Into Each Life… by Ri

Into Each Life…
by Ri

Part 1

Sandra felt the cotton swab wipe her brow as she bent closer to the object of her intense concentration. Finally the little foot came out followed quickly by the other the doctor blew out a breath of relief as the breach birth whooshed out the rest of the way into her waiting hands. She smiled at the little girl as she tickled her feet to make sure the circulation was working in her delicate system.

Thank God, A healthy little girl, Thought Sandra as she cradled the now clean little girl and brought her over to the anxious mother. The 45 year old looked into the sky blue eyes of her doctor full of fear, The blue eyes were warm and Sandra smiled sweetly, “Congratulations Heather it’s a perfect little girl,” She gently put the little girl in her mother’s arms and caressed her cheek, “I’m so happy for you.” The doctor said sincerely as she tiredly stretched her arms and left Heather’s birthing room.

Sandra Peterson was the most sought after OBGYN in her field. She had a zero-mortality rate and her specialty was helping older woman achieve their dream of motherhood. She walked through her handsome office to her bathroom and undressed trying not to fall asleep standing up in the shower. Sandra looked into the mirror as she dried her hair and looked at her tall form shrugging at the sight. She put on her jeans and T-shirt and went to her office to get her coat and briefcase. Just as she reached the doorknob the phone on her desk rang. She glared at it but she sighed walked over to her desk and with a yawn said, “Yes?”

“Dr. Peterson, I have a someone from administration who needs to speak to you,” Said the head nurse from the reception desk.

“Have her make an appointment its late and I’m tired.”

Looking at the clock on her desk the nurse knew the poor woman was exhausted she was in that birthing room from 2pm and it was now 11pm. “Doctor, She says it won’t take long and that’s really crucial.”

Sandra sighed deeply and rolled her eyes. She threw the briefcase on one of the guest chairs followed by her coat and said, “Fine.” Hanging up in frustration. She flopped into her desk chair with a thump and yawned again as she sunk deeply into her chair.

Her office door opened and a beautiful petite blonde in a Bill Blass business suit came in. Sandra’s eyes widened slightly she thought the girl was very attractive. “Hello Dr. Peterson, I’m terribly sorry to bother you so late but it truly is crucial,”Said the administrator as she came over to the doctor she held out her hand to shake hands with the tall beauty and said, “My name is Amanda Mandsen.” She smiled sweetly and wondered where she was getting the control she was now showing she found the Doctor’s presence rather overwhelming. The gentle firm grip was giving her an intense feeling not to mention the pure power of the Doctor’s appearance even casually dressed. She looked into those hypnotic blue eyes and she felt a little dizzy.

Sandra smiled and said in a soft gentle voice, “Ain’t it always,” Inwardly she had to steady herself. The warmth of the other woman’s smile and the genuine tingle that went to her toes was a bit too much for the already tired surgeon. As she shook the smaller hand she was grateful she was sitting down because this blonde beauty made her feel very off balance.

Amanda smiled and shrugged as she replied, “Yes, It does seem it always is. Um, Dr. Peterson, I am new here but I do want to do a good job for this hospital. I know you’re excellent at your job…but do you realize that you’re three months behind on your reports?”

Sandra smiled back a bit sheepishly and looked up from deep with in her chair from under long black eyelashes, “Yeah, I’m a doctor not an accountant.”

“And a devotee of Star Trek,” replied Amanda with a smirk and sparkling green eyes.

“Hey, Doctor McCoy was a hero of mine, “Replied Sandra greatly amused that the administrator was playing along.

Amanda gestured toward the guest chair indicating she would like to sit for a minute,”May I?”

The tall woman nodded and waived her hand, “Sure.”

After Amanda relaxed a minute in the comfortable chair she looked into appraising blue eyes,”I’ll make a deal with you.”

An eyebrow rose and Sandra tilted her head, “And that would be?”

“I’ll help you with the reports if you’ll do it in one afternoon this weekend. I need to get it done by Monday before the board meeting.”


“Great, How about my place on Saturday at noon I will even throw in lunch.”

Sandra met sparkling green eyes and winked, “You have a deal. Can I go home before I fall asleep in this chair?”

Amanda smiled sweetly and said, “Of course, I know you must be exhausted after such a long day, See you on Saturday.” Said Amanda as she reluctantly left the doctor’s office. Sandra looked at the space where the administrator stopped and looked at her one last time before she left and shook her head and sighed.

*** *** *** ***

Amanda was rushing through her place cleaning. Lunch was all prepared and she had vacuumed, dusted and she was now doing last minute touch ups. She was straightening an antique mirror above her desk in the living room when she caught her reflection in the mirror, Why are you doing this, Mandy? She is coming here on business. I don’t even know this woman! Her mind screamed as she looked into confused green eyes and shook her head.

Suddenly there was a light knock on the front door and she actually jumped. She looked at herself and whispered, “Will you calm down.” She rolled her eyes and went to the front door. Opening the door she found her self automatically smiling at the tall beautiful woman in front of her. She could bring herself to breath the woman looked so fantastic in black jeans and black silk tank top and an electric blue sweater over her strong shoulders. She smiled brightly back and said a low breathy “Hi,”

“Hi,”Replied the blonde gesturing for the doctor to come in the house. Sandra’s smile widened and she looked around the pretty house with admiration. The administrator looked stunning in her brown slacks and light lime green sweater, Sandra was finding it hard to catch her breath thus the breathy greeting.

She looks so wonderful in those colors it brings out all her features to perfection. Thought Sandra in admiration. This is really weird I feel like I’m coming here on a date. This is business, Sandy. This is business, She thought repeatingly to her self as she complimented Amanda on her beautiful home as calmly as her beating heart allowed her to, “You have a very beautiful place.”

“Thanks, Would you like to eat first or work on the reports?” Amanda asked as they went toward her living room.

The doctor sat down across from the administrator on matching comfortable brown cloth chairs. Sandra leaned back into the chair and answered quietly, “Let’s work first then we can eat as a reward for hard work completed,” She winked at Amanda and gave her a charming smile.

Amanda blushed and smiled sweetly and saying, “Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll go get the stuff from my office…”

“Wouldn’t it be simpler if the two of us worked in your office?”

“Yes it would,”Amanda agreed, What the hell is wrong with you Mandy? She scolded her self as she led Sandra to the office to get the hard part done, I am really looking forward to the reward.

*** *** *** ***

Lunch was served on the little patio in the back of the house. The tall doctor was lounging back on a comfortable lawn chair chatting amicably with the petite administrator in a patio chair next to her. It really didn’t take long to shoot through the reports, Sandra had a photographic memory and Amanda was able to translate all the information quickly into legal mumbo jumbo needed for the powers that be. She emailed it to herself at work and lead the way to lunch on the patio.

Sandra was amazed at how quickly she became comfortable with the other woman. They had been teasing each other all through lunch and she was enjoying it thoroughly though she wasn’t one for small talk. She usually just didn’t know what to talk about. Her whole world was medicine and a few serious non-giggly hobbies. They were all serious with substance she didn’t know anything about or understand gossip so she was not able to socially talk with anyone at the hospital. It made it a little lonely though she didn’t realize it till just now because she enjoyed Amanda’s company so much.

What interested Sandra was Literature, Astronomy and Mythology and to her astonishment and joy she found that Amanda shared those interests. They also both enjoyed an intense interest in horses and the sea. Sandra was really enjoying their lunch and was not looking forward to going back to her lonely little life. She lived for work and really had no friends and now…It’s like my life was a period of waiting and then the person I was waiting for just walked in. Oh come on Sandy, I’m sure Amanda has better things to do then pal around with a boring old doctor. She sighed and looked out toward the yard not looking forward to leaving her new friend.

Amanda was just as amazed by what was happening. She had heard about the reclusive doctor. The woman who had no friends as far as any one at the hospital was concerned though she had plenty of admirers. And here they were chattering away as if they had known each other all their lives. She really liked her and was very…well attracted to her. Amanda sighed inwardly A goddess like her would never be interested in someone like me.

Their eyes met with the same thought and then a light when on inside their hearts causing them to smile at each other blushingly. Amanda decided to get the moment she dreaded over with, “Um…Do you have any plans this afternoon? I’d…well I’m new here and I’d like to …would you like to…”

“I have no plans today. What would you like to do?” She interrupted her shy new friend hoping that Amanda was stuttering for the same reason that her heart was pounding.

“I just bought a horse…and I thought maybe you could come and tell me what you think of her…That is if you wouldn’t mind…?”

“No, I’d love to. Where do you have it stabled?”

“At Hartthornes”

“Wonderful, that’s where I have Queenie stabled.”


Sandra smiled sheepishly, “Her racing name is Queen Ester but she’s such a gentle soul I just call her Queenie,”Sandra answered blushing. Why the hell am I blushing? I can call my own horse what I want. What the hell is the matter with me?

Amanda smiled at the explanation and the beautiful blush coloring the doctor’s tan complexion.
I think she is as gentle as her horse and as sweet, Out loud she said,”Well lets go see our kids.”

“Yes, lets” replied Sandra with answering smile.
Part 2
They drove to the Hartthornes in Sandra’s black Mustang convertible. It was an old one from the early 70’s that Sandra had lovingly restored. She just loved the look of the older cars. The new cars all looked to her like matching boxes. They just all looked too alike.

She glanced next to her and smiled at the pretty blonde. Their hair was blowing wildly from the breeze and the small blonde had a beautiful red glow on her cheeks as they pulled into the ranch’s parking lot. The ranch was where people stabled their horses and rode for a day. It was always very busy on the weekends but they were very lucky and got a space right by the corals.

They both left the car and went to the space that Amanda had rented for her new mare. The horse was a beautiful Palomino with a light brown coat that shined in the light of the stable.

Sandra smiled at her friend and said, “She’s beautiful.”

“Thank you, I can’t seem to think of a name for her..”

Sandra cocked her head to one side and asked, “When you look at her how do you feel?”

Amanda shook her head and said,” I don’t know. Happy, elated, just blessed that she’s mine.”

“How about Elation?”

Amanda’s eyes widened, “Wow, that’s a great idea. I could call her Elly for short. That wonderful. Thank you, Sandra.”

“My pleasure, Um…would you like to meet Queenie?”

“Are you kidding? I’d love to.”

*** *** **** ****

Sandra was riding her tall black mare Queenie beside Amanda on Elly. As they rode companionably together Sandy felt a strangely strong sense of Déjà vu come out of no where and assault her sense to such a degree that she had to take a deep breath and shake her head to clear it.

“Did you ever get a really strong waive of déjà vu out of no where?” Asked Sandy smiling at her new friend as she watched her gracefully ride her new horse.

Amanda smiled and nodded, “Yep, I just did a few minutes ago. Do you think this means were fated to be friends?”

“I really think that’s a given don’t you? I’m really glad you feel this way too. I just have this need to be your friend. I’m glad you stormed into my office Amanda. I really needed you.” The surgeon amitted shyly.

“I need you too, I don’t know why but I just knew the minute I walked into your office we would click. I was really nervous when you came over today I wanted to make a good impression. I guess inside I knew that you were to be more then a business acquaintance. Thank you Sandy.”

Sandy smiled nodded and reached out a hand till their fingers were entwined as she replied, “Thank you, Mandy. That’s what your nickname is right? I heard you being referred to it around the hospital I liked it though I hadn’t even met you yet. Thanks for coming yesterday.”

“My pleasure,” Mandy answered and she blushed knowing it really was. “Yes, Mandy is my nick name I like the way it sounds when you say it.”

“Then that’s what I’ll call you from now on and you call me Sandy, Deal?” The tall woman asked with a lopsided grin.


*** *** *** *** ***

Sandy stopped at the lake and hopped off Queenie. Mandy followed her as they led their horse to the edge so they could drink. They sat down on a log and enjoyed the view.

“Its pretty here, “Said Mandy staring straight ahead.

“Yes, it is. It’s one of my favorite places. I’m glad you like it here.”

They were both silently enjoying the view of the lake and each other’s company when Sandy asked, “How do you like it here?”

“Do you mean right here or in town?” Asked Mandy with a smirk.

Sandy laughed and shook her head. With an ironic lift of an eyebrow she said, “I meant this town since your new here, but you can comment on your current surrounding if you’d like to.” Sandy’s tone was pure amusement.

“Well I really haven’t had time yet to enjoy the town, but I really like where I’m at right at this moment.”

Sandy’s face softened. “I feel the same way.”

They sat again in comfortable silence watching the lake and enjoying the presence of the other person. It felt right to both them like it should have been this way all the time. Sandy cleared her throat and asked quietly, “What’s your greatest fear?”

Mandy reflected for a moment and then said, “To have my greatest dream within my grasp and then loose it some how. What’s yours?”

Sandy was staring at the horizon as she replied, “To lose one of the little lives that I was put on this earth to bring home safely. Mandy, I have a zero-mortality rate and I’m terrified that I will lose the next child that I try to bring into this world. It haunts me. I have nightmares about it.”

Amanda went with her instincts and took Sandra’s hand in hers and brought it to her lap as she replied, “You won’t. You are a great doctor.”

Sandra smiled her eyes closed relishing the contact between them, She replied very quietly so much so that Amanda had to strain to hear the words, “I’m only human, Mandy. I fear and dread that day. I just have to realize it’s a definite out come sometime in the future. I know I will do everything in my power to not allow that to happen. I know it will though.” The tall stoic surgeon was crying quietly as she finished. It broke Mandy’s heart she moved closer and kissed her on the cheek and brought her into a tight embrace trying to comfort the distraught woman.

“When that day that happens Sandy, I will be there. I care,” Sandra felt soothed by the tender loving care. She hadn’t felt this loved in a long time. It was such a joy just to be in the other woman’s embrace.

They sat there on that log holding each other and crying for quite a while till they both got a hold on their emotions. They both looked up at the same time and met each other’s eyes in love and understanding. Then as if it was foretold they found their lips meeting in a loving kiss. It started very gently and then deepened and turned passionate in mutual need and love…

*** *** *** ***

They finished taking care of their horses and were in front of Queenie’s stall when Sandra looked at Amanda and said in a soft voice, “I don’t want this day to end.”

“Neither do I…Um would you like to come back to my place for dinner? Would you like me to send out for Chinese food? “

Sandra took Amanda’s hand and gently led the way back to her car, “I’d like that a lot. Thank you.”

They were just getting settled in the car when Sandra’s pager went off. She looked down at it and said quietly, “One of my mothers is going into labor I will have to drop you off…”

Amanda shook her head, “Why don’t you take me with you. I need to finish those report we did today anyway…I want to be there Sandy.” She looked up at the surgeon hopefully.

Sandra nodded and smiled shyly, “I’d really like it if you were there, Mandy. “

“Me too.”

That decided the sports car turned in the direction of the hospital to bring another life into the world…
Part 3
Sandy was in a mask and gown feverishly trying to save a mother and child. The baby’s leg was caught behind the pelvic bone of the mother and Sandy was performing a cesarean section to try and save them both. Sandy was sweating profusely and the nurse kept swabbing her head as she worked. She focused her mind on saving these two lives and forced away any thoughts that were negative. Now she had a job to do, a life and death battle to win.

*** *** *** ***

Mandy meanwhile was in her office pacing waiting for a word from the Sandy’s nurse’s station on the outcome of operation. It had been hours since they had arrived at the hospital in Sandy’s black convertible. After she had finished all her reports she wandered down to obstetrics to find out about Sandy’s patient. After finding out from the nurse what was going on in that birthing room Mandy knew she had made the right descion to come back to the hospital with the Doctor.

Now all she could do was wait and pray that this wasn’t the day that Sandy had been dreading. She couldn’t just pace anymore so she went to her computer and started a game of solitaire. It was a nice mindless game that would keep her occupied till Sandy came and told her what the results of the operation was and she needed a distraction. It didn’t entirely work she kept wondering what was happening and worrying about the tall beautiful surgeon and her patients.

*** *** *** ****

An exhausted Sandra found a sleeping Amanda in her office. Sandy smiled affectionately as she knelt down next to the sleeping administrator. Sandy struck the space bar to rid the screen of the hospital screen saver and smiled broadly when she saw the solitaire game in progress.

“Red Queen on Black King, “Whispered Sandy into Mandy’s ear as she gently pushed the blonde bangs away from the sleeping woman’s eyes.

Mandy woke up instantly, “What! Who!”

“Shh, Its ok, Its just me, “ Said Sandy soothingly.

Mandy’s eyes slowly focused on the calm but tired blue eyes right next to her, “Is everything ok?”

Sandy nodded, “Yes, I won this battle but only just barely. Mrs. Rosalynn Morgenstern is now the mother of perfect baby boy, He’s a big one but he’s healthy. Thank God…”

“Oh Sandy, I’m so glad, “ Said Mandy with tears pouring from her eyes as she threw her arms the surgeon and hugged her close. Tears suddenly released from Sandy’s eyes as she returned the hug with just as much need and love. As she hugged Mandy she realized that she had been holding back the tears until all was safe. She shook her head and pressed the beloved woman even closer thinking, If only the staff could see Miss no emotion now.

“I know. I am so grateful that you waited. Thank you.”

Mandy pulled back and wiped the tears falling down the tall woman’s cheeks, “You smell better then I must. You took a shower.”

“Well I didn’t think you would appreciate being hugged by a sweaty bloody woman. So yeah, I took a shower and changed my clothes to something more huggable. You smell fine by the way, I like your scent.” She said with a lecherous wiggle of her eyebrows.

Mandy laughed and shook her head; ”Well I guess I should get home so I can shower…”

“Would you consider coming over to my place for what’s left of the night?” Sandy asked meekly.


Sandy nodded.

“Yes, I’d love to.”

Sandy’s face broke out in a huge smile, “Great, Come on.” She said as she stood up and held out both hands toward the smaller woman. Mandy was gently pulled up out of the chair and into an impromptu bear hug,” I won Mandy!” She whispered excitedly into a little ear as she hugged her close. “I …I didn’t think I would. I thought I would lose them both, but somehow I won!”

“Of course you did. You’re the best.”

Sandy pulled back and stared into sincere green eyes and she did what every instinct in her soul was yelling at her to do. She kissed her with all the love, tenderness and need in heart. Mandy nearly fainted in reaction to the kiss. “I think we better stop by my place I really do need a shower…”

“Oh Sweetie believe me I will take care of all your needs,” Sandra said as she led the befuddled blonde out of her office.

*** *** *** ***

Sandra pulled her sleek black sports car into its normal spot in the garage. The automatic door closed behind her and she took off her seat belt and looked at the woman sleeping deeply beside her.

It’s been a hell of a day huh, Lovely lady? She thought and as she caressed a warm cheek and then reached down and undid the sleeping woman’s seat belt. She got out of the car and stretched and yawned as she went to the passenger side. She opened Mandy’s door and then reached in and pulled the smaller woman into her arms and carried her to the door to the house. She used her hip to hit the button that would open the side door and let her in. She had that set up so she wouldn’t go crazy when she carried groceries into the house. It closed automatically behind her and she took her precious cargo up the back stairs then down the long hall to the master bedroom.

She gently deposited her on the bed and with a bit of guilty pleasure undressed down to her panties and bra. That’s far enough old girl. Mustn’t take liberties, She thought with humor as she grabbed her sleep shirt and went to change in the bathroom.

About 10 minutes later she slid under the covers next to the sleeping woman and sighed. She studied the other woman in her relaxed state and smiled, She is so beautiful. I am so glad she entered my life. She thought sleepily as she removed her nightshirt and spooned the sleeping woman from behind falling naturally into a deep, deep sleep.

*** ** *** ***

The morning light filtered into the unfamiliar room shining in Mandy’s just opened eyes, which blinked as she discovered that she was being held by long loving arms. She smiled and snuggled her head right into the soft warm body behind her. As the two woman slept they had moved from the spooning position that Sandy had initiated to the warm and comfortable position of Mandy lying right on top Sandy her head nestled on a comfortable breast their limbs tangled together comfortably. Mandy marveled that she was able to sleep the whole night in a strange place with a person she hardly knew. She just felt so comfortable with Sandy even the positions they were sleeping in felt inevitable. She felt like she knew the surgeon for years instead of a couple of days and she was astonished by that fact.

Her eyes slowly adjusted to the light in the room and studied the pretty crème colored bedroom. It was a large oval room with deep brown and red highlights. There was a huge picture window across from the bed at the angle she was at she could just glimpse a mast of boat sail by her.

Hmmm, We must be by the lake, She thought to herself as she settled back down against the soft human pillow. She really didn’t want to move she felt so comfortable with the other woman that she felt like she could go right back to sleep just listening to her heart. She felt a hand softly caress her belly, she closed her eyes in pleasure and purred, “Mmm.”

Sandra smiled from under her; she was pleased that she was already giving Mandy pleasure. She was planning to increase that feeling for the woman in her arms ten fold, “You like that?” She asked quietly.

“Yes, It feels so good.”

“May I… would you like if…Um…?”

Mandy smiled at the confident surgeon’s sudden shyness, “Yes, you may take my underwear off. From what I can feel under me you have no such barriers on.”

Sandy smiled as she slid off the panties and then reached around the small woman’s back to gently remove the lacy bra. “I did have on my sleep shirt when I first got in the bed, but you felt so good I wanted to feel all of you so I slipped it off and cuddled against you. You were better then a sleeping a pill once I had your body securely against mine I drifted off into the deepest sleep I’ve had in a long time. It was as if when our bodies came into contact I was home. I have never felt so happy or content in my life.” She had pulled the smaller woman up so they could lock their eyes in a deep soul-acknowledging look.

“You are so beautiful,” Said Mandy’s voice though she felt like the sound was far away.

“You took the words right off my tongue,” Replied Sandy’s voice from that same distant place. They were both under a spell and they never wanted it to break.

“Would you mind if I check to see if those are the only words of mine that you have there?”

“Allow me to share that information with you, “ Said Sandy as she brought there lips together and kissed her with a deep passion. Their bodies merged with their souls and their hands explored every nook and cranny of their mate’s body till they moved as one and their bodies moved in a dream of erotic passion.

The screams of their love rattled the windows of Sandy’s home and she was so pleased by this that she wanted to do it all over again.

They looked into each others eyes and they knew that what just happened was right and they wanted it again and again. “Wow!” Amanda muttered as she caressed the high cheeks lovingly.

Sandy smiled and leaned into the caress she was stroking the lovely blonde hair as she replied, “Yeah Wow! I …well…I never had an orgasm like that before. The weird thing is I’m not at all tired I want to go again….”

“Me too.”

Sandy smirked and said, “This poor room is in for some lively times isn’t it?”

Mandy’s face broke into a wicked smile, “Oh I think that was just the initiation.”

*** *** *** ***

They were on the balcony of Sandy’s bedroom. Mandy was wearing a T-shirt that Sandy had lent her with the legend “Priceless Princess” a joke gift from Sandy’s mother. The pink tee looked like a dress on Mandy who smiled when she saw what was written on it and then out right laughed after Sandy explained it.

She looked sheepish as she said; “My Mom always called me Princess and said there was no price she would take for me because I was so precious to her. She said that even though I was a pain in the ass I was worth my weight in gold because she loved me. “
Sandy blushed and looked out at the lake then she turned back to look into sparkling green eyes and said, “I’ve never worn it but it looks absolutely adorable on you…Would you consider accepting it as a gift?”

“Really?” Asked a now blushing Amanda.

“Really, I like it on you and Mom would love it on someone I care about.”

“Thank you,” She reached out and took a hand bringing it to her lips she kissed the palm. She kept the hand in her lap as she said; “I can see why you never wear it goes against your stoic image.”

Sandy shrugged and brought her Mandy closer to her; they were lying side by side on large swinging hammock. Now she was brought against the taller woman and Mandy had never felt so protected.

“As long you know better I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

Mandy had admired Sandy in her black tank top and satin running shorts when she slipped them on before they came outside. Now with the feel of silk against her back she was feeling very luxurious and turned on. She looked out and concentrated on the lake, ”Its just beautiful out here. I could just sit here like this forever”

“Um… Would you…never mind, “ stuttered Sandy as she absently stroked Mandy’s hair.

“What were you going to say?” Asked Mandy as she kissed the elegant neck under her head.

“Nothing,” Said Sandy enjoying the kisses.

“Sandra?” Asked Mandy as she looked up the body beneath her into sheepish blue eyes. Sandy swallowed a couple of times and looked away from the inquiring eyes boring into her own. “It’s just that I would very much like you to stay here forever. I know that’s silly you have your own place and your own life and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to leave all that for…”

“Are you thinking for me Doctor?” Asked Mandy as she took Sandy’s chin and brought the eyes back into contact with her own.

“No, of course not,” Said a thoroughly embarrassed Sandy who was trying to pull away from the smaller woman. Two very strong arms now locked around her and kept her firmly in place.

“That’s good because I would love to stay here with you. If you really want me. My place is rented and as lonely as hell. I really…”

She never finished the sentence because hungry happy lips devoured her own in a loving and passionate kiss. When Sandy pulled back she held the beloved face in both hands and said, “You are more then wanted you are needed and desired…”

“Thank God, Me too.”

“Now that’s settled would you like a tour of your new home?”

“We can do that later I want to snuggle here and explore you,” Said Mandy as she captured Sandy’s mouth with all the desire she had zinging through her body.

*** *** *** ***

The two women were in the kitchen making plans for Mandy to move in and preparing their breakfast. Mandy looked up into sparkling blue eyes and blushed a deep shade of red, “You make me feel like a kid, did you know that?”

“Well, to me you are a very beautiful woman, who is my heart.”

Mandy put down the bread and the knife she had to make toast with and walked across the room to Sandy throwing her arms around her neck. She kissed her deeply and then pulled back and said, ”As you are mine, thank you.”

Sandy embraced her and brought her even closer as she said quietly into a small ear, “I have never felt this way before. You make me feel happy and content, How do you do that?”

Mandy rubbed her cheek against Sandy’s as she replied, “I don’t know. I can’t believe you feel this way. All I can say is that you make me feel loved. I guess that’s what I do for you too. Before I met you I never thought love existed I thought it was in books and on film. Now I’m so overwhelmed with my love for you I can barely breathe…I….”

“I know, me too…I guess we… I think we…Oh Mandy just stay here. I’ll hire someone to move you into our house. I know this is all moving really fast but I…Please don’t leave me…”

She couldn’t believe the words that had fallen out of her mouth. She meant it. She needed this special woman like she needed to breathe and eat. She felt tears began to fall and again she tried to pull away so she could run away and hide in shame but Mandy wouldn’t let her.

Mandy held her tight and said quietly,” Sandy I don’t intend to leave you. I will…we will do this anyway you want. Why don’t you just help me move in that way we can be together and…”

Suddenly she was stopped by a flutter of sweet hot kisses all over her face and the feeling of being lifted and moving out of the kitchen.

When they parted for air Mandy muttered,” I guess we’ll eat breakfast for lunch…” as she was carried up the stairs and down the hall toward more creative delights.
Part 4
Two extremely tired women were sprawled around their living room surrounded by boxes, newspapers and a large box of pepperoni pizza.

Sandy glanced at the pizza and said tiredly, “You know I think I’m too tired to eat that now?”

Mandy laughed and shook her head replying, “Actually I’m starved but I think the move to the table might just kill me.” She tried to arch her eyebrow in a well-known gesture that the great surgeon gave her staff.

Sandy broke up laying back and laughing at her loves attempt to mimic her. She was laughing so hard she couldn’t seem to reply. Mandy cracked up at the great surgeon reduced to a hysterical ball of mush and joined her laughing on the floor.

Once Sandy regained control of herself she took a paper plate and placed a slice of pizza precisely in the center presenting it to her partner with deep bow, “Your Majesty.”

Mandy smirked accepting the plate saying, “Why thank you my sexy serving wench.”

Sandy chuckled as she took her own slice replying with a wink, “We’ll discuss my being a wench after we take in a little fuel.”

Mandy had a huge mouthful as she replied, “We will, will we?”

Sandy shook her head and said, “Um my love, Didn’t your mother ever teach you that it isn’t polite to speak with your mouth stuffed with food?”

“Nope, Guess not and neither did yours smart ass.”

“Touché’…So, do you want to retire after we finish so we can pursue the royalty-wench scenario?”

“I do like the sound of that, so yes.”

“Your every single wish is my humble command, My Mistress.”

“Mmm., That sounds kinky.’

“Only if you want it to be, Mistress.” Sandy replied almost choking on the pizza in pure mirth at the expression on Mandy’s face from the last comment.

*** *** *** ***

They were tangled together in bed gently caressing and kissing, basically recovering from the lovemaking they had just finished. Sandra had a very amused expression as she purred into a little ear, “To look at this innocent little face one would never suspect what an aggressive tiger you are.”

Mandy laughed and nuzzled the breast she was lying against causing Sandy to moan in pure reaction. Mandy giggled as she replied, “Looks can be deceiving you know. Besides Sweetheart you are so easy to please.” She kissed gently between the beautiful breasts causing Sandra to throw her head back against the pillows.

She took a deep breath and ran her fingers through the soft blonde hair as she replied, “I’m only that way with you. To tell you the truth I never felt anything with anyone till you came along. Just your caress sends my heart pounding and you can almost throw me over the edge with a kiss. No one has even touched the real me before you. With anyone else I just went through the motions with you, Hell you just looked at me that first night and my heart began to pound and I got wet. It’s like a miracle…You are my miracle.”

“And your mine,” They kissed deeply as Sandy’s hand went down the soft strong back. She brought the smaller woman as close to her as possible making the kiss even deeper till they both ran out of breath when they pulled back Mandy looked into the loving sparkling blue eyes and sighed. She caressed the beautiful cheek saying, “You are so sweet with me. Sandy why are you so distant to everyone else? You are so gentle and tender with me, What on earth did I do to deserve this…”

Sandy put her hand over her mouth and kissed her nose. She smiled and said, “You didn’t do anything. You were just so adorable that first night that I simply tumbled…”

Mandy kissed each finger then pulled it against her cheek as she replied, “My love, you were exhausted…”

“I know and I’ll tell you a little secret if I hadn’t been I would have probably made at pass at you,” Sandy burst out laughing at the shocked look on her beloved’s face. “I wanted you the moment I saw you, Sweetheart. I fell in love with you instantly. I don’t know why I just did. I really don’t know why I’m so distant with other people. I was just never very comfortable with anyone till you came into my life. I always thought they felt I was strange because of my likes and my brains. So I learned to be polite but distant. Now as the head of a department I find it better to be that way I can keep my staff disciplined and no one crosses the line. I guess it’s strange to you because everyone loved you with in 24hrs,huh?”

“Oh I wouldn’t say that. I’m the one who always has bad news. Remember I’m the one who makes people do their paper work…”

“Yes I do, Um…No one else got invited to lunch I hope?”

Mandy laughed and snuggled closer, “Nope…I…well I just couldn’t help…”

“It was the best invitation I ever got in my life…”

“It was the best invitation I ever gave. I never even considered asking anyone else to that. I don’t know how I came up with the suggestion. I just needed to see more of you, I…”

“It was an excellent suggestion, My love,” Said Sandy who then leaned down and began to gently nibble on a delicious little ear.

“Thanks…I …love….youuuuu” Moaned a highly aroused Mandy.

“Mmm., I love you too,” Murmured Sandy as she kissed her way to the soft neck sucking gently on the jugular. “I love you more then life itself…” She said softly as she then kissed her way to a heaving chest.

Mandy couldn’t answer, she really couldn’t think at all with the assault the tall dark haired woman was committing on her more then willing body. Sandy didn’t mind in the least as plunged her tongue into an appealing belly button causing the smaller woman to fling back in pure reaction. Sandy knew that Mandy felt the same way she just needed to tell her and as she continued south she was going to show her. She was enjoying the journey just as much as the writhing blonde beneath her.
Part 5
The patient sat in the doctor’s office with a very worried expression on her face. She was in her early forties but looked a lot younger and was in excellent shape. She was dressed casually but her posture in the comfortable visitor’s chair revealed that she was a very sophisticated businesswoman. Her focus at the moment was on a beautiful painting of a mother and child. The mother was an older woman cuddling a newborn baby tenderly in her arms. She was kissing the babies cheek with an overwhelming loving expression on her angelic face.

There were tears rolling down her cheeks as she prayed quietly, “Please God, Give me that. That’s all I want a healthy baby to love.”

The door opened and the tall doctor slipped into the room with a radiant smile on her face. When Sandy saw her patient’s expression the smile disappeared and she rushed to her side.

Kneeling by her chair she asked anxiously, “Are you all right Jane? Are you in pain?”

Jane looked up into the concerned blue eyes and smiled through the tears. “No I’m fine thank you Doctor. I’ve just been such an emotional wreck lately. I’m…”

“Shh, Its okay. Do you have any pain anywhere? Do you feel any discomfort?”

“No, really I was just…Um, I couldn’t help but look at that beautiful picture and I…well…I…”

Sandy turned and looked at the portrait. She got up and sat on the edge of her desk nodding her head toward the painting with a sweet smile on her face she said, “That painting was done by one my patients after she had her baby. She did that as self-portrait with her baby. She was forty-eight when she had that beautiful boy. She is now 53 and he is happily driving his mother crazy.”

Jane smiled at her doctor and asked, “Is that why its up there?”

Sandy nodded and replied, “Yep. I love it and to me it gives my mother a clear glimpse of the happy possibilities.”

Jane swallowed and dried her tears. Then she looked into the compassionate blue eyes and said very quietly, “Thank you Doctor.”

“Please call me Sandy, like I asked earlier. I’m only Doctor to my staff,” She said to the now calm woman with a huge smile.

That made Jane laugh like she wanted her patient to. “Thank you Sandy.”

“Your very welcome. I have some interesting news for you…”


Sandy nodded with a hidden smile, “Yep, you will have twice as much zanyness as you were expecting. You’re going to have twins.”

“Twins?” Whispered Jane overwhelmed.

“Yep,” said Sandy now smiling brightly again.

“Wow!” She yelled her face breaking out into a smile full of sunshine.


*** *** **** ***

Mandy was pacing in her office yelling at the person on the other end of the phone.

“We can’t operate on that!!!” She yelled at the caller shaking her head and kicking the visitor chair beside her. “Don’t give me that! Your board just voted yourselves a raise. They can take the money for staff salaries out of that! No! How dare you. I will not lay any one off!”

Unheard by the angry blonde Sandy came into the office and leaned against the door as she watched and listened to the angry one-sided conversation.

“No…No! Tell them to take it from some where else. Not us damn it! These people work too hard to be treated like this. Your board presides over five institutions of health and they are not taking a cent out of our tiny clinic for such a superficial purpose. Yeah you bet you can quote me!” She said hanging up the phone and throwing it across the room in pure rage. She was surprised when she didn’t hear a satisfying crash from it.

She looked up into a pair of compassionate light blue eyes and smiled at the phone that Sandy was holding up in her hand.

“It is the property of the clinic after all.”

Mandy’s face broke into a grim smile. “Yeah, Like the powers that be give a damn. Those manipulative jerks voted a raise for themselves for a new building. A building! Can you believe that? We are helping to better peoples lives and they want to take the food from our mouths so can they have bigger offices!!!”

Sandy put the phone down on a side table and briskly crossed the room to engulf the smaller woman in a warm embrace.

“Shh, I’ll take care of them…”

Mandy pulled back and looked into loving eyes as she argued, “No, I’m…”

“Mandy my Dad is a founder of that board. I know all their skeletons. I’ve know each one of those stiff-necked, neck ties personally since I was kid. I’ll go and talk to them. Don’t you worry anymore.”

Mandy looked at the determined look and said with a sudden smile, “Oh boy, I actually feel sorry for them now.”

“Don’t they deserve the broken ear drums that they are about to get.”

*** *** *** ***

Sandra’s red convertible sped up to the imposing building that housed the board of directors that ran her clinic. She shook her head at the large edifice at the thought they wanted a bigger office then the monstrosity before her. She dressed carefully when she and Mandy came home from work, which caused her beloved to laugh. She smiled back as she modeled her battle clothes for the small blonde. She was dressed from head to toe in black leather. It clung to her, showing every curve of her body making her look very dangerous.

“Wow!” Mandy exclaimed from the couch. “I can’t wait to undress you tonight.”

“It will be a pleasure for me as well,” Sandy said with a wink as she left for her appointment.

She strode into the office with feral look on her face and said with out any formality.

“I want to speak to Chris Clarke. Now!”

The receptionist looked at the intimidating woman and decided she must be some biker chick. “Mr. Clarke doesn’t speak to anyone with out an appointment.”

“Oh he will see me.” She pulled her card from her pocket and said, “Give this to him and tell him I’m out here.” The woman looked dubious but took the card and went into the inner sanctum.”

Sandy had to bite her cheeks to keep from laughing. I’m Dad’s kid all right. Soft on the inside tough as nails out side. Once Chris sees that card he will split a gullet to get to me. She thought to herself in amusement as she watched the suddenly red cheeked receptionist hurry out of Chris’s office. Breathlessly she said, “Ma’am if you follow me.”

Sandy followed her into the inner sanctum with an expression of complete disdain and displeasure. Her eyes were pure ice as they met the older man’s behind the desk.

Chris Clarke was in his sixties and knew her since she was a child. Her father sat in his position and he was merely the board secretary at the time. When he looked at Sandra he couldn’t help but see her father and that still intimated the hell out of him. Especially dressed like that with that expression on her face.

“Sandra, What an unexpected…”

“It’s unexpected but believe me Chris this won’t be a pleasure.” She sat down in the large comfortable chair in front of his desk putting her long legs in front of her with her booted feet landing on his antique desk.

Chris sat down again and crossed his arms across his chest asking, “Oh, and why is that?”

“I’m not very thrilled with you at the moment.”

“Your administrator works very fast. How did she get you to do this? You don’t usually get involved in this kind of thing.”

“That’s true. Amanda is my friend and I am the chief surgeon. I also don’t like the fact that you want to sack half my staff. You add two plus two and what do you get?”

“We need that money…”

“For a God Damn building!!! This place is the size of Buckingham Palace! I save lives and bring new life in this bad old world. You top that, old boy.”

You’re not showing any profit. I can…”

“You can’t do a damn thing and you know it. I’m the one that’s a draw to this clinic. I am the one with the reputation. I give this board the only good publicity that it will ever get. You know it and I know it. Don’t you ever try to get one over on me? You should know better, I’m my father’s daughter. Where I go my patients go and your health empire will crumble. I could leave to say, set up a rival office and you will get no more publicity except the kind saying that you lost one of the best surgeons in the country. I would say that is a bargaining chip don’t you?”

Chris’s mouth was a grim line as he replied quietly, “What do you want?”

“Its very simple. You leave my clinic the fuck alone!”


Like a beautiful panther Sandy gracefully got up from her position and like calm royalty crossed to the door. She stopped by the door leaning against it and said looking him straight in the eye, “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.” She then gives him an amused wink and left the stunned man breathing heavily in his huge empty office.

Sandy gave the receptionist a jaunty waive and left the building with a huge wicked grin on her face.

After Sandy left Chris grabbed the phone and dialed a number by heart and in an angry voice said, “We have to talk. No Tonight! Yes as soon as possible.”
Part 6
Cuddled close in bed Mandy was stroking the strong back of her love as Sandy was kissing sweet little butterfly kisses along Mandy’s neckline. They were both happy and content they had made love for several hours after Sandy had come home from her meeting. Neither woman was tired they were both enjoying the feel of the other woman’s skin against their warm bodies and didn’t want it to end anytime soon.

“You know you looked sexy in that outfit but I like you better out of it,” whispered Amanda as she gently kissed the strong woman’s shoulder.

“Mmm, thank you Sweetheart. I prefer you in your birthday suit too,” Replied Sandy as she started gently kissing her way down to Mandy’s breasts.

The phone rang and Sandy groaned in frustration, she was on call 24 and 7 as an OPYG and had to answer the phone.

“Hello,” she croaked rolling her eyes at her patient mate.

Mandy smiled and gently brushed hair out of Sandy’s face. Sandy captured the hand and cuddled it under chin causing Mandy to smile in reaction.

“Hey boss its Terry, sorry to bother you so early but I thought you should know as soon as possible. That creep from the board is trying to start trouble about you and Mandy…”

“What!?!” Roared Sandy sitting up straight as an arrow.

“Yeah he’s saying cause of your life style that your unfit for your position as the chief surgeon.”

“That son of a bitch! How is going to prove I’m unfit?”

“I’m not sure but he said that he’ll have all the proof he needs at the board meeting tomorrow night. He’s got the board all riled up, the ass hole.”

“Fucking prick you mean! Thanks Terri…I have some ammunition that just itching to be exposed. I think more then they expect. Thanks my friend, bye.”

“Go get them tiger!”

“Damn right I will. Bye.”


Sandy got out of bed and began to pace angrily; it was obvious to Mandy that she was plotting in her head. She looked like a sleek angry panther that just happened to be naked too boot.

“What happened?”

“That bastard is starting up trouble about us…”


“Innuendo. I know he doesn’t have anything solid we have been very discreet. Our staff is damn loyal so they won’t say anything to the suits…unless” Sandy turned and looked at Mandy with narrowed eyes, “Sweetheart, have you noticed anyone around here or any car that you feel seems out of place?”

Surprised by the question Mandy thought and had to honestly shake her head no, “Nothing that I’ve noticed, Love. What are you thinking?”

“That the ratfink hired a private peeper.”

“Oh…Oh? We haven’t done anything in public. Oh but the…” Her eyes turned toward the balcony.

Sandy nodded and said, “Yep the balcony and we keep the drapes open most of the time so we can see the lake as we make love. We are on the second floor so normally I wouldn’t even think about it but someone on the island with a telescopic might be able to have gotten an eye full.”

Mandy face turned deathly white; Sandy rushed back to her and enfolded her in an embrace holding her tight. “Don’t worry we’ll fight them.”

Mandy now broke down crying, “How?” Sandy gently stroked the soft blonde hair and kissed the salty tears as she replied, “We’ll find what he found and corrupt it. Then I will fight fire with fire. It will be ok, I promise,” she then pulled her into a deep kiss sinking into the warmth of it forgetting the threat from outside for a moment.

When they pulled back Mandy looked into the calm blue eyes and said, “You mean he hired a private detective to get dirt on us and you have something worse on him?”

“Oh yeah, I know a hell of lot more then they think.” Said Sandy with a wicked smirk. “Dad knew all their skeletons and protected them. He protected me by writing them all down and sealing them in a vault held by a lawyer. He told me all of them and I kept them out of respect for my Dad. I’m my father’s daughter I respected them till they tried to hurt me and now I’m going to fire the final shot.”

Mandy smiled slightly and said, “You know you’re very sexy when you’re ready to do battle like this.”

“Oh, only then?” Asked Sandy licking a little ear in amusement.

Mandy laughed, delighting Sandy who saw her love was feeling better, as Mandy replied sweetly, “Nope, I think your sexy pretty much all of the time.”

“Good cause it’s mutual you know my little sex kitten.” Said Sandy as she pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

*** *** *** ***

A seedy looking man met the head of the board of directors at an old dock in the middle of the night. The older man looked around in disdain and asked, “Why couldn’t we meet in a non descript family restaurant instead of this horrid place?”

“Cause I don’t work that way.”

“Well, why the hell not?”

“Cause I don’t. Look I don’t like you and you don’t like me lets get it over with, do you want this shit or not?”

“Yes, give it to me.”

“Money first.”

“Okay here, now give it to me.”

The man checked the bag to make sure the whole 10,000.00 was in it. He smiled and handed the older man a manila envelope. “Here. It’s a little grainy.”

The detective began to walk away as the Chris pulled the picture out of the envelope and yelled, “Wait a minute! I gave you ten thousand dollars for this?”

“It’s all I could get. They are very discreet. They never leave that fancy place of the Doc’s and they never touch like lovers outside of it not even at that ranch thingy at least in plain sight.”

“Shit! This is not acceptable I want my money back now!”

“Fuck no! You want more you sleep on a beach all night waiting for some kind of shot!” and the man took his money and left the angry head of the board.

Chris looked at the grainy picture of two people kissing. There was no way to tell it was Sandy and Mandy. “What the hell am I going to do by tonight?”

*** *** *** ***

Sandy entered Mandy’s office quietly closing and locking the door. She had a huge smile on her face, which became an expression full of affection and love as she watched Mandy diligently working on a spreadsheet. Tilting her head she asked quietly, “Do you have time for a chat, love?”

Mandy’s head snapped up and she smiled a back at the look she saw in the beautiful blue eyes. “Of course.” She saved the work she did and then exited the spreadsheet. Sandy held out her arms, which Mandy went into snuggling close hugging the tall woman back. She pulled back and looked up into the sparkling eyes asking, “Why do you look like the cat that not only ate the canary but played with it for a while?”

“You mean rat fink? Dad had a lot interesting material on old Chris and now I just got back from the lawyers with some very interesting proof. I can’t wait for his wing ding tonight.”

“I wish I could go too.” Said Mandy sadly her head on the warm shoulder.

Sandy lowered her lips and kissed her loves forehead, “Mmm, I may find a way to bring you into the room if you play your cards right.”

Mandy looked up pouting; “You only want to play cards?”

“Oh my darling, You’d be surprised in your case where a card game can lead me to do.” Said Sandy smiling wickedly as she brought her lips to Mandy’s and kissed her deeply.
Part 7
Chris had tried to get the goods on Sandra and her little administrator with every employee at their clinic unsuccessfully. If they knew of anything between them they were not going to tell him about it. He also tried to hire a new private detective but when they found out he needed proof by 8pm that night they laughed and hung on him.

Then he went to the ranch that they kept their horses and waited. He knew they went riding everyday and he was praying for a moment of indiscretion.

*** *** *** ***

Sandy had decided that she and Mandy needed some kind of distraction so she arranged for a special surprise at the ranch for her love. She knew that they needed to relax before they battled the board that night.

They changed into more comfortable clothes and took Sandy’s sports car to the ranch. Once on the trail she could see Mandy relax a bit as they rode their horses at a nice slow canter down the trail.

“Sweetheart, if you stiffen up anymore your poor horse is going to think you’re a piece of cardboard and just stop.”

“Ha, ha, ha, that’s so funny. I guess…Sandy your indispensable but I’m not and I know it. Maybe I should…”

Sandy stopped her horse and reached over to stop Mandy’s, “Oh no your not! This is my clinic, my staff and my choice. Besides you are not indispensable to me so stop that train of thought right now, young lady. I’m not letting them take anyone away, especially you. I will be demanding that a certain member of our board resign in exchange for not releasing to the public the information that Daddy left me…”


“Don’t you trust me?”

“Yes, of course I do…”

“Good, then please start breathing again,” the tall woman said with a wink and started their horses with a whistle.

Relaxing into the trot that Sandy had instructed their horses to do Mandy looked over at the tall woman shaking her head saying, “You are such a show off.”

“Ain’t I just,” replied Sandy with a wicked grin.

*** *** *** ***

Chris was trying to keep up with the two expert horsewomen on foot. He was relieved when they stopped. He carefully raised his camera and was gulping in air catching his breath waiting to finally get the goods on them so he can change and go expose them for what they were at the meeting that night.

When they cantered off again he cursed and trotted after them jogging. He couldn’t believe they hadn’t even touched each other in an hour.

*** *** *** ***

Sandy pulled off the picnic basket from her beloved horse patting the horse’s neck and kissing her on the nose. Mandy pulled up behind her, shaking her head with an amused expression on her face. Sandy had taken off at a gallup suddenly and calling, “Catch me if you can!” Now she looked up at her love with a wicked smile, which make Mandy laugh fully. Sandy laughed too and was walking toward her to help her off her horse when she felt that something wasn’t right and stood stock-still.

She motioned that Mandy should stay put on her horse. Then she walked beside her and whispered, “I think our peeper is nearby. You stay up there and I’ll go check it out…”

“What if he’s armed?” Asked Mandy worried.

“Honey, he is not here to shoot us with anything other then a camera. Don’t worry I just want you stay up there to be cautions. I can take care of myself. Don’t worry I’ll be right back.” She winked at her then ran into the woods.

Mandy didn’t say anything back but she was scared that her love might get hurt. She trusted Sandy’s judgment though so she simply waited and worried.

*** *** *** ***

Chris felt excited when he saw them stop in the clearing. He was all set when he saw the surgeon walk off by herself into the woods. He felt his heart pound as he waited till she came back sure he was going to get his evidence when she returned.

“Where is she? How long does it take to get some wood for a fire or something?” He whispered to himself. He watched the small blonde lean forward petting her horse and leaning her head against the horse’s neck.

“Well I certainly didn’t come all the way out here to get a picture of her nuzzling the neck of her damn horse. I want a scandal! Where is the brunette harpy?” He whispered as he watched the smaller woman angrily.

Unheard by the man below her the tall woman was moving agilely from tree branch to tree branch till she was right over his head. She sat on a branch over him with a scowl on her face. Well, well, well your peeper didn’t get you the evidence you said you had so you’re doing your own dirty work, huh? Goody! She thought to herself as a wicked idea began to form in her head.

He put down his camera on large log next to him and pulled his canteen from his pack. “Where the hell could she have gone? She wouldn’t leave her little harlot so she must be somewhere nearby.” He whispered to himself as he drank his water his eyes closed for a minute.

Sandy smiled viscously as she watched the man close his eyes and listened to him rant. Awww, are you worried about little me, Chrissy Pooh? She readied herself for what she was about to do. Suddenly she let out an Indian style war cry and jumped off the branch landing right on top of the man’s camera crushing it into splinters with her booted feet.

He looked up into her cold silver eyes and the viscous smile on her face shocked by her sudden appearance and a bit frightened.

“Hi Chris, fancy meeting you here.” Said Sandy as she stepped off the log and walked next to him.

He backed up as she got closer till he was right against a tree. At the moment she looked like a Goddess of Vengeance and he was actually frightened of her for the first time since this began.

“You broke my camera!”

“Did I? Awww, Does that mean your PI crapped out?”

Chris growled, “I do have evidence against you…I’m after a little insurance that’s all.”

“Oh really, why would you need that if your evidence is as strong as you leaked out? Chris if I were you I’d drop this.” She said honestly her eyes showing that she knew he was going to fail.

“Oh really and why should I?” Closing his mind to what he saw in those clear blue eyes and focusing on his own agenda.

“Because I have some very compelling evidence of my own from my Father. In fact I just can’t wait for your little soirée tonight. If you will excuse me, Loser, I have something truly delicious waiting for me. Till later.” She winked at him and strode briskly toward Mandy in the clearing her plans for dinner changing to something more intimate at home.

*** *** *** ***

They had a very playful private picnic on the floor of the livingroom where Sandy knew she was free to nibble more then drumsticks if she wanted to. Then when they were all done she said they should dress separately because it would be faster since she was in a dangerously amorous mood right now.

Mandy was pacing in the living room waiting for Sandy come downstairs. They were going together to the clinic and then Sandy would go on to the administration office. Mandy was wearing a peach colored business suit her hair pulled back into a beautiful antique chignon that was gift from Sandy for her birthday. She wore a beautiful pearl necklace around her neck and she looked professional and angelic at the same time.

She listened to her heals click on the dinning room floor as she paced all the way in there and then back to the living room. She checked her watch and was about to yell up the stairs that they were going to be late when her eyes caught Sandy’s sparkling blue eyes. She was leaning onto the banister of the landing above her.

Sandy had been silently watching her love pace with an amused expression on her face. She was wearing a gunmetal gray suit with a black turtleneck sweater underneath. She had her hair pulled back into a tight bun but there were wisps of hair framing her face. Around her neck she had simple silver chain and matching post earrings. Her eyes seared into the nervous green making the smaller woman smile slightly.

“You know you’re awfully beautiful when you’re very nervous.”

“Cute, very cute. You look incredibly beautiful of course. I don’t think I have ever seen you in a suit before.”

“You haven’t I hate them. They’re uncomfortable straight jackets. Do I look like a sleek corporate shark?”

“More like a panther. Sleek, dangerous and very, very beautiful.”

Sandy growled then she laughed as she slid down the banister making a surprised Mandy laugh too. She landed right beside her love and gathered her in her arms bringing her close to her.

“You have such good descriptive talents I think you should add that to resume though your never going to leave my clinic, I think it would look nice on it.” She said smiling saucily as she brought the soft lips to her own and kissed her gently. Then when she pulled back she chucked Mandy on the chin and said, “You look pretty drop dead gorgeous yourself.”

Mandy’s throat was very dry and her eyes were locked with blue eyes so close to hers that she felt she could fall in them as she whispered, “Thanks Sweetheart.”

Sandy growled and kissed her love passionately again bringing her as close as possible. When they ran out air she whispered, “My sweetest darling I love you like this. All adorably professional. I swear if one of those old coots looks at you cockeyed I will punch him out.” She purred into a little ear and then pulled the lobe into her mouth sucking it sensuously.

“Mmm, Sandy if we don’t leave now I don’t think I’ll let you go…”

“Who says you’ll have to your coming with me…”

“But I thought I was going to wait in the my office while your at the Administration building?”

“Nope, I’ve changed my mind I want you there with me.”


“Shh,” purred Sandy with a finger to her loves lips, “Don’t argue with me.”

Mandy kissed the finger and then pulled back slightly smiling saying, “I wouldn’t dare.”

Sandra blushed and shook her head. “You are something, only you can make me blush. Come on Sweetheart, Let’s go slay the dragons.”

“After you my Warrior…”

“Nope, we are going to go into this as a team,” Said Sandra as she gently put her arm around her loves shoulders and guided her toward the door.
Part 8
Sandra had decided to drive her Dad’s old Rolls Royce. She kept it in pristine condition though she had never had the heart to drive it. It was well loved by her father and she always felt like she was invading her Dad’s territory. She parked it in her own spot, which was only a few feet from the front door.

She jumped out of the car and hurried to the other side of the car to open it for Mandy. The small blonde shook her head and smiled at the tall woman. Sandy took the little hand guided her out like she was a princess out of her carriage.

“You know I am quite capable of getting out of a car all by myself…”

“Yep, But I like having someone to indulge. It’s truly a gift to me because I love you so much.”

Mandy squeezed the elegant hand and kissed the strong knuckles. “I love you too you make me feel like I’m a princess.”

“Well Sweetheart, to me you are.”

Mandy blushed beet red which lit up Sandy’s face with wide bright smile. “You know that shade of red is very becoming with that lovely peach suit.”

“You are incorrigible!”

“So encourage me.”



They both stood in front of the large ornate doors of the administration building laughing. Hand in hand they entered the intimidating building Mandy stopped dead and just stared. Her eyes were wide and she held onto the older woman’s hand tightly whispering, “Why on Earth would they need a new building? This one is incredible.”

“It’s the snob thing, Love. This poor building is just too old. I mean it was built way back in the 50’s so it’s out of vogue.”

“But that’s ridiculous!”

“Tell me about it. They are not going to be happy with out come of this meeting. I’ll tell you that. I have a few unexpected surprises up my sleeve.”


“Yeah, Come on. I’ll introduce to the good the bad and the pathetic. Sandra ignored the receptionist and led her love to large boardroom. Mandy couldn’t believe the way this room looked. It made the reception area look like your neighborhood coffeehouse. Mandy just stopped herself from whistling in reaction.

Sandy smirked and rolled her eyes. She then crossed her eyes to get Mandy to smile. Pleased by the quiet giggle she heard, she winked at her and then led her toward a group of people. She didn’t see Chris in the room but she was pretty sure she knew where the weasel was. He was in his office trying to figure out a new plan of action.

She wasn’t at all worried though she knew that her plans were well founded and strong and the little man was running scared right now. She approached a very beloved face first. An older woman stood apart from the group of men and when she saw Sandy her face lit up. She wore a black pants suit her gray hair was attractively arranged and her kind hazel eyes sparkled at her.

“Hi Scamp!”

“How are you Annabelle? What do you think of this mess?”

“Very, very stupid! What else is knew with this bunch. Your father was able to smooth every problem out but now with old Chris in charge where all going to hell in a handbasket. I knew that this would blow up when they started to talk about moving from this building…”

“You know I usually don’t get involved in these petty fights like Dad did. But they are attacking my clinic and my staff …”

“I know your Dad’s little girl, so are you going to introduce me to this lovely young lady?” She asked her young friend with sparklingly amused eyes.

“Annabelle this is my new administrator. She’s pretty damn tough too. You should have seen her reaction when they started to try take staff away from us.”

“A little tiger, huh? That’s very good. You need someone like that to stand at your back don’t you?”

“She is what I have needed in my life for a long time.” Sandy pulled the shy young woman closer to her by putting her arm affectionately around her shoulders.

“Amanda, This is an old family friend and mentor, Annabelle Stevens. She was my pediatrician believe it or not. She made me realize I should follow the family business in stead of fighting so hard against it.”

“It’s an honor to meet you. Thank you for guiding her toward medicine I would never have met her if you didn’t.”

“Your very welcome. You are a blessing to her too young lady. So Scamp was I right or wrong?”

“Very right, Thank God!”

“What’s with this Scamp stuff? And right about what?” Asked Mandy looking at the conspiratory looks between the two old friends.

“Scamp is my childhood nickname for obvious reasons and you are who Annabelle was right about, Love.”


”I’ll tell you later,” She whispered winking at Annabelle who was beaming at the two of them.

Two older men approached one had a wide sweet smile and the other an angry scowl. The man with a smile hugged the tall woman as an old affectionate friend and it was returned with equal affection.

Annabelle put an arm around Amanda’s shoulders and whispered, “The one hugging Sandy is Mitch Smart. He’s in our corner and an old loyal friend of Sandy and her father. The scowling one is actually an old friend too. He’s really a nice guy he just acts like an old codger.” That made Amanda smile.

Mitch pulled back from the hug and slapped that the tall woman on her butt making Mandy’s eyebrows shoot up into her bangs. Sandy rolled her eyes and said with a pout, “That hurt Uncle Mitch.” He smiled sweetly and gently caressed her cheek in a fatherly fashion. Sandy shook her head and then kissed him on the cheek.

“So my little Scamp, I expect you to cause that ass hole as much trouble as possible.”

“Oh I definitely intend to Uncle Mitch,” Replied Sandy with a huge smile. Then Sandy reached out and pulled Mandy out of Annabelle’s clutches so she was right by her side. Mandy lowered her head and looked up at the Sandy and Mitch through her eyelashes. Sandy smiled and brought the chin up with a long finger under the tiny chin. “Uncle Mitch this shy young thing is my new administrator and she is also the woman I told you all about.”

“Ahhhh, well I see what you meant on the phone. Amanda, my name is Mitch and I’ve known this brat since she was hiding under father’s desk absorbing all his great power. Don’t worry kids we won’t let these weasels win.”

Amanda smiled and said, “Its nice to meet you too sir. I hope your right.”

“Oh count on it. I like her Scamp you were right she is adorable.”

Mandy’s looked up at Sandy and her green eyes narrowed. “You’ve been talking to everyone about me?”

Sandy hand slipped under Mandy’s jacket caressing her silk covered back and whispered, “These people are my family and I love you, so yes I did. I’ve been talking to them about you non-stop I couldn’t wait for them to meet you. I love you.”

Mandy shook her head and whispered back, “I love you too and I’m glad to meet them but why did you wait till now…”

“Actually I was planning on throwing a pre-commitment party…”


Sandy smirked and said, “Well talk about that later.”

“You bet we will…”

“Oh my dear Sandy you are in trouble,” said Mitch with twinkling eyes.

“Uncle Mitch!”

“Well when are we going to have dinner? Your Aunt Carol and I want to get to know your new best friend.”

“That’s good cause I want you to get to know her too. Well tell Aunt Carol that it will be very soon if you haven’t gotten me into too much trouble. How is Aunt Carol anyway?”

“She’s perfect of course.”

“Of course.”

The scowling man cleared his throat. Mitch smiled and put an affectionate hand on the other man’s shoulder saying cheerfully, “This strapping young man is Thomas Lee. Don’t let his mean expression fool you Amanda he’s actually a pussy cat.”

Sandy approached them saying, “Yep he sure is…” she put a friendly arm around his shoulders and then suddenly started to tickle him on his stomach. The angry look disappeared from his face and a beautiful lighthearted smile appeared as he tried to back away from the stronger younger woman.

“Scamp, Scamp stop it you little brat!”

Sandy stopped chuckling looking at Mandy with sparkling eyes and winking at her. “See Mandy, He’s an old softy. But you have a great cover going Uncle Tom, don’t ya?”

“I am not an old softy…” He looked up into bright blue eyes and sighed, “You just know me too damn well, Scamp.”

“Well it does help to have known you since I was a little girl, huh?”

He winked at the young woman and nodded saying with a small smile, “Yep.”

One man stood apart from them across the boardroom. He was a distinguished looking older man with gray hair and cold black eyes.

Sandy eyed him and gave him a dazzling smile calling in a cheerful voice, “Hi Freddy!” Then she chuckled wickedly.

He turned his back on their friendly group his eyes glued to a side door of the boardroom obviously waiting for someone.

Annabelle snorted and said to Sandy, “Your something else, Scamp. Be careful Sweetheart, he is powerful.”

“Only cause he’s tied by short hairs to that sniveling coward in that office over there. I have few things saved up for powerful little Freddy too.”

“I have no doubt of that. Is there dynamite in those words, Scamp?” Asked Annabelle with a curious look on her elegant face.

“Oh yeah, Boom!”

Mitch’s eyes lit up and were sparkling as he turned to Tom, “Come on old boy we want a front row seat for this one. I just love fireworks.”

*** *** *** ***

Chris was pacing in his office. He knew that the envelope on the table was increadbly weak. Three blurry pictures of two people that you couldn’t even tell were women much less Sandra and Amanda.

He looked at his Tiffany clock ticking away on his expensive Frank Lloyd Wright Desk and growled, “Ten minutes. I only have ten minutes and I have nothing. I’m going out there with an empty gun and she has a God Damn Uzi!”

*** *** *** ***

Sandra, Amanda and Annabelle stood to the side watching Chris and his henchman whispering excitedly. Sandra had a very feral look on her face as she watched the two conspirators.

“Sandy, If I have to leave I…”

“Stop.” Sandy put a gentle finger to the soft lips and shook her head. “Mandy, you are not going anywhere. I promise you that. Please believe me. Please trust me…”

“I do but…”

“Come on Love, look at their faces they have nothing. We have been very discreet and our staff is loyal.”

“Amanda, Three members of this board have known about you and Sandy from the beginning and we are delighted. You not only have her protection you have ours and guess who taught this brat how to stick to her guns.” She said with smile and wink to the pretty blonde.

Mandy looked at the older woman surprised and very pleased, “Really?”

“Really, they have nothing. Don’t worry.”

Sandy’s finger lightly stroked Mandy’s cheek and she whispered so softly that only Mandy could hear her, “Yep they have nothing. Look at them Sweetheart, they are scrambling trying to think of something. All they have are friendly gestures like this and that is not proof. ”

She smiled sweetly putting her finger to the soft lips and said, “I don’t want to hear another word about you quitting. I won’t hear of it. I don’t care what anyone says I need you and I will not let you go because of slime like Chris and Fred. I am very focused on another track and believe my love when I’m through they will be too worried about their own reputations to think about ours.”

Sandy now had stepped away from Mandy she had been blocking her so the two men wouldn’t see her trying to calm down her love. Now she had her hands hips and she was focused on the two rotten apples on the board with narrowed angry eyes.

“What are you plotting, Sandy?”

A wicked laugh escaped from Sandy’s lips and she said with a wink toward the little blonde, “You’ll see. I haven’t told anyone yet I want it to be a big huge surprise. Wait till you see old Chris’s face. It’s pay back time, Mandy.”
Part 9
Chris walked to the head of the long table and cleared his throat. Then he said in a loud clear voice, “ Ladies and Gentleman of the board, I am very sorry for the unavoidable delay but circumstances beyond my control forces me to postpone tonight’s meeting…”

A wicked smile flashed on Sandra’s face as she whispered quietly to Amanda and Annabelle, “Oh he thinks so huh?” She winked at her love and then strode over to the table and asked loudly, “Why?”

“You should be pleased,” he replied snarling slightly.

Sandy laughed and shook her head; “Well I’m not pleased. Not at all. I am really looking forward to this little meeting of yours. What’s wrong Chrissy Poo? Did your detective fail?”

Chris’s eyes narrowed into angry slits and he growled, “I have a very serious emergency I have to take care of and…”

Annabelle was now beside Sandra asking, “What emergency?” She had a sardonic smile and it made Chris wince when he realized no one believed him.

“That is none of your business…”

Mitch was now on Sandra’s other side as he said, “Chris you know as well as I do that any business affecting this meeting is our business too.”

“Well, I have something to take care of. I move that we hold this meeting on…”

“I descent, That’s for God Damn sure.” Sandra said calmly looking right into Chris’s eyes making sure he saw she was not dropping this.

“I agree.” Said Freddy loudly standing beside Chris.

“Now there is a surprise,” Whispered Sandra to Annabelle.

“Descent.” Annabelle added gently hitting Sandra on the arm. Two more from Mitch and Thomas followed that.

Chris was practically snarling as he asked, “How about an adjournment for an hour?”

“Why? We don’t want to waste all day on this nonsense. Some of us have real work to do. If you have all this great evidence then present it. I want to hear it now or you can stick this emergency board meeting were the sun don’t shine.” Sandra replied angrily pulling out a chair and firmly sitting down in it.

“Listen you little…” Fred put a hand on Chris’s shoulder to stop him from slandering a powerful board member.

Then Fred looked at Sandra with disdain, “That was inappropriately worded young lady and you know it.”

“Fred, I’m not a little girl or an Intern anymore. Don’t take that tone with me.”

“Sandra you’re acting like a little girl…”

“No Fred, I am acting like an angry surgeon who is protecting her clinic from being sacrificed for a building uglier then this one.”

“That is not the purpose of this meeting,” Said Chris angrily.


“No, Its your lifestyle that’s…” Argued Fred.

“Excuse me does my lifestyle affect my abilities as a doctor?”

“Well no…”

“Does it have any affect on my ability to run my clinic?”

“No but…”

“Have we lost any patients because I’m gay?”


“So why exactly are we having this meeting?”

“Our reputation is at issue. It is against God’s…”

Thomas who had been standing back with Amanda had heard enough. His voice suddenly erupted with angry indignation. “Don’t give me that crap! You are the sinner here. Not little Sandy. It is not a sin to be different or to love someone. She has only done good for this dump. She has bolstered our reputation with her talent and intelligence. All you two have ever done is milk it for cash!”

Sandra was as shocked as everyone else in the room was by his fervent support. Tom had always been kind and affable despite his grumpyness she knew he liked her. She just never knew he cared that much before.

“Tom your blinded by your loyalty to her father,” growled Chris.

“I am not blind at all. Sandy is Sandy. She is very much her own person. Any medical organization would give their back teeth to get a woman of her talents on their staff. We’re just lucky that she is loyal to her father’s memory to put up with you two morons for this long.” Then he stalked out of the room slamming the door behind him.

“Well with Tom out of the room…”Chris started.

“Don’t even try that Chris,” said Mitch angrily his jovial face now very serious. “Tom stepped out so he wouldn’t punch you in the nose and you know it.”

“Mitch you are…”

“Shut up!” Annabelle said in an intense strong voice. “I have had it up to my eyeballs with this shit. Now do you have enough evidence to present to us or don’t you? I have my own clinic and I really want to get back to my real work too.”

“I do but…”

“So lets sit down and get this over with. I believe that Sandra has a rebuttal prepared?”

Sandra looked at Fred with glaring icy eyes said, “Yes, indeed I do.”

“Ok lets present what we have then.”

“Goody,” Said Sandy sweetly as she reached behind her and grabbed Amanda’s hand just as the smaller woman was about to leave. She gently pulled her close and whispered, “And where do you think your going?”

“I’m not on the board Sandy…”


“Well, I don’t belong…” Sandy covered her lips and shook her head.

“Stop, you are my administrator and more important then that I need you. Please stay. Please.”

Mandy looked deeply into now warm blue eyes and nodded. “Ok.”

“Thanks Sweetheart, you get a special treat when we get home for this.”

“Ice cream?” Asked Mandy with a soft smile.

Sandy chuckled, “Nope, better then that.”

*** *** *** ***

Chris threw the file folder on the large marble table as he said with a sneer toward Sandra, “And in this folder you will find proof of her indiscretions.”

Sandra looked at the folder her eyes narrowed as she leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. She suddenly flashed a wicked smile at Chris and lifted her eyebrow at the older man. She reached over and took the folder and opened it. Her smile widened and she laughed at what she saw.

“This is your proof? This is why you called this meeting? Shit, Chris this could be Michael Jackson and Brittany Spears kissing its so blurry you can’t even make out the faces.” She slid the file to Annabelle as she tilted her head toward Chris enjoying watching the obnoxious man squirm in his seat. “Is there any other evidence you want to present against me? Cause that’s just pathetic.”

“How about you hiring your girlfriend…”

“Um, I hired her over the phone and I never met her before. And I really think my wife would be pissed if she thought I was procuring woman for Sandy as part of my job as a board member for this medical group.” Mitch said winking at Sandra and Amanda.


“What Mitch is saying I never even met Amanda till after she became my administrator. Next?” Sandra picked up a pad from the table and started to sketch as she waited for Chris to come up with something.

Mandy hid a smile behind her hand that she was using to lean on as she listened to Chris rant on. She was truly amazed at this side of Sandy she was like a tiger. All sleek and intelligent. Very dangerous and incredibly sexy. This is such a turn on. I can’t believe how excited I am getting just watching Sandy in this mode. Her green eyes suddenly met Sandy’s blue eyes. The beautiful doctor winked at her with a wicked grin. Mandy had the feeling that she could read the thoughts that were going through her mind and was responding to them. That was exciting too.

“I was trying to get your accountant to give me some figures but…”

“I will,” said Mandy angrily. All the board members looked at the small elegant blonde in surprise. Except Sandy who looked at her with eyes sparkling with pride.

“Oh?” Asked Chris sarcastically.

“She is an expert, don’t be rude, Chris or I will do more then verbally fry your hide.” Said Sandy so annoyed she was ready to throttle the idiot.

“Sooo what has Sandra done that is sooo wonderful?” He asked the young woman in a very patronizing voice.

Mandy pulled out a binder and her reading glasses from her briefcase and briskly began as if she was addressing a staff meeting at the clinic. “Sandra has brought over 3000 at risk mothers from all over the country to our small clinic. Since she has come back here from her residency over 70% of all our new clients or new facilities came into our hands because of her gifts and abilities. The finances have gone through the roof for this medical group because of her reputation for positive results. Last year alone she brought in over three million dollars. She paid for this place and all our new sites at least ten times over. If it wasn’t for Sandra I really doubt this place would even make a profit.”

Sandy’s sparkling blue eyes met Mandy’s and she felt like her legs might give out from under her. She took a deep breath and smiled back. Then she reached into her briefcase and took out several pages of a report and placed them onto the middle of the table. The she looked right at Chris with angry green eyes and said crisply, “Here’s your proof.”

Chris grabbed the report and studied it growling under his breath.

Annabelle patted Amanda’s shoulder as she sat down again and whispered, “Well done young lady.”

Mandy grabbed the water in front of her and drained the glass nervously. Sandy smiled and slipped a hand under the table gently stroking her leg lovingly.

“Yes Sweetheart, It was very well done.” Whispered Sandy.


“You were perfect and when we get home you’ll get a double treat.” Whispered the tall brunette. Then she stood up and stretched as if she was bored then looked at Chris and asked, “Are you done yet?”

“Yes.” He barked throwing the report back on the table.

She smiled and strode back to the table like a panther ready to attack. Chris even backed away a bit scared of the angry beauty. She leaned on the back of her chair with a ferocious look on her face and said in a deceptively quiet voice.

“Excellent.” The intensity of that single word ripped through the entire room. “I have been pretty busy collecting data myself, Chris. Did you know my Dad kept running accounts of this board? He kept a diary with your daily doings, he wrote what you did and what you didn’t do. It was all in black and white. I kept it all nice locked up till you decided to attack me and those I love.”

“He what?”

“Oh yeah, for instance…Chris, there was a small situation where Dad caught you with your hand in the till. That was when you were a broke intern. Not once but four times. He let it slide and replaced the money himself because you were a good doctor and administrator at the time. All well things change huh?”

“That’s libel!”

“Nope, truth, proven truth is not libel and believe me little man I have proof.” She pulled out two documents. One was a packet of letters and the other a photocopy of some pages of her father’s diary. “Here are four letters signed promising never to do it again. Jack Dodson notarized it. I think my Dad was a bit too trusting with you, old boy.”

“How dare you…”

“Daddy gave this to me because your such a slime he knew sooner or later I’d need his protection and he made sure I was very protected.”

“How did he leave you that with out me knowing…”

“None of your damn business! Now, shall we continue? In 1961 you were caught trying to sell out space in our main lab for some rather questionable activities…”


“Oh, yes indeed I almost forgot all about you Freddy. You were caught in a closet in 1972 with a young lady under rather embarrassing conditions. You claimed that you were counting towels but the problem was that it was laundry day and there were none in that closet.” Said Sandra turning toward the older man with her eyes glinting dangerously.

“Sandra you Bitch!” Chris yelled his face redder then an apple.

“Oh but wait Chris, here is an oldie but a goodie, In 1981 you were caught in the administrators office at midnight by the police. It seems you and a few friends were having quite an orgy and you got a little loud for this quiet neighborhood.”

“I never…”

Pulling a thick folder from her briefcase she handed it to Mitch with a sweet smile. “Here you go Uncle Mitch, all the Police reports on them.”

“This is an outrage!” Fred was ready to jump across the table to grab the files from the older man.

“I believe that is what you said in 1989 when you were arrested for indecent exposure at porno theater rather too close to here.”

She looked from one angry man to the other. She placed the journal on the table and her fingertips gently stroking the leather cover. “I could go on but I won’t. I think I have shown to this board that you two have a far worse reputation then I could ever hope to get if I lived to be a hundred. Now, Do you wish to play with me?”

*** *** *** *** ***

Sandra had suggested they stop at the clinic on the way home. They went to Sandy’s office as Mandy said, “I was amazed by you. I never saw one man turn so white and the other turn so red so fast.” She turned to looked up at Sandy the silence was unnatural. “Sandy?”

She looked up into dark passionate blue eyes that were far closer then she thought possible. The next thing she knew she was being pulled close and her lips met the tall woman’s in deeply involved kiss. When they finally ran out of breath Sandy pulled back and caressed her loves cheek. She picked up Amanda and carried her to her couch then proceeded to kiss her tenderly along the neckline.

Between teasing kisses and nibbles Sandy whispered, “You were really something else, My Sweet.”

Mandy’s eyes were closed and her mind was almost clear of all thought, the smaller woman could only whisper back, “Love you.”

Sandy couldn’t really respond she was too busy showing her love just how much she loved her slowly, tenderly and passionately.

*** *** *** ***

When they got home they headed straight toward the shower. They playfully picked off each other’s work clothes as they walked across the house toward their target.

“Sandy, Is that stuff safe at the office?”



“You saw Fluffy.”

“Yes, but she’s a Sweetheart.”

“To you and to me and our staff, yes. She’s an adorable loving creature but to Chris or Fred, well I’d like to see those ass holes try and pass my charming pet.”
Part 10
The two older men snuck into the pitch-black office.

“Fred stop pushing,” Chris growled in a whisper. “I can’t see a damn thing, why would the young idiot have all her curtains closed like this?”

“Well its her office I guess she’s aloud to keep it dark if she wants to…” Fred whispered back.

“Well goody for her, Do you want her to publish her information?”

“She didn’t say she was going to.”

“Well she didn’t say she wouldn’t…”

The argument was interrupted by low growl inches in front of them.

“What the hell was that?”

“How the hell should I know put your flash light that way.”

A circle of light lit the private office it swung in a circle were it found a pair of very angry golden eyes glowing at them. The growl got deeper and the eyes were now sparkling with intent.

*** *** *** ***

Amanda came into Sandra’s office at their house and found her on the floor laughing. The phone was in her hand but she laughing so hard she couldn’t speak.


Sparkling delighted blue eyes looked up at her as she held up her index finger as if saying one minute. Then she finally got herself together enough to pull the phone back to her and say in a semi rational voice, “Thank you officer. I will send someone down to press charges.” She hung up the phone and burst into another fit of pure laughter.

An affectionate smile crossed Amanda’s face. Her hands were on her hips as she asked, “Are you going to tell me Love?”

Unable to stop the prone woman simply nodded her head.

Amanda chuckled as she sat on the arm of a large leather chair in the corner of the room. She was highly amused to see her usually highly stoic mate unable to control her laughter.

Finally blue eyes looked up a bit calmer, She tilted her head and said with a huge smile, “It seems Laurel and Hardy, tried to break into my office tonight. Fluffy caught them.”

“Did she hurt them?”

“No, She merely scared the shit out of them. Fred locked himself in my closet and Chris who tried to get past her ended up with her on top of him. Apparently he was so scared of her he fainted. Fluffy held him down with one paw while she waited for someone she knew to tell her what to do. So there’s old Chris out cold and Freddy shivering in the closet. While our sweet Fluffy is holding Chris down with one paw and…she’s grooming herself with the other one…”

Amanda burst into giggles and fell off the arm of the chair right into Sandra’s arms. She pulled her onto her lap and cuddled her close. She kissed her on the cheek then continued; “Steve was dropping off a report for me when he found them. Fluffy looked up at him wagging her tale and purring. He said it was hard to make a serious report to the police. He made a report and then coaxed Fluffy into her basket and stayed with her till the police came.”

“He just sat there waiting?”

“Not exactly, do you remember Dad’s old hunting gun I keep over the fireplace? He held that on them till the police came. That was the police asking me if I wanted to press charges against the idiots.”

“Oh…now that’s hard….let me guess here? You said yes, right?”

“That was very dramatic, Love. So what would like to give our beautiful bob cat for an award?”

“A live mouse?”

“Nah, she wouldn’t know what to do with that. She’s so gentle she would probably play with it and want to keep it as a pet.”

“No, not a good idea them. Hmm, how about a barbecued steak?”

Sandra’s eyes lit up, “For me too please.”

“What did you do to earn a reward?”

“I intend to earn it right now,” said the tall woman as she kissed her way to the sweet lips.

“Mmm sounds like a plan,” suddenly her lips were seized in a passionate kiss. Sandra picked the smaller woman straight off the floor and carried her to their room. All thoughts of Chris forgotten.

*** *** *** ***

Sandra was very worried one of her mothers was very ill and she just couldn’t figure out the best course of action. It was a month before her due date and she had all they symptoms of morning sickness. She gave her a complete physical and did all the tests herself. She was now sitting at her desk reading through all the results and was as frustrated as hell.

She was totally focused on the reports trying to figure out what was wrong and didn’t hear her door open and close. Amanda came in with a bag in her hand and looked at the worried doctor with deep compassion.

She sat on the edge of the desk and put the food down beside the absorbed woman. “Are you hungry?” She asked quietly.

“No,” replied Sandra softly. Red rimmed worried blue eyes looked up at her. “I can’t understand this. The baby and the mother check out fine. Their heart beats are strong and everything is else is perfect. There are no flaws I can detect and yet the poor woman is now losing weight. That is so damn dangerous that it scares the hell out of me.”

“I understand all that but making yourself sick is not going to help. You haven’t slept or eaten since this started. You can’t help her if you’re too sick to lift your head.”

Tears started to fall down the chiseled cheeks breaking Amanda’s heart. She pulled her into her arms hugging her tight. Gently she rubbed the tense back and said softly, “Do you know how unusual you are? Do you know how many Chris’s there are out there? They only care about money but you care about your patients as people. You will do anything to keep your patients healthy and bring all those lovely children into the world.”

Sandra kissed her love’s neck and then pulled back asking quietly, “Is that the way you really see me?”


Sandra smiled slightly and brushed some hair out of the pretty green eyes. Then in a soft voice said, “Thank you Sweetheart. I really needed to hear that right now. I feel so…well… remember what I told you about my greatest fear? Well I’m scared it’s going to happen this time.” Said the surgeon as she impatiently dried her eyes with the back of her hand. Amanda reached up and helped to dry the tears.

Then she cupped both cheeks and said, “Yes, I remember what you said that wonderful day we went horse back riding. I was so honored you trusted me with that knowledge. Your fear was that you’d lose one of the babies you bring into the world. You swore you would do your best never to let that happen and I believe in you. This time doesn’t have to be the one your scared of. She still has a month and your giving her the greatest care possible.”

“I know all that but I’m so worried she is in such pain.”

“Well she has been working through out the pregnancy. Maybe its old fashioned but maybe she just needs bed rest.”

Sandra gasped, “Yes, that is possible. I have been so busy trying to figure out why I wasn’t even thinking of the common sense cure. She has felt better since she was admitted and she hasn’t been nauseous since we changed her diet. You are a bloody Genius!” She kissed the small woman passionately falling into her desk chair bringing the smaller woman with her.

Fluffy lifted her head from her basket and yawned. It was only her two Mommies. She settled back down and went back to sleep.

*** *** *** ***

Chris and Fred were convicted of breaking and entering. It had been a real scandal but it didn’t seem to hurt business for the Medical Group. The other trustees voted them off the board while they were awaiting trial. By the time the conviction came through Mitch had been made the new Chairman much to everyone’s satisfaction.

Sandra was overjoyed because for the first since her father died someone who really cared about people would be heading up their board of directors. The staff at her clinic sent him a huge stuffed fish to put up in his gaming room in honor of the new Chairman’s favorite hobby.

Annabelle had decided to throw a barbecue in celebration of the new board. She was at the barbecue busy with the hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken when she found a big bob cat looking up at her with longing in her golden eyes.

“Fluffy, I know you’re a just a big pussycat and well fed one at that. Don’t give me that pathetic look like Sandy and Mandy don’t feed you.”

Fluffy nuzzled her head against Annabelle’s hip. Annabelle shook her head and fed her a piece of broken off hamburger meat. “You are just like your mistress aren’t you? Such a brat!” Fluffy gently took the meat into her mouth and happily trotted back to her basket that the girls had brought for their pet.

“Yep, exactly like your Mistress.”

“What Mistress?” Asked Sandy scrounging around the barbecue looking for something to snack on before lunch. She had a very amused expression on her face as she pretty much guessed what Fluffy had just pulled off.

“I was referring to your beloved pet Fluffy, fluttering her eyelashes and looking pathetic till you cave in and give her exactly what she wants. Just like you, Scamp.”

“Are you implying that I am manipulative?”


“Gee, thanks a bunch, Annabelle”

“Get off it Scamp, you have everyone here wrapped around your pretty little finger and you damn well know it.”

“Do not!” Sandy’s head was lowered and she was scuffing her shoe against the patio.

“You know, right now you look exactly like you did when you were a little kid and you wanted us to take you to the park after your Dad said no.”

When Sandy lifted her head she had a sweet smile on her face, “You were a lot tougher then Uncle Mitch. One sad look and I’d not only get to go he’d get me a double scoop Strawberry ice cream cone to cheer me up.”

“You think his girls get with away with murder, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, They are good girls though. Their Mom lays down the law and their Dad unknowingly breaks it. Just one look at those sweet innocent faces and Uncle Mitch empties his pockets.” Sandy laughed as she watched the usual infighting across the lawn as Mitch and his loving long suffering wife discuss their spoiled children. “His better half has an uphill battle disciplining those little munchkins.”

“They are good girls and they adore both their parents. Mitch started being a husband and father late in life so he is very besotted by all his women. Its very sweet.”

“Yeah, He was a great Uncle for me though. I think they are very lucky munchkins,” Sandy said softly her eyes misty as she felt the pain of missing her Dad.

Annabelle put an arm around her shoulders and shook her head, “Scamp, I know you miss your Dad, but you have a very loving surrogate family and you know it. We all love and adore you and you have a beautiful loving partner who loves you beyond anything. Your are a very lucky woman. Now when are you planning on making on honest woman of her?”

They looked across the lawn at Amanda sitting on a blanket surrounded by kids telling a story. Fluffy was curled up beside her; the large head on Mandy’s thigh as the small hand gently stroked the soft fur.

“Very, very soon. She is beautiful isn’t she?” Asked the tall surgeon with a completely lovesick look on her face.

“Yes Sweetheart she is. You’re a beautiful couple. I can’t wait to see you with a family.”

Teary blue eyes met the older woman’s and Sandy nodded, “Me too. We both want children very much. We both discussed it and we will try either one of the new methods or adopt. We would like a baby very soon.”

“A boy or a girl?”

“A healthy happy baby. You know I found something out by falling in love. I always thought I knew everything about my job. I knew I was fallible but I was really on top of it and studied hard so I knew all the latest information to best help my mothers deliver healthy children. But, because I love Mandy so much and I’m totally open with her I was able to listen to her make a suggestion from a completely layman point of view. And you know what, Annabelle? It saved two lives. Love is real eye opener.”

“Yep it always was. I am really happy for you, I’m happy for both of you.”

Sandra hugged the older woman tight and kissed her cheek. “Thanks. You have been my mentor and friend and the only older woman I can talk to. Now you’ve taken my sweet Mandy under your wing too. You’re the greatest!”

“My pleasure, Scamp. My pleasure.”

*** *** *** ***

Amanda went straight to the couch when they got home and took off her shoes completely wiped out. Smiling Sandra came over to her sat on the couch next to her and pulled her onto her lap hugging her close.

Nuzzling her head against her love’s shoulder Amanda asked, “So what were you and Annabelle talking about?”

“Us.” Said the surgeon as she kissed her loves chin and then her neck.

“Oh?” Her head fell back against the back of the couch as the tall woman continued kissing her along her neckline.

“Hmm,” Sandra mumbled then pulled an earlobe that she had just reached into her mouth and gently sucked it.

“Wh…what about?” Asked the smaller woman as the tall woman pulled back smiling happily.

“Us, getting married and having kids.”

“Oh and what was your answer?”

“Yes and yes,” said the taller woman with a wicked smile and shrug of her shoulders.

Amanda shook her head and said, “You are such a nut! I love you so much that I think it’s cute…”

“Love me for my faults huh?”

“All of them deeply and forever.”

“Me too, You completely changed my life. Did you know that? That is really what we were talking about. I feel like a completely different person thanks to you. A much better person.”

Mandy felt tears well up, “I love you the way you are, if I did that I’m glad but I fell head over heals in love with you when I first met you in your office.”

“Ditto.” Said Sandy gently drying the tears. “So when would you like to be hitched?”

“Whenever…um, can it be romantic?”


“Can my family come?”

“Of course.”

“How about Fluffy?”

“Sure, she is our family too. She can be your flower girl.”

The two women laughed and then Sandy said in a very serious voice, “Where ever and whenever you want to be married. I’ll be there. I’m yours.”

“And I’m yours. Forever.”

“That sounds perfect for me.” Sandy then kissed her love passionately.

When they pulled back Mandy smiled and said, “I still get my big wedding don’t I?”

“Yep, with all the trimmings,” said the tall woman as she picked her love and carried her to their bedroom for a pre-honeymoon celebration.


The End

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