Behind the Black Cloud by Ri

Behind the Black Cloud
by Ri

Part 1

It was a desperate situation and Rosie really had no idea how to handle it any more. She knew she was an outsider. She could deal with that but to be ignored as if she didn’t even exist was not something she had ever had to deal with before.

She had only been at the job for a very short time and she was doing well as junior in accountant in the prestigious accounting firm. In prior positions she always fit in easily with most of the staff. This time she felt so alone. She just couldn’t figure out how to build a bridge.

A colleque leaned into her office and asked Rosie a question, Rosie looked up and smiled sweetly answering the woman fully. The woman nodded briskly and left with barely a civil “Thank you,” floating over a stiff shoulder on her way out of the door again.

Rosie rolled her eyes and pulled back from her desk leaning deeply into her comfortable chair. ‘What the hell have I done to warrant this treatment?’ She thought as she got up, took her purse off the hook by the door and left the office, quietly telling her only friend, Britt the receptionist, that she was going out to get a cup of coffee.

She briskly walked down the street to Starbucks mad as hell. She tried to keep it in, But she never felt so picked on in her life. She knew she shouldn’t take it personally but she couldn’t help but feel hurt. She walked up to the counter her face a mask of civility but her green eyes were ablaze in frustrated anger.

She ordered her coffee and sat down. She breathed deeply trying to calm herself down. When her name was called she hopped up got her coffee and sat down at her table again. She was in a corner and sipped her coffee savoring each sip as she slowly calmed herself down.

A tall shadow fell over her and she looked up into kind sky blue eyes. “Is this seat taken?” The beautiful stranger asked her with a smile.

Rosie was very surprised; She wasn’t exactly giving off vibes of person inviting a guest. Also there were other seats available.

“You look like you could use a friend.” The tall woman said quietly with a sweet smile.

Rosie suddenly found tears falling down her cheeks as nodded her head, “Yes, I do.”

The other woman gracefully sat down and took a small delicate hand into her own elegant larger one, “Why are you crying?”

Rosie shook her head and tried to withdraw her hand but found it caught in a very strong grip.

“No, I’m not going to let you go yet. Please let me help you.”The taller woman said calmly gently stroking the back of the distraught woman’s hand.

Rosie swallowed a gulp of anxiety and look through teary eyes into the kind woman’s warm blue eyes and then down to where her hand was gently be held and caressed, “Why?”

The other woman smiled sweetly and shrugged good naturally, “Why not?”

This for some unknown reason struck Rosie as funny. She laughed quietly and shook her head as if she were trying to clear it. Finally, to the other woman’s amusement she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Yea, Why not? Um…you’ll find it very childish…”

“I doubt you’d be so upset if this was a childish reaction to something.”

Rosie nodded and took a breath, “I don’t know why but I’ve been at my new job for 6 weeks and I’m still treated like a stranger. Not just a stranger but an intruder. I’m as nice to them as I can be and they still treat me like I don’t exist…I…It hurts.” She said lowering her head.

A gentle finger lifted the little chin and when she had the girls attention she suggested, “Maybe there jealous of you?”

“Why? I have nothing to be jealous of. Why on earth would they be jealous?”

“Oh, I think I see a few reasons why they could be jealous. You’re smart and pretty to start with, and you’re very good at your job on top of that. You work hard and you don’t play office politics or games. That is someone to admire and unfortunately that creates jealousy. I… think your quite special.” The woman finished with an embarrassed smile.

Rosie’s mouth was wide open. She slowly started to close it and swallowed, “How could you know all that? You don’t know me.”

“True, but… I know your work, Rosie…Um…My name is Robin Peters and I own Peters and associates. We haven’t met yet but…. I do know you.” She finished and leaned over gently closing the mouth that had fallen open again with a sweet smile.


Robin shook her head and her smile broadened, “I’ve been out of the country for three months. I heard alot of good things about you. When I returned yesterday I quietly observed the staff meeting from the back of the room. I saw how my staff was treating its newest member. I saw you storm out this morning and I decided to follow you. Please don’t let petty jealously stop you from being yourself. You are a wonderful young woman with alot to offer and I’m very proud to have you on my staff.” Robin finished with a large lopsided grin.

“Wow.” Was all Rosie could say.

Robin laughed and said, “finish your coffee and well go the office together. I want you to be my new assistant, Rosie. There will be new responsibilities, And I’m afraid you will have to deal with me on a regular basis. Do you think you could do that? Would you want to?”There was an unconscience tension in Robin’s question that even she was not aware of at the moment.

“Yes Ma’am.” Rosie answered with a huge smile on her pretty face.

“Good girl, Now relax and tell me more about yourself. Anything you want, I’m interested in anything your willing to tell me.” Robin leaned back into the booth and listened to Rosie launch into a mini-autobiography of herself. The young woman had a beautiful delighted smile on her face. Robin had a matching grin and listened to the soothing voice of her new employee and hopefully friend. ‘Yep I’m going to enjoy getting to know her better.’


Robin Peters was relaxing in her plush apartment thinking about the last 24 hours. Only one thing she did was out of character but that one thing truly amazed her. She hired an assistant. She would never of admitted that she needed help under normal circumstances. These weren’t normal circumstances. She had an unnamed deep need to keep Rosie close to her and that was the best she could think of under fire to come up quickly with an idea. This was the best and most professional way.

Her smile widened and she sipped her tea, ‘Well not entirely professional’ She thought to herself as she let the peach tea soothe her restless spirit.

The moment she saw how jealous staff was of the young blonde her instinct was to help and protect her. She put the brakes on herself from taking immediate action. She just watched as the down hearted young girl was treated like a respected leper.

She admired her strength and her ability to keep her grief private. Robin could see the hurt in sea green eyes and broke her heart. She was more then a little angry at her staff. She was out of sight in the back of the room as not only Rosie’s suggestions were ignored but she was not even acknowledged by her coworkers. She decided that she would not put up with this. She watched the down hearted girl head to her office, her head down as if she had done something wrong.

Robin walked straight to Fred Brewer her manager and said briskly, “My office, now.” Then she turned her back on him and strode into her palatial office with out another word.

Fred knocked and then entered Robin’s office, “Hey Robin. I didn’t even know you were back…”His voice trailed off as he saw the fire blazing in her ice blue eyes.

“Would you mind telling me why a qualified member of my staff is being treated like a leper?”

“What?” Robin breathed in a few calming breaths of air, “Not you personally, Fred, but why is Rosie Obrien being treated like she is some kind of disease and the rest of the staff are anti-bodies?”

“I…Uh…didn’t notice.” Fred stuttered embarrassed by his unusual treatment from his usually casual boss.

“Why the hell not? “The blue eyes flashed deepening to violet.

“I don’t know. She does her job, she doesn’t cause trouble. She didn’t say any thing, Robin. I’m not a mind reader…”

“Don’t you observe? What is the poor kid suppose to do? It’s a new job. Is she suppose to say the other kids didn’t want to play with her? Damn it, Fred. That’s a talented woman. We’ll lose her if this keeps up…”

“I’ll call a staff meeting…” “No, you won’t. You want to embarrass her further? No, let me handle it.” She said turning toward her computer briskly. Uncharacteristically dismissing her manager with out a word.

** ** ** **

Robin smiled as she took her tea cup and brought it into her kitchen. She knew she was already hooked then, She had never spoken to Fred that way before.

Then the next day she told the receptionist she wanted to speak to Rosie only to be told that the young woman had headed out for a cup of coffee.

She left briskly and she arrived at Starbucks to watch the angry young woman claim her coffee and take her seat. Robin shook her head at the irony of it all. The only thing she wanted to do was to keep her as an employee; To ask her to become her assistant came from pure impulse of the moment. She shut the dish washer and headed toward her bedroom to change into her bathing suit.

After she changed she slipped into the hot tub and relaxed. She tilted her head up and looked at the stars. She saw Rosie’s face sparkling back at her in her imagination and she suddenly felt content for the first time in a long time. After seeing the young woman finally break down she knew she had to help her. The thumping of her heart as she held her in arms told her she wanted this girl close. So she made a quick excutive decision, against everything she stood for she did what she had to do, she asked the girl to become her assistant. She had no idea exactly what she was going to do with her, and yet, she knew deep inside that this abrupt decision was the best one she ever made in her whole life.

Rosie entered Peters and Associates a nervous wreck. She had only spent an hour and half with the CEO but she knew she would devote herself to the older woman’s well being. She felt a deep connection with her and she was not capable of resisting its pull; to be honest she didn’t want to. It was a strange but extremely wonderful feeling and she was glad it claimed her. So her butterflies today were born out of a deep desire to please her new boss instead of the feelings of rejection she had suffered from the day before.

She went through the lobby and headed toward her office only to be stopped by the receptionist,”Miss Obrien, Thats not your office anymore.” Rosie looked like she was going to faint so the receptionist hurriedly followed her instructions, ” Ms. Peters has reassigned your office. You are now in the office next to hers. Follow me, Ma’am.”Rosie expression shifted form shock to astonishment. What Rosie didn’t know was that Robin moved her into that office after she shuffled three officers of the company out of they’re’s to suitable ones till she was able to wangle the office next hers free for her new assistant. She wanted her new friend as close to her as possible, at all times.

Rosie shook her head as she peered through the door way at the huge room. “This can’t be my office, Brit. Its too…too…”

“Beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic..stop me when I get close.”Brit said with a smile at her shy friend. One of the few people that Rosie made a connection was the bright and cheerful receptionist who couldn’t understand the rest of the staff’s reaction to her sweet and shy friend. Robin had conspired with Brittany to get the office complete before the shy young woman showed up for work today. “What are you complaining about…”

“I’m not complaining, Brit. I’m simply overwhelmed. Its so…so…wow!”

“Your descriptive powers never fails to amaze me, my friend,”Said a quiet voice from behind them. There was an obvious smile in that tone.

“Oh Ma’am,” Said Rosie blushing. Brit quickly excused herself leaving them alone in Rosie’s new office. Robin smiled brightly and closed the door turning back she motioned with her arms, “Well, Do you like it?”

Rosie nodded her head, “Of course, I think its….well a bit…too nice for me. I mean I’m just a flunky and this…”

“You are not a flunky!” Robin said in low growl, There was dangerous tone of anger and the smile vanished off her face. “You are my excutive assistant, my right hand. I will not even allow you to think such horrid things about yourself.”

“I…It…I’m so sorry.” She stuttered as tears fell down the delicate cheeks,” See I already messed up, Ma’am. I’m not right for this. I better resign…”

“Woa…wait,” Robin was across the room and embracing the young woman in seconds. She stroked her hair and said quietly, “I’m not mad you. I don’t want to you to leave. Please stop crying…I just can’t stand to hear you put yourself down. Please stop, Rosie…Please,” Robin pleaded as she felt tears going down her own cheeks. This astonished the CEO she hadn’t cried in years.

Rosie did hear her words and started to breath deeply to calm to herself. She was more then comforted in the older woman’s embrace she felt at peace in her arms. “I feel better. I’m sorry Ma’am…”

“First off call me Robin,”She said pulling back and using her hand to gently wipe the tears from the pretty green eyes. She smiled sweetly and said, “Secondly, I want you to know exactly what your getting yourself into here take a seat behind your new desk.”

Before Robin could let go, Rosie hesitated and then gently wiped the tears from the pretty blue eyes with her hand and they smiled warmly at each other with out really knowing why. Rosie then withdrew reluctantly from the embrace and sat in her new desk chair. She was stunned by how comfortable it was and Robin’s smiled broadened at the surprised look on her friends face.

“Comfy?” She asked in a teasing tone.

Rosie smile and nodded.

“Ok, Good,” Robin began to pace resembling a sleek and sophisticated panther, “You are now my excutive assistant, you are no longer a simple accountant. I am grooming you for high management. Not manger, I mean a Vice President or a directorship of the company. I will now be your only boss. There is no one else that you will accept instructions from. I’m it. You are now my right arm and you will do all my liaison work. I will be trusting you with great responsibility. I know you will make mistakes. Don’t worry I expect it your a human being. Your suppose to make mistakes what I want is that you learn from them. I want and expect you to come to me with questions. Only me. Do not , I repeat do not be afraid to admit you don’t know something. I know that there will be things that will be completely new and will throw you.”

Robin turned to look at Rosie and she had that expression again. The one of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. “Come on Rosie, You’ll be fine. In fact I know you’ll be more then fine, you’ll be a natural.”

Robin gracefully walked over to the guest chair and sat down and smiled at her pretty assistant and friend, “Now about me. I’m going to tell you right up front, my friend I’m a royal pain in the ass. I am moody and I have too quick a temper, but… I really believe in you and even if I’m angry with you for the moment please know its not real anger. Its pure reaction. Do you think you will be able to deal with that my young friend ? Oh and what ever you decide I want you to remain my friend, I mean it Rosie. Even if you don’t work for me I want you to be my friend, What do you say?”

“I say yes…You really think of me as a friend?” She asked stunned.

“Yes, I really do.”Robin replied with a shy smile.

“Wow.”Robin chuckled and said, “Come on my friend, Lets get to work.”

*** *** *** ***

The next order of business was a staff meeting that Robin had called that morning. Rosie automatically walked to her customary place of leaning against the back wall. A strong hand wrapped itself around her arm gently holding her in place.

“Paul move over, “Said Robin indicating the empty chair next to the excutive. “Rosie, sit here,” Rosie looked up at Robin in confusion,”Its now your permanent seat.”Rosie nodded and sat down quietly folding her hands looking only at Robin. She really didn’t want to see the rest of the staffs reactions to the CEO’s directions.

Robin did watch everyone with narrowed ice blue eyes. The warmth that had been in them only seconds ago had now vanished. She sat down at the head of the conference table and her demeanor was now power and strength. All eyes turned to the boss and she saw confusion in all their eyes and anger in some too. ‘Too bad,’ She thought as she focused on the group that she was about to address.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I arrived home early this week to witness this weeks usual staff meeting. Do you know what I saw?”She looked directly in the eyes of each and every person who had patronized or ignored Rosie they flinched and she smiled feraly. Their boss was in a terminator mode and they all knew it. “I saw a member of my staff so badly mistreated that it mad me so mad I took my anger out on an innocent victim. I’m sorry Fred I really didn’t mean to take it out on you.” She smiled apologetically at Fred and he returned it and nodded. The smile just as swiftly disappeared as she continued, “Do you know what really had my blood boiling people? All her suggestions which you ignored were excellent. And instead of thanking her and using these excellent ideas you acted she wasn’t even in the room!”

Robin stood now and began to pace, her voice got deeper and louder as she continued, “I can not and will not tolerate such disrespect. I have decided to do something about it. First Rosie Obrien is no longer a regular accountant she is now my excutive assistant. That basically means boys and girls the kid you were picking on now has the power to order you around.” Robin’s eyes strayed to Rosie who seemed to find her own hands fascinating. Inwardly her heart went out to her shy friend but this was necessary she wasn’t going to allow Rosie to be treated that way anymore. “She won’t treat you that way of course because its not a part of her character. She will be kind and fair, But please remember children when Rosie tells you do something you will do it. She now speaks for me and she answers only to me. If she tells you to jump off a cliff you will say “Yes Ma’am,” She is now at that level. If I hear one of you question her authority then…Well lets just say it won’t be Rosie who you will then be dealing with. Have I made myself clear, boys and girls?”

Nods all around the conference room led Robins to smile sweetly and say,”Good…Dismissed.” She stood at the head of the table while everyone but she and Rosie left the room. The blonde had not looked up once during the meeting. Once the room cleared Robin walked over and closed and locked the door. She then walked over to Rosie and lifted her chin till she could see her eyes,”Hey, Come on look at me,” Said Robin gently.

Rosie opened her eyes and Robin was faced with two red tear-filled green eyes, looking up at her. Robin now warm blue eyes held hers concern, “Get up please?”

Rosie got up and Robin sat down and patted her lap. Rosie’s eyes widened and Robin smiled sweetly, “Come on, I want to comfort you and I was hurting my knees on the floor.”Rosie nodded shyly and timidly sat in the taller woman’s lap. Robin embraced the smaller woman and gently wiped the tears. She then pulled her closer and stroked her hair, she whispered quietly into the ear by her mouth, “Its ok to cry, but could you tell me why?”

Rosie felt so comforted that she slowly stopped crying. She answered her friend in voice choked with emotion,”You did all that for me, Why? I don’t understand what you see in me that no one else does. I’m grateful but I’m confused…I’m also nervous about facing all those people…”

“They’re the ones who are nervous, my friend. They do not want to face my wrath. Believe me you have only seen a tiny touch of it. You probably will never face my full wrath but they know the full force of it. As for the other part… I already told you, I see a smart, talented, creative woman with great ideas. This woman has a heart the size of the Grand Canyon and for some strange reason has compassion toward people who treated her like crap. You are something else, Rosie Obrien, I’m glad your on my team and I’m even more grateful that your my friend.”

The little blonde turned her head and teary green eyes met sweet blue ones, “Wow.”

Robin laughed and hugged Rosie even tighter, “Those descriptive powers are at work again. Come on my friend, I have a bunch of new projects to get started on…” She was interrupted as Rosie brought her closer and whispered in her ear, “Thank you for every thing….especially for being my friend.”

“Best friend,” Said Robin stroking the blonde hair.



“Wow,” Robin laughed and pulled back. She smiled into gentle green eyes and kissed her forehead. “Come on, Lets get to work.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Yeash, Robin.” “Yeash Robin, not just Robin?”

“Smart Alec,” Robin replied chuckling, delighted her friend was starting to relax enough to tease her. She then opened the door and indicated with her head that she should go first, “Thats much better by the way, keep up the good work,”She said as she lead her best friend toward the excutive suite with a huge smile on her face.
part 2
Robin stood outside of Rosie’s office and watched the totally absorbed young woman diligently working on her new programs. She smiled and thought, I could just eat her up she is so cute. I love watching how she works. Oh boy, I am in such deep trouble here. I am head over heels in love with that little sprite and I’m damned if I know what to do about it.

Rosie suddenly looked up and smiled. Her boss always made her feel so good. So special. She always felt like she was wanted and needed in Robin Peter’s presence, It was a different atmosphere for the young woman.


Hi. Ok, time for you to go home. Shut down and get ready to git. Um…Do you have any plans for dinner tonight?” Robin asked suddenly shy.

Rosie shook her head no as she shut down and pulled her purse out of her desk drawer, “No I don’t Robin do you want to discuss anything?”

Robin smirked and replied, “Yep, the menu.”

Rosie blushed and looked down at her hands, Oops, Did it again. Pretty soon I will need a crow bar to remove my foot from my mouth. Though Rosie morosely. She looked slowly up into amused sparkling blue eyes and said quietly, “Sorry.”

Robin shook her head and leaned against the archway to the young woman’s office, “Why are you sorry? Rosie, I just asked if you wanted to eat. We’ve been working really hard all week and I think you’ve done great. So what’s wrong with relaxing and enjoying a casual dinner?”

Rosie smiled and asked shyly, ” I’ve done ok then?”

Robin winked, “Yep, Come on lets go. I’m starved.”

Rosie smiled and hopped up and left in front of her amused boss. Rosie felt like she was floating out of the building. Robin felt like she just hit a home run. I think its time for our little chat, Thought Robin as she followed her friend down the hall and out of her building.


They were now all settled at the restaurant having ordered and were chatting about this and that when Robin took a deep breath and thought, Ok, Its time to get this show on the road. “Rosie, I think we need to discuss a very special issue, But let me tell you up front you don’t have to answer me. I want you to think about this. This is a personal issue and we have left our professional selves at the office. We are just friends ok?”

Rosie looked confused but not uncomfortable as she nodded, “Yes.”

Robin then took another deep breath and closed her eyes for a second to steady her nerves her hart was beating wildly. She opened her eyes and met concerned green orbs, She smiled sweetly and said, ” Ok, I need to tell you that I feel something deeper then just friendship for you. I…Rosie, I’m deeply in love with you and I need very badly to hear how you feel toward me. “She held up her hand as Rosie was about to interrupt her with a response, “Before you say anything please remember that’s its just Rosie and Robin sitting here. I don’t want to put any pressure on you…I…um…Just need to know that’s all,” Robin then closed her eyes and waited in agony for her loves response. I know it will be a gentle rejection but I really needed to get this out in the open. I wanted my dearest friend to know that I love her. Now all I have to do is wait.

If Robin’s eyes were open she would have seen bright happiness and joy reflected on the face across from hers. Rosie reached out and took the older woman’s hand caressing it gently. Robin’s eyes flew open as she felt the gentle caress.

“I really love you Robin,” Was said quietly from the girl across the table.

Robin swallowed a lump of emotion as she thought, Ok, Here goes the big hurdle. “Thank you Rosie but are you in love with me? There is a big difference my friend.”

Rosie’s eyes reflected the same intense emotions as her own making Robin feel like she was going to faint, Rosie’s quiet voice filled her with joy as she responded quietly, “I’m deeply in love you Robin.”

Robin wanted to jump out of her seat and sweep her up in her arms and kiss her deeply; Unfortunately the waiter brought there order right at that moment so all they could do was stare deeply into each others eyes as he set every thing down before them. After he left Robin said, “Thank God.”

Rosie smiled at her and said, I have from the day you walked into Starbucks sat down with me and added purpose to my life.”

“Oh my sweet love, You added happiness to mine.”


Robin drove Rosie to her home and took her little hand leading her on a tour of her home watching for her reactions. Rosie seemed to love it, which made Robin very happy because she intended to ask the beautiful blonde to move in sooner or later. For right now she ended the tour by taking her to her favorite room her den. It was beautifully appointed room filled with books and leather furniture.

The oak paneling was of set beautifully by the color of the books and the brightly colored throws on the couch and chairs it was the most comfortable room beside her bedroom. A perfect place to get to know each other in. Rosie was immediately drawn to the books absorbing all the titles, Robin smiled as she watched her knowing that they had reading in common too. Robin walked over to the couch, cleared her throat to get the younger woman’s attention. She smiled and patted her lap arching an eyebrow in question.

Rosie understood and immediately obeyed, Happily snuggling back into Robin’s loving arms.

Robin pulled her love as close to her as physically possible and gently started to kiss her neck making Rosie melt completely into the loving embrace.

“I love you so much, My Rosie, ” She whispered into a delicate ear, gently licking the rim and nibbling the ear till she heard the young woman moan with desire.

Rosie swallowed several times as the sensations overwhelmed her she was finally able to squeak out a barely audible, “I love you too.”

Robin smiled and pulled back so she could look into passion filled green eyes and asked suddenly shy, ” Are you ready for the next step, Sweetheart?”

Rosie looked into passion filled eyes and hers suddenly filled with tears as she admitted, “I don’t know….I have never….”

Robin gently wiped the tears and caressed the cheek as she sweetly replied, “Don’t worry about that, Sweetheart. I only want to love you, I will guide you so slowly you will demand more. Lets try the first step, shall we?” She said with a huge smile as lowered her lips to the waiting slightly parted lips beneath her. Robin slowly deepened the kiss and sunk into the sweet softness thinking, God, If it feels like this with a kiss the good stuff might just kill me…What a way to go… Robin felt her love for Rosie swell in her heart as she brought her even closer to her.

Rosie felt like she was floating in a pink cloud, she felt so many emotions she need to anchor herself so she held on tightly to Robin as if she would just float off into the sky.

Robin ended the kiss when her lungs told her she needed to fill them again, She rubbed her cheek against Rosie’s soft cheek and breathed in a full gulps of air, “I love you so much…Thank you for coming into my life. “She said breathlessly. She pulled back and looked deeply into love filled green orbs as she said, “I have never felt so happy and complete, Thank you my love, thank you.”

“Oh no, Thank you Robin. I thought that this was only some illusion in books and in movies, but you just showed me it could happen to anyone. Do you feel like your heart is going to burst because you have so much love in it?”

Robin nodded and then kissed her nose then rubbing it with her own gently she replied, “Oh yeah, Oh God, I never felt like this either. You are so precious to me…How in the hell did I get so damn lucky,’

“You? I’m…I mean…you are so….I…”

Robin hugged the befuddled woman to her, “Oh Sweetheart, Your descriptive powers are at work again I see. Yes, my sweet I do mean me. I am so blessed to have you in my life. Um… Would you like to stay with me tonight? All we need to do is cuddle. I just want to hold you all night, I never, ever want to let you go, please,” Robin asked quietly suddenly shy.

Rosie could only nod her head, she wanted that more then anything.

Robin looked into sparkling green eyes and her kissed her deeply again. As she continued the well-connected kiss she stood up, lifting the precious cargo attached lovingly to her. She gently carried her little one to her room to cuddle the night away.

Robin gently lowered on the bed and followed her to a cuddle position as she thought, I get to hold her all night. This is my dream come true. I have been dreaming of this from the day I first laid eyes on her. Oh God, I want more but she is so scared we have to go slow. Please God give me strength do this right. I love her so and I want her so I have to keep myself on the right path. One step at a time. You can do this Robin, Damn it. For her I’ll do anything. Robin and Rosie parted, She asked, “Would you like to change into one of my tee shirts it would be the size of night gown on you?”

Rosie smiled and nodded as she looked around the beautiful blue and white room. Admiring it but her eyes kept coming back to its owner as she crossed to her dresser and pulled out a tee for the young woman. She held it out and said,”You can change in the bathroom I’ll change here and then I’ll wash up and we can have our cuddle,ok?” I have never been so nervous or shy in my life, Thought Robin as she watched Rosie take that shirt and go to her bathroom. She then slowly changed into her sleepshirt and shorts and thought, But it’s never been so damn important to me, I building a life here instead o f tumbling into bed. I will build this life step by step each building block will be done with love. I can do this damn it.

I can do anything as long at that woman is my life…
Part 3
Robin felt like she was hog-tied as she woke up the next morning. She smiled and snuggled into the woman whose arms were holding her close. She could feel the still sleeping woman’s head resting comfortably on her shoulder and a leg thrown over her and she marveled at how comfortable she was since she really couldn’t move much. She was so content she really did want to open her eyes but slowly one blue eye peeked out and met happy green. Both eyes then opened and her smile widened as she said, “Good Morning.”

“Hi, This is so nice,” Said Rosie in a sweet voice. In all honesty she had never felt so loved or so happy in her whole life.

“Mmmm, It sure is. It feels so right to hold you like this. I feel like I just fulfilled something here. Are you happy, Sweetheart?”

Rosie’s smile and widened and she replied happily, “Oh yes, very. Um, But Robin don’t you want more….I mean…well…you know…I….”

Robin smiled and kissed the cheek next to her, “Shhh, Its ok. Don’t I seem happy to you?”

Rosie looked carefully at the older woman and nodded, “Yes, very. I just don’t want to disappoint you…”

A long elegant finger covered the girl’s lips and she said into a little ear, “You couldn’t ever disappoint me. What I want and need is to build a life with you. We are going to do this one step at a time.

Sweetheart, This is a dream come true for me. I’ve wanted to hold you like this since I first laid eyes on you. Now I have had the privilege of holding you all night long, I’m very happy. The real question in my mind is are you? This is all new to you. Are you happy?” Robin’s voice sounded a little scared to Rosie. That surprised her but she knew she could put her at ease at once.

The blonde head nodded against Robin’s shoulder as she quietly replied, “Yes, I’m very, very happy. Really the happiest I’ve ever been. You make me feel even more loved and protected then my parents ever did. I didn’t think that was possible. I feel such love for you that I don’t ever want to hurt or do something wrong…”

“No, you couldn’t do anything to hurt me….except one thing. If you ever leave me it would kill me…”There were tears falling from the beautiful blue eyes. It broke Rosie’s heart, she hugged the other woman to her and said with more force then Robin had ever heard from her love, “I’ll never leave you. I promise. I will never, ever leave you.”

“Thank you, my love. I will never, ever leave you too.” Robin replied and she kissed Rosie deeply and passionately with all the love and need in her heart. Something just slipped and she found her self slowly and tenderly making love to the precious woman in her arms. She had tenderly removed the shirt she gave Rosie and was over come with love at the sight of the beautiful body before her.

Much to her shock and joy she found herself exposed as Rosie’s nimble fingers undid the buttons of her nightshirt revealing her own form to the love of her life. She could see by the now dark green eyes that the smaller woman was pleased with what she saw. There bodies seemed to have knowledge all there own as they made movements that the other couldn’t know but the results was that they felt sensational from each caress and taste of the other. They flowed to a climax so naturally together that Robin was startled in her breathless excatasy. Rosie was beyond feeling or acknowledging anything but the fulfillment given to her by her love. In that moment of blissful passion they truly became one.


Robin was in her kitchen in a state of shock. Happy shock, but shock none the less. She was trying to make their breakfast. While Rosie changed to a pair of sweats she leant her so they could eat comfortably before changing to go to work. Those sweats will float on her of course but then she will just look so adorable I will want to…I bet I will want to continue what we started. We did start that, right? It was mutual, wasn’t it? Yes, it was…I mean she….I….we….Shit! I can’t even think straight….


Robin looked at her hands she had been apparently buttering the same piece of toast for a while, “Yes?”

Rosie stood next to her looking concerned; She put a hand on the arm buttering the toast. Robin smiled at her and put down the toast and the knife and gathered the smaller woman in her long protective arms. “Never better. I am so happy I can hardly believe it. Um…Are you?”

“Oh yes…I love you so much Robin. Thank you….for well…everything…”

“Thank you too,” Robin replied as she kissed her deeply. Then she pulled back and took a deep steadying breath. She smiled into beautiful green eyes and rubbed noses with her, “You know if we keep this up we’ll starve to death. I know your hungry and so am I so let me try and get breakfast done.” She said as she pulled out of the embrace but she couldn’t resist caressing her cheek and tucking some golden hair behind a little ear.

Rosie nodded and smiled, “What can I do to help?”

Robin chuckled at how sweetly she was asked and replied, “Well how are you at setting the table?”

“That I can do very well.”

“There’s china, napkins and silverware in that cabinet. Get to work, My love.”

“Yes, Ma’am”

Robin laughed fully and shook her head, she loved that Rosie was teasing her and breaking out of her shell, “Smart Alec.” Rosie smiled and winked at the laughing woman in the kitchen


After breakfast they arrived at the office a little late but very content with life at the moment. They went to there separate offices to get started on their day. Rosie was startled to find a box of flowers on her desk with a note attached. Thinking that it was from Robin she opened it happily. Stunned to find black roses she opened the card, screamed and fainted.


Robin was sitting at her desk going through her avalanche of email when she heard the scream from the office next door. She ran to Rosie’s office as quickly as her feet would take her. She opened the door and cried out, “Oh my God, Rosie!!” Rosie was lying on the floor in a dead faint. Scattered about were the black roses and clutched in her still hand was the white card. Robin gently lifted Rosie into her arms and carried her to her office where she settled her comfortably on the couch. She called the company doctor and summoned him to come as quickly as he could to look after the unconscience woman.

She took the card and read it, her eyes became enraged as she read the hateful words aimed at the sweetest woman she had ever known. She could barely wait for the doctor, her foot was tapping, and her arms were crossed trying to maintain some sense of calm till her love could be cared for. The doctor came running in moments after his summons to be greeted by the seething CEO. Realizing she was scaring her old friend she said quietly, “Please Stan, take care of her. She had a very bad shock and fainted. Her heartbeat is strong and her pulse is too. I made sure she was comfortable please help her. I need to make sure she is all right before I can really investigate this. I have to call the police.”

“What the hell happened, Robin?”

“I can’t talk about it yet. Just help her please.” She asked that her friend understand. Her eyes were pleading her case since her voice had gone monotone from trying to control her anger. He did and went to work to help the poor young woman on the couch.

Robin went to Rosie’s office and locked it, she knew she should of gone sooner but she couldn’t leave her love till someone arrived to help her and keep an eye on her. Someone she trusted. She knew Stan from when they were both in college. He was one of her oldest friends he was one of the few people that she really trusted other then her Rosie. Then she went back to her own office and called the police keeping a careful eye as Stan revived the woman. She was almost conscience when she came in but still not really there yet so she kept her eyes focused on her as she spoke to the detectives on the phone. When she saw her stirring and sitting up she rushed to her side.

“Robin…Where are you?”

“I’m here, Sweetheart, I’m here,” She replied quietly as she wiped tears that were falling onto pale cheeks.

“What happened? Where am I?” Rosie asked agitated by the haziness that she felt.

“Shh, your ok. Your safe in my office. You had a bad shock and my old friend Doctor Stan here helped you. Don’t worry, My love everything is going to be ok. I promise.” She gathered the smaller woman in her arms and motioned for Stan to leave the room and close the door behind him.

Once they had some privacy Robin kissed Rosie and rubbed her back tenderly. She murmured into her ear till she felt that smaller woman had calmed down sufficiently. Then she looked into confused scared green eyes and said, “It will be all right, My Rosie. It will I give you my word.”

Rosie nodded and put her head on Robin’s shoulder asking quietly, “Did you see…I mean did you read what it said…”

Rage and anger filled Robins’ blue eyes as she sat up and gently lay Rosie back on the couch. She got up and stormed over to her desk saying, “Yes I did. I am so mad I could kill! I called the police….Oh shit I left him on hold,” She exclaimed as she ran to the door. “Stan, could come back in here and check to make sure Rosie is really ok. I need to finish talking to the police?”

The doctor nodded and went to check on Rosie, while Robin returned to her desk to speak to the detective on the other end of the phone. Luckily she was able to catch another old friend who cared about Robin so he was patient with the distraught woman. “Pete are you still there?”

“Yes, Is she ok?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. She needed me. This really shook her up.”

“I can understand that. Vindictive Bastard. Did you seal the office?”

“Of course, But I had to wait till Doc Stan got here. It was about 5 minutes and um…Rosie’s and my fingerprints are all over the place in there…”

“That’s ok those things can be discounted. The five minutes may be a problem but it was such a commotion I doubt the culprit went in there. I’ll be there in 10 minutes calm her down so I can talk to her…”

“She will be…Be gentle or I’ll…”

“Stop, you know me better then that. I will be. I will see you both in a few minutes.”

“Ok, Bye.” She said as she hung the phone up quietly. She looked across the room into calm but scared green eyes and then glanced at the doctor. “Stan, I’d like to speak to Rosie privately. Would you wait out side for Pete and explain what you found to him?”

He nodded, patted Rosie on the shoulder as he left closing the door behind him gently.

“I’m so sorry…”

“Why on earth are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Did you read the card, Sweetheart? This was a threat against you because you’re my assistant. Who can you blame for this?”

“The person who wrote it…Why is this happening? Robin, am I such a bad person….”

“No!” Robin ran to Rosie and brought her back into her arms. “This is a really sick person. You did nothing to deserve this. I love you so. I will protect you. I promise. I promise…”

“Ok, Ok…I do know that. Robin what are we going to do?”

Robin was stroking Rosie’s hair and said quietly but with such intensity that Rosie felt it to her core. “We’re going to stop this maniac. If I get my hands on who ever it is I will kill them myself…”

“No, not for me…Please Robin…Please, My love, I don’t want you to do that…I…”

“Shh, No I won’t. I’ll let the police do their job. Pete is an old friend like Stan I’ve known him since College. We use to get into trouble together. I can trust him and he will get this ass hole. I need to do something though…”

“Just love me…”

“Oh Rosie, you know that’s a given…”

“I know. I love you too.”


Robin sat with Rosie beside her on the couch in her office. Robin’s arm was protectively around her shoulders holding her close as the detective paced in front of them. He stopped looked into Rosie’s honest green eyes and asked, “You can’t think of a who could have done this?”

Rosie shook her head and said quietly, “They were all equally….um….?”

“Rotten,” Supplied Robin helpfully. Rosie smiled at her gratefully and Robin winked back.

“Is it someone who thought they should have had your new position…?”

“No Pete, I told you her position didn’t exist before. In fact, if I hadn’t of been trying to figure out how to help her it would never have been created.” Robin answered frustrated. It was the fifth time he asked the same question. He just kept changing the wording. This wasn’t helping Rosie’s peace of mind.

“Well I go check out the scene with my team. Robin you can take her home she looks beat.”

Robin looked grateful as she replied, “Thank you. I will.” She helped Rosie up and took her to the car and out of the building to the safety of her home.


They were cuddled in Robin’s den. She was lying back on her big comfortable couch with Rosie protectively in her arms lying on top of her. Rosie’s head was cradled against her neck and her arms were around her stomach. Robin was stroking Rosie’s hair she had been trying to calm all her loves new fears all evening long. “Shhh, We will figure this out. We will. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

“But why? What did I do so wrong? Am I such a horrible person?”

Robin’s finger was against her mouth and she said quietly, “Stop. No more of that. You know the answer as well as I do. You are a sweet wonderful person and they are all jealous…”She bent down and kissed her on the lips till she felt the younger woman relax. Then she straightened her self and looked her in the eyes, in a suddenly deep voice with a comical expression on her face she said, “I wish you would of let me kill the bum. I’d of torn him apart limb from limb…”Laughing Rosie gently slapped Robin on the arm and said, “That’s the worst Sylvester Stallone I have ever heard.”

Robin was relieved to hear the laughter it was the first time she saw the blonde smile since that morning.” I was really going for the character of Rocky, you know “Hey Adrian, please just on more fight…” ” Suddenly a beautiful stream of giggles filled the room. It pleased her that she broke Rosie out of the horrible bout of self-disgust that had been pouring out of her mouth since she found the damn flowers. You Son of Bitch! Who ever you are I am going to find you. I will make you wish you were never born. You are going to pay for every bit heartache you are putting my love through. I swear to God that you will be sorry you ever heard of me by the time I am through with you. She thought to her self as she continued to stroke the golden locks sending the exhausted woman into a deep and healing sleep.
Part 4
Rosie woke up cacooned in the warmth of Robin’s embrace. She snuggled into the warm protective arms and sighed in contentment. Its amazing I always feel love and protected when I’m with Robin. I wish I could understand why all this stuff is happening to me. What did I do wrong? . Her thoughts were interrupted by a series of sweet kisses against her neck. Rosie happily extended her neck to give Robin full access to the tender area. Robin took immediate advantage of it by sucking at her pulse point till Rosie reacted with a shudder. Taking her time she kissed her way to the sweet mouth above her then she gave her little love a long passion filled kiss. Robin pulled back and looked deeply into the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen. Brushing a stray hair away from the pretty eyes she said in a quiet voice, “Good morning.”

“Morning, That was a wonderful way to wake up. Thank you.”

“Oh I intend to give you that kind of greeting for the rest of your life, “Said Robin affectionately. She brought the small head to the nook of her neck and held her close to her heart.

“Deal,” Muttered Rosie with shy grin.

“Do you feel better this morning, Sweetheart?” Asked Robin quietly as she stroked the soft blonde hair.

“Yes, Much…Um, I’m sorry I fell apart like that…”Fingers covered her mouth. She kissed them and pulled back smiling up at Robin. :I did it again, huh?”

Robin chuckled and nodded, “Yes, I want you to forget the words I’m sorry exists. If you ever do need to apologize for anything we will think of a more creative way for you to convey it,” Robin said as she kissed each eye then her nose then her mouth with all the love and passion she had in her heart.

When Rosie was released to breathe she replied in a barely audible voice, “Deal.”

Robin smiled and hugged her tightly to her, “Good girl. Now lets discuss something more pleasant. I have given us both the day off to recover so what would you like to do?”

“Stay like this all day…”

“Oh yes, Now that my love is something that follows my own hearts prescription for the day. Lets do it,” Said Robin as she began to descend down the body with kisses all the way to where Rosie’s body was beckoning her.

*** *** *** ***

The sun was warming her skin as she was enjoying lying on her float on the surface of her pool. Robin’s eyes were closed and she felt like she could drift to sleep but the rhythmic sounds of Rosie swimming brought the baby blues open again. Rosie was swimming the length of the pool doing very disciplined laps. Robin was enjoying watching the lean body move gracefully through the water. Her mind though was still going through a series of ideas of on how to deal with their problem.

She closed her eyes again and let her mind drift through some possible leads of who her suspects were and how they were able to do this undetected. She had to figure out who was trying to threaten the welfare of her precious one. She couldn’t keep and eye on her 24 and 7 though she dearly would love to do just that.

There were only four people in the office that seemed to be possible to Robin’s agile mind. As CEO she knew them all well and personally. The least likely was John Barry he was an assistant to the new accounts manger. He had a crush on Robin. She sighed and put some water across her stomach as she thought of the puppy dog looks he gave her everytime she came in to speak with his boss. He could be jealous of the obvious love between her and Rosie, but would this seemingly gentle man hurt sweet Rosie out of jealously? She shook her head and went to the next likely suspect.

Judy Curtis was an assistant to one of her vice presidents. She was very ambitious and had been one of the meaner people to Rosie during her time in the company even before Robin came home from Asia. She had wanted to be Robin’s assistant for many years and she looked daggers at Rosie when Robin made the announcement at the staff meeting. But would she risk it all to do something criminal? Could she go that far? Another sigh was heard as she curled on her side and tried to relax as her mind tried to work out this bizarre puzzle.

Suddenly the pleasant feeling of a warm hand caressing her cheek interrupted these unpleasant musings. She opened up her eyes to meet smiling green orbs, “Are you going to sleep the afternoon away, Ma’am?” Asked Rosie with a big playful grin on her face.

Delighted by the tone Robin didn’t open her eyes as she replied, “Yep. What on earth are you planning to do about it?” She asked in the same playful tone pretty sure she knew what Rosie had in mind.

“This,” Said Rosie as she pulled down the end of the float toward her bringing Robin into the water with a splash. Robin was pretty sure what Rosie was up to and had braced herself and angled her fall to land right on top of the surprised blonde. She embraced her and kissed her deeply under water allowing her hands to explore and encouraging Rosie do the same.

When they both surfaced Rosie asked a little dazed, “Who surprised who?”

“Oh I wasn’t surprised at all, but I did enjoy it thoroughly, “Said Robin as she carried the smaller woman out of the pool to a towel that they were sharing on the sundeck. Robin sat down cradling the smaller woman in her lap and asked, “Have you had some fun today, love?”

“Oh yes, more then I thought I could. I am still thinking about …things though…”

“I know, Sweetheart. So am I. It’s not suppose to knock it out of her minds it was just suppose to distract us a little so we can handle it in a calmer manner.”

“Well you are quite a distraction.”

“Mmm, So are you, “Said the older woman as nuzzled the wet neck kissing her at the jugular making her squeak delightfully.

Suddenly Robin was aware of another presence on the deck she protectively pulled Rosie behind her as she turned, When she saw it was Louise her faithful housekeeper she sighed in relief. I am far too much on edge if I can’t distinguish friends from potential threats, Thought Robin kicking herself mentally as she smiled up at her long time friend and employee. “Yes Weezie?”

Louise smiled at Robin, she was very happy she had finally found someone. She had so been alone for far too long as far as she was concerned, “Ma’am there is a couple of policeman here, They…”

“Its ok, I was expecting them sooner or later. Put them in the living room.”

“Ok, “Said Louise but it sounded like she questioned Robin’s decision to her sharp ears. She shook her head as she heard a nervous Rosie say, “Robin?”

“It’ll be ok, Sweetheart. They just need to talk to us some more about yesterday. And I need them to do a little research for me too So this will be mutually beneficial. Come on. Lets go get presentable, ” Said Robin as she pulled the smaller woman up and into her arms for heartfelt embrace. Then she led her up the back stairs so they could change for they’re interviews.

*** *** *** ***

Robin was leaning back in her chair in her office up stairs. She was carefully going over the personnel files of her suspects. She had already gone over the first two that she thought of at the pool. Now she was concentrating on the two most likely suspects.

The meeting with the police went well they made Rosie feel better and they showed them

both how committed they were to helping them find this person. Robin smiled to herself as she thought, It also helps to be a lifelong friend of the person in charge of the investigation. She chuckled at how he kept trying to look so professional, if Rosie wasn’t so nervous Robin would have been very tempted to push some of the old boys buttons.

Now she was alone in her office going over her most likely suspects. She was also going to have her private detective do some digging on these people for her. She picked up the file of the one of the most likely culprits. Ice entered her blue eyes just looking at the man’s name. This man had been a disciplinary problem since he first started with her company. If he wasn’t so good at design on the computer she would have kicked his sorry ass off her staff long ago. Peter Salazar was a computer hacker and a genius. He was also the most arrogant, self-centered, selfish son of bitch it was her displeasure to ever come across. He had gotten into more fights during his two years with the firm both verbal and physical then all her other employees combined since she started the firm.

He had a lot of grudges against Robin. The biggest one is that he was on probation for punching out her Vice President of Sales. Another was that he had designed three different accounting programs that Robin was listed as owner because she had put up all the money and the facilities to make if possible for him. He was pissed because as the owner of the patents she was making a fortune on his baby. He had her on the carpet in her office threatening every sort of revenge. She had simply reminded him of his contract to her and that he wouldn’t stand a chance in court.

Would he be sick enough to hurt Rosie to get to me? She closed her eyes and tried to think clearly, Could he be that crazy? God, I have got to figure this out! If this person tries another attempt on my Rosie I will lose it. She thought as she breathed deeply to calm her frail nerves. She opened her eyes and reached for a bright red sticker and put it on the file and then placed it with the other two on the side table of her desk.

Then she pulled out her last file, Candice Planes. This woman wanted to be where Rosie was so badly she could taste it. She had tried to get Robin’s attention by any means available to her. She had made more passes at her then Robin could count. Robin always politely turned each pass down or ignored them completely depending on her mood. She was the vice president in charge of accounts and she was excellent at her job. She was also the lead bitch against her Rosie at the staff meeting she had watched and she was also the one who sent Rosie to Starbucks in tears the day they met.

Robin sighed, In a weird way Candice led me to my Rosie. If wasn’t for her cruelty I would never have seen how brave as well as how smart and beautiful she was. She closed her eyes again and leaned back in her chair. I guess I should be grateful. It doesn’t alter the fact that to my mind her jealously and cruelty makes her the most likely suspect.

She shook her head and put a red sticker on the file and added it to the others. She then got up and placed all four into her brief case for a meeting she was going to have tomorrow with her private detective. She also had the boys on the force looking into these people on the criminal end but she doubted they would find anything. She was always careful with criminal checks before she hired anyone. There was just too many dollars involved in her business not to be. She stretched and looked at the clock, She thought, Its time to find my little one she’s been alone far too long this afternoon.

*** *** *** ***

Rosie was on the patio by the pool she had Louise’s little cocker spaniel puppy in her lap and she was lavishing it with affection. She was petting and kissing him while she was having an animated one-sided conversation with him.

“Oh God, Mario. What am I going to do? I’ve caused so much trouble for Robin. I didn’t do anything and yet I am the cause. I love her so, I know you do too. I mean how can you not love her? She’s wonderful. How could anyone not love her?”

“Easily,” said an amused voice from behind Rosie, “So is little Mario keeping you company, Sweetheart?” Rosie’s face was bit red at getting caught by Robin. It only added to her charm as far as Robin was concerned, she tilted her head with an indulgent smile on her face as she waited for a reply. Rosie looked up at Robin though her long eyelashes and said quietly, ” Well he is a very good listener?”

“And I’m not?”

“Of course you are….I just didn’t want to bother you….You’re busy and I….”

Robin came over to sit beside her on the bench and said, “Ok Mario, Down. Scoot.

Go get your own girl,”She said to the obedient puppy as he went in search of his master and some treats. Robin scooped Rosie up in her arms and walked to big comfortable lounge close by. She sat down and cradled her love in her arms as close to her as she could. She cuddled with her and kissed her cheek.

“What am I going to do with you? How can I convince you that you are the light of my life? You are my soul mate. You are never ever trouble to me because you are my heart and I love you.”

Rosie rubbed her cheek against Robin’s” I do know that …I …just….well….”

“Well just remember that you can never disturb me. I want to know your problems. I want to know when your hurting or scared. I know most people in relationships aren’t like that but I am. I love you.” She kissed Rosie passionately. When she pulled back she kissed her nose and then licked it playfully, “See I can show you the same kind of affection that mutt can, can’t I?”

Rosie laughed and hugged the taller woman, “Yes.”

“Good, now do we have a deal?” She asked brushing her fingers through the beloved golden mane.

Rosie nodded and kissed her cheek, “Deal.”

“Um…How about we go upstairs I want to continue this discussion in private, What do you think?” Robin asked as she nibbled a delicate ear and then kissed down to the neck where she began to suck gently at very vulnerable pulse point.

Rosie’s head was thrown back and her eyes were closed and she was barely able to squeak out, “Please.”

Robin scooped up her love and practically ran up the back stairs to their room. She wanted this to be one of their longer “conferences.”
Part 5
The people who were going to battle the enemy were all gathered in Robin’s office. Rosie was sitting next to the doctor on the couch. Lt. Pete Collins was in a guest chair across the way from the woman who headed Robin’s investigative service Angela Falk who sat in the other one. Robin was pacing in front of the group like a caged tiger protecting her little cub.

Rosie watched the anxious woman with worried eyes. She glanced at the doctor who patted her gently on the arm. Stan and Rosie were already on friendly terms before Robin came home from Asia. In fact Stan had gotten the distraught young woman to open up to him so he could guide her on how to handle the way her associates were treating her. He was happily relived when his friend and boss returned home and had taken the young woman under her protective wing. He was overjoyed when he realized that his friend had fallen in love with the sweet young woman. His old pal had been alone far too long as far as he was concerned.

“Robin sit. You are making Rosie anxious,” Stan said quietly to the angrily pacing woman. They were waiting for a phone call from one of Angela’s operatives and Robin wanted to hear from them right now so she knew that her suspects were being watched and that Rosie was protected.

Robin stopped in her tracks and walked quickly to Rosie’s side. “Am I?” She asked as she sunk to her knees by Rosie’s side. Rosie looked up into concerned blue eyes and she nodded quietly saying, “Don’t get yourself sick because of me. Please. Sit down next to me and wait. It would make me feel better. Okay?”

Robin nodded and asked Stan with her eyes to move over. He smiled and slid over allowing tall woman to sit down next to the pretty blonde. Robin sighed as she put her arm around Rosie’s shoulders and her head comfortably in the crook of Rosie’s neck.

Stan took in his friends exhausted appearance and asked quietly, “Robin, Have you gotten any sleep at all?”

Not moving she answered with her eyes closed as she felt gentle fingers softly stoke her hair. “Not much,” She said very quietly.

“Then after we get things in motion I think you should get some shut eye.” Said Stan looking over at Pete who lifted his hands and shook his head in reaction.

“Robby, you are so damn stubborn. You can’t be everywhere. You need to let your people do their jobs. We’ll get who ever is doing this but you need to relax a little. We know what we’re doing, ” Said Pete in scolding voice he was really concerned for his tired friend.

Tired blue eyes met his and the sight broke his heart, “You simply don’t understand, Pete. I love Rosie and I can’t let anyone hurt her.”

Rosie brought her arms around Robin and gently brought the woman she loved closer. Robin lifted her head and kissed the smaller woman’s cheek and then nuzzled her head against the soft shoulder. Rosie kissed the top of her head and rubbed the tired woman’s back comfortingly.

“I do understand, Robby. Stan and I are so happy that you finally found someone to love but you have to let us do our jobs! Do you really think we’d let anyone hurt Rosie? Do you think Angie will? Come on old girl go home and get some damn sleep.”

“I am letting you do your jobs. Why the hell do you think you’re here?” Robin said lifting her head her eyes blazing toward her friend.

Pete shook his head and waggled his finger at his friend, “I mean all the way. You need to sleep at night. Stop planning and going over employee profiles. Rosie, When were done here I want you to take the pain in the ass home and put her to sleep. Even if you have to slip her some knock out drops!”

Rosie brought Robin’s head up to look her in the eye and shook her head as worried green eyes met the sheepish blue ones, “I had no idea she wasn’t sleeping when I was. I promise she will tonight though. Won’t you?” She asked the woman who was looking deeply into her own eyes with a sweet and loving expression.

“Yes, I guess I will since your so upset.”

“Good,” Said Rosie kissing her on the nose. “Don’t worry Lieutenant, she will sleep tonight.”

“Pete, Rosie please call me Pete. She’s a good little actress so don’t feel bad that you didn’t know. Look at those gorgeous blues have you ever seen red in them like that before?”

“No Pete, I haven’t.”

“That is the best way…”

“Hey you two I am here you know.” Said Robin amused and pissed at the same time.

“Good then maybe you’ll listen and make it easier on Rosie.”

Robin rolled her eyes and leaned back down against Rosie’s shoulder again. When Angie’s cell rang she almost jumped to the ceiling bringing Rosie with her. Rosie soothed the shocked executive. “Shh, its ok sweetheart.” She whispered quietly.

“Damn it! Angie do you have to have that ringer on so damn loud?”

“Calm down Boss, I’m getting the info,” Said Angela as she listened to the phone. She listened for a few minutes, “Ok begin phase 2” She hung up and looked at Robin. “The suspects are on 24 and 7, Robin.”

“What does that mean?” Asked Rosie quietly.

Robin lifted her head again and said smiling, “That means that they won’t be able to make a move with out Angie knowing about it.” She rubbed noses with Rosie and then kissed her gently. She pulled back to find her friends giving her approving looks much to her amusement and Rosie’s embarrassment. Rosie blushingly put her head against Robin’s shoulder.

“Ok you three cupids go on and do your tasks, we do have some work we need to…”

“Oh no you don’t! Rosie, I’m assigning you the task of taking Madam Legree home and make sure she gets some sleep.” Said Stan with a smirk.

Surprised green eyes met amused blue eyes, Robin winked at Rosie and Rosie smiled brightly back.

“It will be a pleasure Doctor.” Said Rosie looking deeply into beloved blue eyes.

“It will be my pleasure too, ” Said Robin as she broke the gaze got up taking Rosie’s hand she led the younger woman out of her office.

As Pete watched his friend leave he shook his head at how regal Robin looked considering how tired she was. “Talk about odd couples.”

Stan smiled and shook his head at the detective, “No, not odd. They fit. Like a perfect match. Did you ever put a puzzle together? When you put all the pieces on the table they don’t look like they will all fit together but they always do. Well soul mates are like that and that’s what we have the privilege of watching, Pete. The merging of two soul mates.”

Angela looked at the two men with mirth filled eyes as she said in a quiet business like voice, “Well one of those soul mates will kick our asses if we don’t get to work. So Gentlemen, after you,” She said gesturing toward the door. After the two men left she said quietly to the empty office, “Good luck Robin.” She then locked the office and set the special alarm.

*** *** *** ****

Rosie had gotten Robin to their room and to sleep by promising to lay down with her. It was too early for her to sleep since she had slept the night before. She couldn’t believe that Robin hadn’t slept, How blind can someone be? She thought berating herself.

She watched as her beloved slept fitfully next to her. Her head was going from side to side and she was clutching the pillow tightly to her chest. Suddenly there were tears rolling down her cheeks and she sat up straight screaming, “No!”

Rosie was right there she gathered Robin in her arms and cooed into her ear gently, “It’s all right, Love. It’s all right.”

When Robin realized she was awake and that she was holding her little one she brought her closer in a desperate bear hug. “Don’t leave me. Please…please…don’t leave me…”

“Sweetie, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. I promise, I promise.”

Robin slowly came to herself and loosened her grip, “Oh My God, Did I hurt you?” She asked worried.

“No Sweetie, I’m fine…Are you?”

Robin nodded and gently put some blonde hair behind a little ear. Once she had gotten herself under control she said in a whisper, “I had a very scary nightmare.” She took a deep breath and pulled Rosie into her lap, holding her lovingly in her arms she started to recount the dream to her love.

“I don’t know where or when we were but we were in a rough sort of hospital. You were badly injured and died in my arms. I was desperately trying to bring you back. I was giving you CPR and crying because you were gone, no pulse or anything. I lost you and everyone kept telling me to let you rest in peace. I wouldn’t though I kept breathing for you and between breaths begging you not to leave me. I was sure I lost you when I yelled no but just as I woke up you opened your eyes. I thought I had lost you forever.” Tears were flowing down both their cheeks and they gently dried each other’s eyes.

Robin held Rosie to her again and whispered in her ear, “I was never so terrified or relieved in my whole life. It was only a dream but…Do you think it was a warning?” She pulled back and looked at Rosie so she could see her reaction to her question.

Rosie shrugged her shoulder with tears still falling gently, “I don’t know… You said after you yelled no that I opened my eyes, was I a ghost?”

Robin smiled despite still recovering from the terrors of her dream, “No Sweetheart, You were alive. I guess I must have actually screamed no in reality, huh?” Rosie nodded her head. “Well after you opened your pretty eyes you were breathing deeply….Do you think it was telling me never to give up?”

Rosie nodded and pulling Robin closer still; “Do you think I’m in mortal danger?”

Robin took a deep breath and kissed her love gently and reassuringly and then said, “No, I don’t think so. I promise you this, I will never, ever let anything happen to you. I’d rather die then lose you…”

“No! I don’t want either of us to die…”

“Shhh, Ok my love, ok. We won’t die. Were fine, shhh.” She kissed Rosie again. She pulled back and mussed her hair and suggested, “Come on love lets go raid the ice box. I have a feeling I won’t be able to sleep for a while after that dream.”

Rosie nodded and reached toward the end of the bed and grabbing both robes and handing Robin hers. “Chocolate ice cream?”

Robin smiled brightly and said, “With hot fudge.”


Robin laughed as she took Rosie’s hand in hers and led the smaller woman out of the bedroom. “So much for Doctor Stan’s prescription.”

“You do have to sleep, Robin.”

“I know, Sweetheart. I just don’t think I could take…another nightmare like that.”

“Maybe Pete and Angela will have a clue tomorrow.”

“They better or they won’t like my solution to their lack of one,” Robin said with a look that left Rosie in no doubt that she was very serious.

*** *** *** ***

Two women were alone in the huge kitchen eating ice cream and fudge with bottle of maraschino cherries. Robin kept dropping them into Rosie’s dish knowing that the pretty woman couldn’t resist their sweet taste.

“If you don’t stop that I will become as big as a house.”

Robin laughed and dropped one in her own mouth. She replied with her mouth full of the bright red cherry, “Don’t worry Sweetie, I’ll keep you far too active to gain any weight.”

Rosie giggled as she took a huge glob of fudge and playfully lodged it on the other woman’s nose.

Robin crossed her eyes to look at it and asked laughing, “Now what on Earth am I to do? I can’t reach it with my tongue and were out of napkins? Do you have any ideas?” She asked with an innocent sounding voice though her eyes betrayed her as they waited for the expected solution to her little problem.

Rosie shook her head and tilted it to the side, “Why I don’t I have an idea in my little head. I just guess you will have to stay that way forever. It does look awfully silly.” She replied with a smirk.

Robin scooted her chair closer and said with a beseeching look, “Can’t think of any solutions at all, Little one?”

Rosie couldn’t resist the urge any more she leaned over and licked the fudge off the pretty nose. Then she lowered her mouth to reach Robin’s impatiently waiting lips. The kiss suddenly deepened as Robin brought Rosie into her lap and began to explore her loves mouth with total abandon.

Robin was very tempted to clear the dishes off the table with her arm and make love to her Little One on the kitchen table. She inwardly smirked at the idea, thinking their beloved housekeeper would not appreciate the mess. She pulled back and gently nuzzled her cheek against Rosie’s, “Shall we continue this in a more comfortable place?”

“I’m very comfortable,” Said Rosie who was untying Robin’s robe with very busy little fingers.

Robin picked the smaller woman up leaving the robe where it fell and the dishes on the table. She figured Louise could clean it in the morning and if she didn’t get Rosie in their bedroom they would reinterpret the scene in The Postman Always Rings twice. Rosie was busy kissing every inch of her neck and when she reached their bed she fell backwards on to it surrendering to the assault saying, “I’m all yours.”

Rosie smiled as she continued down the woman’s body, “Yes, I know every delicious inch of you…”

“Why My Rosie, The things you say.”

“Well, I…Its what you bring out in me…I’m…”She suddenly sat up realizing what it was she did say.

Robin sat up and rolled over so she was now on top of Rosie, She reached down and kissed her deeply till the smaller woman almost forgot what it was she had said. She kept kissing her down her neck to her breast as she said breathlessly; “I know that. I love that I bring it out in you and believe me my love I am very happy when you bring it out in me. I love your passion and I’m proud I bring it out in you. I want you to say things like you just said and I want you to tease me. I love you.” She lifted her head till she met dark green eyes filled with the passion they had just built.

In a hot whispery breath she said, “Thank you I’m so relieved. I like to tease you and I love you so much I can hardly believe it.”

Robin smiled and then continued to the breast she licked the nipple and said, “Believe it.” Then she began to suckle it determined to enjoy every second of their built up passion.
Part 6
Robin snuck into her home office; Rosie had been so attentive that Robin wasn’t even able to check on the progress of the investigation. Robin smiled wickedly at the thought of how creative her Little One had been in distracting her from looking into it. She had enjoyed every wonderful minute of it.

She turned on her computer and waited for it to come up. She looked at the picture on her desk gently tracing the delicate features of the sweet face looking back at her. Just looking into the green eyes sparkling back from the snap shot made her feel happy and complete.

I think once I feel a bit more like myself again I’m going to commission a professional photograph. I would like a really nice picture of both of us for the living room. She thought to herself as she put the frame back in its place of honor on her desk.

She took a deep steadying breath and got busy, She went into the net to check her emails from Angela and Pete. Salizar really had done nothing unusual in the last 24 hours. As she read the report her eyebrows went into the fringe of her bangs. It seemed that Planes had been busy trying to find Rosie. She was asking all the people at the office if they knew where she was living and trying to get her phone number from anyone she could ask. Angie was now assigning a full security force to keeping tabs on her. Angie’s report basically states that though he is a pain in the ass he is not a criminal. He’s obsessed with computer programs and a new game he’s creating. Robin smiled, if his game goes well she will release him and maybe they could be friends again.

Now Candice Planes was a problem. The issue here is would she go so far as to do all these horrible acts that have been happening to Rosie. She leaned back into her leather chair and sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Said a very sleepy voice from behind her.

Robin turned around in her chair and said, “What are you doing up, Young Lady?”

“Me? I have had ten times the sleep that you have had,” Said Rosie with her hands on her hips and she walked over to the tall woman at the desk. When she got close she put her arms around her and Robin returned the hug pulling her onto her lap. She kissed her tenderly and then rubbed her cheek against Rosie’ s soft cheek.

“Yes, I know, but I can’t sleep comfortably till I know your safe and…”

Rosie pulled back and put a little fingers over her mouth, “Shhh, You do have to sleep. Your going to get sick if you keep this up.”

Robin kissed each finger gently bringing the hand against her cheek nuzzling it lovingly. “I know that but Sweetheart, we know who is doing this and I need to strike out against her before…”

“Angela and Pete need to strike against this person not you. That’s their job. Right now your job is to catch up on your sleep before you get so sick you won’t be able to get out of bed.”

Rosie pulled Robin out of her chair; Robin got up and allowed the small woman to pull her toward their bedroom.

Rosie gently pushed the tall woman in the bed and then got in with her. She gently pushed her back against the pillows and nuzzled her head against her shoulder, “Now go to sleep.”

Robin was very happy and content in the position she was now in but it was the time to confess something she had been keeping to herself. “Sweetheart, I’m scared.”

“I know,” Said Rosie quietly kissing her beloved’s neck.

“Every time I have fallen asleep I have had a nightmare about losing you one way or another. I have to get to the bottom of this or I may never really sleep again.”

“Shh, You will get to the bottom of this. Don’t you trust Angie and Pete?”

Robin nuzzled the soft blonde hair against her chin and said sleepily, “Of course I do.”

“Then let them do their jobs.”

“Their jobs…”Robin repeated as she drifted off into a dreamless exhausted sleep.

Rosie gently ran her fingers through the thick black hair whispering softly, “Yes, That’s what they do for a living protect us.”

*** *** *** ***

Robin slowly woke up from her first uninterrupted sleep since all this started and discovered that she was all alone. When she realized that Rosie wasn’t there she sat up straight in a panic calling, “Rosie? Rosie!” She yelled down the hall, “Rosie!!” She ran down the hall calling in a panic, “Rosie!! Oh God, Rosie!!! Please answer me!!!”

“Robin!” Rosie called from downstairs. She ran up the stairs right into Robin’s arms. Robin picked her up and kissed her passionately all over her face.”

She pulled back and whispered into her ear, “Oh love, Oh my Darling…I was so scared…Oh Thank God…Thank all that’s holy,” Tears were falling down her cheeks as she nuzzled the soft cheek neck to hers.

Rosie was returning as many kisses as she could as she mumbled against Robin’s neck, “What’s wrong? Did you have another nightmare?”

Robin pulled back looking into concerned green eyes; “No I didn’t dream anything at all. It’s just that when I woke up all alone…I was scared…I was worried…”

“That something bad had happened to me?”

Robin nodded her head bringing Rosie closer as she carried her back into their bedroom.

“I’m sorry. I was just getting us something to eat.”

Robin smiled as she sat down on their bed and said very quietly, “No, I’m sorry.”

“Why? Because you love me and worry about me? I understand, I feel the same way about you.”

Robin shook her head and brought the sweet lips and kissed her deeply. When she pulled back she said very quietly, “I love you so much.”

Rosie reached up and caressed her cheek; ” I love you too, with all my heart. Are you hungry? I made some of your favorite sandwiches.”

“Yes, I’m hungry but not for sandwiches,” She growled as she pulled her love into their bed, She rolled on top of her peeling off Rosie’s robe. She kissed her passionately till Rosie toes curled and she moaned in reaction. She kissed her way down her neck loving every inch of beautiful blonde beneath her. She slowly lovingly brought her little one to a climax screaming her name in ecstasy. Rosie caught her breath as she recovered she looked up into passionate blue eyes and smiled sweetly.

“Now that’s what I call hungry.”

Robin threw her head back and laughed as she cuddled her little one in her arms. Rosie laughed too then she nibbled Robin’s ear causing the taller woman to purr like a kitten being scratched under a chin.

Rosie’s eyes dark with passion worked her way down to Robin’s heaving breast. Robin moaned deep in her throat as the loving mouth inflamed her like nothing like else could. Rosie reached Robin’s apex with her warm mouth bringing her to a point that she fell over the edge screaming Rosie’s name till it echoed in every room of the house.

*** *** *** ***

Robin had Rosie cuddled close in her arms under a warm comforter. Robin was tracing Rosie’s eyebrows with her pinkie.

“Did you know you have perfect features? You should have been a model.”

Rosie giggled and rubbed her cheek against Robin’s shoulder as she said, “No you’re the classic beauty in the family. I always wished I looked just like you do.”

“No way, I like you just the way you are. Cute and cuddly. Your beautiful in your own way, It’s a beauty that will stay with you all your life. I love that you fit with me so perfectly I’m so glad you came into my life.”

“You don’t know how happy I am that you came into mine. We were lucky to meet at the right time in the right place I guess.”

“No Sweetheart, It wasn’t luck. You’re my soul mate. I know we were meant for each other. I love you so much, please don’t ever believe that I feel anything but a deep love, devotion and desire for you.”

“I know because I feel the same. You’re my heart.”

They kissed deeply. The phone rang and Robin growled. Rosie laughed and caressed her cheek, “Answer the phone.” She said quietly.

Robin leaned into the caress and whispered, “Ok,” She picked up the phone and said quietly, “Hello.”

“Robin, its Pete.”

Robin bolted up straight in bed bringing Rosie with her, “What’s up?”

“That bitch, She has been trying to find Rosie! I’m glad she lives safely with you now because she has been staking out Rosie’s old apartment. I told the landlord the situation and she is cooperating she won’t tell her that Rosie has moved out. I don’t think Rosie should come into the office…”

“What the hell is she up to?”

“I don’t know yet but I will. Angie and I have her wired up really good. She won’t be able to take a leak without us knowing about it.”

“Good boy. Should I come in?”

“No, Stay with Rosie. I think she will be safest with you and I don’t trust that woman, she’s up to something bad. I feel it in my gut. I know your security there is top drawer. I want you two safe while I corner this viper.”

Robin brought Rosie very close to her and nuzzled her neck as she said quietly, “Ok, We’ll stay here.”

“Good girl, I’ll keep you informed.”

“Thanks, Um…thanks Pete.”

“No charge old girl. I’ll keep in touch. Bye,” Said the detective quietly as he hung up and went back to work.

Robin hung up the phone and looked into the expressive green eyes that were so close, “She’s up to something very evil, my love. I feel it. I’m so worried, Rosie. She’s so damn smart and vindictive.”

“We’ll be ok, Robin. I know we will I have faith in you.”

“Thank you,” Robin kissed Rosie tenderly, “We will be ok. I don’t care what I have to do to protect you,” Robin kissed Rosie all over her face. Then she pulled back and hugged her tightly to her.

Rosie returned the hug and rubbed her back, “Shh, Well be ok. Pete and Angie will protect us.”

“Yes, I know. Let’s rest here for a while I just want to cuddle with you and think.”

They quietly cuddled against each other and closed their eyes. Robin’s eyes popped open again a few minutes later to look at the sleeping beauty cuddled in her arms. Sweetheart I will give my life to protect yours. She thought to herself as she brought the smaller woman even closer.
Part 7
Robin was pacing in her home office talking to Angie on the other end of the phone her face a mask of pure frustration.

“You mean she has been in front of that apartment for two days stalking my Rosie and we can’t even move in on her?”

“Robin, she hasn’t broken any laws…”

“Bullshit! How about invasion of privacy and harassment…”

“Robin calm down. I know what you want but I want charges that will stick and send her to jail. We will get her…”

“When!!” Robin yelled into the phone, throwing a vase across the room now in a full rage.

“Soon, just sit tight. Bye,” Angie said quickly avoiding having her boss blow out her eardrum for a second time in a few minutes.

The phone soon followed the vase and she kicked the desk screaming in angry frustration. She felt like she was tied to the stake. She just couldn’t believe that her people couldn’t move in on the bitch. It had been a week since she knew who it was and had restricted both herself and Rosie to the house. She sank into her chair turning it so she could look out the window and calm herself before she cleaned up the mess she had just created. It wasn’t a big deal running her company from the house she had set it up just so she could do it that way. She just wanted this torment to be over with though. She wanted to take her precious Little One out to dinner or the mall to shop. All the things she knew that would please her Love.

“Robin?” Said a soft voice from the doorway, Robin turned and saw Rosie bending down to pick up the shards of the broken vase.

“No Love, I’ll do that. I broke it…”

“Its no big deal. What’s wrong, Darling? Did something happen?”

Robin moved across the room and bent down picking up the remains of the vase after she put her broken phone on an end table. “That’s just it nothing at all has happened. We’re sitting here confined like criminals while that viper is free out there stalking you. Its maddening…”

“Well she is really stalking an empty apartment, that’s good isn’t it?”

“It’s our edge, so yes that’s very good. The problem is sooner or later she is going to suspect that you’re not there. We need to get her soon so we can continue to have that edge.”

“I know that Angie and Pete will…”

“Sweetheart, I think I need to attend to this myself…”

“No!!!” Rosie yelled dropping the shards of vase and running out of the room crying.

“Shit,” Robin said quietly as cleaned up the vase and threw the remains into the trash followed by the phone. She then quietly walked to their room to comfort her upset beloved. When she saw that she wasn’t there she went downstairs and found Rosie flung on the couch crying her heart out to Louise’s sweet pooch Mario.

“May I take Mario’s place please? I’m less soft but I’m just as good a listener.” Said Robin sweetly, she had gotten on her knees and was softly rubbing Rosie’s back.

Rosie raised her eyes and met loving soft blue just above her. She nodded and Robin gently nudged the sweet dog off of the couch. When Rosie sat up Robin sat next to her and then pulled her onto her lap bringing her head against her shoulder. She started to stroke the soft blonde hair and said very quietly, “The last thing I ever want to do is to make you cry. You know that don’t you?” Rosie nodded against her shoulder Robin smiled and kissed the crown of her head. She continued stroking her hair and said, “I only want you to be happy. I have a deep aching need to protect you. I love you so much that I have to do something to…”

“No, please Robin. She will hurt you.” Rosie’s arms became tighter around Robin’s waist and she pushed her head into the nape of her soft neck. “She wants to hurt you through me. If I’m not available then she will switch tactics and hurt you. You’re her real target. I’m so scared she will do something, please Robin don’t go out there…”

“Shh, I can take care of myself…”

“Yes, I know that. I don’t think she’s sane and…”

“We don’t know that for sure, Love. She may just be a very vengeful person. Blinded by hate caused by my rejection. That is sick but its not madness. I want to go out on a stake out with Angie. Pete will stay here with you for your protection. I won’t put myself in any real danger I won’t confront her. I just need to do something it goes against my psyche to just sit here and do nothing. I ache to get this viper out of our lives so we can go back to normal. Please my love, please understand,” Tears fell from her eyes on to Rosie’s neck as she gently ran her fingers through the soft blonde hair. She was so worried she had to do something or this bitch might find out that she and Rosie lived together and that was something she simply couldn’t allow. She wasn’t going to let her home become a battle zone.

Rosie looked up into red rimmed teary pale blue eyes and with a shaking hand reached up and wiped the tears.

“I understand Robin, you’re a woman of action.”

“No Rosie, I’m a woman in love.”

*** *** **** ***

Angie handed her boss the thermos full of hot coffee and a paper cup. Robin smiled and poured herself a cup.

“This is a bizarre set of circumstances Ang, We’re staking out a woman who is staking out a completely empty apartment.”

Angie smiled and nodded, “Yep. It’s strange she hasn’t made a move to enter. Its like she’s waiting for Rosie to come out. I wonder what her plan is?”

“So do I. If I could figure that out this would be over now.”

Angie nodded, “I know, all she has done is make some cell calls so I’m watching the whole area very carefully.”

Robin lowered the mirror on the visor so she could see behind her while Angie continued to watch Planes through her binoculars.

Angie glanced at Robin with a flick of her eye and asked while still watching the car a block ahead of them, “How’s Rosie?”

“Mad as hell I’m here. She’s fine though.” Said Robin with a smirk as she said, “Pete is with her and from what I saw when I left she is taking out her frustration on him by cleaning up at gin rummy. I have a feeling she will have the deed to his house when I get home.”

Angie laughed and nodded. “Your girl’s innocent little face hides quite a vital mind…Um, Robin can I ask you something that I’ve been itching too.”

“Sure,” said Robin as sipped her coffee and looked out of her own binoculars at the car with her target inside.

“You and Rosie are so different. How did it happen? I mean before Rosie you used to change girlfriends as often as you changed your shoes.”

Robin laughed and said, “Not quite that often. Yes, I was never monogamous till I fell head over heals in love with my Little One. To answer your first part, I have no idea how it happened. I just saw her in that first meeting fighting to keep her emotions in check and I tumbled. I simply never untumbled and I don’t want to. I love her so much…I can’t seem to find words to express it …which you know is weird for me. I can’t even fully understand it myself so it’s impossible to explain it to you.” She looked off into the distance sipping her coffee and then when she looked at Angie again she smiled and tilted her head. “And actually we do have a lot in common in answer to your second question. Not that I would care if we didn’t but I am very happy we do. We have interests, tastes, expressions, our morals, even the way we choose to relax. I just love her, Ang. Helplessly and completely the really remarkable thing is I like this feeling. I’ve never been happier in my life.”

“Yeah, I’d say that is very remarkable considering how you use to live. Rosie is a very lucky girl.”

Robin shook her head and looked her friend right in the eye, “No Ang, I’m the lucky one….Hey Ang, The bitch is out of her car…move!”


*** *** *** ****

Pete and Rosie were in the middle of they’re third grand slam game of gin rummy. Rosie had won the first two and Pete was determined to win this one.

“Gin…again,” said Rosie with giggle as she started to add up the points.

The experienced detective growled and said, “You sure are an animal at cards, Rosie old girl.”

Rosie looked at him and smiled brightly, “That’s because you insist on playing logically and I don’t.”

Pete rolled his eyes he had learned you couldn’t rely on her rejected cards to see what was in the little blondes hand she would pick up a card on pure spec and then get rid of it on her next turn. “Your telling me.”

His cell phone rang, “Yes? Shit no! Ok Ang were on our way,” He hung up the phone with angry hazel eyes he met scared green ones. “Honey get your shoes and your coat, Robin’s been shot.”

Tears sprang immediately to Rosie’s eyes as she ran about the room getting her things, “How bad is she, Pete?”

“I don’t know, Sweetheart. She is in the operating room right now. Hurry, Rosie, Hurry!”
Part 8
Pete and Rosie rushed into the emergency room looking for someone to give them information on Robin’s condition. Angie was looking out for them and headed them off before they accosted the head nurse with the same questions as she herself had been doing.

“She’s ok, Rosie she’s ok!” Said Angie grabbing Rosie by the shoulders as the small woman tried to get away to find her love.

“Where is she? Can I see her now? How bad is she hurt?” Rosie anxiously assaulted her friend with questions about her beloved; her face was full of unchecked tears.

“Shh, she’s in recovery. Yes, you can see her as soon as they move her to a private room. She was shot in the shoulder…Please calm down Rosie, she’s going to be ok.” Said Angie quietly pulling her friend into a gentle hug. Her eyes met the angry brown eyes of the police detective.

“What happened out there, Ang?”

Angie pulled out of the hug; she looked Rosie in the eyes to make sure she was ok. Rosie smiled slightly and nodded. “Good girl, Robin is going to be so proud of you.” Rosie blushed and Angie winked at her. Then Angie looked right into the angry brown eyes as she said, “We saw that she was leaving her car so we followed from a distance. We really just wanted to see where she was going. We weren’t going to confront her. As we walked I was in the lead and Robin whispered she saw a glint of steel out of the corner of her eye. The next thing I know Robin was on top of me knocking me to the ground. When I rolled out from under she was out cold and bleeding very badly. She had been hit in the shoulder but there was so much blood that I couldn’t tell where she was hit. I couldn’t revive her so I called 911 and stayed with her protecting her till the ambulance came.”

“No description of the shooter?”

“No, all I could see was a dark figure. Pete it seemed that they were covered from head to toe I couldn’t even see a skin color. It was a thin tall person that’s it. None of the suspects fit that description.”

“And the suspect?”

“Shit Pete, I was taking care of Robin. She disappeared…”

“I know you were, its just…Shit I should have been there not Robin. I’m the one who should be in there…”

“No I was there I should have been watching out for her not the other way around…”

“Enough you two. This is no time for that,” Said Rosie strongly. Her face still full of tears there was strength there too that surprised them both. “First we have to make sure Robin is really ok. Then we get started on those two creeps…”

“Your right little one. Priorities right?”

Rosie nodded.

“Miss O ‘ Brien?” A surgeon called quietly.

“Yes?” She replied quietly with frightened face.

“Miss Peters is calling for you. Would you follow me please?”

Rosie nodded and followed the man down the long hall. “How is she, Doctor?”

“She is a bit hazy and unfocused but she is ok, Miss O ‘ Brien. She should be able to go home in 24 to 48 hours as long as there are no complications.”

“Thank God,” whispered Rosie.

The surgeon nodded and smiled slightly. He opened the door to the private room. Rosie almost started to cry again when she saw how small Robin looked in the large hospital bed. She was hooked up to several tubes and a heart monitor. Her shoulder was bandaged and her hair needed to be brushed out. Slowly red rimmed blue eyes looked up at her and Robin smiled at her. Rosie felt tears pour out of her eyes in relief that her love was alive and well.

“Hi…um.” Robin croaked.

“Hi hero,” Said Rosie with a loving smile.

“Hero?” asked Robin very surprised.

“Well you took a bullet for Ang didn’t you?”

“Did I? I don’t remember a thing. All I remember was getting out of the car and following Angie as we tracked the Bitch. The next thing I know is that I’m looking into the Doc’s concerned eyes and asking for you.”

Rosie looked at the doctor with a frightened expression. “It’s not what you’re thinking Miss O’brien. Miss Peters probably just suppressed the memory because of the great pain she was in. She is also fuzzy because she hit the ground hard and lost a lot of blood. She knows all the essentials, Her name, where she lives, who you are and what she does for living…”

“Wait! Are you telling me that I have a form of amnesia cause of a gun shot wound?” Robin interrupted her face looking very pissed off at this information.

“Not amnesia, it’s a suppressed memory. It’s a protective mechanism we all have; your mind is simply protecting you from the memory of all that pain. You really are fine, Miss Peters.”

Robin nodded and said, “Thanks Doc, um…could we have a few?” She asked pointing first at Rosie then herself.

“Sure I’ll tell the nurse to give you about 10 minutes,” He winked at them and then left the room.

As soon as he left the room Robin motioned with her free hand, “Come here my love, I need to touch you.”

“I need to touch you too,” Said Rosie as she rushed to her loves bedside. She hugged her love gently afraid of hurting her shoulder. Suddenly with her good arm Robin pulled Rosie onto the bed on her uninjured side. “Robin!”

“Shh, they’ll kick you out of here and I want to hold you for a while.”

“But your shoulder?”

Robin kissed her cheek and whispered, “It doesn’t hurt and this is more important. I want to hold you.”

Rosie kissed her back and said, “I was so scared…terrified…I…”she burst into tears again.

“Shh, It’s ok,” Robin whispered back holding her love tight to her. She wiped the tears and looked at the red rimmed green eyes and saying, “I can see you’ve been crying a lot. Has Pete been taking care of you?”

“We’ve been all been taking care of each other. I think Angie feels very bad I can tell…”

“But why? I can’t remember a damn thing. Damn it!”

“Shh, your ok,” cooed Rosie kissing Robin tenderly on the lips. Then she said, “You and Angie were following Planes and then you saw a glint of steel. You dove on top of Angie and saved her. You got shot in the process. From the way that Angie described it she would have been killed her if you hadn’t acted when you did.”

“Hmm, Why the hell is it all a blank? My mind isn’t usually so damn uncooperative…”

“Love, maybe the pain was so great that your mind shut it out to protect you. She said there was so much blood…she wasn’t sure…where…um…”Rosie burst into tears again full of pain of what could have happened. Robin pulled her closer to her good side and kiss her gently on each eye, “Shh, its ok….come on Sweetheart I’m ok….really I am…”

Rosie pulled back a bit and said, “We are letting Pete handle this from now on aren’t we? She contrived an ambush this is now their territory. Right?”

Robin took one look into the determined green eyes and nodded. “Yes, it’s Pete’s baby…Um can I?”

Rosie really growled this time, “Can you what?”

“Kiss you like I want to now because they are going to come in here any minute and pull you away.”

Rosie face transformed into a bright smile and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

*** *** *** ***

Pete was on his cell talking to someone when Rosie came out of Robin’s room. Angie came to her and asked anxiously, “Is she ok?”

“Yeah, she’s groggy now cause they gave her a sleeping pill. She’s also pissed cause she can’t remember what happened after you left the car. That means you’re the only witness Angie. She is also pissed because I said its now Pete’s case. You can help Ang but she’s out of it…”

“What do you mean she can’t remember?”

“Shh, she’s fine. Her mind suppressed the memory cause of the pain. The doctor says it’s a survival mechanism we all have.”

Angie nodded now relived that Robin didn’t lose her memory. She looked really upset with herself as she said; “I’m not much help Rosie, all I saw is a tall figure in black. The build and height doesn’t fit anyone on our suspect list…”

“Well then its probably a friend of hers can’t you check it out from that angle Angie?”

Angie smiled slightly and said, “Very good Rosie, My people already are. I started them while I was waiting out here.”

Pete joined them and asked quietly, “How is she, little one?”

Rosie smiled and said quietly, “She will be just fine. She just needs rest. Any progress?”

Pete was astonished; Rosie seemed to have instinctively acquired Robin’s take charge attitude. “Yep, we have her in custody and are grilling her for the name and location of the shooter.”

“Good, I hope you find out who it is and arrest them before Robin gets out of here. It will be hard to keep her still once she’s released. She’ll want to tear them both to pieces herself.”

“I know it. I promise I will get them before she has a chance to try that.”

“Pete, that only gives you 24 to 48 hours and if I know my Robin it will be 24 hours.”

“So be it. I don’t want her out there either, my friend.”

Rosie nodded.

*** *** *** ***

The next morning Rosie came into Robin’s room carrying a pretty plant and white paper bag. Robin looked much better. All the tubes were gone she was only connected to the heart monitor. Her eyes were clear, she was less pale and her hair was well brushed. She looked very much like she wanted to leave the place right then.

“That plant will not have time to adjust to its new environment because were all going home tonight.” Said Robin in a determined voice.

Rosie smiled and shook her head. She put the plant down on a cabinet across from the bed and came over to her love kissing her gently on the lips.

“Can I have a bit more please?” Asked Robin sweetly pulling Rosie closer.

Rosie chuckled and allowed Robin to pull her very close kissing her deeply. When they pulled back Rosie whispered, “Where going to set off your heart monitor.”

“We did last night that’s why they gave me that damn sleeping pill. I hate those things you wake up with head full of chewing gum in the morning.” The tall woman said with a smirk. “So what’s in the bag?” She asked as she kissed Rosie along her neckline.

Rosie was enjoying the caress of the warm mouth, “Hmm?”

“The bag in your hand, love?” said Robin with a huge smile as she pulled back slightly. “You’re so adorable,” She whispered as she went back and pulled the little earlobe into her mouth and began to gently nibble on it.

“Oh….uh….breakfast…”purred the distracted blonde her whole upper body was now on the bed and she was enjoying the loving attention being given to her.

“Really, I thought that’s what I was having,” purred back the happy brunette with a sexy chuckle as she released the ear and pulled back.

“You are feeling much better aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah much, much better. So what do we have here?” Rosie handed her the bag. “Ohhh, a chocolate éclair huh? The staff won’t like it.”

“Well they won’t get any then.”

“Good, it’s all mine. It’s not as good as my desert but it will have to do.” Rosie laughed got off the bed and pulled a tray over to her love. Then poured a glass of water and placed it on the tray. She then sat in one of the visitor’s chairs while Robin devoured the eclair.

“What progress has Pete made?” Asked Robin with a mouth full.

Rosie chuckled and shook her head again; “He has been questioning her all night. He hopes to have the person by the time your released.”


“Robin,” growled Rosie.

“Rosie my love I feel fine…”

Yes and I want you to stay that way.”


“There are no buts. Just eat your breakfast and be happy you’re alive.”

Robin looked like a little girl who got her favorite doll taken from her. “If you keep pouting like that then you won’t be getting any more of your special desert.”

Robin’s eyebrows shot up and she looked into the determined green, “You wouldn’t do that, would you?”

“Try me.”

“Ok, I’ll be good,” she said as she ate her eclair with gusto. “See no more pouting may I have more of my favorite meal, pretty please?”

Rosie got up and pushed the tray away and crawled into bed with the now smiling woman saying, “Ok since your being so good you can have as much as you like.”

“Oh yummy!” Said Robin as she pulled Rosie back for a deep kiss.
Part 9
Blue eyes happily took in her home as she strode behind her beloved. The housekeeper had taken possession of her overnight bag despite the tall woman’s protests. The small blonde was holding a wiggling Mario who was trying to get his chance to greet the tall woman.

They entered the bedroom and Rosie said quietly, “Ok, lay down on the bed…”


“Robin,” growled the small woman. Even Mario stopped wiggling when he heard it. He snuggled close and licked her chin.

Robin smirked and shook her head, “Ok, Yeash I…”

Rosie pointed and Robin walked to their bed and sat down on its edge. “Satisfied my pretty tyrant?”

“I just want you healthy. I’m not being a tyrant. Please scoot back and get in the bed. I’ll let you play with Mario.”

“I know all that, that’s the only reason I’m obeying you.” Robin said with smile as she scooted back and took off her jeans and sneakers and slid into bed. “I rather play with you then Mario.” She said invitingly patting the bed.

“Play with the puppy first he wants to say welcome home,” said Rosie releasing the puppy who immediately got into the tall woman’s lap licking her face happily. Robin giggled and hugged the puppy. Once she calmed him down she settled him on her lap and petted him looking up at Rosie she said quietly, “Am I allowed to go to the bathroom all by myself? I doubt I could seduce you right now. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to kiss my face with puppy saliva on it would you?”

Rosie was enjoying this playful side of Robin. “Yes, you can go to the bathroom.” She said with wide grin and then added, “You never can tell what I’d like to kiss on you, as long as it is on you.” Then she winked playfully and left Robin with a surprised expression on her face. She whistled and shook her head. She lifted the dog off her lap and walked toward the bathroom saying, “That woman never stops surprising me.”

She washed her face and brushed her teeth, then feeling better she went back to bed to see the puppy patiently waiting for her. “Now Mario lets make a deal, you can get all the pets and tickles you want but no licking my face that’s Rosie’s territory.”

*** *** *** ***

Robin had fallen asleep with Mario curled up against her when the phone rang. Robin grabbed the receiver and answered it sleepily, “Hello.”

“Next time you die,” said the disguised voice on the phone then a loud click.

“Damn it all to hell!” Said Robin angrily waking the small puppy up. Feeling his mistress’s mood he jumped off the bed to his doggy bed in the corner. Mario was a gift from Robin to her housekeeper but really Mario was her puppy by his pure devotion. She dialed a number by heart and said in a growl, “Ang, did you get that?”

“Yeah, but it was too fast I couldn’t get a line on it yet.”

“Bring it to an audio expert and see if they can get a fix on the real voice. I want to know who it is as soon as possible…”

“Who the hell was that? Why did you answer the phone?”

Robin looked at the angry woman in the doorway and said quickly to Angie, “Call me with any results as soon as you get them, bye.” Then she hung up and held her hands out as if protecting herself from a frontal assault. “Now Sweetheart, I did not leave this bed except to go to the bathroom. Pinkie swear,” she said with a comical look.

“Robin,” Rosie crawled onto the bed next to the sheepish looking woman and said in soft but firm voice, “If you don’t spill it I will not be giving you the welcome home I was planning to.” This was really her only weapon though she wasn’t sure if it would work since she wanted make love to Robin as much as Robin wanted to make love to her.

“My, my, my you are a tough little girl aren’t you?” purred Robin as she gently stroked the beautiful blonde hair.

“Come on Robin,” She felt herself beginning to cave in already but she tried to remain resolute.

“Tough, smart, sweet and of course beautiful,” said Robin softly as she pulled Rosie closer. She gently kissed her love along her neckline as she watched the resolve start to fade from her face. She was going to tell Rosie everything but it was fun to tease her a little first. “I love this side of you because it’s so new. Did I ever tell you how sexy you were when you’re determined to protect me?” The tiny gentle kisses were making a very definite impact on Rosie’s emotional armor.

Rosie was very aroused but she asked with determination, “Tell me who it was, Love?”

“Of course I think practically everything single thing you do is sexy. Just watching you make dinner or brushing your hair and cleaning your teeth set me on fire,” whispered Robin as she pulled the earlobe into her mouth sucking on it sending little lighting bolts through out Rosie’s body.

Rosie knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer Robin was now licking the rim of her ear which always made go crazy. She gripped the sheets tightly and whispered in strangled voice, “Who was on that phone damn it?”

Robin was now determined to make love to her sweet protector so she quickly replied, “The enemy threatening me. Don’t worry Ang is on it…Come on my love, give. I want my desert now.”

Rosie pulled back to meet dark blue eyes that looked scorchingly into the dark green. Robin smiled seductively as she saw how aflame those beautiful eyes were and Rosie pulled Robin to her kissing her passionately. Robin was very happy her fingers were busily undressing her love as Rosie just as deftly removed Robins T-shirt and panties. They were now exploring each other’s bodies completely out of control. Warm mouths tasting skin hands explored every inch the mouths couldn’t reach till they both tumbled off into a happy oblivion together.

*** *** ***

Exhausted blue eyes met soft green eyes as they cuddled together in their bed. Robin wouldn’t admit to even herself but the events of the last week had gotten to her. She was very tired; Rosie could see it as she gently caressed the soft cheek above her, snuggling her head against Robin’s breast.

Robin smiled sweetly and said, “I love you so much, Rosie.”

“I know, I love you just as much.”

“I promise all this horror will end soon. All I want is our normal lives back,” said Robin as she bent to kiss the crown of Rosie’s head.

“It will be over because Pete promised me.”

Robin grinned and pulled back so she could look into Rosie’s eyes, “Did he now?”

“Um, Yep I…well we…I kind of…”

Robin chuckled and said, “You have us all wrapped around your little finger… Good. That’s the way it should be.” She kissed Rosie again and was more determined then ever to end all this now. Rosie shouldn’t have to go through any more of this crap, She thought to herself as she pulled the smaller woman even closer.

*** *** *** ***

Pete was in the interrogation room with one of his best detectives grilling the prisoner, frustrated as hell.

This bitch knows there are all kind of charges against her and she wants them dropped before she says anything. Like hell we will, He thought to himself determined to make sure that this viper paid for what she did to his friends.

“Well? Do we deal or do I continue to say nothing?”

“No deal.”


*** *** *** *** ***


“Come on Rosie, she will be on the other side of the room. There will be prison guard with her and Pete will be there too.”

“No! Never. I won’t allow it.”

“What can she do to me in a prison cell?”

“Jump you!!” Rosie was beside herself. Her face was red and Robin could see that she was making herself sick, she was so upset.

Robin gathered the now shaking woman in her arms and held her close, “Shh, calm down. She won’t jump me. She is not that stupid. Even if she did I could easily take her. I’m not scared of hand to hand against her she would lose.”

“I don’t care! I don’t want you to go. It’s in police hands let them deal with her. You wouldn’t listen to me about the stake out and you almost got killed I…I couldn’t take it…please…”Rosie broke down crying against Robin’s shoulder.

“Shh, please try to calm down your going to make yourself sick,” Robin was drying her tears with her hands trying to calm her love down with her voice. “Love come on please listen to me.” Slowly the tears slowed down and two red rimmed green eyes met determined blue. “Will hear me out?” Rosie nodded. Robin smiled and kissed her cheek. “Thank you. Now how about easing up a bit on me, Little one. I need to close this so we can get on with our lives. Let’s be fair about it.” She kissed the little cheek and looked sweetly at her love.

“All’s fair in love and war. I’m in love with you and I’m going to protect you.”

“I know and I appreciate it. I love you and want to protect you too.” Said Robin as she kissed Rosie’s nose and then with a wicked smirk she licked it.

“Eeek! Robin!!” Rosie cried indignantly as she wiped it with the back of her hand giggling.

“That’s so much better. I like to see you giggle and be outraged. I hate it when you cry. It hurts me deeply.”

Rosie looked into the pale loving blue eyes and shook her head with a sweet smile. “Ok, I’m open minded. It better be good though,” She said with a determined look.

Robin gently pushed the blonde bangs out of the eyes she loved and replied very quietly, “I need to end this. The police can’t get anything out of her because the law restricts what they can say and do. I’m not. I know all the buttons to push and I can intimidate the hell out of her. I really am not worried about facing off against her, little one. That bullet was not meant for me and if I were microsecond quicker it would never have gotten me at all. She will not have a weapon and the police will be in the room with me. I know I can get her talk. I manipulated her as my employee and now I can use the same ammunition as her enemy. Sweetheart this is the only way to end this. Please understand.”

“Ok…you can go…”

“Thank you,” Robin said kissing her passionately. When they pulled back Rosie held up her hand and said, “One thing, I’m coming too…”



“No way.”

“Then you can’t go.”

“Be reasonable, Rosie. I don’t want you near that viper. You are the one she is really after not me.”

Rosie brought the tall woman even closer and said, “If I stay behind the mirror with a policeman can I go?”

Robin pulled back and chucked her chin saying, “You’ve been watching too many cop shows.”

“Is it a deal?”

Robin nodded, “Yeah it’s a deal. Come here my little toughie,” said Robin with a wide grin as she kissed her love deeply.

*** *** *** ***

Katherine Planes was in her chair waiting for the next round of interrogations there had been a lot of whispering in the last 24 hours so she knew something was up. She knew she still had the upper hand. They said they would make no deals but they couldn’t do anything physically to her so she just had to keep up her wall of disdainful stubbornness till her friend completed her mission. She had changed it after Robin got shot; now it was either destroy or kill Rosie. Either way she would win even if she did end up spending the rest of life in prison.

She watched as the door opened and her eyes widened in shock. In strode Robin who looked annoyingly fit and beautiful in a black power suit that fit her like second skin. The icy blue eyes looked deeply into hers with pure hate. The gaze was too powerful she not only couldn’t turn away but she was turned on much to her own annoyance.

“Good evening Katherine, That orange jump suit looks well on you.” Robin purred at the woman as she leaned on the wall across the room from the seated woman. Part of the deal with both Rosie and Pete was to stay well away from the bitch though every instinct said to tear her limb from limb; She stayed put and kept her word.

“And you look annoyingly healthy. I thought you were shot?” She leaned back and crossed her legs determined to ignore her body.

Robin looked exactly as she did in a boardroom like a cultured, sleek and dangerous corporate shark. She smiled but it did not reach her eyes as she replied quietly, “Your shooter is a terrible shot. She hit my shoulder. Besides from what I was told she was aiming at Angela not me.”

“How the hell did you know that the shooter was a woman?”

A feral smile graced the beautiful face and she said quietly, “Well I didn’t but now I do. Thank you that helps narrow down the field.” She said hoping the police observer was already on the phone with that information.

“Manipulative Bitch, just like in the office. You knew how to play us all so well. Except that dumb blonde. I knew that girl would be trouble the minute they hired her. She was so damn sweet and too damn pretty. I thought she would be too mild for you but I see you prefer mild mannered boring blondes, huh?”

Robin’s nostrils flared and her voice deepened when she replied, “Rosie is neither boring nor mild. In fact she never stops surprising me. I can easily see why she bothered you so much. Beauty and brains two things that you lack completely.”

Rosie blushed and closed her eyes in the observing room. When they opened again the policewoman with her smiled and handed her a glass of water.

“Listen you bitch, I would have had that little twit running for the hills if it wasn’t for your untimely arrival. I’d say that makes me sharper by far as for looks…”

“I have news for you, even if I hadn’t been witness to all that cruelty she would have stayed. She is not only sweet and kind but she is the most determined person I know. Once she is committed she never gives up. Her only fault is that she is terribly shy and that will disappear with experience. You on the other hand lack everything except a minimal skill at some forms commerce which I found useful. I found you to be an excellent puppet…”

“I am no ones puppet!!!”

“Really? How do you explain you doing everything I told you to do? I just had to talk to you in the right way and you were pure putty. I found that useful but rather disgusting, I do so prefer people with a backbone.”

The woman staring back at Robin was speechless. She couldn’t throw anything back because she realized the dark woman was right. She stood up and was about to lunge at Robin when Pete stood up and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.”

“Why, cause you’re her puppet too?”

“Nope, because she is my friend. She will also rip you into tiny little pieces if you lay a hand on her. I made her promise to stay put but I can’t guarantee anything if you attack her.”

Robin chuckled at the statement and crossed her arms though inwardly she was preparing herself in case the bitch got past Pete. “To be honest you should be grateful to Rosie. If she hadn’t distracted me with her charm and beauty I would have fired you. My falling in love with her allowed you to remain in your position. In fact if you hadn’t started this vile campaign against my Rosie you would still be employed.”

“I don’t believe you. Why would you have fired me before? I did my job.”

“Inefficiency, too much time on office politics and not enough on our clients. I’m a businesswoman I look at the bottom line. If it hadn’t been for Rosie you would have been thrown out on the street right on your bony ass the moment I came home from Asia.”

“No you need me.”

“I do? What do I need you for?” Robin walked to a corner of the room and sat in one of the guest chairs. She crossed her long legs and tilted her head waiting for a reply.

Katherine stared at her devastated. She looked at the beautiful woman now with pure hatred mixed with a driving lust. Robin looked like she was casually sitting but she readying herself for attack. She brought her leg down and stretched her arms over head so she was almost in a defensive pose. She was now ready if the woman came across the room and attacked her.

The crazed woman wanted to beat her down and then rape the tall beauty to show that she was the more powerful one. She suddenly vaulted over the desk and flew at Robin. With a quick movement Robin was up on her feet and Planes was flat on her butt on the floor with Robin’s High healed shoe at her throat.

“Tell me who the God damn shooter is or I will just press…”

“Not… going…to …jail… too…”stuttered the prone woman.

“Oh try me? Who?” Said Robin increasing the pressure slightly. Pete was beside himself he knew that Robin could claim self-defense but not if she killed her.


Robin never broke eye contact with the woman on the ground and she increased the pressure. She knew she couldn’t do more and prayed the bitch would crack. “Who?”

“Laran Turner…Laran is the…”

Angie stepped into the room; “She is an old girlfriend of hers under surveillance. Let her go now, Robin.”

Robin’s face reflected disgust but she released her. Pete and the guard grabbed the prisoner and took her out of the room.

Rosie rushed in and gave the tall woman a bear hug. “Are you ok, Sweetheart?”

Robin allowed herself to sink into the warm hug and said quietly, “I am now.”

*** *** *** ***

Robin was hosting a company barbecue in her large back yard. It was one week before tax season so she decided to throw this wingding to celebrate the arrests and then give her staff the week off. Which of course gave her and Rosie a whole week to play and relax.

Robin and Rosie were in the kitchen working on a huge tossed salad for the staff.

“Of course when we come back were all are going to have to work our asses off.”

Rosie handed the salad to Pete and started to unwrap other cold dishes to be taken out to the hungry member of their staff. “That’s true but we will have this peaceful week to reflect on while were all stressing out at work.”

Robin laughed as she carried two small trays and put them on the large picnic table the food was on. Pete was wearing a big floppy hat happily doing the barbecuing and Angie was sun bathing. Mario was curled up against her another new conquest under his furry collar. The company doctor Stan was under an umbrella at one of the tables flirting with some of the administrative assistants.

Once Planes had cracked she sang like a canary. She and her ex-lover were charged with stalking and attempted murder. Katherine Planes had several harassment charges pending against her from both Rosie and Robin’s accounting firm. Robin talked the judge to begin proceedings after tax season so it won’t hurt her business.

The two women left the staff again to get more food and some ice. Robin led Rosie into the garage where she kept the extra refrigerator for the ice. Once through the door Robin pulled Rosie into her arms and kissed her passionately closing the door with her elbow.

When they pulled back Rosie asked with a shy smile, “What was that for?”

“Saving my life,” said Robin sweetly bringing her back so she could kiss her cheek. Then she kissed her way down to the sweet neck.

Rosie enjoyed sweet assault on her senses as she asked quietly, “How did I do that?”

Robin stopped and pulled back again looking into the green eyes deeply as she said, “Because if you hadn’t come along to bring me such joy and cause me to fall helplessly in love with you I might have ended up just like Planes.”


“No, not the crazy or cruel part of her that would go against my character. I am a manipulator though until you came into my life and changed the course of it. I would have continued on that path to do who knows what damage.”

Tears slowly fell down the soft cheeks as Rosie asked quietly, “What could I have done to help you? I don’t understand.”

“You loved me…actually to be honest I think I fell for you first. I saw you before you saw me and I tumbled…you opened my heart. I watched you be so brave in that staff meeting and all I wanted to do was hold you and comfort you and I didn’t even know you except on paper. You made me see through your beautiful green eyes a better, gentler path. I’m so grateful. Thank you.” Said Robin humbly tears falling down her cheeks now as well.

“There is no need to thank me, it was mutual. You saved me too. You saved me from a life of ordinariness. You not only gave me your love but you helped me find a sense of self that I was never able to find. I would never have felt so capable if you hadn’t made me feel like I could do anything. I love you so very much.”

They smiled at each other and kissed. Angie smiled as she stood in the doorway, then she cleared her throat and said, “I do hate to interrupt but we do have thirsty people out there.”

“Mmm?” Robin mumbled as she continued to kiss the love of her of life.

“Drinks? We need sodas, lemonade, some ice. You were going to get it all.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Robin asked pulling back so she could focus on her friend’s words.

“The drinks.” Angie said miming drinking something.

“Oh, oh yeah,” Robin laughed as did Rosie. “Um, sorry old girl we got a bit side tracked. We’ll bring it out in a second.”

“Um, perhaps I should then you could…”

Robin face suddenly took on a wicked smirk, “Excellent idea Ang, Everything is in that fridge. You bring it out and tell our guests we have an important conference call. We’ll be out a bit later,” Said Robin pulling Rosie up the back stairs toward their bedroom.

“Conference call?”

“Well a conference anyway.”

“What kind of conference?”

Robin winked, “A very intimate one. You and me, naked in here,” she said as she opened the door to their bedroom and locked it behind her.

“Oh that sounds lovely,” said Rosie as she playfully ran out of Robin’s reach.

“Yes very, very lovely,” said Robin as she jumped over the bed and got the love of her life in her arms bringing her as close as possible.

“What about our guests?”

Robin started to untie the halter under Rosie’s hair, “Let them go find their own conference,” she purred as she released the ties and the entire dress slipped of the nubile body in front of her.

Rosie was working on Robin’s shorts as Robin took off her own tank top when the hot flesh touched it lit a fire that no one could put out.

*** *** *** ***

“Ang, What kind of conference call can they be having on Sunday afternoon?” Asked Stan as he watched Pete playfully flip the hamburgers on the grill.

Angie smiled at her friend and said, “Oh Doc, It’s a very important one. I think it will take a while why don’t we play hosts till their done.”
The End

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