The Gardener By Lace Priest

The Gardener
By Lace Priest

Part 1
Gabrielle looked out of the large bay window, still dressed in her white terry robe, drinking her morning cup of French vanilla coffee. It was a glorious morning with the sun shining brightly and a soft summer breeze gently caressing her as she sipped the extra light and sweet brew. She smiled at the naughty thoughts running through her mind as she watched the new gardener her husband had just hired. Since then, life around the mansion had been a lot more interesting. *Yeah*. She sighed.

Another woman.

Her husband was the jealous type and he firmly believed she would sleep with one of the hired help if there were too many men running around. *Well John, if you were around more often and a better lover, you wouldn’t have to worry now, would you.* She grimaced as she remembered his usual awful attempts at what he called making love.

Her thoughts turned back to the morning vision before her eyes. The tall, lean, and extremely muscular gardener was coated with a glistening layer of sweat that only added to her appeal. Gabrielle could picture herself licking and tasting the drops of perspiration as they slowly trickle down the creamy valley in between the gardener’s breasts, inhaling her alluring scent of sweat from strenuously working. *God!* She silently screamed. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as intense arousal flowed through her body. If her husband only knew her thoughts. Not about her being with a woman but… what was her name…. ah, yes, Xena…. She brought her head down to gaze once again upon the heavenly beauty. If she had a choice for a first, it would definitely be with Xena. She suddenly stiffened as those perfect blue eyes turned her way, almost as if the gardener had heard her thoughts, and flashed her the world’s most beautiful smile. Gabrielle felt her heart skip a beat. That woman was perfection! She smiled back in spite of herself. Imagine what her friends would think if they knew she was considering parading around with a servant and the servant being a woman, no less. *Gabrielle, what are you thinking.* Reluctantly, she turned away from the exquisite sight. Now that her husband was gone…again, she could indulge in a little bit of excessive shopping.

Gabrielle loved new clothes, but hated the process of getting them. As soon as she walked into most stores, everyone flocked towards her, recognizing her and her money. And then the fitting! God! It’s not like her body changed from day to day, but that wasn’t even the worst of it. What made it worse were the chatty bunch of women pinching and poking at her. Tailor made clothes were highly overrated. *I should do Macy’s one day.* Then she laughed. Her friends would faint at the thought of off-the-rack clothing.

At the store, her thoughts wondered back to Xena. The long dark hair, the way the tank top stuck to her wet perspiring body, the jeans that accented a perfect butt…..

“Mrs. Amphipolis?” Said a somewhat nasal voice.

The sound finally cut through. “Oh sorry, I was daydreaming.” Feeling a blush working it’s way up.

“That’s okay.” The sales lady gave her a fake smile. “The clothes will be ready in a couple of days. Shall we send then over as usual?”

“No, that’s quite all right.” Gabrielle returned the fake smile. “I’ll be in the area again, I’ll just pick them up then.”

“Fine, we’ll take care of it. Have a good day Mrs. Amphipolis.” She got another fake smile.

Gabrielle walked out feeling relieved, glad that the prodding was finally over and happy at how much money she’d spent. *Damn, didn’t realize I had been in there all this time, it’s already dusk.* Feeling the stress of shopping and the oppressive heat of the night, she decided a dip in the pool would be a perfect ending to the day. Having made a decision, she got into the limo with a light sprint to her steps.

She entered the pool with a splash and the cool chlorinated water caressed Gabrielle’s body the instant it had a chance to embrace it.

Gabrielle came up slowly, shivering slightly as the night air hit the water that was cascading down her body.

“That sure looks good right about now.”

Gabrielle yelped in surprise and quickly glanced over her shoulder. Standing there in all her blazing glory was Xena and the effect was mesmerizing. Soft moonlight bathed her body making her look like the moon goddess herself. Shadows highlighted cuts from well defined muscles. She was standing with her thumbs hooked in the front pockets of her jeans, dark hair that had been recently washed, fell in cute wisps around her face. The muscles of her arms rippled as she unhooked a thumb and ran her fingers through her bangs. The housewife briefly wondered what it would feel like to have all of those muscles and more wrapped tightly around her own body. She shivered at the imagery.

The worker gave her a radiant smile. “Sorry ma’am, didn’t mean to frighten ya.” Xena crouched down, bringing hypnotizing blue eyes closer.

“Uh… that’s okay. I wasn’t expecting a voice at this time of night since my husband is away and I didn’t know any of the uh… helpers were still here.” She stopped rather abruptly. One more minute and she’d be babbling beyond control. A long silence followed, and Xena smirked, looking like she had just swallowed a canary. *Is she waiting for me to invite her in? Gods, that would be absolutely scandalous!*

“Goodnight, ma’am. I’ll see you in the morning.” She nodded her head slightly, stood up and walked away.

What the heck was that all about? Have I made myself that obvious…. and what exactly had she been referring to with her first comment? Could she have been talking about me or the pool? She pushed the panic away and slowly smiled. So what if she knew. The fact that she had been here might mean she’s interested too. Gabrielle laughed out loud and she felt her body tingle at the prospect. She must be crazy for actually considering it.

The next morning, Gabrielle was back at the window, sipping her coffee and admiring the dark haired woman’s movements. She sighed disappointedly. She had an all day event to attend and this would probably be the last time she’d see her raving beauty for the day. Gabrielle stayed a few extra moments as if trying to make up for the coming absence. Just as she was about to turn away, she saw her goddess turn and look her way. The smile hit her like a sledge hammer. *There should be a law against someone being so fucking beautiful.* Once again, she smiled back, but this time she added a small wave. The gardener nodded slightly and went back to work. *Wow, she was actually discreet. Thanks, Xena.* She mentally added. Turning away from the window, she prepared herself for the day.

Gabrielle was in a cranky mood when she got home that evening. She couldn’t stand all those fake ladies and she hated herself for pretending to be one. She shook her head and silently screamed. *Calgon, take me away!* She laughed to herself. *Yes Gabrielle, look for the drama in everything.* However, with a day like today, it definitely called for a nice bubble bath. *Mmmm, with lots and lots of extra bubbles.* She silently mused. Dropping everything, she set the water running and began to undress.

Gabrielle sank into the luxurious feeling of foam all around her and leaned back, slowly unwinding and relaxing. Her thoughts automatically went to the gardener, her body, and what those strong hands could probably do to her. Her own hands slowly moved up and down her arms, imagining how those hands gliding across her soapy skin would feel like. She moaned softly. *Gabrielle, you better cut that out.* Forcing herself to stop, she instead wondered where did the woman go at night. Did she have someone to go home to? Where was she now?

Feeling refreshed, Gabrielle put on her robe and walked over to the bedroom window. Seeing the almost full moon brought back yesterday’s encounter with Xena. She closed her eyes, bringing up the pleasant memory. She was surprised at the intensity. It was so strong she could almost feel the heat of the tall body right behind her. She tilted her head sideways, exposing her neck, imagining a warm breath close to her ear and lips caressing it’s way down…..

“You look so lovely in the moonlight.”

The small woman gasped, but did not move. She hadn’t been imagining after all!

“Thinking about me?” A soft whisper.

In answer, Gabrielle leaned back letting strong powerful arms encircle her waist.

“I’ve seen you watching me.” Xena softly brushed her lips on the open neck.

The tall woman smiled at the small whimper she heard.

“Have you wondered how my hands would feel as they glide down your body?” She said in a soft husky voice. Xena slowly pulled the edges of the robe apart, gently bringing it back over smooth shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. She reached around to softly cup firm breasts.

The small woman moaned and arched into the hands. “Do you want me?” Xena started kneading, slowly, softly, lightly pinching the already hard nipples. She brought her lips down to the neck being offered, and placed tender kisses and gentle nibbles.

Gabrielle’s mind fought with her body. Her fantasy was coming true and she didn’t know whether to stop it or let it happen. This woman was causing all kinds of sensations, ones she’d never felt before. She was pulsing and throbbing intensely. She could barely breathe, her body responding without reservations, without shame, on a ride that seemed to only go up and up. She turned her head, a desperate need to taste the luscious lips she had craved for so long.

Xena was surprised as suddenly a pair of lips locked onto her own. Felt a passionate exploration begin, tasting, sucking, biting. The small body cradled in front, pushing against her, grinding. She grabbed Gabrielle’s left hand and placed their hands on the window sill for support. Her own body had begun to match the rhythm set by the blonde.

Gabrielle felt a callused hand begin a slow journey down her body, felt fingers slide further down and in between. She broke away from the lips and moaned loudly, head hanging forward, as her body shook with force at the incredible pleasure. With her right hand , she pressed the gardener’s hand harder, unable to voice her need.

“You are so wet.”

Xena only heard a loud grunt for an answer. She knew she had been heard. Giving in to the insistent hand pressing down on hers, she penetrated deeply. She watched with mild amusement as Gabrielle lifted up her head and screamed out her name. *Wonder what her face looks like at this moment?* She pictured blond hair, disheveled, partially covering a young face, eyes closed in absolute ecstasy.

To keep the writhing woman in place, she let go of the sill and ran her fingers through the still damp blond hair and grabbed a handful, their bodies still thrusting as her fingers worked furiously in and out.

Gabrielle was only vaguely aware of her loud sounds, not caring, only wanting the moment to never end. “Xena.” Moan. “Gods, Xena.” More moaning. She felt herself thrashing, but the steady pace never wavered, never faltered. Now holding onto the pane with both hands, she screamed out her release.

Xena smiled when she felt Gabrielle convulse against her and the tiny little shakes that came afterward. She slowly withdrew her hand and pressed her entire body against blonde’s, wrapping her arm around her waist, supporting them as they both leaned against the window. They were breathing hard.

After a few moments, she whispered into the ear closest to her lips. “Shh, it’s time for bed.” She waited ’til she felt Gabrielle nod slightly, picked her up, and gently laid her down on the bed. She kissed the already sleeping woman softly and quietly left the room.
Gabrielle woke up with a smile on her face and stretched lazily, her body feeling pleasantly satisfied. For a few minutes, she let herself enjoy the gentle breeze that smelled like summer, roll over her sated body. Suddenly, the events from the night before came crashing to her senses and she sat up abruptly. *Oh my god, what did I do?* Looking at the robe still rumpled by the window confirmed it hadn’t been a dream. Naked, she walked over to the window, casually picking up her robe. Her body still tingled as the robe slid over her body, her skin sensitized by the memories of passion.

Green eyes searched and saw Xena turn around and look up. Blue and green eyes were momentarily locked. How does she know when I’m looking at her? She pondered the coincidence until new thoughts came to mind and she briefly experienced panic and fear. Would Xena ignore her and treat her like another rich socialite conquest? Blackmail? The blonde’s heart rate picked up as the gardener flashed her a radiant smile. She had no other choice but to respond in kind. Gabrielle watched as the gardener nodded slightly and went back to work, watched the strong hands flexing, moving, feeling her knees weaken as she remembered what those same hands had done to her, how they had touched her….. She sighed. *How am I supposed to act now?*


Gabrielle walked across the lawn, on her way to mingle with the next group of PC ‘musts’. She really hated attending these fund raisers where the only concern was who had how much money, not the cause. Instead, what she really wanted to do, was stay home and do nothing but replay her glorious first time with a woman…with Xena. She sighed dreamily. A nasal voice interrupted her thoughts and she focused on the middle aged woman who had on way too much make-up.

“Gabrielle! Daaarling. It’s been sooo long.”

Gabrielle inwardly cringed. *Not long enough.* “Hi, Matilda.” Once again she forced herself to go through the motions of putting up with everyone’s fake friendliness. She knew that no one approved of her, her too casual clothes, her full-of-slang speech, or anything else about her. After all, the money wasn’t really hers and they knew it.

“You look absolutely radiant! I see life has been treating you quite well.” Matilda said with an upturned nose, as criticizing eyes roamed up and down.

“Yes, she certainly does.” The one Gabrielle often referred to as ‘big’ Bertha replied disdainfully.

Trying not to sound bored and bothered, she answered. “Well, since John has gone away again, I’m been doing nothing but massive shopping.” She added the last with a sing song tone to her voice. She knew she probably looked as good as she felt and it had nothing to do with new clothes.

“Are you sure John is away?” Sneered the ancient looking one named Anna. “You look like you’re glowing from the after effects of a good romp in the bedroom.”

Gabrielle chuckled lightly. She’d be damned if she was going to let this wrinkled hag get the best of her. “And how would you know, Anna.” She turned her head and glanced at each of the other ladies. “We all know nobody in their right mind would go near you to even give a ‘bad’ romp in the bedroom.”

Every one laughed while Anna fumed, though you could tell she was trying hard to pretend everything was ok.

“Just don’t get caught, little girl. You wouldn’t want to throw away all the goodies you just got. You never know if a little birdie might suddenly appear and give John some nasty bit of information.” The fury slowly receded her face as she saw the impact of her words.

All the ladies quieted down at the implied threat. Things had turned unpleasant even by their accounts.

Gabrielle coolly stared at the dull brown eyes. “Frankly, Anna, I wouldn’t give a shit if a whole flock of birds landed all around him.”

Both women stared each other down ’till Anna gave in. “Please forgive me if it sounded like I had implied something.” The woman looked elsewhere. “I was merely trying to say that rumors have a way starting up unexpectedly.” She smiled wanly.

“No harm done. Now ladies, if you’ll excuse me, I have some more mingling to do.” The young blonde clipped with a thin smile.

Nodding her head, Gabrielle walked away, raging inside. Now she really wanted to go home. Wanting to change her mood, thoughts returned to the dark haired woman and she got an inexplicable urge to call her. Reaching the loaded snacks table, she chided herself. *And say what?* Tell her that I can’t get you out of my mind, that my body is still shivering from your touch! To come rescue me from this hell? The blonde closed her eyes momentarily. *I must be going insane!*

Back at the group Gabrielle had just left. “Anna, you are horrid. I can’t believe you spoke to her like that.” Bertha whispered.

The hag snorted. “She not our kind. She has no business attending these affairs. She had no class, just a gold digger I’m sure.”

“Well, whether she is or not, you know she has John wrapped around her finger and he’s not type you want as an enemy.”

“Hummfff! We’ll see how wrapped he really is.”

Silence settled uncomfortably as the women contemplated Anna’s words and understood the possible implications. To them, losing their wealth was a fate worse than death.


Gabrielle rode in the back of the limo, head bank and eyes closed. She felt all strung up from the day’s stressful events and tried relaxing with the gentle motion of the ride. The rest of the fund raiser had gone well, but she couldn’t let go of Anna’s accusations. Would John notice a difference too? Sighing deeply, she leaned forward and open the window, needing to breath in something other than air conditioned air.

Store fronts passed by in a blur, the city lights illuminating people from all walks of life. She wondered if she could go back to that. The limo maneuvered it’s way quietly, soon they started hitting darker and emptier streets. The houses were bigger and farther in between. The blonde smiled at she saw the gates that represented home. Thank god the day was finally over.


Gabrielle felt refreshed after the long hot shower. Walking wearily out of the bathroom, she plopped face down on the bed, enjoying the cool sheets on her skin. Sliding hands underneath the pillow, she stretched her body long, and thought about how good a massage would feel right about now. Eyes closed, she smiled to herself. *I wonder if those rugged hands can give good massages.* No sooner had the thoughts crossed her mind, when she felt soft warm hands on her back. A second later, she felt a body settle lightly on her butt, straddling her.

The blonde woman moaned almost at once, her mind and body immediately relishing the contact. The hands were working magic on her stressed out muscles.

“I bet you were thinking about my hands all day.” A sultry voice whispered in the smaller woman’s ear. “Weren’t you.” It was not a question.

Gabrielle wondered if mind reading was one of Xena’s many talents. The sound rumbled through her, igniting her body, her senses. She felt Xena’s hand travel down her body, massaging, caressing, relaxing her as she went. Gabrielle felt her eyes getting heavy as she entered a very peaceful realm. Those wonderful hands were making sure that every part of her body was being loved, touched, pleasured. She drifted off, imagining she felt warm lips on her cheek and a soft whisper of ‘good night, little one’ before she felt nothing else.

Morning came, but without the sun. The socialite stirred, breathing in the earthy air that rain always brings. *Aw shit!* She said out loud. If it was raining, that meant Xena wouldn’t be working and that meant Xena wouldn’t be around at all. She rolled over and looked out the window. *Rain, rain, go away, please bring Xena back today.* Ugh! She rolled back over to face the ceiling, reflecting, thinking. The dark woman’s actions couldn’t be just about sex or…. blackmail or …..? That just wouldn’t explain last night’s …. last night’s what? Tenderness? Pleasure? Xena had known exactly what she had needed and had freely given it to her, demanding nothing. Sadly, Gabrielle turned her head and looked back out the window. Two nights, and I’m beginning to miss her already. Why? It was all about lust. Right?

She got up slowly, stretching, feeling good, thinking about the dark woman once again. Damn! Is there anything that is ‘not’ going to make me think about her? Putting on her robe, she strode out of her room and descended the stairs. The gloomy morning made the normally bright breakfast room depressing. As soon as her servants saw her, they quickly brought her her usual cup of coffee and the paper. Calmly she sat to peruse the news, but after rereading the same paragraph several times, she knew it was hopeless. She threw it aside in frustration. What is wrong with me! I’m not even missing John, she realized. *Face it Gab, you love him, but it’s not a passionate love. You love him because he takes care of you, loves you, and would do anything in the world for you.* Well, at least she loved when he wasn’t hanging out with his shady friends cooking up some illegal money-making scheme.

The blonde woman stood up and walked over to her usual spot by the bay window, knowing there’d be nothing there to see except a wet and dreary world. The warm liquid seeped into her body, as if trying to burn away her restlessness. She idly focused on the raindrops as they splattered the glass. *Is it enough? Would I be able to give all of this up for…..* She snorted. For what? For Xena to whisk me away from my boring and sometimes scary life to some hideaway magical garden?

She blew at her bangs in frustration at the thoughts that were haunting her head and turned away from the window. I can’t believe I’m missing that woman this much! Disturbed, she walked over to the table, spilling the remains of her coffee as she set it down carelessly. Blankly she looked the light tanned liquid as it spread. In turmoil, she quickly made her way back up the stairs.

The clock began to strike, announcing the end of morning. She heard the final one as she plopped back down on the bed. What am I going to do today? It’s only noon!
The Gardener’s Surprise
Slowly an idea started forming in the blonde head. The woman flew out of bed, crossed the room to the closet, grabbed the first thing she found and started to dress. Then, with one leg in the pants and the other one still dangling, she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror and stopped. She stared at the reflection, wondering what in heavens name did she think she was doing. *I can’t just show up there!* For several long moments, she stared at the comical picture of her half dressed state. Lightning flashed brightly into the room and that seemed to snap her out of her dilemma. *I have to see her.* She finished dressing, renewed determination urging her on.

Not bothering to check the final product, she ran down the stairs like a bat out of hell. She made a pit stop to pick up the organizer that had Xena’s address and headed towards the garage.

Rick, the chauffeur, stood up quickly as he saw his employer come barreling through the doors.

“Sit Rick, I’ll be driving myself today.” Gabrielle yelled over her shoulder at she searched the wall full of tagged keys looking for the one marked ‘r rover’.

The chauffeur creased his forehead as he noted her frantic search. “Madam, it’s raining heavily out there, are you sure? I don’t want to get yelled at by Mr. Amphipolis if something should happen to you.” He answered as he looked out of one of the garage windows, jumping when lightning flashed again.

A muted shout of glee was heard from the socialite as she turned around with the keys in hand. “Rick, I’ll be fine, I know how to drive.” She gave him a sweet smile and lightly patted his shoulder to soften her words. “Thanks for caring, but don’t worry.”

The middle-aged man opened the door and watched her slide in. After making sure the door was closed and locked, he peered inside. He waited for the car to start and the window to go down. “Do you have any messages for John….or…?” He didn’t finish, as he knew a direct question would be out of line, but she reminded him of his daughter and he couldn’t help worrying about her sometimes.

Gabrielle reached out and lightly grasped the hand resting on the door. “No I don’t, Rick, but I’ll call as soon I have something to tell him.” She reassured him.


She maneuvered the range rover with ease, sure of it’s capabilities in adverse weather. The radio played ‘Someone Like You’ and her mind picked out certain words and phrases in flashes like a movie, that reminded her of Xena. The rain and the love song together gave her a feeling that what she was doing was right.

Absurdly, her racing though slippery streets towards a woman she knew nothing about more than likely meant trouble, but she felt she’d die if stayed home away from her another minute.

She glanced over once again to the organizer. She had Xena’s address memorized, but it gave her some comfort just to look at it now and then. It was 2 towns over, not one she recognized too well, but it looked like it was as remote as where she herself lived. So preoccupied was she in her musings, she never realized the black car following far behind.

The song ended and she turned off the radio, letting the steady beat of the wipers fill in the silence. After what seemed like ages, she saw the street name she had to turn on. About half a mile in, she saw a medium sized cozy looking house rising up, set far from the road. Still not sure what it was that she was going to do, she cut the lights and slowly coasted in. She headed towards the back of the house, just in case…. *Just in case what? In case she comes storming out of the house with a shotgun, telling you just because she fucked you that doesn’t give you any special rights?* She giggled hysterically, her nerves and the funny picture getting to her.

She turned off the ignition and sat there for a few minutes, her heart beating so loud, she thought the quiet woods were broadcasting its echo. Gabrielle turned her head both ways, all the way around, not sure if she was scared or glad that the area was so secluded. Wiping her sweaty hands and taking a deep breath, she opened the car door and quietly stepped out. Dimly, her mind noted that it had stopped raining.

Still not sure why she was there, she ran to the structure and pressed herself against the house beside a window. She looked at the tree line not far from where she stood, getting paranoid. She morbidly thought about ‘Jason’ and how he liked to lurk in woods and kill unsuspecting folks. *Gabrielle, don’t even go there.* She damned her active imagination. She glanced left back again at the window. Feeling rather stupid and silly, she slowly leaned over to peek inside. Damn! The house’s darkness indicated that no one was home. She moved backed and bumped the back of her head against the house. *This is what you get for taking a cross country ride to nowhere. Did you think she would be waiting here for you?* However, curiosity got the best of her and she turned back to test the window, smiling as it gave way.

She hefted herself up and landed unceremoniously onto a plush carpeted floor, wondering if she should have tested the door first. Cursing silently at all the noise she was making, she stood up shakily. She looked around, noting that she was in what looked to be an office or a study or something. She looked at the impressive array of peripherals, discs, and what not, which decorated a huge L-shaped black and gray office table. She walked over to the computer and sat on the black leather chair, staring mutely at the blank screen. *Huh! Who would have thought that her blue eyed gardener also has a brain.* She casually picked a pen that was laying on the white pad and got the wild urge to write ‘Gabrielle was here’. She giggled.

Wanting to see what else she could find, she worked her way out of the dark room towards the faint light up ahead. Back pressed up against the wall, she slid down the hall, feeling the ridges of the paneling with her fingertips and the soft scraping of clothing against the wood sounding unnaturally loud to her ears. She wanted to laugh at the absurdity of her actions, she felt like she was in a La Femme Nikita episode or worse, a female Ace Ventura. She bypassed several closed doors and headed towards what looked like the kitchen.

The blonde woman stood by the doorway with her jaw hanging open. The dim light coming from the windows did not the diminish the impact of what she was looking at. The huge kitchen was fully stocked, looking like it had just come out of a ‘Better Homes’ magazine, with pots and pans and gadgets hanging all around. She’s a cook too?

“I was dying to see you too.”

Gabrielle yelped and quickly turned around to see Xena just standing there with a lopsided smirk. She looked more beautiful than ever. She was bare foot, wearing ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts, and a very tight white tank top. The blonde woman laughed breathlessly. “I… uh…sorry I…snuck…in….” She struggled, knowing she was probably beet red, glad it wouldn’t be too noticeable in the dim light. She felt rooted to the floor as she saw the tall woman approach her. She stared right into amazing blue eyes, drowning, helpless, as they got closer and closer. Her head was now tilted back, completely captured, letting the scent of the woman surround her, her warmth envelop her.

The smaller woman gasped softly as she felt hands on her waist, the mere act almost disabling her. “You… wanted to see me?” She managed feebly, sliding her hands up muscled bare arms, delighting in the softness, circling a warm neck, entangling in silky hair. She felt like she was hanging on for dear life and received her answer as she saw a pair of perfect lips coming closer.

The touch of those lips felt like lightning hitting her body. Strong arms hugged her tight, and a gentle tongue caressed and explored her, as if cherishing something precious and new. There was a simultaneous intake of breath as both women let themselves experience a perfect moment in time, taste each other’s uniqueness. Gabrielle felt Xena move back slightly and she opened her eyes.

No words were said. There was no need. There was a connection there that was beyond their control as if it had traveled through time, never losing strength, never losing focus. All was as it should be.

Gabrielle felt herself being lifted up, but her gaze never left Xena. She reached up with her left hand and brought the dark head back down. She couldn’t wait any longer, it didn’t matter if she got dropped, she had to taste those lips again. She barely registered passing through rooms or climbing stairs, only concentrating on getting as much as she could from Xena’s delicious mouth. Soon, she felt her feet touch the floor, and her hands immediately went to work on the strong body. Up until now, she had not had the pleasure of experiencing all of Xena, and she was very intent on changing that.

Sliding hands around a small waist, she lifted the edges of the tank top up and over the dark head. Quickly flinging it aside and raising her arms as her own was getting tugged off. She took the opportunity of reaching for the shorts as the gardener flung her blouse to the side. She snapped open the button and pulled the corners, opening the zipper, lips never leaving the skin it craved. Heart soared when she heard the tall woman moan as she slid her hands slowly inside and towards the back, cupping the firmness she found.

Letting go of lips, she traveled slowly down her chin, stopping briefly to gently suck it. She continued sensually down, kissing everything in her path, while her hands tugged at shorts and underwear, keeping both actions in unison. Lips traveled down between breasts and well defined abs while hands caressed legs that were like silk, toned, cool and incredibly soft to the touch. As soon as the shorts dropped, she surprised herself by pushing Xena onto the bed.

She immediately followed, straddling her as they both crawled together to the center of the bed. She place her hands on either side of the dark head, watching as blue eyes briefly looked down to her swaying breasts and then back up to her. Her eyes were slightly misty in appearance, the eyelids half closed, her face flushed, as if in anticipation of what was to come. That look of such utter desire made breathing difficult.

Gabrielle leaned down, her hair spilling on the woman like golden sunshine, and lips found home. It was a kiss of absolute devotion, of worship, of unspoken love as she felt strong hands become entangled in her hair.

“I want to know you.” The socialite whispered softly into her right ear, lightly licking the edge of her lobe. She smiled at the deep moan. She gave the lobe a small bite before she moved down the soft neck, showering it with kisses, nips, and nibbles. Thoroughly enjoying the way the woman smelled, the way she tasted, the moans the she heard and felt, rumbling where ever their bodies touched. She felt the hands already entangled in her blonde hair guide her head down to nipples, a dark brown, their peaks rising, straining, almost as if to reach her lips as she leaned down to meet them, caress them. She suckled, alternating between hard and soft, flying high as Xena’s moans were becoming louder.

The green eyed woman briefly looked up, pleased to see the gardener’s lips glistening, full, slightly parted awaiting yet for more. She couldn’t resist. She slid her body back up and kissed the writhing woman beneath her fiercely, passionately. She felt hands leave her hair to land on her ass, pressing her body down, grinding against her.

Gabrielle reached down, and felt Xena’s body tremble as she ran her hands over the hollow of her belly and down to the soft downy fur, delighted to feel it moist, hot, swollen. The small hand slowly parted wet lips and inserted 1, then 2, then 3 fingers inside.

“Oh, Gabrielle.” Xena moaned loudly.

The blonde moaned with her as she felt strong hands grip her tightly, her name said in ecstasy. She felt stabs of pleasure as the hands moved to her breasts, grabbing, squeezing, pinching. Those hands that always knew what to do to turn her into jelly, the feeling was exquisite. She felt Xena getting closer, the long body writhing and bucking to the rhythm of her hard thrusting fingers. Gabrielle felt lost in a haze of pleasurable delirium, so much so, that she was deliciously caught off guard when she felt a leg suddenly thrust upward, making ecstatic contact. The intensity was to much and the small woman came crashing down, unable to hold herself up, ecstasy ripping her senses apart. Strongly aware of arms grabbing onto her hips, helping her grind harder and faster against the upraised leg. Yet she refused to let up her thrusting, striving at all cost to pleasure the beautiful creature beneath her. She felt her body begin to betray her and she struggled to hold back, struggled to wait for the gardener, drowning in the sounds of their grunts and moans as they echoed throughout the room, glad that no one was around who could hear. She looked up to see her lover, and loved the look of passion on her face, to see it flushed, damp.

She felt a hand leave her hip, and then sharp pain which quickly turned to pleasure when that same hand gripped her hair and roughly pulled her head down.

“Baby, come with me.”

Even though the words were barely a whisper in her ear, the blonde felt them thundering all over her body. It was a command. Then she felt Xena begin to shake, the struggle was over.

She let go.

She laid there contentedly, the physical bonding, the overt sharing of touch and feel, of smell and taste was unlike anything she’s ever felt with anyone.

They laid exhausted and physically spent, wrapped in each others arms. A soft and languished feeling upon them both. They were content, they were sated. They had indulged their thirst and hunger for each other and drank freely till they lay coupled together, no longer two singular women, but having forged a bond that created one. They each gave and took of each other and by sharing and giving, a joining of souls occurred, destined, fated, unstoppable.

They slept…
The Gardener’s Question
Gabrielle woke up and immediately and missed the pleasant warmth of Xena. She sat up slowly, catching sight of her lover, fully clothed, sitting sideways on the window sill, legs stretched out. The sight brought stark fear that the woman was going to give her ‘the boot’ now that she had had her way with her, or worse yet, deemed her as a stalker. Feeling self conscious of her nakedness, she slipped out of bed and quietly gathered her scattered clothing.

The gardener’s continued silence was unnerving her. She stole quick glances toward the window, praying the dark haired woman would finally say something. Even a ‘get out’ would be better than the dead silence that filled the room. Better than the quiet rustling of putting on her clothes that sounded painfully loud, final, lonely.

She straightened up from putting on her shoes, turned toward the still silent figure and sighed. Standing up from the bed she took a deep breath. She had to say something. Anything. She was in deep and almost blindly into this. Now…now all she had to do was find the right words to say to someone she barely knew, how much of an essential part of her existence she had become.

She opened her mouth to speak.

“Do you know you were followed here?”

Gabrielle gasped. She struggled with the sudden quiet outburst and the meaning of the words. She was followed? By whom? She watched as blue eyes turned to her. They were so filled with emotions…rage, passion, vulnerability…and something else she couldn’t quite identify, that she had to fight to think about the question.

“N…no. I came here as a last minute decision.” She answered hesitantly. Her mind was frantically racing, trying to compute information she didn’t know how to process.

Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her hand flew to her mouth as she gasped loudly.

*The hag!* Echoed her mind. She closed her eyes as the old woman’s words rang through her ears. *I can’t believe that bitch had the audacity to follow me!* She almost laughed as she got a silly picture of John surrounded by little “birdies” of gossip.

“Could it be your husband?”

Gabrielle opened her eyes wide. “No, I don’t think so.” She ran a hand through her hair and slowly walked towards Xena, laying her hands softly the woman’s thigh. “At the fund raiser I went to a couple of days ago, some rich bitch made a comment about how much I ‘glowed’ considering John was away.” She smiled when Xena smirked, a beautiful eyebrow going up, an indication she understood the compliment

The blond woman immediately felt tingles when Xena lightly wrapped a hand around her neck. “She kinda implied that John was going to hear about it if I was having an affair.” She finished huskily, as she leaned into the caress.

She saw the gardener nod her head slightly and turn back to face outside. Cautiously, she peered out too, afraid of what she’d see. Then she felt the hand move from her neck down and wrap around her waist, tugging her closer to the tall body on the sill.

The closeness and the warmth made her forget her mission and she closed her eyes in bliss. She felt soft lips brush against hers softly, gently.


She heard her name being lovingly said, heard the question. She pulled back slightly and sank herself into the blue ocean before her.

She knew. Her heart started pounding and she felt tears begin. This can’t be the end. It was an adamant refusal on her part.

“Xena, I don’t know what’s going on.” She reached to caress the silky skin of the perfect face. “But I know that me being followed here means you have to leave.” She stepped back when the tall woman swung her legs off the sill to face her, pulling her back in, in between her legs, embracing her. The feeling was exquisite and Gabrielle closed her eyes, leaned forward ’till their foreheads touched. The words in her heart demanded to be let free, but they were jumbled and somehow wrong, inadequate.

“Come with me.”

She heard the barely audible plea and the socialite felt her heart clench. She knew she was supposed to breathe, but her mind seemed to have stopped functioning. Images bombarded her head in rapid succession. John…her current lifestyle…the tiny cramped place she had before John…Xena…their passionate lovemaking…an uncertain future…. She was being asked to give it all up.
A Lifetime Amswer
Gabrielle pulled away from the warmth enveloping her, to look back at the woman that was asking her the most incredible question. Vaguely registering the deepening shadows as the faint light from the rainy gloomy day faded. Looking at a woman who rarely spoke with words, who seemed to communicate everything with action. “The money is not mine.” The blonde uttered, and waited. A long silence ensued. Her eyes not daring to look for fear of what they might see. She could hear the creaks of the settling house, the hard sounds as heavy raindrops splashed on the window and on the metal sill, the rasping of her breathing as she waited. A world of chaos all around her while she stood in the eye deathly still, as if time had stopped just her and not her world.

Surely the woman would take her offer back, Gabrielle reasoned, now that her secret was out, now that Xena knew she was as poor and common like the average local people seen in the seedier parts of the city. Silently she waited, waited for the excuses to come from the lips before her, about how she had made a mistake in asking, how she should really stay with her husband, how….

Faster than should have been humanly possible, she was slammed up against the wall, pinned by a pair of thrusting strong hands on her waist, her feet barely touching the floor. How they had managed to cross the room so quickly was beyond her, but she barely had time to question the impossibility as she drowned in the fury that rolled off in waves from the gardener and slammed painfully into her. She was frightened by this new dark side. Did Xena feel she had been misled? She closed her eyes, still afraid to look, as she felt the warm sweet ragged breath on her face, exciting her body as it seemed to embrace the dark creature before her. How can she be so frightened and so intensely turned on at the same time?

“Is that what you think this is about?” A strangled small voice hissed. “Am I nothing to you except a good fuck.”

Emphasized by a thrust.

“And a gold digger?”

Another push.

Gabrielle snapped open her eyes when she heard the pain in that small voice. Sad blue eyes stared back at her. Were those unshed tears she saw? Before she could say or think about anything else, she was abruptly let go. She slumped slightly to the floor, her knees barely holding her up, her own ragged breathing loud in her ears, fighting with the emotional turmoil she felt inside, empty at the loss of her touch.

She watched as Xena walked over to the corner of the room where a backpack sat on the floor. She hoisted it over one shoulder and reached for the cell phone clipped to her jeans.

*What have I done!* She watched her lover, as if she were watching from outside her body. The sexy controlled graceful movements, the rippling of muscles, the casual toss of her dark hair to one side. Heard the sigh as the woman sank onto the unmade bed, setting aside the bag, running her fingers through her hair. The hair that had sent goose bumps as it had glided teasingly over her body, the bed that they had shared so lovingly just a short while ago, now a lifetime away. Heard the hushed tones of conversation, as Xena spoke on the phone. Irrationally, her mind told her, if she had just said yes, she would have been a part of that conversation, but now, now she was just an outsider.

The darkness of the room now that it was night made everything so surreal, so final, so heavy in her soul. The day had ended, so should her life as she knew it.

She took a deep breath and walked over with new found strength and determination. With courage she didn’t know she had, she knocked the cell phone away and pushed Xena backward onto the bed. She kissed her ferociously, wantonly, carelessly. Not caring about the coppery taste, the gnashing teeth, or the moans that she made, or the tears that fell from her eyes. Deliriously happy that she was not being pushed away, rejected.

“I love you, Xena.” She finally gasped, and buried her head in warmth, burying her face in silky black hair, desperately clinging to her lifeline, her passion. “I want to go with you, please. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow trying to learn how to live without you.” She whimpered, hoping that it wasn’t too late, that she hadn’t ruined everything with her foolishness. She cried in relief when she felt strong arms embrace her tightly, gently rocking her back and forth.


A soothing hand ran up and down her back.

“Today, tomorrow, forever, I belong to you.

The whispered words crashed all around her soul, a blanket of security and love. There couldn’t be anything sweeter than this moment. She felt totally connected, swirling in long moments of peace and love, and… something else so good it was indescribable.

“Come, they’re waiting for us.”

Gabrielle lifted up her head, trying to see Xena’s features in the dark, frustrated when she couldn’t see the beautiful face. “What about my thin….” A finger quickly cover her lips, immediately setting them on fire. Her body shook in response.

“Shh, I’ve got everything you need.” A long pause. “Do you trust me?”

There was that silent plea again. It was then that she knew Xena was giving everything up too. For her. For them. How could she not?

She ran a small finger lightly across her lips. “I do, my gardener. I do.” The socialite smiled in response to the movement underneath her fingertip.

“Your gardener,” she whispered. “I like that.”

Her heart sang for joy as they both started giggling like school girls.


They had already been riding for a half hour. Gabrielle had no idea where they were going, all she had gotten was an incredible sexy wicked smile and a “You’ll see” for her efforts. She did trust her, that was without a doubt. She was just going to have to contend that the woman she had fallen in love with was not much of a talker. Truth was, Xena was one big huge mystery.

She took a casual glance around the limo, noting all the playthings for adults. Had Xena gotten it on her account? But how could she, she hadn’t known she was coming until after the phone call.

Gabrielle turned her head to the right. The gardener looked so beautiful, so relaxed. She mentally followed the contours of her profile, marveling at its perfection, its symmetry and grace. Is this the way blind love is supposed to feel? She felt she was going mad. The more she stared at her, the more the feelings got intense. She slid over to the reclining figure, close, but barely touching her. She could feel the heat capture her and felt it igniting her, urging, a carnal awakening. Did she dare disturb her peacefulness? Would she welcome her aggressive advances?

Caving in to her desires and without warning, the blonde swung herself over, straddling her lover’s thighs, arms on either side of the dark head. She saw Xena’s surprise at her suddenness, and then slowly, a seductive smile emerged. Large hands gripped her waist, and the gardener lurched up, effectively capturing Gabrielle’s lips. Her breath quickly grew ragged, as the tall woman’s tongue danced inside, smooth velvet caresses. The blonde woman eagerly grabbed onto long dark hair, loving the silky texture as she held on, waiting for the moans she knew she would draw from her woman merely from her actions. She was learning quickly the things the woman beneath her liked the most. *And she… it’s like she was inside of me, had been inside of me all my life.* An uncanny knowledge of an unfamiliar body, as if its secrets were known only to them for each other.

Gabrielle felt like she was getting consumed, devoured by an appetite that seemed beyond them, an appetite that had always been there, a power that was being unleashed after being held back for ages, ancient, uncontrollable. Xena’s lips were everywhere. They seared paths of flames as the blond arched her back sensually and the nibbling went back up her stomach, finally attacking her breasts. A new source of ecstasy. A growl was heard as it echoed, as the shirt was practically torn off the smaller woman, setting her free. Hands, lips, teeth, and tongue were memorizing her, worshiping her. She felt like she was going to explode at the multiple sensations. She held on to her gardener, knowing that if she let go, she would surely be lost in the whirlwind of passion that her body and mind were raging in. She felt the rough tugging of her pants and groaned when she felt the button pop, from the insistent demanding tugging. Gabrielle was ready to cry in desperation.

Impatiently, she kneeled up slightly to aid in bringing down her pants when she screamed at the incredible pleasure that racked her body when she was suddenly penetrated. Gabrielle held on even tighter, their bodies moving fast, furious, in unison. Gabrielle hungrily searched for her lover’s lips, experiencing a deep ache to taste her and be tasted. They swallowed each other’s moans, trading passions, exchanging souls, uniting lives. Oh god! She felt it start, those wonderful few seconds where you feel so much pleasure, you think you’re going to die, and then the start of the steady rapid pulsing, wave after wave. She heard herself call out Xena’s name as each wave crashed against the shore, her body shaking in tandem to each wave, each pounding of pleasure.

She slumped forward, drained, sure in the knowledge that her gardener would be there to catch her, hold her in these most intimate of moments. She heard Xena breathing hard and fast, her voice hoarse and soothing, her hands softly caressing. “I love you.” Gabrielle muttered into her neck and let herself go.


She woke up slowly, feeling safe in the warmth of the arm that was wrapped around her. Sleepily, she wondered where she was, realizing she had slept through almost everything. All she could remember was entering the limo outside of Xena’s house, the most incredible sexual experience ever, and being lovingly carried and cooed at throughout the rest of the night. Somewhere in there, she thought there had been a plane ride as well, but couldn’t tell if that had been a dream.

She turned over to find a radiant smile and twinkling baby blues waiting for her. Xena’s beauty was outstanding in the sun that softly filtered into the room, leaving her breathless, in awe.

The blond rolled closer, and buried her head in the smooth neck, letting the woman’s scent fill her, like a drug she just couldn’t live without. *I must be dreaming?* “You’re an angel.” She whispered, wondering if her muffled voice had been heard. She basked in a pleasant haze, fervently wishing it would never end.

“Morning, beautiful.” Xena answered thickly, voice still full of sleep.

“Uhmmm, it definitely is a beautiful morning. I can’t remember the last time I felt so happy.” She said after having pulled away slightly. Long moments later. “So… what’s for breakfast? You cooking?”

A hearty laugh brought her face further out, trying to figure out what had Xena found so amusing.

“Hey! Why is that so funny?” She laughed too, though she had no clue why.

“What would give you such an unholy idea?” She asked, still chuckling. “I don’t cook!”

“You don’t cook?” Gabrielle frowned. “Then why was your kitchen so…so, I don’t know, large and well equipped?” Suddenly the socialite was being hugged tightly, and she felt more laughter rumbling through her body.

“That was for the crew that worked for me, you silly goose.”

“Worked for you?” The gardener had people working for her? She suddenly became aware of her surroundings and the apparent opulence. She turned back to look at Xena. A wicked smile greeted her. Turning back around, she took her time, slowly noting the plush white carpeting, the high cathedral looking ceiling, and the enormous size of the bedroom. As if in a trance, she got up and slowly walked to the large bay window, sidestepping the moving sheer curtains as it gently waved in the morning breeze. A beautiful sandy beach stretched out before her. Her second story view of paradise was magnificent. “Where are we?” She whispered, her voice laced with awe and uncertainty.

Xena must have heard the slight fear in the voice, because she ran over to Gabrielle and smothered her in a delicious hug from behind.

“In the Caribbean.” A nip to pink ear. “We are on my island,” a lick to the other. “In my house.”

Gabrielle’s mind desperately tried to compute what that meant. Her island? Her house? “Did my husband pay you off to get me out of his hair or something?”

“You are so adorable.” Xena chuckled The blond was gently turned around and softly kissed.

The small woman looked questioningly up at her. She saw nothing but love. “I guess the money was never an issue, huh?”

“No love, it was always about you.”

Gabrielle reached up and wrapped her fingers in the dark hair, bringing her head down. “I think it’s time we initiated this house, don’t you think?” And the socialite kissed her gardener before she could answer.
Memories Of A Past
Xena walked slowly down the stairs, feeling tingles from their last bout of passion between her legs, appreciating the sensation of her toes sinking into the plush carpet. She felt like her whole body was enveloped in a sensual cloud, a pleasant feeling that traveled up and made her belly warm and flutter about. *Am I setting myself up for another downfall?* She reflected sadly. Her steps took her to the rain speckled patio doors, looking out at another stormy day, uncaring if her naked body could be seen.

The waves crashed fiercely against the vacant piers, creating a ragged wall of white against the dark gray sky. She jumped a little when a lightning bolt hit so close she thought it had gone right through her. She closed her eyes, her breath getting shallow, the rain and thunder bringing back painful memories. It always did, and nothing she tried could erase what had finally led her to end up being a solitary gardener.

*Damn these cursed fools! Where do the think they’re going?* Xena turned from where she was watching their departure, on her way to the control room, to see why her orders weren’t being followed. They had barely left port and the coming storm was no excuse for them being off course so soon. Her path was suddenly blocked. Her motley crew threw silent angry scowls. Sensing something amiss, she opted to stay quiet, wondering. The boat started rocking harder, the storm slowly creeping up on them. By general unspoken consensus, the wall of men split, an opening heading in a different direction than where she had been going. Alert and wary she proceeded cautiously. She stopped as she saw the figure bathed in shadows. Darphus was standing in the middle, a smug look on his face, an evil glint in his eyes.

“Let me guess, were you on your way to see why we weren’t going following your orders?”

Xena took the time to slowly look around the room, noting how some of the men wouldn’t look her in the eyes. The heavily guarded exits did not surprise her. Defiantly keeping her balance even though the ship was now rocking even harder, she turned ice blue eyes back to her First Officer.

“Well Xena, I’ll save you the long walk. From now on, we’re going where I want to go. Right men!” A chorus of grunts and general approval echoed throughout the cabin, temporarily drowning out the roar of the choppy sea. “You see, we think you’re getting soft. We’re pirates, Xena! Not the coast guard! Not here to save anyone, even if they are women. We’re here for the loot, the money, the killing! My men….” Xena bristled visibly. “Yes, Xena. Myyy men,” He emphasized, “Have decided I should be in command. They think I should lead them in their treasure hunt.” Several men nodded their heads in approval. “Call this if you will…. Mutiny On The Bounty revisited.”

*Mutiny! Oh god, no!* She looked out to sea, the waters were now extremely choppy, the storm that was heading their way closer still. That was the main reason she had decided they couldn’t stay hidden by the rocks any longer.

“Yes, Xena.” He laughed, spittle flying everywhere. “And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Huh, men!” Darphus swung his arms wide as he looked at his men, grinning evilly. “Right? How many of us have we seen our men ‘walk the plank’ as Xena so humorously used to put it.” He straightened up and pierced Xena with a look. “It’s now your turn.” He rasped.

Loud thunder penetrated the cabin, as if marking the judgement final. Xena knew there was no surviving this. Drowning in this weather was inevitable.

Warm hands encircling her waist brought Xena out of her grim thoughts. Xena had a sudden desperate need to forget, to leave her past behind, to drown herself in the arms wrapped around her. She turned around and brought her lips down hard, her rage surfacing as she vainly tried to dispel it. “Oh god, Gabrielle.” She cried in anguish, in fear. Her mind struggled to come back to the present, to leave behind the memories of the sea as they tried to keep her down. Escape the repeated pounding her body received as it remembered being bounced against the rocks. The loneliness she had felt when she had found herself battered and broken on the shore, wondering why the sea hadn’t finished taking its revenge.

Thunder boomed.

Her whole body was shaking and she knew she had to calm down or she would scare away her strength, her anchor to reality. But she couldn’t stop. It was a desperate need to consume, to merge as she passionately embraced her lifeline.

Thunder boomed.

And then, sweet words drifted to her, amidst the roar of the rain hitting against the door, the sea crashing against the piers, the thunder roaring over and over.

“Xena, I’m here for you.”

Xena pulled back slightly, locking onto green eyes.

“Let me chase your storm away .”

Xena read the sincerity. But also read fear, fear of the unknown, and trust. Gabrielle was prepared to fight her demons with her.

As permission was granted, the rage she had barely kept in check roared to life. Once again she lunged for the sweetest lips she has ever tasted, in wild abandon. She just let her emotions flow freely and held nothing back.

She felt the small body give as she pushed them both against the glass door. Trying to connect with the fury of the storm outside, to become one with it, to finally see if she could rid herself of the taunting ghosts of her past.

The blonde woman moved against her, igniting her body beyond reason. She felt like she was getting consumed by a blazing inferno.

She gasped as she suddenly found herself outside with the storm, her body deliciously pelted by the pounding rain. She had been so busy devouring the small woman, she never noticed Gabrielle slide open the door. *She doesn’t know, but she understands!* Xena marveled at how Gabrielle had known what to give her, what she needed, forcing her to face and overcome.

Xena tilted her head back and gave out a piercing yell as if crying up to the heavens would easy the roaring in her head. Then she grabbed Gabrielle underneath her arms and lifted her up, feeling legs immediately wrap firmly around her. She moved them over and slammed the socialite against the house, mindlessly thrusting against her, wishing they could become truly one. Her lips, tongue, and hands were everywhere on the soft wet silky skin. Small hands and loud moans urged her on, demanding, encouraging.

Her dark hair was painfully griped and her ear brought against soft lips. “Is this the best you can do, gardener?”

Xena felt a sharp hard bite on her lobe and she screamed as the pleasure traveled down her body.

“Don’t hold back, please. Give me a chance.”

Her body burned despite the rain and Gabrielle’s words started an eruption from the inside that slowly built as it neared the surface. She entered Gabrielle without thought, without hesitation, slamming her with all the pain and rage she felt inside, striving for her salvation, aching for the love that would help her overcome her storm.

Gabrielle’s scream echoed through her body, and it responded. Xena hovered briefly, as she relished the blonde’s voice, reveling at its hoarseness, its wantonness. And then, an indescribable pain as teeth punctured the skin of her neck, turning into incredible ecstasy, the rough sucking sensations filling her mind, the pleasurable grip that kept her head in place, the sounds of feeding filling her ears.

Her body let go.

Her scream came out as a guttural growl, hoarse, drawn out as the tall body convulsed again and again, against the smaller body pinned against the house, against her, releasing with her, for her, because of her.

They stayed entwined, panting, regaining their breath, letting the rain continue falling gently on them, no longer hard and pounding. The worst of the storm was over. Xena was finally free from the demons of the storm.
Flowers For The Gardener
Gabrielle had no choice but to admit to herself that she was head over heels in love with her gardener. She felt like she was living in paradise, her own private Eden. It was this same passion that made her want to show the woman that gave her everything and more, a little something, something that would show how true and endless that love was.

The socialite walked around the living room, closing her eyes, letting the soft summer breeze filter through her, murmuring in soft pleasure as it ruffled her hair gently. The thickness of the carpet sensually carressed her toes as they sank in its thickness. ‘How about something romantic?’ she thought. She stopped in front of one of the windows, watching the blue green water getting closer as the tide rose, one finger tapping against her chin, gears hard at work. The beach carried in its own distinct smell and she took a deep breath. ‘Yeah.’ she thought. ‘I’ve got it.’

She quickly turned around and marched purposefully through the living ‘til she reached the kitchen. She grabbled a can of Diet Mountain Dew, the keys with the letter X key chain and headed out the door. Xena wouldn’t be in until later that evening from her trip to the mainland, so she had plenty of time to set up her little scenario. Once she reached the car, she realized she had left her purse with her credit cards still inside. Grumbling and mumbling something about haste makes waste, she bounded up the four steps back to the door. The blonde woman hesitated for a few seconds. ‘You know Gabrielle, you’d figure you’d know the code by now after living here for so long.’ The code was inside her purse.

She sat down on the stairs in despair. Think, Gabrielle, think. She bent her head down ‘til her forehead touched her knee. Her blonde hair immediately fell forward, creating sudden darkness. Darkness. ‘Aha!’

She stood up in a flash and punched in the numbers and letters. ‘Voila.’ Now, where was it? ‘If I were a purse, where would I be? Maybe she should just pay cash and forget about it. Duh! That still meant she needed her ATM card which was in the purse. Tick tock sounds echoed through her mind. Even though she had time, these were minutes that were still ticking by.

The kitchen! Bathed in a heavenly light, was her purse on top of the counter. Hearing a choir singing Alleluia in her head, she picked up her purse and ran back out.

By the time she got to the car again, she was sweating up a storm. Taking a few moments to calm down, she opened up the can and took several gulps of the smooth liquid. She puffed away at a blonde stray, feeling somewhat settled. She took the cool can and placed it on her forehead. ‘Who ever thought romance would be such hard work.’ She turned up the AC all the way and merrily drove away.


Xena drove up the driveway, a grin naturally working its way on her face. Time had not diminished the fire and things were still going fantastic between her and Gabrielle. She has to be the one, she thought. She hoped that her lover felt it too, that it wasn’t just lust or something even more obscure. ‘At least I know it’s not money.’ The dark haired woman mused. ‘She gave up everything she had just to follow me, without me telling her about my own wealth.’

After shifting the car into park, she opened the door and stepped out into fading orange rays. ‘Next time, that little woman is coming with me.’ She couldn’t believe how much she had missed the socialite’s presence the entire day and didn’t want to experience that again. ‘God, Xena, you’ve become so pathetic.’ She shook her head. ‘To think you used to call yourself a loner. Ha!’

After taking a few steps away from the car, bright colors caught her attention. ‘Are those what I think they are?’ She kneeled down to get a closer look. She picked up a petal with wide-eyed wonder. Blue eyes followed the rainbow. Leading to the first step were a multitude of different colored flower petals. She brought the red petal in her hand up close to her nose. The gardener closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Her heart constricted at the sudden strong emotions that coursed through her body. She opened her water filled eyes, to see the other steps were also filled with petals. With shy nervousness, she stood up and followed the trail.

Once inside, she unconsciously closed the door behind her, barely aware of her actions. Unbelieving, she stood with her back against the heavy door. Soft music filtered through the house, gently caressing her sense of hearing, and more petals made a trail, leaving behind a lovely fragrance that caressed her sense of smell. Encouraged with anticipation, she slowly followed the trail up the softly curving staircase.

The thought of what she might find hit the gardener with a jolt of lust that struck directly to her below. As the dark haired woman climbed the stairs, her hands started caressing her own body, gathering up an intense sexual energy that seemed to surround her in a stormy haze. The romance from the flower petals scattered on the floor filled her heart with such a strong emotion, she was almost overwhelmed. Xena followed the trail, decadent thoughts moving swiftly in and out of her mind as her hands worked on her body.

She turned left at the top of the stairs and reached for the first door on the right. Her heart accelerated two-fold as her hand reach for the doorknob. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she entered.

She was instantly assailed in both sight and smell. A rainbow of flowers and scented candles filled the room. Everywhere she looked, there were flowers of all types and colors. The trail of petals led to the king size bed, and what greeted her there simply took away her ability to breathe. The bed was all covered with petals, and right in the center was her beloved. Naked, alluring, indescribably breathtaking. Gabrielle. She fell back against the door, weak with the sudden surge of desire that wracked her body, making her pulse with a steady beat, her knees weaken. She had yet to take a breath.

Laying sideways, the blonde woman had a most delicious seductive look on her face. A well-manicured hand reached down and picked up a handful of petals. Green eyes wickedly locked onto hers, the hand slowly let go of its prize. It rained petals over her naked body, a cascade of colors that seemed to caress the luscious curves that begged to be noticed as they settled back on the bed.

Xena felt her mouth go dry and her breathing increase. Oh to be at least one of those petals, to be able to experience the wonder of that glorious body. Unconsciously, she started removing her clothes, loathing anything that might stand in the way of making skin contact.

Darkened green eyes devoured every move, feasting as more and more creamy smooth skin revealed itself to starving eyes. ‘If only I could be worthy of that look,’ thought Xena.

Feeling like she was in a trance, the gardener slowly approached the beauty on the bed. Blue eyes never wavering for fear that it was all a horrible mirage her mind had foolishly created, that she would wake up to find herself alone and unloved. She kneeled in reverence when she reached the bed. Not one word had yet been spoken.

Gabrielle leaned forward, reaching out with her left arm and eased a hand underneath the long black hair, pulling the most kissable lips she had ever seen toward her own.

Both women groaned long and hard as soft and tender kisses were exchanged. Gentle tuggings of lips, teeth softly raking across smooth pink skin. Tongues sucking one another in worship, giving and taking, a dance of love, passion, and promises.

“Have I ever told you how much I love kissing you?” “No, my gardener, show me.”
With a slight tug, and a willing body, the socialite pulled the tall woman on top of her. A shower of petals floated to the floor, instantly sorry that they wouldn’t be a part of the loving activities.

Xena’s hands roamed everywhere, wishing she could touch every inch of the soft body all at once, unable to get enough. She reveled in the scents that constantly assaulted her, a deep craving for the smell that was so uniquely Gabrielle.

The dark woman pulled back to stand on her knees. To see Gabrielle’s body surrounded by whites, pinks, and yellows was a vision that would bring any man or god to their knees. A halo of divinity was cast upon her beloved by the flickering of the flames that filled the room. Xena wondered how could such a perfect creature want her.

Playfully, Xena scooped of handful of petals and let them joyfully fall all over her angel.

Gabrielle smiled, letting out a chuckle of pure joyful abandonment. “Xena.” The small woman sat up, barely an inch from the perfectly sculptured face. A hand reached down and headed toward dark curly hair.

Xena closed her eyes and tilted her head back, issuing forth an animalistic growl as she felt one warm finger slide in between her wetness.

Gabrielle than leaned up and forward, wrapping her hand firmly around Xena’s head. “Don’t be afraid to touch me,” the blonde whispered. She felt shaking hands land on her waist and a ragged breath by her ear. “Please let me show you how I feel.”

The dark haired woman almost fainted at the plea. Xena lowered the light of her life gently onto the bed and proceeded to lavish her with the sweetest and hungriest of kisses. A pink tongue snaked out and tasted perfect lips. Lips sucked gently on her bottom lip. Every touch was meant to convey a thousand words. She caressed a youthful face lightly with her fingertips. Then, she was gripped with knowing hands and turned around, causing a sensual flutter of petals.

Green eyes looked over and picked up a petal. She watched as the woman beneath her closed her eyes at the first touch. She eased the petal lightly over the silky skin, watching muscles quiver underneath. Mentally acknowledging how the petal’s softness paled in comparisons to her beloved’s skin.

Xena’s skin was a fiery tingle as the petal slowly teased its way over her skin. The gentlest of touches sending her higher and higher. She gasped suddenly as the teasing touch was replaced by a warm wet touch. Goosebumps erupted as she felt a gentle wind blow across wet skin. She moaned, sinking in the feeling of teeth nibbling and nipping at her skin. Feeling delirious at the sucking sensations bombarding her neck.

Gabrielle let out a long moan when her lips encountered a scrumptuous nipple. She sucked and sucked, losing herself trying to get as much into her mouth as possible, her left hand firmly caressing the other, pinching, pulling, grabbing. She was getting lost in the loving of her woman.

The blond growled when she felt strong long fingers wrap themselves around her hair. Decidedly moving her head to the left, being made aware of how neglected that breast had been. She used her teeth to nip everywhere, her tongue to taste everything, her mouth to suck harder. On the nipple, underneath, all around. Savoring, relishing, teasing.

She moaned louder when the strong grip in her hair pushed her down further. Her small body trembled at the implication. She planted butterfly kisses all over the toned firm expanse of skin. Her tongue thoroughly enjoying the feast, her ears devouring the sounds of extreme pleasure that came from above.

Lovingly, she tasted her way, her heart trembling at what she was about to do. In the short while that they had been together, there was one place she had yet to thoroughly explore. She couldn’t wait to taste her gardener in the most intimate of places.

Once she reached her destination, she couldn’t help but to linger lightly over the sacred area. The blonde closed her eyes and inhaled the fragrance she knew so well, yet couldn’t get enough. Her mouth watered in anticipation. Green eyes opened, to gaze upon the beauty that was her woman. Half hooded blue eyes met her gaze. Gabrielle slowly descended her head, eyes still firmly locked. A cute pink tongue snaked out and parted glistening walls for its first taste. Gabrielle heard her own moan drowned out by the ‘Oh gods’ yell from above. The taste was exquisite, beyond words, all hers.

Gabrielle’s world narrowed down to focus on this delicacy sent from heaven. Enthusiastically, she licked all over, memorizing the smoothness, the different textures that she now considered only hers. She felt hands push her face in deeper, and she groaned louder, understanding the pressure, smiling as she too couldn’t get enough. The blond head writhed around in joy, happily getting all of her lips and face wet with the succulent juices. Teeth softly raking the cutest of places, mouth sucking the delicious treat, and tongue entering and licking and teasing, all merrily working together.

“Oh god, Gabrielle!” Hips swirled around, lifting, thrusting, moving. Cries of ecstasy and pleasure filled the room. Large hands firmly entangled through blonde strands, guiding, pushing, urging.

‘Why haven’t I done this before!’ Gabrielle thought as she heard the panting above increase, the moving body she firmly held onto moving faster, the moans and groans growing louder.

Small but knowing fingers generously coated itself with the precious essence of her lover, and without warning, thrust them in deep, hard, fast.

And that was all it took

Tongue and fingers worked, trying to prolong the pleasure, ’til the long body slumped in contentment. The smaller body crawled up the sweating perfect body, planting feather kisses on her travels. When lips met lips, the kiss was long and sweet. A tongue slowly swirled around wet lips, tasting the new flavor from her lover’s lips.

“Thank you, Gabrielle.” Came a soft whisper, eyes closed

Gabrielle settled down comfortably on top of the long body. Teasingly blowing at the sweat covered skin, smiling as her Xena shivered slightly. “The pleasure was allll mine.” She answered with a slight chuckle. “I love you Xena.”

“I love you too, Gabrielle.”
Blooming Danger
John sat facing out the window, hands steepled, seemingly deep in thought. The sound of the door opening, stilled his tapping fingers.

“There’s a woman outside who says she has something to tell you about your wife.”

A loud sigh was heard. “Bring her in.”

Anna walked in, taking in the plush surrounding. ‘How can that Gabrielle tramp give all of this up?’

One of the men already in the room escorted her to the chair. Nervously, she sat down, staring at the tall leather backed chair, wondering if someone was there, waiting for her to start speaking. Anna fidgeted, and started wondering if she was doing the right thing.

“I hear you have something to tell me about my wife.”

The sudden disembodied voice startled her.

“Y..yes. I feel us people in the higher circles should stick together and weed out the gold diggers.”

The chair swiveled. “Oh really.” Piercing brown eyes bore into her. “So you’re saying that people like yourself, Miss…”

” Anna, please call me Anna.”

“Anna,” his smile didn’t touch his eyes. ” are of the same caliber as me?”

The aging woman paled at the implication. This was not going according to plan. “What I meant was people with the money should protect it from those that want to take it away.”

“I see.”

The chair swiveled back towards the window.

“What is this information you have, Anna?”


Anna jumped at the foreign sound behind her. She looked back toward either side of her. But the mean stood motionless. She turned back when she heard the sound of rustling papers coming from the chair.

“Anna, I am a very busy man, I don’t have time to sit here to offer you tea and biscuits and chat about who wore what with the wrong color shoes.”

“Hehe.” The woman wiped her handkerchief across her forehead. “I do apologize, sir.” She gulped hard. “I do believe your wife is having an affair.” She rushed quickly.
“I have the address where she last went to for her rendezvous.” Ana leaned back, finally breathing, feeling relief now that it was out.

“Kill her.”

She dumbly registered the words and caught movement out of the corner of her eye. “Wait!” She screamed, frantically getting to her feet. “Wh… What are you doing?”

Both men were now right behind and beside her.

“Anna, I appreciate the tip, however, I despise snitches, and as you say, we the elite have to weed out the undesirables. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a wife and lover to kill.”

Anna felt her arms roughly take and she started struggling.

Please, wait! Wait!” She looked back and forth at the grim men. “I’ll give you money.” The gun came into view and she felt her bladder let go. Tears of terror and now humiliation streaked her wrinkled face.

John calmly looked at the report he had in his hand. It had the address of the last place his wife had used her credit card. The handsome man closed his eyes and smiled. Soon.


Xena felt herself wake up with a silly grin on her face. Turning to her side, she pulled the blond woman towards, eagerly seeking soft pink sleepy lips.

Gabrielle responded, turning the kiss to a smile.

Both women hugged fiercely.

Green eyes lovingly stared into blue, letting all her emotions show.

“Hey, can I tell you something silly?”

Gabrielle scrunched her forehead, wondering what could the woman be thinking that she considered silly. “Sure, love. You can tell me anything.” The socialite whispered. “I love you.”

“The gardener took and deep breath and gave her a childlike smile. “I like the way you smell when you sleep.”

Of all the things Gabrielle expected from Xena, that was certainly the last. “Uh, thank you.” She looked sideways. “I think.”

Xena laughed heartily and hugged her lover again.

The gardener’s laughed sounded like music, and Gabrielle couldn’t help but join in.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

The hugging turned to slow kisses, which turned to sensual caresses, which turned to heavy breathing and moaning.

Neither were aware of the danger that had started brewing.
Sweet Surrender
John had mobilized his men. They would be invading the island the private investigator had tracked them to. His men were to surround the area, arriving by sea and air. He didn’t know who the fuck this Xena dyke was, but he’d be damned if he was going to let her get away with her perversity. Damn employment agency.

He wiped his face with his hand in frustration. It hurt. He had given his wife everything. Could almost say he loved her. He sighed deeply. Was that it? He shook his head as if trying to alter the picture his mind had made. I thought money kept all women happy. Isn’t that what everyone said.

“Sir, the men are ready.”

John barely heard the words, he was so far away. Slowly he turned, regarding the tall muscular man standing at attention. “David, is it?”

The man quickly brought his eyes to meet light brown ones. “Yes, sir?”

“Are you married?”

The question brought out a frown. “A…yes, sir.”

John turned back to face out the window. He hadn’t hired another gardener, and it was starting to show. “Does she love you?”

Again, the guard, frowned. He knew that his boss was troubled about his wife and all, but he didn’t understand how he could help. Yes, he was there for just a paycheck, but the guy was sometimes all right. Sometimes. “Yes, sir.”

“How do you know?”

David shifted, afraid of the way the answers were being interpreted. “She tells me she does.” He paused, wondering if he should continue. “Our bedroom life is pretty active.”

“Thank you, David.”

The man waited a few seconds, then turned around slowly. He didn’t understand it at all either. The woman had everything she could have wished, what had been missing? Shaking his head, he ran off. Women.


Gabrielle walked in to see a vision from heaven. Xena was sitting on the bench by the window. Sheer curtains to the side, soft sunlight streaming in, bathing her lover with a surreal shimmer of light. She sat, white button down shirt open and to the side, right leg raised, arm casually placed on top of the knee, left leg stretch beside the bench. Long black hair pushed to the side, exposed a creamy neck that just begged for attention. She felt her heart swell up at the sight. She looked like an angel.

She walked slowly towards her so as not to startle her. Xena turned her head and gave her a heart stopping smile, moving around so that her whole body faced her. What a sight to behold. The silky undies beckoned her, the partially open shirt tantalized her. Would there ever by a day when she wouldn’t be affected this way?

Gabrielle walked in to the open arms. Softly ruffling silky hair as Xena placed her cheek on her belly, as if worshipping or asking for forgiveness. The embrace became tighter, and she wandered what demons had surfaced and why.

“I don’t deserve you.” Xena placed a kiss on the smooth skin and inhaled the scent that was her Gabrielle. She looked up to see love looking back at her. She brought up her hands, and softly trailed them on the body before her. Xena didn’t know how much longer she would have this gift, but she wanted to memorize everything.

Hands trailed around to the back, catching on the edge of the lacy panties. Unhurriedly, she brought them down, fingertips tailing, touching. She couldn’t get enough. She brought her face forward again. Gently, she brushed her nose back and forth against the blond curls. This wasn’t about sex, or lust. But a deep internal need to connect, to belong, to possess and be possessed. She’d give anything if she could just get inside of her Gabrielle. Tears of frustration fell from blue eyes. It was not enough, yet it was too much. It was overwhelming.

“Gabrielle, you are my savior. My life, it doesn’t mean much, it doesn’t mean anything at all. The life I’ve left behind me is a cold room. I’ve crossed the last line from where I can’t return, where every step I took in faith betrayed me, and led me from my home.

And sweet, sweet surrender is all that I have to give. You take me in no questions asked. You strip away the ugliness that surrounds me. Are you an angel, am I already that gone. I only hope that I won’t disappoint you, when I’m down here at your mercy.

And I don’t understand by the touch of your hand, I would be the one to fall.”

Tears flowed down Gabrielle’s face. “Baby, I love you, all of you.” The blond straddled the muscled thighs, hugging her one and only, in a fierce embrace. She showered the upturned face with tender soft kisses. Her hands reached down and parted the white shirt that was hiding what she wanted to see, feel, and taste. She felt the gardener shudder as the shirt slid smoothly off.

She arched her back as warm wet lips suddenly began sucking her breast. Threading fingers through dark hair, she pressed her in, needing to feel her, wanting a connection that went beyond the physical. The feelings and emotions that the woman brought out in her were indescribable. She had never experienced anything even remotely close. The sucking moved up her neck to a particularly sensitive spot. She marveled at how Xena knew, how she cared. She had never had a lover that was so concerned with her pleasure. But Xena, …Xena played her body like a musician who was a master of his art.

“Oh god, Xena, you make me feel sooo good,” she growled. Sometimes, she swore she’d die from the intense pleasure. There were no words in any language to describe the ripples of ecstasy that flowed. Strong hands anchored as wave after wave crashed against her body.

She brought her lips down for a kiss. She wanted to devour Xena, wanted to memorize the way her tongue moved inside her mouth, the way it tasted her, teased her, the feeling of velvet caressing her.

Just when she thought she couldn’t stand anymore, she felt herself deliciously filled. Tears flowed uncontrollably. It was too much. The hand moving beneath her, guiding her, thrusting marvelously into her was all she could think of.

“Xena.” She purred deeply, and buried her head in the neck of the gardener. “Xena,” she panted again and she held on tightly as her body convulsed.


Marcus looked fondly at the island as he quietly sailed by. Xena. The name both inspired happiness and shame. ‘My friend, I should have stopped them or at least gone down with you.’ Some friend he turned out to be. Like a coward, he had let them make her walk the plank. Those eyes had briefly fallen on him, and all he did was look away, afraid that they’d make him do the same since everyone knew they had been together. How she had survived the raging stormy seas that night was only a testament of the wonder that she was. It hadn’t been until much later that he had learned that she had survived. And ever since, he carried around his guilt and shame in private.

The sudden roar yanked him out of his depressing thoughts by a slew of small speedboats that were passing by. Uneasily, he saw them heading towards the island, wondering what was going on.


“Yes captain.” The voice was there within seconds.

“Gather the men as fast as you can.”

The man turned to carryout his orders.

“Jonas!” Neutral eyes looked up.

“Have you ever heard of Xena?”

A big grin instantly formed. “The pirate? Who hasn’t, the men are inspired by her. Among other things.” He laughed.

“Good, good. Ask the men if they would like to help her out, and then set the coordinates and head for that island.”

The grin got bigger, and he ran off without hesitation.

‘Xena, I failed you once, I’m not going to fail you again.’
Final Conflicts
Xena woke up harshly, the nightmare of her almost drowning surfacing again. She wiped a hand down her face, grimacing as it came away drenched in sweat. Not wanting to wake up her partner, she eased out of bed quietly. Silently, she put on a shirt and shorts, knowing there was no more sleep for her, and headed downstairs to the kitchen. What had brought on that dream again?

Feeling out of sorts, she paused to watch the rising sun, hoping the dawn would lift her spirits up. Instead, fear gripped her heart fiercely, as she watched the legion of speedboats heading towards her, some already banked at the beach. She knew she only had seconds, her main concern was for the blond woman upstairs.

Within seconds of the sight, one of her guards came running in, almost knocking her over in his surprise that she was already up.

“Xena! Armed men are headed this way.”


Gabrielle woke up suddenly, the sound of an explosion flinging her out of bed and to the window. Where their boat had been, all she saw was a ball of flame. Before her mind could comprehend, a different noise distracted her. Her eyes were directed to the helicopter that was hovering right outside her window. Men dressed in black were sliding several ropes and running everywhere.

She ran back and quickly started getting dressed. Just as she was done and wondering where in the hell was her lover, the sound of crashing glass snapped her out of her musings. She barely had a chance to scream before she was tackled.

The explosion startled Xena as she was giving instructions to her men and she ran to find the cause. As she got to the window, bullets started flying everywhere and she ducked. ‘Gabrielle!’, her mind screamed. She felt like she was in a time warp, the yelling, the bullets, men running everywhere, there was so much noise!


She turned around at the sound of her name.


Two guns came flying towards her. “Ammo!” Several more dark objects flew through the air. She caught them as the men started pouring in. The dark haired fury started shooting, trying to fight a path to reach the stairs and get Gabrielle. And in a moment of pure terror, she saw her beloved being dragged down the stairs.

“Hold your fire or she dies!”

Everyone stopped at the booming voice. A man came out from behind and spoke into the radio. “We got them.”


Marcus knew things had gotten out of hand when the boat exploded. “Shit!” He looked in desperation as men started dropping out of the helicopter. The ground was a swarm of black running figures. “My friend, what have you gotten yourself into.”

Jonas called out. “Marcus, if we go in there now, we’ll only get ourselves killed. What if we follow them. I’m sure they won’t be expecting it.”

“Yes, that’s what we’ll do. I can only hope that she is still alive. But if she is, I will stop at nothing to save her.” Marcus looked out at the mayhem. ‘Even if it kills me.’


John turned around at the sound of his office door opening. His face was expressionless as the two women were roughly pushed inside. He looked from blue to green eyes, his hands steepled against his nose as if deep in thought.

A sarcastice sounding sigh. “My darling Gabrielle.” He began. “So this is what you wanted?” He waved a casual hand towards Xena. “After everything I gave you, after I took you in from slumming in the streets…”

“Slumming?” Gabrielle piped in. “Just cause I didn’t have cars in the triple digits or a mansion the size of a country does not mean I was slumming.”

The tall man his head looking at his wife as if she were a misguided child. “I guess even after all that, … I guess there was one thing I was missing.” He stood up and slowly walked behind Xena. “Pussy!” He said it like it was poison. You should have told me Gabrielle. Money buys everything. Especially pussy,” he sneered. He leaned in and whispered in the tall woman’s ear. “You’re no ordinary gardener, are you.” He casually walked around to Gabrielle. “Did your dyke friend tell you all of the horrible things she’s done? Hmmm?” He walked around and faced his wife. “Has she told you where the money came from? The boats she’s sank, the cold blooded murders she’s committed!” He he ended with a yell, spraying spit into the blond haired woman’s face.

“Well you aren’t any better, but at least she loves me for real. You only think you love me because I was something to show off, something to make you look clean, something….”

The sudden back hand across her face sent her sprawling to the floor. Xena lunged, but was quickly brought back as meaty hands grabbed her by the hair.

Gabrielle slowly sat up and wiped her mouth. “Oh yeah, and you really suck in bed too.”

His blood boiled as he heard snickers from his men. He knew that they had heard the rumors from other women. John took a step and swung hard, his wingtip connecting solidly with the small figure still on the floor.

The socialite screamed.

“You fucking dickless pig. It sure takes a real man to beat up on women, doesn’t it. Why don’t you try some of that manliness with me, you piece of shit.” The gardener struggled with her hold.

John laughed out loud. “Oh baby, you have no idea. You see…” He turned to Gabrielle. “Get up, dyke.” The man behind her picked her up the hair, forcing her to standing up or be scalped. “You turned my wife into a dyke, made her forget what it’s like to be with a real man. But I’m going to fix that starting with you.” He turned his attention back to Xena. “On your knees!”

The man holding Xena her kicked th woman’s legs out from under her and she dropped down viciously to her knees. “See here…” He reached for his pants and started undoing them.

Gabrielle whimpered. Oh god, no!

Blue reassuring eyes turned her way and winked. “You are in need of a real man.” He reached in and pulled himself out and slowly started stroking it into hardness. “You are going to fall in love with this dick before this is over. Dyke”

“John, don’t. Please.”

“Shut up Gab, I know you want a piece of this too, don’t worry, you’ll get yours.”

The house suddenly shook and in a flurry of movement, Xena kicked the guy behind. She reached out and grabbed the dangling object in front of her and twisted With her left, she picked up the gun that had slid up to her from the fallen man behind. She grinned with satisfactio as she brought the man to his knees and swung the other arm, shooting the guard before he even had a chance to know what was going on. The gardener swung the gun around again and placed it on the sweating forehead in front of her. “Say your prayers.”


Xena felt a warm hand behind her. “Please, let’s just get out of here.”

She struggled, wanting desperately to put an end to the piece of shit she was still holding on to. Breathing hard, she swung the gun up and flung it down on the man’s temple. “Come on.”

Xena turned and looked deeply into the green eyes before her. “Are you okay?” She brought up a hand and softly caressed the face she had fallen for so hard.

“Yeah, I’ll be even better once we’re back home.” Gabrielle said with a small smile.

Xena answered it with a small one of her own.

Just then, the door opened. “Xena!”

The gardener’s eyes grew wide. “Marcus, what…how..” She stumbled around, not sure she understood she believed what her eyes were telling her brain.

“There’s no time, I’ll explain later.”

They were almost out when another explosion hit. “What the…?”

Just then, Jonas spotted them as he ran by the hallway. “Marcus, we gotta get out of here, there must have been explosives…”

Another explosion rocked the house. The wall blew inward and flames came in after them.

Gabrielle dropped to her knees in a coughing fit, agony clouding her vision her ribs complaining from the kick they received earlier.


“Nobody is leaving this place alive, ladies!”

Xena turned around and saw the gun pointed at her.

“You should have killed me when you had the chance, bitch.”

“No!” Marcus dove as the shot fired.

Gabrielle screamed as she heard shots fired and saw Xena go down, Marcus landing on top of her.

Xena struggled momentarily with the weight on top of her, the smoke and the body on top of her making every breath difficult. She turned Marcus over and saw the blood gushing out. “Damn you, Marcus, what did you think you were doing?” She cradled his head, tears streaking a clean path on a smoky face.

“I owed you Xena. I let them throw you out and I didn’t…” He coughed, more blood gushed out. “I saw them attacking your island and I followed them here. It was the least I could do.”

“I never blamed you for that. I never expected you to take on a whole crew.”

“Shhh,” he placed fingers on her lips. “Get out of here.”

Xena leaned down and kissed him softly. When she pulled back, he was gone.

“Xena, come on, otherwise his death would have been in vain.” Jonas urged.

The soft touch on her arm once again reminded her of what was important. She grabbed the hand again. Nothing was going to separate them again.
Garden Of Love
Xena stood along side the boat railing, dressed casually in shorts and a ribbed tank top, enjoying the warm breeze and unable to keep from smiling. She watched as Gabrielle seemed to be having a blast with rest of the slightly tipsy passengers on the cruise. She was charming them with her bright green eyes and amusing tales. Damn! She is so beautiful! She felt desire stirring. Ever since she had met the short woman, it seemed she couldn’t get enough of her. That green summer dress she was wearing showed off her tight body in the most alluring ways. Heh. An evil twinkle appeared in the blue eyes. And the dresses’ non-existant length was driving her up the wall. Boy, what she wouldn’t do to slowly lick her way up those legs and….

She sighed deeply and turned outwards to look at the black sea, taking in the salty air. This cruise getaway was perfect idea after the horrors they had been through. Her lover was free at last from her weird husband. Unfortunely, but understandably, Gabrielle had been terribly depressed after that whole ordeal. She never knew what her husband had been into, but she wanted to believe that he had felt something for her in the end and it was just anger that had pushed him. But, Gabrielle had been worth the danger and more. She didn’t want to spend a life alone hiding from a past life and evil deeds.

Her musings were interrupted when she felt a warm hand on her back.

They shared a quiet moment, just basking in each other’s presence, enjoying the feeling of the other’s warmth.

“Pretty how the stars look like they fall right into the water, huh?”

“It’s nothing compared to the beauty that stands by me, and chooses to love me.” A soft whisper was heard.

Gabrielle looked up at her tall companion, until blue eyes turned her way. “You know, Xena, for a gardener, you sure say the sweetest things.” She whispered. She casually lifted up a hand to brush away a strand of hair that a soft summer breeze had lazily lifted.

After a long loving moment, the blond suddenly belted. “Hey!” Gabrielle quickly looked around the boat. “Come on. Let’s do a Titanic thing. Look.”

Xena looked towards where her partner was pointing.

“The area is empty, there’s no one around.”

Xena merely shook her head and laughed as Gabrielle pulled her hand.

Gabrielle left go of the strong hand and ran the rest of the way, sure that Xena was following. She leaned against the railing , looked out into the ocean and spread her arms wide. “Oh Xena, this feels wonderful. It really does feel like you’re flying!” She shouted. The words gently falling on the cresting waters below.

The blonde tilted her head back, relishing the wind rushing over her body. Slowly she became aware of an intense heat behind her. Xena, her mind whispered. She trembled as she felt soft fingertips slowly slide up her outstretched arms. She gasped at the strong sensations that subtle caress caused. She tingled everywhere. A loud moan escaped. Goosebumps erupted unawares, drowned by the ecstasy that was consuming her. A mere touch, and she was already throbbing. *Oh god, I have to get her inside.* The sheer eroticism of the moment was incredible.

“Xena, let’s go inside, please.” She moaned as she started turning around. But strong arms stopped her. Her body was so on fire, she couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Then, she felt that incredible touch move to her breasts. “Xena, someone is going to see us!” she gasped, even as she encouraged the hand to rub her breast harder.

“So?” was whispered in an ear as her fingers pulled, pinched, and rolled the nipple she could feel. Xena ached at the knowledge of how smooth the skin was underneath the dress.

Gabrielle cried out softly. The thought of people knowing watching… uh! She felt herself getting wetter.

“Hmm, you like that, huh?” Xena slowly moved her right hand down the soft silkiness of the green dress. “Do you think they are watching us now?” She reached the edge of the short dress and slid her hand underneath. “Do you think someone is wondering what my hand is touching?” She moved her hand barely over cloth knowing the barest of touches was enough to start the woman in her arms.

Xena felt a small hand tangle in her hair and pull her forward. There is nothing on heaven or earth that can compare to this, she thought as her lips met sweet lips. Xena relished it all. The constant moaning, the whimpers, the rapid breathing. She kissed Gabrielle hard, letting her passion for the small woman loose, letting go. She used her left hand to crush the blonde towards her, her lips, her body. Suddenly, desperately, unable to get enough. She would never get enough.

She tangled her hand through the blonde strands and turned her head as she entered her lover, wanting to hear the first animal grunt of pleasure directly in her ear. She shuddered as the warm breath hit her by force. Her Gabrielle made the sweetest sounds. Xena slipped underneath the cloth and entered her love. She started to move in and out.

“Do you think anyone is wondering why my hand is moving back and forth. Do you like that? Huh? Do you think they are wishing they could be my hand? To feel how good you feel?” Xena’s voice came out in pants. “How soft and uuummm, how wet you are?” She emphasized the ‘t’ and increased her pace. “Come for me baby. Don’t let your audience down.”

That was all Gabrielle could stand to hear. She felt the hand in her hair tighten as she came and she gave out one final loud moan.

Slowly, she came back to her sense. “Xena?” she said in a timid voice.

“Yeah, sweetheart.”

“I really hope no one was watching.” She felt the rumble of a chuckle.

“Only the stars, Gabrielle, only the stars.

The End

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