Under A Colorado Sky Chapter 18 by PatsBard

Chapter 18

Ty’s grin softened to a smile as she eased herself onto the bed next to Brianna. “What? You’re not going to ravish me?” the blonde playfully questioned.

“Only if you want me to,” Ty responded uncertainly, not sure if they were still playing or not.

Brianna turned so that she was facing Ty, propping her head on her right hand. “I’m sorry. Sometimes when I’m nervous I just plow on ahead and hope for the best.” She blushed lightly.

“Well, you know, I’d be more than happy to ravish you if I knew how to do it,” Ty admitted with a shy little grin.

Brianna grinned back and reached out a hand to trace a path across her husband’s collarbone. “We could always learn. Then just speed up when we figure it out,” she offered.

“Yes,” Ty managed to whisper, struggling against the tingles spinning down her chest and back from the light touch.

Then somehow they were leaning toward one another, lips meeting and caressing, hands finding purchase on each other’s hips. “What do you want me to do?” Ty gasped out on a ragged breath.

“Everything,” Brianna sighed. “Touch me,” a kiss, “hold me,” a nibble, “love me,” and their bodies melded together, as Ty pressed Brianna’s shoulders flat against the bed.

If it weren’t for the calluses on Ty’s hands, Brianna was certain she wouldn’t have been able to feel the feather-light touches along the length of her body. Gentle kisses provided a soothing counterpoint to the caresses, but her youthful exuberance called for more and she strained her body upwards seeking a stronger touch. Warm lips nibbled an earlobe and she shuddered at the raspy whisper asking for direction.

“Please, Ty…I need to feel you.” Blue eyes, darkened with desire, met hers before Ty slowly lowered her taller frame onto the small blonde’s, slipping her legs between Brianna’s until they were snuggled tightly together.

They simply held each other for long moments, adjusting to the feeling of their bodies touching from head to toe. Then Ty kissed her way from the soft hollow of Brianna’s neck to the sweet haven of her mouth where they exchanged more heated kisses, while Brianna unconsciously undulated her hips against Ty’s hard stomach. The bounty hunter pulled away slightly, ignoring a protesting moan.

There was a definite wicked gleam in the dark woman’s eyes as she looked down the length of their joined bodies. “I think I need to investigate further, darlin’,” she murmured.

“I think so, too,” Brianna agreed breathlessly.

“You’ll tell me if I do something you don’t like, right?”

“You mean like stopping in the middle of things?” Brianna whispered back with a slight glare.

“Sorry.” Ty grinned and went back to her slow exploration of the small body beneath hers.

Bracing herself on powerful forearms, she leaned forward and dragged the hardened tips of her breasts over Brianna’s, slowly maneuvering downward until her mouth was within range of the coral nipples. A quick glance to an enraptured face and then she was finally tasting delicate flesh, rolling the tiny nub between her teeth and laving it with her tongue.

Soft moans filtered through the air as she continued her attention to the generous peaks, while her right hand casually drifted down to stroke a gently rounded hip. A slight shift of her weight and she continued her exploration, dropping small kisses across Brianna’s abdomen and playfully thrusting her tongue into the blonde’s belly button. A small hand that had been running through her hair suddenly whacked her and Ty chuckled.

When Brianna wiggled, Ty’s hand was dislodged and she found herself with a handful of soft blonde hairs. The rising heat against her sensitive fingers made her raise a dark brow and steal another look at her bride. Forest green eyes stared back at her, silently begging her to continue. Brianna’s face was flushed and more beautiful than Ty could have imagined, and she couldn’t resist going up and kissing those sweet, pink lips again.

Small hands traveled restlessly across her shoulders as their mouths played delicately with each other. Ty carefully kept her hand from moving, even though every instinct was screaming at her to sink into the warm depths. “I’ll try to be gentle,” she reassured her young love.

“I know you will,” Brianna responded with a glowing smile.

A spark in the sea green eyes was Ty’s only warning, then Brianna lifted her hips and Ty’s fingers were dipping into satiny warmth and both women gasped. Slender arms wrapped around Ty’s neck and the bounty hunter buried her head into the soft curve of Brianna’s shoulder, her body half covering her wife’s smaller frame. She tried to control her breathing to no avail as Brianna arched against her hand and let out murmuring cries of delight in response to Ty’s gentle caresses.

They trembled uncontrollably, perspiration-soaked skin gliding together. Ty embraced Brianna tightly, then poised one finger at the entrance to Brianna’s passion, almost undone by the fire racing through her bloodstream. “Please, darlin’, please,” she whispered into a small, shell-like ear.

“Oh yes, Ty! Now…now!”

One smooth stroke and Ty was past the thin membrane guarding her wife’s virtue and being enveloped by an astounding velvety sheath. A sharp cry slipped through Brianna’s lips and Ty rushed to soothe her with small, heated kisses. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she whispered continuously, curving her body protectively over Brianna’s as she held still as a statue waiting to see how badly she had hurt her.

The small blonde shuddered once, then twice, before she began to instinctively move against the alien presence within her. She gasped harshly and captured Ty’s head in her hands, kissing her as deeply as she could. “I love you so much,” she breathed out unsteadily.

Ty let out a relieved sigh and relaxed slightly. “Thank God,” she muttered. Her smoky blue eyes met luminous green. “Now what?”

Brianna choked out a laugh and swatted her husband with one hand, while her other held on tightly to a strong shoulder. “Now you’d better keep going or I’ll be forced to kill you.”

A dark brow arched. “Can’t have that.”

The smug expression on Ty’s face almost got her whacked again, but Brianna was suddenly much too interested in the sensations radiating throughout her body. It took only seconds for Ty to match the rhythm of Brianna’s hips, each steady thrust driving her finger deeply into her wife’s center, the palm of her hand unknowingly brushing against a hidden bundle of nerves with every stroke.

A high, keening wail startled the bounty hunter so badly she came close to leaping off the bed, but Brianna had her in such a strong grip, she couldn’t move a muscle. Slender thighs gripped her hand, holding her in place while Brianna tipped her head back and screamed.

Massive shudders shook both women, before the tremors finally trailed away and left Brianna in an exhausted heap. Ty looked on, wide-eyed and with mouth agape, as a slow, dreamy smile crept across her wife’s flushed face. The blonde languidly stretched and cuddled close to her astonished husband. “Mmm…that was wonderful, Mr. Mason,” she purred, then promptly fell asleep.

Chapter 19


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