Fire and Ice Series by Stein Willard

fire and ice stein willard

Fire And Ice Series by Stein Willard – 170 pages –

Kris Ingersson thought she had everything she could ever want. Fearless and respected, the blonde Viking single-mindedly crisscrossed the oceans in search of fame and fortune. That was until the day she laid eyes on a fiery Spanish pirate. It was only then that she realized that no fortune would ever be complete unless the golden-eyed pirate was part of it.

From noble descent and reluctant to be part of the superficial, backstabbing women vying for attention at the Spanish Court, Morgana craved the adventure the wide open sea offered. Freedom and the dangerous swells of the great seas was all she thought she needed to feel alive. But destiny had more in store for her. It came in the form of the most beautiful and the most unattainable of the female specie.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice – New Beginnings

Fire and Ice – Love on the High Seas


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