The Gordon Family and A Few Friends


(These images are how the authors envision the characters in their minds. Their use for this story is in no way meant to infringe on any copyrights that may apply.)

Miranda                                                              Miranda Lynn Dedmon “Randi” 
Brooke’s oldest sister by four years. Assistant D.A. Married to Brian Dedmon with three children: two son’s, David & Kevin, one daughter, Julie.
                      Brian Dedmon                       David                             Kevin                                   Julie
                                                                                                                          Doing her impression of Aunt Brooke
BrookeBrooke Loran Gordon “Brooke”
President & CEO of Brownstone Records, Former Drummer for Anti-Zero as Brooke Loran. Married to Samantha Gordon (Moleson). One dog: A Siberian Husky named “Mario”.
                                                        Samantha Adams Gordon “Sam”                  Sam & Brooke
Public Relations: Brownstone Records. Married to Brooke. Met her wife when she roomed with Brooke’s youngest sister, C.C., the first semester of her senior year at college.
                                    Mario                              Sam’s Engagement Ring                      Brooke’s Tattoo
 Teresa rick
                                              Teresa Michelle McCarty “Terri”                                                   Rick McCarty
Younger than sister, Brooke, by four years. Pediatrician Married to Rick McCarty, also a doctor, with their first child on the way.
                                                                         Cjersti Chase Gordon “C.C.”
Brooke’s youngest sister and closest confidant. College Senior. Single
                                                                           Henry                                             Mable   
Henry and Mable Gordon Married for over 35 years. High-School sweethearts. Both in their early 50’s. Four daughters: Randi, Brooke, Terri & C.C., Three grandchildren and one on the way.
                 Peter Butler                            Sandy                              Crystal Johnson                          Janet
Peter Butler- Longtime friend of Brooke’s and former bassist for Anti-Zero. Currently a talent scout for Brownstone records.
Sandra Johnson- Sandy. Sam’s aunt (her father’s older sister) and Crystal’s mother.
Crystal Johnson- Sam’s cousin. Registered Nurse at the same hospital as her mother, Sandy. Steadily dating Peter.
Janet Humphreys- Born on the same day, she and Brooke have been friends for as long as either can remember. Sam’s PR professor.
                                              Samuel                                                   Elaine                                   Sarah
Samuel Moleson- Sam’s father. Married Elaine Adams when they were both 18. Two daughters: Sam and Sarah.

                                                                  James                                             Typical James

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