Homecoming Series by CN Winters

Homecoming – 60 pages
Xena and Gabrielle travel to the island of Lesbo to help Sappho and the people there track down the killer who’s unleashed a reign of terror there. In the process warrior and bard begin to give in to feelings they’ve been to scared to ever admit before.

Coming Home – 66 pages
Xena and Gabrielle return from the island of Lesbo – anxious to tell their friends and family about their joining there. Among the different reactions to the news, one in particular, from an unsuspecting source, will suddenly turn their world upside down, threatening the bond they’ve forged together and cruelly denying them the simple comfort of each other.

Home Sweet Home – 64 pages
This story is set five years after the warrior and bard first join. It is a time they remember with a bittersweet sadness now, at a loss to understand the distance growing between them despite the love still burning in their hearts. Determined to find a solution, however, the two head for the Amazon Nation and into the ancient equivalent of…marriage counseling

No Place Like Home – 63 pages
Part 4 of the Homecoming Series

Home at Last – 50 pages
The final installment of the Homecoming Series

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