Hey, Idiot by J. A. Zollicoffer

Hey, Idiot

As pet names go mine is the worse.
The T at the end, the I coming first.

She told me it was cute the way my words would hitch and tumble,
falling over themselves the way a drunk man stumbles.

The way she would laugh as I struggled to speak,
didn’t sound so endearing,
so my anger started to pique.

Then the day finally came that I couldn’t take it anymore,
just one more idiot and I was heading for the door.

She knew something was wrong when I didn’t look in her face,
I kept my distance,
really needing the space.

If this was the end I had to do it without looking,
those twinkling green eyes would be my undoing.

There was nothing cute or funny about my nervous condition,
with my resolve firmly in place I started on my mission.

We need to talk,
I said with no stumbles this time.
She knew something was wrong,
and immediately put her hand in mine.

Now we were close,
and that wasn’t the plan,
I wanted to pull away,
to break contact with that hand.

It was so soft and smooth,
and it fit just right.
But I had to put that aside,
and prepare for the fight.

What’s wrong,
she asked in a voice low and sweet.
It made me blush from my head to my feet.

I tell her the best I can that I’m feeling a bit unsure.
My blue eyes track her quickly before returning to the floor.

She moved a little closer,
and ran her hand down my cheek,
I felt a knot in my throat,
and I could no longer speak.

There is nothing to fear, she said,
I’ll always be here for you.
My mind changed in that moment,
leaving her was something I could never do.

My decision was further made by a declaration so true,
she kissed me on the lips, and said,
Hey Idiot, I love you.

So, as pet names go,
yes mine is a little odd,
but the way she says it,
it’s like a gift from God.

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