Essence by Ladyhawke

Essence by Ladyhawke – 320 pages
A killer is on the loose. Detective Rhimes and partner are doing everything to catch him.But still the ‘Tooth Fairy’ claims another victim. Getting no where fast on the case, Detective Rhimes Captain wants a psychic to help. Now the problem is to convince the psychic, Miss Newton, a woman with a painful past, to help catch a killer. But what if not only can the psychic see the killer, but the killer can see her.

Embers by Ladyhawke – 245 pages
This is a sequel to Essence. An arsonist is on the loose…. Within his fires he starts leaving signs to follow. Will Jenny Newton return from her self imposed exile to help on the case…. Or will the tragic events from a year ago, keep her running? And can she ever find peace again.


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