Four Mondays by MJ

Four Mondays
by MJ

The glare of the computer screen reflected upon the dainty gold-rimmed glasses that sat loosely upon a pert little nose. No other form of light filled the large spacious office and the intense glower from the VDU was beginning to form an ache in the expressive green eyes behind those spectacles. A faint ticking could be heard from a small, black clock that hung just so on the wall. The office was very tastefully decorated and minimalist in its appearance. A large desk stood at the far end of the room by a window that spread the width of the area. On the left hand side near the door stood a large black sofa and in the right a table holding a printer/photo copier. There was a large Macintosh looking rug in the centre with a few pictures of maps on the wall mostly of the new and ancient world.

“Dam it,” echoed around the walls of the office as a gentle hand pushed the keyboard away and a blonde head dropped down onto the desk with an audible ‘PLONK’.

“Ow…oh shit shit shit!”

The blond head lifted as she rubbed her fore head with a gentle pressure. Luckily the pain wasn’t all that bad, so with a frustrated sigh Alice dropped her chin onto her hands and closed her eyes.

All Sunday, all bloody Sunday she had been working…on a dam Sunday, what was she thinking? Though really she knew why. She was working on a new computer program that was going to blow the socks of her colleagues and improve the companies’ current programming system for sure. Now if she could just iron out those few little kinks she would be set.

Alice Bateman had been working at Log Tec Systems now for almost a year and a half. She was a Program Support Assistant, which basically meant, she dealt with customers who were having any difficulties with the new systems that her firm made and installed. Being only 25 years old she was the youngest employee there, but because of her astounding comprehension of computers and their different languages she was snapped up to work for Log Tec immediately. Being a support assistant wasn’t what she wanted to do, but it got her foot in the door so to speak; all she had to do now was show her bosses just what magic she could weave. If only she could find the little bug that was preventing her from completing her work.

Taking a sip of cold coffee she tilted her wrist and looked at her watch, “Ten past eleven…Jesus!” she whispered as she pushed her chilly beverage away from her with a look of disgust. Not that she liked coffee much; it was just that the caffeine had kept her going since she had entered work at six that morning, that and it was the only instant drink available.

“Six o’clock, anyone would think I had no life…oh that right…I don’t” she muttered as she lay her arms upon her desk and settled her head onto them gently, feeling her short blond hair fall around her ears.

“Just a five minute rest” she mumbled as her eyelids closed and she slipped into deep sleep.


She was brought to an almost semi conscious state by the sound of her office door opening. She would have questioned the sound but the familiar dream she was having about an enticing dark stranger persuaded her to keep her eyes closed. Unfortunately the sounds continued as definite footsteps padded their way across the carpeted floor.

“Rise and shine sweetie time to get up.”

“Mum?” she asked groggily.

The sound of a light chuckle roused her and she lifted her head, glasses still upon her face but they now held a more diagonal position.

“Well I do consider myself a motherly person…and if I was yours I would kick your behind for working all night and not letting me know where you were!”

Alice pulled her glasses from her eyes, (or eye considering they were only covering one) and turned to face the disembodied voice of the companies’ secretary.

“Mandy…wha…whe…” she groaned rolling her eyes and let her head fall back to her arms still slightly confused.

“Well I guess you’re not a morning person” Mandy chuckled again and pushed a wisp of red hair behind her ear. “Ally it is half past eight, and by the looks of you I would say you were working all day yesterday and fell asleep at your desk.” The middle-aged woman swept her eyes over Alice taking in her back jeans, boots and tight white t-shirt.

“You are lucky the boss isn’t here today, I don’t think jeans are part of the companies’ dress code…not that you don’t look nice…I just don’t think he would appreciate that tough sexy image during the week!”

“Mandy!” Alice exclaimed lifting her head once more with a shocked expression, looking incredulously at the secretary.

“Oh don’t you give me that look…you know Neil isn’t in yet, but you can be sure he would defiantly appreciate it” she stated with a knowing wink.

Alice rolled her eyes as she thought of the guy who had been trying to get a date with her for the past five, six, or seven months now; she had lost count after her millionth refusal.

Rising to her feet she groaned as every muscle in her body protested to the sudden movement. Her arms rose above her head as she worked out the kinks.

“Oh and no bra as well, should I be scandalised by this?” Mandy waggled her russet eyebrows.

Alice looked down at herself and chuckled, “Actually I am wearing a bra, it is just too dam cold in this office.”

Mandy smiled and walked towards the door, “If you want to go home and get changed you will have to be back by ten, otherwise I don’t think your current dress will be a problem with the boss not here and all…though I think I should go turn up the heat so Neil will keep his eyes on his V.D.U and not Y.O.U.”

Alice picked up her stress toy, which was actually the shape of an aeroplane and threw it at her. She did intend on missing and only just managed to do so. “Out” she shouted, trying hard not to laugh.

“Hey no playing with toys in the office, another company rule I’m afraid.” Mandy deadpanned, as she threw the toy back at Alice and made a swift exit out the door, shutting it behind her.

Alice sat back at her desk laughing and pondered whether to go home or not. It was now quarter to nine; she looked out the window next to the door that gave her an excellent view of the front desk where Mandy sat nibbling on an apple and reading a sheet of paper.

“To change or not to change?” she lifted her arm and sniffed under her pits, well at least I’m not rank she thought with a smile. She looked at her computer, which portrayed a multitude of different coloured piped moving around the screen, and decided to go home. Unfortunately as she was about to shut the computer down the phone rang and she groaned loudly knowing it was a call from a customer needing help. With a heavy sigh she sat down and lifted the receiver, “Hi this is Alice Bateman, support assistant…” this better be one of those idiots who don’t know what the [ctrl] key does, she thought.


Michelle Saunders, a large woman with tight curly blonde hair, stood talking to Mandy when yet another vulgar profanity met her ears. She turned to look once again into Alice’s office, seeing her pace around her desk. The support assistant had long since abandoned her telephone receiver and now wore a wireless headpiece that she was talking rather animatedly into. Michelle looked at Mandy with a bemused expression.

“She’s been on that phone for two hours…I hope she mutes that thing before she swears.”

Mandy shook her head, “It’s that new account of ours I bet, some of those people would think VDU is a certain form of new ‘female'” she quoted using her fingers “medical condition!”

Michelle burst into laughter nodding her head in total agreement, their latest account, was a family run trade who had only just started computerising their business dealings.

“She’d better be muting that thing” Michelle continued, “Don’t want her giving any of the older family members heart attacks.”

“Oh yea she’s muting alright, she should be careful though, what with all that button pressing, that she doesn’t get R S I.”

They both watched as Alice pulled the headpiece from her head, leaving her hair in disarray, and rubbed her temples furiously.

“Oh here she comes,” they said in unison.

Alice pulled her door open and stalked out to the two women, rolling her eyes as she did so. She could see they found the whole scene amusing and although she was quick to loose her temper, she was also quick to gain it back.

“After all that, it turns out that some idiot had forgot to input one single figure. Had their boss thinking our system was conking out on them. God I need a drink.”

“Want to go out for one tonight” a familiar voice asked.

Alice dropped her head in her hands as she recognised Neil’s one millionth and one attempt to ask her out on a date.

“Some other time” she stated absentmindedly.

“Really” he asked “Great…th…that’s great, when?”

“Not now” she stated and walked off towards the coffee machine.

The two other women looked at each other amused before sidling over to the frustrated woman curiously.

“He may not wipe that grin of his face for days, you do realise that don’t you?”

Alice picked up her coffee and turned around, “Maybe I should just tell him I like women” she stated and walked off.

Michelle looked at Mandy startled. “Was she serious?” she asked quietly.

Mandy pursed her lips and cocked her head in thought, “You know, I don’t know but have you ever seen her take any interest in a man?”

“I’ve never seen her take an interest in anyone, man or woman” Michelle stated.

“True” Mandy agreed and walked back to her desk thoughtfully.


Alice sat at her desk surrounded by the clutter that she claimed gave her a sense of calm. Little toys, novelty erasers, and the odd picture frame littered the surface area. She picked up the frame, which held a picture of her parents and smiled sadly. They had both been dead for almost five years, but she never got over upset about that. She imagined them still together and looking out for her wherever they were. The petit blonde knew they would both be so proud of her for what she had achieved, and one day she would see them again.

As she stared at the picture a sudden thought came to her, “Oh God dam it!” she slapped her forehead “Of course.”

She picked up her glasses and pushed them onto her nose as she opened the folder containing her program. Sometimes giving her brain a little brake could help it sort out all the jumbled data she had swirling around in there. Pulling the keyboard towards her she set out to solve her problem. Shall I get something to eat now? No I’ll wait. She thought.

Forty-five minutes later still hard at work, she heard her door open.

“Alice you have a package here to sign” Mandy informed her.

“Hmm…bring it through.” She replied without even lifting her head.

A few seconds later a large envelope was placed on her desk, closely followed by a pen and sheet of paper held by a clipboard. Without even looking up, she signed her name, placed the pen back on the board and carried on working.

A deep vice filled her senses, “Thanks” it stated.

She stopped working and looked at the package as she heard the door close. Lifting her eyes to the window with her view to Mandy’s desk she saw a head of long black hair, a brown leather jacket and light blue jeans as they headed out the office.

That voice she thought, it was so familiar, so sensual and so not Bernie the usual courier. Rising swiftly from her chair she turned to look out her window, which gave her an excellent view outside and the large sleek motorcycle parked by the road. A few seconds later she spotted the figure walk out the office towards the bike. It was defiantly a woman that was for sure. Watching as though her life depended on every movement the woman made, she saw her place a black helmet onto her head and mount the bike. Luckily with the building being only three stories high and her in the middle she had an excellent view of the two pale blue eyes that looked up to the office before the bike moved away and into the distance.

Alice wondered why she suddenly had the most intense feeling that she’d just missed the most important piece of her life. Still standing at the window a great feeling of regret filled her. Who was she? She questioned herself but the answer was not forthcoming. How can I find out? She then asked her self and the image of a certain person who made it her life ambition to know every dam person on the planet popped into mind, Mandy!

Racing towards the door she pulled it open and headed towards Mandy, slowing down her speed to act as casually as she could. Mandy sat at her desk talking quietly to somebody on the phone. Oh please hurry up…who ever is on the other side of that line…get the hell off.

A minute later Mandy hung up the phone and looked at Alice.

“Well what can I do for my favourite little programmer from the Midlands?” she asked.

Alice leaned forward, “Is that a crack about my height?” she questioned, not wanting to appear too desperate about the information she required.

“No, no…just a term of endearment, like pixy from the Midlands or my little Midland munch kin, you know.”

Alice laughed, “You know you are not so tall yourself Mrs Southern secretary..”

“Taller than you dear now what can I do for you?”

Alice rolled her eyes and shook her head, trying to appear casual.

“I was just wondering who that woman was, I have never seen her here before.”

“And what makes you think I would know?” she demanded.

Alice just rose and eyebrow and smiled.

“Oh alright, her name is Leah, Leah Johnson. She took over Bernies’ round today, as he had to go to the dentist. She is American you know… oh though you probably would have noticed that when she spoke. Very beautiful isn’t she?” Mandy questioned, after Alice’s earlier comment she was beginning to do a little bit of wondering about that girl.

“I don’t know, I didn’t even see her face.” She laughed and scratched her cheek to hide the blush she could feel crawl over her skin.

“Oh well she is, tanned skin, blue eyes, black hair,” Mandy trailed watching Alice carefully. The girl seemed to be swarming inside with a million questions, but would she ask them?

It seemed a shame as she remembered that the woman had stated she was returning back to the states at the end of the week and when Mandy mentioned this to Alice the look of disappointment was evident on her features.


The office was dark once again and Alice didn’t even have the heart to turn on her desk lamp. She thought of how Mandy would joke that she probably didn’t turn it on because she wouldn’t be able to find it among all the junk she kept on her desk, but for once she couldn’t even find the energy to laugh. Why do I feel like this? Why do I feel like I have just missed out on a great aspect of my life? The image of a retreating form of the mysterious Leah entered her mind and she sighed so deeply, she was sure she had just depleted her entire bodies oxygen count.

“If I hadn’t of had that call this morning I could have worked out the program problem sooner…though I was going home wasn’t I. If I didn’t fall asleep in the office I would have arrived at work normal time this morning and some other person would have been doing that dam call. God if I hadn’t have been so engrossed in that dam program I would have paid more attention her.” Doesn’t mean she would have paid any attention to you though, her mind quipped.

Alice dropped her head and rose to her feet, shutting down her computer as she did so.

“What ifs and if onlys’ will do me no good now will they?” she questioned herself.


“Oh shut up.”

With a feeling of emptiness that she could not explain the programmer left her office and walked the distance home. She did have a car but only living a twenty minute walk away and knowing London’s reputation for heavy traffic she was much happier burning a bit of excess energy.

Once in her flat, she ignored her stomachs constant rumbling pleas for food, as she shed her clothes in a bid to make it to bed as swiftly as possible. By the time she was there and with a trail of clothes leading from her front door she was completely naked. Lifting the covers she climbed in falling onto her face hoping that tomorrow would lessen the ache in her chest. She had never felt more confused and alone in her life, and just hoped that the new day would bring a pleasanter feeling.


It was that same dream again, she’d had it before that she was sure, but as she tried to recognise it, she slowly found herself drifting to the real world.

“Rise and shine sweetie time to get up.”

It couldn’t be time for school already, could it?

“Mum” she asked groggily.

A chuckle brought her more to the waking world as she began to realise where she was. Lifting her head she forced her eyes open, feeling the weight of her spectacles still on her face; though they felt kind of strange!

“Well I do consider myself a motherly person…and if I was yours I would kick your behind for working all night and not letting me know where you were!”

Alice tried to focus her eyes, realising the slightly blurred sight in the right was due to her reading glasses haphazardly hanging on her face; she pulled them off slowly.

“Mandy…wha…whe…” she gave up on human speech and allowed her head to fall back down to her arms. God she hated sleeping in strange positions.

“Well I guess you’re not a morning person” Mandy chuckled again and pushed a wisp of red hair behind her ear. “Ally it is half past eight, and by the looks of you I would say you were working all day yesterday and fell asleep at your desk.” The middle-aged woman swept her eyes over Alice taking in her back jeans, boots and tight white t-shirt.

“You are lucky the boss isn’t here today, I don’t think jeans are part of the companies dress code…not that you don’t look nice…I just don’t think he would appreciate that tough sexy image during the week!”

The tough and sexy description shocked her into gain her senses. She had been called many things including sweet and cute, but tough and sexy, never.

“Mandy” she exclaimed, though I do kind of like the analogy.

The secretary began to tease her about the companies’ lovesick employee, before commenting on Alice’s lack of bra.

She looked down and chuckled remembering when she had taken her grey sweater off, which now lay over the black three-seated sofa in the far corner of the room.

“Actually I am wearing a bra, it is just too dam cold in this office.”

Mandy proceeded to leave the office still teasing as she did so. As she threw the stress toy back and shut the door Alice got her first feeling of déjà vu.

“To change or not to change” she pondered sniffing her armpits for good measure, while weighing out the pros and cons. Finally deciding to go take a nice revitalising shower, she didn’t welcome the sound of the companies’ customer relation line ringing in her office. “Hi this is Alice Bateman, support assistant…” this better be one of those idiots who don’t know what the [ctrl] key does, she thought.


She had been on the phone for almost two hours now, her annoyance rising more every second that she was passed from one half wit to another.

She moved her hand to the ear piece of the head set, jamming her finger on the mute button, “I don’t fucking believe this!” she shouted before releasing the button and continuing to listen to the babbling man on the other end of the line.

“I am lead to believe that the problem is your system Alice.”

When did I say he could call me Alice…I dam well take it back. “Mr Anderson are you sure you have checked the last data inputs? What you have been describing to me can not possibly be a program error.” Staying calm while the phone was not muted was a difficult task indeed, though she was sure she was just managing, for her own sake more than anything else.

There was the sound of slow tapping on a keyboard and the rustle of more paper before a somewhat distant clearing of the throat was heard. She smiled in triumph.

“Oh deer it seems that….”

“Somebody forgot to input the number five.” She said unsure of where the statement came from.

“Err yes that is correct…somebody left a number out.”

And of course it wasn’t you Mr Anderson…why does everybody always try to pass the buck…so they don’t look like fools…Oh yeah that’s right!

“Well I for one am glad you have this is sorted out, if there are any more problems please don’t hesitate to call.” She didn’t even wait for a reply as she hung up, pulling the headset from her as she did so. She felt her hair fall messily over her head and pushed dainty hands through to try neatening it out while looking into the foyer at the two smirking women. She had been aware they had been watching her for quite some time. I guess this is what happens when the boss is away…I wonder how much work they will actually do today. She chuckled as she remembered the reprimanding looks she had received from them both after each profanity that left her mouth.

Feeling calm once again she headed towards the two women, opening the door to her office and stepping out into the foyer.

“After all that, it turns out that some idiot had forgot to input one single figure. Had their boss thinking our system was conking out on them. God I need a drink.”

Instantly she became aware of a crop of short curly brown hair and dark stubble loom up behind her, “Want to go out for one tonight?” Neil asked.

Resisting the urge to turn around, grab the man by the shirt collar and scream ‘why wont you take the hint,’ she told him some other time.

With the shocked reply to her statement she realised for the second time that day she was experiencing a feeling of déjà vu.

Feeling she had to get away from the guy she decided the get a coffee, and it was not long before she once again found herself in the presence of Mandy and Michelle.

“He may not wipe that grin of his face for days, you do realise that don’t you?” Mandy commented.

Alice picked up her coffee and turned around, “Maybe I should just tell him I like women” she stated and walked off. ‘God why the hell did I say that, I’m not even sure whether it is true myself…oh of course you are…maybe.’


Time had flown by and forty-five minutes later Alice decided it was time to use the bathroom. Exiting her office she passed Mandy who was busy talking to somebody on the telephone, again!

“Back in five.” She whispered animatedly and breezed out the door.

Walking out the bathroom a minute later, the smell of hotdogs from an open window on the ground floor reminded her that she hadn’t eaten all day. Without a second thought she dashed down the stairs, out the office front doors, passed the motorcycle on the front and over to the vender on the other side of the road.

Fifteen minutes and three hot dogs later, she was walking back through the doors to the second floor. Mandy sat at her desk with an envelope by her side.

“Alice…this came for you, but you weren’t in so Tesh had to sign for it.” She stated.

Alice felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as she looked at the envelope with a feeling stronger than déjà vu. Her heart dropped into her stomach as she remembered who had delivered the package, “Didn’t you ask her to wait?” she questioned.


“The courier, Leah.”

“Well she waited for five minutes, that was how long you said you were going to be, but she had to go, she got a call on her mobile, I guess they needed her to make another delivery and…hold on…how did you know her name was Leah…do you know her, she never mentioned she knew you?” Mandy questioned.

Pushing hands through her blond locks, Alice moved to the visitors’ chairs by the door and sat down. The feeling that she had lived the day before became more of a statement of fact than mere speculation in her mind. I don’t understand.

“It is Monday isn’t it?” she questioned.

Mandy nodded her head, frowning. The expression on the young programmers face was one she had never seen before. It was a mixture between immense confusion and great loss rolled into one.

The strong feeling that she had lived this day before just would not leave her mind. Am I going crazy she questioned but there was no reply, maybe that’s a good thing she thought. Pushing imaginary pieces of lint from her jeans her eyes stared into space.

A motherly concern washed over Mandy as she watched Alice’s strange behaviour. Without a second thought she rushed to sit beside her, placing a well manicured hand on her back and rubbing gently, “Alice…what is it sweet?”

Alice shook her head slowly, “What did you do yesterday Mandy?”

The secretary frowned, “Well, tried to avoid church with the family, cooked dinner, the husband fell sleep in front of the TV all afternoon, the usual Sunday rigmarole, why?”

“You wana know what I did yesterday?”

Mandy raised her eyebrows in question.

“Today” Alice replied.

Mandy lowered her eyebrows to a frown of confusion, “I don’t underst….”

The young woman rose from her chair, “Listen I’m not feeling too well is it ok if I have the rest of the day off?”

The secretary nodded her head, “Sure sweetie…I’ll cover for you.”

Alice walked into her office, grabbed her sweater, back pack, brief case and left. She quietly thanked Mandy and made her way home.


Surely she was cracking up, how could she have lived the same day twice, she questioned, yet the insistent memory of the day before refused to leave her. Upon returning home Alice had once again left a trail of clothes only this time leading towards the bath, were she was pondering her sanity.

It seems so real, she told her self, I know I am not going crazy, today did happen yesterday. Why is this happening? Two brilliant blue eyes formed an image in her head. Surely not, if this was my second chance to see her then I blew it…oh curse my demanding stomach. She let her body slip into the water until she was completely immersed, only resurfacing when the need for air burned in her lungs. She sighed dramatically, “What the hell is going on?” she whispered to the little yellow rubber duck that bobbed around on the surface of the water. It did not reply so she picked it up and chucked it into her white porcelain sink by the side of the tub, “Great help you are, with all this weirdness today, you answering me back wouldn’t have surprised me in the least.”

Noticing her skin begin to prune, Alice decided it was time to leave her water haven. Grabbing a large white fluffy towel that lay by the side of the tub, she wrapped it around herself and got out. Without even bothering to properly dry the wet skin she flung it from her body as she reached her bed and climbed in. It was still early, too early to sleep, but she found she didn’t want to move. So she lay there questioning her good sense until the outside darkness began to penetrate her room.

I wonder, she thought; has this all been nothing more than a strange dream, or will it all happen again tomorrow? Strange though she knew the feeling was she hopped it was the latter, and as sleep slowly took it hold, she whispered her final plea into the darkness, “Please let me see her again.”


She felt herself being pulled from a very relaxing dream.

“Rise and shine sweetie time to get up.”

“Mum?” she asked groggily, wishing she didn’t have to get up so soon.

A light chuckle brought her to a feeling of familiarity.

“Well I do consider myself a motherly person…and if I was yours I would….”

“Kick my behind for working all night and not letting you know where I was?”

Mandy looked at Alice as though she had just grown another head, “My god the woman’s a mind reader…should I be getting worried and start wearing silver foil on my head so you don’t begin reading my lascivious thoughts?”

Still not fully aware of the living world Alice pulled her diagonally placed glassed from her head and turned to face the secretary with a look of wonder in her green eyes.

“Am I still dreaming?” she questioned.

“No dear…and if you were I would say you have some pretty dull dreams if they consist of this place. Of course, I am sure I would be a welcome relief.” Mandy said, polishing her nails on her dark sweater.

Alice rose to her feet, feeling the muscles in her back protest to the sudden movement. Taking a quick stretch she turned once again to face the secretary who was standing observing her with a look of interest. With sudden impact she began to recall the day before, or rather today… yesterday.

“I don’t believe it,” she whispered.

“What?” Mandy whispered back, moving her eyes from side to side as if watching out for the enemy.

“It really happened.” She stated.

“What did?” she was asked as the secretary looked at her in confusion.

Alice fell back down to her chair with a thud; I don’t know whether I should be elated or scared out of my wits…shit.

Mandy scratched her head allowing strands of red hair to fall from behind her ears and onto her face. Irritated by the tickling sensation they caused she pushed them back annoyed.

“Are you ok Alice?”

Alice looked to the woman and smiled reassuringly, more so than she felt, and she tried to ease Mandy’s look of concern.

“Ah…I’m ok, just still coming round that’s all.”

The woman’s face relaxed, “Oh I can tell you are not a morning person, though I am sure working all weekend and sleeping at your desk doesn’t help any. It’s a good job the boss isn’t here today as well, what with you in your tough and sexy clothes! You do realise you may not do much for job satisfaction today, well not work related anyway!”

Alice’s eyes almost popped out of her head at that comment, she was expecting the crack about her attire, but not that; she stared at the woman incredulously.

“Oh don’t you give me that look missy, you do realise Neil will be here soon, and I know he will certainly appreciate that outfit, especially considering you aren’t even wearing a bra!”

She looked down at herself and laughed, “Actually I am wearing one…” she snapped a strap for effect, “It is just too cold here first thing in the morning.”

“Well let me go and turn up the heating before you go poke some ones eye out with those thing!” Mandy stated and left Alice once again staring at her aghast as she left the room and closed the door behind her.

Putting sturdy elbows on the desk she propped her head up on her hands. This was real; it was really happening…it was Monday again! She shook her head and continued staring at the closed door to her office. Well this time I will be ready. She moved a hand and poised it over the telephone waiting, fifteen seconds later it rang.

“Hi this is Alice Bateman, support assistant…” Ha…lets see how they will react when I solve their little problem in ten seconds.


Two minutes later she left her office and walked to Mandy at the front desk.

“Hey…listen I’m going home to shower and change, I will be back in about one and a half hours ok?”

The secretary nodded her head, “Sure sweetie you go get freshened up I’ll cover for you while you are gone.”

Alice thanked her and left the office.


She stood in front of the wardrobe wondering what to wear.

“Hmmm smart and casual, business woman, sharp and sexy…how the hell am I supposed to choose what look she will like?”

If she will like you, it will not matter what you are wearing she told herself.

In that case I’ll to for sharp and sexy!


Just as she had stated, she was back with in two hours and re-entering the building. Marcus the security guard was sitting at his usual place behind a large oak desk; a dozen monitors showing different views of the building surrounded him. He was a tall man, but quite thin with a thick head of blond curly hair and big brown eyes. Alice had a soft spot for the man as he always wore a smile, which in turn lightened her moods even on the dullest of days.

“Morning Miss Bateman” he greeted with that ever-present grin.

She smiled back and asked him how he was before taking the stares to the second floor.

Entering the office she almost collided with two of her co-workers Tesh, a tall Asian man with thick black hair and ever-present stubble, and Nicola she was also tall with long wavy brown hair. Her left ear was pierced from top to bottom, and Alice sometimes had the urge to see how many magnets she could stick to the sales womans’ body, she was well aware her ear wasn’t the only place she had pierced. Saying a quick hello she passed them and made her way to Mandy’s desk telling her that if she received any packages to just send the courier straight in. She then headed for her office.

Once inside she studied her reflection in the outside window. She had chosen to wear her black suit and green top that tended to accentuate her body in all the right places. Ignoring the urge to finish off her new program she decided to clear out her e-mail box instead.


Leah Johnson pulled open the doors to the second floor of Log Tec Systems. She strode confidently in and stood waiting at the front desk where a small red head was busy talking to somebody on the telephone. This was hopefully, her last stop of the short day and she was thankful to finally get home and start packing. It was time for her to leave, she had been in England for over a year and with the feeling that she had not found what she was looking for she decided it was time to move on. Pulling open the zipper to her leather jacket she let the cool breeze of the air conditioning wash over her. It was spring and although it was warm, too warm for her leather jacket, she found she had to wear it if she was riding the bike. Just the smell of the garment and the feel of the powerful ‘beast’ (as she called it) between her legs were so comforting. She wished she could take the bike with her, but it wasn’t hers. It came with the job and she had been given one hell of a machine, built for speed and power so deliveries could be made on time.

Pulling her long black hair from the collar of her coat she smiled when the woman finally put down the telephone.

“Oh… and what can I do for you handsome?”

Leah’s lips twitched to hold back a smile as an eyebrow rose over one blue eye, “I have a delivery for a Miss…” she looked down to her clip board, “Alice Bateman, I am to get her signature on receipt.”

The red head leaned towards her and whispered, “See that cute blond sitting at her desk over there?”

Leah nodded as she looked into the office across from her and at the top of a blond head looking down onto her desk.

“Well she’s the one your looking for…go right in.”

The courier smiled and headed towards the door, but as she was about to knock she was called back by the cheerful woman and given a two-minute grilling on why Bernie the usual delivery guy was not here.


Alice had finished her e-mails and was now doing the tedious task of opening her snail mail. It is amazing; I don’t know where I get the most junk mail, with these or on the comp. She opened a letter, which looked a bit more interesting.

A knock sounded at her door so she yelled for the person to come in while opening out the paper inside.

“Woo ho, I have won one million pounds,” she stated in a sarcastic voice, rolling up the letter and projecting it into the bin on her left hand side.

“Miss Bateman?”

The silky voice stopped her from cheering as the paper ball landed in the waste bin, and she slowly turned to look into the most amazing set of blue eyes she had ever seen.


Leah smiled as she gazed at the stuttering blond sitting at her desk. One thought kept running through her head, she is the one I’m looking for.

Alice closed her silent mouth as she gazed into the face of the woman she had been waiting for all day. I thought I was prepared for this. She is more beautiful than I even imagined. She moved her vision down taking in the long dark hair, leather jacket, black t-shirt and faded blue jeans. She resisted the urge to lift up and see what the woman was wearing on her feet.

The courier smiled as she took in the blatant perusal, well well.

Realising what she was doing Alice tried to hide her blush as she spied she had been caught, ok Bateman play cool… she’s so tall…oh God. She rose to her feet suddenly feeling all of her five foot five and a half inches, (and that half was very important!)

“Alice Bateman?” Leah asked again, wondering why she was finding it so hard to breath.

Coming to her senses Alice shook her head, “Sorry…yep that’s…that’s me.”

The courier smiled and held out the package, “I…em…need your signature.” God Leah that was cool, your stuttering just as much as she is…and why is that hmm?

Alice took the envelope and placed it down on the desk never breaking the eye contact with the other woman. She held out her hand but while she was expecting to feel the cold surface of the clipboard she actually felt soft, smooth, warm skin. Looking down she saw Leah’s hand in hers.

“Well I was expecting the clip board but this is much better.” She stated noting the slightly embarrassed look and the other woman’s face, yet the hand didn’t move.

“I agree.” Leah replied wondering why her mind and body were working against her common sense.

Finally pulling their hands apart, Alice turned her vision to the outer office where she saw Mandy watching the whole scene with a huge amount of interest. She could almost imagine what comment the woman was going to make when Leah had gone. At that thought Alice mind screamed NO and she decided she had act quick, if she wanted this woman, she needed to calm down and ask her out for a drink or something. Or I could just throw her down on the desk and…. Her stomach lurched as she realized she had only ever asked somebody out once before and the reason for that was because she was so bad at it.

Noting the silence Leah decided one of them had to speak.

“Your signature?” she asked

“Oh right.” Alice took the clipboard and picked up a pen to sign her name.

“Alice…that’s a really beautiful name.”

The woman looked up from her clipboard and smiled.

“Hmm so is Leah.”

The courier frowned, “How did you know my name was Leah?”

A slight panic set in as Alice tried to find an excuse. “Oh well em…I can lip read…I saw Mandy say it before you came in and just guessed she was referring to you.” Oh God Mandy I hope you said her name.

“Well that’s impressive, any more talents I should know about?”

Few that was close…wait a minute is she flirting with me?

Alice looked deep into the woman’s eyes, “Are you saying you want to find out?”

Leah smiled her insides were doing mental leaps of joy, “What are you doing tonight?”

Alice couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face if she tried.


Out in the foyer Mandy had been watching the scene with great interest. The woman had been in there for a few minutes and after the first few seconds where they just seemed to stare at one another the courier had sat down and they were having, from the looks of it, a very close conversation. She leaned forward on her desk watching with a smile as Alice’s eyes lit up when she laughed, never seen that look in her eyes before! Wonder whether it’s tall, dark and hansom causing that? She smiled and tried to turn her eyes back to her work but the energy that seemed to fill the room from the moment their eyes met drew her back the scene before her.


They had only been talking for about six minutes when they were interrupted by the ring of a phone. It was Leah’s and she answered it speaking briefly with a short ‘yep’ and ‘ok’ before hanging up.

“Well it looks like I have to go, there’s another parcel that need picking up.”

Alice felt a profound disappointment at that, but wasn’t going to give up just yet, “So were you serious about tonight?”

The other woman nodded, “Sure was, how about I pick you up here at six then we can decide what to do ok?”

Alice nodded her head, and with one final look from them both Leah left the office.

Alice leaned back in her chair and smiled, replaying the entire conversation in her head. It was amazing really, the way they had just hit it off. Though their conversation was only brief so much had been said and not just aloud.

She had felt the connection with the other woman and was positive the taller woman felt the same. She had learned that Leah had been in London for just over a year and back home in America the womans’ parents were both still alive and well and living in Washington. She also had no other siblings and they both joked about what it was like being an only child and how spoilt one could get. Alice also noticed Leah’s hint on how she would stay in London if she had a reason to do so. There was ease to their conversation, as though they had been doing it their entire life and the comfort between them was palpable.

As another smile spread across her face at the prospect of the evening to follow, her door opened and Mandy poked her head round.

“Now that looks like the cat that got the canary…or should I say the programmer that got the courier?”

Alice feigned ignorance as she tried to look confused at the secretaries’ comment.

“Oh don’t you go giving me another one of your looks Miss, I was watching out there, I think I saw little blue flecks of electricity fly around you heads while you spoke…or should I say stared at one another with gaping mouths.”

Alice’s face flooded with embarrassment at the realisation they were caught, she just hoped nobody else saw.

“Don’t go turning all red on me now, if I was single and that way inclined I probably would have turned into a puddle on my chair as well.”

“I did not turn into a puddle.” Alice protested indignantly.

“Don’t you worry sweetie nobody else noticed.” Mandy stated with faux sincerely before giggling and making a swift exit out the office.

Alice groaned and let her head fall onto her desk.


“Ow, dam it.”


The city streets were swarming with an arrangement of vehicles and Leah was beginning to wonder whether she was going to make her delivery in time. She grinned once again as she remembered the little blonde she was taking out later. She could not wait till she was finished, the prospect of looking into those two green eyes again was more welcoming than…well she couldn’t even begin to imagine. It had amazed her just how well they had taken to each other. Though they had only just met, already Leah felt more than she had done with any other person she had ever allowed herself to get close to.

The traffic seemed to be getting thicker due to the lunch time traffic, so Leah decided to take a short cut through a couple of back allies. Turning off the main road she made her way into the back streets cutting through the time she had lost. As she came to the end of the last ally she pulled out onto the streets completely unaware of the truck that was illegally parked on the double yellow lines. The last sight she saw was the vehicles blue doors as she hit them at full speed.


The office was bathed in streetlight alone as Alice sat more than disappointedly at her desk. She had been waiting for Leah for over two hours and hadn’t received sight or word. Feeling nothing but a heavy heart she decided to go home. There was no way she was coming now. Feeling a chill in her heart, the same that she had felt suddenly around eight hours before, she left her office deciding to take a taxi home.


It was your traditional black cab, Alice didn’t have to wait long before she hailed one and climbed in. Unfortunately inside, it stunk of take away food making her stomach churn with the double feeling of wanting to eat and nausea at the same time. She gave the cabbie her home address and he took off.

“I’ll have to go the long way round miss, there is a few diversions on the roads tonight.”

Alice didn’t even bother to answer the man who was making lame attempts at a conversation. She was just not in the mood anymore.

“Yea there was a crash on the road around lunch time today. Some woman hit a parked van.”

At those words Alice’s hearing picked up.

“Oh…I…hope she wasn’t…hurt.” She stated with monumental dread.

“Afraid so, she was killed on impact…one of those couriers, you know the ones that get your mail to you anywhere in the city within half an hour.”

Alice’s body chilled as she recognised the slogan of Leah’s place of work.

After that the rest of the journey was a haze. Alice wasn’t even aware when she had arrived home but suddenly she realised that she was in her hallway, sliding down the wall with tears in her eyes. Still in her coat, bags in hand and over her shoulder, she felt nothing as she landed on her black boots. Tears began to flow constantly now as she tried to convince her self that it wasn’t Leah, but her gut feeling knew it was. She didn’t understand why she felt such a profound loss considering how long they knew each other, but Alice defiantly felt as though she had just lost the other half of her soul.

“God if this is your doing, please let me right this tomorrow.” She asked as she cried herself to sleep, on the hallway floor.


“Rise and shine sweetie time to get up.”

Why do those words seem like music to my ears, Alice wondered.

“Mum?” she asked

The sound of a light chuckle roused her and she lifted her head, glasses still upon her face but they now held a more diagonal position.

“Well I do consider myself a motherly person…and if I was yours I would kick your behind for working all night and not letting me know where you were.”

Sudden recognition sank in, as Alice’s head shot from her make shift pillow to look at the secretary.

“Mandy…. shit…. oh God, what day is it?”

The woman looked at her as though she was insane.

“Why it is Monday dear, don’t worry you haven’t been asleep that long…tu…do you really think I would let you sleep through the day or something. You know I….”

Mandy’s words were cut short as she was embraced in the tightest hug she had ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

“Oh…well should I be typically British and be shocked at this or just go with it?…Oh to hell with it!”

She hugged the crazy woman back before asking, “What is all this in aid of…I mean I know we haven’t seen each other all weekend but surely you didn’t miss me this much?”

Alice laughed, “Oh Mandy you really are a card…I’m just really happy it’s Monday, is all.”

“You know it is usually the other way round, normal people hate Mondays…but I am beginning to wonder about you, in more ways than one.”

Alice released the woman and sat back down at her desk, she needed to think.

“If you are getting yourself a warm drink could you get me one, it’s a little cold in here this morning.”

“So I’ve noticed!” the woman replied directing her vision to the front of the young programmers top before making a swift exit out the door.

Alice leaned back in her chair, putting her hands behind her head and closing her eyes.

Please, please, please. Oh God what if she has died every time and the only reason this is happening is so that I can stop it, nothing more? She pulled herself forward mentally crossing her fingers, no I can do this, the way I feel when she’s round and even before we spoke for that matter…there is something more there, it is defiantly a stronger force than I obviously have control of.

Checking her watch Alice decided it was time to go get changed, but before she could make her move the phone rang, shit. She lifted the receiver, “Hi this is Alice Bateman, support assistant….”

After the man had given a ten second introduction as to who he was Alice interrupted his banter, “Listen Mr Anderson, could you open your last stock file and stick a five on the last entry figure?”

There was silence, as the man did as he was told wondering who this woman was and how could she possibly know the problem so fast.

“Well blow me!”

No thank you, “Has it worked?”

“Miss Bateman how did you know this was the problem?” she slightly bewildered man asked.

“Mr Anderson it’s our job, it is what we are good at and what you paid us to do, now if there isn’t anything else I really do have to end our delightful conversation; I have a call on the other line; Good morning to you, and I hope you have a lovely day.” And with that she hung up.

Mandy watched from her desk as Alice leapt from her chair, grabbed her sweater, back pack, briefcase and exited her door; giving her and quick ‘Back in one hour’ statement before leaving. The woman looked at the closing door and saw an imaginary cloud of dust settling after her swift departure. There must be something in the air this morning; nobody could possibly be that cheerful at this time of day, and on a Monday. She thought.


She was home and back in record time, wearing the same suit that she had on the day before, or was it the same day yesterday or the other today…oh never mind. Now she was sitting back at her desk after giving Mandy the same instructions, to let any delivery person through; she wondered what to do.

I could check my e-mails…no, I could read my snail mail…no, erm I could get something to eat…defiantly not. Oh hell how to pass the time, I know I will read my e-mails. With that she logged on to her computer and opened her private mail account. She had no desire to read her work e-mails, they consisted mostly of memos from one employee or another about the most mundane of subjects that she really had no time for at that moment. Some of them were quite humorous, but she had more important things to concern herself with; like how the hell did so many people manage to send her obscene bulk mail. She scrolled through the list of subjects fighting the urge to open one, part of her was curious but the other part of her was dubious. Alice deleted them all before deciding to occupy herself with a game; she had never tried that one with the mines she thought, so that was her choice.


Leah was standing outside Alice’s door. Pushing her package and clipboard into one hand she knocked on the dark wood with the other. After a rather loud ‘yes,’ which she assumed was her permission to enter, she pushed the door open and stepped inside.

There was a click then, “Dam it how could there possibly be one there, this game is stupid…I could design better than this!”

Leah grinned as she realised she hadn’t been spotted and continued to listen to the blondes outrage at loosing the game.

“That’s it this game is toast…no wait a minute…ha do you really think you can beat me, I shall…” Alice’s words were cut short when she realised there was another person in the room. Inwardly cringing, she looked up into the most beautiful eyes that had haunted her for the past three Mondays.

“Err, oh god I’m sorry.”

Leah walked forward trying to hide the grin that was pushing its way onto her face. It wasn’t working very well.

“You know you’re kind of cute when you’re annoyed!”

Alice felt a deep blush flood over her face, so she moved her hand up to feign scratching her brow to disguise it.

“Oh, you are even cuter when you blush!” Leah stated no longer trying to hide the smile spreading on her face.

“Oh…well…ah….” Realising she wasn’t getting anywhere, Alice shut her mouth and took a deep breath, just resisting the urge to leap over her desk and hug the woman standing in front of her. Ok Bateman calm down, remember she doesn’t know any different. “What can I do for you?”

Still smiling Leah placed the envelope on Alice’s desk, “Delivery.”

The young woman looked down at the envelope and held out her hand, she was surprised when she felt the cool surface of the clipboard. She looked up to Leah trying to hide her feeling of loss.

“I wasn’t sure whether you wanted that or my hand so I chose the first.”

Alice smiled, “Well this is ok, but your hand would have been just as welcome.” God did I really just say that, oh for brief seconds to repeat them selves, though by the look on her face I don’t think she minded.

Leah took the clipboard out of Alice’s hand and replaced it with her own.

“Leah Johnson, and I am very pleased to meet you.”

Alice shook her hand, “Alice Bateman, as I am sure you already know, and… likewise.”

They stared at each other for another couple of seconds without breaking their contact. Then Leah looked down at the woman who was still seated in her chair and sat down to face her before moving away from the warm grasp.

“So you’re going back to America soon.” She wasn’t sure why she’d said it, the comment just sort of slipped out as she considered the thought that maybe she was just meant to save her from hitting that truck, and nothing else.

“Well I was thinking about it, how did you know that?”

Alice froze; shit caught out there weren’t you Bateman, think…think…think.

“Oh, I can lip read.” She paused, “Yeah and I saw you talking to Mandy about going home.”

Leah gave Alice the most thoughtful of looks, as she seemed deep in concentration. The young programmer felt a little uneasy but it soon lifted as Leah softened her features.

“You know Alice is a really beautiful name.”

Once again the woman blushed, “Thank you it was my Grand mothers. You know I think the name Leah is lovely too.” Come on I must be able to do better than this.

The courier raised her eyebrow, “I was wondering…are you doing anything tonight Alice.”

The way her name was said sent a shiver up the younger woman’s spine.

“Did you have something in mind?” she questioned.

“Not at the moment, but by the time I pick you up tonight I will. How does that sound?”

Alice did a little inner jig before giving her approval.


They hadn’t been speaking for long but Alice tried to avoid the same topics as the day before, wanting to learn as much about the tall beauty as possible.

The ringing of Leah’s mobile broke their banter. She answered it with the usual brief replied before hanging up.

“Listen I have to go, I’m sorry there is a package that needs delivering as soon as possible.”

Alice’s heart hit her chest in realisation. She dived out of her chair moving round to the front of her desk.

“Do you have to do it?”

Leah looked curiously at her, “Why of course I do, I am the only one in the area today.”

“But you can’t.” Alice demanded

“What, why?”

Alice looked away “It’s too crazy, you would not understand.”

A peculiar look appeared on Leah’s face, as the look of fear was very tangible on the young woman’s features. Without a second thought she pulled the woman close, putting one long slender finger under her chin, lifting her up till she was looking into a pair of sentient green eyes.

“Tell me why you are so afraid Alice.”

The young woman tried to look down but could not; those intense blue eyes were holding her captive.

“I don’t think I can.”

Leah bent her head until she was breathing the same air as the other woman, “Please?”

Alice closed her eyes. She wanted to tell her, to scream it to the hill tops, but she was afraid she might jinx what ever it was that was happening to her and Leah would not get another chance.

A sudden feeling of warmth invaded her lips and she opened her eyes to see two very blue ones staring back. Realising what was happening she moaned, closing her eyes as the other woman intensified the kiss. She opened up allowing Leah inside wanting to feel as much of this woman as possible. Leah felt a warmth ignite her body, but she realised she really had to go. After a short eternity the kiss ended for Alice and she was left to deal with looking once again into a pair of breathtaking blue eyes.

Leah lifted a hand from Alice’s waist and stroked a soft cheek.

“Don’t worry, no short cuts this time!”

Then she released the woman and walked towards the door, “See you about six ok?” And she was gone.


Alice stood in the centre of her office stunned; comprehension dawned on her. Wait a minute what did she just say? Surely she didn’t just mean that she…she couldn’t could she? Oh my God, what if all this time she has been…no she couldn’t have…shit but how did she? God I’m getting a headache.

She was shook out of her musings as her office door was pushed open and Mandy poked her head in, a look a pure bemusement upon her face.

“My God Ally, I have to tell you, I have seen some fast workers in my time but you have just been crowned Queen of them all. Not that I was being nosy or anything but Jesus that was something else. I bet Bernie would wish he could have been here today though hmm?”

Alice frowned still not sure what the woman was talking about. She cocked her head to the side in thought.

“Though I have to tell you, there is one very broken hearted man out in main office sweet heart. Unfortunately Neil saw the two of you and still has not returned from the bathroom, oh yuck, I hope it was a broken heart that sent him almost sprinting to the bathroom.”

Alice continued to frown, “I don’t get what you are talking about.” She was still lost in Leah’s last comment and the realisation of what she thought it meant.

“That kiss numb skull, I mean I noticed the look on you face when you made eye contact, but I didn’t think you would act so fast. I turn away for one minute to ask Neil a question, I look back and you are super glued to each other by the face!”

Alice moved to lean against her desk. “She kissed me,” she whispered more in wonder, than as a statement of fact.

Mandy did a double take, “She kissed you? Wow, then the crown of Queen hood goes to Miss Delivery woman instead.”

Alice frowned, “Her name is Leah, I thought you knew that?”

Mandy shook her head, “No, I didn’t even have time to grill her as to why she was here instead of Bernie, she said she was in a hurry and needed to get that envelope to you A.S.A.P. Didn’t seem in much of a hurry to me though.”

The programmer was about to speak when a voice called Mandy from the other part of the office and she had to leave.

Alice stood up and moved to the outer window, looking out into the busy streets. Wait a minute, if Mandy didn’t ask Leah about herself then I think I was just caught out, no wonder she looked at me strangely…shit…God how many times can I swear in my head.

She sighed, “How many times am I going to talk to myself in my head. What is the first sign of insanity, it’s not when you talk to yourself but when you answer you self back, and I defiantly wont do that.”

Good idea! “Oh crap.”

Alice dropped her head into her hands and sighed, “I probably am going crazy.” She mumbled.


After Leah had finished her last delivery, she finally decided on the perfect date idea for Alice. She liked this woman; she liked her a lot. It didn’t seem to matter that they hardly knew each other, something more powerful was obviously at work and who was she to argue. Especially when it was with such a beautiful young woman!

Making a mental note of what she needed, Leah turned her bike towards home intent on picking up the supplies. At any other time in her thirty years on this planet she may have considered what she was doing, and about to do completely sappy, but there was something about this woman that made her want to be…more. She had never felt the need to feel anything before. From the moment she had left college with a degree in law, she had decided to do a little travelling. It was a great idea at the time she thought, to take a year off and travel different parts of the world, only one year had turned into about five and she had felt no desire to return home. Her parents were ok about it; they had to be really. None of her family had seen her in a long time and although she felt she was probably being selfish, she couldn’t return home until she felt complete.

She had started off her journeys in Greece, she then moved to China, then India and finally Britain. There was no real logic in the countries she chose, it was a driving force that pulled her to these places where she hoped to find what ever it was she was looking for. The traveller had seen many people pass through her life, both men and women, but none of them gave her the feeling of completeness that she so desperately craved. It was becoming obvious that a force more powerful than even she could understand, was trying to tell her something about the blonde woman. Leah just hoped that the unknown feeling she got whenever she looked into those green eyes was the sensation of coming home; it was a welcome feeling after all.


The nervous beat of her wildly hammering heart was the only sound Alice could pickup in the now probably empty office. She had witnessed most of the other employees leave about ten minutes ago, but she some how got the feeling Mandy was lurking around somewhere. She smiled to herself shaking her head, thinking of the woman. She had later told the secretary that Leah was coming to pick her up after work and it suddenly seemed that the small red head was finding a million and one extra pieces of work that could not wait until tomorrow.

Getting up out of her chair, Alice walked over to her sofa and sat down. The butterflies were doing an air show in her stomach and she was starting to regret the four hot dogs Michelle had talked her into eating earlier. Well the woman had talked her into eating one, the other three were just Alice filling her hollow legs. Still feeling nervous she sprung out of the sofa and turned to look in the mirror above the black piece of furniture. Her hair was getting longer, and although part of her wanted to get it cut again to a more manageable style, the other part of her was determined to grow it out. She sighed feeling anticipation and a certain amount of fear, what if she still did hit that van? Feeling an unexpected yet tangible pain slice through her, she decided to stop with the negative thoughts and just sit back down.


The building seemed a lot quieter now. As Leah made her way up the stairs to Alice’s office she wondered whether she would be able to settle down to this kind of life, to suits, meetings, clients and the law. Before, she hadn’t felt the desire to lead that part of her life but it surprised her as she realised that it might be about time she thought about giving it a try.

Opening the doors to the second floor, Leah could see the lights on the Alice’s office, but no Alice. As she was about to move forward and knock on the door a voice called to her.

“Leah isn’t it?”

She turned to see a small red head that she recognised instantly as the secretary. Mandy walked excitedly towards the tall woman eyeing the basket she held in her left arm curiously. Coming face to face with the courier she was instantly surprised at how tall she was, earlier when they had met, she had been sitting down so wasn’t able to compare like she could now. She looked into the womans’ face with the intention of giving Leah her seal of approval, if it was based on looks alone she would have won hands down. Unfortunately that was not the case, Alice was almost like a daughter to her and she wanted to make sure this woman was right for her.

Leah held out her hand, “Mandy I presume, nice to meet you.”

The secretary smiled, “Well and it is nice to meet you to.” She answered, shaking her hand. She looked down at what Leah was holding, “And what is that you have there hmm?”

“Ah that is for me to know and for the Beautiful woman in the other room to find out.”

“Oh that is a shame.” Mandy stated.

Leah frowned, “Why what’s wrong?” she asked hastily.

“Oh nothing, well it’s just that Alice isn’t in there.” Although Mandy was joking with the younger woman, she could tell instantly that she had feelings for Alice by the look of disappointment followed by concern, written clearly on her features.

“Don’t look so down, she’s just gone to the bathroom.”

Leah relaxed as she realised the woman was winding her up.

“Ok, shall I wait in her office then?”

Mandy nodded her head, “Sure why not.”

The younger woman held out her hand, “Well it was nice seeing you again Mandy.”

The secretary gave a look of horror as she stared at the offered hand, “Oh I don’t think so, come here.” She said and pulled Leah into a hug. “You treat her well tonight, you hear me.” She whispered.

…”Well what is this?”

Leah and Mandy turned to see a smirking Alice standing five feet away.

“Well, while you weren’t here I decided to check her out, you know give her my seal of approval so to speak.”

Alice smiled as she noticed Leah’s cheeks flush.

“Now you two have a good time tonight, don’t go doing anything I would do, don’t want you getting your selves into any trouble now do we. And Alice I will see you tomorrow morning, won’t I?”

Alice rolled her eyes, “Yes of course you will, see you Mandy.”

The secretary gave a final wave and left the office, leaving them both alone.


They walked into Alice’s office, Leah leading the way and holding the door open for the other woman as she did so. The young programmer was curious as to what the basket was in the older womans’ arms, but decided to be patient.

“Ooo can I ask what’s in that?” Patient my ass!

Leah grinned as she closed the door, “Ahh, you will have to wait and see.”

Alice stopped in the middle of her office and looked at Leah. She wasn’t sure what they were supposed to do or say now. Although she felt a strong affinity with this woman, she felt a little scared by the way in which this had suddenly happened. The programmer was terrified that one slight mistake would start the whole sequence off again. Leah was having a similar problem. She stood looking at the woman, who seemed to be at a loss for words and froze herself, not so much out of fear as shock. Gazing at the little woman, no more than four feet away from her she realised Alice was the one she had been searching for. There was some sort of inner pull towards the woman, and whenever she looked at her she felt complete, no it was more than complete it was like coming home.

Feeling the need to break the silence Alice decided to ask the question that had been playing on her mind since they were last together.


The older woman smiled at the sound of her name, and placed the basket down beside her feet.

“I was wondering…well I may be wrong, but I need to know… if I am wrong you will think ‘God this woman is insane, let me get out of here quick’ but like I said I need to know. I em, well what I want to know is….”

Leah laughed quietly at the womans’ rambling, “Alice.”

The young woman paused mid ramble.

“I think I know what you are asking and the answer is yes…this day has happened more than once for me too.”

Alice just stared at her as she tried to clear her mixed up mind enough to ask a coherent question.

“How did, I mean you have…how did you know I was going to ask you that?”

Leah smiled and walked over to the woman taking her hand and pulling her over to the couch to take a seat. They sat down close to each other without breaking the contact their hands had made.

“Things you had said to me today didn’t make sense, like how you knew about me deciding to go back to the States, and your insistence that I not take that last delivery earlier on today. I had a feeling by the way you looked at me when you realised you had an audience after your contention with the computer game. Then the conversation was completely different from the one we had the day before…I mean today yesterday…em oh you know what I mean.”

Alice grinned in understanding, “Oh believe me I do, so you have known all along?”

Leah shock her head, “No not until this morning, I woke up with the feeling that I had left something undone, then it all started to come back to me. I remembered, (though I thought it was a dream for a while) living this day three times before. It wasn’t until I arrived at this building that I remembered you and it wasn’t until you became upset about me making that last delivery that I remembered the accident. I…I know I didn’t make it…I mean I know I died but this time… it didn’t happen.”

Alice covered her mouth in an attempt to stop the emotions from welling inside her. She was terrified to think that Leah would remember any pain.

“If you hadn’t have asked me not to do it I’m not sure whether I would have remembered what happened and I would have died again, who knows maybe I wouldn’t have had another chance.”

Alice couldn’t hold back the tear that fell from her eye, “Why, I mean what, no… why is this happening, how is this happening. Surely we can’t be the only ones who realise?” She had a sudden thought, “Oh, what if this is all a dream and I am going to wake up and none of this has happened, this day…you?”

Leah took hold of the woman, who became instantly fearful, “I assure Ally I am real, this is not a dream. But it does make you wonder, whether anyone else knows what has happened, do you really think this all happened for us?”

Alice moved as close as she could to the woman who held both her hands in a soft grip, “I don’t know, maybe it was important that we find each other. Maybe there was a greater reason for us to be together. Do you feel it Leah, I don’t know what it is, but do you feel it?”

Leah looked deeply into Alice’s green eyes and felt herself falling, “Yes” she whispered.

The young woman pulled her left hand free and stroked it across Leah’s face, as the woman continued, “I feel it and I have never felt anything like it before in all my life. I don’t know what it is but it is more powerful than I could or would want to control.” She used her free hand to run it through the blonde locks, “I have been looking for you my entire life Ally.”

Alice felt an intense pull of recognition as she felt herself fall into the depths of the blue eyes staring intently at her. No more words were needed. Placing her hand behind Leah’s head she pulled the willing woman forward to her waiting lips. At first touch a surge of power shot through both women pulling moans from each of them. The kiss increased it’s intensity as Alice allowed the other woman inside, wanting as much of her as she could physically get. They clung to each other and Alice fought for dominance in the other womans’ mouth.

Without breaking the kiss, Leah shrugged out of her leather jacket letting it fall to the floor, she did the same with Alice’s suit jacket and dropped it next to hers. Alice felt a slight chill on her arms and she realised her jacket had been removed. Still not wanting to beak the kiss which was getting hotter with each moan the erupted from deep with in the women, she lowered herself down onto the sofa, pulling Leah on top of her. The thought that maybe this was all moving too fast didn’t even enter their minds. They settled into a comfortable position with Leah holding her weight on her arms and elbows, by the sides of Alice’s head, and Alice busy pulling Leah’s black t-shirt out of the waistband of her jeans, she desperately wanted to feel the soft skin underneath. Leah was the first to pull away.

“Ally?” Her breath was short and her voice deep, “I think I’m falling in love with you?”

Alice pulled the woman down for a quick kiss before replying, “I’m glad to know that it is mutual.” She whispered.

“How can this happen so fast?”

The younger woman shook her head, “I’m not sure, maybe we knew each other in a previous life, all I know for sure is that with you I feel complete.”

“Me too.” Muttered the older woman before bending down to reclaim the lips of the woman she was sure was becoming an essence of her survival.

Trailing her right hand down the womans’ blouse, Leah pulled each button apart and let the fabric slip from the front of Alice’s torso. She broke away from the kiss and looked down to the sight below her. Alice wore a sheer bra, which although looked incredibly beautiful, at this moment was barring her from her intended goal. Gently undoing the clasp she let the material fall from her target as she moved down to taste the flesh of the woman beneath her.

“Oh…Lee…God yes.”

Alice arched herself into Leah afraid the sensation she was causing would stop. Never had she experienced anything like what this woman was making her feel. Having to temporarily break contact from her new addiction, Leah moved up slightly to pull her top over her head. Alice felt a loss when the woman pulled away, but it soon disappeared when she realised that Leah wasn’t wearing a bra. She pulled the woman back down for a kiss, both of them shuddering at the impact of naked flesh meeting for the first time.

Leah moaned as she felt Alice grab her behind pulling her roughly in between her legs.

“Fuck Ally, Oh God…do that again.”

Alice did as requested and was rewarded with another moan, as they started grinding against each other, moving at a teasingly arousing tempo. Alice could feel the pressure building between her legs and felt a slight apprehension.

“Leah?” she asked, struggling to maintain her breath let alone talk. “I’ve never had, I mean not with a woman….”

Leah bent down and kissed the woman gently on the lips, feeling a bead of sweat roll of her forehead and onto the other woman.

“Shh, it’s ok Ally, you will….”

Alice interrupted her, putting one shaky finger upon her lips, “No, I mean not with a man either.”

Leah stopped all movement and looked down at the woman, her heart filling with love.

“Does it bother you?” Alice asked

Leah smiled and kissed the woman deeply, “I would never do anything you didn’t want, you know that don’t you?”

Alice nodded her head, “Yes, but I do want, more than anything.”

Leah grinned as she felt the smaller womans’ hand move down to the front of her jeans, “I’m glad, I love you Ally…I think I always have, I’ve spent all my life looking for you.”

Alice pulled down the zipper on the taller womans’ jeans, smiling inside when she realised Leah wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

“I love you too.” She pushed her hands round to Leah’s behind and increased the pressure the woman was making. Leah groaned as their pleasure increased ten fold.

“Do you…ever…wear any…underwear?” She was beginning to find breathing increasingly difficult.

Leah grinned lasciviously; “You have all the time in the world to find out.”

Alice pulled her down till their nosed were touching, “Can’t wait,” she stated as she pushed the womans’ jeans down while initiating an electrifying kiss.


Mandy couldn’t tear the mile wide grin from her face if her life depended on it.

“Rise and shine sweetie, time to get up.”

Alice recognised the familiar voice, yet refused to open her eyes, “I know that voice!” she mumbled, feeling the surface she was upon move below her. Instantly she opened her eyes to see Mandy grinning down at the sight of her lying half on half off of Leah. The womans’ eyes were still closed and she was breathing deeply. Looking down at her self she was glad they decided to loosely pull their clothes back on, the night before. Hair falling forward into her eyes, she looked up at the secretary who was sporting a large Cheshire cat style grin.

“Did you wear her out last night?” she asked with faux sincerity.

Alice stuttered knowing she shouldn’t be surprised by anything Mandy said anymore. She felt a deep rumbling laugh beneath her, and was surprised to see Leah was in fact awake.”

“Morning.” She greeted.

Leah smiled and pushed her hand through Alice’s ruffled hair, “Good morning to you to.” She pulled her down and kissed her softly on the lips.

Mandy blushed as she cleared her throat, “Listen, not that I want to interrupt you two in a moment, but the boss is back today and I’m sure you wouldn’t want him to find you and tall, dark and hansom here in…well in this position…and state of dress?”

She moved her eyes down to prove her point to the women, who noticed their loosely hanging, unbuttoned attire.

“Good point” Alice affirmed.

Mandy walked towards the door, “Well I’ll leave the two of you to get yourselves more presentable. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised it you decided to move into this room permanently.” The woman continued as she shut the door behind her.

They both laughed as Alice moved her vision from the door to the basket, which stood in the same place that Leah had put it the evening before.

“You know I never did find out what was in that.,” she stated pointing to the mysterious item on the carpet.

Leah shrugged her shoulders, “It was nothing special. I was intending on taking you out for a meal, but thought you might find a picnic more romantic. I was going to taking you to the park. I know it would be getting dark, but there is just something so captivating about sitting under a blanket of brilliantly shining stars on a clear night. I wanted to experience it with you, I was a little unsure whether you would like it but we never got that far.” She rose and eyebrows repeatedly up and down.

“Nothing special, Lee that is the nicest and romantic gesture I have ever, almost experienced. Will I get another chance?” she questioned.

“Well we will have to see, but for now,” she looked at the clock on the wall, “It is ten to nine and I think we ought to get presentable before ‘big bad boss’ enters the office.”

Alice looked down at herself,

“God yea” she agreed and rose off her comfy pillow to arrange her state of dress.

A minute latter they were presentable and Leah was ready to leave.

“Hey Lee, what day is it today, I mean it is Tuesday right?”

Leah shook her head, “I don’t know, let me check.”

She exited the office and headed towards Mandy, who was reading through a sheet of paper. She looked up when she sensed movement heading in her direction.

“Oh if it isn’t the queen of the movers!”

Leah gave her a completely bemused look, “Huh, what do you mean?”

Mandy shook her head, “You ask the cute blonde in there. So, what can I do for you, I suppose you are not here to apologise for the sight I was exposed to when I arrived this morning, not that I’m complaining. When I wanted to make sure I would see Alice today, you didn’t have to spend the night in there to be sure she would by here on time. I was more interested on getting the low down on your date, though that’s not important now is it? I can kind of figure out what happened by myself. I promise, no mental pictures, although you two did make quite a sight. Oh it warmed my heart to see such a scene.”

Leah shook her head waiting for the woman to finish; finally she was able to speak, “Mandy I was just wondering, it is Tuesday today isn’t it?”

The secretary frowned as Alice walked out of her office, “Why of course it is Tuesday today. Alice what on earth did you do to the woman, she can’t even remember what day it is.”

Alice blushed and decided the colour of the carpet was suddenly incredibly interesting.

“Oh look I’ve embarrassed her now.”

“I am not embarrassed, us Midlanders are made of tougher stuff than that you know!”

Mandy nodded her head in faux sincerity, as Leah valiantly tried to stifle her laughs.

“Oh that’s just great,” the little blonde stated, running a hand through her hair, which still sat in disarray. “Now both of you think that’s funny, well I’m off home to shower and change, maybe I will see you later? Though I don’t know yet.” Turning to look the other way she headed out the office door.

Leah looked at the still laughing secretary, “Well I think I should make my exit too, and Mandy I am sure I will see you soon.” She turned towards the door.

The other woman waved her hand, “Likewise, and I am sure we will see one another very soon, goodbye.”

The courier walked out of the second floor office and into the stairwell, she was about to call out to Alice when she felt a presence behind her; instantly she knew it was the blonde. Spinning around she lifted the woman of her feet and held her against the wall.

“Trying to sneak up on me, were you?”

Alice didn’t even try to move, “Not really, just wanted to get you in some sort of position similar to this…I’m happy.”

Leah laughed, “Me too!” she stated and leaned in to kiss the woman.

It was supposed to be a quick peck, but the moment their lips touched a surged of heat exploded in their stomachs shooting through them both, and they deepened the kiss instantly.

Minutes later they simultaneously pulled away.

“God how am I supposed to think when you kiss me like that.”

Leah arched a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, “Are you complaining?”

Alice vigorously shook her head, “Absolutely not, what do you say we take this ‘discussion’ back to my place?”

Leah pondered the question for all of one second, “Lead the way baby.”

Alice grabbed her hand and pulled a willing Leah practically all the way home.


Continued in Two Tuesdays

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