The Conqueror: Sceptre of Fate Series by Harpy & HkdonXetG


When Destiny Meets Fate by HkdonXetG & Harpy
A young farm girl named Gabrielle leaves her village and enlists in the Army of Xena the Conqueror. Xena finds herself captivated by this rather bold and idealistic young woman and offers her a job as her personal assistant. Xena soon realizes that Gabrielle possesses an unconventional wisdom and comes to rely upon Gabrielle for advice and friendship as she leads her army in a campaign of conquest. After conquering Athens, Xena becomes Empress of Greece and all of the Greek territories, previously controlled by ruthless warlords and petty kings, are united under her rule. Her ambitions do not stop there. It is Xena’s self-proclaimed destiny to rule over a vast empire, and so she looks toward Rome as her next conquest. In the service of the Conqueror, Gabrielle goes from being a naive village girl to the Empress’ most trusted advisor and friend, much to the annoyance of Xena’s second-in-command. Through Gabrielle’s friendship Xena realizes that her quest for personal glory does not have to come at the expense of her personal happiness. Along the way, they realize they were fated to be together.

Harbringer of Fate by HkdonXetG & Harpy
A different timeline, a different Xena and Gabrielle – or are they? Gabrielle is no longer a naïve village girl: she is senior advisor to the Empress of Greece with more power and influence to do good than she had ever dreamed possible. Xena is Empress of Greece with ambitions to rule an empire that eclipses even Alexander the Great. Together their mutual attraction has grown into love, but they soon find that being in love is easy compared to building a relationship – especially when Xena insists it must be kept secret. “I am a target for my enemies; I can live with that. But if they know about you, about us, then you will become a target as well, and that I could never live with.”

Will Gabrielle be able to bring about social reforms and secure a treaty with the Amazons, or will political rivals thwart her efforts? Will Xena be able to stay focused on her plans for conquering Asia Minor, or will her relationship with Gabrielle prove to be too much of a distraction? Will their love be strong enough to navigate the treacherous waters of political intrigue, personal relationships, and potential enemies

In the Hands of Fate by HkdonXetG & Harpy
Xena’s worse fears have come true and knowledge of her relationship with Gabrielle has made Gabrielle a target for those who oppose the Empress. Intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracy imperil alliances, friendships, and lives. Xena soon discovers that no one is above suspicion as she exposes a plot that threatens to thwart her plans of conquest.

Will Xena rescue Gabrielle or will Xena be too late to save her? Will the Treaty with the Amazons be ratified or will the Amazon Queen be collateral damage in the growing conspiracy? Will Xena and Gabrielle be reunited or will unforeseen forces jeopardize their happiness and risk the fate of all whom they love?



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