Mulligan Series by KG MacGregor

Mulligan – 24 pages
The days are long and lonely for retired schoolteacher Louise Stevens; that is, until she encounters a certain green-eyed golf pro. Too bad they didn’t hit it off.

Mulligan II: In The Rough – 21 pages
It’s a sequel! Mulligan II follows Marty & Lou to the North Carolina mountains, where their romantic adventure continues.

Mulligan III: Teacher’s Pet – 24 pages
In this third story in the Mulligan series, Louise confronts her regrets about hiding her true self from those around her for virtually her entire life. While she vows not to make that same mistake with Marty, a former student inspires her to undo the secrecy of her 31 years with Rhonda Markosky.

Mulligan IV: The Cart Path Not Taken – 20 pages
Marty and Louise enjoy a trip to Palm Springs for The Dinah. Watching history unfold on the LPGA tour, Marty can’t help but envy a young golfer with a bright future, and an old friend with a ringside seat.

Mulligan V: Best Ball – 20 pages
The fifth installment in the adventures of Marty and Lou, two women in their sixties celebrating their newfound love.

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