First Stories In The Xenaverse

Have you ever wondered what were the firsts stories in the Xenaverse? Well guess no more. Here are the first ever Uber, Mel and Janice and Conqueror stories to be written. And although All Through The Night by Rebekah wasn’t the first Xena story it is considered the one that revolutionized the genre and set the standard for the way bards write Xena fiction today.


All Through The Night by Rebekah – 42 pages (December 1996)
Gabrielle takes care of a badly wounded Xena after the warrior’s luck runs out while testing a theory as to why they are constantly under attack.


The first uber-Xena story appeared in Hercules fanfic – it was called A Meeting Of Chance by Terra Chang – 14 pages (January 1997)
A chance encounter in modern Athens leads a group of people to relive their past. This story features modern-day versions of Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolus.


The first uber to appear in XWP fanfic was Darkone’s Warrior’s Heart – 4 pages (February 1997)
Uber-Gabrielle as a rock star and the uber-Xena as her bodyguard.


The first Mel/Janice story was Bat Morda’s Is There A Doctor On The Dig? – 87 pages (March 1997)
Janice, Mel, Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto in a continuation of the Xena episode, Xena Scrolls. This story has everything – adventure, suspense, COMEDY and romance.


The first Conqueror story was The Storyteller by Katrina – 35 pages (March 1998)
Set in the alternate world of the Hercules episode Armageddon, this fantastic new warlord/slave story is a powerful, intense, emotional piece that has the young agitator Gabrielle surviving the ordeal Empress Xena condemned her to on a cross. It is while suffering the pain of that torture that Gabrielle gains a sudden insight into how she may be able to change the ruthless empress – not by inciting the people against her, but by inciting a revolution in the woman’s own heart. Determined to try even if it leads to her death, Gabrielle returns to the castle where the now crippled agitator turns storyteller and is soon telling her one-time enemy tales of heroes, of fighting for the greater good, and of a love that would change the world. Katrina’s characterizations in this are beautifully multi-layered, presenting a Xena with all the power in the world and an aching emptiness within while her Gabrielle, despite a poignant outer frailty, is a storyteller of gentle heroism and steely determination.

The Healer by Katrina – 8 pages (unfinished)
Set some months after The Storyteller, this sequel finds the world marveling at the subtle changes that have taken place in the realm of Xena the Conqueror as the Empress has embraced a new way of governing, a new way of dealing with her subjects. Though at times still swift and merciless, the Destroyer of Nations is also now surprisingly just – more mindful of her human resources and less ready to resort to plain cruelty. It’s a change attributed in part to the crippled scribe who’s become a constant presence by the ruler’s side – a change welcomed by many and despised by others – a change which has exacted a toll of its own on the once heartless Conqueror for in opening herself to the love of the young woman she once sought to kill Xena has now rediscovered a long-buried heart, making herself vulnerable in the process. Fighting outside forces and inner turmoil, the Conqueror will take them on a journey to see an old friend, on a quest for redemption and healing that may prove to be the greatest challenge yet for the fierce Warrior Queen as she endeavors to heal those scars that can be seen…and the deeper ones that cannot.


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