March Writers Studio Award

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Writers Studio Award

Nano Series by Jules Mills

The Nano Series received Lunacy’s Highest Recommendation and is the winner of the Amazon Ice Award and the Swollen Buds Award.

“Grace Wilson, a young ambitious doctor, becomes involved with ex-con and brilliant nanotech Dana Papadopolis. Together they attempt to find out who it is who wants Dana either in back in prison or dead, and why.” — Nancy Amazon Presents . . .

“This compelling . . . series set in the not-too-distant future transports the reader to the New Haven, Conn., bar where ex-con Dana Papadopolis and Dr. Grace Wilson first meet and from there to the fascinating world of “cell life, mutating DNA, and self-replicating nano machines.” Both women are driven in their own ways — the dark and distrustful “Doc” struggling with the anger produced by years of abuse and by her guilt over the horrific use to which her research in nanotechnology has been put and Grace by a hunt for a cure for cancer that borders on obsession and leads to a growing dependence on stimulants.” — Swollen Buds


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