More Than There Are Stars by loubug

More Than There Are Stars
by loubug

Summary: Two souls find one another and a love as eternal as the stars around them. Destined to be together, Robin and Sarah will face there greatest enemies, and bask in the joy and abilities that only true soul mates can share. Join them in a fantastic outer-space adventure.



Part 1

“It is time Monroe”

Monroe bowed in front of his commander who had become so much more over the last twenty-three years. His heart was heavy. This day marked the end of Commander Lewis’ position on the Phoenix. A new commander was to be chosen on this day.

Commander Thomas J. Lewis stood on the bridge of his ship. His tired brown eyes looking farther than the blackness could reach. He had spent fifty years flying through the darkness hoping to find a place to call home other than his ship. What he found was frightening.

Wars between planets and civilizations, all hungry for power and wanting to stake their territory. Visions of past battles haunted the commander. He had seen so much death and destruction. So many innocent lives lost at the hands of renegade fighters whose sole purpose was to destroy every living thing in sight.

It had become too much for the commander. Now his health was failing him and he had no other option than to turn over his command and hope that his cause would still live on.

Monroe waited patiently, sensing the turmoil in his lover’s presence. “When you are ready commander.”

Monroe was an everlast. Named so because he was immortal. He had seen many who came before the commander but none who strived so hard to end the wars and make peace between the feuding realms. There was also none that he had grown so fond of. His world would become a lonely place with the absence of his friend and mentor, but he vowed to follow the next chosen commander.

Commander Lewis turned towards his bowing lover and smiled at the formal gesture he no longer required from him. He reached his aged hand out and ran his fingers through the dark hair of his companion who would never join him on the other side. He willed himself to be young again and rejoice with his love, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. He smiled with much regret.

“Let’s go, love”


The star ship was huge. Perhaps one of the largest in existence and the Commander had decided to invite the prospective candidates to board the ship. He had spent weeks looking over hundreds of profiles. Finally he selected three that appeared to be the best. He read every article and transcript available on the three he had favored before inviting them to the ship. Next would be a face to face meeting that would determine the final decision.

The main conference room was currently filled with the three anxious guests. It was an honor just to be on board the ship. The thought of becoming the next commander of such a distinguished vessel only added to the anxiety.

All three heads turned as the door slid open and Commander Lewis entered. The trio began to stand to show their respect but was halted for their efforts.

“Please….don’t get up.” The Commander took his seat at the head of the table and looked up. On the outside the Commander was all business. He projected confidence and self-control. On the inside the Commander felt as if he was going to lose control at any given moment. ‘Which one of you will take my place?’ he asked himself. His eyes searched each face before him as if there would be some special marking that would proclaim who the next commander would be.

The first applicant was General Douglas Baker. He was a handsome man in his mid thirties who had served in the district 7 legion for 15 years. A skilled pilot who led the legion in captures, he was also a husband and proud father of two little girls. His green eyes told the truth that his boyish features tried to hide. He too had seen many battles, but like the Commander he dreamed of bringing peace to the nations surrounding his homeland.

Next was Lt. James T. Miller. His red hair was cut close to his head in military fashion. He sat straight in his chair and his clothes were pressed to perfection. Lt. Miller was well known and respected for running one of the best-organized fleet of ships in this region. His organizational skills were fine-tuned and he was a decorated soldier. He chose a military career over becoming a husband and father.

Commander Lewis looked on to the next candidate. Special agent Robin L. Sword. The only woman out of 213 to apply. The Commander was impressed with her profile. Top in her class at hand to hand combat, she excelled in weaponry and search and seizure tactics. Every covert operation she had led ended in success. Agent Sword had only killed in matters of self-defense and vowed to fight for the greater good, hoping that someday blood shed would be a thing of the past. She was single and expressed her interest in returning to pilot status if not chosen as commander.

At 26 years old Robin believed her youth and inexperience with large command ships would prevent her from being chosen. She never dreamed she would make it to the final stage of selection. Now she sat in silence as the commander looked at her.

The Commander took a deep breath and spoke to the three soldiers before him. “You have been chosen out of hundreds of prospective replacements. I would like to commend you all for your efforts in ending this war.”

The Commander took a deep breath. He looked to Monroe who stood at the door. The warm smile he received gave him the strength to get through this.

“I have scheduled an individual interview with each of you. You will talk with my assist” the commander motioned toward Monroe “then you will speak with me. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to voice them.”

Three heads nodded in acknowledgment. The Commander grinned at the enthusiastic looks before him. “I will make my final decision tomorrow. You will each stay in your own room and will be given a series of tests that will determine things about you that have nothing to do with war or commanding. If one of you are to replace me I want to know more about you than your military profile can show.”

Again three heads nodded in understanding. The commander continued to speak.

“If you are chosen you will start immediately. You will work under my command for as long as I am able. Monroe will be able to assist you with most of your questions if I am unavailable.”

A guard at the door interrupted the commander. “Commander Lewis, the information you requested, sir.”

The Commander nodded to Monroe, who stepped over and retrieved the file from the guard. Turning on his heels, the guard disappeared as fast as he had arrived.

The Commander opened the file and read over its contents. A brief summary of disciplinary action that each soldier before him had proscribed to his subordinates. For a split second Monroe saw the first expression since the meeting began cross his partners face. Anger.

“Lt. Miller.” He paused as he continued to read the facts presented before him. Disgust filled his elderly body.

“You are no longer eligible for this position Lt.” The commander dropped the folder on the table and looked the red haired man in the eye. “I would suggest that the next time you feel the need to whip one of your crew members for making a mistake, you be prepared to take the first 10 lashes of his punishment. You will be escorted off this ship immediately.”

The lieutenant could feel his anger rising. “He deserved it.”

The Commander stared intently into his green eyes. “He made a mistake Lt.”

“A mistake that could have cost our lives.”

“I will not argue with you about this Lt. you are free to go.”

The Commander called for a guard to escort the Lt. to the docks where he would be deported back to his station and possibly stripped of his rank.

The young soldier who had been on the receiving end of the Lt.’s whip had sent out a radio signal to his family. It was his first assignment and his excitement blinded him to the fact that his simple ‘hello’ to his family would bring him such punishment. The signal was sent on an open frequency and heard by anyone listening. The young soldier did not identify himself so the transmission could not be linked to any particular place. The Lt. over reacted and whipped the young soldier to near death, an action that led to his disqualification of potential Commander status.

General Baker and Agent Sword sat quietly. The energy that flowed from the elderly commander had not aged like his body. Blue eyes watched as the Commander took several deep breaths to calm his emotions.

The Commander did not believe in such harsh punishment. He was upset that this information was not available to him prior to this meeting.

“Well….” he looked at the remaining two candidates. “If you don’t have any questions I will let you retire to your rooms to begin your testing.”

As the commander stood to leave, both the General and Special Agent stood. His face did not betray his thoughts. He inwardly smiled at the difference in the two soldiers. Agent Sword stood at least eight inches taller than the General did. The general had the look of a weathered soldier and the agent had the look of determined youth. It would be interesting to see the results of their tests.


Robin stepped into her room. It was built to accommodate no more than what was necessary. To the right sat a desk with a small lamp. On top the desk lay a pad of paper and an ink pen. Folded against the back wall, was a bunk to sleep on. The only inviting piece of furniture in the room, was an over stuffed chair that the 6’1 agent fell into without a second thought.

She stretched her long legs out and easily propped them on the corner of the desk.. She closed her crystal blue eyes and took a deep breath. She let the events of the day unravel in her mind.

She had been training new recruits when she got the letter. A small envelope sealed with the mark of Commander Lewis. She assumed it was a ‘thank you for your interest but I regret to inform you’ letter. Instead she found that she had been chosen as one of three final selects.

She would attend a special meeting, aboard the Commanders ship where she would undergo another series of tests. Robin wasted no time in preparing for departure. She had no family or friends to say goodbye to or wish her well. She gathered her belongings for the overnight stay and waited for the passenger ship to pick her up.

Now here she sat. One of two selects. The thought of taking more tests made her nervous. She had never let anyone get to know her personally and felt as if she were being violated by exposing such personal information to the Commander.

“What if I don’t have enough experience. What if I fail these tests….what if…….”

She took a deep breath in an effort to calm herself. She could do this, especially if it meant becoming Commander of this ship. She mentally kicked herself for allowing her insecurities to play such havoc with her abilities.

A knock on her door brought her out of her reverie. Her blue eyes shifted to the door as she stood up. “It’s now or never.” She told herself. Monroe waited for the door to open before entering.

“Hello Agent Sword. My name is Monroe. I am here to start your interview”

The tall agent smiled down at the warm brown eyes looking up at her. She motioned for him to enter and the interview began.

“Agent Sword I would like to state that everything we talk about in here will be kept between you, me and the Commander. If you are uncomfortable with these questions you may keep your answers to yourself, but I need to inform you of the importance of answering all of the questions. Are you ready?”

Robin nodded her head “Yes sir.”

The everlast smiled at the title. “You may call me Monroe, Agent Sword.”

“All right. I’m ready, Monroe.”

“Let’s begin”


The questions started out simple enough. Full name, height, and weight. Date of birth. Citizenship. Rank and identification number. Soon the questions began to get more personal. Parents name, brothers and sisters, Marital status, sexual orientation, dependents.

Robin answered all of the questions without hesitation. For a fleeting second she felt a pain stab at her as she spoke the name of her parents and the name of her brother for the first time in six years. But the pain didn’t last long and she was on to the next question. Single. Prefers women. No dependents.

“Do you wish to find a life mate Agent Sword?”

She rubbed her chin and looked to the ceiling for an answer. Robin hadn’t really thought about a life mate. She was so focused on her career that the thought of finding someone never interested her. However, she contemplated the question and answered.

“Perhaps someday Monroe.”

“Would you leave your position as Commander to bond with your life mate?”

“No. I would require someone who would stay with me aboard the ship.”

Monroe smiled at the immediate response. He liked this tall woman. She was no-nonsense and straight to the point. Just the kind of leader the Phoenix would need.

“How do you feel about taking command of the ship and having to work under the orders of Commander Lewis?”

Robin took a deep breath and answered with all honesty.

“Monroe…I will not lie to you. I have never commanded a ship of this size. I don’t doubt my abilities to take command, but I would be delighted to work under Commander Lewis for an indefinite amount of time. His knowledge and skills can only enhance and strengthen my ability to command this ship more effectively. It would be my honor to follow his orders.”

Monroe listened and made notes as the agent continued to talk. She was making a strong impression on the everlast. He did not want to make any decisions before interviewing General Baker but he had a gut feeling that he was talking to his next commander already.

The interview continued for a few minutes and then it was time for Monroe to move on.

“Agent Sword, thank you for your honesty and willingness to answer these questions. I wish you well.”

The tall woman smiled at the everlast. She really liked the little guy. Something about him made her feel at ease. She hoped she would be able to work with him if appointed to the position of commander.

“Thank you Monroe.”

As Monroe reached the door, he turned to speak to the agent. He could feel the power that radiated off of the woman. She looked regal. Her black hair fell free around her shoulders. Monroe guessed her height to be around six feet, even through the flight suit she had on Monroe could see the muscles of her body. He hoped the commander would be as impressed with her.

“Agent Sword, Commander Lewis will be arriving here shortly to speak to you. Do you have any questions?”

“No. I think I’ll be okay.”

“You’ll do fine. The commander is an excellent judge of character Agent Sword. Just be yourself.”

Monroe turned and walked out the door, then down the long corridor. He hoped the Commander felt better. Monroe remembered the way Commander Lewis had demanded against Doctors orders, that he personally interview the candidates. ‘At least there are only two now’ Monroe thought to himself as he stopped outside of General Baker’s door. ‘Here we go again’.

Agent Sword closed her door, and sat back down in the over stuffed chair. She found herself getting nervous and decided to try and work it off. Since this room was only a fraction of the size she needed to accommodate her normal workout; she opted for the only thing she could do. Push-ups.

She pulled her long black hair back into a loose pony-tail and performed a few stretches to warm up her muscles then positioned herself on the floor and began her work out. Her mind becoming focused on the task at hand as her body channeled all the excess energy into what was becoming a vigorous work out.

“48….49….50…” Without stopping the agent pulled her left arm behind her back and continued on for twenty more one armed push-ups. Half way through her last set she heard a soft knock at her door. She quickly jumped up and ran to open it.

“Commander Lewis, please come in.”

The commander looked at the tall woman closely. She was sweating and breathing hard.

“Are you all right Agent Sword?’

“Yes sir. I was just working out to release some of my nervous energy.”

The Commander couldn’t help but smile at the woman. “Honest. I like that.” He thought to himself.

Commander Lewis took a seat in the chair and ordered the tall woman to unfold her cot and have a seat. Robin wasted no time in following his instructions.

“I trust that Monroe explained everything to you.”

“Yes. He made everything very clear, sir.”

“Good. Now, I want to talk to you about this ship.”

Robin listened intently as the elderly man explained that the ship was home to over one thousand crew members. All of which took direct orders from him. Most were civilians who volunteered their services and developed into well skilled workers. There were two hospitals on board the ship and several nursing stations in between. The center of the ship held a large area called the Rink. The social gathering place for anyone and everyone who wished to go. Most of the ceremony’s and activities took place in the rink. Kid’s loved it.

The agent’s eyes never left the commander. She knew his reputation for being a kind and gentle leader. He was good to his crew and expected everyone to work as a team. She liked the commander and knew that he could teach her all the things she didn’t know about commanding. That is if he chose her to replace him.

“Agent Sword, I would like to know if you plan on finding a husband and having children?”

“With all do respect sir, I informed Monroe that perhaps some day I may look for a life mate, but I made it clear that ‘she’ would have to be willing to stay with me on the ship. That is if I am appointed to the position sir.”

The commander nodded his head in understanding.

“Do you have any questions you would like to ask me agent?”

“Sir, I would like to be considered for a pilot position should General Baker be chosen as commander.”

“Very well Agent Sword. Anything else.”

Commander Lewis could tell that the young woman wasn’t holding out for the commander position. He believed that the woman possessed every skill needed to command the large ship, still he liked her modesty.

“No sir.”

The commander stood to leave the small room. “You are free to roam the ship Agent Sword. Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay here.”

“Sir…..I guess I did forget something”

The commander turned and waited.

“I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity.”

“You are welcome Agent Sword. You were chosen because you possess skills and expertise in areas most people wouldn’t dream of pursuing. I feel you would be an asset to any crew.”

Robin couldn’t stop the grin making its way across her face at the compliment.

“Thank you, sir”

The commander nodded his head and left the room. He had already spoken with General Baker and was now anxious to retreat to his room. Monroe would be along soon and the two of them would go over the interviews together and make the final decision.

Robin reclined her long frame on her cot and closed her eyes. She felt that the interviews had gone well and sensed that both the commander and Monroe seemed to like her. Now it was the waiting game. She forced herself to relax. Her blue eyes counting the stars that hung softly outside her window. Before long the silence of the room lulled her to sleep. There would be plenty time to count stars later.

Back in the commander’s room Monroe laid in bed, his arms wrapped protectively around the commander. It didn’t take them long to reach a decision. Both men agreed that Special Agent Robin L. Sword would become Commander Sword in the morning. The decision was based more on Robin’s personal profile instead of her military profile.

Her record was impeccable. She had the skills. That wasn’t a problem. The commander’s heart went out to the woman who had lost her family at such a young age. She didn’t speak in depth about the raid. She didn’t have to. The commander could see it in her eyes. For a brief second they hardened and lost their sparkle. He knew the pain. He had felt it first hand years ago. Luckily, Robin had taken a terrible tragedy and turned it into the driving force behind her success. Commander Lewis knew she would lead the Phoenix to greatness.

As the day came to an end, it brought with it a new beginning, a beginning that would bring with it the hopes of hundreds of thousands of civilizations, wishing for peace. A peace that would be delivered to them by the unknowing, sleeping agent who would be appointed Commander in less than ten hours……
Part 2
Music filled the rink as the reception for the new commander got under way. Everyone had turned out for the announcement and sounds of the celebration filled the ship. People from every planet in the region worked on board the Phoenix, a true testament to Commander Lewis’ vision and effort in creating peace between the colonies.

Robin stood tall as she regarded each crew member that walked through the reception line. She had been named the new commander of The Phoenix and her heart pounded with excitement.

Never one for attention Robin started to feel overwhelmed by the number of people who approached her to offer their congratulations. The night was young and the ship bubbled with excitement. She took a deep breath and braced herself for the remaining hours of the evening. Her blue eyes aware of the line that seemed never ending. “At least they are happy with the announcement.” Her thoughts seemed to energize her and she found herself smiling a little broader at the next person in line.

As the night came to a close, Robin swore without a doubt, she had shook hands with each of the one thousand plus members of the phoenix. Despite her uneasiness at being the center of all the attention, Robin felt the crew and residents of the ship embrace her as their new commander with open arms.

“Commander Sword.” Robin turned to find Monroe smiling at her. “Commander Lewis has requested that I show you to your new quarters.”

“Monroe…you can show me anywhere you like as long as there is a bed I can fall into.”

Monroe laughed as he motioned for the tall woman to follow him. As they made their way to the glass elevator Monroe began spouting information about the ship. “There are six levels to the Phoenix. The bottom level is where we keep supplies, the next three levels are open areas. Anyone on board the ship can access these levels. The fifth level is home to the commanding officers and their lifemates and children. The sixth level is the command deck. It is also home to the commander. Your new home Commander Sword.”

Robin listened as the everlast ran through the description of each level. She stored away the information and hoped that Monroe wouldn’t want to get into any deep discussions on the layout of the ship. She was mentally exhausted and ready to get some sleep. When they reached the sixth level Monroe led the tired commander to a control desk.

“You can customize your lodge here.” Robin raised an eye-brow as her thoughts became vocal “Customize my lodge?”

“Yes.” Monroe began to explain. “You see, here is the available space of your lodge.” He pointed to a blank square on the screen as Robin shook her head in acknowledgment.

“You can decide how you want the layout to look. You can pick out anything you like. Chairs, tables, shower or bath. Perhaps both. What type of food you would like stocked in your kitchen, you can even chose where you would want to have a window placed ……”

Monroe could have talked on and on, but right now the only thing Robin wanted was a bed. She raised her hand stopping him in mid sentence.

“Monroe….just program in a bed big enough so that my feet don’t hang over the edge and I will be eternally grateful.”

Monroe smiled up into tired blue eyes. “As you wish Commander Sword.”

With a few taps on the screen it was done. Monroe led the Commander to her room and left her to the large bed. He quietly made his way back to his own chamber anxious to be with his lifemate.

As Monroe climbed into bed, Tom opened his eyes and smiled. “The evening was a success love.” The old man’s heart still skipped a beat at the term of endearment. “Yes it was. I think we made a wise decision by choosing the special agent.”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

The commander felt the arms of youth wrap around him and found himself lost to say anything more. The night cradled the two lifemates in its warm embrace and carried them to an easy slumber. Both men content in each other’s company.

Robin stumbled toward her bed. It was the only thing in the room and the only thing she would have cared to look at anyway. She kicked off her boots and unzipped her flight suit, leaving her in a pair of shorts and her favorite T-shirt.

Her 6’1 body fell soundlessly onto the large bed. Robin closed her eyes and allowed the tension in her body to drain away. She thought about the events of the day and decided there was no other place she wanted to be. She let out a deep sigh then stretched her legs. She whispered her last thought aloud to the empty room. “Hmmmm. my feet don’t hang over.” She fell asleep with a satisfied grin on her face.


The days passed quickly as the Phoenix made its way to Thrace. Commander Lewis stood back and watched as the raven haired woman instructed the crew and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Over the last couple of days both commanders and Monroe had been spending all of their time together. Robin learning about the ship and the procedures in running it effectively and Commander Lewis and Monroe learning that there was more to special agent Sword than they could imagine.

Robin became aware of the deep connection between Lewis and Monroe. It intrigued her. They were definitely lifemates and she felt an odd sense of sadness when she realized that with the commanders passing Monroe would be left to spend an eternity without his love. She hoped Monroe would stay aboard the Phoenix and travel with her. She enjoyed his company.

Robin made decisions with confidence and never berated a crew member for voicing their opinion on any situation. It made the crew feel important, and that’s what she wanted. Robin knew a happy crew equaled a productive crew.

The sound of her first Lt. broke her train of thought. “I’m not sure what it is.”

“It looks like a slaver ship.”

Robin’s blue eyes snapped to the large bay window to see what they were talking about it.

“It looks like it has been attacked.”

Robin studied the ship floating before her and realized it had been attacked. Huge holes confirmed a missile attack. Smoke poured from its engine. You could see the emergency lights blinking through the smoldering debris.

“Lt. Bailus, give me a life scan.”

The Lt. nodded his head and zeroed in on the ship. “Commander Sword I’m not finding…..wait a minute..”

The Commander felt her heart race, if there were slaves left onboard she would take them in without a second thought. She would not be so generous to the slavers themselves.

“Commander I am picking up four life forms below deck. It appears that they are in the tanks below the landing gear. I would say they are hiding.”

The commander nodded her head in agreement. “Signal for Captain Baker to ready his flight crew.”

Monroe smiled as he remembered the way Robin insisted the pilot stay on board the Phoenix with his family and head the flight department. The everlast knew it would prove to be a wise decision.

“Let him know I’m going with him.”

All heads turned to look at the commander like she had lost her mind. She couldn’t possibly leave the ship. She had just taken the position and didn’t need to be placing herself in danger.

Her blue eyes looked up to find her entire crew staring at her with looks of concern and uncertainty on their faces. She felt herself waver for a split second and looked to Commander Lewis for some input.

He smiled and looked back to the crew. “You heard her. Tell Baker that Commander Sword will be accompanying him to the wrecked ship.”

Robin gave a slight nod before turning and making her way to the flight deck. She felt the familiar rush of adrenaline begin to pump through her body. Her gut told her there were only slaves left on board but anything could happen and she prepared herself for the worst.

As soon as she stepped onto the flight deck Captain Baker was at her side. Baker was thrilled to stay as head of the flight crew and he and Robin were becoming good friends.

“Commander are you sure you want to go down there.”

“Yes.” Robin arched an eyebrow at the smiling captain. “You don’t mind a passenger do you?”

“Of course not.”

The captain bowed and motioned for Robin to go ahead of him. “After you.”

They exchanged smiles and climbed into the small ship. Captain Baker signaled for clearance and in a matter of seconds they were airborne.

Three small fighter ships and one medical ship landed on the smoking deck of the slave ship. When they touched down the flight crew instantly began scouting the area. The ship was on fire and unstable. Gasoline fumes filled the air. It would have to be a quick rescue.

“All clear Commander Sword.” Robin nodded to the foot soldier, then looked back to Captain Baker.

“Baker, place two guards on deck and keep a radio signal open with the phoenix. I want everyone to keep their eyes and ears open.”

Commander Sword put on her head mic as she waited for Baker to secure his men. “Lt. Bailus, can you hear me?”

“Loud and clear Commander Sword.”

“I want you to direct me to the area we need to be. I want to get out of here before this thing blows. Go ahead and secure the Phoenix. I’m not sure how long this ship is gonna hold out.”

Baker returned and waited for his orders. “I want you with me.” The captain nodded his head as the commander continued. “We’ll need a med. tech.” The commander motioned for a medical assistant and soon they were on their way.

Lt. Bailus’ voice came across the small ear piece the commander wore. “Commander you should be about five feet away from a trap door in the floor.” The commander’s blue eyes swam over the floor. Finally she spotted it. Robin signaled to the Captain and Med. unit that this was it.

“Bailus are you still picking up signs of life.” She kicked the fallen debris away from the door.

“Affirmative Commander.”

She leaned down and gripped the handle. With a quick tug the door came open. She could hear muffled voices from below. She knelt down and spoke to whoever might be listening.

“I am Commander Sword. I am here to help you. How many are down there.”

“How do we know we can trust you.”

The commander rolled her eyes before replying.

“How do you know you can’t?”

Silence. There wasn’t enough time to explain. The commander continued to speak.

“Look….if I wanted to kill you…you’d be dead already.”

It must have made sense, because she heard the scuffling of feet and then saw the top of an escape ladder being leaned against the opening.

The commander looked to her captain and they both sighed with relief and waited.

The first person to emerge was an older woman with gray hair. She had a broken wrist and was suffering from mal-nutrition. Her lips were parched and her clothes were tattered. A look of relief washed over her when she realized they were truly being rescued.

“Thank you…..thank you……” she kept repeating those words as the med. Tech rushed her to a waiting gurney.

Red hair and freckles greeted the Commander and Captain next. “Are you the good guys?” the little boy asked.

Baker looked over to his commander then back at the little boy. “Yeah buddy…..we’re the good guys.”

The little boy hugged the Captain then followed the med. Tech to the waiting ship.

The next head to pop up was a little girl. Her large green eyes looked up at the commander and Robin smiled. The little girl returned a weak smile and climbed out of the hole. She didn’t move when she got out. She just kept looking back down the hole.

“Someone else down there little one?”

The commander watched as tears filled the little girls eyes. Her blonde hair swished as her head bobbed up and down.

“Mama.” The little girl uttered before reaching out to the commander. Robin wasn’t prepared for the little girl’s tears. Her military training had never covered this. It felt strange to hold the crying child in her arms.

“What’s your name sweetheart?”


“All right Angel, how bout if I go down there and help your mama out okay?” Robin wiped the tears off of the small puffy cheeks and smiled as the little girl nodded her head.

“You wait here and Captain Baker will take real good care of you.”

The little girl’s eye’s got bigger and bigger as she watched the commander stand up. Robin reached out and ruffled the little girl’s hair as if she had done it her whole life. They smiled at each other then Robin disappeared into the hole.

It took a second for her blue eyes to adjust to the difference in lighting but when they did she spotted the injured woman. Even in the darkness she could see the white gold hair that was identical to the little girls. For a moment Robin could see a warm glow of light surrounding the woman. She blinked and it was gone.

The woman was sitting in a corner with her head drooped. She appeared to be dead. As Robin walked closer she heard a soft moan. She felt her heart leap in her chest for the little girl. Her mama was alive.

Robin knelt down in front of the small woman. “Can you hear me?”

Another soft moan escaped the woman. Robin hesitated before moving her. She didn’t want to injure the woman any further.

“I need your help for a second. Can you tell me where it hurts.” Robin waited patiently. Then in a voice she could barely hear, she made out the word “legs.”

Robin could see several bruises and cuts on both of the woman’s legs, not to mention her arms and face. The woman desperately needed medical attention.

“Does it hurt inside any where?”


It seemed the more Robin spoke with the woman the more conscious she became.

“Can you walk?”

The blonde head started to look up, Robin watched as green eyes fluttered open. She waited for the woman’s vision to focus. Robin heard the blonde gasp, then watched as a sudden look of panic crossed the woman’s face. Her eyes darted around the dim room as she tried to stand.

“Angel. My daughter…where is she.”

Robin grabbed the woman to steady her.

“She’s fine. She’s waiting for you up on deck.”

The commander felt the woman relax as her words filtered through her.

“We need to get you out of here.”

Green eyes locked onto blue and for a split second a feeling of completeness passed through both women. The commander smiled down at the blonde in her arms. In an instant the Commander knew she had been born for this moment. It was Captain Baker’s voice that reminded her of the danger.

“Commander we need to get off this ship. It’s not going to last much longer.”

Robin’s expression changed from captivated to determined in an instant. She lifted the small woman in her arms and headed for the ladder. She felt herself stumble as small arms wrapped around her.

With careful maneuvering and small steps, the commander and former slave made their way up the ladder. Captain Baker reached and pulled the woman out of the darkness. The commander was last to exit.

Back on board the Phoenix, Commander Sword issued commands to her crew. They needed to put as much distance as they could between them and the slaver ship. She knew they would feel part of the blast. She only hoped they would not sustain any damages.

“Danu….put up shields.”

Without delay the everlast powered up the shields.

The commander moved with the grace of a panther as she crossed the main deck.

“Capt. Miller…full throttle. I want us as far away as we can get from that ship.”


Lt. Bailus watched as his screen counted down the time remaining before the ship exploded.

“20 seconds commander.”

“Bailus has everyone been notified of the situation.”

“Yes commander… we went on full lock down when you landed. 10 seconds.”

The commander ran to her seat and strapped herself in. As usual she mentally prepared for the worst.

“Brace yourselves.”

The ship exploded and everyone on board the Phoenix felt the vibrations. The shields took the blunt of the explosion, deflecting the debris away from Commander Sword and her crew. They had survived a near fatal explosion and saved lives in the process.

As the phoenix pulled further and further away, Robin felt an uncontrollable urge to celebrate their success. She jumped out of her chair and stepped onto the command deck. All eyes focused on her and she couldn’t keep from smiling at her crew.

“Great job everyone. It’s nice to know I am working with so many people who perform so well under pressure. Thank you for saving my life and everyone else who makes the phoenix their home.”

The crew instantly began clapping and shouting their praises to the commander. The mission was a success. Robin looked over her crew and her blue eyes fell on the elderly commander. He stood grinning from ear to ear, nodding his approval toward the tall woman. She returned the smile and stepped down from the main deck. It was a good day.

Monroe stepped toward his new commander. “I believe you have just won the respect and loyalty of every crew member on this ship.”

Robin smiled down at the everlast. “Well they have certainly won mine.”

Monroe nodded his head as he continued to smile. “Will you be joining me and Tom for dinner this evening?”

“Yes. I want to check on our guests first.”

Her mind flashed images of the old woman who whispered her thanks through parched lips and the two children who were forced to grow wise beyond their years but the one image that seemed to linger the most centered around the young blonde woman. ‘Who is she.’ She silently asked herself.

Monroe stopped and looked up at his commander. “Very well. We will see you soon.”

Robin turned and made her way to the glass elevator. She requested which floor she wished to visit and soon found herself stepping out onto the second level. Her blue eyes scanned her surroundings and she followed the signs that marked the way to the nurse’s station.

“Commander Sword…we were not expecting you.”

Robin watched as the young nurse grew nervous with her unannounced visit. The commander looked at the young woman’s name tag.

“It’s okay Delilah. I just wanted to check on our visitors.”

“Of course. Right this way.”

The commander followed the nervous med tech.

“Tell me. How are they doing?” Robin tried to put the young woman at ease.

“Well commander…. we have both women on a vitamin replacement pack and round the clock care. The children are doing fine. They were a bit hungry but they were not as dehydrated as Maxie or Sarah.”

Robin listened as they walked through a maze of hallways. She tried to decide if the blonde looked more like a Maxie or Sarah. ‘Sarah…it’s got to be Sarah.’ Robin laughed at herself for thinking such thoughts. She urged the nurse to continue but found that they had arrived at their quarters.

“Thank you Delilah.”

“Your welcome Commander. If you need anything I’m just down the hall.”

The commander gave a brief nod as she looked to the sleeping elderly woman. She looked much better. The color had returned to her face and she wore new clothing. Robin’s eyes glanced down at the name tag at the foot of the bed and she smiled. It read M. Walker. ‘I knew she had to be Sarah.’

Her long legs carried her to the next room. Robin took one step inside the room and stopped. Her heart pounded from the vision in front of her. Sarah was asleep with Angel cradled in her arms. Robin cocked her head to one side as she studied the two women. They looked so peaceful. This time she was certain she saw a warm glow surrounding the two females. It seemed to be inviting the commander closer and she wanted to be a part of it.

Robin stepped toward the bed. She just wanted to get a better look at Sarah’s injuries. That’s what she told herself anyway. As her heavy boots fell against the marble floor the little girl stirred in her sleep. For a brief moment her eyes opened and met the commanders. The little girl waved toward the commander then fell asleep again.

A smile lingered on Robin’s face, as she studied the little girl’s mom. Bruises covered her face. Some were old and some were new. Robin felt the anger build inside of her, as she pictured Sarah trying to fight back. She smiled at that thought. The commander just knew she had fought back.

It took all of Robin’s self-control to keep from brushing back a lose strand of blonde hair that had fallen across Sarah’s face. The longer she stood there the harder it was becoming to leave. ‘What’s happening to me?’ She thought.

She wasn’t afraid of her feeling’s, she just couldn’t put them into words. Slowly she reached out and tucked the hair behind Sarah’s ear. Her finger tingled from touching the soft skin. She took one last look and turned to leave.


Robin stopped and turned back toward the bed. She saw two beautiful emerald eyes smiling at her. She walked back over and waited for Sarah to continue.

“Thank you….for…..” Sarah couldn’t finish her sentence. Tears filled her eyes and spilled over. Robin instantly reached out and wiped them away. As her fingers brushed away the tears the commander felt her world start to shift with every touch.

“Shhh….you don’t have to thank me. I’m glad you’re okay.”

Sarah looked through tear stained eyes at the woman who had saved her and her daughter’s life. She knew this woman would always save them. After the events she had just been through she wasn’t sure if the warm glow around the commander was real or not. She reached her hand out to caress the beautiful face looking back at her

The commander did not pull away. She wanted to feel Sarah’s touch. She wanted to get lost inside this woman’s eyes. Robin closed her eyes and leaned into the soft hand that cradled her face. It was perfect. When she opened her eyes and saw Sarah smiling at her the commander realized her heart belonged to the blonde.

“Commander, Monroe has sent word for you to¼.”

The nurse stopped in mid-sentence as she spotted the tall commander standing beside the bed of her patient. The warm glow she saw surrounding them made her smile. She had heard stories of the moment two half souls found each other but she didn’t believe them, until now. A person was lucky enough to find someone to claim as a life mate, but to find your soul mate was a completely different story.

The commander looked toward the door where the nurse stood frozen in her tracks.

“Is something wrong Delilah?”

“Of course not commander. Monroe just wanted to know if you had left yet.”

“Tell him I’m still looking after one of the patients and I won’t be long.”

“Yes commander.” The nurse smiled as she thought to herself ‘they don’t even know yet.’

Robin watched as the nurse grinned at her before leaving the room. ‘wonder what that’s about.’ She turned back toward Sarah who was now running her fingers through her little girl’s hair. Without looking up she began speaking to the commander.

“I love her so much.” Tears threatened to spill again. “I would be lost without her.”

Sarah placed a kiss on the little girl’s forehead and looked back to her rescuer.

Robin felt an ache deep in her soul at the thought of losing Sarah or her little girl. She reached out and took Sarah’s hand in her own and whispered. “You’re both safe now. I will see to it that you are taken care of.”

Time seemed to stand still, as an eternity of emotions filled both women. Robin felt the small hand in hers give a little squeeze. She had never felt so inclined to surrender.

“I need to get back to the main deck.”

Sarah nodded her head even though she wanted nothing more than to get to know this woman who had saved her and her daughter.

“Will you come back and visit me again commander.”

The smile that danced across the commander’s face answered the blonde.

“Only if you promise to call me Robin.”

Sarah blushed and the commander knew her heart belonged to the woman in front of her.

“Very well. Robin it is.”

Robin promised she would come back and check on them. She reluctantly let go of Sarah’s hand and began her walk back to the elevator. She smiled all the way back to the main deck. She couldn’t wait to talk with Monroe.

As she stepped off the elevator, she squared her shoulders and headed for Commander Lewis’ room. Her steps were fast and sure. She had no time to lose. She was a woman on a mission. A mission she hoped would lead her straight to Sarah…
Part 3
A soft knock on the life mates door interrupted the tender kiss that Monroe and his lover shared.

“That must be Commander Sword.”

The elderly man smiled as he leaned back in his chair. “Good….I’m starting to get hungry.”

“Me too.” Monroe nipped at his lover’s neck, and then moved quickly to dodge the playful smack that he knew would follow.

Commander Lewis watched Monroe walk to the door. Never in his life had a lover made him feel so special and loved. Even in his last days, Tom felt as handsome and strong as he had been 40 years ago.

“Monroe you are so good for me.”

The everlast turned to look at his partner. “As you are for me love.”

Monroe pulled the door open, and immediately noticed a change in his new commander. He cocked his head to the side as he tried to figure it out. It was a subtle change but none the less very evident.

“Good evening Robin. Please come in.”

The tall woman walked into the large chamber that belonged to the two men. It was divided into several large rooms, none of which had windows. She figured the commander had seen enough of the blackness to last him a lifetime and didn’t need a constant reminder. She on the other hand, loved gazing out at all of the stars that surrounded her. They provided her with an escape. Sometimes she would try and guess how many stars were floating around her but there were just too many to count. She figured nothing could be as great as the number of stars that cradled her to sleep every night.

“Sorry I’m running late. I stopped to check on our new passengers and make sure they were doing okay.”

Tom stood and motioned for everyone to head to the dining area.

“So…how are they?”

Robin pulled her chair out and sat down.

“They seem to be doing just fine.”

Monroe began to fill everyone’s plate. He watched the dark headed woman closely. She appeared nervous. She wouldn’t make eye contact with either of them. “She’s hiding something.” Monroe thought.

“Well that is good to hear.”

Commander Lewis picked up his glass of wine and took a drink. A quick smile to Monroe told the everlast his lover was pleased with the selection. He then began talking with his protégé.

“We will be landing in Thrace in two days. I’m sure our guests will find it to be a wonderful place to start over now that they are no longer slaves.”

Robins blue eyes fell to her plate. The commander’s words reminding her that Sarah would soon be leaving the ship. The everlast immediately noticed the look of sadness that passed over the young woman’s face.

“Robin is something bothering you?”

Both the commander and Monroe watched as Robin tried to find the words to express what she was feeling.

“Yes. No. Well it’s not really a bother.” Robin stopped and took a deep breath to calm her racing heart.

“I just can’t seem to describe it.”

The commander put his utensils down and Monroe followed suit. They waited patiently as Robin struggled to put her feelings in to words.

“When I first saw Sarah….”

“Wait.” Monroe interrupted. “Who is Sarah?”

The new commander’s face lit up at the mention of the woman’s name. This did not go unnoticed by the two men sitting across from her.

“She is one of the slaves that we rescued.”

Monroe nodded his head and the commander motioned for her to continue.

“When I first saw her on the ship, I thought she was dead. I noticed a soft glow surrounding her, but I wasn’t afraid of it. As a matter of fact it seemed to call me to her. I stepped closer and that’s when I heard her. She was alive.”

As the two men listened to the commander’s story, they smiled knowingly at each other. They too had seen a warm glow surrounding the other when they first met. Soul mates. That’s what everyone called them.

“Then I saw it again at the hospital while I visited her. It seemed to draw me to her.” Robin looked up to see two very big smiles beaming at her.

“Whaaaat?” she asked, thinking they didn’t believe her.

“Did you feel your heart beat faster as you got near her?” Monroe asked.


“Were you surrounded by warmth?” The older man asked.


Robin teetered on the verge of an all out panic attack. Had she grown ill? Maybe she ate something bad? This must be a test to prove her worthiness.

“Robin it sounds to me like you’ve just met your soul mate.”

The words sank in slowly, as if she could feel the thickness of them seeping through her every pore. ‘Soul mate?” She didn’t think her soul was worthy of a mate. She had killed so many people as a soldier. How could she deserve to find her soul mate?

“Are you sure?” She asked skeptically.

Monroe reached for his lover’s hand as he answered her question.

“It happened with us. I came aboard this ship, as a chef for the commander and his crew. When I saw Tom for the first time, the most magnificent glow I had ever seen surrounded him. It called me to him and I couldn’t resist. I am still unable to resist.”

Commander Lewis squeezed the strong hand holding his.

“I heard some kind of commotion going on so I glanced up from across the main deck. That’s when I saw Monroe. I saw the same glow, and as soon as our eyes met I knew we were destined to be together.”

Robin listened intently. It sounded too good to be true. Could Sarah be her soul mate? She certainly hoped so. Her mind filled with visions of the young blonde. Her sweet face smiling up at her. Her emerald eyes touching a place deep inside her. The sound of her voice saying her name. It was definitely worth investigating.

Monroe’s deep voice brought Robin out of her reverie.

“Robin, we will be staying on Thrace for awhile. Why don’t you spend some time with Sarah, get to know her.” Monroe watched a smile work itself onto the tall woman’s face.

“I think I’ll do that Monroe.”

They finished eating and continued to talk about what they needed to get while on Thrace. Robin could barely keep up with the conversation. All she could think about was the small blonde and her daughter that had come into her life unexpectedly. She felt her stomach flutter when she thought about those emerald eyes that smiled up to her from the hospital bed. She would definitely be investigating this.


The next day Robin worked on the lower deck making sure an accurate inventory of goods was being taken. Once the ship landed on Thrace they would re-stock. It would be a long time after the Phoenix left Thrace, before they would be able to purchase supplies.

“Make sure you check the water supply. Get extra if you need to.”

“Yes Commander Sword.”

She was pleased to see that everyone kept busy. The Phoenix had one of the hardest working crew’s she had ever seen and it showed. Everything was neat and tidy. Each deck had its own maintenance crew who spent months in training. No wonder people were thrilled to work on this ship. Its reputation was as spotless as its floors.

Robin did a quick run down of the supply list before she began her trip back to the main deck. Once satisfied that everything was in order, she headed for the elevator. As she stepped on board her thoughts became flooded with two little blondes. Robin decided to make a quick stop on the second floor.

As the elevator stopped she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. She brushed her fingers through her dark bangs and tugged a little on her uniform. She stepped off the elevator and laughed at herself for acting like a lovesick schoolgirl. ‘Oh well.’ She thought. ‘It feels good.’ With that thought in mind she headed for the sick ward.

Robin came around the corner and found one frustrated Mommy trying to hold on to one squirming little girl.

“Angel…sit still so I can brush your hair.”

The little ball of energy didn’t care what her hair looked like. She wanted to play and she wanted to play NOW. Angel had noticed other little kids playing and she wanted to join the fun.

“Hold still baby and let Mommy brush your hair, then you can go play.”

The little girl sat still as could be. Sarah smiled. Pleased that her daughter minded so well. Then she noticed why Angel had stopped squirming.

There in the doorway stood six feet of drop dead gorgeous. Sarah let her eyes take in the sight slowly. The commander stood against the door with her arms crossed. Her long black hair hung loosely around her shoulders. She wore her black flight suit, which made her eyes appear even bluer than before. She was a vision to behold.

When green eyes finally connected with blue, Robin couldn’t help but grin at the bold appraisal she had just been given by the small blonde. Sarah quickly blushed and looked away when she saw the commander returning the appreciative stare. ‘Those eyes.’ Sarah wanted to drown in them.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

Sarah looked back at the commander.

“No!” She said a little to quickly. “I mean…….Angel was just getting ready to go play with the others.”

Both women stared at each other but not for long.

“Mommy can I go now?”

Angel wanted to go play. She didn’t have time for grown-ups. She could hear the other kids laughing and playing and it was all she could do not to run out of the room with or without her mother’s permission.

“All right but be careful.”

Sarah barely had the words out before the girl was running out the door to join the fun. Robin laughed as the girl ran by her. The smile never left her face as she looked back to see Sarah looking at her.

Robin walked toward the hospital bed.

“Mind if I sit down.”

The young blonde scooted over the small bed and made room for the tall commander.

“Of course not.”

As Robin sat down next to Sarah, she was amazed at how fast her brain had forgotten to form a sentence. Silence filled the room. Sarah wasn’t for sure how to address the commander, even though the tall woman made her promise to call her by her first name.

Finally Robin spoke up.

“How are you feeling?”

Sarah looked to the commander thankful that she had broken the silence.

“Much better. I can’t wait to get my clothes so I can walk around. Delilah has been telling me about the rink, it sounds like so much fun.”

The blonde continued talking and Robin became enchanted by the sweet sound of Sarah’s voice. It seemed the little blonde loved to talk. The commander, being a woman of few words, followed her lead and they spent several minutes just talking about the ship, and places Sarah and her daughter could investigate.

The sweet sound of Sarah’s voice filled the commander’s heart. She was totally captivated by the beautiful blonde in front of her. She watched as Sarah moved her hands while she spoke. Robin’s eyes took in the many expressions Sarah made, and she loved the way the little blonde’s nose wrinkled when she smiled. Without warning Robin interrupted the talkative woman.

“Sarah…would you like to have dinner with me?”

The blonde stopped in mid sentence. The commander’s request surprised her. She looked into Robin’s eyes and took a deep breath to calm her heart.

“I would love too.”

The two women sat starring at each other. Robin felt as if her heart would pound out of her chest. She wanted to kiss Sarah. The commander trembled with anticipation as she watched a petite hand reach out to caress her face. She leaned into the touch, and watched as Sarah’s lips parted invitingly.

Robin felt the small hand slip behind her neck and tangle in her hair. She felt a gentle nudge, urging her forward. A quick bolt of desire shot through the Commander at the bold move. She could feel warm breath against her lips. “So sweet.” She thought. Both women closed their eyes. Lips a breath apart.

“Mommy….Mommy…..Guess what?”

Robin pulled back quickly. The moment shattered by the voice of one excited little girl. Sarah looked apologetically to the tall commander and received a warm smile. Sarah believed that lopsided grin of the commander’s could very well be the death of her.

“What is it Angel?”

Breathing hard the little girl tried to explain herself. She quickly began talking about the other kids and why it was necessary for them to go to the rink. Both women smiled at the little girl’s excitement as she began talking and prancing at the same time.

“Jojo said there’s a big water fountain we can play in and Dottie said there’s allllllll kinds of tunnels and secret hide outs…can we go Mamma…pleeeeeeezzzz?” The little girl’s eyes were wide with excitement and her arms moved as fast as she talked.

Sarah cast a quick glance to the commander then looked at her little girl. “Let Mommy see if she can find something to wear and then we’ll go down for a bit. How’s that?”

The little girl hugged her mommy and took off running out the door to spread the good news. Angel couldn’t wait to get to the rink.

“Well…I guess I need to get some clothes.”

Robin had to bite her tongue, to keep from telling Sarah just how gorgeous she looked in the thin healing gown. She wisely chose to nod her head; afraid of what might uncontrollably tumble out of her mouth.

Before Sarah had a chance to say anything else, the commander stood and called for the nurse. Delilah came into the room worried that something was wrong. “Commander, you called me.”

“Yes Delilah. I need you to do me a favor.”

Sarah watched the nurse smile, as the commander whispered in her ear. Delilah spun on her heals and headed down the hallway. Robin walked back over to Sarah.

“I have to check things out on the main deck, but I would love to accompany you and Angel to the rink tonight.”

Sarah felt her heart doing flips. This woman wanted to spend time with her and her daughter. Sarah couldn’t help but grin.

“That would be nice Robin.”

“Great.” Robin smiled as she continued. “I have sent Delilah to get you and Angel some clothes. I will come back and pick you up in about an hour, if that’s okay with you?”

Sarah ducked her head to hide her blush. She couldn’t remember the last time she had blushed so much. There was just something about this woman that made her feel so alive.

“That is perfectly all right with me.”

The commander turned to leave and was halted once again by the sweet sound of Sarah’s voice. She turned around and saw the blonde walking toward her. It took all of her training to focus on the green eyes smiling up at her and not the gorgeous body outlined by the thin healing gown. Before she knew what happened, Sarah had reached up and kissed the commander on the cheek. Robin felt her legs go weak and new she had to get out of there before she looked like an idiot.

Sarah smiled shyly up at the commander. “Hurry back.”

Robin couldn’t believe the way her body betrayed her. Her hands were trembling, she couldn’t form a complete sentence and she was certain she had stopped breathing. Finally, she walked out of the room and headed for the elevator. She had one hour to find something decent to wear and fix her hair and of course make sure the ship was running smoothly. A commander’s work never ended…
Part 4
Robin looked in the mirror, finally satisfied. She desperately wanted to impress Sarah, so she decided to wear her white commander’s uniform. It showed off her muscular build and on the front, just above her left breast, surrounded by five stars, was a blue Phoenix. The emblem identified her as Commander of the ship and civilian of the fifth district. Robin also decided it was just enough to enhance the blue in her eyes. (Like they needed enhanced.) She let her hair fall loosely around her shoulders.

She checked her timepiece for the hundredth time. Fifteen minutes. She tried to think of something to keep her busy, but decided to leave a little early. “Just in case I run into someone” she said, as she brushed her fingertips through her bangs.

On the way out her door she spotted Monroe. He sized her up and down and thought it was so out of character for Robin to blush the way she did.

“You must be on your way to see Sarah.”

“Actually, I’m going to accompany her and Angel to the rink tonight.”

Monroe smiled at the nervous woman. “Ahhhhhh…I believe a dance has been scheduled for tonight.”

Robin’s heart rate tripled when she thought of holding Sarah in her arms. It had been so long since she had danced, she hoped she would remember how.

“Well, hopefully, if she will dance with me, I won’t crush her toes.” Robin smiled but the everlast could hear the uncertainty in her voice.

“You’ll do fine. Besides, she would be crazy not to dance with you. You are positively handsome Commander Sword.”

Robin smiled at the everlast. “Thank you Monroe…I needed that.”

Monroe smiled back. “Anytime Robin…now go get your girls.”

Robin squeezed Monroe’s shoulder, then headed down the corridor. She felt a little taller than usual. Her steps were lighter and her heart pounded with excitement. Her girls were waiting for her.


Delilah stepped inside Sarah’s room with two gowns. Both were beautiful, but Sarah’s eyes were fixed on the emerald green dress. It would match her eyes. The nurse smiled when Sarah reached for it. “Excellent choice my dear.”

Sarah held the gown up to inspect it, and grinned her approval as she stepped into the washroom. She had already taken a quick bath and was anxious to put on her new clothes. She closed her eyes as the cool material glided down her body. She felt like a princess. She pulled her hair up with a green ribbon and left a few blonde strands to dangle around her face. She hoped Robin would like it.

She stepped out of the washroom and didn’t have to wait for a reaction from Delilah. The nurse stared at the young woman. She was beautiful. “You know Sarah… hearts are gonna break all over this ship, when word gets out that you only have eyes for our commander.”

“Thank you Delilah.”

Sarah ran her hands down the front of her gown. The dress fit her perfectly. It fell just off her shoulders and hugged in all the right places. The material was cool and felt good against her skin. She couldn’t help but twirl around in pure delight. Her heart raced out of control as her dress fanned out around her.

“Do you think she’ll like it?”

“She’ll think you’re the most beautiful creature in the universe.”

Delilah and Sarah turned to see who had snuck up on them. There in the doorway stood the commander. Sarah felt her knees tremble at the sight, even Delilah gasped at the sight. The commander was gorgeous.

“Really?” Sarah couldn’t look away from the deep blue of Robin’s eyes.

“Really.” Robin replied as she stepped inside the room.

Delilah picked up the discarded gown and headed out to find Angel. She smiled as the room filled with the warm glow of love. For a split second that warm glow touched Delilah and gave her a glimpse into what the commander and Sarah shared. The nurse stepped outside the doorway and wiped a single tear from her eye. Love is a sweet and powerful thing.

Sarah smiled up into the commander’s blue eyes. “You’re….beautiful.”

Robin reached out and took a strand of blonde hair between her fingers.


She leaned forward and pressed her lips to Sarah’s. The world slipped away from them. Robin had only hoped for a sweet, gentle kiss but once she felt those soft lips part beneath hers, she lost all control.

The kiss deepened and both women were lost in the moment. Sarah reluctantly pulled back to catch her breath. She placed her hand flat against the commander’s chest.

“That was amazing.” She looked up to see Robin smiling down at her and breathing deep.

“Yeah…it was.”

Robin wrapped her arms around the small blonde and pulled her close against her. They fit together perfectly. The night hadn’t even started and all ready things were beyond both women’s expectations. Robin felt like she could dance all night, if that’s what Sarah wanted.

Robin released her hold on the small blonde and smiled as Sarah laced their fingers together. Neither one wanted to be completely separated from the other.

“Mamma are you ready?”

Two heads turned to see an impatient little Angel standing in the doorway. Sarah nodded and the little girl leaped in delight. Robin and Sarah headed toward the elevator hand in hand, with Angel leading the way.

It didn’t take long before the trio stepped off of the elevator and into the world of the rink. Music filled the air and dazzling displays of lights and unimaginable feats caught the eye of all three women.

Heads turned to see the commander and the beautiful young blonde walk in. Word of the commander’s arrival traveled fast across the rink, and performers quickly decided to save their best act for her. Little did they know, the most amazing thing the Commander had ever seen was holding her hand and walking by her side.

The first stage they walked up to centered on two young men. One swallowed a sword while the other appeared to breathe fire. Sarah’s eyes went wide with excitement, as the fire breather shot flames high into the ceiling.

Angel bounced around and began tugging on her mama’s dress. “I can’t see mama…I can’t see.”

Before Sarah could say anything, Robin reached down and plucked the little girl up in her arms. Angel smiled at the beautiful giant. Robin spun the little girl around until she sat on her shoulders with her legs dangling down in front of her. Angel squealed in delight. She had the best view of anyone else in the room.

Once Angel was situated Robin reached out for the small hand she had been holding since she and Sarah left the sick ward.

“So this is what falling in love is all about”, she thought.

The three women stood and watched in fascination, as the two men continued their show. Applause from three stages down caught Angel’s attention. Robin felt the little girl twisting to get a better view and took it as a sign to move on.

“Are you ready to see more?” Robin asked Sarah.

Sarah cocked her head to the side and grinned when she noticed Robin holding onto one of Angel’s legs to help balance the bundle of energy. Robin thought it was so cute the way Sarah’s nose crinkled up when she smiled. Sarah clasped her other hand over Robin’s and nodded her head.

“I’m ready when you are.”

Robin headed in the direction of the applause. Sarah held on tight to the commander’s large hand. It was so soft and yet so strong. Long tapered fingers laced through Sarah’s fingers and she smiled at the difference in their sizes. It was a perfect fit.

When they reached the stage, Robin positioned Sarah in front of her and placed her hand on the blonde’s shoulder. The commander felt a warm flood of emotion settle over her, as a petite hand came up and rested on hers.

They stood and watched in wonder, as the magician performed unbelievable tricks. Robin heard Angel giggle as he pulled a large furry chaka out of his hat. The creature was cute as could be.

The chaka was white, with big blue eyes. It had long ears and long white fur, with streaks of gray in it. It sat on its hind legs like a rabbit, but its arms were long like a human’s. It was just about the size of Angel.

Robin felt Sarah’s small body lean back into hers. The tall woman could feel the warmth radiating out of the blonde’s body. Every time Sarah would laugh Robin felt the little tremors that raced through the small frame pressed into her. The sweet sound of Sarah’s giggles warmed the commander’s heart.

They were content to stand and watch the magician for a while longer before moving on. The rink was like nothing Sarah had ever seen before. She felt like a child, until she looked up into the commander’s blue eyes, then she felt very much like a woman. A woman with wants and needs and desires.

They walked on around the rink, until they came to the food court.

“Mamma are we going to eat?”

Sarah smiled up at her daughter, who was still privileged to ride on the commander’s shoulders.

“Why don’t you come down from there, then we’ll get something to eat.”

Angel had grown used to her view and was reluctant to come down until she saw her mother giving her ‘that’ look. Robin reached up and helped the girl down then looked to Sarah.

“What would you like to eat?” Robin asked.

Sarah was very hungry, and the choices available to them were limitless.


Robin arched an eyebrow at the little blonde. “Fruity?” she repeated.

Sarah nodded her head and Robin bent down on one knee to look Angel in the eye.

“And just what would you like little one?”

“fizzer…I want a fizzer.”

Robin looked up questionably to Sarah. She didn’t have a clue what a fizzer was, but before the commander could ask, Sarah responded.

“You can have one after you eat something more substantial.”

The little girl looked up at her mom.

“What does subs..tan..chall..mean Mamma?”

Robin stood up and chuckled as she ruffled the little girl’s hair.

“Something that’s going to stick to your ribs, kiddo.”

Angel grinned at the commander. She liked this giant.

Robin looked to Sarah.

“Go ahead and grab a table, I’ll go get us something to eat.” She leaned down and placed a quick kiss on unsuspecting lips. “I’ll be right back.”

Sarah felt her lips tingle, as she watched the commander walk away. She could get used to this. She looked down to her daughter and held her hand out.

“Well…sweetheart…let’s go find a table.”

Mother and daughter walked further onto the court and found a table sitting close to a large water fountain. Underneath the water were different colored lights that fooled the eye into believing the water was tinted.

As Sarah waited patiently for the commander to return, another set of lights caught her eye. Across the food court, on the other side of the rink, she watched multi-colored lights flash across the room. Before she could figure out what was going on, a clear voice echoed across a loud speaker.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we celebrate.”

Loud music filled the rink as people started clapping and shouting excitedly. Sarah watched in fascination, as people started moving toward the loud music and began dancing.

“We celebrate…the quest for peace…the journey we make….and the love we find along the way.”

Sarah was so caught up in the lights she never noticed when Robin stepped up behind her. Robin held her finger over her lips, motioning for Angel to be quiet. Slowly the commander leaned down to whisper in Sarah’s ear. She almost forgot what she was doing as the faint scent of jasmine filled her senses. ‘She smells so good” Robin thought.

“We can dance later if you want.”

Sarah jumped at the warm voice in her ear. Robin smiled then apologized for startling the young woman. She sat their dinner down on the table, then took a seat close to Sarah.

Angel wasted no time digging into her food. They talked and laughed while they ate. Music filled the rink and Sarah desperately wanted to dance with the commander.

As they finished eating, Sarah watched her daughter’s eyes land on something and light up. It didn’t take long to figure what had grabbed the little girl’s attention. Angel stood up in her chair and started waving her arms.

“Jojo…..Jojo….over here.”

Sarah felt her cheeks go red from embarrassment of her daughter’s behavior.

“Angel…sit down, right now.”

Robin tried to hide the smile crawling across her face. She didn’t want to get Angel in trouble by encouraging her any further, but Sarah looked so cute when she blushed.

Jojo ran over to the table, and began talking so fast Robin couldn’t keep up.

“Is it okay if Angel comes and plays with us..we’ll be in the swamp and my mom will be there, she’s gonna watch us…please…please….”

Angel looked pleadingly to her mom.

Sarah looked over to Robin.

“What… is the swamp?” she asked, almost afraid of the answer she would get.

Robin smiled reassuringly.

“The swamp is a large play arena for the kids. They check in, then get their hand stamped. It is full of mazes and tunnels.” Robin could see the hesitation on Sarah’s face, so she continued. “There are adults inside to make sure no one gets carried away or hurt.”

Jojo looked up to the blonde.

“Please…can she come and play…please.”

Sarah looked back to Robin. “Would you mind if we walked her over ourselves.”

Robin reached under the table and grabbed the small hand that belonged to Sarah.

“I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Somewhere deep inside, Sarah heard a nagging little voice telling her if things seemed too good to be true, they usually were. As Robin smiled that incredibly sexy, lopsided grin at her, Sarah stomped out that little voice. She was ready to take her chances.

After they walked to the swamp, and Angel went inside, the two women stood outside the gate and watched as the little girl disappeared into the incredible labyrinth of lights and sounds. It was a kid’s wildest dream come true.

“She’ll be okay.”

Sarah smiled at the commander’s attempt to ease her nervousness.

“I know. I’m just not used to letting her out of my sight. When we were on the slave ship…” she left the words unspoken.

Robin wrapped her arms around the small woman and whispered in her ear. “I will have them bring her out right now…if that’s what you want Sarah.”

Robin felt the body in her arms take a deep breath and let it out.

“No. I know she’ll be okay.” Sarah turned in the strong arms that were wrapped around her. She felt determined to leave behind all the pain and suffering she had been through, and drowning in pools of deep blue, was certain to be a step in the right direction.

“I seem to recall you mentioned something about dancing earlier.”

Robin felt her heart skip a beat. Sarah was absolutely beautiful.

“Was that me?” Robin asked innocently.


“Well then…shall we?”

Robin turned and offered her arm to the beautiful blonde in the emerald dress. Sarah instantly took the offered appendage and they began walking to the dance arena. Robin felt her chest swell. She knew all eyes were on them as they walked onto the dance floor. She twirled Sarah once, then wrapped her arms around her and dipped her towards the floor.

Sarah gasped at the unexpected move. “Wow.”

Robin pulled her close and whispered in her ear. “Are you ready.”

Sarah swallowed hard at the sultry tone of the commander’s voice. She could only nod her head. It was all the answer Robin needed.

The music played on and the two women danced as if they were born in each other’s arms. Blue eyes locked onto green and both women were swept away in the moment. The slow, sensual sounds wrapped around them and their bodies melted together. They moved in perfect time, never missing a step. They never realized when the floor cleared, and dancers became spectators, watching the dance of souls reuniting.

Robin felt herself surrender to the small woman in her arms. Her life had changed drastically, in such a short amount of time. She believed all things happened for a reason, and that the reason she had become commander was none other, than to be standing here tonight, with Sarah in her arms. She believed that without a doubt.

Sarah felt her heart pound wildly in her chest. The lights swirled around her, but her attention was focused solely on the woman in front of her. She felt as if her feet had left the floor. Surely she was dreaming.

Robin once again saw the warm glow surround Sarah, this time however, what she felt left no room for doubt. Sarah was her soulmate. The blonde felt it too. Slowly, Robin leaned down and captured Sarah’s soft lips in a tender kiss. Large, callused hands cupped a soft, round face. Both wanted more.

The dance they shared slowed, as Robin’s tongue glided across Sarah’s bottom lip, gently asking for permission to explore beyond the boundaries of two soft lips. Without delay Sarah welcomed the warm tongue in her mouth, greeting it with her own. Both women were unprepared for the rush of emotion that swept through them. Lips claiming lips, tongues caressing tongues. Then it happened; both women felt it, as each one breathed into the other, a little piece of their soul became a part of the other. It only lasted a second, but it felt like forever.

When they pulled apart, a single tear escaped both women. The awe stricken crowd watched as Robin and Sarah wiped the tears away. The moment was unforgettable. Robin smiled down at her soulmate and kissed her forehead. Sarah closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around Robin. Slowly they started to sway in time with the music. They were never aware of being center of attention. They only saw each other.

Slowly the mesmerized dancer’s made their way back on the dance floor, surrounding the two women who were lost in each other. It would be a story told for generations to come. The night a simple slave girl rescued the heart of a lonely commander.

The night went by far to quickly for Robin. She couldn’t get enough of the small woman who turned down every possible suitor, during the course of the evening, to remain in the commander’s arms. As far as Sarah was concerned she had found her dance partner, hopefully for life. Finally, the music ended and the lights seem to fade. It was time to get Angel and say goodnight to the rink.

Robin and Sarah walked hand in hand toward the swamp. No doubt Angel would be tired, if not already asleep. Both women were silent as they headed toward the large playground. The night had been more than either had hoped for and the warm feelings that were flowing through the commander and Sarah would transport them to an even greater level later; they just didn’t know that yet.

Soon the swamp came into view. Soft light from the overhead security lamps now replaced the flashing lights that had given life to the maze earlier. Robin walked to the check-in booth and presented the ID card to pick up Angel. The young man opened the gate and ushered the commander in, before Robin entered she turned toward Sarah and held out her hand; Sarah accepted the invitation without a moments hesitation. They quietly walked through the door, and soon found Angel lying contentedly asleep.

Robin carried the sleeping little girl back to the sick ward, all the while, never letting go of Sarah’s hand. She walked as slowly as she could, without giving herself away. She didn’t want the night to end. Much to the commanders dismay, the tiny room where Sarah and her daughter were staying, came into view.

Sarah watched as the 6’1 commander, gently lowered her daughter into bed. It was a scene she hoped to never forget. Robin pulled the covers up and tucked them around the little girl.

“Thank you.”

Blue eyes looked up to green.

“It was my pleasure…I’ve had a wonderful time.”

Robin stood straight and cursed her hands for trembling. She wasn’t sure if it was from fear or desire. She settled to believe it was a little of both.

“We’ll be landing in Thrace tomorrow.” Robin hoped she could convince the young woman to stay on board the phoenix when it was time to leave.

“I know.” Sarah began inspecting her fingers, as she wondered how to let Robin know she wanted to leave with the Phoenix. “I’m gonna try to get some shopping in while we’re there.”

The two women smiled at each other. It was clear that they both wanted to spend time together, so Robin decided to go out on a limb.

“Sarah…I’ll be staying at the commander’s estate while we’re on Thrace…would you…that is if you don’t have any other plans…like to stay with me.” Robin swallowed hard. “You’ll have your own room of course.” She finished in a rush, not wanting to frighten the young woman.

“I don’t know Robin…I don’t want to be a burden to you…” she never finished the sentence.

“You will never be a burden to me…neither will Angel.”

Sarah took a breath, and looked deep into Robin’s eyes. “All right then…I will stay.”

If Sarah thought for one second, the commander didn’t mean what she said, the smile that broke across Robin’s face easily confirmed her sincerity.

Robin let out the air that was beginning to burn her lungs. “I will send someone for you tomorrow, after we land.” Robin took two, small, trembling, hands into her own. “We will step of this ship together.”

Sarah could only nod as Robin bent down to capture her lips. It didn’t take long for the kiss to take hold and spread like a wild fire out of control. Robin stepped into the kiss, forcing Sarah to take a step back, instantly placing the blonde between the wall and one great kissing commander. Sarah did the only she could. Surrender.

Robin felt Sarah yield to her kiss immediately. The commander’s lips worked their way to a small, flushed ear. “You look so beautiful tonight Sarah.” Lips descended to an inviting neck. When Sarah gasped, the commander lost all control. The knowledge that she produced that beautiful sound from Sarah sent shivers over Robin’s body.

“Robin…” Sarah tried to get the tall woman’s attention but hearing her name roll of Sarah’s tongue only inflamed the commander more. She sucked on the pulse point of the blonde’s neck, causing Sarah to moan deeply.

“Robin…we can’t…” her words were cut off by the commander’s lips. Robin knew she had to get control of herself. She thought Sarah wanted this to, but she wasn’t going to ruin things by rushing.

When the commander reluctantly pulled back, her breath caught in her throat at the look of desire that burned in Sarah’s green eyes.

“It’s not that I don’t want…” Robin placed two fingers over the swollen lips of the woman who held her heart.

“I know…this isn’t the time or place.” Sarah smiled as Robin reached out and brushed away a falling tear. “You’re just so….intoxicating…I can hardly stop myself.”

“I feel the same way about you Robin.” Sarah smiled shyly. “We’ll have time in Thrace for…you know…”

Robin grinned as a new blush swept over Sarah’s face. “We have all the time in the world…I know it might sound crazy…but you are everything I want and everything I need…Sarah, and I will wait until you are ready to move on…”

Sarah felt more than ready to move on, but Angel was sleeping in the same room and Sarah knew it wouldn’t be right. The two women shared a tender kiss goodnight, before Robin headed back to her cabin. Sarah’s world had just fell together, and Robin felt as if she could conquer anything in her path. Thrace was only a day away, and Sarah would be staying with her at the estate. Her thoughts replayed the evening over and over. It was perfect. Just like Sarah.

Two hearts beat in perfect time, as sleep stole the day. The night started with dreams of wander and love. Neither woman aware that the night had just begun, for soulmates can play, even in dreams…
Part 5
In dreams…I walk with you
In dreams…I talk to you

In dreams…You’re mine all of the time

We’re together…In dreams…Beautiful dreams………………….Roy Orbison

In the silence of the night, two souls prepared for journey. Robin drifted off to an easy slumber, with visions of Sarah laughing and dancing. The tired commander could still feel the weight of Sarah in her arms. She didn’t question it. She only followed that warm feeling into another world. A dream world…

Sarah closed her eyes and smiled as Robin’s face filled her dreams. She reached out to caress the beautiful face in front of her, hoping it wouldn’t fade away before she could touch it. She was shocked to feel soft skin under her fingertips, as if she wasn’t dreaming at all…and maybe she wasn’t….

“Robin…am I dreaming?”

Robin couldn’t explain it. It was like a dream, but Sarah looked and felt very real. She ran her thumb over Sarah’s lips; she needed to taste them again.

“If you are….I promise not to wake you.”

Robin closed the distance between them, and captured two lips begging to be kissed. “So soft” she thought. Robin ran her tongue across those sweet lips and melted when she felt Sarah’s lips part and their tongue’s slide against each other. The kiss deepened and both women felt absolute desire rush through their veins.

Sarah ran her hands up the front of Robin’s chest; over her broad shoulders and up the back of her neck. Black hair sifted like silk, through Sarah’s fingers, as she felt the commander’s warm hands wrap around her waist and pull her even closer. The feel of bodies pressing together, unleashed a passion no longer controllable, both women were lost to stop the dream, let alone explain it…

Sarah tilted her head back, offering the commander her tender neck to explore. Robin kissed her way up and down the luscious offering, her fingers reached and pulled on Sarah’s gown, exposing her shoulder. Robin felt small hands urging her on, as her tongue left a trail of fire across Sarah’s collarbone.

Long fingers pulled on the gown again, this time exposing a soft breast to the commander’s heavy eyes. She lowered her head and gently took Sarah’s breast in her mouth.

“Yesss….” Sarah arched her back, silently pleading for Robin to take all she could. The tall commander suckled like a newborn. She had never experienced anything as wonderful as having Sarah’s warm breast in her mouth, and listening to the wonderful sounds the small woman made.

‘This can’t be a dream’ thought Robin, as she felt the small woman’s nipple harden in her mouth. ‘It’s too real.’

Sarah couldn’t explain it either, but the sensual moans coming from Robin, kept her from searching for an explanation. She didn’t care how it was happening, she just knew it was happening. She was overcome by complete joy.


Something in Sarah’s voice made the commander release her hold on the erect nipple. She looked up to see tears running down the most beautiful face she’d ever seen.

“Sarah….I’m so sorry.”

Robin took the blonde in her arms, rubbing her large hands up and down Sarah’s back. Terrified that she had misread the signals the small body in her arms gave her.

“No….Robin….don’t be sorry….” Sarah’s small body shook with desire. She pulled back enough to capture her soulmates crystal blue eyes. “I’m enjoying every minute of this….I’m just a little scared is all.”

Robin looked down into watery eyes. She hoped she never did anything to bring tears to those eyes, and she vowed there would be no mercy for anyone who did.

She placed a kiss to Sarah’s forehead.

“I know sweetheart….I don’t know how we got here either.”

Sarah smiled at the term of endearment. No one had ever called her sweetheart before. “What did I do to deserve you Robin?”

Now it was the commander’s turn to shed tears, and shed them she did. How could she put into words what she felt for Sarah? How could she tell her, that she had fallen hopelessly in love with her? She didn’t want to scare Sarah away by smothering her, but she wanted the small blonde to know how she felt.

Robin looked away from Sarah for the first time, trying to gather her thoughts. She noticed they were surrounded by soft grass and a warm breeze swirled around them. She could hear the sound of water, just beyond two large trees. ‘Paradise..’ she thought, then looked back to Sarah. ‘Definitely paradise…’

Robin spoke the only thought that filled her entire being “I love you”.

Sarah closed her eyes as warm fingertips brushed her cheek. All of her life, Sarah had wondered if she would ever find love, now here she stood, her world shifting and falling into place. Green eye’s opened and she dove into deep blue.

“I love you too.”

Robin cocked her head to the side. Something wasn’t right. She listened closer. It sounded like a buzzing sound, maybe a siren. She looked down at Sarah, who was starting to fade away. Robin reached out to touch her again, but she was gone. Blue eye’s popped open. There it was again.

Suddenly Robin leaped out of her bed and grabbed her flight suit. It was the alarm from the main deck that brought Robin out of her dream. She ran down the corridor to the command deck.

“Commander Sword…we’re under attack.” Danu had already put up shields the moment he saw the three fighter ships fly by, then circle back.

“Are we prepared to engage, Danu?”

“Affirmative Commander.”

“Good…get Baker on the speaker.”

Danu reached and flipped a couple of switches and Captain Baker was on the line.

“Commander…I hear we got some nasty pests flying round the phoenix.”

Robin watched out the command window as the fighter ships fired repeatedly at them. The phoenix shields deflecting the blasts with little effort.

“You heard right Baker…you got a crew ready to fly out?”

“Waiting on word from you Boss.”

Danu’s eyes widened at the term Baker used while speaking to the commander. Surely she would pull his position. He waited patiently to see what Commander Sword would do.

“All right…send out three ships…don’t play around Baker. I want this over as fast as possible.”

“You got it Commander. Baker out.”

Before Robin could say a word, Monroe’s voice echoed across the command deck.

“Commander Sword, what’s going on?”

Robin watched as Monroe ran up the staircase to stand beside her. She motioned for him to look out the window. He didn’t see anything. He started to ask again, but stopped as three fighter ships came in to view, now taking aim in their direction.

Just before they fired, the small ship on the left exploded from the surprise attack launched by Captain Baker. The other two ships retreated quickly, and disappeared into the blackness. An uneasy silence filled the command deck. Finally, Monroe spoke.

“They’ll be back.”

Robin looked to Monroe. “How do you know?”

“They were scouts. No doubt word of our arrival has gotten out. My guess is they are with the Altis.”

Robin raised an eyebrow, which the everlast had learned to interpret as ‘please continue’.

“The Altis is the second largest ship in this region. Second only to the Phoenix. We had a run in with them the last time we landed on Thrace. We lost several crew members.”

Robin listened intently as Monroe continued.

“Magna is the leader of the Altis. An evil woman through and through. She kills for sport. I’ve even heard she keeps the heads of her worthiest opponents for display, and the names of her victims engraved on a wall, as a reminder of her conquests.”

Robin nodded as she felt her blood start to boil. “How long until they come back?”

“Some scouts go ahead several days. Seeing how we’ll be landing in Thrace within 8 hours, I’m assuming they’ll try and stop us.”

Robin radioed Captain Baker.

“Baker…good job out there.”

The captain sent his thanks across the radio and listened as Robin spoke.

“I want you to go on full alert. Get everyone ready…I’ve got a feeling this is going to get ugly.”

“Commander those ships bore the marking of the Altis. We’ve definitely got our hands full.”

“I know Baker…keep your head up. Wait for my command. Sword out.”

Robin looked out into the blackness. She was about to get her first taste of what Commander Lewis had been dealing with for years. Monroe watched the woman carefully. She stood straight, determination written plainly across her face. Monroe could almost taste the energy pouring out of the woman, then her expression softened. She turned to look at the everlast.

“Monroe…will you do me a favor?”

“Of course Robin. What is it?”

Robin put her hand on the everlast’s shoulder. Her blue eyes never blinked. “Will you send someone down to the second floor and bring Sarah and Angel up to my quarters?”

Monroe smiled warmly at Robin as he nodded his head. “Right away Commander.”

Monroe turned and headed toward the elevator. He wasn’t going to send anyone. He would go himself. He knew what Sarah and her daughter meant to Robin and he would protect them with his life. He was immortal after all.

Robin watched the everlast step onto the elevator and disappear. She would be sure to thank him later. At the moment she had to plan a course of action for the Phoenix. She walked over to her chair and sat down. She continued to stare out into the blackness.

Her mind bounced between thoughts of battle and thoughts of her dream. She still didn’t know what that was about. She would ask Monroe later, he seemed to know all about this soulmate stuff. Right now she had to focus on the battle at hand. Keeping the Phoenix free from harm.


Monroe entered the sick ward. Finding Sarah and Angel proved to be easy. He just followed the soft light coming from beneath the young woman’s door. He knew the only other time a soulmate could cast the light, was during mutual dreaming. Apparently Sarah was still waiting for the commander to return.

“Sarah…Sarah wake up.”

The small blonde shook her head. She didn’t want to leave the beautiful world she was exploring. Robin would be back at any moment.

“Sarah….come on…wake up. I need to take you to Robin.”

Green eyes opened at the sound of Robin’s name. She was surprised to see a man standing above her. She quickly pulled the covers up over her, and scooted away from him.

Monroe felt his heart go out to the woman. She had been a slave; there must have been many times that the young woman had been awakened by strangers, with selfish and cruel desires.

“I’m not going to hurt you Sarah. The commander has sent me to bring you and your daughter to her quarters.”

Sarah wanted to believe him. “Why?”

“The phoenix has been fired against, and Robin fears there may be a battle. She wants to make sure you are safe.”

Sarah nodded her head. He didn’t appear dangerous. “Who are you?”

The everlast smiled at Sarah. It was easy to see why the commander had fallen so hard for the young woman.

“My name is Monroe. I’m going to take you to Robin’s quarters. You and Angel can stay there as long as the commander wishes.”

Sarah could see the warmth in the young man’s eyes. She believed him. She got up and dressed quickly and reached for her daughter. She cradled the sleeping child in her arms, as Monroe led them to the elevator. It didn’t take long before they stepped onto the command level.

Monroe ushered them down the long corridor, until they came to the commander’s room. When they walked inside, Monroe laughed quietly to himself. The large room was still empty, except for a table, a small bathing chamber, the enormous bed and an equally enormous window. He figured it wouldn’t take long before Sarah had the place looking livable.

Monroe motioned for Sarah to place the young girl down on the large bed. Sarah couldn’t help but smile as the scent of her soulmate kissed her senses.

“Sarah…should you need anything, there is a com link on the wall. Just press the red button and someone will help you.”

Sarah nodded her head in understanding. Monroe turned to leave. He hoped she would be able to rest.


He stopped at the door and turned back to the soft voice.

“Is Robin okay?’

Monroe smiled at the young woman. “She is fine. I will let her know you’re here. She will be delighted.”

Sarah smiled as she watched the everlast walk out the door. She looked around the room. It was so big…and so…empty. She would have to ask why later. All she wanted right now was to close her eyes and get lost in the sweet smell that was all Robin. She laid down and wrapped her arm around Angel. She placed a quick kiss on the little girl’s head, then snuggled into Robin’s pillow. This time there would be no sweet dreams to greet her.

Monroe stepped onto the command deck and found Robin exactly where he had left her. Sitting in her chair staring out into the blackness. It reminded him of Tom. Monroe had watched his lover, for hours, just sit and stare into nothing. He only imagined what occupied commander Sword’s thoughts. He cleared his throat to announce his arrival to Robin.

“Monroe…she is the most precious thing in my life.”

The everlast stood frozen in place. He wasn’t expecting such a heartfelt declaration from the usually silent commander, especially under such circumstances. He waited to see if she would continue. She did.

“Almost seven years ago, my planet was attacked. It was the smallest planet in our system. We had no army.”

Robin paused in her story. Monroe could tell she was struggling with her words.

“When they attacked…it was so fast….we didn’t know what hit us. I lost everyone I cared about…everyone I loved.” Her blue eyes searched the blackness. “I won’t lose Sarah and her daughter.”

Monroe watched as the commander fought to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. He wanted to say something to comfort his friend, but words failed him. His eyes shifted to look out into the blackness. ‘Maybe…just maybe’…he hoped to himself ‘there are answers out there’. If they were, none came forward.

Time seem to drag by. Everyone waited to see if the Altis would show. Finally, Robin ordered two small ships to scout ahead. She wasn’t about to become a sitting target.

The two scouts reported nothing in the area. Apparently the Altis scouts were several days ahead of the large ship. Robin knew that meant a battle after leaving Thrace, if not while on it. She closed her eyes and shifted in her chair. Her body screaming at her to get rest.

Monroe noticed the worry and exhaustion on Robin’s face.

“Commander…why don’t you go back to your quarters. We land on Thrace in four hours. The Altis is at least two days away…and besides that, there are two beautiful blondes waiting for you in your bed.”

Robin smiled at the everlast. He really knew how to get her attention.

“Monroe…you are a good friend. Thank you for bringing them up here.”

The tall commander stood and stretched her 6’1 body. She felt her bones popping and cracking. Monroe just laughed.

“I didn’t think you were old enough to be falling apart yet Robin?”

They both shared a brief laugh, and then Robin turned toward the corridor that would take her to Sarah and Angel.

“Keep me posted Monroe.”

“Aye Commander. Get some rest.” He watched as she disappeared down the hall, then whispered “You’ll need it when we come across Magna.”

Robin opened the door to her quarters and tiptoed to her bed. She stood still for a moment. Just looking at Sarah and her daughter. Her blue eyes lingering on Sarah. Her face was smooth and her lips hinted at a smile. ‘So pure’, she thought. Robin doubted that the woman had a mean bone in her body.

The commander felt her muscles tense, at the thought of what Sarah had gone through as a slave. She wondered if Angel was the result of a rape or if she was conceived in love. The thought of another person touching Sarah, by force or with permission, instantly caused the commander to bristle. Still, she hoped that it was an act of love that brought Angel into this world. But it didn’t matter now, Sarah and her daughter were here on the Phoenix in Robin’s quarters. The commander leaned down and placed a kiss on Sarah’s cheek.

“I would die to protect you” she whispered to a sleeping Sarah.

Those words hit the commander hard. She would die to protect them. She would kill if she had to. Standing over Sarah and her daughter, Robin realized there was nothing she wouldn’t do to protect them.

Robin pulled off her flight suit and crawled in the bed next to Sarah. The little blonde’s skin was cool to the touch. Robin wrapped her arm around Sarah and spooned their bodies together. Sarah snuggled closer to the commander.

“I love you Sarah…” Robin looked out the giant window. “More than there are stars…Sarah…..more than there are stars.”
Part 6
Monroe searched the blackness in front of him. There in the distance, surrounded by two soft rings, was Thrace. The planet was larger than its four surrounding neighbors were. It had three moons that could be seen day or night, once you were inside its atmosphere and safely on the ground. Thrace was also one of the last planets in this district to experience both day and night.

There were so many reasons Monroe loved this planet, but the fact that he and Tom had spent their honeymoon here served as the main reason. They were joined on the Phoenix, about five months after they met. It was the greatest day of the everlasts life. Now, time was running out for his soulmate and Monroe was doing his best to prepare for the loss.

The everlast stood and stretched his tired muscles. It was time to wake Commander Sword. The phoenix would touch down in about half an hour. He turned toward the corridor that led to her room. He knew the two women were probably exhausted. An entire evening in the rink, mutual dreaming, that he was sure had been cut short due to the brief encounter with the scouts from the Altis. He hoped they would be easy to wake.

Monroe stopped in front of the Commander’s door and pushed a small button that would signal his arrival. He was surprised at how fast the door came open.

“Good morning Monroe…..Come in.” Robin stood before the everlast, looking as rested and refreshed as ever.

“I take it you slept well Commander Sword.”

Robin nodded her head. She had only slept for three hours but she felt great.

“I feel like I’ve rested for days….” She seemed somewhat perplexed, but then so many things had been happening to her over the last few days, she was starting to get used to all the surprises.

Monroe tilted his head to the side. He too, wondered why the commander felt so revived. In all actuality, Robin should be exhausted.

“Usually mutual dreaming will drain the body’s energy, not revive it” the everlast remarked.

Robin smiled sheepishly.

“Ahhhh yeah… dreaming…you know about that..right?”

Monroe smiled. “Yes…that’s how I found Sarah so easily. Soulmates can only cast the light on two occasions…one, when they are together and two….”

Robin finished out his sentence. “When they are mutually dreaming…”

Monroe nodded his head. “I saw the light coming from beneath her door.”

A sleepy voice from across the room interrupted their conversation.

“Is it time to get up all ready?”

Monroe and Robin turned to see a very sleepy Sarah sitting up in bed. Her hair was a tangled mess and she was rubbing her eyes.

The everlast smiled at his commander. “We will be landing in about twenty minutes, I thought you would like to get ready.”

“Of course…thank you Monroe.”

Another sleepy voiced filled the large room.

“Mama where are we?”

Robin watched as Sarah wrapped her arms around Angel and pulled her into her lap. It was a toss up as to which blonde had the most tangles in her hair.

Monroe noticed how much the young child resembled her mother. Their tangled hair fell together and you couldn’t tell where one strand ended and another began. The little girl had somehow managed to pull off her nightshirt, so Sarah was trying to wrap her up in the blanket.

Monroe chuckled as he watched Sarah fight with the blanket, then he froze.

“Sarah…is that a birth mark on Angel’s back?”

Sarah ran her fingers over the mark as she nodded her head. She was about to go into the story of the day she noticed it but Monroe interrupted her.

“Sarah…may I take a look at it….please.”

Robin watched Monroe with a look of confusion. She had never seen him act like this before. His face was flushed and his eyes were wide in amazement. He stood fast waiting for the okay from Sarah before he approached her.

Sarah looked to Robin who shrugged her shoulders. The commander had no idea what had prompted the everlast to act this way.

Sarah nodded her head. “Of course Monroe…. it’s just a birth mark.”

Monroe stepped up beside the bed and looked closely at the mark. He knew what it was and he knew what it meant. He fell to his knees beside the bed and lowered his head.

“The chosen one is here.”

Sarah looked over to Robin, who wore the same clueless expression as she did.

Robin walked over to where the everlast was kneeling and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Monroe…what are you talking about?”

The everlast looked up to his commander. That explained why she felt so rested. Monroe looked to both women. He looked back to the little girl that had fallen back asleep in her mother’s arms. He took a deep breath and began…

“Years ago, before the wars started, my planet was home to only Everlasts. An oracle foretold the coming of a great war that would destroy our planet and bring an end to all everlasts.”

Robin interrupted. ” But I thought you are immortal…”

Monroe nodded his head. “I am, but what many do not know is that immortals can be killed with the blade of Spearos.”

Sarah cradled her child in her arms. “I’ve heard of that. I thought it was just a tale.”

“It’s true Sarah” Monroe continued. “The oracle said that a girl child carrying the mark of a star burst, the mark on your daughters back, would save our people from extinction and help bring about the end of all the fighting.”

Robin and Sarah listened closely to Monroe. It sounded too crazy to believe.

“How can you be sure that my daughter is the chosen one Monroe?” Sarah ran her fingers through tangled strands of blonde hair. Angel slept on.

“The oracle was shown the mark, I saw it too. Legend says the chosen one will be born into slavery and possess great healing powers.” Monroe paused as he thought ‘It’s also said that she will be rescued by her protector. The defender of the chosen, which is you Robin.” Monroe decided to keep those thoughts to himself for now. “I’m guessing that is why Robin feels so rested this morning. I’m assuming that Angel….somehow….healed her tired body. How do you feel Sarah?”

The blonde shrugged her shoulders. She hadn’t really noticed, but now that she thought about it she did feel rested and revived. “I feel good.”

Robin rubbed her forehead as she tried to process all the information she had just heard. “Okay Monroe, if Angel has the ability to heal…then why didn’t she heal Sarah while they were on the slave ship?”

Monroe shook his head. “She is so young. She probably doesn’t even know she has these powers. While she sleeps, I would guess her abilities are growing… she doesn’t have any control over them, she hasn’t been able to separate her feelings from these powers…I’m guessing that as she projects her feelings toward the people around her, those powers are projected along with them. It just so happened you were able to receive them because you were exhausted…” Monroe nodded his head. It sounded crazy to him as well, but he didn’t know any other way to explain it.

Robin looked to the everlast. “Monroe…you said you saw the mark…how?”

A look of great sadness covered the everlast’s face. “The oracle was my Mother.”
He stated softly, then continued.

“When the war started, my planet was the first to be destroyed. Magna somehow knew of the blade of Spearos. She killed everyone she could. I remember my Mother hid me in her chambers.” Monroe paused. He could still hear the screams of his mother as she died at the hand of Magna. He shook those sounds from his head and continued.

“After Magna slaughtered my people, she left. I don’t know if she realized she left behind survivors or…maybe she planned on returning…I don’t know.”

Monroe felt a small hand cover his arm. He looked up to see tear filled green eyes smiling warmly at him.

“I’m sorry Monroe…”

The everlast smiled at the blonde. “Thank you Sarah.” He looked at the sleeping child in her arms. “Thank you very much.”

The COM link on the commander’s wall blinked, signaling an incoming message. Robin walked over and pushed the receive button.

“Commander we have passed through and are preparing to land. We will touch down in ten minutes.”

Robin looked back to the woman she loved and her friend still kneeling on the floor.

“Thank you Bailus…we’ll be there soon. Sword out.”

Robin walked back over to the large bed. “Monroe… I think it’s best if we keep this quiet for now. Especially with the Altis so close.”

Monroe nodded his head as he stood to leave. One final look at the chosen one and he turned to go. As he reached the door he looked back to Sarah. “You know she is an Immortal?”

Sarah looked to her daughter and nodded her head. Her emotions were out of control. She never heard the door close as Monroe stepped out of the chambers.

Robin crawled into the bed and pulled Sarah and the sleeping child into her arms. She didn’t know what to say or do, so she just held the woman tight and whispered sweet words in her ear.

Sarah wiped at the tears streaming down her face. “She’ll become a target.”

Robin rocked back and forth, holding the woman tighter. “And I’ll protect her with my life.”

Sarah cried even harder at the heartfelt words whispered by her soulmate. She closed her eyes, wishing that her thoughts would slow down.

“Mama…why are you crying?”

The little girl snuggled into her mother’s arms.

“Because I love you Angel….I love you so much.”

The little girl smiled in her sleep. “I love you to mama.”


The doors to the Phoenix opened and sunlight streamed through the command deck. Robin squinted her eyes. It had been too long since she felt the warmth of the sun against her face.

Sarah stood by her side, holding onto Angel. They had never been to Thrace. People lined the streets to welcome the Phoenix. Rumors of the new commander had spread and everyone waited anxiously to greet her.

Robin felt Sarah’s hand slide into hers. She squeezed it reassuringly. Together they stepped out onto the balcony of the ship. The citizens of Thrace greeted the new commander with cheers and applause.

Angel’s eyes were wide with excitement. “Wow…”

“Wow indeed…little one” Robin eyed the crowd. It looked like everyone had turned out for the arrival of the Phoenix.

Robin raised her hand and waved to the mass of people, which only created another uproar of applause and cheers. It felt good to be welcomed. Now it was time to board the commander’s cruiser and head for the estate.

Two guards ushered the commander’s and their consorts to the waiting cruiser. Angel held firm to her mama’s hand and followed where she led. Soon the sound of the crowd disappeared as the door to the cruiser shut. Five passengers waited patiently for the driver to begin the journey to the estate.

“Sarah…I’m glad you’re joining us at the estate.”

The blonde didn’t know what to say. This was the first time she had met Commander Lewis and she wasn’t sure how to address him.

“Thank you Commander. It’s my honor to accompany Commander Sword.”

The elderly man chuckled at the expense of the young blonde. “I’m sorry Sarah…I’m but an old man…and even if I wasn’t you don’t need to stand on formalities with me dear…please call me Tom.”

Tom held out his hand, which Sarah took immediately. She liked this man.

“Thank you…Tom.”

Tom looked over at Robin who sat grinning ear to ear. “You better keep an eye open Robin.”

A dark eyebrow arched high above baby blue eyes. “Ohhh…and why is that Tom.”

The elderly man smiled as he nodded toward Sarah. “You’ll be fighting them off one after another to keep her.”

Sarah blushed to the tips of her toes, while Robin nodded her agreement with the commander. She would indeed fight any that dare try to steal Sarah away from her.

“Well then…maybe I won’t have to schedule my sparring time in the arena. I’ll just take Sarah out on the town.”

Everyone laughed as the cruiser pulled into the hanger of the estate. Sarah was determined to have the last word.

“I’m afraid any attempt to win my affections would be futile, unless…of course… Commander Sword was the suitor in question.” Sarah eyed the tall commander and grinned inwardly at the blush she had caused on Robin’s face.

As they stepped out of the cruiser, Tom patted Robin on the back and leaned over to whisper in her ear ” looks like you’ve got your hands full.”

Robin just winked at the commander. “ahhhh and what a lovely hand full it is Tom.”

Monroe watched as his lover tossed his head back and let out a hearty laugh. It was good to see him enjoying himself. Hopefully the stay on Thrace would help him feel better.

As they walked into the main room of the estate, Sarah felt her breath catch. She had never seen anything so beautiful. The walls were white, the floor was white, even the long sheer drapes that hung from the dome ceiling to the tiled floor was white. The only thing of contrast was the red and purple bloom’s of wild flowers that had been placed throughout the room and the large blue phoenix that had been painted onto the floor where they stood.

“Ahhh Commanders Lewis and Sword….welcome home.”

Everyone turned to see a young man with blonde curly hair walking their way.

“It is so good to have you back on Thrace Commander Lewis…and Commander Sword…word is a finer replacement could not have been found in the universe.”

Robin eyed the little man who talked so quickly. “umm thanks…”

“My name is Tydron…but please call me Ty.”

Before anyone could say anything, the talkative little man clapped his hands and several house servants seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“Take these bags to the appropriate rooms and make sure a fresh bath is prepared.” Tydron looked back to the commanders. “Dinner will be served at 8:00pm, in the main dining hall. I will see to it that someone is sent to retrieve you for the meal.”

Tydron turned on his heal and headed out of the room. Tom looked over at Robin and laughed at the look on her face. “Get used to it…it’s like this every time we come.”

A young woman entered the room and motioned for the commander’s to follow her. “I am Leah…I will take you to your rooms.”

They walked down the hallway of the estate, their footsteps echoing around them. The walls in the hallway were also white. It made the estate appear very formal, which was great for dinners and meetings, but it left much in the way of feeling like home.

“Commander Lewis…Monroe….your room.”

Monroe waited for his soulmate to enter their quarters, and then he looked to Robin. “We’ll see you at dinner.”

Robin nodded her head and they started down the hallway once again. Her blue eyes scanned her surroundings. The place was immaculate. It was nice…but she didn’t think she would want to live in a place this huge.

“Commander Sword…Lady Sarah….Lady Angel…..your rooms.”

Sarah looked to Robin. She hoped they would share a room, but she could wait. No need to rush into anything. Just as Sarah was about to accept the fact she would be sleeping alone Leah’s voice interrupted her spiraling thoughts.

“Tydron told me you had a child….so I took the liberty of giving you this room. It has a master suite and a smaller room connected to it for your daughter.”

Leah noticed the two women eyed each other. Maybe she had made mistake. She did not want to displease the commander on her first visit here.

“I’m sorry…if this is unacceptable I will….” Robin interrupted the young woman.

“Leah it’s okay….as far as I’m concerned it is very acceptable” Robin looked over to see Sarah blushing a beautiful shade of red.

“Yes very acceptable Leah.” Sarah added while smiling shyly towards Robin.

“You mean I get my own room?” an excited Angel asked.

In a movement that had become second nature, Robin reached out and ruffled the little girl’s hair. “Guess so kiddo.”

The little girl ran into the room. She couldn’t wait to find where she would be staying. It didn’t take long. Her room was decorated for a princess. The walls were pink and she had every type of stuffed toy known to the district. Her bed was covered with a giant pink blanket and huge fluffy pillows. Fresh flowers dotted the room with brilliant colors. It was the perfect room for the little girl.

A chirping noise caught Angel’s attention and she walked around the corner to see where it was coming from. Robin also heard the noise. She knew what Angel would find.

“Mama…come here….. look.”

Angel’s voice overflowed with excitement. Sarah walked into the room and smiled as she watched the brown Chaka hop out of the corner. Angel bent down and held out her hand. The fury Chaka blinked it’s big brown eyes at the little girl, then reached out to the small hand in front of it.

Leah had walked in behind the trio and smiled at how quickly the Chaka had taken to the small girl.

“His name is Charlie.”

Angel never took her eyes off of him. “Hi Charlie…I’m Angel.”

The chaka hopped a little closer to Angel. He wasn’t afraid of her. She wasn’t much bigger than he was. He sniffed the air and quickly decided the small human poised no threat to him. He hopped up on the bed and chirped towards Angel. They both had found a friend.

Sarah smiled as she watched her little girl. Robin never took her eyes off of Sarah. She watched as green eyes sparkled. She hoped to always see that sparkle.

“Commander…I have prepared a bath for you.”

Reluctantly Robin pulled her eyes away from Sarah. “Thank you Leah.”

“If you need anything further…please ring for me.” Leah bowed her head and left the room.

Angel was playing with Charlie and Robin was more than ready to sink into a hot bath. She walked into the bathing room and grinned at the large tub. Steam rose off the water and bubbles filled the tub. The only thing missing was Sarah.

Sarah walked into the large bedroom that she and Robin would be sharing. The bed looked so inviting. It had four large wooden posts on each corner of the bed. Engraved in the posts were vines filled with flowers, it was beautiful. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized it would just be her and Robin in that huge bed.

Sarah felt familiar arms wrap around her and warm lips press against her neck. “Care to join me for a bath?”

Sarah turned and captured the commander’s lips in a scorching kiss. Robin felt her legs go weak. Sarah pushed her tongue inside the commander’s warm mouth. Robin was delirious with want for the small blonde. Sarah swallowed a moan from the commander as she tangled her fingers in the long raven locks of her soulmate.

Robin felt her body throbbing with desire. She wasn’t expecting such a bold move from Sarah. It didn’t take Robin long to realize she liked it. She wanted to take Sarah right where they stood, but she knew she couldn’t. She had to get control of herself, but Sarah was making it very difficult.

Finally the blonde pulled back from the kiss. Both women were breathless. She still managed to place numerous little kisses all around the commander’s neck and ears.

“Sarah…do you have”….kiss….kiss… “any idea” ….kiss… “what” …kiss….. “you’re doing to me?” kiss….kiss….nibble.

The blonde wiggled her eyebrows up and down. “I have a pretty good idea Commander Sword.”

Robin grinned at the small woman. She definitely had her hands full. Sarah placed a hand against the commander’s racing heart.

“Why don’t you go ahead and bath…I want to talk with Angel.”

Robin nodded her head and placed a kiss on Sarah’s forehead. “If you need me… Robin wiggled her eyebrows wickedly toward the flushing woman “you know where I’ll be.”

Sarah nodded her head. “Thank you…now get going…it will be dinner time soon.”

Robin headed for the bath. Her body still shaking with desire from Sarah’s kisses. Her thoughts drifted to dinner and what would happen after they came back to their rooms for the night. Would they make love, or would they take it slow and wait. Robin decided whatever Sarah wanted Sarah would get.

She closed the door to her bath and undressed. Her tall body sinking slowly into the hot bath. “ohh yeah….” Robin voiced her approval to the sparkling bubbles surrounding her. “Very nice…..very nice indeed.”

Sarah took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. Words simply could not describe the way her body reacted to Robin’s kisses. She only hoped she wouldn’t die of pleasure from the commander’s touch.


After a few deep breaths, Sarah realized she needed to talk to her daughter about what Monroe had shared with them this morning. She had no idea how to start the conversation, or if she should even try. She decided to just wing it and see where it headed. Maybe Angel didn’t have a clue. Or maybe she did and would ask questions that Sarah didn’t have answers too. No matter what, Sarah vowed to help her daughter through it all.

Sarah took another deep breath and started for Angel’s door. She could hear the giggles coming from behind her door. Sarah smiled. “I can do this,” she thought to herself as she pushed open the door.

“Hi Mama”

“Hi sweetie….” Sarah eyed the purring Chaka. “Hi Charlie.”

Sarah took a seat on the bed next to her daughter. Her green eyes looked around the room and she couldn’t believe all of the toys and dolls that were just waiting for Angel to play with them.

The little girl looked up and could see the look of frustration on her mother’s face. She wanted to make that look go away. Angel reached out and patted her mother’s hand.

“Don’t worry Mama….we’ll be okay.”

Sarah looked down at her daughter. “I know baby.” It was now or never.

“Sweetheart….Mommie needs to ask you some things okay?”

The little girl just nodded her head and watched Charlie jump down off the bed and head back to his corner.

Sarah tucked a blonde strand of hair behind her little girl’s ear.

“You know I think you are a very special little girl.”

Angel nodded her head and smiled up at her mama. “You’re special to Mama.”

Sarah smiled at her daughter.

“Well today Mama found out that you may be even more special…”

The little girl looked at her mom. She didn’t understand but as long as her mama thought she was special she didn’t care.

“Like how?”

Sarah proceeded to tell her daughter, bits and pieces of the conversation she had with Monroe this morning. Angel listened closely to what her mom told her. For some reason she knew what her mom said was the truth.

Sarah tried to keep things simple. She wanted Angel to understand. And she wanted her little girl to feel free to ask her anything. She felt frightened as to what would happen if word got out about Angel’s abilities and identity.

“Mama, I understand.”

Sarah couldn’t believe it. Maybe things would be easier than she thought.

Mother and daughter talked on until Robin’s voice echoed through their quarters. Angel just grinned up at her mama. “She needs a towel.”

“What?” Sarah questioned her daughter.

Angel just smiled at her mama. “Sometimes I see things… now…..Robin is going to ask you for a towel.”

Sarah studied her little girl close. She couldn’t believe that she had brought such a gifted child into this world. Let alone a chosen child. But Angel would always be Sarah’s little girl and she wanted Angel to know that.

“I love you Angel…don’t ever forget that.”

“I love you too mama.”

The two gals hugged each other and Sarah couldn’t help but giggle as Robin called out again for her. Only this time she sounded much more desperate.

“Guess I better go get her a towel.”


Robin watched as the bathroom door flung open and Sarah stepped in. Sarah felt her breath catch as she took in the sight before her. One six-foot commander, standing in the middle of the large tub, dripping wet. The tall woman just smiled sheepishly toward her soulmate.

“I forgot to get me a ..”

Sarah held up the item in question. “Towel” She finished.

Robin smiled down at the little blonde. “How did you know.”

Sarah unfolded the towel and held it open in invitation, which the commander took immediately. Sarah pressed her lips to Robin’s. She thought about just tossing the towel to the way side. But first things first.

“We need to talk about Angel….”


The evening wore on and dinner slowly started to come to an end. The evening had been filled with music, laughter and great conversation, as well as delicious food and wine.

Robin’s gaze followed Sarah the entire night. With eyes darkened by desire, Robin mentally undressed the small blonde; it was a mutual undressing though. Sarah watched from across the table as Robin’s blue eyes devoured her. It simply sent chills down her spine. She in turn let her green eyes roam the tall body across from her, purposely pausing on two perfectly shaped breasts, while slowly licking her lips. She could see the flush rise on the commander’s cheek. It would be a glorious night indeed….
Part 7
Robin couldn’t tell for sure, if it was her hand or Sarah’s that trembled so noticeably. With each step they took, the door to their chamber moved closer and closer. And Robin’s nerve got weaker and weaker. If the looks she received from Sarah at dinner drove her to the edge of ecstasy, she could only imagine what the touch of the young blonde’s skin would do to her.

Sarah didn’t know if she should be scared or excited. She had never willingly shared a bed with anyone. But here she walked, hand in hand with Robin, hoping that the tall commander would make the first move to a night filled with passion and love.

Sarah felt relieved that Angel had stayed with Leah. The house servant volunteered to watch the young girl through dinner. By the time Robin and Sarah had arrived to pick her up, the young child had fallen asleep and Leah insisted that she would be okay.

Now, here they stood outside their door. Getting ready to step across a threshold, with no promise of what lay on the other side, only a blind faith in each other to carry them over.

Robin reached out a shaky hand and gripped the brass doorknob to their room. A quick twist and the door swung open. With her hand resting comfortably in the small of Sarah’s back, she ushered the young woman in. The door closing softly behind them.

“I can do this,” both women thought in unison.

“I had a great time at dinner.” Sarah was the first to break the silence. She knew it wasn’t because of bravery….it was nerves.

“Me too.” Robin could clearly see the fear in the green eyes that looked up at her. She wanted Sarah more than anything in the world, but she also wanted to make sure that Sarah was ready to move on. Before she could say anything Sarah spoke up.

“Robin….I’m a little nervous…I mean…I want to be with you…like a lover..but I’m scared.”

The tall commander wrapped her arms around the small blonde and pulled her close.

“I want you too Sarah, but we have all the time in the world. When you are ready….we will become lovers.”

Robin kissed the woman’s forehead and cupped her round face in her hands. “You have my heart and soul Sarah…..and even though you haven’t had it yet…my body belongs to you as well.”

Sarah felt her body come alive at the prospect of touching and tasting Robin. She closed her eyes as images filled her mind. Memories of her dream left a lingering burning sensation on her lips. She felt her nipples harden at the memory of Robin’s sweet mouth sucking on her.

When Sarah opened her eyes, Robin didn’t see any fear. She saw a hunger, a desire.

Sarah never spoke a word. She wrapped her fingers in the long dark strands of her lover to be, and pulled her down for a kiss. It was soft and playful at first. Lips brushing against each other, memorizing every nip and every tug. Allowing both women to lead then follow.

Robin tilted her head in the opposite direction and quickly recaptured Sarah’s lips. A soft moan escaped both women and faded into the air around them. As tongues greeted each other, the kiss deepened and became more fevered. Hands began exploring bodies. Over hips, across firm bottoms, a brush against aching breasts.

Robin untucked Sarah’s blouse from her pants, never breaking the kiss; slowly she ran her long fingers up the soft skin of Sarah’s back. Both women were lost in the sweet touches and soft gasps and sighs of pleasure.

A flood of emotions washed over both women. Their need to feel skin on skin grew fiercer with every kiss and whisper of seduction.

“Robin….I can’t stand much longer…”

Without a second thought the commander scooped the young woman up in her arms. A brilliant smile covered her face when she saw the startled look Sarah gave her. She walked toward the large bed and softly lowered Sarah onto it. Robin’s body covering the small woman at once.

Sarah moaned in delight at the weight of Robin on top of her, not to mention the kisses the commander showered on her.

“I love you Sarah.”

The small blonde shuddered from the warm breath in her ear that was quickly replaced by an even warmer tongue.

“I love you too….Robin” Sarah gasped at the warm invasion in her ear.

Slowly, clothes were unbuttoned and tossed away without a second thought. Bodies were explored with tender abandon and discoveries of pleasure and wetness were made.

The two women kissed and caressed each other softly, building the waves of ecstasy higher and higher. Each touch leaving a burning sensation on each woman’s skin, bringing them to the edge of release and holding them there. Neither willing to give up this dance of pleasure.

The huge bed creaked softly as the lovers moved in perfect time. Their heated mounds pressed together in a delicious kiss. Sarah dug her fingernails into the sweat covered back of her lover. Robin closed her eyes and moaned at the contact. Such a fine line between pleasure and pain. Both women were lost in rapture.

“Yes….Robin……don’t stop”, Sarah cried out breathlessly. Robin’s body felt so good moving against her. Her body begged for more. She had never felt anything so wonderful.

Robin felt two smooth legs wrap tighter around her waist. Causing the friction between them to increase 10 fold. They fit together perfectly. It was the perfect kiss, the perfect angle and the perfect rhythm. Soft moans filled the air as their bodies moved closer to surrender.

“More…Robin……” Sarah pleaded as she gripped the commanders firm bottom, trying to pull Robin closer.

Robin lifted Sarah’s legs over her shoulders, grinding harder into the young woman who lay writhing beneath her. “You feel so good Sarah.”

Sarah gasped at the sensation of Robin’s sex pressed into her own. She felt Robin’s muscles tighten, signaling her fast approaching release, Sarah’s own body screaming for the free fall through ecstasy.

“Ohhhh yes……” Robin felt her body going over. She looked down at the beautiful woman beneath her. Sarah’s eyes were locked on hers. In that instant Robin knew she had never known love before and would never love another. She belonged to Sarah.

Sarah pulled Robin’s head down for a searing kiss as their bodies came together. Both women were unprepared for the amount of pleasure they were feeling. Their release flowed together. Baptizing their sheets in the essence love.

Robin continued to gently grind her hips, bringing Sarah back down with her. Slowly they rode out the last waves of the powerful orgasm. Robin could feel the small body beneath her tremble from the after effects. She had never experienced anything so wonderful in her life.

Robin tenderly lowered Sarah’s legs back to the bed. Both women lay tangled together. Labored breathing and the musky scent of sex filled their room.

“I’ve never felt anything so perfect.”

Sarah kissed her dark haired lover. “Me either…love….me either.”

Robin turned on her back and pulled Sarah into her arms. The giant window at the foot of their bed afforded them a beautiful view of the three moons of Thrace. They lay in silence staring out into the night sky.

Sarah ran her hand across Robin’s chest. She could still feel the pounding of the commander’s heart. It felt good to know that she had contributed to raising that heart rate. She hoped she could do it again. And soon.

Robin’s body tingled everywhere Sarah touched. It didn’t take long for simple touches to turn into lingering caresses then to shifting bodies and Sarah straddling Robin’s hips. Bodies in motion.

The night was filled with joy and exploration. Two new lovers, learning the licks and kisses and touches that would send the other over the edge. Sarah quickly learned that her words held great power over Robin. She teased the tall commander until Robin found a little spot just below Sarah’s hipbone, which rendered the blonde speechless. Then it became a mutual surrender.

By morning there wasn’t an inch of skin left unkissed or untouched. The night was spent drifting in and out of sleep, with every waking moment consumed in giving and receiving pleasure. Finally, the two women fell into a deep sleep. The soft warm glow of love filled their chamber.


Blue eyes fluttered open as morning light filtered through the large bedroom. Robin smiled as she felt the body sleeping on top of her stir. The commander wrapped her arms tighter around Sarah and kissed the top of her head.

“I love you Sarah.”

A sleepy voice drifted up to Robin’s ears. “Mmmmm….love you too….”

Robin didn’t want to move, but her mind kept drifting to Magna and the inevitable. The scouts from the phoenix were due back today. No doubt there would be a battle. She let her fingers sift through the long strands of her lover’s blonde hair.

“Sweetheart…we need to get up.”

“I know…it just feels so good laying here with you.”

“You mean on me.”

Robin smiled as Sarah reached up and took hold of her hand. The small kisses she felt against the tips of her fingers ignited the fire still softly burning inside of her. When she felt Sarah slowly pull two fingers into her mouth and suck on them, she gave up the notion of getting out of bed. What could a few more minutes hurt….


Angel sat in the middle of the floor playing with Charlie. Leah watched as the chaka hopped all around the little girl. She had never seen him take to anyone so fast before. Suddenly Angel stood up and ran to the door.

“Mama’s here…”

Leah was about to say something when a soft knock fell upon her door. She walked over and opened the door.


Sarah bent down on one knee and held her arms open for her little girl. Angel ran and leaped into her mother’s outstretched arms. They hugged each other and Angel gave in to a giggling fit as Sarah placed little kisses all over the girl.

“Lady Sarah…I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”

Sarah smiled at the house servant as she stood.

“I know Leah….I just had to come and get my Angel. Thank you for taking care of her.”

The house servant nodded her head. She had suspected that the commander and the Lady would spend most of the day in the comfort of each other’s embrace.

“It was my pleasure. Angel is a wonderful little girl.”

“That she is Leah….”

Sarah held her hand out for Angel. “Are you ready to go?”

Angel nodded her head as she waved bye to Leah. Charlie was hot on her heals when the door to the house servants chambers closed.

As Sarah and Angel walked past Tom and Monroe’s door, Angel felt compelled to stop. Sarah watched as Angel studied the door. The little girl walked up to the door and placed her hand against it. Sarah never took her eyes off of Angel.

“What is it sweetheart?”

When Angel looked up at her mama, Sarah felt her heart break at the sadness in her little girls eyes.

“Something is wrong mama.”

“Oh no” Sarah whispered. She knew Commander Lewis was sick and no doubt Angel was feeling his pain. She stood still and waited to see what Angel would do. The little girl softly knocked on the door.

Monroe wiped the tears from his eyes as he moved quickly to the door. He was surprised to see Sarah and Angel standing outside the door. He was even more surprised when the little girl walked in and went straight to his soulmate

Sarah stepped through the door as Monroe followed Angel back to the sleeping chamber where Tom lay. Words held no importance here. Angel walked over to the bed and studied the old man carefully.

Monroe and Sarah stood back and waited to see what Angel would do. Sarah knew that her daughter was aware of her abilities, but Sarah wasn’t for sure just what those abilities were or if Angel knew the extent of her abilities. They were about to find out.

A small smile formed on the young girl’s face as she reached over and placed her hand on the old mans forehead. She closed her eyes and focused on the elderly man. Her small body could feel the pain inside of him. She could feel the pain of his soulmate. Tears fell from her eyes.

Sarah and Monroe stood frozen. Neither quite believing what they were seeing. The air shifted around them as a shimmering light engulfed Angel and Tom. They were blinded by its brightness. They shielded their eyes as the light got brighter.

Angel felt a slow burn begin inside of her. It quickly washed over her and soon surrounded her and the commander. She felt the old man fighting to stay alive. He didn’t want to leave his soulmate behind. Angel felt his pain as it filled her, but instead of draining her it strengthened her.

When she opened her eyes, the elderly man smiled at her. He couldn’t explain how it happened, but he knew what had happened. Angle had saved his life. The pain in his body was gone. Angel leaned over and whispered something in the old mans ear. He nodded his head and spoke softly “I will.”

Monroe rushed to his side as Angel backed away from the bed. He looked into his lover’s eyes and smiled at the brightness he saw. Monroe turned to Angel.

“Thank you….thank you.”

Angel only nodded her head. She walked over to her mother and took her hand. Sarah was speechless. She picked her little girl up and walked out of the chamber. By the time they made it back to where Robin was waiting, Angel had fallen asleep in her mother’s arms.

Robin’s smile faded as she noticed the look on Sarah’s face. She followed her lover to Angel’s room and watched as Sarah laid her precious bundle down on the pink bed.

“Is everything okay?”

Sarah brushed back a strand of hair that had fallen across Angel’s face. Then she brushed a tear from her own eye. She looked to where Robin stood in the doorway and nodded her head.

Robin walked over to where Sarah was sitting and knelt down in front of the small blonde. She took Sarah’s trembling hands into her own and waited patiently. Sarah took a deep breath as tears fell from her eyes.

“She saved him…..”

Robin reached up and wiped away a stray tear.

“Tom…she saved him.”

Robin listened closely as Sarah described what had just happened. She wrapped her long arms around her lover and cried tears of joy with her soulmate. They sat in silence. Watching the sleeping child. Robin holding Sarah in her arms as she rocked back and forth. Charlie purring happily in his corner of the room.


It was early evening when Commander Sword was summoned to the main meeting room. She knew the scouts from the Phoenix had returned. No doubt this was to brief her on the Altis situation.

She dressed in her Commanders uniform and readied herself for the meeting.

“You look so good in that uniform.”

Robin turned around to find her lover watching her dress. She smiled at the compliment. “Thank you.”

Robin walked over to her soulmate and wrapped her up in a loving embrace. Sarah shivered as Robin’s warm breath tickled her ear. “You look good in anything….or in nothing.”

Robin held the squirming woman tight. Knowing full well that her lover would retaliate by playfully smacking her. She had the small arms pinned down to her sides, so Sarah did the only thing she could. She reached around and pinched the Commander. Robin yelped in surprise.

“Clever…..I’ll have to remember that.”

Both women leaned into the other. It was a brief kiss but it spoke volumes. Sarah could sense the tension in Robin’s body.

“You’re worried.” Sarah caressed a strong cheekbone.

Robin let out a long sigh.

“Magna thrives on killing. So many innocent people will die.”

“Robin….we don’t know what is going to happen. And no matter what does happen…..I love you and I have all the faith in the world that you will make the best choice possible for everyone involved.”

“Thank you love. I needed that.”

Both women clung to the other, trying to convey in a hug and kiss what words could never express.

“I’ll be back soon.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Sarah watched as the door to their chamber closed. “I love you.” She whispered one more time. Her thoughts were running wild. It would be a long evening. Slowly she turned and headed for Angel’s room.

Sarah found her little girl still asleep with Charlie snuggled up against her. She was about to reach out to the sleeping child when a cold wind blew through the room. Sarah instantly felt the chill and shivered against it.

“I’m coming for her.”

Sarah spun around trying to find the source of the voice that filled her. There was no one in the room. She ran through the chamber. It was empty. She found nothing or no one. She bolted the door then ran back to Angel. The child was still sleeping soundly. Sarah lay down beside her and took Angel into her arms. If anyone came for her daughter they would have to kill her first. Sarah prayed that Robin would be back quickly.


On board the Altis:
“Thrace. Such an insignificant little planet. Don’t you think so Captain Miller?”

“If you say so Lord Magna.”

Cold dark eyes stared out the window of the Altis as Magna studied the small planet. She wanted to destroy the planet all together, but first she had to find the child.

“Tell me Captain Miller…when Commander Lewis had you escorted off his ship did you want to kill him? Did he belittle you in front of the others?”

The Captain didn’t have to think back to that day. It never left his thoughts. He knew he should have become the new commander for the phoenix. Lewis was too weak and lenient to his crew. He vowed that day to get revenge on the retiring commander.

“Yes Lord Magna. I wanted to kill him. I still want to kill him.”

Magna smiled at the hunger in the man’s voice. “So you shall Captain Miller. So you shall.”


“We can’t wait.”

Robin’s fist came down hard on the long table. She needed these people to understand that Magna would kill them all and not think twice about it.

“You need to get the civilians into safety and get your army on standby. Magna could strike at any time.”

Robin glared at the members of the council. The scouts had reported the Altis was hovering just outside the borders of Thrace.

“Do you want the blood of thousands of innocents on your hands? Because that’s exactly what you’re going to get if you don’t do what I tell you.”

The eldest member of the council stood and addressed the leaders of the military units. Robin listened carefully.

“Commander Sword is right. Magna is a fearless killer. She must be stopped.”

His eyes looked over to Robin then back to the military command leaders.

“Do as she says. She is our only hope.”

The elder sat back down and listened as Robin gave out orders to be followed. He was impressed by how quickly she took charge of the men and even more impressed with how they seemed eager to follow her lead.

Once Robin was satisfied that her orders were clear and precise she turned to leave the meeting chamber.

“Commander Sword.”

Robin stopped and turned to look at the elder council member. “Thank you.”

Robin nodded her head and turned back toward the door. She had to get Sarah and Angel to safety. She ran down the long corridor that would take her to her soulmate. A fleeting feeling of panic ripped through her when she tried to enter the room and found it bolted shut.

She knocked on the door. “Sarah it’s me Robin.”

She could hear the sound of the bolt sliding free. She wondered why Sarah had felt the need to secure their door. When she stepped inside their chamber Sarah engulfed the commander in a fierce embrace. Robin noticed Sarah was crying uncontrollably and the small woman was trying to tell her something.

“Sarah……Sarah please calm down. It’s okay…….I’ve got you.”

Robin felt the small woman in her arms begin to calm down. She watched as Sarah wiped the tears away as she struggled to tell Robin what happened.

“I was standing in Angels room……I heard this voice……”

Robin nodded her head, encouraging her lover to continue.

“She said she was coming for her.”

Robin wrapped her arms around the crying woman. Kissing her forehead softly she whispered.

“No one is going to take Angel away from us. No one.”

Robin held Sarah tight in her arms, whispering soft words of love and placing little kisses all over the blondes face. The words and actions of the commander slowly calmed the frightened woman. Robin cupped the round face of her lover in her hands, wiping stray tears with her thumb.

“Sarah…I want you and Angel to go back to the Phoenix. Magna will never be able to get on board that ship.”

Sarah felt torn between staying close to Robin and getting herself and Angel to safety on board the large ship. Robin smiled as she watched Sarah’s face wrinkle in concentration.

“Listen to me Sarah…I will have you placed in a secret hiding chamber with a full military escort. No one….and I mean no one, will get to you or Angel.”

Sarah nodded her head. Robin felt relief flood her body. “Good. Get your things gathered…I’ll have you escorted to the Phoenix immediately.”

Sarah wrapped her arms around Robin’s neck and kissed her deeply. “Promise me….you won’t get yourself killed”

Robin planted one last kiss on the sweetest lips she had ever tasted. “I promise.”


With Sarah and Angel safely tucked away on board the Phoenix, Robin readied herself for battle. She would do her best not to get killed but she knew if she had to die in order to protect Sarah and Angel she would do so.

She headed into the military command base and spoke with the commanders.

“Have the civilians been notified?”

“Yes Commander Sword. Everyone is on lock down and most have fled to the underground haven.”

Robin nodded her head. “Good. What’s the latest on the Altis”

Robin walked to a large screen that showed the position of the Altis. She listened as the chief commander spoke.

“She’s still sitting up there. I don’t know what….”

Before the chief could finish his sentence, several small fighter ships broke through the air and commenced a heavy attack on the command base. Explosions could be heard from every direction and the ground shook beneath their feet.

The Thracian air squad was already in position and had began firing back. The battle had started. Robin kept her eyes upward; waiting for the ship that carried Magna. Within seconds of the attack she saw it.

The large hover ship moved toward the Phoenix. Robin knew they would never be able to penetrate the shields of the large ship. She made her way to a small cruiser and before anyone could try and stop her she was on her way to kill Magna.

Magna ordered the pilot to land the hover next to the Phoenix. She could feel the child’s presence. As soon as the ship landed she turned to Captain Miller.

“Go kill your little friend captain…and make it quick. I don’t want to be here all day…I have other planets to destroy.”

Captain Miller grinned at his commander. “With pleasure.”

They both headed out of the ship, on a ‘seek and destroy’ mission. One based on feelings of rejection and humiliation and the other on survival. Magna knew the power the chosen child possessed. She also knew if she could kill the child, she would be able to take that power from her. Now she just had to find her.

“Going somewhere?”

Magna turned around to see Robin standing behind her holding a laser blade.

“You must be the chosen one’s protector. The prophecy said she would have a guardian.”

Robin never flinched a muscle. “I’m not really in to titles Magna….I just protect the innocent from murderers like you.” and the people I love, she added silently.

Magna through her head back and laughed out loud. She looked deep into the commander’s eyes, as if she could see into her very soul. “You didn’t do a very good job protecting your family Robin.”

Robin stiffened at the mention of her family. She was younger then. She did all she knew to do, but she still lost her family. Robin knew what Magna was trying to do. Magna wanted to anger the commander; throw her off balance. But Robin vowed not to lose her new family.

“You know you have the same color eyes as your father…and I should know…I see them everyday as I walk by his head.”

Robin lunged at the evil woman. Magna blocked the deadly blow of the laser blade with a blade of her own, both women oblivious of the battle that raged on around them.

They fought hard and were equally matched. Robin slammed the hilt of her blade into Magna’s jaw. She felt and heard bones crush beneath her.

Magna didn’t seem to feel any pain. She spun on around and extended her leg, successfully knocking Robin on her back. Robin saw the woman draw her foot back to kick her. She readied herself for the blow that was about to come but she wasn’t expecting the searing sharpness that accompanied the kick.

She finally realized that Magna’s war boots were lined with tiny blades. The pain she felt was unbelievable. She finally recovered and was on her feet. She did a quick mental inventory of her injuries. Some broken ribs possibly a broken arm and several deep cuts.

Robin knew she had to finish this soon. She focused on Sarah and the promise she made. ‘I won’t die…not today love….not today.”

She doubled her efforts and soon Magna was on the losing end. Just as Robin raised her laser blade above her head to strike the final blow an explosion behind her sent debris flying in her direction. She never knew what hit her.

Magna watched as the commander fell forward, an unconscious heap on the ground. She walked over and kicked the fallen commander until her leg gave out and she could no longer lift it. She stood over the commander, studying her. She would place her head next to the rest of her family. She moved in for the kill…..


Tom watched as the door to his room came open. He was too weak to move and there was no need to call out for help.

“Commander Lewis….we meet again.”

Tom never spoke to the man approaching his bed.

“I would say I’m sorry it had to be under such circumstances but……I’m not.”

Commander Lewis tried to sit up in his bed. “I’m not surprised.”

“I am somewhat surprised though…Tom.” The captain waved his hand to the open room around him. “They left you all alone in this big room. I guess when you’re so close to dying….. it doesn’t really matter how you go.”

The captain stepped up closer to the bed. Tom looked him deep in the eye.

“Well I’m glad you feel that way Captain Miller…”

The red headed man pulled a laser blade from his belt and held it high above the commanders body. “Ohhh why is that commander Lewis?”

“You won’t mind this…”

Before the man knew what hit him he was face down on the floor. Dead. Tom looked up to see Monroe step out of the shadows. Both men smiled with relief at each other. The everlast walked over to his lover and cradled his elderly body. “How did you know?”

Tom could feel the emotion now flooding through Monroe’s body. The danger was over and the reality of it all hit him hard.

“When Angel healed me she told me…”

Monroe let the tears freely flow from his eyes. “That’s what she whispered to you”


The everlast placed a tender kiss on his lover’s forehead. “I love you.”

Tom closed his eyes as his own tears fell. “I love you too.”


Magna leaned down and grabbed a handful of black hair and roughly pulled Robin’s head back. She studied the bloodied face before her. “You didn’t even know you’re father was an everlast…did you?”

Magna stood and reached beneath her battle cape. She pulled out the blade of spearos and began reaching for the commander again. For a moment she thought she thought she saw a flash of light, then she realized it was pain. Slowly she turned around and saw a man standing a few feet away from her.

She reached behind her back and felt the cold dagger sticking out of her skin. As she fell to her knees the man walked toward her. Blackness started to surround her. The last thing she saw was a blue phoenix surrounded by five white stars with a gold name badge beneath it that simply read Capt. Baker.

Total blackness. It was over.

Due to Robin’s instructions the flight crew defeated the Altis fighters with ease. Captain Baker saw the large hover ship land next to the Phoenix and he knew where ever he would find Magna, he would find Robin.

Captain Baker walked over and knelt next to the broken body of his commander. He only hoped he hadn’t shown up too late…
Part 8
“Can she hear me?”

Sarah reached out and stroked her lover’s face as she questioned the nurse. It didn’t matter what the nurse would tell her, or the doctor. Sarah believed with all her heart that Robin could hear her.

“I don’t know…Sarah. She’s been out for three days. Her condition has not changed.”

The nurse watched as Sarah tucked a long strand of black hair behind Robin’s ear as she nodded her head in understanding. She knew the young woman would continue to talk to the commander. Secretly she hoped that Robin could hear the young woman. The few whispers of love and encouragement she had overheard grabbed at the nurse’s heart.

“Are you going to bring Angel back today?”

Sarah studied the bruised face in front of her, momentarily lost in her thoughts. If it hadn’t been for Robin, she and her daughter would be dead. The day Robin had fought Magna, she had suffered many injuries from the fight. But Robin had seen to it that Angel and Sarah had been hidden on board the Phoenix.

Angel didn’t speak the entire time the battle took place. Mother and daughter waited patiently for the fighting to end. The moment the commander received the blow that rendered her unconscious, Angel stood up and whispered “Robin.”

Before the commander’s body had time to be placed in the healing unit, the young girl had ran to the small chamber. Sarah didn’t try to stop her. She only followed, fearing the worst had happened.

Angel instantly climbed into the healing unit with the commander and healed all the injuries that she could. But there was so many that her young body couldn’t heal them all at once.

Since that day she had come to visit the commander everyday. Healing what she could.

Sarah looked up at the nurse. “What did you say?”

The nurse smiled at the young woman. “I asked were you going to bring Angel in today… be with the commander?”

Before Sarah could answer, the sound of soft footsteps drew her attention to the door.

“Angel….what are you doing here? You are supposed to be sleeping.”

The little girl walked over to her mama and climbed up in her lap. “I wanted to sleep with you and Robin.”

The nurse looked over to Sarah, as if asking what to do.

“Honey…..Robin needs to stay here….in the healing unit.”

The young girl shook her head. “No mama…..bring Robin home…..she wants to go home.”

The nurse and Sarah could only stare at the young girl. Finally Sarah spoke.

“What do you mean sweetheart….she wants to go home?”

Angel blinked her big green eyes up at her mother. “I could hear her thoughts mama…..she wants to go home.”


It took about two hours to get Robin moved from the healing unit into the large bed in the commanders chamber. The Doctor wasn’t convinced that this would make a difference, but at the rate things were going he knew it couldn’t make things worse.

A nurse was stationed across the hall from the large chamber just in case of an emergency. There would be no chances taken with Commander Sword’s life.

Sarah stepped into the hall as the aids finished attaching the needed wires to monitor her soulmate’s condition.

“Thank you Doctor Marvin.”

“Sarah….I’m not sure this will work…but I hope it does.”

The doctor smiled and then made his way back to the elevator that would carry him down to his other patients. Sarah watched as he turned the corner and disappeared. She took a deep breath and walked back into the chamber.

Robin lay on the large bed in a traditional healing gown. She looked liked she was sleeping. Sarah wanted to reach out and caress her lover awake. But that wasn’t going to happen today.

After all the necessary items were in place, one by one the nurses and aids left the room. Sarah was exhausted by all the events of the past few days. It felt good to be back in their chambers.

She climbed into the huge bed; careful not to disconnect any of the wires attached to her lover. Angel climbed in bed with her mama and soon both were sound asleep.

Sarah lay sleeping. Her mind filled with visions of Robin on the night they danced at the rink. Suddenly the scene changed. But it was still a familiar place. The green grass, the cool breeze, the sound of water…Sarah looked all around until finally her eyes came to rest on the one thing she would never grow tired of seeing…


Sarah ran towards the tall commander who stood with outstretched arms. It felt so good to feel those long arms wrap around her. Sarah felt tears of joy roll down her cheek.


The sound of Robin whispering her name made the small blonde weak.

“I can’t stay here long love….”

Sarah looked up into the blue eyes of her lover. She didn’t want to let the woman go.

“I’m not strong enough Sarah…I just needed you to know that I’m coming back to you soon.”

Robin leaned down and kissed the sweet lips before her. Sarah closed her eyes and leaned into the tall body in front of her. The kiss deepened and she willed every ounce of energy she had to enter Robin’s body.

When she opened her eyes Robin was gone, but the tingling sensation on her lips remained. Sarah felt her heart race. Once again she opened her eyes. This time she saw darkness that was interrupted with the steady blink of a monitor light. Her green eyes turned towards the large window. “So many stars love.”

Sarah turned back to the healing commander. She noticed that during the night she had entwined her fingers with Robins. She smiled at the perfect fit. Tears slipped from her eyes as she placed a gentle kiss on Robin’s cheek. “Oh Robin….hurry back to me” she whispered softly. Then her breath caught as she felt the gentle pressure of Robin’s fingers squeezing her own. She whispered again. “I knew you could hear me…I love you Robin. Get well soon my love.” Sarah found sleep with a smile on her face.


Monroe stood staring out of the large command window. He smiled when he heard familiar footsteps coming closer. Finally he turned to greet his visitor.

“Sarah…it’s nice to see you out. How’s Robin doing?”

Sarah smiled at the sincerity in the everlast’s voice. “She’s going to be fine Monroe.”

“I hope so Sarah.”

“Trust me. I felt her squeeze my hand last night and she came to me in a dream.”

Monroe smiled at the young woman who was doing her best to hold back her tears of joy.

“She’s a strong one.”

Sarah nodded her head in agreement.

“So how are you and Angel holding up?”

Sarah wiped a tear away and smiled up at Monroe.

“We’re doing great. Angel’s been staying with the nurse in the room across from ours, she went to the rink today with jojo and I’ve been at Robin’s side all morning.” Sarah looked out the large window then back to the everlast.

“How is Tom?”

The smile faded quickly on Monroe’s face. Last night Tom’s condition took a turn for the worse. He had left their chamber only moments before Sarah joined him on the command deck.

“Things are not good…I should be with him but…” The pain and sorrow the everlast felt surged through his body. Tears slipped quietly from his eyes. Sarah reached out and pulled the tall everlast into her arms. They held onto each other and in that moment formed a bond they would share for all time.

“We’ll get through this Monroe”

Before the everlast could respond, the command guard that had been posted outside Robin’s room came running onto the deck.

“Lady Sarah….Monroe…you better come and take a look at this.”

Sarah and Monroe ran down the corridor to Commander Sword’s chambers. Sarah instinctively reached for the door but quickly pulled her hand back when a bolt of energy zapped her fingertips.

“What’s happening?” she asked the guard.

“We don’t know my lady. We heard a loud rumbling and then the door just lit up.”

“Lit up…what do you mean lit up?” Monroe asked.

“A bright red light outlined the door….when we tried to go in ….”

“You got zapped..” Sarah finished while still rubbing her fingertips. The nodding head of the guard confirmed her statement.

The rumbling behind the door grew louder and the red light got brighter. Everyone stood staring at the door in disbelief and wander. Suddenly a guard appeared at the end of the corridor.

“Monroe…you need to….”

The guard stopped in mid sentence as he noticed the exact same glow and rumble coming from Commander Sword’s chambers that were coming from Commander Lewis’ chambers.

“What is it Douglas?”

Before the guard could answer Monroe felt a sudden pain in his chest. His knees buckled and before Sarah could grab the everlast to soften his fall he was face down on the floor.

The red glow circled the everlast and sent Sarah flying backwards. She watched in horror as Monroe lay convulsing on the floor. The rumbling grew louder and Sarah covered her ears as she screamed at the guards.

“Get a doctor.”

The guards ran down the corridor, more from fear of the events happening than responding to the command of the lady of the ship.

Sarah watched in a helpless daze as Monroe clutched his chest. The rumbling was so loud she could hardly hear herself think. She wanted to crawl to her friend but the scene before her stopped her.

The red glow began to soften. The rumble began to settle. Before the Doctor could make it back to the corridor the red glow had turned into the familiar warm golden glow that Sarah had first seen surrounding her soulmate. Then it was gone. Everything. The rumble, the glow…it just disappeared.

Sarah crawled to the unconscious immortal. She started to wake him when a young man knelt down in front of her.

“Thank goodness you’re here” Sarah said looking up to the man she assumed was a doctor. “I don’t know if he’s….”

The words died in her throat as she saw familiar eyes smiling at her. Only these eyes were much younger. “Commander Lewis.”

The handsome young man in front of the stunned blonde simply smiled and patted her hand. “I told you child…call me Tom.”

“But…how….you were….I don’t….” speech had left Sarah’s abilities.

Tom wrapped his arms around his soulmate and gently lifted him off the floor. “Don’t worry…” a sad smile crossed his face. “Robin will explain everything.”

With that the young man turned and walked away, carrying his precious cargo back to his chamber. Sarah could only watch in amazement as the Commander walked away. He was so handsome. And so young. Then her thoughts filled with her own soulmate.

Sarah burst through their chamber doors and found a very weak Robin trying to sit up in bed.


Sarah ran to the woman that held her heart.

“Are you okay….how are you feeling…what’s going on with Commander Lewis?”

Robin smiled into her lover’s eyes. “So beautiful” she thought. Slowly she reached out a trembling hand and caressed Sarah’s face.

“Yes..I’m okay….I feel much better….and it’s a very long story…” she smiled at the look on Sarah’s face.

“Well I’m not going anywhere….any time soon… start talking.”

Robin smiled that adorable lopsided grin and Sarah felt her heart flutter. She wrapped her arms around the weak woman in front of her.

“I don’t ever want to lose you Robin.”

The two women were exhausted by the day’s events and as much as Sarah wanted to know what was going on, she followed the lead of her lover and fell softly to the bed. Both women taking comfort in the arms of each other. Morning would bring a new day and a truth that Robin hoped Sarah would accept.



“Shhhh…..sleep now.”

Tom ran his fingers through Monroe’s dark hair. He only hoped he had made the right decision. It was a promise they had made to each other long ago, and as much as he hated what had happened, the opportunity presented itself through Magna’s attack on Thrace.

Tom bent down and gently pressed his lips to Monroe’s forehead. His heart threatened to pound out of his chest when he saw his lover’s face relax and a warm smile dance across his face.

“Forgive me if I was wrong love.”

A tear slid down the young commander’s face. He knew Monroe would sleep soundly the rest of the night. Quietly he left their chambers to walk back onto the command deck.

All he saw was the same blackness he had seen for years. He thought about what he had done. Robin could either accept it or not. He knew her decision would be based on Sarah’s. He would be happy for them no matter what they decided. Either way it made no difference to him. He had a second chance at a lifetime of loving the man who was sleeping soundly back in their chambers. Suddenly the blackness didn’t seem so empty. Maybe the answer’s he had hoped to find had been with him all along. He smiled and took one last glance into the blackness. “A second chance…” he thought then headed back to his soulmate.


Morning found Robin and Sarah wrapped in each other’s arms. Night had been restful and the day beckoned for them to awaken. Sarah felt warm lips press against her and she smiled with the knowledge of who those lips belonged to.

“I love you Sarah.”

Robin felt the body pressed against her stir. Sarah propped herself up and looked down into blue eyes.

“I love you to Robin.”

Robin reached up and tucked a strand of blonde silk behind her lover’s ear. She didn’t know how to start the explanation of yesterday’s events. Luckily her lover knew her all to well.

“Let’s get some breakfast and then you can tell me what happened yesterday.”

Robin nodded her head and the two women began to get out of bed.


Robin reached for Sarah and pulled her back.

“I just need to kiss you.”

Sarah looked deep into the blue eyes staring back at her. She would never be able to deny this woman anything.

Slowly the two women leaned into each other. Lips brushed against lips. Both thankful to be alive and with each other. Then the kiss deepened. It was a kiss that spoke of total surrender and absolute belonging. Both women pulled away breathless.


Both Sarah and Robin laughed as they spoke at the same time. It was music to both women’s ears.

Breakfast was a silent affair. Shy glances and soft smiles were all that was needed. Robin knew her love for Sarah was greater than anything she had ever experienced. Even more so than the story she was about to tell the young woman.

Robin gathered her courage as she finished the last of her drink. She stood slowly and took Sarah’s hand.

“Come on. I have a story to tell.”

Sarah smiled as she took the offered hand and followed her lover to the main living quarters of their room. After getting settled on the large sofa, Robin finally noticed Angel was missing.

“Where is Angel.”

Sarah smiled. “She stayed in the nurse’s station last night.”

Robin nodded her head. She was trying to find the words to start her story.

“Sarah no matter what I tell you….and no matter what you decide when I’m finished I will always love you.”

Sarah wrinkled her brow. She felt an uneasy feeling settle over her but she remained quiet and listened as Robin’s story began.

“When I fought Magna….so many things happened.” Robin took a deep breath. Sarah reached over and took her soulmates hand in her own. With a gentle squeeze Robin felt the encouragement she needed to continue.

“I was pretty much out of it. But I remember her saying something about my Father being an Everlast. Bits and pieces of my life began to fall into place in that split second of time before I fell completely unconscious.”

Robin continued as Sarah caressed her hand.

“While I was in the healing chamber. Something happened. I’m still not sure how or if I can even describe it…but….somehow Tom came to me. I was so weak I could hardly communicate with him. But he told me about a promise that he and Monroe had made to each other years ago.”

Robin looked to Sarah who was hanging on every word she was saying.

“He said that if they were ever given the chance to bond completely and spend eternity together, never to be separated by time or space they would.”

Sarah nodded her head as she encouraged her lover to continue.

“Well the chance was given and Tom took it. That is what happened yesterday.”

“I’m not sure I understand Robin…what does that have to do with you.”

Robin smiled at her lover. “Not just me Sarah….you too.”

Robin took a deep breath and continued.

“Monroe vowed he would give up his immortality to stay forever bonded with Tom. Tom followed through with that promise yesterday. In exchange for Monroe’s immortality Tom was granted a second chance at life with Monroe. Only now they can grow old together…they will never be completely separated.”

Robin wiped a tear from Sarah’s face. “You have such a good heart Sarah.”

“So where do I fall into this picture?”

Robin looked at their hands. Sarah’s was so small..but somehow they fit together perfectly.

“Sarah….I’m immortal.”

The young blonde instantly felt her heart breaking. She knew she was not immortal and that Robin would have to watch as she grew older and one day they would be separated.

Robin watched the emotions running out of control on her lover. She needed to say something.

“Sarah…don’t cry love….”

“I don’t want to lose you Robin….ever.”

Robin felt as if her burden had grown a little lighter. She hoped Sarah would accept Tom’s gift.

“Love….Tom knows that I’m immortal….he also knows that you are not. He couldn’t accept my immortality to remain with Monroe. So he and Monroe have offered you the gift of immortality. Sarah we can be together forever.”

Sarah looked at Robin in disbelief. She didn’t need to think about her decision. She would accept the gift and remain with Robin forever. She nodded her head yes and gave in to the emotions running through her as Robin pulled her into her arms.

“We’ll be together for eternity.”

‘Yes Sarah….for eternity.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”


Days had passed and slowly Sarah was gaining her strength back. The ritual she had to undergo was very strenuous. But she knew no matter what she would be spending eternity with Robin.

Robin had spent most of her time with Monroe and the young Commander. She thanked them over and over for their gift. However it was Monroe that insisted he was the one to be gifted.

Finally, the last day for Sarah’s ritual had passed. She was more than ready to leave the large healing tank she had been placed in. The nurse took her vitals one last time before giving her civilian clothes back to her.

Sarah quickly dressed and headed for the exit. Before she got to the door she could feel Robin’s presence. It washed over her like the warm breeze that greeted her when she first stepped onto Thrace. She smiled as the door opened before she could reach the handle.

“I knew you were coming.”

Robin smiled at her lover. She couldn’t believe she would be able to spend all eternity with this woman.

Sarah reached out and pulled Robin to her. They stood staring at each other. Lost in emotions that would sustain them for all eternity. As they leaned into one another and kissed, the room filled with the warm glow of love.

The nurse and her two aids smiled at being able to witness such a beautiful moment.

When the two women pulled apart they couldn’t keep from grinning at each other.

“Let’s go down to the rink, get Angel and head back to our chambers.”

Sarah smiled at her lover.

“Sounds like a plan.”

The two women walked hand in hand down the corridor to the elevator. As they stood outside the elevator waiting for the doors to open, Robin picked Sarah up in her arms and twirled around.

“What was that for?”

“Just because I am so in love with you.”

They stood holding onto each other. Robin felt relieved that Sarah had made it through the ritual, but she felt compelled to speak of things to come.

“Monroe and Tom are going to stay aboard the Phoenix.”

Sarah nodded her head.

“Tom has completely stepped down as Commander.”

Again Sarah nodded her head. Robin became very serious.

“Sweetheart….I know Angel will have to study on Thrace soon and I will understand if you want to stay with her….”

Warm fingers pressed against nervous lips silenced the commander’s speech.

“Robin….Angel will be in the best care possible and she is the chosen one. I can not teach her the things she needs. I will always love her….but my place will be with you. Every where you go. Everything you do. I will be there with you.”

Robin smiled at her lover. “Every thing huh?”

Sarah arched her eyebrow and smiled a wicked smile. “Everything.”

The elevator doors slid open and the two women stepped inside.

“So this is just the beginning huh?”

Robin wrapped her arms around her lover and pulled her close. Sarah pulled Robin down and whispered “just the beginning”

The small blonde then claimed the commander’s lips with a kiss that forced the tall woman to brace herself against the wall. As the elevator doors slipped shut the warm glow of two souls in love, surrounded them.

Eternity promised to be a sweet ride….



The end

Continued in Star Dust 

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