Strippin’ by LB Anderson


by LB Anderson

DISCLAIMER: Ladies and Gents, you know the deal. Xena (Slick) and Gabrielle (Camp Fire Sadie) are not mine, they belong to MCA, and no copyright infringements are intended. Also, if you are below the age of (18) or offended by girls getting their groove on, I suggest you STOP HERE! Otherwise fall prisoner to HOT! Same sex love.

Note: I thought of this one by myself after the Masseuse. So my praises go out to the man up top for the talent. And I like to send a special Thank you out to EACH of the Web Mistresses for allowing a re-post of one of my favorite UBERs. Jennis and Nicki, I like to thank you both as well. Thanks for giving Ol’ LB a few hands.

Written and Copyrighted by: L.B. Anderson
August 21, 1999, Re-reedited: 10/7/00

SUMMARY: The owner of the Fiery Pit is supposedly out to recruit more girls for her club, but in all reality she’s looking for a woman that makes more than her core burn. The desire to be with other women has definitely dwindled. She no longer craved wild, uncommitted sex.  She desires a mate, and the minute she lays eyes on the talented little Camp Fire Sadie, her path is immediately set…to get that woman.

Shall we go in?

Strippin' cover


“Ladies…and Gentleman, settle back and have another round because I am about to introduce the hottest thing in town. Patrons of the Hot Spot, I am proud to present…Camp Fire Saaaadie.”

The lights in the room dropped down to a cozy level, setting the mood for sizzling entertainment. The stage glowed as the red port lights created the scene for the petite, talented, cowgirl stripper. The thought provoking hit of One Twelve echoed about the room (We can do it anywhere). The stage curtains slowly parted as a medium built, golden, red head, artfully moved past them wearing a green suede coat completely buttoned in the front, eel skin boots, matching hat and suede gloves. The outfit she wore made her hair appear even more dangerously red as she shoved her hands into her pockets while opening her legs under her coat.

“This little hunny (right) here be smoking,” Slick’s partner Murray said, while gazing dreamily up at the well-disguised little dancer. Murray could almost be Joker’s twin. He and Slick were about the same height. His hair was dishpan blonde, he had a goofy disposition, brown eyes and full lips. Murray and Slick were usually together when they went looking for talent to recruit for Slick’s club, The Fiery Pit. It was a distinguished nightspot for those of a particular taste (Okay, it was a Gay Bar).

Slick was wearing an all leather outfit, with a waist length biker designed jacket, smelting matching pants, a street styled braided heifer (a hat that dipped in the front), and a knee stretch corresponding cape. Her hair looked even more shiner as the cold glimmering black locks hung precariously over her shoulders and busts. The bluish hues in her eyes gleamed alluringly, and her body was absolutely entrapping as she stood over nearly six feet tall. She quickly removed her hat and poncho before settling in for the entertainment.
Bring on the Girls…

Slick listened as the music ceased and Camp Fire Sadie held her position. R. Kelly’s Beat (Home Alone) rumbled throughout the room as Sadie began to make titillating hip movements under her long coat while poetically taking alternating tipping steps further out on the stage heading for the runway. She then slowly lifted her hands out of her pockets while still gyrating her hips and rubbing her covered body suggestively.

As the music continued to bump, she began to twirl in a circle while removing her gloves and slinging them into the audience. The recipients screamed, wanting more. Slick looked on, truly intrigued with the hidden features of the unrecognized figure. Sadie twirled back to the front and gradually lifted her head revealing an eel skin evergreen mask that made her eyes look even more forestry. Slick placed her elbows upon the table and scooted closer, anxious for the little woman to reveal her identity.

Slick observed Sadie’s stage prowess as she moved gracefully out onto the runway, drawing heated screams from the crowd. Sadie then began to open her coat while still swirling her hips to the beat of the music. As soon as she undid the last button, the audience became hysterical. Sadie swung around with the grace of a sheet whipping the wind. Turning her back to the audience, which was now coming up out of their seats.

“I told you she was hot. Every night she performs, the Hot Spot has a sell out.” Murray said, while joining the crowd in standing. Slick rose elegantly from her seat and moved through the crowd right up to the stage.

The DJ suddenly changed pops again; playing R. Kelly’s hit entitled Freak Dat Body. Sadie spent around and snatched her coat opened. The crowd went berserk. She hastily slung her coat to the floor and dropped down into an opened leg, grinding squat. All the time she was grinding her hands elegantly cradled her twisting hips.

Slick’s mouth began to water like never before. Sadie’s body was nothing short of a shapely model. Her pink tinted thighs flexed with power and the two piece, eel skin, bathing suit wasn’t bad either. (By the lord in the sky, I have to have that.) Slick thought, moving closer to the end of the stage. Sadie poetically rose to a full stance while graciously moving her hands up upon her ample bosom and RIPPED open the eel skin covering cradling her glistening bouncing breasts. Causing the audience to swoon in thought.

(Oh yeah…baby! Show me those juicy, delicious tits.) Slick pleaded silently, as Sadie’s gaze fell upon hers. That’s right baby, come to me. Slick coached, while issuing an alluring raised eyebrow expression. Sadie tipped lightly up to Slick and broke down into a frontward split. All the time the little dancer continued to gyrate her hips while reaching for the statuesque beauty’s hands. Slick allowed the tempting little splendor to guide her hands up to the mask. Slick smiled as the audience went wild encouraging her to take the mask off. Slick threaded her fingers into Sadie’s soft golden hair and untied the latches behind. The minute she saw the little stripper’s eyes, Slick could swear she felt a dizzy spell coming on. They were the most exquisite orbs she had ever seen.

Sadie then seized the taller customer’s wrist and dragged her hands down her body. Slick gasped and closed her eyes while basking in the feel of the clammy, soft, curvaceous ripples of Sadie’s stomach. She could feel her wetness pool and drip into her panties. Sadie then threaded the attractive volunteer’s thumbs in each side of her trunks while the audience yelled roars of encouragement to remove them. Slick tore the sides open and slowly pulled the trunks away from the blonde’s twirling hips.

Slick had to grab the end of the stage to compensate for her buckling knees as her eyes zoned in on the most astonishing sight she’d ever witnessed. Not only was Sadie’s love chamber staggering to the view, it was moist as well.

Slick could feel the wetness of her tongue as it dragged against her dark tinted lips. Sadie winked at Slick before slamming her knees shut and rolled away from her in a tumbling, back roll, easily regaining her height. Sadie then moved her hands probingly over her body once more while twirling to allow the audience to view her shrine of magnificence before dipping her head and tilting her hat to her helper. She then sauntered hypnotically back down the stage and behind the big, cold, back drapes. The audience screamed for what seemed like a solid hour.

“What did I tell you?” Murray asked with a comical expression on his face. “Didn’t I tell you that little wanch (wench) was hot? Shit, I know your fingertips are still burning from the touch.” Slick snatched her seat to her and twirled it around while sitting gapped legged in it and sniffing at the bottoms she ripped from the little vivacious honey’s inviting frame. “I want to meet her.” She said, without taking her eyes from the stage. “Awright,” Murray said, smacking his lips and drumming on the table while looking for his friend Al, who was the assistant manager of the Hot Spot. “I’ll be right back.” He said, once he located his associate. Slick sipped at her drink as the entertainers drifted among the audience. She searched each entrance to find Sadie, but to no avail. Only the women that seemed like regulars to the crowd moved about the room.

(Where in the hell is she? Damn I want to see her again.) Slick cogitated, gazing around the club. “Here she is Al. She’s my boss and the owner of The Fiery Pit.” Slick glared up at the chunky, cigar-puffing, elephant as drool dripped from the right corner of his mouth. “Have a seat Al. I want to know what it will cost me to set up a meeting with your Camp Fire Girl?” “So you like our little gold mine huh? I hope you’re not thinking of stealing her, because I will fight you with everything I’ve got. I can’t lose her, the crowd loves her.” “Calm down, piglet.” Slick cracked.

“I’m not interested in taking her from your employment. I just want to meet her.” “Well, we have a strict policy here. The only way you can meet my prime, choice girls is to buy a lap dance, which for Camp Fire Sadie will cost you six hundred smackeroos.”

“You are a cheating bastard. How much of that does Sadie actually get, two hundred?” “Hey, I am very fair with my chief girls. Her cut will be four hundred of that, if you must know.” Slick narrowed her eyes and reached out her hand to Murray. He quickly snatched a wad from his pocket and dropped it into her hand. Slick tossed it to the fat slob and said, “Here’s a thousand. I want her completely naked when she comes into the room. I’ll be waiting, but not for long.” She warned, before standing and heading over to the rooms in which the girls offered private dancing sessions for the paying customers.
Back in the dressing room…

“Hey,” Al called out. “Where is Camp Fire?” Each of his dancers mumbled and tossed lingerie at him. “Y’all better be nice to me. Who else would be bothered with your trifling coochies?” He yelled over the defiant mutters rumbling in the room.

Just before knocking at Sadie’s door, he straightened his loosened tie and wiped the beads of perspiration from his brow. He was really nervous. Sadie hardly ever agreed to do lap dances, and with a woman, he was sure she would blow her cap.

“Come,” She shouted, after hearing Al’s faint knock. Al stepped into the room and glanced at each of his top dancers. There were only four that shared this room and they were definitely crowd pleasers.

“Hello ladies,” He said, fidgeting and tugging at his triple sized pants. Chocolate Slurp turned around in her chair as sweet as she wanna be, with her legs crossed and those big luscious bazooms staring at him. She was an African Queen in every sense of the word.

“Al,” Vanilla Delight said, rising from her chair. She was also a deity. She had spiked blonde hair, blue eyes and a body that would make you pat your self down to check for any wounds. “Any time you call us ladies you want us to serve somebody. Who is it? One of your drunken ass friends whose dick won’t even think about getting hard? Or is it a banker that wants to feel you up while grinding on his Sampson (mighty staff).”

“No V.D., it is not one of my friends. This person owns the Fiery Pit, and that person would like to meet Sadie.” Camp Fire whirled around in her seat and gave him a vicious scowl. “Al, if this is one of your perverted, “I didn’t know I was touching you” friends, I’m going to come back here and have Pocahontas kick you in the balls. Follow my drift, fierce leader?” Pocahontas was the final girl that shared a dressing room with the trio, but Momma was far from being the last of quartet’s beauties. One look at her and you would fall to your knees and thank the goddess Artemis for such a tempting creation.

She had long coal black hair, hypnotic dark eyes, golden tinted skin and a body that would make a grown man empty his bladder on the spot. (These girls were hot. What! Did I wet my pants? American products, there’s nothing like ’em in the entire world. Now back to the story.) Camp Fire rose from her chair and tied her robe shut with the matching sash. “Uh…uh hum,” Al struggled, clearing his throat. Sadie turned around and Al could swear, if only for a second that he saw fire jump from her eyes.

“This person paid to see your birthday suit while you perform.” He said faintly while wiping the now running sweat from his chubby face. Sadie narrowed her eyes and said, “Girls be ready to kick his ass, because if that person touches my body offensively we’re all going to kick your impudent tail.” Camp Fire then dropped her robe drawing oohs and aahs from her girls.

“Go girl,” Chocolate Slurp encouraged. “Make that mother stu…stu…stutter as he cums.” V.D. and Pocahontas leaned back laughing as they followed a highly confident Sadie out the Door. “ATTENTION, YOU PEASANT SWINE.” Pocahontas shouted over the mumbles and complaints echoing throughout the room. The moment her voice rose the talking and groaning stopped. Al watched on, hoping like hell there were no altercations in that room to cause these women to brutally beat him. “KNEEL BEFORE YOUR QUEEN, CAMP FIRE SADIE.”

The little strawberry blonde fell right into the role as she stepped elegantly down the center of the room of her obedient servants. Once she reached the other door she turned graciously around and bid her subjects to continue their assigned duties. Chocolate cackled at the usually reserved friend of theirs as she threw her nose in the air and walked off. “Hey, watch out for that step that Al hasn’t fix yet!” Vanilla yelled out, right before Sadie growled out,

“Ouch.” The entire dressing room roared with laughter. “Oh my queen, did you hurt yourself?” One of the girls that played the role of the obedient servant inquired. “CUNTS,” Sadie snapped, while looking for entertaining room two.

Once she arrived at the appointed door, the music she selected began to play in the room. It was R. Kelly’s suicide song. Sadie moved into the room like a seamstress’s hands caressing a fine selection of cloth. The idea of the owner of The Fiery Pit being a woman didn’t shock her. Her gaze fell upon the woman that she had allowed to rip her very clothes from her earlier. Camp Fire moved in a weaving manner, not wanting to get to her target too fast. More than anything she wanted this woman to be as hot as she was right now.

Slick watched as Sadie moved in her teasing pattern. Knowing the sensual pace was being used to stimulate her, and that it was definitely doing. Sadie’s fingertips moved up her body as she created a very suggestive wave while dropping her head back. (Oh lord, look how hard her nipples are becoming. Did that fat fuck say I couldn’t touch that? I know damn well that I’m going to have to pay him more, because there is no way in hell she’s getting out of this room without me grazing that.) Slicked thought, licking her lips.

Sadie continued to fondle her body in ways that Slick could only imagine viewing. Slick automatically opened her legs and leaned back onto the love seat she was sitting in. She was so hot that she could have sworn she saw smoke coming from her crotch. (That’s right baby pinch them sweet tits, oh lord. Brang (bring) it on. I want to feel that limber body right here. Rub your full ass against my burning power beacon.) Slick thought as she watched Sadie sway from side to side stroking her body in a most erotic manner.

Sadie continued her sinful stroll right up between Slick’s legs. She then lowered her hands on the edge of the sofa bringing her and Slick eye to eye. Both women’s eyes seem to burn as they each held the other’s gaze. Sadie then slid her hands sensually up around her interesting body before grabbing the back of the couch and sweeping her bosom tenderly across Slick’s face. Slick closed her eyes and melted into Sadie’s strawberry scent. She could feel her soul heave and her body blaze with intense desire.

The little minx’s sexual mastery was far from its conclusion as she rubbed her knee across Slick’s honeyed patch, making her mighty patron jump from her stinging touch. Sadie then pulled back and artfully regained her swaying dipping stance, while twirling away from Slick and poetically bending her body in cresting gesture while opening her legs. Displaying all of her sparkling love chamber and it’s pink drenched folds.

(GOOD LORD…I THINK I’M GETTING LIGHT HEADED!) Slick thought as Sadie turned away from her, while remaining bent at the waist, giving Slick a gratifying view of her golden treasure. Sadie then arched her back and grabbed her fleshy cheeks and pulled her folds opened. Slick could feel her breath grow shallow and her sight begin to blur. Sadie smiled from her bent stance. (You’re ready, aren’t cha (you)? Well, here I come baby. I can’t wait to feel your furnace of love rub against my backside.) Sadie thought while backin it in (backing up).

She continued to swirl her hips as she buried their fullness against Slick’s heated mound. Slick moaned deeply as she joined the little minx in the dance of consummation. Slick couldn’t believe she was so turned on and quickly approaching the realm of no return. But Sadie was having an effect on her she’d always wanted to feel in her lovers’. Slick threaded her fingers up into Sadie’s hair and pulled back.

“Watch it butch, I don’t like rough women.” Sadie popped, digging her nails into leather draped thighs. Slick groaned as her head fell back and her hips pumped harder. The feel of Sadie’s cheeks rubbing against her leather covered love patch made her clit sting. Both women were so enthralled by the moment that they forgot the main rule. Slick wrapped her other arm around Sadie’s waist and pulled her in closer. “You know the rules.” Sadie panted as Slick’s hand slid down to her love chamber and gently pinched her clit.

“Do…you…want me…to stop?” Slick panted, while increasing her pressure and pumping. “Huh…what…Oh lord,” Sadie groaned as both their hip movements became frantic. “OH…OH YEEESSSS.” They both screamed as their climaxes sent them into a world of ultimate pleasure. Slick released her hold on Sadie’s hair and wrapped both her arms around her.

“I’m going to make you mine, little one. No one shall rule and possess your soul as I will.” Slick mumbled, burying her moistened face in the little cowgirl’s hair. Sadie took a couple of deep breaths, broke away from Slick’s hold and regained her height.

“I don’t think so, Butch. I don’t like FAST women.” She then turned and walked gracefully from the room. Once outside the room, Sadie fell up against the wall, still high off of Slick’s burning passion. She closed her eyes and recalled what Slick’s fingers felt like as they caressed her most private juncture, which caused her to smile. If I hadn’t gotten away from her when I did, she’da (she would have) had me opened like a seven eleven. Good gosh that woman makes my juices boil. Sadie concluded as she continued on her path with a smile, still naked as the day she was born.

Back in Bungalow #2…

(She wants me. Stand back Camp Fire Sadie, I’m about to make you burn like you’ve never imagined. Your love is mine and each chance I get; I’m branding it.) Slick finalized as she stood and prepared to leave the Hot Spot.


“So,” Murray said throwing his arms up in the air. “How was your lap dance?” He asked while lowering his head and giving Slick one of his goofier raised eyebrow looks. “I want that girl and I don’t care what I have to do to get her.” Slick grabbed her hat and her long overcoat and headed for the door. Murray spun around and dropped his hands limply to his side. What the hell…doesn’t she know that this isn’t the mall and you just can’t have the retailer order you a Camp Fire Sadie? What the shit is going on with her anyway? I’ve never seen her so obsessed about any woman and it isn’t like she doesn’t have plenty in her bungalow already. What’s Sadie got that all the other women don’t have? Murray thought, while running to catch up with Slick.

Back in the dressing room…

“Hey, hey, hey why if it isn’t miss good pussy. Well, your Royal Highness did you make him scream your name?” Chocolate Slurp asked, while putting on her clothes. Sadie didn’t respond and she definitely didn’t want to tell the girls that she let an absolute stranger, and a woman, diddle her person and made her squeal like a stuck pig. “It went like it usually did. She’s happy and I’m six hundred dollars richer.” Sadie said with her head down. Her voice was so faint that Chocolate had to turn to look in the mirror at her expression.

“Are you telling me that Al had you to perform a lap dance for a woman?” Chocolate asked, moving closer to Sadie to view the expression on her face. “I don’t know what the big deal is? We do it all the time for men, don’t we?” Sadie’s tone of voice was almost venomous.

“Calm down baby girl. Speak to me like that again and I might put my foot up against your neck. Now…let’s try this again.” Chocolate said calmly as she placed her hand upon Sadie’s shoulder. “Did Al have you to do a lap dance on a woman?” Sadie sighed and returned, “Yes,” just as benevolently as Chocolate’s tone. Chocolate pulled up a seat and gazed up and down Sadie’s nude body. She noticed the color disfiguration the moment Sadie stepped through the door. And she seemed more relaxed than she usually did after a dance. Usually she was highly disgusted and immediately bolting for the shower to supposedly get the stench off of her. Chocolate slid closer to Sadie and asked her if the woman had touched her. Sadie didn’t say anything.

“I’m going to ask you again Sadie, because I honestly think that you didn’t hear me. Did that woman touch you?” Sadie lowered her forehead in to her already propped up hands and uttered, “Yes.” Chocolate didn’t speak. She wanted Sadie to reflect on her actions and when she was ready, she could explain it to her. Sadie was usually the type that could be perceived at times as a formidable tease. You can look but don’t touch. So what had happened in that room to change that aspect?

“Chocolate,” Sadie said softly, not quite sure how to explain what she was feeling when she walked into that room. “The minute my eyes met hers I felt jolts of electricity surge through my body. I’ve never had anyone to look at me the way she did. It was commanding and passionate at the same time. The music was playing and you know R. Kelly drops down explicit details. By the time I reached her, her burning gaze had me begging for her to touch me. And when I finally sat down in her lap and began to grind against her heated love chamber, I felt as if she was mine and I was hers. Chocolate I have never felt such power. I wanted her to take me to heights unknown and what’s even stranger was I believe she felt the same way. When we were finished she said something about making me hers and I told her I don’t think so. I don’t like FAST women.” Sadie then turned and gazed sincerely into her friend’s understanding eyes and mumbled.

“Chocolate, I said that but all the time she knew as well as I that it was a lie. I am scared. I have never been attracted to anyone like I am to that woman. She’s strong yet gentle, powerful yet alluring, commanding yet yielding. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I would love to have a relationship with her, but not as her slave or bitch. She’s so arrogant and sure of herself. I want her to know she can have me, but not with that attitude. Can you help me out Amber?”

Amber smiled and returned, “Sure Mouse, it’s the least I can do for my little sis. Now let’s get home before V. D. and Pocahontas start to worry.” “Okay,” Sadie agreed. She then put on her road clothes and followed Chocolate out.

Back at Slick’s place…

“Hey baby,” Silk said, opening the door for Slick and Murray. “Murray don’t you have some place to be?” Silk asked, while removing Slick’s hat and coat.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Murray. I’m going to bed.” Slick stated walking up the steps that led up to her bedroom. “Aw right (Alright), but maybe we can discuss that little scenario more tomorrow huh?” Slick didn’t bother to turn around as she waved her hand in acknowledgement of her partner’s final statement. Silk closed the door behind him and stormed upstairs.

“Where in the fuck have you been and who is the whore you’ve been with? I can smell that bitch’s cheap ass perfume all over you. What’d she do, eat your…” Before she knew what was happening Slick had caught her by the throat and slammed her against the wall.

“What I do with my time is my business! And whom I am with is also my business. If you don’t like what I do, then your no count ass can step (get the fuck out).”

“Please Slick I didn’t mean any harm. It’s just that I was worried about you. Hell, you know I’ll do anything you ask. I won’t do that again, I promise.” Silk pleaded, hoping her lies would prompt Slick to turn her loose. Slick released her grip in a clawing retreat. Scratching Silk’s throat as she pulled away from her. “Get out…If you stay the night it will not be in this room.” Slick then grabbed a hand full of Silk’s hair and shoved her out the door. Slick locked the door and prepared to go to bed. Although Silk managed to deter her thoughts temporarily, she still couldn’t vanquish Slick’s thoughts of possessing the only woman that made her soul create a song each time her memory recalled her image.

Slick slid in between her silk sheets and pulled the covers up over her ample bosom. What is it that you want and need in a mate Camp Fire Sadie? What do you want in a lover? I know you’re not adverse to being with a woman or we wouldn’t have experienced the mind boggling, climatic idiom we experienced several hours ago. Slick sighed despairingly and gazed over at the phone. I wonder if she’s still up? And…if she is, is she thinking about me like I am she? Slick grabbed the phone with the intention of calling information and getting her number. Wait, shit, I can’t damned well call customer service and say do you have the telephone number for Camp Fire Sadie. They’ll think my ass is crazy. Slick ponder her strategy a little longer before thinking, Al…he knows her number. I’ll call him. Slick hung up the phone before dialing the Hot Spot’s number.

Damn, I can’t do that either. He’ll probably start thinking that I’m stalking her, which wouldn’t be far from the truth. Slick thought with a chuckle. Bump (forget) this! I’ll just have Murray do the investigating. He likes it when I ask him to do things for me. It makes him feel better about himself. So tomorrow, I’ll have him find out everything that I need to know about the woman who is going to become my wife. Slick hung up the phone and turned onto her sleeping side while pulling the neighboring pillow to her. I am going to make you mine Sadie, or whatever your name is and when I do, I am never letting you go. Slick finished closing her eyes and drifted away into images of her and Sadie making love under a waterfall.

Sadie’s place…

“Where in the Hell have you two been?” Pocahontas snapped, while placing a large chef salad on the table and turning to glare at the pair. “Mouse’s got a girl friend,” Chocolate poked, giving Sheila (Pocahontas) an inviting glance. Pocahontas’s mouth fell open. “Amber (Chocolate) are you telling me that our little Mouse is interested in dipping into some wet plains?” Both women giggled, danced around in a circle while patting and slapping each other’s hands. “Hay (Hey) w’atsup (What is up)?” Veronica (V.D., Vanilla) asked as she observed the giddy pair dancing around chuckling hysterically. All three of Sadie’s roommates have had their share of both men and women lovers, but they’d never imagined that their little mouse would join them in the love pool this soon. At times, the trio wondered if Sadie would ever find anyone interesting enough to want to be with.

“Y’all are shitting me right? Our little celibate mouse is thinking about sharing her cage with another? And not doubt a WOMAN.” Veronica practically shouted.

“No baby,” Amber popped. Sadie remained quiet, not quite sure if she felt comfortable with the whole thing. She had never felt like this before and now her so understanding friends was making her feel worse and guilty for having these desires. “This lady is not just any old admirer. Carmen (Sadie/Mouse) has nabbed herself the most respected and prestigious woman in this side of town. Many know her as Slick.”

Veronica and Shelia stopped and gazed over at their little friend. Truly amazed by what they were hearing. Carmen finally hung up the blazer she wore over her very revealing T-shirt, avoiding her shocked friends’ gazes.

“You are a lying bitch Amber. That woman hates everybody and bedding any woman is just a notch in her S/M belt. You couldn’t be talking about Carmen liking her. I’ve met strippers that are terrified at just the mention of that woman’s name. Surely, Carmen hasn’t been with her.” Veronica panted, clenching onto a still surprised Pocahontas’s hand, whom was on the verge of falling to her knees from the pressure of her friend’s grip.

“Please tell me Mouse…this isn’t true is it? Is It? Did that bitch hurt you or make you do something that you didn’t want? TALK TO US CARMEN! HOW IN THE FUCK DID YOU WIND UP WITH HER ANY WAY?” Veronica shouted, panic evident in her gaze. Stories, stories, stories, she could tell them all some stories of that woman. Some even think that she is a chosen temptress sent from the very bowels of hell to recruit as many souls as she can. Every one of her old girlfriends that thought they too were in love with Slick had their hearts violently ripped from its casing. And once that was done, she discarded them like old rags while selecting out a new plaything.

“No, it can’t be Slick the one that owns the Fiery Pit. No…no way in Hell! Forget about her Carmen. She is evil and not for you. Stay away from her.” Veronica said, while taking the plate that Carmen had prepared for herself and walking off talking to herself.

“I like her,” Carmen said quietly. Veronica whirled around so fast that part of her salad leapt from her plate.

“What did you say to me?” V.D. asked with a menacing glare. Although Veronica and Carmen were about the same age they were still Aunt and Niece. Veronica was Carmen’s grandmother’s younger daughter. (One of those love children that momma figured while doing it that she was too old to get. Life is full of surprises isn’t it?) Carmen shrugged her shoulders and cast her eyes down toward the salad she was preparing for the second time. “I said I like her.” She said in a humbled tone. Shelia and Amber watched as Veronica stood staring in disbelief at her niece as she nonchalantly continued to build her salad.

“She is not for you and you will not defy me in this Carmen. Stay away from her and every thing will be fine. Do you hear me?” Veronica asked with a growl. What Carmen didn’t hear was the fear that lingered in her younger aunt’s voice. Everything she heard about that woman was pure evil and she was willing to do anything she needed to keep Carmen from her whorish grasp. (Veronica had no idea that Slick had already popped that interest level of Sadie’s and entered her celibate realm.)

“Carmen…did you hear me?” Sadie didn’t want the confrontation to brew to a scalding state so she just nodded her head obediently at her aunt’s question. She knew in her heart that all Veronica was doing was trying to protect her, but if loving Slick had it’s pitfalls she would just have to learn how to avoid them. She agreed to Veronica’s demands, at least at the present and openly, but Sheila and Amber could feel a little test of wills about to go on here. Carmen could be so defiant at times that a person would have to mentally shut down by the help of deep breathing to keep them from killing her. Veronica dropped her untouched plate onto the table. Carmen could still feel Veronica’s eyes on her but she didn’t dare say anything or return the gaze.

“I’m going up to bed now. I don’t feel much like eating any more.” She then glared at Carmen once more and trotted upstairs. “Wow, I’ve never seen V.D. so pissed off. The minute her niece comes out of the closet. She shoves her back in and slams the door.” Shelia said, tossing Amber a forty (eight-ball/malt liquor). She then looked over at Carmen and decided this was the night that she’d introduce Carmen to the Blues and the piss water to drink it down with. “Amber drop down some B.B. King (play some music)…and end it with a little of Queen, Aretha.” Pocahontas ordered while tossing Carmen an eight ball. She then snatched one out of the cooler for herself, twisted the top off of it and tossed it over her shoulder.

“Now let’s talk about love and the skanchs (tricks) that keep us from it?” Amber and Carmen chuckled as they all lifted their quarts up in a plastered salute and took a huge swig.


Veronica listened to the soulful tones of B.B. King seeping through the seals of her bedroom door. Her eyes became heavy with melancholy and sleep. She never in a million years would forget the ungodly night that she laid eyes on Slick. She pulled up to the bus stop, she was standing on, in a cold, black limousine looking as good as she wanna. She petitioned V.D. to spend some time with her. Back then all Veronica wanted was the power of having money. That was how she was able to purchase the brownstones they all lived in and plus two more as rentals.

Since she knew Slick had money, the opportunity to get some had presented itself. She quickly got into the car with a much younger Slick and immediately fell in love. She was the most radiant woman she had ever seen. She leaned back into the seat ever so arrogantly and told Veronica that she enjoyed her performance and was hoping that she and her friends, about that time the lights came on in the back on the limo, could spend some time with her. At first Veronica was very uncomfortable and was really contemplating had she made the right decision to spend the even with this woman. Slick must have sense the uneasiness and told Veronica that she was only there for her pleasure and that the others liked to watch. After negotiating a fee, Veronica agreed to let Slick fuck her in front of her friends.

Veronica clenched at the covers as her mind retrieved the horrible ordeal in flashes. She remembered how hot she was as Slick kissed her all about her face and heaving breasts while two of her fingers rammed in and out of her. Veronica felt the warmth she felt that night as she hunched feverishly at Slick’s slippery fingers. Out of no where, one of Slick’s friends joined her, stretching Veronica’s legs wider and shoving her fingers deep into her pussy, patterning her thrusts with Slick who was still sucking at her neck and pushing her firmly against the seat suspending the movement of her left arm and hand. Her other friend applied the same pressure aborting Veronica’s motions and squirming all together.

“Please…Please stop,” Veronica uttered quietly, somewhat enthralled with the four fingers now thrusting heatedly into her throbbing snatch. But nothing could prepare her for the assault that was about to happen. Slick wasn’t interested in spending time with her. She wanted to put the Burning Lady’s choice girl out of commission so that she would get their business during Veronica’s absence. The last thing Veronica remembered was five sets of three fingers ramming viciously in and out of her. Some were clawing while others dug and twisted in her. The pain was unbearable as they penetrated her aching, bleeding, snatch over and over again. She can still hear Slick’s voice as she almost screamed, “Fuck that bitch…fuck her…fuck her hard…fuck her till she can’t scream anymore.”

No sooner had she said that than Veronica passed out. The violating must have continued afterwards because when they finally tossed her out on whore’s strip she was bleeding like a slaughtered cow. One of the hookers that knew her, quickly pulled out her cell phone and called the ambulance while kneeling to try and comfort her as shock fought to settle in her body. After the call the hooker continued to talk to her while pulling her up into her arms. To this day Veronica had never forgotten that woman. Nor, had she forgotten the sinister sneer Slick gave her while throwing three thousand dollars out of the car over her and her new friend.

“Thanks for the good fuck,” She quirked entertainingly. “You brought life to our party.” All of her friends cackled with her as the limousine peeled away and the smoke tinted window rolled back up.

Carmen was only fifteen years old so she didn’t quite understand why it took nearly three months for her aunt to return to work. Each and every day Veronica thanked the creator that she met Pocahontas and Chocolate about a month before it happened. The moment they heard she had been raped they moved in and took on the responsibility of the brownstones and raising Carmen while she was out of it. No one knew who was the person that actually assaulted Veronica. She never did reveal it to anyone. She didn’t even report it to the cops. It would probably be a secret she would take to her grave. That is, unless she couldn’t come up with any other way to keep Carmen for falling into the greedy clutches of that evil bitch Slick. Veronica felt the tears of helplessness as they dripped off her cheeks onto her silk sheets. Even in sleep the pain of that night still plagued her soul.

You will never have my baby. Carmen is mine and I will do anything to keep her away from you! Maybe I’ll tell her that you were the reason why I didn’t work for a period of three months. Maybe I’ll tell her how and your friends violently used me in a ploy to increase your revenue and your club’s popularity. Maybe I’ll tell her that you are incapable of love and all you want to do is use her. One way or another I will keep you from hurting her or anyone that I love and that is my silent promise…Miss Slick. Veronica thought as the tears continued to drip from her closed eyes.


“Vanilla, what’da ya (what do you) say, wanna make a night of it? Chocolate Slurp suggested. She was still wired from their performances that night, and feeling kind of spry. “Well, it will have to be just you girls because I’m spending the night over at Sassy’s.” Vanilla informed her friends while packing her bags to leave.

“Ever since Sassy held you in her arms that night, your nose has been open.” Chocolate said, while gazing down upon her bosom as she fastened the last hook on her orange brassiere. She then propped her hands up on her hips and turned fully around so that her friend would have an appeasing view of the entire matching underwear ensemble she’d just finished putting on.

“What tha (the) hell does she have under that dress of hers, because whatever it is, it is definitely putting a whipping on you.” Chocolate then tilted her head and gave her old friend a mischievous smile. Aw (ah) shit here it comes, one of her fucked up ideas. Just look at her. Vanilla thought. Chocolate’s tongue swept across her full cocoa creamy lips before issuing her friend a bright intoxicating smile. “What’da ya say, wanna share your hunny love? Of course, you know…” Chocolate teased while lowering her hands upon her knees and flexing her arms which caused her boobs to bulge.

“Once you go black you never go back.” Vanilla cackled and said, “And once you dip into this sweet pip, you ain’t gonna wanna give up the whip.” V.D. retorted with a smile. “C’mon Chocolate, you know not to play with grown folks.” She then finished gathering her stuff, gave her friend a wink and wished everyone a good night.

Chocolate dabbed her finger on her tongue and issued an imaginary score for her departing friend before redirecting her attention over at Pocahontas and Sadie. “C’mon y’all, don’t leave me hanging! C’mon party with me.” She begged. Carmen (Sadie) snorted and said, “What’da ya say Shelia (Pocahontas) why don’t we oblige our pitiful petitioning partner? Shelia snorted and said, “Let’s bust this city wide open girls.” The trio quickly put on their road clothes and prepared for a hot girl’s night out.

Chocolate wore a two piece brown leather ensemble that made her flesh appear even more soliciting. The halter tied around back leaving her shoulders bare and every bit inviting. And the bell bottom pants…lord those bell bottom pants were screaming “sex me baby”. (Somebody ought to thank her mother for a rump like that or better yet thank the creator for dropping the moon right at her backside).

Pocahontas got down ethnic. She wore her performing buffalo hide, two piece Indian outfit. Laced with the finest beads and artistic design you’d ever seen. And her golden tinted skin glimmered with the sparkling body oils that draped her fine ass body. (Did somebody say surrender?)

Sadie wore something that could almost be considered S&M attire. The two piece, or shall I say three piece, included an eel skin halter, chap like pants with matching underpants which revealed a very thought provoking peek of her firm, pinkish thighs. To conclude the smoldering ensemble she tied a matching eel skin eye patch around her left eye making the visible one look even more dangerously green.

“Hot damn Carmen, I think I’m drooling,” Chocolate said while weaving her fingers into Sadie’s hair and flaring it precariously about her shoulders and ample bust line. “Poke (Pocahontas) don’t she look nasty?” Chocolate asked, stepping away for their little package of TNT (Teasing Naughty Toy).

Pocahontas spread her legs, dropped her hand down in front of her crotch and set off a vigorous pumping pattern while yelling out her war cry. Both Sadie and Chocolate leaned back, laughing at their humping friend. “Now Let’s spread out.” Pocahontas ordered while whirling in her stance toward the door.

The girls visited several clubs and drank mixed drinks as if rushing an invisible curfew hour. They danced and visited with the locals a little bit before leaving and hitting another club. “Say Carmen, are you feeling dangerous tonight?” Chocolate asked leaning into her little friend while wrapping her arm around her shoulders. “Drop it down dark one, what trick do ya want me to knock off for you?” Amber (Chocolate) chortled and whispered in her friend’s ear. “Let’s go down to the Fiery Pit.” Carmen looked into her friend’s playfully daring eyes and said, “Bet (Okay), saddle up Pocahontas, we’re out of here.” Carmen said sportingly. Pocahontas finished her drink and followed her two weaving friends out.

Once they arrived at Slick’s club they all just stood out front looking up at the glimmering lights and listening to the loud music thumping. Carmen sighed and elbowed her two pots after standing out there for five minutes. “What tha (the) hell are we doing? Are we going in or are we just going to stand out here like fools?” Chocolate stepped away from her friend and bowed honorably while sweeping her hand out toward the entrance. “After you your highness.” She coached, inspiring Carmen to take the lead. “Watch my moves girl. Momma’s about to teach y’all something.” Carmen moved up to the attendant and petitioned him to let them in.

“I’m sorry ma’am but only members are allowed.” Pocahontas and Chocolate watched as Carmen tilted her head and placed her hands upon her petite hips while shifting her weight onto her left leg. “Aw, he don’t know what he just did.” Pocahontas mumbled under her breath. “Where do we sit when we get in, because by the time she gets through with him he’ll be issuing us membership cards.” Chocolate bragged popping her hand out in front of her giving Poke a cuddly hi-five.

“Huh,” Carmen pondered, placing her point finger against her lips and tapping it. “I could have sworn she told me that this was the night that she wanted us to perform for her. Slick was really insistent about it. As a matter of fact she told me that if we didn’t arrive promptly at nine (it was ten minutes to nine) that she was going to be extremely angry.” Carmen inhaled through her clenched teeth while shaking her head. “Oh well, since we aren’t members and she didn’t leave us passes to perform tonight I guess we’ll go. Tell her that Camp Fire Sadie was here on time, I just couldn’t get in.” Carmen then turned to leave.

“Wait,” The bouncer, said with a nervous furrow in his brows. “Are you Camp Fire Sadie from the Hot Spot?” Carmen shifted her weight to her right leg and swept her tongue delectably across her lips. “That’s right sugar and these are my pots, Pocahontas and Chocolate Slurp.” She’s going in for the kill now. Pocahontas thought as she and Chocolate moved up against Carmen’s side.

“Would you just make sure that Slick gets that message? I wouldn’t want her to come over to my apartment and beat my ass because I couldn’t keep our appointment.” Carmen reported. Evident fear rose in the man’s features. He knew of Slick’s temper and he didn’t want any part of it. Just as the girls turned to leave, he called out to them. “Well…since you have an appointment I’ll let you in, but make sure you tell her how helpful I’ve been, okay?” He pleaded while lowering the velvet rope blocking the pathway to the door.

“Now you know Sadie is going to take care of you hunny,” Carmen said as she walked past him and swerved her fingertips gently under the man’s chin. He smiled as each lady passed and issued her own private gesture of appreciation. Pocahontas gave him an in air smooch and Chocolate winked. Yes…Yes…Yes…He thought as he watched three sets of incredibly blessed backside sway with the smashing effect of a tide banking against the shores’ cove in his head. Oh…thank you Jesus. Oh how wonderful your creations are. He concluded in silence while re-latching the entry rope.

“Carmen, remind me to commend you on such an decorative way of manipulating people. Shit, I think he was truly horrified after you mentioned Slick’s temper.” Pocahontas said, leading the trio into the noisy club. The minute the ladies were inside, Murray spotted Carmen. He rubbed his eyes briskly as if to focus on what he supposedly saw.

Yet his eyes did not deceive him. He did see the little talented stripper wrapped on each side by her Amazon friends. Slick is not going to believe this shit! He was proud of himself for recognizing the petite stripper first. Murray quickly moved through the dancing forms monopolizing the dance floor hurrying over to Slick’s table. As soon as the trio stepped up on the dance floor, three other dancing women quickly snagged them. A brunette about the same height of Carmen grabbed her hand and led her out to the middle of the floor. Carmen threw back her head and twirled her finger in the air and yelled, “Aw right ba-bay bring it on.”

Once the girl was where she wanted them to be she twirled around and stepped into Sadie and began rolling her hips against her. Carmen quickly followed her lead while slapping her hand down upon the woman’s well-endowed left hip while propping her other hand up on her right hip. The pair dipped and ground elegantly to the music while gazing challengingly into each other eyes. Just as they rose to their full stance for the third time the woman dancing with Carmen felt a hand drop down on her shoulder. The woman gazed over her shoulder at Slick and quickly relinquished her hold on Sadie.

“My what do I have here?” Slick asked, while stepping closer to Carmen and running the back of her pointing finger over the eel skin patch that covered Sadie’s eye. “Well if it isn’t that FAST woman who enjoys lap dances.” Sadie said with raised eyebrows. Slick threaded her fingers into Sadie’s silky hair and snatched her to her. She then lowered her face until both sets of eyes met. Sadie could feel Slick’s warm, alcohol tinted breath as she softly exhaled it into her face. Slick’s stormy blue eyes indicated her contained hunger as they twinkled at the sight before her.

“Dance with me beautiful.” Slick uttered as the music slowed. Carmen moved into Slick’s welcoming arms and buried her face in the Jasmine leather scented bosom. Slick moaned as she laid her cheek down on the top of Carmen’s head and inhaled the soft strawberry flavored aroma. Carmen’s hands slipped under the long leather overcoat Slick had on and rested gently upon the tall woman’s firm, grinding buttocks.

As the pair swayed to the beat of the music they seemed to concentrate on nothing but their bodies as they melted into the other’s moves. Hands skipped over the other’s curves and dips in an examining pattern, squeezing and caressing their partner’s measurements. Slick found herself captured by Sadie’s chaste exploration as she pulled back on Carmen’s hair and softly claimed her lips. The kiss was filled with sizzling passion and hidden promises. Both women became hostages to their desires as the kiss deepened and traveling hands began to grope the other’s protruding tender parts.

The crowd standing around them slowly dissipated and silently stood watching the pair. They had never seen the club owner take to a woman like she was doing Sadie. Their movements were graceful and every bit stirring as their hips dipped and twirled with a very sensual touch. Nothing could be heard in the club but the bumping slow jam that was seducing the pair. Spotlights sparkled and dimmed among the darkness amplifying the magnetic energy that sizzled between the couple. Slicks head rubbed gently about Carmen’s face and cheeks as their lips periodically grazed the other’s with passive sweeps. Pants of desire drifted among the suggestive lyrics inviting the crowd of couples to huddle and embrace their selective lovers. The pairs swaying were succulent and extremely titillating. No one in the club had ever seen anything like it. They were enthralled by Slick’s and Carmen’s unearthly bonding, almost as if they were chosen soul mates. Their attraction to the other was evident and definitely envied. None would’ve imagined that anyone would come along and claim the head temptress of the Fiery Pit’s heart, but before their eyes they bear witness to a miracle like no other.

The table of friend’s and associates that Slick sat with watched as the small strawberry blonde their friend held in her arms captivate the club owner with elegance and her ever so innocent demeanor. They had never seen Slick so spellbound and relenting as she was now. It was as if a spell of divine eminence had possessed her soul. Slick was so relaxed and laid back that they couldn’t help from allowing their mouths to hang open in shock. Maybe this little woman will be the one to harness Slick’s untamed cravings and cradle her unseen emotions. “Dear Lord,” Slick panted, pulling away from Carmen and gazed drowsily into the small blonde’s face. “I have never met anyone like you Sadie. Stay with me tonight?” Sadie pulled away from Slick and gave her a crooked smile.

“Know this large one, I am not a trick (hoe/whore) nor am I an easy lay. I’ve never met anyone like you either. But…let me tell you this. Until you shuck that he-woman karma and approach me like a potential maybe, you won’t get any of this.” Carmen then looked up and down Slick’s incredible features and licked her lips. “You are definitely a fine ass woman. Dump that macho shit and give me some of the real stuff.”

Sadie then walked away from Slick leaving her dumbfounded and highly enthralled. Carmen yelled back, “AND DON’T YOU MAKE ME WAIT TOO LONG. I’M YOUNG, HUNG AND FULL OF CUM.” Slick couldn’t believe what just happened. Never had any woman been allowed to walk away from her! Although she stood in the middle of the floor full of dancing people she felt complete as a smile came upon her face. Ah right my little sweetness, saddle up, Mommie wants to play with you. Slick finalized while returning to her seat. Her friend’s was still amazed by her pleasant disposition as she returned to her seat completely subdued and extraordinarily pleased.


Slick stood in the middle of the dance floor watching Carmen as she poetically maneuvered her way back through the crowd to her girlfriends. Once the little strawberry blonde was there, she slowly turned around and blew Slick a very sexy kiss while winking. Slick smiled and offhandedly rocked her head from side to side. Whatever it takes to make you mine little one, I am willing to do. Slick thought returning to her table.

“So,” Foxy started. Foxy was hired a couple of years ago by Slick to manage the girls. He stood a good seven feet tall in heels. He had dark twinkling eyes, black shoulder length hair that was kept permed and looking ever so manageable, smooth cocoa skin, high cheek bones, long, luxuriously curly eyelashes and perfectly creased full lips. And as Mistress for the girls, he was always dressed in drag while on duty, which definitely gave RuPaul a run for his money.

“Who’s the little trick you were out on the floor squeezing up on?” He asked turning in his seat to face Slick and crossing his legs. He then picked up his drink and took a pinky sip out of it before issuing Slick his double raised eyebrow expression while waiting for her to answer.

“She’s not a trick,” Slick snapped almost defensively. Foxy gasped in utter shock while laying his/her hand ever so lady like upon her bosom. (Now how many women actually do that shit? Author’s note). “Don’t snap my tit off Slick. You know it makes me nervous when you get all butch on me.” Foxy stated while pressing her sequined black gown neatly against her body.

“Sorry,” Slick said, while gazing earnestly into her taller friend’s eyes. Foxy reached out elegantly and playfully popped Slick on the back of her hand. “That’s okay girl, you know I don’t mind playing your bitch. Soooo…who is Miss wonderful? I see you really like her. For a moment, I thought you two were going to set the place off right there on the dance floor. Are you happy when you’re with her Slick?” Foxy asked, really curious, especially after Slick growled meaningfully at her a few minutes ago because she referred to the girl as a trick (whore).

Slick took another huge swig of her drink and allowed her eyes to drift back out onto the dance floor before speaking again. “Come upstairs with me so that we can speak in private, and you too Murray.” Slick stated. Foxy Momma and Murray followed the symmetrical beauty up the stairs leading to her office. Once she was inside she ordered Murray to shut the door and tell her what they were drinking before they got started with the conversation they were about to have. Murray ordered a Sloe Gin Fizz and Foxy asked for a Pink Lady. Slick expertly made up their drinks and finished the trip to the bar with a triple shot of Jack Daniels for her self.

After joining her friends in the chair across from them, Slick took a drink and began telling them her feelings for her new love interest. She wanted her friends’ honest opinion about what they thought of her and what she needed to change to improve her chances of conquering this girl’s heart. She emphasized to her friends that there was something in this one woman that made her body sizzle from her gaze and her heart pound as if she was experiencing the effects of an overdose of steroids. She wanted this woman in the worst way, and it wasn’t just physical. Slick wanted her friends to realize that what this girl possessed was the other half of her soul and she needed to feel her completion.

“So,” Slick said, pausing briefly. “Tell me what do you think I can do in order to appear less threatening or controlling.” Both Murray and Foxy directed their attention to the floor, then to the window that looked out over the whole club, outwardly avoiding their friend’s odd gaze. Neither of her friends spoke for fear of saying the wrong thing and no doubt to the wrong person. Slick jumped out the chair she was sitting in, and went to the window to close the blinds.

“Now…” She said sternly. Maybe I can have your attention again? What is it about me that I need to change to appeal to this girl?” Foxy gazed over at Murray who was still looking at the floor, avoiding both women’s gazes, and leisurely stretching his long arms out over his crossed legs.

“Well…Slick, you are a stunning woman. What could you possibly want to change?” He was actually trying to avoid answering the question all together. Who in the hell wanted to tell a woman that possessed the skills to break you in half that she was too domineering?

“Stop the bullshit, both of you and tell me how should I change to appease her.” She snarled, while tossing a shake of her drink onto the plush black rug that covered the room’s flooring.

“Slick…” Foxy began ever so gently. “What does she say when you approach her?” Slick pondered her thoughts as she plopped down in the seat and threw her left leg over the arm of the chair again.

“Well, she called me a butch one time, and she told me that she didn’t like fast women. Pssst…damn if I know what that meant.” Foxy snorted and said, “Obviously she doesn’t like your approach.” “Well no shit, Miss Queenie. What do I need to do to make her see another side to me?” “You need to lay down the eminent ego of yours.” Murray mumbled, still not directing his gaze or his words at Slick. Slick narrowed her eyes and said, “And just how do you propose I do that Mr. Know-it-all?”

“Now you see Rimi (Slick)? You asked us for our opinion and the minute Murray states what he thinks, you snap him up. You have to ease back on the ‘tude (attitude). This girl is obviously not from our side of the tracks with her upbringing. She sounds as if she’s truly interested in you, but just not the front you sport from day to day. Loose the controlling Dyke manner and advance her with some of that dormant charm THAT you don’t use with these hoochies (street woman) you have going down on just about every day. Drop down some of that alluring, captivating persona that I KNOW you have and lay it on thick.” Foxy finished, while glancing sincerely at her friend.

“This young woman adores you and the power that you retain. You just don’t have to whip it out on her. What she wants is the woman that cradles the stamina, not the butch that comes across like all she wants is to fuck her. Court her! That is what she’s wanting and the fucking will come later. That is…” Foxy said, holding Slick’s inebriated gaze. “If you feel that THIS woman is the one that you can commit to.” Slick held her friend’s attention as she took another huge gulp of her drink. She then brought down her leg and considered his words. “She performs tomorrow night. I want you to help me prepare for meeting her. I want to make this woman my wife. So it is imperative that you assist me in not fucking this up.” Slick snapped, while leaning back in her chair and propping her leg up on the arm again.

“You know the weekend is coming up Slick, so Roxy and I will be bringing Aurora by around about seven if that is okay with you?” Murray said, still not looking up at Slick. Rimi (Slick) narrowed her blurring eyes and returned, “Yes…I know the weekend is coming. My daughter is perfectly safe with me. After all…” Slick continued while rising and walking over to Murray. “I am her mother.” She then doused Murray with the remnants of her glass before leaving the room. Foxy jumped despite of Murray’s stillness and gazed up at a departing Slick.

“Are you okay?” She asked, totally surprised by Murray’s humble actions.

“Yeah…I’m okay. It’s just that each weekend I have to go through this. I know she loves that kid, but for some reason when I bring Aurora over, Slick finds way to not spend time with her. Last weekend she had to stock the bar. So Aurora spent the entire day with you no doubt, as her mother took care of her business instead of her. When I ask her what she and her mother did. Aurora said,” “Mommie stayed in the club, Foxy and I went to the zoo.” Murray quoted.

“Well, maybe this young lady she’s intending to pursue will guide her in a new direction regarding Aurora. You know Rimi loves Aurora and will give anything for her to be safe and comfortable. Let’s see what kind of…” Foxy paused and thought, What the hell is the woman’s name anyway? “Change this woman can bring about in Slick.” Foxy laid her hand on Murray’s knee and gave it a squeeze. “Maybe,” he said, while gaining Murray’s attention. “She can push Slick into being a more attentive mother.” Foxy then patted Murray on his knee and rose. “C’mon let’s get back down there. I may be missing out on some very voluptuous meat.” She said while giving a now smiling Murray a wink.

The following night…

“No Foxy, I can’t wear that. It makes me look cheap.” Slick said, grabbing her friend’s hand. “Look girl you said you want me to help, and a soft blue slash across your eyelid will bring out the color of those heavenly blue eyes. Now let go of my wrist and let me finish your eyes.” Slick glared up at Foxy with a silent warning in her blazing orbs. Once Foxy had finished with the make up, she commenced to gathering up Slick’s hair into a ponytail. “No…I am not wearing my hair up.” Slick growled.

“Listen you fucking cave woman. Your hair is always precariously thrown about your face and shoulders. I want to heighten your extraordinary facial features by pulling it back just a taste. And no, I am not putting all of your hair in a ponytail…God forbid.” He finished with a mumble.

After finishing her hair, Foxy stood back and examined the clean-cut figure before him. He had Slick to stand up and twirl around for him. Foxy had pulled a section of Slick’s hair back from her face and place a dainty ponytail a ways back from the teased bangs that feathered to the side and spread softly upon her forehead creating a fanning affect slightly above her left eye. Her makeup was almost unnoticeable. It was only used to amplify her exceptionally chiseled features. Slick wore a silk pants-suit with blousing sleeves, a V neckline with propelled bust features that dipped teasingly down in the valley of her bosom and the rest of her was simply mouth watering. (Somebody give me a glove). Every curve and wave on Slick’s body was complimented and down right wicked to victims with bad hearts.

“Aw Lord,” Foxy chimed ardently while bringing his limp hand up to his quivering lips. “Girl you are death defying. I have never seen you look so…so…shit…so sexy.” Foxy gazed up and down Slick’s body before stepping up to her. He then opened up her collar and blew down into her blouse over each of her breasts. “There,” He said giving her boobs a gentle pat. “Now you look like you want some.” He finalized, gazing down at Slick’s protruding erect nipples before elegantly lowering his hands upon his hips and walking. “Let me see you strut, and not like you’re stomping grapes or you have a bad jock itch.” He stated while turning around to face Slick. Slick walked over to the door, turned back to face him and inhaled deeply. She then relaxed her body and stepped off. Her demeanor was bewitching and her poise was if she was gliding upon an invisible breeze that brought out her natural sway and seductive prowess.

“Damn Slick,” Foxy hissed breathlessly. “I think I just got a willy (hard on). I didn’t think you knew how to move like that. Do you have a brother?” The friends shared a bonding chuckle before he twirled her around toward the door and uttered. “Go get your woman!” Slick exhaled, rolled her shoulders and rocked her head from side to side as if she was preparing for a match. She then gripped her friend’s hand lying upon her shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “Thanks Foxy.” She mumbled before walking swiftly to the door and exiting.

Foxy smiled and thought, That little cookie must be quite a dish. Never have I seen Slick so determined about reaping a single woman’s attention. Nor have I ever heard Slick thank anyone, especially me. Foxy snorted and quietly said, “Good luck girl, claim your prize like the warrior I know you are. Make that little honey yours. You of all people definitely need a taste of honest love.” He then tidied up the room before cutting off the light and leaving.

Later that night…

Slicks stood across the street from the club after watching all of the girls perform including Campfire Sadie. She was growing anxious by the minute. She knew she wanted to see Sadie, she just didn’t know if she wanted to be herself while doing it. She felt so vulnerable.

“Girl…look over there,” Chocolate Slurp (Amber) hissed quietly. “Ain’t (isn’t) that Slick? Damn she looks pretty hot don’t she?” She said, leaning into Pocahontas, who was now checking out Slick. “Carmen (Sadie),” Pocahontas called out quietly as Vanilla and Camp Fire Sadie came out the door laughing at something one of the girls following them had said. Sadie moved up beside her friends, still oblivious as to why they called her. “Look…” Amber said, indirectly pointing at Slick who was now leaning up against her black BMW with her ankles crossed, watching the girls. The sight alone brought a smile to Sadie’s face. “She looks magnificent doesn’t she?” Sadie inquired while trying to move past her friends to head over there.

“Carmen,” Veronica (Vanilla) snapped. “I have asked you not to deal with that woman. We’re going home.” She said grasping Sadie’s elbow while nudging between their friends. Pocahontas and Chocolate casually stepped away from the pair as Sadie jerked away from her aunt’s grasp.

“I’m just going to see what she wants, that’s all. I am not about to be rude just because you don’t like her. She doesn’t deserve that.” Carmen finished with a huff and dangerously glaring eyes. She handed Chocolate her bag and ran across the street to Slick. Carmen came to an abrupt, panting halt as she stepped up in front of Slick. “My what brings a lovely vision such as yourself out tonight?” Carmen whirred while stepping up to Slick ever so invitingly.

“Well,” Slick said, while reaching out and grasping Sadie’s jacket and yanking her closer to her. “I saw this radiant young woman perform and I just had to meet her.” Sadie giggled girlishly before wrapping her arms around Slick’s neck. “Girl, look at that,” Chocolate said while elbowing Pocahontas. I thought she said she didn’t like FAST women? Right now SHE’S acting FAST.” Pocahontas chuckled and gave her friend a stinging hi-five. Vanilla watched on as consuming anxiety bolted through her body. “CARMEN,” She cried out as Slick took Sadie’s hand and led her to the other side of the car.

“CARMEN,” Veronica (Vanilla) yelled out again. Bolting closer to the side of the road. Yet for some reason Sadie didn’t hear her as Slick closed her door and trotted back to her side of the car and got in. “I guess she didn’t hear you.” Chocolate chirped with a discreet smile upon her face. “Shut up Amber. You two find it funny now, but Slick is dangerous and while Carmen is in her clutches, she is not safe.” Vanilla huffed heading to her car. Pocahontas and Chocolate gazed over at each other, shrugged their shoulders and followed their perturbed friend.

Let’s ride…

“So where are you taking me?” Carmen asked while shifting in the seat so that she could face the object of her desires.

“I thought we’d ride into the sunset,” Slick popped with a smile, while briefly gazing over at the one woman that stilled her heart.

“Um…that sounds like fun, but I’m really hungry. Care to buy me dinner gorgeous?” She asked, gazing beseechingly at Slick. “Whatever your wish is, that is what I will seek to achieve.” Slick stated while tilting her head and giving Carmen a wink. Carmen chortled, straightened in the seat and laid her head back.

Both women thoroughly enjoyed their meal as they conversed about current events and their cure for everything that was going wrong in the world. There were moments when Carmen would laugh at something Slick said and the night club owner could have sworn if only for a split second that her heart stopped pumping. She never imagined herself being so relaxed and candid as she was now. Slick didn’t want the moment to end, so she asked Carmen to spend the night with her.

“Rimi,” Carmen said quietly. “Are you trying to get me back to your place so that you can screw me?” Slick laughed audibly and shook her head in a negative manner.

“No,” She finally answered while gazing hypnotically into her companion’s eyes. “I just don’t want this night to end. I have never been so happy with anyone. You make me feel giddy and I haven’t had a drink tonight. I don’t want to give that up right away.” Slick confessed while laying her hand down on Sadie’s that was lying beside her plate. “Kiss me…” She commanded softly. Carmen held her gaze and slid her plate to the side. She then rose slightly and bent at the waist before lowering her lips tenderly upon Slick’s. Slick jumped. She wasn’t accustomed to such gentleness.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Carmen whispered before touching her lips again with just the tip of her tongue. Slick closed her eyes and drifted into the softness. Carmen ran her tongue over the course of Slick’s top and bottom lips before lyrically sucking her bottom lip into her mouth. Slick jerked back from the kiss as her body ignited with uncontainable warmth. Her heart was really beating fast now.

“If you keep kissing me like that, I’m going to take you on this table.” She said factually. Carmen chuckled and lowered herself back into her seat.

“Well, I’m rather pleased since I’ve never, per say, really kissed anyone outside of a drunken dare or my childhood friends.” She confessed shyly. Slick tilted her head as if she was confused about something. “What is it?” Sadie asked concerned. “Are…Are…” Slick shifted to relieve the pressure that was building between her legs. God I couldn’t be this blessed. Surely she’s, no doubt a stripper, but a virgin as well? Slick thought before finishing her sentence. “Carmen, are you a virgin?” Carmen gazed frightfully into Slick’s eyes and returned, “Does that turn you off? Will you still want me if it is true?” Slick didn’t know whether to laugh or scream out her praise.

“No…no…Lord no,” Slick retorted abruptly. “I just never pictured ever becoming seriously involved with a stripper, much less a virginal performer. I must be the most blessed woman alive.” Slick inhaled and gave her busts a pat. She then gazed over at a puzzled Carmen and said meekly. “Did I say something wrong? Are you still interested in being with me?” (Please say yes), Slick thought, hoping that she hadn’t just messed this up.

“No…I just didn’t know why you were ecstatic? Usually when I tell people that I haven’t been with anyone they shy away from me as if I had a plague. Yet, you don’t seem horrified by it.” Carmen murmured while lowering her head, truly embarrassed now. Slick quickly moved to Carmen’s side of the table and lifted her chin. So that she could gaze into her alluring eyes. “There is nothing more precious than being with a woman with virtue. I’m happy because I could never even think of myself being with a woman like you. You are kind hearted, caring and definitely good damn looking. I can’t explain how I am feeling and the thought that you want me even increases the burning that is in my soul right now. That night when I said I was going to make you mine, I meant every word of it. That is my main objective if you have no problem with us being together. Frankly, I’m tired of not loving or being loved. Stay with me tonight? All I want is to hold you in my arms as we both drift into the land where dreams are made.” Slick finished lowering her lips down upon Carmen’s and kissing her ever so gently. Carmen pulled away from the kiss panting.

“My aren’t we a quick study?” She popped while licking her lips. Slick laughed and lifted them both to their feet and tossed a hundred dollars on the table. “Dag, I know I didn’t eat that much.” Carmen cracked as Slick took her hand and headed for the door.

“Naw…but I’m feeling pretty good tonight, and I want someone outside of us to know it.” She then opened the door and allowed Carmen to exit first.

Strippin’ 5

Slick gave Carmen a tour of the club, her overview office, her apartment and finally the luxurious bedroom with a glittering view of the strip. “Wow, this is beautiful. Come, hold me.” Carmen said anxiously reaching for her new love’s hand. Slick willingly set out to fulfill her prospective girlfriend’s wish.

“Ooh,” Slick cooed as she pulled Carmen back into her. “You smell sooo good. I am simply mesmerized. What is that?” Slick asked, while sweeping Carmen’s hair over onto her left shoulder and lowering her chin. Carmen chuckled and said, “Red Diamonds.” “Um…I like it. Did you spray it all over?” Slick inquired while playfully nipping at Sadie’s pinkish skin. Carmen laughed softly and tapped the club mistress playfully on her firm thigh. The women went silent again basking in the calmness of the night and their togetherness. “Carmen,” Slick began, while setting off a gentle sway of both their bodies. “Hmm?” Carmen hummed, reaching back and grabbing Slick’s thighs to pull her closer.

“Who was the woman that was screaming your name at the club? She seemed rather upset with you. Did y’all have a disagreement or something?” Slick was curious about the woman’s origin, and she was wondering if the woman was in fact interested in Carmen? If she is, I’ll simply kill her. Slick thought with a smile as she continued to rock them both to the music playing in her heart.

“That’s my aunt.” Carmen responded almost solemnly. “Well, you don’t sound too happy about that do you?” Slick said, tightening her grip. She never imagined feeling this serene in her entire life. Yet, Carmen for some reason gave her just that. “My aunt thanks (think) that you are evil. I don’t know if you had an encounter with her earlier in life or if she is just responding to the rumors about you.” “Uh,” Slick mumbled, not able to retrieve any memory of the yelling woman in her thoughts. “What do you say we finish this conversation in bed? I want to feel you next to me.” She concluded while kissing Carmen gently on the shoulder again.

“Okay,” Carmen chirped, spinning out of Slick’s embrace and allowing herself to be led over to the huge closet that was filled with all kinds of sleeping t-shirts, numerous teddies and designer negligee’s. “What’s your pleasure, little one?” Slick asked, filtering through the outfits. Carmen eyes beamed with merriment as she gazed up at the dark temptress. “Why don’t we try all of them on? Let’s have a mock fashion show.” Slick turned her puzzled gaze toward Carmen’s pleading glance and caved like a rockslide on a slanted mountain. “Okay…sure why not? It’ll be fun.”

Slick looked around the room and stated, “Hmm…This lighting isn’t going to get it.” She clapped her hands twice and the lights dropped down several watts. She then turned and gave Carmen a raised eyebrow expression while giving her a comically pudgy lip smooch. “Ready?” She queried, grabbing an outfit from the rack.

“Sure,” Carmen sniped. “I’ll let you go first.” Slick pulled the outfit close and gave Carmen a beguiling gaze as she twirled on the balls of her feet while slinging her hair wildly in the temporary breeze. Carmen laughed giddily as Slick disappeared into the bathroom. She then checked out the room more thoroughly, wondering where Slick kept her music. She looked over at the bar and noticed a huge cube shaped design in the middle of the glass panel. “Hey, did’cha (did you) fall in?” Carmen shouted while sorting through Slick’s CD/record collection. “Yeah…” Slick drawled hesitantly. Carmen sensed the resistance and dropped down R. Kelley’s single (Did you ever think?) She then called out to Slick to show her those long golden legs.

Slick eased the door open and ever so elegantly, moved into the room. Her movements were mystical and every bit intriguing. She had picked out a two-piece green silk camisole with matching loose fitting shorts. She whirled around ever so gracefully, turning her back to Camp Fire, and set off a drooling hip roll while lewdly rubbing the firmness of her gyrating backside.

Carmen chuckled and cheered her on with wolf howls. Slick spun around and began to saunter sexily over to Carmen while delicately unbuttoning the form-fitting top. Slick stopped directly in front of a rocking Carmen and reached for her hand. She then stepped in closer to Carmen and set off a cozy grind of her hips while running just the fingertips of her little chosen one’s hand down inside her blouse grazing her breasts. Sadie panted and closed her eyes as her tongue instinctively wet her lips. Slick smiled, rather pleased with Carmen’s speechless response and continued to run her fingers up and down the valley of her bosom. Sadie couldn’t contain the moan that scrambled up her throat. Slick laughed heartily and kissed each of Carmen’s eyelids. Carmen opened her eyes and Slick could have sworn she saw a rainbow of boundless passion rise in the little ones desiring orbs. Slick couldn’t stop herself from kissing Carmen. Yet, it didn’t last long. Slick didn’t want any fireworks to ignite that she had no way of extinguishing. “Okay,” She purred. “It’s your turn.” Carmen reached up and pecked her on the lips once more before heading to the closet and picking out an outfit she thought Slick would like.

“I’ll be right back.” She said with a wink. After a few seconds she yelled to Slick that she was ready. Slick selected the number six selection on the CD that was already playing entitled, “2nd Kelly.” Camp Fire eased the door open and sensually stepped out. Slick eyes held the little vision of loveliness in her sight as she moved to the front of the bar with her drink and took a seat. Carmen then began to sway her hips from side to side ever so suggestively while running her hands floridly up and down her body. The music was slow but the bass was bumping. Magnifying the dancing skits and damn sho'(sure) raining down the mood.

Slick crossed her legs in an effort to stifle the heat brewing between her long, powerful limbs. Carmen continued to rotate her hips sinfully while untying the sash to the two-piece navy blue ensemble. Underneath the luxuriant covering was a lacy see through body shirt like teddy, which revealed all that was secret and every bit enticing.

Slick felt a drool coming on as her mouth began to water. Carmen poetically angled her body so that it appeared to mystically squirm like the deadly weave of a cobra. Slick was cool and valiantly holding it together; that was until Carmen broke down into a gapped leg grinding motion. Slick jumped up from her seat spilling part of her drink, and shouted. “Woo…hasn’t this been fun? Let’s go to bed now.” Carmen smiled mischievously and allowed her new girlfriend to guide her over to the bed. (Any more grinding like that) Slick thought. (And I would have been on her like bees in honey).

The pair settled in for the night spooned against each other with Carmen curled into Slick’s side and her head cradled in the nook of her left arm. “Now, tell me about your aunt. Has she ever told you why she despises me?” Slick asked, resting her chin upon Sadie’s forehead. “You know I have no idea why. Has she ever danced in this bar?” Camp Fire inquired. “No, I don’t have any dancers in my club that I don’t know about.” (Slick excluded the part that she had slept with each one of them at one time).

“So your aunt is a dancer as well, huh?” Rimi returned. “Yeah…SHE is probably the best that ever lived. Gosh, she’s my aunt, but she sure has a way of making a person’s body stir. I learned everything I know about stripping from her, and Pocahontas and Chocolate are just as gifted. One of these days I’m going to own my own club. Managing brownstones is okay, but I’m not good at it. If a renter tells me they can’t pay their rent, then I am usually lenient. My partners however are not so understanding.” Sadie chuckled at the images of Chocolate saying, “If you don’t have my rent after tomorrow, I’m going to kick your ass out and your mangy assed, rat dog that barks at me all the time, you little bitch.”

Slick looked down at Carmen and questioned why she was laughing. Sadie told her of the thought she was just having. Slick chortled and tightened her embrace around her new girl. “You know I volunteer down at the Community center on Saturdays in the morning.” Carmen inserted while trying to move even closer to Slick. “I tell stories to the children. I adore children. What about you Slick? Do you like children?” Carmen asked, snuggling up against Slick. “If you don’t stop rubbing against me like that, I’m going to turn you up side down and take you!” Slick warned. Carmen cackled and rocked again before issuing a long yawn. “I like children.” Slick stated, but didn’t elaborate. Carmen cooed and closed her eyes. “I’m glad you asked me to spend the night. I’ve never felt so relaxed or refreshed in my whole life. Thank you.” Carmen said before yawning again.

“Sleep now.” Slick said while tightening her arm around Carmen causing the little stripper to rock against her again. “Slick,” Carmen implored again. “Dear Lord woman, do you talk in your sleep as well?” Slick probed. Sadie cackled and stretched her little short frame gingerly against Slick’s. “Would you like me to tell you a story?” It was Slick’s turn to laugh. “My God woman, if you want to tell me a story go ahead, but make it a grown up one.” Carmen chortled and jumped into a story. It wasn’t ten minutes before they both were asleep.

Our First Night Part II…

Slick shuffled in her sleep and found that an unfamiliar weight was pressing against her entire left side. She then opened her eyes and noticed a still dead to the world Carmen almost completely on top of her…and her daughter crouched at the foot of the bed.

“Go morning Ray Ray,” Slick chimed in a gleeful motherly tone. Aurora was the spitting image of her mother. She had sassy blue eyes, soft shiny long black hair and was nearly eleven years old. “Hi mommy, who is that?” She asked directing her little inquisitive gaze at a snoring Carmen. Slick looked down on Carmen’s head just as her hand openly cupped her left breast and began to squeeze it. Slick quickly grabbed the covers and pulled it over Carmen’s probing hand.

“This is a new girlfriend of mine. Her name is Carmen.” Slick eased her hand down under the covers and nudged Carmen’s hand off her boob. The little stripper moaned and smiled while moving her hand down between Slick’s legs. Still enjoying whatever kind of fantasy she was having at that moment. Slick gazed up at her daughter who was trying to hold back a chuckle as she watched Carmen’s hand move down her mother’s body and cup her sex. Slick popped Carmen briskly on her buttocks prompting a very energetic morning rising.

“Ow,” She shrieked, sitting up abruptly. What in the heck did you do that for?” She asked with an obvious frown on her face and still not noticing the little girl at the end of the huge king sized bed.

“Good morning hunny (honey),” Slick said with a peck to her cheek. The once angry look that was once upon Carmen’s face quickly turned into a pleasant smirk.

“Good morning,” She said returning the peck. “Uh…Baby, I’d like you to meet my daughter Aurora.” This was the most frightening of all moments. Slick didn’t know if her having a child would bring an abrupt halt to their launching relationship or what. She hoped not, she certainly didn’t want to choose between either of them. Carmen slowly turned and gazed over at Aurora. She then gave the little one the biggest smile Slick had ever seen on her face. “Hi Aurora,” Carmen popped while pulling her hand out from under the covers. (And no it isn’t the one that had been on her mother’s cootie). Aurora looked into Carmen’s jolly gaze and offered the little strawberry blonde her hand in friendship.

“My, you are your mother’s double aren’t you and very cute I may add. Say have you eaten? I could cook you something if you like.” Carmen offered without taking a breath. Aurora looked over at her mother and issued her mother’s traditional raised eyebrow expression. Carmen chuckled as Slick shrugged her shoulders and gave her daughter a double raised eyebrow. Aurora then cackled and told Carmen that she’d love some pancakes.

“Great,” Carmen said popping to her feet and stepping over Slick heading for the bathroom. “Let me go and freshen up then you and I can go down to the kitchen.” “Why don’t you and your mom talk for a little bit while I do that, okay? Then we’ll head down to get breakfast started.” Carmen suggested while waving to a puzzled Aurora who was just as courteous to the little blonde as she returned Carmen’s wave.

“Hey, where did you get her from? She’s not like the other losers that I’ve seen up here. And never do I remember any of them actually sleeping in your room the entire night. Gosh mommy, she must be really special.” Aurora stated crawling up beside Slick.

“She is, and she’s rather pretty too wouldn’t you say?” Slick asked her little double. “Uh huh…she is and she’s friendly. I think she and I are going to get alone great. I like her.”

“So,” Slick continued while removing Aurora’s backpack and slinging it to the other side of the bed. She then pulled her daughter snugly up under her left arm and asked her how her week had gone. Aurora pulled slightly away from her mother and gazed up into her eyes. Wondering if she was for real (really interested), because she hardly ever asked how was her stay with her dad and step mom unless she was curious as to how the pair was getting alone.

“You really want to hear about my week?” She asked still gazing up at her mom. “C’mon, don’t act as if I’ve never asked you that before?” Aurora chuckled at her mother’s raised eyebrow expression she just mimicked and fell back against her mother’s cradling arm.

“Well, Roxy (Murray’s wife) took me to the beauty shop to get my hair trimmed. I never thought I would have fun in a salon, but I did. It was huge mommy. I played pinball, had ice cream, listened to some pops and even took a nap while Roxy got her massage. It was so rad (happening). Slick examined her daughter’s hair as she continued to talk. That hussy better not have had too much of her hair cut off, because if she has, she and I are going to have some words. Slick thought running her fingers through her daughter’s hair.

“Do you like it?” Aurora asked leaning forward again. “Yes it’s nice. How much did she have cut off?” Aurora sighed and fell back against Slick. “Mom, if you combed my hair every once in a while you would know the length of my hair and SHE just had it simply trimmed.” Aurora popped quietly not really wanting a confrontation with her mother. After all, she did have to stay with her the entire weekend.

“I can’t believe this shit. Slick thought while still running her fingers through her daughter’s hair. Where in the hell does she get off talking to me like that? Well…she is right, and she has such a beautiful grade of hair. Maybe I do need to comb it from time to time. Slick finalized before telling her daughter she was right.

She then apologized and told Aurora that whenever she wanted her to brush her hair to make sure she had her full attention before asking. Aurora popped out of her mother’s arms again and asked Slick if she was all right. Slick cackled and said that she was fine. Last night was the first time she’d ever slept the entire night and she was feeling quite refreshed. Aurora giggled and told her mother she looked happier too. When Carmen exited from the bathroom dressed in her running gear she smiled at the giggling pair while heading over to the door.

“Well, I’m ready,” she said sportingly. Aurora looked up into her mother’s wholesome gaze and decided she wanted to spend more time with her.

“Carmen, will it be okay if I stay with mommy for a little longer? I’d like her to brush my hair. Would you mind starting breakfast alone?” She asked with a pleading glance in her stormy blue eyes.

Carmen smiled and gazed up on the dresser and spotted a brush. She then walked over to it and tossed it over to Slick. “She better be really cute when I come back with your breakfast, agreed.” She stated pointing at Slick and giving her a cute stare. Aurora chuckled and moved between her mother’s long legs to give her better leverage. “Alright, but our breakfast better be…what’s the word baby?” Slick asked while slightly tilting Aurora’s head.

“Tight momma…the word is tight (superb/great/good).”

“Yeah…” Slick chirped with a wink to her new girlfriend.

“Our breakfast had better be tight, like Aurora said.” Slick said in a threatening tone. Aurora muffled her giggle as she looked across the room at Carmen. Carmen humbly bowed to both women and meekly said, “Your wish Mistress’s is my command.” Aurora clapped loudly, “Wow Carmen that was great. Are you an actress?” Carmen waved bye before telling Aurora to ask her mom what she did.


“My, don’t you look dazzling? Your mother did an excellent job.” Carmen complimented jovially.

Aurora giggled and said, “Thank you. Usually Auntie Foxy styles my hair.”

Slick had designed it with two large ponytails on each side and spiked bangs. She was definitely her mother’s daughter.

“Are you telling me your mother never combed your hair?” Sadie inquired quizzically.

“No…this is the first time I can remember. I didn’t think she could do hair.” Aurora said, gazing hungrily down at the delightful flapjacks Carmen had prepared for all of them. And boy did they smell scrumptious.

“Well, because you are not aware of the times I’ve done it, I will happily inform you that I am quite adept at styling your hair, little one.” Slick said tossing her ponytails. Aurora smiled and said, “Thank you Mommy.” Slick kissed her on the jaw and shoved her out of her way. “Make room kid so I can eat.” Aurora chuckled and followed her mother’s lead.

Breakfast was…different. Aurora was stunned by how much Carmen could actually put away.

“Gosh Mommy, did you know she could eat like that?” She asked nibbling at a piece of bacon and staring questioning at Carmen.

“What?” Carmen asked shrugging her shoulders.

“I’m still a growing girl.” Aurora cackled heartily, leaning back into her already smiling mother.

“So,” Carmen said preparing to direct her next question to Aurora. “What would you like to do today?”

Aurora looked over at her mother and asked, “Would you take me to Water World today Mommy?” Carmen watched as Slick’s brows furrowed in thought.

“I don’t know Ray-Ray. I may have something to do in the club today. Aurora looked down, totally disappointed. The one morning she thought she might have a chance to spend with her mother and the club had come up again.

“That’s alright mommy…I understand.” She said sadly.

“Wait a minute now,” Carmen imposed.

“That isn’t per say etched in stone. Sure your mother will take you to Water World.”

Slick’s eyes almost leaped out of her head.

“Carmen…” She began.

“And I will go with you two…if it is okay with you Aurora?” Carmen inserted without allowing Slick to continue.

“Will ya?” Aurora asked ecstatically with cheering eyes.

“Yes I certainly will. Murray and Foxy should be able to take care of any problems with the club while mommy is gone. They can always contact her on her cellular phone if the situation gets too big for them to handle. If not hers, then they can call Mommy on mine. I’ll give them the number before we leave. Does that sound alright to you?”

Aurora leaped to her feet and locked arms around Carmen’s neck in a bear hug.

“Oh thank you…thank you…thank you. This is going to be so much fun. I get to spend the day with my mommy and her new girl. Wow…what bathing suit should I wear?” She pondered while leaping from the bed.

Slick sat staring at Carmen. Outwardly letting her know that she should have not spoken for her.

“I hardly ever leave Murray and Foxy in charge of things when it come to my club. You should not have answered for me.”” She growled quietly.

“Fine,” Carmen popped back just as brashly but very quietly. She didn’t want to draw Aurora’s attention back to them.

“If you don’t take her I will. You are her mother and she wants more than anything in this world to be with you right now. But if you are too busy Miss Slick there is always someone to step in and substitute for you. Yet the only one that will find it disheartening is that adoring little girl, and she doesn’t deserve that. You figure out what your schedule is like today and get back with me before we leave.” Carmen then angrily snatched the tray off the bed, gave Slick a very disappointed glare and left the room.

(Well I guess I get my ass up and get ready.) Slick thought with a smile. Never before had she allowed any of her lovers to speak to her in that way. But with Carmen she welcomed it. She loved a woman with fire and purpose, especially if it benefited her in the process.

(She’s right; I do need to start spending time with Ray-Ray. Lord knows I love her and will do anything for her. Maybe with Carmen’s help, I can become the Mommy that she wants and needs. I do want her to be proud of me, more so than anything. So…I guess I’ll be in water most of the day. Good thing it will be cool water.) Slick thought with a smile. She found herself desiring Carmen more and more with each breath she took.

Down the road a taste…

“Are you telling me that she threw you out Silk? After living with her for over a year, she treats you like that? Slick is a bitch…a mean bitch at that. That is why she will never find anyone to love her ass.” Silk’s friend stated in a huff while handing her the tea he’d prepared for them.

He was in the entertainment industry as well. Only he solicited, to both men and women. Women in his capacity were considered high priced escort girls. Yet with men, the term is gigolo.

Rasha had long luxurious strawberry blonde hair, reconstructed chiseled features, mesmerizing blue green eyes, manicured fingernails, pedicure toes, and very appetizing limbs. (He was straight up beefy. You know the choice food of America.)

“I told you to not get involved with her. That woman doesn’t know how to be loyal to any one. Didn’t you hear about her and that stripper that she raped? I don’t know her name, but didn’t someone tell you that her and a bunch of her friends hooked that girl in her block long limo just for sport. They then tossed her out on whore’s strip. That is how I got wind of it. I was about five or six years ago. Slick is not of this world. She belongs in the Xena Warrior Princess Era. Hell even Xena would have a little trouble with that skank. The woman has no feelings. Her own mother, probably don’t like her stoic ass.”

Rasha took a seat by his silent friend and issued a warning and maybe some hope. “Stay away from her Silk. A woman like her cannot be good for anyone. It is a good thing that she let you go without pulling a train on you as well. You know she doesn’t sit well with her women just walking out on her. Girl, bunch your chips up and consider yourself lucky. Forget that ho’ and find you another doe. One that will care for you and you her.”

Silk continued to stare into her tea, not really satisfied with the thought of being discarded as an old rag doll, but she knew her friend was making sense. Slick was dangerous, particularly with those that didn’t readily accept her implemented changes.

“You’re right Rasha, she isn’t worth me being unhappy. I just hope she gets run over by a car one day or something. Then I can squat down over her face and piss in it. That night she came in smelling of perfume I couldn’t think straight. But when she tossed me out the next morning like I didn’t even exist, that really hurt. She is going to get what is due her. I just hope I’m around to see it.” Silk concluded taking a sip from her tea.

Both friends sat in silence while permitting their thoughts to drift from their common enemy while wishing the same thing. That Slick would one day experience the hurt that each of her victims had received from her misguided wrath.

Back to Slick’s…

“MOMMY, ARE YOU COMIN’?” Aurora shouted up the stairway. Carmen had taken her shopping down on the strip for some new bathing suits, while Slick got ready.

“I’m coming,” Slick yelled back while checking her bag on the way down the steps.

“Aurora propped her hands on her hips tilted he head and shifted her weight onto he left leg.

“Momma did you get everything? My change of clothes, my brush, my towel, my…”

“Yeah…Yeah…Yeah.” Slick quirked.

“Yes your royal highness I have all of that. Don’t think because you have a little height on you that I can’t still turn you over my knee missy.” Slick said, snapping a giggling Aurora up in her arms. As if on instinct Aurora wrapped her semi-long legs around her mother’s waist.

“Carmen, since you suggested this little field trip you will be driving.” Slick chimed while swinging a still cackling aurora onto her back.

“Yes dear,” Carmen returned with sparkles in her playful gaze. Slick snorted and took off running toward the door with her laughing package hanging over her back.

“Now that is a sight.” Foxy stated, watching the pair tear out the door. Carmen looked up at the tall brown hunny and smiled.

“I’m sorry, it was pretty late when we got in, so I didn’t formally get to meet you. You must be Foxy.” Carmen said offering her hand.

“My don’t you have immeasurable charm.” He said smiling while extending his hand and laying the other upon his chest.

“I think Slick has hit the jack pot. How did you know who I was?”

“Are you kidding?” Carmen spat with bulging eyes.

“Everyone has heard about the legendary drag queen of the Fiery Pit. People always speak highly of you, particularly when it comes to managing your girls. You are a marvel on the entertaining strip. There isn’t a stripper around that hasn’t heard about you. I knew of you before I even met Slick or came into this club. I’m just glad I finally…”

“Uh…hunny, do you always talk this much?” Foxy uttered with a friendly smile. Carmen blushed and lowered her head. Foxy could swear she saw a halo over the little blonde’s topping.

“It is certainly nice to meet you as well. Now…you better go before Rimi starts shouting for you.” He finished, gently urging her toward the door. Just then Slick popped in the door and reached her hand out for her. Carmen ran to her and grasped it. She then turned around and waved at Foxy while clearing the door. Slick guided her through before looking back at a very proud friend. Foxy crossed his arms over his chest and gave Slick a wink. Slick snorted and gave him a wave before leaving to get into the car.

The day was full of splashing, diving dunking and just chillin’. There were times when Aurora was with her mother, and then there were other times when she was with Carmen. It didn’t matter which of them she was with, because she was the happiest girl around. On this day she finally met her real mother. Slick was fun, adventurous, protective and most of all loving. There were times when Carmen caught Slick looking into her daughter’’ eyes and the emotion was so candid that the little stripper could hardly contain the swelling tears building in her eyes. This was the woman she wanted; a woman of strength, power and a fortress of unbridled passion. Slick possessed it all and she wanted it oh…so…badly.

Aurora screamed for her mother to help her as Carmen repeatedly dunked her into the shallow end.

“Momma, Help me!” She cackled as she submerged again. Slick smiled as she lounged back on the body length lawn chair. Carmen dove down under the water and glided silently over to a now emerging Aurora and scooped her off her feet. Aurora cackled as Carmen stood up with her straddling her shoulders.

“Momma, please help me?” She screamed and chuckled at the same time as Carmen pitched her off her shoulders back into the water.

Slick suddenly decided it was time for her to break up the little party and teach them both a lesson about interrupting her when she was resting.

She graciously reclaimed her original height and ran the huge bath towel over her still partially wet, statuesque body and tossed it onto the chair. She then sportingly trotted over the side of the pool and dove in.

Neither of the playful pair saw her when she did it so when they both popped back up, they yelled out her name wanting to know where she went. Slick flowed with the ruffles of the overhead splashes about the screaming pair. She then moved around them still undetected by both Carmen and Aurora and snatched Carmen unexpectedly down into the water. Aurora cackled in surprise and attempted to swim away from the spot she lost Carmen.

She finally realized that her mother wasn’t lost; she was under the surface of the water…somewhere. As she vainly strove to paddle from the area she too was drug under. She took a quick breath and allowed the yank to pull her under. Slick weave elegantly in the water with an evil smirk on her face before gliding off.

Both Aurora and Carmen gazed over at each other and took off behind her. Of course, they didn’t catch her while she was in the water so they resorted to other measures. Revenge is sweet because the moment she popped up on the other side she was met by the mischievous pair with two huge buckets of ice water. They wasted no time splashing her, which forced her into the water back first. Both girls giggled and gave each other a high five.

When she finally did emerge she was trembling for the chilly delicacy they’d tossed on her. “Ha, Ha, Ha.” She said reaching for her towel, hoping to knock the rigid coldness from her body. “The day isn’t over with and I will get you back my little pretties.” Slick vowed, dropping on the pool lounger between a cackling Carmen’s legs and leaning back. Aurora quickly moved over between her mother’s legs and executed the same lounging position her mother just took.’

“Gosh Mommy this is more fun than the salon. I’m really glad you decided to come.” Aurora said snuggling back in Slick’s arms. Slick moaned with pleasure, as she lay sandwiched between both of them. Carmen’s enjoyment didn’t go unnoticed either as she rocked her hips gently against Slick’s back while enfolding both her and Aurora in the arms. Slick could feel her nipples harden against her back. (Lord she is so soft.) Slick thought, as she pressed further into Carmen. The little stripper hummed her approval and rocked her hips again. Slick couldn’t stop the thought of wanting to feel Carmen up as she stirred against her. (Lord what I wouldn’t give right now to feel how wet you are.) She thought, right before Aurora announced to the world that she was hungry again.

“Awwww…Ray Ray just when I was getting comfortable you have to proclaim that you are hungry again.” Slick snapped, not wanting to move from the warm cozy place she was currently holding.

“I can’t help it mommy. I’m a growing girl.” She said followed by a piercing cackle while mocking what Carmen said earlier. Slick jerked her head around and met Carmen’s highly amused gaze. “What? I didn’t coach her in saying that.” “No you just created a very colorful statement for her to use in the future.” Slick said before pecking Carmen gently on the lips and gathering her little chuckling bundle up in her arms. She then stood up with aurora still chortling and asked Carmen if she wanted anything. That of course was a dumb question. If Aurora was taking the opportunity to eat Carmen surely was going to do so as well.

“Sure…I’d like a chili dog, french fries and a coke.” She popped, crossing her legs and waving ever so spiritedly to the pair. Aurora was so happy at the moment she just couldn’t seem to stop laughing.

Both Slick and Carmen gazed softly at her and chortle as well. They were all having fun and becoming closer by the minute.

“Let’s go Ray-Ray before we wind up bringing back a wheelbarrow full of food.” Slick stated, glaring back at a now leisurely lounging Carmen.

“Hurry back hunny (honey), I think I’m wasting away at this very minute.” She joked giving slick a wink. “Rimi snorted and lowered Aurora to the pavement while taking her hand.

The trio finished their snacks within an hour and began gathering their things to go home.

“Oh slick,” Carmen inquired while packing their towels. “Could you drop me off at the club on the way back to your place?” Both Slick and Aurora stopped their duties and glanced over at a preoccupied Carmen.

“You have to work tonight?” Slick asked with a worried look in her eyes. More than anything she didn’t want this evening to end. And she definitely didn’t want Carmen to spend the night away her.

“Yes…I,” “But you are spending the night, with us, right?” Aurora interrupted, realizing that the reason she was enjoying this time with her mother was because of Carmen’s persistence.

Carmen sighed, stopped her packing and moved over to where Aurora was and sat down in front of her.

“Now do you think that I would end our energetic adventure? Heck nah, I’m just going to work and your mommy is going to pick me up tonight when I get off. When you wake up in the morning I will be there. That is if you and your mother both agree on having my company. I know I’m sure having fun. I love being with the both of you. So…if it’s okay, I’d like to spend the night. So…Whatda’ya say? Can I hang out with you the entire weekend?” Carmen asked, rocking Aurora’s little hips from side to side.

“It’s great with me. Whatda’ya say Mommy, don’t you want Carmen to stay the weekend with us?” Slick smiled and tousled her daughter’s wet hair. “You bet…I myself was about to beg her to stay.” Aurora cackled as her mother moved up behind Carmen and bent to kiss her on the Jaw. Carmen closed her eyes and moaned. “Gosh your mother has the softest lips alive huh?” Aurora shook her head up and down in agreement with Carmen’s statement. “What’ll ya say, let’s blow this joint and head over to the club, “Okay,” Aurora yelled breaking from her grasp.

“Last one to the car is a rotten egg!” She shouted back, heading for the car. Carmen jerked back and looked into Slick’s distant gaze. They then looked at a retreating Aurora and back to each other. Slick dropped her bag and took off behind Aurora.

“Hay,” Carmen screeched while hauling their things in her arms. “You’re going to pay for this, punk (freak) She finished with a pleasant smile.

Slick pulled up in front of the Hot Spot after stopping several times to get both of her little women more to eat.

“Aurora I want you to stay put while I see Carmen in okay?” Slick stated, putting the car in park and shutting if off.

“Okay Mommy,” She then scooted to the edge of her seat and issued a peck to Carmen’s cheek. “Have a good day at work Carmen. I’ll keep Mommy awake so that she can pick you up.” Carmen looked over at a shocked Slick and cackled. “You do that for me. Lord knows she will probably get lazy once she gets home and want to sleep.” Carmen gestured with a tinge of playfulness in her eyes. Slick popped her on her backside as she stepped out of the car causing her to yelp. Aurora fell back laughing. She never imagined feeling comfortable with any of her mother’s lady friends, but she adored Carmen. She was a breath of fresh air and definitely caring.

Aurora watched as Slick reached for Carmen’s hand and observed the traffic up and down the street before they both crossed. Once they were on the other side of the street the little tike watched her mother pull Carmen up into her arms and uttered something that made her smile. She hoped Carmen would be the one her mother chose to make a part of their family. Her mother needed someone just as her father did.

Across the street…

“So…my little queen,” Slick began, pulling Carmen closer to her. “How did you enjoy your afternoon?” Carmen cooed and laid her head on Slick’s bosom. “This day has been one of the most wonderful adventure I have ever experienced. And I adore your little clone. She is every bit you. I want you to show her more often that you love her, because today I think you certainly fulfilled one of that little girl’s dreams. And that…she will always hold dear in her heart.”

Slick moaned and seized Carmen’s sweet lips in a patient sweeping motion. Nipping and sucking slowly at them. Causing each of them to moan and tighten their embraces. Ever so gradual Slick pulled away with the tenderness. Stretching Carmen’s lips as she stepped away. Carmen popped her on her backside and bid her goodbye. Slick held onto Carmen for as long as she could before releasing.

“I’ll be by about one, Okay? I don’t want anyone talking to my woman.” Slick joked, pecking Carmen gently on her nose

“You don’t have to worry about that baby. My heart has already been branded by two of the most breathtaking women in this world. I’ll be waiting…and only for you.” She said blowing Slick a smooch before trotting into the club.

Slick made it back over to the car and jumped in. Unexpectedly she heard her daughter moan. (Oh God what’s wrong). Slick thought while leaning over and brushing her daughter’s hair from her face. The moment Slick and Carmen left the car she jumped up into the front seat so she could be near her mother, but she never thought the evening would end with her being sick.

“Oh mommy,” She groaned turning her little head to look into Slick’s concerned gaze. “My tummy hurts. I wanna go home.” “Okay baby,” Slick said buckling in. (Now what am I going to do? I’ve never had to be with her while she was sick). Slick thought, peeling back out onto the street.

The ride home was the fastest Aurora had ever seen. And for the first time in her life her mother looked worried.

Aurora laid her head back on the seat and held back her moans realizing that the worse she grumbled the more worried her mother would become. Slick had never been around Aurora when she was sick. So right now several thoughts roamed through the young mother’s mind and Aurora knew it.

“Mommy, aunt foxy knows what to give me. Just get me home she’ll take care of me.” Aurora stated weakly, trying to somewhat comfort her inexperienced mother. Slick smiled weakly and muttered, “Well if aunt Foxy isn’t there we’ll figure something out. Even if I have to call every druggist in town, which she most certainly had to do because Foxy was out purchasing outfits for the girls.

“Great just great,” Slick mumbled while helping Aurora onto the bed. She then walked over to the dresser and picked up a very new phone book. She had never used one in her entire life. Now, she had no choice. She had to get something to make Aurora feel better.

Like she promised, Slick called every nearby drug store and ordered a lot of upset stomach medicine. Once they were delivered, she poured them out on the bed and began reading the labels.

“Aaaahhhh…” she growled as aurora periodically continued to moan.

“Shit all of these are for children twelve years older or more. I can’t give you these.” Slick nearly shouted shoving the medicine out of her lap and calling the druggists again.

“Mommy,” Aurora whined despairingly. She then reached for her mother’s hand wanting Slick to hold her, and Slick did just that.

“Hold on baby, Mommy’s going to find something or someone to make you feel better.” Slick promised staring down at the many bottles of stomach relievers. No sooner had Foxy arrived and heard that Aurora was sick than she headed up to Slick’s room.

“Hey baby,” She said closing the door behind him and striding over to the bed. He smiled as Slick held Aurora protectively in her arms with obvious panic and defeat in her face.

“Did you help mommy out with the medicine I usually give you when your tummy hurts?” Foxy asked filtering through the mountains of bottles on the bed.

“Nawww…” Aurora whimpered holding tighter to her mother. “She bought so many that I got confused. Is it down there?” She asked watching Foxy search through the huge assortment.

“Ah ha,” he praised lifting the pink bottom of Pepto-Bismol into view. “Yes it is. Now lets get some in ya before you pop.”

Aurora chuckled weakly as Foxy issued out her dose and gave it to the little one. Aurora mumbled a humble, “thank you,” before lying gently back down onto her mother’s bosom.

Foxy looked up at a partially relieved mom and gave her wink. “Next time little sis, don’t feed this little tigress everything that she wants, to eat. She knows it’s not good for her…AND, that you don’t.” foxy said with a crooked grin while briskly running her hand several times up and down aurora’s leg before giving it a pat and leaving.

“If y’all need anything let me know.” He invited before opening the door to leave.

“Uh Foxy I promised to pick Carmen up, but I don’t want to leave Ray-Ray until I know she is feeling better. So would you mind…?”

“Now girl you know I don’t mind.” He interrupted. “What time do you want me to go get her?” “I told her I would be there about one.” “Well, considered it done. I’ll go get your hunny. You and your little double get some sleep, bye Ray-Ray.” He finished waving his fingers femininely into the air. Aurora returned the sentiment and lay back down against her mother. Foxy gazed once more into his friend’s relieved eyes and gave her a wink. Slick smiled and mouthed “Thank you.”

For the first time since she told her mother she didn’t feel well Aurora felt relief move over her mother’s body. She loved the feel of her mother, whether it was in leather or her street clothes. It was just something about her mother holding her that made her feel as if she belonged.

It was over in the night when foxy finally got back with Carmen. They moved quietly into Slick’s room smiling at the sight. Aurora was snuggled up under Slick’s left arm and laying partially on her mother’s body. Carmen covered her mouth to muffle the giggles. Slick was perfect as a mother. Plenty of selfish people everyday quoted they don’t want children because they feared it would become an infringement on their monies or self-contained lives. Children offered joining souls continuum, and Carmen believed that with all her heart.

Carmen stepped around Foxy who was standing with her hands on her hips and moved to the side of the bed that slick was laying on. As soon as the bed shifted Slick’s eyes slid open. Turning her head in Carmen’s direction.

“Hi baby,” She was reaching for Carmen to move closer. The little stripper did just that. She’d been waiting for this moment. She was back in Slick’s arms.

“What’s That?” Slick asked before tenderly seizing Carmen’s lips in an appreciative greeting. Carmen moaned and tilted her head pulling more of Slick’s tongue into her mouth. It was now Slicks time to groan as she pulled her little dancer closer.

Foxy cleared her throat to get the otherwise occupied couple’s attention. Slick relinquished her lip lock on Carmen to look up at her friend who was now pointing at Aurora. Slick nudged her head for her friend to come get her and put her in her own bed. Foxy picked up the little twin and wished them both a good night. Aurora rubbed her eyes and said goodnight to both women as foxy stepped out into the hall and pulled the door shut.

“So…” Slick said redirecting her attention back to Carmen while pulling her atop of her. Carmen scooted up into a straddling position and shifted the long stem of fragrant flowers in her left arm.

“How was work and what are those?” Carmen chuckled and said, “Work was fine and these are honeysuckle. Don’t tell me you have never seen ‘em before? C’um’on everyone knows about honeysuckle. They smell wonderful and,” Carmen whispered while lowering her lips down to Slick’s earlobe and caressing her cheek softly against her own. “They hide their sweetness within…like you.” She then nipped at Slick’s ear before sliding her tongue poetically inside while placing the flowers upon the nightstand.

Slick reacted purely on instinct as she snatched back on Carmen’s silky hair and forcefully claimed her lips a little more forceful than she intended. Yet Slick’s brawny manner didn’t seem to bother Carmen as she good-naturedly bent to her loves will. Slick yanked away from the kiss and jerked Carmen’s little muscular legs out from under her, slamming he upper body back down on the bed hard. Carmen gasped in shock as slick popped up between her legs with the wildest look she’d ever seen on her face. Rimi skillfully moved through the little stripper’s legs while straddling her left limb as she moved her right knee closer to Sadie’s throbbing center. Carmen couldn’t explain it but for some reason the blazing glare that was presently on Slick’s faced was prompting her body to heat up like the coil on an electric shove.

Slick seized Carmen’s lips again. Sucking and nipping a taste harder than usual. Carmen thought she’d go crazy from the generating stirrings coursing through her body. As slick lowered her body upon Carmen’s and began to grind against her in jerking hunching motion Sadie felt her control bottom out. Her hands slapped down on slick’s plunging ass and began to return the intense grinding. Both women panted into the other’s mouth as they allowed their rising urges to rule their rhythm. Slick’s pumping became more violent as she closed her eyes and rested her head to the side of Carmen’s. Carmen whimpered, unable to control her own desires and followed suit. Within minutes both women had achieved what they set out for; a periodic fix from the cravings that seem to fester each time they were near each other.

“Carmen,” Slick panted. “I can’t stand this anymore. Whenever you’re near I can’t help from wanting you. Please…be mine.” Slick whispered. Leaning in to claim Carmen’s lips once more before the little stripper pulled away gasping.

“From the moment I saw you, I knew there was no one in this world that I would want to share myself with but you. Make me yours baby.” She stated purely.

Slick gazed softly down into those pleading green eyes and felt her own eyes tear up. Never before had any one so willingly yield a more moving reverence as she had just heard. Her heart floated among the clouds as the one woman she’d dream of surrendering to her ploy for completion…did.

“No one has ever moved me the way that you do. I’ve never believed in love at first sight. Yet, that was before I laid eyes on you. This is the night that I will make you mine Carmen. I’m going to brand you in me…and no one will keep you from me…ever.” Slick elaborated while rising from the bed.

Carmen was mystified by Slick’s graceful strides as she moved around the room gathering things for gosh knows what. She then went into the bathroom and began to run some water, but Sadie was still confused. (I just told this woman that she could make love to me in such uncertain words and she goes and runs bath water. Was it something I said)? Rimi’s sultriest, rumbling voice pulled Carmen’s thoughts out of its present realm back to the real world.

Carmen looked up and gasped from the illuminating sight. Slick’s entire body seemed to glow among the darkness as she raised her hand and beckoned Camp Fire to her. Carmen moved from the bed totally hypnotized by slick’s eminent demeanor. That was the first thing that attracted the little gifted one to her. Her magnetic vigor and how she outwardly displayed it.

Neither woman spoke. Instead Slick slowly began to unbutton Sadie’s top revealing a very colorful red silk bra. She moaned softly and smiled. Campfire was even more beautiful than before. ‘’

Slick moved slowly around her in the dimly lit room and gracefully removed her blouse. It wasn’t much longer before both women stood naked to the world. Slick pulled Carmen into her arms and gently seized her lips again.

The kiss was filled with all sorts of promises. Her lips slid gently over Carmen’s as she whispered words of her undying love. Slick long arms slid down Sadie’s soft back onto her backside and cupped her buttocks with the utmost tenderness while sucking patiently at her neck.

“Come,” she said pulling slightly away from Carmen. Slick led Carmen into the candlelit bathroom and over to the nice warm bath that awaited them. Both women slid leisurely down into the heated depths in each other’s arms.

Slick dipped the soft sponge into the water and began soaking Carmen’s body. Carmen cooed like the angel. Allowing her temptress every access to her body. Slick’s strokes were loving and very attentive. Each woman took turns familiarizing herself with the other’s body. The bath was used merely to relax and assured the women of their boundless emotions for the other.

Once the slow leisure bath was finished. They patiently dried each other and moved to the bed.

“Carmen,” Slick said sliding up close to the little stripper. “I want you to know that I’m in love with you and have been from the moment I laid eyes on you. Upon this consummation I want you to know there will be no turning back. There will be no “I need time to think.” And there will be no one in my life that will become more important than Aurora and you. If you feel that you are not ready to give me that then we can end it here, because I will stop at nothing to keep you mine.” Slick confessed. Pausing briefly to stare sincerely into Carmen’s eyes.

Carmen returned the humble gaze before speaking., “I have had interest come and go, but none has move me as you do. You are elegant yet forceful. You are engaging yet gentle. You are silent yet commanding. I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you in that audience. I saw a woman of immeasurable self-assurance and immaculate dignity capable of unleashing a love that was more powerful than her own existence. She is the woman that I offer my self to. She is the woman’s side that I shall never leave. She is the woman that I shall make MY own.” Carmen faintly said with a smile.

“Make love to me Slick. I want you to know what makes me cry. I want you to know what makes me smile. I want you to know what it is like to return a woman’s love. Sex is easy, but can you make me scream out your name with such accentuation that it stencils your name in all that I am?” Carmen asked. Emotionally inviting Slick into her very soul.

Slick looked over at the honeysuckle and back to Carmen. She then slid over to the nightstand and took the sweep vine in her hand and moved back onto the bed where she straddled Carmen’s body.

“You asked me earlier if I had ever heard of this orchid. Yes I have my lovely one, but what I find more breathtaking is the sweetness that it cradles. She then began to expertly extract its heavenly droplets and spread it over Carmen’s erect nipples. Carmen arched her back and inhaled slowly. Through clinched teeth. Lifting her breasts to the caressing fingers that took gradual turns coating each nipple in the honeysuckle’s alluring fragrance. Slick positioned her hand in an upright angle and swept just the fingertips of her grazing hand from Carmen’s sternum to her public bone. Carmen closed her eyes and moaned as Slick gently topped her clit with the hypnotic fragrance too.

Slick then moved to her knees and crawled around Carmen’s body, nipping and licking parts of the little striper’s lolling frame. Making her groan with whimsical anticipation. With each graze of Slick’s hand, sweep of her fingers and passing of her tongue Carmen hissed, clawed and moaned. Rimi couldn’t believe how stimulating her partner’s wails of pleasure could be. She was wetter than she had ever been in her life, but what she found odd was that she wanted…no needed to give Carmen gratification, and she wasn’t stopping until she had achieved it.

Slick moved unto her knees as she gripped Carmen’s upraised ones and softly asked her to open them. Sadie allowed her limbs to unfold like the petals of a flower, mystically and very tastefully. Slick had to close her eyes and count back from ten to keep from fainting.

The room was filled with soliciting emotions. It reeked of pleasantries that were foreign and frightening to them both. Slick was no longer in control. Yet for some reason she seemed quite content. She moved over Carmen’s body in a crouching position while leaning in to preciously claim the little honey’s lips. Sadie’s fingers clawed at Slick’s silk covers as the commanding club owner laid a lip lock on her that made tears leak from the corner’s of her eyes.

Slick pulled back from the kiss gasping for air. She then began to run her tongue over Carmen’s chin, down her throat, mid her chest and over to her right breast. Ever so poetically she pulled Carmen’s erect sensor knob into her mouth. Carmen hissed through slightly parted teeth as Slick’s suckling became brutal yet every bit arousing. Carmen panted and threaded her fingers into the larger woman’s cold black silky locks.

Slick smiled, pleased with the groans of longing that seeped through Carmen’s sweet lips. She then closed her eyes and swept her tongue further down the little stripper’s body. Carmen fingers clasped at slick’s strong shoulders as she slid her tongue over Carmen’s pubic hairs and over her love knot. Sucking the sweetness of the honeysuckle. Completely from her honeyed hive. The little stripper cried out again thoroughly enthralled by Slick’s enrapturing love methods. “Dear Lord…” She said trembling. “I can’t…stop…shaking.”

Slick moved to her knees and smiled. She knew Carmen was nervous and absolutely frightened about not knowing what to expect.

“Relax love you are in very capable hands,’ Slick bragged while gently entering Carmen. Her descent was patient and loving as she held her little love’s gaze. The tears were running freely from Carmen’s eyes now as her rigid body shook violently from cage fear.

Slick immediately withdrew and pulled the apprehensive little woman into her arms. For the first time in her life she had no problem halting her advancement. Carmen deserved that and even more she needed proof of Slick’s intentions.

“Ssssh,” Slick whispered moving back along side the Carmen while caressing her hair. Her concern for the little stripper was evident as she held her firmly in her embrace secretly revealing that she would hold her all night if that were what it would take to comfort her.

“Sssh baby, I’m in no rush. We can take as long as you like. Just promise me that you’ll stay with me. Please.” Slick pleaded tightening her grip on Carmen. “Promise me…Carmen. That’s all I need right now.”

Carmen snuggled closer to Slick and whispered. “I’m where I want to be and that is right here in your arms.” She completed burying her face in Slick’s bosom.

Slick sighed contently and lowered her little precious bundle upon the bed and covered both of their bodies with the blankets that were kept folded up at the end of her bed.

Slick somehow felt that while Carmen wasn’t ready to give herself totally to her, at least her efforts weren’t in vain. Today, like Aurora, another girl’s wish had been fulfilled. Though Rimi knew very little of loving another, she was willing to learn, and what better teacher than a woman that would sacrifice her own life so that the stranger may live.


Slick tossed and turned all night, mostly out of anxiety and fright. It wasn’t because of sleeping with Carmen but rather the dreams she was having.

It began with scenes of the woods and the sun was about to set. The images were so real that Rimi could actually smell the wood chips that crackled within the fire. The club owner saw herself squatting over a cooling stream and filling what looked like an old fashioned wineskin. The breeze was gentle as it grazed around and through her long hair, causing it to coil and sweep back forth over her shoulders. Rimi thought the image was odd because the leather clothing she was wearing was that of a warrior bridled with special lead plated arm bracers and brass armor covering her breasts. The woman also was adorned with a sword that could have only been produced by a god. Its craftsmanship was impeccable and so was the round thing that hung on a hook at her waist.

The warrior lifted her head and inhaled deeply. The scent of a campfire dinner laced the air with its alluring aroma. The woman hummed with appreciation. Within minutes she was back in camp brushing down her magnificent mare. The animal was the most exquisite animal the club owner had ever laid eyes on. It was nothing like the uniformed looking horses that she occasionally saw the street cops riding on their rounds. This mare was full of fire stronger than any stallion she’d ever seen. The horse also had an eminent aura about it. If Rimi didn’t know any better she’d thought the animal was a war horse.

Suddenly, the warrior’s attention was drawn by another presence, which brought a smile to her face the dream slowly spanned over to the image of a much smaller woman. It was Carmen…uh rather a woman that was an exact duplicate of her. She was wearing a stunning two piece that hugged her beauty frame and curves.

The warrior watched her companion move about her duties with boundless admiration. Rimi could actually feel the warrior’s hands as they became clammy, her heart began to race and her mouth began to water.

The smaller woman called the warrior over to supper with a caring voice. Though Rimi had no idea what they were eating. The warrior was thoroughly enjoying it, along with her adoring company.

Rimi don’t know what happened with the lapse in time but the next time her vision cleared both women were puffing and sweating. The larger woman was behind the smaller woman hitting it from the back.

Rimi outwardly began to pant as if she was the image behind the blonde servicing her. The dark warrior’s pleasure seekers plunged deeper and harder into the blonde’s soaked love chamber causing the smaller woman to gasp and claw at the strong thighs positioned on each side of her.

Rimi could actually feel the oily excitement of the blonde spill out onto her fingers to include, the stinging of the larger woman’s clit as she violently grind her sugar bowl against the blonde’s backside.

The larger woman’s power and control of the love session prompt the sleeping club owner to whimper in envy. The confining method used to harness her partner’s moves were pretty much how Slick preferred to fuck her women. The warrior’s pumping kept in sync with her slapping hand that was rising and plunging faster and unmercifully up and down in the Blonde’s sopping cunt.

Rimi started to tremble and clasp her fist opened and closed as the warrior’s long fingers slid down over the blonde’s left leg and gave her drenched clit a twist. Rimi cried out and went rigid, as did the two images in the dream. Each woman repeatedly yelled out the other’s name as their climaxes consumed them. The last thing Rimi remembered of the dream was both women tumbling onto the bear skin cloaks that they had laid out for their night.

Rimi popped up in the bed gasping for air. The dream didn’t seem to bother the snoozing Carmen. Instead she just groaned and wiggled up closer to the club owner’s body. Rimi took several cleansing breaths and folded up around Carmen’s warm body. Rimi didn’t know the significance of the dream, but what she did know was that her and Carmen were exact duplicates of the women in her dream…AND, THEY were lovers.

Slick’s body ached in ways she’d never experienced before. Carmen cooed as the statuesque club owner pulled her closer and buried her face in her strawberry scented hair.

Although Slick was still shaking from the effects of the dreams she found comfort in the little blonde’s warm frame. Slick allowed Carmen’s peaceful existence to lure her back to sleep, and calm the symptoms of a soul-shattering dream.

“Good morning Ray-Ray,” Slick said quietly with her eyes still closed. Aurora gave her mother a crooked smile and continued her way up the bed.

“Hi Mommy, are you okay? I heard you scream last night.” Slick patiently opened her eyes and gazed over into the prettiest little orbs, outside of her own, and smiled.

“I’m fine. I just had a scary dream. “Oh…” Aurora said smiling and moving over to Slick’s right arm to cuddle.

“Did you tell Carmen?” Both Slick and her daughter looked over at the little snoring figure before Rimi answered and said.

“Do you think she would have been able to help me sleeping like that?” Slick asked mockingly while gazing back down at Carmen. Aurora giggled and buried her face under her mother’s arm to muffle the sounds. Slick chuckled and kissed Aurora tenderly upon the crown of her head while lovingly caressing her little silky night locks.

“Dear Lord Ray-Ray, where in the world did you sleep? Your hair is everywhere.” She asked trying to brush the monstrosity down. Aurora cackled again and snuggled closer to her mother.

Still engulfed in a very enjoyable sleep Carmen rolled over to face Slick and her little giggling bundle joy beside her. Without so much of a hint of her eyes opening Carmen propped her right leg up on Slick’s nude body and stretched very sensually. Allowing the covers to slide off her body almost exposing her, “Thank da Lord,” bosom. Slick skillfully wrapped her arms around the little blonde’s neck and pulled her swiftly to her. Carmen’s head popped up from the sudden movement to gaze shockingly into two sets of curious blue eyes.

“Well, isn’t this a glorious sight? I get to wake up and view two sets of the most glistening blue crystals I’ve ever seen.” Carmen said with a caring smile. “Good morning Ray-ray.” Carmen said before slithering up on Slick and tenderly kissing her.

Slick closed her eyes and moaned while unconsciously lowering her hand down upon Carmen’s fleshy buttocks and giving it a squeeze.

Carmen release a moan of her own before breaking the kiss and slipping back down bedside Slick. She then focused on her other little charmer. She asked Aurora what did she feel like doing today and this time Slick didn’t bother to contradict her little blonde’s decision. Whatever both her girls decided what they wanted to do then that was what they were doing today.

Energetic as always Aurora, of course, had plenty for them to do. She wanted to go to the movies, shopping and to close the day off she wanted to go to the Amusement park and ride the Ferris Wheel. Carmen and Slick slowly turned their heads and gazed at each other before surrendering with a cackle. After gazing into that little determined face neither Carmen nor Slick could deny her, her wish.

‘All right…All right,” Slick said ushering Aurora up. “Give me a few minutes to get dressed.” Aurora bid the couple a temporary stay by leaping from the bed and skipping out, Slick and Carmen share another chuckle before popping up into the bed to sit.

“Oh…” Carmen groaned rubbing the valley of her bosom and back as if she was sore.

“What’s wrong?” Slick asked placing one hand on Carmen’s shoulder, while lying the other upon her hip.

“I must’ve slept wrong or something. I’m feeling kind of sore and itchy or stinging or something.” She answered.

Slick turned on the lamp on her side of the bed and had Carmen to turn her back to face her. Slick gasped at the sight before speaking. “Oh my gosh are you allergic to silk or something.” She answered.

“No…what is it? Carmen asked trying to look over her shoulder at the burning places. “You have welts or scratches or something on your back. Are you sure you’re not allergic to the sheets or whatever the laundry may use to clean them?” Slick asked mindful of the scratches that were on Carmen’s back.

(Surely I couldn’t have done that)? Slick questioned in her mind. She didn’t quite have the answer to the question…even for herself. (What could have happened?) Carmen continued to try and look over her shoulder to assess the damage. She was a stripper. She couldn’t damn well go out there and take off her clothes with scrapes running down her back. (What the Hell happened last night?)

The day was much like Aurora wished. She got to see Prince of Egypt, buy her some new school clothes and ride the Ferris Wheel. But what Slick and Camp Fire didn’t expect was that she wanted them to ride with her as well.

All through the day Slick wondered about her dreams and how Carmen received those welts on her back. She could remember nothing about assaulting the little dancer. Yet the evidence was there. Slick wondered if the less than desirable side of her took over last night and caused those bruises on Carmen’s back. However she couldn’t help from being intrigued by the idea of loving Carmen like the warrior did in the dream. She was antsy all day just from the arousal of the vision of last night. Hell to be honest she couldn’t help wishing if only for a few minutes that she could love Carmen in such a way.

Slick allowed her eyes to drift over the little blonde’s features in an erotic caress. Her pureness was definitely a virtue Slick wanted to posses but not so much the by the very essence it held inside. The bar owner could feel her breathing grow shallow and her knees grow weak. How badly she wanted Carmen, but only if she was ready and willing to become hers solely.

“Mommy I’m hungry. Let’s go get some Pizza.” Aurora asked breaking out toward the car. Both women shared a chuckle as they walked arm and arm to the vehicle.

While conversing a little and eating the huge pizza that Aurora herself ordered, Slick allowed her eyes to discreetly examine Carmen’s upper body as she sat across from her nudging Aurora, which was, by the way, truly captured by Carmen.

(Jeez, she is remarkable. She’s smart, energetic, caring, spontaneous and most of all she held the soul of an Angel). Just the thought of Carmen being hers prompted Rimi’s mouth to water.

Aurora simply adored Carmen. They were always cackling about something and always willing to side with each other whenever they are in a dispute with Slick. All the time Slick held her daughter while she was ailing the little one talked constantly about how Carmen was funny and a joy to be with. She even made a statement in regards to Carmen staying forever with them. Slick informed her daughter that she wished the same and hopefully Carmen cared for the pair enough to do just that.

After the trio finished eating it was well over into the evening and Carmen had to be at the club within the hour. Slick delivered her safely to her place of employment and headed home to take care of her little bundle of naughtiness.

Of course Miss Aurora had to visit with aunt Foxy and the girls before deciding it was time for her bath.

Slick couldn’t remember ever having as much fun with Aurora. They splashed around in the bath, hurled water at each other and washed their hair. After drying off they settled in for a cozy game of cards, Aurora wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep. During the game Slick saw Aurora’s head bob several times before officially calling it a night.

“Alright little one, it is time for bed.” Slick announced gathering up her cards. Aurora tried to protest but Slick wasn’t hearing it. With one toss her little objecting package went up and over her shoulder. Aurora cackled breathlessly as her mother dashed up the stairs heading to her bedroom. Foxy and the girls giggled watching the pair interact together. It was really a sight. They never imagined, in a thousand years, that they would ever see Slick enjoying her daughter like she was now. Carmen was definitely an asset to the tall dark one. Slick was usually direct, stern and certainly one of the gloomy bearings, especially if someone was to defy her.

Slick made up a story to help Aurora sleep…or did it. The story was about a pimp and his vampire Aurora laughed so hard that she couldn’t keep from falling asleep from over exertion. Slick couldn’t keep from smiling while tucking her little one in for the night. She couldn’t have been more blessed. Nothing or no one in this world could smother the joy the usually poised club owner was feeling at that moment.

Slick chuckled silently as she remembered Aurora kicking the blankets off of her when she was just a tike. She always hated being covered up and complaint of always being hot. She sweats even in the winter. Rimi thought of returning the covers but decided to leave well enough alone. It was warm out and surely she wouldn’t catch a cold. With that decided Slick eased out the room and went back down stairs to sat a spell with Foxy.

“So did you get our little tasmanian down for the night?” Foxy asked jovially. “Yes,” Slick drawled while rolling her eyes. “And she made me tell her a story.”

“Which one did you tell her, because I know you didn’t read any of those fairy tales. Never known anyone that didn’t like li’l read Ridding hood.”

Slick snorted and said, “I told her the one about the pimp and his Vampire Mistress.” Foxy Leaned back laughing again. “I bet she laughed her ass to sleep.”

“No…I had to wait a while. But after she settle down a little she drifted off like a little angel.” Slick returned with a snort.

“Well, I see you haven’t been wearing your leathers and you’ve actually been looking cute instead of dangerous…why is that Miss Slick?”

Slick sipped from the drink she’d been drinking from all night, evaluating her thoughts, not really wanting to get a buzz but merely to be social.

“What’s the matter, you don’t like the new me?” Slick questioned avoiding her friend’s gaze.

Foxy examined her friend’s puzzled demeanor. He knew that Slick was living a farce. At least in her dark attire she could be herself and be comfortable with it. It was time for Slick to return to her usually obnoxious and occasionally unbearable self. As it stood now she was definitely threatening to bring about unfavorable results if not on the surface or when she was sleep.

“Slick…when I suggested that you pick up a change, I didn’t mean for you to stay as Mother Sonya. There is goodness in you and we all know that; even your little love toy that keeps you warm at night does. Carmen didn’t fall for THIS Slick, she fell for the one that was commanding, asserting, and alluring. Like a moth to a flame. She just didn’t want you to think little of her like you’ve done with your past lover’s. She fell in love with your power, your presence, your intellect and invincible disposition. It’s time to shuck the Mary Poppins act Slick and Now. If you don’t there will be other ways that your power will drift out. Be yourself; that is all Carmen wants. She wants YOUR love not the March of Dimes Poster Girl.” Foxy concluded.

“Just be yourself Slick.” Foxy said once more. She then patted Xinn affectionately upon the hand and rose from her seat.

“Well, it’s about time to pick your sweet thang up isn’t it. And I…have to get dressed, the performances start in another hour. Remember baby,” Foxy said turning around to gaze into her friend’s eyes once more, “Just be yourself. No one can resist that animal magnetism of yours. Not even your little golden head goddess, Carmen.”

Slick wanted to share with her friend her theory of the scratches that showed up on Carmen’s back, but her logic fought against it. If she told him he would probably want her to stop seeing Carmen and there was no way on God’s green earth that she could do that.

“Did you say something?” Foxy asked quietly, thinking he did hear Slick say something, but wasn’t quite sure.

“No,” Slick returned avoiding eye contact. “Have a good night. I’ll see you in the morning.

“Foxy narrowed her eyes and propped his hands up on his hips. Slick was hiding something, but he didn’t want to pry. Yet he also didn’t feel comfortable with his friend’s despondent reply.

“Slick,” He started softly. “If you need me you just holler. You know I’d be there in a heartbeat.” Slick looked over at her friend still reluctant to gaze into his eyes and nodded her head. Secretly, she feared what tonight held. What if those erotic dreams came back and unleashed her dormant desires. What if it was like he said; her darkness was being released in her dreams?

Slick inhaled and finally decided that the whole idea was absurd. What Foxy was talking about just wasn’t true. She could never openly hurt Carmen and nor would she want too. But on the other hand what if Foxy was right? Slick snatched her keys off the table and growled. (Bullshit…What Foxy just said is a load of horse shit? That’s all that is…horseshit).

The night was pretty solemn for Slick. Carmen, however was her usually talkative self. She told Slick about the other dancers botched performances and how the people in the audience laughed nearly the entire night. She also told Slick how Chocolate fixed the scratches on her back with disappearing foundation. She didn’t think the audience noticed much, because when she left the stage they were still cheering for more.

“Baby,” Carmen started finally noticing how quiet Slick had been. “What’s wrong? Did you and Aurora have a little spat?”

“Nah, we didn’t have a spat. I think I’m just tired. Let’s get some sleep. I’m bushed.”

“All right but I’m sleeping in my jersey tonight. I don’t want your silk sheets to give me another bouts of rashes and welts.” Carmen said with a chuckle. She then slid in between the sheets and waited for Slick to join her.

Slick cut off the lamp on the side of her bed about the same time Carmen reached for hers and slid down under the covers. It didn’t take long for her to hear the soft snores of the little stripper as her sweet breath grazed her shoulder with tickling ruffles. Before closing her eyes Slick couldn’t resist leaning in and planting a tender kiss upon Carmen’s brow.

Slick hadn’t been sleep for ten minutes before the visions began again. This time the vision took place in what seemed like a village. The moon hung high in the sky and the stars twinkled. The breeze was gentle as it flowed through the warrior’s hair. One could see from the rigid posture that she was maintaining that she was still experiencing the lusting effects of victory. Slick moaned in her sleep as warrior’s yearning for her mate became overpowering. The feelings were so intense that Slick own body began to react.

As her mare pranced ceremoniously through the gate the entire village cheered her on. Her eyes searched through the darkness seeking only one, her mate. It was her queen that would quench her desires tonight, and only she.

The Warrior brought her steed to a halt in front of the little blonde whose hair seemed to gleam in the darkness. The dark woman glared down at her mate and silently beckoned her wife to her. The regent stepped in, feeling that the smaller woman was not ready yet to handle her wife’s battle urges. The warrior quietly but firmly ordered the woman away from her wife. It was time for the queen to learn how to quench her partner’s extreme desires…and no one could prevent that.

Slick’s back arched and her legs spread as she pictured the blonde’s head drifting down between her/the warrior’s legs and patiently drag her tongue over the warrior’s aching clit. Slick groaned and opened her legs wider as the pleasures of her dream were being released. Carmen mumbled something in her sleep while lowering her left leg down between Slick’s outstretched legs.

Rimi could actually feel the blonde’s wet tongue as it ease in and out of the warrior’s pulsating opening. Once again she began to claw at the sheets and Carmen’s back. Just like she did the night before. But the little stripper was unaware of the physical contact as she continued to mew at the dream she was having.

The image jumped again, showing the warrior kneeling down behind her partner and plunging her toy deep inside her. The girl cried out as the warrior grabbed each side of her hips and roughly yanked her back. What Slick found even more gratifying was the way the girl praised her lover and pleaded for more. Slick’s hips took on the motion of the warrior’s as she grabbed her wife’s shoulders and pumped harder. Burying her soak wand over and over again in her mate’s welcome zone.

Overwhelmed by the vision Slick unconciously rose to her knees and rolled Carmen’s sleeping form over to face her. She then snatched opened Carmen’s legs and began to tear away her clothes. Carmen jerked awake from the vigorous tugging. She tried to grab Slick’s hand to contain them, but they seemed to have a mind of heir own. Carmen fought with all her might to contain the clawing hand, but to no prevail. She called out to Slick in utter desperation and fright. Yet Slick seemed to be in another world. Just as Slick grabbed her underwear and yanked them free, Carmen cried out once more. But this time it was Slick’s real name and the force of it coming out of her mouth added a shrieking tone to it.

Slick froze. Her body jerked and trembled from the unexplained activity. Twice, she had to blink before reality set in. The act she feared most had taken place. Her carnal desires have seeped through her unconsciousness just as Foxy predicted.

Artfully Slick rolled from the bed. The force that was currently possessing her was the most powerful she had ever felt. Her body trembled and sizzled as if she was on fire. Carmen attempted to move to the foot of the bed where Slick was currently hiding to comfort her before Slick stopped her.

“Stay there…do you hear me…stay.” She ordered menacingly while crawling away from the bed. She was on fire and had no way of extinguishing it. There was no way she was going back near Carmen. The girl was just too sweet to become a prisoner of her unbridled passion. No, Slick had to end this…and now.

“I want you to leave.” Slick mumbled moving into the chair sitting in front of her vanity.

“But…” Carmen said trying to ease Slick’s insecurities of being in the same room with her.

“DON’T…DON’T SPEAK, JUST GET OUT…GETOUT NOW CARMEN. I…I…PLEASE…JUST LEAVE.” Not only had Slick had done the unthinkable she had never been so embarrassed behind the act either.

“What have I done?” Carmen said in a terrified tone.

“Listen to me,” Slick growled as her hair hung precariously about her face and heaving bosom.

“I want you to leave…if you don’t Carmen.” Slick said pausing briefly while rubbing the concealed tears from her eyes.

“If you don’t leave NOW! I will hurt you in ways you can’t even fathom. Please…just leave. Have Foxy take you home. And call me when you are safely there. If you stay here with me you will be everything else except that. I don’t know what is happening to me Carmen, but I do know I don’t want to hurt you.” Slick said gazing over at Carmen with furrowed brows.

Carmen lowered her head, saddened by the fact that Slick was not willing to discuss what was bothering her and moved quietly out of the bed. She then went to the phone and placed a call before dressing and leaving the room. Neither woman spoke, but in their hearts there rose an aching that neither of them could control. Outwardly, both women cried. Cried from the sudden lost of the other.

Carmen moved reluctantly down the stairs as the tears continued to flow out her eyes and over her cheeks. She didn’t notice as she passed an opened exit door the two figures that were still hanging about discussing tonight’s performance. It was Foxy and Murray. Murray’s mouth fell open as he tapped the talkative Foxy upon his shoulder redirecting his attention. Both of the men sat staring at the little crying figure as she walked mindlessly past the door.

Foxy glanced down at her watch and tapped Murray lightly on the hand before following after Carmen.

“Hey. Isn’t it a little late for you to be up and why are you fully dressed? He questioned with puzzling eyes.

Carmen dropped her head and mumbled something about Slick not wanting her anymore and that she was going home. The little blonde then raised her head and pleaded with him to look after Slick. She also told Foxy that something was happening to Slick and at the present, Slick didn’t feel comfortable discussing it with her. She told him that whatever it was it had Slick frightened and remote with her feelings. She pleaded once more for him to help her because without having someone in her life, Slick surely wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Once the door was opened, Chocolate and Pocahontas rushed inside. The moment they saw Carmen they dashed over to her and cradled her in their arms of protection. Still wailing and crying Carmen allowed her two friends to guide her out of her used to be girlfriend’s establishment and out to the car.

Foxy propped her hands upon her hips as she watched the three walked back through the door. What could have possible happen in that room to have that girl thinking that Slick didn’t want her?

He then turned briskly around on the ball of his feet and stormed up to Slick’s room. It didn’t take him long to reach her room and when he did he carelessly shoved the door opened and stepped inside.

“You have a lot of explaining to do and I think you should start now.” He demanded Bravely. Slick turned slowly in the chair to face him but she did not look up.

“You are not my lover, nor are you my bitch. No one commands me, especially the likes of you.”

“And just what in the fuck does that mean Slick?” Foxy said raising both his arms up along his side in exasperation.

“What you want a piece of this? Or was it a piece of Carmen that you wanted but couldn’t have it.”

That time he struck a nerve. Slick jumped from the chair and headed towards him. She wanted to hit something and since he offered why not take him up on it. However just as she came within arms length of him she felt the rage dissipate. She didn’t want a fight. What she wanted and needed just left with no hope of her every laying eyes upon her again. Foxy watched as Slick’s invincible manner melted away and she began to cry. He quickly moved over to his friend and snapped her up into his arms while issuing her comfort.

“Sssh baby, we can fix this. Whatever it is we can fix it. Do you hear me? We’re going to fix it Rimi. I promise you that, okay?” Foxy said tightening her embrace. Slick continued to cry upon her friend’s bosom. Trying to settle on the fact hat she would never see Carmen again.

The ride home…

Carmen sat quietly in the back of the jeep allowing the slow drizzling tears to drain from her cheeks.

“Mouse, tell us what happened.” Chocolate stated gazing back at her friend through the rear view mirror.

“I don’t know. All I know is that I woke up, Slick was tearing at my clothes and clawing at my skin. I called out to her several times while trying to control her hands, but she was unconscious of my cries. Strange she was looking dead at me. Yet her eyes were as dark and cold as a tomb. Finally, in one last ploy to get her off of me I called out her real name. That seemed to get her attention. She blanked her eyes several times trying to focus. Once she was able to do that, she realized what she was doing.

After that she rolled from the bed shaking and crying. I don’t know what was happening to her then. While she was crouched down at the foot of the bed she was growling and muttering incoherently like a wounded animal. I was frightened at first, but not for myself but rather for her. Shortly following that she demanded that I leave.

“That Bitch,” Pocahontas snapped angrily. “What is her fucking problem.

“We ought’tah go back and kick that ho’s ass. Vanilla said she was evil. You can’t go back there ever Carmen…ever.” She stated bringing the car to a brisk stop outside the house.

“Listen to me,” Carmen said in a pleading tone. “Something was wrong with her and the minute I cried out her real name she was able to bring it under control. I have no plans of abandoning her. I love her and whatever she needs from me to help her through this I will give it to her.”

“I know that you are only trying to protect me and I love you both for that, plus my rock head aunt. But my fear is not Slick, but the person she’s trying to hold at bay. Love can overcome everything. And I know for a fact that she does love me. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked me to leave in order to protect me for her more dark impulses. I would bet everything that the changes she’s trying to make instead of being herself have pushed her to this state. And…if so, that is my fault. Had she not tried to court me by my standards she wouldn’t be like this now. Instead I should have embraced her darkness and learned to harness it. I plan to help her through this if she will allow me.

Plus, I’m depending on you two to help me as well. All Slick needs is someone to try and understand her. ” Carmen said reaching over the seat and to take both of her friend’s hands into her own while gazing sincerely into each of their eyes.

“Help me,” she muttered softly.

“I can’t do this alone. I need your help. Slick is not the monster that my aunt has pictured. She is a woman that others find disconcerting. If I can learn to cradle the whole her then I will stand a better chance of truly making her mine.” An inquisitive quietness fell over the car again before Chocolate decided to chime in.

“Carmen. How do you know that Slick has this…This…good side.” It didn’t take Carmen a second to began her own explanation as to how she knew Slick was worthy of her love. She then told the girls of the wonderful weekend that She, Slick and her daughter had.”

“DAUGHTER,” both Amber and Shelia shouted. Shocked beyond all belief.

“Yes,” Carmen said calmly.

“She has a daughter and she’s the prettiest thing you’d ever laid eyes on. Any way, I have never been happier. Every thing was just peachy until she started having those dreams. I think that is where I received the scratches from.”

“Wait a minute…are you telling me that Slick has been the perfect partner until she started having these dreams?” Chocolate asked turning to look blindly out her window. Pocahontas stared at her friend, realizing what she was getting at. Even in the dream world the most peaceful of creatures can become violent. It was possible that the tough exterior that Slick pushed back in her unconsciousness is now seeping out in her dreams. All three women went silent again as they all contemplated the wrathful circumstances that could stem from Slick trying to be someone that she wasn’t.

”Well?” Carmen popped anxiously waiting for her friends to explain. Pocahontas signed and began explaining herself.

“You know how sometimes people believe that their dreams at times cradle their true feelings? Well, somehow, slick’s inanimate state is cradling the more domineering part of her and releasing it in her dreams. Her strength, her true attributes and everything that made her irresistible to others are harbored in those dreams.”

Pocahontas looked over at Chocolate for her to continue with their hypothesis. “The only way that her true nature can be banished from the dream world is if she starts living it again. She has to return to being the real Slick. And you will have to convince her that here is no further need to win your love by being something she isn’t. Slick is powerful in many ways yet…she passionate in others. This weekend is proof of that.” Chocolate sighed, finishing the statement for her friend.

“We’ll wait a few days and allow her to evaluate what has just happened. You, on the other hand will be minful of the time. Periodically call her and check to see how she’s doing. Then we’ll build from there. If she doesn’t have a problem talking to you we’ll know that she’s willing to salvage the relationship.” Chocolate then go out of the car and shut the door, leaving Poke and Carmen inside to observing her mystical side at a safe distance.

“What’s up with her?” Carmen asked thinking her friend was walking a very thin line between reality and the paranormal.

“Pocahontas opened her door and said, “didn’t you know that Chocolate can look into your thoughts and know exactly what’s going to happen?” She finished stepping out the car and shutting her door behind her.

Carmen sat in the back seat watching both women completely flabbergasted. Sure they didn’t believe in this dream shit and reading people’s thoughts. That was the most unbelievable thing Carmen had ever heard of , and especially from her practical friends. The little stripper finally exited the care still amazed by what she’d just heard. But by the time she reached he door and stepped into the house she had came to one conclusion, if I could help Slick she was willing to try it.

Back at the Fiery Pit…

“Mommy when is Carmen coming Back?” Aurora asked, reclaiming her position at the end of the bed as she usually did.

After crying for about two hours Foxy decided to lay down with Slick so that she could get some rest. She was exhausted and heaving from crying so hard. It became evident to Foxy that Slick wasn’t going to stop feeling sorry for herself and what she’d just done to Carmen, So she suggested they both lay down and talk more in the morning. Besides, that was the only way to get Slick to relax enough to even think about sleeping.

Aurora angled her head and body so that she could get a sideways glance at her mother’s face. The little one watched as her mother stared blindly out the huge terrace windows without returning an answer.

Aurora crawled slowly up to her mother and wrapped her little arms around her mother’s neck with a little assistance from Slick who gratefully raised her head to rest it upon her little one’s arm. “It’s okay mommy, we’ll get Carmen back.” She said while telling her mother everything was going to be all right.

Slick chuckled as the tears began to flow from her swollen eyes again.

“I hope so Ray-Ray. I miss her something terrible.” Slick confessed as her baby caressed her hair with a gentle little hand.

Murray picked up Aurora as always before the club opened and took her back to his home before returning. But, this time he was rather pleased with the weekend report.

He even noticed Aurora happily kissing her mother and Slick holding Aurora tightly in her arms as if to say she never wanted to let go. Finally Slick let her little twin down and off Aurora went. Happily skipping to the car with a song in her little heart. Murray couldn’t keep from smiling. And what was even more precious was the way Aurora and Slick interacted.

While waving goodbye to Aurora Murray also noticed how Slick was draped down in leather again. (Had the real Slick returned or is this one even worse than the original?)


Foxy observed Slick’s mien as she strutted grandly back into the club as if the crying spell had never happened. Although, she didn’t get up till mid day, when she did her entire attitude had changed. Foxy wondered if she had mentally discarded the little blonde like yesterday’s news with no regard to the supposed relationship or the little woman.

“Slick, you missed breakfast would you like for me to have the cook whip you up some lunch?” Foxy asked while tilting her head and paying close attention to her friend’s temperament. “Naw, I’m going out. Silk called me and invited me out for a luncheon.” She informed her friend while walking past one of the dancers and popping her firmly on the backside.

Foxy caught up with Slick right before she stepped out the door and grabbed her elbow to bring her to a stop.

“What are you doing? I thought you were going to try to work this thing out with Carmen?” The drag queen asked his friend while moving in front of her and grasping both of her shoulders in a gentle clasp. Slick shrugged away from his hold and chuckled mockingly. “Don’t worry mother hen, we are big girls. Besides, Carmen is better off without me, and I need to get laid. I haven’t had any in two weeks.” She joked as she moved around her tall brown friend and gave him a wink.

“Slick…don’t do this. I have never seen you so happy with anyone except Carmen. Why do you want to throw that all away? Are you afraid of being loved or being in love?” He finished angrily. Slick could hear the frustration and aversion in her friend’s voice.

The night club owner whirled around and just stared at her friend. For a long while she didn’t speak, they just stood glaring into each other eyes as if examining the others thoughts.

“I am not afraid of anything and nor do I fear anyone. I am not right for Carmen. She is kind, caring, good natured and loving. I don’t possess any of those things unless there is something in it for me. She deserves much more than I can give her right now and I won’t hold her back from looking for another. But, there is one thing that you were right about, I shouldn’t change for anyone and I’m never going to do that again.

Slick then turned and headed back to her car. Just before getting in she looked over at her friend once more, her gaze was like nothing he had ever seen. His friend was hurting and what was even more disheartening was Rimi was starting to think that Carmen was too good for her and shouldn’t be involved with anyone such as herself. Slick gave him a nonchalant wave before pulling off

Foxy was shocked and definitely filled with confusion. (The one woman who was able to make her smile for the entire day and now she just walks away from her as if she an old toy. What is up with her)? He thought while pondering on how could he restore his friend’s faith in love plus her self-esteem.

Seeing Silk again…

“I have a reservation at the Debaue table.” Slick informed the restaurant hostess. The girl searched the list first then retrieved and menu for the club owner and asked her to follow her. Silk had reserved a private setting on the restaurant’s indoor patio. Slick followed the attendant and once there thanked her for escorting her.

Silk look as sensual as always as she stood at the table upon laying eyes on Slick. She was wearing a long, form fitting black gown that was split up the front and string laced up and down her sides with a V dipping neck line. Her body screamed, “Come get it.”

Slick walked up to her and allowed the woman to yank her closer and claim her lips. The kiss was slow and attentive but it wasn’t Carmen.

“Please,” Silk said after releasing Slick from the kiss. “Have a seat. I’m glad you agreed to see me. We parted on such iffy terms that I was beginning to think there was no hope for us. But now I feel so much better.” She said wiggling in her seat until she was comfortable then she took a sip of her champagne. “So tell me how have you been keeping yourself busy lately?” She asked trying to strike up a conversation. Slick was never much on small talk, at least with her anyway. Yet she thought she’d put forth the effort anyhow.

Slick told her that she spent the weekend going to parks, movies and water world with Aurora and that she rather enjoyed herself, but what she didn’t mentioned was that Carmen was there. Although she didn’t speak her name she was definitely in her heart and mind.

“Well what say we make a day of it. We can go back to my place and get re-acquainted all over again.” Silk suggested wanting more than anything to get in bed with Slick again. Slick nodded her head approvingly but deep inside she knew she wasn’t into being with anyone right now but Carmen.

Carmen’s Place…

“Good afternoon Mouse.” Chocolate said with a smile. “You hadn’t slept most of the night so we decided to let you sleep in. Come get you something to eat.” She stated handing over the sandwich plate she’d prepared for Carmen.

“Thanks Amber but I don’t feel like much eating.” She said setting the tray back down on the table.

“Look Carmen, I know you miss Slick and you’re still hurting, but if you have any chance at getting her back you are going to have to utilize the little strength that you do possess. So, sit down and eat some of this.” Amber commanded while she and Pocahontas took a seat at the table.

Carmen took a bite of the sandwich and just as her mouth was filled she tried to talk, spewing bits of the meal out of her mouth. Amber and Shelia sat staring at the little slug with obvious distaste.

“Good lord Carmen chew your food first before trying to talk. I think a piece of your waded up food just fell in my plate.” Pocahontas stated, fingering through her chips as if looking for the discarded piece.

Carmen finished the roll in her mouth and swallowed. “Now,” She started, rolling her eyes at her friend. “I wanted to ask you two to please not mention this to Veronica.” “Mention what?” She heard directly behind her. Carmen hadn’t been paying attention to her friend’s speculative gazes that indicating that her aunt had quietly came into the house.

Veronica bid everyone good morning before kissing Carmen on the jaw and taking the seat next to her. “Tell me what?” She asked again taking a chip from Sadie’s plate.

“That…uh.. .that uh.” Carmen stuttered before Shelia jumped in and said, “That she slept in most of the morning.” Veronica examined Pocahontas’s facial features as if searching for a flaw. She then glanced over at Chocolate who eyes suddenly found something interesting in her plate to stare at. Vanilla returned her gaze to her niece as Carmen quickly picked up her sandwich and bit off a huge chunk filling her mouth so that she would be unable to reciprocate temporarily.

“You three couldn’t lie yourselves out of paying for an overdue library book.” She growled gazing from one to the other. “What the fuck is going on? And it is obviously serious because you are all avoiding my question.” No one spoke, each surveying who would speak first if anyone.

“You know I called here about three hours after we left the club and I didn’t get an answer. Where were you three?” Vanilla asked figuring they went out or something. The majority of her time was spent at Sassy’s.

“We uh…” Pocahontas began but faltered miserably. “Went to the Super Stop…that’s were we went.” Chocolate finished for her.

Vanilla sat back in her seat and watched the three liars as they fidgeted with the chips on their plate and Carmen continuously stuffed her mouth so that she wouldn’t be able to speak.

Veronica sighed and crossed her legs. “Eat up girls because no one is leaving this table until I get the truth. Now…what you all need to decide is how you are going to get away from this table if you don’t tell me.”

Pocahontas and Chocolate gazed over at Carmen wanting her to say something. They knew damn well that if they tried to leave that table it was going to be on in there. Vanilla didn’t come across violent but after her brutal rape she’d took several classes on all types of fighting. Meaning they were going to have to fight like hell, and together, to get up out of there.

Carmen continued to nibble at her sandwich as she looked nervously over at Chocolate. Amber tried several times to get the little one to speak by hoisting her eyebrows up and down while nudging her head in Vanilla’s direction. Veronica sighed again and glanced slightly around Carmen’s head just in time to see Chocolate’s visual suggestions. Once their eyes met Chocolate yelped, “Ouch,” and covered her eyes. She then laid down her sandwich and tried to leave the table. Just as she stood up rubbing at her eyes Vanilla jumped up out of her chair and stood directly in front of the brown beauty.

“Whatever is in your eyes outside of that lie you are harboring, I’m sure Carmen and Shelia can help get it out right here.” V.D. then turned and looked down at the other two opened mouthed girls who were now realizing that she was serious about the not leaving the table bit. “Oh there it is,” Chocolate mumbled taking her seat and glaring at her other two conspirators. “It’s fine now.” She said in defeat. “Good,” Vanilla said, “Now. . .where were we?” she said in a whining, sarcastic tone.

“Carmen was about to tell you about her night at Slick’s.” Pocahontas said speedily while shoving a fist full of chips into her mouth.

“Ouch,” She yelled spitting the food that was in her mouth into her plate from the hard kick Carmen delivered to her knee. “Ungrateful twat,” She mumbled while trying to rub the pain from her leg.

Vanilla moved slowly back around Carmen as her eyes began to pierce the little blonde’s frame. Meditating on how she should pursue the matter of her niece defying her.

Carmen’s aunt scooted her chair right up under her and lowered her elbows down upon her knees and threaded her fingers together under her chin before speaking again.

“You’ve been seeing that woman behind my back Carmen?” Vanilla inquired without looking up at her niece. Sadie didn’t say anything. Instead she felt it was safer to continue eating her sandwich. Before another thought had crossed her mind Veronica brought the back of her hand up abruptly against Carmen’s face causing the little blonde to spit whatever she had in her mouth out and grab at her now stinging jaw.

Carmen didn’t bother to look over at her aunt because if she was angry enough to strike her she damned sure didn’t want to look down into her intimidating scowl. Carmen remained still, not wanting her aunt to get any more edgy than what she already was.

“I’m going to ask you again, Carmen.” Vanilla said not even bothering to look up. “Have you been seeing that woman behind my back?” Carmen looked over at Chocolate, who nodded her head, secretly telling her friend to tell her aunt what has been going on.

“Chocolate and Shelia would you two mind giving us a few minutes alone please.” Vanilla grumbled outwardly displaying her disappointment in her niece. The two women stood up and gave Carmen an encouraging gaze before leaving the room.

“Carmen,” Veronica began while sighing and sitting back in her chair. “I can’t believe that you would openly oppose me. How could you do that? After all I try to do to protect you? What happened…did that bitch try to rape you?” Vanilla knew that the only way to extract information from her niece was to ask questions and watch her responses. Carmen lowered her elbows onto the table and laid her forehead upon her threaded fingers while turning her head away from her aunt.

Veronica practically leaped from her chair. “She did didn’t she?” She drawled in a tone so icy Carmen felt the chilling effects surge up her spine. “I’m going down there and confront that filthy whore.” “NO!” Carmen shouted finally speaking. “She didn’t do that. She was dreaming and got caught up in it. She needs help and I plan to give her just that. Slick is a wonderful person full of hope and possibility and I won’t pull out on her because things have gotten a little rough.” Carmen closed, breathing hard.

“Fine…just fine, if that’s how you want it Miss Carmen then go to it. But don’t expect me to stand idly by as she drags your little stupid ass down in the sewers with her. I’m out of here. And don’t you call me. You want to take on the devil in fine leather then go on, but don’t include me in it.” Veronica announced as she threw the chair she was setting in up against the wall with a crashing rumble.

“Are you saying that you don’t want to see or hear from me again?” Carmen asked meekly with furrowed brows. “Exactly…” Vanilla said giving her niece a raised eyebrow expression. “Maybe you’re not as stupid as I thought you were.” She then grabbed her things and left the house slamming the door directly behind her.

Amber and Shelia hurried back into the room each of them staring at the door. “What in the hell did you say to her?” Amber asked stepping up to a teary eyed Carmen and laying her hand gently upon her shoulder. Carmen looked up to her friend and began to cry once more. (Ah shit…not again). Amber thought pulling her little distraught friend up into her arms, while looking over at Pocahontas baffled. “What the hell is going on around here?” Amber asked her self silently.

Back at the Fiery Pit…

“Slick, where in the hell have you been?” Foxy snapped placing his hands upon his hips and giving the club owner a disappointing glance. Just then Silk got out of the car. (Oh lord no, not this bitch again).

“Hi Ronald, how’s the girly business? I see you’re still wearing a dress. Too bad you don’t have what it takes to be a man or a woman.” She finished tauntingly while walking around to the front of the car and pausing to reach for Slick’s hand. Slick fell right into the reformed lover role and snorted at Silk’s insults to Foxy while walking past him.

“Slick if you bring her back into your life this is my last go round with you.” He stated standing firmly on what he said. Slick whirled around and glared emotionlessly at her friend. “If that’s how you want it then fine. I thought at least that you were my friend but I see things are different now since I’m not with the person you think I should be with. I can’t believe you would even have the audacity to give me an ultimatum.” Slick huffed while staring into her friend’s appalled eyes. “So let it be written. So let it be done.” He quoted walking past Slick and her giggling new mistress.

Foxy went into the club, gathered her things, and bid the girls that were getting preparing for their performance tonight, good bye. The girls were shocked, especially after he told them what Slick told him and on top of it she allowed her trick to openly scorn him.

“But what will we do without you? You know the reason why we are so organized is because you take the time too…” The little dancer jumped in the middle of the statement as an angry Slick swung the door open with a crashing bang and ordered everyone out except Foxy. The room occupant’s spilled swiftly from the room as if they had been given a bomb threat.

“What are you trying to do to me?” She grumbled in a thunderous tone. “I’ve lost the only woman that I’ve ever loved and now…now you want to get up and leave me. You better think twice about this, because if you do…” “DO WHAT…Slick,” Foxy growled back. “What, you want to ruin me now? You want to tell me that I will never work in this town after you finish spreading horrible lies about me? Aw,” He said taking in a brief breath. “Don’t even bother Slick. I’ll move to another flicking state if that will make you feel any better, that way you’ll really have me out of your way.” Foxy stated still shoving her things into the case he’d brought in to store her make-up.

Slick walked up to him and placed her hands gently upon his, not wanting to spur him into a fight, and stilled them. “Don’t do this Foxy. You know I can’t get through this alone. Nor would I be able to run this club effectively without you. I just need you to bear with me…please.” She admitted honestly. Foxy looked down into his friend’s melancholy eyes and caved. He had never felt such a despondent plea from Slick in his life. She was lost and secretly asking him to stay at her side until she found her way again.

“Alright Slick, BUT if that hussy insults me one more time I am going to floor her ass. And I want you to keep her away from me. She is not the woman for you and you know that. But if you want to continue this charade of looking for love in all the wrong places, then so be it. I’ll be here when you need me, after all what are friends for?” He asked while threading his fingers within Slick’s and giving them a brief squeeze before shoving her away and ordering her to get the girls back in there. They had a show to get ready for.

Slick laughed and headed for the door. “I know they will thank their lucky stars. They whimper and cry whenever you leave me in charge of ’em.” She finished jokingly while opening the door and beckoning the girls back inside. Slick closed the door behind her and listened as the girls cheered and clapped at Foxy’s retracting statement of her leaving. She then smirked and informed Murray that she would be back in an hour or so. ? He wondered as he watched the stunning woman leave.

Down at the Hot Spot…

“Is she here yet?” Carmen asked, anxious to know if Vanilla was working tonight. “Nope,” Chocolate popped. “Al said she’s not scheduled for tonight, nor is she penciled in on any of the nights you perform for the next month.” Carmen dropped down into her chair and tuned up to cry.

“Oh no don’t start that shit again.” Pocahontas spat. “You knew how adamant “V,” was about you seeing this woman and you chose to go against her wishes. So deal with it. You are a grown woman and crying all the time is not going to fix the problem. You need to go to her and talk to her rationally, and if need be beg her to forgive you.” Her friend stated glaring at her through the minor as they sat back to back.

“She wants me to give up Slick, and I can’t do that.” Carmen mumbled despairingly. “I have never needed her to understand my motives before but now I do. And on top of that I need her. She’s the closest thing to a mother that I’ve ever had in my life and even she abandons me in my time of need. What, am I destined to be alone and unloved? What have I done to deserve such a wrath?” She asked allowing the rising tears to drip from her eyes.

“Look baby,” Chocolate said moving to her side after slapping Shelia on the back of the head for being insensitive. After our performances we’ll ALL go over to Sassy’s place and talk to her. All you need to do Carmen is let her know what’s in your heart, and the truth. Don’t beat around the bush with her. If you think of her as your mother then treat her as such. Be honest with her. Nothing can withstand that and if Slick is the woman for you. She’ll come to you. Just give her some time.” Amber reassured her. Carmen shook her head in compliance and began to set up for her show.

Among the Audience…

Slick sat in the back of the club waiting for Carmen’s act. She didn’t recall being this nervous at any of her other performances but tonight was different. She had to see her, if only while she performed. She missed her something terrible and it hadn’t even been a full twenty four hours. Secretly, she wondered if Carmen had even thought about her. She hadn’t received a call from her. Nor had she left word as to whether she ever wanted to see her again. Slick felt her heart pound in her chest. Oh how she wouldn’t trade in everything she had right now just to hold her in her arms forever. Slick shuffled in her seat as the longing to be with the little stripper troubled her very being.

The lights dimmed and Al came on to the stage to announce her. As in every show Carmen was captivating, limber, charismatic and ever so riveting. Slick would swear her show tonight had been her best ever. Slick could feel her body tingle like the first night she saw her. Only this time her soul ached alone with it. She never wanted to be with anyone like she did the little stripper and it was apparent as her eyes began to water. She just had to figure out a way to be with her again, even if meant begging her to come back to her.

After Camp Fire’s dance, Slick discreetly left the club with only one goal in mind, to get back her woman. No dream or ancient vision was going to keep her from the one woman that lulled her heart with a single word. She had to get her back, whatever the cost may be. If counseling was what she needed, and if Carmen was willing to go with her then that is what they would do. But SHE, most of all was going to get over those dreams, and go on with her life with Carmen at her side.

Later that night…

Slick couldn’t explain it, but after trying several times to achieve a climax from the eager efforts of Silk’s talented tongue and fingers she still felt empty and unsatisfied. There had never been a time that her chosen lover hadn’t been able to satisfy her. Yet, Silk had tried over and over to prompt a consuming release from her statuesque partner, but to no avail. Not only could Slick not achieve a release, Silk was never able to get Slick aroused enough to even ponder a zenith. (Aw, this is bad) She thought almost embarrassed except the mocking chuckle kept her from feeling bad for herself. She knew the reason why all of this was transpiring. It was evident that she was over Silk and no longer desired her. But what she found more fascinating was that with just a single thought of Carmen her entire body gnited like the boosters on a rocket…what she wouldn’t give to be lying beside her right now. Silk thought rolling away from Silk and turning her back to her.

Slick closed her eyes, hoping that her mind would routinely eradicate her current thoughts of inadequacy and the insincere words of endearment Silk would utter just as Rimi felt she was coming, yet it was just a repeated false alarm. After three to four tries Slick decided that she had had it and was tired. Silk couldn’t figure it out. Slick seemed fine this afternoon, and she didn’t have a problem releasing. (I wonder if her age is becoming a factor now)? The tanned beauty thought while sliding up behind Slick and wrapping her arms around her waist. (Little did she know was that the two times that Slick had released she was thinking of one little talented bomb shell).

Rirni began to drift into a restless sleep when out of nowhere the phone began to ring. Slick patiently raised her head, gazed over at the clock and then over to the phone. (Who ever this is) she thought reaching for the phone. (They had better be dying). Slick rationalized while snatching the phone from its perch and growling into the phone, “Hello.”

“Hi Mommy,” Aurora’s little voice chirped. Slick sat up abruptly breaking all contact with Silk and rubbed her eyes vigorously while glancing at the clock again.

“Ray-Ray, just what are you doing up? Is everything alright?” Slick asked hoping like hell that she didn’t have to leave her house and go over to Murray’s and kick some ass about her daughter.

“Naw. . .I’m fine. I keep waking up. Kathy and daddy are really making a lot of noise. What could make them keep up such racket?” She paused just long enough to allow her mother the time needed to answer the question. Slick clearing her throat realizing her little persistent bundle wasn’t about to back away from receiving what she wanted.

“Well…baby.. .uh-huh, Sometimes grown ups like to play games to help tire themselves out when they’re not quite sleepy. So that’s what they are probably doing.” Slick finished, rather proud of herself for trying to appeal to her daughter’s immaturity to the subject of sex. “Unh…That’s funny. I could have sworn that they were having sex like Aunt Foxy explained to me.

There have been a lot of times when I’ve heard the same screams coming from your room mommy and that is when T-T (auntie) explained the whole birds and bees thing to me in human terms.” Aurora said pausing briefly before issuing her last sentence on the subject.

“So mommy, daddy and Kathy weren’t having sex?” (Aaaaarrrggghhh) Slick thought. (I am going to kill Foxy for corrupting my daughter). Slick thought, while smiling. Instead she was rather proud of both her friend and Aurora’s knowledge. It was just one more thing that she had failed to enlighten her daughter on, but thank the creator upstairs that she had Foxy in her corner. He was definitely like the sensitive brother she’d never had. Yeah…she was partially raised with two brothers before the younger one’s death. But never had they ever been as concerned, caring and supportive as Foxy was. Slick loved him and what was even more astounding to her was that he felt the same.

“Oh he did, did he?” Slick asked trying to sound as perturbed as she could without falling back laughing. After all, Aurora was being brought up in a very unusual environment and it was important that when she encountered things that they were explained to her honestly and truthfully.

“Yeah…he even went down to the drug store and bought some little beanie birds and bees to show me what he was talking about.” Aurora reported obviously please with her aunt Foxy’s sketch of the human sexuality. “That’s good baby…” Slick whirred becoming more and more proud of Aurora with each passing day. “But would you mind telling me just why MY little angel is up at the wee hours of the morning…huh?

Aurora chuckled before continuing her convo with her mother. “So mommy…are you still mad at Carmen?” The little one asked, really trying to find out if they had in fact had a fight.

“No.. .I’m not still mad at her.” Slick said laying her head back upon the thick cherry wood headboard of her king-sized bed. “As a matter of fact, I miss her something terrible and I’m frightened that she could still be mad at me. You know it’s now been a full twenty four hours and she hasn’t called. She probably hates me or even worse she doesn’t want to be in the same room with me.” Slick finished with a discouraging sigh.

“Aw mommy, Carmen could never stay mad at you. You know she loves you, and Auntie Foxy said when you really, really love a person you always forgive them. Was she not telling the truth mommy?” Aurora inquired doubting very seriously that Foxy was wrong, but she wanted to hear it from her mother that Foxy was in fact correct.

“In some cases baby that is true, but then there are others who do not follow that philosophy. Some choose to just walk away and leave it at that. But you know…” Slick mumbled encouraging. “There are a lot of people that believe what T/T said and I am one of them. I hope Carmen is one of those people as well. That way I won’t have to keep worrying about her coming back to us.” Slick closed, knowing that the last sentence would bring a smile to her little one’s face. She simply worshiped Carmen. It wouldn’t surprise Slick if her little busy body had plans in store for the both her and Carmen. (Now isn’t that a very perceiving mother, because that is exactly what this little one has in mind).

“Me too mommy…Hey I have to go. Daddy just walked by.” Aurora said whispering speedily into the phone. “Bye mommy. . .Love you!” The little bunny finished with a click. (But what she really failed to tell her mother was that her father had been dead to the world for about a half an hour now, and she was planning on calling Carmen). After all, the little stripper did offer to be the first person to put her number in Aurora’s new address and phone number pocket catalog.


“Woo, Carmen girl you laid it down tonight!” Chocolate exclaimed, highly intrigued by her friend’s performance. “You sho’ was thinking about somebody when you were hitting down in your humpty dance. Girl I had to fan the rising flames that were jumping from my crouch. Didn’t she Poke?” Pocahontas took a bite from her sandwich shaking her head up and down while patting her front pocket. Chocolate and Carmen cackled at their usually quiet friend’s response.

“Girl, I know Vanilla is going to hear about this, even if I have to be the one to tell her. You were knocking it out the box Carmen. The fans were ordering X-tree drinks after that one.” Chocolate said, continuing to brag on her friend while putting on her street clothes.

“Mouse, hurry up and change.” Pocahontas coached. “Remember we’re supposed to go and try to talk to Veronica tonight.” “Oh…alright,” Carmen said softly while moving back into her shell of doubt and fear. Chocolate dipped her head and looked at Pocahontas from under her smoky brown eyelids. They were all dreading this but they felt it should be done. At least, Carmen would have tried to reconcile things between her and Veronica.

Within the hour the trio was headed over to Sassy’s. Hoping like hell that Vanilla would listen to reason. She just couldn’t cut Carmen or them out of her life she was presently trying to do.

The anxiety built as they pulled up to the cottage on the outskirts of the suburbs. The house was lit up and music was playing loudly.

“Aw shit,” Chocolate uttered. “I think they may be getting their groove on. Vanilla is playing T.P. (Teddy Pendergrass).” She stated while opening her door. Carmen slid out of the back in a solemn mood. Not really wanting a confrontation with her aunt, but knowing in her heart she had to try and talk to her to restore some peace between them.

The three made it to the door and Chocolate rang the bell before moving to the side to ensure that each of them was in eyesight. Sassy opened the door panting and giggling. She was as fine as ever. She was a short Black American-Asian girl, that had coiling long black hair, a great set of honkers and a double hand of backside to follow. (Now…who said Americans don’t make great products? Pssst… Somebody needs to tell ’em)

“Hey, girls!” She stated in between breaths. “Y’all must have just got off from work. V. the girls are here.” She finished, turning in the open door to look over her shoulder at her lover.

“Close the door,” Vanilla said. “Nothing those three little liars could say to me right now will make any sense. AND…I damn sure don’t want to talk to Carmen if she is with them, that back stabbing little skank.” Sassy was embarrassed and it was obvious as she leaned her head over and scratched it reflectively before bringing up a finger informing the girls to wait just a minute.

“Baby,” She started, stepping away from the door. “They’ve come all this way. Don’t do this, talk to them. If you don’t want to talk, then please just listen to them. You can at least do that Veronica.” She said grabbing Veronica’s hand and dragging her to the door. “Here she is.” She confirmed stepping back a little to let Vanilla stand fully in the door on her own.

“What do you three harlots want, to lie to me some more?” She said with a distasteful scowl on her face. Carmen stepped up to the door and asked if they could come in. “No.. .you can’t come in. Whatever you have to say, say it from there.”

“V, c’ mon please don’t be this way. You told me long time ago that when I decided to choose whom I wanted to be with for the rest of my life that you wouldn’t contest it, as long as they made me happy. But now you’re reneging on that agreement. Slick make’s me happy and SHE is the one I want to be with. Please can we do this in a place a little more private?” Carmen pleaded with tears in her eyes as she moved closer to the door. V.D. stepped back from the door and coldly stated, “No.”

“The first night I asked you not to take that relationship any further you should have listened. That woman is a demon in disguise and soon she will have you the same way. You will be so blinded by your innocent love that you will be willing to do anything she wishes. And once that happens, little Miss Carmen, she will discard you like all the other whores she’s done that way in the past. So if she makes you happy, then be with her, just don’t come to me when things get a little too rough for you. Instead,” She paused briefly and glared disgustingly at Chocolate and Pocahontas, “Let your little funky ass…lying friends help you.” The last thing Carmen heard was a shocked gasp from Sassy as Veronica slammed the door loudly in her face.

Carmen began to bang angrily at the door demanding that Vanilla listen to her. Veronica snatched the door opened and shoved the cast iron screen hatch up against Carmen, knocking her down on the porch. She then stepped outside as Poke and Chocolate’s mouths flew open in surprise. (This bitch has lost it). They both thought as they helped Carmen to her feet and backed up off the porch.

“You’d better go and you definitely better keep this one out of my sight! Remind her that little girls shouldn’t disrespect their elders, and although I’m not around her you need to inform her that I won’t tolerate a flip mouth. Now get the fuck away from me before I lose it completely.” She then turned and stepped back up on the porch. Pocahontas helped Carmen to the car leaving Chocolate still dumbfounded by Vanilla’s attitude toward Carmen.

“What has gotten into you V.?” She uttered, extremely puzzled. “What has Carmen done to fall from your highness’s grace?” She then threw her arms up in wonder while gazing over the quiet darkened area around them. Yet, even though the night was beautiful, she still wasn’t able to focus on anything but her friend’s hostile disposition. “What is it? Carmen falling in love with someone you don’t like. Is that it, Vanilla? Or is it the fact that you can’t control her anymore. And Carmen is NOT a little girl any longer. She is a grown woman such as yourself. She has needs and desires that she wishes to have fulfilled too, and if this Slick woman is the one she wants to do that with then that is her choice, NOT YOURS. Carmen is not living her life for you, rather she’s seeking satisfaction independently and honestly, and that’s all anyone could expect from the young woman YOU finished raising.” Chocolate dropped her hands as Vanilla stood glaring at her from the porch, still blind and driven by her anger of what happened to her years ago at Slick’s hands. Yet she continue to hold those thoughts a secret, confusing her friends and Carmen even more.

“You know, I think about all those times that you told her that you loved her. You were lying to her weren’t you? Now who’s the lying skank?” Chocolate asked panting. Before anyone could make sense of what was happening, Vanilla jumped from the porch and headed toward Chocolate. Just as she grabbed the brown bombshell Chocolate brought her left leg up and buried it in her crotch while shoving her off of her. Chocolate then backed away and ripped off her jacket and stood her ground firmly.

“If you touch me again like that Frosty the snow man is going to have to make a special trip here to cool this frigging place down.” She stated, feeling her body trembling from the surging adrenaline running through her veins. By this time Carmen and Pocahontas were out of the car and approaching the pair.


Vanilla gathered the saliva in her mouth and shot a wad out on Chocolate’s shirt. Chocolate gasped and lunged for Veronica. Chocolate didn’t know what to think as she moved on impulse, which left her open for V.D.’s assault. The minute the woman got up on her Vanilla reached back in the house and release an unforgiving right jab to Chocolate’s nose flooring her. Chocolate hit the ground with a hard thump before scrambling to her feet and rushing Vanilla to the ground. The minute she raised her fist up to hit her Carmen shouted, “NO.” Chocolate panted and dropped her hand to her side while lowering her face to Vanilla’s as her other hand held Veronica in place.

“I may not whip you, but when it is over with I promise that you will be applying liniment to your sore ass in the morning. And you’re right, don’t worry about Carmen, because we love her and will stand behind any decision that she makes.” Chocolate closed with a hateful glare to her friend. She thought about returning Veronica’s earlier sentiment of affection by spitting in Veronica’s face, but she’d been taught a long time ago that an act such as that was the nastiest thing a person could do to another. And even though they were at odds at the moment she still wouldn’t lower herself to do that

Chocolate jumped up off of Vanilla and pushed through Carmen and Pocahontas while returning to the car. Tears were streaming down her trembling cheeks. She didn’t know whether to be angry or saddened by the way they both were acting. She couldn’t even figure out how they had gotten to this point! She knew in her heart that she loved all three of her friends, endlessly. What in the world could have prompted Vanilla to act in such a way because of Carmen’s choice? What was it about this Slick that made her despise the woman so? She must have done something bad to Vanilla to make her respond in such a way.

Chocolate wiped the tears off her cheeks, whirled around and headed back toward Vanilla who was now regaining her stance. Chocolate broke through Shelia and Carmen and stepped right up to Veronica until they were standing chest to chest.

“Carmen and Pocahontas leave us alone please.” Vanilla didn’t move nor did she look over at the reluctant pair. “PLEASE,” Chocolate growled leaving no room for argument. Carmen and Shelia backed away slowly keeping their eyes on the pair. Sassy stood on the edge of the porch not knowing what to do, say, or how to react, everything was happening so fast.

“I’ve been with you for many years Veronica and I know that the only way you can despise someone as you do this woman is that she has to have done something unspeakable. Now there is a reason why you hate her so and I want to know what it is!” Chocolate stood face to face with her friend silently pleading with her to tell her exactly what it was that made her pull away from all of them because of her strong belief that this woman was certainly evil, and certainly not good for Carmen.

Chocolate watched as the tears formed in Vanilla’s eyes and her lips began to tremble from words and visions that echoed in her mind but wouldn’t filter into her mouth. A chill moved all over Amber’s body as her heart ached because of her friend’s inability to reveal that dark secret that her soul held prisoner. Just as Veronica began to cry Amber wrapped her arms around her neck and whispered words of love.

“I…I…I can’t tell you Chocolate. I’ve never told anyone.” She stuttered while wrapping her arms around the dark, bomb shell’s waist. “All I know is that I don’t…don’t want my baby…with her. She will only hurt her or even worse, defile her body as well as her soul.” Sassy slowly descended the stairs on the porch watching the two embracing women. She could see her lover saying something to Amber but she was still at a distance where she couldn’t quite be sure of their conversation.

V.D. raised her head abruptly and gave Chocolate a slight shove. Nudging her away from her a taste. Chocolate didn’t bother to question her friend’s motives at the moment because of the uncertain glare swirling in her friend’s tormented eyes. Whatever it was that Veronica felt she couldn’t reveal it at that moment, there was no doubt to Chocolate that her friend had been carrying that horrible event around with her for a long, long time. The trembling in her hands and the pain in her voice was evidence of it.

Veronica rocked back sluggishly upon her heels as if the burden she bore was slowly wearing her down. Chocolate moved to steady her friend regretting everything that had taken place from the minute she turned to confront Veronica about Slick. Nothing, no matter how great the problem may seem, should pull good friends apart, and Chocolate decided right then and there that incidents of this nature will never happen again. She loved Vanilla, Pocahontas, and Carmen as if they were her very own sisters and she wasn’t about to jeopardize their friendship. Instead, she stepped to Veronica and apologized to her while understandingly caressing her cheek. Silently displaying to her friend that whenever she was ready to discuss what had occurred she would be there for her…always. She loved her and she needed her to know that as she pulled a troubled Veronica in her arms and beckoned Sassy to prepare to take her back in the house.

“V,” you know I’m not the most patient person in the world, but…until you are ready to tell me what happened between you two, I will wait. When you are ready, you let me know.” Chocolate said softly as Sassy took her position between them offering support for her lover.

Veronica leaned into Sassy and wrapped her arms around her shoulders and gave her friend a nod in recognition of her offer to not only listen but to be there whenever she needed her.

“There is only one thing that I will ask of both you and Pocahontas. . . and that is to keep my baby safe. Carmen means the world to me and if she was to get hurt in any way, especially by that woman, there will be no court room or law enforcement officer that will keep me from killing her… and I mean that. All I need right now is for you two to protect her. I am so angry right now with the way Carmen chose to ignore my pleas to stop seeing this woman that if I’m near her my irrational side will over-rule my sound judgement and I will do something to her that I can’t take back. And I couldn’t live with that. You tell her I love her, but I just can’t be with her right now. Do you understand…I just can’t do it right now.” She then turned herself and Sassy back toward the house and began to walk away. Right before going into the house she looked back at her friend with the most heart wrenching gaze Chocolate had ever seen in her friend’s face. “Take care of my baby Chocolate…please.” She then pulled the cast iron door closed and stepped back into the house closing the door gravely behind her.

Chocolate stood there stunned and completely empty. She didn’t know how to proceed from there, but what she did know was that she was surely going to honor her friend’s wishes. It took a few moments of solitude to gather her senses, then she exhaled and turned back toward the car. Without a word she got in, closed her door and just stared back up at the house. Pocahontas didn’t quite know what to say so she just started the car and eased away from the curb. Hoping that this festering sore between all of them would soon come to a head.

The ride home was extremely quiet. No one could explain the events that happened tonight, but it was evident that something was hurting Veronica and because of that they all had a hopeless feeling tearing at their hearts. Once they were home and in the house they still didn’t speak. They simply headed in different directions to their own rooms to give themselves more time to think.

After about thirty minutes of settling in bed and contemplating her thoughts Carmen’s cell phone rang. She scrambled out of bed and over to the phone before it’s ringing could rustle up the others and answered it.

“Hello?” she whispered. “Hi Carmen.” It was a little girl’s voice. Instantly the image of a little Slick popped into her thoughts, which of course brought a smile to her face. “Now who could this possibly be?” She said moving back into bed. “It’s me Aurora.” The little girl chirped merrily at four o’clock in the morning. Carmen laughed and pulled the covers up on her; really happy to hear from someone associated with Slick since she wasn’t calling.

“Ray-Ray aren’t you suppose to be sleep?” She asked wondering what prompt the little one to call her. “Well, I couldn’t sleep because Mommy’s sad. She said you haven’t called her and she’s worried.” (Now who would think that kids would ever stretch the truth or make it sound so desperate? Pssst…I wouldn’t have).

“Oh.. .I’m sorry Ray-Ray.” Carmen confessed just as Aurora expected. “I didn’t call because I thought she needed time alone. You know I miss her.” Carmen confessed pausing just long enough to imagine what Slick was doing at that time. She then wondered if maybe, Slick was hopefully missing her. So she thought she would inquire a little bit about just that. “Ray-Ray, does your mom miss me?” “Oh yeah…when I called her she sounded as if she’d been crying. She misses you soooo much that she’s scared to call you.” (Lovely child isn’t she?)

“Well, we’ll just have to fix that huh? If she’s scared to call me I guess I’ll just have to call her huh?” Carmen asked, listening to Aurora chuckle quietly while verbally agreeing. “Okay I’ll call her, but you have to promise me something.” Carmen urged wondering if the little tyke will take the bait.

“Sure…what do you want me to do?” Aurora was thinking that maybe Carmen would want her to call her mother and let her know to receive a call from her little love girl.

“Well I want you to promise me that once you are in bed to not even look at the phone. Now can you promise me that, because I’m sure you have school tomorrow and growing girls such as ourselves need our beauty sleep. Don’t you think so?” Carmen asked, playing the role of a concerned friend.

Aurora chuckled girlishly and said, “Okay Carmen, you sound like Mommy now…oops I mean I have to go now. You know, beauty sleep. Bye Carmen, love you.” Carmen then heard a click as Aurora hung the phone up in a hurry.

“Well you sly little thing. She’s been calling both her mother and I. And who said kids didn’t understand grown up things?” Carmen couldn’t help but to laugh as she folded her phone up and lazily dropped her hand to her side.

“That little darling is trying to set her mother and I back up. Now who would have ever thought a child would have that much sense?” Carmen found herself laughing again. She lay there a few more minutes before deciding that she would do just what she promised. She was going to call that fine ass Slick right then and there.

Slick’s bedroom…

Silk crawled down between Slick’s legs and buried her tongue as deep inside the dark’s beauty’s love chamber as she could. Her tongue plunged in and out of Slick in a frantic attempt to stimulate her returned lover. She watched as Slick closed her eyes and her brows furrowed as if she was trying to recall something, anything to spur her excitement. Yet Slick’s response was bleak and definitely unexpected. She couldn’t remember Slick ever not wanting to frigg, especially after she went down on her. As her pussy licking and plunging became forlorn and rash the phone rang. Slick’s eyes popped opened and gazed over at the phone.

(I bet it’s that bothersome little brat of hers calling again). Silk thought as she jumped to a crouching position and shoved her fingers inside Slick. Not even that pulled a gratified response from Slick instead Silk receive on of Slick’s warning glare that she’d seen oh so many time before to slow her damn row. Without speaking Slick gazed back over at the phone and waited for the answering machine to pick up, wondering if it was Aurora again. Silk continued to drive her fingers in and almost out of Slick’s quickly drying cunt. (What in the fuck is up with her? And on top of me trying to get a rise out of her she seems completely bored). Silk thought before Carmen’s soft alluring voice came up on the machine. Silk immediately brought her assault to a halt, wondering who in the hell was that bitch.

“Hi baby.” Carmen’s voice cooed. Slick snatched Silk’s fingers away from her drenched playground and headed for the phone. Silk pounced on her stopping Slick an arm’s length short of the phone. Slick growled and tried to wrestle Silk off her. Silk was no Carmen and definitely heavier.

“I just called to say I love you and I miss you, sooo very, very much. I’ll talk to you later…if you want, okay?” Slick heard the phone click and went ballistic.

“NO!” Slick shrieked right before gathering strength from the ancient gods and slinging Silk off of her like a rag doll. Slick was panting when she finally reached the phone and picked it up.

“What is your fucking problem Slick?” Silk snapped, looking quite perturb about the present situation. “Hell this afternoon I couldn’t give you enough and now you’re acting as if my efforts to arouse you are boring you to tears. And then, then this bitch calls you and you go haywire. What the fuck is going on Slick? Are you frigging me because she won’t give you any? Or is she just so precious that you can’t do it to her like you want too. What, afraid she can’t handle the malicious and sometimes sadistic part of you? Well bump that! You’ve frigged me for the last time.” Silk spat grabbing her clothes and snatching the door open to leave.

“You know Slick, I am the only one that can endure your intense love. I am your mate and for some other bitch to come in and think she can take my place, the whore better think again. You are my woman and soon…you will come to realize that. Even if I have to take matters into my own hands.” She finished in a huff while slamming the door behind her.

Slick stared at the door for a long time. But what seemed so strange was that she felt no need to go after Silk. Slick’s ex-lover was incorrect on the mate thing and Rimi finally realized that as the dreams she’d been having drifted in her mind. Carmen somehow was to be her mate…her wife. And it was she that tamed the hunger she thought was barbaric and intimidating at times. Instead, Slick realized from the dreams that she possessed the skills of a devoted, loving, strong willed and definitely protective partner. Those dreams weren’t there to frighten her but rather to inform her that she had in fact met the woman that she was to be with for the rest of her life. And it was Carmen… Carmen was her soul mate.

Slick found herself laughing at the whole scenario as she fell back in the bed thoroughly secure now in her relationship with the little stripper. She couldn’t believe after shoving Carmen away on such uncertain terms that she would in fact call back and tell her that she still loved her and missed her so much. Slick folded her arms behind her head and reveled in her thoughts of holding Carmen. She pictured herself and Carmen laughing, which brought a broad smile to her face. She closed her eyes and the feelings she felt each time she kissed Carmen caused an arousing tremor to engulf her body. Her body simmered in the stirring emotions like a pot sitting over a low flame.

Rimi sighed in complete serenity and pulled the pillow that Carmen was supposed to use when she was there down over her while closing her eyes. Right before drifting into the land of deliverance, Slick swore to herself that never again would she push Carmen away once she was back in her arms for good. And tomorrow she planned to get her back where she belonged. Carmen was her woman and no one was going to keep her from her.

Part II: Lessons…

After calling Slick, Carmen allowed herself to indulge in the memories she had of all three of them. Aurora was really a special child. Then…Carmen began to think about how special Slick made her feel when she was with her and how excited she became when she touched her. Just then Carmen popped up in the bed. She wanted oh so much to share herself with Slick but for some reason she was uncomfortable with the fact that she may not be able to satisfy the seemingly invincible club owner. Panic began to set in as the nervous quakes started again. She had to talk to someone. One who would give her insights into loving a woman? Carmen smiled as she scrambled from the bed and wrapped her terrycloth housecoat around her. She then shuffled through the dining room straight up into Chocolate’s room.

“Go away, whoever you are.” Chocolate mumbled while stretching ever so sensually, allowing the white silk, form fitting gown to rise up over her firm cocoa brown backside.

“Amber wake up. I have to talk to you about something.” Carmen whispered moving onto the bed.

“Mooouuuusseee, can’t it wait till in the morning?” She whined moving onto her stomach and burying her face in the pillow. Carmen gazed over her friend’s inviting body, never really having observed it like she was now. Chocolate was indeed carrying from the back as her buttocks flexed then relaxed again.

Carmen sighed in admiration and moved up to her side. “I want to talk to you about something personal.” She urged shaking her friend. Chocolate popped up with disheveled hair and shot her an irritated glare. “What could possibly be bothering you, PERSONALLY, at this hour of the morning?” The brown bombshell snapped.

“Well.. .you know,” Carmen drawled picking mindfully at the navy blue blanket on her friend’s bed, “Girl stuff.” Just then Pocahontas came into the room. “Hey girls what are we having a chat about?” She asked plopping onto the end of the bed.

Chocolate rolled over onto her back, sighed, lounged back on her elbows, pretty much figuring this would go on into the morning and said, “Carmen wants to talk about, you know, girl stuff.”

Pocahontas looked over at her kneeling friend and said, “What kind of girl stuff?” The look on her face was definitely revealing her interest. Carmen theorized that they probably already knew what she was talking about, but they were waiting for her to say it. “I want to talk about sex… okay?” She rushed, rather frustrated with her friends for making her say it when they probably knew what she was getting at in the first place.

“Ooh,” Pocahontas cooed moving up beside Chocolate and rubbing her stomach gently. Chocolate chuckled and looked over at Carmen and asked her what exactly did she want to know?

“Well…you know.” She said with her head down. “No…we don’t know.” Chocolate said nudging Pocahontas gently. “I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO IT… OKAY?” Carmen said audibly. “Hmmm,” Shelia hummed looking up at Amber. “What’ll ya say AM? Want to give our anxious little Mouse a demonstration?” Chocolate looked down into Shelia’s daring eyes and wondered what WOULD it feel like to have her best friend touch her. . . everywhere?

“Are you up to it?” She purred rocking her head a little to move her hair off her shoulders onto her back. “Well,” Poke started while slowly dragging her finger tips down Chocolate’s hip, over her tensing full thighs and back up to her waist.

“I feel it’s the least we can do to get Mouse to relax while trying to seduce the most powerful lover she will probably ever encounter. Don’t you think?” She finished while revealing to Amber a passion her friend never thought she would ever see in her eyes. Chocolate gulped as she felt her “get busy,” meter jump clear up the scale way above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Sure why don’t we give her a presentation? It’s the least we could do for her.” Chocolate returned in a ghostly spoof stilling Pocahontas heart. (Damn, we are really going to do it. I can’t remember how many nights I’ve wished this would happen. Never before have I ever wanted anyone more than this woman right here). Pocahontas thought as she gasped at the view Amber was unleashing at that moment. The brown beauty sat up in the bed and in one fluent action removed the sleeping slip from her body, which unleashed the astounding beauty that it covered.

“By the stars in the heavens you are magnificent.” Pocahontas whirred while moving from the bed and lifting her hand for Chocolate to join her. She then removed her robe to reveal a sleeping jersey with an Indians logo on it. “GOOD LORD,” Carmen’s mind shouted. “THEY ARE GOING TO LAY IT DOWN RIGHT HERE. AND NO DOUBT THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT IN FRONT OF ME. OH YEAH, GET TO IT GIRLS.” She thought with a smile. (And who said visual aids isn’t a helpful educational tool).

The two women moved closer, running their hands gracefully over each other’s body. Carmen could hear the change in their breathing as Chocolate elegantly dropped down in an opened leg squat while dragging her fingers lovingly down her best friend’s body and taking a hold of the end of the shirt before pulling it back over her torso and off her body.

(Oh Lord what a cozy combination). Carmen thought as the women stepped into each other and began to experimentally drag their partially opened lips over the others, occasionally stopping to savor the sweetness of their partner’s tongue by sucking a portion of it into their mouths. Carmen watched as the couple continued to mesmerize one another while releasing a moan of longing that either of them was aware of. Carmen also noticed that this wasn’t just sex for these two women, their caresses and kissing alone revealed that is was a desire they each had kept silent for the longest. It was evident in their embraces and fondling that they had certainly been wondering what would it be like to be with each other. Carmen listened to the pants and gasps of pleasure as each woman spent time just physically examining the other’s dimensions with soothing, grazing hands and fingers.

All of a sudden, Carmen didn’t know what happened, but Pocahontas growled, grabbed a handful of Amber’s hair and yanked her head back. Amber whimpered, but she didn’t seem to be angry or taken aback by the move. Instead, her panting and clenching fingers upon Shelia’s backside were proof that she was finding the motion quite fulfilling. She wanted to be dominated. (Or should I say conquered?)

Pocahontas continued to growl as she nipped and sucked firmly at her best friend’s neck. Carmen couldn’t figure it out but for some reason Pocahontas’s approach turned aggressive while Amber outwardly became submissive. And…she seemed more than exhilarated by Pocahontas’s firmness. Carmen watched as Pocahontas pulled Chocolate’s right nipple fully into her mouth while shoving her right hand up between the beauty’s legs after nudging them open.

Carmen came to her knees as Chocolate cried out and grasped at Pocahontas’s right shoulder. (She is digging this slit). Carmen finalized, thinking that Pocahontas was going to surely hurt her with this brash treatment.

The mood shifted again as Poke brought her assault on her friend came to a halt. Both women stood staring at each other. Completely winded and overwhelmed by the feelings they were each communicating to the other.

Pocahontas moved to the bed and patted the edge. Silently telling Chocolate that she wanted her to lie down. Once the woman was on the bed and Carmen had given them enough room by scooting over into the right corner of the bed. Pocahontas moved to Chocolate’s upraised legs and gently coasted them open with inspiring strokes. Carmen gasped at the sparkling view. Chocolate was sopping wet and her eyes were pleading for more.

Pocahontas smiled and slid her right hand up Amber’s right thigh into her creatively decorated, heart shaped, curly patch. Stroking and caressing her sweetness. Carmen watched as Chocolate closed her eyes, arched her back and moaned as if she’d been wounded. Carmen knew differently from the smile that was rising on her face as Poke slid one, then two fingers inside her that Chocolate wasn’t feeling any pain. Carmen observed Chocolate’s manner as her hips set off a very sizzling roll, pulling her girlfriend’s fingers deeper and deeper inside her.<damn, now=”” this=”” is=”” alright=””>Carmen thought as her friend continued to pleasure Chocolate with her glistening fingers.

“Are you paying attention Carmen?” Pocahontas asked with an almost hypnotic smile. She was enjoying it. Touching Chocolate in ways that she knew few had ever done. She felt almost inebriated by the action and Chocolate’s surrender more than anything.

She then moved to the side and nudged her head for Carmen to move to the foot of the bed. Carmen did as her friend had instructed and continued to watch her bury her fingers deep inside Chocolate clear up to the knuckles on her first two fingers. Carmen suddenly felt dizzy and she was beginning to sweat. She imagined after looking up at Chocolate’s distorted, passion-ridden face that this is what she would feel like when Slick took her.

Carmen eyes grew three times larger as she watched Poke lower her head toward Chocolate’s love chamber while using the other hand to spread her nether folds open to display her throbbing, erect power beacon. She then blew soft spoofs of air up against it, which seemed to drive Chocolate crazy as she cried out again and hunched harder.

Poke looked up at Carmen with an almost savage grin. “Do you see this Carmen?” She asked giggling a little and making a very enthralled Chocolate coo for mercy and claw at the blanket. “I’m going to make her cum now.” She then looked back over her shoulder at a groaning Chocolate before returning her gaze back to the spot that made her mouth watered for. With slow easy strokes she weaved her tongue up and down Chocolate’s power knob. “Oh…Oh…Oh Poke…Please, over me.. .I have to taste you.” Chocolate gasped. Poke quickly got into position and lowered her hips down on the other woman’s face as she continued her clit lapping and fingering strokes.

After that, the couple pretty much forgot Carmen was there as their efforts doubled and grew almost vicious. They were sucking, dipping and licking like crazy. Carmen watched as the unchecked passion rose between her friends as they strove only to release each other. It didn’t take ten minutes before each of them went rigid, their bodies spasming, and they growled out each other’s name. Carmen felt her whole body climax with her friends before both their frames went limp.

Carmen allowed the women a couple of minutes more before propping herself up on Pocahontas ‘s back and saying, “Wow…thanks guys. What would I do without you? After that well illustrated presentation I know I’m ready now. Making love is an art of feeling, holding, caressing…” “Yeah… Yeah…Yeah…” Pocahontas interrupted. “Now get up off of me.” She finished lazily. I’m ready for my baby now. Wish me luck.” Carmen chirped, jumping out of the bed. “Woo, that was breathtaking. Wouldn’t you say girls?” Carmen heard a couple of murmurs before she giggled and quietly exited the room.

“Tired?” Pocahontas inquired. “Um.. .No,” Chocolate returned. “Wanna do it again?” “Um…Okay?” Chocolate said preparing for another love match with her seductive squaw.

Part III

Slick finally awoke to see her drapes had been drawn and Foxy placing red and yellow roses in a vase on her dresser by the window. “What.. .are those a peace offering for me?” Slick asked sitting up in the bed and scratching sleepily at her scalp before tossing her hair back and looking over at her long dark friend.

“C’mon girl, you know I love you but not enough to buy your ass two dozen of roses.” Foxy joked while fanning the flowers out into an even more attractive arrangement. “Well if you didn’t send them who did?” Slick asked letting her arms drop heavily down over the covers between her legs.

Foxy pulled the card off the little fork holding it among the grouping and headed over to Slick. “Ooh…it’s marked, “ALWAYS YOURS.” He finished with a snicker. He handed Slick the card and plopped down beside her. He then propped himself on his left side, facing Slick and urged her to hurry up with opening the card. Slick snorted and snatched the little note from the card and began to read it. Foxy gasped at the beaming smile that came upon her friend’s face. “Well, let me see?” He stated impatiently reaching for the letter. Slick snatched the card out of her friend’s reach and jumped from the bed chuckling.

Foxy jerked up to a sitting position and shouted, “C’mon Rimi, you always share good stuff with me.” He then gave his friend a very ugly pouting expression while femininely running his fingers down over his sharply creased jeans. Slick sighed and dropped her hands mindlessly down at her sides before moving back over to her friend and dropping down into his lap.

“The letter is from my baby, Carmen. She still loves and wants me.” She then gave her friend a sloppy smooch on the cheek and jumped out of his lap. Foxy watched as Slick moved ecstatically around the room gathering up stuff to take her shower. She then popped back down in front of him with playful blue eyes and said, “The next time you see me I will be with my future wife. And this one…I don’t think you will disapprove of.” She then ruffled his hair, leaped on to the bed, ran across it, jumped off the other side and bolted for the bathroom. “Hay…don’t be fucking up my shit. You know I don’t allow anyone to mess with my hair unless you’re banging me.” Both friends cackled before she closed the door and prepared for the day.

Down at the Hot Spot…

“My, my, my,” One of the practicing dancers uttered as Slick strolled up to her. “Well,” Slicked chimed as her eyes moved over the girl approvingly. “I’m here looking for a very special woman.” Slick stated while skillfully tossing back the sides of the long length jacket that was covering the all leather, form fitting, two piece that complimented her every wave and curve before placing her hands upon her hips. “Could you tell me where I can find her?” She whirred so stirringly that the girl licked her lips and blinked her eyes to verify’ she wasn’t a mirage.

“Damn, you don’t have to worry about looking for no other woman, I’ll give you any and everything you could ever possibly want.” Slicked hummed and stepped closer to the girl. The girl gasped at the intense electrifying effect Slick’s eyes were having on her.

“That is an intriguing offer, but I’m looking for someone that is…oh so high,” she judged by raising her hand to about the height Carmen stood. “She has the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and she smells,” Slick stopped, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before continuing. “So good that it makes me want to lick her from her forehead down to her toes.” The girl gulped and slid back on the stage she was sitting on a taste. “Shit, you’re making me want to taste her now.” She chirped while fanning herself. “Tell me.. .would you know this little hunny’s name?” She asked with a tilting head while lounging back.

“Some call her Camp Fire Sadie.” Slick said with a raised eyebrow. The girl gasped in shock. (Ah hell nah. . .you couldn’t be here for our little angel. She can’t handle you). Slick could see the girl questioning what she just heard as her eyes sauntered up and down the dark wonder.

“Are you sure you’re looking for her? I mean…you and Carmen surely don’t have anything in common. Maybe you want a more experienced girl…like me?” She finished licking her lips. Slick snorted and said, “tempting, but I only have eyes for your little angel and I’m not leaving here until I’ve seen her.” The girl exhaled and stared into Slick’s determined gaze. “Alright…Alright,” She said sliding from the stage. “Follow me.” She then guided Slick back to the dressing room and through a room of purring admirers and knocked on the door with Carmen’s and the rest of the girl’s names on it. Pocahontas opened the door after two knocks.

“Hi P,” The girl said. “I have someone who claims she wants to see Carmen.” Pocahontas peeped out just as Slick stepped up behind the little dancer. Pocahontas snorted and shook her head. “Yeah she’s here to see Carmen. No one else would be brave enough to date this one. Thanks J.” “Okay, no prob.” The girl said, before whirling around, running her eyes once more admiringly up and down Slick’s body and left. Both Slick and Poke watched the half-naked girl switch off before reclaiming each other’s attention.

“So you are the infamous Slick?” She asked leaning up against the door not yet welcoming Slick in. Slick tilted her hat and dipped her head. “Yeah, that’s what thousands refer to me as.” “Tell me Slick, what are your intentions toward our little one? You know she’s never been out of the gate if you know what I mean.” Pocahontas stated while observing Slick’s stoic manner.

“Is that right?” Slick questioned with a raised eyebrow. “Interesting, but I’m here for the entire stead. If you know what I mean?” Slick returned with a serious gaze. “Hmmm,” Pocahontas hummed while stepping fully into the doorway.

“Carmen’s aunt doesn’t want her to see you. Did you know anything about that?” Poke asked leveling her now protective gaze at Slick. “Well, yes I knew that, but like I’ve told Carmen, I’ve never had any acquaintance with her aunt. So I couldn’t imagine why she feels that way.” Slick finished in an almost chilling tone. She was growing antsy now. She’d hoped she wouldn’t have to resort to another way of seeing Carmen. Camp Fire certainly wouldn’t like that.

“Well her aunt is very adamant about it. As a matter of fact she won’t speak to Carmen because of you. So I’m going to finish my little introduction with a warning. If you so much as harm a hair on her head I’m going to tear your ass apart. Get me Miss Dangerous?” Slick stood firm and almost thought about knocking Poke’s teeth out, but she knew that this not only was a warning but a promise as well as a protective measure. “Why yes I do, but for future reference on your part; I do not take kindly to threats and no one is going to keep me from being with Carmen if that is her wish. Now…do you get me squaw?” Slick stated in a menacing growl. Pocahontas snorted and gave her a smirk before stepping to the side.

Just as Slick entered the room Carmen and Chocolate exited their private bathroom. “Carmen,” Pocahontas said drawing the little stripper’s attention toward the door. “Someone’s…” before she could finish Carmen bolted toward Slick. All Shelia saw was a blond streak of hair running past her.

“Hey baby,” Carmen said leaping up into Slick’s open arms and wrapping her powerful little legs around Rimi’s waist and arms around her neck. “Did you get my flowers?” She asked as Slick enfolded her in her arms and planted a breath-taking kiss on her lips. The kiss was so filled with passion that Amber and Shelia never imagined Carmen reacting that way. Yet she was reciprocating Slick’s fierceness with no problem.

Pocahontas and Chocolate stood staring at the couple as they tongue wrestled each other for control of the kiss. “Uh Poke…” Chocolate said, reaching blindly out to get her friend’s attention. “Yeah,” Pocahontas returned tilting her head to keep the lip motions in view. “I think we should…uh you know give them some privacy.” Amber suggested grabbing her friend’s hand and moving around the still slobbering couple.

Once the door was closed Carmen jumped down and was beginning to talk before Slick pulled her into another kiss, but this one was much more stirring and controlled. Carmen moaned and wrapped her arms around Slick’s waist encouraging more. Slick swept her lips tenderly across Carmen’s before swirling her tongue poetically over the smaller ones lips. “Carmen,” She whispered. “I can’t wait anymore. I need to feel you touch me.” Slick stated as she kept kissing Carmen and backing her up toward the sofa that was in their dressing room. “I need you so much right now that I can’t think straight.”

Carmen eased down onto the couch and gazed softly up at Slick before sliding back and finally patting her thighs. It didn’t take Slick a heart beat to straddle Carmen’s body and reclaim her lips. Carmen reached up past Slick’s over coat and began to undo her pants. Slick was so far gone now that she couldn’t stifle her desires which were evident from the pants she was releasing into her little stripper’s mouth. Carmen though was focused and stayed on task as she dragged the zipper of Slick’s pants slowly down and pushed her warm hand down inside over her love chamber. Slick whimpered as she broke the kiss and set off a sensual swirl of her hips while resting her forehead against Carmen’s.

“Oh…baby,” She purred rubbing her burning cunt skillfully up against Carmen’s inquisitive fingers. “Harder please,” She pleaded as her breathing became shallow. Carmen flared open the lips of Slick’s pussy and pushed a finger slowly up inside. “Oh…” Slick whimpered and thrust harder. She then bit down on Carmen’s earlobe and growled. Carmen could judge from Slick’s eager pumping and singeing cunt that she wanted more. She quickly supplied it as she slid another finger into place. “Oh yeah…” Slick purred throwing her head back and pumping harder. Carmen pumped and stirred her fingers more vigorously. Needing to fulfill all of Slick’s cravings. She then slipped another finger inside. Slick lost it. She was hunching against Carmen’s fingers so hard that the couch started squeaking.

“Oh baby…oh baby yes…oh yeah…fuck me.” Carmen pumped that twat with a knowledgeable hand. Driving her fingers and palm of her hand up and down and in and out of it with immeasurable love. All she wanted right now was to drive Slick stone out of her mind. “Oh Carmen…Ohhhh yes baby…harder. . .HARDER. . .HARDER. . OH YES CAAARRRMMMEEENNN!” Slick shrieked, as her climax jumped her and made her body go rigid. “Oh yeah,” she panted. “That’s exactly what I’ve been needing.” Slick purred leaning heavily against the woman that had laid claim to her heart and soul. “I love you.” She stated, fully satisfied.

Just as Carmen had finished zipping up Slick’s pants, Chocolate and Pocahontas knocked on the door. “Carmen did you kill her in there?” Carmen chuckled and patted Slick on the thigh telling her to get up.

“Wait…Carmen I can’t leave here without you, come with me! I want you to spend a couple of days with me up in my log cabin near the coast, just you and I. No aunts, no friends, no one but you and I, will you come?” Carmen smiled and chirped. “Do you think I’m going to let your fine ass out my sight now? Of course I’ll come. Let me just speak to Al about my schedule then we can head out, alright?” Slick nodded her approval and jumped up off of Carmen and pulled her up behind her.

“Come in guys,” Carmen shouted, knowing her friends was still out there. “Good Lord Carmen, seems like that little demonstration paid off huh? You had the Warrior Princess here screaming as if she was on fire.” Chocolate cackled, leaning back on an embracing Poke. “Well, what can I say? I had the best teachers around.” Chocolate looked back over her shoulder and raised her chin to give Pocahontas a smooch, which gladly accepted.

“What are they talking about, demonstration?” Slick asked with furrowed brows. C’mon,” Carmen said smiling. “I’ll explain it on the way to the cabin.” “Cabin?” Pocahontas inquired whirling herself and Chocolate around. “Yeah…” Carmen said with a wink. “Slick’s taking me to her cabin out by the coast.” Both women stood staring at Carmen as if all of their body functions had frozen. Carmen threw her hands up in a circling motion to restore the air between them.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” She probed. ” Carmen hunny, are you sure? You know she’s not taking you up there to broil some steaks?” Chocolate asked as Pocahontas peeped around her lover’s head to check out Carmen’s response.

“Listen…” Carmen said, stepping closer to the pair, “I love Slick and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Please.. .just be happy for me okay? You know for a fact that this is what we need. Time alone so that we can bond together intimately. Please…I don’t want to leave without you two understanding how I feel about this. I need to be with her can’t you see that?” Chocolate looked over her shoulder again before giving her approval and blessing. Pocahontas looked back at Slick before stepping away from Chocolate.

“I don’t need to tell you how much we love her and because of her sworn love for you we are permitting this. But don’t you hurt her anymore. If you do, you can stand the frigg by, because your future will be bleak from there on out.” Pocahontas promised with narrowed eyes.

Carmen moved to Slick’s side and threaded her fingers within hers and tugged a little. “Let’s go baby.” Slick held Pocahontas’s meaningful gaze once more before nodding her head.

“I love Carmen and I would never hurt her intentionally. You have my promise that I will keep her safe. While she is with me no harm will come to her and that…is my promise from me to the both of you.” Slick then turned with a waving Carmen in tow and left the room.


“Hey Al, I’d like to talk to you for a minute.” Carmen said, while approaching the corpulent man from behind.

“What is it now your Royal Highness, is the schedule still not good enough for ya?” He grumbled sarcastically.

“Well Al, to be honest, no it’s not, I’m going to need to make some changes. I’m going to need a few days off, preferably the entire weekend.”

“No, no, no, I can not afford to have both you and Vanilla off. I’ll go broke.” He then turned around to give the little dancer his most stern glare before a pair of icy cold blue orbs halted him in mid execution.

“Wooeeeelll,” he said nervously, hoping like hell he wouldn’t get reprimanded by the tall dark woman for being brash to Camp Fire.

“Now Al,” Slick said stepping around Carmen and yanking the fat man over to her and wrapping her arm around his almost hidden neck while steering him away from Carmen.

“Listen up you fat slob, Carmen has time I know she does, and you are going to approve her leave. Get my meaning? I’m not leaving here without her, and if you don’t give her permission to do just that, I’m going to have to hang around here until you do. And Al, believe me, you wouldn’t want me to be setting up camp around here, especially if I’m not in a good mood. I am down right cruel to every one around.” Slick threatened with a paralyzing smile, which caused the club owner to gulp nervously from the sight. Not even death himself could reveal such a menacing glare.

Slick then whirled the fat manager back around to face Carmen assured that he would do the right thing.

“Uh…” He began apprehensively while tugging at his pants. “I guess a few days off wouldn’t hurt. Sure, go ahead, it’s the least I can do for one of my top dancers.” He finished dabbing the beads of perspiration from his forehead and giving the little dancer a quirky smile.

Carmen tilted her head and gave the club owner a nostalgic grin before retorting. “I see she has a positive effect on you as well huh Al?” Carmen joked while reaching for Slick’s hand and leading her out.

“So what shall be our first stop?” Carmen asked inquisitively while swinging their arms back and forth between them.

“Well,” Slick said yanking on Carmen’s arm bringing her smaller body closer to hers and issuing a peck to her moist lips before opening the car door.

“I thought we’d stop at your place first and get you some things to wear this weekend.

“Oh, okay,” Carmen returned somewhat reluctantly.

Slick jogged over to the other side and got in. “What…you sounded kind of hesitant there for a minute. You don’t want me there?” She mocked with a crooked smile.

Carmen reached over and kissed Slick gently on the lips. “You know that’s not it. I just well…once you’re in my bedroom promise you won’t laugh, okay?” Carmen asked ever so seriously. She looked so cute Slick couldn’t deny her baby this one wish.

“Alright, I promise…okay? Does that make you feel better now?” She asked yanking down Carmen’s seat belt and fastened it around her.

“Yes as long as you don’t laugh everything will be fine.” “Yes mistress,” Slick retorted with a wink while fastening her own belt and putting the car in gear.

At Carmen’s Place:

“Now remember,” She started while turning the knob to her room. “You promised not to laugh.” Slick mimicked a mime locking up his mouth and throwing away the key.

Carmen smiled, satisfied with her soon to be lover’s gesture and started in.

Slick had to clamp her hands over her mouth as she gazed into the room. Carmen was a kid at heart and her room verified that as the club owner stood staring awkwardly about the room.

Carmen had a pink panther phone complete with the cane, a queen size canopy bed with loud pink princess frilly fixings all around it, pink panther pillow cases and along side the bed the pink panther house shoes to match. Slick stared down at the floor which was, oh lord, loud pink plush carpet to boot. And Slick was never going to mention to anyone the net of baby dolls and stuffed animals that hung in the corner of the room. Not to mention the loud pink drapes that had the Pink Panther signature all over them. Slick couldn’t believe she had hit the jackpot with wanting this woman as her mate. She was perfect, clear down to her little pink panther slippers.

Slick strolled over to the bed and hopped onto it while watching Carmen gather her things. Suddenly an idea popped into her head as she lounged back; mind you now she didn’t put her shoes up on the bed.

“Hey Carmen.. .What’ll say, let’s do it right here?”

Carmen giggled from the playful smirk that rose on Slick’s face. Carmen stopped and sighed ever so cutely and licked her lips.

“When I said not to laugh I meant not to poke fun of me either. I happen to be a big fan of the Pink Panther.” She chirped girlishly.

“Well baby from the looks of your room,” Slick poked looking around. “That is for damn sure! Tell me Carmen… do you have the house robe and sleeping gown to match?”

Sadie tilted her head and shook it ever so sportingly and said, “No self respecting wouldn’t be caught dead not having the number one selling items during the Pink Panthers reign.”

She then walked over to her closet and opened it up so Slick could see the outfit. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Slick couldn’t hold the laughter it any longer. Carmen was too darling standing there by the outfit, that Slick couldn’t contain her cackles any longer. Slick fell back laughing. Carmen chuckled with her and then jumped up on the bed into Slick’s arms.

“Baby, I must have been out of my mind asking you to leave me. I’m glad you forgave me. I wouldn’t know what to do with out you. I was going out of my mind with self-pity. I love you Carmen. Only the Master knows just how much.” Slick confessed while giving the little stripper a bone-crushing hug.

She then claimed her little lover to be lips with a thought provoking murmur. Humming as her lips elegantly swept across Sadie’s. Allowing the kiss to stir them in ways that only they knew of.

After several minutes of longing kisses and encouraging moans Carmen broke the contact and patted Slick on her firm backside to roust her.

“We’d better go if you are to going to do some packing of your own.” She stated sliding off the bed.

Slick lounged back fully upon the bed and took in the entire view. Sadie was a good wholesome girl and never was she stepping away from that again, especially because of fear of a dream that she knew damn well she wanted to come true.

When Carmen and Slick arrived at her place all the girls were standing around chatting and preparing for practice. At least that was the original schedule before someone spied the pair.

“Look girl,” one of the dancer’s said, drawing everyone’s attention to the pair.

“Isn’t that?” She started as she and another dancer observed the pair coming in from the parking lot.

“Naw (no)…that can’t be? Y’all know that little fireball that dances down at the Hot Spot? Lord, I know she is not with Slick. She must not know that all Slick wants is a fresh piece of ass.” The girl stated still shock at seeing the two together. Just then the pair joined hands and headed inside. The dancers stood gawking at the couple with their mouths opened and their eyes wide in shock.

“Hello,” Slick said with a smile and a raised eyebrow. She was wondering what in the hell they were staring at.

“Hello,” One of the little spectators said moving toward the pair and taking Carmen’s hand into hers.

“I can’t help staring. Please forgive me, but aren’t you…” Another one of the dancers jumped in and finished the sentence for her.
“Camp Fire Sadie?”

Carmen smiled and clenched tightly at Slick’s hand. Carmen was feeling rather uncomfortable with all the attention right about now.

“Yes I am?” She returned shyly. Slick smiled, quite proud of the fact that Carmen was with her.

The girl continued to hold her hand, shaking it while staring into the little dancer’s dazzling green eyes.

“I am a big fan of yours. All of us are to be exact.” She stated while waving her other hand in the direction of each of the entertainers.

“Well, thank you.” Carmen said sincerely. “It is an honor to meet some of my eager fans.” She finished with an appeasing glance.

“Wow,” the girl praised. “It is I who is honored. I’ve never seen anyone move like you do and on top of it all I’ve had the privilege of hearing you tell stories to the children down at the community center.”

She then looked up at Slick and said, “This is a very talented little woman. The stories she tells those children always leave them begging for more. I had to threaten to beat my niece if she didn’t leave with me right then and there to meet her parents. She was having a fit about staying and listening to her. Boy, you are incredible. You know, the way you make your stories come to life is incredible. Also, the way your voice changes to resemble power, royalty, and excitement and oh lord…love. I have never heard anyone articulate emotions like you do. Have you ever…

“Say baby…” Slick interrupted, realizing that this could go on all day if she didn’t bring it to a halt.

“We have to get going if we are going to get there before night fall. Y’all are just going to have to talk to her some other time. Right now you are pushing up on my time…and you all know how I am if I don’t get my appointed session.” She reminded the admiring patrons with one of THOSE smiles. The dancers began to move away from the pair not wanting a taste of Slick’s wrath.

“See you later Sadie and I am so glad that we met.”

“No problem,” Carmen said sweetly. “We’ll get to talk some other time,” She promised the sassy red head that stood slightly taller than her with sizzling hazel eyes. The dancer smiled once more at the little stripper and let go of her hand.

Slick was feeling three inches taller now as she and her new lady moved purposely through the still gawking admirers. They hated Silk, because for some reason she just knew she was head bitch in the castle. Plus, her ass was always insulting everyone. They resented her even more when she and Foxy had confrontations. She definitely didn’t make a good impression on the dancers, not like Carmen did, and Slick noticed that. As a matter of fact her entertainers worshiped the little stripper. And to Slick, that was a sign that Sadie was surely the one for her.

Within thirty minutes Slick was packed. On their way out she informed the girls that Murray and Foxy were in charge while she was out, AND she didn’t want to receive anything less than an excellent report when she returned. The girls, of course, agreed and Carmen’s honest demeanor drew smiles to each of their faces as she snuggled up to Slick’s arm that wasn’t holding her hand.

“You know what?” said the little red head that held Carmen’s hand for what seemed like an eternity.

“Slick is always good looking but…with that little precious jewel hanging on her arm, she is no less than magnificent. Y’all see how good they look together. It is as if fate had paired them prior to their present destiny.” She said sounding like a fortune-teller.

“Ugh.. .c’mon Madam Future we better get to practicing before Murray and Foxy return.” The little brunette dancer standing near her announced while yanking her back from her current thoughts. “Oh…alright.” She said allowing her little friend to drag her over to the stage.

At the Cabin…

Slick pulled the vehicle to a lazy stop, undid her and Carmen’s seat belts and exited the Jeep. She then opened Carmen’s door, gave her the key to the cottage and gathered up their bags. The moment Mouse opened the door she nearly passed out from the view. Everything was so bright and cheery and no doubt had been decorated by someone with remarkable taste (Compliments of Foxy and Murray. Slick and Foxy planned this before she left to get Carmen).

There were roses on every counter top. The entire cabin smelled of a captivating cinnamon scent as the breeze outside whipped past them and stirred it’s alluring aroma, causing the little stripper to moan with satisfaction.

Over on the counter, separating the kitchen from the living room was a golden pail, laced with chilling droplets of a bottle of ice covered Champagne and two tulip shaped glasses with curly ribbons tied elegantly around each pencil sized, stemmed base. Carmen gasped in surprise as she moved to the bar and twirled her pointing finger softly within the pink frilly ribbons tied onto the glasses. She marveled at the attentive sentimentality the decorator applied while garnishing the cabin to make its presence earth shattering. It looked as if Slick had been working on this for over a week on it.

“Oh Slick,” Carmen purred speechlessly. “Everything is so exquisite. My heart is pounding from the view and the length that you are willing to go to ensure that I am happy, reels me.” Carmen said, turning around to gaze upon the one woman she would trade her soul for.

“It’s beautiful…just as you are.” She whispered as the tears of devotion spilled over her eyelids and slid softly down her cheeks.
Slick dropped the bags where she stood and rushed over to Carmen. She had to hold her. Slick moaned as she gently pulled Carmen up into her arms and rested her cheek down upon the little stripper’s forehead.

“There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t give to keep you happy my little princess, and I aim to keep doing just that clean up until my body can no longer draw breath within it.” The couple held each other for what seemed like an hour just basking in their thoughts and love.

“C’mon,” Slick whispered. “Let me show you the rest of the cabin.” She gave Carmen a tour of the indoor patio that looked out on to the beach below which held nothing but fun and relaxation for the occupants that were presently admiring the passing yachts and swimming. The last part of the tour ended with a breathtaking view of the bedroom.

Unlike Carmen’s bedroom, everything here was dark and soothing. The room glowed from the flames of the lit candles that swayed with the breeze that was let into the room when the couple entered. The windows were covered with black velvet drapes, and upon the bed were black silk sheets folded back awaiting the couple. Sprinkles of red and yellow rose petals enhanced its appearance with a sultry quality. To complete the room’s ensemble were matching nightstands, lamps and a murky plush black carpet. Carmen felt the tension drain from her body as Slick stepped up behind her and began massaging her shoulders.

“There’s one other thing that I need to show you.” Slick informed Carmen.

“But first why don’t we get comfortable. Slick stepped away from Carmen and began to undress. Carmen moved to the bed and sat down.

“Slowly baby…” she whirred while crossing her legs and leaning back. With a tilted head she rocked her legs from side to side watching Slick willingly fulfill her meek request. Slick removed her jacket and dropped it into the black Poppa Sung chair that sat next to the door. She then began to slowly undo the buttons on her form-fitting vest. Carmen licked her lips as she swore to herself that Slick could hear her heart beat because each time she undid a button her heart shushed.

Carmen felt her throat run dry as Slick removed the vest and release her golden mounds. She was nothing less than extraordinary. As her hands gently cupped her warm risings and teased her rock hard nipples, Carmen licked her lips and rocked her head from side to side completely mesmerized by Slick’s erotic mastery.

“Go on baby…don’t stop. I want to see all of you.” She employed in an expecting tone. Slick lowered her spicy gaze so that it was leveled with Carmen’s and glided her out spread fingers down over her torso and into her pants. From there she grabbed the zipper from the inside and slowly dragged it down until her trouser front gaped open to reveal the curly coal fuzz that covered her love chamber.

(Dear Lord) Carmen’s mind shouted, (I can’t wait to taste her). Carmen’s intentions were evident as her eyes broke contact with Slick’s and zoned in on the taller woman’s love zone. Slick efficiently removed the pants before taking a seat in the chair behind her and requesting the same thing of Carmen.

Carmen held Slick’s imploring gaze as she courtly uncrossed her legs and removed her shoes by pressing down on the heel with the opposite foot. She then gracefully lounged back onto the bed, spread her legs and slowly unzipped her pants. Slick could have sworn, if only for a second, that the room was spinning as her eyes fell upon Carmen’s center. Silently begging to gaze upon the little stripper’s candy land again.

Slick jumped as Carmen brought both of her legs abruptly up into the air and shoved her panties and slacks clean up to her kneecaps before lowering them back over her head. This gave Slick a clear view of everything she dreamed of possessing, which of course made the usually stoic club owner grow lightheaded.

Just as eloquently as Carmen raised her legs did she lower them, however they were spread upon their descend like they were before they went up. Slick could not only see Carmen’s excitement, but witnessed it as well as the little blonde gradually sat up and ripped open her top. Slick’s head jerked back sharply banging it noticeably against the wall behind her.

After removing all of her clothes Carmen neatly folded them and laid them down on the floor under the bed frame. She then stood up and opened her arms invitingly. “Am I pleasing to you mistress?” She asked in a tone that surely made Slick’s love box pop a seal.

“Gods…you are splendid.” Slick drawled feeling another drool coming on. After stifling her urges a tad, Slick rose from the chair and reached for Carmen’s hand in preparation of showing her little love chunk what else she had in store for them. She then guided Carmen over to the Jacuzzi that had already been prepared for them and stepped in. Just like their first night the pair took turns washing each other, but this time there was something in Carmen’s demeanor and eager strokes that verified, with out a doubt, that she was ready to love Slick.

Slick turned Carmen away from her and pulled her down between her legs. She then wrapped her arms around Carmen and pulled her more snugly up against her body.

“Carmen you mentioned earlier about a demonstration. So what was that all about, with Pocahontas and Chocolate?” Slick asked, wanting to remind her little one that she promised to tell her what that entailed.

“Better yet…” Carmen said turning her head and looking at Slick out of the corner of her eye. “Why don’t I show you?” She then stepped out of the Jacuzzi, grabbed a huge black beach towel and wiggled her eyebrows up and down initiating a smile from a rising Slick. After drying Slick and herself off she guided her luscious loved one over to the bed and slid in. “Get in baby…” She rumbled in a simmering tone.

Slick slid in and pulled Carmen up into her arms and held her briefly before loosening her embrace. Carmen then topped her and slid upward until their lips grazed each other. Slick moaned and casually wrapped both her arms loosely around Carmen’s neck while spreading her legs. Carmen groaned into the kisses as her fingertips skipped down Slick’s long torso drawing periodic gasps from her lover’s mouth into hers and exciting her beyond normal perception.

Cupping Slick’s sex, which was definitely shouting for attention right now, Carmen purred in her love one’s ear. “Have you ever seen two women love each other Slick?” Slick didn’t quite know how to answer the question since the idea of having sex with two women wasn’t new to her, but somehow she sensed it wasn’t about her encounters, rather it was about Carmen’s. So she decided not to answer, instead just listen.

“Have you ever noticed how enthralled they become just by touching and fondling the other’s body? Have you ever listened to how stimulating their moans for more are? Have you ever noticed how their faces become distorted with the expressions of total fulfillment while being sucked and fucked?

Have you ever watched how animalistic their acts become as the women’s desires grow with each thrust of their fingers into the other’s pussy? Have you ever noticed how vicious their hunching and bucking becomes when their desires go straight through the roof and out past the realms of reality? Have you ever noticed how their urges take over their mindless flicking and their bodies scream to be released? Have you ever seen how their bodies hump and jerk with no direction as their climax grips them and hold them over the edge of ecstasy? Have you ever noticed that, Slick? Have you?” The little stripper questioned in a seasoned tone.
Slick didn’t know if it was Carmen’s raspy voice or the pictures of the women she’d fucked and allowed to climax only after withdrawing several times before the job was completed, but she was definitely ready for her baby to ride her.

“Carmen…Please…I can’t wait much longer.” Slick confessed as Carmen watched Rimi’s hips begin to set up their own rhythm of love.

“Open up baby…I want to taste you.” Carmen said slipping down between Slick’s firm golden thighs.

Slick didn’t know if she was the seducer or the one being seduced. She’d never imagined Carmen being this forward before. But what the hell…she liked it. Carmen moved her upper body back through Slick’s open legs and propped her body up on her outstretched left arm while threading her fingers ever so patiently among Slick’s pubic hairs. Slick felt her breathing slow as the mere thought of Carmen touching her prompted her heart to beat faster.

Carmen gazed inertly down into Slick’s eyes silently commanding her attention. “Have you ever watched their response as their lover’s tongue slips gently in and out of their partner in a slow penetrating thrust?” Carmen inquired while tenderly slithering her middle finger slowly inside Slick.

“Oh lord baby…” Slick hissed through clenched teeth. “What are you doing to me?” she seeped in a whining tone, thoroughly enthralled with Carmen’s verbal stimulation as well as what her fingers were doing at that very moment.

“Holy moley, I have never felt anything so wet and hot.” Carmen bragged while bringing another finger into play. Slipping in and out of Slick with a serene lover’s thrust.

“By the stars in my eyes,” Slick panted, while opening her legs wider and clenching the sheets.

“Tell me how does it feel Slick?” She asked, not really expecting an answer since Slick was quickly losing all capacity for rational thought anyway.

“I’m going to taste you now Slick. I want to savor your love as it runs freely down my throat into my heart.” Carmen confessed while hovering down over her fragrant target.

“Jeez (Gosh),” I’ve never inhaled anything so powerful.” She whispered easing her tongue down into Slick’s drenched folds. Slick cried out. There have been a variety of women that had done this to her in the past, but never before had her soul ached for fulfillment as it did now. Not only was Carmen satisfying her physically, she was filling a void in her existence she had never noticed before.

The strokes of Carmen’s tongue were mind boggling and every bit enriched. Slick whimpered and cried out several times as Carmen’s little verbal communicator dipped in and out of her sopping opening, dipping deeper and deeper with each plunge. Slick was beginning to feel faint as her body began to tremble like she’d never experienced before. Carmen was drawing her climax from her in a succulent yet controlled fashion and Slick felt compelled to give her young lover exactly what she wanted.
Carmen scooped her hands down under Slick’s squeezing buttocks and sank her tongue inside her lover’s joy chamber in a steady rhythm. Slick’s “bed me” level was bottoming out as flashes of colorful lights burst about behind her eyelids and her climax jumped her in a clawing fashion.

Slick couldn’t explain it but she couldn’t seem to get enough of Carmen’s love or her tongue that was boring itself deeper inside of her with each filling plunge. Slick felt her breathing stall and her body went rigid.

(Oh my gods) Her mind bellowed. (I’m cummin’). Just then Slick locked her fingers into Carmen’s hair and rammed her singeing pussy up against the blonde’s already buried face. Carmen doubled her efforts to send her vigilant lover deep into the pool of heavenly bliss.

Slick cried out as her release swept possessively over her. Her screams were so loud that Carmen could have sworn that the honking yacht owners outside could hear her name bellowing in the tempered breeze. The little stripper coasted back on her tongue-lashing and allowed Slick time to enjoy the remnants their first love making session. After taking several deep breaths, Slick opened her eyes and gazed hypnotically up at her talented little lover.

“You’ve bewitched me little one. Yet, I have no desire or need to rid myself of the spell. I’m yours to always command.” She finished, pulling Carmen fully upon her body so that she could hold her close.

“I love you Rimi,” Carmen said while planting gentle kissing upon her new lover’s neck. Slick pulled obligingly back on Carmen’s hair until their eyes met. For a long time she just gazed up into the green little crystals discovering an immeasurable beacon of love that remained untouched. Not even she could explain the power of her ardor as she watched Carmen’s pupils dilate and pour their richness into her very soul.

Slick felt her eyes fill with tears as she closed them and ever so slowly pulled parted lips toward hers. The minute their lips touched Slick felt an electric current pierce through her body making her hair feel as if it was standing up on ends.

With the grace of a floating swan, Slick idly rolled her young lover onto her back as she continued to deliver gradual succulent kisses all about her neck and shoulders. Slick couldn’t contain her the enthusiasm for touching the little dancer as her hands floated softly over Carmen’s body like a loving and patient admirer. Her hands grazed, scooped and gently held delectable forms of Carmen’s body. The little dancer’s slow agonizing moans rumbled with gratification deep down in her throat as well as her heart. She never conceived Slick’s love would be soul singeing yet maintained at the same time. With each erotic graze of Slick’s hand Carmen fell deeper and deeper in love with her. She felt the very folds of her soul unravel like the skin on a grape then come back together entwined with those of her soul mate.

Carmen’s back arched as Slick’s lips, fingertips and body melted against her entire body with a divinity she’d never experienced in
her life. Everything Slick did to her opened a phase of her that was foreign to her.

Tenderness wasn’t Slick’s forte’. But as they tumbled and rolled from one end of the bed to the other, all Rimi could fathom was to stroke her new lover’s body with the grace of the ancient gods. She wanted Carmen singing her name like the lead soprano in an opera choir once she was through.

Slick brought the rolling to a gentle stop in the middle of the bed. She slowly allowed her fingers to glide poetically down the middle of Carmen’s body and between her legs. She then changed the direction of her hand until it was fully cupping Carmen’s sex.

Carmen whimpered and permitted a single tear from each eye to slide from its crib and drift over the bridge of her nose onto Slick’s arm, which lay supportively under her head. Slick halted her function. Lord knows she didn’t want to stop but she would if she felt that this was not what Carmen wanted. Yet…her little glorious one did. Slick felt her spirit soar as Carmen lifted the back of her hand and rubbed her cheek ever so tenderly while telling her that she loved her and she wanted her to take her…right now.
Slick kissed away her little lover’s tears and tugged on Carmen’s left thigh in an upward motion. Carmen stared into Slick’s eyes as if searching for the reason. Yet it didn’t last long as she gave Slick an enticing smile and artfully extended her powerful short limb straight up into the air with a point.

Slick smiled at Carmen’s limber refinement and with one finger guided the outstretched limb over to her shoulder while sliding down a tad. She then pulled her closer before latching on to Carmen’s left nipple. With the strokes of expert pianist Slick dropped down her loving. Carmen closed her eyes and petitioned Slick to guide her through this new land she called ecstasy. Slick could feel Carmen’s insecurities shed from her body with each bead of perspiration that appeared on her swaying form.

Slick paid close attention to Carmen’s every whimper, every motion and the range of emotions that flitted across her face. Slick knew she was ready now. Ever so sweetly she entered Carmen. By this time though, Carmen was so enthralled that she didn’t even noticed that Slick was inside her. Slick fought back the urge to take her quick as her finger sunk deeper and deeper inside her little dancer seeking her joy shield.

Carmen’s breathing was becoming more and more shallow as her pumping grew harder, seeking fulfillment. Slick eased another pleasure seeker inside. Carmen cried out and Slick felt her chamber muscle tighten. The moment had come. Slick pulled Carmen closer as her fingers continued to glide in and out of her and bit down into Sadie’s shoulder. With one hard plunge Slick tore through Carmen’s last barrier into womanhood, claiming that which she seek…an everlasting love.

Carmen sung out Slick’s name in an exhilarating screech as her little body locked in an upright position and her spirit ascended like the span of a dove in mid flight. Slick couldn’t contain the joy in her heart as she frantically kissed Carmen all about her face and neck. Nothing in her past up to that point (except the birth of her daughter) came close to measuring up to the precious gift she’d just received from the woman that would now be her life. After taking several deep breaths Carmen began to giggle.
She could never imagine feeling as she did right now. She was happier than she had ever been in her entire life. Slick on the other hand didn’t know what to think. At one point she thought that maybe Carmen was suffering from some sort of postpartum effects from the love making, but she wasn’t sure.

Carmen noticed the concerned look on Slick’s face and quickly set out to rectify her lover’s feelings of inadequacy.
“Baby…I am still reeling from the feeling. That was incredible.” Carmen confessed giving a now breathing Slick, who had been holding her breath, a peck on the lips. She then wrapped her arms tightly around her mighty lover and thanked her for selecting her to be the woman in her life. Slick moaned and returned the embrace before following her exhausted little lover into the dream world.

A few hours later…

Slick eyes fluttered opened and gazed out into the peaceful night. She’d never felt so serene. Carmen mumbled something in her sleep and rocked ever so invitingly against Rimi. Slick slipped out from under Carmen’s grasp, pulled the covers up enough to allow her to ease her body full down on her still sleeping little lover, and rubbed her blazing cunt leisurely against Carmen’s firm backside.

“Wake up baby,” She purred in Carmen’s ear. “I want you to make love to me again.” Carmen muttered something and shifted slightly pushing her tight ass straight up into Slick’s wide spread apex. Slick moaned and rubbed her pussy a little bit harder against her little slumbering partner.

“Carmen…if you don’t wake up, I’m going to take you in your sleep.” She whispered in Mouse’s ear while nudging her legs open and slipping her hand down between Carmen’s legs.

“Good lord what is she dreaming?” Slick thought as her fingers slid easily up and down Carmen’s soaked plains. Slick’s grinding rhythm was becoming regular now as her cunt began to blaze out of control. She wanted Carmen and she wanted her now.
“Carmen,” she panted as her hips rolled and dipped her aching love chamber up and down on Carmen’s backside. Carmen moaned and gently rolled over onto her back. Slick smirked and blew tender spoofs of air all about Carmen’s face. Carmen chuckled softly and drowsily opened her eyes.

“So my champion wants some more huh?” Sadie said snaking her tongue out and grazing her horny partner’s nose.

“Bring it to me then,” she said reaching down to cup Slick’s fine ass and nudged it upward. Slick quickly moved up to where her baby wanted her and dropped her hot pocket right down on Sadie’s protruding tongue.

Slick groaned and rocked her hips in a circular motion while dipping it poetically up and down on Sadies verbal annihilator. Pulling it deeper and deeper inside her with each plunge of her hips.

“Girl you drive me crazy,” she panted while riding Carmen’s inclining pleasure wick. Slick could fill her heart race out of control and her nature rise as her hunching grew harder.

“Oh…Oh gods Carmen. . .deeper.” She uttered while opening her legs wider and increasing her pumping. Carmen opened her mouth wide and shoved her rigid member as deep as it would go into Slick’s pooling cunt. Slick howled and rammed her pussy violently down upon Carmen’s lips several times more before her body snapped and she lost all reasonable thought.

Carmen guided Slick’s aimless descent upon the bed with a steady hand. Slick hummed and rolled lazily onto her back before stretching out fully. Carmen cooed and stroked the jerking trembles from her partner’s body as her soul floated into the abyss of pure ecstasy.

“By the stars in the sky woman…you slay (move) me.” Slick panted trying to gather her equilibrium.

“Ugh…my sentiments exactly.” Carmen agreed snuggling up close to Slick.

“Now, it’s my turn,” Slick said topping Carmen. Outwardly displaying that she was ready for a rematch. Slick bent down and gave Carmen a gentle kiss before directing her words toward her left ear.

“I know you may be a little sore, but I want to taste you lover. Give me soma’dat good stuff girrl.” Slick purred while biting into Carmen’s neck and pinching unmercifully at her already throbbing nipple. Carmen cried out as bolts of lightning reeled through her body while digging her blunt nails into Slick’s stiff thighs. She wanted it and Slick knew it as she gnawed and nipped at Carmen’s soft, pink flesh. Slick moved to a kneeling position between Carmen’s legs and ran her fingertips soothingly up and down the inside of her extended limbs.

“You know Carmen there are times when I’m a gentle and very attentive lover. Then there are times when I don’t want to be met with any resistance or denial. That is how I wish to love you now.” She stated while issuing her new partner an insistent glare. Carmen met her partner’s gaze and issued own rebuttal. “Then do it…take me woman…take me.”

Before Carmen could say another word Slick secured her arms in a locked embrace around the little stripper’s thighs and leaped to her feet in an opened leg stance. (Yeah.. that’s right…in the middle of that king size bed). Carmen yelped as her lower body was suspended in air just inches away from Slick’s lips and her hands steadied her upside-down stance.

Without any further recourse Slick drove her tongue deep into Carmen’s hot juicy love pocket. “Oh gods. . .Oh Slick ba-by.. .Oh…oh, don’t stop. Give it to me.” Carmen chimed as Slick held her in place while snaking her tongue in and out of Carmen’s scrumptiou playing field. Carmen could feel herself growing lightheaded as Slick’s tongue ruled her inner depths with urgent strokes. She was quickly loosing focus and ground as she fell prisoner to her lover’s unorthodox love making.

Slick’s tongue was igniting fires in her that made her entire body tremble with torpid desires. Now she knew how Chocolate felt as Pocahontas dominated her. There was nothing like submitting to the person you love. Actually she found it quite invigorating to be conquered.

Carmen’s arms buckled but that didn’t deter Slick from her mission. She continued to whack her lover’s seething rising with her wicked oral fucking. Carmen screamed Rimi’s name over and over again as Slick continued to drive her crazy while raking her teeth purposely against Carmen’s engorged clit with just the right amount of pressure. The last thing Carmen remembered yelling was, “Fuck me baby… fuck me.” But that was before she passed out. Slick took her time drinking the rest of Carmen’s essence before lowering her little lover’s limp body down upon the bed and coiling around her.

“Sleep tight baby,” Slick purred while pulling the covers up over them both after positioning Carmen onto her side and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Back in the city…

“What have I told you about that bitch…leave her the fuck alone Silk.” Rasha snapped while preparing for an appointment.

“Damn,” Silk said allowing her eyes to roam freely over her friend’s curvaceous body.

“You’re looking kind of butch tonight aren’t cha?” She asked while draining her nostrils into the handkerchief she had been wiping away her tears with.

“Girl, I going out with Ronald tonight. You know how he likes me to spank that ass right before fucking him. Damn…” Rasha paused and brought up his leather crop up to his chin while thinking of the many ways he’d taken his nerdy, but very rich, little customer.

“I do luuuvvv my job.” He said with a rich chuckle. He was wearing an all leather outfit, complete with studs, spiked collar, leather hand whip matching hat and boots and for sure the gloves. Of course it looked like a cowboy’s chap outfit without the thermal shirt and pants. His body couldn’t have been more perfect. His well-oiled muscles shouted power.

“Well…(sniffles and snorting) I think I’m getting fairly turned on by all the leather you are wearing.” Silk said taking a sip from her double scotch on the rocks Rasha had prepared for her.

“Remind you of Slick huh?” He joked while giving his image one last glance in the mirror before turning to look at his friend. Whom he noticed hadn’t answered nor was her mind in the room with them.

“Listen,” he said. “Why don’t I try infiltrating the enemy’s camp, hook up with Miss Foxy and find out just exactly why Slick is having these mood swings. One minute she wants you, the next she’s kicking your ass to the curb. I can find out if it is another woman and if so then you can take it from there.” Silk’s whole-depressed demeanor dissipated with that very thought.

“Rasha…you are a genius.” As bad as she was currently feeling it was odd that she felt a smile rise on her face.

“Yeah… you find out who that bitch is, and the moment you do, I’m going to get in that ass. Ain’t no whore is just going to waltz in on my party and take it the fuck over. Slick is mine and now that bitch, whoever she is, is about to discover that.” Silk huff while guzzling down the rest of her drink and slamming the glass down upon the coffee table.

“Refill it Jim, I feel a splurge coming on.” She said to her friend with a crooked smile. Rasha chortled and sauntered over to his friend in preparation of fulfilling her recent request.

Back at the Cabin…

“YEAH!” Carmen screamed while jerking up from her sex induced sleep. The sudden move prompt Slick to awake.
Carmen turned around and looked down at her calm partner while panting and resting a shaking hand upon her chest.
“Are you trying to fig (fuck) me silly or what?” Carmen said with a cute chuckle before lounging back onto her pillow of warmth called Slick.

“Well…now I wouldn’t say that. What I will say is that I aim to keep you well pleased.” Carmen moaned and reached up to pull Slick’s head down so she could taste her scented lips. Slick groaned and gently slid Carmen to the side of her before elegantly topping her. Just then both women heard a sound like they’ve never heard before and it was coming for Carmen’s stomach.

“Drad,” Slick growled playfully. “I guess I’ll have to feed you now.” She said giving Carmen sweets peck upon the lips.

“Well if you want to keep me happy. You know what the drill is…now feed me woman!” Slick chuckled and rolled from the bed. Right before going into the bathroom Slick leaned up against the doorframe, with her head tilted and gave the most precious pout Carmen had ever seen. (Good lord this woman makes me weak in the knees). Mouse thought as Slick raised her hand ever so humbly and beckoned her to bathe with her. Carmen gave Slick a very inspired smile and literally jumped from the bed, heading straight for her baby.


What Next…

After bathing and sharing a scrumptious grilled steak, baked potatoes and grilled onions the couple settled down for a cozy evening in front of the fireplace.

“So Carmen,” Slick began, pulling Carmen up close and snuggling. “Why does your aunt despise me so?” Slick couldn’t explain it but her nature was rising again. She could feel the heat rise in her apex like a smoldering forest fire as she rubbed her aching center patiently against Carmen’s firm back side. (Damn I want her again) She thought.

Carmen smiled from the nonverbal gesture and slid her hand down between Slick’s flexing thighs and cupped her love zone. Slick moaned and welcomed the loving embrace by pressing her love chamber harder against her lover’s warm hand.

“To be honest with you baby, I don’t know. All I know is that she cannot stand to be in my presence simply because I choose to be with you.” Slick’s grinding was becoming more frequent now and that’s exactly how Carmen wanted it.

“Good Lord Carmen…I can’t help it. I want you again.” Carmen turned around in her lover’s arms and grumbled, “tell me what you want Slick.” She purred before slowly dragging her bosom down to Slick’s apex and rubbing them all about. “Do you want me to suck it or work it? Or better yet, do you want me to bury my tongue deep in it?” She whirred teasingly while rocking her tits back and forth over Slick’s cunt.

Slick’s labored breathing didn’t go unnoticed by her little partner as her mighty lover slid away from her, eased up on the couch and removed her jogging shorts. She then gracefully brought her legs up and patiently opened them to reveal her seasoned need. Carmen’s mouth began to water as she pictured herself rubbing and sucking that juicy pussy.

“Open it up for me baby. I want to see you play with it for me.” Carmen hummed, gently cupping her breasts and pinching her erect nibbles through the cotton fabric.

Slick didn’t know if she should pass out now or wait for her climax to claim her. The very thought of Carmen fondling and touching herself in such an intimate way was certainly a good incentive to persuade her to play with her own pussy.

The anxious club owner ran her shaking hands up the front side of her thighs and cupped her knees. She then spread her legs wider prompting an over-zealous Carmen to hiss and grope her tits even harder. Slick couldn’t wait any longer. She slid her right hand down the inside of her thigh and slid her middle finger through her glistening folds and back up through it while spreading the lips wider with each ascend until she heard a gasp seep through Carmen’s tightly clenched teeth.

“Oh baby,” Carmen said licking her lips again. “That pussy is hotter than a lava flow. Stop! But don’t take your hand away. I just don’t want you to cum yet.” Carmen leaped to her feet and bolted behind the bar separating the kitchen from the living room and yanked open the freezer. Once she’d grabbed what she set out for she went to the sink and wet it. After that it didn’t take her a second to regain her place right down front of Slick with lusty eyes and a creative mind.

“Let me see it baby.” She ordered softly while raising her hand demurely over Slick’s sizzling cunt and allowing the melting drops of the ice cube to drip down onto her lover’s scorching desire.

Slick cried out and jerked her hips in a thrusting motion as the icy water trickled intriguingly down on her sizzling twat, making her ever so ready for what ever Carmen had planned.

Carmen cooed and brought the ice down fully upon her partner’s juicy love knot. Slick dropped her head back as tremors of excitement wracked her body. She’d never been so aroused. The mixture of Carmen’s warm tongue stroking her throbbing pussy while running the melting ice cube over her entire apex was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She could feel her love juices oozing out into her partner’s succulent mouth. Slick pumped her hips in an upward thrusting motion wanting more of Carmen’s joshing love.

Carmen sucked the entire cube into her mouth draining Slick’s husky scent from it like a thirsting woman. Slick moaned as Carmen gently inserted her middle finger deep inside her while lowering her ice cool lips upon her raging clit.

“Oh yesssss…suck it baby.” She panted while pressing her trembling hand down on Carmen’s head wanting her to suck harder. Carmen didn’t disappoint her as she wiggled her tongue and the melting ice vigorously against her femininity while ruling her love socket with exhilarating strokes. In and out her fingers moved taking Slick closer and closer to ecstasy while popping her clit with suckling icy strokes.

Slick couldn’t hold back her release any longer Carmen was driving her absolutely crazy with her wicked tongue. Slick raised her hips and opened her legs wider. Giving Carmen all the reign she needed to drive her to the point of insanity. Carmen noticed the surrender and buckled down on that sopping hooch like a supporting screw on an elbow joint. After receiving three more powerful pumps of Carmen’s well-oiled fingers, Slick let out a scream that stopped Carmen’s heart. The little stripper couldn’t keep from smiling as she watched as her lover’s hunching loose ground and pussy inhale her fingers as if it was a black hole. Quenching her flames of passion, with hard powerful grinds, that quaked deep in her very core. Within a matter of seconds it was all over with. Slick’s body fell limply upon the couch heaving, trying to restore her breathing.

“Damn, I’ve never had it this good.” Slick panted as she threaded her fingers in her still sucking partner’s hair. “My shit is still throbbing from the motion.” Carmen stroked the length of Slick sex several times more ensuring that she had drained all her love oils before jumping up into her lover’s lap and kissing her repeatedly. Slick mumbled something, but Carmen didn’t quite know what as she continued to indulge her self with other important things.

“I love you tall, dark and dangerous.” Carmen confessed while dragging her moistened lips down to Slick’s clammy neck and applying kisses there as well. “You know, one of these mornings you may wake up to find my tongue buried deep inside that hot sizzling love canal.” She added with a giggle.

Slick chortled and said, “My you are a freaky little something aren’t cha? Well… that is quite alright, because I have a few tricks of my own.” Slick closed while roughly whirling Carmen around onto all fours and snatching up her shirt to reveal her wet, golden love chamber.

“Well would you look at what I have here.” Slick purred while rubbing her work textured hands tenderly over Carmen’s backside. Careful not to touch Carmen where she wanted her too while unleashing a little verbal stimulation of her own.

“You know Carmen,” She began while turning her hand until it was vertically slanted and slid it through her little strippers silkiness. Carmen cooed and opened her legs wider. (Shit) Slick thought as she watched Carmen’s hips dip in an elegant pumping fashion, trying to give her suzy a little more friction and herself more pleasure. (I have got to feel her move against me). Slick thought moving up behind Carmen and spreading her legs wider while lowering her once again scorching pussy down on Carmen’s firm buttocks.

Together they grind and swayed against each other to the slow love melody buried deep within their souls. Slick could feel her body yield to her baby’s seductive rump like a spring flower dipping in the soft, tilting breeze of summer winds. Neither of them was in a hurry to go anywhere as Carmen’s masterful lover guided her trembling left hand around her younger lover’s hip straight down into her watery love folds. Stroking it slowly and enduringly like a kid with a lollipop that’s not in a hurry to finish his delicious treat.

“Oh…Oh baby…who has…bewitched who?” Carmen asked between pants. Slick continued to stroke her gist while riding that ass like an expert cowgirl. Rocking her burning cunt strategically over her baby’s backside and reeling from the instant gratification. Just as suddenly as they began, the motions stopped. Carmen shrieked and tried to turn around to face Slick, but was held in place.

“No need to turn around baby…Momma’s not through yet.” Slick said jumping to her feet and dashing for the kitchen like Carmen had done earlier. It took her a few minutes longer but her intentions were the same as Carmen’s.

Slick placed the bowl of warm chocolate on the phone pedestal that was sitting behind the sofa and began to apply the warm contents ever so sweetly to her baby’s backside.

“You know Carmen I started this earlier, now I’m going to finish it.” Slick rumble smearing the mixture methodically all about Carmen’s ass. Carmen was feeling her self getting light headed as she squeezed out an inquiring as to what Slick was spreading over her. Slick chuckled and said; “Now you can’t have dessert with out adding the icing can you?” Slick then dropped down the icing lick…long, slow swirls upon the ass, with a twinge of artistry to boot. Decorating Carmen’s fine backside in sensual weaves.

“Oh Slick baby, that feels…um…so good. Does it taste good?” Carmen asked with a smile. “Ugh… hum,” Slick whirred while continuing her intoxicating sweeps of the tongue.

“Carmen I want to take you like the warrior did in my dream when she took her lover. In the dream their loving was so intense that had I’d been there I would have gone stone out my mind from the way she was taking her mate, who happened to look just like you my love. Are there any objections?” She asked while continuing to lap at her lover’s quivering backside.

“I want to…make that dream true for you Slick. Take me…take me like the warrior did her mate in your dream. Make me scream your name.” Carmen panted huskily. Slick released an urgent growl before forcing Carmen up against the back of the sofa and giving her hair a hard yank. Carmen’s first thought was “shit, was the warrior this rough in the dream,” but then she noticed how her body stung, tremble and shook for more, wanting…no needing Slick to possess her. Slick wet her fingers and whispered in her little love’s ear, “Buckle down baby, I’m going in.”

With that said she drove her fingers deep inside Carmen’s already pooling cunt while still holding firmly to her hair prompting the little dancer to cry out and spread her legs further apart. It didn’t take long for Carmen to drop down a corresponding response. Rocking those hips in the rapid dog style. Slick was hitting that cunt so hard that Carmen thought she would burst into flames, right then and there.

Carmen yelled out and slid her left leg up over the back of the couch opening her pussy more to her lover’s demanding plunges. Carmen’s coochie began to sing from the singeing entry Slick was laying down on it. In and out Slick pumped, hard and harder, making Carmen’s outstretched arms weaken from the pressure of holding on and then suddenly give. Slick quickly released her hair and supported her falling lover with a firm grip around her waist. Slick felt her own cunt drip from the sight of her fingers possessing Carmen with the dark passion that she possessed. Beads of perspiration began to form on her forehead and top lip as she ruled that ass with a vision of…completeness.

“Oh… OH SLICK BABY,” Carmen screamed out. “Fuck that pussy,” she gasped opening her legs wider. Slick lost it as she felt the muscles in her arms tighten. Her thrusting was unrelenting and she was fair out whacking that ass. Slick smiled as Carmen cried out and her body went rigid. “OH SLICK…DO IT…DO IT…DOOO IIITTTT!” Carmen screamed, as her body shook violently and her climax jumped her. Slick couldn’t help but smile as her little lover’s satiated cunt released its sweetness in droves into her shaking hand. Slick lapped it up hungrily after ceasing her eager plunging and laid Carmen fully upon the couch. She then eased down on the floor, moved toward Carmen’s head and kissed her on the crown of it.

“Thanks for making my dream come true baby.” Carmen released an exhausted whimper and rocked her head up and down. “No problem baaaby.” She drawled valiantly before peacefully passing out. Slick chuckled and pulled her down on the floor on top of her along with the huge blanket they were wrapped up in earlier. “Sleep baby, momma’s right here.” Slick whispered, completely satisfied with herself and her new lifetime partner.

Back at the club…

“C’mon out of here. Y’all know it’s time to give those bodies some invigorating exercise.” Foxy called to the reluctant girls from the outstretched door she held open.

“Okay…Okay,” One of the dancers returned, trying to put her shoe on while hopping toward Foxy who was standing at the door with his hands on his hips. He was wearing a glittering gold tank top that definitely magnified the muscles which other’s rarely saw when he was in drag. His shoulder length black hair was pulled up into a bouncing ponytail and he was wearing form fitting glittering shorts and gold Nikes to match.

The grumbling dancers drifted out one by one. Hating this part of their job more than anything. Foxy was a licensed physical therapist and instructor down at the fitness center. So he was doubly hard on the girls and adamant about them keeping in shape.

Foxy stood glaring at the trailers that were dragging in hopes that he would change his mind if only for this day.

“The longer you take, Missy’s the longer our session will be.” He stated in a threatening tone. The steps came quicker now as the girls mustered out to the huge Winnebago Slick had purchased and renovated for just the girls use only. It was complete with a movie screen, small kitchen and bathroom. If the girls didn’t enjoy their periodic trips to the fitness center at least they could derive joy from the ride.

Once they arrived at the center Foxy took the lead assembling the girls in an orderly fashion into the gym. Some were complaining. Some were whining and some was just flat out depressed. They hated this part of the job. But in order to work for Slick they each had to treat their body as if it was a temple of divinity. They had to watch their diets, they had to practice daily and they had to keep their frames in tune. And it was evident that it was working as their fine backsides drifted off the bus drawing appreciative stares from bystanders and the gym attendees. Including one in particular.

Rasha watched as Foxy positioned his girls on different apparatuses and got them started on their fitness routines. He observed Foxy’s feminine shape and prowess as he moved from girl to girl monitoring their progress. It was obvious that the girls were in shape as well as he himself Rasha took note of his masculine ability as he spotted for one on the girls working on the weight bench.

Rasha was certainly impressed as he watched Foxy lift the weight bar out of the girl’s hand after her segment and easily positioned it back into it’s cradle. There was no doubt that Foxy was fine but her stamina didn’t slip Rasha’ s view either.

Rasha did one more segment on the rower before taking the towel and dabbing the beads of sweat from his brow. Preparing himself for his approach to Foxy. Leisurely he rose from the seat and stepped gracefully over the apparatus while sauntering over to position himself behind Foxy who was just standing now and observing the girls with crossed arms over his chest.

“You’re doing a magnificent job with them.” Rasha said softly, prompting Foxy to almost jump out of her skin from the elegant intrusion.

“Oh…well, (clearing throat)…thank you.” Foxy retorted after gathering his wits.

“Is this your first time here?” He asked running his eyes discreetly over the tall red head’s deliciously firm body.

“No…I only come sporadically. I am more of a racquetball fan.” Rasha inhaled deeply and for the first time he turned and looked into the dreamiest chocolate brown eyes he had ever seen. Both men smiled before redirecting their attention back toward the girls.

“Do you come here often?” Rasha inquired in an alluring tone. Already knowing when and what day the girls arrive with their Mistress for their exercising events.

“No…“Foxy said reclaiming his glance again. (Damn, this mother if Ph…Ph…fiiinnnne). Foxy thought as his eyes drifted over Rasha’s muscular yet feminine physique again. “We only come three days a week. I have to keep my girls in shape. Otherwise, my lady Slick will kill me.

“OH MY GOD!” Rasha exclaimed with his “genuine” look of surprise. “NO…NO YOU CAN’T BE.” Rasha brought both of his hands up to his cheeks magnifying his fake shocked expression before finishing his statement. “ARE YOU FOXY? THE INFAMOUS DRAG QUEEN OF THE FIERY PIT.” By this time the girls were bringing their segments to a close and moving to their neighbor to check out the scorching red head that was admiring their mistress.

Foxy covered her blushing smile while gazing over at the gawking girls. “Yes that’s me.” She said quietly.

“Wow,” Rasha said reaching for Foxy’s hand. “I am so honored to meet you. You are a role model for all of us working girls.” He said with an electrifying smile. (Damn…not only is he fine, but he has soft hands as well. Boy…I’m really getting off easy with this deal with Silk. I ain’t backing off until I get to sample this.) Rasha thought as he proceeded to invite himself to see one of Foxy’s shows. Everyone on the strip knew of Foxy’s choreography abilities and he couldn’t wait to see one of her shows. At least the interest in her performers would surely get a date with Foxy.

“Well…I could get you tickets to one of our shows.” Foxy began, periodically gazing over at the girls with sparkling brown eyes. Never had anyone, especially prospective partners, approached her openly like this. They usually slipped her a note and either agreed to meet at their place or her apartment over Slick’s garage after the club had closed. This was certainly new for her, and Foxy was quite taken with it.

“I tell you what,” Rasha wormed. “Why don’t you just leave word for your devil dogs positioned outside of the club of my coming. My name is Rasha. That will be a sure fire way of me getting in.” He closed with a challenging smile. Foxy cleared her throat again and gulped loudly.”I’ll, ugh…yeah I could do that. When would you like to come?” Foxy asked wondering if he was serious about seeing him again.

“How about tomorrow night around ten?” Rasha chimed in a gravy drooling tone. Foxy felt his heart beat stall in a shushing tone. (Good Lord, am I getting a willy)? He thought widening his stance so’s not to draw attention to his rising growth.

“Great, I’ll see you then.” Rasha brought the back of Foxy’s hand up to his colorfully flushed lips and kissed it gently before releasing. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Rasha drawled in a husky tone. He then turned, walked over to his things and gathered them up before waving temptingly at Foxy while leaving.

“Damn, now who said this exercising shit wasn’t beneficial?” One of the nearby dancers asked while giving her mistress a wink. Foxy chuckled and clapped his hands ordering everyone back to work.

Back at Silk’s…

Silk paced from window to window wondering what was taking Rasha so long. The minute he pulled up she was relieved. She watched Rasha get out of the car with the biggest smile she had ever seen. (Damn he certainly looks pleased). She thought leaving the window to open the door.

“Well, how did it go?” She asked anxiously. “Will you at least let me in so I can tell you?” Rasha asked with now furrowing brows. Silk sighed and stepped back away from the door. “Fix me a drink girl.” Rasha ordered heading down the hall to deposit his things in his room.

Silk went to the bar and prepared both of them a drink. She hated making pink ladies but that was Rasha’s favorite drink. And right now she wanted him in as pleasant a mood as he was when he got out of the car.

Rasha ran back up the hallway and vaulted over the couch into a comfortable sitting position.

“So…” Silk began. “Tell me how it went. Did you see him?” She asked with hoisted eyebrows while taking a sip of her Amaretto on the rocks.

“Girl that mother is even finer in person. Ooh, he has chocolate brown eyes, long eyelashes and perfect brown skin to match. The Lord was certainly attentive when he made him. Girl, I’m still unfocused from the view. Ooh and his body is so….”yeah, yeah, yeah,” Silk interrupted. “Did you get a date with him?”

“I sure did.” Rasha retorted drawing a sip of his drink through the straw Silk had conveniently put in it.

“Boy, I can’t wait until tomorrow night.” Rasha turned and looked at his friend with a curious gaze. “What do you think I should wear? I really want to impress him.” Silk’s mouth fell open. (What the fuck…this ass hole is falling for that tall log). “Fuck that, you just remember why you are going out to see him. I want to know who this woman is Slick is head over heels about. Stay on task and keep your dick in your pants.” She spat bitterly.

“No need to get huffy, bitch.” Rasha said rising from the couch and moving to the chair across from her. “I know what I’m supposed to do. But I can still have fun while doing it.” He stated redirecting his gaze down into his drink.’

“Well, you just better. I don’t want you fucking this up because you’re falling for that ungraceful pus bag.” She snapped regaining her height and leaving the room.

“Pssst, squash that, I’m going to get me some of that chocolate delight.” Rasha said in a quiet tone.

Back at the Cabin…

Carmen yawned and stretched ever so sensually against Slick waking the club owner almost instantly.

“Uh…it’s still dark?” Carmen asked while still yawning. “Well,” Slick stated, squinting her eyes. “Yeah.. .that’s what it looks like to me.” She retorted jovially. Carmen chuckled and tapped Slick playfully on her uncovered stomach. Both women yawned and stretched again before reclaiming their positions.

“Slick what’ll ya say we invite Aurora out this weekend? We can roast marshmallows, make smores, go swimming. We could…” “Alright…Alright,” Slick interrupted rubbing her cheek lovingly over the crown of Carmen’s head. “Alright…We’ll invite her up for the weekend. But you know that is going to cut down on the luvin’ right? “You’re not going to be able to do this.” Slick said clamping her hand down on Carmen’s leg and pumping her honeyed mound playfully against Carmen’s knee. Carmen laughed and pumped her little love pocket against Slick’s hip. “You mean we can’t do any of this?” Both women chortled as they both began to tickle each other. “No…(gasp and pants).. .we can’t do any of that.” Slick said overpowering Carmen and pressing her flat against the floor.

“Well,” Carmen said pressing her love chamber up against Slick’s exposed stomach. “I guess we better set off another series of love matches before we go get her, huh? Slick moaned her agreement while warmly claiming Carmen’s sweet lips.

Three hours later, in the bedroom…

“Oh mighty Zeus, where am I?” Carmen murmured hanging over the side of the bed while Slick lay limply on top of her. Slick mumbled something and rocked her cheek sleepily against Carmen’s back.

“Oh yeah…I forgot.” She returned. “Shouldn’t we call Aurora?” Carmen uttered in a sluggish voice. “Nah…it’s too late.” Slick grumbled, shifting in her position slightly. “Oh…okay.” Carmen said as her drenched locks slid carelessly down into her face.

Back at the Club…

“FOX-AY, WHO WAS THAT BURNING HUNK OF LOVE YOU WERE TALKING TO EARLIER?” One of the girls yelled over the noise that was echoing off the walls of the dressing room.

Foxy halted what she was doing and placed her hands on her hips. “Are you talking about the guy at the fitness center? Psst…girl he is just one of my many fans.” He said swooping one of the dancer’s hair up into a French roll for her performance tonight.

Uh…huh,” the girl returned. “I’d say the way your eyes were moving over his body he was a real good fan…and I do mean good.” The girl joked, inspiring everyone in the room to laugh uncontrollably.

“Shut up my little skank,” Foxy ticked while placing her right hand on her hip and giving the girl a flirtatious smirk.

“Besides, I wasn’t the only one that was checking somebody out. I felt his eyes on me as well.” “Shit,” the girl spat. “How could you blame him. Everybody saw your Johnson take an interest.” The room burst out in laughter again.

“Alright twat…lay off my Tareyton. Or I might just go against everything I stand for (and I mean that literally) and spin your little ass around and TAKE YOU.”

“Oh no,” the girl cried out clamping her hands to both cheeks. “He just threatened me with…with… with sex. Somebody protect me.” She retorted mockingly before falling back laughing on the extra long sofa in their dressing room.

“Smother the drama Miss twat, you know you want me to prove my parts work. That’s why I’m not giving you none.” He said closing with a wink to his little teaser. The girl smiled and gave him an air smooch before moving to her vanity to set up for the show. Just about all Slick’s dancers were international women (they could take their loving any way it came. So Foxy’s teasing was just that. That dancer would’ah put it on him so tough he’da start singing spirituals).

“Foxy why didn’t you let on that Slick was dating that little hot tamale from the Hot Spot? I’da never imagined Slick going for that type of girl. She’s wholesome, clean, and perfect. Nothing like we’ve seen Slick with. That girl has sensitivity, scruples.”

“AND, she has Slick,” another dancer barged in. “I think they are excellent for each other. If Slick were to fall in love with someone it would definitely be that little sweet thang (thing). She is sunshine on a cloudy day and that is exactly what a thundercloud like Slick needs. Just keep watching,” the girl said wiggling her finger in the air. “Slick is going to change into a totally different person. That little angel is Slick’s mate. Watch what I tell you now.” She bragged. “I know what I’m talking about.” All of the dancers gazed over at her as if something had fallen off of her before chunking hair accessories over at her.

“Fine,” she snapped collecting the thrown bows and decorative hairpins. “And your asses ain’t getting your shit back either…cunts.” She said moving back up to her mirror and checking out the new additions to her wardrobe.

“So Foxy, back to the original question. Why didn’t you tell us she was dating that sweet little honey?”

Foxy sighed and shook her head. “Mainly because they had a rocky start. And then there was that time when Slick woke up one night and just out of the blue ordered the girl to go home.” Foxy waved his hands in the air as if he was in wonder as to what had happened in that room. “Slick just kinda lost it.”

“And why did she bring that whore Silk back up in here? Was she and Carmen fighting then?” Another dancer asked.

“First of all,” Foxy said turning to gaze upon each face that was in the room. “This is just between us. If Slick ever gets wind of this from any of you, I’m going to be on that ass, agreed?” He inquired before going further into his explanation. Each dancer acknowledged the seriousness of his ploy and nodded their head approvingly.

“Alright… he continued. “Carmen and Slick never had a fight. There was an episode where I think Slick began to question the relationship herself. At one point Slick hinted that Carmen should find someone better suited for her. The change Slick went through wasn’t wearing well with her. So after that night she decided to change back into the leathers and her old outlook on life. That is when that cow tripe Silk came into play. Slick figured that she didn’t deserve anyone like Carmen so she called up Silk and agreed to see her again. Each of the dancers was sitting on the edge of her seat wanting Foxy to continue. “So how did they get back together?”

“Pssst,” he spat. “I don’t know. All I know is one minute I’m consoling Slick because of the loss then the next she was sitting in my lap smiling as if she had been drugged. Carmen had sent her flowers. So I guess that is when they decided to see each other again. You know I’m with our little fortuneteller over there. I think Carmen is Slick’s mate, because I’ve never seen Slick so giddy like she was that morning. Hell I was even smiling. I know when Slick is with her, her heart soars, her eyes twinkle and a frown never comes over her face in that little one’s presence. She makes Slick happy and that is all we could ever want for her.” Foxy finished allowing the bit of information that she did know marinade in her colleagues minds.

“Well, I’m happy for them. I hope it works. Besides, she is the only woman that I know of that can make Slick smile. And that my sisters…Is a hellatious (mighty) accomplishment.” Another dancer across the room said inspiring each of the dancers to sigh with satisfaction while issuing their own smiles of pleasure.

Over at Sassy’s…

Sassy fell limply upon Veronica’s body panting as her vaginal muscles continued to contract around the love toy her lover was wearing.

“Damn Sass, I love it when you ride it like that. It drives me crazy watching your hot twat swallow our friend.”

“Flatterer,” Sassy panted while sliding onto her side near Vanilla. “Well…what can I say? I’m a lover not a fighter.” V.D. finished pulling her little love snuggly up under her arm.

“Well, you certainly had me fooled, by the way you acted when Mouse and her friends came by to talk to you. I’ve never seen you so hateful. You were down right heartless. What could possibly get you that angry to make you despise your own niece?”

“I can still see your face at each of her birthdays after we met. And I can recall for each event how you went to great lengths to ensure that it was her happiest of all days. And now…well now you can’t stand to be in the same yard with her? What the hell is happening Veronica? What could Mouse have done to make you almost hate her?”

Veronica didn’t answer her love right away instead her grip tightened upon her partner’s small frame as images of that night began to sift through her thoughts again. She could still fell the tart coldness of the snow as her battered body could do nothing but lay there and absorb it. She could still feel the tears that swelled in her eyes and upon their descent turned into small ice chunks. She could still hear the mocking laughter of Slick and her no class friend as the limousine rolled away. She could still hear the whispers of the hoes (working girls/whores) that gathered around her bleeding body but didn’t bother to console her or even cry out for someone to help her. At least that was what she was feeling as her eyes roll back in her head. Just then she felt the weight of another straddle her and gently slap each of her cheeks.

“Hey…stay with me…don’t do that…open your eyes.” She said in a shrieking tone. She then pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911. Veronica never forgot that night. Out of all the people that solicited on that corner she never would have imagined that it would be an Asian descendent who would come to her rescue. She was the most radiant sight in that night’s bleakness that V.D. had ever seen.

After contacting the rescue unit Veronica felt the smaller woman tug at each of her shoulders bringing her body to hers. She then opened the fake mink midi-coat and pulled Veronica’s trembling body inside to press against her own.

“It’s okay baby.. .Sassy’s got you now. I won’t let anyone else hurt you. Just hold on… Someone will be here to help us in a minute. Just hold on baby…hold on.” The little streetwalker coached in the most soothing and comforting tone Veronica had ever heard. Not only did her gentleness stabilize “V’s,” mind but it filled her soul with immeasurable hope. Yes…Veronica never forgot that night and nor did she forget the faces of her assailants, especially Slick’s.

Veronica jerked as a simple touch from Sassy brought her thoughts back from the past. Unconsciously, she’d begin to cry and she didn’t even notice, but Sassy did. The little chocolate, oriental princess rose up on her left elbow and lowered her right hand gently upon her partner’s stomach while benevolently kissing away the stray tears. Veronica gazed up at the most gracious woman she had ever met outside of her niece and gave her a weak smile before telling her some of the reason why she behaved that way. Outside of those three stooges of hers, Sassy was definitely entitled to an explanation.

“Do you remember the first time you held me, Sassy?” Veronica asked watching the concerned gaze of her lover turn grave.

“Yes, I remember it. It was that night that you were viciously raped.” She said meekly.

“That’s right, and it was that night that changed my entire life. I met the kindest of any human alive outside of my three little liars that are running around somewhere probably lying.” Veronica said with a chuckle. “And I learned a valuable lesson about rich bitches. Some of them bitches are not even worth the earth the creator spent putting them together much less the breath he bestowed upon them to give their worthless souls life. It was that night Sassy that I made a promise to myself and that was to work as hard as I could to give and leave Carmen something to own individually. So she wouldn’t have to rely on no rich bitch or rich fucker to give her anything.” Veronica looked over at her partner again before pulling slightly away from her and turning onto her stomach. Sassy snuggled closer to her distraught lover and rested part of her body on top of Vanilla. She didn’t know why this always seemed to comfort Veronica, but it did. And she could tell it was working as Veronica’s breathing leveled out and the tenseness drained from her body.

“Is Slick one of those rich bitches?” Sassy asked softly while delivering understanding kisses upon her lover’s back.

“Yes.. . she’s one of ‘em. I’ve never resented any one as much as I do her. She contributed to the change in my life style as well and, that is all I will discuss with you of that to night…Okay?” Veronica asked in a strained tone, not wanting to offend Sassy, but making it clear that she didn’t want to talk any more on the subject of her niece and her new love.

“Perfectly… Sassy uttered humbly while resting her cheek on Veronica’s back.

“I want you to remember something if tomorrow I don’t awake with you. Those three stooges and especially Carmen have done nothing but love you and they still do. Nothing should separate that kind of love and whatever transpired between you and Slick, let it go baby. It’s only going to make you more sour and lessen your ability to love in spite of what she has done to you. Don’t try to understand it…just simply love baby…unconditionally.” With those finally words Sassy slid in closer to her meditating partner and drifted into an awaiting sleep.

(Is what Sassy said true? Will I eventually go to hating Carmen for making Slick her choice in lovers. Nonsense…nothing can dampen my love for Carmen or Chocolate and Pocahontas). Veronica finalized as she followed her lover off into the land were visions become real.

(Author’s note: Hmmm…Veronica’s conclusion seems reasonable… or does it? Is it possible to despise the ones you say you love because of an unfavorable situation?)

Back at the girl’s brown stone…

“Well I guess I’ll go ahead and turn in too,” Chocolate said stretching and yawning as Pocahontas followed her inside and closed the door behind her.

Pocahontas didn’t say anything, she simply nodded her head and grabbed the remote to the sixty four-inch color T.V. they’d all pitched in to buy for Veronica’s birthday and headed into the dining room.

Both women were lost in thought as they remembered the ever so sensual love making session they had conducted for Carmen. The pair was still not comfortable with their feelings. They definitely trusted each other, certainly more than anyone they’ve ever dated. And there have never been a sexual partner in their past that they had ever felt any safer with…and neither of them will mention how turned on they were that night from the simple touches they were each dispensing. Yet for some reason barriers of insecurity began to form the moment Slick and Carmen left to start their weekend a couple of days earlier. Sure they hugged and kissed each other while Carmen and Slick were still there, but after that their contact was null and void. And they surely didn’t embrace for fear of feeling the electricity of automatic attraction that was evident within the both of ‘em.

Chocolate stood back in the dark hallway as Pocahontas dropped her bag at the edge of the sofa and took a seat in front of the T.V. Just the sight alone made her heart ache for her well-tanned friend. All Chocolate wanted was to simply hold her, nothing else. But…somehow Chocolate felt that even that would be too much. She couldn’t just hold Poke. She wanted to possess her and make her, her own.

“Well, I’m going to go ahead and turn in.” She repeated observing Pocahontas’s every move. Poke gazed back in to the darkness at the most provoking eyes she has ever had the pleasure of gazing upon and softly gulped.

“I’ll see you in the morning…okay?” She said softly. Wondering would she ever be able to taste Chocolate’s sweet lips again. Or would she be able to hold her glistening brown body up against her own ever? The emotions that filled her heart and body, that night, stung Pocahontas deeply. She didn’t know what to say from fear of Chocolate possibly rejecting her. After all, Carmen was the reason they initiated the whole love scene anyway. Had it not been for her they probably would have never gotten to touch one another.

“Okay then,” Chocolate said lowering her head and walking aimlessly to her room. Pocahontas slid into a more comfortable position on the couch and hit the power button on the T.V.’s remote. Darkness is all that she saw as an uncertain emptiness gripped her very soul.

(Uh. . .Uh. . .Uh. – .don’t cha go no where).


Parenting Partners…

“Hey mommy, what’cha doing? Is Carmen with you?” Aurora asked without even stopping for a breath. “Hello Ray-Ray, I’m up at the cabin and…Yes Carmen is with me.” Slick returned, just as skillful as her little twin.

“YEAH!” Aurora screamed, ecstatic about the news. “Can I come up there with y’all?” She asked really wanting to share time with both Carmen and Slick. She was relieved that her little midnight shenanigans had paid off. She was crazy about Carmen and she definitely didn’t want her mommy to break up with her.

“Funny you should ask that little one. Carmen and I were just thinking of the same thing. Care to spend the weekend with us? We could lay out on the beach further down the coast, play games and watch all kinds of horror movies.” Slick suggested in a compromising tone.

“Oh mommy! Can I come right now?” Aurora asked quickly. Not wanting to give her mother any time to change her mind.

“Well Ray-Ray I tell you what. You should be getting ready for breakfast then school right about now. Let me talk to your father to see if I can get him to agree to my picking you up a couple of hours early today. Officially, my time is supposed to begin this evening at seven o’clock. But I’ll see what I can do okay?”

“Okay mommy, I love you…and tell Carmen thanks for giving me her cell number. I had fun talking to her. Bye mommy.” Aurora said fleetingly.

Slick held the phone up to her ear a few moments more before looking suspiciously over at a chewing Carmen with a raised eyebrow.

Carmen swallowed what she was chewing and gave Slick a dual raised eyebrow expression as she pondered what her partner’s eye narrowing gaze could stem from.

“Have you talked to Aurora lately my love?” Slick asked lifting Carmen off the floor by her hair and edging her over to sit next to her.

“Uh…did she…uh, say that…uh…she’d talked to me?” Carmen stuttered while trying to hide her guilty glance by tilting her head away from Slick and playing nervously in her hair.

(Yeah, you little conniving asses have been up to something). Slick thought with complete admiration for both of the manipulative little women in her life. Ray-Ray has always been determined, especially with things that she became attached to emotionally. Slick also knew that if her little angel had called her in the middle of the night she most likely did the same to Carmen. And Carmen, ah Carmen was a bigger girl with better ways of persuading a person. There was no doubt in Slick’s mind that Carmen could provoke anyone into doing exactly what she had planned just by being herself.

“No, she just wanted me to thank you for giving her your cell number. I myself couldn’t imagine why my darling little daughter would want to call you, could you?” Carmen’s meandering gaze didn’t slip Slick’s attention as she began to fan herself and suddenly jumped to her feet.

“Woo…good lord it is hot in here. Whata’ya say we go for a ride?” Carmen suggested, opening the door to the cabin and stepping out. Slick chuckled, realizing several things about her new lover. She can’t lie worth a shit and she turns a pretty shade of pink when she’s trying to keep a secret.

“Sure…I’m up for a ride,” Slick retorted with a smirk. She then grabbed the keys and rushed out the door behind Carmen.

The girls spent the entire day messing around. They went from store to store buying things, eating, chatting with fans that recognized each of them on the streets and well…eating again.

They dropped by the club and Carmen got to visit more with the girls while Slick, Murray and Foxy discussed the costume bash they were having for Halloween. After a most grueling match with Murray and Foxy, Slick and her co-managers met at an agreement. As long as nothing got frigged up Slick agreed to let Murray and her right hand girl (Foxy) handle all of the preparations for that night.

The trio came out of Slick’s office never noticing that the girls were having a party of their own. But the heart robbing thumps of, “Heartbreaker,” by Zapp & Roger had the D.J. and the bartender rocking and bobbing was a dead giveaway. Not to mention, Slick’s mouth falling open with shock as she watched her lover give her girls pointers on erotic dance steps. AND they were enjoying it. But Slick was dumbfounded as HER girls stood gazing at her woman’s body. (Good thing Carmen had matching Underwear. And red was definitely her color. It made her demeanor appear more enterprising. Or shall I say lustful).

After shaking her head several times Slick was able to focus on the true nature of the female bonding, but Carmen’s seductive hip rolling wasn’t doing much for other parts of Slick’s anatomy.

Slick watched as Carmen took off her shirt and handed it to one of the girls who in turn gave her another.

“What the fuck is she doing?” Slick asked, not giving the question much thought as Murray and Foxy guided her over to a table sitting in front of the bar wanting to make sure that they were getting a clear view of the stage.

Foxy said, “Girl I don’t know, but I am going to take a seat and check this fine sister out…OUCH!” he finished in pain from the swift kick Slick delivered to his left shin.

“Slick…stop trying to be jealous. All of those girls know not to cross your psychotic ass. Hell, they’re just enjoying their time with one of the most outstanding dancers on the strip.” Foxy said taking the drink from Murray that he had had prepared for them while observing the girls.

“You know I heard she was interviewed once for a position with the Apollo dancers.” Murray said with hoisted eyebrows and nodding his head with uncertainty.

“Murray the Apollo dancers are all black.” Foxy stated before rolling her eyes at his friend and gazing back up to the stage.

“Not all of them, Miss Census recorder. I know…I checked out those fine hunny’s the other day. Damn…now those are some fine ass women.” Murray said running his tongue wantonly across his pudgy lips before bringing his drink up to his mouth.

Slick gazed at her ex-lover and thought, (Damn, I must have been really fucked up to mount his ass). Just as Slick was thinking that Murray turned and gazed softly at her. His playful gaze quickly became one of concern. (I know why I fucked him now. Outside of Foxy, I’ve never seen a more sensitive man…irritating, but unquestionably sensitive). She finalized, as Murray laid his hand gently upon hers and asked her if there was anything wrong.

Slick twisted her hand under his and briefly gave it a squeeze before withdrawing her hand altogether and redirected her attention back to the girls on the stage.

“Murray, I talked to Ray-Ray about spending the weekend with Carmen and I out at the cabin. Do you mind if I pick her up a few hours early today? Actually, I want to be there when she arrives from school so that we can go ahead and start the weekend.” Slick inquired, realizing already by the smile on Murray’s face that he wouldn’t object.

“Naw, I don’t mind. I love picking Aurora up with a smile on her face after your visits. And lately Slick our baby has surely been a happy camper. I think she’s talked about you more this weekend than I’ve ever heard from her. And hell she adores Miss…take it off up there.” He said while arching his back several times to the music. Foxy fell back laughing at the serious expression Murray had on his face, while executing the move. It looked like he was either in pain or experiencing a mighty ejaculation.

“Great, Carmen and I will head out in a few minutes, that is if our amused constituents willingly let her go.” Slick stated accompanied by a hearty snort.

Carmen was busy showing the girls the different ways she came on stage. She stepped behind the curtains and the D.J. dropped down (Tyrese’s Taste my love). The curtains opened slowly. Carmen’s hair hung loosely over her shoulders, her hands were on her hips, and her right foot was propped on the ball of her foot bending the leg slightly. The minute the music started, Carmen began to rock her hips. She set off the flowing moonlette steps of the Moon Walk. She still hadn’t raised her head. Her hands moved gracefully up and down and all about her as if she was enjoying the non-gravitational pull. The girls moved up onto the edge of the stage and watched the little gifted one as if she was a mirage. Carmen’s glides were amazing. She moved as if she was an astronaut trying a variety of steps while trying to walk on the moon. But each time her little foot returned to the floor it was as if her glides never struck a plank. Carmen was every bit graceful and piping hot as her fingers threaded, pinched and caressed parts of her body ever so sexily.

“Good lord, I think she just awakened Woodrow.” Foxy said looking down at the seat of his pants.

“Damn Woodrow, I think roof…roof…Roofus just got a whiff of her. Whoa boy, get down, don’t want Lucille over there to get jealous. Ain’t that right Slick?” Murray popped before both men fell back laughing and gave each other a courtly hi-five.

Slick leaned back in her chair smirking at the cackling men. “C’mon Murray, ain’t nothing much to roof…roof…Roofus, even Lucille knows what it takes to silence him.” She said with a raised eyebrow while taking another drink.

Foxy’s laughter roared out again. Murray on the other hand heard the bartender calling him.

“And Foxy,” Slick began…that was before her friend silenced her with a breaking raised hand pause. “Hold up baby, I may act like a doe. But I assure you once this buck go to riding that ass, you’ll beg, plead and holler for moe (more). Don’t play in another bitch’s back yard Slick with out her permission, okay?” He finished with an artful twist of his neck and bow of his head.

Slick couldn’t help but laugh. Foxy always wanted the last word. Slick gulped her Jack Daniels down and rose from her seat. “Well with that said my little bitch, I’m going to go play with someone more accepting.”

She then headed for the stage, jumped up on to it and sauntered ever so sensually over to her twirling baby. Just like daisies in the field, she and Carmen began to sway towards each other. The dancer’s mouths fell open with amazement as Carmen twirled her back to Slick and began to back it up on her. Now mind you now, they had never seen Slick take an interest in dancing except for that night that Carmen showed up on the floor.

“Good Lord somebody bring me a bib.” One of the dancers said, as Slick’s leather covered front began to grind ever so stirring against Carmen’s firm behind.

“Damn the bib, somebody bring me a fan.” Another dancer said as the song came to an end and the couple smiled at each other before embracing.

“Ready to go baby?” Slick asked taking Carmen’s hand and leading her off stage. “See ya later girls.” Carmen yelled out as they headed for the door. All the girls called out their good-byes while clapping for the departing couple.

At Murray’s house…

Slick pulled up to a two-story cottage on the outskirts of the city. Her anxious little one was ready and waiting. Soon as she saw her mother, Aurora broke out the door in a fast run, heading non-stop towards Slick.

“Mommy,” She yelled and vaulted up into her mother’s waiting arms. “Well hello there sunshine. Are you ready to go?” “You bet…I just have to get my bag. Hi Carmen.” She said with a wink. Slick jumped and looked over at Carmen who once again was shielding her cunning features by gazing down at the grass. Slick grinned and let Aurora down and patted her on the backside while telling her to go get her bag. Aurora broke for the house. It didn’t take long for Slick to notice that Aurora and Murray’s wife Kathy were having a discussion, and Ray-Ray was becoming agitated.

Carmen watched Slick’s pleasant demeanor became impassive. Just as Slick was about to step up on the porch Kathy stepped outside holding a crying Aurora’s hand.

“Rimi you are not supposed to get Aurora until seven o’clock, AND Murray hasn’t called me to authorize the early pick up.” She stated coldly. Both women always resented each other. Slick couldn’t stand her because she was a bitch and she always wanted to govern her visits with Aurora. Plus, she had at one time petitioned Murray to file for full custody of Aurora because she said Slick was a drunken whore and an unfit mother.

“I don’t know what your problem is with me, but don’t you ever let me come here and find my daughter is crying because your grouchy menstruating backside has a problem with me. I don’t ever need YOUR permission to take my daughter. I am her mother and no court can deny my right to see her.” Slick stated adamantly while rushing up on the porch and snatching Aurora’s hand out of Kathy’s and heading for the car.

“You’ll be sorry for this Slick. I’m not a whore of yours and you have no right to talk to me that way! It was me who stayed awake at night, with YOUR DAUGHTER when her fevers were raging and her body ached. It was me that comforted her when your too stoned ass was off somewhere fucking some back street whore…ME, no one but ME and MURRAY. So don’t tell me I have no word or say when it comes to my step-daughter.” Kathy growled menacingly at Slick. Slick relinquished her hold on Aurora’s hand and asked Carmen to take her to the car while she turned to address Murray’s angered wife.

Slick walked back up on the porch and stood nose to nose with Kathy. “I’m going to tell you this once and only once. Don’t you ever talk to me like that in front of my daughter! You will respect me no matter what your chunky ass may think of me. If you ever swear at me like you just did and my baby is around, I’m going to wipe the floor with your ass. AND, to clarify things, it was my ass that paid for the doctor’s visits and medicine that your monkey ass used to treat her. It was I that was there at the hospital each time she had to go in because she was ill. It was I that tucked her in after those visits. It is only fair that her father and his so-called wife should be responsible for something. So the way I figure it we are even. You just keep in mind what I said about trying to swear down on me in my daughter’s presence and you should be alright.” Slick said briskly turning away from Murray’s and heading over to the car.

“Murray is going to hear about this Slick and the courts will too. You can’t just barge into someone’s home and threaten them.” Kathy shouted after Slick, who just got into the car and slammed her door.

“Is everything alright Slick?” Carmen asked softly, not wanting to upset Slick any more than she was now. Slick glared over at her small lover with a hostile gaze before settling herself down enough to speak civilly.

“I’m fine baby…Let’s just get out of here.” Slick returned in a more controlled tone. Aurora sat quietly in the back gazing out the window with tears in her eyes, surely one of the things that did not slip Slick’s attention. The last thing she wanted was for Aurora to be unhappy or feel responsible for the rather rough discussion she and Murray’s wife just had.

“Baby would you mind taking it in for me? I want to sit with Ray-Ray for a bit.” Slick asked with a concerned expression on her face. Carmen looked back at a non-responsive Aurora and said, “Sure…you’ll help me out though when I seem to be going wrong, right?” Slick smiled at her nervous partner and blew Carmen a kiss before telling her to just give her a holler when she was unsure of directions. Carmen moved to the driver’s seat as Slick went around the vehicle and got in the back with Aurora.

“Come here baby,” Slick said sliding closer to Aurora and pulling her into her arms. Aurora buried her little face under her mother’s armpit and cried quietly. She never understood why her mother and stepmother never tried to get along, even if it was only for her.

Of course she knew that Kathy despised her mother because she never spent time with her after she and her father had taken her over to the club and left her. And it really angered Kathy when Aurora would come home and talked about what she did with everyone else except her mother.

A recalled Memory of Aurora’s…

“Murray,” Kathy would say in a perturbed tone after her and Murray had tucked Aurora in for the night and left the room. “Why do we continued to do this to her. Why don’t we just go back to court and obtain full custody of Aurora. She should not be put through this. Slick is a selfish bitch, and I wonder sometimes why God has given her such a priceless gift such as Ray-Ray. I know from the way that she’s acting, she certainly doesn’t deserve it.”

These things were never said in Aurora’s presence because Kathy didn’t want to hurt Ray-Ray any further than she had already. But it never prevented the little inquisitive Aurora from sneaking out of her room to listen to her stepmother and father discussing her mother. Aurora would observe, as her father would gently pull his wife to him and whisper words of love and endearment. He would then say, “I know you don’t think Slick deserves such a blessing, but somewhere someone above does. We just have to be patient and continue to hope that Rimi will slow down enough to give Ray-Ray the attention she’s needs before it’s too late. We have to keep trying, okay?” He’d asked quizzically while lifting his wife’s chin and kissing her lightly on the lips before wrapping his arms securely back around her.

“I know…I know…it’s just that I hate to see Aurora so slighted by that leathered bound tramp. Why did she even bother to get pregnant by you any way? I bet it was just some form of control. She never really wanted you to have anyone but her. She probably didn’t even want Aurora. But she can’t stand not having you there at her beck and call whenever she deems it necessary to use you. So she decided to go through the pregnancy without giving the circumstances any regard.”

“Kathy don’t…we are together now and that is all that matters. Our time will come soon, just wait and see. One day we are going to be parents again, a little whippet snapper made by you and I, and Aurora will have a sister or brother to be with so that she won’t be so lonely. How does that sound?” Murray asked, needing to pacify his wife. They’d tried numerous times to have a child and failed. The whole scenario of Slick seemingly disinterested in Aurora was wearing heavily on Kathy mentally. She envied Slick for being able to get pregnant and on top of that she resented her because she seemed to take her daughter’s godsend for granted. And, she also swore to this very day that Slick still wanted Murray. And that Aurora was just one dog leash around Murray’s neck to keep him tied to her.

“Mommy,” Aurora mumbled under Slick’s arm. “Do you love me?” “Ray-Ray,” Slick gasped, highly surprised by the question. “How could you ask me something like that? You know I love you.” Slick placed Aurora up on her lap and tightened her embrace while closing her eyes. Carmen observed her lover’s demeanor as tears leaked from the corner of her eyes and she laid her head on her baby’s shoulder.

“Ray-Ray, I know that I haven’t been the best mother. But I promise you on this day and forever that I’m going to try hard to change that. Yes, I’ve neglected you in so many ways, but never for a minute do I want you to think that I didn’t or don’t love you.” Slick snapped her head up and briskly turned a still tearful Aurora toward her before continuing.

“Each and everyday that I open my eyes I say a prayer for you. Every night I repeat the same prayer. I’ve always loved you from the moment the doctor’s confirmed that I was, in fact, going to have you. And that will never change. I’ve done a lot of bad things Aurora, not only to you but to others, yet I’m going to try and change that with a little help from the two of my leading ladies, you and Carmen. Do you think we can do that?” Slick asked with a sincere, teary smile.

Aurora wiped her eyes like the big girl that she was and gave Slick a hug before retorting, “Sure mommy we can do it. Can’t we Carmen?” She inquired turning around to look at Camp Fire Sadie.

“You bet’cha little one. We’ll get mommy fixed up in no time. We both love her to death and we won’t let her slide back into her old self, just watch and see.” Carmen said with a wink. She then pulled off onto the dirt road leading back down to the cabin.

After traveling for about two minutes more, Carmen pulled up in front of their little cottage for the weekend.

“Yeah,” Aurora screamed tearing from the back door of the vehicle and running toward the house. “Hey, little Miss Anxious, do you want your bag and the keys?” Slick said jokingly while taking them from Carmen’s hand and shifting her weight onto her left leg. She then propped her left hand upon her hip. Aurora cackled and ran back up to Slick, grabbed the keys dangling from her finger and yelled for one of them to get her bag.

Slick looked down at Carmen with a raised eyebrow. The little stripper giggled and shook her head before moving back to the jeep and retrieving Aurora’s bag. “I know, it was my idea so I’ll get the bag.” “Good girl,” Slick purred while popping her on the rump before heading into the cabin.

“Oh mommy,” Aurora started with an opened mouth. “It looks pretty in here. Did Auntie Foxy do it?” She asked with a chuckle. Knowing full well that her mother didn’t have the time or patience to decorate anything.

“And your father…” Slick chuckled moving over to the refrigerator and taking inventory of the food supply. “Oh…oh, someone is going to have to make a food and beer run.” Slick looked over at Aurora and gave her a wink before directing her attention back to Carmen.

“Alright…Alright, I’ll go. But you two better not be goofing off while I’m out scrounging us up some vittles. Get up there and fix Aurora’s room up.” She ordered as Slick tossed her the keys and her wallet. “Aye, Aye…Sergeant Carmen Ma’am!” Slick said acting like a private in boot camp. Aurora fell back on the couch giggling. Carmen tilted her head and gave Slick a daring look while wagging her finger in the air. Warning her that her attitude would be dealt with later.

“Hey Carmen, get lots of popcorn for the movies we’re going to watch this weekend!” Aurora shouted as Sadie turned to leave. “Alright, but someone is definitely going to have to sleep with me tonight if I watch scary pictures with y’all.” She said with a smile heading out the door.

“C’mon mommy, she’s gone now. Let’s check out what’s on cable.” Aurora said grabbing the remote and turning on the huge T.V. that sat in the corner of the room from the giant sofa she sat on.

Slick walked over and took the remote out of her daughter’s hand and laid it on the table. “C’mon Miss busy body, you are going to help me fix up your room. I’m not doing the work by myself.”

Aurora sighed and said, “Okay…I’m coming.” She then looked out from under her eyebrows while pretending to lift her self up off the couch wondering if Slick was going to turn and leave with out her. Once she looked up into her mother’s chiseled features and received an, “Oh no you don’t expression,” she giggled and finally jumped to her feet.

“Don’t try to get over on me little one. The games you’re playing, I’ve already played before. And I must tell you I am a master at them. So don’t try to trick this old dog.” Slick said reaching for her daughter’s hand and heading upstairs to her room. “Ok mommy,” Aurora drawled hesitantly following her much taller mother to their next destination…her bare bedroom.

At the store…

“Oh yeah,” Carmen started, laying her meat packages onto the counter of the small general store she’d found up the road a taste from the cabin.

“Do you have any popcorn? I have a little girl that is dying to have it tonight with her movies.” She asked the storeowner. The little frail, bald, graying old man chuckled and bent over the counter to come closer to Carmen and said, “I even have micro-wave popcorn little city lady. How about that?” He asked while pushing his specks up and reaching under the counter to bring out a few boxes.

“Great…you are a life saver.” Carmen said while giving the old man a very friendly smile. He cackled again and said, “My you are a pretty little thing and nice to boot. Will there be anything else for ya?” “Yeah do you have any champagne?” She asked jokingly. Knowing that a little country general store wouldn’t stock those kind of drinks.

“Bad girl, bad girl,” he repeated while snickering. “This ain’t no bar but if ya wanna catch a buzz try this.” He then brought up a fifth of Jack Daniels that had so much dust on it that it could cause a little sand storm right there in the store. “I promise you after drinking this you will be high for a couple of days afterwards.” What he failed to tell her was that the following days after the drinking spree won’t be quite as nice as when she’d taken a drank of J.D. the first time.

“Oh…Okay, add it to my carry out.” The old man looked up and down the counter trying to find a place to put it among all of the things Carmen was about to purchase.

“Good Lord hunnay, are you planning on staying for a while?” Carmen looked up and down the counter and returned, “Oh no…this will only last us the weekend.” The old man pulled down his glasses and gazed over Carmen’s petite, muscular form before speaking again.

“Honey it will take a whale to eat all this stuff you have here within three days.” Carmen laughed at the old man’s assumption and told him he would be quite surprised how much she could put down. The old man joined her in their laughter while adding up the bill and shaking his head in disbelief.

“Thanks Mr. Drucker,” Carmen said to the panting man after he assisted her with packing the grocery into the back of the jeep. “You’re welcome cutey. I just hope that do last you the weekend, because I couldn’t pack another thing. I think I pulled something.” He complained as Carmen gave him a hug before telling him goodbye and jogging over to the driver’s side to leave.

The turn off to the cabin…

“No, no, no…please don’t do this.” Carmen prayed to the stalling vehicle and to anyone that was listening. She turned the key in the ignition again hoping that the stall out was just a fluke. “Yinyinyinyinyin,” the jeep whined refusing to turn over. “No, no, no…” Carmen grumble while bumping her forehead up against the steering wheel. “Well at least I’m not that far from the cabin. I’ll just go get Slick and have her to come get her own broke down jeep.” She concluded before getting out and slamming the door behind her.

Meanwhile at the Cabin…

“Mommy,” Aurora cried out loud enough for a still working Slick to hear her cries of anguish. Slick sighed and stood straight up from straightening her bed and walked out onto the upstairs banner and looked down at her little lazy grumbling daughter.

“Aurora you have called me twice already and each time it was merely a gesture to get me out here. You won’t help me with the room so please…just give me a few more minutes to finish.” Slick rolled her eyes and headed back into the room after receiving a crooked grin from her little clone.

Back on the road…

Carmen walked in a huff up the street periodically kicking straggled rocks off the road while turning every once in a while to look back at the jeep. “See if I would have held out a little longer and let Rimi volunteer to get the food then it will be her out here and not me.” She spat, looking down at her feet and not paying attention to the big foot truck that was trailing her cautiously at first wondering where this pretty little thang came from. Carmen continued to talk to herself as the truck moved up alone side her and snorted its engine. Carmen looked up into a truck at a bunch of young good old boys that were definitely hungry for companionship.

“Hey baby doll. Wanna a ride?” One of the young men hollered from the back as the two in the cab and the remaining four in the back cackled and licked their lips like little hungry wolves.

Carmen quickened her pace and replied, “No thank you, I’m nearly home now.” “W’at,” the guy riding on the passenger side of the truck said gazing puzzled up the road a piece. “Ain’t nothing up there but a cabin that belongs to some dyke name Slick. You’re not with her are ya?” The boy asked looking over at the drive with a theorizing gaze. The driver hit down on the accelerator and peeled away from Carmen throwing dust all up on her. He then cut the wheel sharply to the right blocking her path. After shutting the truck off and getting out they all moved out of the truck and began circling Carmen.

Back at the Cabin…

Slick finished up with the room and came out onto the balcony to see what her little devilette was doing. What she saw was almost shocking. Aurora was sitting on the couch, appearing to not be breathing while just staring off at nothing in particular. Her face was distorted as if she was in pain. Slick immediately began to move swiftly down the stairs.

“Ray-Ray,” she said moving closer to her daughter. When Aurora finally glared up at her she had a troubled far away look in her eyes and she appeared to be weary.

Slick knelt at her daughter’s side and pulled her to her. “Ray-Ray baby,” She said not knowing what was going on with her daughter or the distraught look.

“Mommy…Mommy, Carmen’s in trouble.” “W’at…W’at are you talking about Aurora. She’s,” “MOMMY!” Aurora screamed as the pupils in her eyes constricted and her eyes bulged. “MOMMY, CARMEN’S IN TROUBLE. THEY’RE GOING TO HURT HER. HURRY, HURRY MOMMY.” She shrieked and tore out the door.

Slick didn’t know what to think as she followed Aurora out of the cabin and headed down the path to the main road. It was then that Slick saw the big foot truck that angled across the path. She caught up with a panicked Aurora and told her to go back to the cabin and lock the doors. She would be back as soon as she found Carmen. Aurora was still unable to shut down the drive that was urging her toward the truck so Slick whirled her away from the view and abruptly shook her a couple of times.

“Aurora do as I say. I will be back in a few minutes…Now! Slick shouted. Aurora nodded her head after taking several deep breaths and took off running back toward the house. Slick wasted no time sprinting up to the abandoned truck. The guys that were trying to get a hold of a kicking and clawing Carmen halted their actions and looked toward the truck as they heard something that almost sounded like a battle cry filter into the air.

“What the fuck is that?” the leader asked as he turned and almost fell back on his ass, watching Slick somersault up into the back of the truck landing artfully into an crouched stance.

“Hi boys, I see y’all found my girl.” Slick stated with a ghastly smirk on her face. Several of the boys took a step back from Carmen not quite sure if they wanted to partake of this party any longer. They’ve always heard stories about Slick. But they were just stories right? None of that shit about her killing men with her bare hands were true was it? The little once spirited group was now moving into a huddle behind their fierce leader.

“My daughter had this weird idea about you all trying to hurt her.” Slick continued while moving to the other side of the truck and propping her foot up on the side. Giving the boys a clear and no doubt factual view of the flexing muscles in her firmly tone thighs.

“Go back to where you came from you funky dyke. Or…do you want daddy to give you a lesson on how little girls are really supposed love.” He spat daringly while cupping his crotch.

“Hmmm,” Slick hummed placing her hand upon her hips. “And I suppose that you are just the man to instruct me huh?” “That’s right bitch. Daddy got what you need right here.” He said pointing down at his unresponsive staff of life. “C’mon down and let me give you a real taste of love.”

“Well now…I think I’ll take you up on that.” Slick said narrowing her eyes. She then flipped gracefully off the truck in a round house twisting motion right down in front of him. Without even thinking about it, Slick grabbed her a hand full of the egotistical boy’s nuts. He squealed as if his balls had been grabbed by the teeth of a man eating bear and grabbed two hands full of his own hair.

“How’s that daddy? Do you want some more? Slick growled giving his nuts several twisting jerks. The boy squealed again, went rigid and tumbled backwards like a falling domino. His friends gasped as they watched their fierce leader reluctantly pass out and fall mindlessly to the ground.

“My I guess he wasn’t quite up to satisfying me.” Slick said with a mocking smile on her face. “What about the rest of ya? Wanna try my mount?” They all took a step back trying very hard not to startle the tall, dark woman any further.

“We were just riding around having fun lady. We don’t want any trouble.” The guy that had been sitting on the passenger side said in a shaky voice.

“Well you should have thought about that before you touched my woman. Now…” Slick said looking down on the ground and shaking her head in disappointment. “Now…I’m going to have to kill you.” One of the boys squealed and took off running back toward the main road. Slick gave Carmen a wink and took off behind him. Ending his retreat with an elegant somersault over his head.

“I tell ya what,” she said turning around to look into the frightened boy’s face. “I’ll let you go without whipping your asses if you agree to leave us alone after towing my obviously stalled out vehicle back here. Do we have an agreement or do I pick my next victim?” Each boy looked from one to the other before agreeing to help the girls. No one wanted to dispute the human nutcracker by saying, “No.”

Slick asked Carmen to head back to the cabin while she and the guys went to get the jeep. Carmen smiled and gave Slick a peck on the cheek before leaving. All the guys stood staring at Slick as she lovingly patted Carmen on her backside and watched her stroll toward the cabin.

“Damn that dyke stuff, if you can teach me to land a girl like that you and I are going to be buds for life.” Said the boy that squealed and took off running for the road the moment their dynamic leader was defeated. Slick laughed and said, “She is fine ain’t she?” All the boys grumbled their approval while following Slick and her little frog prince to the road.

“Hey,” Slick said turning around to see that everyone was following her and no one was driving the truck. All the guys looked up at Slick wondering what was she thinking about as her brow furrowed and looked passed them. They then parted and looked back at the truck they’d just left and then back to her.

“Well we need somebody to drive the truck if this is going to work, right?” She asked nudging her head toward the truck. “Pssst…aw yeah…forgot that.” The boy that was sitting on the passenger side returned. Slick smirked and shook her head while turning her little squealer around and heading back toward the road.

Within the hour Slick and her new found attempted rapist friends had the jeep back in tip-top shape. The down home country boys were actually kind of talented when it came to cars and Slick was amazed at how fast they identified and replaced the faulty part. After fixing the jeep the guys followed Slick back to the cabin. The moment they pulled up in the yard Carmen and Aurora stepped out onto the porch with a pitcher of ice cold, old fashioned lemonade. Slick smiled over at her girls as she got out of the jeep and headed over to them to get her a glass of juice, as well as a kiss from her two ladies.

The guys were in utter shock as they stared at the happy trio. “I don’t get it,” the little squealer said. “Not over an hour ago we were trying to hold you down so that Razor could have his way with you, and now here you are standing on the porch like Charles Ingall’s wife, offering us lemonade. What’s with y’all?” He asked completely confused.

“Slick I heard you was the most foul creature that moved upon the earth. But I spent only thirty minutes with you and actually you’re pretty cool. You’re a little stoic and militant around the edges, but overall deaf (chilly, good). And you blondie, you act as if nothing happened and you’re our long lost sister coming out onto the porch to welcome us home. To tell the truth, I think both of ya are kinda cool. And I though lesbos were fair deed skanks and unsociable people.” He examined with a smile.

“Well you guys are really not that bad with out that demon seed leader we have tied up back in the back of the truck. Dump him, especially if you want to pick up girls the right way.” Slick said with a wink, moving behind Carmen and wrapping her arms around her shoulders. Aurora had moved over in front of Carmen a while ago still cautious of their little potential rapist turned friends.

“Well Slick it’s been real, but we have to get something to eat. My stomach is crying momma.” The little squealer said placing his juice glass back on the platter and stepping off the porch. The guys followed him after finishing their drinks. “Check you later Slick and thanks for not rattling our balls.” The little squealer said grabbing his crotch.

“See ya later Pocket, Grease, Detonator, Roller and Stomp. Y’all be good now ya hear.” Slick called out while each of them nudged their head in respect and hopped onto the truck. The group left with a bunch of howling and snorting of the engines.

“So, you hung out with the guys huh?” Carmen asked jokingly while releasing her hold on Aurora and turning in Slick’s arms. “Hey don’t be a stick in the mud. A girl has to have some dirty fun sometimes.” Slick joked, guiding both her girls back into the cabin.

“Mommy, what are we going to do now?” Aurora said plopping down on the sofa. “Well…little one, first you are going to tell mommy how you knew Carmen was in trouble?” Slick asked pulling Carmen down in between her legs and dragging her closer.

“Um, I don’t know. It’s like I felt her. Although she didn’t appear to be scared I could feel her heartbeat grow- faster. I could hear her breathing become shallow, and I could feel her fear.” Aurora said nonchalantly. She then grabbed the remote to the T.V. and turned it on. “Let’s watch, “Nightmare on Elm Street.” She said stretching out onto the couch and resting her head on a pillow used to decorate the extra long sofa.

“Ray-Ray, you told your mommy that I was in trouble?” “Uh-huh.” The child answered, not even bothering to look over at the two dumbfounded women. Carmen turned her head and glanced at Slick out of the side of her eye. “I don’t know how she could have known that. I was about a half a mile out.” Carmen whispered to Slick. Slick continued to stare at her baby trying to sift through her puzzlement without speaking a word. She then pulled Carmen closer and buried her face in Carmen’s sweet scented hair. “Baby I’m at a loss as well. I’m just glad that she did sense it. I don’t know what I would have done if those idiots had hurt you.” Slick said running her hands down over Carmen’s soft curves and moaning. She definitely wanted her lover tonight and there was no doubt about that as she rubbed her throbbing center discreetly against Carmen’s backside.

It didn’t take long for the entire trio to fall asleep. Carmen shuffled a little that prompt Slick to do the same. Slick opened her eyes and tapped Carmen quietly on the shoulder. “Hay sleepy head wake up. We have to get Ray-Ray to bed.” “Oh…alright,” Carmen grumbled moving from Slick’s lap and onto the floor. “Carmen,” Slick said sternly while moving over to Aurora and gently lifting her from the sofa. “Get up…Now!” Carmen mumbled something and moved to her feet sloppily and headed for the staircase where she soothingly laid her head and cooed. “God, I promise that woman can sleep on a tree limb.” Slick said quietly after turning to look at her love half way up the stairs. “I guess I have to put both my girls to bed huh?” She questioned, moving over to Aurora’s door and kicking it open.

The Next Morning…

“Mommy,” Aurora shouted bursting into Slick and Carmen’s room. “What are we going to do today?” She chirped merrily.

“Ray-Ray, did you knock before you came in? The same rules that apply at the club apply here. Next time don’t forget that.” Slick reminded while sitting up and ruffling her hair.

“What do you want to do today…Ray-Ray?” Carmen mumbled from up under the covers.

“Sorry mommy, I’ll remember next time.” Aurora retorted while leaping on top of Carmen drawing a painful yelp from the little stripper. “Wake up Carmen, I’m hungry.” Aurora said as she began tickling her mother’s lover.

Carmen giggled and wiggled out from under the little copy of Slick and returned the sentiment. Slick on the other hand turned her back to the scuffling couple and pulled her pillow down over her head.

“Well, whata’ya say to helping miss room monitor?” Carmen popped jumping to her feet. Aurora fell back onto Carmen’s pillow struggling for breath. “Sure…I’ll help.” “Great,” Carmen retorted. “Just let me wash up and then we can go down and bust that unused kitchen up.” Carmen joked jumping from the bed and breaking into the bathroom.

“Mommy,” Aurora whined moving up behind Slick and wrapping her arms around her mother’s waist. “Mommy,” she called again. (I swear if I hear that again I’m going to hurt her.) Slick thought tossing the pillow to the floor and turning in her daughter’s arms.

“What do you want Aurora?” Slick whirred in a motherly tone. “What are we going to do today?” She asked again.

“Whatever you want.” Slick replied pulling her little twin up into her arms. “Good after I help Carmen with breakfast we can go down to the beach. And then we can ride back to the club and visit with Foxy and the girls. We could then go shopping and buy some fun clothes. Then we can go eat again. And then…” “Hold it…hold it…hold it,” Slick interrupted. “There is no way we can do all of that in one day. Besides Carmen wouldn’t be able to hang. So let’s take it easy on her okay?” (Nice move, placing her lover in the reluctant position when it’s really her that didn’t want to do all that running around, especially shopping. She hated it with a passion. Most of her shopping was done through special catalogs sent to her by Macy’s and other selected department stores and on occasions she used seamstresses too.)

“Oh…okay,” Aurora responded sounding a little disappointed. Slick sighed and rested her cheek upon her little devilettes head. “We might not be able to do all of that, but we’ll try okay?” Slick mumbled, wanting to return her little clone’s playful demeanor. It didn’t take long for Slick to realize she had done just that as Aurora tightened her grip on her mother and thanked her.

“Alright little Rimi, let’s go get breakfast started.” Carmen urged with a nudge toward the door. Aurora kissed Slick on the chin and bolted for the door.

“Uh, Uh,” Slick said drawing Carmen’s attention back to her. “Don’t even think about leaving this room without giving the devil her due.” Carmen giggled and crawled onto the bed in a stalking manner.

“Want what the devil is due huh?” Carmen said snatching the covers from Slick’s body to reveal the black silk camisole with matching underwear. Carmen then licked her way up both Slick’s legs dragging a needful moan from her partner’s tightly sealed lips. Slick moved fully onto her back and opened her legs encouraging more of her little lover’s sensual assault. Carmen stopped and dipped the tip of her tongue into Slick’s belly button. Slick arched her back and inhaled sharply through clenched teeth. Carmen then brought her hands into motion, moving them ever so stirringly up and down, in and out, around and about Slick’s statuesque body, knowingly igniting the flames of passion in her mighty lover.

“My god, if I’da known my morning kisses were going to be like this, I’da asked for them a long time ago.” Slick panted as Carmen’s warm wet tongue circled each of her erect nipples before pulling them gently into her mouth through the damp top.

“Oh…baby, go close the door. I think we can make these few minutes work for us.” Slick gasped, pulling Carmen down on top of her and claiming her lips in a lustful kiss. Carmen cooed and slipped her right hand down into Slick’s panties and rubbed her silky love bone.

“Oh…Oh yeah baby…” Slick purred as Carmen slid two fingers softly down in between her drenched love hall. “Oh baby…yes.” Just as Slick’s hips moved into motion Aurora called out. “CARMEN…C’MON…I’M HUNGRY.”

Carmen jerked away from the kiss and gave Slick an evil smile with several deep thrusts before breaking away from her and rolling out of the bed with a cackle.

“Carmen,” Slick growled breathlessly while moving to her knees. “I swear if you leave me like this, I’m going to hurt you.” Carmen raised her shoulders in a ghastly form and said, “Woo…boy am I scared.”

She then tore from the room and slammed the door behind her. Slick’s pursuit was unfocused and definitely unstoppable as she rammed into the shut hatch and tumbled back on her ass.

“SHIT,” She screamed. “I’m going to wear your ass out for lustfully taunting me, you little teasing wench.” Slick promised as she fell back upon the cold wood floor and allowed it to drain her unquenched desires away.


“Hi mommy,” Aurora said while placing the pancakes on the table. Slick grumbled something and glared vengefully at a smiling Carmen who was pouring her baby some morning tea.

“Goo-ood morning baby,” Carmen chirped in a teasing song. Slick growled as Carmen placed her tea down beside her plate and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“What’s wrong mommy? You don’t look happy. Did you sleep well?” Aurora asked, wondering what could have put her mother in such a foul mood. “Yes, I slept fine.” Slick said hacking impatiently at her scrambled eggs. Carmen giggled while looking over at her agitated partner and taking a sip of her tea. Slick glared at her and rolled her eyes. “And that is about all I did Aurora, since Carmen was sound asleep the moment her head hit the pillow last night.” Slick spat bitterly. Aurora snickered cutely and looked over at Carmen.

“Sounds like da putty tat is mad cause she didn’t get to play house.” Aurora tweeted playfully. Carmen fell back laughing. “I’ll say…maybe Miss Tweety can make it up to the grouchy putty tat tonight.” Carmen joked blowing Slick a kiss. “Well Miss Tweety sure better, else da grouchy old putty tat will make her real sorry for this morning.” Slick stated with a good-natured snort.

After breakfast was finished the trio lit out for the beach. Carmen and Aurora were like two peas in a pod. They built castles together, swam together, and taunted a lounging Slick each chance they got by dousing her with ice cold water or sprinkles of ketchup they both used to dress their hotdogs. It was like having two unruly kids and only one sane adult in control of things.

Slick found it quite charming though. Carmen and Aurora were becoming grand friends and it showed as they periodically hugged each other and played an entrapping whammie on an unsuspecting spectator.

Slick popped into a sitting position and watched her daughter who was looking oh so distraught while approaching this sizzling beach hunk and working her magic. With a crooked grin Slick continued to watch her little clone as Aurora brought her hands up to her eyes and played out the part of a weeping child. Carmen on the other hand act as if she was a needy mother who was simply trying to find some way of pleasing her wailing child. Slick smirked as the guy rose to his knees and pulled a supposedly crying Ray-Ray into his arms to comfort her. Mind you now the moment he did this and her face was well hidden from him, Aurora gave Carmen a wink of acknowledgement. Their plan was working.

Slick couldn’t believe the dumb dope went for the, “I used to bury my father in the sand trick.” She watched her lover and her daughter dig a hole so deep it could have been a grave. And check this out, the stupid ass hole willingly laid in it and let them cover him up clean up to his neck. Slick rose from her chair as the little conniving pair patted him neatly in. Just as Aurora was about to cement the man’s fate, by wetting the sand around him she heard her mother’s voice.

“There you two are! I have been looking for you both everywhere. What have I told you about burying people in the sand and drowning them while they are helpless.” Slick said sternly while issuing a panicked look upon her face.

The man looked at the pair and shrieked. He then broke from the sand in a low crawling run, screaming for anyone that would save him for the eerily Addam-ettes (Adams family).

Slick gave her two companions an sly grin as she pulled her glasses down from her eyes and displayed her breath takingly sea shore colored orbs.

“Mommy,” Aurora screeched dropping her pail of water to the ground. “We weren’t going to drown him…we were…well…just going to make sure he wasn’t going to get up too soon.”

Aurora then looked down at Carmen who was already laughing. Ray-Ray couldn’t help but to follow suit. She then helped Carmen up and said, “C’mon let’s go find another sucker.”

Slick caught each of them by their necks and brought their eager strides to a halt. “Oh, no you don’t. I think that is enough vandalism from the both of you. I say we call it a day.” “Aw…Mommy,” Aurora whined.

“Aw Mommy nothing. I can’t leave you two alone for five minutes without you causing a holocaust.” Slick then gave her lover and her daughter a little shove toward their umbrella planted in the sand just a ways from them.

She couldn’t help but laugh to herself as Aurora stomped off and Carmen whirled around and licked her tongue out at her. “What have I gotten into, my wife is about as tricky as my daughter?” (Oh my god, where did that come from?) Slick thought as she paused in her steps. She then pondered the thought further, which instinctively brought a smile to her face. (What would it be like to have Carmen as my wife?) She thought with a smile as she help her little troublesome pair gather their things to leave.

Back at the cabin…

“Ray-Ray, get down here. We’re going to the club for a little bit.” Slick called up the staircase to her still dressing daughter. “Okay, Okay…I just have to zip up my pants.” Carmen chuckled from the bar while eating an apple. Slick looked over at her lover with a raised eyebrow wondering if there was ever a time they had together that she didn’t notice her lover eating. Carmen gave her a soft smile and a very suggestive glare. “Don’t look at me like that.” Slick said turning around to look up at a frightful sight.

“Just what have you done to yourself?” Slick almost shouted as she visually examined every inch of her daughter’s body. “Do you like it mommy? Daddy bought me a leather outfit just like yours.” “Yeah but the pink ass hair doesn’t go with it, nor does that river of eye shadow that is flowing all about your face.” Slick returned with furrowed brows and a menacing glare.

“Aw mommy, don’t be a stick in the mud. It’s about time I start experimenting with make up.” Slick stopped Aurora dead in her tracks as she was about to step down off the last stair of the case.

“I think you have forgotten just exactly who is in charge here. Get back up stairs and get that monstrosity off of your face…and do it now!” Slick said in a tone that definitely hyphenated her seriousness on the matter.

“Carmen, tell her.” Aurora called from the stairs. “Carmen is not in this. I AM your mother and you will do as I say.” Slick then tilted her head and glared very distastefully at her little adventurous clone. “I’m going to give you five seconds to get back up those stairs and take that mess off. If you are not gone by then I am going to drag you back up there by your garden colored hair and do it myself with a brillo pad.” Aurora turned away from her unbending parental unit and stormed back upstairs. Slick whirled away from the stairs and moved over to the refrigerator to get herself something to drink. Or rather to get anything that would keep her busy and enable her to not think about Aurora just challenging her authority.

“Well, now that sure was a moving scene. I thought you were going to pull out your whip at anytime there.” Carmen joked, taking another bite of her apple.

“Did you see all that shit she had on her face?” Slick asked leaning over to glare meaningfully into her partner’s eyes.

“It was just make-up Slick. All we…” “No there is no WE in this matter. She is my daughter and I won’t have her walking around looking like a hoochie momma.” Slick snarled moving over to the sofa to sit down.

“You are right, SHE IS your daughter, so deal with it.” Carmen said hopping from the bar seat, giving Slick a scornful glance and heading for the door. (This is exactly why I don’t hang around a bunch of women. They are too fucking sensitive). Slick thought before screaming out to Aurora again and rising to head for the door.

At the club…

The girls quickly snapped Aurora and Carmen up and headed into the club with them, leaving Slick to fend for herself. “That’s comforting to know,” Slick began sounding almost disgruntled. “No one seems to notice that I am here.” One of the trailing girls glanced back at Slick and nudged her head in the direction of the group. Slick smiled and took a few hurried steps to catch up with the rambling crowd.

Once inside, Murray stood there waiting for Slick to get close enough to him before he spoke. “Uh…Slick, may I have a word with you for just a few minutes?” He said with a sincerely nervous look upon his face.

“Yeah…” She said pulling herself away from the crowd and walking over to him. As she got closer to him she realized from his seemingly brave expression that this conversation was going to need a little bit more privacy than where they were right now. “Why don’t we go upstairs?” She inquired while extending her arm toward the stairs inviting her daughter’s father to take the lead.

Murray hurried up the stairs and entered the office without even bothering to look back at Slick. (I bet this is about his fat ass wife) Slick thought closing the door behind them.

It didn’t take two minutes for the group to realize that Slick and Murray were in a heated disagreement. Aurora broke for the stairs and headed up to her mother’s office. Carmen swiftly followed.

“Slick you had no right to talk to her that way. She’s never done…” “That bitch was belittling me in front of my daughter. That gave me every right to defend myself. She is lucky that I didn’t commence to kicking her in that ass.” Just then Aurora burst into the room.

“Why do y’all have to fight all the time? Why can’t you just act like normal parents? You act as if you hate each other.” Aurora screamed with tears forming in her glassy blue eyes. “What was I, just some kind of mistake, mommy? It is obvious you never loved my father. You probably had sex with him on a dare.” Carmen felt the sting of Aurora’s words burn deep in her heart as she pulled the little one in her arms and allowed her to cry upon her awaiting bosom.

“I can’t believe you two are carrying on like this! And on top of it upsetting her to the point of thinking that no one cares for her!” Carmen snapped with evident anger in her voice as well as in her deportment. “Carmen, this does not concern you. You and Aurora just wait outside.” Slick stated nonchalantly. Carmen’s mouth fell open in shock. How could Slick just blatantly discard her words as if they meant nothing?

“Slick,” Carmen began in an aggravated pitch. “I am not your…” “CARMEN!” Slick shouted cutting off whatever her lover was about to say. “I said this doesn’t concern you! Now take Aurora back downstairs and wait for me.” Carmen tightened her grip on Aurora and held her lips so tightly together that they began to tremble. “Fine, you’re right, this is not my fight…nor is it my family.” (Ouch) Slick thought as the hostility drained from her body and was replaced with regret. (Shit, I’ve really fucked that up.) She finalized dropping aimlessly down into her chair behind her desk.

Murray allowed the air to clear before he began again, but this time his tone was a lot less abrasive and a lot more understanding.

“I will speak to Kathy about talking down to you. Sometimes she forgets that you are just as aggressive as she is and maybe more. I’m sure if she placed herself in your situation, she would know how it feels to be reprimanded for past transgressions and no doubt in front of your daughter. I’m sorry she made you feel that way.”

Slick turned slowly away from Murray in her chair and faced the view window. She didn’t bother to get up and look out at the crowd because she knew there would be one really pissed off strawberry blonde glaring up at her. (Little did she know, but Carmen had truly taken her leave of the entire thing.)

“Murray apologize to your wife for me for my brashness. I was wrong to assume that you would call her and let her know I was coming, thereby putting her on the defense when I did arrive. I only meant to let her know that I didn’t appreciate being chastised in front of my daughter. In the future please inform your wife not to approach me in such a way. That way we can all be certain that my attitude will not be as it was Friday.” Slick concluded not even bothering to turn around to see if that was acceptable to Murray. “Fine,” he returned meekly and slid quietly out the door.

At the Brownstone…

“Hey Mouse,” Pocahontas greeted cheerfully while giving her friend a bear hug. “Hey Poke, where’s Chocolate? I thought y’all would have been turning this place upside down by now.” Pocahontas just smiled, took Carmen’s hand and led her into the living room not bothering to answer the question. After having a brief conversation with the cocoa colored bombshell, they’d both decided to see other people. They concluded that their actions that night in front of Carmen, were only raw carnal urges and not love. So they determined that it was just best for them to not indulge in such an act again, but rather seek other avenues of release.

“So what are you doing here? Hell, I thought that you and Slick would be so weak from making love that you couldn’t drag yourselves out of bed.” She joked while pulling Carmen down onto the couch with her.

“Poke…I’m feeling like a third wheel right now. We invited her daughter up for the weekend so that we could all bond and it is not working so well.” “W’a’taya mean?” Shelia asked with a concerned gaze.

“Well everything was going fine until Aurora came down with makeup all over the place. Actually she was kind of frightening, but Slick tore into her like an anger lioness. I didn’t know if it was the fact that her daughter was experimenting with makeup or that she is growing up. Anyhow, I said something like, “That was moving I thought you were about to pull your whip out on her”. I then later was about to suggest that all WE needed to do was teach her how to use it. But Tarzan sister tapped herself on the chest and declared herself mistress of the cabin by telling me, “There is no WE in this.” Implying that I find my place and it was definitely not between her and her daughter.”

“And then we went to the club and she (Slick) and Aurora’s father (Murray) got into such a heated discussion that the entire staff could practically hear everything. Aurora broke upstairs and barreled into the room. She then went to shouting things about them always arguing, hating each other and that Slick slept with her father on a dare, or something to that nature. I merely pointed out that they should be ashamed of their actions and that they shouldn’t carry on that way. She screams at me, “Carmen, this does not concern you. Wait for me outside.” Can you believe that? She just discarded me as if I was nothing and definitely didn’t belong in their tightly knit family.” Carmen spat, reaching for the remote and changing the channel.

“Mouse you do realize that people say things when angry that they normally wouldn’t say right?” Poke reminded her friend as Carmen bobbed her head almost unnoticeably up and down. Not wanting to admit what her friend was right.

“Now that doesn’t mean Slick doesn’t value your opinion, I’m sure she does. But right now her ability to serve as an adequate mother is being questioned. Not only by Murray’s wife but basically everyone and YOU are included in that. If she didn’t want you all to bond she would never bring her daughter around you. So I am sure that is not it. Rather I think you should allow Slick some time to shuck the defensive mode and explain her reasoning for supposedly snapping at your little oh so sensitive ass.”

“I am not sensitive.” “Yes you are.” Poke returned. “No, I’m not.” “Yes you are…Mouse you cried for almost a week when you heard that the real bozo had died, and he didn’t even know you. You were just a fan, but you swear up and down that that man could remember you among millions of fans after attending his show one time.”

“He did remember me.” “Uh, huh” Poke said in a defeated tone. “Don’t jump to conclusions when Slick instinctively snaps at you while she is angry. That is expected of someone that is upset. Instead ride out the bumps and allow her time to ease back on her normal defenses before determining she had no right to do that to you.” Pocahontas said sticking her nose up into the air and mimicking a stuck up prep girl.

Carmen giggled while rocking her head in a negative gesture. “You know Poke as much as I want to be angry at her, I know that you are right. Each time she did snap at me, she was rather annoyed. Well…I guess I will forgive her. That is of course after I’ve had fun permitting her to beg for forgiveness.” Carmen said in a regal manner while rising elegantly from her place.

Just then the doorbell rang. Carmen turned quickly around and gave Poke a puzzled gaze. “Are you expecting someone?” She quizzed. Pocahontas chuckled and rose from her seat. “Don’t look so spooked Mouse. You know it’s Slick looking for her escaping mate.” The moment she opened the door Slick stepped in with Aurora following her. Rimi spoke to Pocahontas and introduced her daughter. She then gazed apologetically over at her partner and raised her hand.

“Ready to go baby?” She asked with a reassuring smile. Carmen returned the sentiment knowing that within her heart she would basically forgive Slick for anything. “Hi baby…I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Oh boy…that was original,” Pocahontas mumbled while holding the door and watching Carmen saunter over to her two favorite girls. “Thanks for the talk Poke. Tell Chocolate I’ll call back and maybe set up a dinner date for us, okay?” Carmen said smiling like a woman definitely in love and glad as hell that Slick was a persistent woman.

“Good night all…and it was nice to see you again Slick.” Pocahontas stated redirecting Slick’s attention back to her.

“I concur with that native one. And thanks for keeping my girl company until I got here. ” She said giving Pocahontas a wink. Pocahontas snorted, instantly picking up on Slick’s Morse-code message. That wherever Carmen was she wasn’t going to be far behind, and that she could very well bet on.

“Oh it was my pleasure, dark one. And nice to finally get to meet you Aurora.” Pocahontas chirped closing the door behind the three some. “Bye Pocahontas,” Aurora called out while taking Carmen’s hand. Slick watched her girls slide into the back seat of the jeep and wondered to herself how she had managed to reap such good fortune. There was no force in this world strong enough to keep them from her. And…that was quickly becoming a well-known fact.


Back to Da Basics

Pocahontas found herself dozing in and out of consciousness trying to wait up to see how Chocolate’s date went. Never in a million years would she have thought that the one person that moved her entire being to ecstasy would be one of her best friends. In her mind she sorted threw all the times the gang spent together and the fun they had. Her, Carmen, Chocolate and Vanilla were inseparable. Now she couldn’t figure out for the life of her what had changed. Does love separate those that seemed immune to it? No everyone in their group had grown, at least Carmen and Vanilla had, but she and Chocolate were simply spinning their wheels. Denial was a strong element of loneliness, and right now she had a bad, bad case of it. How could she stop this ride of despair and have it pull over at the station of love and hope? Would admitting to Chocolate that she needed and loved her so bad? Was living a life of seclusion what she really wanted? Or would she rather hold the one woman she craved both day and night in her arms for as long as she could.

Chocolate pulled up outside of the brownstone and pondered her evening’s events. That was the worst date she’d ever had in her whole life. Pocahontas holding her was all she could think about. How warm and secure she felt in her embrace. How her lips made her entire body sing the moment they kissed. How Pocahontas’ hands gently and lovingly caressed her body and stilled her very will. Finally with a disappointing sigh she permitted her thoughts to drift back to the disastrous date she’d just ended by using the excuse, she had a headache.

The woman chewed with her mouth opened, and snorted, while laughing, like a seal…and she had this incredibly growing mole right above her top lip. Every time Chocolate’s eyes fell on it, it increased in size. After looking at it several times that was all Chocolate seemed to recall of the woman. Her date had a pleasant personality but…she wasn’t Pocahontas and she DEFINITELY weren’t the fox that Poke was.

Chocolate inhaled and opened the door to her car after finally coming to the realization that her evening really did suck. As she stared up at the house she noticed the only lights she could see in the house were the flashing images of the TV. Something inside her wished that Pocahontas was up and she would get to see her before turning in. It seems that wish was to come true. Chocolate made her way up the steps, unlocked the door and stepped in. Her eyes swept over the stuffy darkness to the most moving site ever. Pocahontas looked up at her and she felt her heart beat increase. She could never quite remember having such an effect except for that night Pocahontas crawled up in her bed and they knocked the boots, for the first time, in front of Carmen.

“Hi,” Chocolate said almost shyly while hanging up her coat and purse. “Hi yourself, tall, dark and absolutely gorgeous.” Pocahontas returned feeling her body come to life and wanting oh so badly just to hold Chocolate.

“How was your date?” She asked patting the space beside her. Chocolate plopped down and inhaled deeply. She then gazed softly into Poke’s eyes with a passion that only a true partner would recognize in their soul mate and prepared to answer her friend’s question.

“To tell you the truth Poke…” Pocahontas waited, realizing for the first time in her life that she was gazing right into the heart of the station that she wanted her ride to stop at.

“It sucked.” It took a moment for Pocahontas to grasp what Chocolate said before bursting out laughing. Chocolate fell right into the groove of the moment, knowing that she’d never enjoyed anyone’s company like she did Pocahontas. She trusted her endlessly, and she definitely knew that there wasn’t anything in this world that Pocahontas wouldn’t do for her. Most of all she’d never known anyone who could control the functions of her body with just a single glance. Pocahontas was the woman for her, and she knew it for sure the moment their eyes met after returning from a date she shouldn’t have gone out on in the first place.

“I’m sorry Chocolate…but I’ve waited up for you just to hear those words. I know we suggested that we see other people, but I can’t ignore the longing I have inside for you. I’ve lied to myself over and over again, saying that we are not right for each other. We are best friends and that is good enough for me. That is a lie also. I need you Chocolate. I need you like I’ve never needed anyone before.” Pocahontas confessed sliding back against the arm of the sofa and beckoning Chocolate to her. Chocolate smiled and moved up between her woman’s legs and pulled her arms down around her for comfort she knew was there.

“I want you to be mine Chocolate. I want you to stay with me always, loving, caring and sharing everything with me. I want us to be a couple, you and I. Am I asking for too much?” Poke asked meekly while gently sweeping Amber’s hair to her left shoulder and kissing her tenderly on the neck.

“No you are not asking for too much. I am willing to give that and all that I am to you. That night with you Sheila placed a milestone right over the road that I should take, and it leads straight up into your heart. That is what I want and need to claim, and that is all I will ever want. No one sways me like you do…and in reality I know no one has ever come close.” Chocolate slid Pocahontas’s hand gracefully up between her breasts and cupped it with her own hand. “Close your eyes Poke and feel what you do to my very soul. Pocahontas did as her lover bid. With her hand resting upon Amber’s heart she felt warmth spread all through the brown beauty’s chest that brought tears to her eyes. Her heart was beating at an accelerated pace, which caused her own to copy each beat. She was hooked and that was exactly Chocolate’s intent.

Pocahontas couldn’t stand it anymore. She wanted Chocolate now and unless they had a miracle earth- quake nothing was going to stop her. She clamped her hands on each side of the button shirt that barely covered Amber’s delicious mounds and savagely ripped it open sending buttons every where. Chocolate jumped from her embrace and in record time rid herself of every stitch of clothing she had on. She then reached down and yanked Pocahontas to her feet and began to rip and tear off her clothes. (Now this shit is all right) Pocahontas thought as she could feel her wetness spread onto the inside of her thighs in a silky coat of passion. (That’s right baby, take me, take me like you’ve never done before.) Pocahontas thought as they both stood there panting and engaging each other’s mood with a single gaze. “Take me Chocolate. I want you to fuck me until you’ve had enough.”

Chocolate lost it as she shoved Pocahontas down onto the sofa and parted her legs like the Red Sea. She then dropped to her knees and began feasting on Sheila’s juicy pussy. Chocolate was slurping and moaning like a starving trick in heat. And Pocahontas…well Pocahontas had lost perspective on all directions, as Chocolate periodically sucked at her clit and plunged her tongue in and out of her aching cunt. “Oh baby…do it…take me Chocolate.” Poke could feel herself approaching the edge from her baby’s lavish licking. Suddenly, everything stopped as Amber pulled away from her and crawled onto the couch to straddle her.

“You told me to take you…and that is exactly what I’m going to do. But I’m going to do it my way, lover. Chocolate drove her drenched love chamber slowly down Pocahontas stomach. Leaving a well oil trail down her lover’s lapar (abdomen). (Medical terminology gotta love it.) Just as their clits met Chocolate entered her lover from behind as well as herself with an extended thumb. Ever so gently she slid her first three fingers into Poke while easing her thumb up in her gripping warmth. The slow gyrating of their hips only magnified the moment as their clits grind artfully against each other.

“Kiss me…” Chocolate requested as her warm breath cascade down over her lover’s face. Pocahontas locked her hands around each side of Amber’s face and hungrily claimed her love’s lips with a growling moan. Chocolate whimpered as she felt Shelia’s legs open wider and her suzy began to suck desperately at her plunging pleasure seekers. That’s all of a signal it took for Chocolate to get down to business. Her fingers sank deeper and deeper into both of their wet caverns with each powerful thrust. Sending them closer and closer to the edge as their thrusting became almost vicious. They panted and moaned into each other’s mouths as their love session intensified.

“Um…Um…Uuuuummmmm,” they both moaned into each other’s mouths as their climax approach and Chocolate’s embedded fingers oozed with their excitement. Chocolate pulled away from the kiss and concentrated on nothing but her fingers rhythm.

“Uh…uh poke…I’m, I’m…Oh lord…Poke, I’mmmm cuuummmiiin,” Chocolate screamed as she felt Pocahontas’s love channel lock down on her embedded fingers and began to pulsate. It didn’t take a heart beat for Poke to join her partner as her body went rigid and she thrust forcefully against Chocolate’s buried pleasure seekers once more. She then released with a drawn out howl that almost could have sounded like Chocolate’s name.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Chocolate pulled her fingers gently from their wet playgrounds while listening for the cool suctioning sound that followed.

“Hmmm…I made your coochie pop.” She cracked followed with a breathless giggle. Pocahontas chuckled and said, “Buckle up baby…our night of love isn’t over yet.” Chocolate lifted her head from Poke’s shoulder and kissed her lover sweetly on the lips. “I love you,” they both said simultaneously with a smile after reading each other’s thoughts and articulating them verbally.

“Carmen came by, but we can talk about that later,” Poke said laying Chocolate gently down onto the couch and spreading her legs. “Right now though…I want some honeyed love.” She whirred, dipping her head down between Chocolate’s ebony thighs and burying her tongue deep inside her still sopping cunt.
Back at the cabin…
“Hey, sleepy head. I thought you were going to sleep all day.” Carmen said as Slick sensually turned under the covers toward her cordial lover.

“Good morning love.” Slick then felt the space beside her and opened her eyes wider. Their little uninvited guest wasn’t there any longer. “Where’s Ray-Ray?” She asked sliding back against the head- board and ruffling her hair.

“Well, I explained a few things to her about grown ups and how they needed a little time on their own and she understood. Foxy and Murray agreed to take her to the movies while we…let’s say become acquainted again.” Carmen said while reaching onto the dresser and taking a hold of the breakfast tray she had prepared for her radiant lover.

“My, my, my, have we been feeling neglected little one?” Slick inquired with a raised eyebrow. “Well, let’s just say that after yesterday, I think we need some time to make up.” Carmen cooed while stepping back from the bed and removing her robe to reveal a very breath taking maids apron adorned by nothing but her well oil sparkling flesh and a bright ass smile. She then threw her head back and added the finishing touches to the uniform by adding a servant’s headdress. Slick felt her mouth run dry she couldn’t envision anything more than taking her creative lover unmercifully.

“Damn, the breakfast,” Slick said placing the tray down on the floor. “Now…” She purred in a low growling tone. “Bring on my luvin’ girl.” Carmen smiled and pulled up a duster and a pair of handcuffs. “I’m going to clean every nook and crevice on your entire body, my lady.” She then snatched the covers off Slick’s barely clothed body and spread her legs so that she could tie them to the bed frame below.

“Uh…Carmen baby, I don’t know about this. I don’t know if I’d like the idea of being tied up.” Carmen sighed in disappointment and undid the restraints while mumbling, “and I thought you trust me with your life.” Slick inhaleD and moved swiftly to the edge of the bed, snapping her lover up into her reaching arms. “You know I trust you with my life…Okay, tie me down. But you certainly better make it worth MY effort. IF you know what I mean.” Slick said with a wink before moving back onto the bed. In record time Carmen had Slick bound and blindfolded.

“Now Mistress, let the fun begin. I promised you breakfast, so let’s start with that.” Carmen slid onto the bed and straddled Slick’s body while bringing along with her a bowl of strawberries. First she let Slick inhale the fragrance of the freshly washed fruit, permitting its inviting aroma to tickle her palette. But the next time she allowed her lover to inhale it sweetness laced with something else. Carmen called it a love sauce and Slick certainly wasn’t disappointed as she hastily gulped each offered piece merrily down. Just as Carmen promised Slick’s body was drained of all it’s oils as well as strength by the time she was finished. Carmen removed Slick’s mask and gazing affectionately down into appreciative eyes. “You’ve bewitched me woman. I am simply crazy about ‘choo (you). And I don’t ever want to stop feeling this way. Undo my shackles. I want to get up in it, and…I won’t even need fifteen minutes.”

“Well, let me get the timer and see if you are true to your word.” Carmen joked. Just like Slick promised, it didn’t take her fifteen minutes. Once she started whacking that slit with her long, powerful strokes it didn’t take no time…no time at all for her little robin to sing out her name to the gods on Olympus.

(Pants and Gasping) “Did I ever set that timer?” Carmen said with a chuckle. “Of course you did…It just didn’t take me that long. I see you were in a need after all huh?” Slick joked before smoothly capturing her little lover’s lips in a sizzling, moistened lip lock.

Back at the club…

“So Foxy has gotten a date for the night huh?” Murray poked wondering who in the world it could possibly be. “Have you told Slick yet?” He asked his friend while tossing a bale of hay down off the truck they’d ordered for the Halloween bash.

“Yes, I have a date and no I have not told Slick, yet. What’s with all the questions anyway?” Foxy said pausing and placing his hands upon his waist to take a breather. “You act as if I need you all’s permission to see someone. I’m a big boy, and I can take care of myself.” Foxy watched as Murray’s concerned gaze became distant and focused on everything except his friend who was gazing up at him waiting for any kind of response outside of the reluctant silence he was issuing.

“Foxy you remember what happened with the last so called interesting man right?” Murray asked reaching for another bale of hay before handing it to another one of the guys helping to decorate the club.

“You know,” Foxy said propping her hands on her hips and shifting her weight onto her left leg while gazing up into the top of the truck. “Murray…somehow I knew the past was not going to be far away. What’ll ya think, I maybe need to hand out questionnaires before I consider them potential partners. Okay…so, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that the guy was a mentally disturbed, kleptomaniac turned rapist. Are you or Slick going to ever let me live that down? What, my selection in lovers has now become an issue of my working partner’s as well. Fine if Foxy cannot be happy here with out conducting a thorough FBI investigation on her dates, then I guess I’ll just have to find somewhere else to be.”

“Stop the act Foxy…every time your poppy stands up you think its love. And when someone calls you on it you get offended. Stop picking up these zeroes and get yourself a hero. Not everyone that bats their eyes at you and tells you that you are really something, wants you.” Murray snapped, before Foxy jumped in with her own observation. “Aw…you mean like Slick always does you huh?” Murray dropped the bale of hay at the next person’s feet and glared at Foxy before quietly excusing himself.

“Ouch…Foxy,” one of the bouncers said helping to uncrate the Halloween decorations. “I thought you two were friends. Damn, I’m glad your ass don’t think of me as a friend, because I would have never expected anything like that to slip from my boy’s lips, especially, if I was still in love with the woman. You know Murray is still hooked on Slick. That was down right foul what you did to him. I wouldn’t speak to your friendly ass for a good long time after that. Murray wasn’t making front or ridiculing your feelings he was simply showing concern for your safety just like every one else. You on the other hand were down right nasty and wanted to hurt his feelings.” The guy paused briefly while glaring up at Foxy and shaking his head. “Like I said,” he began again while handing the next guy beside him a bale of hay. “I thought y’all were like brothers, but I see that you are not…my bag.” The guy didn’t speak any more after that. He was well acquainted with the trio’s feelings for each other and secretly he also thought that it could be possible that Slick loved Murray as well, but he knew she’d never openly admit it. Everyone knew of her taste in both women and men, which he thought was okay. Since he believed that a person could be in love with more than one person anyhow.

Foxy sighed despairingly and jumped down off the truck to go look for Murray. Just as she walked passed the guy that so tactfully reprimanded her for her treatment of her friend she said, “know it all bitch.” The guy chuckled as he watched Foxy hastily stroll away. Foxy would never openly say, “Thank You,” nor would he accept defeat so the chuckling friend took her departing words as a rather colorful compliment.

“MURRAY…” Foxy screamed realizing he probably wasn’t going to respond right away…or he probably wouldn’t at all. “C’MON MURRAY…YOU NOW I’M AN IDIOT SOMETIMES. C’MON…TALK TO ME.” Foxy said in a pleading tone. Murray would probably be more receptive if Foxy sound real humble while seeking his attention. Yet, he still didn’t receive a response.

“Damn Ray, I see you are going to make it hard for me on this one. I shoo’da (should have) just left well enough alone…naw, Miss Foxy has always got to have the last word. I better get him in a better mood before Slick gets here. She will not be happy if…ah ha.” Foxy chirped interrupting his own thoughts. (I know where you are hiding Murray. I’ve watched Slick discover your whereabouts on several occasions when she’s upset you and you’ve ran and hid). Foxy thought moving into the supply room and looking for the hidden panel that led into another hidden compartment.

“Ah ha, there you are.” Foxy stated moving over to the Jack Daniels bronzed figure against the wall. Of course he didn’t know whether to hit it, pull it or twist it. Slick and Murray had this dungeons and dragons thing going on with the hidden rooms in the club some time ago and thought it would add style to the place by adding secret passages. After figuring out that all he had to do was pull the alcohol figurine, the panel slid away from the wall and over to the side to permit entrance.

“Murray…I know that you are in here.” Murray didn’t say anything he just kept sipping at the drink he had prepared for himself while lounging on the huge leather designed sleeping sofa in the room.

“Wow,” Foxy said spinning slowly around in the dimly lit room. There were lava lamps everywhere. Two were sitting on the end tables at each end of the sofa. One was sitting on the brass table in the middle of the room, then there was this giant neon Boulevard of Broken dreams bar light over behind the bar. The entire room had a cozy affect to it and the wall to wall black carpet only compliment it further. “No wonder, you and Slick were always down here. This is soothing and every bit…arousing. I like it.”

“What do you want?” Murray snapped, gulping the rest of his drink down and rising to get another. “Well it’s a good thing some of the girls volunteered to spend the day with Aurora. We probably would have fucked up her entire day fussing with each other huh?” Foxy implied.

“It wasn’t me that set this off. It was you.” Murray stated factually. “All I was stressing to you was to be careful. Oh, but oh no, Miss Foxy took it as a chastisement and thought it was necessary to knock me off the pedestal of concern because she felt like being queen BITCH.”

“Alright…Alright…there is no need to carry this on any further. You were right about everything okay? I didn’t mean to be so spiteful. It’s just that I don’t like to look back at bad times and memories. Plus, we all agreed that it wouldn’t come up again. But you couldn’t leave it like that. Oh sure remind me of how stupid and desperate I can be. I really want to hear that shit.” Foxy popped, moving over to the bar with Murray and awaiting a drink, hoping that he was at least gracious enough to fix him one.

“What?” Murray said looking at his friend with a questioning and half way buzzed look. “Aren’t you going to fix me one or what?” Murray licked the remnants of his drink off his lips and slammed his glass down on the bar. “Well, I guess I have no choice huh?” He then turned and started making Foxy’s drink.

“Murray,” Foxy said fiddling with a napkin stack nearest him. “What?” “Are you still hot for Slick? I mean do you still love her?” Murray top the mixing cup off and began mixing Foxy’s drink while standing in front of the neon sign and staring at it as if the question that his friend asked needed extensive thought before answering.

“Tell me Foxy…how can I not be. She’s incredible. She’s beautiful, vibrant, straightforward, and unbelievable in bed.”

“Maybe her scent wouldn’t still be on you if you hadn’t been a virgin when she first let you hit it huh.” Foxy said with a smile while reaching for the drink that Murray was handing him.

“I think you may be right my friend. But none the less it doesn’t change the way I feel.” Murray confessed.

“What about Kathy? She’s a good woman and definitely the hot mother type.”

“Yeah, she is.” Murray agreed. “You know,” he said leaning onto the bar and gazing into his friend’s eyes. “When I met Kathy and agreed to marry her, I didn’t love her at all. I just didn’t like the idea that Slick had her own special times to be with me. She had no problem leaving me alone and dying for love. So when Kathy and her girls came in that night and she showed an interest in me, I jumped on it. Slick was enraged beyond belief when she found out.”

“Oh yeah…I remember.” Foxy chuckled. “Didn’t she even threaten to have a hit put out on her, your wife I mean, because she was a man stealing whore and all?” Both men chuckled so hard that they were spitting up their drinks.

“Yeah when in reality she was angry that someone else was willing to offer me love when she didn’t want too. I was only there to fulfill a need Slick had at that time.”

“Yeah…” Foxy cackled. “And…I know just about every other night, for about a year after you got married she’d drag you down here and y’all wouldn’t come up for hours, just to prove that no one can take what was hers.”

“Man, you just don’t know. I was screaming for help from anyone who was brave enough to come down here and save me. If she wasn’t teasing the shit out of my ass she was mounting me silly.” Both men laughed again. It was evident that neither of them could stay angry with each other for longer than the minute anyway. They were buds. And even though Murray found it hard to believe, Foxy seemed to be the only man that he’d ever hooked up with, that understood him.

“You know…I know I will never feel about my wife as I do about Slick. But each and every day I love and respect her more and more. And she is so patient that it is amazing. What wife do you know of will allow her husband to work with his ex-lover and no doubt best friend for over fifteen years?”

“Oh…snap that’s right. You and Slick met when you were slop dogs in high school.” “Yeah…and she has been on my ass every since.” Both men gave their memories one last snicker before deciding they were friends again, and they’d better head back upstairs before Slick got there and found out they were getting blasted off their asses when it was up to them to handle the Halloween bash.

Over at Sassy’s…

“Baby, that’s your fourth drink within the hour. You’re drinking too much. And I think it is because of those three lying little stooges you’ve been cursing under you breath since you stormed out on them that night.” Sassy said while moving to her lover’s side.

“Ah…so I’m drinking too much huh?” “V,” said snatching her lover up into her arms and burying her face against her warm, covered abdomen.

Sassy had come a long way from whore’s strip. She was now a Madam/Accountant for her own little escort establishment. She had about eight girls working for her and four gigantic ass bouncers. They were the largest men Veronica had ever seen. Sassy’s business was booming like never before which allowed her leisure time with her lover whenever she desired. Veronica simply loved that idea. And what was even more rewarding was Sassy wasn’t working the strip any more. She was more like a housekeeping manager.

“Yep…and I think you should come with me so you can sleep it off.” Sassy said with twinkling eyes.

“My aren’t you a little appetizing morsel? Looking all nasty in that hot pink teddy.” Veronica said ripping open the silk matching mini duster Sassy was wearing.

“Get up here,” Veronica said sweeping her arm across the surface of the table and shoving everything back out of the way so that Sassy could sit her creamy, well lit backside onto the table.

“Since I’m drinking ALCOHOL so much, why don’t cha produce a little love oil for me to dilute it.” Veronica petition her lover while spreading her legs upon the end of the table and undoing the snaps that hid her glistening pleasure well.

“Um…” she hummed while ducking her head down and taking a whiff of her little lover’s scented love zone. “I love the way you smell after we’ve just made love. It’s so musky and mouth watering.” “V,” then opened the moistened lips of her lover’s womanhood with her thumbs and drove her tongue deep inside. Sassy groaned and permitted her head to fall back while threading her fingers through Veronica’s silky textured hair.

“Oh Lord…this is good,” Veronica praised as she pulled her tongue out and drove it in again. Over and over again she poked her little partner’s love entrance with long tongue strokes. Sassy tightened her grip in her love’s hair and rocked her hips in a needed rhythm. Wanting nothing more than to bury her love’s entire face within the drenched curls of her scorching cunt.

“Oh…Oh baby…stick it…oh…Oh yeah…just…like…that.” Sassy panted as her rolling hips began to pound her throbbing pussy all about Veronica’s face and plowing tongue.

“Oh…Oh…Oh yeah…do it “V,” She uttered, now humping like a bitch in heat. Veronica grabbed Sassy’s pumping ass with spread fingers and jumped to her feet while still working that ass. Sassy howled like a wolf at the moon as her back slammed hard against the table and Veronica popped that coochie with meaningful strokes.

“OH YEAH…DO IT V…TAKE IT BABY…TAKE IT,” she gasped as her climax climbed her and her body went rigid. Veronica didn’t let up though until her name tore from Sassy’s throat in a straining growl.

Satisfied with her little scenario of conquering, Veronica slowly licked the remnants of her little partner’s love oils from her fingers before falling back into her seat.

“Good Lord Veronica, if drinking makes you that aggressive, shit I’ll fix your next drink.” She joked while still trying to catch her breath. “V,” stood to her feet and grabbed her partner’s outstretched hand and pulled her up into her arms. “I love you Sassy. I’ve always loved you, from the very first time you held me in your arms. You remind me so much of…” Veronica paused in the middle of the sentence and pulled away from Sassy, not wanting or allowing herself to even think of the girls, especially Carmen.

“I’m going to bed now. I think you were right about my taking a nap.” She then staggered from the room and out of her partner’s sight.

(Good Lord, how am I going to help her with this? I have to figure out what to do about this rift between her and Carmen. If I don’t find some way, soon, of getting them back together she is going to drink herself to death). Sassy thought dragging herself down off the table solemnly.
Silk’s place…

“So which suit do you think look the best?” Rasha inquired while holding the outfits up to him. “Should I go drag or butch.”

“Wear the leather,” Silk said refilling her drink. She hadn’t been invited to any Halloween Flings so it appeared as if she was going to spend this night alone. But that was quite alright…If Rasha did what he was supposed to do, the information she’d receive on this evening events would be reward enough for staying at home alone.

“Yeah…you’re right, Foxy is probably going to dress drag anyway, so I’ll go as the lonesome cowpoke.” He joked accompanied with a flirtatious giggle. Silk rolled her eyes and plopped down on his bed wondering how long it was going to take his trifling ass to feel the bitch up and get what she needed to implement a plan of her own.

“Someone must’ve told that huge Adam’s Apple trollop that she looked good in drag. I know I never did.” Silk said propping herself against the headboard of her friend’s bed and taking a giant gulp of her drink.

“What is it about him that you don’t like?” Rasha asked turning to look at his friend while holding his leather cowboy outfit out in front of him.

“He’s a fucking fag, that’s why!” “And you are a fucking, pussy eating dyke.” Rasha said tossing his garment to the bed and moving back over to the closet to get out the accessories for his costume.

“Where do you get off being so cruel? What could he have possibly done to make you hate him like this?” Rasha inquired while pulling his eel skin boots out from under the silk covering he’d made for them.

“Well, he thinks he’s perfect, good looking, and he’s always in Slick’s business. You know that mother had the nerve to tell Slick that if she started dating me again that he would leave her.” Silk allowed a few minutes to pass between the conversation as she took a deep breath and permitted it to seep slowly out between her teeth.

“I didn’t have time to tell Slick to let the bitch go, before she went scurrying after him. He just think he’s so much, that it makes me sick to look at him. Oh Foxy this…and Foxy that.” Silk said taking another gulp of her drink while mimicking the many times she’s heard Slick brag about her drag friend.

“I can’t believe it…you’re jealous. You’re jealous of a drag queen.” Rasha said laughing. “Damn she must be extremely good looking in a gown. Well tonight…I’m going to be there to find out, because your FAGGET friend is definitely going to be in the house tonight.”

“Pssst…I think you are taking the fag shit a little too far. I only meant it for him.” Silk said moving from the bed and heading to the door.

“Well…my dear friend you really need to watch what you say, because when you call one of us homo’s a fag, you’re talking to all of us.” Rasha said stepping to the door behind her and visually encouraging her to leave. Silk looked up a down her tall friend and gave him an expelling smirk before stepping out into the hallway. “Bitches…they’re too fucking sin-si-tive.” She muttered turning to leave.

(Yeah), Rasha thought. (And maybe one in particular will wind up being a little sin-si-tive with your ass if you fuck with her woman). Rasha finished slamming his door.
Back at the Cabin…

“Baby…” Carmen called softly while gently rocking Slick awake. “You know that tonight is the Halloween bash right?” Carmen asked while shifting her upper body weight onto her right elbow and looking down into Slick’s cloud colored orbs.

Slick stretched out the kinks in her limbs and moaned before answering. “Woman the way you’ve been putting it on me lately I’m lucky I can keep up with the months much less know what day it is.” She joked before pulling Carmen down for a quick smooch.

“So what are we going as?” She questioned while sitting up in the bed. Carmen smiled and moved strategically out of her love’s arms and rolled out of the bed.

“I thought we’d go as the most famous T.V. paired partners of this century.” Slick gave her enthusiastic little lover a raised eyebrow expression while thinking ‘I am not going as something stupid like Thelma and Louise. If she pulls out an idiotic costume I’m going to wring her neck’. “And who is that?” she asked casually.

Carmen pulled out a long leather black dress adorned with a real bronzed breast-plate and a model round thing that almost looked like a circle and a matching thigh holstered dagger.

She then showed Slick a sizzling little white, all leather, two piece number, that came with matching boots and two neatly sculptured sais, that looked like hand pokers.

“We are going to go as a modern day Xena the Warrior Princess and her partner Gabrielle.” Carmen said proudly while spinning around with the garments held out away from her.

Slick smiled and moved to the foot of the bed. Thoroughly taken with the outfits that her little stripper had picked for them.

“Let me see that.” Slick said reaching for the slitter bottom, breast-plated garment Carmen had picked out for her. After running her fingers over the treated leather Slick looked up at Carmen with praising eyes and said, “Baby, I think I’m going to like this.”

Carmen chuckled and nudged her head toward the bathroom door. “Then what’ll ya say warrior? Wanna take a dip before our grand entrance to the fest?” Slick eyebrows rose in a surprised expression and thought, (Good Lord I’ve released a sex crazed monster haven’t I. Well…w’ats a girl to do). She finalized while leaping from the bed, grabbing Carmen’s hand and breaking for the shower room.
Back to the Brown Stone…

“Oh baby please,” Chocolate pled unable to go another moment more. Pocahontas was putting it on her so tough she couldn’t even stand up.

“Alright…but recognize woman…that this is only a temporary stay. For I am far from being through. I’ve been holding this love for you way too long.” Poke said while pulling Chocolate up into her arms off the carpeted floor under the table.

“Damn,” Chocolate panted while snickering and looking up at the bottom side of the table. “How in the hell did we wind up here?” “Well, you were trying to run little filly. And I had to rope you and bring you down with any means necessary.” Poke retorted while issuing a soft peck to her new lover’s parched lips.

“Well baby…you can bring me down anytime. Just as long as you are with me.” Chocolate said as her eyes began to fill with tears. Nothing in her huge vault of vocabulary words could explain how she was feeling right about now.

Pocahontas moved onto her elbow and gave Chocolate a very concerned gaze while wiping the tears from her eyes.

“What is it baby. Did I hurt you? Was I too…” “Sssh,” Chocolate swished tenderly with pouting lips. “You could never hurt me and I’ve always known that. And your loving could never be too rough or kinky for me. I live to please you and to have you please me. I am crying because I am just so damn happy! Poke I can’t recall when I have ever been so filled. You make my heart sing when I look into those brown beautiful, captivating eyes of yours. Words escape me when I think about how I feel when I’m with you. How you make my heart sing when you take me in your arms. And how your love stings me all over as well as within. I love you Shelia, I always have. Stay with me please…I want you to be mine.”

Pocahontas felt her ride come to a screeching halt as she stared down into her new partner’s sparkling brown eyes. She was there, at the train station of hope and love.

“You don’t know how you’ve just made the only wish I’ve ever had in my whole life come true. As I sat on that couch waiting for you, I secretly prayed that you would want to be with me and only me. I recalled all the times that we were together and how tingly you made me feel. I thought about the times that I’ve held you in my arms and comforted you when everything you felt life had to offer crashed and burned. During those times, your happiness became mine Chocolate, and now I shall embrace what has always been there, not because you’ve asked me too, but rather because I need it. Amber, I am so in love with you that my brain doesn’t know how to process it because I’ve never felt this way before. I love you AM, and I always will, clean on up into eternity.” Sheila finished softly, seizing her partner’s lips with whispers of nothing more that everlasting love.

Now don’choo go too far. We’re going to continue this in: WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO IT.


When It Comes Down To It….

After getting on her costume Carmen made her way to the phone, she had some friends she wanted to invite. The thought of inviting her Aunt Veronica came to mind too yet somehow she knew “V” wouldn’t accept her call. So Carmen wasn’t going to linger on that thought.

“HELLO,” Chocolate shouted into the phone while giggling. “Poke…(giggles and gasp)…no…stop…okay, I promise not…to do it again. Poke…” Chocolate whined while trying to catch her breath.

“CHOCOLATE,” Carmen shouted into the phone. Not even Carmen could keep from laughing after hearing Chocolate’s breathless giggles over the phone. Just the idea of Chocolate and Pocahontas hooking up was enough to bring an automatic smile to the little stripper’s face.

“Carmen…is that you?” Chocolate spat while continuing to giggle. “Yes, it’s me you trick.” Carmen joked. “So I guess you and Poke are getting along fine, huh?” She joked with a homey chuckle.

“Girl…I can’t keep her hands off of me, and of course you know that shit is vice versa right.” Chocolate said taking a deep breath.

“Carmen I have never felt this way before. Hell, I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t pull myself away from her long enough to go get some water. This woman rules my soul Carmen…and the sick fucking part about it…is that I want her too. So how are you? Stop Poke…I’m talking to Carmen.” “Hi Carmen,” Pocahontas yelled while continuing to tickle Chocolate. “So how are you and that magnificent Slick doing?” Chocolate asked as Carmen listened to all of the smooching that was going on in the background.

“Well, what can I say.” Carmen said preparing to do some bragging of her own. “Girl, if loving her fine ass woman is wrong…then I don’t want to be right. AND, I have never, and I repeat never…ever felt so fulfilled. Slick completes me. And her luvin’ is fucking wicked if you get my meaning?” Carmen shot, closing her summary of her lover.

“Now that’s alright…li’l sis. I feel the same way about Poke, who is now trying to set my ass up on the staircase rail at the moment.” She said laughing. “So what’s up baby girl, what’s the ring for?”

“Well, I wanted to invite y’all to a little Halloween bash at the Fiery Pit…”

“Ohhhhh shit…Ooh, Poke baby…Oh Lord do it…” Chocolate purred in the middle of Carmen’s invite.

“Hey could you pull her tongue out of your fudge seal for a bit. At least long enough to hear what the fuck I’m saying?” Carmen shouted. “Uh…Uh, mouse…besides its not her tongue that’s doing it. It’s her Johnny that’s filling my Suzy right now…oh lord…do me baby…do it.” Chocolate mumble as her pants became more ragged.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Carmen yelled, rather curious and damned sure turned the hell on from the sex-ridden sounds her friends were making.

“We…oh lord…went and bought…oh deeper baby, deeper…we went bought this toy. And oh Lord…my baby is a MASTER…at laying pipe. Oh…Oh…Oh fuck…talk to ya later Carmen. Oh…Oh yes…see ya…OooH…at the party.” Chocolate gasped, ending their conversation in a strained whimper before hanging up.

Carmen gasped in shock as she abruptly brought the phone away from her ear and lowered it in front of her. “I can’t believe this…My friend rolled me over for a good fuck. Now…I can’t do shit but plant it (shrug it), Damn trick.” Sadie finished with a giggle.

“Who were you talking to?” Slick asked, adding the finishing touches to her garment. Carmen wheezed in utter amazement. Slick was more magnificent than she’d ever seen her. “Baby…Oh baby…” Carmen tore her sight from the image that had certainly plagued her thoughts to regain her equilibrium before finishing whatever she started. “Can I have my treat now?” Carmen inquired in a winded tone unable to even process what she just said. Slick was simply on it (hotter than a firecracker) with the Warrior Princess look.

The long slit ensemble complimented every curve and wave her fine ass came with. Cleopatra’s head mistress didn’t have shit on her. Her skin seemed to glow with an enticing glitter as she came closer to Carmen. Her eyes sparkled like two well-lit sapphires. Her lips were mesmerizing and every bit entrapping. As she moved toward Carmen, the little stripper had to pinch herself to see if she was awake. Not only was Slick breath taking but she was as graceful as a Greek goddess of Olympus. The elegantly sculpted arm bracers didn’t do anything but shout out this woman’s snaring femininity. And she smelled…oh lord…she smelled like orchids in a summertime field.

“Oh baby…” Carmen uttered while rising and licking her now parched lips. “I think I’m going to need a little sum’in…sum’in FOR THE ROAD.” She said while rocking her head from side to side and licking her lips.

“Damn, if you came in a twin pack my ass would be in trouble.” Slick stepped into her little partner, grabbed a hand full of her hair and snatched her head back to reveal her succulent, flushed neck.

“Funny you should say that. I have a sister that many would bear witness to us being twins, although she is a few years older than me.” Slick replied while ducking her head to nip at her partner’s sweet scented neck.

“She just recently retired and started a family. I haven’t as of yet met her wife, but I’m sure she’s tough enough to keep her in line.” “Uh…” Carmen urged between breaths. Slick was making it hard to think coherently as she sensually sucked and nipped at her neck.

“What do you mean tough enough?” Slick withdrew her assault and shoved Carmen down upon the bed with a devilish smile. “I meant just what I said. My sister is probably more demanding than I am. And…she’s had extensive training. She retired, or rather resigned as a lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps. I heard she met her wife there as well. But either way, I know her wife has got to be a little lifer to withstand the elite orders my sister lays down.”

“Um…” Carmen moaned. “So will I get a chance to meet her?” “You certainly will my little love chunk. I wouldn’t want to take anyone else home to meet my big sis.” Slick finished with a wink while pulling her little love onto her feet. “We better get going before all the good seats are taken.” Slick said while whirling Carmen toward the door and whacking her on her plump backside.

Down the road a bit…

“Now tell me again why are we going to a gay club?” Pocket asked as they continued to adorn their selves in the good ol’ boy cowpoke attire complete with the long rider coats. Pocket was the good ole boy that Slick called the squealer. He had oily brunette hair, dark heavy eyebrows, stood about 5’5″ and had a skittish disposition. Any situation that seemed threatening he would be the first one to bolt. They called him pocket, because every since he was knee high to a duck he was chopping unsuspecting victims pockets.

“We’re going because Slick asked us to drop by any time. And since I seen the flyer floating around about the Halloween bash, I decided that we would go tonight.” Grease returned, who was also a brunette, but his hair was long and silky. Unlike the stereotype that mechanics had greasy hair as well as nails, he was quite the opposite. He kept his hair either swept back over his shoulders or in a ponytail and his body well tuned.

“Well, I’m going to be at least half blasted when I get there.” Detonator said while taking a swig from his personal canteen. “And if anybody grabs my ass I’m going to fuck ’em up.”

Detonator was the talker of the bunch. Although he was intriguingly bronze from the outside, he was as skittish as a kindergarten inside. He was about 6’2″, with blonde hair and golden brown eyes. Now, don’t confuse verbal skills with straight up bullshit. (Author’s note: There are some people that possess the skills to verbally have your ass petrified about what they could really do to you. And detonator has just those type of skills.)

“Check this,” Stomp said, primping up to the mirror to scope his outfit and hold his crotch. “All I want is to get up in some hunnies. Slick promised to introduce us to some of her girls. And…I heard they were hot, plus they liked boys as well.” He finished while primping in the mirror.

Stomp thought he was the big daddy of the bunch, since he was notably well endowed in the front pocket. He kept his hair cut in the Sunday boy style, parted on the side and swept back right above the ears. He was slightly taller than Grease, but not quite as built.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” Roller shouted, standing only five feet tall. They called him roller because he could wiggle out of any tight situation. His hair was cold black and curly. Hell, had he’d live during the 70’s he would be known as the white brother with the hitting Afro. Plus he was a charmer, one roll of his soothing blue eyes and the girls were hooked. “I want to check out some of those hunnies too.” He closed while shoving his way to the mirror and primping.

“Well boys,” Grease said tossing a toothpick into his mouth and turning to give his friend’s a mischievous glare. “Let’s head ’em up and move out. There are plenty of fillies out there that are just waiting to be mounted.”

“YEAH!!!” They all screamed while breaking past him out the door. Grease smiled and hit the lights. “There’s nothing like a pussy drive to get an old cow poke a strokin’ hmmm.” He concluded with a chuckle.
At the club…

“MOMMY!” Aurora screamed the moment Carmen and Slick got out the car. “Hi Carmen,” she said leaping up into her mother’s strong arms.

“Well now who would have ever thought that you were a little devil?” Carmen asked prompting the little splendidly disguised little one to giggle in her mother’s neck.

“Do you like my outfit mommy?” Aurora inquired as Slick gave her one more squeezing hug before letting her down.

“Well, I most certainly do. What about mine?” Slick asked spinning around to give her daughter a good view of the outfit. “Wow mommy, you look sexy.” Slick watched as her daughter’s brow created a frown. Revealing the confusion in her little one’s face.

“What is it baby?” Slick said reaching for her daughter’s hand. “Just who are you supposed to be mommy?” Carmen fell back laughing. Slick rolled her eyes at her little lover and asked her to take a guess or…ask Carmen what she was. Since it was her step…uh, I mean Carmen’s idea for her to wear it. Slick fiddled with her round killing thing almost embarrassed about what she almost about to say.
Aurora looked over at Carmen and giggled. Of course the two partners in crime knew exactly what Slick was about to say.

“Carmen mommy hasn’t asked you to be her wife yet…uh by the way that is what you will be if my mommy marries you, right? My step mother right?”

Slick physically stopped breathing. ‘What is it with this child? Has she been reading my thoughts are something?’ Slick thought as she glanced nervously over at Carmen before quickly changing the subject.

“Where’s your daddy Ray-Ray?” She inquired ever so tactfully. Aurora looked back up at her mother and pondered the question before finally answering.

“He’s inside…and he looks cute too mommy.”

“Well…let’s go see his costume.” Slick said while reaching for both her girls hands and heading for the door.

The festivities were already in full bloom, and everyone was in costumes. Slick scanned the club for Foxy and Murray, who was by the way dressed like Peter pan…green tights, pointed elf shoes and a feather pointed sailor hat to complete the outlandish outfit. Soon as his eyes met Slick’s he took on the powerful spread legged stance of the flying hero. Slick snorted and looked over at Carmen which was gaining exclusive attention on her own. That two piece leather mini set with slit ends just as her partners, was surely drawing stares. Her little firm limbs were glittering among the darkness as they rippled and flexed. And that lewd ass-swaying stroll had nothing to do with the patrons of the club gawking.

“Oh my gosh baby,” Slick said putting her hand emotionally upon her chest as they made it over to the confident Peter Pan figure.

“I think I’m getting excited,” She joke while looking over at Carmen with a mischievous smile. Carmen cackled and returned “My I think I am getting rather flushed myself. Maybe it’s those manly tights he’s wearing.” She finished stifling her laughter.

“So…what’ll ya think?” Murray asked turning his head and giving Slick and Carmen an imminent pose. “I can’t quite figure out what to say.” Slick implied reaching through his bent arm and yanking him to her. “How about a threesome.” She joked while planting chortling kisses up and down his neck.

“Well by the look of the boldness and definite aggression you’re displaying, I’d say you were a modern day Xena.” Murray said trying to hide the inspired pants that were building in his throat. Slick jerked away from him and looked down at their little darling demon.

“Now see Ray-Ray, your daddy knows who I am.” Slick stated almost with praise for Murray’s ability to figure out whom she was portraying.

Murray chuckled heartily with his head thrown back before seriously returning his gaze to his baby’s momma and her partner.

“Actually, it wasn’t your outfit but rather Carmen’s outfit that clued me as to whom you were. DAMN! You look good girl. Wanna play with me for a while?”

Slick slightly shoved him away from her in shock. “So the only way you knew who I was is because of the way Carmen looks?” She inquired coldly with a raised eyebrow. “Ah…c’mon Slick, everybody knows that where there is a Gabrielle, there is a Xena. I knew who you both were before you even spotted me.” He announced hoping to ease Slick’s uncertainty for her outfit. “Besides, the weapon was a sure fire giveaway.” Slick looked down at her side and smiled, completely satisfied with his explanation.

“Look mommy…Kathy is here too.” Aurora said proudly while pointing over at her stepmother.

Slick shot Murray a questioning gaze before saying, “I thought you said she didn’t like to go clubbing?”

“She doesn’t. We just thought it would be nice to have the entire family visit for awhile. And…we have some news we want to share with everyone.” Murray stated before taking Slick’s hand, which prompted Slick to reach and get Carmen’s hand and Carmen to reach for Aurora’s as they all headed over to his wife.

The closer they got to the biker-disguised image the more Carmen could feel Slick’s muscles tense. She hadn’t talk to Kathy since their confrontation and she really didn’t know what kind of reception she would receive. Carmen moved swiftly to Slick’s side and wrapped her arm around her waist to give her a more solid form of support. The little stripper also pulled Ray-Ray up to her side and did the same for her. Pulling Ray-Ray closer to her side clearly verified their union as well as their tight net bond. Slick’s arm folded around her little partner’s waist as they came face to face with Murray’s wife.

“Hay baby…how are you feeling. Are you okay? Do you want to sit down? Can I get’cha…” “Murray sweetheart, I’m feeling fine. Stop making a fuss over me.” Kathy said reaching for his hand and pulling him to her. Slick was confused. Why in the world would Murray be making such a spasm over his wife anyway? Had she’d been hurt or something?

“Baby,” Murray began. “This is Carmen, Slick’s old lady. I didn’t know if you’ve ever officially met her since, you know…” Murray ended nervously while gazing out from under his eyebrows at the pair, not wanting to stir up old grudges.

Kathy looked up into Slick stoic features and cautiously reached for Carmen’s hand to shake it. Carmen returned the sentiment moving slowly away from Slick’s embrace after secretively revealing to her lover that she would be fine.

“It is nice to finally meet you. Carmen said firmly grasping Kathy’s hand and moving closer to her. “I have so wanted to meet the woman that has helped so beautifully with Ray-Ray’s upbringing. Between the three of you, y’all have raised a very confident, determined and loving little girl. She is certainly special and I want to thank you for helping with that. We have had some very fun times together. She has shown and taught me things I never thought a young lady of her age would know. Why…”

“Uh,” Kathy interrupted. “Hunny, do you always rattle like that?” Both women cackled which eased the tension between the group. “Now I know why you’re with Slick. She rarely talks and when she does, she’s usually direct and certainly brief. Except for that day you all came to get Aurora, I have never heard Slick say more that one or two sentences. I’d say you’re wearing off on her. That’s good. And she is certainly a very lucky woman to have someone like you. I can see the light of virtue all about you. You are definitely different from the other…women I’ve seen her with.”

“Well, I’ll take that as a compliment,” Carmen said wrapping her arm around Murray’s wife’s waist and turning her to head over to a table nearby. Slick and Murray watched in total shock as they witnessed the little blonde sweep Kathy defenselessly off her feet by mere words of praise.

“Hay…She’s not going to take my wife from me is she?” Murray asked with furrowed brows and flailing arms. Slick snorted and said, “Now that I would love to see. C’mon, maybe we can find out this news you two supposedly have for us.” Slick urged while moving to the table where her lover and ex-lover’s wife was now sitting with Aurora in her lap.

“So…W’ats this news y’all have to tell us?” Slick didn’t direct her attention towards Murray’s wife long thought. Instead she was rather interested in how Ray-Ray was being so attentive to Kathy. She knew she loved her but the way Aurora was caressing her cheeks and running her fingers through her hair it was almost on the border line of ultimate fascination.

“Ray-Ray,” Slick said drawing her daughter’s attention back to her. “Uh…you are rather taken with your stepmother right now. Is there something you want to let us in on?” Slick asked with a teasing smile on her face. Aurora smiled back at her Mother then Carmen and her father.

“I’m going to have a brother mommy.” She stated calmly while returning her little satisfied gaze back to a now almost panicked Kathy. Slick could feel the hairs on the back of her neck and arms rise eerily. An almost abashed feeling surged through her body. Aurora was exceptional, but she damn well couldn’t read people’s minds…could she? Slick jerked her head up at an even more shocked Murray. By the look on his face and Kathy’s she knew Aurora’s assumption was true. Slick’s trembling hand went for the nearest thing she could reach on her partner, which was her knee. Carmen quickly covered it with both of hers, but hers was shaking about as bad as her mighty lover’s was.

“Is…” Slick started before gulping unsettlingly loud. “Is what Aurora says true?” She questioned while looking back and forth from Kathy to Murray.

“Murray looked down at his obviously surprised wife and then down at Aurora, who was ignoring the spooky and almost disturbed glances she was receiving from the rest of her parents.

Kathy wrapped both her arms around Aurora and gave her a much-needed hug. It wasn’t for Aurora as much as it was for her. “Ray-Ray, did your daddy tell you anything about the baby?” Kathy asked bringing her mouth close to her stepdaughter’s ear so that she could hear the question clearly.

Aurora pulled slightly away from Kathy and issued a powerful penetrating stare into Kathy’s eyes. Kathy almost cried out from the probing glance that Aurora was giving her. It was as if the little one’s stare was examining every inch of her body. Kathy expression changed from concern to unleashed fear. It was almost as if she was experiencing pain. Murray quickly knelt at his wife’s side and gently touched Aurora on her arms. He then began to issue soothing strokes up and down his daughter’s rigid limb. Seconds later Aurora broke contact with her stepmother and orderly summoned her gaze toward her father. Slick watched as Murray’s brows furrowed, but he didn’t appear to be witnessing pain as Kathy was. Tears had began to run from Ray-Ray’s eyes which prompted Slick to quickly move from her seat and pluck her child up out of her stepmother’s lap and father’s grip.

Slick laid her baby’s head upon her shoulder and closed her eyes. She could feel Aurora’s body begin to shake from fear that she’d done something wrong. “Sssh…Baby, Mommy’s here. It’s okay. You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to.” Slick had questions of her own, and plus she will never forget how Aurora gazed down into Kathy’s face and almost pulled the very breath from her lungs. Something was going on with her daughter. She just couldn’t figure out for the life of her what.

Carmen moved from her lovers side and began issuing comforting circling strokes to Aurora’s back. “Don’t be frightened baby. We all love you and we can help with whatever is scaring you.” Carmen said softly while wrapping her arm around Slick’s waist. The activity in the club was busy, noisy and thumping as usual. The family’s strange bonding didn’t seem to interrupt anything that was going on, but it didn’t go unnoticed by Foxy and the girls. They all stood up at Slick’s table and pondered if they should go over and be with them. However, Foxy held up his hand and signaled the girls to hold their positions. It didn’t take long for Murray and Kathy to realize that the whole ordeal effected Aurora much more than it did them. It didn’t take a heart beat for the both of them to join in on the grouping and issue their own endearments of comfort. Aurora soon stopped crying and wiped away her tears before raising her head.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Kathy,” She choked almost threatening to cry again. Kathy moved over to Slick’s other side so that she could look directly into Aurora’s eyes. “Baby you didn’t hurt me. You could never do that. No matter how mad I make you.” She said with a smile. Aurora returned the smile and bent down from her mother’s arms and kissed her stepmother on the forehead. “I love you Kathy.” She then looked around at all of her concerned parents and potential parent and told them all that she loved all of them. Soon the group was laughing and joking again, their bout with the unknown almost forgotten. None of them knew how Ray-Ray was able to figure the ongoing conception or the baby’s sex. They just finalized that it was merely a coincidence and nothing more.

“Gabrielle,” Ray-Ray said looking down into the Legendary Warrior’s sidekick face. “I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat. Carmen reached up past Slick’s embrace and pulled the little demonette from her mother’s arms. “C’mon little one. I was wondering just how long it would take you to notice that. I’ve been hungry.” Aurora chuckled as she took Carmen’s hand and followed her through the crowding forms all about the floor.

Murray, his wife and Slick stood smiling at the two as they expertly threaded through the mass of bodies heading to the kitchen.

Kathy looked up at Slick and she could almost feel the love Slick had for her daughter as she examined the usually, ‘I don’t give a fuck,’ demeanor change into elements of warmth and concern.

“I’m sorry…” She said humbly. Slick looked down into her sincere features and said, “I’m sorry too.” They both sighed, not wanting to linger on the past and their past attitudes toward each other. The sting of their anger had been doused by the most powerful component on earth…and that is love. They instantly established secretly in their hearts respect for each other. Murray silently watched as a mutual bond of understanding developed between the two women.

“Well,” Slick said breaking the silence. “Why don’t we all head over to the table and order some drinks?” She uttered while disappearing into the crowd.

Kathy looked up at Murray with a puzzled gaze upon her face. “Did SHE just invite ME, to HER table?” She said laying her limp hand unconsciously upon her bosom. It was well known all throughout the club that not just anyone was allowed to sit at the two decorative picnic length tables in the corner near the stage. Everyone in the club knew that those tables were reserved for Slick and her personal acquaintances. Kathy had even had the pleasure of watching an admirer being physically beaten and dragged out because of his abrupt intrusion.

“Yes dear, she did. So we best be heading over there. Slick doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” Murray informed while taking his pregnant wife’s hand and guiding her through the twisting bodies.

Secretively, they both realized that tonight’s events were a milestone in their lives. They were a family and somehow the utter meaning of unity had been stenciled in each of their hearts as well so as their minds.

“Ah the one person I’ve been dying to see since I’ve gotten here.” Slick whirred as she moved closer to Foxy. Foxy was wearing a rather revealing ancient Egyptian queen costume. To be specific he was wearing an intricately beaded ensemble that covered his…uh…let’s say protruding parts and nothing else. He looked every bit royal with the hair dressing, bracelets and necklace of a royal queen.

“My, my, my,” Slick uttered as she reached out to finger the extravagantly beaded attire. “I’m beside myself. Should I bow your majesty?” She joked while tilting her head slightly to the side and admiring the exquisite artistry in which Foxy’s makeup was applied.

“No need my champion,” Foxy replied. “You will stand at my side the entire evening.” Slick couldn’t keep from chortling. Foxy was definitely a pro at enacting royalty. “As you wish…” Slick paused before finishing the statement and said, “Just who in the hell are you?” It was Foxy’s turn to laugh. “Slick you ignorant cretin, I am the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra.” He said while barely bowing his head. Slick reached for both his hands and examined the attire as well as the body makeup more closely. She never realized how close to a female physique Foxy’s frame actually was. He was nothing less than breathtaking. And that fully displayed, firm ass that was scarcely covered by the stringed beads had nothing to do with it.

“Damn if I didn’t know you were a man, I’d be trying to bed you.” Slick said popping him on the ass. “Watch it butch, you ain’t getting any free feels here.” He joked as one of the door attendees whispered something in his ear.

“I’ll be right back. I have someone I want you to meet.” He whispered moving past Slick, Murray and his wife. Slick gave Murray a puzzled gaze and said, “W’ats that all about?” Murray shrugged his shoulders and pulled out the seat next to Slick’s for his expectant wife. Slick pulled out her chair and decided to get comfortable.

Outside the club…

“I told you I was invited by Foxy. My name is Rasha.”

“Alright Mr. Desperado,” One of the bouncers joked. “We’ll see if your highness has requested your audience. We’ve already summoned her.” He said signaling for another couple to enter.

Foxy sauntered up between the two giants and gave Rasha a heart-wrenching smile. “Good evening,” She purred ever so sexily. Both the bouncers arched their backs to look around the brown hunk of vivaciousness and gave each other a mocking smile. Foxy had never taken such a regal and seductive approach with any of her old beau’s before. ‘This was going to be interesting to see how she work that thang tonight,’ they each thought parting a path between them to allow Foxy to guide her date in by the hand.

“Wow,” he said softly. “You are absolutely mouth watering. Can I have a bite?” He beckoned as Foxy paused in his steps and gave him a sizzling glance accompanied by a smile. “If you are a good boy I might just let you do that.” She retorted, before resuming that sensual stroll she had been laying down since she put on the costume.

Rasha was ever bit intrigued. ‘Damn, now that is what I call a serious chunk of burning love’. He finalized as he watched Foxy’s hips sway from side to side and those fleshy moon shaped orbs flex and release with each step. ‘And they thought Cleopatra was a goddess of seduction’. He thought with a truly satisfied smile. ‘Of course, they never met this goddess. What a shame, it’s more for me’. He calculated with a silent chuckled to himself.

Once Foxy was at the table he ceased his steps and pulled Rasha up beside him. “Slick, I’d like you to meet Rasha. He’s my date for the night.” Murray’s wife surprisingly spewed her apple juice all about the table before her mouth fell open. ‘DAMN! Now that is a fine Muther…I better shut my mouth. He’s looking at me. Lord, now that is a waste of a fine ass man’. She pondered while slipping her napkin from the table and wiping her mouth.

“It is nice to meet you Slick.” Rasha said offering his hand. Slick simply looked at his hand then back up at Foxy. ‘Oh no…she’s going to do it.’ Foxy thought as Slick leaned back in her chair, crossed her legs and inhaled deeply. ‘No…No…No, please Slick don’t embarrass me, Pleeeaasssee.’ Foxy whined in his mind.

“It’s nice to meet me huh? You don’t know me from Adam. And I certainly don’t remember ever seeing you. Don’t bother to reply. I don’t want to hear it. If you fuck up on my girl Foxy…It’s yo ass. Do you get my meaning?” Slick said pausing briefly to gaze up and down Rasha’s fine ass frame, and the cowboy outfit wasn’t bad either. “Mr. Whatever your name is, I’m sure your mother didn’t name you Rasha.”

“No she didn’t, Ms. Slick.” He returned in an almost sarcastic tone. He gulped loudly as he watched Slick’s sky blue eyes darken and narrowed.

“Also, I will now take this time to inform you that I have nothing but sincere intentions toward foxy. And there is no need to threaten me. My name is Raymond. Use it anytime you see fit. Shall we sit now love?” He asked hooking his arm around Foxy’s waist and turning her in the direction further down the table. Slick snorted once she knew that the pair wouldn’t pick up on her mocking tone and returned to her original sitting position.

Slick continued to monitor the activity of the club as usual. Just as she heard giggles she turned and gazed into her little twin’s radiant face.

“Hey mommy we’re back.” “Good…did you two bring Kathy and I something too?” She asked knowing full well that the two of them probably wiped the kitchen clean.

“Uh…” Ray-Ray started as Carmen moved up along side Slick. “We uh,” she said hesitantly, not wanting to share what she had on her plate. Carmen smiled and lowered a platter down in front of Slick and Kathy. She then bent down and softly kissed Slick on the cheek.

“Now do you think that I would forget to feed my woman? Never! She’ll need her strength for later.” Carmen whispered with a gentle giggle. Slick smile and angled her head so the next time Carmen descended for a kiss she would hit nothing but lips.

“Why don’t you two get a room?” Kathy shot, while looking down upon the healthy plate Carmen had made up for them.

“May we eat now.” She said with bulging eyes. Carmen leaned into Slick as they both rocked with laughter.

“Sure…dig in.” Murray looked on as his eyes began to water. To avoid being detected he jumped from his seat and announced that he would be back with some drinks. Slick gave Kathy a smirk as their eyes met.

“He was about to cry wasn’t he?” Kathy asked prompting Slick to bob her head up and down thoroughly entertained. All of the women shared a laugh again before Carmen took her seat and they dove into their appetizers.
About thirty minutes later…

One of the bouncers stepped up behind Slick and bent to whisper something in her ear. Carmen watched her lover smile without bothering to look over at her. Slick wiped her mouth and excused herself. Within a matter of minutes she was back and in tow was Pocahontas and Chocolate. Of course they were wrapped together tighter than the chocolate and caramel on a Twix bar.

“Hay,” Carmen said jumping to her feet to head over to the pair. “I thought you couldn’t tear your selves away from each other long enough to come like I asked. Hell the way you were panting Chocolate, if you were a horse they’d put’cho ass down.” Carmen joked giving each of her friends a hug. Slick took her seat and allowed her sultriest lover to introduce her friends.

‘Wow, she’s pretty.’ Aurora thought as she gazed over the delightful dimensions of Chocolate, which just happened to be dressed like an Apollo dancer. Pocahontas on the other hand was dressed in a Zoot Suit like back in the Cab Calloway’s days. Of course, the suit was neon yellow with matching Zoot shoes and hat to match. There was no way in hell she could be overlooked in that damn outfit. She had the whole club glowing.

< ‘Well, you are really pretty yourself.’ Chocolate returned not really sure if Aurora would be able to interpret anything she said, but she thought she’d give it a try anyway. Aurora gasped and her eyes grew three times larger. ‘Oh my God…she heard me.’

Chocolate tilted her head and released a reassuring glance before continuing. By this time Slick was also observing the pair, but more so Aurora.

‘Of course, I heard you. Only special girls like us can do that.’ Slick watched as Aurora’s expression changed from a panicked look to a more confident one. The club owner observed her daughter’s passionate smile returns as she dipped her head shyly before gazing back up at Chocolate.

‘What is your name pretty one?’ Chocolate asked moving closer to Slick’s daughter before kneeling down beside her. ‘My name is Aurora, but everyone calls me Ray-Ray. What’s yours?’ Aurora asked while tilting her head and observing the beaded headdress Chocolate was wearing. ‘My name is Amber, but Carmen and the rest of my friends call me Chocolate. Would you like to call me that?’ Slick didn’t quite know what the hell was going on but they were definitely communicating as she watched Aurora giggle and shake her head in a negative gesture. ‘I like Amber. It fits you. It’s pretty like you.’ Slick watched Chocolate smile and pull Aurora up into her arms. She then muttered, “You are a very special baby Ray-Ray.”

“And…”Carmen stopped and observed the embracing pair inquisitively while moving to Chocolate’s side. “Ray-Ray,” Carmen interrupted breaking the mental link. “This is my friend…”

“Amber,” Aurora said giggling. “Yeah…” Carmen said with grimacing eyebrows. Wondering where the hell did that come from?

“Well…yeah…And Chocolate this is…” “Aurora,” Chocolate purred in a mystical tone cutting Carmen’s introduction off.

“Uh…Yeah,” Carmen then propped her hands on her hips and growled, “what the hell is going on Chocolate? How did you two know each other’s name? And why are you hugging her? You haven’t even officially met her…yet.”

“Calm down Mouse.” Chocolate said softly. She then looked over at Slick and told her that her daughter was a very gifted little one. She then asked Slick to clear the shock from her mind, close her eyes and think of something to say to Aurora. She also told Slick that she would have to really concentrate on doing this otherwise Aurora wouldn’t be able to pick up the message.

By this time the whole table had grown quiet so they could witness what was so extraordinary about Ray-Ray. Rasha of course was certainly taking it all in. After the kiss Carmen just received from Slick he knew for sure that Carmen was the new woman in the club owner’s life. Actually, he couldn’t dispute how good they looked together. What Rasha hadn’t observed was the well-hidden spectator that was dropping the ease on each one of them at the table.

Slick exhaled and drew in another deep breath to calm her self before trying to communicate to her daughter. ‘This is stupid and Carmen’s friend Chocolate is even stupider. ‘ Slick thought before trying to figure out what she was going to ask Aurora.

‘She’s not stupid mommy and neither am I.’ Aurora said extracting her mother’s thoughts from her mind and automatically responding. Slick jumped out of her seat so fast the she nearly turned the entire thing over.

“What…What is it baby?” Carmen asked moving to a now frantic looking, gasping Slick. “Did’choo hear her? Did you hear what she said Carmen?” Slick asked grabbing her little lover’s hand and jerking unconsciously at her arm. “Tell me you heard her!” Slick asked whirling around to let her partner glance upon the wildest glare she’d ever seen in her lover’s eyes.

‘Calm down Slick. You have the same abilities. You’ve just never used them in this way.’ Chocolate said telepathically. Slick inhaled several times more before relaxing enough to calmly ask Carmen if she had heard either of them talking.

Carmen smiled and said, “No…but I’ve always knew Chocolate had the ability to go into people’s mind and see things they’re intended to do…or rather the future. She just doesn’t like doing it.” Slick licked her lips nervously as she continued to stare down into her partner’s eyes. “So…so you’re telling me that my baby can do this shit, right? That’s what you’re telling me, right?” Slick was beginning to rock in her stance now.

“You’re telling me that Ray-Ray can read my thoughts or better yet she could see the future? Is that what you are saying baby?” Slick rattled to her partner as if she could make the current events cease.

‘Slick…take it down a notch. If people go to checking out a usually stoic person acting as if she seen a ghost, they’ll go to questioning just how tough are you.’ Chocolate said relaying to Slick spiritually not to upset herself to the point of looking crazy.

Slick could hear everything Chocolate said so her partner’s confused gaze hadn’t registered yet. After closing her eyes and inhaling several times more, she opened her eyes and pulled Carmen up into her arms. Her body trembled with uncertainty. This was surely new information to Slick and no doubt her baby had it too.

“What do we do now?” She asked Carmen quietly. Carmen pulled slightly away from her partner and brushed the dangling strands of hair away from her face. “We’re going to take it one day at a time, okay? I’m sure Chocolate knows some very influential people that can help Ray-Ray. Isn’t that right Chocolate? Carmen inquired while reassuring Slick with her eyes.

“You bet…And I’m going to keep a close eye on her until she’s comfortable with their presence.” Chocolate returned looking down into Ray-Ray cheery orbs.

Carmen dipped her head and gazed into her lover’s relieved face from under her brows.

“Is that okay with you baby?” Slick looked back at Murray and Kathy who was now standing only a few steps from her. Murray stared at the two overly surprised mothers and cleared his throat before taking the lead.

“We’d like to meet whomever you feel can help our baby with her special gift before giving the final okay. And after that if she works out we’d have her to conduct in home visits instead of taking her to a place she feels uncomfortable in. And either one of us, of course will be a regular attendee. We’re not sure about these special powers but I’m convinced you know that we will support her in every way we can.” Murray finished looking over at Slick first then down at Kathy for their acceptance of his suggestion. Both women nodded their heads and gazed over at a smiling Aurora.

“Slick, you have the fix as well. I think you and Aurora could benefit from it abundantly if you both attend. Of course I will always be there because I don’t want that little minx right there crawling my back for abandoning you two.” Chocolate ended while nudging her head at Carmen. The group shared a laugh and one more adoring gaze at their little fortuneteller before returning to the night’s gala that was underway.

The friends and family members finally took their seats and began to converse again. Slick hadn’t been in her seat for more than ten minutes before one of her bouncers approached her again and whispered in her ear. Slick excused herself again and followed the bouncer out.

When she returned it seemed as if the whole club was hooting and purring for the good ole boys that were following her. Carmen covered her mouth to stifle the giggles that were trying to scale up her throat.

Slick’s little country boys were surely uncomfortable with the praise as they approached the table with their hands clenched tightly together behind their backs. Once there, Slick introduced them to everyone and offered them seats at her other table.

“Hay Slick, you remembered right? You know, how you were going to fix us up right?” The squealer asked. Slick chuckled and patted him forcefully on the back almost knocking him to the floor.

“Now Squealer you know I’m a woman of my word.” She then gazed over at Foxy, who was watching Slick’s every move, and nudged her head toward the boys. Foxy patted her date on his hand and excused herself. It didn’t take a second for Foxy to step up to Slick’s side. The good ole boys jerked in their seats as Foxy came along side Slick and looked down at each one of the guys before directing her attention back to Slick.

“Uh…Slick,” Squealer uttered, highly unnerved by the sight before him. “You were talking about girls right…because we like you and all but we ain’t into that other shit.” He spat as his eyes combed up and down Foxy’s body amazed by what he was viewing. ‘If his fucking feet weren’t so big, I’d jump his ass.’ Squealer thought as he looked down at the golden Egyptian designed sandals.

“Squealer, you couldn’t hang with my girl Foxy anyway. She’s a panther in bed.” Slick purred looking out from under her eyelids in indication. Foxy laughed and yanked Slick into his body and viciously seized her lips before roughly shoving her away and addressing the boys. Of course the shocked expressions took a few minutes more to dissolve from their faces, but they were dealing with it. ‘Damn…and he’s strong too.’ The squealer thought while scooting his chair back a skoatch (sh-Coa-ch, tad).

“No need to fear my little one.” Foxy then bent down until she and Squealer were eye to eye before continuing. “I won’t touch it unless you want me too. And I won’t spank you unless you beg me. Get me…Or rather do you understand me, John boy Walton?” Foxy asked, and received a shaky sign of acknowledgement before regaining her full height.

“Good…Now let’s go talk to some of my girls.” The boys straightened up their attire, applied a little spit sheen to their hair and stood. Foxy looked back at Slick with a definite, ‘I’ll get’choo back’ look, before leading the pack back to the dressing rooms. Slick chuckled at her friend’s pretense anger before wishing the guys happy hunting.

“You are nothing nice are you baby?” Carmen stated taking a huge drink from her glass. Slick could see Carmen’s eyes were glassing over. ‘What in the fuck did Murray get her? She’s probably high as a kite.’ Slick thought since she knew Carmen didn’t drink much.

“Murray…what’ll ya say we take a spin on the dance floor?” Slick asked patting Kathy’s hand. Murray looked over at his wife before responding. Needing to know that she was cool with it. Kathy smiled and nodded her head before telling Slick to watch her feet. He couldn’t cut a rug but he could stomp a very colorful pattern on your feet. Slick chortled and told her new friend that she’d keep that in mind.

Once the couple was on the dance floor Slick angled her body so Murray’s wife wouldn’t see what she had plans of doing next. Slick yanked Murray’s body close to hers and glared menacingly into his eyes.

“What?” he asked with furrowed brows. “What in the hell did you give Carmen to drink?” She asked allowing him to lead the dance.

“What, I thinks she’s kind of cute and she’s certainly more friendlier.”

“Listen you dumb shit,” Slick said jerking back on his hair. “Don’t you give her anything else to drink. At least nothing with alcohol in it, got that?” She growled while narrowing her gaze and releasing her grip.

“Alright, alright I just thought since she was so concerned about what was going on with you and Aurora that she needed something to relax her.”

“Relax yes…but not make her pass out in the middle of the fucking floor.” “Okay…no more alcohol for your…Hay,” Murray said with a questioning gaze. “Are you and Carmen going to take the plunge? Do you have any intentions of asking her?” Murray said quizzically.

Slick gazed into his eyes once more with an unknowing stare before turning her attention to anything but the question.

“I can’t believe it, the Almighty Slick is afraid to ask the little fire hair blond to marry her.”

“Hay watch that shit.” Slick said covering his mouth and looking around the dance floor. “Not so loud. And I’m not scared, I just don’t know how to do it.”

“Well,” Murray commenced before dipping Slick. “What the fuck was that?” She asked after he returned her to her original position. “It was a dip woman.” “I know what the fuck that was. I just wanted to know why you did it.”

“Rimi, it is to show you how to propose to Carmen, you swoon her woman! You take her home light some candles, pull her close, and after talking with her awhile, the conversation of course will border line on what y’all plans are for your future. And after receiving the response you want you present her with the ring. You do have the ring right?” He asked dipping Slick again.

“Well no, should I get one before I ask her?” “Well it would be a good incentive. Hold on to the receipt though in case she says no.” He joked which earned him a swift kick to the Harry.

“Ouch…you butch. What are you trying to do, rid me of bearing other children?”

“No…that’s just in case SHE DOES SAY NO.” Slick said with a smile. The couple’s slow twirl came to a halt at the end of the song.

“Well, shall we make it back to the table?” Slick asked tossing Murray’s arm across her shoulder and helping him back to the table. “Don’t you ever ask me to dance with you again. Slow dances are SUPPOSED to give you hard, not bruised nuts you witch.” He scowled while unconsciously rubbing his crotch.



The festivities grew with various performances and dances all about the table. Everyone had, had their turn on the floor except Kathy.

Carmen looked over at Murray’s wife just as Kathy gazed over at her. Carmen gave her a sweet smile and rose from her seat. ‘Oh, my God, I don’t think I like that smile’. Kathy thought as Carmen moved along side of her and offered her, her hand. Slick looked over at Murray to see what kind of response he would give. He smiled and encouraged Kathy to go for it. Kathy looked over at Slick just in time to see her chuckle and nod her acceptance.

Kathy rose from her seat and took Carmen’s hand. Carmen gave her new friend an award-winning smile and guided her partner onto the floor. They were playing, “Be my Lady,” by Tyrese. Carmen took Kathy gently into her arms and pulled her close. Everyone at the table was on the edge of their seats watching the pair.

Kathy brought her arms up slowly to place them around Carmen’s shoulders. She then pulled Carmen in close until her cheek rested tenderly upon Slick’s partner’s.

Both women draped down in leather began to move to the slow lyrics ever so comfortable with each other. Everyone watched in utter surprise. They surely thought Kathy would be a little distant and wouldn’t want to be close to Carmen but for some reason she was at ease with her dance partner. They swayed ever so lyrically to the music. Every once in a while Kathy would raise her head and say something, which would send both women into a laughing fit.

Slick slid down slightly in her seat and watched her partner charm Kathy in ways she’d never dreamed of. Kathy was laughing and at times she would twirl Carmen until her back was to her and she would pull Sadie close to her without even missing a beat or a step. Carmen cackled and moved ever so sensually against her, spurring Murray’s wife to hold her partner just that much closer. They remained dancing like this until the music ended. The pair then stepped slightly away from each other and said something and leaned back laughing again before heading back to the table.

“Murray your wife is an excellent dancer and good company too.” Carmen complimented while pulling out Kathy’s chair and scooting it artfully forward as she began to sit.

“Say Mouse,” Chocolate asked with a alcohol induced twinkle in her eyes. “Were you giving up the boo-tay out there or what? Ole Kathy there seemed kind of taken with the way you were holding her. Murray you better watch out Slick and Carmen are going to take your woman from you just by dancing with her.” Everyone at the table muffled their giggles as Murray snorted unconcernedly in Chocolate’s direction before turning his head back around to issue his wife a very pleading expression.

“Baby, don’t listen to them. You know you are my BIG dad-day.” The table roared with laughter again as Kathy leaned over and reassured her husband that what she said was true with a well-deserved kiss.

Aurora giggled and leaned into Chocolate at the sight of her parents. Kathy looked so precious giving her father a pouty mouthed expression while caressing his cheeks.

“Hay what are you laughing at little one?” He asked tossing a wadded up napkin at his daughter. “Daddy you are so funny. I was laughing at that image that popped in your head with mommy, Carmen, Kathy and you rolling around in bed.” Everyone at the table mouths fell open, including Kathy’s.

“Murray are you trying to get freaky on me?” She asked prompting another series of laughter. Murray wadded up another napkin and tossed it toward Aurora again. “Slick talk to your daughter. She’s not supposed to read a person’s private thoughts. Slick snorted and directed her attention toward her giggling daughter.

’I’d say it’s about your bed time princess’. Slick thought staring down the table at her daughter. She then lowered her elbows down on the table and leaned into them. Aurora smiled and silently said, ‘Alright mommy, just let me say good night to everybody and Chocolate’. Slick nodded her head, before resting back in her chair again.

‘No need to repeat yourself little one. I’ve heard the message as well’. Chocolate thought, while giving her new friend a hug. Aurora returned the embrace before sliding her chair back and heading over to her mommy. Slick rose and took her hand. ‘Say goodnight Ray-Ray’. Slick relayed in thought. Aurora smiled up at her mother and yelled out, “GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE. The table rumbled with “pleasant dreams” and “good nights” before the couple turned to leave. Aurora then whirled around jerking her mother to a stop and yelled out Carmen’s name. The little stripper brought her conversation to an abrupt halt and jumped to her feet, heading over to her two favorite girls. Aurora smiled, took her hand and nodded her head for her mother to proceed. Slick snorted and threaded her way through the crowd heading up to her daughters bedroom.


Down the table a bit.

“So.” Rasha said taking a sip from his drink…Pink Lady. “Is that Slick’s better half?” He inquired while taking another sip of his drink. Foxy didn’t quite hear him so she dipped her head closer to his silently asking him to repeat the question. Foxy sat up and watched the couple clear the stairs before replying. “Yes, she is. She’s kinda pretty isn’t she?” Rasha shook his head up and down while gulping down his drink and watching the trio leave.

“That little girl adores her huh?” Rasha asked placing his drink on the table and straightening his jacket.

“Yeah she does. The last floozy Slick was with couldn’t stand Aurora. She somehow thought Slick’s baby was a threat to their relationship. So when Aurora visited the club the girls and I usually watched her. Slick has really come a long way with how she treats her daughter now and I know it is because she is happy. Carmen is Slick’s soul mate. You notice how cool, calm and collected she is when she’s around?” He asked not really waiting for an answer since Rasha wasn’t supposed to really know anything about Slick.

“So when Slick’s other girlfriend was around Slick wasn’t allowed to spend time with her daughter huh?” Rasha returned wondering now what kind of woman would not permit her lover to spend time with her child.

“Hell nah, she was a bitch in every sense of the word. Everyone here hated her. She was a flat out whore and a stuck up cunt.” Foxy finished, not bothering to look over at her date for any kind of response.

“So I imagine that she’ll have no chance in the world to get back with Slick huh?” Rasha asked realizing to himself that that alone will be his draw back from a supposed lover. No one would come between him and his offspring, no one.

“Hell, I should say not. If Slick takes that bitch back I know she can kiss me goodbye. I would not spend another day around that cheating skanch.” Foxy retorted before taking a sip of her drink.

‘Well, I’d have to say that, that’s too bad for Silk. I know I wouldn’t take her back. And on top of it she cheated on the woman too. Damn she is a fucked up bitch’. Rasha thought, losing all perspective on his supposedly best friend. He’d heard a lot of things about Slick, but now, he didn’t know if they were true or not. She seemed just like Foxy described, well stacked with the three C’s.

“Say I haven’t had the chance to dance with you.” Rasha said with dancing eyebrows. “Wanna take a twirl with me?” Foxy gasped in pretend shock and elegantly laid his hand upon his bosom.

“Well, yes I surely would kind sir.” He retorted offering his new friend his hand in acceptance. Rasha smiled, rose and took it.


Back upstairs.

“Slick,” Murray said bursting into the room. Carmen and Slick were laying on opposite sides of Aurora while Carmen told her a story to put her to sleep.

“You have a phone call.” Slick kissed Aurora on her forehead and bid her goodnight. She then kissed Carmen lightly on the lips and slid from the bed.

“Who is it?” “It’s your sister.” he replied directing her toward her office. Slick made her way to her seat and turned it so that she could look out over the club before taking the call.

“Hay sis, w’ats up?” Her sister laughed and said, “Obviously you! I haven’t heard from you in about a month. And you know Paw-Paw is thinking his baby granddaughter has been kidnapped or something. Do you have something to tell me, or rather someone to tell me about?” Slick snorted and began telling her older sister about the new love in her life. How she’d changed her life. How her and Aurora are tit for tat and how much she loves her.

“Well, baby sis, it sounds as if I hear wedding bells. Have you asked her to marry you yet?” Her sister asked, which paused just long enough for Slick to answer.

“No,” She said faintly.

“WHAT!?” Her sister nearly screamed. “What are you waiting for, Santa Claus to make little Slick’s wish come true? Have you gotten the ring yet?”

“No, no, no,” Slick snapped. “And what is it about this marriage thing? You are the third person to ask me about that. Everyone is giving me the jitters.”

“My word,” her sister gasped. “Button are you scared?” Slick didn’t reply. If anyone could detect a lie in her voice her older sister certainly could.

“You are aren’t cha? Want your big sister to give you some pointers?”

“Stop it! Just stop it,” Slick snapped. “Just because you already have a wife and a baby on the way doesn’t mean that I can’t do the same.”

“Button, do I detect an attitude?” her older sister inquired in a dangerously low tone.

“No,” Slick said adding a little soprano pitch to her voice.

“I didn’t think so. Now, tell me when am I going to meet her?” “Soon. I just want to have all my ducks in a row before we come out there. I want her to be my wife Snapper. I need this like I’ve never needed anything before in my life. She makes me giddy just looking at her.”

“Well, get that ass a scratching and bring my sister-in-law to see me after you’re married.”

“Snapper how’s my other sister doing? Oh Lord, don’t speak of her too loud. She is grouchy as hell and eating up every damn thing in sight. She had a huge appetite before she was pregnant, but now I’m spending over three hundred dollars a week to feed her and her clan…Of course she is absolutely glowing and sexy as hell! I love her more every day than I thought possible!”

Slick leaned back and started laughing. “She just walked in the room didn’t she?” Yeah, you guessed it.”

“Well you talking about how much she can eat puts me in mind of my baby. The first time Aurora saw her eat I think she scared her. It’s as if she has a bottomless stomach.” Both sisters laughed just as Carmen peek her head in to tell Slick Aurora was asleep and she was going to the bathroom. “Alright baby I’ll be down in a few. I’m just talking with my sister.”

Carmen stepped into the room silently wanting Slick to permit her to speak with her. Slick noticed Carmen’s desire to speak to her sister and waved her over before asking her sister to hold on. She then offered Carmen the phone. Carmen smiled and started over. She spoke with Slick’s sister briefly because nature was calling and the drinks she had guzzled down her throat were now looking for an exit. She said her good-byes, kissed Slick and tore from the room.

“Button, what does Carmen look like?” Her sister asked, kind of curious as to why she sounded so much like someone she knew. Slick described how Carmen looked from head to toe, not missing anything in between. When she finished her sister just sat there.

“Snapper are you still there?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Button, if I didn’t know any better I’d say your girl was a twin to someone I know.” Slick frowned and said, “Really?” “Yeah but I’m sure I’ve never met her. Unless, I ran across her when I was stationed in Okinawa and she danced in the Banana Club on B/C Street.” The sibling shared another joke before continuing their conversation.


In the bathroom…

Carmen tore into the bathroom looking for an empty stall. She really needed to go now. As soon as someone stepped out of the little closure she tore into it. In the midst of emptying her bladder all of the room’s occupants emptied out. Once she was finished she turned to flush the toilet and heard the door creep open again. She didn’t ponder long about it though. After all there was a lot of drinking going on in the club so she knew plenty of women were going to be headed the same way.

She tidied up her clothes, opened her door and headed over to the face bowl. Suddenly, Carmen began to feel uneasy. The woman that had crept in the bathroom after everyone had left was now staring at her.

Carmen continued to wash her hands, thinking that if she ignored her she would go away, but that didn’t happen. Carmen snatched some towelettes from the dispenser and turned toward the woman while drying her hands.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Carmen asked as the slightly taller woman narrowed her eyes.

“Who are you here with blondie?” She asked, staring Carmen up and down.

“What business is it of yours?” Carmen snapped while tossing the used paper towels into the trash and starting for the door. Before she knew what was happening the woman was in her face. She then shoved Carmen away from the door.

“What is your problem?” Carmen said regaining her stance. “You little innocent trick. I saw your ass with Slick.” Silk said pushing up on Carmen again. Carmen tried to shy away but Silk had her pinned up between the wall and the last bathroom stall.

“Do you think your little Red Riding hood ass could just move in on someone else’s territory? Did you even bother to ask Slick if she was fucking anyone else? I ought’ta kick your little stupid ass.”

Carmen flinched from the alcoholic stench that laced Silk’s breath as she continue to spew obscenities all about Carmen’s face and hair.

“I tell you what blondie.” She said snatching back on Carmen’s hair. “Slick is my woman and if I see you with her again, I’m going to make your little story book ass sorry. And don’t bother to look over your shoulder, because I will be there just when you least expect it. Just like I did tonight.” Silk gave Carmen’s hair one last hard yank before backing up toward the door.

“Just remember what I said runner girl.” She said opening the door. “Oh yeah, tell Rasha that I don’t need his help any longer. Just from your lack of speech and your intimate contact with Slick, I know you are the woman I was having him look for.” (Author’s note: Now tell me this skanch ain’t stanky. She ratted out her own friend.) Silk exited just as she entered, quietly. Carmen took a few minutes more to steady her nerves. If Slick saw she was upset she’d surely leave the club in hot pursuit of her ex-lover.


Back in the club.

“Foxy, I have had a fun evening. I’m sorry I have to cut it short though. I’m afraid I have other engagements I have to tend too.” Rasha said having gathering all the information he cared about Slick. Silk portrayed the one being mistreated when all along she was no better. After listening to Foxy, who adored Slick, brag about her friend most of the night. He wondered if Silk hadn’t brought most of the bad treatment she supposedly received on herself.

“Oh,” Foxy began certainly disappointed. “Okay.” But Rasha could see the questioning in his sparkling brown eyes. So he set out to definitely let the brown fudgecicle know that he wanted to see him again.

“You know Foxy I’d really like to see you again. Do you think we could maybe spend a weekend together? I mean if Drill Sergeant Slick doesn’t mind.” He joked, drawing a very sensual smile from the talented choreographer.

“We’ll see.” Foxy returned kissing him softly on the lips and bidding him good night. Rasha smiled and rose from his chair before bidding everyone at the table a good night. Everyone returned the sentiment before continuing his or her own perspective conversations. Rasha blew Foxy a kiss before quickly disappearing into the crowd.


Back at Silk’s place.

Within thirty minutes Rasha had made it home and hopefully after telling Silk what she wanted to know, he’d be through with this whole charade. Right about now he was really resenting coming up with the idea of helping Silk.

“Well, if it isn’t Hi-HOE-Silver,” Silk joked finishing up her drink and rising to get another.

“So, did you get a piece of ass or did you give him a hand job under the table?” Rasha threw back his long overcoat and impatiently brought his hands up to rest them upon his hips.

“You know Silk, I’m beginning to see why Slick dropped your ass. You are fucking clueless to the word CARING aren’t you?”

“Aw what’s the matter, you finally found out that stallions can’t mount stallions.” She badgered plopping sloppily down in her chair.

Rasha through his hand up in the air, “I give up. I’m going to bed.”

“Oh uh yeah,” Silk stammered as the thought popped back up in her head. “I didn’t need your help after all. I found out who the little bitch was and hemmed her ass up in the bathroom. I also told her,” She started while narrowing her eyes. “To tell your sorry ass that I didn’t need your help any more.”

“What the fuck did you say?” Rasha said moving toward Silk.

“Uh uh,” Silk said pulling out a little derringer.

“Don’t you come any closer.” She then rocked herself into a sitting position before speaking again.

“See I knew once that bitch Foxy went to talking to you, you were going to cave like falling bricks. So I chose to take matters into my own hands. Now if I’m getting kicked to the curb, so are you, because you know that little frightened filly is going to tell Slick everything. And when she does, your little lusty dream of Bullwinkle (Foxy) is going to come to an abrupt end.” She finished tossing the little derringer back and forth from one hand to the other.

Rasha through up his hands again and began to back away not even caring what happened to Silk after this night. Out of all the people, he’d never figure that Silk would be the one to roll him over.

“Well, I guess there’s nothing else to say Silk but goodbye. I’m moving out in the morning.” Rasha informed while turning to leave.

“Oh yeah, well where are you going to take your tail-chasing ass? Your brother’s have disowned ya. Your DADDY moved to Africa to live with the tribesman because he couldn’t face the reality of his little boy being an ass poker. Your sister became a nun, figuring she would wash the impurities from her body because she was related to ya. And you mother went fucking crazy and is now in an institution because she can’t stop singing, Sonny boy.” Silk finished laughing.

Before Silk knew what was happening Rasha was on her. He knocked the gun from her hand and bitch slapped her several times before shoving her back into the chair she was sitting in.

Rasha stood there glaring down at his used-to-be friend with tears in his eyes. Sure others joked about his family, but once again he never figured that Silk would be one of them

“I’ve never met anyone like you Silk.” He said as the tears ran freely down over his cheeks. “You don’t care for anyone but yourself and that’s sad. As of today you can consider our friendship at an end. I never, ever want to see or hear of you again. And as for Foxy and Slick, I will crawl back in there on my hands and knees if I have to and beg for their forgiveness. I’ll take a lashing that will bruise my skin forever before I let them think that I am something like you. We have nothing in common and tonight you simply confirm that. Be well Silk. You’ve used me for the VERY last time.” Rasha said turning to leave the room without even bothering to look back.


Back at the club.

Slick was still talking to her sister when she just happened to look down and spot her old gang. Groping and feeling up every girl that got near them.

“Hay Snapper, I’ll see ya later. I have some unexpected guests arriving.”

“Okay. Tell Carmen it was nice talking to her and I hope to see her SOON.” Slick sister hyphenated clearly.

“Alright, alright and you do the same for me. And tell Paw-Paw I’ll be there soon.” Slick’s sister laughed and said, “Bye girl.”

Slick made it downstairs in time to save everyone at her tables the humiliation of confronting her old friends.

“Hay Slick, where da pussies at?” Scout said. She liked to consider herself the leader when Slick wasn’t around. She was the same height as Slick but much more broader. She had a short layered haircut, sea green eyes, and a funky disposition. Plus she was fiddling with her crotch. Yuck.

All of Silk’s friends were basically her height, give or take a few inches, but they were huge in physique.

Razor had spiked blond hair, brown eyes, no tits and an okay shaped ass. Bubbles giggled each time her name was called, which meant she was probably the most dangerous one. She had scorching red hair, broad shoulder’s, hazel eyes, no tits and very little ass. All of her physical equipment was small but the rest of her was definitely in the queen sizes. Peach, had an almost orange tint to her hair. She was also tall and broad but she had a little bit more tits and backsides than the others did. Now she didn’t say too much, but her eyes were always scanning around the tables and club. The last but not least of old friends of Slick was Patch. She was even scarier looking than the others and she was a crotch fondler too. They called her Patch because she lost one of her eyes in a bar fight when she was in the Navy. Her hair was the longest. Although she was an apex player too, you could clearly see that she tended to her hair. It was beautiful, long, silky, bouncy and curled at the ends. And her color was natural. She was a brunette. Now she was sorta built up like Slick, only she had a cup more of anything.

“What brings you to this side of town?” Slick asked while trying to redirect them to another area.

“Hold up Slick. Where are you trying to take us?” Scout said sternly breaking Slick’s hold on her wrist. “You’re making me feel unwanted and definitely unimportant. Every time we come in here we sit at your table. So why don’t we do that now?” Scout said plopping down in a still missing Carmen’s seat. The rest of the gang quickly followed. Patch sat down on the opposite side of Chocolate. The minute she saw the brown sugar she began to feel her up.

“Hay brown skinned girl, how about giving me some of that sugar?” She growled licking her lips and stroking Chocolate’s thigh.

Pocahontas jerked forward in her seat to check out this trick’s malfunction, because apparently she was having one right about now.

“Patch.” Slick said gazing menacingly at her friend. “That girl is taken.” That was all Slick needed to say as the woman gave Chocolate one more glance before sitting up properly in her seat.

“So who are you tonight Slick?” Scout asked reaching out to snag a waitress back and pulling her into her lap.

Without asking permission Scout reached up and knead the girl’s left tit, while kissing her around the neck. The girl’s body automatically went rigid. It was almost as if her spirit had fled her body leaving it unresponsive.

Slick gazed around the table at her new friend’s appalled expressions before acting. She wasn’t quite sure that if what her friend was doing was more embarrassing to her or to everyone at the table. Discreetly Slick leaned forward upon her elbows and faintly asked Scout to let the girl go while hoping her friend wouldn’t make a scene because of her request.

Scout couldn’t believe what she just heard. She immediately stopped her assault on the girl and glared into Slick’s eyes.

“You have GOT to be kidding.” Scout nearly shouted. Slick continued to hold her friend’s gaze with a very serious reminder upon her face. Scout shoved the girl out of her lap and ordered her to bring her a drink. The girl broke through the crowd and disappeared within a heartbeat.

Scout looked around the table and wondered who were all the newbies at the table. “So are you going to tell me who are you supposed to be?” She inquired running her eyes up and down Slick’s body.

Bubbles jumped in giggling and said, “Ooh, ooh, let me answer that. Slick is dressed like a modern day Xena the Warrior Princess. Girl I love that show, watch it every Saturday.” Bubbles finished nodding her head up and down at every pair of eyes that was oddly gawking at her.

“Shut up,” Patch growled. Scout chuckled at her friend’s annoying tone before turning back to Slick and asking. “Is that who you are? Well, you know Xena doesn’t go anywhere without her Gabrielle. So where is your Gabrielle Xena?” Scout and the rest of the gang began to laugh uncontrollably. Suddenly, Scout snapped her mouth closed and squinted. She had laid eyes on the prettiest thing she’d seen in a long time.

Everything about her seemed pure. Even the sexy stroll she was dropping down. Scout’s motor skills slowed like a repeat on a football replay from the girl’s sensual sway.

“Good Lord, who is that girl?” Scout asked, calmly resting her drink upon the table.

Slick turned her head to look at her entrapping lover as she sauntered to the table. The minute her eyes met Slick she gave her love a mesmerizing smile.

Slick looked back over at her friend and said, “That’s my Gabrielle.”

“You are shi-it-ting me?” She mumbled as Carmen stepped up to Slick’s side and ran her fingers through Slick’s hair.

“Baby tell them who are you tonight?” Slick said waving her hand in each of her friend’s direction.

“Why, I’m Gabrielle of course.” Carmen said slipping into Slick’s lap and every so seductively leaned into her lover and enticingly crossed her legs. Kathy covered her smile and Murray buried his face in his wife’s hair. Foxy shouted, “You go girl.” The dancers on the other hand gave the pair a standing ovation. Slick’s old friends of course were dumbfounded. ‘How in the hell did Slick find some one like her?’

Scout fell back in her chair and allowed her eyes to examine the priceless view before her. It wasn’t so much the fact that her old friend was holding the most virtuous image in the place, but rather her own desires to have her. Slick didn’t need to look over at her friend to tell she was planning a very vengeful rebuttal as her eye combed lustfully up and down Carmen’s body. Just as she slipped her hand through the slits of Carmen’s raised skirt Slick caught her hand and bent it back with so much force that she cried out.

“Don’t you ever think that you have the liberty to touch her! No one.” Slick said directing her view to each of her old friends before continuing. “And I mean no one is to touch my woman. As a matter of fact don’t even let me see you looking as if you are thinking about it. You all know what I am capable of so don’t try me.” Slick’s tone left no room for contemplation. Words dripped from her lips like acid.

Scout roughly snatched her hand back from Slick and growled, “What’s your fucking problem Slick? What? Your ass has found inter-fulfillment or are you playing the role of a bitch that thinks she’s found doctrine? Hell I can’t count the times you’ve gotten your victims so drunk that when you took her upstairs and we all took turns fucking her, she had no idea who in the hell she was with. And now you want to play the “I’m not sharing” bit. Hell, I can’t begin to figure how many of your new dancers you’ve seduced and in the middle of banging her you’ve gotten off of her and gave us a shot at her! And shit I won’t even dream of counting all of the bitches you’ve had go down on you then petitioned her to eat all of our pussies if she wanted to keep her job. And I won’t go into explicit details how we’ve picked women up off corner’s and fucked them senseless. But, just to reflect a little on the real Slick, do you remember when we picked up that pretty little red head that was an entertainer shall we say and hemmed her ass up in that limo and fucked her until she passed out.” Scout snorted and looked up and down the table at Slick’s new friend’s before diving back into her quest of enlightening the new associates on just whom Slick is, or in this case was.

“Yeah, the limo event happen Under the explicit instructions from your great mistress’s here, that is of course after she spread the woman’s legs and began fucking her in front of us. Later on she told the bitch that we simply liked to watch. That night we all had a piece of that trick and our fierce leader was fulfilling her part as well while ramming her fingers in and out of the woman and shouting, “fuck that bitch! Fuck her till she passes out.” And that is what we did.” Scout confessed looking up in to Carmen’s indifferent gaze and nodded her head up and down as her final confirmation of that night.

“You may seem unmoved by what I said because you don’t want to loose your rich bitch. But I’m going to explain something to you beautiful. You were bred from a totally different cloth from Slick. You know nothing of streets because someone has sheltered your precious backside.”

Slick didn’t bother to speak, but she was certainly aware of every set of eyes that was on her as her friend continued to try and discredit her by recalling past events. Slick didn’t bother to defend herself because everything scout said was true. Although the faces were blank now, flashes of the memories were certainly clear.

“You see Slick grew up in the mean streets of this world. She left home and went to college and that is when it all began. Slick knew she had to achieve and demand respect if she was going to have anything in THIS WORLD. But I’m sure Goldilocks that anyone that is acquainted with you and loves you would never permit you to face those kinds of things. Hell, even I would leave you a fortune, just to keep you from the evil that people do.” Scout said taking several breaths before leaning back in her chair. Carmen continued to watch her. Not that everything she said was appealing or frightening, but because the woman needed an outlet for her anger and as long as it was through words it was fine.

“You see princess YOU have the disposition of an angel. Slick is no where near Angel material. Now she can pretend to be good, but before it is over she will eventually drift back into her old ways. Slick can behave just long enough to get what she wants. After that it’s your ass. You can’t change Slick into a good girl, because she’s experiences the, “woe’s,” shall I say, of society. Slick can’t be tamed and she doesn’t know love. Those things you will never get from her. So if that is what you are looking for forget it. The moment she knows that she has you for good, she’ll have someone to come in and fuck you just to let you know who has control of your ass. Get out of Slick’s back yard and go find some other good girls to play with.” Scout finished, clearly satisfied with her performance and more at ease, with the almost shocked stares of the new friends.

Carmen sat straight up in Slick’s lap, gently unfolding her lover’s arms that had been tightening with each word that Scout spoke and unleash her version of the Slick that she’s fallen in love with.

“Scout you seem to have everything figured out I see.” Carmen said returning her gaze back to her hands after displaying a dangerous gaze of her own to Slick’s old friend.

“Do you know what attracted me to Slick? Do you even have any idea?” Carmen asked revealing the darkening of her usually sparkling green eyes to Slick’s friend. Scout watched Carmen’s every move. The sparkling, passive angel she viewed only minutes ago was changing. Yes her manner was still pleasant, but her seriousness about the matter was releasing something in the little cherub that Scout didn’t know was there.

“Since you’re still thinking about it, let me clarify what you are trying to rationalize. The first time I saw Slick, I wanted her. But even then I could see a hunger in her that wasn’t sexual. Rather, it was one that screamed of a need for completion. I offered that, because like her I needed fulfillment too. Love is a very powerful tool Ms. Scout. And if every thing in this world stands on the threshold of being annihilated, it will be love Ms. Scout that shall shield us from the blast. Don’t tell me that she doesn’t know of love, because every time she looks into my eyes I see the sea of love rolling humbly within them. Every time she holds me, I feel the effects of crashing tides embracing the coves of passion in my soul. Each night she kisses me goodnight and tells me that she loves me, I feel the rays of a rising sun pierce my heart. She knows love Ms. Scout, and it’s sitting in her lap. Everything that you’ve said I patiently listened to. Now, I’m asking you to do the same. Only this time.” the little stripper said pausing just long enough to look from each friend to the other. “I ask you to listen with your heart. Everyone deserves another chance and as friends, we, of all people, should be willing to issue it. We have all heard of some of the things that Slick has done. If you were to wake up one morning with the burdens that she bears from her past, wouldn’t you want at least your friends to give you another chance?” Carmen paused and allowed her resigned gaze to move from one friend to the other. Silently branding each of them with the mercy she held in her own little soul.

Foxy, Murray, Kathy, Chocolate, Pocahontas and the dancers couldn’t fight back the soaring pride they had in their hearts for the little stripper right now. Nor could they fight back the tears that were swelling in their eyes. She was amazing. Not only did she call the sister down, but she changed the woman’s perspective of herself as well as all their friends. Foxy and the others could tell from the way that the old friends of Slick were acting. Carmen had humbled the beast with mere words. (Author’s note: It is true that the WORD possesses such power, huh?)

“I’d say so. We’d not only want it we’d expects it from our friends. So I’ll take this time and ask that we all give Slick another chance. She not only needs it. She deserves it.” She finished, not only quieting the attendees at Slick’s table but the spectators that had picked up on the conversation as they were passing by.

The table remained quiet for what seem like forever before Carmen heard a quick but sincere apology from Scout. The whole section roared with praise, not only for Carmen and for Slick, but for all of their friends as well.

‘WAY TO GO CARMEN!’ Aurora yelled in her thoughts from her little perch upstairs. Carmen gasped and looked back at Slick. They both quickly looked up at their little one that had slipped out of bed and then let her thoughts betray her. “GO TO BED,” they both shouted together while smiling. ‘Oh alright’. Ray-Ray thought while sluggishly turning to go back to her room.

Carmen then look down in to Slick’s tear stained eyes and gave her a supportive smile before saying, “Still love me baby?” Slick gave her partner a bewildered glance and smile before ever so tenderly reaching up into her hair and lowering Carmen’s head so that she could taste those sweet lips that just delivered nothing more than pure love for her.

(Don’t go anywhere now. We’s about to wrap it up.)


Carmen’s Influence…

“Say Carmen,” Foxy called from the other end of the table. Carmen looked up from the cradle of her partner’s arm to inquire as to what her friend wanted.

“Why don’t you and your girls take down the stage for us?” He asked. Everyone that was some body was at the Fiery Pit tonight and for sure he wanted them to get a look at his talented new friends. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to make Slick’s old friends a little more envious than they were right now as they nonchalantly watched their friend cuddle with her new honeyed muffin.

“Well,” Carmen said looking down at Slick seeking her approval. Dancing in front of Slick’s girls was different from dancing in front of her lover’s customers.

Slick smiled and said, “Sure you can dance…BUT, nothing comes off past your bare essentials, meaning your bra and panties. Get what I’m saying?” Slick inquired with a raised eyebrow. “Now you know whatever you command is my wish baby. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to get arrest for killing a potential molester.” Carmen finished with a girlish giggle. Slick kissed her once more before informing her that she could take her leave of her now.

“Chocolate and Poke…the same thing applies for you two as well.” Slick called out over the roar of the crowd. Every thing but your bare essentials got it. If my woman’s friends are going to show their assets, I might as well get something extra out of it..” She popped with a smile. Both girls gave her a wink and followed Carmen and Foxy to the dressing room. Slick watched the girls disappearing into the crowd thinking, ‘Now there goes my baby and two of the hottest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.’

After getting dressed for their act, Carmen and the girls went over some old moves during Murray’s introduction, to ensure that they remembered the steps. All of the ghouls and goblins upon the dance floor attention were drawn to the stage the moment the assistant owner (Peter Pan) hopped up on it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, and I do use that term very loosely.” He said prompting roaring laughter from the crowd. “Tonight the Fiery Pit is honored to present three of the hottest dancers on the strip. Let’s drop the lights down and warm up those wolf calls for, CAMP FIRE SADIE AND HER GIRLS CHOOCOLAATE AND POOOCHAHONTAS.” He drawled audibly before returning the mike to the stand and jumping from the stage.”

The hit “Where my girls at,” by 702 rang out over the entire club, encouraging every one to move back to their seats and take a load off their feet. Slick and the rest of her friends adjusted their chairs so that they could get a clear view of the stage.

Chocolate and Pocahontas shoved through the opening curtains dressed in long trench coats and cow boy hats with their heads down concealing their identity and bopping their shoulders to the beat. Carmen remained back in the shadows as her girls mesmerized the crowd with twirls and very suggestive rider motions. But as of yet they still hadn’t revealed their faces. Suddenly their movements stopped. The crowd waited. Just then the D.J. dropped down the beat of Black street, “No Diggity, No doubt.” Bringing on new moves by the girls.

The girls leaned back and snapped open their coats to reveal their tinted window pane two piece bathing suits. Their hips began to move in a grinding motion as their hands grip their waists to magnify the artistry of their moves. With each beat of the heavy bass their feet stomp down hard onto the stage alternating in a corresponding rhythm. The crowd barked and purred as they leaned back and placed more emphasis on their tauntingly sensual moves. They then slowly turned toward the opening curtains behind them releasing the little fireball of hottness.

Carmen strolled out like the queen of England with her head down and matching coat and jacket like her co-dancers. She stopped just as she reached the pair and laid down a step that copied the pair. Pocahontas and Chocolate moved behind the little goddess copying her every move. Just as they got in position Carmen snatched her jacket open. The crowd went wild as home girl broke down in those strong ass legs in a funky grinding butterfly motion.

You could clearly see the artistry and flexibility of the little one’s body as she mesmerized the audience with some funky moves. Carmen ever so skillfully regained her height and snapped into an open leg stay. Holding her position and commanding her partners to bring it to her.

Chocolate and Pocahontas moved up to her side and elegantly turned their backs to her. They then laid down the booty hump, pumping those fine asses in a back it up saunter. Bringing them closer to Carmen.

Carmen musically eased her hands up between each of her friends legs while spreading hers and whining her hips in a, “can I get a w’at w’at,” groove.

The crowd screamed as the pair sat down a gyrating grind on each of the little blonde’s hands. Making their bodies burn and their minds wishing they were up there.

Carmen then shot the audience a lustful glare as she sashayed away from the pair and moved to the end of the stage. The little one then tilted her hat back before allowing her hands to run down the center of her slithering body and cup her sex while rocking from side to side. Signaling Poke and Chocolate to lay it down, “the I want’cha crawl.”

With the grace of a panther each lady dropped to all fours and moved toward Carmen in a humpty style. The crowd jumped to their feet as Carmen’s moves became more meaningful with alternating cheerleader stomps of her feet. She then tore her Jacket from her body and hurled it to the crowd before lowering herself backward onto the humping bodies positioned behind her. Carmen’s legs fan opened as all three girl’s bodies moved in a symmetrically humping grind. The crowd went hysterical.

“Oh my God,” Foxy Screamed. “Work it girl work it. Leave ‘em wet in the pants.” He yelled clapping out of control. Slick observed each of her friends as they stood to their feet and watched her little honey work that stankay (stinky) stuff.

“That girl is simply wicked.” Scout uttered as she continued to watch Carmen and her friends fascinate the crowd. She almost fell backward as she observed Carmen repel into an elegant hand stand over Poke and Chocolate’s body before they moved to their knees and back into the routine. Carmen stepped out the tumbling move and went back to soliciting the coochie with the hoe’s pump.

Poke and Chocolate fell in right behind her locking their hands at each other’s waist and moving as one. The crowd went crazy as the girls backed it up, asshole to belly button. (Make it fit…Make it fit girls. Sat it down like riding in a cattle car and the drill instructor is at the helm. My military girls know what I mean when I say, “Ah 2 da BB.”). The girls continued to lay down the give me some head move while backing up toward the curtains. Just as they disappeared behind it Carmen cupped her lover’s triangle again. The crowd was out of control as they yelled and screamed for an encore.

Scout along with all the rest of the old and new friends of Slick dropped aimlessly down into their seats. `“Where the hell did you meet her?” Scout asked reaching for her drink with a shaking hand. Hoping to stifle the flames of desire that was raging within her at the moment.

“She’s hot ain’t she?” Slick asked leaning in to teased her incoherent friend a little.

“Huh…Huh?” Scout asked finally realizing she was blindly looking over at Slick.

“She’s hot ain’t she? Her and her friends.” Slick retorted with a huge smirk on her face.

“You stole that girl from her mother didn’t cha Slick? There is no way in HELL you ran up on her by luck. That little honey is the lillie of the Valley and you stole her…damn skank.” Scout said before bringing her shaking hand and drink up to her mouth again to douse any chance of she may have thought she could’ah had with Carmen.

The audience remained on their feet howling for more as the girls returned to the table. Scout, Bubbles, Razor, Peach, and Patch were openly amazed. Not only was she intelligent and influential, she was talented to boot. ‘How did Slick say she met her?’ They all questioned while watching the girls approach the table.

As soon as Carmen was at arms length Slick regained her footing and pulled her little lover to her. The fans were growing rowdy for an encore.

“Well baby,” Slick said looking down in to her little solid gold dancer’s eyes. “I’d say the natives are getting restless. Let’s turn in.” Carmen slid her arm around Slick’s waist and gave Foxy a wink before telling her partner she was more than ready while moving her hand down over Slick’s bugga boo and cupping it. Slick snatched Carmen’s head back and claimed her poetic lips while running just her fingers tip down over her arm before threading her fingers among her partner’s planted hand.

“Take it to the room girls,” Murray said as Poke and Chocolate stepped up beside the pair. Carmen pulled back from the kiss and pat Slick on her thigh. Secretively asking for release long enough to bid her friends a good night. Slick relinquished her hold and returned her attention back to her unfinished drink. That is until she noticed that her old friends were silently checking her out (Staring in wonder at her ass).

“What?” Slick asked, lifting her drink mid way her body. “I never thought that I would ever see the light of the day in your eyes…never as long as I live but, now I know for sure that you know what love is.” Patch said peeping around Scout. “And if I say so myself, I think it makes your ass more becoming.” She said with a crooked grin before draining her cup.

“But you’ve got to remember now, that I have one eye and after that performance I know definitely that I’m fucked up. Shit I’m seeing triple what my ass saw when I stepped up in here.” She joked drawing laughter from the entire table.

“Nah…you were right patch.” Carmen said with a cute giggle. “Love does become her. And I’m going to keep pumping it to her until the life is completely filtered from my very being…or vice versus.” Carmen finished with a lusty glance up at her partner and turning to head toward the stairs leading to the bed room. Pochahontas pulled back on Chocolate’s arm just enough to pull her to a stop. Carmen was baiting Slick as she symbolically strolled over to the first step and angle her head sideways to glance over her shoulder.

Slick’s eyes rolled appreciative over her little sashaying partner’s firm frame with a, “I want her gaze.” As Carmen brought her ascend to a brief pause, Slick slammed her glass down on the table, checked her weapons, gave her boobs a hoist and look out over her tables of friends before speaking.

“Excuse ladies…but I’m about to make a booty call.” She then tore away from the table into the crowd. Carmen cackled and bolted up the stairs. The friends reveled in the sight. Slick and Carmen were both giddy like high school girls in love.

“Now that is alright,” Pocahontas said with a wink to their new friends at the table. “I think I hear it calling me too. Good night all.” With those final words Chocolate and her partner disappeared into the crowd as well.

Just as Carmen swung the door open to dash into the bedroom Slick caught her in the waist and jerked her back into her. The minute her scorcher hit against it’s target her arms locked around Carmen’s waist and her hips plunged and rose in a rhythm of their own. (She was fair dee horny).

“My, My, My,” Carmen hissed in a sensual billow. “Is momma’s little rabbit in heat?” She joked as Slick continued to grind her hot spot leisurely against her backside while moving her over to a hidden panel behind the mirror facing the bed, unable or unwilling to stifle the fuming force that surged through her siren halls without a little help from her baby.

“Carmen,” Slick whispered dragging her trembling fingers over her baby’s singeing golden locks. Her body was so soup’d up (wired) that her voice shook with sexual tension. “I want you to take me a little differently tonight.” She said running her fingers cautiously across the top of the huge mirror they stood in front of. She then gave it a hard knock to the side prompting it to slowly open and reveal it’s secret compartment.

Carmen gasped from the view of the various toys that were professionally displayed in their individual casing. The display was obviously well kept as the leather hand whips, stud chokers, phallus harness and mounted Moby’s gleamed against the panel’s light.

“Oh my gosh,” Carmen muttered breathlessly. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Sure Poke and Chocolate has slip me into an accessories store, but I’ve have never seen such a bountiful display.” Carmen then turned and looked up at her partner with furrowed brows.

“Surely you’re not wanting me to use one of these do you. I’ve never…” “Ssssh,” Slick wheezed, hushing her little nervous one. “There is no need to panic. I will tell you anything you need to know. But, as creative as I know you are, you won’t need much coaching.” Slick then turned her back to her little lover and began to slowly unzip the leather costume she had been wearing.

With the grace of a dove she allowed it to float silvery down her body like droplets of the morning dew. Slick then looked over her shoulder and gave her little partner a sporting raised eyebrow expression before stepping away from the discarded garment and crawling ever so invitingly up on the bed.

Once she reached the head of the bed she lowered her self languidly onto her back while fanning her legs wide open. She watched as her little stripper’s eyes bulged in their sockets and her hands reached blindly up into the panel. Slick gave her little love a challenging smile before sliding her fingers down over her soaked folds and pushing her middle finger deep inside her. Carmen growl unconsciously while watching her woman fingering her betsy with unhurried strokes, luring her little lover closer and closer to the bed.

As soon as Carmen crawled up on the bed Slick’s glassy eyes popped open and gave her the most lustful glare she’d ever seen in those beautiful spheres. Slick pulled her finger from its slippery cradle and slid it into her mouth. She then moaned in pleasure while closing her eyes and sucking lewdly at her pleasure seeker that was buried deep in that saucy twank (sopping core).

“Want some of this,” Slick purred dangerously while running her fingers through her pubic hairs and over her drenched folds again before raking her hand back in a clawing form. Opening up that funky stuff so that Carmen could view her flushed desires from inside her.

Carmen shrieked and tore wildly at her clothes. “You want some deep thrusting huh?” Carmen asked with an inventive glare while latching on her toy. She then crawled up between Slick’s thighs periodically dipping her little heated frame so that her breasts would drag across part of Slick’s body. Slick hips began to roll anxiously. Outwardly informing her little stripper that she was more than ready for her.

Carmen elegantly dipped her hips easing the apparatus slowly into Slick’s awaiting opening. Inciting a quick gasped for her club owner’s partially open lips.

“Oh baby,” Slick hissed while pulling Carmen down on top of her. “Take me,” she whispered almost in a pleading tone while clamping her hand down on Carmen’s slow pumping ass. “Uh Uh,” Carmen hummed pulling her love’s arms back up to drape them around her neck.

“I’m leading this dance,” she stated while whirling her hips in a circular motion before sinking her toy deep into Slick’s scorching apex.

“Oh…Oh baby,” Slick mumbled pulling her closer. The night club owner revel in the closeness as both women moved in a gradual lover’s dance. Dipping and releasing a pleasurable wrath upon each other’s person with heaves of stifle excitement.

“Um…” Carmen hummed while burying her hands down under Slick’s body and grabbing hands full of the flexing ass. “You got some good shit girl.” Carmen bragged while swirlirg her hips and banking the phallus in a sideward thrust. Slick growled and arched her back as her legs open wider and her hips rose to pull her friend deeper inside of her.

“Oh, Oh Yes…that’s it baby.” Slick praised while maintaining their gradual rocking motion. Carmen eased onto her side while still popping that slit. Bringing her baby right along with her. In and out her seeker slid back and forth into Slick’s quivering love chamber. Slick never missed a beat as her long legs wrapped around Carmen’s waist firmly and her arms tightened around her neck.

“Like this don’t cha?” Carmen asked rolling her hips in a pastoral gesture while driving her stiff member straight up the middle of Slick’s musky orchid. Slick’s head popped back as she cried out and gasped for air. Oh but Carmen was far from letting her go yet. She was simply captured by her love’s passion filled expression that was playing across her face. Slick was absolutely breath taking, and the way her body moved was urging the little stripper closer to the edge. But Carmen fought the release waiting for the sign that her lover couldn’t and wouldn’t take anymore.

Carmen slowly and artfully rolled onto her back while pulling Slick up on top of her. “Let me see that ass fuck it.” She whirred in a commanding tone while biting in to Slick’s shoulder. Slick whimpered with all out lust and went to popping that coochie. Up and down that ass humped making Carmen dizzy from just the view.

“Good lord I love the way your body move.” Carmen praised as she slid her hands down Slick’s back on each side heading toward the intoxicating pumping ass. “Fuck it baby,” Carmen whispered clawing at Slick’s ass. Spreading those cheeks and opening that juicy pussy of hers wider and wider with each plunge.

“Ooh Shit,” Slick spat as her hunching grew a little more demanding. “Pussy burning ain’t it?” Carmen asked while pushing down on her lover’s driving buttocks and raising her hips. Ramming her elastic dick in and almost out of Slick’s scalding cunt. Slick was loosing it as her running sugar bowl sucked desperately at the buried passion pole inside her. “Oh gods…Oh gods,” she panted pumping her hips harder.

Without missing a beat Carmen rolled Slick back onto her back and buckled down. “I told you. This is my shit. And only I am going to bring it to the well of fulfillment. Now hold on. I’m going to fuck you senseless. Carmen grabbed that ass again and went to shoving her Moby deep inside Slick’s stormy seas. Up and down she jumped up in that hot stuff. Making Slick scream out shit she’d never heard before. Harder and harder she hunched burying her pleasure wand deeper into Slick’s soppy dessert of love. Slick spread those long legs and drove her hips up and down like an experienced aerobics instructor in the middle of an exercise session. Taking on all that powerful loving her baby was unleashing.

“OH BABY…FUCK ME…FUCK ME…OOOOOHHHH YEEEAAHHH…FUUUCCKK MMMEEE.” Slick screamed as her body locked in the upright position and exposed everything she was made of. Carmen could feel her climax approaching as she fair out deed whacked that ass. “OH, OH, OH LOOOORRDDD.” The little stripper yelled as she hit it hard thrice more.

“Damn,” she panted toppling down upon Slick’s perspiring body. “Now that shit was alright,” she said with a cute breathless giggle.

“Carmen,” Slick gasped. “I want you to be my wife.” Slick stated burying her face in her lover’s shoulder. Carmen rose up off of her lover still panting. “You want me to be your wife?” She asked with an unbelievable gaze. She knew Slick wanted her to stay with her forever, but she never imagined that she would make it official.

“YOU want ME to marry you?” She asked again for clarity. Slick rocked her head up and down as she started to cry and laugh at the same time. “Oh baby,” Carmen said with a shaky voice. “Of course I’ll marry you. YES, YES, YES…Oh baby yes. Take me, I’m yours.” Carmen concluded with a vicious kiss and a back breaking hug to her love’s still trembling frame. Slick cackled while now rolling her over onto her back. Definitely pleased with her partner’s answer. “I don’t have a ring yet…but we can go early tomorrow and pick one out, how’s that?” She asked while dipping her head to give Carmen a gentle kiss. Carmen shook her head up and down vigorously. Pretty much wanting to agree with anything Slick said at the present. “Now.” Slick rumbled before slithering down Carmen’s little moist structure. “It’s my turn.”

Over at Sassy’s…

“I wonder how the Halloween bash turned out over at the fiery pit?” Sassy asked while wrapping around Veronica’s panting frame.

“I don’t want to talk about anything that has to do with Slick. The thought along makes me sick.” Vanilla stated threading her fingers within her little lover’s and pulling her close.

“Baby…this thing with you and Carmen has gone way too far. You need to talk to her and you need to do it before you become consumed with your hatred for Slick and finally her.” Sassy said faintly while kissing Veronica upon her shoulder.

“I TOLD YOU I DON’T…” “Ugh ugh…Hold up Veronica.” Sassy interrupted with an attitude of her own. She was getting rather tired of Veronica’s attitude toward Carmen and the girls and now her. Though she loved her partner more than anything in the world she wasn’t about to have her think that she was going to eat from her bowl of deposited shit.

“You are not talking to a bitch on the streets. You are talking to me now, Sassy. You don’t tell me anything. You may make suggestions, but get it damned well clear, you don’t tell me anything.” Sassy then unwrap her arms out from around her lover and rolled from the bed.

“I am fucking sick of the way you are acting and treating yourself…and now me. You get’cho ass out of here tomorrow and go talk to your neice. This shit has went on far enough, and I’m not having it anymore.” Sassy snapped, grabbing her robe and heading for the door. Right before stepping out into the hallway Sassy lowered her head trying to bring her temper under control.

“You are my woman Veronica and I love you with every ounce of my existence. This thing with Carmen and the girls is tearing you up inside.” She then shook her head still shielding her face and the tears that were swelling in her eyes. “I will let you go before I watch this thing destroy you. Talk to your niece…and let her know that you love her.” Sassy then continued out the door closing it quietly behind her. Leaving Veronica thoroughly shocked and fearing for a love that she would never ever be with out if she could help it.

Over at Silk’s…

Rasha permitted the tears that he had been holding back every since he and Silk’s confrontation to run silently down his face. He had never experienced such a hurt. Flashes of how he met Silk ran like a reel in his mind.

He met her in his best friend, Rahj’s club. One of her sleazy girl friends was sitting with her at the bar as they taunted every one that got near them. Rasha found himself smiling despite of the afflicted pain that coursed through his body like a dull throb. He remembered ever so clearly, how he sauntered up to the bar with his hair looking every bit fierce and flawless. He then recalled sliding up between the giggling girls and ordering himself a pink lady. His peripheral vision allowed him to view Silk and her fine self without looking directly at her.

He observed her as she took a sip of her drink while allowing her eyes to comb over his body. Just as the bartender handed him his drink Silk leaned into him and whispered that she wanted him to ride her and how much would it cost.

The first thing he thought was, ‘Gat damn, do I have a sign on my forehead that says I will fuck you for the right price.’ But, after turning to look fully upon her he thought. ‘Yep, I could pop that.’ He then recalled leaning into Silk and whispering his three figure number while gently licking her earlobe.

Shit, next thing he knew he was at this very house, standing over a naked minx screaming for him to fuck her. Rasha remembered moving over to the dresser to remove his clothes and the minute he was finished he turned back around to look upon the beauty again. He couldn’t keep from laughing. She had talk all that shit about how good her pussy was and how she was going to put it on him that he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He recalled moving over to the bed just to verify that the little sex bomb had fell asleep. Well, to be more frank her ass was tore up like a ripped kite falling from the sky. There she lay sprawled out showing all her glory and was dead to the world. Rasha found himself still chortling as he moved onto the bed beside her and wrapped his arm around her mid section and positioned his head tenderly against hers.

“Good night Vanessa (famous porn star).” He remembered whispering as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Silk found that the only thing he had manage to do to her was simply cup her left tit in his sleep. She told him that she couldn’t believe that he hadn’t fuck her and for an added bonus, rob her. She informed the luscious entrepreneur that she had been done like that on several occasions. Yet for some reason, after checking him out she just knew that he would be different.

Now she wasn’t far from that examination, Rasha was the perfect gentlemen. As they sat and chat they each found out that they preferred the company of same sex relationships. Rasha liked men and Silk liked leather bound domineering women. It was that very day that Silk asked him to move in with her. Rasha agreed and clean up to this spying thing everything was pretty normal. He considered Silk to be the bitching sister he should have grown up with and she thought of him as a little brother she obviously could boss around. Yet, it never seemed to bother him like it did now.

“HAY,” Silk screamed while knocking loudly at his door. “OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR…OPEN UP RASHA…COM’ON NOW…I WANNA TALK TO YOU.” By the time she finished the sentence her voice was a tad gentler.

“Silk…you need to just go to bed and sleep it off, okay. I just don’t feel like talking to you right now.” He returned in the nicest tone he could manage.

“Com’on Raz, I was just fucking around. You know I would never hurt you. Com’on let’s make up.” She pleaded kicking at the door. Rasha didn’t respond. Instead he continued to pack his things. He had already called Rahj for him to come get him.

“Com’on Raz, I’ll let’cha fuck me for free.” She said giggling while leaning up against the door. Rasha closed up his suitcase and walked to the door. Just as he opened it Silk fell up against him. She then started kissing up his leather arm and across his silk shirt.

“Com’on Raz, fuck me. I need to feel you inside me.” She purred rubbing up against him. “Silk you need to go and sleep it off. I’ll be back tomorrow for the rest of my things. Rahj is on his way to pick me up.” He stated frostily while stepping around her.

“What? Aw so you’re are just going to fucking leave because we had a little argument.” Rasha whirled around and gave her a menacing glare that made her breath catch.

“You don’t get it do you Silk. Not only was I trying to help you out. You had to confront Slick’s woman. Slick is head over heels for that girl and the minute she finds out you’ve threatened her, plus my spying she is going to be after both our asses. Only thing is I’m going to her before this shit comes to a head. You betrayed me Silk and on top of it you considered our friendship a form of mockery. I won’t live with a person that I can’t trust or someone that doesn’t give a hill of beans for me. Talk at’cha later Ms. Silk. I hope you find happiness in whatever you do. It just won’t be with me in the picture.” Rasha said giving his friend one last glance of pity before heading for the door.

“Fuck you Rasha…I don’t need’choo. You’re just like the rest of those mother friggers out there. Use a person for what you can get out of them. Once the well is dry you high tail it to another comfortable spot. Take your faggot ass on. I hope one of your tricks rams his dick deep down into your throat and choke your ass to death, fucker.” She spat stumbling up against the frame of his bedroom door while watching him leave. Silk noticed that the brave role wasn’t working so she decided to try another approach.

“Rasha,” she said beginning to cry. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, honest I didn’t. I,” she said staggering toward him. “I’m sorry…don’t go. I need’choo.” She uttered wiping the tears away from her eyes.

Rasha turned and looked at his long time friend once more before stepping out into the brisk October breeze. “Naw Silk…you don’t need me. You’re pretty much running this party all your own.” With out warning Silk rushed him coiling her body around his like a cobra. Begging him not to leave and how she needed him.

Rasha dropped his bag and began to peel her away from him. “Stop this Shit Silk…It’s over and you blew it. I don’t want to ever see you again. Silk don’t need anyone but her self and you proved that tonight. I’m through…now go back into the house. People are starting to stare.” He said releasing her arms.

Silk glared up at him with glassy eyes and slapped him. “Fuck you then…ass poker.” Silk then held her friend’s impassive gaze hoping against every thing that he could see regret in her eyes. Rasha grabbed his bag and headed for the car. Ignoring his angry friend as she continued to yell insults and obscenities at him. In five seconds it was all over with, Rasha was gone and Silk was finally alone.

“To hell with ya then.” She yelled while watching the taillights of the car come on at the streetlight and stop. “I don’t need’jah, fucking punk.” After settling down a little Silk gaze around from house to house. Glaring at the neighbors that was openly staring at her.

“WHAT THE FUCK Y’ALL LOOKING AT. NEVER SEEN A FAGGOT AND A DYKE FIGHT BEFORE. ARGH, KISS MY ASS.” She shouted before turning around and staggering back into the house.

Back at Slick’s…

After a few rounds of exhilarating love making Slick and Carmen laid coil against each other. Thoroughly satisfy and slipping into the dream world rather fast.

“Slick,” Carmen mumbled accompany with a wide yawn. “Hmmm,” Slick hummed tightening her hold on her small lover and burying her face deeper into the sweet scented hair.

“Do you remember earlier tonight when I broke from your office heading for the bathroom?” “Uh huh,” Slick replied in a sleepy tone and stretching leisurely against her partner’s warm body.

“Well, I think I was confronted by an angry ex-lover of yours.” Slick popped up over Carmen as if the bed was on fire.

“What did she look like? Did she touch you? What did she say? Did she harm you Carmen?” She asked running her hands over her lover’s body searching for anything that wasn’t there this morning. ‘If she so much as have a scratch on her that bitches ass is mine.’ Slick thought rolling Carmen around on the bed conducting her own mindless examination of her partner’s body.

“SLICK!” Carmen yelled once she was roughly shoved back onto her back by her agitated lover. “I am fine.” She said in a calm voice. The fear was evident in Slick eyes as she stared down into Carmen’s face blindly stroking her body. “She didn’t harm me and no she didn’t touch me. Although…she did look like she wanted to. At one time she did insinuated that I was stupid for not asking you if you had some one else at the time we started dating.” Carmen paid close attention to her soon to be wife’s expression as her lips tighten nostrils flair and her eyes glassed over with a feral look.

“What did she look like Carmen?” Slick asked in a tone several notches lower than usual. “Well, she was quite attractive. She had dark hair, menacing gray eyes, slightly taller than me, and she was very well made up.” “Silk,” Slick hissed, allowing her attention to stray away briefly as if trying to figure out what else to ask.

“What else did she say?” Slick inquired as Carmen slid back against the headboard holding her inquisitive lover’s stare before continuing. Carmen told Slick that Silk warned her to stay way from her, and if she didn’t that she would do just what she did tonight, show up when Carmen least expected it.

“Is that right?” Slick retorted sarcastically while moving off the bed.

“That’s not all she said.” Carmen said watching Slick as she disappeared into the bathroom and cut on the light. “What else did she say?” Slick said turning on the shower. Not even bothering to turn around to look at her lover. Carmen was getting rather spooked by Slick’s remote behavior. Plus she was as calm as the devil before he claimed a soul.

“Baby?” She inquired moving from the bed. “Don’t get up Carmen.” Slick ordered softly. “Tell me what else she said.” She stated stepping into the shower.

“Rimi, there isn’t a reason to blow this all out of proportion. She was more than a little tipsy and after she wakes up in the morning she’dof (she would have) forgotten all about what she said in the bathroom.” Carmen said blatantly, hoping this will deter Slick from confronting the woman. Yet she didn’t move from the bed. Instead she chose to display an unconcern attitude so it wouldn’t infuriate Slick more than she was right now.

Slick stepped from the shower. Snatched the towel off its rack and commenced to drying off. Her silence alone was making Carmen nervous as hell. Yes Slick was quiet and at times she gave people the impression that she wasn’t giving a damned about what they were saying, but she has never been this way toward Carmen before. Maybe this was a shade of the darkness that Carmen had little experience with when it came to her lover.

“Carmen,” Slick said quietly while moving over to her closet and removing her street clothes. “Do you remember some of the things that Scout and the girls said about me?” Slick asked not even bothering to turn around to look upon her love’s face.

“Yes,” Carmen answered weakly. “Well…all of those things were true and what is even more disturbing is that the women I’ve been involved with don’t say things that they don’t mean. She may have been tipsy but the unsettling part is that if you didn’t look so innocent she would have tried to take you apart in that bathroom.”

After dressing, in all leather of course, Slick turned and looked at the one woman that ruled her heart before moving back to the bed. “I love you and one of my jobs, as your wife, is to ensure that you are safe at all times. Silk wasn’t playing when she issued that warning. She meant it. And I’m going to nip this shit in the bud before it starts to hatching. Now,” Slick paused briefly to inhale deeply. “You said that wasn’t all. What else did she say?”

Carmen gazed frightfully into her partner’s eyes and examined the seriousness in them. All the times she’d heard people talk about how dangerous Slick was she simply blew it off. And now before her very eyes she saw a transformation that she knew nothing of, but she did know for a fact that she wouldn’t prevent her lover from addressing this situation just from words.

“There is nothing I could say to stop you from going over there is it?” She asked holding her position. She didn’t know if she was scared or if she just didn’t trust being near Slick because of the way she was feeling right now. Slick sensed the insecurity and patted the space next to her. Usually that was how Slick liked her women, frighten as hell of her. It excited her to no end. But not Carmen, she didn’t want Carmen to fear her nor did she desire it with the little stripper. She wanted Carmen to be comfortable with her at all times, and the only way to rid Carmen of her insecurities was to let her little one know that she loved her rain, sleet, or snow.

“I am angry. I’m sure you know that.” Slick said wrapping her arm around her soon to be wife. “This is something I have to do. If Silk can walk up on you and threaten you then other women from my past will feel as if they can do the same. Now if I head it off before it gets started then we shouldn’t have a problem in the future. Do you understand that?” Slick asked kissing Carmen gently on her brow.

Carmen gazed beseechingly up into her partner’s eyes before nodding her head in understanding. “Good,” Slick returned while squeezing her lovingly.

“I don’t want you to feel that I am unreachable when I’m in this mood. The only reason I am so calm now is because I have you in my life. You help me to control the murkiness inside me Carmen, and all it takes is for me to suckle from the love that I see within your eyes and I’m cool. You supply me with immeasurable fulfillment, and I’m not about to loose that because of an unhappy old acquaintance. So,” Slick said lowering her chin down upon the crown of Carmen’s head. “Tell me what else did she say?”

Carmen moved up into Slick’s lap and laid her head softly down upon her shoulder before continuing. “She told me that I could tell Rasha that there was no need for him to watch us any longer. She found out for her self whom your new lover was.”

Slick jerked Carmen into a sitting position and glared at her. “Are you telling me that, that bastard that was with Foxy tonight was in on a plot to help Silk?” She growled between clenched teeth. Carmen stared into her partner’s stormy eyes and gently caressed her cheek before kissing her tenderly upon the lips. Needing to confirm that what Slick said about her not fearing her when she’s like this was true. Slick closed her eyes upon contact, letting her cowgirl realize that just her appearance alone calmed her.

“Baby…it may have started out that way, but after sitting with us for a while I believe his perception on Silk’s part may have changed. So remember, not to kill Foxy’s man before he gives you an explanation, okay.” Carmen said with a coy smile.

Slick couldn’t keep from returning the sentiment. She then nodded her head and agreed to listen to him. Slick then pulled Carmen in for a long tongue-twisting kiss before patting her on the thigh and ordering her back to bed. The little stripper slid off her woman’s thighs and permitted her to tuck her in as she bid her good night.

Just before stepping out the door Slick turned around and gaze upon her little precious one again. She then smiled and said, “I’ll listen to him, and right after that…then I’ll kill him.” She concluded drawing a gasp from her shocked partner’s lips. Slick smiled and gave Carmen a wink before stepping out into the hallway and closing the door behind her.

We’re on the way to Silk’s house…

Slick pulled the jeep quietly up in front of Silk’s and cut off the engine. She then took several deep breaths before walking up to the door. Once there she took several more deep breaths, trying to get herself under control before talking with the tramp.

Slick knocked on the door yet there was no reason to continue knocking since the door just kinda slid open. Slick pondered rather she should go in or not. That was until she pictured Silk hemming Carmen up in that bathroom. Stealthily she moved inside and down the hallway. Every thing seemed the same except for the faint moaning she was hearing in the first bedroom.

The club owner moved quietly up to the door and listen before slipping into the room. Silk was taking a vicious fucking from the back by a gorgeous determined blonde. ‘Oh…boy.’ Slick thought while watching the blonde jerk violently back on Silk’s hips while ramming her strapped on Samson deep inside it’s husky playground. ‘Now this is a welcome.’ Slick then shifted her weight onto her left leg while placing her hands upon her hips before tilting her head for a better view. ‘Well…I think I maybe getting a little turned on by this energizing display.’

Slick moved a little further into the room before clearing her throat. The blonde stopped her misguided pumping immediately and glanced up panting. The club owner swung her arms opened and said, “Am I interrupting something?” Silk snatched away from the blonde and fled to the head of the bed, as if that was going to keep her ass out of harm’s way.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE SLICK?” As soon as the other woman heard Slick’s name, her eyes bulged. She then grabbed her clothes and began to apologize while moving toward the door. Slick didn’t bother to watch Silk. She knew her ass wasn’t going anywhere.

But the panicked look in the blonde’s eyes was kind of invigorating. Her name still inspired fear and respect when it’s heard…that’s good. Slick continued to watch the woman as she periodically glanced at the door as if trying to judge just how far from it she was and was this Amazon going to jump her ass for fucking one of her many women.

Moving in short sideward steps the woman continued to apologize to Slick for taking liberty with one of her women. If she would have known that Silk was one of her women she would have never accept the call from the escort service. The woman gasped as Slick’s eyes darken and began to narrow. ‘Fuck this’ She thought bolting for the door. ‘That huge bitch is going to have to catch me before whipping this ass’.

Slick chuckled as the girl tore for the door and didn’t bother to look back at the shoe she dropped on the way out.

“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE SLICK OR I’LL CALL THE POLICE.” Silk said bravely in a trembling voice.

“Now is that anyway to talk to an old lover, Silk?” Slick asked with a mock smirk upon her face while moving closer to the bed.

“GET AWAY FROM ME SLICK.” Silk ordered moving over to the phone. “I SWEAR, I WILL CALL THE POLICE ON YOUR SADISTIC ASS. Just as she grabbed the receiver Slick was on her. Slick tore the phone from the wall and slung it across the room before back handing Silk across the face. Nearly knocking her ass out the bed.

“First of all, let’s get something straight shall we.” Slick stated reaching in and snatching Silk over to her by the hair. “There is nothing your whorish ass could swear to that will frighten me. And I will kill your ass before you think I will be looking over my shoulder all the time wondering what you have planned for me next.”

Slick then yanked back hard on Silk’s hair and glared unmercifully into her eyes. “Speaking of plans.” Slick growled. “Let’s talk about the one you so skillfully managed to deliver to my soon to be wife tonight.” Slick then lowered her face so that her and Silk was eye to eye. “Now tell me…what’s that all about. Did you threaten MY wife?” Slick asked with a raised eyebrow.

Silk snatched away from Slick while trying to slip in a miss aimed slap. Slick caught her hand and chortled. Silk screeched and leaned back before hocking up and spitting into Slick’s face. Slick snatched her ass up by the hair and slung that skank clear across the room shattering her vanity dresser.

“Obviously you need a reminder of just who in the fuck I am.” Slick stated with a meaningful glare and heading over toward her. Silk screeched as she moved back onto her knees and drove her hands mindlessly into her pockets. She gasped as her left hand drop down on the little derringer she threatened Rasha with. Silk rolled out of Slick’s path and quickly regained her height before pulling the gun out and pointing it at Slick.

“Stay back bitch.” Silk commanded with a little more force to her voice than earlier. She was feeling quite proud of her self right now as Slick paused in her steps. Silk observed Slick’s reluctant manner and giggle courageously. “Yeah…what’cho ass going to do now, bitch. I ought’tah shoot your ass just for walking in on me before I got my nut. Yeah…” Silk chirped feeling a little more secure in her present position. Slick didn’t move. Silk read it as fear, but in reality Slick was looking and waiting for an opening. Silk like all the rest of the women she’s ever slept with were boastful when they thought they had pulled something over on her.

“Yeah, I told that little angelic looking bitch to stay away from you. But what I should have did was kicked her in her ass and made her eat my pussy before making her leave town.” Silk bragged while waving her gun hand up and down and cackling. She was feeling rather spry and daring as hell.

“Yeah when I had that little trick pinned up against that hand dryer I thought she was going to start crying.” Silk then began to whimper as if she was beginning to cry. Slick’s eyes narrowed but she didn’t move.

“Ah…you don’t like that do ya. You don’t like the idea that I beat’choo do ya Slick. Yeah, while your ass was up there on the phone, probably talking to another bitch, I had your other little cunt eater hemmed up in that bathroom.” Silk starting laughing again. “That little heifer flinched and jerked like I was a mean spirit trying to possess her.” Silk found the whole thing hilarious as she leaned back in her laughter this time. After that, it was her ass. Slick grabbed one of the remaining standing chairs sitting near her broken vanity and threw it at her. Slick swung with so much force that the gun went one way and Silk flew out the door into hall way. It didn’t take a heartbeat before Slick was straddling her and dragging her ass to her full height by her throat.

Silk struggled and clawed at Slick hand and arm before the club owner slammed her up against the wall. Knocking every once of breath that filled her lungs out.

Slick leaned up against Silk’s gasping body and tightened her grip around her throat. “Now you may not want to tell me what you had intended for my wife, but I’m no refrigerator and there are just some things I won’t keep. Like my temper, if my wife is ever addressed in this manner again. Get my meaning.” Slick snarled while banging Silk’s head hard against the wall to enforce the significance of her request.

“Slick, you cheating ass whore. The only reason you are with that girl is probably because she hasn’t been touched by anyone else. And you wanted to be the first to bust the seal on that young stuff. You don’t know what love is, all you understand is power and possession. You are no better than any other fucking Dyke that want to control others…bitch.” Silk spat summoning every inch of bravery she had left in her body.

The club owner snorted and ran her tongue slowly up the side of Silk’s face. “Well when we were together I didn’t hear no complaints. You rather enjoyed being dominated and no doubt fucked after each time I kicked your ass. And, just like then, you want me now. You figure you would say something that will send me over the edge just as you did back then. Inciting me to wear your ass out with a thorough beating before turning your ass around and ramming my fingers straight up into that burning pussy of yours. That’s what you want isn’t it Silk.” Slick purred while easing her leather cover thigh up between Silk’s legs. Silk shrieked from the coolness the leather applied against her burning lover chamber.

Slick knew her like a book. She was indeed wanting Slick to take her, but violently like she use to do after she’d been out brawling with her girls and She was still wired from their unorthodox adventures. That was when Slick was most fierce and every bit serious with the sex.

Memories of Slick coming in all hours of the night flashed through her mind as she stood there blasting her out before she physically attacked Rimi. This of course will bring on a very stimulating ass whipping by the club owner. Ending up Silk’s backside being turned up in the air and Slick ramming her fingers in and out of her juicy apex. Draining the rest of the fight out of her with wild, unchained pumping of Slick’s strong fingers. Silk recalled the shuddering climax that would jump her each time Slick put it on her like that. The images were still clear and definitely a stimulating incentive.

“Please,” Silk whispered. “No one will know. I won’t tell a soul.” She said clawing at the back of Slick’s leg. Trying to pull it even closer to her throbbing cunt. “It won’t even take you ten minutes to get me there Slick. You know how to take it. Please Slick…you know I’m the woman for you. I know you want to fuck me. Com’on Slick…do it. Bend me over and take me like you used too.” Silk pleaded in a lyrical tone, hoping like hell that Slick would take the bite.

“You’re right I am getting turned…but the irony part is, it is NOT you that I desire to conquer.” Slick confessed while removing her knee from Silk’s throbbing apex. “Talk about feeling liberated.” Slick said with a bright smile while slamming Silk once more against the wall they were hugging.

“Stay away from my wife Silk,” Slick said with a grisly glare in her eyes and a frigid appointment. “If you come near her again there is nothing on this earth that will hide your ass. It will be kind of like the predicted last days the love children are preaching about these days. Your ass will be begging the rocks to fall on your ass to keep you from me. Heed my word, because just like in the beginning, my words come with the powers of the inevitable.” Slick then turned away from her old lover and started toward the door.

Silk began to laugh in mockery before speaking again. “You think your words mean anything to me now. Fuck naw, and just like I promise, if she keep seeing your ass she will see me again.” Silk said allowing her eyes to dart around trying to find something to chunk at Slick. Slick didn’t even bother to turn around to confront her. Already realizing that her past bed partner was up to something. It was in her voice and the way the words tore from her mouth. Obviously she was going to need a little more physical persuasion.

Just as Slick opened the door and was about to step out she was met by a clashing vase smashing against the back of the door. Sending water splashing all over her. Slick whirled around and issued Silk a menacing glare. There was no doubt that Slick was about to get in that ass. Silk shot her a teasing smirk before starting to laugh in a baneful cord. Just like she expected, Slick didn’t take any time addressing her sleazy defiance. Within a matter of seconds Slick had her pinned to the floor face down with her boot up against her neck. Silk struggled, panted and clawed against the plush carpet that was threatening to smother her if Slick continued to apply pressure to her throat.

Slick had to laugh as she watch her ex-lover claw fruitlessly for purchase. That was what excited her most about sex with Silk. She always loved to test her boundaries. And every once in a while she’d wind up bruised more than Slick intended. But the sex was unnamable and definitely worth the effort.

“Silk, I’d couldn’t wait to get home after a night on the town with the girls. Because I knew the minute I walked in the door, I was going to get a chance to kick your ass and later fuck you. Ah…those were back in the day.” Slick said in a tone of wonder before adjusting her footing so that Silk could look up at her with her peripheral view. “But that was THEN and this is NOW. Carmen is the only woman I NEED AND WANT. So back away now, while your ass still can, because if you come near her again it is going to take a SWAT TEAM to get me off your ass, got it.” Slick finalized while releasing her footing and briskly leaving the house.

After regaining her normal breathing Silk tore out of the house screaming obscenities again, and like last time, the neighbor’s were watching. Silk glance around from house to house issuing each one of them the finger. Not even noticing or caring that she was naked as a jaybird. “FUCK ALL OF YOU. YOU CAN KISS MY FUNKY ASS.” She yelled before returning to the house and slamming the door behind her. ‘Slick if you think this shit is over with, you can think again’. She thought while cutting off the lights and dragging solemnly to her bedroom.

Back at Sassy’s…

Veronica sat up in the bed totally distracted by her partner’s reaction. Never in all the years they’d been together had Sassy ever barked at her like that. Yes, there were times when she had gotten really opinionated, but never rancorous. Had she gone too far with this? And loosing Sassy certainly wasn’t one of the options she had considered here. ‘Maybe Sassy is right. I need to talk to Carmen. I need to tell her why…I hate Slick so. But what if she doesn’t believe me? What will happen then?’ “V,” questioned in thought. Vanilla never contemplated loosing both the women she loved. No…she wasn’t going to let that bitch Slick take everything that has governed her life all this years away from her.

Veronica slid from the bed with several thoughts in mind, and they were to reassure her lover that she loved her more than anything. Tell her niece the truth about Slick, and finally…confront that whoring skank Slick and tell her to stay away from Carmen. With these resolutions in mind, Veronica put her robe on and went looking for her pissed off love.

The ride back home…

Slick recall so many images of her and Silk and how she would take her in unusual places as well having Silk to go down on her. The memories cause a smile to rise on her face. Strange…during those days all she wanted was sexual gratification and giving her loving rough to whomever she chose too was merely the icing on the cake.

Slick remembered borrowing Scout’s Bigfoot with four-wheeled drive one night supposedly to go riding. Yet what she wanted was to see how it felt to take Silk while traipsing through the wooded area a ways off from the cabin. The club owner recollected ordering Silk to remove her underwear and for her to straddle her lap once she finished. Like a good trick, she did it. Wanting to be fucked however Slick chose to do it.

In and out Slick shoved her fingers into that hot twat. The harder she pumped the wetter it became. With each hump she drove over, Silk impaled her aching stuff harder upon Slick’s embedded fingers. Deeper and deeper she drove her pleasure seekers wanting to hear Silk moan, pant and screech for more. And Slick was ever so willing to give it. Slick used unrelenting forceful strokes to drive her ex-lover to the point of madness before withdrawing whenever she felt that Silk was enjoying it too much. Silk clawed at Slick’s clothing while trying to rub her burning pussy against anything of Slick’s she could to continued the impelling friction Slick was delivering before deciding to stop.

Slick remembered cackling ominously as she held a hunching Silk up against the steering wheel preventing her from making purchase while pinching and twisted her clit. Once she was tired of hearing Silk beg and plea for completion. Slick remembered slamming hard down on the brakes as her first three fingers skewered that rank pussy with a viciousness that only she was supposedly allowed to give. Silk shrieked in joy and humped as if her ass was on fire.

Slick recollected how hot it made her to whack that ass with punishing plunges. She remembered driving her fingers in Silk’s slippery mound so deep that she heard her knuckles pop. However, that didn’t keep her from making that coochie throb for mercy when she got through. Slick laughed out loud as she thought back to how Silk’s saturate cunt sucked hungrily at her fingers, her back arched, body went rigid and she howled like a bitch giving birth as her climax consumed her.

Rimi allowed the past images to entertain her but what she found interested among everything she was thinking, was that it didn’t turn her on like it did then. Yes, she could still feel a tightening in the area it was meant for. Yet, it was as if she had climb up to another level in her life and things that she used to do she had out grown. Silk was still attractive, and more than anything when Silk was begging her to take her she felt infinite. Proud that her ex-lover still desired her in that way. Yet, the appetite that she once had for uncivilized sex had changed.

Yes, she still had the desire to conquer and control, but being with Carmen offered her a totally different form of release. She no longer wanted her loving to denote pain, strength and finally pleasure, but completeness, and only for the woman that had claimed her soul.

As Slick pulled up to the stoplight she felt a smile rise on her face and tears well in her eyes. Although she batted her eyes several times in an effort to stifle the overcoming emotions inside her, she couldn’t. She never imagined in a million years that she would ever meet anyone that would warrant her darken soul with just the rays of unblemished love. Slick found herself silently thanking anyone that was the cause of her happiness. And how she could never repay whomever was responsible for bringing Carmen into her life. As Slick moved slowly through the light she knew now why her taste for loving was different. She had tasted the finest aphrodisiac life had to offer. And it was a simple sip of her one and only, Carmen.

Secret thoughts of Slick were brought to a stay as she looked down at the vibrating phone she wore on her waist.

Slick removed the phone and opened it with one hand while keeping her attention focused on the darken road ahead. “Yeah.” She answered waiting for the other person, whoever it was calling her at this time of the night, to speak.

“Hi baby,” Carmen said fully alert. It was obvious that she hadn’t slept a wink since she left. “Hey baby.” Slick said right before Aurora yelled out, “Hi Mommy.” Slick shook her head and chuckled. Both her girls were up and no doubt keeping each other company.

“Carmen,” she said releasing an almost frustrating sigh. “I thought I tucked you in for bed before I left. Would you tell me why you are awake and now you also have a new partner in this crime.” Slick stated with a smile. But Carmen didn’t pick up on that part. Slick sounded upset, and she certainly didn’t want that.

“Baby, I’m…I’m sorry. I don’t sleep good if you are not here with me. Ray-Ray, came over and volunteered to keep me company after peeking in on her way to the kitchen. This is not intentional…We just want you to come home. It doesn’t feel right with out you.” Carmen admitted, with her voice getting softer and softer with each word. By the time she was finished her voice was faint and shaky. She wasn’t frightened, but rather needed her lover’s presence and closeness. And Slick picked up on that from the moment Carmen began to explain why she was up.

The club owner sigh again, but this time it felt as if it was a breath of renewal. She could actually feel the night air fill her lungs and her body turn the briskness of its chilling current into warmth that spread gradually all through her body. If all else fails in her life at least she was sound in the fact that there were two people in her life that needed and wanted her with every breath they took. Slick had never been one for this sensitive stuff, but right now she was more than willing to reap everything that this new harvest of love would bring her.

“Alright,” Slick returned in an understanding tone. “I have one more place to stop before I get in for the rest of the night, Okay.” “Oh…Okay,” Carmen retorted while laying down the remainder of her cards urging Aurora to yell out her displeasure by shouting, “No.”

Slick heard the shriek which cause her eyes to bulge and inquire to what exactly what they were doing. Carmen chuckled and said, “That is the kind of response you are given when your opponent goes down with their final matches, leaving you with a hand full of cards.” She then laughed again and told her partner that they were playing Gin Rummy. Slick snorted and told her partner to play fair or at least mercifully and…she would be in soon. Carmen agreed to her love’s request and petitioned her to get home before hanging up. Little did she know Slick wasn’t a block away from the club, but she had to talk to Foxy before turning in.

Slick cut off her lights and coasted up into the driveway cautiously. Once there she got out of the car and closed the door softly before heading up to Foxy’s place by the backward stairs.

“Whomever it is…You better have a lot of money or something else of greater value to give me for getting up this time of night.” Foxy shouted as he grabbed his golden kimono and matching sash before heading toward the door.

“Who in the hell is it?” He shouted while stomping toward the hatch (door). “It’s Me.” Slick returned in a controlled cord. She wasn’t looking forward to this but she definitely wanted Foxy to be aware of Rasha’s part in this plot to deter Carmen from ever being with her.

“Slick,” he uttered moving a little more purposefully to open the door. “Is everything alright?” He asked with worry eyes. “Aurora and Carmen are fine,” Slick assured him. “But I need to talk to you about someone else.” Slick retorted with a serious stare in her eyes. “Well,” he said shutting the door. “You’ll have to talk to me in my room. I’m watching MTV.” He returned starting back to the bedroom.

Both figures lay down on the bed side by side before directing their attention toward the TV.

“Foxy, I have to talk to you about Rasha. What do you know about him? Where did you meet him? And Where does he stay?” Slick knew most of what she was inquiring about but she needed to know just exactly how much did Foxy know about his new beau.

“Oh,” he began with a smile. Just thinking about Rasha made him fickled. “I met him at the fitness center. I don’t know where he lives or anything else about him, per say, but he is a fan of mine. I thought maybe we’ll get to spend more time together and then I can ask him some personal questions about himself.” Foxy finished hoping that that was a reasonable answer for Slick.

Slick hummed concernedly before turning her gaze toward her friend. Issuing him a more inquisitive glance.

“Well did you know that he lived with Silk? Did you know that he was in on a plot to help Silk find out whom I was seeing now?” Slick paused briefly to see if Foxy would even bother to respond. After realizing he didn’t have an answer for neither of the questions she sighed spiritlessly and continued.

“Foxy, I know you like him but we’ve discussed in the past about the men in your life. You can’t just take them at their word. He is a manipulator just like Silk. And, he can’t…” “Just stop right there Slick.” Foxy snapped, while getting up to turn the TV off.

“I know you and Murray are only trying to protect me and I am grateful. But if I am going to have any kind of relationship with anyone it will have to be done on my terms. Now he may not be as sweet as a rose, but I know for a fact he is nothing like Silk.” Foxy plopped back down on the bed and laid his head once more on his friend’s shoulder.

“He asked me some questions about Carmen, and I quickly with a positive attitude answered them. After seeing you two together I can see in his eyes the admiration he had for each of you. It may have started out as a plot to snoop for Silk, but after I told him how awful your other girlfriend was, which I’m sure he assumed was Silk, he was more understanding. Plus he could see how happy you were with Carmen and I think he envied that.”

Foxy then shifted onto her side and gazed over at his long time friend with pleading eyes. “I really like him Slick and I want to get to know him better. All I ask,” he said while reaching to brush away the stray patch of hair over Slick’s left eye. “Is that you give him time to explain himself before you kill him.” He said with a weak smile.

Slick contemplated her friend’s sincere gaze for a bit before agreeing. It was at least worth the effort, in Foxy and Carmen’s case, to hear what this man had to say. And that was if he was man enough to return and try to explain his joint conspiracy with Silk.

“For some reason you and Carmen believe this man is innocent of his actions. So I tell you what I am going to do. First, I’m going to wait and see if he will come to me with his explanation. I am sure by now that he knows Silk has ratted him out to Carmen while issuing threats of her own to Carmen in that bathroom.”

“Wait a minute Slick. Are you telling me that that whore pinned Carmen up in the Ladies room? That Bitch…did she hurt her? If she’s touched her…” “Calm down, she didn’t touch Carmen. But I did go over to her place and reemphasize that our relationship was over and if I ever hear of her approaching my wife again.”

“Oh…Oh…Oh, hold up, hold up, are…you telling me that you have proposed to Carmen?” He interrupted with glee in his eyes. “Yes I have.” Slick said proudly while sticking her nose regally in the air. Foxy fell back laughing while patting his stomach. He then took a deep breath and gazed sentimentally into her friend’s eyes. “I am so proud of you girl. You two have definitely come a long way, Congratulations.” Foxy brows furrowed as she retrieved her sideward propped position and glared sincerely into her friend’s sparkling orbs. “She did say, “Yes,” right?” He asked almost frighten of the answer.

“Yes she did.” Slick said moving over to her side and shooting her friend a very confident glance. “She is going to be Mrs. Carmen Black.”

“Now that is alright,” Foxy praised while holding up his hand for Slick to give him a hi-five.

“Any way I told that Silk,” Slick said continuing the last thought she was having before Foxy jumped in with her threats. “In so many words to stay away from Carmen. Of course, when I left our little conversation wasn’t weighing heavily on her mind, because she was screaming and yelling like a banshee.” They both laughed before propping their bodies fully upon both elbows and leaning into each other.

“My aren’t we a pair?” Foxy said mimicking Tina Turner’s voice as she looked down on a surrounded Mel Gibson in the, “Thunderdome.” That sent the friend’s reeling back into laughter again. “Yeah…” Slick said before rising and moving to the door. “But I’m really glad you are apart of this odd pair.” Slick then gave her pal a wink before leaving. Foxy smiled and bid her friend good night before deciding to turn in himself.

Returning Home…

Slick made her way up to the room and just as she was about to step in she heard her two girls giggling and it appears as if they were in the middle of a pillow fight. Quietly she slipped into the room and stood in the shadows staring at the couple. Aurora was jumping all around bopping a blind Carmen, which was holding her eyes closed, on the head with her pillow. The little dancer swung her pillow all around hoping to land a solid blow to bring the little zealous one down. As soon as her pillow found purchase Slick cleared her throat. Both breathless figures looked up at the door while fighting for breath.

“Hi mommy, Carmen and I,” Aurora said while reaching up under her and pulling out some cards. “We were just playing some cards.” Slick shot her little one a crooked grin before returning, “Uh huh.” She then began to remove her clothing before stopping short of taking off her Brassiere and panties. Ray-Ray looked over at her mother, examining her contemplating features before realizing that it was time for her and Carmen’s special bonding time. She didn’t have to read her mother’s thoughts to know that she was needing to be with Carmen and in the most natural form possible (naked okay). The little one quickly kissed Carmen on the jaw and bid the couple goodnight while dashing for the door.

“Good night mommy…and next time don’t leave Carmen along so long. Jeez, it took me an hour to get her to stop crying.” She said with a mischievous giggle. She then tore from the room as Carmen’s mouth fell open in shock and the little dancer’s pillow came flying toward her. “Night mommy, night Carmen, I love you.” She yelled before closing the door to her bedroom right next to her mom’s.

“So my champion has returned.” Carmen purred while patting the space behind her. Somehow she knew that Slick just wanted to be near her. Not to make love to her but to merely show her love by embracing the radiance of her lover’s body against her own. Slick removed her underclothes and moved up on the bed beside her partner and pulled Carmen into her arms.

“Um,” Slick hummed as Carmen’s left hand pulled the cover up over the statuesque coiling figure behind her. “I trust you didn’t kill anyone to night dark one.” Carmen said accompanied with a sweet chuckle.

Slick pulled her closer and wrapped her legs and arms around Carmen before inhaling her love’s humble scent. “You will be glad to know that I didn’t…and I owe it all to you. I love you Carmen.” Slick sung lyrically while burying her face in her love’s hair and drifting peacefully off to sleep. Carmen smiled and gently caressed her sleeping lover’s thigh before returning, “I love you more…Ms. Rimi Black.”

***Tune in for more soon. I’m going to try and close the “Strippin’ and Cops series,” so I can concentrate on finishing “A Mother’s Day tale,” and maybe start a new Uber, but that will be up to the Readers of LB’s Place on just which one it will be.***


Faded Paradise…

Slick hadn’t envisioned a busy morning but the moment she opened her eyes she found Aurora kneeling behind Carmen placing some very decorative twisted braids all about her head.

“Hi mommy,” she said quietly while continuing her hair dressing unhindered. Slick snorted realizing again that Carmen could sleep through a hurricane.

“My aren’t we a busy beautician this morning?” Slick asked while reaching up to kiss her daughter’s brow. “Carmen doesn’t believe that she could sleep through anything so I’m going to prove it to her. I thought I’d gel her hair into spikes and dye it, but her hair is pretty this color. Therefore, I decided to try out a modern day style. There…” she said looking over at her mother who was clearly examining how it looked on her lover.

“Well that’s looking kinda sporty Ray-Ray. If she asks who did this to her though, I will deny all association or kin to you…deal?” Slick said smiling.

“Okay,” Aurora said rolling from the bed. When she reached the door she turned and said, “Oh yeah…daddy received a package this morning for you. He told me to let him know when you were up.” Aurora then looked over the covers that were covering her mother’s naked body. “Well…” She stated with a wicked smile. “It look as if you are up. DADDY!” She screamed while closing the door behind her.

“AHHROORAAHH!” Slick screamed while pulling the covers tight around her and a still dead to the world Carmen. Slick smiled at her angelic, braided head lover and kissed her softly on her partially opened lips. “Must’ve worn you out last night huh?” She mumbled as Murray burst into the room inciting Carmen to jump out from under the covers. Slick grabbed her and held her in place. While trying to shield her lover’s body the covers fell down about her waist.

“Well, I see love has returned the glistening gold tone to your wonderful skin Slick.” Murray said licking his lips and reaching over to pinch Slick’s right tit.

“Hands off Peter Pansy,” She said delivering a stinging slap to his hand. “Ouch,” he yelped tossing the overnight Federal Express package in her lap. Meanwhile Carmen had grabbed a pillow and pulled it around in front of her so that she could rub the sleep from her eyes.

“Who’s it from?” Slick asked not bothering to read the address but proceeding to rip the package open. Just as she reached in to see what the surprise was a ring case fell out. Slick grabbed it up as Murray took a seat on the side of the bed to check the prize out as well.

“Oh my God,” Carmen uttered shoving the pillow out of her lap and sliding closer to Slick. It was two sets of antique wedding rings inside. The design on the engagement ring was sort of like the round killing weapon Slick wore last night with a huge karat stone in the middle of it. The bands were also designed like Slick’s costume weapon. But unlike the thin wedding bands couples usually invest in, these were the width of a class ring facing with oval shaped ends thinning as it fanned behind the finger.

“Oh my God, Slick they are beauuutifuuul.” Carmen mumbled while easing her much smaller hand down atop of her lover’s. Slick quickly wiped the occurring tears from her eyes not wanting to look weak in front of either of the two, and held the rings ups so each of them could see them.

Murray smiled and tenderly brushed her hair back behind her ear. “Who’s it from baby?” He asked trying to redirect the attention of Slick.

“It’s from my sister, Snapper.” Slick chuckled a little while wiping away the tears that had slipped past her eyelids. “She’s says that Paw-Paw found these in a chest in the memory room in a hidden compartment he’d forgotten about.” She then chortled again before telling them that Snapper called their grandfather an old coot because he just so conveniently found the rings her aunt and uncle left when she was about to get married. “They supposedly left them for whichever one of us, Snapper or I that got married first.” She said as the tears just kept coming.

Murray leaned over and kissed her on the jaw. Silently congratulating her and encouraging her that is was okay to cry. Slick returned the sentiment before shoving him roughly off the bed.

“You think I didn’t see you eyeballing my woman’s tits? Get out!” She said playfully before tossing the covers off her golden body and towering over him in a straddling stance.

“C’mon Slick don’t play hard to get,” he said sticking his tongue out and flicking it vigorously.

Slick crouched down over him showing all that good stuff and gave him a wanton stare. “What’ll ya say baby. Wanna have a little fun with Murray?” She asked her partner while breaking down on one knee bringing her hungry glare closer. So close that Murray could feel her warm breath all about his face. He was beginning to feel hot right about now.

Carmen moved to the end of the bed, slid up behind Slick and rested her elbows on her shoulders. Relaying the same hunger, her partner was issuing her ex-lover.

“Ugh,” Carmen purred reaching around to palm her love’s left tit. “Why not? It’s been a long time since he’s had’cha but first let’s us do it and he can watch. Wouldn’t you like that Murray? You get to watch two girls getting it on? It makes you hotter than hell just thinking about it doesn’t it?” She whirred slipping her right hand up between her partner’s thighs.

Murray was really beginning to sweat now, as his Moby began to swell and his mouth watered.

“FOXY!” He screamed breaking into a desperate crawl. Carmen covered her laughter by burying her face in Slick’s neck.

“GET HIM BABY…GET HIM…DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY.” Carmen yelled and laughed at the same time. This only made Murray crawl faster. At one time he believed he could get to his feet but stumbled as soon as he had that thought back upon his knees and elbows. Carmen and Slick were on the floor laughing.

“Hahaha,” he said regaining his stance once outside the room. “Stanking teases,” he said straightening his clothes before walking off. “Hey Murray… don’t go away mad,” Carmen said scrambling to the door behind the retreating figure. Slick rolled over onto her stomach and watched her little naked sugar girl crawl around on all fours. ‘Damn she looks sexy. Look at the fine ass. Ooh…I could jump straight up in it right this minute.’ She thought as Carmen closed the door and fell up against it.

After taking several renewed breaths she noticed that her wonder girl was staring at her. “What?” she inquired wagging her legs back and forth. Slick glanced down at her soak depths and licked her lips before speaking.

“Would you have really wanted to do it in front of Murray?” She asked wondering if she had unleashed a demon of mad and wild love, which she certainly wouldn’t mind.

“Well now it all depends. You see…I would only do it if you were calling the shots and he was simply portraying OUR love slave.” She then grabbed her legs and held them open spread eagle style…giving her lover a satisfactory view of her scented gardens.

“You see Slick I’ve heard stories of your sexual appetite and that doesn’t frighten me. So long as you know that the honeyed hive between your legs is mine. However when we play those type of games remember they are just that. We both must agree to that kind of play and we both control the activities.” She said breaking down on all fours again.

“For example…let’s say we did play with Murray. I…will tell him when he can taste from my succulent valley. I…will control his rhythm. I…will tell him how I want him to hit that juicy stuff of mine.” As she explained her meaning, she began to crawl toward her lover in a sensual stalking crawl. Her voice was firm yet husky. Her stare was dark and every bit sexy, and Slick knew from the way she was talking that she definitely wanted some brain banging love. “And it will be me who will become both his and your master.” Her and Slick were now kneeling a nose length from each other. They each could smell the fragrance of passion emanating from their bodies as their breath mingled and caressed flushed features.

“Fuck me,” Carmen whispered. Slick whirled around and ripped the drawer that held their toy completely out of its compartment. She then took Carmen roughly to the floor, strapped oh her joy rod and snatched open her lover’s legs as wide as she could. For a moment all of her actions stopped. She couldn’t deny that Carmen steaming little scenario had her worked up, but the fear of hurting Carmen had her second-guessing herself.

Carmen reached up and snatched her mighty lover down over her. “DO IT!” She demanded. “DO IT N000WWW SLICK!” Slick didn’t have to ponder her actions anymore. She was in the zone. Slick dropped down onto her elbows and plunged inside her love. Burying her rod as deep as she could in her little lover. Carmen arched her back and yelled out. “OH…DO IT SLICK…TAKE ME…TAKE ME LIKE I’M YOUR BITCH.”

Slick growled and locked down in it, popping that slit hard and fierce. Carmen cried out and clawed viciously at Slick’s back and ass while bringing those firm thighs of hers straight up into the air. (Everybody say par-taaaaay!)

Slick was working it so tough that she couldn’t even recall where they were. Her moistened center stung like it was on fire as she kept banking it hard in her baby’s hot twat. The shit was getting so good that both of ‘em were adding rhythm to their pants. “Uuuuummmmm… aaaaaahhhhhh. . .yeeeaaahhh. . ……… huuuuh. . .ooh. . .that’s it.. .That’s It…THAT’S IT.” They each sung out repeatedly, louder and louder as Slick’s back began to arch with purpose. Slick jumped up and down in it several times more before giving the sun, moon and stars a name (Carmen, Carmen, Carmen). Carmen grabbed her ankles and yanked back hard. Opening that funky stuff wide for the taking, while naming each hunch.. .(Rii-iii-iii-iimi). Their climaxes hit so hard that they both began to slaver and sputter like dying animals.

“SLIIIICCCK,” Carmen cried out right before her partner dropped down hard upon her. “Good lord I’ve hit the jackpot,” Slick said before going limp. Carmen chuckled breathlessly before retorting, “Well, you’ve certainly worked hard for it baby. Maybe we should get a little freaky more often. I love it when your luvin is wild and untamed. It makes me scared and excited at the same time.” Slick snorted and returned, “Scary…it’s you that is scary. One minute you’re my sweet caring partner and then the next you are Carmen the Frigg (fuck) queen.”

“Are you complaining mighty one?” Carmen said running her fingertips gently up and down Slick’s back. “Complaining…Hell no…complimenting…most definitely,” She said chortling.

“Uh, Carmen baby…I think you are going to have to roll me off. I can’t move.” Slick said still not able to control her limbs. Carmen smiled and wrapped her arms and legs around her soon to be wife before summoning all the strength she had left into rolling them both over.

“There,” she said rather proud of herself for sufficiently carrying out what her love requested. “Comfy?” she said laying her head down on Slick’s still heaving bosom. “Quite,” Slick returned embracing her little lover.

Just as they were about to drift off to sleep Foxy came to the door and knocked. “Slick…Slick, wake up girl. There is someone in your office waiting to speak with you.

Slick didn’t answer. Maybe, if she didn’t reply, he’d go away. No such luck though, the next time he knocked harder. “GO AWAY,” Slick yelled wanting more than anything to remain where she was.

“Slick. . . Come on, this person desperately wants to speak with you.. .Please.” Foxy finished in a pleading tone. Slick’s eyes slid open and studied the request. It wasn’t like Foxy to beg.

“Slick.. . Come on, this person desperately wants to speak with you…Please.” Foxy finished in a pleading tone. Slick felt her eyes slide open and studied the request. It wasn’t like Foxy to beg.

“Alright…Alright, give me a few minutes to get showered and dressed.” She replied. Carmen mumbled something before moving back up into the bed and covering up. Slick thought about make her get up too, but after that rather strenuous love session she decided to be a little lenient. If she ever doubted Carmen could satisfy her, dark urges she didn’t now. Baby girl was tossing the tightness (working the cootie) and screaming for more. (Everybody say ho…ho…Hold it down Carmen.)

Silk’s Place…

Silk’s eyes slid open to gaze at the locks of hair hanging precariously in her face. When she reached up to move it she groaned from the soreness that plagued her body.

“Slick…you fucking bitch. This shit ain’t over with, and that you can bet on.” She mumbled crawling up to where the telephone used to be.

“SHIT!” She yelled, more frustrated by the outcome of last night than where in the hell did the telephone land. ‘Why did every thing fall apart?’ She thought. At Least Rasha, out of all this mess, was expected to be there for her, but not even, he could stomach her any longer.

Silk rolled over onto her back wondering what was it that she could do to put her life back together. On the other hand, if Slick chose to go on with this relationship with little red ridin’ hood, how could she make her regret ever taking her to her bed? ‘That bitch ain’t just going to use me and walk away when she thinks she’s got something better. Why should her ass live like a Prima donna when I’ve lost everything?’ Silk wondered, pulling herself up into a sitting position. She gazed around the torn up room feeling as if her life had drifted off into the same realm. Yet now…she’s playing for the win. If she couldn’t be with Slick and be happy then Slick wouldn’t be happy either, and she was going to make sure of that.

Sassy’s Place…

Veronica had searched the entire house when a thought came to mind. She recalled Sassy talking about how peaceful the night was on a lazy fall evening and how she just like to sit and listen to the songs of nature as it laced the night’s air with mystery.

The legendary stripper headed for the patio outside near the pool. Just as she suspected, Sassy was there. Sitting back in her lounging chair and sipping at the gin and ginger ale she’d made before going out there.

“V,” moved quietly up behind her lover and began to massage her tense shoulders. For a long time neither of them spoke. Instead, they listened to the night.

The moon hung eminently upon the darkness releasing a serene glow. Though her rays threw off any heat her presence and gift of light created rays of silent bliss. The breeze was cool yet instead of creating chill bumps on her observers it stilled their souls and magnified their boundless love. The night was breathtaking. Yet, the bond between Sassy and Veronica’s made its purpose of soothing one’s soul that much more special.

“You know baby,” Vanilla said softly. “In a way the night is like you. It’s mystical, stifling and every bit beautiful. It offers altruism just as you do me in my troubled times. I see why you love the darkness. It offers a black shield to all the filth that we as humans have brought upon the world. It reminds us of the tranquility that life offers that we rarely notice because the high demands of our daily lives. Maybe I should share this with you more often because there is nothing that is more priceless than being out here with you right now.” Veronica confesses while continuing to massage her lover’s shoulders.

Secretively they were examining what they meant to each other. Veronica was aggressive and strong willed most of the times, but then at other times, she was passionate and romantic. All of those things were what Sassy admired most about her lover. She was straightforward and sensual to the max. She remembered one evening after work before she started her own business how she came home and Veronica had moved all of the furniture back and had set up a picnic for them right in front of the fireplace. Right up to this day, she still reveled in the novelty of that evening. The lights were turned off and all about the room, candles were lit. They shared peanut butter sandwiches and chilled glasses of milk. It wasn’t so much as the meal they spent endlessly chewing on, but rather the woman. Her bright red hair gleamed upon the candlelight and her skin threw off a harking beauty from the dusky scene she created. Veronica couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Veronica’s thoughts went back to the same night. Sassy was obviously beat, but magnificent in every way. Her demeanor was that of a surprised princess. Vanilla felt her heart rate increase as she began to undress her lover so that she would be more comfortable. After stripping her down to her colorful bra and panties they sat down to eat and chitchat about their funnier moments. Veronica felt her breath catch each times her African-Asian beauty smiled. Nothing could compare to the way Sassy made her feel. She was always on cloud nine.

Once they were through eating, Veronica asked Sassy to stretch out and let her rid her body of the day’s tension. She did it. Vanilla recalled starting at her baby’s feet. She dripped the warm body oils tenderly all about her feet before asking her to bend her leg so that the foot massage would begin. Ever so lovingly her hands caressed and molded its petite dimensions. Sweeping graciously in between, round and about her little delicate toes commanding the stiffness to leave her lover’s body. Sassy moaned and wiggled in pleasure. Her eyes closed and she permitted her love to serenade her with TLC. That evening brought a smile to Veronica’s face. Though they didn’t make love it was still the most precious night they’d ever had, by the time she’d reach Sassy’s shoulders she was sound asleep and looking every bit more precious like she always did.

Vanilla found her eyes watering from the memory. Sassy meant the world to her and she wasn’t about to give her up. Veronica moved down in front of her lover and laid her head gently on her baby’s lap. Like a bard telling a tale to her sleeping babe Sassy began to caress V.D.’s silky red hair as she again stared up at the stars. Sassy was prepared to fight for her lover if meant be, but she wasn’t about to let anything, especially her adopted daughters, bring a black cloud of misunderstandings over any of their lives.

“I’m sorry,” they both said at the same time bringing a brief chuckle from each of them. Veronica took the lead.

“Baby…you’re right. I can’t let this go on any longer. I love Carmen and I won’t let the likes of Slick keep me from being there for her. I can’t stand Slick. No. Let, me re-phrase that. I hate her with a passion and it was because of something she’d done to me in the past, but I won’t let that hinder me from showing my love to Carmen. She then wrapped her arms snuggly around Sassy’s calves and pulled her closer. “That is exactly why I love you so. I won’t lose you over something stupid. I’ll die before I let that happen. You are everything to me and as long as you continue to love me that is all I will ever need.” Veronica concluded right before delivering tender kisses upon each of Sassy’s kneecaps.

Sassy smiled certainly pleased with the turnabout of the night’s events. To show her appreciation for her partner’s humble confession she sat our to return her lover’s sentiments ten fold. After dragging Veronica further back into the yard, Sassy spread both the blanket and her love out on the grass and got busy. Promises of continuous love and devotion rang out over the love session cementing each of their love for one another with a reckless passion they each possessed and definitely had for one another.

Back to Slick’s place…

After dressing Slick slipped over to the bed and rolled back the covers on her small lover just enough to kiss her tenderly upon her forehead. When she reach the door Carmen peeked out from under the blanket and said, “Oh baby.. .tell my darling daughter that her stepmother will not forget how she vandalized her hair while I was asleep, AND that I will certainly return the silent favor. So…she better sleep with one eye open tonight.” Carmen finished with a devilish cackle before disappearing back under the covers. Slick snorted and told her lover that she would deliver her message as soon as she saw her little peep.

Once Slick had closed the door her disposition changed. If it was whom she thought it was, she wanted him to make no mistake about how serious his present position was. If he make just one fuck up, it was going to be his ass! She never figured after issuing a warning to him on Halloween night about Foxy that she would have dispense another one for her family as well. No matter what that jack legged entertainer had to say he’d better make it good, because this would certainly be his last chance at making amends.

Slick stepped into the office and closed the door behind her. As she expected…It was him, Rasha. Foxy was sitting across from him cackling like a hen, obviously pleased with his confessions of sincerity. Yet, it was going to take a lot more to convince Slick of his sincerity. Slick moved over behind her desk and ordered Foxy to give them a few moments alone. Foxy looked over at Rasha with a frightened gaze. Slick observed her friend’s reluctance and asked again a little more firmly, that he get out. Foxy looked back over at Slick and narrowed his eyes secretively reminding his friend what she’d agreed last night to listen. Slick held her choreographer’s stare briefly before redirecting her glance back at Rasha, who was rather rigid in his posture, most likely nervous about talking with her.

Foxy finally stood to leave after Slick obviously made her intentions known of not listening or speaking to anyone until Foxy left.

As soon as Slick heard the latch click she whirled back around in her chair and shot Rasha a menacing glare. She then rose from her chair and re-position herself in the chair Foxy was sitting in across from him.

Rasha cleared his throat and prepared to speak. That was, at least before Slick silenced him with a single pointing finger.

“You just listen,” Slick ordered with a meaningful scowl upon her face. “There is no need for you to come up in here and try to explain your actions. I already know of ‘em. What I want to know is why? Why is it that you thought your actions were justifiable and your loyalty to Silk was worth such a transgression. Have I ever done anything to you? Has Foxy, Carmen or any other members of my family done something so malicious to you that it justified such an inconceivable action?” Slick asked with penetrating eyes. Her gaze was so piercing that Rasha could almost swear that Slick was able to read his mind just by looking into his eyes. Slick continued to hold his gaze as she sat back in the chair and crossed her legs. Rasha didn’t move nor did he speak. Somehow, he knew that if he made any sudden or seemingly threatening moves she’d be in his ass in a heartbeat. Slick inhaled again before lowering her elbows down upon her spread legs and leaned in closer to her friend’s new beau before starting up again.

“What did Silk tell you about me Raymond? Did she tell you how cold and inhuman I was? Did she tell you that I was abusive, controlling and heartless in bed…huh? Did she?” Slick inquired issuing him a sexy raised eyebrow expression that made him gasp from the staggering view. Slick was surely an intriguing woman there was no doubting that, but her manner certainly clarified that she didn’t play when it came to maintaining her position as queen bitch of the Fiery Pit. Rasha could tell just from her representation that she could surely have been all of those things his friend Silk had described. Yet, from the look in her eyes Rasha could tell that there was so much more to Slick than the things he’d heard.

“Well…she was right,” Slick said licking her lips. She then allowed her eyes to drift up and down Rasha’s body. Each time her gaze ended their eyes met. “You are bi-sexual aren’t you?” She said holding his gaze.

For the first time Slick witnessed movement. Rasha scooted closer to the arm of the huge sofa and shifted his package in the process. ‘Surely she couldn’t tell that.’ He thought while crossing his legs.

“I am a lot of things…just as you are. You are bi-sexual too. Does your partner know that?” He inquired sarcastically. Slick snorted mockingly while still holding his gaze. She didn’t bother to answer his questions. Instead, she moved her chair closer. She was now witnessing the fight in the man she met last night. Maybe, if she put him on the defense, they could get past this frightened phase and he would talk to her like the man that he really was.

“You know Raymond there’s a funny thing about Bi’s, they have a tendency to lean one way more than the other. Now I can fuck a man, but I prefer the soft caresses of a woman’s hand, what about you?” Slick asked holding his stare. She watched as his eyes darkened, but he wasn’t quite where she wanted him to be. When one is on the verge of anger they have a tendency to speak their mind and evidently their hearts.

“Do you prefer fucking women, or men in the ass? Which do you like best or can you even decide? I bet you’re so wishey washey that your mother can’t even tell when you’re telling the truth. I bet you are just a lying bastard. What, you figured before waltzing up in here as a spy, that Foxy was so desperate to be fucked that she’d be willing to fuck a LYING whore like you?”

That did it…Rasha jumped to his feet and began shouting at Slick about her knowing nothing about what was in his heart. He continued to shout about her knowing nothing of the freedom and giddiness he felt when he was around Foxy. He then start shouting things pertaining to him knowing nothing about her except the rumors he’d heard. He didn’t know that the person Silk had described to him in the past was the person he saw before him today.

He then told her that Silk had described so many times how they’d been together and how rough she was with her. He explained to Slick how Silk would come home crying, talking about how Slick had verbally abused her as well as sexually.

That night when he came into the club his mission was clear. He was to deliver the dirt to Silk on what Slick and her supposedly new woman were up to, but as the night progressed he discovered that Slick wasn’t that dark ranger that Silk had described. More accurately, he determined from Foxy’s stories of her best friend that Slick was a person who was fighting for redemption and the start of a new life.

Yet this time she had love on her side and he’d clearly saw that when she pulled Carmen into her arms. After that, he confessed that maybe Silk wasn’t all that she had made herself out to be. She wasn’t the one being abused but rather the abuser. She wasn’t the friend he thought she was but just as she had with Slick she was merely utilizing the opportunity to get what she wanted and needed at that moment.

He told Slick that he was sorry for coming into her club with those intentions. He told her that most of all he regretted deceiving Foxy to carry out his and Silk’s sick plan and that if it took from now to the day he died to prove himself, he would. Nothing was worth losing ground with the one person that he could see himself living with for the rest of his life with. He also informed the club owner that he too could fuck a woman, but he preferred a slow virile touch, one that will seize his soul with firmness as well as his body. By the time he was finished he was rather drained, but definitely purged of all his guilt.

From the moment he jumped up and began shouting, Slick whirled herself and the seat she was sitting in around in his direction and fed his anger by dispensing him a challenging glare. Yet, she never moved from her seat. She had no desire of locking horns with him, but her main purpose after entering the room was to get at how he truly felt about the whole situation. There was no doubt in her mind that he was sincere because from the start his eyes had been filled with dormant tears. She’d questioned his integrity and he didn’t like It…That is what go him rile and her at the truth.

His confession was reeling and every bit forceful, just as she expected. When she made his acquaintance, she knew he was a fighter and he’d have no problem engaging anyone if ever confronted. For a person with such chivalry he would definitely be a loyal ally. All she had to do was get him there. By the time he was finished tears were streaming down his face and he was apologizing repeatedly.

Slick sighed and gradually regained her height. She then walked over to him and with a motherly hand Slick reached up and wiped the tears from his eyes. He was shocked. The woman that his old friend Silk described was nothing like this. Slick had a tender side to her and he liked it.

After she wiped the tears from his face, he noticed the smug grin she was sporting. She’d planned this from the moment she stepped into that office. Rasha just stood there with his mouth wide, pleasantly surprised by how this all turned out. He thought, from the way Silk explained how she went suddenly into rages that he wasn’t leaving her office without getting his ass beaten. Yet, just as he suspected that night, Slick was a woman of honor, respect and unquestionable forgiveness.

After taking her seat, Slick started opening her mail, calmly signaling to Rasha that their talk was over.

“Is that all…what are you not going to give me a speech about not doing that any more? Aren’t choo going to threaten me about taking advantage of Foxy again? What…What…WHAT?” He nearly screamed, wanting Slick to be anything but tranquil.

Slick sighed and tossed the envelope down in front of her. She then rested her elbows down onto the desktop and rested her chin upon her threaded fingers.

“Rasha, you know as well as I do that there is nothing more to say. You’ve confessed, you’ve apologized and I believe you are willing to put this behind you. I know I am, and there is no need for me to threaten you because you know as well as I do that you won’t do that again. You are much more than Silk led me to believe too.” Slick said with a wink. Before then she wasn’t for sure if he was Silk’s roommate, that was until he went to describing some of their more feral events. “Now… unless you want to help me with my mail I suggest you get out.” She said reaching to pull the letter out of the envelope she’d just opened.

Rasha smiled and said, “No Ma’am,” while practically running to the door. Just before leaving he turned and gazed back at one of the most incredible women he’d ever met. Slick looked up from the letter with a questioning stare. Rasha still had that stupid grin on his face when he began to thank her for what seemed like the thousandth time before she screamed, “GET OUT!” Rasha chortled gleefully and closed the door. Once outside he took his first cleansing breath since his arrival…and boy did it feel good. ‘Slick may be a bitch…but that heifer is a cool ass bitch.’ He finalized with a grin before breaking into a run to find Foxy.

Foxy stood at the bottom of the stairs, periodically glancing up for any kind of signal that things had gotten out of control. She recalled Slick tearing from her office one day with a battered liquor wholesaler in tow. He had this theory of handling business and once he was through with it Slick would be ever so honored that he shared that with her. Of course, getting his ass severely kicked wasn’t in his sales package. He never made it to the stairs. Slick hoisted his long, scraggly body up over her head and tossed him carelessly over the rails of the second floor. She then yelled a few more obscenities along with telling him to get out, before heading back to her office.

Foxy knew in his heart that he didn’t want that to transpire between either of them. Although, supposedly what brought them together was Rasha and Silk’s plot to get back at Slick. Foxy knew for sure now…that Raymond always had an interest in him. He just didn’t know how to approach the most talked about drag queen on the strip.

Foxy kept going back to the image of Rasha falling to his knees and pleading with him to forgive him. He had done wrong, but what he regretted most was using the one person he’d only imagined being with in his dreams. His eyes were laced with remorse and dwindling hope. Repeatedly he begged for another chance and that this would never happen again. Rasha confessed he’d been with many, but none could compare to Foxy’s poise, grace and style and he wanted to hold on to that for as long as he lived. Foxy couldn’t keep from thinking after her new beau’s confession, ‘Now…He is good looking and a perfect gentleman. Should I forgive him? Hell yeah, Momma didn’t raise no fool. I’m not letting him go if I can help it either.’

“RAAAASSSHHHHAAA!” Foxy yelled as he whisked him up out of the chair he was sitting in and spun him around playfully. Rasha couldn’t remember ever being this happy.

After screaming for him to stop for what seemed like forever, Rasha lowered Foxy gently to the floor. Yet, he was still in a frisky mood as he began to tickle him. Foxy grabbed his hand and yanked him forcefully to her while pinning his hands behind his own back.

“It seems as if your meeting with Slick went well,” She said in a chilling tone. Rasha gave him a quick peck and confirmed that his brown beauty was correct, and a form of a celebration was in order. One for starting a new life and two for finding such an elegant partner. He invited Foxy to spend the weekend with him. Foxy gasped in shock. They hadn’t known each other long, yet she knew she couldn’t let a chance like this slip by.

Yet, there was one other thing or rather two, she had to take care of. She had to have Slick and Murray’s opinion about attending this special weekend before giving her final consent.

“After all,” Foxy said with a smile. “Girls have to get the Pros and Cons about spending the weekend with a new beau from her friends before actually agreeing to the weekend.” She said with a sparkling smile. Rasha chuckled and said, “Why of course they do. And I don’t think you will have a problem expecting the answer that you want now.” Both men chortled once more before slipping in another quick smooch.


“NO…YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. I AM A DEVOTED FAN OF CAMPFIRE SADIE. I HAVE BEEN OUT OF TOWN FOR A MONTH, AND I HAVE TO SEE HER. NOW I’D LIKE TO KNOW…WHEN IS HER NEXT PERFORMANCE?” Silk yelled as if she was on the verge of being frantic. The lady placed her on hold and returned instantly with the answer she was looking for. Carmen was performing tonight.

“Oh thank you so much. I’m sorry for yelling at you. It’s just that I am such a big fan of hers that I have withdrawal symptoms if I don’t see her, but I won’t go into all of that. I’m sure you have other duties to attend to before tonight’s show. You have a good day and thanks again for giving me her ENTIRE schedule for the week.” Silk said kindly before placing the telephone back on the hook.

‘My… aren’t I a lucky girl?’ She thought looking over Carmen’s schedule for the week. She then tore off a few strips of tape and stuck it to her mirror. She then stepped back and examined her snugly clothed body before running her hands over it. ‘Slick you may think the game is over with, but I assure you that I have several plays more in mind before finally calling it quits. You don’t waltz up into my house and threaten me…and soon I’m going to show your ass exactly what I mean…soil tiller.’ Silk thought before pulling up her address book and calling the same escort service that sent the blonde over last night. She needed a shot of stimuli before inaugurating her plans for Slick and her new stanking ass love.

Back to Sassy’s…

The pair awoke just as the sun peeked over the earth plains. “V, look,” Sassy whispered scooting her little frame closer to her friends. “Isn’t it priceless,” she uttered encouraging her partner to look.

Veronica slowly turned her gaze toward the colorful ruse of the sun and fell prisoner to a love that only a divine creator could have for those that occupied the earth. She felt her heart swell and rejoice with immeasurable gratitude. Unspeakable joy was what she felt. Veronica pulled Sassy up on top of her and whispered, “I’ll tell you of another thing that is just as priceless as the sunrise.” She uttered reached up into her partner’s soft dark lots and pulling her down for a slow neck-rolling kiss.

“And what’s that,” Sassy returned breathless and staring celestially down into her partner’s eyes. Veronica chuckled and kissed her again before faintly retorting, “Why you…of course.” Sassy smiled and started moving down her love’s simmering frame. When Veronica’s was feeling frisky, Sassy for some reason felt, she just couldn’t get enough of her. Maybe it’s her love’s willingness to surrender while in a romantic mood.

“Hold up there my little Asian Violet,” Veronica said a little distracted by fallen leaves, moistened grass and caked mud that was stuck to both of their bodies.

“What?” Sassy spat rather annoyed by being denied what she wanted most. Veronica bucked her eyes and stared surprisingly at her love before pulling a leaf from her hair. She then gradually turned Sassy’s head back in the direction of the blanket, which appeared to be a mile away from them, and to clarify her meaning she laid her baby’s hands upon her bosom and gave it a squeeze.

Sassy shot straight up on her feet and shot a glance over at their neighbors house before turning and yelling, “GET UP…WE HAVE TO GET IN BEFORE NERDY RODGER WAKES UP.” She then took off toward the house.

Veronica sat up and began to laugh at her stumbling partner as she fell several times trying to get to the house as fast as she could. Now if any one got on Sassy nerves it was Rodger. When she was tricking he followed her nearly everywhere. Begging and pleading to be her man. Each time he propositioned her she’d have to call it a night and go soak herself in a tub of almost boiling water. He looked as if he was related to Urkel yet he was chunky like Carl Winslow, and ugly as all get out.

Just as Sassy cleared the door and gazed back out at her partner Rodger came to the door. Veronica watched her lover quickly drop to her knees and move further back into the house. Rodger pushed up his glasses to make sure he was getting a clear view and he was. Veronica was outside sitting on the ground naked. He then quickly scanned the area for Sassy. “Dog gon’ it,” He spat, moving alone the fence spying for Sassy.

It didn’t seem to bother Rodger that Veronica was naked. She was always strutting her stuff, but that little cup cake Sassy wasn’t. Since she started her business, he can’t seem to catch up with her. Rodger wondered if Sassy was avoiding him. Then he thought, ‘Psssst…Sassy’s crazy about me. She always had lunch with me whenever I caught her on the strip.’ He concluded with a smile. That is before another thought popped him between the eyes.

‘Yeah idiot she ate Lunch with you because it was you that was always paying.’

Rodger snarled at the thought and waved over at Veronica. They made small talk before he finally asked if was Sassy around. Veronica told him that Sassy was, most likely, upstairs taking a long hot bath, but she’d tell her that he asked about her. He snorted and nervously urged his shoulders up and down before informing Veronica that he had something for her. He darted into the house and was back in a flash.

“Here,” he said panting. “Oh,” Veronica said with first amusement. That was until she looked down at the red ass fruitcake he’d just handed her. She almost dropped in when he finally let go of it. That thing was so heavy she would have sworn he’d put a file, hammer AND burglar in it.

“Oh.. .ho. . .ho. . .ho,” Veronica sung before thanking their neighbor.

“Aw.. .it’s just a little something to let you both know how I appreciate cha.” He said proudly while reaching to adjust his glasses. Veronica smiled cordially and turned to walk away with bulging eyes. She still couldn’t get over that heavy ass RED fruitcake. Maybe the blood’s could use it a peace keeper when ever they got into a brawl, because one way or the other it was damn sure a deadly weapon.

“Honey,” Veronica said laughing while stepping onto the back porch. “Come see what Rodger sent you.

Back at the Fiery Pit…

Slick sorted through her mail categorizing and prioritizing it when Carmen came in with a revealing tube top and daisy dukes.

‘Um…Um…Um,’ Slick thought as her little love muffin moved into the office and closed the door behind her. Although she appeared to be one thousand leagues away from Slick, Slick could still smell her love’s sweet scented perfume. ‘Oh lord…I want her again.’

“Hi baby…w’atcha doing?” Carmen asked moving behind the desk and toward Slick before leaning against the desktop. Slick slid back from the desk in her high back rolling chair and eased Carmen over in front of her with her legs spread. She then started planting soft kisses down her partner’s warm torso while sweeping her cheeks exotically over her stomach.

“I thought you’d still be sleep.” Slick said coasting her hands up Carmen’s thighs until they were where she wanted them. “I was hoping to catch you still in bed when I finished here.” She said while still rubbing her face tenderly against Carmen’s rippled tummy. Slick couldn’t keep from touching Carmen’s Susy. Even in those tight shorts she could smell her. Patiently, Slick glided her thumbs under Carmen’s shorts and started stroking her damp love Jones.

“Well,” Carmen panted and spread her legs wider. “You know today… Oh lord… is Monday. Oh yesssss… and outside of Aurora’s extended stay.” She uttered breathlessly. “I have to go…Sliiiccckk…to work.”

It didn’t take Slick a heart beat to have Carmen’s bottoms down about her knees. “Ugh ugh,” Carmen said reaching for her pants to bring them back up. “If you had your way you’d have me sprawled out on this desk and pumping in it like there’s no tomorrow. No, I have to go to work.”

Slick broke off her attack and slid further back from Carmen. She had the cutest pout known to man on her face. She wanted to play some more but her lover had other obligations to fulfill.

“Why are you still wanting to work? You know I am able to take care of you.” Slick asked, suddenly finding her fingernails more interesting than looking into her little stripper’s eyes.

Carmen sighed and dropped to her knees while extending her hands out to her wife to be.

“Come here Slick.” She pleaded buoyantly. Slick slid back up to Carmen and wrapped her arms around her to pull her close.

“You’ve already given me more happiness than I ever imagined. No material things can offer me that, only you.” Carmen pulled slightly back from Slick and looked into her mesmerizing orbs. “I love you and no job with keep me from doing that. Instead, it offers an individuality, which everyone needs. You are Slick the owner of the Fiery Pit and I am Camp Fire Sadie, one of the lead strippers down at the Hot Spot. That is what people will always remember because we’ve worked hard at each of our careers. Why don’t we keep it that way for a while…hmmm?” Carmen whispered as she gently rubbed Slick’s cheek with the back of her hand. Slick sighed and lowered her head hiding the smile that rose on her face. Not only was her wife to be charming, and intelligent she was enterprising as well.

“Alriiigghht,” Slick drawled.

“Well Miss,”

“Mrs.” Carmen interrupted standing to her feet and yanking Slick up behind her. Slick raised her eyebrow and gave her partner a smug smirk. She then tilted her head and said, “Mrs., I stand corrected. Since you are such an independent woman.” She stated pausing to spin her partner around so that her back was to her before embracing her.

“Would you mind if your wife to be takes you to work?” Carmen chuckled and returned, “Gotcha trained already, sure, c’mon woman and get my ride ready.” Slick snorted and shoved Carmen away from her while smacking that firm backside with a stinging tap.

“Watch it…because tonight when you come home, I’ll be holding the whip.” She retorted following her giggling lover out of the office.

Back at Sassy’s…

“Veronica,” Sassy groaned as she moved up to her fully dressed partner’s side. After having some rather interesting games with the fruit cake the pair fell asleep. Sassy had just woken up, but she had a feeling that Vanilla had been up for a couple of hours now. She was drinking again, most likely nervous about confronting Carmen and the girls.

Veronica whirled around and gazed at her tassel head partner. She then inhaled and leaned up against the table to finish her drink.

“Hey baby. . . I’m taking your advice. I’m going down to the Hot Spot to talk to Carmen.” Vanilla swallowed the remaining drops of her drink and placed her glass upon the table before regaining her full stance.

“Wish me luck brown sugar. I’m going to need it.” V.D slurred heading for the door. Sassy watched as her partner closed the door behind her and said a silent prayer. Hopefully, that would be enough because if that didn’t work she wouldn’t know what to do.

Hours later at the Hot Spot…

“WHEN WILL SHE BE THROUGH?” Vanilla asked Poke and Chocolate almost on the verge of screaming. “Calm down “V,” Chocolate said calmly. “Carmen’s segment is almost through.” Veronica growled and ran her unsteady hand through her hair while turning to stare at the door.

“How much have you had to drink Veronica?” Poke inquired as she watched the agitated woman rock in her posture from side to side.

Veronica turned around to stare back at her through the mirror. “Why,” she spat with furrowed brows. “You want to get me ah-nuther?” She garbled moving over to Pocahontas.

The dancer didn’t bother to jump to the challenge. She simply held her place and lowered her eyes.

“Just what I thought, you lying little snatch.” Veronica snarled in disgust.

“Both of y’all,” she spat out of breath. “Ain’t nothing but little lying skanches.” Chocolate and Pocahontas still didn’t speak. They knew that if they uttered so much as a whimper it was going to bring a storm of ass whippings up in that room.

“Well girls…no need to be bashful. I’ve come to resolve our difficulties. I’m going to tell you all, what that bitch Slick did to me. I’m going to tell you what a fucking monster that whore is.” The anger and hate in the stripper’s voice sizzled with vengeance as she stumbled back over to stand in front of the door.

“Tonight is the night you find out what a heartless wanch that fucking bitch is.” She said faintly over her shoulder. Not even bothering to turned and looked at the awed expressions upon the girls’ faces. What could Slick have possibly done to her? They’d never known her to have any dealings with the club owner. Surely she was just drunk and out her head. Slick couldn’t have done anything that despicable.

Back at the Fiery Pit…

“Just…get that shit out her hair.” Slick said heading out the door to get Carmen. “But she likes it,” Foxy yelled back while fluffing Aurora wine colored hair. “I don’t give a frigg what she likes! I want that shit out of her hair when I get back.” Slick said slamming the door behind her.

Back down at the Hot Spot…

“Woo,” Carmen shushed as she darted in the door and closed it behind her. Just as she turn around her eyes met the glazing glare of her legal guardian.

“How’s it going Slick’s little whore?” Veronica said in a taunting tone.

Carmen stepped around her inebriated aunt and walked over to her vanity.

“Ah…” Veronica cooed while pursuing her niece with a menacing swirl.

“What…No, I love you? I’m happy to see you or nothing?” Veronica asked mockingly while moving up behind Carmen. Carmen looked over her at her aunt, yet she did not offer any retaliation. It was obvious Veronica wasn’t there for the “I love you’s.”

“V,” Carmen said softly, trying hard not to ruffle her aunt’s feathers any more than they already were. “What is it you want to tell me?”

“Well…I’ll be,” Veronica said with a surprised expression on her face.

“My niece finally wants to listen to me. When I was trying to tell you to leave Slick alone, you didn’t want to hear that. When I warned you that she wasn’t any good for you, you didn’t want to listen. When I try to protect you and shield you for that bitches clutches.”

“She is not a bitch,” Carmen interrupted. “Please don’t call her that.” Carmen ordered before she realized she was talking. Veronica clicked. She jumped from the chair and grabbed a hand full of Carmen’s hair dragging her to her feet.

“VERONICA!” Chocolate shouted. “There’s no need for this. Let her go…please.”

Vanilla looked back over her shoulder and cackled maliciously. “Shut the fuck up…this is my niece. And I’ll handle her however I want.”

“If you hurt that girl…Slick will hunt you down Veronica.” Pocahontas warned moving cautiously from her seat.

“TO HELL WITH HER AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE SHE BELONGS. SHE IS THE ONE THAT HAS CAUSED ALL THIS.” Vanilla yelled still holding Carmen’s face against the mirror. Carmen didn’t move. She just stood there panting while allowing the tears to pour from her eyes. She’d never brought her hand up to her aunt and she wasn’t going to start now. What she couldn’t get over at that moment was the hurt that ached in her heart. She’d never pictured her and Veronica being at odds with each other, but they were, and it was because she chose to love Slick.

“Veronica…please,” Chocolate pleaded.

“SHUT! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” Veronica returned now pressing her upper body heavily upon Carmen’s angled body.

“Tonight is your night Sunshine,” Veronica whispered in Carmen’s ear. “Tonight, I’m going tell you what a fucking mindless skank Slick is.” Vanilla paused briefly to ensure that she had Carmen’s attention.

“Do you remember all those years ago when Sassy brought me home from the hospital. Do you Carmen?” Her aunt questioned leaning her entire body against Carmen now.

“Do you remember the extensive injuries Sassy told you I had, but didn’t bother to volunteer further information? Do you remember how long I was bed ridden? Do you remember how you cried for a solid week each time you came into my room and I had to hold you? I promised you everything will be alright.” Carmen’s tears were a full-blown crying spell now. Flashes of that period sorted through her mind. Pouring all the helplessness and inadequacy she felt for what had happened to her aunt. She vowed to hate the person that hurt her forever and a day. Yet, Veronica… even up to this night had never revealed what really happened to her. Just like that night Carmen could feel the uncontrollable anxiety, fear and remorse seep through the seams of her very soul. She was almost screaming now. Desperately clawing and yelling for her aunt to release her. “Naw I came down here to tell you about your honey love. And that…is exactly what I am going to do.” V.D. said giving her niece’s head a jerk.

Blocks away from the Hot Spot…

“What tha, get the hell out the way. C’mon people, I have some place to be.” Slick groaned at no one in particular. The traffic was unbelievable. People were running out into the streets talking to stalled drivers that were held up by the nightly activities of departing club attendees and careless driving.

“C’mon…C’mon,” She repeated while laying on the horn. She wanted to be at the Hot Spot when Carmen came out of the club, but as she observed the traffic she wondered if she would be lucky to get there before Al left.

“Get out of the way,” She shouted one last time hoping that would change her present position, but it didn’t, and, the sad part about it was that she was only a few blocks from the club.

Back in the dressing room…

“VERONICA DON’T DO THIS. LET CARMEN GO!” Chocolate and Pocahontas yelled out in’ sequence.

“Naw…I owe it to my baby to let her know what kept me in that bed so long. I have to let her know how I feared for my life once the doctors finally released me to work again. I have to let her know who was responsible for putting me there.” Some would call it intuition or a good guess, but Carmen somehow knew what her aunt was about to say. Her aimless clawing to break loose from her aunt’s hold became more frantic. Veronica giggled evilly. Realizing that Carmen was freaking because she knew what she was about to say. “Aw…I guess you’ve figured out who I’m talking about huh, baby?” Veronica ridicule while laughing and still holding her niece firmly against her vanity mirror.

“NO! NO! NO!” Carmen screamed trying to break free. “NO! NO!” she repeated mindlessly while kicking and slinging all of her makeup off the table top with reckless clawing fingers and flailing arms.

“VERONICA STOP IT.” Chocolate shouted moving closer to their friend. Veronica shot her a “don’t you dare,” glare, Instantly bringing the ebony beauty to a halt. Vanilla then began to laugh again while shifting Carmen in an uncompromising position and planting her knee in her back.

“Oh…ho…ho…ho,” you know who I’m about to finger don’t you. DON’T YOU?” She snarled jerking roughly back on Carmen’s hair.

“That’s right baby…The funky whore that put me in that bed is the woman you curl up to every night. The one you so admirably gave your love and virginity too. The woman you wake up to every morning and tell her how much you love her. Yeah…that’s right, fight me. Yet, in your heart you know it’s the truth. It was that bitch…Sliiiicccck.” Veronica clarified in a drooling, hissing sound. Carmen shrieked like a banshee, broke down in her knees, and whirled out of her aunt’s grasp.

“NO!” She kept repeating as she tore out of the dressing room. Blindly running in any direction, she could to get away from her aunt and her accusations. Slick couldn’t have done that. Veronica was mistaken. There was no way…Slick couldn’t have been that cruel. Veronica was left barren…never to have children of her own, ever.

Carmen heard Veronica keeping pace behind her screaming her name and yelling that Slick had accomplices. Slick’s name echoed repeatedly in Carmen’s mind. Her vision was blurred now and all she could see were shadows of people as her legs carried her blindly away from the voice in her head and behind her.

Outside the club…

Slick searched for a way to cross the street. Totally, in the dark about what was going on in the club. The traffic was still a nightmare, and what was even more revolting was hundreds of staggering drivers were still stumbling to their cars. ‘All I have to do is get Carmen out of here and back home safely.’ Slick thought while still trying to figure out how she was going to get on the other side of the road.

Suddenly her attention unconsciously changed directions. It was almost as if she could feel Carmen was in trouble. She felt her love’s shallow breathing and her panicked manner. Slick dashed in and out between and over cars. The street was still cluttered with stationary cars and in other areas screeching sounds of peeling wheels could be heard. Slick couldn’t explain it however, she was experiencing fear for the first time. Something was wrong and it definitely had to do with Carmen. A braking car barely missed her as she stepped headfirst in front of it. She threw up her hand and continued to plot a path through the traffic.

Just as she made it midway across the eight-lane, street she heard screams. It was Carmen. Slick felt her racing heart pound against her chest in fright. Carmen arms were flapping in the air as she continued to scream what seemed like, “No.” Slick vaulted over paused cars and weave in between creeping ones.

She was now screaming for Carmen to stop. It was obvious that Carmen was moving with no sense of direction, because she was tripping and stumbling into people as she made it to her feet. Her body was moving on instinct now and Slick could tell it.

Slick were now three cars away when she heard a car peeling out of it’s parking place heading rapidly toward the lot’s exit. Slick started screaming for Carmen to stop. She could see her lover heading toward the car. She screamed again praying that her little one heard it but she didn’t. The club owner kept coming, pleading for the car to stall just long enough for her to get to Carmen.

Veronica’s screams were extreme now as she began to gain ground on Carmen. The closer her voice came the faster Carmen ran. They were all screaming now drawing the attention of people Carmen had just ran by. Seemed like everyone that was witnessing the scenario was yelling for the little dancer to stop, but she was far from rational reasoning. Slick broke past the last car bellowing. Nevertheless, even she knew it was too late. Soon as her feet struck the clubs property, the car’s engine roared with prompt acceleration. Slick kept coming despite her mind telling her it was too late. Her eyes blurred and her frantic cries were hushed as she watch the car ram so forcefully into Carmen that her back arched, slinging her body up on to the hood of the car while shattering the windshield. “Noooooo!” Slick screamed falling to one knee before precipitously regaining her footing.

The screeching of the brakes raked across Slick’s heart as she watch Carmen’s lifeless body roll from the hood of the car and tumble to the ground. Slick cries of pain caused the spectators to jump in their stance as she ran up to Carmen and fell to her knees.

Veronica pushed through the crowd gasping for breath. She gave Slick a repulsive glare before she shouted, “Get away from her.” Vanilla ordered in a freezing tone. “Did you hear me?” She yelled dropping to her knees and scratching at the embrace Slick was now holding Carmen in. “GET AWAY FROM HER…YOU FUCKING SKANK. IT’S YOUR FAULT THIS HAPPENED.”

“No, it’s your fault,” Slick whimpered while burying her face in Carmen’s bloodied hair. “It’s you that caused her pain.” She said outwardly crying now.

Veronica drew back her hand and just began punching Slick. Slick buried her face deeper in her love’s hair and weathered the blows of her lover’s furious aunt.

Chocolate and Poke broke through the crowd of shock spectators and froze in their steps. Veronica was jerking at Slick’s arms, yelling obscenities and slapping her repeatedly about the head and shoulders. Yet, Slick refused to let go of her injured love.

Chocolate dashed over to the trio and pulled a screaming Veronica from the pair. Slick never looked up she simply kept rocking Carmen protectively in her arms until the ambulance came.

The paramedics rushed from the vehicle and started working on Carmen. Of course, Pocahontas had to talk Slick into releasing her little lover so that the medics could treat her. Inside record time they had I.V.’s hooked up, neck braces in place and Carmen strapped down on the gurney ready for transport.

Slick looked drained as she stumbled to her feet. The fire in her eyes had been snuffed and nothing could restore it except the woman being placed in the ambulance.

“Is there someone that will be going with her?” One of the paramedics asked closing the left door on the ambulance. Slick felt something pull her forward, but her attempt to accompany Carmen to the hospital was instantly blocked by Veronica.

“Don’t you even think about it…whore. Carmen is MY LIFE and I will take care of her.” Veronica snapped before stepping up in the ambulance and taking a seat. Right before the attendant closed the door Vanilla threw her arm up and held it in place. “So that you will know who’s at fault for this. It is you. Just like five years ago when you and your friends pinned me up in that limousine and viciously raped me, everything you touch winds up in disaster. Stay away from Carmen and I mean it.” She then turn around toward the driver and let him know she was ready to go.

Slick stood staring at the departing ambulance in shock. She couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. How could that had been possible? She’d never met Carmen’s aunt. Slick’s mind continued to sort through the images of the past until finally one matched. “Oh God No,” She whispered backing out of the crowd. For the first time in her life she felt soiled, rotten and completely lost.


Author’s Note: Please note in Haunted Pasts that the truth about Veronica’s rape will be reveal in this part. If you are offended by harsh language, confrontations between the rape victim and the accused please DO NOT READ THIS SECTION. In all my tales, there is always room for absolution. Where there is repentance…there is room for forgiveness. If you do not agree with an equal philosophy, you may not want to continue reading ‘Strippin’, because as I bring this story to a close…there will be forgiveness. People never forget transgressions, but where there is hope and the desire to let go of the past, there is room in one’s heart for peace…and finally forgiveness. Now…for those that have read and heed this warning and you feel you still want to continue reading “Strippin,” then let’s go in.

Haunted Pasts…

All the way home Slick couldn’t keep the tears from streaming over her face. Flashes of that night kept coming along with images of her laughing and ramming her fingers repeatedly in her captive’s sex. She remembered how her mouth watered at the image of her bloodied fingers plunging in the woman’s tightened sex. She recalled how Scout and the girls cackled while pumping the woman’s snatch relentlessly. The louder she screamed the harder they shoved into her while stretching her legs wider. “FUCK HER…FUCK THAT BITCH UNTIL SHE PASSES OUT!” Slick remembered shouting, causing her present day tears to run unchecked over her face. She didn’t think of the repercussions then, but she was certainly feeling the affects of it now. Her life was over. Nothing could fulfill her draining anima now. She’d lost one of her main reasons for living and the toll was more than she ever imagined paying.

Slick drug into the club unmoved by any activities that were going on. It didn’t matter. All she wanted now was solitude and a drink.

Foxy turned just in time to see Slick walk past the door. “Okay Slick your baby’s hair is back the way it was.” He shouted as Rasha muffled his giggles. There was no answer. Foxy laid the brush down while continuing to stare at the door. Slick was upset about something, because if she’d instructed someone to do something before other duties claimed her, you better bet she would certainly be back to check and see if you’d done what she’d demanded. Foxy knew beyond a fact that this wasn’t normal behavior for Slick, and she was going to find out just what was going on with her girl.

“I’ll be right back.” Foxy said with apologetic eyes to Rasha and a weak smile for Aurora. Ray-Ray held her gaze, but it didn’t take a genius to know by the caution gaze in her eyes that something was wrong.

“Is something wrong with Carmen?” Aurora asked softly, frightened of the questioning glance in Foxy’s eyes. The drag queen patted her tenderly on the shoulder and told the little one that she would find out. Foxy looked up at Rasha again with fear in his eyes before leaving the room. ‘What if something really did happen to Carmen.’ He thought moving swiftly to the doorway.

Foxy checked the club, her friend’s room and Slick’s office but she wasn’t there. Now she knew something was up. Slick only used the hideout in the cellar when she had some serious thinking to do.

Foxy made his way down to the hidden room and stepped inside. He gasped at the view. Slick’s hair was hanging precariously all about her head and blood was smeared all over her left cheek and neck as she busily prepared herself a drink.

“You know Foxy…I never got a chance to bring Carmen down here.” Slick stated initiating the conversation. This within itself was not like the usually stoic club owner. “I was planning,” Slick paused and tossed her hair back off her shoulders while throwing her head back as if she just lost her train of thought. “I was planning a very special evening for her before making our engagement official. Those rings look so beautiful on her hand. Did you ever get to see the rings my sister sent us? Paw-Paw is going to freak when he meets her. She is going to simply take his breath away.”

Slick was rambling, and that certainly wasn’t like her.

“Slick where is Carmen?” Foxy asked softly while moving toward the bar cautiously. Slick threw up her free hand in a puzzling gesture before saying, “I tried to get there Foxy. I tried to get there in time.” She then uttered a hiss mingled with a chuckle before continuing. “I yelled for her to stop.” For the first time eyes of Slick came, level with her now rigidly seated friend. Still totally confused about what Slick was saying and where this dialogue was going. Foxy observed her friend as her eyes began to fill with tears again. Foxy felt her whole body ache from the pain that was so visible in Slick’s eyes.

Foxy broke off the gaze and asked Slick again where Carmen was. Slick moved out from behind the bar shaking her head as if she didn’t understand the question. She took a huge gulp of her drink and glanced over at the bed.

“You know that bed is soooo comfortable. I have got to bring Carmen down here.”

“SLICK!” Foxy exclaimed. “WHERE…IS…CARMEN?” He shouted regaining his stance.

Slick’s head wobbled in no specific direction before looking up into her friend’s frustrated gaze. She was in shock. Foxy’s mouth eased open as he walked slowly over to his lethargic friend. The tears continued to streak her face as her agonized stare held his.

“Baby,” He calmly said, prompting the tears to pour from Slick’s eyes even faster. There wasn’t a day since she and Carmen started dating each other that she hadn’t addressed her that way.

“Where is Carmen?” Foxy asked again while reaching for Slick’s hand, hoping that she would allow her self, if for only this moment, to experience the comfort of the human touch. It didn’t take a heartbeat, as Slick shied away from his contact, for Foxy to realize that Slick was not quite ready for any one’s touch right now.

“You know,” Slick said in a trembling voice taking a seat on the bed. “For the first time in my life I can truly say that everything I touch ends in disaster.” She then started laughing while looking over her shoulder. “Did you know that Foxy? Everything I touch I ruin or mess up some kind of way.” Foxy watched as his friend’s head dipped and her shoulders heaved from her cries.

“Good God Slick…what has happened? Why isn’t Carmen with you?” Foxy asked moving to his friend’s side. Slick inhaled and wiped the tears from her eyes before straightening and looking up at her friend.

“You know I’m going to lose her don’t you? There’s no way she can love me after this.” Foxy was in absolute shock as he watched his usually impassive friend fall apart before his very eyes.

“What are you talking about…. WHAT HAS HAPPENED, SLICK? PLEASE TELL ME. I NEED TO KNOW.” Foxy pleaded trying to place his arm upon Slick’s shoulder, but she shied away again. Foxy sighed and turned just in time to see Murray and Aurora step into the room.

“Foxy,” Murray called nudging his head for Foxy to come to him. Aurora released her father’s hand and went over to her mother. Foxy watched as Aurora sat down on the bed right in front of Slick. She then reached for her mother’s hand and gazed into Slick’s eyes needing her to respond. Slick snapped Aurora up into her arms and held her firmly against her as her tears ran heedlessly over her daughter’s shoulder.

Murray grabbed Foxy’s hand and snatched him out of the room as soon as he was close enough.

“What is going on Mur? Why is Slick acting as if she’s lost her mind or something? I can’t get her to understand anything.”

“Carmen was in a very serious accident.” Murray stated dragging his friend behind him to the nearest T.V. right outside the cellar. He grabbed the remote and turned the television on.

“No one as of this time has recognized the driver that hit one of the lead dancers of the Hot Spot, but the dancer has been identified. She is Carmen Rose, stage name Camp Fire Sadie.”

“Oh…my.. . God,” Foxy breathlessly said while falling to his knees.

“No, Dear God. That is why she’s carrying on as if she’s crazy. She’s trying to deal with it the best way she knows how.” Foxy panted.

The reporter continued. “It is believed that Carmen Rose had been in an argument with one of the other dancers when she tore from the club and was side swiped by an unidentified car. Ms. Rose is listed as, “in serious condition,” at this time. JLT (T.V. Station) will follow this investigation to the end in hopes of shedding more light into the horrible hit and run accident that occurred at 2:00 a.m. this morning, down at the Hot spot. This is Shena Shepherd reporting live from JLT Sunrise News.” By the time, the reporter was finish Foxy was beside herself crying and praying at the same time. Murray stood in silence just staring at the now blank T.V.

“Why…isn’t…she, with her?” Foxy stammered, still confused as to why Slick wasn’t at her side.

Murray sighed heavily before speaking. “Slick raped her aunt five years ago and tonight was the night the aunt decided to share that with Carmen. She also told Slick after Carmen was broad-sided by that car and hoisted into that ambulance that it was her fault, and that everything she touched ended up in disaster.” Murray said finally looking down into Foxy’s face.

“So that is where she got that bull shit from?” Their friend asked with furrowed brows.

“Yes, and Chocolate was worried about her. She said she had never seen Slick look so lost and distant. When she left the club, she looked as if she had no further reason to live. She’s hurting Foxy. She’s hurting like she never has before. We have to help her. If we don’t keep her on this planet, we’ll risk losing them both. We are family, and if we have to be harsh with her then so be it. But we have to keep her here with us.” Murray retorted seriously. Foxy nodded his head in understanding and rose to his feet. They had some tough love to dispense.

The guys went back into the room a little bit more determined now. This time their presence demanded attention as well as their manner.

“Ray-Ray, would you give us a few moments alone with mommy?” Murray asked moving over in front of his ex-lover and daughter with his hands upon his hips. Slick licensed her peripheral vision to run up and down the commanding stance that Murray was presently holding. She didn’t give his demeanor much examination because in her mind she was going over the events of the evening.

The incident replayed repetitiously in her mind. Slick thought about the car. It’s model, its color and the owner. No one noticed the driver. It was if the owner of the speeding vehicle had become a silent mist among the darkness as well as the car. However, Slick did have her own suspicions.

The club owner jumped to her feet and patted her pockets. “Where are my keys?” She asked not directing the question to anyone in particular.

“What… What are you talking about Slick? We are going to discuss this accident and then we are going over to that hospital to see about Carmen.

“YOU DON’T TELL ME SHIT MURRAY!” Slick shouted, pushing passed him to head over to the bar. She then raked her hand aimlessly over the surface, searching for what she needed.

“Slick, get a hold of yourself. You are acting as if you’ve lost your fucking mind. You are unfocused girl and definitely a long way from land.” Foxy stated shifting his weight to his left leg and popping his hands on his hips. By this time, Murray had joined him in their strange quest to calm Slick down. At least enough for her to tell them how she was feeling.

“Out of my fucking mind huh? Long way from land, huh?” Slick repeated before reaching back on the shelf and grabbing a bottle of J.D. to break upon the counter. Foxy shrieked unexpectedly from the barbaric move. Murray simply stood there staring at Slick as if she’d was one circuit shot of a full bunch.

“I’LL TELL YOU WHO’S OUT OF THEIR FUCKJNG MIND. THAT BITCH.” She yelled pausing just long enough to inhale. “THAT BITCH, SILK. It couldn’t have been anyone else except her. She did this to my Carmen.

“WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SLICK? THEY HAVEN’T IDENTIFIED THE DRIVER YET?” Murray yelled. Hoping like hell Slick didn’t find her keys. He now knew what she was planning.

“Murray’s right Slick. You can’t just go over to the woman’s house and go to beating her because you are grieving.” Foxy agreed.

“SHUT UP,” Slick spat permitting her eyes to dart here and there still looking for her missing keys. DON’T YOU TELL ME WHAT’S RIGHT. YOU TWO DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT REAL LOVE OR HOW IT MAKES YOU ACT. I CAN’T THINK…I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT.” She shouted as the tears started spilling from her eyelids AGAIN.

“It’s okay Slick, We’re here for you.” Murray said while moving to the end of the bar and informing Foxy with his eyes to do the same.

The club owner slammed down her hands against the bar and lowered her head. Her hair shielded her enraged expression from her ex-lover and best friend. However, they knew that they may be in for a very powerful bout with the dark symmetrical beauty if she decided to push the issue of her leaving and confronting Silk.

“Slick.. .we know how you are feeling, but you just can’t go around blaming everyone for this misfortune. We know how much you love Carmen.” “NO.. .NO YOU DON’T FOXY. NO ONE KNOWS HOW MUCH I LOVE HER! I am lost. I am helpless and my entire chest cavity feel as if someone’s tossed a grenade inside and watched it explode. Only a soldier that has sustained those type of injuries in the midst of a vicious battle could come close to knowing how I am feeling right now. I stand to lose everything, and the sad part is…I don’t even give a fuck anymore. Silk may not have been driving that car, but by my examination, she comes awfully close to collaborating with the person that did. I am going over there. Now…you can stand there looking like fools or you can ride with me. But either way, I’m going over to that bitches house.”

Murray threw up his hands in surrender. “I guess trying to reason with you is out huh? So…why don’t we all go over to Silk’s and see what she has to say about this.” Murray stated stepping away from the bar and offering Slick the lead.

“Veronica,” Sassy wheeze, rushing down the hospital corridor. “What happened…How did Carmen get involved in a hit and run accident?” The little madam asked inquisitive eyes. Vanilla continued to stare at the emergency doors that Carmen and a trauma team disappeared behind. ‘Oh God…Please let her be alright’. Carmen’s aunt prayed, ignoring her lover’s plea to know what went wrong.

“Yeah, Ve-ro-ni-ca,” Chocolate punctuated while sauntering toward her friend. Her tone left no room for doubt. She was really pissed and if the wrong thing was uttered from V.D.’s mouth, there was going to be some serious cat clawing up in there.

“Why don’t you tell your lovely mate how you brought your sloshed ass up into that dressing room and ordered us to tell you where Carmen was. Yeah…yeah,” She repeated, angered to the point of temporary memory loss.

“Why don’t you tell your lovely mate how you taunted and disregarded Carmen’s love for Slick. Why don’t you tell YOUR woman how YOU went into a rage when Carmen POLITELY asked you to not call HER woman a BITCH. Why don’t you tell her how you held her up against that mirror and toyed with her mind about your past and who was the offender that put you in that bed for…oh sooo long. WHY DON’T YOU TELL HER HOW CARMEN SCREAMED FOR YOU TO JUST LEAVE HER BE. WHY DON’T CHOQ?”

“Veronica you didn’t,” Sassy whispered lowly as if ashamed of her lover’s actions. “I knew you’d been drinking, but I didn’t know you’d drank that much. You promised me you were going to talk to her, not rough her up while doing it. Why… Why Veronica?” Sassy inquired while blindly taking a seat near her partner. She’d never imagined that what started out as an innocent chat would end up in one of the girls almost losing their life.

“Amber,” Pocahontas said calmly while moving over in front of her lover. “I know you are hurt right now, but fighting amongst ourselves is not what any of us need at this moment. We need each other, and tonight proves that, whether it is good or bad. WE ALL are upset about tonight’s events, some more than others. Why don’t we concentrate on being here for Carmen. For every thing there is a season and right now is not the time for us to hate each other. Instead, we need to be here for one another. That is what Carmen would want and that is exactly how we are going to conduct ourselves, tonight…and from now on. Do I make myself clear?” Pocahontas inquired pulling her troubled partner into her arms and looking over at Veronica. Neither of the women bothered to speak but they did silently acknowledge that her words were fitting and they would act accordingly. Chocolate buried her face in her love’s neck and began to quietly cry all over again. Pocahontas pulled her up closer and shushed her partner with patient strokes to her shoulders and back.

“So…” Murray voiced drumming his fingertips nervously on his kneecaps. “What are you going to say to her when you get there?”

“I didn’t say anything about talking.” Slick stated staring steadfastly at the road.

“Slick you just can’t kick the woman’s door in and stomp up in there as if you were the Warrior Princess. Shit…” Foxy spat tossing his long hair back off his shoulders. “Only that tough, sexy ass Xena can do that.”

Murray snorted and quickly found something more interesting out his window instead of the statement his frolicsome friend just made. ‘Foxy couldn’t come up with a better example than an ancient chick and her bardic sidekick.’ He thought. Slick was far from hearing anything they were saying anyway. All she thought about was slowly choking the life out of Silk. If she wasn’t in that car, the bitch paid someone to do it. Exactly as she did, when she persuaded Rasha to do her dirty work by spying on each of them.

“I can’t believe this shit.” Slick said pulling up into Silk’s driveway. ‘She’s got the nerve to celebrate her victory. Aw, that ass is mine.’ Carmen’s lover thought as she threw the car in park, snatched the keys out of the ignition and sprang from the vehicle. “Oh hell,” Murray said fighting with the belt.

By the time they made it inside the house Slick was no where to be found and naked asses were everywhere. It was either a college initiation going on or a huge orgy. Murray found himself drawn to the caressing and strolling figures right before he heard a scream that could have brought down the house of Ramses.

He and Foxy tore to the back of the house. Women were tripping over each other as well as flailing bodies being hurled out the door. Slick was going off and she wasn’t choosy about who’s ass she kicked.

“WHERE WERE YOU THIS EVENING SILK?” Slick screamed blocking the woman’s way out.

“I DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU ANYTHING SLICK. I AM NOT YOUR LOVER ANY MORE.” Silk yelled backing up against the wall studying Slick’s ungoverned manner. ‘Her little lover girl is not with her. . .where is that little trick?’

“By the way,” She whirred bringing her hands up to rest them on top of her head and propping her feet against the wall.

“Where is that Miss goody-goody skank of yours anyhow?” She joked with a stupid grin on her face. Not even aware that Carmen was a victim of a serious accident. The only thing any of them remembered later was the yodel or battle cry Slick issued as she pounced on Silk and began slinging her into everything that had a hard surface.

“Funny huh? Were you thinking the same thing when you ran her over?” Slick panted slamming her into the wall and kneeing her in the mid-section.

“What the fuck…” Silk gasped struggling to break Slick’s hold before being slammed into the bed rail.

“Get away…from me…Slick. I don’t know what you are talking about.” Silk spat breathlessly jumping onto the bed and moving toward the head of it.

“Oh you don’t know what I’m talking about huh?” Slick growled moving closer to the bed like a cunning lioness. “Well do you remember saying, “If she keeps seeing your ass, she will see me again.” Only this time it wasn’t your intention to see what you had planned for her. Instead you hit and ran like any coward would do.” Slick settled, moving closer to her target.

“Listen you stupid twat…I don’t know what you are talking about, and as far as hitting your homeless little introvert and leaving, you have that all wrong. When I commence to wailing on her woman stealing ass it’s g…” “Ahhhh,” Silk screamed as Slick dragged her from the bed and began kicking her.

“I told you if you come near her nothing in this world will keep me from you.” Slick heaved while kicking her harder. Until now Murray and Foxy wasn’t aware of the astounding affects of Slick’s kicks till Silk’s body began to bob around almost like a lifeless Barbie doll. After listening to Silk’s last statement it was obvious that she didn’t even know of the accident.

Quickly, both men jumped in and pulled Slick off Silk. Even though it was evident she’d been beaten almost to unconsciousness, she still yelled obscenities at Slick about how she was going to pay for all that she’s done to her…and her little bitch was too. Several times Foxy and Murray had to reinforce, their grip on Slick or her anger would have been unleashed again and no doubt on the wrong person. Whomever it was that hit Carmen, remained a mystery, and secretly both men rationalized that the answer to that question may never be answered. All they could do now, was just trust Carmen made it through and that she and Slick could go on with their lives.

After dragging, Slick back to the car the guys decided that maybe…they should call it an evening, but Slick had other plans. She was going to see Carmen and FUCK all the rest of the dumb shit. She was going up in that hospital to be with her wife. If there were any objections, she would deal with it then.

“Ugh. . . Slick,” Murray said pointing his finger back toward the corner where they were supposed to have turned off. “Where are we going?”

“I’m going to see my baby…and no one is going to stop me.”

“Wait a minute girl…we have to think about this shit.” Foxy stated waving her hand aimlessly in the air while staring at the back of Slick’s head.

“If her aunt accused you of raping her in the past don’t you think that bitch may be even more perturbed now that her precious niece, your lover, has been slam blasted by a car? Moreover, need I remind you that it took place after she told her WHAT you had done to her back in the past. Slick I think we should do a re-group on this thing. That woman is not going to just let you waltz up there and see Carmen without putting up a fight.”

“Well, if a fight is what she wants then that is what she’ll get.” Slick stated coldly before going silent again.

“Murrrray,” Foxy dragged while laying his hand upon his chest in shock. Maybe if Murray went against the idea Slick would withdraw her persistence of seeing Carmen.

“If Slick wants to go and see Carmen then…we will all go. After all Foxy, you and I both know, that if Slick doesn’t believe that fat meat is greasy, especially when it’s cooking in someone else’s pot, then she will need a little physical evidence. So lets go up in there and find out what’s with Carmen’s aunt.”

“Oh my God…she’s gotten you too. Carmen’s aunt is going to go off…shit.” Foxy closed while crossing her legs and laying her head back.

It didn’t take Slick a heartbeat to find out just what corridor of the emergency room Carmen was in. With unhindered strides, she headed off in that direction. Murray and Foxy followed while mumbling amongst themselves.

“Slick,” Chocolate said in disbelief as soon as she laid eyes on the club owner. Veronica whirled around with a scowl upon her face that would have caused Satan to draft out another plan.

“What are you doing here?” She asked Slick. Chocolate and Pocahontas rose from their seats and they each gave her a hug and told her they were glad she was there.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, SLICK? HAVEN’T YOU DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE FOR THE NIGHT?” Veronica engaged moving a smidgen closer to the threesome.

“Oh…shit.” Foxy said moving away from Murray’s side to step up behind Slick. “Slick…I think we should come back another time.”

“No…sweet thang,” VD said running her eyes disgustedly up and down Foxy’s body. “Not even then can you even think about bringing this evil minded whore back up in here. She nor you are welcome.” Foxy went to speak but Slick held up her hand.

“You see…that is exactly what got your ass in trouble five years ago.” Slick purred with a daring sneer upon her face. ‘Aw what did she say that for…’ Before the girls could intervene Veronica had grabbed Slick and head butted her while kneeing her in the stomach. Slick twirled and dipped down on her knees before ramming her hand right between (betwinxt) Veronica’s legs jacking her ass up clean off the floor.

“OH MY GOD, SLICK…PUT HER DOWN!” Foxy cried out with both his trembling hands up to his mouth. Murray dropped down in the nearest seat and stared up at Veronica as she scrambled for purchase.

“Slick,” he said calmly looking up into his ex-lover’s eyes. “I think you should put her down now.” Slick smiled at his composed expression and dropped down on one knee while slamming Veronica’s struggling frame down unmercifully across the bent one.

“Woo…” all the observers unconsciously said as Veronica’s lungs deflated with a wheezing shush. Slick then shoved her carelessly off her knee onto the floor with a smirk upon her face.

“Don’t you ever put your hands on me without permission. If I didn’t love your niece more than life itself I’dah (I would had) snapped your neck.”

Slick regained her stance and glared down at Carmen’s aunt who was now being cradled by her lover. “I love Carmen and I am going to marry her if she will still have me after what you’ve tried to do. You want her to hate me…yet even you know it’s not in Carmen to do so and for that you despise her. You see,” Slick said dropping down into a squatting position right in front of Veronica. “I bet when you were telling Carmen of that horrible thing that happened to you years ago.” Slick said wiggling her fingers in the air and rolling her eyes. “You forgot to tell her how you were so willing to let me have my way with you…even in front of my friends. You wanted me to fuck you…and you were enjoying it until I had my girls to join me. You didn’t go to panicking until you seen my entire crew’s fingers moving in and out of your whorish ass.”

“Ugh Slick…” Murray said moving quickly from his seat and helping Slick to her feet. “I think it would be best if we come back at another time.”

Chocolate moved up behind Slick and looked down at Veronica’s emotionless glare. All the time Slick was talking she didn’t volunteer to issue a rebuttal. Was it true what Slick was saying…Did Veronica want her for herself and when everything went wrong she cried rape? No one deserves to be raped, but one would like to think that if possible a person would avoid compromising situation of that magnitude.

Chocolate had heard about Slick and her evil deeds long before she met her. Surely it was the same for Veronica. So why did she even bother to spend time with the woman? ‘Hell’ Chocolate thought ‘the minute I laid eyes on her I’d quickly turned and walked the other way. No way she’dah pinned me up in a stretch limo, voluntarily and especially if it was dark in there, just to screw her…Uh, no way in hell>. Chocolate’s mind calculated as she continued to examine Veronica’s expression

Veronica finally made it to her feet and demanded that Slick get out and if she didn’t. She would file a “Peace Order,” against her.

“A peace order is not going to keep me from being with Carmen…but you don’t have to ever worry about me stalking you. YOU aren’t even worth a blow job that someone else paid for.” Slick said turning to leave.

“Stay out of my niece’s life. You are the very reason she’s laid up in there now in a coma…you wanna be everything, skank.”


Sassy was beside herself with embarrassment. How could an evening meant for resolutions become the night of ill feelings for loved ones? Her mind shouted, ‘Take your ass back home, girl and wait this shit out.’ but as she glanced over at her distraught partner she realize that relationships weren’t all about convenience, but rather understanding and loyalty. Veronica was living with the errors of her grudges and Sassy wanted…no needed to be there for her, no matter what.

Unfinished business…

“I’m going to fix your ass Slick. I ain’t your bitch anymore and I don’t have to take your vicious ass whippings anymore without retaliation.” Silk mumbled to herself while snatching her top down over her head. “I’ve taken my last ass kicking from you. And tonight I’m going to prove it to you.” Silk concluded while grabbing her keys and leaving her home.

Unexplained results…

“We’ve done all that we can do, Ms. Rose. We’ve stopped the internal bleeding, repaired the broken ribs and even ensured that none of her organs was damaged in the accident. However we were unable to keep her from drifting into a coma.” The doctor glanced briefly into Veronica’s grieving eyes and disappointedly lowered his head before finishing.

“All we can do now is wait…I’m sony.” The young doctor then took his leave of the little stripper’s family with a less than perfect satisfactory upon his face. With all the advanced scientific theory man has developed, they still haven’t figured out how to return a living soul to one’s body. ‘Author’s note: Makes you wonder…is there one who can simply speak to the body…and give it life, huh.’

The ride back home was spent silently. She had her thoughts and visions as well as Murray and Foxy, but what it all boiled down to was how were they going to put this ball back in play and restore the original players? None of them had been much on prayer but tonight they each felt that it was not only needed, yet necessary.

Once they reached the Fiery Pit they each went their separate way. Kathy and the girls had put Aurora to sleep a while ago and were still waiting up for the threesome when they arrived. Murray greeted his wife and thanked the girls for staying with his wife and Aurora while they were out. Rasha had also been waiting up with the girls. Secretly he knew it wasn’t necessary. Yet, more than anything he wanted to be in the vicinity so that if Slick or Foxy needed him he would be near.

Murray and his wife watched as Slick walked unresponsively through their friends and continued upstairs without a word. His stare was so consuming that everyone there that was in the room felt their attention drawn to the somber club owner. She looked as if the clouds of misery had become her haven and her loss of companionship her destiny. Everyone continued to watch her as she cleared the stairs and began her descent down the hallway toward her room. She paused hesitantly right outside her door before continuing on to her office. As she stepped into the room she didn’t even bother to click the lights on. Instead she just closed the door and moved in the darkness.

“We can’t leave her like this.” Murray stated while looking up at the closed door. “I agree,” Rasha said prompting everyone to jump and look at him. “Hey I care for Slick and Carmen too and, I only want what’s best for them.” Foxy gazed from one pair of eyes to the next looking for acceptance. There wasn’t a need to ponder long because the whole room soon roared in coherence, while trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements.

Murray and his wife would sleep in one of Slick’s guestroom. Foxy and Rasha decided not to sleep together at this time because it would be a hellatious temptation. Yet, they did decide that Rasha would stay with half the girls while Foxy took a few up to his place. It didn’t take thirty minutes to place everyone. However, odd as it seemed no one, not even Kathy felt sleepy. They decided to order out and drop down the huge screen over the stage and watched some reel to reel movies from the movie library Slick and Foxy always kept updated in case of severe weather. The guys dragged out the huge sleeping sofas from the dressing room that folded out into king size beds as the women and Foxy moved the tables back from the center of the floor.

Soon the room gave off the cheery atmosphere of a gigantic bunking party. The girls were wiggling around and toying on the beds as the men tried to figure out the projector.

“Hey Kathy, why don’t you come over and join us,” One of the girls called out from one of the more orderly beds. Kathy looked back at Murray who just smiled, shook his head and waved her in the directions of the girls. The girls straightened out the space she was to lay at and fluffed her pillow for her as she slid in and joined the party.

Slick moved among the darkness as if it was second nature or something. It didn’t bother her that she was alone somehow she figured it would end up like that one day anyway. Several times, she had to stop and recompose herself while making her drink. Life wasn’t fair and now she was sure of that fact.

Stealthily the club owner walked over to her chair and spun it around to view her friends. A smile came to her face as she watched several of the girls take turns smacking each other on the backside. They were obviously creating a rhythm because the neighboring bed was sitting up cheering them and clapping their hands.

The guys, on another hand, were making a mess of the reel to reel project as Slick watched them unconsciously unravel at little piece at a time around each other. Just as she was thinking how stupid they looked she saw a vision of Carmen’ smile that heated up her entire body. Slick gasped and brought her hand to her heart while the dormant tears slid softly down her cheeks. No one knew how much she loved that girl and they never would.

When her eyes fluttered opened she saw the vision of Carmen standing on the end of the stage with her blouse open giving the girls pointers on routines. Again, a smile came to her face as her mind recalled how she ever so lovingly twirled Carmen around in her arms and pulled her close while absorbing the warmth of her incredible body into hers. Slick couldn’t explain it, but although she felt she should be unhappy at the present, it just wasn’t happening that way. The visions of Carmen just made her smile.

Chocolate and Pocahontas came up behind Murray and nearly turned him into a ghost from the unexpected.

“Good Lord…what are you trying to do, scare me to death?” Murray asked trying to unravel the twisting film from around his arm.

“Oh my God…what are you doing?” Pocahontas asked helping Murray to unwrap the tape around his arm. “You don’t know WHAT you are doing. She then looked around at Foxy and Rasha before stating, “what you boys NEED is a little girly supervision.”

“Mur, where is Slick?”

“Oh, after we got back here from the hospital she headed up to her office. She’s been in there a little over an hour now. “Well,” Poke said looking over at Chocolate. “Why don’t we go up and holler at her. Murray what do you have to eat in this joint?” The curvaceous native girl asked looking back over her shoulder.

“We ordered some pizza…at least that is what the girls were saying before we went down to the cellar to get the projector.”

“That’ll work,” Chocolate said with a wink while leading her partner upstairs to where Slick was.”

“Come,” Slick said audibly. Chocolate and Poke stepped into the office as if that was the place to be because they were there.

“What’s going on Dark one? Are you going to sit up here and brood all night? Carmen wouldn’t want that you know.” Chocolate said stepping behind the bar to start making herself and Poke a drink.

“Hey do you want a refill?” She called over at Slick as Poke moved behind the club owner’s desk and rested her backside against it.

“Why don’t you two girls come right the fuck in and make your pushy selves at home?” Slick growled with furrowed brows. Chocolate sighed as if the statement appalled her. It didn’t seem to intimidate Pocahontas though as she reached and took Slick’s drink out of her hand and took a sip out of it. Slick jumped to her feet thoroughly pissed at the intrusion.

Pocahontas hopped to her feet in a crouching, defensive stance. She looked as if she were about to engage another fighter in a wrestling match. Her stare was so intense with concentration that Slick couldn’t contain the snort that broke through her nostrils. She had this wild misguided look on her face; it was almost on the brink of intrepid hysteria. Slick couldn’t help it…she had to laugh. She’d never seen anyone look like that.

Chocolate watched as her baby tore down the walls of pensive uncertainty and replace it with much needed laughter.

“Why in the hell are you two barging idiots here?” Slick said laughing. Pocahontas regained her regular height and closed her stance before placing her hands confidently upon her hips

“We wanted to give you something along with your smile and that…is hope. Carmen loves you Slick and so do we and we’re not letting you give up on her. We need to pull together now more than ever…for it is unity that will help us through this and hopefully restore the balance we had before all these secrets were unleashed.”

Poke gave Slick an understanding smile before looking out the window down at Murray who was now patting his pockets in a panic. The pizza boy had delivered what looked like twenty pizzas and it appeared as if Murray had a little cash flow problem.

“Now…I’m hungry for food and I think your boy down there is going to need a little help getting that. Shall we make it downstairs and help him out?” Slick smiled and snatched Pocahontas up to her.

Chocolate watched on as two women bonded in an awkward, but very special way. “Next time you and your little trollop decide to visit…call first. I hate it when people just intrude.” Slick mumbled now standing nose to nose with her new friend.

“Watch out’dere (there) girl,” Poke informed the stoic one while slowly grinding her stuff up against Slick. “I might have to put something on ya that ya ain’t used to. Give ya some of this jungle love girl.” She said leaning back laughing. Slick snorted and shoved her away.

“Get out of the way,” She said cracking Pocahontas briskly across her buttocks. “Ooh. . .watch out dere (there) girl. I like that freaky stuff. Woman…is you got my drank ready?” Poke inquired while following Slick to the door.

“Of course it is…Slick on the other hand has to fix her own.” Slick whirled around at the giggling pair with a glance of disbelief on her face.

“Girl, I was just kidding. You know I got’cho back.” Chocolate said handing Slick her replenished beverage. Slick snatched the drink from her and shook her head. “You know I couldn’t imagine anyone being grim around you two. Is despair in your vocabulary?”

Poke and Chocolate lowered their heads in thought before instinctively returning, “No…ugh ugh. . .and Naw,” as their answer. Slick rolled her eyes and hissed in frustration. “Well, I just well’sta make it down stairs, commune with the others and pay for the rest of your pizza’s…greedy asses.” Slick ended with a grumble.

“Hay…I heard that.” Chocolate said wrapping her arm around Poke’s waist and following their revived friend down stairs. Tonight certainly didn’t end as one of their best nights, but hopefully they could get Slick to view life differently by spending some much needed time with her. Then there was hope that tomorrow would bring about even greater accomplishments for Carmen and everyone else in their circle.



Friends. Lovers, and Epiphanies Veronica felt as if she’d been at Carmen’s side forever. She just sat there for hours staring at her inert niece, tubes running in and out of her everywhere. The doctors say that she’s in a coma. Huh… but that is just their way of saying they don’t know where the soul is. But Veronica knew of one being, for sure, that was acquainted with where Carmen was. All she needed to do now was have faith and release everything that made her doubt, hate, resent and begrudge a past enemy; one which she should have cared for in spite of what she’d done. Yet she didn’t do that and look what kind of mess she’d made. No more…No more was this going to happen to her family. It was then that Veronica raised her eyes to the top of the building and had a little talk with an old friend.

She hadn’t been much on praying especially now. Yet, as she closed her eyes and channeled her very being upon the plains of entreaty, she felt something wash over her, ridding her of all that guilt, malevolence, rooted anger and seasoned revenge.

“I’m not much on prayer, but then of course you know that. If you gave a poll to find out how many of your children didn’t pray, I would be in the leading top ten.” Veronica confessed with a painful chuckle.

“But tonight I’ve really made a mess of things. Everyone that I love more than anything…I stand to lose. And I don’t want that, No…let me rephrase that. I don’t NEED that. Every Sunday morning my mother would coach me out of bed and make me go to church to learn…of You.”
She’d say, “Baby, friends may come…and friends may go, yet in the end it is HE that will always be there for you. He is a merciful Master. If you should ever find yourself lost and writhing in despair call his name and TELL him what you want.”
“Well, right now I’m calling on you. I ask you to be merciful with my niece Carmen. She didn’t deserve what I did to her tonight…and because of my reckless action, I’m going to need hers and your forgiveness. Nevertheless, what I really need right now is for you to fix this…fix me. With this request I make a promise, never will I let the past interfere with trying to do the right thing, especially with those that love me.”

As she ended her pledge, her heart overflowed with unquenchable peace, immeasurable love and boundless hope. In essence, she felt whole and complete again. She knew that she’d been forgiven and her request already fulfilled. All she needed to do now was wait for it to be revealed.

Looking back down on her niece she began to laugh and cry at the same time. Carmen was out there and her friend was going to return her to her. She believed in it in her heart and that she knew was enough. (Blind faith…It’s a muther ain’t it?) She thought clasping Carmen’s limp hand and rising.

“I’ll be back tomorrow baby. You just hang on, help is coming.” Veronica whispered as she met Sassy at the door with an entirely new look. Sassy couldn’t explain it but VD seemed anew.

*********Slick observed the patrons of the huge bunking party as they one by one fell off to sleep. She wondered if they had come up with some sleeping arrangements before this and if they did was there any use. They seemed happier the way they were now. Pocahontas and Chocolate darted out a long time ago. Followed by Murray and Kathy who communed upstairs on the other side of Slick’s room. Foxy, supposedly going to be the last to fall asleep was the first one out after eating, and what Slick found hilarious was that he was the one that was minding the film projector. (Well, I guess it’s left up to me to do the close down. Shit…don’t I have people that work for me that can to that?) She thought while gazing from bed to bed full of girls. (Oh yeah…but they’re not worth a damn right now). She thought with a smile.

After cutting off the projector, then the lights Slick headed for the front door that Chocolate and Pocahontas had come through so discreetly and made Murray pee his pants. The idea alone brought a smile to Slick face. As she reached the door she thought, ‘I still not tired… shit. I guess I can ride a little>. She concluded closing the door and locking it behind her. She then set the alarm and got into her vehicle.

There was something about the night that soothed Slick. She felt lighter. Maybe, that strange and odd visit from Carmen’s girls wasn’t that bad after all. Slick didn’t know how long she’d been driving but she found herself right outside of the hospital Carmen had been admitted too. ‘Well there’s no reason to waste a perfectly good trip. I may as well go in.’ Slick thought, while cutting off the car.


“Excuse me Miss, but visiting hours are over.” The night nurse said rising to stop Slick in her tracks.
“I’m sorry, but I’ve just left work, and I wasn’t able to visit earlier.”
“Ma’am I am really sorry but this in an IC Unit and only family members are allowed to visit…and only during reasonable hours.”

“Lacy,” the senior nursed called before rounding the corner. The moment she saw Slick she gasped.
‘Oh my God…It’s her, the owner of the Fiery Pit.’
“Is there a problem?” She asked coming along side the other nurse.

“No I was telling this lady that visiting hours were over and she’d have to come back in the morning.”
The senior nurse grunted and laid the chart she had in her hand down on the counter.
“Aren’t you Slick the owner of the Fiery Pit?” Slick gave the woman a friendly smile and told her that she was in fact the owner.

The woman looked back at Carmen’s room before speaking again.
“You know. . .the first time I saw you two together I knew it was love at first sight. She’s your partner isn’t she?”
Slick couldn’t speak so she found herself nodding her head in agreement. The head nurse looked over at her co-worker and said, “Miss Rose is her partner and that is no different than husband and wife. Allow her a few minutes with her.”
She then gave Slick a wink and turned to tend to some more patients.

“She’s right in here Miss…Slick.”
“Rimi,” Slick said. “The name is Rimi.”
The nurse smiled and dipped her head in acknowledgement.

The room was cold, dim and lifeless. Machines were shushing and beeping as she moved to the chair beside Carmen’s bed and sat. I’m sorry I didn’t come earlier. I was just too angry over this whole thing. I don’t know what to do Carmen.” Slick said chuckling a little while lowering her rocking head. “All I know is that I love you and I want you home with me.”

“Carmen,” she uttered while laying her hand gently upon her lover’s. “Don’t you leave me…do you hear me? I wouldn’t know how to go on if you did. I couldn’t. I can’t go on. I need you.” She finished unable to contain the sobbing wails that seeped from her lips. The night nurse lowered her head and silently backed out of the room. She was in fact Carmen’s mate…there was no more doubting that. If ever she’d heard a plea of honest love…that was certainly one.

Right before rising to leave Slick leaned in and kissed Carmen upon her forehead. “Rest easy baby, I’ll be back in the morning.” Just as she was about to step out of the room she heard someone call her name.

“Rimi,” it chimed, as if in a faraway place. Slick whirled around and glanced over at Carmen, but there was still no movement.

“Rimi,” it called out again. This time Slick felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on ends.
“Rimi,” it cried out again, bringing a gasp to Rimi’s throat and tears to her eyes. Her entire body tingled eerily. She could feel Carmen’s presence. She was there…Carmen was with her…but she there was no way of explaining it to anyone. It was only her soul that could feel her love.

“Carmen,” she said softly looking around the room then back at the still frame upon the bed. Everything went silent again as she slowly moved over to the bed and stared down at Carmen.
“Carmen, can you hear me?”
“Riiiimmmmiiii.” She heard once more in an fading tone.
“Carmen,” she panted while picking up her lover’s hand and kissing the back of it. “Don’t worry baby…I’m going to get help.” She said softly laying Carmen’s hand down and heading for the door.
“Chocolate…Chocolate will know what to do.” She said to herself while leaving the hospital.

Chocolate tossed and turned in her sleep, sweating as if she had been running. Her unconscious tumbling was making it hard for Pocahontas to keep her arms around her. Their sleep was unusual. They both for some reason couldn’t quite achieve realm sleep. ‘Strange,’ Pocahontas thought shortly before the telephone rang and she answered it.

“Poke, this is Slick. I need to speak to Chocolate.” Just then, Chocolate popped up in the bed gasping.
“Is that Slick?” she panted, reaching for the telephone. Poke sat up in the bed and handed her the telephone. She was shocked by the whole scenario. Just a few minutes ago she was writhing in turmoil.

“Yes,” she said still breathless.
“Amber, something weird just happened to me while I was visiting Carmen. I can’t explain it, but it was almost as if I heard her calling my name.” Slick said in a trembling voice.
“I’m scared…It was so spooky. It made the hairs on my neck and arms stand up, and I felt a gush of cool air whizzed past me. She’s…” Slick closed her eyes and tried to steady her nerves before continuing.

“I need you to help me. I’m going home and I’ll be back at the hospital in about another hour. Meet me there.” Slick said preparing to hang up.

“SLICK!” Chocolate exclaimed. Slick brought the receiver back up to her ear and listened.
“I want you to bring Aurora with you. She has the innocence we will need in order to help Carmen.”
“No…No, I can’t do that. This maybe too dangerous for her, I’m not going to put her in danger as well. We are just going to have to do this together.” The line went silent.

“If you want Carmen back, she has to be there. Children are sometimes more susceptible than adults, and if anyone can penetrate the banks of time it will be her. She can lead us to Carmen. She has the power to do it Slick…and we will be there with her…every step of the way.” Chocolate promised adamantly. Slick sighed and frightfully agreed to bring Aurora, but if at any time she become scared they would stop and consult someone else that had more experience in this. Chocolate agreed before hanging up.
“Get dressed baby,” Chocolate said staring off into the sheet of darkness enveloping the room.
“Carmen’s waiting for us.” She stated quickly sliding out the bed.

When Slick reached the club, she noticed that more of their friends had gotten there. Scout and the girls were just going into the club and the big foot was parked in the clubs parking lot. That meant that the good old boys were there too. Slick took a couple of deep breaths and prepared herself for plenty of questions. However when she finally made it into the club everything was relatively quiet. Murray had gathered all of their friends over by the stand and was explaining to everyone what he had heard on the news.

“Are you hungry?” Rasha asked handing Slick a cup of coffee. Slick looked up into his helpless gaze and took the coffee from his hand before thanking him.
“Nah.. .Coffee will be fine. Is Aurora up yet?”
“Yes mommy,” she said telepathically causing Slick to spill some of her coffee while turning to look at her. She was completely dressed and waiting to leave. Slick gave her a nervous smile before wishing her a good morning. Aurora returned the sentiment before allowing the serious expression to move back over her face. ‘She knows something.’ Slick thought as she looked up in time to see Murray heading toward her.

“I need to speak with you for just a minute.” He retorted pulling Slick off from Rasha and Aurora a bit.

“What is going on Slick? Ray-Ray has been up for a couple of hours now and she’s very persistent about supposedly going to help Carmen. What’s happening, Slick, it’s as if the only thing she’s focused on is Carmen. She’s been dressed like that for an hour now.”

Slick took a seat and pulled Murray down in the chair near her. She then asked Rasha to inform Kathy that she needed her to join them as well. They each waited for Murray’s wife as they observed their daughter’s distant demeanor.

Once Kathy was there, she took a seat on the other side of Slick and paid close attention. Slick began to explain about how when everyone had fallen asleep she was still feeling restless and decided to go riding. She told her ex-lover and friend along with his wife how she sat for a while and talked to Carmen. Then as she prepared to leave, she heard Carmen call her name. It sounded as if she was speaking to her from a far away place and the very thought of it scared Slick. However, she knew this was Carmen’s way of contacting her and letting her know that she hadn’t crossed over into eternity yet.

She informed them that she immediately called Chocolate while leaving the hospital and she too, was adamant about Aurora accompany Slick to the hospital. She admitted to Murray that this situation was in fact strange. But Carmen needed them all, and if taking Aurora to the hospital would return their family to where it was before the accident then they should at least try what Chocolate was suggesting.

Murray jumped to his feet and began to pace. “I…I…don’t like this. Chocolate is not an expert in the paranormal and Aurora could get hurt. I…I…don’t like this Slick. There has to be another way.”

“There is no other way daddy,” Aurora stated moving over to the table with a determined look upon her face. Amber, mommy and I can get Carmen back and we have to do it soon. If we don’t, I feel…we will lose her forever. We just have to try daddy. We can’t leave her there by herself. She’ll be scared.”
The last part of his baby’s statement was so compelling and child like that it brought tears to his eyes. Although he wanted to say, “Hell naw, you ain’t going.” He couldn’t.

Slick and Murray watched as stepmother and daughter stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Kathy had the pleasure of feeling a sample of Aurora’s gift. She could do it…and if the little one could restore the balance in their home…then so be it.

“She needs to go Murray. Aurora can do it, with Chocolate and Slick’s help. I felt the force of life in Aurora’s touch when she laid her hand upon me, and if anyone can force back the darkness that is holding Carmen prisoner, it is Aurora. Let her go. Whatever is among that emptiness can’t prevail against all three of them, because each of them love Carmen.”

Murray and Slick continued to gaze at Kathy as she closed her eyes and tears ran past her eye lids, breaking her and Aurora’s silent communication.

“Some weird shit is going on here…” Murray said setting off a neurotic pace again. At his wits end he dropped down in the chair near Slick and softly gave his approval. Slick pulled both of them into her arms and thanked them for sticking with her and Carmen on this.

“No need to thank us Slick. We are a family and I rather like it like that.” Kathy said with a smile.
“Now go prepare yourself for battle girl. We’ve got to get Carmen back.” Slick snorted and ruffled her hair before jumping up to go upstairs.

By the time she was ready, so was everyone else.
“Guys I don’t think that they are going to allow all of us in her room.” Slick stated factually.
“That may be true Slick,” Pocket started.
“But we want to be there with our friends and if we have to camp outside in the parking lot then that is where we will be. Y’all are our friends…and plus…Uh, we kinda like ya.” He finished totally embarrassed by sounding so sensitive.

“Well my word,” Scout uttered. “I think I like you church boy.” Pocket (the squealor), jerked in his stance and gazed up and down the gladiator woman’s body in amazement. She sorta put him in the mind of a heavier set Slick. Although she stood about five inches taller she wasn’t really bad to look at.

“Thank you heavy metal girl,” he retorted with a coy smile. Scout leaned back cackling. “Why don’t you ride with me?” She then waved her hand in the direction or her neon yellow, big foot truck with bright red flames spreading down the sides and custom fire designed spoiler on top of the truck. Slick shook her head and chuckled inwardly as Pocket’s mouth fell open in shock. He looked back at the boys and said, “See ya at the hospital…I’m riding with heavy metal girl.” Scout snatched him to her and told him if he was good she’d show him the engine. Pocket turned to his friends as she drug him off with a surprised “0,” shaped expression on his face.

“Saddle up Pocket, because that mare may seriously put it on ya.” Grease shouted as he and the rest of the gang leaped up onto the truck and followed Slick and them out of the parking lot.

The ride to the hospital was a tranquil one for them all. Aurora kept to herself. She didn’t talk unless she was greeted first. Slick observed her daughter as she sat gazing out the window with furrowed brows. She appeared to be meditating or mentally preparing herself for whatever they may encounter at their visit with Carmen. The closer Slick got to the hospital the more she began to think that this was a mistake bringing Aurora. She didn’t know what they would be confronted with while trying to help Carmen. She knew beyond a doubt that she would give her life for Carmen. She just wasn’t ready to sacrifice her daughter for her happiness. When Slick looked up in the mirror again to gaze back at Aurora, her daughter was staring at her. Slick didn’t know if it was her fear causing her body temperature to rise or Aurora. The child’s stare was channeled and provoking. Slick felt her hands tighten on the wheel as beads of perspiration formed on the bridge of her lips. ‘There is nothing to fear mommy…as long as you are with me, no harm will befall me’. Aurora confessed secretively. Only her mother could hear her. ‘Carmen is calling you mommy because you are her champion…her protector…her mate.’ Aurora encouraged before breaking off the stare and concentrating on something else.

The moment Slick pulled up into the hospital’s car lot, Chocolate stepped outside. That brought a smile to Aurora’s face. Slick took a cleansing breath and parked. She still didn’t like the idea of not knowing what to expect, but if this was going to bring Carmen back to her then so be it. Slick closed her eyes and unconsciously summoned the will of the Ancient gods for strength and guidance. She wasn’t much on religion or belief, yet if there was a supreme being of all the earth she asked at that time that he would be with them in their quest to return their loved one.

Carloads of friends and family members followed Slick, Murray, Kathy, Aurora and Foxy into the hospital with Chocolate in the lead. Once they were upstairs, Chocolate petitioned each of their friends to conduct a brief visit with Carmen while she, Aurora and Slick talked. Right before communing with each other Slick moved over to the window and looked in on Veronica as she sat beside Carmen holding the back of her hand up against her face. She seemed to be talking to Carmen yet there was still no movement or acknowledgement that anyone was in the room on the stripper’s part. Sassy sat behind her and every once in a while she would reach and squeeze her love’s shoulder in support.

Once inside the room, down the hall, the girls sat down in the middle of the floor to gather unity.
“Aurora,” Chocolate said taking the little one’s hand.
“You have an incredible gift. One that no other human will fully understand. You have been touched by a force foreign to this world. Today, Mommy, Carmen, our friends and I must have use of it. I believe you possess the craft of inter-dimension. You can move from one mystical plane to the other. Right now, I want you to try and just move Mommy and I from this room to another. Would you try that for me?”
Aurora stared honestly into Chocolate’s eyes and reached for her hand. Chocolate held her gaze while clasping her hand and reciprocating the gesture by offering her hand for Slick to take. As they linked, hands Aurora closed her eyes. Chocolate issued Slick a grave glance before doing the same. Slick reluctantly followed her two partners into whatever plain Chocolate claim they needed to go by closing her eyes.

Slick felt a wave move within her and something tugged at her being, as Aurora’s grip tightened on her hand. Slick felt a firing panic coming on like she’d never felt before. Her first impulse was to pull away and get out of there as fast as she could. Yet, she felt a need to stay. Although her eyes were closed she could clearly see the fastened blinds, fluorescent lights, the medical equipment all about Carmen’s room. She could even see the nurse who was trying to be discreet about peeping into the room. The next thing she felt was a jerk, causing her to cry out unexpectedly. Now she was standing shoulder to shoulder with the nurse that didn’t seem to notice her as she continued look through the slightly closed shutters at the trio.

“Pssst,” Aurora hissed, prompting her mother to look at her instead of the nosy nurse. Slick glared over at Aurora and Chocolate as they stood near the desk waving. Slick looked around at the busy corridor as people passed by them as if they weren’t there.

“Do they not see us?” Slick asked walking over to the pair.
“As far as these people know we are still in the room.” Chocolate said prompting Slick to gasp outwardly breaking the link and quickly return to her body. Slick then jumped to her feet and patted her hands over her frame as if checking to see if everything was in place.

“You are fine Mommy.” Aurora said tilting her head in puzzlement. Slick inhaled a few times and apologized for acting so spooked. She explained to her little one that this was all new to her and she’s a little skittish with paranormal situations. Aurora chuckled at her mother’s honesty before returning her gaze back to Chocolate.

“So how was that?” She asked. “May I see Carmen now?”
Chocolate looked down into the little one’s inquisitive eyes and asked her if she loved Carmen. Aurora smiled and asked her what was there not to love about Carmen. She was caring, smart and fun to be with. Carmen made her feel special and happy and that was what she liked most about her mother’s new love. Chocolate smiled and told her that, that was good because what it all will boil down to is how much they each loved one another. Aurora nodded her head in concession and led the other’s out into hallway and down to Carmen’s room.

Aurora stopped at the door and permitted Slick and Chocolate to move past her into the room. They didn’t see it. They didn’t see how dark it was in the room. Aurora began to back away. Slick and Chocolate looked back about the same time to see Aurora’s alarmed expression.
“It’s all around you, can’t you see it?” She whispered at first…but then her voice soon picked up in volume. She was practically screaming by the time Chocolate and Slick were at her side.
“Look!” She exclaimed audibly while pointing in the room.

“See what baby?” Slick asked glaring back at what seemed to be a normal room.
“Aurora look at me.” Amber said turning the scared girl around to look at her.
“The power of the Lord compels me.” Say it with me. Aurora and Amber repeated the phrase together.
“Say it again.” Chocolate ordered with a stern look. Aurora said it again louder. Each time she said it, it became more forceful, making the nurse stop and wonder what were they doing.

“Now…I want you to show us what you see.” They each joined hands and gazed again in the room. Slick’s knees nearly buckled from the sight. Everything was pitch black and it was as if Carmen’s life force evolved around her still body, which was laying flat on the bed with no devices to help her live.

“Aurora there is nothing for you to fear, because the power of the Lord compels you. I want you to say that whenever you feel you’re getting scared. Do you understand?” Chocolate asked gripping her hand a little tighter. Aurora repeated the phrase so powerfully that the room seemed to shudder from the tone. Chocolate jerked her head around with a proud smile on her face.
“That’s right baby and on top of it all we have your very dangerous mother with us.” Chocolate said stepping into the room again.

“Now…let’s go get your other mother.” She said pulling Aurora and Slick along with her.

The trio moved up to the bed and stared down at Carmen’s quiescent frame before Aurora took the initiative to brush pass Chocolate and lay her hand upon the little dancer’s forehead. Now when they all stepped into the room together it was just as it always was before and Carmen was still connected to the machines.

“What happened to the darkness we saw outside?” Slick asked in wonder while gazing around the room.

“That vision wasn’t meant for us, but rather Aurora. Something wants to stop her from coming into their realm. They know of Aurora’s ability yet she’s still young and will get fearful like any other child. Chocolate looked over her shoulder at Slick as all of their friends now stood on the outside gazing into the window.

“Once Aurora is in and pulls us in with her there will be no room for doubt, no room for fear, and no room for uncertainty. You possess the heart of a Warrior Slick and when we are standing on the banks of time and at the doorway of hopelessness, I want you to remember that. Be the Champion that Carmen has always referred to you as. Her eternal soul requires that you be mightier than you’ve ever been. Her life depends on it.”

Aurora looked at her co-partners and whispered, “I see her.” Chocolate dipped her head in acknowledgement and told Aurora to take them to her. They each joined hands and closed their eyes.

Their transference was almost immediate. Slick shrieked as each of their feet planted solidly on what appeared to be the floor of sticky muck. The air was thin and the atmosphere was covered in death. The only light among the gloominess was the life forces that illuminated around each of them. Aurora’s was yellow, Chocolate’s was red and Slick’s was sky blue, like her eyes that glowed in the darkness.

“Take us to Carmen, Aurora.” Chocolate commanded softly. Aurora nodded her head and began moving into the darkness. An angry growl tore through the emptiness as she approached what seemed like a smothered beacon.

“Carmen,” Aurora called meekly, but there was no reply.
“Carmen,” she called again. The growl grew more forceful among the dimness causing the plain to shift under the coercion.
“The power of the Lord compels me,” Aurora returned in a powerful chord. The howl roared as if fearful of the words. Aurora continued to move toward the screeching cries. As she reached the stifling glare she reached her arm out and called out to it.

“Carmen it’s me Aurora…mommy’s here with me.” Slick moved up behind her daughter bridled in full battle gear. ‘Nice outfit,’ Chocolate thought moving up beside the pair dressed in a sheep’s wool two piece ensemble adorned with sword and shield. Aurora’s figure was dressed in a snow-white shift, like the cherub she was.

The figure released its hold around Carmen and snarled at the trio while waving it arms in a warning manner, not wanting them to come any closer.
“Mommy…she looks like you that is how she’s kept Carmen here with her. She thrives upon Carmen’s light. She thinks Carmen is her salvation.” Aurora said moving so that Carmen could see her. The figure mimicked Aurora’s position, shielding her from Carmen’s view.

“Carmen,” Slick said gently while raising her hand. The evil figure’s head whirled to look at the stationary figure and copied Slick’s voice while telling her to not listen to them. They were destined to be together and they would always be if she just ignored the strangers intrusion.

Slick stepped around Chocolate so that Carmen could see her clearly. “Come to me baby. I’m the one that loves you and needs you. Carmen cloudy eyes blinked several times before calling Slick’s real name.
“That’s right baby…it’s me.” The figure snarled angrily and set out to engage Slick.

“Stand your ground Slick…if it can intimidate you to not confront it, it will win. Hold fast to your faith and desire to bring Carmen back with us.

Slick tilted her head and issued the figure one of her own stalwart expressions. She then reached back and artfully removed her sword before patting it patiently in her hand.

“She’s mine and I’m going to kill you to get her back.” Slick stated firmly with a taunting smirk upon her face. Suddenly the figured transferred into the beast it really was. It had the head of a lion and hind part of a centaur.

Slick backed further away from Chocolate and Aurora giving them space to get to Carmen while leading the figure into a spacious part of the darkness.

“Did you actually think you could keep me from retrieving what is mine?” The figure’s head rocked from side to side before releasing a roar that rocked its gloomy haven.

“Save it for someone that fears you.” Slick yelled releasing the statement in a thunderous tone. The figure moved closer, snarling and snorting. Without warning it pounced. Slick dropped down on one knee and swirled in her position while bringing her sacred blade upward to slice through the beast’s stomach spilling pasty liquid all about her. But she didn’t discourage the club owner’s attack, as she approached the figure speaking in tongue now. She sliced through it’s neck severing it’s voice and finally ending its life. The vision released one last blood gurgling howl before disintegrating into the darkness.

“Rimi,” Carmen called again as Aurora and Chocolate helped her to her feet.
“What have I told you about talking to strangers?” Slick asked with a cheerful smirk. Carmen smiled and flew into her love’s arms. Slick snatched her up and moaned from the impact. Aurora and Chocolate gave each other a high-five as she took the little one’s hand and said, “Home James.” Aurora closed her eyes and within seconds they were back in Carmen’s room.

Every machine in the room was going off as Carmen’s body began to jerk and shimmy. Veronica, who had been watching the trio from the start, screamed for the nurse. It didn’t take a heart beat for a fleet of nurses and on call doctors to tear into the room clearing everyone else out. The nurses fastened the shutters while the doctor closed the door. They stayed in there for about twenty more minutes before the blinds went up and the door slid open.

“Ms. Rose and Ms. Black we have someone that would like to speak to you.”
Slick quickly kissed Aurora and Amber on the cheeks and broke for the room. Slick stopped and straightened her clothes, making sure her appearance was in some order, before moving cautiously in the room. Carmen gave her a weak smile and she felt her knees almost buckle. She swiftly moved to the bed and gently pulled Carmen into her arms. “Oh baby. Oh…baby,” She repeated as she began to cry and rock Carmen gently in her arms. Carmen chuckled from the feverish kisses Slick spread all about her face and neck.

Veronica moved up to the other side and waited for Slick to let go, but Carmen could tell that wasn’t going to happen too soon so she raised her right arm for her aunt to join them. VD dropped to the bed and wrapped her arms carefully around Carmen’s waist while apologizing. Telling her she was sorry and never would the past pull them apart again.

Carmen pulled back from her aunt and asked her if she really meant that. Veronica nodded her head in no certain pattern while promising repeatedly that she was truthful about what she was saying.

“If this is true then I’d like you to congratulate me on my recent engagement. I am about to become Mrs. Carmen Black.” She said proudly while pulling Slick in for a vicious kiss. Slick moaned from the gesture while clenching at the sheets; not because she didn’t appreciate it, but because she certainly would expect more if Carmen didn’t stop.

Veronica rose from the bed and whispered congratulations. This was too much for her she had to leave. Her number one rival had claimed her niece’s heart and there was nothing to stand between them. She’d done some stupid things in her life, but attacking Carmen she never pictured, and never was she going to do it again. As she walked out into the hall she silently thanked the creator for bringing Carmen back to her.

Slick pulled back from the kiss breathless.
“Wait…” She panted. “I really need to talk to Veronica before she leaves.

Slick dashed from the bed and moved to the doorway to call Veronica back. Vanilla was reluctant but if this family thing was going to work she would have to accept her niece’s decision to be with whoever she loved.

“I know we have issues, but I really think we all need to get on one accord and travel the same path.” Slick said inviting Veronica back into the room and closing the door. Veronica didn’t speak. She simply held her place and listened.

“I can’t go back and changed what happened between us.” Slick began seriously. “If I could…I would…in a heart beat. Yes, it was my friends and I that…hemmed you up in that car.

“You raped me,” Veronica growled venomously. “You and your friends Slick. That is what you did. Say it just like you had no problem articulating that night. You and your friends held me down in that limousine and fucked me until I couldn’t scream anymore. That’s what you did. Back then it was simply having fun. I trusted you and loved you from afar for the longest. The first night I get to be with my idol and you took me like a whore on Beat Street.” Veronica was full-fledged crying now and her voice cracked as it rose steadily to a spiteful pitch. It was Slick’s turn to be silent. Veronica needed to get this out of her system and if shouting it out to the world could heal that oozing wound she kept open with painful memories, then so be it.
“Neither of us thought that this would come up again.” Veronica said flagging her arms up and down as if she should be doing something with them but she couldn’t figure out what.

“Who’dah ever imagined the woman that raped me along with her friends would be the one my niece fell in love with. No one deserves what you did to me Slick…no one…that was simply unforgivable. You…you didn’t even care if I lived or died. After you and your friends used me like you did you just shoved me out into the snow and ice as if I was a useless toy.” Veronica began to whimper while taking both fists and beating them against her head. Slick quickly moved up to her and pulled her into her arms. She too, was crying now. Not because Veronica was hurting but because it was she, that caused the pain.

“What can I do to gain your forgiveness? Please…tell me what I need to do.” Slick asked embracing Veronica tighter.
“You may name anything except walking away from Carmen, because that I will not do.” Slick confessed meekly while moving back slightly from Veronica and wiping the tears from her eyes before speaking again.
“You are right about me not caring then, but things have change for the better with me and it’s all because of the intelligent and beautiful woman that you raised lying on that bed across the room. She means more to me than life itself. I am sorry for what I did to you years ago. Yet, I am willing to call it anew if you will welcome me into your family.” Veronica gasped from the audacity.
“I…I know,” Slick began anxiously not wanting to lose ground now. “I’m asking for a lot, but I’m begging you to forgive me.” She said falling to her knees. “Just don’t take Carmen’s love from me…please, don’t ask me to let her go.”

Veronica looked down into Slick’s pleading eyes and began to cry again while draping her arms around the neck of Slick and hugging her close. She then laughed at the idea of the woman she once thought of as an arrogant, rich, almighty bitch on her knees in front of her begging her for forgiveness. It wasn’t so much the situation, but indeed that fate would be so cruel as to bring them back together again, and this time as a family.

“You know Slick, I can’t hate you, because it wasn’t this Slick who did that awful thing to me. The woman that raped me had no feelings or heart. The woman that raped me thought of only herself and her desires. The woman that raped me knew nothing of love and happiness. All she knew of was control, misery and anger. So I can’t stand here and not give a woman that has certainly proved herself worthy of it, my . . .forgiveness. That would be a dishonor to me and to the woman that has bridled your soul with endless love. No,” Veronica stated while pulling Slick up off her knees.
“There is no need to forgive you…but rather thank you for returning my niece to me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I am in your debt. Yet I will tell you this, you bes’tah take care of her. Otherwise I, along with a couple of our friends will be haunting you down for retribution. Do I make myself clear?” Veronica ordered sternly while shoving Slick away from her after straightening her clothes.
“Yes Ma’am.” Slick retorted with a tilted head and infectious smile. Veronica chuckled, blew Carmen a kiss and bid the couple a good night before leaving. Slick finally exhaled as the door closed behind Veronica, leaving Carmen and her alone.

“Come here Wifey Pooh,” Carmen purred while patting the space beside her. Slick wiggled her eyebrows and dove into the bed. Carmen cackled and pulled her into her arms. “I’ve missed you baby.” She purred kissing Slick ever so softly on the lips. “Well, I hope you missed me more than that.” Slick whirred with a chuckle while leaning in again for a longer kiss.

“So where are the rest of my deliverers?” Carmen asked with a smile after the kiss. Slick smiled and leaned in once more for a quick one before sliding from the bed and asking Aurora and Chocolate to come in.

Aurora ran into the room and jumped up in the bed right beside Carmen. The little dancer cackled and pulled Aurora up in her arms for a back wrenching hug and a sloppy kiss. “Thank you for coming and getting me.” Carmen said with an honored smile on her face. “I had to…I’d miss you too much. Besides you are the fun parent…mommy’s grouchy sometimes.” She said with a chuckle, earning herself a brisk tickle from her mother.

“Chocolate,” Carmen uttered with tears in her eyes and outstretched arms. Carmen knew she was in fact the head rescuer. Without her, Aurora and Slick wouldn’t have known how to get to her.

“Thank you,” She whispered. “I am so glad…I have a sister like you.” Chocolate hugged her tenderly while kissing her delicately on the cheek.
“Well, I’m sure glad I have one like you Mouse. Who else would be bothered with my sassy attitude.” She said with a quirky smile.

“Hay,” she said rustling Carmen’s flat hair. “There are some other folks that want to see you.” She then went over to the blinds and yanked them open. Carmen gasped at all of the faces smashed up against the window making faces. She couldn’t keep from laughing as everyone yelled, “Hi Carmen.” Carmen waved shyly before burying her face in Slick’s neck.” The group laughed and waved before saying something about being hungry and headed off to the dining hail.

Carmen looked up from her hide out and gasped. “Hay, where did they go?”
“Oh I guess hunger won out over you baby. They are going to feed their faces.”
“Well.. what kind of friends are they?” She inquired while leaning into Slick and tickling her. Slick grabbed her little love’s playful hands and held them stationary.

“We’ll have plenty of time for that lover girl. Right now I want you to get some rest.” Carmen snatched her arms away from her insistent lover and dropped back onto the bed with the biggest pout Slick had ever seen on her baby’s face. Slick snorted, while rising and herding a reluctant Aurora and Chocolate out of the room.
“Some things never change, huh baby?” She directed at Carmen before giving her a wink and closing the door behind her.


4 What If Not 4 Love…

“ALL OF YOU NO GOOD FOR NOTHING…LOW DOWN DIRTY SKANCHES,” Silk screamed bringing the orgy to a brusque halt.

There she stood in all her glory panting and bruises all about her body. Her hair was lying precariously about her shoulders. Her demeanor was anything but happy, and her ass was fair out deed throbbing from the bangs and knocks she’d received in that bedroom under Slick’s firm hand.

Out of all the women that were in her house, including the one she was about to get busy with… each one of them forsook her during the painful showdown. All the time Slick was slinging her into everything, nay-un (neither one) of those hussies thought to come help her. Well since none of the bitches had any ounce of loyalty in their fucking bodies, their asses were about to be kicked to the fucking curb (put out).

Silk stumbled further into the room breathing like a winded razorback. “None of you bitches “R,” worth’ah time of day I spend pissing. I’m back there screaming for my life and you are up here humping each other like there’s no tomorrow! Well, if ass is all you want then that is what you’ll have. Yajust ain’t going to have it here.”

Silk straightened her aching body and yelled. “GET THE FUCK OUT…NOOOWWWW.” A few of the women who were laying near the door kinda pulled themselves up to their knees, but they still didn’t know what the big deal was. Slick was always kicking her ass. Why was tonight any different?

Silk stared out among her unresponsive and down right trifling ass associates and lost it. She grabbed the end table near the couch and slammed it against the T.V., breaking two of the legs off in her hands. She then began to wail at anything that had hair between the legs.

“GET OUT… GET OUT…GET OUT YOU USELESS STANKING SLAGS.” She shouted. Of course, she had to land a few solid licks before they realized she was actually serious. After that the women were hurdling over each other and dashing toward the door so fast that she had to turn the clubs she was beat’n their asses with about to protect herself.

“Yeah, get out,” Silk panted crawling to her knees after getting knocked down twice by her partying friends. “I told’cha.. .I’m the master here. Not Slick, not you, not anybody…except me.” Silk said, stumbling over to the couch in front of the T.V.

She’d had some rather spoiled (messed up) evenings but tonight took the cake. Slick was far out of line, and it was about time Silk brought her to the altar (straightened her ass out). As she sat there thinking of how could she get to Carmen, the events on the news caught her attention.

Silk broke to her knees and searched blindly for the remote while keeping her eyes on the television. The reporter was telling of the events as she’d told earlier. She mentioned that Carmen was presently a patient of the IC -Unit at University Trauma Hospital, and the latest reported status was that she was in a coma. The reporter assured the audience that someone would be at the hospital early the following morning for an updated report on the entertainer’s condition.

Slick’s old lover didn’t wait for the reporter to close the segment though. She immediately began to review the possibilities of her getting back with Slick. It was fate…and now Slick was finally going to be hers, forever.


“Baby…I am so proud of you.” Sassy said while tossing her windbreaker onto the sofa.

“I still can’t figure out what it was that came over me Sassy but I couldn’t hate her anymore. Even when I tried so hard to, I just couldn’t. I just wanted this all to end. I started out wanting to talk to Carmen, but the closer it came to my meeting her all I wanted to do was lash out at her for loving Slick. I wanted to hurt her for going against my wishes. I wanted her to feel how I did that night… um.” Veronica shushed in a whimper. Unable to go on with her explanation as she became overwhelmed with the night’s events.

Her niece was now lying in a hospital bed because of her unwillingness to let go of the past. Deep in her heart she knew Carmen was happier than she’d ever been and she wanted to take that away from her because of her hate for Slick. Veronica’s heart became heavy with despair and regret as the tears fell without form from her eyes..

In all her years with Carmen she never thought that SHE would harm her in such a way. She wasn’t going to hate anymore. She wasn’t going to dwell on the past any more and never would she raise a hand to Carmen again. She forgot one important thing while thinking of only herself and…that, was her unconditional love for the child that brought peace and joy to her soul.

Sassy pulled her lover into her arms and offered her the comfort she’d needed since the accident occurred.

“You are right baby…there is nothing more priceless than loving another…even those who do you harm.” Sassy then lifted her love’s head slightly and gazed pressingly into her eyes. She then commenced to speak again. Her voice swayed like that of a dove in flight.

“Did you know that, that is why I love you so? Slick is not the only one that has transgressed against you. Do you remember when you first started working for Al, how he had his bouncers drag you out of his club and rough you up because you wouldn’t sell your body for his profit? Baby…” Sassy said while taking a seat on the couch and encouraging Veronica to do the same.

“Do you recollect how gallantly you looked after pulling yourself up from the street, all bloodied and beat up, and followed the bullies back up into that club and confronted Al? You told him,” Sassy said while rocking her neck and leaning back a tad.

“Although you seem to be a man that other’s won’t dispute, I am telling you right here and now that you can have your pitbulls drag me out every night and beat me…but I won’t. I repeat,” Sassy said wagging her finger in the air and rocking her head again. “WON’T be solicited as a whore. I want this job…Oh no, let me rephrase that.” Sassy continued while mimicking her lover by standing up, shifting her weight onto her left leg, and propping her hands on her hips. “I need this job Al. I am the best dancer in your entire club AND I am willing to work here, but not as one of your whores! If you want a packed house and have clean money in your pocket…call me.” Sassy then returned to her seat and gently lifted her partner’s hand into hers.

‘‘Not too many women would have had the courage to do that and not many women would have accepted his call or apology. But you did, and because you were willing to let dead dogs lie you won out by being his highest paid dancer with the utmost respect.” Sassy said tucking her chin. As if giving what she was about to say further thought.

“Oh a lot of people would say it was the money, but I say it was your ability to go on with your life and achieve what you desired. You are a woman of boundless proportion and-no matter what befall you in this life; I want you to always remember to hold tight to forgiveness. It is a safe bridge over raging seas and a safe haven over into eternity.”

Sassy then reached up, threaded her fingers in her lover’s hair, and brought both their foreheads together, so that they would rest tenderly upon each other.

“I love you Veronica. I always have and I always will. Jeez… She gasped shortly. “I think I’m getting misty…and in more places than one.” She chortled.

Veronica pulled her little one up onto her lap so that she was straddling her.
“Well…Why don’t you let me lick those areas dry for you then.” Sassy cackled and wiggled in her baby’s lap as Veronica began to tickle her unmercifully.


“So is our little grave raiser asleep now?” The head nurse of the coma unit asked while finishing her chart note.

“Yes…after her partner left to join the others in the cafeteria it didn’t take five minutes for the meds to kick in. She’s sleeping like a baby. Although now…her partner may not be so happy about her sleeping on up till the morning.” The intern returned with a giddy chuckle.

“Well let’s take a break so that when she gets back we won’t be here.”
“Okay.” The younger nurse chirped following her supervisor out.

What they didn’t know was that there was one other visitor waiting to see the little dancer. All morning she had been discreetly moving about the floor observing all of the couple’s pensive friends as they stood expectantly staring into the patient’s window silently praying for something promising to happen.

After Slick, Chocolate and Aurora emerged quickly from the room with smiles upon their faces she felt a rush of relief move over her. Carmen was going to be all right…and that was the best news she’d heard since that almost fatal night.

The nurses toyed around their workstation a few minutes more before moving back into the stripper’s room to pull the blinds. It was nighty night for Carmen and they wanted as little commotion to disturb her as possible. The secret visitor watched as they moved behind the desk again and observed the monitors of the other comatose patients before taking their leave.

It seemed to work out perfectly for the departing nurses. As soon as they stepped into the elevator the afternoon shift stepped off. While the group stood talking for a few seconds the undetected girl slipped into Carmen’s room and pulled the door too (almost closed) before moving to Carmen’s side.

“Hay Pocket,” Scout shouted while repositioning the back of her chair against the table and sitting down.
“Why don’t you have a seat right here?” She suggested while yanking out the nearest chair to her.

“Man…I think that girl likes you Pocket.” Grease said moving up along side his friend and peeping around him at the stoutly built amazon.

Pocket faltered in his steps and stared over at the woman as if he was frightened of the prospects. She was rather attractive, but she was scary too and she was for DAMNED sure aggressive. He’d never met a woman like her. Up where he lived, the girls at least pretended to be dense and that somewhat catered to the guy’s ego.

Scout and her pots weren’t like that. In fact, he couldn’t figure out why she’d taken a liking to him any way. He was the smallest of all his friends and he wasn’t per say a tree chopper. He wasn’t slacking on his physique but he wasn’t a Mr. T. either.

‘What the hell does she want with me…To taunt me with the pussy?’ He thought right before Grease nudged him in the woman’s direction.

“Pocket you know I’m always Joning (Talking down on a person) you about women, but I think she really likes you.” He then leaned in and whispered in his friend’s ear. “Check out how she’s unconciously giving your jewels (tree of life/pecker), a look. Maybe if you are a good boy, she may even let you toy with her engine.” He joked while giving his tense friend a forceful nudge toward Scout.

Pocket moved slowly over to the chair that Scout had dragged to her while periodically looking back over his shoulder at Grease who was openly encouraging him to go get the girl. Once he reached the table and put down his tray, Scout snatched him to her, prompting him to yelp and her to laugh. “Have a seat cutie. Tell Scout a little about yourself.”

“Uh,” Pocket began tautly while nibbling aimlessly at the baby carrot in his hand and staring over at Grease and the guys.

“Well my real name is Ron, and I…”
“Are you involved with anyone?” Scout interrupted while taking a bite of her apple and turning his head to face her. Like, he thought earlier she was in fact a nice looking woman, just thick. Pocket wondered if she was planning on making him her love slave before quietly answering, “No.”

Slick had the most entrapping eyes he’d ever seen on a woman, but Scout’s were down right irresistible. Pocket felt a sweat coming on as he unconsciously dabbed his forehead.

“Ummmm,” Scout moaned while taking a piece of the apple out of her mouth and slipping it into Pocket’s. Slick’s old friend found herself chuckling as she watched his eyes bulge in surprise from the sensual intrusion.

“I like you Pocket…what do you think of me?” Scout asked while casually running her hand down his back and cupping his right buttock.
“Ooh,” he rumbled while looking into her lust filled eyes.

“You have your hand on my tushy.” He stated with a nervous gulp and an undirected glance around the hospital eating area.

“What…you’ve never had a girl do that to you before?” Scout said moving closer. She then began to nip and lick at the young man’s earlobe, drawing some very expressive gasps of desire from him.

“Scout,” Slick grumbled prompting her friend to look up at her. Slick was used to her old partner putting the moves on other women, but never a man.
“What are you doing to my little squealor?”

“Hay…he said he wasn’t involved with anyone.” Scout retorted with an almost warning on her face.

“Listen you demented twat. . .I’m not making dibs for him, I just don’t want you to toy with him and hurt him in the process.”
“Oh,” Scout returned straightening in her seat and gazing over at Slick.

“I am not going to hurt him. I think he’s cute and I want to get to know him better. I didn’t say anything about dragging him off and banging his brains out. Although,” Scout said gazing briefly up and down Pocket’s body. “That may not be such a bad idea…I bet he’d make a great quarter back partner.” She said running her fingertips down his side, prompting Pocket to giggle.

“Well Pocket,” Slick urged before drinking the rest of her soda. “You do know that Scout prefers the company of women right?” Pocket smiled and told Slick, “Yes.” But what Slick didn’t anticipate was for him to be about as equally attracted to Scout. He told Slick that he wasn’t about to bend Scout over the table and doggy screw her unless she commanded him to, very sexily. At first the trio just sat there staring at each other before leaning back in laughter.

Slick realized that what ever happened between her friends now would mainly be because they wanted it too. They were both good people and if Pocket wanted to fall in love with a woman that could NOW very well be BI-sexual, then so be it. Slick gave the teasing couple’s her condolences before informing them that she was going to sit with Carmen a few hours more before turning in for the night. Scout told her old friend that they would meet her back at the club then, because none of them were going back to their homes until Carmen was out of the woods for good.

Actually, any of the friends wanted to leave Slick alone. She needed someone to be there with her right now, and that was what they were going to do. Slick gave her friend an alleviated smile, before thanking her and turning to leave.

“Now.. .where were we handsome before that thang rudely interrupted us?” Scout asked while leaning into Pocket and blowing in his ear.


“You know,” the secret visitor said faintly while pulling up a chair near Carmen’s bed.

“I’ve watched your show many nights and I guess you could say that I’m an obsessive fan. Gosh… how I worship you. Vanilla may be queen of the entertainment court but you are certainly her little princess.” The girl sighed and lowered her head to steady her thoughts and feelings right now. The first night she’d ever ventured out on her own, was that horrid night. She would have never dreamed that she herself would be the offender of a hit and run accident. Yet here she was, sitting at the woman’s side that she’d rammed into and fearfully retreated like a scalded dog without even saying she was sorry.

She knew that there were many people suffering because of what she’d done. She was in fact truly sorry and if it meant spending the rest of her life indebted to the little dancer and her partner she would do so.

“You know my mother used to say Carla you have no sense of direction and you are never gonna know what you want to do with your life. Lord help ya,” The girl said gasping occasionally to steady herself.

“Huh.” The young woman grunted while looking up into the ceiling with teary eyes. “What I do know is that you are the luckiest woman in the world and I wish I could meet someone to make me as happy as Slick does you.” The girl’s head dropped again, but this time though she didn’t realize it was just her and Carmen in the room anymore. Slick stood outside in the joining hallway listening to the stranger as she poured her heart out to her sleeping partner.

“You know I think I was always aware that I was attracted to women, but what I found impossible to live with was that fact. I kept mostly to myself from fear of being detected I guess. But even now if I see an attractive woman I wonder what it would be like to pull her up close and feel her warm breath caress my earlobe and neck. Silly huh? My mother and father think I’m suffering from a mental disorder and I continue this supposedly farce or they will disown me and relinquish the financial support I’ve been receiving from them for about two years now.”

The girl rose from the chair and stepped closer to the head of the bed. The first thing Slick thought was to burst into the room and drag the screaming girl out by her hair. She was obviously the one that hit Carmen and disappeared. Yet as she continued to listen to the girl’s solemn words she realized it was a secret cry for help and understanding. What she did to Carmen was an accident; one in which she was obviously grieving over. The last thing she needed was for Carmen’s lover to tear into that room and commence to chastise her. Her presence was unexpected and skittish, but none the less a sincere attempt to absolve herself for committing such a transgression. No, Slick would bide her time and let the girl confess fully. Not only was it essential it was therapeutic for her in so many ways. Slick held her place behind the cracked door as she watched the girl reach up to caress Carmen’s peaceful brow with a trembling hand.

“I came here for a number of reasons. One was to confess that I hit you. The second reason…the girl started while looking up abruptly and gasping in shock as Slick slipped into the room. The statuesque dark one then shut the door, before examining the girl fully. By the look on the girl’s face it was apparent that she was undecided as to how she was going to get the hell out of that room with Slick guarding the door.

She was actually quite a looker. She had wavy, dark, thick hair, stood about Carmen’s height, stocky in form, and fully sculpted. It was a lot more than Slick preferred, but she was still an attractive girl. She had full lips, tanned features and a spooked disposition. But who the hell wouldn’t with Slick standing right at your side and glaring down at’choo (at your) ass daring you to blink with nothing more than just her eyes. (Author’s note: I’da flew right through the blinds in Carmen’s room and took my chances with the window).

“So it was you that has caused all this trouble!” The girl didn’t respond orally she simply backed away a tad and nodded her head. “Do you know who I am?” The girl nodded her acknowledgement once more. Slick reached down and jerked the girl’s chin up so that she would see the ghastly gleam in her eyes. “Do you realize that I almost lost the first and last woman that I will ever love in my lifetime? Do you know that I should reach over and call the police right this instant and have your little sorry ass arrested for committing an unforgivable crime? Only a mindless coward would have done what you did the other night. What do you think I should do to you?” Slick growled while leaning in closer. The girl shrieked and fell to her knees in flight. Begging for just one more chance to prove herself.

Carmen moaned and shuffled in her sleep prompting both women to gaze at her.

“You.said you had several reasons for being here. What are the others?” Slick inquired jerking the girl to her feet.

“Well,” the girl uttered in the midst of wringing her fingers nervously. “I came to apologize to her… and you. It was never my intention to hurt anyone, especially her. I’m probably her number one fan.” The girls admitted with a fidgety chortle. However, Slick didn’t find her tactless joking appropriate for this event so her face remained hollow and horrifying.

The girl cleared her throat and commenced again. “I wanted to let her…and you know, that I have been praying that the Almighty have mercy on her and bring her back this way.”
“Why?” Slick snapped, “Because you didn’t want her to die and wind up in worse trouble?”
The girl’s mouth fell open in shock.

“No…My prayers were not for me. I’ve done a terrible thing and for that, I will live out my days trying to earn each of your forgiveness. That night was the worst of my life. That is no excuse for what I did, but that was the day that I told my parents that I was going to live my life as I saw fit.” The girl chuckled again as tears fill her eyes and lowered her head. “It was later that day that I found out that my bank accounts had be closed and my tuition for this semester had been refunded to my parents. Now…I have no place to be or no place to go. Fitting huh, for a cowardly dyke? Well,” the girl paused while inhaling and informed Slick that if she wanted to call the cops on her now she could. There was no use in her trying to go on with life anyway. She was tired of living like everyone thought she should. Instead she would just give up and take what life offered her from now on.

The girl caressed Carmen’s brow and stepped around Slick. “Whenever you decide to call the police, I’ll be right outside. I’m tired of running, tired of hiding, and tired of this life that my parents want to control.”

“Oh, so that’s it now. You can’t deal with the pressures of everything you are responsible for.” Slick spat prompting the girl to turn around and gaze questioningly at her. “Then you tell me what can I do? I don’t…I don’t know how to go on.” The girl whimpered as the tears tore from her eyes. Slick felt the response awkward but even she knew what it was like to try to do things on your own without help from parents or siblings. She walked over to the crying girl and wrapped her arms around her. The girl repetitiously apologized and offered to do anything she could to bring peace to the little dancer and Slicks lives. She wasn’t the brightest, per her mother, but she was certainly dependable and honest.

Slick raised the girl’s chin and told her that she believed that she was truthful about that night and once Carmen was awoke she was going to make a suggestion. Slick had several friends on the force and she was acquainted with a few judges, maybe she could suggest the girl be placed on probation. It was, after all, her and Carmen that had suffered from the offense. Why shouldn’t they have first dibs at issuing her punishment?

It wouldn’t exactly be a punishment, but a merciful way of exposing the girl to a life she states she prefers having. While at the same time, Carmen will receive a lot of her rehabilitation at the hands of the very one that hit her.

“Baby,” Carmen said hoarsely. “I think that is a good idea, after all I too think that she is a very caring young woman and should be given another chance. She just won’t be doing it behind the wheel of a car.” Carmen said with a soft smile, causing the other women to follow suit.

“Then if you two are in agreement I think it is about time that you call those friends of your’s Slick. I want to start repaying the hottest pair on the strip back, as fast as I can.” She stated proudly with a smile. She informed Slick that she would be waiting outside whenever she was needed. Slick nodded her head and redirected her gaze toward her little nodding lover.

“I thought you were asleep Mrs. Black.” Carmen chuckled groggily and beckoned Slick to her side.

“You know, Mrs. Rimi Black, I think a part of you is weave within me. Do you believe that the moment she pulled the door too, I heard her. Her voice was soft and full of remorse. It was obvious, from the way that she entered the room, that she wasn’t here to harm me. Instead of screaming for help, I thought I’d remain quiet and listen to what she had to say. I also knew when you arrived. I smelled your perfume. Would you give me a sample of it up close?” Her little stripper asked while curling her pointing finger in a come hereth motion.

“Later ba-bay, business before pleasure.”

Carmen growled and threw the covers up over her head as Slick called up her girls on the force and had a chat with them. She wanted everything to be discreet and definitely didn’t want the girl scared any more than what she was now. Her friends agreed and within the hour they showed up at the hospital, dressed as civilians and took the girl into custody. Before leaving, Slick told the girl, that she’d managed to get a court date the following morning with Judge Towers. She told the girl that she would be there bright and early to speak as a material witness for the defense attorney.

The girl smiled and thanked Slick again for supporting her in spite of everything that had happened.

Slick bowed her head in respect for the girl and told her that the day was just a day of absolution. She herself had just received a pardon for an act that she’d committed years ago. Slick let the girl know that she knew exactly how she was feeling, and that she herself was given the same reconsideration on this very evening. There was no sentiment in the world the can replace the feeling of redemption. For those that you have transgressed against to say… “I forgive you” was priceless.

Slick returned to Carmen’s room just in time for her wash up.
“Miss Rose, I have been ordered by your physician to get you cleaned up for your move. They are preparing a room for you upstairs. We are only going to keep you here for a few days more for observation. After that you are free to go home.”

“Good,” Carmen returned with a groggy smile.
“Would you mind if my partner does my personal grooming if she promises to get me all clean?” The woman gasped and stared prejudicially at both women before speaking. “Are you…are you telling me…that. That you and her are lovers?” The woman spat with the most discriminative glare upon her face.

Carmen didn’t speak, it was the first time she’d ever experienced anyone reacting the way the day nurse did and it was quite unnerving.

“Yes, that is what she meant.” Slick said with a voice of firmness and a skoatch (taste) of resentment. She’d seen it many times, but she’d hoped that Carmen would never befall the judgmental attitudes of those who objected the life style Slick was accustomed too.

The woman whirled fully around and glared disgustedly at Slick. As if to say, “How dare your dress chasing ass talk to me like that.” Yet, the expression didn’t faze Slick. In fact, the club owner thought to herself that if she said one word out of line to Carmen that bitch WAS going to need a nurse.

“You see I’ve been her lover for quite a while now and…I am very familiar with every nook and cranny (orifice/opening) on her body. So, I will get it thoroughly clean.”

The woman sighed in exasperation and slammed the chart closed. She then glared once more at Carmen and Slick before trying to excuse herself, but she wasn’t getting out of that room that fast. You see all medical professionals had to take an oath before becoming a licensed official, and that involves courteous treatment of people no matter what the case may be, whether they be rich, poor, ugly, cute, heterosexual or homosexual. Every human deserves top-notch treatment and that was what Slick was going to ensure for her lover and soon to be wife had.

“You can excuse yourself at anytime.” Slick mumbled while moving around to the front of the woman and positioning her back to Carmen

“But know this…I am going to make a complaint to the appropriate officials about your prejudice, backwater, “can’t get no satisfaction”, judgmental ass. It is people like you that, think only you are worthy of the creator’s love. Oh, but I have news for you. He loves us just as much. Don’t you ever come near either of us again with that attitude, because if you do, next time I may not be so friendly.” The woman permitted her eyes to travel up and down Slick once more before spinning around in a huff and leaving.

“So…” Carmen panted while trying to pull herself up into a sitting position. Slick quickly moved over to her little one’s side and gently lifted her so that she was comfortable.

“I guess SHE’S not going to give me my bath.” She said with a chuckle. Slick was truly proud of her little one. She didn’t seem to be bothered by that moron’s attitude. Instead she was rather upbeat and the episode didn’t appear to put a damper on her love for Slick.

“Now I know you have to bathe me. And oh boy…I’ve been waiting for this. You know,” Carmen started while tilting her head and patting the space beside her.

Slick slid up beside her partner and took her hand in hers so that she could kiss it.

“When I was in the darkness…and supposedly you were there with me. I noticed a distance and lack of tranquility in you, or rather that entity that pretended to be you. You…or I mean IT…rarely spoke. All it kept doing was holding me close yet there was no affection within its embrace. No warmth accompanied its possessive limbs. It didn’t appear to know of the joy that we experience whenever we are together. You just don’t know how my heart leaped for joy when I looked up and saw you bridled in that heart throbbing life force. I nearly passed out from the sight. And that outfit…Aw, I have got to have you one made just like it when I get out of here. You were dangerous and sexy looking at the same time. I’ve never been so glad or turned on by your presence.”

“I can’t believe this… Slick chirped while reaching her arm around Carmen’s neck and yanking her to her.

“I can even turn you on in a world of gloom and despair huh?” She asked with a chuckle while tossing Carmen’s hair around.

“Baby… I could become blind, death and dumb and still get turned on by your presence. You carry a distinctive scent that only a mate can sense.” Carmen then ran the tip of her nose softly over Slick’s cleavage before issuing a needful growl.
“See what I mean? I can tell just from just the scent of your body if you want snuggle, hold me, or get busy. It doesn’t matter which scent I inhale, because either way I’m going to fulfill your every need.

Slick was beginning to feel the rising of a dormant storm brewing just below her surface. “I’m getting out of the bed before I turn you up over your head and do something I know you are not quite ready for yet.”

“C’mon baby… c’mon, give my some luvin’. I’m ready…can’t you feel it?” Carmen pleaded while trying to pull Slick back into the bed. Oh… Slick could feel it all right. Her eyelids were becoming very heavy and hot with just the thought of wearing out that hospital bed with Carmen. But, physically Carmen was exhausted and she wouldn’t impose on her weaker partner for instant pleasure. Nah… She wanted long luvin’ and in due time she would get it. Carmen just had to get better.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Slick said yanking her hand free and wagging a warning finger at Carmen. She then blew her little stripper a kiss and promised to give her everything she’d been looking forward to when she was better. Carmen licked her tongue out, certainly not happy with the answer, and yanked the cover up over her head. ‘Why is it that people act like hidden demons when they are sick? I know I wouldn’t have the juvenile attitude Carmen is tossing out to me right now. I would never be so pugnacious, Jeez.’ Slick thought with a hidden smile. (Author’s note: It’s always someone else that is at fault when you’re sick and Slick is no different from the rest of us. She just doesn’t think so.)

“I’d like to talk to the senior nurse of duty right now.” Slick ordered while stepping up to the nurse’s station with nothing but determination upon her face.

“Ma’am is there something I can help you with?” the young nurse inquired as she sat in her patient’s chart to the side and stared attentively at Slick. The girl was as cute as a button, but Slick could tell that she was a newby in the field and what she was about to discuss was way to compound for this young woman to handle.

“Uh…well, thank you.” Slick continued, trying to be as pleasant as possible. “But I think it would be best if I spoke with your supervisor. The problem is rather humiliating and I really wouldn’t want to trouble you with it.” The girl saw the sincerity in Slick’s eyes and gave the club owner an accepting nod. However, what Slick didn’t know was that the little button was the day shift supervisor. Slick suddenly realized it when the girl stood up and pulled her jacket too, (together) so that Slick would get a clear view of her name and title.

Slick gasped and covered her mouth in embarrassment. “Oh my gosh…I am sorry. I’d never pictured you as head nurse. I apologize for…”
“Oh don’t worry about it…I’ve heard them all. You look like my daughter. I thought you were one of the nurse’s younger sister. Oh baby…1 sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” The young woman finished with a chuckle. “So you see there is no need to apologize. I am surely used to patients and their relatives making that mistake. Now,” She said extending her hand. “How may I help you Miss…” The girl initiated, leaving the question hanging so that Slick would fill in the blanks.

Slick smiled and reached out to shake the girl’s hand while introducing herself. “My name is Rimi Black and I am here with my partner who was involved in an accident last night.”
“Down at the Hot Spot right?” The girl asked wanting to confirm that what she heard about the accident was correct.

“Yeesss,” Slick answered cautiously, not wanted to venture off into uncharted territory. She’d already come closer than she desired to one self-righteous woman. Silently she hoped that the young woman to whom she was about to tell her inner most fears didn’t share the same ideas as the other woman.

“Miss Rimi,” The girl started moving along Slick’s side. “How old do you think I am?” Slick looked over the girl with an examining eye and told her she looked as if she was fifteen, but she would say the girl was twenty years old. The girl smiled and told Rimi that she was correct on the twenty part. The girl went on to further explain that even though she was young it did not mean that she was prone to not making wise and unbiased decisions. She knew that Slick was troubled the moment she looked up in her face. Slick stepped back from the young one and crossed her arms upon her bosom. She was smart as a whip. Reminded her a lot of Carmen when they first met. Slick shook her head in utter surprise and smiled. She then began explaining to the little nurse what exactly went on with the other nurse.

The Day Shift supervisor was shocked and appalled. She’d heard of nurses doing some ridiculous things among themselves but never in the presence of a patient, and she had never heard of any of the nurses being prejudiced toward any patient. Yet today she did and this would be the start of a new direction and a new era for the nurses. If the nurse had her own personal feelings about same sex relationships then that was her but never was she to offend or discredit any client or patient in the hospital. The young supervisor assured Slick that she would address the matter immediately and from now until Carmen was discharged they would not be slighted because of their lifestyles. They would receive the rights of any other joined couple and no one would interfere with that as long as she was on duty.

Slick informed the day supervisor that the doctor had instructed that particular nurse to clean Carmen up for her transport to her new room, and if it was all right she’d like to take care of that herself. The young woman approved and told her that she would have someone bring her all of the supplies needed to execute it.

Moments later, Slick found herself face to face with the first nurse who had departed under less than agreeable circumstances.

“What are you doing here?” Slick snapped regaining her regular height rather quickly. “My…I was…”
“You were what?” Slick spat moving toward the woman. If a confrontation was what the woman wanted, she was about to get it.

“I am not here to fight with you. I am merely here to apologize for my behavior earlier. You see I wasn’t brought up around relationships of your type. So when I was confronted with it I was taken aback. When I should have only been thinking of my patient’s welfare and comfort…for that I apologize. I just didn’t know how to handle it. I was raised…”
“I’m not interested in YOUR past.” Slick grumbled. “I simply want my partner and soon to be wife treated with respect. If she is given that then I don’t have a problem with you or anyone else that does not agree with our kind of relationship. I just want her to get well enough to get out of here and away from this type of prejudice as soon as possible. Is that understood?” Slick finalized. Her intention was to clarify to the woman that her attitude a few minutes ago wasn’t acceptable but she was willing to render a stay if Carmen received the care she needed to enable her to go home.

It was obvious that the young supervisor had done some revamping herself, because the next time that particular nurse entered the room she was more considerate and professional. Her gaze was every bit compliant with her duties toward the patient and her loved ones. Although she wasn’t brought up around those kind of relationships what she failed to understand was that Carmen and Slick were in fact human and should be treated with respect as any other person, regardless of their sexuality. (Author’s note: This sentiment goes vice-versa. Because a person love differently does not give that person the right to mistreat others because they don’t view that issue of sexuality with the same zeal.)

“I’m not the best on tact, but while you and your…partner are here, I will do my best to make you at ease.” The woman said handing Slick a wash basin and other essentials needed to wash her lover up.

Slick looked down at the tub in the woman’s trembling hands and felt mercy for her. Although she was in fact a total bitch, Slick couldn’t bring herself to make the woman feel worse about her distasteful disposition earlier. Rimi reached out and took the washing utensils before looking into the woman’s regretful eyes.
“Thank you.” She returned in a gentler tone. For the first time she saw the nurse smile in relief.
“If you should need anything…Please,” the woman urged sincerely. “Just give me a call.” Slick reluctantly nodded her head and began setting the necessities up to clean her wife.


“Yeah…Yeah,” Silk sung while busying herself with packing. “I’m about to get my woman back.” She stated with ultimate confidence. “With that little trollop in a coma Slick is going to need someone to take care of her needs, and of course why shouldn’t it be me? After she gets a glance at me in this,” Silk said raising the silky red teddy up to examine it. “She is going to tear into me.” (Author’s note: Some people never get the hint.)

“Hay Slick,” Scout shouted behind Carmen’s closed door before entering. It was really a blessing sent Slick’s way since Carmen was definitely being a bad girl while she was dispensing her clean up. Several times Slick had to pop her hand for trying to steer her hands in alternate avenues.

“Yeah…come in,” Slick yelled back. When Scout entered the room she couldn’t keep from laughing. Carmen had a pout on her face that was so long that it was physically drooping all over the bed.

“W’ats wrong Angel? Slick won’t let you play with your favorite toy?”
“No…She’s being stingy.” Carmen returned glaring sideways at Slick.

“Aw…Scout said with a chuckle while resting her elbow on her smiling friend’s shoulder. “Well that sounds like a cry for some loving if ever I’ve heard before. Shit Slick, why don’t you lock the door and give her what she wants. Hell, if you don’t want to I will.” Before Scout could continue with her little invitation Slick grabbed her bottom lip and yanked down hard on it.

“Ouch…Wanch.” Scout tiff while patting her lip as if trying to reposition it in its rightful place. Carmen couldn’t help but giggle. Scout had this panicked look on her face like she had lost a vital part of her anatomy. “I told you trench digger…We don’t share this.” Slick retorted with a wicked grin.

“You pull my fucking lip like that again and I’m going to dig a trench in your ass. I was just trying to help you out.”

“How are you trying to help me out by suggesting that I let you screw my woman, tongue dipper?”

“Hay, don’t ride the tongue…I haven’t had any complaints yet. Ooh, I like that, maybe I’ll use it again sometime. Any how, I came in here to tell you that we are going to camp out at the club like we did last night after the show.” Scout stated nervously. Both she and Slick knew it wasn’t like her to make sentimental gestures.

“Patch and the girls said…Ugh…they’d…uh, like to stay around until you guys are out of the woods.” Slick almost laughed, from her friend’s uncharacteristic demeanor. All and all, Slick knew it was Scout who had made that decision and the girls simply agreed. It was always her, in the absence of Slick, that chose what the group should do as a whole.

“You know you are welcome to stay as long as you want Scout. If you need additional room’s you know you are free to stay at…”
“My place,” Carmen injected.
“My aunt, Poke and Chocolate own a few brownstones. So you can camp out at one of them.”

“Damn…You’ve got brains, booty and loot huh? Slick you lucked out girl. Thank you princess, but the girls mentioned having a camp out like they did last night. Do you know what they were talking about Slick?” Slick smiled and told her friend that they would surely enjoy it, but just remember they were not to tamper with any of her girls unless they approved.

“Ooh is it that kind of party?”
“No,” Slick said wrapping her arm around Scout and giving her neck a jerk. “The girls had a very enjoyable time last night and all they did was watch movies and bond. It was pretty special. Even I was able to shrug my discomforts for a while. They helped me so much by simply being there with me. A while ago you couldn’t pay me to be around a slew of woman unless…” Slick paused just long enough for her busy body friend to inject.
“Unless you were getting biz-zay up in there.”
“ANYWAY…” Slick growled. “That information you could have kept to yourself, skeeze.”

“Umm…so my baby likes variety huh?” Carmen inquired with a teasing gleam in her eye. Both Slick and Scout’s mouth fell open in shock. They each could see the wheels of strategy churning in the little dancer’s head. “That’s interesting… Oh, but please don’t stop recalling past events on my account. I find former events such as that very intriguing.”

“Damn Slick…” Scout gasped in surprise. “I should have known that the little cherub was a freakazoid. Hell, by her lusty ass tone…You are going to have your hands full of luscious cheeks…damn…damn…I hope Pocket is that open.” Slick’s old friend said faintly. Slick was quick and she was sure to pick up the fact that she and Pocket were trying to hit it off if she talked anymore.
“Well… Scout said unwrapping Slick’s arm before heading for the door.

“Not so fast female canine. Are you telling me that you and Pocket may be hanging out together…as a couple.. .a pair.. .boyfriend and girlfriend?”
“What’s the big deal…I like him okay? And he likes me.” “Sho’ you do,” Slick chimed. “But does he know that you are going to be chasing skirts as fast and as hard as he does?” “Uh uh, he doesn’t do that anymore. He leaves that up to me. I’m the girl finder for our extra curricular activities, and yes…He is fine with that. That’s why I like him. Maybe we do have something in common. Your partner doesn’t seem to be threatened by your love for her or her position in your heart. I hope Pocket and I will achieve that same level of trust. After all,” Scout said opening the door and giving her friend a wink. “Isn’t that what love is all about…unconditional? Check y’all later girls. I have a bunking party to attend.” Carmen and Slick waved and bid their friend a good evening.

“Slick where is Aurora? I was hoping to talk to her for a little bit before she left for the evening?” Carmen asked thoughtfully.

“Oh she’s been hanging out with her new idol, Chocolate.” Slick said with a chuckle. “But I think they are heading out with the rest of the gang. Let me check to see if I can catch them before they get to the elevator.” “Alright…thank you.” Slick blew her little dancer a kiss before leaving the room in pursuit of her daughter.

“Chooccoolate,” Slick called out just as they were about to step into the elevator. Chocolate thrust out her arm to keep the doors from closing. “Carmen wants to talk to Aurora. Is she heading back with you and Poke?”
“Yeah. . .but first we were going to stop off and get some Chinese food.” Chocolate then whirled Slick away from the questioning faces and said, “Dear lord woman, good thing you are rich. I have never seen anyone that can hang with Carmen. The girl ate three whole plates and she still wants to eat. If I’m going to become a part of your family, I’m gonna have to learn how to hunt. Hell, I could dance for the rest of my life and still not make enough to feed that girl.” Chocolate then turned back around with the biggest auntie smile she could come up with, “AURORA hunny.” She said reaching among the crowded friends in the elevator and pulled the little one free. “Your step mom wants to talk to you for a little bit.” She said reaching among the crowded friends and pulled the little one free.

“Will you be there when mommy and me come home?” She asked with expecting eyes. Chocolate squatted down in front of Ray-Ray and told her that she wasn’t going to leave that club until she could say good night to her little savior. Aurora smiled and snapped Chocolate up in a vicious hug before letting go and taking her mother’s hand.

“Oh and Chocolate, thanks for being there for us.” Slick said humbly. Chocolate gazed into Slick’s expressive eyes and issued her new friend a neighborly smooch (air kiss okay) before stepping into the elevator. The entire gang waved goodbye to Aurora as the doors slid closed and the group disappeared.

“Mommy…we have great friends don’t we? Even Scout, Patch, Bubbles, Razor and Peach are nice. I like ‘em a lot more than I did before you met Carmen.” Slick smiled at her daughter’s grown-up examination of her old friends. Aurora was young, but Slick had to admit that her child was exceptional.

“You know baby I swear you are getting smarter and smarter as the days go on. I am so proud of you, and I am so happy that you were willing to give me another chance at this mother thing. Like I said I have a lot to learn in this game, but once I’m up to par I’m sure you will be proud of me.”

“Oh mommy…” Aurora urged seriously while pulling her mother to a halt. “I’ve always been proud of you. Even when there were times when the only time I would see you would be was at night down at the club. I would say to myself. “My mommy is the prettiest woman in the entire club.” The little one said with sparkling eyes.

“There has never been a time when I wasn’t proud to be your daughter. Sure…I wanted to stomp your toes at times so that at least you would look down at me. But even in your bad times mommy, I loved you deep down in my heart.”

“I remember one night I was so angry with you that I told my daddy that I didn’t ever want to go to that stupid club of yours anymore and I never wanted to see you again. But daddy quickly dove in and fought for your honor.” Aurora said with a giggle.

“You should have seen his face mommy. He looked as if someone had thrown him off a ship in the middle of the ocean and left him. He told me that you would crawl through broken glass bare footed to save me. He also told me that you would pay all that you had for my happiness. It was that night that I realized that my daddy still loved you no matter what had happened between y’all. Love mommy, is loving someone in spite of what they do, and that is what I learned from my daddy that very night. From then on, I would say a silent prayer for YOU. Wishing upon the stars for my mommy to find that kind of love. So you see mommy, I will always be proud of you, because you are my mommy.” Aurora said while giving Slick a celestial smile.

Slick dipped down and slung Aurora up over her shoulder while admitting to her little one that she would always be proud of her as well. And…It wasn’t she that told Carmen her wicked stepdaughter redesigned her hair that morning. Aurora cackled and allowed her mother to carry her into her other mother’s room without any physical retaliation.

Quiet time…

“Aw, my little angel.” Carmen sung softly.
“Baby, would you mind if Ray-Ray and I talked in private for a few minutes?” She employed meekly to her soon to be wife. Slick smiled and nodded her approval before leaving and closing the door behind her.

“Come here,” Carmen said with a smile and patting the space beside her. Aurora ran up to the bed and leaped in. Carmen couldn’t keep from laughing as she pulled her new daughter up in her arms and snuggled.

“Um,” Carmen hummed. “You know what, I never really got around to really thanking you. Aurora every since I’ve met you I thought that you were special. I just didn’t know how special until I saw you chatting with Chocolate telepathically. But even then,” Carmen said tightening her embrace. “I didn’t realize that I was placed in yours and your mother’s life for a purpose. You know I love my aunt, Poke and Chocolate to death. Yet when I am with you and your mother my heart sings and I feel utterly complete. Have you ever felt like that Aurora?” Carmen asked shifting a tad to look down into Aurora’s little dreamy eyes.

“I feel that way right now. I know you may never feel as if you are my real mom, but I do. You were special to me from the minute I laid eyes on you, but like you, I didn’t realize how important you were until I saw my mommy’s smile for the first time in my life. I want you to share our lives with us Carmen. I want you to be my other mother.”

“Strange you should say that because I was just about to ask you if you would mind that I said, “Yes,” to your mother’s proposal.”
“Of course I wouldn’t, who else would let me try new hair styles on their hair?” Aurora said chuckling shying away from Carmen’s wiggling fingers.

“Just what is going on in here?” Slick said coming in with a huge banana split.
“Ooh mommy,” Aurora said popping up in the bed. “That’s big enough for all of us.” The young one pondered with amazed eyes.

“That’s right, and I bought a huge one so that I could share it with two of my favorite girls.” It didn’t take long for HER two favorite girls to claim the sundae from her loosely clenched hands. Oh well…she had had her fill on the way down anyway. Knowing that once she hit the room the dessert was no longer going to be hers anyway.

Slick pulled her chair up to the side of the bed and watched her two maniacs smear, lick, and slurp ice cream from their noses, chins and cheeks. It was a moment she would cherish always, as she stenciled the giggles and playful gestures of each of them in her mind and essence. The joy that she was feeling could never be duplicated or implanted. What she was experiencing now was no less than divine.

“Oh baby,” Carmen cooed looking over at Slick. “Did you want some more?” Slick gave her wife to be a smile and shook her head, indicating that she had had her fill in more ways that one. Yet… even in the afterlife she still wouldn’t be able to describe her inner exultation. She was flying higher that any drug she’d ever had and she didn’t mind one damn bit.

“Are you okay baby?” Carmen asked with her expression shifting from playfulness to concern. “I’m perfect and it’s both you two creatures fault.”

Carmen and Ray-Ray jumped and gawked at each other before leaning back laughing. “Carmen,” Aurora giggled. “You have ice cream in your eyebrows.” The little dancer’s hands flew up to her furrowed brows in an attempt to clean the sticky residue off.

“HAHAHA,” Carmen chirped sarcastically. “You’re not squeaky clean either Ms. Creamy ears.” Carmen said bringing her hands to the side of her face and mimicking a blowfish. Ray-Ray fell back laughing.

“Well…Carmen, I guess it’s time for mommy to take me to the bridge.”
“To the bridge,” Carmen repeated looking completely thrown off by what the little one said. “Yeah…You know, like to my place of rest. Jeez, hurry up and get out of here so we can start your lessons on street lingo.” Ray-Ray joked while jumping briskly from the bed and mocking Carmen with alternate pointing fingers and rocking hips.

Carmen would have thrown her pillow but the events of the day were finally beginning to wear on her. So she called a stay with her new daughter until a later date. Slick then bid her good night with a gentle kiss before tucking her in for the night.

“Good night my precious one.” Rimi whispered one last time while kissing her again on the cheek. Aurora audibly retorted her goodnights at the door as Slick walked up beside her. The last thing Carmen remembered was watching her girls glide peacefully out the door right before every thing went black.

“I’m gooooing toooo beeeee, Mrsssss Blaaacckk.” She heard her voice echo as it disappeared


“Hay Veronica, w’ats up?” Chocolate asked as she and Poke followed the convoy down the strip heading for the Fiery Pit. She and Poke had such a good time last night with the gang they decided to stay a while tonight as well. As she and Poke cackled about the evening’s events they thought it would be a good idea for their family to begin hanging out again together. Not only did it not feel right without Veronica, it just didn’t feel complete.

“Sassy and I were just about to turn in.” She said while still tickling her giggling partner.

“Weeell,” Chocolate chimed. “It don’t sound as if y’all are at all tired to me. Why don’t y’all come down to the Fiery Pit and sit with us for a spell? Last night we hung out with Slick and her friends and we had a splendid time watching movies, eating pizza and shooting the shit. Why don’t you drop in with us? It’s been a long time since we hung out and we miss it.”

“You know Chocolate, I don’t really feel like socializing tonight. Couldn’t we just sat up another day to HANG.” She pronounced audibly.

The line went quiet. “V,” we think this is a perfect opportunity for you to get accustomed to being around Slick. If you back away now it will be even more harder for you to come to terms with Rimi as one of your family members. Moreover, you did tell Carmen that the separation between all of us wouldn’t happen again, because of how you felt in the past. Please…come out and be with us. We won’t let Slick hurt you.” Chocolate finished with a muffled chuckle. Veronica shook her head from the smothered sounds and agreed to just come over for a couple of hours, but no more. Although she clarified that, the intention was true; she still wasn’t in a hurry to become a fan of Slick. Chocolate yelped her acceptance and told their friend and sister that they would look for her in an hour or so. With that plan in effect, both women concluded their conversation until later.

Slick and Aurora arrived in time to see serious Spades and Strip Poker games going on. Although serious clothes hadn’t been removed, there were some sights of colorful underwear, mainly bras being displayed.

What Slick didn’t expect was for Carmen’s aunt to be there to. She and her lover along with Chocolate, Poke, Foxy and Rasha were engaged in a rather interesting conversation, because when she and Aurora came in they never turned around to look.

“So let me get this straight.. .You, Chocolate and Poke actually sent Carmen to dancing school at the age of fifteen?” Foxy asked amazed. Carmen was probably feeling a little tad out of place at that age weren’t she?

“Yeah,” Veronica laughed. “We wanted her to learn different forms of dance, but every evening she would beg me on her little knees to not subject her to the laughing smaller kids that would be there.”

“So you made her go in spite of her begging?” Foxy asked surprised. Hell there wasn’t much of anything that Carmen didn’t asked him for that he wouldn’t grant. It was something about Carmen’s that made him melt upon command.

“We had to… Carmen was exceptional in her dance class and it was something that I always wanted to do but never got a chance. Within two weeks Carmen had the rest of her toddler class eating out her hands.” The whole table roared with laughter. “Now that sounds more like Carmen.” Foxy admitted holding his gut.

Slick touched Foxy gently on his shoulder prompting him to jump around to look up at her.
“Hay Slick…we were just talking about some embarrassing times of Carmen with her aunt. Did you know that Carmen could execute a variety of dances? You know I should have known that from the way she walked into that backward hand move that she had to have had some specialized training. Slick wasn’t quite listening to Foxy as her and Veronica’s eyes met for the first time outside of the hospital. Her open gaze was just the opposite of what the one the club owner had gotten the night of the accident and that was a relief for Slick. Although, she herself was feeling awkward, she was pleased that Veronica made another step toward them heading in the right direction.

“Have a seat?” Slick declined the offer of her friend and excused herself. She instructed her friends that she would be back though after she’d put Aurora down for the night. Little did she know that after closing up for the night the club was harboring an unwanted visitor. Foxy told her friend that when she returned they would engage in a friendly game of spades with no other than Veronica as her partner.

“Oh I don’t know,” Veronica returned reluctantly. I am not very good at card games, especially that. Carmen hates when she has to play with me. Now if you ever want to see her pissed just assign me as her spades partner.” She added with a chortle.

“Nonsense, this bonding is overdue and you two are going to lose gracefully together after Rasha and I kick your butts.” Foxy bragged slamming an unopened deck of cards upon the table.

“Oh so you know for a fact that you are going to beat us huh?” Veronica asked with a tilted head and challenging smile.
“That’s right Red, so pin that thick ass hair of yours back so we can see if you and Slick are giving each other mixed signals.”
“Look tall, dark and desirable, we need not cheat’cha to beat’cha.” Veronica said while reaching for the cards and busting the seal.
“Hurry back Slick, we have a few lessons to teach these young ones. She said with toying eyes. Now Slick knew where Carmen inherited her cunning eyes.
“All right.. .Foxy have my drink ready when I get back. I usually don’t engage in such a meager task of kicking ass, but it may be deemed quite invaluable tonight…in more ways than one.” Slick stated before telling her little one to bid her huge family goodnight.

“Slick do you mind?” Veronica said looking down at Aurora. Her eyes were soft just like Slick had seen on her lover’s face a thousand times. Veronica wanted to share something special with the little one and Slick couldn’t deny her that.
“Sure,” Rimi said looking down in her daughter’s smiling face. Aurora tore from Slick’s grip, and ran over to Veronica and leaped into her lap. Veronica’s head fell back in laughter.

“My aren’t you your mother’s child! You are just full of life aren’t’cha?” Aurora rocked her head up and down humbly. Veronica pulled her into her arms and gave Slick’s carbon copy one of her mother’s breath stealing hugs.

“Ease up T-T, I think my heart just stopped.” Aurora wheezed prompting the laughter to roar at the table again.

“Little one you have brought a smile back to my face and this entire family again and for that we owe you everything.” Veronica clamped her hands over Aurora’s ears and said, in the privacy of adults of course. “I’m glad she’s young and not into big things yet so I should be able to handle whatever the everything is.” She then removed her hands and continued. “So…on our way here Sassy and I stopped by an antique shop and bought you something. It is not the present that counts but rather a form of my appreciation. You are a very special little girl Aurora and you will always be that to me.” Veronica reached down and pulled up a large long box.

“Wow!” Aurora exclaimed with bright eyes. “This is for me?”
“It sure is with the help of Amber and Shelia there I was able to add a priceless sentimental value to it.”

Aurora tore into the box, but what she found left her speechless. It was a crystal lamp. Sculpted like a picture frame and umbrella shade. Inside the frame was a picture of her, Carmen and Slick at the beach, sitting near the specially designed castle she and Carmen had built.

“Oh mommy,” she purred in amazement as she slowly turned the lamp around and look up at her mother with tears in her eyes. “Isn’t it just beautiful?” The entire table exhaled in astonishment.
“Oh Aurora,” Slick wheezed.
“It is simply exquisite. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“And you probably won‘t in this town, that is why I went to an antique shop to get it.” Veronica said kissing Aurora on the cheek. Slick couldn’t keep from getting teary-eyed as she expressively gazed over at her soon to be aunt and whispered, “Thank you”. Both women realized it wasn’t so much the words that they spoke but rather an unexplainable bout of mercy and love that brought them together. It was a healing time for both of them and what was so eminent about it was they were willing to come into the bonding with open arms.

“No need to thank me,” Veronica said with a warm smile. ‘There it goes again.’ Slick thought while picturing her lover’s grin. Oh she was missing Carmen something terrible. Veronica’s similar expression that her and Carmen shared was causing Slick’s emotions that she’s fought desperately to keep dormant from surfacing like a raging volcano.

“We’re going to be a family soon and I want to start it off on the right foot.” Veronica said holding Slick’s indebted gaze.

“Now little one…it’s off with you. Don’t want Carmen to say anything about dark circles around your eyes if you don’t get enough sleep.” Aurora kissed Veronica softly on the cheek before leaping out of her lap and retorting, “Okay T-T (that’s auntie for my girls/boys that isn’t familiar with the new southern slang for aunt.”

Veronica blew her a kiss as well as everyone at the table as she moved back to her mother’s side and took her hand.

“Good night everyone,” She shouted once more before her and Slick headed up stairs. “Good night you little cretin, rugrat, demonoid, and Slick clone,” different voices shouted with droves of laughter accompanying the mocking nicknames. Aurora licked out her tongue and continued up the stairs with her discreetly smiling mother.

“Today was a very good day, huh mommy?” Aurora asked as Slick tucked her in tightly.

“Yes baby,” Slick said taking a seat beside her young one and tilting her head. “It certainly was a very good day. I’ve have both my girls back, a flock of caring friends and relatives, along with a new aunt for both of us. Yes…I’d say it was a memorable day and we owe it all to you love.” Slick said feeling extremely blessed by someone above.

“You’ve made me the proudest mother in this world! I probably would have never had the courage to do what I did today, had you not been there with me and for me. For the first time ever momma can truly say that I was scared. I was afraid of losing you in the process and never seeing Carmen again, but you gave me the strength that I needed, you and Chocolate. For that, I will always be grateful. I’m not a wiz on this emotion cruise but with you and Carmen at my side, I am learning more each day. You are my hope for tomorrow Ray-Ray, and I’m never letting you go without a fight. Do you hear me, little one?” Slick stated pulling her daughter up in her arms once more to make her squeal for mercy.

“Moooommmy,” Aurora panted while gasping for air.

“Now, are you ready to say your prayers?” Slick asked standing and allowing Ray Ray to slide over the side of her bed onto her knees.

“To the creator of all things,” her little voice rang out. “I thank you. I thank you for my mommies, my daddy, Foxy, Chocolate, Poke, My other new Aunts Veronica and Sassy,” Slick cleared her throat in hopes of encouraging her daughter to curb the list on the thank you’s a bit.

Aurora looked up at her mommy with a smile and continued her prayer. “I also like to thank you for helping us to get Carmen back. Now thou lay me down to sleep. I pray to the lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake. I pray to the Lord my soul to take, Amen. Was that fast enough for you mommy?” She said with a chuckle while crawling back into the bed.

“Baby it doesn’t matter how you say it but rather how you mean it in here.” Slick said pointing at her daughter’s heart. Aurora smiled and allowed her mother to lure her asleep with a melody she sang to her from time to time when she was smaller. It didn’t take two minutes for Aurora to skid into the sleep realm.

Slick rose from the bed smiling down at her little angel once more before cutting off her new antique lamp and slipping out of the room.

Slick found herself bathing in her good fortune as she quietly closed Aurora’s door and eased into her own bedroom.

“Hay baby,” Silk purred from her lounging perch on the bed dressed in nothing but that see-through teddy she’d packed for this night’s seduction.

“I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing.” Slick spat angrily as her eyes darted all about the room in wonder.

“I know what you need Slick and I can…”
Silk’s voice tapered off as Patch stumbled into the room.

“Girrrlll, I thought you were,” Patch held her tongue after noticing the frustrated stare upon her friend’s face. She then stumbled closer to Slick and followed her friend’s irritated gaze.

Patch gasped in shock as she gazed over at a now scrambling Silk. She wasn’t expecting anyone to disturb them so she quickly jumped from the bed and got her robe.

“What is this bitch doing here?” Patch growled heading over to the opposite side of the bed, still glaring at Silk.

“I am here to comfort…””Stop right there bed warmer. You are not here to do anything but to try to get Slick back. Your time has come and gone.” Patch snarled throwing up a warning finger. She then looked over at Slick awaiting a command. All it took was a simple gaze from Slick to set the move off. Before Silk realize what was happening Patch had snapped her up by her hair and was dragging her out the room. Slick didn’t bother to follow her friend out. Instead she removed her jacket and closed the door behind Patch and a struggling Silk, who was physically being dragged from the premises.

“HAY SCOUT,” Patch yelled. “LOOK WHAT I FOUND.” She said dragging the struggling woman down the stairs by her hair. The entire room went quiet.

“Release her.” Scout ordered regaining her footing as well as everyone else in the room. It didn’t take written instructions for Silk to know that she was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the way the attendees of the club were staring at her made her feel even more cheap.

“Why are you here Silk?”
“Oh, she told me that…”

Scout brought Patch’s words to a halt with just a single glance.

“I’m going to ask you again why are you here. If you do not answer me, I am going to have my friends to take you out back and persuade you into telling them why you are here.”

“I came here for Slick all right? She needs friends right now and I wanted to be her for her.” Scout permitted her eyes to run up and down the skags body and then out among Slick’s and Carmen’s new and old friends.

“Strange…we are all friends and family here, and have been here with Slick from the televised portion of the accident. However, none of us is dressed as you are. Maybe you had alternate motives.” Scout then moved in closer to Silk followed by Slick’s old gang.

“I’m going to tell you this one time and one time only. Slick does not need or want your kind of comfort any longer. If we hear of or ever see you near her or Carmen again we will make you regret that you were born. You know what we are capable of, unlike some of the attendees in this room, and I don’t think you want to cross us. I’m going to let you out of here with a few words of wisdom. Know when to back off Silk and do not tread on grounds that you are no longer welcomed! Slick has gone on with her life and you should do the same. Do not come here again. If you do,” Scout paused to run her fingertips down the center of Silk’s chest before roughly snatching her tit to her. Silk yelped out in excruciating pain as Slick’s old gang huddled closer together to keep the others from seeing the extent of their warning, but Veronica could just imagine what was going on in that huddle. Yet, she also knew that Silk was Slick’s old lover and the warning not only was warranted, but necessary.

“Well, let’s just say…You are familiar with some of our drills. Accept that it is over between you and Slick and go on with your life.” Scout voice was strapped (sharp/tart) like the jagged edge of a dagger. It left no room for doubt or retaliation. Silk realized for once in her life that her vindictive ways had caused her to lose everything that should have mattered to her. The piercing insults and challenging sex matches were entertaining back when, but now the pages of life has been flipped to a new side and it was either sink or swim for her. If she chose the same path, it would certainly bring unhappiness and unrelenting pitfalls. No, Silk realized quite a bit at that moment and one thing was she no longer desired or longed for this kind of exposure. She was attractive, intelligent, resourceful and incredible in bed. Surely, someone would notice her attributes and offer her a different chance at life?

As the huddle fanned open Silk slammed her see through negligee closed, lifted her chin and strutted disdainfully out of the club. By this time Slick had discreetly taken on the view from the rails and was relieved when she saw that her friend’s words had inspired something in her old lover that she wasn’t able too.

Scout looked up at her long time friend and waved her down. “C’mon woman, the night is still young and we have lessons to teach.” She finished, before turning to head back to her seat.

Slick slowly walked down the stairs too emotional at times to think straight. They were all there for her, Carmen and her whole family simply for the sake of friendship. She’d never been the center of attention unless she demanded it, but now her life with Carmen, had changed all that.

She no longer had to command respect people willingly gave it and that…she found more commendable than anything. She had to do something to let them know how much she appreciated them for all they’ve done for her, Carmen and their family.

“Got’cho (got your) drink girl,” Foxy said approaching her with a bourbon on ice. “Bourbon huh?” Slick asked quizzically with a raised eyebrow.
“Don’t look at me like that Slick…I only want you to relax.” Foxy stated with a rocking head and warning finger.
“Relax…hell from the size of this glass I think you want me to get plastered. You’ve never fixed me one like this before.”
“Well, you been through a lot since the accident and…well, I just want you to settle back and let us do all the entertaining. You deserve that and we want to do it for you.” Slick gave her friend an understanding smile before inquiring about the mikes being on. Foxy told her that she left the system on in case they wanted to check out some flicks like, they did last night. Slick nodded her head and headed over to the stage.

“Hay,” Her meek tone echoed throughout the club. “Everyone looked up from what they were doing and gave the owner of the Fiery Pit their complete attention.

“I’m not much on words, but I want all of you to know how special the time you are spending with me and mine has been, Thank you. These have been some trying times for me and without some of you giving me a shake or two, and helping me to deal with some very confusing emotions and, forgiving me” she uttered nudging her head in Veronica’s direction. “I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Thank you so much.”

“You know Slick I think I speak for every one when I say…You’re welcome.” Scout screamed. “Now c’mon down off the stage and let’s get this party started fight.” “Oh and you’re right about you not being much on words, good thing you have Carmen.” Everyone in the club leaned into one another laughing. Slick shook her head and gave all her giggling friends and family members the finger before jumping off the stage and heading over to Veronica and their challenging partners.

The more the drinks Slick had the she noticed how similar Carmen and Veronica really were. Yes their smiles were similar, but they also shared the same physical expressions. What Slick really found unusual though was that they also shared spiritual thoughts and feelings.

Aurora took to Veronica without so much as a second look. She was also referring to her as her aunt, which Slick didn’t mind. However, it only proved that it was this woman sitting in front of her who had sculpted Carmen into the person she was today. After last night confrontation, Slick would have never figured Veronica to be the same type of person as Carmen.

“Don’t be cutting your eyes at Slick there Momma Sung. We already know that you and her woman share the same expressions. So that means her ass can read some of your thoughts. From now own Little Red, green eyed, riding hood, you will not make eye contact with Slick.” Foxy said slamming down her Ace of Spades down on top of Veronica’s King. Slick came right up behind her and stung that ass with the bootleg Joker.

“Foxy we really must talk about your treatment of a lady, especially if she’s my partner. Now back that ass up and let her give it a whack.”
“Rasha,” Foxy spat in retaliation while glaring fiercely down at the final card. “You are supposed to be my man. Why are you letting these hussies do this to me?”
“Baby,” he said with extenuating eyes. “I can’t help it.”
Veronica cooed and Slick almost spewed her drink everywhere as her Sandy immediately drummed down a snapping interest. If that woman didn’t sound like Carmen right then Slick would have sworn she was hallucinating.

Slick watched as Veronica crinkled her nose cutely and laid her hand gently down on top of Rasha’s and purred. “I think your sugar cube is a little upset cuz my partner popped that ass and you…Well you…You, couldn’t fucking help her. Go ahead and cry baby, You’ve deserve it after that thorough ass whipping.” She then closed her eyes and issued a deep moan that almost drove Slick to grab herself. Everything Veronica did and said was reminding her of Carmen, and that was driving her ‘pump it’ level to the max.

“W’at’s the score?” Slick asked finishing her drink.
“Y’all won,” Foxy snapped tearing the page out of the tablet and balling it up.
“I see YOU don’t play well with others Miss Foxy,” Veronica inquired in a casual tone and a giggle.
Foxy narrowed her eyes and popped, “You know you probably won’t be playing with others either. I heard you were retiring with your OLD ass.”
“Woo,” Every one at their table and the nearby tables uttered, almost in a challenging tone.

Veronica allowed her barely focusing eyes to wander around the table at the expectant gazes, especially Poke’s and Chocolate’s. They knew Vanilla was still the queen of the dance field and she wasn’t going to let that go without making him eat his words.

“Is that right?” She uttered in calm tone while pushing her chair back from the table. Slick stared on not knowing what to expect. Veronica rose from her seat and tenderly caressed her lover’s cheek while giving Slick a wink. She was basically saying, this shit is in the bag. Keep my seat warm ‘til I get back.

“Drop down a beat Isis and see if I can keep up.”
Foxy anxiously jumped from his chair and signaled for the acting D.J. to set up the stage.

“Uh baby…” Sassy said grabbing a hold of Veronica’s hand. “You’ve…uh, kinda drank quite a substantial amount already. Maybe you should wait for another time.”

Foxy sung, “Aw.. .can’t see what your right foot is doing with the left one in motion at the same time…huh…Vaaaahhlmella,” Foxy was going to drain this to the very end. She wanted to see what Carmen’s legendary aunt had and she wanted to see it before she left the club tonight.

Veronica leaned back cackling almost stumbling. “My…I think I like you.” She said with a hiccup. “Pick a tune baby girl momma’s gonna show you what She’s got. That’s what you want isn’t it?” She slurred keeping a tight grip on Sassy’s chair as she moved around it. Slick gazed around at Poke and Chocolate as they giggled and whispered among themselves. This was surely going to be interesting since Veronica’s supposedly intoxicated state didn’t seem to worry the pair at all.

Foxy nodded her head at the D.J. and he set off a preparation tune as Veronica stumbled to the stage. Poke and Chocolate continued to laugh before rising from their seats and moving to the stage as well.

By the time Veronica took the stage, every eye in the place was on her. She pulled a chair up on stage with her and flopped down in it.
“Aw this is going to be good.” Foxy chuckled. “She is so tore up I bet she sees a thousand faces in the audience. The DJ then dropped down 112 hits “We can do it anywhere,” just to get her warmed up.

Veronica tossed her head back and ever so sexily crossed her legs. Once the music started thumping. The friends watched as she set off a very stimulating hand caressing body roll in her seat. Chocolate and Poke cheered her on. She continued to fondle and caress her covered body until homeboy, in the song, said he wanted to make her dreams come true. Vanilla’s hands clenched at her waist and tore away her snap skirt, Everyone that was there head jerked back from the unexpected move. The music stopped and then changed again to Chico Debarge’s, “We can get Sexual.”

Veronica alluringly sat up in the chair while still rocking to the beat and snatched her legs open. She then tucked her body and rolled from the chair ending in a frontward split. “Ooh,” traveled the room in utter amazement. Oh but she was far from being through as she lustfully lowered her upper body flatly down on the floor and intensified her erotic ass pumping, never…missing a beat.

“Bartender,” Rasha yelled over Chico’s, seductive cords. “Hit me again. I feel the room spinning or my luv coming down. Now I see where Carmen gets that exotic shit from.”

Veronica didn’t limit her performance to the stage though. Before Foxy knew it, Veronica was up on him. He whirled his back to her as if he was part of the performance. Vanilla brought her right leg up straight into the air before sharply snapping down over his shoulder. Foxy gasped as the dancer leaned into him pressing her scorching Paula firmly against his back while slowly straightening her leg.

“Good Lord woman…I think, Harry just grew a few inches,” he said nervously as she whirled his chair around and sashayed back away from him. Just then Chocolate and Poke slid up along each side of her and pressed their slithering bodies up against hers. Vanilla’s hands snapped away from the front of herself and salaciously grabbed a hand full of each of their backsides as their fingertips caressed where hers left off. With each pass of their fingers one managed to dip down low enough to pop the band on her underwear. Veronica expertly maneuvered the girls until they were all facing to the side she then pulled Chocolate back into her while reaching back and pulling Pocahontas up to the front of her. From there the trio dropped down into a funky ass hole to belly button grind. Causing their friends to gradually rise from their seats and urge ‘em on.

Foxy couldn’t do or say anything. Veronica was as limber and as graceful as people reported, even if she was flicked up (Drunk). Slick’s choreographer observed as Chocolate and Poke drifted back into the audience and V.D. continued to mesmerize the crowd by pulling her partner to her. She then twirled Sassy around a few times before pulling her lover back into her, just as Slick did Carmen when Foxy and the girls first saw Carmen dance. Their bodies melted together like Peanut butter and Jelly. (Author’s Note: Umm…Umm…Umm). Slick found it hard to breathe much less focus.

First, the familiar things that Veronica did reminded her of her missing lover. Now the whole dance thing brought about more feelings that Slick cared to handle. As the music and their friends continued to praise the pair Rimi stood up abruptly and ran from the room. Everything stopped as her friends and family members observed the urgent retreat.

“Someone should go up and talk to her.” Poke said looking over at Chocolate.. . along with everyone that were sitting at or near the table she tore from. Chocolate reluctantly signaled her approval and swiftly followed Slick. ‘Why is it that I’m feeling like Daniel in the Lion’s den?’ She thought taking the stairs up to Slick’s room two at a time.

When she entered the room Slick was standing at the window she and Carmen stood at their first night together. She’d never hurt like this before and nothing or no one could ease the pain, no one except Carmen.

“‘It’s been a rough day huh?” Chocolate asked airily while moving up to her friend’s side. Slick snorted while wiping away her tears before turning to look at Amber.

“Everyone else were afraid to come up huh?”
Chocolate chuckled before gazing back out into the window.

“Tell me Slick…When did the this particular view of this strip become special to you?” She inquired while moving closer to the pane and taking in the colorful view.

Slick stepped up behind her friend and laid both her hands upon her shoulders before speaking. “It was the first night Carmen and I spent together.” Slick then moved over behind the bar and asked Chocolate if she wanted one.

Amber realized that it was more than missing Carmen that had Slick down. She ran from that room as if she had blister by the image of Veronica holding Sassy.

“Tell me Slick…when was the first time you really kissed Carmen. Do you remember it?” Slick gazed into her friend’s quizzical eyes and pondered what her reason for asking that might be. Then, she thought, what the hell, maybe if she talked about it she wouldn’t hurt so badly.

Slick handed Chocolate several shots of 151 on the rocks before moving over to the bed and slipping into it. She then patted the other side for Amber to join her. Chocolate tilted her head and propped her left hand on her hip before shifting in her stance a little bit.

“First you get me fucked up then you can have your way with me after I slide into bed with you huh?” She said jokingly.

Slick took a big gulp of her drink and snorted again. “If I wanted to get up in ya I wouldn’t need to get you drunk. You’d be willing to give it to me free.”
“Oh my…aren’t we full of confidence? Reality check girlfriend, I think you are extremely fine, but’cho ass ain’t that damned fine. This ain’t your typical dark meat here. I am seasoned to perfection baby. So don’t try no shit and I won’t have to kick yo’ ass.”

Slick laughed and patted the bed again. “C’mon seasoned meat…I was about to tell you when Carmen gave me my real first kiss.” Chocolate laughed and dropped sloppily down in the bed.

Slick leaned her head back while staring into Amber’s glassy brown orbs and began telling her about her and Carmen’s first official date.

“Oh was it that night you wore that body fitting jump suit?” Chocolate asked, right before violently jerking from her first taste of the drink Slick gave her.
“W’at the fuck?” She spat almost tumbling out of the bed.

Slick laughed and caught a hold of Chocolate’s flailing hand before she tipped over the edge.
“Yeah…that was the night.”
“Aw…” Chocolate groaned while scooting closer to Slick and laying her head down on her shoulder.
“I thought you were really cute that night. So did Carmen. She almost got hit by a car running over there to you.” Chocolate said popping back up and reaching several times for her drink.

“You are stoned. Why don’t we call it a night?” Slick suggested gulping down the rest of her drink and placing the glass on her nightstand. Chocolate laid her wobbling head up against the headboard and asked Slick to tell her what was she and Carmen’s first night like.

Slick allowed her memories to drift back to that night. Finally, she understood why Chocolate was asking her these questions. She wanted to Slick to look back on her and Carmen’s past and feel what she felt then.

Chocolate smiled when for the first time since she came into the room Slick’s face lit up. It was so clear now, what Chocolate was trying to do.

There was no reason for her to grieve for Carmen that she was now on her way to a speedy recovery. However, the warm feeling she held in her heart were irreplaceable, and whenever she felt she was losing ground, all she had to do was recall those images and draw strength from them.



Slick and Chocolate jerked awake just to find that they had been coiled up around each other. Chocolate shrieked and went crazy trying to relinquish Slick’s hold around her. Slick was just as spooked as she quickly unwrapped her limbs from around Chocolate and rolled from the bed. Chocolate did the same before peeping back up over the side at Slick who were now mimicking her every move.

“You fondled me in my sleep,” she said ever so slowly and distastefully. “Arrrggghhh,” she shrieked while shaking her body in utter disgust.

“Calm down…” Slick suggested, sliding her left arm cautiously up onto the bed.
“CALM DOWN! Calm down…you…you…you, touched me,” Chocolate growled with clenched teeth.
“Do you know what that’s like…Ugh, It’s like having your sister touch you, Arrrggghh!”

“We were asleep, nothing happened.” Slick said attempting to slip onto the side of the bed and reassure her friend that this fact was true. After checking out the panicked expression on her friend’s face, she decided against returning to her original position upon the bed.

“Okay…I can see you are a little shaken by this. Why don’t we take a few minutes so both of us can calm down? Chocolate held Slick’s gaze as she slid once more down to her knees on the other side of the bed.

“I’m not shaken. I’m embarrassed! Argh, just imagine your sister touching you like a lover. Urrrgggghhh,” She wailed again accompanied by more discouraging tremors.

“I love you Slick, but I damn sho’ don’t like you like that.” Suddenly Chocolate popped up on her knees and stared frighteningly at Slick.
“Listen to me…Carmen and Poke are to never know about this. Do you hear me?” She ordered sternly. Slick nodded her head in no certain direction while retorting, “You have my word. No one will hear of this.”

“Ssssh…good, that takes a load off my mind. Now…” she said standing. “You need to get to hussling, because you have a busy day. You have to go to court, free the girl, go to the hospital and pick up Carmen and bring some food back on your way home. Damn. . .I’m hungry.” Chocolate confessed while leaving to give her friend privacy. Slick shook her head at her babbling friend before speedily moving about the room gathering her things.

Slick indeed had a busy day. She never anticipated that the prosecuting attorney would in fact reinstate the charges if she informed the judge in private that she and her partner weren’t going to press charges. The young cocky lawyer must have been looking for another gold notch in her belt of conquering, because she hung on to this case like a bull dog knawing on his favorite bone. She was pursuing victory so viciously that the judge had to call a stay in the courtroom and request to see both councils in her chambers.

After they returned though she was much more manageable. The judge made a ruling in the girl’s favor. Nevertheless, she did inform the girl that she was being lenient. And, if she appeared in her courtroom again during any of her parole period she would put her in jail for her natural life. Instead, she chose to assign her to five years probation under one of the court’s leading inactive parole officers… Ms Rimi Black. Scout and the girls jerked in their seats with shock as Slick turned around and observed her friends’ surprised gazes. The club owner then gave her friends a wink before turning about to address the judge.

“Can you believe that shit?” Scout whispered leaning over Squealor to question Patch and the girls. “Slick is the biggest law breaker in this entire town and the bitch is a parole officer.” “Inactive parole officer,” Bubbles pointed out while leaning over patch. “Regardless, the skanch committed more crimes than the neighborhood rapist and she’s carrying a parole badge. What’dah fuck is our legal system coming to if you can’t even detect a rogue parole officer? We are going to have some words when we get out of here.” She said quietly before sitting back up in her seat and taking her plaything’s hand into hers.

“If the attorneys are all in agreement?” The elderly judge said while shifting her glasses to the end of her nose and giving both women a glare. “Then court is adjourned. Oh… and Rimi, I’d like to see you in my office for a few minutes.” Slick nodded her head in acknowledgement of the judge’s request before turning to congratulate her attorney and her new bartender.

“You know you put me in a rather compromising spot don’tcha?” Slick asked the disrobing judge while closing the door behind her. “Put you in a compromising position? I’m the one that came off vacation at your request to try this case. So it is only fair that I reinstate you as one of my parole officers, at least for this one.” She said with a wink while hanging up her cloak.

Slick gave her old comrade a smile and took the offered seat in front of her desk. “Well, now I’m going to have to explain to my girls how I came about the position of parole officer.”
“Are you talking about the hoodlum group you hung out with when you were younger? Fuck them, they are about as rehabilitative as a recurring drunk is. Now,” she said taken her seat. “Let’s get down to business. I have your reinstatement paper.” Slick went to protest but the judge interrupted her. “Don’t worry it is only for this matter. You won’t be assigned any others. But get this,” the judge stated with piercing eyes. “If she so much as litter out in public I will have her ass back in here so fast it will make her nipples spin. She is in no way, shape, form or fashion to break any laws or I will have both your hides. Do you understand me Rimi?” Slick nodded her head again in agreement. “Now let’s take care of these papers so I can get back to my vacation.” She then slid the documents over to Slick and explained what each of them contained before the closing of their meeting.

“Slick,” Scout growled. “Your ass has some explaining to do. So when you get back to the club prepare yourself to do just that.” She stated while revving up her engine and putting it in gear. “Yeah…Yeah,” Slick chirped with a waving hand while walking past the vehicle.

On the way to the hospital, she took a detour to get Carmen some flowers. Aurora wanted to come, but Slick insisted that she stay there and help Foxy and her dad tidy up the place for her and Carmen’s arrival back to the club. She instructed Scout and the girls to escort Sharun, her parolee, back to the club. She would be there as soon as they released Carmen. The girls agree as Sharun slid up between Scout and Squealor. “What’s your name hot thang?” Scout asked with examining eyes.

The girl chuckled nervously and shyly retorted, “My name is Sharun.” Scout snorted her engine again, before saying, “That’s a pretty name Sharun. Maybe we can talk about it later in private.” Like a flash of lightning she screeched toward the parking lot exit and jump out onto the road.

When Slick arrived at Carmen’s room, she was surprised by the numerous orchid arrangements all about the room.

“Where did all this come from?” She inquired moving to the bed and giving Carmen a smooch. “Oh…these are from Al and the girls down at the club. They came up earlier this morning to visit.” Slick didn’t know if she should give Carmen her roses or not. Although they were long stemmed and Carmen absolutely adored those types of flowers, they still didn’t measure up to the multitude of assortments she had at the present.

“C’mon. . . “Carmen said sliding over and patting a spot for Slick to sit. “W’atcha got for me?” The little dancer asked while reaching around her lover.
“Oh… Slick…they are beautiful.” She then leaned in and gave the long stemmed red roses mixed with yellow’s a sniff.
“Ooh, and they smell wonderful. Thank you.” Carmen said placing them on the table. “Now…how about a longer kiss.” She purred before closing her eyes and puffing up her lips. Slick couldn’t keep from laughing. It reminded her of Aurora when she first found out that she could kiss. Carmen held the pose until her wife to be stopped laughing and tenderly claimed her lips. The kiss was unusual even for Slick. She pulled back so fast that Carmen thought she had unconsciously bit Slick or something.
“What is it? Do I have bad breath?” Carmen then exhaled in her hands a few times before telling her lover that she had brushed her teeth several times before receiving visitors.

Slick chortled a little before reassuring her partner that it wasn’t her breath. She just didn’t feel comfortable smooching and all in the hospital. Carmen rocked her head in understanding before pulling back from Slick.

Slick had kissed Carmen in public before and she’d never been so anxious to stop. What was with her?

The doctor came into Carmen’s room shortly after Slick’s arrival and told Carmen that she was free to go home. He informed Slick that she was to eat right to regain her strength and exercise daily as a rehabilitative measure. Slick informed the doctor that she would gladly see to that and thanked him for being there for them in their time of need. While preparing Carmen for the trip home her touch and handling was ever so gentle, which was good…but it was certainly raising Carmen’s suspicion as to why she was being so withholding.

“Well,” she sighed while regaining her height and looking over Carmen’s neatly clothed body. “I’d say you are ready to go.” Slick said proudly. Carmen smiled and retorted, “Yeah…I can’t wait to get home and get in bed with you.” Slick ignored the comment by gathering up Carmen’s things. ‘What is with her? She is acting as if she’s afraid to touch me?’ Carmen thought as she stood up and then slid into the wheel chair.

By the time they were on the ground floor and out of the hospital Slick exhaled. She knew that Carmen had a way with people. It seemed as if nearly everyone in the hospital was acquainted with Carmen in some way…from doctor’s to the porters. Each one of the hospital attendants came to wish her luck on her way down to the hospital lobby, even the candy stripers.
“You have certainly been busy haven’t you little one.” Slick stated wrapping her arm gently around Carmen’s waist to help her to the car. “Hay, what can I say? It’s good sometimes to have fans.” She returned with a chuckle. Slick helped her into the car, which wasn’t necessary, but certainly another odd thing about her wife to be that Carmen noticed.

“So…” Carmen initiated, since it was obvious that Slick wasn’t about to start up a conversation. “Are you going to spend the day in bed with me?” Carmen asked sliding her hand up over Slick’s thigh and down between her legs. Slick didn’t mean for her response to seem so impersonal as she quickly reached down and removed Carmen’s hand, but it did and her little dancer noticed it. “Sorry…next time I’ll ask before touching you. Why don’t you just take me to my aunt’s place? She, Chocolate and Poke can take care of me.”

Slick slammed her foot down on the brake and glared over at her partner. “What is that supposed to mean? I have handled you with nothing more that the lightest of touches and you’re acting as if I’m incapable of taking care of you.”

“Well, maybe you should be yourself and not Mary Poppin’s mother.”

“What the hell are you saying Carmen?”

“I’m saying that I want my wife to desire me like she used to before the accident. You act as if you don’t want to touch me, and when you do, I can barely feel it. I remembered the times that you jumped at the chance at being in the bed with me. Now you are acting as if you can’t comprehend what I’m talking about when I suggest you spend the day with me. What the hell is wrong with you?” Carmen panted before turning to gaze out the window.

“If you are going to take care of me with a motherly hand instead of my lover, then you can take me home and I will get that from my aunt and Sassy.”

Slick snatched the car in gear and laid her head on the steering wheel with closed eyes. “I don’t know how to handle this Carmen. You mean the world to me, and that night when the accident happened, something moved in me. I promised myself that if you came back to me that I would never let anything like that take you from me again. You deserve to be treated with delicate hands and especially at this time. I will always desire you, even when we are both old and gray. I want you even as I speak, but I won’t chance you having a relapse right now because I chose not to hold my urges at bay. I don’t want you to feel pressured about being physical at this point. I just want you to heal and be whole again. I need that…more than anything! If I get in bed with you and feel the warmth of your body?.” Slick paused to swallow as her mind drifted over some mouth-watering engagements the pair had indulged in. “I’m going to tear into you like a hungry bear…and that I can’t afford to do, for both our sakes. I just want you whole again and WITH me.” Slick said ending her confession. Carmen realized for the first time since the accident how painful their separation had been on Slick, not only mentally but physically.

“I’m so….” Carmen said softly. “I’ve been teasing you all this time, not even stopping to realize how detrimental all of this has been to you. I just thought since the accident and with you shying away from my advances that you didn’t…well, didn’t want or desire me any longer. We won’t rush the issue of being together intimately until both of us are ready… Okay?” Carmen asked gently caressing her partner’s dark lots. Slick grabbed her hand, brought the back of it up to her trembling lips, and kissed it. “I love you…and I will wait until the end of time if I have to. I just don’t want you to talk about leaving me…ever.” Carmen slid over as close to Slick as the stick in the floor would allow and raised her distressed partner’s chin so they could look into each other’s eyes.

“I love you Rimi Black, and I will never, ever, talk about leaving you again. Besides,” She said leaning in to claim Slick’s lips. “You couldn’t last a week without me.” She stated with a playful giggle. Slick mimicked her baby’s kiss before telling her that she wouldn’t last three days without her. Both women laughed about the last comment and sat back to breathe easier now that their fears were out into the open and they had dealt with them.

“What Ray-Ray didn’t deem it necessary to come with you to bring me home? What kind of daughter’s love is that?” Carmen asked with a crooked grin.

Slick snorted and said, “I had to beat that girl off my shoe about coming with me. Oh she wanted to ride with me, but I wanted to spend some time alone with you before getting back to the club. Everyone is at that club and they are all waiting to see you.” Slick said, giving her petite love a wink.

“Well, since you put it that way beautiful. Why don’t you stop and feed me?” Slick rolled her eyes at Carmen’s suggestion and asked her where she would like to eat.

After eating, which seemed to take forever, Carmen gave Slick the move to take her to the bridge (home/place of rest).

They arrived at the club shortly afterwards and just as Slick predicted every one of their friends and acquaintances were there. The crowd gathered around the couple as they made their way into the club.

“CARMEN!” Aurora screamed bolting through the group and heading toward the couple. Aurora latched onto her with so much force that she nearly knocked Carmen over, but Slick quickly improvised by stepping slightly up behind her partner and holding both her girls upright.

“My…” Carmen said panting while laying Aurora’s head gently on her breasts. “Now, that is what I call a greeting. Hi baby.” Carmen said kissing Aurora upon the crown of her head. The little dancer then looked up at their expectant friends and gave them all a smile that lit up the room. The whole room roared with laughter as she pleasantly greeted everyone by saying, “W’ats up everybody?”

“Unhand the woman Slick we want to chat a little bit!” Scout commanded leaning in to seize Carmen’s hand. Slick held Carmen steadfastly until her partner informed her that she didn’t mind with a relaxed gaze. Slick sighed and loosened her hold after kissing Carmen passionately in front of all their friends.

“All right…All right, let up off the lip lock.” Patch said moving through the crowd with both hands holding drinks.

“Hay Slick,” Murray called out over the noise in the room. “Snapper called. She said that you are to call her ASAP. And I hope you know what that means because she sounded a tad bit pissed.”

Slick gazed once more at Carmen who was now being pulled and shoved among their friends before pulling out her cell phone. She couldn’t explain it but every since Carmen started coming back this way she’d wanted to consummate with her. She brushed it off as being a hormone thing but she knew it was more than just wanting to have sex with Carmen. She needed that connection again…the one, where they physically shared their soul.

Carmen stared over at Slick as she climbed up the stairs with the phone at her ear. You see there were kisses that lovers gave and then there was kisses that they shared. And Slick was definitely saying something in that last kiss. Carmen could smell the hunger in her breath and a surge for need in the kiss. Slick needed her bad, and it wasn’t because she was horny, but rather felt the need for completion. Slick needed a spiritual confirmation of their love.

“W’at’s up Snapper?” Slick asked in a solemn tone while opening the door to her office. She’d never felt like this before. Inside she felt hollow and empty. And the only way to fill it was to love Carmen.

“Why haven’t you called me? Why didn’t you tell me about the accident? I had to hear the shit over the news. What in the hell is going on around there Rimi?” Her sister shouted. Slick sat down in her seat behind her desk and twirled it around to look out the window at Carmen and their friends.

“I’m sorry I haven’t called. It’s just that after the accident I found it hard to talk to anyone intelligently. I’ve been…” “Lost,” her sister said faintly, finishing the statement for Slick.

“Yeah, big sis. I’ve been just that. Have you ever felt like that before?” Slick inquired while moving over to the bar to fix herself a drink.

“Yes…but what you are dealing with now is emotions and the desire to express them physically with your partner.” Slick didn’t say anything. Instead she took a huge gulp from her drink and headed back over to her seat.

“Am I right?” her sister asked quietly.
“Have you ever felt like that?” Slick returned softly.

“Yeah, it happens Rimi, and no it’s not because you think you haven’t been laid in a while. It’s just something a partner needs from the other in times like these. Carmen was in a tragic accident and you feel as if it has placed a wedge between you. You are feeling now that you need to eradicate that distance by being with her, sharing with her…loving her. Am I correct?”

“Yeah, that is exactly how I feel.” Slick paused again to steady her breathing. She was so engulfed by what she was about to say that she didn’t hear Carmen and Chocolate come in.

“Ever since I picked her up today all I can think of is making love to her. I want to have her so bad that my body aches like it’s never done before. I want to feel her lips, hands and tongue caress me all over and me do the same to her. Have you experienced it Snapper, you know right at that moment when you are about to climax that you feel your spirit is about to break free? Well, I’m wanting to feel that right now. I want to feel us both climax together and our spirits break free into the clouds embracing and forever floating together. Do you get what I’m saying?” Slick said in a gravelly voice. The line went silent again. Her sister then cleared her throat and said, “I don’t mean to poke fun here Rimi, but damn…I think I released from your little confession.

“You know Snapper,” Slick snapped. “Sometimes you can be such a…such a… such.” “Hay…hay…hay, watch it now.”

“You can be such a big sister ass hole. I’m telling you that I need to be with my soon to be wife and you are fucking making jokes. Sometimes I just hate you.” The line went quiet again. Then Slick felt something odd about the feel of the room. That was when she looked up into her partner’s dreamy green eyes standing right beside her.
“Tell your sister I said hi love and do hurry off the phone. I want to talk to you.”
Before leaving the room Carmen turned around and gazed back at her stunned partner and told her she wanted to talk to her in the bedroom. Slick gulped and almost blindly hung up the phone until she heard her sister screaming.

“Uh…Snapper, Carmen said hi and goodbye.”
“How are you just going to…” Slick disconnected her call without so much as giving her sister another thought. She mindlessly finished her half of glass of Chivas Regal before giving her body an unexpected shake. Drinking Chivas slow was cool and classy, but definitely not suggested in gulps. By the time, Slick decided to stand up her equilibrium was thrown off a taste. Yet, not even the building collapsing was going to keep her from that bedroom.

“Hay Slick,” Scout shouted up at her friend. “Come here for a minute. I need to holler at’cha.” Slick looked once more at the bedroom door and whimpered before heading down to her friend in a stomping fashion.

“What…What could you possibly want at this very moment?” Slick said in a stiff cord. “Hay…ease up now. I’m just trying to be social. Now sit down and lets exchange some stories about old times.

“RIGHT NOW. YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT OLD TIMES RIGHT NOW?” Slick yelled rather frustrated with her friend’s fucked up timing.

“What the hell is wrong with you Slick? You are acting like a caged animal. Now,” Scout urged while raising a drink up for Slick to take it.
“Drink my liquor and talk some shit to me.” Before drinking what her friend concocted Slick was wondering if she would even be able to stand up.

“Okay…but just a quick one.” Slick said before gulping down half the drink as she took a seat.

“No Chocolate,” Carmen said from her relaxed perch in the bed. “I want two incenses in there, one on the left side of the tub then the other on the right.” Chocolate cursed up under her breath as she, Poke, Foxy and Rasha prepared Carmen and Slick’s bedroom for their special bonding time.

“Let’s check out this lighting shall we?” Rasha stated while looking up at the bedroom light. He then clapped his hand thrice and the lights went completely out, leaving the room to glow softly from the lit candles.

“Oh Rasha this looks so romantic.” Carmen praised while moving to the foot of the bed.
“I like it.”
“Good…then I think you are ready to receive your champion my lady.” He then gave the crew a whistle accompanied by a twirling finger. They made their last adjustments and joined him at the door.

“Sleep right Princess.” Foxy purred while giving Carmen a wink. Carmen chuckled and thanked all her friends before they departed the love room.
They all gathered right outside the room and signaled to Scout that they were ready. Scout nodded her head before taking Slick’s glass away from her and holding up two fingers.
“How many do you see?”

She asked prompting Slick to check out the digits with narrowed eyes. Slick looked past the fingers into her friend’s cheerful eyes and answered, “Four.” The table rumbled with laughter as Slick gave them all a crooked smirk.

“Yeah…I’d say that’s close enough.” Scout retorted. “Uh…baby, don’t you think that her visual perception is off just a tad?” Squealor inquired while reaching for Scout’s glass to take a drink.

“Nah… She’s just fine. Isn’t that right Slick? She’s as loose as goose and ready for Sadie? I’m through talking now, why don’t you go check on Carmen?” She suggested while informing her new love toy to give her a sip of the drink he was holding.

Patch moved to help Slick up from the table but there was no need. Just as always she regained her stance straightened her clothes and bid her friends a “Nood Gight,” which brought laughter to the table again.

As she ascended the stairs, Foxy and the rest of the crew passed her. “Good night Slick,” They each said as they went around her. Slick grunted and took several more steps before pausing and wondering where the hell all of them just came from, but she didn’t ponder about it long because she had some place to be and some luvin’ to get.

Slick stumbled into the room before nearly falling to her knees. Everything glowed with serenity and smelled of passion. She could feel her heart still in her chest as she looked over at Carmen leaning up against the bathroom frame with her right leg propped and her robe hanging loosely open. Her hair looked almost red as the soft glow of the dimly lit bathroom bounced off it. Carmen hadn’t even touched her yet and she felt her heart lift.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, I want you to share my bath with me.” Slick casually removed every stitch of clothing and held her spot. Carmen moaned in approval as Slick’s magnetic gaze seized hers and held it. Somehow, Carmen knew that Slick was still feeling a little reluctant about what was about to happen. She needed it, but she was fearful of it getting out of control.

“Tonight is not about you and I having sex. It is about us sharing a tenderness with each other that we already have in here. We are just going to remind each other just exactly what we mean to one another.” Carmen said soothingly while sexily strolling over to Slick and taking her hand. “You are relaxed, Scout has seen to that, now come let me repose you even further.” She then led Slick to the door and paused again. Carmen looked over her shoulder silently asking her partner to remove her robe. Slick complied as if she was reading her lover’s thoughts. Once she had removed the negligee, Carmen slowly spun around in her love’s grasp and allowed her to view the healing scars her body had sustained from the accident. Slick couldn’t keep the tears from swelling in her eyes as Carmen’s searched hers for acceptance and unconditional love. Slick slid slowly to her knees while holding Carmen’s gaze before pulling her into her arms and resting her cheek against her little dancer’s stomach.

Love Carmen…she did and it was evident as Slick tightened her grip and began to cry again. Just like she did that night, images of the gruesome accident flashed in her mind as the pain singed her heart once more. Carmen lovingly wrapped her arms around Slick’s neck and stepped in closer to her while reassuring her that everything was alright now. As Slick’s tears lessened, she began to plant soft tender kisses upon each of Carmen’s scars while gradually regaining her height.

Once she had regained her stance she slid her first two fingers carefully under Carmen’s chin and lifted her face so that she could look into insecure emerald eyes. “You are more beautiful with each passing day, and nothing that brings affliction and mishaps against your body is ever going to keep me from loving you. Do you understand me?” Slick then leaned in and warmly claimed her wife to be lips. Tongues stroked and caressed against the other as pants of longing sifted in spoofs into the other’s mouth. Slick pulled back for the kiss and held Carmen in her arms until she had time to recover. As soon as her eyes opened, they continued by easing down in some rather cold water.

“Uh baby,” Slick said while gazing disbelieving into the sweet, soapy, scented, glowing waters. Scented candles glided around her long legs as Carmen stepped into the tub and snuggled her warm body in her baby’s. “You see I wanted the waters to be lukewarm.” “Lukewarm,” Slick repeated before going on with her statement. “This water is damned me cold.”

“Are you complaining?” Carmen asked while dipping her head and swirling her tongue gingerly around Slick’s hardening nipple. “Uh. . .Oh.. .Oh no, (pants and tremors) did it sound like that?” Slick retorted while snuggling closer to Carmen before prudently lowering her’s and Carmen’s bodies into the water.

No talking went on during this part of the bonding, merely soft kisses, sighs of comfort, gentle caresses and spiritual rebirth. Slick wasn’t one for tenderness or cold baths without a need, but as Carmen slid in behind her on her knees and tilted her head back to look into her benevolent darkened orbs she felt lost in tranquility. Carmen gently exhaled upon her love’s face causing Slick’s eyes to close and a moan to hum in her throat. With the motion of cool molasses Carmen brought her cupped hand up over Slick’s hairline and opened them to permit the chilled waters to run from her warm touch onto Slick’s silky dark lots. Slick gasped and cooed at the same time from the frigidness of the wetness. The water was for sure cold as ice, but sharing it with Carmen and her warm body didn’t seem to bother the club owner much. After all, she realized now if she hadn’t before that love had no depths and sitting in cold ass water just to receive some lovin’from her sugar lump, was surely proof of it.

After cleansing each of their bodies thoroughly Carmen slipped for the frigid waters and retrieved a heated towel from the warming dispenser Foxy let her use and beckoned her love to her. Slick slipped from the waters after removing the plug and sauntered ever so sexily to her sugar plum. Carmen cooed at the magnificence of her love’s body as she began to dab it dry with the hot towel. Slick closed her eyes and let the soft cloth serene her powerful frame with seductive strokes and unspeakable pampering. Following her soothing drying off, she did the same to Carmen. The little stripper moaned in pleasure from the modest strokes of her mighty lover’s hand. Not only was her body comforted but relaxed by her lover’s precious touch.

After the sensual drying Carmen strolled into the bedroom and picked up the remote to the component system and dropped down Laverts hit, “Your love don’t make no sense.”

Slick stood in the shadows watching her love’s gracious moves. She expected a little visual stimulation but Carmen held her backward turned posed while looking enticingly over her shoulder. That was a silent call for Slick’s presence. Slick moved up behind her sexy girl and pressed her body invitingly against Carmen’s while wrapping her arms tenderly around her. The sensual movements began right…at that moment.

First Carmen rocked them from side to side. Rocking her curvacious body stirringly against Slick’s prompting her to do the same. Slick had been seduced by many a women but never anything like this.

Her hands were sweating profusely as well as her whole body. She couldn’t remember how badly she’d ever wanted Carmen’s love before. Carmen ground her backside into Slick’s honeyed mound while dropping down into a gradual squatting stance. Slick elegantly followed her down mesmerized by the unspeakable body language they each shared. She was helpless against Carmen’s charm and that was exactly how she wanted it.

Once the ladies speechlessly regained their stance Carmen guided them up to the bed and silently instructed her lover to climb in and relax. Slick obeyed…as if she had any control of anything that was going on in that bedroom anyway. The drinks she received earlier had her completely relaxed and in no hurry for anything more than the utmost completion.

Carmen strolled around the bed while holding Slick’s expectant gaze with sizzling green orbs. The stare made Slick’s skin crawl, her heartache and her Sandy scream for attention. Carmen was in no hurry. They had all night and she planned to use every moment of it.

Slick sighed from the mystery of their night while folding her arms behind her head and closing her eyes. The second she did that Carmen crept up onto the bed. She began with Slick’s feet, tenderly massaging them with a gradual heating lotion that Rasha had bought earlier to share for Foxy. (Don’t worry…he bought two bottles, Author’s note.)

The couple was oblivious to the activities down stairs as their smoldering bonding consumed their bodies as well as their souls. Neither woman had ever figured that bewitching reminders such as this would ever be necessary, yet in their hearts they each realized that this was what they longed for… Privacy, unity and heart felt love.

Carmen’s hand grazed mind lazily over her fiancé’s feet, sweeping over the pressure points with an elegance of a masseuse. Her oily fingers floated in and out and between each toe causing her partner to drift over into the land of wonder. Slick had never had this done to her and it was damn close to a climax as Carmen periodically waved her feet over her rock hard nipples. Slick was more than ready, but as Carmen gently let down one foot and retrieved the other foot she fell prisoner to a luvin’ that was certainly foreign to her. She was captured and there was nothing she desired than to not break the spell.

No speech, no tale, no verbal seduction was necessary. The pair simply let their body language rule the passion filled moment.

The little stripper finished with her mighty lover’s legs and began working on her torso. Time was an essence not an issue. Carmen’s goal was to possess her woman’s mind as well as her inner spirit.

Sadie permitted her hands to weave beguilingly over Slick’s stomach ridding her body of doubt and fear while replacing it with ultimate sanction. Carmen’s loyalty Slick had. Her patience she did have, and her love was eternal she did have. Slick couldn’t explain it, but she wished this part of their joining segment would never end. Carmen’s hands purified her thoughts and anointed her body and soul. No one could comprehend what she felt right now…not even her.

Slick gasped as she felt Carmen’s experienced palms roll lightly over her breasts. Enticing her nipples with slow swirling stirs of her hands and fingers. The captured club owner clenched her teeth tightly while inhaling. She could barely contain the cry that ripped from her lips as Carmen’s cool lips swept her erect nipple pulling it up into her warm mouth while tenderly cupping her Sandy. She could feel her body shaking from the attention and her climax threatened to consume her prematurely.

“Easy baby,” Carmen mumbled. “We’ve got all night and I don’t want to miss a spot.”

Her little dancer then directed her attention to the other nipple while tenderly rolling the other with her thumb and first finger.

Slick inhaled through her nose and held it as Carmen’s gentle suckling intensified on her pounding left nipple. The club owner didn’t know how much she could take, but she was certainly trapped in unpronounced pleasure.

“Roll over,” Carmen commanded softly. Slick did as she was instructed. Carmen then began her application of the body heating ointment all over again, beginning with Slick’s shoulders. Her fingers nipped, toyed and kneaded Slick’s relaxed muscles. Unlike when a person is tense and vigorous unrelenting pressure is applied. Carmen could feel Slick’s body bend to her will. Her administration was about nothing but sultriest passion…exactly, how she wanted it.

Slick grumbled as Carmen leaned in sweeping her ample bosom reassuringly over her back while her lips latched on to each shoulder and suckled from each side as if delivering a silent oath of longevity to her lover.

Slick’s eyes rolled in her head as the kisses and oily palms descend down her back to her firm ass. Carmen’s touch was unlike any lover that she had ever had. It commanded her surrender and harnessed her, at times, insensitive sexual methods. She couldn’t think of any place she’d rather be right now. If this was what Heaven was like, then she was going to make a pledge to herself to do whatever was necessary to keep it.

Slick grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it to muffle her cries. Her feelings were so out of control now that she could feel the tears leak from her eyes. Her back arched as Carmen spread her back cheeks and eased her tongue up and down her tight orifice path with exhilaratingly patient strokes.

Carmen had never ventured off into this direction and she was rather pleased with the response she was getting from Slick. She wondered what would happen if she dipped inside. She didn’t have to ponder long because as soon as she dipped her heated tongue inside her lover’s untouched region she cried out audibly and began clawing at the sheets.

The little dancer observed her partner’s desperate plea for release before gently inserting three of her pleasure seekers inconspicuously inside her. Slick growled and opened her legs wider and arched her back. Oh she was on fire and she only wanted Carmen to extinguish it. Carmen issued her loving in deep penetrating strokes for each opening, prompting each hole to become drenched from the manipulation. Slick’s motions followed the reserved pattern, falling deeper and deeper into her woman’s web of entrapment. Carmen finagled and enthralled Slick’s senses with the passion of a goddess. In and out her fingers and tongue dipped, drawing pants and powerful hunches from her partner.

Slick recognized the session for what it was. Carmen wanted her climax to be controlled. So her speed remained in sync with her love’s gradual deep plunges. Each time Carmen buried her three digits inside her fiancée her ring finger hit Slick’s pressure knob, inspiring trembling jerks and heightened whimpering from her strong one.

Carmen observed Slick’s backside as it clenched tighter and tighter with each dip of her hips. It was the most gratifying thing she’d ever pictured in entire life. Her partner was floating into the sea of unforgotten memories now and Carmen knew it as her love’s Sandy pooled its sweetness all about her fingers and palm. Slick plunged her pussy down several times more before lifting her distorted face up to the top of the room and softly humming out her release. Carmen dipped inside her baby’s hidden hooch a few times more before turning it loose.

Slick slid to the bed whimpering, totally fulfilled and no doubt, reassured of her soon to be wife’s love. Carmen smiled down at her content lover and slithered her body down on top of hers.

“Sleep lover…we have all night to reaffirm our love to one another.” Slick bobbed her head and mumbled something before a pacified sleep fell upon her. Carmen snuggled closer to her one and only and followed her off into the land of pleasant dreams.


Slick sat solemnly on her perch in her office observing the club’s atmosphere. She’d been in there millions of times but for the life of her she never contemplated the significance of just sitting and checking out the joint. Well tonight was certainly the perfect time to do that. She had no one to answer too and no reason to hurry home. Slick was an intriguing woman and more domineering than she ever imagined encountering from a woman, but that was the past. Now… Silk wanted something different. She wasn’t exactly sure of what, but if she sat there long enough, checking out the club it would come to her.

She saw groups drift into the club and head over to unoccupied booths. After settling in, the secret fondling began under the table. Silk chuckled to herself, remembering the numerous times she had indulged in that. Usually she was the receiver not the distributor. That was fun then, but now…
’Oh my gosh.’ Slick thought as her eyes drifted over to a table of two great looking young ladies. It was obvious that the petite red head wasn’t a regular, because she found it hard to check out anything long. Her head would pop up periodically to look around then jerk back down to stare into her drink. Her friend however, was a steady. She leaned back in her chair sipping her drink and secretively laughing at her friend’s shy demeanor.

As Slick gazed back across the club she’d never imagine her ex-lover visiting her club again after Scout and the girls warning. But there she was as real as day sitting at the bar. However, as Slick continued to watch Silk from her seat above the club she found her ex-lover’s interest was drawn to something else.

Silk never figured that she would be attracted to red heads, but this one was different. Slick’s ex-lover believed it was from the vibes the girl was releasing. Other women in the club were finding the new girl interesting as well. Silk watched as perspective love interest approached the table only to receive a vague denial. After a few more drinks Silk dabbed the liquor away from her lips, applied more lipstick, and straightened her clothes before deciding to give it a try herself. (Author’s note: Bet’cha can’t guess what she’s wearing?)

Silk moved through the crowd like a mirage, dressed down in a torso fitting, sleeveless, breast lifting, leather camisole, stirrups and corresponding boots. Her glistening skin glowed of different colors from the colors of the revolving disco ball, in the center of the dance floor.

Once she was near the table she walked slowly around the confident girl’s chair so that the shy girl would see her pass. Just as she predicted the girl’s eyes caught view of the outfit and rolled up Silk’s body in ultimate curiosity. Silk moaned from the view. For the first time since Slick, her eyes seized that of another woman that stilled her soul. The girl left her speechless. Her eyes look as if they were dark blue, but as she held the girl’s gaze, a clear light glared briefly over her features to reveal her sea green eyes. Silk rounded the table and brought her alluring stroll to a halt just to the side of her attendee. The girl continued to stare at her as if she’d been hypnotized. Silk’s hand floated up in a beckoning manner before she asked the girl for a dance. The girl didn’t have to think twice about the lovely woman’s request. Her head rocked in approval as she quickly stood to her feet. Silk took her hand and led her out to the dance floor.

The moment the pair was there the DJ dropped down Debarge’s hit, “We can get sexual.” The girl stood staring at Silk unsure of what to do or how to proceed. Innocence… Silk found that extremely attractive. She decided to take the lead, although the majority of her partners were the dominant spokesmen of their relationships. This was actually refreshing for Slick’s ex. She was leading this dance off, as well as her new life.

Silk took each of the girl’s hands tenderly into hers and poetically stepped toward the girl while guiding her arms around her waist. The girl whimpered in acceptance as her arms locked loosely around Silk’s waist and her head eased down upon her partner’s breasts. Silk chuckled a little as she wrapped her left arm around the girl’s neck while the other floated down her side to rest artistically about her waist. The girl mewled from the larger woman’s embrace. Silk could feel the anxiety drift from the girl’s body as they each began to sway as one to the music and their grips tightened.

At the end of the dance each woman discovered it to be almost painful to let go. Yet…they did. Silk smiled down at the little inveigle one and took her hand once more to guide her back to the table.

Silk never thought of herself as being a protector. Aside from that though, she felt very comfortable with the role. She weave around and about groupings on the floor keeping her dance partner close to her at all times. Once they were at the table, Silk pulled out the girl’s chair and assisted her in her seating. Just before departing she bent down and took the girl’s hand into hers again. The girl watched as Silk gracefully brought her hand up to her sensually painted lips and kissed her melodiously upon the back of it.

“Thank you for the dance,” Silk said holding the girl’s gaze. The girl’s hand quickly cupped her giggle truly embarrassed. Neither of them knew each other’s name. Silk wanted her to finish the sentence for her with just that. The girl leaned in a tad closer to Silk and whispered, “Samantha.”. ‘She had an “S” name too,’ Silk thought while repeating it. She then regained her original height and gave the petite beauty a wink before taking her leave of her.

“Damn,” her friend uttered as she watched Silk stroll back over to the bar. “Now that is a sexy huntress. Did you get her name?” She asked still staring over at Silk. The girl’s head darted down in shame. Out of all the women in the club she was definitely one she wouldn’t mind spending time with.

“Oh,” her friend said with challenging eyes. “Well, I guess you didn’t like her that much…do you mind?” The girl jumped from her seat in the middle of her friend’s statement and quickly strolled over to Silk’s side. Her friend laughed realizing all her friend needed was a little harmless competition to make her get up off her ass and pursue what she wanted. She could tell from the way the tall brunette mesmerized Samantha that she was the woman that could teach her friend everything she needed to know about female relationships. In return, she’d hope that the dark headed one would allow Samantha to teach her about LOVE.

Samantha’s friend watched from her booth as Silk stood to her feet and offered her friend the seat right beside her. Once Samantha was seated Silk returned to hers and ordered her new friend a drink. They spent what seemed like hours talking before they both returned to the table. Just like the first time Silk helped Samantha in her seating and bid the ladies a good night.

“Well what did you find out about her?” Her friend inquired while leaning over the table, talking audibly.

“She works for Haney’s as a under wear model. She lives in the suburbs in her privately owned cottage, a she is looking for a life long partner.”
“Ooh…” her friend cooed while zealously tapping her feet up under the table.
“So when are you going to see her again?”

“Saturday… She wants to take me on a boat ride.”
“You mean on the Party Alley Ferry?” Samantha’s friend asked with bulging eyes.

“Yeah she said the Captain in an old acquaintance of hers. And get this.” The girl shot while leaning over to look directly into her friend’s curious eyes. “She said the Captain of the ferry is a woman.”
“Nah.. .uh, uh.”
“Yes, and I’m going to meet her Saturday.”
“Aw Sammy, I hope you have a great time.” Her friend stated before lounging back in her seat and looking for her someone to play out the night with. Samantha stared at the door that Silk departed from and secretly wished the same thing. (Do you think this could be a change for Silk? It certainly sounds that way…doesn’t it?)


Squealor eased down into Scout’s hot box and began to sputter like a dying dog. Scout gasped in shock as her hand shot down between their bodies and firmly grabbed the base of her new love’s bush whacker and shoved him completely up off of her. Squealor scrambled to the side of the bed and reached for his clothes thoroughly embarrassed by his incompetent performance. He had to get out of there and quick before she realized the truth. As he stood up abruptly to put on his clothes Scout snatched him back down onto the bed and wrapped around him like a coiling snake.

“I never figured you for a virgin Ron, there aren’t many men I know of that are. Why didn’t you tell me?”

The Squealor lowered his head in shame and explained to her that he didn’t have much time to socialize with the girls. His parents owned a farm and when his father died he became the proprietor of it. In addition, he served as a live in nursemaid for his mother when she fell sick, which was what he was studying in school before his father passed on.

“So you see unlike what I portray I am no where near experienced with women. I’m sorry I misled you. I just didn’t want to loose you. You are the most incredible woman, outside of Slick and Carmen, that I’ve ever met.”

Scout slid back in the bed and patted the space beside her. Signaling to her little inexperienced one that there was where she wanted him. Squealor slid up beside her and rested his head on her firm, crossed thighs.

“We don’t have to rush it. I’ve got you now and I’m not letting you go so easily.” Scout said softly while grazing her fingers through his soft hair. “Why don’t you tell me how it was to grow up on the farm?” She inquired while leaning back against the headboard and awaiting his story. Scout didn’t figure herself as one for patience, but in Squealor’s case she was willing to give it a damn good shot. He was caring, kind hearted, unselfish and possessed the charm of cupid with just a single glance. More than she imagined any man having, and he wasn’t threatened by her sexuality, which was surely a bonus in his favor.

Next door…

“Oh my gosh,” Patch gasped in surprise.
“Girls, the Squealor is a virgin.”
Bubbles, Peach, and Razor stood staring disbelieving at Patch.
“You are lying…give me that glass.” Razor commanded while snatching it away from her friend and stepping to a new site to place it. It didn’t take long for her to jerk the glass down and give the listening end a tap. She then replaced in and listened again.
“Damn, Patch I think you are…They aren’t doing nothing but talking.” She then tossed the glass over to Bubbles and returned to the Fiery Pit bunny she was playing with.

“Dag…do you think that Scout is going to bow out on us Peach?” she asked with worry in her eyes. “No…She’s not going to abandon us. She just won’t play as rough as she use too.” Peach returned while tossing her worried friend a brewsky.

“She’s likes Pocket. And if he is willing to accept her and her desires…then he is alright with me.” She said heading out to the balcony.

“Who knows maybe he’ll become a member of our brat pack.” She stated while smiling back at her approaching friend.
“Yeah, now that would be great.” Bubbles retorted realizing that her friend helped her to display a totally different scenario from the one she had created in her head. They thought the same thing with Slick, but instead their leader guided them upon a path that gave them a lot more friends and associates than they’d ever pictured.

As strange as it seem Bubbles liked the change and it appeared that everyone in their group did as well.
“Hey guys!” She exclaimed loudly while whirling in her stance on the balcony.
“Let’s make a toast…to changes…and good friends.” The room roared with approval as each occupant in the room took a swig from their drink. Aw, they were going to set this night off right because no one was ready for bed.

“Hey,” Razor shouted. “Why don’t we go to the movies…Next Friday is playing.” Everyone in the room agreed. At least that was before Foxy yelled out over the approval.
“What do we need to do that for? I’ve had that movie for about a week now. We can watch it down stairs.”

“Rasha, talk to your queen honey. Let her know that the reason we want to go out is to taunt others.” Peach said while wrapping her arm around her new friend’s waist.

“Oh no…it ain’t going to happen. I will not be tossed into jail with you heathens. I’m not going.” Foxy said stomping to magnify her meaning.

Razor glared over at Rasha and jumped to her feet.
“Rasha, teach your girlfriend some respect here. We want everyone to go and that includes her. Now handle your business like a real man.”
She was baiting him and Bubbles and Peach knew it.

Rasha bristled up his chest, pulled mannishly away from Peach’s arm, and stammered beguilingly over to Foxy. Foxy was already prepared for battle. (You see not too many sistahs; especially drag queens will take any shit. So he had better come correct (present him self properly). That is if he didn’t want his ass worn out in front of his new friends.)

Rasha homed in on Foxy’s defensive demeanor as he came closer to his new love. He didn’t want things to go sour between them so by the time he was standing right in front of Foxy he decided that a new offense was needed. Rasha fell to his knees and pleaded that Foxy agreed to go to the movies with them. “Baby…can we please, please, please go to the movies…please?” He whined with crystal star lit eyes.

The whole room burst with laughter. “That’ah boy Rasha, give it to him like a man.” Peach shouted over the consuming tittering about the room. Foxy couldn’t keep from joining in on the joke. Rasha look so adorable fluttering those long beautiful eyelashes of his.

“All right…” Foxy sighed. “We can go. But…the minute these heathens get out of control, we’re leaving got me?” Rasha kissed his precious on the back of the hand and promised to leave as soon as things go too hot.

Several hours later…

“Slick,” Murray said rather loudly while banging on the club owner’s bedroom door.
“Judge McConey would like to speak to you.”

Slick sat up in the bed and rubbed her eyes. Carmen snatched the covers up over her head like she did every morning since they started sleeping together and mumbled in defiance.

“Come in Murray,” Slick grumbled.
Murray tore into the room talking to himself in a chastising tone. “You are not going to believe this.”
“Believe what?” Slick inquired while laying her head down on her upraised knees before wrapping her arms around them.

“Foxy, Rasha and your old hoodlum gang were picked up or…rather should I say escorted out of the movie house for disturbing the peace.

“WHAT?” Slick screeched while leaping from the bed completely naked.
“Where is Scout?” She growled lowly while snatching the clothes out of Murray’s hand he had snagged off the chair when he came through the door.

“Oh Scout is next door. It is her roaming caravan that went out without her, once she was sleep.” Murray returned.

“You know…” Slick panted quietly while putting on her pants now. “I’d expect that kind of behavior out of Peach, Razor and Bubbles. But Foxy and Rasha. . .Oh she has some explaining to do when I bail that ass out. You know what… as a matter of fact I need to leave him in there for a bit and let him think about the repercussions of his actions.”

“Uh Slick…” Murray began taking a seat beside his ex-lover on the bed.
“You know Foxy wouldn’t do this to defy you, her nor Rasha. They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Don’t leave ‘em in there. They were finally able to take a deep breath since the whole accident. They were just cutting loose a little. You can’t blame them for celebrating all of our triumph.” Murray then stood and shook Slick leather overcoat and opened it for her to slip in it.
“Besides once you get them home you can figure out a suitable way to make them pay for their overly childish behavior.”
Slick shot Murray a crooked smile while regaining her footing and retorted. “You know Murray…You’re absolutely right. Why pay for my parking lot to be painted when I can have my very dear friends to do it?” Slick suggested with her traditional raised eyebrow.

“Ouch…that parking lot goes on for miles behind the club.” Murray said drawing only a hum of approval from Slick.
“Yeah it should serve as a reminder to them all for, cutting loose, as you say.” Slick said leaning over and pulling the covers back to kiss Carmen on the forehead. She swiftly replaced it before Carmen began to mumble her defiance again. Like she usually did when she thought she was being woken up for something less than luvin. “I’m going down town for a bit baby. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Slick said softly while patting Carmen lovingly on her backside.

Two days later…

“Well…We’ve finished the parking lot oh great Mastah,” Foxy panted while dropping down in the chair across from Slick’s desk.

Slick didn’t bother to say anything. In fact, Foxy didn’t even know if Slick heard him or not. What he did notice was that his friend was consumed by something and it showed in her furrowed brows.

“What’s up baby.” Foxy asked moving to the edge of the desk and taking a seat.

“I can’t find anyone that will marry us Foxy. All my life I’ve never wanted or needed anything so badly and now…” Slick halted her confession and laid her head against her upraised clenched hands. I can’t even marry the woman I want to be my partner forever. I called the courthouse clerk and had her to fax me a list of available Priests and Justices of the Peace that would perform the ceremony, but none of them are willing to marry two women. Probably feel it will be a blemish upon their outstanding record in this society. They all are a bunch of self righteous bastards.” Slick spat shoving her In-Box off her desk frustrated to the point of screaming.
“What am I going to do Foxy? I can’t lose her because of this.”
“You’re not…it’s just a matter of playing the right cords. We’ll find one by the end of the day…Okay?” Foxy said raising her friend’s chin so she could look into her teary eyes.
“Everything is going to be okay. We just need to have a little faith.” Foxy said with a wink before sauntering out the door.

By the end of the evening Foxy had discovered a licensed priest that conducted joining ceremonies. Slick and Carmen were to meet with her the following evening in her office.

“How do I look?” Carmen asked patting the gold buttons on the snow-white two piece she was wearing. Their suits were compatible in design except Slick’s was a black pinstripe ensemble.
“You look beautiful,” Slick said while stepping up behind her in the mirror and wrapping her arms around her.
“Are you sure you are up to this? We can set up another appointment when you are stronger.”
Carmen whirled around in her love’s arms and said, “You are not getting cold feet on me are you?” She asked, reaching up to Slick’s ears and yanking her lips down upon hers. Slick moaned and pulled her lover closer while slipping her tongue into her warm mouth. “Of course not,” she mumbled pulling back.
“I just…I need every thing to be perfect. I want us to be together forever and I don’t want anything to go wrong.”
“Nothing will…as long as we are one…in here.” Carmen said with a soft chime before placing her hand down meekly upon her mightier lover’s bosom. Slick returned the smile and kissed her little dancer once more before leading her out of the room and to their appointment.


“Well…You have a few more days before you will be a married woman.” Scout stated placing her chair right beside Slick’s, who was sitting in the middle of the empty parking lot her friends had painted, checking out the stars.

“I feel as if I am about to start off anew again, even my breathing is different…Strange huh? Slick returned never taking her eyes away from the dark stage shielding the Heavens.

“You are a lucky woman Slick. No one could fathom you with a woman such as Carmen. She compliments you in every way. Shit…I’m jealous.” Scout finished while taking a sip of her drink.

“Yeah…but do I compliment her? Am I the woman for her? Will I be everything that she needs? Will she love me still after the ceremony is over with? Will I wake up one morning and find a dear Slick note? Will there…”
“Slick…are you getting scared?” Scout asked while looking over at her friend in surprise.

For the first time since she pulled her chair up beside Slick’s did Scout see her friend’s eyes leave the night sky and gaze over at her. The stare was full of fear and uncertainty. She’d never seen such a look on her friend’s face. Slick was indeed scared and no doubt wondering if she should go through with the marriage. She didn’t want Carmen to be, literally speaking, “chained to her and not wanting to be there any longer.”

“You listen to me,” Scout said jumping up from her chair with so much force that it went barreling backwards in a vigorous roll.

“Carmen loves you and you would know that if you didn’t let all these questionable events of your past, doubt it. I’ve never seen any woman that can humble you like Carmen. I’ve never seen anyone that can take almost a room full of people, that KNOW YOU and know what you were capable of, and make them give you a second chance. And no doubt forgive your ass for your past transgressions… and I don’t know anyone who would even bother to speak highly of you, but that little strawberry blonde does. She loves you despite the horrible things you have done in your life. If you feel that you should hide from her love, then you go right on ahead, but if your stupid ass does, be prepared to lose her. I would change my entire being to have such a woman that loves so unconditionally. I never figured you for a coward Slick…but right now that is all I can picture. Stay out here and feel sorry for yourself. That’s what you want isn’t it. I’m going back inside though and enjoy the new life your soon to be wife has opened up for me. There’s no going back for me Slick. I don’t like those things anymore nor do I crave them. I praise true friendship and that is what I am damn sure going to try my best to hold onto.” Scout then whirled away from her insipid friend and headed back into the club. If that didn’t get to Slick and especially from her, nothing would.

“So little one, you are about to make the final plunge huh?” Veronica said hanging over the back porch rail to her and Sassy’s little two story home.

“Yeah,” Carmen sighed in anguish. “Oh no…why the tone of despair? This was and is what you want… isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Carmen sighed again.

“Carmen you know I am not a person with a lot of patience. Please tell me why are you so blue. I thought this was what you wanted. Now you are acting as if you’ve seen a ghost. Now spit it out, what is your problem?”

“Slick is avoiding me…She hasn’t talked to me in two days now. She claims she is busy setting up the chapel. I don’t think she wants this.”

Veronica had to close her eyes and take several deep breaths before speaking. She’d never seen Carmen so down. She certainly had to sort through her thoughts and come up with something positive before speaking again.

“Carmen this is a big step for both of you, and even Slick would have to question if she is the right choice for you. She has never been in the company of a woman with your character. Slick may seem invincible, but this is all new to her and maybe that gallant persona is drifting back behind fear and doubt.”

“Are you saying that Slick is scared?” Carmen questioned as if shocked by the very thought.

“I’m not saying that SHE is afraid. What I am saying though is that when people encounter new things they become skeptical of their actions and their purpose.” Carmen crinkled up her nose at her aunt’s elaborate but shaded passage and grumbled, “Good lord “V,” why couldn’t you have just said that Slick is feeling unsure of herself? Jeez.. .you can make a dog lay down and die from your extended examinations. Jeez,” the little stripper growled while storming back into the house.
“Sassy,” She called out as Veronica chuckled to herself and went back to staring at the stars.

When Carmen returned to the club she just happened to glance out into the desolate parking lot and see her love sitting in the midst of it all alone. Carmen stood in the shadows observing Slick’s every move. ‘Surely she is not afraid’. The little dancer thought as she saw Slick take another swig from what looked like a Wild turkey bottle. ‘Yeah. . . Something has to be bothering her, because she hates Wild Turkey. She won’t even go near it.’ Sadie thought while starting toward the parking lot.

She didn’t bother to start up a conversation. Instead she took a seat, threaded her fingers within Slick’s larger ones and stared off into the night’s peaceful theater…just as her wife was doing.

“Scout come here,” Pocket yelled while peeping out the window at the couple. “Isn’t that soooo cuuuutte””

Scout came up behind her little plaything and stared out into the parking lot from over his shoulder.

“Yeah…like I told Slick. They are perfect for each other.” All of their friends took turns keeping an eye on them until they discovered that they may just stay out there all night, which was exactly what happened. The couple sat and watched the stars twinkle in the sky, the moonrise, the moon set, and a new day start.

As the sun crested the edges of the city’s plains Carmen sighed and for the first time since she had joined Slick she looked over at her.

“Ready to go get married?” She asked pleasantly. Slick lifted up the almost empty bottle and read the Wild Turkey label again before downing the last of it and sticking her middle finger just inside it.

“Yeah,” she said clearing her throat. She then looked over at the woman that moved her to no end, and said, “You know I hate Wild Turkey, Why didn’t you tell me to chunk it?”

“It wasn’t the drink that you had to come to grips with, it was something else. The Wild turkey, just like me, only kept you company until you could get a hold on it.” Carmen said with a cute chuckle. Slick snorted and folded her right arm around Carmen’s neck and gave it a yank.

“That’s why I am never letting you go. Let’s go get hitched Ms. Carmen Rose.” Carmen wrapped her left arm around Slick’s waist and strolled side by side into the club…just as they did when the dancers first laid eyes upon them, as a couple.

The Wedd