Intimate Stranger Series by Watcher

1. Intimate Strangers – 77 pages
An author hires a body guard.

2. Ghosts From The Past – 43 pages
This sequel to Intimate Stranger has the ex-FBI agent Casey Bennett in a desperate race against time to try to save her beloved Beth from an enemy vent on revenge.

3. Beyond the Darkness – 66 pages
Casy and Beth try to overcome their last adventure.

4. Without A Doubt – 43 pages
Casey and Beth are back! The uber-duo’s hard-won peace is disrupted when a friend appeals to them for help

5. Forever Remember – 45 pages
In this installment of our PI and writer stories, Beth must help Casey confront her past and make peace with with it.

6. Bull’s Eye – 75 pages
In this Casey and Beth installment, Casey must pit her wits against a maniac trying to best her at a cat and mouse game, which places Beth in danger and tests our couples courageand love.

7. Always – 42 pages
Casey and Beth face a personal trial as Beth deals with a family gathering.

8. As She Sleeps – 5 pages
A short interlude into the lives of Beth and Casey.


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