The Reef Series by Lois Kay

The Reef – 300 pages
A story about love long lost, friendship,hate, greed, choices and courage. Sam and Jody have not seen each other for years, torn apart by dramatic events that changed their lifes forever. Accidently they meet again…will they be able to restore what they once had? Or will they have to be satisfied with being ‘just friends’? Who is trying to destroy ‘The Reef’? Can they be stopped? At what cost?

Murrook Farm – 249 pages
This is a sequel to The Reef. Jody and Sam are married and are enjoying each other,their life and being close to their family and friends. But a sudden turn of events brings danger to them all. Is the love strong enough? What about the friendship? And the nerves…?

Christmas Special Delivery – 51 pages
Sam and Jody have invited their friends and family to celebrate Christmas with them, at Murrook Farm. But do all the guests that show up have an invitation? Some of them are a little…unexpected. Others are struggling with…things, to be able to…make it at all. But they all have one thing in common: they want to be home for the Holidays, to celebrate a special Christmas together.

Booyong Mountain – 287 pages
This story is a sequel to The Reef and Murrook Farm. Stevens Inc. has invested in an old, run-down rainforest resort and Sam Stevens has hired conservation biologist Robin Adams to manage the property. But, as Fiona McDonnell soon discovers, Robin Adams is not who she says she is. Is she? And who is the mysterious black clad stranger Fiona saw sneaking around in the forest? And what are Sam and Trishia hiding from the rest of the family?

The Grand Old Lady – 14 pages
A Valentine’s Day story.

Vanishing Act – 12 pages
A Halloween story.

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