The Embrace Series by CJ Wells


The Embrace Series by CJ Wells – 420 pages
The Conqueror is in love with her slave, but she hates it. How long will it take for her to give in to the feelings, and stop being brutal, and start being loving?

Part 1 includes
The Embrace
The Antonius Situation
Darphus’ Revenge
Trial of the Destroyer
Union At Albion

Part 2 includes
Surprises In Rome
The Blessings of Mothers
The Conqueror’s Campaign

Gabrielle’s Option ( A Vignette)

January Thaw
An ongoing Uber continuation of the Conqueror series. (updates are still being posted) The characters of this story originate from my Embrace/Freedom Conqueror. However‚ this story takes place in the present time. So‚ although technically it’s an uber‚ it’s not an uber in the same vein as most stories out there in the Fanfic world. The “Xena” and “Gabrielle” characters of this story are not simply modern-day likenesses of the TV characters‚ but rather‚ they have a direct connection with the Conqueror and Bard of my series. The mode of that connection will be duly explained within this tale‚ thus a thorough understanding of this story will be achieved only if the stories of the Conqueror Series are read. If you haven’t read the Series before‚ I do hope that you enjoy it.
~CJ Wells~


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