Mist of Pieria by Annmaray

Mist of Pieria by Annmaray – 290 pages
Summary: Another telling of the aftermath of Ides of March.

The parts have been combined into one story.

part 1) Mist of Pieria – 27 Pages
Set after the events in the episode IDES OF MARCH, this new offering has a mystical feel to it as it chronicles Xena and Gabrielle’s journey to a spiritual plane and their return trip to the world of the living where they find themselves with the opportunity to renew themselves physically and reassert their commitment to one another as unsuspecting friends and family try to come to terms with their deaths. Very devoted, loving depiction of the relationship.

part 2) A Journey of Love and Home – 66 Pages
Sequel to THE MIST OF PIERIA this story finds Xena and Gabrielle coming down from the mountain that has been their home since their return from the dead, intent on sharing with friends and family their newfound happiness – only all has not been well during their abscence. Rebel Amazons are determined to destroy the legacy of honor and peace Gabrielle tried to impart on the Nation while a dark menace from the bard’s past will force her to face long-feared demons even Xena might not be able to conquer for her.

part 3) A Bonding of Hearts – 57 Pages
In the second sequel to Mist of Pieria, Herodotus executes his plan of revenge.

part 4) Building Our World – 110 Pages
This fourth story in the Mist Of Pieria series finds a sniper killing Amazons until Gabrielle is turned over to her.

part 5) Building Our World: Birth and Death – 50 Pages
This is the last story in the Building Our World series finds Xena and Gabrielle returning to Lesbos and being stalked by Leandra.


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