In A Heartbeat by Wendy Arthur

After Montana Page
After A Day At School (mini-episode)
What happens during a normal evening in the Carson household? Wait… what’s a ‘normal’ evening?

* * *

After The Sunset (Part 1)
Special Agent CJ Carson chases down criminals. It’s what she does for a living. After an important case is concluded in Minnesota, she begins her return trip to the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office. Kate is at home, excited about her wife’s return and about the prospect of a new acting job, when she receives the type of visit from Assistant Director Mark Mulroney that she never, ever wanted to get.

* * *

In A Heartbeat (After The Sunset – Part 2 )
Every second we live is a gift. When your world turns upside down and you struggle to see meaning in the most heartbreaking of moments, it’s tough to keep going. In Kate Carson’s life, she’s had many of these moments but as time moves on to approach another soul-wrenching precipice , she experiences a mere second… a single heartbeat… where she realizes with absolute certainty that living will never be the same again.


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