The Honeymoon by Lena

The Honeymoon
by Lena

Sequel to The Apartment



“Wow, I still can’t get over your mother giving us that check. Now, we won’t have to max out our credit cards for this trip.” Sandra said as she got comfortable in her first class seat. “You know this is my first time flying. I thought I’d be more scared than I am. This isn’t bad at all, really.”

“I told you so.” Josie grinned as she spread their blanket carefully so they could nap a bit on their flight to Colorado Springs.

“I’m so excited, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. But, you close your eyes. I’ll just hold your hand and watch you snore.” Sandra gazed lovingly into adoring green eyes.

“I do not snore.” Josie retorted with indignation.

“No dear.” Sandra said with a slightly mocking tone.

“Well, I don’t.” Josie pouted.

“Of course not, dear.” Sandra said with a big smirk on her beautiful face.

“Ooooh, you’re gonna get yours, missy.” With that, Josie closed her eyes and smiled sweetly as she felt her wife’s warm hand clasp her own and move it to rest in her lap. Long, gentle fingers, painted figure eights and stroked her forearm until she fell into a restful sleep.

Two hours later the petite blonde awoke to hear her partner snoring softly in her ear, as a dark head rested upon her shoulder. ‘Good Lord, she’s too cute for words. I am the luckiest woman in the world. Please, God, let me make her happy for the rest of her life. Don’t make me leave her here alone. Please, don’t hurt her anymore.’ Josie didn’t notice the tears trailing down her cheeks as she watched her soul mate in slumber.

Josie smiled as she realized where her hand had wandered to as she and Sandra slept. She enjoyed the feel of warmth between her wife’s long legs and the longer her hand rested there, the more she enjoyed it. Ever so gently, Josie ran her fingernails along the jean covered skin of her bride’s inner thighs. She giggled with delight as a dark head nuzzled into her neck and a barely discernable shudder passed through a long, languid frame.

“Mmmmmm, boss, what are you doing?” Sandra whispered into her ear as she stretched out, giving the wandering hand clearer access to her treasures.

“I’m practicing one of my espousal privileges.” Josie purred seductively.

“Here?” Sandra squeaked.

“Right here. Right now.” Josie took her other hand and cupped her wife’s chin, tilting it up to her lips, kissing them gently, licking the upper lip, then sucking the lower lip slowly and rhythmically, sending erotic tingles down to her partner’s sex.

Sandra pulled back far enough to look into passion filled green orbs. “Someone will see us.”

Josie looked around to the other first class passengers, each involved in their own conversations or asleep under their own blankets. “No one is watching us.” Josie grinned as Sandra pulled the blanket up to hide their faces from view.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this in public. Ungh, God!” Sandra blurted out under her breath as the small hand that had been stroking her thigh began stroking her denim covered sex.

“Sh, sh. We have to be quiet, sweetheart.” Josie looked at her distressed lover with sympathy.

Sandra nodded slightly. “Quiet. Right. I have to be quiet. Oh, mon dieu!”

The Stewardess walked down the aisle passing a small microwaved meal out to the passengers and pouring them a refreshment. Josie straightened in her seat as she cupped her lover’s sex in the palm of her hand. Sandra sat up as straight as she could, considering the activity taking place between her legs. She smiled, self consciously, as she was being served, and nodded her thanks, not daring to try to form a coherent sentence. Josie moved her hand and gently stroked Sandra’s thigh, so the trembling woman could catch her breath enough to eat her meal.

Josie pushed her peas around the plate, a small frown on her face. “What’s wrong, boss? You’ve hardly eaten a bite. Aren’t you hungry?” Sandra asked concerned.

“I’m hungry. In fact, I’m very hungry. But, not for this freeze dried cardboard.” Josie slapped her plastic fork on to her plate and reached for her water, drinking it all down.

“What are you hungry for, boss? Maybe they have something else to offer you.” Sandra said, trying to be helpful.

“Believe me, my love, what I am hungry for, only you can offer me.” Josie looked at her spouse with hunger in her eyes that made Sandra blush and her clitoris throb.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to wait til we get to the hotel for that particular feast, my love.” Sandra said as she raised Josie’s hand from her thigh and kissed it.

“Not necessarily” Josie said, as she handed their trays to the passing stewardess and helped her weak kneed partner to her feet. “Follow me.”

Josie led the way to the restroom and pushed Sandra inside before she could protest, locking the door behind them. Josie pulled Sandra’s face down to her and kissed her deeply, passionately, until the brunette pulled away, starved for air. Sandra had never seen her lover behave this way in a semipublic place before, and found it curiously arousing.

Josie quickly unsnapped her wife’s jeans and pulled down the zipper with trembling fingers. She pulled down her jeans and panties as quickly as she could, removing one of her sneakers so she could slide one pants leg off, and force her lover’s legs far apart.

Sandra just looked on in astonishment at the petite woman’s behavior. Then the adorable, curly haired blonde, knelt in front of her desire and gently lay her head against dark curls, breathing in her musky scent. She raised her hands to separate the netherlips and dove her tongue into its treasure.

“Mmmmmm, ambrosia.” Sandra leaned back against the sink cabinet as she stared down at her lover’s curly head in utter shock and amazement. Her heart was bounding in her chest in unison with throbbing in her core.

“Oh, God! Josie!” Sandra’s legs trembled as her climax raced to its crescendo.

Josie flushed the commode on cue as her lover’s groan of ecstacy accompanied her orgasm. She lapped up all of the nectar offered her, and helped her lover back into her clothes.

“Kiss me, my love.” Josie pulled her dazed lover into her arms and kissed her deeply.

“What about you, Josie?” Sandra asked through the dizzying scent of sex and soap surrounding her.

“I’m fine. I just had to have you, Sandy. I couldn’t wait another minute to taste you, to hear you come for me.” Josie sweetly kissed her lover again, then turned to wash her face and hands in the tiny sink. Satisfied that they were presentable, the two women left the lavatory and returned to their seats.

All covered up again, cosey in their blanket, the newlyweds quietly held hands and daydreamed about their future together, until they both fell asleep.

Sandra awoke first. It took her a moment to know where she was, but the familiar scent of her lover kept her grounded until her sleepy mind focused. Her twinkling blue eyes perused the sweet face of her bride in slumber.

Josie’s slightly parted lips gave her an erotic jolt, causing her to run her long hand over a denim covered thigh. The tall beauty smiled as her partner’s breathing quickened and she moaned softly. ‘This is such a turn on. I can’t believe what I’m doing.’
Sandra’s long, elegant fingers, ran up the sleeping woman’s thigh to her denim covered sex, cupping it lovingly. Josie squirmed and opened her legs, accepting her ministrations. “You’re awake, you little stinker.”

“Mmmmhmmm.” The adorable little blonde, purred. “Don’t stop, Sandy. Feels so good.”

“I have no intentions of stopping, boss. Open your jeans for me.”

“What!?!” Josie’s eyes snapped open in shock at her normally timid bride’s demand.

“You heard me. I want to get into your panties and I can’t do it if you don’t unsnap and unzip your pants now, while no one is looking.” Sandra’s mouth was going dry with her excitement.

Josie did as she was bade and bit down on her index finger to squelch a moan when Sandra’s loving fingers entered her lace panties and slid through golden curls to her sex.

“Mmmmm, you are already wet for me.”

Josie nodded as her eyes rolled back into their sockets at the sheer bliss she was experiencing. She reached her left hand into Sandra’s lap, feeling the need to touch her, intimately, too.

“Oh, Boss, you feel so good, all warm and slick.”

Josie covered her face as best she could with the blanket, feeling the blush burning her ears. Her hips began to pump of their own accord. ‘Oh yeah.’

“Look at me, Josie. I want to see you come.”


Sandra pulled her hand quickly from its warm nest. “Shit!”

Josie adjusted her pants and they both sat up and buckled their seat belts in preparation for landing. Sandra brought her fingers that had been recently pleasuring her lover to her lips. She sniffed them, enjoying the scent of her partner’s arousal, then slid them into her mouth, sucking and licking them clean. Josie watched her and shuddered with need. “Rotten timing, huh!?! I’m sorry, boss.”

“Not…your…fault.” Josie managed to stammer with her head in her hands, the throbbing of her sex beginning to subside. “To be continued, huh?”

“Oh yeah! Definitely to be continued at the earliest possible opportunity. Let’s just get a hotel room nearby and start out fresh in the morning. I’m sure the cabby will know where a good place to stay is. I mean, we have enough money to stay someplace comfy with a hot tub, maybe.” Sandra looked with pleading eyes at the woman she loves.

“Sounds like heaven.”


“Don’t you want to unpack?” Josie asked.

“No” The tall, raven haired beauty stated unequivocally. “I want you now, in that bed, naked, under me.”

Josie gulped at the look of sheer lust in her wife’s normally soft blue eyes. ‘I may have gone a tad to far on the flight. She looks like she’s going to eat me alive. Oh! But what a way to go.’ Josie backed up as she unzipped her parka and threw it aside, then pulled her sweater over her unkempt curly head ,with Sandra following her step for step, stripping herself of her own clothing, her eyes never leaving the body before her.

As Josie unbuttoned her blouse, Sandra’s eyes glazed over, her clitoris throbbing with unquenched desire. Josie let her blouse and bra fall to the floor, then proceeded to unzip her jeans and sit down on the bed as she removed her boots and pulled her pants off, one leg at a time.

Sandra drank in the luscious curves. She licked her full lips and her trembling fingers went to the zipper of her own jeans and stripped, enjoying the lascivious grin on Josie’s flushed face.

The tall beauty stood in all her glory, allowing Josie to feast her eyes upon her, then sucked in a deep breath and groaned loudly as her lover reached her arms around her hips, resting her soft cheek against the tantalizing scent of her arousal.

Josie ran her small hands around Sandra’s buttocks, squeezing and kneading to her hearts content, nudging her nose into her pubic mound, until her partner began to pump her hips searching for more contact.

“My poor sweet love. Look what I’ve done to you.” Josie whispered as she ran her middle finger through her partner’s sopping sex, causing Sandra’s legs to tremble.

To Josie’s shocked delight, the taller woman reached down, hooking her hands under the much smaller woman’s arms, and lifted her back onto the bed, landing on top of her, with her knee against Josie’s center, her mouth claiming her lips and her tongue battling for dominance of the warm space.

Josie regained her composure quickly and raised her thigh into the slick warmth of her lover’s sex. Sandy pumped against her partner as her right hand pet and massaged her left breast and she sucked upon her small velvet tongue.

Josie grabbed both buttocks and pulled her lover’s sex into her thigh with all her might as she ground her own sex into her knee.
Sandra broke their deep kiss as she lifted her upper body for Josie to suckle at her breast. Her partner bit down upon her sensitive nipple causing Sandra’s passion to soar.

She arched her back and moaned loudly into her orgasm. She stayed like that, like a beautiful, graceful work of art, skin shining in the moonlight, then she crashed down upon her lover, still trembling with the after shocks.

Josie stroked her sweat soaked back and murmurred words of endless love and devotion into her ear until she began to stir again. “You OK? I’ve never seen you so sexually aggressive before, Tiger.” Josie giggled.

Sandra raised herself just a little, so she could look down into the eyes she loved. “I’m wonderful.” She grinned as she pushed herself down her lover’s slick curves, threw short legs over her broad shoulders and breathed deeply of Josie’s arousal.

“Oh God! Sandy! Oh Yeah!” Josie screamed as her lover’s long, talented, tongue lathed her sex.

“Mmmmmmm” Sandra enjoyed her delicious treat until her lover’s hips bucked with her impending orgasm, then slipped the tip of her tongue under the hood of her clitoris to prolong her pleasure.

When certain that the aftershocks were over, Sandra slid back up the sated little body, being sure to plant loving kisses on her way to her lover’s face, then kissed her cheeks, eyes, forehead, then finally her lips. “I love you, boss. I’ll always love you.” Sandra vowed.

Josie wanted to reciprocate, but her throat tightened and tears began to seep from her sea-green eyes.

“Josie, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” Sandra was alarmed.

Josie shook her head ‘No’ as she pulled her tall lover into a tight embrace, her shoulders heaving with her sobs. Finally she was able to speak and the words she spoke broke her lover’s heart.

“I’m so happy, Sandy. I never want this to end. I never want to leave you.”

“Leave me? What are you talking about Boss!?! You’re gonna leave me!?!” Sandra asked in alarm.

“I don’t want to. I just don’t know how not to. One day I’ll get an infection I can’t fight and I’ll leave you alone.” Josie began to sob again.

“Don’t say that. Please, don’t say that. I love you so much Josie. Whatever comes, we’ll fight it together and we’ll win. Just like last time.” Sandra held her lover close to her heart.

“Promise?” Josie asked timidly.

“I promise. Always and forever, remember?” Sandra kissed her lover’s tears away.

Josie nodded. “Always and forever.”

The lovers held each other, taking comfort in the sweet contact of flesh and kisses. Josie felt her ardor begin to rise and dearly wanted to taste Sandra again and hear her scream in ecstacy. She rolled the larger woman on her back and gently sucked her right breast into the warm cavern of her mouth, enjoying the deep moan elicited from her lover’s throat. “That feels so good.” Sandra softly encouraged. Josie’s right hand rested upon Sandra’s left breast, absently flicking her thumb across the painfully erect nipple. Feeling herself lulled into an hypnotic state of suckling upon the luscious mound, Josie bit lightly upon the nipple and flicked her tongue over the very tip until her lover moaned her appreciation. A tiny hand slid down over a taut abdomen, through dark curls, into slick wetness, belying Sandra’s desire. “I want you to sit on my face until I make you scream Sandy.” Josie whispered as she licked her partner’s earlobe.

“Oh, yeah, Boss.” Sandra squeaked.

Josie scooted up to the headboard and arranged the pillows to give her easy access to her lover’s treasures. Sandra knelt above her partner’s sweet face and held onto the headboard to prevent suffocating her bride. Josie took in the glorious site before her, the pink labia drenched in love’s nectar that she inspired. Her chest filled with pride and desire. She pet the mons affectionately with the palm of her right hand, enjoying the soft feel of the dark curls, then she used the fingers of her left hand to separate the lips and peruse the slickened folds. She watched with near glee as the clitoris poked its tiny head just beyond its hood, all of which were quaking with the pulse of its engorgement.

Sandra tried to look down beyond her breasts to see what her lover was doing. Her patience was running thin as her frustration grew. Josie sensed her displeasure, and peered up with twinkling green eyes as she inserted one finger slowly into her depths, then another. She didn’t pump or move her fingers at all as she pinched the shaft of her lover’s clit between the thumb and forefinger of her left hand and proceeded to lathe her tongue rhythmically across the sensitive head. Sandra froze, afraid to move and end her exquisite torture. She found breathing difficult and her long thighs began to tremble, signaling her readiness to her partner’s who began pumping her fingers deeply in and out and lightly biting down on her clitoral shaft as she continued to lick its tip. Sandra’s pelvis took on a life of its own as it pumped and ground down on her lover’s fingers until she screamed out her orgasm, gifting her lover with her woman’s cum. Sandra stepped over her lover’s petite form and slid down beside her into her waiting arms.

“I love you so much, Josie. You make me feel things I never dreamed I could feel.”

“Anyone would think we hadn’t been having sex for months. But, since we made it official this morning, I have wanted you like a starving woman wants food.” Josie chuckled.

“I noticed. Not that I’m complaining, but that performance on the jet today was unexpected to say the very least.” Sandra said.

“I know. I can’t get over that myself.” Josie blushed and bowed her head. “Let’s wash up and get some sleep.”

“Are you insinuating that I stink?” Sandra said in mock indignation.

“Nooooo. I’m saying we stink. Weeee need a bath.”

“Yes, mam.”


The two sated lovers soaked in the warm suds of their tub, Josie resting her back against Sandra’s soft breasts. Sandra held her lover close and realized that she was asleep as her breathing became deep and regular. “Josie? Come on, boss, time for doe doe.” Sandra whispered as she helped her groggy lover to her feet and wrapped her petite form in a towel and directed her to the bed. After drying her thoroughly, Sandra slipped a night shirt over her head, and then dried her own tall form, shrugged into her night shirt, and crawled into bed behind her, spooning contentedly against her lover’s body. They both fell into exhausted sleep.


“Mmmmmorning, wife.” Sandra purred into her brides ear as she let her eyes dance across every line and freckle, studying the arch of her brow and the sweet pucker of her soft lips. Josie lay upon her back looking up into desire filled blue eyes. She looked down at the hand that was running slowly over her breasts, causing a tingling to grow between her legs.

“Morning, my eyes.” Josie cupped her wife’s beautiful face in her right hand, stroking the soft peach fuzz of her cheek with her thumb. “Have I told you lately that I love you?” Josie asked as she leaned forward and kissed sweet lips.

“Yeah, actually, you have. But, I’ll never get tired of hearing it. I love you too, boss. I don’t know how to tell you how much. But, this morning, if you’ll let me, I’d like to show you.” Sandra’s face glowed with the love and desire she felt for her partner as she leaned down and tremulously kissed full ,soft lips, licking and perusing every inch of the warm cavern.

“Mmmmmm.” Josie purred as she opened her legs to her lover’s long muscular thigh. Sandra ground into her lover’s center as she accepted her lover’s thigh in reciprocation. Josie pulled Sandra’s night shirt off, exposing dark, nippled, full breasts to her hungry eyes and eager touch.

“Oh, God, Josie!” Sandra exclaimed as she pulled herself up on her forearms and lowered her breast down to her lover’s warm, soft mouth. She felt her breasts being massaged rhythmically in her lover’s hands as Josie adjusted her lower body to be able to reach her lover’s sex with her thigh, causing Sandra to pump her hips, relishing in the increased stimulation to her slick center. “Oh, yeah!” Sandra groaned as her partner’s small hands left her breasts to massage her buttocks and force her engorged clitoris to grind against her muscular thigh as she suckled hungrily upon her nipple. “Ungh, Josie…..I’m gonna…..come!” The tall beauty bucked her shapely hips as electric jolts of ecstacy shot through her body.

Josie held onto her lover’s firm arse as she released the succulent breast and looked up into eyes black with desire. “You are beautiful when you come for me, sweetheart. So very beautiful. I always want to remember how you look when we make love.”

Sandra looked down at her lover as her arms trembled and she rolled off to the side, breathing in gulps of air, trying to calm her racing heart. She smiled, her heart filled with love and adoration for her bride. Having caught her breath, Sandra reached for Josie and moved towards the head of the bed with her lover held close to her chest. “I want to do for you what you did for me last night, Boss.” Sandra whispered as she lay perpendicular to the head board and assisted her partner to position her sex above her face. The view was breath taking and the heady scent of her musk made Sandra’s mouth water in anticipation. Long ,deft fingers parted pouty outer lips, exposing the delicate pink labia within. ‘She’s so small and delicate, like the petals of a flower glistening with her sweet nectar. All for me.’ Sandra raised her head to gently kiss her lover’s labia. ‘She tastes so good. I still say there’s a bit of the kosher dill in her.’ Sandra smiled at her memories.

Josie grasped the headboard and shivered with arousal at her lover’s gentle ministrations. “More…..Sandy…..enter me, please.”

Sandra smiled and eagerly trailed her tongue across her partner’s clitoris, down to the opening of her vagina and delved deep inside, drinking of her nectar. ‘Mmmmm, Kosher dills, buttered lobster tails….. And love.’

“Oh, God!” Josie exclaimed as her pelvis pumped with the lathing of Sandra’s sweet tongue over and over again until her thighs trembled with need.

Sandra could tell from her partner’s trembling, and the flow of her nectar, that her time was at hand. She plunged three long, fingers deep into her lover’s vagina as she suckled upon her engorged clit. ‘Oh God! She’s so wet! Come for me, my love. Scream for me.’

The sudden attack upon her sex sent Josie soaring, she yanked upon the headboard with all her might as her body jerked and spasmed over and over. ‘Woa, hold on girl. She’s gonna break that head board. Ow! Shit! She broke the damn, Ow! I gotta hold on. Can’t let go til she’s done. Ow! Cut that out, that hurts! I can do this. Just a few more seconds and I can escape with my life, albeit a concussion. Shit! That’s enough. I’m outta here. Yikes!’ Sandra was surprised by her own strength as she lifted her lover, setting her down gently, and rolled out of reach of what had become an instrument of torture. “OW!!! Shit!” Sandra exclaimed as she sat at the side of the bed, rubbing the bumps on her head. ‘Now I know what they mean when the say love hurts.’

“Sandra, are you Ok? I’m sooooo sorry. I didn’t mean to smack you in the head with the headboard.” Josie rushed over to her lover’s side and searched her head for lumps.

“Aye! Stop! That hurts!” Sandy brushed her bride’s hands away from her throbbing head.

“I said I’m sorry. I guess I don’t know my own strength. I’ll get you a cold compress.” Josie jumped off of the bed and ran to the ice bucket and filled a face towel. “Here you go, sweetheart.” Josie gently placed the cold compress to her pouting lover’s head.

Sandra sat at the side of the bed holding the cold compress to her hanging head as Josie slipped her night shirt on and sat next to her. “Here, put your shirt on too. You’ll catch a chill.” Josie helped her lover into the garment, taking the opportunity to run a gentle, loving hand over her head. “I think you’ll live. Stand up and see if you feel dizzy or nauseous.” Sandra did as she was bade. “You Ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. My mom always said I have a hard head.” Sandra and Josie both laughed.

“Boss, do you mind if we go sight seeing now. I think anymore sex will be hazardous to my health.” Sandra smiled at her lover sheepishly.

“Sure. We can rent a 4×4 and start out to the cottage we rented. How’s about you take a nice hot shower while I order breakfast for us?” Josie gazed lovingly upon her wife’s beautiful face.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Part 2

The honeymooners leased a 4×4 Jeep Cherokee in a rich wine color for their trip to the cabin that they’d rented through a newspaper add. Beth and Tommy had rented it in the past and swore it to be the most romantic spot, nestled in the fir trees along a meandering fresh water stream.

Josie looked at the map sitting on her lap. “Up here, take a left onto Highway 24. The concierge at the hotel said it would take about 15 minutes to get to Woodland Park, then just follow the signs to the cabin rental office. The Garden of the Gods is on the way.”

“My goodness, look at the size of these boulders! That’s incredible. You sure don’t see rock formations like this in New Orleans.”

“Sweetheart, we’re six feet below sea level. We don’t see rock formations at all.” Josie chuckled at her lover’s wide eye’d wonder.

“Look, there is the sign. Let’s turn in and climb some rocks!” Sandy enthused.

“You sure you’re up to that, Tarzan? You got a pretty good knot on that hard head of yours this morning. If there is any chance of your getting dizzy…..”

“Ummm, you’re right. We can come back another day and play.” Sandy gave her lover a sweet childish grin.

“Deal.” Josie grinned back.

The rest of the short drive was spent enjoying the scenery and the warmth of each other’s company.

“Manitou Springs, what a quaint little town. Let’s stop and window shop. I want to buy the boys some souvenirs and a little thank you gift for Beth and Tommy for puppy sitting. We can eat our lunch here and pass by the grocery too.” Josie said. “I wonder if they sell those wooden bowls that are so highly polished you can see your reflection in them.” Josie mused.

“You sure you don’t want to go find our cabin and take a nap first? You’ve been going nonstop the last few days, boss. I don’t want you getting sick on me now.” Sandy chided.

“Oooh, pleeeease.” Josie begged. “I swear, I’ll let you do all the unpacking when we get to the cabin, while I take a nice, long nap.” The adorable little blonde batted her eyelashes and melted her partner’s heart.

“I think I’ve been had.” Sandra shook her head in mock dismay. “OK. But when I say we go, we go. Deal?” The raven haired beauty took advantage of her stature as she exited their vehicle. Standing at her full 5’10” height, squaring her shoulders, she reiterated….. “Deeeeeal?”

Josie craned her neck to look up at her lover. “You know, you’re much too skinny to pull that off, don’t you.” Josie snickered. “It’s a deal.”

“Good….. I am not too skinny!” Sandy whined, as she walked around to Josie’s side of the Jeep and helped her out.

“I’m taking this sweater off.” Josie groused. “It’s going to take a while for me to get used to it being 80 degrees during the day and 36 at night. Not that I’m complaining. It beats the hell out of 95 degrees in the shade with 90 percent humidity any day.” Josie slipped her sweater off to reveal a deep-green, plaid, flannel camp shirt, then helped her partner do the same. Her camp shirt was solid black flannel, accentuating her dark hair and blue eyes.

The ladies shopped for over an hour, admiring the many native artists works. Josie found just the bowl she wanted and bargained to lower the exorbitant price. ‘Boy, they really stick it to the tourists here.’ She frowned.

“Look what I got for the boys!” Sandra exclaimed, as she proudly opened her shopping bag to reveal two halves of a meteor stone. The insides glittered with color. “Do you think they’ll like it? I got one for each of them so they won’t fight.”

“Oh, sweetheart, that’s perfect. You are so smart. That’s why I married you, you know, for your brains.” Josie gave Sandra a lascivious grin.

“I never thought I’d say this, boss, but you lie like a rug.”

“Do not.” Josie retorted, as she took up her purchase and walked away.

“Do to.” Sandra laughed, as she held the door open for her partner. “Let’s stop for lunch. I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!”

Josie chuckled at the irony of that statement. ‘I guess I’d better warn my gourmet here before she gets into the café’ and sees the menu. Better for her to complain out here than get us run out of town. We’ll be here for the next ten days. I’d like to make nice with the locals.’ “Ummm, Sandy, sweetheart.” Josie gently grabbed her partner by the elbow and turned her away from the café, leading her to a more private area.

“Where are we going, Josie? I’m hungry. We can talk in the restaurant, can’t we?” Sandy gave her partner a quizzical look.

“Not about this.”

Sandy was getting concerned by her partner’s behavior. “What is it, boss? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, sweetheart. I just want to warn you now, so you won’t be disappointed.”

“Warn me about what?”

“You may not be able to eat what you normally like to eat here. What I mean is, these are meat and potatoes people. They don’t eat like we’re accustomed to.”

“Well, with all the fresh water streams around here, they’ve gotta have some great fish.” Sandy enthused.

Josie just shook her head. “I’m afraid not. Eating around here is like eating at Denny’s. But, we’ll make groceries and then tonight cook something really yummy. OK?” Josie looked imploringly at her disappointed partner.

“OK.” Sandra pouted.

After eating their charred hamburgers and fries, the couple drove to the local supermarket and collected enough groceries to last them a few days. They were reticent to get too much because they didn’t know how large the refrigerator would be at the cabin. Sandra packed up their vehicle as Josie crawled up into the passenger seat and belted herself in snugly.

“I can’t wait to do some fishing. I brought some wonderful new recipes requiring fresh fish. You’re gonna be my guinea pig.” Sandra grinned.

“Glad to be of service, madam.” Josie retorted through a wide mouthed yawn.

“I want you to go straight to bed when we get there.” Sandra looked at Josie with concern.

Josie nodded as her eyes caught the sign for the rental office. “Turn here!” Josie exclaimed.

“I see it.”

The couple collected the keys and directions to the cabin that would be their home for the

next ten days.


“Oh, Josie, it’s so beautiful here.” Sandra stopped the vehicle and stepped out to admire the panoramic view of the forest and the mountains beyond. She breathed in the aroma of the fir trees that gracefully sheltered the cabin from the rays of the afternoon sun.

Josie sat in the car, admiring the view through the windows. ‘Heaven must look like this because I can’t imagine a more beautiful vista.’ She thought.

Sandra walked over to her lover and reached her hand through the open window and gently grasped her smaller hand, so she could share the moment with the most important person in her life. She took a deep breath as tears of joy and awe slipped down her high cheek bones.

Josie lifted the long slender hand to her lips, kissing it and rubbing it against the soft fuzz of her cheek. ‘Thank you, God. Thank you for giving me this moment, this woman. Please, give me time.’ Josie was jarred from her thoughts when a dark head poked through the car window and a pair of moist blue eyes captured sea-green.

“I love this place, boss. And, I love you more.” Sandra stated, as she captured soft lips with her’s. “Let’s go get settled in. I want you to take a snooze while I get us all situated and check out the fishing.” She smiled and kissed her lover again before retreating to the driver’s side of the vehicle.


The log cabin was quaint with a half screened in front porch that faced the stream and mountains in the distance. The interior was just large enough for a small, open kitchen and dining table for four, a queen sized bed made of large rustic poles of pine, two night stands, a large stone fireplace with a love seat and easy chair close by. The bathroom was an extremely pleasant surprise, nearly a quarter the size of the entire cabin. It held two pedestal sinks, Jacuzzi tub, easily large enough for two, and a private little nook where the toilet resided beside a bidet. The wall beside the Jacuzzi and the ceiling above to the light fixture was all double insulated glass, bringing mother nature in and leaving the weather out.

“Oh, Josie, this is incredible.” Sandra stood in the bathroom door, pulling her petite partner in front of her to admire the view of the surrounding forest beyond the tub. Josie leaned back against her partner’s chest in awe of the sumptuous beauty before her. “Remind me to have Beth and Tommy over for dinner.”

Josie just nodded her curly blonde head, enjoying the feel of her lover’s long arms as they protectively wrapped around her waist.

“Ok. Why don’t you change into your nightshirt and I’ll put the groceries away. I’ll wake you up in about two hours. How’s that?” Sandra asked, as she took Josie’s hand and led her to the rustic bed and helped her out of her clothes, trying to keep her libido in check, knowing her partner needed rest more than she needed sex at the moment.

After tucking her wife in bed, Sandra busied herself unloading the Jeep and putting their groceries away. Then, after checking on her lightly snoring lover, she grabbed her fishing pole, tackle box and portable chair, and headed for the stream.


“Wow, this is the life!” Sandra joyfully exclaimed, as she sat back in her collapsible chair at the very edge of the gracefully moving stream, fishing pole on her lap and cold, kiwi-strawberry Snapple running down her parched throat.

The blue eyed beauty took in the sounds and scents of her new surroundings, gazing in awe of God’s creations. “I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but thank you just the same.”

Sandra said to a God she couldn’t see but knew was listening.

“Woe, SHIT!!!” Sandra exclaimed, as the tug on her line jerked her fishing pole into her hand, splashing pink liquid onto her lap and startling her out of her reverie. “Woohoo!” Sandra grabbed up her pole and readied for battle against her ichthyological foe. She kept the line taut, but let him run and dive and jump until he tired himself enough for her to reel him in and scoop him into her waiting net. It was a large rainbow trout. The perfect size for the two of them to enjoy. “Welcome, Mr. Trout. Anymore at home like you?” Sandra giggled with glee as she strung her prize, set him back in the icy waters and tied the string to the trunk of a small fir sapling.

An hour later, a very satisfied woman entered the cabin’s kitchen with four perfectly cleaned filets of trout that she had prepared on the outdoor work bench provided. She was careful to wash away the remnants and return the guts to the stream for the other fish to enjoy. She’d heard enough stories about hungry bears to know better than to leave an invitation to dinner.

After preparing the filets with cajun seasonings and setting them in the refrigerator to marinate, she quietly checked on her bride who was still snoring in her sleep. ‘She looks like a little angel. But this angel’s two hours are up.’ Sandra grinned to herself as she sat beside her bride. “Hey, sleepyhead, it’s time to wake up.” Sandra gently ran her hand up and down her lover’s exposed arm, stirring her from her dreams.

“Mmmmm, hey.” Josie purred, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, then reached for her lover, pulling her down for a deep, passionate kiss. Releasing her hold on her young wife’s neck, she pulled back and sniffed. “Ewwwwe, you smell fishy.” Josie stated, as she pinched her nose closed with her hand.

“I thought lesbians liked that.” Sandra said innocently.

“That, my friend, is a vicious rumor….. What have you been up to that you smell like the fish market on Decatur Street?”

Sandra’s eyes sparkled. “I caught us dinner and lunch for tomorrow. Two huge rainbow trout, my dear. You should have seen them fight. They were honorable opponents. I fileted them and have them marinating in the fridge. You wanna try out the Jacuzzi and help me get defunked?” Dark eyebrows waggled as she put on her best lascivious grin, sending Josie into peels of laughter.

“We’d better scrub you down cause I’m not letting you touch me with those stinky hands.” Josie rolled of the bed and walked into the bathroom, turning on the Jacuzzi and pealing off her clothes in front of her attentive lover, then slowly sliding under the bubbles and out of view. Sandra grabbed the soap, shampoo and body puff and set it on the side of the tub, then pealed off her own clothes before sliding in after her lover.

“Oh mon dieu! C’est tres magnifique!” Sandy exclaimed at the heavenly feel of the warm bubbles and powerful jets on her tired body.

“Yeah, ditto.” Josie giggled.

The lovers took turns bathing each other’s bodies, lingering at the more interesting parts. They washed each other’s hair and languorously massaged each other’s scalp until they were both trembling with sexual desire.

Josie turned to face Sandra, straddling her lap. She delicately kissed across her lover’s forehead, her eyelids, down the right side of her face to her ear, sucking the lobe into her warm mouth, then across her chin, her jaw and to the other earlobe. She released her prize to look deeply into the blue eyes she loves so.

“Open your legs so I can slide down against you, Sandy.” Josie instructed, then pulled her knees up until she could slide her vulva over her lover’s. Both women’s breath hitched in their chests at the pure pleasure of their joining.

Sandra reached behind her lover and cupped her firm buttocks, pulling her closer, increasing the pressure against her sex. “Oh, Josie….. You feel so good.”

Josie, however, was busy admiring the floating breasts before her with their dark, taut, erect nipples. She lifted the left one to her lips, kissing and licking, then gently biting the nipple, sending streaks of lightening to her lover’s engorged clit. Sandra shivered slightly, encouraging Josie to take as much of the breast as she could and suckling as if for nourishment. She ran the palm of her left hand over the painfully erect nipple of Sandra’s right breast, causing her very aroused partner to drop her dark head upon a slight shoulder as her pelvis slowly pumped, further stimulating their joined vulvas. Sandra massaged Josie’s buttocks as she bit and sucked the smaller woman’s neck and shoulder, sending Josie’s ardor soaring. The smaller woman released the breast she had been enjoying and reached for Sandra’s face. She kissed her deeply, warring for dominance of the warm cavern, then sucked the pink muscle into her own mouth, rhythmically suckling upon it as she reached behind her lover and grasped her ass cheeks as she pumped into her sex with all her might. Sandra had to pull away from Josie’s sweet mouth as she felt her climax approaching. She placed her mouth against her lover’s ear. “I love you, Josie.” She whispered before burying her dark head into Josie’s shoulder. “I’m coming……” The dark head flew back and her long, lithe body arched in ecstatic release.

Josie continued to pump into her lover’s vulva, feeling her release at hand. “Ah….. Ah….. FUCK!!!” Josie screamed out her orgasm as wave after wave of intense spasms passed through her body from her center. Her head fell upon Sandra’s soft chest as she tried to catch her breath.

Sandra watched her lover’s climax in awed by her beauty and the primal power of their sex. “You’re beautiful when you come, Josie. So very beautiful.” Sandra ran her long, elegant hand down her lover’s face over and over again. Memorizing every angle and shadow, her heart filled to bursting with the love she felt for this tiny person who held her heart.

Josie gathered her strength and looked up into moist blue eyes. “Crying?”


The lovers both nodded and quietly held each other, allowing their connection to bathe them in it’s glow.

After a few minutes, Josie’s leg began to cramp and the spell was broken. Sandra pulled out from under her partner then reached down to help Josie to her feet. It was then that Josie felt it, the familiar feeling of heavy weights upon her extremities, and she knew play time was over and rest was her best recourse.

Sandra noticed the change immediately. “You OK, boss? You look kinda faint” Sandra stepped out of the tub, never releasing her hold under her lover’s elbow.

“I’ll be fine. Just need to rest up.” Josie smiled into worried blue eyes as she used her partner’s strong arm to balance herself and step out of the tub.

After drying each other, Josie slipped back into her night shirt and retired for the evening while Sandra fixed herself a filet and Caesar salad. The bored beauty pulled her laptop from their luggage and logged on to check their mail and to send a letter to her mother, Tony and Beth, saying that they arrived safely and were having a great time. She thanked Beth for turning them onto the wonderful cabin and that they’d already USED the Jacuzzi. Having finished her correspondence, Sandra cleaned the dishes and joined her lover in bed, instantly falling into a deep, restful sleep, spooned behind Josie.


The cabin was filled with the dim, grey, light of the approaching dawn when Sandra felt her lover stir and roll out of bed. She opened her eyes to see if she was alright, then sat straight up when she watched her lover drunkenly slam into the love seat and curse the inanimate object in language her partner had never heard her utter before. Sandra hopped out of bed to see what was going on.

“Josie? You alright, boss?” The tall beauty hesitantly reached out to touch her partner’s arm.

“Where’s the ….. ? Who the hell moved the damned furniture around?” Josie was spinning around, very agitated and frightened.

“Josie!?! What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting this way?” Sandra was puzzled and frightened by her spouse’s strange behavior.

“I need to use the bathroom. Where the hell is it?” Josie slurred, pulling away from her partner. Their eyes met in a brief moment of recognition. “Sandy?” She queried before stumbling onto the floor. “Dammit! I need to pee.” Bleary eyes searched her surroundings, looking very much like a wounded animal.

“Shit! Josie, what’s wrong with you.” Sandra demanded, as she leaned down and pulled Josie to her feet, steadying her as she guided the protesting woman to the toilet and got her seated. Sandra took the opportunity to assess her wife’s condition and was startled by her pale skin and dilated pupils. That, along with her behaving like the town drunk, set off alarms in her head. Running from the bathroom, she grabbed the accucheck machine from their suitcases and returned to her spouse’s side. “I’m gonna check your blood sugar, Josie.” Sandra stated and helped her lover over to the bed.

“Like hell you are. I don’t wanna be stuck anymore, dammit!” Josie babbled, barely coherent, as she tried to squirm away from the much larger and very determined woman.

Sandra sat on Josie’s lap and leaned back against her body while she held tightly to her hand. The stick was hard and painful, but Sandra had no choice. She got her sample and let the small struggling woman up.

“That hurt!” Josie curled up into a fetal position, sobbing and whimpering, holding her still bleeding finger in her mouth.

“AWE, SHIT!!! Your blood sugar is only 32mg/dl. Shit!!! Ok, Sandra, calm down. What do you need to do? Sugar!….. We don’t have any sugar. Shit! What else has sugar in it? Orange juice and bananas!” She ran into the kitchen, grabbing a banana off of the counter, pealing it, then opening the refrigerator and grabbing the carton of orange juice and pouring a glass. She ran back to her lover’s side and gently shook her shoulder. “I need you to drink this for me, Josie. Your blood sugar is really low. It’s making you act this way.”

Josie swatted weakly at her tormentor. “No! You hurt me.” Her tongue felt thick and the world seemed all fuzzy and frightening.

Sandra placed her arm under Josie’s shoulders and lifted her up against her chest, while the weakened woman desperately flailed her hands in fear. “Open your mouth.” Sandra demanded, holding the cup out of harm’s way. “Open your mouth or I’ll stick you again.”

Josie opened her mouth and swallowed down the glass of juice, fear evident in her eyes. “Good girl. That’s a good girl.” Sandra set the juice down and grabbed the banana. “Now, eat your banana.” Josie did as commanded. Little by little, her breathing evened out and the glazed look in her beautiful, sea-green eyes, slowly lifted.

“Sandy?” Josie whimpered.

“Yeah, boss, it’s me. You’re gonna be alright now. I’ve gotcha.” Sandra held her lover tightly to her breast, as she rocked her in strong arms and kissed her golden curls.

“Sandy, I bottomed out……huh.”

“Yeah. Your blood sugar was down to 32. Shit Josie, that’s never happened before.”

“I forgot to eat. I was so tired. But, I didn’t forget to take my insulin.” Josie gave her lover an apologetic grimace. “I didn’t mean those things I said to you. I swear I didn’t.” Josie began to sob. “I wouldn’t hurt you like that for the world. I love you, Sandy….. I’m so sorry.”

“I know. Sh….., sh….., sh…… I’ve gotcha. It’s OK, now.” Sandra continued to rock her lover, until she fell asleep, then lay her upon their bed and covered her up.

After cleaning up the mess and checking that Josie’s blood sugar was within normal limits, Sandra sat upon the bed and watched her lover’s chest rise and fall, as tears streamed down her face, and she prayed to God to help her keep her wife safe.


Josie awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs, her stomach growling loudly in protest. She carefully sat at the side of the bed, checking out her sea legs. When she was sure she could safely walk under her own steam, she pulled on her winter robe that Sandra had left lying on the bed for her and shuffled into the kitchen.

Josie stood leaning against the wall, watching the woman she loved cooking at the stove, the lines of stress evident on her forehead and in her frown. ‘I put that there. I have to be more careful. She doesn’t deserve this.’ Josie walked up behind her bride and wrapped her arms around her waist, breathing deeply of her scent as she nuzzled in between her shoulder blades. “You OK?”

Sandra soaked in her wife’s loving touch and tried to imagine life without her. “Yeah. I’m OK. Breakfast is ready. You want to get the juice?” She responded, as she loaded up their plates and turned to place them on the table.

“Sure. You want a glass of the moo too?” Josie asked with a shy grin.

“You know it.” Sandra smiled, but found it hard to make eye contact.

The couple sat in uncomfortable silence, pushing their food around their plates, neither knowing what to say or how to say it. Josie was the first to broach the subject that had been hanging in the air.

“Tell me about last night….. I don’t remember much.”

Sandra heaved a heavy sigh, looked into her lover’s eyes, smiled sadly, and proceeded with a blow by blow description of Josie’s “spell”. When she was done, she looked down at her hands that were ringing the tail of her shirt.

“How do you feel about that?” Josie asked.

“I can’t help thinking what would have happened if I hadn’t been here or if I hadn’t figured out what was happening.” Sandra looked up into sad green eyes. “You would have died, Josie. You do realize that, don’t you? You’d have slipped into a diabetic coma and died.”

“But you were here and you did figure it out. Everything’s OK now.” Josie said as she reached for Sandra’s hands.

“No! It’s not OK now!” Sandra said with vehemence, as she slapped her hand away. “You have to take better care of yourself. You have to communicate with me.” She jumped up, leaning over the table to confront her partner. “I didn’t know you’d taken any insulin. I thought the glucophage was controlling your blood sugar with just you using regular on a sliding scale bases. You hadn’t checked your blood sugar because the accucheck machine was still packed away. What were you thinking!?!” Sandra searched her lover’s eyes for an answer.

“I had planned on eating a big meal with you last night and I figured that, the way I was feeling, my blood sugar was probably already a little high. And….., well….., I bought some pastries when we were in town and I was going to share them with you as kind of a honeymoon celebration.” Josie got up and retrieved her shopping bag, pulling out a box of perfectly wrapped chocolate cream filled pastries. “Unfortunately, I fell asleep and none of the yummy dining took place and you know the rest.” Josie hung her head in shame at her stupidity and for scaring her partner.

“That was a sweet gesture, albeit a stupid and dangerous one.” Sandra sat back down and took her partner’s hand in hers. “Please, Josie, promise you’ll never do anything like that again.”

“I promise….. I’m so sorry, Sandy. I meant well. But you know that old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

“Amen….. Let me warm these plates. I’m starving and you need to eat.” Sandra took both plates away.

“Yes ma’am.”

part 3

After cleaning the breakfast dishes, Sandra helped Josie into the Jacuzzi and relaxed into the warm bubbles as she held the too warm body to her own. Soapy hands ran over soft skin, eliciting little moans of pleasure, while thoroughly bathing her weakened partner.

“Mmmm, I got an idea.” Josie purred. “Let’s spend the rest of the day in here. It’ssssss…..restful.” She rubbed her soft lips up her lover’s long neck.

“Uh…huh. So you think sliding our slippery wet bodies over each other would be conducive to rest? Sounds more like foreplay to me. And, you, my love, are in no shape to participate.”

“Party pooper!” Josie sighed, as she let her head rest upon her lover’s breasts.

“Besides, prunes have never been my favorite fruit.” Sandra smirked as she held up her lover’s wrinkled fingers.

Josie looked into smiling blue eyes in mock indignation. “Who are you calling a fruit!?!”

“If it wears army boots, a tool belt, and knows Gabrielle and Xena are soul-mates…..”

“Hey! I don’t wear a tool belt. I’m femme!” Josie exclaimed.

“I rest my case.” Sandra snorted as she pushed her lover’s wet head back down upon her chest and rubbed her back.

The lovers stayed like that, in companionable silence, until Sandra felt Josie’s breathing even out in slumber. She watched her sleep, studying each plane and angle, each soft round curve of her womanhood, and was awed at her love and desire for this woman, who had changed her life so completely for the better. This woman who had taught her to let go of the past and live, treasuring each precious moment God gave her. And she intended to do just that, treasure each moment of their lives together. Sandra smiled and kissed Josie’s hand, awakening her.

“I, uh, fell asleep.” Josie said, groggily.

“I know.”

“It wasn’t the company. Honest.”

“I know that too.” Sandra kissed the small hand again. “I have an idea. Why don’t I call the fly fishing instructor to see if he can give me some pointers today, while you take it easy.”

Josie looked up. “But, I want to be with you.” She whined.

“OK. How’s about I pull those two Adirondack chairs off the front porch and down to the water? You can doze or read while I get my lesson. But, first, you take two Tylenol and your B12 shot. Deal?”

“Deal.” Josie kissed the breast, whose support she’d been enjoying, then let her partner help her out of the tub.

Sandra went to make her call as Josie got dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt, which she left open to tease a certain Cajun. The randy little blonde posed seductively for her dark haired lover.

“No bra today?” Sandra asked.

“It’s my honeymoon and I refuse to wear one of those instruments of torture. Let’s ban the bra!” Josie held up her fist in a sign of protest. Then smiled impishly into twinkling blue eyes.

Sandra let out a deep sigh shaking her dark head. “Just don’t flash the instructor. You could give the old geezer heart failure and I’ll never get my technique down.”

Josie sauntered up, batting long eyelashes and rubbing her bare breasts against Sandra’s clothed chest. “Personally, I am verrrry satisfied with your technique, my love.”

Sandra grinned, shyly. “Why, thank you ma’am. I aim to please.”

“And please me you do.” Josie wrapped her arms around Sandra’s neck and pulled her down for a deep, passionate kiss.

Sandra groaned into her lover’s warm, sweet mouth. Her ardor rising, she gently cupped Josie’s breast, running her palm over a pliant nipple, sending shivers down both of their spines. The heat radiating off of her partner’s skin brought her back to her senses. “We can’t do this, boss. You need to rest. I need you to rest, so that we can do this when you’re feeling better.”

“I feel better.” Josie stated as she brushed Sandra’s alert nipples through her clothing with the backs of her slightly trembling fingers. “And you feel interested.”

“God….. You know I’m interested.” Sandra panted, as she removed her lover’s questing hands from her breasts. “Please, Josie. Rest today, make love tomorrow. That’s if your fever’s gone. So behave.” Sandra buttoned Josie’s shirt, resting her forehead against her partner’s.

A dark head jerked up at the sound of a vehicle outside. “That must be Mr. Ferguson. I’ll go invite him in for some coffee and then we’ll get started. Why don’t you go put on a bra.”

“Nope. I am not wearing a binder.” Josie stated, then looked down at her flannel covered chest. “Besides, you can’t see anything through this material.”

Sandra just shook her head as she opened the cabin door to greet one of the handsomest men she’d ever had the pleasure of laying her two eyes upon. She stood, mouth agape, in amazement.

The gentlemen held out his hand in greeting. “Hi, I’m Charlie Ferguson. You must be Mrs. Broussard.” The tall, ruggedly handsome, middle aged man said.

“Uh….. Yeah, yeah….. Call me Sandra and this is my partner, Josie.”

He reached passed Sandra to shake Josie’s hand. “Charlie Ferguson. Pleased to meet you.”

Josie shook the large, callused hand. “Come in Charlie. Would you like a cup of coffee? There’s a fresh pot on the stove.” She offered.

“Yeah. That would be great. Thanks.” He smiled brightly, showing a full set of perfect white teeth.

“Good.” Josie watched as he slipped passed her to the dinette, and pulled a chair out for Sandra to sit in. His tanned, well-muscled, forearms stuck out from the rolled cuffs of his red-plaid flannel shirt. Though it was peppered heavily with silver, his hair was thick and neatly trimmed.

Josie observed the two of them through sidelong glances as she poured the coffee and set three cups full on the table.

Sandra spoke up. “So, Charlie, how does one get to be a fly fishing instructor at the most beautiful spot on the planet?”

“Thanks. It is beautiful, isn’t it. My wife was from Manitou and introduced me to this area some twenty-five years ago. We spent every vacation here and finally decided to move up permanently when we got the opportunity to buy these cabins and the acreage along the stream bed. It took just about all of our retirement fund to do it, but it’s been worth it. I have a small medical practice, mostly house calls on our retirees, and I give fly fishing lessons in the summers and ski lessons in the winters. It keeps me busy and pays for the maintenance on the cabins and my jaunts over to Denver to visit our boy.”

“You mean, you own the lodge!?!” Sandra exclaimed, in wide-eyed wonder.

Charlie chuckled. “Yes. Guilty as charged. You were expecting some gruff, old mountain man type?”

Sandra flushed with embarrassment. “No, no, of course not….. Well, yeah, I guess I was expecting a much older man.”

Josie’s eyes narrowed at the obvious rapport between her wife and this interloper on her honeymoon. “So, Mr. Ferguson, what does your wife do while you’re….. instructing?”

Sandra noticed the unfamiliar tone in Josie’s voice and wondered where it came from.

“Please, call me Charlie.” The older gentlemen tried his best to win over the snippy little woman.

“Alright…., Charlie.” Josie gave him a fake smile.

“I lost my wife two years ago this past Friday. We would have been married thirty years.” His eyes softened with the memories.

Josie felt like a heel. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.” She wrapped her small hand around Sandra’s. “May I ask what happened?” The petite woman asked.

His deep blue eyes filled with pain and sorrow. “My wife had juvenile diabetes. She got an infection her body couldn’t handle and she went into kidney failure. We tried dialysis and the whole nine yards….. It was rough….. I miss her terribly,” the big man sighed, “but I still have my son and daughter-in-law. Hopefully, they’ll get off their duffs and give me a grandchild to spoil soon.” A toothy grin brightened his rugged features.

Sandra set her coffee cup down and excused herself as she retreated to the bathroom, not making eye contact with either of her companions.

“Is Sandra alright?” Charlie asked, with real concern.

“I’m afraid you hit a sensitive spot. You see, I’m diabetic too and have CFS. She worries about me. I recently did something kinda stupid and it upset her. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go talk with her. Why don’t you take a fresh cup and wait for us out by the water. We’ll be there shortly.” Josie entreated, apologetically.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll be waiting.” Charlie refreshed his coffee and headed out the door as Josie took a deep breath and went in search of her distraught lover.


“Hey, sweetheart.” Josie opened the bathroom door to see Sandra throwing water on her face, then quickly covering her blood shot eyes with a fluffy towel. “You alright in here?”

“Sure.” Sandra nodded and looked down at the sink as she refolded the towel, avoiding inquiring green eyes.

“Charlie’s story got to you, didn’t it?” Josie walked up to Sandra and placed her hand on her back.

“I’m sorry. That was rude of me to just leave like that. We shouldn’t leave him all alone.” Sandra looked up toward the bathroom door.

“It’s OK. He’s waiting down by the stream….. I told him about me. He understands your reaction. Sweetheart, why don’t we beg off for today? We both could use some more sleep.” Josie rubbed her partner’s back in a comforting gesture as she tried to make eye contact.

“No. I’m much better now.” Sandra smiled into the mirror as she gazed into her lover’s eyes. “Let’s not keep Mr. Ferguson waiting.”

“Ok. If you’re sure. I’ll go get the laptop. There’s a few stories I have on floppy I’ve been wanting to read.” Josie said as she kissed her friend’s hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze.

“Meet you outside then.”


“Well, there you are. You ready to do some fishing?” Charlie asked, cheerfully, trying to lighten the mood.


“First, let’s take a look at your tackle.”

Sandra handed him her fly rod.

“Looks good. That’s a nice fly you have on there. You make that yourself?”

Sandra blushed. “No. I bought that from an old fisherman down home. He makes these guys as a hobby.”

“Well, he sure knows what he’s doing. Fine craftsmanship. Now, let’s take a look at your technique. Slip those hip boots on and we’ll wade out a ways and see what ya got.”

Sandra hurried into her rubber hip boots and followed her instructor into the frigid waters.

“Ok, let’s see that technique. Let out your line and work that pretty little fly.” Charlie observed as his pupil whipped the line over her head into a loop and cast it out over the water, allowing it to gently kiss the surface.

“You’re putting too much shoulder into it. You’ll wear yourself out that way; let your rod work for you. Feel the motion of your line through the rod. Let me show you.” Charlie walked behind Sandra, covering her hand with his much larger one and proceeded to gently guide her fly gracefully though the air.


Josie sat on one Adirondack chair with her feet elevated upon the other, her laptop perched comfortably on her thighs, watching her lover and enjoying the clean, crisp air. She observed Charlie wrap himself around Sandra, guiding her rod, producing graceful, tight, casting loops overhead and at a 45 degree angle to the side, as she hung upon his every word.

“OK. Let me see you do it.” Charlie instructed.

Sandra did as instructed and felt the line just as he said. She grinned from ear to ear as Charlie beamed with pride at her successful execution. “Excellent! Sheer poetry in motion. You’re a natural.” Charlie praised his pupil. “Now, let’s reel her in. I want to teach you some knots for tying your leader and securing your fly. I want you to be able to do them in your sleep. There’s nothing more embarrassing than losing a prize trout to a poorly made knot.” Charlie took his pupil’s elbow to assist her over the slippery rock bottom of the swiftly moving stream. “And I’m going to bring you my wife’s chest high waders. You’re gonna get soaked in those thigh highs. What size shoe do you wear?”

Sandra was embarrassed by his generosity and blushed furiously as she looked anywhere but at her instructor.

Charlie saw the deer in the headlights look on his pupil’s beautiful face and assessed the problem. “It’s alright; really, it is. She loved fly fishing and would want her equipment to do what it was meant for. Now, I’m afraid Marie had a big foot for a woman. She wore a 9 and a half wide shoe, so we may have to stuff the toes with socks for them to fit you….. Won’t you let me loan you the wader’s? I’d feel much better knowing you were warm and dry.” Charlie gave her his personal rendition of a puppy dog look and the tall beauty gave in with glee.

“Thanks, Charlie. That is awfully kind of you…..” Sandra looked down at her rubber booted legs. “I wear an 8 and a half narrow. But, I’ve got socks mamou.” She beamed.

“What is a mamou?” Charlie chuckled at the funny sounding word.

Sandra blushed again. “Oh, it’s just a term we use down home. It’s means there’s a lot of something, or more than needed. I’ve never really thought about it before. It’s a colloquialism.”

“Ah, I see. I’m going to have to get use to not only the cadence of your speech, but some new words too….. I can do that.” He grinned and helped Sandra out of her bulky waders, then retrieved his tackle box and began demonstrating the proper technique of making loop knots.

Josie continued to watch their interaction from the sidelines, wincing at her own feelings of jealousy at Sandra’s easy rapport with the handsome, robust widower. She collected her laptop and returned to the cabin.


Sandra bid her instructor a fond farewell, after making plans to meet the next day for another lesson before setting out on her own.

‘Boy! Do I need a bath.’ Sandra grimaced, as she peeled off her sweaty clothes and, quietly crept by the bed where her partner was sleeping, fitfully. ‘I wonder what’s got her so restless?’ Concerned, she reached over to feel her lover’s forehead, but found it to be cool and dry, to her great relief.

After a quick bath, Sandy crawled under the covers, spooning behind her lover, feeling her relax at her familiar touch. Breathing deeply of Josie’s spicy, fresh scent, she let a feeling of well being fill her as she drifted off to sleep.


Sandra awoke to the tingling of her sex and a persistent warmth in her belly. She opened her eyes to see a curly blonde head hovering over her left breast as a warm tongue lathed her nipple and gently demanding fingers pinched the short shaft of her clitoris, gyrating it back and forth, sending waves of liquid fire through her sex. “Oh God….., Josie.” She groaned as her senses fought to comprehend what they were reacting to.

Josie raised her head to look deep into dilated, blue eyes. “You’re mine.” She growled, continuing the maddening attention to her lover’s clitoris. “Say it. Say you belong to me.”

Sandra was so aroused, she’d have said anything the woman who was giving her so much pleasure demanded. “I….. Oh, God!….. I belong to you….. I’m… your’s….. Please, don’t stop!”

Josie raised herself upon her right elbow and grasped her partner’s breast in her hand, lifting it to her waiting lips, never taking her eyes off of Sandra’s face, which was delirious with pleasure. She took the taut nipple into her hot mouth, suckling deeply. Josie knew her lover was nearing her release. She quickly slid down between splayed legs. Petting Sandra’s mons possessively, she purred “Mine” before separating the slick folds and plunging three fingers into her throbbing sex as her other hand resumed its ministrations upon her clitoral shaft. Sandra’s hips bucked to meet each thrust. Her normally tender lover used her shoulder to pound deep into her lover’s body as her fingers painfully pinched her engorged clitoris. “You’re mine!” Josie demanded as Sandra screamed out her orgasm; the strength of her contractions forced Josie’s fingers out of her vagina.

Josie observed her partner as she trembled with the aftershocks of her orgasm, her left arm covering her eyes as tears slowly escaped. Seeing her sweet lover’s tears, all of Josie’s arousal left her and she realized what she had done. “Sandy, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get so rough with you. Are you alright? Did I hurt you?” Josie pet her lover’s belly in a comforting motion, but Sandra just rolled over into a fetal position, unable to look at the woman who’d shown a side to her personality that frightened and confused her. “How do you feel? Can I get you anything, an ice pack might make it feel better.” Josie entreated.

“How do I feel?” Sandra retorted, still facing away from her partner. “I feel like I’m your bitch and you just marked your territory. I’m your’s? You own me? What’s that all about, Josie?” Sandra couldn’t contain the tears of anger and hurt that cascaded down her beautiful face.

“I’m sorry….. I don’t know what came over me.” Josie placed her hand upon Sandra’s hip. “I love you, Sandy. You’re my life. You’re my reason for being, baby….. When I saw you having so much fun with Charlie Ferguson I felt….. jealous. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt jealousy before, at least not like that. Then, I saw him put his arms around you and you moved so gracefully together, like you were meant to be….. I wanted to tear his heart out! God, Sandy, I had to come inside or I was going to do something to embarrass all of us – like sock him in the eye.” Josie’s tears were rolling down her cheeks as she sat on the side of the bed, facing away from her partner. The little blonde wrapped her arms around her own waist and rocked back and forth, seeking comfort. “The awful part is I couldn’t blame you for choosing him. He’s good looking, successful, healthy and available. What’s not to like!?! He’s even a socially acceptable male. He can give you all the things I can’t, like …..children.” Josie sobbed through the lump in her throat. Long arms wrap around her waist as long legs encircled her hips.

“I would never have taken you for a fool, my love, but that you are. You are a fool to think anyone could take me away from you. You are a fool for not trusting me and my love for you.” Sandra kissed her wife’s curly head. “I take my marriage vows very seriously. You’re a fool if you think I won’t hold you to them. I’m going to call Charlie and cancel my lesson for tomorrow.” Sandra sucked air into her lungs through gritted teeth as sliding from the bed brought the soreness of her southerly region to her attention.

Josie took her elbow and helped her to sit back down upon the soft bed. “Oh, Sandy, I’m so sorry. I hurt you. Please, don’t cancel your lesson. This is my problem and I’ll deal with it. I think Charlie is a very nice man…., really.” Josie kissed her wife’s forehead. “You lay back and I’ll go make up an ice pack for you.”

“But what about dinner? You have to eat.” Sandra’s stomach growled. “Make that WE have to eat.” She chuckled.

“No problem.” Josie yelled from the kitchen. “There was a gourmet pizza place in Manitou. I’ll just order us a pizza and go pick it up.”

Josie handed the ice pack to her wife as she helped her get situated. “Are you sure you can drive, boss?”

“Yep. I feel much better and it’s only twenty minutes away. I’ll call information and get the number, then I’m off.” Josie leaned forward and gave Sandra a chaste kiss. “I love you, Sandy.”

“I know. I love you too. Be careful and take the cell phone with you.”

“I promise. I’ll be back in less than an hour.”


The newlyweds sat facing each other in front of a roaring fire, enjoying mint/chocolate fudge ice cream that Josie had bought at the ice cream parlor in town. “The pizza was OK, but next time I think I’ll go straight for the dessert,” Sandra grinned as she licked the last remnants from her spoon.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” Josie said, as she gathered their plates and headed to the kitchen.

Sandra leaned against the wall as she watched her wife wash their dishes. She grabbed a towel to dry and put them away. “I’ll put the coffee on,” Sandra offered. “Would you like to take a little stroll in the moonlight?”

Josie quietly nodded. “I’d like that very much. I’ll get our sweaters.”


The newlyweds walked side by side in silence, one’s heart filled with guilt and the other filled with concern for her suffering mate. “Penny for your thoughts,” Sandra proffered.

“Believe me. They’re not worth a penny,” Josie sighed, her head hanging in despair.

“I think we need to talk about it, boss. I hate to see you punishing yourself like this.” Sandra reached out her hand and gently grasped the smaller woman’s shoulder.

Josie looked up at her partner, her face scrunched up as she burst into tears, and long arms embraced her. “I’ve never behaved like that before, not in my entire life….. I was so rough…..and I hurt you. What you said….., you were right. I was marking my territory. I’m so ashamed, Sandy. All that I want is to love you and make you happy….. I never want to hurt you.”

Sandra ran her long fingers through Josie’s hair. “Sh…….., I know. I’ve been feeling a little guilty myself.”

Josie looked up into sad blue eyes. “You? About what?”

“About you and Kathy, the ragin’ Cajun.” Sandra smirked.

“Ouch! You really resent her, don’t you?” Josie stated as she wiped her tears away with her sleeve.

“Yes, I do. But I shouldn’t. I know you love me and I trust you….. Because of my jealousy, you didn’t ask her to the wedding. I think I know what that cost you; I had no right to ask that. You and she have been friends for many years and you love her…..”

“Not like I love you.” Josie quickly interjected.

“God! I hope not,” Sandra chuckled. “Still, friendship is a very precious thing. I apologize for my behavior and I want you to call Kathy when we get home and make amends with her…… However, if she comes on to you, tell her I might be skinny, but I can still kick her red headed butt.”

Josie smiled up at her partner, her chest filled with love and pride. She reached up and took Sandy’s face in her small hands. “You, my love, are a very special woman. I’m so proud that you’ve chosen me to love and share your life with.” She pulled Sandra into a gentle, loving kiss.

“And I promise to never let jealousy get me in its grip again. I do trust you, Sandy. It’s just that sometimes I feel so inadequate, like there’s nothing I have to offer you. You have to take care of me all the time. I can’t give you children or the promise of the future. All I can give you is my love, respect and companionship.”

“That’s all I ask of you, Josie. I didn’t walk into this marriage blind, deaf and stupid, you know. I had both eyes open and my heart filled with love. You are extraordinary, boss. You just don’t know it. But, I intend to spend the rest of our lives together showing you how special you are.”

Josie hugged Sandra tightly, her voice muffled by the taller woman’s sweater. “I love you, Sandra Broussard, forever and always.”

Sandra squeezed Josie back. “I have an idea. Why don’t you take that fly fishing lesson with me tomorrow, if you’re feeling up to it?”

“I’m feeling better. I would love to take you up on that if Charlie doesn’t mind taking us both on.”

“I don’t think he’d mind. Anyway, this is our honeymoon and I want to spend it with you, not Charlie Ferguson.” Sandra grinned into her lover’s hair.


The newlyweds awoke early the next morning to the sound of rain and the smell of pine. The room was chilly, so Sandra quickly hopped out of bed, threw on her robe, fed some logs to the fireplace, and then throwing off her robe, dove back under the covers with her groggy partner.

“Is that rain?” Josie asked, as she pulled her lover’s warm body to her and lay her head upon her soft breast.

“Yep. I hope it stops in time for our fly fishing lesson.”

“We’ve hours yet. Go back to sleep.” Josie grumbled. “God, it’s cold in here.”

“Here, let me warm you up.” Sandra rubbed Josie’s lower back with her right hand and her upper back with her left. “Better?”

“Mmhmm. Lower,” Josie requested, mischievously.

Sandra grinned, fulfilling her lover’s request and massaged her plump round buttocks, eliciting a moan.

“Like that?”

“Mmhmm.” A small, pink tongue gently bathed Sandra’s nipple, sending shivers down her spine, a breath catching in her throat.

“Why do you taste so good?” Josie asked.

“Cajun seasoning?” Sandy chuckled.

“Oh, wait a minute. I just remembered…..” Josie exclaimed as she jumped out of bed and ran to retrieve a gift-wrapped package from her suitcase. “Beth told me not to open this until we were alone and ready for some hot monkey sex.” The excited little blonde jumped up on the bed and sat facing her aroused lover. “You want to open it?” She proffered.

Sandra sat up too, and took the package from Josie’s hands. “Sure. I wonder what it is. Beth didn’t really say that, did she?”

“I swear, those were her exact words.” Josie laughed, holding up her right hand in pledge.

Sandra ripped off the paper and threw it aside as she pried open the box. “Oh, mon Dieu!” Sandra exclaimed, breathlessly.

“What? What is it, sweetheart?” Josie grew concerned by the look of astonishment on her lover’s beautiful face. “Let me see.” Josie reached for the box and broke into roars of laughter at the site of a pink phallus and its leather harness. “Oh, my stars!!! She’s flipped her gourd!!!!” Josie rolled back and forth holding her belly as tears of laughter streamed down her reddened face.

Sandra sat staring at her hands, which were resting in her lap, her face flushed with embarrassment.

Finally noticing that her lover was conspicuously quiet in the face of her abject glee, Josie composed herself. “Hey, Sandy?” Josie reached out to take her hand. “What’s the matter, sweetheart? It was just a joke….. Beth wouldn’t want to embarrass you.”

Sandra looked warily at her wife. “I’ve never seen one of those before. It kinda threw me, that’s all…..uh….. Have you ever used one of those?” Sandra asked, sheepishly, nodding her head toward the discarded box.

“Yes, actually, I have. It’s fun, Sandy.”

“With Kathy?” Sandra grumbled.


“How come I’ve never seen one of those in the house?”

“Because, I don’t own one. Kathy brought her own” Josie stopped to take a deep breath. “Sweetheart, we don’t have to use the toy if it frightens you. It’s not important. Beth was just trying to be funny. She knew I’d get a kick out of it.”

“You never mentioned your wanting to use a “toy” before. Why didn’t you mention it?”

“It never occurred to me. Our sex life has always been wonderful. We have no need for toys. They are just for fun….. Look at me, Sandra. When we make love, we make love. It’s not just sex, it’s so much more….., a joining of our souls.” Josie reached over and picked up the box and placed it in front of her lover. “These are play toys. They have nothing to do with how much I enjoy making love to you. We don’t need toys. Believe me, I won’t miss them.”

Sandra’s face broke into a shy grin. “It’s really fun?”

“Yeah, It’s really fun.” Josie smiled, widely. “You want to try it?”

“I guess so. How do you use it and who uses it on whom?”

“Well, it fits…..” Josie slipped off of the bed and got into the leather halter strapping the phallus in place. “like this.”

Sandra stared at the long pink phallus sticking out from her lover’s mons. “I…..uh…..haven’t had a…..uh… in many years, Josie. I don’t know…..”

“It’s alright, sweetheart. I won’t enter you until you want me to. I won’t hurt you…… Come here.” Josie beckoned for Sandra to arise from their bed and she backed the taller woman against the wall. “Spread your legs for me.” Sandra did as she was asked. Josie looked at her lover’s sleek curves and inviting breasts and her heart began to beat faster in her chest. She cupped them, enjoying the feel of their weight in her hands. “You are so very beautiful. I never tire of looking at you, of touching you.” Josie ran her hands over the skin below them with a touch as delicate as the wings of a butterfly. She enjoyed watching her lover’s skin respond to her ministrations. The dark nipples became erect as the areolae wrinkled and tightened. She smiled as she leaned into the flesh, licking and tasting every inch of her lover’s tempting breasts.

Sandra ran her long fingers through Josie hair, massaging her scalp, encouraging her to take more of the succulent flesh into her warm mouth. It was all the encouragement Josie needed. She suckled and gently chewed upon her lover’s nipple. “Oh, God….. Josie…..yeah.” Sandra purred into her ear as she reached her long arms down to cup her partners firm, round buttocks, pulling her into her groin. “Uh…..Oh, Lord!” Sandra exclaimed as she felt the phallus rub against her vulva.

Josie smiled at her lover’s reaction and ran her tongue up her neck to claim her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss, tongues dueling for dominance in Sandra’s warmth. Josie let her hands run down her lover’s sides to her the swell of her buttocks, pulling in as she gently pumped the phallus against her sex.

Sandra pulled away from their kiss, starved for air and brain foggy with desire. “I need you….. now, Josie, but I gotta lay down.”

Josie turned Sandra towards their bed. She sat her down then tipped her back, lifting her long legs, positioning one over each shoulder. Gazing into her eyes, she then carefully rubbed the phallus in her nectar until satisfied with its lubrication. Spreading her labia, Josie placed the tip just inside the mouth of Sandra’s vagina and began to pump into her just a little and very gently. She used her thumb to manipulate her partner’s clitoris, all of which elicited a deep, throaty groan.

“More…..please,” Sandra panted. Josie was happy to oblige. She pushed the phallus in slowly to its hilt, watching her lover’s face for any signs of pain or fear. When she was certain of her comfort, she began to pump again, savoring the feel of the leather rubbing against her sex and the look of unleashed desire upon Sandra’s beautiful features.

They held each other’s gaze, pupils dilated with their arousal. Sandra’s attention was stolen away by the swaying of Josie’s breasts, their dark pink nipples painfully tight. “You are beautiful, boss,” Sandra moaned. “I need you….. harder….. God, that feels so good.” Long elegant hands grasped the linens below them as her hips began to pump, meeting her partner’s thrusts.

Josie felt her sex begin to throb as the warmth of her pending orgasm filled her belly. She covered her index and middle finger with her own spittle then rubbed them vigorously over Sandra’s clitoris, determined to witness her lover’s climax before she enjoyed her own. “Ah….., FUCK, JOSIE…..AH…..AH…..AH!!!” Sandra’s hips buck as she ripped the linens from the bed on either side of her thrashing body, chest heaving in orgasmic bliss.

Josie’s chest filled with pride at the pleasure she was giving her beloved. The moment was short lived as her own climax over took her and her hips lunged forward one last time as her muscles grew taut with wave after wave of ecstacy shooting through her loins and out to the rest of her being. She fell limp upon Sanda’s sweat slicked body, sucking in great gulps of air, her vision gone dim, all senses centered upon the tingling in every fiber of her body.

Sandra wrapped her long arms, protectively, around her sated lover and kissed her sweat soaked head. “I love you, Josie, forever and always. I promise.”

“Me too.” Josie managed to respond, trying to catch her breath. She kissed the plump breast her head lay upon. “Love you.”

The lovers stayed like that, curled in each other’s arms for a long moment before Josie spoke again. “I need a bath. Care to join me?”

“Mmmmm. Sounds good to me.” Sandra purred as she took her lover’s head in her hands, leaned down and kissed her deeply. “I’m so incredibly happy, Josie. Thank you.”

“The pleasure was all mine, sweetheart. Now as much as I hate to do it, I’m going to have to pull out of you. You ready?” Josie looked into the loving eyes of her partner and her heart sank as her wife grimaced. Sandra hated the empty feeling of her lover’s withdrawal. “You OK?” Josie searched gentle blue eyes that had become moist with unshed tears.

“Yeah. I just didn’t expect to feel this way. I’m Ok. Really. Let’s get that harness off of you and get wet.” Sandra grinned.

Sandra ran their bath as Josie washed their toy and put it back in it’s box, “no pun intended”. Long, well-muscled legs slipped into the water as Josie looked on, her lust making itself known again. Her lascivious grin vanished when she heard Sandra hiss and wince as her raw sex hit the warm, bubbling water. Josie came to kneel at the side of the tub. “You alright, sweetheart? Did I hurt you?”

“No, Josie, I’m alright, just still a little sore from yesterday. I think my southerly regions need a bit of a respite from all this attention.” Sandra smiled into Josie’s worried green eyes.

“I’m sorry. I….”

“Stop right there. I enjoyed our love making very much. I’m not complaining. I just need to give my sex a rest for a few hours…… Please don’t be upset, boss. That was amazing.” Sandra wrapped her hand behind Josie’s neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. “I’d love to do it again, say, tomorrow morning?”

“It would be my great pleasure, madam.” Josie slipped into the tub and the lovers took turns bathing each other and washing each other’s hair, their gentle ministrations causing their ardor to rise again.

“God, Josie, I want you so badly. Come here.” Sandra turned Josie away from her and pulled her smaller lover between widespread legs, which she had bent at the knees. “I’m going to ravish you, my love, right here, right now.” Sandra purred into a delicate ear before sucking the lobe into her warm mouth. Her left hand circled around to heft a soap slicked breast, while her right hand slid down through golden curls into Josie’s sex, bringing forth a moan of arousal from both women. “You feel so good to me, boss. I never tire of touching you, feeling you, wanting you.” Sandra’s words and the sound of her deep, velvety voice were driving Josie’s desire into overdrive as she slipped her arms back around Sandra’s thighs, anchoring herself as she began to pump her pelvis. “Show me how to do what you were doing when you woke me up yesterday. That felt incredible.” Josie quickly took Sandra’s hand and instructed her to place a finger on either side of the shaft of her clitoris and squeeze it while pumping it back and forth and from side to side, being sure to stimulate the head from time to time. “Oh, Sandy! You’re a quick study. That’s…..oh, yeah…..FUCK …..” Josie’s words turned into moans as her hips pumped of their own accord. Sandra squeezed her nipple as she whispered in her ear. “Come for me baby. That’s it. Yeah. Let go for me, my love.” Josie felt a fire burning in her belly as her orgasm shot through her loins and down her legs. Sandra fought mightily to keep a finger upon her lover’s clit, prolonging her orgasm. Josie arched her back, frozen in time as the last of her orgasm passed through her, then she collapsed into Sandra’s waiting arms. The dark haired beauty whispered words of love and endless devotion as she comforted her.

“Let’s go back to bed and catch a little more sleep. OK?” Sandra suggested, aware of her wife’s limited stores of energy.

Josie was nearly asleep already and let Sandra help her out of the tub and dry her off. The lovers slipped back under the covers and into each other’s arms, sleeping peacefully until they heard a persistent knocking upon the cabin door.

“Shit! Josie, wake up! Mr. Ferguson’s here. We overslept.” Sandra slid out from under her lover and into her bath robe, while running to answer the door.

“Woops!” Josie exclaimed, quickly pulling on her clothes and heading to keep their instructor company so her wife could get dressed too.


Charlie helped Sandy into his wife’s waders as Josie slipped into Sandra’s, way-too-large, hip boots. “Do I look as ridiculous as I feel in these things?” Josie stood up to model her apparel. Both her companions burst into laughter. “Well that’s nice.”

“I’m sorry, boss. But you gotta admit, you do look pretty silly….. Look, tomorrow we’ll drive into town and buy both of us some chest high waders. We’ve got a bunch of money left from your mom’s wedding gift. We can afford to splurge a little bit.”

Charlie’s head jerked at the revelation that these women, whom he assumed were very close friends and business partners, were actually newlyweds. ‘The world is changing, Charlie, and you better change along with it. After all, love is love. And it’s obvious these two love each other very much.’ “So, you two are honeymooners, are you?”

Josie’s back bristled as she prepared herself for an unpleasant confrontation and just when she was warming up to the guy. “Yes, we are. Is that a problem?”

“Now, don’t get your Irish up, little one. I could tell you two have a special bond. I believe that love is God’s greatest gift to us. It makes this life worth living. I’m the last person who would deny you the right to love each other.”

Josie and Sandy both breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at their new friend. “Thanks, Charlie, not everyone is as accepting as you are. We need to be together. Neither of us could imagine life without the other.” Sandra said, wrapping her long arm around her wife’s shoulders.

“Believe me, I understand how you feel, Sandra. That’s how my Marie and I felt about each other. Seeing you two so happy together brings back beautiful memories for me. I wish you every blessing in your marriage.”

“Thank you, Charlie. Sorry I got defensive,” Josie apologized.

“Not a problem. Let’s go fish, ladies.” Charlie instructed Josie on proper casting technique as Sandra waded out into the deeper water looking for a school of trout to entice onto her line.

“You’re quite good at this. All you need is a little practice,” Charlie praised.

“I watched your lesson with Sandy quite closely. I guess I picked up on some of your pointers.”

“You practice your casting, while I go work with your partner over there.” Charlie gave Josie a warm smile then waded off to his other pupil.

“How ya doin? Get any strikes?” Charlie inquired.

“Not a one. How do you know where the fish are? Do they not eat when it rains?”

Charlie chuckled. “Yeah, they eat even when it rains but they can’t see your fly as easily with all the rain drops on the surface. Now it’s just misty. So, you shouldn’t have a problem.” Charlie looked all around him and stopped when he spotted them. “Come stand over here. Look there.” He pointed. “Do you see that shimmering under the water? That’s a school of fish.”

Sandra looked in the direction but couldn’t see any difference in the water. “I don’t see it. It all looks the same to me.” Sandra complained.

“Well, you’re not as tall as I am. Perhaps it’s the angle you’re looking from. Here, stand up on this rock and see if you can spot them.” Charlie helped his pupil to stand up a little above his head as he held her legs steady upon the slippery surface. “Do you see them?”

“I see something. There is something glimmering in the water.”

“That’s your dinner.” Charlie smiled. “Now go get’em, while I teach your partner a few helpful knots.”

Sandra slid down from her perch and gleefully approached her prey.


Charlie and Josie sat on shore companionably drinking coffee, while Josie learned the art of knotting the lead wire firmly to her line. She found herself relaxing and thoroughly enjoying the instructor’s warm and witty banter. “So, how did you and Sandy meet? If you don’t mind me prying,” he grinned.

“She answered an ad I placed at her school,” Josie stated, innocently. She couldn’t hold it in any longer and snorted, in a very unladylike manner, at the look of shock on her instructor’s handsome face. “I’m just kidding-well sorta. I placed an ad for an apartment for rent on the second floor of my home and she answered it. We both felt the connection between us right away. If there is such a thing as love at first sight, then I think that’s what happened to us. She’s been my greatest blessing, Charlie. It’s been a hell of an adjustment for both of us for reasons that I won’t go into, but it has been worth it all.” Josie looked up to see her lover perched upon a boulder, jutting several feet above the water’s surface, her line whipping gracefully over her head and landing upon the shimmering water. The mist was dispersing and the sun had made a rainbow above the horizon. The view was stunning.

“Hey, Charlie!” Sandra yelled. “There is an huge school of fish just beyond these rocks. If you want to eat lunch with us, I suggest you come catch a couple.”

“Yes, please, stay for lunch, Charlie. Sandra has been champing at the bit to try out some new recipes on me. I can stir fry some veggies and we have a gallon of absolutely decadent ice cream for dessert,” Sandra implored.

“Well, if you’ll do the cookin’, I’ll do the catchin’,” Charlie chuckled as he collected his fly rod and headed for Sandra.

“They’re over there, see, just beyond those rocks. I can reach them from up here.” Sandra pointed at their target.

“I see them. Let me wade up beyond those rocks so our lines don’t get crossed.” Charlie continued passed Sandra and the small rocky jetty.

“Woohoo! I got one!” Sandra whooped as she fought her opponent, her rod bending sharply with the strain. “He’s huge!”

Josie could hear her partner’s excited giggles from shore as she watched the battle rage. “You go girl!” She yelled encouragement.

“Let him have more line, but keep it taut.” Charlie instructed from where he stood reeling in his line so he could help his pupil net her prize.

Sandra fought valiantly, her partner cheering her on. “Here fishy, fishy. Come to momma.” Sandra played her opponent, feeling the adrenaline pumping through her veins. “You’re a monster, aren’t ya.” Off to the side she heard her teacher’s instructions and began to let out some line with her left hand as she held on firmly to the rod with her right. She was careful not to give the fish too much slack, for he would certainly jump and spit out the fly. “That a boy. Keep going. One of us is going to wear out first and it won’t be me. Ahhh-eeeee!” Sandra let loose her best Cajun yell. Suddenly, she felt rubber soles lose their grip on the wet surface below, the force of her battle against her prize throwing her backward as her feet slipped out from under her. “Son of a….. Arrrgh!” She heard the loud thud as her head hit the unyielding hardness, excruciating pain radiating through her skull and into her eyes. She tried to breathe through it, but a white hot fire in her right shoulder stopped her cold. Off in the distance she thought she heard Josie scream and wanted nothing more than to comfort her, to reassure her that she was OK. Sandra rolled up on to her knees in an effort to signal her lover, when she was bombarded with wave after wave of nausea and her world started spinning, violently. She grabbed her head in agony as darkness claimed her and she toppled into the icy waters below.


“SANDY!” Josie screamed as she watched in horror. “Charlie, help her!” She yelled, yanking the rubber hip boots off and running through the fast moving water toward her soul mate.

“She’s in the water, heading your way!” Charlie yelled back, moving as fast as he could, trying to reach his new friend before she could drown.

Josie’s eyes searched the water in the direction she’d last seen Sandra. “There! I see her!” Heading downstream was the still, partially submerged body, the sun reflecting off of shiny green waders. Josie knew the water was now too deep for her to move fast enough to reach her lover in time, so she dived head first and swam as hard as she could to catch her before her body passed beyond her reach. With her last powerful stroke her hand rubbed against something, and she grabbed it. Holding on with all her might, she found her footing and pulled her lover’s limp body into her arms. “I’ve got her!” She yelled as she held Sandra’s head above water and hurriedly struggled to drag her to shore.

Charlie caught up to Josie. “Let me have her. I can move faster through the water than you can.” The exhausted woman allowed her wife to be taken into the big man’s arms and quickly carried on to land. Charlie immediately checked for a heart beat and respirations. Sandra was no longer breathing. Charlie forced air into waterlogged lungs and deftly turned his patient into the rescue position as she coughed violently over and over, purging her lungs of the freezing water. Josie made it to her side and held the dark head as coughing turned into retching. “God, Charlie, look at her head.” Josie gasped as blood covered her hands from the gaping wound. “We need to get this bleeding stopped and get her to the ER.”

“I have my bag and cell phone in the truck. I’ll be right back.” Charlie yelled over his shoulder. “And, get those wet clothes off of her.” As if on cue, Sandra began to shiver violently.

Josie got busy removing Sandra’s clothing, prepared to flip her on her stomach at the first sign of retching. “Come on baby, I have to get you out of these wet things.” Sandra only groaned, eyelashes fluttering briefly. Josie ripped the buttons off her flannel top and struggled to pull the sleeves off her long flaccid arms. She then unzipped the waders and was relieved to see Charlie kneel down to help her pull them off, then hand Josie a blanket. “Take the wet under things off of her too and wrap her in this blanket while I tend to her head. I called the hospital. They will be ready for us when we arrive.” Charlie gently lifted Sandra’s head and applied a pressure bandage to the bleeding wound, averting his eyes from her nakedness.

“You run inside and get out of those wet clothes and bring a blanket and towels with you. I’ll load her into the back of the truck,” Charlie instructed briskly.

Josie ran inside and changed quicker than she’d ever changed in her life. She met Charlie at the truck and threw the extra blanket over Sandra’s shivering body and hopped in. “Let’s go!” She demanded, her panic rising. The truck took off with breakneck speed, Josie holding her lover to her, rubbing a towel through her wet hair to remove as much of the moisture and blood as she could, cooing words of love and encouragement in her ear. As she grabbed another towel to dry her own hair, Josie rubbed Sandra’s arms and legs under the blanket in an effort to warm her and stop her incessant shivering.

Sandra was thrown again into a coughing fit, so Josie placed her in the recovery position once more. She felt for a pulse and found it slow but steady. Seeing the huge developing bruise from her right shoulder to mid T-spine, her heart filled with empathy for her fallen love. Josie gently rubbed her lover’s back offering warmth and comfort. ‘Please, God, please help her. She’s so good. I love her so much. Please, don’t make her suffer like this.’ Josie stretched out her body against Sandra’s back, covering them both completely in the blanket, hoping their hot breath would warm her.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only 14 minutes, Charlie drove up to ER receiving. A stretcher waited on their approach. “We have a near drowning with head trauma. I want blood potassium level, stat! Is CAT scan ready for her?” Charlie spouted to the ER charge nurse as he maneuvered the stretcher holding their precious cargo into exam room 3.

“Yes sir. Lab is here and Radiology has been notified.” The trauma team fell into place like a well oiled machine. O2 at 2 liters per nasal cannula and two 18 gauge IV access lines were started, EKG done, and blood work drawn before X-ray rolled in to do their part.

“I want cervical, then chest, but don’t lift her head more than absolutely necessary. Nurse, get me a suture tray and prepare a Kayexalate enema. I want stat blood gases and a pulse ox put on her. Hook her up to telemetry.” As soon as X-ray was done, Charlie carefully shaved the area around the gaping wound in Sandra’s head, scrubbed it gently with betadine, then sutured it closed. “Everyone done? Let’s get that CT scan.” Charlie helped organize her transfer.

“Sandra, can you hear me?” Charlie squeezed her hand, but all she could do was moan out in misery.


Josie watched the familiar hustle and bustle of activity. She stayed out of the way as she mentally assessed the results of each action and the reason behind each test. She kept a clinical posture as she tried to follow them, but the ER ward clerk stopped her. “I’m sorry ma’am, but you can’t go in there. You’ll just be in the way. The doctor will come speak to you as soon as he knows anything. Why don’t you go have a seat. There’s a coffee pot in the waiting room.”

Josie’s first reaction was to take the woman’s head off, but she thought better of it. “You’re right, I can’t do anything while she’s in that machine. You’ll come get me when she’s returned, won’t you?”

“Of course, I will. Now, you go put your feet up. Those things take a little while.” The blue haired nurse gave Josie a motherly smile and went back to her charts.


Charlie Ferguson stood beside the on call Neurologist observing the CT films as the story of Sandra’s injuries unfolded. “She has a very hard head. I don’t see signs of subdural hematoma but with the size of that knot on her head, I’m going to expect intra-cranial swelling soon. Is she responsive?”

“Just barely. She responds to painful stimuli but, as of yet, not much else.” Charlie sighed.

“She’s a near drowning. How long was she oxygen deprived.” The neurologist asked, gravely.

“Three or four minutes. But she was in water temperature of maybe 50 degrees. I hope that slowed her metabolism down enough to decrease the oxygen demands of her brain and vital organs.”

“Let’s get an EEG. Just to be certain and see if we can wake her up.”

“I suggest we enlist the help of her partner, if we’re going to get any response from her.”

“Whatever works. Just hurry it up. I’ve got rounds to finish.”


‘What’s taking so damned long?’ Josie paced up and down in the waiting room, drinking god-awful coffee and analyzing in her head all the possible scenarios of a near drowning with head trauma. She walked back out to the receiving desk for the third time when Charlie walked through the double doors.

“How is she?” Josie asked

“Not quite sure yet. I need you to come with me.” Charlie took her elbow and led her toward her lover. “So far, the CT scan looks good. But, she is not responding significantly to stimuli. The Neurologist, Dr. Raynard, wants to do an EEG, but first he wants her aroused. I told him if anyone can arouse Sandra, it would be you.” The very handsome doctor gave Josie a wink and wiggled his eyebrows. The frightened little woman couldn’t help but grin at his antics and appreciate his effort to lighten the mood.

Josie pulled a chair beside the stretcher Sandra had been transferred to for the EEG. Holding her wife’s limp hand, she beckoned to her. “Sandy, sweetheart, it’s Josie. I know you’re in a load of pain when you’re awake, but I need you to open your eyes for me. Just for a few minutes so they can take an EEG, OK? Come on, Sandy, show off those baby blues. Prove to them you’re still in there.” Josie kissed her hand as she searched the beautiful face, willing her to awaken. “Sandy, Please….” Josie stifled a sob “I need you, baby.” The dark head turned slightly toward the sound of the sweet voice calling to her. The movement caused a wave of dizziness and she squeezed her eyes closed tightly and moaned in agony. “That’s it, baby. Take it slow. Just look at me. You can do it. Look at me, Sandy.” Sandra’s eyelids fluttered, blue eyes flickering beneath them. This time her moan was accompanied by a grimace as her left hand raised to shade her eyes from the harsh light. “Charlie, can we turn the over-head off? It’s hurting her eyes.” Josie asked.

“Of course.”

The lights were turned off and Sandra breathed a sigh of relief.

“Look at me Sandy.” Sandra opened her eyes., but they were unfocused, her eyelids seeming to blink rhythmically, in slow motion, as she gazed towards Josie. “Baby, do you know where you are?” Josie asked, but her wife made no effort to respond to her. “Sandy do you hear me?” Sandy’s eyes fluttered closed. “Shit, Charlie. What’s happening?” Josie blurted in frustration.

“That’s what we are trying to find out. It’s probably from intra-cranial swelling. Give her 10 mg of dexamethasone IV. That should help. What do you think, Dr. Maynard?”

“I think that’s the best course of treatment for the time being. The EEG shows some mild depression in activity, but nothing that I’m going to get too worried about yet. I want the EEG repeated in the morning and inform me if there is no change or a worsening of her neurological status. A pleasure to see you, Dr. Ferguson.”

“Same here. Thanks for coming down.” Charlie turned to the ER nurse who’d accompanied them. “David, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s get her back to ER, I want to see those X-rays.”

David proceeded to remove the electrodes from Sandra’s head and wiped the conduction gel away.

“She’s all set.”


Back in the ER exam room, Charlie looked at the X-rays and lab results, an unhappy scowl on his face. “What is it? Is something wrong?” Josie asked, sitting next to her lover, rubbing her cheek against a limp hand.

She’s got a fracture of the fifth intercostal, but there’s nothing much we can do about that. It’s her potassium that concerns me, it’s a bit elevated. This is typical in near drownings in fresh water. It can cause…..”

“Dr. Ferguson, she’s throwing some PVC’s.”

“Let’s get that Kayexalate enema going , we need to get her potassium down now.” Charlie ordered. Josie again stood outside looking in as there was a flurry of activity around her soul mate’s body. Charlie came to stand next to her and took her hand. “Josie is there anyone you want me to contact for her, any family?”

Josie looked up into her friend’s compassionate eyes and sighed in resignation. “She’s not coming home any time soon, is she?”

“No. I don’t believe she is. But that’s not to say that she won’t make a complete recovery. Once we get her stabilized, I intend to transfer her to ICU for at least 48 hour observation. We’ll have to closely monitor her serum potassium and neuro signs.”

Josie nodded. “Her mother should know. She’s in New Orleans.” Charlie pulled a pen and prescription pad out of his lab coat pocket. What’s her name and number?

After giving Andre’ Broussard’s number to Charlie, she asked to use his cell phone that was still in the truck. “I’ll pay you back.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll put a call in to Mrs. Broussard.”

“Thanks” Josie squeezed the big man’s hand.


“Beth, it’s Josie.” Hearing her best friend’s voice tore away the last vestiges of self control from the frightened, exhausted woman.

“Hey, Josie. You calling to check on the pups?”


“Jo? What’s wrong? You two have a fight?”

“No!” Josie sobbed into the phone.

“Jesus, Jo, you’re scaring the hell out of me. What’s wrong, baby?”

“We’re at the ER in Colorado Springs…..”

“The Emergency Rom!?! Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, It’s Sandy. Oh God, Beth…..”

Beth sat at her kitchen table, her hand covering her eyes, dreading what Josie had to say. “Take a deep breath, baby , and slowly tell me what’s happened to Sandy.”

Josie told Beth the whole story, not even trying to control her tears. “Beth I need you to do something for me.”

“Sure, anything.”

“Would you call Andy? She’s all alone and she’s getting the news from Charlie. I just couldn’t handle it right now. I’m worried about her.”

“Sure, I will. Don’t you worry any. Call me back as soon as you know something. And get some rest. She doesn’t need you getting sick, too.”


“I love you, Jo.”

“Love you, too, Beth. Bye.”


Josie sat next to Sandra, holding her hand, remembering every lovely moment since the met and became an integral part of each other’s lives. She relived every tear, every smile, every touch. “God, you know I’m not as good a person as my wife is and I don’t have much practice at praying, but….. Sandra is a good Catholic. She is devoted to you. She deserves your intervention even if I don’t. So, please, help her. Help her to get well and bring her back to me. You see, I don’t think I could live without her. I don’t think I’d want to try. So, you see if you help Sandra, you’ll actually be saving two of us. You can’t beat that, two for the price of one.” Josie prayed, then put her head down on the stretcher and fell into a light sleep.

Over an hour later, Josie was awakened by the activity around her as nurses hung more Kayexalate and more blood was drawn.

“Excuse me, ma’am, we need to insert a catheter on this patient. Would you excuse us for a minute?” The nurse asked.

Josie, reluctantly, left the nurses to their duties and went to the waiting area for another cup of coffee. “God, this is awful,” Josie squinched up her face in disgust.

“I sure isn’t as good as yours,” Charlie said as he walked up behind her, test results in his hand.

“Her potassium is still too high, but not as high as it was. I ordered some more Kayexalate. That should take care of it.”

“Yes, I saw.” Josie sighed as she sat down and put her feet up on a chair.

“When the nurses are finished cleaning her up, I want you to try waking her again. Let’s see if that dex did the trick.” Charlie smiled warmly.

“Sure, let’s give it another try.” Josie put her coffee cup in the trash can and followed the doctor back to Sandra’s side. Josie turned off the over-head then took her place next to her soul mate. “Hey Sandy, have you been giving the nurses a hard time while I was away?”

Josie leaned over and kissed her wife’s forehead, then her cheek and whispered in her ear. “I love you, sweetheart. Time to wake up, now.” Josie sat down and held Sandra’s hand to her breast. “You feel that? That’s my heart beating. You own that. I’ve entrusted you with it since the day I gave you that ring on your finger. You own my heart, Sandy. Please don’t break it.” Josie broke into tears. “Please, wake up. I need you, Sandy. Wake up, dammit!” Josie yelled, burying her face in her lover’s belly.


“What?” Josie picked her head up and pointed blood shot eyes at her lover. “What did you say, Sandy?”

“Head…..hurts.” Sandra croaked as she opened her bleary eyes, trying to focus on the curly blonde before her.

“Sweetheart, do you know where you are?”

Somewhat dilated blue eyes tried to scan the room, then slammed shut as pain swelled behind them. “ER?”

“That’s right. You’re doing beautifully. Do you know who I am?” Josie asked tentatively.

Sandra opened her eyes once more and focused on the face she loved. “My Josie, all three of you.”

Josie burst into tears of joy and pet her wife’s cheek tenderly. “God, I love you, woman. Don’t ever scare me like that again?”

“OK….. What’d I do?” Sandra looked puzzled.

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

Sandra gave a weak, lascivious grin. “Hot monkey sex.”

Josie laughed loudly at that, causing her lover to cringe in pain.

Charlie walked around to his patient’s field of vision. “Glad to have you back, my friend. Do you know who I am?”

Sandra tried hard to focus, then it came to her. “You’re Charlie Ferguson, fly fisherman.”

“Very good. I think it’s safe to send you to ICU now. I’ll write the orders while you two visit.”

“Thanks so much, Charlie.”

“It was my pleasure.”

“Boss, what happened? Why do I feel like I went three rounds with Mohammad Ali and lost?”

“You were fly fishing, standing on a boulder, slipped and hit your head, broke your rib, bruised the hell out of your shoulder, and nearly drowned.”

“That must be why my chest hurts.”

“Yep, that would be it.” Josie responded, rubbing her wife’s hand, lovingly.

“What were you doing while I was having so much fun?”

“She pulled you out of the stream. Saved your life. Got to you before I could. That’s quite a gal you’ve got there.” Charlie interjected.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life.” Josie tried to smile.

“I’m sorry I missed it.” Sandra retorted.

“Hate to break this up, but you, Mrs Broussard, are going to ICU. I want you to rest, even though they’ll be waking you up every two hours to check your neuro signs. And you, my fine hero, are going to let me take you back to the cabin to get some rest.”

“Not a snowball’s chance in hell I’m leaving my wife. End of story.” Josie stated adamantly.

“Josie, you won’t be able to see her til 0900. There is nothing you can do for her now. She’s going to be discharged in two or three days, then you’ll have to care for her at home for a few more days til she’s self sufficient again. You will be no good to her if you’re sick yourself.” Charlie argued.

“Please….., hush…..” Sandra whispered over the throbbing in her head. “Josie….., go home. Don’t make me crazy.”

Josie looked from her lover to her friend and gave in, not wanting to upset Sandra. “OK. But I’ll be back here as soon as visiting hours begin. You behave and don’t give the nurses a hard time.” The exhausted little blonde stood up and kissed her soul mate’s soft lips. “I love you, wife. Get some rest.”

“Love you, too.”


Josie fell asleep in the truck on the way back to the cabin and Charlie helped her inside and started a warm fire in the hearth. “Why don’t you fix me a nice breakfast in the morning and then we can both go check up on Sandra,” Charlie offered, figuring his friend wouldn’t take the time to eat otherwise.

“How will I get back here, though?”

“I’ll give you a ride. It’s only twenty minutes away. Just call me on the cell when you’re ready.”

“Charlie, I don’t know what I would do without you right now. Thank you.”

“My pleasure. I’ll be back in the morning. Sleep well.”

“You, too.”

Part 4

Josie sat at her wife’s bedside, impatiently waiting for her to awaken. She jumped when Charlie entered the room, chart in hand, looking professional in his lab-coat. He pulled up a chair, sat down and went over the chart with her. “Well, I see we have her potassium level under control. Let’s continue to monitor that q 4. Her neuro signs have improved, but she’s got a ways to go yet. I’m going to give her 8 mg of dexamethasone IV now, then 6 mg IM in 6 hours and 4 mg IM q6 times two doses, then reassess her need for it. This should help a lot with her pain and decrease the intracranial swelling. That and Motrin is all I dare to give her for her discomfort with that head injury. I think we can change those neuro checks to q 4. Her body could use the sleep to recup. She’s developed a temp, nothing serious. I ordered a broad spectrum antibiotic IVPB. I expected this and just forgot to order it last night in all the excitement. It’s been a while since I covered an ER. I’ve got to thank Dr. Jenkins for letting me have free reign like that. He’s a great guy. We’ve spent many a Saturday fly fishing. His wife hates it.” Charlie chuckled. “So, I get him by default. Why don’t you see if you can wake up sleeping beauty, while I give these orders to her nurse?”

“OK….. Thanks, Charlie,” Josie smiled, warmly. The little blonde sat upon her partner’s bed, leaned over and kissed her, ever so gently, on her lips, then her cheeks, eyelids and her forehead. “Time to wake up, my love.” Sandra’s eyelids fluttered and a soft moan escaped her throat. “That’s it. Rise and shine. Let me see those baby blues.” Josie coaxed. The light in the room had been kept dim in consideration of the patient’s photosensitivity. Sandra opened her bleary eyes and tried to focus upon her wife’s precious face. “Good morning, sweetheart. How are you feeling?”

“Bus hit me?” Sandra whispered, then sipped from the straw Josie proffered.

“Nah, just a boulder the size of a Buick.” Josie grinned and kissed her lover again. “How many of me do you see this morning?

Sandra squinted her eyes and studied her wife’s image. “Just one, but you’re coming in kinda fuzzy.”

“Well, I’d call that an improvement. How’s your chest?”

“Still hurts.” Sandy grimaced, bringing her hand up to rub over her broken rib.

“I’m going to get Charlie. He wants to speak with you. I’ll be right back. OK?”

“OK. Come back?” Sandy implored.

Josie squeezed her wife’s hand. “You just try to get rid of me,” she smiled.

Sandra took the opportunity to assess her injuries while waiting for her wife and doctor to return. Her mind and memory were still foggy, but the Motrin the nurse gave her took a bit of the edge off the pain that had been torturing her before.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Charlie spoke softly. “How’s my favorite patient this morning?”

“I hurt, but I can think more clearly.”

“Good. Let me check your eyes and reflexes.” Charlie took a pen light out of his lab coat pocket and proceeded with his exam. “Still a bit sluggish, but much improved.” The big man smiled.

He then got out his stethoscope and listened to her heart and lungs. “I’m going to order CPT for you, along with your breathing treatments. I’ll see that they know about your rib. We need to get rid of that congestion. I want you to use incentive spirometry q 2, while awake. We can’t have you developing pneumonia.”

Sandra’s face went white with fear. “Hurts to deep breathe, Charlie. Hurts a lot.” Sandy whispered in distress.

“I know, Sandy. I’ve ordered more dexamethasone for you. It should be enough to cover you for the next 24 hours. That will help with the intracranial swelling and the pain. I’ve also ordered you a liquid diet. If you tolerate that well, then you can graduate yourself to soft. I’ll leave that up to you. Your tray and your shot should be here shortly. Any questions?”

Sandra squinched up her nose. “Bath? I smell like old blood and betadine.”

“I want those stitches kept dry, Sandy. I’ll order a bed bath for you and the nurses will just have to clean your hair as best they can. You can elevate your head up to 30 degrees. Let’s see how you tolerate it. Raise your hand when you want me to stop.” With that, Charlie pressed the bed controls and raised the head of the bed in small increments.

Sandra breathed as deeply as she dared in an effort to control the nausea and dizziness assailing her as the head of the bed slowly lifted. She raised her hand as her face took on a green hue.

Charlie walked out to the nurse’s station and ordered dramamine 50 mg IV now, then returned to his patient.

“Ok. I’ve ordered you some dramamine IV. That should help settle your stomach and stop the room from spinning. Green is just not your color,” Charlie chuckled lightly.

“Thanks Charlie.” Josie responded as her partner was too busy holding on to the mattress. The nurse came in and quickly injected the dramamine into the heplock and flushed it with normal saline. She followed that with the dexamethasone and flushed the heplock again.

“You’ll feel better in a minute, Sandy. Hold on, baby.” Josie encouraged, laying her warm hand upon her lover’s.

Sandra lay still, her eyes closed, totally concentrating on regaining her equilibrium without having to lower her head in defeat.

Josie felt the skin on the back of her neck prickle and turned around to find Andre’ Broussard standing in the door way, a look of worry and compassion on her beautiful face.

Josie quickly walked up to her mother-in-law, taking her elbow and leading her out of Sandra’s room. “How is she?”

“She’s improving. They just gave her a shot for nausea and dizziness. I want to give it a chance to work before she gets excited.” Josie reassured Andre’, rubbing her arms which the older woman opened to her.

“Comment ca vas, mon petite?” Andy asked lovingly.

“I’ve been better, but I’ve been worse.” Josie sighed, enjoying the warmth and protection of Andy’s long arms.

“Your friend, Beth, is in the lounge. They only allow two visitors at a time. Why don’t we join her and you can bring us both up to date?”

“Beth came too? You two are the best. Sandy and I are very blessed.” Josie gave Andy a squeeze and pulled out of her arms. “Let me go tell Sandy that I’ll be gone for a few minutes. I don’t want her to know that you’re here until she’s settled a bit.”

“I agree.” Andy nodded and walked out to join Beth.

“Sweetheart, how are you feeling now? Has the room stop spinning?” Josie softly asked her partner.

Sandra had fallen asleep and did not answer.

“You sleep, my love. I’ll be back with a surprise for you in a few minutes.” Josie leaned down and kissed the sleeping beauty’s forehead.


Beth sat in a chair, looking out the window, while Andre’ paced. Josie entered the waiting room, getting the undivided attention of both women. Beth jumped up and approached her best friend. “Hey. How are you holding up?”

Josie straightened her back. She didn’t want to lose it yet. “I’m OK. Sandy’s asleep.” She smiled and took Beth’s hand. “Let’s all sit down and I’ll fill you in.” Josie went through the entire story, starting at Sandra’s hooking the monster fish and ending with her dramamine and dexamethasone injections just a few moments ago. She lost her composure a few times, but was able to go on. It was a relief to share it with others that she knew loved her stricken wife.

“Josie, why don’t you two talk for a while. I want to check on Sandra.” Andre’ said.


Andy stood in the doorway of her daughter’s room in the ICU, taking in all the monitors and machines that let the nurses know their patient’s status at all times. She checked that each machine was working properly and the correct flow rates were being administered. Satisfied of her daughter’s safety, Andy sat down, held her hand and gazed at the face of her child. Memories of a tall, lanky little girl played through her mind like a retrospective. There was laughter and tears and the deep joy of placing a dark haired little boy into his big sister’s protective arms. There was the deep sadness of placing another dark haired little boy into the ground at his mother’s feet.

“Excuse me,”a deep, resonant voice begged. “I was looking for Mrs. Broussard.”

Andy wiped at the wetness on her cheeks with the back of her hand and cleared her throat as she stood to face the tall, handsome doctor. “I am Andre’ Broussard, and you are?” The statuesque woman composed herself.

Charlie paused to take in the vision before him. “I’m sorry, you must be Sandy’s mother. I’m Charlie Ferguson, the doctor who called you on the phone yesterday.” He proffered his hand, which Andy took. “Actually, I was looking for your daughter-in-law.”

“Josie is visiting a friend in the lounge. Is there a problem with Sandy?” Andy’s face turned white and Charlie grabbed her elbows, assisting her to sit.

“No, no. I just had offered her a ride back to the cabins after visiting hours and wanted to make sure she wasn’t getting too tired. I didn’t’ mean to frighten you. Are you alright?” Charlie kneeled at the distraught woman’s side as she took deep breaths and calmed herself.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Ferguson. I’m not normally like this. It’s just been so difficult not knowing how serious my child’s condition really was, then packing and hopping a plane to a strange city. I’ve never flown before. It’s all been so unnerving….. You were there when the accident happened, yes?”

“Yes, I was. It was just a stupid accident. She slipped on the wet rocks. She was in the water and floating with the current before I could reach her.”

“Oh, mon Dieu!” Andre’s long, elegant hand trembled as it covered the cleavage of her ample breasts. “How did you get to her?”

“I didn’t.” Charlie shook his head in dismay.

“Mais, non?” Andy was confused.

“It wasn’t me. It was Josie. She dived for her and managed to reach her in time, pull her head above the water and was carrying her towards shore when I caught up with them and the rest, as they say, is history. That little lady’s the real hero.” Charlie gave Andy his warmest smile.

“Oh, mon petite Josie. Merci, merci , merci.” Andy whispered as she joined her hands as in prayer. The dark woman smiled and looked into gentle eyes. “She is very special, little Josie. My Sandra is a lucky woman, yes?”

“Yes. I’d say they are both very lucky women.” Charlie stood up at the sound of intrusion. “Speak of the devil.”

“No wonder my ears were burning.” Josie giggled. “How’s my girl?”

“She’s still asleep. I don’t expect her to awaken again for a while. Why don’t you go get us some good coffee?” Charlie asked. “There’s a Starbuck’s next to the hospital.”

Josie looked at her wife’s peaceful countenance and at her mother-in-law’s sweet smile, then at Charlie’s hopeful face. ‘I do think he’s trying to get rid of me. This could get interesting, Charlie and Andy? Why not?’ “Sure. Beth and I can take a little walk, get some fresh air, and pick up some real coffee for everyone. Can Sandy have coffee?”

“Yeah, sure. I don’t have a problem with that.” Charlie piped up.

“Ok. We won’t be long.” Josie backed up toward the door.

“Take your time.” Charlie prodded.

“Umm, sure, it’s a nice day for a walk. Take care of my girl for me.”

“Will do.” Charlie said.

“Bien sur, cheri.” Andy nodded.

Josie took another look at her wife then reluctantly left her in their capable hands.


“Mmmmmm, this is heaven.” Beth moaned as she bit into her hot onion bagel with cream cheese and chives.

Josie giggled. “When was the last time you ate?”

“Good golly, I have no idea. Sometime yesterday I suppose, if you don’t count the 6 peanuts they gave me on the plane.”

“And you worry about me taking care of myself.” Josie huffed at her friend.

“So, fill me in. Why do you think the doc has a thing for your mother-in-law?”

“You had to be there. It was just too cute. He looked like a lap dog, sitting there making goo goo eyes at her. Yeah, he’s smitten, alright.”

“Wouldn’t that be wonderful if something good could come out of all this.”

“It would. I just don’t know how receptive Andy is going to be to his advances. She hasn’t dated anyone since I’ve known her and I got the impression from Sandy that she hasn’t shown any interest in anyone since her husband died. I hope Charlie can get her to open up a bit.”

“Should we bring a bagel or something back for Sandy?” Beth asked.

“No. I don’t think bagels are on a liquid diet. But let’s bring one back for Andy. She must be starving.”


Charlie, Josie and Andre’ sat in the cramped ICU room, drinking their coffee and watching Sandra as she slept. Charlie hung on Andre’s every word, enraptured by the sound of her velvet tones and delightful accent. Josie sat on the opposite side of the bed observing their banter and barely hidden flirtation.

“Charlie, could we pass by the grocery on our way out of town? My Sandra must eat. She is too frail.” Andre’ inquired.

“On one condition….. You fix me some authentic Cajun food. OK?”

“Mais oui. It would please me to make you Cajun cuisine. You must join us for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Well, if we are going to stop at the grocery store and get you gals back to the cabin in time for you and my young friend here to get some shut-eye, we’d better get a move on. It’s about time for Sandra’s neuro check and I believe the nurse’s aides will be here shortly to give your daughter a nice relaxing bath.”

Josie sat upon the bed and leaned over to kiss Sandy’s forehead, nose and lips. “Time to wake up, sweetheart. You have company.”

Sandy’s blue eyes fluttered open and gazed up into the sea-green eyes she loved, blinking in an effort to clear away the fuzzy edges.

“How am I coming in?” Josie asked her drowsy lover as she helped her take a few sips of water.

“A little clearer.” Sandy whispered. “My head doesn’t hurt so much.”

“I’m glad. How does the rest of you feel?”

Sandra concentrated on her body and grimaced at the stiffness and pain in her shoulder and low back. “I think I’ve been lying in the same position for too long. My back aches.”

“I’ll ask the nurse to give you a back rub after your bath today.” Charlie piped up.

“You have a visitor, sweetheart.” Josie squeezed her wife’s hand, then got up, allowing her mother-in-law to take her place.

Sandra looked up into her mother’s concerned blue eyes, so like her own. “Momma?”

“Mais, oui, mon coeur. C’est moi.” Andre’ Broussard leaned down and gently kissed her daughter’s forehead. “Comment ca vas, Sandy?”

“Pas mal, merci.” (Not bad.) Sandy fibbed.

“Plutot mal?” Andy knew her child was under playing how bad she felt.

“Quelle histoire!” Sandy grinned, weakly, causing her mother to laugh.

“Oh, mon petite fille, I think you will be fine, yes?”

“Oui, Momma. So, don’t fuss.”

“I am the Momma. It is my job to fuss.” Andre’ cupped her daughter’s beautiful, pale face in her hand, tenderly.

Charlie broke in. “OK, pretty lady, let me check your neurological status.” Andy stepped away from the bedside.

“We’ll wait in the lounge, out of your way. Poor Beth must be bored stiff.” Josie said as she took her mother-in-law’s hand and stepped out of the room.

“OK, my friend, let’s take a look at you.” Charlie proceeded with his exam. “Good. The dex has done its job. Your pupillary reaction and reflexes are much improved. How’s the headache?”

“Better. Still hurts, but not making me nauseated anymore.”

“You want to try raising your head a bit more? Let’s try 45 degrees, OK?”

“OK.” Sandra looked at her friend with barely veiled fear in her dull blue eyes. “Let’s go real slow.”

“Real slow it is.” Charlie smiled and patted her hand, offering comfort to the apprehensive woman.

Sandra held on tightly to the sides of her narrow bed as her head was slowly raised. Blue eyes slammed shut and deep breaths were sucked in through clenched teeth. In a few short seconds, the nausea and dizziness subsided and the dark beauty breathed a sigh of relief.

“How ya doin, Sandy? You want me to lower your head?”

“No. I’m OK. Just give me a minute.” Sandra whispered as a tear crawled down her cheek.

“What is it, Sandra? What’s wrong?” Charlie asked with obvious concern.

“My back… God, it hurts, Charlie!” Sandy cried.

“I’ll be right back.” Charlie went to the nurse’s station and ordered Motrin, a heating pad and a back rub to be given now.

“Take it easy, my friend. The cavalry is coming.” The big man smiled warmly and Sandra couldn’t help but be soothed by his bedside manner.

“Thanks….. Charlie….., will you do something for me?”


“Take care of Josie. She needs to monitor her blood sugar and get lots of rest.” Sandra expressed her concern.

“Your wife is doing just fine, Sandy. Don’t worry so much. I can personally vouch that she went back to the cabin last night to rest and she ate a healthy breakfast this morning. Now, your Mom and your friend will be with her until you get discharged.”

“My friend? What friend?” Pictures of Kathy alone with her wife played across her mind’s eye.

“A woman…..Beth, I believe is her name.”

“Beth is here?” Sandra heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yes. In fact, she’s been sitting out in the waiting room since early this morning.”

“Bless her heart.” Sandra exclaimed to herself. “We are so lucky to have a friend like Beth.” Then to Charlie. “Beth will take good care of Josie. She knows her routine as well as I do. Can I see her?”

“Ok. But for only five minutes. Visiting hours are over. If I bend the rules much more, the nursing staff will have my hide.”

“Thanks, Charlie. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us. You’re a good friend.” Sandra squeezed the big man’s hand. He nodded in response.


“Hey there, my friend. How are you feeling?” Beth inquired in a gentle tone, aware of Sandra’s headache.

“Hey there, yourself.” Sandra smiled and reached out to take her friend’s hand. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your taking time away from your family to help us.”

Beth sat on the bedside chair. “Hush all that before I have to fuss you. You and Josie are our best friends. We all love you.”

“We love y’all too.” Sandra’s lower lip quivered as she smiled up into hazel eyes.

“Hey now! What’s with the tears?” Beth asked with concern.

“I’m sorry. I just feel terrible about ruining Josie’s honeymoon and making her worry like I did.”

“You couldn’t help that. None of this is your fault. It was an accident. Jo knows that. She wouldn’t want you beating up on yourself like this.”

“But what if she gets sick and I’m not there for her?” Sandy sobbed and winced at the pain it provoked in her head and chest.

“Sandy, your mother and I are with her. She’s taking good care of herself. You don’t have to worry about a thing.” Beth grabbed a box of tissues from the bedside table and handed them to her distraught friend. “You just concentrate on getting well so you can get out of here. Now, we are all going back to the cabin to rest and we’ll be back this afternoon when visiting hours start again. Anything you want me to bring you?”

“Yeah, my wife, safe and well.” Sandy grinned.

Beth nodded and grinned back. “You got it.” Beth stood up and leaned over to kiss Sandy’s forehead. “Get some rest, cher. And, stop worrying so much.”


Beth started a fire in the hearth to take the chill out of the cabin while Josie helped Andre’ in the little kitchen.

“How many people are you expecting to feed with all of this?” Josie laughed as she put the many bags of groceries away.

“My Sandra needs to gain some weight. She is too frail. And you, my little one, have the appetite of a small horse.” The older woman laughed heartily at the feigned look of indignation on her daughter-in-law’s sweet face.

“I resemble that remark.” Josie retorted. “So what are you feeding us? I don’t think Sandy can tolerate too much fat and cayenne quite yet.”

“I thought of that. Perhaps I’ll whip up some chicken gumbo with a loaf of hot French bread. And, if I know you and my little girl, there is ice cream in that freezer.” Andy placed her hands on her hips and lifted a dark eyebrow in emphasis.

“Guilty as charged.” Josie felt great relief and warmth rush over her at the presence of Andre’. She sighed and smiled to herself. “What else can I do to help out?”

“You, mon petite, can go “doe doe”. You must rest. Take your friend to bed and I will call you when dinner is ready. Poor Beth has had no sleep since she came to my rescue last night. You know she arranged our flights and came all the way to New Orleans to escort me to the airport. You have a very special friend in that young woman.”

“Yes, I know. We’ve been friends since college. She’s the closest thing I have to a sister. We’ve been there for each other through the most important events of each other’s lives…”

“That’s right. Josie is Nanan to my two sons. I don’t trust just anyone to be Godmother to my children.” Beth piped in as she entered the room.

“That is a great honor.” Andre’ agreed.

“Yeah. Besides, I’m crazy about the little heathens.” Josie quipped.

“Beth, why don’t you take Josie to bed. You both need some sleep. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

“What about you? You didn’t get much more rest than me.” Beth complained.
Oh, I’m use to little sleep working the night shift all of these years. Please, Josie, Sandy needs you healthy and strong.” Andre’ pleaded.

“Of course…, you’re right. I’ll go take a hot soak to relax and crawl into bed with Beth.” Josie giggled self-consciously. “That didn’t sound right.”

“I thought I was gonna get lucky for a minute there.” Beth laughed out loud. “Come on Casanova, let’s go to bed.”


Josie felt her ardor rise as her lover’s long elegant hand traced a path up and down her hip and thigh, then slipped between her legs to lovingly cup golden curls. A hot tongue lathed her shoulder and traveled up her neck with gentle bites, stopping to suckle at her pulse point. Josie shivered with lust. She gasped as long fingers parted her nether lips to delve into her slick depths. Round hips pumped and ground into the probing digits, her breathing becoming raspy and uneven with her arousal. She could feel her areola contract and her nipples harden as a wandering hand squeezed and enticed them. ‘Oh God, I love you, Sandy…..’

“Uh… Josie?….. Hey, Jo! I’m not Sandy, Josie. It’s me, Beth.” Beth groaned as she physically removed her best friend’s hand from her breast, the grinding of the smaller woman’s pelvis into her buttocks having awakened her.

“Hmm? What…? Sandy?” Josie slowly awakened from her erotic dream.

“Nope. Not Sandy. Just me.”



Josie groaned in embarrassment as she removed her hand and turned away from Beth, her face red, but not from lust anymore. “Uh, sorry about that. I was dreaming about Sandy.”

“Yeah, I know. Just go back to sleep. Don’t worry about it.” Beth rearranged her linens and began to drift off.

“Thanks… Goodnight, Beth.” The little woman sighed in frustration.

“Night, Jo.”


“That’s very good. Now, keep your eyes open or you’ll lose your balance.” The nurse instructed. Sandra sat on the side of the bed, legs dangling, struggling to maintain her balance and not lose the meager contents of her stomach. “Let the Dramamine work for you. Take deep slow breaths….. That’s right. You’re doing fine.”

“Well look at you!” Josie exclaimed as she entered the room.

Sandra’s face lit up from within as a toothy grin spread across her pale face. “Hi, Boss. How’s my girl?”

“Your girl misses you desperately.” Josie exclaimed. She addressed the nurse. “Why don’t you take a break. I’ll make sure Humpty Dumpty here doesn’t have a great fall. It’s OK. I’m a nurse.” Josie gave her her most winning smile.

“Alright then. But don’t let her break that pretty face.” Then addressing Sandy. “You, don’t try to sit up for too long. Just a few more minutes, OK?”

“Sure, OK.” Sandy responded, never taking her eyes off her wife’s lovely face.

“You’re a little green, my love.” Josie said as she walked up between long legs and placed a hand on either side of her wife’s face.

Sandra’s eyes closed in pleasure at her lover’s touch, but that just caused her body to pitch back.

“Woah!” Josie exclaimed as she quickly grasped her wife’s slender shoulders to steady her. “No fair dipping without warning your partner. Who’s leading in this dance, anyway?” Josie tried to lighten the situation, but Sandra pursed her lips and blew out hot air in frustration.

“Hey, sweetheart, you are making great strides. Don’t let yourself get frustrated, OK?” Josie softly encouraged her partner.

“I feel like a toddler, Boss. I can’t even walk to the bathroom. This damned catheter burns like hell’s fire…..”

“I know, baby. I wish I could make it all go away and take you back home with me right now. But, I can’t. You need to be patient with yourself, give your poor body time to heal….”

“But, I miss you….” Sandy began to cry.

“Oh, sweetheart, please don’t cry.” Josie took her wife in her arms. “I’m here, Sandy. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Sandy blubbered into her wife’s shoulder. “I’m sorry to be such a baby. I just can’t seem to help myself.”

“Did you hear me complaining?” Josie quipped.

“No.” Sandra said, her face becoming more pale with each passing moment.

“You’ve been through a hell of a lot in this past week, good and bad. You have reached your limit for stoic endurance and just need to dump some of it off. That’s what I’m here for, not just the good stuff, but the rotten stuff too. You are always taking care of me, Sandy. Please, I want to help you….. Let me.” Josie pleaded.

Sandra pulled back to look into the green eyes she loved. She searched their depths for a minute, then made her decision. “OK.”

Josie grinned broadly and kissed her wife’s tender lips, placing all the love she felt in her heart into it.

“Umm…hmm.” Andy cleared her throat as she entered the room with two hot thermoses in tow. “I hate to interrupt you two, but I was concerned when Josie’s five minutes alone turned into twenty.”

“Hi Momma. What do you have there?” Sandra looked at the thermoses with lust in her eyes.

“Ooooh, mon cheri, I have chicken gumbo and hot Lousianne coffee with chickory.”

“I have the best family in all the world.” Sandra gloated.

“Here, sweetheart. Let me get you situated so you don’t fall over.” Josie assisted her wife back onto her bed with the head elevated and the over-bed table in place. She and Andre’ positively glowed as they watched their loved one eat to her heart’s content without need of an emesis basin.

After enjoying her fill, the exhausted patient fell into a deep, healing sleep.


“Andy this is the best breakfast I have ever had the pleasure to eat.” Charlie beamed, moaning in pleasure, seafood crepes melting in his mouth.

“You really have outdone yourself. I wish Sandy could be here to enjoy this.” Josie piped in as Beth nodded her head vigorously and made happy noises to avoid talking with her mouth full.

“Ah, it is a pleasure to cook for such an appreciative group. And, do not fret little one. I have beignet’s for our impatient patient. They are her favorite treat. She would visit Café’ du Monde every morning for hot coffee and beignet’s when she lived at home. Now, she is too skinny. I must put some meat on her bones.” Andy said in jest, but noticed the hurt in Josie’s eyes. “On mon Dieu. I am so sorry, mon petite. I did not mean that as it sounded. I know you take good care of my Sandy. Please forgive my faux pas.”

Josie looked into her mother-in-law’s beautiful face, so much like her wife’s, and her heart melted. “It’s OK, Andy. No permanent damage done.” She smiled what she hoped was a convincing smile.

“Bon. You are the best thing to ever happen in her life. I want you to know I know that.” Andy got up from her chair and walked behind the much smaller woman to hug her shoulders and lay her cheek upon shaggy blonde curls.

Josie reached her hand up to pat a long arm. “Thanks, Andy. I love you, too.” A tear threatened to escape so she quickly changed the subject. “Why don’t we let Charlie clean up this kitchen, while you make my wife something sinfully delicious to eat. If it’s OK with you, Beth and I will go on ahead to the hospital in the rental car. We’d like to visit a bit before she leaves for the airport. Charlie, you don’t mind riding Andy to the hospital, do you?”

Charlie’s eyebrows quirked at the wording of that question. Then he chuckled and shook his head in amusement. “Nope. It would be my pleasure to escort Andy. That’s if she doesn’t mind my company.” He looked at the object of his affections hopefully.

“Merci, Monsieur le Docteur. I would be honored to have such a handsome and distinguished escort.” Andre’ teased, then, realizing that she was flirting, blushed to the tips of her silver haired temples.

Josie and Beth excused themselves and left their elders to their own resources.


“Did you see that?” Josie asked.

“A blind woman could see that. They are soooooo whipped. I think you’ll be getting a new member to your little family, my friend. A six foot, two inch hunka-burning-love.” Beth teased in her best Elvis impression.

Josie burst into gales of laughter at her best friend’s shenanigans. “From your mouth to God’s ears, my friend. Andy deserves some happiness after all she’s given up for her children to have their dreams come true. She’s a fine woman.”

“Yes, she is. I hope the geographical distance won’t hurt their chances of making it work out.”

“I hadn’t thought about that. I hope it doesn’t get in the way either. Sandy and I had talked about helping her out financially. Once Sandra starts her new job at Chalmette Medical Center she’ll be making good money and I have a comfortable income from my investments. We won’t need to keep all of her salary for ourselves. Tony will be making a healthy income once his law practice takes off. Maybe we can get him to chip in too. Then Andy can retire or work part time, travel a bit, like to Colorado Springs to visit a certain physician.” Josie wiggled her eyebrows.

“Jo, that’s a great idea. But, do you think Andy will accept money from her children?”

“She’s fiercely independent. And, proud of it. We’ll just have to work on her.” Josie smiled.


“Hey, look at you. You’re just full of surprises.” Josie greeted. Sandra beamed with pride of accomplishment as she sat up straighter in the bedside chair. She’d accomplished the transfer with the help of two nurses. But, she’d done it. “And, no catheter?”

“Hi there, beautiful lady.” Sandra greeted with quiet exuberance. “They say as soon as I can ambulate to the loo and urinate without falling on my butt, I can go home.” She smiled.

“Now, that’s the best news I’ve had since a certain beautiful brunette agreed to be my wife.” Josie leaned down and gave her bride a gentle kiss. “Mmmmm, apple sauce?”

“Yep. It’s the finest in h’aute de cuisine in this resort.” Sandy retorted and licked her lips, savoring the taste of her wife’s sweet kiss. She pulled the small woman to her and buried her face in the ample softness of Josie’s breasts and moaned.

Josie wrapped one arm around her shoulder and the other gently around her disheveled dark head, careful not to place any pressure near her healing wound. “I love you, Sandy. I can’t wait to get you into our bed. Sleeping with Beth just don’t cut it.” Josie grinned.


“Never mind. I’ll tell you about it some other time. I just want to hold you to me right now. I’ve missed this soooo much, sweetheart.” Josie sighed content to savor the feel of her wife’s love.

Sandra snuggled her face between her wife’s breasts and kissed plump cleavage. “I love you so much, Josie, that it hurts sometimes, deep inside me. Being separated from you has hurt more than my head. And, believe me, that’s saying something.” Sandy grinned, feebly.

“I’m flattered. I think.” Josie kissed her wife’s forehead before pulling away to fetch another chair. “So you want to try ambulating a bit in here. I would be honored to offer my arm to m’lady.” Josie bowed and winked.

“You’d better get some more help. I don’t want to squish you when I fall.” Sandy smiled.

“Oh, ye of little faith. I am a nurse, you know, trained to lift, pivot and ambulate full sized humans. Let me go get an ambulation belt from the nurse’s station. I’ll be right back. Oh, and your mom has a surprise for you when she gets here.” Josie said as she walked out of the door. “A couple of surprises.” She whispered to herself and grinned.


“OK, you’re doing great. Now, keep those eyes wide open.” Sandy swayed a bit but Josie held her firmly upright by the thick leather belt she’d wrapped around her mid section. “Slow up, sweetheart. Short even steps. That’s it. Do you want to try to use the loo?”

“Oh yeah.” Sandy slowly headed to the bathroom as her wife concentrated on keeping her upright.

“OK, now turn around slowly. Atta girl. Now, look at me.”

“My pleasure.”

Josie blushed. She held the hand clasps on either side of her wife’s belt and helped lower her to the toilet seat. “Just bend your knees. I’ll direct you. Keep looking at me…… You did it! Mission accomplished!”

Sandy was excited at her new success, but nauseated at the same time. Josie saw the subtle change in her wife’s palor. “Slow deep breaths, sweetheart.” Josie turned on the cold tap and dampened a face cloth and placed it on her patient’s neck. Sandy’s hands trembled as sweat broke out on her forehead and chest. Josie hit the nurse emergency call button on the bathroom wall and assistance arrived within seconds in the form of Andy, Charlie and her nurse.

Sandra looked up at her audience and groaned in embarrassment. Josie just shook her head and addressed the crowd. “Can we have a bit of privacy here. Nurse stay, Mom and Charlie out!” Josie stood in front of her wife, blocking the view of the intruders. Everyone followed the directions of the determined little woman. Sandra continued to take deep breaths as she fought to hold down the contents of her stomach. The nurse moved the trash basket over to her patient’s side in case she had to regurgitate.

“I think it’s passing.” Sandra panted. “God, that’s a yucky feeling.”

Josie wiped the beads of sweat from her wife’s brow. “Do you want us to leave you alone?”

“Yeah. I’ll be OK now. You can leave the door cracked if it will make you feel better.” Sandy requested, sheepishly.

“I’ll do that. If you feel dizzy again, call to me. I’ll be right outside the door. Deal?”


Josie and the nurse stepped outside and left the door cracked open. “I think you can leave her to me. If I need you, I’ll call.” Josie thanked the nurse for her prompt response and pulled a chair nearby so she could hear if Sandy needed her.

“How is she doing?” Charlie asked from the door.

“I think she’s OK. I’m waiting to see that everything comes out alright.” Josie snorted.

“If she can ambulate back to bed with just my help can I take her home?” She asked hopefully.

“Let’s wait and see how her CT scan and EEG results look from this morning. Speaking of which, they should be faxing them up any minute now. I’ll go check. Your mother-in-law went to call Sandy’s brother and bring him up-to-date.”

“Gosh. I’m glad somebody thought about poor Tony….”


“Sandy!?!” Josie jumped from her chair and ran into the bathroom to her wife’s side.

“I’m alright, Josie. It just burns so bad. I’m sorry I scared you.” Sandy hissed out of clenched teeth as she swiped at the tears that were rolling down her cheeks. “God, it hurts. I feel like I’m trying to pass shards of glass.”

“I’ll ask Charlie to order you some pyridium. Do you think you’re finished?”

“Yeah….. Josie, I can’t go home like this, Boss.” Sandra whimpered.

“Oh, baby, everything is going to be alright. You’ll see. The pyridium will stop the pain and burning when you urinate. I guarantee it. Now, wipe your hands on this wash cloth and let me get you back to bed.”


Josie sat with her head resting on her hands that still held her lover’s as she watched her sleep. Charlie stood in the doorway for a moment to take in the loving scene before him. “How’s she doing?”

Josie lifted her head and kissed her wife’s hand before turning to address the doctor. “I think the pyridium is working. She was so exhausted from her first walk and all that pain, she fell right to sleep as soon as I tucked her in.” Josie released a deep sigh as tears burned her eyes. Charlie took her hand and led her out into the lounge, then pulled her into his big strong arms and let her cry.

Andre’ became alarmed at the sight until Charlie raised a hand to halt her excitement. “Sandra’s sleeping. Josie’s just a little upset. She’ll be fine. Not to worry.”

“I’m OK. I just hate seeing Sandy so miserable.” She sniffled. “Charlie, how did her tests come out?”

Charlie smiled broadly. “I am pleased to tell you, your wife is improving sufficiently to be sent home as soon as she can ambulate to the bathroom safely with your help. We’ll let her rest, eat a good meal and try again. Why don’t you and Andy let me buy you a bagel and a Frappucino while Sandra sleeps?”

“Mais, oui. What a good idea.” Andre’ exclaimed.

“You two go ahead and bring me back mine. I’ll stay here with Sandy.” Josie wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt.

“Josie, Sandra will be fine for an hour. She doesn’t need a babysitter.” Charlie stated.

Josie gave her new friend a look of absolute steel. “I’m not leaving her.” With that she turned on her heel and returned to her wife’s bedside.


“Andy, don’t worry so much. Josie’s been handling all this exceptionally well up until now. She’s only human. After all she just got married and her wife gets seriously injured on their honeymoon. I’m amazed she’s handled it as well as she has.” Charlie said as he spread cream cheese on his hot bagel.

“I guess you’re right. It’s just hard being a mother not being able to kiss the hurt and make it better. I know Sandy will be coming home soon and all this will be over.” Andre’ smiled as she gazed into Charlie’s eyes.

“That’s my girl.” Charlie realized what he’d said and blushed. Andy grinned and blushed too.

“I’ll stay until the girls can manage on their own. I have a job to get back to . I’ve taken off more time this year than I ever have in the past, with Josie’s illness, the wedding and now this. I don’t want to lose my position at the hospital. I’ve been there too long.”

Charlie became very quiet, staring into his coffee.

“Charles, you’re awfully quiet all of a sudden. Is something wrong? Is there something you’re not telling me? Sandy is going to be able to come home soon, yes?”

“Yes, yes. I’m sorry, Andre’….. I just hadn’t thought about you leaving. I was hoping to get to know you better. New Orleans is so far away.” Charlie sighed.

“Yes, it is very far away. But, I have a life to go back to, Charles.”

“I like it when you call me Charles.” He blushed a deep scarlet. “Andy, do you think it would be alright, I mean, would it be a problem if I came down to visit you and the girls sometime. You know, I could stay at one of those bed and breakfasts in the French Quarter and you could show me the old town. What do you say? Would that be alright with you?” Charlie held his breath.

“I think I’d like that very much, Charles. And, I know the girls would love to see you.” They smiled at each other, both relieved and afraid at the same time. “You’ll love New Orleans. We have the best food and most colorful people. We could have coffee and beignet’s at Café’ du Monde with Sandy and Josie.”

“Sounds wonderful.” Charlie beamed.

“But, you don’t have to stay in a hotel, Charles. You can stay in Tony’s old room.” Andy offered as she covered his large callused hand with her own soft one. Charlie looked deeply into bright blue eyes and covered her hand with his own.

“That is very kind of you. But, I don’t want your neighbors to get the wrong impression.”

“I am soon to be 56 years old. I have educated two children, of whom I am very proud. I’ve buried one husband and my grandson. I support my church and have been active on just about every fund raising committee St. Anthony’s women’s league has organized over the past thirty years. I deserve to have some fun and if those old biddies don’t like it…..C’est la vie! Anyway, they love to have something to talk about with their coffee after mass.” Andy laughed out loud along with Charlie as they collected their things and returned to the hospital.


“Hey sleepy head.” Sandy whispered as she ran her fingers through her wife’s curly hair.

Josie blinked and rubbed her face, trying to wake up. She looked into Sandra’s loving eyes and smiled. “Sorry, I must have dozed off. Did I miss anything?”

“Nope. Not a thing.” Sandy stretched and grimaced. “Shit! I need to urinate again.” She looked at her wife with trepidation. “You up for another trip to the loo?”

“I am if you are. Let’s give it another shot.” Josie strapped the ambulation belt around Sandra’s slim waist and helped her sit up for a few moments until she got her sea legs. “You ready to try standing up?” Josie asked.

“Yep. I think I can do it.” Sandy grinned and slid off the bed onto her own two feet. Josie held on to the belt as Sandra held her shoulders until she felt secure enough to shuffle toward the bathroom.

“You’re doing much better, sweetheart. Let’s see how well you tolerate sitting down. You just bend your knees and I’ll guide you. Here we go.” Josie lowered her wife as gently as she could to the toilet seat. “Keep your eyes on me. Don’t close them. That a girl.” Josie studied Sandy’s face for signs of distress but saw none.

“I did it. Now, if you’ll stand outside the door, I’ll try to let her rip. Don’t go too far, OK?”

“OK. Good luck. I hope the pyridium did the trick.”

“Not half as much as I do.” The two women giggled cautiously as Josie walked out of the door.

Josie turned when she heard the sound of her mother-in-law’s voice. “Bonjour, we are back. How is the patient?” Andy asked, obviously very happy, piquing the younger woman’s curiosity.

“She’s in the loo, giving it another try….. Listen, Andy, I want to apologize for raising my voice earlier. I was out of line.”

“Mais, non, cheri. You were just worried about your partner. I understand this and so does Charles. It is forgotten.” Andy gave Josie a hug and kissed her cheek.


Both women ran into the loo to find a very happy, smiling patient sitting on the toilet.

“Are you alright, Cher?” Andre’ asked her daughter.

“Woops, sorry Momma. I’m great. Everything came out alright.” Sandra boasted.

“No pain?” Josie asked.

“No pain. That pyridium is a miracle drug. Help me back to bed, Boss….. Momma, get Charlie and tell him to release me. I’m going home with my wife.” Sandra exclaimed as she allowed Josie to guide her back up to her feet and steady her as she shuffled back to bed.


“Mmmm, this is the life.” Sandra stated. “Good food, good coffee, good company and a beautiful sunset to share. I truly have been blessed.”

“Yes. I’d say all four of us have.” Josie agreed as she snuggled into her wife’s shoulder. “Charlie, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for us. You put your neck out and I am grateful.”

“It was my pleasure. If it weren’t for you two, I’d never have met this beautiful lady.” Charlie said, taking Andre’s hand in his.

“Quelle histoire.” Andy retorted, batting her long dark eyelashes, causing everyone to crack up.

Josie and Sandra looked at each other, sharing their amazement at Andre’s coquettish behavior.

“Well, it’s getting late and you two could use some time alone. Andy, I hope the sofa sleeper isn’t too uncomfortable for you. The offer to take my guest room is still open.” Charlie said, hope filling his heart.

“Merci, Charles. But, I want to be here in case Josie needs my help with Sandra.”

“Mom, we will be just fine.” Sandy retorted.

“Charlie’s cabin is close by if we need you, we can call.” Josie jumped in.

“I think they want to be alone.” Charlie whispered in Andre’s ear.

Andy looked from Josie to Sandy and back to Charlie. She nodded in acquisition and packed her bag. “I will see you girls at breakfast. If you need me, please call. Do you have Charles’ number?”

“Yes, we do. We will call you if we need anything at all. Now go and have a good time.” Josie said as she hugged her mother-in-law. “And, Andy, we love you very much.”

Andre’ hugged her daughter and kissed her cheek. “Do not overdo, mon petite fille. You must rest. I’ll be back early in the morning to cook us all breakfast.”

“Thank you, Mom. I really appreciate the chance to be alone with Josie. Why don’t you take advantage of the opportunity to be alone with Charlie.” Sandy whispered in her mother’s ear.

“I just may do that.” Andy whispered back, causing Sandra’s eyebrows to disappear into her bangs.

“Oh, mon Dieu.” Sandra whispered to Josie. “I think we’ve created a monster.”


Two days of rest and good food, provided by Andre’s culinary art, restored Sandra’s strength and feeling of well being. Other than a mild headache and a nasty lump on her head, she was feeling fit. Well, she would be if her back wasn’t so stiff and sore. But, it was a great excuse to have Josie give her a hot oil massage every night…..naked. Sandy sighed, forcing herself back to the present noisy surrounds of the airport. The young couple told their angel of mercy a tearful goodbye as they left Andre’ in Charles’ capable hands and returned to their honeymoon cabin.


“Mmmmm, this is bliss.” Josie stated as she sank into the warm bubbles of the hot tub and snuggled back against her wife’s soft curves. “Am I hurting you?”

“Not a bit. You feel delicious.” Sandy sighed, wrapping her long arms around her wife’s soft body. She licked and nibbled on an ear. “Oh, I was right. You are tasty.”

Josie giggled at the sensation. She lifted her arm to pull Sandra’s lips to her neck and sighed as she felt soft kisses. “I love you, Sandy.”

Sandra licked her ear again. “Love you too, Boss, forever and always.” A soft cheek rubbed gently against Josie’s own. “Let me make love to you, Josie. I want you so badly.” Sandra pleaded.

“I want you, too, my love, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” The small woman felt soft hands cover her breasts, teasing the nipples, causing her to moan with pleasure. “Oh, God. You don’t fight fair.” Smaller hands covered Sandra’s and increased the maddening pressure.

“You feel so soft….so good to me.” Sandra’s right hand slipped from Josie’s breast, down into golden curls, eliciting a loud moan.

“Oh yeah! Sandy, I’ve dreamt about this so much since your accident. I even woke up in a compromising position with Beth.” She chuckled.

“You what!?!” Sandy’s hands froze at this revelation.

“Please, sweetheart, don’t stop. I’ll tell you, but, please, don’t stop.” Josie beseeched her flabbergasted partner.

“So talk.” Sandy demanded as she resumed her perusal of her lover’s slickening folds.

“Oh, yeah…..ummmm. I was dreaming about you….. You were making love to me. It was so real. You were running those gifted hands of yours all over my body, driving me insane with desire. Then Beth woke me up. In my sleep, I thought she was you…..and”

“You didn’t.” Sandra groaned out her embarrassment.

“I did. I woke up spooned behind her with my hand on her breast, grinding into her backside. It was too funny. She just removed my hand and said, “I am not Sandy. Now go back to sleep.” So, I just rolled over and that was that.” Josie giggled at the memory.

“Poor Beth. I guess you gave her a story to tell the grandkids.”

“Good gravy. I hope not.” Josie blushed. “I have an idea. Let me turn around and face you.”

“OK by me.” Sandra helped her partner turn and slip well muscled, albeit short, legs over her hips, allowing their vulvae to slide against each other. “Oh, God, Josie, that feels incredible.”

“I know. And, this way you don’t have to bend forward, putting pressure on your rib and back.” Josie pulled Sandra’s hips into her as long legs bent to increase the pressure of their contact. Causing Sandra to groan. “Are you OK?” Josie asked, thinking she’d hurt her lover.

“I am far better than just OK.” Sandra grinned lasciviously. She pulled Josie to her, kissing sweet lips deeply, passionately, tongues warring for dominance. Josie pumped into her lover’s sex, sending their ardor soaring. No thought could permeate their lust but the desire to fulfill it. Sandra reached around her. Ignoring the pain in her chest and shoulder, she cupped firm buttocks and pulled Josie into her harder, their slick folds gliding together, engorged clits pounding with life’s blood, breasts rubbing, nipples nearly painfully tight. “Oh shit! Josie….. I’m gonna come. I can’t hold it….. Ah….. Ahhh….. Ahhhhh!!!” Sandra pumped into her partner with all of her might, sending Josie into ecstasy with her.

Sandra lay back against the tub, eyes closed, trying to regain her breath. The little blonde allowed the water to buoy her up as she floated back, releasing her partner’s hips, luxuriating in the feel of the bubbles against her tingling body.

“God, I’ve missed your touch, your passion for me, Josie.” Sandra purred. “Do you think we could try out that little wedding gift from Beth again?”

Josie sat up at that request. “Mmmmm, I’m sure that could be arranged. But first, I want to do your wound care and dry your hair. The doc said to keep those stitches dry.”

“Oh, now, that’s romantic.” Sandy snorted as she pulled herself out of the tub and turned to assist her wife.

After tending to Sandra’s wound and blow drying her long dark tresses, Josie retrieved the pink dildo and leather harness from it’s storage box and began to strap it on.

“Wait…… ummm….., I mean….., can I try it?” Sandra asked timidly.

“Sure.” Josie was taken aback by her normally shy lover’s directness. “Let me help you strap it on.” Small hands trembled at the thought of what her beautiful lover was soon going to do to her.

Sandra ran long, elegant hands through her wife’s blonde curls as the harness was snugly attached. “You need a hair cut, my little golden sheep dog.” Sandra stated, incongruously. “I can trim it for you.”

Josie stood up, her eyes taking in the flawless skin and soft curves of the enticing body before her then gazed into the blue eyes she loved. “Sure. Can we do that later…., much later.” She reached up and pulled the dark head down to capture luscious lips.

“Later’s good.” Sandra gasped then resumed teasing and probing her partner’s mouth.

Josie pulled away to look at her wife’s visage with phallus protruding from her loins. “You look ….. awesome.”

Sandra’s chest swelled with pride at her lover’s admiration. She stood tall and slowly approached the object of her carnal lust, backing her up against the wall. Blue eyes perused every delectable inch of the woman before her. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I am so very grateful to God for bringing you to me.” Sandra ran the back of her fingers down Josie’s chest, up the slope of her breasts, slowly over her nipples, then sought her shoulders again. She caressed the skin there then ran the palms of her hands down both arms, enjoying the feel of her, the scent of her. “I love you so much….. sometimes it frightens me. I can’t imagine living without you.”

Josie raised her own hand to stroke her wife’s face. “Make love to me, Sandy. I need you.” Her hand ran down the long neck to cup a full breast. She brought it to her lips to lick and taste the taut nipple.

Sandra’s breath caught in her throat as passion fired in her groin. She held the golden head to her breast as her other hand trailed down Josie’s back and squeezed her firm butt. Josie let her teeth graze the nipple, eliciting a shiver from her partner. “Ummm, Josie, I need to lay down.”

Josie’s head shot up in concern. “Are you alright?”

“Don’t look so worried, Boss. I am just getting a bit weak in the knees. Let’s take this to our bed.” Sandra explained as she slid her long lithe form onto the sheets.

Josie smiled at her lover’s unintentional erotic display. “My God, you are gorgeous.” She took a moment to just admire the vision before her.

“Come….. mount me.” Sandra reached out a hand to draw her near. Josie crawled upon the bed and straddled her lover’s hips. Sandra watched in amazement, her heart pounding in her chest, her arousal soaring as Josie positioned the phallus at the mouth of her vagina and ever so slowly lowered her self and pumped her pelvis, eyes rolling back as lids closed. “You alright, Boss?”

“Oh yeah. This feels so good.” Eyelashes fluttered and Josie’s pelvis pumped a little harder. Sandra reached up and fondled tempting breasts, petting the nipples, twisting and pulling the hard buds. “How are you doing?”

“I’m enjoying the view. You look so sexy.” Sandra took her hands away to push herself up into a sitting position and pulled her lover against her, their sweat slicked breasts rubbing together, further stoking the fire burning in their bellies. They kissed. Sandra explored Josie’s warm mouth with her tongue, enjoying the different textures and tastes. She found she had the desire to pump the phallus into her lover but was unable to do so with Josie’s weight upon her, so she held her tightly as she rolled over onto Josie’s smaller body. She placed a hand on either side of Josie’s head to hold her weight and to look into her partner’s eyes as she pumped in and out of her sex. The motion rubbed the leather straps of the harness against her vulva, sending jolts of pleasure through her loins. Blue gazed into green with all the intensity of her desire. Josie wrapped her legs around her partner’s slim hips allowing deeper penetration. Sandra found the feel of her lover wrapped around her body intense. Then discovered if she rolled her hips, she could both inspire groans of pleasure from her partner and stimulate her own clitoris. Sandra leaned her head down to capture sweet lips. She licked and nibbled, offering her tongue for Josie to suckle upon. The sensation was nearly enough to push them both over the edge. Sandra’s arms began to tremble and Josie’s hands reached up to guide her hips, further increasing their mutual stimulation. Sandra pumped into her lover with all she had. “Oh God, Josie…”

“Oh yeah. You feel so good.” Josie could feel her orgasm slowly approaching and relished every second of the sensation.

Sandra’s arms gave way and she fell to her forearms, never stopping her incessant pumping. Josie removed one hand from her partner’s hip to place a dark, taut nipple into her warm mouth, then returned it to guide her lover’s efforts.

“Oh…..shit! Yeah!” Sandra relished the feeling of the warm tongue licking her breast and sharp teeth taunting her nipple. Her orgasm built, hot and demanding and shot flames of ecstasy from her sex up through her belly and down her legs. Her back arched, as her head flew back. She couldn’t breathe or move, just experience the overwhelming pleasure shooting through her body and soul.

Josie watched in fascination as her lover’s orgasm overcame her. ‘God, she’s so beautiful.’ Josie mused as she traced the sweat running down the side of Sandy’s beautiful face, down her neck and between her swaying breasts. Then her long, luscious body fell upon Josie’s smaller one as her climax released her. Tears filled the little woman’s eyes as her lover sobbed on her shoulder. “Sh…sh, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I missed you so much. I dreamt about holding you, loving you like this.” Sandra sobbed as Josie rubbed her back and cooed words of comfort in her ear. “Oh, Josie, I never dreamed I could love anyone like this, trust anyone like I trust you. I want to have a family with you, grow old with you.”

“Me too, sweetheart. I want all those things with you. I’ll do everything I can to make all your dreams come true, Sandy. I promise, baby.” The little woman pushed her lover’s hair out of her face and kissed her deeply, making her arousal known. Both women moaned.

“I want to taste you, Josie. Can you get this off of me?” Sandra fumbled with the leather straps.

“Oh yeah.” Josie helped her partner out of the harness and nearly pushed her dark head where her mouth was most needed. Sandra was happy to oblige, the scent of her lover’s arousal already stoking a fire in her belly. But she knew her partner’s need was great and there would be no time to play. She separated Josie’s outer lips and ran her tongue down the length of her sex, then plunged deep into her vagina, feasting on the nectar, which she found in abundance. Josie trembled, as her pleasure was intense. Sandra ran her tongue up and over the engorged clitoris, then slowly slipped three fingers into her lover’s sopping sex. The small woman groaned out her arousal, bringing a smile to Sandra’s face. “I need you now!…..Oh, God, Sandy please!” Josie begged for release. Sandra took Josie’s clit ever so gently between her teeth and suckled it hard. Josie growled and bucked her hips as her climax hit her like a freight train. Unintelligible words and sounds came from deep within her as Sandy fought to keep her place to prolong her lover’s pleasure. When the groans subsided, Sandra released her and crawled up to hold her close. Tears of joy and release slowly slid down Josie’s face and Sandy kissed them away.
The lovers lay in each other’s arms as Josie’s tears turned into heart wrenching sobs. “What’s wrong, Josie? Why are you crying, Boss…… Please talk to me.”

“I’m just so grateful that you’re OK, that you’re here in my arms, safe and happy. It hurt so much to see you in pain, to not be able to do anything to help you, to take your pain away…” Josie sobbed into her wife’s shoulder, letting herself be comforted by the very woman she’d feared would be taken from her. “…, not knowing if you would survive intact and then to watch you be humiliated, unable to care for your most basic needs. My heart bled for you. I think that was the first time I really understood what you must feel when I am sick; how you try to let me do as much as I can for myself and you have to fight the urge to do everything for me. I guess the shoe was on the other foot, huh?”

“Yeah….. I’m so sorry you had to be put through that. I never wanted you to be in that position.”

“Don’t be. It certainly wasn’t your fault. And, in a way, some good came of it. It gave me a whole new perspective on your role in my life. One I don’t think I’d have otherwise understood.” Josie said contemplatively….. When we get home do you think we could look into starting our family?” Josie inquired, hope filling her heart.

“Are you sure?”

“Other than wanting to spend the rest of my life with you, I’ve never been more sure of anything else in my life.”

Sandra’s tears of joy ran down her beautiful face. “Oh, Josie, you’re gonna make a wonderful mother.”

“I’ll do my best. As long as we have each other, we’ll make great parents. Have you thought how you’d like to go about getting pregnant? I mean, as much as I’d love to do the honors…..”

“I’ve noticed you don’t have the necessary equipment….. Thank God.” Sandy chuckled. “You have no male relatives, do you?”

“Nope. The closest thing I have would be Tommy. Do you want to ask him to be our donor?”

“Ooooooh, I don’t know how Beth would feel about that.” Sandy grimaced.

“Well, we can always go to the sperm bank in New Orleans. I hear they have a list of their donor’s nationality, education, profession and physical characteristics. That might be better. The donor would have no ties to complicate our lives.”

“Your right. I think I like that idea. I want our baby to look just like you.” Sandra beamed.

“Oh no. I want her to look just like you. We could look for a Cajun donor with a medical background, tall with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes.” Josie sighed.

“We’ll see…..” Sandra retorted.

“Yes, we will, my love, we’ll see.” Josie snickered.

The girls’ play was interrupted by the ringing of their cell phone.

“Who could that be?” Josie asked as she jumped out of the bed and dug in her bag for the obnoxious object. “Hello? Oh, Beth, is everything alright? Are the pups OK?” Josie asked anxiously.

“Yeah, everything is just fine on this end. I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that I picked up your mail and there is a legal looking letter from the hotel where you two stayed in Colorado Springs. I thought you might want to know about it before you left for home.”

“A legal letter? What in the world could that be about? Open it up and read it to me.” Josie requested.

“OK….. Oh my goodness! It’s a bill for damages. Seems the hotel is suing you for $300.00 in property damages for one broken head board and for repairs to the sheet rock on the wall of your hotel room.”

Josie looked at her lover with astonishment and fell to her knees in a fit of hysterical laughter.

“Jo? Hey, Jo! What in the world did you two do in that room?”


The End of The Honeymoon

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