Provenance by Cruise

Provenance by Cruise – 288 Pages
(Prequel to Indiscretions) An attractive Secret Service Agent encounters a blonde haired, green-eyed up and coming actress while on assignment protecting a Congressional candidate, who also happens to be the actress’ father. There’s an instant attraction between the two women, but Rayne Donovan is reluctant to go out with the persistent actress, Lark Morgan. She’s fighting feelings from her past and is not sure she wants to go down that road again. Lark sees what she wants, Rayne, and refuses to accept Rayne’s rebuttals of a date. She sees a spark of hope in the woman’s piercing blue eyes and won’t give up so easily. Will Rayne put her fears aside and take a chance on love again?

Indiscretions by Cruise – 105 Pages
Secret Service Agent Rayne Donovan is forced to protect a popular celebrity, Lark Morgan who happens to be a former lover. She reluctantly accepts an assignment she knows she will regret later on, but can’t walk away from it. The attractive blonde actress is happy to have her former lover back in her life, but Rayne isn’t pleased at all. Sparks fly with these two women when they are forced to come to terms with their feelings of anger, denial, betrayal, and love for each other.

Ab Initio by Cruise – 200 Pages
In the sequel to ‘Indiscretions,’ the truth about Lark is revealed, and Rayne tries to meet up with her before she leaves for Greece, but misses the plane. Lark arrives in Greece alone, thinking that Rayne won’t forgive her, not knowing she is on her way there. The pair share a loving, tearful reunion and Rayne has a surprise for Lark in a very special and romantic place in Greece. Happily ever after?


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