Ab Initio by Cruise

Ab Initio
By Cruise

Disclaimers: This is a sequel to my uber story Indiscretions. The characters in this story are of my own creation and are in love. If the idea of two women sharing a loving and intimate relationship bothers you or if you are under the age of 18 please find material more suited to you. The song “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias (Paul Barry/Mark Taylor-Rive Droite music) is used without permission and without intention for profit. It is highly recommended by the author to listen to the song during parts of this story…it makes the scene more effective.

Warning: It is not recommended reading this story on a treadmill, at work, operating heavy machinery or if your lover is not within close proximity to you! Hopefully, you have plenty of Amazon Ice on hand as well as a tasty beverage (Dr. Pepper is my fav).

Special Thanks to Stoley who does one heck of a job keeping me out of trouble, to Kat who has a very tough job of watching out for the both of us, to AJ and Dango for their never ending support. It is greatly appreciated!

Part I

Rayne swallowed the lump in her throat. Her mouth closed and she composed herself enough from Lark’s stunning reaction to her to speak. “Aah…no…the note was wrong…I called from the plane to tell you I was on my way. Jayce took the wrong turn on the way to the airport and…” Rayne tried to explain as she leaned forward with her arms resting on her legs and was interrupted.

“Excuse me but you’re Lark Morgan right?” A woman asked as Lark looked up at her.

“Aah…yes, I am.” Lark stammered as she was surprised to be recognized in Greece.

“I knew it!…I’m from the states and I would love it if I could get your autograph.” The woman excitedly asked as Rayne sat back in the chair with disdain for the intrusion.

“Sure.” Lark answered with a strained smile as the woman handed her a piece of paper and a pen which Lark signed for her.

“Oh, thank you so much and I love your new haircut.” She exclaimed with an appreciative smile.

“You’re welcome and thank you.” Lark answered with a smile as she handed her the paper and pen back.

Lark looked back at Rayne who leaned forward again. “Jayce took a wrong turn and we got stuck in traffic which caused us to miss the plane.” She explained.

“You seem to have problems with planes don’t you?” Lark asked sarcastically.

“Listen…Lark…there’s so much I need to tell you.” Rayne replied as she held Lark’s hand. “I have a lot to…” Rayne tried to explain as she was interrupted again by a group of fans asking for Lark’s autograph. Rayne had enough of the intrusions…she needed to tell Lark everything and it wasn’t going to wait this time. “Look people!” Rayne snapped angrily as she stood and continued to hold Lark’s hand who felt Rayne’s hand trembling. “We need some time to ourselves. Lark can we please go?” Rayne asked as she looked down at Lark who saw the distress and anger in Rayne’s blue eyes.

“Of course…excuse us please.” Lark answered as she stood up wondering what it was that Rayne so desperately needed to tell her.

“She’ll sign autographs later.” Rayne snapped as she held Lark’s hand and led her down the deck stairs to the beach. She walked to a quiet part of the beach and turned to face Lark.

She locked her blues with green’s which sparkled in the moonlight and smiled as she held Lark’s face in her hands. She was incredibly nervous and her mind as well as her heart raced a mile a minute. “You are devastatingly gorgeous Lark…I absolutely love your hair.” Rayne replied breathless with a smile.

“You mean to tell me you flew across the country to tell me that?”

“No…I came here to tell you how much I love you and that I don’t want to be without you ever again.” Rayne answered with a smile as she searched Lark’s green eyes for acceptance. Lark’s heart fluttered and the tears welled in her eyes as she saw the sincerity in Rayne’s blue eyes. “Lark…there’s so many things that I need to tell you and they’re not coming out right.” Rayne replied nervously as she inhaled deeply to slow her mind down that raced faster than her mouth would allow.

Lark put her hands on Rayne’s arm which calmed her and wrapped her arms around Rayne for a comforting hug. Lark could feel Rayne’s racing heart beat as she snuggled close to her and felt Rayne’s tension release. “Just settle down and tell me what you need to…okay?” Lark asked softly as she rubbed Rayne’s back and felt her heart slow it’s beat down.

Rayne took in a few deep breaths as she reveled being in the arms of the woman she loved so much and was reluctant to break the hug but needed to tell Lark what happened. She held both of Lark’s hands and locked blues with green. “Lark…you’re the fire that burns within me, the other half of my soul and you’re my only desire.” Rayne replied honestly as Lark smiled with happiness at what Rayne had just told her. “I’m to blame for everything baby. I should have listened to you and forgiven you…I was a pig headed fool. So, I’m asking you …no begging you for forgiveness.” Rayne professed passionately as she dropped to one knee and looked up at Lark with cloudy blue eyes and kissed Lark’s hand.

Lark’s tears fell and her knees grew weak with Rayne’s confession. ‘She’s begging for my forgiveness when I’m the one who cheated?’ Lark thought as she ran her hand through Rayne’s hair and rested her palm on Rayne’s cheek. “Baby…you have no reason to ask for my forgiveness. I’m the one that needs that from you. I’m the one who…aah…cheated on you.” Lark answered hesitantly with difficulty saying cheated because it pained her so much to think she did that to Rayne.

“No!” Rayne exclaimed as she stood up and held Lark’s face in her hands. “No…you didn’t cheat Lark.” Rayne answered with a smile as she looked into confused green eyes. “You didn’t do anything with that woman Lark.”

“I’m really confused Rayne. How do you know that?” Lark asked with total disbelief.

Rayne moved her hands to Lark’s shoulders. “Danielle sent that chick to seduce you so I would find the two of you together and do exactly what I did…walk out on you.” Rayne explained sadly as she saw Lark’s reaction when she told her.

Lark went limp with disbelief and Rayne grasped her to hold her up. She felt as though she had been kicked in the stomach by a horse. “Why?…how?” Lark stammered unable to form any other words as she was completely stunned. “How could someone do something so horrible like that to us?” Lark asked in disbelief as she turned her back to Rayne and looked out over the ocean trying to catch her breath as her tears flowed freely.

The tears streamed down Rayne’s face as she saw the pain Lark felt and wanted to take it away…so she would stop hurting. Rayne approached Lark from behind and wrapped her arms around the trembling shorter woman who collapsed into her arms as she cried harder.

Lark slid her hands onto Rayne’s arms that held her tight and closed her eyes as she reveled in how comforting her strong arms felt wrapped around her. “It’s because of me Lark. Danielle wanted you out of the picture so she would have a better chance of being with me.” Rayne whispered sadly as she rested her cheek against Lark’s head. They both stood silently enjoying the closeness and calming effect it had on one another. “I’m so sorry Lark.” Rayne whispered before Lark turned to face her.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Rayne.” Lark answered as she stared into regretful, cloudy blue eyes.

“Yes…I do Lark. I should have trusted you more than what I did and I should have made an attempt to talk to you to work it out but I didn’t. I can’t forgive myself for being so ignorant.” She answered regretfully.

“Rayne you couldn’t have known that I didn’t cheat on you. I wasn’t even sure of it myself.” She answered sadly.

“I should have had more faith in you. You would have had more faith in me…I’m sorry.” Rayne answered remorsefully

“Rayne…I would have reacted the same way. I would have been devastated as you were if I would have walked into our bedroom and found you in bed with a naked woman. This past week has totally blown my mind. I mean…I’m so pissed that I feel like killing Danielle…Ugh!” She shouted and spat her anger out.

Rayne chuckled. “If it wouldn’t have been for Jayce and Shayan I would have killed her.” Rayne answered with a sheepish grin and a laugh.

“You would have?” Lark asked with a laugh.

“Yeah…I was going to toss her over the deck railing.” She admitted with a laugh which was shared by Lark.

“I would love to have seen that!” Lark answered still laughing.

Rayne stopped laughing and looked into Lark’s eyes with a serious demeanor. “Can you forgive me for the way I treated you this past week?” Rayne asked with regretful and guilt filled eyes.

“Did you mean any of the hateful things you said to me?”

“Not one word.” Rayne answered as Lark searched her blues for the truth which she found.

“Then I forgive you as long as you forgive me for being an idiot and not trusting your love for me.” Lark answered as she ran her fingers through her lover’s dark hair which blew in her face from the ocean breeze.

Rayne felt a tingling sensation and nervousness as Lark ran her fingers through her hair. “How could I not when I look into your sweet face with those beautiful green eyes that sparkle in the moonlight?” Rayne answered softly as she moved closer to Lark whose lips waited in anticipation for Rayne’s to meet hers.

“With those very sexy lips that I love to have pressed against mine and to taste.” Rayne replied as Lark’s hands moved up behind Rayne’s neck and she felt Rayne’s lips lightly touching hers.

“Kiss me.” Lark whispered with breathless anticipation as Rayne’s lips met hers for a soul searing kiss that melted her to the core.

Lark tightened her hold around Rayne’s neck as Rayne slipped her arms around Lark drawing her body closer to her own as Lark deepened the kiss sending a rush of warmth throughout Rayne. Her stomach had a tingling, nervous sensation as if it was the first time she had ever kissed Lark. Rayne could feel the heat of Lark’s body and her hardened nipples pressed against her own as her tongue slipped out to trace the contours of Lark’s lips before sliding back in for a deep, moist kiss.

Lark’s passion mounted along with the wetness between her legs and she burned with desire for her lover to scoop her up in her arms and make wild, passionate love to her. “Lark…allow me to make love to you.” Rayne whispered through her kiss as her heart pounded in her chest.

“You…my love are always allowed.” Lark answered seductively before she deepened the searing kiss.

They broke the kiss breathless and locked blues with greens smiling happily that they were back were they belonged…in each other’s arms. Rayne’s want and desire for Lark mounted as she looked into her eyes seeing the longing for her that they possessed. She kissed her lightly and slipped her hand into Lark’s and led her away from the beach.

Rayne had thought about making love to Lark right there on the beach but she wanted it to be slow, sensual, passionate, special and not sandy. “So, does that mean that I can make love to you after I’ve had a workout and I’m really sweaty.” Rayne teased with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows at the prospect of making love to Lark in any way.

“I said you were always allowed.” Lark answered seductively as she looked up at Rayne and winked.

“Yeah…baby.” Rayne teased in her not so good Austin Powers imitation. “You know I’ll hold you to that.” Rayne answered with a laugh.

“I’m counting on it.” Lark answered as she stopped and leaned up to kiss her tall, dark lover. She was ecstatic to have her sexy lover back and wanted to show her just how much with that one kiss.

“Ooh, baby…your kiss is complete bliss and takes my breath every time you touch my lips.” Rayne answered with a satisfied sigh and a smile. Lark blushed with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck before drawing her close for a searing kiss that touched the deepest part of Rayne’s soul. “If you keep that up you’ll have to perform CPR on me don’t ya know?” Rayne replied flashing a sexy smile as she broke the kiss.

“Don’t tease about that babe because you just don’t know how scared I was when I saw you laying there with Danielle doing CPR on you. I felt so helpless and I intend to get certified so, I never feel that way again…I hope something like that never happens.” Lark answered regretfully.

“It’s okay…don’t worry about it.” Rayne answered reassuringly.

“No…it’s not Rayne…what if something like that would have happened when we were alone?…I wouldn’t have known what to do.” Lark answered seriously to let Rayne know it was unacceptable that she didn’t know CPR.

“Okay..I’ll tell you what…my certification is expiring this month so, we’ll both go together.” Rayne answered with a smile.

“It’s a date.” Lark answered smiling with a feeling of reassurance and kissed Rayne’s hand before leading her towards the stairs.

Lark walked up the stairs ahead of Rayne who enjoyed the view from behind as she watched Lark’s firm backside move side to side with each step. She smiled mischievously and thought about how much she wanted to slide both hands up underneath her light, white cotton, knee length sundress and strip it off of her before thoroughly reacquainting her hands with Lark’s body.

Lark turned around once on the deck to wait for Rayne. “What are you smiling about?” She asked with wonderment and a smile.

“I was just enjoying the view and thinking about what’s under that dress.” Rayne answered seductively and wiggled her eyebrows flashing a sexy smile as she approached.

Lark looked down at Rayne with a smile who was one step below Lark. “Well…what’s there is for you only and I hope it won’t disappoint you.” She purred seductively before lightly kissing Rayne’s lips sending a tingling sensation straight to Rayne’s sex.

“Oh, it never has and I’m sure it never will.” Rayne answered huskily with a smile as she slipped her hand up on Lark’s hip sending her heart into a flutter from Rayne’s touch and nudged her towards the lobby avoiding the bar with the autograph seekers. She didn’t want to share Lark with anyone this evening…she wanted her all to herself.

They quickly walked through the lobby towards the elevators in a hurry to quench the thirst they had for one another. They entered the elevator which contained four passengers and they slipped to the back of the car. Rayne leaned her back up against the wall and put both hands on Lark’s hips pulling her back against her as Lark melted against her lover’s body. Lark smiled mischievously at the thought of where she really wanted Rayne’s hands. Her heart raced at the thought and sent a throbbing sensation straight to her center especially when Rayne slowly rubbed her hands up and down her hips.

Rayne leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I want you so bad baby.” Sending a tingling sensation throughout Lark’s body and she closed her eyes inhaling and then exhaling deeply to calm her burning desire for Rayne.

Rayne smiled mischievously knowing the affect she was having on Lark and knew it drove Lark nuts when she whispered in her ear. She continued her gentle massage up and down Lark’s hips as she moved down to her ear again whispering. “I can’t wait to slide my hands under your dress and run them to the front of your thong which I know you’re wearing to feel how wet you are.” She replied huskily as her tongue traced the contours of Lark’s ear before sucking her earlobe.

What Rayne said to Lark sent her heart racing out of control as Rayne’s hot breath in her ear sent her passions soaring. She couldn’t contain herself any longer and gasped out loud as Rayne stood up just as everyone in the elevator turned to look at Lark. Rayne looked at Lark pretending like she had no clue what happened…you know…the innocent bystander look?…before replying. “I guess you had too much to drink.” Then chuckled as Lark turned facing her with a beat red face…fully embarrassed.

“I guess so.” She answered gritting her teeth and gave Rayne a look of ‘I’ll get you later’ before turning back around with a sheepish grin. “I’m sorry champagne does that to me.” Lark apologized to the people in the elevator who turned back around to face forward as the elevator came to a stop and two people disembarked.

Rayne leaned in and whispered. “Kind of makes you wish we were on our floor doesn’t it? Should I continue my list of things to do to you?” Rayne teased as Lark slapped her leg and stepped away from her unable to take the teasing. She was afraid she’d lose control and maul Rayne in front of everyone.

Rayne covered her mouth laughing as she looked over at Lark who pointed at her mouthing ‘pay backs are hell’ and faced forward. She was unable to contain her laughter as she could see Rayne snickering with her peripheral vision.

Rayne thought about how much she loved Lark and wished that this whole terrible incident had never happened. ‘How could I have been so foolish to have not given her a second chance? Because you were an idiot and you need to make sure it never happens again.’ She chided herself as she turned to face Lark’s side. ‘She is so beautiful.’ She thought adoringly and wanted to hold her.

‘These people can bite me if they don’t like me wrapping this gorgeous woman up in my arms. What in the hell is taking this damn elevator so long?’ Rayne wondered as it seemed to be taking forever for their floor to approach as she moved closer to Lark who turned to face her. “I love you Lark.” Rayne replied softly and drew her close to her chest as she kissed the top of her head. Lark wrapped her arms around her tall lover and felt complete again.

“I love you Rayne.” Lark answered as the other passengers looked back at them receiving a nasty look from Rayne and quickly faced forward. ‘That’s right…I thought you’d see it my way.’ Rayne thought to herself with a chuckle as the elevator came to a stop. “Finally, our floor.” Lark replied with relief as she wrapped her arm around Rayne’s waist and they walked off the elevator towards their suite.

“We need to remember to get a suite closer to the lobby with less of an elevator ride.” Rayne teased with a shared laugh with Lark.

Lark attempted to open the door but had a very difficult time with someone’s very sexy lips kissing her neck. “Here let me help you with that.” Rayne replied softly as she wrapped her arms around the front of Lark and took the credit card key from her.

“Rayne…you just love to tease me don’t you?” Lark answered with a chuckle thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Rayne’s closeness.

“Very much so.” She answered huskily as she opened the door to the spacious suite. Rayne stood in the doorway and watched as Lark made her way into the suite. She leaned against the door and watched her sashe’ in with a mischievous look on her face.

Lark stopped and turned around to find out what her tall lover was doing. She laughed with wonderment as she saw Rayne staring at her. “What are you doing?” She asked as she put her hands on her hips.

“Just enjoying the view. Lark…I really hate to see you leave but I really love to watch you go.” Rayne with a sexy smile and a wink.

“Come here and kiss me you sexy beast!” Lark demanded with a laugh.

“Okay!” Rayne answered as she was upon Lark before she knew it with her long strides and her lips were captured by a passionate kiss. “You had to get a suite with tile floors didn’t you?” Rayne teased before adding a light kiss as Lark began to laugh.

“Pay backs…babe…pay backs.” She teased as she walked farther into the suite and put her small purse on the table before turning the stereo on. She dimmed the lights as Rayne stepped farther into the suite to check it out.

“Well…at least there’s a king sized bed here.” Rayne teased and noticed her bags had not been delivered yet. “Where in the hell are my bags?” Rayne asked with agitation as she looked around.

“You won’t need any clothes for what I have planned for you sweetheart.” Lark replied seductively as she moved in close to Rayne and gently rubbed her hands over her chest as Rayne was too preoccupied to notice as she searched the room with her blue eyes.

“It’s not just the clothes…there’s something very important in there.” She replied with urgency as she moved away from Lark and checked the suite with no luck.

“It’s okay honey…I’ll call the front desk and find them.” Lark answered trying to calm Rayne down who became very nervous and agitated as she walked towards the door.

She opened the door to find the bellhop with her bags. “What the hell took you so long? I was just on my way down there.!” Rayne asked with agitation as she grabbed her bags.

“Sorry ma’am…we’ve been busy.” The nervous man answered as he began to walk away.

“No, hold it right there…not until I check my bags.” Rayne demanded angrily as she the man froze in his tracks while Rayne searched her bags.

“Honey…is everything alright?” Lark asked as she approached.

“Yeah…it’s fine babe…aah…could you do me a favor and make me a soda…please?” Rayne stammered nervously as she looked over her shoulder to hide what she was doing from Lark.

“Sure.” Lark answered with a smile as she headed back towards the kitchenette for the drink.

Rayne fervently searched her bag and found what she was looking for. She let out a sigh of relief as she checked the item over and found nothing was wrong with it. “Aah…sorry …everything’s here…thanks…oh, here.” She stammered nervously and handed him a tip.

Rayne put everything back and closed her bags before entering the suite. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and took in a few deep breaths to calm her racing heart as she walked over to the closet to place her bags there.

Lark approached Rayne with her drink. “Are you okay? You’re sweating Rayne.” Lark asked with worry from Rayne’s demeanor.

Rayne took the glass from Lark. “Yes, I’m fine I just got nervous when I couldn’t find what I needed….thanks for the drink.” Rayne answered with a smile as she drank the cold beverage. ‘There would have been hell to pay if it was gone…that’s for sure.’ Rayne thought as she finished her drink. “Aah…you remembered my favorite…Dr. Pepper.” Rayne answered with a laugh.

“How can I forget? I think you have stock in the company.” Lark teased as she accepted the kiss Rayne offered. “Do you want something stronger…I had them stock your favorite…Gentleman Jack?” Lark asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

“As much as I would love to I can’t because of my medication…but thanks.”

‘How stupid.’ Lark thought as she tapped her forehead. “I’m so sorry…I forgot.” She replied apologetically.

“It’s okay…no biggie.” Rayne answered as she hugged Lark. “Thanks for the offer it was very sweet.” Rayne enjoyed holding the shorter blond in her arms and kissed the top of her head.

Lark wondered why Rayne had gotten so upset about the contents of her bags…they were only clothes after all she thought and found her demeanor very odd. She had never seen her act that way before and wondered why she did it.

‘I’m not going to push the issue considering what we’ve just gone through and I don’t want anything to ruin our evening! Besides, she’ll tell me when she’s ready.’ She told herself as she rubbed her hands up and down Rayne’s back.

The song changed to “Bailamos” By Enrique Iglesias. “Hey, I didn’t know this song was out in this country.” Rayne replied with excitement because it was her favorite song.

Lark leaned back and looked up at Rayne grinning. “It’s not…I bought it and have worn the CD out listening to it.” She answered with a sheepish grin.

“Really?” Rayne chuckled with disbelief. “Do you like it?” She asked with excitement.

“Yes…since we danced to it at the premiere party. It’s incredibly sexy and sultry just like you.” Lark answered seductively as she ran her fingers through Rayne’s raven hair and locked blues with greens.

“It certainly is a very sexy song.” Rayne answered softly as her desire to taste Lark’s lips overwhelmed her and she captured Lark’s waiting lips with her own.

Lark’s hands moved to hold Rayne’s face…pulling Rayne’s mouth closer to hers…she deepened the passionate kiss. “Sing the chorus for me.” Lark whispered her request as the chorus to the song drew near. She remembered how wild Rayne’s singing voice drove her when she last sang it to her. Her heart nearly stopped beating as her knees weakened. She wanted to feel that again.

Rayne began to sing the chorus in a soft sultry voice expressing a Latin accent in Lark’s ear. “Bailamos…Let the rhythm take you over…Bailamos …Te Quiero…Mi Amor….want to live this night forever…Bailamo’s…Te Quiero…Mi Amor.” Rayne sang as Lark’s heart fluttered and her knees grew weak again.

Lark melted in Rayne’s strong arms which held her up. “Tell me what that means.” She whispered as Rayne feathered her neck with soft kisses causing Lark to gasp from what she was doing to her.

Rayne slowly made her way back up her neck to Lark’s ear and whispered. “It means…Bailamos…we are dancing…Te Quiero…I want you…Mi Amor…my love.” Rayne answered as her kiss moved from Lark’s ear across her cheek to her soft lips and traced them slowly and sensually with her tongue. “Te Quiro…Mi Amor.” She whispered as Lark was mesmerized and lost in her lust for Rayne. She gasped as Rayne’s tongue slowly slid past her lips for a deep, moist kiss.

“That is so beautiful.” Lark replied breathless through her kiss as Rayne’s tongue slipped back in to dance a sultry dance with Lark’s.

Rayne slid her tongue back out of Lark’s mouth to place light kisses on her lips. “You are my Mi Amor Lark.” She whispered in perfect Latin accent before giving Lark a soul searing kiss.

Lark wasn’t sure if she was standing under her own power or if it was Rayne holding her. She knew this much…Rayne totally blew her away…her heart pounded with anticipation for the love they were about to share. Lark’s hands traveled down Rayne’s back and she slowly untucked Rayne’s shirt before raising it up and over Rayne’s head only breaking the kiss long enough for the shirt to pass before continuing the kiss again. Rayne broke the kiss and locked blues with greens as she held her face in her hands. “Lark…I want you to know that I haven’t been with another woman.” Rayne replied sincerely and softly as she felt it was important to tell Lark that.

Lark’s tears fell and she smiled as she stared at her lover. “Me either.” She whispered as she moved to kiss Rayne who hesitated.

“You should know that Danielle kissed me.” Rayne answered wanting to be totally honest with Lark who gasped at the thought. “It wasn’t reciprocated or invited. She grabbed me and kissed me.” Rayne explained as Lark searched for the truth in Rayne’s beautiful blue eyes.

“It seems that woman has a way of doing things like that but I don’t want to hear anymore about her tonight. All I want to think about is you and me…us. Thank you for telling me.” Lark answered as she pulled Rayne down to her and pressed her soft lips against Rayne’s for a moist kiss.

Lark helped Rayne out of her sports bra and lightly rubbed her fingers over Rayne’s hematoma which was smaller now. Her heart fluttered and her throat tightened at the thought of the pain that Rayne endured for her. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she placed soft kisses around her injured area in an attempt to relieve her pain.

Rayne ran her fingers through Lark’s short hair taking in the scent so specific to her lover and found it incredibly touching that Lark was so compassionate. ‘Oh, how she excites me and makes me feel so loved.’ Rayne thought as she kissed the top of her head.

The sultry music and the sexuality that Rayne exuded was intoxicating to Lark. She wanted to make love to Rayne like she had never done before to let her know how much she loves her and how much she means to her…that she’s the other half of her soul. Lark looked up at Rayne as blues met greens. “I want to kiss you, caress you, taste you and give myself to you. I don’t want to wait any longer.” Lark replied lovingly as Rayne captured her lips with a passionate soul searing kiss as Lark wrapped her arms around her neck tightly. Lark broke the kiss and took Rayne’s hand to lead her to their bed.

Rayne followed her young, blonde lover and was nervous as if it was the first time they had ever made love. She inhaled deeply then exhaled to settle the butterflies that took flight. Lark stopped and before she could turn around Rayne’s arms engulfed her as they began to unbutton her dress. The song continued on repeat mode much to Rayne’s delight…she couldn’t hear that song enough.

Rayne’s lips lightly kissed Lark’s soft neck as she worked her way down the dress finally reaching the last button and Lark fell back in to her tall, sexy lover thoroughly enjoying the moment. Rayne’s hands slowly moved up her body sending a tingling sensation throughout Lark’s body and her fingertips lightly brushed her skin to the top of her shoulders. Rayne slowly pushed the dress off Lark’s shoulders and let it drop in a pile at their feet leaving Lark standing in her lace bra and thong underwear that Rayne loved so much on Lark.

Lark gasped as she felt Rayne’s hard nipples against her back and her breathing became more erratic as Rayne slowly pulled her bra straps off her shoulders allowing Lark to remove her arms from the confining straps. “Oh, Rayne…you feel so good kissing and touching me.” Lark moaned breathless as Rayne’s kiss moved down the middle of her spine followed by her hands to unhook her bra. The kiss sent a flush of warmth throughout her as goose bumps covered her body. Lark reveled in Rayne’s kiss and touch which was so soft, delicate, loving and only meant for her as she moaned out in delight while Rayne’s hands cupped her breasts as she lightly nipped on Lark’s neck.

Rayne’s arousal heightened and she thought about how much she loved to caress and kiss Lark. She loved how her body responded to her touch as if it only would from her caress. “Lark…I love to touch you.” She whispered in her ear as her tongue traced the contours of her ear.

“Oh, baby.” Lark moaned deeply unable to keep her eyes open from the ecstasy she felt from Rayne’s touch, kiss and her warm, husky breath in her ear. It ignited a fire that only Rayne could satisfy. Lark’s hands reached behind her and began to unbutton Rayne’s shorts who moved her kiss to the opposite side of Lark’s neck to shower it with the attention it craved.

Lark was finally able to unfasten Rayne’s shorts which dropped to the floor and she rubbed her hand between Rayne’s legs to feel how warm and wet her lover was through her underwear. Rayne stopped her kiss and grasped Lark’s breast gently as she gasped and tried to catch her breath which escaped her when Lark touched her sex.

Rayne’s response to Lark’s touch excited Lark to no end and she pushed Rayne’s underwear off her hips to join her shorts on the floor. Rayne stepped out of the discarded clothing and ran her hands up and down Lark’s firm backside before they slipped around the front of her hips. She gently pulled Lark back against her as she lightly nibbled on her neck. Lark’s heart raced with anticipation and want as she felt Rayne’s wet curls against her backside. She ran her hands up behind Rayne’s neck as her body rubbed up and down against Rayne who slipped her hands underneath the remaining material.

Rayne felt how wet the thong was as her fingers traveled along the inside of the thong pushing it away from Lark’s body down between her legs. Rayne’s fingers parted her folds and ran up along her slick, hot center sending Lark into a frenzy. Rayne’s fingers moved up away from Lark’s sex and hooked them around the thin material before her tongue lightly traveled down Lark’s spine as she squatted down behind Lark removing her thong.

Rayne’s hands slowly moved up the outside of Lark’s legs as her kiss moved from her firm backside to her spine and her tongue traveled the full length of her back stopping at her neck as her arms wrapped around her blonde lover.

Lark turned to face her lover and ran her hands through her raven hair as Rayne gently lay her back on the bed staring into her beautiful green eyes. Lark moved up on the bed and watched as her fabulous lover stared at her with loving blues while she slowly climbed on top of her. Rayne hovered above Lark and began to kiss her softly…slipping her tongue in and out of Lark’s mouth with each sensual kiss before her body slowly lowered onto Lark’s.

“Oh, Rayne…you make me feels so incredible.” Lark moaned through her kiss as her arms wrapped tightly around her muscular lover whose hips began to grind against hers.

“Lark…I love you so much it hurts.” Rayne professed breathless as she passionately kissed her younger lover. Lark couldn’t take it anymore and rolled Rayne onto her back never breaking their kiss. She began to grind her body against Rayne’s and deepened her kiss as Rayne grasped her ass tightly. Lark could feel Rayne’s navel ring against her abdomen and it sent chills down her spine because it felt so good against her taut stomach.

Lark moved her kiss down Rayne’s chin to her chest and captured an erect nipple in her mouth as Rayne’s hands caressed her upper back. “Lark…that feels wonderful baby.” Rayne moaned as she watched her lover suck her breast heightening her passions before moving her tongue down to Rayne’s toned abdomen and stopping to lightly kiss around her bandage where her stitches where.

Lark moved her tongue to Rayne’s navel circling it before dipping her tongue inside the opening. The sucking, her tongue and the movement of the navel ring sent a throbbing sensation straight to Rayne’s sex. She ran her fingers through Lark’s short hair and watched her work her magic. She couldn’t hold it any longer…she wanted Lark’s tongue between her legs in a bad way. Rayne reached down and guided Lark back up on top of her wrapping her arms around her as she pressed her sex against Lark’s.

“Oh, baby…too bad you don’t have your sex toy with you.” Lark purred seductively through her kiss and thought fondly of the first night they made love with the sex toy. Rayne kissed Lark passionately as Lark remembered how slow, gentle, caring and loving Rayne was when she gave her most intimate treasure to her blue eyed lover…her virginity. Rayne returned the intimate moment when she gave Lark her virginity that night as well. Lark loved how it felt to share such an intimate moment with the person she loved and for them to do the same for her Lark thought as Rayne broke the kiss.

“No baby…I want it just to be you and me tonight. I want to share an orgasm with you Lark.” Rayne replied seductively as she gazed lovingly into Lark’s green eyes.

Lark’s heart skipped a beat at Rayne’s seductive request and she smiled sexily. “I’ll be back soon.” Lark answered with one last kiss before turning around and lowering her sex to Rayne’s mouth as her own mouth lowered to Rayne’s sex. Lark guided Rayne’s legs apart before dipping her tongue down into the warm, wet recess of her lover as Rayne moaned out loud in ecstasy from Lark’s tongue inside her moist opening.

Rayne’s scent and taste were intoxicating and she moved her tongue deeper inside her dark lover devouring her sweet nectar as if it was the first time she had ever tasted her. Lark loved how Rayne felt and tasted. Rayne lifted her head up and lightly ran her tongue along Lark’s slick clit before sliding it deep inside her moist opening. Lark lifted her head up and gasped for her breath as she lost it when Rayne’s tongue entered her.

Once she caught her breath she went back to licking and sucking Rayne’s engorged nub much to Rayne’s delight. Rayne’s tongue moved up and down Lark’s swollen nub as if she was licking an ice cream cone.

The sound of Lark’s gasps along with the faster movement of her hips encouraged Rayne to apply more pressure with her tongue against Lark’s sensitive nub and a faster licking motion.

“Lark you taste incredible baby.” Rayne moaned breathless as her tongue entered Lark’s opening and slid back down to her slick clit. Rayne slipped her thumb deep inside of Lark as she continued her ministrations with her tongue as Lark’s hips moved faster with each deep thrust of her long finger.

‘Her tongue feels so incredible licking me. The way she moves her tongue is so sensual and sexy…it’s drives me wild.’ Lark thought as she continued to enjoy her tall lover’s sex.

Lark was drawing near to her climax and knew Rayne was too as her hips pressed up and down with the movements of Lark’s tongue. Both women enjoyed one another as their hearts raced and their breathing became more erratic. “This is for you baby.” Lark responded breathless through her kiss as she let her orgasm go as Rayne’s tongue entered her to accept all of Lark. The offering from Lark sent Rayne over the edge and she reached her peak and released her treasure for Lark to devour.

Rayne’s tongue moved in and out of Lark as she sucked her juices with Lark’s opening closing and opening around her tongue. They both moaned in pleasure as they shared multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm. Rayne ran her hands up and down Lark’s back as she took everything Lark had to offer gladly until there was no more. She placed soft kisses followed by soft bites along her legs and butt until Lark was finished with her feast of Rayne.

Lark turned around and crawled up on her tall, sexy lover with a satisfied smile on her face. “Hi sexy.” Lark replied as she settled comfortably on Rayne and kissed her loving the taste of herself on Rayne’s lips.

“Enjoy yourself?” Rayne asked with a sexy smile as she wiped herself off of Lark’s upper lip.

“Immensely…did I leave some?” Lark asked as she sucked Rayne’s finger that wiped her face not wanting to leave any of Rayne anywhere other than in her mouth.

Rayne leaned up to capture her lips for a sensual kiss. “How about you?” Lark asked with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows as Rayne’s hands lightly rubbed up and down Lark’s perfect body.

“Well…you know…it was okay.” Rayne teased with a laugh as she saw Lark take offense to her comment.

“Hey!” Lark replied as she sank her teeth into Rayne’s neck getting a giggle out of Rayne.

“Ooh, that feels so good Lark…I think I just had another orgasm.” Rayne answered sexily as her blond lover raised her head up and gazed into her sexy blues.

“Well?…did you enjoy yourself or was I just a good fuck?” Lark teased as she leaned her head in her hand with her elbow leaning against the bed and looked at Rayne.

“Ouch!…I guess I deserved that one.” Rayne answered with a nervous laugh and regretted saying that Lark was nothing but a good fuck previously in the week. “Lark…I’m very sorry for what I said that day. I regret that I said…” Rayne tried to finish as Lark put her finger on her lips.

“Ssh…you already apologized for that…I was just teasing you.” Lark answered as she moved her finger and kissed Rayne before sitting back up.

“I think you’re letting me off too easy Lark…but thanks.” Rayne answered with a smile as she ran her palm down her cheek. “I enjoyed myself more than you’ll ever know baby.” Rayne declared sincerely as she leaned up and kissed her love.

Rayne lay back on the bed and Lark crawled back on top of her. “I’m not hurting you am I?” Lark asked with concern.

“No…you make me feel better.” Rayne answered with a smile as Rayne began to scratch Lark’s back.

Lark’s eyes rolled up and she closed her eyes as she laid down on Rayne’s chest. “Rayne…that feels incredible!” Lark replied in obvious pleasure.

“Don’t get too comfortable because I’m next and you know how much I love my back scratched!” Rayne answered with a laugh as Lark pretended to snore. “Oh, no you don’t.” Rayne laughed as she poked Lark in the ribs tickling her as she squirmed and giggled.

Lark looked up at Rayne. “Yes, I know how much you like a good back scratch because you usually make me scratch until my fingernails are worn down to the nub.” Lark teased with a laugh.

“But you do it so good baby…how could I not love it?” Rayne answered seductively as she kissed Lark. Rayne was ecstatic that Lark was back in her life and realized she hadn’t felt complete in the past six months until now. “Lark…what made you cut your hair?” Rayne asked with wonderment.

“I thought you liked it?” Lark asked feeling self conscious about her hair as she ran her fingers through it.

“Oh, I do…actually I absolutely love it. Don’t get me wrong I liked your hair long too but I really like it the way you have it now…it brings out your sassiness and doesn’t hide your beauty…I was just curious.”

Lark was touched by what Rayne had just said to her. She worried she wouldn’t like it but that thought was wrong. “Well, I cut it for you.”

“For me?” Rayne asked with a chuckle and bewilderment as she shifted her head on the pillow. “Why?”

“Because I wanted you to look at me with love again instead of betrayal so, I figured the long hair would be a constant reminder of that and I wanted to change that perception.” Lark explained. Rayne’s heart fluttered from Lark’s explanation and she was speechless. Rayne just stared into Lark’s eyes unable to form any words. “What’s wrong?” Lark asked as she saw the tears form in Rayne’s blue eyes.

“Aah…I don’t know what to say Lark. I’m flattered, gracious…but you didn’t need to do that for me.”

“It was the least I could do for you Rayne…I mean…you nearly died twice for me.” Lark answered with a smile which turned serious. “Besides, I wanted us to have a new beginning so, I thought a new look was in order.”

“That is incredibly sweet Lark.” Rayne answered as she ran her hand through Lark’s hair resting her hand on her neck and pulled her in for a searing kiss. “Thank you…I love it.” Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it. They broke their kiss breathless as Rayne smiled mischievously. “So, does that mean I can cut my hair short?”

“Oh, no…no…no…no.” Lark protested holding up her hand to stop that conversation.

“Oh, come on why can’t I?…that’s not fair.” Rayne teased as she poked her in the ribs knowing she didn’t want to cut her hair short.

“No, way!…I love your hair just the way it is right now…I’ll compromise and let you cut one inch off but that’s it.” Lark answered firmly and with a chuckle.

“You are so generous to me.” Rayne answered with a laugh.

“How about if I get a navel ring to go along with my new look?” Lark asked with a mischievous smile.

“It would look very sexy on that abdomen of yours baby…but it hurts like hell.” Rayne answered as she rolled her eyes back and moved her head side to side to emphasize her point.

“Wait…this is coming from the person who got the snot beat out of them and asked for more, jumped through a window to avoid a bomb explosion, took a bullet in the chest…albeit with a bulletproof vest on…died and came back to life but a navel ring hurt like hell?” Lark asked wide eyed and in complete disbelief.

Rayne laughed. “Yes, actually it did…I mean, it only lasted for a couple of minutes but it kept getting infected which hurt a lot. I wouldn’t recommend that you get one even if it would look sexy on you.” Rayne answered with a sexy smile.

“Then why did you get one?” Lark answered with wonderment.

“It was a surprise for you on our anniversary…well, one of them.” Rayne answered as her smile crept away still finding it hard to discuss that evening not because of what happened but for the reason that it was a special evening and it was ruined.

Lark could see the sadness in Rayne’s eyes as she shifted her blues away from Lark’s greens and watched her finger trace along Lark’s neckline. “I’m so sorry I ruined our evening.” Lark answered regretfully as blues shot up and met greens.

“Why?…you have nothing to be sorry for sweets.” Rayne answered honestly.

“I feel like I am to blame. I should never have put myself in that predicament Rayne.” Lark answered regretfully and with sadness.

“Lark…that woman and Danielle set that whole thing up…it was just a farce. You couldn’t have avoided it.” Rayne answered growing more agitated at the thought that someone she considered a close friend could do something so dreadful for their own selfish reasons.

“Yes…Rayne, I could have avoided it.” Lark answered regretfully.

“How?” Rayne asked as she shrugged her shoulders with wonderment.

The tears formed in Lark’s green eyes as she thought about that evening. “I could have trusted your love for me more…like I should have and not gotten so drunk either. I’ll never forgive myself for that Rayne.”

“Well, yes…you should have trusted my love for you but the same could be said for me. I should have been more open with my feelings when Forrest and Grandma Taye died. If I had…then you wouldn’t have felt that way about me. Besides, I wouldn’t put it past those two bitches to have drugged you.” Rayne answered angrily at the thought.

“I can’t forgive myself for it Rayne. It cost me the one thing I love more than life itself for six months…you…and could have cost me that for the rest of my life. That hurts so much to know that I could have prevented it.” Lark answered as the tears fell.

Rayne wiped her tears away. “Lark…we both made regrettable mistakes because we didn’t trust each other enough to confide in one another with our problems. I don’t want that to happen ever again.

“I know the pain all too well from being away from you and I hate myself to this day because I walked out on you. I should have let you explain but I didn’t. But we have to forgive ourselves for our actions…somehow. We have to or it’s just going to keep coming between us.” Rayne answered as she gently rubbed her hands up and down Lark’s arms.

Lark sniffed her tears back and wiped them away. “How do we do that Rayne?”

“I’m not sure but we have to do it together.” Rayne answered simply as she hugged Lark close to her as Lark slipped her arms around Rayne’s neck and tilted her head up to kiss Rayne who gladly accepted her kiss.

Lark sat up breaking the kiss and ran her hand through Rayne’s hair locking greens with blues. “I love you with all of my heart and soul Rayne.” Lark professed honestly as Rayne kissed her.

“I love you the same way Lark.” Rayne whispered through her kiss deepening it to let her know that she meant what she said. Rayne broke the kiss as Lark snuggled her face against Rayne’s neck. Rayne lightly rubbed Lark’s back as Lark placed her hand over Rayne’s heart and felt the steady beat knowing this was where she was meant to be. They both lay silently in each other’s arms thinking that they were where they belonged… with each other as Morpheus took them both away to their dreams with hearts beating as one.

Part II

Rayne was startled out of her sleep by a nightmare where nothing that took place last night between her and Lark actually happened…something worse did. The dream was so real to her that she thought it actually was until she felt a heavy pressure on her body and looked down to find Lark snuggled close to her chest where she had fallen asleep earlier. Rayne smiled and exhaled a sigh of relief as she tried to slow her racing heart from the nightmare.

Rayne kissed Lark on the top of her head and rubbed her back lightly listening to the soft snore of her lover. She gently rolled Lark over on her back as she still clung tightly to Rayne through her sleep not wanting to let her go. Rayne was drenched in sweat and had a splitting headache from her nightmare. She smiled lovingly as she watched her beautiful soulmate sleep peacefully and leaned down to lightly kiss her lips before moving Lark’s arm from around her neck.

Rayne moved just as green eyes snapped open. “What’s wrong?” Lark asked hoarsely still half asleep as her heart pounded from being waken suddenly and from worry.

Rayne looked down at her with a reassuring smile. “It’s okay baby…I just have to go to the bathroom…go back to sleep.” Rayne answered softly before placing a soft kiss on Lark’s lips as she slid off the bed. She stepped off the bed onto the cold tile floor and nearly jumped back on the bed.

She hated to walk barefoot on the tile floor. ‘Bite me!…I left my sandals in my bag.’ Rayne thought agitatedly as her head continued to pound from her headache. She looked on the floor and saw her shoes next to her clothes and quickly headed towards them. Rayne slipped on her docksiders and headed into the bathroom grabbing her small bag which contained her medication.

Rayne finished answering nature’s call and stood before the sink fishing through her bag for her medication having a hard time finding it with only a dimmed light to illuminate the bathroom. She finally found them and popped one of the pills in her mouth and scooped a handful of water from the sink to get the nasty tasting pill down. ‘Damn!…what was up with that dream?’ She asked herself as she was still shaken by it.

Rayne rested the palms of her hands on the counter and wet her free hand to wipe her face off. She didn’t realize Lark had entered the room as she was lost in her thoughts until she felt Lark’s hand on her back. She jumped slightly as she turned to look at her. “What are you doing up?” She asked with a startled look before smiling.

“I was worried. What’s wrong baby?…You’re so sweaty and clammy.” Lark observed with concern as she kissed her shoulder and leaned her cheek against Rayne’s muscular arm as she looked up at her blue eyed lover.

“I had a bad dream…that’s all.” Rayne answered with a reassuring smile still trying to shake off the effects of the dream that haunted her.

Lark grabbed a towel and wiped her face, hair and back to dry the sweat off of Rayne. “That was some dream Rayne.” Lark answered as she moved back in front of Rayne.

“Yeah…it was bad.” Rayne answered softly as she just wanted to put it out of her mind.

“Oh, Rayne…you’re bleeding.” Lark exclaimed with worry as she looked at Rayne’s bandage that covered her side where the stitches where.

“Really?” Rayne asked as she looked down and saw the bandage was bloody.

Lark turned on the light and they were both temporarily blinded until their eyes adjusted to it. Lark began to take the bandage off to see what happened. “It looks like two of your stitches pulled apart. Do you have anymore bandages?” Lark answered as she looked up at Rayne.

“Aah…yeah…here.” Rayne replied as she moved her bag closer and pulled out the spare bandages. “Does it need to be sutured again?” Rayne asked as Lark checked it out again.

“No…I can butterfly it if you have the butterfly strips.” She answered as she pushed the open wound together and looked up at Rayne who handed her the requested item.

“It’s a good thing the nurse gave them to me.”

Lark began to butterfly the area as Rayne watched her lovingly amazed that Lark was so proficient with what she was doing. “Hey, where did you learn to do that?” Rayne asked as Lark kept her concentration focused on Rayne’s wound.

“You tend to learn a lot when you play a doctor in a tv series even if it is a brief role…it has to look real…don’t ya know?” Lark answered with a chuckle as she continued with her task.

Rayne smiled as she thought about how caring and loving Lark was as she concentrated intently on her task. ‘She is so incredibly beautiful.’ Rayne thought as she watched her and wanted to hold her in her arms to shower Lark with kisses and to let her know just how much she loved her.

“Want to tell me about the dream?” Lark asked as she continued what she was doing and glanced up at Rayne briefly before shifting her green eyes back down to her task.

“Well…aah.” Rayne stammered as she was reluctant to talk about it as she began to relive the feelings she had during the dream but knew she needed to talk to her about it. “Well…you were the one that was shot in my dream and aah…you died in my arms Lark.” She stammered nervously and regretfully as her blue eyes clouded at the thought of that ever happening.

Lark looked up at her lovingly and ran her hand through her dark hair. “I’m not going anywhere so don’t think twice about that dream my love…okay?” Lark answered with a sincere smile as she pulled Rayne down and kissed her to reassure her tall lover.

Rayne put her hands on her shoulders and stared intently at her. “I guess I’m afraid of losing you again.”

“Don’t be because I am not letting you out of my sight.” Lark answered with a smile and kissed Rayne again to reassure her.

“Same goes for me.” Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it and loved how Lark’s mouth gladly accepted her moist kiss.

Lark broke the kiss breathless. “Let me bandage this up before we get carried away.” She replied with a laugh and finished bandaging Rayne’s wound. “Okay…let’s get you in bed.” Lark ordered as she threw the bandages in the trash and saw Rayne’s medication out on the counter. “What’s this for?” She asked as she held up the pill bottle and looked at Rayne for her answer.

“The doctor gave me those for pain and in case I got any headaches.” Rayne answered as she took Lark’s hand to lead her out of the bathroom.

“Is it normal to continue to have headaches?” Lark asked with worry as they exited the bathroom.

“Yeah…he said I might. I just took some of the medicine for one I have now. I guess I had too much excitement last night.” Rayne answered sexily as she wiggled her eyes suggestively at Lark who laughed.

“Yeah…well, what can I say?…other than I really love you in those black boat shoes.” Lark teased as she looked at Rayne who stood naked with only her shoes on.

“Maybe I should tell Sal to get me a modeling job for Sperry shoes…what do you think?” Rayne asked as she looked down at how silly she looked and laughed harder.

“I’m sure he would love you doing anything for him babe. Did I tell you how incredibly sexy that navel ring of yours looks?” Lark replied seductively as she moved closer to Rayne and squatted in front of her allowing her tongue to circle Rayne’s sexy navel before ending her assault of her tongue with a kiss. Lark stood up in front of Rayne with a mischievous smile. “It drives me wild.” Lark purred as her hands slowly moved up Rayne’s muscular chest before wrapping her arms around her neck with green eyes transfixed on blues thinking about how she couldn’t get enough of Rayne and wanted her again.

Rayne wrapped her arms around her blonde lover’s taut back as Lark’s lips lightly brushed hers causing her arousal to heighten. “You make me so wet Rayne.” Lark whispered before her tongue slid past Rayne’s parted lips which waited with breathless anticipation for Lark’s to caress them. Lark’s kiss touched the deepest part of Rayne’s soul as she deepened the kiss and lowered her hands to rest on Lark’s firm backside.

‘Her touch and kiss are so sensual, sexy, loving and meant only for me.’ Lark thought as her tongue danced a slow tango with Rayne’s. Rayne bent at the knees and lifted Lark up in her arms without breaking their erotic, passionate kiss and carried her to the bed. Rayne lay back on the bed with her green eyed lover still on top of her locked in one another’s arms and a very passionate kiss. Rayne maneuvered her body up on the bed as they continued their kiss and Lark broke the kiss worriedly. “Be careful…you don’t want to open up your stitches again.” She replied with concern as she stared into Rayne’s sexy blue eyes and lost herself in them.

“I could careless about anything right now except you and I Lark. Tonight…I’m all yours.” Rayne answered sexily as she continued to kiss her lover and caress her back softly. She loved how Lark’s body reacted to her touch and kiss…it excited her to no end.

Lark’s heart fluttered as Rayne made her feel like she was the most important person in the world just as she always had before. She had missed that feeling for the past six months and was happy to have it back again. “I am so wet and so hard for you Rayne.” Lark whispered through her kiss as her sex rubbed against Rayne’s…up and down …slowly and sensually.

“Touch me baby.” She requested in a breathless whisper. Rayne moved her hands over Lark’s ass and grasped her tightly sending a jolt of electricity throughout Lark who gasped as it took her breath away.

Rayne’s kiss traveled up Lark’s neck to her ear were it explored in detail the contours of it. “No.” She whispered huskily as she guided Lark’s hips up and down to feel Lark’s sex rub against her own. “I just want our bodies to grind against one another’s.” Rayne whispered seductively as her hot breath in Lark’s ear sent a throbbing sensation straight to her core.

“Oh, Rayne.” Lark moaned breathless as her hot, wet mound rubbed against her lover’s …heightening her desire to have Rayne’s hand there.

“Baby…I want you to touch me so bad.” Lark whispered in gasps as she nibbled on Rayne’s neck.

“I know you do…I can feel your clit throbbing for my touch.” Rayne answered softly as Lark’s pelvis rocked up and down faster. Rayne could feel her sex harden and become wetter from Lark’s slow rhythmic rocking motions up and down her body. Her arousal mounted as did her heartbeat and she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation she felt from Lark’s hard nipples pressed against her own.

“Please…Rayne…touch me.” Lark pleaded as she sank her teeth into Rayne’s neck.

“Oh, yes…I love it when you bite my neck hard Lark. It’s such a turn on.” Rayne moaned breathless as her body tingled from the sensation of the painful yet, very enjoyable bite on her neck.

“Rayne…please I need you.” She begged through her assault on Rayne’s neck as her sex ached with desire for Rayne’s touch feeling as if she would explode.

Rayne moved her kiss to Lark’s mouth and traced her lips with her tongue before slipping inside for a moist kiss. “Imagine my hand traveling down the length of your body.” Rayne whispered before lightly kissing her again as Lark imagined Rayne’s hand on her body and how wonderful it felt touching her. “Imagine my hand has just passed over your hard nipple and is working it’s way down stopping between your legs.”

“Oh, yes…Rayne…I’m ready.” Lark moaned breathless as she kept her mental image of Rayne doing what she was describing as she nipped on Rayne’s neck breathing heavily.

“I gently push one leg to the side followed by the other one to spread you open wider for me.” Rayne replied as her want for Lark mounted from the feeling of Lark’s mound pressed against her own and knew her climax was drawing near. “Oh, Lark…your skin is so soft and it feels so good underneath my hand. I love how your body reacts to my touch.” Rayne whispered seductively as she continued her role playing and used her hands to press Lark’s hips closer to her sex. Lark was mesmerized, in a trance…totally enthralled in Rayne’s image. “My hand is touching your wet curls my love. Are you ready for me to spread your folds and touch you?” She asked seductively.

“Oh, yes…please Rayne…touch me.” Lark moaned breathless as her heart raced with anticipation as her orgasm was near.

“I hope you’re wet enough Mi Amor.” Rayne whispered as her tongue ran the length of Lark’s neck before she sucked her soft skin in for a sensual kiss.

“Oh, Rayne…I am so wet…just for you baby.” Lark answered with a gasp as she loved Rayne calling her ‘Mi Amor’. She loved it when she spoke to her in another language. Her voice was so velvety, smooth and sensual that the Spanish term just flowed from her mouth so sexually.

“Oh, you are so wet baby…I notice as my finger has slipped down your hard clit as I slip inside of you slowly.” Rayne explained as she felt Lark jerk as if she actually felt Rayne’s fingers inside of her. “Lark…you are so warm and wet inside.” Rayne moaned fondly as Lark sank her teeth into her neck sending a rush of warmth throughout Rayne. “Oh, yes…harder Lark…while I slid my finger deep in your wet opening to satisfy your desire for my touch.” Rayne whispered as Lark continued to bite her neck hard and Rayne guided Lark’s hips faster as her orgasm began.

“Oh, baby…you feel so good…come with me Lark.” Rayne whispered seductively as Lark moved her hips faster heightening her desire for Rayne’s orgasm to release.. Lark sank her teeth into the other side of Rayne’s neck which sent Rayne over the edge and she released her orgasm. “O, Lark…yes…I’m coming for you baby!” She moaned seductively as Lark’s hips bucked wildly and she braced her hands against the bed on each side of Rayne’s head as her orgasm began. “That’s it…I feel how hard your clit is and how badly you want to set your sweet nectar free for me…oh, Lark…come on baby it feels so good.” Rayne enticed her as Lark’s head snapped back and she gasped for her breath while her hips rocked faster pressing her throbbing sex against Rayne’s as her passions began to unfold.

Rayne saw the look of pure ecstasy on her lover’s face as she inhaled and exhaled rapidly with her eyes closed completely exciting her even more. “You look so good Lark…come for me…oh, I’m coming again baby.” Rayne moaned as another wave of orgasm consumed her while she watched her lover enjoy herself.

Lark screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm overcame her. “Aah…yes!” She shouted loudly as she let out the breath she subconsciously held. Rayne leaned up and captured Lark’s breast in her mouth and began to suck on the hard nipple. She felt Lark’s body shudder as one wave of orgasm after another consumed her.

“Oh, Rayne!…yes…baby!” Lark screamed out in pleasure before collapsing against Rayne spent from her passions her heart racing like a thundering herd of wild mustangs.

Rayne moved her hands up Lark’s back and released her breast from the warm recess of her mouth as she lay back on the bed. Lark’s face was snuggled against her neck and Rayne could feel her erratic hot breath against her skin and Lark’s racing heart against her own.

Rayne lovingly caressed her body up and down with her hands as she lightly kissed Lark’s forehead numerous times as she thought about how much she loved Lark. Lark was speechless…for once…not to mention breathless. She had never felt something so erotic and sensual in her entire life. Lark thought about how much she loved Rayne and how Rayne was able to unleash her deepest passions just by touching her.

Everything Rayne did was so sexual…from her sexy look, to her husky voice, to her delicate touch…everything about Rayne sent Lark into a sexual frenzy. Her kiss made her sex throb with want and desire for her dark, sexy lover as she wondered why they had never done that kind of sex before.

Rayne held her lover tight as she felt the shuddering stop and felt Lark’s breathing level off. “You were wonderful baby.” Rayne whispered and kissed the top of Lark’s head.

Lark was finally able to move and lifted her head up to look deeply into Rayne’s blue eyes. “Me?…baby..you were…that was fucking incredible…freaking amazing!” Lark answered excitedly and with complete amazement at the pleasure she had from what they just experienced and kissed Rayne passionately to let her know just how much she loved it.

“I love you so much Rayne.” Lark replied meaningful as she locked greens with blues and let Rayne see just how much she loved her through her eyes.

Rayne smiled lovingly and ran her fingers through Lark’s hair. “I love you Lark.” She answered softly before sealing her declaration with a soul searing kiss.

Lark broke the kiss and looked at Rayne who looked exhausted. “How’s your headache?” She asked with concern as she massaged Rayne’s temples.

“What headache?” Rayne asked teasingly through her yawn.

Lark laughed. “I better let you sleep baby…you look exhausted.” Lark answered as she lightly rubbed Rayne’s cheek with her thumb before kissing her lips softly.

“How can I sleep with such a beautiful woman next to me?” Rayne asked sexily as she rubbed Lark’s back with a sly grin on her face.

“All cuddled up in each other’s arms…that’s how.” Lark answered with a smile as she shivered from the cool air hitting her overheated naked body.

“Are you cold?” Rayne asked as she rubbed her hands faster over her back to warm Lark.

“Yep…let’s crawl under the covers.” She answered as she rolled off Rayne onto the bed and began to pull the covers up as Rayne sat up to help her.

They both crawled under the covers and Lark lay on her side as Rayne cuddled in behind her wrapping her arms around her blonde lover as they settled in bed. Lark’s body fit perfectly against Rayne’s in a ‘spooning’ position. Lark took Rayne’s hand and entwined her fingers with Rayne’s pulling her hand to her face for a kiss before tucking it close to her. She loved the closeness with Rayne and wished she could be even closer to her heart. She felt so loved and safe being in Rayne’s arms.

“Goodnight Rayne.” She whispered contentedly with her lover wrapped around her in a warm, tender embrace.

“Night…sweets.” Rayne whispered in her ear before placing a delicate kiss on her cheek and lay her head down to wait for Morpheus to take her to her dreams again. She hoped she would have a better one this time as she tightened her hold on her young lover as she drifted off to sleep.

Lark woke before Rayne …probably only the second time in their relationship she thought with a smile as she looked at her dark lover. She must have turned in her sleep sometime during the night as she was now facing Rayne who was sound asleep on her side with her arms still around Lark. The blanket only covered the pair around their waists with their legs woven within each others as Lark reveled in Rayne’s sexy, naked body. She thought about how much she loved having that sleek, slender and sexy body pressed against her as she watched Rayne sleep peacefully. She felt lucky that Rayne was hers…all hers and thanked whatever god gave her to her.

Lark looked at Rayne’s chest where her hematoma was located and noticed it had decreased in size since last night. She lightly rubbed her thumb across the purplish colored area of her skin and thought about how close she came to losing Rayne forever. It terrified her to think about what would have happened had those particular turn of events played out. The tears welled in her eyes as she snuggled closer to Rayne to feel connected to her and lightly kissed her badly bruised chest.

Lark leaned back noticing how soundly Rayne was sleeping as she didn’t stir as she normally would if Lark moved and figured it had to be from the medication she was taking because she never slept that deeply. She listened to Rayne’s soft breathing and lightly ran her thumb over Rayne’s bruised eye which had now turned a yellowish color. She smiled as she thought about how much she loved her and how happy she was that they were back together.

Lark still couldn’t believe that Danielle went to such great lengths to break them up and it broke her heart to think that she hurt Rayne that way. ‘Rayne’s such a good person and didn’t deserve to be treated that way…hell, who did?… I just can’t believe she almost managed to fulfill her plan.’ Lark thought angrily as she lightly rubbed her thumb on Rayne’s cheek who stirred and moved closer to Lark holding her tighter through her sleep.

Lark smiled and all of her anger escaped her when she felt Rayne cuddle next to her. ‘Oh, she feels so good next to me…I feel so wanted, cared for, safe and loved. When she pulls me closer it makes me feel so good knowing that I’m hers and she’s mine…I love her so much.’ Lark thought adoringly as she lightly kissed Rayne’s lips which sent a tingling sensation throughout her body and she lightly rubbed Rayne’s arm as she continued to watch her sleep. ‘Rayne is so incredibly beautiful and oh, so sexy.’ Lark gushed with a smile as she ran her fingers through Rayne’s raven-hair unable to stop touching her lover.

Lark placed soft kisses on Rayne’s eye, her nose and lastly…her sensuous lips. She couldn’t stand to not touch Rayne or be close to her and smiled as Rayne’s sleepy blues locked with her greens. “Hey, sleepyhead.” Lark replied softly with a loving smile.

“I kept trying to wake up and look into those gorgeous green eyes of yours that I love to lose myself in but Morpheus just wouldn’t release his hold on me.” Rayne answered with a sexy smile as she kissed Lark lightly. “Good morning beautiful.” Rayne replied seductively with a smile meant only for Lark which sent a tingling sensation throughout her from Rayne’s kiss. Lark smiled happily and lost herself in Rayne’s deep blue eyes. “What are you doing?” Rayne asked skeptically as she wondered what mischief Lark was up to.

“Oh, aah…nothing…I was just thinking about how incredibly sexy you are and how much I love you.” Lark answered happily with a smile as she lightly caressed Rayne’s face with the palm of her hand.

“Lark…you won’t believe this but I was just thinking the same thing about you!” Rayne answered with a chuckle before pulling Lark closer to her and pressing her lips against Lark’s for a deep, sensual kiss. Rayne moved her free hand up to Lark’s face holding it and gently deepening her kiss as she moved her hand through Lark’s short hair. “Lark…you feel so good in my arms…I don’t ever want to let you out of them.” Rayne answered sincerely as she slipped her tongue past Lark’s parted lips for another moist kiss. Rayne’s tongue danced a seductive dance with Lark’s as she moved her body as close as possible to Lark’s and wrapped her blonde lover in her arms tighter deepening the kiss.

Lark’s heart raced with excitement as she felt a throbbing sensation deep within her core that only Rayne could bring out in her. She had other lovers but none of them brought out so many wonderful feelings that she never knew she had like Rayne always managed to do. Maybe it was because she absolutely adored and loved Rayne with her heart and soul she thought as they broke their kiss breathless.

Loving blues met desire filled greens as Rayne held Lark’s face in her hand and lightly traced her thumb along Lark’s lips before lightly kissing them. “Lark…I love you so much. I want you to always remember that.” Rayne replied softly and heartfelt as her thumb continued to lightly stroke Lark’s cheek. “I…aah…never stopped loving you even though I was really pissed at you.” Rayne answered regretfully and ran her hand through her own hair. “Aah!…I’m so mad about all of this bullshit with Danielle!” Rayne replied frustratedly from what happened as all the negative thoughts invaded her thoughts as she pulled her hair back off her face.

“Babe…I’m pissed…no, livid from what happened but we can’t do anything to change what took place as much as we would like to. I’ve been racking my brain over all of this to no end and the only thing I could come up with was that all we can do is make sure nothing like this ever happens again or let anything come between us.” Lark answered reassuringly as she removed Rayne’s hand from the grip it had on her raven hair and entwined her fingers with Rayne’s before kissing her hand.

“Lark…I’m so mad at myself for the way I treated you. I was such an asshole and I said some really hurtful things to you.” Rayne answered guiltily as tears welled in her blue eyes.

“You can’t keep beating yourself up like this Rayne. You told me you didn’t mean what you said and I believe you…I already forgave you baby…please believe that.” Lark answered sincerely as she kissed Rayne.

“I just want you to know how truly sorry I am for what I said to you. I saw the hurt and pain in your eyes from what I said…it just grips me around the throat and won’t let go when I think about it.” Rayne answered with agitation and guilt at her actions towards Lark.

“Rayne…I know you’re sorry…I can see it in those beautiful blue eyes I love so much and I could see that you didn’t truly mean everything you said to me before. You were hurt…hell, I would have felt the same way if the shoe was on the other foot.” Lark answered reassuringly as she wiped away the tears that Rayne fought to hold back unsuccessfully.

She had only seen Rayne cry like that one other time in their relationship and that was when she first heard the news of her grandmother’s death who meant everything to Rayne…it broke her heart to see her strong lover so upset…then and now. “Please don’t cry.” Lark whispered as tears began to well in her green eyes and a lump formed in her throat.

“I can’t help it Lark…I’m so consumed by guilt over that and the fact that I broke our trust for one another when I walked out on you. I should have trusted your love for me more than what I did and I should have talked to you.” Rayne answered with anger and agitation at herself as she looked into Lark’s cloudy green eyes.

“Rayne…we both should have trusted each other’s love. I should never have thought you were pushing me away and I should have been more supportive of you at that time but I wasn’t. I feel extremely guilty about that as well but we both have to put everything behind us and never let this happen again. Rayne…we already went over all of this baby. We have a second chance with our lives and we need to make the best of our opportunity that the fates gave us and not regret what we should have done. We have to get past it baby.” Lark answered honestly as she kissed Rayne passionately pouring her heart out to Rayne in that one kiss.

They broke their kiss and held one another tightly…afraid to let go. “No more regrets.” Rayne whispered in Lark’s ear as she lightly kissed her cheek.

Lark leaned back and looked at Rayne with a smile as she pushed her raven hair off her face. “No more regrets baby.” She whispered as she lightly kissed Rayne’s sexy lips and lay back down locking greens with blues as she felt complete and whole in Rayne’s strong arms. “What would you like to do today?” Lark asked excitedly trying to change the mood.

“Whatever you say boss…I don’t care just as long as I can be with you.” Rayne answered with a sexy smile reveling in the fact that her divine lover was snuggled tightly in her arms …where she belonged.

“Aah…you’re so sweet!…does that offer include shopping?” Lark asked with a mischievous smile knowing Rayne wasn’t much for shopping.

“I said whatever you want to do sweets.” Rayne answered with a smile as she held Lark closer and kissed her chin before lying back down.

“I can’t believe you agreed to go shopping with me. Have I died and gone to the Elysian Fields?…wait…what have you done with my lover Rayne Donnovan?…you have to be an imposter!” Lark answered with disbelief and excitement.

“Hardy…har..har.” Rayne mockingly laughed.

“You aren’t going to psych me and tell me you were just teasing are you?…you’re famous for doing that too me which I fall for all the time.” Lark asked with a sly grin knowing her lover was quite the prankster.

“I’m serious Lark…but….” Rayne tried to answer before she was interrupted by Lark.

“Oh, here it comes.” Lark teased with a laugh and rolled her eyes.

“But…you have to buy me something.” Rayne answered with a laugh and a sly look on her face.

“Okay…I’ll buy you…let’s see.” Lark teased with a laugh as she rubbed her chin and pretended to be thinking of something. “I’ve got it!…I’ll buy you a piece of gum!” She answered laughing harder.

“Ooh, you’re such a big spender…are you sure you can afford that? I wouldn’t want to bust your bank account by you buying me a piece of gum.” Rayne teased with a laugh before capturing Lark’s lips with her own and playfully nibbling on them.

Lark laughed and pulled away from her. “Okay…you convinced me…I’ll buy you whatever you want.” Lark answered with a laugh thoroughly enjoying their playfulness as Rayne placed soft bites along Lark’s neck.

“Does that include a black 1999 Jaguar S-Type car?” Rayne asked teasingly through her bites igniting Lark’s passions once again.

“Aah…sure..if that’s what you want.” Lark answered breathless from what Rayne was doing to her. She would agree to buy anything Rayne wanted at that moment as she was so engrossed in her feelings.

Rayne snapped her head up and looked at Lark in disbelief. “Ooh, you are a big spender if you plan to buy me that car.” She answered teasingly before lightly …yet, sensually kissing Lark’s lips.

“I can’t deny you a thing when you kiss me like that.” Lark answered seductively through her kiss.

“So, if I shower you with kisses and sex I can have anything I want?” Rayne asked with a sexy smile and a wiggle of her dark eyebrows before went back to she assaulting the soft skin on Lark’s neck with soft bites.

“Can you handle being a kept woman?” Lark teased reveling in what Rayne was doing to her and loving every minute as she kissed Rayne’s cheek.

“You can keep me anyway you like baby.” Rayne answered huskily as she continued to nip and kiss Lark’s neck.

“Ooh, baby…you’re driving me crazy …but, naked will do nicely.” Lark purred with a chuckle as she glanced down at Rayne’s naked, muscular body appreciatively as her hand traveled down Rayne’s side to her firm backside and rested contentedly there.

“Shall I wear my leather dog collar with the studs on it my mistress?” Rayne teased as she moved her delicate kiss up Lark’s neck across her cheek stopping briefly to capture her lips for a gentle kiss before moving down the other side of Lark’s neck sinking her teeth into the soft skin.

“Oh, Rayne…that feels so good.” Lark moaned breathless and swallowed hard as the wetness between her legs mounted.

“Will I get an allowance as a kept woman?” She asked softly and sexily through her kiss.

“Whatever you want.” Lark whispered breathless as Rayne pushed every button Lark had heightening her desire for Rayne.

“Good…because I’m quitting my job.” Rayne answered through her kiss as she lightly nibbled on Lark’s earlobe.

It took a moment to register in Lark’s brain what Rayne had just said and her eyes snapped open in disbelief and happiness. She pushed Rayne back to look at her. “Are you serious?…are you really going to quit the Service?” Lark asked hoping she would say yes. She didn’t want Rayne working in the covert aspects of the Service any longer…it was too dangerous. What happened a few days ago scared the hell out of her and she hoped Rayne would no longer put herself in so much danger.

“Well…I’m serious to a point Lark.” Rayne answered and saw the look of disappointment in Lark’s emerald green eyes. “Hey, sweets…don’t look so disappointed. I’m asking for a reassignment to some other branch of the Service so I won’t work in the covert operations any longer.” Rayne answered assuringly as Lark released the breath she unconsciously held with a sigh of relief with Rayne feeling her tension release. “When I was in the hospital listening to you snore while you were asleep…supposedly keeping me awake.” Rayne explained with a silly grin towards Lark for falling asleep who flashed a sheepish grin. “I thought hard about what I wanted to do with my life and after the latest incident I realized I didn’t want to do that anymore. It scared me and it’s time for a change of job duties.” Rayne answered sincerely and kissed Lark’s forehead as she looked back to Lark for her response.

“I’m totally floored Rayne.” Lark answered flabbergasted at Rayne’s admission. “I can understand you being scared baby…you were hurt pretty bad and you did…aah…die.” Lark answered hesitantly finding it hard to say as she felt the fear once again that consumed her when Rayne lay dead.

“Getting injured didn’t scare me Lark…what scared me was the fact that I would never see you again. Besides, I don’t want to be away from you like I was in the past. So, I hope you can get used to having me around a lot.” Rayne answered with a chuckle as she lightly kissed her nose.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Lark whispered lovingly as she passionately kissed Rayne’s lips deepening her kiss to let her know how happy she was with Rayne’s decision and how much she loved her. It meant so much to her that Rayne would give up that aspect of her job for her and she wanted her to know just how much it meant to her in that one kiss.

“Hmmm…I like that.” Rayne replied seductively as she broke the kiss with a loving smile on her face.

Lark smiled adoringly at Rayne with complete joy. “What type of work are you going to ask them to assign you to?” Lark asked curiously.

“Oh, I don’t know…maybe I’ll ask them to assign me to protect some sexy, blonde…excuse me, short blonde haired actress with the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen.” Rayne teased with a sexy smile getting a laugh out of Lark before she kissed her. “I’ll probably do some kind of a desk job or something with computers like chasing down hackers or something like that or go into private practice with Jayce doing contracts for professional athlete’s which we discussed briefly on the plane ride over here.

“It’s hard for me to picture you in private practice Rayne.” Lark replied surprised Rayne would even consider that option. “Aren’t you going to get bored and want the action of your other job?” Lark asked hoping Rayne wouldn’t regret her decision later and hold it against her.

“Probably…but you’ll just have to make sure there’s plenty of action when I get home every night.” Rayne answered teasingly with a laugh as she wiggled her eyebrows pulling Lark down on top of her firmly planting a kiss on her sexy blonde lovers soft lips.

“You are such a flirt Rayne.” Lark teased as she playfully nibbled on Rayne’s chin.

“Only towards you baby.” Rayne answered with a wink.

“I just get worried that you’ll regret your decision later.” Lark answered with trepidation.

“Don’t because I won’t…this is something I really want to do Lark…remember…no more regrets? Honey, I don’t want to be away from you like before…besides, if it gets too boring I could take up modeling.” Rayne answered with a laugh to calm Lark’s angst.

“Oh, Sal would love that…come to think of it…I would love to see you model.” Lark answered with a sly grin as she kissed Rayne and lightly stroked her chest. “For me…naked with those sexy black boat shoes on.” Lark whispered seductively through her kiss as she heard Rayne chuckle and hold her tighter as she deepened the moist kiss.

Lark broke the kiss with a loving smile and ran her hand through Rayne’s long, dark hair as she stared into her piercing blue eyes. “Rayne…I want to stay like this forever.” She replied fond of being in each other’s arms as she lightly kissed Rayne’s lips.

“I could deal with that but nature is screaming like a wild banshee once again. So, take your sexy self off of me so I can hurry back.” Rayne answered with a chuckle and a pat on Lark’s backside as she moved to get up when Lark reluctantly rolled off of her.

“Oh, I was so comfortable.” Lark whined with a pout on her face.

“Aah…poor baby…you’ll get over it.” Rayne teased as she looked on the floor for her shoes which she couldn’t find anywhere. “Oh, Lark.” She drawled sarcastically as she turned around to see Lark scooting away from her laughing mischievously. “What did you do with my shoes?” She asked as she slowly crawled across the bed towards Lark who scrambled off the bed hurriedly.

“Are you accusing me of taking your shoes?” She asked sarcastically pointing to herself knowing she kicked them away from the bed before Rayne pulled her farther up on the bed before they made love. “Hey, I thought you had to go to the bathroom.” Lark answered trying to distract her lover. “By the way, you look incredibly sexy crawling towards me on all fours naked. Did I tell you how much I love you?” Lark asked with a nervous laugh trying to soften Rayne up with distractions to no avail as Rayne moved closer to Lark.

“Well…if you want to see this naked body in the future you had better find my shoes.” Rayne replied with a sarcastic grin as she tried to grab Lark who scooted away from the bed with a giggle.

“Oh, look…here are your shoes Rayne…way over here!” Lark answered with a laugh as she held her shoes up. “I wonder how they got over here?” Lark teased mockingly and smiled.

“I wonder!” Rayne replied sarcastically as she sat back on her legs and chuckled as she looked at her sexy naked lover devising her plan. “You love to torture me don’t you?” She asked as an incredibly mischievous grin swept across her face and she jumped off the bed towards Lark who squealed with laughter before attempting to run away.

Rayne grabbed her laughing as Lark tried to break free. “Oh, no you don’t you little instigator.” She teased as she picked Lark up in her arms. “Drop those shoes …now missy!” She replied with a laugh as Lark shared her laugh and dropped her shoes as Rayne quickly slipped them on. “Damn!… I hate the feeling of tile on my feet.” Rayne replied with disgust.

“Rayne…we really need to discuss your obsessive compulsive disorder regarding walking barefoot on a tile floor.”

“No need to as long as I have my shoes there’s not a problem. I just can’t stand how my feet feel on the floor and the it’s usually dirty which makes my feet feel so cruddy…yuck…I hate it!… Now, where’s that pool?” Rayne asked with a laugh as she pretended to look around for the pool. “Ah-ha!…there it is.” Rayne answered as she walked towards the sliding glass doors leading to their balcony.

“Rayne…what are you doing?!” Lark asked fearful and nervously as she wondered what Rayne might have in mind for her as a payback.

“Payback…baby…and it’s a bitch!” Rayne teased as she opened the door to go out onto the balcony.

“Rayne!…Stop it!..what are you doing?!” Lark exclaimed with shock and disbelief as she held onto Rayne tighter who looked over the edge of the balcony.

“Perfect…the pool is right below us. Now, hold your nose so the water won’t go up it when you go in okay?” Rayne instructed her with a serious look on her face.

“Rayne!…come on take me back in people are going to see us!” She pleaded worriedly.

“Yeah…but they’ll just think that’s what all actresses act like in their personal lives. Are you ready to go swimming?” Rayne asked as she looked over the edge and back at Lark. ‘I can’t believe she thinks I’m really going to throw her in!’ Rayne thought to herself with a laugh.

“No…don’t we are 10 floors up!” She shouted with fear and held Rayne tighter.

“You’re a good swimmer Lark…you’ll be alright. Are you going to do a cannonball or a bellyflop?” Rayne asked as she tried to pry Lark’s arms off of her neck which held her in a death grip.

Lark squirmed out of her arms and scooted away from Rayne who laughed. “Stay back you crazed Secret Service Agent!” Lark answered with a laugh as she pointed at Rayne who was slowly moving towards her with a dastardly gleam in her blue eyes.

“Okay.” Rayne replied with a shrug and headed towards the sliding glass doors as Lark stood up and breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn’t going to take a swan dive into the pool. Rayne ran through the door and quickly shut and locked it as Lark ran towards the door too late.

“Rayne!…let me in!” Lark shouted and pounded on the door as she looked at Rayne through the door who was laughing hysterically at her naked lover standing on the balcony. “Rayne!” Lark shouted with agitation and quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching then turned back to Rayne.

“What did you say?…I can’t hear you?” Rayne teased as she put her hand to her ear pretending like she couldn’t hear Lark.

“Let me in!” Lark shouted with mounting agitation and embarrassment as she pounded on the door.

“Oh, you said you wanted your picture taken with the view of the Mediterranean ocean in the background?…hold on…let me get the camera.” Rayne teased as she headed towards her bag to retrieve her camera.

“No!…don’t you dare!…Rayne…please!” Lark pleaded and hid her head. ‘I’m going to kill her. She is really going to get it once I get off this damn balcony! I can’t believe she left me out her naked!’ Lark fumed.

Part III

“Come on baby…smile for the camera.” Rayne teased taking the camera down from her face and pretending to wave to a fictitious person behind Lark to get her to turn around which it did sending Rayne in to hysterics at Lark being so gullible.

‘Damn her!’ Lark thought looking back around just as Rayne snapped her picture and laughed hysterically with Lark becoming very mad. “Let me in damn it!” She shouted angrily with a fowl look on her face.

“What?…you said you love me?” Rayne taunted her.

“I said I’m going to kill you!” Lark answered as she stood with her hands on her hips fuming.

“Tell me how much you love me and I’ll let you back in.” Rayne teased with a laugh as Lark’s middle finger fully extended towards her and a stare of ‘if looks could kill Rayne would already be dead.’

“Ooh, promises, promises.” Rayne teased sexily. “Come on baby tell me how much you love me.” Rayne taunted as she blew kisses at Lark.

“I love you!…now, let me in!” Lark shouted jiggling the door hoping it would magically open so, she could pummel Rayne.

“That doesn’t tell me how much you love me Lark.” Rayne teased with a laugh batting her eye and puckering her lips for a kiss.

“I love you with all my heart…okay?!” Lark shouted trying to keep the smile that wanted to creep out because Rayne looked so silly just were it was…hidden.

“Okay!” Rayne replied as she hit the lock and ran away from the door with a very irritated blonde storming through the it.

“Rayne!…you’re going to pay…dearly!” Lark yelled turning the corner to find Rayne standing on the bed with the digital camera poised and clicked the button for the picture. “Damn you!” Lark shouted pointing her finger at Rayne and swept Rayne’s feet out from underneath her watching Rayne drop to the bed laughing hysterically.

Lark climbed on the bed and pinched Rayne’s inner thigh. “Ow!…Lark!” Rayne shouted out in pain and put the camera down before grabbing Lark’s hand to stop the offensive gesture. “You better settle yourself little girl.” Rayne teased with a laugh as she pinned Lark underneath her who struggled to get loose. “Ooh, you are so feisty baby and it’s making me so horny!” Rayne laughed wiggling her dark eyebrows lowering herself down on Lark.

“Rayne!…ooh, I’m so mad at you!” Lark shouted in frustration as she couldn’t break free from Rayne.

“But honey…it was fun.” Rayne teased lightly kissing Lark’s neck who moved away causing Rayne to laugh harder. “Oh, come on sweets…you looked so adorable and your fans are going to love the great pictures I took of you once I post them on the Internet.” Rayne answered with a chuckle looking down at Lark and swore she saw smoke coming from the blonde’s ears she was so mad. “Sweetheart…can’t you forgive me?…please?” Rayne whispered seductively trying to smooth things over with Lark as she softly kissed Lark’s neck and worked her way up to Lark’s ear. “Please…I love you.” Rayne whispered through her kiss feeling the tension release from Lark.

‘Ooh, I’m so mad…but god what she’s doing to me!’ Lark gushed as her passion for Rayne consumed her anger with Rayne’s kiss working it’s way to her mouth were she hovered above Lark with her lips lightly touching Larks.

“I’m sorry.” Rayne whispered sincerely with her blue eyes staring deeply into green’s before her tongue slowly slid inside of Lark’s mouth for a deep moist kiss sending a shiver up Lark’s spine from her passionate lover’s kiss. Rayne’s grip on Lark’s arms released and she wrapped them around her raven- haired lover whose kiss told Lark exactly how much she loved her.

‘I can’t believe I’m falling for this but it feels so very good!’ Lark thought with satisfaction as Rayne’s deep, moist kiss turned to smaller, light kisses.

“Are you still angry with me?” Rayne asked with a smile looking into Lark’s sexy green eyes seeing total forgiveness in them.

“Unfortunately, no… I’m not still mad at you.” Lark answered defeatedly as a smile crept across her fine features. “How can I stay mad at you when you flash me that sexy smile, or you look at me with those undress me blue eyes and when you work your fatal charms on me?” Lark answered seductively capturing Rayne’s parted lips for a soul searing kiss.

“You were so adorable Lark.” Rayne replied with a laugh as she broke the kiss.

“Oh, I’m sure I was Rayne…butt naked!” Lark answered with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“You were absolutely adorable, gorgeous, sexy and very naked…just how I like you.” Rayne chuckled wiggling her eyebrows seductively.

“You are so bad.” Lark answered with a laugh staring into her sexy lover’s deep blue eyes as Rayne slowly moved down towards Lark’s lips.

“But that’s why you love me so much…because I’m so bad.” Rayne whispered seductively pressing her lips against Lark’s to drink from her tasty lips. Rayne deepened her kiss as her hand slowly moved up Lark’s curvaceous body to her breast and lightly squeezed it.

“Oh, that feels so good Rayne.” Lark whispered in a gasp through her sensuous kiss which was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Of all the nerve!…don’t they know we’re trying to make love?…where’s my gun?” Rayne teased with a laugh staring intently into emerald green eyes. “Who is it?” She asked before leaning down and kissing the waiting, wanting lips before her.

“Room service!” The muffled answer came.

“I should have known…it must be 10:00 a.m. sharp.” Rayne teased looking at the clock which read the said time. She laughed as did Lark and kissed her before getting out of bed. Rayne wrapped the blanket around her to answer the door with an unpleasant look from the intrusion.

“I can’t help I get so hungry all the time.” Lark answered with a laugh as her lover shook her head in disbelief.

“Cover yourself Lark…nah, never mind…they probably saw you on the balcony already.” Rayne teased as Lark wrapped the sheet around her and stuck out her tongue at Rayne. “Ooh, baby!” Rayne replied with a laugh and ran over to Lark capturing her lips and tongue for a quick , sensuous kiss.

Lark laughed happily watching her tall lover stride cockily over to the door wrapped in the blanket. She laid back on the bed unable to wipe the smile off her face from the joy and happiness she felt in her heart at that moment. Lark thought about how complete she felt just then and didn’t think she could be any happier. She was on cloud nine and completely enamored with Rayne. Lark sighed happily as the butterflies in her stomach fluttered from her thoughts of being with Rayne.

The server brought the cart into the room and Rayne tipped him generously before showing him out of the suite. “Thanks dude.” Rayne replied shutting the door behind him and headed towards the cart to find Lark already approaching it.

“Hey, save some for me.” Rayne teased with Lark flashing her a sexy grin and a wink removing the lids from the food plates. Rayne moved in behind Lark dropping her blanket to the floor followed by Lark’s sheet before wrapping her long arms around her blonde lover and kissed her cheek. “I love you.” Rayne whispered in her ear before kissing Lark’s cheek again reaching for a piece of bacon which she offered to Lark who ate the offering graciously.

“Hmmm…thank you.” Lark answered thoroughly satisfied with being fed by one devastatingly gorgeous woman.

Rayne sat in the chair and pulled her shorter lover onto her lap as Lark giggled. “This all looks so delicious…just like you.” Rayne purred seductively in Lark’s ear as she kissed her cheek sending a flush of warmth throughout Lark.

Lark grabbed a strawberry and fed it to Rayne who gladly accepted her favorite fruit. “I love you Rayne.” Lark replied softly and lovingly watching her blue eyed lover finish chewing the fruit before kissing her and pushed Rayne’s dark hair off her face. “I’m so happy Rayne.” Lark replied with a smile looking into Rayne’s eyes for the same response which she found.

“Me too baby.” Rayne answered softly with a kiss as her arms held Lark tighter. Rayne’s kiss deepened sending a tingling sensation straight to Lark’s sex overwhelming her. The throbbing sensation mounted as Rayne greedily explored her mouth with her tongue… every bit of it.

Rayne’s tongue slid out of Lark’s mouth and traced the contours of her lips before slowly sliding back inside for another moist kiss. Lark ran her hands through Rayne’s long, dark hair deepening the kiss as her passions began to unfold. She loved to kiss Rayne…her kiss meant so much to her and filled her with so much love as she moved her head to the opposite side and continued the passionate kiss holding Rayne’s face in her hands.

Rayne broke the kiss and smiled sexily at Lark lightly rubbing a strawberry with whipped cream on it along Lark’s lips before licking the cream off of her lips using the tip of her tongue. Lark knew Rayne just couldn’t possibly know what she was doing to her…driving her wild she thought and sucked Rayne’s tongue into her mouth not wanting to miss an opportunity to have it there.

“Hmmm…you taste so good.” Rayne whispered sensually through her kiss and rubbed the strawberry along Lark’s parted, waiting lips before allowing her to bite down on the juicy fruit. Rayne hungered for Lark and watching her eat the strawberry erotically increasing the craving for her blonde lover. Her mouth watered with anticipation of having Lark’s tongue and mouth pressed against hers. She couldn’t stand it any longer and moved in for a deep, passionate and very wet french kiss tasting the strawberry flavor still lingering in Lark’s mouth.

“Rayne…I want you to take me…right here and now.” Lark whispered through her kiss breathless and urgently. The slickness between her legs had increased as did the throbbing sensation which only Rayne could satisfy with her fingers.

“Right here baby.” Rayne whispered teasingly and seductively through her kiss slipping her tongue deeper in Lark’s mouth with her hand traveling up Lark’s inner thigh…slowly approaching the wet mound that waited for her.

“Please…now…baby.” Lark pleaded kissing down Rayne’s neck sending a shiver up and down Rayne’s spine setting her body afire with the husky request.

Rayne’s slender fingers reached the wet curls they sought out and Lark spread her legs wider for her lover to enter her. Rayne’s fingers slid up and down the slick mound and Lark gasped when she felt Rayne touch her. Lark’s heart pounded and she sank her teeth into Rayne’s neck when she felt her finger enter her.

“Oh, Lark…I love it when you do that.” Rayne replied with an insatiable thirst to devour Lark…all of her.

“Rayne…you feel so good inside of me baby.” Lark answered deliriously happy to have her lover inside of her hot, wet opening as the blood rushed to Rayne’s sex when Lark whispered with her hot breath in Rayne’s ear.

“I love to feel how you wrap so tightly around my finger and allow me so deep inside of you baby.” Rayne whispered moving her finger deeper with each stroke as Lark matched her lover’s movements rocking her hips forward and backward enjoying the feeling of Rayne’s finger so deep inside of her.

Lark tossed her head back with a rush of excitement flooding her when Rayne slipped another finger inside of her. Rayne leaned down to the perky, exposed breast before her and hungry to taste it. Rayne captured the hardened nipple in her mouth feeling Lark grasp her hair tightly sending a shiver down her spine.

Lark’s slow, rhythmic rocking movements were an intricate seduction that sent Rayne’s body afire with wanton desire for her green eyed lover and thrust her fingers in and out deeper each time. Lark’s pulse quickened and her breathing labored as her climax neared and she moved her hips faster thoroughly enjoying Rayne’s fingers inside of her. “Yes, Rayne… harder baby…I’m almost there.” Lark requested breathless thrusting her hips back and forth faster with Rayne happy to oblige her lover and thrust her long, slender fingers in and out harder…deeper.

“Give yourself to me baby…I want to feel your warmth in my hand…come on honey.” Rayne coaxed seductively as her tongue slipped inside of Lark’s mouth drinking in her lover’s desire for her. Lark’s ragged breath grew heavier as she moved her hips faster. Rayne felt Lark’s wall tighten around her fingers and knew Lark was ready to climax. “Yes, that’s it baby…come for me…I’m ready for you Lark…give it to me honey.” Rayne whispered erotically feeling Lark relax and a warmth fill her hand with Lark screaming out in delight.

“Aah…oh, Rayne!” Lark shouted out with Rayne’s kiss traveling up her soft neck to her ear where it traced the contours before kissing her.

“I love you so much Lark.” Rayne whispered feeling another wave of Lark’s orgasm over take her young lover who grasped her tightly in a hug. Lark melted against Rayne’s body and held her fabulous lover tightly as Rayne held Lark’s mound until her throbbing subsided.

Lark thought about how much she loved Rayne and how she was able to bring out so many wonderful feelings and emotions in her. She reveled being in her lover’s arms and didn’t want to let her go…she didn’t want Rayne to stop touching her. She wanted to be as close as possible to Rayne…she just couldn’t get enough of her she thought with tears of happiness filling her eyes. Lark leaned back and gave Rayne one hell of a soul searing kiss.

“Wow…baby!” Rayne replied excitedly and surprised breaking the kiss and looked into tear filled green eyes. “Hey, Lark…baby..what’s wrong?” Rayne asked with concern.

“I’m just deliriously happy and the feelings and emotions you bring out in me just completely overwhelm me Rayne.” Lark answered sincerely and lovingly as she pushed Rayne’s dark hair back and stared into her deep blue eyes. “I love you so much.” Lark whispered passionately as her tongue demanded entrance to Rayne’s mouth which gladly accepted her.

Rayne had never felt the same love for anyone ever like she did for Lark. She thought she had once, but it wasn’t the same and she loved knowing that Lark was all hers and that Lark wanted it that way…she truly wanted to be all Rayne’s. She never had a partner who wanted to give everything they had to her before and she cherished the fact that Lark gave all of herself to Rayne. Lark’s loving look and touch told Rayne everything she felt for her. The feeling was wonderful and she wanted to be all Lark’s as well.

Rayne held her lover tightly reveling in the closeness she felt with the love of her life. “Lark…aah…I want you to know that I truly love the fact that you give me everything of yourself…that means so much to me. I love knowing that you’re mine… all mine baby.” Rayne replied lovingly and ran her fingers through Lark’s short blonde hair holding her face in her hand stroking her cheek lightly with her thumb. “I hope you know that I am all yours as well.” Rayne wondered looking into the green eyes she so loved before sealing her confession with a soft kiss.

“I see it in your sexy blue eyes when you look at me, when you touch me and when you kiss me baby. All of those things about you tell me just exactly what you feel for me and I love knowing that you’re all mine Rayne.” Lark answered adoringly before capturing Rayne’s lips for a moist kiss.

“You are so incredibly beautiful Lark…you simply take my breath away every time I look at you and I wonder how I got so lucky to be a part of your life.” Rayne answered honestly with a loving smile.

“I think we are both lucky to have one another Rayne. Just think about it…we fell madly in love before and we were given another chance at that same love after being apart for so long. The Fates must have it planned for us to be together or we wouldn’t have had a second chance baby…that is so incredible!” Lark answered exuberantly and smiled before kissing Rayne.

“It seems like the Fates do have something planned for us Lark.” Rayne answered smiling contentedly at the sheer happiness she saw in Lark’s green eyes.

“Yes and they have it planned that you feed your lover some of those waffles baby.” Lark teased with a laugh firmly planting a kiss on Rayne’s cheek.

“Is that so?…well, who am I to go against the Fates?…let me get my darlin a waffle!” Rayne teased leaning towards the table and grabbed a waiting waffle offering it to her hungry lover.

The pair finally finished feeding each other and decided showers were in order. “Lark…I can’t get my stitches wet…can you help me wash my hair?” Rayne asked grabbing her shampoo from her bag.

“I’d love to.” Lark answered happily with a kiss for Rayne. Lark couldn’t seem to keep her hands or lips off her luscious lover and didn’t attempt to try too hard to keep them off either. She missed six months of that and decided she wasn’t going to miss another minute wanting to take full opportunity of every moment she had with Rayne.

Rayne sat on the floor in the bathroom and leaned her head back against the tub allowing her long, dark hair to drape inside the tub as Lark turned the water on. Lark grabbed a cup to fill with water to make it easier to wet Rayne’s hair before starting the hair washing process. Rayne intently watched her green eyed lover wash her hair and thought about how much she loved Lark.

She still couldn’t get over the turn of events that took place in their lives over the past few months and tried to quell the burning she felt in the pit of her stomach from her anger that reared it’s ugly head when she thought about how they were both hurt and betrayed. ‘I really wished Jayce would have let me pummel Danielle for all of this shit!’ Rayne thought angrily snapping out of her dark thoughts when she heard the soft, sweet voice of her soul mate. “I’m sorry…I didn’t hear you. What did you say?” Rayne asked looking into the green eyes she always lost herself in.

“I asked if the water was too hot.” Lark answered looking at Rayne and wondering what she was thinking so deeply about. “Are you okay?” Lark asked with concern searching Rayne’s blue eyes for the truth.

“How could I not be with you so close to me?” Rayne asked with a flirtatious smile before sliding her hand on Lark’s leg to make a connection with her.

“You are so suave Rayne.” Lark answered with a laugh and leaned down to kiss her. “But I love it as long as you’re being that way with only me.” She replied through her kiss before breaking it and rubbing the shampoo through her long hair.

Lark ran her fingers through Rayne’s long, dark hair and massaged her scalp as Rayne’s eyes closed from how wonderful it felt having a scalp massage. “That feels wonderful babe.” Rayne replied with obvious satisfaction.

“I’m glad you like it.” Lark answered smiling.

Rayne opened her eyes to gaze upon her lover. “Lark…aah…do you regret cutting your hair?” Rayne stammered with trepidation that Lark might feel like she did that for not.

“No…not at all. I really wanted a change and I do really like it. Why do you ask?” Lark wondered as she began to rinse the shampoo out of Rayne’s hair.

“Well…you said you cut it because you wanted me to see something different than the betrayal I once did and enlight of everything I was worried you might regret cutting it.” Rayne wondered worriedly that she might regret her decision.

“Stop worrying sexy…I don’t regret it at all…okay?” Lark answered with a reassuring smile as Rayne searched her green eyes for sincerity in her statement which she found.

“I really appreciate your thoughtfulness of doing that and I want you to know that I absolutely love it. It makes you look even sassier than you really are.” Rayne answered with a laugh.

Lark laughed. “I take it you like sassy women?” She asked teasingly working the conditioner through Rayne’s hair.

“Just one certain actress with the most beautiful green eyes that I have ever seen who has an incredibly sexy body not to mention, a smile to live for and a kiss to die for.” Rayne answered seductively capturing Lark’s inviting lips for a kiss as Lark looked at her stunned from what Rayne had said.

“You keep that up and my ego is going to be bigger than yours.” Lark answered with a laugh rinsing the conditioner out of Rayne’s hair before ringing the excess water out of her hair.

Lark grabbed a towel and gave it to Rayne who sat up quickly and became very dizzy. Rayne put her hand on the ground to steady herself. “Rayne…are you alright?” Lark asked worriedly holding Rayne to steady her.

“Yeah…I just got a little dizzy. You have that affect on me…you knock me out honey.” Rayne teased and saw that Lark was worried and not amused. ‘I’m fine Lark don’t worry. I just sat up too quickly from having my head back.” Rayne answered and squeezed her hand to reassure her.

“Babe…I don’t like this. You’ve had too many headaches and too many episodes of dizziness…I’m really worried about it even if you aren’t.” Lark answered with concern as she towel dried Rayne’s hair.

“It’s normal hun…I’ll be fine.” Rayne answered with the dizziness subsiding much to her happiness because she hated that feeling.

“Well…if the headaches persist as well as the dizziness we are going to see the doctor…understood?” Lark answered firmly staring at Rayne.

“Yes…dear.” Rayne answered sarcastically with a sly grin.

“Rayne…don’t patronize me…I’m serious. That really worries me.” Lark answered with a worried look on her face.

“Okay…I’m sorry…you’re right. I promise…I will seek medical attention if I feel worse.” Rayne answered apologetically as she saw the concern in Lark’s eyes and engulfed her lover in a warm embrace to sooth her trepidation. “Thanks for the concern babe.” Rayne whispered in her ear reveling in the warm embrace of her lover.

“I have to worry about you because you certainly won’t do it for yourself.” Lark answered before sensually kissing Rayne’s lips. “I’m getting in the shower.” Lark replied breaking the kiss with a smile and a wink before lightly kissing Rayne again and offered her hand out to help her up.

Rayne wrapped her arms around her blonde lover once she stood up and kissed Lark soundly. “I wish I could join you but unfortunately, I have to take a sponge bath.” Rayne answered with a laugh before kissing Lark lightly followed by a pat on her sexy backside as Lark turned the water in the shower on.

“Maybe I should put on my nurse’s uniform and give you one hell of a sponge bath.” Lark teased flirtatiously with Rayne’s eyes widening at the thought.

“As long as you don’t wear any underwear underneath your uniform.” Rayne whispered lustfully before kissing Lark passionately.

“Later.” Lark answered breaking the kiss breathless and looked lovingly at Rayne. “So, is the offer to shop still open?” Lark asked smiling as she climbed into the shower and Rayne began to take her sponge bath.

“Sure is sexy…as long as I get to take you somewhere special without any questions being asked.” Rayne bargained looking back at Lark with a sly grin.

“Ooh, I love how mysterious you are Rayne.” Lark answered sexily peeking her head out and around the shower curtain finding Rayne standing there to greet her sexy lips with a kiss.

“Yes, I am very mysterious…so, is it a deal?” Rayne asked charmingly looking into a sea of green.

“Deal.” Lark answered brushing the back of her wet hand down Rayne’s cheek before kissing her and thinking how much she absolutely adores Rayne.

“Hmmm…not the kind of wet kiss I had in mind but not bad.” Rayne teased as Lark stepped back in the shower with a laugh.

Rayne finished her sponge bath and changed her bandage before slipping on her sports bra and underwear. She lavishly applied the ‘Juniper breeze’ lotion to her body and a smile swept across Lark’s face who loved the familiar aroma of Rayne’s vibrant scented lotion that she enjoyed so much on Rayne. Rayne slipped on her khaki ‘Old Navy’ pleated shorts and ran some ‘Vanilla Bean’ scented hair gel through her raven hair before running a comb through it to remove the tangles.

Rayne began to run her fingers through her hair and felt soft hands slip around the front of her taut abdomen for a hug as Lark kissed her muscular back sending a tingling sensation throughout Rayne from Lark’s touch. “Hmmm…you smell so good…I love that lotion on you Rayne.” Lark purred completely satisfied with the fragrance as her hands caressed Rayne’s muscular abdomen.

The feeling of Lark’s hands caressing her stomach and Lark’s soft lips on her back sent a rush of warmth throughout her with her heart aflutter from the sensuous sensation. Rayne ran her fingers through her wet hair and let it fall where it lay before turning around in her blonde lover’s arms.

Rayne looked down into Lark’s eyes and smiled before leaning in for a kiss which her shorter lover sank into gladly. “Thanks.” Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it and sliding her hands down Lark’s back to her firm backside where they came to a rest.

Lark regained the breath that she unconsciously held as the butterflies fluttered in her stomach. ‘Oh, how I love being in this woman’s arms with her lips pressed against mine. There is no one in this world that I could ever want or love more than I do Rayne.’ Lark thought as Rayne broke the passionate kiss breathless and watched as Lark’s green eyes slowly opened and met hers.

Rayne lightly kissed Lark’s lips and patted her butt to get her moving. “You better get moving sweets if you want the shops to still be open.” Rayne teased with a wink watching Lark stroll out of the bathroom appreciating everything about her sexy lover. “Whew!…she sets my passions on fire!” Rayne replied softly, inhaling deeply and exhaled with a sigh of complete happiness.

Rayne snapped out of her dreamy state and slipped on a white T-shirt before pulling her navy blue, long sleeved, cotton v-necked shirt on and tucked it into her shorts sliding her black belt around her waist before buckling it. Rayne put on her thick, silver linked necklace along with her silver hooped, diamond cut earrings and her silver fossil watch to finish the ensemble. I guess you get the picture…she loves silver and it looks great on her!

Rayne liberally sprayed her ‘Curve’ perfume on and headed out of the bathroom looking oh, so sexy. Lark turned around and was enchanted when Rayne stepped out of the bathroom thoroughly enjoying the sexy vision standing before her. Rayne stopped and looked at her confused. “What’s wrong babe?”

“Aah…absolutely nothing…I was just stunned by your beauty.” Lark stammered and swallowed hard closing her mouth which was agape with awe. The feeling that Rayne was all hers overwhelmed her and left her somewhat speechless.

“I know…I have that affect on women babe.” Rayne teased cockily with a laugh as she approached Lark.

Lark laughed. “You are so damn cocky Rayne.” Lark answered pointing her finger at Rayne as she finished applying her own lotion.

Rayne moved in behind Lark and put her hands on Lark’s hips as she kissed Lark’s neck. “You know I’m only teasing.” She whispered in Lark’s ear nibbling the soft skin along Lark’s neck.

Lark turned her head to the side and looked up at her. “You know you’re good looking…you ain’t fooling me girly…girl!” Lark teased with a laugh seeing the look of embarrassment on Rayne’s face because she did find herself attractive if you must know.

Rayne laughed. “Sorry…but I thought you liked that cockiness.”

“Oh, I love it…just stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes…I know who you are darlin.” Lark teased with a laugh as Rayne chuckled and assaulted Lark’s neck with light kisses driving her absolutely mad.

“Hmmm…you smell delicious as well and I just love that ‘Sun Ripened Raspberry’ lotion on you. Oh, how I’d love to eat you.” Rayne purred seductively lightly nibbling on Lark’s neck as the phone rang. “Damn!” She replied with disappointment reluctantly moving to answer the phone. “Hello.” She answered with slight agitation. “Oh, hi mom.” Rayne answered changing her tone quickly when she found her mother at the other end of the phone line. “Hold on…let me ask the boss.” Rayne teased with a sarcastic grin covering the phone and looked at Lark who rolled her eyes and planted her hands on her hips in disbelief Rayne said that to her mother about her.

“Boss?” She asked dryly with a raised eyebrow.

Rayne puckered her lips and blew her a kiss with a sexy smile planted firmly on her face. “Mom wants to know if we’ll come over for dinner tonight.”

“That’s fine with me as long as she makes her fabulous strawberry shortcake.” Lark answered licking her lips at the thought of the tasty dessert. She would go regardless but it didn’t hurt to ask about the wonderful treat.

“Mom…two words…strawberry shortcake.” Rayne teased through the phone and winked at Lark with a smile. “It’s already been made Lark.” Rayne replied enthusiastically as she looked at her lover.

“Yes!” Lark replied excitedly and wiggled her butt much to Rayne’s delight as an eyebrow shot up at the display of excitement.

“Huh?” Rayne asked her mother as she was busy watching Lark and didn’t hear her. “Sorry…I was watching Lark do the strawberry shortcake happy dance…aah…sure…I’ll tell her to do the dance for you later.” Rayne answered laughing as she looked at Lark who scrunched up her face and pointed at Rayne warningly as if she didn’t need to give her mother that much information. “Oh, okay…seven’s fine with us….see ya later mom.” Rayne replied clicking the phone off as Lark finished dressing.

Rayne couldn’t help but notice how exquisite Lark looked in her shell ,coral colored cotton, low cut neck shirt which was tucked neatly into white drawstring shorts with a hip length white cardigan draped over her shoulders. “Baby…you are a vision of loveliness!” Rayne exclaimed thoroughly appreciative of her beauty as she approached Lark who blushed with a sexy smile as Rayne kissed her soundly with Lark’s legs becoming weak from the passionate kiss. “Are you ready?” Rayne asked huskily.

“Just let me grab my purse.” Lark answered as she grabbed the said item off the nightstand and put the strap on her shoulder and headed towards the door.

Rayne grabbed her essentials for their shopping trip and joined her lover at the door who stood smiling and kissed her once she made it there. “Is my Adonis ready now?” Lark teased with a smile slipping her hand into Rayne’s sending her heart aflutter from her touch.

“I am now that you’re next to me.” Rayne replied seductively before lightly kissing Lark’s lips and slipped on her black ‘Oakley’ sunglasses before opening the door for Lark. “Age before beauty.” She teased with Lark pinching her butt as she passed through the door.

“Seems to me that I’m dating an older woman.” Lark teased slipping on her ‘Ray Ban’ sunglasses as they strolled nonchalantly towards the elevators hand in hand.

“But a very sexy older woman I might add.” Rayne teased cockily with a smile as she pulled her younger lover closer and kissed her cheek while they waited for the elevator doors to open.

“Very sexy.” Lark agreed softly and sexily with a wide smile reveling in Rayne’s closeness and kissed her inviting lips.

“Hmmm…I just love a younger, green eyed, blonde woman.” Rayne answered seductively with a sly grin as the doors opened to the elevator.

They both entered the empty elevator and Lark leaned against the back wall before engulfing her taller lover in a hug. “So, you like younger women huh?” Lark asked suggestively with a sexy smile as her hands conveniently rested on Rayne’s ass.

“Only you baby.” Rayne whispered huskily, slowly leaning down to capture the waiting lips for a kiss. “Shit!…Lark!” Rayne exclaimed as she broke the kiss and looked at Lark with a pained expression. “Sweets…I am so sorry.” She apologized and pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head holding her dark bangs off her forehead revealing her apologetic blue eyes.

“Rayne…what are you apologizing for?” Lark asked confusedly.

“I totally forgot to congratulate you on your Golden Globe award baby! I am so sorry I didn’t do it before. I’m so happy for you.” Rayne answered with excitement and hugged Lark tightly. “I wanted to be there to congratulate you and when I got there you had already left.” Rayne explained regretfully.

Lark broke the hug and looked up at Rayne gratefully. “You came there looking for me?” She asked in an excited tone.

“Yes…Jayce and I looked all over for you. We went to every damn party in California looking for you and we couldn’t find you. I think you’re the first person I haven’t been able to find. I’m a damn Secret Service Agent and couldn’t find you or contact you by phone…that’s impressive honey!” Rayne chuckled as did Lark.

“I went to the airport hotel after I left the stage and went to bed. I didn’t want to be bothered so I just didn’t answer the phone. Hell, I didn’t even tell Elaine or my family where I was located. They were quite pissed to say the least.” She answered with a laugh.

“Your phone was busy though…I know…I called it a hundred times!”

“Hmmm…I’ve been having a problem with it lately so, I’ll have to exchange it. I didn’t know there was anything wrong with it the other night though.” Lark answered simply. “But you came looking for me?” She asked excitedly.

“Of course, how could I not after that speech you gave?” Rayne asked with a chuckle. “I’m so proud of you and thanks for what you said about me…it meant a lot to me.” Rayne answered genuinely and leaned down for a soul searing kiss.

‘She is so incredibly sweet. I can’t believe she came looking for me.’ Lark thought to herself with a smile slowly creeping across her face from her thoughts.

They broke their kiss when the elevator doors opened and they exited into the lobby holding hands as Rayne slipped her sunglasses back down over her eyes. They approached the door as a group of American women screamed and shouted. “There she is!” And rushed towards them.

“Great!…remind me to never stay in an American hotel again when we travel abroad so we can have some privacy.” Rayne exclaimed agitatedly and stepped in front of Lark instinctively to protect her from the onslaught of fans. “Sorry ladies…she’s not giving autographs right now.” Rayne informed the group and heard Lark chuckle from behind her and felt her squeeze her hand for approval of her statement.

“She can be so butch sometimes and I love how she instinctively moves to protect me.” Lark thought happily.

“No…we want your autograph Rayne!” The women exclaimed excitedly.

“What?…why would you want mine?” Rayne asked with disbelief and confusion.

“Because of this!” The woman answered and handed Rayne a magazine with her picture on the cover from when she did the photo shoot for the charity.

“Holy shit!” Rayne exclaimed with disbelief and embarrassment looking at herself on the cover laying prone with her head turned to the side resting on her crossed arms and the sheet barely covering her firm backside revealing her well-toned, tanned body. She tilted the magazine for Lark to check out and was stunned at what she saw.

“Ooh, baby…that is a hot picture!” Lark whispered aroused at the sight of her lover on the magazine naked and chuckled at Rayne’s demeanor of shock.

“Yes, it is and you’re a very lucky woman.” The fan replied.

“Yes, I am very lucky.” Lark answered smiling and possessively wrapped her arm around Rayne. “Go on babe…sign the magazines for them.” Lark coaxed her stunned lover.

Rayne looked at Lark slightly embarrassed. “No…sorry ladies.” Rayne answered as Lark poked her in the ribs and Rayne looked back at her confused.

“Go on baby.” Lark answered with a reassuring smile and a wink.

Rayne reluctantly took the woman’s pen to autograph the magazine. “Where did you get this magazine?” Rayne asked as the woman stared dreamily at her and was unable to answer the question.

“We got them at the airport in the States before coming over here.” The other woman answered with a smile.

“Wow…they didn’t waste anytime getting these out did they?” Rayne asked Lark looking at her with disbelief.

“I guess not…can I see your magazine please?” Lark asked one of the fans who gladly handed her the magazine. Lark scanned through the pages to the middle of the magazine and was shocked to see four pages dedicated to pictures with her and Rayne…including the centerfold. “Rayne…check it out.” Lark replied with awe at how good the picture turned out of her lying on top of Rayne who lay prone as with both of them looking at the camera seductively. “This is my favorite one of us.” Lark acknowledged admiringly.

“This is too weird.” Rayne answered feeling very uncomfortable with everything as she looked down at the picture. “You look incredible Lark.” Rayne answered with a smile glancing down at Lark who leaned against her tall lover.

“I love this picture Rayne..you look so sexy!” Lark gushed in awe and flipped the page to find the picture of her lying on top of Rayne who lay on her back. “Wow!…this one’s great too!” Lark exclaimed excitedly and looked up at Rayne who glanced down as she signed the magazine.

“That is a great picture of you honey.” Rayne answered adoringly and finished signing the last magazine.

“Can we get you both to sign the centerfold’s?” One fan asked appreciatively.

“Sure.” Lark answered happily and took the pen signing her name on the picture before handing it to Rayne who did the same.

“Okay…I think that’s it… right?” Rayne asked looking around to confirm everyone received an autograph and slipped her hand into Lark’s glad that was over with leading her lover away from the crowd. She felt totally uncomfortable with all of the attention and wanted to leave…quickly.

“Oh, could we please get our picture taken with you both?” The fans begged.

Rayne looked at Lark with an uneasy expression. “Just one..then we have to leave.” Lark answered with a smile and patted Rayne’s back to reassure her who reluctantly agreed to the picture.

The fan grabbed a hotel staffer to take the picture as everyone huddled around Rayne and Lark while the employee clicked the picture.

“Thank you so much.” The fans exclaimed excitedly.

“You’re welcome.” Lark answered turning away from Rayne to autograph another picture for a fan who handed her a magazine.

“Here’s my card if you are looking for someone else or just for a one night stand.” One very sexy woman replied and held her card out for Rayne.

Part IV

“Keep it…Lark’s the only woman I will ever need.” Rayne answered disgustedly at the gaul of the woman for propositioning her and pulled Lark out of the crowd heading for the door.

“You okay?” Lark asked as they exited the hotel lobby and walked up the street towards the shops.

“No…slightly overwhelmed and that chick was very rude.” Rayne answered agitatedly glancing back at the group who had exited the hotel for one last look at them.

“What did she do?” Lark asked inquisitively as Rayne turned back to her.

“She offered her card to me to call her in case I wanted someone else!” Rayne answered still appalled by the audacity of the woman.

Lark laughed. “What did you tell her?” Lark asked as she could only imagine what Rayne said to the woman from the agitated look on her face.

“I told her you were the only woman I will ever need.” Rayne answered with a sexy smile as emerald greens met blues having a calming affect on her. She lightly kissed Lark’s lips and quickened their pace to get away from the gawking women.

“That’s so incredibly sweet honey!.” Lark answered with a smile with her heart aflutter by Rayne’s admission. “Those pictures look great and I’m so psyched to see you on the cover sexy.” Lark proudly answered flashing Rayne a smile and put her arm around her lover.

“I wonder how I made the cover and not you…you’re the celebrity?” Rayne asked perplexed as to why she was on there and not Lark.

“Babe…get real…you are hot! Add that with the sexy blue eyes of yours, that fabulous body and it screams the cover!” Lark answered emphatically.

“Sal must be up to something.” Rayne thought out loud skeptically.

“Don’t be so mistrusting Rayne…it’s because you’re such a sexy beast…my sexy beast.” Lark teasingly laughed and snuggled closer to Rayne slipping her arm around her waist.

“Only yours baby.” Rayne answered with a wink and a sly grin before putting her arm around Lark’s shoulder and kissing the top of her head.

“So, what are you looking to buy?” Rayne asked as the pair approached the market place and looked around then back down to Lark who had a gleam in her eye from all of the shops. “Oh, no…I see that look in you’re eyes…I’m in trouble!” Rayne teased with a laugh.

“Yes, you are…I’m looking to buy everything.” Lark teased and shared a laugh with her raven-haired lover who shook her head wondering how she agreed to this shopping date in the first place.

‘Had to be temporary insanity or those fabulous green eyes that made me lose all sense of reality. ‘ Rayne thought lovingly looking at her green-eyed lover who scanned the shops looking for her first victim. “Okay…be gentle with me…remember, I’m still recuperating.” Rayne grinned slipping her hand into Lark’s.

“I’m always gentle with you baby.” Lark seductively answered flashing a sexy smile and a wink looking up at her tall lover before squeezing her hand for affirmation.

“Keep that up and you won’t get any shopping done…we’ll have to go back to the hotel.” Rayne answered with a flirtatious glance with Lark pulling her into the first shop that caught her eye. “The hunting has begun!” Rayne teased with a laugh knowing the shopkeeper was no match for Lark once she found something she liked and the bargaining war would commence.

“Oh, Rayne…this statue of Aphrodite is absolutely gorgeous!” Lark gushed looking the statue over with admiration. “This would look fabulous in the family room don’t you think?” She asked excitedly and noticed the pensive expression on her lover’s face.

“Well…yeah, I suppose so.” Rayne answered non-commitingly and hesitantly unsure of whether Lark had redecorated their house or not.

“What’s wrong?” Lark asked with concern shaking Rayne’s hand that she held to get her attention from her thoughts.

“Well…aah…I can’t say Lark…I don’t know if the family room has changed or not since I was there last.” Rayne stammered nervously and regretfully. She didn’t know why it bothered her not knowing if things had changed but it did…a lot. Maybe it was because she had a feeling of missing out on certain things with the house that might have happened while she was gone. They both had spent a great deal of time renovating the house and decorating it how they liked it. She felt connected to the house and a wave of jealousy swept over her making her feel that she wasn’t apart of anything that may have changed with the house. She wasn’t even sure if Lark wanted her to just move back in right away.

“The house is the same as it was when you left baby. I made one change in the bedroom which is a surprise for you but other than that…everything is the same.” Lark answered reassuringly and saw the disappointment in Rayne’s eyes subside.

“I’m just being silly I guess…I felt left out.” Rayne answered with an embarrassed sigh and looked down.

“That’s not being silly honey. You have every right to feel that way…it’s your home too. You are planning on moving back in right? I mean, I guess I just assumed that you would.” Lark asked awkwardly hoping that Rayne wanted to move back into their home and squeezed her hand moving closer to her troubled lover.

“That’s what I intended to do Lark. Do you want me to move back in?” Rayne questioned locking stormy blues with comforting greens.

“Absolutely…I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that you would because I don’t know what your situation has been for the last six months. Do you have a house or condo you’ve been living in that you don’t want to leave?” Lark asked awkwardly.

“No…aah…I went from one assignment to another and stayed wherever the Service put me up. Basically, I lived out of my suitcase and fortunately, I didn’t have to stay in hotels the entire time and was able to stay in apartments they provided.” Rayne explained to her blond lover.

“That must have been very lonely for you to not be in your own home with all of your things baby…I’m so sorry.” Lark answered regretfully and sadly with her green eyes filled in tears from the thought of Rayne living such a lonely existence running the back of her hand lovingly against Rayne’s cheek.

“Yeah, well…there’s nothing I can do about that now and I’d rather not think about it. So, I’m moving back home with you…where I belong.” Rayne answered with a smile wrapping her arms around Lark and engulfed her in a loving hug.

“I’m so glad that you’re coming home. The neighbors will be happy too.” Lark answered softly kissing Rayne’s cheek breaking the hug smiling.

“Why will they be happy?” Rayne asked confused.

“Because the lawn will finally get mowed. You know it grows quite high after six months.” Lark teasingly smiled.

“Ah-oh…I have my work cut out for me huh?” Rayne asked with a chuckle. “As long as no one touched my mower…I’ll be fine.” Rayne answered with a laugh seeing Lark’s demeanor change and quickly diverted her green eyes to the price tag on the statue.

“Oh, look this price is an insult to the Goddess of Love.” Lark answered coyly trying to change the subject. ‘She’s going to kill me. ‘ Lark thought nervously knowing Rayne loved her riding mower and treated it as if it was her car.

“Aah…Lark, what’s wrong with my mower?” Rayne asked nervously taping Lark on the shoulder who motioned the shopkeeper over.

“It’s not as bad as it looks Rayne…really.” Lark answered nonchalantly hoping Rayne wouldn’t be too pissed off at her or pursue it further and waved her hand fervently to the shopkeeper.

“What did you do to it?” Rayne asked with worry her pulse quickening with the sweat forming on her brow and moved in front of Lark to look at her who obviously was trying to avoid the conversation.

Lark knew Rayne loved her lawn mower very much and would be pissed when she found out what she did to it and was afraid to go there but knew Rayne wouldn’t let it go. Lark gritted her teeth and flashed a sexy smile looking up at Rayne hoping it would help her cause. “Well…aah…I put a dent in it.” Lark stammered hesitantly and very nervously.

“How big of a dent?” Rayne asked through clenched teeth worriedly fighting her anger.

“Aah…big.” Lark answered turning towards the shopkeeper to let him know she wanted the statue obviously trying to avoid Rayne’s question.

Rayne moved in front of Lark. “How big?” She asked sternly placing her hands on her hips

“Oh, okay!…Geez!…you’re relentless!” Lark gave in frustrated dropping her hands. “I wiped out the whole front fender thingy!” Lark admitted defeatedly and guiltily gesturing with her hands.

“What?!…how did you do that?!” Rayne asked with mounting agitation.

“Well…I missed you so much and I went out there to feel more connected to you and you know I’ve never driven one before…well, except when I sat on your lap that one time on it. Remember that? It was so much fun.” Lark answered with a laugh fondly remembering the incident and still trying to avert the conversation away from the mower hoping Rayne would forget about it…no such luck!

“Lark…how did you wreck it?” Rayne asked agitatedly not biting on the diversion.

“Well, I didn’t know the thing would take off so fast and I plowed right into the side of the garage door.” Lark explained animatedly. “I promise I’ll get it fixed.” Lark pleaded hoping Rayne would somehow understand.

Rayne chuckled and pulled Lark into her strong arms not able to find it in her to be mad at Lark. “Did you get hurt?” She asked with a laugh picturing Lark trying to drive the lawnmower.

“Well, I broke a fingernail.” Lark answered with embarrassment and a laugh as did Rayne.

“Which one?” Rayne asked laughing as Lark showed her the injured finger.

“Aah…poor baby.” She teased and kissed her finger and shared a hardy laugh with Lark.

“You’re not mad?” She asked excitedly and relieved looking up at her tall lover.

“A little bit but I forgive you…after all you did break a nail in the whole incident.” Rayne answered with a chuckle leaning down kissing Lark. “Don’t touch my mower ever again.” She replied through her kiss as Lark started to laugh. “And you’re going to fix it too.” Rayne teasingly laughed with Lark lacing her smaller fingers through Rayne’s and headed to the counter to pay for the statue along with making arrangements to have it shipped home.

Rayne spent the next 3 hours watching Lark sharpen her bargaining skills on many unsuspecting shop owners and only had to step in between her and one shop keeper once to keep them from coming to blows with Lark being the one to instigate the altercation. Lark took her shopping seriously and she didn’t care if she was a millionaire or not…she was not overpaying for anything. Rayne had never enjoyed shopping so much and found it to be quite fun just watching. She knew it could get very ugly but it was kind of fun. She had taken that aspect of their life for granted she realized while watching Lark work her bargain.

Maybe it was just that it hit her what she lost and didn’t want to miss certain aspects of their life…even if it was doing something she loathed…shopping. Rayne watched Lark intently and marveled at how she was able to barter the price down. She chuckled when she realized Lark was moving in for the kill…getting HER price for the item…when she told the man he was crazy if he thought she was paying that price in somewhat of a half decent Greek translation and quite animatedly at that. ‘Uh-oh…there goes the wallet back in the purse…he’s done for…Lark’s got her way. ‘ Rayne thought to herself with a laugh and watched Lark begin to step away from the counter and the shopkeeper relented giving Lark the price she asked for in the first place.

‘Busted…should have given her that price in the first place dude! ‘ Rayne thought with a laugh shaking her head feeling bad for the guy because he had no idea who he was dealing with…the master bargain hunter.

Rayne laughed harder and winked at Lark who looked at her with a satisfied smile before puckering her lips and blowing a kiss to Rayne who blushed. Rayne watched Lark sign the receipt and was truly captivated by her beauty and magnetism. Lark was merely 10 feet away from Rayne but yet, it seemed too far to Rayne. She needed to be near her, to touch her she thought gathering all their bags and stood up. She strolled up next to her shorter lover and standing next to Lark to feel her closeness.

“Hey, sexy.” Lark replied with a smile and looked up at Rayne lovingly rubbing her muscular thigh. “I missed you.” She answered with a wink grabbing the credit card and receipt before putting it in her wallet.

“Do you think you could find it in the kindness of your heart to give all of these hardworking shopkeepers a break from your gifted talents of bargain shopping and buy the love of your life…who happens to be at the moment your little slave girl.” Rayne replied with a sexy smile holding up the packages for her to see. “And buy me a snack so I can carry on?” Rayne teased smiling.

“Honey…for you I think I can give the shopkeepers a break…temporarily.” Lark answered with a laugh putting her hand on Rayne’s back and rubbed it up and down as they headed out of the shop much to the delight of the shopkeeper who wiped the beaded sweat off his brow when they finally exited his store.

“Do you want to eat at Amsterdam’s or Ellinikon?” Rayne asked standing on the sidewalk with Lark trying to make a decision. “Amsterdam’s is the cafe where all the lesbians hang out right and Ellinikon is the one with the pastries?” Lark asked trying to clarify the situation.

“Correct.” Rayne answered with a half smile shifting the heavy packages in her hands.

“Let’s go to Amsterdam’s then.” Lark answered with a smile heading off towards the popular cafe frequented by many of the lesbian community.

Rayne put their packages on the one side of the booth and took a seat on the opposite side next to Lark who’s hand instantly slipped up onto her thigh and rested there. Lark’s touch sent a warmth throughout Rayne and made her heart skip a beat with her hand moving on top of Lark’s. She looked at Lark and smiled lovingly and extremely content looking into the green eyes she loves so much.

“Lark…I can’t seem to keep my hands off of you. Unless you are right next to me touching me…you just aren’t close enough.” Rayne admitted to her blonde lover honestly with an adoring smile.

“Well, babe…I don’t want you to stop touching me.” Lark answered with a smile and a wink squeezing Rayne’s hand tighter for confirmation.

“What are you going to have?” Rayne asked looking the menu over.

“You know me…I want to try everything.” Lark answered with a chuckle and a gleam in her eye at the prospect of tasty foreign food.

“Yes, I know your appetite well. I wondered why I had such a small grocery bill when I was gone.” Rayne teased with a chuckle noticing Lark wasn’t laughing. “I’m sorry sweets…I didn’t mean to upset you.” Rayne answered apologetically.

“It’s not you…it’s just this whole thing is just so incredibly unbelievable.” Lark answered with a look of disbelief and sadness and felt Rayne’s hand tighten around hers. “I still can’t believe that someone screwed up our lives like that and it still just pisses me off to think about it as much as I try not too.” Lark answered angrily at the thought of what happened and shook her head in disbelief looking up at Rayne.

The look of sadness in Lark’s green eyes tugged at Rayne’s heart and she wanted nothing more than to take away all of her sadness. Rayne lightly brushed the back of her hand against Lark’s cheek and smiled lovingly at her not sure of what to say but locked blues with greens. “Lark…I don’t know what else to say other than we can’t allow ourselves to be put in a situation like that again and to savor every moment we have together.” Rayne attempted to explain continuing to stroke Lark’s cheek lightly with her hand. “I mean…we didn’t purposely put ourselves into that situation but I broke my trust in you by not listening to your explanation for what happened. I will never allow that to happen again Lark..I promise you that with all of my heart. We can’t keep torturing ourselves this way baby. We’ve gone over this conversation before and we can’t keep doing that.” Rayne answered sincerely moving her hand from Lark’s cheek to Lark’s hand and raised it up to her mouth lightly kissing it.

Lark looked at Rayne with tears filling her green eyes. “I will never doubt your love for me again and please promise me you’ll talk to me if something is wrong.” Lark looked pleadingly into Rayne’s eyes for the promise.

“I promise and I want you to do the same.” Rayne answered sincerely and leaned in to kiss Lark and was interrupted by the waitress who approached asking if they were ready to order.

“Want to share a Gyro?” Rayne asked Lark looking down at her.

“I’m a little hungrier than that Rayne.” Lark answered sheepishly.

“Don’t forget mom will have a huge meal with your favorite dessert.” Rayne reminded Lark with a smile and a raised eyebrow in reference to the dessert.

“Rayne…I can handle that and lunch with no prob.” Lark informed her with a sly grin.

“Okay…order away then.” Rayne answered with a laugh at her insatiable appetite wondering just where in the hell she put all that food in that small, skinny body of hers.

Lark ordered a Gyro and water in Greek with a smile looking at the waitress who jotted down her order than looked at Rayne for hers. Rayne ordered a meat Pilates and a soda also in Greek which was more polished than Lark’s which was expected considering it’s her heritage and looked back at Lark as the waitress walked away to fill their order. “Hey, why do you still have that sad look on your face?” Rayne asked with concern.

“I just thought about what would have occurred if something bad would have happened to either of us in the time we were apart. We wouldn’t have been able to tell each other how much we meant to one another and that would have been tragic.” Lark answered sadly.

“Honey…stop worrying about it…nothing happened thankfully. We need to make sure we take full advantage of our second chance and not let it pass us by. So, I hope you can handle me telling you how much I love you every chance I get.” Rayne answered sexily smiling and leaned into Lark pressing her lips against Lark’s for a passionate kiss.

Lark broke the kiss breathless and smiled lovingly at Rayne. “You know I love the mushy stuff and that I love you so much baby it hurts.” Lark answered holding Rayne’s face in her hands and kissed her passionately to seal her declaration.

Rayne broke the kiss needing to breathe and looked into the eyes of the woman she loved more than life itself. “Are you trying to butter me up so you can eat my Pilates?” Rayne teased with a laugh.

“Ooh, you’re so good…how did you know?” Lark returned the tease and laughed.

“I can see that look of food lust in your eyes.” Rayne answered with a hardier laugh as the waitress delivered their food.

“Food lust?” Lark asked questioningly laughing and began to eat her Gyro.

“Yeah, you get this wild eyed gleam in your eye at the mention or sight of food and your eyes glaze over until your food is presented to you.” Rayne answered laughing.

“You should be an actress Rayne…you’re so dramatic and I don’t do that!” Lark admonished.

“If that’s what gets you through the day believing that then go ahead.” Rayne teased as Lark stuck her tongue out at her before sinking her teeth into her Gyro. All Rayne could do was shake her head and laugh harder.

The pair finished their meal and headed out of the restaurant after Lark paid the bill as promised. Rayne struggled with the bags while waiting for Lark to put her wallet in her purse. “Do you need some help sexy?” Lark asked reaching for some of the bags.

“I thought you would never ask.” Rayne answered with a sigh of relief glad for the offer of help as Lark took a few bags from her. They proceeded down the street and Lark turned to Rayne wondering where their next stop would be.

“Did you want to stop anywhere? I have been so inconsiderate with all of my shopping.” Lark asked regretfully.

“Yes…actually I do have a surprise for you but it can wait if you want to shop some more.” Rayne answered dryly with a mischievous smile and continued walking knowing Lark would be intrigued by the surprise.

“Oh, no…aah…I’m finished shopping for now.” Lark answered excitedly and caught up to Rayne.

Rayne looked down at her shorter lover. “Did you really crash my beloved mower?” Rayne asked teasingly.

Lark stopped in her tracks and looked at Rayne. “Rayne…get over the damn mower!…I promise I will get it repaired.”

Rayne started laughing at Lark who had an angry look on her face. “What are you laughing at?”

“I just pictured you on the mower and I couldn’t help but laugh. Were you really going to mow the lawn?” Rayne asked laughing harder.

“Well…yeah…I was going to try too.” Lark answered sheepishly her face filled with embarrassment. Rayne laughed harder. “Rayne…you know I’m not good with things like that. Can I help it if I never had to mow the lawn?” She asked and began to laugh at the thought of actually mowing the lawn.

“Aaaahhhh….my little princess has been deprived of one of the simple pleasures of life…mowing the lawn.” Rayne teased with both of them sharing a hardier laugh heading down the street.

“Rayne…I just don’t get what can be so pleasurable about riding a loud, hot machine in the putrid heat with grass flying in your face.” Lark answered with a shiver running throughout her at the thought.

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it sweetheart. It relaxes me…okay?” Rayne replied with a chuckle and slightly embarrassed.

“Alright…I will try it when we get home and just see how fabulous it really is my little lawn girl.” Lark tauntingly answered poking Rayne in the ribs eliciting a laugh from her tall lover.

“I’ll teach you how before you have the mower fixed in case you have another driving mishap. Oh, now that I think about it…please tell me you didn’t try to ride my wave runner.” Rayne asked nervously and with dread stopping and looking at Lark who looked away scratching her chin. “No, you didn’t! Lark…what about my dirt bike?” Rayne asked growing more disappointed and nervous with Lark’s silence.

Lark gritted her teeth and flashed a sheepish grin. “So, you were saying something about a surprise?” She asked with an alluring smile and walked away leaving a very baffled raven-haired woman standing in her tracks.

Lark laughed to herself and loved to goad Rayne until she heard Rayne. “Lark Morgan!…stop right there!” Rayne shouted with Lark stopping and turning around to see Rayne approaching with a very determined and unhappy look in her blue eyes.

“Now…Rayne!” Lark replied pointing at Rayne laughing and saw that Rayne didn’t find it very funny. She started to run away with Rayne chasing her.

“Lark…bring that cute ass of yours back here and accept your punishment!” Rayne yelled with the elusive blond slipping through the crowd laughing. “Okay…fine…I’m tired of carrying your packages!” Rayne shouted to her stopping by the trashcan and holding the bags over it looking at Lark with a mischievous smile.

Lark’s laugh turned into a look of disbelief and horror and walked back towards Rayne determined not to let her packages touch the sceevy trash can. “Don’t you dare do it you sexy beast!” She yelled pointing at Rayne who lowered the bags closer to the trashcans with onlookers watching with confusion at the display. “Rayne!…no, please?!” Lark pleaded as she drew closer to her taunting lover. “I was just joking about your wave runner and dirt bike.” She answered approaching Rayne.

Rayne looked down at her. “Okay…that’s all I needed to hear. Did you say you wanted your surprise?” Rayne asked with a smirk and laughed walking away.

“Ooh, Rayne Donnovan!” Lark pouted frustrated running up to Rayne and slapped her butt laughing.

Rayne laughed and wrapped her arms around Lark and leaned down capturing her lips with her own without one care in the world as to what others might think. ‘They can BITE ME if they don’t like it.’ Rayne thought enjoying the feeling of Lark’s lips on her own.

“Do I frustrate you that much my little love muffin?” Rayne teased with Lark laughing and wrapping her arms around her neck reveling in Rayne’s playfulness that she missed so much before meeting Rayne’s slightly parted lips with her own for a soul searing kiss.

“Yes, you frustrate me to know end.” Lark teased through her kiss.

“I’ll make sure to alleviate all of that pent up frustration for you tonight in bed sexy.” Rayne whispered seductively wiggling her dark eyebrows with an alluring smile on her face before giving Lark a quick kiss releasing her hold on her leading her away towards her secret destination. “Oh, here…this is where we are going.” Rayne replied when she looked up momentarily disoriented from not paying attention to where they were going as she was too busy sneaking glances at her sexy lover.

“Honey…we’ve been here a hundred times…it’s not a surprise.” Lark answered wondering just what Rayne was up to.

“Well…today it is a surprise…now, be careful walking up to the temple. I don’t want you to fall on the rocks and twist your ankle like you did the last time we were here because I’m not carrying you and your bags this time!” Rayne teasingly replied with a laugh brushing up against Lark.

“Very funny Rayne…very funny. You are never going to let me live that one down are you?” She asked laughing making her way towards the ancient temple.

“Aah…never and you can count on it tootsie roll!” Rayne laughed looking at her embarrassed lover.

“Thanks…knew I could count on you!” Lark laughed mockingly patting Rayne’s arm.

They both finally made it into the temple and Lark sat on one of the benches breathless as Rayne deposited the bags next to her on the ground and sat next to Lark. “Whew!…what a hike.” Rayne replied letting out a sigh of relief.

“Rayne I think it’s hotter here than in Miami!” Lark complained fanning herself with her hand and searched her bag for her bandanna.

Rayne took advantage of Lark’s inattentiveness and pulled out Lark’s surprise as her back was turned to her. She smiled happily when she looked at it and waited for Lark to sit back up. Lark sat up with bandanna in hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead and neck with it. Lark looked at Rayne who stared intently at her with a mischievous grin on her sexy features. “You know…you’re really pushing it today with your practical jokes. What are you up too?” Lark asked skeptically with slight agitation and fear as to what Rayne had planned for her pointing at Rayne who laughed and moved closer to Lark before capturing her lips for a deep, moist kiss.

Rayne wrapped her arms around Lark and straddled the bench so she was to the side of Lark and deepened the kiss feeling her lover’s muscles relax in her arms. Rayne broke the kiss and locked blues with green’s. “Lark…I just wanted you to aah…know that…I appreciate everything about you.” Rayne stammered nervously with her words not coming out as romantic as she hoped they would. Her pulse quickened and her heart raced faster and Rayne inhaled deeply to calm her thoughts.

“Rayne…I know that.” Lark attempted to answer but was interrupted by Rayne who put her finger to Lark’s mouth.

“Bare with me while I try to say this and not mutilate it too badly.” Rayne answered with a chuckle and a grin removing her finger from Lark’s mouth and looked deeply into Lark’s green eyes who flashed Rayne a warm, comforting smile which calmed Rayne’s nerves dramatically. “The love that we share is like nothing I have ever had with anyone else…ever. Over the past week I’ve realized that more and I don’t want to lose that love ever again. You are all that I’ll ever need Lark and the way I feel when I look into your incredibly beautiful eyes gives me this wonderful feeling inside…it makes me feel like the woman that I want to be and it’s the only thing that’s real to me baby.” Rayne replied honestly with a smile and looked into Lark’s tear filled eyes who never thought she could ever love Rayne any more than she already does…until right now.

“Lark…you’re my lover, my friend and you’re the air I breathe. You make my life complete and I love you with all of my heart. I never want to be without you and I want you to fill the other half of my soul.” Rayne explained lovingly and stood up before Lark who looked up at her tall lover with tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks. “I’m asking you here…in the Temple of Aphrodite…the Goddess of Love.” Rayne replied with a smile and knelt before Lark who intently stared into her sincere blue eyes. “To do me the incredible honor of being my partner in love and life for all of eternity?” Rayne asked passionately with watery blue eyes opening the small black velvet case and offered Lark a 24-karat gold ring with a Dolphin surrounded by diamonds.

Lark burst into tears as Rayne held the ring before her completely overwhelmed by her emotions looking down at the exquisite ring and then into Rayne’s love filled blue eyes as she asked. “Will you accept my offer?” Smiling and held the ring out for her and looked at Lark with breathless anticipation…her heart thundering out of control in her chest hoping Lark would accept her offer.

Part V

“Rayne.” Lark answered breathless unable to contain her emotions and cried harder. “It’s what I’ve wanted since the moment I first met you…to be with you for all of eternity.” She answered smiling with tears of joy streaming down her face from being so overwhelmed by her emotions and Rayne’s profession of love.

Rayne exhaled the breath she subconsciously held in relief and smiled… gently wiping away Lark’s tears who stared at her ring that Rayne held before her admiringly. “Rayne the ring is so beautiful and it’s got a Dolphin on it…I love it.” Lark exclaimed excitedly her heart racing uncontrollably and she realized she had never felt so complete as she did at that very moment. Lark thought she had felt complete when her and Rayne united but no…it was now that she felt so complete. She reached for the ring her hand shaking uncontrollably from her nervousness and excitement and she put her hand back down in her lap attempting to collect her emotions.

“It’s beautiful…just like you.” Rayne whispered with a loving smile removing the ring and gently held Lark’s trembling hand with her own placing a soft kiss on Lark’s ring finger to calm her. Rayne felt Lark gasp and begin to cry harder at her gesture. Rayne locked blue’s with green’s and slipped the ring on her finger. “You own my heart baby.” She replied softly and kissed the ring on Lark’s finger after slipping the ring on her. Lark gazed lovingly at her soul mate knowing there was no one else in the world that she loved more than Rayne or would ever love that much. She had always known that even during the time they were apart always hoping that one day their chance of devoting their hearts to one another would come and it did…today.

Lark threw her arms around Rayne’s neck and hugged her tightly. “I love you so much Rayne. You make me so happy and you complete me.” Lark whispered in her ear as Rayne held her soulmate tightly reveling in her closeness thankful that Lark loved her so much.

Lark broke the hug and kissed Rayne passionately that touched the deepest part of her soul. Breaking off the kiss breathless Rayne looked at Lark lovingly who rested her palm against Rayne’s chest admiring her ring. “This is so incredible Rayne. I love it so much.” Lark reveled with complete happiness and kissed Rayne again. “Aah…I’m so blown away.” Lark sighed happily trying to catch her breath and calm her thundering heart staring into the face of the woman she loved so much. “Is this the ring…aah…you were going to give me before?” Lark asked hesitantly looking down at the ring then back into Rayne’s deep blue eyes.

“Yes, I kept it all this time. For awhile…after the break up… it reminded me to never give my heart to another until I finally realized and came to my senses that no matter what happened between us I didn’t want to give my heart to another…only you. Now, it represents my trust, my desire to share my life with only you and all of the love I have for you.” Rayne answered capturing Lark’s lips with her own for a soul-searing kiss allowing Lark to know exactly how much she loved her.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Lark asked breaking off the kiss still unable to control the flowing tears and held Rayne’s face in her hands staring deeply into her sexy blue eyes.

“Yes, you tell me just how much every time you look at me.” Rayne answered surely with a sexy smile and pulled Lark closer sliding her tongue past Lark’s partially parted lips seeking out Lark’s tongue..which she found and danced a slow dance with for a moist, passionate kiss. Rayne sucked Lark’s tongue into her own mouth for a deep, passion filled kiss.

Lark chuckled breaking the kiss. “That tickled.” She exclaimed with another laugh her eyes widening. “Aah…I forgot! I have something for you!” She exclaimed excitedly poking Rayne in the chest and turned to find the bag it was located in. She looked up with a serious look on her face.

“Rayne…am I a shopaholic?” She asked beginning to laugh along with Rayne.

“Well…I’m not one to talk, but as much as this is going to hurt darlin.” Rayne teased with a bad excuse for a serious look on her face and put her hand on Lark’s shoulder. “You’re a shopaholic babe.” She answered laughing as did Lark who continued fishing fervently through her bags and found what she was looking for.

“Yes!” She exclaimed excitedly making a fist and drew her arm towards her to emphasize her excitement. She looked in the bag and moved back to her seat subconsciously tucking her hair behind her ear. “Did you see what I just did? I went to tuck my hair behind my ear…but I don’t have any to do that with anymore!” She replied laughing hysterically along with Rayne who enjoyed seeing her lover so happy. “Rayne…I feel like I’m on cloud nine and I’m so giddy! I’m just so happy that I’m jumpy and flustered!” Lark exclaimed animatedly with her body wiggling and her hands flailing around expressing her thoughts.

“Well…I’m glad I could make you feel that way.” Rayne answered with a laugh and couldn’t help but love Lark so much more seeing the look of complete joy and happiness in Lark’s green eyes…knowing she was the reason for that joy.

“You make me very happy baby…in so many ways!” Lark answered sexily with Rayne swinging her long legs around the bench and faced Lark who stood between her legs and slid her hands up around Lark’s waist. “Okay…I thought this would look so sexy on you. Well, everything looks sexy on you…but this will look especially hot on you.” Lark answered with a chuckle pulling out the necklace with Rayne pulling her sexy lover closer to her.

“Oh, I love Ying Yang’s!” Rayne exclaimed excitedly looking at the necklace that Lark held up in front of her which had the Yin Yang dangling off of a piece of black leather.

“It’s not the most expensive thing by any means, but it will look so good on you and besides, it made me think of you when I saw it.” Lark answered with a loving smile leaning down to Rayne and gave her a peck on the cheek before slipping the necklace around her neck.

“Lark…you know it doesn’t have to be expensive for me to like it. As long as it’s from you I will love it.” Rayne answered with a sincere smile and patted Lark’s firm backside for affirmation.

“Do you want it to hang way down or do you want it so the Ying Yang fits right in the notch of your neck?” Lark asked pointing to the indented area where her collarbone meets her sternum.

“Make it tighter…I don’t want it hanging down too far.” Rayne answered with Lark moving Rayne’s long, raven hair off the back of her neck to adjust the necklace for her which sent a tingling sensation down Rayne’s spine when Lark’s fingers tickled the back of her neck as she fastened the necklace causing Rayne to shiver.

Lark bent over at the waist to be at eye level with the necklace to adjust it. “You okay?” She asked after she felt Rayne shiver and stared into her blue eyes with concern.

“Yeah…you tickled the back of my neck.” Rayne answered with a laugh and lost herself in Lark’s beautiful green eyes.

“Ooh, baby…do you look good enough to eat!” Lark replied sexily wrapping her arms around Rayne’s neck and looked down at her who wrapped her arms tightly around Lark’s waist looking back up at her. “Too sexy babe.” Lark whispered in Rayne’s ear before running her tongue along the contours of Rayne’s lips tasting the peppermint on them from the Life Saver she sucked on before slipping her tongue inside Rayne’s mouth for a deep, wet kiss. Breaking off the kiss Lark locked green’s with blues and asked, “You got anymore candy?” Running her fingers through Rayne’s long hair with Rayne offering her the piece she had in her mouth which Lark gladly accepted. Lark kissed Rayne’s lips. “Thanks sexy.” She answered smiling.

“Any time sweets. Besides, how can I deny my Ying anything?” Rayne chuckled hugging Lark tightly and leaned her head against Lark’s chest. Lark ran her hands through Rayne’s dark hair placing soft kisses on her forehead before resting her cheek against Rayne reveling in her closeness and the fact that Rayne offered her heart and soul to her for all of eternity.

“Do you really think I’m your Ying Rayne?” Lark asked quizzically glancing down at her hand containing the ring Rayne gave her and smiled with her heart aflutter from what the ring represented to her…Rayne’s heart and soul. She thought about how Rayne was her entire life and that all she wanted was to love Rayne completely, wholeheartedly and to be with Rayne always and nothing else in the world mattered to her except that.

“I know it sweets. You’re my light, my goodness, my better half.” Rayne answered honestly lifting her head up to look at Lark who lost herself in a sea of blue.

Lark sank into the sea of blue… momentarily at a loss for words, which was extremely unusual for her. Something that Rayne was able to do twice in just such a short period of time… first, with her proposal and now with that comment. Lark just stared into her blues holding Rayne’s face in her hands stroking her cheek lightly with her thumb. “Baby…you are too good to be true. You completely blow me away with your love and thoughtfulness and I want you to know that I truly believe you’re the other half of my soul.” Lark admitted sincerely with cloudy green eyes and leaned down softly kissing Rayne’s lips.

Rayne broke off the kiss and looked up at her smiling. “I love you.” Rayne whispered kissing Lark passionately …pulling her down into her lap and wrapping her arms securely around her lover deepening the kiss. Lark broke the kiss breathless and snuggled her face into Rayne’s neck lightly kissing the soft skin.

“I love you so much.” She whispered settling comfortably against her wonderful lover taking in the pleasant scent so specific to her lover.

Rayne smiled and kissed her forehead before looking at her watch. “Damn!…Lark…we have to haul ass or we’re going to be late!” Rayne exclaimed worriedly and helped Lark into a sitting up position. “Mom will be pissed if we’re late.” She replied as Lark stood up and she began to gather their bags.

“Oh, yeah…mom won’t be too pleased if we’re late.” Lark answered in agreement helping Rayne gather the bags certainly not wanting to feel the wrath of Rayne’s mom who abhorred tardiness. They headed back towards the hotel in a very brisk walk and finally reached the lobby breathless and happy that they made it back in time to drop the packages off before leaving for Rayne’s parent’s house.

“Rayne…I’ll take these up.” Lark replied grabbing all of the bags. “Have them bring the rental car around for us.” Lark asked trying to gather control of the bags.

“Sure…but when did you reserve a rental car?” Rayne asked giving Lark the remaining packages.

“I reserved one when I got here.” She answered grasping the bags tightly and heading towards the elevator.

Rayne took a moment to thoroughly admire her blonde lover who approached the elevator and smiled happily knowing Lark accepted her proposal of being her partner for all of eternity. She watched and chuckled as Lark struggled with the bags trying to push the elevator button. Rayne ran over to her damsel in distress. “Let me get that for you ma’am.” Rayne replied sexily hitting the elevator button with Lark smiling at her lovingly and stepped onto the elevator as the door opened. Rayne held the door for her and hit the button for their floor when Lark settled herself on the elevator.

“Thank you so much…and here I thought chivalry was dead.” Lark teased with a smile and a laugh.

“Not while I’m around…and considering how a beautiful damsel such as yourself was in distress I couldn’t help but intervene.” Rayne answered seductively flashing Lark a sexy smile sending a flutter straight to her heart from Rayne’s engaging smile.

Lark smiled and watched as the doors closed with Rayne standing smiling at Lark who then flashed her blonde lover a wink before disappearing behind the closed doors. Lark inhaled deeply and exhaled with a wondrous sigh. ‘Aah…what a babe…and she’s mine…all mine.’ Lark replied to herself proudly and happily.

Rayne checked at the front desk for the rental car and filled out the appropriate papers. She was informed the car would be brought around momentarily as she folded the papers for the car and waited for Lark to join her again. Her head snapped up when she heard an unfamiliar voice shout her name finding a group of women approaching her. ‘Damn…why do these people want my friggin autograph?!” Rayne thought aggravated as the women surrounded her with the magazine that featured her on the cover for her autograph. ‘I definitely need to stay in a foreign hotel next time instead of an American one!’ She admonished herself signing an autograph.

Rayne graciously signed the autographs and looked towards the elevator frequently hoping Lark would soon approach her so, they could get out of there. Two women asked for pictures with Rayne and stood on each side of her with their arms around her waist. Lark stepped off the elevator and was surprised to find the group of women surrounding her tall lover.

She felt a wave of jealousy roll over her and then anger when she noticed a woman slip a paper into Rayne’s pocket unbeknownst to her. Lark stormed over towards the group with Rayne moving away from them when the picture was taken and grabbed the paper out of Rayne’s pocket. “What’s going on?” Rayne asked turning to Lark to see what she was doing.

Lark handed the paper back to the woman who put it in Rayne’s pocket. “Find your own and stay away from her…she’s taken!” Lark snapped angrily slipping her hand in Rayne’s who laughed as they exited the door of the hotel.

“Ooh, baby…I like your forcefulness and possessiveness…it’s sassy!” Rayne replied with a smile in obvious enjoyment of Lark’s reaction.

Lark chuckled as Rayne opened the car door for her and waited until she sat down in the seat. “Well, I had to stake my claim babe.” She teased with a mischievous smile before Rayne closed the door laughing. Rayne moved around to the driver’s side and slipped comfortably into the seat flashing Rayne a sexy smile.

“I love your possessiveness babe and I certainly didn’t know you were that possessive.” She teased with a sly grin driving away from the hotel.

“Maybe I’ve been around you too much.” Lark grinned mischievously poking Rayne in the ribs eliciting a chuckle out of her soul mate.

“I can’t help it…I’m a Scorpio…it’s just my nature.” Rayne answered with a laugh. “Oh, we need to remember to stay at a non-American hotel next time so, we aren’t bugged so much.” Rayne replied slipping her hand into Lark’s sending a flood of warmth throughout Lark who smiled happily.

“Honey…I’ll stay anywhere as long as I’m with you my little Scorpio.” Lark grinned kissing Rayne’s hand who chuckled.

Rayne parked the car in the driveway of her parents house and opened the door for Lark who stepped out of the car slipping her hand into Rayne’s feeling the butterflies flutter as they always do when Rayne holds her hand or touches her. She loved how Rayne always opened doors for her…she found it to be so romantic. They both entered the house and were met by an overwhelming aroma of lasagna putting an instant smile on Lark’s face…it’s her favorite Italian dish…if you were wondering.

Rayne laughed when she saw the look of pure ecstasy on her lover’s face. “Mom!…your favorite daughter is here!” Rayne shouted teasingly making their way towards the kitchen.

“Lark’s here!…my favorite daughter!” Her mother jokingly laughed approaching them and engulfing Lark in a hug.

“Hi mom.” Lark replied happily hugging the older version of Rayne reveling in the warmth and compassion Rayne’s mom exuded…it was so comforting and she was glad to be home once again.

“Lark!” Rayne’s father shouted excitedly approaching her followed by Jayce who was equally excited. “Hey, woman…let loose of her so we can get a hug.” He teased his wife breaking her hug with a laugh before Lark was engulfed in another hug by her husband. “I’m so glad you’re here!” Rayne’s father exclaimed happily as he held the smaller woman tightly.

Rayne looked on with a smile. “Me too dad…I missed everyone.” Lark answered smiling breaking the hug and looked up at him.

“You look fabulous!” He answered with a pleased smile.

“Thanks dad.” Lark answered with a blush glancing at Rayne who smiled and winked at her lover before Jayce hugged and kissed Lark. “Lark…I missed you so much.” Jayce replied excitedly holding her tightly.

“I missed you as well.” Lark answered smiling and rubbing his back.

“Honey…it looks like those bruises healed very quickly.” Rayne’s mother replied moving her daughter’s hair off her face checking her eye that at one time was badly bruised but only showed a hint of discoloration now.

“I guess it’s because I’m so happy.” Rayne answered with a smile looking into her mother’s matching blues.

“I’m so glad you two are back together honey and that you’re happy again.” Her mother answered happily with a loving smile hugging her only daughter.

“Me too Mom…me too.” Rayne answered softly enjoying the comforting hug.

“I’m really glad you and Rayne are back together Lark. You’re both meant to be together.” Jayce whispered in Lark’s ear before kissing her cheek.

“Thanks…I’m extremely estatic she’s accepted me back into her life.” Lark answered joyfully.

“Hey…little bro…unhand my woman!” Rayne teased moving closer to the pair.

“She’s so demanding.” Jayce teased looking at Lark with a laugh.

“You better watch out…she can be very jealous don’t ya know.” Lark jokingly answered breaking off the hug with a laugh.

“Are you talking to me woman?” Jayce asked mockingly turning to face his tall sister.

“Yeah…you were pawing my woman!” Rayne answered with her hands on her hips standing face to face…toe to toe…eye to eye with her younger brother.

“I know you don’t want a piece of me…girlie.” He answered tauntingly.

“No…you don’t want a piece of me…dumpster boy.” Rayne teased.

“Oh, Rayne!…Stop that nonsense. I thought by now you would have grown out of calling him that!” Her mother exclaimed as everyone laughed.

“That’s it Gooniebird…you’re going down!” He answered grabbing his sister attempting to wrestle her down to the ground.

“Oh, I know you didn’t go there dumpster boy!” Rayne answered with a maniacal laugh wrapping her arms around his waist with him holding her around the neck.

“Oh, yeah…I went there Gooniebird and you’re gonna get what’s coming to you…an ass whipping!” He answered with a laugh.

“Lark…come over here honey out of the way…this may take awhile.” Rayne’s father replied with a chuckle motioning Lark over as they all sat down at the table watching the melee before them.

Rayne swept Jayce’s feet out from underneath him sending the both of them tumbling to the ground laughing with Rayne falling on top of him. She pinned him down with his face smashed against the floor. “How’s that carpet taste?…do you give?” She asked with a devilish laugh as Jayce struggled to get up.

“No way…I’m going to take you!” He mumbled as Rayne laughed harder.

“Now, let’s see what the possibilities of that happening…I’m a black belt and you’re what…a pink belt?…it’s just not going to happen.” Rayne teased with a hardy laugh which was shared by Lark and Rayne’s father.

“Very funny…I’m a red belt!” The mumbled response came.

“Like I said…pink…now, if you admit that you’re a dumpster boy I’ll let you up. Come on…say it with me…Mom and Dad found me in a dumpster when I was a baby and I’m a dumpster boy.” Rayne taunted effortlessly holding her struggling brother down.

“No way!” He refused.

“Come on Jayce. Are you gonna let a girl do that to you? I thought I taught you better than that son.” His father teased.

“I thought the baby of the family would reap the benefits…all I reap is grief!” He answered with everyone laughing harder.

“Okay…if you’re not going to say it than a wet willy is in order.” Rayne answered with a mischievous laugh licking her finger attempting to stick it in his ear as he thrashed his head side to side to avoid it while laughing. “Say it Jayce…I’m a dumpster boy and proud of it.” Rayne teased with a laugh and looked up to see her mother standing with a plastic spatula in one hand and the other hand on her hip.

“Rayne…how many times do I have to tell you to not tell your brother that? You know…you aren’t too old for me to still spank!” She threatened holding out the spatula shaking it towards Rayne trying to contain her laugh as her husband and Lark were in stitches laughing.

Rayne gulped hard looking at her mother with the offensive weapon in her hand that she had across the bare legs way too many times in her youth. “Oh, shit!” She replied with a laugh and jumped up off her brother who stood up with Rayne behind him as their mother approached with the spatula and a devilish grin on her face. “Mom…he started it!” Rayne whined teasingly shoving Jayce closer to their Mother who tried to avoid getting closer to her. He backed up towards his sister with Lark and Rayne’s father watching the show laughing hysterically. “Jayce…let’s turn the tables on Mom…let’s spank her with it.” Rayne whispered mischievously in his ear.

“Okay…take the left and I’ll get the right.” He threw over his shoulder in a whisper.

“Go!” Rayne shouted and they rushed their mother grabbing her along with the spatula.

“You two are such terrible children!” She answered with a laugh.

“Payback Mom.” Jayce answered swatting her butt lightly with the spatula laughing.

“Honey…help me!” She whined teasingly as her husband approached laughing.

He wrapped his family in a big hug all laughing and loosing their footing at once before falling to the floor laughing hysterically. “I have to get a picture of this!” Lark exclaimed with a laugh grabbing the camera that sat on the counter and stood over them clicking pictures.

They all lay on the floor laughing harder. “Aah…my lasagna is gonna burn!” Rayne’s mother shouted and scurried into the kitchen followed by Lark.

“Do you need some help Mom?” Lark offered entering the kitchen right after her.

“Sure honey…can you help me with the salad?” She asked looking up at Lark bending over looking in the oven to check the lasagna and turn the dish.

“No prob…everything in the frig?” Lark asked approaching the refrigerator.

“Two words…cut throat.” Rayne replied with a grin looking at her father.

“You’re on!” He answered enthusiastically as they stood up.

“Come on dumpster boy and get your throat cut in billiards.” Rayne teased helping her brother up off the floor heading towards the pool table in the family room.

“Okay…I’ve got #1-5 balls, Dad has #6-10 and dumpster boy…you get #11-15.” Rayne instructed them chalking her cue stick while her father racked the balls.

“Rayne…if you call me that one more time I’m going to….” He attempted to reply but was interrupted by his sister.

“What…cry?” She teasingly asked sticking her bottom lip out taunting him.

“Stick this cue stick up your ass!” He answered growing more agitated by the minute with his sister’s incessant teasing.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. “Don’t tease me Jayce.” She answered cockily setting her cue stick to break the balls for the game to begin.

“I’m going to cut your throat in this game…make sure you don’t hit any of your balls in!” He taunted her with a laugh leaning next to her as she fired the cue ball into the racked balls.

She looked at her brother with an arrogant smirk. “Seems like I just drained two of your balls bro!”

“Aah…man!” He exclaimed with frustration watching Rayne set up her next shot sinking one more of his.

“Well…let’s see Dad…should I cut his throat right away or let him sweat it out?” She asked mischievously rubbing her chin looking at her father for his answer who was chalking his cue stick.

“Aah…cut the pansy ass’ throat!” He exclaimed with a laugh.

“You two are really funny!” Jayce answered slightly agitated.

Lark slipped through the doorway unnoticed and watched her sexy lover checking over her options for her next shot. Rayne concentrated intently on which shot she would take and Lark smiled when she caught a glimpse of Rayne’s blue eyes that she loved so much. She was breathless from her devastatingly gorgeous blue eyes that sparkled from the light above the pool table and loved how Rayne moved so gracefully. It was almost as if she moved in slow motion with a sexy cockiness about her which was what drew Lark to Rayne in the first place.

She loved her cocky, confident and arrogant attitude..it was subtle and not overwhelming which added to her sexiness and the mysterious aura she possessed Lark thought watching Rayne steady her cue stick for her shot. “You won’t make that shot Goonie!” Jayce taunted his sister leaning down closer to her.

“You know what?…You’re right but I will make it if I shoot left-handed.” Rayne answered cockily switching hands with the cue stick and smiled mischievously at her brother.

“You still won’t make it.” He answered as she lowered herself for the shot with her brother staring intently at her a few inches from her face. Rayne looked at her brother and pushed the cue ball with her stick draining his ball without looking. She winked with a smile before blowing him a kiss and stood up looking at her astonished brother. “Okay…I’ve had it…bend over!” He teasingly laughed chasing Rayne around the table with both of them laughing harder not to mention their father who could only stand laughing and shaking his head.

“Hey, Jayce!…come help me get the drinks ready.” Lark yelled over to spare him anymore humiliation.

“Ha…ha…I get the babe!” He taunted and ran over to Lark putting his arm around her looking back at Rayne sticking his tongue out at her before facing forward again.

Rayne flashed Lark a pouting look with Lark winking at her and blowing her a kiss as they headed into the kitchen. “Whew!… She stops my heart every time.” Rayne chuckled as did her father with them continuing their game.

Everyone finished dinner and cleaned up the mess before Rayne joined her father in the family room. She sat on the couch next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder slouching down on the couch. “How’s daddy’s little girl?” He playfully asked kissing the top of Rayne’s head who chuckled.

“I’m doing great other than being a little tired from all the shopping Lark did today. Ooh, stop there Dad I want to see the score of the baseball games.” Rayne replied quickly to stop her father’s channel surfing.

“I can appreciate the shopping problem sweetie…your mother wears me and my checkbook into the ground when we go!” He answered with a laugh.

Rayne laughed and glanced up at him. “Well, Dad…you have to find a fairly wealthy woman so she won’t spend all of your money. I would be in the poor house if Lark wasn’t wealthy!” Rayne teased both sharing a hardy laugh.

“Your mother was wealthy until she went shopping crazy.” He answered chuckling.

“Can you imagine Mom and Lark shopping?” Rayne asked looking up at him with a sly grin.

“No…I don’t even want to go there. Why are you trying to scare your old man like that?” He teased his daughter who laughed.

“If that ever happens we will both need to be in a different country because I’m not carrying the damn packages!” Rayne answered with a chuckle.

“Very true.” He agreed grinning. “I just wanted to tell you I’m very happy that you and Lark are back together again sweetie. I’m glad my daughter is back.” He replied sincerely with a comforting smile.

“How do you mean?” Rayne asked confused by his statement.

“When you were both apart I only saw emptiness and coldness in your beautiful blue eyes. Now, I see happiness, life and love which makes me very happy to see.” He answered with a loving smile looking down at his daughter.

“Thanks Dad…I’m so much happier now that we’re back together. I love you Daddy.” Rayne answered with a big smile knowing her father blushed every time she called him Daddy and kissed his check before leaning back against his arm to watch TV.

Jayce, Lark and Rayne’s mother…Maria were engrossed in a serious game of Phase 10…a family favorite card game. “Where’s your father and Rayne?” Maria asked glancing down the hallway not seeing anyone.

“Probably watching a game.” Jayce answered with a chuckle playing his card effectively ending that hand. “That’s Phase 9 ladies…looks like I’m kicking your butts…only one more phase for me.” He gloated with a laugh shuffling the cards.

“Well…keep it up little boy. Lark and I are making a big comeback right here!” Maria answered with a laugh and a wink towards Lark.

“Yeah…we are going to become two serious skip bitches and not allow you a turn!” Lark answered with sharing a hearty laugh with Maria. “I’m going to see what those two are up too.” Lark replied standing and headed off down the hallway in search of her missing lover the one she had an overwhelming desire to be close to. She looked in the doorway and smiled lovingly when she saw the pair were asleep on the couch with Rayne’s head resting against her father’s shoulder.

Lark ran back in and grabbed the camera hoping they wouldn’t wake up before she got back. Lark stood in the doorway finding that they had not moved at all and clicked off a couple of pics of the sleeping duo. Lark watched her sexy lover sleep and wanted to be curled up next to her. She needed to be near Rayne…to look at her…to touch her. Now that they were back together she didn’t want to be away from her…she wanted to be connected to her…always. Lark walked over and sat next to Rayne and brushed her long hair off her cheek. She slipped her hand on Rayne’s and lightly stroked the back of her hand against Rayne’s cheek. She smiled watching her lover sleep peacefully and thought about how cute and nervous Rayne looked asking her to be her partner for life. It brought tears to her eyes and made her heart pound thinking about it and would remember it forever.

She thought about how much she loved Rayne and how happy she made her feel when they were together and by just knowing that Rayne was hers. Lark thought about how close she came to losing Rayne forever as she lightly traced the slightly present bruise under her eye with her thumb and thanked whatever Gods were responsible for keeping that from happening breathing deeply to calm the catch in her heart.

Rayne slowly opened her eyes and turned to see beautiful emerald green eyes lovingly looking at her…the one’s that she could drown in every time she stared into them. She smiled and loved the warm feeling of Lark’s warm and tender touch on her skin. Lark’s touch was so soft and delicate…as if it was made only for her and melted her heart every time she felt it. “Hey, baby.” Rayne replied softly through her adoring smile. Lark smiled when she heard Rayne’s silky smooth voice which sent a warmth throughout her and leaned towards her dark lover lightly kissing her sensuous lips. “Hmmm…I take it you already had your strawberry shortcake.” Rayne asked with a smile tasting the dessert that still lingered on Lark’s lips.

Lark giggled quietly to not wake Rayne’s father. “I couldn’t help myself…do you want some?” She asked with a sheepish grin.

Rayne shook her head no with a sly grin forming on her face. “No…I’d rather have you for dessert.” Rayne answered softly in Lark’s ear before kissing her cheek.

“That can be arranged…let’s go!” Lark answered eagerly taking Rayne’s hand quickly to help her off the couch.

Rayne ran a hand through her dark disheveled hair pushing it off her face and turned to see her father still sound asleep with the remote control in his hand. She smiled and leaned down placing a soft kiss on his forehead. “Bye Daddy.” She whispered softly before standing up and allowing Lark to lead her out of the room.

Lark stopped in the hall and pressed up against Rayne wrapping her arms around her tall lover. “Should we tell your family about our engagement?” She asked with an exuberant smile looking up into Rayne’s blues.

“I was thinking that we could have a party informing my family as well as yours all at once. How does that sound?” Rayne asked with a smile lightly kissing Lark’s nose.

“Sounds perfect.” Lark answered softly smiling and wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck pulling her down for a soul-searing kiss. “It’s time for your dessert.” Lark whispered seductively kissing Rayne once again sending a rush of blood straight to Rayne’s center.

“Yes, which I intend to thoroughly enjoy and devour.” Rayne answered softly with a sexy smile looking down at Lark hugging her tighter and wiggling her dark eyebrows seductively.

“Tell me again why we’re still standing here?” Lark asked with a laugh.

“I’m not quite sure…but let’s get going before I decide to throw you up on the pool table and have my way with you.” Rayne teased with a chuckle.

“Hmmm…I like that idea.” Lark answered sexily with a laugh lightly kissing Rayne’s lips.

“Let’s go.” Rayne answered with a chuckle leading her dessert towards the living room.

“Oh, you two aren’t leaving so early are you?” Maria asked disappointedly.

“Yes, your daughter is tired. I guess I wore her out with so much shopping today.” Lark answered with a mischievous smile looking up at her lover who raised an eyebrow knowing that wasn’t the case…she wanted her dessert and Lark was more than willing to be it.

“Thanks for dinner Mom.” Rayne smiled leaning down kissing her mother’s cheek.

“Yes…it was delicious as usual.” Lark answered hugging and kissing Maria goodbye.

“Well…thank you and I’m glad someone enjoys my cooking as much as you do Lark.” Maria replied with a laugh poking Lark in the ribs.

Lark laughed. “There isn’t a food that I don’t like…well, I take that back I hate liver and lima beans.” Lark answered with a scrunched up face at the thought of those two nasty tasting foods.

“Oh, and I was so hoping you would make that for me!” Rayne teasingly answered with everyone joining in on her laugh.

“Those two foods will never enter our home!” Lark promised.

“Thank the Gods because they are disgusting.” Rayne answered relieved as they headed towards the door.

“You used to like liver.” Maria answered with a chuckle walking the pair to the door.

“No way Ma!…I only ate it because you lied and told me it was sirloin steak!” Rayne answered with a chuckle.

“Well…there’s no way our children are going to eat either one of those nasty foods.” Lark answered with a laugh as both Rayne, Maria and Jayce all stopped and looked at her. She wasn’t sure what was going on and looked at the trio dumbfounded. “What?”

“Children?” Maria asked with a hopeful smile.

“Yeah…did you neglect to tell me something darling?” Rayne asked in all seriousness.

“Well…aah….I.” Lark stammered nervously wondering how she was going to talk her way out of that one seeing as how she put everyone on the spot…including herself.

Part VI

Everyone looked at Lark anxiously waiting for her answer making her feel very uneasy as her and Rayne had never mentioned having children with any other family members before. She was afraid that Rayne might be upset for bringing up the subject in front of her mother and brother before they could tell everyone in the family their thoughts on children..together. “Rayne…unless you’ve done something magical I’m not pregnant and it was just a figure of speech.” Lark teased with a smirk hoping to play her snafu off.

“Darn! I was so hoping for another grandchild! What’s wrong with you woman…get her pregnant!” Maria laughed punching Rayne in the arm the laugh shared with Jayce as well.

‘Oh, yes…they bought it! ‘ Lark sighed to herself relieved.

“Very funny mother!” Rayne sarcastically shot over her shoulder walking out the door and grabbing Lark’s hand in the process. “Goodbye.” Rayne drawled leading

Lark to the car and holding the door open for her to climb in the vehicle and closed the door when she was settled safely in the car.

Lark wondered what was going through Rayne’s head as to what she blurted back there. She wondered if maybe they were moving too fast and that she might be pressuring Rayne into something that would be too overwhelming for her so quickly considering they have been separated for six months. ‘She just asked me to be her’s forever and now, I throw in the talk of children in our lives even before she gets settled back into our home. I should just keep my mouth shut sometimes. ‘ Lark fretted chewing on her fingernail nervously and snapped out of her thoughts when Rayne slipped her hand into Lark’s after starting the car.

Lark looked at Rayne who smiled and steered the car out of the driveway onto the main road. “You okay?” She asked with concern and a warm smile.

“Oh, yeah…I was just thinking about how much I ate! I think I have an eating problem!” Lark answered lamely with a half smile and looked back out the window.

“I’ll say…you eat everything in sight but I haven’t figured out where you put it all. Well, there might be one place it all goes too.” Rayne teased glancing at Lark with a sly grin who turned to her.

“Where? Am I getting fat?” Lark asked nervously looking down at her body.

“Well, honey…your big toe is pretty big. Maybe that’s where it goes.” Rayne answered with a laugh promptly receiving a slap on the arm from Lark causing her to laugh harder.

“My toe is not big!” Lark answered taking offense to her comment.

“Have you looked at it lately?” Rayne asked smirking navigating the car through the winding streets of Greece heading back to the hotel.

“Well, I haven’t examined them lately.” Lark stammered unsure looking down at her feet.

“Take a gander at those puppies.” Rayne answered with a laugh and watched as Lark slipped her feet out of her shoes.

Lark propped her feet up on the dashboard looking at them. “Rayne…you are so damn full of it! My big toe is not as large as you say it is!” Lark protested wiggling the said digits.

“I know…I just wanted to see if you would take your shoes off and look!…GOTCHA!” Rayne teased laughing harder.

“Ooh!” Lark grunted pointing her finger at Rayne as she was once again had by the master prankster.

“They’re very cute though and if you would ever get rid of that smell I might suck on them.” Rayne laughed promptly receiving a very wicked look from Lark.

“Rayne…my feet don’t stink. Yours do though! Those things are nasty and don’t even think I will be sucking on them anytime soon!” Lark laughed and put her shoes back on.

“You did eat too much because it’s swelling your brain and making you say some seriously silly things like my feet stink! You’re crazy woman!” Rayne protested vehemently.

“Rayne…face the facts honey…they wreak!” Lark answered teasingly and patted Rayne’s arm to mockingly comfort her.

“If they do then why did you always beg me to let you suck them?” Rayne grinned mischievously.

“Now, you’ve lost it Rayne. I never begged to suck your nasty, stinky toes!” Lark answered brushing the comment off with a wave of her hand and wondering if Rayne had truly lost her mind. ‘Must have been from the blow to the head! ‘ Lark thought looking back at her lover.

“Yeah, right…you need to fess up woman and face the facts. You have a toe fetish as well as a shopping and eating problem!” Rayne taunted Lark chuckling with Lark sticking her tongue out at her lover in response. “Ooh, baby…I love it when you tease me!”

“Rayne…you are so damn incorrigible!” Lark answered attempting to hold in her laugh which didn’t work.

“Yes…but YOUR incorrigible sexy lover.” Rayne answered cockily and wiggled her eyebrows seductively leaning closer to Lark.

“Yes…my incorrigible and oh, so cocky lover.” Lark answered laughing and moved in front of Rayne kissing her as she turned the car into the hotel parking lot.

“Hmmm…I love those lips of yours baby and I can’t wait to have them all over my body.” Rayne answered sexily stopping the car at the front door and put it in gear for the valet to park the car.

“Well, everywhere except those toes!” Lark grinned and sent a raspberry flying Rayne’s way.

“Keep it up with the toes Lark…just keep it up!” Rayne threatened teasingly exiting the car acknowledging the valet with a tip and opened Lark’s door for her once around to her side of the car.

“Ooh, I’m looking forward to what you have in mind for me!” Lark purred snuggling up close to her tall lover inhaling Rayne’s cologne that she loves to smell tracing her finger teasingly along Rayne’s lips.

“Well, let’s get those pudgy toes of your moving then!” Rayne teased slapping Lark in the butt who chuckled and walked into the lobby of the hotel.

They both entered the crowded elevator settling themselves to the back. “I don’t have pudgy toes Rayne.” Lark adamantly professed through clenched teeth crossing her arms over her chest and heard Rayne snicker behind her feeling a pinch from her lover on the keester. ‘I’ll fix you Rayne Donnovan!’ Lark thought mischievously grabbing Rayne’s crotch holding her dark curls hostage much to Rayne’s dismay.

Rayne struggled to remove the small offensive hand that refused to let go. “Lark…it hurts. Come on please.” Rayne whispered pleadingly in her ear leaning over the shorter woman.

“Do you still think I have pudgy toes?” Lark asked mischievously over her shoulder to Rayne.

“No…baby. You have the most beautiful toes in the world.” Rayne answered sarcastically trying to pry the small hand with the vice grip on her womanhood, which only made it worse.

“I don’t think you mean it.” Lark answered pulling her curls harder.

“Doh!…Lark, I’m serious! Paaalease….let go!” She drawled pleadingly definitely at the mercy of Lark.

“Are you serious about me having the most beautiful toes in the world?” Lark asked grinning and looking over her shoulder at the distressed woman behind her.

“Yes, they are gorgeous!” Rayne answered desperate to go along with whatever she wanted so she would relinquish her hold.

“Now, that’s more like it!” Lark answered satisfied releasing her hold on Rayne.

“Yeah, the most gorgeous toes in the world compared to a Camel!” Rayne teased and quickly exited the elevator when the doors opened knowing her lover would come out of that elevator like a mad hornet.

“Rayne!” Lark shouted exiting the elevator and saw Rayne running for their room laughing hysterically looking over her shoulder at her disgruntled lover.

Rayne fumbled with the credit card key and glanced up to see a blonde woman that was mad as hell coming her way. She laughed harder from the look on Lark’s face and dropped the key quickly picking it up to unlock the door. She opened the door just as Lark approached and safely entered the room when Lark threw the door open.

“Now, honey…can I help it if you have pudgy toes?” Rayne taunted her lover mercilessly inching back away from her steaming hot mad soulmate.

“Fine…you are cut off then!” Lark answered pointing at Rayne and swiped her finger horizontally emphasizing her point and headed towards the bathroom.

“Baby…come on…really, I was just teasing about your toes the entire time.” Rayne pleaded unsuccessfully following Lark.

“Don’t baby me Rayne…you ain’t getting any!” Lark answered with an angry look and closed the door in Rayne’s face.

“Damn!” Rayne answered disappointedly. ‘Really…I was only kidding. Ooh, she’s pissed too. How am I going to convince her I was just kidding? ‘ Rayne wondered pacing the floor with her hands on her hips in front of the closed door. “Lark…honey, I was just kidding I swear it! I’m sorry I teased you about your toes…you know I love them!” Rayne professed through the door with Lark standing on the other side laughing her ass off. She held her hand over her mouth to conceal the sound of her snickering and listened to Rayne plead her case.

“I don’t believe you!” Lark mustered out in a serious tone before covering her mouth again. She turned the water on to brush her teeth and drown out the giggling.

“Lark…I swear it. I love your toes…they are the cutest things I have ever seen…believe me!” Rayne charmingly replied hoping it would work.

“Rayne…you’ll say anything to have sex won’t you? I swear…you’re worse than a man!” Lark retorted putting the toothpaste on her brush and began to brush her teeth.

“Well…can you blame me? I mean, you’re the love of my life and you’re gorgeous! How could I not want sex from you and say anything to get it?” Rayne answered then wished she hadn’t phrased it that way. ‘Damn…that is going to make it worse. ‘ She chided herself.

Lark finished brushing her teeth and spit out the water she was rinsing her mouth with. “You aren’t helping to win your case with that kind of a statement counselor!” Lark teased in a raised voice.

“I know…it didn’t come out right but you know what I mean! I swear…I love your toes. I’m on my knees begging you!” Rayne pleaded. ‘Shit…I will do anything for sex…I’m friggin groveling for it! ‘ Rayne told herself in disbelief from her behavior shaking her head. ‘I’m whipped!’ She conceded in disbelief.

‘Hmmm…begging. On her knees no less…gotta love it! ‘ Lark thought with a mischievous smile finishing nature’s call and stood up. ‘You know…I can’t believe that Rayne just simply dismissed the conversation about children like that at her mom’s. ‘ Lark thought slightly peeved about it and turned the water on to wash her hands. ‘I should be glad but she could have mentioned something about it on the way back here. ‘ Lark washed and dried her hands.

“Honey…pookie…babydoll…do you forgive me?” Rayne teased pleadingly. ‘You’re sick Rayne…really sick. ‘ She told herself.

Lark chuckled approaching the door. “Are you still on your knees?” Lark asked with a laugh barely audible to herself and reached for the doorknob.

‘I am now. ‘ Rayne thought and knelt down quickly. “Yes, dear!” She answered sweetly as Lark opened the door still possessing a serious look on her face glad she was an actress and trained to change her demeanor easily or she would have tipped the ruse a long time ago.

She looked at Rayne who was down on her knees with a big grin on her face. She was barely able to contain the laughter that was dying to come out and put her hands on her hips continuing her stare down. “I’ll consider it!” She answered nonchalantly and walked past her kneeling lover.

“Consider it?” Rayne asked her voice filled with disbelief her lip curled up in the corner and turned to Lark.

“You heard me…I don’t stutter. Now, go brush your teeth and I’ll consider it some more.” Lark replied waving her hand towards the bathroom for Rayne to enter it.

“Yes, dear!” Rayne mockingly answered rolling her eyes and entered the bathroom. ‘I am friggin whipped! ‘ Rayne finally accepted as a fact.

Lark crawled under the covers and laughed quietly hearing the water running as Rayne brushed her teeth. ‘Payback is such a bitch! ‘ Lark thought snickering harder and removed her clothes. ‘I still don’t get why she didn’t say anything about children. ‘ Lark thought and felt the covers move as Rayne’s naked body crawled in close to hers.

Rayne put her arm under Lark and pulled her up on top of her as she lay on her back. “I’m sorry.” She replied hugging Lark who lay comfortably and quietly on Rayne wondering how she should approach the subject of wanting to have children…soon…very soon.

‘Will she get pissed? Or will she accept it gladly? She always said she wanted them with me…does she still? Or does she want to wait? ‘ Lark questioned herself unmercifully and felt Rayne’s hand under her chin.

Rayne lifted her chin and looked into the green eyes she loved so much. “Are you still mad at me?” She asked worriedly.

“Nah, I forgave you when I went into the bathroom!” Lark answered swiping her hand to emphasize her point.

“You made me gravel on my hands and knees for nothing?” Rayne asked slightly irritated and embarrassed.

“Payback Rayne…Payback…besides, it was funny!” Lark laughed.

Rayne scrunched up her face. “Yeah, really funny!” She answered sarcastically and noticed the distracted look in Lark’s eye. “What’s bothering you Lark?” She asked lightly caressing Lark’s bare back enjoying the feeling of her soft skin under her palms.

Lark looked at her with a half smile. “Can’t put anything past you can I?” She asked with a chuckle.

“Nope…what’s going on?” Rayne asked lightly stroking the worry wrinkles on Lark’s forehead with her thumb.

“Well…I aah…was thinking and did mention something earlier at your mom’s.” Lark stammered hesitantly and held her hand up in front of her gazing down at the ring Rayne gave her momentarily distracted. ‘She loves me…she won’t be mad.’ Lark reassured herself.

“Come on…out with it Lark.” Rayne smiled reassuringly smoothing out Lark’s eyebrows with her thumb.

“Well…Rayne…please tell me if you’re totally against what I have to say. I want you to tell me the truth…promise me?” Lark asked finding it hard to look Rayne in the eyes for fear of rejection and lightly circled the still present bruise on Rayne’s bare chest.

“I promise.” Rayne answered softly and moved Lark’s chin up to look her in the eye. “Now, tell me what’s going on.” Rayne answered with growing concern.

“You know when I mentioned children at your mom’s and our dream of having children? Do you still want that?” Lark asked hesitant of Rayne’s reaction.

“Yes, I do. Why do you ask?” Rayne asked with wonderment seeing the twinkle in Lark’s eyes from her answer.

“I want to make that dream a reality and I was wondering what you thought about it.”

Rayne’s heart beat excitedly at the thought of having a child in their life. “I absolutely love the idea Lark.” Rayne answered assuredly smiling running her fingers through Lark’s hair and thought admiringly about how Lark would make such a wonderful mother. “I’ll talk to Shayan and find out what we need to do to adopt a child and he can draw up the papers drawn for us.” Rayne answered kissing Lark.

Lark broke the kiss. “That’s not what I meant Rayne. I want to have our baby.” Lark answered with optimistic confidence moving up on Rayne looking down into her blue eyes.

“Are you sure that’s what you want Lark? Are you at a point in your career were you can do that?” Rayne asked staring into Lark’s green eyes searching for sincerity and any hesitation that Lark really didn’t want this, which she only found sincerity there.

“I could care less about what it does to my career Rayne. I want us to fulfill our dream of having children and I want to have our baby.” Lark answered surely pointing to herself.

” I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life. Well, except for one other thing…my love for you.” Lark answered honestly and lovingly ran her fingers through Rayne’s hair whose hands continued to lightly caress her back.

Rayne’s heart pounded in her chest thrilled that Lark was willing to go through the labors of childbirth for their dream to come true. Rayne couldn’t describe how she felt…she guessed it was pride, happiness, love. She wasn’t sure but she knew it made her feel incredible inside and didn’t think she could love Lark anymore than she already does until now. Her blue eyes filled with tears of joy and kissed Lark passionately to let her know just exactly what she felt about the subject.

Rayne broke the kiss realizing that no matter how much she wanted to help produce a child with Lark…it just wasn’t feasible which saddened her. “Well, Lark…as many skills as I possess that is one I just don’t have…to help create the baby. I would love to be able to do that for you. I really would.” Rayne answered sadly.

“I understand that honey, but we talked about this before and about asking one of your brother’s so the baby would look like both of us.” Lark answered worried by Rayne’s change in demeanor.

Rayne’s sadness consumed her and she felt a wave of jealousy rush over her at the thought that one of her brother’s could give that to Lark but she couldn’t…it was something she would love more than anything to be able to do. Her heart pounded uncontrollably and the lump in her throat swelled when she thought about how the baby would not really be hers but truly her brother’s child. Rayne was on the verge of crying and didn’t want to do that in front of Lark. She had to get up and not talk about this anymore…it upset her too much and sat up on her elbows. “Uhmmm…we could do that if you want.” She answered evasively. “I have to go take my medicine.” Rayne answered lamely slipping out from underneath Lark knowing she didn’t want to show the emotions that overwhelmed her in front of Lark.

Rayne walked away from the bed leaving Lark befuddled and bewildered by her reaction. “Rayne!” Lark replied watching her tall lover stride without her usual cocky swagger, instead her shoulders sagged lost in thought disappearing into the kitchen.

Rayne opened the refrigerator and looked in her tears burning her blue eyes. She grabbed a bottle of water and walked to the sliding glass door leaning against it with one hand, sipping her water with the other looking out over the well-lit city. The tears flowed harder thinking about how much she wanted to help create a baby with the woman she loved more than life itself. She had thought about having a baby herself but decided that just wasn’t her bag and if a child was to be a part of her life it would be through an adoption or if Lark had it.

Rayne felt Lark’s arms wrap comfortingly around her waist and felt Lark’s soft kiss against her back which calmed her slightly but the tears still fell. Rayne wiped them away when she felt Lark move around to face her and saw that Rayne was crying. “Baby…what’s wrong? Do you not want to have children with me?” Lark asked worriedly wiping away Rayne’s tears.

“No…Lark, you know how much I love and want children with you. I’m just being stupid.” She answered sadly sniffing back her tears looking down shamefully at the water bottle scratching the label trying to avoid making eye contact with Lark.

“Why do you think you’re being stupid?” Lark asked softly and lifted Rayne’s chin to look into her blue eyes.

“Because I’m jealous and I feel left out…just stupid.” Rayne answered regretfully avoiding eye contact from her embarrassment by the way she was acting but knew she couldn’t discard her emotions and how she felt.

“Why would you feel that way Rayne?” Lark asked distraught over how upset Rayne was.

“Because Lark!” Rayne answered sputtered out in frustration looking up at Lark. “The one thing in this world that I would love nothing more to give you is a child but I can’t! The baby will be part yours and my brother’s…not from me….that’s why I feel that way.” Rayne exclaimed agitatedly and with hurt wiping the tears off her face turning her back to Lark.

Lark put her hand on Rayne’s back and rubbed it lightly to calm her and circled in front of her naked lover. Lark put her hands on Rayne’s waist and looked up into stormy blue eyes as Rayne fought to hide her feelings. “Honey…the baby will be part of you. Why do you think I want one of your brother’s to do this? The three of you could pass for triplets for god’s sake! Look at Brandon…his features are so similar to yours that people would have a hard time believing he’s not your son. Am I right?” Lark asked confident she was correct and saw Rayne concede shaking her head in agreement.

Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne tightly pressing her ear against Rayne’s chest and listened as her rapid heartbeat slowed to a steady beat. Rayne wrapped her arms around Lark and kissed the top of her head realizing just how ridiculous she was being about everything. Lark broke the hug slipping her hand into Rayne’s larger one and led her back to bed. Lark crawled on top of her lover assuming her favorite position and looked down into her calm blues. “Do you feel better about it now?”

“A little…thanks.” Rayne answered with an attempt at a reassuring smile.

“Honey…come on. Our only other option is to get an outside donor and I want our baby to have those sexy dark features of yours that I love so much.” Lark smiled adoringly and lightly kissed Rayne to reassure her.

“I’ll be okay once we get everything started. I just want you to know that I would love to be able to give you that gift if I could.” Rayne answered sighing still disappointed that she couldn’t and lightly stroked Lark’s short hair.

“That means more to me than you’ll ever know and it makes me feel so incredible inside to hear you say that honey, but please remember…the baby will be a part of you because you and you’re brothers are all apart of one another.

“Let’s just hope the baby doesn’t inherit Jayce’s poor financial habits.” Rayne teased with a chuckle trying to lighten the mood.

“Do you want Jayce to be the donor?” Lark asked smiling excited that Rayne was feeling more comfortable about everything.

“He would be the more logical choice. We can ask both but I think Holly might feel uncomfortable about Shay being the donor.” Rayne explained rubbing her hands up and down Lark’s naked back.

“I can’t wait!…I’m really excited about this!” Lark exclaimed with a glowing smile and kissed Rayne. “I can’t wait to have the baby and to see how gorgeous it will look with dark hair and blue eyes.” Lark answered her small smile growing in intensity with the thought.

“What happens if the baby has blonde hair and green eyes like I want?” Rayne asked with a smile.

“I’ll be happy too but I just love those blue eyes and would love our baby to have them.” She answered dreamily kissing Rayne’s chin.

“Well, I would love to see our baby have beautiful emerald green eyes that I would lose myself in every time I looked into them…just like I do with yours.”

“Aah…that’s so sweet.” Lark answered with a blushing smile and kissed Rayne. “Baby…I want you to be apart of every aspect of the pregnancy and delivery.” Lark informed Rayne excitedly breaking the kiss.

“I’m looking forward to it Lark…I really am. This means more to me than you will ever know…thank you.” Rayne answered softly and lovingly her blue eyes watering and capturing Lark’s lips for a passionate, soul-searing kiss letting Lark know just how much she loves her.

“I love you so much Rayne and I want to make our dream come true honey.” Lark answered smiling with a gleam in her eye at the prospect of having a child in their life…their own child.

Rayne’s heart raced from joy and happiness that Lark…the woman she loves so much was going to do something so very special like that for the both of them. She had never been with another woman who would have made such a sacrifice like that despite the fact that she loved Karen…her deceased lover very much she never considered having children with her.

As deep as their love for one another was it never came close to what she shares with Lark. She was glad they had a second chance with one another and couldn’t imagine…actually refused to imagine her life without Lark. She had done that for six torturous months and would never allow that to happen ever again…no matter what the circumstances were. ‘She’s not getting rid of me even after I breathe my last breath…she’ll always have my heart, body and soul!’ Rayne thought passionately about her feelings for Lark.

Rayne engulfed Lark in a hug and held her tightly reveling in her softness and her specific scent that made her feel so warm and loved. She loved having Lark in her arms…she made her feel so special, so loved and the feeling was wonderful. Rayne held Lark tighter kissing her cheek repeatedly as Lark lifted her head up to look at Rayne with a big smile.

“I’m so happy baby.” Lark answered kissing her lover passionately and briefly…too briefly and breaking the kiss much to Rayne’s disappointment. “Rayne…I want our baby to have your last name…is that okay with you?”

Rayne’s heart skipped a beat and her breath escaped her momentarily that Lark wanted the baby to have her name overwhelming her again. “Honey…I aah…don’t know what to say other than that’s wonderful and perfectly fine with me but don’t you want the baby to have your last name?…I mean, you’re an only child and I thought you would like to have your family name carried on through our child.” Rayne answered her hands roaming freely along Lark’s back.

“I never thought about that…it would be nice but we could have two children. One with your last name and one with mine.” She answered excitedly with a smile.

“Two huh?” Rayne asked with a chuckle.

“You don’t want two?” Lark asked disappointedly.

“It doesn’t matter to me how many we have I just worry about the toll it will take on you considering you will be the one having the children.”

“You’re right…okay…two is the limit then.” Lark chuckled.

“Oh, I just thought of something. Do we have to get a minivan now that we’ll be having kids because I don’t think I can picture myself driving one.” Rayne asked with a laugh.

“No way!…no minivans in our household!” Lark answered sharing a laugh with Rayne. “We’ll get a sport utility vehicle…a safe one.” Lark made sure to point out. “That’s big enough for our family…maybe a Durango or a Lincoln Navigator.” Lark answered smiling happily realizing she would have the family she always wanted to have.

“Babe…you are glowing you’re so excited.” Rayne answered lovingly and with happiness seeing the joy in Lark’s green eyes.

“I am Rayne…we are going to have a family! Our own family…you and me. That just excites me to no end and I’m so happy. I couldn’t be any happier!” She exclaimed with tears of happiness filling her green eyes.

“I love to seeing so happy babe.” Rayne answered her small smile spreading across her fine features larger lightly stroking her blonde lover’s short locks. “Uhmmm…I’ve never wanted to share something so wonderful as this with anyone other than you Lark. You have made my life so happy and so complete that I just don’t know how else to thank you other than just loving you completely and offering you my heart…my soul.” Rayne answered honestly sealing her declaration with a soul-searing kiss.

“That’s all I need from you.” Lark answered happily through her kiss and deepened it.

Rayne thought about how happy Lark has made her and how much she loved her. She turned her head kissing Lark more passionately thinking about how she would feel having a baby in their life and how she knew Lark would spoil the baby. She broke the kiss smiling and looked at Lark. “What are you thinking about? You have a mischievous look on your face.” Lark wondered skeptically and lightly kissed Rayne’s nose.

“I was just thinking about how much you’re going to spoil the baby.”

“Me?!…I know you will spoil her more than me!” Lark protested laughing.

“Her?…her?” Rayne teased with a laugh.

“Yes…a darling little girl to take after her mom…you. Why? Do you want a boy?”

“Well…with you as her mommy she might be too much of a princess.” Rayne teasingly laughed with Lark tickling her from the comment.

“Hey, so what if she’s a princess like me?”

“Nothing…I love you despite your royalty.” Rayne answered with a laugh fending off the small hands that were tickling her ribs.

“You are so bad Rayne Donnovan!” Lark answered laughing and shaking her head. “I can’t wait to go shopping for baby clothes!”

“Lark…you can’t wait to go shopping for anything! Oh, please tell me you aren’t going to put her in frilly little dresses!” Rayne asked scrunching her face in protest to them.

“Yes!…she will look adorable…just like you do in a dress.” Lark answered smiling.

“Yeah…well, I only wear dresses when absolutely necessary. I hate those things.”

“I happen to think you look absolutely stunning in a dress particularly that black perfectly fitting low cut cocktail dress of yours that shows off that fabulous body.” Lark smiled fondly picturing Rayne in the said dress and wiggled her eyebrows seductively.

“Oh, you like that one huh?” Rayne asked with a chuckle and a raised eyebrow of her own.

“Oh, yes…alot, as a matter of fact.” Lark answered seductively. “Especially, how it reveals that sexy cleavage of yours.” Lark purred smiling mischievously softly kissing Rayne’s chest between her breasts heightening her arousal.

“Hmmm…maybe I’ll wear it to mow the lawn and it might give you more of an interest in mowing the lawn.”

Lark looked up and laughed. “I would definitely be interested if you wore that dress to mow the lawn.”

Rayne laughed. “You know our little princess or prince.” Rayne paused with her eyebrow raised and a smirk. “Will have many skills and one of them will be the fine art of mowing the lawn.” Rayne teasingly laughed.

“She or he can do what ever they want too.” Lark answered grinning happily.

“Just promise me no stupid looking hats if it’s a girl.”

“Oh, but some of them are so cute!” Lark exclaimed with a laugh.

“Okay…but definitely no bows!” Rayne answered adamantly.

“Deal…I can’t stand bows unless of course, one is on you as my present.” Lark teased seductively nibbling on Rayne’s neck sending a flush of warmth straight to her lover’s sex.

Rayne’s pulse quickened. “Hmmm…that feels so good.” She moaned in delight.

Lark’s tongue traveled up Rayne’s neck to her ear and traced the contours before whispering. “I want you.” And pressing her sex against Rayne’s sending a throbbing sensation to her center.

“Then take me.” Rayne answered sexily grasping Lark’s firm backside, who gasped and lifted her head up to kiss Rayne.

The sultry response sent Lark’s passions souring and was ready for a romp through ecstasy with her dark, passionate lover. Her mouth craved for Rayne’s tongue capturing it and satisfying her craving. Rayne’s hands pressed against Lark’s upper back deepening the burning kiss both breathing heavily. They broke the kiss breathless and resumed the searing kiss their desire for one another escalating. Rayne’s hand traveled down Lark’s back resting on her backside and guided her pelvis into a rocking motion desperate to feel Lark’s sex grind against her own.

“Oh, baby…you absolutely drive me crazy.” Lark moaned breathless her heart beating wildly in her chest and sank her teeth in Rayne’s neck then sucked the soft skin alternating bites and kisses.

“Lark…I friggin love that…keep it up baby…please don’t stop.” Rayne moaned her voice conveying her delight. Rayne held the back of Lark’s neck gently guiding her along her neck where she wanted the next bite to land. Rayne’s head moved back in reaction each time to Lark’s teeth sinking into her heated skin and from the feel of Lark’s soft, moist lips against her neck. “Touch me baby…I need to feel you inside me.” Rayne replied her voice throaty with desire for her blonde lover’s touch.

Lark’s tongue traveled down between Rayne’s breasts then moved her mouth to the hard, dark nipple before her capturing it in her mouth. Rayne’s deep breathing intensified as did her already racing heart and her center ached for Lark’s touch. She placed her hand over Lark’s hand slowly guiding it down her long, muscular body stopping between her legs spreading them wide for Lark.

Lark moved to the side straddling Rayne’s thigh and began stroking her wet, hot swollen nub that begged for her attention. “Yes, baby…that feels so good.” Rayne breathlessly replied moving her hips up and down matching Lark’s motions with her hand. Rayne slid her hand under Lark who moved her mouth to lavish Rayne’s other breast with attention and gasped when she felt Rayne’s fingers glide across her slick clit.

“Aah…ooh, baby.” She softly moaned gently sucking the nipple in her mouth. The sound of Lark’s soft sensuous voice sent a shiver down Rayne’s body stopping where the throbbing persisted.

“Lark…go inside me honey.” Rayne whispered gasping when she felt Lark enter her wet opening. “Oh, yes…you feel so good.” She moaned loudly her words an aphrodisiac to Lark who’s throbbing between her own legs intensified and moved her hips faster against Rayne’s hand. Rayne slipped two long, slender fingers inside Lark reacting to her lover’s desire feeling her slick walls close tightly around her fingers. “Lark…I love to feel how you wrap so tightly around my fingers and how dripping wet you always are for me.” Rayne answered in a low sensuous voice feeling Lark’s lips press against her own.

Lark thrust her tongue deeply in Rayne’s mouth exploring everything about it rhythmically thrusting her hips against her passionate lover her body demanding release. Lark broke the kiss gasping for air tilting her head back with her eyes closed and panting desperately for air. Rayne nibbled on the soft skin of Lark’s neck rocking her hips up and down faster… her arousal mounting. She felt Lark’s walls tighten then release around her fingers and knew she was ready to climax.

Rayne moved her fingers in and out of Lark faster matching her thrusting movements with her hips and felt her pause then pull away and push Rayne’s fingers deep inside of her. “Oh, yes!…Rayne, please don’t stop!” Lark shouted breathing heavily.

Rayne’s fingers moved faster and Lark’s hips bucked back and forth her fingers thrusting in and out of Rayne at the same time. “Come with me baby.” Rayne whispered seductively capturing Lark’s lips with her own sending them both over the edge greeting pure ecstasy at the same time.

“Yes…Oh, Rayne…aaahhh…baby, I love you so much!” Lark moaned loudly her body shuddering against Rayne’s which did the same from one powerful orgasm after the next rolling over both of their bodies simultaneously.

Rayne grabbed Lark behind her neck and pulled her down thrusting her tongue deeply in her mouth kissing her passionately feeling her body’s release begin to calm. She wrapped her arms tightly around Lark breaking the kiss and feeling the hot breath of her lover against her neck where she rested. “Lark…the things you to do me baby…are so incredible.” Rayne whispered in her ear lightly kissing her cheek reveling in the wonderful feeling that consumed her having her lovely soulmate in her arms.

They both lay pressed against one another content to revel in their ecstasy in complete silence, which only their heavy breathing broke. Neither relinquished their hold on one another or even wanted to once their breathing leveled off to a soft whisper and their hearts beat as one. Lark sat up and locked greens with blues smiling contentedly placing a sweet and very satisfying kiss on Rayne’s lips. Rayne smiled happily running her fingers through the love of her life’s short hair.

“What are you thinking about Rayne Donnovan?” Lark asked smiling mischievously.

Rayne’s hands stopped stroking Lark’s hair and rested on Lark’s bare, sweaty back smiling at the lovely sight before her. “I was just thinking about how enamored I am with you and about how much I love you.” Rayne answered lovingly and kissed Lark.

Lark gazed at her sexy partner silently momentarily at a loss for words. Rayne simply blew her away and was making a habit of doing it the past few days with her honesty, sincerity and her proclamations of eternal love. “Rayne…you simply overwhelm me.” Lark mustered and sighed happily. “I hope you know …really know how much I love you. Every time I think I can’t love you anymore you do something that negates that thought. I have so much love in my heart for you that it’s just overwhelming.” Lark answered totally blown away.

Rayne smiled adoringly and wasn’t sure how to respond instead, opting for a soul searing kiss. “You do the same to me baby.” She whispered through her kiss and deepened it holding her smaller lover tighter in her arms reveling in the warmth she exuded.

They were both lost in their thoughts of one another to realize the phone had been ringing. They broke their kiss smiling and began to kiss again when Rayne’s cell phone went off. “What the hell!” Rayne exclaimed out of sheer frustration from the intrusion breaking the kiss and reached for her phone. She clicked the phone on before putting it to her ear with Lark assaulting her neck with soft kisses. “Yeah!” She answered agitatedly from the intrusion. “What?!” She exclaimed her voice changing in reflection from frustration to fear her heart sinking from what she heard on the other end.

Lark’s head shot up looking at Rayne when she heard the fear and distress in Rayne’s voice, which was confirmed when she saw the same in her blue eyes. “Okay…we’ll meet you right away.” She answered softly and stunned sitting up with Lark moving off of her filled with concern. Rayne clicked the phone off and looked at Lark with an anguished look on her face. “Lark…we have to leave…its not good news.” She answered with a horrified look on her face that scared the hell out of Lark.

Part VII

“Holly’s gone into labor…we have to leave.” Rayne answered with a concerned sigh and looked at Lark.

Lark could see the anxiety in Rayne’s blue eyes and knew there was more to it by the tone in her voice and what she saw in her eyes. “Is she okay?” Lark asked with concern rubbing Rayne’s arm for comfort.

“No…it’s not good. She’s having complications and I don’t know anymore than that. Mom sounded very upset.” Rayne answered climbing out of bed and grabbing her bag to pack.

“I hope Holly will be alright.” Lark answered worriedly and climbed out of bed. “I’m gonna take a shower.” She replied turning towards the bathroom.

“No…we don’t have enough time.” Rayne quickly answered. “You can take one on the plane. Dad has his private plane waiting to take all of us back so, we’ve got to get moving.” Rayne answered urgently and hurriedly packed her bags.

“Okay…I’ll be packed in a flash.” Lark answered beginning to pack her own bags.

They finished packing in no time and were dressed just as fast. Rayne threw her baseball cap on and pulled her long hair through the back while Lark called down for a bellhop to help with their bags. “Rayne…I’ll go down and check us out and then pull the car up front.” Lark informed her somberly heading towards the door.

“Okay…I’ll get everything on the cart and help the bellhop.” Rayne answered grabbing their bags and carrying them to the door as the bellhop knocked.

Lark opened the door allowing him to enter and she exited into the hallway heading towards the elevator. Lark was lost in her thoughts of concern and worry for Holly. She hoped Holly and the baby would be fine. Her emotions went from being totally elated from their own plans of having a child to being very worried about Holly and the baby. Lark stepped off the elevator quickly advancing upon the front desk to check out and felt as though she was in a fog from everything happening so fast.

Rayne hurriedly stacked their belongings on the cart and quickly checked the suite again to make sure they didn’t forget anything and headed out the door safe in the knowledge she had all of their belongings. Rayne too was lost in her thoughts from worry for Holly, the baby and her brother. She knew Shayan would be devastated if anything happened to either one of them, as would she. Rayne thought about how close she is with Holly and worried terribly about her health. “Ma’am this is the lobby.” The bellhop replied snapping Rayne out of her thoughts.

“Oh, yeah…aah…take it to the front door please.” Rayne stammered looking up and saw Lark opening the trunk of the car.

They quickly loaded the car with Rayne taking control of the car mashing the accelerator heading out of the hotel parking lot. Her thoughts were still with her brother and sister-in-law as she sped towards the airport. Lark knew how upset Rayne was by how quiet she was being. She slipped her hand into Rayne’s squeezing it and felt Rayne’s fingers lace with hers. Lark’s touch had such a soothing, calming affect on her and she looked at Lark giving her an appreciative smile before looking back to the road.

Rayne steered the car towards the hanger her father’s plane was waiting in front of noting everyone fervently loading the plane. She screeched to a halt and threw the car in park before exiting the car as her mother approached. “Mom…what’s going on?” She asked nervously as Lark opened the trunk for the crew to gather their luggage and grabbed their carry on bags.

“Holly was having terrible labor pains so, they rushed her to the hospital and they are having complications.” She answered worriedly and began to cry.

“Mom…she’s two months early…is the baby going to be okay?” Rayne asked nervously.

“We don’t know sweetheart.” Her mother answered crying harder with Rayne drawing her mother into a comforting hug.

Lark saw her tall lover comforting her mother which brought tears to her eyes seeing the distraught look in her face and the tears that trickled down her cheeks. She wanted to comfort Rayne wishing she could take everyone’s pain away. Rayne wiped away her tears and helped her mother to the plane with Lark waiting at the stairs to the plane for them. Rayne helped her distraught mother up the stairs and Lark followed rubbing Rayne’s back to comfort her the best she could at that moment. She found it so touching how closely knit Rayne’s family was and even though Holly wasn’t a blood relative they treated her as if she was… just like they did with her.

Rayne helped her mother to her seat and was engulfed in a hug from her father. “Don’t worry sweetie…she’ll be okay.” He whispered assuringly in her ear noting the tension in his daughter’s body and rubbed her back soothingly feeling the tense muscles begin to relax.

“Let’s hope so Daddy.” Rayne answered less assured and headed towards her seat receiving a hug from Jayce who had approached her.

They locked blues and held one another without a word being spoken each knowing exactly what the other felt and wanted to say but didn’t need to as they said it with their eyes. Rayne faintly smiled breaking the hug and patted his chest before sitting in her seat next to Lark. Rayne had a feeling her parents weren’t letting on the full gravity of the situation which worried her more. Rayne buckled her seat belt and leaned forward resting her elbows on her legs and held her face in her hands. She thought about her beloved grandmother who passed away recently and remembered how excited she was when Holly and Shayan told her they were expecting another baby.

All the pain she felt when her Grandma Taye passed away hit her like a tidal wave and she couldn’t control her tears that flowed freely.

She felt Lark’s arm slip around her back and her free hand slid onto her leg as Lark kissed Rayne’s shoulder. Rayne felt the plane level off with Lark asking. “Do you want to talk about it?” In a whisper with Rayne wiping her face looking over her shoulder and meeting caring green eyes.

“No…I don’t…I’m going to go take a shower.” Rayne answered softly sniffling back her tears.

“Rayne…please, don’t shut me out again.” Lark answered pleadingly lacing her fingers around Rayne’s long slender one’s and leaned her forehead against Rayne’s cheek.

Rayne glanced at Lark loving her comforting closeness. “I won’t Lark…just give me a little bit of time so I can come to terms with what I’m feeling okay?” She asked softly with Lark looking into her saddened blue eyes.

“Promise me you’ll talk to me about all of this?” Lark asked worried that her lover would once again shut her out.

“I promise…I just need to be alone for a few minutes okay?” Rayne asked with Lark nodding yes in response. “I love you.” Rayne whispered lightly kissing Lark and headed to the back of the plane to take her shower.

Lark sat back in the chair and wiped away her tears hoping that Rayne wouldn’t push her away again. She worried about her as she had never seen her this upset before. She wanted to hold her, to comfort her and to take her pain away…if Rayne would allow her to.

Rayne stepped into the hot shower and let the water beat down on her head hoping it would soothe her emotions. She couldn’t believe how raw her emotions were and she just wasn’t ready to reveal everything she was feeling…even to Lark. She knew Lark had a right to be included and it wasn’t fair to shut her out. Hell…that’s what put them into that whole big mess with the other…supposed other woman in the first place. Rayne wasn’t going there again, but needed a chance to collect and attempt to control her emotions without being a blubbery mess…that would embarrass her even in front of Lark.

Rayne had an undying need to always be stoic no matter what and this was making it very hard for her to maintain that composure. Her thoughts of her deceased grandmother kept creeping in and all she wanted to do was cry or beat the living hell out of someone or something as she was so mad about her death…even to this day she was livid about it.

She wondered why this health crisis with Holly triggered her thoughts and emotions over her grandmother. Maybe it’s because she still hasn’t come to terms with her grandmother’s death and who knows…she may never will or maybe it’s because she’s not there with Holly and Shayan like she wasn’t when her grandmother was gravely ill.

Rayne began to cry remembering the phone call she received from her mother when she was on an assignment out of the country saying her grandmother had taken a turn for the worst after heart surgery. ‘A simple operation.’ She remembered her mother saying when Rayne told her she would return right away. Her mother and Uncle Burt…who is a Cardiologist, convinced her that everything would be fine with her grandmother so, she stayed until the next morning. ‘Wrong decision… that I’ll regret for the rest of my life.’ Rayne whispered to herself remembering their words.

Rayne rushed home to be by her grandmother’s side but knew she was gone. She felt it; she had a dream about it. The realization hit her when she walked in the door and saw her father break down and cry when she asked how her grandmother was doing. She had never in her entire life seen her father cry like that and it wasn’t even his mother…but his mother-in-law who he cried for because she was such a wonderful woman…whom everyone loved and adored…especially Rayne. Her heart was shattered…her grandmother was everything to her. They were best friends and were exactly alike. The best compliment she ever received was when her uncle told her mother that it was unbelievable how alike both her and her grandmother were.

She meant everything to Rayne and when her mother told her she would not have been able to do anything to prevent her grandmother from passing on…she couldn’t accept it. Maybe it was her stubbornness, her ego or maybe it was the close bond she shared with her grandmother that made her believe that if she was there for her…just simply holding her hand she would have had more of a reason to fight harder and to…live. Rayne felt as though her grandmother was angry with her for not being there and gave up. She knew that train of thought was probably pretty stupid but she couldn’t help the way she felt. Rayne didn’t get to tell her how much she loved her or to say goodbye.

Rayne had called the night before her surgery but the medical personnel had already moved her to ICU where phone calls weren’t allowed so, she wasn’t able to talk with her. She asked her mother to let her grandmother know that she loved her and to wish her luck with the surgery… she wasn’t sure if she told her or not. She felt guilty that she wasn’t the one to tell her because a message relayed through her mother just wasn’t the same as what it would have been coming from her. Rayne couldn’t hold her emotions in any longer and broke down crying at the memories…the guilt, the pain and the sadness she felt at that time and now as she was reliving everything again.

Rayne put her hands against the wall to brace herself and cried so hard she nearly threw up. She turned the ice cold water on to snap her out of her hysteria which eventually helped calm her down…as well as her nausea. Rayne couldn’t and would never be able to forgive herself for not telling her grandmother how much she loved, adored and cared for her before her surgery. She hoped that it would get easier to deal with after six months but it was just as hard now as it was the day she died. That’s the reason she shut herself off from everyone especially the most important person in the world to her…Lark. She just couldn’t deal with the guilt and pain…she knew she would have to now.

Rayne thought about how her grandmother simply adored her nephews and looked forward to the birth of her great-granddaughter…the one she would never get a chance to meet. Hell, she might not get to see her niece she thought sadly as her tears flowed harder. “Gram…please watch over Holly and the baby…don’t let anything happen to them…I love you.” Rayne replied softly wiping her tears and hoping the dead could really hear our thoughts. She frequently spoke to her Grandmother as a prayer…you might say. She wasn’t the praying type but she would ask for her grandmother’s guidance with certain situations.

She wiped the remaining tears and felt a little better. ‘Maybe a good cry was all I needed.’ She thought finishing her shower and drying off. Rayne dressed in a pair of khaki ‘Old Navy’ shorts and a black short sleeved v-neck cotton shirt before running gel through her raven hair allowing it to stay in the place it fell…draped over her shoulders her bangs nearly reaching her dark eyebrows.

She exited the bathroom just as Lark entered the room. “Are you okay?” She asked concerned and looked into Rayne’s reddened eyes rubbing her side to comfort her sidling up close to Rayne.

Rayne smiled and kissed Lark on the forehead. “I’m better thanks.”

“I won’t be long.” Lark answered with a soothing smile feeling somewhat left out from the fact that Rayne wouldn’t discuss her feelings with her. It pained her to see Rayne in so much pain and to not be able to comfort her. Lark entered the still steamy bathroom and was engulfed by the fresh scent of ‘juniper breeze’ lotion that was so specific to her lover. She smiled happily knowing she would have that wonderful greeting in her life every time she entered the bathroom or cuddled up close to her lover once again…the simple pleasures in her life that meant her lover was there to stay…once and for all.

Rayne saw Jayce and her mother huddled next to their father who was on the phone. “What’s going on?” She asked worriedly and saw the look of anguish they all possessed on their similar features.

“We’re on our way son…we should be there shortly…hang in there…we love you.” He replied and clicked the phone off and looked at his equally anguished family with cloudy blues. “Aah..the baby has fallen asleep in the birth canal.” He answered softly inhaling deeply to collect himself.

“Oh, my god!” Maria exclaimed horrified and began to cry harder.

“Dad…what does that mean?” Jayce asked confused and anxiously.

He looked at his wife, his son and then his daughter. “They told Shay not to expect either one to make it.” He answered solemnly with tears trickling down his cheeks.

“No!” Jayce exclaimed angrily and stood up with his own tears streaking his face and stormed towards the cockpit. “Make this plane move faster!” He demanded angrily and punched the wall in frustration.

Rayne was speechless…she felt like someone kicked her in the stomach and she felt like she couldn’t breath. Her knees became weak and flopped into her seat gasping for air which she finally inhaled. Rayne couldn’t believe what was happening and she felt terrible about it.

Rayne imagined the pain and fear Holly and Shayan must be feeling which overwhelmed her. She is very close to both of them and looks at the child as if it were her own. She wanted to be there to comfort her brother and to tell them both she loved them. Holly was the sister she always wanted. Don’t get her wrong…she loved her brothers and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but she always wanted to have a sister and Holly was just that to her.

‘Come on Holly fight…fight.’ She replied sending out a silent request to her sister-in-law. Rayne leaned back in her seat her heart and mind racing with fear from the dire situation. She was taking it seriously hard…everyone was but Rayne especially. ‘Shay must be beside himself. I don’t know what I would do if that was Lark.’ Rayne thought to herself as she thought about her’s and Lark’s conversation about having a baby. ‘No!…I don’t want Lark to be put into that position.’ Rayne told herself angrily and fought to keep out the negative thoughts of what she would do if Lark were in Holly’s situation.

Rayne knew she wouldn’t be able to deal with that at all knowing Lark would be in such distress. She looked out the window at the clouds her tears flowing freely and thought. ‘A baby is not a good idea.’ She told herself knowing that she just got Lark back in her life and didn’t want to lose her again…especially not during childbirth…something that could be avoided. Rayne leaned her head against the side of the window resting her elbow on the armrest and her chin against her hand staring out the window lost in her thoughts.

Rayne sadly thought about Brandon and Cole…how tragic it would be for them to grow up without their mother. She thought about how it was bad enough that they would miss out on knowing what a wonderful woman their great grandmother was and for their mother along with their unborn sister to meet their grandmother’s fate was unbearable to think about. She imagined what she would say to their own child if something like that happened to Lark. She didn’t want to have to do that to a child and certainly didn’t want Lark to be put in that type of danger.

Jayce met Lark as she exited the bathroom and told her what happened. Lark was devastated and knew that Rayne would be too. She rushed over to their seats and sat next to Rayne noticing the blank stare she possessed along with her motionless state. If she didn’t see the slow, steady rise and fall of her chest she would be convinced she was dead. Her heart filled with sadness looking at her distraught lover and her tears streaked her face. She took Rayne’s hand in her own who was oblivious to her presence. She didn’t even realize Lark was holding her hand. Lark’s heart ached for her saddened lover.

“Baby…Rayne…look at me.” Lark pleaded softly rubbing Rayne’s arm and shook her hand to break her trance with no response from Rayne. “Rayne…you’re scaring me.” Lark answered anxiously and pulled Rayne toward her who finally looked at her when her trance was broken. Rayne looked deeply into Lark’s warm, green eyes and engulfed her in a hug. She held her so tight Lark could hardly breath. “Rayne…honey, you’re hurting me.” Lark gasped in the missing air when Rayne released her and knelt before her on the floor now at eye level with Lark.

Rayne grasped Lark’s hands and held them locking blues with green’s. “Lark …I don’t want you to ever be put in the same position as Holly…we need to reconsider having a baby.” Rayne explained with a pensive expression and tear streaked cheeks.

Lark was stunned, shocked and saddened all at the same time. “Rayne…just because this happened to Holly doesn’t mean this will happen to me.” Lark answered trying to assure Rayne.

“I don’t want to take a chance on losing you like that…no way. I just got you back and I don’t want to take any unnecessary chances.” Rayne answered adamantly shaking her head side to side to emphasize her point.

“Rayne…stop it.” Lark demanded firmly and held Rayne’s face in her hands. “Baby…I could die in a car accident just as easy. I’m not going to live my life in fear and you shouldn’t either…you’ll drive yourself crazy if you do.” She answered concerned.

“Lark…I’ve lost too many people who were very close to me and it petrifies me to think about losing you too.” Rayne answered honestly her heart catching in her chest at the thought of it.

“Honey…we are not immortal…I’m going to die one day and that’s a fact. I accept that, but I’m not going to go through life trying to avoid certain situations that may do harm to me…that’s not a happy life and certainly not one I want to live.”

Rayne looked at Lark and knew what she said was the truth. “Rayne…a baby assures us that our legacy lives on once we have moved on to another lifetime…that’s what I want…a baby.” Lark answered honestly and sincerely.

“I’m sorry Lark…I’m just very scared.” Rayne answered seeing the sincerity in Lark’s green eyes and sat on the floor at Lark’s feet. Rayne laid her head in her lover’s lap and wrapped her arms around Lark’s waist holding her tightly before closing her eyes.

“I know sweetheart…we’re all scared.” Lark answered running her fingers through Rayne’s dark hair to sooth her angst.

Rayne’s anxiety began to calm from Lark’s soothing strokes and decided she should talk to Lark about her feelings. She stood up holding Lark’s hand and guided her out of the chair leading her into the sleeping quarters of the plane. Lark sat on the bed with Rayne lying back resting her head in her hand with her elbow leaning against the bed in a sidelying position. Lark turned to look at Rayne who slipped her hand on Lark’s stomach and guided her down on the bed next to her leaving her hand resting where it lay.

Lark looked concerned into Rayne’s saddened blue eyes. “Baby…I’ve never seen you so upset.” And rested her own hand on Rayne’s resting on her stomach.

“I know…it’s hit me all at once especially what’s happening with Holly. I promised I would talk to you and that’s what I’m going to try to do Lark. I’m not one to show my feelings…you know that and I…aah…tend to hide them and I’m sorry for that.” She paused to calm her emotions which swelled within and inhaled deeply to settle them.

“Rayne…you and I share the most intimate moments two people can share. You don’t have to be so mysterious with me and you don’t have to believe I’ll think less of you if you cry in front of me. I love you and I want to be there for you…to comfort you when you need me. I love you no matter what.” Lark answered sincerely rubbing Rayne’s arm comfortingly.

“I know Lark and I appreciate that..I’m trying. It’s difficult for me to bare my soul…but I promise I will try harder to with you.” Rayne answered honestly and looked Lark squarely in the eye.

“At least it’s a start.” Lark answered with a small smile and kissed Rayne.

Rayne smiled briefly which then turned serious. “You know how close I was to gramma Taye and how her death devastated me. I refused to believe that she was truly gone and it’s still hard for me to accept that fact. I didn’t deal with her death like I should have and I just pushed everything deep inside instead, choosing to withdraw. That was easier for me to handle. I can’t even bring myself to visit her grave because I don’t know if I can handle that finality.” Rayne explained solemnly with Lark seeing Rayne’s blue eyes fill with tears. “I have an overwhelming amount of guilt because I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to gram or tell her how much I loved her before she passed away. I feel like if I had been there that she would have fought harder to live. This is so hard.” Rayne explained sadly and looked down at the bed inhaling deeply her tears flowing harder and subconsciously traced circles on Lark’s stomach from her nervousness.

Rayne collected herself and looked up at Lark. “I feel like my gram gave up because I didn’t care or love her enough to be there when she needed me. I just know that if I would have been there to hold her hand and to tell her I loved her she would have fought harder.” Rayne answered crying harder as Lark gathered her into her arms pulling her to her chest to comfort her with her own tears flowing harder. Lark held Rayne and kissed her head as Rayne clung tightly to her.

“Babe…Gram knows how much you love her and care for her. She knew that then and she knows it now. The dead can hear our thoughts and I know that gram didn’t think that you didn’t love her honey. You were the apple of her eye and she adored you.” Lark answered lovingly and kissed Rayne’s head.

Rayne looked up at Lark. “How did you know that?” Rayne asked with a proud half smile.

“She told me every chance she got darlin and I could see it when she looked at you.”

“Gram really liked and loved you a lot Lark. She used to tell me…’you better not break her heart!'” Rayne answered pointing her finger and imitating her grandmother with a slight laugh.

“She was a fantastic woman Rayne…I loved her so much too.” Lark answered with a loving smile fondly remembering Rayne’s grandmother.

“I feel bad that Brandon and Cole will miss out on what a wonderful person she was and so, will…the new baby…well, if they make it.” Rayne stammered sadly and flopped on her back feeling completely overwhelmed by everything. She wasn’t used to being so open with her feelings and rubbed her face with her hands her thoughts going back to Holly and the baby. “Aah!” She exclaimed frustrated.

Lark rolled on to her side and looked down at Rayne. “Babe…they’re going to be fine…have some faith okay?” Lark replied encouragingly moving Rayne’s hands away from her face.

“I wish I could be as optimistic as you Lark.” Rayne answered with a slight smile feeling so much relief since she talked to Lark and just from the mere fact of looking into Lark’s beautiful green eyes.

“I have enough optimism for both of us. Listen, you can let Brandon, Cole and the baby know what a wonderful great-grandmother they had just by telling them stories about her. I also want you to let our child know about her too. I hope you’re still not adamant about us not having a child.” Lark answered worriedly wiping away Rayne’s remaining tears.

“No…I want us to have a child but I’m going to drive you nuts with worry…I’m letting you know ahead of time.” Rayne answered with a chuckle holding Lark against her tightly. “Thanks for being there for me…I feel a lot better.” Rayne whispered in her ear before Lark looked up.

“I love you Rayne and I’m always here for you…always.” Lark answered smiling and sealing her profession with a soul searing kiss.

Rayne was surprised by how much better she felt and knew it was because Lark was with her, holding her, comforting her and kissing her. She made a mental note to never hold back her feelings from Lark again…it was very liberating and she wished she had done this a long time ago…but she didn’t and she regrets that now. Lark broke the kiss and lay her head against Rayne who held her tight loving every minute of her closeness with Lark.

Lark was happy Rayne finally confided in her and she felt like Rayne had made a major break through by doing it. It hurt her to see Rayne so upset, but she was happy Rayne didn’t shut her out and allowed her to comfort her. “Hey!” Jayce replied stepping in the doorway. “We’re getting ready to land.”

Rayne and Lark both looked at him. “Okay…thanks.” Rayne answered as they both sat up. Rayne clutched Lark’s hand tightly to keep her connection with her blonde lover standing up and heading back to their seats to prepare for landing.

The plane landed without incident and was met on the tarmac by a limousine to escort them to the hospital. Everyone rushed into the hospital and saw Holly’s parents at the end of the hall trying to contain the overactive young Donnovan boys…Brandon and Cole. Brandon looked up and saw Rayne walking towards then hand in hand with Lark. His face lit up at the sight of his aunt. “Auntie Rayne!” He yelled and squirmed free from his grandmother’s clutches and ran towards Rayne who scooped him up in a hug as he wrapped his small arms around her neck tightly.

“Hey buddy.” Rayne replied softly rubbing his back and loved the feeling of having him in her arms.

He looked at her with saddened blue eyes that mirrored her own. “Mama and the baby are sick. They’re going to be okay aren’t they?” He asked with a furrowed brow.

Rayne looked down at Lark who put her hand on the small of Rayne’s back for comfort. “I’m sure of it buddy…you keep thinking good thoughts okay?” Rayne answered hoping to reassure him despite her torn feelings and reality that…the situation just wasn’t good.

Rayne’s parents hugged Holly’s parents as Jayce comforted Cole. Rayne, Brandon and Lark walked towards the group who discussed Holly’s condition. Holly’s mom informed them that the doctor explained that her condition had improved and they’re working to deliver the baby much to everyone’s relief. Rayne sat down next to Lark to wait for any further word on her condition with Brandon refusing to relinquish the vice grip hold he had on his tall aunt. She hugged him and rubbed his back until she felt his tense muscles relax.

Lark loved to watch Brandon and Rayne together. They were just like two peas in a pod and she thought they were absolutely adorable together as well as her and Cole. Maybe it was because she was biased…nah, it was the close bond they shared Lark thought smiling and watching them interact. Rayne absolutely adored her nephews as they did the same to her. Lark watched them lovingly and thought about how she couldn’t wait to see her gorgeous lover holding their own child in her arms.

Lark rubbed Brandon’s back and looked at him before kissing his forehead. “What happened to you hair Auntie Lark?” Brandon asked quizzically.

“I got bubble gum stuck in it and had to cut it all off.” She teasingly laughed eliciting a giggle out of him and lifted his head up to look at Rayne to see if she did it.

“Don’t look at me…I didn’t put bubble gum in her hair.” She teasingly answered and tickled him causing him to giggle more.

He stopped laughing and looked at Cole. “Cole…Auntie Lark got bubble gum in her hair and had to cut it off!”

Cole ran up to Lark surprised. “You did?” He asked with a wide-eyed look.

“That’s the rumor.” Lark teased with a laugh.

“I love it!” He answered excitedly and wrapped his arms around her neck tightly with Lark engulfing him in a hug.

“Auntie Rayne!…I love your necklace.” Brandon exclaimed with excitement playing with her necklace and staring at it intently.

“Thanks…Auntie Lark gave it to me.” Rayne answered glancing at Lark smiling and flashed a wink her way before looking back at her nephew.

“I really like it. I want one…can you get me one?” He asked hopeful and looked at Lark.

“Brandon…that’s not nice to beg for something.” Rayne replied sternly.

“It seems I remember someone begging for something just last night.” Lark whispered mischievously in Rayne’s ear and received sideways glance from Rayne.

“I’m sorry …but it’s really cool.”

“It’s okay…I knew you would like it so, I got both of you one. But, I’ll have to give it to you when I get unpacked.” Lark answered with a smile as Cole’s head shot up and looked at her excitedly.

“Yes!” They both replied exuberantly with Brandon looking at Rayne his demeanor turning serious. “She’s staying this time right? She won’t be going anywhere will she?” He asked with trepidation his blue eyes staring into Rayne’s.

Rayne and Lark both laughed. “I’m not letting her go anywhere.” Rayne answered smiling and kissed his forehead lacing her fingers through Lark’s sending a flush of warmth throughout Lark who smiled happily.

“Auntie Lark can we come stay with you and Auntie Rayne at your house?” Brandon asked excitedly.

Lark glanced up at Rayne to find out how to answer the question and Rayne winked at her. “Sure…and I’ll even go fishing too.” Lark answered smiling with Brandon, Cole and Rayne all looking at her speechless and bewildered.

“You three behave…I like to fish I just don’t like touching them or the bait!” Lark answered arching an eyebrow at Rayne and Brandon who looked at one another mischievously.

“Princess.” They both answered in unison as everyone laughed.

“You mister…need to stop hanging around your Auntie Rayne. You’re becoming incorrigible just like her.” Lark teased tickling Brandon who giggled incessantly.

“Auntie Lark…we’re glad you’re going to be living with Auntie Rayne again.” Cole replied happily and hugged Lark.

“Me too…sweetheart…me too.” Lark answered smiling and squeezed Rayne’s hand that still held her own.

Shayan walked through the door with tears in his blue eyes looking completely wiped out. Everyone stood up with nervous trepidation as Lark squeezed and held Rayne’s hand tighter in anticipation of the impending news which they hoped would be good.

“They’re both fine and we have a new edition to our family…a beautiful baby boy.” He answered with happiness and joy as he began to cry.

Rayne released the breath she unconsciously held and smiled happily. “You’ve got a baby brother!” She replied excitedly looking at Brandon when it finally dawned on her. “Hey, I thought you were suppose to have a little girl?” Rayne asked confused with everyone realizing the same thing as they approached Shayan.

“Well, a little something was hidden in the sonogram I suppose.” He answered proudly and was engulfed in hugs from everyone.

“Congratulations Shay…I’m so happy for you.” Rayne replied sincerely hugging her brother tightly and kissing his cheek.

“Thanks…we appreciate it.” He answered before kissing her and breaking the hug. “Lark!…hey!” Shayan replied surprised to see her and hugged her. “I love your hair.” He answered with a chuckle.

“Congratulations Shay. I’m so happy for the both of you.” She answered happily holding him tightly.

“I’m glad you two are back together…you’re meant to be that way.” Shayan whispered breaking his hug and kissing her cheek before taking Brandon from Rayne.

“How’s mommie?” Brandon asked excitedly.

“Very tired…but she said to tell you two she loves you.” Shayan answered with a loving smile and leaned down to pick up Cole.

Rayne put her arm around Lark who slipped her arm around Rayne’s waist. Rayne pulled Lark closer and kissed her head. “You were right babe…I should have been more optimistic.” Rayne conceded with a smirk.

Lark smiled and hugged her tighter.

“I’m glad I was right.” Lark answered filled with joy and happiness that Holly and the baby were going to be fine. She thought about how much she loved Rayne and her family as if they were her own. She was happy to be back and apart of that aspect of Rayne’s life.

“Oh, baby…I should call Elaine and let her know I’m back in town so, she doesn’t look like a fool if the paparazzi sees me here and comes up with some stupid story for the National Enquirer or something. I also need to call my parents…they’ll want to know about Holly and the baby.” Lark responded patting Rayne on the butt and broke her hold on her.

Rayne pulled Lark back and kissed her. “Hurry back…I’ll miss you.” She whispered lightly kissing Lark’s lips again. Lark smiled and winked breaking off the kiss and walked away.

Rayne watched as Lark walked towards the nearest phone to make her calls with Rayne thoroughly appreciating everything about her lover. ‘Hmmm…very delicious.’ Rayne thought mischievously feeling a nervous tickle in her stomach.

“Easy Romeo…you might want to put your tongue back in your mouth before someone walks all over it.” Jayce teased leaning against his sister and laughed both watching Lark talk on the phone.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. “Dude…what do you think about your god son?” She asked with a proud smile.

“I was so worried and now, I’m so excited…I can’t wait to see him.” He exclaimed with pure joy written all over his face.

“Yeah…me too. I bet he’s gorgeous.” Rayne gushed happily glancing back at Lark unable to keep her eyes off her sexy blonde lover.

“How could he not be…look at his bloodline.” Jayce answered with a cocky laugh which was shared by Rayne who looked at her brother.

Rayne crossed her arms over her chest. ” Well…that’s true for me but I don’t know about you. I can’t get over the fact that you still don’t believe me when I tell you mom and dad found you in a dumpster and brought you home to live with us.”

“You think you’re funny don’t you?” Jayce asked laughing and looked at his sister.

“I’m serious Jayce…they found you in a dumpster.” Rayne answered with a look of total seriousness but secretly laughing inside…she loved to rag her brother and remembered how he got so upset when she told him that when he was younger.

“I’m not falling for that one like I did when I was a kid. I thought we put that to rest in Greece. Besides, we look too much alike.”

“Purely coincidental…but suit yourself and don’t believe me dumpster boy.” She teased leaning into him and pushing him with a laugh.

“I will pay you back for that one!” He guaranteed.

“Ooh, I’m scared…like you did when we were in Greece Mr. Pink belt.” Rayne teasingly laughed with her brother putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, you two…we are going to the nursery.” Their father informed the pair.

“Okay…we’ll be there in a minute.” Rayne answered looking over her shoulder watching her family head down the hall out of sight. Rayne and Jayce looked back at Lark who hung up the phone and turned to walk back towards them. “A complete vision of loveliness.” Rayne replied admiringly releasing a breathless sigh watching her lover stroll sexily towards her down the long hallway.

“Oh, yes…she is.” Jayce agreed with a smile. “She looks uncomfortable that we are staring at her though.” Jayce observed with a chuckle noticing Lark look down at the ground as she continued to walk towards them.

“Yep…I bet I know what she’s thinking too.” Rayne answered surely with a smile.

“I’ll take that bet and I bet she is plotting her revenge as to getting us back.” Jayce answered with a laugh.

“Nope…she’s saying to herself that she can’t believe how much of a pig I am just like you.” Rayne answered with a chuckle and looked at her brother.

“A pig huh?…she thinks I’m a pig? I’m so hurt, but I do resemble that remark so, I’ll take that bet for fifty dollars.” He teased laughing.

“You’re on dumpster boy.” Rayne agreed with a chuckle as her brother pinched her firm backside causing her to laugh harder and move her butt away from the offending gesture as Lark approached with an embarrassed look on her face.

“Well…hello there sexy.” Rayne drawled cockily and flashed her lover a sexy smile.

“You two are so damn bad.” Lark replied pointing between the two of them.

“Who?…Us? How ever do you mean Lark?” Jayce asked teasingly.

“Yes…you two are a couple of pigs and I don’t want to know what you were both saying to each other either.” She firmly stated flashing a stern look.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. “That’s fifty bucks you owe me!” She teased pointing at him before slipping her arm around Lark’s waist.

“Damn!” Jayce answered disappointedly with Rayne’s laughter becoming more intensified.

“You were both being pigs…right?” Lark asked with disgust and tried to move away from Rayne who pulled her closer to her.

“No…we were making a bet as to what you were thinking and I guessed correctly. So, dumpster boy here lost more money to me. I could retire happily from all the money he owes me.” Rayne explained laughing.

“Rayne…didn’t you listen to your mother in Greece when she told you to stop calling him that? You’re terrible.” Lark admonished her with a grin on her face.

“That’s who he is Lark…come on let’s go see our new nephew.” She answered with a chuckle slipping her hand into Lark’s all heading down the hallway towards the nursery.

Jayce slipped his arm over Lark’s shoulder and looked down at her. “Do you really think I’m a pig?” He asked with a quizzical smirk.

“Yeah…but a very cute one.” Lark answered with a laugh pinching his cheek.

“Are you sure I can’t convince you to switch teams and be with me?” He asked teasingly.

“Fat chance handsome…I’ve got the woman of my dreams right here in my arms and I’m not letting her out of them.” Lark answered smiling lovingly and stopped pulling Rayne closer to her. Rayne smiled and leaned down allowing Lark to capture her waiting lips for a soul searing kiss.

Jayce just stared at the pair stunned briefly …his trance broken when Rayne pushed his head away from her and Lark never breaking her kiss. He chuckled and walked ahead leaving them alone. Rayne broke the kiss breathless and looked dreamily into Lark’s eyes. “I’m never allowing you out of mine either babe.” She answered sexily and kissed Lark passionately again.

Lark ran her hands through Rayne’s raven hair resting them on Rayne’s face and broke the kiss breathless. She smiled lovingly locking loving green’s with blues admiring Rayne’s sphinx like gaze her heart aflutter and asked, “I love you baby. Are you ready to begin the next step of our life together?” Smiling happily as she lightly traced the contours of Rayne’s lips with her finger waiting for her answer.

“Absolutely.” Rayne answered in a sincere sultry tone flashing a sexy smile before pressing her lips against Lark’s. “I can’t wait to start our new life together…I love you.” Rayne whispered through her kiss and deepened it holding the love of her life tightly.


Rayne, Lark and Jayce joined their parents at the nursery to see the new addition to their family. Lark settled in front of Rayne to sneak a peak at her new nephew and felt a flush of warmth throughout her when her tall lover pressed her taut body against her own and wrapped her strong arms around her waist. She smiled happily and rested her hands on Rayne’s crossed arms and her head against Rayne’s chest thinking there was nowhere else she would rather be at that moment.

“Where’s our boy dad?” Rayne asked proudly scanning the nursery for her nephew.

“He’s the one with all of the nurses around him over there.” He answered smiling equally as proud glancing at his daughter and then back to the baby.

“He’s a Donnovan alright, with all the women coddling him!” Lark replied with a laugh shared by everyone and a kiss planted firmly on her cheek by her lover.

“Can we help it if the women love us?” Rayne cockily asked and chuckled receiving a warning glare from her lover who glanced up over her shoulder at Rayne. “But the only one I want to love me is you.” Rayne reaffirmed with a sexy smile and captured the pouting lips before her.

“That’s better my dear.” Lark answered chuckling gladly accepting the kiss offered and looked back to the nursery.

“He is so adorable! What did Holly and Shay decide to name him?” Jayce asked proudly.

“Uhmmm…oh, there it is.” Maria answered scanning the card with the baby’s name. “It says Matthew Shayan Donnovan.” She answered reading the card.

“Very cool name…I love it!” Jayce answered excitedly and looked at his nephew Cole who looked at the newborns in the nursery. “What do you think of your brother?” He asked proudly looking into his curious nephew’s face for his answer.

“I’m looking forward to pushing my baby brother around like Brandon does to me!” He answered with a laugh along with everyone else.

“Holly’s probably gritting her teeth knowing she’s going to have three very mischievous boys in her house. I know she was hoping for a girl to level the household out.” Lark answered with a laugh.

“Well…it seems like the first baby girl is going to have to come from the next in line…Rayne?…Lark?” Maria asked with a hopeful smile looking at her two stunned daughters and seriously putting them on the spot.

Lark glanced up at Rayne wondering what to say and Rayne decided to respond. “We’ll think about it Mom and get back to you on that one.” Rayne answered sarcastically and flashed a mischievous smile her way.

“Don’t wait too long dear…I hear the biological clock ticking!” Maria quipped with a laugh shared by everyone else.

Lark breathed a sigh of relief when Rayne answered the question…well, stalled the answer and bought them some time to discuss their plan with both of Rayne’s brothers before they made an announcement to the whole family. “That was a close one huh?” Rayne whispered in Lark’s ear receiving a nod in acknowledgement.

Lark turned in Rayne’s arms and looked deeply into the blue eyes she loved so much. “What do you say to going home?” She asked smiling her green eyes twinkling in the light.

“Lead the way.” Rayne answered sexily and kissed her lover firmly.

Rayne broke the kiss and winked at Lark before turning to her parents. “We’re going to head home and come back to see Holly, Shay and Matthew tomorrow. We’ll take the boys to give Holly’s parents a much needed rest.” Rayne informed them with a chuckle looking at her two precocious nephews knowing what a handful they can be.

“Okay honey… we’re going to stay for awhile. Have the driver drop you off and return to pick us up later.” Rayne’s father answered with a smile.

“Sounds good… Bye!” Rayne answered smiling and slipping her hand into Lark’s. “Come on boys…let’s go see what kind of damage Auntie Lark did to my lawn mower.” Rayne teasingly laughed watching the boys run from their respective spots to join them walking down the hall and receiving a scrunched up face look from Lark regarding the comment.

“You mean to tell me Auntie Lark damaged your lawn mower and is still alive?” Brandon asked sarcastically and astonishingly pointing at his Aunt.

“Hey, Mister!…I’m seriously going to have to talk to your parents about you hanging around your incorrigible Aunt so much.” Lark answered with a chuckle.

“It won’t work Lark…it’s in the blood. We inherited it from our mother.” Jayce quipped catching up to the group sharing a laugh with everyone from his comment. “I’ll help you to the limo with the boys.” He answered with a smile propping Cole up on his shoulders much to his nephew’s delight.

“Are you ready for these two little monsters at our house?” Rayne asked smiling regarding her shorter lover who walked closely beside her.

“Most definitely…how about you?” She answered excitedly flashing a wondrous smile to her tall lover.

“I’m just glad to finally be going home.” Rayne answered happily and relieved that her life was back to the way it should be…with Lark a huge part of it.

“I am too…it’s been very lonely in our home without you there.” Lark stopped and kissed Rayne to let her know just how much she missed her.

Rayne broke the kiss her small smile growing in intensity when Lark’s green eyes opened and peered into her own. “You’ll never be lonely again baby.” She answered confidently and led her lover towards the hospital doors firmly clutching her hand.

Jayce held the door to the limo open for his nephews to climb in stopping Lark and Rayne before they entered and closed the door so the boy’s wouldn’t hear his conversation. “Listen…if you two are interested in having a baby I’d be more than happy to be the donor if you’d allow me to. Well, assuming Lark is going to have the baby.” Jayce seriously and sincerely offered firmly staring at the pair to let them know he was dead serious.

Lark smiled happily and looked at Rayne who did the same then looked back at her brother. “Funny you should offer little brother because we intended to ask you if you would and yes, Lark is the one who wants to have our baby.” Rayne answered rubbing Lark’s back and lovingly glancing at her lover before looking back to her brother. “We were sort of waiting for the right time.” Rayne answered with a grateful smile that her brother would be so thoughtful to offer. She knew he would be more than willing to do it for them but she was glad he took it upon himself to offer…it meant a lot to her that he would do it without being asked to.

“Awesome!…I’m glad you considered me for the donor.” He answered happily and proudly.

“Well…we know that it’s probably out of the question for Shay to be the donor but, just the same we will ask him so he doesn’t feel left out. Also, let’s keep this a secret until we can announce it with everyone together.” Rayne informed her brother.

“That’s cool…he’ll appreciate that and the secret is safe with me. Just let me know what I need to do to help in any way.” Jayce offered smiling.

“You are such a sweetheart…thank you.” Lark answered smiling uncontrollably and holding his face in her hands before kissing his cheek and hugging him.

Rayne laughed and teasingly replied, “Jayce…you’re blushing!”

He broke the hug embarrassed and looked down. “Well…I can’t help it! You know that if Lark wouldn’t have misguided and lost her heart to you I would have captured her heart!” He teased with a mischievous grin.

Lark was now blushing and chuckled pinching Jayce’s cheek. “Sorry honey…you’re just on the wrong team.”

They all laughed and Rayne put her hand on her brother’s cheek and kissed him. “Thanks…it means a lot to the both of us that you offered…it really does…I love you.” She answered honestly and gratefully patting his cheek and flashing a wink before ducking into the limo.

“Bye.” Lark answered smiling happily and climbed in behind her lover watching Jayce close the door and wave goodbye. Lark slid her hand on Rayne’s muscular leg and felt her lace her long fingers around her own and looked at her. “Well…that was a lot easier than I thought.” Lark answered relieved.

“Yep…we got the awkwardness out of the way in a hurry.” Rayne answered chuckling.

“Auntie Rayne can we go fishing when we get to your house?” Brandon asked in curious wonderment.

“No sweetheart…not today. Maybe tomorrow…okay?” She answered smiling and looking at her nephew checking his seat belt. “Cole are you strapped in?” Rayne asked looking over Brandon towards his younger brother.

“Yep…buckled in…see.” He answered showing her his seat belt was firmly latched.

“Okay…perfect.” Rayne answered confirming he was safely strapped in to his seat.

“You are so protective aren’t you?” Lark asked with a proud smile looking at her lover who turned to her.

“It’s in my nature babe.” Rayne answered with a sexy smile and a wink.

“Our baby is going to have it rough…I can already tell that our child won’t have a skinned knee with you around or a date until she’s at least 18.” Lark teasingly laughed.

“That’s not true…they can have one and only one skinned knee with me around. Our son or daughter won’t be dating until they’re 30…by the way!” Rayne teasingly laughed.

After a short drive Rayne looked up and recognized the familiar neighborhood which sent her heart racing. It was her neighborhood…she was close to home. She could smell the ocean and had a nervous excitement about her. She couldn’t wait to get there and feel all the familiarity of the house, the wondrous smell of Lark’s favorite air freshener that filled the house…just to feel being home again. Rayne could smell it already…Vanilla Bean…Lark loved to have the house filled with the delicious aroma and she was looking forward to sleeping in her own bed…with the love of her life once again.

“You okay?” Lark asked worriedly noting the far off gaze her lover exhibited.

“Huh?…oh, yeah…I was just thinking about how good it is to finally be home.” Rayne stammered her trance broken and smiled. She glanced back up and watched as the limo pulled into the long driveway approaching the very large home they shared. She smiled happily at the sight and felt Lark squeeze her hand then placed a kiss on it.

The driver parked and the boys immediately jumped out of the limo and headed for the front door. Rayne held her hand out for Lark to exit the limo and sucked in a deep breath of fresh ocean air and smiled happily when her lover kissed her on the cheek. The driver handed Rayne their bags and the pair headed hand in hand to their home. Rayne stepped into their house and was greeted by the familiar scent she loved so much and looked around the house, noting…it looked the same as it did the day she left. Nothing had changed…just as Lark had informed her.

Her nervous excitement subsided as she felt completely secure in her home once she entered. She laughed when she saw Lark attempting to regulate…unsuccessfully, the amount of cookie’s the boys raided from the cookie jar and headed down the hall towards their bedroom. It felt as though time slowed down and her heart raced for some reason…her breathing becoming labored as she approached their bedroom door. Her hand shook as it reached for the doorknob and she had a flashback to that fateful day when she came home unexpectedly and found Lark in bed with another woman. Rayne wasn’t sure why she was having that vision and felt a comforting hand on her back.

She looked over her shoulder and stared into a sea of warm green. “Honey…this is not our bedroom. Remember I told you I made one change? That was the change. Here’s our room.” Lark comfortingly assured her nervous lover and slipped her hand into Rayne’s leading her to their new bedroom directly across the hall which previously was a guest bedroom.

Rayne inhaled and exhaled deeply feeling her racing heart begin to calm. “I’m not sure why I had that feeling…it was so freaking weird.” Rayne replied softly in disbelief and slightly embarrassed entering the spacious bedroom that Lark led her into.

Lark stood before her dark lover and wrapped her arms around her waist looking up into her stormy blue eyes. “I’m sorry…I should have told you but I was distracted by the boys. Sometimes we suppress certain memories that are triggered by certain things…maybe that’s why you felt that way. Are you feeling better?” Lark asked worriedly and slowly ran her fingers through Rayne’s dark hair.

“Yeah…I guess, you’re right. I’m better now…thanks.” Rayne answered with a slight smile and hugged her shorter lover.

Lark broke the comforting hug and looked up at Rayne. “Are you sure?” She asked to reconfirm.

“Yeah…I’m fine babe.” Rayne reassured her with a smile and leaned down kissing her blonde lover. She broke the hug and looked around the room. “Wow…I didn’t realize the guest bedroom was so big.” Rayne replied in awe.

“Well, that’s because the only time we ever came in here was in the heat of passion and in the dark!” Lark answered with a devilish grin and a wink.

Rayne smiled mischievously. “Oh, yeah…I guess so. Hey, what’s this?” Rayne asked and walked over to a very large covered package.

“I have no idea.” Lark answered bewildered and curiously approached the package, as did Rayne. “Jimmy must know what it is.” Lark answered looking the package over and referring to the caretaker of their home.

Rayne found a note on the package and opened it. “It’s from Sal…he sent this over as a thank you for us doing the photo shoot and he says he thought we would love this for our home.” Rayne answered reading the note and shrugging her shoulders when she looked at her bewildered lover.

“Well…let’s check it out!” Lark replied with wondrous curiosity and began to tear the brown paper off the parcel.

“Wow!…that is out there!” Rayne exclaimed completely astonished when the contents of the package were revealed and rested her hands on her hips in disbelief looking at the picture before her.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous!…I love it!” Lark exclaimed exuberantly and tore the remaining paper off the large picture. “This is one of my favorite pictures of us from the photo shoot Rayne.” Lark replied smiling adoringly and looking at the picture of the pair with Rayne lying prone and Lark on top of her sexy lover…both naked.

“Yeah…it’s a great picture, but it’s way to big of me.” Rayne stammered embarrassed by herself in the picture and wrapped her arms around Lark who stood in front of her still admiring the picture.

“No…it’s perfect of you. I love how those beautiful blue eyes of yours just jump out and scream sexy!” Lark answered with a chuckle and placed her hands on Rayne’s that rested around her waist.

“They scream…I’m so embarrassed!” Rayne drawled laughing and joined by Lark. “No, they scream…I love you Lark.” Rayne answered softly leaning down and kissing her lover on the cheek.

“Yes, they do and that’s why I want the picture to go on that wall so, when I wake up every morning I look into them and see that.” Lark answered admiringly and pointing to the place she wants the picture mounted on the wall facing their large king sized bed.

Rayne turned Lark around in her arms and smiled when her lover wrapped her arms tightly around her neck. “Now, sweets…you don’t need that picture up on the wall to see that when you will have the real thing staring at you live and in person.” She answered sexily flashing a mischievous grin and capturing the inviting lips before her.

“Yes…that is so true…but, I still love the picture and that’s where I want it.” Lark answered adamantly through her kiss before deepening it.

“Well…whatever my little princess wants…she gets and I always surrender to your whims.” Rayne sexily teased and briefly kissed Lark again.

“Oh, I have a surprise for you my love! Come with me my darling!” Lark replied excitedly dragging her lover towards their old bedroom and stopped at the door.

“I knew this room would be a problem for you if you ever decided to return so, I put your anniversary present in here hoping that one day you would come home for good and claim it.” Lark explained rubbing Rayne’s arms lovingly.

“You are such an optimist aren’t you?…You just knew we would one day be joined again didn’t you?” Rayne questioned in amazement.

“Yes, how could I not?…I mean, we’re soul mates and I truly believed in my heart that our souls would one day be as one again in this life time. Didn’t you?” Lark answered confidently and looked into Rayne’s blue eyes for her answer.

“Honey…I was so full of anger and pain that I wasn’t as confident as you. I hoped we would be back together but, I was so full of hate that I couldn’t see past anything else.” Rayne answered sincerely and regretfully stroking Lark’s cheek before kissing her. “Can you forgive me?”

“I already have and you know that…I understand how you felt. We’re past that now.” Lark answered and kissed Rayne to confirm it. “Come on and see your present…you’re going to love it.” Lark answered exuberantly and led Rayne into the spacious room.

“Whoa!” Rayne exclaimed in awe and excitement looking around at the room which was now turned into a game room with a bar, big screen TV, Rayne’s large sports memorabilia collection and a billiard table. “This is so awesome!” Rayne replied smiling and walked slowly towards the billiard table.

“I’m glad you like it. I bought the pool table for you as an anniversary present and with everything that happened I redecorated the room making it into a sports/game room.” Lark explained and grabbed the sheet that covered the pool table. “You’re going to love this.” She replied with a sly grin and pulled the sheet off revealing Rayne’s initials.…RD…entwined in very large red text on the black felt centered in the middle of the billiard table.

“That is freaking awesome honey!” Rayne excitedly answered with a large smile and hugged Lark. “Thanks…I love it!” She exclaimed and kissed Lark passionately letting her know just how much. “I can’t wait for us to try it out.” Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it sending Lark’s passions soaring.

“Honey…you know I’m not a good pool player. I just like watching you play.” Lark answered breaking the kiss and looking up into sexy inviting, loving blues.

“I wasn’t talking about shooting pool Lark…I was talking about christening it by making mad passionate love to you on it.” Rayne whispered seductively and wiggled her eyebrows capturing the partially parted lips before her.

“I look forward to it!” Lark answered sensually and deepened the kiss reveling in the fact that she was in the arms of such a devastatingly gorgeous woman…her desire for Rayne escalating by the minute as it always does from Rayne’s touch or her kiss. Rayne’s hands began to roam Lark’s taut body wildly both hearts pounding and filled with desire for each other…their tongues seeking out one another in a desperate desire to meet.

Rayne and Lark quickly broke their kiss and stood up straight attempting to catch their labored breaths when they heard both Brandon and Cole shouting for them as they made their way down the hall. “Damn…forgot about them.” Rayne whispered in a laugh shared by Lark who ran her fingers through her hair and straightened her shirt before the boys entered the room. “We’re right here boys!” Rayne shouted lightly tracing circles on Lark’s back when the boys entered the room.

“This is so awesome!” Brandon exclaimed excitedly and headed straight for the big screen TV and plopped his small body down on the black leather couch picking up the remote control. “Oh, yes!…Cole…come here! They have Sony play station!” He exuberantly exclaimed thoroughly excited by all the new electronic gadgets.

“No way!” Cole answered equally excited and ran over to join his brother in front of the TV.

Rayne and Lark both chuckled and looked at one another. “Well…they’ll be busy for quite awhile. Looks like I won’t get to whip your butt in our new football game on play station.” Lark boasted cockily.

“Oh, really?…you whip my butt huh?” Rayne laughed in disbelief.

“Just you wait until our turn…I’ve been practicing!” Lark answered confidently smiling and led Rayne out of the room towards the kitchen.

“We’ll see…we’ll see.” Rayne answered sarcastically and followed her lover.

“Yes, we will.” Lark confidently teased sexily glancing over her shoulder at her tall lover and thoroughly happy by the fact that Rayne was back where she belonged…with her in their home.

Rayne and Lark spent the next hour unpacking and getting settled back into the house. Rayne felt a sense of well being, calm and a wonderful sense of being ‘home’ once again. Nothing had really changed since she left except the change in bedrooms but everything else remained the same including the exact way Rayne had left all her clothes in the closet. She chuckled at the fact that Lark was able to put her clothes back into the same order she liked them in considering the change in bedrooms…either that or she totally forgot how she had them arranged before.

‘Nah, I’m too much of a creature of habit. I like my clothes in order.’ Rayne thought scanning the closet and the way her warm weather clothes were to the far right, then dress clothes, then casual wear to the front…just as she liked them to be organized.

“Honey…I’ve got to take a call from a magazine for a phone interview. Elaine promised it wouldn’t be anymore than 15 min. How about I have some Chinese food delivered and we eat it out on the beach?” Lark asked approaching her lover.

“Sure, sounds great to me and I’m sure the boys will dig eating out of the cartons of food.” Rayne answered with a chuckle placing a fleeting kiss on Lark’s lips. “I’ll take them down to the beach and throw the football around with them so, you’ll have some peace and quiet for your phone call.” Rayne thoughtfully answered with a smile brushing an errant whisp of hair off Lark’s forehead.

“Thanks…I appreciate it but, you know what? I really love hearing a child’s laughter around here. I can’t wait until we have our baby and hear the pitter patter of little feet all over our house and the adorable giggles only a child can make.” Lark adoringly answered smiling ear to ear wrapping her arms tightly around Rayne.

“Me too baby…me too.” Rayne smiled happily and winked before kissing her blonde lover and engulfing her in warm embrace. Rayne kissed Lark’s head and broke the hug. “Go get your interview over with and I’ll see you shortly.” Rayne replied kissing Lark’s lips briefly before leading her out of their bedroom.

“I’ll miss you baby.” Lark lovingly answered with a sexy smile.

“How could you not sweets?” Rayne cockily teased with a mischievous smile. “Come on boys…let’s hit the beach!” Rayne shouted towards the game room.

“You are so damn cocky….but, I love it.” Lark laughed and pinched Rayne’s firm backside receiving a sexy smile and a chuckle from Rayne in return.

“Let’s hit the beach!” Brandon excitedly replied coming to a screeching halt in front of his tall aunt followed close behind by his brother.

Rayne tousled his dark hair with a laugh. “Go on ahead of me and grab the football out of the garage.” She replied watching the pair tear out of the house with both Lark and Rayne laughing at the excitement of the two boys. Rayne held Lark’s hand who walked her to the door and kissed her tall lover before watching her exit through the back door thoroughly enjoying the sexy sight of her lover confidently striding out to the backyard reacquainting herself with her home.

The phone rang and Lark picked up for the conference call with her agent Elaine and the magazine reporter. She was glad Elaine was on the line as she could have some semblance of order with the interview and could make sure it was ended at the said time and effectively halting any questions Lark wasn’t comfortable answering.

Rayne walked down the steps of the large deck overlooking the large pool and backyard with the Atlantic Ocean serving as a beautiful back drop and took in the fresh scent of the ocean air. “Aah…Auntie Rayne.” Cole cautiously approached.

Rayne slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her small nephew. “What’s up little dude?” She answered with a chuckle before becoming worried by the look of concern in her nephew’s face.

“Brandon told me to get you. He said you should come and look at something in the garage.”

“Okay…is it something bad?” Rayne asked worriedly and followed him.

Cole looked up at Rayne and attempted to flash a smile not to worry his tense aunt and reluctantly replied, “you’re going to have to see for yourself.” He answered as the pair walked into the garage.

“Brandon…what’s going on?” Rayne asked in an irritated tone entering the garage and standing before him.

“There’s something you should see but, you should be sitting down for this one.” He answered in all seriousness and pointed at the lawn chair he had placed there for his aunt and motioned for her to sit down.

Rayne sat in the chair wondering just what in the hell the two little buggers had done in the garage to be acting so indifferently. “Okay…so, what’s up?” She asked settling into the chair and felt Brandon’s hand on her shoulder who stood behind her. He looked at Cole who approached the covered object in front of their Aunt. “Now, just remember how much you love Auntie Lark and try not to be too mad okay?” Brandon informed his Aunt and nodded for Cole to remove the covering which he did much to Rayne’s dismay when she saw what was before her.

“I’m going to kill her!” Rayne angrily answered looking over the extremely damaged lawn mower before her.

“Now, Auntie Rayne…you can’t do that to Auntie Lark.” Cole answered placing his hand on his Aunt’s other shoulder to calm her down.

“Why not?” Rayne answered looking at him. “Do you see what she has done to my mower?”

“Well…you have a point but, maybe killing her is a little too much. She can’t help it if she’s a princess and doesn’t know how to drive a lawn mower. Besides, I’m sure we can fix it and it make the mower look brand new.” He answered confidently and smiled to ease his Aunt’s dismay.

“Okay…you’re right but something must be done to her as a pay back.” Rayne answered teasingly and looked over the lawn mower which was far more damaged than Lark let on. She circled around the lawn mower shaking her head in disbelief at the damage it had sustained as Brandon sidled up to her.

“This definitely can’t be fixed with duct tape.” He answered with a chuckle.

“Well, thanks for informing me of that wise guy!” Rayne answered sarcastically looking down at him as she caught Lark approaching out of the corner of her eye and she exited the garage with a purpose.

Lark froze when she saw Rayne and the serious look on her lover’s face when she exited the garage knowing she had seen the damage to the lawn mower. ‘Oh, shit…I’m in trouble now!’ Lark nervously thought with the palms of her hands becoming clammy from her anxiety and tried to figure out what the best option for her would be right at that moment. ‘Should I face the music or make a run for it?’ She asked herself watching her lover intently approach her…not at all happy. ‘Make a run for it!’ Lark told herself and turned on her heels to run away but, was captured before she could even make a break for it.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Rayne replied tightening her grip on Lark.

“Just remember how much you love me honey!” Lark pleaded and tried in vain to squirm free from the tight grip her lover had on her.

“Oh, I remember and that’s why I’m not going to kill you but, I will get you back for destroying my lawn mower!” Rayne answered picking Lark up and throwing her over her shoulder and heading towards the pool.

“No!…Rayne…don’t you dare!” Lark protested and vehemently struggled to break free from her captor.

“Lark…don’t fight it…just except your fate…you’re gonna get wet!…no, make that drenched!” Rayne answered with a devilish laugh drawing closer to the pool.

“Hey, boys! Help me!” Lark pleaded desperately watching the boys follow the pair who giggled incessantly.

“Sorry…no can do.” Brandon answered nonchalantly stuffing his hands in his pockets watching the pair get ever so closely to the pool.

“I can’t believe it…you’re going to take her side in this?” Lark asked in disbelief.

“Well…yeah, she’s bigger than we are and no way are we getting on her bad side.” Brandon answered sharing a laugh with his brother.

“I’m bigger than you too!” Lark shouted and felt Rayne let her go. “Rayne!” She screamed and met the ice cold water stunning her and momentarily taking her breath away. Lark scrambled to the surface of the water seriously pissed off…no, livid is more like it.

Rayne saw the evil glimmer in Lark’s eye when her head exited the water and stared her down. “Don’t even give me that look Miss. Thing…you deserved it!” Rayne answered with a sly grin resting her hands on both hips.

“I can’t believe you did that Rayne!” Lark answered angrily swimming to the steps. “I can’t believe you two boys didn’t help me either and to think Christmas is just around the corner! Well, I guess I’ll just have to take your presents back. It’s a shame too because I know how much you two were going to love your presents.” Lark informed the boys whose eyes grew very large with regret.

“Aah…here let us get you a towel Auntie Lark.” Cole stammered running towards the poolside cupboard containing towels.

“Here let me help you out of the pool.” Brandon replied rushing over and holding his hand out to help Lark.

“Oh, I see how you’re both so helpful now…where were the both of you two minutes ago?” Lark answered sarcastically and squeezed the excess water out of her shirt gladly excepting the offered towel from Cole.

“You two are a couple of brown nosers! Unbelievable!” Rayne answered in disbelief shaking her head at her nephews’ desertion.

“Hey, if you gave great presents like Auntie Lark we’d suck up to you too!” Brandon teased back helping Lark towel off.

“I say we pounce on that incorrigible Aunt of yours…what do you two say?” Lark whispered to the boys who nonchalantly glanced at Rayne then back to their soaking wet Aunt.

“We say the same as you Auntie.” Cole answered with a familiar sly grin.

“Let’s all get her then!” Lark answered and all three sprinted towards the unsuspecting Rayne.

“Whoa!” Rayne replied and turned to run but, was taken down by the three instigators and began to laugh.

“Hello honey!” Lark laughed and rubbed her wet body all over her tall lover who laughed harder.

“Hey, you little wet rat and you little brown nosers!” Rayne laughed enjoying the fact that Lark was laying on her…a place she loved having her and tickled her nephews who laughed harder.

“Miss. Morgan!” A voice called out.

Lark looked up towards the house and saw the new housekeeper Marcia standing on the back deck waving to her. “Yes?” Lark asked looking at her.

“The food has been delivered. Would you like me to bring it down to you there?” She shouted back.

“Do you still want to eat it down here?” Lark asked looking down at Rayne.

“Yeah, sure…it might be better seeing as how you’re soaking wet and we wouldn’t want to have to file an insurance claim for flood damage.” Rayne answered with a laugh.

“Hardy har har!” Lark answered sarcastically and looked up at her new housekeeper that Elaine hired while they were on vacation. “Yes, please…we will eat down here by the pool. Also, could you bring me a robe so I can get out of these wet clothes please?” Lark asked pleasantly with everyone climbing off of Rayne before they all sat up.

“Ooh, can I watch you undress?” Rayne sexily whispered in Lark’s ear flashing a mischievous smile while wiggling her dark eyebrows suggestively.

“If you’re a good girl and eat all your supper I’ll consider it!” Lark teased and kissed Rayne’s cheek.

The four were devouring their Chinese food and making idle chit chat as Rayne changed the subject to a more serious conversation. “Lark…what do you say to us having our commitment ceremony the Saturday after Thanksgiving?” Rayne asked hesitantly and looked at Lark.

“You mean two days after Thanksgiving?” Lark asked surprised. “What’s the rush? We won’t have time to get everything prepared by then.”

“Lark…I think we’ve waited long enough for this and I would really rather not make it a huge affair…just us, a few close friends and our families. How is that with you?” Rayne asked delicately hoping the plans would be fine with Lark and slipped her hand on Lark’s.

Lark smiled at the thought of a simple, romantic ceremony shared only with the favorite people in their lives and couldn’t think of a better way of expressing their love for one another than that way. “I love the idea baby…let’s do it.” She answered ecstatically and kissed Rayne’s cheek. “I’ll call Elaine and give her a list of people we want there as well as the menu for our special occasion tomorrow.”

“Sounds good…just tell her that it’s a post Thanksgiving party so, we won’t have the friggin media crawling all over the place and ruining everything.” Rayne answered sarcastically and grabbed a box of food looking for something else to nibble on.

“No problem…she’s very diplomatic with things like that so, it won’t be a problem. Let’s just keep it from the family until the last minute and that way nothing will be leaked out accidentally to the press.” Lark answered reassuringly and smiled happily at the thought of committing herself to Rayne in front of their close friends and family.

“Hey! Who ate all of my spare ribs?” Rayne teasingly asked looking into the empty box and then towards her nephews.

Brandon burped under his breath and looked down at his plate containing the eaten spare ribs and looked back up at Rayne. “Sorry…you snooze you lose.” He answered with a laugh joined in by Cole and a snicker from Lark.

“Oh, really?” Rayne asked sarcastically. “Well, I guess that means that we don’t have to share any of our mint chocolate chip ice cream with them now do we Lark?” Rayne teasingly asked and flashed her lover a mischievous grin.

“Nope…it’s all ours honey.”

“Oh, Auntie Rayne…please say you’ll share the ice cream with us? I’ll do anything…I’ll clean up the dishes from dinner?” Brandon pleaded flashing his Aunt an innocent look hoping she would relent and share the ice cream.

“You are one serious suck up!” Rayne answered with a laugh looking down at her nephew who was kneeling by her side.

“You taught me well master…now, back to the ice cream. Can we have some?” He sarcastically answered.

Rayne and Lark both laughed at his comment. “I think you’re mistaking me for that suck up Uncle of yours…Jayce.” Rayne teased and sipped her soda.

“If I remember correctly you were sucking up for something recently when we were in Greece. Now, what was that you wanted?” Lark playfully stated and rubbed her chin pretending to be thinking hard about what it was that Rayne wanted.

“Very funny…Okay…I’ll share my ice cream with you both as long as you promise not to eat it all!” Rayne answered with a laugh.

“We promise!” Brandon and Cole both answered excitedly.

“Let’s get this stuff cleaned up then.” Lark responded and stood up as did Rayne along with Cole. They cleaned up their dinner mess and headed off towards the house.

Rayne and Lark spent the next week getting settled back into their normal routines and taking care of the boys. Rayne informed her boss that she would no longer be accepting covert assignments much to his dismay but, agreed to a change in jobs for Rayne. He didn’t want to lose his top agent and when she gave him the ultimatum of giving her a change in assignments or she would retire he relented. He informed her that her new assignment would be dealing with extradition orders which Rayne gladly accepted as it was a desk job and she could be closer to Lark.

Lark had began shooting her latest film and loved having Rayne unexpectedly stop by the set occasionally when she was finished with work early. It was something Rayne had rarely ever had time to do before and Lark welcomed the change gladly as it gave her more time to spend with her sexy lover. They met with Lark’s Gynecologist to discuss their options regarding the planned pregnancy and decided to pour over the information Dr. Garzon gave them regarding Artificial Insemination and the ways they could successfully conceive a child together.

Thanksgiving was to be spent at Holly and Shay’s house as it was more convenient with Matthew finally returning home after staying in the hospital for close to a week to insure no other medical complications from him being born pre-maturely. Holly and Shay were informed he was perfectly healthy other than needing to gain a little more weight. The doctors wanted to take precautionary measures with him to make sure that he was able to gain the so desired weight and delayed his discharge from the hospital until they felt confident he was safe to go home.

Lark and Rayne had discussed their plans with one another to make the announcement to their families at dinner of the commitment ceremony plans. They both were excited to fill their families in on their joyous plans and hoped they would all be as receptive to their plans as they hoped they would be. Rayne and Lark had all the arrangements made for the ceremony and all they needed was for the family’s to be there to share in their wondrous day.

They arrived at Holly’s and were greeted happily by Holly and Lark’s parents as well as by Rayne’s parents. Lark, Rayne and Holly’s parents all shared holiday’s together. The Morgan’s and Donnovan’s became very good friends when their daughters began to date. They consider everyone family and love spending the holiday’s together. Everyone took their respective seats at the very large table as Rayne stood before her family with her glass raised before her in motion for a toast. “I aah…wanted to say a little something.” She bashfully replied flashing a shy smile looking at everyone who intently stared at her waiting for her response. “I have a lot to be grateful and very thankful for this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to have such a wonderful and loving family as well as extended family members.” Rayne announced with an appreciative smile looking at Holly and Lark’s parents acknowledging them all with a smile and a tip of her glass. “It’s very unusual to have such loving and understanding people who have accepted mine and Lark’s relationship as you all do and we thank you.” Rayne replied smiling and put her hand on Lark’s back who smiled and winked looking up at her tall lover.

“Most importantly, I’m extremely grateful to have a second chance to share my life with the woman who captured my heart from the moment I first laid eyes on her and the only one I could ever love so completely.” Rayne professed sincerely and smiled looking into Lark’s watery green eyes. “I can promise we will need no other chances from now on as I’m never allowing you out of my life again.” Rayne smiled lovingly at Lark and looked at her family to emphasize her point grasping Lark’s hand and pulling her up next to her. “I’ve asked Lark to be my partner for all of eternity and she’s accepted my offer of my heart forever.” Rayne answered smiling happily and wrapped her arm around Lark’s waist who leaned against her lover with an equally ecstatic smile.

“That’s wonderful!” Maria exclaimed followed by everyone else’s accolades.

“When will the ceremony be?” Mrs. Morgan asked excitedly.

Rayne and Lark both smiled mischievously and looked at one another before looking back at their families. “This weekend, on Saturday…we wanted it to be a surprise and to be amongst family without the media discovering what we have planned and ruining our joyous day. So, that’s why it’s on such short notice.” Lark informed everyone with a blissful smile enjoying the feeling of Rayne lightly rubbing her back.

“Oh, that’s fabulous!” Holly exclaimed happily.

“Congratulations!” Shay exclaimed equally excited.

“We won’t have time for proper gifts.” Holly’s parents replied regretfully.

“Don’t sweat it…we have everything we need…each other.” Lark answered lovingly her smile growing in intensity and leaned up to kiss Rayne’s cheek.

“Well…we’ve got a lot of planning to do in such a short time!” Maria announced worriedly.

“No!…we’ve got our own plans for the commitment ceremony!” Lark answered sharply to fend off any other discussion regarding their special day noticing the hurtful looks she was receiving from their family members. ‘Damn…I think I just hurt some feelings. I knew this would happen.’ Lark thought regretfully and nervously. ‘But, it is our day and the way we have planned it is the way it’s going to be!’ Lark thought adamantly.

Part IX

Lark glanced at her tall lover nervously wondering how she was going to get them out of the particular predicament she had just gotten them into by offending their families. “Look…aah…what Lark was trying to say is that we have already made arrangements for the ceremony to insure there would be no intrusions from outside sources, such as news crews and reporters who might ruin our ceremony. It’s not that we didn’t want any of you to be involved in planning our special day we just figured it would be easier doing it this way…that’s all.” Rayne explained nervously hoping no one would be offended their plans.

“It’s okay honey. What ever you two want is what you both shall have and we will all be happy with your decisions.” Mrs. Morgan replied with a reassuring smile much to Rayne and Lark’s relief.

“That’s right Taylor. We are just very ecstatic that you both have decided to commit yourself to each other and allow us to share in that wonderful moment.” Maria answered a soothing smile donning her face and saw the tension leave both Lark and Rayne’s faces.

“Thanks mom…we appreciate it. Now, that the cat’s out of the bag…let’s eat!” Rayne answered chuckling sitting back down followed by Lark.

Everyone continued to express their congratulatory wishes to Lark and Rayne throughout dinner and they both informed everyone as to when the ceremony would take place. Rayne asked her nephew’s Brandon and Cole to be her best men for their ceremony and Lark asked Holly to be her matron of honor which everyone gladly accepted their roles for the ceremony.

Everyone finished dinner and headed in to do their usual Thanksgiving ritual of watching football and taking many naps before waking up and having another snack. This Thanksgiving ritual repeats itself until well into the wee hours of the morning…I might add!

Rayne slipped into the nursery and quietly approached Matthew’s crib watching him sleep peacefully. She smiled and lightly smoothed out his disheveled short dark hair thinking how excited she was about her and Lark preparing to have a baby of their own. He moved and began to whimper scrunching his face to let out a loud cry. Rayne reached into the crib and gently picked her nephew up into her strong arms. “Hey, handsome, what’s wrong…huh?” She asked softly holding him closely to her chest and wrapped his blanket around him. Rayne sat in the rocking chair and smiled when she noticed him quickly fall back to sleep.

Rayne softly kissed his head and slowly rocked the chair gently rubbing his back. Rayne lifted his tiny hand to her mouth and softly kissed it amazed at how tiny his hand looked. She smiled and noticed how much his fingers resembled her own, in fact, it totally amazed her as it did when she saw the same features on Brandon and Cole when they were babies.

Lark stood in the doorway her green eyes watering her heart filled with so much love and adoration at the way her strong, high tempered soulmate could be so incredibly gentle and caring. She had forgotten how gentle she could be with infants and remembered how Rayne was with Brandon and Cole when they were first born. She loved Rayne so much and she couldn’t wait to give Rayne her own child…their child.

Lark quietly moved towards Rayne who caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and looked up to see the object of her desire’s reflection highlighted in the darkness from the light behind her in the hallway.

Rayne smiled and gently tossed her head back moving her long, raven hair off her shoulders, which ventured close to touching the baby and tickling him as Lark knelt before her. “Hey.” Lark whispered smiling adoringly and leaned forward softly kissing her nephew’s head who slept contentedly and undaunted by the gesture cuddled up closely to his aunt’s chest. Lark rested her hand on Rayne’s arm and drew light circles on her forearm sending a warmth throughout Rayne.

Rayne leaned over and captured the woman’s lips that consume her every waking thought desperate to make a connection to her lover. Lark lightly stroked Matthew’s dark hair and leaned back captivated by Rayne’s sphinx like gaze. “You’re not having second thoughts about us having a baby of our own are you?” Lark asked in a whisper hoping that wasn’t the case and searched Rayne’s blues for any doubts, but found none.

“I’ve never wanted a child more Lark. I can’t wait to hold our baby in my arms knowing it was created out of our love for one another.” Rayne answered sincerely and honestly her voice thick with emotion.

Lark felt a catch in her heart and she was totally blown away by what Rayne had just told her. She clutched her chest with her hand and drew in the air that escaped her. Rayne’s profession meant the world to her and she was at a loss for words by it. Her tears of happiness trickled down her cheeks as she attempted to form the words she wanted to say to her sexy lover. She was filled with so much love for the woman sitting before her but was so overwhelmed that she was speechless.

“Are you having second thoughts?” Rayne asked nervously searching Lark’s tear filled eyes for any doubts.

“Ahh…oh, no…no…I’m sorry. It’s just that what you said to me meant so much that I was blown away and couldn’t speak.” Lark stammered and chuckled with Rayne breathing a sigh of relief.

Rayne smiled lovingly. “I’m sorry. I thought you knew how I felt Lark.”

“I do Rayne, but it’s different when I hear it from you. Listen…aah.” Lark stammered still overwhelmed by everything and absently wiped away her tears. “There’s nothing I want more in this world than to have our child…nothing. I am so ecstatic about this that I want our baby here and now.” Lark answered passionately and adamantly.

“But, I want to do the alternative method for Artificial Insemination.” Lark explained looking deeply into her lover’s blue eyes.

Rayne was now thrown for a loss yet, completely enamored by the fact that Lark wanted to conceive their child that way. “You mean…like…aah your friends Mary and Laura were telling you about how they conceived their child?” Rayne asked surprised.

“Yes, I think it would be so romantic and so much more personal. Besides, I want you to be a part of the conception…an active part honey.” Lark answered excited at the thought of Rayne making love to her on the night that she is to conceive, actually at the thought that it will seem as if Rayne is the person responsible for impregnating her with their child.

Rayne’s heart raced with excitement and stood up before walking to the crib gently placing her nephew back to bed. She pulled the tiny blanket up on him and made sure he was tucked safely and securely in his bed before sitting back down before Lark. Rayne settled into the rocking chair and inhaled then exhaled deeply before replying, “Lark, you’re serious about us…aah…you conceiving the child this way?” Rayne stammered nervously still stunned by Lark’s revelation which meant so much to her.

“I’ve never been more so honey.” Lark answered confidently sealing her statement with a loving smile and a soft, tender kiss.

“Well, aah…okay. I guess we have to start charting your…well, you’re you know.” Rayne bashfully stammered finding it hard to say what she wanted to because of her embarrassment her blue eyes shifting nervously from Lark to different items in the room then back to her lover when she spoke.

“You mean menstrual cycles?” Lark asked with a chuckle noting her tall lover’s embarrassment and lovingly stroked Rayne’s strong arms to put her at ease.

Rayne rolled her eyes at the words and replied, “Yeah, that.”

“You’re too funny Rayne Donnovan.” Lark laughed at her response. “It’s a natural occurrence that every woman…including you.” Lark answered with a raised eyebrow and a mischievous grin before continuing. “Has to go through every month.” Lark replied laughing.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean I like it or feel comfortable talking about it.” Rayne answered in a grumpy tone regarding the issue.

“Well, get used to it sexy…we will be discussing them quite frequently.” Lark informed her uneasy lover.

“Yeah, yeah.” Rayne answered sarcastically flashing Lark a smirk. “So, we have to chart your…menstrual cycles.” Rayne emphasized the latter with a raised eyebrow and a chuckle from Lark. “To see when the best time for you to conceive will be…right?”

“Well, yes but there is no need to do anything more than what I already do now. I know exactly when the optimum time for me to conceive will be as I always keep tabs on when my cycles occur.” Lark answered settling herself comfortably in Rayne’s lap.

“Why would you keep a tab on when those things come?” Rayne asked in disbelief wrapping her arms around the beautiful blonde’s waist.

“Because, I like to know when I’m going to have my cramps so, I can nip those things in the bud before they happen unlike someone else I know who wakes up whining ‘I’m in pain…I hate these cramps!’ Lark mockingly answered teasing Rayne.

“Very funny. I just don’t like thinking about that stuff. I have better things to think about.”

“Oh, yeah…like what?” Lark asked chuckling and tightened her grip on Rayne’s neck.

“Like thinking about how much I love and adore you.” Rayne answered with a sexy smile and captured the slightly parted lips before her for a deep, moist, passionate kiss.

Lark broke the kiss and held Rayne’s hands in her face before kissing her once again. “I love you with all my heart Rayne Donnovan and I always will baby.” Lark professed sincerely sealing it with a soul-searing kiss.

Rayne smiled lovingly breaking the kiss and asked, “So, miss ‘I chart my menstrual cycles’…when will the best time for us to conceive our child be?” Rayne asked pulling her beautiful lover closer in her arms.

“Well, let’s see.” Lark answered looking up at the ceiling and figuring the math in her head before looking down at Rayne with a look of disbelief in her eyes.

“What?” Rayne asked in wonderment seeing the disbelief in the emerald green’s before her.

“The best day will be Christmas!” Lark answered excitedly.

“Very cool…ooh, that means I don’t have to buy you a Christmas present because I can just give you our child right?” Rayne asked and mischievously grinned at Lark.

“Oh, you are such a Diablito!” Lark answered and pinched Rayne’s cheeks with a chuckle. “You are going to buy me a lot of presents and give me our child too you little devil!” Lark demanded with a laugh and kissed Rayne who shared the laugh.

“Well, this little devil had better start shopping then huh?” Rayne asked laughing and hugged her smaller lover tighter lightly placing a kiss on Lark’s cheek.

“Yes, you should like maybe tomorrow?” Lark asked with a gleam and a twinkle in her eye at the thought of a shopping trip with Rayne on the busiest shopping day of the year…the dreaded day after Thanksgiving.

Rayne’s horrified look on her face made Lark laugh knowing there was no way in hell she was getting Rayne into a store tomorrow. “Have you gone absolutely freaking mad woman? There is no way I’m stepping one toe into a Mall the day after Thanksgiving! You know what happened last year when I foolishly agreed to shop with you on that evil day. Hey, I still haven’t paid you back for that one by the way!” Rayne answered tickling Lark.

Lark giggled and remembered that fateful day of shopping. “Oh, I remember all too well how you were stuck…well, pinned by the shopping carts in the ladies lingerie section and threatened to pull out your gun and clear out the store so, you could move from that area.” Lark answered laughing along with Rayne.

“It was pretty funny huh?” Rayne asked laughing harder remembering the day very well.

“Oh, it was hysterical especially when you started shouting ‘Look it’s Lark Morgan! Can I have your autograph?’ and crawled under the clothing stands to get out of the mob that ensued for my autograph!” Lark answered miffed at the memory and poked Rayne in the chest to emphasize her point.

Rayne laughed and grabbed the small finger that incessantly poked her chest. “I had to get out of there and you wouldn’t let me start firing my gun so, I had to go to plan Beta…I guess I did pay you back for that one huh?” Rayne asked with a laugh noticing the scrunched up displeased face Lark possessed.

“Oh, yes…you got me back on that one already! I spent a friggin hour signing autographs while you sat in Barnie’s coffee shop sipping your ‘Joyous Eggnog’ iced coffee! Those crazy women nearly tore my clothes off trying to get my autograph!” Lark exclaimed horrified at the unpleasant incident.

“Ooh, ‘joyous eggnog’ my favorite. I’ll have to stop by there and buy a few bags of that coffee and get stocked up on it.” Rayne answered with a fond look on her face at her favorite Christmas coffee and saw that Lark wasn’t too pleased. “Oh, honey, I wouldn’t have let them tear your clothes off…well, too many of them.” Rayne teasingly laughed.

“I can’t believe you left me there to the wolves like that for ‘joyous eggnog’ coffee!” Lark answered pouting and struggling to get away from her strong lover who wouldn’t allow it.

Rayne chuckled and tightened her grip on Lark. “Lark, you know how good that stuff is and how much I love it” Rayne teased noting the blue smoke coming out of Lark’s ears from her anger. “Oh, come on honey, I did save you after an hour when I started yelling that Tom Cruise was in the men’s underwear section.” Rayne answered laughing and gently shaking her upset lover. “Admit it…it was pretty funny seeing all of those women and those two gay guys running across the store screaming that Tom Cruise was in men’s underwear!”

Lark laughed and looked at Rayne. “Yeah, it was pretty funny!” She conceded remembering the event and both laughing harder.

“Hey, let’s go home and let Matthew sleep in peace.” Rayne replied and kissed Lark before standing up.

“Sounds good to me baby.” Lark answered slapping Rayne’s firm backside with a chuckle and followed her tall lover out of the room who reached back grasping Lark’s hand.

The pair said their good bye’s to everyone and headed home. Rayne and Lark entered the darkened house exhausted from the holiday events and quickly headed off to bed both falling into Morpheus’ grasp cuddled closely in one another’s arms. Rayne woke to Lark’s incessant snoring and rolled onto her side propping her head up in her hand her elbow resting against the bed.

She smiled when she saw the peaceful, angelic look on her lover’s face as she slept soundly, oblivious to the surrounding world. Rayne lightly and lovingly stroked Lark’s soft cheek and leaned closer placing a tender kiss on her forehead. Lark didn’t stir and Rayne chuckled knowing how much Lark loved to sleep and could sleep through a hurricane blowing the house down. Rayne slipped her hand over Lark’s bare abdomen and snuggled her face against Lark’s neck content to stay right where she was using Lark as a pillow for a change.

Rayne placed soft kisses along Lark’s neck whispering, “I love you sweets.” And felt Lark squirm closer to her. She chuckled and lifted her head up to see if her sleeping beauty was awake yet. ‘Fat chance!’ Rayne thought with a silent laugh and lightly smoothed out Lark’s blonde eyebrows with her thumb repeatedly thinking about how much she loved the woman sleeping before her. Lark meant everything to Rayne and always had ever since the day she first laid eyes on the blonde hair, green-eyed beauty.

She remembered the day as if it was yesterday and kissed the lips before her remembering how elegant Lark looked that evening. She remembered how her heart stopped momentarily and her breath escaped her when Lark’s beautiful green eyes met hers from across the crowded room. The only thing she could think of at that moment was how incredibly beautiful Lark was…and still is. She was (and is) the most exquisite woman she had ever seen.

Rayne thought about how she gasped to catch her elusive breath and how damn hard she tried to calm her heart that didn’t listen to her and raced faster with each step Lark took closing the distance between the two from across the room.

Rayne remembered how her gaze was fixed on Lark who elegantly sauntered across the room never breaking eye contact with her. It seemed to her as if time had slowed down and everything around them stopped…except them. The magnitude of Lark’s beauty was nowhere near as close to what Rayne had imagined it was when she spied her across the room until Lark stood before her and she realized how her beauty was far more magnificent.

She chuckled remembering her nervous reaction was to snap into her cocky, ‘can’t show I’m interested, have to play hard to get’ mode when she heard Lark’s sweet, sexy voice so confidently profess that they should go out on a date because she was positive they would make a great couple. Rayne didn’t want to make it that easy on the blonde beauty…she couldn’t let her know she lost her heart to Lark the moment their eyes met that day…no way…she wanted to play hard to get. ‘Yeah, I played hard to get alright! Anxiously waiting by the phone for her to call me, sweating nervously when the phone rang.’ Rayne thought with an embarrassed chuckle at the fond memory.

“You are so incredibly beautiful.” Rayne whispered in Lark’s ear and softly kissed her cheek while she lightly stroked her opposite cheek with her thumb wondering how she was so lucky to have such a beautiful, caring and loving woman so in love with her. She wondered how she was so lucky to have that same woman accept her offer of her heart for all of eternity. Someone who wants to give them both a child and someone who wants to be hers and only hers through this lifetime and in all of the next one’s.

Her blues eyes welled at the thought of Lark wanting her for all of eternity and that she was going to give them a child. The love she felt for Lark was immeasurable. The way Lark made her feel when she looked at her, held her, and touched her was the most incredible feeling in the world to her. She wanted Lark to know how much she loved her and pressed her lips against Lark’s in an attempt to rouse the slumbering beauty from her dreams with her kiss.

Lark was finally able to break Morpheus’ hold on her and opened her eyes greeted by loving blues. “Hmmm.” Lark moaned happily and smiled reaching up and kissing her lover. “Morning.” She greeted hoarsely from her sleep and wrapped her arms around Rayne.

“Same to you beautiful.” Rayne answered smiling and kissed Lark again.

“Do you know how much I love waking up like this every morning?” Lark asked excitedly snuggling closer to her warm, sexy lover.

“Yes, actually I do. I feel the same waking up next to you every morning babe.” Rayne answered sexily and lightly kissed Lark’s lips.

“I am one seriously lucky woman!” Lark retorted happily and stretched to wake her compact body out of its sleepiness.

“Well, it just so happens that it’s your lucky day too. We have a lot to do today.” Rayne answered with a chuckle kissing Lark’s cheek before rolling onto her back.

“Aah…noooo..” Lark whined and wrapped herself around Rayne’s body. “Can’t we stay right here all day?” She asked in a whimper snuggling her face against Rayne’s neck.

“Sure, but we would have to reschedule our commitment ceremony then.” Rayne teasingly answered lightly scratching Lark’s back.

Lark’s head shot up and her green eyes widened. “I’m up see…completely awake and ready to go.” She excitedly replied sitting up next to Rayne who laughed at her excited lover.

Rayne crawled out of bed with Lark directly behind her heading towards the shower. They both scrambled into the hot shower glad they decided to enlarge the bathroom to include a larger shower area along with a separate Jacuzzi/bathtub next to the shower stall. Lark wet her short, blond hair and lathered plenty of shampoo through her golden locks as Rayne tended to her own grooming needs. “Okay, so, you’re picking up the rings and taking the boys to be fitted for their tuxedo’s right?” Lark asked anxiously, as the million things they had to do ran through her mind.

“Yes, dear.” Rayne teasingly answered and chuckled at her nervous lover.

“It’s not funny…now, that I think about it. We have way too many things to do!” Lark frantically answered applying shampoo again to her hair.

Rayne grabbed Lark’s hands and stood before her. “Calm down sweetheart and stop washing your hair so many times before it falls out.” Rayne responded with a laugh. “We have paid people a lot of money to help us get everything ready for the ceremony.” Rayne explained calmly kissing Lark’s hands to ease her anxiety.

Lark sighed deeply. “I know…but, I’m just nervous about everything and I want our ceremony to be wonderful Rayne.” Lark informed Rayne showing her nervousness and concern that all the details be just right for their special day.

“It will be perfect baby.” Rayne soothingly reassured her anxious lover leaning her forehead against Lark’s and wrapped her arms comfortingly around Lark. “As long as you’re standing with me at the altar in our garden archway professing your undying love to me nothing else matters. Even if you’re standing there in gardening clothes with me and no one attends our ceremony, it will be perfect. What matters is our love for one another.” Rayne explained reassuringly kissing her shorter, worried lover and wrapped her in a tight, warm embrace the hot water splashing down on them.

“You’re right honey…I’m sorry. I just got a little overwhelmed by all the plans for the ceremony. Our commitment ceremony would be beautiful even if everyone was eating beanie weenies and we were dressed in our shorts and tank tops.” Lark answered with regret for acting so freaked out and chuckled at her latter statement shared by Rayne.

“Beanie Weenies huh?” Rayne asked with a laugh leaning back to look at Lark. “It might not be so beautiful with Jayce eating those things…they don’t sit well with him if you know what I mean?” Rayne teasingly asked sharing a heartier laugh with Lark.

“Thanks.” Lark answered gratefully smiling and gazing into the blue eyes she loves more than life itself and kissing Rayne to show her tall lover her gratitude for having that special knack for putting her at complete ease.

“Anytime…especially if you kiss me like that babe.” Rayne answered smiling sexily and wiggling her dark eyebrows suggestively.

The pair finished their showers, dressed and headed off in their separate directions to complete their errands and prepare for the ceremony. Rayne met Shayan and her nephews at the Tuxedo shop for the final fittings for their suits. Rayne asked her nephews to fill the best man duties for her and that Matthew be the ring bearer despite his age. She asked Shayan to carry her tiny nephew to the altar with the ring on the pillow in his lap. The hard part would be getting the shop to finish the alterations on his tuxedo outfit.

Rayne paid handsomely for the inconvenience and short notice for all the outfits which the shop owner was more than happy to fulfill considering the amount she paid, the status of both father’s occupations and Lark’s popularity as a celebrity. “We are one good looking family.” Shayan boasted cockily with a laugh shared by his sister.

“Mom and Dad will be so proud.” Rayne chuckled checking the fit of her black tuxedo on her tall, well-toned body in the mirror.

“I’m so glad you decided on the shirts without collars Rayne. I hate those friggin bow ties.”

“I know…they never stay straight.” Rayne answered with a laugh straightening her black with white paisley designed vest underneath her waist length coat. “Fits me perfectly.” Rayne informed her brother turning and checking all the angles of the outfit in the mirror.

“Yeah, mine too. How about you two?” Shayan asked kneeling down to check Cole and Brandon’s suits.

“Well, Dad let’s just say the chicks will definitely dig us!” Brandon cockily answered shocking his father who glanced up at Rayne.

“Did you teach him that?” He asked displeased.

Rayne held her hands up. “Not me! No way…must have been that wretched brother of ours.” Rayne answered pretending as if she knew nothing about what her nephew had said flashing her brother an innocent look.

Shayan held his stare trying to figure out if his sister was pulling the wool over his eyes, which he thought was the case, but couldn’t be sure because it was also something that Jayce would say. But, then again Jayce would have gotten it from Rayne. He shook his confused thoughts out of his head and tended to Cole as Brandon sidled up to his tall Aunt.

“Thanks for selling me out buddy.” Rayne teasingly whispered lightly pushing her nephew in a joking way.

“I couldn’t help it…it just slipped out. I think Dad bought it about Uncle Jayce telling me that though.” Brandon answered with a laugh blues locking with blues when Rayne knelt before him.

“Good cover and I think you’re right just don’t say that in front of your mom, and grandma or I’m dead meat!” Rayne teased with a laugh and a wink. “Oh, just to be safe, you probably shouldn’t do it in front of Auntie Lark either.” She added warningly straightening his cumber bun.

“Yeah, you’re right.” He agreed with a laugh.

“You are one handsome little dude!” Rayne exclaimed proudly with a cocky smile and kissed Brandon’s cheek.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” He answered laughing and blushing.

“Make sure you don’t lost the ring tomorrow from the time Matthew gives it to you until the time I give it to Auntie Lark. I’d hate to see what she does to you if that happens…it wouldn’t be pretty.” She instructed him teasingly.

“Are you kidding? No way am I going to lose it and face Auntie Lark’s wrath!” He answered laughing when Cole approached and stood next to his taller brother.

“How do I look Auntie Rayne?” He asked with a smile holding his arms out away from his body eagerly waiting for her approval.

“You look incredibly handsome buddy.” Rayne reassuringly answered with a proud smile.

“If Brandon’s job is to hold the ring what’s my job?” He asked in a curious wonderment not feeling very important.

“Your job is a very important one making sure that your brother gives me the ring when he’s suppose to and this is the extremely important part…to make sure I don’t fall over from my nervousness when your Auntie Lark first appears.” She informed him with a chuckle and tickled him eliciting a loud giggle from him.

“Okay boys…go get changed so we can get going.” Shayan replied with a laugh watching the boys run into the changing rooms.

Rayne stood up laughing and looked at her brother who stared at her. “What?” She asked curiously and self consciously as to what he was thinking.

“I’m really happy for you and Lark. I hope you love and cherish each other every day for the rest of your lives.” He answered with a sincerity that Rayne had never seen in him before.

“Thanks…it means a lot to me that you feel that way Shay.” Rayne answered smiling gratefully and hugged her big brother.

“You’re welcome. Now, let’s get changed.” He answered breaking the hug feeling uncomfortable with all the mushiness even though he initiated it.

Everyone changed, checked out at the register and exited the shop with their suits in hand ready for the big day. Rayne slipped her dark Oakley sunglasses on over her crystal blue eyes when they met the bright Florida sun. “Don’t forget…Jayce has a little get together planned at your place for you tonight.” Shayan reminded his sister.

“Yeah, how can I forget? It’s all he’s been talking about since dinner yesterday. Just make sure there are no strippers…Lark will kill me and Holly will probably do the same to you considering how she reacted when she suspected you had one at your bachelor party.” Rayne warned with a laugh.

“I’ll make sure to do that sis. Let’s hope the party Holly has planned for Lark doesn’t have strippers at it.” He answered with a chuckle.

“That’s right…it wouldn’t be fair would it? But, then again, what strippers are they going to get? A chick and a dude? Or either or?” She asked with a hearty laugh shared by her brother.

“I guess they would have to do both huh?”

“Naw, they’ll sit there talking girly stuff about shopping or something.” Rayne chuckled discarding the stripper notion for Lark’s party. “I’ve got to run and get the rings before Lark has a stroke that I didn’t get everything finished in time. I’m on a schedule don’t ya know? I’ll see you tonight…bye boys!” Rayne replied slapping high fives with the little fellas before climbing into her convertible BMW and heading off to finish her errands.

“See ya!” They all exclaimed following Rayne’s lead and heading off as well.

Rayne picked up the rings and stopped by the Florist to insure that Lark’s order would be filled without any problems. The Florist assured her the order would be delivered early tomorrow morning for their afternoon ceremony. Rayne finally finished all of her errands and steered the luxury vehicle towards home. She punched in Lark’s cell phone number into her car phone and waited for someone to answer.

She was surprised to hear Holly’s voice on the other end of the phone. “Hey Rayne…Lark’s a little busy at the moment.” She informed her sounding slight irritated.

“Okay…is everything alright?” Rayne asked worriedly.

“Well, let’s just say Lark’s a freaking nervous wreck and is driving us nuts!” Holly answered in an agitated yet chuckling voice.

Rayne laughed. “What’s left to be done on your end?” Rayne asked checking the traffic around her before proceeding through the newly turned green light.

“As soon as Lark stops fretting over how the friggin button is sewed on her dress we can head over and pick up the guest book finally completing our chores! Hold on.” Holly asked agitatedly. Rayne waited patiently hearing the conversation between Lark and Holly in the background. “Lark…forget the damn button it looks fine!” Holly shouted her irritation mounting.

“Holly…it’s hanging too far down it needs to be sewed on again.” Lark shouted back angrily.

“Just take the dress off and I’ll fix the damn button!” Holly answered curtly watching Lark storm off in a huff. “Hello? I’m back.”

“I’m here” Rayne answered with a chuckle at the hilarity of the situation.

“You’ve got to do something to calm her down.” Holly informed Rayne exasperated with Lark.

“I will. When you drop her off make sure no one else comes inside with her. I’ll have something special planned for her…okay?”

“Thanks.” Holly answered relieved. “Just make sure she isn’t late to her party that starts at 8:30 and please make sure she’ll be in a better temperament.” Holly asked pleadingly.

“Yes ma’am and Holly? I seem to remember a certain other nervous bride who fretted over the same thing.” Rayne reminded her with a chuckle hearing Holly’s embarrassed laugh.

“You’re right…I’m sorry. I should have been more considerate.” Holly answered regretful for her short-tempered demeanor.

“It’s okay…I’ll handle that sexy blonde of mine. Just get her home in one piece please and dial #13 into my phone when she’s on her way home.” Rayne answered with a laugh and clicked the phone off.

Rayne laughed harder and shook her head at Lark’s nervousness. She was surprised she wasn’t nervous…actually, she was as cool as a cucumber…so far. Rayne made an unexpected stop to pick up something she needed to set her plans for Lark into action before heading home. Rayne called Jayce to confirm the party time was at 9 and that he wouldn’t be at the house until 8 to set up. Everything was falling into place nicely and Rayne’s plans for Lark were all set.

Now all she had to do was set up the house for the surprise she had in mind for her nervous wreck of a lover got home. She hurried home and began her task of readying the house and coordinating the house staff to be out by the time Lark returned. Rayne double checked the house assure it was satisfactory to what she wanted and poured herself a cold Jack and coke as she waited for Lark to return.

She clicked the remote and flipped the channels to ESPN to catch Sports Center for the football coverage. Rayne heard the phone and saw the code #13 in the display of her phone meaning Lark was on her way home. She finished her drink figuring she had about ten minutes until Lark returned home and turned the TV off preparing herself to fulfill her plans for Lark’s surprise.

Part X

Lark pulled into her driveway stopping her Mercedes in a rush still flustered by the day’s events. She sighed deeply trying to compose herself with a million thoughts running rampant in her head. She looked up and noted the house was dark and Rayne’s car was nowhere in sight. “I’ll kill her if she’s out goofing around when she should be here helping me with these silly parties!” Lark replied the agitation evident in her tone of voice and her anger mounting as she clicked the garage door opener.

“What in the hell?” Lark asked angrily and clicked the opener again which was dead. “Great!” She fumed throwing her hands up in defeat and shoved the car door open. “What else could go wrong?” She angrily asked herself out loud throwing the defective garage door opener against a tree with a satisfied smile consuming her face when she watched it shatter into pieces. “No…don’t answer that. I don’t think I want to know.” She huffed agitated by everything that seemed to be going wrong quickly approaching the front door.

Lark fumbled with her keys and her bags finally opening the door and stopping cold in her tracks. She smiled happily and felt the tension in her body immediately evacuate the premises when she saw the beautiful dozen of red roses strategically placed in front of her. Lark put her belongings down in the chair next to the door and approached the beautiful bouquet. She looked around seeing the house was lit by candles placed all over the living room and down the hallway out of her sight. Lark smelled the roses reveling in the pleasant aroma and picked up the card accompanying them. Her heart fluttered and her smile widened when she read the card recognizing the handwriting as Rayne’s.

Roses are red…and sometimes of different hues

Follow where they lead

To find out what’s waiting for you!

‘Ooh, Rayne is so sweet and romantic.’ Lark gushed lovingly feeling completely relaxed and special. She stepped around the table and smiled seeing a trail of every imaginable color of roses possible leading down the hallway illuminated by the candles along the floor. Lark picked up each rose smelling them and felt a wonderful sensation consume her body. She wondered just what her sexy lover had in store for her and frankly, she couldn’t wait to find out! She picked up the last rose and opened the door captivated by the lovely sight before her…Rayne sprawled out naked on her side comfortably positioned on the pool table grinning mischievously.

Lark quickly glanced around the dimly lit room filled with candles and the sound of slow jazz filtering throughout the room. “It’s about time you got in here sexy.” Rayne seductively replied sending a warmth throughout Lark from her dark lover’s silky voice.

Lark caught her breath and smiled, “I had to stop and smell the roses.” She answered tantalizingly flashing an engaging smile holding up the roses to her nose and smelling them sauntering towards Rayne.

Rayne smiled seductively and rolled onto her stomach when Lark stopped in front of her completely captivated by the blonde beauty. Lark held the roses in front of Rayne who smile and captured Lark’s gaze smelling the roses offered to her. “I’m glad you didn’t stop for too long.” Rayne sexily replied taking the roses from Lark while holding her sexy gaze and put the flowers on the table next to her before drawing her lover closer to her. The feeling of Rayne’s hands on Lark’s ass was overwhelming and it sent a rush of blood straight to her sex.

Rayne softly kissed her taut abdomen and worked her way up slowly, but steadily capturing a quickly hardening nipple through Lark’s silky blouse. Lark’s eyes closed from the wondrous feeling of Rayne’s lips upon her breast and tilted her head back in response to her enjoyment slipping her hands around the back of Rayne’s neck. She clutched Rayne’s raven hair when Rayne paid a visit to her eagerly awaiting other breast.

“Oh, baby…this is just what I needed.” Lark moaned in a whisper opening her eyes when she felt Rayne’s soft lips against the warm skin of her neck. Rayne’s breath against her neck and ear tickled her in an erotic pleasurable way.

“I heard you had a bad day with the alterations to your dress.” Rayne whispered sympathetically tracing the contours of Lark’s ear with her tongue.

“Oh, aah…you have no idea.” Lark answered momentarily distracted by the unpleasant memory of the events earlier in the day. “I couldn’t…aah…believe.” Lark stammered, her passions soaring when Rayne moved her kiss along Lark’s jaw line briefly stopping for a fleeting kiss upon Lark’s lips on her quest to the other side of her lover’s neck. “I was so upset and…aah.” Lark answered breathless her train of thought broken, finding it very difficult to concentrate on what she was saying. “Oh, aah…Holly.” She attempted to continue opening her eyes to find Rayne’s blues staring into hers.

“Will you please forget about all of that and make love to me?” Rayne asked softly placing a sweet, satisfying kiss on the lips before her pulling back to wait for Lark’s answer.

Lark stared at Rayne in momentarily silence finally realizing that nothing else mattered except the woman staring back at her. Rayne was an irresistible force that she somehow managed to momentarily ignore. “I’m so sorry baby.” Lark apologized ashamed of the way she was acting.

“Don’t be…join me.” Rayne’s throaty response came pressing her lips against Lark’s and her tongue seeking entry which it was quickly granted. Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck deepening the kiss and felt Rayne grab her under her arms lifting her onto the table Rayne’s kiss holding steadfast. She lifted Lark up on the table both kneeling before one another finally breaking the searing kiss.

Rayne’s small smile grew in intensity when she gazed into the green eyes she loved so much and saw everything that she meant to Lark in them. “I love you so much Rayne.” Lark exhaled softly and sincerely staring into Rayne’s piercing blue eyes.

“As I do you Lark.” Rayne answered honestly and smiled warmly her hands cupping Lark’s face. She looked upon the actress’ soft lips and drew them to hers for a moist, passionate kiss. Rayne slowly lay back guiding Lark down on her never breaking the sensual kiss her hands freely roaming along Lark’s back. Lark broke the kiss breathless, her heart racing, her arousal mounting and sat straddling Rayne. She captured Rayne’s gaze and slowly began to unbutton her blouse in a slow seductive tease.

The slow erotic movements Lark made excited Rayne and she wanted Lark in a bad way. She felt the wetness between her legs intensifying and placed her hands on Lark’s bare stomach slowly moving them up. Rayne unhooked Lark’s black, silk bra that attached in the front slipping her hands under the material and softly caressed her perky breasts. “Oh, Rayne.” Lark moaned breathless and placed her hands on Rayne’s which softly kneaded her breasts.

Rayne’s touch was heaven and earth to her. It was so sensual, so soft, so caring and meant only for her. Rayne sat up and wrapped her arms around Lark who did the same and thrust her tongue deeply into Lark’s mouth sending a tingling sensation throughout her small body. They clutched one another closer both tongues ferociously and tenaciously fighting for dominance. Rayne’s hands moved down Lark’s body to the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down to her knees.

Rayne wanted to feel Lark’s wetness on her stomach and…right away. Lark stood before Rayne cautiously avoiding the overhead light watching Rayne pull her shorts off and bury her face in Lark’s mound kissing and tasting her lover to her hearts content. Her tongue danced a slow erotic tango with Lark’s center gliding along her hard clit and dipping deep inside her younger lover consuming Lark’s essence. Lark moaned delightedly placing her hand on Rayne’s head moving her closer to her hot sex and spread her legs to allow her lover complete and free access to her.

Rayne tightly clasped Lark’s firm backside devouring the erotically decadent mound before her with an unbridled passion. She sucked and licked Lark’s sex unable to control herself as Lark’s musky smell consumed her…excited her…overwhelmed her. “Honey…I can’t stand anymore. I’m going to fall!” Lark moaned desperately her legs becoming extremely weak from Rayne’s ministrations that she could no longer support herself. Lark settled her mound over Rayne’s mouth both wanting to continue their erotic moment. Rayne’s tongue explored everything about Lark who rocked her hips up and down against Rayne’s mouth. Her breathing became more erratic and the wondrous sensation of having Rayne between her legs overwhelmed her.

She knew it had to be a crime to feel this good and if it was lock her up now because she felt incredible. Lark’s hips rocked faster and watched as Rayne’s blue eyes slowly opened expressing a slumbering passion reflected in them. Lark was amazed at how Rayne had a way of wanting more than she had to give but somehow managed to make her give her more…every time and Lark was glad she was the recipient of her lover’s sexual quest.

“Rayne that feels so good my love.” Lark moaned feeling her release draw closer with Rayne’s own release drawing near as she lustfully consumed her young lover. The way Lark seductively moved, moaned and tasted heightened her passions every time she had her. Lark was able to penetrate the secret depths of her hidden sensuality as no one ever had before. Lark was her match in every way, her true love, her soul mate. She knew Lark had to have been put on this earth just for her and she hoped Lark felt the same way towards her. She knew it actually and loved their romp through ecstasy and wanted Lark to know just how much she loved her.

“Let me have you my love.” Rayne asked in a sultry, seductive tone slipping her tongue deep inside her lover’s warm, wet sex. She was rewarded by Lark’s sweet musky fluid over and over again as her own release consumed her erotically charged body. She paused for a breath and eagerly consumed the rest of her lover who collapsed forward bracing herself with her arms spent from the ecstasy she had just experienced.

Lark panted desperately to calm her labored breath and to slow her thundering heart as another powerful orgasm ripped through her body feeling her sensual lover quickly devour the offering. She couldn’t take anymore, her sex was oversensitive and she slowly slid down her lover’s long, sweaty, slender body finally resting between her legs taking what she wanted…what she desperately desired…Rayne…all of her.

Rayne lay in a pleasure coma as Lark consumed everything about her. She wanted Lark in her arms to hold her, love her and revel in the wondrous feeling that consumed her body. “Come here baby.” Rayne whispered guiding her lover on top of her and stared into her emerald greens that sparkled in the candlelight. Rayne smiled lovingly and wiped her remnants off Lark’s top lip slowly moving in for a deep, meaningful kiss.

Lark melted into the passionate kiss feeling complete in the strong arms that wrapped themselves securely around her in a loving embrace. Lark broke the kiss breathless and lay her head on Rayne’s shoulder snuggling her face against her lover’s neck placing a soft kiss there. She twirled Rayne’s long, raven hair between her fingers reveling in the glorious feeling that overcame her and whispered, “I love you so much Rayne.”

Rayne’s satisfied smile grew larger and she felt a catch in her heart as those words spoken by Lark meant so much to her. She held Lark closer and tighter to her kissing her forehead replying, “I absolutely love and adore you honey.”

Lark’s eyes watered and she smiled broadly holding her lover even tighter sealing her feelings with a lingering kiss on Rayne’s neck. Both lay in silence knowing they would have to soon part the wonderful confines of each other’s arms, but wanted to linger in the moment awhile longer. Lark closed her eyes enjoying the pleasurable sensation of Rayne’s hand softly rubbing her back. “Care to take a shower with me?” Rayne sexily offered kissing the top of Lark’s head.

“I thought you would never ask.” Lark chuckled leaning up to look at her beautiful soul mate and kissed the lips before her.

Rayne smiled lovingly when she sat up and moved off the table holding her arms out for Lark who crawled into them comfortably. “You are so incredibly beautiful Lark.” Rayne eloquently admitted passionately kissing Lark and carrying her into the bathroom.

The pair finally finished their showers after thoroughly exploring one another’s bodies with soap, water, wash cloth, shower brush, hands, lips, tongues and a brillo pad. Okay…no brillo pad, but I had to snap everyone out of their fantasy of Lark and Rayne’s shower excursion to continue. Now, back to the story.

Lark and Rayne dressed reluctant to leave one another for their respective bachelorette parties. They both would be perfectly content to spend the remainder of the evening making love to one another. Rayne picked up the cushions and blankets off of the pool table after picking up the candles from the hallway and threw the blankets into the washing machine. She closed the lid and felt a familiar delightful tickle in her stomach when Lark’s arms wrapped tightly around her slender waist. She smiled and felt Lark kiss her back and turned around in the arms that held her tightly to look upon the object of her affection. “Hello gorgeous.” Rayne sexily replied and kissed Lark.

“I’m surprised you’re doing the wash honey.” Lark teased breaking the kiss.

“I have many skills my love. Besides, I had to make sure the white comforter wasn’t turned to pink.” Rayne sarcastically answered with a laugh.

“Very funny Rayne!” Lark answered with a scrunched up face at the teasing comment. “I couldn’t help it that they turned pink.”

“Honey…red clothes don’t mix with white ones.” Rayne teased with an arched eyebrow.

“Well, I didn’t know that at the time. I was just trying to be helpful and wash your clothes.” Lark whined. “Besides, you looked cute in pink boxers.” Lark teased and pinched Rayne’s butt planting a kiss on her chin.

“Oh, yeah…real cute Lark.” Rayne laughed and lead Lark out of the utility room.

“I’m not very good with stuff like that.” Lark admitted sheepishly following her tall lover into the living room.

“That’s because you’re a princess.” Rayne laughed and was halted by her lover who glared at her put off by the comment. “My little princess.” Rayne whispered and kissed the pouting lips before her.

They broke the kiss when the doorbell rang. “Do I have to go?” Lark whined disappointedly.

“Unfortunately.” Rayne pouted holding Lark closer and kissing her.

“Waah.” Lark whined with a shared laugh by Rayne.

“Get going…you’ll have fun.” Rayne coaxed Lark towards the door.

“Oh, the garage door is broken, it won’t open.” Lark replied turning to inform Rayne.

“No, I disengaged it so you’d have to use the front door.”

“Oops!” Lark sheepishly grinned. “Well, the garage door opener is broken then.” She answered with a laugh.

“What happened to it?”

“It got personal with a tree when I lost my temper.” Lark laughed reaching for the doorknob.

“Remind me to not make you mad.” Rayne teased with a chuckle.

“I love you.” Lark whispered and kissed Rayne once more.

“Ditto.” Rayne answered with a blushing smile and watched Lark open the door to greet Holly who was waiting. “You two behave.” Rayne teasingly warned and saw Jayce slip in the door behind Holly.

“Same goes for you two!” Lark warned and pointed at the pair to get her point across.

“Yes, dear.” Rayne teased and winked with a smile.

“I love you.” Lark mouthed and blew Rayne a kiss exiting the door noting the flush red look on Rayne’s face her blushing quite evident. Rayne sighed disappointedly when Lark disappeared behind the closed door and really had no desire for the silly bachelorette party that lay ahead. She knew it was important to her brother Jayce who planned everything and didn’t want to ruin it for him so, she figured she’d go along with the ruse and attempt to have a good time.

The parties were in full swing and everyone was having a blast except for Rayne. She watched her brother’s candidly interact with other friends of hers from work and family members realizing she was in a group of people yet, felt so alone…something…no, someone was missing. It was Lark if you were wondering or not paying attention! Rayne glanced over at a picture of Lark and smiled lovingly when she saw the beautiful face of the woman who meant so much to her. The face that exuded so much love, caring and such a wonderful zest for life.

Her revelry was interrupted when Jayce announced they were going to watch porno flicks. He excitedly gathered everyone around the big screen TV and Rayne chuckled shaking her head. ‘How cliché…porno flicks at a bachelorette party.’ Rayne thought with a laugh and resigned herself to the fact that this was no party for her, but an excuse for the guys to hang out together without their wives or girlfriends around. She was just the opposite…she actually wanted to be with her intended. She laughed as everyone cheered exuberantly when the blond naked woman with the hot pink ‘come fuck me pumps’ on asked the man to make her squeal like a pig. ‘I’m outta here.’ Rayne thought disgustedly and snuck out of the room unnoticed. ‘How in the hell do those woman have sex in those freaking shoes and those long ass fingernails?’ Rayne asked in disbelief shaking her head and entered her office.

She took a seat in front of the computer and decided she didn’t want to know the answer to her question. ‘Some things are better left alone…and that was one of them. Although, Lark would look very sexy in those hot pink ‘CFMP’s’. She thought grinning mischievously rubbing her chin and chuckled settling into her chair to write her vows to Lark. Rayne picked up Lark’s picture tracing the fine features with her finger thinking about everything she feels for Lark. ‘Now, how do I put those into words? I’m not that great of a writer. Where’s Stoley when you need her?’ She asked as if Lark would tell her. Once she began to write everything she wanted to say flowed out of her freely and easily. She clicked the icon and started the printer to make a copy of the vows. She read over them and the sound of the phone ringing startled her. She picked up the phone to answer with her heart racing from the fright as she was lost in her thoughts of Lark.


“Hi baby.” Lark’s silky, sweet voice replied lovingly.

“I was just thinking about you?” Rayne sexily answered.

“Oh, yeah…like what?” Lark asked excitedly and intrigued that she was on her lover’s mind.

“Some really naughty thoughts.” Rayne teasingly replied.

“Ooh, I think I like that. Scratch that…I love that!” Lark answered excitedly feeling a tingling sensation run throughout her at the possibilities.

“Do you have any hot pink ‘come fuck me pumps’?” Rayne asked intrigued by the thought that maybe Lark did indeed have them.

“What?” Lark asked embarrassed by the question.

“Oh, never mind.” Rayne answered with a laugh. “How’s your party?”

“It’s okay.” Lark answered unenthusiastically wondering why Rayne would ask her about the shoes. ‘What is she up to?’ She questioned inwardly. “The party is basically so the chicks can have a night out to themselves without their kids, husbands or boyfriends.”

“Same here. They’re in watching porno flicks on the big screen TV.” Rayne informed Lark with a chuckle swinging around in the chair plopping her slender legs up on the desk beside her.

‘Aah…ha. That’s why she asked me about the shoes.’ Lark thought intrigued by Rayne’s naughty thoughts. “That’s what they’re doing here too.” Lark answered laughing joined by Rayne who burst into laughter.

“I hope we don’t get to that point that we feel the need to have to go to separate parties for a break from one another.” Rayne admitted sad that her family and friends would feel the need to be that way with their significant others.

“Me either, but with our busy lives I don’t think that will happen. Both of us are apart for work so much that we usually want to spend our free time with one another.”

“Very true. So, how come you’re not in watching the dirty flicks with the babes? Oh, geez!…tell me my mom isn’t watching those movies.” Rayne worriedly asked when she realized who was at the party.

“Who do you think brought them?” Lark asked chuckling and filed her fingernail with an emery board .

“You lie!” Rayne replied in disbelief and sat up in the chair firmly planting her feet on the floor bracing herself for Lark’s answer.

“I’m not lying. Let’s hope they don’t bring in a stripper or I don’t know what she might do to them. She was doing keg stands earlier.” Lark informed her stunned lover examining her freshly manicured fingernail.

“My mother?” Rayne asked with a laugh. “Doing keg stands? Who knew?” She asked completely stunned by her mother’s actions.

“Certainly not you honey.” Lark laughed along with Rayne and threw her fingernail file on the table pleased with her manicure.

“I guess so! Please tell me you took pictures.” Rayne asked with a mischievous laugh.

“Honey…I may be blonde, but I’m not stupid. Let’s just say, we will have no difficulty finding a baby-sitter at anytime we need one not to mention a back up sitter in my mother.” Lark informed her lover who laughed hysterically.

“Good thinking babe. What’s your mother doing?”

“I can’t even go there on the phone you’ll just have to see the pictures.” Lark answered laughing.

“It sounds like you’re all having a better time over there than we are over here.” Rayne chuckled and heard a loud roar of hollering and cheering from the other room. “Oops…hold on. I think the party is picking up.” Rayne informed Lark and stood up to find out what was happening from all the commotion.

“What’s happening?” Lark asked in excited wonderment.

“Give me a second to get to the pool room babe.” Rayne answered quickly walking down the hall stopping in the doorway in complete shock. Lark heard the cheers and shouting in the background and heard Rayne reply, “Holy shit!” In complete disbelief.

“What’s going on?…Rayne!” Lark shouted dying to know what was happening.

“Oh, aah.” Rayne stammered snapping out of her state of shock. She blinked rapidly swallowing the lump in her throat closing her mouth which hung agape. “Well…aah, my father has his shirt off and a stripper on his shoulders dancing around the room.” Rayne explained bewildered.

“No shit?!” Lark laughed in amazement.

“Your father has a bra and aah…oh, shit…he has on pink ‘come fuck me pumps’ prancing around the room like a stripper! So, you do have some of those shoes.” Rayne teasingly accused her lover. “Wait….how does your father fit into your shoes unless…” She paused, her tone mischievously suspicious. “They’re his and he’s secretly a transvestite.” Rayne laughed.

“Very funny! Maybe he’s wearing the stripper’s shoes and she’s really a man!” Lark answered both laughing hysterically.

Rayne clicked a few pictures and noticed an unfamiliar person also taking pictures. Her demeanor changed from laughter to seriousness in a heart beat. “Lark…I’ll have to call you back. I have to confiscate some film.”

“NO! I want to see the pictures.” Lark whined not wanting to be left out on the fun.

“You’ll see them from my camera and not a stranger’s. There’s someone here I don’t recognize taking pictures which could be used against both of our father’s Lark. I’ll call you back.” Rayne answered with urgency and concern reflected in her tone of voice.

“Okay…be careful and call me back!” Lark answered no longer hearing the shouting instead hearing the dial tone.

Rayne put the phone down and tucked her camera in her pocket approaching the unknown photographer. “Can I ask who you might be?” Rayne asked tapping the man on the shoulder.

“I’m a friend.” The man arrogantly answered looking Rayne over.

“Not of mine. I need your camera and film.” Rayne demanded holding her hand out.

“Like hell! You have no right!” He shouted angrily alerting everyone else to what was transpiring. The shouting and loud music ceased as everyone was transfixed on the situation at hand.

“Now, you’re wrong on that account buddy. It’s my house, I’m a Secret Service Agent and you’re threatening national security by photographing a U.S. Senator and Ambassador without their knowledge which I’m pretty sure you intend to sell for a very high price.” Rayne angrily answered flashing her badge and gave a quick sideways glance noting other agents sidling up to her protectively. “Now, the film.” Rayne demanded again her hand held out waiting for the requested item.

The man looked at the threatening woman, the agents and at the Senator who embarrassingly removed the bra from his head then to the agents behind Rayne and reluctantly gave her his camera. Rayne opened the camera and removed the film exposing the film to the light forever damaging the incriminating evidence. “Empty your pockets.” She demanded.

“Oh, come on.” The man objected and was quickly searched by the other agents as well as his camera case with all the film being confiscated and quickly destroyed. “You can’t do that!” He vehemently protested.

“Do what?” Rayne asked sarcastically and arrogantly.

“You can’t search me like that and take my belongings.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t see a search or any belongings taken…did any of you?” Rayne asked casually looking around the room shrugging her shoulders and pretending she had no idea what the man was talking about.

“The only thing I see is someone trespassing on private property. Actually, I think he made unlawful entry.” Rayne’s partner Tom announced planting his large imposing figure in a defiant manner before the man.

“I’ll tell you what dude.” Rayne arrogantly replied and moved next to Tom. “Take your camera, your case.” Rayne replied handing the said items to him continuing, “Your scummy self, your bimbo and get the fuck out of my house before I charge you with trespassing, breaking and entering, and not cooperating with a government agent in a national security compromise.” Rayne offered with a devilish smirk.

“You can’t do that.” He nervously replied packing his camera away.

“Try me.” Rayne snarled moving closer to him. “Look at all of my witnesses.” Rayne cockily smiled seeing the fear in his eyes which flicked around the room before settling back upon Rayne who crossed her arms over her chest.

“You’re right…sorry. We’re leaving.” He nervously conceded finally coming to his senses realizing he had better leave and motioned to the stripper.

“You’re a smart man.” Rayne sarcastically answered with an arrogant smile and winked at the man who quickly left with the stripper.

Rayne watched as the two agents escorted the pair out of the house. “Thanks Rayne.” Senator Morgan replied gratefully sidling up to the taller woman.

Rayne gave him a sideways glance. “You’re welcome sir. As always, your safety and virtue are my main concern.” She answered with a wink and turned back looking at the Senator’s agent assigned to him suspiciously. “Tom.” Rayne replied looking at her partner who moved next to her. “Take the Senator’s agent into the kitchen. We need to find out why he didn’t check out the stripper and her camera toting friend as he was assigned to do this evening. I’ll be in there in a minute.”

“Sure, but can I be the bad cop this time?” He asked teasingly noting the smirk on his partner’s face from his remark.

“Very funny partner!” Rayne laughed watching her comrade in arms leave and guide the agent in question towards the kitchen.

“What’s going on?” Shayan asked confused by the situation approaching his overly suspicious sister.

Rayne looked at her brother matching his blues which were filled with concern and confusion. “I’m about to find out.” She answered dryly and took a step to leave.

“Need any help?” He offered stopping his focused sister.

“No, stay here and liven up this party. Just don’t let anymore strippers in here.” Rayne reassured her brother with a laugh exiting the room.

Rayne padded down the hall and pulled out her camera to remove the film from it. She destroyed her roll of film to keep the incriminating pictures from falling into the wrong hands. No matter who took the pictures, it was too risky of chance. Rayne grimaced when her bare feet met the cold tile of the kitchen floor. ‘Fuck…I hate that!’ She thought angrily approaching her partner. “Let’s go into the dining area.” She informed the pair and motioned them to the large dining room table. ‘Yes, get to the carpet…QUICK!’ She thought hopeful cringing from the feeling of the tile under her feet. She sighed a breath of relief when she felt the comfortable carpet under her and wiped her feet on each pant leg before taking a seat to somehow rub off that uncomfortable feeling on her feet from the tile floor that still lingered there.

“How long have you been assigned to the Senator? What’s your name?” Rayne asked looking at the very young and quickly intimidated agent across from her.

“Aah…my name is Danny and I’ve been assigned to him for two weeks now ma’am.” He nervously stammered staring into the stormy blue eyes that peered at him across the table.

Rayne looked at Tom and her eyebrow shot up questioningly. “Ma’am?” She mouthed to her partner who snickered. Rayne looked back at the young agent and inhaled deeply before continuing. “Agent, you neglected to perform your duties as assigned and you must be held accountable.” Rayne informed him leaning forward and resting her arms on the glass table.

“I’m sorry ma’am…it’s my first assignment and I…aah…” He stammered nervously wiping a bead of sweat that formed on his forehead from the menacing look Rayne flashed him.

“First off, don’t call me ma’am because you’re really pissing me off with that and secondly, you have to protect the Senator as well as the Ambassador whether it’s some kind of physical harm or from incriminating pictures being taken of them in a compromising situation.” Rayne informed the nervous agent angrily.

“Yes, ma…ah…Agent Donnovan.” He carefully corrected himself noting the unpleasant glare Rayne threw at him. “I aah…guess I just got caught up in the informal atmosphere of everything.” He admitted sheepishly knowing he screwed up big time.

“Oh, really? Well, guess what? You’re not cut out for this job if you look at it that way. That’s the worst fucking attitude to take dude!” Rayne angrily answered attempting to control her temper that threatened to explode at one more idiotic comment from the young agent. “This is a matter for Director Bailey to handle and I’ll be sure to give him my full report and my recommendation regarding your future employment with the Secret Service.” Rayne informed the nervous agent even angrier as his comments repeated in her head rising to her feet followed by Tom and the other agent.

“Agent, wait for me by the door please.” Tom ordered the man who quickly followed his orders…this time.

“Give me a minute to get my shoes on.” Rayne replied moving to get her shoes.

“No, you’re staying here to get ready for your big day tomorrow.” Tom ordered his stubborn partner stopping her in her tracks. “I’ll take care of this matter.” He confidently assured her.

Rayne looked at him noting the seriousness in his brown eyes and relented. “Okay…thanks. I appreciate it. Listen, have them check this guy out thoroughly. I have a bad feeling about him, that he’s not an agent.” Rayne answered with great concern and suspicion.

“You think so?” Tom asked in disbelief that the agency would overlook someone who’s credentials might be suspect considering the extensive background checks they have to go through before becoming an agent.

“Yeah, I’ve got a feeling. Besides, he can’t be that stupid and be a trained agent. I can’t believe they would assign him to the Senator either! What the hell were they thinking?” She asked concerned for the Senator’s safety after the whole kidnapping situation they went through because of the Senator’s political beliefs.

“I’ll have him checked out and I think they’re trying to get the best person for the job Rayne. But, you’re not available so, they have to make do with what they have.” Tom sincerely answered and patted his partner on the back before leaving.

Rayne sat back down at the table and scratched her chin wondering if she had been to hard on the young agent. ‘Maybe I’m wrong about him, but I can’t help the way I feel. I don’t have a good feeling about him at all.’ Rayne thought warily. ‘Maybe I should be the one assigned to the Senator.’ She thought as an option. ‘Alright, find out the facts with the agent and go from there.’ She reassured herself walking back to the phone knowing she didn’t want to have return to the rigors of protecting the Senator especially since it’s a re-election year. She would be away from Lark way too much and wasn’t going to let that happen…again.

Rayne dialed Holly’s number into the phone. ‘I’ll just have to choose the Senator’s agent myself.’ She thought arrogantly or was it? Maybe…or possibly it was just because she was overly protective of him considering the fact that the Senator is Lark’s father.

“Hello?” Lark’s worried voice echoed through the receiver.

“Hey, sexy.” Rayne answered rubbing the back of her neck to relieve the tension she felt from what just happened.

“Are you okay?” Lark asked her voice thick with concern.

“I’m perfect now that I hear your sexy voice Lark.” Rayne answered smiling and lay her head back against the chair she was sitting in relieving the tension.

“Are you going to kill me with suspense or are you going to tell me what happened?” Lark questioned anxiously.

“Oh, yeah…that.” Rayne teased and explained, “Seems we had a photographer here who was very willing to take some compromising photos of our father’s and sell them for a high price.”

“Oh, no! Fortunately, you were able to catch them. How’d they get past daddy’s agent?”

“I’m not sure…we’re checking him out now. I really don’t have a very good feeling about him.”

“It’s a good thing that you’re suspicious of some people or this could have been one hell of a disaster.” Lark answered relieved and proud that her lover foiled the photo scam.

“I guess so. What’s happening over your way?” Rayne asked happy to change the subject to keep her mind off her gut feelings and focus on one hell of gorgeous blonde on the other end of the line with the most beautiful, angelic voice.

“I’m going to bed. Everyone here has passed out cold.” Lark answered with a laugh.

“Sounds like a good idea. I’m heading that way myself. I need my beauty sleep for my very important date with a sexy blonde tomorrow.” Rayne teased sexily with a chuckle.

“Well, now. I hope you have a wonderful date as I’m positive I certainly will tomorrow.” Lark answered grinning widely feeling the butterflies tickle her belly at the thought of how special tomorrow is to her.

“Oh, you can count on it as long as she doesn’t stand me up.” Rayne joked padding down the hall to her bedroom peaking her head in the door noting much of the party goers had left and the remaining one’s were passed out on various pieces of furniture. She chuckled and headed into her room.

“You can count on the fact that she will not stand you up. In fact, she’ll be there early.” Lark guaranteed with a giggle.

“An actress…early? Cut if out woman!” Rayne laughingly teased.

“When it’s an event this important she’ll be on time especially seeing as how it’s something she’s been waiting for all of her life…committing herself to her soul mate for all of eternity.”

Rayne smiled happily feeling a tingling sensation in her stomach from Lark’s admission and paused briefly exhaling a satisfied sigh before stripping her jeans, underwear and bra off. She crawled into the large bed settling herself against the pillows. “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow baby. Have sweet dreams tonight.” Rayne sincerely professed.

“You too my sexy beast. I love you Rayne.” Lark gushed into the phone wishing Rayne’s arms were wrapped tightly around her, but didn’t want to risk bad luck for the rest of their lives by seeing her intended before the ceremony.

“Love you sweets.” Rayne answered her blushing smile widening with the butterflies fluttering uncontrollably in her stomach. “Goodnight.”

“Night babe.” Lark answered softly clicking the phone off falling back on the bed and sighing disappointedly that Rayne wasn’t with her.

Rayne put the phone on the night stand, stripped her shirt off and crawled under the covers lonely for a certain green-eyed actress she loved more than life itself. You know the one…the blonde who captured her heart the moment she first laid eyes on her.

Rayne stared at the ceiling worried that the vows she wrote for Lark would express everything she meant to her. They had to…they were straight from her heart. Rayne tossed and turned in bed for the majority of the night fretting over the vows, but mostly because Lark wasn’t snuggled comfortably in her arms. Rayne woke with a start when she heard a clanging noise outside her window. She jumped out of bed and rushed to the window to see the entertainment company they hired setting up the tents for the ceremony.

Rayne’s racing heart settled and she looked at the clock noting she had about two hours of sleep out of the five spent in bed. She slipped on her sports bra, a pair of gym shorts followed by her socks and sneakers deciding an invigorating morning jog on the beach would settle her nervousness. She headed out the back door towards the sea wall pulling her long, dark hair up into a pony tail and sucked in the fresh ocean breeze. The fresh, clean scent filled her lungs giving her a feeling of completeness. “I’m home.” She smiled contentedly that she was back were she belonged before setting out on her exercise excursion.

Rayne finished her morning workout, advised the ‘set up’ crew as to tent placements and headed in for her shower as the time was disappearing quickly. She finished showering and headed towards the closet to retrieve her outfit. Rayne thought about how special she wanted their day to be and tried to think of some way to make it extra special for Lark. She opened the closet door looking into her wardrobe and smiled mischievously knowing just exactly what special thing she could do for Lark. “She’s going to die!” Rayne laughed sarcastically thoroughly happy with the plan she had in store for Lark.


The End

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