Ramses and Sarah Series by Ali Vali

Ramses and Sarah Series by Ali Vali – 140 pages

To Capture A Heart
A story set in Egypt about Ramses IV a female pharaoh. She falls in love with a Hebrew slave named Sarah and her son Samuel. It is the beginning of a new era in ancient Egypt and the first story about the love shared by these two women.


Promise Me Forever
This is the sequel to “To Capture a Heart.” The story starts four months after Sarah and her son Samuel have come to live at the palace with Ramses. They are getting ready to move to the summer palace to prepare for the birth of their second child when tragedy strikes. It is the second story of the woman pharaoh and her Hebrew slave queen.

Sex, Wives And Misunderstandings
A few months after the birth of their second son, Ram, Sarah and Ramses are having trouble finding time to be alone. The more they try to build on the bond they have the more misunderstandings there is between them. This is the third chapter in the Nile series, and in the end, well I’m not going to tell you the end.


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