Body Parts Trilogy by Larisa

Body Parts Trilogy

1. Body Parts – 58 pages
Detective Xepher Sallano, trying to solve what appear to be serial murders, keeps running into dead ends…literally. Then the Medical Examiner dies in the midst of the investigation, and his replacement is makes Sallano see red. It’s hate at first sight for Chief Medical Examiner Brianna Meadows, too. Or is it? As the murders get more gruesome, Detective and ME find themselves involved…in more ways than one. This is another of Larisas’ gripping tales with unconventional characters, laughs, love and gore, that will keep you spellbound.

2. Lover’s Tryst – 76 pages
When Councilman Davidson is found dead, what looks like a simple case of kink gone wrong, leads to more than anyone expected. In this sequel to “Body Parts,” Larisa constructs another murder mystery that places Xepher and Brian right in the middle of it…and into certain danger.

3. Ripper’s Heart – 58 pages
In this third story, Brian and Xepher encounter a killer that’s targetting not just them, but their newly arrived friends, Danny and Sam. In classic Larisa fashion, Bri and Sam, the ‘infante terribles’ of the medical field will make you howl at thier antics, and be glad they are not related to them in any way. This is another great murder and mayhem tale in this series.


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