To Protect My Heart by T. Stratton

To Protect My Heart
by T. Stratton

Second in the Protect Trilogy

Part One

Bandit watched as Tyler paced around the bedroom tossing a red velvet bag up in the air.

“How am I going to do this? She’s leaving the day after tomorrow and won’t be back for three months.” Tyler mumbled as she stopped to look at the dog. “What do you think boy?”

Bandit watched the hand that held the bag and waited until the right time. As soon as Tyler let it fly in the air he jumped up and grabbed it.

“Give that back,” Tyler yelled as she tried to snatch the bag out of the big dog’s mouth.

Bandit took off out of the room, down the stairs and slipped around the newly mopped floor to his doggie door that Tyler had just installed. He heard Tyler following so he stopped and dropped the bag waiting for Tyler to open the door.

“You fleabag get back here,” Tyler ordered as she whipped the door open. “I want my bag and I want it now.”

Bandit quickly grabbed the bag up off the ground and took off towards the pool.

“Damn you,” Tyler ran after the dog.

BJ sat on the lounge chair and watched her lover chase their dog. “Wonder what’s going on?”

“Tyler, do you need any help?” BJ asked innocently as she watched Tyler trip over one of the legs to a chair.

“No, I’ve got this,” Tyler muttered as she finally had Bandit cornered. “You’re mine now. Give it back or I’m going to send you to the pound.”

Bandit sat back on his hind legs and wagged his tail. He waited until Tyler moved just a little bit to the left before he took off towards the right. The movement sent Tyler off kilter and straight into the pool.

BJ bent over laughing, “Bandit you are in so much trouble.”

The dog trotted up to the laughing actress and placed the bag on her lap.

“What’s this,” BJ asked the dog as she petted his head. “Did you steal something from Mommy again?”

BJ held up the bag and wondered what it could be.

“Please don’t open that,” Tyler begged as her head popped up from the side of the pool

“Why not?” BJ raised her eyebrows. “What are you keeping a secret from me?”

Tyler climbed out of the pool and walked up to BJ. She lowered herself down to one knee, “please.” Tyler begged softly with her hand held out.

BJ handed the bag over to Tyler and watched her open it up and reach inside for something.

“I wanted to do this a little bit more romantically,” Tyler took a deep breath, “but since Bandit decided this would be better I should just do it.”

BJ’s heart jumped in anticipation as she realized just what Bandit dropped in her lap. “Oh honey.”

“It’s okay, we can always tell our children that Mommy asked Mommy to marry her after she was tricked by the family dog and nearly drowned.” Jay laughed as she repositioned herself so she was on both knees.

“Baby,” BJ murmured softly.

“Shh, let me do this,” Tyler smiled up into the blue eyes that she loved. “You have given me so much. You filled the hole in my heart that has been empty for a very long time. I love you with every breath I take and with every cell in my body.” Tyler grasped onto BJ’s hand and slid the ring on. “Will, you be my wife? Now and Forever?”

BJ sat there as tears ran down her face. She looked down at the gold and silver entwined band with a blue diamond with smaller white diamonds circling it. “Ohh, God.” She brought a hand up and covered her mouth.

“Is that a yes ohh God or a no ohh God?” Tyler asked softly.

“Yes, yes,” BJ cried out as she started to bounce in her seat.

“Did she yes to the first part of the question or the second?” Tyler asked herself.

BJ saw the confused look on Tyler’s face. She didn’t make herself clear enough. BJ wrapped her arms around Tyler’s neck and brought her in for a passionate kiss.

Tyler smiled when the kiss ended, “I guess that makes things clearer.”

“I bet it does,” BJ kissed her again.

Bandit decided that his owners had enough alone time and went and stuck his paw on Tyler’s leg and nudged her.

“I think our dog wants in on this family moment.” Tyler laughed as she felt a tongue lick her arm several times.

BJ leaned back and patted her lap for the dog to jump up and sit with her. “Come here boy,” she hugged the dog and scratched his back, “thanks Bandit. You’re the best.”

Bandit started to lick BJ’s face happily. His tail wagged back and forth hitting Tyler in the face.

“Well, I can see that I’m not wanted any more. So I’ll just go back in the house,” Tyler stood up and started towards the house.

Bandit stopped his assault on BJ and looked at his favorite person in the world. He jumped down and ran after Tyler. When he got close enough he bumped into Tyler’s leg which caused her to lose her balance and fall back into the pool.

BJ quickly stood up and ran to the edge of the pool. She tried not to laugh, but fail miserably.

Tyler surfaced and spit out a mouth full of water like a spout. She looked up and grinned. Slowly she swam closer to the edge, “ha, ha, laugh it up babe.” Tyler reached up and grabbed BJ’s leg and tugged on it until she succeeded in causing BJ to tumble into the pool.

With her dark hair covering her face BJ raised her head above the water. “Got me.”

Tyler drew BJ close to her and brushed the hair off the beautiful face of her lover. “I got you and I don’t plan on ever letting you go.”

Tyler reached around and found the little clasp of BJ’s bikini. With knowing fingers she undid the plastic clasps and untied the little bow at the bass of BJ’s neck. Tyler tossed the small amount of material behind her as she traced the swell of BJ’ breast with her tongue.

“Mom will be home any minute now,” BJ moaned as her breast were cupped and squeezed.

“Not to worry. I’ll make this quick.” Tyler whispered as she watched nipples pop out waiting for attention.

“I don’t want any time with you to be quick,” BJ replied as she wrapped her legs around Tyler’s waist.

“We’ll make up for it tonight,” Tyler said before she sucked a nipple into her mouth.

BJ groaned as a fire started to build deep inside her. “OHH, that feels good.”

Tyler nipped the nipple she had in her mouth before she let it go. Sucking and licking her way up BJ’s neck. “You taste good.”

“Hmm, you feel good,” BJ let her head drop to the side so Tyler had better access.

Tyler caressed down tan sides until her hands reached the bows on each side of BJ’s hips. With a little pulling she had them undone.

“Hey, girls. Would you give me a hand with my bags?” Barbara asked as she walked past the pool and to the back door. Her arms loaded with bags and boxes.

“Our quickie wasn’t quick enough,” BJ whispered into Tyler’s ear.

Tyler raised an eyebrow at BJ, “we could pretend that we didn’t hear her.”

BJ grinned as she patted Tyler’s cheek, “don’t think so.” She untwined her legs and let them drop to the pool bottom.

“Are you sure?” Tyler asked as she circled a finger around BJ’s sensitive clit.

BJ twitched, “honey.”

“Yes,” Tyler purred as she began to kiss BJ’s neck again. “You know you want it.”

“MMmmmm,” BJ moaned as she nodded her head.

Tyler smiled as she felt BJ move against her. She watched as BJ closed her eyes and rolled her head back. With here free hand she raised BJ’s leg up and re-wrapped it around her waist.

“Ohh, Tyler, I’m so close. I want you inside me.” BJ mumbled through slightly parted lips as she raised her other leg.

Tyler lowered her other hand running her blunt fingernails across heated skin as she went.

“You want me?” Tyler teased BJ with her finger before she entered her.

“Everyday,” BJ smiled as she moved with Tyler’s finger.

“Forever,” Tyler sucked one of BJ’s nipples into her mouth.

The sensations that ran across her body when Tyler latched on to her nipples sent BJ over the edge. Her body stiffened and stars flew behind her closed eyelids.

Tyler stopped her hands as she felt BJ’s body go limp against her. Letting the nipple slip from her mouth she trailed kisses and nips up to BJ’s ear. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” BJ moaned as Tyler moved her fingers from inside her.

“Are you two going to help me?” Barbara asked as she came out of the house. “Why on earth are you in the pool while you have your clothes on?”

“Ummm, I tripped and fell in,” Tyler replied as she tried to make sure BJ was not seen by her mom.

Barbara laughed, “did Bandit get you again?”

Tyler nodded her head, “give us a minute and we’ll help you.”

A sparkle of light reflected off of BJ’s finger and Barbara gasped. “What is that?”

“What?” BJ asked as she glanced around.

Tyler looked around too; “I don’t see anything.”

“On your finger. Is that what I think it is?” Barbara asked as she started to walk around the pool.

“Yes, Tyler asked me to marry her.” BJ smiled up at her mom. “I said yes.”

“Ohhh, my baby is getting married. I’m so happy.” Barbara cried as she stood in front of the girls.

“We all are,” Tyler responded as she tried to move BJ behind her.

Barbara wiped tears off her face as she noticed little pieces of material floating around by Tyler and BJ. “What’s in the pool?”

Tyler quickly grabbed at the bikini top, but the bottoms were to far away for her to grab and keep BJ blocked. “It’s nothing.” She said as she handed the material over her shoulder to BJ.

Barbara raised an eyebrow as she finally realized what she interrupted. “You two never stop do you?”

“What?” BJ asked as she tried to get her top back on. “We weren’t doing anything.”

“Sure you weren’t,” Barbara laughed as she headed back to the house. “I’ll let you two get the rest of my stuff. I have to go and start packing for our trip.”

BJ and Tyler watched the older woman walk back into the house and close the door.

“You can get the rest of the packages. I need to get packing too,” BJ pushed off Tyler’s back and swam for the other side.

“Hey aren’t you forgetting this?” Tyler asked as she held up the bikini bottom.

BJ lifted herself up and out of the pool. “No you can keep it.”

Tyler watched her half-naked lover walk into the house. “Damn, she has a fine ass.”


“We’ll talk everyday on the phone.” BJ said as she kissed Tyler’s forehead.

Tyler wiped the tears that fell down her checks, “more than once?”

“Yes, more than once. I’ll call before I go to sleep and you can call when you wake up.” BJ sniffed as she too wiped off her own tears. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Tyler wrapped her arms around BJ’s neck and brought her down for one last kiss.

“We have to go. The limousine is here.” Barbara said as she walked into the living room. “I’ll make sure she takes care of herself.”

“I know you will Mom,” Tyler said as she hugged Barbara. “Don’t forget to do what I asked.” She whispered into the ear next to her mouth.

Barbara leaned back and winked at Tyler.

“We better go,” BJ pouted as she stepped closer to give Tyler one last kiss. “I may not be here physically but I’m in your heart and I will always be there.”

Tyler held her hand up to her chest and smiled as she walked BJ and Barbara out to the driveway. She stood there and watched as the driver put their luggage in the trunk. Then opened the door for the ladies. BJ blew Tyler a kiss before she disappeared.

“Be safe and hurry home,” Tyler whispered to the car as it pulled away from her. She waved even though she couldn’t see BJ, but in her heart she knew she was waving back at her.

Bandit trotted up next to Tyler and nudged his noise into her palm. He whined and barked at the back end of the car.

“I know boy, we are going to be pretty lonely without them,” Tyler said as she bent down and petted the dog.

Bandit licked Tyler’s face and barked.

“Okay, lets go and see what kind of treats your grandma left for us.” Tyler walked to the front door. “Maybe she has some oatmeal cookies.”

Bandit jumped around Tyler’s legs once and then took off in the direction of the kitchen.

“Yep, that’s my dog.” Tyler laughed as she ran after the dog.


“I hope this next three months go by fast.” BJ groaned as she settled herself in her seat on the airplane.

“Ohh, sweetheart it will.” Barbara replied as she patted her daughter’s hand.

“I’ve only been away from her for a little over an hour and I miss her terribly.” BJ turned her head and looked out the small window. She watched little trucks racing around all the machinery they had outside the plane.

“Here,” Barbara held her fist out.

BJ looked over at her mom, “what’s this?”

“Tyler wanted me to give this to you when we got to the hotel, but I think I’ll give it to you now.” Barbara laid a piece of metal on BJ palm.

“Just keep it. Buy the time this trip is over you will see what it is.” Barbara smiled.

BJ held the grayish little piece in her hand and looked it over. One side was smooth, but on the other it had in capital letters ‘VE’. “Is it some kind of puzzle?”

“Yes,” Barbara replied casually.

“You’re not even going to give me a clue?” BJ poked her Mom’s shoulder.

“Ouch, and no. In time it will reveal itself.” Barbara rubbed her arm. “Now why don’t you sit back and enjoy the ride. You’re going to be very busy after today.”

“Yes, Mom,” BJ mumbled softly. Carefully she held on to the small piece and smiled. “I love you my heart. See you soon.” She thought as she closed her eyes and waited for take off.


“So you be good. I’ll be back in awhile.” Tyler scratched Bandit on the head. “Watch the house.”

Bandit barked and shook his body to straighten his fur.

“Good boy,” Tyler laughed as bandit got one last lick in before she closed her door to her jeep.

Tyler pulled up in front a four story brick building a half an hour later. Seeing Leo and Mike leaning up against their car she jumped out of her jeep and walked over.

“Hi,” Tyler smiled as she waved. “Why didn’t you guys go in?”

“Leo forgot the key. So we had to wait for you,” Mike grinned over at her.

Leo pouted, “I already said I was sorry.”

Mike rolled his eyes, “sure you did honey. I doubt saying ‘whatever’ counts as an apology.”

“Sure it does. When you have on a fantastic shirt like the one I have on.” Leo patted Mike’s cheek as he kissed his lovers lips.

“It’s a good thing that I love you,” Mike smiled as he pinched Leo’s butt and walked to the door. “Keys please,” he wiggled his fingers at Tyler.

“Here you go,” Tyler tossed her set of keys to her friend.

“So, BJ and her Mom left this morning?” Leo asked as he stepped closer to Tyler.

Tyler nodded, “Yes, and I can’t stand it.” She brushed her hands through her short blonde hair. “It’s only been a few hours and look at me. I want to know what I’m going to be like by the time the third month rolls around?”

Leo patted her on the back; “you’ll be so crazed that Mike and I will have to duck tape you to a chair just to keep you still. Plus I bet you’ll be very horny.”

“You are such an ass,” Tyler laughed.

“Come on you two lets get things started,” Mike yelled at the two as he walked into the building.

“We’re coming Dad,” Leo replied back as he hooked his arm around Tyler’s. “Come on we better hurry before he shits a brick.”

“Such language,” Tyler grinned as she walked with her friend up the steps and into the building.

The small group stood at the entrance and looked around at all the work they needed to get down done before they opened. Beds and furniture had to be set up in the rooms on the third and fourth floors. The second floor would be offices for councilors and a day care for kids whose mothers where able to find a job. Plus a big room was set up to be the cafeteria. One room was gutted out and fitted with large stoves and refrigerators that they could handle feeding a large amount of people at once. Tyler’s office would be on the first floor along with Mike and Leo’s.

“Well, lets get this show on the road.” Mike clapped his hands together. “Where should we start?”

“I think we should start at the top and work our way down,” Tyler replied as she looked at her friends.

Leo nodded his head in agreement, “lets go then.”

The three worked the rest of the day and into the night. They had gotten all thirty rooms set up and all four-counselor offices ready.

“When do you have the interviews set up for?” Mike asked Tyler as they sat on a couple of steps drinking a cup of coffee.

“Tomorrow,” Tyler yawned.

“Okay, do you want me or Leo to be here?” Mike asked before he took a sip of his hot drink.

Tyler shook her head, “no, I can handle it.”

“All right,” Mike leaned back against the wall.

Tyler jumped and spilled some of her coffee when her cell phone rang. “Shit that’s hot.” She shook her hand in the air then reached for her phone. “Hello.”

“Hey baby,” BJ said on the other end.

“Hi, you made it okay?” Tyler stood up and walked down the hall to have a little privacy.

BJ grinned at the phone, “yes, we made it just fine. No problems at all.”

“Good,” Tyler replied softly. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” BJ lay back on the bed in her hotel room. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to get much sleep.”

“I know what you mean. I’m used to snuggling up with you. Now all I have is a big hairy dog.” Tyler laughed at the thought of sharing their bed with Bandit.

“Well at least you have something,” BJ pouted as she rolled on her side and hugged herself.

“Have you unpacked your bag?” Tyler asked.

“No, why?” BJ glanced over at her three pieces of luggage.

“Go look in the largest one,” Tyler said as she leaned against the doorframe of one of the bedrooms.

“Why?” BJ asked again as she sat up.

Tyler giggled, “just go take a look.”

“Okay, hold on a second,” BJ responded before she set her phone down and crawled off the bed and walked to her luggage. She grabbed the largest one and lifted it up to rest on the bed. BJ reached over and picked up the phone, “this isn’t something that will make me want to kill you is it?”

“No, just open it,” Tyler laughed.

“Okay, here goes,” BJ unzipped the bag and flipped open the lid. “Ohh, baby it’s so cute.”

Tyler smiled, “I thought so too. That’s why I got him and sent him with you.”

BJ held up the soft gray and black animal. “It looks just like him.”

“Yep, his name is Little Bandit,” Tyler said as she imagined what BJ looked like holding the stuffed animal.

BJ petted the soft material. “It makes me miss home even more,” she sniffed as a couple of tears fell down her cheeks.

“Ohh, baby, I bought it to keep you company, not make you cry.” Tyler replied as she held back her own tears. “Please don’t cry.”

“I can’t help it. I miss you so much.” BJ sat on the edge of the bed and hugged the stuffed dog to her chest. “I wish you were here with me.”

“I do to, but you know I had to get the center up and running.” Tyler scratched the back of her neck as she began to pace.

“I know,” BJ wiped the tears off her face with the back of her hand.

“The next three months will go by fast. We will both be busy and time will fly and before you know it you’ll be home in my arms.” Tyler said trying to sound positive.

“You are right,” BJ agreed softly.

“I can’t wait until you scream my name like you did last night,” Tyler whispered as she saw Leo walking towards her.

“Now why did you have to go and say something like that. Now I have the image of you between my legs.” BJ moaned and covered her eyes and fell back on the bed. “You have to stop.”

“That’s not what you said last night,” Tyler teased.

“Is that BJ?” Leo asked as he pointed to the phone.

Tyler nodded her head, “yes.”

Leo wiggled his fingers towards the phone, “give me.”

“BJ, Leo wants to talk to you.” Tyler said before she handed the phone over.

“Hello, beautiful,” Leo said as he walked away from Tyler.

“Hey, she called to talk to me not you, baldly.” Tyler yelled at the man’s back.

Leo kept walking down the hallway like he never heard a word Tyler said; “your girlfriend is very rude.”

“Yes, she is. Now tell me did you do what I asked?” BJ sat up on the bed.

Leo smiled, “yes I did. I ran over there this afternoon when Mike and her were putting up one of the beds. So you have nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks Leo you are the best,” BJ grinned at what Tyler’s face would look like when she walked into their bedroom.

Leo buffed his fingernails on his shirt; “I am aren’t I?”

BJ laughed, “yes you are you big stud. Now give me back my wife.”

“Okay,” Leo turned around to walk back to Tyler when he finally realized what BJ said. “WHAT!”

“What?” BJ question innocently.

“Don’t you give me what. I want details and I want them now.” Leo stomped his foot.

BJ laughed loudly, “you heard right. Tyler asked me to marry her the other day and I accepted with all my heart.”

“Hot damn woman. Now we get to plan a wedding. When is it going to be? I think an outside wedding would be fantastic. Maybe at the cabin?” Leo started to make a long list of things he needed to do in his head.

“Leo, calm down. We haven’t talked about when or where yet. So don’t you start in on Tyler. Wait until I get there and we can all sit down and see what’s what.” BJ said in a very stern tone.

“Okay, but I do plan on going and buying every wedding magazine for the next three months so we will be ready,” Leo gushed as he walked up to Tyler who was rolling her eyes. “Here is your woman.”

“Why did you have to tell him?” Tyler asked softly. “Now he is going to be even more unbearable to live with.”

“I didn’t say a word. I just called you my wife and he kinda got the picture.” BJ confessed with a shrug.

“You are in so much trouble. Do you have any idea what he’s going to be like?” Tyler looked over at Leo who had a big smile on his face. “Help me God I am in trouble.”

“I told him to leave you alone.” BJ replied as she stood and walked over to her small bag and shifted through it until she found her t-shirt and shorts she slept in.

“Do you honestly believe him?” Tyler raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes.

“He better if he knows what’s good for him.” BJ pulled her shoes off as she yawned. “I hate to cut this so short but I have an early day tomorrow.”

“I know babe. I love you and miss you like crazy,” Tyler mumbled through her own yawn. “I’m going to go home and crawl in bed. I have interviews to do tomorrow.”

“I love you and miss you too. Sleep well and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” BJ yawned again, “Bye.”

“Bye sweetheart,” Tyler stood there with the phone still on her ear for a few seconds. “This is going to be the longest three months of my life.”


BJ finished getting ready for bed and was about to crawl under the covers when she heard a knock on her door. “Hold on I’m coming.” She opened the door and saw her Mom standing there. “Hi, I was just getting ready for bed.”

“I wanted to make sure you got settled,” Barbara said as she stepped into the room.

“Yep, all settled. I just got off the phone with Tyler.” BJ said as she shut the door. “You all settled?”

“Sure am,” Barbara smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed. She saw the stuffed animal and pointed over to it. “I see she sent you a little reminder from home.”

“Yes, she tucked it into my suitcase when I wasn’t looking.” BJ grinned as she picked up the toy and hugged it to her chest. “I want to make sure that any other movies I do it’s done closer to home or Tyler can come with.”

“I know this is hard for you, but this movie is a great opportunity. I know you and Tyler have decided not to hide your relationship from the world.” Barbara scooted closer to her daughter. “But we all know that it might.”

“I don’t give a crap about my career,” BJ replied as she looked at her mom. “I just want to be happy and if that means that I don’t do another movie then so be it.”

“What do you think Tyler would think?” Barbara asked softly.

“I don’t think she would be mad or anything. She did quit her career for me.” BJ stood and walked into the bathroom to get a drink.

Barbara waited until her daughter walked back into the room, “that situation was a little different than this.”

“No it’s not,” BJ argued.

Barbara took a deep breath, “yes it was. Tyler’s job was life threatening. It was putting you at risk of spending the rest of your life alone if she was to be killed.” She stood and walked over to her daughter, “I have a feeling if you stop doing what you know you love, Tyler will feel like she is stopping you from something that you were meant to do.”

BJ looked at her mom and knew that she was right. She lowered her head and gave it a slight nod. “You’re right.”

“I just call them as I see them,” Barbara reached into her pocket and held out a small package, “here this is for you.”

“What is this?” BJ asked her mom as she took the package.

Barbara giggled, “it’s a present.”

“I know that. I mean what’s in it,” BJ turned the package over in her hand.

“You want to find out what it is open it.” Barbara hugged her daughter and walked to the door. “I’ll leave you know. Get some sleep you have a busy day tomorrow.”

“I will,” BJ waved to her mom. She ripped off the bright red paper and opened the small box. Carefully lifting the tissue paper away she found another piece of gray metal with the letter ‘BY’ engraved on one side. “What in the world are you up to my love?”


“Bandit are you ready to go to bed?” Tyler asked the dog as he ran around the front yard.

Bandit stopped and looked over at his owner and barked before he took off again

“Fine, stay out here all night long.” Tyler stepped up to the front door. “I guess I get all the oatmeal cookies.” She knew as soon as she said the dogs’ favorite cookie he’d come running and before she had the door all the way open Bandit was by her side. “You are so predictable.”

Tyler walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard, “okay boy, which one do you want. Plain or frosted?” She held up two packages of cookies.

Bandit looked from one to the other. Then he licked the hand that held the ones with frosting.

“Good choice boy. Those are the ones I wanted.” Tyler put the plain oatmeal cookie back and kept the other. She walked over to the fridge and grabbed the gallon of milk. “Do you want a glass too?” Tyler asked the dog who was sitting next to her feet.

A small yelp was her answer.

“Thought so,” Tyler giggled as she took down a glass for herself and a small bowl for Bandit. She reached in one of the bottom shelves and pulled out a small tray. “How about we take this upstairs?”

Bandit licked his chops and walked to the door.

“You know you scare me sometimes.” Tyler said to the dog as she poured their drinks.

Tyler put the milk back in the refrigerator and loaded the tray up with their snacks. “Okay, boy lets go.”

The two friends walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs. When they reached the bedroom door Tyler took a deep breath. She had been dreading walking into their bedroom alone. It would be the first time her and BJ had slept apart since they reconnected that night by the pool after she was almost killed by BJ’s stalker.

“This totally sucks,” Tyler whispered.

Bandit nudged Tyler with his head.

“Okay, okay, hold on will you.” Tyler pushed open the door with one hand as she balanced the tray with the other. Bandit almost tripped her as she moved to walk in. “Slow down you crazy fool. Remember that I hold all the cookies and you will not get any if you’re not good.”

Bandit jumped up on the bed and barked at Tyler as she closed the door.

“Oh, be quiet. I’m going as fast as I can.” Tyler turned around to set the tray on the top of the bed when a small bright green package caught her eye. “What is this?”

Bandit looked at her then at the tray that was close to his feet.

“No, not yet.” Tyler ordered the dog.

Bandit lay down next to the tray and eyed the cookies.

“I know what you are doing and don’t you even think about grabbing them. You do and it will be the last thing you ever do.” Tyler said as she reached for the little gift that had her name on it. “Did your other Mommy leave me a present?”

Bandit licked Tyler’s arm and went back to stare at the oatmeal cookies.

“Okay, lets see what it is,” Tyler ripped the fancy paper off and threw it on the floor. Carefully she opened the black box. “Damn and all I got her was a stuffed animal.”

With tender fingers Tyler reached in and took out the gold necklace with a heart pendant. She noticed that the pendent was actually a locket so she slowly opened the gold piece of jewelry. Inside was a small picture of Tyler and BJ sleeping on the couch holding each other while they slept.

“I have to remember to thank Barbara for taking this picture.” Tyler said as she wiped a tear off her cheek.

Bandit yelped softly letting Tyler know that he felt he had waited long enough for his treat.

“Give me a minute,” Tyler unclasped the chain and brought the necklace up and around her neck. The pendent lay at the center of her chest. She made sure that the locket was closed before she turned to her dog and petted his soft fur. “I’m the luckiest person on the world.”

Bandit barked in agreement.

“I think you are just saying that so I will open the cookies,” Tyler teased the dog as she grabbed the cookies off the tray. “Maybe I’ll just eat them all myself.”

Bandit quickly stood up and bounced around on the bed trying to get the prize out of Tyler’s hand.


Tyler woke up from a very passionate dream where BJ was mapping her skin with her tongue and lips. Then a horrible smell filled her senses and she slowly came out of her dream and opened her eyes.

“Damn it Bandit,” Tyler yelled as she covered her face with her pillow. “You are going to stay outside from now on.”

Tyler jumped about ten feet when the phone next to her ear rang. She reached out from under the covers and grabbed the receiver and pulled it under the covers. “Hello.” She mumbled.

“Where are you?” Mike asked casually.

“I’m in bed,” Tyler answered back.

“Where should you be?” Mike asked as he smiled at the woman who had an appointment with Tyler ten minutes ago.

“Ummmm, in my bed?” Tyler asked as she uncovered her face.

“Try again hotshot,” Mike handed the woman a cup of coffee.

Tyler looked over at her alarm clock and saw that it was a little after nine. “Ohhh shit, I’ll be right there.” She hung up the phone and ran into the bathroom. “I can’t believe I’m late.”

Bandit jumped up on the bed and walked around it a couple of times before he was satisfied and plopped down and yawned.


“I am so sorry I am late,” Tyler said as she walked into her office.

“No problem,” Jackie Summers replied as she stood up and shook Tyler’s hand. ” I was just talking to Mike.”

“Thanks Mike,” Tyler hugged her friend.

Mike whispered in her ear, “you are so lucky I decided to come in early.”

“Okay, I’ll buy breakfast.” Tyler went behind her desk and sat in her chair.

“I think I’m going to get the rest of the rooms started.” Mike said as he stepped towards the door. “I wish you luck Jackie,” he waved at the curly haired woman.
“Thank you Mike,” Jackie smiled at the man.

“Not a problem,” Mike replied and walked out the door.

Tyler opened her briefcase and pulled out a file with Jackie’s name on it, “okay, lets get this ball rolling. Why don’t you tell me about yourself.”


“Good morning Felix,” BJ said as she saw the director walk towards her.

“My star has arrived.” Felix Walton smiled and hugged BJ. “You look more beautiful every time I see you.”

“You are a suck up,” BJ laughed.

Felix ginned, “of course I am. I don’t want my main lady to walk off my movie set.” He offered his elbow to BJ.

“You know me better than that,” BJ hooked her arm around the small mans.

“Follow me,” the director guided BJ to an office room where a table was set up with several chairs around it. “Please have a seat and I’ll get you some coffee.”

“Thanks,” BJ sat in the chair that let her see the whole room.

“Tell me about what’s been going on in your life since the last time I saw you.” Felix said as he walked in with two coffee mugs.

“Well, I was stalked, almost kidnapped by the stalker and fell in love.” BJ sipped her morning drink.

Felix raised his eyebrows and sat down, “do tell.”

“You want me to tell you about me almost being kidnapped?” BJ asked as she hid her smile behind her cup.

“Shit, forget that. I want to know who finally got you?” Felix leaned back in his chair and waited.

“Well I hired this wonderful bodyguard named Tyler Jones and one thing led to another and we fell in love,” BJ stated with a grin.

“Boy I’m glad you’re an actress and not a writer.” Felix laughed. “You need to expand on your story my dear.”

“Well what can I say she is the most spectacular woman I have ever met. She holds my heart in her hands and cares for it like it is the most precious thing in the world.” BJ sighed as she set her mug on the table. “That’s why we are going to make sure that this movie is done in record time. I will give you my best, but I want to get home to where my heart is.”

“I promise you give me your best and I’ll do my best to make sure we get this done.” Felix moved his chair closer to BJ’s. “I’m so happy that you found someone you trust with your heart. I can see it in your eyes that you are a different person then the last time I saw you.”

“Different?” BJ asked with a raised an eyebrow.

Felix patted the leg nearest him, “yes, different. More at peace and well loved.”

“Ohh, believe me. I am well loved.” BJ nodded her head as she sat back in her chair and crossed her arm over her chest. “That’s another reason I want this to get wrapped up as quickly as possible.”

“You are such a dog,” Felix slapped at BJ arm. He turned around when people started to walk into the room. “Okay lets get this show going.”


“So did you hire her?” Leo asked Tyler as he walked into her office.

Tyler looked up from the paper she was reading. “Yes, I did. She will be in here first thing tomorrow morning and get her office set up.”

“When is your next appointment?” Leo sat down in one of the chairs in front of Tyler’s desk.

Tyler looked at her watch, “In about half an hour. Why?”

“Mike is going need our help in the kitchen. He wants to move the stoves out and make sure it’s clean behind there.” Leo stated as he cleaned his fingernails.

“Okay, but I don’t know why he wants to do that. We checked under everything and it looked all right.” Tyler stood and walked around her desk.

“I know, but he wants everything to be perfect for when we open,” Leo stood as he waved Tyler to walk in front of him. “By the way nice necklace.”

Tyler stopped and turned to look at her bald friend. She saw the slight smile on his face, “You did it didn’t you?”

“Did what?” Leo asked as he put his hands up.

Tyler slapped at his shoulder; “you put this in our room.” She carefully touched the necklace that was hidden by the collar of her jean shirt.

“Yes, I did. BJ asked me to because she knew how hard it must be for you to sleep in your room without her.” Leo stepped closer and took the locket in his hand. “Can I look at the picture inside?”

“Sure,” Tyler lowered her hand and stood quietly as Leo opened the locket and looked at the picture of her and BJ.

“You two do look awesome together,” Leo closed the locket and stepped back with a big grin.

“Yes we do. Now lets get going before Mike starts yelling and screaming.” Tyler hooked her arm around Leo’s and guided him out of her office and up to the kitchen.


“So I will see all of you tomorrow morning for our first run through,” Felix stood up and opened the door. “BJ and Thomas would you please stay for a few more minutes?”

“Sure,” both of the actors said at the same time.

“So how have you been?” Thomas Scott asked BJ as he took a sip of his bottled water.

“Been great,” BJ smiled over at the man who had been trying to get her into his bed since they first met several years ago.

“Would you like to come up to my room and have dinner with me?” Thomas flashed one of his million dollar smiles.

BJ shook her head, “sorry. I have a prior engagement tonight.”

“Okay how about tomorrow night?” Thomas leaned forward. “We can work on our lines together.”

BJ rested her elbows on the table and looked at the man straight in the eyes, “not tonight, not tomorrow night and not any night after that.”

“Ohh come on. You and I both know that being on location is lonely.” He scooted closer to the table so he could grasp her hands. “Just you and me in a big soft bed. You know you really want to.”

“Thomas,” BJ grabbed his fingers and tightened her grasp. “I said no and I mean no. If I ever hear that you have pushed someone like you are pushing me. I will personally get you castrated and put in jail.” BJ smiled as she let go and leaned back in her chair. “Got me?”

Thomas only grinned back at her as he rubbed his fingers to get the circulation back.

“Now that I have you two alone. I just wanted to make sure you two know that since you are the leads here everyone will be looking at you to see how things run here.” Felix stated as he sat down next to BJ. “Sure I know that I’m the director and I’m in charge, but everyone knows if the actors aren’t happy the movie will show that.”

“I will make sure that I do my part,” BJ patted Felix on the back. “How about you Thomas?”

“Sure, whatever.” Thomas stood up and headed for the door. “See you tomorrow.”

BJ and Felix stared at the door after it closed.

“What an asshole,” BJ mumbled softly.

“Yes he is,” Felix nodded his head, “but one of the finest actors I have ever seen.”


Tyler walked over to her desk and slumped into her chair and rubbed her forehead. “Damn that lady was a bitch.” She said out loud to herself.

Tyler had just finished with the second interview and she wished now that Mike had done it instead of her. The woman turned out to be one of the biggest bitches Tyler had ever met.

“I can’t believe she thought that she’d make that kind of money here. This is the kind of job you take because you want to change someone’s life.” Tyler groaned as she rested her head on her desk in front of her.

The phone next to her head rang and she reached over and hit speaker, “hello,” she mumbled from the crook in her arm.

“Having a bad day?” BJ asked as she leaned back against her headboard.

“Yes,” Tyler moaned. “I really, really miss you.”

“I miss you too baby,” BJ replied with a sad smile.

“Is there anyway that you could sneak home and nobody would notice?” Tyler asked in a child like voice.

BJ laughed softly, “I wish I could, but since I’m the leading lady I think they might miss me.”

“True,” Tyler agreed. “So what was your day like?”

“Well, I met my leading man today. His name is Thomas Scott.” BJ went on to tell Tyler of the meeting and what transpired after the meeting was let out.

“You kick that man in the nuts,” Tyler stood up and began to pace. “I think I might find a few days to come down and see you.”

“I want you to come down, but I want you to come down for me not for you to check out the fuckhead man that thinks he can get me into his bed with a smile.” BJ responded coldly as she tucked the blankets across her legs.

“I’m sorry, you are right. I should only be there for you.” Tyler lowered her head and rubbed her face in between her hands. Her fingers ran across the necklace as she lowered her hands down her chest. “Thank you for the present.”

“You are welcome,” BJ said casually.

Tyler could tell by the tone in BJ’s voice that she wasn’t quite forgiven, “How about I do come down just for the weekend and we spend all day in bed making love. We never have to step out of the room we will have every meal delivered to us.”

BJ giggled. She knew that Tyler was just being her over protective self and she shouldn’t hold that against her lover. “When do you think this weekend thing will happen?”

Tyler pumped her fist in the air, “how about next weekend. Everything should be done here. Mike and Leo can make sure all the inspections get taken care of and by that time I should have the whole staff hired.”

“Sounds goo to me. Let me know your flight info when you get it and I will meet you at the airport with bells on.” BJ smiled as she thought about seeing Tyler.

“You bet I will,” Tyler sat down in her chair and ran her finger across the picture she had of BJ and her sitting out by the pool watching the sun set.

“I hate to cut this so short, but I really need to get to bed. I have an early call tomorrow.” BJ said as she repositioned herself so she was lying down in the bed.

“Okay sweetheart, I love you and I miss you.” Tyler said as she traced her finger around BJ’s smiling face in the photograph.

“I love you too,” BJ held the phone tighter in her hand. “I’ll see you in a week.”

“Yes, you will. Sleep well.” Tyler said as she wiped a tear off her face.

“I will, I have Little Bandit here with me.” BJ Laughed. “This one is a little better smelling than the original.”

“It should, I sprayed a little bit of my perfume on him,” Tyler confessed with a blush.

“I love you for it,” BJ whispered. “Good night my heart.”

“Good night my soul,” Tyler said before she hung up.
Part 2
“So when will Tyler be here?” Barbara asked her daughter as they walked through the lobby of their hotel.

“Her plane arrives around 7:30 tonight.” BJ informed her mom.

Barbara couldn’t miss the big smile on her daughter’s face. “I take it you are a little bit excited about this weekend?”

BJ stopped walking and looked at her mom, “what do you think? This is going to be the best weekend I can ever think of.”

“Well, then we better get you to the set so you can get all your work done and meet her plane.” Barbara grabbed BJ by the hand and guided her out the door and to the waiting car.


“Would you like another drink?” The flight attendant asked.

Tyler shook her head, “no thanks, but I would like to have a bottle of water.”

“Sure, I’ll be right back.” The flight attendant walked off to see if any of her other first class passengers needed another drink.

“This weekend is going to be spectacular. I hope Barbara was able to get me everything that I need to pull everything off.” Tyler thought as she looked out the window and watched the scenery pass by.

“Here is your water,” the flight attendant said as she placed the bottle on Tyler’s fold out tray. “Would you like anything else?”

“How much time before we land?” Tyler asked.

“In about two more hours,” the small red head answered with a smile.

“Thanks,” Tyler turned back to watch out the window as she played with the necklace around her neck. “Damn two more hours. They better put the pedal to the metal. It’s been two week since I saw my love last and I can’t stand the separation.”

“Excuse me are you reading that?” A tall blonde asked as she pointed at the magazine on the seat next to Tyler.

“Pardon,” Tyler asked as she looked up into dark brown eyes.

The woman pointed again at the magazine, “are you finished? If you are I was wondering if I might borrow it?”

Tyler picked up the magazine and handed it to the woman, “go ahead and keep it. I’ve already read it.”

“Thanks,” The woman smiled.

Tyler smiled back, “not a problem.”

“So are you going to Miami for business or pleasure?” The woman sat next to Tyler. “I guess I shouldn’t be so rude. My name is Marsha Brickerson.”

Tyler raised her eyebrow at the woman, “Tyler, and I’m going for pleasure.”

“Well, maybe we could have dinner or do something together?” Marsha asked as she ran a finger along Tyler’s arm.

Tyler grabbed the finger and moved it away from her arm, “no thank you. I already have plans with my wife.”

“Are you sure you couldn’t get away for just one night?” Marsha winked and grabbed ahold of Tyler’s finger in her hand.

Tyler twisted her finger away from the woman, “what part of I have plans with my wife don’t you understand?”

“Come on, we could have a night of fun and no one would ever have to know.” Marsha replied softly. “I can make it the best time you ever had.”

Tyler turned in her seat, “let me tell you something. If you were the last woman that ever walked this planet I wouldn’t sleep with you. I said that I had plans with my wife. She is the most precious thing in the world to me and I wouldn’t put her through that kind of hurt ever. So go back to your seat and leave me alone.”

“Well, it’s you loss,” Marsha stood up.

Tyler growled, “I never lost anything. I have the best and you most certainly are not it.” She grabbed the magazine out of Marsha’s hand. “I’ll be keeping that.”

“Bitch,” Marsha whispered under her breath as she went back to her seat.

“Slut,” Tyler whispered back as she slapped her magazine down on her chair next to her. She looked at her watch and took a deep breath. “Only one hour and forty-five minutes to go.”


“Are you BJ Stanton?” A young girl asked when she walked up to BJ.

BJ sat her cup of coffee down on the chair next to her, “yes, I am. What can I do for you?”

“I was just wondering if you could give me your autograph?” The girl asked shyly.

BJ smiled at the blonde haired girl; “I would love to. Do you have a piece of paper and a pen?”

The girl frowned and shook her head.

“That’s okay. How about we ask your Mom over there and see if she might have some.” BJ stood up and held her hand out for the girl to grab on to. “What is your name?”

“Lisa,” the young girl replied softly.

“What a beautiful name,” BJ said as she guided Lisa to a very embarrassed mother. “Hi, mom.”

“I’m so sorry. She let go of my hand before I could do anything.” The red face woman said.

“That’s okay. I’m very happy to meet my small fans. Especially if their names are Lisa,” BJ winked at Lisa’s mother. “Would you happen to have a pen and paper. I seem to be out.”

“Sure,” the woman unzipped her purse and rummaged around until she found what they needed. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” BJ leaned down. “What would you like me to say?”

Lisa brought up a finger to her mouth and thought. “How about. ‘To Lisa, my greatest fan. I promise that when you make it big I will do a movie with you. Love, BJ Stanton.’

“Well, I guess that will work,” BJ signed the paper just as the young girl said. “There you go and I can’t wait until you make it big.” BJ hugged Lisa and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

“Thank you for indulging her,” the mother shook BJ’s hand.

“Not a problem. It was my pleasure. She sure is a cutie.” BJ said as she handed the woman her pen back.

“Yes she is and she knows it. Well, we have to get going or we will miss our plane. Thanks again.” The mother grasped her daughter’s hand and led her down the hallway.

BJ waved goodbye to Lisa and her mother. When she could no longer see them she went back to her seat and coffee to wait for Tyler’s plane.


Tyler walked through the doors and looked around for BJ. When she spied her in the back waving she nearly plowed the old woman in front of her over to get to her lover, but she was patient and waited until the woman moved over so she could get by.

“Hi,” BJ said as Tyler stepped up to her.

“I want to kiss you so bad,” Tyler whispered into BJ’s ear as she hugged the tall actress.

“Me too, but not here and not now.” BJ smiled sadly. “Wait until we get into the car and then I will give you a kiss that will knock your socks off.”

Tyler grabbed BJ’s hand and guided her towards baggage claim. “Lets going. It’s been way to long.”

As the two women waited for Tyler’s luggage to appear they stole little touches here and there. When Tyler finally spotted her one suitcase she winked at BJ and walked over to retrieve her bag.

“You better watch out for her,” A voice said from behind BJ.

BJ turned around and spotted a tall blonde with a smirk on her face. “Why would you say that?”

Marsha stepped closer, “well, lets just say that this is the first time I ever flew higher than the plane I was on.”

“What do you mean by that?” BJ asked coldly.

“She is the best fuck I ever had. Even if the bathroom was a little small she was a wonder of nature.” Marsha wiggled her eyebrows and smiled.

BJ looked at the woman and grinned; “if you think she is good in small places you should try her out on a nice, big, soft bed. The things she can do to your body…mmmhh..I can’t describe it. It can’t be compared to anything else in this world.” BJ licked her lips and fanned herself with her hand. “I can’t wait until we get to my hotel room where she can put her magical tongue to work.”

“What in the hell are you doing?” Tyler asked as she stepped in between her wife and Marsha. “If you don’t get away from her I will kick your ass all the way back to California.”

“Like you could small fry,” Marsha glared at Tyler. Nobody had ever turned her down before and then to hear that the blonde was a dynamo in bed pissed her off more.

Tyler started to move towards Marsha, but BJ grabbed her arm. “Stop Tyler, she isn’t worth it. She didn’t get what she wanted and now she is just trying to get you back.”

“How do you know we didn’t do anything?” Marsha asked surprised.

Tyler glared at the woman, “because you bitch. She knows I love her more than anything in this world and I wouldn’t throw away our love for a quick fuck. You slut.”

Marsha’s hand connected with Tyler’s face.

“I suggest you leave now or I will not be held accountable for my actions.” Tyler growled, as she became angrier as the sting of the slap grew.

Marsha turned and walked away, but not before she flipped the two women off.

“You okay?” BJ asked Tyler as she turned her around so she could look at Tyler’s red cheek.

Tyler nodded her head; “I’m fine.” She closed her eyes and shivered at the slight touch to her cheek. “Do you have any idea what you are doing to me with just one touch?”

“I think I have an idea.” BJ leaned down and gave Tyler a soft peak on the lips. “Let’s go.”


“What a room,” Tyler said as she walked around BJ suite. She saw a stereo next to the TV and started to play with the knobs.

“Tell me about it,” BJ replied as she leaned against the door and watched her lover check the room out. “Don’t you think you could find better things to check out?”

Tyler turned around and locked her eyes with BJ’s. “I do believe that can be arranged.” She flipped the switch that said on. Soft sounds filled the room.

BJ moved with out thinking, “you are my world and I have missed you so much.”

“Let me show you how much I’ve missed you,” Tyler reached for BJ’s hands and placed them around her waist. She wrapped her arms around BJ’s neck.

“We never danced before,” BJ stated as she kissed Tyler’s soft lips.

“I know that is why we are doing it now,” Tyler ran her hands down BJ’s chest. “You know something?”

“What’s that?” BJ moaned when small hands cupped her breast.

“We have never danced naked before either,” Tyler slowly started to pull on the shirt making the buttons pop off.

“You’re lucky that’s not my favorite shirt.” BJ pulled Tyler’s shirt up and over her head.

Tyler leaned over and gently sucked one of BJ nipples into her mouth through the white material of her bra. With sure fingers she unhooked the bra from the back and guided it to the floor with the shirt. “I found my favorite thing.” She mumbled as she found the other nipple waiting for attention.

“I could come right now,” BJ held onto Tyler’s head making sure she wouldn’t move.

Tyler moaned at what BJ said. But didn’t stop her ministration. She ran her hands down BJ’s side and over her butt and squeezed the perfect round cheeks. Then she reached around and unbuttoned the buttons holding BJ’s jeans closed.

A loud knock made both women jump with surprise.

“You expecting any one?” Tyler asked BJ.

“No,” BJ replied as she took a deep breath to calm her body down. “Who ever it is will be dead in about twenty seconds though.” BJ started to walk towards the door, but a hand stopped her.

“Let me, you are kind of under dressed,” Tyler picked up her shirt and pulled it on. “I’ll send who ever it is way so be ready to continue this dance.”

“Hurry,” BJ ordered before she turned and walked to the bathroom.

Another knock filled the silent room.

“I’m coming,” Tyler yelled at the door. “Who ever you are it better be good.”

Tyler unlocked the door and flung it open. She saw a good-looking man with dark hair. A perfect shaved beard and mustache adorned his face. “Can I help you?”

“Sorry I thought this was BJ Stanton’s room.” Thomas Scott replied as he smiled down at Tyler.

“This is her room. What do you want with her?” Tyler crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned against the doorframe. “Look at what we have here. Mister Thomas Scott big bad movie star.”

“Well if you’d be so kind to get her. I would like to speak to her.” Thomas said cockily.

“Sorry she’s busy,” Tyler stood and grabbed the door to close it.

Thomas stepped up to the door and put his hand up to stop Tyler from closing it. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Closing the door,” Tyler raised an eyebrow. “But if you don’t move it will be me breaking your hand.”

“I don’t think so,” Thomas shoved Tyler back, but he didn’t count on the small blonde to be ready for him.

Tyler grabbed the actor’s hand and twisted it around his back. Then she forced the man out into the hallway and up against the wall. “DO you make it a habit of forcing your way into other people’s hotel rooms?”

“Let me go,” Thomas yelled.

“I don’t think so not until you learned your lesson,” Tyler yelled back as she tightened her grip and shoved the man back against the wall causing his head to connect with the painting that hung there.

Thomas took a deep breath and used all his strength to push Tyler up against the opposite side of the hallway, but he couldn’t break away from the grip Tyler had on his wrist.

“What the hell is going on here?” BJ asked as she stepped out of her room with a blue robe wrapped around her shoulders.

“This woman wouldn’t let me talk to you,” Thomas replied as she tried to twist away from Tyler.

Tyler used her foot on the back of Thomas’s knee, which caused him to fall on the floor with her on top of him.

“Tyler let him up,” BJ stood over the two on the floor.

“But,” Tyler looked up at BJ with pleading eyes.

“Now,” BJ ran her hands through her hair.

Tyler could tell by BJ’s tone that she was not happy. What was puzzling her was why would she be mad at her when this neanderthal was to blame. She stood up but not before she got a good kick into the man’s side.

“I don’t plan on forgetting this anytime soon. So you better watch out,” Thomas warned as he stood up and rubbed his sore side.

“Is that a threat?” Tyler moved back towards the pissed off man.

“What would you do if I said yes?” Thomas asked as he stared daggers at Tyler.

“You would be very sorry,” Tyler glared at the man.

“Would you two stop it,” BJ put on hands out in front of her. “Tyler go back in the room.”

“Excuse me?” Tyler asked as she turned to look at BJ. Her anger was at the boiling point and the thought that BJ was mad at her pissed her off more. “I think I’m going to go for a walk I’ll be back in awhile.” Tyler turned towards the elevators and walked off.

“Tyler,” BJ said softly confused by Tyler’s reaction.

“So long bitch,” Thomas spat out. “What in the hell is someone like that doing in your room?” He asked BJ as he straightened his clothing.

BJ continued to watch her lover walk away.

“BJ I asked you a question,” Thomas waved his hand in front of BJ’s face to get her attention.

BJ blinked a few times, “excuse me?”

“I asked why is someone like her in your room?” Thomas asked again a little irritated at having to repeat himself.

“You mean the woman who just left?” BJ turned glared at Thomas. “You mean the woman that just happens to be my wife. You mean the woman who could kick your ass from here to the fucking Pacific Ocean?”
“Your wife?” Thomas stepped back from the dark haired woman.

“Yes, my wife. Now I suggest you get the hell away from me and never come any where near my room again.” BJ tapped the man’s chest with her finger. “Because if you do I will have Tyler do more than wrinkle your clothes.”

“Fine, your loss.” Thomas walked down the hallway towards the opposite side of the hallway where another set of elevator was.

“I don’t even think you should go there,” BJ yelled at the man’s back. “What else could this day bring?” She asked herself out loud as she went back in the room to get dressed so she could go and find her lover.


Tyler stepped out of the elevator and went to the front desk. “Excuse me, can you tell me where your bar is?”

“Yes ma’am, our lounge is over through those doors.” The man said as he pointed a well-manicured nail across the lobby.

“Thanks,” Tyler headed for the doors.

Tyler pushed open the door and looked around. Her temper had diminished a bit from the short ride down to the lobby, but it still stung at the way BJ talked to her. She thought of how she handled the situation with Thomas Scott as she realized that she could have done things a little bit differently.

“Damn it, this wasn’t how tonight was supposed to end.” Tyler mumbled as she sat down on a barstool.

“What can I get you?” The bartender asked as he cleaned a glass with a towel.

Tyler looked up at the skinny man, “give me a shot of tequila, no lime or salt. Then I’ll take a beer.”

“No problem,” the bartender sat a shot glass down in front of Tyler and quickly filled it. Then he went and got her beer. “Glass?”

“No thanks,” Tyler croaked out after she drank her shot. “I will take another one of those.” She pointed at her empty glass.


BJ stepped out of the elevator and looked around. Not really sure where Tyler would have gone she decided that she’d ask the person at the desk.

“Can I help you?” The desk clerk asked as BJ walked up to the counter.

“Yes, I was wondering if you might have seen a friend of mine. She stands about this tall.” BJ held up her hand so it was even with her shoulder. “She also has short blonde hair.”

“Yes, she is in the hotel lounge,” the man said as he smiled.

“Thank you,” BJ grinned at the man and turned towards the double wooden doors.

BJ walked into the dimly lit room and scanned the area. She spotted Tyler sitting at the bar talking to the bartender. She walked over to her wife and sat down on the barstool. “So you going to buy me a beer?”

“Stan, please get my wife a beer,” Tyler finished hers. “I’ll take another one too.”

“So why did you just walk off?” BJ asked as she rested her elbows on the counter top.

Tyler lowered her head, “I’m sorry. I was pissed off at mister actor boy and when you told me to back off it pissed me off more. I thought you were taking his side.”

“Thanks,” BJ said to Stan when he handed her, her drink. “Well, the reason I wanted you to back off was because I knew you could really put the hurt on him and we kinda need him to finish the movie.”

Tyler’s head raised and she turned to look at BJ.

“Do you really think I’d pick him over you?” BJ asked as she sipped her drink. “I just want to get home. The sooner the better and if you’d have hurt him we would have either had to stop production and find someone new or wait until he healed from his numerous broken bones.”

“I’m sorry, forgive me?” Tyler grasped BJ’s hand and brought it up to her lips. “I will stay as far away from that man as I can while I’m here.”

“Good, now how about you and me continue what we started before we were so rudely interrupted?” BJ wiggled her eyebrows.


As Tyler locked the door BJ stood behind her and kissed the back of her neck. She ran her hands up so she could cup Tyler’s breast and squeezed them.

“I don’t care if a fire breaks out. You and I will not be disturbed until morning.” BJ whispered into Tyler’s ear.

Tyler turned in BJ’s arms and wrapped her hands through dark silky hair. “No more talk,” she growled before she kissed BJ.

BJ guided Tyler’s back against the door. She broke the kiss long enough to pull Tyler’s shirt up and over her head. BJ kissed down Tyler’s bare neck and to her collarbone.

“Ohh God, that feels good,” Tyler moaned as she rested her head on the wall behind her and closed her eyes.

BJ smiled and kissed her way back up Tyler’s neck and to her ear. “This is what I have been missing. You with your head thrown back with a look of pure pleasure on your face.”

“It is the best kind of pleasure to have you make love to me.” Tyler opened her eyes and looked into soft blue; “The greatest pleasure in the world is for me to make love to you.” Tyler put her hands on BJ’s chest and gently pushed so her tall lover would walk backwards.

As Tyler guided BJ to the bed she slowly unbuttoned her shirt.

“I’m glad that you are taking your time with this shirt, because it is my favorite.” BJ smiled as she unclasped Tyler’s bra.

“Is it?” Tyler asked as she leaned forward and kissed the soft skin in between BJ’s breast. “Forget something?”

“I was in a hurry to find you. So I didn’t bother,” BJ replied as she reached for Tyler’s button and zipper of her pants.

“I like,” Tyler whispered as she placed soft kisses across the swell of each breast. “So beautiful.”

“All for you,” BJ moaned as two hands cupped her breast and twisted her nipples.

“Yes, all mine,” Tyler slipped BJ’s shirt all the way off and gently lowered her to the bed. She kissed a trail down BJ’s stomach until she reached the waistband of the tan shorts the tall woman had on.

Tyler hooked her fingers through the belt loops and tugged the cotton material down the strong tan legs. As the material reached BJ’s feet Tyler looked up and raised an eyebrow up at BJ.

“So my bra wasn’t the only thing I didn’t put on,” BJ smiled.

“Good for me. Less I have to take off,” Tyler winked down at BJ.

“No, good for me,” BJ groaned as Tyler kissed her way up BJ’s leg and to an already glistening center.

“Hmm, good for both of us.” Tyler grabbed BJ’s legs as she knelt down next to the bed and set them on her shoulders.

Tyler wrapped her arms around BJ’s thighs and caressed her flat stomach as she ran her tongue in between sweet tasting lips. She circled the enlarged clit with the tip of her tongue.

“It’s been way to long,” BJ grasped the bed spread as her body convulsed with pleasure. “Please baby, I need you inside.”

Tyler smiled to herself as she continued to play with BJ’s clit and lightly scratched down the shivering stomach. “Mmmhmm,” She slowly entered BJ with two fingers pumping in and out then she stopped.

“Why did you stop?” BJ asked as she glanced down at Tyler.

“I want to see your face when you come,” Tyler crawled up BJ’s long body planting kisses here and there. When she reached BJ’s mouth she ran her tongue across the soft skin before she kissed them.

BJ brought her hands up and cupped Tyler’s backside and bending her knee slightly so Tyler was rocking her center on her thigh. She could feel Tyler’s fingers moving inside her causing her inner muscles to contract. “Ohh, god, faster.”

Tyler nipped and licked her way down BJ’s neck and up again leaving little red marks. She used her whole body to move the fingers inside her lover. The stimulation of BJ’s thigh against her clit was making her movement more frantic.

“Come with me baby,” Tyler moaned out as her movements quickened and she watched BJ’s eyes close.

Every muscle in BJ’s body reacted to Tyler’s voice.

“OHH, FUCK ME TYLER.” BJ screamed out as her orgasm took control of her body.

Tyler watched for just a few seconds before her own orgasm took a hold of her own body.

The two lovers continued to show how much they loved and missed each other throughout the rest of the night. They finally fell into an exhausted but sedated sleep early the next morning.


The sound of someone knocking on the door woke Tyler up from her deep sleep.

“If it’s Thomas Scott again I will shove my fist down his throat.” Tyler grumbled as she tossed the blankets off her naked body.

“I don’t think he has the guts to do it again,” BJ mumbled from underneath her pillow.

Tyler snorted as she grabbed BJ’s robe and put it on. “He is a man and they aren’t known for their ability to think.”

“Ohh, come on two of your best friends are men,” BJ said as she sat up and eyed Tyler in her bathrobe. “I think I like you better without it.”

Tyler looked at the big blue robe that covered her body. “It was either this or,” Tyler opened the robe and smiled, “this.”

BJ’s eyes traced down Tyler’s strong body. The way the perfect breast peeked out at her and the ever-noticeable abdominal muscles she loved to sit on and slide across when she was very horny. Before she could look any further down a knock was heard again.

“If it is Thomas I will kill him before you even have a chance too.” BJ growled as she fell back in the bed.

Tyler closed the robe with a laugh and walked to the door. She looked out at and saw Barb standing there with a slight grin on her face. She unlocked the locks and swung the door open, “good morning.”

“Good morning Tyler,” Barbara hugged Tyler.

“Please come in,” Tyler waved the older woman in and closed the door. “Why do we deserve such an early visit?”

“Well, I was so rudely interrupted by a nasty phone call this morning and I thought why should I be the only one who has the joy of being woken up.” Barbara replied as she sat down in one of the plush chair in front of the TV.

“Why would someone make a nasty call to you so early?” Tyler asked as she sat in the chair next to Barbara.

“Good morning Mom, have you had breakfast yet?” BJ asked as she lifted herself up onto her elbows.

“Good morning and nope I headed over here after I took my shower.” Barbara said trying not to laugh at the way her daughter’s hair stuck up everywhere.

“How about I call down for room service while you go and get into the shower.” Tyler suggested as she looked at her wife.

“Sounds like a plan.” BJ grinned at Tyler as she slipped out of bed. Not even bothering to cover her naked body. “Then Mom will be able to tell us what the phone call was about.”

“Sound good dear,” Barbara agreed as she winked at Tyler. “Nice teeth marks you have there on your backside.”

“What?” BJ turned trying to get a look at her butt.

“Go take a look in the mirror,” Barbara laughed as BJ headed towards the bathroom.

Tyler blushed as she covered her face with her hands. “She is going to kill me.”

“TYLER,” BJ yelled from the bathroom. “You are so dead.”

“I didn’t mean too. It just sorta happened.” Tyler separated two of her fingers to look up at a mad BJ.

“How am I going to explain this when I go to work on Monday?” BJ tapped her foot and crossed her arms over her bare chest.

“Why would they even see it? I thought this movie didn’t have any scenes where you would be naked?” Tyler dropped her hands and glared at BJ.

“Honey, I may not have to show skin for the screen, but I do have people that help me dress. They will see this,” BJ turned around and pointed at the nice impressions of Tyler’s teeth. “How am I going to explain?”

Tyler stood up and rubbed the spot with the palm of her hand, “well, I could always give you a nice big hickey on your neck or better yet on your boob. That will draw their attention away from your butt.” Tyler stated with an evil smile.

“Ohhh you,” BJ turned around and grabbed Tyler’s hand and guided her to the bathroom. “Mom, give us a minute.”

“Sure dear. I’ll order breakfast while you talk with Tyler in private.” Barbara giggled as she saw the scared look on Tyler’s face as the door closed. “She just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.”


“I can’t believe you did that,” Tyler mumbled as she rubbed her neck.

“You love it and you know you do,” BJ said casually before she bit into her toast.

Tyler wiggled her eyebrows, “you’re right. I do.” She looked over at Barbara, “I’m a marked woman and boy is it fun.”

“You two are so bad. I can’t believe you forgot I was out here.” Barbara sipped her coffee. “A mother isn’t supposed to hear her daughter scream like that.” She shook her head from side to side with a small grin.

“We need to find you a man,” Tyler blurted out.

“She’s right,” BJ nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, I was asked out by our new neighbor Mr. Brookes.” Barbara said as she buttered her muffin.

“Why didn’t you go out with him?” BJ asked curiously.

Barbara shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know.”

“Call him and let him know that when you get back you’d be more than happy to go out with him.” Tyler recommended.

“Good idea,” BJ looked from Tyler to her Mom.

Barbara thought about it for a minute, “okay, I’ll do that.”

“Great,” BJ clapped her hands. “Now tell us who woke you up so early and why.”


“I can’t believe the nerve of that guy. Thinking that he could run to my Mom and tell on me.” BJ paced back and forth in front of Tyler and Barbara. “He really said that if I didn’t have Tyler apologize to him that he make trouble for me on the set?”

Barbara nodded her head, but didn’t take her eyes off of Tyler. BJ noticed this and turned to look at her lover.

“Oh shit. She is one pissed off wife.” BJ thought as she quickly stepped over to where Tyler sat. She knelt down on her knees and cupped the smaller woman’s face in her hands. “Honey, you need to calm down. Getting too mad won’t solve anything.”

“I can not promise that I will not kick his ass the next time I see him.” Tyler growled through clenched teeth. “He wants to start trouble? Well damn it he found it.”

“Baby, please don’t do anything that you will regret later on.” BJ kissed Tyler softly.

Tyler kissed BJ back, “I won’t regret one single punch.”

Barbara laughed out loud, “I have to be honest too. I would love to see Tyler give that man a few lessons on how to act toward women.”

“You are not helping,” BJ glared at her mom. “Now Tyler it’s not that I wouldn’t really like to see Thomas get what’s coming to him, but I don’t want you to sink to his level. You are a better person than he is.”

Tyler took a deep breath and looked into concerned blue, “you’re right. As usual.”

“Cool, now how about I take you over to the set and show you around?” BJ stood up, but not before she planted a quick kiss on Tyler’s lips.

“That sounds like an idea,” Tyler nodded her head.


“This weekend went way to fast,” Tyler whispered as she snuggled up next to BJ.

BJ wrapped her arms around Tyler and held her close, “it sure did.”

“I’m not sure when I will be able to get another weekend free. The guys and I want to make sure everything is running up to par for when we open up in a couple of weeks. Then after that who knows how busy we will be?” Tyler kissed the breast her lips were close too.

“I have no clue when I will have anything more than a day here and there until I get done with the shoot.” BJ caressed Tyler’s back with her fingers.

Tyler eyes closed, “you keep that up and I will fall asleep on you.”

“That’s okay, we had a pretty busy day,” BJ yawned.

“We didn’t leave the bed.” Tyler laughed softly.

BJ laughed along with Tyler; “we had quite a workout though.”

“That we did. It was the kind of workout I could do everyday.” Tyler snuggled closer to BJ.”

“I love you,” BJ kissed the top of Tyler’s blonde head. “Sleep well.”

“Love you too,” Tyler said before she fell into a deep sleep.

BJ took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep with a big smile on her face.


“Good morning,” Mike said to Tyler as she walked into the building on Monday.

Tyler growled at him, “if you say so.”

“You are a grouch this morning,” Mike offered Tyler a cup of coffee. “Nice mark.”

Tyler’s hand immediately went to her neck. “Thanks and you would be too if you left your heart on the other side of the country.”

Mike nodded and grinned, “yep, you’re right. I would be.”

“So how was your weekend?” Tyler asked as she sat down at her desk.

“It was good. Leo and I spent the whole weekend doing stuff around the house.” Mike sat on the edge of Tyler’s desk. “What did you and BJ do?”

“Well, let see. How do I explain this weekend.” Tyler took a deep breath and held up one finger. “First on the way there I was hit on buy a woman that wouldn’t take ‘I am happily married’ excuse for not sleeping with her.” She the held up two fingers. “Second that same woman started a scene at the baggage claim.” Tyler then held up three fingers. “Thirdly when BJ and I are getting reacquainted her co-star Thomas Scott decided that he would interrupt. Thinking BJ would fall under his charms.”

“That all happened in one day?” Mike asked shocked and highly amused.

“Yes,” Tyler saw the slight smile Mike tried to hide behind his coffee cup. “Go ahead and laugh. Might as well get it out now that way when you tell Leo you can have two good laughs on my account.”

Mike held it in for as long as he could. He laughed for a good five minutes before he finally calmed down. “I’m sorry,” he took a few deep breaths. “I just can’t let you go anywhere can I?” Mike teased as he lost it again.

“Hardy, har, har,” Tyler frowned at her friend. “Yuck it up now, just wait until I see Leo. I’m going to tell him about that weekend you and I were supposed to be watching that one business tycoon in Hawaii.”

Mike’s head shot up, “you wouldn’t?”

“But you see my friend I would,” Tyler’s frown turned into a smile evil smile.

“Bitch,” Mike pushed himself up and walked to the door.

Tyler laughed, “you bet I am.”

Mike winked at Tyler before he left the room.

“Okay, what is on the agenda for today?” Tyler flipped open her appointment book and glanced down the paper. “I don’t have an appointment until one o’clock.” She eyed the phone. “I guess I have time to make a quick call.”


BJ grabbed her cell phone out of her back pocket, “Hello.”

“Mike gave me shit about my neck,” Tyler said as she turned in her chair to look out the window.

BJ laughed, “you love the attention and you know it.”

Tyler closed her eyes and imagined the smile that was sure to be on BJ’s face, “You’re right as usual. So what are you up too today?”

“Well, you caught me in between scenes. I am walking to my dressing room.” BJ replied as she waved at a couple of crewmembers that were sitting having coffee at a picnic table.

“I have perfect timing,” Tyler buffed her fingernails on her shirt.

BJ laughed, “You sure do baby. What are you up too?”

“Well, I should really be doing some paper work, but since I don’t have my first appointment until one, so I thought I’d see what my girl was up too.” Tyler turned her chair slightly towards her desk.

BJ opened her trailer door and stepped in. “Hi, Mom.” She said to Barbara as she sat down on a chair.

“Hi, honey. Are you talking to Tyler?” Barbara asked as she pointed towards the phone next to BJ’s ear.

“Tell her I said hi,” Tyler said as she heard the older woman’s voice in the background.

BJ nodded her head, “she says hi.”

“Hi, Tyler,” Barbara yelled out from her spot on the couch.

“You heard?” BJ asked Tyler.

“Yes, I heard.” Tyler giggled.

“I just remembered. What in the world is this thing you have Mom doing for you?” BJ asked as she spied several pieces of metal on the table next to her.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Tyler replied innocently.

“Is it some sort of puzzle that is supposed to drive me crazy?” BJ asked as she played with one of the pieces with her finger.

“No, when you get done with it, It will just be a testament of my love for you.” Tyler confessed softly.

“Ohh,” BJ stared down at the small bits of metal. “Wow.”

“I really should go and get this paper work started.” Tyler sighed as she noticed how big the paper pile was. “I love you and miss you like mad.”

“Okay honey, and I miss you and love you too,” BJ closed her cell phone and laid it on the table.

“How did the scene go?” Barbara asked as she watched her daughter.

BJ sunk deeper into the chair and groaned as she rested her head against the back of the chair, “if we didn’t really need Thomas I would shove a fire cracker up his ass.”

“What did he do?” Barbara got up and walked to the small refrigerator. “Cold drink?”

“Sure, I’ll take a water,” BJ answered. “You know that tomorrow is the kissing scene?”

“Yes,” Barbara responded as she tossed BJ her water.

“Well, Mr. Scott apparently still thinks he has a shot. He asked me no less than ten times to go over tomorrow’s lines.” BJ informed her mom before she took a long drink.

Barbara shook her head, “what in the hell is wrong with that guy?”

“Who knows. I’m half tempted to have Felix talk to him, but I don’t even think that would work.” BJ rubbed a hand across her face. “If Tyler slamming him didn’t work I have no idea what would?”

“Why didn’t you tell Tyler?” Barbara asked softly.

BJ closed her eyes; “I don’t want her to think that I can’t handle this creep without her having to beat him up.” She confessed. “Plus she has the shelter to worry about and get running.”

“I see,” Barbara said. “If you want to know what I think? I think that Tyler would be hurt by the fact that you didn’t tell her. She knows that you can handle yourself. She does what she does for you because that is one way for her to show you how much you mean to her.”

“What do you mean by that?” BJ opened her eyes. “She shows me in many different ways that she loves me.”

Barbara stood up and walked over to BJ. She picked up the small metal pieces and handed them to BJ. “Tyler honors herself as your protector. You might not need it like you did when you first met her, but I bet she needs to show you more now then she did then.”

BJ looked into her Mom’s eyes finally getting what she was saying.

“Okay you think that because I’m no longer in life threatening danger that Tyler thinks that I won’t need her or love her as much as she does me?” BJ sat up and grasped the precious metal pieces in her palm.

“Yes,” Barbara replied.

“What gave you an idea like that?” BJ curiously asked.

Barbara didn’t want to go into the conversation she had with Tyler when the small blonde asked her to give them to BJ, but she felt that BJ needed to hear part of it. “When she first asked me to give you these.” She pointed to BJ’s hand. “She said that she wanted to make sure that you knew that even though you were thousand of miles away from her you still held her heart.” Barbara rested a hand on her daughter’s knee. “She didn’t exactly say this but this is what I got out of what she said. I think it scares her a little bit that she has nothing to offer you but herself.”

“Ohh, Mom. Do you really think that?” BJ asked with a frown.

“Look at where she was at before you met. She just lost her house and her business was about to go totally under. She had nothing but bills and more bills. In you walk and give her a job that could help her save what she holds dear to her heart, but then she finds something that is so much better, YOU.” Barbara noticed her purse and grabs it. “I was supposed to give you these every once in awhile, but I think now is a better time to give them to you.” She pulled out a small black bag and handed it to BJ.

“Is this what I think it is?” BJ accepted the bag.

“If you think that it will finish what you hold in your hand. Then yes, it’s what you’re thinking it is.” Barbara patted BJ’s knee and stood up. “I’ll leave you alone for awhile.”

“Mom, why didn’t she ever say anything to me?” BJ asked a little hurt.

“Honey, I’m not sure she knows it herself.” Barbara as she stood by the trailer door.

BJ looked up at her very confused. “What do you mean she doesn’t know herself?”

“She knows here,” Barbara pointed to her heart, “but not fully up here.” She moved her hand to point to her head.

“Okay, I gotcha,” BJ nodded finally understanding what her mom was telling her. “Now what to do about it. If Tyler doesn’t even realize what is going on, how am I going to get her to talk about it?
Part 3
“Pieces Of My Heart Held Together By Your Love.” BJ read for the millionth time.

She had put the pieces together after her mom left her alone. That was two weeks ago and she was still no closer to what she would say to Tyler.

“What to do? What to do?” BJ whispered to the stuffed animal that sat on the pillow next to her. “You are no help what so ever.” She picked up little bandit and hugged. “I guess maybe I should just call her and sort of bring it up.”

BJ sat the dog back down and she picked up her cell phone.

“Hello,” Tyler said on the other end.

“Hey sweetheart,” BJ replied as she lay down next to little bandit. “What are you up too?”

“Well, I’m about ready to cook me some dinner. Then go and do more paper work.” Tyler opened the TV dinner she had chosen.

“What is it tonight? Chicken or frozen pizza?” BJ asked as she heard Tyler play with the plastic over the phone.

“You know me so well, and it’s a meatloaf dinner tonight.” Tyler turned and popped the meal in the microwave. “You got some papers today from your lawyer. Do you want me to send them to you?”

“Can you open it up and see what it’s about.” BJ fiddled with the blue ribbon on the stuffed animal next to her.

“Sure hold on while I go and get them. I put them in your office up stairs.” Tyler sat the phone down and rushed upstairs. It only took her a minute and she was back. “Okay, it says something about an increase of your house taxes and he is wondering how you want to pay it.”

BJ listened to the suggestions Tyler read out loud to her, “what one do you think is best?”

“Why are you asking me? This is your house and your taxes.” Tyler growled as she tossed the paper on the counter next to her.

“Boy we are in a good mood. You want to tell me why the sudden outburst?” BJ closed her eyes. “Especially over something like this. You know that the house is yours as much as it is mine.”

Tyler stood there in silence. She had no clue where the anger came from.

“Baby, are still there?” BJ asked softly.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I don’t know where that came from.” Tyler heard the beeping of the microwave and walked over and opened it up. She grabbed the meal, but instead of putting it on the counter next to her silverware she tossed into the sink. All of a sudden not hungry.

“If something was bothering you, you would come and talk to me wouldn’t you?” BJ waited as she heard Tyler take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Yes, of course I would,” Tyler mumbled.

“Good, now I know that this was my house, but now it’s our house and I want you to help with the decisions that concern our household.” BJ stated calmly.

Tyler’s heart started to beat fast and her mind was doing double time. She didn’t understand why what BJ said made her head spin.

“Tyler?” BJ sat up wondering what was going on in her lover’s head. “Does that bother you that I want you and me to share things like this?”

“What?” Tyler asked only catching the last part of what BJ said.

“I asked you if it bothers you that I want you and me to share things, like the house and the cars and everything in our lives? Forever?” BJ replied hoping that Tyler would get the hint that nothing was going to happen to them.

“No it doesn’t bother me at all. I feel honored and,” Tyler stopped.

“And?” BJ asked is a soft whisper.

Tyler walked out of the kitchen and stood in the living room. She looked at Bandit who was curled up on the couch. Then she looked at all the pictures around the room that had been put up since she’d moved in.

“I’m scared,” Tyler barely said loud enough for BJ to hear.

BJ felt tears form in her eyes. She wished that she was there with Tyler instead of thousands of miles away. “Baby what are you scared of?”

Tyler sat down next to Bandit and began to scratch his belly. “I don’t know. I’ve never been more happy in my life.”

“Maybe that’s what got you scared?” BJ wiped the tears that ran down her face.

Tyler spied a picture of BJ, Barbara, Leo and Mike. She had taken the picture the day they had gotten the building for the center. Then she saw a picture of herself and her parents. Then one of her and her Grandfather. Tears formed in her eyes and fell down her checks. “No I’m not afraid of being happy. I’m afraid that it will all be gone.”

“What do you mean honey?” BJ sniffed as she tried to keep herself in check.

Tyler stood up and began to pace, “everything that has ever meant anything to me has died and in every circumstance I might have been able to do something that could have helped them.”

“I want you to listen to me,” BJ slapped the bed spread next to her. “There was nothing you could have done. You were a little girl when the accident happened.”
“What about my Grandfather?” Tyler yelled out.

“What about your Grandfather?” BJ yelled back.

“I called him and had him reschedule his doctor’s appointment. If I hadn’t done that they would have found something. They could have stopped it.” Tyler cried as she kicked one of Bandit’s tennis balls across the floor.

“Bullshit,” BJ spat back. “It was your Grandfather’s time. Nothing you could have done would have made a difference.”

“Yes there was,” Tyler screamed.

“Okay, what could you have done?” BJ asked, “I want you to also remember the girl you happen to be helping out when you called your Grandfather to have him reschedule. Would that person be the person she is today if you hadn’t stayed with her?”

“That doesn’t matter. My Grandfather would be here with me now.” Tyler cried out in pain as she headed back to the kitchen.

“Then you would be blaming yourself over that girls death.” BJ stated matter of fact . “Since when is one life more important then anyone else’s?”

Tyler couldn’t answer that and it stopped her in her tracks. She looked down at her feet and shook her head. Drops of tears landed on her shirt.

“Sweetheart, you need to forgive yourself. Life has so much to offer you. The most important is the love I have for you. We will be together for eternity just you and me, loving each other.” BJ wiped her own tears off her face.

“I really wish you were here with me. I miss you so much and I don’t want to be alone.” The upset blonde sobbed.

“Tyler, do you have on that necklace I gave you?” BJ asked. Concerned for her lover she picked up the hotel’s phone and dialed her mom’s extension. She quickly, but quietly told her mom to call Mike and Leo and have them go over and check on Tyler.

“Yes,” Tyler answered back as she pulled the necklace out of her shirt. “I have it right here.”

“Open it up,” BJ ordered softly. “What do you see?”

“You and me. In each others arms.” Tyler ran the tip of her fingernail along BJ’s face.

“Forever, is what I get out of that picture. You and me growing old and doing that until we die in each other’s arms.” BJ jumped a little when she heard a soft knock on her door. Knowing that it was her mom she didn’t bother to toss on a robe when she climbed out of bed.

“Promise?” Tyler leaned against the wall and slid down until she had an arm wrapped around her legs.

“Tyler, I agreed to be your wife. That is not something I take lightly. You hold my soul and my heart with you wherever you go. The love I have for you grows with every second of the day.” BJ waved her mom in and shut the door. She raised a finger to her mom when Barb gave her a look as to what was going on.

“I’m being silly aren’t I?” Tyler shook her head as she rested it against the wall behind her.

“No, you’re feelings aren’t silly. You have had some pretty good reasons in your life to think the way you are right now, but I want you to know that they are untrue. People die, that is a fact of life. It was your Grandfather’s time to die. You couldn’t do anything because you were where you were supposed to be and that was to be with that girl who’s time it wasn’t.” BJ slumped back on the bed.

Tyler took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she closed her eyes. “I guess I want to save everyone who I care about.”

“That is how most of the people in the world feel. You just have to realize that you can’t save everyone, you just can only save the ones you were meant to save.” BJ could tell that she was getting through to Tyler. She just hoped it was enough to break through the doubt and guilt.

“Like you,” Tyler smiled as she thought of BJ’s loving smile and tender kisses.

“Yes baby, like me.” BJ nodded as a small grin crossed her face.

“I love you,” Tyler said as she saw Bandit hop off the couch and walk over to her. She unfolded her legs so the dog could sit in between her thighs.

“And I love you,” BJ sighed. “Will you do me a favor?”

“I will do anything for you,” Tyler replied as she dodged the wet tongue aimed at her face.

“If you ever start to think like this again will you please talk to me.” BJ begged. “I want to know how you are feeling and I want to help.” BJ felt her mom sit next to her and grab her hand. She looked up and gave her a small smile.

“I will. I’m sorry for yelling at you before. I honestly didn’t understand what the hell made me do that. Now I do and maybe I should talk to one of the councilors about it too.” Tyler replied as she stood up.

“That’s not a bad idea and don’t worry about the yelling. It happens sometimes.” BJ squeezed her mom’s hand.

“True, but I’m still sorry.” Tyler walked to the front window when she heard a car door close. “Did you call Mike and Leo?”

“I had mom call them,” BJ confessed. “I was worried about you and I didn’t want you to be by yourself.”

“You are so good to me and I’m never totally by myself. I’ve got you right next to my heart holding it and taking care of me.” Tyler opened the front door right before Leo rang the bell.

“That is so true and it’s the same for me.” BJ yawned loudly.

“I think my dear you need to get to bed.” Tyler waved her friends in and smiled up at their concerned faces.

“I will stay longer if you need me.” BJ stated with another yawn.

“I will always need you,” Tyler said loudly, “but you are pretty busy and need your sleep. I will call you when I get to work tomorrow.”

“Okay, if you’re sure?” BJ sat up and leaned against her mom.

Tyler followed Mike and Leo into the kitchen. She shrugged her shoulders when Leo lifted her dinner out of the sink. “I’m sure. You get a good night’s sleep and I will talk to you tomorrow. I love you and miss you.” Tyler turned so she was facing out the backdoor. “Thanks babe for setting me straight. Again.”

“Tyler Jones you better not be straight. Especially after half of the things we’ve done together.” BJ teased her lover a bit.

“Ohh baby what about the other half?” Tyler giggled.

“Lets not go there right now. You have company and Mom is sitting right next to me.” BJ blushed a little when her mom winked at her.

“Okay, tomorrow night we will continue this conversation in explicate detail.” Tyler kissed the necklace pendant before she tucked it back under her shirt.

“Deal. I love you and I will talk to you tomorrow.” BJ responded before she hung up.

Barb waited a few minutes watching her daughter as she laid there and thought. “She finally talked did she?”

“Yep, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t a cake walk either. She said she might go and talk with one of the councilors.” BJ informed her mom as she sat up.

“Good,” Barb stood up and headed for the door. “You need to get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

“Okay, good night,” BJ walked behind her mom so she could lock the door.


Tyler knocked on the door before she opened the door, “good morning Jackie.”

“Hey ya boss, good morning to you too.” Jackie smiled as she hammered a nail in a wall. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, I was sorta wondering if I might talk to you about something?” Tyler crossed her arms across her chest.

Jackie put the hammer down and turned to look at Tyler. “Is this about business or something else?”

“Something else,” Tyler started to pace.

“Is it personal?” Jackie asked as she sat in her chair.

Tyler nodded her head, “yes. It’s about when I was little.”

“First I should tell you that you might want to find someone else. You are my boss.” Jackie acknowledged.

“I know and I won’t hold anything against you if I don’t like what you say, but I need to get this out and start to live my life for BJ and myself.” Tyler walked around the small office looking at all the pictures Jackie had up.

“Okay, then why don’t you have a seat and we can begin.” Jackie motioned to a chair.

“Would you mind if I stood?” Tyler asked.

Jackie shook her head, “do whatever you feel is appropriate for you to be able to talk.”

Tyler took a deep breath and told Jackie all about the car accident and how she felt guilty being the only survivor. Then how she found her Grandfather dead after she had called and told him that she couldn’t take him to the doctors because she was needed somewhere else.

The two of them talked all morning and into part of the afternoon.

“Tyler, I think we’ve done enough today. You need to go home and think about what we’ve talked about.” Jackie drank the last of her coffee and stood up.

“You’re right.” Tyler wiped her eyes. “Thanks for listening to me. I really appreciate it.”

Jackie nodded and smiled. “that’s why I’m here. I know we only scratched the surface about what you have been going through. If you want we can set a schedule and talk more let me know.”

“I will,” Tyler opened the door. “See you tomorrow.”

“Okay, bye boss.” Jackie waved as the door closed.

Tyler walked to her office and gathered up her stuff. When she picked up her cell phone she saw that BJ had tried to call her while she was in with Jackie. Looking at the time she decided that she would wait until she got home before she called.

“Hey Tyler, how are you feeling today?” Leo asked as he walked into her office.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Tyler replied as she sat her cell phone down on her desk.

Leo looked at her then at the door. “It was open.”

“Still doesn’t mean that you should walk right in.” Tyler leaned back in her chair and rested her hands on her stomach.

“Shut up and are you going to answer my question?” Leo placed his hands on his hips.

Tyler smiled up at her friend, “I feel a lot better. I talked all morning with Jackie and I feel lighter somehow.”

“Great,” Leo slapped his hands together. “I’m so glad that you talked to someone about it.”

“Me too,” Tyler agreed. “I wish I had done it a long time ago.”

“So what is on the agenda for this afternoon?” Leo strolled over to a chair and sat down.

“I’m going home to call my wife, but first I’m going to send her a great big bouquet of flowers.” Tyler reached for her phonebook.

“Ohh, what kind?” Leo asked excitedly.

Tyler found the yellow pages for several thousand florists. “Which one should I choose?”

Leo reached over and grabbed the phone he dialed a number and handed Tyler the receiver. “Close that book. Theses guys are the best.”

Tyler laughed, “you would know.”

“Of course I would. I only do the best.” Leo looked at her with a cocky smile.

Tyler raised an eyebrow, “I’ll make sure and tell Mike that.”

“Tell Mike what?” Mike asked as he walked into the room.

“He says that he only does the best. Is that true?” Tyler asked as she waited for someone to answer the phone.

Mike looked from Tyler to Leo, “well, I do believe that is the whole truth. I am the best ever made.”

“See,” Leo stuck his tongue out at Tyler who just rolled her eyes.

Tyler was about to add a comment when the phone stopped ringing and someone answered. “Hello, and yes I’d like to place an order. I would like three dozen red roses delivered to my wife who happens to be in Miami.”

Mike looked over at Leo, “what is she doing?”

“Telling BJ how much she loves her with flowers,” Leo whispered with a smile.

Mike nodded his head, “gotcha. What do you say you and me have a nice quiet dinner in front of a fire?”

“Sounds like a great idea. I know of a little store that has some wonderful little sandwiches that will be perfect.” Leo leaned over and kissed Mike softly on the lips.

Mike closed his eyes and smiled, “love you.”

“Love you too,” Leo stood up and waved at Tyler who waved back.

“I should be home in about an hour.” Mike said as he crossed his feet at the ankles.

Leo grabbed his keys out of his pocket, “okay, I’ll get everything set up.” He blew Mike a kiss and walked out whistling.

Mike listened as Tyler gave the florist BJ’s hotel name and room number then said good bye and hung up.

“Hey buddy what’s up?” Tyler asked as she leaned back in her chair.

“I just stopped by to make sure everything is okay.” Mike replied.

Tyler let out a big sigh, “everything is good. I talked with Jackie most of the day and worked some things out.”

“That’s great,” Mike happily responded. “Well I need to get going. Leo and I are planning a nice romantic dinner.”

“Get out of here, have fun. I’m going to go as soon as I grab my things.” Tyler stood up.

Mike rose up out of his seat, “okay, I’m gone. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye, and Mike?” Tyler looked up at her friend. “Thanks for everything.”

“Hey, that’s what friends are for.” Mike winked, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“What a day,” BJ mumbled as she rested her back against the elevator wall.

Barbara copied her daughter, “you are so right. I can’t believe he still can’t take a damn hint.”

“I plan on talking to Felix tomorrow. I’ve had enough. Thomas went over the line today when he grabbed my boob during taping.” BJ replied as she shivered as she remembered her costars hands on her body.

“Why didn’t you talk to him before we left?” Barb asked her daughter as the elevator stopped and beeped to let them know they reached their floor.

“I tried to find him, but he had already left right after the scene was shot.” BJ said as she walked down the hall to her room.

“Oh, okay,” Barbara stepped next to her daughter. “You want to get something to eat?”

“Sounds good,” BJ opened her door. As she walked into her room her sense of smell was assaulted by the three bouquet of roses sitting on a table in the middle of the room. “What in the world?”

“My lord,” Barb said as she stepped up to carefully smell the beautiful flowers.

BJ circled the flowers with a big smile. She noticed a small card sticking out from one of the bouquet and quickly grabbed it up and opened it.



“I am a lucky girl,” BJ grinned as she held the card next to her heart.

“Tyler?” Barb asked already knowing the answer by the stupid smile on her daughters face.

BJ nodded, “yes.”

“Why don’t you give her a call while I run to my room and get changed. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Barbara walked to the door and stepped out.


Leo stepped into Tyler’s office after he softly knocked on the doorframe seeing she was on the phone. He smiled at her and stood in front of her desk, and waited until she hung up. “So how many times does this make?”

“Well,” Tyler leaned back in her chair, “not counting the first time this will be four.”

“Four times? My god woman you are going to be poor by the time she comes back.” Leo teased as he grabbed the picture Tyler had on her desk.

“It makes her happy,” Tyler shrugged her shoulders. “So I will send her roses every week until she comes home.”

Leo nodded his head, “do you think she’ll be able to make it for the opening?”

“Not sure yet,” Tyler sighed. “I hope so. It’s been like forever since I’ve seen her.”

“I know,” Leo looked at his friend and saw the far away look in her eyes. He knew Tyler was missing BJ and he wanted to let her know that he had talked to BJ and that she was coming, but she wanted to surprise Tyler and show up at the party tonight.

Tyler blinked a few times, “so baldly what do you need? Or did you just come in here to bug me?”

Leo put the picture back where he got it and grabbed a rubber band. He stretched it and flung it at Tyler who caught it before it hit her face, “here I came over to see if you wanted to have lunch and this is how I get treated.”

“You know if I treated you any different you’d think I was mad at you.” Tyler stood up and walked over to stand next to Leo. “You know I love you more than my luggage.”

Leo snorted, “you better. I’ve seen your luggage.”

“Come on, lunch will be on me.” Tyler slapped Leo on the back and walked out the door.


Tyler stood at the door and watched all the people moving around. Most were the new employees that would start working the following Monday and get the center all ready for opening. Which was going to happen a week from Monday.

“Hey Tyler,” Jackie said as she stepped up next to the small blonde.

“Hey, you having fun?” Tyler asked.

Jackie took a sip of her drink and nodded, “yes, it’s nice to know that the center will be opening soon.”

“Yes it is,” Tyler agreed.

“BJ not able to make it?” Jackie asked.

Tyler shook her head, “No, I tried all day to get a hold of her. All I have been able to do is leave her messages.”

“That’s too bad,” Jackie patted Tyler on the back. “I would like to introduce you to my wife,” she said as an attractive red head approached, “Jennifer Barstow.”

“It’s nice to met you,” Tyler replied as she shook Jennifer’s hand. “How long have you two been married?”

“Going on four years,” Jennifer smiled at her wife. “It’s nice to meet you as well.”

The three talked for a few minutes until Tyler saw Leo waving at her.

“Excuse me, it seems that I am needed.” Tyler said before she made her way through the crowd over to where Leo was standing.

“I need your help in the kitchen,” Leo said as he grabbed Tyler by the hand.

Tyler let Leo guide her to the kitchen, “okay what’s the problem?”

“The fridge stopped .” Leo informed her with a shake of his head.

Tyler looked at her friend, “what do you want me to do about it?”

“Fix it,” Leo pointed to the back of the kitchen appliance.

“I think you have the wrong lesbian. I don’t fix things.” Tyler put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot.

“Oh come on butch get back there and kick something.” Leo grabbed Tyler and shoved her towards the refrigerator.

“Butch?” Tyler raised her eyebrow at Leo as she was pushed behind the big refrigerator.

Leo watched as Tyler stood and looked around at what to do. There was nothing wrong with the equipment he just needed her out of the room long enough for BJ to come in and not be noticed. They had decided that everyone didn’t need to see the happy reunion. “Find anything?”

“Are you nuts? There is absolutely nothing back here but the plug in cord.” Tyler pointed to the black cord. “I have no clue as to why this thing doesn’t work?”

Leo smiled when he saw the door open and BJ’s head peek around the door. He waved her in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, “have fun.” He whispered softly.

BJ winked and shoved Leo out into the hallway. She moved around the room and stopped when she had a perfect view of Tyler scratching her head.

“Damn it Leo, we will have to call the repair man to come in and get a look at this thing.” Tyler fumed.

“Well maybe if you see if it’s all the way plugged in?” BJ said.

Tyler turned to look down at the plug and noticed that it wasn’t all the way in the outlet. “Leo, even you could have done that.”

“True he could have, but it takes a woman brains sometimes to figure out what’s wrong.” BJ smiled as she saw Tyler’s body snap up and bolt from behind the appliance.

“BJ, you’re here.” Tyler stopped and looked at her lover. She had on a light blue strapless dress with a simple diamond necklace around her neck.

BJ nodded, “surprise.”

“Surprise indeed,” Tyler clapped her hands together before she moved to her wife. She grabbed BJ around the neck and pulled her down for a kiss. “God I’ve missed you.”

BJ lost herself in the soft feeling of Tyler’s lips. She rolled her head back, “I’ve missed your touch.”

Tyler ran her hands up BJ’s back and slowly unzipped the zipper that held up the dress she had on in place. “I want you so much.”

“Ohh, yes,” BJ groaned as Tyler let the dress fall to the floor.

Tyler guided BJ so she was next to the big cutters table that stood in the middle of the room. She grabbed BJ by the waist and sat her on the top of it in one swift motion. “You feel so good.”

“Mmmm,” BJ wrapped her legs around Tyler’s waist. Her body was on fire and she needed Tyler to extinguish the flames.

Tyler slipped her hands in BJ’s underwear and squeezed the muscular butt checks as she kissed her way down the exquisite long neck. Feeling pert nipples against her own chest Tyler leaned back and looked at the perfectly round breast that begged her to caress and make love too. “I’m going to show you what I’ve been dreaming about.”

Just as she was about to suck one of BJ’s nipples into her mouth Leo rushed in.

“Excuse me,” Leo slapped a hand over his eyes. “Tyler I really hate to disturb you, but we have people waiting to meet you and the caterers need to get back in here.”

Tyler took a deep breath to stop her heart from beating so loudly in her ears, “okay. Give us a few more minutes and we will be right out.”

“No problem,” Leo turned around and left as quick as he entered.

BJ rested her head on Tyler’s shoulder. “This isn’t really the place for this anyway.”

“You’re right,” Tyler removed her hands, but she didn’t move away. “I’m so glad you are here.”

“I wanted to surprise you,” BJ kissed Tyler’s neck.

“It was the best surprise I have ever gotten,” Tyler gave BJ one last squeeze then stepped back. “Let me help you get back into your dress.”

BJ jumped off the table and walked over and pulled up the article of clothing around her body. “I really liked it better when you helped me out of it.”

Tyler helped pull the dress up and zipped it into place. She gave BJ’s bare back a light kiss right between the shoulder blades. “I did too.”


“When do you have to be back?” Tyler asked as she pulled her jeep into the driveway.

BJ opened her eyes and turned her head to look at Tyler. “Tomorrow afternoon. I got lucky when Felix had to run up to New York for the weekend. Otherwise I would not have been able to come.”

Tyler turned off the jeep’s engine and leaned over and gave BJ a soft kiss. “Lucky us.”

“Mmm hmm, ” BJ laced her hand around Tyler’s neck to keep her from moving. “You know what we’ve never done before?”

“What?” Tyler whispered as she got lost in BJ’s blue eyes.

BJ kissed Tyler lips and then across her cheek to an ear. “We’ve never made love in the car.”

“No we haven’t,” Tyler slipped a hand up BJ’s dress and caressed the smooth thigh.

BJ reached down and pulled the lever so her seat would recline. As she went backwards she guided Tyler off the drivers seat so the smaller woman could lay on top of her. She reached in between their bodies and started to unbutton Tyler’s shirt. “You looked stunning in this black silk shirt, but you will look better out of it.”

Tyler raised herself up so BJ could pull her shirt free from her pants. “Thanks,” she leaned down and placed a kiss on BJ’s mouth and along the jaw line. “Let’s get you out of this dress.”

“Lets,” BJ arched her back as Tyler nipped the pulse point on her neck.

Tyler quickly unzipped the dress and lowered it to BJ’s waist. “Glorious,” she ran her tongue around the nipple before she sucked it into her mouth.

“Ohh, God yes,” BJ groaned as she grabbed Tyler’s butt and squeezed it as she brought her hips up so she could grind her center against Tyler’s body. “I want you to make me scream.”

Tyler nipped the nipple she had in her mouth before she let go with a pop. “I’ll make you scream all right.” She lifted the dresses material up and gathered it to one side and in one swift motion she slide her fingers past BJ’s underwear and into the wet center.

BJ’s head rolled back and her eyes closed as her body started to move against Tyler’s fingers. The fire that wasn’t extinguished earlier flared up and through her body making her shudder. The flame built so fast and was so intense that the world could have come to an end and she wouldn’t have cared one bit until it was put out.

“I need more,” BJ moaned loudly.

On her next thrust Tyler added a third finger. She used her feet against the car floor as she quickened her movements as she felt BJ’s center tighten. She rested her whole body on top of BJ and used her free hand to move some hair that had covered the tall actresses face, “you are so beautiful.”

BJ let go of Tyler’s butt. She moved her hands up to the strong back and held on as an intense orgasm grabbed ahold of her and sent her flying. “OHHH YES, YES,”

Tyler nearly screamed along with her as BJ’s nails scratched along her back leaving small red welts. “Damn,” she hissed.

They lay there breathing hard just feeling the connection they shared.

Tyler slowly slipped her fingers out of BJ and brought them up to taste. “Just like I remember. The best.”

BJ watched Tyler clean off her fingers and it made her hungry to taste Tyler. “I want to taste you and feel you explode in my mouth.”

“How are you going to do that in such a cramped area?” Tyler asked softly placing soft kisses over BJ’s sweaty skin.

“Like this,” BJ pulled the door handle and opened the door. Using her dress as knee pads she knelt on the ground. “Come her.” She leaned back enough so Tyler could rest her legs outside of the car.

Tyler grinned as BJ undid her belt and unzipped her pants. “Maybe we should move this into the house.”

“No, I want you right here, right now.” BJ hooked her thumbs around the waistband of the black dress pants Tyler had on. “Up.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Tyler lifted her butt up off the passenger seat.

BJ tugged Tyler’s pants and underwear off until they were a pile on the ground. She reached around to hold Tyler close to her. She kissed her way across the smaller woman’s collarbone as she cupped Tyler’s butt in her hands.

Tyler wrapped her legs around BJ’s waist. She slowly moved her center against BJ’s taut stomach. Her body shivered uncontrollably as BJ cupped her breast and pinched her nipples. “I like that.”

“So do I,” BJ mumbled against Tyler’s skin, “But now I want you to lean back.”

Tyler scooted her butt closer to the edge of the seat and leaned back. She rested her elbow on the divider case in between the seat.

“Perfect,” BJ said as she started to kiss her way down Tyler’s body.

Tyler tossed her head back when she felt BJ’s tongue slip through her wet curls and graze her clit. Her whole body lifted off the seat. “Oh BJ.”

BJ lost herself in the taste and texture of Tyler’s center. She could feel her wife breathing harder and hear her moaning. She reached down and entered Tyler’s pulsating center with two fingers. BJ moved her fingers slow and easy making sure her whole finger was inside before she would pull it out all the way.

“You’re teasing me,” Tyler growled.

“Gonna make this the best you’ve ever had,” BJ replied before she sucked Tyler’s swollen clit into mouth.

“Ohh damn,” Tyler body bucked up off the seat.

BJ started to move her fingers faster as they were coated with Tyler juices as she circled Tyler’s clit with her tongue. “Hmmmmm.” She hummed.

“OH YES,” Tyler screamed as the vibrations hit her and sent her over the edge.

BJ didn’t stop her movements instead she intensified them. Sucking harder and stroking her tongue faster, as her fingers went deep inside Tyler and out back again, then back deep inside her.

Tyler stiffened and groaned as a second orgasm flared up as soon as the first one was ending. Stars lit up behind her closed eyes.

BJ stopped her fingers, but left them inside Tyler. She licked around them cleaning all the sweet juices off them and off of Tyler.

“You have to stop,” Tyler said as she tried to move away from BJ’s tongue.

“You taste so good though,” BJ responded with a smile as she licked her lips.

Tyler laughed at the child like look BJ had on her face. “You look like a kid in a candy store.”

“You are my candy store,” BJ wiggled her eyebrows.


“So how many do we have now?” Tyler asked as she shuffled papers around her desk looking for a pen.

“We have three mothers and their children,” Leo answered as he handed Tyler his pen.

“Thanks,” Tyler signed her name on the top paper Leo handed her as soon as he walked on the door. “How many all together?”

“Three mom’s and five children,” Leo flipped through his papers he had stacked in his hand. “We are expecting another woman this afternoon.”

“Okay,” Tyler scratched the back of her neck. “What time did they say they were going to drop her off?”

“Around four,” Leo cleared his throat. “They warned me about her. I guess she has an attitude and is so rude that they had to force someone to drive her over here.”

“Great, what’s her case like?” Tyler sat in her chair as she watched Leo rearrange everything in his hands. “Do you need a third hand to help you?”

“I need four hands for this girls file.” Leo grasped the thick folder and handed it over to Tyler. “She has been arrested several times, but nothing stuck. She hangs out with one of the gangs around here. The Gray Dragons I think.”

“Ohh great, and why do we get this bundle of joy? We are supposed to be helping women who’s husband abuse them and teenage runaways that want help.” Tyler sat the folder on her lap and skimmed through it.

“Well, apparently she is pregnant. The father it turns out is the head honcho of the Gray Dragons. She just happened to see him and a couple of his friends kill two men for stealing some drugs of theirs. It scared her so bad that she took off and ran to the police.” Leo sighed loudly. “This could be trouble.”

“Why in the world would they send her here. This girl needs to be under police protection. Not kept in a shelter.” Tyler yelled as she tossed the file on top of her desk.

“I tried to tell them that, but nobody wants to keep her.” Leo informed her with a small smile.

Tyler looked over at Leo, “she’s that bad?”

“Worse,” the bald man acknowledged with a shake of his head. “They figure you used to be in the bodyguard business you should be able to keep her safe for them.”

“I run a non-profit shelter for abused women and runaways now. I don’t have the time to do this. I have other things to do.” Tyler stood up and began to pace.

“Yes, but I figure this is the best option there is.” Leo stated calmly. “She has no place else to go.”

“Why can’t they lock her up in jail until the trial?” Tyler asked as she continued to walk back and forth.

“They tried that all ready. She was attacked and nearly killed by one of the other inmates.” Leo opened the file and grabbed some pictures. “She almost lost the baby too.”

Tyler stopped and turned to Leo. She grabbed the pictures and flipped through them. “Oh my god,” she whispered as she saw picture after picture of this blonde haired blue eyed girl with bruises and cuts all over her body.

“That’s what I said when I saw them.” Leo stood up and walked to his friend. “I know we are out of the protection business, but I feel we need to do something here, for the little bit here.” He pointed at the last picture of a black and gray picture of a baby inside it’s mother. Waiting for his or her life to begin.

“Damn it, BJ is going to kill me.” Tyler replied as she nodded her head and looked at her watch. “She’ll be here in an hour. Lets get a room ready for her and I guess one for me too.”

“You?” Leo asked.
“Yes, I don’t want her to be here without some sort of protection.” Tyler put the pictures back in the file.

“We have night staff that can do that,” Leo said as he watched Tyler put the folder in her filing cabinet.

“They don’t have the experience or the skill to help her if that gang finds out she is here.” Tyler walked around her desk. “Come on lets get a cup of coffee before I have you call my wife and tell her what you got me into.”


“How’s Tyler?” Barbara asked her daughter when she hung up.

“She’s fine, but apparently she has this new woman coming in and she needs more than just a safe place to stay awhile.” BJ turned to look at her mom.

“What do you mean?” Barb sat down next to BJ.

BJ rested her head against her mom’s shoulder, “I guess she saw someone kill someone else and the police tried to protect her, but they didn’t do a good job of it. Now they are sending her over to Tyler.”

“But she doesn’t run that shelter for things like that. They are putting the other occupants in danger .” Barbara replied.

“They don’t understand that or they don’t care. Who knows what the police think. They just want Tyler to keep her until the trial is over and then they will figure out what to do after.” BJ shook her head. “Oh, the real kicker is, I guess she isn’t the nicest person in the world.”

“Ohh, great her and Tyler will get along so well.” Barbara quickly sent up a prayer for Tyler not to kill the woman.

“If she gets into Tyler’s face she won’t do to much. The woman is pregnant. I guess by her paper work she is due in about a month.” BJ informed her mom. “If she wasn’t Tyler would drop her on her ass as soon as she smarted off once.”

“Poor Tyler,” Barb laughed lightly.

“Mom it’s not funny,” BJ giggled a little.

“I know, but I would love to be a fly on the wall when those two meet.” Barb slapped her hands together. “Two strong attitudes crashing together. I wonder who will win?”

BJ looked at her mom in the eyes and raised an eyebrow. “Who do you think?”

“I feel so sorry for that girl,” Barb smiled.


“It looks like they are late,” Mike said as he stepped outside with Tyler.

Tyler looked down the street, “yep.”

“Don’t sound so thrilled,” Mike leaned up against the side of the building.

Tyler turned her gaze away from the street to look at Mike. “Ohh, I’m so thrilled to have the privilege of babysitting and putting not only myself but the other occupants of this facility in danger. I just hope she understands I will not put up with her obnoxious foul mouth.”

“I have a feeling that she will learn that. It may take her a while but she will learn it.” Mike gestured to a car that was pulling up next to the curb.

“Here we go,” Tyler mumbled loud enough for Mike to hear.

They stood there and watched the door on the driver side pop open and a short round man jump out. He quickly opened the backdoor and stepped back.

“Thanks, fatso.” Said a young woman as she got out of the car. “Maybe you better start watching the food network instead of being the food network.”

“Just get over there,” the man said as he pointed towards Tyler and Mike.

“Fine,” the woman held her hands up and walked towards the sidewalk.

Tyler stepped closer and took the woman’s suitcase. “Hi, I’m Tyler and this is Mike.”

“Hey, you’re a cute one. Don’t let my looks fool you. I always liked the beauty of both sexes. How about you and me get to know one another.” The woman smiled as she ran a finger down Tyler’s arm. “You can call me Cait.”

“Well, Cait, the rules are simple.” Tyler said as she brushed Cait’s hand off her arm and walked towards the front door. “You treat everybody here like you would want to be treated. You will be given some chores to do. You must do these chores or you will not be welcome here. Plus you must go into counseling at least two times a week.”

“What they hell is this?” Cait stood there looking at Tyler’s back. “I’m here to be kept safe not mingle with the poor assed women who can’t stick up for themselves.”

Tyler turned around and dropped the suitcase on the ground. She stormed at the woman so fast Cait stepped back a couple of steps. “if I ever hear you say anything like that again I will personally toss your butt out of here. These woman didn’t come here to have some snot nosed kid belittle them.”

“I’m not a kid. I’m twenty-two years old.” Cait yelled as she put her hands on her hips.

Tyler stood right in front of Cait, “then maybe you should start acting like twenty-two instead of a five year old who didn’t get to go to McDonald’s”

“Fuck you,” Cait stomped past Tyler and grabbed her suitcase. “I’m not staying here.”

“Fine by me, but you have a problem. Nobody wants you. Nobody wants to put up with your attitude. You leave here now your boyfriend and his gang will find you and kill you. I just want you to remember that you are pregnant and that child needs to have the best opportunity to have the life he or she deserves. You are the only one who can do that.” Tyler crossed her arms over her chest and waited to see if Cait would make the right decision.

Cait stared at Tyler she knew what the small woman said was true. Wanting more for her unborn child was the only thing that kept her from running off. “Fine I’ll stay.”

“Good,” Tyler walked over and took the suitcase from Cait’s hand and walked up the steps and opened the door. “Follow me and make sure you’re polite to the other people here.”

“You don’t have to worry. They won’t even know I’m here.” Cait walked past Tyler and into the building.

Tyler looked at Mike and the man who drove Cait and rolled her eyes. The two men just looked at one another and sighed.

“This is so not going to be any fun,” Tyler mumbled to herself as she hurried to catch up with Cait.

“When will you be coming home?” Tyler asked BJ as she propped up her feet on her desk and closed her eyes.

“I’m hoping we will get finished by the end of next week.” BJ informed her wife as she got ready for bed. “How’s things there? Cait still giving you trouble?”

Tyler groaned, “that girl needs to find out what duck tape is really for.”

“Oh and what’s that dear?” BJ asked trying not to laugh.

“For big mouths that don’t know when to shut up.” Tyler rubbed her temples. “You know super glue isn’t just for fixing broken things either. It’s to keep someone glued to their bed and out of my hair.”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry you have to go put up with her. It is for the best though. With her testimony and the other evidence against them they should but them away for quite some time.” BJ stated before she took a bite of her cheeseburger.

“True, but damn why does she have to be such a pain in the ass?” Tyler asked not really expecting an answer. “Mike and Leo said that they would stay here with her tonight to give me a break.”

“Good, now tell me what else has been going on. How’s Bandit?” BJ asked as she finished off her burger and ate her fries.

“Bandit is living the high life. He’s been staying at Leo and Mike’s since I’ve been staying at the center for the past week and a half.” Tyler informed BJ. “I don’t think he will want to come home after all the special treatment Leo has been giving him.”

“What has that man done now?” BJ laughed.

Tyler giggled, “lets just say that Bandit is king there and he knows it. Mike said that he tried to crawl into bed the other night and Bandit was there. He wouldn’t move for nothing. Finally Mike had to pick him up and dump him on the floor. The funniest part though, is that when he woke up Bandit was wedged in between the two of them laying on his back snoring away.”

BJ laughed at the picture her mind formed. “Oh god, too funny.”

“I guess Leo had his arm wrapped around Bandit. He was all snuggled up and everything.” Tyler laughed harder. “Mike got pictures. I plan on putting them in the paper for his birthday.”

“Ohh I can’t wait to see those.” BJ held on to her stomach as she continued to laugh.

Tyler let her feet slip to the floor as she laughed. A knock on her door calmed her down a bit, “come in.”

Cait’s head popped in, “I need to talk to you.”

Tyler stopped laughing, “what did you do now?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Cait walked in and sat down in a chair. She grabbed the picture of Tyler and BJ off of Tyler’s desk before she sat back. “Pretty.”

Tyler turned her chair and talked softly, “Babe, I gotta go. I’ll call you when I get home, if it’s not to late.”

“Okay, I love you,” BJ replied.

“Love you too, bye,” Tyler hung the phone up and turned back around to face Cait. “What can I do for you?”

“I want to go out,” Cait replied casually.

Tyler looked at her, “what exactly do you mean by go out?”

“You know, go have fun.” Cait put the picture back and stood up. “I’m tired of being locked up here. I can’t do anything I want to do. I want to have fun.”

“Sorry, not going to happen.” Tyler shook her head and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Come on, why not?” Cait stomped her feet on the floor.

“Oh, let me see,” Tyler scratched her cheek with her finger pretending to think. “First you started that fight with Brenda.”

“Hey how was I supposed to know she’d get all out of shape if I took the cake she made.” Cait waved her arms all over the place. “Damn it was just a cake.”

“It was not just a cake. It was supposed to be a surprise birthday cake for one of the mother’s here. She worked real hard on that cake and you ruined it.” Tyler stood up and walked over to her. “You need to stop thinking about yourself and think about how other people feel.”

“Shit, when they start thinking about my feelings I might start to think about theirs.” Cait tossed back at Tyler. “So can I go out?”

“No, people are trying to kill you. Do you want them to find you?” Tyler asked as she grabbed Cait by the shoulders. “Maybe if you show more respect to others they will give it back. Treat people how you wish to be treated.”

“Shit, that is so lame,” Cait shrugged Tyler’s hands off. “I guess I will go and see what else I can do.” She walked around Tyler and headed to the door, but before she stepped out of the room she turned back around to face Tyler. “I have never been treated any other way than like a piece of useless nobody. Why should I set myself up? All any body has ever done is prove me right.”

“Right about what?” Tyler asked as she stepped closer to Cait.

“That I’m nothing but a small piece in this big world. That I’m no good and will always be no good.” Cait looked over at Tyler. “So why should I try to be something I’m not?”

“Everyone is a small piece in the world. It’s up to you to see where you fit in to the puzzle. You shouldn’t let people try to put you on the outside when in fact you belong in the middle.” Tyler stated with a small smile. “Be who you are supposed to be in here,” she pointed to her heart, “the rest should fall in place with some help from people who care about you.”

“Do you care?” Cait asked softly.

“Yes,” Tyler took a step, but stopped when Cait turned and left the room.
Part 4
“Okay Bandit, what are we going to do tonight?” Tyler asked her dog as they walked in the house. “How about we order in a pizza and see what’s on TV?”

Bandit barked and jumped.

“Okay then, that’s what we will do,” Tyler laughed. Then she took a deep breath and look around her home. She had only been home once in the past couple of weeks when Mike and Leo stayed with Cait. Tonight they gave her another break and let her come home. The fact that BJ was coming home the next afternoon had nothing to do with it at all. “First I want to change my clothes.” She ran up the stairs to her dresser to pull out some sweats and a t-shirt.

Bandit followed Tyler into the bedroom. He quickly jumped up on the bed and found a comfortable spot to lay down.

Tyler turned around and shook her head as she watched her dog. “Don’t even think you are sleeping with me.” She pointed at the animal before she walked into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later Tyler was dressed and walked out of the bathroom drying her face. She sat on the edge of the bed and petted Bandit’s belly. “You like that don’t you boy.”

Bandit groaned as he wiggled on his back to intensify the hand on his body.

“You are such a pleasure hound,” Tyler giggled. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the phone rang. “Hello?”

“Tyler?” A small voice whispered on the other end.

Tyler looked at the phone then put it back to her ear, “yes.”

“I need your help,” the small voice replied.

“Who is this?” Tyler asked as she listened to the other person take a deep breathe.

“It’s Cait,” The scared woman replied. “I need your help. I snuck out of the center. I was just going to see some old friends. I know you told me the other day I couldn’t, but I couldn’t take it any more, but he saw me walking down the street. He followed me, but I got away.”

“Where are you?” Tyler stood up looking for her shoes.

“I don’t know. I just took off.” Cait cried.

“Do you see any street signs? Maybe a building that looks familiar?” Tyler spotted her shoes in the bathroom and quickly walked over to them and slipped them on her feet.

Cait looked around, “there is a bunch of buildings. They all look abandoned.”

Tyler tried to think, “did you walk or grab a cab?”

“I walked, then I ran for a long time.” Cait informed Tyler as she ducked down when she saw headlights. “You have to hurry. I just know he is going to find me.”

Tyler ran down the stairs, “do you see a building with a great big Mr. Peanut?”

“Yes, it’s about half a block up,” Cait rested her head against the dirty glass of the phone booth.

“Okay, stay where you are. I know the place and should be there in about thirty minutes.” Tyler said.

“Please hurry,” Cait begged before she hung up.

Tyler quickly dialed Mike’s cell phone as she opened the front door. Only getting the voice box she hung up. “Bandit, come on boy. I might need your help.” She yelled as she quickly walked to the closet and opened the door and pulled out her gun from it’s case. “Might need this too.”


Twenty minutes of fast driving and hoping that she wouldn’t get pulled over Tyler pulled up in front of the phone booth she guessed Cait would be at. Not seeing the scared woman made the hairs on the back of Tyler’s head stand on end. “Cait,” Tyler yelled out her window into the dark night.

The only sound she heard was Bandit scratching at the window trying to get out.

“What is it boy?” Tyler asked as she rubbed his back.

Bandit whined and continued to scratch at the glass.

“Okay, I’ll let you out,” Tyler opened her door and quickly ran around to the other side of the jeep. She reached in and grabbed Bandit’s collar before she opened it all the way. “Calm down, boy.”

Bandit tried to run, but Tyler’s hold on his collar prevented him from getting anywhere. He jumped and twisted around and barked.

“Fine, just make sure you wait for me,” Tyler let the dog loose and watched him take off down the street. “How come all of a sudden I feel like Timmy, from those Lassie shows?” She said to herself as she quickly followed her dog.


“Why do I fucking do this to myself?” Cait whispered as she hid behind a dumpster. “God this place stinks.”

“Why are you hiding from me Cait?” Royal yelled.

Cait’s whole body shivered as she scrunched closer to the metal dumpster. “You better get out of here Royal. I have someone coming to get me and you don’t want to meet her.”

“I just want to see how my girl is doing. After all you are going to have my kid.” Royal replied as he pointed to one of his friends to run around the block and come up the other end of the alley.

“Just leave us alone. You never wanted the baby in the first place. You wanted me to have an abortion.” Cait rubbed her hand across her belly where she felt a slight kick.

“I changed my mind. I want that kid. I’ll teach him how to be the meanest thing this town ever saw.” Royal started down the alley. “Just come on home with me. I promise nothing will happen to you.”

“That’s why I had the crap beat out of me the last time. I’m not stupid Royal. Just go away.” Cait screamed as she watched the shadow’s getting closer.

“If you think you can get me to go away then come on out and try.” Royal teased as he strutted down the dirty alley. “Are you woman enough?”

“If she’s not, I am.” Tyler growled from behind the big man.

Royal turned around and nearly fell on the ground laughing. “Oh man that’s funny.”

Tyler smirked as she tried to hold Bandit back. “Trust me you won’t be laughing when I get done with you.”

“Ohh, really? Are you going to have your big dog bite me?” Royal gestured to Bandit.

“Bandit go to Cait,” Tyler ordered and let go of his collar.

Bandit rushed past the gang leader and over to where Cait was hiding. He sat down in front of her and gave her face a lick. He really liked this lady because every time he saw her she’d give him a treat and a good scratching.

“I don’t need my dog to take down an asshole like you,” Tyler crossed her arms over her chest. “I can do that all by myself.”

“Big words for a small woman,” Royal stepped closer to Tyler.

“Maybe you want to try and test that theory of yours?” Tyler glared at the muscular man. “I will warn you though.”

“Warn me? Of what? That I might get a little winded smashing your face into the ground for getting into my business.” Royal laughed as he noticed the friend that he sent to go to the other end of the alley come up behind Tyler with a pipe in his hand.

“If you ever get anywhere near Cait again I will do more damage than what I’m about to do.” Tyler went to step closer but the sound of something scrapping against the ground behind her made her turn. “Oh shit,” she said as she raised her arm up to protect her head from the pipe.

“You should stay out of other people’s business,” Royal growled as he stepped next to Tyler.

Tyler held her arm against her chest. The pain was excruciating and it made her sick to her stomach. “To bad you had to have one of your buddies sneak up behind me to do it. Not man enough to do it yourself?” She replied as she gasped for air.

“You don’t know when to give up do you?” Royal grabbed Tyler by the hair. “Stupid women. The only thing you are good for is to be fucked.”

“You probably need help with that too,” Tyler spit in his face before she elbowed him in the groin with her good arm.

“Bitch,” Royal groaned out as he stumbled and fell against alley walls. “Get her.”

The man with the pipe came at Tyler. He raised it over is head and swung.

Tyler tried to get out of the way, but the end of the pipe connected with the side of her head. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was a blur of fur fly over her body.


BJ and Barb stepped out of the elevator pulling their luggage behind them.

“In a little while we will be home,” Barb smiled.

BJ looked at her mom, “thank god. I’m so tired I just want to crawl in bed with Tyler and sleep for a week.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Barb said as she stepped out of the way of an airport attendant with a lady in a wheelchair.

“I wonder where Tyler is? She was supposed to meet us at baggage claim.” BJ asked as she looked around hoping to see the small blonde.

“Maybe she’s running late,” Barb shrugged her shoulders as she took a seat in an empty chair.

“I figured she’d be here at least an hour before we even landed.” BJ giggled as she continued to scan the crowd. Spying a familiar figure, but not the one she was expecting she looked around Mike to see if maybe Tyler was with him, but when she saw his grin looking face she knew something was wrong.

“What is it?” Barb saw BJ’s face turn white as a ghost.

BJ slumped next to her Mom as she watched Mike get closer. He stopped in front of her and knelt down. “She’s alive, but she is hurt.”

“What happened?” BJ asked as tears started to fall down her face.

“Come on, I’ll tell you what happened on the way.” Mike grabbed BJ’s suitcase and helped her up.


BJ slowly walked into Tyler’s hospital room. The beeping of the heart monitor was the only noise in the sterile white room. She took a deep breath as she saw Tyler laying still on the bed with one arm in a cast and large bandage wrapped around her head.

“Oh, baby. I can’t leave you alone for a second can I?” BJ cried as she lifted Tyler’s uninjured hand up to her mouth and kissed the knuckles.

BJ sat there for a few minutes crying softly as she wrapped her arm across Tyler’s legs. The sound of the door opening made her look up. There she saw a young pregnant woman. “Cait?”

Cait stepped further in the room when she heard her name. “Yes, I’m Cait. I wanted to say how sorry I am for getting Tyler hurt. I didn’t think this would happen when I snuck out to go and see my friends.” She cried. “I’m so sorry. I asked her if I could go almost everyday. I listened to her every other time. Why didn’t I listen to her this time?”

BJ stoop up and gently put Tyler’s hand back on the bed. She walked over to Cait and wrapped her in her arms. “We all do things we think are okay, only to have them blow up in our faces. Learn from your mistakes.”

“You’re not mad?” Cait asked as she stepped back to look at BJ.

BJ held on to Cait’s shoulders, “I’m beyond mad.”

“But?” Cait replied with a confused look.

“You are the reason she is in that bed. Unconscious and unresponsive to me. She was supposed to pick me up and we were supposed to have a nice quiet afternoon together, but now I have no idea when she will wake up or if she even will.” BJ began to pace, “If you had just listened to her and stayed where you were supposed to. You wouldn’t have been seen, but no. You had to think about yourself and no body else.”

“I’m sorry,” Cait cried. “I didn’t mean for anything like this to happen.”

BJ closed her eyes. She knew that this wasn’t really the time or the place to yell, but she was tired from her trip and very worried about Tyler. “This is the reason Tyler got out of the protection business. She didn’t want me to have to sit here and worry about her again.”

Cait looked over at the tall actress, “what do you mean again?”

BJ gestured to the seat she just got up from, “this might take awhile.”


BJ walked out of the room to give Cait a few minutes alone. She saw her mom talking to Mike and Leo by the nurses station and walked over to them.

“Where’s Cait?” Barbara asked as she gave her daughter a hug.

BJ rested her forehead against her mom’s shoulder and sighed, “still in there.”

“How you doing?” Leo asked as he rubbed BJ’s back. “Did Tyler make any kind of movement at all?”

Tears began to fall down BJ’s cheek, “nothing at all.”

“She’ll be okay,” Leo smiled. “After all she was hit in the head and that is the hardest thing ever made.”

“You are so right,” BJ laughed as she stepped out of her mom’s embrace and hugged Leo.

Mike wrapped his strong arms around his lover and BJ and squeezed them. “When she wakes up I’m going to tell her you two said that.”

“We’ll just tell her that you are lying through your teeth.” Leo kissed Mike on the cheek. “She’ll never believe you.”

The three friends stood there a second before they broke down and laughed.

“Okay you three,” Barb giggled. “Lets go and get something to eat in the cafeteria.”

“You guys go ahead. I’m going to go back in there and sit with Tyler.” BJ started walking backwards down the hall. “I’ll send Cait out. I think she should get something to eat.”

“Okay, we’ll wait for her,” Mike waved.

BJ waved back before she turned around and opened the door. She saw Cait sitting in the exact same position as she had left her in. “How ya doing?”

“I wish I had met you guys a long time ago.” Cait whispered. “I wouldn’t be in this mess and Tyler would be okay and not here.” She gestured towards the silent figure in the bed.

“I wish you could have met some nice people too, but don’t let your past determine who you will be in the future.” BJ sat on the edge of the hospital bed.

“Isn’t the past supposed to help you be the person you want to be?” Cait questioned.

“Sure, it can help you, but it can also hinder you. It’s up to you to decide which one you choose.” BJ grasped Tyler’s hand into hers and squeezed it. “You will be thrown all sorts of challenges during your life.”

“It seems my whole life has been one big challenge.” Cait sighed as she stood up.

BJ laughed, “that’s how everyone feels. What good is a life with out certain challenges?”

“Nice and quiet,” a weak voice mumbled.

“Oh baby, you are awake,” BJ kissed Tyler’s palm. “How do you feel?”

“I’d feel better if you kissed my lips instead of my hand.” Tyler smiled up at her wife.

BJ bent over and planted a soft kiss on Tyler’s mouth, “I’ve missed you.”

Tyler closed her eyes and sighed, “missed you too.”

“I’m sorry for getting you hurt,” Cait said as she stepped up to the other side of the bed.

Tyler turned her head and looked at Cait. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “are you okay?”

“I’m fine thanks to you,” Cait shifted nervously from one foot to the other. “Bandit, sure is a great dog.”

“What did he do?” Tyler opened her eyes and looked from Cait’s face to BJ’s.

“He saved you from getting hit again by Royal’s buddy. He nearly took that guys arm completely off.” Cait informed Tyler.

“What?” Tyler sat up, but quickly laid back down. “Remind me never to do that again.”

“You okay,” BJ asked as she stood up and reached for the nurses button. “We need to get the doctor in here.”

“Tell me about Bandit,” Tyler looked at Cait. “he is okay isn’t he?”

“Oh, yes he is just fine. Mike took him back to your house, but not before he stopped at Burger King to get him a few cheeseburgers.” Cait giggled. “I’ve never seen a dog do flips at the mention of fast food before.”

“That’s my dog. Always thinking of his stomach.” Tyler chuckled softly. “I will have to make sure he has some oatmeal cookies when I get home.”

The door opened and a nurse walked in with a doctor, Barb, Mike and Leo following close behind.

“Got a room full now,” Tyler waved at everybody.

“Thank God,” three people said at the same time.


“What do you think you are doing?” BJ asked Tyler when she walked into their bedroom.

Tyler raised an eyebrow at BJ, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“You know that the doctor said that you weren’t supposed to get out of bed unless you had help.” BJ walked over to Tyler and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“I can go pee by myself,” Tyler snapped as her head throbbed, but she didn’t want to let BJ know that.

Tyler had been home for two days and BJ was treating her like a child. She was getting tired of sitting in bed doing nothing. What really got her mad was that BJ had slept in one of the guest rooms and not with her.

“Boy, you are in a bad mood.” BJ replied as she opened the bathroom door.

“Well let me see. Since we’ve been home I have not been allowed to even go to the bathroom without someone being at my side. I have my food cut for me and almost fed to me.” Tyler grabbed the doorknob and walked into the bathroom before she slammed the door.

“Fine, if that is how you want to treat me. All I was trying to do was take care of you.” BJ yelled at the closed door and stormed out of the room.

Tyler rested her head against the door and sighed, “fuck.”


“What’s your problem?” Barbara asked her daughter when she walked into the kitchen and slumped in a chair.

“She makes me so mad. I try to help her, but does she appreciate it? No.” BJ slapped the table, “see if I do anything for her again.”

The phone rang before BJ could say anything more.

“Hello,” Barbara said into the cordless phone.

“Hey good looking,” Leo replied with a laugh.

Barbara smiled, “Leo, how are you today?”

“Well, everything is fine. I just wanted to call and see how Tyler was doing?” Leo sipped his tea.

“She is getting tired of being locked up in her bedroom.” Barb raised an eyebrow at her daughter.

BJ cradled her head in her hands and shook her head.

“So you think she is up for some company?” Leo questioned.

“More than up for it,” Barbara nodded her head.

“Okay, we’ll be there in an hour.” Leo said before he hung up.

“I’ve gone over the top haven’t I?” BJ mumbled.

Barb stood up and patted BJ on the back, “you have, but considering what has happened you had every right. I’m surprised Tyler lasted this long. I expected her to blow yesterday after you cut her meat for her.”

“I just want to take care of her.” BJ replied.

Barbara hugged her daughter, “I know you want to take care of her. That is why she wasn’t mad sooner. Tyler knows that and she really does appreciates it, but let her at least go to the bathroom by herself.”

“I will,” BJ stood up and headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs.


Tyler laid on the bed with the covers over he head. “I should just let her take care of me. She only does it because she loves me.”

Tyler felt the bed move as something climbed up behind her. She felt an arm wrap around her waist and hold her tight, “Sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Tyler flipped the edge of the blanket off her head. She turned around so she was nose to nose with BJ. “I love you.”

“I love you too. I just wanted to take care of you and make sure that you were all right.” BJ leaned forward and kissed Tyler’s noise. “You are the most precious thing in the world to me.”

“Same here,” Tyler captured BJ’s lips in a wet kiss. “I’ve missed our time together. Now that you are home don’t you think we should give ourselves a better hello.”

“Hmm, I really like that idea.” BJ flipped Tyler over so she was on top of her body. “We should make it quick. Leo and Mike will be here in a little bit.”

Tyler untangled her arms from under the blanket. She ran her hand up BJ’s chest cupping her wife’s breasts not letting the cast hinder her at all. “It won’t take long.”

“Let’s take off my shirt,” BJ moaned as she felt Tyler squeeze her nipples.

“No, I kinda like this,” Tyler mumbled as she wrapped her mouth around a protruding nipple.

The sensation of her shirt and bra getting wet by Tyler’s tongue sent shivers all over BJ’s body. “Okay, I like that idea.”

Tyler let one of BJ’s breast go and she tossed the blanket off their bodies. When she was totally free she unbuttoned BJ’s shorts and slid her hand inside of her underwear. “Oh, so wet.” She circled the swollen clit with her fingers pinching and squeezing ever few seconds.

“That feels so good,” BJ moaned as her body bucked.

Tyler wanted to taste her wife so she slipped her hand out of the shorts and hooked her fingers in the belt loops. “It going to get better.” She grinned up at her love.

Not being able to take the shorts off completely because BJ’s shoe were still on. Tyler pushed them all the way down to her wife’s ankles. She rested her body in between BJ’s legs trapping them, but giving her perfect access to her target.

BJ arched her back when Tyler’s tongue hit her clitoris. She couldn’t move her lower body and that just intensified the great sexually moment she was having. “I need you deep inside me.”

Tyler caressed her way up BJ’s thigh. She positioned two finger at BJ’s opening waiting for the right moment when she knew BJ would get the most enjoyment out of her fingers. When the body under her started to convulse she entered her fast and hard. Moving in and out until the walls around her fingers crashed down.

“OH GOD TYLER,” BJ screamed as she grabbed ahold of Tyler’s blonde hair and arched her body lifting Tyler up off the bed.


Barbara looked up when Cait walked in with Mike and Leo following behind her, “hello.”

“Good afternoon,” Leo smiled. “How are things?”

“Better,” Barbara giggled.

The three looked at Barbara wondering what was so funny.

“What do you mean by, better?” Mike asked as he pulled out a chair for Cait and then for Leo.

Barbara shrugged her shoulders, “things are just better.”

Leo was about to say something, but BJ and Tyler came walking to the kitchen. “Hello ladies.”

“Hey,” BJ and Tyler said together.

“What have you three been up too?” Tyler asked as she got a juice out of the fridge.

“We went to the police station to have Cait sign her statement,” Mike answered.

“Good, I’m going to go down tomorrow afternoon and sign mine.” Tyler leaned against the counter. “How are you feeling Cait?”

“Okay,” Cait smiled. “The doctor said I should pop any day now.”

“Great, do you know what you are having yet?” BJ asked as she stood next to Tyler.

“Nope, I wanted it to be a surprise.” Cait rubbed her belly. “I just wish it would hurry up. It is so uncomfortable.”

“It looks like it would be,” Tyler agreed.

Cait looked over at Tyler, “will you be in sometime tomorrow? I’d like to talk to you.”

Tyler turned her head to see what BJ reaction to that question was.

BJ smiled and patted Tyler’s stomach, “she will be in bright and early.”

“Great, I’ll come by and see you after breakfast is served.” Cait smiled.


“I hate showering with a bag over my hand.” Tyler mumbled as she stepped out of the bathroom all wet from her shower. “Want to come with me?”

BJ looked up from the paper she was reading and smiled. “I think I might.”

“Good, I can show you around and let you meet everyone.” Tyler smiled as she pulled out some underwear from her drawer.

“That would be great. I want to meet and get to now all of them since I will be working there with you.” BJ watched Tyler get dressed.

“Working there? What do you mean?” Tyler turned around to look at her wife.

“Yes, work there.” BJ nodded her head. “I want this to be ours and all ours. Not just mine until I have a movie. I don’t want that for my life now.”

“You’re talking about giving up your career. I can’t let you do that.” Tyler snapped up her denim shirt before she tucked into her pants. “That’s who you are.”

BJ tossed the blankets off her lap and stood up, “who I am is your wife. That is the most important thing. I want to do this with you to make your new dreams come true.”

“That’s just it,” Tyler pointed at herself. “My dreams not yours.”

“Your dreams are my dreams.” BJ wrapped her arms around Tyler waist. “Right now it’s time to see where our dreams will take us.”

“You’re sure?” Tyler kissed BJ’s neck.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” BJ cupped Tyler’s face in her hands. “Let me go and get in the shower.” She bent her head and placed several light kisses on Tyler’s lips. “Go make me breakfast and I’ll be down in a few minutes.

“Okay,” Tyler said softly as she licked her lips.


“So what do you think?” Tyler asked as she sat in her chair.

“Everything looks so great. I can’t believe this is the same building we saw a few months ago.” BJ sat in Tyler’s lap. “I have this fantasy.”

Tyler wrapped her arms around BJ waist so she wouldn’t fall on the floor. “What kind of fantasy?”

BJ licked Tyler’s ear and whispered, “to make out in an office where at any moment someone could walk in and catch us.”

“Hmm,” Tyler groaned as BJ kissed down her neck.

A knock on the door stopped any further exploration.

BJ stood up and walked around Tyler’s desk to sit in one of the other chairs.

“Come in,” Tyler growled as she tried to get her heart to slow down.

“Hi,” Cait said as she opened the door. “Hope I wasn’t interrupting anything.”

“No, you didn’t interrupt anything,” BJ smiled. “Come on in and have a seat.”

“Thanks,” Cait walked over at sat in the chair next to BJ.

“Do you want me to leave? You said you wanted to talk with Tyler.” BJ asked.

Cait shook her head, “no you can stay. In fact I’m glad you are here too.”

“You sure?” BJ wanted to make sure she wasn’t invading Cait’s space.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Cait smiled over at BJ.

The three sat there in silence for a couple of minutes. Tyler and BJ watched as Cait fidgeted with the hem of her shirt.

“What did you wish to talk about?” Tyler questioned softly.

Cait took a deep breath, “have you ever wanted children?”

Tyler looked at BJ and BJ did the same.

“We haven’t talk about that.” Tyler shrugged her shoulders. “I would like to someday have a family with BJ.”

“Same here. We just haven’t talked about it.” BJ looked at Cait. “Is there a specific reason you are asking us this?”

Cait once again nodded her head, “I know that I’m not ready for parenthood. I can’t even take care of myself. Look at who I hang out with. I was the girlfriend of the leader of the Gray Dragons. That is not a healthy environment to raise a child in.”

“I agree,” Tyler leaned her arms on her desk. “What do you have in mind?”

“I want you and BJ to adopt my baby. Keep him or her as your own. Give it the life I can’t.” Cait cried.

“I think you are starting to get your life on the right track. It will be hard with a baby, but with friends you can do it. There is other ways to go about this.” BJ knelt down in front of the young girl.

“No, I know if I keep this baby nothing good will happen to it.” Cait covered her face with her hands. “You two are its only chance. I want to know that my baby will have the best of everything. That includes the love I know you and your family will give it.”

“But you can give it love,” BJ replied as she rested her hands on Cait’s knees.

“That’s why I’m doing this. It is the greatest gift I can give my child. A life I don’t have and can’t give.” Cait responded as she wiped her face.

BJ turned to look up into scared young eyes, “we will help you get on your feet. You don’t need to give up your baby.”

“Yes, I do.” Cait rested her hands on top of BJ’s. “I know in my gut that I’m not meant to keep this baby. I just want to make sure he or she gets a home that can give it something I never had.”

“What is that?” Tyler asked.

Cait looked up from BJ to Tyler, “A life of feeling secure and loved. To have a future that can help more than hinder the rest of the world.”

“You think that of yourself?” Tyler stood up and walked around her desk.

Cait nodded her head. “No matter what I try to do it won’t be enough.”

“I disagree,” Tyler cupped Cait’s face. “With our help it will be enough for you to get where you and your child need to be.”

“I can’t,” Cait sobbed.

“Yes you can. We will be there every step of the way.” BJ smiled up at Tyler.

“Give it a try?” Tyler asked as she wiped the tears off of Cait’s face.

“Okay,” Cait hugged both women and cried harder.


“You have fun,” Tyler said as she shut her office door.

“We will,” BJ replied as she put her arm around Cait. “What time do you think you’ll be back?”

“It shouldn’t take too long.” Tyler grabbed BJ’s hand. “How long will your doctor’s appointment last?”

“”Not sure. She wants to make sure the baby is in position.” Cait informed the two. “She might want to do an ultrasound.”

“Cool, wish I was going so I could see.” Tyler smiled. “You two have fun and stay out of trouble.”

“Like you need to say that to us. We should be saying that to you.” BJ teased before she gave Tyler a little kiss on the cheek. “See you later this afternoon.”

“Okay,” Tyler opened the front door and waited until BJ and Cait walked outside. “Bye.” She waved and walked to her jeep.

Cait and BJ waved back and headed towards Leo and Mike’s car.

“You want to go shopping after your doctor’s appointment?” BJ asked as she unlocked the passenger side door for Cait.

“I don’t have any money,” Cait replied as she slid into the car.

BJ smiled, “not to worry. My treat.”


“That is so cool,” Cait grinned at the black and white picture of her baby. “I can’t believe how cool technology is.”

“I know, I saw this one show where they can now get a clearer picture of the baby.” BJ said as she pulled the car up to a stop sign. “So where do you want to go shopping?”

Cait looked around, “I’m not sure. What is a good place?”

BJ tapped her fingers on the steering wheel. “Hmm, well we want good baby stuff so….”

Cait interrupted her, “DRIVE!”

“What?” BJ looked at Cait.

“Royal, he must have gotten out of jail. He is in that car over there.” Cait pointed as she tried to slip down in her seat. “Shit he saw me.”

BJ quickly looked around before she slammed her foot on the accelerator. The car’s tires spun on the asphalt leaving black skids across the top.

“We’ll loose him,” BJ navigated the speeding car in between car and trucks that honked as she went by.

“He’s following us,” Cait screamed as she held onto the dashboard. “We have to get away from him.”

“We will, we will,” BJ slammed on the breaks so she could go down an alley. “Just make sure your seatbelt is on.”

Cait tightened her seat belt across her lap and chest. “Think we can make it to the center? Tyler might be back.”

“We can try,” BJ quickly sent up a prayer when the reached the end of the alley and entered the street. Just as she was about to step on the gas again the car jerked forward hitting a parked car. “Oh, fuck.”

Cait screamed, “back up, back up. He’s getting out of the car.”

BJ moved the gear shift into the reverse position and punched the gas peddle. The car screeched and moaned as it pushed the car behind it back out of the way. She shifted it back to drive and sped away from the fuming man. “I can’t believe they let him out.”

“He’s got good attorneys working for him.” Cait replied as she looked back to see if they were still being followed. “I don’t see him any more.”

BJ glanced in the review mirror. “I don’t either. Lets get to the center.”

Cait nodded and she continued to look around.


“Well, look what the cat dragged in.” Detective Burt Peck slapped Tyler on the back.

Tyler turned around and hugged her friend, “hey, Burt. Sorry I haven’t been around. Been very busy with the center and all.”

“Not to worry, but now that I’ve seen you I will have to tell my wife and she will have my hide if I don’t invite you and your lovely girl to dinner.” Burt gestured to a chair next to his desk.

“That sounds great. I’ll call Betty myself and set it all up,” Tyler sat down.

“So what are you doing here?” Burt asked as he walked around his desk and sat in his chair.

“I need to make a statement about getting the crap beat out of me a few days ago.” Tyler answered as she picked up a paper clip and played with it.

“I was going to ask about that bandage on your head and that beautiful blue cast.” Burt pointed to Tyler’s arm.

“That’s why I need to make a statement. These guys were after someone I was in charge of and I was trying to protect her. One of the guys snuck up behind me and I wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way.” Tyler shrugged her shoulders. “Now do you have any idea who is handling this case?”

“Got a name of the guys?” Burt asked as he scooted closer to his desk.

“I know that one of the guys first name is Royal. He is the leader of the Gray Dragon’s.” Tyler straightened the paper clip in her hands.

“You’re the unlucky cuss that got that mouthy snotty brat?” Burt laughed. “I bet you and her get along just dandy.”

Tyler laughed, “we did butt heads at first, but she seems to be an okay kid.”

“What did you do to her? Strap her down on a bed and leave her there?” The detective crossed his arms on his desk.

“That thought did cross my mind, about a thousand times.” Tyler nodded with an evil grin.

“I bet it did,” Burt replied.

“So do you know who is working the case?” Tyler asked her friend.

Burt thought for a second, “I think it’s Peterson. He should be back in a few minutes. Had to run down to get some paper work for something.”

“Okay, I’ll wait here. That is if you don’t mind me hanging with you for a few minutes?” Tyler raised an eyebrow at her friend.

Burt slapped his desk top, “great. While you are here you can give Betty a call and set up that dinner. She’ll be so happy.”

Tyler reached over and grabbed the receiver of the phone, “dial the number big man.”


BJ pulled the car up in front of the center. She took a deep breath, “we made it.”

“Thank god,” Cait sunk in her seat. “Let’s go in and call the cops.”

“Let’s go,” BJ opened her door and looked around when she stepped out. “Leo is not going to be happy.”

“Damn,” Cait covered her mouth.

The front of Leo’s car was smashed in and steam was coming from the engine.

“How did it even make it here?” Cait asked as she walked around the front of the car. “It looks like it should have died on us as soon as we hit that car.”

“We better get inside. Never know who might be lurking about.” BJ grabbed Cait’s arm and guided her into the building. They never noticed the black van that was parked down the block watching them.


Tyler sat and looked around the squad room. Phones ringing and people shuffling about made the room full of activity. A hand on her shoulder made her jump, “shit you scared me.”

“Sorry, Detective Peck said you were here to give me a statement.” Detective Peterson grabbed a chair from one of the empty desks.

“Yes, I need to give my statement in what happened the other night concerning me and the gang leader named Royal.” Tyler replied as she sat down her unrecognizable paper clip on the desk.

“Well, I guess I should first tell you that Royal and his friend have made bail and are now on the streets. Second I will be taking your statement, but I don’t think it will do much good. These guys seem to be getting away with murder, literally. Nothing and I mean nothing seems to stick these guys behind bars longer that a night.” Detective Peterson flipped through some papers until he found what he was looking for.

“They have a witness saying she saw him and some others kill somebody.” Tyler grabbed the papers he handed her.

“I know, I talked to her the other day. They made bail that afternoon.” Peterson groaned. “Someone is footing their bill, someone big.”

“I’m getting that feeling too,” Tyler agreed as she continued to read and fill out the questions.

After a few minutes Tyler handed Detective Peterson the paper. She didn’t like the fact that Royal and his friends were loose. She had hoped after the other night that they would be sitting in jail until trial time, but knowing that they got out on bail so soon. With the stuff they have hanging over their heads she knew that someone was footing the bill to keep them out of prison.


“They are sending a squad car over,” Mike said as he hung up the phone.

BJ sipped her water as she tried to calm down, “thanks, I’m sorry about your car.”

“Don’t worry about it. As long as the two of you are safe and unhurt that’s all that matters.” Leo patted BJ’s knee.

BJ smiled and nodded her head, “just send me the bill and I’ll take care of everything.”

“No need, I have a friend that works on cars for fun and will do it for free.” Mike stated as he stood up and walked over to Cait. “You feeling okay?”

Cait looked up, “I’m okay. Just a little shaken up. That’s all.”

Mike rubbed her back, “understandable. Maybe you should go and lie down?”

“I think I will,” Cait stood up and glanced over at BJ. “Thanks BJ, I really appreciate what you did today.”

“I wasn’t about to let that man get ahold of you and your baby.” BJ grabbed her hand and squeezed it softly. “Go on and get some rest. I’ll come and get you when the police need to speak with you.”

“Okay,” Cait walked out of the room and up the stairs to her room.

The three people left in the room sat there is silence for a few minutes.

“How did the doctors appointment go?” Leo asked as he took the seat Cait was sitting in.

BJ smiled, “he did an ultrasound. It was so cool. We saw the baby moving around and sucking its thumb.”

“She is due any day now isn’t she?” Mike asked.

BJ nodded, “she could go at anytime.”

“Wow, it’s amazing she didn’t go into labor in the car.” Leo gasped.

“I’m thinking of having her come and stay at the house.” BJ looked from Leo to Mike. “I want to be near her when she goes into labor and I think Tyler does too.”


“Well it looks like everything is in order. I will get this over to the prosecuting attorneys this afternoon. First I want to get a picture of your arm and head.” Peterson pointed at Tyler’s wounds.

“Okay,” Tyler stood up and waited until Peterson showed her where he wanted to take the pictures.

“This way,” Peterson pointed towards a small room. “We keep the cameras locked up.”

“Don’t want anyone to steal them?” Tyler raised her eyebrow.

Peterson smirked, “you could say that.”


“Cait?” BJ knocked on the door and opened it slowly. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Cait waved her in, but didn’t sit up.

BJ grinned, “you feeling okay?”

“Yes, just tired is all,” Cait watched as BJ sat on the edge of the bed. “Are the police here?”

“They just left,” BJ ran her fingers over the blue blanket on Cait’s small bed. “I asked them if my statement would be enough and they said that it would.”

“Thanks, I really didn’t feel like answering tons of questions again,” Cait took a deep breath. “He won’t really get into trouble for what happened today will he?”

“Truth?” BJ asked, “not sure. I seriously doubt it though.”

“Figured as much,” Cait closed her eyes.

“What would you say to coming and staying at Tyler’s and my house?” BJ asked casually.

Cait opened her eyes and stared at BJ, “why would you want me at your house?”

“Because I care and I know Tyler does too. Most importantly you need a place where you can relax and concentrate on yourself and your baby.” BJ stated matter of fact.

Cait’s heart pounded, “you really want me? To stay at your house? You trust me not to rip?”

BJ laughed, “if you did rip us off, Tyler would find you and make you regret ever trusting you with our house and things.”

“She’d do that too,” Cait sat up and dropped her feet to the floor. “Thank you and I would love to go to your house.”

“Great, get your things packed up. Leo and Mike went to rent a car. We will take it to the house and they will wait until Tyler gets here to explain everything.” BJ stood up and headed towards the door. “Just yell when you’re done and I’ll help your with your bags.”


“This car is nice,” Cait ran her hands over the leather dashboard of the rental car.

“It is,” BJ agreed as she drove down the road.

Cait looked out the window, “So how far do you live from here?”

“About twenty minutes, give or take the traffic.” BJ slowed down to let a man cross the street.

The two women didn’t see the black van or the brown car following them. As the blocks flew by the van got closer and closer until it was to late for BJ to do anything. It slammed into the back of the car causing it to make a left turn down a deserted road to an empty building.

“Damn it, why didn’t I pay attention? I can’t believe how stupid I was not to look for a tail.” BJ yelled as she tried to figure out how to get away from the vehicle behind them.

Cait did what she did earlier. She hung on for dear life. “What are we going to do now. There is no way around them.” The car violently jerked forward again.

“Do you think you could run?” BJ glanced over at Cait.

“I guess I will find out. What’s your plan?” Cait slapped her hands on the dashboard to prevent her head from hitting the window.

“I’m going to drive over to that building and when I stop I want you to head for the open door and go in and hide.” BJ pointed at the brick building.

“Why don’t we head back to the center?” Cait asked scared at having to get out of the safety of the car.

“I honestly don’t think we’d make it. We will have a better chance at hiding in there. If we try for the center they’d force us into an accident. That could kill us and someone else.” BJ explained what she was thinking.

“What are you going to do?” Cait asked as another hit was made on the car.

“Not to worry. I’ll be right behind you.” BJ replied.

BJ stepped on the gas to try and give them as much time to run as she could. She headed straight for a light post that stood out alone in the big parking lot. Just as she was about to hit it she turned missing it by inches. The van wasn’t as lucky and ran right into it, but it only slowed it down for a second. The brown sedan clipped the van and flipped over several times. Landing on it’s top.

BJ watched and headed for the building. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Cait unhooked her belt.

“Okay, get ready,” BJ waited until the last moment before she slammed the breaks. “RUN!”

The two women jumped out of the car as fast as they could. BJ waited until Cait could enter the building before she slammed the door and shoved whatever she could find to block the door. When she heard doors opening and closing she took off in the direction Cait had run.

“Cait, where are you?” BJ yelled out, but not too loud.

“Over here,” Cait waved at BJ from a small room under some stairs. “Come on, It’s big enough for us both.”

BJ looked around and grabbed a long pipe to bring with her. She handed it to Cait before she got on her knees and crawled into the opening. “Damn I just crawled through something wet. I can only guess what it is.”

Cait gasped as pain over took her body, “that’s from me. My water broke.”

BJ head snapped up,” what did you…”

Before BJ could finish her sentence the whole building began to shake.

“My God we are having an earthquake,” Cait screamed.
Part 5
“Hey, guys, BJ and Cait not get back yet?” Tyler asked as she walked through the front doors.

Mike nodded, “we have some news and you aren’t going to like it.”

“What’s that?” Tyler raised her eyebrows.

Mike gestured that they should go into her office. He waited until Tyler took her seat before he told her what had happened to BJ and Cait after the doctor appointment.

“What?” Tyler jumped up. “Where are they know?”

“We went and got a rental while BJ waited for the police. We let them take the car to your house. BJ thought it was a good idea for Cait to stay with you two since she is so close to delivering the baby.” Leo replied. “They just left a few minutes ago.”

Tyler rested her hands on the desk, “they were going right home?”

“Yes,” Leo smiled.

Tyler unclipped her cell phone and dialed BJ’s number. They all looked over at BJ’s coat that was hung up on the coat rack.

“Great,” Tyler shut her phone off. “I’m going to head home.”

“Okay, we’ll get our stuff ready and meet you at your jeep.” Mike and Leo quickly left Tyler’s office.

Tyler grabbed BJ’s coat and headed out of her office and locked the door. She stepped out of the front door and looked around. Nobody was is in sight and no cars were coming from either direction. She took a deep breath and started towards her jeep.

As she stepped down off the steps the sidewalk started to sway back and forth.

“Fuck an earthquake,” Tyler staggered off the sidewalk to the road next to her jeep. Car alarms started going off everywhere and horns could be heard blaring in the distance.

Tyler looked up hoping that the building would get away with little structural damage. She looked towards the front doors and watched Leo and Mike stumble and fall on the ground.

“Where is everybody else?” Tyler yelled as she held onto her jeeps bumper.

Mike helped Leo up as he tried to keep his own footing. “They aren’t here remember. They all went to the museum for the afternoon.”

“Okay, I forgot that was today,” Tyler replied.

The ground finally stopped moving and Tyler sat her stuff on top of the jeeps hood. “You two okay?”

“Yes,” Leo brushed his pants with his hands. “That was a big one.”

“I’d say, it had to be over a five,” Mike looked at his hands and blew on the small scratches he now had.

“Let’s check things out here and then head over to the house. Hopefully BJ and Cait won’t have any trouble getting there.” Tyler said as she quickly headed back to her jeep and grabbed the stuff off it and headed back inside to see what kind of damage awaited them.


“Ohh, God it hurts,” Cait screamed.

BJ brushed her hand s through Cait’s hair, “I know, I know.”

“You don’t happen to have some really good drugs in your back pocket do you?” Cait replied as the contraction subsided a little.

“I may be a movie star but I’m not that kind of movie star.” BJ stated with a grin. “I wish I had more light so I could see what was happening.”

“You can go and check. It’s not like I’ll be too far away.” Cait patted BJ’s leg that was under her head.

“Okay, I’ll just lay your head here and see exactly how big this storage space is.” BJ carefully placed Cait’s head on the ground.

Cait laid there and listened as BJ roamed around on her hands and knees looking for whatever they could use. Another contraction hit her body, but this time a warm substance gushed out and soaked her already wet jeans. “BJ, something is wrong.”

“Hold on I think I found an old tool box.” BJ flipped open the top and searched blindly. Her fingers wrapped around a circular object. “I think I found a flash light.”

“Hurry up the pain is getting worse,” Cait growled through her clenched teeth.

BJ pushed in the rubber button and a soft golden light appeared, “thank you God.”

“BJ!” Cait’s knuckles turned white as she grabbed at her shirt. “Take my jeans off, the baby is coming.”

BJ quickly moved back over to Cait. She sat the flash light on the ground and started to unbutton Cait’s jeans. “Can you lift your butt up off the ground?”

Cait groaned, but lifted, “something doesn’t feel right. I’m getting light headed.”

BJ knew that now was not the time to loose it, but as she pulled Cait’s jeans off the young woman’s body she noticed a pool of blood had formed under her. “Cait, I think we have got a problem. You seem to be loosing a lot of blood.”

Cait nodded, “I know. I’m getting really tired.” Another contraction ripped through her body causing more blood to spurt out.

“You need to start pushing and hopefully after the baby is born we can get it to stop.” BJ guessed as she had no clue what was happening.

“Can you feel the head or even see it?” Cait asked as she took several deep breaths.

BJ grabbed the flash light, “I can see the very top of it.”

“What color hair?” Cait asked softly.

“It’s very dark.” BJ looked up at Cait’s ashen face. “On the next contraction push with all you’ve got.”

Cait nodded and grabbed her legs behind her knees. “Damn it, it hurts so fucking bad.”

“I know it does, but more of the head is out. Just keep it up and it will all be over with.” BJ positioned herself closer not paying any attention to the blood and stuff soaking her own jeans.

“Here comes another one,” Cait screamed as the contraction hit her again.

BJ gently pulled on the baby’s head. “Head is all the way out. Now I think the shoulders are the hardest part, and after that the rest should just slide on out.”

Cait lay on the hard concrete she could tell that she was loosing more blood than was normal during birth. “BJ, I want you to promise me something.”

“What’s that?” BJ asked as she tried her best to clean out the babies mouth and noise.

“I want you and Tyler to raise my baby,” Cait closed her eyes and cried. “I don’t think I will make it and I need to know that you will take care of him or her.”

“Don’t talk like that. You are going to be fine.” BJ replied even though she knew Cait was right.

Cait’s body tensed up, “bullshit.”

BJ looked down and watched as the small human laid in her hands.

“What is does BJ stand for?” Cait asked softly.

BJ took off her jean shirt leaving her in only a sports bra. “Briana Jade, why?”

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Cait asked ignoring BJ question.

BJ carefully turned the baby over so she could look, “you have a very beautiful son.”

“I want hem to be named, Tyler Jade.” Cait mumbled. “I would like to see my son.”

BJ scooted up so Cait could take a look at her son. She placed the flashlight on the floor so she could use both hands to hold up the now crying baby. “Here he is.”

Cait turned her head and opened her eyes. She smiled as she ran her fingers across his face and to his small hand that stuck out of BJ shirt. “He’s pretty pissed off.”

“Yes, he is.” BJ felt the tears fall down her face as she watched Cait look at her son for the first and last time.

“Make sure you tell him about me and tell him that I love him.” Cait’s eyes slowly drifted shut and her hand fell to the ground.


Tyler looked around her office and shook her head. “What a mess. Screw it, I’ll do it tomorrow.” She closed her door and went in search of Mike and Leo.

“Hey, guys, were are you?” Tyler yelled as she went up the stairs.

“Here,” Mike grunted as he pushed the refrigerator back against the wall.

Leo was across the room picking up the dishes that weren’t broken. “We will have to order more dishes and cups. Over half of them are broken beyond repair.” He said as he held up a plate that was broken on three different spots.

“Well do that tomorrow. I checked all the offices downstairs and they are in shambles. How about we get what we can done here and then come back tomorrow and tackle them?” Tyler asked as she walked over to a closet and grabbed the broom and dustpan.

“Sounds good,” Mike agreed as he picked up what food could be saved off the floor.


“Cait? Come on Cait. You can’t give up now.” BJ ran her free hand through Cait’s hair. “Your baby needs you.”

Cait’s body laid there not responding to BJ voice or her caresses and her babies crying.

“What am I going to do?” BJ looked around the small closet. “I need to get out of here.” BJ leaned down and carefully kissed Cait’s forehead. “I promise that your son will know you. Tyler and I will make sure he has everything you never had.” Tears fell over the still face. “Remember you are special and we loved you.”

BJ kissed Cait one last time before she made sure the baby was completely covered up. She slowly opened the door and blinked at the brightness. She glanced around to make sure Royal wasn’t around.

“Okay, kiddo, looks like the coast is clear. Let’s get our of here and get your Mommy out of here.” BJ carefully stood up with a groan. “I wonder how long we’ve been in there?”

The baby boy cried out and squirmed.

“I know sweetheart.” BJ kissed his dark head. “I’ll get you out of here.”

BJ walked around making sure that no one was around. She spotted the door that led to the outside and took a deep breath and quickened her step.

The door creaked open and BJ used her hand to block out the sun, “well be safe in a few minutes. Tyler should be at the center making sure that everything is okay there.” She whispered to the baby that was still crying loudly.


“Let’s get out of here.” Mike sighed. “We have everything done that we can get done right now.”

“Sounds good love,” Leo kissed Mike on the cheek.

Mike smiled at Leo, “Let’s go get Tyler.” He grabbed Leo by the hand and pulled him the direction Tyler was last seen.

They found Tyler outside looking at the foundation and buildings structure.

“How’s it look?” Leo yelled.

Tyler turned her head and waved them over, “I think we might need to get this fixed.” She pointed to a large crack that started from the ground and up the side about ten feet.

“You’re right,” Mike ran his hands up and down the crack. “I’ll call a contractor tomorrow. Not sure how long it will take though.”

“No problem, you guys ready to get going?” Tyler asked as she walked towards the front of the building.

“Yes,” Mike and Leo replied together.

Tyler stopped and turned, “I take it you two are as tired as I am?”

Both men nodded their heads.

“Okay, lets go lock up and go,” Tyler began walking. “Did we get everyone settled in a motel?”

“Yes, they will stay there tonight and tomorrow night,” Leo squeezed Mike’s hand. It was his lovely idea for the group to go to a motel and he would take care of all the expenses. “You so rock love.”

“Thanks,” Mike kissed Leo on the lips. “Let’s go get our things.”


BJ looked over at the car that was sitting on it’s top. The two front doors were open and she could see beer cans and garbage all around the interior of the car. “What a bunch of pigs.”

BJ nestled baby Tyler Jade closer to her chest and began walking towards the road. She jumped when she heard an engine sputter to life. She looked off to the far side of the warehouse and saw the black van. “Shit,” BJ yelled as she quickly turned and began to run.


“Come on slow pokes,” Tyler yelled up as she held open the front door.

Leo and Mike stopped in their tracks and looked at each other then at Tyler then back at each other. Leo winked at Mike and they turned to look at Tyler again, “Yes ma’am.” They clicked their heels together and saluted her.

“Knock it off you two boobs,” Tyler laughed as they stood there. “I want to get home to my wife.”

“She isn’t your wife until she does the wedding march,” Leo stated as he resumed walking.

“Bullshit,” Tyler roll her eyes.

Leo stopped in front of her, “don’t you want to make an honest woman out of her?”

“She already is an honest woman. You just want an excuse to get all dressed up.” Tyler grabbed Leo by the elbow to get him walking faster. “I want to get home today boys.”

“We’re moving,” Mike slapped Tyler on the back.

Mike locked the front door as Leo and Tyler jumped into the jeep. As soon as he shut the door Tyler hit the gas and was driving down the road.

Leo snorted, “you better slow down.”

Tyler laughed and slowed down, “yes, mother.”

“You are such a good daughter,” Leo patted Tyler on the top of the head when something caught his eye as they stopped at a stop sign. “Look over there.” He sat up and pointed towards the drivers side door window.

Tyler and Mike both looked. They saw a group of men standing in a circle watching someone.

What caught Tyler’s eyes was the long black hair of the woman. “Fuck me, I think that’s BJ.”

“What?” Leo and Mike yelled.

Tyler turned the wheel and punched the gas. As she got closer she could see BJ’s scared face and Royal laughing. “I think it’s time that man gets what coming to him.” She slammed on the breaks and threw the jeep into park. She opened her door and ran up behind two guys who didn’t see her. “Excuse me,” She tapped them on the shoulder.

Mike and Leo were right behind her, but each went in different directions ready for whatever the gang members had in store for them.

When the two guys turned to see who would have the guts to interrupt what they were doing Tyler reached out and grabbed their crotches. “get away from her.” She heard a small pop from one of the men and watched him hit the ground passed out from the pain. She turned her head and stared at the other man who had his eyes closed from the pain. “Get out of here before I kill you.”

Mike grabbed the man in front of him by the arm and slammed his fist into his face before he knew what hit him. “Asshole.”

Leo did basically the same except he kneed his opponent and then punched him, “learn to pick on someone your own size.”

Tyler turned to Royal, “This time you won’t get me by surprise.” She stepped up between BJ and the big man. “BJ go over by the jeep.”

“I ain’t letting that bitch out of my sight.” Royal reached for BJ as she moved towards the jeep.

Tyler grabbed a hold of the mans wrist and twisted him over her shoulders. “You will not call her that.”


Leo and Mike helped BJ to the jeep. Mike opened the door and gestured for BJ to sit. “You okay, where is Cait?”

BJ looked down to her arms and let the tears come, “she didn’t make it.”

Leo and Mike both saw the baby and gasped.

“Didn’t make it?” Leo asked as he carefully took the baby out of BJ’s hands.

“They chased us and we hid in the warehouse. We hid in some small cubby closet and her water broke and there was so much blood.” BJ cried. “I didn’t know what to do to save her.”

Mike held BJ and closed his eyes as tears ran down his own cheeks.

Leo caressed the babies face with the tip of his finger. “Damn.” He sighed loudly.


“I want my baby,” Royal spat as he stood up and pointed in the direction of the jeep.

Tyler looked at him and then where he was pointing. That was when she saw the small arm lift out of the shirt Leo was holding. “What did you do to Cait?” She narrowed her eyes and stepped towards the man.

“Fuck you, what ever I did I had every right. That slut was carrying my baby.” Royal ran at Tyler and grabbed her around the waist and brought her to the ground. He punched at her sides and stomach.

Tyler got her knees up and kicked the gang leader off of her. “I’ve had enough of you.” She yelled as she did a round house kick to the man’s head as he tried to stand. When he fell back she kicked him again and again.

Leo looked over at Tyler. “Shit take the baby.” He handed the baby over to Mike before he ran to Tyler. He wrapped his hands around her waist and picked her up.

“Put me down you,” Tyler fought to get loose so she could get back to the bleeding man on the ground. “He did something to Cait and I want to know what it was.”

“He will get what is coming to him.” Leo said as he grasped on tighter to the strong woman.

Royal staggered to his feet, “you fucking bitch. Look what you did to me. My nose is broken and I lost three teeth.” He spat a mouth full of blood onto the ground and reached around for his switch blade he had in his pocket. “Now try it.”

“Fuck you,” Tyler yelled as she kicked Leo in the shin with the heel of her boot.

Leo grimaced in pain and loosened his hold on Tyler, “OUCH.”

Tyler took off as soon as her feet hit the ground. She ducked a swipe of the knife. “What’s a matter can’t take a woman on without a weapon?” She said as she stepped back a couple of inches.

“Oh I really don’t need this knife. I just want to hurt you bad and make you bleed.” Royal sneered with an evil glint in his eyes.

“Bring it on, because you get one shot and then you will go down.” Tyler waved him closer with one hand.

“Time to die bitch,” Royal mumbled as he spit one more time.

Tyler wasn’t expecting Royal to be able to move so fast she got her arm up just in time to protect her body from the knife. The sharp edge cut a four inch long wound on the outside of her arm.

“Now it’s my turn.” Tyler paid no attention to the blood as she wrapped her hand around Royal’s wrist and slam her plaster encased hand along side his head. The force of the blow shattered the plaster on impact. Tyler then grabbed the gang leader by the head and brought her knee up to his face over and over again.

“That’s enough,” Leo tackled Tyler to the ground.

Royal’s limp body fell to the ground.

“The cops are on there way. Let them take care of him now.” Leo said as he held on tight to Tyler.

After a few minutes Tyler calmed down and took a deep breath. “You can let me up.”

Leo released Tyler and watched her stand up.

Tyler offered him her hand and helped him up, “where is Cait?”

Leo sighed and pointed towards the warehouse, “her body is in there. BJ did what she could, but they were hiding and her water broke. Something happened and she lost a lot of blood.”

Tyler rested her head in her hands, “oh God.” She turned and walked towards BJ.

BJ saw her coming and let go of Mike, “I’m so sorry.”

Tyler ran the rest of the way when she heard BJ. She wrapped her arms around the tall actress, “it’s not your fault. You did everything you could.”

“It wasn’t enough.” BJ cried.

Tyler held on to her and let her cry. Her own tears falling down her cheek. “I have to go to her. I promised to protect her and I didn’t.”


Tyler opened the door to the small closet were Cait’s body was. She could see the lifeless form laying in the floor. She turned and looked at the two policemen and a man from the coroners office. “Can I go in for a few seconds alone?”

They all nodded yes.

“Thanks,” Tyler wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and crawled into the space. She crouched on her knees over to Cait’s body. “I’m sorry for not doing what was expected of me. I should have done a better job.” Tyler grasped the cold hand that rested on the cement floor. “I promise with all my heart that your son will have the best life. He will never go without and feel like he wasn’t wanted.”

Tyler played with the stiffening fingers. “I should go and let them get you out of here.” She took a deep breath. “Royal won’t hurt anyone ever again. After what happened here I will make sure personally that he will never breath air as a free man again.” She leaned over and kissed Cait’s forehead softly. “I promise.”

Tyler laid Cait’s hand on her stomach and crawled back out. “Please be careful with her.” She asked as she walked by the men.


Several days later BJ and Barb sat in the kitchen watching TJ sleeping.

“I really like what you and Tyler call him,” Barb smiled as she sipped her tea.

BJ nodded and grinned, “we figured it would be less confusing than calling him Tyler.”

“How is she doing?” Barb asked softly as she looked over at her daughter.

BJ closed her eyes, “okay, I guess. I tried to get her to go and talk with the psychologist with me but she refuses.”

“Give her some time.” Barbara grabbed an oatmeal cookie. “She’ll figure out that she needs someone to talk to.” A wet nose hit her elbow and a paw landed on her lap. She looked down, “what do you want?” She raised her eyebrow at Bandit.

The dog softly barked and eyed the cookie.

BJ laughed, “give him the cookie. He hasn’t been getting the attention he’s used to with TJ being here and all.”

Barbara tossed the oatmeal cookie in the air and watched as Bandit snapped at it until it finally fell in his mouth. “Good catch boy.” She rubbed the top of his head. “Where is Tyler?”

“Who knows,” BJ sighed. “Ever since Cait’s funeral she has been very secretive.”

Barb shook her head, “that is not good, but like I said. Give her some time and she will come to you and talk.”

“Ya,” BJ grabbed a cookie and bit into it.


“Tyler?” Mike knocked and stepped in.

Tyler looked up from her paper work, “yes.”

“What are you doing here. I thought you had taken the next couple of weeks off.” Mike asked as he sat down and stretched his legs out and crossed his feet at the ankle.

Tyler shrugged her shoulders and began to write again.

Mike sat there and watched her without saying a word. He knew Tyler was close to exploding and he hoped it happened here and not at home. He wasn’t sure what she would do or say and BJ didn’t need that.

Tyler could feel Mike starring at her. She sighed and looked up with a raised eyebrow. “Yes?”

“You have a beautiful wife and a son at home waiting for you. Yet you are here working. Why?” Mike leaned forward and rested his hands on his thighs.

Tyler lowered her head, “I failed them.”

“What do you mean you failed them?” Mike asked softly.

Tyler didn’t answer for a several seconds, but when she did her voice cracked with emotions. “I couldn’t save a woman who needed saving. She needed it more than anyone I have ever met, but I failed her.”

“You honestly believe that?” Mike questioned. “I think you gave her the best weeks she had ever had. You taught her that she could be loved and that loving wasn’t a fault. You made her smile and laugh. She didn’t have a care in the world except the life that grew in her. That was what she needed and you gave it to her.”

“She died,” Tyler slammed her hands on the top of her desk.

Mike nodded, “yes she did, but she died happy.”

“How can you say that when she died while she was hiding from some lunatic and his gang?” Tyler pushed her chair back and paced behind her desk.

“True,” Mike agreed, “but she felt what it was like to have a family for the first time in her life and you gave that to her. You should be proud of that.”

“Why did she have to die, she could have had more of a happy life.” Tyler stopped and cried.

Mike stood up and walked around the desk and held Tyler while she sobbed. “Cait gave you a very precious gift. Let her son live for her with the love you and BJ have for him. Make Cait proud that she named him after you.”

Tyler closed her eyes and rested her head on Mike’s shoulders. She held his shirt in a death grip that turned her knuckles white. “I hate this. People I love dyeing, and I never told her that.” Tyler sighed and loosened her grip. “I loved her even though I wanted to pound her every other second.”

“I bet she felt the same way.” Mike patted Tyler’s back. “Why don’t you go home and spend some time with your family.”

“Thanks,” Tyler tightened her hold before she let go. “I love you ya know.”

“I love you too,” Mike wiped a tear off his face.

Tyler punched him in the shoulder, “mushball.”

“Me? No way,” Mike said with a straight face that only lasted a small second before he smiled and laughed out loud. “Maybe once in a while.”

“Will you lock up for me?” Tyler asked as she grabbed her cell phone and jacket.

“Get out of here,” Mike waved her by. “See you later, much, much later.”

Tyler stopped and turned back around, “I have an idea that I want to run past you. Do you think you and Leo can come over for dinner?”

“Well be there about 6:30,” Mike replied as he waved her good bye.

Tyler waved, “see ya later.”


Tyler walked into the house and saw BJ and TJ both sleeping. The small boy was lying on top of BJ’s chest. She quickly went to the drawer with the camera in it and tried to find the best position to take a picture.

BJ knew the minute Tyler walked in the house, but chose not to move. She smiled to herself when she figured out what Tyler was up too.

Tyler knelt down in front of her wife and new son and watched them before she brought the camera up to her face and snapped off several pictures. “Perfection,” she whispered.

“No it’s not, if you were with us it would be,” BJ acknowledged as she opened her eyes.

Tyler shook her head, “not in my eyes. You with our son is the best thing I have ever seen.”

“Thank you,” BJ slowly sat up and rested TJ on the couch in between her legs. His little arms flew out, but he didn’t wake up.

Tyler crawled over on her knees and ran a finger across the top of his head. “How was he today?”

“He missed you,” BJ looked into Tyler’s bright green eyes. “I’ve missed you.”

Tyler bit her bottom lips, “sorry I haven’t really been here.” She grasped BJ’s hand and kissed the palm. “I had a little talk with Mike and I feel better. I felt guilty that I couldn’t stop her from dyeing. I still do feel like I could have done something, but I will work through it.”

“Come with me and talk to someone,” BJ begged.

Tyler nodded, “I will. Not sure why I haven’t yet. I know talking to Jackie helped me, but for some reason I didn’t feel like I should.”

“You want the pain to be there and remind you everyday that you couldn’t protect Cait.” BJ kissed Tyler on the top of her head. “But you did. You saved her in so many ways. You gave her a chance to feel what a family could be and should be.”

“I know, and I did have help in that.” Tyler squeezed BJ’s hand.

“I’m always here to help,” BJ responded with a smile.

Tyler used her free hand to caress BJ’s cheek, “I know and I love you for that and everything else you’ve given me.”

“I love you too,” BJ closed her eyes and enjoyed the connection her and Tyler had.

“I want to name the center after Cait.” Tyler said as she watched BJ open her eyes as she talked.

BJ rubbed TJ’s small foot. “what do you have in mind?”

“What do you think of Cait’s Dream?” Tyler asked as she stood up and picked up the baby.

BJ slid off the couch and stood next to her lover, “I think that is a wonderful idea.”

“Great, I invited Mike and Leo over for dinner so I could talk to them about it.” Tyler informed BJ as she walked towards the kitchen.

“Then we better get started,” BJ quickened her steps and wrapped her arm around Tyler’s shoulders.





Continued in To Protect My Soul

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