Family Affair by Ri

Family Affair
by Ri

Part One

Julie got out of the bed slowly her long beautiful legs came out from beneath the soft cotton blanket. As she stretched she looked at her reflection. She was tall, almost six feet in fact with bobbed black hair and sapphire blue eyes. Julie blinked at her reflection noting that her baby blues looked awfully red. “Well looks like no more booze for a while I’ll have to stick to coffee the next time I go to the speak easy.” Except for the red in her eyes she felt no worse for wear. In fact she felt pretty good knowing she was about to make her mark in the infant medium of the talking pictures.

“Louise Brooks look out!” She chuckled as she brushed a raven lock behind her ear. Her hair was chin length which heighten her high cheek bones. She winked at her own reflection and sauntered into her bath room. Her only luxury in this room was a the bath room. She even had to go down the hall to use her phone. “Soon, I’ll be able to do better, Kiddo.”

The party she was at last night was at the famous speak easy 21 and she felt she made quite an entrance with her famous writer pal as an escort. The producers there seemed to fall for it. Hopefuls were always flinging themselves at those guys. Julie was the opposite. She was the picture of aloof beauty the whole night till the host came over and requested that she come to meet the famous producer-director. Julie smiled at the reflection in the mirror as she brushed her hair. By the end of the evening he was begging her for her phone number promising that it was for professional reasons only. He wanted her for Cleopatra. And she’d give the last dime in her pocket to play the serpent of the Nile. She knew realistically it was too much to hope for the lead what she was hoping for a feature part. She had the looks and she had the voice for the new media she knew she could make the right impression.

Suddenly there was a ringing down the hall and her name was be called by the land lady. Julie grabbed a silk blue kimono and practically ran to phone.

“Julie? ” a sweet voice asked from the other end of the line. Julie face broke out into a wide lopsided grin it was her childhood freind Diana. Her combination of innocence and spunky honesty always touched her deeply. She just loved the little minx and was always happy to hear her voice.

“Hey squirt what’s up?”

There was a girlish giggle and then Diana replied, “Oh Julie, I only take that squirt stuff from you!”

“Yeah I know, actually I think I’d be really angry if anyone else said that to you. You know when I say it its pure affection, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. You are my best friend. Which brings me to the reason I called…I….Uh…Julie, I…”

“Come on, Diana you can tell me anything you know that.”

“Well Daddy’s been rather difficult lately and I was talking to Mom and she suggested, if it isn’t inconvenient that I…Julie you don’t have to say yes, but…”

Julie was breathing rymthically as her blood began to boil. Diana’s father had been emotionally abusing his family, particularly Diana, for some time now and it really pissed her off. “Sweetie, you can come on down to me. I’d love to have you.”Julie said quietly.

Diana recognized the tone, She heard it many times before from her freind. Julie was trying very hard to control her rage. Julie could be very dangerous when she was angry. Diana remembered when a local mobster tried to shake down her brother in law and Julie came to the rescue. She beat the man up and didn’t even break a nail.

“Jules, please you don’t have to say…”

“Diana you’re my best friend too!! I’d love to have you here. Don is such an ass. Your Mom is way to good for him, she should of dumped him long ago.”

“Where would she go?”

“Good question.”

“Jules, your career is so important to you I really don’t want to get in the way.”

“You’re not, Sweetie. You’re my best friend and family. You come first with me. So come on down here Squirt I’m waiting for you.”

Diana almost cried. Julies open heart always made her feel so loved. It filled a part of her left void by her father’s constant abuse.

“Thank you Julie. Thank you,” She quietly began to cry now she got herself together enough to breath and say, “I’ll be there tomorrow can you meet me at Penn Station at 230pm?”

“I’ll be there with bells on now dry your eyes and pack your bags and I’ll pick you up at 230pm. Ok Squirt?” Julie could hear her young friend and really made her heart break that such a good person had to go through such a rotten experience.

“Ok, Bye Julie,” She replied softly as she hung up.

Julie softly hung up the phone then stood in the hall staring at that instrument with a distant look on her pretty intelligent face. Then suddenly like a panther she prowled to her apartment cursing under her breath. After slamming a few things around and cursing in her apartment for a few minutes, Julie got her blood pressure under control sat crossed legged in her sanctuary and meditated. Julie had studied under a Japanese master for many years she was a black belt in Juditzo and Karate. Her meditation and Tai Chi gave her great balance for these lethal pursuits. She focused her meditation on the joy she felt to see her freind once more.

* * * * *

Diana quietly waited at Penn Station for Julie to pick her up. She had shoulder length golden hair, sea green eyes and a sweet vulnerable face. Her small stature would have you think she was a child but after talking with the young woman for a few minutes you’d know very quickly what wise and intelligent young woman you had before you.

Several men were licking their lips thinking ‘easy prey’. She was wearing a peasant blouse and a knee length skirt as far from being a modern as you could get.

A sleazy man in a dimestore suit approached her from behind and put a hand on her arm, or at least tried to, very suddenly he felt that same arm held behind his back with very strong long fingers. “I think you’ve mistaken the young lady for someone else,” said the low growl in his ear.

He turned to see very blue eyes in a very angry face. Julie was dressed in a very expensive, tailored suit. Fitted perfectly to her long form. Despite that she looked very femine thanks to the Scapperelli blouse and small dangle earrings that hung close to her perfect ears.

“Oh, yes…sorry miss…I..I…” He looked beseechingly at the beautiful angry woman.

She grimaced and let him go. He sprinted out of there as fast he could.

“Can’t leave you alone for a minute, huh Squirt?” She asked calmly as she reached for her companion’s luggage.

“I could of handled it, Jules….But, thanks,” she said softly touching her arm tenderly.

Julie’s eyes softened and she said,” You’re welcome. I know your mouth could stop a bullet faster then superman,”She replied with a sweet smile.

That got a giggle from Diana as they made there way out of the station.

* * *

In the taxi cab on the way to Julie’s apartment, Julie smiled and said “So Squirt, any interesting writing matrial on the trip down?” She asked smiling and listened indulgently as Diana described her trip imaginatively from their home in Syracuse to New York. It never ceased to amaze her how her young freind could develop so much enthusiasm for such common things as a short train trip.

They arrived at Julie’s apartment and after she got Diana settled she sat her down and said, “So?”


“Come on, Sweetie. What did the creep do?”

Diana was on the couch, she drew her legs up and was practically in the fetal position, “Jules, I…I can’t ..I…”

Julie knelt down by her side took both her hands into her’s looked deeply into green scared eyes and said quietly, “Calm down. Tell me.”

Diana saw nothing but reassurance in her blue eyes. She was quiet for a minute then a flood of tears began to pour out of her beautiful eyes. Julie gathered her in her arms and held her tight murmuring comforting sounds till Diana started to breath normally again. She saw that she was calming she said softly, “Please talk to me.”

Diana looked up into the kind gentle eyes above her and saw that there were tears there. She gently wiped a tear, held it up to Julie and said, “For me?”

Julie smiled and shook her head, “No for the girl behind you, Of course they’re for you squirt. Now come on, talk to me.”

Diana nodded and stared off toward the closed door, “It started slowly at first he started to slam my house work saying it was a poor job and that I was a slob. Then it was my stories saying they were a result of my day dreaming and proved to him just how lazy I was and that I needed more work if I had all that time to write. So I started secretly writing. I wrote under my covers with flashlight.” She could feel Julie’s heart beating very fast against her head and asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

Julie smiled grimly and said,”No go on. You need to get this out and I need to learn to maintain my patience.”

Diana nodded her head briskly and continued looking down at Julie’s comforting hands around her stomach as she spoke, “Well, one day, the day before yesterday he found my work under my mattress and he..he…Oh Julie he started screaming at me. Such things. I could even begin to repeat them. Mom came running in and I stayed with her all night in her room and then she said I should call you…I stayed with Margaret last night since Jack was away on a business trip…” Margaret was Diana’s married sister she lived about 5 miles away from Diana’s parents home. Jack was salesman for the rail road and so he went out of town for periods of time.

“That Bastard!” Julie had gotten up and started to pace her living room like a caged tiger. “If I knew about this when you called I would of come up there and tore him limb from limb. I..I”

There was a gentle arm on her shoulder and she looked into sad eyes, “Jules, I’m here, safe. What could you of done? He yelled at me he didn’t hurt me.”

Julie turned suddenly and hugged Diana tightly to her. “If he hurt you I would of killed him. Last link to my father or not. That son of a bitch doesn’t deserve any of you. You’re all to good for him!!”

“Sh, sh , we’re all ok, everything is ok…”

Julie pulled out of the embrace enough to look Diana in the eye, “No, its not ok. Its never ok. He has no right to take his frustration out on you and your Mom. You are staying right here and as soon as I can afford to so is your momma. There is no argument on this, its final.”

Diana shook her head and smiled, “I wasn’t arguing. We love you and we’d love to stay with you but Julie we’re worried we’d get in the way of your destiny. You’re the best actress in the world and we don’t want to get in your way…”

“Sweetheart, you’re not. And neither is your Mom. I love you both so much. Margaret and Jack too. You’re the only family I have since Mom left me and I won’t let that Son of Bitch destroy it! I won’t!”

“He won’t, Mom is staying with Maggie. We’re all ok, Jules. He has never physically hurt us so as long as we stay out of his hearing…”

Julie laughed, “I should be making you laugh, Squirt! Not the other way around.” She stood up and stretched and put her hand out for Diana to grasp. Once she had it firmly she gently pulled her up and said, “Come on let’s go get some dinner.”

* * *

The two young women entered the speak easy and suddenly all eyes turned toward them. The tall beautiful brunette was used to it and couldn’t care less. She knew she looked good and fashionable in a midnight blue, fringed dress by Scaparelli. She had a single row of pearls and matching earrings. She looked stunning. The young blonde was not used to the admiring looks and stepped closer to her companion. She was wearing a black knee length dress that was modest but showed her figure sweetly. She looked like the school girl she had been until very recently. Julie had picked out the dress because it brought out her coloring and blonde highlights. She looked stunning yet innocent. In Julie’s opinion; perfect.

The overtly friendly Maitre d’ was drooling over the two ladies and seated them at a central table. Julie surveyed the room with a critical eye. She scoped out two or three possible contacts and then smiled at her companion reassuringly.

“Jules, go ahead and make your contacts. I told you I don’t want to be in your way.”

“Squirt, I don’t have to move. Relax. They’ll come to me, I promise.” She replied with a wink.

“Really? Wow, I read that actresses had to constantly bug producers and directors just to get a break.”

“Yes. that true. I never have had to do it though. You see, I made a flash in a pan already as a model for the top New York magazines. So they now they feel like they know me. They are always coming to me with work, even if I don’t want it. It sounds easy, but its just the right look at the right time. And right now I’m that look. So look at the menu, pick something and relax. Oh and Squirt you are never, ever in my way.”

Diana gave Julie a huge grin, “You know that’s the longest I think I have ever heard you speak.”

Julie grinned back, “Cute kid, cute.”

They ordered and people watched for a while and then a serious look came onto her sweet face, “Jules, did you mean it? Mom can come here to?”

“Of course I mean it sweetheart. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. You know I consider you my family. I would have her move in now but I really think we need a bigger place for that. I just have enough room right now for you and me.”

“Thank you for making room for me Julie.” Diana said quietly squeezing the top of her friend’s hand.

Julie’s face broke into a beautiful smile and she lifted and elegant eyebrow, “You’re my best friend, of course I always have room for you..” She was about to say much more when dinner arrived.

As they ate Julie thought about how important Diana was to her. She was more then her best friend and always had been. When her own family circle had broken up Diana, her mother and sister became her family. Diana was, since the day she was born, the light of Julie’s life. The little girl could always make her feel happy and complete. Now this woman was so essential a part of her she could not imagine life without her. Diana looked at Julie through her eyelashes and tried to cover her look of joy with the glass of milk that Julie had bullied the waiter into bringing. Julie felt toward her as she had always felt toward Julie.

‘Now I really wonder about my life. Why am I so lucky? By the Gods, how did I find someone as caring and patient as Julie? But Julie was always like that. She was always my loving and protective best friend as long as I can remember. Gosh, I’m lucky.’

Julie quietly ate while she contemplated how lucky she was and how she could best help her friend. The only thing she could think of was she could help her get started here in the city. Get a job and a stable life away from that brute of a father.

“Squirt, do you remember any of that stuff you learned in those secretarial courses you took at school?”

Diana looked at Julie surprised, big green eyes widened at the question. She smiled and replied,” Of course I do, you think I have the memory of pea?”

Julie chuckled, “No I just remembered that one of the hot shots here was looking for a secretary. He is a decent sort and I trust him to treat you well. I know he’ll give you the job if I ask him to…What’s wrong?” She watched as the young woman’s face fell into deep sadness.

“I knew I was in the way. I’ll take the job and move out as soon as possible…”

Suddenly there was an arm around her shoulder squeezing her against Julie’s tall form tightly.

“No Squirt, you got it all wrong. I am not, repeat not trying to get rid of you. I know that work well done helps to build confidence and I really want you get back your self esteem. I really, really, really have no desire to get rid of you. Really sweetie, I want you to stay!”

Diana’s face was flushed and tears were falling down her cheeks, “Really?”

“Really,” The dark model replied gently removing a tear from the young woman’s cheek. “So what do you think?”

Diana looked down at the table then back into Julie’s blue eyes and said quietly, “Ok, I’d like to try that. But Jules, I know nothing of your world.”

That got a snort from her older compainion,”Who does, Kiddo? Listen even the biggies have no idea what will happen tomorrow.” Julie then looked up and smiled sweetly at a round faced older man which made him practically run to be by her side.

“Pete, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll do your film if and only if you’ll have my friend here as your new secretary. Deal?” She asked quietly putting her hand out toward him waiting, confident of his reply.

“Deal, Jules. I’d be nuts to turn that down.” He looked at Diana appraisingly.

“Can you type, Kid?”

* * * *

Julie was dressed in beautiful black silk evening dress. In her raven black, chin length hair she wore a blood red rose above an ear. It annoyed her greatly but she put up with it. She wore exaggerated make up and was holding an unlit cigarette in a long holder placed against her deep red lips. Behind her was a white drape that was back lit to create shadows. It was a typical shoot. She rolled her eyes as she took her place before the camera. She was bored out of her mind, she hated this kind of slick photo shoot. It was so damn phony. She had promised Pete that she’d do it as part of the deal for the film and Diana’s job.

Though her face showed the dead panned look of the current look, inwardly she smiled. Diana was really enjoying herself. Pete was a kind and generous boss and Diana had the natural organizational skills of secretary. Best of all because Julie signed an exclusive contract with the producer she was with Diana every day.

“Ok, darling take a break,” The photographer told the pretty woman before him. He smiled brightly and her and said, “Amazing stuff, Jules!”

“Thanks, Don. I just stand still and let my mind wander.”

“Well you’re brilliant at it. I wish you’d light that damn cigarette though.”

“No, absolutely not! I hate and despise those things. Its bad enough just posing with the crap.”

“But, Darling it creates an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication…”

“Bull. Thats the concept of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemmingway. I adore all their books. The fact they feel you’re not sophisticated unless you drink like a fish and smoke till you smell like you’ve been to a fire doesn’t influence me and don’t even try to…”

“Ok, ok,” said Pete loudly from the door. “Enough already. Diana go get your buddy changed, then take her out to lunch. Thats an order!”

Diana chuckled and said, “Yes, Sir! Your wish is my command.”

“Don’t give him any funny idea’s Sqirt.”

“Julie! I do not indulge in that. I’m a rarity in this world; a man that’s actually happily married and…”

“I know! Why do you think I picked you out to be Diana’s boss?”

“Touché. ”

“Okay,okay,” Said a chuckling Diana, “Come on Jules, lets get you changed, I’m starved.”

“Now there’s a shock,” Replied Julie as Diana led her toward her dressing room.

* * * *

They were seated in a plush booth in the Russian Tea Room. Julie had changed into a simple blue dress that brought out her striking eyes even more. Gone was all that horrible exaggerated make up and Julie looked simple and elegant. She had a really wide smile on her face as she listened to Diana relate behind the scenes of running the Farnham empire. Diana’s soft voice always soothed Julie and she enjoyed her descriptions of people and events immensely.

“So Pete had me call the designer and ask him very nicely if he could move his show forward two weeks so it will coincide with an article about him in the magazine. Well Pete was startled when the man said ok. I mean no muss, no fuss. Then…he….said….” Diana suddenly developed a stutter and turned beet red.

Julie smiled, “He complimented you.” she said simply with a wink.

Diana nodded.

“What did he say?” She asked proudly. Pete only complimented when completely warranted.

Diana stared at the fork she was twisting in circles on her plate. “He said I was a God send and that I was his right hand and that he thanked God you brought me to him.” She said quietly still staring down on her plate.

Julie felt tears come to her eye and she gently pried the fork out of the young woman’s hands and took them in both of hers. She squeezed them gently and said in a quiet choked voice, “You’re a God send to me too, Squirt.”

Shocked green eyes looked up through long lashes, “What?” She whispered.

“Don’t you think I’ve noticed how my apartment has been? How organized my desk is now? Don’t you think I appreciate the meals you make me? By the Goddess, you are the center of my life now!” Tears were falling down her eyes and when she looked up she saw that tears were falling down Julie’s eyes too. When she looked into those pretty blue eyes she was startled to see that it was true.

“How could I be?”

Julie shrugged, “Don’t know. Just happened. Before you came I was just existing. Now you’re here and I’m actually living. I can’t put it any more succinctly then that, can I?”

Diana looked at Julie and then her eyes dropped again, “You are the center of my world too. You protect me and take care of me. You actually listen to me. You have been and will always be my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do with out you..” She felt Julie squeeze her hand but did not look up.

Julies eyes were still tearing as she croaked, “You don’t ever have to because I’ll never leave you. You’re my best friend. Now, are you hungry or what? ” She asked with a wide smile though she felt the tears still fall.

“Starved,” Was the quiet reply.

Julie signaled the waiter and said,” Never think you are anything other then a priority in my life.”

Diana nodded and replied, “As you are in mine.”

* * * * *

Diana was lying on the couch reading the latest F. Scott Fitzgerald novel and eating potato chips and Coca Cola. Julie was doing her Tai Chi moves silently. The atmosphere in the room was comfortable silence. Diana looked up from her book and watched Julie in silent in admiration. She moved with the swiftness of a panther and yet it was done slowly with great gentleness. It just fascinated her.


“Mmm?” She mumbled completing the movement before giving Diana her attention.

“Could you …a…teach me that?” she muttered shyly.

The smile on Julie’s face brightened, “Of course! I’d be happy to.” She gestured to stand beside her, “C’mere.”

Diana got up and walked over to her and unexpectedly Julie gave her a big bear hug and then a pat on the back as she said, “You pleasantly surprise me every day.”

Diana beamed both at the affection an the unexpected compliment, “I do?’ she asked quietly.

“Oh yeah! I’m very proud of you. You amaze me sometimes. You grow everyday in maturity, spirit and confidence. It’s a really beautiful thing to watch.”

Diana blushed a deep red and Julie laughed, “Squirt, you don’t need to blush, but it is very cute.” She pulled her to the center of the room and said, “Okay, lets get you ready to learn a new discipline.”

* * * *

Julie looked at her pancaked white skin and ridiculous make up that she was about to take off and shook her head, ‘What a way to make a living,’ It was all so damn tedious and half the time was wasted on the banal dialogue she was expected to speak. It was nothing like the theater. She trained two years on the stage for what: to make face and say stupid dilalogue. “Yeesh!” She got the cold cream out put her long hair in a net and started to smear it all over her face.

Pete walked in and smiled as he stood behind her, “You know you even look good in cold cream.”

“Yeah, yeah, what do you want, Pete?”

“Now why should I want anything?”

Julie raised an eyebrow in the mirror.

“It doesn’t work quite as well with that glop on your face.”

“Pete,” Julie growled quietly.

Pete laughed, “Ok, ok I need you to do me a little favor…”

“What else is new?”

“True. I have a…a backers cocktail party tonight at my place and I need a face. What do you say?”

“Pete, I hate these things. You know they think they can get a roll in the hay out of it and I really don’t want to spend my evening fighting off a bunch of rich lecherous sharks.” She started to take off her make off with a practiced hand grimacing at her friend and boss as she removed the make up with clean even strokes. The tension was obvious in her hands. She didn’t want to go but she knew she would. She had an obligation to Pete and she always fulfilled her obligations.

“Come on, Jules, I need you. You can take Diana with you and you’ll be so busy protecting your little buddy that you’ll be too busy to notice them coming on to you. Besides Diana has worked hard and she deserves an evening out.”

“An evening out, you’re very right. If it was the movies or play or even a dinner party with friends. But this can’t be described as fun.” She looked at Pete’s pleading face and rolled her eyes. “Ok, we’ll go but I expect you to do your part on the protection front for both of us!” She finally said to her boss with frustration obvious in her voice.

“I will, Jules. As long as we keep the sharks at bay I really think Diana will have a good time. So smile and don’t worry.” He was answered by a flying sponge hitting him gently on the face.

“Funny kid. Sure you don’t want take to the stage with Fanny Brice?” He smiled at her sweetly and patted her on the shoulder. She simply rolled her big blue eyes at him again and shook her head trying to clear it.

* * * *

Diana’s eyes were wide with shock, “Why would want me there, Jules? I’d only hold you back…”

Julie and Diana were in there apartment and Julie had an extremely frustrated expression on her face. Diana appeared flustered and looked about to cry. They had been tossing this back and forth for an hour and Julie still had to get Diana a dress.

“Squirt, you never ever could hold me back!! You are an asset. I really, really need and want you to come with me. I really need your calming influence or may I take one of those cigar smoking louts and toss them across the room.” Julie gently put her hands on Diana’s shoulders and directed her toward the couch as they sat down Diana looked up at her friend with a confused expression.

“My calming influence…you really don’t seem very calm right now.”

“I’m frustrated because you are so damn stuborn,” Julie shook her head and smiled down on her friend saying, “But 99.9 percent of the time you make me feel peaceful and content. Please come. I need you.”

Diana looked down at the beautiful hand hold hers and then she looked up and petted Julie’s soft dark bangs and smiled gently, “You make me feel so safe and protected that I forget you can be vulnerable. I think we trade off pretty evenly don’t you?

Julie looked at the pretty blonde and nodded yes, she put all her effort in putting all her need in her eyes, she requested again quietly, “Please, Squirt?”

Diana felt the tears before they started, “I just don’t want you to ever think I would use you…I couldn’t…I wouldn’t….”

Julie gathered her tightly to herself and cooed sweetly in her ear petting her hair till she heard her breath even out. Then she took a breath and she quietly whispered in the ear that was closest to her, “I never ever would think that of you.” She pulled back and said, “Look at me, come on.”

Two teary eyes looked up at her.

Julie smiled and said,” Now look in my eyes and tell me if I would ever think that you of all people would ever use me. For God’s sake Diana I asked you to go with me not the other way around. Can’t you see you’re being silly, sweetheart?” Gently wiping tears from sad green eyes.

They looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes and then Diana’s eyes dropped again to her lap as she replied quietly, “You are right and I guess I am being silly. But Jules, I’ve seen so many people take advantage of you. Even Pete! I never ever want to make you feel obligated to me…”

“I am obligated to you. You’re are my best friend. I’m obligated to you because I love you dearly and I always will.”

Big round tears fell from Diana’s eyes, “I love you too. You are the dearest, kindest, most wonderful person I’ve ever met. I just want to be worthy of you. I want your hopes and expectations of me fulfilled and I hope never to disappoint you.”

Julie hugged her tighter and said, “Honey you could never disappoint me. I have no expectations of you except I want you to be everything and anything you want to be. That’s all I want or expect from you, Ok?” Julie gently lifted her chin so she could see her eyes.

Diana nodded her head and smiled shyly.

“Good, Now lets wash our faces and get your damn dress before the stupid party is over!”

* * * *

You really couldn’t see either of them because they were completely surrounded by a wall of men. Julie’s tall frame was encased in a flame red, fringed dress. Her bobbed hair had matching headdress and shoes matched as well. Her only adornment was beautiful diamond bracelet borrowed when they went hunting for Diana’s ensemble. She looked breathtaking and everyone was whispering about it. Diana was dressed in a long emerald green dress with one shoulder uncovered, she had modest cleavage and a little leg exposed by a slit. Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled up exposing a pretty neck and a pair of simple emerald earrings that Julie had bought her as a special gift. She looked beautiful and mature and Julie was very proud of her. She had to smile inwardly as she remembered the fight to get her young friend to accept the gift. Julie would accept none of Diana’s arguments, “It represents our respect and friendship.” She said simply at the time.

Julie was enchanted by the image her friend presented though she didn’t speak much, when the young woman did it was thoughtful and intelligent. In fact Julie noted that she was charming the hell out of the barracudas. No one had as yet put a move on her, but Julie was watching, trying to figure out in advance who would be possible problem and head it off before it could happen.

She suddenly felt a presence behind her, in full protective mode she turned sharply but her face changed from challenging to smiling when she the familiar face, “Josh, I could of knocked you into next week. You know better you idiot!” she said as she hugged him.

Josh returned the hug chuckling. He was bigger then Julie; about 6’4 and very handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes. His strong perfect body made him perfect for modeling, which is how they met. Josh was also doing movies because like Julie he had pleasant voice and theatrical training. He was a trusted a dear friend and Julie was well pleased to see him among the sharks.

“It was worth the risk of bodily injury just to see your face. Which was priceless,” He replied with large grin.

“How did you get stuck at this thing?”

“How else? Pete used his most persuasive tactics; he promised a donation to my favorite charity if I’d come.”

Julie laughed and said, “Good for you! I got him to let me bring my freind. Just a second,” She easily got through the crowd and was beside Diana just as sleazy producer type was trying the usual line of seduction. She saw by Diana’s face that she was not pleased. Julie walked briskly over and smiled charmingly at the old codger, “Excuse us Edward, got to dash.” Julie put her hand to Diana’s back and guided her back toward Josh.

“Thanks Jules, He was nice enough but…he…”

“I know, Squirt he had really obvious ulterior motives. Come on I want you to meet a good friend.” They stopped in front of Josh, “Josh, this is Diana, my best freind. Squirt, this is Josh an old, old, old friend.”

“Thanks Jules, Like I need you to add 20 years to my age. Nice to meet you Diana. I’m afraid I’ve heard nothing about you.” He said gently shaking her hand and sending an accusing look toward his smiling friend.

“Nice to meet you too. You can’t blame Julie, Josh I’m not that interesting…”

Julie sighed and shook her head in frustration, “I beg to differ, Squirt. Believe me kiddo you are more then interesting. The old hounds around here are just one pace from pouncing on you. Uh.. Josh, could you keep an eye on her for me? She’s really hot tonight and the hounds will come sniffing as soon as leave her. I had to promise old Pete I’d make the circuit at least once.”

Josh smiled at his friend and was touched by her confidence in him.

“I would be honored, Mizz Diana, ma’am if you would come with me I’m a goin’ to protect ya ma’am.” He said in his best sheriff style voice.

It made both woman laugh.

“I think Julie is exagerating how much protection I need Josh,” Diana said to the sweet man with a girlish giggle.

“I beg to differ, Squirt. You are a beautiful woman and these are shark invested waters. Right Josh?”

“Absolutely! Take it from a shark,” Josh said with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

Diana was confused and her face reflected it, “Don’t worry he’s just teasing you. He’s a doll. I wouldn’t put you with a shark, Love.” Julie said reassuringly.

“I know that, it’s just that this is such a different world and ..I’m…well just a little nervous.”

Josh chuckled, “You have more then a little reason to be nervous my young friend. Come on dance with me that will give tall dark and gorgeous time to single mingle.”

Diana smiled at the nice man and shyly nodded. She looked at Julie once more before she quietly left the room with the handsome model. Julie took a deep breath as smiled reassuringly to Diana and then turned to do her duty to her benefactor.

* * * *

Josh and Diana were sitting by the dance floor talking quietly when Julie appeared behind Diana gently putting her hands on her shoulders.

“Ok Squirt, lets git!” Diana knew it was Julie before she spoke. She could feel it. She loved the gentle massage Julie was giving her sore shoulders. She didn’t even realize that she was that tense. “Thank you, Julie.”

“For what?” replied Julie with a chuckle still gently massaging her from behind.

“Everything,” Diana said very quietly and sincerely.

* * * *

Diana was fast asleep in her bed and Julie was inches across in her own bed. As was her custom Julie woke first. Big blue eyes slowly focused and she turned slightly so she could see her young friend.

‘It is remarkable how much better I feel knowing she is near. If she wasn’t I’d be constantly worried about her and be so lonely I just don’t want to think about it. That loneliness was starting to catch up to me before she appeared on my door step. Listen to me, I sound like she is foundling. Well I really had no one I could call a friend here. Here I was the toast of the town and I was drowning in loneliness. I realize now that call from her that day was a God send as is she.’ Julie concentrated all her attention on the young woman across from her. She was lying on her side with the blanket almost over her head. All that was really visible were wisps of golden hair. It made Julie smile. The only thing Diana hated about working is waking up. It was one of the fun things for Julie to devise new and creative ways of waking up the sleepy woman. This was Sunday though and they nothing to do so Julie was content to let the poor girl sleep.

Julie got up stretched and went to the bathroom for a leisurely shower. She loved Sundays! No rushing, no worries about dead lines, no go sees or auditions, no make up and casual clothes. God how she loved to wear her jeans; no muss or fuss!

She came out of the bathroom in a light blue silk kimono and stopped dead in her tracks. There before her was a vision. Diana was naked just slipping on her robe to take a shower when Julie walked into the room. She looked up and Julie almost fell down. For the first time she realized that she was physically attracted to Diana. No it was more then attracted, ‘Oh my God, am I…I can’t be…I am, I’m in love with her. Nothing like doing the things the hard way, Jules. Two strikes against you from the start. We’re woman and she’d never, ever think of you in that way! She is a complete innocent.’

Julie got herself together and smiled saying lightly, “All yours!”

Diana was going through her own avalanche of emotions as she mumbled “Thank you” and stumbled into the bathroom.

As soon as she got behind the door she had a panic attack. ‘Oh my God, Oh my…Oh God…I…she…wow…I can’t. This is impossible,’ But she knew it wasn’t. Seeing Julie in that kimono with nothing on under it, her breasts and legs so exposed, she knew she was aroused. She got into the shower, a cold one and thought about the implications. ‘ She’s older. She’s beautiful and experienced and as far as I know as straight as an arrow. I don’t stand a chance. Oh, God.”

* * * *

It was a very quiet breakfast, each was deep in thought. They were each worried about destroying all they had and neither felt there was much hope for any other outcome. Silently, within their own minds they both decided to take this new discovery one day at a time. If this was truly love then there would be signs. If it was just a passing fancy then it would burn itself out and no harm would come to the strong bond they did share. They looked up at each other and smiled, knowing each would do everything in their power to keep the other in their lives forever.

Julie decided to take Diana to Cony Island for the day. They could relax and have some fun. ‘Hopefully, I can put my libido to rest for the day.” thought Julie as they got ready for their day on the boardwalk.

They were on line for the Ferris Wheel and Diana was telling Julie all about this fortune teller she’d just been to. Julie was listening with an indulgent smile when Diana looked up and said, “So what do you think?”

“Darling, you really don’t want to hear what I think. I promise you that.”She replied with a wink and lopsided grin.

Diana gently slapped her stomach ,”Come on, Jules, What do you think?”

“About you being rich and famous? That’s up to you my friend. You know I believe we make our own luck through our own skills. About you falling madly in love? Again I don’t see why not, you’re very lovable…” She stopped, swallowed and started choking. She was actually crying but since she was holding back the sobs it sounded like choking to Diana.

Diana naturally put an arm around her and tried to calm the choking woman. Which just succeeded in making Julie choke back another sob. She finally turned away and took some deep breaths to calm herself. “I’m sorry, Diana. I guess I swallowed wrong.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. Are you ok now?” Diana was a little scared. Julie was pale and her eyes were red.

“Yea, would you mind if we went on the ride after lunch? I think I need a little water.”

“Of course not, come on.” Diana gently grabbed Julie’s hand and led her to one of the eating areas. “Sit here. What would you like? I’ll go get it for you.”

“No, I’m fine…I just…”

“For once in our lives would you let me care for you? Please? I really want to.” She pleaded quietly bending slightly so now she and the now seated Julie were eye to eye.

Julie grinned sheepishly, “Ok, go on, take care of me, Squirt.”

There was a triumphant look on Diana’s face as she headed over to Nathan’s to get their lunch.”Oh Lord, what am I going to do?”

* * * *

Julie was lying in bed. She could hear gentle breathing and knew Diana was deeply asleep.’Shit I almost threw my whole game plan away today! Where did all this suddenly come from? I mean always loved her deeply but this passion is very new. It’s scary and it’s very strange. I’ve always been a sexual creature. I’ve used those charms for the job, period and there was no emotion attached, it was just a technique. I’ve never had any attachments except of course for family. I only let love surface for family. She’s been like family to me. But how…where did the rest of this come from? I’m overwhelmed by it.’ Julie glanced at her sleeping friend and snorted quietly. ‘She’s such an innocent, she has practically no thoughts in that direction. So what do I do to avoid this happening again? Nothing. I am not willing to distance myself! I love and need her too much. It would also crush her. No, that is not the way. So what?’ Julie sat up and quietly went into the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the tub and thought. She needed to distance herself a little so she could think clearly. She breathed deeply for a few minutes with her eyes closed. Shaking her head she stood up and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Blue eyes that were tired and sad looked back at her. ‘I guess just keep things status quo for now. I’m not going to do anything to give the game away. I’ll do my damnedest to be as I”ve always been to her, big sister.’ She rolled her pretty blue eyes and sighed, ‘Damn.’

* * * *

Diana awoke to the movements of her best friend. She watched as Julie quietly moved into the bathroom.She studied her graceful movement and beauty then she sighed sadly to herself.

‘I love her so deeply and I have no idea how to express it or even if I should. She is such a good sweet soul. She has been my support and my anchor and I’d do anything to protect her.’ Diana sighed again and rolled over so her back faced the room. ‘She only sees me as her sweet little friend, the Squirt. She says it with such a deep love and affection I couldn’t possibly be mad. In fact I’d miss it if she stopped. I just wish she saw me as a woman! I wish she could see me as an adult, as a…’ a tiny sob slipped out and Diana quickly looked to see if Julie had left the bathroom yet.

‘She’s still in there, thank goodness. I just can’t let her find me like this. I’ll tell her…How can I not…I have to be strong. I have to allow myself to go with the flow of things. I’ll love her and protect her and…that’s it. She’s my dearest and my best friend and I guess she’ll just have to be my secret passion. That will have to remain enough for me. I can’t lose her, I can’t!’
Part 2
Julie was in a deep sleep when a loud pounding suddenly woke her.

She literally jumped out of bed, finding Diana embraced in her arms scared out of her wits. Then they heard a loud drunken male voice along with the banging. A voice both woman recognized. It was Diana’s father.

“It’s Daddy, ” Diana said in a whisper.

“Yup, It sure as hell is.” She gently lifted Diana’s chin till she could see her eyes. “Go lock yourself in the bathroom. Thank God I rented an apartment with a bathroom in…”

“No Julie, I’m not leaving you.” Diana’s shaken voice stated quietly.

Julie smiled at her brave friend and said; “I can handle him myself. I don’t want to be distracted worrying about you. Now go on.” She nudged her toward the door.

Diana looked like she was about to argue but the banging was growing more violent and she knew Julie was a black belt. “Be careful, he’s drunk.”

“I know darling, that’s my advantage,” She replied gently as she pushed her through the door to the bathroom and closed it.

“Darling?” Diana thought as she put her ear to the door.

Julie looked at the door. Then she took a deep breath, strode over and opened it one smooth motion. “Yes, Uncle Don?” she asked quietly.

“Where the hell is she?”

“Safe.” Julie replied with a disapproving look.

“Safe from what?” He slurred at her and tried to brush her aside to get past her.

“You.” She replied easily blocking his way.

“Come off it, Jules! You’re not going to do a damn thing to me! Now move the hell out of my way!!” He yelled in a haughty, drunken voice.

“First of all Don, I can and will do something to you if try to put a pinkie on Diana. Second, this is my apartment and I don’t intend to allow a drunken belligerent man entry in the middle of the God damn night. Lastly, if you try something stupid like this again I will call the police.” She replied to him quietly and calmly as she blocked him with her arms crossed.

He tired to throw a punch which she easily blocked. Then he tried to undercut her defenses which was again effortlessly blocked. She swept him under with one powerful swipe of her leg and he fell helplessly on his ass.

“I’m your God-father! You’re family..I’ll…”

Julie was now really mad, “Stop right there. You ceased being family when you became abusive to me, to your wife and children. Sober up, get some help and then we’ll talk about you being family.” She replied to the man on the floor.

“Get help!? Who is there to get help from? I ain’t going to a sanitarium. The only other place is the tank. I ain’t going to jail for anyone…”

He was interrupted as two uniformed policeman hauled him up and said, ” I beg to differ sir. You are indeed going to jail for disturbing the peace.”

The officer turned to Julie and smiled, admiring her beauty as he asked respectfully, “Are you pressing charges, Ma’am?”

Diana came out of the bathroom when she heard the police. Julie looked toward her and Diana shook her head. Julie nodded slightly and said, “No Officer. Will he get some help? I mean disturbing the peace indicates he has a problem. Can he be put in one the new programs I read about in the papers? You know about psychological help with drinking disorders?”

“No Ma’am, Those programs are not free. And they’re experimental so I’m afraid he’ll be put in the tank. Night Ma’am.”

Julie nodded and said,”Night.”

She turned to her friend and held out her arms. Diana ran into the embrace crying. Julie closed her eyes and shook her head.

* * * * *

The two made plans for Diana’s mother to move into Julie’s new apartment. They all would move in by the end of the month. Her two films allowed her to pay for her flat on West 52nd street. It was a bustling area of theater people. She and Diana had already started moving boxes and small pieces of furniture and would be all moved in by the end of the week. They returned to Julie’s old flat and both flopped down on the overstuffed sofa in the center of the living room.

“As stong as you are Jules, we’re going to need some help with the big pieces like this sofa.”

“I know I’m hiring a moving company Saturday for the final move. I just didn’t want some big lug handling our personal stuff. So do you like the new place?”

“Of course, it’s beautiful!”

“With four bedrooms we each have a room of our own. Plus you and I get a workout room.”

Diana’s smile suddenly faded. She turned her head quickly so Julie wouldn’t see it. Julie did of course see it and she was instantly worried that she said something wrong. ‘Though what I said wrong is beyond me,’ She thought to herself.

“Squirt, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Everything is great!” She replied with a false smile and false enthusiasm.

“Diana, I’ve known you your whole life. Do you really think you can get away with this bravado with me?”

Diana looked at her and shook her head.

“So what’s wrong?”

“It’s silly,”


“I’ll miss you!”

Julie looked at her and both eyebrows disappeared into her bangs in shocked confusion, “Miss me? Where am I going?”

Diana shrugged her shoulders, “I told you it was silly. I mean sharing a room.”

Julie suddenly smiled. The light went on in her brain as she realized what Diana meant. “Honey, if you want to still share, we can. There are no rules. I’ll simply put two beds in the master bedroom instead of one.”

Diana’s face lit up, That meant sharing a bathroom. She still would get to see the sight of her beautiful friend…”Really, you wouldn’t mind?”

Julie was delighted with the idea. She had been mourning the loss of Diana’s company quietly. “I would be happy to! It would be kind of lonely in that big room all by myself. I’d rather have a roommate…”

“But what if…What would you do if…”

“Have I yet? I’m really not interested,” ‘At least not in any of the people offering it to me, My Love.” Julie thought quietly to herself as she looked at the person she did desire. It had been two months since she figured out her forbidden passion. She yearned for Diana. At the same time she delighted in her presence. ‘It was very confusing . Thank God for little toys and private showers.’ Julie thought ironically to herself.

“No but you might want to sometime?”

“Squirt, don’t worry about it. I want you to stay with me. I mean it. Don’t you see that?”

Diana looked deeply into her beautiful blue eyes and saw that she did.

“Yes.” she replied quietly. ‘I see so much love for me there I just wish…’She stopped herself from that thought. ‘No I won’t ruin everything!”

* * *

Julie was pacing in her dressing room. The shoot was over for the day and she was changed into her street clothes. She wore a short blue dress that matched the color of her eyes. She wore matching shoes and a string of pearls with matching earrings. She looked beautiful but when she turned to stare at the door she looked highly agitated.

“Where the hell is she?”

Just then she heard lightly running feet. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Diana rush in. Diana was 35 minutes late and she was never late. The relief turned to concern as she saw the expression on her friends face as she rushed into her arms.

“I’m sorry….I’m sooooooooooo sorry…I”

“Calm down, Squirt. Where the hell have you been?”

Diana was taking gulping breaths she pulled away from Julie and leaned against the door to get herself under control. “I was working up in the main office today. And..,well…Daddy came…and…”


“Yes, he’s…”

She never fininshed her sentence. Julie, while cursing, was heading toward the door with the intent of going to the main office of the studio and taking care of this once and for all.

“Wait! Wait, security took care of it, Jules.”

Julie stopped, turned and lifted her eyebrow indicating the girl should elaborate.

Diana looked down to the floor, her hand lightly touching Julie’s shoulder. “He said he wanted me to come home at once. When I refused he started to physically threaten me,” She stopped as tears started streaming down her cheeks. She then looked up into loving blue eyes that were urging her to continue. “He said he’d kill both of us if I was not returned to where I belonged. If it was not soon he said our doom was pending….He said it would fall on our heads any minute. Then he tried to…he tried to slap me but the security guard stopped him. I’m sorry Julie..I’m…”

Julie embraced her again and slowly stoked her hair, “What on earth are you sorry for? You are a good girl. You did nothing wrong,” She cooed gently in her ear. ‘That man is a beast. Uncle Don, I’m going to be the one that cages you,’ She thought angrily to herself as she continued to soothe the terrified young woman in her arms.


“Yes, sweetheart?”

“What are we going to do? He got through the gate!” Diana’s face was pale and she was openly crying.

Julie continued to soothe her while furiously trying to come up with tactics to deal with this beast.

“Diana, do you trust me?” She asked quietly looking her young friend directly in the eye.

“Of course.” She replied immediately. Her face reflecting the surprise that her companion would even ask her such a thing.

Julie smiled, “Then believe this. I will take care of this some how, some way. I’ll make sure your father will not harm a hair on your pretty head.” Then she fiercely hugged the love of her life to her chest.

* * * *

Diana’s mom arrived the day after, somewhat to Julie’s relief. She knew with her God-mother present she would control her libido.

Diana was very glad her mom was there too. For two reasons; one that she missed her, two was that she was confused by the signals her body was sending her about her beloved best friend. She felt this was a forbidden passion. She also knew she couldn’t help it so her mom was good distraction.

Diana’s mother, Christine was unaware of the double edged conflict affecting her two girls. Her God-daughter was really an adopted daughter to her so she was just glad to have these girls safely within her sight again. She felt very welcomed and loved by them and she would do everything in her power to protect them from her husband’s wrath.

“Mom, Julie and I thought that this room would be nice for you. It has a street view but it faces slightly at an angle so it won’t get all the noise. The bath room is right next to it.”

“It’s lovely, honey. I hope we’re not putting Jules out.”

“Of course you’re not, Auntie Chritine.” Julie replied from the doorway with two huge suitcases. “That cabby was such a wimp. He couldn’t pick up one of these.” Her smile became a lopsided smirk, “You should of seen his face when I picked up both of them.”

Christine laughed,”Well honey, he was small. And you were always very strong. Even when you were little.”

Julie blushed at the memory of herself as a tomboy.

“Auntie, you’re not going tell everyone you meet all about my childhood, are you?”

“No dear, not everyone.”

Julie paled and sent a pleading look to Diana, who simply laughed, “She does it to me all the time. I don’t think I can be much help to you, Jules.”

“Well Squirt, You were an adorable brat when you were little.”

A pillow flew through the air to be caught by a very dexterous hand and launched smoothly right back at the person who threw it.

“Now, now children, No pillow fights on my first night.”

“Aw Auntie!”

“Aw Mom!”

They all burst out into loud peals of laughter.

* * * *

Julie was removing her pancake make up and thinking. ‘Iris is an excellent part, you know. I should be happy…I just thought I’d make a good Cleopatra.”

She examined her face in the mirror. Now clean of make up, her hair pulled from the net she wore when she removed make up, she thought she really did look like the legendary “Serpant of the Nile.” Diana said she thought she was prettier.

Julie smiled at herself, ‘Next time.’ She rose to shower and to get ready to go out with her family. ‘Family, I love still having a family in my life.’ Then she stopped in her tracks. Her hand poised on the bathroom door handle. ‘Diana is so much more then family to me now. She is my life. I guess she always has been but I’m recognizing it now.’ Julie proceeded through the door and stripped off her robe. She started the shower to get the water just right and stepped into the deliciously warm spray. As she allowed her mind to wander even more freely. “God, what the hell am I going to do? I mean she is just so innocent. Am I being moral? I mean according to religion just thinking this way I am committing a moral sin. Evil sinners. Yeah, right. The mob goes to church every Sunday and they kill the rest of the week. Me, I feel love for some one that puts us in the same category. Not in the eyes of the God I worship. I’m more spiritual then religious anyway. Diana is not overly religious either. I simply will not put her in a position where she will have to make a choice between God and me. I’m not worried about my soul or hers just her own view of it. She is such a sensitive girl. My responsibility in this life time is to protect her. Since I held her at five and saw that infant’s beautiful green eyes, I loved her. I guess I’ll just have to worry about this sin all alone. I can deal with it. The problem is I’m stymied by it. I will not leave her and I cannot hurt her and that leaves me where I started. No where!!’ She thought sadly to herself as she turned off the water and toweled herself off. She put on her black silk kimono and went through the door to dressing room. There stood beauty once more and she was alone.

“Where’s Auntie Christine?”

“Oh Mom saw a star she wanted an autograph from. She’ll be along any minute. Shouldn’t you be wearing a little more?” Diana asked with a nervous giggle. ‘God, she is just so gorgeous my body just won’t stop humming.’ Thought Diana turning away to sit on the couch.

Julie blinked, she had been staring. Diana had looked stunning in the new black silk cocktail dress Julie made her buy. Julie wanted her young friend to look more fashionable. ‘She was so beautiful, she should show it off.’

“Yeah, I’ll be just a minute,” She replied shaking her head as went to put on an electric blue cocktail dress with matching pumps.

* * * *

Julie was lying down on the leather couch in her dressing room, her eyes were closed and she was listening to Pete speak. Diana was having nightmares every night about her father killing all of them. Julie and Christine had spent the night comforting the poor girl. Julie was tired and frustrated.

“Well, what do you think?” Pete asked the raven haired beauty.

“It’s a good idea, Pete. Diana will be far from her creep of a father but I’m worried about my God-mother.” She replied, her voice hoarse from trying to calm her love all night.

“Hm, she could go too. I don’t mind. If my star will be more comfortable with her family around her, then so be it. Sounds good.”

Julie raised her eyes, “That’s assuming the public likes me.” She replied in an amused voice. She looked through the door at the two most important people in her life. Diana was down the hall introducing her mother to the cast of the film they just finished.

“False modesty is not becoming, Jules.” He replied. He looked down at his hands then back across at his protege’ and friend. “Besides I want Diana safe from that madman too. I’ve become very fond of her. You weren’t there when that maniac threatened her. I was very scared for her…” His voice was very shaky.

Julie smiled affectionately at the producer and put an arm around his shoulder,

“I know Pete.I know.” She knew that Pete had become very attached to Diana.

He relied on her greatly and it was a very selfless proposal he was making for them..

“I accept.”

“Good, You’ll love it. there. It has a nice climate and it will be the mecca for pictures, I guarantee it.”

“If you say so,” She replied. “All I know about Los Angeles is what I read in the papers and see in the new reels. It will be a nice change. I think Diana and Aunt Christine will love the train ride.”

* * * * *

A fur wearing woman entered the train followed by two others. Julie blew some of it from her face. Pete had her dress head to toe in sable so she would look the part of a star. It was a gift and she appreciated the gesture, he wanted her to make the right impression out west but she couldn’t wait to get the thing off.

Her eyes narrowed as she saw the size of their cabin. It was a first class cabin with a connecting door to the next cabin. ‘Five days in this cracker box.’

‘Look at the damn bed! My feet will hang over unless I curl up, Yeesh!!’

A golden head popped in and said, “Mom’s all settled next door. Kinda small, huh?”

Julie smiled at her friend. She was wearing a simple blue traveling dress and looked like the efficient assistant she indeed was. Julie knew she was as anxious to get into her jeans as Julie herself was.

“Yup. As soon as this thing starts moving we’ll change into something more comfortable. I feel like I’m molting.”

Diana laughed. She then walked over to the connecting door and knocked.

“Hey Mom, open up.”

The connecting door opened and she smiled at the two girls and said, “Small huh?”

The girls looked at each other and burst into laughter. Julie sobered up first and said, “I propose we keep that the door open during the day and then at night you can close it so you can have some privacy, ok?” She asked her God-mother with a smile.

Christine smiled indulgently back and said, “That’s fine, dear. This is your show after all. I’m just a guest, courtesy of Diana’s boss.”

“Actually Mom, it’s courtesy of Jules. She asked for both of us to come with her.”

They both looked radiantly at the embarrassed woman.

Julie looked down at her hands and then back at her family. “Actually I said is that I wouldn’t go without my family. And Pete thought it was a good idea for you to escape that lunatic who was been publicly threatening us all. I simply said I was worried about you so get those smirks off your faces. I’m no hero and you both know that.”

The two smiles broadened and tears of graditude were added. “You’re a hero to me Jules,” Diana sniffed and stated simply what was in her heart.

Julies eyes started to fill up so she turned and close the door thinking,’ And you are the center of my universe.’

* * * *

Changed and ready to expore the two girls left the older woman in the dining car as they decided to check out every nook and cranny of the famous Super Chief. With a combination of flirting and bullying the two of them explored the entire train, including the U.S. Post office and the pet hold in the cargo department. Laughing they went up to the observation desk and snuggled together in a front seat. It was about 430pm and the sun was starting to set. They had a magnificent view. They were both comfortable and content. Diana had her head against Julie’s shoulder, with Julie’s head on top of Diana’s.

“So Squirt, what do you want to do first after we get settled in L. A.?”

“I want to see Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean.”

Julie smiled as she the stroked golden hair, “In that order?”

Diana was enjoying the sensation and barely heard what Julie had said.

“Yes, in that order.”

“Ok, that’s settled. What do you think of this new project?”

“It sounds hokey, but don’t all Westerns? Are you looking forward to working with Tom Mix?”

“Yea, I like him, he’s good. And I like Westerns. Good always wins over evil.”

“Ok, I’ll give you that Jules. But all that builds up to the show down. Are you the good girl or the vixen? The vixen always ends up getting hurt or killed you know?”

“I play a vamp from the East in this one. And I do the loving and leaving. I kind of like that twist. I’m surprised that Mix would go for that….”

“Yea, what about his irresistible charm?”

“Oh they’ll hate me and love him, of course. I hope they love to hate me though. Its very important that I get a good audience response.”

“You will, Jules. I promise, you will.”Diana said with total conviction and confidence in her best friend.

It filled Julie with hope as she cuddled with her love on the way toward their future.

* * * *

Christine had the table filled with a sumptuous meal by the time the girls joined her in the dining car. “Did you girls have fun?” She asked with an indulgent smile.

Julie smirked, it always amused her that Christine still spoke to them like they were little kids, “Yes Auntie Dearest.”

“Oops Kiddo, I’m sorry. I forget you two aren’t little anymore. I’m afraid you’ll always be children in my old eyes.”

“You’re not old, Mom.”

“No you’re not, Auntie!”

“Ok, okay eat.”

They all laughed and dug into the big meal. Diana noticed a tall beautiful red head staring at Julie. She did so through out the meal.

“Jules, did Cleopatra come out yet?”

“No. Why?” Julie asked as she lifted a huge french fries dripping with ketchup and slurped it into her mouth with relish.

Diana laughed, “Slob.” Julie playfully slapped her as she wiped her face with the large cloth napkin. “Why did you ask about Cleo?”

“That lady has been staring at you all through lunch.”

They all glanced that way just as the tall red head and her escort left the dinning car. “I didn’t notice her before. I guess was too busy stuffing my face and watching you stuff your face, little one. Why did she look like trouble?”

“No, just fascinated.”

A loud snort came from her companion, “What’s to be fascinated by?”

“Oh jeez, You’re so …”



“That’s descriptive. Come on writer, illuminate me…”

“Jules, you are…well you can…um, you present….”


“Stop pushing.”

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

Christine was fit to be tied as she watched the two of them bounce off the other.


“Sorry Auntie.”

“Sorry Mom.”

They said in unison then began to laugh uncontrollably.

“I guess we are two little kids,” Julie said to her God-mother with a smirk.

“Yes, you are. But on you two it looks good.” Christine said with the authority of a parent.

* * * *

Diana was in the bottom bunk in their room waiting for Julie to come out of the bathroom so she could shut the light out. Julie walked through the tiny doorway scraping her arm as she walked out. “Yeash! This place is too tiny! You look comfortable, Squirt.” She said affectionately. To tell the truth she looked adorable all curled up in that bottom bunk. It took every ounce of discipline for Julie to not crawl in with her.

“I am, hurry up, Jules so I can turn off the light.”

Julie nodded and climbed up the small ladder to the top bunk giving Diana an eyeful of long, luscious legs. Diana’s breathing quickened and she very nearly moaned. She put he mouth onto her pillow until Julie was out of sight.

“All set,” Julie’s voice floated down to her like a pleasant melody.

Diana turned off the light.

“Night Jules.”

Pleasant dreams, Squirt.”

* * * *

Julie woke up from the most erotic dream of her life with a start. ‘By the Goddess, I’m going to have to do something about this. I can’t go on like this with Diana in the same room as I’m having these images of…”

“Jules, are you ok up there?”

“I’m fine, sweetheart. Go back to sleep.”

“Are you sure? You were moaning something awful. Don’t you want to come down here and cuddle a little? It might make you feel better.”

‘More then you know, My Love.’ She thought ironically to herself. “No Squirt, I’m fine. Go to sleep.”

“Come on Jules, let me comfort you. You always are there for me. Just because you’re strong and protective doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same comfort that you give me all the time.” Diana said quietly.

‘Shit, I can’t argue with that logic, can I?’ As she climbed out of the top bunk and slid behind Diana. She ended spooning the young woman, placing her arms around Diana’s waist. She did find comfort doing this but she knew it was dangerous as well. As she squeezed the woman in front of her ever so slightly she whispered in her ear, “Happy?”

Diana was barely able to breathe she was so aroused, “Oh yeah,” She whispered back.

“Me too.” Replied Julie as they fell into blissful sleep feeling whole and content.

* * * *

The next morning Julie awoke with a weight against her. It wasn’t unpleasant. In fact she found it rather intoxicating. She felt so happy and content.

“Julie?” Whispered a voice in front of her.

“Mmmm?” replied Julie squeezing slightly.

“I’ve got a confession to make,” She said slightly turning.

“Oh?” She started to turn as well but a small hand stopped her. “Wait, not till I tell you, ok?”

Julie nodded and said, “Ok.”

“Jules, I have…well I’m …Oh God, This is harder then I thought,” She said in a panic.

Julie’s heart was pounding as she thought maybe she knew what was to be confessed. “Just say it, Sweetheart. What ever you say is ok with me, You know that.”

‘We’ll see.’ Thought Diana. ‘Ok here goes everything.’ She took a gulping breath, “Jules, you know how we’re always telling each other that we love one another?”

Julie swallowed three times before she squeaked, “Yes.”

“Well I think I mean more then you do when you say it.”



“Uh, huh.” Julie promted hoping against hope.

This was not the response that Diana expected. She thought that Julie would be repulsed. Not interested and wanting to hear more. She gulped and got her bravery up again, saying quietly, “I’m in love with you in everyway possible, Julie.”

Julie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She decided to do what she had wanted to do for the longest time. She gently turned around so she faced Diana and smiled broadly. Then as tears streamed down her face she said, “That’s a really good thing to hear, My Love. I’ve been hopelessly in love with you for a very long time.” Diana’s face first reflected shock, then joy and then was covered completely as Julie brought they’re lips together in a well connected and passionate kiss.
Part 3
As the train rolled into Los Angeles the two friends packed for their new adventure. ‘But which new adventure,’ Diana thought to herself as she remembered the passionate kiss she shared with the woman across the way. She looked at Julie through her eyelashes wondering what would of happened if her mother hadn’t interrupted her just as they were getting down to some heavy petting.

‘Well we won’t be so vulnerable to interruption as soon as were all settled. will we?’ She smiled at Julie who looked up just in time to catch it.

Julie gave her an answering smile. She was thinking the exact same thing with a lot of hope in her heart she was looking forward to new explorations in the exact same direction. ‘And damn soon too!’ She thought to herself with a wry grin. Now that they both knew that they shared this passion, what was the best course? ‘Love, is the best course. But how do we achieve happiness in this world of closed minds and busy bodies?’ She thought to herself as she closed her suitcase with a bang.

“Do you need any help, Squirt?”

“Yes, I need help about here.” Diana replied pointing toward her mouth with a big grin as she leaned against the door to her Mother’s room with a clear purpose in her green eyes.

“Oh really? Can I be of any assistance?”

“Please. I really couldn’t explore this new world without you.”

Julie approached her like a panther stalking its prey. Diana’s heart practically danced in her chest as she watched her love approach. Suddenly Julie’s arms encircled her and their lips met in a slow passionate kiss. Enjoying the sensation of the each other and letting it slowly ignite the fire within. Just as they were deeply involved in exploring the sweetness of the other there was a knock on the door. They both jumped and Diana hit her head against the door.

“Los Angeles, 5 minutes all passengers be ready to disembark in 5 minutes. Los Angeles, 5 minutes,” The conductor yelled as he banged on doors and walked down the corridor.

Diana rubbed her head and Julie carefully bent it forward and kissed the injured area. Then the two woman looked at each other and burst into helpless giggles. Julie shook her head and said, “We can’t catch a break, Squirt can we?”

“Don’t worry Jules. We have all the time in the world,”Diana replied and then hugged her fiercely.

“Yes, we do, My Love,” Julie replied returning the hug with equal force.

* * * *

Julie was fur bound once again as she left the train followed by her two companions. On the platform of Union Station there were several studio people to greet her. They fawned over her and complimented everything she wore, said, or did. Surpressing the need to roll her eyes and growl at them she was freindly and professional. All she really wanted to do was get the hell out of there and go to their carefully picked home in the hills overlooking the newly appointed Hollywoodland. She wanted to finally be alone with Diana. They had a very deep ‘Discussion’ ahead of them.

Julie surpressed a happy smile at the thought as she charmingly disengaged herself from the studio ‘yes’ people.

Once they got out of the station and into a cab Christine suggested that they get something to eat.

“Auntie, would you mind if we go out to a really great place tommorrow?

Tonight all I really want to do is order a pizza and relax. I’ll take you both out to Ciro’s tommorrow night, Ok?” Diana asked the older woman hopefully.

Christine looked at the two girls and thought to herself; ‘They’re up to something.’ Out loud she said, “Alright dear, that sounds like a plan. Pizza and a coca-cola would be lovely.”

Diana’s face lit up as she added, “Then a shower and bed.” Her face was sending a very definate signal to Julie which the older girl recieved loud and clear.

‘I can’t believe My Little Love is thinking like this. What books has the girl been reading?’ Julie laughed and said aloud to them both “Yep, that does sound like a plan.” Julie was sending Diana a definite signal right back with her big blue eyes.

‘Yep, these two are up to something.’Christine thought to herself with an inward shrug of her shoulders.

* * * *

Dinner was eaten and enjoyed around the pool and then they all went to their respective bedrooms claiming exhuastion after their long trip. Julie said she was just enjoying being in rooms with doors big enough for her to walk through with out scratching up her arms.

Diana was in the shower of the bedroom that she and Julie shared when she heard the bathroom door open. When the bathroom curtain was pulled aside Diana dropped the bar of soap she had been washing herself with and just stared at the vision before her.

“I believe you dropped something.” Julie purred with nothing on but a cheshire cat grin.

Diana mutely nodded.

“Would you like some help?”

She nodded again.

“Cat got your tounge?”

“I can barely breath, much less talk. Do you know how absolutly beautful you are?”

“Not half as beautiful as you are, My Love.”

Julie bent down and gracefully picked up the soap and stepped into the shower. Then she slowly rubbed the soap into her hands till she got them all sudsy. She asked Diana in a throaty, sexy voice to turn around. After the beautiful golden haired woman complied she began to lovingly soap her back in tiny little arcs. Diana began to sway to rhythm of the caresses. She could barely stand it felt so good. Julie could no longer resist the urge to kiss the lovely neck before her. She slowly started a trail of hot sweet kisses in a line from her neck to her ear as she contiued to caress Diana’s back with sudsy hands. Diana moaned in pleasure and leaned against the side of the shower.

“Julie, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand much longer,”She said in short gasps to the woman who was taking her breath away.

Julie turned her love around as she washed off the soap and continued her assault on her senses as she whispered into her ear, “Don’t worry I won’t let you fall, My Love,”

Then she picked Diana up and carefully left the shower. She gently placed her on the ground to turn off the water. Then she lovingly swept her off her feet again to place her on the soft rug in front of the fire. She contiued her pursuit of mutual sensation on her love slowly kissing and licking as much skin as she possibly could memorizing each touch that gave Diana pleasure. She began her slow descent from the neck down to her full breast. “God, Diana you are so beautiful.”

Diana was beyond understanding. She felt sensation after sensation as Julie loved and caressed her breasts. She was overwhelmed with feelings that she returned with equal abandon. She kissed and caressed Julie as she felt her body erupt into feelings she didn’t even know she had. Julie shuddered as Diana reached her own breast and relished each feeling that washed over her. As they both began to explore deeper and deeper Julie felt herself go over the edge that she had waited for all her life and she was happily aware that she took her beloved with her.

* * * *

After they both recovered from their first experience they lay cuddled in each other’s arms. Diana looked up at Julie and started play with a piece of her raven colored hair as she asked, “Why didn’t you tell me..that you never…well, that neither of us.. well, uh you know…”She was really didn’t know how to approach this subject.

Julie saved her the trouble. She laughed at her love’s inability to say the words and kissed each eye and her nose as she replied between kisses, “That I was a virgin too?”

Diana merely nodded her head.

“I always used my looks in pursuit of my goals. I could never give myself all the way. I felt uncomfortable giving anyone that power. I felt like a hooker or something. I always knew I would wait or die a virgin. I just couldn’t allow anyone to touch that part of myself unless I loved and trusted them, until you.” Hugging Diana even closer and kissing her nose again.

Diana eyes began to fill up and Julie became alarmed, “Whats wrong, My Love? Did I say something…”

“No, no of course not! What you said was beautiful. It touched my heart. I’m so honored, My Love. I mean… Why me?” she asked in confused pleasure.

Julie smiled softly and touched Diana’s cheek tenderly, “Oh my sweet Angel, so many reasons. You are the kindest, gentlest soul I’ve ever met. My purpose in life since the day you were born was to love and protect you. Now that we’re not only best friends but in love as well I’m afraid that instinct will become even fiercer. I will not allow anyone to harm you. Not your beautiful head,” She kissed her deeply and passionately. then she crawled under the blanket to her toes and kissed and sucked each toe till Diana was writhing in pleasure. When she fininshed she crawled back up resuming to her position cradling Diana saying with a giggle at her love’s expression, “To your cute little toes!”

“I like how you demostrate,”She replied giggling as well.

“I do have some further demonstrations to conduct with you, My Love.”Julie replied seductively as she brought her love to ecstasy once more.

* * * *

‘California was different.’ Thought Diana. ‘Its hot, poor Julie in that God awful dress. She must be dying of the heat!’

John Wagner the film’s producer approached the young blonde with a smile. She smiled back he was always nice to her.

“Hi, How are you doing?”

“Great, its very interesting.”

“It is now, but wait till we start doing this same scene 10 times for pick ups. Oh boy! You’ll be bored.” He said with a lopsided grin. Then he looked over at Julie who was being powdered down to protect her make up from the heat.

“You’re Julie’s best friend as well as her assistant right?”

“Yes,” She answered with a sweet smile. ‘What’s he up to?’ she thought to herself.

“And you’ve known her a long time?”


“Can I ask you a very direct question?”


“How can a guy get to first base with her, she’s so damn aloof?”

‘Ah, so that’s it,’ She thought to herself as she smiled inwardly, ’Plop goes another one!’ This was the third man from the set who’d approached her.

“Julie’s involved with some one, John.” She told him gently.

“Oh,” He nodded as if this was an answer as to why she resisted his charm.

Diana really wanted to laugh but she touched his arm gently and said, “Sorry.”

“That’s ok, At least I know which way it crumbles.”

* * * *

“Julie and Diana walked into the dressing room trailer quietly. As soon as the door closed, Julie grabbed her love and enfolded her tenderly in her arms. She brought her gently into a embrace lowering head and kissing her passionately. Diana returned the kiss whole heartily and they enjoyed each other till they ran out of breath. Panting slightly, Julie gently cupped Diana’s cheek and ran her thumb along her jaw line, “What did John want?”

Diana smiled impishly at the beauty before her and caressed her strong shoulders, “He wanted to know how to win your favor.”

Julie snorted as she lowered her head to nibble her love’s ear. Then she gently moved to her neck as she replied. “Lotsa

luck. Yeesh, why do they keep approaching you, my love?”

Diana laughed, “Because I’m your best friend and I look gullible enough to tell them how to seduce you.”

“Well you do know how and you succeeded. Loving, vulnerable, kind, generous, talented and a beautiful woman. They didn’t stand a chance.

Julie picked up her golden haired beauty and headed toward trailer’s bedroom. Leaning her head against her lover’s shoulder she asked quietly, “What about your dinner, Jules? This is the dinner break.”

Carefully laying her prize on the bed and snuggling in with her Julie slowly began to undress her. She smiled impishly into wide green eyes and said, “I’m not hungry… for food that is…”She was interrupted by small hands pulling her down for an all consuming kiss.

* * * *

The three woman were enjoying a Sunday breakfast on the patio when a loud roar of angry voices broke the peace of the sunny morning.

“What the Hell!?!” Julie yelled very angry at the intrusion. She was on her feet and striding into the foyer within a second. She followed by two woman close on her fast moving heels.

When Julie saw who was causing the commotion she stopped suddenly and turned, “Go upstairs now. The both of you.”

“It’s Don,” said Christine with wide fearful eyes.

“Go on,” Julie said quietly nudging the two woman in her life up the back stairs.

“But Jules,” Diana said full of fear for her lover’s life.

“I’ll be fine, but I’d do alot better if I don’t have to worry about the two of you. Now come on, up you go.”

“I don’t want to leave you, he’s my problem.” Diana replied stubbornly staying put at the bottom of the stairs. “I mean it, he is my problem, not yours, not even Mothers…”

“Bull shit Squirt! He is too my problem because I love you! Now go!” Her voice growing more agitated as she heard the butler’s voice rise. Julie knew her big, strong, silent butler was losing the battle and she itched to join the fray. But not till these two were safe would she budge an inch. Diana searched her love’s eyes and saw there was no use arguing,

“Come on Mother, we’ll call the police from upstairs, you be careful or else,” She said over shoulder to Julie as she led her mother up the stairs holding her hand. Christine nodded and meekly followed her daughter.

Relieved Julie headed out to the foyer. Julie saw that Robert their butler had physically restrained the drunken older man. She could also see that the poor loyal man was quite battered as a result. Julie shook her head and said in strong, commanding voice, “Let the drunken fool go, Robert. I’ll deal with him.”

“Julie, what the fuck did you say to make my whole family desert me?” He spat at her. He went toward her in a rage and tried to throw a punch toward her jaw but his hand was caught in a strong grip. The same hand was brought back against his back bringing the man to his knees. Julie’s face appeared calm but her eyes were wild and it was obvious that her adrenaline was pumping. She had the look of a wild animal protecting her young and if the fool before her hadn’t been so drunk he would of seen it and stopped right there.

“I said nothing, Don. They came of their own free will. They’re both happy. Let them be and get some help.” She said to the man calmly, hoping reason might reach him. It didn’t. With a sudden strength of drunken hate he pulled away from her rolled back and stood shakily before the young woman he had know all her life.

“Thats what you say! I say you stole my family you ungrateful bitch!!”

“How can I steal what is not yours? You haven’t been apart of this family since you took up the bottle. My Dad would be so ashamed of you,” Julie said sadly. She was fully prepared for his attack. She waited quietly, all her muscles were set and itching for him to move already.

She didn’t have long to wait, he tackled her full force. She easily side stepped his movement sending him crashing into the stairs.

“You are the one he’d be ashamed of! Stealing my family. Your Father owed me his life!! I saved him twice. Once in the army then once on the force. And you pay me back like this!!”

He once again attacked, and again Julie side stepped him. This time he fell into and broke a Chippendale chair belonging to the rented house.

“End this now, Don and I’ll help you. For my Father’s sake, for your family’s sake and mine. Please stop.” She asked compassionately.

“I’ll end it when I get my family back!”

As he tried to get at the woman before him once more he threw a punch right toward her face. Julie blocked it and with a smooth movement of her leg she effortlessly hit him in solar plexus knocking him down and out cold.

“Fool.” She said to the unconscious man at her feet.

The police arrived then and Julie calmly explained to them what had transpired. Robert also explained how he broke in and his mistress then handled the assailant before he could attack the family.

Julie also arranged that as soon as the legal proceedings were complete he’d be admitted into a local sanitarium at her expense. As this was happening two silent, teary eyed, woman came to stand on each side of Julie. Diana desperately engulfed the tall woman in an emotional hug demanding to know if she was all right.

“I’m fine, Squirt. Everything will be fine, I promise. I always keep my promises, don’t I?” She asked lifting the sobbing woman’s chin till she could see her green eyes.

“Always.” replied Diana between sobs of pain and relief.
Part 4
All of Hollywood was at Ciro’s that night. At a central table Julie sat with her family.

“I can’t believe all these famous people in one place. This is amazing, Jules.” Said Christine in an awed whisper.

Julie was amused. She found it totally endearing that her Godmother could be so star struck.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve been here, Auntie.” Julie reminded the older woman while her gaze wandered the room checking out each and every possible connection in one glance.

“Have you summed up the crowd yet, Jules?” Diana asked her love with a knowing grin.

“For all the good it does me. I have an exclusive contract with Pete. There are a hell of alot of big shots here tonight. I wonder if I could talk Pete into a loan out? I’m itching to do a new project.”

“You can talk anyone into anything. You know that.” Diana replied with a sparkle of naughtiness in her pretty green eyes.

“Really?” Julie replied with an answering smirk.

“Really.” Said Diana with her version of a knowing wink which greatly amused the woman across from her who had eyes only for the pretty blonde.

“I have a few ideas on that subject that we can discuss tonight.”

“I look forward to it.”

“Oh , so do I my friend. So do I.”

Christine rolled her eyes, they always got into these strange word games around her. She knew they didn’t mean it but it made her feel like a third wheel.

“Girls, I don’t know or care what you are sending messages about but would you mind tabling it around me? It makes me feel left out.” She said quietly to the two stunned woman.

Diana’s eyes widened and Julie could feel her own eyes well up as the two young woman instantly got up and embraced the older woman at the same time.

“Oh Mama, I’m so sorry…”

“Oh Auntie, please forgive us…”

They were kissing and hugging the older woman and saying endearments until the older woman thought to herself with amusement, ‘Oh boy, now they’re going too far the other way.’

“Ok, ok you two,” She finally said aloud patting both their backs in that time honored maternal way. “I know it’s a game and I’m fine really. I…Just wanted to remind you I was here.”

“Auntie, we knew that, believe me! I guess we just got carried away. I love you so dearly. You’re the closest person in my life to being a mother to me and I’d never ever forget about you…”

‘Shhhh, it’s okay, Jules. Oh and as far as I’m concerned you are an adopted daughter. No doubt in my mind about that.”

Julie smiled her thanks then glanced at Diana who nodded her approval to both woman. Diana then took her mother’s hand and said, “Mama, I will never let you feel left out. It’s very important to Julie and I that you feel a part of all this. Of us, we’re sorry that you…”

“Enough, I know I’m loved. Now let’s decide what to eat before the kitchen is empty.” The girls nodded and both started to study their menus.

Christine reflected as she read hers, ‘Yes girls, I know that I’m loved.’

* * * *

After dinner while sipping her coffee, Diana looked up and her big green eyes widened, “Jules, do you remember that redhead from the train?”

“Yes Squirt, why? ” Julie said as she sipped her coffee.

“Well she’s here and she’s staring at you again.”


“Behind you to the right.”

“I see,” She said briskly, “Excuse me a minute.”

“Jules, wait!”

But it was too late. Julie was striding across the restaurant toward the tall redhead briskly.

“May I ask what you find so damn fascinating?” Julie asked the woman without any preamble.

“I’m sorry, but you’re an actress and a model. Surely you are used to being looked at?” The woman asked in a cut glass English accent.

“Yes, but not this unrelenting continual stare you seem to enjoy so much! What is it about me that keeps you doing that?” Julie’s voice made it clear she was waiting for a reply to her question and would accept no other response.

“My name is Agatha Christie and this my new husband Max Mallowan. I was watching you both on the train and here due to the fact there is a bit of resemblance with a character I have written. Max and I are here to negotiate for a film version of my book, “Partners in Crime” and you are a perfect Tuppence, although you are a little taller then I had written her. I’m quite sorry I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“Agatha Christie, the famous mystery writer?”Julie asked stunned, “The one who wrote Hercule Poirot?”

“Yes, you’ve heard of me?”

“Of course, My best friend has read all your books so far and has been making me read them with enthusiasm. You’re very talented.”

Agatha shyly looked down, and Max smiled up at Julie, “My wife cannot stand praise. You’re right, though she is very talented,” He said kissing her on the cheek.

Agatha blushed a deep red and then said to Julie, “Would you be interested in playing Tuppence? I think you’d play her quite well.”

“I think Diana just picked it up. I’ll read it, but I’m under an exclusive contract and…”

“Let me talk to you producer, I can be quite persuasive in my own quiet way…”

“She sure can.” Max interrupted his wife with a laugh.

Julie smiled and her eyes twinkled, she liked this couple.

* * * *

“What was all that about?” Diana asked full of curiosity as Julie sat down at their table. She had made a quiet deal with Agatha, shook hands then rejoined her family.

“I think I may have just found my loan out. That was Agatha Christie, my sweet.”

Diana’s face fell, “Agatha Christie! Why didn’t you introduce me? She’s my favorite writer. Oh Julie, I may never get another opportunity. She lives in England…”

As much as she was enjoying her love’s pout what was to come was so much more delicious, “We’re having lunch with her tomorrow. Both of us…” Julie never finished, She was assaulted by one leaping, joyful blonde’s, bear hug. This caused Christine to burst into a fit of giggles. Diana kissed Julie’s cheek then each eye and almost landed one on her mouth before Julie gently pulled away with a smile and a very quiet whisper only Diana could hear, “Let’s continue this train of delicious thought privately, my love.”

Diana realized what she had almost done in public and in front of her Mother and turned beet red. “Oh God, I’m sorry…”

“Shhh, my love, it’s ok.” She squeezed her shoulder gently. Louder she said, “Let’s go home, you two.”

* * * *

That night after they made sure Christine was comfortably settled in for the night and had everything she needed, the two entered their room.

Closing the door, Julie opened her arms wide and said, “Care to continue our discussion?”

Diana didn’t need to be asked twice. She ran into the embrace, throwing her arms around Julie’s neck. To her surprise she found herself lifted off the ground as Julie carried her gently to their bed. After placing Diana down she put an arm on each side of her and lowered her body so they were inches apart but not touching.

“Now my love, what were you saying?’

Diana caressed Julie’s cheek and said, “Come a little closer, my sweet. I need to whisper something in your ear.”

Julie smiled and lowered her body so that they were now touching but she was not crushing the smaller woman. Diana trembled as she felt Julie’s soft breath on the side of her face.

“Is this close enough?”

“Oh yes,” Diana replied hoarsely, bringing her arms around Julie’s neck and making a trail of kisses down her neck to the treasures below.

“Interesting debating technique you have there Squirt.” Julie said seductively, panting slightly as she took a delicate ear in her mouth to nibble gently.

Both slowly lost themselves in this passionate discussion and soon soared to the place of enchantment that only lovers go.

* * * *

Diana was cuddled deep in Julie’s embrace, her head lightly on the taller woman’s shoulder and her arms encircling her waist. Julie’s arms were tightly wound around Diana’s waist and she was gently nuzzling her head against the smaller woman’s sweet smelling hair.


“Mmmm,” Was the deeply contented reply from her companion.

“Thank you,” She said simply with a warm smile.

“Thank you too,” Julie replied as she kissed a golden eyebrow.

“Oh no, I mean I loved our “discussion” but what I meant was for inviting me to meet one of my favorite writers. You didn’t have to…”

“Oh Squirt, I wanted to. I think it’s the least I can do…”

“What do you mean? Julie, you don’t owe me anything. All I want is your love.” She sat up slightly so she could look into the older woman’s eyes.

Blue eyes moistened, she hugged Diana tightly. “Oh My Love, You have all the love my heart can give, every ounce! I hope you know that by now?” She asked looking deeply into glistening green eyes.

Diana nodded, “Of course I do.”

Julie kissed her deeply, and when they gently parted, still panting, she brought them back into their cuddle. Quietly she said to her love, “What I mean is that I owe you for the joy and happiness you’ve brought into my life. No success would be complete with out you, My Love. So I couldn’t think of meeting some one you admire so without you present. Do you understand, sweetheart?”

Diana nodded her head, then hugged tighter.

“Yes, I do, My Love. I can’t believe you feel that way. You, my sweet kind, generous Love make my life complete. You make me so happy that I’ve never noticed what I do for you. Thank you for telling me. I t means a lot that it’s mutual.”

“Oh very mutual. And you’re welcome. Now let’s continue our earlier “discussion”, shall we?”

Diana had no arguments over that loving suggestion and their “discussion” went on well into the night, both woman’s hearts thumping with joy.

* * * *

Julie and Tom Mix were both in robes on a desert set waiting for their next scene. They both were busy studying lines when Tom looked up and smiled.


“Yea, Tom?”

“Are you going to the wrap party tomorrow at my house?”

“Do I have a choice?’


“Then yes I’m going. I’ll have to find something nice for Diana and I to wear though.”

“She’s such a sweet little girl. Did you know she’s been helping me with my lines?”

“Yea, She was really pleased to help you. Did she, or were you being nice to her? I’m grateful to you either way, Tom.”

Tom smiled gently, “She was very, very helpful. In fact, she’s even offered me some valuable insight. She’s very bright. She’s also totally devoted to you. You’re really very lucky to have some like her as a friend. It’s a rare thing to find someone who cares about you that deeply.”

“I know, Tom. She’s more then rare, she’s one of a kind. And I’m very grateful for every day that she is in my life.”

“Good,” He paused then looked up as he saw the object of their conversation heading towards them. “She’s heading our way now, you know.”

Julie looked up and her face lit up. Tom was amazed. The woman before him was already beautiful but she glowed when her young friend was near her.

“Hi,” Diana said to both of them and handed Julie a manila envelope.

“This is from Pete.”

Julie looked at the outside, then she ripped it open along the edge. Inside was an 8X10 of Louise Brooks and it was personally signed to Julie. “From one Modern Woman to another, Your Friend, Louise Brooks.” There was another note from Pete attached, “I told her about you and she was flattered so she sent this along. I hope you’re enjoying life out there. Spoke to Agatha Christie and it seems you enchanted her too. Not a surprise. I’ll be in touch, Love, Pete.”

“I see Agatha had her little talk with him. This is his way of saying that I may be out of his sight but I’m not out of his thoughts…”

“You mean he’s trying to manipulate you? Bribe you?” Tom asked a bit protectively. He’d become very close to both young women and he felt a fatherly, protective streak surface.

“Oh, Pete wouldn’t do that.” Diana said with confidence in her employer and friend.

“He would, Squirt. But he would never, ever try to pull that with me. He knows better. He may try to persuade me but never manipulate me because I’d see it coming faster then he could throw it. No this is his way of reminding me that he cares and that he’ll let me do “Partners in Crime.” ”

Diana smiled, “Oh I know he is. Look what else came in the studio mail for you.” Diana pulled another thicker envelope from behind her back.

“What is it?” Julie asked as she reached out her hand to accept the package being handed to her with such a bright smile from her little love.

“A contract and the script. First stages of course and it is already being sent to the writer’s room for rewrite but they wanted you to start studying it in case you have any suggestions. Man, that Agatha is a fast worker. She’s so nice and shy, Tom. Do you know her?”

“No, I haven’t had the pleasure, little one. I’m a cowpoke so the brass rarely introduce me to dignitaries unless they ask to meet me. They love the money I bring in but their embarrassed by my forthright manner.”

“Then it’s their loss I think you’re great!” Diana said honestly and looked toward Julie for agreement.

“Absolutely, Squirt. It’s their loss indeed.”

Tom blushed and looked down. Then he squeezed Diana’s shoulder and said, “You are just too sweet Little One.”

Julie smiled. Everyone loved Diana.

“Anyway, Agatha was really kind to Jules and I at lunch the other day. She was very funny too. I really liked her. Didn’t you Jules?” Diana was trying to save Tom from his embarrassment and change the subject. Julie smiled in admiration of her friend’s kindness and discretion.

“What wasn’t to like? She’s very nice. And she was quite enchanted with you, Squirt.”

Diana blushed beet red causing both Julie and Tom to smile brightly.

“Oh yea, Jules. That’s why she was so fascinated by you.”

“Not me; my look. I’m a character study. You were a fascinating luncheon guest.”

“Like you weren’t?”

“Not like you were.”

“Ok, ok” interrupted Tom laughing hardily. “You’re giving me a headache you two. Let’s say she found you both enchanting and call it a draw, deal?”

Julie and Diana looked at each other and big smiles broke out on both their faces, “Deal.” They answered at the same exact moment causing them both to laugh and give each other an affectionate hug.

Tom just shook his head and laughed and went back to studying his script. The girls sat down next to him and began to go over Julie’s lines. It was also decided that Christine would come to the wrap party so they were going out gown shopping for the three of them that night. Julie hated shopping but even that was fun with the Squirt along.

‘She just brings joy to even the most tedious task. Yes Tom, I’m damn lucky to have her in my life.’
Part 5
“I really don’t think I should go.” Christine said looking from one beseeching face to the other.

“Please Mama, we want you to so much,” Diana asked in a sweet voice hugging her mother and looking at her with big, round, puppy dog eyes.

“Auntie, you can’t be more wrong. You are so very important to me and that made you essential to the film.” Julie added bringing her arms around both woman bringing them close to her heart physically where they already were emotionally.

“Girls, come now. I’d stick out like a sore thumb.”

“Tom invited you, Auntie.”

“He was being polite.”

“Tom ‘s a movie star. He doesn’t have to be polite. He likes you and wants you to come. Doesn’t he Squirt?”

“Yes, Mama he does. He has shown you that. Didn’t he invite you to lunch several times and he invited you to his birthday party. He likes you Mama. He doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to. Besides Jules and I bought you a beautiful dress…”

“Cost a fortune, and it’s an original, Auntie. I can’t take it back,” Julie said sincerely thinking with an inner smile, ‘Good thinking, My Love.’

Christine looked stunned. She looked from blue eyes to green to blue again and knew she had just lost the argument.

“Ok girls, it looks like I’m going to my first Hollywood Party.”

Two big beautiful smiles flashed before her and Christine thought, ‘How can I say no to that?’

* * * * *

“Jules, do you think you can help me?” Diana asked with her back to her love.

“Now, how would you like my help, my love? Should make myself happy and bring the zipper down or should I satisfy the social mores and bring it up?”

Diana’s back was turning pink as the words sunk in. She looked over her shoulder shyly, “Jules…”

Julie laughed gently and zipped her up. “Ok, ok,” She said quietly, kissing the lovely neck. “I don’t get to have any fun…”

Diana turned around still in her lovers arms and said, “Oh, I don’t know. I think you will have the fun of bringing this the other way later…” Warm sensual lips interrupted her midsentence. Then a knock on the door made them both jump. They looked at each other and smiled as they each resumed their rituals of dressing.

“Come in,” Julie called as she went to the mirror to put on her earrings and brush her bangs.

“You both look lovely,” Christine said as she walked in smiling.

“Told you so, Squirt,” She said to the shy blonde as she brushed her hair.

“No Jules, You said I look drop dead gorgeous, which I don’t…”

“You do!”

“No, you look drop dead gorgeous. I look merely cute.”

“Hardly! Doesn’t she look drop dead gorgeous, Auntie?”

“Oh no you don’t. I’m not going to get in the middle of one of these. I can tell you my darling daughter that you do look more then cute, though.”




‘Oh boy!’

* * * * *

The three woman entered Tom Mix’s back yard which had been transformed into a desert set. Diana and her mother were both overwhelmed by the lushness of the surroundings and the fame and wealth of the crowd. They both stuck by Julie who found the display a rather silly Hollywood show but knew it was expected of Tom and his wife and took it in her stride.

One person’s eyes in the crowd did not follow the threesome in admiration. No this player watched them pass with greed and hate. The man stayed out of Julie’s scope but watched her with all the ugliness that jealously develops and this person was very, very ugly inside.

Julie felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and she looked carefully for the danger but saw none. She trusted her instincts and brought her arms protectively around Christine and Diana whispering, “I just got that feeling, so stay close to me you two.”

Both woman looked at Julie in surprise. Her voice was calm but as Diana looked at her she saw that veneer of danger that she hadn’t seen in quite some time.

“Jules, we are close and I don’t think we had any intention of moving out of your sight. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, Squirt. I just feel the presence of something evil. Something watching us with cruelty. Let’s just make this a short evening. Ok?”

“Fine by me,” Replied Christine now doubly uncomfortable.

“Yes, I really don’t want to stay either. Let’s just say hello to Tom and go.”

Julie nodded and briskly led her family toward their host. She was fearful that this evil would follow them home. Unfortunately her instincts were right. It was about to do just that.

* * * *

The next morning Julie and Diana were out for their run when the phone rang. Christine who was just fininshing cooking breakfast answered it, “Hello.”

“Do you know what those two perverts you live with do at night?” said an unfamiliar voice in her ear.

Christine blinked and stared at the creamy white instrument like it was a snake.


“Damn it lady are you blind or just plain stupid?”

“Who is this?”

“A friend to you. Get the hell out of there before all hell breaks loose.”

“What are you talking about?” She was now shaking.

There was a cruel laugh on the phone followed by, “You’ll see.”

Then there was a click and the dial tone.

Just then the door burst open and Christine screamed. Julie and Diana were both shocked by the reaction and ran to the frightened woman.

“What’s wrong Mama?”

“Auntie darling, you’re shaking like a leaf, ” She gently led her God-Mother to a chair at the kitchen table. The older woman was now shaking and crying, the girls were desperately trying to calm her.

Finally taking a deep breath she looked at the two younger woman and said shakily, “I just got a horrible phone call.”

Julie was suddenly very alert and took both Christine’s hands in hers asking quietly, “What did the person say?”

“He said I was blind and stupid. That you two were perverts and all hell was going to break loose,” Then Christine broke down and was sobbing onto Julie’s shoulder.

Julie carefully placed Christine in her daughter’s waiting arms and began to pace the kitchen her face becoming a mask of pure rage. “He did, did he? We’ll just see about that. Take your Mom to her room and stay with her. I need to make a few telephone calls…”


“Don’t ask questions right now! You really don’t want to know the answers…”

“I do…”

“No, sweetheart, believe me you don’t. Now you two go on up…” she gently nudged the two most important people in her life up the back stairs. She watched to make sure they both went all the way up them before she approached the phone.

‘Well I never thought I’d need a favor from this person, but he does owe me 10 or 12.’ She smiled grimly to herself as she dialed a number from memory.

* * * *

Christine was in a little ball in her bed being taken care of by a very worried Diana. She was worried about both her mother and that horrible angry look that had come over Julie’s face. She hadn’t seen that look for a very long time, though she remembered that there was time she was rarely with out it. When Diana was a very little girl and Julie was teenager she ran for the mob. She was abandoned and angry. The only time she was the real Julie was in her their house. It was a scary time. Julie finally found modeling and left that life never looking back.

“Oh Mama, please rest, ” As she brushed back her mother’s hair and rubbed her shoulder in a soothing gesture.

“Why did he call you perverts?”


“I asked you a simple question, young lady.”

“But Mama…”

“I know it was an evil man but he talked like he knew something that I didn’t. So what did he mean?”

“Mama, I really don’t think that this is the time for this discussion, you’re hysterical and…”

“Diana Jane, why did that man say that about you?”

“Because…” Diana’s mouth was quivering and suddenly she couldn’t stand anymore. Then there was a set of strong arms around her. She was gently being guided to a chair by the dressing table. Julie looked at her love sadly then turned grimly toward her God-Mother, “Because in a way, Auntie I guess the world might see that as true. The blackmailer knows that this will ruin my career …”

“But what is it?”

Julie took a deep breath, walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. She looked at the only person in her life that she would have called a mother figure and knew what she was about to say could ruin everything. Then she looked at Diana. She was crying but she nodded her head indicating that Julie should tell Christine the truth.

“Auntie, this will probably destroy our relationship but you deserve the truth because I do love you. We…Diana and I ..are..well we’re” She finally said quietly and then closed her eyes waiting for God-Mother to explode into a thousand little pieces.

Christine looked at her daughter who nodded her head and then looked at her beloved God-Daughter who looked like the roof was about to collapse on top of her. ‘It’s an adjustment and bit of shock. But I still love them both deeply,’ She thought to herself.

“Julie,” Bringing her God-Daughter’s head up with the tip of her fingers, “I think I already knew.”

Julie’s eyes widened, “And?” She asked shyly.

“I only have one question. Did you seduce my…”

“No Mama! She didn’t. She couldn’t.. She wouldn’t do something like that…I…”

Julie held her arms out to the younger woman and Diana gladly ran into them. Julie hushed and comforted her for a few moments then looked up at her God-Mother and quietly said, “No Auntie. It was gradual and mutual. I couldn’t force this little sprite to do anything, you know? She’s too stubborn and I love her far too much. We just… It just happened, Auntie, we didn’t…”

“Okay, okay. I understand. I’m very hurt but I understand…”

“Hurt Mama?”

“Yes hurt, Diana. Why couldn’t you two confide in me before? Why didn’t you trust me?”She looked at the two girls and started to cry again.

Julie and Diana both enveloped her in an embrace. Then Julie answered quietly, “We didn’t want to shock or anger you. We both love you dearly but you are Diana’s mother and…”

“I love you both unconditionally, Damn it! What the hell do I have to do to prove that to you.?”

Diana and Julie looked at each other then the older woman.

“You just did Mama.”

* * * * *

After finally settling Christine down to take a nap, Julie’s next task was to try to soothe her young love’s bruised spirit. She was cuddling Diana in their bed and reassuring her with soothing words while her mind tried to work out a plan to bring the black- mailer out into the open so she could get the son of a bitch.


“Yes, my love.”

“Mama really loves you.”

“Yes, I know that…”

“She accepts us, you know…”

“Not totally, my love. She does love us deeply enough not to let her doubts destroy our bond though.”

“What do you mean?”

“She loves us both fiercly. Because of that, even though it goes against her religious training she will accept this. I can’t blame her for that. I’m just grateful that she loves us enough to allow us our… freedom.”

“So it isn’t Mama that has put this expression on your face?”

“What expression?” Julie looked deep into concerned green eyes and kissed the little nose in front of her.

Diana smiled but she pulled back, “You can’t distract me, my love. You have that expression that you had when you were a teenager and you became a runner…”

“How did you know…”

“You told me…”

“I didn’t…”

“Yes, you did. I was 6 years old and you figured that I didn’t know what you were talking about anyway, so you told me one day while we were playing in my room because you were scared… Jules you’re not…”

“No, my smart little brat! I’m not.” Julie kissed her deeply and it was returned in earnest but when Julie pulled back she saw by the expression on Diana’s face that she wasn’t going to accept anything but the truth.

Julie took a deep breath and shifted slightly so she was looking out the window. “Out there, Diana is someone who hates me enough to try and destroy everything I love and care about. I have to fight him. The only way I can do that is to get some powerful allies. I …already called someone to…well I am owed a few favors and I’m about to collect on them to make sure we’re all right.”


Julie hugged Diana tightly, “That is a very a good question. It is still to be determined. I’m meeting an old acquaintance for lunch tomorrow to discuss it.”

“Will it be dangerous?”

“Not to you or your mother.”


“I don’t know yet, Sweetheart.”

“Please don’t…”Diana started to cry.

Julie tightened her embrace and petted her hair, “I will be fine, I promise my love, I promise.”

“Really?” Tear-filled eyes looked up at her.

“Really, my love and you know I always keep my promises.”

The Coconut Grove was empty as Julie entered it. This was not a meeting that she was looking forward to but it was nesscary.

Mickey Cohen watched as the tall beauty entered the night club. She wore a cream silk blouse and black slacks with gold shoes and matching jewelry. She dressed with her usual casual elegance but he could see that she was still deadly.

“You look as beautiful as always, Jules.”

“Thanks. Look Mick can we cut the small talk? I’m really anxious to talk business. I need to get it over quickly and get back to my family.” Julie said quietly, sitting briskly across from the powerful crime boss.

“Sure Baby. What’s the problem?”

Julie smiled at the “Baby”. That was what they called her when she was a runner because she was so young. Then her face dimmed slightly as she answered her former cheif, “I’m being blackmailed, Mick.”

“How much?”

“Nothing yet, he has only talked to my family not me, yet. I need to nip this in the bud, Mick”

“I see. What’s the bastard got?”

“My lifestyle.”

“Excuse me?”

“You wouldn’t approve, Mick.”

“You’d be surprised, Baby.”

“All right…”Julie took a deep breath, “I’m in love with a woman.”

Mickey raised an eyebrow, ” A lot of broken hearts in the male population I’d say…”

Julie’s eyebrows shot up, “What?”

Mickey laughed, “In my line of work, Baby, I’ve seen it all. No it does not shock me. I take it that this is a good person and you want to protect her?”

Julie merely nodded.

“Do you want to be involved in the show down?”

“You bet your ass I do!”

“I see. Okay I think we can work something out.”

“I don’t owe a damn thing for this, Mickey…”

“I know that, Baby. You gave us a lot in the old days before you went straight. No I think I’ll take a great pleasure in hurting this scum bag.”

Julie smiled and sat back thinking, ‘Oh Man, I can’t wait till this comes down you piece of shit. You picked the wrong victim this time and you’re going to pay a high price for this mistake I promise you and like I told Diana I always keep my promises.

* * * *

Diana was pacing in the living room waiting for Julie to return from her meeting when the phone rang. She stared at the phone then slowly went over and picked up the receiver hoping it was Julie. It wasn’t.


“Well if it isn’t the Moviestar’s whore.”

“Who is this?”

“Never mind that. I really enjoyed talking to your mother.”

“What do you want from us?”

“Money of course. How about $20,000 to start?”

“What?” Diana nearly dropped the phone.

“Now, now I think that’s quite reasonable. If I were to add that Daddy Dearest is in the good old nut house, I should probably increase it to $40,000.”

“How do you know this…”

“Just tell that Bitch what I said,” And then there was a dial tone in her ear. Diana stood there staring at the phone she had in her hand in shock. She was shaking and crying.

Christine came into the living room to find her daughter staring blindly at the receiver in her hand. She slowly approached her daughter, “Honey…”

“Oh Mama,” Diana dropped the phone and threw her arms around her mother’s neck. Christine enfolded the desperately sobbing girl in her arms.

Julie found Christine trying to calm the young woman. She dropped her purse and ran to her love.

“What the hell happened?” She asked as she gently enfolded both woman in her strong, comforting arms.

“I don’t know honey, this is how I found her.”

“Come here, baby.” Julie gently untangled Diana from Christine and took the hysterical girl fully in her own arms. Over Diana’s head she looked beseechingly at her God-Mother and asked, “Could you get her some hot tea, Auntie?”

Christine smiled weakly, ‘Now I really see why I must accept this, my God she loves her so much.’ Christine thought to herself as she nodded her head and went to the kitchen.

Diana slowly calmed in Julie’s comforting arms and as she breathed a little easier she could understand the comforting endearments that Julie was whispering in her ear.

Julie heard Diana’s breathing even out and she slowly backed up a little so she could see her love’s face. She gently wiped her eyes and kissed her lovingly on the forehead. She asked her very quietly, “Can you tell me what happened?”

Diana nodded and took a deep breath feeling better just having Julie near her again, “It was a man. I think it was the same one Mama spoke heard from. He wants $40,000 Julie!”

“Shhh, it’s ok, sweetheart. What else did the bastard say?”

Julie was still hugging her and patting her back in slow rhythmic movements. She was trying to soothe her while getting the information they needed.

“Oh Julie, he found out about Daddy in the sanitarium. That’s why he’s asking for so much. He wants to destroy us.” She broke down crying again.

“How the hell did find out about that? Who the hell is this guy?” She asked quietly but intensely.

“I don’t know…I…”

“Shhh, it’s ok…I’ve got a plan in motion. He will not get away with this, sweetheart. I promise you, I promise.” She gently lifted Diana’s chin and looked into her eyes. “I’ve never broken a promise to you, have I?”

“No,” Said a very teary voice. “Julie, What’s your plan?”

Julie didn’t want to tell her about Mickey. She didn’t want to lie to her either. “Diana I can’t tell anyone that, not even you. I need you to trust me on this. Can you do that?”

Diana had a feeling that she didn’t want to know, but she did trust Julie. “I trust you, my love. I’m just scared…”

“I know…I am too. I just need some time to get the plan into action. This man has way too much information and I really don’t want to say anything out loud. He may have a listening device. I…Diana I may…” ‘Damn, how do I tell her how dangerous this is…’Julie was thinking to herself.

Diana looked up at her and smiled bravely breaking Julie’s heart in the process, “I understand…you’re protecting us. I’m just…scared…I want us to be…safe I guess.”

“I know, sweetheart. I do too. I just don’t understand how anyone at the studio could know our private business. How do they know about your father?”

Christine had reentered the room, “They know about my husband?”

“Yes Mama. He said it on the phone.”

“Julie, what are we going to do?” Christine asked, as scared as her daughter was now.

“We are going to win!”
Part 6
Mickey watch in fascination as the beautiful dark woman paced liked a panther on a prowl. She was all in black and looked more deadly then in their last meeting.

“Baby could you please sit down, you’re making me nervous!”

Julie spun around and the expression on her face was a mask of pure rage.

“Mick, I’m in no mood to kid. My family is being tortured by this bastard. He has reduced the two most important people in my life to tears. I will not allow this to continue I …”

“I know, Baby. I know. We are going to get a handle on this, but pacing aint going to help. So sit down.”

Julie looked at him and raised an elegant eyebrow, then she gracefully lowered her self to a seat beside him, “When Mickey, when?”

A man entered the office and went straight to Mickey Cohen. He handed the crime boss a sealed envelope and left again with out acknowledging Julies’s presence. Mickey opened the envelope and read the contents without uttering a word.

Slowly he raised his eyes and met Julie’s tired anxious ones, “Well kiddo, we know who he is…”

Julie, who was looking out the window, turned and the expression on her face would of scared Diana to death. Gone was the serenely beautiful movie star in her place was the hawk like look of a protective predator. It intrigued the crime figure that this sophisticated woman still had her dark side and that she could call it up so easily.

“Who the hell is the Son of a Bitch?” Her quiet voice had an edge of steel in it.

“A stooge at the studio name Edwardo, He’s…”

“He’s Gil Martin’s assistant and he’s had the hots for Diana since we came here. Shit. What is that little twerp after?” Julie said pacing like an animal in a cage.

“Money,” Mick answered simply.

Julie sighed and sunk into a chair again. “No old friend, this more then that. This cruel and depraved, it’s more like revenge. But why? We have never been anything to him but kind and courteous. This Son of a Bitch!” She growled in frustration.

Mickey shook his head, “Julie, I know you’ve never experienced it but unrequited love can mangle and destroy a person’s soul. It has given me many a good assassin I can tell you. You’re far too sane to understand it.

Julie nodded her and closed her eyes. Speaking with them remaining closed, “Well, what do we do now?”

Mickey looked at the exhausted woman in front of him. “You go home and get some sleep. I’ll make all the arrangements.”

Julie’s eyes snapped open and her face showed that she was definitely going to protest this. She wanted in on the planning.

“Stop.” He forstalled her protest, “You are useless to me and to your family in this state. Go home to your good girl and get some sleep, Baby. You’re sure as hell gonna need it.”

Julie nodded. There was no arguing with his logic. “Ok, I’ll go but if you don’t call me I’ll…”

“Oh for God’s sake, I’ll call you! Now go! Sleepy beautiful woman are annoying to me, Go.”

Julie face warmed into a smile, “Good nite, Mick.”

“Good nite, Baby.”

* * * *

An exhausted Julie slipped through the back door of her home and quietly went up the back steps. She walked into the dark room that she shared with Diana and saw a figure that appeared to be asleep. She walked slowly to her closet and began to undress in the dark. She stretched and yawned as she disrobed like a sleep walker blindly going about a nightly prowl.

“You can turn the light on, My Love.”

Julie turned around and smiled as the light on nightstand went on to display before her eyes the figure of a rumpled angel. “Hi.”

“Hi, how did it go?”

“Diana, I really don’t want you involved in any of this it’s too damn dangerous and…”

“My darling, I am involved.”

Julie nodded, and walked into her closet to continue to get ready for bed and much needed sleep. As she changed into her sleep clothes her voice softly drifted into the bedroom, “You’re right, Sweetheart. Unfortunately he’s made you involved. It’s someone we know squirt…I do need you to know who this is, so you can protect yourself and stay away from him. But please, Squirt don’t let any kind of tip get to him,” Julie came out in a man’s long cotton shirt that she usually wore to sleep in. Her long legs peeping out as she strode to their bed. She slipped between the sheets and looked deeply into Diana’s eyes she asked her searchingly, “Can you do that, for me?”

Diana slipped her arms around the tired woman’s and brought her into a more comfortable cuddle, “Yes Jules, I can do that. Come on My Love, relax now. I’m here and we’re all safe.”

Julie nodded and placed a very tired head on Diana’s comfortable shoulder. “Do you want to know who the bastard is?” She asked with her eyes closed.

“Yes,” Diana replied kissing her forehead.

Julie smiled in reaction to the kiss and snuggled even more into her favorite pillow.

“It’s Edwardo,”She said very quietly.

Diana stiffened in Julies arms as Julie’s eyes popped open, “Jules why?”

“My love, he’s been nuts about you since we got to Los Angeles. I guess his love has turned into hate which he’s twisted into this bizarre revenge. Don’t worry, Sweetheart, I’ll take care of this. I promised didn’t I?”

Green eyes bored into blue, “How Julie?”

“Never you mind…”


“Diana, shhh, I will take care of it…”

“It’s we’ll take care of it or I’ll confront him myself…”

Julie popped up and held Diana’s shoulders tightly, “Oh no you don’t. Diana be realistic. This man is crazy. He’s in love with you and you are in very great danger from him. Don’t go anywhere near him, please.”Julie pleaded to her love with all that was within her.

Diana’s eyes were wide with fear, “Ok, Julie, I’m scared. I see him every day… what am I supposed to do?”

Julie hugged Diana tightly and patted her head, “Nothing squirt. I”ll take care of it. You don’t go near him. I won’t let him hurt you, My Love.” Tears were now falling down the tired woman’s cheeks.

“Ok, we’ll do it your way.” Diana said quietly kissing Julie’s eyes trying to take away some the fear for her love. Julie’s fear didn’t surprise Diana she just hated to see the strong woman hurting because she loved her.

Julie began to kiss Diana tenderly and said, “Thank you, my stubborn one. I know that its difficult for you, but I promise you we will not be tormented by this man for long.” Then she kissed her again deeply with all the love in her soul. Diana returned the searing kiss with equal passion feeling the sense of belonging she always felt when they were together.

When they separated, Diana chucked the older woman’s chin and said, “Get some sleep now, My Love. I have a feeling we’re going to need it.”

“You’re right and we will. Goodnight Sweetheart.” Julie said once again as she cuddled deep into the arms of the most important person in her life.

* * * *

Diana and Julie were in Julie’s dressing room. Julie was not in a great mood. She was pacing the floor and snapping at anyone who came near her except Diana. With Diana she went in the other direction. Diana found it endearing and annoying that she was overtly considerate of her every need and desire, making sure the smaller woman rested and ate. The part was that was annoying to Diana was that in being so concerned for her and her Mom, Julie had been ignoring herself, only resting and eating when Diana insisted. Diana was more worried about Julie right now, then the threat against them. Julie was about to begin “Partners In Crime” by Agatha Christie in only one week, so she was on edge by both the threat against their lives and her pending film which could better their fiancees by putting Julie up for more starring vehicles where she wasn’t a tramp or a vamp.

“Julie.”Diana said quietly.

“Yes Squirt?” Julie turned from her pacing and Diana was amazed at the change of expression. She had gone from icy rage to sweet warmth in a matter of seconds.

“Please sit, you’re going to get sick.”

Julie looked at her love and sighed. Nodding her head she quietly sat in a directors chair by the dressing table, “I’m sorry Squirt.”

Diana smiled sweetly at her love and calmly went to stand by her side. Softly she stoked her beautiful dark hair, “Don’t be sorry. I know it’s pure worry. I just don’t want you to get sick because of it. I want you healthy and in one piece when this is all over.”

Julie reached up and stroked Diana’s cheek, “I won’t get sick. It’s not possible with you to care for me.”

The phone rang and Julie’s long arm reached out and grabbed the receiver.

She played with Diana’s long hair as she quietly said , “Hello.”


Julie’s voice deepened and she smiled at Diana as she removed her hand and straightened in her chair. “Hi. Any news?”

Diana knew that this was about the threat and sat down in the other chair.

“Yep, we’re set for tomorrow night on Mulholland Drive at 11pm. I’ll send a boy with a map for you. I think it should be an interesting meet.”

A feral grin washed over Julies face as she said softly into the phone,”Oh so do I. Thanks, Mick. bye.”

“Bye, Baby. See you then.”

“Right,” She turned toward Diana who looked anything but happy.

“I’m meeting Edwardo tomorrow night at 11pm.”

“Don’t you mean we?”

“No Squirt, I mean me. This is going to be very dangerous. You are not trained for this, but I am.” She rose gracefully and said sweetly, “Don’t worry I’ll be fine. I promised didn’t I?”

Diana nodded her head as tears flowed down her cheeks. Julie smiled sweetly and gently wiped away the tears, and then kissed her forehead. “Come on, my darling you know I always keep my promises.”

The blonde silently nodded her head but the tears did not stop.

Julie engulfed her in a hug. “I’ll be all right, Squirt. I won’t be alone you know and he’s not expecting that. Please don’t cry I don’t think I can’t take 24 hours of a miserable girlfriend on top of everything else.”

Diana nodded and said quietly, “Ok Julie, I’ll try.”

Julie nodded and hugged her again. Then she pulled back and wiped her love’s face gently with her thumbs, “Will you help me with my lines?” She asked the younger woman with a very gentle sparkle in her blue eyes.

Diana smiled just barely and nodded.

* * * *

Julie waited by the side of the road. She was once again pacing and looked quite deadly in black jeans, black silk blouse, black leather jacket and a wicked looking pair of leather cowboy boots.

Suddenly there was a light at the end of the side street they were on, coming from the other direction. Julie looked to her left to make sure that the Mickey’s boys were in place; they were.

The car stopped. It was a black Mercedes and Edwardo stepped out, “Julie, ”

He said with a smirk.

“Edward,” she replied her voice more of growl then anything else.

He smiled cruelly, “I thought you’d appreciate the company so I brought a friend of yours with me,” He signaled another man and the other side of the car opened and a terrified Diana was brought out, her hands bound behind her struggling with her captor.

Julie’s eyes narrowed at the man and she growled, “Why did you do that, you Bastard!!”

“To ensure your cooperation of course. This way we will be spared any theatrics on your part.”

Julie’s mind was reeling. How was he going to protect Diana with Mickey’s troops ready to strike? In her panic Julie didn’t foresee two obstacles to Edwardo’s plan; Diana and Mickey Cohen.

Diana, unseen by her captors, had been untying the knots in the ropes behind her. Her tiny, strong hands made mince meat of the inept knots that Edwardo’s thug had used. Luckily the man knew squat about how to tie a good sailor’s knot so Diana was almost free to escape and help Julie.

Out of view Mickey had circled around the car to grab his friend’s Love. He had guessed the scum bag would try something like this. So he had always intended to put himself in this position of sneaking from behind. He didn’t want to worry Julie with the possibility so he just made sure he was there ready to help when the time inevitably came. Unfortunately it did.

“So do you want your money or not?” Julie asked seeing Mickey was sneaking up to help Diana. Relieved and grateful to Mick’s foresight, She leaned slightly against the hood of her Rolls Royce.

Edwardo looked at her and said sarcastically, “Aren’t you worried about your little friend?”

“Yes, I want to give you this and leave with her. Are you going to let me do that?”

“I’m so glad you’re worried, Bitch. Cause I’m not letting you near her. You see I think I’m far better for you then you are. She needs the right man to straighten her out and Bimbo from Hell, I’m that man. So no I will not be letting you leave with her.”

Diana gasped behind him, he didn’t bother to look. He merely laughed cruelly and said, “Don’t worry my sweet Diana, I will show you how to be a real woman.”

“How could you, when you’re not even a real man.” She saw that Diana was safe. The gasp was surprise when Mickey grabbed the small woman from behind and took her to the safety of his car one block away.

Edwardo turned as if to grab Diana. Just as as he did he was hit by a flying foot of the graceful Julie. The blow hit him right in the groin. He doubled over in pain and whistled for his men. They were briskly met by Mickey’s men and his jaw was met with Julie’s fist. He fell to his side again but recovered quickly and rolled toward his quick moving assailant. “You Bitch!” He yelled as he pulled a knife from his belt and plunged it into Julie’s skin.

“NO!” was heard from a few yards away where Diana watched with Mickey. He held her back till one of his boys finished what Julie had started. When he saw it was safe he let the young blonde woman run to Julie who was in a heap on the floor pale as a ghost with blood seeping from a large gash to her leg.

“Get a saw bones here quick before she bleeds to death that bastard hit a main artery,” Mickey said to one of his boys and then looked down to see Diana holding an unconscious Julie crying wildly.
Part 7
Julie walked briskly through a plush forest. She was amazed by the beauty but was concerned by how quiet it was. ‘Where am
I? How the hell did I get here?’ She thought as she continued to walk. She came to a clearing and could see a clear beautiful river with a waterfall. ‘No car noises, no pollution, no airplane engines…Oh my God…I’m dead. I…Oh I can’t be…no I have so much to live for… so much to do…I promised Diana…’ She sat down on a log and started to sob uncontrollably.

“You’re not dead.” Said a familiar voice behind her.

Julie looked up quickly and looked over her shoulder at …herself. She was different and yet the same. She had clear blue eyes and raven black hair like Julie had when she was a teenager. She looked older then Julie though and had what Julie could only call an amused and compassionate expression on her face.


“A friend.” Said the woman quietly as she sat down next her descendant on the log with a sweet smile.

“You’re a dead ringer for me.” Julie said with awe.

“Nice choice of phrase, Jules.” The woman said with a chuckle.

Julie cautiously smiled back and said. “Yeah, wasn’t thinking. So I’m not dead? Then where am I?”

“You’re in…well let’s just say you’re unconscious and your poor body is in so much pain it needed a peaceful place to recover. Also I really wanted to thank you.”

Julie digested all this with amazement. “Thank me?”

“Well it isn’t every day I get to see how far a descendant of mine can take her life in directions I never even dreamed of. I am so very proud of you, Julie. You have had a very hard life and you truly have made something of yourself without ever really hurting anyone. That’s something I could never achieve and I spent my whole life time trying to atone for it…I also want to thank you for taking such good care of… Diana. She’s done well too. I’m very proud of both you. You are both on excellent paths; I just thought you’d like to know that your ancestors are very proud of you…” The woman got up and went to the edge of the water to get control of her emotions.

Julie blinked back tears she didn’t even know were falling and asked. “Who are you?”

I am your ancestor, that’s all you really need to know,” The woman replied quietly with her back to Julie. “Julie just keep doing what you’re doing.” The tall beauty turned back to Julie and her face was composed again but there were still tears in her eyes. “You’re going to be going back soon… Give a hug to Diana from me….remember we’re very proud of both of you…”

As the woman talked the image started to fade to white, but she heard the words ringing in her ears and a sweet smile was on Julie’s face as her eyes opened and the first thing they fell on was the teary green eyes she most needed to see.

“Julie, oh thank God!” The young blonde said sobbing with relief.

Julie tried to get up so she could comfort her love but she found that she couldn’t even lift her head. “Shhh, baby…I’m fine… we’re ok…come here. Honey please come here….”

Diana went to the bedridden woman. She carefully avoided all the tubes that were going in and out of Julie’s arm and caressed her cheek, her face streaked with tears.

Julie had been unconscious for a week. Mickey’s personal doctor stitched her leg and started the transfusions immediately, but she had lost so much blood that she was fighting for her life. Julie had been delirious or she simply drifted in and out of consciousness mumbling to herself. Diana wouldn’t leave her side, even under Mickey’s steely gaze and stern warnings about getting in the way, she stubbornly wouldn’t move a muscle.

‘No wonder, Baby loves this stubborn little thing. They’re two of kind.’ He thought as he gave in. He just moved a second bed into the guest room.

Diana had been terrified that she had lost Julie forever. She kept a constant vigil by her side until she had moaned and opened her beautiful but red rimmed eyes. Diana gently kissed Julie’s swollen lips and softly stroked her tangled hair. She was grateful to hear Julie’s voice and was slowly feeling with each passing minute that her world was complete once again.

Once Julie saw that Diana had calmed down she asked quietly. “Where are we, Sweetheart? Is this a hospital? How long have I been here? What happened to….”

“Shhhhhh,” Diana said patting a beloved cheek tenderly. She smiled at Julie, “Calm down, My love, I will answer all your questions. First off we’re in Mickey’s guest house, as you can see the furniture isn’t hospital standard. You, my darling, scared all of us to death. You’ve been uncounscious for a whole week…”

“A week!” Julie said startled. She began trying to sit up.

“Lay back down. Come on Love, you need to heal and I’m going to make sure you do. I had to fight your big tough friend Mickey to let me stay, so I think I can take one weak beautiful movie star, whom I love if I have to..”

“Damn right you can.” Julie replied with an incredulous smile. “You took on Mickey? Yeesh Diana you are something else. I love you.” Her face was full of awe and love.

Diana’s face was an exact mirror as she said. “Yep, it wasn’t hard. I simply stubbornly refused to leave you and he… well he kind of laughed, shook his head and set up that bed over there. Though I never used it…”

“What do you mean you never used it, Squirt?” Julie was afraid that she already knew.

“Well I never really left that chair…”

“Diana!” Julie scolded.

“Don’t you start! I had Mickey, Momma and the Doctor all harping at me for a week. I got to see you wake up first!” There was triumph in the green eyes.

Tired blue eyes sparkled and Julie shook her head, “What the about the film?” deciding it was best to change the subject. Diana smiled broadly knowing exactly what Julie was doing.

“The studio brass took care of the postponement thanks to a little pressure from Mickey and Agatha herself. You were having your appendix removed…”

“My what?!?”

“Honey, you were very sick. You were delirious due to the loss of blood. We were afraid you wouldn’t live. Momma and I have been beside ourselves with worry…Julie…I’m glad you’re coherent and can understand me… Don’t you understand how bad it was?”

Julie nodded her head and then she wanted to hug Diana so desperately she tried to sit up again.

“No Julie please stay still. I want to take you home…”

Julie then realized just what Diana had gone through. She shook her head in sadness. “Please Love, let me hold you?” She asked quietly of her soul mate.

Diana gently crawled into the bed and carefully placed her arms around the injured woman kissing her deeply. Julie relished the kiss and deepened it even more. As they parted she gently brushed her fingers through the beautiful golden hair and gratefully breathed in her scent.

After a few minutes of gentle bliss Julie’s thoughts turned dark. She thought of the man who had caused all this and desperately wanted to know what happened after she lost consciousness. Gently she lifted Diana’s face and asked in a quiet voice. “What happened to Edwardo?”

Diana looked down at her own hands and then glanced back up through her bangs. “Mickey’s man killed him…He was…He almost….Mickey couldn’t….”

“Ok, shhhh.” She layed Diana’s head on her shoulder, “I understand. I’m so sorry my love, that you had to go through all that. My only desire is to protect you and because of me…” Now Julie was crying. Suddenly their positions reversed and Diana was comforting her injured soul mate.

“Jules, you are all that I need. You are my everything. You protect and love me and I am so very relieved that you’re still with me. That’s all that matters to me. I need you so much and you promised me…”

Julie smiled through her tears, “And I always keep my promises, don’t I?


It was one week later and Julie was on the fast track to full recovery. She still limped, but considering the extent of damage to her leg by the stab wound it was a remarkable recovery. Julie found that she was annoyed by her body’s betrayal. Diana merely ignored the gripes since she was so relieved just have Julie safe and home. Diana knew of Julie’s ability to heal quickly and she was sure that the limp would be gone by the time they began shooting again in two weeks.

They were out by the pool. The heat of the California sun was helping Julie to heal. She relished the feel of the sun against her skin. Diana however was covered from head to foot due to her fair skin. All she cared about was being close to Julie. She really couldn’t care less about the sun under all that cloth.

“Hon, please go inside. I’m really worried about you. You’re going to suffocate in that outfit…”

“I’m fine. I want to be with you and…”

Julie got up and picked up the smaller woman in her arms carrying her into the cooler interior of their home. She continued
carefully up the back stairs to their room with hardly a limp.

“Julie, put me down. You’re going to aggravate that leg and…”

“And what? My leg is fine. Besides don’t you think I want to be with you too?” She asked as she gently put her down on the bed and took her huge picture hat off. Then in a slow and seductive dance she began to remove each article of Diana’s clothing with a teasing flourish. “You know…” She began as she removed the afghan style dress Diana was wearing, “This is really rather erotic. I think I’m enjoying this way too much.” She smiled brightly as the skin she was revealing began turning bright pink on the way to becoming a bright red blush of embarrassment and arousal. “And I really do love this shade of pink on you, My Love.” She bent down to remove the naked woman’s sandals. “Interesting positioning.” She said as she started to kiss the lithe limb before her as made her way to her destination. “I don’t think we’ll be going back down stairs any time soon my love.”



“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Are you okay, honey?”

Julie turned in bed and brought Diana even closer to her. “Yes. Why?”

“Well… you’re wonderful as usual… but you seem a little distracted. Is it me?” She asked in a very small voice.

Julie let out a little cry of distress and started to kiss Diana in little nips on her face and neck as she answered her. “You are the most wonderful person in the whole world… I love you. What do you mean by distracted?” She then kissed her love deeply and passionately making it temporally impossible for her to answer.

When they parted Diana was blushing and she snuggled into the crook of Julie’s neck. “You… well your mind has been some where else alot and I thought maybe…well…you were bored…”

“No!” Julie hugged Diana fiercely. “You will never ever bore me. You couldn’t! Ever. Diana I really mean that. Please believe me, really.” Julie pulled back and looked beseechingly into her love’s emerald eyes.

Diana nodded. “Thank you. I feel better.. but… Julie, what are you so distracted by?”

Julie brought Diana’s head back to her chest and gently caressed her hair as she very quietly told her of the encounter with her ancestor while she was unconscious.

“She mentioned me?”

Julie nodded her head. “Uh huh. It was like she knew you, Squirt. I mean she said she was proud of us. Here I am thinking I’m the world’s biggest screw up for getting in that situation and this incredible, kind ancestor, who looks like me, for Pete’s sake, says she’s proud of me. Of us. It was an incredible experience. I guess I just keep thinking about it. I’m sorry you…”

“No, it’s ok. I understand better now…Jules. Do you think it was real?” Diana asked her voice full of awe.

Julie looked deeply into Diana’s eyes and smiled sweetly, “Yes. Yes I do. I really don’t know why I do, but it’s right, here in my heart. Do you think I’m nuts?”

“Of course not!” Diana kissed Julie’s nose and nuzzled her neck. “I think you are the sanest, most sensible person I know. It seems incredible that your ancestor would do that for you. It was very kind of her. It shows how alike you are.” She said with a big smile full of pride on her pretty face. Her green eyes sparkled with affection.

Julie smiled back slightly dazzled as she replied, caressing Diana’s cheek. “Yes it was. It makes me wonder who she was and what was she like, and your connection to her. She was very affectionate about, you know, love. I mean she cared deeply about you and about us and our relationship. It stayed so strongly with me as I left her. That feeling of love and affection.”

“I wish… you’ll think this is really silly…” Diana’s voice trailed off.

Julie chucked her chin and said. “No I won’t. What?”

Diana locked eyes with Julie. “I just wish I could have met her.”

Julie smiled and kissed Diana’s forehead then she brought both of them into a more comfortable cuddle under the blankets. “It was like she knew you, love. She knew us. It’s like she lived it. I felt like it was my soul speaking to me. Like she chose a place to impart that I am finally on the right track, that we are both on the right path and for us to keep on going. It was indescribable.”

Diana laughed gently.”You’re doing pretty well. So what do you think this means for us?”

Julie shook her head. “I don’t know. I think we’ll just have to take things one day at a time. We’ll do our best just like we always have. This is like a gentle guide showing us we are doing the right thing. I think we’re ok, Love…Don’t you?” Julie’s voice went into a hesitant question full of vulnerability.

Diana brought Julie’s chin up so that there eyes were locked on each other. “We’re more then ok, My Love…we’re perfect.”
Part 8
The set was an office in London and within it was couple affectionately battling with each other. As the woman turned toward the man and the camera’s eye there was a comically clever look on her face. You see there was something up her sleeve. By the end of the scene the woman was triumphantly teasing the man about her victory.

Diana had an amused expression on her face as she watched Julie play out the famous scene. She glanced at the tall red head beside her and her expression broadened into a smile at the approval she saw there.

“I knew she’d be a marvelous Tuppence.” Said Agatha with enthusiasm. It was worth the wait.”

Daian beamed brightly at her famous idol replying, “She was a little nervous with you here Agatha. You created Tuppence and she was..Well she wanted you to be pleased.”

“She needn’t have been concerned. She’s wonderful.”

“Yes she is.” Diana agreed with a sweet smile toward the woman on the set.

Julie caught the look over the director’s shoulder and winked at her beloved.

Agatha watched the interplay and her smile widened. “I wish I had a best friend like you, Diana. You are a very special girl…”

“Yes she is.” Said the topic of conversation as Julie silently approached. She put an affectionate arm around Diana’s shoulders and said to Agatha, “If you ever meet anyone like the Squirt, hold on tight. Though I must warn you I really don’t think you will. She’s one of kind.”

Diana blushed beet red and put her head against Julie’s chest. Agatha laughed affectionately and replied to Julie, “Yes I can see that. You are very lucky, my friend.”

“You don’t know how right you are, Agatha.” Julie said with a huge smile.


Christine was working on the New York Times cross word puzzle when the phone rang. “Hello.”

“Good Morning. May I speak to Julie, please?”

“I’m sorry she’s not home may I take a message?”

“Yes tell her it’s, Pete. I need to know if she’s willing to come to New York for a personal appearance tour. Could you have her call me as soon as possible?”

“Oh of course. When will you need her?”

“Yesterday! But I will take next week.”

Pete, she is still wrapping up her film. I’m sure she’ll do her best to come out next week.”

“Damn, I really hope so. Ma’am are you Diana’s Mother? We never really met in New York but I heard a lot about you.”

“Yes,” Came Christine’s surprised reply.

“You have a great kid! I can’t wait to see her too. Tell them I miss them both, and to please call me.”

“Thank you and I will Pete.”

“Great! Be talking to you, bye.”

“Bye.” Christine replied with a smile as she hung up the phone. “What a funny little man.”

“Who’s a funny little man?”

Christine jumped she was so surprised, “Julie, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Sorry about that,” Julie replied sheepishly putting down her coat on a chair and crossing the room to the older woman. “Who was that on the phone, Auntie?”

“Pete. Apparently he wants you to make a personal appearance tour in New York. He wants you to call him as soon as possible. He says he misses you and Diana. How said she was a great kid. How does he know her?”

Julie smiled affectionately at her Godmother, “He’s her boss, Auntie remember?”

Christine’s expression reflected surprise then she smiled and rolled her eyes. “Oh yes, I forgot. It’s been a while. Speaking of my daughter, where is she?”

“She went upstairs to change. I needed to see the mail so that’s why I came in here. Would you like to go out to dinner with us? We’re going out to Malibu?” Julie asked her as she briskly went through her mail discarding most of it and sliding two letters into the pockets of the capri’s she was wearing as she waited for the reply.

“No, you two go. I’m not up to it tonight.”

“Auntie, Are you ok? You’ve been down alot lately and you don’t seem to go out any more. Is it…?”

“No, it has nothing to do with you or Diana. I’m …well restless and yet I feel tired. I don’t have to do anything yet I fidget…I… would you two be mad if I went home? I’d like to be among my own things. I…” She had dropped into a chair and started crying.

Julie went and hugged the older woman tightly to her. She stroked her hair gently trying to comfort the distressed woman. “Of course we wouldn’t be mad. Is there anything we can do? We love you, you know?” She asked lovingly.

“Of course I know that…I…Just need to be on my own for a little while. I think you two need some time without this old woman too.” Christine said softly.

Julie pushed herself back a little and brought the older woman’s chin up so she could look into her eyes. “Auntie, you’re not old. We love you and you are never, ever in our way. If you want to go home, I understand. I bet you’re home sick. Now that you are out of danger I see no reason why you shouldn’t. Do you want to tell Diana or should I?” She asked quietly.

Christine answered slowly, ” I guess that has to be it, huh? I’m homesick? I miss my things…I’ll tell Diana. Can you arrange for me to go home when you two go for the personal appearance tour?”

“That’s easy, telling Diana though?”

“Yes, she’s so sensitive. I have to find a gentle way.”

You will, Auntie, you will.”


“What took you so long? Is Mamma all right? Is she coming?” Diana asked in one breath.

Julie smiled at the sight of the pretty blonde standing among an array of evening gowns on the floor. “I was talking to her and no she’s not coming and yes she is ok. Did our closet explode or something?”

“Ha, ha, very funny. No I just haven’t decided what to wear.”

Well we don’t have to go and then the decision will be made, huh?” Julie replied seductively as she approached Diana just as a beautiful panther would approach her prey.

“Julie I thought you wanted to try this new place?” Diana dropped the dress to the floor as long elegant arms enfolded her in a loving embrace.

“I do, but we can go anytime and right this moment other needs are making themselves known to me.”

“Really, anything I can do to help?”

“Oh yes, my love. A melange of things come to mind. Come on, let’s remove this explosion from
our bed as I explain each and every one to you.”


The next morning Diana ran downstairs to the kitchen. Julie was on the phone to New York talking to Pete about their personal appearance tour. Diana thought she’d get breakfast started. Christine walked in a few minutes later and was surprised to find
Diana up.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” Said Christine

Diana’s head snapped up, “Oh good morning, Mama. I wanted to surprise you.” She said with an adorable pout.

“Well you did. I thought you two would still be asleep.”

“Julie always gets up early and she had to call Pete. I thought I’d make some breakfast for all of us.”

“That was sweet of you, Dear. You are such a good girl…Um, Diana could you sit a minute with me before you start that?” Christine asked her daughter nervously.

Diana looked at her Mother’s nervous expression and was immediately by her side. “Mamma what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Sweetheart. I just need to tell you something difficult…I want to go home.”

Diana looked confused, “But we are next week…”

“No honey, not to your apartment. I mean home. To my home. Honey I love you both dearly but…I’m homesick. I miss my things. I really want to go home. Can you forgive me?” She asked her daughter, teary eyed.

Diana embraced her. “Forgive you, Mama? There is nothing to forgive. You’re not a prisoner….I just …I thought you were enjoying being with us…”

“I do. I love being with you. I just need to be home again for a little while. I don’t know why but I do. Do you understand?”

Diana blinked back tears, “To be honest, no but I want you to be happy so we’ll take you home when we go next week, okay?”

“Thank you Sweetheart. Thank you.”

Julie watched from the doorway with tears in her eyes. She felt the loss of Christine for herself as well as her beloved. She knew though that would be best for Christine and that was what was important.

“HI.” She said quietly.

Two heads popped up. Both woman wiped tears from their eyes and Christine smiled sweetly and said, “Good morning, sweetheart is everything all right?”

Julie nodded, “Yes, is everything all right in here?”

Both woman nodded. Julie went directly to Diana and embraced her, “Are you ok, Squirt?”

“Yes. Did you know?”

“Yes, but Auntie wanted to tell you herself. Are you sure you’re ok?” “Yes, I’m sad but I understand completely. Uhmm would you both help me with breakfast?”

Both older women understood instantly and a quiet breakfast was prepared.


“Shit, This is ridiculous! Why the hell are you releasing him so damn early?” Julie growled into the phone as she paced around her office. “I paid good money to ensure a full recovery! Not this half assed band aid…No I won’t listen to
statistics. I want him to be helped. He isn’t through a year’s therapy yet and you … No that’s not good enough. Do you want a law suit?” Julie punched her chair which went flying backwards and crashed to ground. “Ok that’s better….Yes, you better notify me…NO I will not accept that he is to stay there for less the full year. I will not only cut off your funds I will sue you for every cent you have. Am I making myself clear? Good…Bye!” She banged the phone down and then pulled the cord and threw it across the room. “Damn Ass holes!” She yelled as the anger coursed through her.

Diana skidded into the room eyeing the damage she asked quietly, “What’s wrong?”

Julie whirled, her face flushed with anger. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply so she wouldn’t take the searing anger out on the woman she loved. Finally opening her eyes she found that Diana was now beside her, merely inches away waiting for
her chance to ease the anger from Julie. Julie shook her head at how the younger woman understood how to handle her and smiled sweetly.

“I’m so sorry, Darling.”

Seeing it was safe to touch her, Diana embraced her and gently patted her back, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“They are trying to wiggle out of signed contract and I’m not going to let them!”

“What signed contract? What are you talking about?”

Julie pulled back so she could her face, “The one with the sanatorium. They say that they are overloaded and they are all done since he doesn’t want any help….”

“They’re going to release Daddy?” The voice was full of fear and that broke Julie’s heart and strengthened her resolve.

“No they are not. Not unless they want a law suit and the state attorney general at their door. I said since when do patients say they are cured? Especially one with pending criminal charges….”

“Are they going to let him go? Mama will be all alone and I’m afraid…”

“No!” She said tightening her embrace and leaned her head against a warm shoulder. Slowly she stroked Diana’s hair and said in a soothing voice, “They are not going to release him. Auntie will be safe. I swear Squirt. They are not going to be allowed to endanger the people I love. Even if I have to go over there and convince them personally.” Though this was said quietly, the intensity of it showed Diana that her love was still very angry under the surface.

‘Ok.” She whispered. Then she lifted her head and reached for waiting lips kissing her tenderly at first but with growing passion. As it ignited full force Julie lifted the smaller woman and without breaking the heated kiss she walked over to the couch laying
the precious body down, slowly reaching to remove her clothes…

Suddenly the phone rang and both heads popped up. “Ignore it.” Julie said.

“It might be important and there’s no phone in here.”

“Yes, I think that’s just fine right now…Let’s see where were we?..Oh yes.”

She gently continued the exploration till Diana couldn’t care less about the ringing phone…
Part 9
“What in the hell do you mean he escaped! What kind of an inept joint am I paying for?” Julie had been yelling into the phone for over an hour. The butler had been knocking on the door for quite some time before they finally came out and he relayed the disastrous information to the two women. Diana’s father and two other immates had escaped from the sanitarium.

Diana sat with tears in her eyes as she heard Julie talk to the director of the sanitarium. Her Mother, equally teary eyed, sat beside her daughter holding her close.

“How damn long have they been gone? What!?! Are you idiots doing anything about it? ” She scowled into the phone as she paced back and forth like a lioness stalking her prey. “That’s not good enough. Haven’t you even gotten the damn police in on this? Why the hell not!?!” She roared into the receiver shaking her head at the man’s stupidity. She could not look at her family knowing it would break her own tight control if she saw the fear and tears in their eyes. “Well call them now, God Damn it! Keep me informed of your progress and I’ll start some inquiries of my own. Oh, and Mr. Peterson if my family is harmed by your incompetence you will find yourself a broken man I promise you that!”She said angrily and banged the phone down with out waiting for a reply. She then looked over at her family and her angry scowl quickly transformed into an expression of compassionate love, ” Come here you two.” She said holding out her arms.

The two teary woman ran for the comfort of her arms. She did not disappoint them. She contained her own rage so she could provide all the love, care and comfort that was in her heart.

* * * * *

Julie had been on the phone all day with every law enforcement agency and every studio cop she could reach. She also spoke to the studio chief who informed her that he will solve her problem. Craig T. Steinberg said more then that, he informed her that since she was his “New little star” that she shouldn’t worry “Her pretty little head”, about it and that he would take care of all the security problems.

When Diana heard that she laughed for the first time that day. “Has this man ever met you, My Love? You are not little and no one would ever think you have a little brain if they spoke with you for 30 seconds.”

Julie laughed as well very pleased that the slight distraction stopped her love’s tears even if it was only temporary.

“To these studio types all actress are sweet little things without a brain in their head. Look at the way the publicity is on Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish. They are all sweetness and light in the movie mags but in reality they are two of the most intelligent, sharpest woman this town has ever seen. The good news is they will do a hell of lot in this town to solve our problem.”

“But what if Daddy is already headed home? Then Mamma will be headed for him when we go back on Friday.”

“Hopefully he’ll be caught well before we leave for the east, Love. I will not allow your mother to walk into any danger, you know that. She will stay with us until he is caught. I also will put him in a more secure place when we do.”


Julie winced internally and actually had to look away from those intense green eyes, “This shows me he is far sicker then we thought, Sweetheart. I’m going to put him into a place … for the uh…crimally insane. Its harsh..but Diana he needs intense help a regular sanitarium can’t seem to provide for him…I…”

“I understand, My love. I watched Daddy at his worst. I know he is very sick. I want him to be…oh Julie…” She finally broke down crying shamelessly.

Julie was right there for her love, holding, caressing and soothing the distraught young woman. When the sobs subsided Julie softly whispered into her ear, “I know you love him, but Sweetheart you love the real him. You don’t love this monster that the drink has created. Until we can bring out his true self it is for the best to keep him where he can fight his demons without hurting himself or anyone else. Some place where he can get real help.”

Julie felt the head against her shoulder bob up and down and she drew back to wipe the tears on the beloved little face. “Would you like to do something today? We’ve only got a few more days here before we head east for my tour.”

“I guess we could go swimming and then to that place in Malibu,” Diana replied in high squeaky voice.

“Sounds like a plan, come on, Love. Lets change for our swim.” She gently led the still distraught woman to the bedroom to change.

* * * * *

Julie and Diana had fininshed dinner and decided a nice walk on the beach would do them some good. Walking side by side, with the waves washing over there feet, hands entwined and the clear bright sunshine reflecting off their faces they felt the best they had all day. They knew this moment of peace was temporary but they were both quite determined to enjoy it.

Julie stopped suddenly and embraced the smaller woman in a heart felt bear hug. “Thank you,” She said quietly.

Diana looked up with shocked eyes and asked, “For what?”

“For loving me all these years. Even at my worst, we never lost our…bond. I think your innocent admiration made me find a better way for myself. I …I don’t think I would of stopped running for the syndicate if you hadn’t been there to…well worry and care about. So thank you my dearest heart. If it wasn’t for you I would never of followed this path….”

Small fingers stopped the stuttering speech. Diana looked up and said, “All I did was love you. I couldn’t help it. Even when you were so angry at the world, you’d come to our home and be the “old” Julie. I think we were a safe haven that protected you from your own anger. The real Julie made the angry Julie face herself. I had nothing to do with it.”

Julie had taken that little hand and started to gently kiss her way slowly up the arm and was half way up when the little speech ended. She enclosed her love in an affectionate embrace and replied quietly, “But don’t you see my dearest heart, if your sweet innocence hadn’t brought out that “real me” I would never of been able to fight those demons. I only felt the strength to fight them when I was with you and your mother. I realize that if I continued in that life people like you would of been hurt. Mickey had been starting to suggest new “career opportunities” like drugs and …well things I could of fallen into if it hadn’t been for you. Your family might even of been in danger because of my reliance on you. It was my own intense need to love and protect you that finally got me to turn my life around. Please my love, acknowledge it, as I do. You are my own little angel…I think it was what my ancestor was trying to get me to realize…Oh God, I love you.,” She said intensely as she gave Diana a searing kiss to show her heart.

When they parted there were tears in her eyes, She looked up and said, “All I did was love you, But if that was the catalyst I’m very grateful for it. So I’ll acknowledge it that way, OK?”

Julie was silently crying too, But she smiled through her tears and answered, “OK Sweetheart, lets go home.”

Unseen by either woman a tabloid journalist was snapping a series of pictures.

* * * * *

The three women entered the dark apartment. A policeman stationed outside the front door assured Julie that all was well. Pete had hired discreet 24 hour protection to protect her family from Diana’s father and his companions. Julie was once again wearing the sable coat and hat. As soon as the door closed the hat flew onto the couch followed by the coat and stylish but really uncomfortable shoes.

“Damn Pete and his theatrics,” She groused as she headed to her bedroom to change into her comfortable slacks and mans button down shirt that she preferred when she was at home.

Diana chuckled as she followed Julie to their room to change into more comfortable clothes as well. ” I can’t wait to read the head lines, “Beautiful Movie star returns home triumphant!.”

Christine went to her room to change and rest chuckling at their antics as she shut her door.

Julie and Diana stopped just at the threshold of their room and looked around with sentimental looks on their faces.

“It feels good to be home doesn’t it, Squirt?”

Diana nodded as the tears began to gently fall, “Oh Jules, I didn’t realize how much till this minute, This room is so …”

“Special? I know I feel the same way,” They hugged each other and Julie kissed the top of Diana’s head. This is where their love deepened into a relationship; they never made love here but it was where they discovered the intensity of their feelings which culminated on the train west.

Julie ducked her head and kissed Diana deeply. Not breaking the kiss she picked Diana up and brought her gently to their bed to introduce it to they’re passion.

* * * * *


“Yes my darling?”

“Are you looking forward to this tour?”They were cuddled in bed basking in the afterglow, the only light in their room came from a street lamp outside the window.

“Not really,” She answered delicately sucking a little pink ear.

Diana moaned and turned into the neck kissing the sweet skin. She then met Julie’s lips and kissed her deeply. As they took a badly needed breath she looked up and asked,”Why then?”

Julie had started her descent down her love’s body and wasn’t really paying attention, “Mmm?”

“Why are…we…uh…doing it then?” She asked as each kiss hit its mark.

She was trying to keep her head as sensation after sensation hit her already aroused body.

Julie smiled, “I’m obligated, Squirt. I really want to concentrate on you, ok?”She had reached Diana’s breasts and was gently massaging them as she kissed between them.

“I…can’t help…OHH…my….Oh God!…curiosity.”She said wiggling under the wonderful assault.

Julie was about to enjoy a nipple when she quietly said, “I know My Love, but curb it for now as we have more important issues to explore,” She then descended and gave pleasure to Diana’s waiting breast.

Diana could no longer form sentences due to the love she was receiving. She would try again …later.

* * * * *

Two sated, content woman were now firmly cuddled in a heart felt embrace.


Julie was just drifting off into happy sleep,”Huh”?

Diana shook her partner gently, “Answer my question?”

One blue eye popped open soon followed by the other. “My we are determined, aren’t we, My Darling?”

A huge smile lit up her loves face as she replied sweetly, “Yep.”

Julie laughed and hugged her, “Ok,ok. I feel obligated to Pete because he sponsored me to go out to LA. If it wasn’t for him I never would of done those films. So no, I’m not looking forward to being pawed and stared at as well as breaking my arm signing thousands of autographs, but I do feel I owe him and he is our friend and protector. So…here we are. Does that satisfy you my sweet?”

Diana smiled and nodded her head ‘yes’, “I had a feeling it was something like that. I mean I know how we lived in Los Angeles, very privately only going to places and parties we had obligations for, I was just a little curious about this tour.” She looked deeply into beautiful blue eyes shining with passion, She smiled and said, “Thank you for indulging my curiosity.”

“I love your curiosity and enthusisasium, but Sweetheart, about your timing…”

“Sorry about that…I mean…well things fly into my head and I have a need to ask about them before I forget them.”

“Tell me, My love, what about making love could possibly remind you of my tour?” Julie asked her mildly curious, she really wanted to go back to the business of loving Diana.

“Nothing, I just…I don’t know, Jules…Do you know the reason why each and every thought crosses your mind at the moment it happens?”

Julie laughed and kissed the little nose in front of her. Then she licked it playfully. Diana squeaked and yelped, then retaliated by tickling the taller woman till she was trapped under her. “Mmmm, This is a nice position to be in…”

She was about to descend to kiss Julie when the world swirled around her and she found herself under Julie’s control.

“Yep, it sure as hell is,” Julie said laughing, her eyes sparkled as her lips met begging lips beneath her and she reached her goal; bliss.
Part 10
The phone rang and Julie sleepily answered it. Her arms were around Diana and the phone was on the blonde’s side of the bed so she brought the smaller woman closer to her as she answered the ringing instrument. A contented sigh was heard from Diana and Julie smiled very quietly saying, “Hello?”

“Julie, we’ve got problems,” Pete’s voice was so loud that Diana was beginning to stir.

“Shh, its ok. Go back to sleep.”She whispered soothingly. Then she disentangled herself and got out of bed to speak with her agitated sounding friend. “Bring your God damned voice down, Pete. Its 6am.” Julie said into the phone in a low growl. She slipped into her robe and walked to the other side of the room angrily pulling on the long cord.

“Well call me back, Jules. Because after I tell you what I need to you may wake up the house yourself.”

Julie looked at the phone and then Diana and whispered, “Ok, I’ll call you back from my office.” She hung up the phone quietly went out shutting the door behind her and went to the office down the hall. It was a small room meant to be a bedroom that she kept her modeling and acting files in. She picked up the black phone and called her producer.

“Well?” Julie asked comfortably seated.

“You know who Kaines is of course?”

“Yeah, whats that got to do with….Oh is there a story about me in one of his rags?”

“One thing I love about you Jules is that I never have to explain anything to you. Yep, you got it in one. You’re going to be as mad as flap jack so I hope you’re sitting down.”

“I am. What?” Julie’s face was now intense and she was fidgeting with the cord of the phone.

“He’s got a series of pictures of you and Diana in Malibu hugging and a kiss. He hasn’t published them yet….he ….uh…..wants you to do some films for him in exchange for the negatives….Julie…Jules, are you there?” He expected to hear screaming and ranting from his friend. All he heard was silence and frankly that scared him. Little did he know that at the moment the rage coursing through her was numbing any movement that she could be making. She had an intense desire to pull the cord out of the wall and strangle Kaines with it. Some sense was still there because only a second later she relized just how stupid that would be.

“I’m here, Pete. ” Her voice was deceptively calm but the anger was obvious to her friend just by how intensely she uttered each syllable of every word. “So Thomas Ronald Kaines is blackmailing me? This must be my season for it, huh? First that ass hole in L.A. now the bigger one in San Francisco. I really need to think this through Pete, can I call you back?”

“Sure, take your time kid.”

“Thanks, I’ll call you later today with my answer. I need to calm down and then I want to talk to Diana.” She knew her anger was at a high pitch and she really couldn’t be rational much longer. “Bye Pete.”

“Bye Jules, call me.” He replied quietly and hung up.

She stared at the phone for a full minute then quietly hung up. She started to pace in the office, “I need to….Oh I know.” She quickly went back to her room and quietly changed into her sweats. Then she bent down to make sure Diana was still asleep, kissed her gently and briskly went to the living room.

By the time Diana entered the living room two hours later Julie was sitting cross legged in the lotus position meditating.


Blue eyes popped open and a sweet smile appeared on Julie’s exhausted face. “Good Morning, Darling! Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, My love.” Said Diana with an answering smile she sat down next to her and claimed a kiss. Despite how calm Julie looked, Diana could feel the waves of tension radiating from the older woman. “What’s wrong?” She asked simply.

Julie’s smile broadened, “Even a two hour work out and meditation couldn’t fool you, huh Squirt?”

The blonded shook her head no. Julie laughed and hugged her. She gently put her head against the comforting shoulder took a deep breath, saying ” Well you’re right of course. I’m being black-mailed again. This time its one of the most powerful men in America and…I may have to give in to his demands.” She said unhappily snuggling deeper into Diana’s comforting arms.

“Is it about us?” Diana asked kissing the top of Julie’s head and stroking her hair gently.

Julie nodded her head against the shoulder then lifted her head to meet loving warm green eyes. “Yes, I’m sorry, My love. Some ass hole photographer took our pictures in Malibu and Now Thomas Ronald Kaines is threatening me with exposure if I don’t work for his God damned film company…I’m so sorry, Squirt.”

“Oh Jules, what on earth are you sorry for? This man has no morals. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with his lack of character. I have heard of him. He is very powerful. At the studio there was a rumor that he literally got away with murder.”

“Yea, I know.” Julie took a deep breath as she brought her forehead against Diana’s, ” Now I will have to work for the piece of slime…Damn!”

* * * * *

Diana was sitting next to her mother in the living room staring at the radio. They were listening to live broadcast of the Scopes trial. Julie was at Pete’s office discussing her descion on the Kaines issue. Julie wanted to meet with manipulative man face to face. Its harder to order Julie around when you were confronted by her powerful presence.

Diana was restless as she listened to the commentary. She was interested in the outcome hoping the teacher would not be sent to jail by teaching the theoryof evolution. She was amazed by the whole debate that ideas that differed like creation and evolution should lead to a trial. But she couldn’t focus on the words as she fidgeted with sewing basket in front of her. She was so worried about Julie that she didn’t hear the door open.

Julie quietly entered and saw her love fidgeting with a sock and needle. The two were not making contact and Julie knew it wasn’t the famous trial on the radio that was agitating the beautiful blonde.

“Doesn’t the needle have to go into the sock for it to do any good, Squirt?”

Diana head snapped up and she dropped everything and rushed into Julie’s open arms. “Is everything ok?”

“Ok, no. I do have a wire saying I can have a meeting with the old bastard on Friday though. Pete says he has a few ideas and so do I, so between us maybe we can work it out.” She hugged Diana and gave her a gentle kiss. “God, I missed you.”

Christine felt uncomfortable and turned off the radio saying, ” I better see to dinner…”

“Sorry Auntie, we got carried away. Don’t cook we’re going out tonight. So go put on your prettiest dress we’re going to a real hot spot.”

Diana looked very excited but Christine looked unhappy, “Jules, you know I don’t socialize well….”

“Well Auntie, I understand your hesitation but I think you’ll want to come to this place.”

“Another speak-easy?” Diana’s mother was not thrilled and Julie could see it.

“No Auntie, The cotton club.”

* * * * *

Diana and Julie were in their bedroom and were already changed into their evening clothes. Julie smiled at how Diana looked. It took a hell of lot convincing to get the blonde to accept a Scapparelli original but she looked delicious in it. It was an emerald green bask with matching fringe that reached just below the knee. It gave a nice flick of leg everytime she moved. On her head was a matching head band and around her neck she wore a simple string of pearls that Julie had given her for her birthday. Whether Diana liked it or not she made a drop dead gorgeous modern.

Diana had just finished brushing her hair around the headband when she caught Julie’s reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a Scapparelli black beaded dress that was all cleavage and legs and left little to the imagination. She wore a diamond head band on her bobbed raven black hair and a matching necklace. She looked stunning and sexy. Her sky blue eyes glowed with love for Diana and if the petite blonde wasn’t already in love with her she would of fallen in love at that instant.

“My God, you look beautiful.” She said to the reflection. Julie had briskly moved to her and embraced her from behind bringing her as close to her body as she could, “You took the words out of my mouth, My love.” She whispered into her ear as she nibbled the lobe gently. Her eyes came back up and they stared deeply through the reflection in the mirror in each other’s eyes till the spell was broken by a knock on the door.

“Are you girls ready yet?” Christine called from the hallway.

They smiled at each other knowing that they would develop this later as Julie replied a little hoarsely, “Coming Auntie.”

* * * * *

The Cotton Club was in Harlem. Julie drove her family to the front entranc,e meeting Pete and several hangers on. She despised the groupies that followed her. She preferred just seeing the famous club with her family and maybe just Pete. But, she was moviestar now and an entourage was expected so she put up with it. As they entered the club all heads turned and she felt a small hand grab the fringe at the back of her dress in fear. “Take my hand, Squirt. Its ok.” she whispered to her frightened love.

Pete heard and nodded to Julie that he would block the view of they’re hands from prying eyes. They quietly moved to a large table reserved for them the last performer had left the stage and in the silence all eyes turned toward the moviestar and her party.

After they were all comfortably seated, Julie held Diana’s hand under the table. With her other arm she leaned on her elbow across the table to get closer to Pete and asked with a penetrating look, “So when is the meet with Kaines?”

“His train arrives on Friday and we meet then. Uh…Julie do you think this is a good idea?”


He chuckled as looked at the confident woman in front of him and then turned his attention to Diana. “I miss you, Diana. And my files are a mess….Uh Jules…” Julie laughed and looked at her love, “Its completely up to Squirt, Pete. If she wants to thats fine with me.”

Diana looked with great affection toward Pete and smiled as she answered the hopeful looking man, “I’ll fix them Pete. I….miss you too. I’d like to catch up with all my old friends while Julie is busy…I…” She felt Julie squeeze the hand she still held and knew it was alright with out looking to the older woman for approval.

“Great, thanks Diana !! You’re the best!!!” Said one very pleased producer.

“Yes she is,” Said Julie with sparkling eyes and a devoted look toward her soul mate. Diana eyes met Julies and for a moment they were suspended in time. Very quietly a voice broke the spell. It was Diana’s mother speaking to Pete. “Any word on my husband?”

“No, I’m sorry not yet. The policemen are here in the club and they’re following you aren’t they?” Pete asked Christine his voice full of concern.

“Of course, There are two of them. They followed my rolls, they’re right over there. By the way when Diana starts going out to help you she will need a policeman with her…” Julie stated matter of factly but she was gently rubbing the palm of Diana’s hand in comfort.

“All ready taken care of Jules,” Said Pete with a proud smile.

“Good boy. I like it when people think ahead. ” She said to Pete with respect and affection evident in her voice. Two men approached the table and Julie’s head snapped up and her body bristled with tension till she recognized them. Just as suddenly she relaxed and a bright smile replaced the stoic mask.

Diana’s eyes widened as she too recognized the two legends approaching their table.

“Julie, Pete, welcome to the Cotton Club.” Said the larger of the to two men.

“Thanks Babe. Diana, Auntie, I’d like you to meet two of the best baseball players in history, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Boys, this is my God Mother Christine and my best friend Diana.” Julie said with excitement evident in her voice. During the introductions the grip on her hand tightened almost painfully under the table.

She looked into frightened eyes and she smiled at Diana sweetly and winked. “Boys, my best friend is a little shy but she is a huge fan of the Yankees and I know she would be thrilled if you would give her an autograph. Auntie, would you like one too?” Julie asked her Godmother with a playful grin. Christine nodded mutely astonished that her God Daughter knew these famous men. The two men smiled sweetly to the shy woman with their friend and signed a napkin personally to each of them. Then Lou Gehrig winked at Julie, and said lightly,

“See ya, Kid.”

“See you,” Julie replied with a return wink as her two friends went to mingle about the famous club. After the two legends left she looked at Diana and asked with concern, “Are you ok?”

Diana nodded and said very quietly, “You know Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig?”

Julie smiled and with her other hand caressed a thigh, “Yes.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?’

“Well Squirt, it never came up in conversation, did it?”

That broke Diana out of her trance she loosened the grip under the table and with the other hand she lightly slapped Julie’s shoulder. “Oh you!”

Julie laughed and so did everyone at their table. Diana grinned and asked, “How did you meet them?”

“Oh at a party at the Plaza. They’re nice boys. Babe has a big mouth but under it he’s very sweet and Lou is a doll.”

Diana simply shook her head in wonder.

* * * * *

As they drove home from the night club Christine fell asleep in the back of the car.

“I wish we could of danced.” Said Diana dreamily her eyes closed, leaning her head on Julie’s shoulder.

“We can when we get home.”

“That’s sweet. It’s just not the same feeling. Its too bad there is no where to go out together and dance.”

Julie frowned and then a light bulb went on in her brain and it reflected in the smile that found its way onto her pretty face. “After we drop your Mom off we are going back out.”

Diana’s eyes snapped open, “We are? Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

* * * * *

The Speak-easy was on 34th street near the theater district. It looked like all the others that Julie had taken Diana to until the young woman realized there was not a single man in the place.

“I …I didn’t know places like this existed.”

Julie smiled, “Few people do, Love. They are very, very private. I only found out about it when a girl at my modeling agency took me here to try and seduce me.” Julie smiled affectionately at her love and put an arm around her bringing her close.

“Needless to say she went home very disappointed.”

“Julie, you…uh, didn’t lead her on….Its not like you to do something….” Diana’s face was full of compassion for Julie’s disappointed suitor.

“No love, I didn’t and you’re right I wouldn’t. She just assumed I’d fall under her spell. And you know what they say happens when you assume?” She asked with a smile.

“She made an ass of herself?”She asked with a nervous giggle.

“You betcha. Would like to dance, My Darling?”

“Yes, My Love.”

Julie smiled her eyes focused soley on Diana as she led her to the dance floor. She enclosed her love in her arms and slowly lead her to a waltz, her arm sensously moving across her back as Diana’s head lay gently on her breast. It didn’t matter what was playing all they wanted was the music, the dance floor and the closeness, they were in heaven. They fit so perfectly together as they danced several couples turned to gaze at them. It wasn’t Julie’s fame that attracted the stares it was the pure love that was visible between them. After 5 dances Julie whispered into an ear, “Are you thirsty yet, My love?”

Diana’s expression made Julie blush as she dreamily asked. “What?”

Julie couldn’t resist; she bent and kissed that sweet mouth and then gently led them off the dance floor to a booth. Once settled she then continued the kiss passionately. As they separated for a breath she whispered to Diana throatily, “Oh Diana, I love you so …I can’t believe how good one kiss can make me feel…no one else has ever meant as much to me….never leave me….please.” The last word was a barely heard squeak.

Diana kissed that frightened looking face in little pecks as she replied sweetly, “Julie I will never, ever leave you. I’ll be with you always. I promise.”

Julie had tears falling from her eyes and she kissed her back as she said “I promise too.”

A throat being cleared interrupted the conversation and got a glare from the raven haired beauty.

“You need to order, Ma’am.”

“Two Coca-Cola’s.” Replied Julie turning her head back to Diana.

“And ?”

“And what? Which syllable didn’t you understand in those two words?” Julie growled at the rude waitress.

“Ma’am this is a bar you’re sup…”

“I am the customer. If I choose not to drink it is my choice. I choose not to drink so I won’t. Now are you going to supply the drinks we ordered or do we go somewhere else?” Julies voice seemed calm but there was an iciness that Diana recognized as dangerous and Julie’s eyes blazed with rage at the young woman’s rudeness.


“Is there a problem?” Asked a handsome older woman with red hair.

“She won’t allow us the freedom to choose what we want to order, Jackie.” Julie calmly told the owner of the speak-easy.

“No problem, Jules. Terry, the customer is always right. How many times do I have to remind you of that? Now scoot. Go get their order.”

The embarrassed waitress ran toward the kitchen and the owner shook her head with an amused smile on her face. “Come on, Jules be kind. She’s young. You were full of salt and vinegar once yourself you know?”

“She still is,” Diana said quietly.

Julie’s eyes flashed to Diana’s and she grinned playfully, “I am, am I?’

“Yep.” Replied her love confidently.

Jackie laughed and elbowed Julie, “Hey are you going to introduce me?”

Julie nodded, “Jackie is the owner of this joint, Darling. Jackie, this is Diana. My best friend, the love of my life, my soul mate.”

Jackie shook the blushing girls hand, “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

Jules, do you remember that all night discussion we had the last time you were here about learning to fly? Well Sylvia is selling her plane. Do you want in?”

“Do I!”

Jackie laughed and said, “Ok, I’ll have her give you a call.” As she left one excited brunette and scared blonde.

Diana looked at Julie through her long lashes and asked quietly,”Julie, a plane?”

Julie had an excited look on her face as Terry brought their drinks to the table. She didn’t notice the fear in the blonde’s eyes as they took a sip of their cokes.

“Julie, that’s dangerous…”

“Oh Sweetheart, Don’t you understand that’s why I want to do it! Its so exciting and…” Suddenly Julie saw the fear written all over Diana’s face and she said quietly, “We’ll discuss this later, ok Love? I want us to have fun right now.”

Diana mutely nodded her agreement but Julie could see that it was going to be a long night and she wished she’d ordered that damn drink now.

* * * * *

As Julie and Diana were taken home by the driver provided by Pete, Julie dreamily thought about the rest of their night. They danced and playfully talked of non important things. It was just what she wanted and felt they both needed. She sighed and snuggled closer to the shoulder she was leaning on.

Diana smiled lovingly and stroked Julie’s short, pretty hair. The dark locks curled around her fingers as she tried to find the best way to bring up the subject that they had dropped. She leaned back against the car seat and thought, ‘I can’t let her fly that plane. She could be killed. I was already so close to that I know I can’t go through it again.’ Both were jerked back to reality as the car stopped in front of their flat. Julie tipped the driver then escorted Diana into the building. The moment they stepped out of the elevator to their floor Julie sensed danger. Every instinct she had came to attention and she stopped Diana in her tracks. She then noticed that the policeman was not at his post in front of their apartment.

“Shit! Where the hell is John?!” She said angrily aloud.

Diana looked both ways down the hall and shrugged, “Maybe he went in to use the bathroom?”

“No, he would of called Steve up from down stairs to watch the hall. Come to think of it I didn’t notice him in the lobby. Something is wrong. You stay here I’m going to check it out…”

“No, Jules! Lets call the police…”

“Honey, I can take care of….”

“No. They are my parents. I will not let you walk into danger again. I almost lost you last time. I can’t…”

“That was fluke, Love. You know I can handle your father. Besides I have to get in there and protect Auntie.”

“I’m going too…She’s my Mother…”

“No, I…can’t risk you too. Please…Please stay here…”

“I can’t, you need back up…”

“Diana, you have nothing to…”

“I do too, you taught me Judo…”

“Thats no defense against a gun. I know Karate and that is.” With that said, she kissed a crying Diana and carefully walked to her apartment and…Hell.

* * * * *

As she silently entered her apartment the first thing she saw was the chaos the intruders must of caused. There was broken furniture and blood all over . Then her eyes fell on two tied up men. She recognized them immediately as their police protectors. They were unconscious but alive. She didn’t close the door because she didn’t want to make a sound. She slowly walked with the grace of panther on the prowl toward her bedroom.

She saw her first intruder. He was a tall black man leaning against the door to the bathroom smoking a cigarette. Like a silent cat she snuck up behind him and gave him a karate chop to the neck, catching him as he fell. She checked his pulse to make sure he was alright and tied him up with his own belt.

Silently she went around a bend in the hall and carefully looked to see the second intruder. A fat man snoring in a corner across from Christine’s bedroom an empty bottle of scotch behind him. ‘My best scotch!’ She thought to herself as she took his tie and tied his hands behind him shaking her head at the smell. ‘At least it went for a good cause.’ She thought as she headed toward the loud voices coming out of Christine’s room.

Julie took a deep breath knowing what she faced in her God Mother’s room. She looked down the hall to make sure Diana hadn’t followed her… yet. She knew if she didn’t get her God Mother out quickly Diana would be out very quickly and Julie knew she couldn’t live with that so she quietly crept toward the open door.

“Don, leave me alone. The girls will be home soon. Just leave… go I don’t love…” She never finished a loud whack was heard down the hall and the raven haired beauty rushed to save her from the beating the man was giving to the only Mother she had ever known.

“Shut up you whore! Do you think I care if my perverted kid and God daughter come here? I’ve got back up this time, that young bitch won’t be able to lay a hand on me.” Another smack was heard as Julie came to archway of the door.


The drunken man swirled around to look at the young woman. He looked worse then the last time Julie saw him. That sanitarium did nothing for the man. “How did you get through my men?”

Julie smiled wickedly, “Oh the poor dears were tired…”

“Well I’m not!” The drunken man angrily interrupted.

“Don, leave her alone…”

“Auntie, I’m fine. Uncle Don and I are just going to have a little chat. Right?”

“Right as long its with my fists,” The man then savagely threw a punch toward Julie’s face. It would of been more effective if he was sober she easily side stepped the clumsy attack.

“You know that must get awfully tiring, Uncle Don. Maybe if you lay off the hootch you’d be better at that.” She chided him, laughing as she angled her body toward her injured God Mother. She could see the man had beaten her badly and she needed to get her to the hospital as soon as she could.

“Look you fag, I know you corrupted my daughter. But you can’t stop a man from giving his wife a little discipline…”

“Torture, daddy. That’s what this is, torture, ” Said a teary eyed blonde between two large policeman.

Julie sighed in relief and said to the officer, “Did you see the other two?”

“Yes Ma’am, already in custody. “The policeman took out his gun and aimed it at the drunken man, “Now you come with us quietly or you won’t like our form of persuasion.”

“I’ll show you persuasion….” said the crazed man as he rushed the policeman. The man had no choice, as three “No’s!” cried out followed by single shot and two bodies hitting the floor.

Julie rushed to Diana who had fainted and cradled her love in her arms crying and kissing the golden head. Christine was too beaten to move toward her daughter. She looked with shock and pain at her dead husband and unconscious daughter.

* * * *

Diana awoke in her own room in her own bed to the feel of familar gentle hands stroking her hair. She opened teary red rimmed green eyes to see equally teary blue ones.

“Oh thank God, My love! I thought you hit your head when you fainted you have been out so long. The doctor said you had a slight concussion and I thought you were never going to wake up again….I….Oh darling….”She finally sobbed and sobbed the tears that wouldn’t come out before. She had been strong and silent for hours, almost numb waiting for Diana to come back to her.

After quietly bringing Diana to their room she went back to the living room to give a statement. Then she talked to the Doctor about the two most important woman in her life. Christine had suffered three broken ribs, a broken arm and nose, as well as cuts and bad bruises through out her body. She would be in the hospital for several weeks but she was alive and Julie was grateful for that, she just wished she got home sooner.

Diana had suffered a slight concussion. As long as she woke up within the hour the doctor felt she could stay home. Julie was relieved when at the end of the hour Diana slowly began to come to. After explaining all this to Diana she told her that she had to stay in bed for 24 hours and then after that she would have an exam. Once she passed that she could visit her Mother.

They stayed cuddled together the whole 24 hours. The only business Julie conducted was to postpone the meeting with Kaines. Pete told his friends not to worry about it, he’d take care of everything.

* * * * *

Christine looked alot better 48 hours later when the two fully recovered woman came to see her.

“Hi Momma!” Diana said as she rushed into the woman’s arms as she came into the hospital room.

“Hi, Baby,” Said Christine hugging her baby as she asked, “Did you see Maggie and the kids?”

“Yeah, she went down to get them something to eat.”

“Where’s Jules?” Asked Christine looking over her daughter’s shoulder for her God daughter.

“Oh, She’ll be here in a minute. Believe it or not two nurses stopped her for her autograph.

“Oh that’s wonderful…..OH, the tour?”

“Its ok, Auntie. I’ve postponed it for a month, till I recover…we recover from all this.” Julie said shyly from the door.

“Come here, my hero!” Said Christine holding out her other arm for Julie.

Julie rushed over and the three embraced. As they pulled back Julie smiled at her God Mother and shook her head, “I’m no hero…”

“Oh for gosh sakes, Jules of course you are, yeash!” Said Diana with an impatient shake of her head.

“Squirt…” Julie growled playfully.

“Don’t you, Squirt me…You are a hero. A real one!! Gosh Jules, this is the second time you risked your life for us…Please….I mean….Oh Jules….” Tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Julie embraced the smaller woman and gently rubbed her back, “Shhh, I love you. I’d do anything for you…Don’t you know that by now?” She asked quietly.

“Yes…its just that…I can’t lose you…”Diana suddenly hugged her with a possessive need.

“You won’t. Hey, I promised. Didn’t I?” She asked her love with a small grin.

Diana sniffled and nodded.

“Ok, is everything settled?”

Another reluctant nod. Julie hugged her tighter and she looked over Diana’s shoulder to see another look of devotion and admiration from her God Mother.

Julie had tears pouring down her cheeks. She didn’t know if she could take all this admiration.

There was loud knock which broke the moment and three sets of teary eyes turned to see in Pete in the door way with a bouquet of roses. “Well I have good timing today it seems to get three such lovely ladies in the same room at the same time.”

Julie and Diana rolled their eyes and Christine smiled gently.

“Are those for me?” Asked Christine shyly.

“Yep,” Said Pete with huge smile as he set down the crystal vase on a side table beside the bed.

Pete was smiling broadly and said, “I’m full of news. Jules I got the Old Bastard to give up the negatives …”


“Never you mind! I have a few hidden skills of my own you know?” He said with a smirk.

“I don’t think we want to know.” Said Diana with a smile.

“I now know I don’t. What else oh great one?” She asked with bow to the happy, cherubic man.

“I got the tour postponed of two months because next month you three will be in Europe!”

Three speechless woman just stared at him. His smiled broadened and he said, “Three in one shot not bad, its not often I get the drop on you Jules.”

Diana suddenly exploded, “Oh my god!!Jules!” She hugged Julie as she jumped up and down. Julie hugged her back and looked at Pete with an appreciative grin.

“Not bad old man, not bad. Uh Pete…I need to talk to you outside for a minute,” Already heading toward the hall.

“Of course.”

“We’ll be right back just a little new business, “she told the two confused woman with a smile and wink.

Once she led Pete away from the door she asked quietly, “What about the funeral? ”

“I knew that was what this was about. Already done. Margret signed the papers for cremation and the funeral home will intern the ashes till you’re ready for them.”

“Thank you Pete. You’ve really gone above and beyond.”

“It was my pleasure Jules,” He said and gave her a gentle hug which she returned.

Pure friendships were very rare and she really appreciated his.

“One more little thing my friend,” She said as they drew apart, “What exactly did you do with Kaines? How did you get the negatives…”

“I didn’t get the negatives. What I did was…Well lets just say he won’t be bothering you any more….”

“Why?” Growled Julie.

Pete smiled, “I black-mailed the black mailer and poof, no more problems…”

“You what?”

“Julie, let it drop, I did what I had to do.” He gave her a pleading look.

Julie looked at him appraisingly, “We’ll drop it for now, old freind but when I get back from Europe we’ll pick it up again, deal?”

Pete looked sheepish but he nodded and said, “Deal.”

* * * * *

They were in their bedroom packing for their trip to Europe. It was decided that the funeral be a small private service held when they get back. His ashes would be spread over the ocean which he loved.

Diana and Julie were going alone to Europe. Christine had decided that she wanted to stay home with Maggie and her grandchildren. Diana and Julie were very excited to be alone completely for the first time in a long time.

“Uh Squirt?” Julie looked over the sweater she was folding nervously.

“Yea?” Diana absentmindedly answered, engrossed in her own packing.

“Um…Can you come here for a minute? I need your help with something.” Julie asked quietly.

Diana looked surprised but she came over to her love and asked, “Sure, whats up?”

Julie gracefully got down on one knee and looked up adoringly at the surprised woman before her. “I know you know I love you. And …Well…I can’t marry you but …I wanted to…Uh, well show my commitment to you and make this trip into a kinda …well…uh….umm, honeymoon,” She shyly put a small velvet presentation box in the stunned blonde’s hand. Inside was a sparkling square cut Blue Diamond.

Diana almost fainted when she saw it, but steady arms held her in place and a gentle voice asked, “Will you be mine forever?”

“Oh God yes….I love you.”

“I love you too.”

* * * * *

Two very happy woman were leaning over the rail of USS Norwegian on their way to France. The moonlight gave a halo effect and they both felt almost enchanted just to be there.

Diana was admiring her ring in the moonlight and she wondered ‘I wonder if I could find Julie the couter part of this in France?’ Her eyes glinted in determination to do just that.



“Do you remember that plane Sylvia had in New York?”



Diana’s face paled, “You didn’t?”

Julie smiled delightedly, “Yep.”


“Diana, it is as safe as houses up there, honest.”

“If it was so safe everyone would do it.”

“They do.”

“They don’t.”

“Sure they do. Darling do you have any idea how many great woman pilots there are?”

“Julie I don’t care!”

“Wait till you go up there.” Julie said excitedly.

“I’m not…”

“Oh, yes you are. Where I go you go…” Suddenly their gazes locked stunned by Julie’s teasing words which suddenly took on a meaning of their own.

“Always.” Diana answered in stunned whisper.

“Always.” Julie said in a matching whisper.

The kiss the soul mates shared reconfirmed the promise their souls had made so long ago.

The End

Story #2 – Extended Family

The tall woman carried a child into the mansion on Sunset Blvd in Beverly Hills. She was followed closley by a small blonde woman carrying a baby bag. They were followed by their driver carrying the luggage.

“Where are we going to put him?” Whispered Diana smiling at the beautiful sleeping boy in
her loves strong arms.

“Your Mother set up the guest room as his nursery.” Julie said as she kissed her child and cradled him closer.

“Is she here still?” A big huge smile of pure joy crossed Diana’s face.

Julie smiled back and winked, “Yes Squirt, She should be in her room,” She said as she carefully climbed up the front stairs after smiling and winking at her butler. He flashed a smile of his own and gave her the high sign as she passed, all was ready for their little darling. They were met at the top of the stairs by the older woman with a warm welcoming smile of her own.

Christine walked up to them her head was cocked to one side and she simply glowed at the sight of the precious little boy, “So this is my grandson?” She said in a whisper to the two approaching younger woman.

Julie and Diana were beaming right back at her. Diana nodded and said, “Yes Mama, It might be better though if you met him when he was awake.”

“Aww, but he is so adorable sweetheart, I am very glad to see him like this.” Then Christine’s eyes met Julies, “And you look very natural like this, Jules.”

Julie’s bright smile became blinding at the compliment, “Thanks so much, Auntie”She whispered

“Well get this little one all set in his room and we’ll talk in the morning,” Said Christine Kisssing
both the young women on the cheek. “Goodnight, I love you all.”

“I love you too, Mama,”Replied Diana following Julie who began to take their precious one down the hall again. “Ditto Auntie,”Whispered Julie over her shoulder as she stopped at the newly decorated nursery. She smiled and winked at her God Mother and then took the baby inside followed close on her heels by an anxious Diana.

Christine shook her head as she went to her own room, “They never cease to amaze me,” She said
quietly out loud to her self as she inside her own room.


Julie woke up early as was her custom, She felt very happy to be home. They had a wonderful honeymoon. They went to every capital of europe. They saw their son on tour in London. As part of her comitment to Pete, Julie made one stop in each city as his movie star. Then the rest of the time was private for her and Diana’s honeymoon.

She saw the little skinny baby boy at a hospice in London. He was half starved and left on the Lord Mayors door step with a note asking he be put in good care. Julie immediately fell in love with the beautiful three year old. He was painfully thin, He had raven black hair and sea green eyes exactly the color of Diana’s. He had the sweetest most angelic smile she had ever seen and it was the first time anyone had seen it. He had not smiled till he first caught a glimpse of Julie as she entered his ward. She was immeadialty drawn to the beautiful little boy nothing could of kept her from his side. She sat down on the side of his bed and he instantly crawled into her lap, she put her arms around him and held him close stroking his hair. In her heart he was hers already. She stayed like that as long as she could. They said she had to finish the tour but when she tried to pull away he cried and held her tighter and she refused to leave her little love crying. A sympathtic nurse distracted the little one with his favorite bear so the movie star could finish her tour.

After she finished the tour she went straight to the managing director and asked about the little angel and how she could adopt him at once. He said it would be dificult since she was single and American but he would do what he could. Julie called Pete from the hospice and got him working on it too. She was going to get the child as her own.

After she finished telling Diana about the child she had to force her to stay in their room till the next morning the young blonde was so anxious to see the little boy. Of course Diana fell in love with him at first sight and he fell in love with her instantly as well. Now they were all a family they just had to wait for the red tape to catch up with them.


Julie felt Diana stir she smiled down at her and said quietly,”Good morning,”Brushing some hair out of the sleepy green eyes.

“Good morning, How did you sleep?” She asked the beautiful woman with short ruffled hair.

“Better then I did in Europe all I did was worry about our baby.”

“I do believe I recall that,”Diana joked with a sparkle in her now alert eyes. “I felt the exact same way. Though if I remember correctly we did catch a moment here and there for ourselves, didn’t we?” She asked as she nuzzled her loves neck and kissed it very gently.

“Mmmm, Yea we managed,”Julie replied pulling Diana up to her so she could reach her lips give her the kiss she was dying to give those lucious lips. When she pulled back she smiled into twinkling eyes and rubbed her nose as she said horsly, “I think that is the best part of the morning.”

“Really?” Diana asked dazed by the passion she received from the kiss.

“Really,”She replied kissing her pert nose and then rubbing it again.

Suddenly there was a loud cry from the next room and the alert women grabbed their robes and ran to their child in a blink of an eye.


Sean was now nestled between his two mothers. As soon as they came with in his sight he
stopped crying. He looked confused because he didn’t know where he was, Diana picked up his favorite
toy a brown teddy bear and brought it to her child. “Here you go my Love, See your teddy is here so everything is fine.” She said with smile, Stroking his hair and giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. He looked at her with inteligent green eyes and smiled , hugging his teddy to him close.

“He is just like you, Love. He has the same sweet disposition you did when you were tiny.
The only thing he has of mine is my hair color…”

“I don’t know about that, Jules. Remember when we were in Spain and we got the panicked call from the managing director that our little dare devil here got out of his crib and was taking a tour of the ward just like Mommy Julie. Didn’t you darling?” She asked the giggling little boy who at that moment was reciveing a kiss to his tummy.

Julie smiled as she watched Diana give a string of kisses to Sean’s belly,”Well I like that too, So I guess we do have some things in common…”


“Sorry, sorry.” Julie said chuckling delighted at the shocked expression on her loves pretty face.
“Lets get the baby ready for breakfest.”


“Sylvia called, Jules,” Said Christine to her God Daughter as she poured a cup a coffee for her
daughter. She watched Diana stiffen and inwardly thought, Uh Oh.

Julie was settling the baby into his high chair, “Oh great that means the plane is in Los…Uh, never mind,” Julie didn’t realize what she was saying till her eyes met Diana’s furious green orbs.

“Momma would you look after Sean for just a little while. I need to talk to Mommy Julie…Now,”
Diana said all this quietly but both of the other women could see the fury behind those quiet words as the younger woman stormed out to the sunny patio.

Julie came out onto the patio cautiously, She knew how Diana felt about the plane, She didn’t want to worry her, but something deep inside her made her crave to learn how to fly. She needed it, like she needed to become an actress and get off the streets. It was a deep need and she had to follow it. So it was with great dread she faced the wrath of this beloved woman.

Diana was pacing as Julie stepped out to the patio, She turned and smiled at the sheepish expression on the tall womans face. “Oh for God sakes stop acting like your scared of me,” She scolded shaking her head.

“I am, You are the only person who could possibly scare me,”Julie answered honestly.

“What?”Diana was more then astonished by the unexpected reply.

“Of course, I love you. I care what you think of me. No one else matters to me with the expetion of Auntie and our son, But they don’t have the power over me that you do. I love you so deeply that I fear your disaproval.”

The look of complete shock on Diana’s face made Julie smile affectionatly. “Umm, I belive you wished to discuss something?”

Diana shook her head in wonder and said a startled, “Wow.”

Julie walked over and embraced her and then bent down gave her a gentle and sweet kiss of pure love. They then looked deeply into each others eyes and smiled at each other.

“Ok, Out with the wrath of the small beauty.”



“Ok Julie,we’re parents now. I don’t think you should be taking such risks. You could get killed in one of those things.”

“What kind of parent would I be if I didn’t set an example? I need this challenge. Sean needs to learn that challenging things in a positive way is a good thing. So it will be a good lesson for our little one; not a bad one,” Julie said simply ending with a beaming smile. She was pretty proud of the logical explanation of purely emotional need.

“Jules, My Love, My darling girl….That is the biggest piece of bull I have ever heard and I used to work for Pete!”

Julie laughed and shook her head, “Damn your smart. You know that is very good for our son…”

“Do not change the subject or attempt to deflect it. You know very well how dangerous what you are contemplating is and…”

“And I’m perfectly capable of following instructions of qualified flight instructor, Now ain’t I”
Julie asked with a rakish grin.

“Ain’t? Come on, Julie I…”

“Love me.”

“Damn, ” She felt herself being scooped up by the strong woman and kissed so passionatly she forgot what they were discussing. Later…We’ll talk….Oh….Later……
Part 2
Diana was in a middle of a plowed field beside Julie’s Rolls Royce pacing nervously and looking up at the blue sky every couple of minute in agitation. Pete leaned against the car calmly watching his friend pace back and forth.

“Diana calm down she’s only been up there ten minutes and she’s not alone,” He called out to his nervous friend.

Diana stopped and walked over to Pete nodding in agreement. “I know that. I just…Pete there are so many things that could go wrong. I can’t loose her,” She replied in a barely audible whisper he could see the tears form in her eyes.

“Come on Diana, Julie is a lucky kid. Everything will be OK…”

He was interrupted by the buzz of the biplane, as it landed perfectly not a 100 feet away from them. A relieved blonde ran to the student getting out of the back the plane.

“Good job, Jules,” Said the flight instructor with a wink and charming smile.

“Thanks Boss,” Said Julie her eyes sparkling with excitement. Suddenly the weight of a beloved body was hurled against her, small strong arms wrapped around her middle holding her close. Julie brought her love even closer to her lifting her so that they could kiss gently. She pulled back and rubbed her back saying, “It was a piece of cake, Squirt.”

The flight instructor took off her helmet to display a cascade of blonde curls, She smiled at the small woman, “She was great, Kiddo. No worries.” Her Australian accent coming out a little stronger then normal to catch the worried woman’s attention.

Green eyes flicked from excited blue to calm brown and she shook her head, “Sorry, you two. I will not stop worrying. I know, Jules is a natural and she is very competent, but…I worry ok?”She said exasperated with herself that she couldn’t seem to explain her fears.

Julie just embraced her closer and kissed the crown of her head. She couldn’t understand her excessive worry. This was her third flight and she was doing really well according to Irene her flight instructor. It was dream come true, She really wanted her partner to enjoy it too.

“Honey, I’m fine. Please try not to worry so, Irene says I’m a natural at this. And Sweetheart, I love it! When I get my license I want you to come up with me! Wait till you see….”She felt Diana stiffen up, “Diana, really its safe as houses up there.”

Diana pulled back and looked at excited blue eyes that were pleading with hers to join her, She caressed Julie’s cheek and said quietly, “Houses are on the ground.”

“Please, Please, Please let me take you up?” She pleaded adding her lopsided grin and puppy dog eyes that she knew would get to her beloved, it always did.

Diana shook her head and laughed at her loves obvious tactics, “OK, Sweetheart when you get certified I’ll go up with you. But if you get us killed I’ll never speak to you again.” The small woman was swept up in the strong woman’s arms and swung around in circles much to the amusement of the two people standing by the car laughing at their friend’s antics.


“Do you think Auntie is having fun with her grandson?”

A huge smile was the reaction of the now relaxed blonde in the back of the rolls. Julie was beside her love having allowed Pete the honor of driving her baby. She wanted to sit and cuddle in the back since Diana was so upset. “Of course she is Sweetheart, Mamma couldn’t wait for us to leave she loves having Sean all to herself.”

“Yep, The little ruffian has her wrapped around his cute little finger.”

“So why should she be any different? Jules our baby has us all wrapped around his cute little finger, doesn’t he? And guess who is wrapped tightest?” She asked her love with a huge grin.

Julie laughed and kissed her love, then she replied, “Yes, your right we all are his to do with as he will. Its easy to fall victim to him he’s such a perfect kid. “There was proud lilt to her voice as she voiced this to Diana.

Diana caressed Julie’s cheek and said softly, “You know as well as I do, Love there is no such thing as a perfect kid.”

Julie brought Diana even closer and kissed her deeply then when she pulled back she replied quietly, “Why the hell not my love, you were.”

“Was not.”

“Was too”

“Was not”

“Hey, do I have to come back there children?” Asked an amused Pete from the front of the car.

“OOPS, Forgot you were there, Pete.” Said Julie chuckling holding her love within the circle of her arms. They were headed for the studio because Julie had a photo shoot to start the publicity on her new film. “Jules, I do need to talk to you about something but I really don’t want to…”

“Oh what?” She asked between nibbles on Diana’s ear.

“Um…A certain publisher is sniffing around us again.”

That stopped all play in the back seat, two heads popped up with sudden interest. “Your kidding?” Said Julie holding a now intense Diana close to her, “It’s been seven months for God’s sake.”

“Yeah, well your back home and your about to make a picture. The Bastard has excellent timing.”

“What are we going to do?” Asked a very nervous Diana.

“Stop him,” Said an angry Julie. If looks could kill the cool anger in her icy blue eyes would have killed Kane right then and there.


Julie was fidgeting in the make up chair waiting for the make up artist to finish up. She wanted to get the photo shoot over with she now had far more important things to deal with.

God, I hate this thick crap they smear all over my face. It takes twice as long to take the glop off. I need to get this nonsense over with so I can get cracking on protecting my family, She thought anxiously to her self as she met the eyes of an understanding but impatient make artist.

“Julie if you would sit still I’d get done a hell of lot quicker,” Said the handsome man with a sweet smile. He was trying to get the make up finished seeing that beautiful face in front of him was anxious to get it over with. He was an old friend of Julie’s from her modeling days and he knew her moods very well.

“Louie, I am sorry. My mind is on other things I’ll try to sit still for you.”

“Its all right, sexy. Just hold still for a minute I’m almost done,” He assured his old friend with a wink and another smile.


Diana came in and smiled at the older man asking quietly, “Almost done, Louie?”

“Yes, my sweet. Miss fidget is now done.” He said gesturing toward Julie with a flourish. Then he bowed toward Julie, winked at Diana and left with a smirk.

“He is so sweet.” Said Diana affectionately.

“Yep, He is. Patient too. He’s known me too long and just ignores my fidgets. I don’t think I sat still for more then a minute the whole time.”

Diana smiled up at Julie her nose scrunched, “You are so cute. I’d kiss you if you didn’t have all that goop on.”

Julie smirked and caressed Diana’s cheek, “We’ll save that for later. We need to discuss Kane.”

“I know…Will he try to get our baby?”

“I won’t give him a chance to get that far, Sweetheart. Sean is my heart as much as you are. He would kill us if he got him. No, I will not allow him to get near our son.” Julie was now pacing in the make up trailer like a caged panther. She looked liked the lethal Julie of long ago. Except of course the make up bib was still around the beauty’s neck making her look like a big angry baby. The amusement in Diana’s eyes puzzled Julie, “What?”

“You look so cute with that bib on.”

Julie rolled her eyes and tugged it off in one easy well-practiced motion., “Diana, “She sat down in a chair by the make up table and gestured toward the other one, “Sit down young lady.”

Diana smiled and sat down obediently in the indicated chair, “OK boss, serious time. What are we going to do?”

Julie looked into the beautiful green eyes she loved so and said quietly, “Like I said in the car, stop him.”


“Well first we need to see if we can reason with this ass hole. If not then we’ll need to get some help from some low places…”

“Not Mickey again?” Diana looked worried.

Julie raised her hand to stop that thought, “No, I’d only use him as a last resort. I really don’t want to owe him anything. I just…I need to find the best means to protect us. If it turns out to be Mickey, then we will ask for some help…”

“What do you mean owe him?” Diana asked with big frightened eyes.

“Damn this make up, “Said Julie as she got up and embraced her love with in the protection of her arms “Don’t be frightened love. I will try to figure out a way that won’t include the big guy, OK? I only consider him back up. I think after we do this shoot we will go to see Pete. He can be very sneaky and creative. Maybe he can come up with some less desperate ideas…OK sweet heart? “Julie asked tilting the blondes head up gently.

Diana nodded her head and there were tears in her eyes but there was determination as well. Julie smiled and said “Damn I wish I could kiss you. Let’s go get this damn thing over with.” Julie got up and held out her hand and led Diana to the Photo studio. Both minds desperately trying to figure out how to beat Kane at his own game.


Pete, Julie and Diana were in Pete’s huge office in movie studio. Julie was pacing like a caged tiger as Pete watched her like a tennis game. Diana was sitting in a guest chair wracking her brains for an alternative to getting help from Mickey.

“What are his weaknesses Pete?” Asked the tall woman as she passed the man for the fifth time.

“Julie do you think you could sit, Please I feel like I’m being held captive at a tennis match?”

Julie growled but then she plopped into a guest chair next to Diana. Diana reached over and took an elegant hand into her own and smiled at her glowering love.

Julie actually blushed at the affection and love that were reflected in her love’s eyes. She gently raised the little hand to her lips and kissed the palm of her hand. She then raised her head and met concerned green eyes. “I’m OK love.”

Diana nodded and her smile broadened. Julie kept the precious hand in her own on her lap and looked at Pete who had a sweet paternal expression on his face. She raised an eyebrow and asked calmly. “Weakness? I’m sitting now.”

Pete nodded, “His weaknesses are money ,art and woman. He likes to collect beautiful things. Especially if they are hard to get.”

Diana’s eyes lit up and she said full of enthusiasm, “Like Julie?”

Julie turned toward her mate and smirked, “Oh you are just too good, My sweet.”

Diana’s eyes twinkled and she winked at the older woman.

Julie shook her head and said, “So we set the ass hole up but how?” Julie asked getting right to the heart of the problem.

“Sorry you too have completely lost me so please enlighten me?”

Julie rolled her eyes and said, “Geez, Pete listen to what you just said. The man’s obsessed with collecting beauty. So we intend to set him up. He’ll think he’s getting one thing but he’ll get something completely different. He is married right?”

“Yes and he has a mistress.”

Julie’s eyes now sparkled with delight, “Wonderful, Perfect.”

“What is the setup? What’s he going to end up with?”


“Well what is it he is going to think he is going to get?”

“Me,” Replied Julie as her eyes met Diana’s in mutual understanding.

“Mr. Kane has no idea what he’s open himself up for, ” Said Diana with a knowing smirk.

“Squirt, you read me too damn well,” Said Julie highly amused by Diana’s expression.

“Jules, I’ve had a life time of practice.”

“True, come here you,” Said Julie as she pulled the smaller woman into her lap and kissed her deeply and passionately. Pete suddenly felt the need to leave his office. He knew that things were going to be hot very soon and he wasn’t welcome right now.
Part 3
Julie was conformably seated on the sofa in the living room with her son nestled in her arms. She was staring into the flames of fireplace as she absently stroked her son’s hair. Diana entered the room and leaned against the doorway smiling at the beautiful picture. It warmed her heart, she knew that Sean was soothing Julie’s soul and she also knew how badly she needed their son’s gentle influence at the moment.

“Is the baby making you feel a little better?” She asked her love in soft whisper.

Startled blue eyes looked up into loving green. Julie smiled at Diana and nodded. “Yes, Its strange, Diana. Just holding him soothes me. Its like when we were kids and I came home from being the terror of the streets, Just the sight of you soothed my soul. I know it was different then, but I loved you so, It was a pure innocent love that made me feel whole. It kept me from getting into real trouble I could never endanger you or Auntie so I could never follow my anger all the way. Your love saved me.”

“I think I knew that, We loved each other as sister’s then. I really worried about you when you went out with the gang, I was always so happy when you came home safe and sound…I…um…the deeper love didn’t come till I moved in with you in New York.”

Julie nodded and rubbed her cheek in Sean’s soft hair, “Yes that’s how it happened with me too. I think I realized it about a week after you moved in. It scared the hell out of me. I mean I always loved you and felt protective of you. But suddenly I was confronted with this beautiful young woman. I think I saw that you were all grown up and…well…I couldn’t help….”

“I know, I think it started for me when I watched you work out every night in our small room. You were so sexy to me, I was mesmerized by how you moved so beautifully,” Diana sat down next to Julie and Sean smiling at her love. Julie smiled back and reached an arm out so she could pull the smaller woman closer to her, embracing her. She now held two of the most important people in her life and she felt at peace again. Julie rubbed Diana’s arm and said, “It started for me watching you on your bed reading. You just looked so cute that I had this deep desire to kiss you. It was one of the hardest periods of my life. I was so scared I was afraid I was going to lose my best friend.”

“Me too.”

“I guess that train ride was well timed, huh?

“Thank God for us being alone in that tiny compartment, “Replied Diana with a smile as she snuggled her head against Julie’s shoulder and caressed her son’s cheek gently. ”Don’t you think we should put our baby to bed for the night?”

Julie nodded and disentangled herself from Diana standing up. Then she reached out and took her loves hand leading the way upstairs to Sean’s bedroom. After they put the baby to sleep they cuddled together in bed, They had just made love and they were floating on a cloud of love and contentment. Julie looked into sleepy green eyes and said with a huge smile on her face.

“I really love trains.”

“So do I my love, So do I…”She never finished the statement because her lips were captured in a tender kiss and she felt hands slowly caress parts of her body that she didn’t even know she wanted to be caressed.

*** *** *** *** ***

Julie was pacing in her home office like a caged panther when Christine came to the doorway. She watched the beautiful girl pacing fretfully for a few minutes till she could stand it no longer and asked, “Can I help?”

Julie stopped mid-stride and looked across the room at her Godmother she smiled grimly and answered, “Not yet, Auntie. I have to plan this out carefully what we will do if Pete’s call doesn’t work. He should be calling the Son of a Bitch any minute. Where is Sean and the Squirt?”

Christine smiled and shook her head at Julie’s nickname for her daughter. It amused her greatly that Julie continued to call Diana that even though they were practically married to each other. It was sweet and strange at the same time. “She is in the kitchen feeding him. She is as nervous as a cat too.”

Julie nodded and sat down in her desk chair, “Auntie, We’re about to go against the most powerful man in America. Its natural to be nervous.”

“I know that, Sweetheart. I have confidence in the two of you. You are right and he is wrong.”

“Oh Auntie, I really wish it was that simple. Sometimes being right isn’t enough. Power does destroy things that are right; I just have to plot this very carefully. He is no fool.”

“I do know all that, Sweetheart. Your mind is powerful enough to overcome anything that man can throw at you. You are a brilliant strategist. He is not an evil man but he certainly is corrupt, He is not a good man. You my darling girl are not an angel that is for certain, but you are very, very good. I have known you all your life and you have won every challenge that life has ever thrown at you. You will prevail this time too. I know it.”

Tears suddenly sprung to Julie’s eyes at the confidence that her Godmother and mother in law had in her. She ran to her and gathered the older woman in her arms saying, “Thank you, Auntie. That means everything to me.”

Christine stroked Julie’s beautiful thick short hair as she soothingly said, “Your my God daughter and my daughter in Law, I love you so dearly. You mean everything to me.”

Julie hugged Christine tighter and kissed her cheek, “Your the only mother I have ever known. It was because of the love you and Diana gave me that I retained any goodness.”

“Thank you Sweetheart. I do think your Dad had a little something to do with that too…”

“Yes, Daddy did but he left me so young. When he died he couldn’t really save me from the grief at his death. You two did that. I was so very wild at that time that if it wasn’t for you and my Diana I would of become an animal of the streets,” Replied Julie crying into her God mother’s shoulder.

“Shhh, It didn’t happen and you’re a good girl. Everything will be all right.”

Julie’s eyes tightened, as did her hug, God, please ensure that she is right, I can’t live with out these people, She prayed desperately within her own mind.

*** **** *** ****

After the emotional scene with Christine, Julie really needed Diana. She needed her right that moment no matter what she was doing Julie was determined to sweep her away from it and hold her. She found her all dressed in a pretty navy dress for work brushing her beautiful golden hair at the dressing table. Julie took the brush from the little hands taking over the beloved chore, She just loved brushing Diana’s hair, and the feel of it soothed her as it always did. Diana closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of her love brushing her tresses and asked quietly, “Why have you been crying?”

The brush stopped for a fraction of instant and then continued as the soft voice replied, “How did you know?”

“Red eyes, Good clue, huh?”

Julie smiled and kissed the crown of Diana’s head and then continued to brush the hair replying, “My little detective. I was discussing the situation with Auntie and I got all emotional. We were remembering how you two helped me through my misspent youth…Sweetheart, Our baby is never, ever going to be like that is he?”

“No, I don’t think so. Don’t worry so, Jules. Our little one is so very loved. I don’t think he will suffer the kind of losses that you did that led you astray. He will be fine because he will have us as long as he needs us, Till he becomes a man and starts a life of his own. I really believe that.”

Julie had tears glistening in her eyes as she nodded, “I do too. I find it hard already to think of our baby being all grown up…”

Diana turned and caressed a beloved cheek, “Sean is still a baby, He won’t be grown up for a very long time. I just know his future will be bright, I feel it in my heart.”

Julie nodded and kissed Diana’s nose then turned her head and continued brushing, “I trust your heart so I know it will be so.”

They were silent for few minutes and then Diana looked at Julie through the mirror as she asked quietly, “Honey, are we really going to go against the most powerful man in America?”

Julie put the brush down and sat down next to Diana on the dressing table bench drawing her love close to her in her strong protective arms. “I sincerely hope not. I hope he will listen to Pete and be reasonable…But I think we may have to. Will you be able to do that love? This whole plot of mine kind of goes against your character.”

Diana leaned closer and put her head on Julie’s comforting shoulder as she replied quietly, “Yes, I can do this. I have a deep need to protect you and my loved ones too. I can do it Julie. Are we all set?”

Julie nodded and kissed Diana deeply, she deftly unzipped the pretty dress her love was wearing in the process, “Yes,” she whispered throatily as she removed each of her loves undergarments, “We are just waiting for word from Pete.” She picked up the smaller woman as she felt her work shirt being unbuttoned by nimble little fingers and brought them both on to the bed with a well-placed jump. Julie felt the cold air as she kissed down Diana’s sweet neck and knew that her shirt was removed and since she had no bra on she felt those beloved fingers caressing the flesh of her breast.

“I guess we have something to keep us busy till he calls us, huh?” Asked Diana breathily as she worked on getting Julie’s jeans off with her free hand.

“Uh, huh,” Julie replied as whisked the offending garments off of her body so her love could reach the goal that would make them both happy. With loving hands the small woman made the love of her life forget the troubles that confronted them. Gently and with love they both floated off on a sea of sensual happiness.

*** *** *** ****

Julie was sitting in her chair on the set of her latest film. They were between scenes waiting for the sound people to finish the work that was being done in the tiny sound booth just off to the side of the set. People were scurrying around the set so Julie hid behind her script knowing that no one would dare interrupt the star as she studied her lines. Julie had already committed her lines to memory she was just trying to get her role straight for later that day when she confronted the most powerful man in America.

The phone call with Pete was not successful. The man felt he held all the aces. So Julie now put her con into play with a series of calls from home and the rest being followed up by Diana in Julie’s dressing room. I hope the Son of a Bitch takes the bait. I think he will, the man has an ego the size of the Grand Canyon, Thought Julie to herself sighing as she took a sip from her iced tea.

The only person who would ever interrupt the star as she studied her lines gently put a small hand on Julie’s shoulder, Julie leaned into the caress not looking up at the blonde yet as she continued to study her script, “Are all the players ready, Squirt?”


“Good girl, Off you go then, “Said Julie now meeting determined green eyes. ”Be careful, Love” Said Julie quietly.

“Always,” Said Diana with a smile and wink as she headed off toward Pete’s office.

Julie smirked at her loves confidence. She shook her head and went to her dressing room to get ready for her part in her own plan. She went to the director to ask for a delay in shooting, but to her amazement Pete had already called down and delayed the shoot for today. That man never ceases to amaze me, She thought to herself as she started pulling out the clothes she would use for the con.

*** *** *** ***

Kane was pacing angrily in Pete’s outer office glowering every chance he had at the little blonde secretary that wasn’t at all impressed by Kane or his power. This annoyed him greatly, as he was use to scaring little girls like this. She must be from old money too by her attitude; Damn I hate that, He thought grimly to himself as he waited to be ushered in to see the producer. He was determined that this new star be his property. He had seen her last two films and she not only got better as an actress she seemed to grow more popular with each film. She may soon rival Mary Pickford and he wanted that sort of star under contract to him.

“Sir, Please have a seat you look terribly uncomfortable,” Said Diana sweetly. She was highly amused; she seemed to be getting under his skin by just acting like he was yet another appointment for Pete. Julie was right. He expects us to jump through hoops because of who he is, She knew that this would unnerve him thoroughly. She thought as she watched the man continue to pace and ignore her suggestion. With all the man’s knowledge and research of Julie he didn’t seem to recognize her and that is good because it released her to do her part of the con with out detection though she would have to be careful the man was not stupid. I guess one blotchy photo of us was not enough for him to put two plus two together. Good. Her thoughts were interrupted as the big man stood in front of her desk and asked in a demanding voice.

“Young lady, Do you know who I am? I do not have all day!” He bellowed at her.

“Of course sir, I announced you to Pete and he should be with you any moment.” Replied Diana inwardly smiling at how frustrated the powerful man was getting; it was all apart of Julie’s plan.

“Pete, Young lady you actually call your employer by his first name? Why I…”

“Yes, Mr. Kane all my employees do, I prefer that.” Said Pete quietly from his door. He had not been busy but he was waiting for his cue. It was just he couldn’t stand the man yelling at his beloved friend any longer so he called him about 10 minutes early.

Diana was a little surprised but she nodded yes as Pete instructed her, ”No calls.” She then proceeded to pick up the phone and call Julie’s dressing room phone. When the anxious woman picked up the line Diana said, “The cats in the cradle”

“I’ll be right there, Sweetheart,” Julie replied quietly as she headed toward the executive offices with a determined look on her beautiful face.

*** *** *** ****

“Either you give me her God Damned contract you idiot or I will expose…”

“Exposing your self is illegal in the state of California, “ Interrupted a low purring voice from the doorway.

Kane turned and his eyes bulged, his hateful reply to her comment stuck in his throat in pure reaction to the seductive beauty that stood before him in the doorway. His heart was beating wildly in his throat, he had never seen anything more seductive and mesmerizing in his life as the woman framed perfectly in the doorway to Pete’s office.

She was wearing a tight blue fringe dress her short hair had a beautiful silver bead headdress through the raven locks. She was wearing the Cleopatra style make up created for the movie that was very popular at the moment and made her blue eyes even more seductive then they naturally were. She was leaning against the closed door with an almost animalistic look on her face that seemed to have captured the powerful man. Julie had the man in her grasp and she wasn’t going to let him go. This was her advantage.

Pete had to shake his head and sit down. He knew this was all a part of the plan but to see his friend act like this with a man she despised showed just what a great actress his protégé really is; he was amazed and proud of her.

“I believe you were discussing my contract and I’m sure Pete has advised you that the only one that can make any decisions on that is myself. So if you want to discuss it I’m afraid it will have to be with me.” Julie said in a voice as seductive as her appearance.

Kane couldn’t respond for a whole minute, “I would indeed like to discuss it.”

“Then you may have dinner at my place at 8PM. And be on time, “Said Julie as she swept out of the room leaving a stunned man in her wake.

Kane turned to Pete and asked incredulously, “Where the hell does she live?”

*** *** *** ***

The rented house on Beverly Boulevard was carefully set up for the con by Diana. She went to each room making sure it appeared perfect. Once they were finished every single thing in the house would have to accounted for and returned to the prop department at the studio. She wanted to make sure everything appeared normal and lived in so it would be one less worry for Julie who was due to arrive at any minute.

Julie arrived with in minutes and immediately went through the house looking for Diana. She needed to be near her love as much as possible since she really needed the support right now. Julie was sure that Diana needed her presence as well, since they were each other’s lifelines. She found her in the kitchen helping her personal chef make the dinner for tonight. Julie smiled at the pretty picture of Diana in that secretary’s dress they picked out with a cute apron on it. Mmm, That may be an interesting game for later. The boss and her secretary discussing dictation…She thought wickedly to herself as she watched her Chef explaining and demonstrating how his famous soufflé was made to his interested helper. Julie had decided to rent this place since she didn’t want the Son of Bitch anywhere near their home.

“All set, Squirt?”

“Yep, Shouldn’t you be getting dressed for dinner now?”

Julie shrugged and gave Diana her lopsided grin, “Not much to change into. I suppose I should get ready though…Um, would you help me….I need help with the hidden buttons on that dress?”

Diana understood and smiled at Julie she glanced up at the tall handsome man and asked, “Are you ok, Sandy?”

“Yep, go on scoot,” Said the chef as he started to prepare the pan for the soufflé.

The two women walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Julie started to remove her slacks and shirt as Diana watched from the bed.

“Um, Jules I think I’ll watch from the kitchen and stay out of sight most of the night. I know you will be acting but I don’t think I could stand to see him putting his hands on you at all…”

“Don’t worry, Sweetheart. He won’t be getting very far I despise him so much I can’t stand the thought of him shaking my hand. If he tries to kiss me he may find a knee not so gently connected to his balls…” a cascade of giggles interrupted her from the bed. Julie did that on purpose she wanted to make sure Diana understood she took no pleasure in doing this and wanted it to be over as much as she did. “That’s a pretty picture.”

“Yeah, Ain’t it just?” Asked Julie as she stood in her black slip and black net stockings. She held out her arms for Diana to come into,” One good kiss for the road please?” Diana came within her arms and Julie proceeded to practically devour her love with loving kisses. She was overwhelmed with the need to demonstrate how much she loved Diana. Diana enjoyed the on slought but she kept her head about her and said as soon as she had the chance, “Get dressed ,Love. We can continue this discussion tonight alone at our own place.”

Julie got in one more deep passionate kiss and then reluctantly let go and nodded her head. She stepped into the slinky, shiny very skimpy cocktail dress she was going to wear that night as she asked, “Is Chrissy and Joe here yet?”

“Joe was here but Sandy sent him up the road for some better wine he’s probably back in the kitchen by now. Chrissy should be here any minute.”

“Oh, I know she will be, she is such an important part of this plan that I wouldn’t have hired her if I didn’t trust her. She will probably be here any time now.”

Diana nodded and said, “I’ll go wait for her, I told her to come through the alley.”

“Good thinking, Squirt”

“Thanks, Good luck, Jules.”

Julie nodded her eyes were once again all business as she watched Diana leave the room as she went to the dressing table to finish getting ready. “To us all.” Said Julie to the face in the mirror as she prepared herself for the most important acting job of her life.
Part 4
Kane approached the small home with some surprise. It was such a modest place on Beverly Drive not the palatial palace he expected a movie star to live in. He knocked on the door and a tall elegant man answered it. He looked like a perfect butler right out of central casting. He was dressed in a simply cut business suit and elegant gray tie. He had on loafers and his hair was slicked back in the style of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

He looked at the older man with a questioning gaze and asked, “Yes sir, Can I help you?”

“I’m suppose to meet Miss Julie…”

“Ah yes sir, Madam is expecting you. This way Mr. Kane.” The tall man led the publisher to a small living room where the movie star was lounging seductively on a black velvet sofa. The room was elegant but simply furnished in black and gray. Julie’s cocktail dress looked like it was painted on it fitted so perfectly to every curve of her beautiful long body. Her long hair was pulled back by a wide headband of midnight blue that made her eyes appear bigger and she was once again wearing Egyptian style make up which gave her an exotic look. She looked at Joe and nodded her head Joe took the hint and with drew with a nod toward the older man.

“Mr. Kane,” She purred and gestured toward a large comfortable looking armchair across from her. “Won’t you sit down.”

Kane sat down in the chair and crossed his arms across the chest. He had a look of confusion on his face. Then leaned back his eyes narrowed and he asked the young woman across from him in a voice suddenly all business, “So when are you going to dump Pete and come under contract to me?”

Julie lifted an eyebrow and tilted her head slightly as she smiled seductively, “I only said that I would discuss it I never said that it was a given, Mr. Kane.”

“I do hold a few aces up my sleeve.”

“No, not really. I am not easily intimidated. I came up the hard way on the streets. Unlike you I had to earn everything I have. I do not bow my head to power or money like most in this town would. That is not the way to seduce me.”

His eyebrows shot up at the word seduce. He cleared his throat and asked in menacing voice, “Scandal doesn’t scare you?”

“I am in a committed relationship with someone I love very dearly. I am raising a child in a loving home and earning an honest living. I am no different then any other American. You on the other hand live by threats and blackmail. You have both a wife and a mistress. Who is the good honest person and who is courting scandal in this room?”

“The big difference is I am not having a relationship with someone of the same sex…”

“Love is love. I don’t understand how the fact the person I happen to be in love with is a woman makes any difference. As long as we aren’t flaunting it or hurting anyone it is purely my personal business.”

“That is very free thinking of you. You must be a member of that movement from your New York days. However you live in a puritan country. Most American’s are not so open minded as that strange creative circle in Manhattan. They would think you are perverted and that you were trying to poison the minds of their children. And believe me I wouldn’t hesitate to play that slant up in all of my papers.”

Fucking sick old pervert of an asshole I just bet you fucking wouldn’t. Julie thought violently in her mind. Her face reflected nothing though she learned how to maintain a poker face when she worked for Mickey this man was nothing compared to the scum who she once had to go one on one with.

“Yes, you could indeed do just that. But where would be your profit in that? Also did you consider that if you went that route you would never win my contract because all hope of negotiating with me would disappear? And believe me you wouldn’t want to miss out on negotiating with me. “She purred at him looking at him steadily as she sipped her martini.

Kane’s face turned bright red and then white as sheet as he reacted to her words, her voice and her body. “Yes, I am most definitely open to negotiation.”

I just bet you are you creep I would rather make mad passionate love to a toad. Julie thought as she sipped her drink praying that Joe would get in here and announce dinner so she could get away from the sick creep. As if in answer to her prayers the tall handsome man appeared at the door and said, “Dinner is served.” In a very butler sounding voice.

Julie had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at her old friend. Oh Joe this is not the time to go over the top. I do not need you eating the damn scenery. She thought as she gave him a look and then smiled sweetly and said, “Thank you Joe. Mr. Kane if you would follow me please.” Julie gracefully got up and glided across the room leaving the older man breathless as he watched the beautiful woman lead him toward the dining room.

*** *** *** ***

Diana was in the kitchen supervising Sandy and Joe. Joe had just returned from the dinning room with a huge smile on his face. He was tossing the salad as he casually said to his friends, “You should see Jules out there she has got that old boys motor running all right.”

Diana frowned as she started to work on plates to display the main course when Sandy was done preparing it,” I hope she can stall that engine, Joe.” She grumbled as she placed the plates by the chef one at a time. Joe looked over her head at Sandy gave him a look and then took the salads into the dining room.

Sandy stopped her by putting his arm around her shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, Sweetheart. You know Jules can take care of herself. Now take a deep breath and go get me some milk out of the Ice box.” Diana smiled and squeezed his hand. Then she crossed to the Icebox to follow the chef’s instructions.

“Joe I have Mr. Ego’s drink all ready for him, are free to deliver it.”

Joe had just come back in the kitchen. He leaned against the doorway and smiled at his friend. His eyes twinkled with mischief as he replied, “Oh yes indeedy it will my great pleasure to give it to him.”

Diana watched the tall man leave with the drink she smiled at Sandy and left down the back hall to help Chrissie with her preparations.

*** *** *** ***

Two very tired sleepy women entered the mansion on Sunset Blvd. They went straight to the second floor to their son’s room. Sean was sleeping peacefully and they smiled at him and then each other. Each mother gently kissed their angel on his head and then they went to their own room.

Julie put her arm around Diana’s shoulders as she guided her little one toward the bathroom so they could prepare to go to bed.


Diana stood at the end of her bed watching Julie as she took off her make up with some cold cream as she had a thousand times before. She was always amazed at how good Julie was with make up she could make herself look like anything. Julie noticed the green eyes watching her every move and smiled at her.
“I’m almost done. Why don’t you get in bed it a little chilly tonight.”

Diana smiled and nodded; She crawled into bed and sat up against the pillow as she waited for Julie to finish. Julie got up went to the bathroom washed every tiny bit of make up off so she looked like a clean well scrubbed child as she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing her usual man’s nightshirt and smiled at her love in her sweet looking pink nightgown. She slipped under the covers and cuddled up close against the smaller woman’s back. They were both too tired to do anything other then cuddle so Julie brought the smaller woman as close to her as she could and settled them both so they could sleep.

Diana turned so she faced the taller woman and looked up into the warm blue eyes above her kissing her love with all the affection and love she felt, Julie returned the kiss with equal love and need. Then they settled into their usual comfortable positions and were quiet for a few minutes. Diana’s voice suddenly floated up to the almost asleep Julie’s ears;

“Do you feel guilty?”


“Good. Neither do I.”

“Diana?” Julie was surprised and now wide-awake again.

Diana shrugged and looked into the concerned blue eyes with out any hesitation she said, “He deserves it after threatening our family like that.”

Julie pulled Diana into a deep passionate kiss, then she pulled back and looked deeply into those beloved green eyes as she replied quietly, “Yes he does. I hope he enjoys his morning.”

“Oh so do I.”

They smirked at each other then Julie rubbed her nose against Diana’s and said, “I love you my little one.”

“I love you too Jules with all my heart” They kissed again and then settled into each others arms to get some well deserved rest.

*** *** *** ***
Kane was lying in a large bed in the center of an empty room with out curtains or any other furniture. All the pictures, nick nacks and normal house hold goods seemed to have disappeared from the small room he remembered when the tall woman had given him a tour of the house. He shrugged his shoulders and sat up in bed. The house was very, very still. His head was killing him and he groaned as he started to get up from the sudden movement. When he pulled back the covers he was surprised to find he was completely naked. He looked around the bedroom and saw that his clothes were neatly hung on hanger in the closet. There was nothing else in the closet but his own clothes.

He went to the bathroom holding his head and stomach groaning from the pain of the hang over he felt infect his tired body. The small room had a small window so he didn’t have to suffer the pain of too much light. He saw there was nothing in the bathroom except a clean toothbrush as small envelope of tooth powder and a small bar of soap. He brushed his teeth and washed his face and hands. He didn’t see anything other then a small towel so he would get a shower when he got back to his hotel.

He then got dressed and went search of the owner of the house. He smiled to himself as started to look around pretty sure he had slept with the beautiful woman last night. For the life of him he couldn’t remember any of it which he thought was a shame. How often does a beautiful lesbian seduce one? He asked himself with a huge lecherous smile on his face.

He searched every room in the house and he was becoming panicked. Not only wasn’t there anyone in the house but there was no furniture. Not even anything in the Icebox. He went back to the bedroom where he found his wallet and money all in tact. Then he sat down for a minute on the bed.

“What the hell happened? Where the hell is everyone?” He asked himself out loud trying very hard to remember the evening. All he could remember was a very enjoyable dinner. They avoided talking about her contract but there was nothing bad or uncomfortable about the evening. The food was good so was the wine and the scotch. “So what happened?” He asked again.

He got up and left the house to his relieve he found his car and driver still parked outside. Perkins was fast asleep with a silly smile on his face. Beside the sleeping man on the passenger seat was a large envelope. He picked it up and then sat down in the back seat of the car. He closed the door and stared at it for a couple of minutes. He slowly opened it up and pulled out some gravely 8X10’s. On top of them was a typed note, which said simply; “I thought I’d return the favor” It was unsigned.

He then looked at each picture one by one and turned paler by the minute. In each picture he was prominently featured with tall naked man. The man’s face was never seen but Kane was pretty sure that it was the butler. He stared at one photo for a long time it was picture of him kissing the man his hand grabbing the other man’s buttocks. He felt faint, this one picture alone could destroy him, If all of them together were given to his competition they would bury him. He looked over at the sleeping driver and shook his head closing his eyes and leaning back in the seat in complete shock.

“Very clever young lady. You’re very clever indeed.”
Part 5
Pete paced in his office in front of his two calm friends. Julie and Diana were both comfortably seated in guest chairs watching Pete pace with amusement.

Julie casually dressed in jeans and T-shirt said kindly, “Pete, You know your going to fall right through the floor if you keep that up, old man.”

Diana dressed in a casual dress with penny fours; sweet looking matching shoes was calmly watching her friend continue to pace for a few more minutes and exchanged amused glances with Julie. “Why are you so worried?”

“Excuse me, but do you two realize what a bomb you placed in my safe!”

Julie suddenly got up and walked in front of the pacing man putting a gentle hand on his shoulder, “Yep I do. I know its full of dynamite. You know what? It’s the best protection in the world against that arrogant Son of a Bitch!” All of the anger from last night suddenly boiled up from inside her and exploded. She turned away from Pete toward the door and paced her eyes were raging from the rush of sudden anger. “If it wasn’t for my love and respect for Diana and our family I would have had Mickey deal with him. Believe me this was all handled much cleaner then it would have been if Diana and our baby weren’t the center of my life. I hate him so much!”

Pete’s eyes widened in shock. Diana jumped up and ran to the angry woman throwing her arms around her and pulling her into a comforting embrace. She held her tight saying in rush, “I’m so glad you’re in my life. I don’t know how I would survive without you. I’m so glad you left Mickey and I…I….” She started to cry against Julie’s shoulder. Julie’s reaction was instantly to calm down and to comfort the now crying woman. “Shh, I know your right. Come on my darling I’m better now. Calm down” Julie cooed in her ear. She lifted her chin and kissed her tenderly.

Diana nodded and rubbed her head against Julie’s neck. She turned toward Pete and said quietly, “It was the only way we could stop him, Pete.”

Julie kissed away the tears gently and then kissed her deeply with all the love she felt in her heart. They pulled back looking deeply into each other’s eyes forgetting Pete was in the room.

“I’m so grateful that you’re in my life too. All I want to do is to protect you. I love you so much. I’m not calling Mickey. God help me, Cause I wanted to but I never will again so please don’t worry. I promised you Diana and you know I always keep my promises… “

“I know, I know that. You are a very clever person and you don’t need him. You only need yourself. That’s something I always admired about you even when I was kid.” She smiled into misty blue eyes. Those eyes slowly closed and Julie tilted her head till their foreheads touched gently.

“You are a pretty clever cookie yourself, My Love. Ain’t you?”

“I love you.”

“Good, I love you too. More then life itself.”

“Ditto,” Replied Diana with a smirk as Julie kissed her chin and worked her way to her neck delighting in the taste as she worked her way down.

“Ehemm,” Both women turned toward Pete with a kind looks on their faces.

“Oops, Sorry.”

“Yep, Sorry old man,” Said Julie with a sweet expression that touched the man’s heart.

“Hey! Who are you calling old?” He asked with an amused look on his face. “You know your picture starts up again on Monday so scat. Get the hell out of my office. Give me some peace and go have some fun. I’ll let you know what happens with our friend Kane.”

Julie and Diana looked at him with deep affection and left with out a word. “Kids!” He said to the empty room then he went to the bar to make himself a drink. He grinned and shook his head with affection at his two friends.


Sean was at home happily monopolizing his Grandmother’s time. The girls were in a car headed to an undisclosed location.

“Come on Jules, Where are we going?”

“We’re going on a picnic.”

Diana rolled her eyes and leaned back on the seat, “Where are we going to have a picnic? We usually go up to Griffith Park but were heading in the opposite direction.

“Yep,” Replied Julie mysteriously. She was trying awfully hard to not laugh at the frustrated little blonde. She was highly amused at how determined her little love was when she wanted to know something.

As they pulled off the main road Diana recognized where they were. Julie’s plane was there and it was ready to take off.


“Sweetheart, I soloed last week. Surprise!” Julie said as she pulled out her pilot’s license excitingly.

“I knew you would. I am really happy for you but what has that to do with a picnic…Oh no!” If Diana could run all the way home she would have without a second thought.

Two loving strong arms engulfed her in embrace holding her close, “Yep.”

“Jules I can’t…”

“Sure you can…”

“Julie I’m terrified…”

Julie leaned down and kissed her tenderly then she asked, “ Would I do anything that would put you in harms way?”


“Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

“Good, Then come on. Time for our picnic.”

Julie kept one arm wrapped tightly around her waist as she led her to the plane. She put her wife in strapping her to her seat with the belt and then caressed her cheek and kissed her nose. Then she checked the picnic basket making sure it was secure and then walked confidently to the pilots seat nodding to her butler who had dropped off their freshly made picnic basket and set up having the plane ready for her special surprise. Julie sat down in the pilot’s seat and set about putting on her headgear instructing Diana to do the same. Behind her goggles, her blue eyes were glittering with excitement she brought the biplane around and took off into a perfect Southern California blue sky.


Once in the air Diana calmed down and was overwhelmed with the beauty of the flight. She was so mesmerized by the beauty that just as Julie had predicted she forgot about how scared she was.

They came in for a perfect landing on a private airfield just a few miles from San Diego. Julie hoped that the place was already set up with a blanket, chairs and an umbrella. She also hoped that beautiful bouquet of long stem red roses was hidden so she could present them like she wanted to. With the basket in hand, she escorted an unsuspecting Diana to a beautiful flower filled carriage that would take them to their destination where it was all set up and waiting for them.

“It wasn’t that bad was it?” Asked Julie kissing and nuzzling the smaller woman’s neck.

“I guess not, Can we drive home?”

Julie pulled back and laughed, “No. We are going to fly home. I know you will not disappoint your son.”

“Julie, That’s mean!” Said Diana pouting.

“Yep,” Julie replied with a smirk, “So what will it be fly or drive?” She asked the frowning woman already knowing the answer.

Very reluctantly Diana put her head against Julie’s shoulder and said, “Fly.”

Julie hugged her and whispered, “Good girl,” into her loves ear.

They arrived at the picnic grounds and they were just settling down when a driver came speeding up to them. He came up to their picnic with a note from Pete. Julie tipped him and took the note with a smile. After she read it her face suddenly glowed with a beautiful smile.

“What is it, Jules?”

“Here read it. It’s from Pete.”

Diana took the note, it read;

Girls, The man in question suddenly decided to take all his marbles and go home. I’ve sent the package in question to Switzerland.


Diana laughed and handed the note back.

Julie handed Diana the roses and said, “Happy Anniversary My Sweet Darling.”

“Anniversary?” Diana asked in surprise.

“Yep, One year ago today we arrived in Los Angeles at Union Station and changed our lives for the better.”

Diana blushed a deep red remembering exactly what happened both on the train and at the mansion. The tears came as she looked up into sparkling blue eyes full of love and admiration. She sniffed the roses with deep appreciation and said quietly, “Thank you.” Tears falling down her cheeks.

“You are so romantic.” Julie said as she gently dried the tears with the back of her hand.

Diana’s blush deepened, “Your a romantic nut yourself, did you know that?”

“Yep, you do still love me, don’t you?” She said her face a glow as she handed her love a glass of champagne.

“Yes you nut. I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy Anniversary Darling.” Said Diana as she clinked her glass against the one Julie was holding up in salute.

“Happy Anniversary Sweetheart, I love you so much. You’re my heart and will be till the end of time.”

The End

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