Justice Deferred by Alex P.

justice deferred


Justice Deferred
by Alex P.



Disclaimers: This is a work of fiction and while the main characters may remind you of a pair of ladies that until recently were in a popular TV series, that is as far as it goes. This is a piece of fiction any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

Sex Warning: Now here’s a surprise there is sex in here and for those of you that don’t know there is a loving relationship between two women, that at times gets kind of graphic. It goes from an R rating to an NC-17 on occasion. If any of that bothers you or you are less then 18 years of age, or if you live in one of those places where this material is illegal then you should delete this now and go elsewhere please, (My advice would be to move out of there ASAP!).

Violence/Language Warning: Yes, there is some of both. Actually there is some rather nasty references to violent acts, sexual and otherwise, Hey it’s set mostly in a prison what did you expect nuns. Again, if this bothers you delete it and move on.

Misc. Warnings and further Butt Covering: Many of the places in this story do or did exist (sadly Auggie’s closed long ago, and yes there is a Chillicothe Correctional Center, women’s facility) but it has been many years since I’ve been to any of them and they are liable to have changed greatly from the way I have written them here. How about we just call it artistic license and part as friends ok.

Special Thanks: I’d really like to take this opportunity to say a very special thanks to Missy for making the cover for this story. This is something she does for no charge and out of the goodness of her rather large and talented heart, and I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate her efforts.

First of all, to my Niki who encouraged inspired and even helped me with this story and believe me it wouldn’t exist without her. Thanks again my angel, I thank the Goddess every day for having brought us together even if it was only for a short time. I will always love you and think of you often.

Now last and certainly not least to the wonderful and talented person that beta-ed my demented addle brained scribblings and made them into a readable form, Cheryl Hill. Thanks kiddo you are the greatest!!!

Chapter 1

Guard Captain Paula Nichols stopped on her way through the security booth and glanced at the unblinking monitors. All but two showed empty cells – D Block was already at breakfast and wouldn’t be back for at least another 30 minutes.

Paula watched one of the monitors as a tall black-haired woman stretched out on her bunk like a jungle cat waking from a nap. It was easy to see every muscle in the long graceful body ripple under the soft, smooth skin, especially when Cam, as everybody called her, was only wearing a tank top and boxers. Like now.

The guard could feel herself being irresistibly drawn to the sensual beast on the screen. When she felt the pull the strongest, the prisoner leaned back in her bunk and raised the most incredible pair of sky blue eyes. Almost as if she knew Paula was watching, she looked directly into the camera and, with a mischievous smirk, winked.

Paula jumped back as if she’d been stung. Realizing her mistake, she tried to regain her composure before either of the junior guards in the room noticed that she was flustered by the prisoner’s actions.

“Hey, Cap is it true what we heard?” the newest guard asked.

“What’s that Pat?” Paula knew what she was asking, but she wanted the rookie to admit she was sticking her nose into something only the warden and Paula, herself, were supposed to know.

High profile prisoners, like Cam, had special release times that were kept secret to help avoid a media circus at the gates. It was meant to give the prisoner a chance to get away before any reporters showed, but Paula knew that the rule was really there for the warden. He wanted the prisoner gone, with no press coverage, in case the prisoner had something bad to say about his facility. The man didn’t give a tinker’s damn about the women in his charge; he just didn’t want any bad publicity.

“Well, you know Cap,” the kid said sheepishly, knowing she was busted, “Is Brusard really gettin’ out?”

“Yep, she is,” Paula, answered looking again at the dark haired woman on the monitor. “She’s done her full time and today she gets out free and clear, no paper. She turned down parole so that when she gets out they have to leave her alone.”

The kid decided to push her luck and ask another question. “Why do they have her on a suicide watch? She doesn’t look the least bit suicidal to me.”

Paula sighed. “All the big newspapers are all over ‘the innocent girl that did her time’ angle. Couldn’t let anything happen to her now that she’s served her time.”

At 5’8″, the heavily muscled guard was confident about her own abilities and, even more importantly, aware of her limitations. She’d seen a lot of so-called tough guys, guards and prisoners alike, go down hard because they let themselves get in over their heads. Paula knew that she had her share of respect from the inmates, but she was smart enough to know that the real reason her mission would go smoothly was prisoner #77531. Camilla Theresa Brusard was probably the most respected person inside the prison walls; she was definitely the most feared.

Cam Brusard was the stuff of jailhouse legends. She was a loner from day one, avoiding any affiliation with the gangs that flourished in the prison environment. She earned her respect the hard way, by taking down one of the most dangerous women when she was first incarcerated. Physically she was an impressive 6’1″ in her sock feet, with a narrow waist and broad shoulders. Sculptured muscles that a body builder would envy she had earned after spending hours on the free weights in the prison gym, but the amazing woman was still extremely feminine.

Long, black hair that shone like a raven’s wing, finely chiseled features, the high cheek bones of a super model and an incredible pair of blue eyes that were said to change colors with her mercurial moods.

But she wasn’t perfect; her long, thin, aquiline nose was slightly crooked thanks to a riot right after she’d arrived in the prison and there were many scars marring her smooth skin, souvenirs of her life on the streets. In spite of these imperfections, or maybe because of them, Cam was one of the most beautiful women anyone in Chillicothe Correctional Center had ever seen. But she never traded on her looks to get her way – she didn’t have to; she was an advanced student of several martial arts and was quite capable of taking care of herself.

Even her pre-prison life was fodder for the legend. Cam was born the only daughter of a Louisiana fire-and-brimstone, evangelical, Southern Baptist preacher, who believed in beating salvation into his too pretty, and far too independent daughter. Her mother, the eldest daughter of a prestigious, but poor Creole family, ignored her at best. Her life had been hard and lonely.

At the tender age of 13 Cam discovered that girls were far more appropriate sexual companions for her. She learned this with the help of the very curvaceous older daughter of a deacon in her daddy’s church. Apparently, Cam’s lessons were progressing quite well judging by the way that the deacon’s daughter was screaming her name.

Unfortunately, the choir loft that they were in had excellent acoustics and two very outraged fathers interrupted the lessons.

No one ever heard what happened to the deacon’s daughter, but Cam’s father beat her with the buckle end of a belt until her legs and back was raw, bloody masses of flesh and she was nearly unconscious. When his strength gave out, he picked her up by her hair and threw her through the front door into the dew-covered grass, telling her to be gone by the time he came back or he would have her taken to the girl’s reform school.

Somehow, she managed to drag herself away before her “loving” father had time to call the local police to come get her.

So from the time she was 13, Cam was on her own. Moving from one city to another, she hid in alleys and little known shelters using her taller than average height to make people believe she was at least 16. For more than a year Cam used all her considerable intelligence and kept the juvenile authorities from catching her.

She managed to avoid innumerable pitfalls on the streets that threatened to swallow her. Eventually though, everyone’s luck runs out and one night in Houston, right after Cam had arrived in town, hers did. She became the target of a vicious predator in the form of a pimp going by the name of “Grease”. She was 14.

Grease’s specialty was young runaway girls: he’d grab his prey off the street and take her to an old warehouse where he and his associates would take turns beating, torturing and raping the girl until her will was destroyed. He’d get them addicted to heroin as well, using ever-increasing doses of street grade heroin. It usually took two days to break them. Grease would keep the girls as virtual slaves until they were too old or too ill to suit his purposes, at which time he’d throw them out on the street to die.

Cam underwent three days of Grease’s indoctrination process before her captors let their guard down enough for the young girl to escape, killing one of them in the process. When her escape was discovered her captors tracked her down, finally managing to trap the girl in a blind alley.

He wanted her death to take a while so that her battered body would be a lesson to anyone else that might challenge his authority. Her body limp, the last of her strength used up during her escape, Grease picked the cowering teen up by her long, matted hair and began slamming his fist into her body.

The sadistic pimp was so intent on making sure the girl suffered that he didn’t pay attention to anything going on around him. He didn’t notice that he had acquired an audience: two hulking, dark figures attracted by the commotion in the alley. They had followed the sound of fists on flesh and the pitiful mewling of the quickly weakening girl until they came upon the scene of the assault.

Cam was never clear on what happened that night in Houston; the severe trauma she’d experienced left large gaps in her memory. In fact, most of the previous three days were blurry sensations of pain, fear, and humiliation. But that night those feelings were suddenly replaced by warmth, comfort, and the security of being wrapped up in huge, strong arms.

Cam’s next memory was waking up warm and clean in a nondescript hotel room. As she opened her eyes, she saw the back of a tall, very thin man dressed all in black. His size, 6’7″ and 180 lbs, was intimidating enough, but when he turned around he nearly scared her to death. His hair was cut short and he was clean-shaven, but the most striking thing about him was his white hair and white eyes – eyes that held no color at all save the pupil. He was a true albino and he reminded her of every psycho ax murderer in every horror movie that she had ever seen.

She shrank back into the covers on the bed staring at the man before her. Cam was so frightened she could feel tears stinging her eyes, but using every bit of will power she had, she was able to hold them back.

Not saying a word, she moved her eyes around the room, noticing two other large men who were both staring back at her. The first was about 5’10” and 220 pounds or so. He had dark hair and a full bushy beard with intense hazel eyes. The other man was taller by about 4 inches and heavier by about 100 pounds. He, too, had dark hair and a full beard, but his eyes were flat, and grey.

The entire situation was just too much for her after her ordeal at the hands of Grease, and the tears she had stopped before began to fall. Cam was sobbing uncontrollably, a thousand horror stories from the street flying through her mind – she was sure that she was about to live all of them. Then the strangest thing happened.

Cam felt herself being pulled into a warm, comforting embrace. Someone began rocking her, stroking her hair, talking softly to her reassuring her that she was safe and that no one would ever hurt her like that again.

Slowly opening her eyes to see whom her compassionate savior was, Cam was shocked at her discovery. The shortest of the three men had come over sat down on the side of the bed and was now holding her in his arms. She was wrapped in the blanket that had been covering her and in a soft voice he was promising the frightened girl that they meant her no harm, and that they were going to take care of her.

These three men, dressed as they were in their biker jeans and leathers, and for whatever reason, took care of her various injuries and kept her fed as she recovered. And as she overcame her instinctive fear of the three men, she saw past the exterior that the world saw.

Cobra, the albino, had been trained as a nurse, and had been rendered mute when someone tried to cut his throat and only succeeded in cutting out his vocal cords, but the tall slender man found his home the first time he touched a computer. There was nothing that he couldn’t make that box do. Mountain, the biggest of the three, was a former Marine – a Vietnam vet with a wicked sense of humor that the outside world rarely got to see. Cutter was the one who had held her when she was scared. He was a Vietnam vet as well and he was also, the most reserved and serious. He never gave a full out smile – the most he ever managed was a smirk and that only rarely. From that night on, they turned out to be three of the most important people in her life.

Once she had healed the three men offered to take her in to their home. Knowing by now that they were kind and could be trusted implicitly, Cam accepted and left the streets, riding into her new life on the back of a tricked out 1947 Harley Knucklehead, holding on to a huge shaggy biker.

When she moved in, anything Cam wanted, she had only to ask and the three men would get it for her. Although they didn’t appear to be, the three bikers were astute, accomplished businesspersons. They had taken their combined assets and, through very careful, informed investments had amassed a major portfolio of businesses.

Combining that with the royalties from some innovative security programs they’d written, the three men had formed a corporation and were quite able to care for Cam financially.

However, more important than that, they gave her a loving, supportive and caring “family” that accepted her for what and who she was without hesitation or reservation. Cutter was considered the head of their little family. Cam loved Mountain and Cobra very much, but the bond between the tough street kid and the serious biker went far beyond what was between her and the other two. Anyone that saw Cutter and Cam together could see that – even the other two “uncles” admitted it. Cam flourished and before long, she was back in school making straight A’s and excelling at basketball and softball.

The boys were determined that she learn how to protect herself anytime it was necessary, so they enrolled her in martial arts classes. Mountain and Cobra were themselves, second-degree black belts but Cutter’s rank was a mystery, whenever he came to the dojo her instructors bowed to him.

All three of the men would spar with her whenever she asked, teaching her things her instructors never dreamed of, making sure that she would never again feel helpless or defenseless.

They made it their mission to see that Cam spent the rest of her childhood in comfort and safety. When she was still having nightmares about being taken away from her new family, the men used their wealth and connections (not to mention the best lawyers money could buy) to obtain permanent legal guardian status so that she never had to worry about being removed from her home with them.

It was then she began calling them her uncles. It was also the first time she called Cutter “Daddy”.

Thinking of her darling uncles, the dark woman on the monitor smiled slightly and unconsciously rubbed the “Black Rose” tattoo on the inside of her right forearm. Her mind traveled back to her 18th birthday.

Her uncles had been planning for her combination graduation and birthday party for nearly a year. It started out a modest gathering of a hundred or so of their friends, but as those things often do, it got a little out of hand.

People came from all over the country (some even further) to celebrate Cam’s first adult party. The party lasted for over a week and by the end, they’d lost count of how many people actually showed up.

There were roast pigs, whole half beefs cooked on spits over open fires, mudbugs and gumbo (her Uncle Mountain’s secret recipes), not to mention untold gallons of beer, pop, punch, wine and other hard liquors. Her uncles even brought in live bands and any other entertainment they thought their beloved niece might like.

Cam’s actual birthday was on the final evening of the party. Her uncles had made her promise to remain stone cold sober for the evening and out of love and respect for them, she stuck to pop all day. Finally, shortly after 8 pm and at Cutter’s instruction, everyone that was able gathered in the backyard of the main house to see what was going to happen next. That night, in front of everyone, Cam received the two gifts that she had wanted more than anything since she’d been granted her greatest wish of all with the signing the custody papers on her 16th birthday.

The first gift was a 1955 Harley Electra Glide FLHTI, fully restored and dressed. It was even painted her favorite dark purple with black trim. Her Uncle Mountain had mixed the colors especially for her so no one would ever have a bike the exact same color.

Until then, she’d been riding a 1951 Vincent “Black” Shadow that her uncles, Mountain and Cobra, had given her on her 16th birthday. It was a beautiful and special bike and she’d cared for it to the point of obsession (the same as her uncles did theirs). But she’d always had her heart set on the Electra Glide ever since she’d seen a picture of one in one of her uncles thousands of biker ‘rags’.

The second gift was from her “Daddy”, it was more special than any other thing they’d ever given her – even more special than the permanent custody papers on her 16th birthday. Those were meant to give Cam the sense of stability that she needed to thrive and feel safe in her new home. The gift they offered her on the evening of her 18th birthday was a symbol of her acceptance in their family as an adult.

When Cam had first moved in with her uncles, her Uncle Mountain had rolled up his right sleeve and showed her the inside of his right arm – the Black Rose tattoo. The fact that he had a tattoo had never seemed that big a deal – he and her other uncles had several, as did most of the men and women in their circle of friends. That night, she learned that every tattoo that the three men had held some meaning to them. Uncle Mountain explained the special significance of the Black Rose – the meaning that it had to the people that lived in their circle and the responsibilities of those that wore one. The Black Rose was a symbol of their commitment to the family; anyone that saw it knew exactly who they were and what they were capable of.

When her uncle Cobra came out onto the back porch with their friend Stainless Steve, the tattoo artist, Cam knew that, after tonight, everyone would know that she was a part of a family and could be counted on no matter what. It would also mean that she should be treated with all the respect that was owed to anyone in the Black Rose family.

On the night of her 18th birthday, when Cutter offered her the right to wear the one of a kind Black Rose tattoo, it was a visible symbol to all that Cam was a member of their family and that they were proud enough to tell the rest of the world. It was an offer she gladly accepted.

It was also the reason she had spent six years in prison.

Chapter 2

Waiting for the guard escort, she was sure would soon arrive, Camilla Theresa Brusard sat on her small 6×4 bunk and surveyed the place that had been her home for the last six years.

The beautiful woman let out a quiet chuckle as she compared this tiny cell to the life she was about to return to. Thinking about her former life led her mind down the twisted, convoluted path that had brought her to this point in her life.

After her high school graduation, life was looking good for Cam. Her excellent grades and her athletic abilities had the college recruiters banging on her door scholarships in hand. She was offered full rides to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities from both coasts.

Her uncles wanting their niece to have all the opportunities they never had a chance at, offered to take all her expenses even if she did chose to take them up on their scholarships.

Finally when the day came for her to choose, she surprised everyone by choosing to attend a small state university, in the nearby town of Springfield.

As she had in high school, Cam excelled in college. A Dean’s List student, a stand out on the volleyball and softball teams, she graduated with honors. Then she went to graduate school and earned not only an MBA but also a masters in computer science, her family was proud, but not surprised when she graduated Manga cum laude.

Upon graduation, Cam received several attractive offers from some major Fortune 500 companies, but turned them all down when her dad and her uncles came to her, and offered her a place in their corporation. Instead of a job for wages, they brought Cam in as a full partner.

Each man split his share until they each owned one fourth of the corporation. The only difference between them all was Cutter; he held final say on any major decisions. With all three men in full agreement, Cam went to work instituting several changes using the knowledge she’d learned in school.

A few didn’t work or had to be modified but for the most part her ideas were both profitable and efficient. It also allowed her uncles to increase some of their pet projects.

Mostly they were the driving-force (financially) behind many of the major improvements within their little community. They supported job programs, food pantries, job training, day care centers, and the three men’s pet project a shelter for abused children and women, all anonymously of course.

Knowing the way the town felt about them they were sure their assistance would have been thrown back in their faces. It wouldn’t have been the first time. Only the four of them, their accounting department and the IRS knew the origin of the donations. Life was going pretty smoothly for the tall dark woman, she had her work and when that was boring she would go with her uncle Cobra to his state of the art computer center in a specially built building at the farm where they lived. Cobra’s building was a very modest appearing building about a half-mile away from the main house where actually only Cutter and Cam lived.

The two would spend hours there writing programs and working on their computers. Cobra had contacts in nearly every computer company; many used him as a consultant.

Most people considered the 6’7″ mute albino that always dressed in black leather to be some kind of uneducated freak, a serious mistake they didn’t make twice. Among those that knew computers, they considered him one of the best R&D people in the business. Her Uncle Mountain had a place a little further down the road.

His building was also deceptively plain on the outside. Inside was a mechanics dream shop, all the state of the art equipment was in there and a few that Mountain had invented himself. If it had a motor, he could fix it. Every member of Cam’s family had a great many strengths and they seemed to each compensate for the others weaknesses. It’s what made them so good at what they decided to do, and it’s what made them a family.

So when Cam needed help or a job or any event in her life it was little wonder that she always returned to the three that loved their little girl more than anything, in fact their family was the only thing they loved more than their bikes.

Yes, life was looking good for Cam and her family, but as everyone knows, nothing in this life stays perfect forever. Eventually the pendulum swings back the other way.

At the beginning of the fiscal year rumors began going around that a corporate raider, called Kreelcorp was going to make a run at CCMC Inc, Cam and her uncles’ company. No one knew much about Krellcorp’s owner, D.C.Kreel, but he or she was a ruthless raider, completely without morals or scruples. They were known to take over a business, pillage it for anything of value, sell it then let the business go bankrupt so they could write it off as a loss at tax time. The people or the community that depends on the business did this with absolutely no regard for any damage that may be incurred.

None of Cam’s uncles were worried really they owned or controlled over 85% of the stock and the rest was owned by people they’d ridden with for years. Their attorneys had carefully drawn up all their incorporation papers so that all their personal assets were well insulated from the company. In fact, since someone had to be fiscally responsible on the board it was her dad, Cutter that stepped up as head of the family.

He was the only one that could be hurt by the company failing. His only two protected assets were his part of the farm and his bike.

So even when they learned that D.C.Kreel was known to resort to illegal methods if the legal failed to take over a business a nervous Cam’s uncles weren’t really worried.

Around this time, Cam met Deb. It all began on a strangely quiet night; Cam, Mountain, and Cobra were sitting around Mountain’s bike shop slamming down a few beers, lying about all the women they’d had or would have, telling old war stories and horror stories from their years on the road. Actually since Cutter wasn’t there, Cam convinced Mountain to tell some of his and Cutter’s war stories.

Mountain had been a Marine Recon and Cutter had been with some “No Such Alphabet Agency” and while he’d done a lot of solo spook stuff, he had been on some with a Marine escort and that’s how he and Mountain met.

It was a companionable night but the peace and quiet didn’t last. They got bored then Mountain challenged Cobra to a knife throwing contest and before long Mountains fourteen inch Arkansas toothpick was flying across the room and embedding in the back wall, followed closely by Cobra’s ten inch K-bar and then came Cam’s Green River Special.

This didn’t occupy them long and as always Mountain won. Finally, one of them came up with the idea to go to the little club in town. The little out of the way strip club was called Auggie’s South and a favorite hangout for most of the local bikers.

So, at ten thirty, they were on their bikes and roaring through the warm, clear, night air headed to their favorite watering hole, hoping some of their friends would be there.

Auggie’s was a rowdy little bar that was owned by a longtime friend from the uncles wilder days named Gigolo Jim, in partnership with Cutter, separately from CCMC. The uncles also owned the building.

Cam had been coming to this place since the day she turned 21, she liked the noise and rowdy camaraderie of the bikers that hung out there. She also enjoyed the easy way everyone there had accepted her for what and who she was.

Cam could bring a date there, pick up a date there, even get laid in the parking lot just like one of the “guys” without anyone caring if she was with a woman or a man, well they might notice if Cam was in the parking lot with a guy. In fact, after getting some personal attention in the parking lot with a particularly vocal young dancer, Cam walked into the bar and received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.

That night all eyes turned towards the three as they walked in, the usual greetings were exchanged as they made their way through the crowd to their usual table. Suddenly a familiar voice called out across the room so loudly it could be heard over the roar of the crowded bar and the jukebox.

“Cammy!” came the cry from across the room followed closely by a bouncy little red haired dancer, who without a thought launched herself into the tall dark woman’s arms.

The girl was someone Cam had once dated but she decided she liked boys better (a certain albino boy anyway), Cam was fine with it and actually enjoyed the little dancer, Kat’s, antics. She was obviously working because she was wearing a small lace and satin bra in bright red with a matching thong and ruby red six-inch spike heel with red sequins. Cam shook her head. Cam knew she wouldn’t wear an outfit like that on a bet, but she also knew it was really doing something to her that got her blood flowing.

“How ya’ doin’ Kitty-Kat!” Cam asked laughing at the audaciousness of this tiny red head, she let her large strong hands slide down the girl’s back to Kats’ small but deliciously curvaceous rear and gave the firm globes a good squeeze.

“It’s good to see you tall, dark, and gorgeous.” the diminutive dancer purred softly as she snuggled in closer to Cam’s ample chest. “You…ah…ridin’ tonight?”

Cam could hear her Uncle Mountain and Gigolo laughing at her dilemma. She just rolled her eyes at them, smiled down at the double handful in her arms.

“Better be careful little kitty-Kat.” Cam whispered dramatically teasing the girl “You wouldn’t want to offend Uncle Mountain or Uncle Cobra by holding out on their hugs ya’ know.”

“Coby’s here!” Kat cried out excitedly and gently pushed away from Cam, “Where is he?”

Cam let the girl know where her uncle was and released her knowing how her uncle felt about the tiny red head. She wanted to ask Kat how she could miss six foot seven inches of albino dressed like the road warrior, but she just shrugged and went on to their table. Where a cold pitcher of beer and her regular shot of Bushmills was waiting for her. Cam smiled content and looked around the room, this was her “place”, and she belonged. She shook off her jacket and sat down at their corner table. It was situated so that even if all four were there they all could sit with their backs to a wall.

As the night progressed Cam sipped her beer and relaxed enjoying the show. Not just the dancers but the patrons as well. Probably ninety percent were actual riders and their friends, there were a few wannabes around but as long as they were smart enough to stay in their own circles there’d be no problems, with the guys anyway.

No, the real trouble here were the women, most of these were paired off with a rider and they were viciously territorial and they saw every un-attached female that walked in the door as a potential threat to their territory.

There were a few gays around and most of the real lives didn’t care about gay and lesbian issues as long as the beer is cold and they were left alone to drink it.

Everyone in the bar knew her, that she was gay, and that several of her lesbian friends came to the bar, the gays were nervous at first, and one of Cam’s friends kind of slipped and asked for her at the bar.

The guy behind the bar was Gigolo Jim and he asked if there was a problem, like all her uncles’ friends he was very protective of Cam, so he asked the woman why she wanted Cam. The woman looked at the short skinny man and told him they were gay and would there be trouble if they came in to drink. Cam still chuckled at GJ’s answer;

“Lady is your money green?” the woman looked at him like he was crazy and nodded. “Well then lady I own the place and as long as the money’s green you are more than welcome here. Hell lady I don’t give a damn who or what you fuck. Just don’t do it in here I ain’t zoned for it.”

After that, they figured out as long as you loved to ride and you loved your bike more than most people you’d fit in here. It was funny but Cam noticed that most of the straight bikers got along just fine with the lesbians; she’d seen several nights that several of her friends and some of the guys would close the place sitting together drinking their beer and talking bikes.

At one time she had worried about fights when some drunken idiot would decided that all a lesbian needed was a “good man”, but after the guys took a couple of them out to the parking lot and beat some sense into them that kind of stupidity stopped. No, now the biggest worry was attached females, and unattached females.

Some of them saw every single female that walked through the door as a potential rival for their partner. Sometimes all it took was for one fairly pretty woman to walk in the door and the tension of the whole bar shot up. When Debra breezed through the front doors of Auggie’s South around midnight Cam knew a good-looking woman was in the bar even she saw the tall beautifully built platinum blonde. The tension in the air was so charged you could almost hear it crackling with electricity.

Automatically her sky blue eyes began scanning the crowd looking for potential trouble. From spending years with her uncles and their friends had taught Cam what to look for, the kind of mix of people that would explode into violence, the real trick was to prevent it. Since she was well aware that the guys working security were friends of theirs and that her uncles would not hesitate to jump right in to help their friends maintain order.

They also knew that she had learned the skills to cover their backs. Actually the head of security a bandy legged little riding Bro of uncle Mountain and Cutter nicknamed Bounce, would call on Cam to help keep some of the rowdier women reigned in, which she always did.

Cam’s eyes surveyed the room until she got to the near end of the bar between the stage and the bar. The first thing she noticed was an absolutely drop dead gorgeous tall blonde she’d never met before, standing next to a table full of riders all attached and they were some well known very tough lesbian riders.

Uh oh Cam thought looking at the woman carefully If that looks as good up close as she does from here, I’m in trouble and so is she.

Looking for the cause of the sudden rise in tension, Cam’s light blue eyes wondered to a gorgeous platinum blonde that was standing near the bar and obviously unattached. Bingo the cause.

The second thing Cam noticed was that the blonde Goddess was obviously and openly flirting with a cute little rider named Bobbie and little Bobbie was not only enjoying the attention, she was flirting back outrageously, which normally wouldn’t matter but tonight wasn’t normal.

Tonight Bobbie wasn’t alone and the woman she was with was a stocky full time ironworker named Pam. Now Pam worked twelve-hour days day in and day out in a foundry, feeding a blast furnace. Bobbie always said the only thing hotter than that furnace was Pam, in a loving mood.

Cam knew there was one more thing hotter than either of those, Pam after a few drinks and pissed.

Cam had seen her go off one night, before she met Bobbie, it wasn’t pretty, and although Cam knew, they could take her down if a fight broke out, she also knew they couldn’t do it without putting Pam in the hospital for a long time, and Cam really didn’t want to do that. Pam and Bobbie had an on again off again thing for quite a while now, and Cam also knew that Pam was hoping to finally work up enough courage to ask Bobbie the “C” question tonight.

The last thing Cam wanted to see was some stranger ruining her friend’s shot at something nice in her life. With a signal to her uncles and Bounce, Cam moved in to see if she could defuse this thing before it destroyed more than blood, bone, and bar fixtures. Moving quickly Cam wove her way through the crowd easily, as Bounce had taught her long ago, she stopped just before she stepped into the situation, to let her back-up get into place. When everything was ready, the deceptively small biker signaled that they were ready for her to make her move.

“PAM! BOBBIE!” Cam yelled boisterously acting much drunker than she was, “How the hell are ya’?”

Cam threw her long arms around the two women she’d known and liked since she had first come to town, and gave them a bone-crushing hug.

“Pam, when ya’ gonna break down and buy that pretty Panhead, Uncle Mountain’s still holdin’ for ya’ and put something classy between your legs for a change.” Cam bellowed diverting the powerful ironworker’s attention away from the blonde bimbo flirting with her date.

“Hey!” Bobbie yelled slapping Cam across her rock hard abdomen. “I’m here, and I’m classier than any old bike, even that gorgeous Electra Glide you ride, Stretch”

“Don’t get carried away there half-pint.” Cam snarled reminding them of an angry panther “Remember who you asked to pleeeeeease have that belt drive on in time for the annual Lake Perry run.”

While Cam was playfully scolding Bobbie, the little biker slid over, and wiggled herself on to Pam’s lap, putting a huge smile on Pam’s face. Cam was amazed how that smile turned the normally plain looking woman into one of the prettiest woman Cam had seen that night. Then Bobbie spoke up and put the final ending on any trouble.

“Alright, but I do too got class.” Bobbie pouted and snuggled deeper into Pam’s chest, “And ‘sides I like it between her legs.”

The whole table cracked up laughing at their friend’s blatant proposition. That’s what Cam had been waiting for, when Pam heard what her date said all thoughts of flirty blondes were gone and the anticipation of future passions took their place, the jealous ironworker’s smile was so big Cam was afraid the top of Pam’s head was going to fall off.

Cam signaled Bounce who immediately brought a pitcher of beer and a round of Irish whiskey for Cam and the table. She raised her glass and waited for the rest at the table to join her. Cam’s light blue eyes looked around the table and noticed they were all couples. Then with an impish gleam in her eyes, Cam gave the toast.

“Here’s to gettin’ somethin’ classy between your legs.” Cam shouted then slammed the potent liquid down her throat. The others at the table howled in laughter at the normally serious woman’s sudden unexpected show of humor then follow Cam’s lead.

Good-natured bantering quickly took the place of the tension. Having calmed the table Cam turned her attention to the cause of the problem.

Turning her full attention for the first time to the tall beautifully built platinum blonde. Cam let her eyes boldly examine the woman’s perfectly proportioned body. A slow sexy smile worked its way across Cam’s full sensuous lips as she focused her lustful gaze on the blonde’s big liquid chocolate brown eyes.

She watched as the newcomer did some examining and appraising of her own. Judging by the way the tip of her delicate pink tongue flicked over her slightly parted lips, the blonde liked what she saw too.

“Hey ladies” Cam said with a slow sexy drawl directed to the table of friends “Why don’t one of you show some manners and introduce me to your friend?”

“We don’t know her,” Pam said gruffly as she held her lover a little tighter, not being one to forget an affront easily “She just came over and butted in. She’ll have to intro herself.” “Oooo, baby you’re just so butch.” Bobbie giggled as she caressed the hard look from her lover’s face.

Cam stepped away from the reconciled lovers and approached the unknown woman, while wondering if the woman had any idea how close she had come to being seriously hurt.

“Well if I must do so myself then, dear lady may I introduce myself.” Cam asked and bowed turning on her well-known Cajun charm, she continued when the fascinated blonde nodded, “My name is Camilla Theresa Brusard, but please call me Cam.”

Taking the offered hand, Cam bent and lightly kissed the blonde’s palm, smiling to herself when the woman didn’t resist or pull away. Instead, the tall blonde smiled coyly and looked deep into the azure pools of Cam’s eyes.

“My such Southern charm and grace in such an unlikely place.” the blonde said softly yet Cam heard every word clearly as the woman smiled sweetly obviously taken with Cam. “I am Debra Charlton Stringer, but I would be flattered if you would call me Deb, my chivalrous stranger and these are my friends Gerry and Steph.”

“Ladies, I am most honored to make your acquaintance.” Cam continued with a slightly triumphant smile, knowing that she had defused the situation and was getting to know a fascinating woman in the bargain. “Please do me the honor of joining me at my table; I’m sure my uncles would have no problem making room for such charming company.”

Offering her arm to Deb, who happily took it, Cam led the small party to her table where Bounce had seen to it that drinks for Cam and her guests were waiting for them. The night progressed nicely, but not long after they all had sat down Deb’s two companions plead fatigue, and excused themselves. The intriguing blonde started to rise and join them, but Cam persuaded her to stay, promising to personally see Deb safely home. They said their good-byes and left the bar.

It wasn’t long after that Cobra was leaving with the little red haired dancer, Kat, draped all over him. Judging from the look on his face and the way she was attacking his neck, their destination wasn’t hard for Cam to guess.

As he was saying goodbye, Cam let him know she would be staying in town. They maintained a small apartment above the bar, so that if they over indulged or were just tired they didn’t have to drive anywhere. She also gave the message to Mountain when he took off with some of his friends, headed for his shop, Cam noticed that Pam and Bobbie went with him.

Cam chuckled knowing that the iron worker was going to spend some time drooling over the fully restored to stock Panhead, that Mountain was holding for her, and Bobbie was wanting to visit her bike that was at the shop so Cam and Mountain could change it over to belt drive.

Cam wasn’t sure exactly when it happened but somehow, she was in the small living room of the apartment, in the throes of a long intense sex act, that began as they were climbing the stairs on the way up, and ended up covering almost every room in the apartment.

Other than that, it was an extremely pleasant blur until she woke up at noon, the bright midday sun blasting into the room, she tried covering her eyes but her head was still pounding. The up side was there was something soft, warm, very comfortable and very nice curled up against her side. Also there was a head covered with medium length platinum blonde silky soft hair lying on her abdomen. All in all not a bad way to wake up Cam decided as she began gently stroking Deb’s hair.

Cam looked down and looked into a pair of beautiful brown eyes that were looking sleepily back up at her.

“Hey babe, how ya’ feel?” Cam asked quietly

“I feel great; I’d be perfect if not for this head ache.” Deb quipped and flinched at the volume of her own voice “Does the damn sun have to be so bright?”

“That I can fix.” Cam informed her suffering friend as she got out of bed and went around closing all the blinds and curtains.

The pair spent the next four days there getting out of bed to order in food, take nature breaks and to make some private phone calls so that no one would send out search parties to disturb them. Deb also made calls to her office to make sure her business was running smoothly.

When Cam tried to ask Deb what she did for a living, the blonde would become evasive and divert the tall brunettes’ attention, which wasn’t really all that hard.

Cam on the other hand was easily persuaded to talk about almost everything in her life, for some reason she couldn’t resist this woman who was fast becoming a part of her life. The only thing she steadfastly refused to discuss was family and their business.

No matter how infatuated, the young woman never forgot the first rule of her family; never discuss their business with anyone outside the family. It was during this time that Kreelcorp made their first run at the family’s companies.

On the morning of the fifth day, the ringing of the apartment’s private phone awakened Cam. She leapt from the bed trying to answer the phone before its loud ringing woke her companion. Her valiant attempt was thwarted when Deb’s cell phone began ringing too.

Deb came awake instantly and answered it, as she began talking to her caller Deb walked out of the room after giving Cam a sheepish grin and shrugged her shoulders. Cam turned her attentions back to her own call. It was her Uncle Mountain; he told her that she was urgently needed back at the farm.

He said that there was an emergency involving the business and her input was absolutely needed. Not being one to ignore her family’s call for help, Cam agreed to be there as soon as she could and hung up.

Now all she had to do was figure out a way to leave without hurting her new lover’s feelings, or make her feel that Cam was giving her a brush off.

Her answer became easy when Deb returned to the room talking angrily on the phone. She finished her conversation by slamming the phone shut and throwing the offending object against the wall shattering the delicate device.

“Damn, I can’t believe those incompetent idiots!” the blonde snarled viciously “They can’t get anything right.”

“Problems babe?” Cam asked the agitated blonde “Can I help?”

Deb looked over at her and blushed hotly embarrassed knowing that Cam had witnessed her sudden loss of control.

“No hun, nothing too bad, I can fix It.” she began she looked over at her lover regret clouding her eyes, “but it means I have to go into the office, so I guess I have to leave our little paradise. I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you again and I really want to see you again. I don’t want to loose what we started here.”

Cam pulled the now weeping woman into her arms and held her close, trying to comfort her, with tender caresses.

“Look I have the same problem.” Cam explained softly “That was my office on the phone, and they need me. I’m not sure what the trouble is or how long it will take me to fix it. I tell you what, I’ll give you my card with my private numbers and if I don’t hear from you, than I’ll meet you down stairs tonight around nine. How’s that? I don’t want to loose you either.”

The statuesque blonde agreed happily and after sharing another hug, the two women began searching for the clothing they hadn’t seen in four days.

They parted company at the bottom of the stairs with one last bone-crushing hug. Both insufferably happy, knowing that they would see each other again that night. For two very different reasons however.

Chapter 3

When Cam got home, Cutter and her uncles gave her time to take a shower and put on clean clothes before they called her into Cutter’s study.

His study and the office that Cam kept at the other end of the sprawling main house were also the corporate headquarters for the family, holding every modern device they needed to run the entire corporation from the farm if necessary. Plus a few things that Cam and her uncle Cobra had invented that even Bill Gates hadn’t heard of yet. Theirs was in all probability the most secure system in existence, all thanks to a throwaway child, an albino mute that had grown up being called a freak by even his own family, and two old battle scared bikers that had served their country only to have their country turn its back on them.

Their remarkable talents and their phenomenal successes were in large part due to the trust and support of each other in the family they had formed.

Despite her expectations, neither Cutter nor Cam’s uncles said a word about her disappearing for four days or teased her about her latest conquest. That in itself told Cam that this meeting was about something serious. It was.

Once all four executive officers were comfortable, Cutter began by relating the particulars of Kreelcorp’s run at them, and the manor in which they were stopped. Several different strategies were put into place to forestall their newest rival’s anticipated next assault. Then Cobra took over and using the shorthand sign language that only the family and a few close friends could understand, he explained how the night before several attempts had been made to hack into their secure central database.

The hackers, using simultaneous attacks on the computer links to and from several of their smaller subsidiaries. They had penetrated far enough to activate the special security programs that Cam and Cobra had put into place.

With an evil grin, the proud R&D specialist made sure that Cam knew that his experimental “Black Ice” program had been activated and was working perfectly.

Not only had the hackers been repelled but their signal carried back an especially virulent virus that Cobra had designed that not only would fry the hacker’s hard drive and software but the virus would also go after any other system that was linked to them and was receiving information from them. It was something Cobra had been working on for some of Cutter’s friends in DC. As of right now, only CCMC Inc. corporate computers were equipped with the necessary filters and of course all of their personal computers.

As always their “family only” security policy had saved them from being invaded by outsiders. The problem was that with the take over fight and with the sudden interest in hacking their top security files were too coincidental for any of them to doubt that it was an accident or bad luck. They just couldn’t prove it.

Once a battle strategy was formulated and decided on the unlikely looking business executives went on to their own concerns and to carry out their part in the defense of everything they’d built over the last thirty-something years.

When the other two had left for parts unknown to make their preparations, Cam stayed behind to talk to Cutter. She wanted to tell him first about the new facet in her life, and with her surrogate father’s enthusiastic blessings, she decided to stay in town until this latest crisis was handled. Then after everything had calmed down, she would bring her prospective partner out to meet the family.

Cutter was deliriously happy for his “little girl” he had watched her over the years drift from one woman to another and it tore at the “tough” biker’s heart to see the sad and lonely look in her eyes when she saw one after another of her friends find someone to commit to and build a life together.

He had spoken to one of his friends that had a Ph.D. in psychology who told him that the betrayal by her first lover and then her father’s rejection, might have made it impossible for her to trust anyone enough to have a relationship. The man had spent many sleepless hours worried about his adopted daughter so naturally he was overjoyed that Cam had finally met someone she trusted enough to bring out to meet her family. Cutter, had given up on the God of the Christians long ago, he couldn’t accept a god that preached love then allowed his followers to commit the atrocities the Christians had in his name.

He also found it impossible to believe an all-knowing and compassionate god could hate anyone for simply loving another just because that person was the same gender. To Cutter and his friends love is love, it was that simple. As long as both were reasonably old enough and both consented how could it be wrong?

No Cutter wasn’t a religious man by any definition, but he sent up a prayer to any god that might be listening to watch out for his little girl and to protect her fragile heart. He gave her one of his patented lung crushing bear hugs and sent Cam off to take care of what she had to do so she could get ready to meet her new lady at Auggie’s that night.

The biker was smiling so big his face hurt, as he got on the phones and called Mountain, Cobra and Gigolo to talk about this new love in Cam’s life and what they could do to make tonight special for them. He punched the keys and realized he was humming, something he hadn’t done in at least twenty years.

I’m getting as bad as an old woman gossiping over the back fence, Cutter scolded himself as he waited for Gigolo to answer but hey if I can’t brag about my little girl than who could.

The attacks both legitimate and other wise intensified over the next few weeks, and to make matters worse D.C.Kreel and company was living down to their less than honest reputation. Suddenly from out of the blue, pressures were being added to Cam and her uncles’ troubles from other sources.

Several state and local agencies initiated investigations into both their business and personal lives. There was nothing to find, but it was irritating, and focused attention on them and some of the charities they supported, something they had hoped to avoid.

All four were getting tired of having to defend themselves from not only business rivals, but also from the very people they had always been quick to help in the past. Through all this Cam and Deb managed to spend every free moment they were able to find together trying to build some kind of lasting bond. It wasn’t easy and they often found themselves either mobbed by reporters or they were being harassed by the local “Good Christian” folk.

A couple of times things had very nearly gotten out of hand, and if they hadn’t been rescued by Pam and Bobbie, someone might have died. Cam’s two friends had pulled the couple out of a drive-thru at MickyD’s when reporters trapped them, and got them safely to Auggie’s. Cam had already had a reporter by the throat and he was turning purple when they got her to release him.

The big ironworker was beginning to actually like the tall gorgeous blonde, now that she was with Cam and not flirting with Bobbie. Besides she made Cam smile and that was something that was long over due.

Cam was ashamed of her loss of control and apologized profusely to her lover, although Deb kept telling her that she understood. They wanted to believe that this was as low as their enemies would go in their attempt to break the families bond, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

When illegal but peaceful means and public outrage didn’t separate them and give Kreelcorp access to the company. D.C. Kreel and associates became frustrated and began to get nasty. Their attacks became personal. It is said that a thief trusts no one because they assume everyone is like they are, well that had been Kreel’s problem.

The unscrupulous amoral business person had no concept of the complete trust and honor shared by the four owners of CCMC Inc. and so decided that there had to be secrets that they kept from each other, and there was no way that lowly bikers would go as far as sacrificing themselves for the others. Kreel saw their unconditional love and trust for each other as a weakness and was determined to exploit it.

The rival corporation had used bribery and political pressure to attack the company and its owners, but that had failed and the family made the mistake of thinking a person like D.C.Kreel was too civilized to stoop to physical attacks while trying to steal what was theirs.

At one time or another, unknown assailants attacked all four when they were alone. First Cam was the target of a physical beating, a terrible and nearly fatal mistake by the four men that came after her. The police called it a gay bashing and charged the men with assault when they got out of the hospital.

Then Cobra was stabbed as he was leaving his dancer girl friend’s apartment one night. Mountain was run off the road by a black panel van as he was traveling a backcountry road and ended up spending the night in a ditch, with a severely broken leg.

Cam and Cutter who got worried when the big man didn’t get home in time to pick up his “real” daughter by his second marriage for their weekly visitation found him the next day. They knew there was no way he would miss that, so they went looking for him. Both men were hospitalized and very nearly died.

No sooner were the two men brought home than little Kat showed up at their door demanding to take care of her “Coby”. At her insistence and with Cobra’s permission she was moved into Cobra’s place over his computer shop. When Cobra was in the hospital recovering from his stab wounds, the feisty little redhead refused to leave his side even fighting the nurses over visiting hours. It was clear to Cam and Cutter how much the little dancer cared for their friend and loved her even more for it. Even to the point of taking orders from her about Cobra’s care.

Cobra loved ever minute of it. Then Cutter was out of town on business and he was arrested on some kind of interstate conspiracy charge and was held by Federal agents without bail. Still the business held out against Kreelcorp, even when they tried blackmail first with Cutter’s freedom (he sent a message through his lawyer for them not to give in to Kreelcorp) failing that they threatened to expose Cam’s sex life to the public.

Even more frustrating to the owner of Kreelcorp was the fact that someone as low as the four bikers refused to give in and quietly surrender to their obvious superiors. When it became public knowledge that Cam had actually laughed at their attempts to blackmail her that was the final straw.

Secretly, D.C.Kreel decided it was time to show that lowlife biker trash bitch just how a person of their stature dealt with scum like her and her “uncles”.


Chapter 4

Weary from the constant fighting to save what was theirs from the people that would steal it and gravely disheartened by her surrogate father’s arrest and incarceration, Cam let Deb talk her into taking a four day weekend to get away from everything and recharge herself.

She finally broke down and with the strenuous blessings of her uncles; the two women packed up the camping gear in Cam’s ’49 Ford Apache pickup and took off for a secluded spot that Deb knew of where no one could find them. Her uncles had not only agreed with Deb that Cam needed a break, they took it a step further and forced her to leave both her cell phone and her pager, so she would have an uninterrupted time with just her, her gorgeous caring girlfriend and whatever nature supplied.

The happy couple waved to Cam’s two uncles and Kat as they took off down the road. Due to a late start and heavier than normal traffic it was too late to go on to the camp site and set up so they opted to find a room in the nearby town for the night, then go on to the camp grounds in the morning.

Cam was never able to figure out what exactly happened or how it was accomplished, but three days later Cam was sitting in the Benton County Jail facing charges of assault, possession of a controlled substance (crystal meth) and resisting arrest.

Somehow, Cam had ended up in a seedy little “No Tell Motel” she had no idea how she got there. Nor why the Benton County Sheriffs Department had sent ten deputies after her, but she was pretty sure she’d be able to beat these charges, once she was able to fire the scrawny little rat faced Public Defender and brought in her own attorneys. She was amazed that anyone that incompetent would be able to pass the bar exams.

She was feeling fairly confident as she entered the courtroom, as soon as the judge was seated and her case was called. Then she began to get a very bad, sinking feeling about the entire process.

First the judge made a snide comment about the way she was dressed, then when he was told that she was caught in a motel room with another woman, the elderly judge began a heart felt lecture on the invasion of perversion that was running rampant throughout his beloved county.

She knew she was in deep trouble when after she entered her plea of not guilty she heard the judge snort derisively and mumble, “Yeah right, sure you are, pervert” under his breath but loud enough for her and several others to hear it. Cam was even more worried at the hearty chuckles that answered his remark.

When Cam asked to fire the P.D. and bring in her own lawyers, the judge disallowed it saying they didn’t need outsiders sticking their nose into Benton County business.

The judge also ruled that Cam be held without bail until she stood trial in two or three weeks, he wasn’t sure when he’d be free, he wanted to try this case personally.

As she was taken even the deputies were amazed how the judge had just ridden roughshod over her rights, One of them whispered that to her, letting her know that they had been notified to not allow her to use the phones. She looked at him her face pale as she reviewed the forces arrayed against her.

“I am SO screwed.” was all she could say. She was silent and stared straight ahead and was in shock, her mind drawing a blank for a reason to why these people hated her so much. Her answer came from a very unusual source.

Cut off from her uncles and without her usual support system Cam went into a tailspin falling uncontrollably into the deepest darkest depths of depression.

For the first time in over eleven years Cam was completely alone and lost, again. All she could do was sit on the bunk in her cell and stare off into space, not even acknowledging any ones existence. It was obvious to the jailers and officials that if something wasn’t done soon the tall, dark, gorgeous, prisoner would be either very sick or more likely dead.

The young woman’s heavily scared Id had apparently received one more injury than it could take and was shutting her down, she simply no longer cared. After three days in this condition when her visitor came with something for her to care about.

The guards came for her and escorted the zombie like inmate to the visitor’s room. They sat her down at a table then left her there. The door at the other side of the room opened and Deb walked into the room. As soon as her eyes found Cam the tall thin blonde burst into tears, ran to her still seated lover, wrapped her arms around the unmoving woman, and held her close.

The stimulus of the woman she loved crying hysterically and calling for her somehow reached Cam in that far away dark place her mind had gone to hide. Cam slowly became aware of her surroundings and immediately took her crying lover into her arms trying to calm her so Deb could tell her why she was crying. It took a few minutes for Deb to regain enough of her composure to tell Cam what was going on while she was sitting in jail unable to protect her lover. Guilt spread through Cam while she listened to what the officials were doing to her lover.

According to Deb the authorities were scaring her by refusing to let her leave town and making her pay for the room they wouldn’t let her leave, and every time she asked why or what she had done all they would tell her was the charges against her were pending.

One of the Sheriff’s Deputies told her that if she wanted to know why they were keeping her in town, she should go ask that dyke slut she was sleeping with when she was apprehended.

After finally being able to calm Deb and to calm herself and promising her that she would take care of everything. Cam called for the guards to come and let Deb leave. The guard complied knowing that the prisoner was ready to cooperate with his superiors. Cam was soon led back to her cell.

Depressed and feeling understandably protective Cam decided to give the prosecutor whatever plea bargain he wanted. It was in this mood that Cam was in when to her surprise the D.A. himself strolled into her cell.

At first, she put up a defiant front but the greasy overweight lawyer could read her like a book and to wax metaphorically he played her like a well-tuned fiddle. The first thing he did was assure Cam that the arraignment was just a preview of the real trial, she would face the same judge and she’d already seen the jury pool.

In other words she would be convicted and get the maximum sentence. He was so cocky that he as much as admitted that some major money had changed hands to be sure that she was put away for a long time.

Still showing the brave front, Cam asked if he was there for a reason, or just to gloat. That was when the greasy official revealed the real reason he’d come to her cell.

It appeared that whoever was paying for her bogus incarceration wanted to hurry up and get it over with, so he came to offer her a deal and get himself a substantial bonus. She started to tell the evil fat SOB to go get a flying fuck when she saw him smiling at her as if she was a pork chop.

It was then that the D.A. played his trump card. The way that Cam was set up she was as good as convicted and was on her way to a long prison stay, but if she would agree to a plea bargain, and then they could deal on certain terms.

If she refused not only would she receive the maximum sentence in a max-security prison, but he would also go after her little girlfriend, using the same methods and he would see to it they went to separate facilities so that they would never see each other again.

Under those conditions, Cam had no choice but to give in to his demands. After some heated discussions, Cam and the corrupt official finally worked out a plea that they could both accept.

According to their agreement in return for a guilty plea on the possession charge and agreeing to wave her appeal rights, the prosecutor agreed not to even charge Deb with a crime allowing her to leave town.

Cam would be sentenced to three to six years and her would not oppose her parole. Once it was all written down legally on paper, signed, and notarized it was only three more days before Cam was being processed into Chillicothe Correction Center, or CCC, by the guards, a lot of worse names by the “residents”, where the tall, raven haired, blue eyed, uncommonly beautiful, frightened young woman would spend the next few years of her life, alone.

Chapter 5

While Cam waited for the guard to bring her clothes and escort her to the Admin. Building to process out, she thought back over the last six years.

Her thoughts tried to bypass the long mind-numbing tedium of the day-to-day existence in this Hell on Earth but instead went over the highlights of her time as a resident of CCC.

More importantly how she had been changed by the highs and lows of her time here and how some of the changes were for the better and some were definitely not good at all.

At first, everything had gone pretty much as Cam had expected. There had been the usual advances by some of the other inmates, the ones that had simply accepted her and over time become some of her closest associates.

The others, the ones that had been foolish enough to attempt to force themselves on her, paid dearly for the attempt.

One notable incident occurred in the showers shortly after Cam had been put into the general population. A woman called Val had caught the tall beautiful new fish taking her shower and with the help of two of her followers had attempted to take Cam by force. By the time, the incident was over Cam needed stitches in her lip and her thigh where a knife made of glass and masking tape had been stuck into it and broken off. Val and her accomplices, on the other hand, were put in the infirmary for broken bones, various deep cuts, and bruises that went all the way to the bone, and in Val’s case a severe concussion. After that, things had gone as smoothly as they could in such a place.

Cam had earned her rep as someone best left alone, and she settled into a daily routine. She had been behind the walls for nearly a year when she was called to the warden’s office, where she was introduced to a short stocky man that was very impressively dressed from his expensive custom tailored Italian suit, to his hand made western boots. There was something very familiar about him, but Cam wasn’t able to figure out what.

He was introduced as her new lawyer, after saying and answering some coded phrases; Cam was assured that her uncles and Cutter sent him. For the first time since the beginning of this whole mess, Cam was starting to feel like she was gaining a little control at last.

He began by telling her he was using every available resource to obtain a review of the circumstances of her conviction, and the plea agreement. A plus for the man was he didn’t lie to Cam or try to give her false hopes.

He truthfully told her that the plea bargain she’d signed with the Benton County Prosecutor was pretty much iron clad and so far, they hadn’t been able to find any loopholes in it. Since there were no witnesses to support her claim of coercion, her best hope for release was parole.

She understood and accepted his opinion, and respected the man for his honesty. She told him he was the first honest lawyer she’d seen since the beginning of this ordeal. Before he left, the strangely considerate and familiar man went over a system of complicated codes and conveyances so she could communicate with her family.

The usual messages were to be in the form of personal ads in some of the “biker rags” she was already getting every month by subscription. Also he informed her that her uncles, through the lawyers, had deposited the maximum amount in her account, so that she could get anything she wanted or needed. For her part, Cam reissued her no visitors and no mail orders as the mail was opened and read by the authorities prior to her receiving it and visits were recorded.

He also gave her a list of emergency numbers so she could contact one of her several attorneys, at any time she needed them. He as much as told her that his entire firm was at her service, to handle any problems she had large or small 24/7. It turned out that this short stocky little man was a long time friend of Cutter, who, he assured her, was out of federal lock up and the firm was in the middle of a false imprisonment lawsuit on his behalf.

The lawyer gave her a predatory smile that transformed him into an entirely different man than the one she met and one she wouldn’t want to cross. It was then she recognized him as the man Cutter had always called “the Sergeant-Major.”

Once she remembered his connection with Cutter, her confidence in the deceptively calm man went way up. It told her this man, like Cutter, had some unusual contacts in both low and high places. He gave her his card containing all of his private numbers, and informed her that any papers she received from him were considered confidential.

Not only must the prison officials let her have them, they were not allowed to know the contents. As the lawyer was preparing to leave, he gave her a message directly from Cutter and her uncles; the gist of it was to watch her back. That when Kreelcorp had gone after her, a fact Cutter discovered when a representative of the corporation tried to blackmail them regarding her freedom, (insinuating that they had taken her freedom and they could, if they wished, restore it) they had gone way too far over the line.

According to the message, her uncles and Cutter was going to show that bastard how they took care of their own and that going after his little girl was the last straw. They were not only going after Kreelcorp and its owner D.C.Kreel, but they weren’t going to stop until every single person involved with hurting their family, and also everyone involved with putting his little girl in the joint, had paid dearly.

Cutter had made it very clear to the lawyer that absolutely no expense was to be spared in his vendetta against the business rivals, and Benton County. In his own final warning and in Cutter’s own words;

“Take cover WC cause I’m cuttin’ loose the dogs.”

It was only two weeks later that the first and most successful attack against Cam came.

Lulled by the lack of news about her family’s war with their enemies Cam wasn’t paying close attention to her surroundings, and allowed herself to be bracketed in a crowd by two other women with shivs.

She was stabbed five times before she was able to break away from the crowd, most of which had no idea what was going on. Bleeding heavily Cam staggered away a few feet before she collapsed fortunately at the feet of the newly promoted Sergeant of the Guards, Paula Carson.

If the well-known and respected guard hadn’t been there, Cam’s assailants would have finished the job and Cam would have died right there in the exercise yard. Paula stared slack-jawed down at the beautiful woman lying at her feet in a quickly expanding pool of her own blood.

True to her training, Paula had quickly shook off her surprise, knelt down, and began doing what she could to stop the bleeding, as she called on the radio for immediate medical assistance, and extra guards to clear the yard.

That was the first meeting between the guard that was on the fast track to promotions and the prisoner that was destined to become a prison legend in her own time.

They had just barely been able to save Cam that time, but despite loosing her spleen and a kidney, the black haired beauty recovered quickly. Paula had visited the unusual prisoner every day, and found her to be a bright, intelligent woman, both well read and well educated. They had many interesting and lively conversations, and in time, they had developed a mutual respect for each other, becoming as close to friends as a guard and an inmate could get.

The prison officials had done everything in their power to find the women responsible for the attack, but as was expected, they had no luck. Everyone knew exactly who had stabbed Cam and why but without proof there was nothing anyone could do. When Cam was returned to general population in D Block, prisoners and guards alike, watched to see how the woman would retaliate for her injuries. When two weeks went by with nothing happening, the two women began getting cocky.

Everyone finally gave up figuring that the supposedly tough chick had lost her nerve because of the attack and her near death. Nobody blamed her, it could have happened to any of them, and they decided the whole incident was over, except Paula.

She had gotten to know Cam fairly well and she was sure something was going to happen. The woman was just too smart to exact her revenge when she knew everybody expected it, and there was a good chance she’d be caught.

She remembered a comment Cam had once made while she was still in the infirmary. Cam told her that in prison, you didn’t have to be a stand up grrl, but you do have to stand up. Thinking of that Paula tried to warn her superiors that the incident was far from over, but they ignored her. Paula was right.

Late one night, when Paula was off duty, the quiet of the darkness was shattered by a blood-curdling scream of abject terror and agony, which came to a sudden gurgling stop. Almost immediately, all the lights came on and the guards came charging into the cell block. What they found caused the most hardened veteran among them shudder in fear and get a little queasy.

Lying on the floor of the community day area, were the two women that had stabbed Cam, or what was left of them at least. One was dead, she was the lucky one. The other was alive but unable to move, speak, or communicate in any manor. There wasn’t a mark on them with the exception of a few small bruises on the neck of the woman still living.

When the coroner examined the dead woman his report said every major organ in the woman’s body had been ruptured, apparently, one at a time, he also added that it was a long and horrendously painful way to die. He was a Vietnam veteran, and commented that the last time he’d seen a body in this condition, was when he examined the body of a Vietnamese official that was a suspected traitor. At the time, it was suspected that his death was an assassination.

The doctor’s report on the woman left alive was just as bazaar and mysterious. The first and most obvious was the reason she was unable to speak it was that her vocal cords were destroyed not hurt, or injured, not even cut, they were destroyed beyond any possibility of recovery, or medical repair.

There were no apparent injuries to explain the unusual condition, only two small bruises on her larynx. She would never speak again. Her paralysis was caused by severe compression of the spinal cord, also of unknown cause.

All readings showed that the woman was aware and able to tell what was going on around her, but was unable to communicate, in any manor. There was nothing found to explain the cause of the injuries and also no way of finding who had caused them but they did know from readings that she was in constant intense pain.

The guards had responded instantly to the sound of the screams, but no assailant was found, another mystery was that the bodies hadn’t fallen from the second tier where they lived. The bodies had been placed where they were found and carefully arranged. Recognizing the victims as the women responsible for the Brusard stabbing the guards hurried to Cam’s cell on the third tier, but all they found was Cam sitting on her bunk in the lotus position eyes closed and unresponsive until the guards called her name.

They also checked and found that the cell door was locked tight and not tampered with in any manner.

The tall exotic beauty smiled slightly when she heard of the condition of the two women then expressed an obviously insincere concern for their misfortune. The mystery was never solved but after that, Cam’s wish to be left alone was honored.

When Paula brought up the incident in a private conversation, all Cam would say was that she heard that the women had become cocky lately, and had made many enemies. As far as she could see, karma and justice had been served and she refused to discuss it further.

As Paula walked through the cell block, she recalled her contacts with the beautiful mysterious inmate, and all the time she’d spent trying to understand the strange way the raven haired beauty reacted to things. Something that would devastate the usual prisoner caused the woman only a moment’s thought, but things that most prisoners wouldn’t even notice would cause Cam to withdraw from everyone until she had considered her reaction thoroughly.

She could count on one hand the number of women the exotic and mysterious woman spent any time with, none of them had ever been intimate with her, and almost no woman that Cam had been intimate with was ever allowed close to her again. In fact, for a while Cam was never with a lover for more than twice then she would ignore them as if they no longer existed.

She also recalled when Brusard had first come to her attention she was already known as untouchable, not that she didn’t get offers, a woman as beautiful as Cam could have anyone she wanted, man or woman, prisoner or guard.

She was untouchable because that was the way she wanted it. From what was said Cam was being faithful to someone on the outside, Paula remembered thinking how rare that kind of loyalty was.

Then after getting, some news from her attorney Cam had gone into her cell and orders from the warden specifically stated that she was to be left alone until she indicated that she was prepared to re-enter the population. She had stayed in her dark cell listening to those old blues CDs she loved for over a week, no food only water.

Then word came that she was requesting a clean uniform and a shower. After that, Cam was like the D-block’s own answer to Casanova. When Paula had asked her, what happened all Cam would say is;

“Lovers are never what they seem.”

Something bad had happened to her but only the warden knew and he wasn’t talking. Cam never laughed after her self-imposed isolation.

She walked around with an amused smirk as if she knew the punch line to some cosmic joke and she wasn’t sharing. No one was ever allowed to get close to the walls she had erected around herself.

Well… Paula thought smiling …no one that is until Cheryl Killian.

Chapter 6

The big champagne colored SUV came to a smooth stop at the full service pumps. An over eager teenager came blasting out of the fuel shack, anxious to get a closer look at the big four-wheel vehicle, with the European luxury car name. He also wanted to see what kind of person went to Mercedes to buy a truck. He was also wondering what CTBS-BB on the vanity plates meant.

The youngster waited for whoever was driving the obviously new SUV to tell him what they wanted. He let his eyes wander appreciatively over the clean graceful lines of the well-made vehicle. Try as he might the kid was unable to see inside the SUV, the tinted windows were too dark. He took a step closer only to jump back a little when the driver’s door opened startling him out of his daydream.

He was totally unprepared for what he saw, from the status name on the vehicle the gas jockey expected either some self-important, power-suit wearing executive or a snotty city yuppie, and he’d seen enough of both in his short six months employment at the truck stop at the junction of I-35 and M-340. He and his hormones were completely caught off guard when the driver stepped out of the Mercedes.

It was the most amazingly beautiful young woman he’d ever seen. She was short, just barely reaching five feet four, dressed in very short jean cut-offs and red tank top that showed off her very fit yet softly curved body that actually tended toward muscular. She gave the boy a bright friendly smile that would stay with him for days as she asked him to fill the SUV.

The golden haired woman with the sparkling emerald eyes stretched out her tired muscles trying to relieve their cramping from driving since early that morning.

As she watched the hormonal teen filling the gas tank the deceptively young looking woman let her mind wander over the amazing twists and turns of her life till now that brought her to be here going to the one place she swore she’d never return to no matter what.

If what she’d learned over the last two weeks was true, someone very special would be there today. And if she stayed on schedule and got there on time, a certain gorgeous blue eyed brunette had some very hard questions to answer, and if she was lucky she would be able to ask a very important question of a certain Ms. Camilla Theresa Brusard.

Her name was Cheryl Anne Killian, a third year lawyer working for a highly prestigious law firm, and recently received an unprecedented early promotion to partner and assistant legal representative of one of the largest, most lucrative clients her firm handled.

She was barely five foot four inches tall golden-blonde hair with red highlights, bright emerald green eyes, and some said a pixie-ish face. You know the type big eyes, perky up turned nose, full sensuous lips that were always on the verge of smiling, and if you were lucky to be on the receiving end of one of her megawatt smiles, you’d swear you’d just been blessed by the gods. However, may the gods help the ones that faced her in the Court room, because she was definitely no pixie, she was more like vicious cold blooded harridan, that mercilessly ground her opponents into the ground.

She was wearing a tight red tank top tucked into a pair of very tight, blue-jean cut offs and sandals with long black laces that wound a criss-cross pattern up her well sculpted legs to her knees. Her outfit was specially chosen for this occasion. It was her fervent hope that the way it showed off her well muscled yet softly curved body, well enough that a certain lady would find her irresistible.

The top molded to her like a second skin accentuating her full firm breasts, her perpetually hard nipples threatened to tear through the already stretched thin cotton material. The top was molded to her flat hard abdomen curving enticingly into the top of her cutoff that were skintight showing off her perfectly shaped rear. The cut-offs were so short that part of her beautifully shaped cheeks peaked out the back.

All in all, it was an outfit meant to create thousands of desirable and creative carnal ideas in anyone that saw her.

Cheryl was living the good life, as a partner she was guaranteed at least a mid to high six-figure salary with bonuses depending on her billings. Not only that, she had a very hefty nest egg in stocks CDs and various investments plus money in the bank, thanks to a litigation that had been handled by the very law firm she was with now.

Cheryl had a candy apple red Porsche Boxster and the Mercedes SUV she was driving today, a nice five bedroom four bathroom house in an older but nicer part of the city. As well as a nice little two bedroom cabin in Kirbyville Mo. by the Ozark lakes and the Mark Twain National Forest on a secluded lot far from the road and civilization.

Everyone that knew Cheryl seemed to like her helped, no doubt, by her genuinely friendly attitude. Even though she had just been jumped from associate to partner in less than three years there wasn’t even one of her former co-workers that had anything bad to say about her.

Yeah, Cheryl’s life was good; money, job, houses, cars, friends, but it hadn’t always been so nice for Cheryl. In fact only three years ago she was at the lowest point of her life, with no way out, and just when the little blonde was about to give up on life and her dreams she was rescued from the most unlikely quarter.

Cheryl had found a bright shinning ray of hope at the bottom of the darkest pit of despair and until just lately she had only been able to suspect who her benefactor was. And now Cheryl was on her way to find a certain stoic, tall, dark, foul tempered and drop dead gorgeous lady that had better be ready with some answers, but in order to see her Cheryl was headed to the one place on Earth she’d sworn she would never go back to again. It was the site of the worst moment of her life; it was the place where she’d learned the hardest lessons of her life.

It was where Cheryl found that there were truly evil people in the world. It was also where she had seen the purest, most caring, loving most unselfish heart she’d ever known, where she was taught the difference between lust and true love.

It was the Chillicothe Correctional Center, or CCC, a hellhole and the place that held the other half of her soul

If there was anyone who had reason to be bitter about life, it was Cheryl Killian. In fact, she had more reasons to be the hardest coldest, angriest, person you’d ever imagine.

Cheryl Anne Killian was born in an under funded, understaffed county hospital in the boot-heel of Missouri, and as with most of her life she came into this world the hard way. Five weeks premature and breech, both mother and daughter nearly losing their lives in the process.

Unable to cope with the special needs of the critically ill mother and infant, the hospital transferred them to a larger and better-equipped more up to date facility.

After several weeks, the two were allowed to go home to the tiny two-bedroom trailer just outside of Cape Gerardo, Missouri, but within a few months baby Cheryl was back in the hospital. She was diagnosed with a malformed heart valve due to her premature birth.

Two years and several operations later the constantly ill child was out of the hospital and well on her way to becoming a regular healthy little girl.

Her parents were thrilled that their little girl was healthy at last and both were more than happy to work two jobs to pay off the mountains of medical bills incurred to get her that way. Life settled down for the Killian family, they were poor hard working people whose day-to-day lives had little, if any, impact on the world.

Jason Killian and his wife Katie had lived on a small piece of land left to him by his family, and though the trailer was old and they were dirt poor but proud the place was always neat and picked up. Their clothes were almost all second hand but always clean and patched, Jason worked at a small custom sawmill and his wife worked at the local garment factory as well as a waitress part time at a truck stop close to them. When Katie found out she was pregnant, Jason had gladly taken a second job at an assembly plant and when Katie began having trouble with her pregnancy he agreed completely with her decision to leave both her jobs and just take in some piece work from the clothing factory, so she could stay home and rest when she needed to.

When the baby came early and the medical bills began piling up, the Killians still didn’t complain. Jason took extra work as a handy man, and his beloved Katie went back to waitressing as soon as her doctors allowed her.

By the time their beautiful little girl was healthy, the property and the trailer were mortgaged to the hilt and their medical insurance was max-ed out, and they still had a mountain of bills, but every time they saw their happy, outgoing, sweet loving little girl, the Killians felt like the richest two people in the world.

Little Cheryl inherited her parents’ outlook on life and had soon put all the bad memories of doctors, hospitals, and illness behind her and attacked the world as only the innocence of a child would allow. Her sharp mind and curious nature led the gregarious child from one adventure to another. Each one bringing her a joy and wonder that brought great pride and fulfillment to the lives of her loving parents.

When she started school Cheryl was the kind of student teachers dream about; smart, friendly, popular, respectful, eager to learn and always happy to help. As things go, life was as close to perfect for the unassuming little family as it could get, but the gods never allow human perfection to last.

One sunny Sunday afternoon the happy little family was on their way home from a day in the country when the combination of an old car, old shocks, used tires, and unpaved roads, sent another twist into an innocent child’s life.

It was as simple as a sharp rock, a blown tire, a broken tie rod and the old 65 Chevy was on its side in a ditch and on fire.

Nine-year-old Cheryl was thrown from the car and flew through the air only to slam into an old oak tree shattering her pelvis and breaking both legs in several places. Unfortunately, the girl didn’t hit her head or pass out right away and unable to move, and in excruciating pain, the child was forced to lean against the tree and listen to the screams of her parents as they burned to death in the old car, a sound that would haunt her dreams for the rest of her life.

Long after the screaming stopped pain, shock, and exposure finally won out and the comforting black velvet curtain of unconsciousness enveloped the tortured little girl.

Cheryl woke up two weeks later, the first memory she had after hearing the agonized death screams of her family was the waves of unbearable agony sweeping over her body. She tried to move into a less painful position where she fell back and cried out as white-hot knives of excruciating pain lanced through her legs, and her shattered pelvis. In response to the child’s screams of pain, several nurses and doctors came rushing into her ICU room. As the others tried to sooth and calm the frightened and tormented child, one of the nurses filled a syringe from a vial of Demerol and morphine and injected the liquid into her IV line.

Within seconds, very long seconds, and the medication was racing through her little body and within minutes the scared and hurting nine-year-old was in a deep sleep.

All the nurses got together and talked over the girl’s condition and the lack of family and from then on one of the off duty nurses was in the room with her at all times, so that Cheryl never had to wake up alone again.

Cheryl woke again the next morning and saw the nurse sitting in the chair next to the bed dozing, she realized that the nightmare she had convinced herself she had, was real. The little girl began weeping and sobbing uncontrollably; she would fall asleep with tears streaming down her cheeks and would wake up sobbing for days as the nurses tried their best to console her.

Cheryl grieved horribly for several days, then without warning, the tears stopped, and quietly she withdrew from everyone.

She would read, answer questions, eat when told to, and later cooperated with her physical therapist, but that was all. It was as if the friendly, big-hearted girl had died in the accident along with her parents leaving a quiet hollow shell behind.

After several long months of intense therapy, Cheryl was allowed to leave the hospital and was placed with a foster family. The older couple tried everything they knew to help the girl come out of her shell, but it was to no avail. The state finally broke down and sent the almost eleven year old to a psychiatrist where after four years of therapy the only break through that Cheryl had was when she and the doctor discovered she was gay.

That revelation was more than the older couple could handle and social services placed Cheryl in the home of a lesbian couple that had been together for over twenty years. It was here that Cheryl found a new home. Her new foster mothers spent many hours with the young teen and helped her over come some of the biggest problems she’d faced.

One of the most important things the women did for Cheryl was using contacts within the system that the two women had cultivated, they were able to locate a warehouse were one of the Killians creditors had stored some of the families personal belongings when they had repossessed the family’s old trailer.

The couple obtained permission to take Cheryl to the warehouse, and spent four days searching through the contents of the building until they located several small boxes of the family’s meager possessions.

They loaded the boxes into their truck and took them home for Cheryl to go through whenever she felt she was able to face the memories contained in those cardboard time capsules.

It took her a long time to wade through the repressed emotions each family treasure held for the girl. Eventually the old Cheryl began to return. It was in stages, sometimes excruciatingly small stages but with the love and support of her foster mothers, Cheryl worked her way through her overwhelming grief and her own true nature that was begging to reappear. The once quiet and withdrawn girl became the person she was before the accident.

After that the rest of Cheryl’s high school years went by without incident, she was even accepted by many of her classmates as a gay student and when the springtime of her senior year came Cheryl was able to take a girl to take to the prom as her date.

Graduating at the top of her class Cheryl received scholarship offers from several diverse colleges and universities, but she chose the pre-law program at UMKC, and entered the adventures of her college years with a bright outlook. She did plenty of extra curricular activities and did volunteer work at a local homeless shelter.

All in all the generous, compassionate young woman was a regular poster for the foster care system, their shining example of all the good that is in the system, but not everything in the petite golden haired girls life was so bright and wonderful.

No matter how fantastic her life seemed to those on the outside or how many people she helped or all the programs and community service groups she volunteered for it seemed that there was something missing, even those that were close to her noticed that it seemed that Cheryl was always searching for something.

There was a hole in her life no matter how much or how hard Cheryl tried it would not be filled. It didn’t appear that the young woman could find love. She tried relationship after relationship but she wasn’t getting any closer. It would always start out the same she’d meet some woman and no matter how hard they would work at it or how much they professed their undying affection to the young woman, Cheryl just wasn’t able to find the one true love she was searching for.

Sure she cared for everyone she went into a relationship with and she was always faithful but eventually one or the other would break it off, usually it was Cheryl that ended up walking out on the other.

She was always nice even when they weren’t but as she told her last college girlfriend, Cheryl refused to struggle and subject herself or anyone else to a loveless relationship simply because she was afraid to be alone.

It was as if her life was a giant jigsaw puzzle that was missing one key central piece. And no matter how she tried to work around it the picture lacked detail and definition, the was no flavor. However, in her own words she, refused to put herself through the hell of someone’s cold feet on her back and their hair in the sink if she couldn’t have that deep all-consuming passion for her partner, just as her parents had for each other.

Eventually Cheryl simply decided that she was just one of those people destined to go through this lifetime without ever discovering her one true perfect love, her match, her soulmate. Sad? Yes. Discouraging? Certainly. But as far as Cheryl could see, it was inevitable.


Chapter 7

Driving down the highway Cheryl let her mind go back to her law school days, her first years of law school, where her life began its journey toward her life’s work, fulfilling a dream she’d had since she was a very mature 13, and a physical therapist had inquired what she to do when she grew up. Before her life took an unintended and life altering turn.

It had been a ploy to help a tired and hurting little girl get her mind away from the continuous agony of the mandatory treatments so she would be able to walk normally again. Cheryl remembered the surprise, when without hesitation she told the heavily muscled giant of a man, that she wanted to be an attorney. It was like a revelation, in that split second, Cheryl knew exactly what she would do, what classes to take so that she would have an easier time getting into a good pre-law program in college, and after that a decent law school.

It would appear that way back then fate was setting her on the path to her destiny and the other half of her soul.

Cheryl graduated from the university Suma Cum Laude, and immediately took her LSATs. She almost got a perfect score. As a result, the hard working student was offered full scholarship to some very prestigious law schools.

Because she was an orphan, and was a ward of the state, the state would cover the expenses that her scholarship didn’t, as long as she remained in an in-state university. Her foster mothers had also set aside some money for Cheryl’s education, and since there was still some left they offered to cover the cost of an off campus apartment, as they had for her last three years of college.

She took a job managing a small bookstore so she would have money for the incidentals. Cheryl went to Columbia in June after a short vacation with her mothers to Arizona, where they did the whole tourist bit. She was very aware of how much easier it was to find a nice place to live than it would be in July. After a careful search, Cheryl found herself a big old well-maintained Victorian house right next to the law school, and within walking distance of her job.

The only draw back was the cost was a little higher than she’d wanted to pay, but she didn’t think much of her odds of finding some place as near perfect as that one. Since Cheryl had gone through a service she was already approved and after giving the woman real estate agent a check for a damage deposit and first and last months rent she got the keys from the agent.

Cheryl began moving herself in, one of the reasons she had gone through this particular agency was they handled all the incidental details of moving in, they got the utilities, phone, even cable turned on for her, so that all she had left to do was unpack her things and settle in.

Wanting roommates with similar interests Cheryl registered with the university and by the end of August, she had found three roommates to help her defray the cost of her new home.

Two of the new tenants were upper class undergrads that, like Cheryl, had grown tired of the noise and distractions of the dorm and needed some place with a reasonable cost. Both were very nice, quiet small town girls like herself and she was glad to welcome them.

The third new roommate was somewhat different, Cheryl was leery of her from the start, she wasn’t sure if the slightly wild young woman would fit in but she let her own kind nature over ride her instincts and allowed the young Greek woman to move in.

The girls’ name was Kelly Antropos, the only child of a Greek import/export billionaire, whose father never allowed his daughter to want for anything.

Rumor had it that the wild young woman would never have graduated college let alone be in law school if her father wasn’t so generous with his checkbook. From the start the spoiled woman was trouble, she treated the two undergrads as if they were her personal servants.

She was constantly having them run her errands or doing her share of the household chores. Cheryl noticed and tried to talk to Kelly about it, but within a week, she was right back at it.

Cheryl then tried to talk to the two younger girls, but either they didn’t care, or they were too afraid of the Greek woman’s explosive temper to do anything about it. All she really succeeded in doing was make Kelly mad, and she burst into an impromptu lecture about how Cheryl should mind her own business.

Properly chastised Cheryl fell back to her usual defense, sticking her nose in her books, concentrate on her studies and ignore the entire thing in hopes that it would resolve itself. Her only worry was when it was going to be her turn. As it turned out Kelly Antropos wasn’t interested in another servant.

From the very beginning, Cheryl had been up front and open about her sexuality, she made sure that all three of her housemates understood that she was gay so that there weren’t any problems later on. Her reasoning was that she had gone through all the trouble and heartache of coming out she wasn’t about to go back in.

It had been a little awkward at first and she had answered some strange and sometimes hilarious questions from the two younger roommates but after a while, they figured out that Cheryl wasn’t very different from them except for whom she dated.

Everything went smoothly for the room mates and with the exception of a few clashes that are inevitable in this situation the only thing that really bothered the young blonde was Kelly’s apparent attitude that because she was rich she could get away with anything. She seemed to believe that her having money made her somehow superior to everyone else, but since she and Cheryl seldom interacted things went rather smoothly.

Cheryl’s days were pretty full between schoolwork and studies she barely had time to sleep, much less worry about her lack of a social life.

Kelly on the other hand breezed through using her wealth and clout whenever she ran into a rough spot. Even when an instructor was unimpressed, the administration was and they would step in and smooth over any ruffled academic feathers.

Most of her time Kelly spent partying and indulging her baser appetites, bedding a constant parade of bodies men and women in and out of her rooms.

There were some embarrassing moments when the wild woman and her latest partner didn’t make it to her rooms and Cheryl or one of the others would walk into the living room or kitchen or wherever and find their promiscuous room mate and company sprawled out usually nude.

Cheryl as usual tried to ignore Kelly’s rude and inconsiderate behavior and just passed it off as not her problem. Opting for peace and quiet instead of trying to solve the problem. It even worked, for a while.

Life was running pretty smoothly for Cheryl until the middle of her last year. When her roommates left for the Winter break, she had the house to herself. The young blonde spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with her foster mothers, but the rest of her time off from school, she spent putting in extra hours at her job for a little extra spending money and to help ease the pressure on her over her bills.

It was also a good time for Cheryl to actually go out and socialize more than once a month. After work and on some weekends she would go to a small local bar called “The Rose” that was a favorite gathering place for the younger gay community. Mostly college kids free from the close observation of home and able to expressing their sexuality for the first time.

Cheryl made many friends during her time in Columbia, and found some of her old friends as well. That particular long Winter break was a fairly good time for the normally quiet young woman. She was enjoying herself for a change, even dancing from time to time with one of the many women that approached her.

With her soft ethereal beauty and pleasant intelligent personality, she soon became quite popular actually finding she had more dinner, movie, and dancing date offers than she knew what to do with. Things were really beginning to look up for the one time “poor little orphan girl” and for the first time since moving to Columbia she was as close to being as happy as she had ever been. That all changed two days after Christmas, after stopping by The Rose for a couple of drinks and a few turns around the dance floor with friends Cheryl was surprised when she returned home to find Kelly’s Jaguar sitting in the driveway and lights on in the living room. She walked in the front door hoping not to find her roommate having another fling in the front room, when an agitated Kelly met her in the front hallway.

“Where the hell have you been!?” the Greek woman growled

“I-I was at work.” Cheryl stuttered stunned by her volatile roommate’s sudden intense concern.

Cheryl hung her coat on the rack and walked past the obviously angry young woman, anxious to get to her rooms and away from Kelly. She also was a little perturbed by her roommate’s insinuation that she should answer to the rich woman for her whereabouts like a child.

“Bullshit!” Kelly spat out, her dark brown eyes flashing with anger as she roughly grabbed the blonde’s upper arm and spun her around. “I can smell the liquor from here you’ve been out whoring around, haven’t you?”

“Like you have any room to talk.” Cheryl snapped back confused and getting madder at the dark haired woman’s suddenly possessive behavior.

Without warning, Kelly slapped the young blonde and threw her to the floor of the living room. Cheryl tried to get up to protest this uncalled for treatment but Kelly backhanded her and told the now bleeding woman to stay where she was.

Then Kelly informed her that from now on Cheryl was going to be her girlfriend and that she was going to stop her running around and acting like a whore.

The strong aggressive woman then helped Cheryl to her feet and pulled her into a vicious kiss that was more about dominance than affection. Then told Cheryl to go to bed they would talk more in the morning.

Already hurt and more than a little frightened of being hurt worse Cheryl quickly retreated to her third floor rooms locking the door and sitting up all night afraid to sleep in case Kelly might come upstairs and start again.

The next morning Cheryl came down stairs to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and bacon cooking. A subdued and contrite Kelly had made her breakfast, and when at Kelly’s invitation she entered the dining room Cheryl found the table set with a vase full of beautiful flowers in the center of the table.

Kelly bade her to please sit at the table, and after she was seated, Kelly brought out a large serving tray. The young Greek woman had pulled out all the stops. Bacon, eggs, toast, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice; Cheryl was grateful but leery of the other woman’s’ motives.

Kelly began by falling to her knees next to the stunned law student and took her hand, holding it while she begged Cheryl to forgive her for her appalling actions the night before.

She claimed that when she arrived and found that Cheryl wasn’t home that she got worried and called the book store and when she learned that her room mate had left much earlier she became insane with worry, believing that something terrible had happened to Cheryl.

Then when Cheryl came home, and she learned that she was safe, and had merely been at a bar drinking, the combination of worry and concern had made her lose control. She swore that if the petite blonde would just give her a chance she would do everything in her power to prove that not only was she sorry and she would do whatever Cheryl needed to show that it would never happen again. Actually, Cheryl was touched by the young Greek’s appeal.

“Come on Kelly get up.” the compassionate blonde said softly “There’s no need for this, I accept your apology and you’re letting this fabulous meal get cold”

“I am sorry about it all Cheryl I really am.” Kelly insisted as she rose to here feet and went to her chair next to Cheryl’s “I swear on the gods of my ancestors that I will never again strike you. I care about you very much my dear and I hope that even though I behaved abominably last night that you are able to get past it and give us a chance at what could be a beautiful relationship.”

“Kelly please,” Cheryl said taking the dark eyed woman’s hand “I am truly flattered by your offer and even without what went on last night there would be no chance of an ‘us’ ever happening. I am not the kind of person that will lead someone on or have a fling. I can’t be with someone if I don’t have deep feelings for her. It just isn’t any good for the woman or me if I don’t have that emotional bond with them. I’m just not that way”

Kelly was not about to give up that easily and she spent the rest of the day trying to convince Cheryl to become her lover. Several times, she would begin to lose her temper but true to her word, the frustrated Greek woman would go to another room and cool down for a while.

Only to return a few minutes later and begin her crusade all over again. Finally Cheryl grew tired of the constant attempts, sat Kelly down, and gave her a long itemized list of reasons why they would never be lovers. After that, she went up to her rooms to watch TV hoping that Kelly would understand and forget the entire ill-fated endeavor.

She just wanted to put the entire affair behind them and let things get back to normal. She shut and locked the door to her upstairs rooms and as she went to bed that night, she was sure that Kelly had finally given up her idea of being her girlfriend.

Cheryl couldn’t have been more wrong, Kelly was a spoiled rich brat that had always gotten everything she wanted and right now she wanted the small golden haired beauty in her bed and she would let nothing stop her from having her way. Not even Cheryl herself.

Chapter 8

For the rest of the holiday Kelly continued to try to persuade Cheryl to try to build a relationship with her, but the small blonde steadfastly refused to even consider it. Cheryl soon became concerned over the dark eyed woman’s obsessive behavior.

The more Cheryl turned her down the harder Kelly pushed her to be her girlfriend, and Cheryl was beginning to get the creepy feeling that the woman was coming into her room at night while she was asleep.

To her dismay, the night after New Years Cheryl woke suddenly in the middle of the night and found Kelly sitting in a chair next to her bed.

When Cheryl demanded she leave Kelly just stared at her as if she’d grown another head and said she was only watching over the woman she loved, as was her right.

The next day Cheryl moved all her belongings into the spare rooms in the finished basement. She figured she would be safe as the basement rooms were like a separate apartment. It had it’s own bathroom and kitchen and it had its own outside entrance and could be closed off from the rest of the house, thus giving Kelly no chance to come into her rooms without breaking in.

When the two younger roommates returned at the end of Winter break, they were curious about the new living arrangements but were told by Kelly that their other normally outgoing and friendly roommate wanted the extra privacy.

She explained the locked inner door the same way, Kelly assured them that there was nothing unusual going on and began using them as her servants just as she had before.

Kelly changed tactics but still kept trying to pressure the pretty blonde into being with her while Cheryl continued to steadfastly refuse to consider it in any way. Everywhere Cheryl went eventually Kelly would show up, and if Cheryl happened to be sitting with friends or talking to another woman, Kelly would create an embarrassing scene calling the beleaguered young woman a cheap slut and a philandering whore and any other nasty name that came to mind.

Finally, Cheryl quit going out all together socially, hoping that would put an end to the Greek woman stalking her. The black haired seemingly psychotic beauty began showing up at Cheryl’s job, her classes, even at her table in the law library.

Cheryl was a nervous wreck, never knowing where her stalker would show up next. She couldn’t sleep or eat and she nearly jumped out of her skin every time someone said her name above a whisper, but still she stood her ground refusing to give in to Kelly’s constant harassment.

Finally, in an effort to help the frightened young woman some of her friends got together and confronted the fiery tempered frustrated suitor, and told her, in no uncertain terms, that if she didn’t stop harassing their friend they would be forced to take steps to stop her.

When Kelly tried to call their bluff, they threatened to call the authorities. While in truth it was a hollow threat, because none of them had actually seen the belligerent Greek woman bothering Cheryl, except for once or twice at the bar, and that really wasn’t enough for the authorities to act on, but they knew Cheryl and they believed what she told them and how she looked. Besides there were actually few if any laws against what Kelly was doing (if Kelly had actually gone to her classes she would have known this). Even if there had been the local authorities were notoriously infamous for ignore any perceived domestic disputes between gays.

Kelly was livid, not only had the peasant refused her, but also Kelly was convinced that Cheryl had sent her barbaric friends to threaten and insult her. Kelly knew better than to create an incident that might get back to her father, so she quit trying to get the beautiful little blonde to be her lover.

After a couple of weeks passed without any contact from Kelly, Cheryl breathed a sigh of relief thinking the incident over and that her life could now continue as before.

Kelly was seething in fury at being spurned by the little green eyed blonde, and while it was true that she no longer wanted the woman as her lover, her Greek blood was boiling for revenge for the wrongs she perceived Cheryl to be guilty of.

Never before had anyone refused to give Kelly what she wanted and she was not about to let some American peasant be the first.

To top that the bitch was responsible for Kelly being threatened and insulted by even more of these barbaric Americans. It was more than the proud spoiled Geek heiress was willing to tolerate, so Kelly stopped pursuing Cheryl and turned all her energy and considerable wealth to seeing that the young American peasant was properly punished for her transgressions against an obvious superior such as herself.

Sometimes Kelly forgot that her great grandfather was once a peasant olive grower himself.

The next couple of months were a time of quiet and Cheryl was beginning once again to spend time doing things other than study, work and sleep, she actually began to go out with her friends and even went so far as date a few times nothing serious, just having food and fun with someone. Since Cheryl was not only a sweet and friendly young woman with a brilliant and outgoing personality, she was actually a very good dancer. It wasn’t long before word got around the Rose and soon the one time wallflower had more date requests and perspective dance partners than she knew what to do with. She was finally letting herself have a good time and was meeting some very nice and interesting women.

Then one night as Cheryl was escorting a friend out to her car they were attacked by four young men wearing ski masks. Both women were severely beaten.

The woman friend was battered, bruised, and required several stitches to close some deep cuts but was released and allowed to go home after giving a statement to police.

Cheryl on the other hand had put herself between her friend and their attackers and so had received the brunt of the assault. Besides a multitude of deep bruises and cuts, many requiring stitches, the little blonde also suffered three broken ribs, her right arm broken in two places a fractured jaw and skull and a severe concussion.

Her injuries kept Cheryl in the hospital for nearly a week. The police took her statement as well as from a witness that had been passing by and had seen the assault in progress.

The young man had scared off the attackers and had called the police, he was the one that had heard the attackers yelling dyke and whore and fag and several other slurs that had police writing the attack off as another gay bashing. While they said they would investigate they actually wrote it off as a hazard those people faced for living their lifestyle in public and never really followed through.

If they had the might have been surprised at the person behind the attack and the reasons that were truly behind the beating outside the Rose.

Having gotten her money’s worth out of the young thugs she had paid to give Cheryl a beating, Kelly then used the blonde victim’s hospital stay to set the next phase of her plan into motion.

Kelly had decided that for Cheryl’s crimes against her the young woman was not only to be punished she was to be destroyed, everything that the orphan had worked and sacrificed to gain the vindictive Greek woman was going to have taken from her including her future and her freedom.

Cheryl had been home from the hospital for two days and was getting ready for bed when her outside door burst open and her little apartment was suddenly full of men holding guns and yelling at her to lie down on the floor.

When she was slow to move because of her injuries one of the men grabbed the small blonde-haired woman and threw her on the floor. She cried out in pain when her broken ribs were jarred as she hit the hardwood floor.

The rest of the night was a blur as she barely remembered a man’s voice reading her rights and asking if she understood, the injured and confused young woman nodded numbly as she watched the men tearing up her rooms, searching for some unknown prize.

The next thing she knew someone was leading her out of the house and loaded into a van and taken downtown to the central police station where she was finger printed, her picture taken and she was left sitting in a cold grey room that held a table and two other chairs.

She noticed a mirror on one wall and looking into it, Cheryl brushed her fingers through her hair trying to get it into some semblance of order when two big men wearing heavily wrinkled shirts and slacks entered the room. She sat there cold, tired, in intense pain and extremely frightened while they began yelling at her asking strange questions about drugs, dealers, suppliers, money laundering, connections, and dozens of other things Cheryl knew nothing about.

Frightened and crying hysterically Cheryl was at a loss what to do, as the men continued to badger her for answers.

Suddenly from somewhere all the knowledge she had picked up during her time in law school kicked in and she realized these men were trying to trick her into saying something to incriminate herself in some kind of drug charge.

She sat up straight wiped her eyes and demanded to know what charges had been brought against her.

When one of her interrogators told her the charges were yet to be determined, Cheryl demanded to see a lawyer and refused to cooperate further until she was adequately represented.

Eventually, due to her financial status, the innocent young law student was assigned an overworked public defender and once he arrived, the charges against her were revealed.

Cheryl found herself charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, a pound of marijuana, and an “eight ball” (one-eighth ounce) of cocaine one count of possession with intent to distribute and several misdemeanor charges.

Cheryl was beside herself, she told her lawyer the truth and naively refused to accept a plea bargain on the grounds that she was innocent and there was no way a jury could find an innocent woman like her guilty of such ludicrous charges.

She had no idea how that kind of thing got into her house let alone into her rooms. Her mind couldn’t conceive of someone planting the evidence in an attempt to frame her. Cheryl had yet to learn how far a certain young and vindictive Greek heiress would go to get back at someone that spurned her romantic advances. Using the argument that since Cheryl was an orphan she had no permanent ties to the community, the prosecutor was able to convince the judge that it was possible that the pretty young blonde was a notorious drug dealer, who most likely had large amounts of ready cash hidden away, yet to be found. The judge agreed that Cheryl was a flight risk and ordered her held without bond. Leaving her to sit in the county jail until her trial date.

The papers went for the forgotten and embittered orphan turned vicious drug dealer angle, saying Cheryl had conned the system to use taxpayers to finance her way onto college campuses so she could sell drugs to innocent young students.

They ran front-page stories on how she was getting secretly rich by poisoning the bright young minds of the local students, and it wasn’t long before the press stopped differentiating between college students and high school and junior high students.

Almost daily, there was a new story of the plague of drugs that was running rampant through the state and in every story; there was some mention of Cheryl.

Behind the sudden attention of the press and the constant mention of Cheryl in the papers were sudden large jumps in the bank accounts of certain reporters. Kelly also made large donations to the judge and the prosecutor’s re-elections, being sure they understood there would be further donations if they proved themselves “hard” on drug dealers, going so far to “accidentally” mention the State of Missouri vs. Cheryl Killian.

She was heard to mention several times how horrible it was that her former roommate was a hardened drug dealer, how she was such a blot on the state because of her orphan status. That she used her status to get away with everything. The reporters ate it up and it was all finding its way into front-page stories. By the time Cheryl’s case came to trial she had already been convicted in the papers.

Kelly had generously spread her money around so that by the time the trial began all she had to do was sit back in the gallery and enjoy her enemies’ humiliation as she was subjected to a very public and closely detailed trial.

Cheryl couldn’t believe it after all the friends she thought she’d made in her years in Columbia, not a single one of them testified on her behalf.

Some even got on the witness stand and lied about her including her two undergrad roommates. People she had never seen before got up and lied about buying drugs from her, all courtesy of Kelly Antropos. The only two people that Cheryl was sure would support her, her two foster mothers, and they were kept out of the courtroom because the prosecution had been sure to subpoena them so they were forced to stay out.

By the time the jury had returned with the verdict Cheryl knew she was already convicted and as the verdict was being read she simply stood there weeping silently, confused and hurt, not understanding why this was happening to her.

After the verdict came the sentencing and since her foster mothers were threatened with having their foster credentials pulled if they testified on Cheryl’s behalf, so the young blonde refused to let them testify. This part went quickly and she was stunned when she heard the judge sentencing her to ten to twenty-five years at a maximum-security facility.

As the stunned young woman was being led handcuffed from the courtroom, she heard someone calling her name. When she looked in the direction of the voice Cheryl saw Kelly watching her with a self-satisfied smirk on her face, and when she was sure that she had the dejected young blonde’s attention, she made a statement that would haunt Cheryl for a long time afterwards.

The dark eyes took on an evil gleam as the scorned Greek woman gave the dejected, lost young woman a pleased self-satisfied smirk, and told her:

“The next time you’ll respect the wishes of your superiors.”

Chapter 9

As she was leaving the guardroom, Paula picked up a paper bag that contained Brusard’s civilian clothes and a pair of spit shined engineer boots.

The week before release, a prisoner is allowed to check out the clothing they were wearing when they entered the system. As a rule prisoners tend to lose a lot of weight while inside, and their old clothes are way too big to wear, when the discrepancy was too great they were allowed to go through a warehouse of clothes that is donated by Goodwill, Salvation Army, and various other charities.

They are allowed to find one pair of pants and a shirt, which are put aside and stored until the day of their release when the prisoner is given the civilian clothes to leave the facility.

As usual, Cam was different, instead of losing weight she had put on twenty pounds of well-sculpted muscle it looked really good on her, but it made the clothes she had worn into prison rip out at the seams. The only part of her old clothing that still fit was her high quality engineer boots. Cam had smiled when she saw her reliable old boots complete with the chains over the instep and around the back of the heel. She had spent hours sorting through the piles of clothes until she came up with a pair of faded boot cut jeans and a blue denim shirt that fit.

Usually the clothing was left stored until the prisoner was released, but the night before Paula had taken Cam’s clothes to her house and washed them. Even adding a black T-shirt, she had picked up for the prisoner she had come to know and respect over the years. Another young woman that Cam and her friends had saved from some of the less desirable elements had wanted to do something for her tall black haired savior as a getting out present. So Paula had allowed the friendly young woman to shine Cam’s beloved old boots. Even the guards were impressed by the spit-shine the young woman had put on Cam’s old boots.

As the guard Captain made her way across the cell block heading for Cam’s third tier cell she thought back to how much things had changed since the black haired beauty with the incredible cerulean eyes had entered the tiny enclosed world of CCC and how much things had improved, and Paula knew but couldn’t prove that Camilla Brusard was responsible for most of them.

After her first couple of months, Cam had faced some of the toughest women in the prison many of them ended up so badly damaged that they had to be transferred to temporary nursing facilities. It wasn’t long before a small group of like-minded prisoners had gravitated toward the quiet strength of the tall woman.

When the first attempt on Cam’s life had failed, it came to Paula’s attention that a powerful young Mexican woman sentenced to twenty-five to life for second-degree murder, had been an R.N. on the outside. She had refused to work in the infirmary, but after Cam ended up being hospitalized, Maria had suddenly changed her mind and requested to be assigned to the night shift in the infirmary.

Since it wasn’t easy to get a qualified nurse to work in a prison hospital especially at night, so the doctor in charge jumped at the chance to have the former highly qualified R.N, added to the staff, he even had her re-certified as an R.N.

Maria used her position to watch over Cam, and any other of her friends that were too seriously injured to watch out for themselves. She was also able to help several young women that were being hurt by the system and other inmates. That was when Paula started watching whoever was spending time with Cam.

Paula was interested to find that as she watched the little group that none of them seemed to be close friends, but they seemed to tolerate each other well. Most of their time was spent at the free weight area in a corner of the yard. They were all constantly lifting or working out but very rarely acting together.

They always found someone from outside the group if they wanted to spar, and Paula had seen all of them in the makeshift ring at one time or another. All of them that is, except Cam, she never spared with any of them or anyone else, but she was constantly off to one side going through her forms of martial arts that she had mastered long before she entered CCC. It was clear to anyone that paid attention the stoic biker out classed them all.

Her obvious favorite was Tai Chi which she spent hours practicing the slow fluid precise movements of the discipline. Paula noticed that when the cell block had their scheduled shower times one or two of the group were usually close by, this caused her to check the statistics and found that there had been a dramatic drop in assaults since the women of Cam’s little group started what Paula referred to as “shower patrol”.

Knowing the way the administration worked Paula never informed anyone of her discovery, deciding to follow the advice of an oriental friend of hers who always told her if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Another thing that interested Paula was the way these women handled their love lives. It had been another revelation to Paula that all of the original group were openly lesbians before they had been sent to prison, and many pursued relationships inside the walls, except Cam, who for her first year had been celibate claiming that she was remaining loyal to an outside lover. Then she had been called to a conference with her lawyers and afterwards, she had been warned to keep close watch on the prisoner.

This made Paula recall the rumors she had heard about the shake up in Benton County that had been attributed to Cam’s family, and their retaliation on those responsible for the woman’s incarceration. It seems that someone had not done their homework about the three bikers that Cam called family and had underestimated the amount of pull they had with some highly placed individuals within the government. While none of them would ever even think of using these connections for themselves, apparently they would when it came to their beloved little girl; they were hard men and were capable of totally ruthless and merciless retribution when it came to their WC.

Suddenly the IRS, DEA, FBI, and several other federal “alphabet” agencies landed on Benton County with both feet. By the time the Feds were finished in Benton County, the judge had been thrown out of office for malfeasance, along with several of his fellow judges was under investigation on charges of bribery and criminal negligence. Two county commissioners, the county prosecutor, the Sheriff, four ADAs and six deputies all ended up behind bars. The public defender that had been in charge of Cam’s defense was disbarred for incompetence.

To say the least it would be a long time before Benton County would recover from the vendetta.

That was nothing compared to what the three men did to Kreelcorp and its unfortunate owner D.C.Kreel. Following a trail that Kreel thought was covered, Cutter was able to gather conclusive evidence connecting Kreelcorp and its associates with the false charges that had put him in Federal prison while his surrogate daughter was being persecuted, something he would never forgive. Once he secured the evidence, Cutter instituted several lawsuits against Kreelcorp, all its officers and employees and ordering all its assets frozen, after which he demanded an independent audit which uncovered several major irregularities and ended up under investigation by the SEC.

Before they were finished Kreelcorp no longer existed, all its assets, real and other wise had been taken over by CCMC Inc. Then they went after the elusive D.C.Kreel, after exhaustive investigation Kreel was soon wanted on charges ranging robbery and stock fraud to first-degree murder. The only problem was nobody knew who D.C.Kreel was or even what the now fugitive executive looked like.

The few people that had ever seen D.C.Kreel in person mysteriously disappeared when the investigation began and DC was sure all bases were covered and it was safe but once again, DC underestimated the wealth power and determination of Cam’s family.

Kreel mistakenly thought that because they were bikers, they couldn’t be of any consequence, so there was nothing they could do to a person of D.C.Kreel’s stature.

Imagine the surprised look on D.C.Kreel’s face when the three bikers accompanied by agents from both the NSA and the FBI burst into the penthouse apartment in Atlanta, arrested the one time successful business owner, and wanted criminal.

The hardest part of the vendetta came after the arrest of D.C.Kreel.

The lawyers were sent to have an emergency conference with Cam at CCC to let her know the woman she loved and went to prison to protect, was in fact, the same person that paid to put her there and the person that paid for the attempts on her life and had ordered the attacks on her family.

When Cam found out that the first person she had ever loved enough to offer to commit her life to, the one she knew as Deb Stringer was actually D.C.Kreel and she had lied, distracted and manipulated the young woman to almost contributing to the destruction of her family, her reaction wasn’t exactly what everyone anticipated. When the lawyers explained that they were there to warn her that the arrest of D.C.Kreel would soon be making the news so that she wasn’t blind-sided by such bad news. What they got was no reaction what so ever.

Cam rose from her chair and shaking each man’s hand, she thanked them for going to all the trouble to come to Chillicothe to inform her of Debra’s arrest and identity. She also sent word to her family that she was fine and that she was happy they were able to stop the woman before she got a chance to do further damage to her family. The tall mysterious woman then left the room and walked back to her cell without saying a word to anyone. Then with the full permission of the warden and others within the Corrections Department Cam turned off her lights and retired to her cell.

They tried to send her food but Cam refused it, all she did was sit on her bunk and listen to her collection of old blues songs. Finally, after over a week just when the warden was about to have someone go into her cell, very late one night, Cam sent out a request to take a shower and to get some clean clothes, it was of course granted, the next morning she reported to roll call just as if nothing had happened.

She went about her normal routine and most thought she was just fine, but Paula could see the difference. She was harder more cynical and suspicious and when Cam smiled it was a cruel insincere smile that never reached her ice blue eyes.

There had been four attempts on the dark biker’s life, the last of which turned into a riot that left a guard and eight prisoners dead and many others hurt Cam among them with a bullet wound in her shoulder. Through all that, Cam’s sense of humor had survived but after she got the news of her lover’s betrayal that last part of her disappeared as if it was crushed under the terrible weight of her broken heart. She had been in prison for only a year and she was already as cold, hard, humorless and emotionless a soul as any lifer inside the walls.

Life behind the walls pretty much went on as always, it was like the tides or the phases of the moon, those eternal cycles that stop for no one, the struggle of living from day to day was eternal and constant.

Older prisoners who had served their time were released or paroled and new younger prisoners took their place. Cam and her friends kept on trying to help the weaker prisoners whenever and wherever they could.

The occasional confrontations only served to enhance and further their reputation. Cam’s detached methods of dealing with everyone, friend and foe alike was in many ways the reason why everyone feared her even more.

Paula had watched the tall cold-eyed woman closely knowing that when the dam holding back all those repressed emotions broke, all hell was going to break loose. Paula was one of the few people that knew the whole story of how Cam was betrayed and could see that the tall black haired woman’s withdrawal as an elaborate defense mechanism to keep everyone away so no one would be able to hurt her like that again.

The older woman knew what she was doing because she had tried it herself one time and she knew from her own experience that it wouldn’t work. Another change in Cam’s behavior was that she was taking lovers now.

Before she’d learned of Deb’s betrayal, the tall exceptionally beautiful inmate politely turned down every proposition that came her way, saying that she wasn’t going to be unfaithful. Since the day she returned to general population, the cerulean-eyed beauty was often either going to or leaving one of the many hidden places that the prisoners used for their trysts, never with the same woman twice.

Once Cam had been with a woman, she would ignore her completely, the only women that were safe from the tall beauty’s advances was the small group of women that hung around with her and their lovers. Paula remembered the wishful sighs and occasional brokenhearted tears that followed the hauntingly aloof woman everywhere she went.

On that day, nothing happened that would have given anyone a clue to just how special a day it would be. It started out just like every other day; the morning bell rang at 5:30 am just like every morning.

Cam was up and had knocked out her one hundred sit-ups and the same number of pushups just like every other day. She accompanied her cellblock to breakfast and had a pastry and several cups of prison coffee (that Cam claimed could be eaten with a fork). Then Cam returned to her cell to wait to be escorted along with several others to classes offered by the prison. Classes lasted until lunch then Cam went to the yard and began her work out, as did the rest of the women in the small group, they either worked out with the weights or honed their fighting skills by sparing.

Cam as usual was off to one side working on her Tai Chi routine just like every other day. Then something happened that would eventually be as important to the small prison community as the closing of Alcatraz.

It was a change that would touch the lives of every one on D-block some for the better…and some forever.


Chapter 10

Cam was just finishing her final Tai Chi routine when the bus carrying the new prisoners arrived. As usual, most of the older, hardcore prisoners lined up along the fence to get a look at the new “fish” and to choose their targets.

It was the usual practice for new women to be kept in a building separate from the general prison population for a short time. At least until they could be processed in and assigned to a cellblock and a cell. When Cam had come in just a little over two years ago the new fish were in separate quarters for three to four weeks, but because of over-crowding, and budget cuts the time was reduced to a week to a five days. The new prisoners had been evaluated at another facility before being transferred to their permanent “home” at CCC.

The women being unloaded from the big grey converted school bus with barred windows were seeing their first glimpse of the place they would call home, until the state believed they were reformed and no longer a danger to society.

There were several very young women getting off the bus that day. Even one or two returns that hadn’t been able resist the temptations of the outside world, some of the women were sullen and angry, others were quiet and introspective, some were even crying and sobbing in terror, and all were under the intense scrutiny of the inmates lining the fence.

Some of the older prisoners were yelling suggestive remarks and phrases, others made thinly veiled threats.

Others watched with silent menace carefully selecting a victim from the twenty or so new arrivals. Unlike the majority of her fellow prisoners, Cam had no interest in the new arrivals, and the commotion did nothing to interrupt the slow graceful movements of the Oriental discipline.

As she concentrated on keeping her spiritual center, Cam began feeling something pulling at the edges of her consciousness, getting stronger with each heartbeat, drawing her attention toward the door of the big grey bus.

Her eyes focused on the door of the vehicle, Cam became aware of a presence stepping into the doorway. The small woman had a brightly glowing golden aura that nearly blinded Cam with its intensity, while still drawing and holding Cam’s darkening blue eyes. She could see the woman’s soulful compassionate emerald eyes even though she was actually too far away for anyone to discern the small blonde beauty’s features.

Emerald locked onto Sapphire and the air between them seemed to crackle with the energy that passed between the two women, they both gasped as they felt the pull on each other souls.

Even Paula could feel the energy between the two women, she heard the little golden haired woman gasp, and following her gaze the guard recognized that the focus of her attention was the tall graceful form of Cam.

“It’s her,” Paula heard the woman whisper. Paula made it a point to check the records and find out whom this woman was; the Captain had the memories of the assaults on Cam too fresh in her mind to ignore the little blonde-haired woman’s strange behavior and off hand remark.

This was the first time that Cam and Cheryl ever laid eyes on each other. Cam’s intense gaze stayed on Cheryl until the gapping maw that was the door to the segregation building swallowed her up. For her part Cheryl could feel the tall woman’s eyes on her, she too could feel the irresistible pull of destiny on her soul reaching all the way to her core drawing her toward the mysterious figure standing apart from the crowd.

Neither had ever met before, they’d never even heard of each other before, but they both had a feeling that they would never forget each other.

Once the guards had escorted the new women into the Segregation Building, they secured it behind them, leaving a confused Cam still staring at the closed doors where the diminutive blonde had left her sight. Cam was suddenly aware of an empty space deep inside her in a place she’d never felt before, leaving her with a feeling she couldn’t explain and never knew existed before that moment.

The Captain of the guard wasn’t the only one that picked up the unusual connection between the two women; a pair of beady black hate filled eyes followed the exchange from the shadows.

“Oh no my dear Camilla,” an intense voice growled hoarsely “she will not have you either. You are mine, you just don’t know it yet my beautiful one no one will have you but me.”

The shadowy figure moved toward a side door, a hysterical cackle followed as the mysterious woman disappeared into the darkened maze of the cellblock.

After a couple of days, Cam had almost forgotten about the unusual occurrence with the new fish, filing it away as a fluke. The dark woman went on to her normal routine. A week passed and the only people who seemed to even remember the incident were Paula and the mysterious woman, they both kept track of the two other women, but for very different reasons.

In the mean time, Cheryl had been assigned a bunk on the second floor and after she was issued the usual two spare uniforms, towels bedding, soap, toothbrush, and various essentials she was led to her cell. After the little blonde prisoner had settled in, she asked for and received permission to use the showers, even though it was mid-day.

Cheryl was an innocent lamb among wolves and she was totally oblivious to the lurking dangers as she entered the shower area. She quickly stripped off the clothes she’d been wearing for the last week, without a shower, and quickly adjusted the temperature to just barely below scalding anxious to wash the smell from her skin. She stepped into the steaming stream of water, letting the relaxing needles of water flow over her soft, tired skin.

She let out a sigh of contentment as she felt herself relax for the first time since her arrest over six months ago. Cheryl was amazed how the little things she had always taken for granted when she was free had become such decadent luxuries now, as a hot shower in the middle of the day, closing her eyes Cheryl tilted her head back and let the water hit her face.

“Well, well, well,” a sinister voice said from behind the temporarily blind woman “looky what we’ve found ladies.”

Cheryl froze when she heard at least two other women giggling at the first one’s joke, while the young woman didn’t know much about prison she did know enough to be aware that she was in very deep, deep trouble.

“Looks to me like you’ve found yourself a new bitch, Val.,” another woman said.

Cheryl jumped as she felt a rough hand grab her left butt cheek and squeeze hard causing the frightened young blonde to yelp in surprise and pain. Her bare feet slipped on the wet tile floor as she jumped and Cheryl fell to her knees.

“Oooo, looky Val,” the third woman purred, “the bitch is already on her knees for you.”

“P-please, don’t h-hurt me.” Cheryl pleaded as she opened her eyes and got a good look at her attackers.

The small woman trembled in terror as she saw what she was facing. The one called Val was a big hard looking heavily tattooed woman with short brown hair and cruel looking beady black eyes that gleamed evilly as she surveyed the magnificent attributes of the young woman she was about to claim.

The two women that were her constant companions were tall painfully skinny women one with long stringy black hair that was obviously a bad dye job, she had watery yellowish eyes that never seemed to focus on any one thing for long and sharp unpleasant features. Her painfully thin body was covered with scars and bruises, as was her friends, evidence of Val’s tendency toward violent sex. The other woman was probably once a very pretty young woman, the ghost of her beauty haunted her she too seemed unable to focus her striking indigo eyes, Val had a reliable connection on the outside and she always made sure that “her girls” always got plenty of whatever they wanted, one way she guaranteed their loyalty. Cheryl noticed that in the cleavage of both women’s breasts there was the letter V burned deep into their flesh and shivered wondering why they had such scars. Even though she hadn’t known at the time, that brand marked the two as Val’s property.

Val licked her lips anticipating all the things she was going to do with the gorgeous piece of woman that was cowering on the floor in front of her, Val loved it when they begged, it made their screams sound sweeter somehow. The vicious sadist was so intent on the compact little woman on the floor that she didn’t notice the tall dark shadowy figure that silently entered the showers behind her.

“Remind me to thank you later, Spook, for tellin’ me about this little piece of eye candy.” Val said laughing cruelly

“No need Val,” the black haired quipped “always glad to be of serv…”

Val stopped laughing when she heard her sometimes almost sane lieutenant stopped talking in mid sentence and now both her companions were staring over her shoulder their faces masks of purest fear. The showers were silent except for the sounds of running water and the little golden haired woman’s terrified sobs.

Cam had been headed to her cell on the third tier, when she felt a sudden overwhelming urge to go to the showers. She began to just shake off the feeling and go on about her business but her stomach was knotted up with tension, and she had a sudden ache in her chest that somehow was pulling at that place inside her again.

Surrendering to her instincts, as her uncles and Cutter had always taught her, Cam decided to wonder over by the showers curious to see what she might find there.

When she arrived at the entrance to the showers, Cam could hear voices but was unable to tell who was talking or what they were talking about, but when she heard the terrified yelp, she knew her honor wouldn’t allow her to just walk away from whatever was going on in there. She let out a resigned sigh and cautiously entered the tiled rooms. Before Cam was through the dressing room even before she was able to see anyone in the showers, she could hear the conversation. The first voice she heard was a voice she didn’t recognize pleading not to be hurt between terrified sobs, the next voice Cam knew all too well.

What she didn’t know was how they had learned so quickly about a new fish being in the showers at this time of day.

Then she heard Val’s voice mention the Spook and she knew that Val’s pet psycho bitch had it in for the new woman for some unknown reason and as soon as she saw a chance to get rid of her, the Spook had jumped on it. The crazy bitch had tried to kill Cam a few times because she said she was in love with the tall dark beauty and was assuring that Cam would remain faithful to her. Cam had asked the crazed woman to please hate her in the future.

Sometimes Cam had to wonder about a system that lets an obviously insane homicidal maniac like the Spook wander around loose in the general population, but that’s was the way things were and Cam had learned to deal with it then work on the things she could fix.

Cam felt a cold fear grip her heart and somehow she was sure that the new fish the Spook had led Val to had to be the beautiful golden haired woman that Cam had seen the day she’d arrived. This revelation was accompanied by an intense need to protect the small woman, Cam had no idea where all that had come from but she sure as hell wasn’t going to let an innocent soul like that fall into the hands of a “chicken-hawk” like Val.

The tall blue-eyed woman slipped silently into the steam-filled room, Cam took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she surveyed the scene unfolding in front of her.

Val and her two favorite anorexic stooges had caught one of the new women as the poor thing was trying to get herself clean after spending a week in seg without a change of clothes and the only way to get clean was a whore’s bath. The aesthetics of the entire situation bothered Cam, not to mention the strange hold the little wet blonde huddling in the corner on the cold tile floor seemed to have on Cam’s mind and soul. If nothing else Cam had to find out how someone she had never seen before could apparently have such a profound affect on her, so she knew she would have to step in and put an end to this now, and see to it that it didn’t happen again.

“Is there a problem here ladies?” Cam asked, her low alto voice filling the air like a warm blanket.

Val spun around and came face to face with one of the few things in this life she truly feared. Cam’s eyes never left Val’s but she could feel those curious emerald eyes burning into her. Cam knew she had the full attention of every person in the room.

“C-Cam, why are you here?” the big appearance-challenged bleached-blonde asked, made very nervous by the dark dangerous woman’s sudden appearance.

She had thought she had a clear shot at the pretty little golden haired woman. Val had already made plans on how she was going to break the obviously innocent woman, in Val’s mind, she was already enjoying the victim’s delightful screams as Val and her two stooges subjected that perfectly proportioned body to the most exquisite torments. Now all her carefully planned scenarios were crashing into a brick wall named Cam Brusard.

“A better question is why are you here, Val?” Cam asked her voice deceptively calm “Did someone order chicken-hawk extra ugly with a double side of sleaze?”

Val trembled uncontrollably, her eyes narrowed with rage every fiber of her primitive body wanted to lash out at the woman confronting her. She knew she had Cam outnumbered and normally that would be enough, but this was Cam and Val knew what the barely restrained woman facing her was capable of doing in a matter of seconds.

She knew that even with two more, they still wouldn’t stand a chance; she had known and seen the two women that had stabbed Cam when she first got there, and Val had no intention of ending up like them.

“I think that’s between us and the new little fish over there.” Val answered with mock bravado in a last ditch to get her hands on the pretty blonde. “Why?”

Cam heard the frightened little woman gasp, fearing that her rescuer would bow out and leave at the dubious mercies of the three women that had trapped her in the showers.

“Please.” Cheryl said softly, that one word held all her hopes and fears, it was almost a prayer to the dark goddess that had simply appeared unexpectedly, seemingly coming to her aid.

“Sorry Val, she’s mine.” Cam stated flatly, her ice blue eye boring into the bleach blonde’s brain uncovering her deep seeded fear of the terrifying avenging angel facing her.

“S-s-sorry Cam, we didn’t know.” Val stuttered as she began cautiously backing out of the showers signaling her two cronies to join her in her retreat. “We’ll get out of here and leave the two of you alone.”

“Good idea Val,” Cam growled softly, her eyes transmitting messages of deadly retribution. “I’d hate to think you are trying to cut my time Val. Now would I?”

“Uh huh, no problem Cam,” all three said in unison then they were gone.

Leaving Cam and their intended victim alone in the showers, just as Cam figured she was going to have to try to clean up Val’s mess before anyone found out about this face off.

Cam only hoped this frightened little bunny was going to be worth her time and worry.

After the face off with the extremely ugly chicken hawk named Val and Val’s two anorexic stooges Cam was left with an empty shower and a badly frightened young woman who was facing the cruelest sections of the world she had lived her sheltered life in.

The poor woman was huddled in a corner completely naked, in a fetal position on the cold tile floor.

Sensing her distress Cam took a few moments to try to figure out the best way to handle this woman without causing her to think that Cam was just as bad as the slime that the tall quietly dangerous woman had just sent away.

Cam got a spare towel from a shelf and went to the woman huddled in the corner. The tall woman’s heart ached for the obviously terrified newcomer, she knelt down and held the towel to the still wet, and trembling woman.

“Hey, sorry about the welcoming committee little one.” Cam said softly trying to sooth the insecure young woman. “You know you really shouldn’t come in here alone, a pretty one like you could get in a lot of trouble.”

The little blonde looked up at the familiar stranger, and her eyes grew wide with surprise at her savior’s words.

“G-get in trouble!” Cheryl blurted out confused by the now friendly woman offering her a towel.

The little emerald-eyed blonde took the towel and thanked her for it with a nod of her head. Cam stood up and turned to leave.

“What do you mean by that?” Cheryl asked trying to reconcile this beautiful smiling woman with the tall dark angry Goddess that had oozed death and destruction, just minutes before.

“Haven’t you heard?” Cam quipped in answer to her astonished audience,” some of the people here ain’t very nice.”

The echo of Cam’s deep rich laughter at her own joke echoed after her as she left the showers, leaving a very confused young woman watching the retreating broad-shouldered back.

Cheryl knelt there on the floor clutching the towel to her chest, until a cold chill reminded her that she was still wet and naked. She quickly dried herself and got dressed. As she was dressing, Cheryl found a small folded up piece of paper, but she waited until she was dressed before checking it out. She was surprised that it was a note from her rescuer.

Little One…If you would like to talk and maybe even learn something, come to my bunk this afternoon. Just ask for Cam, they all know where to find me. Cam

Cheryl studied the note for a few moments, then put it in her pocket, and returned to her cell. She spent the rest of the morning through to lunch trying to find out about the enigmatic woman that had saved her from gods only knew what, at the very least serious hurt, earlier that morning. Prison being the hot bed of rumors that it is it was no surprise that almost everybody knew her rescue from Val.

The fact that Cam had stopped the attack wasn’t unusual, but the part where Cam claimed the green-eyed woman as ‘hers’, had all the tongues wagging. By telling Val and her two lackeys that Cheryl was hers, Cam had let everyone know that if anyone touched the beautiful little blonde they would soon be facing the tall dark and deadly woman’s wrath.

Truth be told, Cam herself had no idea why she’d done it either, but that morning when she was facing Val, the idea of those beautiful trusting emerald eyes looking into anyone’s eyes but Cam’s or the thought of anyone else’s hands on that body sent an icy pain through Cam’s chest as if her heart were bursting into a million pieces.

In that moment of near panic, the tall muscular woman found herself telling the bleach blonde chicken-hawk that the little newbie was hers. Cam was lying on her bunk listening to her boom box and pretending to read. She didn’t even know what book she was supposed to be reading, her mind was in a whirl of confusion as she tried to figure out what it was about the stunningly beautiful woman with the golden hair with the reddish highlights that only show in the sun light and those innocent emerald eyes that affected her so much.

Huh? Cam suddenly wondered just where in the hell did that come from?

Cam’s only problem was every time Cam pictured that Angelic face, it filled her mind, wiping out all other thoughts.

All she could think of was spending time with this woman, getting to know her. Sure she had sexual thoughts about Cheryl even now the vision of that compact shapely little body underneath her making her writhe and squirm with desire, making her scream out Cam’s name in ecstasy, was making Cam wet right now.

She groaned in frustration. How could this woman do this to me when Cam had only seen her two times for only a few moments at a time?

Suddenly Cam felt a tingling sensation on the back of her neck as if all the tiny hairs there were standing on end and she knew that the little blonde was on her way.

Cheryl wasn’t going to meet with the tall, incredibly beautiful woman after hearing all the stories she’d heard about her. Sure Cam had saved Cheryl from a horrible fate at the hands of the three women that had cornered her in the showers that morning, and from what was said, it wasn’t the first time the woman and her friends had gone to the aid of a weaker prisoner. The rumors said that the group that revolved around Cam made a habit of it.

This was fine, but there were other stories about the mysterious woman, stories that told of darkness and death, stories that quite frankly, scared the hell out of Cheryl.

Then there was this “claiming” thing. From what Cheryl could understood, by letting those women believe that she was claiming Cheryl, the woman everybody called Cam was telling the whole prison that Cheryl was hers to do with whatever she wanted. According to Cheryl’s cell mate if Cam decided to take her in the middle of the cellblock day room no one would lift a finger to stop the tall dark woman.

She essentially had announced to the world that Cheryl was her property. When Cheryl heard this, she was livid, she ranted and raved, she was furious that this woman she had never met before felt she had the right to just take her as property without even asking first. She was angry that the woman had just decided it was her right to own another person.

Humiliated that the entire prison knew about it, and a little ashamed because deep down a small part of her was thrilled over the idea that the beautiful enigmatic woman with the crystal clear blue eyes could, if she wanted, take Cheryl’s body and ravage her, making Cheryl beg for her touch. Cheryl knew she would be powerless to stop her because Cheryl secretly admitted to herself she wanted Cam to just that. Curiosity made Cheryl climb those steel stairs to the third tier, which was another thing that bothered Cheryl.

When she was in orientation, she was told that on D-block the most dangerous prisoners were kept on the third tier. They were kept on third tier in single cells, even with the overcrowded conditions, because the prison officials were concerned of what these women were capable of doing to their fellow prisoners, and usually the other prisoners were afraid of them too.

From what Cheryl had learned Cam was among the most feared women there, only the true psychos weren’t afraid of her. While all of this scared Cheryl, it also intrigued her. The dark stories of violence and amoral behavior just didn’t fit with the woman that had appeared out of nowhere to save her from three predators that morning.

Cheryl felt she just had to know more about her. But now, as she climbed the stairs that led up to the woman’s lair, Cheryl was wondering about the intelligence of her hasty decision as every step brought her closer to the woman that casually announced her ownership of Cheryl, and the woman who even the most vicious murderers here feared.

Cheryl had just one more problem ever since she heard about the owner thing she had visions flashing through her mind, disturbing visions, things she’d never thought of before. She saw scenes of Cam walking into the showers instead of Val; she would take Cheryl and kiss her so hard her lips bled. Then the Cam in her dreams forced Cheryl to the floor where she would take Cheryl over and over no matter what Cheryl said, driving her to orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm, as she screamed out her lover’s name.

Cheryl stopped at the top step and shook her head, trying desperately to force the erotic visions from her head.

“Jesus Christ Killian get a grip.” she muttered to herself “it’s not like you’ve never seen a beautiful woman. But by the gods she IS beautiful.”

Cheryl laughed at herself quietly, as she turned left and headed down the catwalk to the furthest cell. She could hear music coming from the far end of the row of cells. She tried to remember the name of the old blues song that was playing. She had heard of it before but never this version, by this female singer. The slow sultry singer was doing little to help Cheryl dispel her erotic visions, she groaned with frustration, as she felt the slow burning, pressure building in her groin.

Cheryl old girl she thought wryly sure hope you can find some quality time with yourself very, very soon or you’re going to go nuts.

She felt more nervous than erotic by the time she reached her destination. Cheryl looked into the cell and saw Cam stretched out on her bunk her incredibly long perfectly shaped legs crossed at the ankles, all she was wearing was an old threadbare tank top that was at least two sizes too small, and a pair of boxers. Cheryl could see the woman’s work shirt and jeans neatly folded on her desk that stuck out from the wall of her cell.

She knows I’m here Cheryl thought I don’t know how she knows but I’m sure that she does

“Hey, Come on in.” Cam said not looking up “have a seat”, Cam indicated a small chair beside the cell door.

She sat up and pulled on her jeans then she sat back down on the edge of the bed.

“I guess I ought to introduce myself,” the black haired beauty said holding her hand out to the diminutive blonde “Just call me Cam everybody does.”

“Cam is short for?” the suddenly much more relieved blonde asked as she reached out and took the offered hand.

Cam gave the young woman a curious look but saw none of the usual malice in those mesmerizing emerald eyes, so she decided to go ahead and answer.

“Camilla” Cam answered, “Cam is short for Camilla.”

“Camilla that is a lovely name,” Cheryl said still holding the large hand admiring the long graceful fingers. “My name is Cheryl by the way.”

“Yeah I heard.” Cam answered briskly something about this gorgeous little blonde made Cam nervous.

“I imagine you should know your property!” Cheryl said more than a little bitterly.

“What the hell?” Cam inquired incredulously “Where the hell did you get that altitude, and why the hell am I getting hit with it?”

“You told those women you were claiming me.” Cheryl snapped angrily “Now everyone knows. They think you own me and most of them are afraid to even talk to me.”

Cam’s laugh at the young woman’s reaction to her statement further fuelling her mounting outrage.

“You think slavery is funny?” Cheryl sniped her eyes flashing, “I don’t know how you were raised, but I me…urp.”

Moving faster than Cheryl could follow Cam launched herself from the bunk and grabbed a handful of the angry woman’s shirt. She yanked the young woman from the chair and using the collar lifted the now very frightened woman off the floor. Cheryl could feel the wall against her back and between her terror and the tightening of the shirt collar Cheryl was beginning to have trouble breathing.

“You know nothing about the way I was raised, bitch,” Cam growled looking as if she was about to rip Cheryl’s head off “don’t you ever presume to lecture me on proper behavior or to critique my childhood.”

Cheryl sputtered but was unable to speak, Cam noticed for the first time how she was holding the small woman and the fear she saw in those beautiful green eyes. Instantly she felt a pang of regret wrench her gut. She gently sat the short golden haired woman back on her own feet, and released her shirt and began slowly backing away.

“I huh…you know…I didn’t…its just that. well” Cam muttered as she backed away toward her bunk “I’m just I’m huh sorry I didn’t mean to I mean I’d never really hurt you, it’s just you caught me off guard talking about my family I don’t like anyone talking about my family.”

Cheryl wasn’t sure this woman was the same one she thought was about to kill her just seconds ago and was now trying to sputter out an apology. Cheryl didn’t know if it was the pitiful sincerity of the apology or the horrified stricken look in Cam’s eyes but she suddenly felt an irresistible urge to comfort her.

She sat down on the bunk and taking Cam’s quivering chin in her tiny hand Cheryl gently pulled the frightened and contrite woman’s face around so that their eyes locked onto each other.

“I-I’m really sorry,” Cam whispered just barely able to be heard “I w-wouldn’t really hurt you. It’s just you surprised me, I’d never hurt you on purpose really.”

“I know” Cheryl’s answer surprised even herself, “I don’t know how I know but I do. I know deep down in myself that you would never take a hand to me in anger or purposely harm me in any way.”

Cheryl put her arm loosely around the silently weeping woman’s shoulders. She was confused it was the first time she had ever had these kind of feelings for anyone, man or woman, foster sibling, anyone. Every time this familiar dark stranger sobbed, it tore at Cheryl’s heart. Why she would suddenly feel them now was beyond comprehension to the small blonde.

Cam could feel the small woman’s arms and the sudden connection between them. She didn’t understand it, but with just a touch this person made her heart pound like a jackhammer and swell in her chest filling with the presence of this woman, her soul lost the terrible loneliness that had been weighting it down and it suddenly soared to the heavens singing Cheryl’s praises, as tears streamed down her face.

From that moment both women knew that somehow they belonged together, they spent the rest of that first afternoon getting to know each other better. Not an easy task, considering that both were such painfully private people and they seldom allowed anyone to see their true selves.

After that they were virtually inseparable, they ate together, showered together, (Cheryl had learned her lesson well and she never entered the showers alone again), they spent their yard time together. In the evenings they would sit in one or the others cell and drink tea made on a small hot plate Cam had gotten as a gift from the Captain of the guard when the older woman learned it was Cam’s birthday last year.

Not once did they have sex, Cheryl flirted outrageously, but Cam seemingly ignored her advances. Cam had made up her mind and resolved that no matter how badly she wanted and needed the little blonde dynamo she was determined that this woman was not meant for a tawdry affair behind a dumpster or to be used then thrown away, like the others.

In fact, Cam was ignoring all advances; the only woman Cam desired was the little green-eyed blonde that had somehow wormed her way through Cam’s carefully constructed defenses, no other could appeal to her any more.

Cam denied herself fearing that if she slept with the young ethereal beauty she might lose the woman that had quickly become more important to Cam than the air she breathed.

After a little over a week, Cheryl told Cam the full story of her arrest and conviction. Something about the story bothered Cam; she’d had a lot of dealings with the so-called justice system and had an idea about how things worked. There was something about the innocent young woman’s story that set off alarms in Cam’s head.

The next day, when Cheryl was out taking a class, Cam got to the phone and using one of the “safe” numbers her attorney had given her, for the first time the tall blue eyed beauty was about to ask for legal help and it was for someone else. Cam made sure the lawyers understood that they were to spare no expense in their investigation into the case of Killian v State of Missouri. Just as the rest of her family, something Cam would never ask others to do for her; she wouldn’t hesitate to ask done for someone she cared about.

There was no doubt in her mind; she cared deeply for Cheryl Killian.

Chapter 11

Two days after Cam made the call, two attorneys from the firm that represented both Cam, and her family showed up, along with their lead investigator, requesting a conference with their client. Cam met with them in a small unmonitored room, set aside for lawyer/client conferences, and after a little over an hour of sometimes heated discussion, the three men hurried out of the prison heading toward Columbia Mo. to carry out their unusual client’s request.

From then on Cam made sure that Cheryl was never out of sight. Whenever she wasn’t with Cam, one of the tall woman’s associates was very near by. The only thing Cam told them was that she wanted her naive friend protected 24/7, if they failed the consequences would be dire. No one wanted to find out what she meant by dire, Cheryl noticed that two of the women had enrolled in her classes. Cheryl was even transferred from her original cell, to one on the first tier. To her surprise, her new cellmates were the nurse Maria, and her lover Melinda. Maria was the closest to Cam of any of the women that associated with the tall dark and dangerous biker.

One of the advantages of having these two as cellmates was that Cheryl finally heard the entire true story, behind some of the disturbingly dark tales she had heard about Cam. Mostly they were telling her things Cam wouldn’t.

“Let me tell you something niña.” Maria told her one night after the curious woman asked about one of the more disturbing stories. “I was with the tall one in the infirmary after she was stabbed. We almost lost her, but she never cried out, or complained about the pain. I have been a nurse for fifteen years, and I have never seen anything like her. Two days after she came out from under the anesthetic, she refused any more pain medication. She was living in fear, and she was sure that the two that stabbed her would find a way to get into the infirmary, to finish the job on her, and she didn’t want her instincts dulled by the powerful narcotics. It is a scary thing to suddenly realize you are not immune to being killed by anyone that can get their hands on a weapon. She began right after that working on regaining her abilities, strengthening herself, she started out slowly at first, like the doctor told her, but it wasn’t unusual to find her sitting up like an Indian at night. She looked asleep, but Peligrosa knew everything and everyone that came near her.”

Cheryl was hanging on every word, she had heard Maria call Cam, Peligrosa before, and finally got Cam to tell her what it meant. Hanging her head ashamed, she told Cheryl that Maria was calling her a dangerous woman. It was not something Cam was proud of, but it seemed appropriate.

“Then when she was released from the infirmary, she really fought against her ahhh….” Maria turned to their other cellmate and her lover Melinda for help “Help me here mi Amada, how do you say alma oscura?”

“Dark soul,” the big redhead answered, “talkin’ about Cam again huh?”

“Yes that’s it she fought the dark soul and didn’t seek venganza like everyone thought she would.” Maria continued “but she didn’t remember ley de sobrevivencia, and everyone thought her weak, so she was a target, then those stupid puercas threatened her. Instead of waiting for them to come after her, she went after them. The rest of the story is basically true, except she felt bad about killing the one that died. Cam told me that she woke up when Cam came into her cell, and tried to fight. Cam fought back the only way she knew, unfortunately for that ramera, Cam knows only to fight to kill, it is the way of her world.”

Cheryl thought for a moment then shuddered thinking of how casually, Maria spoke of killing, Cheryl didn’t understand how a nurse, a woman dedicated to saving lives, could accept the taking of a life so easily. So she asked.

“You forget chica, I killed my cuñado,” Maria reminded the naive young woman “for abusing mi hermana hermosa and mi dulce sobrina pequeña. Bastardo!”

The normally friendly Mexican woman spat on the floor, at the thought of her drunken abusive brother-in-law. According to Melinda, Maria’s family had tried to get her sister and niece away from him, but because they were in Mexico, their pleas to the local law went unheeded. So Maria had come up to see if her sister was alright. When she got there everything was fine at first, but one night, she went by their house unexpectedly, and walked in on a horrible sight. Her brother-in-law had already beaten her sister nearly to death, and she was laying unconscious on the floor, and her husband was beating on her little three-year-old niece. Maria had a buck knife that she carried for protection, and in a fit of rage she pulled out the knife, and stabbed him four times then slit his throat. Instead of allowing the case to go to trial Maria, had plead guilty to first-degree murder, in order to save her sister and niece from the humiliation of a messy public trial.

Her sister moved herself and her daughter back to Mexico where her family is caring for them. Maria had gone from the family’s shame, an outcast lesbian, to being their hero and her sister’s savior. They wrote to her constantly, and were always making sure there was money in her account. She was something of a family martyr to them, for saving not only her sister and niece’s lives, but saving them, mentally as well when she plead out. Her sister and niece, write her regularly, she became something of an avenging angel to her sister, and almost a super hero to her niece.

Melinda, a tall muscular redhead with broad shoulders, had been a truck driver on the outside. Like many in her profession, she fell into the trap of the “on time bonus” syndrome. The companies that she hauled freight for paid their independent drivers a bonus for having their loads delivered on time or early. The trick was often there was no way to keep to their schedules without driving long hours without rest and very few breaks between loads.

After figuring that out, Melinda had begun keeping two sets of logs, one to be shown if the state troopers pulled her over, the trucker could show them that she was taking the proper amount of down time as the law required, when in truth, she wasn’t, she was relying on drugs to help her remain alert enough to drive. Eventually it all caught up with her, and one night after several days of driving Melinda fell asleep at the wheel, lost control of her rig, and ran over a Honda Acura killing both passengers. When she was examined after the accident, her blood work showed massive amounts of amphetamines, and when the DOT inspectors checked her logbooks, they found all the discrepancies easily.

When it was all said and done, Melinda was convicted of Vehicular Homicide, and sentenced to life. She always felt she deserved the death penalty, and suffered horrible recurring nightmares of the wreck and the two innocent people she had killed. From what Cheryl had seen, she felt the woman had suffered enough. She along with everyone else that knew them acknowledged that the big quiet, sensitive woman would have probably committed suicide, if not for Maria. In fact, that’s how they met. One night when the nightmares became more than Melinda could bare any longer, the big soft hearted redhead had broken a glass and slashed her wrists so deeply that she severed the tendons of her right hand.

The guards found her just in time, and she was taken to the infirmary, this all happened not long after Cam had been stabbed. Maria had fallen in love with her, the minute she saw her. Not long after Cam’s release from the infirmary she and Maria had convinced the doctor, that they would take care of the big woman, and being the self-appointed cupid of D-block, Cam arranged to have Melinda put in the cell with Maria. Then she sat back and let nature and the gods take their course. Now using the prison over crowding as an excuse, they arranged for a third bunk to be put in their cell, and had Cheryl transferred to their cell. Cheryl was more than a little suspicious of all the changes, so she asked Cam about it, and Cam’s answer was all Cam. As few syllables as possible and as cryptic as possible. All she’d say was;

“We take care of our own, always.”

Leaving the rest for the little blonde-haired woman to figure out on her own. Cam soon had the normally demure woman out in the yard with everybody lifting weights with her working as hard as Cam, and following Cam’s training schedule. Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays, they worked on their upper body strength and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays they worked on their lower bodies. They ran five miles on everyday except Sunday when they ran ten miles. Shortly after they began working, Cheryl asked Cam to teach her some of the martial arts that Cam practiced everyday. At first Cam refused, she had never taught anyone the deadly arts she had learned from the day she moved in with Cutter and her uncles. They had insisted that she learned them not only to protect herself but they also wanted her to learn the self discipline, and piece of mind the martial arts could give her.

Cam remembered all the times that her training had stopped her from doing things she would have regretted later, and how they helped her to appreciate the little beauties that life bestowed on her even in prison. So wanting to give that to the woman she loved above all else, she consented to take Cheryl as a student. The feisty little blonde took to the skills and fluid movements as if born to them. One day Cheryl got permission for the Captain of the guard to have a pair of staffs made available to her during her yard time.

Shortly after that, Cam went out early, she found all her friends standing around watching something. Curious Cam elbowed her way to the front of the crowd, and was amazed to find Cheryl, completely oblivious to all the attention, calmly practicing with a staff. Cam watched as the woman went through an intricate set of movements going smoothly and apparently effortlessly from one move to the next with all the grace and skill of a master of the weapon.

“Damn Cam,” one of the woman said, “Did you know she could do that?”

All Cam was able to do as she stood there watching the shy young woman she loved, work out, mesermerized by the blonde’s erotically fluid movements. Cam licked her suddenly very dry lips as she looked over the sweat soaked workout clothes (shorts and a thin cotton tank top) sticking to the blonde, and becoming nearly transparent to the point where Cam could clearly see the muscles move and flex with Cheryl’s movements. The sight was hot, incredibly hot, and all that shot straight to the tall woman’s groin, building an unbearable inferno in her belly.

“Looks like more cold showers tonight.” the aroused muttered under her breath, “I swear the woman’s going to be the death of me.”

Savoring the thought for a moment, Cam sighed and added,

“But, what a wonderful way to go.”

Chapter 12

Slowly Cheryl felt a familiar tingle run down her spine; instinctively she was aware that Cam was watching her. A slow sexy smirk came to her lips, and on a sudden impulse, the incredibly talented blonde went into a series of showy, and very impressive moves, that not only required staff work but also some kicks, jumps, and somersaults, that brought her audience to a cacophony of shouts whistles and applause.

She hadn’t realized how many people were watching, and gradually turned a particularly vivid shade of red. As always, Cam couldn’t help but think how unbelievably cute, the now embarrassed blonde was when she turned that shade. Trying to recover whatever dignity she still possessed Cheryl turned, and bowed to the crowd who as a group broke out laughing at her antics. Sensing the show was over, the crowd dispersed, leaving only Cam still staring at the compact and perfectly proportioned woman, she admitted to herself that this younger woman had a very real power over her that made Cam want to do a million things she’d never done before.

“Well now care to tell me where you learned to handle a “bo” so well?” Cam asked with mock severity. “You do know it is bad manners not to inform your teacher that you possess such skill.”

“Well…I…uh…my…OH SHOOT!” Cheryl was getting annoyed with herself, she couldn’t figure out why, every time she tried to talk to Cam about herself, the words just wouldn’t come out right. “My ah foster mothers decided since I was so small and so hard headed, with a big mouth, that I should find some way to defend myself, so the bigger kids wouldn’t always be beating me up.”

Cam chuckled at the young woman’s frustration at being unable to express herself as well as she wished. Then a thought came to her.

“Excuse me but did you say foster mothers?” Cam asked curious about this part of Cheryl’s life, Cam had never had any dealings with the infamous, Missouri. Division of Family Services, thanks to the care and resourcefulness of her family, Cam had never been forced into the system. “Mothers as in plural” Cam clarified “How did that happen?”

“Ok now if I can talk without making a complete ass of myself, I’ll try to explain.” Cheryl said, her frustration at herself clearly showing in her voice “I know I told you my parents died when I was nine, right?”

She waited for her friend’s nod before she continued.

“While I was going through all that the pain of the operations, the physical therapy, and everything else I began having nightmares, where I was once again, hearing my parents death screams again and again. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep or eat, I guess I was sort of wasting away right in front of them, so in keeping with the DFS answer to everything, they set me up with their psychiatrist, instead of finding one that knew how to handle problems like mine.”

Cheryl stopped for a moment to get the events organized in her head, and to take a drink from the bottle of water Cam offered her. By this time, they had reached a shaded area that had several picnic tables, Cam sat on one of the tables, and Cheryl sat on the bench, between Cams long legs leaning back into the powerfully built woman. Cheryl loved the safe and secure feeling she got whenever she was able to sit with her Camilla like this.

“Anyway,” the orphan continued as she leaned back into the well muscled body “the foster family I had then was an older couple, it worked out pretty well for all of us, they were retired with pretty much nothing to do all day and no kids. The reason it worked was I had to be at the hospital every day, between doctors, therapists, and that damn shrink by the time I got home all I wanted to do was sleep, and with the nightmares, sleeping wasn’t very appealing either. Since I had no energy, they would sit up with me all night, playing board games and cards, but it was starting to bother them after a while. Actually to give credit where it’s due this covers time until I was close to thirteen, then came the day when I was talking to that idiot shrink, who unknown to me was telling my foster family everything I said in our sessions, the bastard was betraying my trust and I had no idea. I just thought the Williams were really intuitive whenever they were able to do just the right thing all the time.”

Taking a deep breath Cheryl tried to calm herself and not get upset over ancient history that she’d already blown up over years ago.

“Those bastards,” Cam blurted out in outrage at the callous way the three adults had betrayed the young hurt vulnerable girl that had trusted them. “How could they do that to you? I mean forget the law; it’s just simple human compassion that should tell a person that it isn’t right.”

Cheryl could read her friend well enough by now to be able to know she was getting angry over the shoddy way she had been treated.

“It’s alright honey,” Cheryl told her companion as she patted her defender’s thigh trying to reassure her, “they paid for their transgressions, the shrink lost his license over it. Anyway to get back to my story. I’m not very sure how the subject came up but it came down to it and he asked me if I had a boy friend, and I laughed in his face. I went off on a tangent all about how I thought all the boys I ever met were inconsiderate pigs, and that after seeing the sex Ed tapes and seeing what was involved (at which I had to leave the room and throw up), I wasn’t interested in any boy. Then he got me started talking about the girls I knew at school, a couple in particular. One was my age, her name was Missy Madeux, and she was so pretty, and always nice to me, even when the others made fun of her for spending so much time with me. I didn’t know it then, but I had a terrible crush on her, of course, I didn’t realize it then, but I guess you could say she was my first love. The other was, oh Goddess!!!, this is so embarrassing and so over done, the other was Miss Jackson, my. Oh goddess, alright I’ll just say it, but don’t you dare laugh, she was my…gym teacher.”

Cam tried, she really did, but it was just too much, she almost choked to death fighting the laughter. She finally let it escape which earned her a hard slap across the abdomen, which led to the beautiful blue-eyed woman to attempt to pout, while laughing hysterically. Soon both women were unable to stop laughing until they were gasping for air before they finally settled down enough for Cheryl to continue her story.

“Alright now that you’ve had your fun at my expense, may I continue.”

Cam was still chuckling as she nodded Cheryl to go ahead with her story.

“Anyway I had an epiphany right there in his office. We must have talked for hours, me being finally sure of what had been wrong with every boy who asked me out, they were boys, and that idiot narrow-minded shrink, trying to tell me how I was wrong, that I shouldn’t make such a hasty choice. I finally told him there was no choice to it. I left his office that day knowing I would never return to see that idiot. I guess he was on the phone, as soon as I walked out of his office, because when I got home, I found all my things packed, and sitting by the front door. I was broken hearted, I asked them why and they said the doctor told them I was gay, and they couldn’t live in the same house as someone that was an abomination in the eyes of God.”

“They had already called my case worker and to their credit, they didn’t tell her I was gay,” Cheryl continued, her friend’s undivided attention to her story fuelled, Cheryl’s thoughts “All they said was that I had too many problems for them to handle, and they were just overwhelmed.”

“What did you do?” Cam asked her mind trying to comprehend how hard it must have been for a teenager to go through that kind of rejection in her already sensitive state of mind. “Did you tell the case worker about it, and how your shrink violated the doctor/patient confidentiality?”

Cheryl smiled at the obviously concerned woman, and again she was amazed how she lived without this amazingly caring and supportive woman in her life. Silently vowing to never live without this devotion in her life again.

“I didn’t have to.,” the little blonde told her friend, a smirk crossing her lips making Cam even more curious. “That idiot shrink had already called to tell her of my crippling mental problem. She had already contacted a lawyer on my behalf and all she needed was my ok to begin not only a lawsuit against him, but also to contact the state medical review board to start proceedings to have his license revoked. I followed her advice, and gave her permission to go ahead. And man did she go ahead. By the time that little woman was done the guy was broke and out of a job.”

Cam laughed her sense of justice satisfied, if there was one thing Cam disliked, it was someone that violated a trust, and to her mind the doctor had gotten the bare minimum of what he deserved.

“I love hearing about your past, love,” Cam said after she stopped laughing “but how does this explain your mothers?”

“I’m getting to it, just be patient my anxious little girl.” Cheryl said as she patted her tall lover’s thigh “I enjoy telling you stories, you are such a wonderful audience.”

She leaned back more into her friend and sighed content, she often wondered why she was more comfortable with supposedly the deadliest prisoner in the prison, than she ever had on the outside with any of the “normal” women she’d dated.

“Besides you’re such a marvelous easy chair.,” she commented shyly smiling up at Cam who took the opportunity to stroke the woman’s silky soft golden hair “Ummmm…that feels good. So back to the story of how I got two moms. There I was nearly thirteen, deep in a clinical depression, just thrown out of the only home I’d had since I got out of the hospital, and outed by the one person that I was supposed to be able to talk to openly, and trust to keep my confidences. That’s when that marvelous woman that was my caseworker really came through for me, and proved to me that some people in the system are really there for the kids, and not just to draw a state check. Knowing that there were a lot of gay kids out there, and if they were outed for whatever reason, they might have problems relating with the typical set of foster parents. So she was talking about the problem with a gay couple that she and her husband bowled with, and after some discussion and some serious soul searching, the couple had volunteered to become foster parents, but only for kids that were going through the problems they had discussed. She had personally pushed their application to become foster parents through the treacherous waters that is the Division of Family Services bureaucracy and helped cut through a mountain of red tape and they finally received their credentials to be foster parents. It had been almost three years, and I was the second one to need their understanding and support. She had already called them and when they heard my background, they were happy to have me and actually anxious to meet me. I’ll tell you what the first time I met Karen and Tina I was so scared I forgot I was a troubled teen.”

Once Cheryl’s sneaky sense of humor had Cam laughing so hard, her sides hurt.

“Really Tina was this short sweet woman, the moment you met her, and looked into her big light brown eyes you just knew she was your friend for life, someone you could tell anything, without worrying that she would ever be judgmental or betray your trust.” Cheryl couldn’t help but smile, as she recalled the two women that had been there for her through everything from the day they met, “yeah Tina’s the best with the sensitive chats over tea at the kitchen table. I spent many nights there pouring out my problems to the tiny woman, and listening to her sage advice. She helped me a lot, but it was Karen that really pulled me through the hardest part of my life. She was like you, big quiet but very protective of those she loved. She knew all about my parents, but I was too afraid of her to say anything when she was around. She was just so big; it was intimidating just standing by her. I’m not kidding, Tina and I got out the tape measure and a stepladder and checked one day, and the woman was almost six feet five, and weighed around three hundred pounds and not an ounce of excess fat on her. She found out about the family trailer being repossessed and searched through my records until she found out who had it and that the company had actually followed the law and had stored all my family’s personal belongings that had been left in that dilapidated trailer. I don’t know how she did it, but she was able to get the stuff released without me knowing. She surprised me one afternoon, by loading Tina and I into her big old four wheel drive pickup truck, and drove three hundred miles to where the stuff was warehoused.

Then while she made us watch as she loaded all of it into her truck and wouldn’t let either of us help. She brought it home, and Karen even gave up her precious workshop for the boxes of stuff, so I could go through it when I needed to feel close to my parents. It was as if she gave me back my life. I’ve always believed that Karen was the reason I was able to come out of the depression, cause within six months of her helping me get back my parents’ things, I was off the damn mood elevators, and all the rest of the drugs, back in school making As and Bs again. I always swore I wasn’t going to get into a serious relationship until I found someone that could make me light up, the way Tina does, every time Karen walks into a room. They have always been my example of what a loving, committed couple should be. They still act like teenagers in love and they can’t keep their hands off each other, and it gets better with every minute of every day. I don’t want to settle for any thing less than that.”

“I know what you mean,” Cam said thoughtfully, “I’ve seen so many of my friends go through one relationship after another becoming more and more cynical with every failure. I’ve promised my family and myself that I wouldn’t do that. I thought I’d found the one this last time, only to find out she wasn’t exactly who or what she said she was, she played me for a fool. That’s not going to happen again. I’m going to wait this time around, I want to sure, and not give myself to anyone until I feel the way you were just talking about. My uncle Mountain says that it’s finding your soul mate, and that if you get lucky enough to find them you’ll know from the get go, and that you’ll know as soon as the first meeting ends. He said he thought he’d found it once, but it turned out it wasn’t the real thing, Daddy had it, but she died, Mountain said he’ll never give his heart away again because it’s buried with her. I’m not settling until I find the one woman that was made for me.”

The two women sat there in silence letting the warm comfortable feelings of the moment soak into their tired and abused souls reveling in the feeling of warmth and both thinking that quite probably they had found their long awaited life mate in this most unlikely place. They just couldn’t figure out how to tell one another what they felt in their hearts from the moment their eyes met across the prison yard the very first time.


Chapter 13

Once Cam learned of Cheryl’s love of the staff, and that the little green-eyed blonde was truly very good with it she worked it into a part of their workout schedule. Cam loved watching her working with the weapon. The diminutive blonde, was an amazing thing to watch, as she moved through the routine flawlessly, and with a fluid grace, that only one such as her could. Cam could feel her heart soar as she watched the woman’s blinding bright smile the true enjoyment could bring. She could only watch in stunned silence, as the smile reached in her emerald eyes, making them sparkle like the gem of the same color.

It was a truly magnificent sight, as her young supple body flowed through seemingly impossible movements, the staff and the woman moving as one flying through the air making jumps, and twists that would make a gymnastics coach weep with joy. The eroticism was only enhanced by the very short cotton gym shorts and cropped tank top Cheryl wore for their workouts becoming nearly transparent as she began to sweat. The older woman couldn’t help but notice how the small woman’s body was becoming a master piece of sculpted muscle, with Cam as the master artist, directing Cheryl’s workouts making sure that every muscle group was given the proper attention, so that they hardened and built up symmetrically. The goals being that no one area was more visible then any other to draw the eyes away from the magnificence of the total package that was Cheryl Killian.

What Cam didn’t notice was that she too was becoming a vision of lovely, well-shaped muscle. Her sexual frustration was driving the constantly aroused woman to work harder at her daily exercise routines trying to exhaust her traitorous body. Both women avoided the trap that many female body builders did. They worked very hard to retain their feminine curves and a certain underlying softness that kept them desirable, not only to each other, but also to many other eyes that surreptitiously watched whenever the two women weren’t looking.

Cam’s desire for the small woman was building with every second they were together and they were together almost constantly. She really meant the vow she had made on the first day they had talked, right after the shower incident, but it was going to be hard to keep. What she hadn’t foreseen how it was fast becoming one of the hardest things she had ever done. Cam was reminded daily just how much she longed to have Cheryl’s body writhing underneath her, she longed to hear that sweet lyrical voice crying out her name in ecstasy, even now she could feel herself getting wet at just the thought, of Cheryl’s loving surrender to her loving conqueror.

Then her thoughts turned on her as she saw herself, captured under the attentive green eyed sorceress, willingly giving her very soul to her golden haired lover in the name of love and…

Cam’s daydream stopped there as she put the breaks on herself and her libido. She renewed her vow, even though she could clearly see they were fated for each other. Even the tall pragmatic woman conceded the argument of their seemingly pre-destined joining. But there was no way that Cam was going to have their first coupling reduced to a hastily done tryst behind some dumpster, while worrying that a guard or, even worse, one of Cams various enemies, would come along and discover them.

Her enemies was also the reason Cam feared publicly professing her obvious feelings for Cheryl, Cam knew that as soon as she declared her love for the diminutive golden haired woman, Cheryl would instantly become a target for every person that had a grudge against Cam. What better way to defeat the unbeatable than to cut out her heart and soul without ever touching her. No, she concluded that it was safer for Cheryl if they remained the friends, as long as they appeared to be in public her acknowledged soulmate was safer. Cheryl didn’t see it that way, she wasn’t aware of Cam’s vow, or of anything else, other than the fact, the she wanted Cam, all of her. Moreover, judging by the looks Cam was giving her, when the tall brunette was unaware that Cheryl could see her, the little determined blonde was certain that the target of her affections felt exactly the same way.

Giving the tempestuous nature of the green-eyed woman, Cheryl actually deserved kudos for restraint, for waiting as long as she did, before finally beginning her campaign to break her tall stoic friend’s resistance, and finally consummate their relationship. The devious and determined blonde began by having Maria help her alter all her clothes. First they cut off all her shorts until only the barest essentials were covered, she also trimmed down her tank tops they just barely covered her breasts. Then the two conspirators tailored all her other clothes so that they fit her like a second skin.

Judging by Cam’s reaction when she first saw Cheryl in her new wardrobe, the first phase of the blonde’s mission was accomplished, she had the blue-eyed woman’s undivided attention. Cam thought her heart was going to pound its way clean out of her chest, and she wasn’t sure she could remember how to breathe, when she saw the woman she already desired more than life, wearing almost nothing, laying on the weight bench, pressing the free weights, religiously following the normal routine they had set up together. Of course, she was already sweating, making the nearly skin-tight cotton almost transparent, and judging by the heavy breathing and groans from the other occupants of the workout area, Cam wasn’t her only admirer. A lot of cold water was cycled through the showers that day and everyday following.

Cam was sure she was going to die from frustration and over simulated hormones, not to mention her poor worn out left hand. No matter how much her friend Maria tried to reassure her there was no such thing as terminal horniness, Cam was sure that the little blonde green-eyed imp was trying to kill her.

After nearly six months of no physical response, Cheryl decided it was time to begin phase two of her assault on her lover’s resistance. Cheryl was determined to have Cam and was pulling out all the stops, not once did the small temptress let an opportunity get by her. Every time she could get away with it, she found a way to be bent over in front of the already mercilessly over stimulated woman. Cam was nearing the end of her third year behind the walls, and Cheryl was near the midway point of her second when Cam was called off the yard for an emergency call from her lawyers. Cheryl was sitting by Maria waiting for her friend to return. She asked the “helpful” woman, what she thought it was going to take to get Cam to make love to her.

“I’m serious Maria,” the frustrated blonde fumed as her cellmate laughed at her question “I’ve done everything short of ripping her clothes off and taking her, but she still won’t do anything more than kiss me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great kisser, she’s better than great, she is marvelous, in fact, if the woman makes love as well as she kisses, I’m not sure I’ll survive the experience, but when am I going to find out?”

“Ah, niña but what a way to go huh.” The pretty Mexican chuckled at her dreamy eyed friend. “Do not worry chica your time will come. Ooops, sorry bad choice of words huh.”

“Yeah, I dream of it every night.” the blonde sighed

“We know niña; you talk in your sleep.” Maria laughed harder as the little blonde turned bright red.

What Cheryl didn’t know, was Cam was also a little afraid that if they carried their relationship beyond the friendship, the purity of the beautiful little blonde’s soul would be somehow tainted by all the blood and darkness on hers. She could almost feel it like it was a separate living entity reaching out to devour the light that shone from Cheryl like a beacon in the night, determined to claim it and turn it into a dark mate of its own.

This feeling however had diminished in the last few weeks when the nearness of the younger seemed to drive away the darkness that had lived so long in her depths.

Cheryl felt that Cam had been gone way too long and was about to go in search of the missing woman when the object of her deepest desires came out of the conference room with a strange look on her face.

“Hey Cam,” Cheryl called out to her friend “What’s going on, you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine just fine,” the woman answered finally with a far away look in her eyes “Just a progress report from the lawyers.”

“Ah, is everything ok?” Cheryl asked hoping that she wasn’t prying “There’s nothing wrong at home or anything is there?”

“Hum, what, oh, oh no everything’s fine just fine.” Cam answered still distracted “I’ll know more by the end of the day tomorrow. Now where were we?”

Cheryl looked at her friend confused by the strange look on her face. It was as if she couldn’t decide whether her friend was happy or sad about what ever it was the lawyers said. Cheryl was almost ready to offer her help since she had finished her last required class of law school. She still felt she had wasted her time finishing her law degree, especially now, since there was no way she’d ever be able to use her law degree as a convicted felon, but Cam had insisted, saying that she wasn’t about to let the young woman give up on her dreams, just because she was in lock down.

“If you give up your dream, your hope dies a little every day.” Cam had told her “When that happens the human inside dies and so does the idea of compassion forgiveness and most importantly, love.”

So to appease her friend, Cheryl had gone ahead and finished out her law degree. Cam, Maria, and Melinda had thrown her a small celebration when she passed her finals congratulating her on chasing her childhood dream. It was at the celebration that she had found out from a slightly inebriated Melinda let it slip to the women there betting pool going on about her and Cam, it turned out that everyone in the group was betting on when the two of them would break down, and do what both of them so obviously wanted to do. It was both embarrassing, and flattering for the blonde to hear that their friends were betting on Cheryl’s considerable feminine wiles, and seductive charms to win out over Cam’s seemingly indomitable will, but Cheryl wasn’t all that sure their money wasn’t wasted on a lost cause.

She had long given up any pretense of subtlety, and was blatantly flirting even going so far as “accidentally” rubbing up against the tall woman in an attempt to force the issue. For the rest of that afternoon and evening Cam seemed too distracted to even notice Cheryl’s advances, the blonde was almost positive she could have put her hands under Cam’s shirt and fondled her delectable breasts and the woman wouldn’t have noticed. The following morning Cam’s lawyers once again showed up and requested an immediate meeting with their client. They were of course granted the same courtesy they had been afforded every time before. After a thirty-minute conference, they all left. After that, Cam’s attitude did a complete turn around.

While before the advances had been all Cheryl, and the tall older woman never seemed to be phased by them, suddenly, Cam was returning the advances of her blonde would be lover with her own highly effective overtures, by early evening head count, Cam wasn’t the only one needed the cold shower. This carried on for a couple of days until the extreme sexual tension between the two women was beginning to affect their friends. It was beginning to appear as if none of the group could keep their hands off each other.

Then that night just as they were headed back from dinner, Cam suddenly turned and pulled the young woman back into a dark hidden alcove. She spun the stunned blonde around to face her and pushed her back against the wall. Cam captured and nearly devoured the green-eyed blonde’s sweet mouth, while her hands slid up Cheryl’s body, slipping under her short tank top, capturing Cheryl’s full firm breasts. Her large hands began kneading the mounds of firm tempting flesh while her callused thumbs found Cheryl’s quickly hardening nipples; Cam started teasing the hard nubs causing them to instantly become harder.

Cheryl was close to swooning, but Cam’s hard muscular thigh made its way between Cheryl’s trembling thighs pressing hard against her sex. Cheryl couldn’t believe all her dreams were about to come to fruition in the dark alcove, they weren’t.

“You want me baby?” Cam whispered over the younger woman’s lips “You want me to take you?”

Being driven to a point beyond speech, Cheryl nodded.

“Good, then you go tell Maria everything is on for tonight,” Cam said cryptically “and I promise I’ll see you later.”

With that, Cam released her over-stimulated victim and left, as quickly and as quietly as she always did. Cheryl didn’t know whether to cry for joy, scream out in frustration, or hurry to see Maria in the hopes that her friend would give her some idea why the love of her life was tormenting her so. Realizing that Cam never promised anything she couldn’t deliver, Cheryl decided to do what the enigmatic woman told her and hope for the best. Taking a few minutes to get a hold on her raging hormones and straighten herself up, the curious and highly aroused woman went in search of her Mexican friend to find out what she knew about Cam’s unusual message. She was also curious to learn if Maria had any idea of what the unpredictable woman was up to.

For the sake of her sanity, Cheryl hoped Maria would have the answers to this frustrating cryptic message.

Chapter 14

Sex Warning: Oh boy oh boy finally, it’s on of “those” do not read at work chapters!!! About time huh. Enjoy.

Feeling weak in the knees Cheryl took a few minutes to gather herself into some kind of control before walking toward her cell. People she knew stopped her several times on her way there. Some actually had questions to ask her, a couple of their friends wanted her to file some motions about their cases. It had been Cam and Maria’s idea for her to give some “free” legal advise, as Cam put it ‘give something to these women they’d never had before, someone willing to help for no other reason than they needed it. Besides, it gave her a chance to get some real life practice working with the legal system.

She had been amazed at how many of the women were in prison simply because of inadequate or incompetent legal representation. Cheryl figured if she was able to see the mistakes these women’s lawyers had made they had to have really sucked at being a lawyer. Over the last six months, she had helped several of the women get their cases retried or reviewed then released because of the glaring mistakes she had pointed out in their trial transcripts. She had considered checking out her own but had been refused to the information because they said her case was already being reviewed.

Not knowing why or who was reviewing her case was frustrating, but the young law school grad had learned not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and patiently waited until the review was over to resubmit her request. Fortunately, the questions weren’t hard and it wasn’t more of a distraction, so Cheryl still had an hour before head count. As soon as she got to her cell, Maria threw a towel to her and handed her a note.

“Come on niña, let’s hurry up and get you a shower before the bulls will no longer let us.” Maria said a slight edge of urgency to her voice. “Read while you walk chica, vaminos.”

She unfolded the paper and read it, but was just as confused after she read as before. It was a cryptic note from Cam that said:

Mon Petit Chér
I’ll see you tonight.
Be ready for me little one.
I need you, I want you,
I love you.

Not understanding what the note meant but hopeful, and knowing that Maria had never steered her wrong before, she followed the woman’s instructions. Maria even helped Cheryl wash her hair, a sure way to get her to relax. When they’d finished Maria got dressed and gave Cheryl a robe to wear back to the cell, where Cheryl was sat down on the stool while Maria helped her style her hair, and put on some make up. During this time the blonde noticed their third cellmate, Melinda was missing.

“Hey, what happened to Melinda,” Cheryl asked her friend “How come she’s not in here treating me like some sacrificial virgin too?”

“Virgin? Yeah right,” Maria snorted “in your dreams chica “Mi Amada, is going to be “very ill” tonight, so ill that she will be in the infirmary, where I will spare no effort to see that she is properly taken care of, and miraculously ready to return to us by morning”

Maria, finally satisfied with Cheryl’s look, gave the blonde a very sexy, emerald green silk night gown that revealed her assets nicely, without going too far. The beautiful garment clung to her magnificent curves molding itself to her breasts and hips with a slash up the side to the hip, revealing her shapely legs to the hip. Giving her creation one last look over to assess her with a critical eye, she gave her nervous friend a wide dazzling smile and a quick hug.

“Do not worry mi Amiga.” Maria whispered in Cheryl’s ear “I swear if it were not for mi gigante dulce I would be after you like a bee to a flower. Do not worry niña she will find you to be her destiny.”

With a tear of happiness in her eye, her friend turned to leave.

“Melinda and I will be in the infirmary until late in the morning,” she said over her shoulder noticing that Cheryl was putting on her robe “so I wont see you until the afternoon, but I will expect a full account then so be prepared.”

The Mexican woman left to get to her job in the infirmary before lights out. She had been the night nurse at the prison infirmary for so long the guards didn’t even stop her to check on her anymore, and even though all the guards knew of her relationship with Melinda, none of them said anything about the frequency of the giant woman’s illnesses and injuries, that often kept her confined to the infirmary overnight only to have a miraculous recovery by morning. Maria was humming a soft Latin love song she had heard her father sing to her mother whenever they thought the children couldn’t hear. It was going to be a very romantic night in probably the least romantic setting in the world.

Cheryl sat trying to read a book as she waited nervously for the appearance of her soon to be lover, she read the same page four times before she gave up and admitted to herself that she was just too nervous to read. She sat down on the edge of her bed, but before she could lie down, she noticed a small bottle on her pillow with a note. It was from Maria and Melinda but it was just as cryptic as Cam’s but their motive was far more obvious.

Use this Niña.
I think you will like the results.
We love you chica
Maria and Melinda

Cheryl took off the lid and held it to her nose; it was Cam’s favorite fragrance. It had come up during one of their marathon talks, and Cheryl had gone out and bought a bottle, but as she had told Maria the day before, she had used the last of hers a couple of days ago. Cheryl had become rather fond of the fragrance herself and on a whim, she dabbed a few drops in some strategic spots.

She got up and paced some more but nothing seemed to help, so she decided to lay down awhile and see if she could meditate and relax like Cam had shown her several times.

Lights out found the little blonde nestled into her blankets disappointed, and laying on her bunk. Cheryl slept fitfully, unable to relax. Her normal deep slumber seemed to evade her.

Not knowing what her Camilla was planning had the young anxious woman’s nerves wound tight as guitar strings, waking at the noises she’d grown used to over the long nights they seem louder and more annoying than before. There was something in the air, this particular night, something unusual, that refused to allow the tired blonde to find the rest she was normally able to find within minutes of laying her head on her pillow. It was late that night when Cheryl was awakened by an unusual feeling. She blinked her eyes straining to see through the darkness trying to find what had disturbed her sleep. While she didn’t feel fear, Cheryl could feel an overwhelming presence. She felt the same tingling down her spine that she always felt whenever Cam was near her. She gasped in surprise when a tall wraith separated from the shadows and began slowly approaching her.

A deep quiet voice reached her sensitive ears that reassured her and eased her anxiety that had begun to cause her heart to pound.

“Don’t worry little one.” the voice of her heart whispered as it enveloped her like a warm soft blanket “I am not here to harm you.”

“C-Cam is t-that you?” Cheryl asked her voice a harsh hiss “How did you get in here, what do you want?”

The figure stopped and Cheryl could see its head tilt slightly and examine her as if seeing her for the first time.

“You already know that it’s me, little one.” the voice said finally “and I am confident that you already know the reason why I am here, at least I hope you do. The how…well…is best left answered by the phrase, I have learned over the course of my somewhat colorful life, ‘I have many diverse capabilities’. Anything else is best answered by something I must tell you, then a question of my own. Since meeting you I have found myself falling in love with you little one, it is my most fervent wish that you feel the same way.”

Cheryl was speechless; all she was capable of doing was nod in agreement.

“Good I was sure you did.” the figure told her “To give you the simplest answer as to how I got here, do you really think something as simple as a mere lock could keep me from the one I love?”

As she softly spoke, the figure made its way over and sat on the edge of Cheryl’s bunk. She could barely make out the classically beautiful features of the face of the woman she had come to love more than life itself, but as if they radiated a light of their own, Cheryl could clearly see the cerulean eyes that were burning with desire. One hand reached out and tenderly caressed Cheryl’s cheek. Unable to stop herself even if she’d wanted to. Then Cam slowly pulled down the blankets that were covering the delectably built body of the woman that held her heart and soul.

The smoldering blue eyes slowly raked down Cheryl’s body studying every curve under the thin silk that clung to her like a second skin, not concealing anything. The eyes worked their way back up until they met and locked with emerald green embers, requiring little to turn them into a raging inferno.

“So beautiful” Cam whispered awestruck by the body lying before her.

Cheryl reached out and let her fingertips barely graze over Cam’s soft-skinned thigh marveling at the hard muscle flexing beneath. Cam felt the burning trails left by her lover’s touch. She slowly bent down and let her lips capture the soft moist lips that awaited her. Cheryl felt the flames burst to life in her belly singing to her very soul. Cam’s hands slowly worked their way down to the hem of the gown that had bunched in her sleep up to Cheryl’s mid-thigh then stopped.

She pulled back from her panting lover and looked longingly at Cheryl’s lust hooded eyes.

“If you want me to stop at anytime please tell me.” Cam whispered into Cheryl’s ear, her hot breath washing over the sensitive organ, “I don’t want you doing something that makes you uncomfortable simply to please me. I don’t want to do anything from you that your heart is not ready to give me.”

Cheryl nodded her understanding. Cam’s hands were shaking visibly from the effort to control herself and to control the overwhelming desire to rip the clothes from the woman’s body and ravage her on the spot. Taking the hem of the gown in her large powerful hands the dark woman stopped and captured the fiery green eyes with her own smoky blue gaze.

“May I take this off you, my love?” Cam whispered her voice thick with desire “I want to see you, please.”

Cheryl was touched by the tall dark powerful woman’s request and gentle loving courtesy; it only served to arouse the small woman more.

“Yes please take it off, my love.” Cheryl hissed urgently needing the closeness. “I want to feel you on my skin; please I need your touch.”

Carefully lifting the delicate silk gown over the small woman’s golden haired head Cam had to stop and let her eyes roam hungrily over the beautiful, perfectly proportioned body on display in front of her. Reaching out Cam pulled the willing woman to her, in doing so the sheet Cam had wrapped around her slid off, leaving her long lean muscular bronze-skinned body fully exposed to Cheryl’s delighted gaze.

Cheryl wrapped her arms around Cam’s strong neck and pulled herself up to capture her new lover’s full, soft, inviting lips. The younger woman’s flickering tongue gently slid across over her lover’s lips begging permission to enter. The tall woman’s lips parted surrendering happily to the woman she loved. Their tongues swirled around each other not battling for dominance but exploring, probing, each reveling in the sweet taste of the others hot wet mouth, in a timeless dance of passion, not stopping until their lungs burned from lack of oxygen.

Cam trailed kisses over Cheryl’s jawline to her neck where the dark woman’s teeth and tongue went to work on the soft flawless flesh letting erotic the tastes and delicate scent fill her senses. When she came to the pulse point where her lover’s lovely neck and her soft inviting shoulders met, Cam began gently sucking and nipping at the skin driving her beloved further towards the peak of ecstasy, forcing whimpers of pleasure from her lover.

While one of Cam’s large powerful hands continued to rub the small of Cheryl’s back the other hand swept around and cupped a full firm breast. She began gently kneading the voluptuous mound absorbing the pleasurable sensations of the feel of the firm but softly pliable flesh. Her callused thumb discovered and began teasing Cheryl’s fast hardening nipple eliciting a soft moan from Cheryl’s throat. Sensing her lover’s heightening arousal Cam left the small blonde’s neck and began trailing across her chest, her teeth and tongue licking and nipping the soft skin until she reached Cheryl’s other breast. She began licking the mound in small circular motions occasionally stopping to nip at the soft tender flesh.

“Oh my gods” Cheryl moaned in mind consuming pleasure “What are you doing to me?”

With a knowing chuckle Cam lowered her head and captured the blonde’s achingly hard nipple with her lips, and began suckling at it stopping to let her teeth gently tease the sensitive morsel causing Cheryl to groan and squirm as Cam lowered her to lay back on the bed.

“Do you want me to stop?” the tall woman asked smiling wolfishly down at the small writhing woman below her already knowing the answer.

“Noooooo,” Cheryl moaned as she felt Cam’s hand begin to slide across her tight flat abdomen. “Please I need you so bad my love take all of me I belong with you completely.”

Cam smiled at her lover’s declaration, she felt the slight sting of a joyous tear at the back of her eyes, but she stopped it. She let her long slender fingers slowly make their way through the soft golden curls at the apex of Cheryl’s muscular thighs. She let the hand continue down to her lover’s knee, and then she leaned down and placed her lips next to the small woman’s shell like ear.

“Open for me baby.” she whispered hoarsely. “Let me have all of you please baby, please.”

Cheryl let her legs part and Cam’s hand wandered slowly up the panting blonde. Her nimble fingers danced over soft skin leaving trails of fire everywhere they touched, Cheryl could feel the juices of her arousal flow freely from her.

A low groan escaped her as powerful fingers began delving into her slippery wet folds.

“Oh baby, so wet ohhhhh yesssss, just for me?” Cam purred like a happy panther as she reveled in the hot wet velvety-soft flesh of Cheryl’s core.

The small woman’s mind was spinning, never had she felt like this. No other woman had touched her the way this beautiful bronze goddess was. It was as if Cam was making love not just to her body, but to her soul as well.

Cheryl trembled uncontrollably as she felt the unbelievable woman’s mouth begin working slowly down her body, the older woman’s lips and tongue teasing their way over the younger woman’s abdomen, the well-developed muscles rippling beneath the satin smooth skin.

After taking a brief detour to the writhing woman’s navel, Cam trailed her swirling tongue across Cheryl’s mound enjoying the way the soft blonde hair tickled her nose. The tastes and smells filled Cam’s senses inspiring her to continuing the pleasurable torment. Cheryl closed her eyes as her arousal reached almost painful proportions.

“No no baby please” Cam whispered her rasping voice nearly breaking with lust. “Open your eyes baby, please. Watch me please you, watch me make you cum. Please baby do this for me. Watch me as I worship my Queen.”

Cheryl slowly opened her emerald green eyes and instantly locked onto the dark stormy blues watching her intently from between her thighs. The sight of her lover’s lust darkened eyes the dilated pupils almost blotting out the stormy green, raising Cam’s own arousal level to a new peak, she could feel her own essence flowing down her thighs.

“Oh baby you taste so sweet,” Cam muttered barely able to control her own rising lust, “your essence is pure ambrosia, the taste of the gods!”

Her tongue discovered the bundle of nerves at the top of her lover’s sex, her tongue started a quick flickering teasing then was soon replaced by soft hungry lips that gently grasped Cheryl’s throbbing clit and began suckling on it like a hungry child at a breast. Cheryl bit down on her soft lower lip to keep herself from screaming out in ecstasy.

“Ah ah jeez…Oh goddess Camilla,” the small woman hissed “I’m-I’m…oh goddess, Camilla…I can’t hold on I’m gonna cum…My love…please…don’t…stop!!”

Cam released her lover’s clit and looked deep into the heavy lidded windows of Cheryl’s soul, the tall beautiful could see the unbridled lust clearly burning in her eyes pleading her soul mate to satisfy her desperate need for total release.

As Cam once again locked her lips around the rock hard throbbing bundle of hyper-sensitive nerves and sucked hard letting her teeth lightly scrape the sides of the over-stimulated nerve endings her tongue fluttering back and forth over the end of it as fast as it would go.

As all this hit Cheryl, Cam slowly inserted two long slender fingers into her hot wet core, if her lover disclosed even the slightest discomfort she could remove them quickly.

“More Camilla please,” Cheryl hissed desperately “I want you to fill me, take me Camilla I’m begging, please do it.”

“As you wish my love.” Cam whispered her heart pounding in pure adoration for this small woman.

Cam inserted a third finger in to her lover’s core and began relentlessly driving them in and out of the burning hot liquid-velvet center of the woman she loved with her entire being. Without a second thought, Cam’s mouth went back to tormenting Cheryl’s clit. The little organ was throbbing so hard Cam could have taken the small woman’s pulse. Cam could feel the powerful, muscle-lined walls of Cheryl’s core convulsing trying to grab and hold her probing fingers as her hips bucked in rhythm with Cam’s thrusts.

Cheryl grabbed the pillow out from under her head and held it over her face. She held the pillow tight over her face as orgasm after mind numbing orgasm ripped through her convulsing body in seemingly never ending waves of her multiple orgasms, in what Cheryl would later call the most intense experience of her young life.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…sweeeeet godddssssss!!!” the small, sweat soaked blonde screamed into her pillow several times.

Every muscle in her small body went ridged as every nerve fired again and again sending rapid fire messages of ecstasy from her center to every other part of her body making it convulse like a grand mal seizure. Cam herself shivered as her lover’s muffled screams of pleasure drove the older loving woman to a sort of mini-release of her own. Cam slowly sat up and gazed down at the sated body lying on the bunk.

She reached own and gently pulled the pillow from the young woman’s face. She gasped at the angelic beauty of her lover’s face when the pillow was removed.

Looking deep in to those hooded sparkling emerald eyes, Cam saw something she’d never seen before. Something that reached down into the deepest darkest parts of her battered soul, and lifted it into the light, something that shook the very foundations of her life, and something that both attracted and scared Cam, more than anything she had ever faced in her long hard life…pure unconditional love.

Chapter 15

Cam sat on the edge of the bunk and watched Cheryl’s body as the convulsions of her orgasms subsided to a more tolerable level. She slowly smiled at the incredibly beautiful young woman knowing that falling in love wasn’t going to be a problem it was clear to her they were far beyond that now. She leaned and captured Cheryl’s swollen lips with her own. They shared a soul-searing kiss; they reluctantly separated and once again gazed deep into each other’s eyes.

“Cam, I didn’t…” Cheryl was interrupted when two long slender fingers pressed softly on her lips.

“Hush now sweetheart,” Cam reassured her lover “it’s better if we don’t talk till tomorrow. K?”

Cheryl looked up into those clear sapphire eyes, saw the love she was feeling being reflected back to her, and silently agreed to leave it until their usual afternoon talks. Cam pulled her up and sat at the end of the bunk so that Cheryl’s head rested in her lap. Cheryl lay there and let the simple pleasure of the moment wash over her, while Cam gently and lovingly stroked her lovers’ soft golden blonde hair. Cheryl didn’t remember when she fell asleep but sometime during the night, she did and when she finally woke the next morning, she was alone. As mysteriously, as she appeared Cam had disappeared. Cheryl reminded herself to find out how her friend was able to move around whenever she wanted despite securely locked doors.

She went about the next day as she always did, except on this day, time seemed to almost stand still. Finally it was time for lunch as usual they were all brought back for head count. While Cheryl stood there waiting for the guards to finish the required counting, her mind wandered back to the night before. She had tried to fight sleep so that she could take a turn exploring Cam’s tempting body, like she had been waiting to do for over a year, but Cam talked her into lying down, and relaxing saying that if necessary they would get together the next night. So that the small exhausted blonde could reciprocate for the attentions Cam had already lavished on her body.

The grumbling of the other inmates at how long the head count was taking interrupted the thoughts of her new lover. Things were taking a strange turn, and nothing good ever came from disrupting the inmates’ schedule. Then just as some of the women were being released to go to lunch two guards stepped in front of her. One was the guard Captain that was always talking to Cam.

“Cheryl Anne Killian, number 11758?” the first guard asked.

“Y-yes?” she answered confused.

“You have visitors.” the guard told her with a smile “They are taking you to Jefferson City, gather your belongings and come with us you, won’t be returning.”

Cheryl was stunned; somehow, she was able to get her things together. She only took the barest of essentials, leaving the rest knowing that Cam and Maria would keep it for her in case she needed it again. She was confident it would be there when she came back from where ever these people were taking her. However, if it turned out she didn’t need them again, then she knew that the two women would see to it the things went to women that needed them. As she was being led out, Cheryl felt someone watching her, and knew instinctively that it was Cam. She stopped and turned looking up at the tall dark stoic figure that was looking down at her from the third tier rail. If you didn’t know her you’d think Cam felt nothing for the short blonde being led unknowingly to her freedom, but even as far away as she was Cheryl could see the cerulean blue eyes shining with unshed tears, and through them the saddened soul that was being ripped to shreds.

“You knew.” Cheryl mouthed to the woman she knew was her soulmate.

With a slight nod, Cam confirmed the blonde’s suspicions.

A single tear fell from the corner of her eye as Cam mouthed back to the woman who was about to leave with her heart and soul.

“Goodbye my little love”

Cam stood at that rail for nearly two hours, staring at the exit door that had closed on her heart. She felt like a hollow shell, nothing mattered to her at that moment.

“She won’t be back you know.” a voice hissed from behind her, “I saw the paper work in the guard room. She’s free beauty. They’ve set her free and she’s leaving you.”

“I knew Spook.” Cam whispered, “I already knew.”

“Do you think she’ll remember you, my beauty?” the psychotic voice taunted “By this time next week you’ll be a dim memory and by next month she’ll have forgotten you completely.”

Cam turned and focused, her cold empty almost colorless eyes on the painfully thin woman leaning in the cell door that had been behind Cam as she watched her lover leave this hellhole.

“I hope you’re right Spook.” Cam said and turned to walk to her cell hoping that her long time nemesis didn’t see the silent tears that were flowing uncontrollably from her eyes, the blood from her dying soul.

Soon the sounds of old blues singers were coming from the darkened cell. After that day, things remained as quiet as possible given the location. Cam and her friends carried on as usual, and Cam immersed herself in her work out as she always did when she was hurting. She accomplished what others believed impossible; she buffed up even more. The group continued to help any and all that they could. Cheryl tried to visit but as she always had Cam refused to see all visitors except her lawyers. She tried to write, but all her letters were returned unopened and marked “Delivery Refused”.

At a loss for how to proceed, Cheryl settled in and concentrated on passing her Bar Exam, as Cam would have wanted her to do. The lawyers that had taken over her case not only got all charges dismissed and expunged from her record, they had also gotten her a large settlement from the state for wrongful imprisonment that made it possible for her to take some special classes to help her pass her exam and to live comfortably as well. When she passed the bar with a nearly perfect score, Cheryl was offered a position at the law firm that had gotten her out of prison.

Cam continued to serve her sentenced time, she was offered parole every six months but she kept turning them down. Saying she would not leave until she no longer had to deal with the State of Missouri that knew she was innocent but refused to drop the charges and set her free because she’d been forced to sign a bogus plea bargain. Saying that it was iron clad, so they kept an “innocent” woman locked up in max wing. Cam stayed knowing that her life could get a lot worse if she allowed a government agency to become involved. So she opted to wait until she could leave free and clear of any ties to the Department of Corrections for the rest of her life.

None of this was new to Paula, but she remembered she was bothered by the personality changes she saw in Cam. After the little blonde left, something seemed to disappear from the tall beautiful and once dynamic woman. While she was still a force to be reckoned with, there was no fire in her eyes anymore. As if, she no longer cared about anything or anyone. The once intensely emotional woman was now just going through the motions of what she had sworn to do. In fact, it looked as if, if it weren’t for the vow, Cam would have simply forgotten about the people that needed her so badly. Paula wasn’t the only one worried about Cam; Maria was going out of her mind trying to come up with a way to bring back her friend.

Cam’s cold treatment toward others had even been turned toward the pretty, big-hearted Mexican woman. Even during the dark times, after Cam had learned of Deb’s betrayal, Maria had been able to reach her through the walls that pain had built around the dark woman’s heart. She had been able to get some response from her friend, but this time even she couldn’t reach the cold stoic woman. Several nights were spent lying in her giant lover’s arms trying to think of ways to bring Cam out of the depression that was threatening to swallow Maria’s closest friend next to Melinda.

“I’m telling you mi Amada, it is like she has died inside, you know.” Maria said one night after a particularly rough confrontation with the dark uncaring woman “It is like she has taken all her feelings and emotions along with the light in her soul and walled them up in a place where even she can’t reach them.”

“She’s hurting pretty bad love” Melinda said, even though the gentle giant of a woman wasn’t very happy with their friend because of the way her attitude hurt Maria. “I know she was the one that got Cheryl out of here, but somewhere deep inside of her she feels hurt and angry because the woman she loves more than life itself is out there and she’s in here.”

None of the group was able to think of a way to reach their lost friend. The walls she put up around herself were too tall and too thick, and now that she had given her heart and soul to the little blonde there was little hope that anyone could reach her. Eventually the group began avoiding the stoic woman, finally the catalyst everyone was looking for came the night Cam had caught a couple of chicken-hawks that had cornered a young girl in one of the music rooms.

The naive, innocent young blonde-haired woman had been warned to stay away from the soundproof rooms, but her only true love was playing her violin. Usually she had a couple of friends that went with her just for the privilege of hearing her play, but this night they had been both called away to take care of some official business. The girl refused to miss a night of playing, and since she had reserved the room, she went ahead, and went to the out of the way wing of the building. She had really been in the zone that night and was so into her music that she lost all track of time. The next thing she knew she heard someone clapping slowly. She looked up and saw two big mean looking women that were looking rather as if she was a crippled antelope and they were a pair of very hungry lions.

Cam had taken to going to out of the way places to avoid those embarrassing run ins with members of the group of women she had once hung around with, she had spent the evening listening to some new CDs Paula had brought her after learning of their shared love of old blues singers. This one was an amazing remastered recording of Billie Holiday and Cam loved to listen to Lady Day alone without anything to distract her from the low sultry sexy voice of the legendary singer.

As she was locking up the music area, which was Cam’s job so that she could stay later and listen to her music in private. It was one of the few pleasures she had since Cheryl left. As she was about to lock up, Cam heard a muffled noise in one of the private rooms. Immediately suspicious, she entered the room and found a naked girl huddled in a corner. Pieces of the girl’s clothing and her beloved violin were scattered all over the room. When Cam calmed her down enough to get close to her, she saw multiple cuts, bruises and the welts of a belt using the buckle end (wounds she knew instantly from her childhood). She finally got the girl calm enough to get an idea what had happened, she described the women well enough for Cam to know who they were and what they had done to the girl, punching, whipping, the small glass bladed knife that they had cut her face breasts abdomen and inner thighs with as their “foreplay”.

Then she told Cam how they had taken turns laughing one burning her with cigarettes while the other used a broom handle on her. That’s when Cam looked down and saw the slowly expanding pool of blood coming from between the girl’s legs. She did her best to calm the girl down. Cam slid effortlessly into her protective mode telling the frightened and badly injured blonde that she had to go for help, and that a short Mexican woman would return for her, Cam promised that she would lock the door so no one except Maria could enter.

Maria had just begun her shift when Cam walked through the doors. It was unusual enough for Cam to be there especially lately, since they hadn’t spoken in weeks, it quickly drew Maria’s attention. As she got near the tall dark woman, Maria noticed that there was a lot of blood on the woman’s hands and shirt. She was about to ask what happened when the woman put the keys to the music area in her hand.

“Go to the music rooms,” the black haired woman told her, “in room two there’s a girl there who needs your services badly, she may be bleeding to death internally. Please my sweet Rose, hurry!”

That was all she said and before Maria could ask her more the enigmatic woman was gone, as if she’d never been there. The thing that was really scaring Maria, was the flat lifeless look in Cam’s once expressive blue eyes, and that the color was almost entirely gone, giving her eyes a sliver appearance, giving them the look of hard cold steel. Maria grabbed an orderly, a gurney, and the biggest first aid box and rushed to the music rooms where they found the badly injured girl. It was very close but with Maria’s experience she was able to save the girls life and keep her stabilized until transportation was provided to take the girl to the nearby local hospital.

The girl was kept in the hospital for nearly three weeks. Maria didn’t know what Cam was doing leaving as she did, but the stocky little RN was pissed off enough to go hunting for the dark enigmatic woman as soon as the girl was transported. She was passing a dark alcove going to one of Cam’s usual quiet spots where she went to be alone, when a low growling voice called to her from the shadows.

“Looking for me mi Amiga?” the voice inquired, Maria could swear she could see those silver eyes shining out at her. “What do you want?”

“I want to know why you left that little girl in that room alone and disappeared” Maria hissed at the hidden woman. “She was scared shitless and almost died, where the hell did you go that was so important?”

“I knew you would be able to take care of the little one. You did your part.” the voice stated quietly “I went to do my part.”

Maria shivered at the flat emotionless way her friend spoke, and when she heard Cam use her favorite nickname for Cheryl, Maria was getting worried for her friend, knowing now that Cam had noticed how much the injured girl looked like Cam’s absent lover.

“What do you mean your part?” Maria snapped back at her “and get out here where I can see you.”

A low evil chuckle came from the dark alcove for the second time a warning chill ran up Maria’s spine

“I’d thought to spare you this, my little Rose, but since you insist.” Cam growled back, the sarcasm dripping from her words.

She stepped into the light and Maria gasped and nearly fainted. The woman was covered in blood and there were bits of tissue stuck to her in various places.

“Ah mia Dios! What have you done?” Maria exclaimed softly and crossing herself at the sight of the woman. “This is the work of your alma oscura, have you returned Peligrosa? Have you lost to it now? Who will care for your amada, if you have given in to the beast?”

Cam had already asked herself the same questions already, but now was not the time. Being a good friend as always, and knowing in her heart that there was still hope for Cam, Maria took control. Maria’s mind was racing to determine how to take care of her friend. Before Cam finished talking, Maria had already decided what to do to help her friend from losing her way again, and was already working on various ways of keeping the tall dangerous woman safe from the authorities and herself as well.

“Come on I will sneak you into the infirmary showers and give you a change of clothes.”

The woman’s no nonsense Nurse Mode kicked in and soon Cam was clean and asleep on one of the infirmary beds. Maria recorded it as one of Cam’s migraines and admitted her until morning. Maria looked over at her restlessly sleeping friend and shook her head.

“What am to going to do with you chica?” the compassionate woman asked herself.

Knowing that she, and Melinda were Cam’s only chance, the fiercely loyal friend vowed to herself that somehow she would save her friend, until she was once again safely in the arms of her guardian angel. Maria knew well enough the task she had set for her and her lover was daunting, but with a single-minded sense of duty, the woman was determined to see Cam through this. And when the time came the dark beauty would walk through those gates and hopefully into the arms of the one woman on earth that could put the beast in chains and keep it there forever.


Chapter 16

When the bodies of the two women were found the rumors started flying. First, it was said that when the two guards found the bodies, it was so gruesome a sight that both men ran out of the building, tossing their cookies the whole way. Then someone put out, that the bodies were so badly torn up, and scattered, that they had to inventory all the parts, before the doctor would sign off on how many bodies there actually were. Then came the rumor that the women that had been killed, hadn’t just been killed, and their bodies vivisected, according to the wild talk, the women had been literally torn to pieces while they were still alive.

Then came the report officially stating that, it was believed, the two women had gone to the remote place in order to hide from the guards, after it was learned, from a mysterious contact, that the two dead women were the only suspects for the brutal assault on the young woman, still in the hospital. The report went further to state, that judging by the wounds, and grisly condition, that it was the opinion of the coroner, after consulting with the prison doctor, the women must have disturbed some large wild animal, that was nesting, or had young that made it abnormally over protective and vicious, causing it to attack and kill both women.

It was never investigated strenuously, and it was never determined what kind of animal had ripped the bodies apart, but never touched the meat. One curious side note in the report stated that, apparently, this vicious animal left no forensic evidence. At lot of people also noticed the look on Cam’s face, as a sickened Maria had read the coroners description of the bodies, and the man was very thorough and exact in every detail. Maria had to stop at least four times for a sickened Cam to run to the bathroom and throw up. After that, Cam stayed away from everybody, and everybody stayed away from her, except Maria, and her beloved Melinda.

The young violinist was moved into Cheryl’s old bunk, and Maria, Cam, and Malinda took her in. She was in very bad shape and it was months before the casts came off her hands, she was given physical therapy and in order to give the girl incentive to work hard at her therapy, Cam secretly got her the finest concert quality violin available. After that except for when the girl was in the gym, Cam stayed away from the girl, but was always near watching over her.

Her resemblance to Cheryl was uncanny, but she wasn’t the woman Cam loved, and being in her presence was too painful for the dark woman. Maria and Melinda divided their time between Cam and the girl for a while. After Maria and Melinda both sat her down, and talked to the stoic withdrawn woman, they finally got through so that Cam realized withdrawing from everyone didn’t help anyone, it only magnified her painful loneliness, and made Cam miss her little one even more. So she was soon back working out with her friends, and when a certain little blonde’s name was mentioned, the only reaction from Cam was a wistful sigh of missing her, but she was getting in control of herself finally.

Cam still spent most of her time away from anyone, except Maria and Melinda, who tried to include their quiet pensive friend, but in truth it only made her feel more alone, and separated from everyone else. Maria also knew from their long talks, Cam had decided to try to do at least one thing Cheryl had asked her to try, and she was going out of her way to avoid fights, even to the point of backing down from face to face challenges.

Maria and Melinda had explained to their friends why Cam was acting that way, and to give them credit, even though the others didn’t understand completely, they all tried to support her. All of them admiring her courage to go against her nature, and open herself up to ridicule from those that didn’t understand the intense inner struggle that the hard, proud, woman faced every time she backed away from a confrontation.

Unfortunately, not everyone understood the danger that was there in the repressed emotions, or that the potentially deadly biker was at a constant rage level. That intense and devastating violence boiled just beneath the surface of the new, emotionless, seemingly passive, Cam. The constant migraine headaches and nearly continuous workouts were the price the normally elemental and reactionary woman had to pay in order to try to keep anything like the incident in the abandoned solitary cells from happening again.

These women thought her failure to react to her enemies’ insults and challenges, and not resorting to violence to solve her problems with other inmates, was a sign of weakness, and reason enough to attempt to assault her with impunity, an understandable but potentially fatal error.

Spook was doing life without parole, simply because she had been convicted during the national moratorium on the death penalty. To put it quite simply Spook was a psychological anomaly, a female serial killer. She picked up women in bars and after drugging them, she took them to one of her “safe” places where she would spend hours or even days, torturing them to death.

When she’d been examined before her trial, the doctors all agreed that the painfully thin, dark haired woman with the watery light almost yellow brown eyes, not only knew what she was doing when she tortured and killed her victims but she did it for sexual gratification. They had found no signs of abuse, sexual or otherwise in her life nor was she a deprived child, her family was actually well off, and both her parents had doted on their daughter.

No, the only reason ‘the Spook’ as the other prisoners called her had spent years hunting down women and torturing them to death was because she got off on it. Consequently in keeping with the doctors recommendations and in deference to her wealthy family, the Spook, also known as Kathleen Spears, was quietly given a trial in front of a judge, and as he said regretfully at her sentencing, since there was no death penalty at the time. The Judge gave her the harshest sentence the law allowed, life without possibility of parole. It had been like sending the deadly psychotic to her own personal heaven.

Almost from the beginning, Kathleen or as she now preferred, the Spook, had hooked up with Val, a fellow lifer, and by simply letting the big strong bleach blonde burn a capital V between her breasts and every once in a while, hurt her while they had sex (all of which Spook found she liked as a change of pace). Spook and Val cut a wide swath through the prison population raping and torturing as they wished. The fact that Val wasn’t too smart and the Spook with her IQ of one hundred eighty made it easy for the deceptively submissive psycho to manipulate the powerful woman, while leaving her to think everything they did was all Val’s idea. The deception made their maniacal partnership work smoothly.

Then Cam had entered the picture. The minute the Spook had seen the tall incredibly beautiful woman, she knew she had to have her. The tall black haired beauty had haunted the crazy woman’s fevered dreams causing her to wake up in the middle of the night, her sheets soaked with her nocturnal emissions. At first Spook had tried to overpower her fantasy woman in the showers, but at five feet eight inches and a hundred pounds, all she got was hurt and humiliated. She tried to use Val to obtain the object of her budding obsession, but all that had happened was that Val had ended up in the infirmary for weeks and came out fearing the tall dark woman even more. Deciding to wait for just the perfect opportunity to go after her obsession, the Spook and Val returned to their other pursuits, they even managed to obtain a couple of permanent slaves, which filled those nights when fresh talent was unavailable.

Then the worst happened; Spook’s dream girl had wandered into the showers when she and another pair of chicken hawks were in the middle of breaking in a new woman. When the victim had begged Cam for help the powerful and highly skilled fighter stepped in and rescued the beaten woman. She also managed to break several of the two attackers’ bones, and to add insult to injury Cam took the woman she’d saved to the infirmary to be treated and left the others in the showers to be discovered and publicly humiliated.

Then Cam and her meddling friends began interfering in everyone’s hunting. Spook was livid she raged for hours, she didn’t stop until she almost killed their latest acquisition. Val had ended up having to hide the brutalized woman for several days, until she’d healed enough to be taken to the infirmary with reasonable safety to Val’s various operations. It was the last they ever saw of her. The matter was at its worst the day that Spook had maneuvered Val into surprising and attempting to take the new little blonde fish that the Spook had seen Cam eyes as the cute little blonde-haired woman got off the bus. Spook did not intend to share the long tall beautiful raven-haired obsession with anyone, let alone some little blonde piece of fluff. For some unknown reason the Spook was sure Cam actually wanted her as badly as Spook wanted Cam.

In fact, Spook had already figured out a way to kill Val as soon as they gained control of Cam so she could have her dream woman all to herself. This day they were out trolling for the little blonde-haired woman on what Val thought were her orders, after the Spook finished talking to Val about the blonde beauty, the woman was almost drooling at the prospect of having the frightened little thing. The Spook couldn’t believe her luck when she heard the naive young woman asking the guard to allow her take a shower alone, in the middle of the day.

The thin scarecrow of a woman ran through the cellblock to the cell she and Val shared. She found the big bleach blonde laying on her bunk reading a comic book; she looked up at her partially winded cellmate and smiled at her.

“Hey Spook, ya’ in a hurry or somethin’?” Spook flinched at the big woman’s incredibly stupid questions, it galled her even more when her less than bright “friend” continued by holding out a comic book and asked, “You think Catwoman and Batgirl are secretly fuckin’?”

Spook roared out, grabbed the comic, and threw it across the cell where it landed in the toilet.

“Damn it Spook!” Val yelled rising to severely punish her cellmate. “I hadn’t finished that one yet, I’m gonna have ta mess ya’ up for that.”

For the first time in their many years together Spook felt a twinge of fear of her cellmate, a thought entered her twisted brain.

I’ll have to get rid of her soon she thought Oh well back to work

“Sorry Val but listen,” Spook said quickly diverting the woman’s attention, “Remember that pretty little blonde you saw Cam eyeballin’ the other day, and you said you’d love to get a hold on her before Cam could interfere?”

Val shook her head trying to picture which woman the Spook was talking about. Then a very dim night-light went on in the big woman’s brain. “Oooo yeah.” she answered.

That set into motion the first meeting of her Cam and that little teasing tramp blonde. It still burned the Spook up to think about it, but now she was hearing about how, since her little blonde bitch had left, the black haired woman of the Spook’s twisted evil erotic nightmares had lost her edge.

The fact Cam wouldn’t even fight anymore, was enough to cause a celebration for Val and her cronies but to the Spook, it was as if seeing your favorite pet getting sick so that you have to, mercifully, put them down. The psychotic genius began thinking of ways to put Cam out of her obvious misery. Deep in the back of her sick demented mind the Spook was delighted to do her beloved Cam this “service” (hopefully as slowly and painfully as possible), but she was still skeptical that she would be able to take the tall capable woman by herself and she was becoming sure that Val was worse than useless against Cam.

There had been several times she was sure she had her new pet, but every time Cam had made a fool of her, usually through the incompetence of Val. The Spook decided it was time to live up to her name, and maybe even find a way to rid herself of two problems at one time. She thought for a moment to the day the blonde tramp had been released. As soon as the Spook had seen the release order on the warden’s desk while she was cleaning she found an excuse to get back to D-block before they came to get Cam’s little slut.

Spook figured that if she could be close when Cam heard her friend was getting out then maybe she wound turn to the Spook for comfort. A thousand scenarios ran through her mind as Spook hurried to the third tier and slid into the empty cell behind the woman of Spook’s dreams and waited for the inevitable. A shiver of frustration as she watched the interaction between the two obvious lovers and as she watched Cam’s actions, she knew the woman had known all about in advance.

Probably even before the warden or the guards had been told, in fact judging by how calm the tempestuous woman was, she probably knew before the prison grapevine. Frustrated Spook had resorted to words to try to hurt Cam to make her feel the deep down agony of unrequited and impossible love. That hadn’t worked either so at that moment the Spook had decided that if she couldn’t have her “beauty” no one else would. Hearing Cam ask the guard if she could take an early shower, and hearing the Captain telling her to go ahead and that as Captain of the guards she would inform them that Cam was going to be in her cell and will not be reporting to the head counts.

The Spook was sure that the gods were smiling down on her and that all that was needed now was to convince Val that it was her own idea to take out the tall dangerous woman while she was alone in the showers. As she headed for the cell she shared with the big bleach blonde, the Spook smiled at the irony of the situation.

Val’s first mistake as always was listening to the Spook. Something in the back of her not too bright mind was telling Val, this was not a good idea, but every time she hesitated to gather her thoughts in order, there was the skinny evil eyed woman urging her on. Finally, she let the woman convince her that Cam couldn’t fight back, that somehow being in love with the little blonde slut had cost the once formidable woman her edge. That she was now a broken woman, and would actually welcome death.

She knew that Spook for some reason hated Cam, and that her information about the tall dark woman being alone in the showers while true seemed strange. That in itself, the Spook told Val, was an admission on Cam’s part that she wanted to die.

Elated that her chance to get her revenge on her long time nemesis had finally come, Val had the Spook and their latest pet keep a look out as the big bleach blonde slipped noiselessly into the showers, where her destiny awaited her. By the time Cam strolled into the large tiled room, she was alone, and probably in the most dangerous position she’d ever been in, since she left the streets. Oblivious to her surroundings Cam stripped down, and stepped into the warm spray, beginning her shower, oblivious to the dire situation she was putting herself. As she rinsed the last of the soap from her body, Val stepped into the room ready to take out the one woman that had, as Val saw it, ruined her life.

“Ya’ know Val; you don’t have to do this.” Cam said without turning around, “We could just walk away and nobody gets hurt. What do ya’ say?”

“Can’t go there Beauty.” Val hissed, her voice harsh with anger and surprise, “We coulda been good together, but you were too good for the likes of me. So ya’ turned me down in front of everyone, and made me look like a fool. Now you’ve lost you’re love and your edge, and since I can’t have ya’ Beauty, nobody else will either.”

Val pulled a shiv from her pocket and began to warily approach the dangerous woman, watching Cam’s every move. For her part, Cam stood there seemingly relaxed, and completely un-phased at being stalked by the uncontrolled sociopath.

Cam stood under the still running shower letting the warm water run down her body unnoticed as her mind went into defense mode. She automatically scanned the woman’s approach and her mind catalogued her strengths and weaknesses. After a quick appraisal, Cam knew that at any time she could take out the larger clumsier woman. Then an evil feral smile crossed Cam’s lips that never quite reached her hard cold ice blue eyes. In her mind, Cam had fulfilled all the prerequisites that Cheryl, Maria, and Melinda had imposed on her, now she was free to act in accordance to the laws of survival she had grown up with.

Val and Spook had made a serious miscalculation, they thought that when the little one had walked out of the tall dark woman’s life that she had lost her edge, and was unwilling to fight back making her an easy target. Nothing could have been further from the truth. What Cam had lost when her beloved little emerald eyed blonde left, she lost the guiding light in her soul, sending it back into the darkest depths of despair, and all that was left was a hard cold shell, that had no room for compassion and mercy.

Her friends had convinced her to at least allow an enemy a chance to leave, and she had done that, now her conscience was clear, leaving the deadly biker free to inflict whatever damage she saw fit to hand out, and this ruthless person that decided it was time to finish the Val-problem once and for all.

On the first attack, Cam disarmed the big woman and ran her, face first, into a tile wall smashing her nose, and knocking out her two front teeth. Val stepped back glaring at the naked woman standing there casually, completely uninjured and holding Val’s shiv.

“Is that the best you’ve got tubby?” Cam snarled laughing evilly “It’s hard to believe you got all that heavy rep and you can’t even hang on to this pitiful little pig sticker.”

With that comment, Cam easily snapped the blade off the homemade knife, and threw the pieces at the bleeding bleach blonde.

“You’re gonna pay for that bitch!” Val snarled spitting blood “I’ll tear you apart with my bare hands!”

“Save it Val,” Cam laughed, “you couldn’t even tear paper without hurting yourself.”

With a roar of overwhelming rage, Val charged at the tall muscular opponent. It was exactly what Cam had figured she would do, and she moved accordingly.

Shortly after the fight had started, Cam was walking to her third tier cell humming a little tune she’d picked up from her uncles.

A few hours later screams drew a crowd to the showers. Lying in the middle of the shower room was the brutally beaten body of Val; her neck was so badly twisted that her head was facing backwards. The official investigation found nothing, Val’s death was written off as just one of those unsolved prison mysteries that never even reach the outside papers. Everyone had their own ideas about who killed the big bleach blonde chicken hawk, Goddess knows the woman had more than her share of dangerous enemies, but no one was talking.

The vicious woman wasn’t exactly Miss Popularity in prison circles, only two people went to her funeral as she was laid to rest in an unmarked grave in the prison graveyard.

That day Spook swore that the tall dark blue-eyed angel of vengeance that had taken her Val away from her would pay for it. Conveniently forgetting it was Spooks idea for Val to go after the woman, but now she didn’t have the woman, and she’d lost her Val too. It was something the seething psychopath wasn’t going to forgive…ever.

Chapter 17

After the death of Val, things settled back to the usual routine, one day following another into a blur of tedium and redundancy, until even the guards become lax, and forget to keep a vigilant watch on some of the most dangerous, and unpredictable of their charges. Even Cam had let the memory of Val, and her closest friend the Spook, slip into the farthest reaches of her consciousness. This was what the Spook had spent nearly a year waiting for; her sharp eye and severely demented brain didn’t miss the signs of her prey becoming complacent.

The extremely intelligent and devious woman had sat back, and acted as if she didn’t care, that her most useful tool had been taken away. They all knew that the Spook only cared for herself, and they underestimated her capacity for unreasonable hate. And the ever constant gnawing need for revenge, that lived in the insane woman’s belly, demanding the death of the woman that spurned her love, interfered in her hunting for new playmates, and as a final violation, had denied her the finest piece of equipment she’d ever had, Val.

The big sociopath had made it possible for the Spook to indulge in her less than popular sexual needs, without fear of repercussions, but when Cam had killed Val, it left the Spook open to scrutiny, and open to attack by some of the past recipients of her sexual “pleasures”. Without the big vicious, sadistic, chicken hawk to protect her, no one feared the anorexic brunette. Lately she had become the target of several attacks, and her painfully thin body was covered with bumps, cuts, and bruises, from several beatings at the hands of former involuntary lovers.

However, the yellow-eyed psychotic never complained, or went to anyone for protection. She was determined to make herself invisible, help everybody to forget that the Spook could possibly be planning to kill the tall black haired, blue-eyed woman, that the Spook felt was the cause of all her troubles. For all her insanity, the woman’s mental clarity was sharp, as usual, her plan worked perfectly, it was less than a year before Cam, and her friends, had forgotten the Spook as a potential threat to Cam, or anyone else for that matter.

It was the policy of CCC, that on certain evenings, prisoners that had stayed out of trouble were allowed to go to the mess hall, and see a movie. They weren’t exactly first run academy award wining films, but it was a welcome break in the overwhelming monotony of prison life, and it gave the prisoners an incentive to stay out of trouble. On this particular night, the prison officials had actually allowed a PG-13 movie with some popular actors in it, so there was a much larger than normal audience for the movie. Even Cam and her friends were going, most of them usually stayed in the block, playing cards, or reading, or whatever, like Cam, they avoided the movies because of their aversion to crowds.

Cam was going to stay in her cell that night, but Melinda showed up, sent by Maria knowing when she turned on the sad eyes, even Cam wasn’t immune to the giant woman, and always gave in. Cam knew she was had, but in a show of good sportsmanship, she not only agreed to go with her friends, but also to spring for the popcorn and sodas, offered at the movies by the prison commissary. All in all it promised to be a pretty good evening, they were all so intent on having an enjoyable time, that none of them noticed the thin figure of the Spook, slipping into the room, carefully weaving through the crowd, trying to get close to the six foot tall woman that even in this crowd stood out.

Cam’s mind was ringing in alarm, and she was beginning to look around herself and her friends, wondering what was setting off her senses, but she failed to notice the much shorter and thin woman, getting closer to her with every heartbeat. Careful not to be seen too soon, Spook followed the group into the mess hall, and when Cam found them a place they could all sit together, Spook took a seat one row behind her target. No one noticed when the Spook reached her hand under her baggy blue denim work shirt, and pulled out a knife made from a piece of broken glass with tape, liberated from the body shop, wrapped around one end to make a handle.

She sat there through the movie, unable to move because of the crowd, staring at her enemy’s broad muscular back. It was a tempting target, but Spook was insane not stupid, she knew her glass blade while razor sharp, was far too fragile to penetrate all that well developed muscle far enough to do any fatal damage before it broke off. No, Spook knew she needed a shot at some relatively soft area, like the throat or the abdomen, in order to inflict a fatal wound, and she wanted Cam dead. The psychotic sat calmly watching her prey, waiting patiently for her victim to make just the right move that would expose the vital area to her waiting talon. Spook was about to call it a lost cause, when she heard her prey tell her friend that she was going to the bathroom, and would be right back. The tall woman stood up, and began to make her way through the crowd to the aisle.

After a few seconds, Spook followed her prospective target. She followed Cam at a safe distance, and when the tall woman went into the bathroom, the thin dark woman slipped into the shadows beside the door. Cam finished her business in the rest room, and after stopping to wash her hands, she stepped out of the door without a care in the world. Out of the corner of her eye, Cam caught a quick movement, then she felt a deep burning sensation in her stomach, in an automatic move, Cam hit the figure that had moved, knocking the attacker away from her. Melinda had decided to answer the call of nature herself shortly after Cam had left. After she slowly shuffled her way through the crowd, the giant of a woman was just rounding the corner into the rest room door, when Spook came flying through the air straight into her arms.

Spook twisted in the large woman’s grasp, and raked her across the face with the jagged edge of the broken off glass, that was left in her hand, the rest of the blade was broken off and in Cam’s abdomen. In a flash of blinding pain, Melinda simply reacted, and slammed her assailant into the cinder block wall next to her. The last thing that Spook ever felt in this life, was the exquisite agony of her skull being crushed against the solid concrete wall, the raging psycho was dead before she hit the floor.

Holding her slashed face Melinda looked up, and saw Cam standing there with a strange look on her face, both hands were covering her abdomen, and blood was pouring through her fingers and around her hands. The two friends eyes locked, and the dark woman smiled sadly at her even bigger friend.

“I think she’s done me in babe.” that said the woman collapsed to the floor unconscious.

Melinda hurried to her friend, and knelt down; she could feel her own blood flowing freely down her face. Realizing they were both in serious trouble, Melinda tore off her shirt, and tried to stem the copious flow of blood, that was pouring out of Cam’s stomach.

“We need some help here!” the big woman roared, “We need a doctor!”

“Oh my God, GUARDS!” someone shouted

Another woman screamed at the site of the two women bleeding on the floor in front of the rest room. Desperate to help her friend, Melinda picked up the limp body of the quiet dark woman, and began walking out into the mess hall, knowing there would be plenty of help there. When the guards saw the two blood soaked women step into the room, they immediately surrounded them, and sent for two gurneys and the doctor, who happened to still be there filing is end of the month paper work. When Maria heard the commotion at the back of the mess hall, and saw the movie being stopped and the lights coming on, she knew something big was going on.

The prison staff tried to decrease the risk that a riot might start, the movie was stopped, and everyone was ordered back to their cells, with the promise of seeing the rest of the movie the next evening. Seeing she was alone, Maria began frantically looking for her lover and her dark friend, when she heard someone say that Cam and the Giant had been hurt, the small Mexican woman began fighting her way against the flow of the crowd, determined to reach her lover’s side, so she could care for her and her friend, Camilla.

Fortunately, one of the guards recognized Maria, and remembered she was also the night nurse, so he helped her make her way through the crowd of inmates, that were being herded in the opposite direction. Maria arrived at the scene at the same time as the doctor. The first thing she noticed, was that her lover was sitting next to Cam’s unconscious form, without a shirt, wearing only her sports bra, and jeans, covered with blood. A quick look told the RN that Melinda’s facial wounds, while bleeding heavily, were not life threatening, when the doctor popped open the big emergency equipment box, Maria reached in and grabbed two large compression bandages.

She quickly applied the thick bandages to her lover’s face, and told her to keep pressure on the bandages to control the bleeding of the deep cuts, they knew for sure Melinda was going to need stitches, but it could wait until after they got her to the infirmary, and got the deep wounds cleaned up and disinfected. Once she was sure her lover was all right for now, Maria turned her attention to helping the doctor with Cam. The first thing they found was the answer to where her lover’s shirt had gone. The doctor threw the blood soaked cloth away from them; Maria heard it hit the floor with a wet splat. Then both of them went to work, with gauze, sponges, and clamps, trying to temporarily, stem the steady flow of Cam’s life’s blood from her abdomen.

Once they got the external bleeding down to a reasonable trickle, Maria took the time to take her patients vital signs, Cam’s were far from good, her breathing was rapid and shallow, her pulse was weak and thready, and her blood pressure was almost non-existent. Although the doctor really didn’t want to move Cam with a piece of glass of an unknown size still in her abdomen, knowing it could cause all kinds of damage to her intestines and organs, if the patient was moved wrong, but it was also clear, that she couldn’t be left on the floor of the mess hall.

He needed to get her to the operating theatre in the infirmary, so that he could open up her abdomen, and find out what kind of damage was done to his patient’s internal organs. With the help of the guards, they very carefully lifted Cam’s unconscious body onto a gurney, and two of the guards rolled her out of the mess hall. Before he could leave, one of the guards asked the doctor to do a quick examination of the other woman’s body over by the wall. As soon as he saw the woman’s body leaning against the wall with the dark red blood smear trailing down the wall behind her, the doctor knew she was quite dead.

For appearances, he went over, and checked her out. He could find no pulse, she wasn’t breathing, and neither of her pupils reacted to light. Then when he put his hand on the back of her head there was no further doubt that Kathleen Spears, known by almost everyone as the Spook, was far beyond the reach of mortal man. The entire back of her skull was soft and caved in; he told the guard the woman was dead before she hit the ground.

The guard thanked him, and asked when he would be allowed to question the other two women. That was when the doctor informed him that he still wasn’t sure if Cam would live to be interrogated, and if she lived, she may never regain consciousness.

On a rainy day with gun metal grey sky the body of Kathleen Spears, known to most as the Spook, was laid to rest in the prison grave yard.

At her family’s request, there was no service or ceremony for the small thin woman whose demons had won at last. Ironically and through no overt plan, she was laid in an unmarked grave right next to her one time lover and “friend”, Val. It was a cold and lonely place to spend eternity, but the Spook would have liked it that way.

The Doctor recruited Maria to assist him in the emergency surgery, and after several hours of searching out severed veins and arteries, and repairing damaged organs, along with several pints of blood, he was able to confidently say that Cam just might live if she was lucky. He underestimated the woman’s determination to be rejoined with the other half of her soul, and a little thing like a near fatal stabbing, wasn’t going to keep her that long.

She spent almost a week in a coma, once Cam was awake she, as always, healed inhumanly quickly, within a month Cam was out of the hospital, and with the exception of a large angry red scar across her abdomen, Cam was none the worse for wear.

Melinda’s face was horribly scared, and she was painfully shy about letting anyone see her, she was afraid that she would be an embarrassment to Maria, if she was seen in Melinda’s company. The big woman had always been self-conscious about her looks, she never understood how anyone as beautiful as Maria, would actually want to be seen with her, let alone have others know they were together. The gorgeous Mexican woman had always been upset by her lover’s feelings of inadequacy, feeling that Melinda must believe her so vain and shallow, that she would give up a wonderful gentle caring and loving person, like Melinda, simply because she would never be a cover model.

There had been many heated exchanges over the years, then just when the big woman was beginning to get comfortable about her looks, and the fact that Maria loved her unconditionally, a crazy woman carves up her face. Now Melinda was even worse, she even refused to leave her cell, without a bandana over her face. This not only hurt Maria’s feelings, it broke Cam’s heart, knowing that her friend had received the disfiguring wounds, saving her life. One night, Cam showed up in the infirmary, and had a long talk with Maria. The next morning found Cam on the phone again, and Maria giving her lover quick sideways glances, with a mischievous loving smile on her face.

At the end of the week, Melinda was called into the infirmary, where a strange doctor asked for her permission to examine her facial scars. With Maria’s encouragement, the shy giant of a woman allowed the doctor to closely inspect her face. When he was done, Melinda was sent to the warden’s office. The warden asked the big disfigured woman if she was willing to participate in some experimental reconstructive surgery. The warden told her, it would help many people, and it would give her the chance to have the horrendous scars removed from her face, at no charge. The big woman readily agreed with amazing enthusiasm.

The surgery was a complete success, in more ways than one. While she was going through the series of operations, Melinda was finally convinced that Maria loved her, no matter what she looked like. Even when she was a mass of bandage-covered raw flesh, even then Melinda’s beautiful Latina lover was there at her side, and when it was all over, Melinda never again questioned Maria’s deep an unconditional love for her “Amada”.

The thing that was known only to Cam, Maria, the warden, the doctors, and Paula Carson, was that there was no experimental surgery. Cam and Maria had gotten together, and using Cam’s outside contacts they had located the best plastic surgeon that could be found, and using her nearly unlimited bank account, Cam convinced the compassionate man to repair her friends face. When the doctor learned the woman he was asked to help had received her wounds saving a life, he refunded a large portion of Cam’s retainer.

He saw the big trucker as a hero, and he felt it was his duty to use his Goddess given skills, to see to it the brave and loyal woman would never again be afraid to go out in public, and fear that she would be an embarrassment to her lover.

Chapter 18

It was a long time before Cam was back to normal, but as soon as she was able, the tall dark woman went back to her daily workouts with a vengeance. Before her enforced lay off Cam’s workouts had been considered, by most to be strenuous, but once the doctor and, more importantly, her friend Maria had released her to return to normal activities, she attacked the fitness program with a berserker’s single-minded obsession. It wasn’t long before Cam had reached, and surpassed the level she had maintained before her injuries. Soon her hard work was beginning to show, in the appearance of hard bulging, sculpted muscles. Her biceps had grown so much, she was forced to cut the sleeves out of her work shirts, and the supply center had to reissue her denim work pants, because of the increasing size of her thigh muscles. Her intense workouts had progressed to the point, that the only woman strong enough to spot her was Melinda, not that the gentle giantess minded, she enjoyed spending time working out with Cam. The pair laughed, and joked with each other in a quiet private way, that raised eyebrows, and fuelled a lot of jailhouse gossip.

If Maria hadn’t been such close friends with Cam, and wasn’t so secure in her relationship with Melinda, she would have been very jealous. She was by nature a fiery tempered woman, with a major jealous streak, as a few of their fellow inmates could attest. As it was though, she would only smile knowingly at the malicious rumors, and go on about her business. When she wasn’t working on the free weights, Cam was either sparing with Melinda, or one of the two or three others in their little cliqué that could give her some small competition, or she was teaching classes in self defense, to some of the smaller prisoners that asked. Anything to take her mind off a certain short green-eyed golden-haired woman, she actually never expected to see again.

She had taken a special interest in the small blonde-haired woman she had found that fateful night in the music room. Taking extra time with her and helping her become more capable of taking care of herself. The three close friends looked on proudly, as the small woman over came the vicious attack, and evolved from a tiny frightened shrinking violet, into a proud independent young woman, fully able to take care of herself, and with the confidence to do so. Maria had been worried that the little blonde’s hero worship of the tall dark and dangerous woman that had saved her life, would become something that she knew Cam wasn’t capable of returning. Her mind was soon put to rest, when Tina (the small woman’s real name) began hanging around Spike. A tall friendly young woman with purple spiked hair, and numerous piercings, who was doing a ten to fifteen year stretch for manslaughter.

The two were so opposite that Cam called them Mutt and Jeff, and it was not long before the little blonde was being transferred to a new cell. Noting the sly smirk on her tall quiet friend’s face, when Tina found out she was being transferred into Spike’s cell, Maria was sure the dark haired woman had something to do with the transfer. Just as she had used her influence, to get Melinda moved to Maria’s cell when they first became an item. All three friends had a good laugh, when a beaming Tina showed the next morning for breakfast, with an exhausted purple haired cellmate in tow. Remembering her own experiences when she and Melinda had first moved in together, Maria gave a thumbs up to the petit blonde, who cheerfully returned it.

Later in the yard, while Tina was on the other side of the weight area practicing the latest self-defense techniques Cam had shown her, Spike swore that the little blonde was trying to kill her. Judging by the loud raucous laughter she heard after her statement, Spike knew she’d get very little sympathy from this group, especially when Cam yelled out very loudly;

“Hey bowlegs bring me over my water would ya’? If you can still walk that is.”

The only thing funnier than the scowl on Spike’s face, was the amazing color of red, Tina turned when she realized what the tall dark woman was talking about. After that, things pretty much settled into the usual routine, every once in a while, one of the more predatory inmates would try to take one of the new girls, and they often succeeded, but the consequences of getting caught by Cam, or one of her crew made most think twice before attempting to cause trouble in D block. The cellblock went from being the most dangerous and deadliest block, in the prison to statistically, the safest in the facility. Paula Carson had received several commendations for her work, but even she was the first to admit, that it was more the influence of Cam, and her friends, than anything she did. Now the tall enigmatic woman’s sentence was up, and she was about to leave, and while Paula was happy for the woman, that she was sure didn’t belong there in the first place, there was a part of her that wished the strong charismatic woman wasn’t going.

As she called central control to open Cam Brusard’s cell, she wondered if the woman would be able to adjust to the outside world, or even be able to find a job. A lot had changed in the last six years, and things out there were even tougher. Paula knew that many women, some even tougher than Cam, hadn’t been able to handle it, and they ended up getting in trouble, and being sent right back to CCC. She sent up a silent prayer that Cam wouldn’t be one of them. The guard Captain threw off those thoughts when she heard the steel cell door clanking open. Paula cautiously stepped into the dimly lit cell.

“Here’s your civvies, Brusard.,” the uniformed woman said as she threw the brown paper bag to the woman sitting on the now bare bunk. “Get dressed it’s time for you to go.”

“Anything you say Cap.” the tall brunette answered.

Cam opened the sack, and pulled out the faded blue jeans and the blue work shirt, she had picked out a few days before. She noticed that the clothes had been washed, and that there was a new pair of silk bikini panties, along with a brand new black T-shirt in the bag. Cam quickly wadded up the flimsy panties and stuffed them into her jeans pocket; she hated wearing that kind of underwear having always worn boxers. But even though there was no way she’d wear them, the woman wasn’t about to make Paula think she didn’t appreciate what the guard had done for her, so she hid them before Paula could notice. She gave the guard a highly arched eyebrow.

“Hey, you’re supposed to leave like ya’ came in.,” the guard said clearing her throat, and then saw the woman indicate the freshly washed jeans and shirt. “Ain’t right for a body to face the outside with clothes that smell like mothballs.”

“Thanks Cap.” Cam said quietly so nobody else could hear “I appreciate it.”

The guard nodded then turned away, to give the inmate some privacy while she got dressed. The tall, soon to be free biker cleared her throat to signal the guard that she’d finished. Paula turned around, and was taken back by the vision that greeted her. If it was possible, Cam looked even sexier now, than she did half-naked earlier. The soft denim jeans and the cotton T-shirt molded themselves to Cam’s body like a second skin, revealing the blue-eyed woman’s feminine curves, along with every rippling muscle on that tempting body.

Paula could feel the pull of this woman’s sexuality once again. This time it was nearly irresistible, being live and close up. As her eyes raked over the magnificent body in front of her, she noticed that the woman was bare footed and remembered the boots she was still holding in her left hand. For some reason the guard captain felt paralyzed by the raw sexuality, that seemed to roll off Cam in waves.

“Ah…Cap?” Cam asked trying to regain Paula’s attention “I think I’m gonna need my boots.”

“Yeah…right…ah here ya’ go,” the embarrassed guard said setting the pair of highly polished black boots on the bunk. “There’s a pair of tube socks in there too.”

Taking a second Cam examined her boots, and was surprised and glad that the chrome chains were still over the instep, and around the heel of each boot. She was amazed when she checked out the left boot, and found the little brass bell was still hanging on the chain around the heel of the left boot.

“Thanks again Cap” Cam said as she pulled on the socks, Paula knew she meant for the safe return of her personal mementos of her outside life. “Nice shine on them too.”

The guard smiled at Cam, and was happy she was able to turn the prisoner’s attention away from herself.

“That little friend of Spikes asked to polish ’em last night.” Paula informed her as she watched the biker pull the boots on and pull her pant legs down over the tops of the boots. “She said something about it was the only way ya’d let her say thanks or something like that.”

Cam stood up, and stomped her feet to settle the old comfortable foot wear into place, the little brass bell ringing brightly with every move.

“Tell her I said I appreciated it will ya’?” Cam asked as she picked up a box that held some of her personal belongings that she was taking with her.

“What about the other stuff?” Paula inquired noticing a small pile of items that also belonged to the prisoner.

“Let Maria and the others go through it, and take what they want, then give the rest to whoever wants it. Anything left throw it away.” Cam stated flatly, “Once I leave this place I plan on forgetting I was ever in this hole. No offence Cap. You’re one of the only ones around here worth knowing.”

“Thanks, none taken.” Paula said, a little surprised by the rare compliment coming from the stoic prisoner. “I’ll make sure they get to it first.”

Cam stepped out of the cell carrying the box, and nodded to the waiting woman signaling to her escort that she was ready to leave. Paula called central to close the cell. They waited until the door slid shut with a loud clang as the lock activating, then Paula indicated for the soon-to-be ex prisoner to lead the way. As the two women descended from the third tier, a small crowd began gathering at the bottom of the steel stairs. Upon reaching the bottom floor, Cam came face to face with Maria, and the rest of her crew. Handing the box to Tina, Cam gave the small blonde a dazzling smile.

“Thanks for the shine little T.” Cam told the blushing blonde “You pay attention to Spike, and my Mexican Rose, and you’ll be okay.”

“T-thanks Cam.” the little blonde-haired woman stammered getting even redder if that was possible.

Cam turned back to the short beautiful Mexican woman, who gave Cam a fierce bone-crushing hug.

“Take care of them Maria, you and Mel watch over those two.” Cam whispered, “I’ve made sure that all of you will be able to get whatever you need, and if there’s a problem go to Cap, she’s alright.”

“If you say so chica” Maria answered her normally melodic voice thick and rough with pent up emotion. “I’m happy you are free of this place, but I will miss you greatly.”

“I’ll miss you too my beautiful Rose of Juarez.” Cam said using the nickname she’d given the short beautiful Mexican woman soon after they first met. “I’ve left you a couple of numbers, and an address. When you, or any of the others get out, get a hold of me, for any help you might need, and when little T gets out next month, be sure to send her to me. I’ll take good care of her for Spike, so she’ll know how to find her when she gets out in six months.”

“I will do everything you ask chica, little T will need a good friend out there to keep her away from the bad crowd that got her in here.” Maria said as tears flowed from her big expressive chocolate brown eyes. “It is good that she will have you to protect her…and her Spike as well, I think. You go find your little one chica. Anyone with eyes could see she is your soulmate, mi Amiga. Find her and hold on.”

Cam reached over and picked a paper bag full of private papers and highly personal things out of the box, leaving the small portable TV, the boom box, and several other luxuries the pair could never afford, for Tina and Spike, who were expected to pass them along upon their release, then turned back to her friend.

“That may be so my lovely little Rose” the tall dark woman sighed, her clear blue eyes shining with unshed tears. “But she is a free and innocent woman, and a big time lawyer, from what I have been told. She has a new life now, far removed from this place and me. I will do nothing that might jeopardize her future happiness.”

“You really love her without reservations don’t you chica?” Maria gasped realizing that her friend’s feelings went far deeper than even she had known.

“Yeah, yeah I suppose I do,” Cam said softly then she turned and walked toward the exit, her escort close behind.

Maria put an arm around Melinda’s waist and another around Tina’s shoulders (leaving the little blonde’s waist free for her lover, Spike), and they all watched, as the tall dark mysterious woman went through the door that led to the world outside the walls, chain link fences, and razor wire. She sniffed back a tear, silently saying farewell to the best, and most honorable woman she’d ever known.

Paula led the soon to be released prisoner down the long brightly lit hallway, past several closed doors to a large steel fire door, at the far end of the hall. She opened the door and ushered Cam into a huge warehouse like building. Here the last of Cam’s personal property was given to her, after being compared to the inventory taken when the tall woman had entered the institution. The clerk at the property desk then had the soon to be ex-prisoner sign the list acknowledging, the return of her few personal things, and that everything she’d had was returned. Paula led Cam to a small alcove, so that she could put the items where she wanted them. There were four silver rings, one with a large onyx, with the initials W C inlaid in silver, a silver pentagram ring, a simple silver band, with turquoise triangles inlaid around it, and one with a raven’s head on it.

She put these on and then there was a silver pentagram pendant on a delicate silver chain that she pulled over her head pulled her hair out of it, and let it settle around her neck. Next, she pulled her silver motorcycle chain belt, with a hand tooled silver buckle, with an engraved picture of her Harley on it, and threaded it through the loops on her jeans, and a large wallet, with the initials W.C. burned into the leather, that she shoved into her back pocket. There was a chain attached to the wallet, with a leather loop at the other end, that she put her belt through the loop, so if it fell out of her pocket, she wouldn’t loose it.

Finally, and with an air of great reverence, she pulled out her sterling silver bracelet; it was one she had worn for many years. Cutter had given it to her one year, he had gone to great lengths to explain to her that the name on it was a man who was declared MIA in Viet Nam, but had never been accounted for. It was after that she noticed that all three of her Uncles wore one just like hers, and Mountain told her, that all four, were for men either he, or Cutter had known while they were there. Cam had sworn to her surrogate father that she would not take it off, until the man was found. Because of prison regulations she had been forced to remove it, it had been one of her hardest memories of those first days, and the reason she spent her first 90 days there in the hole, and why she was in the third tier of max wing.

The guard that had tried to take the bracelet from her wrist by force, suffered a broken jaw, and Cam released it to them, only after she was unconscious. Now it returned to its rightful place, and she swore silently, it wouldn’t leave her wrist again, as long as she lived. With that done, Paula led Cam to a small cubical, in it was a cheap metal desk, and seated behind it was a small woman with a sarcastic attitude. With an irritated gesture, she indicated that Cam was supposed to sit in one of the metal folding chairs. Cam sat down across from an older woman, trying to disregard the sour look on the woman’s face. The woman tossed a thick manila envelope across the desk to Cam. She noticed it had her name written on it.

“These are your release papers Brusard, read and sign by the Xs,” the woman said flatly for the thousand and first time in her career. “As you sign each set of papers, give them to me, so I can see that it is done properly, after I have corrected your mistakes, I will return your copy to you. When you have signed them all. Place your copies in the envelope, and take them with you, without them you will not be allowed through the gates. When you need assistance, please ask, and I will go over the papers with you.”

The woman kept letting out impatient sighs, as she watched Cam read each document carefully, then sign it, with an evil smirk Cam took her time filling them out, just to aggravate the rude and impatient woman. She had to stop a few times, and have the woman explain some of the more complex legal wording, and a few times to make her explain some things, Paula was sure she already knew. But for the most part, she didn’t have much trouble. Once she felt she had given the woman a hard enough time, and she’d completed all the papers to the woman’s satisfaction, Cam picked up the envelope and stood up.

“Congratulations Brusard,” the woman said as if reading it from a script, sarcasm dripping from her every word. “Good luck out there and keep your nose clean.”

“Oh yeah thanks.” Cam told her with equal enthusiasm, “I’m SO sure I will, just for you sweet cheeks.”

The sarcasm caused the woman to lookup at the prisoner giving her an evil look. She was shocked, when she encountered an even more predatory look along with an evil smirk, aimed right back at her. Her second surprise was that the guard escorting the prisoner was chuckling at the entire incident. Unable to hold up under Cam’s cold confident glare the woman looked down in surrender.

“Next time you’d better know who you are dealing with babe.” Cam purred evilly at the now unnerved woman, “I’m not some cowed parolee that you can mess with as you want to. In fact, now that these papers are signed, I’m not even a prisoner anymore. So I doubt if your advice will ever be necessary, or welcome, so keep it for yourself.”

The woman stared at the tall dark threatening woman with the ice blue eyes, as she walked away; a shiver ran through her, as if someone had just stepped on her grave. She wasn’t sure why, but she was sure she really needed the stiff drink, she was promising herself at lunch. She had never felt so intimidated in her life. Once Cam had her papers, Paula led Cam to another steel fire door marked “Exit”,stopped and turned to her charge holding out her hand.

“Well Brusard, this is where I leave you.” the guard captain said, her voice a little more rough than normal. “It’s not that I don’t like you, but I’d rather not see you here again.”

“I understand Cap.,” Cam said and gave the woman she had come to respect one of her infamous half grins, as she pulled a card from the pocket of the work shirt. “Of all the people I’ve met here you are the only one of the guards I respect and trust. The rest, well, either they hate the prisoners, or they just don’t care. If any of them need anything or if there is ANYTHING, I can do for you, call one of these numbers. Tell whoever answers who you are, and you’ll be put in touch with me. Watch out for them for me will ya’ Cap. and watch your back, remember DTA, Cap. You do good work; there are a few that don’t like that.”

Paula looked at the card, and her eyes grew wide as she read it.



Chief Operations Officer

C.C.C.M. Corp.


“You’re…but…who..how…ah” the shocked woman stammered and sputtered unable to speak so she just got quite and let the enigmatic woman speak.

“Yeah, that’s me Cap.” Cam said quietly, “You should know better than to judge by appearances, I’m surprised at you Cap. If you ever decide to give this luxury job up, call me, I’m sure there is plenty an intelligent woman like you could offer our company.”

Paula took a second look at the dangerous woman she thought she knew, and realized she really had no idea who Camilla Brusard was at all.

“I won’t do it again I assure you.” Paula mumbled, a little embarrassed by her own short sightedness.

“I know you won’t Cap.” Cam said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. “I will miss you Paula you were always fair with all of us. Just don’t be offended if I don’t come visit any time soon. Take care of yourself and I told Maria to come to you with any problems, I hope that was ok.”

Cam wasn’t sure if she hadn’t broken a trust with the guard by giving her name out to another prisoner.

“No problem.” Paula answered then returned to the business at hand. “Once you go out this door follow the yellow lines to the front gate. The guard there will check your paper work then let you out. You take care of yourself out there, Hardcase.”

The two women shared a quiet laugh at Cam’s original nickname, and then shook hands. They both carefully avoided noticing the tears shining in both their eyes, not wanting to embarrass each other. Without another word, Cam stepped out through the door and found herself in the big parking area where they brought in the buses of new fish. A little over six years ago, Cam had entered this same gate with fifteen other prisoners.

Now she was back here alone and free of handcuffs and shackles, and leaving. Shaking the old unpleasant memories from her mind, she walked with long determined strides toward the gate following the fading yellow lines on the pavement. As she approached the gates, Cam could feel the eyes of the other inmates that were in the yard focused on her, watching as a living legend walked out of their lives. By unwritten prison tradition, neither the prisoners, nor Cam acknowledged each other’s presence.

Her attention was drawn to her destination, by the appearance of a guard that stepped in front of her.

“I need to see your papers.” the guard said without being rude.

She handed the man her release papers, and watched as he carefully checked them, to see if it was all in order. With a slight smile, he handed the papers back to her, and watched as she folded them, and put them in the back pocket of her tight fitting jeans.

“Good luck Brusard.” the guard grumbled quietly then with a conspiratorial whisper he said, “And don’t you show that pretty face around here again either or I’ll be forced to paddle your behind just like I did when you were a smart ass teenager.”

“Thanks Charlie, I’ll do my best,” She whispered back “and you take care of that new baby and the new old lady.”

“Just like you take care of those three damn fool uncles of yours.” He answered gruffly.

He opened the heavy steel door, and giving him a smile of gratitude, she stepped out into the world she hadn’t seen in six years, four months and twelve days. Cam took a long deep breath of free air, and a euphoric feeling washed over her, as the reality of her freedom hit, her for the first time.

She began to smile, and tears of unbelievable joy fell, from her eyes, as she realized, that for the first time in six years, nobody was going to tell her, what to do next. No one was going to tell her, when to move, stop, eat, sleep, work, exercise, play, or run her life, in any way. She was free to get on with her life.

She smiled even more, as she thought of being free to rejoin her family, the family she loved, the family that was her lifeline, the family that was taken from her by that bitch, and very nearly destroyed, and the family that had survived, to destroy the bitch instead. The biker, slash corporate executive, felt a burst of pride go through her like an electric jolt, and her smile softened, as she thought of the three rough hard men, that had taken her off the streets, and had given her a stable, and loving home to grow up in.

They had never judged her, or tried to make her into anything, other than what she was. Their only thing they asked of her was to be happy in her life.

Yes, she thought happily they were worth every bit of six years, or even worth a lifetime, if I had to. Those three are worth anything; I’d have to sacrifice to have them alive and in my life.

With that thought, the finally freed tall muscular woman stepped away from the doorway, out into the bright Missouri Summer sunlight, and the life that was waiting for her to begin again. There was a sharp pain in her heart, when the thought of living that life without Cheryl.

“She’s better off.” Cam told herself resigned to living a dark and lonely existence. “She’s probably forgot all about me, and moved on. Nobody that beautiful stays alone for long.”

Thinking those depressing thoughts Cam stepped into the open, and wasn’t paying attention where she was going. Before she realized she wasn’t alone, a pair of huge leather covered arms wrapped around her from behind. She tried to struggle, but the arms that held her, were like two iron bands. Then a man’s voice whispered evilly into her ear.

“Hey pretty lady,” the rough gravelly voice said “wanna get laid by a REAL man.


Chapter 19

Held fast in the grip of the muscular arms Cam quit struggling the moment she heard a laughing voice say:

“Hey pretty lady…wanna get laid by a real man?”

The second she heard that low gravelly voice Cam began laughing as well.

“I might, do you know any?” she answered, “Cause with you it would be incest, you old goat.”

She laughed harder when the sight of her Uncle Cobra filled her vision as he grabbed her face gently and kissed his beloved niece. The arms holding her released her, only to have Cam spin around and wrap her arms around her Uncle Mountain’s thick neck. Just like when she was a teenager, Cam jumped into his arms knowing he would catch her, he always did.

“Ah WC we’ve missed our little girl.” the huge man said his regular voice thick with unrevealed emotions at seeing his niece again, “I’m so sorry baby, we tried but they had us hog tied.”

She buried her face in his massive chest, crying with the confusing jumble of emotions swirling through her mind like a tornado. Cam sobbed even harder when she realized that these men had spent these last six years in a hell of their own, consumed with guilt at not being able to save her from being put in prison, then failing again at getting her out. It was almost more than they could take, and Cam knew how they probably sat alone never telling each other why they were feeling so bad, much less confiding their pain and anguish at having failed the little girl they love beyond anything known to mankind, it just wasn’t their way.

“Oh Gods no!” she sobbed, “No Mountain please don’t do this to yourselves, for Goddess sake no. It wasn’t any of you, she fooled us all, if anyone is to blame here it’s me I should have known better, but I was stupid and fell for a pretty face, I let everybody down.”

“No WC it was just so frustrating is all.” Mountain explained, “It’s just, well, we tried everything we knew, but they had Cutter locked up, and they tried you, and put you in prison, before we found out they had you. Then well when we couldn’t get you out, we all felt like we failed to protect our little girl, like we swore to you we always would.”

“Alright but the blame has got to stop,” Cam sniffed into his chest, “for me please. K?”

Mountain chuckled at his niece; he was sure if he didn’t agree she’d give him the puppy eyes, and they both knew the big man always caved, when she gave him the sad puppy eyes. So he did the only thing a big bad biker could do, he surrendered.

“Oh alright WC, we will stop if you will.” Mountain agreed as he felt Cobra slapping him hard on the shoulder. “Come on now WC, dry your tears, and let’s go before Cobra has kittens.”

She laughed at his statement; according to Mountain, everybody that rushed him was going to have kittens, that and the flustered look on Cobra’s face just before he stuck his tongue out at the big man. A kind of sadness washed over her as she realized how much she had missed the way these two were always bickering in their friendly good-natured way.

Without setting her down, Mountain turned and followed his towering albino friend toward a small park across the highway from the prison. Keeping his “little girl” cradled safely in his powerful arms. Cam had no idea where they were taking her, but she didn’t care as long as she was once more safe and warm in the comforting arms of her Uncle. For a moment she was back in a dark alley in Houston, she wept happily, as she thought about being carried in the arms of the man that always seemed to be carrying her away from the bad things, and into a brighter and safer future.

After a short while, she noticed that they had stopped moving and she could hear hushed voices like in a crowded movie theater. Reluctantly, she pulled her face out of her favorite hiding place, and after taking a deep breath through her nose savoring the comforting smells of leather, oil, and gasoline, with a touch of Old Spice and sweat that was the scent of her big powerful good-natured uncle. She turned from the comforting place and was shocked by what she saw.

The entire parking lot and most of the surrounding park was filled with bikes, vans, and people. Mountain set her on her feet. She took a couple of tentative steps and fell to her knees weeping uncontrollably at the display of love and loyalty from her friends. For the last six years, on her own orders, no one had been allowed to visit, call, or write her. It was easier that way for Cam to convince herself that nobody cared about her, which made it easier for her to put them out of her mind and concentrate on surviving her prison sentence without going insane. Now they were finally allowed to show their feelings for the popular young biker and they went all out.

Everyone that had known Cam and was called friend (or Bro) by her had gotten together to come all the way up here to bring their lost friend home, where she belonged, was loved, and wanted. Several of the women (most of whom she had dated at one time or another) began to come up to try to comfort the weeping woman, but they were headed off by her two large uncles in full protect mode.

The only two allowed to get through were the two women that had been friends ever since Cam had moved in with her uncles, using Pam like a snowplow Bobbie made her way to her friend and immediately knelt down and taking Cam into her arms, the small woman began, rocking her gently and whispering reassurances into her ear. Seeing that her small partner had everything in hand, and not being that good at emotions, Pam joined Mountain and Cobra and the big powerful Iron worker, along with the two men were enough to make even this crowd stand back and allow Cam the time and space to get herself together so she could enjoy the reunion.

Suddenly everyone was quiet; it was like the proverbial, ‘so quiet you could hear a pin drop’. The sudden silence drew Cam’s attention and as she looked, the crowd parted like the Red Sea before Moses. Revealing a shorter powerful looking man with long hair and full beard, it was obvious that the hair and beard had once been dark brown but now was mostly silver. He was sitting casually on a tricked out 1947 HD (Harley Davidson) Knucklehead, it had a black with purple trim custom paint job, that had been waxed and polished to a high gloss, it had lots of gleaming chrome. Next to him was a lovingly restored and maintained 1955 HD FLHTCI fully dressed with a purple and black trim paint job that was nearly the negative of the one he was sitting on, it too was waxed and polished to a high gloss, its chrome gleaming brightly in the bright sunlight.

The man spoke softly but everyone could clearly hear every word.

“I’m sorry WC,” he said picking up a package from the seat behind him as he got off the beautiful “chopper” and walked toward her, “I should have known all this would be too much for you, but we’ve all missed you so much I just couldn’t say no to them.”

Cam looked up at him her sky blue eyes shining with tears of joy, her face a portrait of absolute love and trust. He held out his hand in a silent offer of assistance, and while she would have refused any other, she accepted his by reaching out and taking his offered hand.

“Daddy?” Cam asked her voice tiny very much like the little girl he had found being beaten in a dark alley in Houston. “Can I come home now? I’ve missed y’all so much.”

“Of course you can sweetheart,” he answered as he pulled her into his arms hugging her tightly holding on as if his life depended on it. “You can always come home as long as any of us draw breath. I…we love you child and always will.”

Tears fell down his scared and weathered face unchecked in a rare display of emotion. Only Mountain and Cobra had ever seen the former government assassin cry, and then never in public, he wasn’t big on public displays of emotion. In fact, they had only seen their friend cry twice, the first was when the only woman he had ever loved died. The second was the day the lawyers told him there was no way to get Cam out free and clear without her serving her sentence.

Once they regained control of themselves and had pushed their emotions down he held her out at arms length, and carefully looked her over noticing every scar and healed wound. He was also aware of all the added muscles, and gave her a smirk.

“Prison has been good to you little girl.” Cutter teased, his face clearly showing his pride in his surrogate daughter. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for you, WC, when they locked you up it broke my heart, but when I found out how you were betrayed it cut me to my soul.”

He let his tears of regret and guilt flow unashamedly as his intense hazel eyes bared his soul to her. She was saddened and shocked by the sorrow and grief she saw there for her and everything that had happened to her over the last six years.

“No Daddy no.” Cam said so quietly that only her uncles and Cutter heard as she pulled the shorter man into a fierce hug, “It was that Kreel bitch that did all this to us, and you made her go away. Just like you always have for me, that’s why I’m never scared cause I know my Daddy will make all the bad go away.”

“Ya’ got that right, little girl.” Mountain said cheerfully as he engulfed the pair in a bear hug that soon made oxygen an issue. “Ol’ Cutter here went to work as soon as he beat those bogus charges. You should have seen it; it was a work of art. By the time he was done with that bitch she’ll be lucky to see daylight in a hundred years.”

The quiet biker just smiled a little remembering how he had pulled some very highly connected strings and arranged it so that he could pay the woman responsible for all his family’s troubles and had betrayed his beloved “daughter” a short but informative visit.

Lights out had been called quite a while ago, when the guard escorted his long time friend allowing the former intelligence operative access to the cell of the woman he had stripped of everything she had, including her freedom. An evil chuckle escaped his throat when he saw the fear in the woman’s eyes as the guard opened the cell door and let the man known as Cutter, her worst nightmare, into her cell, then locked it leaving her alone with the man that brought ruin down on her, on a scale she’d never before believed possible.

She backed into a corner holding her thin wool blanket around herself, her eyes wild with fear as she watched this apparition walk casually across her small cell to the steel stool that was attached to the concrete floor and sat down with a sigh. She trembled in terror as she watched his deceptively relaxed posture, which was belied by the distinctly deadly, predatory gleam in his fiery hazel eyes. Having been a predator herself she instantly recognized him for what he truly was, a deadly, vicious and merciless killer both figuratively and literally. One look into his eyes and she knew she had been way out of her league when she had taken this man and his family on.

She realized something else, despite what she’d thought before, she was not the top of the food chain; the man with the cold hazel eyes, sitting so close to her was. Deb started to speak but before she could make a sound, she felt something strike her in the throat that rendered her mute.

“Two choices bitch.” Cutter purred quietly, death oozing from each word. “You can shut up and live to enjoy your future incarceration, or you can run you lying big fucking mouth and be found dead at morning head count.”

Looking into his hard cold eyes, she saw no choice and nodded in agreement shivering in the fear that this unfeeling man would just as soon kill her as not. Again something struck her and she could breathe again. Both the times he had struck her Deb never even saw him move.

“Good girl,” he said condescendingly and patted her on the head like an obedient dog.

Cutter then went on to explain exactly whom he was and how he’d made sure she was here, she already knew why. He also made sure Deb would ever see the outside world ever again. Making very sure, she understood that if somehow she finagled a parole he had made arrangements so that she’d be dead before the next wake up call. The supremely vindictive man also made sure she understood why he had gone to such unusual lengths to destroy her life. Not because Deb had tried to steal from him and not because she’d had him falsely imprisoned, not even because she was responsible for hurting his two friends and business partners.

No, that he would have considered business, nasty, dirty business but only that, win or lose it made no difference, there would have been no hard feelings. No, the real reason he had hounded her until he had taken her business, her money, her personal possessions, and finally her freedom, then finally now, her dignity, and had seen to it that she was in the worst most dangerous prison in the system, for whatever was left of her miserable life, was all very simple.

He and his partners had focused all their combined power, considerable wealth, and influence, on destroying her because she had toyed with, and broke the heart, of the woman he thought of as his daughter. Then to make matters worse, Deb had her falsely accused and thrown her into prison for selling drugs no less; something his whole family was fiercely against. That alone could very well have ruined any chance the abused young woman might have had for a little happiness in her life, because of what people thought about bikers.

However Cutter told her her greatest sin, and the main reason he had gone after her so hard, was killing what ever small bit of trust his beloved daughter may have had. He also told her that the only reason she was now alive and not some gruesome find in a deserted field somewhere was that she had made Cam happy for a short while.

The woman once called D.C. Kreel AKA Deb, was weeping silently as she listened to the man with the deadly eyes explain how he’d systematically destroyed her life. It was even scarier because he spoke of it as if it meant no more to him than swatting some bothersome insect. All the blood drained from her face, as he made sure she knew that if she’d only been honest, and had made Cam happy, she would have gotten the company she wanted so desperately. That he and his partners would have handed the whole thing to her and Cam as partners, with no expense and in the process she would have gained the most beautiful loving and loyal life partner anyone, man or woman could ever hope for.

Cutter rose from the stool and strolled toward the door, leaving the once mighty D.C. Kreel a broken woman weeping on her bunk. After the cell door shut, Cutter turned and regarded the woman that might very well have destroyed his daughter’s chances at a happy and bright future with mate and possibly children and gave her an evil smile.

“By the way Deb darlin’ be sure to think of Cam kindly, I plan to make sure she forgets you entirely,” Cutter growled knowing she was listening by her increased trembling and shallower breaths, “Oh yeah, and be sure to say hi to Maxie for me, will ya’.”

“W-who’s M-Maxie,” she stammered fearfully.

“Oh she’s an old friend of the family; she’s like an auntie to Cam.” He said savoring the woman’s stark terror, maybe a little too much, “She’s doing Life without parole, and you lucky little girl you, she’s going to be your cellmate. When she gets out of solitary, oh yeah she gets out tonight. Oh, and she’s also the woman I’m paying a thousand dollars a week to make sure you don’t get bored during your stay.”

A huge redhead was coming down the hall, escorted by Cutter’s guard friend, as he straightened up. She came up next to him and the two of them exchanged the customary greetings. While the guard opened the door to Deb Kreel’s cell, they renewed their old friendship for the frightened woman lying on her bunk.

“How’s my darlin’ girl, Maxie?” he asked as he gave the gigantic woman a hug, he stepped back and felt her arm, “Damn Maxie are you working out again?”

“Yeah, thanks for noticin’ Cutter.” the huge redhead said shyly blushing at her friend’s attention. “I’ve run outta weights here, all I can do now is keep what I got, just barely. We need more free weights.”

It was a less than subtle request, but he didn’t mind a bit, he would do it for her just because he liked her. She was a long time friend that had been at his side for a long long time, she had helped his little girl through some very tough times when she first moved in and Cam had cried like a baby when her Auntie Maxie was sentenced to life in prison. In addition, because no friend that was locked down did without if Cutter and his Bros had anything to say about it, and Maxie certainly fit that description.

Even when things were bad he knew he could always count on Maxie. In fact, he was trying to get her out of prison; she had killed a man in self-defense and was in prison basically because she too was a biker. Cutter looked over at the guard who gave him a slight nod, so he returned his attention to Maxi.

“That’s not a problem Maxie; you’ll have them by the end of the week.” He said brightly as he secretly watched his victim as she listened to them than said for her benefit. “I gotta go now but you take REAL good care of our little Deb, for WC, ok babe?”

“No problem Cutter, I’m looking forward to it.” she answered, the menace dripping from every word, “Thanks for the commissary and the special congecal visitation privileges for me and Julie, but for my little WC,” she added with an evil look at her new cellmate, “I’d entertain her for free.”

He chuckled at her sense of humor, then after trading the ritualistic handshake, he turned and left the same way he had come in. Deb was trembling in terror as the cell door opened letting her future’s worst nightmare walk through and then slam shut. The last she would ever hear of the terrifying man was a fading whistle as he strolled down the dark corridors and out of her life.

A smug assured smirk crossed Cutter’s lips as he went to the parking lot to the waiting black sedan with government plates. For the first time in his life, he didn’t regret his time in the service of his country and considered the dark stain it had put on his soul more than worth the satisfaction he felt at that moment. Knowing his little girl would have some measure of true justice, and that D.C. Kreel would spend the rest of her life living like the conniving whore she truly was. He just hoped she didn’t learn to enjoy it, but he knew he could count on Maxie to take care of that as well. He climbed into the right rear door and slammed it shut and the sedan pulled out of the prison parking lot and almost silently disappeared into the night.

Once Cutter was sure that his daughter was recovered enough, he and the others, walked her over to her waiting motorcycle. She looked down at the highly polished Milwaukee steel. Cam could feel more tears stinging her eyes as she let her hands reverently glide over the shinning surfaces. Absorbing the smooth cool feel of something that was all hers and hers alone. Something she owned that no one could take from her, unless she gave it to them.

After six years of having nothing that couldn’t be taken from her on a whim, having that bike was quite possibly the single best feeling she experienced yet, with the exception of seeing Cutter and her uncles again. Of course, nothing came close to the feeling she had when her Cutter had told her she was welcome to come home now. Having been in the same circumstances before the three men knew to give Cam a little space to adjust to the surge of emotions that threatened to overwhelm her.

Cam’s mind was spinning from all the emotions and feelings that she hadn’t experienced for a long time. She felt herself getting light headed and there were sparks flashing at the edges of her vision. Just as she was about to pass out a pair of strong arms embraced her from behind and she heard a gruff voice speaking to her and making her feel safe.

“It’s ok WC,” the voice said “try to relax honey. I know it’s hard but no one will ever be able to hurt you like that again I promise. K?”

It was more the tone of Mountain’s voice than what he said that calmed her. Once she began to adjust to the return of all her emotions and feelings, Cam began to look around at all the familiar faces that had come to welcome her back to the real world. They were all the same sights from her former life, a little older, a few more lines and wrinkles, some more weight, some with more grey hair some just with less hair.

She searched out and found the three men that were her family and smiled as she saw for the first time how the last six years had treated them. Mountain had lost a lot more hair, what had been a small bald spot now covered most of the top of his head, and his face while never pretty, had several more lines and creases giving it a certain rugged character. One of the advantages of Cobra being an albino was that the tall wiry man never seemed to age that much.

The biggest change to Cobra she had seen a couple of times hanging on his arm. When Cam had seen the little redhead ex-dancer, Kat, on her uncle’s arm, she had to smile at the pure adoration she saw clearly written on the woman’s face when she looked up at him, and then there was the little fiery dancer’s swollen belly, that testified to their married status of less than a year. When the couple had tried to apologize for not waiting, Cam was adamant that she was just glad that her uncle had finally wised up and grabbed on to the best thing that had ever come into his life. Her answer had little Kat beaming even brighter for the rest of the day.

As for Cam, she refused to move far from Cutter’s side, touching him every so often as if to be sure he was truly there with her and that all this wasn’t just another jailhouse dream. The group milled around in the parking lot for another hour. Then Cutter handed Cam the package he had been holding for her. She opened it and gasped. Laying there wrapped in the paper and plastic was her well-worn black leather jacket and chaps. Tears formed once again as she touched the soft oiled and well maintained leather. Her hands were shaking too badly to get them on and she had to have help from Bobbie, to get the chaps on. Then Cutter held up her jacket so that she could see the back.

There in hand-stitched embroidery was a purple diamond, with an initial on each side and in the center in old English letters was a large WC.

“Little Kat did the needle work.” Cutter told her as she admired the intricate design. “Mountain’s been teaching her how. She did it for all of us. Now that she’s family, we’ve been waiting for you to have the meeting.”

Cam knew that Cutter was referring to the family meeting to decide whether or not to offer Kat the honor of wearing the “Black Rose”. If she was given that, her name would be added to Cobra’s branch of the diamond, and she would be given a voice on the board of the family business, as well as decisions within the family itself. Cam nodded understanding, the entire family had to agree to make the offer, and turned to Kat, the poor pregnant girl looked at Cam like a deer caught in the headlights of an on coming semi. With a friendly chuckle, Cam pulled the frightened redhead into her arms and hugged her tightly to her chest.

“Thank you for the needle work little Kitty-Kat it’s beautiful, and welcome to the family.”

Kat pushed back and looked into Cam’s cerulean blue eyes. She felt the sting of tears in her light green eyes as she searched her old friend for any sign of the old Cam’s dry, and often cruel, and even sadistic wit. Kat loved Cam, but she had never liked the way the tall woman’s heart was blacker than her hair, sometimes. At these times, it seemed she was only happy when she was hurting someone. Kat prayed silently, that this wasn’t one of Cam’s cruel jokes. What she saw in those eyes was something she had never seen before; there was a new compassion and kindness in them. Even more evident to the ex-stripper was a sad far away look of someone that had learned the pain of selfless sacrifice, born of true love. Kat felt a slight twinge of jealousy that she had never been the one to put that look in the tall beautiful woman’s eyes, but she was also overjoyed for Cam because it was the same way she felt for her “Coby”. She hoped it would work out for her old friend.

“You fell in love.” Kat whispered, it was a statement not a question, and then she went on so no one else would notice. “Do you really mean it Camy?”

“Yeah darlin’ every word.” Cam told her with a nod to answer her other question then smiled over the small woman at her Uncle Cobra and added “and knock off the Camy stuff, my family calls me WC.”

The little redhead burst into tears and ran to her proud husband, latching tightly to him, her arms around his waist. Cobra wasn’t sure who he was prouder of, the woman he had in his heart and loved more than life, and had married. Or the other woman in his heart, a woman he loved more than life that had come to him broken and abused all those years ago and had grown into everything he ever hoped for in a niece or a daughter for that matter. Now she had shown that she’d learned compassion and charity in a place that gave neither, where it was easier to become hard and bitter.

Cobra looked around and noticed the rest of the family were all looking at Cam too the pride and parental love clearly written on their faces.

“Thanks WC.” Her mute uncle signed, “This means the world to us.”

When he stopped signing, he draped a long arm around his wife’s shoulders and used the free hand to caress her swollen abdomen. Cam saw the way her tall mute uncle looked at Kat and she knew they were meant to be together.

Soulmates suddenly flashed through her mind.

Cam winked at her beaming uncle and put on her jacket as she walked toward her waiting motorcycle.

Chapter 20

With a slight nod Cam let Cutter know she was ready to leave this place behind, and get back to her life. The normally quiet man cleared his throat then placed two fingers at the corners of his mouth and blew, letting out a loud shrill whistle that was guaranteed to get everyone’s attention.

“Alright people, let’s get the hell out of here.” Cutter announced after he had everyone’s attention. “Chillicothe has kept my little girl from me long enough. Y’all know where we’re headed, so let’s get gone!”

The four family members straddled their respective bikes as well as nearly a hundred others. Everyone waited until Cam started her purple and black Electra Glide. With a touch of the electric start button 74 cubic inches of pure V-twin monster roared to life. She revved it off a few times just for the wonder of it, and to announce her return to the world. Cam put on her half shell helmet that had been hanging from the handlebars waiting for her, looked over at Cutter and gave him a nod.

He returned the gesture and kicked his own beast to life, soon the roar of over a hundred motorcycles all roaring a welcome to their lost child home to the fold shattered the still afternoon air. With Cutter riding next to Cam and Mountain next to Cobra, right behind them and the rest forming two lines behind them. They slowly pulled out onto the road and followed closely by vans and pick-ups, they headed out to East toward 65 hwy and the rest of her life.

In the back of her mind, Cam had hoped that her Cheryl would be there to make her return perfect, but her logical mind told her to forget the woman and get on with it, and sadly, that is what she was determined to do.

As the long line of motorcycles and various other vehicles disappeared down Washington St. and headed east for the entrance to 65 hwy south, Cheryl was just inside the city limits, and turning onto 3rd St, heading toward CCC from the West. It was all she could do to keep herself at or under the posted speed limits. Her mind kept going back to the strange letter she had gotten from one of her law firm’s largest corporate clients, and strangely enough, had been addressed to her and guided her down a long and twisted road that led her to a better understanding of the woman that she already loved with all her heart and soul.

Cheryl had thought that it was strange for several reasons. The first being that she worked in the criminal law division of the firm, specializing in handling their pro bono work. She was making quite a name for herself as a trial attorney, she was tireless when it came to the investigative portion of the trial work leaving no stone unturned, digging into the smallest detail, to assure her clients were properly represented in a system that normally rolled right over the poorer petitioners before the bar of justice.

Her acquittal and trial records were impressive. Even though it was only the beginning of her third year with the firm, there was already talk of promoting her to a more responsible position, maybe even a junior partnership in her division. Therefore, when the letter came to her instead of the corporate or civil litigation departments the young lawyer was understandably confused. Her second question was how did a high roller like the CEO of a major corporation like T.A. Callahan of the CCMC Corporation get her name.

Cheryl had no illusions about her importance in a huge multi-national law firm like this one, she knew she was a very small infinitesimal cog in a gigantic machine, yet here was a letter from the most important corporate client the firm had, representing possibly millions of dollars in retainers and billings addressed to her directly. Up until now Cheryl was sure the only people that knew who she was, were her clients, co-workers and of course her immediate supervisors. She knew she had been recruited by one of the founding partners of the firm, but she was sure that M.G. Fielding esq. had forgotten she even existed by now.

Unable to put it off any longer Cheryl gave in to her demanding curiosity and opened the mysterious envelope. Her first surprise was when she scanned the corporate letterhead and saw the name of Camilla T. Brusard listed as CIO and head of operations.

Is it possible? She wondered as she stared at the familiar name willing it to answer her questions. There’s no way the woman named here could be my Camilla. Could it?

As she read further down the letter, the mystery only grew deeper. There was no doubt that the CEO of CCMC knew a great deal more about her than anyone else that she had met here, with the possible exception of the Senior Partners that had recruited her for the firm.

My Dear Ms. Killian,

You are no doubt wondering why an old stuffy stick in the mud like the
CEO of a company would be writing a young pretty little thing like
you. Well I believe if you will check out certain files, that will soon
be made available to you, you will soon find that you and I have
far more in common than you think.
If I have peaked your interests, and I believe I have, then contact your
supervisor and tell them you would like to see the Callahan-Brusard

If you are willing to follow this mystery to its conclusion, you will
be allowed the opportunity to focus your attention solely on those
files. You will be given no new clients until you are ready for them,
and you will be given this time with the full pay and benefits that
are reasonable for your position.

You are being trusted with some very highly sensitive and confidential
information. Some very special people’s lives are about to be laid bare
for you. How or what you use this information for is entirely up to
you. I can only tell you to follow your heart and make the choices it
leads you to make.
All I can tell you is that every time I have followed my heart, it has
led to some of the best decisions of my life. Including bringing into my
life the most wonderful daughter a man could ever wish for.

Your Humble Servant.
T.A. Callahan

Cheryl stared at the simple page in front of her, and let its possible implications sink in. Deciding that since she was in between clients now would be a good time to start on this new and intriguing quest. She called her immediate supervisor and repeated the instructions given her in the letter. Within half an hour, a memo arrived at her desk, which made the mystery even more mind-boggling.

It was from one of the founding partners, and the letter was addressed, directly to her.

Since your present office space is inadequate for you current needs 
and the needs required by your future position, another office suite has
been assigned to you. 

Maintenance has been notified of this change and will be there this
afternoon to move you, and your personal files, to the new office 

This will be your permanent office from this time forward. I would
please ask you to be ready to move as soon as possible to your new
office in suite 12 on the 17th floor. 

Thank you for your cooperation. You will be hearing more from this
office in the near future concerning your new position and its

M.G. Fielding 

When she saw the number of the floor, and the words office suite, Cheryl was stunned. The first thing she did when her mind was functioning normally was calling the office manager and confirming the memo. Several of the younger lawyers were notorious practical jokers, and this sudden attention by the firm’s largest and most influential client, along with memos from the founding partners, and a sudden move to the 17th floor, was all too good to be true. She suspected her fun loving co-workers were having her on, but the call to her supervisor soon disabused her of those thoughts.

She was about to shrug it all off, when four men from maintenance showed up at her cubical saying they were sent by the managing partner to move her personal belongings and files to her new office. Taken by surprise by the swiftness of the things happening to her Cheryl was forced to recruit the men’s help getting all her stuff ready to move, so that she could be in her new office by the end of the day. That afternoon Cheryl found herself almost completely settled into her office suite.

Besides her own private office, that was almost as big as the room that had held hers and four other cubicles, she also had an outer office that was her reception area and her secretary’s desk. There was also a private bath with shower, a conference room that held a long table surrounded by several leather covered chairs, and a small kitchenette area, with a microwave, coffee maker, sink, and a mini refrigerator. To say the young woman was overwhelmed would have been a massive understatement. She spent the rest of the day just getting used to her new surroundings, anyone watching her would have thought the young attorney had lost her mind, as she went from one piece of furniture to another sitting first in one of the obviously expensive leather chair then another finally ending up on the huge seven foot couch. Cheryl sank into the well-padded leather cushions cradling her comfortably.

As she sat there, the stress and excitement of the day caught up with her and before she realized what was happening the attorney was sleeping soundly on the couch.

Her dreams began as they had almost all her life; she was back in that ditch listening to the dying screams of her parents. Tears fell from her sleeping eyes as her subconscious once again forced her to relive the traumatic and horrific death of her only family. Fortunately as she became older the scenes of her life encroached on the tragic visions shortening them until the time her mind was tormented was almost bearable. Cheryl moved around until her diminutive frame was stretched out on the couch, bits and pieces of her life were displayed in her mind, good and bad alike were shown.

The death of her parents, the bittersweet time spent in the hospital, her first foster home. The day she came out, meeting her final permanent foster moms, high school, college, law school. Kelly Antropos, the trial, that smug look on Kelly’s face at her sentencing, those first days in prison, the hopelessness and despair she felt that day in the showers when she believed the darkness had won, only to have the lights turned back on with a blinding flash in the form of a tall black haired incredibly gorgeous woman with the most amazing blue eyes. Those amazing days spent in Camilla’s company talking and laughing sharing secrets with each other, learning the limits of their relationship. Then there was the day she realized she was in love with the gruff, stoic yet compassionate woman, that for the first time in her life, Cheryl felt complete.

Then the young lawyer remembered her last night in prison. The shock of finding the woman she loved in her supposedly locked and secured cell, followed by the soft gentle touches from the sleek powerful woman’s hands as they roamed freely over her willing, receptive flesh. Once more, she felt the fires igniting within her small body, even now in her dreams Cheryl could feel Cam’s long slender fingers buried deep inside her very core. The electric jolts searing her nerves to the point of overload. The assent into heaven as Cam lifted her soul, as the surprisingly gentle woman caressed her hot wet folds with her tender lips and probing tongue. The feel of those luscious lips as they wrapped around the writhing blonde’s throbbing clit, every touch and sensation she experienced that night, Cheryl was reliving in her dreams. Then just as the powerful mind numbing blast of her first orgasm hit Cheryl, she was jolted awake by her body’s nocturnal excursion into erotica.

It took Cheryl a few moments to realize where she was. There was a blanket over her; Cheryl smiled when it struck her how she must have gained the cover. Her first thought when she’d met her new secretary, Carmen, was that the older woman seemed to be the motherly type, and the presence of the blanket seemed to prove her impression correct. Cheryl didn’t know it yet but her mentor and sponsor into the firm, the founding partner M.G. Fielding had chosen Carmen to be Cheryl’s administrative assistant because of her tendency to mother her attorneys, while that might be a problem for many of the other lawyers it would be a welcome change for the young woman.

He knew that in reality his young friend had no one to rely on, no family that she knew of and she was a little shy everywhere but in the courtroom. So while everyone that knew Cheryl liked her well enough, no one was really a friend to her and he also knew that in the days to come she was going to need a mature shoulder to lean on as the plan he had for her came to fruition.

Fielding was skeptical at first when his friend and one time fellow spook Cutter Callahan, had approached him about the little blonde-haired woman, and told him of her problems. The older attorney wasn’t all that sure that this wasn’t just another “innocent con” trying to get out of a sentence that they deserved, but when his trusted friend had asked him to check her out as a personal favor, well, there was no other decision possible.

After all, he felt honor bound to help his long time friend, since it was Cutter that in the spirit of their friendship helped a struggling new attorney to establish himself. Then when the time came, it was the prestige of representing CCMC Inc. that had helped him further establish the firm then build it into the great and respected law firm in the international market that it was. The two men had been overseas together both performing the same type of top-secret covert operations. They had found in each other the kind of kindred spirit that made life long friendships. Therefore, when he went into the case he hoped he wasn’t wasting his and his friend’s time. When he went over the details and transcripts of Cheryl’s trial Fielding couldn’t believe all the errors, lapses of judgment, glaring mistakes and chargeable discrepancies he saw.

The more he read the records the more he was not only sure the young woman was truly innocent; it appeared that there was someone that wanted the young law student to be locked up. He gladly took the case pro-bono, and with the most aggressive trial team, not only proved she was innocent, but proved collusion on the part of the judge, the prosecutor, and her defense attorney. By the time he was done all the conspirators were exposed, including Kelly Antropos, who was quietly deported, after a multi million-dollar settlement from her very unhappy father. He also received a substantial settlement from the county and state for the young woman’s wrongful incarceration and the defamation of her character, along with the pain and humiliation of being imprisoned.

When he returned to his old friend to give him the results of his involvement in the case, Cutter told him the reason for his concerns over the case, this made Fielding even more interested in this sweet natured young woman he’d met during the course of freeing her. Once he learned that this guileless young woman had apparently won the heart of Cutter’s sad, lonely, and betrayed daughter, who was also his goddaughter since she had become his friend’s ward. Between the two men, it was decided that if Fielding thought the young new attorney was up to the challenge, she was to be groomed to be his successor. The plan was to have her ready for the big step by the time Cam was released, so if they were still interested in each other they would be able to have the time to get to know each other again.

Cheryl looked over at the clock on her desk and saw it was 3 am, and decided it was too late to go home, so she would get to work studying the files she’d been sent. The first thing she did was try out her new in office shower where she found all the toiletries were her favorite brands, even the perfume was her favorite, and there were plenty of towels.

Like most attorneys Cheryl had a couple of changes of clothes at her office and since she wouldn’t be seeing any clients she decided to wear the jeans and sweater, that were hanging along side her two best trial suits. Once she was dressed and had cleaned up after herself she decided it was time she tackled those files she’d been sent. Remaining bare footed she enjoyed the feeling of the plush carpet as she padded across her office and went into her conference room, here she found the files in boxes, and that they were divided into four sections.

The first one she noticed was titled C.T. Brusard, the second was CCMC Inc., the third was KreelCorp takeover, and the fourth was labeled with the name D.C. Kreel. She of course decided to check out the C.T. Brusard files to be sure that she was right thinking that this person was actually her beloved Cam. When she opened, the first thing she found was a note from her boss and mentor.

I knew you’d go for this one first. I want you to understand that the
beautiful young woman you seemed to have captivated so thoroughly, so
I thought I would suggest an order in which to read certain files in
order to learn more about our little WC and what circumstances led to
your first meeting.
I also want you to understand how important your role was in all this.

Since you have already started here go ahead and read through this
file, but in places you will see markers that refer to one of the
other files, please read them in that order, it will give you an idea
of what has made her, into the woman you met.
I also want to take this time to tell you that while it was WC’s
interest in you the brought your case to our attention in the first
place. You were hired and promoted only on your own records,
performance, and merits, even this latest promotion to a full partner
is being offered to you because you are an exceptional attorney and
deserve this opportunity and for no other reason.

That being said, read the file in the order I gave you and you will
begin to understand. I promise, and believe me I owe WC a huge debt of
gratitude for bringing you to my attention, I have never regretted
taking your case or subsequently hiring you, you have been and will
continue to be a great asset to our firm.

Take care of yourself and that hardheaded goddaughter of mine.
M.G. Fielding

Cheryl read the memo over several times then sat back in her chair, smiled then sighed.

“Oh Camilla,” she said out loud to no one, “even out here you’re still taking care of me.”

As she drove Cheryl remembered spending that whole night and most of the next day studying those files. Reading and cross-referencing until she had the entire story of the woman she loved, from her childhood and how she ended up being raised by three tough hardcore bikers. How in their loving care she had excelled in her schooling, and even through college and graduate school. How she had come into the family business and had brought further success to her proud family.

Then she read of the attacks on her family and how she had gone to prison to save the woman she loved only to find out that it was all a plot, by the woman that she had trusted and loved, to hurt Cam’s family. How in the end she had been betrayed in the worst way, and how her family had retaliated and destroyed the woman, to the point that the woman ended up in prison herself with so many convictions that she would probably be long dead before she reached her release date.

The tears flowed freely as she thought of her beloved Cam stuck in that hell-hole unable to get out even though she’d been proven innocent, and she recalled how she had still been in tears when her new admin had come in that afternoon to see if she wanted lunch. She had spent most of that day talking to her understanding secretary about her relationship with the dark enigmatic woman that Carmen only knew through rumors. It came out that Carmen had been there when Cam’s family had found out she wouldn’t be able to be released from prison until her actual parole, or until she served her full six years.

Carmen had also told of how she had been there when Cam’s family had retaliated against the woman and her company that had caused the woman to be in prison. The display of power and raw hatred she had seen coming from the three rough looking, ruthless and merciless men actually still sent chills through the older woman. How at first Carmen couldn’t believe this young lovely and bright woman could have anything to do with such a dark and dangerous family, but after hearing first hand of how she had met Cam, and everything the dark, secretive and some said deadly woman had done for Cheryl since, Carmen had gained a whole new respect for Camilla Brusard.

Cheryl had to smile at the look on Carmen’s face when she heard the whole story of how she and Cam had first met, and the look when Cheryl told the woman how much she loved the tall dark mysterious woman that had saved her life in more ways than one. A small sad smile came to Cheryl’s lips as she thought of all the times Cam had gotten her to talk about the injustice and a cruel fate that had ended the young golden-haired woman into prison. How she always agreed with Cam about how while most of the people in prison with them were actually guilty of the crimes they’d been convicted of, Cheryl was one of the very few that was truly innocent, but the tall dark mysterious had never told the blonde that she too was falsely imprisoned.

She thought how like Cam it was to listen to her tales of woe and whine about how unfair the fates were to have put her there, when all the while Cam was just as innocent and even more cruelly incarcerated when you consider how she had been so completely betrayed by someone she loved and trusted. A small tear of sympathy coursed down Cheryl’s soft flawless cheek as the thought of how Cam’s poor heart must have broken so painfully when she learned the true depths of how Cam’s supposed lover had betrayed her. It send a sharp pain through her chest and an unusual twinge of hatred for what that cruel woman had done to such loving and tender heart as Cam’s.

It also led her to understand how hard it had been for the reclusive and lonely woman to allow the diminutive blonde passed the barriers she had erected around her heart. As Cheryl turned off 3rd St. and into the huge parking lot in front of the looming gray Administration building of CCC, her mind turned away from those thoughts and concentrated on the woman she was there to finally see after three long torturous years. Cheryl was hoping that the tall dark woman that had haunted her dreams for three years was still interested in having a life with the small blonde but couldn’t help but wonder what kind of changes her beloved Camilla had suffered through alone in this hell on earth as she awaited the justice system to finally finish with her and let her go on with what was left of her life.

She pulled into a vacant space and before she entered, she pulled on a pair of khaki pants and a dress shirt and carried a blazer over her shorts and top to go into the prison, knowing the regulations they had for visitors. Then she stood for a moment staring up at the dismal edifice that had caused her so much pain and humiliation and that she hadn’t seen in three years, since leaving to regain her life. Also the unlikely place held her heart and the other half of her soul.

Cheryl took a deep calming breath, and steeling her resolve, she strode purposefully to reclaim the woman she’d unwillingly left behind almost a lifetime ago. The woman that, if she would accept it, Cheryl would now bring back into her life, to give her Camilla the same hope and love that she had been given, what seemed an eternity ago.

Chapter 21

Using her credentials Cheryl was able to gain entrance, and when, in her best attorney voice, she insisted on seeing Camilla Brusard. Not knowing for sure how to handle the unusual problem the guard on the desk had the diminutive blonde escorted to one of the lawyer/client interview rooms and asked her to wait there. Agreeing to the guard’s request Cheryl entered the sparsely furnished room. All there was in the olive drab walled room was a grey steel table, that was bolted to the floor, and three of those uncomfortable molded plastic chairs. Left with little choice, the young attorney sat down in one of the flimsy chairs and marveled at just how hideous the color orange could be.

Answering the desperate summons from the front desk, Captain Paula Carson hurried from the prisoner processing area where she was seeing to the release of another prisoner that had made parole. She was irritated at being interrupted, knowing that after she finished with this last release she was free to go home. She was not a happy camper and after arranging for a substitute escort, she rushed to the front desk swearing that if this trip wasn’t necessary someone was going to be pulling extra shifts for a month.

Arriving at the front entryway, she was met by the Sergeant on desk duty, and after learning the reason for the call, she wasn’t upset at the Sergeant any longer. However, she was worried that one of Brusard’s high-powered attorneys had shown up after they had put the controversial prisoner out early. The warden was trying to avoid a media circus that was bound to happen if they’d released at the usual 1:00 pm release time, Brusard had been released nearly four hours ago, at nine am, and Paula had heard her welcoming party pull out just a little while before the call had come in.

Now she had to worry about the repercussions if the warden hadn’t informed this lawyer’s office and some attorney was there to pick Brusard up. It appeared that someone at Brusard’s lawyer’s office hadn’t gotten the message that Paula had left two nights ago. Now thanks to the lawyer’s poor communication and the warden’s cowardice, she had an extra mess to clean up.

As she neared the door to the conference room Paula looked into the observation window to see what kind of suit she would be facing. One of her least favorite duties as Captain of the Guard was dealing with irate lawyers and family members that, for one reason or another, had a complaint about the facility. She stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she saw the person sitting nervously gnawing on her thumbnail with her knee bouncing rapidly. She recognized the small blonde-haired woman almost instantly. It was hard to forget one of the only two women that Paula had ever known that was actually innocent and especially someone as legendary as the woman that had broken through that Hardcase Cam Brusard’s tough exterior and had worked her way into the dark mysterious woman’s heart.

She was impressed when she realized the small shy blonde had really become a full-fledged attorney, but she was even more surprised that she was using it to reach Cam when she was already released. If the woman really worked for the firm that represented Brusard why hadn’t she known of the early release after all the attorney of record was always notified in these situations. Deep down Paula was sure the little blonde-haired woman was an attorney but she knew that she wasn’t Brusard’s lawyer and deep down the guard knew exactly why she was here, and she wasn’t looking forward to be the one to tell her that Brusard was already gone.

Taking a deep breath Paula opened the door and entered the room, as soon as she entered Cheryl stood, as a prisoner is supposed to do when a guard enters the room. Then she smiled shyly embarrassed by her reaction to the woman.

“It’s good to see you’re doing well Killian,” Paula said quietly allowing the woman time to regain her composure. “What can I do for you today?”

“Well Captain Carson,” Cheryl began not sure how to proceed with the woman that had once held her’s and Cam’s lives in the palm of her hand. “I suppose there’s no other way to put it; I’m here to see Camilla Brusard. I am a member of the law firm that represents her and I am well within my rights to see her privately.”

“Yes you would be Ms. Killian,” Paula answered not really knowing any other way to break it to the woman that she was too late “however since Camilla Brusard is no longer a resident of this facility I see no way for us to grant your request.”

Paula thought the young woman was going to pass out, as all the blood drained from her face as she collapsed into the chair behind her. The long time guard saw the tears forming in the distraught woman’s still arresting emerald eyes, she looked into those shining orbs and saw the lost little girl just below the surface and it touched the gruff woman in a place she thought had died years ago and knew she had no choice.

Taking pity on the poor girl, Paula looked to be sure they were alone, then she knelt down in front of the young woman and took her hand to gain her attention.

“Cheryl, listen to me,” Paula said softly, trying to reach the young woman before she lost control and embarrassed herself. “Listen to me girl. Your lady was released this morning, but there was a big group of friends and I suppose family waiting to meet her. They stayed long enough to have a little get together over in the park; they left less than half an hour ago. My advice to you is to get off your butt and get going if you really want to catch up with your woman. So quit all this feeling sorry for yourself and move it child!”

Cheryl looked up into the older woman’s smiling face as the words she was saying pierced the veil of disappointment that had enveloped her with the news that she had missed her soulmate’s release. She jumped out of her chair, turned towards the door and froze; she turned a lost and confused face back toward Paula.

“How can I find her Cap.?” she asked her voice tightening with her building panic. “Where would they go with her?”

“Well hun,” Paula began trying to head off another outburst from the frightened woman. “If it was me I imagine I would start by looking for her on the road between here and her home town. It was down south somewhere I think it was called…ah…”

“Forsythe” Cheryl whispered almost like a prayer.

“That’s it!” Paula said looking at Cheryl watching the ex-prisoner’s eyes light up. “It’s a small place and even if you missed her on the road I doubt your lady would be hard to find there. Besides there were about a hundred motorcycles with her when they took off, I’d imagine that would be hard to miss, and it looked to me like they were headed towards 65 South.”

Cheryl looked up at the normally gruff woman and smiled brightly. On an impulse, the small blonde jumped and hugged the guard fiercely then gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She released the guard and without another word ran out of the room leaving behind a very stunned Guard Captain, who was staring after the golden haired whirlwind, rubbing the cheek where the pretty young blonde had kissed her.

“Damn Carson.” Paula muttered to herself “Who would have thought an ex prisoner would be kissing my ugly mug. Ah well, all in all, not a bad day’s work.”

She sauntered out of the room and down the hallway whistling a little tune she’d heard somewhere a long time ago. For the first time in a long long time, she had the feeling that maybe there was something good out there after all.

Cheryl burst through the large double doors of the main entrance flinging the doors wide and sprinted across the parking lot as she fumbled for her keys. Finding them she pressed the little button the deactivated the alarms and unlocked the doors. The excited blonde leapt into the big luxury SUV and fired up the turbo-charged motor. She stopped just long enough to put the information she had into the on-board computer and as the piece of technology printed out a map highlighting the best and fastest route for her, she sped across the parking lot, disregarding the speed bumps. She also thought of what she had on, and wondered if it would be wise to meet a hundred bikers wearing shorts. She decided to throw caution to the wind, and stop as soon as she saw a place so she could get out of the slacks and shirt she’d worn into the prison and leave them in her overnight bag. She wanted her friend to be sure to notice her, and the cut offs and tight tank top would certainly take care of that.

Then with an ear splitting squeal of tires searching for traction and a cloud of white smoke she shot off east on third street for highway 65 following the route her lover had spoken of many times, as they sat in her cell and dreamed of better times. Now she was hoping Cam and her family would follow that very route, straight to the rest of her life, and the other half of her soul.

Flying down the highway, the wind in her face, feeling the vibration of the big customized motor through her entire body, Cam was truly happy for the first time in three years. For the first time since she watched the small golden haired woman walk out of the cellblock and onto the rest of her life, Camilla Theresa Brusard was relaxed and happy. The miles flew by under the wheels of her beloved bike; the further away it carried her from Chillicothe the more the stress, pain and worry that had built over the last six years fell away. She was feeling free at last and it was a feeling she never wanted to end. Her thoughts were interrupted by the unique sound of Cutter’s horn and she glanced over at the big man on the big, heavily customized “chopper”.

She couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the man that had been a father to her for most of her life, and had taught her the meaning of things like family, hope, truth, loyalty and friendship. He and his two friends had taken in a beaten and abused street urchin making her a part of their lives without a second thought. And when they were faced with the very thing that had turned her biological family against her, leading them to drive a 13 year old child into the streets without a dime to her name, these rough hardened men had shown her nothing but love, acceptance, and support. These men that society called outlaws and trash, and that wore those names as badges of pride and brotherhood, had taught an abandoned child the real meaning of familial love and trust. Now, after six years of being deprived of her family, they again surrounded her and she basked in the feeling of genuine security and love they gave her so freely and abundantly. The sight of Cutter in his leathers, wearing his WW II SS infantry helmet and goggles gave Cam a feeling of safety and the calming feeling of everything being as it should be again. She only needed one thing to make it perfect but it didn’t look like she was going to get her wish.

She saw her “Daddy” give her the signal to turn into a big parking lot on the left between a motel and a huge warehouse-like building. She twisted the throttle, pushed in the clutch, and down shifted, powering her big bike into the parking lot followed by the entire caravan of motorcycles and other vehicles. As she idled up to the big building, she saw a large flashing neon sign that read “Iron Horse Inn”. As she got closer to the building Cam noticed that the area closest to the building was marked off with yellow lines and signs that said “motorcycle parking only”, and seeing a bike already parked there Cam pulled hers in close to it and shut it down, letting it rest on its kickstand.

As she waited for the others to get their vehicles parked, Cam pulled off her helmet and shook out her hair. Cutter and her uncles pulled in next to her and pulled off their headgear. Looking over at the door Cam saw something that brought a big smile to her face. Taped to the big steel door was large a homemade sign written on it in big block letters was:

Bar Closed…Private Party 

Welcome Home WC
We All Missed You!!!!!!!!! 

Creeper and TAG 

She looked over at her uncles and gave them a patented highly arched eyebrow.

“Creeper and TAG opened this place two years ago,” Cutter explained to his adopted daughter, “She runs the bar and Creeper takes care of security. When they heard you were getting out today, they both insisted we make our first stop here. You know I could never deny TAG anything.”

Cam chuckled and nodded, TAG was a short woman with jet-black hair, and big doe like brown eyes that flashed when she was excited or angry. She and Cutter had a some time thing going back as far as everyone could remember, and although it was pretty much cooled down now, to just a really good friendship. Cutter still had a soft spot in his heart for the fiery little woman. Anytime she was in need he was always here for her.

Cam took Cutter’s offered arm and together they went through the heavy steel door into the dimly lit interior of the bar itself. The newly freed woman looked around the cavernous room, noticing several long tables heavily laden with food. Then her eyes fell on a long table set away from the other tables in the bar, and sat next to the stage. After the usual hugs and kisses of friends that had been apart far too long, they were informed that all keys were being collected and exchanged for a key to a room in the motel across the parking lot, that was also owned by the unlikely pair.

“We’ve already lost way too many friends WC.” TAG explained, “The rooms are free and nobody dies.”

Cam nodded to the woman, agreeing that it was a good idea. TAG was a legendary bartender and together with her friend Creeper, they had worked some of the toughest biker bars in the country. They always had only two rules and those they strictly enforced.

The first was if you get in a fight, you were barred for the remainder of that night, but if your fight drew the police to the bar, you were out for a month, at least. The second rule was whatever TAG says goes, period. If for example she said you’d had enough, you quit drinking, no arguments. If you argued with TAG, you were escorted out of the bar, and not too gently either.

TAG’s temper was also legendary, Cam had once seen the diminutive woman clear out a bar full of hardcore bikers all by herself, and another time, Cam had seen her drop a troublemaker from 40 feet away, with a shot glass. It was quite a sight to see some big tough shaggy biker cowed by the five foot two inch, volatile woman. Both were well respected by all that knew them and even the most hardcore members of the group would willingly turn their weapons over to either of them, knowing they were safe in their bar.

Three years ago the pair had finally saved up enough to realize their dream to buy a bar of their own, and with the help of Cutter and his lawyers, they had easily obtained their licenses and permits to open “The Iron Horse”. It had taken them a year to get everything just the way they wanted it inside and out, before they finally opened, but the outcome was well worth the time and effort, looking around Cam agreed wholeheartedly. The bar was a huge success, and with the urging of Cutter and with his financial support they got a loan and had bought the motel next door to them. Everything was looking up for the two, and Cam couldn’t think of two people that deserved it more.

As the rest of the partygoers began wandering in, the two owners led Cam and her uncles to the table that was set apart from the rest, and had her sit down while the waitress brought a bottle of her favorite drink, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, and seven shot glasses. As the waitress returned to the bar to get their first pitcher of beer and seven mugs TAG skillfully poured the shots of the potent Irish whiskey. She handed each of her friends a glass then one to herself and Creeper, setting the last one aside at a place at their table. It was a long time tradition with the group that at every party there was a place at one of the tables where no one could sit and a shot and a beer was left there along with a plate of food, it was for their friends that had gone on before them. TAG lifted her glass, turned to the empty place, and said…

“Here’s to our brothers and sisters that are no longer with us.” Then turning to Cam to continue her salute but was interrupted by Cutter,

“and here’s to the return of my…our little girl, welcome home darlin’ you have been gone from us for too long, we missed you and thank the Gods that you are once again home with us safe and sound.”

“Thank you Daddy,” then she looked at her friends and said, “Here’s to my family, no child ever had better.”

With that, all six drank their shots, by that time the waitress had returned with their beer and TAG once again took the honors of pouring everyone their first beer. Mountain looked around at the small group and decided it had been serious long enough. Without warning, the huge man reached down, wrapped his arms around TAG and lifted her until she was eye to eye with him.

“You know TAG if you wasn’t so short I could really go for ya’.” the man said and laid a big wet sloppy kiss on the little woman’s cheek. “How bout you and me get this shindig rollin’.”

The entire group was silent waiting to see what was going to happen as no one was ever allowed to treat TAG in such a manner. Even Creeper took a step back when he saw those brown eyes flashing daggers at the giant of a man.

“Put me down you big ape or I’m going to leave you childless.” TAG said quietly her voice deceptively calm. “Or better yet I’ll tell all these women what you’re really like in the sack.”

With that said she leaned in and licked Mountain’s face. Surprised by her actions he released her and began wiping his face. Then everyone heard a low quiet growl emanating from the little woman.

“You big dumb excuse for a mammal,” she snarled, “I’m gonna kick your ass clean up to your demented brain.”

For a few moments the two just looked at each other, and only their friends could tell by the mischievous sparkle in their eyes, that the two were playing a game that had started a long time ago when TAG had gotten pictures of Mountain in bed with one of the ugliest women the Gods ever put on this Earth. Then the ornery little woman had them blown up to half of life size and hung them over the bar they all hung out in.

“You can’t kick my ass LITTLE lady,” Mountain growled back “not unless you get a ladder so’s you can reach it. Besides your tiny little legs is too short so you ain’t never gonna catch me.”

With that, they were off. This huge powerful man, running for his life from a little short woman armed only with a bar towel. Every once in a while, she would flick him on the behind with it wringing a yelp of pain from the big man. The entire bar was in an uproar of laughter at the two friend’s antics along with various hoots and catcalls. Cam fell into her chair the tears flowing from her eyes as she laughed harder than she could remember.

The chase ended as it accomplished its goal of getting everyone out of a somber mood and into the party. The party was well under way; Cam swore she’d danced with every woman in the place more than once including a couple of awkward turns around the dance floor with a very pregnant Kat. Cam had a nice comfortable buzz on, and was truly enjoying watching all her friends having a good time.

Every so often Cam would look over the crowd and let out a wistful sigh. Cutter was watching his daughter and he knew exactly what she was missing and he knew it was time for a little straight talk father-daughter style.

“You really miss her, don’t ya little girl?” Cutter said into her ear so she would hear over the rather loud music.

Cam snapped her head around so fast Cutter thought she might break her neck, her expressive blue eyes wide with surprise at what he had just said.

“What you didn’t think I’d know about something like that when it’s so important to my little girl?” He asked somewhat surprised by her reaction. “Please WC you really should know me better by now.”

“You’re right as usual Daddy,” the tall sad woman answered so softly he almost missed it. “I should know better than to underestimate you guys. Y’all are always lookin’ out for me aren’t ya’?”

The two shared a sorely missed laugh together then Cam’s eyes returned to that far away look, as her attention turned back to the partying crowd, until she heard the man tell her:

“Don’t count that little wildcat out yet, darlin’,” he drawled, his southern roots showing. “I’ve watched her since she got out and that little one of yours has done nothin’ but bust her tail to build a life the two of you could share when you got out. You know they don’t usually release prisoners out until in the afternoon, not in the mid-morning.”

She looked at her Dad wondering what his cryptic statement meant, she was about to look away when she realized what he was telling her. Her cerulean eyes grew wide with the realization that the person she had been looking for wouldn’t have known of her early release.

“That’s right WC.” he continued, “They wanted you out of there before the press got there, you know you made quite a splash when you were proven innocent but still couldn’t be released and then when you turned down your paroles every time they went nuts. I guess we’re the only ones smart enough to know what you were doing. If that guard captain hadn’t called the Sergeant-major, we wouldn’t have known either. That son of a bitch warden planed to just dump you out into the streets hoping you would just kind of wander away before any reporters could show up.”

“But what about…?” Cam began but her building panic was stopped short when Cutter raised a massive hand and placed it gently on her shoulder and gave her a tender squeeze to remind her he was there for her and to let him finish what he had to say before she flew off half cocked. It was something that had worked for them ever since Cam had come to live with them.

“The sergeant-major tried to call her but she’d already left her office and she wasn’t answering her phone.” Cutter informed her, “You know she works for the sergeant-major, WC. That little thing’s a hell of a lawyer. Got a good heart too, helps a lot of poor folks, doing their legal work for free.”

Cam looked at him even more surprised but there was a lot of pride in there too. The sergeant-major was a friend of Cutter’s from back in his old “No Such Agency” days. The man was now a well-known and powerful attorney and was one of the founders of one of the most influential law firms in the country. The family and their business was the main reason their head office was in Missouri and not in New York or LA.

She also knew there was no way Cheryl would have been hired if she weren’t a great lawyer. Like Cutter, the sergeant-major had the same rules, sure family got first shot at a job if they wanted it, but if they couldn’t do the job right then they were gone just as fast as anyone else. Family and friends was one thing but business was another, Cutter and her uncles had taught her that from the very beginning. Cam could feel that sense of pride swelling in her as she thought of the accomplishments the little green-eyed blonde had made since her release. That brought back the memories and pictures that had haunted her thoughts and dreams for the last three years.

Every time Cam closed her eyes, she saw the look on the woman’s face as she was being led from the cellblock to return to the real world a fully vindicated and free woman. Cheryl had finished law school during her stay in prison at Cam’s urging, the devoted woman had vowed she would do her best to help her beloved little blonde to study or whatever it took, so that her dreams of being a lawyer would come true. Cam had always believed that Cheryl was entirely innocent of the crimes they said she’d committed and she was just as sure that her lawyers would prove it, and they did.

Apparently, Cheryl had gone ahead and taken, and passed, the bar exams after her release and judging by what her adopted father had just said had become a fantastic lawyer just as Cam always knew she would be.

The only thing Cam was worried about now was now that Cheryl had all the wonderful things she had always dreamed of, along with all the great opportunities she now had, and a fabulous new life, Cheryl wouldn’t want Cam around anymore. Cam couldn’t think of a single reason why someone as wonderful, beautiful, and talented, not to mention Cheryl’s amazing inner beauty, would have to wait around for her release.

There was absolutely no reason that Cam could figure why she would want a tired, foul tempered, brooding, worthless, ex-convict, with murder on her soul, hanging around and possibly messing up the nearly perfect life Cheryl had made for herself. The only thing Cam was hoping was that if Cheryl really didn’t want to be with her, that she wouldn’t show up to throw her a large humiliating dose of pity. Then get rid of her by telling the tall quiet biker, that it just ‘wasn’t going to work out for them’ and since she already had someone else in her life, the last thing she needed was an embarrassment like Cam hanging around.

After all, it’s like I’ve always said the voice of Cam’s dark inner demons whispered to her there’s no way that someone that beautiful is alone for long. There’s no way she’s going to want used and damaged goods like me. Why would she want someone with a stained, warped, and bloody soul like mine, when she can easily find someone far more worthy of her elsewhere.

Cam sighed resigned that she was destined to be alone for the rest of her life.

However, the gods work in their own ways and their answer to Cam’s troubled thoughts was at this moment speeding down highway 65 South, determined to find the one true love of her life. Cheryl knew in her heart she was ready to sacrifice everything she had gained since leaving prison, for just one chance of having the tall black haired blue-eyed incredibly gorgeous but totally insecure woman in her life.

She had already decided to take any kind of relationship Cam was willing to give her as long as they would be together for the rest of their lives and beyond.

The only problem with her plan was that she needed to see her beloved Camilla in order to get things right between them and right now Cheryl had no idea where her beloved dark angel was.


Chapter 22

Cam was sitting back watching her friends having a good time, but not actually paying much attention. Her mind was too distracted trying to unravel the things her adopted father had just told her. A slight smile was on her lips as she thought of the possible meaning of what Cutter had said, and that there really might be a chance for a life with the young and beautiful golden-haired woman she loved more than life itself.

She knew that they would be facing a lot of obstacles on the road toward a loving and lasting relationship, but she felt that with the loving support system she already had they had a better than average chance at life long happiness together. These thoughts and thoughts of a life with Cheryl were running slowly through her mind when she felt a light tap on her shoulder. Knowing there was only two people in the world that would ever consider interrupting her when she was thinking by touching her. She turned and looked at Cutter to see what he wanted.

“The guys and I are gonna try to make a little music WC.” he explained pointing to the guitar in his left hand. “Is there anything special you want to hear, little girl?”

Cam looked up and smiled at him gratefully, a tear escaped her eye. With a disgusted snort, she reached up and quickly wiped it off with the back of her hand, she was really getting tired of being so emotional lately. It seemed like every time anybody spoke to her today she was breaking out the water works.

“Did Uncle Cobra bring his sax?” she asked sounding suddenly like the sad teenager that used to listen to these men play in bars all over Missouri.

“You know he did WC,” the big man answered smiling down indulgently at his daughter, knowing he and his friends would do whatever they had too just to see her smiling again. “And before you ask, yes Mountain brought his ax too. Electric Dave and Snowshoe are here too, it’s the whole band and we wanted to play for you one more time, little one.”

Despite herself Cam let her tears flow, the combination of her Dad calling her by the endearment he’d used when she was much younger, and the idea that the band had put aside their differences just to play for her, was more than she could handle dry eyed. She hadn’t heard the original band play together in years, even before she’d been sent to prison. She knew that Cutter and Mountain spent a lot of weekends sitting in with other bands, even Cobra would break out his saxophone and go with them on occasion, but the original band had split up when Cam was in graduate school. The only answer she ever got as to why, was Cutter and Mountain both said that the band just wasn’t fun any more and the music shouldn’t ever be a job, it was something they did for themselves.

“How about some Lady Day?” she asked knowing full well that she was requesting for two of Cutter’s songs. “You still got the licks for that, I bet.”

“I hope so WC, but remember it has been a while. K?” Cutter answered her challenge with a sparkle in his hazel eyes “But I think us old men can maybe crank out a little of sweet Billie, and throw in some BB for ya’ too. What do ya’ say?”

Cam was speechless as she smiled up at him and nodded, then watched in wonder as the men got up on the stage and quickly set up the rest of their equipment. They had brought up the bulk of their equipment the night before; even Snowshoe had brought up his special double drum kit. Her Uncle Mountain stepped up to the mike and with a nod from Cutter; he began the long instrumental intro to their own arrangement of “Stormy Monday”. The guitar looked so tiny in the huge man’s hands but it spoke with a voice so sweet it could make people cry to hear it. Cam had seen hardcore club members that hated each other enough to kill, stand side by side to hear these men play. Mountain’s gravelly voice came in over the sweet melody of the two guitars, growling out the lyrics to the slow sultry rhythm of old blues standard.

Although she had played with them every once in a while over the years, Cam had very often played bass guitar and keyboards, plus Cam was an amazing singer, and was a popular addition to the old band, nobody asked her to play tonight. Simply because this was her night, and the men playing meant the music to be for her, so it was best to just let her sit back undisturbed, and enjoy her family honoring her through their music. However, it was made perfectly clear that if Cam wanted to participate, they would be more than happy to have her join them; there was always room for her up there. It just wasn’t what tonight was all about.

Their music was one of the few ways these tough life-hardened men were able to express their emotions so freely. Like now even though the lyrics of the song were still sad and bluesy, everyone listening, could hear, the unbridled joy, and love they were feeling, because they had their little girl back with them where she belonged. It wasn’t all that unusual to look out over one of their audiences and see many of them crying at the beauty and emotion in their music and this time was no exception, in fact, everyone was being effected by the magic in their music.

Several women came over and asked Cam to dance but she had politely but firmly turned them down. All she wanted to do was sit there and enjoy the sweet alluring spell of love and joy coming from the music. There was only one woman she wanted to dance to the men’s music and she just wasn’t there. The final bars of Cobra’s sax solo in “Stormy Monday” were floating through the air as Cutter stepped up to his mike and looking over at his daughter, intense hazel locked gazes with light blue, and with a small loving smile on his lips and a tear of joy in his eye the big quiet biker said:

“This one’s for you, little one.”

Then at his lead, the band slipped smoothly into the old Billie Holiday song, “God Bless the Child”. It was the first song Cutter had ever sung for Cam right after she’d moved to the farm with him, and ever since no matter what band he was sitting in with, if it was a special occasion for Cam the normally gruff and stoic biker would make sure to sing this song for her. It had become a tradition for the family. Cam felt the prickling on the back of her neck, like all the hair on the back of her neck was standing on end. At first she thought it was the feeling she got sometimes when she knew Cutter was about to sing this special song for her. The man had an amazingly versatile voice and could cover both baritone and/or tenor parts when necessary and he was able to cover this particular song in a way that most were sure would make Lady Day herself cry with approval. Then it came to her that the tingling feeling wasn’t going away, it bugged her and she began going over it in her mind trying to recall when the last time she felt this way was. It was something that would drive Cam crazy until she figured it out. Then she remembered the last time she’d felt this sensation and she was instantly alert. The only time she could think of was the first time Cheryl had come to her cell.

The tall dark woman stiffened and looked over the crowd and toward the door, secretly hoping to see her sweetest dream walking through the door. There was no one coming through the door, giving her a deep feeling of disappointment, and trying not to let show, she was ready to charge it off to her nerves fraying because of the stress of the day and forget it, but was halted when something amazing happened.

“Would you do me the honor of dancing with me pretty lady?” a soft familiar voice whispered into her ear.

Feeling the hot breath wash over her sensitive ear, Cam’s entire body shivered. As an electric jolt of raw sexual energy ripped through her, becoming a burning urge in her lower extremities. Only one person could do that to her.

“Cheryl?” she whispered as if the single word was a prayer and was afraid she was dreaming. “Is it really you baby?”

“Its m-me sweetheart,” the golden-haired woman said softly as a small sob caused her to stammer. “Look at me, baby, I promise I’m real.”

Neither woman realized that the music had stopped and that all eyes were on them. Cam looked up at Cutter, trusting him for the confirmation of something this important. She needed to know it really was the woman she loved more than life that was standing behind her. The big man was looking down at his daughter when their eyes met; once again, she was looking like a terrified little girl. He could see her entire body was trembling and her face was a picture of confusion, showing clearly her emotions.

She couldn’t hide that her uncontrollable emotions were running rampant; raging through her mind was everything from total elation to abject terror. Sensing what his daughter needed, Cutter knew without introduction who the beautiful little blonde was, so he smiled lovingly at Cam and nodded letting his little girl know that against all odds her dearest wish had come true. As she turned, Cam closed her eyes, afraid that if she actually looked, it wouldn’t be her sweet blonde angel, or that the green-eyed beauty would simply disappear as she had in so many prison nightmares.

“Come on sweetheart,” she heard Cheryl’s soft melodic voice, sounding like a thousand singing heavenly angels asking her to, “Open up your pretty eyes my love and let me see those sweet baby blues. It’s been so, so long since I was lost in those deep loving blue pools.”

Surrendering to the power of the voice Cam opened her eyes and saw the most gorgeous sight she’d ever seen. Starting at the softly shining golden blonde hair Cam’s eyes slowly roamed down the young woman’s incredible body, re-acquainting themselves with every curve and swell, of the breath taking sight before her. Sweeping her eyes down past Cheryl’s generous firm breasts, then over her hard flat abdomen and small waist, taking in the gentle curve of the compact woman’s hips encased in the tight stonewashed jean shorts. Her eyes traveled down Cheryl’s strong, shapely and muscular legs, then back up to have her vision be captured by bright compelling emerald green orbs that shone with unshed tears.

“Oh Goddess, it really is you my little one.” Cam whispered in quiet gratitude, “You didn’t forget me, and move on.”

The grateful tone of those words brought home to Cheryl what was causing the frightened look in her beloved Camilla’s eyes. It sent a shaft of anguish through heart that her beloved Camilla had suffered through the last three years alone. Cheryl looked deeply into those beautiful ice blue eyes, and immediately saw the pain and heartache, alongside the hope and love, that her lover had been suffering through since they’d been parted by circumstances. Cheryl didn’t know how to prove her love to the older woman, but she was determined to try to make Cam see the strength of her love for the tall enigmatic woman she loved to the exclusion of all else.

“Oh Camilla,” Cheryl sighed, her joy of finally finding her beloved biker stealing her breath, for a moment.

Using Cam’s entire first name was something Cheryl began while they were in prison. She wanted to give Cam the feeling that she was different from all those other women that wanted nothing more from the tall beauty than to use her body. Cheryl wanted so much more from the woman she loved, and since all those shallow women called her Cam or Camy, Cheryl had decided that when they were alone or being serious she was going to use Cam’s whole first name. Cam had always loved the way her given name sounded when Cheryl said it; it always sent a thrill through her every time Cheryl’s warm soft voice said her name. She had never felt that way when anyone else said any of her names before, but whatever name the little blonde-haired woman called her sounded special to Cam. This was exactly the kind of situation Cheryl had in mind when she began use a different name from everybody else, it was meant to tell Cam that Cheryl cared about her more than anyone else she knew.

Seeing that her lover understood how serious this was to her and that Cam was paying close attention to what the small blonde lawyer was saying.

“How could I forget my heart, and soul, or the very air I breathe? How could you think I could ever forget the most important thing in my life and my only reason for living?”

Hearing Cheryl’s declaration of true unconditional love, Cam slowly rose to her feet, her eyes never breaking contact with the shining emerald orbs that held her captive. They stood there just looking deeply into each other’s eyes for several heartbeats, looking for any sign of treachery or betrayal. The air around them nearly crackled, from the intense energy between them, each woman frozen in place by the overwhelming joy of the other’s presence.

Tears fell unnoticed in steady streams from their eyes, while the entire room full of people held their breath waiting for the women’s next move. Sensing only sincerity and love from the green-eyed woman, Cheryl could see the questions in Cam’s eyes and tried to answer them with a question of her own.

“Do you still want me Camilla?” the terrified little blonde whispered just loud enough for Cam to barely hear. “Do you want us be together forever?”

Cam remained perfectly still for a long moment, afraid that her legs would betray her and let her fall to the floor. Her body trembled, visibly aching for the contact it so desperately needed from the one person in the universe that could satisfy its needs. Her arms longed to hold that perfectly shaped, compact and muscular body that fit against hers so perfectly as if the blonde had been created just for Cam.

“We have already been together forever in our hearts my love,” Cam said, finally her voice surprisingly clear and strong, “and my need for you will live on throughout eternity. I love you little one, with all that I am, and I will never leave you, not ever. I swear that as long as you will have me at your side, I would be honored to be there.”

Cam’s words echoed through Cheryl, her heart swelled, pounding so hard the lawyer thought it was going to burst out of her chest. Her tears of joy blurred her vision, but she was fully aware of where her lover was and knew exactly where she needed to be at that moment. Faster then anyone could see the green-eyed golden-haired woman launched herself into her lover’s arms. Cam caught her easily, and as Cheryl wrapped her arms around Cam’s powerful neck, and her legs were locked around the tall black haired woman’s narrow waist. Cam had seen this coming and had planted her feet firmly, anticipating a full body hit from a hundred and twenty pounds of well-muscled and happy blonde. So it didn’t even move the powerful woman, who wrapped her long strong arms around her lover enfolding her lovingly and holding her tight against her reveling in the nearness of the woman she’d dreamed of holding like this every day and night for three years.

Cam’s lips brushed against Cheryl’s soft full lips once, then again a little harder, and then her tongue tentatively traced the outline of those full sweet lips she longed to devour. With a gasp of anticipation, Cheryl’s lips parted in an invitation to enter anxious for more contact with her tall dark lover. It was an invitation that Cam RSVP-ed gladly, as her tongue delved into her blonde lover’s sweet mouth wriggling and exploring the wonderful space now opened to it, wanting to leave no surface untouched. The golden haired beauty’s tongue joined with her lover’s swirling around each other in the timeless dance sending bolts of liquid fire coursing through their bodies that further fuelled the raging infernos blazing in their bellies.

Their kiss deepened further becoming more fierce, more demanding. Cheryl moaned in ecstasy from the contact, her need heightened by the low sultry growl from deep in Cam’s chest. Both women could feel their lungs burning with their bodies need for oxygen, but they refused to break the kiss, neither one willing to relinquish the contact they had both longed for so long.

Finally, when Cam began seeing the bright flashes of light in her eyes that signaled the onset of oxygen deprivation, the tall blue-eyed woman reluctantly pulled away from the delectable treat she had been feasting on to allow them both to replenish their bodies’ supply of the vital gas. Undaunted Cheryl immediately began planting light kisses down Cam’s strong jaw line to her neck, where the small blonde began using her lips tongue and small white teeth to taste the exposed flesh of her lover’s neck.

“Hang on baby” Cam warned her lover “I got to sit down before we both fall down.”

“Sure…honey…” Cheryl agreed between kisses “Oh…my…Gods…Camilla…you …taste even…better…than I…remember!”

Cam chuckled as she carefully sat back into the padded desk chair that TAG had brought out for the biker remembering that sometimes Cam’s back bothered her as the result of a wreck she’d had as a teen. The considerate old friend didn’t want Cam to have to leave her own party early, because of the old injury hurting her. Now it was a double blessing because the sturdy well-built chair had no problem holding up under the weight of the two women.

Once they were seated comfortably Cheryl got back to her preoccupation with being sure she had licked, nipped and tasted every little bit of exposed skin on Cam’s neck. Cam herself was gently rubbing her hands slowly up and down feeling the soft satiny skin of her lover’s short but very shapely and marvelously muscled legs. Silently thanking the Goddess for inspiring her golden haired lover to wear such short shorts. Giving Cam much more of Cheryl’s marvelous legs to explore, and touch. Both women blushed bright red as the entire bar broke out with loud raucous cheers and whistles, as Cam’s friends expressed their approval and joy that their friend had finally found someone that apparently loved Cam as much as Cam loved her. A lot of them were getting tired of the shallow women that had used the tall beautiful woman for her looks and would never take the chance of showing their feelings for Cam so publicly the way the little blonde-haired woman had and still was.

Cam looked over Cheryl’s shoulder at the three men standing on the stage watching her and her lover getting re-acquainted. All three of the men had these big goofy grins on their faces. She probably would have said something about how silly they looked but just as she was about to speak she realized that she had a fairly goofy grin on her face as well. With a wink, Cutter turned to the others and counted down to begin the song that had been halted by the blonde’s welcomed arrival. Cheryl was fully attached to the front of her tall lover and was happily indulging in one of her favorite pastimes, satisfying her long denied urge to taste and feel Cam’s incredibly gorgeous body.

She eagerly let her lips tongue and teeth roam freely, over the blue eyed woman’s neck and shoulders, pausing every so often to nibble and/or lick lavishly, a delectable ear or to suck at skin covering the pulse point where Cam’s long beautiful neck and broad muscular shoulders joined, reveling in the way her actions was making the biker’s pulse go crazy, and also marking the exceptionally beautiful and alluring woman clearly and unmistakably as hers.

Cam was soon lost in the feel of having her lover back, enjoying the tentative touches as their bodies became aware of the long denied pleasures of each other’s. Neither woman was aware of anything that was happening around them. Eventually the newly reunited couple reached a point where even the wisest of the group was beginning to get uncomfortable for them. His daughter and her lover were distracting even Cutter.

Knowing they had a lot of time to make up for, and observing that both women were totally oblivious to their surroundings, Cutter knew that any other time both of the women would be embarrassed and humiliated by the spectacle they were putting on. He decided that it was time for an intervention, a gentle and tender intervention, so he wouldn’t spoil or detract from their passions. Signaling TAG, the big, tough, yet when it came to his daughter, very softhearted biker, his long time close friend, bring him the key to the best room in the motel. He then called Mountain and Cobra over and the three huddled together so Cutter could fill them on his plan.

They split up all of them with those big goofy, yet somewhat mischievous smiles on their faces. Now their only concern was if their WC would cooperate before she simply reacted and murdered all three of them. Either way Cutter was sure that, given a few days to calm down, Cam would thank them for stopping her and Cheryl from doing something that would have totally embarrassed them both in front of all Cam’s friends. There was no way that Cam would have allowed it if she was in her right mind, but right now, Cutter thought smiling, even more happy for his beloved daughter, Cam and Cheryl were both way too deeply and totally immersed in the full out and wonderful insanity of rekindled true love, and he knew no one that was human was strong enough to control that, and no one knew just how human Cam was, as well as Cutter.

Well Goddess thank you The big older, sentimental hardcore biker and one time assassin prayed silently thank you for answering the prayers of an undeserving soul like me and giving my little girl the chance to know true love.

In addition, please forgive this old idiot for not trusting in your ways. I will never make that mistake again. He added as an after thought Now if you can please stop her from killing me for what we are about to do, I’d really appreciate it.

Chapter 23

Agreeing to Cutter’s plan the three men split and headed off to carry out their part of the plan. For his part, Cobra ran over to the bar and “called” TAG and Creeper over, then all three went into their own huddle. Cutter watched his tall albino “brother” as he brought their two friends into the conspiracy, and as soon as they split up to perform their part of the plan, he and Mountain went to mingle with the obviously, very happy party goers, until the right time to begin carrying out Cutter’s plan that Mountain had code named: Operation Honeymooners. Cutter laughed and had told his gigantic friend that he spent way too much time working with the covert ops teams when he was a Marine.

He looked over again at the two very involved women and found himself hoping that his three fellow conspirators hurried, and finished their part, before the little blonde-haired woman now attached to her front from the waist up drove Cam completely crazy. The big biker was ready to swear that the little blonde even now looked like she, was about to begin trying to crawl into Cam’s skin, that was the only way they could get any closer together, and he had to admit, that his daughter didn’t look to be putting up much of a fight.

He knew it was almost time when TAG had come hurrying in and grabbed Kat, after whispering into the little ex-stripper’s ear, the fiery little redhead gave an enthusiastic nod, and they both scurried out of the room. After about a half hour, the four conspirators returned quietly and signaled their two co-conspirators that their part was ready. Seeing the high sign from their friends, it was time for the two big men to begin the most dangerous part of the plan. A lot of people thought that Cutter and Mountain were really brothers because they acted so much alike, and actually looked close enough to be related, but they weren’t, the truly ironically funny part of people thinking that, was that while the two men didn’t share their last name, they did have the same “real” first name. They often wondered if it was something about the name that made them the way they were, like a curse or a spell, but when they realized that they shared the same name with the redneck county sheriff back home, they decided against that theory.

However, as always whenever they were together it was as if they had some psychic bond, and always seemed to know what each other was thinking. So as always, without any prompting they both moved over to the head table and stood on either side of the two very preoccupied women.

They tried clearing their throats to get the younger women’s attention, when that didn’t work they moved on to several other highly obnoxious noises, Mountain was an expert at making rude and obnoxious noises. He had even embarrassed Cutter once or twice, over the years they had ridden together. The two big shaggy bikers even tried calling out the two women’s names that too was a failure. The two men looked over at each other and after a few moments contemplation, Mountain looked over at his life long friend with a mischievous twinkle in his light grey eyes and an evil smirk on his lips, Cutter instantly recognized it as the look his friend always got, just before he got them both in deep trouble. He didn’t say a word, but as usual Cutter knew what his Bro was thinking, and began shaking his head and chuckling, and seriously wondering about the larger man’s sanity.

“Aw man, Mountain, no.” Cutter called out to his seemingly suicidal friend. “You big idiot she’ll kill you, if you don’t tear your back out first. Good Goddess, Bro. She’ll kill us both.”

The big bear of a man didn’t say a word to his friend, but the two knew each other so well the man’s looks were enough to hold up his end of the argument, and as it was with the people he cared about, he knew he was going to lose this argument before it even started.

“Come on man stop…” Cutter began as his old riding partner began to bend down to get into position to carry out his plan. “I don’t know why I hang around with you, you big troublema…Aw Hades balls, at least wait for me to get in there so I can help. I always said you’d be the death of me you big asshole.”

Mountain just laughed quietly at his friends good-natured protests while he got into position. Mountain never doubted that Cutter would go along with his idea, it was always like that between them, one would get bored and come up with some outrageous idea guaranteed to get them in trouble, and the other one would bitch, gripe and moan about how stupid it was, while he followed his friend into the gates of Tartarus if he needed to.

As always Cutter rushed over to help his friend as they lined themselves up on either side of the office chair that was currently holding the two women. Mountain looked over at his perennial partner in crime and with a wink and a nod, they both lifted the chair, with the two women in it, high in the air, and laughing they began carrying the chair, women and all, toward the door on the other side of the bar.

“Ah Cam…?” Cheryl muttered into Cam’s mouth.

“Ah huh…” the tall woman answered, as she kissed a patch of exposed skin, she hadn’t noticed until that moment, “what is it baby?”

The woman was way too distracted by the presence and actions of the beautiful blonde in her lap.

“Why are we floating across the room?” Cheryl asked giggling, as she became aware of what was happening. “Honey, I think your Uncle and Dad are trying to tell us something.”

“Put us down you big over grown apes.” The black haired woman growled into Cheryl’s neck, perturbed at their intrusion on her concentrating on the blonde’s very delectable ear.

Then her head snapped up as she realized exactly what was happening.

“By the Gods, Mountain I know this was your idea, you big pervert.” Cam yelled trying to be angry with the two playful men, but failing miserably. “I’m serious; you two idiots put us down before you hurt yourselves.”

They were almost three-quarters of the way to the door, when they reached the point where they were laughing too hard to continue safely.

“Ah…Mountain…down…now…I’m losing it!” Cutter barked over his own laughter.

They sat the chair down gently, and once they were sure, the two women were safe; both men fell on their backsides laughing so hard they couldn’t get up. The two women stopped making out and looked down in disbelief at the two grey haired shaggy bikers rolling on the bar room floor laughing.

“Cheryl sweetheart, I’m sorry you had to see this.” Cam said shaking her head slowly, and trying very hard to look serious, “but it appears that my Daddy and Uncle Mountain have finally lost their pitiful little minds completely.”

Cheryl was giggling at the antics of her lovers’ unusual family; she was amazed at how much they loved Cam. It could be clearly seen by the way they acted. After several minutes the two men had calmed down enough to get up off the floor, Cam held out a hand to Cutter who gratefully used it to get up to his feet, he was muttering something about getting too old to be rolling on the floor with big idiots, without female companionship.

Mountain remained seated on the floor smiling up at his niece, and her lover.

“Well you big jerk,” Cam growled looking down at the man still seated on the floor, and looking for all the world like an ornery little boy playing tricks on his parents “are you going to sit on that floor with that silly look on your face, or are you going to get up, ya’ old goat?”

Cam knew full well just how disarming the big man could be, when he wanted to be, and right now he wanted to be. Cam could tell that these two men had just totally charmed her lover, but even knowing her Uncle was in one of his playful moods, she still wasn’t prepared for his next antic.

“You still mad at me WC?” he asked crossing his hugely muscled arms over his chest, and sticking his bottom lip out looking and sounding like a pouting petulant child. “Cause I ain’t getting up if you’re mad at me.”

Cam looked at him in wonder, then the thought struck her that the only thing missing was his thumb in his mouth. Then that thought made her eyes sparkle with laughter, and Mountain knew he had her, and gave her a huge brilliant smile, his grey eyes reflecting his love for the young woman he’d helped raise. That look was all Cam could take and she burst out laughing at her big, sometimes goofy uncle, giving him exactly what he was shooting for.

Cheryl could see that it was well past time to get off her lover’s, oh so comfortable, lap, and she carefully untangled herself from Cam and got to her feet and hurriedly began straightening her clothes, quickly buttoning some strategically placed buttons that she hadn’t realized her anxious lover had opened as they’d given each other a prolonged hello. Cam soon followed suit, also having to take time to rebutton more than a few buttons herself.

Judging by the look that they gave each other, both women felt the ache deep in their hearts, at the loss of each other’s touch.

“Come to the bar WC.” Cutter said quietly, “Bring your lady, we need to talk.”

He turned to the crowd of partiers, and raised a hand that instantly got their attention.

“Alright people,” the gruff, usually quiet, man shouted, “My family would really like to thank y’all for coming with us to welcome our little girl home at last. I know both my daughter as well as the rest of the family; appreciate this showing of y’all’s feelings for our family. We’d like y’all to know we feel the same for every one of you. We’ll be going out for a little bit, but we’ll be back soon, but don’t let that stop the party. Y’all keep it up, we’re safe here so relax and have fun.”

With that, he turned back and put a heavily muscled arm around Cam’s shoulders, and shepherded her to the far end of the bar. As they got to the bar TAG and Kat came bouncing through the door, both of them were smiling and laughing, as they joined Creeper, Cobra, and the rest of the family at the end of the bar.

TAG had long ago earned her membership into the family, and Creeper was a club Bro of Cutter and Mountain’s from back in what all three men called, the bad old days, they were some of the very few from back then that were even still alive. So, with a brotherhood forged through some hard times, the four men had remained close, and having covered each other’s back so many times that mutual deep trust and respect had developed between them, making the wiry little man a part of the family in his own right.

The wiry, and as Cheryl’s words so aptly put it, kind of scary, little biker, had the bottle of Bushmills and enough shot glasses full of the potent blend of Irish whiskeys for each of them. Cam took a little extra time to introduce her lover to TAG, Creeper, and of course, Kat, who everyone noticed, examined the small blonde with Cam very closely. The tall woman turned aside her lover’s questions, with the promise of explaining their membership in the family.

Then like they always did when they were all together, they drank a toast to the reuniting of their family, and then Cutter as head of the family gave a toast welcoming Cheryl to their family and showed the little blonde his own sense of humor, giving her one last chance to run screaming into the night. Her adamant “NO” brought laughter from everyone except Cutter. Cheryl got an approving nod from Cam’s loving and protective father, for the seriousness of Cheryl’s refusal to leave the woman she loved, regardless of how strange and kind of scary the rest of her family was. The two made eye contact and in that moment the golden haired attorney had found she had just acquired a friend and extremely powerful ally, joined by their sharing their love and protective instincts for the single most important thing in their lives, Camilla.

With a knowing look and the almost imperceptible nod that passed between them, the unlikely pair made a silent agreement that their common goal was to see to it that the tall black haired blue-eyed woman never had another reason to return to the dark and lonely woman she had been before she met her green-eyed lover. In that instant, Cheryl also knew that, she had made one of the best and most loyal friends she would ever have. She was also very aware that if she broke their silent agreement, her friend would instantly become the worst most ruthless enemy she could have, one that would most likely kill her without a second thought or a sleepless night, but Cheryl knew that would never be a problem for them.

The three men were impressed with the little lawyer’s determination and devotion to their “little girl”, and the way she had been glued to the tall blue eyed woman, since finding her, they were fairly convinced of her genuine love for Cam, and had agreed whole-heartedly that Cheryl Killian was more than worthy of joining their wide spread and eclectic little family. An honor she accepted gratefully after giving it the serious consideration it truly deserved. This gave the elated orphan even more reason for loving her dark stoic biker, after all these years someone had finally given Cheryl the thing she’d been searching for since she had awakened in that hospital, after her parents death, a loving and accepting family.

In order to have a serious family moment, the three men took the two young women out of the bar, and now they were all standing in the parking lot next to the motorcycles. Cam took a few minutes to formally introduce Cheryl to Cutter and her two Uncles that were her immediate family.

She was very proud of her lover, and Cam wanted to be sure that her family knew, that normally, she and the incredibly attached blonde practiced more restraint in public but between Cam’s joy that Cheryl had cared for her so much she was willing to hunt for and find her, added to Cheryl’s elation that she’d found and was accepted by her lover, combined with three years of forced celibacy they had temporarily lost control of themselves.

“Really sir,” Cheryl quickly explained “as an attorney I have to have more decorum in order to get a jury to believe me. I wouldn’t normally think of acting so inappropriately with Camilla, I love her far too much to put her in such an embarrassing situation. But I thought I’d lost her and was about to go back to begin searching in another direction, I saw all the cars and motorcycles and stopped hoping I’d been lucky enough to find her. Then when I walk in, I thought I was in the wrong place, then there she was, and well she was even more beautiful than I remembered. Then to find that she wanted me as I wanted her, well it was just too much, and my heart kind of took over my body, and acted before my addled brain could think of a more acceptable manner of greeting for the woman I love. I would never want to be an embarrassment, to Camilla or her family, I swear it.”

The three men stood quietly enjoying the golden haired woman as she babbled her excuse; she had also surprised them and was moved up a notch, when she also gave her explanation in sign language. Cam’s heart swelled with pride and devotion as her lover showed so much respect for her family, not many people did, until it was too late. She could see that Cutter was very charmed by the little woman and was touched by the way she brought out the southern gentleman in him. Before the pretty blonde could go off on another tangent of apologies, Cutter spoke up.

“Alright my dear young lady, I think it’s my turn now.” Cutter said laughing softly at the young woman’s nervous babble. “Let’s get a few things straight here, ok? First of all I believe if y’all take a real close look at who raised this little girl, you know, who showed up for open houses and PTA meetings, and all her school activities and cheered the loudest whenever she did anything. Hell Mountain over there once cheered for her warming up in the on deck circle.”

All three men held up their hands, wanting to reassure their girl’s new friend. She looked around at the three men and pictured them at a PTA meeting or shouting their approval of their little girl and smiled, thinking their devotion to her lover was the sweetest thing she’d ever seen.

“Yeah you get the idea,” The biker said “After that, just how do you plan on being an embarrassment to WC? Second, there are no Sirs here, this is Mountain.” he said pointing at the big man on his right, “this is Cobra,” pointing to the tall skinny man with strangely white skin and all white eyes, dressed entirely in black leather, “and I’m Cutter. You may not have made the connection yet, but you do know whom we are, and I’m sure our little WC will fill you in on all this later. For now however, I’m sure you and WC want to get somewhere private, so y’all can get to know each other again, so I’ll make it short.”

“Cheryl, since you’re part of our family now I’m sure you want to go by our rules.” he stated and after she nodded he went on, “One of our strictest rules, is that you turn in you keys at a party like this, and they’ll be given back when you’re ready to leave, as long as you’re sober. It’s a fair trade, especially this time, cause we give you a key to a room at the motel over there. A lot of times you just get chair or floor space to sleep it off.”

Cheryl fished her keys out of her pocket and handed them to Cutter, who with a big smile gave her the room key TAG had handed him earlier.

“Ok that’s it, so why don’t y’all go on and get to know each other all over again.” Cutter said grinning happily at his daughter. “Privately this time so you can do it properly. Y’all don’t worry about checkouts; it’s all taken care of till you’re ready to leave. Now get out of here.”

Smiling at her Daddy’s kind words, Cam went to him and gave him a hug and a quick kiss, then laughing at his grumbling about ‘kids with no respect’, she grabbed Cheryl’s hand and led her off toward the clean little motel that TAG and Creeper owned, giggling like a couple of school girls.

They could hear the three men laughing as they headed back to the party. As they headed toward their room, Cam explained to her lover about how their group had lost several friends because of drinking and driving. Therefore, the entire extended family got together, and decided that when anyone gave a party they had to collect the keys and provide somewhere appropriate for everyone to sleep off the party, or provide a designated driver to shuttle everyone home, then back the next day to retrieve their vehicles. She also assured Cheryl that there was always someone watching over their vehicles and they made sure their rides were unmolested while the group partied. Usually, like now, it was a couple of prospects from one of the clubs her family was friendly with.

Cheryl asked about several of the people she’d met at the party and Cam told her a few stories about some of the people her lover had met and was having a hard time convincing the blonde attorney that she wasn’t kidding, or making it up. Just as they reached the right door to the room the naturally curious young woman asked the question Cam knew was coming, but that she was dreading the answer.

“Ah…Camilla, I have a couple of questions to ask,” the green eyed blonde stated ” and the one I’m just dying to know is why does your family keep calling you WC, and what does it mean?”

Cam gave her newly reunited lover a mysterious smile, and a mischievous wink.

“WC stands for Wild Child, which is what I acted like when they brought me home for the first time.” Cam answered, “I was totally distrusting of everyone after being on the streets, and I was sure that anyone that said they loved me didn’t really, and was only using that for an excuse because they were going to hurt me. Not to mention that I just knew nobody could possibly love me, I was queer, a pervert and an abomination in the eyes of God. I knew it was true because my real parents told me so while my father was beating me to a bloody pulp.”

Cheryl looked at Cam, her emerald eyes filled with tears of sadness for the battered and abused child that her lover had been, and that was still there, just below the surface. There was a flash of anger for everyone that had used and exploited that child, and took advantage of her loneliness and withholding the love and understanding the child deserved.

“As for why my family calls me that now.” Cam said and shrugged “I guess it’s one of those nicknames that stuck, but only those in my family are allowed to call me that in public. Everyone else calls me Cam, or every once in a while some women have called me Camy, it’s been that way since I was in junior high, when I decided I hated my real name. So does that mean you’re going to start calling me WC like all the others?”

Cheryl looked up at her much taller lover, giving her a careful and thorough examination, and then she gave the nervous biker a dazzling thousand-megawatt smile.

“You know sweetheart, I don’t like the sound of me saying either one.” Cheryl said as if coming to a major decision. “I mean Cam is just too common a name for someone as extraordinary as you, and as for Wild Child or WC, well that’s really better for those that knew you back then, and we won’t even discuss Camy. No, if it’s ok, I think I’ll call you the same thing I have all along, just like I don’t think you’d ever feel right calling me Cheri or Cher. If it’s alright I’d rather just keep calling you Camilla, besides it’s such a beautifully melodic and elegant name, it fits you so perfectly, my love. But if you want me to call you by one of those other names then I will. As long as you love me I don’t care what we call each other.”

Cam looked down into the face that had become the very center of her entire universe and smiled at the polite and respectful way Cheryl always treated her. No one outside her family had ever treated her like that. Not even her teachers and later her professors even though she aced their classes with such apparent ease. The only one who had ever looked at her with such a completely earnest, trusting and loving face was her Daddy, at this moment Cam was aware that she loved this woman totally and without reservation, and would never deny Cam anything, that was within her reach to obtain.

She loves me as much as Daddy, and even beyond that Cam told herself seeing the absolute truth of her statement. I never thought anyone would love me as much as him. I guess this is why he told me all those old family stories about soulmates, he knew some say I would find mine, and he wanted me to know when I finally did.

“Baby I’ll tell you what, I’ve always hated the name Camilla.” Cam said as she pulled the small body to her and marveled in the way it fit against hers so perfectly. “But when you say it, it sounds so refined and so right, I love the way I feel when you look at me with that loving intensity in your beautiful emerald eyes and call me Camilla, in that low sexy tone you get when we lay together, it’s like. Well I suppose the closest I can come to it is that it’s like thousands of heavenly angels singing just for me. So please my love call me Camilla as you wish, that way I will always be able to hear how much you love me even in a crowd.”

As she finished saying that the couple came to the door that matched the key that TAG and Creeper had given Cutter for her. Cam knew something was up when she saw two ribbons baring the initial C on them, attached to the door. Taped to the ribbons was an envelope addressed to them both, Cam opened it and found a note for them from Cobra, the gist of which was that he was so happy and proud that Cam had finally found her true love, and that he hoped Cheryl and Cam were always as happy together as he and Kat were.

With a tear in her eye caused by the unusually loving sentiment put into the note, especially coming from her normally very undemonstrative Uncle, Cam swung open the door. She was locking it when she heard Cheryl’s gasp of surprise. The tall biker turned expecting to see almost anything, but not what she was seeing. The room was decorated with streamers and balloons and tons of flowers, including a huge bouquet of 48 red and yellow roses, their scent filled the room. Across from the bed on a table was a tray full of food including Cam’s favorite, shrimp cocktails, and assorted fresh fruit. On the bedside table was another tray that was full of chocolate dipped strawberries, and next to that were two magnums of Cam’s favorite extra dry sparkling wine.

She was sure now that her Daddy had set this up; he was the only one that knew about her liking that particular vintage, from that particular Napa Valley winery. It was very expensive and she knew nobody would even think of a small detail like that, only Cutter.

The entire room had been turned into a Honeymoon suite, and Cam had a slight smile on her face, she could see Cobra’s young wife Kat’s hand very deeply involved in this, as well as TAG, and was grateful because she was well aware of Cheryl’s voracious appetite. In fact Cam was grateful to her whole family for making sure her lover, and hopefully lifetime partner, knew that she was very welcome into their family and they had gone out of their way to make her feel comfortable wherever they could.

Cheryl was amazed that the rough macho men she had just met had actually had a hand in decorating a room to celebrate the joining of two women. She turned to ask Cam a question but was struck speechless as she found herself looking into twin light blue, burning, bottomless pools of pure raw desire. As the already excited blonde’s emerald eyes locked with molten blue, she could feel the fires of Cam’s need shoot into her own body and go straight to her own raging inferno that burned her lower half fuelled by her ever-increasing lust for her long denied lover.

The air between the two incredibly attracted women was so over heated it threatened to self-combust. Cam took a step toward the sexy little golden haired green-eyed object of her deepest most burning desires without her even noticing, a low feral growl was coming from the tall sleek black haired woman that drove her intended lover wild with a deep undeniable rush of white hot lust, and made Cheryl go weak in the knees. With every last ounce of her resolve the small blonde placed a hand on her advancing lover’s chest and did something she had promised herself she would.

“Just hold it right there Sparky!” the small trembling blonde commanded softly.

Chapter 24

The air stilled as the two women stood just an arms length apart, the distance held by Cheryl’s hand against Cam’s chest. The space between them was charged to the point of near combustion, as determined green met with molten blue.

“The last time we started something like this we did it your way,” the diminutive attorney announced to her frustrated and confused lover “and you gave me the most fabulous, and mind shattering orgasm of my life, but you told me to wait to touch you until we were together again. I thought you meant until the next night, at most, so I agreed, but it’s been three years since I’ve even set eyes on you. That ain’t cuttin’ it…Sparky!”

“Sparky?” the tall black haired woman asked, shocked by this strange turn of events. “Did you just call me…Sparky?”

“That’s right…” the little blonde purred as she gripped her lover’s work shirt, ripped it open then shoved her willing “victim” onto the bed. “…Sparky.”

Buttons flew all over the room and Cam sensing her lover’s needs, remained passive, and laid back to enjoy her lover’s suddenly and unusually aggressive behavior. Cheryl tugged at the hem of Cam’s T-shirt becoming frustrated at the skintight uncooperative article of clothing.

“Off” the blonde demanded, her lust darkened emerald eyes drinking in the sight of her lovers’ well-muscled upper torso, as the offending garment was removed, and thrown across the room.

To Cam’s delight, Cheryl straddled her hips and began by letting her small hands roam freely over Cam’s top half. Each touch left trails of fire on the dark woman’s flesh; Cam fully expected the skin to blister, from the unexpectedly intense heat of her lovers’ touch. The blonde wildcat got up and quickly removed her own clothing throwing it all over the room not caring where it landed at the moment, and then Cheryl once more straddled her still partially dressed lover. She placed her hands on the prone woman’s washboard abdomen splaying out her fingers, in order to make more contact with Cam’s satiny soft skin.

Cam watched her small lover through lust hooded eyes as the highly aroused woman crawled up her lover’s long gorgeous body. Cheryl bent down to kiss the soft moist lips of the center of her universe.

“I love you so much it hurts my heart,” the smoking hot blonde whispered, just before she covered the luscious lips she’d been dreaming of for three insufferably long years.

Both women moaned as the heat of the kiss set their blood boiling. They broke the kiss after several heartbeats; the feel of her lovers saturated sex on her bare abdomen was driving Cam insane with need. Cheryl reached back and felt her beloved’s denim covered lower half.

“Oh my, I’ve been remiss in fulfilling my duties.” Cheryl said in a low husky voice, as a sexy smile came to her kiss swollen lips. “My sweetie is over dressed. I simply must take care of this at once. Don’t move baby.”

“Not even a twitch?” Cam asked using that “special” little girl voice.

“You know that voice drives me crazy.” Cheryl purred sexily as she wiggled her perfectly shaped rear on Cam’s washboard abs adding even more to the already over-stimulated women.

Cheryl rolled off Cam and began frantically working on Cam’s button fly jeans. Cam chuckled at her lover’s lust induced antics. As she looked down watching what her determined little lover was doing, she noticed the shine of Cheryl’s juices on her abdomen. On an impulse, Cam ran her fingers through the slick fluid and then brought them to her nose. She inhaled deeply filling her nostrils with the intoxicating scent of her lover, stirring bits and pieces of long forgotten dreams.

“By the Goddess, my dreams pale in comparison to the reality of you, my love.” Cam said reverently then was struck by the horrible sense of loss she’d been feeling for the last three years. “Please don’t leave me with only my dreams to love me, not ever again.”

Not hearing the whispered plea and Cam never repeated it, she didn’t need to, the blonde of her dreams; own actions reassured her without words. Cheryl finally pulled Cam’s jeans off and smiled when she discovered her lover wasn’t wearing underwear. With Cam’s pants around her ankles Cheryl took the time to take Cam’s boots and socks off as well.

“Going commando today my love?” Cheryl asked referring to Cam’s lack of undergarments.

“Well, Paula bought some little bitty silk things but you know how I feel about them,” Cam explained “and they didn’t have the boxers I like so I did without. Couldn’t find a bra that fit right either.”

Believing Cam’s tale, knowing how choosy the tall woman was about her under clothes fitting right, and that she’d rather go without than wear something she didn’t like. Cam didn’t give a damn about what she wore on the outside but underneath she was very fussy about what was closest to her skin. Once she was again able to move, Cheryl began crawling up her lover’s long beautiful body. Stopping every so often to kiss and nip at the all too tempting skin of her much beloved Camilla.

“The taste of you is purest ambrosia, and the scent of your arousal the finest perfume,” the blonde moaned as she hovered over the dark wet shining curls at the apex of her lover’ muscular thighs, the green eyed blonde, let the aroma of Cam’s arousal fill her senses. On an impulse, Cheryl bent down and planted a tender loving kiss on her lover’s tempting mound.

“If you will allow it,” the enraptured blonde continued, “I will never again leave your side. I already love you to the exclusion of all else, and you are the beginning and ending of me. I had no one in my life before I met you, and since we were separated, I have merely existed, a hollow shell. Now that I have you back, I will never be able to exist without you. Please let me stay Camilla, and I will worship you, my love, asking only to spend the rest of my life, in the ecstasy of your presence.”

With her every word, Cheryl crawled higher up on her lover until she was able to stretch out her entire body over her beloved Cam’s, so that every possible inch of their skin was touching. Cam spread her thighs allowing Cheryl to slide easily between them. The little blonde-haired woman kissed her way down Cam’s strong jawline until she reached her tall blue-eyed lover’s long beautiful neck where she continued licking, kissing and biting at the tempting skin as she kept going lower. Cam groaned passionately as she felt the small sharp teeth of her lover grasping at her flesh.

Cheryl came to the point where Cam’s neck and shoulders met; she could feel her lover’s pulse pounding just beneath her lips. Unable to resist Cheryl began sucking at the skin, making the woman beneath her writhe in ecstasy. Cam felt her lover sliding down her body slowly, the blonde’s lips and tongue leaving molten trails of desire with every touch. The ravenous mouth moved down the dark woman’s chest, obviously searching for a particularly treasured morsel. Apparently, the search ended when Cheryl’s eager lips found the tender soft flesh of Cam’s breast, and she concentrated her efforts trying to be sure that she didn’t miss even the tiniest speck of the obviously addictive and exotic tasting treat.

The accomplished blonde lover pulled back just enough to blow softly across the wet, super-heated flesh, she watched in fascination as the skin surrounding the nipple puckered and pebbled, the nipple itself hardened and elongated until it was just too much for Cheryl to resist. She took the hypersensitive nipple between her soft moist lips and began suckling at it like a starving infant. In response, Cam ran her hand down Cheryl’s back until she reached the firm muscular globes of her lover’s tight backside. With a powerful hand on each cheek of Cheryl’s fabulous backside, Cam pulled the woman she loved tight against her and began slowly grinding her pelvis against her lover’s

This was driving Cheryl to soar even higher, as she lightly bit Cam’s nipple. Then she moved on to lavish her attentions on the breasts twin, her mouth ravishing the delectable mound of firm yet pliable flesh. She eventually released the delicious morsel and raised up her head to look deeply into her Camilla’s lust darkened blue eyes.

“Camilla, please, let me taste you?” Cheryl pleaded barely able to speak; her voice was so thick with desire. “I need to taste your essence on my tongue.”

“Oh yes my love yessss.” Cam hissed as her arousal was reaching nearly painful proportions.

As soon as Cam released Cheryl’s rear, the small golden-haired woman began working her way down her lover’s long body, her hot tongue swirling mercilessly over Cam’s burning perspiration-coated skin savoring the salty sweet flavor. She also took time to press her lips on the soft skin, she loved feeling the hard, well developed muscles of her lover’s abdomen flexing and relaxing, as she would occasionally nip at Cam’s permanently bronzed skin, Cheryl let her exploring tongue dip into the well of Cam’s navel and swirling it around causing the woman to gasp, at the very sensual feeling it brought her.

After making sure that her lover’s navel had received its share of attention the small blonde moved on down her lover, in search of further adventures. The sounds of Cam’s pleasure spurred her small blonde lover to even more enthusiastic explorations, as her sexual quest continued.

“Oh Goddess!!” Cam moaned as the sweet torture continued to build. “I think you’re trying to kill me, woman.”

“Hummmmm, then maybe I should stop then.” Cheryl quipped as she looked up into the deep blue pools, gasping at how her lover’s lust had darkened them to the colors of stormy seas.

“Don’t you dare..” Cam growled sensually her eyes opening wide, silently begging her recalcitrant lover to continue.

Cam let her legs spread wider to allow Cheryl enough space to reach her ultimate goal. The diminutive blonde nestled herself between her blue eyed lover’s thighs, the very place she’d been dreaming of being in for three years. That is after she got through the memories of her last night in prison, when her lover had come to her in her cell, and showed her love for Cheryl. The pictures of which were burned indelibly into Cheryl’s mind, the only other thing on her mind, had been giving the tall dark woman a night she’d remember forever. If Cam’s noises were any indication, the small and determined blonde was well on her way to achieving her wish.

Wanting to prolong the moment Cheryl began to gently kiss the creamy soft skin of Cam’s inner thighs carefully licking up the juices that had leaked from her sex and had liberally coated the muscular limbs causing the tough biker to whimper in frustration.

“Sweetheart, you are so beautiful.” Cheryl moaned and began biting and sucking at the sensitive flesh.

“D-damn, b-baby I d-don’t know what y-you’re d-doing to me!” Cam cried out her passions reaching explosive levels “I d-don’t c-care, pleeease don’t s-stop!!”

After marking her territory several times, Cheryl turned to her lover’s center. The swollen pink flesh was beckoning her and unable to resist, Cheryl let her tongue flick out and lightly graze the glistening flesh. The spicy musky scent was only somewhat less enticing than the actual flavor of her lovers’ nectar that had coated the area as it flowed from her core. A shudder ran through Cam’s body as she felt her lover’s delicate pink tongue fluttering over the sensitive tissues.

“Baby please!!” Cam cried out, desperation and need gripping her entire body bringing her arousal to painful heights. “Cheryl…My loves…take me now! I can’t stand it any longer, Pleeeease.”

Hearing her lover’s plaintive cry, Cheryl brought up her left hand and using two fingers she very gently opened Cam’s swollen and slick outer folds, like the petals of the most beautiful flower, revealing the bright coral pink, extremely wet flesh. Unable to hold back any longer Cheryl began swirling her tongue around the entrance of Cam’s core, taking in the very essence of the woman. She stiffened her tongue, and then slowly, maddeningly, pushed her oral muscle into her lover’s wet center. The older woman went wild with pleasure she hissed loudly and pushed her sex into the blonde’s face, trying to increase the delicious contact and force the wriggling tongue further into her. Wordlessly begging her lover to keep up the pressure. Encouraged by Cam’s reactions Cheryl swirled her tongue around inside her lover’s core, and lapping at the muscular walls that tried to grasp her eager tongue, but failed due to the copious amount of the slick fluid the was pouring from her core and coated the walls and tongue so that it slipped away from every grasp. Cheryl licked greedily at the interior of her lover’s core, trying her best to get every single drop of Cam’s sweet essence. She was enjoying her black haired lover’s writhing and incoherent ramblings as Cheryl drove her slowly insane with pleasure.

Cam found to her surprise that her scattered thoughts recalled something her friend, Maria, had mentioned one night while they were reminiscing over former lovers. She told Cam a lover that had kept her on the very edge of an orgasm for hours; the beautifully built Mexican woman had called it IPIP or Indescribable Pleasure Indefinitely Prolonged. Cam was now becoming fully aware of what her friend had been taking about.

Reluctantly leaving the source of Cam’s sweet delectable nectar, Cheryl let her tongue take a slow lazy trek up her lover’s sex until she reached the hypersensitive swollen and throbbing bundle of nerves at the very top of Cam’s sex. She let her tongue circle the painfully erect nub. While the green-eyed blonde was tormenting Cam’s throbbing clit, she brought up her right hand and began teasing the entrance to her lover’s core with feather light touches of her fingers. Cheryl took her beloved Camilla’s clit into her mouth and closed her lips around the erect nerve packed tissue; she could feel Cam’s pulse pounding through the engorged organ.

To increased her lover’s stimulation Cheryl let her teeth lightly scrape up the sides of the even more sensitive nubbin as her tongue fluttered over the very tip, all the while tenderly suckling at it, puling even more blood into the almost painfully, erect organ. Cam was going wild from all the things Cheryl was doing to her, she had already taken Cam far beyond any pleasure any of her former lovers had given her, and while she was grateful for her beloved Cheryl’s incredible skills, this was all way beyond anything she’d ever experienced, and she was at the very frayed end of her rope.

“Ah…gods…please…I…need…you…in me…now… pleeeeease!!!” Cam cried out, her voice nearly reaching a scream level “fill me baby…I need you in me NOW!!!!!”

Surrendering to her lover’s desperate pleas, Cheryl slowly and gently inserted two fingers into the hot liquid center, feeling the slick velvety walls of Cam’s center closing tightly around her fingers, the strong muscles trying to pull the delightful digits deeper into her core.

“More, baby give me more.” Cam screamed grinding her hips into her lover’s hand. I’m ready sweetheart, make me cum for you.”

Cheryl pulled back and inserted a third then a fourth finger into her lover at her lover’s pleas, Cam began rocking her hips in time with Cheryl’s thrusts. Cheryl took her mouth from Cam’s throbbing clit, replacing her mouth with her thumb to continue the stimulation. The beautiful green-eyed blonde moved so that she was straddling one of Cam’s hard muscular thighs. She began grinding herself into the hard-sculpted quadriceps. Cam had just enough presence of mind to flex the hard muscle and press it against her lover helping her to create the most marvelous friction in all the right places. Both women were reaching the stratospheric heights, only true lovers can find. It struck Cam why this little petit blonde was able to launch her to heights way beyond the abilities of any previous lovers. For the first time in her long and illustrious career, as an ultimate player, Cam was making love, and not just having sex. Meaning that for the first time in her life, the great Camilla Brusard was truly in love. It would have probably scared her to death if she had had time to process the information. She couldn’t right now, because her little blonde lover was driving her to the edge of total insanity, so her brain filed the revelation away for further consideration at a later time.

Suddenly without any warning, Cam felt as if every nerve in her body was connected directly to her groin, and each and every one of them was firing at once.

“Oh Gods Cheryl, baby I’m coming,” the black haired beauty screamed unable to control herself any longer.

“That’s right sweetheart,” Cheryl growled as she continued to piston her fingers in and out of her dream lover come to life, “Cum for me baby, it’s alright, Camilla, give it to me!”

As if following her lover’s commands Cam’s entire body went ridged and she arched into Cheryl, flexing her thigh harder into the small blonde straddling it, and Cheryl felt her own climax rushing to her.

“Cum for me Camilla,” Cheryl urged as her own volcanic orgasm blasted through her petit form making her cry out her own pleasures “Awwww sweet Goddesssss yessssssss!”

“Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Cam roared out her ecstasy, her body arched up bowing into Cheryl “Oh baby, it’ssss sssso gooooood!”

Both women’s bodies convulsed in the throes of passions unable to control it. Finally, their bodies began to calm and allow them to regain a semblance of control. Cam collapsed back on to the bed and Cheryl collapsed on to Cam, both laying there panting and trying to hold themselves together until their muscles quit feeling like over stretched rubberbands and would once again begin answering their brain’s commands.

They lay there for several minutes enjoying the quiet and reveling in each other’s company.

“Sweet Goddess!” Cheryl husked out breathlessly, “That was so…never in my life have I ever felt anything so…I don’t know, I…I mean I thought that that last night in Chillicothe when you came to me and…Well I thought it was spectacular…but this tonight was so….”

“Intense…all consuming…mind blowing” Cam finished for her lover. “You are positively amazing, do you know that?”

“So I must ask,” Cheryl said, with a mischievous gleam in her emerald eyes “At least it’s something I kind of wanted to ask…”

“You can ask anything you want baby.” Cam stated softly, her love for the little blonde clear in her voice, “but can it wait sweetheart, you’ve turned my brains to a puddle of mush.”

In answer, Cheryl nodded, leaving her question for later, and snuggled in tighter against the woman that was her entire world, kissed her tenderly, then with a satisfied smile she fell into the arms of Morpheus. Cam remained awake for a little while longer, watching the amazing woman in her arms as she slept. It was as if she was afraid that if she too went to sleep, that she’d wake up alone again in her cell.

Eventually, Cam became unable to keep her eyes open, and without her knowledge, the exhausted woman’s beautiful eyes closed as she joined her lover in Morpheus’ realm.

The tall black haired woman slowly drifted awake, even before her ice blue eyes opened she became aware of small hands and fingers tracing delicate patterns on her skin. Cam smiled even before her cerulean blue eyes opened knowing that when they did open the small beautiful golden haired center of her universe would be there apparently using her as a living body pillow.

“Thank you my Goddess.” Cam whispered as a prayer of heart-felt gratitude that this feeling was no longer a dream.

She really was out of the hell that prison had been, and her greatest wish had come true and she was waking up with the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Good morning sleepy head,” the lyrical voice from Cam’s dreams said. “Are you going to do like I did and sleep for two straight days, now that you can without someone yelling for you to get up? It’s all right if you do my love, I’ll be right here when you wake up. I’m NEVER leaving you again.”

Cam’s smile was bright enough to out shine the clear morning sun; her beloved blonde had spoken the words she’d dreamed of hearing for the last three years.

A wave of absolute peace and contentment swept over the quiet black haired biker as she came to the realization that after thirty-three years, her soul too had found its home.



Chapter 25

The tall biker laid in the king sized bed, her much smaller blonde lover lay beside her, molded tightly against her body. The green-eyed center of the biker’s world was practically purring, as Cam stroked her soft shining golden hair. Cam knew that her entire future rested in the heart, mind, and soul of the beautiful emerald-eyed attorney that was lying, as much on her, as next to her.

She knew, she and this incredible woman, that had waited, faithfully, for three years for her tall dark biker to be finally released, completely free and clear, from the state penitentiary where they had met, both victims of a serious miscarriage of Justice, and apparently, they were tied together by destiny. No matter where Cheryl went from now on, Cam knew she would gladly follow, knowing from deep in her own heart and soul, that wherever Cheryl was, would be her home.

She was now aware that her home would never again be a place, but it would, from this time forward, be a person, this person. A dark wave of panic set in when Cam’s dark side began talking to her, asking all those hard questions, that before she’d never consider, at least not until after Debra Kreel. She knew her mind would never allow her to, blindly, set herself up for that kind of pain again.

What if she really doesn’t want me but she was afraid, or worse, just felt obligated to be here? Cam’s dark side asked What if she just came here to dump me and last night was just pity sex? How will I live without her? Where will I go? If she leaves me, I’m doomed to live forever alone. I don’t want to make her think I don’t trust her, but we have to know where we stand

Cheryl knew something was bothering Cam, she could feel the biker’s incredibly hard sculpted muscles tighten and the change in her breathing. She looked up and saw the far away look in those amazingly alluring blue eyes.

What is she thinking? Cheryl wondered Why isn’t she looking at me?. Oh Goddess, please don’t let her be tired of me already. I know I’m not near good enough for her, but I was really hoping we had a chance. Oh, well what can I do? If she doesn’t want me I guess I’ll just go away and live my life lonely and alone till I die…. NO, I refuse to believe she’d give us up before we even had a chance to see if we could work it out. Dear sweet Goddess, don’t let this happen, give me the strength to fight for her. We belong together; we are both so much better together, than we could ever be alone. She’s meant to be mine and By the Gods, I’ll not give her up without a fight.

They lay there deep in their own thoughts until Cam finally worked up enough courage to speak what was haunting her mind.

“Baby?” the black haired biker asked quietly.

“Huh?” Cheryl answered worried about what was coming but feeling confident enough to face it head on. “What is it sweetheart?”

“We really need to talk.” Cam said sadly, absent-mindedly stroking the attorney’s soft golden hair, a part of her subconscious reveling in the sensations. “I know I just got out, and you’ve had three years out here in the “real world”, where you’ve grown, and progressed and changed, and have become this amazing woman. Where as I have spent those years suspended in time, I am almost exactly the same woman I was when you walked out of that cell block three years ago.”

“I know sweetheart, I haven’t gone a day without worrying about you, stuck in that Hellhole. Wondering if you were alright, or if you were hurt or sick.” Cheryl whispered her voice choked by emotions, her emerald eyes shining with three years of unshed tears. “I had to work so hard, just to keep myself from going insane with fear for your life. It was the nights that were the worst, laying there in my bed alone, with only my memories of your touch for companionship, praying to the Goddess for the chance to be with you again. I can finally admit it now; it was a hell on earth existence. I missed you so badly, it hurt deep down inside, I didn’t think, no, I know I could never survive it alone again.”

Here it comes, stupid. The voice of Cam’s dark side told her this is where she tells you that she love you but not “that” way. She’s gonna tell me she’s found someone else to spend her future with. Someone that was there for her, when she needed them, someone who’s reliable, someone that hasn’t spent the last six years in a kill or be killed environment, and above all, isn’t an ex-con. I knew she was too good for me, and now she’s finally figured it out too. Get ready you worthless old whore, this is where she dumps me for someone that truly deserves a perfect angel like her. Someone that has never killed anyone, that won’t taint her beautiful unspoiled soul with the blood and darkness that is plainly there on mine to be seen by anyone that looks.

As she was speaking, Cheryl looked up when she became aware that her, sadly, extremely insecure lover had gone completely silent. The loving gentle hand continued stroking her hair, but the powerful arm around her waist tightened. Those amazingly beautiful blue eyes had taken on a far away look. Cheryl then saw that tears were falling silently from her lover’s beautiful blue eyes.

Oh no, I bet she thinks I’m going to leave her Cheryl thought as she remembered just how insecure her lover was since the incident with Deb Kreel, and how damaged Cam’s self esteem was as well I’ve got to do something so she’ll know I’ll never leave her, that I’d rather die, than betray her in any way. Oh my Goddess, she probably thinks last night was pity sex

Cheryl reached up, cupped Cam’s chin in her hand, and got the frightened biker to focus her attention on the compelling emerald eyes of the woman that loved her, without reservation.

“Honey, please let me finish before you make your judgment about us will you.” Cheryl asked simply and softly, putting her faith in the tall dark woman’s sense of fairness, and honor.

“I’m sorry my angel; it’s just that you’re so young and beautiful.” Camilla whispered her sweet velvet smooth voice so low Cheryl could barely hear her, but the pain and fear nearly screamed to Cheryl, begging for the blonde-haired woman’s reassurances. “You’ve become so much more than the frightened little bunny I found that day in the showers, surrounded by jackals. Me, well, I’m still the same old feeble hardcase, attempting to be a poor woman’s Batgirl, running around saving damsels in distress. Hades, I’m not even that any more. How could someone as wonderful as you want anything to do with a burnt out lowlife tramp like me? Not to menti…”

Cam was stopped by the gentle touch of two soft fingers on her lips. Her shining tear filled light blue eyes looking deeply into bright emerald eyes, searching for some sign of deceit, or a single note of deception, any sign of potential betrayal. All she found was compassion, acceptance, need, and desire and, most importantly, deep all consuming, unconditional, love. Cam also saw silent tears of worry and concern for her, in the emerald eyes that were the windows to her future.

“I know I’ve changed my love,” Cheryl began trying to put her deepest most intimate feelings into words that would calm her lover’s fears. “I’ve been outside those drab walls, out here where time passes. When I was put in that place I had given up, I was sure all my hopes and dreams were over forever, that day in the showers I was sure I was going to die. I…I…”

Cheryl was stopped for a moment by great heart wrenching sobs that wracked her body, like grand mal seizures. After several deep calming breaths, the young attorney regained enough control to enable her to continue.

“I just knew that I would die a slow painful death at Val’s hands, I could read it in her eyes. Then a miracle happened.” Cheryl continued her voice still hoarse from her sobbing and her eyes shining in the light of her returned dreams and renewed hope. “Just when I thought I’d lost everything, a dark, breath-taking, avenging Goddess appeared in that cold tiled room. With just her words she dismissed the cruel and evil woman, and her followers as if they of no consequence what so ever. I think I fell in love when you handed me a towel, and made that joke about not everybody that was in prison was nice.”

Both women chuckled nervously at the memory, when Cam recalled making the joke in an attempt to keep the little new fish from losing control. Then there were a few heartbeats of silence before Cheryl once more picked the thread of her history.

“You know Camilla; I loved you even before I met you.” Cheryl said, hoping that what she was about to tell her beloved Camilla wouldn’t make the pragmatic woman think she was completely crazy, or even worse, scare her off. Nevertheless, either way, even though Cam might leave her, Cheryl knew it was time to “lay her cards on the table, ALL her cards.

She knew that she had to tell Cam the truth, no matter what happened, so she could understand what the little blonde already believed, what she knew from deep in her very soul, that she and Cam were destined to be together forever. That they were and always had been soulmates.

“Ever since I was a small child I’ve had a dream, every time something bad or scary happens, or when ever my life was turned up side down, which seems to happen a lot.” Knowing the chance she was taking Cheryl was trembling but was still determined to continue. “It always starts out that I’m in some kind of terrible danger.”

Cheryl’s alluring emerald eyes, went out of focus, and her mind traveled to ancient forgotten lands and haunts, where the small blonde’s greatest fear lived, just waiting for the opportunity to attack and defile her fragile psyche.

“There’s someone chasing me, I’ve never been able to see the faces of my demon attackers, but I know, if they catch me, I will be brutally and slowly, painfully murdered.” The blonde-haired woman’s rapid breathing and trembling voice reflected the shear terror she’d experienced and her eyes dilated in horror as she related her recurring dream, as she recalled the recurring visions that had beleaguered her since she was a child. “I scream and scream for someone to save me, until I lose my voice, but no one answers my pleas. The demons keep after me relentlessly, hunting me, determined to have me. I don’t know what, or who, the demons are, but eventually they corner me. I try to fight them off with all my strength but the demons are too strong for me. The demons take great pleasure in disarming me easily, while all the time they are taunting me, telling me what they are going to do to me. Things so horrifying and terrible that my mind can never recall the specific details of their threats. Then just as they closing in to claim me as their prey, and I am sure all is lost, a warrior attacks my enemies, placing herself between the demons and me, so they have to go through her to have me. She is amazing she uses two swords and moves faster than the eye can follow; only the gleam of the sun off the highly polished steel of her blades allows me to follow her actions. Cuts and slashes appear on the demons as if by magic. With a berserker’s strength, she vanquishes the demons, destroying them all, leaving no survivors.

She’s saved me, and when she comes to me, she pulls me into her powerful arms holding my trembling body and calming my fears. I feel safe and warm in those arms; my heart soars at her touch. In that moment, I know in my soul that even though she is a fearsome and ruthless warrior, merciless in her anger, and deadly in her attack, I know that she will never harm me. That all she wants is to keep me safe and secure, away from all that would do me harm. I know in my heart I am home in this woman’s powerful arms. Wherever she goes from that moment forward, I will follow, because it is my destiny. I look up, but for some reason I can never see her face, but I can see her eyes, and when I look into them, I fall into their depths and they wash away all my fears and discontents. That’s when I know for sure, I have found my other, that my soul has found its mate. My heart is full, for she is my one true love. I had always thought this perfect vision of love lived only in dreams, only there, could I ever find the love I have craved all my life.”

“Then suddenly my dreams came to life, I was trapped with no way out and just when I was sure that the demons had won and I was going to die, this dark avenging Goddess appears, and saves me from the evil that was about to destroy me.” Cheryl looked up into those amazingly blue eyes, her own emerald greens projecting the love, devotion and unending admiration. “Then I looked into your eyes, and I knew it was you all along. You are the warrior of my dreams, my long promised love. My one, true, destiny.”

Cheryl stopped and looked up into the questioning cerulean eyes of her destined lover, and gave her a nearly blinding smile, hopefully, showing her Camilla, all the love, and commitment, she felt for the dark, and often, brooding woman. Cam knew that the tiny woman in her arms had just admitted her undying and never-ending love. That she was placing her very existence, into the Creole woman’s mercy. Cam looked at the small blonde beauty in her arms, studying her, as if they’d never met before. She had never seen anyone so completely open, so fearlessly vulnerable, to the whims of another, as Cheryl was at that moment. Not only had she professed her love for Cam, she had also just given the tall stoic biker the freedom to walk away, if she wished, to be free of any ties or commitments she may have given Cheryl before.

“Oh baby that was the most incredibly beautiful thing I have ever heard,” Cam began once she found a way to speak around the giant lump in her throat. “I have little doubt of your dreams little one, they are similar to visions I’ve had since my youth. I have always seen a breathtakingly beautiful woman, with hair the color of summer wheat touched by the setting sun, and emerald green eyes that shined, so many times brighter then the stars, with more love and courage than any other human could possess. She would stand at my side throughout our lives, through all the good times, and especially in the worst of times. Always stead fast in her love for me, giving me the strength to fight on. I was shown that our love was so great that even after we died, we would still be joined. I knew the day I saw you get off that bus; you were the one I had searched for my whole life. When I looked into your eyes, even from as far away as you were, I knew I would love you, even after I’ve drawn my final breath. Our love goes far deeper than our weak flesh; it goes all the way to the soul, my beloved. I believe we have loved before, in other lives, and that we will again, over and over, throughout all our life times, until eternity has ended, and all the stars have fallen from the night sky. Little one, I will stay with you for as long as you allow it, I know it won’t always be easy, and I know a lot of people will stand against, hoping to split us apart, but if we stand together, there is no storm we can’t weather.”

Unable to say any more the women kissed, gently at first, then building into a burning all consuming, mid numbing kiss that left them both breathless and oxygen deprived. Smiling at each other they settled comfortably back into the bed, silently enjoying the warm safe feeling of having each other, until Cheryl broke the silence.

“You know Camilla, I saw a huge Jacuzzi in the bathroom,” the small mischievous blonde said hoping to lighten things a bit, as she slipped out of bed. “My muscles are awfully sore after last night’s aerobics, and well…I’ve never made love in a Jacuzzi before.”

She blushed brightly at her own boldness, and then the wonderfully naked blonde stood and stretched, giving her lover one of the most spectacular views Cam had ever been privileged to see.

“Holy Goddess!!! Cam muttered as she watched the naked woman of her dreams stroll slowly and sensuously across the room. “What ever I did to deserve her, it must have been simply amazing.”

Cheryl stopped at the bathroom door and looked back over her shoulder at her blue-eyed lover, her own emerald eyes smoldering with a desire that promised to become a raging inferno at her lover’s first touch.

“Don’t make me wait too long lover,” the gorgeous blonde purred to her lover “I need my Camilla, reeeeeeaaaaal bad.”

The woman’s sultry smile froze Cam in place for a heartbeat, her mouth suddenly too dry to allow her to speak.

Like I said, I don’t know what I did, Cam thought as she fought through the covers or what I had to suffer to deserve her, but by all the Gods, I swear it was worth it every second of it

The tall woman launched herself from the bed, bolted to the bathroom, and disappeared through the door from where squeals of surprise and delight soon turned to splashing waters accompanied by the moans and gasps of desire and pleasure that eventually gave way to cries and screams of ecstasy.

Chapter 26

Early in the morning, (well actually it was around 9:00 am) the pair of lovers, who at this time were just a large lump, driven under the covers on the huge king sized bed, by the, too-efficient, air-conditioning, were rudely awakened by the insistent ringing of the telephone. A long arm snaked out from under the blankets; the hand attached began slapping the surface of the bedside table, until it located the sleek room phone in its hidden alcove built into the nightstand. Like a tentacle holding its prey, the arm snatched the obnoxious device under the blankets where the shrill scream was cut off, by the relatively quiet beep, of the activation button.

“This had better be good,” a husky alto voice growled from under the blankets, “What? Yeah. Yeah. I know, look, I’m really sorry we didn’t get to visit. All right, ok, HEY LISTEN, it’s been three years, K? Yeah you got it, that’s right, for both of us.”

The covers slid down as Cam sat up, revealing the two bodies beneath the warm blankets, their limbs tangled together. One long beautifully proportioned with black hair, aristocratic features and amazing electric blue eyes that flashed in anger, whenever their owner was feeling put upon, as she was now. The woman was not known for her patience, especially right after she is rudely awakened, by loud obnoxious noises.

The other entangled figure was a good half a foot shorter, magnificently built, full firm breasts, narrow waist, and gently curved hips, slightly on the muscular side, but not as sculpted as her companion. Her shoulder length hair was the golden color of Summer Wheat, and her face was the perfect picture of the sweet girl next door. >From pixie-ish button nose to her full, pouting, sensuous, lips, that were always ready to smile. By far her most arresting features were her sparkling emerald-green eyes, that were, at this moment, looking sleepily up at the lover she had been sleeping on, until the phone rang. The look in those eyes was pure adoration and sexual satisfaction. The dark woman looked down at her amazingly beautiful lover, and smiled, unable to maintain her anger, while she gazed down at her sleep tousled sleepy-eyed lover, she was just too damn adorable.

“Huh? Yeah, I’ll let you know if we’re leaving, hey, TAG, not,” Cam was starting to get angry again, until her gentle green eyes lover began kissing her abdomen, sending messages of peace and contentment through Cam’s body, not paying a bit of attention to the one sided conversation going on above her. “No…No…Listen…TAG; I’ll make this real simple for you. We can be out of here in one hour. Have a bill made out to Mountain at the company headquarters, look it’s either that, or you and Creeper lose the whole weekend. Yes, yes, it was, yes very nice, but you can’t afford to lose four days. I know that because I’m a fucking MBA, it’s what I was trained to know, you little smart-ass bitch. All right, sounds like a good idea, who’s cooking? Well it sure as hell won’t be me. I don’t do Betty Crocker”

Cheryl couldn’t help but laugh at the comment on her lover’s legendary lack of culinary skills. She was the only prisoner in the history of CCC, to be permanently banned from the kitchens. Cheryl knew that some day she was going to figure out just how the tall dark biker burned down the kitchen, peeling potatoes.

“Ok TAG,” Cam said concluding her call, “Sounds like a plan. Yes, call all of them. If we’re getting up so are those three big apes. Ok, we’ll be there, but you have to shut up, and let me off the damn phone first. Alright, see ya’ later bye.”

The now wide-awake blonde pulled herself up and gave her gorgeous dark lover a long, deep, meaningful good morning kiss.

“Mmmmm, my favorite way to wake up, but we’d better not start anything,” Cam said disappointed, as they reluctantly separated. “If we don’t get up soon, TAG and Creeper are going to try to make us stay another night. While it sounds good and any other time you couldn’t blast me out of here, but I really want to show you something important. If you still want to go with me that is.”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be with you Camilla.” Cheryl said a little put off that Cam asked her that again, she began to angrily put on a short kimono style robe and tossing an identical one to Cam. “I’ve waited three hellishly long and unfair years, for my innocent lover to be released from that Hellhole of a prison. Where by the way, I finally found my dream warrior, only after being thrown in there unjustly myself. Now I have you, we are both free of any outside interference, and I’ve just spent three of the most incredible mind-bogglingly sensual days of my life, and never even left the room, not once. My worry, the only thing holding me back, is that you may have changed your mind over the last three years. So let me finally ask you. Do you, Camilla Theresa Brusard, still want to be with me, and have a future with me? Are we going to build a life together as equal partners? Or was this all just for grins and giggles?”

Cam looked at the woman that had captured her mind, body, heart and soul that she had dreamed of for the last three long, lonely years and now was the moment she had dreaded ever since she had walked into the showers, and found a scared little girl cowering in the corner. It all came down to this moment, it had worried Cam for three years, and Now that it was here she wasn’t sure, she even needed to think about it. She put on her robe, looked around for her leather jacket.

Cam dug into an inner pocket, until she found the small velvet bag that Cutter had brought for her “just in case”. Confused, Cheryl stood as if glued to that spot, studying her tall dark, and highly unpredictable lover’s every move. She watched as Cam approached her slowly and took her trembling hands. The tall biker led her lover over to the bed, and then helped a curious Cheryl sit on the edge. Cam knelt down on one knee in front of her, now wide eyed, blonde lover.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod raced through Cheryl’s now positive mind she’s going to do it. No Camilla isn’t that romantic, is she, yes she is, there’s no way that she’s doing this. I can’ believe she knows me this well.

Cam reached into the velvet bag, and carefully pulled out a silver ring, it had a nearly flawless 3ct. diamond setting, flanked by a 1ct. emerald and a sapphire also 1ct. Cam had gone through her lawyers, and had a friend of hers custom make the ring she had designed herself, for her lover. Depending on how this conversation went, there was also a large envelope, full of papers for her and Cheryl to sign, sitting on the desk in Cutter’s office, back at the farm. She took Cheryl’s left hand, and gently slipped the ring on her third finger.

“Cheryl Killian, will you be my partner in life and, if it is ever possible, my wife.” Cam felt the sweat on her upper lip and licked it off quickly, her hands trembled slightly as her nerves went berserk waiting for Cheryl’s answer.

Cheryl froze for a moment, she had pictured this moment in her mind a thousand times over the last three years. Now that it was happening in real life, she couldn’t find the words to answer. Her voice completely refused to work. Finally, all she could do was cry and nod her head.

“May I take that as a yes?” Cam asked, feeling that goofy grin on her face again, and then suddenly found herself with an arm full of happy blonde.

“Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!” was all Cheryl could say, so Cam quieted her by covering the nearly hysterical blonde-haired women’s lips with her own.


A little over two hours later, the two women stepped out of the bar, into the bright summer sunshine. Together they went over to Cam’s waiting motorcycle. Cheryl looked up at her beloved Camilla, smiling as she put on the helmet that Cutter had given her. Cam had to laugh when she saw it, it was the same purple as Cam’s, but instead of a black trim Cheryl’s was trimmed in bright neon pink. She climbed up on the big motorcycle, as Cam had shown her onto the raised section of the seat. Cam got into the front lower section, and with her beautiful blonde lover mounted up behind excited about taking her first ride on a motorcycle. As she pulled her goggles down over her eyes Cam stopped for a moment, a small warm fuzzy bubble of happiness took up residence inside her as she thought of her lover and now “life partner”. After all this time and everything that had happened to them both, Cam had finally found the place in life she had searched for since she was a teenager, and with that thought in mind, she sent a silent prayer to the Goddess. Thanking her, and asking that her and her partner be allowed to finally live their lives in peace.

Cutter had made arraignments to have Cheryl’s SUV delivered to the farm, where they were going next. Cam was anxious to show her lover their new country home. It had also been agreed that they would spend most workweeks in the city at Cheryl’s house in the city, and the weekends and holidays would be down at the farm, where, it was agreed as well, that Cheryl’s foster mothers had a standing invitation. After some serious discussion, and some outrageous emerald eye batting, Cutter as well as Cam was convinced that Cheryl should redecorate all the common living spaces, in the big sprawling farmhouse, only Cutter’s study/office, and his two personal rooms, were exempt from the woman’s touch.

They were both realistic enough to know that there would be many problems down the road they had chosen, and they agreed that there were many unforeseen obstacles in their future. Nevertheless, they both also knew, if they faced the troubles together, with the support of Cam’s family, and now Cheryl’s family as well, there was nothing they couldn’t stand up to.

The big bike rumbled out of the parking lot, and with Cheryl holding tightly to her lover’s waist, her head laying against Cam’s broad muscular back, and along with their family right behind them, the couple roared off, into a new life, two lost souls that had found their mate, complete at last, two as one…forever.



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