Sweetwater Saga by Mickey Minner

Sweetwater 94 pages
Jesse has been forced to find her own way in life when her parents literally sell the family ranch out from under her. Jennifer has followed her dreams and traveled over a thousand miles to avoid living the life her father had planned for her. When their paths cross in the small frontier town of Sweetwater, Jesse is being framed for rustling cattle and soon finds herself facing a lynch mob. Jennifer feels compelled to come to Jesse’s assistance, a woman she barely knows. Can they uncover the evidence to clear Jesse’s name in time to save not only her life but also the chance to explore the growing feelings they are experiencing for each other?

Bannack – 88 pages
In the sequel to Sweetwater, when a friend receives disturbing news, Jesse and Jennifer travel to Bannack to check it out. On the way, they make an unexpected discovery that forces them to reconsider their future. Bannack holds more surprises for the couple and they decide that returning home is the best course of action. But, will they make it back to Sweetwater alive?

Bozeman – 59 pages
Bozeman continues the story of Jesse and Jennifer started in Sweetwater and continued in Bannack. Jennifer’s father arrives in Sweetwater to take her back east to an arranged marriage. Can Jesse keep her family together? Will Jennifer fight her father only to loose something more important?

Rolling Thunder – 300 pages
As Jesse and Jennifer return to life in the town of Sweetwater, Montana Territory, they face new adventures when both their adopted daughter, KC, and the town begin to grow. And, has Jennifer’s father returned to the east for good?

Fireweed – 120 pages
Jesse and Jennifer are having trouble balancing the responsibilities of Jennifer’s teaching position, running the ranch and the Silver Slipper and finding time for themselves and their children. Will an old friend offer a solution? In Fireweed, the women struggle with their growing family, the growing town of Sweetwater and a danger that neither of them could have ever imagined. Will their love continue to hold them together?

Broken Arrow – 140 pages
Jesse and Jennifer Branson are back in Broken Arrow, the next installment of the The Sweetwater Saga. More changes are coming to the valley they call home. What effect will these changes have on Sweetwater and on Jesse and Jennifer? And how will they cope with another change to their family?

KC and Grumps: Short Stories in the Sweetwater Saga – 50 pages

KC and Grump 1
While Jesse is away from the ranch, KC decides to help her grandfather. What could possible go wrong?

KC and Grump 2
KC shows her grandfather that not everything is useless.

KC and Grump 3
KC shows her grandfather that snow can be fun.

KC and Grumps 4
KC lends a helping hand.

KC and Grumps 5
KC picks out a Christmas tree.

KC and Grumps 6
It’s time for a fishing trip.

KC and Grumps 7
It’s time for a lesson in learning.

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