For Art’s Sake by Ri

For Art’s Sake
by Ri



In the steaming hot small room the tall woman in a tiny bikini opened the door to look at her creation inside the contraption in the corner of the room. She smiled a lovely lopsided grin as she closed the door and turned on the heat in the kiln to its highest level.

“Not bad, if I do say so myself,” she said out loud to herself as she put on the automatic cut off on the kiln, slipped her cover-up on over her bathing suit, then slipped her feet into her sandals. Her pale blue eyes twinkled with delight at what was being created in that oven. She opened the door to her small studio locked it and then stretched enjoying the cool air that attacked her hot body as soon as she went through the doorway.

She walked across her small yard noticing how well her flowers looked with a large smile and went into her small pretty house. She went right into her large bathroom off the kitchen and looked at her reflection in the mirror with a wicked smile and a shake of her elegant head. Who would have ever have thought that I would be successful at this? None of my friends and family, that’s for sure. An artist, Me? Hah! Miss tough as nails head-banging screw up. Yet here I am. One small piece given as a gift to the Dean to try to get me out of trouble and look at this. I created a life with that one small vase. Bizarre! She thought laughing out loud as she took out the barrette that held up her thick black hair in a French knot to keep cool in her boiling hot studio.

The tall woman took off her bikini and cover-up, slipped off her sandals and let the cool water of the shower relax and clean off the glistening sweat from her well-toned body. Stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel to dry her long hair, the toned woman quickly combed it so it wouldn’t be knotted. After she dried herself off and threw the towel into the laundry basket, she went to choose what to wear for the show.

Walking down the hall wearing nothing but a towel around her waist, she stood a while looking into her walk in closet for something appropriate, finally choosing jeans, a pale blue T-shirt that matched her eyes and white sneakers. Slipping on her man-sized silver watch on one wrist and a matching bracelet on the other, the tall beauty stood brushing her long black hair till it shined and floated around her head like a soft cloud. Then a tiny touch of make up was applied expertly. Studying herself and shrugging, she finally said “Acceptable.”

Leaving her house to get her stuff for the show from the studio, she then walked across the grass to her Parent’s place, to remind them to keep an eye on the kiln for her. Anyone looking at the tall woman walking across the grass would have pronounced her a Goddess.

*** *** *** ***

The small woman with coveralls and a baseball cap was on a ladder covered with Plaster of Paris. She diligently worked on the delicate design of her latest panel. She blew bits of blonde hair out of her eyes as she tried to focus on the task at hand. She pulled back and carefully examined her work with a deep sense of satisfaction. This one had called to her and she had to finish it today before she went to the stupid show that afternoon.

She climbed down the ladder and left her studio, dropping the coveralls and filthy T-shirt into a washing machine by the door. She threw in her hat and soft slippers and closed the door. She turned the machine on and walked down the hall to her downstairs bathroom. She turned on the warmed shower and looked at her painted body in the mirror and laughed at herself. She looked like a kid that just survived a paint fight on the playground.

She got into the now warm water and quickly removed the layers of plaster from her face and body. Then she took some shampoo and washed her hair. She loved this huge shower. I love this bathroom. I love my house….I just wish…I… She thought sadly to herself as she rinsed out the shampoo and put in the conditioner. I just wish I had some one to share my dream with damn it! Tears stung her eyes and it wasn’t from shampoo. “Grow up! You have worked hard for everything you have! I should be grateful not pouting cause I’m lonely.” She scolded herself as she gently washed her body with strawberry shower gel wishing someone else were rubbing her back beside a shower massager. She sighed as she stepped out of the shower and she dried her hair and wrapped it in a towel. Then she dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her.

She walked into her bedroom and opened the mirrored closet door and looked at her clothes wondering what she should wear. “Ok, what does one wear to an event that one rather have her teeth pulled out than to go to?” She asked herself with a smirk.

*** *** *** ***

The crowded hall had been set up for the show with care so it was bright and cheery. The tables were filled with collectible art of every description the only rule was that it had to be handicrafts. Nothing in the place was manufactured. It was a marvel of organization, as each section of tables contained a certain type of work.

The tall woman strolled around the exhibit knowing her stuff was safe since her brother was there selling it with charm and an easy smile. She was enjoying the show and was always surprised by the diversity of this kind of spectacle.

She stopped short when she reached an exhibit of panels. They were in the old style of art deco and were of Grecian scenes that made her eyes widen and her heart pound. She was captured by one panel in particular, it was like she was there and she was a part of it; she felt her eyes fill with tears.

She stepped closer as she looked at the panel. It was done so delicately and, she felt, with great love and care. She wanted to touch it but of course she didn’t. She just stood there, tears falling from her eyes totally entranced.

“Miss…Umm…Hey, are you ok?”

Teary blue eyes met kind green and blinked as if in recognition. Then the tall woman cleared her throat and said quietly, “Yes, thank you I’m fine. Um is this your work?”

Green eyes widened at the effect the intense woman was having on her. She cleared her throat and nodded her head, stammering a quiet, “Yes.”

“It’s so incredibly beautiful. It just tears at my soul.” She extended her beautifully sculpted elegant hand and said shaking the tiny one that was held out to hers. “My name is Dee Taylor and I think that is the most startling depiction I have ever seen of a woman warrior of ancient Greece. What do you call it?”

The small woman gasped both from the effect the tall beauty was having on her and who she was. “You’re Dee Taylor? Wow! I love your work. I have a few of your pieces…”

Dee’s smile broadened and became extremely pleased, as she usually didn’t care who liked her work. It was a release for her; the satisfaction was in the doing of it not in the selling of it. That was just a happy by-product of her need to express her dreams through her art. She was smiling because for some reason this woman liking her work meant a lot to her and she also noticed that the smaller woman was still holding her hand.

“You have? I’m very flattered. What’s your name?”

“Victoria Kelly…um Vickie. I saved up for a month to buy your urn with the Oracle of Delphi on it…”

“You’re the one who bought that?” Asked Dee truly shocked, that had gone for a lot more then she or brother had figured.

Vickie shyly looked down and then looked up at Dee through her fringe of blonde bangs and shrugged, “Yes.”

“I’m flattered…”

“I love it. Really. Its extraordinary all your work is.”

Dee looked at the woman warrior on the panel and said in whisper, “So is yours, Vickie.”

“Ma’am,” said a lady with a thick southern accent, a huge needlepoint handbag and blue hair not from dye, but from old age.

The two women looked at her and they both smiled sweetly. Realizing they were still holding hands they both very slowly released the other hand from their grasp not knowing that a bonding was started that nothing would be able to stop.

“Yes?” Asked Vickie quietly.

“Do you have a bigger panel? I need something to fill up my den,” she said with a smile that showed her dentures wobble.

Vickie saw the innocence in the older woman’s face and wasn’t offended, “Sure come this way please.”

*** *** *** ***

Dee watched as several pieces of her work went up for auction for a children’s charity. She was astonished as the crowd got more and more excited. There was large urn up on the block that depicted a woman warrior battling a dark man. She got inspired by a nightmare she was having and she had hoped by creating the urn it would stop. It didn’t, and she would just feel like crying everytime she looked at it in the studio. She couldn’t understand it. There was no blood, it was just raised swords locked in battle, but she felt like he was after her and she knew that her life depended on her prowess with the sword. She shook her head trying to rid herself of the image.

Now she watched as complete strangers flipped over her work that was so personal that she couldn’t even talk about it. It confused the hell out of her.

“Are you all right, Dee?” A gentle voice behind her asked quietly.

Dee smiled and looked into kind green eyes nodding her head. “It’s really strange watching my work go up for auction like this. That piece is so personal, it was from a nightmare that haunted me for a long time. Now these people are going crazy over it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I know it’s for charity but…”

“If it’s personal for you then why are you putting it up for auction?
Dee looked at her new friend with her head slightly tilted. As tears stung her eyes she shrugged and looked away quickly. Then she wiped her eyes and said with her head still down, “Everytime I look at it I cry. Its like that man is haunting me through my dreams and now that urn, so I thought it would be healthier if I got rid of it. I…well…I felt better knowing I was going to give it to charity instead of making money from it for myself.”

Vickie absorbed that for a moment and answered quietly, “I do understand, Dee. I do that too with some of my stuff. I guess its part of being an artist.”

Dee nodded and lifted her head meeting the green eyes with an unsure gaze. “I guess so…um, did you fill the lady’s den?” She asked with a bit of grin trying very hard to change the subject.

“Yep, she’s very happy.”

“Um, Vickie may I buy one of your panels?”

Both eyebrows shot up Vickie was so shocked, “Um, sure do you have a room to fill too?”

Dee laughed and shook her head, “No not really…I was thinking of the warrior…I really…well, may I buy it?”

“How about if I give it to you as a gift?”

“But?” Dee almost fell over she was so shocked.

“Think of it as a thank you…”

“For what?”

“Your talent.”

“Wow!” Was all Dee could say as the small woman took her hand and led the tall woman back toward her booth.

*** *** *** ***

Dee ran around the tiny house naked as she vacuumed and cleaned for her very special guest. The beautiful Vickie would be there in one hour for lunch. Dee wanted her place to look perfect; she kept double-checking everything to make sure it looked just right. Dee was an artist and she knew life wasn’t perfect, but she wanted it to appear that way.

Hands on her hips she bit her lip and said, “Well it’s good as it’s going to get. I better shower and get dressed, I only have a half an hour.”

She went to her bathroom and turned on the water to make sure it was the right temperature and slipped into it, enjoying the warm water cascading down on her sore and tired body.

Dee was tall and very well built; she had worked hard to make herself stay toned and in shape. She worked out every day, combining Judo with Yoga and some weight lifting. She did a two-hour work out every morning before she went into her studio. She stretched her muscles as she washed her body she was very sore from her morning work out. She had over done it ’cause she was nervous about Vickie.

She usually wore a bikini in her studio in case she was interrupted by her parents or her brother but she rarely wore a thing at home because she didn’t have anyone to worry about there. She smirked as she thought of what Vickie’s reaction would be if she answered her door in the buff.

I think she would have a heart attack, but I would have one if she did the same thing yo me, so I guess that’s fair, huh?

She giggled as she stepped out of the shower and went into her bedroom to put something on for her luncheon. She was really worried about what she was going to wear. She wanted to make a good impression on her new friend. She stared into the closet thinking, What the hell am I going to wear! Then she saw something and smiled devilishly. Should I? Why the hell not…I think she will like it.

*** *** *** ***

Vickie pulled her top down for the about the 10th time. She was very nervous and she wanted to make the right impression. The tall artist’s beauty and talent awed her and she was shocked that it seemed to be mutual. The blue-eyed woman was so tough looking, but she seemed to have such a soft heart, it captured her very soul.

She knocked softly on the front door and waited anxiously for it to be opened. She admired the pale blue door since it matched her hostess’s eyes. It finally opened and the small woman almost fainted. Dee was dressed in a beautifully made suede mini dress. It had spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline that had Vickie breathing funny. The long beautiful hair was held back by a leather and bakelite barrette. She wore very little make up but she seemed to glow and that was so heart stopping, that Vickie needed to lean against the door for support.

Dee smiled saucily as she admired the beautiful woman before her. She was wearing a white tank top over a white button down jeans. She had a white headband on and pretty strappy white sandals. The sweet face had almost no make up on and didn’t need it. Dee’s eyes twinkled in delight because the face was bright red.


“Um…Hi….you’re stunning….”

Dee took the little hand in her own and said softly, “So are you. Red becomes you.”


“Your pretty face…”

Vickie’s hand went to her cheek and she said in a chirpy voice, “Oh?” She looked embarrassed but looking into the smiling eyes she couldn’t help but smile back and gently hit her on the stomach, “Oh you!”

Dee chuckled and pulled her inside saying, “Come on, I want to show you my studio before we eat.”

“I’d love that!”

They just stood there smiling at each other for a few minutes till Dee took a deep breath and said gently, “Come on my friend, I want everything to be perfect for you.”

“It already is.”

*** *** *** ***

Vickie was just overwhelmed with the beauty of the ceramics in Dee’s studio. Each urn, vase, and platter depicted a scene of ancient Greece. They all seemed to touch her soul.

Dee stood behind her very surprised by the emotions that crossed the beautiful woman’s face. The stuff seemed to affect Vickie the same way it did herself and that just knocked her out.

“Vickie, What’s wrong? Why are you crying? I don’t understand.”

Vickie turned and looked up into the worried blue eyes. “I…um…It just touches me so deeply. When I looked at it…it…just sears into my soul. This one…it seems…well, to look like me…”

Dee looked at the platter with a bard sitting on the floor surrounded by children as she told them a story. Then she looked at Vickie then her eyes swung back to the platter, “Oh my…It is you.”


“I dreamt that…I dream all my stuff. I’ve been dreaming of you all my life.”

Big green eyes sparkled at Dee and Vickie said, “That’s good, cause I have been dreaming of you too.”

*** *** *** ***

The two sat at a candle-lit table, eating squabs perfectly prepared or trying to. They were really just staring at each other but they tried to eat and Vickie complimented Dee on the dinner several times oohing and ahhing over each bite that she did taste.



“Uh…would you like to dance with me?” Dee asked shyly.

Vickie nodded so Dee got up and put on the CD player. The sounds of Celine Dion’s soft voice were now coming out of the hidden speakers. Dee walked over to her with hands out and she tilted her head with a beautiful smile on her face.

Vickie smiled up at her sweetly got, up and said, “This is one of my dreams.”

Dee drew her into a close embrace and whispered in her ear as they began to sway to music, “Mine too.”

They danced to several different songs on the CD player that Dee had carefully preset to several of her favorite romantic tunes. Dee pulled Vickie even closer, lovingly kissing her on the back of her neck. Then she kissed along the neck till she reached a tiny earlobe that she gently nibbled. Vickie’s body was now molded to Dee’s and moaned as her flames reached every part of her body.

“May I kiss you?” Dee whispered softly in Vickie’s ear when she pulled back slightly from her nibble.

“I thought you were,” whispered Vickie her voice sounding far off her eyes closed.

Dee smiled and pulled the little chin up till she could see the pretty face. Green eyes fluttered open and Dee gently put her finger against the soft lips whispering back, “Here.”

Vickie nodded so Dee slowly lowered her head till their lips met in a tender kiss. As they deepened the kiss at the exact same time it became increasingly passionate. Without even realizing it Dee lifted the smaller woman up into her arms with the need to bring her even closer then she already was. She cradled the smaller woman lovingly in her arms and pulled back because both of them needed some oxygen very badly.

“I know it sounds strange, Dee. We hardly know each other but I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Dee gently rubbed her nose against the tiny one in front of her and then said smiling, “No, I don’t think it’s at all strange because I happen to be falling for you too.” She kissed her deeply again and somehow made it to a couch so they could sit and not fall down. “I don’t want to rush this, lets just cuddle and enjoy each other and then will let destiny lead us the way were suppose to go, Ok?”

“Ok,” replied Vickie with her head against the warm strong shoulder.

They had been cuddling on the couch for a while. In a soft, soothing, beautiful voice Dee was quietly singing.

You must remember this,
A Kiss is just a kiss,
A sigh is just sigh…

Then soft lips kissed her along her neck and gently sucked on Vickie’s pulse point pulling the smaller woman as close to her as she could.

Then Dee pulled backed and whispered into her ear, “Did you like that?”

Vickie’s eyes fluttered open and she looked into the sincere blue eyes and caressed her cheek, “Are you kidding? It’s wonderful.”

“Good…are you comfortable? Do you need to go slower?”

“I think were doing fine. Are you worried?”

Dee nodded and bit her bottom lip.

Vickie was charmed by this. “You are so sweet. I want to be with you. At our own pace. I am very comfortable with you…I really am in love with you….”

“Thank heaven, because I’m in love with you too.” She kissed her new love passionately Vickie returning it with equal need. When they pulled back Dee asked quietly, “Would you like to go into the backyard and sit on my swing and look up the stars while we cuddle?”

“That would be so romantic. Yes, I’d love to.”

Dee smiled and rubbed her cheek against Vickie’s and said, “Good, I’ve dreamt of doing this with you too.” She kissed her forehead and then lifted the woman she had cradled in her arms to carry her out to the back yard and the stars.

*** *** *** ***

You must remember this;
A kiss is just a kiss;
A sigh is just a sigh…
They were cuddled on the couch. Vickie had this soft soothing incredibly beautiful voice singing one of her favorite classics softly in her ear. Then soft lips kissed her neck gently nibbling her way up to the little ear again with gentle nips of perfect white teeth. Vickie moaned and felt her self melt into the strong body cradling her strong gentle arms.

Dee whispered into the tiny ear, “Do you like that?”

“Are you kidding? Of course I love it.”

“Mmm, good,” she pulled back and lifting Vickie’s eyes to meet hers, “Would you like to pull back though? I don’t want to….”

Vickie was looking deeply into the worried blue eyes and asked, “Ruin what we’re developing by rushing?”

“Yes…I…What…Do you….” Dee growled at her inability to communicate at the moment.

Vickie found the nervous stuttering of the usually confident woman very endearing. She kissed her on the cheek and said, “I want to be with you and I want to go at our own pace. I don’t care what anyone else would think all that matters is how we feel. I really am in love with you.”

Dee smiled and rubbed her cheek against Vickie’s soft own. “And I really am in love with you too. Would you like to go out on my swing and look up at the stars?”

“That would be perfect. Could we just cuddle here for a while though? I am very comfortable.”

Dee turned so their lips were barely a breath apart. “I am too.”

*** *** *** *** ***

Dee’s eyes fluttered open and to her utter shock she realized they had fallen asleep on the swing out on the porch. Looking at the just rising sun she realized they had slept cuddled together all night. And the most surprising thing, she was utterly happy and comfortable. She closed her eyes again sighing from pure amazement.

Normally she would have run like a bat out of hell at even a hint of any kind of relationship. She looked at the blonde deeply asleep with her head nestled against her shoulder and thought, Not this time though. I want to be by this woman’s side for the rest of my life if she’ll have me.

She shook her head and smiled ironically that such a though crossed her mind with such ease. This is all so strange just looking at her makes my heart flutter. She is sooo beautiful. She gently ran her fingers through the soft blonde hair. This feels so right. She thought with a contented sigh.

“That feels nice,” said the soft voice of the woman nestled against her. The gentle breath from the softly spoken words caressed her chest making her breasts become erect. Dee blinked not believing the effect this woman was having on her usually very controlled libido.

“Good morning, pretty one.”

Green eyes focused on soft blue and a pretty light blush covered her face and neck. “Hi…um, sorry you must be pretty squished up.”

“No actually I feel great! I was just thinking how strange it was that I felt so very comfortable with you. Like I’ve known you all my life.”

“Can I ask you a very strange question?”


“When you dream of me do I look different? Like from another time?”
Dee nodded her eyes widening in surprise, “Yes…um…?

Vickie reached up and traced the curve of Dee’s cheek bone,” Yes you do too. You look very different. Kind of tough.”

“Tough…?” Dee felt herself taking a deep breath, though she wasn’t sure if it was to get some air in suddenly deflated lungs or just to continue with her sentence.

“What do you think it means, Dee?”

Dee pulled the smaller women very close as she whispered into her ear, “That you’re my soul mate and we are very lucky to have found each other.”

**** *** **** ***

They were in Dee’s kitchen eating breakfast when the phone rang. Dee reached back and pulled the hand set off the counter. “Hello.”

“Hey Sis, are you dressed?”


“With more then a bikini?”


“Would you mind if I came over?”

“When do I ever mind that? Of course you can.”


“No, I do have a guest but I really want you to meet her so come on over.”

“Great! I’ll see you in few.”

“Right.” Said Dee with a huge smile. She looked across the table to meet very worried green eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“Who was that?”

“My baby brother…”

“Oh, I should go then…” Vickie scooted out of the chair and started to go to the door, Dee grabbed her hand and pulled her back to her. The smaller woman ended up in Dee’s warm lap with strong loving arms around her waist.

“And where do you think your going?”

Vickie closed her eyes trying to find the right words.

“He’s a really nice guy.”


“And I really would like him to meet you,” she gently brought the sweet mouth to her own and kissed her tenderly. The kiss deepened and for a few minutes Vickie forgot what was bothering her.

Robby came in and saw his sister involved with a woman he’d never seen but was somehow very familiar to him. His eyes became huge and cleared his throat uncomfortably.

Dee lifted her head and rubbed her cheek against Vickie’s. She smiled at her brother and he shyly smiled back. Vickie’s face was crimson and she quickly hid it against the taller woman’s neck. Dee kissed her forehead and stroked the soft hair against her chest.

Dee then looked at her brother again and said quietly, “Hi.”


“That is a pretty illiterate sentence for such a smart young man.”

“I just never…I mean you never…I don’t see…”

Dee laughed and shook her head, “Robby why don’t you sit down before you fall down.”

Robby nodded and sat in the chair beside Dee and Vickie. He looked into his sister’s sparkling eyes and he knew that he had never seen her sooo happy.

“What exactly is going on?”

Dee shrugged and leaned her head on top of Vickie’s replying softly, “The best thing that ever happened to me. I’m in love.”

“Since yesterday?”

“Mmm, we met at show yesterday. Robby do you know all those dreams I have…”

“That’s it! That’s where I have seen this girl before. She’s…This is the girl in all your stuff…”

“Yep, and I am in all of hers…”

“No shit!?!”

“No, I couldn’t believe it myself but you should see her stuff. Its sensational!” There was a moan of protest from her chest. Dee chuckled and kissed her love on the top of her head. “Well, they are!” Then she gently tapped the little chin up till she met shy green eyes and said quietly, “Come on Sweetheart, say hi to my baby brother.”

Green eyes met very similar blue eyes in Robby’s face and smiled shyly. “Hi.” She said in a whisper.

“Hi, you are as beautiful as Dee painted you. She used to doodle your face all over her notebook in school.”

Vickie looked stunned and peeked up at the twinkling blue. Dee nodded and smiled, “Yep, I was dreaming of you even when I was little girl…”

“Really? Me too. Maybe that’s why I…I …never mind,” The beautiful green eyes were suddenly haunted by a very ugly memory.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um, several years ago I met this woman who was similar to you physically. She wasn’t anything like you emotionally, she didn’t have your tender heart…Or…I…” tears welled up and she tried to pull out of Dee’s arms.

The siblings exchanged shocked looks. Dee wouldn’t let Vickie pull out of her arms. She pulled her closer cradling like a precious child. Dee’s heart was beating very fast as she gently asked, “Did this woman hurt you?”

The little head nodded. Vickie suddenly burst into sobs holding Dee close. White fire burned through Dee’s blood, her eyes became ice; it actually scared her brother, he so rarely saw this side of his sister. Her voice was calm and gentle, as were her movements as she continued to caress and soothe the upset woman her arms.

“Sweetheart did she physically…?”

“Yes…not at first…but…”

Dee held her tighter as the sobs became stronger the memories of the assault obviously ripping through the smaller woman’s body.

“I don’t understand this. You are the sweetest soul I have ever met how could anyone hurt you?”

“I wasn’t…um…flexible…”whispered Vickie in a voice rough with emotional pain.


Vickie nodded.

Dee looked at her brother who shook his head as if he didn’t understand it either. “Love, I don’t understand. What do you mean by flexible?”

Vickie lifted her head for the first time not giving Dee a chance to shield her from her angry eyes. One look into the icy blues, she tried to pull away again saying. “I am sorry I…” (any better? Perfect!)

“No, please don’t pull away from me. Shhh, I’m not at all mad at you Sweetheart. I’m mad at this bitch that dared hurt you. I would never be angry with you over this. She hurt you and I’d like to tear her apart…I am trying to keep my anger under control. I want to help you. Please let me.”

Vickie looked into the sincere blue eyes that were now warm and loving. She nodded and cuddled close. “She was slowly more and more violent. At first it was little things like I’d be out with friends from class and not let her know. Or spend a weekend with my family and not invite her. She would get very angry and yell and scream and even shake me. She would then realize what she did and apologize.”

Dee kissed the trembling woman gently running her fingers through her hair. “Go on.”

Vickie’s lips parted but no words came out. It was tearing Dee’s heart into tiny little pieces to see this dear woman in such pain. She looked into her brothers compassionate eyes and said, “Robby could you get Vickie a glass of water?”

The young man nodded and quietly poured a glass of water from out of the refrigerator. He handed it to Dee and then leaned against the counter. Dee smiled at him and then gently took the glass and put it on the table. She pulled back from Vickie slightly so she could see her face. She wiped the tears with her fingers and then took the glass and brought it to the soft lips. “Come on Baby, drink some slowly.”

Vickie obediently sipped the water. Somehow what really healed her was the tall woman’s unswerving care and loving sweetness. She suddenly felt stronger and more herself then she had for a long time. She finished sipping and then pulled away from the glass and said, “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Vickie leaned her head against the strong shoulder. “She and I never lived together. She was just at my place all the time. She would get upset if I were late coming home from school. Or if dinner wasn’t made by hand instead of ordered from the Chinese restaurant. It all came to a head when I was working on my senior project. It was huge mural I had to transfer to a large panel. I had been working on it at school but that weekend I had to complete it, so it would be ready for class in by Monday. It was a fight scene between two woman warriors…” she looked sheepishly at Dee.

Dee smiled and kissed her nose, “Um, one was me right?”

“Yes, the other was some blonde that came into my head with crazy hazel eyes. She saw neither was her and just…she went nuts. She knocked the panel down and broke it in half. Then she knocked the mural down and started to stomp on it ruining months worth of work. She called me all sorts of hateful things. She wanted to know who these two bitches were? Why was the dark one in all my work? Why don’t you ever paint me?” Vickie was becoming hysterical remembering it. Dee pulled her close and hugged her tight.

“Shh, you don’t have to talk about it anymore. I get the picture. I see what she was doing…”

“No you don’t Dee… she hit me…punched me in the stomach and the chin. I went backwards and landed on a desk. I almost died…she….”

“Oh God…Oh baby, my Baby. I am so sorry. I love you. I love you.” Said Dee the words just flowing out of her mouth she was stunned and going on instinct only.

“She almost killed me because of an illusion. I swore I would never give myself to anyone till I…I found you.”

“But Baby, what if I never came?” Dee asked flabbergasted.

“Then I would have remained alone forever.”

Dee took a deep breath and she pulled the face back up. She looked into the red eyes that were calmer. She wiped the eyes again and asked softly, “And now?”

“I won’t be alone ever again because I found you. I am so grateful.”

“I am too. I love you so much.”

“Thank you, I love you with all my heart.”

They kissed passionately neither noticing that Robby had left the room.

*** *** *** ***

Robby paced nervously in his own cabin trying to decide what he should do. A knock on the door stopped him in his tracks. He knew it by heart it was Dee.

He opened his door and found his angry sister with her hands on her hips, “Do you want me to tell Mom how rude you were just now?”


“I know what just happened was unexpected, it was by me too.” She took a step in side and with pleading blue eyes said very quietly, “But it’s very important to me that you like her at least if you can’t find it in your heart to love her…”

“I think she’s terrific Dee. She’s sweet and gentle. I can see she’s as crazy for you as you are for her. But she’s so vulnerable…are you really sure…?”

“Yes!” She said as she walked inside his cabin slamming the door behind her. She leaned against the back of his couch trying to control her anger. She looked at her brother and realized he was trying to protect her love and suddenly she felt very glad that he was her brother. “I see where your head is at now. It’s me your worried about not her isn’t it?” He nodded leaning against his now closed front door. She walked back to him and put a gentle hand on his arm. “I love her. I am deeply in love with her. And for some unknown reason she is in love with me. We have been waiting for each other all our lives. I need you to accept her. To like her…please.”

“I do like her. I really do. I…Dee your not exactly good at this relationship thing and…”

“Yeah I know, love ’em and leave ’em Taylor. Well not this time little brother. I woke up this morning cuddled in her arms and I knew I was finally home. And no, we have not slept together we really have only kissed and I couldn’t care less if that takes years. I won’t do anything till were both ready. I just love her. I’m never letting her go. Never, ever…Robby I need the family to accept her. I need it so much, Please?”

Robby was astonished he had never seen his sister like this before. She was so passionate about this girl. She was usually flippant and very cavalier with them. It was like she was a completely different woman. “You really do love her, it’s not an infatuation?”

“Yes.” Tears of frustration were pouring down her cheeks that she impatiently kept brushing away.

“Then I have no problem at all. I think she’s great and I see that you’ll be good to her because you love her. In fact watching you before and seeing how you are when talk about her I think she will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

“She already is.”

*** *** *** ***

Vickie was looking around Dee’s garden waiting for to come back from talking to her brother. An older woman came out of the main house and looked at the young woman wondering if she was really seeing whom she thought she was seeing. Sapphire blue eyes warmed as she leaned against the wall of her house enjoying the antics of the pretty girl who her daughter had drawn since she could hold a pencil.

“Hi Mom,” said a very shy quiet voice from behind her.

“Dee, isn’t that the one…?”

Dee nodded, “Yep, Its finally her. Isn’t she beautiful?” She asked her mother full of joy.

“Yes Darling, she looks very sweet and charming.”

“She’s more then that Mom, she’s perfect.”

“No one is perfect, Sweetheart.”

“I know that but for me she…um…she fills that part of me that’s been missing all my life…”

“And you fill up that part of me too,” Said a soft voice behind Dee’s mother.

Dee smiled and she reached for the smaller woman pulling her into her arms hugging her tight. Then she gently pulled up the soft lips to her own and kissed her love tenderly. When she pulled back she whispered in her beloved’s ear, “You are so beautiful.”

A blushing face peeked up at her and she winked. Then she pulled back a bit more so she could introduce her to her mother. “This is my Mom, Madeline but she likes to be called Mandy. Mom, this Vickie…um…uh…”

“I get it, I get it.” Said the tall older woman looking affectionately at the loving couple. “Well its nice to finally meet you in person.”

Vickie blushed but she held out her hand and said, “Nice to meet you.” Mandy took the little hand and gently shook it.

“Nice to meet you too. She did an amazing job on you, her work shows you to perfection.”

Vickie looked down and then up into sparkling blue eyes and said looking right at Dee, “I am so glad that I finally found her.”

“I’m glad I finally found you too.”

The older woman smiled at the entangled couple and asked, “May I hug her or would I be breaking some unwritten law?”

“Oh please!” Said Dee rolling her eyes. She gently guided her shy love to her mother who gave her loving welcoming hug to the family.

When they parted she looked at both girls and asked, “So can you join us for dinner?”

Vickie looked at Dee who nodded and said; “Yeah I’d like that.”

“Me too.” Said Vickie quietly.

“Great! Dee, do me a favor and wear clothes. Your brother’s friend Randy the stud muffin is going to be there and I would like to avoid a dead faint if I can.”

“Sure we’ll dress formally.”

“Honey forget formal, I just want to keep the drooling down if I can.”

*** **** **** *** ***

Vickie had brought the tall woman with her to her little house. She was very nervous about what the beautiful woman would think of her place. She gently tried to say she would just go and come back but the artist insisted on escorting to her place and back.

When they pulled up to small house Dee smiled brightly and turned to the nervous blonde getting out of the other side of the car. “It’s beautiful Vickie.”

“Really? Do you like it?”

“Oh yeah, I love it! It is so…you, absolutely adorable.” She replied with a huge smile.

They walked into the foyer and Dee admired the way it was done in soft colors and lighting. When they came to the doorway of the living room Dee stopped in her tracks staring at the opposite wall. There was an incredible mural of a Greek Warrior Woman riding a pale colored horse with a free and joyful expression on her beautiful face.

Dee felt the tears come and she gulped. She pulled a very uncertain Vickie close to her and whispered, “It’s stunning, Baby. When did you do this one?”

“About five years ago I was compelled to do it. I was having constant dreams of it till I had completely finished it.”

“Its incredible! You make me look so…noble…”

“Well you are…”

Dee bent down and kissed her tenderly. “Thank you, but I am really just an old reprobate that got lucky. Go on Sweetheart, get your stuff,” she said gently pushing the smaller woman toward the door of the room. Then she turned back and slowly inspected every object as if she was trying to memorize it and she was.

The different panels and murals amazed her. Then over her desk she spotted a wall full of photos. She smiled as she realized they were of her family. A very formal one of the whole group, then a casual one of her parents, and a sweet photo of her and younger sister under a tree leaning against each other’s backs for support. She liked the casual ones better then the formal picture; they seemed to capture the spirit of her love and her family better. Dee felt a soft hand caress her arm and then two strong arms wrap around her waist.
“Where does your family live?”

“Mom and Dad live in San Francisco and my sister is going to college in the fall. We know not where. She is a bit slow to decide.” Vickie replied kissing Dee on the neck.

Dee leaned into her love chuckling softly, “Mmm that feels good. Um, what made you move down here? You seem so close to your family.”

“We are, I went to UCLA and this is where I got my shows so it was sort of natural. We visit each other all the time. At least three or four times a year.”

Dee turned around in her loves arms so she faced the smaller woman. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. “May I meet them?”

“Of course, they will be very relieved to meet you.”


“After my disastrous relationship they were very worried about me. My sister was really on my back about it when she was down here checking colleges. She said I needed to forget the past and forge ahead toward a happy future…”

“Can you?”

“I already have thanks to you. You’re so different from her. You’re gentle and kind. You have the biggest heart I have ever known. I mean the first time I ever saw you there were tears gently dropping down your cheeks. I knew I loved you right then and…”

Tears welled up again as she brought the beautiful woman closer still and looked into teary green eyes. “I knew I loved you right at that moment too. My background is not…um…steady. Robby was really worried about you because he saw how vulnerable you are and he knew how callous I could be in a relationship. I never felt that link till I looked into your eyes. I felt settled…healed when I met you. This morning I woke up and I knew I wanted to be with you forever…”

“That’s how I felt too.”

Dee kissed her love passionately and then brought her head up and licked her nose causing Vickie to giggle. Dee smiled sweetly and said, “Come on Baby, We have to get to my place and change for diner before super jock comes. Um, did you pack enough stuff for a few days?”

Vickie nodded her head, “Yes…um Dee…”


“What we are going to do about staying at…”

“One step at time, we’ll go by instinct it’s been right so far.”

Vickie nodded smiling as they left the house hand in hand.

*** *** *** ***

Randy couldn’t wait to see the tall raven-haired beauty that was his friend’s older sister. She always seemed to be around but unapproachable and uninterested. This time he was sure he could make her notice him. Robby kept telling that she wasn’t at all interested and that he wasn’t her type but he knew with time and effort he could change her mind. He was football star and that always impressed women. Sooner or later he’d seduce the distant woman if he just kept in there pitching.

Mr. Taylor opened the door and sighed inwardly. He nodded politely to the tall young man as he said, “Evening Randy.”

“Judge, it’s nice to see you. How are you this evening?”

“Very tired. It was a very long day.”

“Yeah, I can see that. I wouldn’t want to be a judge, too many decisions to make.”

The tall man felt like rolling his eyes but he stopped himself knowing this was a guest of his beloved son. He merely chuckled and said, “Well we all have our own burdens to bare. Robby is in the den…”

“Is Dee here yet?”

“No she and her guest haven’t arrived yet.”

“Oh? Does she have someone special coming?”

“She has a guest coming, that’s all I know. Now go in the den and keep my son company.”

The young man nodded and entered the house. Shaking his head a bit annoyed at the obnoxious young man he went into the kitchen to help his wife make dinner.

“When do I get meet Dee’s dream girl?”

“Soon, I told your daughter to wear clothing this evening so it might take a bit longer then it usually does.”

The judge laughed and asked, “So is this girl a nudist too?”

“I don’t know yet. She is really sweet and shy but that doesn’t mean anything she could be just fine with showing her skin. I like her a lot and your daughter is crazy about her.”

“That is a very high recommendation.” He gently put his arms around his wife’s waist and whispered into her ear, “Just because she’s shy doesn’t mean she’s modest. I seem to remember you were very shy with people but when we were all alone…”


The tall man chuckled as he nibbled his wife’s ear.

“Mmm, I love you too Love.” She wiped her hands and turned when he released her ear. They were now inches apart and he growled, “I love you so much, Mandy…” Then he kissed his wife passionately.

*** *** **** ****

“Stop fidgeting Baby, you look so beautiful you’ll melt their socks off.”

“But I want to look nice for your family…”

“Honey you look more then nice. They will love you no matter what so please try and calm down.” Dee put her arm around her beloved’s shoulders and brought her close. “You look so sensational that Old Randy will have a heart attack.”

“Who is Randy?”

“A friend of Robby’s. He’s a turkey.”

“Oh? Um…I…”

Dee bent down and kissed the top of her head. “Shh, it will be fine. He has no brains at all. Robby’s been telling him for over a year that I’m not interested in him at all. That he’s not my type. He is such a conceited dweeb he won’t listen.” Dee then proceeded to kiss her loves nose making the smaller woman smile. “That’s better.”

Vickie chuckled and rubbed her nose against the tall woman’s. “You are so sweet. Um…Dee why wouldn’t he listen to Robby?”

“He has an ego the size of the Pacific Ocean. Hmmm, you taste so good along your neck line is that peach flavored soap?” Asked Dee distracting the smaller woman by kissing her along her neckline.

“Hmm, Mmm…we told…your Mom…Uh…we’ll be there…” panted Vickie completed distracted by the loving assault.

“Hm, Ok.” She straightened up and looked into dark green eyes with a wicked smile. “But don’t forget where we were.”

Vickie swallowed and slapped Dee’s arm. Then she turned back to the mirror to straighten her shirt as she remarked with a matching smile. “Oh don’t worry, Love. I won’t.”

*** *** *** ***

Dee’s father with a huge smile answered a knock on the back door. Dee smiled back at her father and said, “Hi Pop!”

She came forward and hugged her father who gave her a bear hug back. He pulled back and kissed her cheek then said, “Hey there, Dee Dee. I am sooo happy for you Sweetheart.”

“Thanks,” said Dee kissing her father on the cheek and squeezing his shoulder affectionately. Then she pulled back to pull her shy love close and said softly, “Pop, this is Vickie. Vickie this is my Pop. He’s a sweetie so don’t be so shy.”

Vickie cuddled into Dee’s side as shy green eyes met warm pale blue of the older man. “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

“Sorry Pretty One, that won’t cut it for me.” He pulled her into a hug with both the girls. Then he smiled at the pretty young blonde and said to his daughter, “You certainly captured her beauty and sweetness, Dee Dee. I would have known you anywhere from my darlings depiction’s, Vickie.”

Vickie hid her face against Dee’s shoulder. Dee’s eyes met her father’s twinkling blue and shook her head ironically. She released her father so she could tightly hug Vickie.

“Pop, you are sooo bad,” she teased back over her loves shoulder.

“Why? Cause I said she’s beautiful? ‘Cause I imply that you have talent? Yeah, I’m really awful,” said the highly amused older man.

“Scott! Will you let them come in before the food goes bad?” Dee’s Mother was behind her husband hands on her hips with a smirk of amusement on her face.

“Sure Love, Come on in, Girls. Oh a word of warning, Super Jock is in the living room with Robby. He thinks he’s going to win your love this time, Dee Dee.”

“Shit! Can’t the idiot take a truck falling on his head? What size clue does it take?” Dee now had an affectionate arm around Vickie’s shoulders gently rubbing her loves arm. The top of her head was gently leaning against Vickie’s head; she nuzzled her head against her loves soft blonde hair in the need of the comfort. She could feel the tiny hand gently rubbing her back and Vickie’s head gently nuzzling against her own. For the first time in her life she felt happy and complete and she wasn’t going to let that toad ruin this happy feeling.

“Well my darling, I do have a suggestion for you,” Said her mother with a wicked grin, which was so much like Dee’s that Vickie took in an involuntary breath.


“After dinner if gets annoying just kiss Vickie the way I saw you do it earlier. That should be clear enough.”

Dee’s eyes lit up with amusement and said, “Oh Mom that’s a great idea!”

Scott chuckled and said, “Yeah, that should definitely deflate that egotistical puppy.”

Vickie peeked up at the faces above her and said quietly, “Why doesn’t he believe Robby? Isn’t he his friend.”

Dee smiled and kissed the sweet woman on the cheek. “Yes, he is his friend. He just thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Just because I haven’t given him the time of day he thinks if he keeps trying I will succumb to his so called charms. At least that’s what he seems to think. What do you think, Baby? If he bugs us can I kiss you right in front of his egotistical eyes?”

“I…um…yeah, I think it’s a good idea.”

Dee’s face now had a blinding smile as she said, “That’s my girl!”

*** **** *** ***

Randy and Robby were watching the football game and talking about school when the girls came in.

Robby smiled when he saw them, He popped up and said, “Hi! You girls look great!”

Dee’s eyes twinkled at her brother and she winked at him amused by his enthusiastic reaction. They were dressed in matching outfits: black jeans, white tank tops and white sneakers. Vickie had on a little pink shrug and her hair pulled back into a silver antique ponytail holder. Dee wore her leather armbands and her hair pulled back in a matching leather ponytail holder.

“Are we wearing enough clothes for you, Little Brother?”

“Yep, you both look great.”

Dee and Vickie chuckled, “You said that already.” She had her arm around Vickie’s waist and led her toward the couch as far from Randy as she get in the same room.

Randy had stood up too but he said nothing. He was very disappointed that Dee was wearing pants. She usually wore shorts. The woman had a perfect body and he enjoyed seeing those beautiful legs. He had thought she was bringing a date but instead he showed up with this strange girl that she had her arm around. He sat down again very confused.

Robby who knew his friend’s expressions could read the confusion. “Randy this is Dee’s friend Vickie.” He smiled at Vickie, his face full of affection, “Vickie this is Randy. Don’t let his creepy machoness fool you, he is a nice guy underneath.”

“Robby,” growled the very annoyed jock.

Dee laughed at him and pulled Vickie closer, almost onto her lap making Randy’s face turn from red to white in pure shock. Mandy came in and saw the tension in the room. She met her daughter’s eyes and rolled hers. Dee winked at her mother.

“Ok kids, time to eat.”

Robby rolled his eyes after Randy left the room and mumbled to himself, “Thank all that is holy.”

*** *** **** ***

Randy was even more upset during dinner. Dee and her family put all their focus on the small blonde. Dee even cut her meat and fed her from her own plate. Then she gently wiped her loves lips with a napkin making Randy feel very much like hitting Vickie.

He watched with loathing, as Vickie would playfully steal food from Dee’s plate to everyone but his amusement. She would also take greenbeans, which Dee hated and covered them with potatoes and gravy and gently put it right into Dee’s mouth. This astonished everyone since Dee would never eat vegetables but she happily gulped them down while staring into Vickie’s beautiful green eyes.

All the conversation seemed to center on her too. Though she, Judge Taylor and Robby all tried bringing him into the conversation.

Dee couldn’t give a fig how the annoying polecat felt. He was Robby’s problem as far she was concerned. She was enjoying sharing her new happiness with her family and as far as she was concerned he could go to hell.

Randy dutifully replied to Judge Taylor and to Robby but totally ignored Vickie. Both the men were annoyed with athlete’s manners and Dee’s father said, “Randy, Vickie asked you about school.”

“Oh did she, didn’t hear it sir. What did she ask me?”

Dee growled and was about to say something when a huge glob of potatoes landed in her mouth. She met sweet green eyes and nodded swallowing both her food and her anger.

Mrs. Taylor had brought in a beautiful chocolate cake and was delighted to see Vickie’s eyes light up.

“Dee told me that this was your favorite.”

“It is, Thank you so much.”

“Store bought,” grumbled Randy.

The whole family looked at him as unit very upset. “Excuse me,” said the angry young man leaving the room quickly.

“Robby if you don’t…”

“I know, I know. Lets just get through desert without bloodshed, ok?”

“If he insults my baby one more time…”

“Honey, he’s not doing it on purpose…” Mandy said softly stroking her daughter’s arm.

“Mom, he’s being a jerk!”

“Eat your cake, Sweetheart,” Whispered Vickie gently scooping up some and putting it lovingly into Dee’s open mouth.

Dee chewed the cake delighted by her loves tone and how she had accepted her position of her partner in front of the family. Dee was so proud of her; she pulled her love close and kissed her passionately. When they pulled back she whispered, “It tastes better that way.”

Vickie’s eyes were still closed from the kiss replying, “Mmmhmmm.”

Robby re-entered and smiled. “Awww.”

“Where’s ass hole?” Asked Dee still pissed at the young man as she lovingly traced Vickie’s eyebrows.

“He left…”

“Damn, I wanted to show off my kissing technique.” Dee replied smiling brightly when the green eyes snapped open in surprise.

“Randy didn’t need to see it, he got the idea. I think he’s very jealous of Vickie. I never have seen him so pissed.”

Vickie’s eyebrows shot up, “He’s mad at me?”

“No Vickie, he’s jealous of you he’s mad at Dee.”

“I don’t give a damn if he’s mad at me. You just make sure he doesn’t come near Vickie.” Said Dee gently stroking Vickie’s hair and bringing her head against her shoulder comfortingly.

“I will…Vickie, I’m really glad you’re here. Welcome to our family.”

Tear filled green eyes met sweet blue. Dee kissed Vickie on the top of the head then she looked at her brother, “Thanks Robby.”

“May I get a hug, Vickie? Would you mind, Sis?”

Dee shook her head pulling back so her brother could hug Vickie her own eyes filling up with tears of joy.

Then her Mother and Father also hugged and kissed Vickie on the cheek.

Then Dee’s Dad smiled at his family and said, “Ok, come on everyone into the living room. I picked out some great movies for tonight.”

*** *** *** ****

Vickie was in the shower in the guestroom of Dee’s house when she heard a gentle knock on the glass door. A soft voice floated above the frosted glass, “May I?”

Vickie opened the door and stepped back. Dee entered and immediately embraced the soapy body.

“Mmm, you feel so good,” Dee whispered into the tiny ear.

“So do you,” purred Vickie in response.

They pulled back and looked at each other’s bodies for the first time. Both sets of eyes were dark with desire at what they saw. Not at all shy about her own body Dee was uncharacteristically curious about the reaction of the other woman of what she thought of her.

“Um…so what’s your verdict?”

“You are stunning…perfect…”

Dee blushed beet red, something that had never happened before and replied, “No Baby you are perfect.”

“I think we could argue that point….”

Dee chuckled and brought the small body back to her, “Can we just agree that we adore each other?”

“Yes, I do. Completely.”

“Me too. I absolutely worship you…”Dee couldn’t resist it anymore she lowered her head and gave Vickie a soft tender kiss. Then they washed each other enjoying the feel of the soft skin beneath their fingers.

In a voice that was much deeper then normal Dee said, “I…um…need to…” She kissed her again this time with the passion that had been stirring inside her since she first saw her beloved naked. Her hands slipping down to gently caress the shapely behind and bring her love even closer to her.

Vickie groaned and molded her body to the other woman’s. When they pulled back Dee whispered in voice full of deep need, “I think we need…to get out of here…I want it to be right…perfect…”

Vickie didn’t let her go she pulled her tighter. “Dee it already is.”

*** *** *** ***



“Do you think the girls are going to be ok?”

“Um… sure, why wouldn’t they be. They love each other.”

“I know that, Love. I worried about that idiot Randy. He had a look in his eye that I didn’t like.”

“Really? I didn’t see that myself. What exactly do you suppose I can do about him?”

“Well Honey, you are a judge. Can’t you discreetly have the police check him out?”

“He’s been Robby’s friend for over two years do you think that is necessary?”

“Yes, I do. I’ve never seen our daughter so happy. I’ve never seen her so…well considerate and gentle with someone other then family. Vickie is a sweet girl but…”

“I know what you’re saying, she was never this way with anyone else no matter how nice we thought they were. Well we kind of knew when we saw that she was the girl in her work that she would be the one she would fall in love didn’t we.”

“Exactly my point.”

“So what do you think Randy will do?”

“I don’t know exactly but…Honey, why take any chances. I want our children to be happy and secure….”

“Doesn’t every parent?”

“Yes, but I am married to a very special judge, am I not?”

“Ok, ok, I get it. I’ll check the kid out. Talk to Robby and find out if he’s gotten into any trouble at school. Maybe someone there can tell us how he handles rejection.”

“Already done, I talked to him before I came in here. Thanks, Darling,” She said bringing her husband close and looking up into his twinkling eyes.

“No problem, Sweetheart.”

*** *** *** ***

Robby wasn’t sure if he liked playing spy. He loved his sister and was already very fond of Vickie, so he dutifully followed his mother instructions. He went to his counselor who had been a friend of their family for years for some answers about Randy.

“Robby, what a nice surprise! Haven’t you finished your classes for the day?”

Yeah, well I …well my Mom wanted me to have a bit of talk with you sir.”

“Your Mom? Well she doesn’t have to worry your doing very well this term. You have always been a good student why would she be worried?”

“It’s not about me…it’s about…well my sister is a very pretty girl…”

The older man burst into laughter. “Now there is a newsflash!”

Robby laughed too and shook his head. “I know that you already know that, it’s just that…um…Do you know Randy Cutler?”

“Yep, Class super jock right?”

“Robby chuckled and nodded. “Yep, that’s him. Well he has had a crush on Dee for a long time. Last night he found out she wasn’t at all interested in him…”

“Oh, how did she manage to get rid of him?”

“She is in love…um…with this…well…”

“She finally found a nice girl?”

Randy’s eyebrows disappeared.

The older man shook his head and said calmly, “She never hid her preference when she went here you know, Robby. So what is the problem? She is a nice girl isn’t she?”

“Oh yes Sir, Vickie is a doll. We all love her already. It’s just that Randy was at dinner last night and saw them cuddling and he was really angry. Mom is worried that…”

“He might have some violent tendencies?”

Robby nodded very uncomfortable. “I don’t think he does. I mean we went on some double dates and he was always a gentlemen when we were together.”

“Well I understand how your Mom feels Robby, it’s always better to be careful. Let me just take a look. I can’t tell you anything but I can let you know if your Dad should look further into this.”

“That’s fine. I think that’s what Mom wanted anyway. She gave Dad an assignment too, by the way.”

“I think that its highly amusing since he’s considered one of the toughest judges on the bench, yet your Mom can tell him point blank what to do. In the most charming way of course.”

“I think that it runs in your female line. Dee is pretty formidable when she is angry but she is also one of the sweetest women I know. It’s an interesting balance.”

The older man was only half-listening he was reading the file with a concerned expression. “Yes she is a very complex young woman…Robby, tell your Mom that there is reason for concern. Your Dad should start digging and Dee should be on her guard.”

Suddenly worried blue eyes met concerned brown. “Oh?”

*** *** *** ***

Dee had never been so happy in her entire life. She finally found the woman of her dreams. Now she was staying with her and she had every intention of never leaving her side again.

They were working on her loves panel and they were both caked in plaster and couldn’t care less.

“Baby, how far over do you want me?”

“Another few inches, please.”

Dee’s Mom had suggested that they spend some time at Vickie’s to get some privacy and Dee happily complied. She wanted to be with Vickie every minute of every day but she was also hesitant about leaving her family’s compound. She needed them and she needed Vickie it was dilemma she had not had time to figure out yet.

After the murals were applied to the panels they stepped back.

“What do you think?”


“Dee! I want to know if you really like it.”

“Like it? I love it! It’s wondrous. Brilliant.”

Shaking her head Vickie said, “No Dee, you’re the one who is brilliant. I’m just average…”

“Average my ass! Get a grip, Baby you are sensational. Your work is really intense; it rocks my very soul. I really love this one. It’s so complicated, there is such scope to it…I feel like I could just step into it and be there.”


Dee pulled Vickie into her arms and smushed plaster onto her face and said with a huge smile, “Yep, really,” then she kissed her deeply not really caring about the plaster they were now evenly exchanging. They knew a shower and several other delights awaited them so they just indulged.

*** *** *** ***

Judge Scott Taylor was angrily pacing his chambers; he had pulled the file on Randy and was even more disturbed then when his wife first became suspicious of the young man. A lot of the information was sealed because of his age and that meant he had a lot of trouble with the law. It was from his last phone call to his wife that she advised Dee to stay at Vickie’s right now.

A knock on his door brought him out of his own troubling thoughts to the present quickly. “Come in. ” he called for the young woman to enter as he crossed to his chair and sat down.

A pretty red haired woman with a sweet face and kind brown eyes entered. She smiled and said softly, “Hi Judge Scott.”

He smiled at the pet name that some his old friends called him he said, “Good Afternoon, Kiddo. So Tammy what did you find out for us?”

“It was easy, Judge Scott. His records were sealed by order of the court because he was so young at the time of the offense. I’m afraid you do have a valid reason to worry.”

“Yes, I already got that impression myself. I knew there was trouble when I pulled this.” He said holding up the file. “Also, Mr. Harmacy worried my son so much he thought he should warn Dee now. I stopped that, I know Dee, she will over react. I need to know the facts before she finds out and I should be the one to tell her. Is he violent against women?”

“I can’t go into details but as a woman and a police officer I’d have to say yes. I know Dee might be a bit…um, aggressive but she does need to know. I also think you should get some sort of protection for them.”

“A restraining order?”

“No Sir, We can’t do that, no crime or threat has been issued toward Dee or Vickie. I would hire some private security.”

“You mean off duty police?”

“Yep, I know about a dozen friends of Dee that would be more then willing to help her.” She said with slight smile.

Scott nodded and smiled slightly, “Yes, my baby does have a lot of friends on the force. Ok, Thanks that would be good. Now I just have to figure out an approach to warn my volatile daughter with out her being up on assault charges.”

“Well if I know Dee, that will be a very tall order.”

“You’re telling me.”

*** *** *** ***

Scott Taylor knocked on Vickie’s door with a worried expression. The pretty blonde’s voice called out, “Who is it?”

“Dee’s Dad.”

“Oh?” The small woman happily opened the door for the older man. His face lit up with the first real smile of the day. She looked adorable, she was wearing a pink peasant blouse with matching shorts her hair was pulled into pigtails and she had on no shoes.

“Hi.” She said looking up with a bright smile.

“Well hi to you too Pretty One. May I come in please?”

“Sure,” she stepped back and called out, “Dee!”

The tall brunette came running in the foyer she was wearing navy blue shorts a matching tank top her hair pulled into a loose ponytail. She was shoeless as well.

“Hi Pop!” She said happily immediately hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. He hugged and kissed her back then said, “If I knew you two were going to look so cute I’d have stopped home to pick up your Mom.”

Dee rolled her eyes, “Oh Pop, You are sooo silly! So what’s up?”

“Um…Vickie is there some place that we can have a quiet private chat?”

“My living room, would you like me to take a ride…if you need privacy I can…”

“No Sweetheart I don’t want you to leave at all. I want to have a chat with both of you.”

Dee and Vickie exchanged surprised expressions. Dee pulled Vickie close to her she could feel her father’s tension. “What’s wrong?”

“Let’s sit down first.”

The girls led the older man to Vickie’s living room. He stopped short when he saw the panel. He walked close to it and whistled. “Was this done before you met Dee?”

“Yes sir.”

He turned and smiled, “Dee is right, you are brilliant.”

Vickie blushed beet red. Dee smiled proudly and hugged Vickie kissing her on the top of her forehead. Then she looked over Vickie’s head to the twinkling eyes of her father and said, “Thanks Pop.”

He shrugged, “It’s the truth. No need to thank me.” He turned back to it admiring the fine work and said in a quiet awed voice, “You look so noble and wild in it.”

“Yeah, it’s just like the dreams I have. Amazing isn’t it?”

“Yep, Vickie you are brilliant.”

The smaller woman hugged Dee tighter hiding her face against her loves chest. Dee smiled sweetly and nuzzled the soft hair with her cheek.

“Dad’s right you know, Love.” She whispered softly.

She could feel the little head shaking, “Yes you are.” She then lifted the head till she could see into the sea green eyes. She smiled and shook her head. “We’re just stating facts…come on Sweetheart let’s find out what Pop is here to tell us.” She took the little hand led her love to comfortable leather couch.

Scott had already sat down on the large comfortable leather armchair; He looked at the two young women and was very hesitant to break their obvious joy in each other with his bad news. He knew he had to though so he took a deep breath.

“I love you so much Dee. You’re the apple of my eye. I worry about you even though I know that you are quite capable of taking care of yourself. Vickie, you are everything I’d hoped you’d be. You don’t know how happy we are to welcome you to our family and we really look forward to meeting your family and making them our own too. The very last thing I want to do is ruin your joy but…”

“Pop, please tell us…”

“It’s Randy. Your mother was very worried about his attitude at dinner so she sent Robby to see Mr. Harmacy. She wanted to see if there was anything in his background to worry about. There was, so I pulled his file at the courthouse. It was sealed which means he was in real trouble when he was young but they tried to protect him in the hopes he would become a good citizen later. Tammy couldn’t give me details, but she said it was really bad stuff in there. She recommended that we hire security…”

“Why?” Asked Dee interrupting her father in her pure angry astonishment. “We’re not anything to each other. I wasn’t his girlfriend. I wasn’t even his friend…”

“Sweetheart, calm down. He wanted you, it didn’t matter what you thought, it could make him do something…”

“Well screw what that jerk wants! I don’t want him, never did. I never even liked him he was purely Robby’s friend. Vickie is all I ever wanted. All I ever dreamed of! I will not allow him to spoil our happiness!” Said Dee furious at this new threat to their love, they had become so close and Dee intended that they would continue to grow no matter what happens from that Idiot.

“Shh, all I want is you too,” Said Vickie trying to soothe her love stroking her arm and holding her close.

“Well your Mother and I want you two to be happy too, so I made some arrangements…”

“What kind of arrangements?” Her eyes were blazing with pure anger. It worried her father deeply.

“Tammy and some of your other friends are going to watch our compound and Vickie’s. They all know Randy so it should be easy enough to monitor him. What I would like to happen is they catch him trespassing and arrest him. I really don’t want my little girl to be arrested on assault charges.” Said her father with a very significant voice and look only a loving parent can bestow.

The change of expression on his daughter’s face reminded him of when she was a little girl. She looked like a naughty little girl, very sorry for doing something wrong. “Sorry Pop. I just…It’s not…I really need to protect my Baby…That ass…”

“I do understand. Just stay here with Vickie and enjoy each other. Let me handle the idiot. Is that a Deal?

Dee looked at her father then the very worried look on her loves face and nodded. “Ok Pop. You have a deal.”

*** *** *** ***

Randy was really mad but he knew he had to be very careful. Not only was Dee very dangerous when she wanted to be due to years of martial arts training, but her father is a judge. He knew if faced by either he would lose so he was planning his next move very carefully.

He had been avoiding Robby because he knew how close the siblings were. His old friend would betray him to help his sister, so he needed to keep as far from him as he could. He was trying to find out where the artist was. She hadn’t been seen for a few days and he had been staking out the family compound, even missing his beloved football practice to try and track her and follow her to where she was staying.

“Hate college…the only thing I can do is play football.” He grunted as he left school skipping a biology class to once again stake out her place.

He was after Dee’s little friend. He really didn’t want to hurt her; just scare away so he would have a clear path to the blue eyed beauty.

*** *** *** ***

Dee was gently trying to ease the tension out of Vickie’s back by massaging it rhythmically. After her father had left, she had led the upset woman to her bedroom and asked her take off her clothes and to get under the sheets. They had still not fully made love yet so Dee was very delicate about such things.

When Vickie was nestled in the sheets, she called Dee, who sat down next to her and began to give her a thorough and professional massage. Dee was straddled now on the lower part of her back as she worked on the very tight muscles of her shoulders and neck.

The moans coming out of her beloved were driving her mad with need but, she gulped that down; she had to ease the tension of her little one.


“You’re as tight as a bow fiddle,” replied Dee to the panting woman’s question with small chuckle. She then bent forward and kissed her love on the small of back and said softly, ” You are driving me crazy with those moans you know.”

“Am I?”

“Mmmhmmm, I intend to explore that a bit after I relieve you of this tension that the moron created in your beautiful body.”

“Oh? Um…Your very good at this massage stuff.”

“I took several courses in my misspent youth.”


“Yeah, unlike my brother I am not really very bookish. I was going to massage school at night until my councilor went nutty over one of my pieces that I had given him as a present for his birthday.”

Vickie turned her head, Dee lowered her self so the were now barely a breath apart from each other.

“Um…do you want me to give you a massage?

“No…” purred Dee kissing her lover on the chin and along her neckline.

“How about…your…tension….”

Dee gently licked her way down to her loves cleavage and said, “Do you think its time to explore the other side of our relationship yet? Are you comfortable right now?”

“Comfortable?….um, no…turned on? Yes…very…um….oh Dee hurry…” she moaned lifting her body so her breast would be closer to the mouth gently kissing her just above her erect breasts.

Dee kissed her way down to the breast tasting the wonders of her love for the first time. Vickie moaned at the first contact between Dee’s lips to her breasts, Dee moaned too at the wondrous feeling that the contact sent soaring through her body. The last coherent thought Dee had before she soared off into the passion she created was, I think this should help ease my tension a bit.

*** *** *** ***

Vickie woke up wrapped in the warm protective arms of the woman she loved. Vickie had never felt so content and loved in her life. She had been spell- bound since she met Dee and now she felt complete for the first time in her life.

Her eyes looked at a calendar by her bed and then they widened in realization. Sunday had a red circle around it and she realized that she had been so swept off her feet she had completely forgotten that her parents were coming into town.

Oh boy I forgot my family was coming here Sunday. On the one hand it’s fantastic because I really want my Dee to meet my family…but Randy… She groaned turned into her pillow in realization that he could ruin everything.

“What’s wrong?” Croaked a soft voice from beneath her.

Vickie turned slightly and kissed Dee on the forehead. “I forgot my parents were coming on Sunday.”

“Really? That’s great!” replied Dee really excited by the prospect of meeting her loves family.

“Yes, I think its great for them to meet you too. I want our families to become one, just like we now are but…how am I going to explain Randy to them?”

“Shit! That Creep is getting into my face way too much! I am going to…”

“No Dee…”

“Baby, I …” a little hand covered her mouth and the big green eyes stared her down and then said softly, “You promised your father.”

“I won’t let him ruin out lives! I want our families to get aquatinted and to fall as much in love with each other as I am with you. I can’t wait to meet them. Is your sister coming too?”

Vickie kissed Dee on the nose and smiled, “Yes, they are bringing her to look over colleges before they send in the applications for ones she chooses. They are trying to guide her to make an intelligent, instead of impulsive choice. But my sister is very impulsive so we’ll see if it works.”

“Fantastic! I can’t wait to get us all together under one roof. We’ll have them stay here and bring them over to the compound to have dinner and meet my family…”


“I will not let Randy ruin this. I love you too much. I am about to meet the people who brought you up to be the warm, wonderful, talented woman that I fell in love with. I only hope they will approve of an old hell-raiser like me.”

Vickie gently ran her fingers through her loves soft hair and cupped her loves cheek with her other hand. Dee naturally cuddled closer till they were breathing the same air. Vickie whispered, “They already love you. I told them I finally found you and…”

Dee saw the tears blur the beautiful green eyes, “Oh Sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I wish I could help you to forget that this Bitch even existed…I…”

“No Love, its not…I love you and I’m so proud of you. Believe me I want to show you off…”

“You do?” Asked Dee delighted by the statement. “Thank you Love. What do you think I was doing with my folks? I was showing you off and I knew they would all topple under your spell too…”

“What spell?”

“This one…” Dee finally kissed her love passionately bringing her on top of her so she could show her just how much she loved her.

*** *** *** ***

Mandy had noticed the Ford Bronco in different parking spots on their street for several days. She knew that Randy drove one and it was starting to get to her that he was staking out her home with the intent of harming her family. She went to Dee’s childhood room and got out an old camera of hers with a long-range lens. Then she took a several shots of the license number through the blinds. She also wrote it down and then went to the phone in the kitchen.

“Judge Taylor’s chambers.”

“Max, is Scott there?”

“No Honey, he’s finishing up a case in the courtroom. Do you want me to pass him a note?” Asked the sweet old lady who had been Scott’s secretary for years. The kids called her Auntie Max and adored her as much as Scott and she did.

“No thanks Max, could you tell him to call me when he gets out though?”

“Sure, Hon, will do.”

Mandy smirked as she hung up after exchanging pleasantries with the sweet older woman. If anyone else ever called her Honey or Hon Mandy would have hit the ceiling, but she’d done it since before the kids were born. How could you be upset with someone who made her children cookies and helped with Christmas and Thanksgiving and Halloween?

She dialed another number and waited. “Vickie? Sweetheart, is Dee there?”

She enjoyed listening to the sweet voice of her new daughter-in-law and then replied, “Ok, Please have her call me when she comes back from the gallery. Bye, Sweetheart.” She hung up sighing. She shook her head as she leaned back in the comfortable chair. “I have such a bad feeling.”

*** *** *** ***

Dee didn’t want to worry Vickie so she told her a tiny fib to protect her. She rolled her eyes as she watched out the windshield of the car knowing that she would confess everything as soon as she went into the front door of her loves house. Vickie’s family would be arriving a few days and she knew she had to end this so they could all enjoy the time together. She had borrowed a friend’s nondescript Mazda and was watching Randy’s Bronco that was parked in the school parking lot.

She saw the man pull out and followed him from a careful distance. When he pulled into the street her family compound was on, she growled angrily.

I knew it! I am going to kick his ass! She thought angrily as she parked the car down the block from where Randy was parking his.

When the tall athlete finally made his move Dee slipped out her car to follow. The tall brunette was just fuming with anger as strode after him. Just as she was about to catch up a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her behind a tall tree.

Dee almost slugged the tall red head till she saw her face and then she bristled at the interruption.

“Shit Tammy, I almost slugged you,” She whispered angrily.

“Shit Dee you almost blew this bust,” Tammy whispered back.

“What bust? What are you talking about?”

“Your Dad set this up. We want to get a nice clean solid bust with no holes. We promised your Dad. So we don’t need you going and doing your Wonder Woman impression.”

“I don’t do that!”

“Sure you do all the time…”

“Hey, I am protecting my family and love so if you think…”

“That’s why we’re here…”

“Just stick it Dee! Shh, he’s moving toward the door of your studio…”

The tall athlete went to the studio door and looked both ways. He pulled something out of his pocket.

Tammy smiled wickedly at her friend and said, “Oh Goody now we get him on breaking and entering too. You don’t have any work out in the open that he could hurt do you?”

“I do have few unfinished pieces yes…I hope he…you don’t think?”

“I hope not, but its possible.”

“Oh Damn! He better not put a pinkie on what’s in my studio or I’ll beat him silly…”

“No you won’t, we don’t want you on assault charges do we?”

“I guess not…Why is he doing this?”

“I think he’s trying to find you, old buddy. He figures you left a clue in there.”

“Like what bread crumbs?” Dee rolled her eyes and growled.

Tammy shook her head as she watched him enter the studio she whispered back, “Who knows what is going through that warped mind.” Suddenly her walkie-talkie came to life. “Watch your parents’ front door.”

Suddenly the door opened, two uniformed police came through the house with there guns drawn and entered the studio quietly. There was a lot of yelling but much to Dee’s relief no shooting. “I thought Pop said it was off duty officers?”

“It was but I called back up when I saw him drive up. It’s better with a uniform patrol officer; makes the charges stick better. Your Mom insisted we do something; she felt something was about to happen.

The screaming college student was taken out of the house to a waiting patrol car. Dee grimaced and shook her head at the crazy man being taken away. “Mom set this up?”

“Well she spoke to your Dad…”

“And made him do it?”


“That’s my Mom, I better go check and see if he did any damage to my stuff. There is one piece in the kiln I’m praying he didn’t get to.”

They went in. At first everything was a bit of mess but nothing to give the artist any real concern. Some tools were thrown about and some boxes moved but nothing hurt or ruined. Then she saw it shattered into a million pieces and screamed.

“No!!!” She ran to it trying to see if there was any of it she could salvage. Tears fell as she saw it was ruined beyond repair.

“What was it?”

“It was a platter with a picture I’ve had in my head for years of Vickie and me as we were hugging with huge joyful smiles on our faces. I had been working like a maniac to get it done, it was in the kiln to finish up…that was the piece I was worried about…she never saw it…”

Tammy hugged her now sobbing friend saying softly, “Shh, she loves you and she will understand. Can’t you do it again?”

Dee pulled back and wiping her eyes shrugging slightly, “I guess I could…I just…I really wanted…I loved that piece. It was so special it was just like I saw in my dreams.”

“Dee, she will understand…”

“Oh I know that…its just…That Bastard destroyed…I could just…”

“Hey we have him now and on really good charges. He won’t bother you two anymore.”

“Tammy you don’t understand! I wanted to give it to her as a bonding gift…now I have nothing…”

“Dee she doesn’t need a gift she has you…”

Dee nodded but looked absolutely crushed.

“Go home…”

“I am home…”

“I mean to Vickie…”

“Oh?” She smiled through the tears that were still falling and nodded. “Yes, she is my home. Tammy…I…I…”

“Ya love her.”

Dee smiled blindingly, “Head over heals and forever!” She tilted her head and said quietly, “Never thought I’d say something like that, huh?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I knew that you were capable of love. From what your Dad told me I knew it was really serious. He said he never saw you so happy before. He said you were like a different person when she’s around. I can see that and she’s not here. I’m very happy for you.”

“I am going home to Vickie. I guess I will have to be groveling for the rest of the night explaining why I was here.”

“You don’t have to tell her you know?”

“Yes I do. I tell her everything. I can’t seem to help myself. Dad is right, its like I am a different person. And you want to know something, Tammy? I like this me a hell of lot better. Bye”

“See ya,” Said the red head as she watched her walk back to the white Mazda. She went inside to help the two uniforms write up the report.

*** *** *** ***

A very nervous Dee put the key into the lock of her loves small house. She stepped inside and called out, “I’m home Vickie?”

Vickie came running out of the bedroom and threw her arms around Dee’s neck. “Where were you? I called the Gallery and your Mom’s and no one…”

Dee pulled her close hugging her tightly and whispered, “Shh, I’m ok Baby. I kind of stuck my nose in…and a…well…”

Vickie pulled back and looked into very guilty blue eyes asking, “What did you stick your nose into?”

“I love you so much…”Whispered Dee kissing her love gently all over her face.

Vickie enjoyed the kisses but stubbornly continued, “And I love you with all my heart so tell me what you did?”

Dee looked at her with a lopsided grin, “What makes you think I did anything wrong?”

“I didn’t say you did but sticking your nose in implies that’s just what you did. So my love, what did you do?”

“I…uh…kind of followed the ass hole to my family’s compound…”


“Now Baby, calm down. Everything is all right and…”

“Calm down? You could have been killed…”

Dee gently covered the quivering lips with her fingers and then led her love to the living room couch and sat down pulling the smaller woman on to her lap. Then once she made sure she was comfy she continued, “I never got a chance to do anything. My friend Tammy stopped me. Mom got worried and bullied Pop into calling out the cavalry. They caught that bastard breaking into my studio and he….he…”Now holding her love in her arms looking into the eyes she loved so much and dreamed of all her life she broke down crying.

“Honey what’s wrong?” Asked Vickie gently drying the tears with her fingers and stroking the long beautiful hair.

Still crying as she thought of her shattered present she said in a very shaky voice, “I made you a special present. It was a bonding gift. It was a platter of us smiling and hugging each other. I have dreamt of it for years and it really came together beautifully. He shattered it. Broke it into a thousand unfixable pieces,” she now started to sob on her loves shoulder.

Vickie was very touched by the loving and thoughtful gift and knew it broke her loves heart that it was ruined forever. She hugged her tight and kissed her tenderly. Then she pulled back and said with her cheek against Dee’s, “I love the thought…”

“I am sooo sorry Baby…I’ll try and make a new one…”

“Shh, its ok. I’m so honored you did that.”

“It was my betroval gift to you…”

“Sweetheart I don’t need that all I want is you…”

“You already have me my love, I just wanted to do something special.”

“You are special. I love you and I’m yours forever.”

“That’s all I was trying to say…I guess I didn’t have to, huh?”

Vickie smiled sweetly and brought Dee’s willing lips to her own and kissed her passionately. Dee fell deeply under the spell Vickie had created, that was all she needed to hear.

*** *** *** ***

Vickie was nervously cleaning her place as she waited for the arrival of her family. She and Dee were basically just tidying up because Vickie had been cleaning the place for two days.

“Baby, come here and sit down please. Your folks will be here soon and your going to tire yourself out before they even get here.”

“Um…ok…”said the nervous blonde. She sat beside Dee who immediately put an arm around her shoulders.

“Are you worried that they won’t like me?” Dee whispered softly as she gently ran her fingers through the soft hair on her shoulder.

Vickie’s eyes closed and she relaxed against the warm shoulder, “No, not at all. I…I’m always like this. It’s just me, not them or you. I’m the fledgling who left the nest. I have to be successful and perfect.”

“Mmm, well my Mom says no one is perfect…”

“I know but I always try to be…”

“You are perfect with me Love, so you can relax,” purred Dee into the tiny ear then she gently nibbled the ear lobe.

“I did try to be perfect with you but um…now I am just me…I trust you…”

Dee kissed her love along her neckline and said softly, “I worship you just as you are…”

“You do?”


*** *** *** ***

Vickie’s family arrived at the front door and knocked. After a couple of minutes they knocked again. Then they heard an obvious scramble and Vickie calling out, “Who is it?”

“Your Family,” said her father in an amused voice.

“Ok, just a sec.” She opened the door a minute later Dee right behind her. Dee smirked as she noticed the panties sticking out of her loves back pocket. She snuck them out and stuck them deep into her own pocket, then quietly waited for Vickie to introduce her to her parents.

“Sweetheart, you look so beautiful,” said her mother hugging her daughter close and kissing her on each cheek. Vickie’s Father and sister stared at Dee with expressions of pure shock.

“My God, you’re the spitting image of what my little girl has been doing all her life.” Said Vickie’s Father in an awe filled voice.

Vickie pulled back and said with voice full of love and pride, “And she has been doing me all her life too, Daddy. We have been having the same dreams all these years.”

The small man looked at the tall woman and said, “May I give you a hug to welcome you to our family?”

Dee gave him a beautiful smile and replied softly, “I’d love that.” They hugged and Vickie’s sister said, “She’s even more beautiful then you painted her, Sis.”

“Vickie nodded, “Yep.”

Dee blushed and gave Vickie, ‘The Look,’ which merely got a little tongue coming out of the soft pink lips. Dee shook her head and Vickie’s family all laughed.

“Well why don’t you all come into the living room so we can all get aquatinted,” said Vickie softly as she led her whole family into the large comfortable livingroom.

*** *** *** ***

They were in the dining room eating dinner. Dee sat beside Vickie; Vickie’s father sat at the head of the table with her father on the other end. Her sister sat across from her and Dee.

“This is delicious Vickie, When did you learn to cook Spaghetti like this?”

“Um… Dee made it,” said Vickie with a loving look at the suddenly blushing woman beside her. Dee stared at her plate very surprised by how embarrassed she was by the loving compliment. She usually didn’t care what anyone thought, but to be given such a sweet compliment by these special people rocked her world.

Vickie’s father was very charmed by the sudden shyness. “It is wonderful Dee. You must give my wife the recipe.”

Dee looked at Vickie with a delighted smile and then looked at the others who were smiling affectionately at the pretty woman. “Um…sure…I guess.” She shrugged then she looked up her eyes sparkling, “Vickie did the garlic bread, isn’t it great?”

Vickie’s sister giggled, “You two are so cute.”

“Nicky,” growled Vickie.

“Well come on Vic you’re just so cute…”

“Keep your opinions to your self, Sis.”

“Hey big Sister, I can say what I think…”

“No you can’t…”

“Yes I can…”

Dee reached under the table and had taken Vickie’s hand into hers, squeezing gently. Vickie returned the squeeze and rubbed her thumb against Dee’s palm.

“Nicky, this all new to me please show some consideration.”


“Nicky, stop it. Leave your sister alone.”

“Thanks Mom.”

“Sure…Um, she is right though you two are adorable.”


*** *** *** ***

They were alone in the living room after Vickie’s family left to get settled in their hotel. Vickie was still very jittery for some reason, so Dee got up took both Vickie’s hands in hers and asked, “Would you dance with me Love?”

“Yes I’d love to.”

Dee smiled and gently pulled Vickie up into her arms, kissing her gently. With an arm around the smaller woman’s shoulder, she put a favorite CD in, and the beginning strains of “Close to You” by the Carpenters played in the living room.

She brought Vickie close and Vickie snuggled even closer as they swayed to the Carpenters gentle rhythm. Dee softly began to sing the words into Vickie’s ear melting her love closer still.

“Why do birds suddenly appear?
Every time you are near.
Just like me they long to be close to you”

Why do stars fall down from the sky?
Everytime you walk by.
Just like me they long to be close to you.”

Soft lips kissed their way down till they met Vickie’s and the woman kissed deeply and passionately.

When they pulled back, Dee whispered, “I love you so very much, no song could ever express the depth of my love.”

“You show me that all the time even with out your beautiful voice serenading me. I love you too…I love how you sing…like an angel…”

“Mmm, I always could carry a tune.”

“No it’s much more then that…”

Dee kissed her love passionately again forestalling a conversation of this hidden talent. She used to sing for a living when she was struggling to work her way through college. She didn’t want to think about the way she was then. It was another lifetime now.

Dee picked up her love and carried her toward their bedroom.

“I think the rest of this should be in the privacy of our bedroom don’t you?” She kissed her again as she brought both of them on to their bed. She pulled back and looked down into the pretty face and smiled. “Open those incredible eyes for me please.”

The eyes fluttered open and looked up full of love and need, “You are so very beautiful,” whispered Dee as she gently unbuttoned Vickie’s shirt.

“Mmm, you are beautiful….”

Dee smiled brightly, pulling herself and her love on top of her onto the bed, pulling off her loves shirt and flinging it toward the floor. She then pulled off her own shirt sending it to join Vickie’s. She undid Vickie’s bra and just admired her saying, “Baby, you are so stunning that I can’t believe my good fortune. ” She had undressed them both and pulled her love close, relishing the skin on skin contact with a deep contented sigh. Dee lost focus as the small hands claimed her body and she melted under Vickie’s erotic spell till she forgot where she was and even who she was; all she knew was that she was loved.

*** *** *** ***

They were fast asleep cuddled deep in each others’ arms when a loud crash outside woke them up. Then yelling was heard and two upset heads popped off the bed.

“What the hell was that!?!”

“Dee, that sounds like Nicky and…” pure fear and anguish appeared on Vickie’s face as she thought of what could be happening outside to her baby sister.

“Who Baby?”

“I think it’s Martha…she could hurt Nicky!” answered Vickie with terrified green eyes.

“You mean the bitch who hurt you?”

Vickie nodded. Dee, enraged, pulled out of Vickie’s arms and stormed out of the bedroom, stark naked.

“Dee wait!” Called Vickie as she grabbed some clothes off the floor and Dee’s robe. She quickly put on the clothes as she followed her angry partner out of the house.

One very angry naked woman stormed out of the house just as the other woman was about to pull Nicky into her car.

“Leave that poor child alone!” Screamed Dee as she strode angrily toward them. “It’s bad enough you tried to kill my sweet Vickie!” She roared as she almost reached the struggling pair.

The startled woman looked up and almost fainted at the sight. Dee was in perfect condition. She looked like the Goddess of War and that Goddess was ready to slug her. Nicky took the opportunity to get a way. She ran up to the porch and right into the arms of her big sister. Vickie held her close gently consoling the upset girl with quiet words of comfort and rubbing her back with gentle strokes as she watched the love of her life about to fight her worst nightmare.

“I wanted to surprise you guys…I brought breakfast…she…she…”

“Shh, Its ok Nik, Shhh.”

Dee approached the other woman with the finesse of angry panther. They carefully circled each other like they were about to enter a boxing match.

Suddenly the other woman screamed and stampeded right toward Dee’s mid section. Dee easily sidestepped the assault of the drunken woman, who couldn’t counter-balance herself and landed on her butt.

She looked up at Dee and said, “Well you are something else ain’t you? She didn’t do you justice in her trash…”

“Shut up! I don’t give a crap what you think of me or my loves’ work. First you almost kill My Vickie and then you try to hurt her sister. It ain’t going to happen…”

“What the hell do you mean kill?”

“You knocked her into that table and left her to die…”

“She was fucking around…!”

Suddenly too angry to hold back any longer she let out a war cry and flew into a roundhouse kick, catching the other woman in the midsection. She fell onto the grass rolling away from the angry Dee. Vickie took this chance to gently disengage from Nicky and bring Dee the robe she brought out for her.

She threw the robe over Dee’s shoulders and Dee not taking her eyes off her opponent put the robe on saying, “Thanks Baby. You and Nicky go into the house where it’s safe…”


“Sweetheart…” She was interrupted when Martha got up growling and came full speed toward the tall woman. Dee easily jumped away and protectively landed in front of Vickie. When the other woman tried throwing a punch toward her jaw, Dee who was tying her robe closed, casually aimed her elbow right toward the other woman’s chin knocking her out cold.

Dee then turned toward Vickie and said, “Sweetheart call Tammy, the number is on the pad by the phone.”

Vickie didn’t want to leave Dee so she looked at her sister and pleaded with her eyes, “Nicky could you?”

Nicky nodded and ran into the house.

Now clothed, the tall blue eyed beauty looked at the woman who was awake again and looking up at her with loathing.

“I take it your plans have now gone awry, Martha?”

“I didn’t expect the little brat to scream so much…”growled the woman who was intense pain was too drunk and angry to care.

“Well she is my Vickie’s sister which makes her very smart…”

“She’s a wimp…”

“The hell she is! You’re a gorilla…”

An angry roar came from the Martha barreled toward Dee again. Dee easily sidestepped the attack. She was very much wishing that Tammy would get here already so she could be with Vickie, and check on Nicky. She knew her love was safe on the porch again but she wanted this to end already.

Nicky came out and stood beside Vickie saying, “Tammy said she would be here in a couple of minutes.”

“Thank God, I hope she is here sooner then that,” said Vickie intensely watching the two women fighting on the lawn.

A siren was heard as Tammy in a patrol unit approached Vickie’s house. Martha tried to get away but Dee growled, “Oh no you don’t!” and flew into another round house kick this time hitting her on the arm and knocking her completely off balance. She landed on her butt just as Tammy came running up the lawn.

“What happened?”

“That’s the bitch who tried to kill Vickie! Now she has tried to abduct Nicky and assaulted me. I want you to book her on every charge you can think of,” said the still seething brunette.

“Ok, Wonder Woman, calm down,” she smiled affectionately at her friend and then looked at Vickie and Nicky who were approaching her from the porch. They looked a lot alike, but Nicky had scared brown eyes and Vickie had angry anxious green ones.

“Are you all right, Vickie?”

Vickie nodded as she approached the two tall women.

“Could you take Wonder Woman into the house please. You need to get her into some clothes before her Dad get here …oh and Vickie? See if you calm her down a bit…”

“Her Dad is coming already?”

“Yep, he has an arrangement with the police chief if anyone he loves has a problem he is phoned so he can be aware of it. Dee used to get into trouble a bit when she was younger. Considering what just happened, he will probably be here any second.

Vickie nodded and quickly pulled the protesting brunette into the house. Once inside Vickie threw her arms around her loves neck and hugged her tightly, crying. Dee immediately hugged her closer, “Baby why are you crying? She didn’t lay a finger on me. Did she hurt Nicky?” Her voice was full of worry as she tried to find out why her love was now sobbing.

Vickie pulled back and shook her head. “No Love, Nicky is ok. I…this is…this is all my fault…”

“What?” Dee gently nudged Vickie’s chin up so she could look into her loves eyes. “How could this possibly be your fault?”

“She is mad at me…”

“So? She nuts! She’s worse then that she dangerously insane. She tried to kill you and kidnap Nicky. She was obviously stalking us too. That’s three criminal charges. This is her problem not yours.”

“Yes it is mine fault. Dee, don’t you see she would never have done that to you or Nicky if it wasn’t…because she was…”

“Obsessed by you?”

Vickie nodded and tried to pull away, “Maybe I …”

Holding on tight not letting her pull away Dee asked quietly, “What?”

“I may be too dangerous for you to love…”

“No Baby, you are a delight to love. I am so lucky to have found you and nothing is going to chase me away. She is deranged and should be put away. With the charges we have stacked against her that should happen…”


“Do you love me?”

“Yes, with everything that I am.”

“Good, that’s how much I love you too. I will never, ever leave you.”

*** **** **** ***

The tall man was very angry at himself for pulling out the protective detail he had secretly requested to protect Vickie’s house. The girls had told him about this woman from Vickie’s past but he never expected her do try something like this.

Dee came out onto the porch before he had a chance to knock. She was now dressed in a T-shirt and jeans with no shoes and hair down. Her eyes were red and puffy and it was obvious to him that she had been crying. She immediately ran to her father hugging him close and crying on his strong shoulder, “Oh Pop!”

“Honey, what happened?”

She pulled back and impatiently dried the tears from her cheeks as she replied. “When I came out of the house she was trying to pull Vickie’s sister Nicky into the car. Nicky was trying to protect herself by elbowing her in the stomach. She was just about to hit the sweet girl when I came out. I…I…”

“Beat the crap out of her.”

“Well Pop, she came at me first and I…”

“Shh, Its ok Sweetheart, Tammy already told me. How is Vickie?”

“Oh Pop, that’s the worst!” Dee started to cry again hugging her father tight, “She’s blaming herself. She thinks…she says… she is not safe to be around…for me to love… I won’t let her leave me Pop! Never! I won’t…I can’t…”

“Shh, It’s ok Honey. I won’t let her leave you either. Where is she?”

“Crying in the bedroom…”

“Ok Dee, stay here, I’ll go talk to her.”


He gently kissed her on the forehead and wiped the fresh tears from her cheeks. “No need to thank me you’re my little girl. She’s the love your life and I’ll be damned if I let anything happen to either of you.”

*** *** *** ***

He could hear the crying from down the hall. The poor girl was crying her eyes out and pouring her heart out to her sister.

“This is not your fault!” cried Nicky to her upset sister. “Didn’t Dee tell you that?”

“Yes, because she loves me…”

“And because it’s the truth,” said the tall man leaning against the bedroom door.

“But…” Red rimmed green eyes met compassionate blue looking at him pleadingly, ” I know you don’t want someone who is dangerous to bring harm to your daughter…”

“I know you haven’t known my child long but surely you know that my Dee loves trouble. Much more important than that, she loves you.” He walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed beside Vickie. “I have to tell you that she is a completely different person with you in her life. Before you entered her life all she cared about was her art and her family. She was a bit indifferent to others but she is so gentle and thoughtful with you, that its like she’s possessed by another woman. It’s very beautiful to see. She loves you so deeply, I have never seen her so devoted and committed before, Vickie. Dee won’t let you leave her and neither will I…”

“Neither will I Sis!” Said Nicky who stood beside them in front of the bed. “Martha hurt you so much. She not only abused you to the point of almost killing you she made you into a hermit. Dee has brought my real sister back to me and I am so very grateful…”

“No need for that, it was my honor,” said soft voice from the doorway. She looked deeply into the green eyes and asked her love, “Well, Sweetheart?”

Vickie looked at all three of the people around her. All their faces reflecting the hope that she would see the truth of what they were saying. She then looked deeply into the eyes that meant the most in the world to her, got up and went beside her hugging her close she whispered, “Ok Love, you’re stuck with me.”

Dee hugged her back and smiled happily over her head toward her father and Nicky. She then kissed her Love on the forehead and replied, ” I think I can live with that, Baby.”

*** *** *** ***

They were in Dee’s studio and running around in bikinis. Dee’s was black and Vickie’s was yellow. Dee was diligently working on her newest creation getting it ready to go into the kiln.

“You know your brother will be shocked if he comes in here and finds me like this,” said Vickie as she worked on her latest project on a sketchpad.

“No Baby, he would think it was odd if weren’t dressed like that.” Dee straightened up from the kiln with a wicked smile on her face. “He would think it was strange if you were wearing more clothes when you hang around me believe me.” She chuckled and stretched as she fiddled with the dials on the kiln. Then she stretched and moaned. When she looked at Vickie’s reaction she laughed and walked over sexily as she said, “Your new bonding gift needs to bake for a bit would like to take advantage of our state of undress?” She put her arms around her loves shoulder sitting on the edge of the table.

“How you put these propositions…” replied Vickie with huge smile as she tilted her lips up to meet Dee’s. The sketchpad fell to the floor and Vickie found her self being lifted up onto Dee’s lap. The two already warm bodies seemed to melt into each other.

Dee began to kiss Vickie along her neckline and whispered, “Would you say it’s a bit hot here.”

Mmm, you’re hot…” Vickie moaned bringing Dee’s body even closer to her own. She now had no idea what she was saying anymore.

Dee nibbled the little ear and whispered, “So are you. ” She picked up Vickie and started to carry her whispering, “I’m taking you home, Sweetheart.”


“Yes Baby,” she purred kissing her pulse point as she carried her love to their house. Then she discovered she needed one free hand to open the door. “Baby I need a hand to open the door.” The smaller woman had a hold of her free hand, kissing each finger hungrily. Dee balanced her on her knee, quickly opened the door, and picked her up again. She closed the door with her butt and carried the love of her life upstairs to enjoy their mutual bodyheat.

*** *** *** ***

Dee had asked Vickie to dress in her prettiest outfit. She paced in their living room as she waited for the smaller woman to change.

The woman who had torment her love for so many years was now safely in jail. Her father was working on having her transferred to a facility for the dangerously insane.

After that ordeal was over, Vickie and she had a long discussion and it was decided that Vickie would move into Dee’s house and make it their own. Dee hated to admit it, because she always tried to be a free spirit, but she needed to live near her family. She wanted Vickie to be apart of that and much to her delight Vickie wanted that too.

Happily, Nicky and moved into Vickie’s house while she went to UCLA. So their parents came two to three times a month. They were one big family and they were about to become even more connected because Nicky and Robby had started dating and really liked each other.

“Hi,” said a soft voice from behind her.

Dee turned and she almost fainted from lack of air. She reminded herself how to breathe as she gazed at the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Vickie was in a white sundress. She wore white sandals and white pearls, and she had pulled her hair into a white snood. She looked so angelic that Dee was sure there was a halo around her head. She simply glowed with beauty.

Dee was wearing black trousers and black silk top with a white silk vest. Here hair was pulled back into a ponytail held by a leather holder. She wore black boots and with no jewelry or make up, she didn’t need either. She looked devastatingly beautiful and sexy.

“Um, are you sure you want to…”

“Baby, the family is waiting for us… we can enjoy a private celebration later. In fact I intend to keep going all night and all day tomorrow.”


“Hey, can I help it if I love you and want to show you over and over.” Dee said with a very wicked smile. Dee had walked over to her love and held out her arm.

Vickie took it and whispered, “And I love it when you do just that.”

They looked deeply into each other eyes and then sighed. “Shall we?” Asked Dee. Vickie nodded as the tall woman escorted her out the door.

*** *** *** ***

Mandy decorated her living room with special care and her backyard looked like a fairyland. She smiled as she surveyed her hard work. The beautiful panel that Vickie had done of Dee on horseback was on a pedestal in the back yard, the backdrop for what was to come. It had moved into their livingroom when Nicky had moved into Vickie’s house but was now in a place of honor on this special occasion.

There was a knock on the door from the living room to the patio. Mandy opened it and smiled at the two small women looking at her with very happy expressions.

“Well hello soon to be in-laws,” said Mandy with a huge smile. “Where is my future Daughter-In-Law’s Dad?”

“With his very nervous daughter,” said Karen, Vickie and Nicky’s mother.

“Scott is with Dee, she is full of nervous energy. I’m waiting for him to come in asking for some soft rope…”

“Rope?” Asked Nicky shocked.

My Daughter has the tendency to climb the walls and the furniture when she is very nervous.”

“Oh? Vic just gets really quiet and works in her sketch book.”

“Hopefully Daddy will calm her down,” said Karen with sweet smile.

“I hope so, Mom.”

*** *** *** ***

Dee walked nervously down the aisle on her father’s arm.

“Dee, you’re leaving finger prints.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Stop being so nervous it will be fine.”

Not really hearing a word her father said she replied, “Oh, sorry.”

“Sweetheart, focus.”


“We’re here, Honey.”

Dee looked up and saw they were at the altar. Scott Taylor was going to perform the ceremony so he took his place on the podium. All alone below, Dee had a fleeting fear grab her heart and the unreasoning thought that she should run away and not look back.

Then all such thoughts left her as the love her life walked down the aisle on her father’s arm. Just as nervous as she was and looking so beautiful, she just stole her heart all over again.

Vickie’s father brought his daughter to the tall woman and looked at the tear filled eyes with loving compassion. He kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “You look stunning my Daughter-in-Law to be,” He said with a huge smile and then stepped back.

“Thank you Tom,” whispered Dee back to him as she watched him sit down with his wife in the front row of chairs next to the rest of their family. Then she looked into the most mesmerizing eyes she had ever seen.



“You look so beautiful it makes feel faint.”

“So do you…”

“EhHem, ” Said Judge Taylor with a loving look at both women below him. “We are gathered here to bring these two beautiful people who are deeply in love together. It is my honor to join them since one of them is my little girl and the other is the young woman who has held her heart all her life.”

He smiled at the two beet-red imploring faces below him.

“Dee would you like to go first?”

Dee swallowed and said a quiet, “Yes.” She then looked only at Vickie, which made it much easier for her to say how she felt.

“This is just the beginning for us my Love. I think of this as our canvas and we can make of it what we will. We can create any life we desire and as long as we are together it is my belief that we will live happily ever after. Will you commit to me, My Vickie.”

Vickie nodded with tears dropping from her eyelashes and down her red cheeks. Dee pulled a small silver posy ring off her little finger and gently lifted Vickie’s hand. She kissed the palm and then slid the ring on the finger that joined them together forever.

Vickie took a deep breath and smiled first at Dee then Judge Taylor who had a few tears of his own. Both pairs of pale blue eyes were sparkling with love and delight. Judge Taylor looked at Vickie and said, “Ok, Vickie your turn.”

Vickie nodded took a deep breath and then said, “I am so honored and lucky to have found you. I would have waited forever for you I love you so. Thank you for coming into my life and making it better.” She took the pretty ring with Celtic design from Nicky. She smiled at her sister who was as teary eyed as they rest.

Then she looked up into the beautiful teary blue eyes that always took her breath away. She took Dee’s hand and kissed the ring finger then slid the ring onto it.

They smiled at each other then turned toward Dee’s father with huge smiles on their faces.

“It is my honor to announce the commitment of the two beautiful women before you.” Everyone applauded, and Robby stood on his chair applauding and whistling.

Dee didn’t wait for her father to say anything she pulled her new wife into her arms and kissed her passionately. Everyone one laughed and whistled and applauded more.

Dee whispered, “Baby, you want sneak out and celebrate now?”

“Sweetheart what about our family?”

“Ok we’ll give them 20 minutes after that they won’t miss us…”


“You promised, My Love,” She then kissed her passionately. When they ran out of air and Dee kissed her way down her loves neck, Vickie whispered, “Mmmm, Ok, 30 minutes.”

“Mmmm, that’s a deal Baby, that’s a deal.” She kissed her again then pulled back slightly so she could elegantly escort her bride to the reception.
The End

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