. I know there has to be something that can be done.”

“I’m sorry, Princess Parker. That is why she is here. I have the fore most knowledge of person’s in a coma.” The Doctor replied.

“I will not accept the answers you have given me. Bailey will wake up and it will not be years from now it will be with in moments.” Parker stated with all her heart.

“I certainly hope so.” The Doctor whispered as she watched Parker walk out of her office back towards Bailey room.


“Hi, Grandma.” Parker said as she walked in to the room. “What are you doing?”

“Well, I tried to think of something that might get our girl here to wake up. I thought of all the baby pictures we had of you. So I brought them with me.” Rose smiled as she held up a photo. “I think the ones of you naked will do the trick myself.”

“You know only you would think of something like that.” Parker laughed as she moved closer to the bed and placed a soft kiss on Bailey’s cheek. “Hey, baby. I missed you. You better wake up soon so I can give you a proper kiss.”

The two women waited for any signs of movement. When nothing happened Parker grabbed the chair she had swiped from the waiting room so that when someone else came to visit she didn’t have to leave Bailey’s side.

“When does Mr. and Mrs. Cooper get here?” Parker asked as she grabbed a handful of pictures to go through.

“Tomorrow afternoon.” Rose answered as she held up a picture for Parker to see. “You remember this?”

Parker looked up and nodded. “Yes, that was taken right after my eighth birthday party. I wanted to ride my new bike so bad, but it was too dark and Mom and Dad said to wait until the next day. I didn’t listen and snuck out when they were saying good-bye to all the diplomats that were invited.”

“I have always wondered how you found the only puddle.” Rose giggled. “In fact if I remember right it hadn’t rained in days.”

“Well, I kind of made it myself.” Parker laughed. “I used a bucket from the kitchen and did it with my own two little hands.” She held up her hands and wiggled her fingers.

“I thought your Mom was going to die.” Rose leaned back and laughed harder. “You came running in crying and covered from head to toe.”

“I ruined Mom’s dress. She had a perfect imprint of me all over the front of her gown.” Parker shoulders shook as the laughter took control as a picture of her Mom’s face flashed in her mind when she launched herself through the air and wrapped her two small arms around her waist.

“That was priceless.” Rose stated as she wiped the tears off her face from laughing so hard.


“I can’t believe she is alive.” Julia Cooper cried as she gently held her daughter’s hand.

“It was quite a shock when I walked in here.” Parker ran her hands through Bailey’s hair as she stared down at the face she loved.

Julia sniffled. “Do the doctors have any idea when she will wake up?” She looked over at Parker.

Parker closed her eyes and shook her head.

“She’ll wake up.” Barry Cooper stated as he walked into the room. He stepped up to the foot of the bed and rested his hands on top of his daughter’s feet. “She has to many people that love her to be laying around in this bed for much longer.”

“Yes,” Parker and Julia replied at the same time.


“So there she was sitting on the branch laughing her heart out.” Julia shook her head. “I was never so mad in my life.”

“How did you get her down?” Parker giggled as she pictured her lover acting like a monkey while her parents yelled and ranted up at her antics.

“Barry threatened that she wouldn’t get to go up in the mountains with him like they had planned for weeks.” Julia fiddled with the still fingers in her hand. “She loved the mountains and the trip she would take with her Dad.”

“She still does. We had decided to rent a cabin for our honeymoon.” Parker took a deep breath. “She was going to show me where all the best fishing spots were and where you could best see all the stars.”

Julia nodded, “I know the spot. Barry asked me to marry him there and I even think that was were Bailey was conceived.”

“A little to much info.” Parker held up her hand.

Julia leaned back in her chair and laughed. Then after a few seconds silence filled the room as the two women looked at the sleeping Bailey.

“I don’t think she will wake up here.” Parker whispered as she looked over at Julia.

Julia’s brows scrunched. “What do you mean dear?”

“Bailey needs some sort of stimulation and this drab cold room is not it. She needs to be where she loves to be and maybe that will finally bring her back to us.” Parker replied. “I think the cabin would be a great place to take her. She loves it there and it holds memories and maybe it will be enough.”


For the fifth time in a row the night sky was met by Parker and Bailey laying out on a blankets and pillows. The doctor’s were not too happy to let Parker take Bailey out of the hospital, but they were out of ideas to waken the young solider so they relented.

“I think that one looks like a dipper.” Parker pointed up at the twinkling sky. “What about you Bailey? What do you see?” She looked down at the unmoving face. With the finger that pointed out the stars she began to trace Bailey’s eyebrows down her soft cheek to her velvet lips. “You need to come back to me.” The chirp of a cricket was her answer.

They laid there for about another hour before the chill of the night got too much and they needed to get back to the nice warm cabin. Parker picked up the communicator and buzzed Julia to let her know to send Barry after them.

As she waited she laid her head on Bailey’s shoulder and closed her eyes. “I will do this every night until forever.”

“I’ll be more than happy to meet you here every night.” A deep voice said from the dark bushes. “How about we start right now?”

Parker gasped as she sat up. “Who are you?”

“No need to know who I am.” The big dirty man raked his eyes over Parker’s beautiful body.

“I suggest you get your filthy ass back in those bushes before my father in law gets here.” Parker stated as she looked down at Bailey wishing her lover was awake to take care of this guy.

“Who’s you little friend there? I always did enjoy a blond squirming under me.” He grabbed his crotch and licked his lips. “How about we have ourselves a little star light party?”

“Get the hell out of here.” Parker screamed sat up on her knees with her hand on Bailey’s chest. “You don’t want to mess with me.”

“Oh, yes I do.” The man stepped closer. “It has been a long time since I had me a woman and I plan on having me two tonight.” He reached Parker and grabbed her shoulders. He shoved her back onto the ground and stood over her. “Spread your legs.” He reached behind his back when Parker shook her head and pulled out a knife. “I said spread them.”

“NO,” Parker raised her feet and nailed him in the groin. She moved to her knees searching for something she could use as weapon.

“I will kill you and then fuck you.” The man bellowed as he rolled over to grab a hold of Parker’s ankle. He tugged and pulled her closer to him.

Parker noticed the gleaming of the moon light on the knife as the man raised it above his head. “BAILEY, OH GOD. HELP ME!” She yelled as she brought her hands up to stop the downward thrust of the man’s arm.

“You will be mine,” the disgusting man grinned as he watched his knife slice through Parker’s soft skin on her arm.

Neither of the two noticed the slight movement off to the side or the low moan.

From where ever Bailey had been the frantic scream of terror from her lover dragged her back from the silent darkness. “Parker.” She whispered and slowly opened her eyes to the dark sky and the flickering stars. “Where Am I?”

“Oh God, please stop.” Parker whimpered as blood from the various cuts on her arms and hand trailed down her arms to the ground under her.

Bailey tried to move, but her body didn’t cooperate. She knew that the man assaulting Parker would surely win the fight soon and she needed to think of some way to help. With unsure hands she searched for anything she could use against the man. Her stiff finger wrapped around a hard metal object that was hidden under the blankets.

Parker could feel every strike against her skin, but she wasn’t going to give up and let this man win. She tried to get her legs around so she could kick him, but he was too strong and too fast.

“Just give up. You are way to pretty to look like chopped up meat someone would feed their dog.” He dropped the knife and grabbed a hold of Parker’s forearms. He moved so he could put them against her side and use his knees to hold them there. “I’m gonna enjoy this.” He sat up and looked down at his captive. “Sit still and you might enjoy it as well.”

“Not now not ever.” Parker struggled against the weight siting on her.

The loud burst and flash of light blinded Parker. She laid there for several seconds before she felt the weight of the man on her slip off her. She didn’t waste any time and scrambled away from the unmoving man. “What the hell happened?” Parker looked around to see if anyone was around, but it was just her and Bailey. “Bailey?” She looked over at the still body, but she noticed that the blankets were moved. She crawled slowly over. The pain in her arms was getting worse and she was getting light headed from the loss of blood.


“Parker, you need to wake up now.” Rose caressed her Granddaughter’s cheek. “Come on honey someone is very anxious to see you.”

Parker mumbled but didn’t wake up.

Victoria stood on the other side of the bed and tried. “Sweetheart, open your big blue eyes for us.” She leaned over and whispered. “You don’t want to keep Bailey waiting any longer do you?”

“Bailey,” Parker moaned as her head moved from side to side. “Got to keep him away from Bailey.” Her eyes flew open.

“You did baby. You kept Bailey safe and unharmed.” Rose cupped Parker’s head in her hands. She felt tears in her eyes at the way her Granddaughter fought against her touch. “Please, you are safe. He is no where near you.”

“He is dead Parker. You don’t have to worry about him.” Victoria stated as she helped her mother in law keep Parker still.

Parker’s eyes focused on the two faces above her and she calmed down when she realized who they were. “Mom, Grandma where am I?”

“You are in the hospital. You were hurt pretty badly, but Barry was able to stop the bleeding and called for an air ambulance.” Rose replied as she sat down next to the bed.

Parker took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She could feel the man still on her and the pain from each strike as it dug into her skin. “Did I hear you right. He is dead?”

“He was shot with a laser blast from the gun Barry gave you to protect yourself against wild animals.” The Queen informed Parker.

Parker looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Who?”

“Bailey,” both older woman said at the same time.


Bailey laid in the darkness staring up at the tacky white ceiling. “I wish someone would tell me what the hell is going on.” She tried once again to get up off the bed, but her body wasn’t up to that kind of activity yet. “Damn it I hate waiting.”

“I know that and that is why I came to tell you that Parker is fine. She is out of surgery and is in her room. Rose and Victoria are with her.” Barry flipped on one of the small lights next to the bed. “How do you feel?”

Bailey blinked her eyes to get used to the sudden light. “Thanks Dad.”

“Sorry,” Barry patted his daughter’s leg as he sat down.

“And to answer your question. I can’t do anything. I try to sit up and can only move about an inch and I am exhausted.” Bailey yawned. “See I tried to get up and now I am so freaking tired I want to sleep.”

“Give your body time Bailey.” Barry leaned back. “You had PT while you were out to keep you muscles from freezing up, but that doesn’t keep them in the state you had them in. It will take you a long while to get back to that, but you will.”

“How long was I out?” Bailey asked softly.

“Way to long.” Parker replied from the open door.

“I love you,” Bailey said as tears ran down her face as she looked at Parker’s wrapped up hands and arms.

Parker waited until her Mom had pushed her to the bed and stood up. She leaned over so her face was an inch away from Bailey’s. “I love you too.”


After several months of physical therapy for both Bailey and Parker they finally had the wedding the whole world had been waiting for since finding out Bailey was awake and doing fine.

Parker walked slowly down the aisle on her father’s arm. She never took her eyes off Bailey who stood at the end of the aisle in her dress Guardian uniform. The flicker of the candle lights caught the shiny new medals Bailey had received from her father in a ceremony several weeks before. “She looks stunning standing there.”

“She is in love.” Aaron squeezed his daughter’s hand. “She is a lucky lady.”

“No Dad.” Parker stated as she stepped up next to her soon to be wife. “I am.”

Bailey lifted an eyebrow at Parker.

“Love you,” Parker kissed Bailey softly.

“Not yet Princess.” The Priest whispered so only Bailey and Parker could hear, but forgot the microphone was turned on and everybody laughed.


Several hours later Bailey and Parker rode up in the elevator that would take them to the honeymoon suite of the hotel where they had their reception. They stood there holding hands and watching the numbers change at a very slow rate. Finally when they reached their floor Bailey hit the lock key so the door would stay open and then she scooped up Parker and carried her out of the elevator.

“Please hit the down button.” Bailey asked.

Parker reached over and pushed the red arrow down. “Sure.” She replied before she started to kiss Bailey.

When the kiss broke Bailey opened her eyes and smiled. “You are the best thing ever to happen to me.” She started to walk down the hall to their room. “Nothing in my life will ever mean more to me than you and your love for me.”

“You know I think you captured my soul the first time I laid eyes on you, but it took a while to conquer my heart.” Parker rested her head on Bailey’s shoulder as the Guardian stopped at their door. “Let me get the door.”

Bailey waited patiently as Parker reached into her jacket pocket and extracted the key card.

“It’s you and me forever and ever.” Parker waited for Bailey to step into the room. “We will never be apart again cause where you go I will follow.”

“Same for me. I will follow you anywhere.” Bailey set Parker down on her feet and began to close the door. “Let me show you how much I love you.”

The door clicked shut just as Bailey stepped closer to Parker for a passionate kiss.




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