Time Has No Meaning by Stone

Time Has No Meaning by Stone – 125 pages – 
In this time travel fiction Danielle Hamilton wakes up and recognizes that her home and some of her old friends weren’t exactly the same. But the raven-haired woman standing in front of her is definitely the woman pictured in the locket she’d been admiring just before everything went blank. Jess Blain didn’t know who the woman was or how she had appeared, and until she did, she planned on keeping Danielle close. When the two have to pose as lovers to keep Danielle from being hanged, everyone questions the timing, since Jess Blain was recently accused of murdering the woman in her life. Add to this a civil war, a locket with a picture of a woman dressed in men’s clothing, an undeniable desire and an unsolved mystery and enjoy the ride as past and present collide.

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