Shaken Series by KG MacGregor

Shaken – 156 pages
Luxury car dealer Anna Kaklis and family attorney Lily Stuart meet by fate and work together to overcome an extraordinary challenge. Can their courage also help them conquer their fears of love?

Stirred – 127 pages
In the sequel to Shaken, Anna Kaklis and Lily Stuart find their new love tested by dramatic changes in their lives.

Strained – 150pages
In Shaken, they fell in love. In Stirred, that love was tested and reaffirmed. Now in Strained, LA car dealer Anna Kaklis and family attorney Lily Stuart face new questions about family and future. Very low on the angst-meter.

Anna’s Christmas – 9 pages
In this very short holiday vignette, we revisit the characters of the Shaken series. Anna Kaklis has a whole new perspective on Christmas this year, as she takes stock of the impact five-year-old Andy has had on her life with Lily.

I Told You So – 7 pages
Here’s a chance to look in on Anna & Lily from the Shaken series. Their son Andy is a first grader now, and bursting with excitement at the chance to play Mighty Mite football. Anna thinks it’s a great idea, but Lily’s worried that the undersized boy will get hurt.

Blood Of My Blood – 5 pages
In another vignette for the Kaklis family, Anna tackles Andy’s doubts about what it means to be a family.


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