Undeniable by KM

Jess And Robin Series by KM

Undeniable by KM – 252 pages
This is a simple story centered around a law firm in which a new associate is assigned to work with a newly made junior partner, and the growing attraction that develops between them as they work closely together, overcome past hardships, and their journey as they discover their deep feelings for each other.

Considerable Appeal by KM – 216 pages
Jess and Robin are back in this sequel to Undeniable. The story picks up about one week later and follows the junior partner and the associate as they seek to strengthen their bond amid the potential conflicts of family, friends, work and their own personal demons. The question is, can they maintain their relationship without risking everything?

Intuition by KM – 247 pages
The sequel to Considerable Appeal picks up about a month later and follows the junior partner and the young associate as they grow stronger together in their relationship, confront past and present painful events, seek professional acceptance and family support, encounter unexpected revelations, and make important decisions which may ultimately affect their future. The sixth sense is at play as they learn that things aren’t always what they seem.


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