Seasons Series by Anne Azel

Autumn Winds – 103 pages
Robbie Williams was rich, famous, and powerful. She thought she was in complete control until she met Janet and her daughter Reb. Suddenly, Robbie’s world was way out of control!

Winter Snows – 74 pages
Janet and Robbie’s fall romance had sent sparks flying. Then Ryan arrived on the scene. Could they now face the strains and problems in their lives and stay together?

Spring Rains – 90 pages
Janet Williams thought her relationship with Robbie was made in heaven until she discovered that Robbie had a hidden past. Can their relationship survive when it had been built on a foundation of secrets?

Summer Heat – 78 pages
Robbie and Janet had felt that they had come through a year of hell stronger and more in love. They didn’t think anything else could go wrong. Then they found themselves facing their worst nightmare.

Indian Summer – 59 pages
An epilogue to the series.

Wine, Women and Good Food – 11 pages
Here is something very different. Wine, Women and Good Food allows little glimpses into the life of Robbie and Janet Williams from the well loved Seasons Series. It also takes you on a tour of beautiful Canada and tasty foods that are meant for love.

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