The Story Lounge is a site where you will find some of the most interesting stories in alternative writing. They are written by the bards of the Xenaverse, and in my opinion that fandom has produced the best femslash stories out there. I can’t guarantee that every story will be perfect, because the majority of the writers are amateurs. But I can promise you the most heart-felt dramas, the most original humor, hugely epic romances and even a few stories about werewolves and vampires. And even though the stories aren’t done by professionals, they are unforgettable. You will find yourself coming back time and time again to start the journey over, and over, and over, and. . .

But I must warn you. If you are not a fan of stories about women in relationships with other women, you are in the wrong place, and should backspace it on out of here before you have a life changing experience. But if you are a fan of that special kind of lady love, stick around and read for awhile, because you are in for a wild ride.



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