Young At Heart by Muzza

Young At Heart
By Muzza

Summary: In this sensitive Uber set in the present day UK, Tegan is barely 16 when, after an assult she ends up shunned by her family and alone. Chance brings her into Jamie’s life, and she not only finds a place to live, but a job, and much, much more than she ever thought she’d find.



Chapter 1


Frantically doing her sister’s hair, Jenny Rhys looked at the sixteen-year-old sitting in front of her. Tegan was absolutely stunning. Everyone in the village knew that…except for Tegan. Her strawberry blonde hair fell down her back, and her emerald green eyes sparkled, but it wasn’t with excitement, it was with sadness. She was going on a date with the soccer captain, and although she was dressed smartly, she wasn’t dressed seductively. Her dress wasn’t sending the message that she was easy. It sent the message that she was intelligent, most definitely female, and not too hung up on her appearance. “Tegan, why even bother going out with Scott?” Jenny finally asked her. “I mean, he is definitely gorgeous, popular, and athletic; but we both know that doesn’t matter to you”

Tegan looked at herself in the mirror then looked up to meet the hazel eyes of her older sister. Jenny was pretty; she had inherited her father’s hair, which was brown, and she had a slightly upturned nose, which was also inherited by her younger sister. Everyone said it was cute. “To make them happy,” was all she needed to say.

Tegan had known for a while that she was gay and Jenny was the only other person alive that knew that. Jenny had been accepting and understanding about it. They both knew, however, it would not be the same with their parents. Their father, Thomas was the Mayor of the town and if word ever got out that his daughter was gay, he would kick her out of the family. Tegan didn’t care too greatly about her father, he was abusive to her mother, Jenny and her. She did, however, care about her mother, Brenda, and Jenny. She did not want to lose them.

So she sat down getting ready to go out with the most popular boy in school, and she wasn’t even excited. “Tegan, your date is here,” her father’s voice bellowed up the stairs.

“Come on,” Jenny said. “You’re almost done.” So the two of them finished up.

* * * * *

Downstairs, Thomas Rhys was sitting in the living room grilling her date without subtlety or mercy. Scott Tyler looked extremely nervous as Thomas questioned him. Scott was agreeing with him, with a look of desperation as Tegan finally came into the room. She was wearing a conservative blue dress with a plain chain around her neck that stood out against her skin. She had on slightly heeled black shoes that set off the outfit well.

“You look lovely,” Scott said. He was wearing his brother’s suit, which was slightly too big for him. His dirty blond hair looked like it had been washed about fifty times and left to dry it self. His blue eyes were, according to nearly every girl in River’s End Comp, the most gorgeous blue eyes they had ever seen. Tegan didn’t agree, but they were nice. He had a lean body, and even through the baggy suit, Tegan could see he had some muscle under there. He was almost a head taller than Tegan. ‘That’s unusual,’ she thought to herself, sarcastically. It had always bugged her that nearly everyone she knew was taller than her—even her younger cousin Mary. She was fourteen years old, and she was already Scott’s height.

“Thanks,” Tegan said. “You look nice, too.”

Scott just grinned and held his arm out to her.

“Have a good time,” her mother said, feeling slightly uneasy about all of this. Tegan looked so pretty and grown up; she wondered just how grown up her youngest daughter was.

“She’d better come back here in one piece,” Thomas said as they watched them walk down to the car. “I will not have my daughters sleeping around.”

Thomas was strict on sex in the house. His youngest sister had been forced to marry at the age of sixteen because she was pregnant, and he wasn’t going to allow that to happen to his daughters.

* * * * *

Tegan and Scott reached the cinema just before the film was due to start. As they walked in, she noticed that there were several couples in parked cars who obviously weren’t planning on getting out any time soon. It was embarrassing seeing that with Scott. She hardly knew him, and they weren’t friends, but he had asked her out, and she wanted to please her parents. Plus, she was tired of being left out of everything. She never fit in. She was always different. She had always been top of her class, and a lot of kids hated her for that—the rest ignored her. Being the most beautiful girl in the school without even trying also made the rest of the girls jealous. She had a few friends she’d hang around with in school, and sometimes out of it, but mostly she was a loner.

Her parents always embarrassed her when they were in public. Her mother was quiet, but her father was loud, and told everyone else what to do, especially her mother. Her mother was terrified of him and agreed with everything he said, even when he was wrong. Her family had such a narrow-minded view about everything. They were still stuck in the fifties. They had missed things like the sexual revolution and the equal rights revolution. Her father secretly didn’t think women needed an education or employment, he still thought a woman’s place was in the home with the children.

But Tegan still had her dreams. She wanted to do something with her life. She wanted someone to love and admire, she knew that wouldn’t be possible around her father but she still wanted it. She wanted to have children, but she also wanted a good job. Everyone thought she would follow her father into politics, but it wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to get her GCSE’s, go to Technical College and get her A levels and then go to university. Then get a good job. Something she enjoyed.

These were her dreams and no-one, not even her father, could take them away from her.

“Do you want a drink?” Scott asked her.

“Huh…” Her mind had been a million miles away. She wasn’t even watching the movie “I’m sorry….. I was just thinking…. I’m sorry my father gave you a hard time tonight” She felt awkward as she said it.

“That’s ok” He said “I’m used to it” he was obviously lying. It would be all around the town by tomorrow. But she was used to that. To everyone else she was different. She was used to being different and ridiculed. She was always the odd one out, always had been. She suspected that was why Scott had asked her out. He had just split up with his long-time girlfriend Sarah. He needed a distraction. Someone who would go out on a date but who wouldn’t expected anything after he dropped her off at home.

She was the perfect distraction. She was five foot six, had strawberry blonde hair and a great figure. She was the perfect date. Nearly all the boys in the school fancied her but wouldn’t ask her out because she was weird. So everyone thought anyway.

“Do you want a drink?” He asked again. She didn’t and she wasn’t sure how to tell him. She wished now she hadn’t come. She should have stayed home and watched t.v with her mother “I’ll be right back” He assured her and then he left.

‘God is this useless or what?’ was her thought as she watched him leave. He was good-looking and popular with everyone and knew he could get a date at the click of his fingers. He had been with Sarah for four years, since year 9 and it was the sort of relationship everyone expected to last forever, and everyone expected them to be back together by next weekend, Tegan included.

Tegan glanced around her and she spotted a couple sitting a few rows behind her, side by side. The guy had his arm around the girl and she was pressed close against him. Tegan felt a moment of envy. They were obviously in love, taking in a romantic movie. Impatiently, she pushed the thought aside. There was no time for romance in her life at the moment – just getting from day to day was hard enough without any added complications. The girl was certainly good looking though, with her black hair and bright eyes.

After what seemed like ages Scott came back with a mischievous grin on his face “Here we go.” He handed her the cup of Pepsi and she wondered what he was up to. As soon as she tasted her drink she knew.

“What’s in this?” She asked, she wasn’t really into alcohol mainly because she was too young for a start but she didn’t really like it much. She had a glass of wine or champagne on special occasions but that was it.

“Just a little slosh” He grinned. It was at that point Tegan realized what a jerk he actually was and the way he leered at her was giving her the creeps.

“It’s not worth trying to get me drunk, Scott” She said, matter-of-factly. Regretting this date, more and more as it went on.

“Come on, Tegan, don’t be a square. You won’t get drunk. It’ll help you relax.”

She looked at him and noticed that his eyes were already starting to glaze over. She figured he had been drinking while he went to get her a drink. “How many have you had?”

“Just a couple of sips.” He said.

“And you’re expecting to drive me home.” She stated.

“Come on Tegan.” He said. “It’s not like I’m drunk.”

“Great.” She said, shaking her head.

“Isn’t it.” He smiled happily, totally oblivious to her tone. She looked at him with disgust before turning her attention to the film.

* * * * *

They sat through the rest of the movie in silence. Tegan was glad when it was over.

“You ready?” Scott asked

‘Am I ever,’ She thought to herself, just wanting to go home. “Yeah,” was all she said out loud.

As they approached Scott’s car, Tegan felt apprehensive. She wasn’t sure how Scott wanted to do this. Hopefully he would just drive her straight home, but maybe he would try and take her to Murphy’s point, the local ‘necking’ spot. How would she handle him, if he tried anything on?

As they got into the car, Scott looked her over once again. There was something about her that fascinated him and he didn’t want to take her home. He wanted to do what every other boy in River’s End wanted to do, get into her knickers.

“Do you want to go for a drive? It’s only ten.” He asked.

‘NO’ Her mind screamed “I should go home” She said, cautiously, as he started the car, but he headed in the direction of Murphy’s point, instead of her house. She tried to keep calm but she was starting to panic.

‘Tegan’ She told herself ‘You get out of the car this minute young lady. Jump out if you have to’

It didn’t work. She froze in her seat.

It wasn’t long before they pulled into Murphy’s point.

“You’re a special girl, Tegan.” Scott said, as he turned to face her, and there was little sincerity in his voice.

Before Tegan knew what was happening he was kissing her and undoing the buttons at the top of her dress.

“Scott don’t.” she said, meaning every word of it.

He didn’t listen, instead he leaned down and kissed her breast , and suddenly her bra was undone and the top of her dress was completely open. His mouth was on her breast, and then her lips and then he was working her nipples with his fingers.

“Scott, stop it” She said, trying to push him off her, but he turned around and slapped her hard across the face.

“Shut up you bitch.” Scott snarled. “You made me want you so bad. Now I’m going to take you.”

She struggled some more and he slapped her again. Then there was only darkness.
Chapter 2
Meanwhile in a country house about 45 miles away, a family was sitting around the t.v watching reruns of the Thomas Show.

“Is Jamie home yet?” The little boy asked, looking expectantly at the other three family members in the room.

“I don’t know, Robin. Why don’t you go and knock on her door and find out.” His father told him, smiling at the look that appeared on his son’s face,’he loves his sister so much,’ John Phillips thought as his youngest and only son jumped of his chair and darted up the stairs.

“What’s that kid gonna do when Jamie finally decides that apartment isn’t big enough for her?” The young lady in the room asked.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, Sophie” He mother, Anne said “Robin will grow out of this.”

“Jamie and Robin will always be close, just like you and Jamie. If I remember correctly you and Jamie were like this when you were that age.” John said

“I guess.” Sophie said, realizing she sounded jealous. “And I know I sound jealous of their relationship, but I’m not.”

It had been obvious from early days that Robin and their eldest daughter were going to be close. John and Anne were grateful to Jamie for including Sophie. They knew that sometimes when there were three children in a family, one of them got left out. Jamie had refused to left that happen.

So far it hadn’t.

* * * * *

Jamie Phillips was sitting in her living room watching the t.v, as she started to remove her shoes. She was glad of having the privacy of this apartment. Although it was technically just the third floor of her parents house it had it’s own separate entrance, bathroom, bedroom and living room. There was an inside door that led to the rest of the house that gave her the feeling of being at home with the family. She had just finished removing her shoes when there was a knock on the inside door.

Jamie looked at her watched and smiled.”Come on in squirt.” She called, then the door opened and Robin bound across the room.

“How’d you know it was me?” Robin asked, as he hugged his sister and sat on her lap.

“I just knew.” Jamie said.

“Will you read me a story?” Robin asked, using his best puppy dog eyes under his sandy brown hair. A look he knew Jamie couldn’t say no to. He may have only been six years old, but, he had his twenty year old sister wrapped around his little finger.

“Oh come on then.” Jamie said, trying to sound exasperated.

“Yeah.” Robin said, his family trademark blue eyes sparkling with delight he jumped off Jamie’s lap, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards the door.

“Did you say goodnight to Mom and Dad?” Jamie asked, as they walked down the stairs towards Robin’s room.

“No.” He smiled, letting go of Jamie’s hand he ran down the stairs, said goodnight to his parents and Sophie, then bolted back upstairs.

“Ready.” Robin said, jumping into bed and pulling Jamie down with him, so she was lying by his side.

“What story do you want to hear tonight?” Jamie asked, as she settled Robin down.

“I want to hear another family story.” Robin said. Jamie had started telling him stories, that had been passed down through the generations of their family, a couple of weeks ago and he enjoyed listening to them.

“Ok,” Jamie said, “I’ve got just the story.”

“Jamie?” Robin asked.

“Yeah?” Jamie answered.

“Were they like you and Becky used to be?” Robin asked.

“Yes they were.” Jamie said, even at six years old Robin knew about Jamie’s sexual preferences. He knew that it was ok to love someone of the same sex as it was for him to love a woman.

“I think you’d make a good warrior.” Robin smiled.

“Well this warrior has yet to find the love of her life,” Jamie said. She had thought that Becky was the one, but it wasn’t love they felt for each other, she knew that now.

“You’ll find her Jamie,” Robin said, patting her on the hand. “I know you will. Now tell me a story.”

“Ok,” Jamie said, settling down next to Robin.

* * * * *

About half an hour later Robin was asleep and Jamie went downstairs to see her family. They were now watching the shopping show. “Hi, I finished early tonight.” She said, walking over to the sofa, she joined Sophie.

“How did it go tonight?” John asked. He was glad that Jamie had agreed to run the gay bar section in his Triclub. It was because of her, he had turned it into a gay bar anyway.

“It was good. Someone is still swiping money from the till though. I wish I knew who it was. I’ve sat for the last two nights watching the till constantly and I checked the receipts this morning and I was still ten pound short.” She said, totally annoyed. Someone had been ripping the club off for ten pound a night every night of the week. They had been trying to catch whoever it was, but had so far been unable to do so. They had even called in the police, but they couldn’t find anything either.

“So what are you going to do about it?” John asked, whoever was stealing money was going to have a lot of money to pay back. This had been going on for over two months, the months of August, September and October. Two weeks of August, all thirty days of September and twenty days of October. The club had been open every night of the week, so in that time six hundred and forty pounds had been stolen from the till. It had to be stopped.

“I’ve already done it,” Jamie said. “Tonight I told all the staff they were not allowed to accept or give ten pound notes. They all wondered why and I said it was because you were worried about fake notes.”

“So what does that do?” Anne asked, she enjoyed listening to her daughter talk shop. It made her happy that Jamie had somewhere she fit in. There were a lot of gay people went to the Triclub, which was three clubs in one. One section was a bar, one was a teenage club, no alcohol and the third was the gay bar, which was just as popular as the other two.

“Well that’s easy,” Jamie smiled, thinking about how she had rigged this to work. “I put those fake notes in the till, you know the ones where as soon as cool air hits them, they release a red dye that covers whatever it touches and stays there for weeks”

Her father smiled, impressed at his eldest daughters cunning ways. “Very good.” He admitted

“Thanks,” Jamie said. “Anyway I’m going to hit the sack. I’ll see you in the morning.” She kissed everyone and then headed up stairs to her apartment.

When she got there, she noticed herself in the mirror. She looked like the perfect female, she had long black hair with the most amazing blue eyes, both of which were inherited from her father. She was the only one who had inherited the black hair, Sophie and Robin inherited most of their looks from their mother. She stood at six feet tall and had a pretty athletic build. She wasn’t vain or anything, but she loved the way she looked. She was always being complimented, which most of the time embarrassed her, but she tried not to let it bother her. After she finished studying herself in the mirror she got into a pair of boxers and a T-shirt and climbed into bed.

It wasn’t long before she was deep in the arms of Morpheus.
Chapter 3
Tegan had no idea how she got home, or how she managed to open the front door. As she looked around she was grateful everyone had gone to bed. She didn’t want to answer any questions tonight. She went upstairs, cleaned herself as best as she could without having a bath. She soaked her dress in water and then hung it up, trying not to cry.

She slipped into a nightgown, shaking from head to toe, and hurried into bed, feeling sick, and then lay there in the dark, thinking of everything that happened.

Then it actually hit her, Scott had raped her and what if she was pregnant? The thought was unbearable and she hugged her pillow and cried. It wasn’t long before Jenny came into the room.

“Tegan honey, what’s wrong?” She asked, as she reached out to turn her sobbing sister over. When she did, she gasped. Tegan had a black eye and a split lip. ” My God, Tegan, who did this to you?” She asked already knowing the answer.

‘I’ll kill the son of a bitch.’ She thought herself. “Tegan what happened?” Then she listened in horror as Tegan told her everything. The terrible date, the drive to Murphy’s point and then the rape.

“Tegan, you have to tell Mom and Dad about this” She said, knowing her father would most probably do nothing because it would put a dent in the family name.

Tegan just sat there, feeling dirty and ashamed, shaking her head. Jenny wasn’t going to let him get away with this, so she went to get her mother.

“Mom,” she said, shaking her gently.

“What’s wrong?” Brenda asked, opening sleepy green eyes.

“Mom, Tegan’s been raped.” She told her.

“What?” Her mother said, loud enough to disturb the man sleeping next to her. They both listened as Jenny told them the story Tegan had just told her. Brenda went into comfort her, Thomas Rhys followed.

“What the hell did you do?” He shouted, watching his daughter cower before him. He liked it when they were like this, he felt powerful.

“N..n….nothing,” Tegan said. “I told him to stop but he wouldn’t.”

“You’re nothing but a common whore.” He spat in disgust. “Tomorrow, you will leave this house, you can go to Seaview, they will look after you.”

“Father,” Jenny said, “you can’t do that”

“Why the hell not?” He shouted. “She has disgraced the whole family with her whorish ways.”

“Thomas please,” Brenda begged, rocking Tegan gently. “Look at her, don’t do this. Please?”

Thomas looked around the room, then back at his wife and daughter, “You will leave tomorrow Tegan.” He said with a note of finality in his voice.

Tegan, Jenny and Brenda just sat on the bed and cried. Brenda left them after a sharp bellow from Thomas. So Tegan and Jenny fell asleep holding each other.

* * * * *

The following morning was pretty solemn around the house. Tegan was sad, her mother was upset, Jenny felt guilty for telling her parents and Thomas was still furious.

“Why are you doing this Dad?” Jenny asked, while they were all sat around the table. It wasn’t fair to punish Tegan when she wasn’t to blame.

“Because what if she’s pregnant?” He said “Did he use protection?” He turned back to face his daughter.

“I don’t know. I was unconscious at the time.” She shouted at her father, she couldn’t understand what she had done to be punished like this. She hadn’t hurt anyone, hadn’t betrayed anyone.

“Well until you know whether you are pregnant or not, you will stay in Seaview. You will not see or speak to me, your mother or Jenny. Is that understood?” For a minute she thought his words would kill her. “What you’ve done is an insult to us. You’ve broken our trust. You’ve disgraced us, and yourself. Don’t ever forget that. If you are not pregnant you can come home, if you are, you will stay in Seaview, have the baby, put it up for adoption and then you can come home.”

“Just how much do I have to be punished for this?” She was sobbing and heartbroken, but he was relentless.

“That’s between you and God. I’m not punishing you. He is,”

“You are my father. You’re sending me away. You won’t even let me see my sister and my mother.” She knew her mother was too weak to disobey him, she was unable to make her own decisions. They were all closing the door on her. She was totally alone.

“Your mother is free to do whatever she pleases.” He said, unconvincingly.

“Not unless she has your permission,” Tegan said defiantly, making him angrier.

He turned and walked out of the door and came back shortly. Tegan hadn’t even had the strength to go back to her room yet. Her mother had already retreated to her own room in tears.

“Well you’ve done a good job of upsetting your mother,” he said in a voice full of accusation, refusing to see any part he had played in it all. “You will go to Seaview with this five hundred pounds and find yourself somewhere to stay. You will not mention who your family is at all. You will stay away for at least two months, if you are not pregnant. Pack your bags the taxi will be here at noon.” His cold voice told her he was serious, and she felt her blood run cold. For all her problems with him, this was her home, her family, and she was being banished from them. She would have no-one to help her through this.

Tegan lowered her head and walked back to her room, she avoided Jenny’s eyes as she got her bag. She only packed a few things, some shirts, pants and a few dresses. If she was pregnant these wouldn’t fit her for long anyway.

“I’m so sorry, Tegan.” Jenny said, looking panicked. She hadn’t wanted this, she only wanted help for her little sister. Now Tegan looked like someone had died as she turned to face her sister.

“I know,” Tegan said, but it was all too much. She couldn’t bear the thought of saying good-bye and she burst into tears and clung to Jenny.

* * * * *

After Tegan had cried herself out and Jenny had left her alone for a while, she took her diary off the bedside table and started to write in it.

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. Everything started out well enough. I was nervous about going out with Scott last night, but I still agreed to it to please my parents. My father wants me to settle down and have kids one day and for him to find out I am gay would definitely by a back wards step. So going out with boys is enough to stop them from suspecting that I’m not interested in them.

The date was a disaster from the beginning. My father roasted Scott the minute he got here and that made me feel a total idiot. As soon as we got to the cinema I wanted to come home. Scott was drinking God knows what and I was a total idiot. He asked me if I wanted to go home and I said yes. He took me to Murphy’s Point instead. I wanted to get out of the car, but I just froze. I didn’t know what else to do. When we reached Murphy’s Point he started touching me. I begged and pleaded with him to stop, but he refused. In the end he knocked me out. Being knocked out was a blessing in disguise. I never knew what was happening. I never knew I was being raped. I wouldn’t have known apart from the tell tale stain on my dress from where I had bled. I was a virgin until last night and I had wanted my first to be special. I wanted it to be with somone I loved. I wanted it to be with a woman.

When I got home I told Jenny about what happened. She told my parents. Now I am being punished even more. My father is sending me away. I haven’t done anything wrong, but I am being punished by my father. He wants me to go to Seaview. I don’t know what he expects me to do there. I haven’t got any money and I don’t know anyone in Seaview. I’m a sixteen year old girl, how does he expect me to live in a city on my own.

This is all happening so fast. I want to think this is all a bad dream and that I’ll wake up pretty soon but I know it isn’t.

At noon that day, her father put her bag in the car as she said good-bye. She hugged her mother tightly hoping to wake up and find it was all a dream. But she knew it wasn’t.

“I love you Mom.” She said, in a strangled voice as her mother hugged her.

“I’ll come to see you, I promise.”

Tegan could only nod, unable to speak through her tears.

She could only look back at her family as they drove away.

“Leaving home, aye Sweetie?” The taxi driver said, as he noticed the grief-stricken face in the back seat.

“No I just have to leave for a while.” Tegan said sadly, wanting to die where she sat. But no, she wasn’t that lucky.

The rest of the journey was in silence.
Chapter 4
When Jamie opened her eyes the next morning bright sunlight streamed into the room through the space between the blue curtains. When she was fully awake, she remembered that she was going to town with Sophie for some new clothes. It was the October half term and Sophie was going back to school in a few days and she wanted Jamie’s opinion.

Jamie dressed quickly and went into the bathroom to wash up. Then she went to call Sophie, who was already sitting up in bed wiping her brown eyes. Her long sandy brown hair making it look like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

“Good morning,” Jamie greeted her cheerfully.

“Says who?’ Sophie replied groggily, leaning back against her pillows. “I barely got any sleep. That lot next door kept the party going pretty late. Didn’t you hear them?”

“It didn’t bother me.” Jamie shrugged as she turned to leave the room.

“Oh well.” Sophie said, jumping out of bed.

After she got dressed, she headed downstairs. The place was deserted except for Jamie. There was a note on the table from their mother.

Hey Guys, (it said),

Your father is playing golf, Robin is down at Sam’s waiting for you to pick him up for school shopping and I’ve gone to the supermarket. Have fun shopping.


Throwing together a quick breakfast, they ate in about five minutes and were soon ready to hit the shops.

They drove to Sam’s to pick up Robin, who was ready to go shopping with his sisters.

They arrived at the town center ten minutes later. They made a beeline for their favourite clothing store JJ’s.

The place had changed since Jamie’s last shopping spree. The pastel colours of summer had been replaced by the earthier shade of forest green, golds and deep reds on the racks. A ‘Back-to-school’ sign was in the window.

Jamie, Sophie and Robin walked down the aisles slowly, delighting in all the new selections.

Jamie was just looking, she didn’t want to buy anything for herself. She didn’t buy clothes without a reason. She had no reason for shopping today. Sophie, however, was more impulsive and within minutes her arms were heaps with items.

As they went to the checkout, Jamie spotted a familiar figure come into the store. Emma Stewart, their old next door neighbour and Sophie’s class mate, spotted them and immediately rushed over.

“Sophie! Jamie! How are you? I haven’t seen you guys in ages!” Emma gushed, her blonde ponytail bouncing happily behind her.

‘Yeah nearly one whole week’, Jamie thought to herself then her and Sophie shared a knowing look. Emma was known for sticking her nose in where it wasn’t wanted and therefore wasn’t one of their favourite people.

“Isn’t this a coincidence.” She went on, a grin the size of a Cheshire cat, creeping across her face “I’m seeing everyone from school. First I see Shane and now Sophie.”

“No kidding?” Sophie said, trying not to sound interested.

“I was strolling by the video shop and I saw Shane in there. We talked for a while. Then he had to go, he had a date,” she told them. Seeing the colour drain from Sophie’s face Emma began to reassess the situation. “You and Shane did break up didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Sophie said, coldly. “Come on Jamie, I want to go and pay for these,” as she walked away. Sophie and Shane had been a couple for a year and when Shane broke up with her at the beginning of the break, she was heartbroken. She had really liked Shane and had often admitted that she thought she was in love with him. Obviously he didn’t feel the same way.

Once they had paid for the stuff, they all decided to go to the shoe shop across the road.

A couple of hours later every shop had been visited and they were all starting to get hungry. So they went to Debbie’s Cafe.

They ordered food which was devoured quickly. Then they left for home. All satisfied with the stuff they had bought that day.

* * * * *

As the taxi pulled into the town of Seaview, Tegan looked around. It truly was a splendid place, she could already see that.

“Where to Missy?” The taxi driver asked, figuring the girl had a game plan.

“To a fairly cheap hotel please.” Tegan said, she figured that would be the best place to start. Once she settled in, she would have to get a job because five hundred pounds wouldn’t last her long.

“Miss, please don’t think I’m rude by asking, but how long are you planning on staying in Seaview?” The driver asked, he figured she was pregnant and that was why she had been sent from home, it obviously wasn’t her decision. ‘I thought they stopped doing that years ago,’ He thought to himself.

“I don’t know,” Tegan told him. “It could be two months, it could be a year.”

“Well listen, I know some people in Seaview. My nephew owns a nightclub in town, maybe he’ll know of a cheap apartment or something.” The driver said. “Do you want to look him up?”

“Yeah sure,” Tegan said, knowing she probably shouldn’t, but he seemed like a nice old man. She couldn’t not trust him.

“Come on then. ” The driver said, turning the car off the main street.

It didn’t take long before they came to the Triclub. Although with just the one building it wouldn’t have been very big, but with the three of them together it was bigger than most of your nightclubs. The triangle neon sign was switched off and it seemed pretty deserted. Never the less the driver stopped the taxi outside the club and got out. Tegan did the same. Then he walked into the Public House.

Inside, the room was much bigger than it looked on the outside. There was a stage at the front, then there was a dance floor and then all the seats. The bar was towards the back, which was where they were headed. The only people in there were the cleaning staff and two people behind the bar.

“Hey Uncle Kevin.” One of the men behind the bar said, as the driver stopped in front of him.

“Afternoon John,” Kevin said.

“What are you doing in town?” John asked, as he looked over to see Tegan, who stood nervously behind his old friend. He also noticed the black eye and split lip she was sporting. But he didn’t say anything about it. ‘Wonder who she is?’ he thought before turning his attention back to his Uncle.

Tegan felt the man’s eyes on her and she shifted nervously. There was nothing there to worry her and the man certainly wasn’t looking at her as if he was eyeing up a little sex toy, but just being the subject of his gaze was enough to send every part of her being hiding for cover.

“I’ve just brought this young lady from River’s End. She is staying in Seaview for a while and we were hoping you could tell her of somewhere cheap, she could let or rent,” Kevin told him, as John poured him a glass of coke.

“Would you like a drink, Miss?” John asked.

“No thanks,” Tegan said.

“Ok,” John said, “I have a small apartment upstairs you could rent if you don’t mind noise.”

John could tell that the girl was young, too young to be out on her own. She looked about Sophie’s age. Being new in town was always hard. Especially when you had the worry of finding a place and a job that earns you enough money to keep you.

“I only have five hundred pounds to last me a year, Sir.” Tegan said “How much is the apartment going to cost?”

“Will you be putting yourself through school here?” John asked.

“I hadn’t really thought about that. I don’t know how long I’d be able to go.” Tegan admitted, giving them the answer to the question they had silently been asking.

“Well ok,” John said. “I assume you don’t have a job?”

“No Sir,” Tegan said. “I haven’t had a chance to look yet.”

“Well the apartment upstairs doesn’t bring money into the club and it is only collecting dust, so how about forty pound a month. You won’t get an apartment for ten pound a week in the city, ” John said.

“Do you think I could look at it first?” Tegan asked, knowing not to take anything at face value, even if it was cheap.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” John said. “Uncle Kevin, will you be okay here a minute?” John asked, as he wiped his hands on the towel over his shoulder.

“Yep I’ll be fine,” Kevin said.

“Come with me,” John said, then walked towards a door just left of the bar. Tegan followed, hoping that the apartment was as good as the price. Ten pound a week for an apartment was cheap by any standard.

John unlocked the door then walked up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a landing. Down one end was another lot of stairs and a door the same as the one she was stood next to now. John typed in the entrance code and the he motioned towards the now open door “There are two people who need to know the code to this door if you decide to change it. That’s me and my daughter Jamie, she’s the assistant manager. She needs to know if case of an emergency”

Tegan looked around the apartment and was surprised. It was spotless and fully furnished. ‘I’m not supposed to be this lucky’, She thought as she looked around again. She would have expected to pay about forty pound a week for this sort of place.

“So do you want it?” John asked, he could tell the answer from the look on the girls face, but asked just to be sure.

“Are you sure ten pound a week is all you want for it?” Tegan asked, unable to believe her luck.

“Yeah, like I said this isn’t making us any money so the cheaper it is, is fine with me. I would let you have it for free but the ten pounds a week will cover your bills.” John said.

“I don’t know how to thank you”, Tegan said

“Just keep the place nice and clean,” John said. “Like I said it’s been collecting dust”

“Thank you very much,” Tegan said. “I will keep it clean I promise.”

“Good, now let’s go down and get your stuff off Uncle Kevin and then I’ll show you around.” John said, moving towards the door.”Here are your keys.”

“Thanks,” Tegan said, taking the keys and following John down the stairs. She had not expected this. She thought she would have had to wait about a week before she found some thing suitable. But she was glad it didn’t take so long.

Downstairs Kevin was just finishing his coke when they returned.”Did you like it?” He asked, when Tegan came to a stop by him. He was surprised when she hugged him and a quiet, ‘Thank you’, escaped her throat. “You’re welcome,” he smiled as he returned the hug. Then he turned back towards John. “Do you want to get her bags?”

“Sure”, John said, then he stopped as he realized something. Feeling pretty stupid he turned to face the young woman he had just offered his apartment to. “You know I just gave you an apartment and I don’t even know your name.”

“Tegan.” Tegan said, shyly.

“Well Tegan, I’m John.” John smiled, then turned and followed Kevin out of the club.

“So who is she Uncle Kevin?” John asked, as he took the bag out of the car.

“She’s the daughter of the Mayor of River’s End.” Kevin said.

“She’s that Tegan?” John asked. Thomas Rhys was well know in this part of the country. There were reports about a year ago of him having an affair with another woman. There were also reports of him abusing Tegan. Nobody knew if that was true or not. “No wonder he sent her away”

“It doesn’t make it right,” Kevin told him. His own daughter, Sarah, had gone through pregnancy at an early age. She had only been sixteen and the family had stuck by her. She now had a healthy two year old son. It made him sick when other people just turned away from their children just because of what the neighbours might say. “You know if I thought I could get away with it and it wouldn’t cause Tegan, any problems I’d tell the papers”

“You never know in a few months maybe Tegan will tell the papers herself.” John said, as he looked back towards the club. “She seems a pretty strong kid”

“Well she’s handling this,” Kevin said. “Anyway, I have to get going. I’m still working”

“How much was the fare?” John asked.

“Her father already took care of tha,” Kevin said .”Tell the kids that me and Aunt Emma will try and drop by next weekend.”

“Ok”, John said. “It was good to see you again.”

“Same here,” Kevin said. “Tell Tegan I’ll stop by next weekend as well”

“Ok,” John said, as Kevin got into the car and drove away.

Just as John was going back into the club he heard a car pull up behind him. Turning around, he saw the dark green Rover 620 pull up. Knowing who it was he waited for Jamie to join him.

“Hey Dad.” She said, as she met him by the door “You going somewhere?” she indicated the bag in his hand.

“No, I’m letting out the apartment upstairs” John told her “This is her stuff.”

“Oh,” Jamie said “She isn’t planning on staying long then is she?” The bag was only small so it certainly indicated a short stay.

“Well I think she’ll be staying a while,” John assured her.

“Won’t it get lonely for on her own during the night?” Jamie asked. Although the nightclub was situated in a main part of town, it was pretty deserted after closing hours.

“I doubt it. There’s a phone in the apartment and a computer. There’s ICQ on the computer so she can meet people via the Internet.” John told her even though he had to admit, it might not be a good idea for a young girl to be here on her own.

The two of them walked into the club and Jamie saw the young girl sitting at the bar. Her blonde hair coming to well past her shoulders, her back was to them so she couldn’t make out much more than that.

Tegan heard John returning and turned around to face him. She had the surprise of her life when she saw the person next to him. From where she was sitting, the person was incredibly good-looking and her blues eyes stood out almost as much as the black hair on her head.

John noticed the look that past between his daughter and the young lady and smiled, he knew they were both wondering who the other one was. So as he reached the bar, he decided to put her out of her misery. “Tegan this is my daughter and assistant manager, Jamie,” He said “Jamie, this is Tegan, she is going to be staying upstairs”

The minute Tegan turned around, Jamie felt an unfamiliar sense of recognition in her stomach. She was absolutely gorgeous, even with the black eye. She was the girl Jamie had always seen in her dreams. “Nice to meet you,” Jamie said, holding out her hand.

Tegan took her hand and marveled at how smooth it was. The female before her was a goddess. She was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. ‘Oh boy’ was all that Tegan’s mind could fathom at that point. She was totally speechless.

Jamie couldn’t believe someone this young could be left to fend for herself. Because she was certain she was still a child. A child with the body a woman, and green eyes that seemed to pierce to her very soul as she watched her.

They stood without moving as their eyes met, and neither of them spoke as they looked at each other, unable to tear their eyes away. Jamie had never seen anyone as beautiful, or as innocent, in her simple dress as she stood before her, and Jamie longed to reach out and touch her again.

“I’m Tegan.” She finally managed to speak, mentally slapping herself when she realised that Jamie already knew that. She wanted to smile at the goddess before her, but she felt paralysed by the effect of her eyes. They were a blue she couldn’t ever remember seeing before, the colour of a summer sky.

Jamie’s eyes closed at the sound of her voice, it was warm and smooth, and as silky as the hair on her head. Jamie was surprised by the feelings she was having. There was none of the obvious sex about Tegan that there had been about Becky, instead she was all delicate sensuality, like a flower growing on a mountain.

“Beautiful,” Jamie said.

“Excuse me?” Tegan asked, blushing.

“Huh?” Jamie said, then realised she had spoken out loud.”Oh your name, it’s Welsh for beautiful.”

“Oh yeah,” Tegan said, shyly. She was surprised by the recognition she felt as she looked at Jamie. Although she knew she’d never seen her before. She had never seen anyone like her before. She wanted to say something to her, but it was hard. She was feeling overwhelmed by the longing she was feeling. And then she wondered if she was crazy. ‘You’ve only just met her,’ she told herself, but as usual she didn’t listen.

“So my Dad tells me you’re from River’s End”. Jamie said, that much was obvious. She wasn’t a city girl. Then again neither was she.

“So what are you doing out here on your own?” Jamie asked, she regretted it immediately, as she saw the sadness fill those beautiful eyes.

“It was just family problems.” Tegan said.

“I’m sorry.” Jamie said, feeling like a horse for upsetting the young girl. She felt a strong urge to protect this girl, and make sure nothing hurt her again.

“It’s not your fault.” Tegan said, smiling happily for the first time in two days. The woman that stood before her was causing her stomach to do flips and she wondered if maybe she had found the person on whom her ideals were based.

John, who had left as soon as he noticed something happening between his daughter and the young girl returned with a stack of bottles of orange and tomato juice. “Jamie”, he said, as he started to place them on the shelves, “I’ve shown Tegan her apartment do you think you could show her around the club”.

“Sure Dad,” Jamie said. “Come on then.”
Chapter 5
Jamie led Tegan out of the bar into the next section of the club. This room was completely different to the bar. There was an arcade in one corner of the room, two pool tables in another corner. There was a bar against the back wall and a stage at the front as well as a dance floor.

“This is the Teenagers Club,” Jamie explained a she looked around “The bar doesn’t serve alcohol only soft drinks. We have a bouncer on the door so nobody can bring alcohol from the bar into here.”

“Is this place open everyday of the week?” Tegan asked

“Yeah, but during the week it closes at ten ‘o’ clock”. Jamie explained, “It gives the city kids somewhere to go rather than wandering the streets. I know me and my sister were glad of it. The kids are under supervision at all times. Nothing goes on in here we don’t know about. Well we try not to let anything go on, but there’s certain places you can’t watch”

Jamie led Tegan back out of the room into the bar, then into the other club. The Gay Bar. This room was more like the first one. It had a stage which had a catwalk sticking out of it, dance floor and a bar at the back.

“Although this whole club is called The Triclub and it is three clubs in one, they each have different names. The bar is called the Leisure Club, the teenager club is The City Of Chaos, but most people just call it The City and this is Fantasy Island. It’s a gay bar.” Jamie explained, “We have a lot of people come here, gays bring their straight friends, especially for the shows. Tonight we are holding a slave auction to raise money for the AIDS Campaign. We’re doing it in three stages, The Drag Queen section, The Drag King section and the Straight Up section. It should be a lot of fun.”

Tegan couldn’t believe it. She had always wanted to go to a gay bar and now she was living above one. She also had a feeling that Jamie was gay, but she didn’t want to offend her by asking “Do you ever come in here?” She asked, wondering if that would produce the answer she was looking for.

“Honey, I’m always here” Jamie admitted “For pleasure more than business.”

‘I think I just got my answer’, Tegan thought happily. “So are you taking part in the show tonight?” She looked at Jamie as she started to answer.

“Sweetheart she is the show.” Came the reply from behind the bar, where one of the bar staff was restocking the shelves. “Ain’t that right J.”

“No it isn’t Ollie and you know it,” Jamie said, blushing slightly. She always knew she was popular with the girls, but she wasn’t one to brag about it and she was embarrassed when others did it for her.

“How old do you have to be to get in here?” Tegan asked, hoping it wouldn’t be eighteen like it was in most places.

“How old do you have to be gay?” Ollie asked from under the bar.

“Well at the moment it’s eighteen, isn’t it?” Tegan asked

“Well actually being gay has no age limit, being a male and having sex however is eighteen” Jamie said “But no the age is sixteen in here as long as you’re not drinking”

“Yeah that’s another thing I don’t understand, you can have sex from the age of sixteen but you can’t read about it or buy a playgirl until you are eighteen. It should be the other way around” Ollie said, he was now up from under the bar and Tegan could see he was quite good looking. His dark brown hair was in curtains and he had brown eyes. He was slightly shorter than Jamie but taller than Tegan. “Anyway how old are you?”

“Sixteen.” Tegan said

“Sixteen and you are planning on staying here on your own?” Jamie asked, totally shocked.

“Yeah,” Tegan said. “I realise it’s going to get lonely when you close but I’ll be safe.”

Ollie looked at the young lady before him and wondered what a girl that young was doing out on her own.”You’ve got that right.” He said to her,”this place has more locks than Alcatraz. I’m Ollie Stone by the way.”

“Tegan Rhys.” Tegan said, without really thinking about it.

“Mayor Rhys’ daughter?” Ollie asked, surprised.

‘Oh oh’, Tegan thought. “No not that Tegan Rhys” she lied.

Jamie knew she was lying but didn’t want to call her up on it in front of Ollie so she suggested they continue the tour.

“Sure,” she said. “It’s nice to meet you Ollie,” then she followed Jamie towards the door to the right of the bar.

“After opening hours this is the only door leading to the apartments that is open. All the other are closed and locked”, Jamie explained “We would rather have all the doors locked and just have a key code for them all but..” she pointed to the door opposite the them “the toilets are in here. The key code to this door is pretty simple it is twenty one, zero eight, seventy eight”

Tegan thought about that for a minute, then took a pen and a piece of paper out of her pocket and wrote it down. “Is that just any number, or is it anything special?” she asked, as she looked at it again.

“ actually it’s my date of birth,” Jamie admitted, shyly. ‘What is it about this girl’ she thought to herself, ‘I feel as shy as a girl on her first date.’

“The twenty first of August nineteen seventy eight.” Tegan said. “Well happy birthday for then.”

“Thanks,” Jamie smiled, then turned and started walking up the stairs. As they reached the top of the stairs Tegan could see that room down the corridor from her apartment was an office “This is my office.” Jamie told her, as she wandered in. Tegan followed.”I usually start work about two ‘o’ clock. So if you ever want to pop down and chat or anything feel free”

“Thanks,” Tegan said, “I will”

“Well that’s it really. The only place you haven’t seen is the club kitchen. That isn’t very fascinating really.”

“Well I think I’d better start to get settled in,.” Tegan said. “Thanks for the tour.”

“That’s ok,” Jamie said, she didn’t want this girl to go. She wanted to get to know her a bit more .”I’ll get your bag and bring it up.”

“Ok thanks,” Tegan said, then she turned and walked up to her new apartment. She felt a sadness creep into her heart as she walked towards the door. A sadness that made her want to run back to the woman in the office, take her in her arms and tell her that she was falling in love with her. ‘How can you be falling in love with her?’ she asked herself, ‘you’ve only just met her’. She knew she could deny it as much as she wanted to, but she would just be fooling herself if she did. There was something about Jamie that sent warm shivers up her spine and made her tingle all over.

Jamie watched as Tegan walked down the corridor. God, she was incredible, that figure…those eyes, she closed her eyes as she thought of them. There was a quality about her that drove Jamie wild. A sensuality mixed with a reserve that made you want to tear her clothes off, just to see what the rest of her looked like. Jamie suspected that it looked damn good.

“Come on Jamie,” She said to herself, sternly. “Get going.” She walked out of the office and down the stairs, to the bar.
Chapter 6
John was still restocking the shelves when Jamie came back into the bar. Most of the shelves were full now so there wasn’t much to do.

“Did you show her around?” John asked, as Jamie came to a stop in front of him.

“Yeah and I told her which doors are locked after opening hours,” Jamie told him.

“She’s good looking too, isn’t she?” John stated.

“Yes she is,” Jamie admitted. “It’s a shame she isn’t part of the family, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah I reckon you two would make a cute couple.” John chuckled, he had always found it funny to talk to Jamie about their taste in women. It was surprising how similar their tastes actually were.

“Why do you think a sixteen year old girl would be away from her family in this day and age?” Jamie asked.

“Well Uncle Kevin brought her here and we think she is in the family way,” John told her.

“Really?” Jamie was surprised .”She doesn’t seem like the type to do that.” Tegan seemed like the type that would like to do well in school, and who wouldn’t risk that by getting pregnant.

“Well looks can be deceiving,” John reminded her.

“Yeah I know”, Jamie said, she had suffered with that a lot during her time in school. She had always been a tom boy and she never ever dressed like a girl. But during school she had been seen as the girl that slept with anyone and anything. The truth being she never slept with anyone until she was sixteen. But people never believed that. “Anyway I’m going to take her bag up for her”

“Ok,” John said. “Well I’ve finished up here, so I’ll be heading home.”

“Ok. I’ll be late tonight, because of the show”, Jamie said. “So tell Robin not to wait up for me tonight.”

“Will do,” John said, then Jamie picked up Tegan’s bag and walked out of the bar. John stood shaking his head.”Girl, you always pick the hard ones.” Then he grabbed his coat and keys and walked out to his car.

* * * * *

Back upstairs, Tegan was having a proper look around the apartment. The living room was well decorated in white and blue. The walls were white, the carpet and curtains were blue and the sofa and chairs were blue with white leaves on it. There was a t.v in a white entertainment center. There were two bookshelves on the one wall and they were pine wood, It was wonderful. Next she went into the bedroom. It was decorated the same way as the living room but it was in red and white. The dressing table and bookshelves were also pine in here. The bathroom was yellow and blue and the study was navy and white. “Quite an assortment,” She said to herself, then she heard a knock at the door.

She smiled when she realized it must be Jamie. So she quickly went to the door, then slowed down, not wanting to seem eager. After a couple of seconds she opened the door .”Come in”. She smiled at Jamie. ‘God she’s gorgeous.’ she thought again.

“I brought your bag up.” Jamie said, as she walked into the apartment.

“Thanks,” Tegan said, taking the bag off her. As she did their hands touched briefly sending sparks through the two of them. They looked at each other for a minute wondering if the other was feeling it too. “Um I’d better put this in the bedroom.” Tegan broke eye contact and took the bag from Jamie. Then she walked towards the bedroom.

Jamie looked around the apartment they had designed and decorated as a family. It had never been let out before, the family had agreed that if any other family members come to stay for a few days Jamie would give up her apartment and stay there. Sometimes it was easier that way because when she finished work really late it was better to come and sleep up here than having to drive home when she was too tired to do anything else. Nobody except the work staff and the family knew there was an apartment up here. Most people thought it was just offices. It was easier that way.

Tegan came back out of the bedroom and noticed Jamie looking around the living room .”It’s nice here.” She said, as she sat down on the sofa. “Who decorated it?”

“The whole family,” Jamie said. “We were all given a room to chose the color for and to decorate. Dad had this room, Mom had the study, I had the bedroom and Sophie had the bathroom. The kitchen was decorated last year. Robin had that one. We all decided to use the colors of our favorite soccer teams”

“Don’t tell me the red and white are Manchester United colors.” Tegan said, she was a big soccer fan, but nearly everyone in River’s End had supported United. They all said it was a rich man’s club, so a rich man supported them.

“Yeah right,” Jamie chuckled. “Not everyone supports United, you know.”

“Really?” Tegan said “Whose colors are they?”

“Liverpool,” Jamie said. “Me and Robin have always supported Liverpool.”

“That’s make a change,” Tegan said. “Do you know what it’s like being a Liverpool fan in a town of United fans?”

“Can’t say I do,” Jamie admitted.”Everyone I was friends with supported Liverpool”

“So who does the rest of the family support?” Tegan asked, finding it more comfortable talking to Jamie now.

“Dad supports Chelsea of all clubs, Mom supports Tottenham and Sophie supports Wimbledon. Quite an assortment really”

Tegan smiled hearing her own words coming back to her “Yeah it is” That was one thing Tegan missed back home was her freedom of choice. Her father believed that what he did, the rest of his family had to do. She had to support Manchester United because it was expected of her. She had to go and see United play whenever her father thought it was necessary. He knew she secretly supported Liverpool and made sure they went to all of the Liverpool Vs United matches home and away and they always sat with the United fans.

“So while I’m here, I just wondered if you know how to use ICQ?” Jamie asked, deciding she should at least explain it to her she didn’t.

“What’s ICQ?” Tegan asked, shyly.

“It’s a computer program” Jamie explained. “It’s an Internet meeting program.”

“No, I don’t know how to use it.” Tegan admitted.

“Well come here and I’ll show you,” Jamie said. So she walked over to the computer switched it on and immediately went on-line. “ICQ is simple to use, it’s just like talking to people through your computer. Look,” she searched the ICQ data base for her ICQ number and e-mail address, then she added it to the contact list. “This here is your number, you have to put your own info in this box here.” She brought up the information fields. “Do you want to use you real name?”

“I’d like to use Tegan, but I’d rather not use my surname,” Tegan admitted.

“Ok,” Jamie said. “How about your mother’s maiden name?”

“Yeah,” Tegan said. “It’s Llewellyn.”

So Jamie typed that in. “What about a nick name?”

“Don’t have one,” Tegan said.

“Ok.” Jamie said, then typed in T. in the nick name. “Now you do. Do you want people to know your age?” Tegan shook her head. Then Jamie added the town, country and the time. Then pressed the update button. “Right it’s set up. My name is on the contact list and apparently someone is at my computer. Watch what I do now.” So Jamie clicked on her name and then send message. Then she typed in, ‘Hi, I’m T. whose this?’ Then she pressed send and waited until Uh-oh came through the speakers. “That means who have a message. So you click on the flashing letter and the message comes up.” Jamie did this and smiled, ‘Hi, I’m Robin,’ was the message.

‘Robin what are you doing in my apartment?’


‘Yeah and what are you doing in my apartment?’

‘Me and Sophie were bored so we thought we’d come up and chat. Where are you?’

‘I’m at the office. There’s someone moved into the apartment above the club and I’m just showing her how to use ICQ’

‘What’s her name?’


‘Hi, Tegan’

“Can I have a go?” Tegan asked.

“Sure,” Jamie said, moving out of the way so Tegan could sit down. Then she typed in ‘hi.’

‘hi’ .

“Right, I’ve got to go to work. If they ask tell them I’ll see them tomorrow and can you remind Robin not to wait up for me?” Jamie asked, as she got ready to leave.

“Sure,” Tegan said. “Thanks for showing me this”

“You’re welcome,” Jamie said. “I’ll see you later.”

“Ok.” Tegan smiled and went back to the computer screen, where she continued to chat with Robin and Sophie.

* * * * *

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur for Jamie. She tried to concentrate on her job but she couldn’t. All she could think of was Tegan. There was just something about the girl that drove Jamie to distraction. It was something she had never experienced before, not even with Becky. She had liked Becky, but her former lover had never been on her mind twenty four hours a day. Especially not the first day they had met. It was something, she decided, she liked.

When she looked at her watch later she was surprised to see that there was only half an hour before opening time. She went over to the closet in her office and took out the suit she would be wearing for the Auction tonight. She ironed it and then hung it back up. She was about to leave when there was a knock on the door. She was pleasantly surprised when Tegan stood in the doorway.”Hi,” she said.

“Hi.” Tegan said, shyly. ‘What are you doing girl?’ she asked herself. “I’m sorry for disturbing you but, I’m… um… well see this is my first night in town and well I was wondering if I could accompany you downstairs later”. Tegan found herself fumbling for words that wouldn’t embarrass her. “See you are the only one I know and the auction sounds like fun. I think it will do me good to get out and like I said I don’t know anyone else in town so…”

“Whoa there T.” Jamie said, holding up her hands to halt the nervous speech coming from the girl. “I’d love it if you would accompany me tonight.”

“Really?” Tegan asked, her heart feeling lighter than it had a few minutes. She had spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out how to ask Jamie if she could keep her company tonight, because she really didn’t want to be alone. She also just wanted to spend time with the assistant manager.

“Yes, but can you be ready in about an hour?” Jamie asked.”That’s what time the auction starts.”

“Yeah I think I can do that,” Tegan said.

“Good. Now I have to go downstairs and get ready to open up. I’ll come up for you in about an hour then,” Jamie said.

“Ok,” Tegan smiled. “I’ll be ready.”

Then she turned and left.
Chapter 7
The club was pretty full by the time Jamie went up to get Tegan. She was running about 15 minutes behind after having some problems in the Leisure Club and she hadn’t had a chance to look around Fantasy Island to see if Tegan had already gone downstairs.

She knocked on the door, just as it was opened. “Hi, sorry I’m late.” She said to Tegan, who looked relieved at seeing her.

“I thought you’d forgotten about me,” Tegan admitted.

“No, just had a couple of problems in the Leisure Club,” Jamie said, as she took in the sight before her. Her eyes took her in like wine, and Tegan look up at her with a small smile. She was wearing black slacks and a green sweater and looked like a model. “You look wonderful.” Jamie said, without really thinking about what she was saying.

Tegan blushed at the compliment. She wasn’t used to people telling her how nice she looked. Everyone was always telling her how she could improve her looks, how she could never be as pretty as her sister. It was nice to hear someone telling her she looked wonderful. “Thank you”.Was all she could say about the compliment. “You look lovely tonight as well.”

“Thanks”. Jamie could feel herself blushing and she was glad that her tanned skin was enough to cover it. “Come on let’s get downstairs before the auction starts.” Not that it could start without her anyway, she was the MC.

“Come on then.” Tegan said, and she walked beside Jamie, down into Fantasy Island.

Tegan looked around the now full club and was amazed at the difference a few people made to a club. There were a lot of Drag Kings and Queens about and some very good looking women but none of them were half as good looking as Jamie. ‘You’re just biased.’ Tegan told herself with a smile.

“Where would you like to sit?” Jamie asked “You can sit at the bar with Ollie or I can introduce you to a couple of my friends, who are sitting near the catwalk.”

“I think I’d like to meet some of your friends.” Tegan said.

“Ok,” Jamie said. “Come on then.” Jamie took Tegan by the arm and led her down to a group sitting down by the stage.

“Hey J.” One of the men said, as they reached the table, and he stood up and gave her a hug.

“Hey Darren, when did you get back?” Jamie asked, as she hugged her best friend.

“About two hours ago. I thought I’d surprise you.” Darren said.

“So how was Scott?” Jamie asked, feeling Tegan tense under her hand.”Hey you ok?” she asked, quietly.

Tegan just nodded. ‘I’m not going to let you ruin my life, Scott.’ She thought to herself.

“So Jamie, are you gonna introduce your new friend?” A girl at the table asked.

“As a matter of fact Catherine I was,” Jamie said, ignoring the remark about her friend. ‘She’s just jealous,’ Jamie thought.”Everyone this is Tegan. She just moved in upstairs. Tegan this is my good friend Darren. This is Paul, Rhiannon and Sarah. This is Catherine”

They all greeted Tegan warmly except for Catherine, who took an instant dislike to her. “Tegan is new in town, so I was wondering if you could keep her company while I go to work?”

Darren smiled. “You know friends of yours are always welcome honey”

“Well that’s obvious, you wouldn’t be here otherwise” Jamie smiled, then turned to Tegan “You’ll be ok here with these lot. Don’t let them bully you. And don’t believe anything they say about me”

Tegan smiled at that, maybe this would help her understand more about the woman she was falling for. “Ok,” she said, as she sat down and Jamie left her to go and get ready. The auction was also running late so Tegan and everyone listened to the music until Darren asked her if she’d like to dance. Blushing slightly, Tegan was taken completely of guard. Darren, with his blond hair and blue eyes, was definitely one of the cutest guys she had ever seen. He could probably go out with almost anyone he wanted. Even though he was gay, Tegan was extremely flattered he’d asked her to dance.

So she agreed.

Shy and self-conscious, Tegan followed him and started moving to the music. When the song ended and another one started, Darren kept right on dancing. Tegan followed.

Next came a slow song, and Darren pulled her close. With his arms wrapped securely around her waist and her cheek resting on his shoulder. “This is what I needed,” Darren said. “Just keep on dancing. I just needed to warn you about Catherine.”

“What about her?” Tegan said, into his shoulder.

“She is a former girlfriend of Jamie’s, she’s still a bit nuts about her and she doesn’t like it when Jamie shows interest in anyone else.” Darren said. “I know there’s nothing going on with you two, but that doesn’t matter to Catherine. If she starts anything, just ignore her and don’t be baited”

“Ok,” Tegan said. “Thanks for the warning.”

“That’s ok.” Darren said, as the song ended and Jamie came onto the stage. “Come on, the auction is about to start”. So they went back to their seats and watched as Queen after Queen came down the catwalk, they stood patiently while people bid for their services.

Next came the Straight Up section. All of the slaves were going for good money. The most expensive so far was five hundred pounds. Everyone expected it to go through the roof when Jamie came up for auction. She was extremely popular.

They were right, Jamie was auctioned off, to a very pretty woman in her mid twenties, for one thousand pounds. Most people had only came with a couple of hundred pounds, so only the big buys went for big money.

“So what do you think of J. getting a babe like that?” Catherine asked the table, watching Tegan for a reaction.

“I think it’s for a good cause,” Darren said. “Who got her doesn’t matter”

“Well I just wondered what services she wants from Jamie,” Catherine said, hoping to make Tegan jealous. If she did Tegan never showed it.

On the inside Tegan was feeling sick with jealousy. She couldn’t stand the thought of Jamie sleeping with someone else. She wanted to be the one who slept with her. ‘Where in God’s name did that come from?’ she asked herself, surprised by where her thoughts were taking her.

Although Tegan was thinking about what it would be like to sleep with Jamie, she didn’t think she was ready for that, even if Jamie did want her like that. Which Tegan was sure she didn’t. The thought of actually being with someone reminded her of Scott and she didn’t think she would ever be ready to be that close to anyone again, and she hated Scott for that. He had taken away part of her that night. Part of her she had wanted to give to someone she loved and who loved her. ‘That isn’t going to happen now,’ she thought sadly.

* * * * *

It wasn’t long before Jamie came back to the table.

“Well when do you start work?” Darren asked, as she sat down next to Tegan.

“Two weeks after school starts back actually,” Jamie told him. “She’s a school teacher and she wants me to go into the school and talk to the kids about prejudicial matters. She wants to educate them all that different isn’t necessarily bad”

“She paid one thousand pound just to have you go to the school to chat with the kids,” Catherine said, unbelieving. There had to be more to it than that.

“Well no, that isn’t all she wants,” Jamie said, looking directly at Catherine. “But what else she wants is between me and her.”

Catherine gave her a fairly startled look. She had seriously expected Jamie to lie about what the woman expected from her. ‘Maybe they are just friends after all,’ she thought as she looked at Tegan. “Hey Jamie, how about a dance before the next set does up for auction.”

“I don’t know Catherine. I’m not really in a dancing mood.” Jamie lied, she was never in a dancing mood when Catherine asked.

“Oh come on J.” Catherine said “You still owe me one”

“Go on J.” Darren said “She’ll never let you forget that if you don’t”

Jamie knew he was right. Catherine had been going on and on about this dance for almost three months now. Jamie couldn’t take much more. “Ok.” She reluctantly agreed. ‘It’s not because I want to’, she thought.

The song was just finished when they reached the dance floor.’Just my luck.’ Jamie thought when they started playing a slow song.

Catherine smiled inwardly, she had been angry and upset three months ago when Jamie had split up with her. The only thing she wanted was Jamie back in her life and her bed. As the song started Catherine took Jamie into her arms and looked up into her eyes. “I’ve missed you J.” She said

Jamie sighed.’Should have seen this coming,’ she chastised herself. Catherine hadn’t forgiven her for breaking up with her. It’s not like there was anything serious going on between them anyway. It had just been a couple of times they slept together, they weren’t going steady. She had told Catherine then she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. “Really,” was all she could say to the admission. She couldn’t say she was sorry because she wasn’t.

“I want you, Jamie”, Catherine said. “More than ever before”

“I don’t feel the same way about you Catherine. You know that,” Jamie said.

“I don’t believe you,” Catherine said. “I think you’re scared.”

“Scared of what?” Jamie asked. ‘God she’s got a nerve’, she thought.

“Of letting someone get close. You hold everyone at arms length, how do you ever plan to fall in love that way.” Catherine said “Let me change that. I know you want me, Jamie. Don’t deny it”

“God, you are full of yourself aren’t you.” Jamie shook her head, then she turned to leave.

Seeing that her plan had taken a slight back step, Catherine grabbed hold of Jamie’s arm. “Don’t go.”

Jamie looked down at the hand on her arm, then she looked into the eyes of her former lover “Let go of me,” she growled with a deadly calm, that let Catherine know she was serious.

Catherine quickly let go of Jamie and then watched as she walked away.

Tegan had been watching this with the same jealously she had felt earlier. It was obvious to anyone, even those who didn’t know, that Catherine and Jamie had been lovers and that left her feeling worse ‘God, Tegan, it’s not like you have any hold over her, you’ve only known her a couple of hours,’ she told herself angrily. She was totally relieved when Jamie came and sat back down.

She could tell by the look on Jamie’s face she wasn’t comfortable with all the attention she was getting off Catherine and from the way she spoke to her earlier, Tegan got the feeling it wasn’t just the attention she didn’t like. That made her feel a little bit better.

Jamie was furious as she sat down. She was furious with herself and with Catherine. Why couldn’t Catherine just get over it and why couldn’t she have seen how serious it was getting? She had broken it off because it was getting too serious. The last serious relationship she had had was with Becky. She hadn’t been ready for a serious one since, especially not with someone she didn’t want to make her life with. ‘You can be so stupid sometimes,’ she thought.

Darren was also watching as the scene between Jamie and Catherine played out. He felt bad for Jamie because he knew what Catherine was like and he had been glad when Jamie had broken up with her. He could see the look of anger and disgust on the face of his best friend when she sat down and he tried to calm the situation. “Well at least you don’t owe her a dance anymore, J.” he said.

“Thank God,” Jamie said, then started laughing. She didn’t know what started her laughing, whether it was Darren’s comment or the look on Catherine’s face when she told her to let go of her. It was satisfying.

Tegan listened to the laugh that came from the woman now, sitting next to her. It was rich and warm, and it sent tingles down her spine.

When Jamie settled down she looked at her watch and decided it was time to get the auction back underway. The final section was the Drag King section. There were ten to be auctioned off so they were expecting it to last long. It didn’t. After about forty five minutes it was over and Jamie was wishing everyone a good night.

As Jamie was walking towards them, Tegan noticed she looked exhausted and it was only eleven thirty.

“Well everyone. I’m gonna head upstairs and start counting the money. I’ll most probably see you all before you head home” Jamie said.

“Jamie?” Tegan asked .”Can I help?”

“It’s up to you,” Jamie said, while inside she was screaming, ‘absolutely’!

“It’s the least I can do,” Tegan said, as she stood up. “It was nice meeting you all.”

“It was nice meeting you too.” They all agreed, then Tegan and Jamie left.

“So you think there’s anything going on with them two?” Rhiannon asked, when they were out of hearing distance.

“I don’t know”, Darren admitted. “There probably isn’t. Jamie would have said something. But I do think there is something there.”

“I agree totally,” Sarah said. “Did you see the way Tegan was watching Jamie.”

“Yeah that’s what I mean,” Darren said. “I have never seen Jamie look at anyone the way she was looking at Tegan. Not even Becky”.

“Well I hope something does happen,” Rhiannon said. “Jamie deserves to be happy for a change. I could have killed Becky for what she did to her”

“You and me both.” Darren said, as he went back to listening to the music.
Part II

Chapter 8
As Jamie and Tegan walked up the stairs, Tegan wondered what possessed her to offer to help Jamie. Maybe it was because she looked so tired and she shouldn’t be counting money when she can hardly keep her eyes open.

When they got to Jamie’s office Tegan finally up the courage to actually speak her mind to Jamie. “Jamie, why don’t you leave the money until tomorrow? You look tired and should get some sleep.”

Jamie looked at Tegan and smiled. “There is nothing I would like more than to go home, crawl into bed and go to sleep, but I have to close up.”

“Well, can’t you get someone else to close up?” Tegan asked.

“I suppose I could ask Ollie,” Jamie said. “He locks up when I’m not here.”

“Well ask Ollie and then you can sleep in my apartment. You can have the bed and I’ll have the sofa.” Tegan said, not believing she was actually saying all of this. “You can’t drive home like this.”

Tegan and Jamie walked down towards Tegan’s apartment. “Are you sure you don’t mind?” Jamie asked.

“Of course I don’t mind, this is still your place remember.” Tegan said “I’ll get some tea on now, while you go down to see Ollie. How do you take your tea?”

“Milk and one sugar please, but I’ll have to grab some milk from the fridge in my office. I doubt there’s any in yours,” Jamie said. “I won’t be long.”

“Ok” Tegan said.

Jamie walked back up the corridor and down into the club. Ollie was near the door.

“Ollie,” She called. “Can you lock up tonight?” She asked, when he reached her.

“Sure. You ok?” He asked, seeing the tired look on his bosses face.

“Yeah, I’m just extremely tired” Jamie admitted.

“Ok. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” Ollie said.

“Ok,” Jamie said. “Night Ollie.” Then she turned back towards the stairs. She never saw the knowing smile that crossed Ollie’s face, or the two angry eyes that followed her out of the room.

* * * * *

Meanwhile upstairs Tegan was making the tea. She couldn’t believe she had told Jamie to spend the night. That was something she hadn’t expected. The kettle was just boiling when there was a knock on the door.

When she answered the door she had the wonderful sight of Jamie leaning against the wall dozing off. She woke herself when she saw Tegan standing in front of her.

“You know, you do know the key code to my apartment yet you still knock. Even though you know I’m expecting you,” She said. “Why?”

“Because I respect your privacy,” Jamie said. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Tegan said.

“Well I was wondering why you lied to Ollie today about not being Mayor Rhys’ daughter. I mean how many Tegan Rhys’ are there in River’s End?” Jamie asked, it was one of the questions that had plagued her all afternoon.

“Before I left home, my father told me not to let anyone know who my family was.” Tegan admitted sadly. She saw the slightly curved eyebrow rise and noticed it seemed kind of familiar, “Family problems,” Tegan said, not wanting to take it any further than that.

Jamie sensed this, “I know you don’t know me very well, but if you ever need to talk about it, I’m always ready to listen.”

Tegan smiled. “Thanks Jamie. Now drink your tea, so we can get you to bed.”

“Ok,” Jamie said. “Tegan, can I ask you something that might sound really stupid?”

“Sure” Tegan said, wondering what she could possibly ask that would sound stupid.

“Have you ever felt that as soon as you see someone, it’s like you know them but you don’t know how? You know you’ve never met them before but the recognition is there from the start?” Jamie asked, that had also been bothering her since she met Tegan earlier, being tired now had lowered her inhibitions enough to ask.

“Not until today,” Tegan admitted. “The minute I saw you I felt like I knew you, but I don’t know where from.”

“Really? I felt that way the minute I saw you.” Jamie said, feeling better now she had asked and she knew Tegan felt the same. She finished her tea and then Tegan forced her to go to bed.

Lying in bed that night, although she was absolutely shattered, Jamie couldn’t sleep. Every time she closed her eyes she saw Tegan’s face, ‘Not that that’s a bad thing’, she thought to herself, but every time she saw her face, she kept wondering where she had seen her before. She couldn’t put her finger on it. There was something about those green eyes though. She felt like she had looked in them a thousand times before. Finally, with this still on her mind, she fell asleep.

* * * * *

In the other room Tegan was writing in the diary she had kept since she was young. It had been with her everywhere and it had seen a lot of different things. This was actually the third one she had kept and every page was full of the experiences she had had.

Well today has been a day of mixed emotions for me. I left home today and I am trying to grieve for my lost innocence but I haven’t had the chance. Every time I think of being with someone else now my skin crawls. I have had no-one to talk to and I know in the end I need to talk to someone because I can’t keep it inside me.

However I did meet the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. Her father owns a night-club in the town and he has agreed to let out the apartment above the club for £10 a week. Which is incredibly good considering the apartment. It is wonderful and for the first time now I don’t feel sorry to have left home. I miss my family and all, nothing will change that but I have settled in here really quickly and I feel at home. I think Jamie had a lot to do with that but for the first time in my life I feel independent. I have no-one to depend on, no-one to criticize my decisions and no-one to tell me what to do, who to support, what to say or anything.

I’ve been thinking a bit about the fact that I might be pregnant and I don’t know what I’ll do if I am. Dad wants me to have the baby and give it for adoption but I don’t know if I’d be able to do that. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway I am going to sleep now and hopefully I’ll be able to sleep without remembering what has happened to me the last few days.

With that done Tegan set everything and lay on the sofa with the blankets and pillow she had set up for herself while Jamie was downstairs.

As she lay there she started thinking about Jamie. She had never experienced the feelings coursing through her before and they were confusing her. She knew Jamie was as confused as she was about the recognition they both felt which only added to her confusion, ‘Maybe it’ll come to us both one day’, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

Much to her astonishment, Jamie slept until 10 am the following morning. For her, that was late. She was usually up just after 7 am. It took her a few minutes to realise where exactly she was, when she did, she also remembered whose apartment it was now.

She got out of bed and changed back into her suit, she didn’t have any night-clothes with her so she had had to sleep in her underwear, ‘Can’t exactly go walking around in those.’ She thought to herself.

When she got into the living room, she noticed that Tegan was still sleeping. She also noticed that she didn’t look too comfortable. So she gently picked her up and took her to the bedroom. She almost stopped dead in her tracks when Tegan, still sleeping, put her arms around her neck and mumbled, ‘love you,’ before placing a gentle kiss on her neck. She wondered if this was Tegan’s heart speaking or if she was dreaming about someone and had thought Jamie was that person. That thought disappointed Jamie more than it should have and more than she had expected it too. So she lay Tegan down on the bed quietly and pulled the blankets up around her, then she hesitated before gently kissing Tegan on the forehead. She watched the sleeping girl for a minute before she turned and left.

She left a note on the table just in front of the bedroom door so Tegan would see it, then she left and went up to her office. She changed into the jeans and T-shirt she had been wearing yesterday, then headed downstairs to get the money from the tills so she could count that up before counting the money raised from the auction.

* * * * *

“Hey.” She beamed, as she looked down at Jamie who was lying down covered in only sheet. The woman looked extremely weak and her skin was pale.

“Hey to you too.” Jamie said, weakly.

“How are you feeling?” She asked, she felt like she was looking in on a very personal scene, that although she was there in body, it wasn’t her. She didn’t know what had happened or why Jamie was there lying on what looked like a really old fashioned bed. It looked more Medieval than old. The kind of bed they had in halls for the sick when Robin Hood was around.

“Like I’ve been shot in the back.” Jamie said sheepishly.

She chuckled. “Really don’t know why you would feel like that.”

“Me either.” Jamie agreed.

“Ariana told me what happened.” She said.

“Yeah,” Jamie said. “I never even heard that damned arrow.” Jamie told her as she struggled to sit up. She moved forward to help her.

“Don’t get me wrong I’ve never been so glad to see anyone in my whole life.” She said. “But why did you come here?”

“I had a promise to keep,” Jamie said. “As soon as I saw the amount of blood I was losing I knew I needed help. I was too far away from home. This was the nearest village,” Jamie admitted. “I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“It’s okay.” She smiled. “I’m just glad you’re okay.” She looked down at the floor and then back to the warrior. “I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to you.”

She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. She wasn’t sure if they were tears of relief at just how close she had come to losing her soul mate, or tears of joy at having Jamie by her side again. Jamie saw the tears and slipped her arms around the bard, smiling as she felt the pressure returned.

“It’s going to take more than an arrow to finish me off.” Jamie said as she kissed her on the forehead. Shocked by the unusual notion she glanced up at the warrior still feeling the skin on her head tingling from the touch of Jamie. Then, without thinking, Tegan slipped her arms gently around Jamie’s neck and gently pulled her head down. As their lips met, Tegan felt her heart soar. Then she realized exactly what she was doing and quickly pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” She blushed and a huge wave of regret fell over her as she realized she could have just thrown their friendship down the river.

“I’m not.” Came the surprising answer from the woman she loved.

That kiss had been so full of emotion, that it left no doubt in Tegan’s mind that Jamie felt the same way about her. That kiss wasn’t a mistake but hearing Jamie admit it was something else.

“You’re not.” Tegan repeated, suddenly struck with a loss of words.

“No,” Jamie admitted. “I’ve wanted to kiss you like that for… Gods, it seems like forever”

“You have?” Tegan asked, again shocked into silence.

“Yes.” Jamie said deciding to take the biggest jump she had ever made in her life “I meant what I said outside. I really do love you more than anyone.”

“I know you do,” Tegan said still unsure of how Jamie loved her. That kiss had held the promise of things that were not friendship but she needed confirmation from Jamie that it was.

“No you don’t,” Jamie told her. “I love you completely and not as a friend. My feelings stopped being friendship a long time ago.”

“Really?” Tegan asked.

“Really.” Jamie repeated.

“You love me. You’re in love with me?” Tegan asked, not wanting to believe she was hearing this. She knew this had to be a dream. She had fallen asleep while she was watching Jamie sleep and now she was dreaming about her. Jamie didn’t feel this way about her.

“Yes,” Jamie said. “I love you as I would love whoever held my heart and my soul.”

Then Jamie took the young woman’s face in her hands and gently kissed her again. “Does that convince you my love?”

Tegan looked up at her dreamily. “Yes I think it does, but can we try once more. Just to make sure?”

Without hesitation, Jamie answered the bards request.

“By the Gods that felt good.” Tegan chuckled, as they broke off and she dropped her head down onto Jamie’s chest. Then she laid the woman down. “Hey”

“Mmm?” Jamie said sleepily as she felt sleep calling to her.

Tegan leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “I love you too.”

A small smile etched Jamie’s face as she let sleep take her. “Just remember who said it first.”

Tegan sat and watched as all her dreams started to come true.

* * * * *

When Tegan opened her eyes she was surprised to find herself in the bed, knowing that it wasn’t where she had fallen asleep. Then she remembered that Jamie had been sleeping in the bed and she could still smell the scent of the woman on her pillow. She turned her head and inhaled deeply. She figured it was Jamie that had put her in the bed. ‘And I slept through that,’ she thought to herself. She flushed when she remembered the dream she had had. It had been so real that she thought she was actually with Jamie. She had always had really vivid dreams, her grandmother had told her that was also inherited. Her mother and Jenny never had it though.

She felt her sadness return when she thought of her grandmother. She was living on the other side of Seaview and she had always been there for Tegan and she never liked Tegan’s father much. Then she thought about it. “Dad stopped me from seeing Mom and Jenny, he never said anything about Grandma.” She said to herself. ‘Maybe I could go and see her one day.’ She thought. She got out of bed and grabbed her robe off the chair as she walked towards the door.

She noticed the note on the table the minute she walked out of the bedroom.

Hey T., (it said)

Thanks for letting me borrow your bed. I put you in bed because you didn’t look comfy on the sofa. I have to start counting the money from last night so I’ll be down in my office. If you want anything come down to see me.



She read the note again with a smile and then went to make herself a cup of tea. Then she got changed before she grabbed her key card and left the apartment walking towards the office at the other end of the corridor.
Chapter 9
Jamie sat recounting all the money from Fantasy Island last night. There was as usual ten pound missing. It was one of the fake ten pound notes that Jamie had planted. So either someone would come into work with red dye on them or someone would know they’d been caught stealing and they wouldn’t come in. Jamie didn’t know if she cared if she never saw them again as long as the stealing stopped.

Fantasy Island had made over 50% more profit last night than they usually did. That was a lot of money. ‘It just proves that the shows work,’ Jamie thought. She was just about to start on the money from the auction when there was a knock on the door. She looked up and saw Tegan leaning against the door frame. She looked extremely sexy stood there.

“I was wondering if you needed a hand with the counting? I did offer last night remember,” Tegan said.

“Sure I’d like that,” Jamie said. “I was just getting started on the auction money.” Jamie motioned for Tegan to take the seat opposite her. Which she did.

“Ok at the auction the money was split into the same three groups that the auction was. So you can start with the Straight Up section. I’ll get started on the on the Queens and then we can both do the Kings,” Jamie said.

“Ok,” Tegan said.

So Jamie handed Tegan the money bag holding the straight up cash and then took hold of the Queens bag and they quietly started counting.

* * * * *

A couple of hours later all three bags were counted and stacked up. “Well we didn’t do to bad”

“I’ll say,” Tegan said. “Individually you did well, how much is it all together?”

“Hang on a minute.” Jamie said, as she looked at the figures in front of her. “The Queens made two thousand and sixty pounds, the Straight Up made two thousand, six hundred and seventy five pounds and the Kings made one thousand, six hundred and fifty. So overall that is….” there was a slight pause as she looked over the figures again .”Five thousand, three hundred and eighty five pounds”

“Wow.” Tegan said. “Is that good?”

“Yes it is.” Jamie admitted, she hadn’t expected it to be that much.

“So all of that is going towards the AIDS campaign.” Tegan said.

“Yeah we have one of these fund-raisers every year. One of our friends contracted AIDS a couple of years ago and he made us all promise we would give some money to the campaign. So this time every year we hold a fund-raiser. Last year we held a street party that raised two thousand pounds. This is the most we’ve ever raised though.” Jamie told her, as she put the money away in the safe and locked the door.

“So what are you going to do now?” Tegan asked, not wanting this to be over yet.

“Well I’ve got to go downstairs and open the door for Ollie and my Dad, because Ollie doesn’t know the alarm code and he always turns up here before my father, then I have absolutely nothing to do. This afternoon is my afternoon off. Do you have anything planned?” Jamie thought it was pointless to ask because the girl hadn’t even settled in yet but she asked anyway.

“Not really.” Tegan admitted, she hadn’t really thought about it.

“Well how about I show you around.” Jamie said. “Seaview is a big town and it’s easy to get lost.”

Inside Tegan was jumping up and down shouting,’ YES’, but outwardly she remained calm.” I don’t want to bother you”

“It’s no bother. Robin wanted to go into town again anyway,” Jamie lied. “We could go home and pick him up and then we can go look around.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” Tegan asked.

“Of course I don’t.” Jamie said, hoping that Tegan would agree.

Tegan had already decided to go with Jamie the minute she had asked but she pretended to think about it. Finally she answered, “I’d love to”

“Great.” Jamie said. “Let me give my brother a ring and make sure he still wants to go . I’ll open up and then we’ll be ready”

“Ok.” Tegan smiled, her heart was beating so fast, she could have sworn it was going to beat right out of her chest. “I’ll just go and get ready.”

Then she left. Jamie picked up the phone and dialled the house. “Hello?” Came the voice on the other end.

“Hi Mom, is Robin about?” She asked.

“Yeah sure, honey. I’ll get him now.” Anne said, as she placed the phone on the table and then went to get Robin.

“Hello?” Robin’s voice came back to her.

“Hey Robin.” Jamie said.

“Hi Jamie.” He said.

“Are you doing anything this afternoon?” Jamie asked.

“No,” Robin said. “Why?”

“Well, I was going to show Tegan around the town and I was wondering if you wanted to join us?” Jamie asked. “What’s Sophie doing?”

“Sophie is sulking around the house so I’ll ask her if she wants to come,” Robin said.” Didn’t you come home last night?”

“No I was beat so I crashed here.” Jamie said.

“With Tegan?” Robin asked, with a knowing tone in his voice and Jamie felt herself flush.

“No,” Jamie said. “She slept on the sofa”

“Oh,” Robin said. “So are you going to pick us up?”

“Yeah me and Tegan will be there shortly,” Jamie said.

“Ok,” Robin said. “See you in a bit.”

“Ok,” Jamie said. “Bye.”

“Bye.” Robin said, then he put the phone down.

She picked up a bag and then grabbed the money from the auction out of the safe and dropped it into the bag. ‘I can drop that off while I’m there,’ she thought to herself and then she went to open up and when Ollie and her father arrived she went to get Tegan.

* * * * *

Tegan watched the scenes change as they left the city and entered the rural area of Seaview. The differences between the city and rural area were just as big now as they had always been. It was difficult to tell that, even though there was about 5 minutes of nothing between the two areas, they were still the same place.

As the arrived in rural Seaview the scene was totally different. There was a bit of distance between most of the houses, most of which were farmhouses. There was a lot more grass, something you don’t see much of in the city and the biggest differences was the animals that run around free in the fields. It was a lovely sight.

As they drove in silence, with Tegan looking out of the window, Jamie thought about her feelings again. She hadn’t thought about her feelings this much in as long as she could remember. She wasn’t used to having the feelings and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She did neither, she just sat there watching the road.

Then they pulled up into the drive of the house and Jamie heard Tegan gasped, so she turned to face her. “Are you ok?” she asked, with a worried frown.

“And I thought our house was big.” Tegan said, looking at the three story building in front of her “Wow.”

“It’s not that big.” Tegan said, but looking at it anyway. Her house was quite big, there was no getting away from it. Most people called it the Seaview Mansion because it was one of the biggest houses in Seaview. Her mother and father had started off with hardly nothing and they lived in a small flat above the local corner shop. Her father had bought the shop later which had blossomed since then. It had made a lot of money and then her father had bought a couple of cars and started a taxi service. It was now the biggest taxi service in the area. It was the company that Uncle Kevin drove for and that was as far as River’s End.
After that he had bought The Triclub, which had been the biggest success. It brought in money continuously and it was worth the money he had put into it. He had made that back three times in the first year of opening. His pride and joy, however, was the theme park he had opened two years ago. It had been named The Legends Pass, and there were already talks about building one over in the States. Her father had said he wanted to stay at home first so he was thinking about Scotland or Ireland. England already had more than one big theme park, they didn’t need another one. Plus it would be a bit silly having one in Wales, England and Scotland.

Jamie had never bragged about coming from a rich family. It had taken her a while to get used to that idea herself. She also didn’t brag that she was the main beneficiary to her parents fortune. Although Sophie, Robin and any others that might come along would get a substantial amount of the money she would get most because she was eldest. She tried not to let it bother her too much.

“Well I guess it is kind of big, I guess,” Jamie admitted sheepishly.

“Yeah kind of.” Tegan smiled, being with Jamie made her forget the rest of her problems and she felt happy. The fact that only two days ago she had been the victim of date rape seemed far away in her mind. Nothing else mattered except being with Jamie. “It’s a nice house”

“Wait until you see inside.” Jamie said, as she held the door open for Tegan to go enter in front of her.

As they walked through the door a human flying object came darting through the door, into the arms of Jamie. “Hey Squirt.”

“Hi.” Robin said.

“Hi,” Jamie said. “Robin, this is Tegan. Tegan, this is my baby brother, Robin”

“I’m not a baby.” Robin said, quite insulted.

Jamie and Tegan burst out laughing. Such an insulted tone coming from a six year old child was one of the funniest things they had heard coming from someone so young. “Hello Tegan.”

“So, is Sophie coming with us?” Jamie asked finally calming down.

“When does Sophie miss a chance to go shopping. Duh” Robin said, chuckling slightly.

“That’s true,” Jamie agreed “Go and get ready and get Sophie then. I’m going to introduce Tegan to Mom.”

“Ok,” Robin said, and he walked into the living room.

“Come on.” Jamie said, as she nudged Tegan towards the kitchen where she could smell the food cooking. “Hey Mom.”

“Hey J.” Anne said, as they entered the kitchen.

“Mom, I want to introduce you to Tegan. She just moved…..”

“Into the flat,” Anne interrupted turning her attention to Tegan “My husband told me about you yesterday. It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s to meet you.” Tegan said, shaking the hand of Jamie’s mother.

“So how did you find the first night in the apartment?” Anne asked.

“Well it was different I’ll give you that,” Tegan admitted. “But it felt nice.”

“Good, it’s a nice apartment,” Anne said.

“Yeah it is.” Tegan said, as Robin and Sophie came into the kitchen.

“Hi Jamie,” Sophie said, then turning to Tegan she smiled. “You must be Tegan.”

“Yeah.” Tegan answered, it felt so weird being introduced to Jamie’s family that for the first time in her life she felt shy.

“I’m Sophie,” Sophie said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you.” Tegan said, shaking another hand.

“Are we all ready?” Jamie asked.

“Yes.” Came the answer from all three.

“Well come one then.” Jamie said. “See you later, Mom.”

“Bye.” Anne said, as the troop left the house, got into the car and drove off.

* * * * *

The next couple of hours were spent looking around the town centre and showing Tegan the sights of Seaview. Then they went back to club. John was still there and he agreed to take Sophie and Robin home with him when he went. So while Jamie was upstairs working, Tegan, Robin and Sophie were helping John tidy up the club and messing around.

Tegan enjoyed herself a lot and for the first time in a couple of weeks she actually felt happy with friends.

John watched as the kids played around for a while and then he headed upstairs to talk to Jamie. Jamie had her head in the filing cabinet when he knocked on her door.

“Hi.” She said. “Come in.”

“I was just wondering how it went last night?” John asked.

“We did really well. The auction itself raised five thousand, three hundred and eighty five pounds. So I added the fifteen pounds to make it up to four hundred,” Jamie said. “The club made 50% more profit last night then we usually do as well.”

“Excellent,” John said. “And did you catch the phantom thief?”

“No,” Jamie admitted. “But it did strike again last night. One of the fake notes went missing. So this morning I should know who it was. Either they won’t turn up for work or they will and they will have red all over them.”

“Good,” John said. “I have to give you credit Jamie, you’ve turned this place around in the year you’ve been running it. We’ve made more gross profit this year then we had since it opened.”

“Yeah, will I have that touch?” Jamie smiled.

“So you stayed with Tegan last night did you?” John said, he loved trying to wind Jamie up, she didn’t always fall for it but when she did it was a sight to see.

“No actually I didn’t. She made me sleep in the bed while she had the sofa. I wanted it the other way around but she wouldn’t have it.” Jamie said, trying her hardest not to bite.

“You wouldn’t have minded if she was in the bed with you either,” John said.

“Dad!” Jamie exclaimed, flushing madly.

John just started laughing. He laughed and laughed until his sides hurt even then he couldn’t stop.
Chapter 10
The next couple of days went the same way, more of less. Tegan and Jamie spent a lot of time together, hoping to get to know each other better. It didn’t really work much. Tegan was still hiding the reason she was in Seaview in the first place and Jamie was still trying to come to terms with the feelings she was having.

It was a confusing time for both of them.

Two days later Jamie had to go to River’s End to see the manager of the River’s End branch of Phillips Taxi Service and she was going to stay with her Uncle Kevin. So Tegan wanted to speak to her before she went. She walked down the corridor to where Jamie was finishing up in her office. She knocked and waited until Jamie lifted her head and spotted her.

“Come in,” Jamie said, she still couldn’t believe how good-looking Tegan was. She had spent every free minute with her over the last two days and she enjoyed her company immensely. There was something about Tegan though, that Jamie couldn’t put her finger on. There was a sadness about her that shouldn’t have been there. When Jamie had asked if she was ok, Tegan would just say yes, she was fine.

“So you’re heading to River’s End today then.” Tegan said, as she entered then room and sat in the chair opposite Jamie.

“Yeah. Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?” She asked, regretting it again when she saw the sadness in Tegan’s eyes at the question. ‘Jamie, when are you going to stop asking her that?’ she asked herself, mentally slapping herself.

“No, but I would like you to do something for me though,” Tegan said.

“Sure what is it?” Jamie asked.

“Go to my house and ask to see my sister Jenny. Wear this necklace when you see her, she’ll know I sent you. She gave it to me for my sixteenth birthday. Let her know that I am ok and give her my address and phone number.” Tegan said, she needed to let Jenny know where she was and that she was ok.

“Sure I can do that. Just give me the address,” Jamie said. So Tegan wrote the address and then handed it to Jamie. “So you just want me to tell Jenny that your are fine and give her your address and phone number.”

“Yeah, but you’ll have to get my sister out of the house before you give it to her or even tell her you know me.” Tegan said. “I know it sounds like I run away from home and I don’t want to tell my parents were I am but that’s not it I swear.”

“It’s ok T. I’m not questioning you. If you want to talk about it you can. You know that.” Jamie reminded her.

“I know, I just don’t feel ready to talk about it Jamie. I’m glad I can count on you if I need someone to talk to,” Tegan said.

“Always,” Jamie said, and they looked at each other for a minute. “Ok well I have to go. Here’s my mobile number, if you need anything while I’m gone you call me ok,” Jamie said. “Here is the house phone number, so if you need anything, help or anything, this will get hold of my parents,” she handed her a piece of paper with two phone numbers on it.

“Thanks Jamie,” Tegan said.

“You’re welcome,” Jamie said “You look after yourself.”

“You too.” Tegan said, as Jamie walked Tegan back down to her apartment and when she was inside, walked down the stairs and went home to get her stuff.

* * * * *

After she got a few clothes together she put them into the saddle bags that hooked on to her bike. The Harley was her most prized possession. It had been a birthday present a year ago and she treasured it. Harley’s were rare in this part of the country and everyone who owned one had the respect of anyone who knew anything about bikes. Once everything was ready she said goodbye to her mother and brother and then left.

The journey was pretty quiet from Seaview to River’s End, which was a good thing because Jamie’s mind was more on Tegan than it was on the road in front of her. She wanted to know what Tegan was hiding from her but she didn’t want to push her. ‘She’ll tell you when she’s ready J,’ she told herself.

* * * * *

After two hours on the road Jamie pulled up in front of her Uncle Kevin’s house and Kevin and Emma came out as soon as they heard the bike.

“Hello Jamie.” Emma said, as she hugged her.

“Hello Aunt Emma,” Jamie said. “It’s nice to see you.”

“It’s nice to see you too.” Emma said, as she released her.

“Uncle Kevin.” Jamie said, as she hugged her Uncle.

“Jamie,” Kevin said. “How is everyone at home?”

“They are fine.” Jamie said.

“And how is the young Tegan?” Kevin asked, he had been worried about Tegan since he dropped her off. He knew he shouldn’t worry about her because his family would take care of her.

“She is fine,” Jamie said. “She has settled in well. There’s a lot of sadness around her though.”

“Well, I don’t think she wanted to leave her family. She looked heartbroken when I picked her up.” Kevin told her.

“You picked her up from the house, didn’t you?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah I did,” Kevin said. “Why?”

“She asked me to deliver a message to her sister. Do you think you could show me where it is?”

“Sure,” Kevin said. “Do you want to do it now?”

“Yes, please. I’d like to get it out of the way.” Jamie admitted.

“Ok, do you want to take me on that monster of yours, or do you want me to drive?” Kevin asked, hoping Jamie would take him on the bike. He absolutely loved riding the bike and he didn’t get to do it very often.

So Jamie got the saddle bags off her bag and then took them into the house. “Come on, jump on.” Jamie said, as she got onto the bike and shifted forward a bit so Kevin could get on behind her.

So Kevin jumped on the bike and put his helmet on and then they were on their way. Kevin directed Jamie and then he asked her to stop outside the cafe.

“I’ll wait here for you. If she doesn’t want her family to know who is sending the message, I better not be seen outside the house. He knows I picked her up,” Kevin said.

“Are you sure?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah go on.” Kevin said, so she waited until he got off the bike and then she made her way towards the house Kevin had pointed out.

She pulled up outside the house and then looked at the house. ‘Our house is bigger than this,’ she thought as she remembered Tegan’s words at the sight of her house. She took the necklace out of her coat pocket and placed it around her neck where it could be seen. Then she walked up to the door.

She knocked and then waited until it was answered by a man that Jamie decided was Tegan’s father. “Who are you?” he asked, as he looked at her and saw, a beautiful young woman standing in front of him.

“I was wondering if I could see Jenny?” Jamie asked.

“Why do you want to see her?” Thomas asked.

“I really don’t think that is any of your business.” Jamie told him.

He looked at her for a minute, then relented and went to get his daughter. Jenny came to the door a couple of seconds later. She frowned when she saw a woman in her door that she didn’t recognize.

“Who are you?” She asked, then she spotted the necklace and recognized that straight away.

“My name is Jamie, I need to speak to you alone and away from the house.” Jamie said.

“How do I know I can trust you?” Jenny asked.

“Look, I know about this necklace, ok and I know you gave it to her on her sixteenth birthday. I can’t say any more than that,” Jamie said. “Will you please come with me?”

“Ok, let me just grab my coat.” Jenny said, she was gone for a couple of seconds then she was back. When they were out of the garden she turned to Jamie. “Where is my sister?”

“Don’t worry about T. she’s fine.” Jamie said.

“T.?” Jenny said.

“Tegan,” Jamie said.

“Oh yeah sorry,” Jenny said.

“Well Tegan is living in an apartment above the club that my father owns. She asked me to come and see you when I was here and to give you the address and phone number and this letter. She told me to wear the necklace because she said you would recognize it.” Jamie explained to her.

“Thank God she’s ok,” Jenny said. “I’ve been worried about her. How is she really?”

“She’s fine. She seems to have settled in well. She spends a lot of time with my family and then she spends her evenings helping me out downstairs in the bar.” Jamie said.

“She’s not old enough to work in a bar,” Jenny said.

“I never said she worked in the bar. She helps me out, that isn’t working and it’s a gay bar so the age limit for it is 16.” Jamie told her.

“She lives above a gay bar?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah,” Jamie said. “Anyway I have to go, so give your sister a ring whenever you can. She misses you.”

“I miss her too,” Jenny said. “Thank you for coming to see me.”

“You’re welcome,” Jamie said, as she got back on the bike. “I have an idea. My Uncle is the taxi driver who picked Tegan up, that is how she came to our club. Let me have that address a minute.” Jenny handed it over and Jamie took a pen out of her coat pocket and then she wrote her Uncle’s address on the back. “If you want Tegan to write back to you, I’ll have her send them to this address. You can pick them up from there.”

“Thank you, Jamie,” Jenny said. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You don’t have too. I’m doing this for Tegan,” Jamie said.

“I’m glad she has someone to look after her. She needs it,” Jenny said.

“A girl that young shouldn’t be on her own,” Jamie said.

“No she shouldn’t.” Jenny agreed totally.

“Then why is she?” Jamie asked, then regretted it, she didn’t want to betray Tegan’s trust, she wanted Tegan to be the one to tell her. “Forget I asked, it’s Tegan’s job to tell me.”

“You don’t know?” Jenny asked.

“No, she said she’ll tell me in her own time and I have to accept that. I don’t want to know unless she tells me,” Jamie said.

“Ok,” Jenny said.

“Well I’ve got to go. It was nice to meet you.” Jamie said.

“Nice to meet you too.” Jenny said.

Jamie started to the bike and then she drove away. Picking Kevin up on the way back to the house.

Later that day she went to see the manager of the taxi service owned by her father. They wanted to buy a couple more cars and she had to approve it. That was why she was there. It took all of five minutes.

She was in bed early that night and she set off for home after lunch the following day.

* * * * *

Back in Seaview Tegan was having dinner with the Phillips. She had been so used to having dinner with Jamie, who was always at the club around dinner time and it was lonely without her.

Jamie’s family treated Tegan like a member of the family and she liked that. She was treated more like a family member by these people who were practically strangers than she was by her own family.

Sophie was still moping around the house and not looking forward to having to face Shane in two days time, in school was making it worse.

Robin was really starting to enjoy having Tegan’s company and Tegan enjoyed Robin’s. They spent all afternoon talking for the last two days and Tegan enjoyed the company. It gave her something to do.

They were just finishing their food when they heard the bike outside the house. Robin got up and bolted for the door. Tegan had to remind herself not to do the same thing.

“Hey Robin.” Jamie said, as she got off her bike and Robin jumped into her arms.

“Hi” Robin said.

“How was your day?” Jamie asked.

“It was quiet” Robin told her “I spent the afternoon talking to Tegan on the Internet”

“On my computer?” Jamie said.

“Yeah,” Robin said. “You don’t mind do you?”

“No. I’m glad Tegan had someone keeping her company.” Jamie admitted.

“She did, Jamie.” Robin said.

“Jamie, you just missed food” Anne said as she greeted her daughter at the door.

“That’s ok, I had food,” Jamie said, “I stopped at Mixed Blessings on the way in” as she walked into the house, she was surprised to see Tegan there.

“Hi, Jamie.” Tegan said.

“Hi T.” Jamie said. “I need to talk to you later ok”

“Ok.” Tegan said.

They sat in the living room for the rest of that night talking about what had been happening that day and what they had planned for tomorrow. Jamie, Robin and Tegan decided to go shopping again. It was their last free day before they went back to school and Robin wanted to make the most of it. Sophie reluctantly agreed to go as well.

* * * * *

Later that night Jamie got her car out and then she drove Tegan back to the club.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” Tegan asked, as they drove quietly.

“Well I spoke to your sister. She misses you, you know. I gave her your address and phone number just like you asked. I also arranged for you to send any mail for her to my Uncle Kevin’s. I gave her the address and she will pop down there every so often and check. She said she’ll phone as soon as she can,” Jamie told her.

“Thank you Jamie,” Tegan said. “You don’t know how much this means to me.”

As Jamie brought them to a stop outside the club, she reached up and took the necklace off and handed it back to the owner.

“Thanks,” Tegan said again. “Are you going to come in or are you going home?”

“I’m going to head home. I’m pretty tired and I’m not really in the mood for much else,” Jamie said.

“Ok,” Tegan said. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” Jamie said, and she watched as Tegan walked into the club. Then she pulled away and went home.

* * * * *

As Jamie walked in John was waiting in the living room. “Jamie, I forgot to tell you earlier we caught the thief thanks to your fake notes.”

“You did?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah,” John said. “It was Sheila.”

“Really?” Jamie said, surprised “I never thought it would be her.”

“Nobody did, but it was,” John said.

“Well I’m glad they caught her, but right now I am going to bed. I’m shattered.” Jamie told him.

“Well say goodnight to your brother on your way up,” John said. “and your mother’s in the kitchen.”

“Ok” Jamie said, so she went out to the kitchen, said goodnight to her mother and then headed upstairs to say goodnight to her brother before heading to bed.
Chapter 11
The following morning Tegan was up early again. She wasn’t a early bird and this getting up early wasn’t good for her. She made herself a cup of tea and sat down to write her diary.

Jamie came back last night, we had a nice time with her family until she brought me home. She told me she spoke to Jenny and arranged for me to send letters to Jenny via her Uncle. Jenny will pick them up when there are letters and that way then Dad will not know. I’ll be glad when I can see my family again, I miss them.

It was a pretty quiet day. I missed having Jamie around to talk to and I was lonely for the first time since I actually moved in. It was strange. Well we are going shopping again today and we are hoping to try and cheer up Sophie she is really miserable, she misses her boyfriend, Shane. I feel sorry and I can’t say I know how she feels, well maybe I do. I know how I felt when Jamie was gone, is that how Sophie has been feeling since Shane broke up with her. It’s pretty hard.

Anyway going shopping now. It should be fun.

She reread the entry again, ‘It’s not much but it’ll do’, she thought to herself as she closed the book and then started to get changed and waited for Jamie to pick her up.

* * * * *

Jamie and the rest of the troop picked up Tegan shortly after eleven and she was already waiting downstairs.

They looked around the town centre for the next couple of hours with Robin, Jamie and Tegan trying to cheer Sophie up. She was still depressed about Shane dumping her. Although she refused to admit Shane was the reason for bad mood. Their theory was proved right, however, when they bumped into Shane on their way back to the car.

“Hi.” He said, as he stopped in front of them.

“Hello, Shane.” Jamie and Robin said.

“Hello, Sophie.” Shane said, nervously.

“Hello.” Sophie said, trying not to sound to bitter but his lovely brown eyes and his smooth blond hair caused her to fail miserably.

“Sophie, I was wondering if I could talk to you?” Shane asked, he had wanted to speak to Sophie for a while but he wasn’t sure he should now.

“You are talking to me, Shane” Sophie said sarcastically.

“Alone.” Shane sighed, getting a raised eyebrow from Jamie.

“Ok,” Sophie said, turning to Jamie. “I’ll meet you in the car.”

“You sure?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Sophie said.

“Ok,” Jamie said “Come on troop.” With that Jamie, Tegan and Robin left them alone.

“What do you want, Shane?” Sophie asked, when they were out of sight.

“I just wanted to talk to you.” Shane said, he had regretted breaking up with Sophie since the minute he had done it. Now he had to put that into words. “I’m sorry” was all he could say.

“What for?” Sophie asked, not daring to hope it was for breaking up with her.

“I’m sorry for breaking up with you.” He admitted. “I miss you Soph.”

“You do?” Sophie asked.

“Yeah I do. More than I thought possible.” Shane told her honestly.

Sophie’s brow contracted as she remembered something “If you missed me so much, how were you out on a date the other day?”

“I wasn’t on a date the other day.” Shane told her, wondering where she heard such as a crazy story. “Who told you I was?”

“Emma Stewart told me.” Sophie told him.

“Well she’s lying. I haven’t seen anyone since we broke up.” Shane swore, he had told Emma that he was going on a date to get away from her. Emma had been hitting on him for a long time and when she thought he was single she would practically throw herself at him. He couldn’t handle that so he had lied, but would Sophie understand that? There was only one way to find out. He told her the truth.

“And that’s the truth?” Sophie asked, finally.

“I swear,” Shane said. “This might sound crazy to you, Sophie, but I love you.”

“You do?” Sophie asked, at a loss for anything else to say. She knew that she loved Shane but to have those feelings returned was something she hadn’t experienced before. It was wonderful.

“Yes, and if we were older, I would ask you to marry me.” Shane admitted.

“Really?” Sophie asked, totally dumbfounded. Now what could she do. She had been so mad at him since he had broken up with her and she had wanted to speak her mind when they spoke next and he had go and say something sweet like that.

“Yes.” Shane said.

“I love you, too.” Sophie finally admitted.

“You do?” Now it was Shane’s turn to be shocked, he hadn’t expected that at all.

“Yes.” Sophie said, as she put her arms around Shane’s neck and pulled his lips down to meet hers.

* * * * *

“They’re kissing, they’re kissing.” Robin came running towards Jamie and Tegan. He had been sent to make sure Sophie was ok.

“Well I think we can assume that Sophie will be in a better mood when she comes back to the car.” Jamie chuckled as they got into the car. “Right remember when she comes back, we didn’t see anything and we don’t know anything”.

“Ok.” Robin and Tegan said, together.

“So Tegan, why did you move to Seaview?” Robin asked, he had spent a while getting to know Tegan over the last couple of afternoons but there were still things he wanted to know.

“I just wanted to get away from my family for a while.” Tegan lied, she felt awkward lying to Jamie and Robin but she couldn’t tell them the truth. She had made friends with them and she didn’t want to lose them.

“How come?” Robin asked. Coming from a close family, he couldn’t understand why someone would want to ‘get away’ from their family.

As Tegan searched for an answer to that, Jamie answered for her “Robin not all families are as close as ours. Remember when Sophie’s friend Tarryn came to stay with us for a while because she wanted to get away from the problems in her house?”

“Yeah,” Robin remembered all to well.. That had caused a argument between Sophie and Jamie. “That’s the one that liked you more than Sophie.”

Tegan watched as Jamie blushed deeply. Her tanned skin couldn’t even hide it.

“Yeah, you told Sophie that she liked you a bit too much and either she left or you would.” Robin said, totally unaware of what he was doing to his sister.

Unfortunately, for Jamie, she also remembered it all too clearly. That had been some of the worst few months of her life. Nobody had suspected for a minute that Tarryn was gay. She had always been popular and always seemed to have a boy on her arm.

When she had come to stay with them, Tarryn decided she would make Jamie, at least, aware of her sexuality. She had wanted Jamie bad for a while and now there was nothing to stop her from having the gorgeous woman. She never imagined for a minute that Jamie wouldn’t be attracted to her. So she planned the seduction carefully. It almost worked but in the end she had made a complete fool of herself.

Jamie had never been attracted to Tarryn in anyway. It had taken her by surprise when her sister’s friend had started flirting with her. It had started off as gentle, friendly flirting at first, complimenting her on her clothes, her hair, how lovely she was. Then came the touches. First it was a hand on her arm when she was talking to her, then a hand on her thigh when she thought no-one was looking.

It had all come to a head when Sophie and Jamie had had a massive argument about it. Sophie accused Jamie of trying to steal her best friend. Later that night, Jamie and Sophie had gone upstairs to finish the argument without disturbing the rest of the family, only to find Tarryn naked and in Jamie’s bed. Jamie politely told her to get changed and get out. The day after she told Sophie and her parents that either Tarryn left or she would. Tarryn had been gone by tea time.

‘Definitely not a good time.’ Jamie remembered .”Yeah well you win some, you lose some,” Jamie told her little brother.

“Why didn’t you like her, Jamie?” Robin asked, he was so used to Jamie being open about her sexuality that he didn’t know she was embarrassed to talk about it in front of Tegan.

“I liked her as a friend,” Jamie admitted. “Just not like that. Besides I was with Becky at the time.”

‘Tegan cut it out,’ Tegan told herself as she felt a sharp pang of jealously at the mention of Jamie being with another woman. ‘She has a right to a life before you. God she most probably doesn’t even like you.’

“Oh that’s right,” Robin said, then he turned to Tegan. “So whose side of the fence do you play on?”

Tegan looked shocked. “Excuse me?”

Jamie looked sharply at her brother. “Robin that is none of our business.”

“I only want to know if she’s gay or not,” Robin said innocently. “Are you?” he turned to Tegan again, hoping she would answer.

Tegan didn’t know what to say. She wanted to admit she was, so Jamie wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable around her when it came to discussing her love life but Jenny was the only other person alive that knew she was gay. She didn’t know if she could just ‘come out’ to anyone else yet.

Jamie noticed her hesitation in answering the question and she felt a tiny piece of hope kindle in her. ‘What if she is gay?’ Jamie thought. ‘What if she was attracted to me?’

In the end Tegan decided to just say it. She was in a place where it was accepted. She had nothing to be ashamed of. “Actually I…..”

Just then the car door burst opening and in jumped a happy Sophie “Home James” Sophie said, as she shut the door “I have a date to get ready for”

“We didn’t see anything and we don’t know anything.” Robin chuckled, as Sophie made herself comfortable.

“Huh.” Sophie frowned.

Tegan and Robin were trying not to laugh. Jamie just shook her head and started the car. She had a feeling that Tegan was about to say she was attracted to girls but she couldn’t be sure. Jamie wouldn’t risk trying to find out herself. She didn’t want Tegan to feel she was being pressured into it if it wasn’t something she wanted.

* * * * *

The journey back to the house was full of Sophie going on about Shane and their conversation in town. She was over the moon. When they arrived Sophie sensed there was something wrong with her sister so she decided to go and get changed.” Jamie can I ask for you assistance in getting something to wear for tonight?”

“Sure.” Jamie said, and she followed her sister out of the room and up the stairs. “So what’s up?”

“What makes you think anything is up?” Sophie asked innocently, as she started rummaging through her closet for something to wear.

“You usually come to me after you are dressed not before. You wanted to get me away from everyone. So what’s up?” Jamie asked again.

“I was wondering what was up with you actually?” Sophie said. “But I think I know”

“There’s nothing wrong with me” Jamie said, she really hated how Sophie could see straight through her, even when she had on her bravest face.

“Jamie, you know you can’t lie to me.” Sophie scolded her older sister. “You’re falling for Tegan aren’t you?”

“No.” Jamie said, a little to quickly.

Sophie looked at Jamie again for a few seconds then she said. “You are falling for her.”

“What ever gives you that idea?” Jamie asked.

“Well for starters you decided to quickly that you weren’t. You’ve been acting weird all day. Your eyes light up every time you look at her” Sophie said, she had been watching her sister all day, she had observed every look Jamie had sent Tegan’s way and she also noticed the looks Tegan had sent Jamie’s way.

“Really?” Jamie asked, she had tried so hard not to let her feeling show. She didn’t want Tegan to know how she felt about her.

“Yes,” Sophie said. “So is she straight or what?”

“As far as I know she is.” Jamie said, she really didn’t want the lecture she knew was coming from her younger sister.

“You haven’t asked her?” Sophie asked in disbelief. Jamie wasn’t someone who waited for anything to come to her, usually she went out and she took it. This was so unlike her.

“It’s not that easy. I know she doesn’t mind being around gays, she comes to the club every night but I don’t know how she would react if I asked her that,” Jamie admitted. “At the moment Sophie I’m just happy to be her friend ok. I think she needs that more than she needs a lover anyway. There’s something about her that I feel and it’s stopping me from acting the way I normally would. I need to get to know her probably first”

“Well that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you say something like that,” Sophie said. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’m fine.” Jamie said, actually she felt better than she had in a while. It was nice to have someone to talk to about Tegan. She had kept everything in for the last week and she knew that wasn’t good.

* * * * *

Downstairs Tegan was talking to Anne and Robin. She felt so at home here and if she admitted it to herself she really didn’t want to go home. She would be leaving all of her friends in this family to go back to the family that kicked her out when she needed them most. It was at that point Tegan decided she wanted to tell Jamie what had happened to her. She needed to tell Jamie. She was fed up with lying about why she was there and she needed the support of someone else. She wasn’t strong enough to go through this alone. She needed someone there with her.

Her only worry now was how would Jamie take it? Would she treat her fine, like she already was or would she turn around and treat her like her own father had treated her. She felt closer to Jamie in the week she had known her, than she had felt closer to any of her friends and in her heart she knew that Jamie wouldn’t turn her away.

“Robin, go upstairs and tell your sister that it is rude to leave her guests.” Anne said, as she noticed the silence that started to fill the room.

“Actually Mrs. Phillips do you think it would be ok for me to go up and see Jamie? I need to talk to her privately.” Tegan asked.

“Sure let Robin take you up.” Anne said.

So Robin took Tegan by the hand and lead her up the stairs, “Jamie.” He shouted when he reached the top of the stairs. “Mom said it’s rude to leave your guests.”

Jamie walked out of Sophie’s room and was met by Robin and Tegan. “Hey I’m sorry I had to leave you, but Sophie wanted some help picking out an outfit for her date tonight.”

“That’s ok.” Tegan said. “I was wondering if I could talk to you privately?”

“Uh… yeah sure,” Jamie said. “Come up to my apartment.”

So Jamie and Tegan walked up the stairs to the apartment. When they were inside Jamie asked Tegan if she wanted a drink and Tegan agreed to a cup of tea.

Tegan was trying to calm herself down and get her courage up for what she was about to tell Jamie when the front page of the daily newspaper caught her eye and she froze.

There was a picture of Scott Tyler on the front. The headline read ‘Local Soccer Captain arrested for Rape’. She was still frozen in position staring at the paper when Jamie came in and saw her.

“T. are you ok?” She asked, knowing it was a stupid question, she could see by the white panicked face and glazed eyes that Tegan was anything but fine. So she quickly put down the cups of tea in her hands and walked up behind Tegan. She gently put her hands on her shoulders and she was shocked beyond believe when Tegan screamed, ran to the corner of the room and curled into a ball whimpering.

Anne and Sophie who had heard Tegan’s scream came running up the stairs into the room “What happened?” Anne asked, coming up behind Jamie who was still stood watching the now shaking Tegan.

“I don’t know,” Jamie admitted. “Go back downstairs. I’ll find out now.”

“Are you sure?” Anne asked.

“Yeah, if I need anything I’ll give you a shout, I promise,” Jamie told her, then she nodded towards the door. “Go on.”

“Ok, we’ll be down stairs if you want us.” Anne said, as she ushered Sophie out of the room, closing the door behind them and Jamie heard it lock.
Chapter 12
Jamie cautiously made her way over to Tegan, making sure she was in the girl’s line of sight. She didn’t want to frighten her again. As she made her way closer she could hear that Tegan was mumbling to herself. Jamie couldn’t quite make it all out, except that Tegan kept using the word ‘stop.’ Jamie was at a loss, she didn’t know what was wrong with Tegan, or what had upset her but she was determined to find out what.

“Tegan?” Jamie said quietly, as not to startle her and she noticed that Tegan tried to make herself as small as possible. “Tegan.” Jamie said again, hoping Tegan would at least look at her. She could tell that Tegan was extremely frightened and although she didn’t know what had frightened her she knew that the best thing to do was to make sure Tegan recognized her voice before she attempted to touch her again. “T. it’s just me, Jamie.” she continued to move closer and when she felt she was close enough she stopped, wanting so much to take Tegan into her arms to protect her from whatever was doing this to her, but she couldn’t.

When Tegan had felt the hands on her shoulders, she just saw Scott leering at her and she screamed. She tried to run away from him and when she couldn’t she curled into a little ball to make it difficult for him to take her again. Every detail of that night came back to her and she relived every painful moment. The pain in her face when he had slapped her, the panic she felt when he had started touching her, the fear that grip her heart when she struggled and he slapped her again. She remembered pleading with him to stop. She had only wanted to please her parents. She hadn’t wanted this at all. And she remembered something she hadn’t remember then and that was the pain of him entering her. There was no passion there only pain and at that moment she wanted to die.

She heard a voice coming through her mumbling and she knew it was a friendly voice but she couldn’t recognize it, which made her curl up even more. “No please leave me alone,” she said. “Please not again. I can’t….. no…. not again.” she knew she was mumbling and she didn’t care.

“T. come on it’s only Jamie.” Jamie said, holding herself back as much as she could.

‘Jamie?’ Tegan thought “Jamie?” she looked up into the lovely blue eyes, and she struggled to her knees and crawled to Jamie where she collapsed, crying, into her arms.

Jamie held onto her with all the strength she had. Her heart was pounding and her head hurt but none of that mattered to her. The only thing that mattered was that Tegan was here and she was in incredible pain. She just held her as she cried. Before she realized it, she was singing to Tegan. Something her mother had always done to her, Sophie and Robin when they were scared.

The sound of Jamie’s voice seemed to calm Tegan down a bit and gradually her crying calmed down “Tegan I’m going to pick you up and carry you over the sofa. Is that ok?” she asked, standing up with Tegan in her arms when she felt Tegan nod against her chest.

Tegan held Jamie in a death grip. She didn’t want to let go of her, she was the source of her relief and she thought if she let go of that Scott would attack her again.

Jamie carried Tegan over to the sofa and sat down placing Tegan in her lap and just holding her for a while.

“I’m sorry.” Tegan said, her voice was horse when she finally spoke.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Jamie told her. “And if you want to talk about it, I’m here for you Tegan. I swear.”

“It was what I wanted to talk to you about actually.” She sniffed. “I thought I could handle it, but then I saw the picture and I just lost it.”

“What picture?” Jamie asked.

“The front page of the paper.” Tegan told her.

Jamie could see the headline and the picture from where she was, ‘Oh god no’, she thought to herself. ‘Don’t tell me that happened to… oh sweet Jesus no.’

“I don’t want you to hate me.” Tegan said, tightening her hold on Jamie, if that was possible.

“I could never hate you T.” Jamie told her, meaning every word.

So Tegan took a deep breath and started talking. “The night before I left, I went out on a date with the soccer captain. My parents would never accept me being gay so I never attempted to tell them. I just went out with the boys I thought they would approve of. Well I knew Scott didn’t want anything long term so I agreed. We went to the cinema and I realized, when he started drinking, he was a jerk. Then when we were ready to go home. He took me to Murphy’s Point even though I told him I wanted to go home,” she was crying again now. It felt good to talk about it though. “He raped me.”

Jamie’s hands had clenched with the anger she was feeling, she wanted to kill the son of a bitch. “Ssh T.”, Jamie said. “I’ve got you now. How could you ever think I could hate you for that? It wasn’t your fault”

“It must have been,” Tegan said, sadly. “Scott said I made him want me.” She sobbed into the shoulder of the woman holding her. “Even my father punished me by sending me away.”

Jamie lifted Tegan away from her and lifted her head up so she could look into her eyes. “No you listen to me.” She said, with a tone that made Tegan listen .”It was not your fault. You did nothing to encourage him. He was just a bastard who hurt you for his own pleasure. Nobody deserves that especially you T. It’s not your fault that he abused you to make himself feel powerful. Don’t you even think that and don’t let anyone tell you that. Don’t let one bad experience turn you away from the chance at love or happiness” she told her. ‘You’re one to talk, Jamie Phillips,’ she told herself.

“So you don’t hate me?” Tegan asked, her voice holding a tinge of happiness that she was trying not to show.

“Of course I don’t”. Jamie assured her, pulling Tegan to her and holding her

* * * * *

Jamie and Tegan sat there for about an hour. Jamie because she wanted to allow Tegan to feel safe and comfortable in her arms. Tegan because she couldn’t be bothered to move.

“You never think something like this could happen to you.” Tegan said, later on. “It is the sort of thing that happens on the news or in the papers. It happens to people you don’t know. Not you”

“Nothing’s possible until it happens to you.” Jamie told her. “I’ve been thinking Tegan. Why did your father send you away?”

“He was worried I might be pregnant. I was unconscious when Scott penetrated me so I don’t know whether he wore protection or not.” Tegan told her.

“So that’s why you tensed up at the auction when I mentioned Scott to Darren.” Jamie said, she had wondered about that since that night but hadn’t had the chance to ask.

Tegan nodded. The nightmare of what happened didn’t seem so bad being in Jamie’s arms. It also felt better now she had talked and cried about it. The last couple of days had happened so quick that she hadn’t really had a chance to cry about what happened, she had needed to get it out of her system and thanks to Jamie she had.

“What are you going to do if you are?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t know. My father wants me to have the baby and put it up for adoption, but I don’t know if I can do that.” Tegan admitted.

“Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Jamie said.

“We?” Tegan repeated.

“Um… well… yeah if you want anyone there with you, I’m your girl.” Jamie told her.

“Thank you, Jamie.” Tegan said, as she wrapped her arms around Jamie. “I’m glad I don’t have to go through this alone.”

“You’re not alone Tegan.” Jamie said. “I’m sorry for what happened to you T.”

“I am too.” Tegan said, resting her head on Jamie’s chest, her heart feeling lighter now she had gotten that of her chest.
Part III

Chapter 13
As Tegan sat quietly in Jamie’s lap, a sense of safety and warmth washed over her and she would have stayed there forever if she could. The sound of Jamie’s strong heart beat under her ear, was comforting as well as the strong arms that held her.

“God Tegan, how did you ever survive all of that?” Jamie asked, knowing it took an incredibly strong soul to be able to deal with her rape and being abandoned by her family. Jamie held her close to the smaller woman close to her, cradling her head against her chest, unable to even begin to fathom what she’d been through.

“I just survived.” She answered. “And in a way I don’t think I did. I wanted my first time to be special, you know. I wanted it to be with someone I was in love with. Scott was my first and I’m not sure I could do that again. I don’t think that will ever be a part of my life again.”

“I wish I could kill him.” Jamie admitted. “How could they send you way for that? How could they be so blind and rotten?”

“It happens that way sometimes.” Telling Jamie had required a lot of trust from her. She now knew that if Jamie wanted to betray her trust by telling everyone, her life in Seaview would be over.

“What makes you think that you could never be intimate with anyone again?” Jamie asked.

“I just can’t imagine doing that, without reliving the nightmare.” Tegan said, softly.

“Tegan it’s only been just over a week. You need to give yourself time.” She lifted Tegan’s head away from her chest to look into her eyes. “You owe it to yourself, and to anyone who loves you to try,” she smiled and then asked her another question. “Would you go to a therapist if you needed to?” she asked gently, but Tegan wasn’t sure.

“Maybe.” she looked uncertain, maybe even that would be too hard.

“You are stronger than you look T. I don’t know why, but I don’t think you could have come through that if you weren’t. You’re 16 years old Tegan, you can’t throw away part of your life yet. You still have it all to go.” Jamie told her. Then she reviewed the conversation they had just had. “Hang on a minute. Did you say you were gay?”

Tegan thought back to her part of the conversation, ‘Oh boy’, she sighed. “Yeah I guess I did.”

“Wow!” Jamie said. “I honestly never thought you were gay.”

“Well I tried to keep it hidden.” Tegan admitted, then she thought about something else “I’m glad your Uncle brought me to your father, Jamie.” Tegan told her. “I don’t think I would have been able to open up to anyone the way I just did with you.”

“Well I’m glad you finally told me what was bothering you,” Jamie admitted. “It isn’t good to hold something like that inside you.”

“I know.” Tegan sighed again replacing her head on Jamie’s chest. She was in a warmth there that she never wanted to leave. The feeling of being loved and pretected was so profound that she wanted to cry.

“Tegan can I ask why you never went to the police?” Jamie asked, but she figured she knew the answer to that question already.

“Yeah like my Dad would let me do that.” Tegan’s voice was full of pain and disgust. “It would ruin his precious image.”

“I figured that was what you were going to say. Hey how about that cup of tea now?” Jamie asked “The last one went cold.”

“Yes please.” Tegan said. “My throat hurts a bit now.”

“Well, when the kettle is boiling, I just have to pop downstairs and let my mother know everything is ok.” Jamie said. “Will you be ok?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine.” Tegan said. “Are you going to tell your Mom what I told you?”

“Only if you want me too,” Jamie assured her. “If you want me to take it to the grave I’ll do that.”

“Well I think it would be ok for you to tell your parents. I think they would like to know what a sixteen year old is doing in a big city on her own.” Tegan decided.

“Ok than I will.” Jamie went into her bedroom where the kettle was and put the kettle on to boil. Then she headed downstairs.

* * * * *

She found her mother and father sitting on the sofa, in the darkened living room, watching the news. So she went in to join them.

“Is Tegan ok now?” Anne asked, she had been worried about her since she heard that scream.

“Yeah I think so,” Jamie sighed. “At least I know why she left home.”

“Really? Can you tell us or doesn’t she want us to know?” John asked, he was still having a tough time trying to figure that one out.

“She said she doesn’t mind if you know.” Jamie looked like she was going to thump someone, John and Anne knew it wasn’t good. “Have you seen the front page of today’s paper?”

“Yeah, it’s says something about a boy being arrested for rape.” Anne frowned, ‘what does that have to do with anyt…’ “Oh don’t say that happened to Tegan.”

“Yeah it was the same boy. She saw his picture earlier and she froze,” Jamie explained. “And to top it all off her father sent her away. Can you believe it? He sent her here because she might be pregnant.”

Anne was disgusted. “Ugh what a pig.”

“That’s putting it mildly.” Jamie started pacing her hands clenched and unclenched into fists. Her faced darkened with her thoughts. “If I had known this when I was in River’s End, I would have slapped her father so hard, he wouldn’t know what hit him.”

“He is her father, Jamie.” John looked at her with solemn eyes, although he was totally disgusted as well he knew what a temper Jamie had and he usually knew how to calm her down.

“And that gives him the right to abandon her when she needs her family?” Jamie stopped to look at her father with fierce eyes before she continued pacing. “She isn’t even allowed to talk to her mother or sister. What kind of father is that?”

“I don’t know, but there are still people around like that Jamie.” John admitted, sadly.

“Yeah, well I think anyone that can do that to their own daughter should be shot.” Jamie admitted, she was absolutely seething now. She had been able to contain her anger when she was with Tegan but now. Now she was absolutely evil. Images of Tegan’s father in her hands as she broke his body, just as he broke Tegan’s spirit, were right in the front of her mind causing a sadistic smile to form on her lips.

“Jamie calm down.” John looked at his wife with worried eyes, he knew trying to calm his daughter down now, was hopeless.

“Calm down? Calm down?” She looked at him and her mother and saw the worry in there eyes, she knew she was about a hair away from losing it at the moment. ‘Yeah come on Jamie, calm down for Gods sake. Just go back upstairs make Tegan that cup of tea you promised her and take out your frustrations on the punch bag in the gym tomorrow morning,’ she told herself. “I’m going back upstairs.”

So she turned her back on her parents and walked back upstairs. Robin, who had sleeping until he heard the raised voices from downstairs, came out onto the landing, looking worried and nervous.

“Jamie are you ok?” He asked, as he walked towards his sister. He didn’t like to see her upset or angry. When she was angry it usually frightened him a lot. The last time he had seen her angry was when Becky had broken up with her and he had stayed out of her way for two whole days, until she had calmed down. When she upset her brother she got even angrier because she was annoyed at herself for doing it.

“I’m fine, Robin,” Jamie assured him. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I heard you shouting downstairs and it worried me.” He admitted. “Can you come and sing to me for a bit. I know Tegan is upstairs and I know she needs you too, but I have school in the morning and if I can’t sleep I’m going to be tired.”

“Ok, let me just go upstairs and make Tegan a drink and then I’ll be back down. Ok?” Jamie asked.

“Ok.” Robin said, walking back to his bedroom.

Jamie just shook her head and walked up the stairs. Tegan was still curled up on the sofa, where Jamie had left her.

“Tegan, are you ok?” Jamie asked, she was walked towards the bedroom.

“Yeah.” Tegan said, she was ashamed to admit it, but she had been frightened when Jamie went downstairs. It was like, whenever Jamie wasn’t around the horror of what had happened to her came back full force and she couldn’t deal with it.

She sat quietly while Jamie went to make the tea. Only lifting her head when the cup was put on the table in front of her. “I’m just going to tuck Robin in a minute,” Jamie looked at her with blue worried eyes. “Will you be ok?”

“Yeah.” Tegan lied, she didn’t want Jamie to think she was too weak to stand on her own. She had never depended on anyone in her life before and she didn’t want to start now. Even though she knew it was already too late for that.

So Jamie headed down to tuck Robin in and to sing to him. Robin was already lying in bed waiting when Jamie walked in. His sandy blond hair was rumpled and falling around his head. He looked totally adorable and Jamie realized, yet again, that he was going to be a heartbreaker. He was also the smartest six year old Jamie had ever known. He was already as smart as kids three or four years older than he was. At school the teachers were trying to get him moved up to junior school early, because they felt he was smart enough to be with the older children. That idea was on the back burner for the time being. Robin was going to have to sit a couple of tests during the summer to decide what year he was going to enter.

“Is Tegan ok now?” Robin asked, as Jamie sat on the bed.

“Yeah.” Jamie told him.

“Good,” Robin smiled at his sister. “I really like her.”

Jamie felt a grin tugging at her mouth as she saw the childish smile that covered her youngest siblings face. “So do I,” She admitted. “So what do you want me to sing?”

“Anything,” Robin said. “I don’t care.”

“Ok then.” Jamie said, as she thought about a song she could sing, that wouldn’t take to long because she had a feeling Robin wouldn’t be awake long enough to hear a lot. She could tell he was sleepy by the glaze of his eyes, that he was trying to keep open. So finally she decided on a verse and chorus of A TV Kind Of Love by the teen pop sensation Dean Masters.

By the time Jamie had reached the chorus Robin was asleep, so she leaned over and gently kissed him on the forehead before heading out the door and back up to her apartment.

* * * * *

Back upstairs Tegan was sat quietly drinking her tea, thinking back to what Jamie had said about seeing a therapist. Although Tegan was unsure of it, she knew that seeing someone was a good idea but she wasn’t sure she could tell the story again. It was hard enough telling Jamie. ‘The only thing a therapist will do is analyse the problem,’ Tegan thought. ‘I don’t need that. Do I?’

She heard the door open and looked up to see Jamie closing the door. “Is Robin asleep now?” She asked, as Jamie sat down next to her.

“Yeah,” Jamie said. “It’s a good job too, because the poor tyke would have been shattered going to school tomorrow.”

“It’s starting to get late,” Tegan said, looking at the clock on the wall in front of them. “Do you think you could drive me home?”

“You could stay here if you want to,” Jamie told her. “I have a spare bedroom.”

“Are you sure your don’t mind?” Tegan raised green eyes, worried. She would much rather not be on her own tonight.

“Of course I don’t mind,” Jamie assured her. “Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think you could use the company tonight.”

Tegan smiled at that. ‘She seems to know everything I’m thinking about,’ she thought to herself. “I could use the company actually.”

“Good.” Jamie said. “Let me just go and get you something to sleep in. How about a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. It will be a bit big on you but it’s not like you’re going to go running around town in it, is it?” Jamie smiled, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“Well actually I was thinking of going for a run.” Tegan’s face was deadly serious.

“Really?” Jamie was surprised, she didn’t think Tegan would feel up to going for a run.

Seeing the shocked look on Jamie’s face caused a big teasing grin to appear on Tegan’s face. “Gotcha.”

Jamie smiled back, then that smile turned into a frown when there was a knock at the door. So looked at the clock on the fireplace and saw that it was 9.45 p.m. ‘Who would be calling here at this time of night?’ She asked herself, as she walked over to the door. When she opened it she was surprised and annoyed to see Catherine standing there.

“What are you doing here?” Jamie asked, as she noticed how Catherine was dressed. She was wearing a skin tight red dress. The kind of dress that were usually associated with the women in the red light district. She was wearing a leather coat and looked like a stereotypical prostitute. ‘Which is what she is anyway,’ Jamie thought to herself, as Catherine pushed Jamie into the apartment and followed her in. Not waiting to be invited.

“Well I thought you might like some company,” Catherine said, looking over Jamie’s shoulder and not liking what she saw at all. “But I see you already have that,” disgust evident in her voice. “Well I have to ask you, Jamie, is your friend better than me? Does she make you hot like I used to.”

“Catherine get out of my apartment.” Jamie growled.

“Oh come on Jamie, why don’t we try a Menage a Trois,” Catherine said, with a sly smile. “Or have you gotten too greedy to share. I can see what you see in her though. She’s a lot like Becky used to be. Young, beautiful, innocent and probably couldn’t count to ten.”

“Get out of here now, Catherine,” Jamie growled again, this time with more force than either Tegan or Catherine had heard before. “Don’t make me throw you out.”

Catherine turned to Tegan, “I’d watch your back if I was you.” She said.”Never turn it on her. As soon as it is turned she’ll pounce on you so quick, you’ll wish you never moved to Seaview.” With that she turned at left.

Jamie slammed the door behind her, her entire body was tense. ‘Why does she lie about everything when she doesn’t get her own way,’ Jamie thought with disgust. Then she turned around to face Tegan. Her heart fell when she saw the trepidation on Tegan’s face. “I’ll um… just go and um… uh get you something to wear,” Jamie said.

‘Could that be true,’ Tegan thought. ‘What if Jamie is just as bad as Scott,’ the thought made her shiver. “Uh Jamie, I think it might be a better idea if I went home,” Tegan said, noticing the way Jamie’s face dropped.

“Oh ok. If that is what you wan,t” Jamie said, sadly. ‘Now I know why she lied,’ she thought. ‘I swear if I catch hold of that little bitch I’m going to strangle he,r’ she turned and looked at the door and then back at Tegan. “Do you want me to get my mother to drive you?”

“I think that would be a better idea. I don’t want to trouble you.” Tegan said, her heart felt heavy again and she didn’t know what to do. She knew that Catherine was probably lying because she was jealous, but with what had happened to her this week she wasn’t sure she could take that chance. She didn’t even know Jamie that well.

“I’ll go down and ask her now.” Jamie said, then turned and left. For the first time, in as long as she could remember, she felt like crying, as she walked slowly down the stairs.

“Mom, Dad can one of you do me a favour?” Jamie asked, as she arrived downstairs.

“Sure honey what is it?” John asked, then he saw the crestfallen look on his daughters face. “What’s wrong?”

“Can one of you take Tegan home please?” Jamie asked, silently pleading with them not to ask why she couldn’t do it.

“Why what did you do?” Anne asked, she liked Tegan and if Jamie had done anything to upset or hurt the girl she would, she would…. ‘what would I do’ she thought.

“I didn’t do anything.” Jamie said, annoyed that her parents could think he would do anything to upset Tegan, especially after everything Tegan had told her earlier. ‘Damn you, Catherine,’ she looked at her parents with total honesty. “Catherine just turned up and she got jealous when she noticed Tegan was there. She started telling her all these lies about me and how she shouldn’t turn her back on me because I’d pounce on her before she knew what happened. It’s not surprising she won’t let me drive her home. She most probably thinks I can’t wait to get her clothes off either,” Jamie explained, getting angrier with Catherine the more she said.

“That’s a load of rubbish. Why don’t you tell her the truth?” Anne asked, upset with Catherine as well. “After all we have done for that little slut, Catherine would do that?”

“Mom, it’s not worth causing an argument about. It’s just not worth it. Can one of you please take Tegan home?” She asked.

“I’ll do it.” Anne said, she would sort Tegan out.

“Mom please, don’t cause any trouble ok? Tegan’s been through a lot today,” Jamie reminded her. “Just take her home.”

“Jamie Phillips, if you think I’m going to sit back and let someone slander my daughter’s name, you have got another think coming. I wouldn’t stand for that about anyone and I will most certainly not stand for it when it is my own family. If you think I will then you don’t know me as well as you think you do. Excuse me. You can tell Tegan I’ll be waiting in the car.” She grabbed the keys and walked out of the door.

“Great.” Jamie said. “Just great.”

She shook her head and headed back up the stairs where she found Tegan sitting on the sofa facing the door. ‘Well Catherine did say don’t turn your back on me.’ She thought sadly. “My Mom is waiting in the car for you.” With that she turned her back to Tegan and walked into the bedroom, not willing to let Tegan see the pain in her eyes.

Tegan watched Jamie’s retreating back with a lump in her throat. ‘What am I doing,’ she thought to herself. ‘She has never done anything to me and I’m treating her like a evil person.’ She wanted to say something to Jamie, to tell her that she trusted her more than she had trusted anyone in her whole life, but the words stuck in her throat and she lowered her head, sadly turned and walked out of the door.

* * * * *

Anne was waiting in the car when she noticed Tegan walking down the steps from Jamie’s apartment. She had to remind herself not to lose her temper, just in a calm and well mannered way tell Tegan she had her daughter all wrong. She remembered what had happened to Jamie when Becky had broken up with her and she knew that if it had been any other person, they would have had a few choice words to say to her, but Jamie had just accepted it and went home, heartbroken. She kept to herself a lot for the next couple of weeks because she didn’t want to risk seeing Becky, she had even gone so far as to not eat and she became really ill. Then Robin had turned around to her and said three words that changed Jamie’s whole attitude towards life. ‘Don’t Die, Jamie.’

She remembered the looked in Jamie’s eyes with a clarity that shocked her. Jamie had basically walked to the kitchen, picked up the food that they had bought specially to try and get to eat and she had eaten that and she had seconds and thirds. She refused to let the same thing happen to her eldest daughter again. And she knew that if Tegan turned her back on Jamie now, because of a lie that came from a jealous former girlfriend, Jamie wouldn’t survive.

It had surprised Anne and John at how quickly Jamie had fallen for Tegan. She tried to deny it but they could always tell by the smile in her eyes when she talked about Tegan, and also by how protective of Tegan she had been from day 1.

Tegan got into the car, quietly. She didn’t know whether to talk or just keep totally silent and pretend she wasn’t there. That didn’t work.

“Do you mind telling me what happened between you and my daughter tonight?” Anne asked, she wanted to hear Tegan’s side of the story before she decided on a course of action.

“Nothing really. Why?” Tegan asked, unsure on what Anne already knew.

“Well my daughter doesn’t get upset for nothing, Tegan. She already told me that Catherine came in and told you some things about her although she didn’t say what,” she lied. “I know my daughter wouldn’t stand up for herself because she doesn’t like to cause trouble so I’m asking you what Catherine said about her. I know you believe whatever she said and I would like to know if what you believe is true or a load of rubbish.”

So Tegan told her everything that Catherine had said and then listened as Anne cursed Catherine. “That no good lying piece of trash,” Anne said. “Well for starters, I can tell you everything that you have just repeated to me is a load of crap. My daughter was very serious about Becky but that is up to her to tell you, not me. And as for watching your back, Tegan, Jamie wouldn’t hurt anyone. She knows what it’s like to be taken advantage of. Ok granted, not the same as you have, for which I am very sorry. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. Jamie could never treat anyone as badly as she was treated herself,” Anne explained.
“Catherine doesn’t like it when Jamie shows interest in anyone else. And seeing you at the apartment tonight must have been a shock to the little tramp. She knows that saying something like that about anyone, will result in suspicion between whoever heard her. Apparently it worked. I know what happened to you was a very bad thing, Tegan, and it was also most probably the main reason you jumped to conclusions tonight, but you can’t go through life not trusting anyone. It’s not good for you. If you trust someone, you need to show it, and not turn away from them without an explanation.”

“Jamie hates me now doesn’t she.” Tegan said, sadly. Everything Anne was saying was true. She had jumped to conclusions about Jamie because she was afraid of what would happen to her. While that was all fair and good, if she couldn’t trust someone just because someone said something bad about them, she was never going to trust anyone again.

“Of course she doesn’t hate you, Tegan,” Anne said. “Do you know me and her father had to forcefully stop her from getting in the car and driving to River’s End tonight?” she was lying but she had to rebuilt the faith this young girl had had in her daughter before this had happened. Anne knew that deep down Tegan did trust Jamie, she wouldn’t have told her about the rape otherwise.

“Why did she want to go to River’s End?” Tegan asked, hoping it wasn’t to get away from her.

“She wanted to go and find that Scott person and do God knows what and she even wanted to go and flatten your father.” Anne said, with a smile. That much was true.

“I would have like to have seen that,” Tegan admitted. “He deserved it.”

“Which one?” Anne asked, quietly.

“Both of them.” Tegan said, just as quietly. That was the hardest thing for her to admit. She had always stuck up for her father, even when he didn’t deserve it. But that was something she couldn’t do any more. Her father deserved just as much as Scott did, maybe even more because in some ways what her father had done was worse, because he had treated her like a whore and kicked her out, cutting her off from her family when she needed them most. No one should be treated like that.

“Well maybe I shouldn’t have stopped Jamie then,” Anne said. “So do you believe me about her?”

“Yeah. I guess I decided she wasn’t that bad before you told me that. I just couldn’t be sure. I mean I’ve known Jamie for a week and I didn’t know what else to do. I just can’t leave myself open to that risk.” Tegan explained, hoping that would be enough to convince Anne as they pulled up outside the club.

“You don’t have to explain to me Tegan. My sister went through the same thing you are going through right now. Only she was younger than you. It took her a long time to trust anyone. Especially men after that. I don’t expect you to just trust the first person that comes along. Neither does Jamie,” Anne told her.

“You know the first night I got here, Darren told me that Catherine didn’t like it when Jamie showed any sort of interest in anyone, and that I should be careful of her and not be baited and that’s exactly what she did.” Tegan said.

“Tegan you can’t blame yourself. Catherine can be very manipulating. I’ve seen a lot more of what she can do than you have. Believe me it can be a lot worse than this” Anne said “Now are you going to be ok walking through the bar on your own?”

“Actually I was going to ask if you wanted a cup of tea or something? I’m not sure I could handle myself going through there” Tegan admitted.

“Sure I’d love a cup of tea” Anne said, taking the keys out of the ignition and getting out of the car. She waited until Tegan was out and then locked the door.

The bar wasn’t very crowded when they walked in because it was a Sunday night, so they managed to get through without the usual pushing and shoving. Ollie frowned as they walked past and he saw Anne but he smiled and waved at them anyway. Tegan returned the smile and wave, even though she didn’t feel like it, then carried on out of the bar and up the stairs to her apartment.

When she opened the door, she took in the sight warmly. This was to be her home for possibly the next year and to have somewhere so warm and inviting was great for her. She had expected to have to get a job and a cheap run down apartment but the way it was going now, she could get a Saturday job and use that to pay for her everyday things and then use the five hundred dollars her father gave her to pay for rent of the apartment. “How do you take your poison?” Tegan asked, as Anne shut the door behind them.

“My poison?” Anne asked, wondering if Tegan used the same term for tea that Jamie did.

“Your tea?” Tegan said, sheepishly. She forgot that not everyone used the same terminology.

“I figured that was what it was. Jamie always calls it poison as well. Usually though, when she makes it you know why she calls it poison,” Anne chuckled. “That girl can do just about anything. But when it comes to getting her in a kitchen to do anything, let me warn you now, if you want to live, don’t let her cook for you.”

“She’s that good is she?” Tegan smiled. Jamie looked like the type of person who wouldn’t be good in a kitchen.

“Oh God, definitely,” Anne told her. “We tried to get her a job as a chef once. They asked her what a Chow Mien was. You’ll never guess what she told them,” Anne shook her head. “She said it was a Chinese martial arts form.”

“Really?” Tegan asked, chuckling.

“Well she used to think that Chow Mien was a martial arts form when she was a kid but as for getting the job as a chef, I couldn’t risk the lawsui.t” Anne said.

Tegan shook her head and went to make the tea. It wasn’t long after it was made that Anne was leaving. “Will you tell Jamie I’m sorry?” Tegan asked, as she walked her to the door.

“I’m sorry Tegan, but that is up to you to tell her, not me,” Anne told her. “She wouldn’t accept it coming from me.”

“Ok,” Tegan said. “I’ll see her in the morning.”

“Good.” Anne said and then she left. Leaving a lonely young girl alone and wondering what had happened tonight. ‘I was suppose to be staying with Jamie.’ She thought sadly. ‘Why did Catherine have to ruin it all?’

She sat down in the living room and just stared into the fire. Hoping that Jamie would forgive her tomorrow.

* * * * *

Back in Jamie’s apartment, Jamie was looking at the newspaper. So she picked it up and read the article about Scott.

‘Local Soccer Captain arrested for Rape’

16 year old Scott Tyler of River’s End was arrested for the rape of a fellow class member yesterday. The young girl who cannot be named was found at the local make out spot Murphy’s point last night by a couple of passers-by and immediately taken to hospital. When questioned about it, she named the popular Soccer Captain as the attacker.

Scott Tyler is denying all knowledge of the attack and a group of his friends are backing him up saying he was with them at a friends house watching some videos.

We will bring you more information on this when we know more.

“So it wasn’t Tegan they were talking about then.” Jamie said to herself before putting the paper down and going to her room. Where she lay thinking nice thoughts about going to find Catherine tomorrow and imagining what it would feel like to have her hand wrapped around her throat, looking into her eyes as the glazed over for the final time.

With a smile on her face, Jamie went to sleep.
Chapter 14
The following morning came too early for Jamie. She hardly slept the night before because she was more worried about Tegan than anything. Why, she didn’t know but she did.

She wasn’t looking forward to going to work this morning either because that would mean she had to face Tegan and she wasn’t sure if she could do that. The suspicion she had seen in Tegan’s eyes last night had all but killed her. She could understand Tegan’s concern about the whole thing, but what upset Jamie was the fact that Tegan just taken what Catherine had said at face value and never even bothered to ask Jamie if it was true or not. ‘Yeah like you’d tell her it was true if it was.’ Jamie thought sarcastically, as she went downstairs to call Robin and Sophie for school and then went to call her mother for work.

Anne worked at the same school Sophie was in. She was the English teacher. It had been hell for Jamie having to go through two years of school with her mother as the teacher. Luckily Robin had come along during year 9 and her mother had to take some leave. Sophie was the one suffering now. Anne would practically stand over them when they were doing their homework, just to make sure they were doing it. If they misbehaved in class, where she would threaten the other kids with being sent to the headmaster, they were threatened with being grounded.

Although they moaned about it, both Jamie and Sophie enjoyed being their mother’s student, most of the time. The only thing was when Jamie had received a A+ on her English GCSE a few people had spread rumours that it was fixed, that Anne had given her the GCSE paper. It didn’t matter that no-one saw the papers until the bag was opened and the paper was on the desk of the student. Jamie had tried to ignore it but it had started to get a bit much for her. Her mother wasn’t even working when she did her GCSEs.

Sophie and Robin were up before their mother and Robin had to go up and call her again after half an hour. She had gone back to sleep.

“You get one week off and it feels like a lifetime.” She said as she came downstairs. “Jamie, can you take Robin and Sophie to school please? I’m not going to make it before registration.”

“Sure Mom.” Jamie said, so she went upstairs and grabbed her keys before announcing to Sophie and Robin to get ready because she was going to get the car.

They were waiting on the sidewalk for her when she pulled out of the drive onto the road. They got in and were both delivered to school.

“Don’t forget you have to pick me up tonight?” Robin reminded her, as he kissed her good-bye and than got out of the car.

“How could I forget” Jamie smiled, her father was out of town on business this morning. He had left at 6 am, heading out to a meeting at The Legends Pass, that would decide where the new theme park would go and when planning would start. John wasn’t expecting to be home until tomorrow afternoon. Which meant he was not available to pick up Robin from school.

“I’ll be waiting for you.” Robin said, before he run in to join his friends.

Jamie waited until he was inside the school before pulling away and heading towards the club. Why she didn’t know, she wasn’t really in a rush to bump into Tegan and she didn’t start work until the afternoon, but she felt something pulling her that way. ‘Who am I to argue with instincts?’ she thought to herself.

* * * * *

Tegan was awake just after 9 am that morning. She had been woken by a bad dream and although she knew it was bad, she couldn’t, for the life of her, remember what it had been about. So she sat down and tried to decide what to do with her time until Jamie arrived. In the end she got her diary out and decided to put yesterday’s entry into it.

Well I guess yesterday was a funny kind of day. I told Jamie about the rape and she didn’t hate me. It wouldn’t surprise me if she does now though. I made a total fool of myself. Me and Jamie were getting along well, talking about different things after I broke down in front of her. Then her ex-girlfriend Catherine showed up and said some pretty horrible things about Jamie, mostly telling me what Jamie was suppose to be like. I had planned to stay at Jamie’s last night because I didn’t really want to be alone. Well after I heard what Catherine said I just told Jamie I wanted to come home.

The stupid thing is, I don’t know why I did it. I told Anne and I was telling myself that it was because I don’t know her that much and I can’t open myself up to that sort of risk. Well I know that’s a load of rubbish. Jamie hasn’t made any attempt to harm me in the week that I’ve known her, she hasn’t even shown any sexual interest in me. Why would she want to do what Catherine said she would?

One thing I can say though is that I feel a little better about myself having told Jamie what happened. It was hard because I thought she would hate me like my father did. But she didn’t, she was there for me and she comforted me.

I still feel that I must have done something to make Scott do what he did. I wish I knew because then I could stop myself from doing it again because I don’t want that to happen to me again. I think I would die if it did.

I’m waiting around for Jamie now. I have to apologise for what I did last night. I have to tell her I don’t think she would do anything to hurt me. I’m sure of that now. I just wish I could have admitted that last night.

She finished the entry and then reread it. Everything she wrote was true. She did regret doing what she did to Jamie yesterday and she only hoped that Jamie would accept her apology.

She heard a car pull up outside the club and she looked at the clock. It was 9.45. ‘Well that can’t be Jamie,’ she thought sadly as she walked to the window to see who it was. She was surprised to see the green Rover parked outside. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized that Jamie was here and she would have a chance to apologize. Which she wanted to do more than anything.

So she watched from behind the curtain as Jamie got out of the car and headed towards the entrance. Tegan’s only thought now was would Jamie come upstairs or would she stay downstairs and out of Tegan’s way until two, when she was supposed to start work. ‘If she does that then I’ll go and look for her.’ Tegan thought to herself, ‘I’m not going to let her run away from me.’

With that decided she walked to the door and listened quietly to see if she could hear any movement from the corridor. She did. So she waited a couple of minutes trying to compose herself before opening the door and heading down to the office opposite her apartment.

* * * * *

Jamie heard Tegan walking down the corridor and she winced. She really didn’t feel like facing Tegan this morning. It wasn’t like she had anything to hide because she didn’t, but the look Tegan had given her last night, had hurt. Jamie had always been fragile emotionally. It didn’t take a lot to hurt her. It had been made worse by the end of her relationship with Becky. After that she tried to keep her emotions separate from anything else. She had gotten to the stage were nothing ever really hurt anymore because she stopped feeling. Until Tegan came into her life. Then it had all changed. How she didn’t know. All she knew that anything Tegan said that was meant to hurt her did. Even a look that showed suspicion or anything like that hurt.

She looked up from her desk when there was a tentative knock at the door. There stood Tegan.

‘Great. Just great,’ Jamie thought, shaking her head. “Um Hi.” She said, nervously.

“Can I speak with you a minute?” Tegan asked.

“Well actually I’m kind of busy.” Jamie lied, hoping Tegan would take her word for that and leave.

No such luck. “Really? You don’t look very busy.” Tegan pointed out, there was nothing on her desk she could be working on. The phone was still in it’s cradle. Her computer was even switched off “And even if you were, this will only take a minute. Please?”

“Sure.” Jamie said, reluctantly. “Come in.”

Tegan did as she was told. She came in and sat in the chair opposite Jamie. “I only wanted to tell you that I’m really sorry about last night.” She told her, honestly. “I know it looked like I was taking Catherine’s word over yours but I wasn’t.”

“How could you be? You never even asked me.” Jamie snapped. “You just took everything she said as the truth. You never even considered that she was lying.”

“Yes I did,” Tegan admitted. “I just didn’t know what to do. Jamie you haven’t been through what I have been through in the last couple of days. I’ve been raped and treated like a whore by my own family. I have nothing to depend on anymore, I’m on my own. Do you know how hard that is for a sixteen year old?” Tegan looked at Jamie and saw the pain in those lovely blue eyes but she had to say this. “I can’t go through what I went through again. I’ve known you for a week and I don’t know anything about you, except you’re gay and you have a really nice family who love you and understand you for what you are. I need to work everything out and I need to figure everyone out before I make a judgement on anyone. Whether it’s a long time friend or a new one. Everything changed when I went on that date with Scott. My perception on everything that was happening around me and most importantly my perception on people. I trusted Scott because he was the soccer captain. Look where it got me. I need to be certain about everyone before I can decide whether or not I trust them.”

“Well you made it obvious last night you don’t trust me,” Jamie said, sadly. “That hurt, Tegan.”

“I know and I’m sorry.” Tegan said, regretfully. “And you’re wrong. I do trust you, it’s me I don’t trust anymore.”

Jamie frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Like I said my encounter with Scott made my question my ability to see the truth in anyone. I never saw the truth in Scott so now when I see the truth in you, the truth that tells me you wouldn’t hurt me I have to question myself on that.” Tegan explained. “I just needed a second opinion on it, and I got that.”

“Off who?” Jamie asked.

“Your mother. I just needed that confirmation that my thoughts weren’t totally screwed up.” Tegan said. “And she gave it to me.”

“Oh well.. um,” Jamie fished around in her head for something to say. “I can see why you feel that way and I’m sorry I got so defensive.”

“I expected that,” Tegan admitted. “So are we still friends?”

Jamie got out of her chair and walked over to Tegan. “Of course we’re still friends.” She said, as she put her arms around the girl. “On one condition,” she felt Tegan tense.

“What’s that?” Tegan asked, fearfully.

“You don’t believe a word Catherine ever tells you,” Jamie said. “Because if everyone believed Catherine, I wouldn’t have any friends left.

“Oh so if she tells me that you are the most beautiful woman in Seaview. I shouldn’t believe her?” Tegan said, with a smile. She already knew that was true.

“Catherine would never say that.” Jamie said.

“Oh well.” Tegan said, removing her arms from around Jamie and felt Jamie do the same.

“Thank you.” Jamie said, quietly as they moved away from each other.

Tegan frowned and looked at her. “What for?”

“For believing me. I know, like you said, you don’t know me every well and I think I would have reacted the same way as you had, if I’d been through what you have and heard what you heard last night. I was just upset that you never even asked me if it was true.” Jamie told her.

“So what exactly are you doing?” Tegan asked, as Jamie returned to her seat opposite her.

“Um.” Jamie looked sheepishly at her. “Nothing.” She admitted.

“I didn’t think so,” Tegan smiled, letting Jamie know she wasn’t upset for lying to her. “Why are you in so early anyway?”

“Well Mom slept late this morning, so I had to drop Sophie and Robin off in school. And then I decided seeing as I didn’t have anything better to do I’d come in here.” She said. “I was hoping I could find something to do.”

“And you didn’t?” Tegan asked.

“Not a thing,” Jamie admitted. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Tegan said, looking intently at the assistant manager.

“When are you going to do the test to see if you are pregnant?” Jamie asked, she knew that it would be a difficult subject for Tegan, but her mother had told her the earlier she knew the better it would be.

“Well I was going to wait and see what happened with my monthlies which is supposed to be two weeks away. If I missed it then I was going to do it.” Tegan said, she had been thinking about that a lot over the last couple of days. The truth was though, she really wanted to know. She wanted to know if she was pregnant so she could start deciding what to do with her life. If she wasn’t pregnant she could go home in two months. If she was then she could start thinking about whether or not she could give the baby up at the end of it.

“I think that’s a good idea. Seeing as it isn’t very far away anyway.” Jamie agreed.

“No it isn’t.” Tegan said.

* * * * *

For the next couple of hours Jamie and Tegan sorted out the files in her office. There wasn’t anything else to do until she actually started work and then she had to put in the weekly alcohol orders and sort out the next month rotation. She could have started the rotation now but she didn’t really want to interrupt her time spent with Tegan, with work. After that they went up to watch the tv in Tegan’s apartment.

“Tegan can I ask you a question?” Jamie asked. ‘God I seem to be asking that question a lot,’ she thought to herself.

“Sure.” Tegan said.

“My Dad and me were talking last night and we were both wondering if you had considered going to school here. Like I said before Seaview Comp. is one of the best schools in Wales and I think you should give yourself a chance to do your GCSEs.” Jamie told her.

“I don’t know really. I mean I don’t even know if I’m going to be here long enough to finish the year. If I’m not pregnant I’ll be going home in two months time. Is it really a good idea to start thinking about staying here when I don’t need to?” Tegan said.

Jamie just looked at her. The thought of Tegan leaving was like a thump in the stomach. ‘How can she even think of going back to them,’ Jamie thought to herself. ‘After what her father did, she would still go back.’

Tegan was also feeling the drop in her stomach at the thought of going home and leaving Jamie. ‘I’ve only just met her and I don’t want to leave her.’ She thought. ‘What is wrong with me?’

“Uh… well maybe we should just see how the pregnancy thing turns out then.” Jamie said, trying to keep the pain out of her voice, and only just succeeding.

“Yeah I think that’s a good idea.” Tegan agreed, struggling with the same emotion.

At 12 ‘o’ clock Jamie decided it was time to get going to work. She said good-bye to Tegan and then headed down to open the bar. Where she helped Ollie set up the bars and then checked all around the club for anything that might have needed sorting out. She checked the toilets for any unwanted comments that seemed so eager to find the walls, relieved to find none.

When that was done she headed back up to her office. Where she got onto her computer and emailed the order for next weeks alcohol. Monday was the busiest day or the week for a club manager. All the weeks alcohol came in and she had to order next weeks load. She had to stock the shelves because her father wasn’t in on a Monday. She had to check all the lighting in the club and all the plugs to make sure there weren’t any faulty ones. The plugs and sockets she checked every day, just to be safe but it always seemed to take longer on a Monday.

When she looked at her watch she cursed. “Damn it all to Hades.” She said. ‘Where in Tartarus did that come from?’ She thought. ‘Huh’ those were not terms she had used before.

It was ten to three. She had ten minutes to get to the school to pick Robin up. She bolted out of the door and was glad she hadn’t taken her keys out of her pocket earlier.

Tegan was looking out of the window when she saw Jamie running out of the club to her car. It was a good job she knew she had to pick Robin up or she would have started to panic.
Chapter 15
The rest of the week went quickly with not much happening. Tegan and Jamie were really starting to get to know each other and Tegan was feeling increasingly comfortable with Jamie and with what she thought she could feel between them. She was still nervous about trying to start something with Jamie because she wasn’t sure if she could give Jamie what she needed. Jamie needed a lover. Everyone did. Tegan didn’t know if, even if the relationship between them developed into something more than it was, she didn’t know if she could let herself relax enough to let herself be intimate with Jamie. There was nothing she wanted more than to be able to let Jamie give her the pleasure and passion that had been missing on her first time but she didn’t know if she could. Every time she tried to think of anyone touching her intimately it was like having Scott leering at her again and she cringed. The last couple of nights Tegan had been staying at Jamie’s apartment because she wasn’t comfortable staying at the club at the moment.

She smiled when she remembered waking up that morning.

It had been a night like so many of the others since her attack, she slept peacefully for a while before the images of Scott haunted her and she was woke in terror.

This night had a different ending though. The nightmare came but this time she felt herself enveloped in a warmth she didn’t know. It was a warmth that she felt safe in and she fell back into a peaceful sleep.

When she woke up she was startled to see a pair of arms around her. She quickly jumped out of bed in a panic until she saw whose arms it was. Jamie was looking just as startled as Tegan was but for a different reason. She had planned to be up before Tegan because she didn’t want her to wake like this.

“Um I’m sorry T.” Jamie said “I uh..” Jamie took a deep breath and tried to compose herself before she tried to talk again “I couldn’t sleep so I went to watch the tv. On my way I could hear you crying so I came in to see if you were alright. You were asleep and it was a nightmare. I didn’t want to wake you so I did the only thing I know. I held you and sang quietly until you fell back into a peaceful sleep. I had planned on getting up before you did because I didn’t want to frighten you. It looks like that backfired”

‘So that was the warmth I felt,’ Tegan thought, happily, moving back towards the bed. “I’m sorry if I startled you”

“You’re apologizing to me?” Jamie chuckled. “I should be apologizing to you.”

“Ok,” Tegan said “You apologize to me and I’ll apologize to you.”

“Good.” Jamie said, they bother chuckled then as Jamie looked at her watch. “Well I have to get going. I need to get changed before I go and call… um… someone.”

She quickly got out of bed and made her way back to her own bedroom.

Tegan frowned. Wondering who Jamie had to phone that she was embarrassed about. Then she remembered. Jamie had that date tonight with the woman who bought her at the auction.

She remembered with sadness the message that Jamie had given Catherine that night.

“She is paying one thousand dollars just to have you go in and talk to some kids.” Catherine had said, disbelieve colouring her voice.

“No that isn’t all she wants,” Jamie had told he.r “But what else she wants me for is between me and he.r”

She was back at her own apartment now and her stomach dropped again as she thought about what Jamie and that woman would be getting up to tonight.

She didn’t want Jamie going out with that woman, ‘but what can I say,’ she thought. ‘Don’t go out with her because I want you here with me,’ she shook her head. ‘I think not.’

All she wanted to do was to tell Jamie not to go but she couldn’t. It wasn’t fair to Jamie.

She just had to sit here and worry. Hoping that Jamie wouldn’t fall in love with the woman. Jamie was a beautiful woman, who could have any woman she wanted. Tegan couldn’t expect her to wait around for her. She still wasn’t sure that Jamie even felt that way about her. She doubted it greatly. There was a chemistry between them, she could feel it, but could Jamie?

Shaking her head again, she went and sat at the computer. She was bored. She had nothing to do so she switched it on and connected to ICQ.

As soon as it connect there was an uh oh which meant an incoming message. So she clicked on the message that was flashing under the ‘not in list’ banner.

‘Hi T.’


‘It’s me, Robin, Jamie agreed to let me have my own account so I couldn’t talk to her friends and I could have my own. It’s cool. I still have you on my list though. Is that ok?’

‘Of course it is Robin. What are you doing this afternoon?’

‘Not a lot really. You?’

‘Absolutely nothing.’

‘Cool can we chat then?’



So Tegan and Robin spent the rest of the afternoon talking about different things and for the first time that day Tegan thought about nothing except her conversation with Robin.

* * * * *

Jamie, however, was in a total mess. She had arranged to go out with Sarah, the woman that had paid the one thousand pounds for her at the auction and now she didn’t want to go.

She knew she had to go because she couldn’t pay Sarah back but her heart wasn’t in it. There wasn’t anything she could do about it now. So she looked through her closet for something nice to wear.

She decided on a nice pair of black trousers and a denim shirt. She didn’t want to dress up to smartly but she didn’t want to go casual either. This was the best of both worlds.

She wasn’t planning on letting anything happen tonight. That wasn’t what tonight was about anyway. She had let Catherine think it was but what it really was, was Sarah needing an escort to a party tonight and she needed someone that people would stand and stare at. Jamie was that person and for a thousand pounds that was a good bargain. You couldn’t pay that for an escort an hour around here.

She knew what Catherine was expecting to happen tonight and she wasn’t going to argue with that because it might have ruined her image as a womaniser. Even if she wasn’t one anyway.

She shook her head and started to get changed. It was going to be a long night.

* * * * *

It was a long night for both Jamie and Tegan. Tegan sat twiddling her thumbs nearly all night wondering if Jamie and Sarah were doing anything interesting. Before long she decided to go downstairs and talk with Ollie at the bar before she went insane.

Jamie, on the other hand, was enjoying herself more than she thought she would, but she still didn’t want to be there. She was enjoying the attention she was getting off everyone. It was nice. Seaview had always been pretty open-minded about homosexuals and this was an example of it. They were at a school dance. The same one that her sister and mother were attending. Who would have thought that was possible. A teacher bringing a woman as her date to a school dance. It wasn’t very often that the school held dances here but they had decided to try it as the beginning of open week. Where the school was open to everyone that wanted to have a look around and the students were given the chance to impress teachers from other schools or universities.

Towards the end of the night, when Jamie was driving Sarah home, she was a little apprehensive. She didn’t know what Sarah expected of her and she really didn’t want to sleep with her. It wasn’t because she wasn’t good looking because she was. She was extremely beautiful. She had blonde hair, and brown eyes. Her face was full of life and love for all her students and Jamie knew that if she wasn’t falling for someone else she could easily fall for this woman.

“Do you want to come in for a drink?” Sarah asked, as Jamie pulled up outside her house.

“Um no… I really think I ought to get going home.” Jamie said.

“Jamie it’s ok. I’m not really interested in anything else. I’m not asking for anything I’m just asking if you want a drink.” Sarah said, knowing that Jamie thought she might have been asking her for more “I swear.”

“Oh well, ok.” Jamie said, shutting down the ignition and taking the keys out of the car.

“Good.” Sarah said, “I thought we could talk about you coming into the school. I really think it will be good for the children if you come in. All this week I’ve had them getting to know a close friend of mine. Some of them took a while to get used to him because he was black but they settled down after a while. All next week I have a Catholic coming in.”

“You’d think that kids their age would have gotten out of that hate everyone that’s different stage by now.” Jamie said, knowing that in some cases that would never be.

“It all depends on how you are brought up,” Sarah said. “How were you brought up Jamie?”

“I was brought up with the impression that no-one is different, because it’s what’s on the inside that counts, not what people look like, or what their sexuality or religions are.” Jamie told her.

“Your parents have brought you and Sophie up well. Many parents don’t bring their kids up like that. They just let them decide on their own and sometimes if there is any racial negativity in their parents attitude the child picks it up and situates that into their opinion as well.” Sarah said. “That is what I’m hoping this class will do.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” Jamie said. “The kids need to be told they have a choice about what they think. They don’t need to be told what to do or who to like.”

“My sentiments exactly.” Sarah said.

“So basically when I come to the school you want me to be open about my sexuality,” Jamie said. “Are you sure Mr. Jones won’t mind that?”

“Well I don’t want you to be throwing yourself at every girl that comes along. What I want is for you to act like a part time teacher. Get to know the kids and let them get to know you. Then help them out when they need it.” Sarah said.

“Don’t you think you should get someone whose more qualified to do that?” Jamie asked, not exactly sure whether to be thrilled about this or not.

“Well actually Mr. Jones recommended you. He said if I’m looking for someone who is going to be open about their sexuality and who knows what they’re doing when it comes to school work you were the best student he knew.” Sarah admitted.

“Really?” Jamie asked, pleased that the principal of the school thought so highly of her.

“Yeah, ‘ he’ gave me the address of the club and said it would be the best place to find you,” Sarah explained. “He has extremely high opinions of you.”

“Well that’s different.” Jamie thought as she sat down.

“What would you like to drink?” Sarah asked, as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Can I have a soft drink please?” Jamie asked.

“Pepsi?” Came the shout from the kitchen.

“Yes please.” Jamie said, knowing she couldn’t drink any alcohol because she was driving. She had planned to stop at the club on the way home, ‘just to see how it was going’, she told herself. ‘Yeah right,’ she thought to herself.

Sarah brought the Pepsi in and they sat talking for about half an hour before Jamie decided it was time to head to the club.

“So will you be able to make all day, every day during your week?” Sarah asked, as Jamie got into her car.

“I’ll try,” Jamie told her. “I’ll let you know before hand if I can’t.”

“Great. I’ll see you then.” Sarah said.

“Ok.” Jamie said, and then she started the engine and drove away.

The journey back to the Triclub was pretty quiet. The streets for a Saturday night were especially quiet.

Which was good because it meant Jamie got to the club quicker.

* * * * *

Tegan was talking to Ollie at the bar when Ollie lifted his hand in greeting, causing Tegan to turn around to see who he was waving at. Tegan’s breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight before her. The woman was absolutely gorgeous, and more to the point, she was Jamie. Jamie was wearing the clothes she had planned to wear, black trousers and a denim shirt and she looked absolutely stunning. There was no two ways about it.

Jamie caught the look of adoration on Tegan’s face before she was able to mask it. Which brought a smile to Jamie’s face. She had sensed over the last couple of days that something was changing between her and Tegan and she hoped it was heading in the way she wanted it to go.

She knew that Tegan was still a bit nervous around anyone she wasn’t sure of, which, Jamie knew, was totally understandable and although she knew that Tegan was gay, there was no way she was going to even pressure Tegan into something she didn’t want. If Tegan wanted to remain friends then that was better than not having her in her in her life at all. Jamie hoped that the look she had just seen on Tegan’s face meant that Tegan wanted to be more than friends. So she walked over to the bar and joined Ollie and Tegan. “Good evening,” She said, as she reached them.

“Good evening.” They both said, as Ollie poured her a glass of Pepsi.

“Here we go,” Ollie said as he handed it to her. “So how did your evening go?”

“It was fine. She wanted me to escort her to the school dance. Can you believe it, a school dance?” Jamie told him “Then we went to her place and we talk about the week I’m suppose to go and talk to the kids. Only I found out that it isn’t that. I have to go to school with them and be like a trainee teacher. Me a teacher. God help ’em.”

“Are you sure that’s all you got up too?” Ollie said, with a sly grin.

“Yes, thank you Ollie, that is all we got up too.” Jamie said, sounding exasperated.

“Well that’s good,” Ollie said. “I’ve got to get back to work.”

“Yes, you had.” Jamie said, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m going, I’m going,” Ollie said. “Good gosh almighty.”

Tegan and Jamie heard this as he went back to work and they started laughing. That wasn’t a term used by many of the people around here anymore and it wasn’t very often Ollie used it, but when he did it always sounded funny.

“So do you want to come upstairs and have a cup of tea?” Jamie asked, after awhile.

“Sure, this music is starting to do my head in.” Tegan admitted, as she jumped off the stool she was sitting on and walked towards the door.

“Ollie give me a shout when you’re ready to close up.” Jamie said, as she followed Tegan out of the room and up the stairs.

The rest of the night they spent talking about Jamie’s date and who had been at the dance. That was the best thing about the relationship between them at the moment, they both felt they could tell each other anything or talk about anything.

They sat watching the tv for a while before Tegan decided to speak again. “Jamie, what was it like for you, when you first found out you were a lesbian?” Tegan asked, she remembered all too well what it was like for her, she wanted to know how it was for the woman she loved. ‘Loved. Where did that come from?’ She asked herself. ‘Oh come off it Tegan, you’ve been in love with her since day one.’

“It was strange, I guess. Everyone was always talking about the boys they liked and I just wasn’t interested. I did have a crush on a girl though. So one day I asked my mother why I had a crush on Sonia, while all my friends had crushes on Darren. You would never believe how popular that boy was. Too bad for most of the people that fancied him, he was gay. My mother told me it could be a phase I was going through or I could be homosexual. Well I never grew out of it, so we just took it as being gay. My parents were really supportive. I couldn’t have asked for more.” Jamie told her, she didn’t want to ask but she figured this was Tegan’s way of starting a conversation she needed to have. “What was it like for you?”

“It was hard,” Tegan admitted. “I wrote about it all in my diary a couple of weeks ago. Do you want to read it?”

“Oh no T. that’s private.” Jamie said.

“I would like you to read it, Jamie. It might help you understand it more if you read it than if I tell you.” Tegan told her.

“Well if you don’t mind,” Jamie said.

Tegan went into the bedroom and collected the diary, then she came back and handed it to Jamie, who opened it and began to read.

It’s not easy, being different. I guess I always knew I wasn’t like my friends. While they were talking about the boy of the moment, I was thinking about girls.

I’ve been out with a few boys before, because it seemed like the thing to do. I never really felt anything for them though. I felt really uncomfortable with the way I was feeling at first because nearly everyone I know is against it. They think homosexuals should be put on an island and then the island should be blown up.

I try to spend most of my time doing the same things most of the girls my age do. I go to school, I study for my GCSEs, go out with my friends and read. The rest of my time I spend wondering what it would be like to be in love with someone and to have them love me back.

I am a sixteen year old girl, who has never experienced love before. People are always telling me I have plenty of time. But when you’re a teenager, you think, if you don’t experience it now, you never will.

All my friends are involved with boys, some even say they are in love with them. I have to admit it makes me jealous sometimes, that they have experienced that. Another thing I am jealous of is the fact that they can be open about their relationship. I know I could never be open in a relationship. Not in a world were homosexual relationships are still frowned upon by so many people. Granted it isn’t as bad as it was a few years ago, especially after a few famous people coming out. But it is still ‘not natural’.

My parents would absolutely freak if they found out. My father’s job as Mayor means we are constantly in the spotlight. If it ever came out that I was gay, it would ruin his chances for re-election. He would kick me out of the family before he let that happen. I want to tell someone about this because I need to talk to someone. Going through this alone isn’t easy.

But I do know that I have to accept it before I can expect anyone to accept me for who I am. It is then that I might have a chance of meeting someone and falling in love.

There was silence in the room for a while as Jamie finished reading. She had never had to worry about that with her family. She couldn’t imagine how lonely it must have been for Tegan.

“It was such a relief for me to actually tell Jenny. She was accepting of it but we both knew my parents wouldn’t be,” Tegan said, as Jamie put her arms around her again. “It must have been nice to have everyone there for you.”

“It was,” Jamie admitted. “But T. you’re not on your own now. I’ll always be here for you, and my family will be there for you too.” Jamie smiled. “They’ve taken quite a liking to you.”

“They’re nice people,” Tegan said. “I’ve only known them about two weeks and they’ve made me feel welcome,” she sighed. “They had no reason to do that. Your father gave me a home, even though he knew nothing about me. Your brother gave me company when I needed it and you’ve all given me your friendship. You don’t know how much that means to me.”

“If it means as much to you, as it would to me, then I know.” Jamie said. Just then there was a knock on the door. “That’ll be Ollie,” Jamie got up and answered the door and sure enough there was Ollie.

“We are ready to close up now Boss.” He said, with a smile, he knew how much Jamie hated being called Boss.

“Ok, Ollie.” Jamie said, with a slight snarl in her voice. “I’ll be down now.”

“Ok.” Ollie said, then turned and walked down the corridor and back to the bar.

“Well I better get going. Are you going to be alright on your own tonight?” Jamie asked, as she shut the door and walked over to Tegan. “Because if you don’t think you will be, you can come home with me. I don’t mind the company.”

Tegan thought for a minute, trying to decide whether she wanted to stay or go with Jamie. She wanted to go but she didn’t want to make it look like she couldn’t stand the thought of being alone.

“I think it would be better if I wasn’t alone yet. At least if I have a nightmare again, I have someone there for me.” Tegan told her.

“Well go and get your stuff ready then. I’ll pop down and close the rest of the club, then I’ll meet you downstairs,” Jamie said, walking over to the door. “Don’t be long,” were her final words before she left.

Tegan got her stuff ready quickly and then made sure everything was turned off before heading down to Fantasy Island. Where she waited patiently for Jamie.

“Come on then,” Jamie said, as she shut the last light off, and headed towards the door. Tegan followed.
Chapter 16
The day Tegan’s period was due, came and went and Tegan resigned herself to the fact that she needed to make an appointment with the doctor. It was a week after she was supposed to have her period and she couldn’t wait much longer. She needed to know.

She waited for Jamie to come back from her morning run before she phoned. It wasn’t long before Jamie arrived and Tegan managed to grab her before she went for a shower.

“Jamie?” Tegan sounded nervous so Jamie stopped immediately.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

Tegan smiled and then spoke again “I’m fine. But see I’m nearly two weeks late and I was wondering if I could use your phone to make an appointment with the doctor.”

“You’re over a week late,” Jamie said. “Of course you can use the phone. The doctors number is next to the phone.”

So Tegan made an appointment with the doctors for early the following morning, while Jamie went and had a shower. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go herself or not. So she decided to ask Jamie to come with her.

It wasn’t long before Jamie was out of the shower and making them a cup of tea. “Did you make an appointment?” she asked, as she handed Tegan her tea.

“Yeah for 9.30 tomorrow morning,” Tegan said. “Would you um… would you come with me? I mean you can sit in the waiting room, while I go in, but I’d just like to have some company while I wait. If the doctors here are anywhere near as bad for keeping time as they are in River’s End, then I’ll be there awhile”

“The doctors here are pretty good but I’ll be there. I told you if you needed someone there with you T. I’m your girl.” Jamie smiled, trying to ease the worry that was starting to show on Tegan’s face.

“Thank you Jamie,” Tegan said, as she walked over and put her arms around the woman who in the last couple of weeks had become her best friend. “It’s nice to know I have someone I can count on. I never had that at home. Jenny was usually there for me but it wasn’t the same.”

“Well I’m glad you feel that way.” Jamie said, as she hugged the smaller woman.

Being there felt so right that they both had to force themselves to move apart.

Tegan and Jamie had planned to spend the day going over the profits for the last month today and Jamie was glad of the company and the help.

“T. I’ve been thinking,” Jamie said, once they were back on the sofa. “You spend so much helping me work, I was thinking it would be nice if you got paid for it.”

“Paid. But I don’t do anything only help you out. That isn’t worth getting paid for.” Tegan told her, it was a nice offer but there was no way she would take Jamie up on it. “Besides if I got paid for it I would feel like I was getting charity off you and I don’t want that. I mean your father is charging way to little rent for the apartment, which I hardly stay at. I have five hundred pounds to last me a year, so I don’t need money.”

“Are you sure?” Jamie asked, she wanted to give Tegan something, just to let her know that her help was appreciated.

“Yeah I only help because I like the company not because I want to help you.” Tegan said, with a smile.

“Well that’s good, because I enjoy the company and I don’t really need the help,” Jamie said .”Not that I don’t appreciate it.”

“I know you do.” Tegan said.

“So am I still going to have your company today?” Jamie asked, finishing her tea.

“Absolutely.” Tegan smiled.

Jamie chuckled, “Absotively posilutely.”

“Hey, you watched Oliver too.” Tegan said, slapping Jamie on the arm.

“Hey, I have a six year old brother. I’ve watched every disney film twice at least.” Jamie said.”Now come on we have work to do.”

They made their way to the front door and then to the car. It wasn’t long before the arrived at the club and got straight to work.

* * * * *

The following day didn’t come quick enough for Tegan. She was extremely nervous about going to see the doctor but she was excited too and for the first time, since it had happened she hoped she was pregnant. She knew that if she was, she would be giving up most of her childhood and she would be missing out on a lot of things. College and University would have be put on hold, at least until the child was old enough to go to day care or something.

Jamie was just getting ready before they headed out when she thought about all the complications a child could have on Tegan’s life. She was so young, maybe too young to have a baby. If she was pregnant what would she do. Would she have an abortion, have the baby and do what her father wanted her to do, put it up for adoption or would she be strong enough to keep it herself?

“Everything is an if,” Jamie said to herself, as she finished pulling on her shoes and went out to meet Tegan who was sitting on the sofa waiting for her. “Well are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Tegan said, grabbing her coat and heading towards the door. With that they both left.
Part IV

Chapter 17
The clinic was pretty quiet when Tegan and Jamie arrived, which wasn’t surprising really, with it being only 9.15 in the morning. Tegan had come totally prepared for this, so she was hoping it wouldn’t take too long.

They sat quietly in the waiting room, just enjoying each other’s company. The waiting room was colourful and cheerful for a clinic. The reception was on the one wall away from the waiting area and there was only three people waiting before Tegan. It wasn’t long before Jamie recognized two familiar figures walking into the clinic.

Darren spotted her and smiled. Then when the man with him had finished at the reception desk, he and Darren walked over to sit with Jamie and Tegan.

Tegan got a good look at the man with Darren. He was a good looking fellow really. He had brown hair and blue eyes and he looked ill. He looked like he would be slightly shorter than Jamie when they were stood together.

“Good morning, Ladies.” Darren greeted them, as they sat down.

“Morning, Darren,” Jamie said. “Morning, S.C.”

“Morning, J.P.” The young man smiled, weakly. It had been a long time since he had seen Jamie, he’d spoken to her a few times on the phone, but he’d been hospital in Cardiff for three weeks and with Jamie’s constant work load she had only been able to make the three hour journey twice. So they spoke on the phone when Jamie wanted to check on how he was.

“Tegan, this is another good friend of mine, Scott Calvin,” Jamie introduced them. “Scott ,this is Tegan Rhys.”

“Morning, Tegan.” Scott said.

“So, how are you keeping, Scott?” Jamie asked.

“Same old, same old,” Scott said. “You know how it is.”

“Scott is the friend that we hold the fund-raisers for.” Jamie explained, telling Tegan that Scott had AIDS.

“Oh.” Tegan said, sadly. He didn’t look much older than her and to have a life ruined that young was horrible. Just as Tegan was about to speak again the number on the board changed and Tegan’s number came up. “Oh well I guess I’d better be going.”

“Are you going to be ok?” Tegan stood to leave and looked into the concerned blue eyes.

“I should be.” Tegan wished she could ask Jamie to come in with her but she needed to do this herself. “I shouldn’t be long.”

“Ok.” Jamie said, as she watched Tegan’s disappearing back. Before turning back to talk to Scott and Darren.

* * * * *

Inside the doctors office, Tegan spotted a female doctor looking at a computer. She knocked on the door and waited until the doctor lifted her head and smiled under a mop of brown hair.

“Good morning.” She gave Tegan a warming smile, standing up and holding out a hand. “You must be Tegan Rhys?”

“Yes I am.” Tegan agreed, reaching out to take the offered hand.

“Ok. I’m Dr. Kelly Andrews.” The doctor introduced herself, before releasing Tegan’s hand and motioning for her to sit down while she sat back at her pine desk. The room was pretty small really. You had the desk in one corner, the uncomfortable doctors bed in the other corner with the long blue curtain hanging from the rail. The weighing scales were right by the door as was the height ruler “Well I have to ask you a few questions before we start on what it is you came here for. Just so I can get to know about you, because you are not a registered patient here. Ok?”

Tegan nodded her head. “Ok.”

“Great,” Kelly said. “First of all what is your date of birth?”

“September 5th, 1982.” Tegan answered.

“Ok,” Kelly said, as she typed that into her computer. “Where were you born?”

“River’s End General.” Tegan answered.

“Ok,” Kelly said, putting that into the computer, then bypassing some of the questions. “We’ll sort all of that out in minute.” She said to herself, looking over some more questions before settling on the ones she needed to ask. “Are you sexually active?”

“Um, well I uh… I guess you could say I am now.” Tegan couldn’t stop the sadness creep into her voice and her eyes at that.

Kelly heard it as well. “Ok,” She said, typing that into the computer. “Do you want to talk about it?”

‘Do I?’ Tegan asked herself. ‘She is a doctor. She has a right to know,’ she decided finally.

“I was raped three weeks ago.” She said, quietly, and she was relieved that it had come out easier this time than it did the first and second time.

“Oh,” Kelly looked at the young woman in front of her her grey eyes full of sympathy. “Were you checked out after?”

Tegan looked at the hands that fidgeted in the lap. “No”, she admitted quietly.

“You should have been Tegan, especially with all the sexually transmitted diseases that are going around today.” Kelly told her.

“I know,” Tegan said. “I was frightened though.”

“I know,” Kelly said. “But while you are here I would prefer it if you would let me take some blood, just to check.”

“Ok sure.” Tegan agreed. So Kelly took some blood and placed it on the desk beside her.

“Ok now what can I do for you? Before we check your height and weight and stuff.” Kelly asked.

“Well I missed my period two weeks and I wanted to take a pregnancy test,” Tegan said. “I don’t trust those cheap tests you can buy from the pharmacy.”

“Ok,” Kelly said. “Did you bring a sample with you?”

Tegan took the plastic container out of her pocket and handed it to the doctor. “I figured you would want one.”

“Good,” Kelly said. “Let me just go and check this then. I’ll be right back” With that she left.

She returned after about five minutes. “Ok while the sisters are sorting that out, let me just have your weight and height so I can finish this off.”

So Tegan stood up and then went over to weighing scales. She typed the results into the computer, then stood Tegan against the large ruler on the wall. She took the height then added that into the computer. She looked at the questions she hadn’t asked before turning back to Tegan.

“Ok just a couple more now.” She hated all of these questions, some of them were so pointless, but these were the important. “Have you had all your injections?”

Tegan thought about that before answering. “Yeah I had them when I was five.”

“Good,” Kelly said. “Is there any heart disease in your family?”

“No.” Tegan said.

“Diabetes?” Kelly asked.

“No.” Tegan answered.

“Good,” Kelly said. “Let me just check your blood pressure and your breathing.” That done she looked at the notes again. “Well Tegan from the looks of this I say you sound extremely healthy. That is good sign. Let me just go and get the results of that test.”

So she left Tegan again to get the results.

It wasn’t long before she came back again. Tegan couldn’t make out the look on her face “Well?” Tegan asked, impatiently.

“Do you want to be pregnant or not?” Kelly asked, she knew the results and she needed to know what Tegan wanted before she knew how to tell her one way or the other.

“At first I didn’t think I did. But it’s kind of exciting if I am.” Tegan said .”If I’m not that that’s ok because I have plenty of time for that later.”

Kelly breathed a sigh of relieve at her words, then looked at the paper in her hand again. “Well it was positive.”

She was surprised to see a smile on Tegan’s face, that reached her eyes. “It did?” Tegan asked, she knew she looked stupid sat there with a grin on her face but she didn’t care. She was going to be a mother and for the first time she was happy again. She knew that most probably when everything hit her she was going to start doubting whether to have the baby or not but at that moment, their was nothing more precious than what was growing inside her.

“Yeah you are one month pregnant,” Kelly said. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks.” Tegan said.

“You are going to have to make an apointment with the hospital in about three weeks time so you can go for an ultrasound just to make sure everything is developing as it should, and you have to go to relaxation classes. It is vital for someone of your age to get the proper care because you are at the age of a high risk pregnancy. Your condition will need to be monitored carefully. Just in case we need to warrant bed rest or anything like that. All of that is done here on any afternoon from three thirty to five thirty. You just pick a day when it is convenient for you.” Kelly explained. “Are you going to tell your parents now or wait until later?”

“I’m not going to tell them.” Tegan said.

Kelly looked at her with worried grey eyes. “They are going to find out sooner or later Tegan.”

“No they won’t. I don’t live with my parents anymore. They are still in River’s End. I’m here on my own.” Tegan said, ‘well not exactly on my own’, she thought with a smile.

“Will you have anyone to come to these classes with you?” Kelly asked.

“I think I will but I’ll have to ask her first.” Tegan said.

“Ok good. Well I’ll send the blood of to the lab and then if there is any problems I shall let you know.” Kelly said. “And remember to make those appointments.”

“I will. Thank you, Doctor Andrews.” Tegan said, as she turned to leave.

“You’re welcome and please, call me Kelly.” Kelly said, ‘another wasted youth,’ she thought sadly as Tegan left.

Jamie was still talking to Darren, who was waiting for Scott to come out, when Tegan came out of the doctors room. Darren nodded towards Tegan and Jamie looked in her direction. She quietly got up and walked over to Tegan. “How did it go?”

“Ok.” Tegan met the worried blue eyes with a smile.

Jamie was desperately trying not to ask what the test results were but it was killing her.

Tegan saw her struggle and smiled before letting her off the hook. “I’m pregnant.”

Jamie looked into her green eyes, trying to see any reaction in them, wondering if she was happy or not. They hadn’t really talk about whether Tegan wanted the baby or not. “Is that good news?”

Tegan thought about it for a miute before making her decision. “Yes it is.”

With that Jamie smiled and released a breath, she didn’t know she had been holding. “That’s good. Come on let’s go say bye to Darren and then let’s get out of here. I hate clinics.”

So they did just that, they said goodbye to Darren and told him they would see him at the club later, then the went to the office.

* * * * *

They arrived at the office in about half an hour, and got straight into work. Before long, though, they had to stop for lunch when Tegan’s stomach made itself known.

“Come on let’s go and get something to eat,” Jamie said, after a while. “Mixed Blessings should be open now.”

“Why do they call it Mixed Blessings anyway?” Tegan asked. She had been trying to figure that out since she had been there the first time. It was a fast food restaurant.

“Well when we asked Dean, the owner, he said it was because that’s exactly what they served. The food is absolutely gorgeous but it isn’t good for us. So while it is good for us, it isn’t good for our bodies.” Jamie explained to her.

“I never thought of that.” Tegan said.

“Yeah, and don’t forget no hamburgers or anything like that for you for a while.” Jamie reminded her.

Tegan frowned. “Why not?”

“Greasy food isn’t good for the baby. You have to remember there are two of you now,” Jamie said. “I know all about babies because I helped my mother go through two pregnancies. I helped a lot more with Robin though.”

“Well that’s good, because I don’t know anything about having a baby yet,” Tegan admitted. “That part wasn’t covered very well in school. They only gave you the information on what to do to stop yourself from getting pregnant.”

“Didn’t you think of taking the morning after pill?” Jamie asked. “I know it doesn’t always work but it might have been better than this.”

“No I didn’t,” Tegan admitted. “Beside my view on that, personally, is if you get pregnant, you get pregnant. I think the second that baby is conceived it becomes a person and I refuse to kill anyone.”

“What are you going to do now?” Jamie asked. “You just said abortion was out of the window, so are you planning on keeping the baby, or putting the baby up for adoption?”

“I don’t know what I want to do. I have a couple of months to decide yet, Jamie,” She reminded her. “When does the morning sickness start?” That part of the pregnancy was going to kill her.

“Well if you’re going to suffer from it, I would say it should start anytime soon,” Jamie told her. “Maybe you’ll be a lucky one who doesn’t suffer.”

“I hope so.” Tegan said, then they arrived at the restaurant. Ordered their food and sat at a table near the back to eat it. The fast food restaurant was just like any other really. The floor was made up of square white tiles and there were tables and chairs scattered all over. There was quite a queue waiting for food by the time Tegan and Jamie sat down because it was lunch time and Mixed Blessings was one of the most popular fast food restaurants in Seaview.

As Tegan and Jamie both sat there, they were silently thinking about different things. Well, actually they were both thinking the same things. Tegan was thinking about how good it was to have Jamie there with her through this and Jamie was thinking how nice it was to be able to be there for Tegan.

Tegan knew that raising a child wouldn’t be easy, if she decided to keep the child. She would have to miss college until she saved up enough money to go and still support the baby. She would definitely need to get a job because she wouldn’t be able to live off the five hundred pounds her father gave her forever. But she had time to think of all that later. Right now all she wanted to do was enjoy Jamie’s company and enjoy the fact that she was pregnant.

* * * * *

The rest of the day went pretty quickly and without an interesting event. So Jamie and Tegan just hung out in Fantasy Island until closing time, then as in every day before, they both went to Jamie’s apartment. It was all quiet when they arrived at home, with everyone in bed. Which was pretty unusual, because there was usually someone up when Jamie came home from work, but not today.

So Jamie quietly opened the door to her apartment, because she didn’t want to wake them downstairs if they were sleeping. Then she took Tegan’s coat and then walked into her bedroom to put the kettle on.

They talked as they drank the tea and then both of them went to bed. And for the first time since her attack, Tegan didn’t have a nightmare. That night’s dreams with images of her and Jamie together, with a little baby between them.

* * * * *

“Come on Honey, you can’t hog your daughter all the time. There are others who want to see her as well.” Jamie said to her, as they sat quietly in the shade of a big oak tree. Tegan looked at Jamie and she was surprised to see her wearing a brown leather outfit that looked really wierd. The baby looked pretty young and was just adorable.

“Well she is my daughter.” she reminded her.

“Well she is my daughter too,” Jamie reminded her. “Just because you gave birth to her doesn’t mean you can take all the credit.”

“Well you’d better look after her. I need to go back to the house before I head up to the Inn.” she said, as she handed her daughter to her lover.

“I’ll look after her, just like I look after you,” Jamie said, honestly “Won’t I Oteri?”

“Mama.” The little one said, poking Jamie on the nose.

“Well maybe I’d better not leave her with you then.” She chuckled, earning a raised eyebrow from her partner, before she turned and walked away, chuckling all the way back to the inn. Oteri had been decided after their last adventure before she got pregnant and although she was a bit iffy on the name at first, she found by the time Oteri was born she really liked the name. Just as much as she liked seeing her usually warlord like partner relax and let everyone see who she really was.

It was lovely.

* * * * *

The next couple of days went past pretty quickly. Tegan had decided to go and talk to Jamie about going back to school until she had to leave. She had been thinking about it a lot since Jamie had suggested it and knowing that she wasn’t going back to Seaview for a while made the possibility of going all the more interesting.

So she sat downstairs in Jamie’s parents living room, waiting for Jamie to come down, after Sophie had manipulated her for the last ten minutes. Robin was sat next to her on the white sofa, watching the tv. As Tegan actually looked around the living room for the first time since she had been to the house, she noticed it was a lot like the living room in Jamie’s apartment. The fireplace in the wall was a real fireplace which was so rare now. On the mantelpiece were pictures of family get togethers and pictures of Jamie, Sophie and Robin as babies. Jamie was the easiest to tell because of the mop of black hair on her head.

The other two didn’t have that, they had really light brown hair, so light it could have been the same colour as her hair. She looked closer at the picture of Jamie with a smile, even as a baby she was pretty. Finally Tegan’s eyes wandered around the room again, looking at all the family trinkets that were scattered around. The room was surprising clean. Not that it should have been dirty but the furniture and the walls were white with a dark blue carpet. White was always so hard to clean that Tegan was surprised to now even see a tiny stain on either of the chairs or the sofa. Her eyes drifted over to the pine bookshelves just as Anne walked in.

“Good afternoon,” she looked tired as she removed her shoes and placed them in the shoe rack by the door. “How was school today, Robin?”

Robin rolled his eyes. “It was school,” he moaned. “How do you expect it to be?” Anne flashed him a warm smile before he decided to answer probably. “It was good. We did a lot of stuff.”

Anne looked around the room and frowned when she noticed there was no Jamie. She swore to herself. ‘I’m going to kill that kid,’ she thought as she turned to Robin again. “Robin take Tegan upstairs and remind your sister that I will not have guests left on their own in this house.

“But she isn’t on her own, she’s keeping me company.” Robin pouted, he hated it when Anne told him to tell Jamie off because he was always afraid Jamie would have a go at him.

“That isn’t the point. Now Robin.” Anne insisted, watching as Robin stood up slowly.

Robin sighed. “Come on Tegan,” he held his hand out to help her up. Tegan smiled and took the offered hand, pushing herself up. Robin never let go of Tegan’s hand as he lead her up the stairs.

* * * * *

Meanwhile Jamie was sat on Sophie’s double bed watching her pace infront of her. Sophie was worried and annoyed at her sister and she was trying to find a way of telling her that.

“You need to tell her, Jamie.” She finally decided being blunt was the best way.

Jamie frowned, she figured Sophie was talking about Tegan again, but she wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of not explaining it. “Tell who what?”

Sophie glared at her. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. You need to tell Tegan how you feel about her. You know she’s gay so you can’t use that as an excuse anymore.” She reminded her. Sophie was worried about her sister. ‘This is so unlike her,’ she thought for the fifth time that day.

“I have a better excuse now,” Jamie admitted quietly. “She doesn’t need this right now, Sophie. She is getting over being raped for gods sake. She doesn’t need this.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that maybe she wants this?” Sophie questioned. She was referring to the looks Tegan shot Jamie whenever she thought no-one was looking.

“Well I refuse to make the first move,” Jamie said. “I will not attempt to push her into something she doesn’t want.”

“You are in love with her though, Jamie.” Sophie reminded her, as if that made it all right. Jamie could be so pig-headed sometimes.

“So, I have more respect for her feelings than that, Sophie,” Jamie snapped. “I will not tell her I am in love with her, unless I know she has some sort of those feelings for me. I can’t just say, ‘Hey T. I know you’ve had a really tough time lately but you see I am totally crazy about you,’ I will not lower myself to that.”

“Hi.” Came a small voice from behind her and Jamie thought she was going to die, but she managed to stand up and turn around and Tegan was standing in the doorway.

‘This is not good,’ Jamie thought to herself. “Uh hi.”

“Well,” Sophie said. “I’ve got some stuff to do before I go out. I’ll see you later Jamie, bye Tegan.” And then she left.

‘I’m gonna kill her,’ Jamie thought to herself, as Sophie practically ran out of the room.

“Mom told me to bring Tegan up and to tell you once again that you know better than to leave your guests alone.” Robin said, shyly. Silently praying Jamie won’t have a go at him.

Jamie let her eyes drift to her smaller brother and she smiled. “That’s ok.” She told him. “Tell Mom I’m sorry.” With that Robin breathed out in relief and ran down the stairs. “So… um… how long have you been standing there?” Jamie asked, finally getting the courage to ask her, even though she was sure she didn’t want to know the answer.

Tegan confirmed what she was dreading. “Long enough.”

Silently praying the Tegan wouldn’t get mad or ran away from her, she looked into the green eyes and was surprised to see nothing but love in them. “Ok, what did you hear?” Jamie asked.

“Well not a lot really,” Tegan said. “I came up just as Sophie was telling you, that you should tell me how you feel.”

“Oh.” Was all Jamie could say. Tegan had heard enough to know what she thought about her. ‘I didn’t want to do this,’ she thought sadly.

“Can I come in?” Tegan asked.

“Of course,” Jamie said, realising she had left Tegan standing in the doorway, then she thought of something. “Actually let’s go up to my apartment, there’s more privacy there.”

Tegan smiled. “Ok.”

Both of them were quiet going up to Jamie’s apartment, both contemplating what to do next. Tegan wanted to come out and admit she was crazy about Jamie. Jamie was thinking of a way she could get out of the situation.

“I was worrying about how I could approach you with this but I can see it wasn’t needed.” Tegan said, as Jamie came into the apartment and shut the door behind her. Then she motioned for Tegan to sit down. Tegan sat on the sofa, Jamie sat in the chair opposite.

“What is it?” Jamie asked, dreading the answer she was expecting to hear.

“Well actually I was wondering, how you feel about me?” Tegan smiled, nervously. “But I already know that.”

“Yeah, I guess you do.” Jamie looked at the hands in her lap, not looking at Tegan, fearing the disgust she would see there.

‘Why does this have to be so difficult,’ Tegan thought to herself. She was shaking terribly and feeling really stupid but she had to say this now, or she wouldn’t say at all. “Well you know that I’m gay.” She watched as Jamie nodded her head. “Well um… see the thing is that I…. well….. I really…….. oh God, why does this sound so stupid?”

Jamie listened and watched as Tegan struggled with what she was going to say and watched as the blush started rising up her neck. “Just take your time and spit it out T.”

“Well what I’m trying to say is that I really, really like you, too.” she managed to say the words she had wanted to say since she met her, in one breath and held her breath waiting for Jamie’s reaction.

“You like me?” Jamie repeated, not believing she had heard those words come from Tegan’s mouth.

“Yeah,” Tegan looked at Jamie with worried eyes, trying to gouge her reaction. “I have since the minute I saw you.”

Jamie just looked at her in shock. She knew that things had started to change between the two of them but she had no idea that Tegan felt this way about her. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Tegan said, smiling at the look of disbelief on Jamie’s face. Jamie looked like someone you expected to be in control of her feelings and someone who didn’t worry about something someone else said. Seeing the unbelieving look on Jamie’s face she felt better about telling her.

“Well I really like you too,” Jamie said, feeling like an 12 year old with her first crush. “But then you know that already.”

“Yeah.” Tegan said and then an awkward silence feel in the room. Neither women knowing what to do now. “So what happens now?” Tegan asked finally, the silence had become deafening and they needed something to fill it.

“To be honest I’m not sure,” Jamie admitted. “This is the first time I’ve actually told someone before hand that I like them, usually it’s ask a girl out, go out, kiss her goodnight at the end and then tell her you like her, kiss her again and usually leave, unless the two of you feel comfortable sleeping together then you stay.” Jamie said bluntly. “So I guess I should ask you out on a date.”

Tegan froze. She didn’t know whether she was ready to go out on a date. She didn’t know whether she could trust Jamie, her heart was telling her she could and her mind was telling her that she didn’t know and she should wait until she was sure and it was that she was going to listen to.

Jamie saw the fear on Tegan’s face and almost kicked herself, ‘You can be so stupid sometimes Jamie,’ she thought angrily. “Tegan listen,” she moved over to the sofa and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman, pleased when she didn’t tense. “If you are not ready for a relationship, I’ll wait until you are. I want to be with you Tegan but I won’t rush you.” Jamie assured her, sitting back down and taking Tegan with her.

“I want to be with you as well,” Tegan admitted. “That’s what makes this so difficult. I have never felt this way about anyone before and I know that if that hadn’t happened to me I’d be more than ready for this.”

“Well why don’t we just take things slowly. You aren’t ready for dating. I understand that but there’s nothing wrong with just sitting here like this, unless it makes you uncomfortable?” Jamie hadn’t thought that holding Tegan like this would make her uncomfortable and she mentally slapped herself on the head.

“No this is fine.” Tegan said, as she snuggled back into the arms that wrapped around her like a blanket. “This is nice.”

“Yeah it is.” Jamie agreed, and it was silent for a while.
Chapter 18
Jamie and Tegan sat there for a long time. Jamie because she wanted to allow Tegan to feel safe and comfortable in her arms. Tegan because she couldn’t be bothered to move.

Tegan looked up at the clock and was surprised to see it was eight ‘o’ clock and it was getting pretty dark outside. “Do you fancy going for a walk?” She asked.

“Are you sure you want to?” Jamie asked, making sure Tegan was absolutely comfortable with this whole thing before she made a fool of herself.

“Yes I am.” Tegan said, firmly, “I need to beat this Jamie and I trust you not to take advantage of me.”

Jamie looked shocked that Tegan would even think that. “I would never do that to anyone. I swear.”

“I know.” Tegan stood up and grabbed Jamie’s hand pulling her up with her. “Come on let’s go. Do you know anywhere nice and peaceful?”

“I know just the place.” Jamie told her, as she grabbed her coat and then took Tegan’s hand and walked towards the door. “Do you have a coat or anything warm?”

Tegan shook her head. “No I didn’t think to bring one with me.”

“Hang on a minute.” Jamie went into the bedroom and looked through her sweaters, she finally decided on a green sweater with The Legends Pass written in white letters on the front. It was one of her favourite sweaters and it was also one of the warmest.

So she went out and handed it to Tegan who was stood waiting by the door. Tegan put it on, breathing in Jamie’s scent as she pulled it over her head and then Jamie took hold of Tegan’s hand and they walked out of the door, down the steps and towards the sea.

* * * * *

It wasn’t long before they reached a cliff that dropped down into the sea. It was a lovely scene. The tide was in and the moon was reflected in the water, if you beathed in deeply you could smell the clean sea from here. “Sitting here you have some of the best sights in Seaview,” Jamie told Tegan, as she took off her coat and lay it on the floor then sat down and patted the spot next to her so Tegan sat down on the coat as well.

“You know I can’t believe this is happening,” Tegan said, as she leaned against Jamie. “I’ve finally found someone I like and who likes me back.” She looked at Jamie for a minute. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Jamie thought about that for a minute before answering, “I never did before.” She admitted.

“Me either.” Tegan said, as she moved closer and took Jamie’s hand in hers. Her heart pounding as she felt the electricity between the two of them. “Until I met you.”

At that moment Jamie wanted to kiss Tegan so badly she thought it would kill her if she didn’t, but she didn’t anyway. She had promised to wait until Tegan was ready and she going too. No matter what.

“Jamie?” Tegan asked, startling her out of her thoughts.

Jamie started a bit before looking down at the woman. “Huh.”

“You haven’t been listening to a word I’ve been saying have you?” She accused her, smiling to take the sting out of her words.

Jamie looked down at their joined hands and shook her head. When she looked up again Tegan was smiling at her. “You look so cute when you’re embarrassed.” She said and Jamie could feel the heat rushing to her face. “Oh you’re even cuter when you blush,” then she started laughing at Jamie’s embarrassment.

That seemed to release the tension between the two of them and they both started to relax.

“T. can I ask you something?” Jamie asked, as they looked out over the sea.

“Sure.” Tegan said.

“Well, I was wondering if I…..”

She was stopped by a hand covering her mouth. Before either of them really knew what was happening Tegan had replaced her hand with her mouth.

As their lips met, Tegan felt her world spinning out of control. She felt as if someone had turned her internal heater on. It was the best feeling she had ever experienced. She felt Jamie’s arms come around her and pull her closer, until they were so close that the air couldn’t even get between them.

By the time they broke apart they were both breathing heavy, “Wow”, was all Tegan could say.

“That was amazing.” Jamie breathed in deeply, trying to calm her pounding heart and slow her breathing down.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before.” Tegan admitted, as she leaned forward again. This time she pushed Jamie back onto the ground. Jamie wrapped her arms around her again, so they could feel each other with all of their bodies. For the two of them it was exquisite.

Finally Jamie broke away. “Tegan?” She said, breathlessly. “I thought you didn’t want to rush into this?”

“I don’t,” Tegan said. “I just want to kiss you. I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. I promise.”

At that moment both bodies were so aroused neither of them knew if they could stand much more and not go further. ‘I still want to go slowly’. Jamie thought to herself, ‘I want to…. wait a minute, she finally took in what Tegan had just said and she looked at the red haired girl lying on top of her, seeing the mischief in her green eyes both of them started to laugh.

‘God I feel good!’ Tegan thought to herself as they calmed down again. Tegan moved off Jamie and lay by her side.

Jamie turned onto her side and leaned on her elbow, looking down at the girl who had changed her life in such a short amount of time. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” She told her, running her fingers down the side of Tegan’s face.

With that Tegan just started laughing again. She had never thought of herself as beautiful before and having someone as gorgeous as Jamie saying it just made her laugh. “Yeah right.” She said, and carried on laughing.

“I’m telling you the truth, Tegan,” Jamie said. “In the few weeks I’ve known you, I’ve discovered that not only are you beautiful on the outside but you are in here too.” She put her hand over Tegan’s heart. “That’s so rare now. It’s funny and I know it sounds cheesy but I feel like I’ve known you all my life. I once heard a story about two lovers who were blessed by some Greek God and he turned them into trees because they couldn’t bare the thought of having to grieve for the other. Their branches intertwined and they stayed together forever. They also say that there’s two halves to every whole, two souls who are always joined in here,” she tapped the beating heart under her hand. “I always thought it was a load of nonsense but now I’m not so sure.”

Tegan just sat there totally stunned. Nobody had ever said anything like that to her before. Not that she didn’t agree though. She felt like she’d known Jamie all her life and the thing was, she wanted to know her for the rest of theirs. She was the first person Tegan had ever really loved and she wanted to be with her forever. “I love you, Jamie,” she said, so quietly that Jamie had to struggle to hear her.

Jamie’s breath caught in her throat as she heard the words, she had promised herself she would never let herself hear again. “I love you, too,” Jamie said, surprising herself even more.

At that moment in time both of them realised they meant every word.

* * * * *

Jamie and Tegan spent the rest of the night talking and kissing, both of them keeping up the ‘let’s not rush it’ thing, but barely.

Jamie wanted their first time to be special, not lying on the cold ground outside, wondering if they might get caught. Tegan deserved to be treated to something special after her first experience. Jamie wasn’t going to be the one to make the first move. She wasn’t going to go any further than that, until Tegan was ready.

About twenty to eleven it started to get chilly, so they started to make their way back to the house. The walk was pretty quiet because neither of them wanted to go home. Both women were tired, having not slept very well the night before. So when they got to the apartment Jamie made them a cup of tea which was drunk quickly and then she took Tegan to her room.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Jamie.” Tegan stopped outside the door, reluctant to leave the wonderful woman in front of her.

“No, thank you,” Jamie said. “I really enjoyed tonight.”

“Me too,” Tegan said. “We’ll have to do it again soon.”

“Yes we will,” Jamie said. “So what are we going to do tomorrow?”

Tegan thought about that. She didn’t care as long as she was with Jamie. “I don’t care.”

“Can I suggest something and not have you get mad at me.” Jamie asked, not wanting to ruin a good night with an argument.

“Sure, do you want to come and sit down?” Tegan asked, seeing the worried frown on Jamie’s face.

“I guess so,” Jamie said, as Tegan took her hand and led her to the bed. Tegan got into the bed as Jamie sat on the edge.

“So what is it?” Tegan asked.

“Well I’ve been thinking I’ve got to go and see an old teacher tomorrow. Why don’t you come with me. We could talk to him and then we could go and see the head. We could ask him if you could do your last year here. If you did go, you could leave when you start to show but like I said before, you have a right to finish your year and get your GCSEs, you can study with Sophie and me, if you have to drop out before your exams.” Jamie said, hoping Tegan would take her advice.

“I have to think about it, Jamie.” Tegan said, she wanted to go to school here, that was what she had planned on telling Jamie all day. Now though the thought of going to school while being pregnant was pretty scary.

“Oh of course,” Jamie said. “I’m not trying to rush you. I was only making a suggestion. I’ll be there with you whatever you decide.”

“Thanks Jamie.” Tegan lay down on the bed and got comfortable.

Jamie leaned down and kissed her gently. “Night T.”

“I love that.” Tegan said, quietly.

“What?” Jamie frowned, confused.

“The way T. sounds coming from you,” Tegan said. “Goodnight Jamie.”

And she fell asleep straight away. Jamie shook her head at how quickly Tegan could fall asleep. It seemed like as soon as her head touched the pillow she was asleep. So Jamie left quietly and went to her own room. Her thoughts a jumbled mess.

* * * * *

At ten ‘o’ clock the following morning Tegan squinted at the clock on the night stand, then moaned and pulled the covers over her head, because the sun was streaming in through the window. Tegan lay there thinking about what had happened between her and Jamie and her whole body started tingling again. Last night had been so wonderful that Tegan knew, if is died now, she would die happy. Not that she planned on dying just yet. She listened to the footsteps approaching the bedroom. Then the door opened and Tegan looked and saw a smiling Jamie looking down at her.

“Good morning,” Jamie whispered, cheerfully. She had been up since 7 ‘o’ clock and was now wide awake.

“Morning,” Tegan groaned, as she rolled onto her back. Jamie sat on the bed. “Did you sleep well?”

“I lay there thinking about you,” Jamie said, honestly. “It’s definitely a tribute to me that I managed to behave myself, or maybe it’s a sign of stupidity or old age.” She took Tegan’s hands in hers, and then without warning she pulled her up, and kissed her.

“I love you, Jamie.” Tegan felt Jamie’s arms come around her and pull her even closer. Tegan noticed how they seemed to fit together perfectly, before Tegan slyly fell back onto the bed, taking Jamie with her. When they were both confortable Tegan snuggled even closer, resting her head on Jamie’s shoulder.

“That’s good,” Jamie tightened her hold. “I’ve never loved anyone so much in my life.”

They lay there for a couple of minutes just enjoying the closeness. “Jamie?” Tegan finally said.

“Mmm?” Jamie asked.

“Weren’t you suppose to go and see your old teacher today?” Tegan remembered Jamie was on about it.

“Yep,” Jamie said. “But I’m not going to because that would mean I have to move and I’m comfy.”

“I’ve been thinking about what you suggested last night, about going to school here.” Tegan lifted her arm and placed it on Jamie’s stomach. Letting it rest there and watching it rise and fall with every breath.

“Yeah?” Jamie said, shifting onto her side and looking down at the goddess next to her.

“Yeah, and I think it I would like to give it a go,” Tegan said. “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to go, but I’d like to get as much school in as I can. I don’t really fancy re-sitting the year if I can help it.”

“Well if that’s the case we’d better get changed and go to see Tony, then we can go and see Mr. Jones the head.” Jamie said, as she managed to drag herself away from the warmth of Tegan. “Come on.” She said, grabbing Tegan’s arm and pulling her out of bed.

It wasn’t long before they were dressed and drinking a cup of tea. Once they finished the tea, they made their way to the door. Tegan pulled Jamie to a stop. “Thank you, Jamie.” she said.

Jamie’s brows contracted. “For what?” she asked.

“For being so understanding,” Tegan said. “After what happened with Scott I thought I would never have to ability to be so close to anyone again, and being like this with you came as a shock. I don’t know how long it is going to be before I am ready for a physical relationship but I’m glad you are willing to wait until I’m ready. I know that you won’t push me into anything.”

“We’ll be fine T. I really don’t care about the physical part of our relationship. That isn’t what we are about. I like being with you. The sex comes later. I don’t care how much later, it could be twenty years and I’ll still be there waiting.” Jamie assured her. “Now come on.”

Then they walked out the door.
Chapter 19

They stopped into club for Tegan to change before they headed out to get some lunch, then they headed to the school.

It was 1 ‘o’ clock when they finally pulled into the school grounds. It was the start of a new class, so it was pretty busy. Jamie parked in the visitors car park, then made her way to one of the buildings, Tegan following quietly. The school was a typical British school, lots of floors and windows. There were about six different buildings altogether. Three main buildings and then three small buildings for classes like Home Ec. The building they went into was C block and it was the biggest one of all. There were about five floors and Tegan felt glad she didn’t have to walk those steps every morning. ‘Maybe you will now,’ she told herself.

Once they were inside the building it didn’t take Jamie long to find Tony, the teacher she was looking for. He was in the music room. The music room was just a typical class room. Everywhere you looked there were music books and music instruments. A piano and a row of keyboards lined the one wall. The blackboard which should have been replaced years ago was still on the wall behind Tony’s desk and the chairs were still group in fours. ‘It hasn’t changed at all,’ Jamie thought as she knocked on the door and waited until he called them in.

“Jamie.” He smiled, as she entered. it had been nearly 4 years since he had taught her but she had dropped in a couple of times to see him. She hadn’t changed much in the years he had taught her. She was still the tall, dark and handsome thing she had always been.

“Hey Tony.” Jamie said, as she came to a stop in front of him. Tony was a tall man. He was even taller than Jamie and that was saying something. He had brown hair and looked about thirty. He wore gold rimmed glasses that seemed to set off his brown eyes.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d remember to come and see me.” Tony admitted, as he motioned for her to sit down.

“Hang on a second,” Jamie said, then she went to the door where Tegan was still hiding. “Come in here you.” She grabbed Tegan’s hand and had to practically pull her into the room behind her. She introduced Tegan and Tony then sat down and Tegan did the same.

“Ok so did you bring in that assignment in?” Jamie had been one of his best students when she was there, she used to be an A average student and she was always on time, polite and mature. It was something you wouldn’t really expect from someone like her. She looked like the type that wouldn’t be that bothered about school, or anything except whatever she has into at the time. She had had to live with a load of rumours about her sleeping with anyone and everything in school while she was here. That was before she had come out to everyone. ‘She picked a good way of doing that too.’ Tony remembered as he thought back to that day at the school fare.

It had been a quiet day really and it really needed something to perk it up a little. What that was, nobody knew. That was until Jamie decided to pull up on the bike of a local biker. Emily had been a known lesbian for a long time. She was also a member of the Seaview Bikers. They were known world wide and feared by a lot of people. They weren’t like the bikers who would just attack people on the streets for nothing. Most of the time the Seaview Bikers were known as vigilantes. But they were respected by everyone. So, naturally, when even one of them on their own showed up everyone paid attention. Well everyone watched as Jamie got off the back of the bike and she was about to make her way from Emily, when Emily pulled her back and kissed her right in front of the many stunned people. There were gasped from all round them and Jamie had just smirked.

Then when Jamie had been given an award for outstanding student in year 10, she had told everyone that she owed the award to her family and her lover Emily.

It was quite a sight.

‘She never had any trouble after that though,’ Tony remembered.

“Yeah here it is,” Jamie said, handing over the assignment and bringing Tony back from his trip down memory lane. The folder Jamie gave him contained most of her GCSE course work. “I thought you might be able to find some use for the rest as well.”

“You kept all your course work?” Tony asked, surprised.

“Yeah I figured it might come in handy to show to Sophie and Robin if they took the same courses as me. It would show them what was expected of them. But I figured why show two, when I could give them to you and you could show them to whoever.” Jamie told him.

“Thanks.” Tony quickly skimmed through the folder before turning back to Jamie. “Now I was wondering if I could ask you to do a favour?”

“What’s up?” Jamie asked. Tony had been one of her favourite teachers and if there was anything she could do for him, she would.

“Well see there’s this girl in my first year group, she’s a lot like you, she very talented but very shy. If I remember correctly you where shy when you started here.” Tony said.

“Yeah I guess I was.” Jamie agreed.

“Well she has to start her assignment in the theater on her own soon and I was wondering if you could help her out?” Tony admitted. “She’s doing the assignment in the same theater you did. You know what to look for, who to talk to and everyone likes you there. I don’t want you to help her do the assignment, just be there for moral support.”

“Well if she wants me to help I wil.l” Jamie said. She knew how hard that assignment was to do. Especially when you were shy and didn’t like going out of your way to talk to people you don’t know.

“Great,” Tony said. “I wanted to ask you personally because Natalie would rather people not know you were helping her.”

“No problem. It’s just between us three, Natalie and these walls.” Jamie told him.

“I’ll talk to her on Monday and I’ll let you know,” Tony rold her.

“Ok,” Jamie agreed. “I’ll be here all next week helping out Sarah Jenkins so just let me know.”

“Thanks Jamie.” Tony wanted to hug her. He hated to see any of his students struggle because they were shy. Jamie had overcome that and he knew if anyone could get Natalie to come out of her shell Jamie was that person.

“You’re welcome,” Jamie assured him. “Is Mr. Jones about?”

“Yeah, he should be in his office.” Tony told her.

“Great,” Jamie said and then she turned and left. She led Tegan up to the head office and then she knocked on the door.

“Will you do the talking?” Tegan asked, as they heard the shouted, ‘Come in,’ through the door.

“Sure.” Jamie told her, as she opened the door and entered.

“Jamie Phillips,” Mr. Jones greeted her warmly as she entered. “It’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too, Sir.” Jamie walked further into the room and let Tegan enter after her.

“So what can I do for you?” Mr. Jones noticed the young woman stood behind Jamie and wondered if this was the woman in her life at the moment. Jamie had never been secretive about her sexuality and a lot of the teachers had respected that, including him. Jamie made sure never to make a scene in school with her girlfriend and that was another thing he was pleased about.

“Well this is Tegan Rhys, she just moved to Seaview and she wants to do the rest of her final year here.” Jamie introduced them.

“Ok.” The head said. “Tegan, I’m the head of the school Mr. Jones.”

“Nice to meet you.” Tegan said, shyly.

“Why don’t you two sit down?” Mr. Jones said, motioning to the chairs in front of his desk. Then he returned to his own seat after they were seated. “Have you ever moved schools before?”

Tegan shook her head. “No.” She told him.

“Ok,” Mr. Jones said. “There are a few questions I need to ask. Ok?”

Tegan nodded her head. “Ok.”

“Ok. First what was your previous school?” Mr. Jones asked, needing that so he could check on Tegan’s background.

“River’s End Comp.” Tegan told him.

He nodded and wrote that down “What form were you in?”

“D,” Tegan answered.

“And your form tutor was?” He asked.

“Miss Davies.” Tegan thought sadly of her teacher. She had had Miss Davies since year 7 and she had been a really nice teacher. She had been only twenty three when she started teaching and Tegan’s form had been her first form class. She was now twenty eight and she didn’t look any different. She always tried to act like one of the students and most of the time, she was.

“Ok,” Mr. Jones said. “Why don’t you two wait outside while I phone and check all your details?”

“Ok,” Jamie and Tegan said, together. “I’ll just show Tegan around the grounds.” Jamie continued on.

“Ok,” Mr. Jones said. “Be back in about half an hour then.”

So Tegan and Jamie walked out of the room. And started walking down a long corridor.

“Well that was easy enough.” Tegan said, after a while.

“That was the easy bit,” Jamie pointed out. “You’ve got about a million more questions to answer once he’s checked up on you.”

“Great.” Tegan sighed, she hated answering questions.

Jamie chuckled. “Come on.” She opened the door and took Tegan into another part of C block “This is the science block.”

“Is that all they teach here?” Tegan asked, knowing it sounded stupid, Jamie had just told her what they teach there.

“In this block yeah. You’ve got the chemistry labs on one side, the physics labs on the other side and the biology labs are in the middle.” Jamie explained.

“Oh. So what lessons are taught in what buildings?” Tegan asked, she wanted to learn the layout and everything before she started here if she was accepted. The only problem she could see was her father, but he was most probably too embarrassed to object.

“Well T block houses the Arts department, Art and Design, Music and Drama. It also houses the RS, history and Geography departments.” Jamie explained. “C block houses the languages. French, German, Spanish, English and Welsh. And finally M block houses the Maths and business departments. The outer buildings house the woodwork, mechanical shops and home ec. departments. It’s pretty simple.”

“Are there a lot of pupils here?” Tegan asked.

“Well when I was here there was just over a thousand pupils here. It’s the most popular school in the area. There’s even a dorm here for the out of town pupils.” Jamie pointed to a big building just around the corner from the school. “This is suppose to be the best school in Wales.”

“Yeah, I wanted to come here but my father said no chance. He didn’t believe in a good education for girls really. He still believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen with the children,” Tegan told her. “I think if my father wasn’t in the public eye Jenny and me would have been pulled out of school as soon as we were old enough to get married.”

“No offense T., but your father sounds like a right pig.” Jamie told her, honestly.

“He is,” Tegan admitted. “Everyone is always saying they can’t believe we’re related.”

“Well to be honest neither can I.” Jamie admitted sadly. It was really annoying to see how someone who was supposed to be a family man treating his family like this. “Come on let’s walk around the campus.”

So Jamie showed Tegan around the campus, pointing out which building was which and where she was likely to be for registration. Then she took Tegan back to the main to finish the discussion with Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones was waiting by the door when they arrived and he smiled. “Come in,” he said, holding the door for them to enter. Which they did and Tegan actually looked around the office this time. It was a small office about the same size as the study in her apartment. The walls were painted the same creamy colour as the rest of the school halls. Along the wall which was nearest the door, there was a few bookshelves. Along the wall opposite were a row of filing cabinets. ‘That must be where they keep the school records,’ Tegan thought to herself.

Mr. Jones’ desk was basically in the middle of the room. Along the back wall were the comfortable chairs. Not like the chairs they sat on now. The really uncomfortable plastic things that dug into your back. Tegan had always thought that this was so people wouldn’t stay long. Which was a good thing sometimes.

Mr. Jones sat behind his desk and looked over the file that had just been faxed to him. He couldn’t see anything wrong with the file. Tegan Rhys seemed like the perfect student. The only thing he didn’t understand was the note attached to the file.

Unable to finish the year due to illness.

He looked across at her and studied her for a minute. ‘She doesn’t look sick,’ he thought to himself. “Tegan, do you mind me asking why you wish to attend this school and not finish the year at River’s End?” He asked.

“I moved out of my parents house, Sir” Tegan told him. “We had a slight disagreement and I couldn’t stay there anymore.” The next bit she had to lie about and she hoped Jamie didn’t mind. “Jamie and I were friends and I knew she would help me out.”

Understanding seemed to dawn on Mr. Jones’ face as he looked between the two. “Am I to understand you two are lovers?” he asked.

“Yes.” Tegan said, she had nothing to hide anymore. She didn’t care if they papers found out and ruined her father’s reputation. She was in love with the woman sat next to her and that was all that mattered to her now, so she moved her hand in a possessive manner over to Jamie and took her hand. “Is that a problem?”

Mr. Jones noticed this and surprised her by laughing. “Oh please,” he said, when he had calmed down. “I’ve had more than my share of homosexuals go through my school. Jamie was one of them. As long as it is kept out of school, like any other relationship, it’s fine with me.”

“Oh.” Tegan said, sheepishly. She had expected him to turn her down for that but she was glad he didn’t.

“There is one other question I would like to ask you though.” He asked, handing over the note in her file. “Could you please explain that?”

Tegan looked at the note and frowned. ‘I should have figured he’d do something like this,’ she thought to herself with disgust. ‘Now what am I going to tell him.’ She was surprised to feel Jamie’s hand that was in her own, give hers a gentle squeeze.

Mr. Jones noticed and smiled inwardly. He enjoyed seeing people happy together. He like it even more when they were former students.

Jamie looked into Tegan’s worried eyes and a quiet question was asked and answered before Jamie turned back to Mr. Jones. “I’d like to explain if I may.” She said.

“Feel free,” Mr. Jones said, sitting back in his chair. “Everything you say in this room will stay in this room.”

“A couple of weeks ago, Tegan was a victim of date rape. He didn’t use protection, which resulted in her being pregnant,” Jamie explained, she saw the head frown at the ‘he’ in that statement. “Her father is Mayor Thomas Rhys of River’s End and if it was found out that she was gay or pregnant it would ruin his chances of reelection, so she never told anyone except her sister about the gay part and he sent her away because she might be pregnant. Well she is and she is now staying above my father’s club and it hadn’t even occurred to her to try and finish the year here. That was my idea. This is her final year, she deserves the chance to get as much of it done as possible. She is the same age as my sister, so if at anytime it is inconvenient for her to be here she can study at home. Sophie can pick up her work or I could drop in and pick them up. If she felt ready to sit her exams at the end, the pregnancy should be over by then.”

“I see you’ve thought this all out.” Tegan said, smiling to take the sting out of her words.

Jamie smiled sheepishly and then looked at their joined hands. She knew she should have discussed that with Tegan but it was just coming out as she was saying it.

Tegan was surprised at how much thought Jamie had put into all off this. All she had thought about was trying to get as much time in school in as possible.

“Well personally, I can’t see anything wrong with this,” Mr. Jones said. “Your grade average is as good as Jamie’s and that’s saying a lot. She was the head girl in her final year. All your course work is done and graded. Your attendance is excellent, as is your punctuality. I have a couple of forms for you to fill in before you start and then I don’t see why you can’t start on Monday. That will give us a chance to arrange a form and your teachers.” Mr. Jones told her. “Jamie why don’t you take her down to the library and help her fill these forms in.”

“Sure.” Jamie said, as Mr. Jones handed Tegan the forms and a pen and then walked to the door and let them out.

“Just bring them to me when you’re done.” He told Tegan.

“I will.” Tegan smiled and then her and Jamie left.
Chapter 20
It took Tegan a while but she finally finished filling out the forms. Most of the questions were personal questions like her age, date of birth, address and stuff like that. She surprised Jamie by putting her down as the emergency contact, not that Jamie minded though. ‘Oh no, not at all,’ she thought with a smile. It made her feel important.

When the forms were filled in, Tegan and Jamie took them back to Mr. Jones’ office. They were waiting outside when Jamie spotted a familiar figure walking towards them.

“Hey Jamie.” Sophie said, as she came to a stop beside her sister.

“Hi.” Jamie smiled at her sister, then at Sophie’s friends.

Sophie frowned at her sister. “What are you doing outside Mr. Jones’ office?”

“Tegan is going to do her last year here,” Jamie explained. “So we were just sorting it out with Mr. Jones.”

“Cool, he might put you in my form.” Sophie smiled, she liked Tegan and she could see that Jamie and her had sorted out any problems they might have had yesterday. “What subjects are you doing?”

“Maths, English and science obviously and media studies, history, business studies and French.” Tegan told her.

“Cool, I take media, history and French,” Sophie said. “We might be in the same group.”

Tegan smiled at her, as Mr. Jones came out of his office. “Maybe.”

He raised an eyebrow when he spotted the girls talking to Jamie and Tegan. “Excuse me ladies, aren’t you suppose to be on your way to your next lesson?”

“Yes Sir,” Sophie said. “We’re on our way.” With that they left and Tegan and Jamie turned back to Mr. Jones.

“All done?” he asked.

“Yes Sir.” Tegan handed him the forms.

“Ok,” He said. “Can you come in on Friday? We can introduce you to the teachers, you’ll be having then.”

“Ok thank you.” Tegan said.

“I’ll see you Friday about 9 am then?” He said.

Tegan nodded her head, smiling. “Ok.”

Then Jamie and Tegan turned and left.

* * * * *

On the way home Jamie and Tegan stopped to pick up Robin and then headed back to the house.

“So what subjects did you take in school?” Tegan realised that everyone was telling her how brainy Jamie was, but she didn’t know what subjects she had studied.

“You don’t want to ask her that, she’s a brain box.” Robin chuckled, opening the door of the Rover and then bolting to the house.

Jamie smiled as Robin darted away from her before she could get hold of her. “I took Maths, English and science.”

“Obviously.” They both said together and then they started chuckling.

“Then my options were music, history, business studies, French and woodwork. I took Spanish and German night classes later on. My parents thought that I needed other languages, being the owner of a nightclub.” Jamie told her.

“Really, you did woodwork?” Tegan asked, surprised. In River’s End any girl who did woodwork or metalwork were seen as freaks, because it was a man’s job, it was the same with the boys. If a boy wanted to be a chef and decided to take cooking, they would have been laughed out of town. That was the one thing she hated most about River’s End, it’s narrow-mindedness. In River’s End there was one way of life, if you didn’t comply to that, you were ridiculed and laughed at until you felt you had to leave town. That was one of the reason there was hardly any variety in skin colour there because if you weren’t white, you were different and treated the way anyone who was different was treated.

“Tegan?” Jamie said, snapping Tegan out of her thoughts.

“Oh sorry.” She smiled. “I was miles away then. What did you say?”

“I said that I took woodwork, because I always like to work with me hands,” Jamie explained

“Well you are good with them.” Tegan said, the slapped a hand over her mouth and blushed right to her roots.

Jamie just raised an eyebrow and started laughing. “You look soooo cute when you blush.”

“I can’t believe I said that.” Tegan finally said, silently praying her face would cool down and that it wasn’t as red as it felt.

“Come on.” Jamie chuckled leading, the still flushed, Tegan into the house. “Hi Dad, what are you doing home this early?” She asked, when she saw her father sitting in the living room.

“There was a bomb scare in the club. So we had to shut it down,” John admitted.

“Really?” Jamie said.

“Yeah. It was a false alarm though so you can still open up tonight.” He told her. “But it makes you wonder just what this world is coming to. I mean if you want the day off school now all you have to do is phone the school and tell them there’s a bomb in the school and bam no school.”

“I know what you mean,” Jamie said. This was the third bomb scare in Seaview in as many weeks. First it had been Comprehensive school, then the mall, now the club. ‘Where next?’ Jamie thought. There had not been a bomb in any of the buildings but that wasn’t really the point. It was going to start looking like the boy who called wolf soon. Everyone was getting tired of the scares, so one time nobody was going to take any notice and there would be a bomb. Jamie closed her eyes against the image of the destruction and death that would bring.

“Jamie are you ok?” Tegan asked, noticing the colour drain from her lover’s face.

“Uh yeah,” Jamie lied. “I’m fine.”

“Good.” Tegan smiled and patted her on the knee.

John noticed this with a smile but didn’t say anything. He had sensed the connection between Jamie and Tegan before and now it seemed even stronger.

“Do you want anything to eat before you go into work?” He asked.

” I had to help Tegan sort out some stuff before we came home from the school,” Jamie explained “She’s going to finish her final year here, so we went to see Mr. Jones.”

“Oh well that’s good. You deserve a proper education,” John nodded his head in agreement. “I always told my children that. We wanted Jamie to go to university, but she decided to wait for a while. She already has 4 GCSE and two a levels. She could have got a degree in Music or Business Studies, but no she decides to go and work for her father.”

“Dad I only said I wanted a break from school. I said I’ll go to Uni if I can get in and I wil.l” Jamie said, she was getting fed up with her parents keeping on about it, she would have said more to him if she hadn’t noticed the mischievous smile on his face. “I’m going to get ready for work. I’ll be back in a minute.”

So she left the room leaving Tegan and her Dad alone.

“So you’re going back to school then.” John said, trying to fill the silence that had filled the room with Jamie’s exit.

“Yeah, you gave me the idea when I arrived and Jamie brought it up again. I’d really like to get my GCSEs done if I can.” Tegan told him. “It’ll be something nice to take home with me.” Her heart sank at the thought of going home and leaving Jamie.

John noticed the sadness fill Tegan’s eyes and figured she might be thinking about going home. In the few weeks she had been in Seaview she had been made to feel at home. Jamie loved her, Robin adored her and Sophie liked her a lot, as did him and his wife. Going home to the father that sent her away was going to be like losing her family all over again.

“Well like I said earlier that’s good. Your GCSEs are important. Have you thought about what you want to do when you leave school?” John asked.

“Well I figured I would stay at home for a while, if I decide to keep the baby and then hopefully I’ll be accepted into Uni and I’d like to be a journalist or an author. I’ve always been good at writing stories and stuff and I guess that’s the only thing you need to be good at if you want to be a tabloid journalist. Make up anything and then get it printed.” Tegan said. “I know I can do that.”

John looked at her. “You’re pregnant.” He had at first figured that was why she moved to Seaview but Jamie had told him it was because of the rape.

“Yeah I had the test yesterday,” Tegan said. “Jamie didn’t tell you?”

“No she didn’t,” John was shaking his head. “She didn’t need to. It’s between you and her, nobody else.” He looked at her for a minute before continuing. “Jamie wanted to be a performer when she left school. She has a wonderful talent and she should have carried on with it?” John surprised her by saying that. She hadn’t had the chance to delve into Jamie’s past yet or really into her thoughts.

“Does she play any instruments or anything?” Tegan asked, getting more information out of John than she ever would have got out of Jamie.

“She plays everything. The guitar is her main instrument but she plays the piano and drums and she has one of the best voices I have evered heard. If you can get her to sing for you, it is totally beautiful.” John said, with tremendous pride in his voice.

“Are you two talking about me again?” Jamie asked, as she came into the room. “Can’t leave you alone for five minutes.”

“I was just about to tell Tegan here about the band that you are in.” John smiled sweetly at his daughter. Being in the band was one thing Jamie was incredibly shy about.

“You’re in a band?” Tegan asked, wondering when they practiced. Jamie had been with her practically every day of the week “What’s the name?”

“Plain Lazy,” Jamie admitted. “Do you want me to take you home Tegan, before my father embarrasses me anymore?”

“Yeah sure.” Tegan said, standing up. “Bye Mr. Phillips.”

“Good-bye Tegan,” John said .”I’ll most probably see you tomorrow and we can share some more Jamie secrets.”

“Bye Father.” Jamie growled and walked out the door, leaving two chuckling humans behind her.
Part V
Monday morning was finally here and Tegan was starting to get nervous. It was her first day in a new school and luckily she had been put into the same form as Sophie so she at least knew someone. Jamie had agreed to take Sophie and Tegan to school, because her mother had a staff meeting, that started an hour before school did and Sophie didn’t fancy being in school that early. Beside it was the first day of Jamie’s week in the school with Sarah.

Tegan was more or less living at Jamie’s now anyway so it was just as easy for Jamie to take Tegan as well. Even though over the weekend they had agreed that after Tegan had started back to school, she was going to stay at her apartment at night. She had Jamie’s phone number if she needed to get hold of her, but while Tegan still wasn’t ready for a physical relationship they were both finding it difficult to just keep it as simple as it was. They decided that having Tegan staying at Jamie’s apartment was just tempting fate, that and the fact that Tegan would have to concentrate on her school work from now on.

That fact hadn’t exactly thrilled either of them, but they both knew how important the GCSE’s were and Tegan didn’t want to fail them, anymore than Jamie wanted her to fail them.

As they pulled up outside the school Sophie smiled and waved at some of her friends. “They still can’t believe you have a nice car like this,” she waved to a few as they walked over to the gate waiting for Sophie to get out of the car. “So you looking forward to this now Tegan?” Sophie got out of the car and made a point of waiting for Tegan to get out of the car as well. She had figured that Tegan and Jamie were a couple now and see wanted to make sure Tegan felt comfortable in the school.

“I guess in a way I am.” Tegan admitted, it was going to be fun starting a new school, meeting new people and forgetting everything she learned back in River’s End. This was the beginning of a new life. A life which included friends who cared about her and someone who loved her. The school was even busier now than it had been when she came in to see Mr. Jones. With it being first thing in the morning everyone was staying outside as long as possible, even though it was totally freezing.

The meeting with the teachers had gone well on Friday, she had met most of her teachers except two who had been busy. She had been pleased when she found out that Anne would be her English teacher. It was a good thing to have friends whose parents were teachers, especially when you were new. The only teachers she hadn’t met were her social studies teacher and her history teacher. Social studies hadn’t been one of her options. It was a lesson everyone had to take. Tegan was in Sophie’s group for English and Maths and Social Studies and that was it.

“I’ll see you later.” Jamie said, as they came to a stop in front of C block. She had to go and find Sarah now before the lesson started just to tell her she was there.

“Can we meet for lunch?” Tegan looked worried about the thought of having to spend lunch on her own.

“Of course we can.” Jamie smiled, Tegan looked so sweet when she was worried and embarrassed. It was a sight that was forever in her mind. Well almost as much as the feeling of Tegan in her arms. She shook her head to clear her thoughts before turning her attention back to Tegan. “Let’s have a look at your timetable.” Tegan held it out and showed her. “Ok you have social studies third and that is in T block so how about meeting outside there?”

“Sure I think I can manage that.” Tegan smiled.

“Good.” Jamie smiled back. “I have to go, so I’ll see you ten past twelve outside T. block.”

“Ok.” With that Jamie turned and left Tegan with Sophie. It wasn’t long before the bell went and Sophie was leading Tegan to her registration room.

* * * * *

Jamie walked away from Tegan and towards the staff room, where she was supposed to meet Sarah. She shook her head again at how plain the walls were in this part of the school. There were a couple of pictures on the walls done by students towards the one wall nearest the art rooms but that was it. It was just drab and depressing. A typical school really. There was nothing eye catching or interesting in the whole corridor.

The staff room door was shut as Jamie reached it, so she reached out and knocked. It wasn’t long before Sarah answered it.
“Oh good you made it.” she smiled as she motioned for Jamie to enter. The smell of coffee, after shave and perfume assaulted
her senses as soon as she walked in. She had a look around at the staff room and noticed that even that hadn’t changed in the
four years since she had been there. The teachers pigeon holes lined the one wall. With a sofa against another and a couple of chairs set around in a cosy set-up. Nearest the door was a sort of kitchen with a microwave and kettle. Then set by the window was a table and four chairs. Which were at the moment occupied with teachers setting the schedule of their lessons and teachers marking work.

When she entered she was surrounded by teachers who knew her. Asking how she was doing and what she was doing now. Then the teachers that knew Jamie introduced her to the teachers that didn’t and they spent about five minutes boasting her ego by telling the others that she was the best student that had ever had. Jamie just shook her head. Finally Sarah looked at her weekly assistant and noticed how embarrassed she was. “Come on let’s get you out of here.”

They were just about to leave when Anne walked in. She smiled when she spotted her eldest daughter “Good morning Jamie” Jamie nodded in greeting “Did Sophie and Tegan get in ok?”

“Yes Mother.” Jamie shook her head. Anne always treated her children the same, even if they were in school. Sometimes that could be really embarrassing. “I brought them in.”

“Exactly” Anne smiled and turned around to check for messages in her pigeon hole. There wasn’t any there but she waited until she could no longer feel Jamie’s eyes on her before chuckling and turning back around. Jamie and Sarah had gone.

“Still teaching her like a student then are you, Anne?” One of the female teachers smiled. She had seen how Anne treated Sophie and Jamie in the school and at home and she knew there was hardly any difference. It was something she respected about Anne. She wasn’t the sort of teacher who showed favouritism, basically she treated every student like she treated her own family. ‘That is something all of us should do.’ She thought to herself as she collected her books and went to her class.

* * * * *

“You are going to do fine.” Sophie told Tegan, as they waited outside the classroom for their teacher to come up.

Tegan smiled at her in agreement, “I can’t believe I’m nervous now.” She admitted. “I was fine earlier.”

“It’s just because now you are actually here.” Sophie said. Sophie was refusing to tell her who she had for Social Studies today. She wanted that to be a surprise. ‘Hopefully a nice one’, she thought to herself. She turned then and spotted Mr. Hughes, their form teacher walking up the stairs. “Here he is.” she nodded towards the stairs.

Tegan turned around and noticed the man she was introduced to on Friday. He looked a lot like you would expect a teacher to look. He wore gold rimmed glasses, his grey hair stood out on his head, and he wore a goatee proudly. Dressed in shirt, tie and braces.

He noticed her and smiled. He had been informed of her condition and he was told by Anne to keep a close eye on her. She knew it was going to be hard going through a pregnancy at 16 years old and she was going to make sure that nothing happened to her. She knew that Tegan and Jamie were a couple, they hadn’t told her yet, but she knew. Just like a mother knew when one of her children was sick, she knew.

“Good morning, Tegan.” He smiled as he stopped in front of her.

“Morning Mr. Hughes.” She greeted him, shyly. ‘This won’t be so bad’. She thought to herself, as Mr. Hughes opened the door and let everyone in.

Sophie took her by the arm and led her to the table nearest the window. “You can sit at our table,” she told her, as she pointed to a seat next to hers.

Tegan was glad that Sophie was making the effort to include her in it all for today because she was still a bit nervous about being around other people. She knew most of the people at the club and she knew all of Jamie’s family so she wasn’t nervous around them anymore, but in this group there were about twenty nine people she didn’t know and that frightened her a bit.

So much had changed that the night of Scott’s attack, some for the better, but most of them not. She made the effort now to make sure she knew where everyone was in the room. That was a good thing, it never hurt to keep your eyes open. If any male she didn’t know walked towards her, she had to mentally slap herself and force her body to remain still. That was not a good thing.
She was still able to trust the men that she knew, which really surprised her, because she had been told before her attack that female rape victims had a hard time trusting men after the attack. She felt none of that towards the men that she knew now through Jamie. Like Ollie and Darren, even Scott had become a friend over the last couple of days. In a way she felt she moving on from this, but in a way she felt she’d never be able to move on. The nightmares of the attacks were still disturbing her dreams. Jamie was the only way to stop them. Going back to her own apartment, for what seemed like the first time in ages, tonight was going to be difficult. There would be no-one there to calm the nightmares.

Tegan stopped daydreaming just as Mr. Hughes started to tell the whole class that Tegan was a new student. Mr. Jones and she had agreed that for her sake, she would use her mother’s maiden name in school, so the Press wouldn’t find out she was going here. ‘It was surprising what the Press will find, when there’s a story in it,’ Mr. Jones had said. ‘That is too true,’ she had agreed. So officially, in school anyway, she was Tegan Llewellyn. She just had to get used to answering to that name now.

“So I would like you all the say hello to Tegan Llewellyn.” Mr. Hughes announced as he looked towards her and so did everyone else. She smiled and then shyly turned her attention to her hands. She didn’t like being the centre of attention and she knew that she was.

Mr. Hughes went through some announcements before taking the attendance register. When that was done, he told the group to talk quietly among themselves for a few minutes before the bell went.

* * * * *

Jamie and Sarah slipped out of the staff room and walked towards Sarah’s form room. They discussed the things they would be discussing today and when would be the best time to tell in her groups that Jamie was gay. Sarah didn’t want to tell them straight away because she wanted them to see Jamie as she was before putting her sexuality into play, but she knew that the students knew there was something different about Jamie so would they treat her different before they even knew her. It was confusing sometimes. Last week she didn’t need to tell everyone why her visitor was different because it was obvious. This time it wasn’t.
In the end she figured just to let them students know straight away. It was simpler that way. Sarah opened the door for the class to go in. When the last one was in she followed.

Jamie looked around and smiled at the memories she had of this room. It had been her social studies room when she was here. Sarah hadn’t been her teacher but her teacher Mrs. Simpkin had retired the same year she had left. The classroom looked exactly the same as it did then. All the walls were covered with social issue posters and quotes from famous “different” people. The only thing that had changed was the smell. Before the smell was of Mrs. Simpkin’s perfume, which always reminded Jamie of Lavender, that was now substituted by the smell of Sarah’s perfume, Jamie took in a deep breath and recognised the smell of Charlie. Her favourite perfume was Charlie Red, but Charlie was close behind.

“Good Morning, everyone.” Everyone was sitting quietly as Sarah spoke. They were all watching Jamie, who could see their brains working, trying to figure out what was different about her. Sarah also noticed it. ‘I figured they’d act like this’ she sighed before addressing the class again “I would like you all to meet Jamie Phillips. She is a former student of this school and she is going to spend the next week getting to know you. So the first thing I’m going to ask you to think about, while I’m taking the register, is how is Jamie different. See what you can come up with.” With that she started on the register.

Everyone looked at Jamie, trying to figure it out. She looked just like anyone of them. Dressed in blue jeans, denim shirt and black boots. She looked completely normal.

Jamie could feel their eyes on her and she felt strange. She didn’t like being the centre of attention and it was obvious that she was. It wasn’t anything that she hadn’t experienced before but she still never got used to it. She tried to keep her body relaxed but with all the curious stares her shoulders automatically tensed, as if waiting for an attack.

When Sarah was finished with the register, she turned to the class again. “So have you figured it out yet?” she asked them, looking for anyone that might say yes. She was surprised when not one person volunteered an answer. “No one has any idea?” She was surprised she didn’t get any stupid answers like she normally did. “Well everyone knows what a lesbian is. Right?” Everyone agreed and understanding dawned on their faces. “Well Jamie is a lesbian.” She told them.

“She doesn’t look like a lesbian.” One of the children said, shyly. The group of pupils were about 11 years old and they only saw lesbians the stereotypical way. Butch and definitely not as pretty as the one stood in front of them.

Sarah smiled at the answer of the young girl. “Ok Sam. What do you think a lesbian should look like?” She already knew but she needed to get everything out in the open. She didn’t expect all of her classes to be like this.

“Well you know,” Sam said, quietly. “Short hair, muscles and she doesn’t look like a man.”

Jamie had to struggle to keep her face straight. It was so funny listening to them talking about lesbians that she just wanted to laugh but that wasn’t fair to young girl.

“And she doesn’t look like the devil.” A young boy said.

That got Jamie’s attention and Sarah’s, who looked to see if Jamie wanted to answer that. Jamie nodded her head and then turned to the young boy. “No I don’t not look like the devil and neither do any of the other gays or lesbians I know. We are all like you. We just have different tastes. Some people think what we are is wrong because we are different. People think that we influence children and other’s, but we are just trying to live our lives like everyone else. We are no more of an influence on you, than a book you’ve never read,” Jamie explained. “They just think that because they are afraid of what we are.”

“Does that mean that you aren’t all those things that my mother said you are?” The young boy asked.

Jamie smiled at him. “What did your mother say?”

He smiled shyly at her before answering. “She said that you do dirty things and that I shouldn’t hang around with your type because I might become one and it was against God’s wishes, and that you would be punished by God.” He hoped that wasn’t true because although he had only known this woman a few minutes he liked her already.

“Some people think that, but one thing God says is that love is the greatest power in the universe. There is nothing wrong with loving someone. So why should it be any different for us. We love people just like you do. The only difference is I like girls instead of boys” Jamie looked around and she was surprised to see the children smiling at her. It was nice. Just then another girl but her hand in the air and Jamie smiled at her, to go ahead.

“Is it hard being a lesbian?” She asked, nervously.

“Sometimes it can be. We have to suffer a lot of abuse from people who don’t like what we do.” Jamie admitted. “Sometimes you wish you had the ability to tell your heart that what you are doing is wrong. But it doesn’t work like that.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” The young girl asked.

“Yes as I matter of fact I do and see I’ve only known her for a couple of weeks but I’m in love with her. And if at anytime I feel like everything I am isn’t worth the effort it takes to protect myself from the abuse I get from people, all I have to do is look at her and everything is ok again.” Jamie admitted, feeling for the first time, like a medical subject. She was lying open on the medical table showing herself to these people for the better of everyone.

“Wow.” came a soft sound from the back of the room, just as the bell went for the official beginning of school.

“Ok guys,” Sarah said to them all. “You can see Jamie in an hours time when you are back here, but you have another lesson to get to first.” She ushered everyone out of the classroom before turning back to Jamie. “Well that was easier than I expected. They took to you quite nicely.”

Jamie smiled. “Yeah they did.”

* * * * *

Tegan and Sophie made their way to their first lesson quietly. Tegan was feeling pretty vulnerable at the moment. All the eyes of her new classmates had been on her during registration, she even heard some boys saying how pretty she was. She felt pretty embarrassed by that and knowing that they were all looking at her made her skin crawl. ‘Maybe coming back to school wasn’t a good idea,’ she thought to herself for the second time in ten minutes, even though she knew it was just a itsy bit of her that didn’t want to do this.

She had English first lesson, so she was with Sophie for that and Anne was the teacher, ‘that shouldn’t be too bad,’ she thought as they arrived at the room. Anne was writing some stuff on the board, when Sophie knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Anne smiled at her daughter and her eldest daughter’s lover. As they walked into the room Sophie, again, grabbed Tegan’s arm and pulled her to sit next to her. Now everything was over and she was here, Tegan knew that she was going to be ok.
Chapter 21
It wasn’t a morning for Jamie or Tegan, both of them enjoyed the experience of being in school. Tegan was pleased she had come back again. It was nice to be making more friends. She was already pretty popular with everyone in the group and had been asked out twice. She just politely turned them down and went on with her work. Everyone seemed completely different here than in River’s End. Everyone was friendly no matter what you looked like or who you were.

Jamie was also having fun talking to the younger students about her sexuality and helping them with their work. Sarah was actually surprised with how Jamie settled in. She even mentioned that Jamie should think about being a teacher. She was patient with the students and helpful and most of all she was friendly.

At break time Tegan went with Sophie, Shane and a group of other friends, while Jamie spent it in the staff room talking to all the teachers. Anne was pleased that Jamie was doing well. She hoped that maybe it would help Jamie decide to go to University, which was something Anne still wanted for her daughter. She refused to push her too hard though. It was, at the end of the day, Jamie’s choice.

When the bell went for the end of the break Sarah and Jamie walked back to the classroom. Jamie was looking forward to this lesson. She knew they would be having some of Sophie’s friends, but she didn’t know who exactly.

“Are you doing anything for dinner?” Sarah asked, as they reached the classroom.

“I’m meeting my girl….a friend.” Jamie tried to cover herself. She wasn’t ashamed off her relationship with Tegan, but she didn’t know how Tegan would react if everyone knew they were actually a couple. ‘She was quick enough telling Mr. Jones,’ she reminded herself.

“Oh that’s good,” Sarah nodded her head, and pretended to miss Jamie’s slip. “I am going to have lunch with my boyfriend.”

It wasn’t long before the first students arrived. So Sarah and Jamie took their placed by Sarah’s desk and waited until everyone had arrived. Well nearly everyone. Sarah was about to start when there was a knock on the door and Sophie walked in with a smile on her face. “Sorry we’re late Miss. Jenkins,” she moved out of the way to introduce Tegan to her teacher.

Jamie didn’t know what to do when she spotted Tegan standing in front of her. She wanted to smile at her and wrapped her arms around her and tell she’d missed her that morning, but she couldn’t. She just tried to remain out of the way, without making Tegan think she was ignoring her.

Tegan spotted Jamie immediately and the breath caught in her throat, as it always did, at the sight of her partner. She smiled shyly at her before turning her attention back to the young teacher, who spotted the look that past between Tegan and Jamie.

“It’s nice to meet you, Tegan.” Sarah held out her hand. “I’m Miss Jenkins and I’m going to be your Social Studies teacher until you leave. Why don’t you take a seat and we can get on with the lesson.”

So Tegan and Sophie went to sit down. Sarah explained who Jamie was and that she would be in the school for the next week. As expected nearly everyone in the group knew Jamie and what she was. So it didn’t surprise Sarah when they started asking Jamie questions about her love life.

“Jamie, have you had any problems with Catherine lately?” One of the boys asked.

Jamie looked at Sarah and when she nodded her head, telling her to answer, Jamie addressed the boy honestly. “Actually Sam, yes, I have had a few in the last couple of weeks.”

“She is a stupid mousse anyway.” Another boy said, truthfully.

“I agree totally.” Sophie spoke in agreement. Smiling at her sister and then at Tegan. “Not that that bothers you though, hey Jamie?”

Sarah looked at Jamie with a smile, the she noticed another look past between Jamie and Tegan, and she noticed Tegan blushing at the last comment made by Sophie. ‘Mmm interesting’ Sarah thought to herself. ‘Time to do some spying,’ she thought with a smile. So she decided to see who Jamie went to lunch with. If it was Tegan then her suspicions were confirmed.

* * * * *

The rest of the lesson went pretty much to plan. Everyone loved Jamie. She got on with them all and they were all asking Sarah if she could come in and help out once a week until they finished. It had surprised Sarah really, she hadn’t expected Jamie to be this much of a hit with her students and she was seriously considering asking Jamie to come in once a week to help her with the class. ‘Would Jamie agree though?’ she asked herself, as she closed the door behind her and Jamie.

Sarah turned around and spotted Tegan waiting at the top of the stairs, Jamie smiled at her. “I’ll see you later, Sarah,” then she walked over to Tegan, leaving a smiling Sarah behind with a knowing look in her eyes.

“Hey.” Jamie reached Tegan and had to remind herself not to put her arms around her. That wouldn’t exactly go down well on Tegan’s first day in school.

“Hey.” Tegan smiled back, having to remind herself of the same thing. ‘Why is it so difficult to keep my hands off her,’ she thought with a giggle.

“What are you giggling about?” Jamie asked, as she started moving towards the steps.

“I was just thinking about how difficult it is to keep my hands off you.” Tegan admitted quietly, so only Jamie could hear her.


“Yeah what I really want to do is put my arms around you and not care about what anyone will say.” Tegan looked into pale blue eyes that reflected her feelings. “We can’t do that though.” This was one of the things she knew she wouldn’t be able to do. While heterosexual couples walked around holding hands and hugging and kissing in public, Tegan had to remind herself that she couldn’t do that because being a homosexual was different.

Jamie smiled and just put her arm around Tegan for a second in a friendly hug. ‘They can read that anyway they want to,’ she thought to herself. Then the two of them went down to the town centre for food.

* * * * *

As they walked back to their home rooms Jamie had agreed to pick Tegan up at the end of the day because she was going straight to the club after school finished. Their lunch time had gone pretty quickly really. It had been a pleasant break and neither of them had really wanted it to end.

* * * * *

The rest of the day went pretty quickly for both of them. They both enjoyed what they were doing. Tegan was complimented on how smart she was by a few of the teachers, which made her feel good.

Sarah couldn’t fault Jamie, she was the best assistant teacher she had ever worked with. It was definitely not obvious that she wasn’t a teacher. Sarah managed to corner Jamie just before she left “Jamie can I speak with you a minute?” She asked, as she cleared the blackboard.

Jamie stopped and walked back to her. “Sure.”

“Well I have had a few requests of the students today.” Sarah admitted, looking into the sky blue eyes of the tall woman in front of her. “Especially Sophie’s group and they were wondering if you could come in, maybe once every week until the end of the school year.”

Jamie looked shocked, she hadn’t expected that at all. “Um… well I guess it depends on what day it is.” Jamie really liked the idea but she couldn’t expect her father to sort the club out every Monday if that was when she wanted her in.

“What ever day is convenient for you.” Sarah smiled, she figured Jamie would agree. ‘Especially if it means spending and hour with Tegan,’ Sarah thought. “I have the same classes on Wednesday that I did today. My form group first, then the second year, Tegan’s group after break and then the same groups in the afternoon.”

Jamie smiled at the teacher, then asked with a grin. “Are you trying to insinuate that the only reason I would come in once a week is because Tegan is here?”

“Absolutely,” Sarah chuckled. “I take it you two are either mad about each other or you are a couple?” she received a raised eyebrow for that. “It was pretty obvious.”

“Well actually I think it is the two of them,” Jamie admitted, with a smile. “We are mad about each other and we are a couple.”

“Great.” Another raised eyebrow, but Sarah carried on. “Go on I bet Tegan is waiting by your car for you as we speak.”

Jamie grinned in agreement. “I hope so,” and then she turned and left. She walked to her car smiling as she pictured the lovely red head, hopefully, waiting for her. It was a very pleasant thought. As her car came into view she spotted her vision and she had to admit, the real thing was much better.
Chapter 22
Tegan opened her eyes and slammed them shut again as the sun blinded her. She turned her head and cautiously opened her eyes again then looked at the clock. 10.30 am. She silently thanked whoever was listening for it being Saturday morning. Which meant she could have a lay in. She knew it couldn’t last for long because she had her first appointment with the midwife later on. Dr. Andrews had phoned two days before and told her to come down early on Saturday so she could have a check up before her regular appointments started.

She was a bit nervous about going today but she was glad Jamie was coming with her. She had heard all about the things that happen at the first appointment, most of it didn’t seem to bad. The only thing she wasn’t looking forward to was the Internal Examination. ‘At least the midwife is female,’ she thought again as she cringed at the thought of someone’s fingers being inside her.

She was just about to turn away from the sun and close her eyes when she heard the front door open. She gave a little smile to herself and closed her eyes. She had given Jamie permission to come into the apartment when ever she wanted to and in return Jamie had given her the key to her apartment, in case she ever needed it.

It was about two minutes later, she heard the footsteps coming towards the bedroom and she feigned sleep.

* * * * *

It had surprised Jamie when Tegan had changed the key code on her door and given her permission to come in whenever she wanted to. It brought a smile to her face as she remembered it though.

Her and Tegan had been sitting on the sofa in Tegan’s apartment watching the tv.

“Jamie, how do you change the key code for the door?” She had asked, snuggling into the warmth of the body settled around her.

“Come and I’ll show you.” Jamie said, extracting herself from Tegan’s grip and pulling the younger woman up with her, then they walked towards the door. On the inside of the door was a small box that was attached to the code box out side. Jamie had opened the box and pressed the change code button “What do you want your new code to be?”

“11-15-99.” Tegan saw Jamie’s frown and smiled sheepishly “That’s the day we got together.”

“Oh.” Jamie smiled and saw the absolutely wonderful smile that came from her partner. It made her feel really good.

Then Tegan’s gaze turned nervous. “I wanted to tell you that you have permission to come into my apartment whenever you want to without knocking ok. I can’t exactly give you the key because their isn’t one and you have to know my key code, so I thought that was the best thing to do.” She looked at the blue eyes above her and she saw the smile that transformed Jamie’s face into that of an angel.

“Well in that case then,” Jamie pulled out something from her pocket “I was wondering when would be the best time to give you this.” She handed it over in a clenched fist and Tegan opened her hand to receive it. When she opened her eyes when she felt the coldness in her hand and saw the silver key. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Instead she threw her arms around Jamie and held her tight.

She couldn’t for the life of her decide why it was so important because after all, it was only a key. But this meant the trust between them had increased and she knew that there was no-one in the world she trusted more than Jamie.

It had been wonderful for both of them that day. Both realizing that the relationship was moving along nicely. They still had not consummated their relationship, but it didn’t really bother Jamie. Like she had told Tegan, the sex didn’t matter. She loved Tegan and she wanted to be with her, even if it took a decade for Tegan to be ready for that Jamie would wait.

Jamie noticed that the apartment was still quiet and everything was peaceful, so she figured Tegan was still in bed. She quietly walked over to the bedroom, with letters in her hand. The one she thought Tegan would be pleased to read on top.

Jamie opened the door to the bedroom and noticed Tegan sleeping, so she quietly walked over to the bed and placed the letter on the side table. She almost jumped a mile when a hand came from out from under the covers and grabbed her wrist. She lifted her eyes and spotted the green eyes sparkling with mischief. “You scared me to death then.” She admitted, trying to calm her beating heart.

Tegan noticed the rapid breathing of her partner and was surprised when she realized she had actually frightened her. She felt slightly guilty as she pulled Jamie to her. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly. Then she felt the silent chuckles coming from Jamie. So she pulled her up so she could see her.

“Nothing has scared me that much, since I was about three years old.” Jamie admitted, between chuckles. She felt stupid that it had frightened her so much and she covered that by laughing at herself. Before long she was laughing hysterically and Tegan was laughing at her, laughing at herself. Once they had settled down again, Jamie pulled Tegan out of bed. “Here I picked this up on the way up.” she handed Tegan the letter.

“It’s from Jenny.” Tegan practically ripped the letter open. She hadn’t heard from Jenny since she moved which was eight weeks now and she was beginning to think she wouldn’t here from her.

Jamie just smiled, she leaned over and kissed Tegan on the head. “I’m going to put the kettle on.” leaving Tegan with some privacy to read her sister’s letter.

Dear Tegan,

Hi, I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to write sooner, Dad has been practically standing over my shoulder since your friend came to visit. Of course he didn’t know she was a friend of yours but I think he suspected something. I have to write this letter at the library. Can you believe it at the flipping library?

Anyway how are you? I take it you are pregnant or you would have come home by now. Well looking at your friend that came here to deliver your letter and address I am not surprised you haven’t come home. She was one beautiful woman Tegan. If I was gay I think I would fall for her too. Dad is convinced that when you have had the baby you are going to put it up for adoption and then you are going to come home. What are you going to do? I can’t see you just giving up the baby. No matter who the father is that child is still a part of you and I know that you will still love that child as if it was the product of a wonderful relationship. I just want you to know that I will be proud of you whatever you decide to do.

Dad has been worse since you left. He beat mother really bad last week. She went to hospital with a broken arm. They were going to report him for domestic abuse but he somehow managed to pay the doctor off and he kept his mouth shut. I am in two minds about whether to go to the police myself. I can’t let him keep getting away with this. I don’t know what to do. Mother loves him so much and it would destroy her if he was arrested. If you could help me decide with that I would be really appreciative. It’s not fair to burden you with this I know but you’re the only one that knows how bad it is here and you’re the only one I can talk to. I have cancelled my trip to London for this weekend because I can’t leave her alone with him.

Anyway that’s enough about the crap that is happening here. How is everything going there? I’m glad you have found some friends. Jamie seems really nice, she told me that you are living above a gay bar. I bet that is interesting huh. How are you coping? I know it couldn’t have been easy for you and I really wish I could have been there, but if I had followed you, He would have kicked me out of the family and that would have left mother on her own. She couldn’t handle that on her own.

Scott was arrested for raping another girl a couple of days after you, but he got away with it. It makes me sick. Everyone is asking about you. Mary told me to tell you she misses you. She was not amused when I told her you had gone to Seaview to finish the year. That is what Dad is telling everyone. Maybe you could write to Mary and tell her how you are.

Anyway I have to go. Let me know if I can do anything for you and let me know how everything is going. You should receive this letter on Saturday so I will go down to Jamie’s Uncles next Saturday to see if you have written to me. I love you Tegan. Please remember that.

See you soon.


Tegan looked at the letter again and smiled. Jenny hadn’t forgotten about her. Not that she really thought she had. It upset her to think of her mother going through all that though. Even though there was nothing she could do about. Yet. She raised an eyebrow as an idea came to her. “I will do something about it. Soon.” She said to herself, as she went out to join Jamie in the kitchen.

She explained everything that had happened in River’s End to Jamie over a cup of tea before she went to get ready for her appointment. Trying to decide which was the best way to get her father back for the hell he had put her and her mother and sister through. She would get him and it would be good.

* * * * *

The appointment with the midwife went well. She was a really nice lady named Susan. She was in her late forties and she was really helpful. As soon as she saw Jamie, she had practically thrown herself at the taller woman. Susan was the midwife that had delivered Jamie. She had been her first delivery and one that she would always remember.

They had spoken about their familles and how everything was going for a couple of minutes before they had started on with the reason they were there in the first place. Susan spent sometime getting to know Tegan. She also knew now, that Tegan wanted Jamie with her when she had the baby, whether they were still a couple or just friends. Susan knew that Jamie was a lesbian and she knew they were lovers because Anne had told her that Jamie had met a sweet young girl, who was pregnant and she put two and two together. It had been Anne who arranged for it to be Susan that saw Tegan. She had trusted Susan with three births, she knew what she was doing.

Tegan was pleased overall with the way the examination had gone. Even the internal examination hadn’t been too bad. Having Jamie there holding her hand made it a lot easier though. There were times when Tegan felt really stupid for having such a dependence on Jamie. She didn’t want Jamie to think that that was the reason she like her so much, because that didn’t have anything to do with it. She didn’t want Jamie thinking it was hero-worship that drew her to the taller woman. Jamie had been there when Tegan needed someone to lean on, that much was true, but Tegan knew that if they had met before she had been attacked, the feelings would still be the same.

When Tegan and Jamie arrived back at the club, Jamie went to her office to start on some work, while Tegan went to her apartment to start on the letter to her sister.

Dear Jenny,

I was so pleased to get your letter today. I thought for a while I wasn’t going to get one. I am fine really. I miss you and Mother, but it’s just something I have to live with now. I have made some really nice friends here in Seaview and Jamie has really been there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I was ok for the first couple of days after the attack but then I saw the picture of Scott on the front of the paper and then it hit me. I think I frightened Jamie to death though. I hadn’t told her what had happened and she could see I was upset about something. So she put her hands on my shoulder and well I can’t remember anything after that. Jamie said I just screamed and curled into a ball in the corner of the room. It was good to be able to talk to someone about it all.

It is interesting that I live above a gay bar indeed. I met Jamie the first day I arrived and boy did I fall in love with her straight away. It was weird. I know some people say that after being raped usually the victim closes up and doesn’t let themselves be near people they don’t know. But with Jamie it was like I knew her. I remember Grandma saying a few years ago, that one day in your life you will find the other half of your soul and you’ll most probably be meeting that someone for the first time, but you’ll feel like you’ve known them forever. Well that was how I felt when I met Jamie. She felt the same about me. Although nothing happened between us really for about a month but we finally admitted that we really liked each other and I guess you could say we’ve been a couple ever since. We haven’t done anything, except kiss and cuddle yet because I don’t feel ready to do anything else. We’ve been a couple for a month and she hasn’t tried to pressure me into anything and I really appreciate that.

I’m sorry about everything that has happened at home. I hope Mother doesn’t have to much trouble with her arm. You know, sometimes I really wish we could do something about him but I don’t know what to do. I know you can’t leave home and Mother won’t leave him so there isn’t really much we can do.

To confirm your suspicions, yes I am pregnant. I don’t know what I am going to do yet. I want to keep the baby. I know that but what can I offer it. Nothing. Well maybe that isn’t right. I can offer it the thing we needed most but didn’t get. Love. That is the only thing I can offer it. Is that enough? I don’t have money and I would need to get a job which means I would have to put off going to college until I can afford to keep the baby and go to school. Is that the type of life a child needs? This baby needs more than that. I’m finishing the last year of school here so I guess he wasn’t lying about that. Which means that I am living on the five hundred pounds that he gave me. I am going to leave it until a little later on in the pregnancy before I decide what I want to do. I’ll let you know as soon as I decide on anything.

Anyway I have to go. See you soon. If you can come to Seaview one day let me know. Or go and see Grandma because I am hoping to go and see her and maybe we could meet up there. Let me know.

I love you Jenny and I miss you too.


She checked the letter through before sticking it in a envelope and addressing the envelope. Then she walked down to Jamie’s office.

“Hello.” Jamie spoke into the phone as Tegan poke her head around the door. Jamie smiled when she saw her and motioned for her to come in. Tegan walked in quietly and sat in the chair opposite her.

“I really don’t care what he said, you tell him Jamie Phillips is on the phone and I want to speak to him now.” Jamie sounded annoyed as she stood up and paced the floor, thankful once again for cordless phones.

Jamie had just received the monthly audit on the River’s End taxi service and she wasn’t amused. According to the papers there was two hundred pounds missing. She was determined to sort it out and if she had to go back to River’s End to sort it out she would. She had been in a bad mood before and she had just been told by the manager’s secretary that he was too busy to talk to her, which just added alcohol to an already burning fire.

“Hello.” Came the voice from the other side of the phone.

‘Finally,’ she thought to herself. “I thought you were too busy to speak to me.” She snapped at the manager.

“Hello Miss Phillips.” He sounded nervous. It was never good when the boss phoned “How may I help you today?”

“I have just received the audit for this month, Mr. Thompson.” She told him. “Why are you missing two hundred pounds?”

“Excuse me?” Mr. Thompson sounded shocked, he had no knowledge of any missing money.

“Yes my thoughts exactly,” Jamie agreed. “Now are you going to tell me what happened to it?”

“Miss Phillips I assure you I have no idea what happened to it. Do you honestly think if I had known there was money missing, I wouldn’t have replaced it before the audit?” He sounded reasonable, and Jamie had to agree it was a good point.

“I want it found Mr. Thompson before the next audit. If it isn’t, you can start looking for another job.” Jamie promised him and then she hung up the phone. “Ugh men, who needs them,” she sighed returning to her seat.

“Not me.” Tegan admitted with a smile, getting a smile out of her partner.

Jamie started to relax again as she saw the smile from Tegan. “So what can I do for you?”

Tegan handed her the letter. “Can you post this for me?” She asked. Jamie had a lot of stuff to post and it was just as easy to post it all together.

“Of course I can.” Jamie took the letter off her and added it to the pile of letters she had to post. “So what are you planning on doing today?”

“Well actually I was wondering if you needed a hand. I’ve got no stuff to do unless when you have five minutes you can help me do some revision.” Tegan said. She needed to do revision but when she was studying on her own she never took it in. When she was with Jamie, Jamie always made it interesting and she would ask her questions and usually Tegan got them all right.

“Sure.” Jamie agreed. “I’d be glad to help you revise. Tell you what, are you planning on doing anything tomorrow?”

“Not really.” Tegan admitted, she didn’t know anyone else really well enough to go out with them.

“Well how about me, you, Sophie, Shane is she wants to ask him and Robin go to Legends Pass tomorrow,” Jamie suggested “I know you won’t be able to go on the roller coasters or anything, but there are other rides to go on that are safe for you.”

Tegan thought about that for a minute. She had been to Legends Pass once before and she had enjoyed it. She wasn’t really into roller coasters or anything like that but she thought it would be fun “I’d like that.” she smiled at Jamie who couldn’t help but smile back. Something about Tegan just made you want to smile.

“Great,” Jamie said. “I’ll ask Robin and Sophie when I get home and then we’ll head out about noon. That’ll give you a chance to wake up.”

“Great.” Tegan was pleased. She enjoyed spending time with Robin and Sophie. They had come to mean almost as much to her as Jamie had in the last two months and she was glad she had some good friends. “Well I’ll let you get on with your work. I have some stuff to sort out. Come on up when you are ready to help with my revision.”

Jamie nodded her head. “I will,” she smiled, slyly.

Tegan rolled her eyes. “You should be ashamed of yourself Miss Phillips. You’ve got a one track mind,” then chuckling she turned and left Jamie to get on with her work.

* * * * *

The following day came pretty quickly for both of them. Jamie had spent the night at Tegan’s because it had been a late night at the club. She had arranged with Sophie and Robin to pick them up about 11.30, so by the time she got back to the club to pick up Shane and Tegan they would be right on time.

They were all excited about going to the theme park. It was like a family day out. Tegan still didn’t realise that John owned the Legends Pass, and she had no idea just how much money Jamie was worth.

The trip to Legends Pass was pretty quiet really. Everyone except for Robin were in their own worlds thinking about different things. ‘So this is Jamie’s new lover.’ Shane thought to himself as he eyed up Tegan. He was one of the people that was about worried about being around gay people. Sometimes he thought that a gay bloke was looking him up and it gave him the creeps. He never said a word to Sophie though because he didn’t want to offend her. He kept his thoughts to himself.

When they arrived at the Park, Tegan had a look at it as they passed. “It’s massive,” and it was. Everyone said that Euro Disney had been big but this was bigger than it. ‘It must take you at least two days to walk all around that,’ she thought to herself. Luckily they had heard of a monorail, she could see that from where she was in the car.

After Jamie had parked the car they all made their way to the toll booth. “I’ll go and get us in.” Jamie told them, making her way over to the booth.

“Ok.” Sophie and Shane sat down, while Tegan and Robin went with Jamie. Jamie stopped outside a booth where one of her friends were working.

“Hey Jamie,” The woman smiled at all of them. “Hi Robin.”

“Hi Jackie,” Jamie and Robin said together, before Jamie continued on. “Can I have five tickets to get in please? Four adult and one child.”

“Sure.” Jackie reached into the drawer and pulled out the tickets and handed them over. “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” Jamie held out the money, annoyed when Jackie refused to take it.

“You know I can’t take that off you, Jamie.” Jackie told her. She knew how much Jamie hated getting anything for free, even getting into her own Theme Park.

Hearing this Tegan gave Jamie a curious and confused look. ‘Why can’t she take the money?’ she asked herself. Jamie gave her a flushed look before turning back to Jackie.

“Come on Jackie,” Jamie pleaded. “Let me pay my way.”

“Jamie, I can’t. If anyone finds out I’ll get fired,” Jackie reminded her “I need this job. I’ve got camera’s on me all the time and I can’t risk it.”

“Well if Tegan pays will you take it then.” Jamie sounded slightly exasperated.

Jackie shook her head “I’m sorry, Jamie. I’m not going to risk it”

“Fine.” annoyed Jamie turned around and called Sophie and Shane.

“What’s the matter with you?” Sophie asked, when they caught up with her.

“Jackie wouldn’t let her pay.” Robin chuckled, he thought it was pretty funny really.

“And that’s a problem because?” Shane frowned, he couldn’t see a problem with that, anything that saved him money was a good thing.

“Shane, you know Jamie doesn’t like it when people treat her differently.” Sophie reminded him, she totally agreed with Jamie though. She hated it when everyone knew who she was and treated her differently because she came from a rich family.

“Don’t think I’m prying but why was she so afraid to charge you?” Tegan asked.

When it was obvious that Jamie wasn’t going to answer that Sophie took the liberty. “Well see our father owns this place and anyone who knows us, refuses to charge.” Sophie told her. “It annoys Jamie because she likes to pay her own way.”

“Your father owns this?” Tegan repeated, totally shocked.

“Yeah, our father started this one a couple of years ago and now he’s starting on another in Scotland. They are also planning on building one in America.” Sophie admitted.

Jamie just carried on walking quietly, she hated people knowing she was from a rich background. They always treated them differently when they knew.

“So where to first?” Shane asked, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

“Well I want to go to terror mountain but I know Jamie doesn’t like that place much.” Sophie said “And Tegan can’t go on any of the rides there anyway.”

“Where do you want to go T.?” Jamie asked.

“Terror Mountain, that’s all the white knuckle rides isn’t it?” Tegan asked, sheepishly. She felt stupid for not knowing that.

“Yeah,” Jamie nodded. “I’ve never really been a fan of those rides.”

“How about we go to the Haunted Canyon.” Robin suggested, he loved the haunted house, he thought it was the best ride there.

“Sure.” Tegan agreed, she also remembered the haunted house.

“Ok well tell you what then, meet us back at the cafe about three o clock” Sophie said.

“Ok” Jamie said and they split up. None of them seeing the angry eyes that followed them.
Chapter 23
As Jamie, Robin and Tegan walked around the theme park looking at the different rides and everyone having fun riding on the train and the rides themselves. It was nice to see the families together and enjoying themselves. It had been so different for Tegan when she came with her family. They had been here so the press could film Mayor Rhys doing family stuff, not because he wanted to be here.

“Do you two fancy a drink or something?” Jamie asked, as they came to a drink vendor.

“Sure.” Robin and Tegan said together. So Jamie walked over to the vendor and asked for three cokes. Her back stiffened as she felt someone watching her, she turned around and spotted no-one. So she turned back to the vendor, thinking it was just her overactive imagination. The feeling of those eyes watching her never vanished as she turned and made her way back to Tegan and Robin.

“Do you feel like you’re being watched?” Jamie handed them their drinks.

“No.” They both admitted, as they started on their drinks. “Why? Do you?” Tegan continued on.

Jamie nodded, “I get the feeling that someone is watching me but I can’t see anyone.” She admitted. “It must be my body playing up again.”

“Well Jamie, when your body is trying to tell you something. It usually helps to listen.” Tegan told her, looking around to see if she could spot someone. But in a crowd as big as the one they were in now, you couldn’t really say you weren’t being looked at.

Jamie dismissed it and they all carried on walking. She didn’t want to ruin her day by feeling suspicious of everyone and everything the saw. That wasn’t what today was about. She intended to give Robin and Tegan some fun. Even though, as they walked, the feeling never left her. Before long she was starting to get worried. She wasn’t used to this. She had been watched before but it had never been like this. It was more worrying for her that she could never see who it was and it wasn’t before long that she was ready to go home, but she refused to cut the day short for Tegan and Robin, they were enjoying themselves.

“I need to go to the ladies room.” Tegan said quietly, after about an hour.

“Come on then.” Jamie said, moving in the direction of the toilets. Tegan and Robin following behind.

Tegan could see the stiff tension in Jamie’s shoulders and she knew that she was starting to get worried about being watched. If it had been bothering Jamie this long, she figured there must be someone watching her. Jamie had good instincts, that weren’t very often wrong and if her instincts were telling her to get out of here, then Tegan figured they should do it. “Jamie, how about after this, we go to the cafe and then go home,” she suggested, as they arrived at the toilets. “I’m starting to get a little tired” She lied. She knew that Jamie wouldn’t go home if she thought she was cutting the day short, but if Tegan said she was tired, that gave Jamie an excuse to leave and not worry about it.

“Oh?” Jamie was surprised, Tegan seemed fine. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, maybe we can come here after the baby is born.” Tegan smiled, then realized what she had said. She had just admitted thinking about staying in Seaview after the baby was born. Not only had she admitted it to Jamie, but more importantly, she had admitted it to herself.

“Ok then.” Jamie smiled, her heart feeling lighter now, knowing that Tegan was considering staying in Seaview. She couldn’t stand the thought of her going back to River’s End. “Is that ok with you Robin?”

Robin smiled at his sister and then at Tegan. “That’s fine,” he chuckled and then Tegan went into the toilet.

Jamie and Robin waited outside and for the first time since they arrived Jamie didn’t feel like someone was watching her. She didn’t know whether to feel relieved about that or not. She was relieved because they weren’t watching her anymore, but nervous because Tegan was gone and no-one was watching her. Then something happened, she had never experienced before, she felt a panic in her that wasn’t hers, inside her head was a mental scream, a scream that came from…..

* * * * *

As Tegan made her way out of the toilet she wondered who would have been following Jamie. She knew that it was really bothering her and that was why she had decided to go back to the cafe. At least there Jamie could see everyone and maybe she would lose the feeling of being watched. She was washing her hands and failed to hear the footsteps coming up behind her until it was too late. She felt herself violently pushed up against the wall, only just managing to use her arms to protect her stomach from going straight into the sink. She turned around quickly and saw Catherine standing in front of her.

‘It was you.’ She thought to herself. “What do you want?” she tried not to sound as worried as she was.

“I couldn’t break you two up, so now I’m going to have to tear you apart. The only way to do that is the death of one of you. I can’t kill Jamie because I love her. I guess that only leaves you.” Catherine hissed, sticking her hand in a pocket and pulling out a knife.

‘Oh God.’ Tegan shouted feeling the panic mounting inside her. “You won’t get away with this.”

“I already have.” Catherine snickered, advancing on her dangerously.

‘Jamie.’ Tegan mentally screamed, just before the knife began it’s descent. ‘I love you, Jamie,’ was Tegan’s thought as she closed her eyes and waited for the knife to hit. It never did.

* * * * *

Jamie bolted around the corner just in time to see Catherine flashing a knife at Tegan. Without even thinking about it, she jumped in between Tegan and the knife. Catherine, who had already starting the knife’s descent towards Tegan, couldn’t stop it and before anyone knew what had happened the knife was planted up to the hilt in Jamie’s stomach. Jamie looked down at the knife embedded in her stomach in shock. It sent a pain through her entire being that she had also never experienced before and then she fell to her knees doubled over in pain, before collapsing in a pool of blood.

Tegan fell to her knees next to Jamie and pulled her into her arms before shouting for help. Catherine, realizing that if help came she was going to be in trouble, bolted. She wasn’t going to be there when… well she never made it that far. She trip over Robin, who was coming around the corner to see what had happened. She hit her head on the wall and lay unconscious on the floor. Robin seeing his sister laying on the floor covered in blood ran to her, where Tegan was crying.

“Jamie, come on open your eyes, please.” She cried holding onto Jamie with everything she was worth. Luckily at that moment three women in their early thirties came around the corner. When they saw Jamie lying there, one of them went to get help. The other two tried to calm Tegan and Robin down, who were both crying hysterically. Then Jamie’s phone rang. Robin picked it up and answered it.

“Hello.” He sobbed into the phone.

“Robin, is that you, what’s wrong?” Sophie voice came down the line.

“It’s Jamie,” Robin cried. “She’s dead.”

One of the women looked at Robin and put her arms around him. “No she isn’t. She’s going to be fine.” she told him, hoping to God she was right. She took the phone off him. “Hello, who is this?”

“What is going on, what’s wrong with my sister.” Came the frantic voice on the other end.

“I take it this is your sister’s phone?” The woman asked.

“Yes it is, now what is the matter with my sister?” Sophie repeated the question.

“Your sister has been stabbed in the stomach.” The woman told her. “She is unconscious at the moment, but she is still alive.” She assured her.

“Where is she?” Sophie asked, trying to calm herself down, it wasn’t working.

“In the Legends Pass.” The woman told her, trying to sooth Robin who was still crying into her shoulder.

“I know that. I’m there too. Where?” Sophie asked.

“In the toilets down in the Haunted Canyon.” The woman said.

“Ok I’ll be there shortly. Did they get the person who did it?” Sophie looked towards Shane who was making his way towards her, he saw the panic on her face and ran.

“Hold on.” The woman said, before turning to Tegan, while pointing at Catherine. “Is that the one who did it?”

Tegan nodded her head before dropping her eyes to the pale face of her partner and carried on quietly mumbling to her.

“Yes they have.” She told the worried sister.

“I’ll be there shortly.” Sophie hung up the phone just as Shane reached her.

“What’s wrong?” He had seen Sophie panicked before but never like this.

“Jamie’s been stabbed.” She told him before running straight back the way they had walked and towards the Haunted Canyon.

* * * * *

“Come on, Jamie please, hold on.” Tegan was whispering quietly to her, as she held her tight, not daring to let her go. “You can’t leave me please,” she watched the woman carefully holding a now blood covered jumper over the wound in Jamie’s stomach, trying to slow the blood, but it wasn’t working.

The woman put her hand over Tegan’s, when she saw the worried green eyes looked at the blood covered cloth. “She’s lost a lot of blood, I know, but she’s going to be fine.”

“I can’t lose her,” Tegan sobbed. “Not now.”

It wasn’t long before there was a siren and the third woman came around the corner with two paramedics. “Right excuse me everyone, let me get in here please” The male paramedic addressed the situation as they moved out of the way. Everyone, except for Tegan who stayed were she was, holding Jamie. The paramedics didn’t say anything to her because he could see it was senseless in trying to talk her into moving. He could see what he needed to with her there anyway.

He checked for a pulse and was pleased to still find one. As they worked, the female paramedic, explained to Tegan what was happening, just before she noticed the pale face. “Hey isn’t this Jamie Phillips.” she nudged the man beside her who looked at the face of the injured woman.

“Yes it is.” He recognized his boss’s daughter.

The paramedics worked quickly to stabilize Jamie, before attempting to move her to the ambulance. She was being placed in the ambulance just as Sophie and Shane reached them. “Is she going to be ok?” Sophie asked as she spotted Tegan and Robin comforting each other.

“She should be.” The male paramedic said, before getting into the ambulance. The ambulance pulled away just as the police pulled up. Catherine had been checked out by the paramedics and they agreed that she was going to be fine. So she was being guarded by some of the Legends staff until the police came and then she was arrested immediately.

Sophie dialled her father’s office thanking God that he was at the Pass that day, she explained the situation to him and he was down there like a shot and he drove them all to the hospital. On the way Sophie phoned her mother and told her what had happened and she arranged to meet them at the hospital.

* * * * *

As they pulled up to the hospital they watched them take Jamie out of the ambulance and wheel her into A&E. They all got out of the car and met Anne on by the entrance. then they all walked into casualty. A&E was a typical Emergency Room. Cubicles all over the place doctors running around and the smell of…. well hospitals. Anne walked over to the reception and told them that Jamie was just brought in and she wanted to know how she was.

They waited for a while before a nurse came out to speak to them. “Mr and Mrs Phillips?” he asked as he came to a stop in front of them.

“Yes?” Anne looked at him with worried eyes. She had only ever been in A&E once and that was when Jamie broke her arm. They hadn’t really figured out what had happened because Tegan and Robin were too busy crying silently in the back and they couldn’t say what happened. All they knew was that Jamie was stabbed in the stomach by Catherine and she had lost a lot of blood. That they could tell by looking at Tegan’s clothes which were covered in it. “How is she?”

“The Doctor has asked me to put you in the relatives room and he’ll be with you shortly.” The nurse said, directing them to the room. He saw the worried looks he was getting from them. “She is still alive.” he assured them.

They all went into the family room and waited until the Doctor came in. The family room wasn’t a cheerful room really. It was a room with a sofa and two chairs and a plastic chair for the Doctor. The room itself was painted a hospital blue. About five minutes later the Doctor arrived. “Mr. and Mrs Phillips.” She acknowledged the parents in the room.

“How is she?” Anne asked again, even though the nurse said she was still alive, that didn’t say how she was and she was still worried.

“I’ll be honest with you. Jamie is very lucky to be alive. It was a bad wound and she lost a lot of blood. We’ve stitched the wound now though and we’ll take her up to a ward as soon as a bed is available” The Doctor explained. The knife had just missed Jamie’s intestines and had it been half an inch lower, it could very well have killed her.

“Can we see her please?” Tegan asked, unwilling to wait anymore.

The Doctor looked at her and then at the rest of the family. “I’m sorry immediately family only,” she looked into the wet green eyes of the young girl in front of her.

“That is my partner in there and don’t you dare tell me that I can’t see her,” Tegan snapped. “I have her blood all over me and I’m going to see her with or without your permission and you can’t stop me”

The Doctor was shocked, she hadn’t expected that attitude from the little red head. She seemed so innocent and you would never have expected that temper to come from her. “I could call security.” The Doctor warned her.

“Um Doctor, can we just see my daughter please?” Anne asked. She didn’t want to wait around her while they argued. Tegan was obviously of the same mind, because before the Doctor could say anything more she was gone.

The rest of the family just followed.

It didn’t take long for Tegan to find the room with Jamie in. She was attached to an I.V and she was still out, but she looked she peaceful. Tegan just stood looking at her, before the tears started again. This time they were tears of relief. It wasn’t long before she felt an arm circle her shoulder and Anne was telling her everything was going to be ok. She wrapped her arm around the waist of her lover’s mother and cried.

Everyone was relieved that Jamie was going to be ok. The Doctor explained to them that she was going to be out for a while because they had to stick her under anaesthetic will they checked everything out and stitched her up. About half an hour later there was a bed made available in one of the wards and Jamie was taken up there. So John took Sophie, Robin and Shane home while Tegan and Anne stayed there with Jamie.

Tegan knew she couldn’t stay here all night but she wanted to be there when Jamie woke up.

* * * * *

Just as Tegan and Anne were about to leave the hospital ward Jamie made a little movement and Tegan was by her side instantly. Jamie opened her eyes and looked into extremely grateful and worried green eyes. “Hey?” She managed to croak from her dry mouth.

“Hi.” Tegan smiled with relief, refusing to let herself cry again.

Anne moved into her daughter’s line of sight. “Hi,” she leaned over and kissed her on the head. “Don’t you ever scare us like that again,” she whispered into her ear.

A small smile crossed Jamie’s face as she looked between her mother and partner. “I won’t. Can I have some water please. My throat feels like I swallowed a desert.”

Anne looked at the sign above Jamie’s head that said, ‘liquids only,’ and she moved to the other side of the bed and poured her a drop of water. When she finished that Tegan and Anne were asked to leave by the ward nurse. So they both kissed Jamie good night, differently of course, but they kissed her and then they left, with the promise that they would be back tomorrow.

“So what happened to you?” The nurse asked, she she fluffed Jamie’s pillow.

“A jealous ex-girlfriend.” Jamie said, waiting to see the nurse reaction before carrying on. When she saw nothing only understanding and sympathy she carried on. “She was going to stab my girlfriend and I got in the way.”

“I take it the young woman that just left is the current girlfriend.” The nurse observed, laying Jamie back on the bed.

“Yep and she was more than worth the pain I’m in now.” Jamie admitted, as her eyes grew heavy again and before the nurse could say anything to her, Jamie was asleep.

Shaking her head, she smiled and walked away.

* * * * *

Back in the car on the way home, Tegan started to relax for the first time in what seemed like hours. Until she had seen Jamie awake she kept seeing the pale face as she lay practically dead in her lap. Now she had a much nicer image now.

“How about you staying at our house tonight Tegan.” Anne looked over at the tired young woman and she could tell that she was struggling to keep her eyes open.

“I liked that,” Tegan smiled. “You know I’ve never been more scared as I was tonight.” she admitted “Not even when Scott was attacking me.”

“Well I’m glad you are feeling better now.” Anne admitted, she was also more relieved that she was letting on. Her heart had been in her throat nearly all afternoon, from the time she had gotten the phone call from Sophie.

When they arrived at home Anne watched Tegan as she walked up the stairs to Jamie’s apartment before going to join her husband in the living room.
Chapter 24
When Tegan woke up the following morning she took a deep breath and was surprised to have Jamie’s scent surrounding her, she was also surprised to find she couldn’t feel the sun on her face, like she normally could when she woke up. So she opened her eyes and realised she was in Jamie’s bed. She looked around at the room before remembering the events of the day before. She was relieved that everything had worked out well. She had come so close to losing Jamie and that was something she knew she couldn’t handle again. Those couple of hours had been the worst hours of her life and she didn’t want to go through them again.

She sank into the covers a bit more, feeling the warmth of them, like Jamie’s arms wrapped around her. Then she looked at the clock and almost jumped out of bed when she realised she was late for school. ‘That’s what you get for not setting the alarm clock,’ she told herself, angrily. She got out of bed and made her way to the kettle and made herself a cup of tea. She drank that quickly then got changed and walked downstairs, surprised to see Robin and John sitting in the living room.

“Morning Tegan.” Robin smiled as she walked in.

Tegan frowned. “Haven’t you got school today?” She asked the young boy.

“No. Mom said to stay home and we could go and see Jamie this afternoon.” Robin said, cheerfully “That was why we didn’t wake you.”

Tegan couldn’t help but smile. “Oh,” she was pleased she didn’t have to go today, she would have been to worried about Jamie anyway.

“Anne said she’ll tell Mr. Hughes why you aren’t in.” John told her, as she sat down next to Robin, smiling when he snuggled up to her.

John also noticed this with a smile. Robin had taken a real liking to Tegan and he treated her like a sister. He knew her and Jamie were together and this just increased his acceptance of her. When Jamie had quietly told Robin that Tegan was pregnant he had asked if that meant he was going to have a brother or another sister. Jamie hadn’t really known what to say to that. So she had just said maybe. Robin had been satisfied with that.

As Tegan sat in the living room watching the t.v with John and Robin, she once again marvelled at how close the whole family was. The only people in her family that she was close to were Jenny and her grandmother. Seeing the Phillips family together made her realize just how much she had missed and she grieved for her loss.

After a while the peaceful quiet of the house was disturb when Robin decided he couldn’t wait anymore. “Are we going to see Jamie now?”

“Oh well,” John smiled. “I suppose we could. What do you think Tegan?”

“Oh I don’t know. It might be better for us to stay here and not go and see Jamie at all.” Inside she was shouting. ‘It’s about time too.’

“Pleeaasse.” Robin pleaded, he wanted to see his sister.

John started chuckling as he stood up and walked over and picked up the car keys. “I’ll just go and get the car out.” and then he was gone.

Tegan and Robin got ready to go and they were waiting for John on the path by the door. He stopped in front of them and they got in. “Come on then.” Robin urged him on.

They were just about to pull out when a Police car pulled into the drive behind them and a male and female officer got out of the car. So John got out of the car to see what they wanted. They wanted to have a statement off Tegan about what had happened the day before. Tegan explained what had happened and was surprised to find that Catherine had told the police that Jamie had attack her first and she was just defending herself.

“What is going to happen to Catherine now?” John asked, as he showed the police to the door.

“Well we have to speak to your daughter and see what her side of the story is. There were no other witnesses so at the end of the day it is her word against yours.”

“I sort of saw what happened.” Robin told them enthusiatically, he wanted to be able to help too.

The female officer smiled and knelt down in front of the young boy. “And what did you see?” She asked him.

“It wasn’t a lot really.” He admitted but carried on with his story anyway. “Tegan needed to use the ladies room, so me and Jamie waited out the front for her. Jamie thought someone was watching her, she had thought that practically since we got there. She kept looking around without making it look like she was looking and anyway, me and Jamie were waiting for Tegan when all of a sudden Jamie bolted around the wall into the toilets. The next thing I heard was Tegan screaming for help.I came running around and Catherine bumped into me and knocked her head when she fell.”

“Jamie thought she was being watched?” The female looked at Tegan for confirmation of this.

Tegan nodded her head. “Jamie had just bought us all some drinks and she came back and asked if we felt like we were being watched. We both said no. Jamie got really tense after that and she never relaxed afterwards. Catherine told me that she was looking for the best time to get me, I went to the toilet on my own and it was the best opportunity”

“Can I ask one more question?” The male officer spoke to Tegan next.

“Sure.” Tegan nodded her head, hoping they would hurry up because she wanted to see Jamie.

“Why was Catherine after you?” The officer asked, he had suspected this wasn’t a random attack but after getting the statements of Tegan, he couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to go after her.

“Oh, well… um see, Catherine is Jamie’s ex-girlfriend.” She paused waiting for their reaction, seeing nothing she continued. “Well she got jealous and came after me. She said that is she couldn’t split us up, she was going to tear us apart instead.”

“So you are Jamie are lovers?” The female asked, that had surprised her. Tegan didn’t look gay.

Tegan nodded her head. “Yes.”

The male nodded is head in return. “Well thanks for your help, Miss Rhys,” he held out his hand, which Tegan took and shook. “We’ll be by sometime later to see Jamie ok.”

“Ok” John said, and then they all followed the police out and got into the car.

Shaking his head, John just pulled out of the drive and started his trip to the hospital.

* * * * *

It had been an interesting day in school so far for Sophie and Anne. Sophie got sick and tired of telling everyone what had happened to Jamie. She had explained to Sarah the social studies teacher what had happened and that Tegan was with Jamie in the hospital. She accepted this and said in Tegan’s position she would have been there aswell. Sophie had told everyone else that Tegan wasn’t feeling to good. Sarah knew they were lovers so it was only fair that she knew the real reason. Tegan had kept quiet about her relationship with Jamie though. Not wanting to go through the hell that could come along with people knowing she was gay. Sophie knew this and she respected the privacy of her sister and her new friend.

Anne was told by Mr. Jones that she should have had the day on because family was more important than her job and she should be with Jamie. Anne refused, saying that Tegan, Robin and John were with Jamie and her and Sophie could go and see her later on. Mr. Jones had reluctantly accepted this and let her get on with her job.

* * * * *

When John, Robin and Tegan walked into the ward, Tegan spotted Jamie immediately and she trotted over to see her. Jamie was half sitting in bed and she spotted her family walking in. “Hey?” Tegan smiled as she reached the bed, not caring about where they were, she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Jamie’s head.

“Hi.” Jamie smiled, pleased to see them. “Hey Squirt” Robin jumped onto the bed and hugged his older sister. “How are you doing?”

“Ok.” Jamie admitted, with a groan. “I’m not allowed out of bed, but other than that I guess I’m good.” The doctor had been to see her this morning and she had been told she had to stay in bed for two days before she could start walking to the toilet. He didn’t want her to break her stitches. She wasn’t pleased that she would have to stay in hospital for a week. She explained this to her partner as well..

“A week?” Tegan was shocked, she hadn’t been expecting that. They had never kept any of her friends in hospital that long unless it was a really serious injury. “Why that long?”

“They have to be careful because it’s a stomach wound and they don’t want it torn apart.” Jamie explained to her. She had watched the news the night before and it had been all over the news that there had been a stabbing at Legends Pass, her name had come up twice. “Do you know what happened to Catherine?” She was still waiting for a visit off the police. They had apparently come by last night, but the nurses had told them that Jamie needed her sleep.

“Only what the police told Tegan when they came to get her statement this morning,” John told them. “I think they have enough though.”

“Enough for what. To send her to a juvy? Great. She’s mental, she should be put away but she won’t be because she’s too young.” Jamie was disgusted. It was something that annoyed her. If she had been a couple of months older, Catherine would have been tried as an adult, but because she was still only 17, she was still treated as a child and would be tried as such.

“Hey don’t worry about it, Jamie.” Tegan patted her on the arm, trying to calm her down a bit.

“Don’t worry about it, Tegan!” Jamie exclaimed. “She came after you.”

“Yeah, but she didn’t get me.” Tegan reminded her, she was just as annoyed that Catherine would only get a couple of months in a juvenile detention center. “She didn’t get me, she got you. Don’t you think I know how you feel?” She knew she shouldn’t be angry at Jamie but the older woman could be so insensitive to everything, except herself at times.

Jamie thought about that for a while. “Yeah, I guess you do.” She smiled sheepishly, still finding it hard to believe that she had found someone to love, who felt the same way about her. It was nice. “So why aren’t you two in school today?”

“Mom let me have the day off so we could come and see you, and we let Tegan sleep late.” Robin told her, excitely. He had only had the day off school a couple of times and that was only when he was really sick or he had a appointment with the doctor, dentist or something like that.

“Yeah, I slept at your place last night. By the time we left the hospital it was late and well your mother suggested I stay with your family.” Tegan told her. She had slept much better last night being in Jamie’s bed, but she wasn’t going to tell her that yet.

Jamie, Tegan, John and Robin spent the next couple of hours talking about different things and just enjoying the company of each other. Their conversation was only interrupted twice. Once by the doctor coming to check on Jamie and then the second time was when the police came to get her statement. She told them exactly the same story as Tegan had told them and when they were satisfied they left. Leaving the family alone once again. About 3pm John told them they had to go, so they all said goodbye to Jamie and then they left. With the promise of coming back to see her later on with Anne and Sophie.

Jamie watched them leave with a smile on her face. Watching her family leave hit something in her that she hadn’t felt for a long time. A happiness that was so profound she wanted to cry. There was nothing better than that.
Part VI

Chapter 25
The next couple of weeks were wonderful. Tegan and Jamie spent their time together, helping Jamie recover from her knife wound. Catherine was tried as a minor and convicted of attempted murder and was sentenced to a juvenile prison at her Majesty’s pleasure. So she could be there for two months or her whole life depending on when the prison authorities thought she was ready for release.

During the last couple of weeks of November Tegan had to sit her mock GCSE exams. Which she did very well on, which came as no surprise to Jamie. She got three A*’s all together in English, Maths and History, A’s in French and Media Studies and A-‘s in Business Studies. She couldn’t have asked for better grades. Now she only hoped she could do that on the final exams.

The quiet times the two of them spent together were wonderful, they were times getting to know each other even better than they already did and them getting to know each other’s tastes and reactions to certain things. They tried to take their time with the intimate part of their relationship but the more they tried to keep it slow and steady the harder it was.
A Week Before Christmas.
It was only seven days to go until Christmas and Jamie was still panicking about what to get Tegan for Christmas. She sat in her apartment thinking about it. She wanted to get her something nice that Tegan would like an something she could show off without seeming like a show off. She had already bought her a couple of things but she needed a main present. Something she could be proud of.

“Hey Jamie.” Sophie said, as she knocked on the apartment door, and when she heard Jamie call her, she walked in.

“Hey Soph.” Jamie greeted her sister as she walked in.

“I was just wondering if you had decided on a present for Tegan.” Sophie admitted, sitting next to her older sister.

“No,” Jamie shook her head, disgusted with herself. “I can’t think of anything.”

“Well I know you want to get something nice and classy and I spotted this absolutely lovely ring today.” Sophie took out a catalogue from her pocket and showed her a picture of the ring.

Jamie looked at the picture and immediately felt a funny sort of pull towards it. She had seen that ring somewhere before. The ring was made of 9ct gold and it had an usual picture of a X in the middle of it a silver and bronze circle. It was perfect. It was an antique ring that cost nearly £300 but Tegan was worth it.

“It is perfect.” She told her sister looking at the picture again. She looked at her watch pleased that she had over an hour to go before the shop shut, so she grabbed her keys and headed to the door, followed by Sophie.

* * * * *

They got to the shop and Jamie asked if they could see the ring. The woman behind the counter gave them both a suspicious look before she finally agreed.

She brought the ring out of the store room and handed it to Jamie. “This ring is the only one in existence. It is said that it once belonged to a Greek Warrioress, who passed it on to her lover.” The woman said. “It is very expensive though.”

“Money is not a problem for me, thanks.” Jamie assured her, once again feeling the pull of the ring. It seemed so familiar and yet she didn’t know how. “I’ll take it,” she finally decided and handed it back to the woman so she could wrap it.

“Don’t you want to try it on first?” The woman asked, with a smug look on her face.

Jamie returned the smug look. “No I have a feeling this will fit perfectly,” the woman shook her head and wrapped the present. When she was done and the ring was paid for, Jamie and Sophie headed off. Jamie was extremely pleased that she had finally purchased the perfect gift.

* * * * *

Tegan was having the same problem. She didn’t have as much money as Jamie to spend on a gift, but she wanted to buy her something nice. She had money left over from her father’s money and she knew she couldn’t afford to spend all of that on a present, because she needed the money to live. She refused to take charity of anyone and that included Jamie and her family.

She knew she could get some money out of her account because she had her card with her, but the last time she had checked there was only £30 in there. ‘That should be enough to buy Jamie’s present,’ she thought to herself, as her and Robin made their way down the main street. Jamie and Tegan agreed to go shopping separately that day because they had to buy for each other. So Robin had decided to go with Tegan, after Sophie had decided on going with Jamie.

“What do you want to get for Jamie?” Robin asked, as he placed his hand in the older woman’s.

“I don’t know. Something nice.” Tegan told him.

“I know something Jamie would really like,” Robin was pleased that he could help, especially if it made his sister happy. “We came shopping for something for you last week, she spotted something that she really liked. Do you want me to show you?”

“Sure.” Tegan agreed, surprised when Robin started pulling her towards a small shop. It was a jewellery shop, it looked like a pretty old shop, with pretty old things in it.

“There it is.” Robin pointed to a lovely watch in the window. The face of it was shaped into a heart, with blue stones around the edge of the heart. “The stones match Jamie’s eyes.” Robin observed.

“Yes they do.” Tegan agreed. She looked over at the price and was surprised when it was only £50, although she didn’t have that money on her now, she could just pop over to the bank which was just across the road. So they went into the shop, and had a look around before heading over to the counter.

A fairly old man came out from the back and walked out to the counter, “Good morning. My name is Sam. How may I be of service?” The man was sort, even shorter than Tegan. ‘That is saying something’, Tegan thought to herself .”I have some really nice stuff here in my shop. See this.” He held out a scroll. “This is an actual scroll from the temple of Athena, the Greek goddess of war. You can only buy it here and for only £5.”

“Actually I was looking at the watch you have in the window.” Tegan told him, a bit worried about buying something for Jamie from someone, who looked like a seedy salesman. “The one with the heart shape face.”

“Oh yes, a wonderful gift.” The man walked over to the window and took the watch the window. “Is it for anyone special?”

“Yes it is,” Tegan said. “Very special.”

“Well it is indeed very nice,” Sam agreed. “And those are real Sapphires. It is a second hand watch, but it is an exceptional bargain.”

It didn’t matter to Tegan that the watch was second hand, she fell in love with it straight away. “I don’t know what the condition of this watch is though. So if I do buy it, I want a guarantee that it will last because my father is the Mayor of River’s End and if this watch packs in within two years time, I’ll have it all over the papers that you sold me a bum watch.” She warned him, seriously.

“I… I.. I… uh I wouldn’t do such a thing. Please I am extremely offended.” Sam told her, wondering if she was actually telling the truth. He could tell by the look on her young, innocent face, that telling the truth was exactly what she was doing. “I assure you that this watch is in fine working order.” He assured her, he couldn’t afford to have bad publicity. Not with the shop in the financial state it was. If he lost anymore money he would have to close the shop and then he could not afford to pay the mortgage on his house and he would be evicted and then his family would be on the streets.

“Well then you have nothing to worry about. Do you?” Tegan told him, as she took the watch off the man to get a closer look at it. It was absolutely stunning up close. The watch was gold, the face of the watch only contained every fifteen minutes and they were marked with green emeralds. Tegan turned it over and spotted an engraved inscription on the back. That inscription just made it even more perfect.

“Those stones match your eyes as well,” Robin noticed, as they looked carefully at the watch. “That would be the perfect gift for Jamie.”

“Can you hold onto this for me while I go and get the money to pay for this. I only have £30 on me at the moment.” She waited for the man’s answer before turning and heading out of the door. Within five minutes she was back with the money. She paid for the watch and got a written guarantee off Sam saying that the watch worked perfectly and she made sure Sam knew what happened if it broke down within two years.

With Jamie’s present finally bought Tegan and Robin went home. They had to catch the bus because both of them were to young to drive and they arrived back at Jamie’s house just as Jamie did.

“Hi.” Tegan smiled as Jamie walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead.

“Oh please.” Sophie sighed, trying to sound disgusted. It didn’t work because she was more than happy for her sister and it wouldn’t have bothered her if Jamie wanted to show how much she loved Tegan in front of the Queen. Of course the Queen might be a bit offended.

“What’s the matter Soph?” Jamie joked. “Jealous?”

Sophie just stuck her nose in the air and walked into the house with a huff.

“So did you get what you were looking for?” Tegan asked Jamie, as they followed Sophie into the house and made their way to the living room.

“Yeah I did, Jamie admitted. “You?”

“Yes actually I did.” Tegan told her honestly.

“Good.” Jamie said, sitting down on the sofa, just as Tegan did the same and leaned into her. Jamie brought her arm up and around her shoulder and pulled her closer.

“So did you all get something nice?” Anne asked, as she brought in a tray of teas and placed them on the table in front of everyone.

“Yes thank you” They all agreed. They had all had a good time shopping. Jamie and Sophie had had a chance to talk about different things while they shopped. That hadn’t happened for a while now, and as much as Jamie denied it to Sophie. She enjoyed those times when it was just the two of them and they could talk about anything and everything.

Tegan and Robin had enjoyed getting to know each other and Tegan once again marvelled at how bright Robin was for a six year old. He acted more mature than some of the boys Tegan had gone to school with. The more Tegan thought about this, the more she wondered if this was a good thing. Had Robin grown up to fast? Did he have his childhood? When she looked at the young boy and saw the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eye, she knew. Robin had been brought up very well, as had Jamie and Sophie. They had all been taught well, cared for and most importantly loved. Love was the most important thing that any parent could give a child and she made a silent vow that her child, if she decided to keep it would have all the love that she could give.

“T.” Jamie’s voice startled her out of her thoughts.

“Huh.” Tegan smiled, embarrassed at being caught day dreaming again.

“You were miles away then. Is everything ok?” Jamie asked, looking into the green eyes of her partner and seeing love and slight embarrassment there.

“I’m wonderful.” Tegan admitted, then she snuggled into Jamie and watched as Sophie and Robin fought each other over the last cookie on the tray. Robin won when he gave his sister his brilliant imitation of a puppy, the look no one in the house could say no to. Having won the cookie, Robin gave them all a smile before settling on the settee next to Jamie. As Sophie looked on she smiled at the picture of a happy family. Jamie as if sensing her sisters thoughts turned to her and spoke happily “You’re to good to give us a hug, now are you Soph” Jamie joked.

Sophie just smiled before getting up and making her way towards the settee and practically diving on the three sitting there. There was a short family tickling session before they all settled down again. Tegan enjoyed being around this family and she felt so much a apart of it, that sometimes the thought of having to leave it all at the end of her pregnancy was scary. However, the more she thought about that, the less it seemed likely. She just wanted to stay here forever.
Chapter 26
Jamie was up early on Christmas Day. She looked at the clock and was disappointed to see that it was only 7 am, too early to wake Tegan and she as dying to see Tegan’s face when she saw the presents she was getting off everyone. She had mentioned before that her and Jenny had hardly any presents for Christmas at home just the odd piece of jewellery or clothing that her father bought them so they could show it off.

Tegan was already awake in her bedroom. She had been lying there thinking about her last Christmas with her family. It had been a typical Christmas really, they were all up at 8 ‘o’ clock ready to open their presents. Last year she was given an a necklace with Tegan printed on it, ‘Wow,’ she thought to herself sarcastically, she remembered how she had sat there hoping for a better present than the one she had the year before. Only to find out it was worse. She had wanted to throw the present at her father and tell him exactly what she thought of it but Jenny had warned with her eyes not to start anything because the pleasure she would have felt at the time, would have been wiped out by the beating she would receive later.

As Tegan lay there she heard the footsteps around the apartment announcing that Jamie was awake. So she got out of bed and made her way to the door. Jamie was sitting in the living room watching the television. Tegan crept up behind her so quietly that Jamie never knew she was there until the small hands came around her head and covered her eyes. “Guess who?”, came the voice from behind her.

“Is that you again Emma? I told you not to come to my house. Tegan might see you.” Jamie said, seriously. Receiving a slap on the shoulder for her trouble. “Oh Tegan it’s you,” she smiled wrapping her arms around the woman behind her and pulling her over the top of settee gently making sure she wasn’t doing any damage. She pulled her into her lap and kissed her soundly.

“You know you kiss me like that again,” Tegan told her. “It is going to be mighty hard to keep our promise”

“Well T.” Jamie looked at her with sincere eyes. “I’m waiting for you. Nothing is going to happen until you are ready”

“I know and I love you for that.” Tegan admitted, shyly.

“Well I love you, too.” Jamie told her, leaning forward and kissing her again. She just couldn’t get enough of this woman. “Are you ready to go downstairs and see what Santa left us.

“Yep.” Tegan was still surprised that Jamie and her family had invited her to spend Christmas with them. She was happy though because it made her feel like part of the family, that was something she cherished probably more than she should.

“Come on then.” Jamie stood Tegan up and followed. The both of them covered by their bath robes walked downstairs and into the living room to join the rest of the family.

“It’s about time you got up as well.” John smiled as Tegan and Jamie sat on the chair near the fire.

Tegan and Jamie looked around the room and noticed that it was warmly decorated. The decorations were spread all over the room and there was a big tree in the corner decorated with tinsel and balls. Something that Tegan noticed was different to her tree was the individual pictures of all the family. John, Anne, Jamie, Sophie, Robin and she was surprised when she seen one of herself. It had been taken a couple of weeks ago when Jamie was still in the hospital. The presents were stacked neatly under the tree and there were a lot of them.

“Are we going to open our presents now?” Robin asked, they had been waiting patiently for Jamie and Tegan to come downstairs because the family tradition always had been – no opening of Christmas presents until everyone was present. Sometimes that could be a pain but Robin accepted it, just as Jamie and Sophie had before him.

“Yes we can open the presents now.” Anne smiled. Robin had been sitting patiently waiting for Jamie and Tegan to get up, but he was starting to get antsy.

As soon as Robin heard, this he practically dived into the presents. He passed the presents out to whoever was on the name tag and when they were all distributed, he took the honour of opening the first one, because he was the youngest.

They all took their time opening the presents and when they only had one present left, John called time and they all agreed to go and have Christmas dinner. Jamie kept Tegan behind while the rest of them left, because she wanted to give her present to Tegan now, not in front of the family.

“I wanted to get you something special for Christmas, but I wasn’t really sure what to get you, so I had some help looking around and I came up with this. It isn’t much, I know, but I really wasn’t sure. I got you some things I knew you needed, but that wasn’t anything special.” Jamie found herself babbling, something she never did.

“It’s ok.” Tegan said, shyly, hoping her presents for Jamie was going to be enough. She had liked the small gifts that Jamie had bought her so far and was glad that Jamie liked hers. “I was always taught that it was the thought that counts.”

Jamie handed her the small box and watched as Tegan unwrapped it. Tegan unwrapped it carefully as if she was planning on using the paper to wrap next years presents with. When she saw that it was a ring box, Tegan could feel her heart beat pick up, she tried to keep her breathing steady. She opened the box and she gasped when she saw the design of the ring. It was absolutely stunning and so familiar. Jamie took the ring out of he box and placed it on her finger. Tegan was dumb struck. She tried to speak but nothing would come out so she threw her arms around her partner and hugged her as tight as she could.

“I take it you like it.” Jamie sounded so relieved, that Tegan almost giggled.

“I love it.” Tegan admitted, looking into her eyes so Jamie could see the truth. “And I love you.”

Jamie returned the hug until Tegan pulled back and held out her gift to Jamie. “I was the same as you about getting the perfect present. I really didn’t know what to get but I had a little help in that department as well. I hope you like it.” Jamie took the box off her and opened the gift. When she saw the watch in the box she wanted to cry. She had like that watch the minute she had seen it but hadn’t had the chance to buy it. She turned it over and read the inscription on the back. ‘Forever Yours.’ Jamie threw her arms around Tegan and almost crushed her.

It was perfect. Both of them were enjoying their time together and they were both extremely happy. Everything was going well and sometimes they both secretly thought that maybe it was too good to be true. Both of them were expecting something to happen to them and neither of them wanted it to.

The rest of Christmas went pretty quiet and enjoyable.
Chapter 27

3 Months Later.
The fire was glowing in the apartment, casting a warming glow over the two residents sitting on the sofa. The dark haired woman was sitting behind the smaller one with her arms around her waist and her hands on the stomach growing gradually more everyday. The signs of a pregnant woman five months gone. Tegan was so comfortable there that she just never wanted to move. Jamie was just as comfortable. It felt so right just sitting there holding Tegan. “Mmm, this is nice, Jamie.” Tegan snuggled back further into Jamie’s arms feeling more loved and safer in those arms than she had ever felt in her life.

“This is nice.” Jamie agreed, one hundred percent. The comfort Jamie got from being close to Tegan amazed her more than she had expected and it was sometimes like a physical ache to remove herself from the younger woman. “I love you T.”

Tegan’s heart stopped for a moment before it gave a double thump before returning to it’s regular beat. It wasn’t very often Jamie initiated something like that, usually that was left to Tegan. So Tegan didn’t say anything she just twisted around and wrapped her arms around Jamie’s neck and held her tight, wanting to stop the slightest bit of air from passing between them.

Jamie was surprised by this, so she just wrapped her arms around Tegan refusing to let go until Tegan did. She was surprised when she heard a sniffle come from the red haired teenager. She moved Tegan away from her so she could see her face and she was shocked when she saw that Tegan was crying. “Hey?,” she looked at Tegan with worried eyes.

Tegan saw the worried look in the beautiful blue eyes looking at her and she could have slapped herself, but instead she managed a smile. “Sorry, don’t know what that was for,” and she really didn’t. It had been fine just listening to Jamie telling her she loved her and then a feeling of being complete for the first time in her life came over her and it had opened the floodgates. Now she looked at the woman that made her feel that way and spoke with total honestly. “You know I love you so much, it hurts.” She took Jamie’s hand into hers and put both of them over her heart. “Right here.”

Jamie nodded her head, she had felt that more than once. “I know,” she admitted.

“Sometimes it feels like someone is reaching in and squeezing my heart so tight, that it’s going to stop beating at any time.” Tegan took Jamie’s face into her hands and kissed her gently. “Thank you for letting me feel that.”

“No, thank you.” Jamie told her “After everything that happened with Becky before, I refused to let myself get that close to anyone again. Then I walked into the club and saw you sitting there and it was well, I guess like the song said, it was a bad day not to fall in love, because I did, straight away.”

“I guess neither of us had a chance did we.” Tegan smiled, wrapping her arms around Jamie’s neck again.

They sat there for a while, before breaking the silence again. “Have you heard from Jenny yet?” Jamie asked, remembering that Tegan had been waiting for the letter.

“Yeah I got it this morning. Your father brought it up for me.” She removed herself from Jamie’s arms and stood up. “I’ll get it now.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Jamie held out a hand to stop her. “That is your private stuff T.”

“No, I want you to read it.” Tegan admitted. “… well I told Jenny about us in the last letter and I would like you to see what she says.”

“Ok.” Jamie agreed and let her go. It wasn’t long before Tegan was back with the letter off her sister. She sat back down next to Jamie and handed her the letter. Jamie started to read it.

Dear Tegan,

It finally seems to have settled down for a bit here now. Mom misses you, she told me that the other day. She doesn’t know I am writing to you but she does know I know where you are staying. Her arm is out of plaster now but she is still having a couple of problems getting used to using it again. It is really weak from lack of use over those six weeks.

Dad is just a total idiot about everything as usual. He is going to the Soccer on Saturday to see Liverpool Vs Man United. Who would have thought that it would all depend on this one match? Except for you of course. Dad doesn’t like it that United has to win the match to win the Premier League and all Liverpool has to do is draw. I think that is way cool. Not that I would ever tell him that though.

Anyway Uni is going fine. It’s nice to be able to get away from home for a couple of hours and not be stuck here with nothing to do. I’m thinking about staying on Campus next year, that way I will be away from him and I can concentrate on my school work better.

Well I think that is enough about me, how are you? Are you starting to show yet? Is everything going along ok. I hope it is. I would like to meet my niece or nephew and I am still pretty sure you already know what you want to do with the baby. Even if you don’t say you are.

So you have finally found that someone to love you huh. I’m glad you did. You deserve all the happiness you can get. You’ve been through more in your young life than most people go through in a life time, and I just wish that I could be there for you more. At least Jamie will be there for you now. You tell here though, that if she does anything to hurt you I will come up there and beat her up, I don’t care how tall she is.

I’m sorry to hear she got stabbed that must have been rough on all of you. At least she pulled through it all. So have you two… um well you know (I blush completely). You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. I’m just curious. Anyway let me know how everything is going. I am going to be up Grandma’s house a week Saturday, so maybe you could pop up then. Let me know.

I love you


Jamie reread the last paragraph before looking at Tegan. “Well I’m glad she approves.” She smiled.

“She didn’t really have much choice did she.” Tegan told her, as she took the letter off her. “I wouldn’t have taken any notice of her if she hadn’t approved anyway.”

“Yeah I know that, but it is still better to have your family agreeing with what you are doing and who you are with, even if it is only one of them.” Jamie told her, still annoyed at how Tegan’s mother and father treated their youngest daughter. If she knew anyone that treated their children like that Jamie would have reported them to the authorities. Especially if they were constantly in the public eye, but she couldn’t do that to Tegan. “With your father going to the match on Saturday are you sure you still want to go?”

They had arranged to go to the match with a couple of friends of Jamie’s from the band she was in. Plain Lazy had only had a couple of practices since Tegan had arrived in Seaview and Tegan had got to know a couple of the members. They got on well and she jumped at the chance to go to the match and actually sit with the home fans this time, not the United crowd. As she looked at Jamie again she remembered what Darren had told her once. ‘You keep hold of her Tegan, she is one of the most popular girls in Seaview,’ he had said and looking at her now, Tegan could see why. She had black hair, and the most amazing sky blue eyes, she had ever seen. It was something she had noticed about Sophie. Sophie had blue eyes but not that blue.

“Of course I still want to go to the match,” Tegan playfully slapped her. “You think having him there would stop me doing from what I have wanted to do since I was old enough to support soccer?”

“I didn’t think so, but I just thought I’d ask.” Jamie admitted, wrapping her arms around the love of her life. “It should be fun.”

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Tegan told her. This would be a good day for her. Being able to cheer loudly for the team she supported was something she had always wanted to do. Now she had that chance and she wasn’t going to throw that away, even if Jamie hadn’t been going. Having her there was just an added bonus.

Five months had gone since they first met and they were still struggling to keep their promise to each other. Sometimes Tegan thought it might be better to get it over with because the sexual tension could be a pain in the neck. They wanted to make love so badly, Tegan knew she was ready for that now, but she wasn’t sure about how to go about getting the whole thing started and Jamie refused to make a move until she knew Tegan was ready. So as Tegan and Jamie sat there quietly Tegan began formulating a plan on how to seduce Jamie. It had to be something special, for her sake as well as Jamie’s.

“Jamie?” She looked behind at the blue eyed woman.

“Yes.” Jamie smiled, leaning down to kiss her partner.

“Do you fancy going to the cinema tomorrow?” She asked.

“What like on a date?” Jamie was surprised. They had been together for four months now and they had never been to the cinema, because she was worried about bringing up bad memories for Tegan.

“Yeah, like on a date?” Tegan smiled, hoping Jamie would agree. The only place they had really been to over the last couple of months was down to the Triclub and while that was ok, it wasn’t a date.

“I’d love to.” Jamie agreed, leaning down to kiss Tegan again. This kiss was only promise of what was to come.

‘Oh yeah’, Tegan thought to herself. ‘I am more than ready for this.’ Finally Tegan regained her senses and smiled. “So you’ll pick me up at 7pm,” she said, making plans in her head for tomorrow. “What shall we go and see?” She asked not waiting for an answer. “That new comedy Tropical Mayhem is now isn’t it. So is that new Dean Masters film. I really want to see Tropical Mayhem do you think we could go and see that one?” Tegan found herself babbling again, she was nervous and she couldn’t stop. “Of course, if you don’t want to see that one we can go and see something else. I really don’t mind what we….mm.” She shut up when two warm lips claimed hers.

“Sometimes that is the only way to shut you up.” Jamie smiled down at her when the broke apart.

Tegan looked shyly at her. “If that is the case I’ll have to babble more often.

“Oh really?” Jamie smiled seductively before returning to her previous task of kissing Tegan senseless. It wasn’t long before Jamie pulled away from her. “Do you fancy popping downstairs for a while?”

“Yeah, the night club should be in full swing now,” Tegan agreed. The had spent the night so far, since opening time, upstairs enjoying each other’s company, now they both wanted to mingle with others.

So they were walking towards the door when another thought hit Tegan. She had been meaning to ask Jamie a question for a while but kept forgetting. “Jamie what happened to that woman that was stealing money from the till?”

Jamie was surprised by the change in subject but answered anyway. “She got a one year suspended sentence.”

“She didn’t go to jail?” Tegan was surprised. Surely stealing six hundred pounds from a till was enough to result a prison sentence.

“No, because we found out why she was stealing money and we agreed on a deal instead. She has still got a criminal record, but we just couldn’t send her to jail.” Jamie admitted.

“Do you mind me asking why she stole the money?” Tegan asked, not wanting to pry into it unless Jamie was ok with it.

“Her three year old daughter needed an operation. She didn’t qualify for benefits because she was in full time employment, so she was taking the money out of the till to put it towards the final cost of the operation. I’ve met her daughter and to think that someone like that will not live to see her fifth birthday makes me sick. She needed the money and we couldn’t in good conscious let her go to jail while her daughter is dying.” Jamie admitted, her and her father had discussed for a full two minutes before deciding. She was made to pay the money back and that was it. Jamie never told anyone about the five hundred pounds deposited in Sheila’s bank account left by a anonymous person, she didn’t plan to either.

Tegan thought about their conversation as they walked down to the night club, knowing she would most probably have done the same thing herself had she been in that position. She rested her hand on her stomach for a minute and thought about what she would do if her child needed a life saving operation and she didn’t have the money. She would have gone to the bank first and then if they hadn’t been able to help she would have most probably tried to get the money anyway she could.

Tegan knew there was more to the story than Jamie was telling her but she didn’t want to push, so she kept her thoughts to herself as they walked down the stairs and into Fantasy Island.

The music was loud as usual coming from Sam the DJ at one end of the night club, the air was warm but luckily not the suffocating air of smoke that you sometimes got in places like this. There wasn’t many people that came into Fantasy Island that smoked, most of them had at one point, but since the rise of a packet had gone up to over three pounds a packet most people were finding they couldn’t afford it. Which Jamie and Tegan didn’t mind because neither of them could stand the habit anyway. Becky had smoked and Jamie used to hate kissing her, because she tasted like an ashtray.

You could smell the alcohol in the dark room as soon as you opened the door as well and it was something that sometimes made Tegan feel really sick. Being allergic to alcohol she only touched the stuff when she needed to for family get togethers and that was only a drop of wine. She suffered with rashes, headaches and nausea the following day and Tegan thought most of the time that it wasn’t even worth it.

“Do you want an orange juice?” Jamie asked, as the walked towards the bar.

“Sure.” Tegan said as they came to a stop by the bar.

“Good evening Ladies.” Ollie said as she spotted his boss and her partner the other side of the bar “Would you like the usual?”

“Yes please.” Jamie practically shouted over the music.

Ollie nodded his head before going to get the drinks. He had had a chance to get to know Tegan over the last couple of weeks and he found her charming. When he saw the two of them together though he knew they were crazy about each other and he wished them all the happiness, because Jamie deserved it and from the rumours he had heard about what had happened to Tegan, he suspected that she did too.

He finished pouring the orange juice and shandy before returning to Jamie and Tegan. “There we go.” he placed the drinks on the bar before going to serve the next customer.

Jamie looked around and spotted Darren, Scott and a couple of others sitting around a table and she nudged Tegan and motioned towards the table. Tegan smiled her approval at the unspoken suggestion and they both walked over to their friends. ‘Their friends,’ Tegan thought with a smile. It felt really nice to be surrounded by friends.

“Hey look who decided to show their faces,” Darren spotted them walking towards them and smiled. “We thought you had moved away.”

“No, unfortunately I am still here,” Jamie told them, “and so is Tegan.”

“Bummer.” Darren smiled, standing up to let Tegan sit down. He knew about her condition and he didn’t want her straining herself.

Tegan smiled at Darren accepting the offer and sitting down. Jamie noticed this and smiled her thanks at Darren. He had been great with Tegan over the few months since she moved. He had been really helpful with her school work as well. The subjects that Jamie wasn’t very good at Darren had helped with. Jamie knew that Tegan appreciated the help as well.

“So anything interesting happen to you the last couple of days? Haven’t seen you in a bit.” Rhiannon asked Jamie, as she came back over with a chair for herself and Darren to sit on.

“Nothing,” Jamie admitted. “It’s been really quiet.” Tegan and Jamie had spent a lot of their time lately with just either or her family. Tegan didn’t like going to the night club very much and Jamie just didn’t want to leave her. John had said that was natural for two reason. One was they were a new couple, most new couples don’t want to lose sight of each other for a minute and two was Jamie was acting like a typical expectant father would.

Not wanting to leave Tegan in case something happened and she wasn’t there. Tegan had told Jamie once or twice that she thought of the child as theirs now, not just hers, but until then Jamie hadn’t really thought about being a parent to this child. It was a big responsibility for a twenty year old, so she could only imagine what it would be like for Tegan, who was barely out of childhood herself. Jamie decided after some long hard thinking, which took approximately two minutes, that she wasn’t going to let Tegan go through this alone. She would be there from beginning to end and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

“Jamie?” Darren’s voice disturbed her thoughts and she looked up to meet his eyes. “Are you ok?. You look a little worried?”

“No, I’m fine.” Jamie admitted sheepishly, she hated getting caught in dreamland.

“Good,” Darren smiled, he had a feeling that Jamie’s mind was somewhere else and he was pleased that she had finally found her happiness.

As Tegan sat there listening to the conversation going on around her, her mind kept wandering off. Planning a wonderful seduction of the woman she loved. It would all happen tomorrow. Of that she was sure.
Chapter 28
The following day zoomed past, as Tegan planned ahead for her big evening. She had it all sorted by the time Jamie came to pick her up that night. Everything was going well and she wanted this to be perfect as well.

Jamie was nervous, as she walked up to the door to collect Tegan. She didn’t know why but she had a feeling that tonight meant something to Tegan. Well every minute with Tegan meant something to Jamie and she knew that Tegan felt the same way about time with her, but this was different. Jamie couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew it was.

She had dressed up smartly and was fidgeting with the shoulder’s on her shirt when Tegan answered the door. What Jamie saw almost stopped her dead. Tegan was stood there wearing a black shirt with leopard skin on each side and black trousers. She looked gorgeous. Her hair was hanging down and the only thought that came to Jamie was. “Wow!”

“I guess that means you like it then.” Tegan said, when she heard the wow come from Jamie’s lips. Tegan looked at her partner and thought she was going to die from wanting her. Although Jamie was actually dressed casually she looked stunning. She was wearing black jeans and a white shirt with a black waistcoat over the top. She looked lovely.

Jamie blushed when she realised she had spoken out loud and she cleared her throat before answering. “Very much,” she smiled and leaned down for a kiss which Tegan gladly answered. “You look very gorgeous.” Jamie admitted, watching the blush cover Tegan’s face.

“You like half handsome yourself.” Tegan smiled.

“Why thank you Ma’am,” Jamie said. “Now may I escort you to the car?”

Tegan returned to get her purse and then headed to the door. “Yes you may.” She said, taking the arm that Jamie had offered and they made their way downstairs. Tegan was glad to get away from her apartment, knowing that as soon as they were out of the door, Darren, Scott and a few others would be straight in the apartment to sort everything out for later.

* * * * *

Tegan and Jamie arrived at the cinema shortly before the film started and made their way towards the back of the theatre. It had taken a while to decide on what to watch, but had finally decided on Tropical Mayhem. It was a romance comedy that was suppose to be the hit of 1999.

The film started and Tegan and Jamie sat there quietly enjoying the film. This time Tegan didn’t feel any of the apprehension she had felt towards the end of the film that she had with Scott. She knew exactly what she wanted and she knew she was going to get it and for once she was glad she lived in the UK. She couldn’t imagine living in the States and feeling what she felt for Jamie and having to wait another two years to act on it. ‘That would definitely kill me.’ She thought as the film drew to a close.

“So where to now?” Jamie asked, as they walked out of the cinema.

“Well I have to go to the ladies room before we go anywhere, so do you think you could pop across to the shop and have a look if they have the soundtrack for Dean Master’s new film. Here is fifteen pounds,” she took the money out of her purse and handed it to Jamie. “That should be enough.”

She had wanted to get the album for a while but that wasn’t the real reason she had sent Jamie on her own. When Jamie was out of sight, she took off to find the telephone. She dialled her number and waited until Darren answered. “Hi is everything ok over there?” she asked, hoping they had finished because she really wanted to get home.

“Yep all ready for you.” Darren assured her, happily. He was glad that he could surprise his best friend and he was sure Jamie wouldn’t mind this surprise.

“Great we’ll be home shortly,” with that she hung up the phone and headed back towards the shop, where Jamie was paying for the CD.

“All set?” Jamie asked, as she came out of the shop.

“Yeah but you know what I’m a little tired, do you think we could head home now?” Tegan tired to sound disappointed that she was ruining the night, but knowing what was waiting for them back at her apartment made that difficult, she instantly regretted that when she saw a flicker of hurt cross Jamie’s lovely face.

“Oh, ok.” Jamie tried to think about what she had done to upset Tegan. Having Tegan say that to her, had hurt, probably more than it should of. ‘Come on Jamie, she’s pregnant, she has a right to be tired.’ She told herself angrily.

“Yeah, we could settle down on the sofa and watch an nice romantic film” Tegan said, hoping to cover herself. She knew she had when Jamie smiled genuinely.

“Well seeing as you put it that way.” Jamie smiled, seductively having not idea what so ever that she was going to be on the other end of the biggest seduction of her life tonight.

* * * * *

Jamie and Tegan pulled up outside the club and quietly made their way up to the apartment. Tegan opened the door and lead Jamie into the apartment.

Jamie was surprised when she was led into the apartment. The room was dark, except for two candles on the table in front of them. The table was set for two with each place set opposite each other. Tegan smiled when she saw the surprise on Jamie’s face. It was a lovely picture.

Tegan took Jamie by the hand and led her further into the apartment just as Scott appeared and moved to take off their jackets. Tegan’s was first and then Jamie’s.

“Tegan what’s going on?” Jamie asked, nervously as their coats were removed.

“You’ll see.” Was all Tegan cared to elaborate on the subject. She just smiled one of her heart stopping smiles and Jamie thought she was going to die of happiness.

Scott hung their coats up and then led them to the table. He held the chair out for Tegan and then moved around the table and did the same for Jamie. With them both set at the table, Scott hurried towards the kitchen. Within five minutes he was back again with the main meal in front of him. In front of Jamie he placed a plate of chicken salad, then he placed the same in front of Tegan before heading back out of the room, leaving the two alone.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on now?” Jamie asked, as Tegan started to eat her food.

“I just wanted to do something nice for you” She lied, she wasn’t ready to tell Jamie what was going to happen later on, yet.

“Well this certainly is nice.” Jamie admitted as she started on her food. They ate the rest silently, both sneaking adoring glances at the other and hoping they didn’t get caught. Once or twice they did and then they would both blush and go back to eating for a couple of seconds before stealing another glance.

From the kitchen Scott, Darren, Paul, Sarah and Rhiannon sat watching quietly. They had spent the last two hours getting the place ready for Tegan, having direct instructions to have the place perfect for a perfect evening. They were all really pleased that Jamie had finally met the one person she could honestly say she was in love with. They had observed the pair quietly for the last couple of months and all agreed that they seemed to be made for each other. When Darren had asked for help getting the apartment ready for the big night the other’s had been only too pleased to help out. Jamie had always been there for them and now they were going to start paying that back.

As soon as the pair were finished with their meal Rhiannon went in to get the dirty dishes and Scott carried in the next plate. This time the meals were different. One Tegan’s food was all the stuff that a pregnant woman should eat, poached eggs, potatoes, rich and mixed vegetables. Jamie’s food wasn’t so carefully prepared. There was a stir fry, everything that was bad for you was on that plate.

Jamie couldn’t believe how much trouble they had gone to, to get this evening perfect. For that matter Tegan couldn’t believe it either.

When the meal was all finished Darren, Scott, Paul, Sarah and Rhiannon came out of the kitchen “Well ladies we had better start going.” Darren announced as he smiled at Jamie and gave Tegan a sly, knowing wink. “We’ll see you both tomorrow for the match.” With that they all turned and left.

Jamie was starting to get a bit suspicious now, but refused to let herself think it was what she hoped it was.

Tegan stood up and held her hand out for Jamie, when the taller woman took it, the smaller woman pulled her up and kissed her soundly. “Let’s sit on the sofa.” Tegan said, leading Jamie in that direction.

Jamie and Tegan spent the rest of the night talking and kissing. Tegan wanted to let their stomachs settle before trying to do anything else.

Jamie had a feeling that this was going somewhere, and was getting there pretty fast. Jamie knew that Tegan had wanted their first time to be special, not something that happened on the spur of the moment. Jamie knew that Tegan deserved to be treated to something special after her first experience. Jamie had refused to be the one to make the first move. She wasn’t going to go any further than that, until Tegan told her she was ready.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Jamie.” Tegan said, finally moving closer to Jamie than she already was.

“Me? No thank you,” Jamie said. “I really enjoyed tonight.”

“Me too,” Tegan said. “We’ll have to do it again soon.”

“Yes we will,” Jamie said. “So what time do you want me to pick you up for the match tomorrow?” Jamie wanted to let Tegan know that she wasn’t being pressured into anything and she wanted to know what Tegan’ answer was going to be, before taking that final and all important step in their relationship.

“Well um..,.” Tegan started nervously, she hadn’t expected to have to spell out what she wanted to Jamie. “I was actually I was hoping that you would stay here.”

“Really, well that wouldn’t be anything new, I’d like that.” Jamie said, waiting for Tegan to say more.

“Well actually, I was kind of hoping you would stay with me, in my bed.” Tegan said, feeling like a total idiot. Why could she say what she wanted to.

“Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me, or do you just want some company?” Jamie asked, deciding that Tegan was asking her just that.

Well I would like some company tonight, but that isn’t what I am asking you.” Tegan admitted finally deciding to just spit it out. “I’m ready for the next part of our relationship Jamie. I’m sick and tired of holding myself back because I’m afraid to go further. I need this as much as I want it.” she looked into Jamie’s blue eyes. “Make love to me Jamie.” She whispered leaning up towards the woman “Please?”

Jamie thought her heart was going to stop beating with those words. Those were the words she had waited for since she had met Tegan. Calming herself down she kissed her again. Before Tegan knew what was happening Jamie had picked her up and was carrying her towards the bedroom.

As Jamie lay the love of her life on the bed, she looked into Tegan’s eyes “Are you sure you are ready for this?” She wanted to give Tegan a chance to back out of this.

“More than I’ve been ready for anything in my life.” Tegan admitted, as Jamie sat quietly on the bed looking at her, their faces were next to each other, and her hands played with her hair, as she kissed her lips.

“Really?” She whispered, as Tegan’s mouth moved to her neck, their promises and patience slowly being forgotten.

Jamie was on her knees on the floor by then, and Tegan was still on the bed, and suddenly Tegan’s hands began to explore the breasts beneath Jamie’s shirt. Jamie moaned softly at her touch, and wanted to remind herself that Tegan needed to go slow, because this was her first time with someone she loved, but in a single instant Jamie forgot them, when Tegan reached out to her and pulled her towards the bed.

Their kisses were increasingly passionate, as Tegan pulled her slowly towards her, their bodies were entwined, and they were tangled in the sheets, both still fully clothed. They lay together for a while, kissing each other, forgetting themselves and discovering things about each other that they had promised to wait to explore. As Jamie kissed Tegan, she wanted o devour her, to just swallow her whole, until she was a part of her.

“Jamie…,” Tegan whispered her name, and held her close, and then they were kissing again, and Tegan was reaching for Jamie once again.

Without saying another word Tegan peeled Jamie’s trousers away from her, her shirt was already gone, though neither of them could remember how, and Jamie tossed Tegan’s shirt into the air, and it settled somewhere on the floor as she began making love to the young woman lying under her.

It was a few hours later when they finally caught their breath, and they lay in each other’s arms, completely spent and sated. But neither of them ever felt happier, “I love you, Jamie.” Tegan said.

“That’s good.” Jamie said, pulling Tegan so close that they almost seemed like one person. “I’ve never loved anyone so much in my life.”

“Jamie?” Tegan said, as they lay there.

“Mmm?” Jamie asked.

“I’m tired.” Tegan admitted.

Jamie leaned down and kissed her lover gently on the forehead. “Then go to sleep.”

“Will you be here when I wake up?” Tegan asked, feeling shy all over a sudden.

“Always.” Jamie smiled, wrapping her arm around the smaller woman for added insurance.

* * * * *

There was a bright light and when it vanished there was a woman standing there.

“Karis, you may leave us” The woman said to the woman who was standing next to Jamie. Tegan had no idea where she was . They were in some old building. It looked like the Temple of Artemis she had once visited in Greece. The woman the mysterious woman spoke to, bowed her head and left. “I’m glad you could both make it. I wanted to talk to you both before I can bless your relationship. I know that you are both very much involved with each other, even a blind person could see that. I also know that your recent argument and lack of trust hurt each other a lot. You know about Aphrodite’s gift so you both knew how the other was feeling about that.”

“Yes we did,” Tegan said. “It was worse than anything I have ever felt.”

“Yes it would be, because not only were you feeling your pain, but you were feeling hers as well,” Artemis explained. “That is why some people call it a curse not a gift. It does help you a lot of the time as well. Has it been explained to you?”

“Athena sort of explained.” Tegan explained

“Good,” Artemis said. “I hate having to explain Gods gifts to anyone. Ok now for the formal questions. Do you think that you two will be ready to commit to each other at next years festival?”

“Yes.” Tegan and Jamie said at the same time.

“Good,” Artemis said. “Apart from your little disagreement before the festival, why aren’t you ready to commit yet?”

“We’ve only been together a couple of weeks and we don’t feel ready yet.” Tegan admitted. “We do love each other very much and I don’t think anything will ever change that. But we need time to adjust to what we are feeling before we are ready to commit to that.”

“I understand,” Artemis said. “However from what I’ve been feeling coming from you, Tegan and what Athena has said she has felt coming from you, Jamie, we are both surprised that you won’t do this. Have either of you heard of soul mates?”

“Yes.” Tegan said

“Now I know what they are, but could you explain it to me anyway?” Artemis asked.

“They are two parts of a whole, who are destined to find each other, over and over again.” Tegan said.

“Exactly.” Artemis said. “You two are soul mates, you will find each other every lifetime you live. Although you refuse to commit to each other at this moment in time, you are already committed to each other. The fates have decided so. Therefore I don’t have any option but to bless your relationship. I would have anyway. I cannot think of a better protector for my Chosen”

“Thank you Artemis.” Tegan said.

“You’re welcome.” Artemis said. “Now don’t forget, Tegan you have to visit Athena and ask her for her blessing as well.”

“I know,” Tegan said. “I will as soon as we get home.”

“Good.” Artemis said. “Now you two go and enjoy yourselves.”

“Thank you Artemis,” Tegan said again.

* * * * *

Jamie was the first to wake up the following morning and she lay there thinking about her lover for a long time. Thinking about how perfect last night had been and how wonderful it was to finally have consummated their relationship.

It wasn’t long afterwards that Tegan stirred next to her. Sleepy green eyes opened at slowly looked around the room. When her eyes finally met ice blue eyes she smiled. “It wasn’t a dream,” she snuggled in deeper, wanting to stay their for ever.

“Do you want a drink?” Jamie asked, as she shifted to look down at Tegan.

“That means you gotta move.” Tegan said tightening her hold.

“Well I’ve got to move sometime.” Jamie smiled.

“Only if you hurry back.” Tegan sighed

“Ok.” Jamie said, as she managed to drag herself away from the warmth of Tegan.

Tegan watched as Jamie walked out of the bedroom naked, without a care in the world.

While Jamie was getting the drinks Tegan lay there thinking about her dream. It had been weird but familiar in a way that she only seemed to experience when Jamie was around. She didn’t know whether to be worried about that or not.

Shortly after Jamie was back with the drinks. She put Tegan’s on her side of the bed before returning to the other side and getting into the bed again.

“We have to get up soon. We have a football match to go to.” Jamie reminded her, as she lay there holding her.

“Oh yeah. I’m looking forward to that.” Tegan admitted, as they settled into a peaceful silence, before Jamie regretfully decided it was time to get up.

“Honey we have to get up now.” She said.

“Do we gotta?” Tegan asked, although she knew that if they wanted to get to Liverpool, they needed to.

“Come on.” Jamie said, leaving Tegan’s warmth again and pulling Tegan with her. Neither of them bothered by the nakedness of each other.

It wasn’t long before they were dressed and drinking a cup of tea. Once they were ready to go, they made their way to the door. Tegan pulled Jamie to a stop. “Thank you, Jamie,” she said.

Jamie’s brows contracted. “For what?” she asked.

“For last night and this morning.” Tegan said. “After what happened with Scott, I thought I wouldn’t be able to be with anyone, but this proved that I can.”

“You’ll be fine T.” Jamie said. “Now come on.”

Then they walked out the door.
Part VII

Chapter 29
As Jamie and Tegan entered the house the smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the air. One of the treats John allowed himself on a Saturday was a proper English Breakfast, which consisted of bacon, eggs, sausages, fried tomatoes, waffles, fried bread and black pudding. Everything basically that was bad for him.

“Morning Dad.” Jamie said, as her and Tegan walked into the house and joined John at the table. “I’m just going to get changed.” Jamie stood up again, “T. do you want to borrow a Liverpool shirt of mine. I have a collection of home and away ones with different names and numbers on the back. I know it’ll be a bit big for you but it’s yours if you want it?”

“That would be great,” Tegan agreed. “Thanks. Do you want me to come up and get it now?”

“Yeah come on then.” Jamie smiled, taking Tegan by the hand, glad that the younger woman had gotten over being worried about showing their relationship in front of the family. Something she had been reluctant to do at first. Now it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. “Is Robin up yet?”

“I don’t think he has been asleep yet. He has been wound up about this match all week. It is the Cup you know. Liverpool getting to the final was a good achievement but beating, United for the cup will be wonderful.” John reminded his eldest daughter. The cup for Liverpool, was a way into the European competition for Liverpool. At the moment Liverpool were top of the league two points ahead of the nearest rivals Manchester United in the league as well.

* * * * *

Shortly afterwards Tegan and Jamie came back down the stairs and joined the whole family at the table both of them decked out in the Liverpool stuff. Jamie had decided to wear her away shirt with Owen 10 on the back and Tegan had decided to wear Redknapp 11. Robin was wearing his goal keeper shirt with James 1 on the back.

They talked for a couple of minutes while Robin finished his food and then the three of us headed out the door. Just as Jamie was shutting the door behind her there was a loud beep. They turned around and there was the mini bus waiting for them. They smiled and walked towards the bus. Robin sat with one of his friends, while Jamie and Tegan sat at the back of the mini bus.

Jamie was really glad to be gong to the match like this. It didn’t hurt to have Tegan sitting right next to her. Jamie sat thinking about how her life had changed since she met Tegan. The most important one being, she finally felt what the poems said was love. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced.

Jamie had ordered all of the tickets together and luckily they were all seated together. They were all in the home end as Liverpool was playing as the home team.

The journey up was a long ride. It was four hours by mini bus so they were all pretty stiff and bored, so two and a half hours into the journey they stopped and went to the toilets and had a drink. Then we decided to go to the toilet again. Just in case.

The rest of the journey was pretty quiet. They all just wanted to get there to watch the game and watch Liverpool annihilate Man United.

When they finally got there, Tegan thought it was nice to get out and just stretch their legs. She could feel the beginnings of a cramp in her lower back. They all walked around Wembley and got programmes for the game. They were still walking around when the Man United bus pulled up. The players got out and walked straight into the locker room. Soon after the Liverpool bus turned up and the players got off and they even signed autographs for whoever they could. Jamie and Tegan managed to get Michael Owen’s, Robbie Fowler’s Steve McManaman’s, Karl-Heinz Riedle and American keeper Brad Friedel. They would go nicely with Jamie’s collection of Paul Ince, Jason McAteer, Patrik Berger and Vegaard Heggem.

When the players went in, they moved back around out of the way of the horses before going to their seats. Paul, Rhiannon and Michael sat behind Tegan, Jamie, Robin and the rest of the group.

Before the game started the Liverpool anthem, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ played over the speakers and everyone sang along. Then the players came out and Wembley went wild.

The game went well. Liverpool were 2-1 up at half time with goals from Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler for Liverpool and David Beckham for United.

The second half started off pretty much the same way as the first half finished – all Liverpool. After half an hour of the second half had gone, David Beckham struck again. Andy Cole was brought down by Paul Ince just outside the box. Beckham stepped up to take the free kick. James never stood a chance, it ended up right in the right hand corner.

With two minutes to go, it was still 2-2. United had a corner. David James caught the ball and threw the ball to Owen who was on his own. Owen picked up the ball and attacked the Liverpool End. He ran past Neville, sent Stam the wrong way, leaving only Dennis Irwin and Peter Schmeichal to beat. Irwin went in for the tackle, Owen sent the ball to his right jumped over the tackle, leaving him one on one with Schmeichal. Fowler was running up to help, but Owen didn’t need him, he took the shot. Everyone in Wembley held their breath. The United fans praying Schmeichal saved it, the Liverpool fans hoping Owen scored.

Jamie and Tegan watched as if in slow motion as the ball headed for the top right hand corner, it looked like it was going in until at the last minute. Schmeichal got a hand in the way and saved it. The United fans cheered the Liverpool fans kept their eyes on the ball as it came back out and landed right at Owen’s feet. He wasn’t going to blow the second chance. He shot and he scored. The Liverpool fans went mad. Then, like in any typical game, the final whistle went. Liverpool had won the Cup. It was wonderful.

There were people crying around us, people screaming and cheering. The atmosphere was brilliant there. The United fans were heartbroken and in a way Jamie and Tegan had to feel sorry for them. They had been in that situation before and they knew how it felt. Then they thought about how the United fans rubbed it in when it was the other way around and they didn’t feel sorry for them anymore.

When the celebrations were over and Paul Ince had lifted the Cup, everyone started to leave. The celebrations carried on until they all arrived back at the mini bus.

All in joyous moods as they started the long journey home. Jamie was slightly disappointed that they hadn’t seen Tegan’s father, because she really wanted to let him know how she felt about his daughter and how she felt about him.

Unknown to them, they hadn’t gone unnoticed by Tegan’s father or the press. Neither could expect what was to come next.

* * * * *

“Jenny, can I have a word with you please?” Mayor Rhys shouted angrily at his daughter, when he arrived home from the football match. He was absolutely fuming to say the least. He had witnessed the most disgusting act his mind could possibly fathom. Two women walking through the match holding hands, even sharing a kiss when they thought no-one was looking. It made him feel sick. Especially when he got a good look at the smallest of the two women and spotted his own daughter. His own flesh and blood acting like a slut in front of everyone and more importantly in front of the national newspapers. Then he had gotten a good look at the other woman and recognised her immediately, as the woman who had come to his house to see Jenny.

After hearing her father call her, Jenny made her way downstairs. Since Tegan had left Jenny had been spending more time in her room. She couldn’t stand to be in the same room as her father for very long. When she looked at him, she remembered the heartbreak and pain she had seen on Tegan’s face when he had sent her away, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t forgive him for that.

“Yes Father” She sighed as she reached the bottom of the stairs. Facing her very angry father, when she saw the hatred and anger in his eyes she flinched. ‘This isn’t going to be good,’ she thought to herself.

“I was wondering what happened to that young woman that came to see you a couple of months ago. I haven’t see her for a while, who was she?” He asked, in a tone that said, ‘I’m not going take no for an answer.’

Jenny thought back through the months wondering who he was talking about, then it hit her. ‘He’s talking about Jamie,’ she thought, ‘what does he know?’

“Answer me.” He shouted, cursing his daughter for disobeying him.

“She was just a friend.” Jenny lied, she wasn’t going to betray Tegan. He could beat her as much as he liked, she wouldn’t do that to her sister.

“A friend of Tegan’s.” It was more of a statement than a question.

Jenny looked into his eyes again and then knew it was pointless lying, he already knew the answer. “What do you think?” She asked him, refusing to say the words he wanted to hear.

“What I think is that your sister is a slut, who was all over that whore like a rash at the match today. Wearing a Liverpool shirt I might add.” He told her, feeling sick again at the thought of anyone doing that in private, let alone public.

“Oh.” Jenny knew there was nothing she could say to that. She couldn’t deny it, so she never even tried.

“I send her away for her own good and she betrays her own family by becoming a homosexual slut.” Thomas continued to pace the room before cursing everyone and then leaving the house.

Jenny shook her head and walked back upstairs. Knowing that tonight wasn’t going to be a good night. It never was when he came back from the club.

* * * * *

Mayor’s Daughter With Millionaire Lesbian Lover

Thomas Rhys Mayor of River’s End must have suffered a major kick in the pants yesterday, when his youngest daughter 16 year old Tegan was spotted at the Cup Final between Manchester United and Liverpool, wearing a Liverpool shirt. Mayor Rhys has always led us to believe that all his family supported United, but after yesterday it was obvious that Tegan is a rebel.

The Major kick in the pants is, however, the fact that Tegan was photographed holding hands and kissing the daughter of Millionaire John Phillips. Jamie Phillips has never hid her sexuality from anyone and apparently Tegan is fed up of hiding also.

“Jamie and Tegan are crazy about each other,” said a friend yesterday “All you have to do is look at them to see that.”

“Jamie and Tegan are a new couple but it is very serious.” Another friend told us “They both deserve it.”

We tried to talk to the couple yesterday but failed, so we’ll bring you more on this breaking news tomorrow.

* * * * *

Jamie and Tegan sat in Jamie’s apartment and couldn’t believe what they were reading. They hadn’t seen any reporters or anything at the match and they cursed themselves for forgetting about the papers.

It had been so peaceful during the last couple of months, without them being involved in the papers, that they had forgotten they were in the public eye. Now it was out and Jamie was worried about Tegan. She would have to take a lot of stick from her schoolmates over this, ‘and what about her father?’ Jamie thought angrily. ‘He’s never going to let this go.’

Finally shaking herself out of her thoughts she looked to Tegan. “T. I’m so sorry.” She said, “I should have thought about this.”

Tegan just smiled at her. “It doesn’t matter.” She assured her. “I was getting tired of hiding how I feel for you anyway.”

Jamie looked at her surprised, she hadn’t expected that at all. “Really?” Jamie searched Tegan’s face for any signs of worry or doubt but saw none, as Tegan leaned over and kissed her.

Tegan smiled when they broke apart. “I love you, Jamie.” She told her seriously. “Nothing is ever going to change that.” She looked into the gorgeous yes of her lover. “I’m not going to lose this.”

Jamie wrapped her arms around Tegan and held her close. “I love you, too.”

“So that doesn’t bother me.” Tegan assured her.

“But you’re father is bound to read this, are you sure you can handle that?” Jamie asked, knowing that if Tegan wanted too, they could try and convince the press there was nothing between them.

“I came to a decision about my father the other day, Jamie.” Tegan told her, hoping Jamie wouldn’t get skittish at this. “He’s already taken so much from me. I refuse to let him take you away from me and I also refuse to let him take this baby away from me.” She searched Jamie’s face for her reaction and saw what looked like joy sparkle in those blue eyes.

“Does that mean you’re going to keep the baby?” Jamie asked, not daring to hope.

“Yes I’m going to keep the baby.” She said it out loud for the first time and it felt wonderful. “I’m going to need your help though. I can’t do this by myself.”

“Tegan.” Jamie lifted the green eyes to look into hers. “I swear to you that I will treat this baby as my own, if you will let me. I love you and this baby. It is a part of you.”

Tegan felt the tears in her eyes and did nothing to stop them from overflowing. Everything was right in her little world.

Jamie and Tegan had everything they needed right there and they were at peace.

“Jamie, can I ask you a personal question?” Tegan remembered something she had been meaning to ask for a while.

“Sure.” Jamie smiled, tightening her grip on her partner.

“What happened between you and Becky?” Tegan looked into startled blue eyes. “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want too.” She quickly added, not wanting to make Jamie uncomfortable.

Jamie was surprised by the question. It wasn’t a question she had expected to come from Tegan. She thought about whether or not she wanted to tell Tegan or not and was surprised to find that she did. She just didn’t know how. “Becky is two years older than me and we met down in the Triclub when I had just turned 16. We spent a lot of time together getting to know each other and I thought I was in love. I brought her home to meet the family and everything. I really thought she was the one I wanted to spend my life with.

Towards the end of our relationship it started to get really bad. She hooked up with the wrong people and got into drugs. She started stealing from me to feed her habit.” Jamie paused for a minute, remembering the thin, pale face of the woman she thought she was in love with. Everyday got harder for Jamie, as she tried to fight a losing battle for the attention of the woman she had lost to drugs. She looked down as she felt small, warm hands cover hers, then she carried on.

“Becky wasn’t exactly a small girl. She was an inch shorter than me and she had a lot of muscle. I told her I couldn’t take anymore and that she could have to choose between me and the drugs. She got mad and she beat me up, which is no small task.” Jamie joked, but her heart was hurting from the pain and betrayal she still felt when she thought of Becky. “I was in hospital for three days because of that. That didn’t matter to me because Becky choose the drugs. She tried to get me to take her back and when I refused she did the one thing I could never forgive her for.”

Tegan waited patiently for Jamie to compose her thoughts, knowing it must be hard for her friend. “What happened next?” She finally asked.

“I went to pick Robin up from school one day and when I got there, his teacher told me that Becky had picked him up. Robin knew Becky so he with her. Later that night, I had a phone call off her. She demanded one million pounds in her bank account within twenty four hours, or we would never see Robin again. Luckily she was treating him good so he didn’t even know he was in a hostage situation.” Jamie explained, the disgust she felt towards Becky was evident in her voice, but Tegan sensed something else, she sensed fear.

“Did you pay the money?” Tegan asked, quietly, not wanting to push Jamie.

“No, I knew Becky wouldn’t hurt Robin anyway, but I told her the school had informed the police and they were on the way over to her house. Becky panicked and split, sending Robin home in a taxi. We decided not to press charges against her, because we didn’t want to put Robin through that.” Jamie admitted. “I’ve seen her around once or twice and I’ve got letter’s off her saying she’ll make sure I’m hers next time.”

Tegan couldn’t believe what Becky had done to her lover, but she still sensed there was more to it that that, so she waited quietly until Jamie clamed herself enough to speak. “She was my official public coming out.” Jamie admitted “Not long after we broke up, it appeared in all the newspapers, Millionaire Daughter’s Romp with Female Druggie. I’ve still got the article here somewhere.”

‘God she’s a bitch.’ Tegan thought sadly. ‘How was Jamie ever able to let that go?’ Knowing what she did now, helped Tegan understand why everyone hated Becky so much. She hadn’t even met the woman and she hated her. “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

Jamie just smiled “It made me a stronger person after a while. When it first happened I got so depressed, I stopped eating and I got really sick. I might not have been here now if it wasn’t for Robin after that.” Jamie admitted. “He asked me not to die ant that was it. I couldn’t turn him down.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.” Tegan sighed, snuggling back against Jamie and decided that if she had been a cat she would have been purring.

They just sat there enjoying the calm before the storm they knew was ahead.

* * * * *

It was quite calm in Mayor Rhys house late on Saturday night. Thomas still hadn’t come home from the pub and Jenny knew that World War three would whirl in the same time he did.

Every time he was in a mood he went to the pub and he would come back drunk and violent. Jenny knew tonight wouldn’t be any different. Jenny was just glad that the object of his anger wasn’t actually there this time. Maybe he would go easy on he rest of them. ‘Yeah right,’ Jenny told herself sarcastically. ‘If Tegan isn’t here then he will take it out on the nearest thing. You know this.’ Sometimes when she knew what was coming Jenny just wanted to pack her things and leave, but she couldn’t do that to her mother. If Jenny wasn’t there to take some of the beatings then her father could end up killing her mother and she wasn’t going to let that happen.

Shortly after 11.30pm it started.

There was a big bang as the front door was slammed. Thomas Rhys was in the house. His loud voice bellowed below and then his heavy footsteps were coming up the stairs and making their way to the her room.

There was a slight pause before the door flew open and he was stood in front of her. His angry eyes looking right through her. She shivered slightly at the thought of what was going to happen.

“Where is she?” He shouted as he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her out of bed.

Jenny looked in the brown eyes of her father and saw nothing there that she recognised. There were the typical anger and hate there and that was it. “Who?” She asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

“That slut of your sister, where is she?” He asked again.

“In Seaview where you sent her. How should I know?” Jenny answered him truthfully.

She felt the slap before she even seen him raise his hand and she knew that when she looked in the mirror tomorrow there would be a nice sized bruise there.

“Don’t smart mouth me girl.” He told her, “I know that she has told you were she is. That is what that whore was doing here. NOW TELL ME.” He was shouting so much that her eardrums hurt.

“No she came here to tell me that Tegan was safe. She never told me where she was.” Jenny lied. ‘I’m not going to do that to Tegan’, she kept repeating over in her head.

“You lie,” He growled, punching her in the stomach. “Haven’t you learnt your lesson yet?”

“Don’t Tom.” Came a voice from behind her. “She doesn’t know where Tegan is.” Her mother seeming every part the protective mother she wanted to be at that moment.

“Are you lying to me as well woman. I hate liars.” He dropped Jenny to the floor, before pushing his wife out of the door. “I’ll deal with you later, Jennifer.”

With that her mother was pushed into her room and Jenny sat quietly listening to the beating her mother was getting in the next room. She wanted to go in there and help but she knew it was pointless.

* * * * *

Dear Tegan,

Hi Sis, I know it isn’t my turn to write to you, but I am sitting here trying not to listen to him beating Mom again. He came home from the match today absolutely furious. He saw you with Jamie and he recognised her as the one that visited me a couple of months ago. He saw you kissing her as well. Wasn’t a very bright idea there girl. I want so much to go in there and beat the hell out of him, but I’m scared. I wish I could do something to make him stop, I honestly thought he was going to kill me tonight when I refused to tell him where you were staying. I’m going to have a nice bruise on my cheek tomorrow and I’m not going to able to hide it.

Anyway how did you enjoy the match. He said you were wearing a Liverpool shirt, something that didn’t go down well either. I’m glad you have left here Tegan I really am and take my advice, no matter what you do with the baby,’ please’ don’t come back here. Maybe one day I could come and live with you because, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Be Well Tegan,

Hear from you soon.


Jenny reread the letter once more before quickly placing it in on envelope, addressing and sealing it. Hiding it in her bag so she could post it the following day. She listened out quietly, pleased that it had gone quiet for a while at least. She didn’t wait long before she finally settled down for sleep. As she drifted off she, once again thanked God that her little sister was safe and away from the horrors in the house.
Chapter 30
The sun was shining brightly. Spreading different shades of colour across the bedroom. Tegan and Jamie were already awake on Monday morning sighing reluctantly as Tegan remembered she had school. ‘Sometimes school isn’t as great as it seems,’ she smiled at herself. ‘You only want to stay here because Jamie’s here.’ They had broken their own rule last night. Neither of them had wanted to leave each other last night, so they had spent the night together.

Tegan smiled as she thought about how nice the last three nights had been. They had made love more times than she could count and everyone of them had been fantastic and mostly different. Sometimes it was as if the end of the world was coming and the loving was frantic, sometimes it was playful and teasing but most of the time it was slow and tender, the coming together of two souls. Sighing Tegan buried her head into Jamie’s shoulder and tightened her grip.

“T. you’ve got to get ready for school,” Jamie smiled, feeling Tegan burrow even closer. “Even though I would rather stay her with you.”

“Can’t we just say I’m sick?” Tegan asked, hopefully. Knowing already what the answer would be.

“What you mean play hooky?” Jamie smirked, knowing that it was too close to her exams for Tegan to be playing hooky. “You know you can’t do that T.”

“I know, I know.” Tegan moaned, knowing Jamie was right. ‘As usual,’ she thought wryly.

Jamie got out of bed and put the kettle on before pulling Tegan off the bed. “Come on, honey,” she smiled. “You’re not making this any easier.”

“It’s not ‘supposed to be easier.” Tegan reminded her getting an arched eyebrow for her trouble. Giggling the small blonde turned and headed to the bathroom.

* * * * *

As Jamie walked out of the house she was surprised when a flash came from directly in front of her. She lifted her head and saw a gang of reporters waiting anxiously for her. “Great,” She mumbled to herself.” Just great.”

The reporters were there for the big follow up to the story in the paper the day before and now Jamie realized that it might have been better for them to have stayed in bed. Tegan was just waiting for her to get the car out and then she would be down and in the spotlight as well. Thinking quickly Jamie jumped into the Rover and picked up her mobile phone.

She dialled the house phone and it wasn’t long before her father answered. “Hello?” Came the voice on the other side of the phone.

“Dad can you do me a favour?” Jamie asked, checking the reporters behind her, making sure they weren’t getting to close.

“Sure honey what is it?” He asked, it wasn’t very often Jamie asked for anything off him and he was always happy to oblige.

“If you look out the window you will see that there is a group of reporters outside our front door. I would have thought you would have seen them by now. Anyway they are here because of me and Tegan, I’m sure of it. I am going to leave now. Can you take Tegan to school?” She hadn’t even had a chance to say goodbye to Tegan and that had upset her more than she thought possible. Then she chastised herself for being stupid.

“Of course I can do that, but I seriously don’t think Tegan is going to like that.” John told his daughter, in fact he knew that Tegan was just going to storm out of the door and tell Jamie that she didn’t hide from anything. He knew this because Tegan was standing right next to him, eyebrow raised at what Jamie was telling her father.

“I’ll be right there, Jamie.” Tegan shouted over the phone, before smiling at John and heading out the door.

“I should have known that wouldn’t work.” Jamie sighed, as she spotted Tegan coming out of the door, cameras flashing left, right and centre. “I’ll see you later, Dad.”

“Yeah,” John said, smiling to himself. “You’ve got a real live wire there, Jamie.”

“Tell me about it.” With that Jamie hung up the phone, just as Tegan got into the car. “Do you ever listen?”

“Not very often.” Tegan admitted. “Jamie I am not hiding from these people. They already know what we are, why bother trying to hide it. I’m not ashamed of you. Are you ashamed of me?” Tegan’s voice had started off strong but by the end of her statement, she sounded unsure.

“Of course I’m not ashamed of you.” Jamie was surprised by the insecurity in Tegan’s voice. “Don’t you know that by now? If I could I’d shout it from the top of Ben Nevis, that I love you more than anything.”

“Really?” Tegan asked, smiling again.

“Really.” Jamie assured her, before looking at Tegan questioningly.

Tegan answered her question by leaning over and kissing her softly on the lips. Smiling at the frantic flashing going on around the car. “Let’s go.”

Jamie shook herself before putting the car in reverse and pulling out of the driveway.

* * * * *

“Are you sure you can handle this now?” Jamie asked, as the pulled up outside the school.

“Jamie, I said I’m fine, now please believe that I’m fine.” Tegan shook her head, as she got out of the car. “I’ll see you later. Are you picking me up?”

“Of course.” Jamie smiled, as Tegan returned the gesture, shut the door and left. Jamie watched as her younger lover headed off to meet the sharks at sea. It was going to be hell for the small blonde, that much was obvious.

* * * * *

“Hey Tegan read about you in the paper yesterday.” One of the boys said, as she arrived outside her home room. “Never pictured you as a dyke” he sneered at her “So have you slept with her yet?” He asked, the disgust he felt at this was pretty evident in his voice.

“I don’t believe that is any of your business.” Tegan said, flatly, refusing to let him get the better of him.

“No wonder she wasn’t interested in me then.” The boy said, to his mates, glad to have his reputation back. He had always been the boy that could have any girl he wanted, ‘any straight girl,’ he told himself. When Tegan had turned him down his ego and his reputation went down with it. Now once everyone realized Tegan was gay, that wouldn’t matter.

“No actually, I wasn’t interested in you because your a jerk.” Tegan said, defiantly. These last few months had really improved her self confidence and she was now willing to stand up for herself, where as before she would have let what Andrew was saying get to her.

“You go girl,” Sophie smiled, when she came to a stop by Tegan. “Everything going ok?”

“Yeah.” Tegan assured her.

“You think you’re so big because you’ve got a big girlfriend don’t you?” Andrew snapped coming closer to Tegan. “Well you girlfriend isn’t here now, what is she going to do about it?”

“Nothing, but I will.” Came a voice from behind the pair. There stood Mr. Hughes, very angry at Andrew. “Andrew you will be coming down to see Mr. Jones, with me shortly, so don’t go anywhere. Tegan are you ok?”

“I’m fine, Sir.” She smiled at him, as he opened the door and let the class in. Mr. Hughes done the register and then took Andrew down to see Mr. Jones.

Tegan watched them leave with a sigh of relief, she had expected to get some comments today about her relationship with Jamie, but she hadn’t expected it to come from one of her classmates. As Andrew and Mr. Hughes disappeared down the stairs, Tegan knew it wasn’t over, it had just started.

* * * * *

The rest of the day was hell for Tegan, she got abuse from a few people, but most of them smiled at her and told her that they accepted her as she was. The ones that didn’t, though, seemed to be the loudest. She even had an egg thrown at her at dinner time, while she was getting ready to go and have dinner. That upset her more than anything. It hadn’t hit her, just flew straight past but that wasn’t the point. She was just about to head down to the village for something to eat, when a movement caught her eye. She turned to see what it was and almost cried when she saw Jamie standing there. She moved towards her partner, without a thought about the rest of the world, all she wanted to do was feel safe, loved and warm in those arms.

Jamie had spotted Tegan walking out of the school, and the dejected slump of her shoulders almost broke the dark woman’s heart. She had known it wasn’t going to be easy for Tegan, but when she had received the phone call off her mother, telling her to come and pick Tegan up, because she was really upset about the things happen, Jamie had been there like a shot.

As Tegan started to walk towards her, Jamie started forward as well and they met in the middle. Jamie was surprised when Tegan practically jumped into her arms and at that moment in time, nothing else mattered. The press, the close-minded idiots that had caused Tegan this pain to start with, none of them mattered.

“Ssh.” Jamie comforted her. “It’s gonna to be ok.” She placed Tegan back on the floor, when she started to settle down a bit and then she walked her over to the car. She got into the back seat before pulling Tegan down with her. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry about that.” Tegan said, shyly, wondering what had come over her.

“It’s ok.” Jamie wrapped her arms around her partner, trying to give her as much comfort as she could. It had obviously been a rough day.

“Not that I mind or anything, but what are you doing here?” Tegan asked. “We weren’t supposed to meet for dinner were we?”

Jamie shook her head. “No. I got a phone call of Mom this morning. Saying that you were being upset by some kids in school and that I should come and see you. Well here I am.” Jamie smiled. “So you want to go back to school or come home with me?”

“I’m going to stay here.” Tegan told her. “I am not going to let these people win. If I go home now, how can I face them tomorrow?”

Jamie knew she was right. You give in to these people once and you were at their mercy forever. Jamie would have done exactly the same thing. She had done exactly the same thing, when everyone had given her stick about her sexuality, she had stood proud, not ashamed of who she was, or what she was. If people couldn’t accept that, then that was their problem, not hers. Instead of getting mad or showing that she was upset, she had written one of the best songs that Plain Lazy perform at that time. Situations usually helped her write her music and the best situation for her to write about now was love. She sighed deeply as she tightened her hold on Tegan.

Tegan was comfortable in those arms and when she heard Jamie sigh and tighten her hold she just burrowed more deeply into those arms. They stayed there until everyone started going back to their home rooms for the start of the second half of their day. Then reluctantly Tegan got of the car, surprising Jamie, who was also getting out, with a kiss in front of everyone and not caring at all. “I love you.” Tegan smiled at the bewildered look on her partner’s face.

“I love you too.” Jamie told her seriously. “If it gets to bad for you this afternoon, you give me a ring and I’ll be here. I’m also going to pick you up from school. Right here ok?”

Tegan nodded her head. “Ok.” Then she turned and left.

Jamie watched as she walked back towards the school. She saw some of the looks the younger woman was getting, but she also noticed the way that Tegan’s back straightened, her head was raised and she carried herself with pride. ‘Some things never change.’ came a small voice in the back of her mind. Jamie frowned at it, before dismissing it and getting into the car and driving back to work.

* * * * *

The afternoon went pretty much the same for Tegan as the morning had. She got stick off one or two people, but she got congratulations of many people. A gang of boys had come up to her once just before the last lesson and she had started to panic but when they turned around and asked her how she managed to capture the most popular girl in Seaview, she knew she was safe.

The teachers had kept a surprisingly close on her all day, wanting to know if she was ok and that the stick wasn’t getting to much for her.

Even though it hadn’t been a really bad day, she was more than grateful when the final bell went. She had to stop herself from running to the car to meet Jamie, because she didn’t want to embarrass her partner anymore than she did that morning.

Jamie was stood patiently by the car waiting for her. Tegan looked at her again and realized how lucky she was. Jamie was gorgeous, there was no getting away from that. The way the sun reflected off her hair, made it look like silk. Her blue eyes were recognisable anywhere, her high cheek bones enhanced her beauty. Just to look at her made Tegan’s chest hurt. The way Jamie looked at her, made her feel like her heart was going to explode. ‘I wonder if she feels like this when she looks at me’, she thought to herself, as she came to a stop in front of Jamie. “Good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon to you, too, Miss.” Jamie greeted her. “How was your day in school?”

“Not to bad,” Tegan admitted. “I’m glad it’s over though.”

“For today.” Jamie handed her a copy of today’s newspaper and it didn’t make for promising reading.

Millionaire Jamie Phillips flips for Mayor’s Daughter.

Gorgeous Jamie Phillips is romancing sexy teenager Tegan Rhys, who is the youngest daughter of Thomas Rhys, the Mayor of River’s End.

Phillips and Rhys fell for each other when Tegan moved into an apartment, in Seaview, owned by Jamie’s millionaire father John Phillips.

“Jamie was smitten with Tegan the moment she laid eyes on her,” a friend says “She told me, ‘Tegan is the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen, plus she’s brainy and sensitive. I think I’m in love!’

Tegan, who is only sixteen, left home a couple of months ago to get away from her abusive father, wasn’t looking for love when she arrived in Seaview but it didn’t take her long to find it.

“Tegan needs a lot of attention and Jamie is willing to give it to her. She may finally have found her perfect match.” Says the friend.

Phillips, who is a 20 year old assistant manager of the Triclub in Seaview, assigned herself to show Tegan around when she arrived – and sources say a perfect match.

“It’s been really neat to see,” says a source close to the couple “It started off as a friendship, but it’s developed into a full blown love affair.”

Sources from around Seaview say, “Tegan and Jamie have been spotted around the town and at a football match holding hands and being very affectionate towards each other.”

Could this be the ‘Match Made In Heaven’ and what does narrow-minded Mayor Rhys think of this developing story? Nobody knows, when asked to comment on the whole thing, he just ignored the reporters. As Usual.

“Where do people get these stories?” Tegan asked finishing the article. “Do you think any of our friends would be talking to the papers?”

Jamie thought about that and decided that she couldn’t think of anyone that would talk to the papers. “No I don’t think they would be.” She took the paper of Tegan and then walked around and got into the car. Tegan followed. “You’ll never guess who called the club this morning.” Jamie started the car and pulled away from the school.

“Who?” Tegan asked, as they started on the journey home.

“Andrea O’Neil.” Jamie watched Tegan’s face for a reaction to that piece of news. She smiled when it was a widening of the beautiful green eyes.

“Andrea O’Neil, the talk show host?” Tegan couldn’t believe it. The Andrea O’Neil Show was the most watched talk show in the UK. It was being shown everywhere now, but it wasn’t so popular in the states and places like that because of the difference in viewing laws. In the UK everyone had to be seated at all times, no swearing or violence were tolerated on the show and the shows were really square.

There was hardly any emotion on them at all, sometimes it seemed like bad actors reading from a script. O’Neil had started to change some of that by approaching touchy and controversial subjects. One of the most recent shows, that Tegan could remember seeing, was about Abused Children coming face to face with the people that had abused them. The children saw it as a way to close that part of their lives and it been one of the most watched.

“The one and only.” Jamie nodded her head, wondering what Tegan was thinking about.

“What did she want?” Tegan was surprised that someone as big as Andrea O’Neil had contacted Jamie.

“She wants us the appear on the show and talk about us.” Jamie admitted, wondering if Tegan would go for it or not. When Andrea had asked Jamie wanted to say yes, because she saw it as a way to let everyone know what was going on, without having lies spread around. The press, while they knew some of the truth, made up the rest, just to get readers. If you were on tv actually telling people your story, than it couldn’t really be changed, because it would be in front of a live audience.

“I think that’s a good idea.” Tegan surprised Jamie out of her thinking. “It’ll give us a chance to tell our side of the story.”

“Are you sure that is what you want?” Jamie needed to know so she could start making arrangements and she wanted Tegan to be 100% certain that this was what she wanted.

“Yes I am.” Tegan admitted, as the pulled up outside the night-club. ‘Letting the world know I’m in love with Jamie won’t hurt either,’ she thought with a mental grin.

Both of them walked into the club quietly before going their separate ways. Tegan went to her apartment and Jamie went to her office, where she phoned the tv station back and agreed to appear on the Andrea O’Neil Show.
Chapter 31
The next couple of days flew past for Jamie and Tegan. The abuse they suffered only got worse and more frequent, but they never let it get to them. They were due to appear in the Andrea O’Neil show two weeks after the first newspaper article was published. Tegan received the letter from her sister on the Wednesday after the article and was very upset about it. At one point she wanted to go home, just to tell her father off, but Jamie refused to let her go.

So much was happening to them, some of it was good and some of it wasn’t and it was at this time Tegan and Jamie were starting to wonder if it was all worth it.

The day of the television interview came quickly and they were both nervous and excited as Jamie pulled up outside the tv studio. It was going to be a long day, they both knew that, but they were both ready for it.

As Jamie stopped the car she looked at Tegan again. She was worried about her. Tegan had been quiet all morning and Jamie started to notice that she was getting pale as well. “Are you ok T.?” She asked, releasing herself from the seat belt and turning to face her partner.

“I’m fine?” Tegan lied, she had been feeling rotten all day but she refused to tell Jamie that.

Jamie looked at her with glimpse of hurt in her eyes, before it was quickly covered. She knew Tegan was lying but she didn’t want to force her into telling. They both got out of the car quietly and made their way into the studio, where they were met by the producer and Andrea O’Neil herself. Andrea was a pretty young woman. She was about 23 years old and had sandy brown hair, blue eyes and glasses that made her look more mature. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, not all like you would expect a tv show host to dress.

They spent the next hour going over everything that was going to happen on the show and then they went to make up. Three hours later they were ready for the show to start and Tegan and Jamie were waiting in the green room for their names to be called.

Jamie had been keeping her eye on Tegan since they arrived and despite the younger woman’s assurances that she was ok, Jamie didn’t believe her. Tegan looked pale and she was quiet. She was never quiet.

They stood quietly in the green room, neither wanting to talk for fear of upsetting the other. Jamie wanted to ask Tegan again if she was ok, but she stopped herself. Tegan wanted to tell Jamie that she felt rotten but she didn’t want to appear to be a baby. She could handle being sick. Couldn’t she?

When Jamie’s name was called they both looked at each other, smiled and then Jamie walked out. She waited patiently behind the screens as Andrea O’Neil introduce the show.

“Well Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here this week to discuss a subject that has been very publicised over the last couple of weeks, the relationship between Tegan Rhys, daughter of River’s End Mayor Thomas Rhys and Jamie Phillips, the daughter of millionaire John Phillips. While most people have been accepting of the relationship between the two, there are still people out there that believe this relationship is unnatural. We are going to talk to Tegan and Jamie today and see how they feel about all the mixed feelings.” Andrea announced, as the theme music started “Hello everyone.” She announced again, as the theme music stopped. “To start the show I would like to introduce to you, Jamie Phillips.”

Jamie walked out to a cheering audience, she smiled at them before sitting down. While the audience was mostly made up of people around about her own age, there were a lot of older people there. Andrea had said this was because you were more likely to get a negative response from the old generation, than today’s generation due to the lack of information and knowledge of homosexuality in the older days. Andrea had told them that the show didn’t get where it was today by being one sided and the difference of opinion would be good for ratings.

“Jamie, thank you for coming today.” Andrea said, before walking back down the steps towards the dark haired woman.

“You’re welcome.” Jamie smiled at the woman, not really comfortable being out there in front of all those people.

“There has been a lot of speculation about the relationship between you and Miss Rhys over the last couple of days. Could you please enlighten us on what is actually going on between the two of you?” Andrea asked, already knowing the answer, this is what the had spent an hour going over.

“There isn’t any speculation that I know of, only the truth.” Jamie admitted, honestly. There was nothing else she could say. She wasn’t going to lie.

“So you two are a new couple then?” Andrea asked.

Jamie shook her head “No we’ve been a couple for about four months” Jamie raised an eyebrow at the daring anyone to call her a liar. No one did.

“Why did you keep it quiet for so long?” Andrea looked around the audience and saw people nodded their heads in agreement with the question.

“Tegan wanted to keep it quiet because we knew what abuse we would get if everyone found out.” Jamie told them, then she thought about that for it bit. “It wasn’t exactly kept quiet anyway, all our friends in Seaview knew. All the customers in The Triclub knew about us as well.”

“Tegan is only sixteen don’t you feel like you’re robbing the cradle a bit?” Andrea asked, knowing these were uncomfortable questions for Jamie to answer and these were the questions requested by the audience.

“No. Tegan is old enough to make up her own mind about what she wants. I am 20 years old, that is four years older than her. I seriously doubt that anyone would see that as robbing the cradle.” Jamie answered.

“At sixteen years old, why did Tegan leave home to start a new life away from her family?” Andrea asked.

Jamie was surprised, that hadn’t been one of the questions they had been given. “That’s a question you should be asking Tegan, not me.” Jamie told her.

“Ok.” Andrea said, “We’re going to go to a commercial and when we come back, we’ll bring out Tegan, be back soon.”

* * * * *

When they came back after the commercial break, Jamie was sitting quietly, waiting for Tegan to come out.

“Hello everyone.” Andrea looked into the camera to welcome back the viewers. “Today we are talking to Jamie Phillips and Tegan Rhys about their very publicize romance. Early we spoke with Jamie and now we are going to bring out Tegan Rhys.”

Tegan walked out to the same response as Jamie, she smiled at the audience before sitting down next to the lover. She wasted no time in patting Jamie on the knee. She would have preferred holding Jamie’s hand but she wasn’t sure how Jamie would react to that.

It wasn’t long before Andrea started questioning Tegan about her relationship with Jamie. When she asked Tegan why she moved away from her family, Tegan wasn’t sure what to say. She wanted so bad to tell them the truth but she couldn’t do that. So she just said she wanted to finish her schooling in Seaview because it had the best secondary school in Wales. It wasn’t the answer Andrea was hoping for but she bought it anyway. The next question to surprise both Jamie and Tegan was for Tegan.

“How does your father feel about this, Tegan?” Andrea asked, it was no secret that there was no love loss between Andrea and Mayor Rhys, they had had their share of run-ins in the past.

Tegan answered that as honestly as she could “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him that” Then came the blockbuster.

“I think that’s a good idea” Andrea agreed “Let’s welcome out Tegan’s parents and her sister Jenny”

Jenny gasped and not caring that they were on national tv anymore, grabbed hold of Jamie’s hand and Jamie thought she was going to break it. Jamie gave Tegan what she hoped was a reassuring squeeze and felt Tegan relax.

Mayor Rhys, Brenda and Jenny came out then and Mayor Rhys was not amused when Jenny came across and hugged Tegan.

“I miss you.” Jenny whispered into her sister’s ear, as she squeezed her, she made it even worse by turning to Jamie and hugging her as well “Thank you for looking after my sister.” Then she sat next to Tegan, between her sister and her parents.

As soon as the family walked in, the atmosphere become so tense you could cut it with a knife. It wasn’t good. Andrea recognised the tension for what it was and regretted asking the Mayor to come onto the show.

After everyone had settled down a bit Andrea started to question Thomas and Brenda about their feelings over the whole Jamie and Tegan relationship. Brenda told them that she wasn’t thrilled about it. Thomas just told the audience that he was totally disgusted. He said that no-one in the right mind would have an unnatural relationship like that.

Jamie thought that considering he was up for re-election he wasn’t doing a very good job of winning votes. Especially when he called Tegan a slut. Jamie was absolutely fuming. She had wanted to punish Rhys since she met Tegan and she was so close to doing that now.

At the end of all of the show was over and everyone was breathing a sigh of relief, Tegan and Jamie started to make their way out of the studio when Tegan’s father started mouthing off. Jamie couldn’t take it anymore, so she just turned around and walked over to him, grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the floor. “You come anywhere near Tegan or that baby again and I swear I will rip your arms off. Do you understand me?” She threatened him and all the studio audience were witnessing this.

“You can do this to me I am her father” He reminded her, as he struggled from his breath.

Jamie shook her head “You gave up being her father when you sent her away when she needed her family. What kind of parents are you?” She looked from Thomas to Brenda, before dropping Thomas to the floor. “How could you send your own flesh and blood away like a common prostitute when she needed someone she could turn too?”

“You live by the sword and you die by the sword” Thomas had his hand wrapped around his very sore throat. He refused to let Tegan and Jamie get the better of him.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Tegan asked, fed up with everyone fighting her battles for her.

“I was told about how you used to throw yourself at every boy that would have you back home. You were asking for trouble and you got it.” Thomas snapped.

“Haven’t you even been listening to anything they have discussed on this show. In case you haven’t it was about two lesbians who are in love with each other. Why would I want a boy if I was gay?” Tegan asked, wondering why her father was telling all these lies about her.

“How should I know?” Thomas asked, as he turned to walk away from the set.

It was then that everything started to go fuzzy for Tegan. She grabbed hold of Jamie as a sharp pain tore through her. “Jamie” She cried as she started to fall to the floor.

Jamie was by her side immediately “Ok T. what’s wrong?” She asked as she knelt down next to the now lying down woman.

“My stomach hurts” She cried, panic over taking any other emotion she had been feeling. The only thing that concerned her now was baby inside her, that she in deep trouble at the moment.

She had been warned about the possibility of a miscarriage because of her age and the fact that her body might not be able to carry to term. Jamie was there when this was explained to her, so she was just as worried about Tegan.

“Someone get an ambulance” Jamie shouted, as they all gathered around her. Jenny feel to her knees next to her sister and took her hand. Tegan squeezed tightly as another pain tore straight through her. It was so bad she almost lost consciousness.

“It hurts” she mumbled again.

Jamie leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead. “I know sweetheart” she whispered into her lovers ear “I know”

“Jenny come on we’re going home” Thomas shouted from behind them and when Jenny ignored him he walked over and grabbed her by the arm. “We are going home now get a move on”

“Leave me alone” Jenny shouted, she was more concerned about her sister than herself at the moment.

“Jennifer Sarah Rhys you shift your ass now, or you will find yourself the same way as that little slut of a sister” Thomas threatened her.

“Fine I’ll be home to collect my things in a couple of days time” She told him before turning her back to him and going back to her sister.

About five minutes later the ambulance arrived and Tegan was rushed to the hospital.
Chapter 32
At the hospital, Jamie paced back and fro waiting for word on Tegan. The bright lights were making Jamie’s head hurt, which was causing her worried mood to turn bad. She wanted to know what was happening with Tegan and she was furious because they wouldn’t let her in with Tegan, because she wasn’t family, so Jenny had gone in with her.

It wasn’t long before she was joined by Darren, Rhiannon, Sarah, Scott, Sophie, John, Anne and Robin. They were all worried that Tegan was going to lose the baby and they knew how devastating that would be for both Tegan and Jamie.

The family were furious that Jamie hadn’t been allowed with Tegan aswell but they knew they same sex relationships were not seen as relationships in the hospital. Jamie was not legally seen as Tegan’s partner in the hospital, therefore she wasn’t allowed into the casualty ward with Tegan.

Not long after the family arrived, Jenny came out of the room to be met with a thousand questions. She only addressed one. “Tegan is ok, but she wants you in there with here, Jamie.” She saw the frown that appeared on Jamie’s face and smiled “She’s told the doctors who your are and that under no circumstances are you to be refused entry.”

Jamie breathed out in relief before heading into the room.

* * * * *

Tegan was panicking when she finally arrived at the hospital. She wanted Jamie with her, she wanted her partner to tell her it was going to be ok. When the hospital had asked Jenny to come in instead, Tegan was furious. She needed the only person that could give her the sense of security that she needed now. ‘How could they not let her in?’ She asked herself, as another pain tore through her body and she felt as if it was straight through her soul.

After Tegan screamed at the doctors enough, they finally gave into her request to let Jamie in there, with them. So Jenny went out to get her.

Tegan waited for a couple of seconds, that was all it took, for Jamie to come into the room. The tall woman practically ran over to her lover and Tegan eagerly took the offered hand. Tegan immediately felt calm and instinctively knew that she was going to be ok. Everything was going to be ok.

As the doctors walked around her, sorting out all the treatment they might need to use, should the drugs used not help the situation. The drugs were starting to take effect and Tegan could feel the horrible cramps start fading, which was a major relief for her. She could see the relief in Jamie’s face, when she told her.

The doctors were pleased that Tegan looked like she was out of trouble but told her that she had to have a Sonogram, just to make sure that the baby was still ok. Jamie stayed with Tegan, while this was done. Both praying for the best and fearing the worst. The doctor just looked at them with a smile and they knew that everything was fine.

“What caused this Doctor?” Jamie asked, as the doctor stood over Tegan, with her clipboard in hand.

“Have you been under any stress or anything over the last couple of weeks?” The doctor asked, looking back between Tegan and Jamie, seeing which one would answer.

“We’ve been under a lot of pressure from the press about our relationship.” Jamie admitted, when it looked like Tegan wasn’t going to answer. “And she’s been under pressure to do well in her GCSE’s. But we were told stress didn’t cause miscarriages.”

“You’re right” The doctor admitted. “Stress alone doesn’t cause miscarriages or threatened miscarriages like this. However usually it cane cause other problems that can cause them.” She turned to Tegan “Have you been eating probably?”

Tegan thought about that, and then sadly shook her head. When she was with Jamie she had eaten fine. Jamie made sure of that, but when she was on her own she had been too wrapped up in her problems to think about food.

“Food is very important to you at this stage of your pregnancy, Tegan.” The doctor reminded her. “You need all the nutrition and energy you can get. You need the food to help the baby grow. You cannot expect to go through a pregnancy, starving yourself and still coming out of it fine.”

“I know” Tegan answered. Then she made the mistake of looking into the blue eyes of her partner, there was something there that Tegan couldn’t place but she knew Jamie wasn’t pleased with this last announcement.

“You are going to have to come in once a week from now until the end of your term so we can keep an eye on you, Tegan” The doctor said “I will make an appointment for you to come in one day next week. But I am going to keep you in over night, just to keep an eye on you”

Tegan just nodded her head and then watched as the doctor left, she waited patiently for the eruption she knew was coming.

“What the hell did you think you were doing, Tegan?” Jamie snapped, after the doctor had left.

Tegan didn’t say anything, she just let Jamie have her say. When Jamie asked her again Tegan answered. “I was occupied with other problems at the time and I just forgot to eat” it wasn’t a lie because she hadn’t been hungry but that wasn’t a good enough answer and she knew it.

“You forgot” Jamie growled. “How could you forget?”

“Jamie please don’t shout at me” Tegan pleaded but Jamie was on a role.

Jamie regretted her next words as soon as they were out of her mouth “If you can’t look after yourself when your under pressure, maybe you shouldn’t even consider keeping that baby.” The look that crept over Tegan’s face at her words, broke Jamie’s heart ‘God you are so stupid sometimes Jamie. She almost lost her baby and your treating her like a kid’ she immediately made her way over to Tegan. “Oh Tegan I’m sorry” she wanted to wrap her arms around her partner but knew that wouldn’t be welcomed right now.

“Leave me alone, Jamie” Tegan finally told her sharply, and saw the dejected slump of Jamie’s shoulders.

“Please T. don’t do this” Jamie pleaded.

“Get out” Tegan snapped, she watched as Jamie nodded her head and left. As soon as Jamie was out of the door, Tegan let the tears come. Tears for the near loss of her baby and tears because of her broken heart at Jamie’s words and her own words back.

* * * * *

Jamie felt a right cow when she opened the door and moved towards the elevator. She hated herself for hurting Tegan and she refused to walk away like this. So, even though she knew it would annoy Tegan, she walked back to the room. Tegan was facing the window and when Jamie opened the door, she could hear she was crying.

“Tegan?” She almost whispered not to scare the younger woman.

“I thought I told you to go away.” Tegan said from her bed.

“You did.” Jamie admitted, then headed towards the bed anyway. “But I refuse to leave you like this Tegan.” She made her way around to the other side of the bed so she could she her lovers face. “I am sorry for what I said T., I really am. You’ve got to believe me. Please?” Jamie knew she was begging and she did care she just wanted to take Tegan into her arms and forget that this thing had happened, she wanted to make the whole year not have happened. The only good to come out of it was their meeting and Tegan’s pregnancy.

Tegan listened to Jamie plea and she knew she was telling the truth. So she just held her arms out to the older woman and then waited as Jamie practically jumped into her arms. She held her so tight that Tegan thought it might stop her from breathing, but that didn’t bother her. She was where she belonged and that was all that mattered. They held each other for a couple of minutes before Jamie finally let go and moved away so she could see Tegan’s face. “I’m sorry I shouted at you, Tegan.” She told her again. “I just worry about you.”

“I know.” Tegan smiled and she suddenly felt tired. “I know you didn’t mean it. It was so out of character for you.”

Jamie saw that she was getting tired and made a point of letting Tegan lie back down. “Go to sleep T.” she told her.

“Will you be be here when I wake up?” Tegan asked quietly.

“Always.” Jamie assured her and the leaned forward and placed a kiss on Tegan’s lips. Before sitting back in the comfy chair and watching Tegan fall into a healing sleep. “I love you Tegan.”

“Love you too” was the sleepy mumble.

* * * * *

The following morning Tegan was awake quite early for her and she looked around at the sterile the hospital room and sighed. ‘Why is everything happening to me this year?’ She thought. She was beginning to think she was being punished for something, but she didn’t know what.

In the last year, she had been raped, treated like a whore by her father, found out she was pregnant, fell in love, not that there was anything wrong with those two. She had almost lost Jamie to a knife wound and she had almost had a miscarriage, because she was too stupid to think about herself and the baby when she was stressed. ‘Maybe Jamie was right.’ She thought sadly. ‘Maybe I am not responsible to keep this baby,’ and that hurt. She wanted this baby so much now and to even think about giving it up now almost tore her apart. She couldn’t do it.

She looked at her lover and was surprised to see she was still sleeping in the chair next to her bed. She looked so peaceful in her sleep and she looked absolutely stunning. All she was wearing was a pair of blue jeans and a black T-shirt, but she still looked amazing. ‘She would look amazing in a sack.’ Tegan thought with a smile. ‘She could have anyone she wanted and she chose me.’ Tegan smiled at that thought. Everyone knew Jamie was one of the most popular women anywhere and to think she had chosen her, was wonderful.

As if sensing eyes on her, even in sleep, Jamie woke up and found a pair of green eyes adoring her. She smiled slightly. “Morning.” She said, moving over to kiss Tegan gently.

“Morning.” Tegan smiled back, when they broke away. “I wish I could go home today.” Tegan knew she was going to be bored out of her skull by the time they let her go home, but she knew that staying in the hospital was the best thing for both her and the baby.

“Well tell you what. How about I go home and get some stories off the internet. I can print them out and then bring them here and it’ll give you something to read?” Jamie suggested. Tegan had become almost addicted to some of the stories on the Internet. The writers on there were very into the characters they portrayed and that made for interesting stories.

“Yeah, see if Missy has updated her stories yet.” Tegan said. Tegan had fallen in love with Missy Good’s writing as soon as she had read her first story and she was now totally hooked. Sometimes she felt like pulling her hair out when there wasn’t an update, but she understood as much as anyone how hectic lives could be.

“Have you ever thought about writing a story for the internet T.” Jamie asked, already knowing that Tegan had thought about it once or twice, but didn’t have the confidence to do anything about it.

“Once or twice.” Tegan admitted. She had already written some stuff that she was still wondering about. She wanted to post them but she didn’t want to because she didn’t think they were good enough.

“Well tell you what. I have a laptop in the house, how about I bring that with me as well and you can try.” Jamie suggested, hoping it would give Tegan something to do.

“Ok.” Tegan agreed.

“Well ok then. I’ll get going so I can come back here before I go to work and then you can get started.” Jamie said before standing up and stretching. “Wow, my back is killing me this morning,” she groaned as she felt her spine click back into position.

“Sorry.” Tegan said, realizing it was because Jamie had been sleeping in that chair.

“It’s ok. Wouldn’t have missed being here with you for the world.” Jamie told her, before leaning in to kiss her again. “I’ll see you later.”

“Bye” Tegan waved as she left, and then put her head back down. It was going to be a long couple of days.

* * * * *

The next couple of days went pretty quick. The hospital ran a number of checks on Tegan to make sure both her and the baby were ok and all were relieved to find everything was fine. Tegan had refused when the doctors asked her if she wanted to know the sex of the baby. She wanted it to be a surprise.

The night before Tegan was allowed to go home, Tegan and Jamie were sitting in the comfortable chair relaxing the way the usually did. Jamie was sat behind with Tegan leaning back against her. It was a really comfortable position for both of them. They hadn’t been sitting there long when they were both surprised by the sudden movement the baby made. It was the first time the baby had kicked and to it’s mother and her lover, it felt wonderful.

“That was some kick there kid.” Jamie said, as she placed her hands back on top of Tegan’s, resting on the bulging stomach.

“Jamie, can I ask you a question?” Tegan asked, as they settled back down.

“Umm.. well I’ll have to think about that…. sure.” She teased, Tegan knew she could ask her anything.

“I was reading a poem the other day. It was stored on your laptop, what is it about?” Tegan looked at her lover, wondering if she knew the poem she was talking about. She could tell by the bewildered look on her partner’s face that she didn’t. So she recited it to her. By the second line Jamie had silenced Tegan and was singing the song to her.

* *

I look in the window,
I see her there.
Her eyes are shining,
with unshed tears.
Her eyes are sad,
Her heart is lonely,
Living her life alone.

* * * *

There is desperation
and there’s pain.
There is confusion,
at what’s she lost.
Everyone has gone,
Everyone has left her alone,
She’s living life alone.

* * * * *

Her friends have left her,
She’s on her own.
She looks around her,
There’s no-one there.
Everyone has gone,
Everyone has left her alone.
She’s living life alone.

* * * * *

They had different views.
They had their choice.
They could accept her,
or walk away.
They chose to go,
They chose to run away
from something they know nothing about.

* * * * *

Everything was fine,
Everything was all right,
Until the test proved positive.
(Now) Her life is over,
(And) Her dreams have gone,
(And) She’s living life alone.

* * * * *

Her eyes are sad,
Her heart is heavy,
She’s living her final days.

* * * * *

I look at the Sky,
I see her there.
The stars are shining,
Her last goodbye.

* *

Tegan sat there in total awe. She knew Jamie could sing but the way she sung that song made her want to cry. “What’s it about?” She finally composed herself enough to ask.

“A friend of mine, died from AIDS a couple of years ago and I wrote that for her. It was one of the best songs I’ve ever written.” Jamie admitted. She always wrote her best work when she was in a depressed mood. She had been grieving when that song was written and it was still her best. “I had forgotten all about that song.”

“It’s amazing. I was reading it and it saddened me, but to hear you singing it touches me more than I though possible.” Tegan smiled at her partner, before turning back around and leaning against her. “I love you Jamie.” Tegan sighed, as she felt sleep catching up to her.

“I love you too.” Jamie told her, as she heard Tegan’s breathing even out in sleep. Jamie only just managed to get out of the chair and carry Tegan over to the bed, where she lay her down gently and watched her sleep, before sleep claimed her.

Chapter 33
Over the next couple of days it was pretty hectic for Jenny. She had discussed it with Jamie and they decided the best thing for her to do was go home and get her things and then come back to Seaview. She didn’t want to be far away from Tegan and she knew she couldn’t stay with her mother. Jenny didn’t want Tegan to know about everything that had happened until she was fit enough so they both agreed to keep it quiet.

Jamie insisted that Jenny let her take her back to River’s end to collect her things. It as better than taking a taxi. So the two of them spent the journey getting to know the person next to them, that played such an important part in Tegan’s life.

“So when did you and Tegan meet?” Jenny asked, she already knew the answer but it was just a good way of striking up a conversation.

“We met when she rented the apartment above the night-club.” Jamie told her, as they pulled onto the motorway.

“Do you enjoy working at the club?” Jenny asked, she had always been fascinated with that kind of job, meeting people as you worked, it was kind of fun.

“I love working at the club” Jamie admitted “I’ve been working there since I was sixteen. I used to work in The City Room but when I turned 18 I moved into Fantasy Island.” Jamie explained. She had wanted to work in Fantasy Island since she had started working at the Triclub but her father had kept reminding her that it was illegal to work behind the bar under the age of 18.

“The City Room?” Jenny frowned, she didn’t understand what Jamie was getting at.

“Oh sorry, the night-club is made up of three different sections. The pub, the youth’s night-club and the gay bar. The kids night-club is called The City of Chaos or The City Room. Fantasy Island is the Gay Bar and The Leisure Club is the main pub.” Jamie explained. “What are you going to do about Uni if you move to Seaview?” She hadn’t thought about that but she did remember Tegan telling her that Jenny was in River’s End Uni.

“Umm, well I hadn’t really thought much about that, but I know that they do an exchange program with Seaview University.” Jenny told her. “Maybe I could ask for a transfer.”

“That would be a good idea.” Jamie agreed.

The rest of the journey was spent chatting about different things and some was in silence and before they knew it they were pulling up outside the house.

“I’m going to go down and see my Uncle for a bit ok. Here is my mobile number,” She handed her a card with her number on it. “Give me a ring when you’re ready to be picked up.”

“Ok.” Jenny took the card and turned to face the house. She took a deep breath to calm her already racing heart before she made her way up the path.

* * * * *

It didn’t take Jamie long to arrive outside her Uncles house. Kevin was working out in the garden when she pulled up. He noticed the car and immediately called into Emma. Both came out to greet her and Jamie was pleased she had come to see them. Her family had always been close and she felt that because they lived so far away they were neglected a bit. Not as much as her father’s parents were because they lived out in Spain and it wasn’t often they could get back or the family could get out there.

“Jamie what in the world are you doing here?” Emma asked, as she threw her arms around her. Emma had always been really close to Jamie and Jamie worshipped the ground Emma and Kevin walked on.

“I came to see you, isn’t that allowed anymore.” She asked with a slight pout that took fifteen years off her age.

Emma and Kevin laughed and pulled her into the house. “Of course it’s ok.” Emma finally calmed herself down enough to speak.

When they got into the house, the conversation sobered a bit. “Did you hear about Major Rhys?” Kevin asked, as they sat down for a cup of tea.

“Yeah I read about it in the paper this morning” Jamie admitted, the newspaper article referring to the scene on the O’Connor show and the resignation of Thomas Rhys had plastered the front page.

“That pig deserves everything he gets.” Emma said sitting next to her husband.

“Especially after what he did to that young girl. I’m glad you stuck up to him though.” Kevin smiled. He had watched the O’Connor show and he had seen the way Jamie had protected Tegan from the vile man. It warmed his heart to know that Tegan was in such safe hands.

“You saw that huh?” Jamie was slightly embarrassed. She hadn’t lost her temper like that, in public, in a long time. It was just so hard to let that man get away with saying what he did to Tegan.

“Yes I did and I am very proud of you. It’s about time someone stood up to him” Kevin reminded her. “Now drink your tea before it gets cold.”

Jamie obliged.

* * * * *

As Jenny walked up the path she knew that she was entering a war zone, but there was little else she could do. She had to get this sorted out now. The longer she left it, the worse it would get.

So she calmed herself down and opened the door. As soon as she opened the door, she could hear the raised voice of her father ‘This isn’t going to be good’ She thought to herself.

Thomas heard the door open and stormed towards it. “What the hell do you want?” He shouted when he saw it was his eldest daughter.

“I just came to collect my things and then I’m leaving, don’t panic.” She ignored his response and walked up stairs and started packing.

She heard his angry steps coming up the stairs but hoped they wouldn’t come into her bedroom, she knew she wouldn’t get that lucky.

“Who in the hell do you think you are?” He shouted as he walked into her room and slammed the door shut. “Just come waltzing into my house and do what ever you please.” He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her around to face him.

“Get off me.” Jenny snapped back, she was fed up with his crap and she wasn’t going to take it anymore.

“You will not speak to me like that, he released her arm and slapped her hard across the cheek. “I’m your father.”

“Not anymore you’re not.” She told him with a seriousness that surprised even her. “Remember you told me to choose sides when Tegan was ill. I did, so therefore I am nothing to you. Now let me go before I have you arrested for assault.”

Thomas was shocked, his daughters had never stood up to him like this before. “You wouldn’t dare” He said although he didn’t sound very confidant about that.

“Don’t dare me, because you know I will. Now let go.” She was practically shouting.

Thomas let go of her quickly as if burnt. He looked into the eyes of his daughter and saw all the anger and hatred she felt for him at that moment. He nodded his head before turning and leaving her alone.

When he finally left the room, Jenny collapsed on the bed. She never thought it would be so exhausting to stand up to her father. She calmed herself down and then with a smile on her face she carried on packing her stuff.

* * * * *

Jamie was sitting chatting with Kevin and Emma when her mobile rang. She looked at Kevin and Emma with a smile before answering. “Hello.” She answered, figuring it was Jenny.

“Hi Jamie.” Came the voice from the other end, confirming her thoughts. “I am ready to go now. So when your ready I’ll be waiting.” Jenny sounded nervous about asking her.

“Ok. Well how about I come for you in about fifteen minutes?” Jamie asked.

“Sure that’s great. It’ll give me a couple of minutes to say good bye to my mother.” Jenny agreed gratefully. She was glad that she would get a couple of minutes with her mother, because her father had gone out and she really didn’t want to be there when he came back.

“Ok see you in about fifteen minutes.” Jamie said, before hanging up.

She spoke with her Uncle and Aunt for a while before saying goodbye and heading out.

* * * * *

Jenny headed downstairs and went into the kitchen where she found her mother. “Mom?” She said, quietly not wanting to startle the older woman.

Brenda turned around and spotted her daughter and she practically threw herself into her daughters arms. Everything had been so hard for her the last couple of days. She was worried about Tegan and Jenny and she was getting fed up with all the arguing going on in the house.

Jenny threw her arms around her mother and held her tight, knowing this could be the last time she saw her for a while. “Why can’t you come with me, Mom?” She finally asked. “You don’t need this crap anymore. You don’t need to be the supporting wife anymore”

“I can’t leave him, Jenny. I love him.” Brenda said, shamefully. She knew the best thing to do was leave Thomas and get away from the past that had almost killed her more than once but she couldn’t.

Jenny had already suspected that that would be the answer but she had to try anyway. “Ok.” She said sadly. “But I want you to promise me that if it gets too much for you, you will come to Seaview and find us.”

“How will I know where to find you?” Brenda asked.

“Go down to this address.” She handed Brenda the address of Kevin and Emma. “He is a taxi driver and he is also related to Jamie. He will take you to Tegan, he knows where she is living.”

“Ok.” Brenda agreed taking the address and placing it in her pocket, before hugging her daughter again. “Give my love to your sister.”

“I will.” Jenny said, as she heard the car pull up outside and then the knock on the door. “I have to get my stuff in Jamie’s car.”

“Tegan’s Jamie’s here?” Brenda was surprised she didn’t expect Jamie to show her face around her, not that she minded though. She wanted to meet the woman who had taken care of Tegan.

“Yes she brought me home to get my stuff.” Jenny frowned. ‘What is she thinking?’, she thought to herself and was surprised when her mother started to make her way to the door.

Jenny quickly followed not wanting there to be any trouble.

* * * * *

Jamie was surprised to see Brenda walking out of the house and she was a little nervous. She didn’t want any trouble between her and Tegan’s mother.

She was even more surprised when Brenda wrapped her arms around her and held her tight. “Thank you for taking care of my daughter.” She whispered into Jamie’s ear and Jamie released a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

“You’re welcome.” Jamie told her as Brenda pulled away. They started to pack the car then and before the left Jamie gave Jenny a few more minutes with her mother before they left. Jenny got into the car and then they drove away.

Leaving behind them, the one person that held Tegan and Jenny to River’s End.
Chapter 34
Tegan was waiting in the hospital room patiently for Jamie to come and pick her up. She was finally going home and she was really looking forward to a nice comfortable bed, where ever she was, whether it was in her own apartment or in Jamie’s. She was happy anywhere, as long as it wasn’t the hospital room.

As Tegan looked around her wondering what was taking Jamie so long, she was surprised to see her sister walk in. Tegan hadn’t seen Jenny since she was brought into hospital, she remembered she hadn’t even remembered that Jenny had come to the hospital with her until Jamie reminded her. Then Jamie had told her, that Jenny had popped back to River’s End to get some clothes because she was going to stay with Tegan until she was in the clear again. Tegan didn’t know about the argument between Jenny and her father. Jenny had wanted to tell Tegan herself, but she should have known better than that.

Tegan was watching the tv when the news story came in. She listened because she heard her father’s name mentioned.

Thomas Rhys Mayor of River’s End has resigned from office due to the scene that was caused on the Andrea O’Connor show a few days ago. The cameras continued rolling after Mayor Rhys’ youngest daughter Tegan collapsed from what we are now led to believe was a threatened miscarriage. We have been told that Mother and baby are both fine. Here is the footage of the incident.

Tegan watched as the whole scene was played and she was shocked by everything that was happening on the tv. She had never seen her father act like that in public and she just prayed that everything was ok with her mother after he got home.

Tegan was watching this when Jamie arrived. She watched quietly from the door as Tegan learned what she had missed before. “T.” She announced herself, having learned that even with the closeness of their relationship Tegan didn’t like being approached unannounced from behind.

Tegan turned at the sound of her lover’s voice. “Hey?” She turned her back on the television and walked toward her partner, before wrapping her arms around the taller woman. “Did all that really happen?” she asked, praying that it did and praying that it didn’t.

“Yes.” Jamie admitted. “It really did.” she held her partner as she calmed herself.

Once Tegan had calmed herself down she looked into the worried blue eyes. “What is going to happen to Jenny now? She can’t go home.” She knew that there would be a war in the house if her sister did try to go home after that.

“Why don’t you ask her?” Jamie asked her, just as Jenny walked into the hospital room.

Tegan spotted her and walked towards her. Immediately they were in each other’s arms, both crying for what had happened to their family.

Jamie, seeing that the sisters needed some time alone, spoke next, interrupting the silence that had fallen over the room. “T. I’m just going to make sure everything is ok with the doctor before you check out. Ok?

Tegan understood the silent message and was grateful Jamie understood. “Ok I’ll meet you out by the nurses station in about ten minutes.”

Jamie smiled in acknowledgement before leaving the two sisters to discuss their family and their future.

“So how are you feeling?” Jenny asked, as her and Tegan made their way towards the bed.

“I feel fine. Tired but fine.” Tegan admitted. ‘After all the time I’ve spent in bed, that is the last thing I expected to say’, she thought to herself as she climbed up onto the bed and waited as Jenny did the same. “I watched the news this morning.” Tegan pointed out to sister, wondering if she should start the conversation.

“You did?” Jenny frowned, what was so interesting about that.

“Yeah, the headlines were Dad has resigned.” Tegan told her.

“Yeah?” Jenny had heard all about that when she went home to get her things.

“So what are you going to do now?” Tegan asked, she wanted her sister to stay with her, but did Jenny want that?

“Well I have already got the college transfer sorted out. I am looking for somewhere around here to live. I am not leaving you again.” Jenny was serious. She wanted to be there for her sister through all of this.

“Well actually I have a better idea. My apartment has two bedrooms, you could always move in with me.” Tegan told her, hoping her sister would accept the offer. It would be nice to have her sister around again.

“Are you sure the landlord won’t mind?” Jenny didn’t want to get Tegan into trouble, especially if it meant she could lose her apartment.

“Well I’ll ask Jamie when she comes in, but I seriously doubt she would mind.” Tegan smiled at her.

“Jamie’s your landlord?” Jenny was surprised, she knew that she was living over the night-club that Jamie was the assistant manager of, but she didn’t know that it was Jamie’s night-club.

“Well no, Jamie’s father is, but Jamie has just as much say in it” Tegan assured her sister. ‘Maybe then I can get John to take more money for the place’ she thought to herself. Having two people paying the rent of the apartment would let her feel more comfortable.

“Oh ok.” Jenny agreed. She hadn’t actually thought about asking Tegan if she had any room in her apartment. She figured that the apartment wouldn’t be very big.

“The only thing is that usually on the weekends Jamie and I take it in turns at sleeping over.” Tegan blushed as she said this but she wanted Jenny to know what was going on. If her sister couldn’t accept her sleeping with Jamie then she would be better off finding somewhere else to stay, because there was no way on earth that Tegan was going to stop now.

“Oh really?” Jenny drew the words out, letting a mischievous glint shine in her eye. She had figured that Tegan and Jamie had been spending an awful lot of time together, but she wasn’t sure whether they had taken that final step in their relationship. Tegan had told her how patient Jamie was being about the sexual part and Jenny was grateful for that. “I don’t mean to pry or anything but are you sleeping with her?” Jenny finally got up the courage to ask. Seeing the blush that covered Tegan’s face.

Tegan nodded her head before calming herself enough to speak. “Does that bother you?”

“Not at all.” Jenny assured her. “I’m happy for you.”

“You are?” Tegan asked, surprised.

“Yes of course I am.” Jenny frowned, ‘why shouldn’t I be happy for you?’ she thought to herself while out loud she admitted. “After everything that happened with you and Scott I was worried. I didn’t think you’d be able to get close to anyone after that.” That was the one thing Jenny had been most worried about. Tegan had in her such a lot of love to give to that special someone, that Jenny hated to think of that going to waste.

“Good because I couldn’t stop now, even if you didn’t approve.” Tegan admitted, more than pleased that Jenny didn’t mind her sleeping with Jamie. It’s not like they were making love every night, even on the weekends when they did spend their nights together, they didn’t because neither wanted to harm the baby, and now it would be even worse after all this last incident. Tegan blushed as her thoughts turned to the first time they had made love and she tried to turn her mind towards what she had to do now. “Come on let’s go and meet Jamie.” She grabbed her coat off the bed, walked out of the hospital room and met up with Jamie by the nurses station.

“Are you all ready to go?” Jamie asked, as Tegan and Jenny came to a stop in front of her. She had been waiting for them for five minutes, but she knew that they had some things to discuss so she didn’t bother to disturb them.

“Yep all ready.” Tegan agreed, before taking Jamie and Jenny’s arms and walking out of the hospital.

* * * * *

Tegan was finally glad to be out of the hospital, she was also more than relieved that she was still carrying her baby. It had terrified her more than anything to think she was going to lose the baby. Not though she knew she had to take it easy, or this was going to happen again and she couldn’t risk that. She had two months left in school before she officially left. Then she had a month before her exams started. Which would give her plenty of time to rest.

She had already been excused from doing Physical Education in school, usually spending that time to catch up on some revision. More often than not, though, she spent her free time in the Child Care lessons, learning to look after babies, which was vitally important to her. She wanted this child to be looked after and although she was learning a lot from the midwife about looking after the baby in the first few weeks, she didn’t think that would be enough.

“Tegan?” Jamie said for the third time as the arrived at the car.

“Huh?” Tegan looked up sheepishly at her taller partner, seeing the sparkling blue eyes that asked for and promised much more than words could ever say, in public anyway.

“I asked where you wanted to go now?” Jamie repeated, unlocking the car door and standing outside waiting for Tegan’s answer.

“Well I think I’d like to go home and get Jenny settled” Tegan said out loud but deep down she mind was shouting ,’No go and get Jamie on her own and make passionate love to her.’

Jamie noticed the look in Tegan’s eyes that told her the exact opposite to what her mouth did. She smiled at the thought that Tegan couldn’t wait to get her alone. She felt exactly the same way. “Sure.” She agreed before getting into the car.

Tegan and Jenny got into the car and they were on their way home.

* * * * *

Once they arrived at the club, they walked through the door and spotted John cleaning behind the bar. “Morning, Dad.” Jamie announced herself as she walked over to him.

“Morning.” He smiled when he spotted the pregnant teenager behind his daughter. “Welcome home, Tegan.” He greeted her with a hug. ” Morning Jenny.” The Phillips family had been getting to know Jenny over the couple of days she had been in Seaview and they realized that she was totally different from her younger sister. Tegan was more of a shy person than Jenny was. Jenny was the type of girl that was the local cheerleader, popular with the boys and outgoing. Tegan was more of your typical shy beauty. She wanted to stay on her own more than mix with others. School was very important to her and she didn’t realized how beautiful she was.

“Good Morning.” Tegan and Jenny said, together as John carried on with his work.

“Jamie can you get started on cleaning out the Leisure Club please?” John asked, as he moved towards the cellar door.

“Sure Dad.” Jamie said, before turning back to Tegan. “Well it looks like I have to get to work.” She sighed. “Come to my office later?”

Tegan for some reason blushed at that before answering. “Why Miss Phillips are you propositioning me?”

Jamie lifted the left side of her mouth in a crooked grin. “Only if you accept.” She smiled one of her brilliant smiled that only close friends and family ever saw.

‘God she’s gorgeous,’ Tegan thought to herself, as she looked up and felt herself drowning in blue. “I would much rather you spend the night with me tonight.” Tegan admitted.

“Oh really?” Jamie smirked at that. She wanted nothing more. “Are you sure your sister will be ok with that?” She didn’t want to cause any uneasiness between Tegan and her sister.

“I really don’t care whether she likes it or not,” Tegan admitted. “I’m not going to change my lifestyle just because she is staying here. I need to be with you, Jamie.”

“I need you to, T.” Jamie admitted.

“So you’ll stay?” Tegan asked, still slightly unsure of herself and her relationship.

“I’ll stay.” Jamie agreed. “But now I have to get to work. I’ll see you later.”

“Ok.” Tegan leaned in and kissed Jamie soundly before heading over to her sister.

Jenny had been watching the whole thing and she had to smile when Tegan leaned over to kiss Jamie, it was a silent statement telling Jenny that nothing was going to change because she was there.

* * * * *

It didn’t take too long for Tegan to get Jenny settled in. Once she was sorted, Tegan went to lie on her bed for a while, then she could write her journal, something that had been neglected while she was in hospital.

Dear Journal,

Well what can I say about the last couple of days. I will tell you though, I have never been so scared in my life as I was when I thought I was going to lose my baby. Everything I have been through the last couple of months has really put everything into prospective for me. Where as before I thought everything was fun and easy I know now that sometimes it is but more often than not life will turn around and bite you in the butt. I’m just glad everything is back to normal for a while. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet and I hope it will stay like that until after the baby is born. I am five months pregnant now and only have four months left to go and those four months can’t come quickly enough for me.

I’m looking forward to having some quiet time with Jamie tonight, after Jenny goes to bed. We’ve had to act so much more distant then we are in the hospital over the last week and that has nearly killed me. When we are around our family and friends we don’t have to worry about people’s opinions of us together because we already know that they are glad that Jamie has someone in her life that won’t use her like Becky did. But being in the public view, it’s not like that.

It’s going to be nice having Jenny staying here for a while. It’s nice having Jamie over all the time, but when she goes home at night it gets pretty lonely here. With Jenny here I don’t have to worry about that until she finds someone she wants to spend her nights with. I’ve been thinking about Mom a lot today, I hope everything is going to be ok with her. She doesn’t deserve the abuse she gets off him. Well none of us did, but at least me and Jenny are away from it now. It’s Mom’s turn next.

Me and Jenny are going to catch a train to see Gran tomorrow. I have been meaning to do it for so long and I still haven’t done it yet. I really want to introduce Jamie to her, because I think they will like each other, but I don’t know if she’ll be able to come. She had a lot of work to catch up on. Her father has been working over the last couple of days while she has been visiting me and sorting out my family problems and he doesn’t do half the stuff that needs doing, so she has to do that and her everyday load of work as well. I hope she does agree to come though.

Well I’m going to go and see the love of my life now. So I can write some more later on.

With that Tegan put the pen down and reread her entry before putting the pad on the bedside table with the pen and then she got off the bed before heading out the door.

* * * * *

Jamie was looking over some papers in her office when she heard the gentle knock on the door. “Come in” She shouted, just before the door was opened and in walked Tegan.

Tegan was smiling as she walked in, feeling good to be out of hospital and finally able to get into some decent clothes not night-shirts. “Good afternoon.” Tegan walked around the desk and practically jumped into Jamie’s lap. ‘God it feels so good to be able to do this again.’ She thought to herself

“That it is.” Jamie agreed, putting her arms around her partner. Tegan looked absolutely wonderful, the spark in her eyes that had been lacking during the days she had spent in hospital was back now and she had the glow of an expectant mother about her.

“Jamie what are you doing tomorrow?” Tegan asked, wondering is she should be asking or not. She really wanted Jamie to come with her tomorrow, but she didn’t want to put any pressure on her.

“Not a thing.” She admitted. “Why?”

“Well see me and Jenny are going to catch a train to see me Grandmother tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to come?” There she had asked, without telling Jamie how much she wanted her with her.

“Where does she live?” Jamie asked, not liking the idea of Tegan spending too much time travelling on a train. That might not be good for her, or the baby, with the condition she was in now.

“Only at the next stop.” Tegan admitted. It was about half an hour by train to her grandmother’s, so it was obviously too far to walk.

‘It’s not that far,’ Jamie admitted to herself ‘But I still don’t want her to do it.’ She thought for a while before speaking again. “If I’m coming I may as well drive you up there. It’s a lot easier.”

Tegan knew it was easier to take the car and if it meant Jamie was going to come, then she was all for it. “Sure. Does that mean you’ll come?” ‘Just making sure,’ she told herself.

Jamie just smiled her answer before holding Tegan to her. ‘God I love this woman.’ She thought as she reminded herself not to squeeze Tegan to tight, which was what she always wanted to do.

“Good,” Tegan finally said, after basking in the warmth that came through the love they had for each other. “I really want you to meet my grandmother. She’ll really like you.”

“I hope she does,” Jamie admitted. “I’ve caused enough problems between you and your family.” Although Tegan had told her a load of times that their relationship had nothing to do with the hostility between her and her parents, that, that was all them, she still felt slightly responsible.

“Jamie how many more time do I have to…..” She was silenced by a finger on her lips.

“I know.” Jamie told her, trying her hardest to smile a reassuring smile and failing miserably.

They sat there looking into each other eyes for a while before they were interrupted by the telephone. Jamie smiled apologetically at Tegan before reaching out for the phone.

“Hello The Triclub.” She answered the phone.

“Is this Jamie Phillips?” The voice on the other end sounded familiar but she could place it.

“Yes this is Jamie Phillips. Whose asking?”

“This is Richard Harris from The Seaview Times. I was wondering if you had a few minutes to spare?” The man on the other end said, smugly.

Jamie recognized the name immediately and felt her blood start to boil. “I have plenty of minutes to spare thanks,” She admitted. “Fortunately for me, none of them are for you.” With that she hung up.

Richard Harris had been the reporter that wrote the story about her and Becky, without even checking up on the facts before he had written and published it. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of doing that to her or Tegan.

Tegan saw the tensing of Jamie’s jaw as she put the phone down and she started to worry when Jamie didn’t say anything. “Who was that J.?” She asked when she couldn’t take anymore.

Tegan’s voice pulled Jamie’s thoughts back from the past and she breathed a sigh of relieve when she finally realized everything was fine. “A reporter from the Seaview Times” She told her partner, wondering what he wanted now, ‘another ‘scandal’ probably.’ She was disgusted that someone like him had the nerve to ask for an interview after he almost ruined her life. ‘Not again.’ She shook her head. ‘Not again.’

“I take it you didn’t get on with the reporter” Tegan said, it wasn’t a question, it didn’t need to be. She already knew the answer.

“You could say that,” Jamie admitted. “He was the reporter that wrote the story about me and Becky.”

Tegan nodded her head in understanding, she wouldn’t really want to talk to him either. “He sounds like a jerk.” Tegan spoke out loud, not realizing she had until she heard Jamie’s chuckle.

“That he is.” Jamie agreed, wholeheartedly.

Tegan chuckled at that and buried her head in Jamie’s shoulder. “Have I told you yet how much I love you?” She sighed, contentedly.

“Yes, but every time feels like the first.” Jamie admitted, shyly, still amazed that Tegan managed to make her feel like a girl on her first date.

Tegan’s face suddenly went dead serious, with an unexpected sadness in her eye. “It’s not always going to be like this is it?” She lowered her eyes to the joined hands in her lap. She had heard everyone saying that the brightest spark of love was at the beginning and soon the novelty started to wear off and the spark dimmed. She didn’t want that to happen. She wanted everything to stay the way it was now.

Jamie frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Us.” Tegan looked into the sky blue eyes again “What happens when you get fed up with me. I’m not exactly beautiful am I. I’m getting fat and you could have any girl you wanted, why would you want me.” She had been thinking about that for a while, would Jamie still feel the same way about her, when the first thing you noticed was her stomach.

“Tegan I love you.” Jamie told her. “It was looks that attracted me to you first, this and the connection we have that I can’t explain, but I love you for who you are on the inside, what you are on the outside is just a bonus and believe me you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on.” Jamie had been expecting this. Her mother had already told her that pregnant women were likely to become worried about their partner’s opinion of them and their self esteem was likely to drop considerably. Tegan had never been a person with high self esteem anyway, so it was likely to be a big drop for her.

“Really?” Tegan asked, not knowing whether Jamie was serious or just being nice. “And what are you going to be like when I have a child. Will you get fed up when I have to spend a lot of my time with my child and not with you. Will you be able to put up with the fact that I have a baby.” Tegan was starting to panic now. All the things she could think of that could maybe drive Jamie away were coming to the front of her mind now.

“Tegan I told you, I love this baby because it’s a part of you. I will be there every step of the way, until you tell me that you don’t want me to be involved anymore. Nothing about this baby will drive me away. I swear.” Jamie wrapped her arms around Tegan in what she was hoping was a reassuring hug. “I love you Tegan, nothing will change that.”

The two of them sat there like that for a while before Jamie realized that Tegan had fallen asleep in her lap. So she gently stood up, cradling her like a child and made her way down to the apartment opposite. She knocked quietly on the door and when Jenny opened it, she noticed the panicked look on her Jenny’s face and smiled to reassure her before heading towards the bedroom. She placed Tegan into the bed and pulled the blankets up over her, before heading out.
Chapter 35
The rest of the day went pretty quietly for everyone. Tegan spent longer than she would have liked to in bed and Jenny spent most of her time getting ready for college, which she was starting on Monday. Jamie caught up with her work.

When Tegan woke up, she was surprised to find that it was nearly 7 p.m.. She couldn’t believe she had slept that long. She was about to get out of bed when she heard footsteps come towards the bedroom and stop outside her door.

The door opened and the dark hair of Jamie was seen as the tall woman poked her head in. She smiled when she spotted the green eyes watching her. “You’re awake.” She walked into the room, closing the door behind her. “I was just coming to wake you.”

“You were?” Tegan asked, glad that she was going to be called and not left to sleep all night. “Why did you let me sleep so long?”

“Well I figured you’d better sleep now because if I have me way, you won’t be sleeping at all tonight” Jamie smiled, seductively, as she knelt next to Tegan and kissed her gently.

Tegan returned the kiss with more passion and before long the had to break apart before it went any further. “Come on.” Jamie said, as she went to stand up, she took hold of Tegan’s hands and pulled he up, leaning down and kissing her again. “We’ve got to stop doing this or I’m not going to be available to play downstairs tonight”

“Plain Lazy are playing tonight?” Tegan asked, excitedly.

“Yep, we decided we had to play public soon and why not use this club.” Jamie told her. Although Plain Lazy had been together for a while now they hadn’t performed in front of the public before and all the band were pretty nervous. Not that they needed to be, they had been ready for this from the beginning.

“Well what are we waiting for?” Tegan asked, getting out of bed and walking over to do her hair. “Let me put something decent on and then I’ll be ready.”

Jamie nodded her head and walked out. She knew that if she stayed in the room with Tegan while she was getting dressed, they weren’t going to go anywhere in the next couple of hours.

* * * * *

Once Tegan was ready she walked out to join Jamie. Jamie was dumb struck with the beauty of her partner. The glow that surrounded her made her breathtaking. She was wearing a a black dress that was tight enough to show off the slight bump where they baby was, but not tight enough to make it look like Tegan was trying to show it off. Tegan’s hair was placed in a French roll and Jamie wondered how she managed to get changed so quickly.

“Ready?” Tegan asked, pulling Jamie’s mind away from the direction it was headed.

“Um,” Jamie smiled, sheepishly. “Yeah come on then.”

They walked out of the door and quietly down the stairs into the bar. Tegan was surprised by the amount of people that were actually there. The club was usually pretty full but this was practically over flowing. “They must have known you were performing” Tegan whispered into Jamie’s ear, well it was supposed to be a whisper but it didn’t turn out like that, she had to shout just so Jamie could hear her.

“Yeah right.” Jamie answered, sarcastically, before leading Tegan to the table with Jenny and their friends. “Are you ready, Darren?” She asked as Tegan sat down. “We’ve got a gig to play.”

“Too right.” Darren agreed standing up getting a good luck wish off everyone at the table, then the two of them made their way to the stage.

Jamie made her way to the front of the stage as the rest of the band finished setting up. As Jamie took the mic she was praying that nothing went wrong that would ruin their night. “Good evening” She announced herself and then waited for the applause to die down.

Tegan watched as her partner walked up towards the stage. When everyone noticed that the band were starting to get ready they started to scream. Most of the people in this bar had a crush on Jamie or Darren, the most popular members of the band and that was the reason many of them were at the club. Not that it bothered Tegan because she realized that while all these people were drooling over her partner, she was the one who got to walk out with her every night and she was the one who got to make love to her, she was the one who got to love her.

“Well I know most of you know who I am.” Jamie told them, as she looked around to check that everything behind her was ok.. “Well tonight you are going to be in for a special treat. I hope.”

“We already are, we’ve seen you.” Came a voice from somewhere in the room.

“Thanks.” Jamie said back. “Anyway, no the treat is, you are going to witness the first public performance of this band, which I am pleased to say I am a member of. So please put your hands together for Plain Lazy.”

Jamie made her way to her guitar, picked it up, checked that the amp was switched on and that her guitar was tuned up. When everything was set she made her way to the mic again.

“Well good evening everyone.” She said into the mic. “Don’t you look familiar?” she asked them all. “Well anyway. We are going to start off with a rockish song and it’s called, Now.” with that the drum count started and the show was under way.

* * * * *

The rest of the show went well and finally they had two songs left. “Ok, this next song was written by Darren and myself a while ago. It’s about a friend of ours who died of AIDS. She left the friends that understood her to go back to her family, who couldn’t understand the AIDS virus or her alternative lifestyle. Anyway this song is dedicated to her and it’s called, ‘She’s Living Life Alone.’ Thanks,” With that Jamie brought them all into the song that Tegan recognized as the song she had sung to her a couple of days ago.

That done she thanked everyone and told them they were going to be playing their last song next. Everyone groaned at the thought of the gig ending, they were really enjoying themselves and the band was good as well. “This song is dedicated to the love of my love Tegan.” She announced, just before Darren step up to the microphone.

“Why don’t we bring Tegan up here?” He asked, as he looked towards the table she was sitting at. Everyone cheered at that and soon a very embarrassed and shy Tegan was being led towards the stage. She wasn’t embarrassed at being shown off to everyone, but she was embarrassed and being the subject of everyone’s scrutiny, as she took her place on the stage next to her partner.

“Well like I was saying, this song is dedicated to Tegan and all of you out there that feel like you were born the day you fell in love with you partner. It’s called I feel.” Jamie announced to everyone before placing her guitar on the stand and taking the mic in one hand and Tegan’s hand in the other and looking into the wonderful green eyes of her partner.

I feel like I was born today,
Like all my life before was only a dream,
Only touching the surface, never going further,
Never being part of the world.

I feel like I was born today,
Knowing I have to walk a wider path from now on,
Wide enough for two of us, walking side by side,
Facing the future together.

The Sea is wide,
Our love is wider,
Covering the earth from end to end.

Walk beside me,
Through wind and weather,
For all the years on Earth well spend.

I feel like I was born today,
We leave behind a past of sorrow,
Going forward, through the sunlight,
Hand in hand and souls united.

Hand in hand and souls united.

As the words of the song unravelled Jamie became lost in the eyes of her partner and before long, nothing else mattered, only the two of them. There was no sound coming from anyone, well not that they could hear, their minds were totally centred on each other and before they realized what was happening, they leaned forward and their lips touched, sending a wave of electricity though them both. As they broke away they finally realized where they were and that they were getting wolf whistles and cheers off the audience.

Tegan giggled and buried her head into her lovers shoulder, embarrassed by the lack of control she had over her body when it came to Jamie.

Jamie leaned down and kissed the head of the smaller woman and chuckled at the scene they must have caused.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” Tegan lifted her head and looked into the blue eyes of her partner, which she realized too late wasn’t a good idea.

Just as their lips headed towards each other again, Darren disturbed them. “You two need to get a room.”

Jamie smiled at her best friend “That sounds like a very good idea.” She looked at Tegan and wiggled her eyebrows, seductively. “What do you say, T?”

“Well there is this really inviting bed upstairs I believe. I’m sure the owner won’t mind us using it.” Tegan smiled, hoping Jamie would agree.

Jamie didn’t have to think very hard before deciding that now was the perfect time to depart, knowing the club would be in the capable hands of Ollie. “You go and tell you sister and I’ll go and tell Ollie to close up”

Tegan knew a real dumb grin had covered her face at Jamie’s words and she didn’t care. At this moment she was so in love with this woman, that she could be wearing a sign saying ‘Kick Me’ on her butt and it wouldn’t bother her. Jamie leaned down and kissed her once more, before heading away from her and over to the bar.

Tegan made her way towards Jenny with Darren and saw the smile on Jenny’s face, she also noticed the very straight guy say next to her. Jenny seemed to be enjoying herself immensely with Mike, a very good friend of theirs. “Hey, that lover of yours has got an amazing voice on her, Tegan.” Mike said, as Tegan arrived at the table.

Tegan nodded her head. “Doesn’t she?” Then she leaned over to Jenny. “You can let yourself in tonight. I’m going to bed.” She looked into Jenny’s eyes telling her exactly what she was going to bed for, before giving her a crooked smile.

“Ok,” Jenny smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Are you going to be upstairs or are you going to Jamie’s?” She knew that Tegan won’t be able to relax upstairs if she knew Jenny could hear everything that was going on and she wanted her sister to have fun with her lover.

Tegan thought about that for a minute before deciding the same thing. Her and Jamie didn’t want to be limited in what they did tonight and she knew that everything could be heard from one room to another. “I think I’ll ask Jamie to take us to her place.” She finally decided. She knew that Jamie’s place was private, which was what she wanted.

“Ok.” Jenny kissed her sister on the cheek and wished her goodnight before Tegan headed towards Jamie.

* * * * *

Jamie made her way through the crowded hall, dodging everyone who was too wrap up in something or someone to move, when she finally made it over to Ollie he was still behind the bar, serving . She waited patiently until he was free and then she called him over.

Ollie heard his name being called and turned to face Jamie, he smiled at her, knowing exactly what she wanted. As he arrived in front of her, he held his hand out, waiting for the key. Jamie noticed this and decided to play with him for a few minutes. “What’s that for?” She pointed at his hand.

“Well I figured you were going to give me the key to lock up tonight while you go off and enjoy yourself.” He told her honestly. He was over the moon that Jamie had found someone she could be happy with. He had been around her a lot all his life and he had seen the pain she went through with Becky. He had seen the women come and go from her life, none of them really meaning anything. Now he knew Tegan meant more to Jamie than any of the other girls in her life and he hoped that maybe this time she would actually settle down.

“Oh and how do you know I didn’t come over here to fire you?” Jamie asked, keeping the keys out of site and raising an eyebrow.

“You wouldn’t do that because I’m a good worker and I’m the only one you trust enough to look this place up after everyone’s gone.” Ollie raised the same eyebrow and smiled. He was kind of like the assistant manager’s assistant and he knew she knew that too. There was no-one in the club that worked better than him and there was no-one else that she trusted enough to leave the club open too.

“Damn you’re right.” Jamie sighed, a little worried that she had become so dependant on this man. She knew it was good for her to have someone to be able to trust enough to leave the club too when she wanted to enjoy herself but it felt funny.

“I know I am.” Ollie smirked, before holding his hand back out. “Now give me the keys and get out of here will you.”

Jamie couldn’t say no. So she reached into her jeans pocket and removed the keys. She gave them to Ollie just as she spotted a small figure walking towards them. Ollie noticed her look and followed her gaze to the small red head making her way towards them. He just shook his head before heading towards away from the pair who were now standing together. “Are you ready to go on up?” Jamie asked as Tegan reached her side.

Tegan looked down at the floor before looking back into the eyes that she always wanted to dive into and get lost forever. “Do you mind if we go back to your place instead?” She asked. “I think we will have more privacy there.”

Jamie couldn’t argue with her on that one. The fact that she lived in a separate apartment made the privacy thing a lot better there than in her own apartment. “Sure if that’s what you want.”

“Yes I would like to have you all to myself without worrying about big ears listening.” Tegan leaned over and kissed her partner. Before grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the door. It wasn’t long before they were making their way towards Jamie’s house.

* * * * *

When Tegan and Jamie arrived at the house, the downstairs light was still on, which meant that Jamie’s parents were still up. Jamie stood by the car debating on whether to go through the front door and tell them she was home or go up the stairs to her front door. Tegan sensing her hesitation took charge again. She grabbed Jamie’s hand and led them towards the front door.

Jamie just smiled. She opened the door and walked in waiting for Tegan to follow before going into the house. John and Anne were sat watching the tv quietly and they spotted the pair immediately. “Good evening” John smiled at them, he had been wondering what time they would get home. He knew that Jamie and Tegan had missed having quiet time together since the expectant mother had been in hospital and Anne and himself had decided to have two bets on that night. Firstly, what time would they arrive home and secondly how long would they wait before heading upstairs. John made sure to check the clock when they arrived, smirking to himself, he had been closer to the time than Anne had.

Jamie and Tegan sat down in the front room both silently agreeing to at least show their face before heading upstairs, even though neither of them actually wanted to. “So you took the night off again tonight did you?” John asked, as they sat down. He saw they were uncomfortable sitting there and he couldn’t say he blames them. They had been over a week without privacy and he would be in the same position.

“Yeah um well see we wanted to um” Jamie stuttered, she was wondering how to get around this without embarrassing both of them.

Anne recognised her predicament and gave her the perfect excuse “While you’d better get Tegan to bed, she needs her rest” She raised an eyebrow at Jamie, telling her it was fine for her to go.

Jamie noticed this and smiled at her mother ‘Thank you, Mom’ she mentally said, outloud she agreed with her mother, before taking Tegan’s had leading her up the stairs.

“That was subtle” John said, as his daughters footsteps reached the top of the stairs. “And you actually cost yourself the bet. I said five minutes and you just made it that.”

“Yeah well they were looking for an excuse and I just gave it to them. They looked so uncomfortable, love ’em” Anne couldn’t help but smile. She was more than pleased that the two of them were happy. Neither of them had an easy life up until then but everything seemed to be falling into place.

* * * * *

The following morning Jamie was up early and spent the quiet morning time just looking at Tegan and taking in the wonderful features of the teenager who had capture her heart so thoroughly in such a short time. The youthful features of Tegan seemed to have matured in the time they had spent together and Jamie knew that the stress they had been under over the last couple of weeks had been the cause of that. But lying there, deep in sleep she looked so peaceful and happy, that you would never have thought the last few weeks had happened.

“I love you, so much” Jamie whispered to herself more than anything, so she was surprised when she got a mumbled ‘love you too’ as Tegan snuggled closer. Jamie just smiled before closing her eyes and joining her partner once again.

* * * * *

Jamie, Tegan and Jenny pulled up outside the big house just after noon and Jamie could tell this wasn’t a workman’s house. It was even bigger than hers and it looked more like a hotel with all the rooms that could be seen.

“It’s big isn’t it” Tegan said, when she noticed the look on the tall woman’s face.

“Yeah it is” Jamie agreed totally.

“This is where my family get their money” Tegan told Jamie, “Although you’d never know it was Mother who was wealthy.”

Jamie agree with that, you expected Tegan’s father to be the rich on and she was surprised to find it wasn’t.

“Come on, it’s time for you to meet my grandmother” Tegan grabbed Jamie’s hand and the three of them walked towards the house.

Just as they arrived the door was opened by a fairly old man. He look like he was in his late fifties. Jaime assumed he was Tegan’s grandfather, although Tegan hadn’t mentioned a grandfather ‘Maybe they don’t get on’ She thought, but quickly dismissed that.

“Nialls” Tegan said, excitedly as she hugged the man.

“Miss Tegan it’s nice to see you again” He hugged her before turning to Jenny. “Miss Jenny.”

‘Ok not her grandfather’ Jamie mentally slapped herself before taking in the grey suit and tie usually associated with Butlers.

“Nialls, this is Jamie, a very good friend of mine” Tegan introduced them. “Jamie this is Nialls, he is the Butler, although he is more like a grandfather to us.”

Nialls nodded his head respectfully at the taller woman before moving aside to let them enter.

“Where’s Mamgu?” Tegan asked, as they put their coats on the rack.

“She is in the family room” Nialls told her, before motioning the women forward.

Jamie thought it was pretty typical of Tegan to call her Grandmother Mamgu which was Welsh for Grandmother, it sounded so nice coming from the younger woman that Jamie couldn’t help smiling. They walked further into the house and Jamie was surprised by the size of the inside. The ceilings were typical of a big house, you needed a forty feet ladder to come even close to it. The ceiling itself was covered in pictures. They all told a story. As Jamie looked closer she noticed that the story seemed to be about two women. One with raven dark hair and the other with blonde hair, a lot like hers and Tegan’s. They seemed to be dressed in pretty weird clothes. The tall dark woman dressed in a brown costume and the smaller woman was dressed in a short green top and a brown skirt. They were not clothes she had seem before.

“Those are based on some family story.” Tegan was watching her, look at the ceiling and figured Jamie was trying to figure them out.

‘A family story’ Jamie said to herself as she remembered all the stories she had been told and had told her brother. The story about the warrior and bard, who knew a love so deep it would last an eternity. ‘Nah they couldn’t be the same’ she shook her head mentally ‘Could they?’ She was pulled out of her reverie when Tegan grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her towards the door, which Jamie figured lead into the family room.

Tegan’s grandmother spotted them the minutes they walked in. She smiled and stood up before heading over to them. She immediately hugged Tegan before moving over to Jenny. “My girls” She said, excitedly “What are you doing here?” She looked them both over and noticed the slight bump in Tegan’s stomach but did not saying anything. ‘If she is pregnant she’ll tell me herself’ Jane told herself. She had always tried not to interfere in the lives of her daughters and granddaughters, although on more than one occasion she had regretted not getting involved in her daughter’s relationship with that husband of hers. She hadn’t liked Thomas since the minute she met him but when she had told Brenda that, Brenda had told her to mind her own business. So she had washed her hands of the situation. She strongly believed in the saying ‘You made you bed, you lie in it,’ even if it’s lumpy.

“Well we are in Seaview and we wanted to come and visit” Jenny lied, she didn’t know what Tegan wanted to tell their grandmother and she wasn’t going to say anything.

“Really. Where’s your mother?” Jane asked, she hadn’t seen her eldest daughter for nearly two years and she missed her. She had spoken to her all of three time in that time.

“She’s still in River’s End” Tegan admitted. “I think we need to talk Gu”

Jane frowned but nodded her head before looking at Jamie, then back at Tegan before raising an enquiring eyebrow.

Tegan noticed and smiled before introducing Jamie to her grandmother.

Jane was struck by something about the tall woman, something she could figure out. Then she looked up into the worried but beautiful face and she was immediately drawn to the blue eyes and she was drawn back into a past she had tried to forget, the flashbacks of a past life.

“Cassie you can’t die on me now” She begged. The tall woman with blue eyes had taken a bullet in the back, a bullet which had been meant for her. “Please”

Slowly the blue eyes opened and the unfocused gaze looked at her. Then a small smile graced her face. “I love you, Sarah” She was dying and they both know it and there was nothing either of them could do. “I’ll see you next time around.”

Only two months ago they had run into a old Indian who had told them that they were to be reunited in every lifetime and Sarah knew that when Cassie died, the reformed Outlaw would wait for her before they would move onto their next life together. If Sarah was alone she would have risked the fires of hell and killed herself but she wasn’t alone and she had to think of her daughter, Jane as well as Cassie’s son, Jack. “I know you will” Sarah let all the love she felt for this woman show in her face. “I know you will”

“Tell the kids I love them” Cassie coughed, this time she coughed up the tell tale signs of her imminent passing. Blood.

“I will” Sarah nodded her head vigorously before leaning over and gently kissing her partner. “I love you, Cassandra Jane.”

Cassie smiled her last smile and whispered “Love you, too” before the light went out of her eyes and the spirit left her body to wait on the other side for her soulmate.

Sarah watched as the shallow breathing stopped and Cassie’s blue eyes stared blankly into space. She lifted her hand a gently closed the eyes of the woman she love more than anything. “Goodbye my love” she sobbed as she lowered her head to rest on the dark head of her lover.

Jane shook her head to clear the flashback to find herself looking into worried green eyes of her youngest granddaughter. “Gu are you ok?” Tegan asked, she had never blanked out like that before and it was worrying the young woman.

Jane looked back at Jamie and smiled although she had the same colour eyes as her soulmate, she was just a descendant of the love that the warrior and bard had for each other. She smiled and looked at Tegan ‘Let it go Jane Llewellyn, it’s her turn now, you’ve already had the love of your life for this lifetime. I just hope she isn’t cursed with the short relationship that many of her ancestors are.’ she told herself before assuring Tegan that she was fine.

They all moved into the main room and sat down. Jamie was amazed at the beauty of the house. The room they were in was massive. It was kind of like the main room in the Von Trap house in the Sound Of Music. There weren’t many ornaments or anything in the house that usually made the house seem smaller. The walls were white and cream which seemed to enhance the space around the room. There was quite a lot of furniture in the room. There was a sofa and three chairs scattered around a small coffee table which faced the tv. In the back of the room was an old fashioned writing desk situated next to three bookcases. It was lovely.

“I see your friend is fascinated with my house” Jane pointed out to Tegan, as Jamie was still looking around the room. Suspicion was one part of the rich thing that Jane could live without. She always had to been on her guard when people she didn’t know come to the house. Would they try to rob her? Would she wake up and find out that during the night someone had been and broken in? Unless she knew the person personally everyone was a risk to her and she hated that.

Tegan recognised the remark for what it was and was a bit peeved that her grandmother didn’t trust her judgement but she understood as well. ‘Got to kick this right now’ She told herself and looked at her grandmother “Jamie’s father is the owner of The Legends Pass.” She told her grandmother and she saw the eyebrow raise. ‘Yeah she doesn’t act like a rich kid does she?’ She mentally asked. She had not seen the look of awe she saw on Jamie’s face for a long time now and coming from someone who had the amount of money that Jamie’s family did was a surprise.

“Really?” Jane was impressed. She had been to that park twice before and she knew it was one of the best theme parks in Europe and she also knew that the man that owned that could put the money she had into his pocket. He was worth three times what she was and now she was just as surprised as Tegan at the reaction of the tall, dark woman stood in front of her. ‘Surely she has seen a house this big before? Surely she lives in a house bigger than this?’ When she voiced her thoughts Jamie just smiled.

“No father always said that people with a lot of money had big houses and flashy cars and clothes but rich people didn’t need that. You are not rich unless you are happy and money can’t buy you happiness.” Jamie admitted, it was a motto that she lived by. “We just live in a house big enough of all of us and we only buy what we need.”

Jane nodded her head in agreement. She agreed totally. All the money she had meant nothing when she wasn’t happy and she hadn’t really been happy since her partner Cheryl had died. After she had died she got married to satisfy her parents and she had never really been happy with Jack but he had given her a couple of wonderful children in Brenda and Cherie, but they were the only decent thing to come out of that relationship.

Jenny sat down and Jane pointed to the seat, motioning for Jamie to sit down. “Tegan may I have a word with you?” She asked her granddaughter just as she was going to sit next to her partner.

“Sure” Tegan stood back up and then followed her grandmother out of the room, into the dining room.

Jamie was worried, she hoped that Tegan wasn’t going to get into trouble now. She really didn’t want that to happen. If it did cause her partner any trouble she would leave immediately.

* * * * *

Tegan followed her grandmother into the dining room, hoping that she wasn’t going to start anything about Jamie because Tegan really wasn’t in the mood to argue with her at the moment.

“What is it, Gu?” She asked, as they sat at the table. It never seized to amaze Tegan how big the dining room was in the house, considering it was hardly ever used. The only time the dining room was used was when Jane had guests. Family and close friends had food in the kitchen. The table Tegan and Jane were seated at was a long table about 10 ft long and there were chairs down each side and at the two heads. It was a proper banquet table.

Jane looked at Tegan before she started speaking and she noticed the worry on her granddaughter’s beatuiful face. ‘She thinks I’m not going to approve’ Jane realised before hurrying to reassure Tegan that wasn’t what she wanted to speak with her about.

“If that’s not what it is, what is it?” Tegan asked again.

“Well actually I was just going to ask if she knows how you feel about her but I guess she does” Jane smiled. ‘That’s good’ she thought before continuing. “Why aren’t you with your parents?” She asked this but she figured the answer was because Thomas couldn’t accept gay people and she knew Brenda wasn’t too fond of them either. That was why she had keep that part of her life away from her daughter.

“I’m pregnant, Gu” Tegan admitted, looking into Jane eyes and seeing acceptance of what she had just said. “Dad couldn’t accept that and when it happened he send me away. I wasn’t allowed to talk to family and I figured that meant you aswell but I realised that it wasn’t and I was going to come and see you but Jamie got stabbed and we almost lost her and then I had a lot of trouble with the fact that I was gay and the papers found out about it. After all that I almost miscarried.”

“Seems like you’ve had a rough time” Jane was seething. ‘How could he send her away when she is pregnant?’ she asked herself. “Where’ve you been staying?”

“I am staying at an apartment above Jamie’s club” Tegan told her. “Her father is letting me rent it cheap and they have been really helpful.”

Jane was pleased. ‘At least she has been looked after.’ She thought. “So who is the father?”

Jane spotted the tense look on Tegan’s face as she started to explain.

Tegan related all the events that led up to her current predicamant and at the end of it, Jane was absolutely fuming. She would have liked to strangled that so-called father. Anyone that did that to their child needed to be hung, strung and quartered. ‘And where is my daughter when all this is happening?’ She asked herself ‘Probably to scared to do anything about it’ She looked around the room trying to calm herself before speaking again. “I’m sorry, Tegan”

“It’s ok” Tegan assured her. “Somethings are meant to happen. If this hadn’t have happened then I wouldn’t have met Jamie and for that I would have done anything.” Tegan smiled, she had been through so much but everything had led her to the place she was now. Happy with the love of her life and expecting a baby, who would hopefully be brough up with two mothers.

“That is very true but I’m sure that you would have found a way” Jane smiled at her granddaughter, she seemed more mature in her personality now. ‘That must be the result of everything that has happened’ She told herself. “So how long have you and Jamie been together?”

“We’ve only been together for a couple of months but it’s been the best few months of my life, even after everything that’s happened. Jamie getting stabbed was a shock and I think it would have killed me if she had died.” Tegan admitted, looking into her grandmothers eyes and seeing a quiet understanding there.

“I’m glad you are happy” Jane walked over to her and wrapped the smaller woman in her arms. “Don’t let anything come between you” She tightened her arms briefly ‘Not even death’ She sighed mentally before praying that Tegan would be spared the sorrow of knwoing her love only to have it taken away tragically at a young age.

“I won’t” Tegan told her adamantly, nothing was going to come between her and Jamie, of that, she was sure.

“Good” Jane kissed her on the forehead. “Come on let’s back to those two”

With that Jane and Tegan walked back into the other room. To find Jamie sitting anxiously watching for their entrance. Tegan knew what was going through her lover’s mind and she just smiled to reassure her that everything was fine.

Jamie visibly relaxed as she got the smile of Tegan. She had been so worried about Jane’s opinion of her that she had almost walked a hole in the floor until Jenny told her to sit down for that reason. Even sat down she couldn’t relax. First of all she was drumming on her legs, until she noticed the knwoing smile of Jenny and she in the end she clasped her hands together and then tightened and loosened her grip periodically. ‘God this is so frustrating’ She had thought to herself, until Tegan had come out and flashed her that wonderful smile. ‘Everything’s fine’ She told herself before releasing her hands and relaxing.

Tegan walked over to her partner and sat down next to her before leaning over and placing a reassuring pat on her knee. Jamie just smiled.

Jamie spent the rest of the day getting to know Jane and vice versa. By the time it was time to go home they felt like Jamie was a part of the family. Jane knew Tegan was in good hands and Jane mused that they were very strong and beautiful hands as well before she mentally slapped herself for making such remarks about her granddaughter’s girlfriend. As they were saying goodbye Tegan assured her Grandmother that she would come to visit more often now and Jane promised to come and meet Jamie’s family soon. Jamie knew her parents would like to meet the one other relative of Tegan’s that didn’t turn her back on the young woman.

Finally the three of them were on their way home. All happy with the way the day had turned out.

* * * * *

The following morning Tegan and Jamie were both awake pretty early. Jamie had to go to out for the day and Tegan wanted to be awake to say goodbye to her. So they lay there for a while basking in the warmth of the sun that was shining through the window. Jamie had one hand lying protectively over the swell of Tegan’s stomach as if she was protecting the unborn child from any possible danger, when they both felt something.

“Did you feel that?” Tegan asked, as Jamie lifted her head.

“Was that the baby moving around?” Jamie was awed, it felt wonderful she had never experienced anything like that before.

“Yeah it was” Tegan smiled before leaning up and kissing her lover. “I love you, Jamie”

Jamie just smiled “I love you too.”

“Thank you for taking us to visit my Grandmother yesterday” Tegan said, wrapping her arms around Jamie.

“You’re welcome. I’m just glad she accepted us as a couple” Jamie admitted, although she never really showed how relieved she actually was.

“I know.” Tegan just lay there keeping her head just above Jamie’s heart, making sure she could hear the strong beat of the heart.

“I have to get up” Jamie sighed, reluctantly. She was so comfortable and so not ready to move.

“Do you have to?” Tegan asked, although she knew this meeting Jamie had was important.

“You know I do T.” Jamie kissed her on the head “No matter how much I want to stay her.”

If both of them were honest with each other they both wanted to get out of bed and phone everyone and tell them that the baby moved. It was really exciting and it was the best news they had had in a couple of weeks.

“Come on then” Tegan started to get up before she was pulled back down.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jamie raised an eyebrow at her.

“Getting up” Tegan stated the obvious.

“You are staying here. It is too early for you to be wandering around yet. You need your rest” Jamie reminded her.

Tegan shook her head knowing there was no way she could argue with that. Even if she wanted too. “Ok” She said reluctantly before settling back down. ‘I’m not going to argue’ she thought with a smile. ‘I don’t have the energy’ She kissed Jamie before the tall stood to get dressed and then watched her patiently before Jamie kissed her again and then headed out of the door with a quick ‘see ya later.’
Part IX

Chapter 37

Two Months Later.
The next few months flew by for Tegan. She was getting most of her school stuff done so she won’t have anything to worry about when the time came for her to leave school which was now only two days away. Everyone knew she was pregnant now, there was no way she could hide it and they were all wishing her luck with the baby and hoping that everything went well. Some of them had even chipped in bought her a small pram. She was so grateful to them for that, her and Jamie had received a card of the whole class wishing them both lots of happiness and love.

When the day for finally getting out of school arrived, Tegan was excited. There wouldn’t be any work that day just a major party. The school was putting on a show with some of the leavers and they even hired Plain Lazy to play. Jamie was more than happy to play for the leavers as she remembered the band they had had for her leavers day. It had to be one of the worst bands in the world. Everyone had walked out for some reason during the time the band was on and the school didn’t want to make the same mistake again. Plain Lazy had become quite established in Seaview in the short time since their first public performance.
They had been hired to play a couple of night-clubs since then and had even played a small concert at The Legends Pass, although they were hired by Jamie for that. They even had a couple of groupies now. Granted Tegan and Jenny were two of them. Jenny had been seeing Mike a lot over the last couple of weeks and they were getting on really well, so whenever Plain Lazy were playing Jenny was there to support Mike, he was the drummer of the band and quite popular with the girls. Tegan had joked that Jenny only wanted to spend so much time with him to keep an eye on him. Jenny hadn’t disputed that, she had just smiled before heading over to join the man in question.

‘Yep’ Tegan thought to herself with a smile as she lay in bed. ‘Everything was going really well.’ She had her GCSE’s starting in a months time and she felt totally prepared for them. She just hoped the baby didn’t decide to make an early appearance. The doctors had been checking up on her a lot since the threatened miscarriage and they had continued to ask her if she wanted to know the sex of the baby but the answer was always the same. ‘I want it to be a surprise.’

She knew that it would be better to know what the sex was so she could prepare for it one way or the other but she kept reminding herself that not knowing was all of the fun. Jamie and her hand started buying a few things, mostly clothes that a baby could wear whatever the sex, but deep down in her heart Tegan had a suspicion that it was a girl. She had told Jamie about this and Jamie had told her to believe it, because sometimes those instincts were right. She remembered the conversation like it was only yesterday.

“What do you think the baby will be?” She had asked Jamie as they lay in bed one morning, trying to decide whether to get out of bed and get ready for nothing or stay in bed and do nothing but stay comfortable.

“I don’t know” Jamie admitted, she had no connection to the baby in order to know. Tegan seemed to be carrying pretty high which usually meant a girl but Jamie couldn’t really tell. “What do you think it’s going to be?”

Tegan thought about it before answering “I think it’s going to be a girl” She admitted before looking into her partner’s eyes “I know it sounds pretty stupid but I can feel it in my heart that it will be a girl.”

Jamie smiled before leaning over and kissing the smaller woman’s forehead “I don’t think it’s stupid at all” She admitted “When my Mother was carrying me and Sophie she always said she was expecting a girl. She said she felt something way down deep inside her that told her it wasn’t a boy. She never experienced that with Robin.”

“Really?” Tegan asked not quite sure whether to believe that or not.

“Yeah so if I were you, I would follow what your heart is telling you. It isn’t wrong very often” Jamie had told her, before they both settled back into the silence of the bedroom.

Tegan had felt better after that and more sure of herself and that the child she was carry was going to be a girl. Which lead her to start thinking about names. She wanted to know the child something that was special to her family but she would have liked to have named the baby after someone close to Jamie as well. For some unknown reason her mind seemed stuck on three names – Cassie, Jane and Victoria. The name Cassie seemed to echo in her mind more than anything but she didn’t know why. Jane she knew was after her grandmother and Victoria was the name of Jamie’s grandmother. With that in mind she picked up the phone and dialled her grandmother’s house.

“Good Morning, The Llewellyn Residence” The voice on the other end of the phone answered. “How may I help you?”

“Good morning, Nialls. May I speak with Gu please?” Tegan asked.

“Of course, Miss Tegan” Nialls answered “I shall let her know it’s you”

Tegan listened as the phone was placed on the table and she heard the footsteps of her Butler moving away from the phone. It wasn’t long before she heard a different set of footsteps walk towards the telephone. Just before Jane spoke.

“Good morning, Tegan” The smile was evident in Jane’s voice as she spoke. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling fine thanks Gu. How are you?” Tegan answered, glad she didn’t have to lie about it.

“I’m fine thank you. Now what can I do you for little one?” Jane used the name she had nearly always used for her youngest granddaughter.

“Well actually I was kind of wondering if the name Cassie meant anything to you?” Tegan admitted, she had already asked Anne and Jamie if it meant anything to their family and Anne told her she didn’t think it did but she couldn’t be sure. So she figured Jane might have a clue as to why that name seemed to stick out more than anything else.

“Cassie?” Jane was surprised, she hadn’t expected that. “Why do you ask?” Jane thought about it for a minute ‘She can’t possibly know about Cassie. I haven’t told her about my past life experiences’ Jane didn’t know what to say so she waited for Tegan to answer.

“Well I was thinking about names for the baby if it’s a girl and for some reason the name Cassie kept jumping out at me so I was wondering if it meant anything to you. Maybe I had heard you mentioning it or something.” Tegan admitted, honestly. She could tell by the sound of Jane’s voice that the name did mean something to her, this intrigued Tegan more than she thought possible.

“Well as a matter of fact it does mean something to me” Jane admitted, before she started on the tale of two lovers in their family history. “You see my Mother used to tell me stories about two women in out past. Cassie and Sarah. You know the stories on my ceiling?” she waited for the yes of Tegan before continuing “Well Cassie and Sarah are supposed to be descendants of the them and as a matter of fact both of them are on my ceiling”

“Really” Tegan was even more intrigued “What’s the story behind them?”

“Well it’s a long story so how about when I come there to visit I bring the book my mother had published about them with me. You can read it when you are relaxing. Has the Doctor given you a due date yet?” Jane had been wondering how long Tegan had left to go.

“Yes as a matter of fact they have. I am due around about July the 25th” She told her, speaking about the date brought a smile to her face again. It was May now and she was really looking forward to the birth. She was also anxious. Everyone was telling her it was like trying to pass a soccer ball and she could only imagine how much that was going to hurt but she knew that at the end of it all, it was worth it. “The doctor’s have said everything is looking great. The baby is moving around quite a bit now. But for some reason Jamie has a way of settling her down” Tegan used the term without really thinking about it.

“I take it you know the sex then?” Jane asked.

“Well no actually I don’t but I have a feeling” Tegan admitted, she was surprised when Jane gave her the same advice as Jamie .

“Follow that feeling Tegan. It isn’t wrong very often” She told her. They spoke for a while about different things before they hung up and Tegan went back to thinking about the name of the baby and why Cassie intrigued her so much.

* * * * *

Jamie and the rest of Plain Lazy were wandering around Seaview town center looking for some stuff ready for the gig they had at the school in two days time. They had all put money towards getting a second drum kit so they had a practice kit and a concert kit. They arrived at the music shop shortly after noon and they all agreed to split up and have a look around before meeting up at the kits section in fifteen minutes.

Jamie and Darren made their way over to the guitars. Darren had been fancying a new guitar for a few weeks and he had been waiting to show it to Jamie before he decided whether to buy it or not and he realised that this could be the last time he had a chance to show her for a while. “Here’s that guitar, JP” He pointed to a Gibson guitar hooked on the wall. He knew Jamie would tell him not to bother about a new guitar because she loved his guitar.

Jamie looked at the Rosewood guitar he was pointing to and she raised an eyebrow. She wasn’t that fussed on Gibson guitar’s because they weren’t her style but Darren had been crazy about the for as long as she could remember. They were nice guitar’s but Jamie was more of a Fender Stratocaster person. “It’s nice” Was all she said “Are you going to get it?”

“I want too” He admitted, looking once again at the price tag. Three hundred and twenty pounds for a guitar was a lot of money but he wanted it so badly he would have paid three times that much. He smiled brightly before reaching for his wallet. Then he headed over to the counter to as for assistance.

While he was doing that Jamie was looking at a semi-acoustic Vintage guitar that was resting in a stand on the floor. It was black with white flowers by the neck. She had been planning on getting a new acoustic for a while now because the one she used was her fathers and he had been given it when he was fifteen, so it was older than her. ‘Maybe I can get it after Tegan has the baby’ She thought to herself before walking over to the pianos and looking at them for a while.

Once Darren had got himself sorted out, him and Jamie headed for the drum kits, where the rest of the band was patiently waiting for them. It took them all of five minutes to decide on the perfect kit. It was a black premier kit and it was already tuned up so it would save them the trouble. Mike was really impressed with it and seeing as he was the one who had to play it, that was fine with them.

Jamie, who had borrowed her father’s Discovery for the afternoon, went and collected the car for the car park and headed back over to the shop so they could load the drums into it. The drums came with their own cases so there wasn’t any risk of them breaking. Then everyone climbed in and they headed back to the Triclub so they could practice.

* * * * *

The sun was beating down on the back of Cassie as she rode towards the mountains. ‘Why do I always have to wear black shirts’ she thought to herself. ‘Everyone knows that black absorbs the sun and that on a day like this you should wear white but now you had to wear black’ she was absolutely furious with herself. It had been a long hard ride and she knew that she should rest herself and her horse, but the sheriff was most probably on her tale and she didn’t fancy another run-in with the law. It wasn’t that she had done anything to earn it anyway just being the wrong person at the wrong time.

Being on the run was never easy, especially when you had a price on your head but for Cassie it was harder than most because she was a woman who had no trouble of drawing attention to herself. All she had to do was walk into room and it went dead quiet and all the men stood there, mouths open. She was an absolutely stunning woman with hair the colour of the night sky and eyes the colour of sun filled sky. People said it depends on how you look at it. If you were fearing for your life at the hands of the outlaw then the eyes reflected the ice that seemed to fill her heart and soul, if she was a close friend of yours and you got to she the affectionate side of her then those same eyes were the blue of the sky. Most people saw the Ice cold blue.

As Cassie finally drew closer to the small village she was due to pass to get to the mountains, she heard a scream, automatically reaching for her gun she jumped off her horse and made her way towards the scream, chastising herself for getting involved when she was trying to outrun the people that were chasing her and she was stopping to see who was screaming.

What she saw made her totally mad and disgusted. There was a three men surrounding a young slip of a girl, Cassie figured she was only eighteen or nineteen. One of them were holding her arms above her head and the another was holding her legs to stop her from struggling. The other was unzipping his pants to have his way with her. If there was one thing Cassie hated it was someone who took their pleasure from an unwilling subject.

She ran towards the gang and quickly disposed of them. Before the young girl knew it she was free from the men and there was an magnificent woman stood in front of her. Then she kneeled down looked the young girl over. “Are you ok?” She asked, checking the girl for wounds.

“Yes I am now” The young girl admitted gratefully. “I’m Sarah”

Cassie held her hand out to shake the offered hand. “Cassie” She said “And you look fine. You should go home”

Sarah knew she was right she should go home to her family. Well her sister and her mother but why should she go back to him. Her father may just do what these men failed to do. He was going to be absolutely furious when she returned home without the supplies he had sent her for and word had most probably arrived home saying that she had left town with three strange men. Not like she had a choice or anything. But he wouldn’t believe that. “Yeah I should” Sarah reluctantly agreed.

Cassie heard the reluctance in her voice and frowned. “It doesn’t sound like that’s what you want” Cassie had run away from home when she was about eighteen and she had missed having her family there for her when she needed them. She knew the error of her ways and couldn’t understand why the girl couldn’t.

“It isn’t what I want” Sarah told her truthfully. “I don’t want to spend one more day in that house” She saw the frown on the older woman’s face and continued her story. “They want me to marry the Undertaker’s son. He’s nice and everything but he is kind of dull and he really isn’t my type. My father doesn’t understand and I just want to get away”

“Some people don’t have the choice of who they want to marry. Be grateful you’ve had an offer” Cassie told her. She understand all to well what it was like to be pressured into a relationship she didn’t want. When she ran away from home she was to be married to Lucas the Blacksmith’s son. But that wasn’t what she wanted, so she ran away. She had always been attracted to women, in a way that was seen as perverted by many of her family and friends and she didn’t think they would understand. So she had left a note the night she left.

Sarah heard the sadness in Cassie’s voice as she spoke and the smaller woman wondered if Cassie had ever had an offer. She was about to ask when Cassie started speaking again. “If you don’t want to go home, what are you going to do?”

Sarah thought about that for a few minutes before looking into the blue eyes of the woman who had saved her. “I could come with you?” It was more of a question than a statement.

“You don’t want to do that” Cassie told her. “There is nothing out here with me except for travelling everywhere. Never knowing where you are going to sleep, never knowing what you are going to eat. That’s not the life for a young woman like you”

“Neither is staying here and letting my soul die because I am living the life someone else wants me too” Sarah told her. “I’m not going to stay here” She was adamant about that.

Cassie looked into the green eyes of the young girl who was sitting here arguing with her after nearly being raped and she knew that the girl was serious about not staying there. ‘What can I do about it?’ She thought ‘I can’t leave her wandering around on her own, not with men like that around’ she looked towards the men that had brought them together and she agreed with her conscience totally. “Do you have any stuff with you?”

“Excuse me?” Sarah was surprised, she hadn’t expected an answer like that, at least not so quickly.

“Do you have any stuff with you, clothes and stuff?” Cassie repeated, exasperated

“No but I can get some” She didn’t want to go home but she knew she needed some change of clothing.

‘Do I send her home to get her clothes and leave her here or do I wait until she comes back?’ Another question needed answering. ‘She isn’t going to stay here whether you wait for her or not’ a little voice in the back of her head reminded her and she knew it for the truth. “You go home and get some stuff and meet me back here after dark tonight”

“You will wait for me?” She asked, hopefully.

“I’ll wait for you” Cassie told her, mentally shaking her head. ‘How can I be doing this?’ she asked herself. ‘I’ve never given into anyone in my whole live, why I am starting now?’

“Ok” Sarah reluctantly agreed. Before finally standing up and heading back towards the village looking over her shoulder making sure Cassie was still there.

Later that night she returned after leaving a note for her parents telling them not to worry about her and that she loved them. She was a bit worried that Cassie wouldn’t keep her word and would be gone by the time she arrived. When she reached the spot she was filled with a great sadness when there was no sign of the outlaw. She had taken the spare time she had during the day reading all about Cassie Westwood the outlaw. She had been surprised when she read about some of the things she was supposed to have done. The woman she had met earlier didn’t seem like that woman. But now as she stood there with her heart breaking she thought maybe it was true.

She was just turning back around to go home when she heard a shuffling noise coming from behind a rock. “Going somewhere?” The deep voice asked her and she spun around so quickly she almost lost her balance. There stood in the dark was the most wonderful site she had ever seen.

“You stayed” It was more a statement than a question.

“Of course I stayed” Cassie frowned and tensed as the smaller woman threw herself into the startled arms of the outlaw.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” Sarah mumbled through the tears that had spilt over.

Tegan was startled awake by the dream that she had. She had no idea where it had come from but she knew it had something to do with the name that had been meaning so much to her over the last couple of days. She remembered the story that Jane had told her about the two soulmates in her past and wondered if that was why she had dreamed about them now. It was strange so she immediately got out of bed, walked over to the desk that had her journal on it and she began to write in the journal about the dream.

* * * * *

As Tegan finished off her journal she heard the band start up downstairs so she trotted downstairs and into Fantasy Island where Plain Lazy were practicing on the stage.

Tegan stood and watched them for a while, once again captured by the beauty of her partner. Jamie stood there in black jeans with a baggy white shirt. Her black hair crusading down her back, a major contrast to the crisp white beneath it.

Jamie felt Tegan’s presence as soon as the younger woman entered the room. There was a warmth that came from inside her every time Tegan was near. It was like an alarm going off and it was a very welcomed feeling. Jamie turned to face Tegan and let a wonderful smile cover her face. ‘She is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on’ she thought to herself. ‘Come on stupid, you’re supposed to be practicing here’ That was also a major problem having Tegan around, she found it very difficult to concentrate on what she was doing.

Tegan just smiled at her before heading towards the stage where she sat down enjoying the music coming from Plain Lazy.

It wasn’t long before Jamie called a fifteen minute break and she headed towards Tegan. Tegan gave her a breathtaking smile as she approached. Jamie returned the smile before taking a seat next to her. “Good morning, Sweetheart.” Jamie leaned over and kissed Tegan gently.

“Good Morning” Tegan smiled at the endearment. Things like that sounded wonderful coming from Jamie. There was so much more meaning coming from the words when she said them. It was like when Jamie said her name, it seemed to start a warmth down in her stomach that spread through her body. “Did you get the equipment you wanted?” She asked after mentally reminding herself that that was they hadn’t spend the night together.

“Yeah we got another drum kit and Darren got his new guitar” Jamie told her.

“Good” Tegan knew how badly Darren wanted that new guitar and she was glad he finally had the money to buy it. Jamie had offered to lend him the money loads of times but he had refused. Saying he wouldn’t risk their friendship by taking money he might not be able to pay back. “Did you get anything?”

“Nah” Jamie admitted as she took a sip of orange juice Ollie had put on the table for her. “I looked but didn’t want to get anything just yet”

Tegan just nodded her head. They spoke a bit more before Jamie called everyone back to the stage for a final run through.

The band only had two more songs to play when the door opened and in walked Nialls followed by Jane Llewellyn. Tegan looked over to the door and frowned when she spotted them before standing up and heading for her grandmother. “Hi” Tegan wrapped her arms around the older woman “What are you doing here?”

“I figured we should have a chat. I brought the book with me” Jane told her granddaughter as she handed over the book.

Tegan took the book and looked at the picture on the cover. There was a picture that resembled her and Jamie on the front. ‘That can’t be possible’ She thought to herself before looking up to meet the green eyes of her grandmother.

“The resemblance is amazing isn’t it” Jane watched as shock changed to confusion, then to amazement as the reality of what Jane was saying started to sink in.

“Wow” was the only word that came out of Tegan’s mouth. The pair walked over to the nearest chair and sat down. Tegan hadn’t even realised the music had stopped until Jamie was sitting next to her.

“Is everything ok?” Jamie had seen Jane come in and spotted the shock on Tegan’s face as Jane led her to a chair and Jamie called a halt to band practice. She was worried that whatever Jane had told Tegan was bad news and if it was, she wanted to be there for her.

Tegan saw the worry on Jamie’s and hurried to assure her that everything was fine, before looking to Jane for permission, when she got it she handed the book to Jamie.

Tegan saw the raised eyebrow and smiled. “This is a book about two of my ancestors” Tegan pointed out to her.

The eyebrow jumped even further “Really?” Jamie was amazed. Tegan’s ancestors looked exactly like the two of them. ‘How is that possible?’ She thought to herself.

“I suggest you read the book” Jane told them, “Both of you”

Jamie looked at the picture again before handing the book back to Tegan, making a promise to herself to read all of the book after Tegan had finished with it. Then she turned to address Jane “So Mrs. Llewellyn are you planning on staying in Seaview?” She asked, wondering if Tegan’s grandmother was planning on spending a couple of days with her granddaughter.

“Well actually I thought about booking myself into the Grande Hotel for a couple of days. I would like to go to Tegan’s leavers ceremony tomorrow, if you don’t mind” Jane looked to Tegan to judge her reaction and when she saw the smile she knew it was a welcomed suggestion.

“It’ll be nice to have a member of my family there” Tegan admitted, remembering sadly that her mother wouldn’t be able to share this with her.

“I’ve got to get to work now, so I’ll see you later.” She leaned over and kissed Tegan on the forehead. “It was nice to see you again Mrs. Llewellyn”

“It was nice to see you as well, Jamie” Jane answered and then watched as the taller woman walked away. “She seems nice” She told her granddaughter.

Tegan just smiled and nodded in agreement with her grandmother’s statement. “That is so true”

Jane just smiled before annnouncing that she was going to head to the hotel and book herself a room. Tegan said goodbye to her before heading back upstairs. As soon as she got upstairs she made herself a cup of tea and sat at the sofa with the book Jane had brough for her to read. It wasn’t long before she was engrossed in the story of Cassie the Outlaw and Sarah.

* * * * *

Tegan’s Leaver’s Day.
The day got off to a slow start. Tegan and Sophie made their way to the classroom that some of them had spent the last five years, Tegan, fortunately for her, only had to spend a few months there. Everything seemed to finally be happening. This was her last official day in school. After today she cold do what ever she pleased and the school could do nothing about it. Not that she planned to do anything anyway, she just wanted to get today over and then go home and rest. She had decided that that was one downer about being pregnant, she was nearly always tired. But she was learning to live with it.

It wasn’t long before Sophie and Tegan were sat in their seats and they were watching as the rest of the school came in as well as the families of the leavers and the teachers. Tegan watched Jane come in and sit with John. Jamie had commented on that before, saying she was glad her father wouldn’t have to sit alone because Anne couldn’t sit with him because she was a teacher and Jamie couldn’t sit with him because she was performing and the group needed to be near the dressing room so they could make a run for it without disturbing the show.

Tegan looked through the crowd of parents and families sat there and looked down towards the dressing rooms to see Jamie and sure enough, there she was, looking at her with a smile on her face. Tegan smiled back before blushing and looking away.

“She loves you a lot” Sophie whispered into Tegan’s ear as they sat waiting for the ceremony to start.

Tegan looked over and Jamie again and smiled, Jamie wasn’t looking at her this time, she was chatting to Darren. “I know.” She sighed and wondered what she ever did to deserve someone like Jamie. Then she watched as the Headmaster walked onto the stage.

He started rattling on about all that had happened over the last few years with the crowd he was now address and before long he was wishing them all good luck in their future endeavours and then he was announcing the act that was going to follow. A group of leavers had got together to do a little play about what the future held for many of them.

Jamie and Tegan watched the show from their separate sides and they both laughed when it got funny. Jamie was thrilled to be there with Tegan, it meant a lot that Tegan had asked her to be there. It made her feel like she actually was part of Tegan’s family, something she hadn’t had with any of her other lovers. ‘That’s because she’s special’ she told herself as she found her gaze wandering towards Tegan again. That was something she seemed to have no control over. She could be watching the tv with Tegan wrapped in her arms and her eyes would just need to see Tegan, just to make sure she was still there. Her need for the younger woman made her feel vulnerable in a way she had never known before and that frightened her.

Before she had a chance to dwell on that anymore she was being tapped on the shoulder and Plain Lazy were making their way back stage to get ready for their performance. Once everyone was tuned up and ready to go they waited patiently until they were called which wasn’t very long.

* * * * *

The performance went well. Everyone liked the music that they performed and that was what was important. When they made their way back to the seats everyone was getting ready to collect their Record Of Achievements. One by one they were called up to the stage were they photographed with Mr. Hughes.

Everything was going well.

Tegan was practically glowing when she stood to receive hers. The folder she held in her hand, held all of her school life. Everything from her first report to her leavers certificate. This would show her future college administrator or employer that she was an extremely wonderful person to get along with, a hard worker and it would also give them her grades from the last five years.

When they was over the students had a choice, they could go home with their parents and family or they could stay for the major party that the teachers were throwing for them. after some consideration Tegan said good-bye to Jamie and went to spend some time with her friends. This would most probably be the only time she would see a lot of then for a while, at least until their exams were over.

Jamie told Tegan to give her a ring if she wanted a lift home but she knew that Tegan would come home with Sophie and Shane, as long as Tegan was careful Jamie didn’t mind but she didn’t want her putting herself or the baby in trouble. That was one thing Tegan loved about Jamie, she was always looking out for her and her baby. Tegan knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that when this baby was born, it wouldn’t have one mother, it would have two. As the small red head thought about it, she figured that even if her and Jamie didn’t last, which she prayed every night wouldn’t happen, but if it did she didn’t think she would have the heart to stop Jamie visiting the child, unless the taller woman didn’t want too. Again, that was something she couldn’t see happening.

* * * * *

Tegan enjoyed the party at the school but was all to grateful to be going home. Her feet hurt, her back her and she was tired. ‘So this is a bummer about being pregnant’ She thought to herself as Anne drove her and Sophie home.

She chuckled to herself as they pulled up outside the house. She was in a funny mood and she had absolutely no idea why. Unexpected mood swings were something the midwife had told her to expect and she was amazed at how Jamie had put up with them over the last couple of weeks.

Once Tegan was sitting in Jamie’s apartment waiting for her partner to return from the office, she thought back to a day when she had had a bad day at school and she took it out on Jamie when her partner had picked her up from school.

“Hey” Jamie smiled as Tegan arrived at the car door.

“Hey yourself” Tegan muttered not too friendly.

Jamie looked at her worriedly, Tegan seemed down and Jamie always hated it when Tegan was upset. “Are you ok?” She asked nervously, the mood changes with Tegan had been so frequent lately that Jamie was getting more worried about upsetting her.

“I’m fine” Tegan snapped before looking out of the window. The answer told Jamie what she needed to know so she sadly turned her eyes towards the road and headed home.

When they had returned home Tegan regretted snapping at her lover and she wanted to apologize but was in too much of a bad mood to figure out how too. So she just went up to her apartment and sat there quietly. She knew that Jamie was upset that Tegan was in a bad mood but there wasn’t anything Tegan could do about it.

Sometimes she really hated being pregnant, everything seemed to be well…… different. Things that most of them time she enjoyed were getting to her. Teasing in school, she could usually put up with but now it got to here far too quickly. In a way she wished more than anything that she could have met Jamie when she wasn’t pregnant. It had crossed her mind a few times that maybe Jamie was feeling sorry for her being pregnant and all alone, and maybe she didn’t feel the way she said she did. Tegan tried to dismiss those thoughts as soon as the entered her head but it was difficult. So much of her heart was hoping that it was real and her mind was telling her that she didn’t deserve this and that it was all a dream that would be over any minute now.

She immediately shook it out of her head again and went back to thinking about her mood changes. In the last couple of weeks. Jamie had stood by her no matter what so far, but would she be around next time? Would Jamie stay with her to be made miserable every few days until the end of her pregnancy? She highly doubted it and that made her sad. Jamie meant so much to her and the thought that she could do something to drive the tall woman away grabbed her heart and squeezed until it felt like it was squeezing the life out of it.

She sat in her apartment waiting for Jamie to come up to see her but the longer she waited the more she was worried that maybe Jamie wouldn’t come up to see her. She sat there for a while before Tegan made her way to the bed and was crying her eyes out.

Jamie had come in to find her like this shortly after and was immediately worried.

“T. are you ok?” She asked as she sat on the bed next to her.

Tegan turned and looked up at her with puffy red cheeks. She looked like she had been crying for a while. “I’m sorry.” She sniffled.

Jamie frowned, wondering what she was sorry for. “For what?”

“For being such a bitch?” Tegan looked sheepish. She knew that Jamie wasn’t upset and that made her smile.

Jamie knew what she was talking about now and she smiled. “That’s ok” Jamie told her before leaning over and hugging the smaller woman. “Everyone has the right to be in a bad mood sometimes Tegan”

“Even me?” Tegan smiled, she was feeling better now. Jamie’s approval meant so much to her and always made her feel better.

“Especially you” Jamie assured her. “Tegan you’re pregnant, mood changes are to be expected. I know it can’t be easy carrying all that extra weight here” She placed her hand on the bump that was Tegan’s stomach.

“I know but I still feel like a bitch” Tegan placed her hand over the hand on her stomach and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Thanks for understanding.”

“You’re welcome” Jamie leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her partner’s lips beofre that kiss led to a gentle exploration.

It was at that point that Tegan was woken by the sound of the door shutting. She opened her eyes and was met by the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

“Hey Sleepyhead” Jamie smiled.

“Hey” Tegan returned the smile and sat up, not believing she had fallen asleep.

“How did your party go?” Jamie asked, as she sat down on the sofa next to Tegan, she knew that Tegan had been in a good mood when she came home, she had spoken to her mother about it before coming upstairs to find Tegan.

“It was ok,” Tegan admitted, before looking at the settee instead of Jamie “But I missed you.” Tegan had been more than surprised when she realised how much she missed being away from Jamie when she was. It was like she was addicted to her. If she was away from her for more than an hour she seemed to get withdrawal. Anne had explained that sometimes this happened to pregnant woman as well and that it was just her insecurities surfacing.

Jamie smiled at the response she got from Tegan “I missed you, too” Leaning over to kiss her partner.

At that moment for the two women on the sofa, everything fell into place.
Chapter 38
The next couple of months went by pretty quick for Tegan and Jamie. Tegan started her GCSE’s and only had one left. The due date for her baby was drawing ever closer and she was starting to get nervous. She wrote so in her diary.

Well the day is getting closer and I have never been so scared in my life. What if something goes wrong? What if I don’t come out of it? I have heard all the horror stories about what can happen in a pregnancy. What if I go in there with a lover, who means the world to me, expecting a baby that is going to be ours and I don’t come out, leaving Jamie with nothing?

The thought of leaving Jamie terrifies me more than the thought of having a baby. Sometimes I just want to curl up in her arms and ask her to make it all right. She doesn’t know of the nightmares that plague me when I am in bed alone. I think maybe it is all starting to get to me now. The fact that I am an expectant mother, doing the biggest exams of her life doesn’t help. I am stressed out about them, thank god there’s only one left. I only hope this baby can hold out until then.

Luckily all of Tegan’s important exams were over and she only had her General Studies exam left. It wouldn’t hurt her grades is she missed that, although she hoped very much that she didn’t. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to sit the exam because it would be another grade to her name or simply because she didn’t feel ready to have the baby. She did know though, that the baby wouldn’t wait until she was ready, when it wanted out, out it would come.

She had been feeling slight twinges in her stomach all that day and the baby was getting more and more restless and Tegan knew that now, it was only a matter of days. Tegan was a bit worried because Jamie had been called out of town on business and although she promised to get back as soon as possible she wasn’t due home until Saturday, which was two days away.

Tegan lay on her bed listening to the sounds around her. Outside she could hear a few cars by, in the distance she could hear the faint sound of a siren, taking a deep breath she inhaled the smell of the food Jenny was cooking in the kitchen. “Curry again” Tegan mused to herself. “She could open her own take away with the amount she cooks.”

Just then a pain ripped through her causing her to cry out. Jenny was in the bedroom like a shot. “Tegan are you ok?” She hurried over to the bed, kneeling down to try and comfort her sister.

“No no no, it’s too early, this can’t be happening n… oh boy” Tegan was mumbling when she felt a warm wetness between her legs.

“What is it?” Jenny was close to panic now. “Tegan, talk to me” After everything Tegan had been through the last couple of weeks Jenny was afraid that maybe Tegan was going to have a threatened miscarriage again or even worse this time.

“My water just broke” Tegan told her, calming down now she knew for definite what was happening. “Go and get the telephone please” Jenny nodded her head before getting off the bed and walking out of the room. Tegan also got off the bed and started to pace, Anne had told her that walking around could help to ease the pain a little and she was glad to find that it did. “Oh god” she muttered as another pain ripped through her.

Just then Jenny came back with the telephone. “Who’re you gonna call?”

Tegan chuckled at that “Ghostbusters.”

Jenny, who was worrying about her sister, frowned, not knowing what she was going on about. “Huh?”

Tegan shook her head, amused. “You know the film Ghostbusters. They always say ‘Who’re a gonna call? Ghostbusters.’ What is with you, Jen” She could believe her sister didn’t get that.

Recognition and then amusement crossed Jenny’s face when she realised what Tegan was on about. “Well it’s nice to know you haven’t lost your sense of humor” She smiled.

“Well that is something I have to keep or I would go mad” Tegan admitted to her sister as she started dialling a number on the phone.

“Hello?” The familiar voice answered the phone.

“Hey Robin, is your Mom there?” Tegan prayed she was, she needed to get to the hospital and neither her or Jenny could drive.

“Sure Tegan, I’ll get her for you now” The young boy told her before putting the phone on the table and going to get Anne. It wasn’t long before Tegan heard a different set of footsteps coming towards the phone.

“Hello, Tegan” Anne said. The warm, alto voice of Jamie’s mother reminded Tegan so much of her partner that she had to smile. Just then another pain tore through her body, causing a groan of pain to escape her. A groan of pain which Anne heard. “Tegan are you ok?”

“I’m ok but I was wondering if you could take me to the hospital?” Tegan didn’t want to frighten the older woman, so she hoped that Anne realised what she was saying.

“The hospital?” Anne asked, before realisation dawned. “It’s time?”

“Yeah it’s time” Tegan answered. “My water broke a few minutes ago and my contractions are about very five minutes”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes” Anne assured her. “Do you want me to call Jamie?”

Tegan thought about that for a minute before answering. “Yes please I have to get hold of the midwife”

“Ok” Anne said. “I’ll tell her to get back as soon as possible.”

The thought of seeing Jamie again made Tegan’s heart skip a beat. “Tell her to drive carefully”

“I will. Bye Tegan” Anne waited for the answer and then hung up.

Shortly after Tegan had phoned Anne, the midwife had been told and Anne was pulling up outside the club.

* * * * *

The sun was beating down gently on the roof of the conservatory of the hotel where Jamie was sitting enjoying the time on her own, just reading the latest Melissa Good story Tropical Storm. Everything was peaceful until she experienced a pain in her stomach. At first she thought it was nothing until after a few minutes she felt it again. It was an unusual pain that she vaguely remembered feeling before. Well it wasn’t the pain she had felt but the feeling. She thought back to when she had felt it before and she realised it was when Tegan had been confronted by Catherine in the toilets. Realising that the feeling could mean that Tegan was in trouble she darted up the stairs to her room.

Just as she was about to reach for the phone, it rang. She immediately picked it up. “Hello?” she spoke into the phone in a slightly panicked voice.

“Jamie” The voice came across the line.

Jamie started to worry more when she recognised the voice “Dad. What’s wrong?”

If she had been able to see the caller she would have noticed that her father was frowning. ‘How does she know?’ he thought to himself before speaking “Tegan has gone into Labor. You’re Mother has taken her to the hospital. She wanted us to let you know.”

When Jamie realised it wasn’t as bad as she thought she felt her heart slow down and the insistent pounding that was starting to give her a headache was easing. “Really? I’ll be home as soon as I can”

John smiled ‘Exactly like me.’ He thought. “Tegan told me to tell you to drive carefully” John told her. “She wants you here in one piece”

“Dad do me a favour?” Jamie asked, not waiting for his answer before carrying on. “Upstairs in the chest of drawers in my living room, there is a blank disc with Tegan written on the cover. There should be a walk man next to it. Grab that and take it to the hospital and tell Tegan to listen to it and just tell her I love her and I’ll be there” She felt a little embarrassed to be telling her father all of this but she knew it was important. Tegan had been worried over the last couple of days about the commitment between the two of them, she thought Jamie wouldn’t be able to put up with a young child and a young woman, the tape, Jamie hoped, would reassure her.

“Will do” John said, “See you soon”

“Bye” Jamie said, hanging up the phone she immediately reached for her bag and started to pack her clothes. Well pack wasn’t the word for it, she just grabbed the clothes and shoved them into the bag. She would worry about their condition later.

* * * * *

Tegan was settled into the bed looking around the sterile white room, waiting for the next pain to arrive when John arrived with Robin and Sophie. He smiled at the young woman before walking over to the bed. He kissed her on the forehead before handing her the tape and walk man. “Jamie told me to give you this and to tell you she loves you and she’ll be here soon.”

Tegan frowned when she looked at the walk man and tape and she looked up to John before smiling and looking back at the tape. “Did you tell her to drive carefully?” she asked.

“Yeah I did and she told me to tell you she would. She doesn’t want to miss this.” John told her.

Tegan nodded her head before putting the tape into the walk man and placed the earphones over her ears.


I know your most probably wondering what this is all about, well I just wanted to let you know that even though you don’t think I’ll be around for very much longer, I will always be here for you. I love you Tegan.

This is a song that the band recorded especially for you. I was listening to it the other day and I thought it was really appropriate for the way you were feeling at the moment.

So this is from my heart to yours.

All my love.


I do swear that I’ll always be there.
I’d give anything and everything and I will always care.
Through weakness and strength,
happiness and sorrow,
for better, for worse,
I will love you with every beat of my heart.

From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for you live I’d give my last breath
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can’t wait to live with you,
can’t wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn’t give
From this moment on

You’re the reason I believe in love
And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you.

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn’t give
From this moment on
I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on.

I love you Tegan.

Tegan sat there with tears in her eyes. “I love you too” She whispered.
Chapter 39
A few hours later, Jamie parked in the hospital car park, knowing by the pain she was still receiving that she wasn’t too late.

She ran through the clean white walls of the hospital up the stairs straight into the maternity ward. After what seemed like an eternity she made it. Anne and John spotted here immediately and waited until she reached them before starting a conversation. Robin, however, had no such control and he was running towards his older sister immediately. He reached her and practically threw himself into her arms.

“I missed you” He hugged her neck, it had been nearly a week since he had seen her last and for him that was too long.

“I missed you too squirt” Jamie assured him, hugging him as she walked towards her parents. “How is she?” she was worried that something was going to go wrong. Jamie knew the possible consequences of child birth and she knew that she wasn’t going to live anymore if anything happened to Tegan.

“She’s ok. Jenny is in with her now. Go and ask at the reception if you can go in” Anne told her, knowing that her eldest daughter should have no problem getting in because had her written down as labor pal.

“Ok.” So Jamie, still carrying Robin walked over to the reception. “I’d like to see Tegan Rhys” she said, praying she didn’t want to know her relationship with Tegan.

No such luck. “Who are you?” The receptionist asked, thinking that she was a friend or something and they weren’t supposed to be present during the final stages of labor.

Before Jamie could answer Robin spoke up, surprising everyone. “She’s the father” He told her with pride. His face was beaming “And I’m the Uncle”

“Excuse me?” The receptionist was obviously confused. She looked at Jamie who was trying very hard not to laugh. She really hadn’t expected Robin to come out with that.

“She’s the…” Jamie quickly put her hand over Robin’s mouth to stop him from saying it again.

“I’m her labor friend” Jamie told her, “My name is on the sheet.”

The woman looked at her before looking at the form Tegan had filled in telling them what she wanted. “What’s your name?” She asked.

“Jamie Phillips” Jamie told her, seeing recognition dawn on the face of the receptionist.

“And that’s Major Rhys daughter” It was more a statement than a question but Jamie nodded anyway. It was pointless trying to hide it from anyone. Everyone knew that Tegan was seeing Jamie now, the papers had made sure of that. “I’ll go and let her know your here”

With that the receptionist left and walked over to the room where Tegan was. A few minutes later she returned. “You may go in now”

Jamie nodded her thanks and then walked back to her parents. She put Robin down next to Anne and then she walked over to the room, the receptionist had walked over to. She looked through the door to see Tegan lying on the bed in a hospital gown. Jamie smiled as she walked in. ‘It’s finally happening’ she thought to herself.

Tegan turned her head when the door opened and her face broke into a smile that lit the whole room, when she spotted Jamie. “Hey you made it in one piece”

Jamie returned the smile and walked over to the other side of the bed. “Of course I made it in one piece.” She told her. “Was there ever any doubt that I would miss this?”

Tegan smiled again. “No.” She admitted, reaching out to take Jamie’s hand in hers. “The contractions hurt” she admitted, she had been praying for the last few hours that it would be over with, but it didn’t make it end any quicker. She had turned down the drugs they had offered her because she wanted to be a full awareness all through it.

“I know it does” Jamie told her, she wasn’t lying because she could feel the pain that Tegan was in and she couldn’t get over it.

I love you Jamie” Tegan told her quietly.

“I love you too” Jamie leaned over and placed a kiss on the sweating forehead of her partner and let her head rest on the smaller woman’s shoulder.

* * * * *

The next hour went by pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before Tegan was fully dilated and she was finally allowed to push, by the time the tenth hour was approaching Tegan started to push. She just wanted to get it all over with now. She was in no way ready for the pain that came with that first push. It felt like someone was tearing her apart and she immediately grabbed hold of Jamie’s hand.

When Tegan grabbed Jamie’s hand, Jamie was sure she was going to break her fingers but she just sat trying to calm her partner down as she waited for the instruction to push again.

Six pushes later and Tegan was ready to give up. “I can’t do this anymore,” she cried into Jamie’s shoulder as the taller woman tried to comfort her. “Make it stop please.”

Jamie’s heart broke at the sight of Tegan in so much pain but she knew there was nothing she could do except comfort her. “Tegan come on baby, you have to do this. When it’s over and you are holding that child in your arms it will all be worth it. I swear to you.”

Tegan looked up into the glistening blue eyes and felt the renewed energy she needed to get through it. “Our child.” she said, her tone telling Jamie not to argue.

Jamie had no intention of doing that. She remembered what her father had said to her when her mother was in labor with Robin ‘Never argue with a woman in Labor’ and she swore she never would. The knowledge that Tegan wanted her to be a part of this babies life was worth more than anything to her and she was determined not to let Tegan or the baby down.

Finally the final push was called for and Tegan was more than happy to oblige. When she felt the baby finally leave her body and she heard the wail of her child she fell on the bed, exhausted. The midwife cleaned and wrapped the baby up before walking over to Tegan. “Would you like to meet your daughter, Tegan” The midwife said, handing the baby to her mother.

As Tegan and Jamie looked in awe at their daughter the midwife asked Tegan to give one more push to pass the afterbirth. Shortly after they were left alone for a few minutes. Tegan looked at the dark head of hair on her daughter’s head and smiled. ‘I wonder were she got that from?’ she thought.

“So what are you going to name her?” Jamie asked as she wrapped her arm around her partner and she gave her hand to the baby, who immediately took hold of one of the fingers and stuck it in her mouth.

Tegan thought about Jamie’s question and immediately came to an answer. “Cassie” She said, quietly. As both of them looked down at the sleeping face of their daughter.
Chapter 40
It wasn’t long before Tegan was surprised by Cassie’s searching mouth. At first she didn’t realise what her daughter wanted but Jamie just smiled at her and told her to sit up. Sitting up and sitting forward as instructed Tegan was surprised when Jamie climbed in behind her. Pulling Tegan back towards her, Jamie surprised the new mother by undoing the gown and pulling it down to reveal her breast. Tegan frowned being naive enough to forget that they had discussed the best form of feeding the baby and they had decided breast feeding was the way to go. When Cassie latched onto her breast she sucked in a breath and how strong the pull was. She hadn’t expected that.

She watched as Cassie suckled happily and for the first time in a while she was happy to be part of a family. Her lover sat behind her, loving her and protecting her and in front of her lay her daughter. Everything was perfect.

When Cassie was finished the nurse returned and took the sleeping baby and placed her in the nursery. Jamie lifted the gown back over Tegan’s shoulder and laced it up before John, Anne, Jenny, Sophie and Robin were allowed to come in.

Congratulations were passed around the room and everyone chatted for a while before Tegan started to feel sleepy, so everyone said goodnight and left Jamie and Tegan alone.

“Well I suppose I’d better get going too” Jamie reluctantly admitted.

Tegan knew that no-one was allowed to stay with her but she really didn’t want Jamie to leave. “I know” She sighed, sadly. “Thank you for getting here so quick.”

Jamie just smiled at her. “Like I would have missed this” she raised an eyebrow in question, daring Tegan to disagree with her.

“Never” Tegan smiled sleepily. “I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Of course” Jamie told her. “I’ll be here as soon as the sun is up.”

“Ok” Tegan said, as Jamie leaned over and kissed her gently. “Thank you for the tape.”

Jamie had forgotten to ask if she had liked the tape or not, but she was glad that she did. “You are welcome.” She told her. “Now get some sleep”

“I will.” Tegan agreed. “I love you”

“Love you too” Jamie said as she turned to leave, before she reached the door she was surprised by the gentle snoring of the exhausted woman in the bed.

* * * * *

Two days later Tegan was released from hospital and Jamie was there to meet her. Anne, Jamie and Sophie had been out shopping the day before, getting stuff that was needed for the baby. Nappies, a couple more clothes and most importantly a pram. So know Jamie pushed the pram, with the sleeping Cassie in and Tegan held onto Jamie’s arm, both looking like the loving parents they were.

Jamie had also planned a surprise party for Tegan when she got home. A welcome home party. All of her friends were going to be there. She had even managed to get a couple of Tegan’s friends from River’s End there. Her Uncle Kevin and Aunt Emma were there, they had taken a real liking to Tegan and Tegan to them. She had brought Mary and a few others that Jenny had told her about, plus Darren and a few friends from Seaview. Even Tegan’s grandmother had agreed to come ‘Like I’d miss that’ she had told Jamie when she asked.

The journey home was pretty quiet. Both women contemplating the future that lay ahead for all three of them. Tegan was the one who was worried about most things. Would they make good parents for Cassie? Would they still be together in a few months time or would being forced to look after someone else’s child become to much for Jamie?

Jamie was worried about how she would fare as a parent. She had no worries about Tegan, maternal instincts were better than anything else. Would Tegan still want her when the going got tough?

Everything would be revealed, they both knew this but it was going to kill them waiting.

As they pulled up outside the club, everything was quiet. There wasn’t a car in site. Jamie prayed that everyone had turned up. She got out of the car and helped Tegan with the pram before heading towards the door. She took the pram and pushed Tegan into the dark club waiting for the noise she just knew was coming next. It did. “SURPRISE” came from all around the room at the same time that the lights came on, shining on a load of friends and family. Tegan smiled and turned to Jamie with a look of utter contentment on her face.

Jamie smiled back at the love of her life before heading over to her partner. She put her arms around Tegan and they both felt like they had, for the first time in their lives, come home.



The End

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