Life Class by Littlespit

Life Class
by Littlespit



Ms. Miller stood in front of the class and prepared herself for the upcoming project. “All right class, listen up! Our next project in Life Class is Marriage and Family.” A communal groan met her ears. She ignored it and continued, “I want you all to pair up with one another. Those of you that are couples may do this project together, everyone else pick a partner. You’re gong to be married for the next three months.”

One of the smart-assed boys piped up, “Yeah! Married people get to do whenever they want!”

“Brian, these are MOCK marriages, no “doing it” allowed!” Ms. Miller directed a censuring stare at the troublemaker.

As expected her comment brought massive protests. After getting the class back under control she explained that for the remainder of the semester the “couples” would work together to make budgets, plan on housing, work through differences in personalities, and plan mock futures. Some of the couples would be surprised with children, complete with a realistic doll that cried, wet and needed the same level of care a real child required.

Dana glanced around the room, her eyes looking for and finding Brad Williams. As her eyes landed on Brad she was happy to see Brad’s eyes move around the room and land on her. Their eyes met and smiles came to both faces as they pointed to each other and nodded. Brad had been a transfer student in September and he and Dana were in four classes together. Dana had one of the few people that had gone out of her way to make the new kid feel welcome. The two teenagers had built a good friendship. Brad and Dana both knew that their fellow students assumed that they were a romantic couple and allowed that misconception to stand. It was tough enough to be teenagers; neither Brad nor Dana wanted the added stigma of being gay to add to the stress.

Ms. Miller explained the project to the class and after taking down the names of the newly formed “Couples”, she gave each pair a scenario for the next week of the project. Ms. Miller’s assignment included a written interview with the couple’s parents. They were supposed to ask their parents about marriage and family. They had a list of questions to ask about relationships, challenges, triumphs and downfalls. It was hoped that the project would promote communication between the students and their parents.

After class, Brad walked over to Dana and gave her a big smile, “Hey there wife!”

“Hiya Hubby!” Dana smiled back. She rolled her eyes, “I think Ms. Miller is going to be surprised when she gets the interview project back on my parent.”

Brad’s brow creased in curiosity and irony, “Yeah? I was thinking the same thing about mine!”


“I only have one parent….and she’s a lesbian.” Brad informed Dana.

Dana’s face split into a smile, “Get outta here!” she laughed, “I thought only 10 percent of the population was supposed to be gay. I think we’re topping the bell curve here, Hubby dear. Let’s see, we’re both gay, your Mom is a lesbian and my Mom is a card carrying member of the ‘No men in my bed club’.”

Brad smiled at his best friend, “This ought to be an interesting project.”

“That’s putting it mildly.” Dana agreed.


Later that evening as Brad was cooking dinner; he heard his Mother’s car pull into the garage. He smiled when he saw their Jack Russell Terrier skid through the kitchen and jump through the doggy door in order to greet the returning member of the family. A few moments later a tall, strikingly beautiful woman walked into the kitchen and her face lit up at the sight of her son. “What’s cooking, handsome?” she greeted him with a hug.

Brad, almost as tall as his six-foot-high mother, kissed her soft cheek, “Oven fried chicken, green beans, new potatoes and a surprise for desert.”

“You spoil me, Brad.” Dale’s eyes shone with the overwhelming love she felt for her son. “How’s the homework load this evening? Do you need me to take over here so you can work on that?”

Brad rolled his eyes, “I’ve already finished with most of it. I’ve got a few questions I could use your help on in calculus, I’ve done up my study cards for World History and my mind is still rolling around changes I want to make to my English paper. I do have a new project in Life class that you have to help me with though.”

Dale rested her hip against the kitchen counter, “What’s the project?”

“I’m married.” Brad grinned at his Mom.

“And who’s the lucky fellow?” Dale smiled crookedly.

Brad blushed at his Mother’s comment. “It’s not a guy. It’s my friend Dana that I’ve told you about.” Dale nodded, her facial expression indicating that Brad should continue his explanation of the project.

“We each had to choose a partner in class. For the rest of the semester we’re in a mock marriage. I guess it’s supposed to teach us the reality of life and relationships.” Brad’s shoulders shrugged. “Our first assignment is to interview our parents and have them answer a list of questions. We’re supposed to try to get together with both families to do the interview.”

“When is it due?”

“Next Monday.” Brad informed her, “But Dana and I would like to do the interviews as soon as possible so that we can put them in an interesting format.” He paused and grinned showing his deep dimples, “She’s as much of an overachiever as I am.”

“Gods, preserve us!” Dale gasped in mock horror then continued, “This is the only evening I have available. I’m on call the rest of the week because Dr. Shaw went into labor this afternoon.”

“I’ll call Dana and ask what her Mom says. Even if you’re on call, could we do it another night and just hope you don’t get paged?” Brad tried to plan for any contingency.

“Of course, Honey, but you know the likelihood of my having an entire night free if I’m on call.” Dale warned.

Brad’s back stiffened a bit, “I know. If you’re on call, you’ll be gone more than you’re here.” Although Brad understood, for the most part, that his Mom had no choice about leaving when she got a page; a part of him resented the time her patients got and the time it took away from him.

Seeing her son’s pinched face and stiffened back, Dale sighed. “I love you son. I do my best to work days and cut back on my on call nights. This is a special circumstance.”

Brad nodded, knowing his Mother told the truth. He turned and picked up the phone.

“Hello?” He heard Dana’s voice over the line.

“Hey wife,” Brad greeted.

“Hey Hubby,” Dana smiled back. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you had had time to talk to your Mom about the interview.” Brad said.

“Yeah, she said tonight is the best for her. We just need to get some dinner, then…”

Brad interrupted her, “Why don’t you come over here for dinner? I always make way too much for Mom and me. We can all eat together then we can grill the Moms.”

“Um, let me ask…” Dana said. Brad heard Dana’s muffled voice asking her Mom about the dinner invitation and then, in clearer tones heard, “Mom says that if it’s ok with your Mom, it’s fine with her.”

Brad’s eyes tracked to his Mom, realizing that he had made the invitation without checking first, he made an apologetic/pleading face and asked, “Is it alright for Dana and her Mom to come over for dinner?”

Dale’s brow rose as she gave her son a look of reprimand, “Since you’ve already asked them, yes. Next time though…” She shook her finger at her son.

Brad grimaced, “Sorry.” He then spoke into the phone, “Mom says it’s fine with her.”

Dana laughed at the young man, as she realized the mistake he’d made, “I’ll bring you a biscuit to eat in the dog house.” She laughed.

Brad laughed then proceeded to give Dana directions to their house. It only took Dana and her Mother, Suzanne, ten minutes to arrive at Dale and Brad’s house.


Dale heard the doorbell ring and, since Brad was busy slaving over the dinner preparations, she walked over and opened the door. The first thing she noticed was a cute, strawberry blonde teenage girl sporting an impish grin. Dale couldn’t help herself as she grinned back. “So, you’re my daughter-in-law, are you?” She greeted.

Dana’s smile broadened, “That’s me! I’m Dana.” She put her hand out towards Brad’s Mother and then turned toward her own Mom and said, “Dr. Williams, This is my Mother, Dr. Catherine, ‘Cat’ Samuels.”

Dale shook the teen’s hand and then turned to greet Dana’s Mother. The moment Dale’s eyes landed upon the older version of her son’s “wife”, Dale froze. She felt as if a jolt of electricity had gone through her, her heart pounded in her chest, her mouth went dry, her breath caught in her throat and the only thought in her head was, ‘you’re finally here’.

Cat Samuels was struck dumb the moment the door opened. She felt as if time were suspended and that she was no longer a part of her surroundings. She watched as her daughter shook the tall beauty’s hand and then, as Dale turned her eyes to look into hers, Cat’s world snapped back into place. “By the god’s you’re beautiful” she heard herself sigh. As she realized what her mouth had just uttered, Cat’s heart flew into a panic until she saw the brilliant smile on the tall doctor’s face.

“You been eating nut bread again?” Dale heard herself ask.

Neither woman quite understood what had happened in that fateful moment, but without a thought or a moment’s hesitation they found themselves in one another’s arms. A duet of sighs, “I’ve missed you” uttered from the adults in their embrace.

Brad, having heard the doorbell ring, came to the front door just in time to see his Mom suddenly stand taller then utter quietly, “You’re finally here,” and then take who he assumed was Dana’s Mom into her arms.

With a perplexed look on his face he looked at Dana. Dana’s expression matched Brads and they alternately looked at each other and then over at their Moms, back at each other and back to the hugging couple…. Finally, Brad broke the spell by asking, “You two know each other?”

Dale and Cat heard Brad’s started question and broke apart. Their eyes stayed locked for a long moment before they turned to look at their children. Dale’s mouth quirked up into a half smile before she said, “I’ve never met her before in my…” She paused and looked back into Cat’s eyes, “…in this life.” She automatically put her arm around Cat’s shoulder and ushered the group into the house. Looking at her son she said, “I can’t explain this, Brad. I just know…her. She’s the one.”

All of his life, Brad had heard his Mom’s yearning to find “The one.” She had dated women in the past, but never for long and never seriously. She had always claimed that there was a part of her that would never be complete unless she found the illusive one. The fact that his Mom had finally found the other part of her soul made Brad plop down into the nearest chair. He again looked over to Dana only this time he had a look of astonished awe on his face. He noticed a matching expression on his friend’s face before he heard Dana make a rude sound then say, “Good thing we don’t have the hots for each other, ’cause I think you’re my new brother!” Both teenagers laughed at her sassy comment.

When the teenagers looked back to their Mothers, they saw that the doctors were once again snuggled in each other’s arms. Brad rolled his eyes and then with humor in his voice said, “Alright you two, break it up! I cooked dinner and we’re going to eat it.”

Cat managed to break out of her love haze enough to acknowledge her daughter’s friend. Once she realized how completely odd her behavior had been she felt a blush wash over her face. Although she left the embrace of her soul’s desire, she couldn’t make herself lose contact all together so, as she smiled at the tall handsome teenage boy and reached to shake his hand, she maintained her position against Dale’s side. “Brad, it’s good to finally meet you. Dana has had nothing but great things to say about you.”

Brad found himself blushing, “Thanks, Dr. Samuels, it’s good to meet you too.” Then, under his breath he muttered, “But not as good as it’s been for Mom.”

“Hey!” Dale responded with a mock slap to the back of her son’s head, “Watch it bucko.” She smiled then ruffled her tall son’s hair before brining his head close enough to plant a kiss on his forehead.

“Aw, geeze, Mom,” Brad hoped the floor would swallow him up.

“Sorry, son.” Dale said without any conviction. This boy, this young man, was her baby. He would always be her baby and she would always show him affection, no matter how old he got. She knew he secretly loved the attention she lavished upon him, though she knew she would have to be careful where and when she showed her affection now that he was growing into manhood. She missed the days when her little boy could solve all the world’s problems by sitting on his Mommy’s lap. As she contemplated the changes her son was going through she felt a small hand moving in circles against her back. She looked down into love-filled green eyes and saw a look of understanding in them.

“They grow up so fast…” Cat sighed. Dale nodded.

Breaking herself free of the slight melancholy, Dale addressed the group, “Let’s go eat the feast my boy made for us, shall we?”

As they entered the dining room, the four people moved effortlessly into their places at the table as if they’d occupied those positions on a nightly basis, not as though it was their first meal together. As they passed dishes around the table their conversation flowed. The Mothers asked about the school project and the teenagers told stories on and about each other. If anyone had eavesdropped on their meal they would have assumed that this was an established family with long term loving dynamics. What was equally odd was that none of the people at that table questioned the ease with which they blended. It was as if they had all expected to find one another and that this was simply a reunion, not a first meeting.

After dinner four very full people rose from the table and worked together to clean up. Once the dishes where rinsed and put in the dishwasher the foursome moved into the family room to go over the interview questions. The two doctors made their way to sit on the comfortable sofa, the smaller woman tucked against the side of the taller one.

Dale’s arm automatically draped over Cat’s shoulder and Cat found her hand’s natural position against Dale’s thigh. As she watched her mother move and mesh so perfectly with this virtual stranger, Dana finally voiced her thoughts, “This is kinda creepy you guys.”

As she saw the adults start to break apart, she rushed to finish her thought, “No, no, no…it’s not bad creepy! It’s just…well…it’s like we’ve always belonged together. I feel like we’re all home.” She looked up into Brad’s blue eyes, “Don’t you feel it?”

Brad was glad that Dana had put a voice to the weirdness. “I do feel it.” He snorted, looked at Cat and then continued, “I feel like I should be calling you Mom. I’ve had to fight to call you Dr. Samuels all evening because my first instinct has been to call you Mom.”

He shrugged his shoulders before he continued, “My first day in school, when I met Dana, I felt something special for her. I needed to watch out for her. We clicked like I’ve never clicked with anyone before…I could talk to her about anything from the very start. Hell…”

“Hey!” Dale cautioned her son on his language.

“Sorry Mom,” Brad blushed, “Heck..uh…anyway…I came out to her that first day I met her. I knew it was safe to tell her. I couldn’t explain it then and I didn’t question it because it felt so right and now, seeing you two, it makes more sense. We’re all supposed to be a family.”

Dana piped up with, “This is like something out of a tacky romance novel!” She feigned great passion, leaning back and pressing her hand to her heart, “Ohhhh Dale, ooooh Cat…how I’ve waited for you…how I’ve loooooonged for you.” Then she made loud kissing noises and kissed up and down her hands and arms before falling out of her chair laughing.

Dana’s comic relief made the group laugh. After long minutes of laughter at the girl’s antics Dale turned to Cat and brushed blonde bangs out of green eyes and with a light in her blue eyes she said quietly, “I have longed for you.”

Cat leaned up and placed a gentle kiss against a dark brown brow and replied, “And I have have waited for you.”

Both teenagers groaned at their parent’s sappiness. “Ok, ok,” Brad interrupted the moment, “Lets get this interview done and then you guys can go make out or whatever!”

“Bradley Aaron Williams!”

“What?” Brad whined.

Dale suddenly recognized that a make out session…or whatever…was exactly what her body craved and therefore she had a hard time reprimanding her son about his comment. Yet, she also wanted to make it clear that disrespect would not be tolerated in their home. She took a deep, calming breath, “Brad, please be careful with your comments. I will not allow that kind of disrespect toward me or toward Cat. We’re all finding our way here. I realize we all feel an unusually high comfort level with one another, but comments like the one you just made are not appropriate.”

Brad realized that he had overstepped his boundaries and though a part of him wanted to point out that it was obvious that the two women were hot for each other, he also held a deep respect for his parent and so he took her reprimand gracefully, “I’m sorry Mom.” He then looked at Cat, grinned, and then corrected, “Moms.”

It took a few hours to complete the interview, during which time the Mothers brought up a difficult line of reasoning. Both women pointed out to the students that their situations were unique. Both women had been single, lesbian mothers. Neither woman had been in a lasting long-term relationship. The only viewpoint the women could give was from their own life experience with friends and family members and their innate knowledge of what took to make a family. They let it be known that, in their opinions, the kids should write their interview honestly. That they should incorporate their own feelings and experiences being the children of single gay parents into the project. The Moms also brought up the question of the mock marriage. They asked the teenagers how realistic and practical the project would be for them, knowing that both of their children were gay. They acknowledged that it was up to the kids to make the choice to complete the project as a hetero mock couple or to decide to come out and finish the project after finding same gender partners.

Once the interview was over, the teenagers moved into Brad’s room to organize their thoughts and to discuss their options. After hashing over their thoughts and feelings both Brad and Dana decided that they were not yet ready to out themselves to everyone at school. They had both experienced enough bigotry throughout their lives because of being children of gay parents, they weren’t ready to step into a deeper pond quite yet.

After the kids had gone to work on their project, Dale turned to Cat, “Do you understand this any better than I do?”

Cat lost herself in cerulean eyes, “Not really. I just know that the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one I’ve been searching for. It took every ounce of strength in me to stop from jumping into your arms the moment you opened the door…I knew you’d opened the door and I was home.”

“Should we be questioning this?” Dale’s practical mind raised the question.

“Do you really want to question it?” Cat’s dimple showed as she smiled.

“No, I want to trust my heart, trust my soul and just move on from here.” Dale answered honestly.

“Then, my heart, that’s what we’ll do.” Cat snuggled deeper into Dale’s embrace, “Now, would you please kiss me?”

The rush of heat that thrilled through Dale’s body shocked her. The simple request for a kiss nearly sent her over the edge…how could that be? As she looked into Cat’s green eyes, she felt herself fall into the kiss. One moment they were two separate women and the next a melding of lips and tongues.

Two bodies fused together as passion intermingled with wonder. Only the need for oxygen interrupted their kiss. As soon as the life sustaining gas was inhaled, their lips met again and the passion built until both women were trembling from desire.

When they finally broke from their kissing marathon they sat with their foreheads together, panting. When they looked at one another they realized that buttons were undone and pants unzipped although undergarments were still intact. Dale moaned as she beheld the cleavage peeking out the top of Cat’s bra. She lifted her hand and gently caressed the gentle slope with the back of her fingers. “So soft…” she whispered.

Cat took the hand that was caressing her cleavage and brought it to her lips for a soft kiss. As she rubbed her cheek against Dale’s large hands she said, “If we don’t stop now, we won’t stop at all. I don’t want my first time to be on a couch, having to listen in case our kids walk in.”

Dale nodded her agreement, adding “Our first time, Cat, our first time.” With shaking fingers, Dale reached out and gently closed and buttoned Cat’s blouse. Before she closed the top button, she leaned forward and kissed the previously caressed cleavage and stated, “Mine,” then slid the last button home.

At the word of possession a thrill rushed through Cat. A corresponding sense of ownership overwhelmed her; so she leaned forward and licked the cleavage in front of her and stated, “Mine,” before she, too, buttoned up her partner’s blouse. After tasting Dale’s lips once again Cat looked at her watch. “Oh, lord, it’s after 11:00!”

“Some Moms we are…let’s go check on the kids.” Dale shook her head as she stood from the couch and took the smaller doctor’s hand. They walked together to the doorway of Brad’s room. When they got to the room they both sighed at what they found. Both kids were propped up against the headboard of Brad’s bed, a laptop computer was open and resting between one of Brads thighs and one of Dana’s. Papers and notebooks were spread over every available inch of space and one sheet was still clasped in Dana’s fist. Dana’s head rested against Brad’s shoulder as both kids snored softly. “You have a camera?” Cat asked in a whisper.

Dale grinned evilly and then left to retrieve her digital camera. Once the parents had digitally captured their children in slumber, Dale and Cat moved to wake the teenagers. “Come on, honey,” Cat stroked her daughter’s hair, “We need to get you to the house and in your own bed…come on, wake up Baby.”

A groggy Brad sat up and in a sleepy voice said, “I could carry her to the car for you, Mom.”

“Thanks Brad,” Cat said softly, “But once you got her in the car I’d have to wake her anyway to get her into the house. You’re a great friend to offer.”

Brad’s face scrunched up into a scowl, “I’m not her friend. We’ve already established that she’s my sister. It’s what brothers do.”

Cat looked up at Dale with shining eyes, “How’d this happen so fast? I showed up here tonight with a beautiful brilliant daughter and an empty heart. Now I’m leaving, only because I’m tearing myself away mind you, with my beautiful daughter but I’m leaving behind a handsome wonderful son and the woman that fills up my soul. How can that happen in a matter of hours?”

Dale pursed her lips, “I don’t know, but it has. It’s breaking my heart to let you leave.”

After a ten minute struggle, Dana was awake enough to walk out to the car. Once Cat had ensured that her sleepy daughter was safely buckled into the front seat, she walked around to the driver’s side of her Lexus SUV.

She stood in the open door of her car and wrapped her arms around her tall companion. Before they realized that they had moved, the women were locked in a soul searing kiss, making it nearly impossible for Cat to leave and for Dale to let her go.
After many long, wet passion-filled kisses, Cat finally hauled herself into the driver’s seat and started the car. She closed the car door and lowered the window then, tearfully bid her dark lover good night.


The following morning, as Dale and Brad ate breakfast together, Dale looked sheepishly at her son and asked, “Honey? Um, do you have Dana and Cat’s phone number?” Brad spewed cheerios and milk through his nose as he laughed at his uncharacteristically demure Mother.

“You didn’t get her number last night?” Brad teased his blushing parent.

“No. We had other things to…um…talk about.” Dale admitted.

“Yeah, right, talk.” Brad mocked.

“Brad, c’mon…” Dale practically begged.

“Ok ok, the number’s already up on the bulletin board by the phone.”

“Thanks.” Dale said as she jumped up and rushed to the phone.

Brad smiled as he watched his love struck mother then he sang, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy’s in love” to the tune of the “Tammy” song.

Dale turned on her heel to face her son with a stern look on her face, then took purposeful strides to reach his side, stopped, bent over and planted a loud, wet, sloppy kiss on his cheek and backed away with a brilliant smile on her face, “You bet, buddy boy, and lovin’ every minute of it.”

Dale walked back over to the phone and dialed the number to Cat’s house. She listened as the phone rang and then heard Cat’s voice on a voice mail message saying they were out and to please leave a name and number, etc. Dale left a short message that included her home and pager numbers then hung up the phone.

“Not there?” Brad surmised.

“No.” Dale’s shoulder’s slumped a bit.

After breakfast, Dale dropped Brad off at school then proceeded to the hospital for morning rounds. She stopped in to check on all the new mothers and their babies. As she was leaving her last patient’s room her pager buzzed, informing her that she had a woman in labor on her way.

Once Dale had successfully delivered the Baker twins, she checked the board to make sure none of her other patients were in labor or delivery then she decided it was time to go get a bite to eat in the cafeteria.

Dale walked into the cafeteria and immediately felt a strange pulling sensation in her solar plexus and felt her heart rate increase. As she scanned the room she spotted the back of a newly familiar strawberry blonde head.

A smile immediately brightened Dale’s face and she made a bee line toward her favorite doctor. She walked up beside Cat’s chair and placed her hand between her shoulder blades, rubbing in a small circle, when Cat looked up time stopped once again as her eyes met with Dale’s.

“Dale…” Cat sighed.

“Hi,” Dale smiled, “Will you be here a few minutes?”

Cat returned the smile, “Absolutely, I just got here a few minutes ago. Go get your lunch and join me, please.”

After only a moment’s hesitation Dale said, “I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you leave that tuna surprise behind and I’ll take you out for lunch?”

“Yes.” Cat answered immediately as she rose to join Dale.

The two doctors had no personal space between them as they exited the cafeteria. Though they weren’t arm in arm, they were in constant physical contact with one another.

They walked to the parking structure elevator, took the elevator to the appropriate floor, and then walked to Dale’s car. Dale opened the passenger car for Cat and helped her in then walked to the driver’s side, slid behind the wheel and started the vehicle.
Dale drove the car out of the parking structure and directly to a nearby park and pulled into a tree shaded parking spot then turned off the car and pulled Cat into her arms. Both women released long sighs and felt a calm wash over them as they held one another.

“I missed you so much this morning it was a physical ache.” Dale admitted.

Cat brushed dark bangs out of Dale’s eyes as she agreed, “I know, baby. I got a page at 4:00 am and my first instinct was to call you to tell you I’d be out.”

“I wish you had.” Dale said with conviction.

Cat smiled, “I doubt Brad would have appreciated that.”

“Brad can sleep through earthquakes, I don’t think the phone ringing would phase him.”

“How can I love you so much already?” Cat’s voice held wonder.

“I don’t know,” Dale answered, “I just know you, know us, know we’re supposed to be together…for eternity.”

Cat got a far-away look on her face and breathed, “Even in death I’ll never leave you…”

Dale’s eye’s pierced Cat’s green orbs as she nodded, acknowledging the statement.

Moments later Dale broke the spell, “I needed to touch you, so I stopped here. But, we should go get lunch, talk, get to know each other more…what do you say?”

At that moment, Cat’s stomach decided to answer for her by emitting a long loud growl.

Dale let out a deep guffaw, “Guess that answers the question!”

They drove to a nearby café and ordered lunch. They talked about their lives and families and about dreams and hopes. Dale learned that Cat was a vascular surgeon and she told Cat about her OB/GYN practice.

All through the meal they maintained physical contact with one another. The couple was so intent on one another that the wait staff hated to interrupt the women in order to bring their meals or fill water glasses. Everyone recognized that something very special was happening in their midst.

After the meal was consumed and when they could put it off no longer, the women returned to the hospital to resume their work days. As they walked through the parking structure to the elevator Cat turned to Dale, “When can you get away this evening?”

“Unless someone goes into labor, I can be out of here at 4:00, but I’m on call tonight so…” Dale shrugged her shoulders.

“I’ll take what I can get.” Cat smiled impishly up at Dale.

“Love, you can have anything you want.” Dale’s voice dropped an octave.

“Mmmm, don’t tempt me Doctor.”

Dale leaned in close to Cat’s ear and gave it a nip, “I want to tempt you.”

Cat felt a flush run through her body and a rush of blood to her sex made walking normally a near impossibility. “Gods…” Cat moaned.

As they walked off of the elevator, Dale ran her hand up Cat’s arm, “Page me when you’re ready to leave. If I can get away, we’ll spend the evening together.”

“Dale, did you mean it when you said I can have anything I want?” Cat asked.

“Anything. Everything. Yes.” Dale said earnestly.

Cat got an impish grin on her face, “Remember those words when I see you this evening.”

Dale pursed her lips with a grin, “Ooookay.”


Cat double checked her schedule and realized that she had the rest of her day open. She looked at her watch and realized it was time for the kids to get out of school so she drove to meet Dana and Brad.

Dana spotted her Mother’s SUV in front of the school and grabbed Brad’s sleeve to pull him over to see her. “Hey Mom!” Dana greeted.

“Hey sweetheart,” Cat greeted her child then turned to the newest addition to the family, “Hello, my other sweetheart.”

Brad blushed furiously but secretly loved the attention the small blonde was lavishing on him. “Hey Mom.”

Cat took a breath and decided to jump in with both feet, “I’d like to talk to you two. Let’s go to Swansons and I’ll buy ice cream.”

Brad was in the back seat of the SUV before the last syllable was out of Cat’s mouth, “Guess that’s a yes.” Dana laughed as she climbed into the driver’s seat.

After the ice cream had been ordered and there was a moment of quiet, Cat laid out her heart to the kids. She sought and received their approval for the plan she had concocted and the trio set a plan into action.

Cat was relieved when Dale called her to tell her that their evening would have to be delayed a bit because she had a woman ready to deliver. They made plans to try to meet up at 7:00 pm that evening. The extra time was needed in order to get everything finished for the plan.

At 6:30 pm, Cat dropped Brad off at the hospital then drove like a woman possessed back to her own house to get ready for the evening. Brad found it impossible to keep the Cheshire cat grin from his face as he walked to his Mother’s office, but once he reached his destination he schooled his face into a serious mask. He greeted Naomi, his Mom’s secretary, and asked if his Mom was in then proceeded to knock on her office door.

Once he heard the muffled “Come,” Brad entered his Mom’s plush but comfortable office. Dale looked up, surprised to see her son standing before her wearing his best suit and holding a garment bag.

“My god, you’re handsome.” She said with a lump in her throat. “What’cha got there, Bucko?” She asked.

Brad let a grin escape, “We have a date tonight. These are clothes for said date and you need to get changed and get gorgeous.”

Dale saw the sparkle in her son’s eyes and let his excitement infect her. “We have a date, huh? How long do I have to get myself gorgeous?”

Brad looked at his watch and said, “You have 25 minutes so get moving!”

Dale took the garment bag and moved into the bathroom that adjoined her office. She jumped into the shower and quickly washed her body. As she shaved her legs she let herself wonder what she was headed for. Once she was done with the shower, she moved to open up the garment bag.

Once she saw what she was going to wear she turned to blow dry her hair and apply her makeup. As she finished with her hair and face she checked her watch and noticed that she only had a few minutes to get dressed. She hurriedly slipped on the Armani suit and slid her feet into her shoes then went out to meet her Son to find out what the rest of the evening would bring.

When Brad saw his Mom he let out a long low whistle of appreciation. “Mom, you look amazing.”

“Thank you, son, not bad for an old saw bones, huh?”

Brad consulted the time and realized that they needed to get going. “We need to go!” He took his Mother’s hand and led her out of the office. As they passed Naomi’s desk, Dale heard the older woman let loose with a wolf whistle.

Once Brad and Dale reached her car, she turned to him and asked, “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to Pointe Park.” Brad informed her.

Pointe Park was a park that blended the best of Northern California. It had towering redwoods as well as a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. It was one of their family’s favorite places. The fact that both she and Brad were dressed to the nines and on the way to a park didn’t faze Dale in the least. On the way to the park, Brad said, “Mom, as soon as you park the car, I need you to close your eyes and keep them closed until I say so, ok?”

Because she trusted her son implicitly, Dale agreed to go along with the plan so once they arrived at the park and she turned off the engine she closed her eyes and waited for the next part of the adventure. In only moments, she he felt her car door open and heard Brad say, “Come on Mom, I’ll guide you to where we need to be.” She exited the car and felt her son take her arm to guide her. As they walked, she took deep inhalations of the crisp, clean air. She relished the combined scent of trees and sea and enjoyed the spongy feeling of the ground beneath her feet. As she walked with Brad, her heart beat a staccato rhythm in her chest in anticipation of whatever was to come.

Once the pair had reached a certain point, Brad stopped walking and Dale felt a now familiar pulling in her heart center. She knew that this feeling meant that Catherine was nearby and allowed her smile to broaden. She felt Brad turn her 180° then heard her son softly say, “Open your eyes, but look directly at me.”

Dale opened her eyes and blinked them a few times to clear her vision and looked into the sincere face of her son. “Mom, I love you.” Tears sprung to the eyes of both Mother and Son before Brad continued, “It’s been just you and me since I was born but now it’s time to bring home the rest of our family.” Brad turned Dale around to face the opposite direction. What Dale saw took her breath away.

In front of Dale there was pathways that lead to an arbor. Under the arbor stood Catherine wearing a street length white dress, Dana wearing a beautiful dress in purple hues, and a woman in vestment robes. “Oh my…” Dale sighed. She felt her son nudge her with his elbow and looked to see him offering her his arm. She leaned over to place a kiss on his cheek then took the offered arm. Brad walked tall and proud as he escorted his Mother to their destiny.

At the end of the pathway, Cat stepped forward and took Dale’s hand and as she looked into her future’s eyes she said softly, “You said anything I wanted, this is what I want.”

Dale cupped Cat’s cheek in her palm, “Anything. Everything. Forever. I want this too.”

The two women, bracketed by their children, turned to the woman of the clergy and proceeded to make vows to one another joining their lives and families from that day forward.

Once vows and rings were exchanged and a kiss of promise was given, Dale and Cat turned and embraced their children. After the embrace ended Cat introduced Dale officially to the cleric that had officiated. Dale was thrilled to find out that Cat’s own sister had performed their ceremony.

Linda, Cat’s sister, turned to the newlyweds and said, “All right you two, we have dinner reservations in thirty minutes and after that I’m taking these two handsome children home with me so you can have some alone time tonight.”

At that moment, Dale’s pager vibrated against her hip. She groaned and pulled the device out to look at the message. It indicated that she should call a certain phone number so she pulled out her cell phone and dialed.

“This is Dr. Williams.” After only a moment, Dale’s eyes lit up and the family heard her say, “God, Bill, thank you.” Pause, “Yeah, um, it was rather sudden.” Pause. “Yes, that’s right, Dr. Samuels in Vascular.” Pause. “Yeah, she is going to be a handful.” Pause, “Thanks, Bill, I’m very happy. I really appreciate you taking call this week.”

As she disconnected from the call she looked at the people in front of her and shook her finger at them, “Who arranged that?”

Brad smiled and raised his hand, “Guilty!”

Dale grabbed her son and planted a huge sloppy kiss on his lips. “You, my boy, are my hero.” Brad blushed to the roots of his hair but was proud that he had been able to coax their long time family friend into taking over his Mom’s on call shifts.

When the small wedding party arrived at the restaurant for their wedding dinner, they were surprised to find a room full of family and friends gathered. Co-workers from the hospital as well as school chums of Brad and Dana’s intermingled with family members. No one was more shocked than Cat when she saw her parents make their way toward her. “Mom! Dad! How?”

“After you called, we got a hold of your cousin. Jax flew us over in his snazzy new jet! We couldn’t make it in time for the ceremony, but Linda promised us that she would plan an impromptu reception…so here we are.” Cat’s Mother crooned.

“I’m so glad you’re here!” Cat exclaimed before she turned and pulled Dale closer. “Mom, Dad, this is my wife, Dr. Dale Williams.” She then turned and caught sight of Dana and Brad and motioned them over, “And this strapping young man is your new grandson, Bradley.”

Cat’s parents gushed over their new grandson and welcomed Dale into their fold. They ooed and awed over the rings the new brides wore and after a time, Cat’s Father took the two women aside.

“I know both of you are successful, but I’ve been saving for this day since my little Kitten was born.” He pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to Dale, “I want you to take that and use it on a honeymoon when you have time for it.”

Dale opened the envelope and pulled out a check. Her eyes bulged out of her head and her jaw dropped as she looked at it. She silently handed the bank note to her bride. Cat took it and about swallowed her tongue. “Daddy! This is…this is fifty thousand dollars!”

“I know what it is Kitten.” Her father said, “We spent almost that much on your sister’s wedding. It’s only fair that,” He paused and gave the couple a stern look, “even though you decided to have a whirlwind, non-existent courtship then get married on a moment’s notice…” His attitude softened, “we want you to have what we’ve had set aside for this day.”

Tears filled Cat’s eyes, “Thank you Daddy.” She gave her Father a long hug then stepped aside so that her wife could hug him as well.

“I’m overwhelmed by your generosity, thank you, Dr. Samuels.”

“I’d sure like it if you’d call me Dad, Daughter.” The elder Dr. Samuels stated softly.

Dale’s vision went hazy as tears flooded her eyes again, “I’d like that…Dad.” A moment later, she sucked up her emotions and turned to greet the rest of their guests.

The pair spent time mingling and talking at their surprise reception and to their surprise and delight discovered that Linda had managed to arrange a simple but elegant wedding cake. On top of their cake there stood two action figure dolls, one tall and dark with blue eyes and one short, buff, blonde with green eyes. The dolls, both outfitted in surgical scrubs, were holding hands as they perched atop the white frosting covered cake.

Dale and Cat laughed at the characters on their cake then proceeded to cut the cake and feed it to one another. After the cake was consumed and many a toast given, the newlyweds made their escape.

Once on the road, Dale looked at Cat and asked, “Where to?” A thought occurred to her, “Honey, where are we going to live? My place, yours? Or should we buy a new place and start fresh?”

Cat put her hand on her wife’s knee, “For tonight, we’re going someplace special. After that, I think I like the idea of getting a new place that’s ours. There’s a house I’ve dreamed of getting but it was just too big for just Dana and me. We can go look at it and see if you like it.”

Dale brought Cat’s hand up to her lips and kissed it, “I’d like that. Now, tell me where I’m headed for tonight then tell me where this dream house of yours is.”

“We’re going to the Cliffside Resort tonight. I’ve booked us the honeymoon suite.” Cat said with a seductive smile. After calming her heart’s reaction to Dale’s low sensual growl, Cat continued, “The house is out on Old Sea Breeze Drive. It’s that white house on the bluff…”

“Wait! The one with the gables?” Dale interrupted.


Dale smiled, “Baby, I’ve wanted to live in that house since the first time I saw it.” With a determined nod she said, “We’re gonna buy it.” Cat grinned from ear to ear.


The couple arrived at the resort and Dale opened the trunk to retrieve the bag that Cat had brought. She grinned at the shorter woman, “I’m glad at least one of us has clothes for tomorrow. I’m going to be stuck in this monkey suit.”

Cat wrapped her arms around her tall wife and pulled her head down for a long, juicy passionate kiss. After she had kissed her wife dumb, she backed away and said, “Oh ye of little faith. You’ve got a lot to learn about your new spouse.” She wink at Dale then walked toward the front entrance of the resort stopping only to turn and beckon her wife to follow. And follow Dale did.

The check in process was speedy and the service impeccable and before they knew it, the couple was at the door to the room where they would spend their first night together. As the bell cap opened the door, Dale swept Cat up into her arms and carried her over the threshold. Once the bell cap was tipped and sent on her way, Dale and Cat stood in their large suite suddenly nervous. Dale noticed the bucket with chilled Champaign and moved to open the bottle and pour two flutes of the bubbly wine. “Let’s go out on the patio, ok?”

Once out on the patio, Dale handed one of the flutes to Cat. “Here’s to the rest of eternity. It took me 36 years to find you again. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I opened my door and found my soul. I love you Catherine Rose Williams.”

Cat’s face expressed such deep emotion as she looked into her lover’s eyes, “I stood on a porch, willing to help my child with a school project and instead, I found my destiny. The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the lost part of my heart. We are going to have an amazing life, my love. I love you Dale Amanda Williams.”

They clinked their glasses together and sipped the sparkling wine then Dale pulled Cat to her and dipped her head to capture soft lips. After a short kiss, Dale took their wine glasses and placed them on the nearby table so that she could fully embrace her bride. She wrapped one hand around Cat’s back and embedded her long fingers into strawberry blonde locks and pulled Cat’s face close for another kiss. Their initial soft, short kisses became long, passionate, thrilling kisses where tongues dueled and teeth nipped.

Cat felt as if she couldn’t get enough of Dale’s mouth, the more they kissed, the more she craved. Soon, Cats small hands moved to the front of Dale’s silk blouse. As she unbuttoned the top button, she moved her mouth up Dale’s jaw to her ear. As the second button came undone, Cat sucked Dale’s earlobe into her mouth, bit down softly and tugged.

She heard Dale let out a low moan and felt her libido kick into overdrive. With each button she opened, Cat’s mouth moved to a new part of Dale’s body. She licked down the long, chorded neck and sucked at the pulse point at the base of her lover’s throat.
She licked the dip between Dale’s collarbones then placed hot, openmouthed kisses down the center of the panting woman’s chest until she reached the lace edge of Dale’s sheer bra. Dale’s moans were a powerful aphrodisiac for Cat, and she added her own low, throaty moans into the duet as she felt Dale’s strong hands run down her back to cup her backside.

Cat wanted to taste, feel, and see more of Dale. She panted as she said, “Gods, Baby, let’s go inside. I need all of you.” Dale growled deep in her chest, picked up her bride and carried her into the suite.

Once inside, she set Cat on her feet and bent to kiss a trail down her neck to her shoulders as her hands bunched up the skirt of Cat’s dress. She gathered the skirt up until she was able to reach beneath and feel soft warm skin covered in silk.

Dale cupped Cat’s bottom as her mouth moved to cover pert lush breasts. Unable to stand the barrier of fabric a moment longer, Dale reached behind Cat and lowered the zipper on her dress. The dress fell from Cat’s body and pooled at her feet, what was left behind was a feast for Dale’s eyes and an overwhelming surge to her libido.

Cat stood before Dale in only a white lace bra, matching silk panties and a garter belt holding up silk stockings. Dale’s breath was stolen from her body and she fell to her knees in worship.

Cat reached down, put her finger’s beneath Dale’s chin and pulled the kneeling woman’s face up to look into her eyes. She whispered huskily, “I love you.”

Dale felt her heart swell inside her chest and a sensation of warmth burst through her chest to fill her entire being. She wrapped her arms around Cat’s body and laid her head against tight abs as she breathed, “I worship you.”

Moments later, Armani joined Versace on the floor of the upscale suite and two bodies were at last skin to skin. Tongues explored, finger’s teased, excited and aroused passions never before experienced and soon dual cries of ecstasy echoed off the walls. After hours of shared passion, the women fell asleep in one another’s arms.

In the years and decades that followed that night, the love Dale and Cat shared became stronger and more passionate. Their children grew into wonderful, successful adults and gifted their mothers with seven grandchildren to spoil.

Dana’s partner, Sylvia joined her Mother-in-law in her OB/GYN practice and eventually took over when Dale retired in order to take her wife on an around-the-word tour.

Brad and his husband, Jerry, established a very successful computer design firm and Jerry eventually ran for and was elected as the first openly gay Governor of California.

It was a great life, filled with love, laughter and passion. When the day arrived for Dale to leave this earthly coil, Cat’s soul was unable to be separated from it’s other half. When Dana and Brad checked on their aging parents that fateful day, they found their mothers, wrapped in one another’s arms having peacefully slipped together into their next adventure.



The End

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